Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 5, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 5, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ^ WHOLE NO. 7249. SECOND EDITION? SATURDAY, .JULY 5. 1856 ? HALF-PAST ONE O'CLOCK P. M. PRICE TWO CENTS r THE VKRI LATEST NEWS RRCCITBD bv TELEGRAPH AND THE MAlLb AT TI1M L - NEW YORB HERALD OFFifF. Ntw York, Solurtluy, July r>. Half-past On* O'clock P. 91. THE GLORIOUS FOURTH. CELEBRATIONS IN THE CITY AND ELSEWHERE. ? Inauguration of the Washington Statue in Union square. CHULZTO JttXLXVASLir BZflTMT lUfElLUG OF THE STATUE* ENTHUSIASM OF THE PEOPLE. ADDRESS BY REV. DR. BETHUNE. Honors Paid to the Pater Patriae* NAMES OF THE DONORS OF TUE STATUE. Enthusiastic Reception of the Artist. DESCRIPTION OP T^HE WORK. FIREWORKS IN THE PARK-ACCIDENTS - INCIDENTS, Ac.. Ac., *c. INAUGURATION OF THE WASHINGTON KTATUK. For some time |*.-t mysterious movement- have boeii got o(; forward in 1'nion Square, in the corner between Bro.Tlw.iy and I > i i'?i?rt.*eiith street Tb-.*ir result was the creation of Mr. Henry K. Brown's equeatri ?u *t ituo * of Washington. win l< was duly inaugurated on t! ? morn ing of the lot ith Tlie weather w.. i. ,t so propitious a< the day, and at ball pa-t eight. A M., the liour for unveiling th<> statue, rain was falling it. considerable quantities. This, how ever, did not dete. I.ujc numbers of citizens. fro:u visiting the scene Of cpe .it. on and quite ? large crowd collect ad. The window ol (he bouses fronting tlie *'i tare were filled with prilt! women, cilrioA and palrioiic. Tlie general at : imom.-nis were under the charge of Hajor C'em-rnl fc-'ti.dford, commanding the 1 ii>t Ihvi- on New tk Mate Militia. As usual, th? inen of war were late on the groi mi, punctuality, it seems, not i>?mgcou ' aidered ? military virtue by the militia. Wc may ex. Cept ficui this the cavalry carps atutf bed to the Seventh Bogtnet t. and called the Warhington Grew. The Iwellth Hegiini ut nert appeiirod. and wvt followed b In the Seventh, a great deal behind time. TUo i&usn; was ftirnisbed bylwdworth aud the baud of the seventh. The line wa- farmed in the shape or an equilateral tri angle. The speaker V stand uear Union park formed the base, while Ut.' cavalry and the Twelfth and Seventh ' regiment-, ou I'c. rth iveiiue and Kourtc**nth strcet formed the sido*. Th ?utue occupied the ceutre. At about quarter |*-t 0 o'clock the covering was re moved, nnd the ..tituo was hailed with the most enthu , siastic cheer by the crowil, which ha.l now un .eased so ?a to rover every av tilabie spot from which a view of tbe ceremony coukl t>< had. The band* played "Hail Columbia" ? the ladies waved thi.r handkerchief* ? the |roo|? presented arms -the people generally uncovered their bead-., and gave vent to their enthusiasm in ' md and long coutinued cheering. The scenc wa a a most in spiriting one. Colonci L^e th'T advanced to the speaker's stand. and Ou the part o' the Committee of Arrangements invited th? I'.ev. Geo W. tk<thune, D. I)., to address the assem blage. Mi. Bsrsrxv wv- in trod need by Hamilton Fish, Cn.ted Stale- Senator frou> th .Hate. The reverend ginticrau ?poke a* follow i ? Tlie work is dune Genius, native gemui, ha- nobly achicted ib? high<*>t duty patrkxian co Id demand of art, Scam*'} rrcdido ot the success, too thankful to bo proud, car?les? o! praise iu his <>?u high satisfaction, the hci;l|>t'>r bow trembling before the perftvt embodiment of his hue concept hi. \N itti reverence v?e a. knowl edge the trutli ol tlv im ige, which present* to our grate iul sight the nuii<?t ' form of the unparalleled man whom Ood gave us, our champion, our mutt llor, oui guide, lir-t <u the lie ?rt ol lili rointryuicn, tlrst in the uum i ta - tion ol mankind. There we behold him as we love "<j?t to think of I.. ni I every att.tude of hU character, every phase of hi It! ? I. i- p'tfious and venerated : whether Lurk lit? ou ins arm >r to Icitd the scanty l.atUl.ouM that gathered from farm and l om workshop to da-h their on di e pl i ed ardor />.? . n ? ho*U of veteran foes, or rei 'sl Ins, ?? a wave of thf young flood, to < weep with re< u|>eraled ene: gy over every ob?ta. ie ; whether rising from hi- winter camp to watch with ear'" eye the opp< 1 niti for a deadly swoop, or prr? mg through ire ana B ood aud tempest to strike sudden and rroM'esa. wh' ther in the dark hours of i' mj and disafleclttn. rcbt.kin with dignity and animating 'iy eelf sacriliee or ic the noon liia/" of victory, humb ling bitme:f before the cod of battles, whether laying aside tbe ol amies for a ober pi... ? in the commnmtv of c t vn-hip or, oln^i. nt to i iti/ n all i|>. a-< enditi' lie t iproltne hemht to rule. him-"it th" tnoat falthf-l su'> oet of the ronst'fttion: wh -tiirr leav ing his vsat authority tre hi- conutrymen should wholly forget that it w i not his of life long right and ling-ring only to lire itlie tho-e faiewcll words, wlncli are more Mw the p<emon tiow of a WO>M than tlie of human fort t or, aft. r contemplating from Ins decent home tie- act ng o th" popular aovreientv he bad moulded and e -nflrioed, going to |. "p under Ills ancestral trees, at all time', through all event , In trial, honor, or rep ? !???* ?i| n Inn with teaitul e; . < and swell. n? In .. t . t .r? ot < it. . i.ouat. a>lmirati?a. emotion- ol ycart rj|"! a- our own. oui only . 1, inoton Yet when we would enshrine hi- cmpl |e id<a as tlie l*i. .a. of ou. C" n.try w. unit > e th" aoi, 1. i in tii< .-lii ? ? 1 tale n . I i> ? -Id "i w,. c,;?, ,( ?, t , vii'" ti" i' ,-.-n * ' ' lie w " ih" ml. w II-' : 1 tj l the oi nee'io. . an w tt. ii. bun remot. in death, but lisU-i to his <Ht recited oracles Ol hope ant <it .1. , -. to the I rv - o' at. I t.. t ful lather, wh. to i'. gra. lot.s bed or Providence has i (nmslated abox c Hi" - pliere ..| mortal rh.iuv n i ?.-, i.y the e\er instaDt | em e ol !ii# iBmortal m ut >ry, our 1 perpet.:.>lg"ai<i ?. (? ?" ? ' > II , th . t' <? mil I"'t-a ire . .. ? atii-l Ins revealed him t y He has put oil the Cotitr eutal unl l,?m. wl. - > " ">?' ?r <? t,l io .mi eye. than ati} . iaasic dr ,?-ry; nor lias be dismounted from the .ha'rger that Ie re h m thro-igh the vain lires of adverse batterie . b t b is ridden from out tbe horrors of war hi heart . no ie ot.l) lor it- ends ol juitlc", jalmly I restraining lii< pro il t.e.l amidst the ac lam il'ous of Vl. iorioc pea. ml i ured liherty; bis sword, ever stilled mill st.i' h te? -red n* roer. ? . is lirmb sheathed not to Ie diawn imain. for his mustrfl I ?s are \ .i |M?ht.: ? knew in ier It In.. id >e . gn |)|. w i- bat. i ' * 1 01 ""r 1,1 111 tno'M love, stiil a- h"p. -??"'! i om the ureat pin oi lei glorious lall" wl ill will d"*?lop til" stu lie lido* s de-l Hi* . th" 1 >' ' * ho*e life he II ill ril"d, he. hand i- tret. I e.l forth with grave gi dor rot m re In promise to tiat "nal loyalty than in d.-pre. ation of the I alroelou? treasoiil al would impril our vit-il unitv tiv grading tbe alllme - Id -ectional ie?lmisy into the blind fary Ot iratru Mai hal". ( I mid c beers. ) Thui vividly * renimdod h im-l't th" assonatlon* of tin- .lay? tbe 1 am. vetsm ) of ...,|- ciuiiiiry s birth -d he. on."- n t . 1 rned'tate with ai'"ir, thanks < n the wise ire..ln'w<o( , God in the gin of Ua-lungt n Tlie value of tin' rift can I not be ove. e .t m.." ' b? .slowed as it Wa^ at the Very outaet Of our national eslslence. Tlie long ve*ed quea 1 lion? wl etl). * II, i;*e.t cei-e- of human .11. i ? rc-m ! stances make the m-n. or men the eireumstnneca? can 1 never he aett.ed, h" . -e each proposition , pirtly, hut i neither wholh ti i*o<l make? hoth Ordaining tbe i event h* ordan the nv an and the lustrum it The pions 'reason wh It as-rlhc- to divine will the formation of Hie Aire > i* . a* ' ' " ut pre.*? lent. ?' -yap ? i ol vovernn -lit. ti* alii coi-e f.*r wond' ' "I -.e* v llitc III.- met; the at. ills, tie iltne IV e .. other . 1 " 1 1 i.* I" tie r* -nil tliv w. r em plo>ed l>> Pi o vo ie n.e throughout the loi.g, paiami tr.m, ii r - * nvcli ?' t'e r% m U| of that ele t ? in I ^ve?W I i now o h In >u |?l enc-' s d s . "C- ot of hia fars^htel, . ^ {eat ted en u - 1 1>: tie* e'< mant>, and e?] tisIIv ef theif to i^ue ? < o. tn t i?n, . >n titui nv t'lerln v ter from I wha Ii Cov d r >-| I e. e '? and h < t"*.long! Tint em 4 rscic who ran i - .< . >l* * t'ui^g; is list't. ?*n.' t'te ; it t- \ l:.< U serve r .1- the be I of "nli ??'>' ,,u'n 1 aiit v , uic too vuuu with tlu1 i i ?iia?t? u> i* .u,ti.n. - ,,-eor,!,.i b.v un :^|uvi |*n-. *la"d~ iu luc impertinence Hi: v.rv ha - not dared to jsiii.l n. I>' lit:U?.n_t to till I' the feutinc her sub ? | . ?;??;' "J1 tiTU-oUmg the in :*or lineament*. una * n.t i . toe* in:, bin '.??>( t=|?;.-?a??r lest we should ob.-rve t >o , U -oly wild. -he tuvr ..I! Wu-tlllJKtUll. drops her pe ICI . Ml ice .-lull .-In .1 embte lie r colons liow tlum ii. u l luutf UiM-p ;:iK ! Where pre-ume t? shade a corn trust Her t- k i I i i- vain, ??he s-ei/vs Ihe s: ivir m i r r d in Ui. i .4t? liv-rf 1 1- lull reflection andOod * ownsuihght 1 V - It then -<? iUst. SO CMIHIMIO, the 'llOst mi, I I. . 01. if >c rutin;: i? si* j onlv new bounties Ihe more intimate, (i (or tl.. .-amc power that image on every American li,.|,rt\S-urclr.iiKtlir.M!glitUccla.^Ha?vsvifi-'ii?ovL<r her. a. ; there a i me dUtiugui-hed by on.' or "nore of thine commanding qualities win. Ii be .,ng to - ^ I,. lJS ( ;tiu s ipio, Al'rictiuus, Kpunuuonda-, I ..iwnniit i , , to oi.r ii. .u.l- u-' we contemplate litm at .IMerenl too m, i.t., but l'ie likeness# are very partial, uu,i I ., k oi other attributes which lie bud i-- t-iB nioro .->t.u i.,E. in hini nothing is wanting: yet U i? not the parts, b , i the i art-, articulated as a whole, that gives bun l? .reit. grandeur. Nor may we adopt the l.reck'a eclca t , \i?-dieiii, ami uu.te in him what i . ;>? mtrable tu c ich of all the other-, lor then should we mi.-- the relative ae err.,-, m which the Almighty hand moulded tots pecuUa ? . nit iftrj . t.i the tew w hu bin e arisou truui anion* th ? jH uple to lontrol important popular revolutions Wash i ...ton alone ha' the honor ot having r-tahh h >d trit prineiplc- nndof having perpetuated his work. The |>o\v.t of tin reH ceased with their lifetime, it it lasted so long. Not to cite less though familiar exemplUlcations, measure i>\ their consequences his career with tbo-e oi tin: two next to most remarkable in the annate of the world. Cromwell ami Napoleon. For the farmer the infatuate obstinacy ot the crown prepared the way. The mas^a fr B. despotic m Hind of self preservation and re\ogi. bad lniiig themseh oj on the king, crushed him t<? de itn, driven away hi- arrogant nobles, and overturned the altars whose ministers had been too willing to oppress bv h. - arm. But, used to a master, unlit by reason or fa'ith to rule themselves, they broke up luto a wild chaos ol parties, sect, aad robber bands, demagogues eager alter spoil, preachers blaspheming the Saviour in li..? s; actuaries Of |>eace with cries lor the sword of (..Icon ai. 1 k iu powder, brawling hypocrites ot fma tu -in- the) despised, all threatening mutual ar t com mm annihilation, when an iron will backed by brute tn-ce luted itself above the tumult to be their protcctor from tlem-ehis by usurping a sterner de->i)otism than that (lev toad tin own oil. Cromwell did rule them, and v, i tl. vast ability ; boiling their factions apart, yet cm IK'llil " tliem to do his bidding, vani..ii?l na their enetnie 01. s-eaand land vindicating their place in l.urope. stimu luting their trades enlarging their ce and Mini* their tie -ury. Hut Cromwell ruled 1 heir par lu. men t was a mockery, th-ir councils a farce, the.r f. mmonwealtli a lie. their laws strong as ctoum to them were -truvs to h.m ; nay. their very religi >n be .am. not .-eldom an artifice of bis bold t' tm.nir. 1 .ere v ie many good men .n 1 ngland ut that tune: the Chi in tiuii church recokuis not a few ol them among her choice -t jewels; tlvre were many wise, sound, generous patriots, whose reasonings remu.n among the tine-t in our language: there was still a sturdy, um orriip'rtdbaxon veomatirv The opportunity and the subordinates ? ere ready lor a geuuiue reformation? an elevation ot .Ue in*u!)U' hy tUi ir owu latent forces. Hat giu h wad not his Plan nor hi wish. W hat ever cxcuse may be ottered .or l.e was an autm rat. Ho depre jed the jsoor, the faithful ttie intlci^odont. lie taught tliem tnavim ??t re iprooal u. -t ee?no le?s.u< of large religious eaarity. What Wi?s tbo result ' All pori-hotl with hun Hit very name lost its cl ai m when borne by the Ron ul his I. in.-^ The masses had learned no self-govern meut? none had 1, une.l to govern them. The I'uritaui in. which was ,,i. strong a::aiii?t Kitur and Knhop and 1 ^pe, which stnl held so much radical truth of doc trine and moral,, but had exchinged it- ^ptntoa weapons tor . arnal lon e and harsh rigor loend hat its trust was ''a man whose breath was m his and though for twenty years it toad tho courts ol law, the universities and the pulpits of the land, in less than Ave l>,e na! on it should have saved, reve.ted to a profligacy of manners, a ba-e truckling to a frivol., us monarchand a general degradation almost incredible "f Knglishmen. When they neat rebelled, u was to M a lender m a foi eign prince, and never again has Britain relied wtttt b.ii.reme . onlidence ou ono ol her owu blood. Ihe mulus ot Napoleon was stu|s ndous, nnd none can doubt that he could, Aad be cho?cn, have open d Tor It .nee .. I ath to freedom and popular dignity. Nor ma> we deny that he did very much lor her military progress and inlet Md ecotiomy. 'But from the first bent of b.< cwnaggiaiidisemeut. he gladly bartered f..r the ban >hj of..,, .? a the grandest fame ever within the rea.h ol . I Hrots ui. lie lived, conquered, governed only for himself. The laurelled wreathed N was on Code and Mii-enra, Hhool and bourse, Library and Tribunal. He invoked ' the glory ol Kratice, as he Killed thh dome of tho Invalid o?, to cajol a vain, lnc<? blant is-ople; but the |>alpable eapresn. ?,i? of t ul alory, < lowned her tall^t column was him.-elf, boned ami spurred, with ciakcd hat never hn d even iu courtesy to the multitude Abundant prooftioi . tou Titanic *ti enctu most long remain for the wonder of the w??eW . in.1 the magic ot hi, name has given tl a etcood mves mere of empire iu a doubtful scion of hi. race, more ^ ute than tic. But the 11. -t Napohs.n was l-al-ie-t I ,ng vears before he died, a p:niug .tuer.iloua capuve and i- w little sterling g?* d be wrought for ttie naliou that adored him. is ?e?-ii in tkeir hasty abandonment of eon t tut.oi, .1 | ritileg. s that they might by a miserable counterfeit o! trees, itrage. approved the porjur'-.l wto" stole to ai'soiulwm in a night, a buiglsai, a IhUf and ""ifvcre ungrateful as untrue, t" make Washington the role author ot our national independence and f inder ot our republican confederacy. There were influence* tending to both more tlian u com >rjr old. Never was there a pet-pie so educated by lTovidcuce. or ? ? united ao m?otcl? Irom .ad lorui ot Bovernmeut. The peculiar diltk-iiHtea of their agricultural or marine life had to slimed th. r ?ioew* of miud ami tK?dy, while its pri inltJve sini|dtelty liad purged Iron ibe.r th iughu the authority or tuecedenl or usage not -aiKitione-l by SeTtp ?,?, e and com'.,, on sen c. There I*.. be.., brave, deep th nk n. men lH>for. the cr.s - came, ptejiariug b) their O'.er.iii voire In the wilderness lor the ailveut.ot a new iliueu'itM: bet, w hen remote. >-s tyrauny had sown dragon teeth in the soil, there -prang un a band of , it not- artued with a wislom, , oursge audlionosty L i ?i?s al ITev dem e only could call forth. I uced aot nron i in tle r t.amr -they are written deep in our i, nvw e?. Hut clearly as they shone throngb the twi I t.t oi our morning, there was needed a . sun to ."?'d them In the . oibit- and Washington arw. Iks ?,id v. t '..II r-t \ idlng were r adiated by a be ,ri that si. tin ps-l. then g-eal. I-?ulHg from a vkr iu,- without watpol eitblinew. pn iud ce or fear, the lines nevtT cro*sed. becuseaU were drsigM. and there wa> none oh cure or notable Ignorant or plulo- >phici.l, but frit the ft "per lor ilti'flclioii. HVh:it?,\'?r oflli"* iu the body (iod as'igned to oth. rs, Wx.h.ngton waa the ?out and Uie iife ol that soul waa truth Who do ibts that 'toad be been le<s true be might have been King, be Un.d ?s never monarch had Ween or shall be, and ?. re ? a reproach l een cast upon him fur tlM- world ,tr' i in t of sii< h disifitere'tednesa until he sliowed it. 'p. a"|V- . :d not have worn a . rown. ?l?d ma te h m and ea ? I :'i to u?, in hi mac if the type of what our republic Ih . id be In all his -lenents. great, eten. conalstent. i ' . b \tcorww in Its own action, yet all held in harmo niou ba'ance by the unity <?f a single purpo?e No won .'. ? bin work survived him. Snrvive?l htm" No. He .tilt hrrs- though his n-ertal frame bos long been dust. i ,?i -ho cave, keep that llle in as, f>r wh -n mat spirit l? ,,V when tnir ek meat ? revolt from lb. u .n ness, and, lik. the maniac amon lb. U>mb? who* - devila were I ? wr , t and tear ourselvei. Hu.' fdr ? infe. 'racv wi t ?eet, Ii- beneath the heav n- the m??t mingled, taathwe corpse mat .ver polluted tho br-atn of hi. m " ?y with IK p.H I'art.on. s.m-4 the devils an- in ! now ?? foe the <;.?! of our fathers to drive them out and down into the deep sea of an Infami ia ? Ml mhi' There was a farther bounty ol l.od in hi gilt o Washington By a uatural habit .rf s -nse we fondly as , , at. v ?ible l?ea.ilv and proport oo sa 1th splrimal e*. rellence hut lb. ellei t' ol sin nave I eeu ?o deforming, that we are ollen disappointed ,n the phy-iea. ?r< ideiit> <Jf lho?e we love or venerate; and we lose miKb by the di - ipissnuirnt. It is not ao with * ?*>'>?'*? ward form was worthy of his n,aKnan,mo. iso,^. No iile ,1 of Iti.dlas or An*ek? .stual- his reality. W. are . ' '.I. I., r.n. iar w th III* p. rson rati lace, that we ran n? conceive d ? ble for him to have appeared other a i?e than be did. But mpm bin Scre-^IMdl n? not in bint the poet s words have. Ibr the Oral nine, their ftilililmcnt:? Hp was a man, take him for all in all. We ne'er kball Ink upon hit like again ?(Cheers ) A cultivated -tranger once pronounci <t him "the lund some-t man" In- hart ever seen. Hot " ImiwiM" I* not th'- word. He I* anlihar His stature reaching the extreme height of orr kind. hi? Km*, sinewy I b?)h ny. pai te<t with rraieful vwor. hi* rhe.t ranod and Dili that hiamtfflity heart may feel no constriction bin t<coi*>rtM>n harmonious a- those of hi- soul . tint, above all. hU head ? I tie calm, ma-ivr brow, august in goodueas. hi? llrm, traicht h|*s. r'oqueat though rloaed, of truth and Justice, thr countenance toot onacimia of cam- fur a mile, of kind ne -? lor a frow?? hit whole presence the imip-raoaatton sfbHntelf. We ?re not ido atrons. f? know ibat he wa-> mortal, we wornaip t.od the more, the more we contemplate Us bandiwrk . but we tbank him that out of oar poor, stnflu nature bemad* uasuch a man and we hare set the lofty image there, that it may stand forth a memojial of divine men y a monitor of our dnty, an example to all coming generation*. My countrt men. I apeak to yon this day, at tha sndden rail of those whom steal and gifts have now their reward in tbts accomplished monument ofpairiotmm and art. Tbe mam dirty the* hnve charged me with, I have yet to eve cute Hut fir ?t I most utter some irrepuessible words for j on and tiiyelf. .Wealth ba heavy respoasibihti?s and must tharefora, have lie reputation; when won by private or public dm Hta a liwryot sham" w hrn hoarded or spent for mere self, it Is like gilding on vile |?Uerr; when fairly acquired and lairly used, It is respectable ; bnt wlieu lih? rally devoted to true charity and the common benefit, it deserve* extraordlnarv celebration. Honor, thcii my frli nds, loud voiced honor to the generous, enlightened men by whese muniilcence New York ((hr^n) beholds on "this < minent morning her nnb1e?t dei oration ! Yet w ltal wi re rli lies or real without the Innutrition of gmius and the hand of skill llonot, then, my friend-, ih--icc he?p> d honor to our Wlow coun tryman who l? now bl ;*hing in modest pride at your ap plai eot l'i-<worlt! I'olygnotiH, wh^u he h?d | >? i n t tbe hero< - nt hi- natis* land, lived fie guest of s?'l t r. Wli.d h.'ll be don' lor the settipMr of Wall incton * Ane rew, f.-llow ctt *en- -net of ti Stxt*? SXflH as w, maj at rther t.'ne amf exult more w> w 3 were hrrr on t it ?nn*i i?l soi<? m t't <1 di xirt >h? ,1 is sot ci|'.;al to tliU o?-c? 011 ? citizens of in? 1,'ni jn (fcheers^ l.t.ii tiic ui ! tut .? tlwt |ti? u u i ? ai. ' by I i-' authority of il*m> w ho h ? erect e>. t'ai dntne, I pve it. I" f .i i- God and on count. *. t . i! ? people of th" l'nl?-d St.. to l-',o-,i m. (. lo 1 1- ! 1 G>uuAf. rroiii tin Atln.iir to t'. ? I'u'-itH- bhorp . it i theirs I /a i jo?. |i"w" 1 of New Yort inJiv: lually Mid < olleetu ely , a.irt not b> an* Uelegatn ot r <? tru-i. i '? ? d.-'noc. uy, 1 1 . i . U ;{?? guurdiltsi . ( od . >v. tii.,- 1 "lublic I When 0'. Betliuae made tho a'.? ve r?CKWH to the art -i he brought Mr. Brown to tlio front of tliest.iml, where ho was sail t -d, and re- ived ?U-h chocr* Tii.- addres vi warmly rece>vo4 b/ itio.-to- iwiocoi'ld li"?: .t. The Htu| 'day of the military krrangeuents but i !1 .Vr. Bethune'* audien t to the small number ot tvr t -a < a the r?ui I and tn*rt'.al individuate m tU immediate \ icinity . This was exceedingly annoying to tU.- people, and tm>t have been equally fco to the orator, who w is obi .i>d to a.ilre^ a f w told o- icct s and a luge amount of pavement. when out , le tlio ui I tar; liM? there were three or font- Uiousar: |>eop!e who were antiou? to Uear biui. Alter the addri 8* the military pave the statue a march ii:g salute, and at lb o'clock the ceremony concluded. Tho statue lias beeu vis. ted by thou anJs of people, and the public verdict i-. one of entire approbation. The we. ght of the horse and ruter is about four and a hall tons. distributed a follows:? The p! nth, 2,000 lb-!.; horse, 2.700; the rfaer and other pin;, o,800. The com bination of metal* i? as follows: ? H8 part* or copier, with 'j of tin, 2 of zinc, and 1 o Head. The body ol' the horse vasiaatin one piece, and the thickness of the metal averages three eights of an inch. It w as cast at Ames' foot dry, in Cbicopee, Mas?. The group i fouiteeufiH-t in height, and i- mounted i's n a gtanite pedestal of efjual height. The statue laces to ward the West. The /'alrr l'-tlrie Is represented Kitting in the saddle attired in the Coutiuentul uniform. His bvae is oscoTero I and his right arm extended a? if ho w a- about to speak. The artUt his rat idled the laro from Handou'e biiot, tho only statuary ever taken from Washington's person. Hondou caine from France, in 17S '. and reached Mo- tit Vc. oon on tbo 3d of October of that year, lie spent i wo week- ai that place. The work w.i moddled w Imu Washington was in his ttt'ty- fourth year. Not intending to antici pate the critical o^iuions u liich will l?e showered upon Mr. Brown' work, we may say that it i a gri st ornament lo the Attest portion of the Km I>ir< < ity, and that it* general c fleet is highly impressive. It i . wc hope, the commencement of the good work of b> uiiitytig Our great nietro;>o:.-, the people* ol which aro foud ot art und willing to encourage it. The inauunira tion. with the exception of the military part, wi'.s nicely d< ue. The aitist w.i-^ properly noticed and received b.s lull .-hare ol the triumph. TUe work has co?t Svu.000, which sum was subscribed by tli- following naui -d gcutU men ? William Ii. Astor, Charles M. I<eupp. Aug. Belmont, l-.dwd. B. LitUe, .loiin Bridge. Peter I/>riiiard. Italic Beil, Jr., .l.iiur.-> l^-no*, James Brown, ;Xudrt n llouut. Edward K. Collins. Samuel S. Mitchill, Win Chamberi?in, l*avld S. Miller, Richard K Carman, Robert H. Minturn, Henry A. Coil, Charles H. Marshaii. IVm. V. I>e Forest, William C. Rhinelauder, Benjamin H. Field, RobertO Williams, Ham:. ion Fish, Nelson ltobin<on, Pctli tirwvenor, Herard st iy v-r-?anl, Jas|*'r < : ronvenor, Cornelius Smith, Boonen Craves, Uriah J. 8m. th, Mores H. (irinnell, Jonathan Sturgw, ^sinuelS llowland, Mose* Taylor, Wilsou C Hunt, Robert L. Taylor, Joliu Q. Joncn, Wiu. Wetmore. >hepard Knapp, Wm. Wbitewright, Jr., Jame- O. King, An?. H. Ward, Jieob Little, John D. Wolfe, Win. K. W lmerding. We tru-t that their munittcenee will be duly appro riavd, and thoireKainple Imitated Nothing hlioiri more truly the progrcs- ol a j^-ojile than a lore for the tine art*. THE EXHIBITION OF FIREWQBKS. 8CgN!J IN TflZ PARK. Tlie day appropriately wound up by a grand e*hi b.tioii or tlrcwoiks iu tli . rk aud other public equaiee throughout the city. Thcso t'.ctM a lively interest wu4 were attended by vast crowd t of people. The econc ia the l'ark surpus-ed auytli.og ever before witDf? <ed in New York in tlie way or a pubic gsihering. There ba\c been nuiuirr meeting held, and vera ciuuu> re|?rler? have informed the public tl**l I veutv thou and people would^ not comprehend the number drawn lortj on such oecaalocu. But multiply th's num her by ten, and then it would (ail to idrlndo all Of the raat coocoorse tliat twilled the I'm k. and In-svtd it to aud fr> like the wavca or a taMpestuou.4 sea. Every (bot of s.aud tug room on the ba'coay, in the window*, and on the roof or the City llnll was densely crowded with human bo ings. prinr. pally the city oflir al? and the r friend*, who had taken A immensity of puns to secure tlte very worst places in the whole crowd for ?eeiog the fireworks? tiiey landing behind the pecee. aud only the ben* It of the epaiks. while the democracy below ettioyed the rail ?plcodor c r the fcene. Many waited lor taroaad three benrs to aecurea food place, ami wore w ary and f >ot tore tli: the msg ii flrence or the display made them target their pain. A cordon of pohcc men wore on the grotiud, and ken a* much order a. was po.- .ble am.d to v* i an ss*emblagi'. "Now, girls, let us togethir," >.**1 a stool u?l,ve of the K.mcrald Isle, a they elbowed their way thrr, igh the crowd. "Back," said a policemen, nourishing hit sink. "MusUa! bed lock to you," said ahe, '?and in't llii ; a free counthry? An' can I I stand whero I plaiot'' Rut tin mailer of fii< t pollcctuait paid no ntleaUM to Ibo old woman'* declaialio'i or Uidepcrilence. ( was the exc lenient ia the immediate vu.nty. W'b> u the large piocet went of showers of Are threatened the demolition of the d J goMte, ahd the stream, of the women aud cries of the ihildrti wne lo't u the buret of admiral on which followed Mk cccceed'ng part of the di j>lay. Yo log Abu ri< a vi there in full glory, with firecracker* tod I -tot*, which were sprung under th>- fe"t and wli .?? ? t ar< und the beads of nei vu a < U1 Mies aud gent! 'men, to tli' ir great til tr? and aunoyan e. an I the delight tf ?II the i-'i;a!l boys ill thu v i nty. By Hi 1 ck the crowd lai became lire I of landing, and imi'iiu i.t cne? aroei lo: tiie ?rework* to t omuicuc.e. " Miut her aff," "Why ilea't you let lurrlp*" " f;o tt Irii.oi -.."Md other ah rgalion<. were addressed to tt.e <?( rut'-r Atltr 'h > term ct sky rockets Wiet og, and #onie hall doien t-ine tight* ilium. ned the front of the (ity llall, at which there wa greet cheering. A Mallear ? ni?? was the li'M |.ie? e I t c V It In it. ,11 a revolting sun, and then *ha|ol! into Kumeri't:* spangle^ ot cnni-on and eoldcu Ore An IiX ii p-ilmetto wa nest exhibited? a CNIiet e. lietied With crimson, b1>ie and gold and chai ^ii.g into Nvcril beautiful rbai'e* The ?tar of Anntvfca came next. a good d<al Ilk* other ??tsre, oi !y roore"*o. It i-> to he hoped Amerit a's ? !ar will nhiti a little lotiger than th .? did Ihe Kaieidc-eope. a aHlfMM piece, com -. ??<,t of ? r m Mog lire*, It exi ,U ! meek cnthu- asm ^ t lower M twa'nest evlnbded, which gat e forth, < ael of e|4M m* ral and not ?ner savory plants. 111. M ir I f I, herty, ol ITtfl, foil 'We l ilo-Tii'oit to fprw or Oilka liiaec, caai" i i oil Wa? IWHtly cheered tl w?- tulloi gitrdeni- i-lnn Ihe Ani' rirati fagle With his feither* i|e .de I t-t' tied, in *t turtle t up. but was evidently utrom '?< ? it. n- It u;i^ noon nut ot . Arwdli' r lli'werji' l bloomed in Ihe niuht air. ?' *? ft. lowed by a? t onntbtMti rnae and yew tree. A (iliip. tiUdef fnll jml followed With th" wi 1 H en* .ind the Constili ti< n" v it Th, ?? wae < ?? ? 'tit fcniufced. An inde-cr balde pie?e called Tana fYruv'i t ?? ?. I nine nest Tneu anothe* ?? alka daoeo carte, a caacido o! howe mq licht? of crtf on, bine and g<?ld. Ihen a fhtriie* Ftvllr, rull of marrelleo-' ? !i n ? t'H be iutditl t ibleaur The next wis a llretnenV p.?ce, wh ? >? c ' t??' entht* a?m It represented hook*, lad l? t. ?? a f, np? c ! other praphenalla of the >'tre nejurtvi* t Bat the hat pie< e, wh'' h eovered th? wh ile fnmt of the aplmiade of the fit JT? ww* tb? . ?f <t ? rr I' re re?rnted Ceneral wa<if on on lior?oh?< k, and Oene al- Taylor and Pcatt ou l. ><4 on >d!ir-i id e of him On he top wm the Ameriean eagte IHnked b> appr?pri it ? mblema. Wacotnected Irom tlte nmn pioc? wa' t lire work on each ride repreaetit(?ii? a tttton on dolp'n*?, throwing tip a fonnialn of Ire Ir ? u hi* m< mh. Tli - v m received w th e>ery manif^tatioo oi drdighl? "t n't tint ?raadr' "Hi hi I" anil the like w re the evrlniiittoi ?card from ever* quarter. But tl re (Vim t b^ an nd t" all things, and there wsi to the ti i ? irk The toa I poured out of the gate- of the l"ark in - eh mm ase numbers that omni' us travel wa for a onetime igliie.t J, Broadway probsolir rrvor had rucii being* m It ia It hatt laet night b?t?. 'if", md 10 Sf o't !cm k. In Madiaon square, there wa? ,t tin ? d -iday o( lire work*, repreaenltng abont 15 ptcc.- The p nc <pii <!? aim wax Minerva crown n* the Ood.i' ot I iherty, wh, 'i wn wrll got up and went ofl In gra; d <y;e. Tfce di*pU) wnv witnexaed by not lees than l.'i.OOO people. Tompkm- square war also the wene of ? hrtllta'it (>.v rotexi.nie. di'piay, whhh wa wit : l y tweo' ?

Hi tty thousand people. Abends in atbuda' e aid pleyed the var>ou? national airs, and the whole alUir w id (it in fire id/le and w?ji rernved w i i II mOet)? sal ii. i .i*i-tret. r i or apr h e. 1 here w alar prrotec'iinral d ? ?? in 1 antsri sq' i.e. Jecaaen i ^re, el the ninct t? < K, til >< ' a , sr : lima t ?l" ? ibsh Bridge. Moti \? < e?: ?re, r, tu%n>TliH,i Ma' bst.anviiie. M.seim 1-5 and te fwe.t t i. m h'Kfi. i ..f,r Third tveti'ie, wher<- n very hrl, ml 1 1 nil u. j.'.i;, 1. 1 ik pi. c Ii the t ? >.|.,r .. the Wa htiipton .-tilue *"!? illumin iloil v tit Iteiig lie l.ghl , ami ???!/ vhIhhI ti> t row I- ef|?-i>iiio ACCIDENTS AND CUIMK. 1 Al.M SlAI AM HAI fill TllUrSda\ CVCIItllg, WI...J j ?ouu- in. n were eifaged in danetug in the lion ?? No. 42 Prince street, n re* took |>l,ice among tlio put. ipant- in tin dance. The men engaged tu tlie row Here ejected from th" room, nu1 proceeded to the 6tre.-t to settle tlioa difll ;'lics. 1U re a det|<Ciale ft: uggle n?u>t have tak.'ii place tin in n lew minutes afterwards Jink's togan, one Of tliOrc engaged in liie li;;lit, was found h mg d(ud U|x>n the ?idf walk by oPicer Meyers, of the Kourteetth ward police. Tli ? deceased was fatally stabbed. The blade of the knite itilSi ting ihe wound passed through the heart, mid uiw t have canned instant death. The ollivr gave the slaim, mid endeavored to tind out wh< th- party was tha? ,-H'ti. k th. fnUI blow , but without OUCOfSj. up to the present tune no clue has been obtained ol the mur derer o' I'ap in. An iiKjue l will be lielit upoa tlie bo. y ol the dccca. ed to daj . 1 aia: Shootim; Occi kiiknti: ?On Thursday evening, a mo. I melancholy en c of shooting occurred at No. Ui Broome street. Toe vict in iti this case was % woman, named Hinriali Wiednian, w ho wa.- accidentally nhot in the tuea.-t l>> uuethei woimui, named Amelia Steward. It apneirs that on the evcuing in question, Mis,-. Steward was handed a p.tol by a friend of licr*, named Bic-n hiem, who dated her to tire il oil out of the window. Ml?- Steward who did riot like the idea of tieing called a cowardly crcature, took the weapon in her hand, and presenting the muzzle ol the weapon at tlio fence tn the rear of the house No. 1 iu toe above named street, II red it oil Immediately afterward.-, lend screams *er? h.- ml. and upon iut|iiirj it was found that the ball from th -pit-toi IihiI entered the lelt brea-t ofMi-s Wl.tman, aud produced a wound. Tin- decea-?'d died almost in t.iutly alter receiving the wound. Coroner C.mnery held an iMqu.'Kt upon the body of deceased. wlieu the jury rendered a verdict exon-u atiu," Ml -s Steward from all in trillion tn harm deceased, '.ml held that Bicrnlneui wi? guilty of great negligence ? iwkin? Mis.s Steward to dre oil the leaded pistol. iUcmhicm Fays that he caul .xied Mis- Steward not to fire the weapon into the yard, but tli is die denies, a id a ' aim received no advice pom lior Iriend other than a wi-li on In.- part to h ive the pistol distillled by her. The ca-e Will probably be hrauglit to tie notice of the t.ran l Jury. icini ar Suootiso.? Andrew Holdeo, a (lerman tailor, committed scicide at 1 0 1 ^ o'clock la<t night, at the cor tier of lex.ngtoii avenne and Twenty-sixth atreri^tiy Mioctlng himself Uirough tlie head with a pistol. The decctu-ed resided at No. 380 Kirst avenue, a id had been quite id for a year or more. On Thursday last he|iwr> e'ia. ed the pistol w ith wli eh he committed the rash act. and at the time said he w ould kill himself if his cireuni stance- would net alter for the better. Tlie muzzle of the pi.stol w a- placed in the mouth of tho unfortunate and tin u fired oil. In fiut death ensued. The coroner ha' been notified to hold an inquest upoa tlie body of the dcrca&cd. A hoy named llat ney Uiley had hi- hand severely hat. teretl la-t nentug by the discharge of a pi.-tol which he wa- loading, at the coiner of Uleicker street. Another boy, wlio-e name tie1 police of the Fifteenth ward could not n seer tain, wa- injured iu the hand by thu premature discharge ol liio pixtoi, WaFhmgt" n Alexander a boy fifteen years old, re Mil < at M We>-1 Twei t> litlh street, had three of hi- lingers blown oil yesterday, by the burnt ug of a pistol which he wa-> iiriug oft at the time. liobeit tireen bad Ins arm badly fractured by the be tuii; of a pi-tol. He wa.- taken to hi- residence, 07? Water street. i.i-oage Valenbue, of MonrcK- street, had bs lhi|h badly tiaetured by the explosion ol a loaded pistol iu Ins pantaloons pocket. John K'akemore, of .ler-ey City, wa- severely burn-'d last night by the explosion of h rocket, while attend!, g 1 the hrt-work extubitiou at the juiction of Viast Broadway and ti valid street. Blitk<-more was dan^eron.dy burned about Ins h<-ad and breas,. He was takou t ) his resi dence and attended by a doctor. A0C1DEXT*. A boy named Win. Tunyon wa* ?liot in Hip liau<t oa Ihuitday evening by himself and badly injured. Jobn Young nnd .Uiuoh WcUh residing at No. 12 tril lion)- street, were k lightly inj ired by the discharge ol i pistol. Charles Pallinger, of 107 lifter street, was also in jured trcm the premature discharge ol a p.itol. Wl'.lUn H)de, or I>ovor street; John Tervcney, of Pi \i*,cn street; .lames Nagle, oriUO Vcsoy street, llernard Riley, of Creot Johcm street; Willatn Coy, or suten 1 land Wei. Alexauder, OflWet-l Twenty tilth street, <;<>.-> Klaus, ot third i trrel, ILmry Ilrono.hor, ol North Hlroct; joint Collin and Heoig' lloriarlty, of Third street, wore all wore or less inmred about the hand i by ihr> prema ture discharge of nnd peloid. They were all taken to the Cdy Hospital lor medical IrMiuint. Mit bnel IVoney, received a jnitol shot wound in the riRliI arm on Thursday evening while quietly ftan< ing at tiiii own door. 174 Root S?tr*tk htreel. It could not be a-certaioed w ho tlre<l oil the p#> j|, but it ii suppi sod the d: rhargc was purely accident il. KIRE8. ln<tt.o> tot Foi ktb o> Jiu -About fifteen m.nutes past 12 o'clork, on Friday moruing, a tiro broke out in the i rot otitic house No. 161 Canal street, oc npied on the flrat Boor by IV. Wtn M Tlmriuan, druggist; the upper I srt ot the bouse by Capt Iraac T. Co.* at a dwelling. Mr. W K. ThMHD wonpiMl a front attic room Tor sleeping, and or tbat n.sbt bad been dt-< bare ing Ore worka rrum hit w nOovr, and retired to bed shortly after 10 oelock. xbo Are ev.d< utly originated under Hie t-hiuglea by the RHtter, a short distance from the window, where Mr. Thomas wns lolling oil tbe It rework ?>. A portion ot the n?of wa* destroyed by ttie lire. I >?iiiagc about tlft. The building It owned 'by |lr, 'Iliuriuan nnd utaured for $1,700 in Mm People'* In-iimue. C'i mputiy. Dr. Tliurninu will sustain some lost on hi* rtnk, lo. ; iliciirej lor fl.UOl>iii the i Suitable liHtiranr ( *ntpmy. Mr. Co* la in tired t/>r $100 in Die Greenwich In- <i a ix e Company. I*aniage by water and lire probably Si:<0. Kiitr ? HoorvrtT ftap.-Btliw 12 and 1 o'clock en I' troretng, tbe roof of the boiMe H6 Hoo,e\ ell ctrccl, corner of <tt?k street, km found lo be on tire II vn? \ er) ih ii'ii cjliiiici-hed by the firemen. Iiaiiia.'e at t ut %iAt fuppwetf to bare been caused by drewnrk*. V irk i* fiuxawn* htsnrr? . short'y after I o'clock on Friday morn og, a lire ?at di-eoverod in the f Innate toof of the two story building rev of No. 14 I Iral elli street, occup. -d by a colored woman named ?ennclte Antoinette II wa? extunt xfcott by the Art-men, with bet trilling damage 1"!H> t-N Hi hi ?Between II ani Cli Thursday nVht a Art took olac1 in the d Welliur hou?e of Mr. An<bro?e t Keltim. at Xo. 133 llam k.ik! rtie?t. Tlie Cre w i? (ni '?d burnmr in a drawer ou the teeonil Ikirr, ID the cloael betwet-t tie two looms. How it ort*i nat? it there i' at prea. nl a mytery h.iniat;etobe<l h !-n, wt arng t-|i|>arel. Air., a^oot I ?>.<* r vered by In ?nra>'< e of MM, in the North Hirer lua iratir Oimpanv. Tlie bnl'dlng l? dairv?"d to tl.e iiiisn., nf about i'jO. llou ? owii'd by Mr. I.iml>erl fydam. R \ Ki.vt*. Iloin, Kttoj i.? A\Trr?a li>iu?<. Am tti to Hi ?;* thi U hiioi.W Tmts? o? Crxrtiwmm I ?.| -. i,? i ,? .? AI"W nilnute- before 1 o < lock, on Satii??la> inomiuf. a t<re wa di i orere* by Mr. f nvn Jack 'Ol. one <1 the In*' rant e Parol, ,n tbo 'iii'jcc Jptod b.i'tiiBgs Noa. 145 and 147 t niton street, Wrtv?n i Hi" air Suit Hotel He lire hat nol no U.r advanrt tl. h>.| when ? .Miiigmi- d by Hie lire d luawance patrol all tbe evidence ot? a bold at tep-ij't wee to h- t i ll ol tlif iu< int. irj to d ctroy th? preinlaet. Not mil) hn lt' etireb en Ippiied. bill Irnint of i \i mow i i hail he.'u in. d roi th" n .' in?. r>\ d-utly t.f ??in mcnicat.'ig tire t i ?> le?< than i'?.r ilirc.inl pirt- of Iht In,, id. 1 1. ut i io t me. Iuewa?i? u io I iu a r < t Ol the 1 1 I lid l! 1" til dt'i ti.e -taira. wb i h blimed awl) I'.liol, t ! the I taut; ti r; On I" tlu'il llot>r lire W i t uiid iu n?'in No 17. A hole bad been t ut m the fl. >r in. ami I., hi | C wood apbt up and plaeH in between Hit t'.?i,,g .tiul Hie t ! m - trio tin ho e i -tietk ot turning appoint on tbe fl ?>r, .1)1 n I.tlv ooiu I ) Rt I1|K wrter, rTtin hn I n vm ,i ah i tl.i itilry; litre a hole wiw cut through the 'floor. Iclntoi'' k n II. t g wtntl toyUier witb p?|?rr and i ? -ii e>. togetfct r pretty bt rut. were found un ler Iht iltttr. fhe train w.i- 1 1 ut.nited n long the entry ?ev?m )mil totii" opening ol the llnorm< m.ide by lh? | re \ fltC, atttl eltcnde I a: * ) I'" , ond alon the fill to tti m 10; licit' mother hole wa* eol In th? floor an'l the -nine appltt at hui ol kMI ng Wiiod. A branch eati titled Irom the entiy to room? la and Itt, a ho e wa* t ut in ttie ent-y Ht>or whit h commtrucated tire |o both ii . m Hut lor the prompt action taken by the ni';irti] ? | uliot end lilt flreimii. Hit preim Wo :"ld liBdoubt. dlv lilt' Ixeu dwtiv) tt It -" ? ill-" the loi tunfj mo In ? j ine oi tleino' it. on, aid the oior t ti d<- trov ng them r< Hre i< -omew Itat twt oleriou A watr hm.ii ot.fht t? be flat.". ied ott tb<- prein e* Ditriit an I day, n oi le lo pit .eel an) liuthc .ittcui] I- and I > prol * t Hi ? |. im . ptcpert) 1i?k in llfptsox f-*Tt|ir. Short h :tftei 10 o'clock the rt i f t f building tCO Hud i MretH wi d. .covered to he i n lite Tbe Itieiner wore soon on the gro n<1 and cv I i I- l.ed the (Ire l.c'ote il t|,d to i !? d im t Tl i . i' _ ' tiwnetl and ot i t| e I by M ? M.i ',n. ra. o t im ? . ? ut .. ? ..nd n. rii.t .i* 1 4 -I.. . - w i | ?? ?' lv nr til t > ah- ?!? fSi$. In- o , I , , i , . >?.? 1 I.o .-ltd V *rtli It - in I ',. , n ? . o l,.? ? a' end on .-tt k >? V ii i i,i>?- i v. ? ? ooi?nKPBn on Rroirra ARRIVAL OF THE HERMANN. "RAMPTOiYS ARRIVAL IN ENGLAND. ! r iuiervirwK vrilh Lords Palmfrstou uud Clarendon. The Enlistment Oifliculty and Central American Question in Parliament. Speeches of the EarU of Derby and Clarendon, Lord! John Boaaell and Palmerston, and Mr. DicraelL PACIFIC TONE OP THE LONDON PRESS. Kir. Harcy's Despatches Hade Public la Engtaali FRANCE TO MEDIATE BETWEEN SPAIN AND MEXICO BAPTISM Or THE km. OF ALGIERS, &c., Ac., &c. Ttic 0. 8. mall steamer Hermaun, E. Higgins, com mander, arrived early Thursday morning, with dates to thclSth ult., 162 passengers, a full and valuable cargo of German, French and British inerchaudi?e, aad $47,01U in gold. The Fulton had arrived out The news by tlie Hermann has been anticipated by tue arrival* of the North America a id Canada at Quebec and Halifax. The Hermann ha-? maintained Ler usual reputation lor making pleoKuut passage*. The repoit that a fleet ol B-itish ships of war was pre paring lor the North American station, to be ready in case ol war, is cor. trftd if ted. They are only infuJeU to relieve thoite which are ordered home for repairs. A despatch from Madrid, ortl.., ir>th of June, says:? Tuo Cortns have authorized the man lage of the la'auu AimU with Prince Adalbert or Bavaria The preparations lor the na vat ex |*ditIon against M >r loo continue. Hut later advices, tjtegraplied to Pai on the name day, report that the government accept n,c mediation of France in the di'ftrencc with Mexico. Ttie l.oudou Timet of June 17tli, gays Mr. Crampton, late British Minister to the United BUtes of America, an ived Ui l/indon yesterday, and had au interview w tu tue Earl ef Clarendon. Mr. Crauiptoti a!*o pi t a v-,,t to VnejMit Palmerfcton. The American Minuter In liondon. WIWIIW1I Clivis ItV Hit. PKAI.ODV TO Hit. AND UK". BUlfcM I Al T1IK CKVSrai. palack. Ou Iriday, the 13th or June. Mr Peabody Invited (tie American Minister and bis family, the I/>rd Mayor and Udy Mayoress, most of the principal American ranihes now in I/indon, and u large number of Kng'^h friends interested in the prosperity orthe United State*, to a c ?n cert and bau?iuet at the Crystal Palace, at Sydenham. The company amounts! to about ono hundred and rorly and gentlemen, the following liamo*:? A.iiJm vss.? ' The American Minister, Mr< Dallas and the<, Mr. Liallas, Secretary o'I.egat .on; Mis* Nukler, Hon. J. P. Kennedy, Hon. Mr. Palfrsy, Mr and Mrs. Sturg.s, Mr. and Mrs. Stuw, of Bo. tou; Mr. aud Mr. Parker, o" Be ton; Mr. and Mr*. Bergh, of New Vork Mr. and Mrs. II. P. Iftiucan, Mississippi; Mi. Hoi wet, Mr. Stephen iHwcan, Mi.-sissippi, Mr. J. 9. Bunnell an! party, Baltimore; Miss Pennington, Baltimore; Genera! Campbell and lady. Judge IlopkUlson, Boston; Mr. Walls and |*rty, Philadelphia; Mr. Burnett, Cncmnal. M Kelly, Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. lamson, Mr. and Mrs. More an. Hon. Joslah Qutney, Jr., Boston; Mr. aud Mrs. Wright. Bait more, Mr. and Mrs. He.uaman and Ms Debney, New Ytrlc; Mr. and Mm. Wheeler, New Vork. Mr. and Mr*. SWvens, Mr. Gilbert, the Hon Mr aad Mrs. Cameron, Canada; Mr. Lewit and thi< M' -es hewn, Ba; ton, Mr. Wairen, Boston, Mr. Walker, Michigan', JP Sherman, New Vork; Mr. Grand. Waablngt n. at., At Ekcum.? The Marchionoe or Hastings. Marquis of Ilea 1 rort, Marcfa.oness of Ileadfort, Couutes* ofGlaagow, lady TUbot de Malahtde, the Right Hon. Pavid Salomon". Lord Mayor; the I .id} Mayoress. Ixj'd Clarence l-agst. I?edy Jolm Somerset, lady Victoria Hi.tiugs. s.r H. L. Bulwer. lady Bulwer, fi-.r William (Mi ley, lady Ousley, lady Morgan, H.r John WiUon, Sir Henry Holland, I# iy Holland, Sir Robert and Lady Carden, The Very Rev. Archdeacon Sinclair, Sir Joseph Patton, M i Sinclair, Mr., Mrs. and Mlases Leslie. Mrs. Heartier, Mrs. and Miss Cohen, Miss Holland, Mr. Win Brown M. P.. and Mrs. Bown: Mr. Sampson, Mr. Thomson Haukev M P., and lady ; MiSS Ale Under, Mr. 01 ve a. M. P.. and lady. Admiral Cwmney, Capt Mai snnoe, R V, Mr. and M ? Gooch, Mr .1 C IVkerag.ll and lady, u < Picker* gt||, Mrs. Roger, Mr. Gregsoa. M. P., an t la ly; Mr Grattan' Mr. and Mrs. Ileiilley. &e , Ac. The company wore invited to assemble at one o'clock the hour for o|>eiiing the building, m order that they might liave au opportunity or viewing the court*, picture galleries sad grounds, before Ihe commencement ol the concert, at 3 o i lock Tim concert was by the Opera company, and Mr IVibody's gueiti o< cupiVd a irallerv expressly appropriated for them. Subjoined is the pro gramme of the ptere* |* rformed. which, with an ia>rval during wbii h tcrrchmenta Were served, occupied about two hours ? rm i. Overture. "Kgmont" B*e!b?veo Ana ''OtioH uive Mercy."? Ilerr ro.mea.M-ndclssokn' Duetto, "Outlet Perrhe "-M "lie Ma rat and E12 tirazianl. Mi.'art Part Song ' W lm Shall W u my I.I iy iV.i" '? llv the Oliorus riar?all Aria, "Ah' tnoti His ' ? M.Vawx |>, itoe Mey. rbeer 1M#, "Vanne stniei."? Mel iinet;ri?i S.g (i?r don i snd Kig Marm Po-u Aria. "< im n< m? "?Madame Boam Ve;dt. It'iale "tlteriam "?fi g, Cardom. s.g Ron, f>! , Uei r I ormew and f flora* Roa<iai run a. Overture, "Anacreon," Cherchini Ana, ??Aldolregti lama ? Vidani ? t>' tu, Tro, ? < hefi al tavor.' ? Ma latns Bor,o. M'i> Marai and Sig. Oardrni* Ro aln Arts. "?! irti rn aller srten."? M'll^ N>v M /. ut li:etto ' Serbami ognor."? Madame ami Madame t>,diee Rrntjiii Aria, "latgoal fai totum."? s?ig. Ronioni.',** K male. "IH q>.ale tanta furt' " ? Madam i, M ile Mai al. Sir s.'dj, Kg Oraciiti! S'C Zeiji r au,| chorus ' fvm (?| After the rt.ili .-t th,< fount ! i? w. re to h ive II U( I . Ihe grrxmda, but a heavy fail of rain kil.'rt r. t Mr and ts?!la - s'el ih. r family were llien < oq luit? I thro gMi variou- prt-ol th? building containing Itoe ekiel ol . i t of fallen I, and put nd to eapr , tf," U?M Inten e miniiratii.n at the wonder* of the ADumbra court Tfai clrrii'.t having been completed, the romi*iny a - m ble?l lor dm ne i in a sahxm titled up T r the orcauoa n-vr the tVmpeian coiut Mi iv.boly faaudiag in Mr. IM;>. Wh'i? Mi IHI a- took Ihe Marchimeas ol ll.v t ngi The enterti.nmrnt wa- prov (? t by the piririor- to th? Mansion Mm, e. and was pronounceila tnarvei of ele -aw e and luxury. The interest of the oei as <vi w.v greatly increased by thef.etof Ihe 0 mi -s? of Mr. Crainptoo having lint benttie known, whlie the mtiire or Mr Mircv 's de. patch te..|? tire It wa tn e itire uaceita dy. fboreii tietiH cl the tw? (oiintn. i were theref- ,? 1 |., be m a . rltHal |s lion, and every one ronsmc^ntlv h i Ihe ini| "rUii< e of vm h demoni-lratiou of mutual goo-, <? the rep' n <r ?be cloth, Mr. Ptabody, with anrnnsi Pr"I- ?' the hen'lla of the t/tei u Fjpre,. o? I""" - ' "'nt.. uf h"r Mai" ti mm s ' * ' lb" l"'i | I ,,f I.ev ed Ibnt t> tune would wli. u Ik i |,e? ih Would P"? 1. re. . ' < l.? Ameri in <1 . Witutb i same f'-rvr.r a by her Kngi h subjects 1 he 1 mi. Mat." then gave, "The 1 i?sM|?nt ofthe i n tel?,|.c Hp e*;iafnt?l on the feline between tlm two., ut. es, aii pointin* to the relations between tb ta as betna of more Importanc. than the Intercourse of ?i the re t of the globe, prm Isiaied h - convietios that so otiecovld now be considered perfectly Ot to All a ?U*w man s place in I'nplsnd who had not oy personal ;ra,?! bet ome ncqiiainled with Amfira snd Amerirsiu If s better knowledge evicted ot |i,. real seotimenVi of tbe pt '.ple, any momeutsijr mi spprehen.- ons wo ld be im mcniaU'lr imoolhfd down. The VaRO'ISOS Huoeiier rollow- I. hy p'op . |;,7 ? .y. Pftlla^" ? alert whi.liwss received wu tis k ;it.v4t wirnitl It was s hippy lliiui, lie c<n I ? ed tu t ? the prescet moment one ?h .-e< n a- r Wt. e,;, , , so te hi. ? . . t w i. V'ii nti. ? in t v ?i> lu i si u ? t i. k ? t ( . . . |etss"U h m. Slid altbo <h . t!i pit w,. a ., o- lie wi" t?i th pi i. e. ? . . ? r ' f ieral tepii a, be desired ir --t tr ?ag|. (, . ? - ci ^e mil m r in which kw aaai' i , i(. ? " ?d and reeeire>l v ' *'r. P? : a?v thei. pi ye 1 The l.o 1 v -i 1 *7'" ' 'n'!Vl '? '? ? I i - toast wa? i e ' hi "V it . i . ? . ?, . ,. | . ' dee;- reject Hit lie | ^nt |e | Ma> w 9' a he ,? f-v- " I't ,.i t, , ? ' %y \ ' that ground be bad the preat.*t pleasure m bc:c^ alt* of to otlor it The I> >hi> M/yok would have felt baupy If h- could be lieve himself eut.tleil Ui a titiM of tiid ? Internal of Mr. l'aiiray He was not a diptotnalial inn oue great duty of Ins othcc wa? hospitality, and although u alljriltd him uiuwaed ?*lulaa' lart.ou to entertain at the Mansion Hotiae tUe run*. diBtxigu.i-heU visiter* troui ail foreign country, ibt greatest pleasure he expcru need u> tuat rtmpeet w<w in welcoming bi-4 friends ? l.e cmU not include among lort i^uers ? from the I'nil.Hl States. Wan/ ytwre back he had been in America, an 4 po-.-iMy the retii.>m branee ol the act* ol courtesy he hod there ok|M'i MH'.ood might be h:i irgradnnt in the ?en! in- tit with wluolt he regarded the |>eople ot that country; but if so, it rmi subordinate one, slue bin conviction on cultivating tbA.* friendship w is founded i:jkh. a tar larger vi w, Mr. I'kaimmiv then stated tint Mr Win Brown V P desired to pi opate a toast In meut.."n:ii.? Mr Brown'* nam*- lie could not forget tlie remark ot lioril Urtuml's tbat that gMitleiueu night be regarded a . a Uvag bus between Kng laii i aad Amenta. Mr. BlIOW.V ro-o to pri>,'10Se ''Toe health Ol S.r JysPflfc I'nxton, M I'." In a building eivctod by li.s Keuius. uad which reflected tb- greatest gloroil ol irt to be t'?in</ throughout the \\orlJ, he felt that thu tribute would be most appropriate. fc.r ji?-veH 1'axton observed that be was always graM tied by having to aeknowlddg" the kiaduess of Ain>?ricaaa. In the few remarks be had to offer be would addrtssa himself exclusively to them. He rkt.. u ?d the idea of any possible hostility between the two countries. b ui eince entering that room he bin! hexrd that some Amen car. - wei e apprehensive of the effect of an pubUslieg in a morning paper, -aid to betlr- organ of JiOrd PaUmw ston. He had neynr heard that the paper iu question wm the organ of an) bod) or anything, and he knew of few people who ever road a line of it On." tlnnr was cer tain. uamel) , that the desire of the population of hagiaod to Lve ou terms of cordiality with America was such, thai | no Minister could ho|?e to reta.n power who should neglect un> opportunity of arranging whatever c&eiv of dittW ally might Iroui bine to tiaie occur. For bis part, be m j? ? one of those w#o considered that la th preaent <WkM England wn- in the wrong. The first vote beerer^avn? ;ierc the l/ir.n Mavor good buinot edly interrupted tar Joseph, and a.->ked him il ho was u?t go tin? u^oii ground Which it hail been agreed to avoid ? wh'?tb"r, m fort, btt remarks w ere not Kiuted to the House af Oouiinona pttbee tiia;i to a party like the present. Sir JoMtcu thanked the I/onl Mayor, a;id wouM accept las hint. He must, however, finu>'h tie* sentence he bad begun. The llr.^t vote he ever gave iu the H : ise ol Com nious was in favor of the mloi.'ters ou lue eui.-tmeat of a foreign legion, and it was the only one he hail had reaaoa to regret. The coucl'idiug toarl ??.- " tl.e liealtli of Mr. Peabody," by the I.ohii Matdk. Iu reply, Mr. Hcanoor bwk <?cca .-?oiitohay that iiltlioiigh he fbould uot deirtrt trom the nor. pol:t.ia< tone 01 Hi- evening, yet hav.uc ii >U uig te do with diplomac> aud recoKcixmg tii > imiMMMibiiity of an fetrttnp'nient betv. 1 v u tho two countries, ho uiigtu ec l>re-.- the ha|>{)ines< bo fell m the bohet that Amer ? aoa auc'. 1 iiplish would ?t? .ty< nir.M u at th.' present mo ment It wa.-> true tliat a lillie while back there did hwn to lie a t mail clou ', iu t ti - we-t ? perhap as large as btt liaDd ? but lie WM convinced u!liiough Mr. Ilaliaii coxM of course give then no sign or l> at on stidi a matter, Cvatt it wa^ rapidly di.-appearttig, and that already there via not euou^h It il to form a Him: 1 ting' r to point to war At 10 0 cukk tha compuiy adj< .ru' il from the dining saloon to tl.? Pompeinn Co irt winch had b-ei. brilluiitiy tlluu mated for their reception On no prevtuus occasion exce| t fin t ie royal lami.; . bad tb ? or any ot'ier court ot tlie tix-tal Palace ever been u.-ied I >r a p* . ate party , aud tin i!1?ct preavi.t.'d u^ioii etiteriaf it will uot e.iHuy be forgotten It wts tno fust Of tta li u ? ing beiii lighted up. aud the |>uwer Of a malutude of cbnndel er? In di .p.ayiug its birnMiM of color, ami the iitiin.ralieicd beauty ot its pr< '4ftlotu, ?ur paased all that luid been anticipated. The i.n t of a m* tern evening party being a-s. moled for tlie tli st tunr in tlie exact restoration of a hall appropriated to aimiinr ptrjiCMi nearly I,k0o years ago, aud which still puU aB novel attem]>ts at interior dec orati'in into shade, is a me morable event, and oue al-o which illustrate* in a singu la! manner the eudariag and uua'.terable claracter of tbe law- of taste, and tUe truth ol th.* axiom tuat "Uln M fcl. or!,. but ait is long." In tins court, dicorated with fUiwers round a fountain in the centre, Mr. l'mocdjr bad arrnaged a isirfarmaooo by I'kx-o. the bl ad Harmman n.nstrel. whuto extraord'. nary on a simple reed, m etered by himself ui a Ufa of tohtude as a sbopltrd. has been oue of tli.- phnnomenn of the present I^ndon sea-oa. While tea and cofli?e were being served h<- pi4>i-.l a variety of airs, lucluding, Ot cour. e, "Halt Co'iiniUia," "Yankee Doodle" aud ~Ood save the Wueen." with a (auo accomiianttueul, arvl the part) sepai at*<1 alivut hall ps-t 11, ret ring to thoir enr nagef through the stUinc.-N of the vast and doeerwd pro meuade- of the mammoth building. Sir ffenry and isw> Bulwer, wbo were to lave been of the party, sent an a|<ology It Uad been arranged for ar Henry to pro|H>ic tho health cl Mr. Dullas, but ic a note to Mr. Peabody lie meulioned that tbearri al of tba n?wn of Mr. Ciampum's cutnis-a'. would render it utidesirnMn for him to attend, since, although il wuull have adorded him tnie ssl .t o uin to expre?4 In- feehui<s toward Mr. I)alta? and tin' American (X'ople, the fact of hit paying n personal romp, ment at that moment might seem uniting to Mr. t rainpton. whom Ue regards aa a friend, and who was formerly *vcIo>ely i?nufcted with him al Waehl^ ton. Oar Parte Corrnpodrnrt. Pill. June IK. 1 T\r of I he Pi inre A*fk"*i*J ? lkscr\}**m <f UU ? 7 A' FrtntMe en K-tu:> ? A Great I'aprmt ? tkmtinglii Uetj/inx oj the Hviptrpr ? Arr??iJ ai ffattt Domr? th*cr%% tivn of the CtJkrirml?TI* Crr* ?e*f. PrerHely at 5 o'clock m aute pins were fl. od from tba eaptanadc cl the Tuileriri. eat the griul rort ^o wtuak bad a?aenibled eo mauy ten* o( thousand.* of cart MB ? ihI e?ery age, Irotn every country under heaven. to ?H ne.i* it. got uudcr way . (or imping pomp and oera mony there l.a> never been b"en ai.ytl. ng tike it in FYaaaa or id an y other country The ?pl< ti hie, cca l i.oo Ml gene* Ml tmw or the troop -4he in^.tiug ?tra<iu of tbe mi. it-, ms re' mt-iit afte* res meat each with iw reapaa tive band, filod along? the variety, magn, licence, em gorgroufueaa o! the tn .ury dro*i? the superb cooditMB and beauty or the home*, m their eumptuoiw riptraoM, a* they | iouOI) drew t .? ?late reli < leu? the e*nuUtta workman < hp and Lauih til the vebicla* Ibi'tnaelvaa, ud the general nW en #?-<?*, or getting up oi the whota, has probably never before t?ewi fq> ailed! Ortaia it as, Um4 it u uot po nbla lo iom'.uo acy aUte ceremony of tta k ud can ever e*c ?ad It in ?i'leiilor act eff ft F.r-t came the tror./rt* and ban I of the l?t H ( miit afCarabui>rri-, Witfi IWir gray ctiai gore, tkeir enow white plumea and brawn helm. and brea t platen gl.<*' ?t?ir\g ta the midday fin. tl?-n the tna^n 'Jcei.t ItU JUio-, tka I ' * k?d officer* of !b# Frtm li aerrk-e then I v. o nquadroaa of the l?t H^r re '4l of Carabmh ??;, with the eofcart. UMB two aqnadrona of ilic 11th regiment of dragoon... with tka band and Uie colonel . afterwan , two Mjwi-lruu.- of Um Guides, with tk. .f debi ion* ni i.'ic, talking. with tbatr licb drea* and acco iticmciu like gaudy bitierfliea of the arena. Now catna Hie pttjuurt, or rtal eiooaw at (bale Imperial II 411 > - ??, drc?e<l in lai^'e corked hata, jirt boo'i and loather*, w.'.h long green coaM, riding auperb bOr?( ; folic * whom came UM carnage of the Princes Matt' * te containing bar maid 0' honor. Aftorwar ?.:? foUowed l!ie carn.igw af I'r'nco Vapol.-on. coiit.iinii<.' Uie officers of hi- hwi?.*bolA? I >i!r />9? irrt ol V" I'-rip-Tor pre. ?dl?i^ N. Tticn raiwa m an '.*? - on r:;ht rai 1, ^ an 1 t.i. c?li ft ' :nw?. by two p.' ni>. rout. i i, in* \ m\o . mfulwn of the lnp? tal li w.-hoM In thr ?>-ve ?tti rer* \h* T. 'ice. Vvvhi da and Ufailime Ii Tnnei V:?rie Puch??i of Ihi iHoa ika c wfage guarded on e Jier aide by a chi-vaher d'tmnear. In the eighth were th? Pfincc Jer.'^nc Mpn!e<in, MvI%m 4ii Qramle, Itiichi datv.u. d, I'riu N.ip-i.. >u, mo 1 1> "wr, I*Tii?? c < Kwertenaad Norway. i*a the nghl of tlu* ear* rmjrr r. r lb' Cr-' oqiierry pf 1'r.nce Jerome NapoleoB, ou tli' left that of his son, I'rincc Napoleon. loilowlng th< ? eight earn uiai a?d am rarae ait ft ; tv I operor Tl^e-. Ute rarrtige of the lvTn|?ea? will. *? J.t In e- atiperli'y ca^iart juiil with f<>M4'iera la then lie 1 1 nad mane TUl mmtained the young '*naaa Inil ? lit: tile P" firrrpavfe r?t if) fa nit 4t France, lii* twa aub govertie?.>e -, and li^ though not lew-l. the w, ?> 1 laa, or wYt aurae? for th . d.?y . at any rate, no i i,nopor%aag personage. B> the r'ght aide of ibli carriag* rode Um b>ib? pr.nce'a sworn dorcuder?? Marnbal Caarebert, *a corapamed by an laipenal a l-de eamp and e^tiarry, o>* the right, and oa tbe let! Marahal Bo?<j'iH, ac~ota|Mk aied by the Adjust funeral of tba Palace aad an unp*. rial ot.iaance officer. Grootaa ta mtgniticeU ?ut? lira rte?> walked by the p de of the borcea of tbe carriage. Other Imperial aquerriea now apiieared aad cleared Ma way fbr anotlier earriago and e>ght horoaa. wboaa Mlf piun-?'or*now wbile, waving in tneimn'n raya 11 inn wined the proud otbee Uiey Hilfllied, namely. Jtat ot cooveyta a II a carriage ail glittenog witberyal*!. gold an I ibo MB etquia.te ornamentation, all more or lea< of a refagtoaa charactrr m conaonaace with the oocaaion, then Ma^wttaa Hi. Ijaperer and Kmpre?K. On tbe rwbi rude the UeaaA Huntfimaa. tbe Prince de Wagr'.ra, Maraliai Raraguaf d'HUi.era. the (ieneral (Vn>mand?nt ot tbe nnlMsaal guardo ot the Seine, the flr?t ?nti >rry of the Kmperoe I in tbe left. Marahal Count de t'aatcllan:, the 0?a.<eai ( of the Imparial Gnard. tb.' Kmiwroe^ chief aide de camp, and on Uie aide of Jte horaon a boat of riici.uig fbotm^n. IVh.a l the rarrktg" th# Fmpror^i a dc^ de (ami', bia ordr,auce officer*, a aiuvtro" of U?e tentf.ade' their lirU Uhie iiinrnrma and an very Mh# helBieu and curaeaje darrllTif the rtatoo of tbe myna4a *>? -jwtia ora Tb?atWD aqnMtr?n? af c-'raMier*, wiib thcii' band; lwt? aanarfroe.' ef aetriafy, wtb thet- sand , ta o* -r ?quadrmi.' *>' eurt' er? wttli muelc, twe a j .adr' of carab'n.era, I ^?WMe, w-?ii tbeir I?mi I, tank, mp u<e a aea i?f ga 1. wdi U?"r eu,^b acet'itre-weou c' hra'a, eJa"?d tb ^ pee 1 Qria 0 Vt^frt ?r, ?nt ? *-t p#r#rfce, na: la