Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1856 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMK* U U HO OS tfKttOBTT, KIHTOB AN j CKOPKIKT'JR ?rntfs *? w. corkk' OK ^mmao *nu toutom sts. cmtiti, nuh ma' rut OMLV Hi ~llt , ^ r ? TV ft V* /'W.L IVJClSJvI-* HkKALO ??(vv 6* U*r<tau, <t? rt'* O0H<4 p**r ?rv or tB aero* ina(,i j?u? ?kt.>n, ?4 u<* annum Jo al** "/ O" at Rrttotx c>r &> to <m? jKirl of ihr ContwMit, U> Wf Ar?l?- * ja+nf, VOLUNT Xlv COAJtESPOVDENCC. import v ?o'<4?**r?l /rowi ?v viMirttr oy thr wfW-i; u*>'. ?0?" KofcBiLs ?'0*K?sroai>?.NT? auk """(WUM* K?4ll?iu< to S*AL all AJU Paok ' tft) Tb It MA-m ?/ oAMt/ntoui c.i?vnu*t?j/v>fui We Jo ? # I Al l II lho0r ?joh PUtSTlSO iteufd v4th wtLtnrm rhaiyr** and Jm * lk tKffSSMSSTS r-nfwed tfrry Joy. XXI No. 186 AMCSKMrSTS TO -BORROW EVKNING. OTBLOW <1aRT)KN, Br??.lw^y? Tupko llEltatE* 05 TEE Vtuar RW?- KliAKO? K(*n:t H?iiik\md. BtfWRRY mCEAtfiC. Bowery? Jt-isb aSD f aces? Biira wv Vmmvu* B?OAt>WAY VARPrTIKa. 4T2 Ur??HHtsr-IJ?<W*AR. T?? wooDf ?i:xHT*r:i.s. Hi Mro^iw?y? Krmonxs Mm >ilUI ? ML 1>UI lf? . UlCUl'KD KoOfl KH":RK H ALU, SW ftT*?.<w*y? TaTOOTic ?T( lw ?1?1.1 eocj Tabliai'i? M"src. DWBin.rHlRJ GalLHKY, 4*1 Brrrttdway? ' Vjtcm* &AB0 I Nt* AKI> *.ATVA?r?UAUTTK.VO* OT HCSS. 4c. WtW ^ >rk, SuiiW*jr, Jmly 6, IW. Ttie Sew*. The stesr^hip Baltic is nw <tee ait 'this rort from Liverpool, vtth European news to the 2Sth ult.,faur days later than previously received. Tbe a* Is of the Canada reaped thin rrty, from Boeton.-e~.rly on Friday naming. We pubH-di tull details of. the news, from ocr European filcss to-day. The e<* luct of the British eovernaeat, in ?^inag aUthe-^lHrnecf the Amm?an ealietmeat difficult? 00 ItiV 'rampton. is severely cons&.enWd en in mort ef the English and in of the Par* journs*.*. react with the United Partes we* uniwraaliy a* ?? ?a^<l by the people e?4 tradtag rk^cs- A Urge ?npp! y 01 military stores, with a nruufcer of add ttw-t troops, were aUout to te -hipped for Car ad* from England. Napeteans >Hn ef tu Empress re MB T had caused match diseuflfeioti in I ranee. I ieen Victoria had visited the 0**^ al 8jH* "***' wfc n the stupendous wate^.rk* were pot tr. puy TBrknll the distiBgauhea Prtish patriot. had nedat Warsaw. A ccoonts from M^n.l <?tato *?t ?* Captain General of Cab* csd reported the is and as fceing tranquil, aud atfected Awards th. ^aeeu. Dm steamship Black Warrior arrived trom Ha Tana yesterday m ?ug ?nr txrreepo.i^t sUtee that General Concha was badly engaged witi plan for a war with Mexico. ?? aawans of p? a ?top to the extenswnal the tinted ln *-4 4ireetkn. The treasury m eaipty, and govesn aaen' had borrowed f*w,?iwi. **- John* day was rfuly celebrated TUe parte r <c Vv nloott a A mart in Howe had teen wintered by u men vc. -JtUow >e\er yg ?a ruling rfiiil fstsi w Ammgat the deeiwsna ?cn.?er?sd in the Superior Coort yesterday wm that is the cmk of Forwst vs Forrest in which the mati-m for a new trial de v tnodifleatioii of th jurigMftat, so f ir at* *.h?> ^ h eon- erned - **-<~d aivaa-iiy. and r~ fcreo c for that purpose is adored I The lagrinttre C omtuiUw oa teuint aaoae* *?* a look on Mondar through *he ttiseath am. Tfair t*nth ward'. The report <?ftbe different tcaeaxftta Tiuted and the character af the premises std ee*u ? nts as given elsewhere, will be foHiid ? aiier** to* M allowing some ol the toweat .dude, of teaeot hwwe life in New York. T* eeudttee *dj >uraed over to the Eiat of Ang-iet, whtu they will r*-?ie tbetr tour of inaction through tlK purLmm *ud, soct degraded sections of the t ity. It is o^y V> he hoped that sOBie permanent -ataury results Easy ?eme frim the labon* of tne c<nmii ' ' tee . The sale^ of cotton yesterday were cot# aM to mtt w hundred bales, at prices sbowin* the turn -.r the icarkct in fa??r of tLe neiUi. The a id by the Oanmda brought a number of ?rd.<rs for* isvif* and the market for ?<mr and grain waacxeited. Floor M>ld at an adran< e nf aWut IOC. ? 1 ? c ? per barrel, with ftee mIm. Wh<?? al*? ad%an^ fn m 3c. t<. 4c. per bu?hel. ialiy for mtd. ?m aaaiiurx, in condition fjr expert- C'jrn was a^o tiettc and holders higbeT in their views, while e*Wver* m-sleraW at fall ptkm. Fa* oNfcinaed tkm mnh men of aw at ?? 5?. ****** raKinaed firm B"b sue? of f.00 boxes llavaaa. 4'W hlids. J?ha no*-*, j . o and a canro of Port i Btea ia bw?d. Cute* wa? lit the sale* "being restricted to ??ail h?s of and Hki at steal J pti-es- Kreighta to Bj.,11-1 ^ -l? ad van ed, and tk<- parts of Livens fllasgoa ani Lor.d-?n the .ig^arjrale ahipm^ 5f wheat reached about lW.000 id bulk *>1 b MM, chiefly at H&. a 104. per baAel. ar.j skMA^ (MO bbls. Hear at i*. Hd. a Is. '4. for tUe two turm$f'9W, and at 2s. lnjd. a 3s. for Loud m. Bates to tL> re were also Arm, wlthoat caaage in motat.on;. . . .. Acconi:?p to the City Inspector s report there wer?- 3'4 d<??^ t^1* <" *9 durtttg tl??- ist-t wwfc, ? U-: nm*n. Ai.JT.wr,. 152 U>>s bb4 U* firU. sho* t_r an U -1 on h?- mortality of the we< k VRTious. Xh^r? were ? deaths of ajmptexy . 3 ef hro<f bltWi, 1 at awtge?ti-n of the lungs. t? of <*?e ?l - ? ff ulkJnmuUon of the lunp. II <* eoo c?stKD cf toe I*-**. of iaflam:aati.? of the bra?. 15 of dmp*y in i* head. 34 of . hoWain'aet m. 1 of cho'era ^-crh-*, 1? of diarrh??-a, 5 ?f dys entery. 4 of :ufa3B*natlon of the *tom*h. 9 .f fliarr'" Of the bowels. 4 of emsil ' pox 4 of saa^roke.Uf patej. * <* r.mvulrfoM. Ctafiwtile), croup.'# of scarlet ferer. 17 of ' sarnmne (iatetik), 1* ef measles. C of teething. \h of direaa of iheieart- Tl-ere ecsa iia* 5 pe matt rr birth. 20 casea^f etilUiorn.and 21 death* ftm i violent ca?* includi<ig 7 drowoed. Hie M km ng is the cberdfcaiioa of di?ea?s:? H-^ne*. taW:, .*e.. 2; bwte and o er *?. *en?ratiee or jeu, 6; bcurt and Wod rwaals. 11; h"W? thrwt *?,.<* 1 ?M age. ? ???, *c . and eruptive fevers. 31; ii lborn and p?**atore kirths. W: store* h, joweU aiid ether <b$w> e urpew. 120; ascertain ^ei't aBi' general frv?i? 1 arlna-y organ*. 2 ; un known. !. The nat.trtf ??.?? c gr %? 27 4 natives of Jie t'l^a i Hteti - . r'2 *>'.-' ian'l . S ! of (iermany , ? 40i En?iM. 1. and 1 of Mel^ci ,Oi.n Pal rr F<?- ii> ? i a "f th- ??.-? am i- ug we. lii l'-:u ?s f'-aWtre" of w ? V !?? r>" olnt.Mii \a Wii? h f \T*J ill th" <* iin'ry ?rf t covers up m by th? *?* '?? of <!>?? in?w. !! ?1C t fs the -l.-pcraie - ' of th- - i ld f? - I w vj.lii' on ?t. n?w -tr.??-r-?tion' wh'(. %#" -<nkM 4 th?? old p ??<?? ? ' irto th hr,?' *e ?f ?^rth C'ror?^??f h' T* ih? th?*,aei .tnhMlilaviiUl l\,v?l'f"r<><?' f"r tnation-. ? ? - ' '!f F^rott V. ami .Mr. CW'v of >!?? wwbuM tts. *r FillB^rr. Mr. UnwN Mr. M*n? ?ad?r.W* ** V ,rk. (Mr. f rtohiesnn ?| ?.?rs to bavcr **;< " ?">?? >7 <*'" w?ml th<" bops of cropping out,) tvtom^ HUieKton of Srw i?wf. ?-(i..TerUor J > hn-A .:i of p.'aa^rlvMiW, flow** Wis* o' Vir/iti?. Mr. puoftljs of UI'wK an-1 Lwt. though r*.' Mr. Buthunan of PcBBsyivania. Hit lb-/ ) ^ yield, as this n- w pop^l tr nwv > -,-c amsi on. to the iaflsxib'e w of '.r nv, latii* a ixl r^v uhtUon wh!< barcaln the ln<! w.W ? |?w- rtf |??rtW^ and politkiew. Vah . nu- ernp. 4k?rs ?|W torrHi?- thinir-: ?rit th r wb * do not ?hnow> to ftr fr'? "" ?n m,,<! pf Him iilaaniit l>"mf>' '' *'r he, i. to V -m iiis. iiml lias te?4t?d d.iwn Into H# nwfnl crater: ?sit Vr?"arin? in full M.t ' is no- f Ikipif cotn|HiTvd *i?li th*1 combustion of <li?? vol- i canic element* of a great and powerful natiou like this. The volcano is liriug up. Let the work go on. Mr. Fillmore a (ircfHloaUt? Nra Sewwd a D!?untoii!?t? What Next! In the lut< st public speeches of Mr. Fillmore and Mr. Seward, respectively, the former stands b< lore the country a couf< seed secenoiouist, and the latter an undisguised disuniouist. Out of their own mouths let them Ik- judged. In the courte of his speech at Albany, on his late journey from thi? city homeward boaud. Mr. Fillmore spoke as follow*: ? W> see a political party presenting eanJ^ite* for the Presidency ami Vice I're^fJeii' y, twtbe Ami time I'rotu tin* free state* ainu?, w ill :U.> avowed purpose or circuit thw M >a;.diilatei5 b\ -urtruk.. s ol eno part .1' the I ni' tj only. i. ? ri.ii' mrr tin- whole t'nin i1 .-tates. Can it be possible that those win' ar- eugagt i iu such a me a sure ? an t?ft\e -rr' Hi-ly r< ,j?iu V.i>' > 'itise.pi.Mioes wtiicli mui* inevitably folio* in ?,(.? r>. sucee-h? (Clieiw.) , Oau tliey have th" ina ue- or the fo'Cj to believe tuatour Southern trrethr-m ? mid .-utuiKt i< c<iveru?jJ by n?ch agchMf nnf'""*"' (('boors.) Wold h .? be miM to folio* the utttte rule prescribed by \Uo e who (MM hiaa m njexm# hi- inokUMitsr li s? uu m in i it* Matt of Hun uiil 1> ut t line be not worthy to be President -or Vice President. would t be prper to ^ciett ouc from the I ?aroe quarter a* One of hi.s Cabir.i-t Council, or to re,i? ,? tent the nation In u -foreign country 7 ? or, Indeed, to o ol-, lect the revenue, or adtuin -tv the l iw-< of the t'nrf Sute^y If not, wfeat new rule 13 the President tn .adopt, in sehH'iiiK men lor office, thai the people themselves -di.*- 1 card in xelecting "him ? Tbe.-e are "serious, but pract ical ' ijuehiHus. aU'l iu order tc appreciate them fully, it is > uly necen-ary to turn the tables upou ouruelve-. .-*upf ?hi> that Uie Smth. ha\ a ni?;ority of the electoral" v icr, *tu??ld declare that lliey K'iiiM only have -lavfhd dfr* fcr t'retident and Vice President, and sho ill clcei g' -h by their irxcln- ive - iitVrs^es to rul" nvr u* at the Vior h do you thick we would sifbmi. to it T No. not for tr-'ht. (Appkiu.-e.) And d? you believe that yuu"? em bretnrt* aie !?s* set -itive on tins subject *bm you *re, or lr?s !alou.? oi thc.r r'.^hi ' (Trcmeintov ',i .rer un t>) lJ' JTOtt do, lei me Wll joulhat you are The -Trno opinriom were delivered bjflbt ?ame orator In his sjuffi at Rochester. so Uiauuere is no mowifktttion of or palliation for senti ments, from the '?* >her second thotjph' ' of the guilt; party. Tivy are hi.- d"lil*.'rate \ii*ws and reennmn ndatior* Our amiable eK<ft.*esident, loot ng at tin' Ir rren landscape b*^im him as a candidate for Ui succession. Itccom'F 'desperate, befi pi-rent aiW revolutionary. He cmnsels the soression of tb ? Southern States fren 'he Union it the event?* the election of Fr"tn?nr. Hisrea v ns for it are shallow, frivotoft* and dis torted. But the flippant style and the cool *leliberatk?ti with which he mhises the ilternatW'!' of fwcession and civil war in the evtui of Fremont's surci^c would al most lead u- to fear that there i~ ?i*ni?er of a re petition of the laN' MfKrflv eb'ction ? en< s at Cin cinnati, Ix ui^vtllo. N. w Orl-aii- ?u l elsewhere, in th?; proai.cution of the Kn??w Nothing canvas with the full c<>n-< nt of the Know Nothing candi date. We say tli^re i- ground for this appn lua rion. becauM- a Pre-idi-ntial aspirant who d-libc ?ratelv jireaclii-f sect -siun in vi- \v tif the election of a rival candidate (undoabt?>dly as nmeh at toch<"d to the South and the Uniea a< him+'l/). is a man. wc may infer, who vvuuMi hardly tes tate at the ruffian's policy of Mudg -ons and pis tols at the polls. Let u> next see what are the latest opinions or Mr. W. H. S?'*?4 touching the vain- of th; ?< Union, and the t-ectiooal COOOe salons and com pronuae* upon which it wax founded. In tUe de bate in the United State* Senate, on W<tn*lay la!-t, on Mr. Tooml*' new Kan-ox Itili ? Mr Seward, af New York, ?a><ihe would with ttoo rreat e?t vicature v*ie for Mr Wil-on's atncnJm ut Cue pre ?ent bill ran Liive do other leudeo* v aid effect than t> eofiGrio the mh* of tlto object Of th* j?a--:?#e>> f the law afenplkv ti?: Mfeaawl cwaproaria*, ani am a -lave ."<tet.- >a> <>r Kac-a.<. Tli re u> no crxle. there an' no iaW4 auC no legal cocietv m other than that of the or yaait act <4 1*M. Tt?e go* ? nment of tha* Territory is a mufj*tfc<>a and mar.nv. and there are o ? leea.1 aor moral oltialMa lilr*u It wiA Ik* Ue?t rw*p?:i. IkeHmm, more true to freedan than <he >?-tuite. -out a cotanmion v 1? 1 1 1 er a 1m*# report ? -lal'li-h--* t fa- u bvyoiel all qurat.on. Tt.e dajr lor t .inprnini*.'- ha* '-n J?'1. Mr Tooiul*' ? I air. fin.: or it Mr. flnrard? And ,o am 1, hi nceforia we take oar >taad ua the coo-titutiou. What a mockery 1* thin! Tff? tak"* hi* -tand on the comtitutiun. ntid jH dteilMlbtt tho day of compn nji-' - lin* rn<'? d! What in the coii>-tl tnUoo? A comproni"? from Ix-ninuinif to end. All ayFteni* ol OfganU-d aoclety, all govcra nwnt-. all law*. an- but compromise*. Life itxelt in but a compromise with death. Th.* tenure by widch Mr. S ward hold-* bin *cat in the S* aate is that of a compromise ? hi* if fed and dotted upon cotupromiM-*. aixl without onr constitutional romprom.*??? ?oti?ting with the .South, he never could have made thU sp -oeh of hi* in the Senate nt Washington. But the parti cular applirati A of tkll manifesto? that th- day of ?ompromlxc* 1- coded ? refer* to Southern hluvi ry. ilr. S* wir4 >imply mean* to *ay that thc-duy of c?BiprtHniNK with Southern elavory ha* " can lie the It *ull of the en forcement of this abominable doctrine hut dis ur ioo' It tun only I** disunion. and Mr. Seward in wi ll a* are of It. He therefore atattl* befure an .a.- deliberately the adrocatc of disunion, ax do*- Mr. Fillnw > the prca< ber of nulliikation and MC**aisM. Th? ipie?ti?m which next recur* I*, who are theee ue u that the* talk and blu*ter -o travel j! Chip* of the '?nx- I4'? k. Th y an* rival politi cian*. uptiDjriwtf fnn. 'he some duo/hill of anti man >nry. T}.> y were >>oth initiated into New Vi*k politi' oi ?-r the d< ad arid putrifyin* body of a c*nmtcrfdt Morjtin- -tmt a ffood enough More-ait till b!kt th> election." Thu* commenc ing fVir polllical career tipoti an imposture, th-y have rr ry natnntUy proT?d th?'m* lv.-? d!-? ipie* of the Mime << ImwjI mer?* fiurnum politician*, a m rt a T kogv* dtatemen that can he turne<l Mt from the I* u r y at Albany a? fa-t a* S.mta Anna> wood' n l?*jr? by th<- showman of f rani-tan. Tfte only di'tim ti??n U twwn Mr. Killmorr and Mr. Sward in tfcm lat< ?t public exhibition* of fh'W??- lv< ?. f* a di-tinelion without a diff rt'ncc. 1 tie 1? j u* r advine.* th?- >outh to i?K)ede, and the I latter tlirenten* to drive her oat of the Union. Mr. FilbDOf xtowpc to conquer" southern ni Hirer driver*, anil Mr. Sew?nl seek* to In&triK nur ni m< r wor*iiipp> r* to thf -ame nltimatum. Th ? two Morgan* l.jr chanee. huve U*>n thrown u|?>n op I?o?iti r?io<V*. but tfc'f converge upon the uid > tneu* of di*MBimi. f j*. tnom go th?> way of tle'lr ori|rina) Morgan. ]. < tic m be %liia)U**] down th?* wind. Millard Fillmore aud IV. Fl. toward are. how < ter. lait two i xampl * of th< ib'moralir.atJon ami d? magomUm of ?ir rid party haek* and politi ian*. Th?y are all nwco or 1* ** -potted vjfh th*- '?m- l"pro*y of nmeniiadrm *IWi umbfeion and paiiy tonn{?tion. It wa? thl? Kmm which f nrri<d ofT the old ?Uf p?rty ?n lx.*2 like a p n lli ?e~ it 1* thi* Mine fittal cootaifion which lu* ,-lnce Wen makinv aack f*wrful havoc in tb< a mp of the lnf< eb-?l d< inorr*ry. I!ut th ? work of 4be de-tp-y r i?r,otyrtci mpH??; or. to change the*'gure. the rtwclionary n?>r we-it among the Smwi' sin |>?oph' all o ' i the Union. now ? -p -- ci il; fllmet'd it^ain-t L ?hame|- ^ ??|?..ibrn( n ar.d l4ntt *?* m/ WafhtogtOn. hi *he White Jtotj*e?rw) In lit f *pi ? ?? d in th" full w< II of Ui' incotniii - t V}? ol re-.VW f'on rtich al trfck*h'i* and f 'uairp. #Vwanl. I'tirc. /eft Davi*, ht'i i y, and . ven IWimma, m| th lluker* of hi? ( irv inr afi p!a'f< rtn. will be fhttrvm hi^h and dry. lik ? ili' 4' ad ' ?h m,i\ rtiWiWi from a h avy -in along flu \t< nd?d tc ;.cii of Coney I?ImmI i Wf Iwjk l?t fl'<* p<?ip? evj,eijdil>ire* q J^|_ ' i 1 ieroe, fast accumulating to a hundred miUiouu a year; at the traffic of sjwilhiHea and specu lators in Mex'.can indemnities and Gads den treaties; at the wholesale spoliations of the by the confederate land marks of the Kitchen Cabinet, Congress, the lob\)j and the interested railroad mono polies; at the powerful influence of blackleg* and yam biers among the spendthrift lawmakers at "WaAington; at the widespread miuchie rnpvn (? the corrupted democracy of Maroy'n cor 1 ? jp maxim. that " to the v ictors beftmg the ' and, looking at the* things, we plead i here is more important wwrk to be done by tife American people thiui the expedient of seces sion rrcdwmendt d by Nr. Fillmore, or the alter native <?!' dit- union threatened by Ml*. Seward. A ir eat popular movement is at work among he independent twisses of the country. It has enm tatcd from mh iu and the independent press. Th mtaiiH at l*nd may. or may not, l>e onufe t*:it tor the iwmediate and fuM accomplkhitMit < I the sweeping refovnation pi :> posed; but tt?oy a re drifting iu the vight direction. Moantitie, thould a majority of the. people declare for Fre mont, we can assure Mr. Fillmore there be no eece?i?n asloo^ a" the sensible, sftlid?ntas8es ot all **ttiom? of the republic, sustained "hy the indi j>cNrf><trtt American pre*, are for the Union and th* ?eompr<Muuee of tk?> cou.stitutiou. Let the revolution goon. Tms TImkivck in San F rancisco? OownTKis oKSfc-KBTY.- -Wc haveaheady expraawl an opi nio 4haS8nn Francis**? is in a state of revolu tion. The legal authority of the St*t? of Califor ojh. Skis 4?v a time bet* subverted by1 recurrence te +li'j natural principles of Belf-pf ttction atul Heti'-deftBce? always a violent resourse. and grout )y< to be regretted. In itq internal adiuinistration California bus btntu fast {retting out of the pale ?*" real civiliza tion . The (run sacm/uniet has l?d to its usual re mits. as well known in antiquity- -is at the pre sent day. Its constitution and its laws have lieen but ?? the empty fckin of an immolated victim. Its iile awl spirit were gone. Into the hands of thv*wor*tof i*yple the actual fewer of tLe State has ln-en betrayed. All the tricks, peculiarities and bad results of New York elections have be come naturalized in California. The polls have become shambles, where votes have been bought and sold, and liberty stricken down. X" tutor the auspices of such men as Sullivan, the Coras and the Cafleys any candidate who could bleed w ell was sure of being elected to office. The courts of justice were in fact the pro doctors of this class of men. Once a critnimd ar retted, and he was safe. -He found himself iu the hands of his friend*. The judges and juries and jailors did not in the lea*t alarm him? the right to ?teal. to rob and assassinate was in no way iu r of auy curtailment by the ordinary pro cess of luw. The ?iom iction of the Insecurity of Ufe and jirqjwTty under such a state of things, early b-d to tLe formation of vigilance committees, who J. tt rinijied to unUuiiia^" th<- eyes ot the blind gwkk'iM. and let her fiee what was going 011. '] ix> veceitt action of this, committee, reinforced by h?rge numbel - of the l>est men ol t alifornia. has >m i n signal and decided. A' we have already oaid. it is a revolution, and in that sense wry dif l treat in principle from the action of an ordinary nx>b In San Francisco, the Committee of Vigiltaic have always acted with solemnity ami cautum. During the revolution committee# of safety were numerous. and their conduct was resolute. WW and s4<b< times rifforon- in the extreme. In l"7 j a committee ol one huudrttd g?*ntlem"n. ot \fhi? !i Isaac I a iw wan chainnau. and which contained nu h mm as John Jay. Philip Livingston. Ileniy Rem-cn. John Broome. Samuel Verplaock. .lam-# Beektnan. Comfort Kinds and others of t> ?? ?*iu ? eminent character, for a time governed this city and province, notwithstanding the existence at the same mmnent of the Provincial Coaxr<*s. The known will of the people waa their only guide, and their authority was every where obey ed. in spite of the Legislature, in which torjism was still in the ascendant. Indeed, committees of vigilance and safety were the main sprinjr* of our revolutionary ?uc crs*? ?. and prevailed throughout the States. We have little fears for the result. As soon as the civil urtn is stretched forth, the committee will retire. It is to be hnj* <1 that the !? ^?n. dreadful as it k will not be lost npon u- h r? It i? b matter of doubt whether ."an Franci o i worse govt rn? d than w York. By what art.- do our Mayor. Ahh rmen and muni' ipal fine tion .1 ries obtain office ? Is it their good character, their acknowledged integrity, or their public - rvi? - Or is it by the management of the primary DuCtiugr controlled by prize lighter*, should r hitters. bullies and stuff- rs c?f the balM Is it not well understood that the price of a nomi nation to tin- Mayoralty cost* the >nm of f-n thou sand dollar*? Are not hundreds of th m^an I vot? d to contractors, sewer builders, dock build ers?to all classes of op< ratives who manage the primary election*? Has not the lact recently come <.ut that most of the join k'iv< n to favoiit<? are ov<rcharged larjrely, and that this prac tic. has Ik- en going on fotf years? N?w York is as dirty as immoral, and nnretfn lated as San Fraticisco. and th- -mine cla*-uf dis orderly m< n rule. The court* ot law seem to be under some sopo rific ititlucnce here, as well n? th- re. Our f'ourt and Judges are ready enough to isnie attach ments. warrants of arrest, and orders for itnjui sonnwnt for contempt, on the affidavit of any pettifogger who will swear for a dollar: but cri minals mart birrs, burglar*. r??W>< rs. jramlibr* and thieves are in no particular danger of tjuiek trial or prompt punishment. Tb<y remain for month* 'si month* in romfortalde <|<wrter*. or out njs?n l>ail, till the witne*<efl are dc ad or have rtin awny. Those of this class who bur* been active (Kditieians. and w an to h* so btbid. have not much anxiety as U> the result. We h*ve .""en a public official who ha? the expenditnre of I.-uvp nunc of money twice trird for aialf>'?>?i> ;, with the ?><>?t inrontrov# rtjbje evldeftce in W? own hntidwTiting of an atf?**npt to clf-at lh?- try out of thirty or forly thousand dollars gHtbitf rbar of two jti He*, ^scat^?, they ton Id not (Wiaild wt) Bgw. ?"'d remaining in his place, with fm ifi< r opportunities to practisi* on th< mueh afsi* d fort* iuiuice fif ilie cilizt m. >|"ljrt flerd l?civc we to talk ahout Sa-i Fran c:tT o. when such th'iigs are an every day 's ooeur Ifnce in New York? We have not ? xaggerated In the |ea?t. Whit we f?v is tins to the b tier: and in ill 'ate of affairs in Han Fraiicisco we sc- a fore*', d< -ving nf what is to happen hflr*. If tb? dishownt men who me plundering the city, an>I the had m n ??!,.. me filling it with ^iohnceqi r ?brought o j>ui<i?|tWi?Ut in due tvnnv of law. WAKD ON' G RKKUSY? I* (i RATITO DE OF PoUTI cians i\iWAKU8 Ewtokh. ? A few days 'iiuce a delwtc took place in the United States Semite, of rather an animated character, between Mr. John fon of Arkaaflfcs. and Mr. W. A. Seward of New York, the subject of discussion being the as sault on Hcvace Greeley by Mr. Rust. The former spoke of fhe latter in the very highest term*, as the most generous, honorable, and the truest of men. Mr. Seward, in his reply, which was as much directed to Mr. Hunter of Virginia as to Mr. Johnson, admitted that Mr. Rust jiossefaed all the qualities claimed for kirn by bis frieal , and added that he had not sanctioned tfie article in the Tri bute of which Mr. Runt explained, and had no r acon for doing so. Mr. Seward contended, rather faintty, however, that the attack on Gree ley wax wit boot sufficient preliminary notice. In other words, it was not improper to have given him a thranWrig. if lie had been made aware of what he was to expect. If, how*ver, the facts shcwld lie different from what he sirppoHod them to be ? "if more or ? other notice'5 was given than what he had under

stood tJie fact to be, then Mr. Seward was ready to modify liis opinion. He went further: he con demned the article complained of in the Tribune , as being in -bad taste, excessive, extravagant and revere." Hkis we perceive that Mr. Seward has thrown overboard '?bis gnide, philosopher and friend." Just think of it. Horace Greele^ given up by Wn. H. Seward? an assault on him justified, and the offensive article which caused the assault condemned ! What piles of "boots and shoes has not t kc per severing Horace worn out in advancing the in terests of liis former friend ! What numberless wpote on the old white coat have been received in Lis various political rambles to serve Lis master ! What an infinity of Lata have become brimless in spasmodic efforts to drag up the drowning honor ?of the Auburn statesman ! For long, long years? long before Greeley ?mounted the cider barrel, and roared out his un j willing chorusfor " Tippecanoe and Tyler too'"? he devoted himself, body and trewserH, to the : cause and the elevation of Mr. Seward. Before he was an attach of Weed, and operated with the types of the Journal office, be was a .Seward man, and he has been so ever since. AH his writing, all bis spouting, all his intrigues have been connected with this great objuct ? the promo* tion of the fortunes of Mr. Seward. For hirn he has let flow his torrents of eloquence; for him be has joined all the free men and free women of 'he abolition party, become profane, sceptical or blasphemous, turned communist, spiritualist, and ?lm<*<t a Mormon (if we read aright his defence ot polygamy); for him he has resorted to issues of all kinds, and, in short, with the changes of Proteus, has I teen all things to all men. and some women, if by that means be could help William H. Seward. And what has he pot for all this fidelity and devotion? Suppose he did 'express his fear* pri vately to bis idol that the time had not yet arrived to set up his shrine for the adoration of the people in November next, he might have been and should have ben forgiven. In vain? there is no forgiveness tor Greeley. He is sneered ?t, condemned, and pitched out of the circle of the Seward talde rappers; and to him no response will ever agaiu l>e given. This treatment of jmrtixan editors by the poli ticians they have best served is nothing new. It s characteristic of theia in this country. If it is a possible thing to desert au editorial supporter, it is done. r>t all tbis ingra<i tilde Mr. Greeley is getting a foretaste, ami one of these days we shall have a cbaract?-ristic development of the consequent j condition of the " iuner man.'' He may Had out what others have found out before? that utiles, the press is perfectly independent, unshackled by ]h r?onal Interest"1, devob-d to no scheme of pri vate nggrandiz< m< nt. supporting no plans of public plunder, it* career is one of lo-*. of raorti lieation and disgrace. It neither has a p- mi m -at hold on the public, nor can it count long on the friendship of those it has most served. The power of the independent press is all that u >w keep* many of our public men to their engagement* or their principles ? or probably the Union out of danger. Their white coated, slipshod p-.irtlxun* justify nil their misdeeds whenever called upon to do so; but, a* In the case of Seward versus Cm-ley, we see they finally get their reward. Thk Rm-knt Cm a sues ix the Wkatoer ? Kt KiTttirtTT? Its En-urn ? Oionk. ? A singular discussion has recently arisen sis to the effects of electrical storms upon the purity of the air and the health of localities. Mr. Meriam. tlie inde fatigable observer of atmospheric changes, has advanced the throry that lightning and thunder ? which last is but the noise of the flashes have been most frequent during the most unhealthy ?eas"os. and can therefore be of no utility. More than this? that they mu?t 1* deleterious, for Hinad'T ?e.?r- limit ti*er ami w> ?k ili?< iiur-p. Sine of the New England savans have Mailed th< opinions of the Brooklyn Sage, and doubts are beginning to arise with regard to the long *ettl?-d and well received opinion that storms of th inder and lightning are purifier- of the aim..s pherr. It is certainly a natural conclusion to draw. *hen. after a thunder shower we inhale with de light the freshi ned air. that it 1m- Is-en doing our lungs a real service. And even if the statistic* of the Weather show there has tieeii most sickii' of an epidemical form in seasons of the most electric character, )>erhaps we may turn Mr. Meriam's argument upside down, by saying that these are the very occasions when electricity is mo?t miessary. and that by his own showing the supply is equal to tb?> demand. Electricity in this \ iew is the usually effectual corrective of an impure itm -spli* r< and not the can-- <?f it? impurity. In 1M!>. when th" cholera pre vd led badly in this city we had no thunder old lightning f ?? any amount till after the 2*th of July, arid it depart ed slowly, protmbly for thl? very re:isi?n. But the effect of ele< tricity is a ,-?i.<ntifle question, and we are aide to demonstrate its positive value by actual analysis and experi ment. Chemistry, the touchstone of the natural sciences, affords us on opportunity of detcrtain> ing many disputed points, and in this instanc t ffi dually. In 1M# fhe celebrated Dr. Schonfsln, of the | University of Basle in Switzerland. discovered a new principle in ebetrieJty. existing widely in the BNnosphere. and ea|eal?le of Icing ?? pi rat -d ' fi<m it. made fungible. iiikI tented as a ?t|h- I stance I* H- If. This he cell- d mtono, from a (ir. <K w?-id i ' ? i f ; :ty I -in* II." and b r ,ih ? it has a f uliar 'dor. which r very on- familiar with ehctriclly nut-' have js ireivi-d. II (S 1 -wry l| (hi* jil.iro ||| ,J,i. tail, how it in olytalned or how tented, either if it comes naturally from the air, or artificially from certain cheivucal processes. It ie, however. pSitiwly ascertained that this odor, or current, or vapor, is produced l?y elec tricity, and is oxygen altured, or, according to Dr. Faraday, energized. Thin is ozone, and it is found to unite most readily with foetid gaw;s and miasmata, and to deprive them of thru- deleterious qualities. This fact is fully established, fcchoubein ascertained that air which contained one six-thousaudth part ol osone disinfects five hundred and forty times its volume of air produced from highly putrid meat. Or, in other words, that an atmosphere infected l>y putridity may be purified by a mix ture of ozone equal to 1-3,210,000 parts of its volume. It is a most rapid decomposer of phos phuretted and sulphuretted Rases, two of the most poisonous combinations we have, and is the 'most powerful of disiufectors. This is now the admitted fact among the learned of Europe; and while the chemists can produce it artificially, nothing manufactures it on so magnificent a scale as an dec trie discharge from the battery of the clouds. We must, therefore, continue to be lieve that 6torms of thunder and lightning are purifiers of the atmosphere. So intent are the learned naturalists of Europe upon investigating this substance, that having found out many of its remarkable jieculiarities, they are using tests at a large number of places for the purpose of as certaining the extent of its action and the varia tion in its quantity. These tests, slips of pre pared paper, are sold in the shops, and may be used by any one. It is also intended to erect at Kew, in England, a lofty mast, on which these test papers may be placed, beyond the reach of local influences, to indicate the state of the air at different elevations. The effect of these investigations, it is easy to perceive, will be most beneficial. We may have yet placed within our reach an agent which shall secure the general health of towns and cities. Meantime we shall remain the friends of thunder and lightning. THE LATEST NEWS. BY MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. From Washington. Tnr. HErrra.TCAH cahdihatk fob vice pkrsiokmt ? THE KANSAS BILL ? KKJfOVAL OK (JOVKKNOK STK vim, no. Wjumnm, July 5, ISM. Jtxlfre Rug?ir3 and Charles Allan arrived hare lust evenirp, and fcava been 4a rocmltatimi to day with a Ui c" Ei.inbtr ot nigger worrtilppcra, fecludiag Sj?aker Hunk*, to luduoo them to withdraw Dayton Ai Vio# I'resi <1< nt. utid MibMrtuu* tbc iipimc of John-inn, uf Peaiwyiva nia. I am Informed, however, litis evening, ih'-y ut t.-rly failed In their mtn?ion, and that they will go l>.u k jtmt aa wL'e a* they cnttie. Ibr nigger wor.?hip{H r8 have bad a meeting, and aftted to rew.-l to tht la.- 1 the tukitig up ol' Toonbi' hill I'roiu the PpeokerV table. They tatena it Khali alei-p there during tbc rtaiaidir of the he*nlon. They liavc al-o agreed to adjourn at an early day. They have pa?m?d the Yopcka hill, and tbc Kama* <|ut'htfc)ti Ik fairly before the country, ar.d th< > ar<- willing, they fay, to adjourn. It it believed Uiat Ixutgla*' Knitrun bill will |kv>? the Howe by ?he wtM of Dutin, ilarrloon and litre lay, who are rot-ervative imii. Govarw* Hcveua, of V'a. Hn^ton Territory, will lie re tnattd. and 4 olHtifl Tilten appointed in lit.-- place. llem . Tayter k Maury have been awarded the con tra* t for tur u>-luug U.? Treasury I* i>artntent witb sta tionery. The Kxloiittl (<MivruUoti. or*, July 5, 1 Ifdl. Tl.p propter d NalinoaJ Wbijj CudvcoUod wuj not held bore yerterday. Frraioiit ?ikI Johimuu Rejoicing. nimru, July *, 18M. Tlie Aaurkan Kxecutivo Cort.miUee, of Alleghany ?ouoty, ratified U> day the nomination* of F rem CM', unrt JvhttMtt. At Alleghany City Ibe A merit an JounclU also run i i-<l the ttanM nomination*. TbuhMith of July 'u thi* city ?? celebrated with ^/eat "tithu'.?>m A few t ifllng accident* uccurreJ. EiMlMMnitnt of Flllutor* ami DomI?ii< ) 'hi la i 'KLrii la. July S, 1AM. T*iMj three State* *Tf reprei-eiited in the American Niitw.t i Jti ip, in m --k?n heie yrtforiUf. W J. H.?ui 'l. ol M?r>U?iKl. j.fe-ided Alter the u*ual bu?in<-*K of th <? ? r. M il rev-wn had been tr:?n>u< ted, a resolution wm i imt.iiTM.iirlj- ad?| fed viidur. ing the uiimi.utUuii* of Fill more a lot I oiwImw. Pertoua Ac* Id r n? on lh?- Faarth. TWKMY I'kUMINi* IMJI HKD, OSK KILLKP, ETC. New Iuvk*, July 6, 1K50. At New Cuttaan ycitcrrfay, white >?,nw |?t?on? wero l>r< taring I" fire a ralute. a boy threw a timer* kera.iiong ? pile of cartridge*, exploding !>>?? whole, l?y who h lirral) tijrMnnder* were badly burned. One U dead, and fl.e other* are no; expected lo live. The Fourth ?t t IfnKlinorr. H?in?i'?M?:, July ft, Yr lerday wa* quietly observed here, and no y?M|itl occurred of a teflon* nature. In a BgU thu (Saturday) morning, between pome rowdy gaig* tn the we-tern |>urt <?( Ibe city, *everal per.-on* were wot n< led l>y pt?to| rbot*. .Marine l>lia?iir. UxTuy, July ?, iwv Tlie t teaser M Sandford, from IV.- ton for Bnunr, went arhore at 2 o't lo< k thl* morning, on Tbraaber't Inland, where *be reaiait.*, badly 'tore. The Amtika at llnllfn Onlwnnl Donnd. Haumi, July 4. 1IM. Tlie AMfrin arrived bero at 11 o'clock, and 1*11 for Liverpool at 1 ? P. M. Tlie w ealiier i* inl*ty wind light from tlie JHmtb. Market*. rilll.ADKI.riHA "TIM* HOtKn. Niuriiiiii, July d. 1*M There arc no qo< uitlon* to 4ay . Uie Doaitt having .?d jour i.i d on Tliui f'iay till M Ri ITUA, July ft. !?'?? Honr ?le?dy; rale* to day I.WI bbl*. nt lb ffc f.>r iom it. < ii In lunu lo f-6 a $? it) lor io<?l t? extra do. ai. I <4 75 for extra Hmlliern t rtiK>. WIm-hI Arm; ?:iUa II.Mu luii'lieln, at $1 VU lor >|>rtng mid tl to for prine wliiu' tanadMn. to arrive. Com l< firmer. m?le? 2D IM*> l?ii*lieU nt 44c for |.rune pound nnd n"c for warm. ?M- 83c. V. Iit?kcy 21< tnral freifibb in b.irged. I!ecei|ii? ?|ri< e Tliurrilay. It, 00# liu-b? l>? win at t':.nal cxporU ? 13,17'.' Ixiel.ele wheal. o2,H?0 do corn, and 7,tMA du ml'. Hi ?? m<?, July U ? ? P. M >"*ht in limited n| ply. Iienand fair rtaW 1,200 bbl? , at f.'i 7.' a IS for con toon t? cHoioe lndiau.i: (6 ?0 a t<~ *."i (or cstra 'o Wlieat alxanMd. tfal." 2f' (< fi ln> j? l?, nt #1 '.ii fir WaakcA?* ?plnf. for re?l llllnni* w mt' r. $1 60 for prtnu wkitc Ckoadlan. to arrive ftfl ? M,tK*0 liu-lielo, V -We a STc. fnr hnN.41lr.i4tr forrmmt 'loom firmer Orii.tV. Wl.fkey, uTc. Canal freight* eaeler? 12' . a 12',C. fW corn to Albany and Traf, anrMH ',<*. for wheat to ftcw Voik I<m?i".u for ih'e forty < if lit hour* up to n'?>n 1 1 i'sj ? l,n:,ii bblr. flour. n!7 hinneh wheal. W,9H do. oft). Canal (X {?>! b> ? 17,444 bn^helx Wheat, M,i;4!' do. corn. (*wan >, July !l? ? P. M Wheat ip in go<al ml ling and apecnlativc dewivnd Pnie? jr. ? on in.?hi le, at ?t 17 >, for red Ohio, tl 27 for white Michigan, ai l 11 .Vfl lor prime white Cainvlian. (aial fr right* flnwr? Wbe?l an I cor? I'^c. to New Y'lk. lake lm|orM for the lait fort / ei.'ht hour* I .???? Mir tlt'V xr. '.,17 bu hol? wheal, 2*,2t4 do cm, ?jr. attl do owtp. t,300 do rje. flipped by canal ?2.1'iX bn.. belli Motif *<? V.'.n do win it, 17 otn do corn, II O'lO <o. oat*, t.sia do. ryt. fihip|?d to Montreal? a. liiobel* wheat. An avt, July R, !?%?. Wlient? ?a!i ? K.fiOo buul>cl?. nt >1 *0 Tor choice ar'iiie Cm.ailii n Com? imle 20. "?i bn?heN. at fi>. a fir wi.-tirn nr\od. <?iti?-?-3$ie n inc. lor Wat". Malt? ralre 2.l*ni bnfhele rjirliig. a? tl MV A tan. I liag V '? ind in tAe Mohawl rleer U?t week, i" .r tlv raC'fwd bftdge Sclicpi- -t%<ty, |? ha I he^n rlil<il Of )?? ii if. til. ii ad tlirnwi! frooi ? Iran whl'e (m -mot oV? r the Ve" ge. n* iltaji W?? cot n><t the ref?'\. I of tl? ilitlra lonti'irta It ?Hf marked " WH^htr./lin. M. V.'- ' <:? i . MwwtfA* |!?-.?i, '<t Texa-, died at mplii--. T'*n., n 'I ? 1Mb nit Cunt wa <>tir of l!t rn >.in t,n ,ry i a?i ii In off. y.i ai d hnre ? i on?|i niou- pun in i)|(. |n,t, !k alii if* of Unit ft/iti' while it e w an forfepeiid- it n *>?,' I' l;c! jW lt< Blilicxgt ' nlo Wli> AlBtri^m lu n JL New* from Havana* Tfce United States mail steamer Black Warrior, J. if, Srcith, co amander, left Havana at noon, the 30th, nut arrived off ^nrty Hook at 11 1'. M of the* 4'h mst. The Fja?i?-h squadron ?xpfcted from lta? motner coun ty bad in t yet arrived at Havana; when they do, report* Buy they are to bo dispatched to Mexioo to bring thai country to terms. Eveiythtng In the l*lan i quiet. The sugar market has slightly advanced; stock tnv han t 2G0. 000 boxes. J- xeb on New York is qu ?.ed at 6 to 6}j J >lt cent discount, with u further improvement ex peeled. ? heights dul nud low. Nirlo's Gud? ? Mi Emma by. ^-A drew re hearsal of Bliss Stanley '8 entertainment was gUen at Mblo'a Garden lost evening. The audience ?-ai composed of journalists, artists, tic. Miss Stanley has been well' known to us as a popular lAin-Ion actress, andhor present' effort is one well calculated to bilng all her powers in play. It Is called the "Seven Ages of Woman," and io It Miss Stanley represents a'inosteverj ptuvse of female character. She is evidently a capital actrtss, and a. clwver vocalist. Her changes, some twenty or more in ? nurobtr, were made with surprising quickaass, and she never allowed the luterei-t of the entertain HH-nt to Hag for a moment. - She piakcs her first appearauce before the - American public on Tuesday, until which time we reserve criticism. We may, however, promise our readers who > attend her first representation an entirely original, very novel, and exceedingly interesting entertainment. Pr Mortal Intelligence. The nowacr t mprtxs of K?f?:tu lias l('tl Berlin , . \ 1101 \ iu,<r<iw Mt the Ciar'a coronation, and the R?? - tin-Bent at Mowow at in * ^ Thc K?Tl,rninenk' SRtiSTO 2%m <!??"? ? ?? ? """? I rouia *? IVW.B.y Frewl* Amt-n i-aUor ai T.iti t'in, lias ( ount c I r K ? ? , , i tt?. ir.ii, or June, to the dtR bcen raised, by lULnt luw iii H Count de J and Charge d'ABUn* at Santi ago, tu ChiU, to that of lommandcr. ssaiiil SS:ffs??S?i? the Court of St. Jameii. ?t lvtersburK advice* or June 12 ?ay -Another tla^ ranks to serve ?<- a commou uoldior. The unperor uw coutirmed the sentence. _ji_? V urtvatc letter iron. I' .?*>?* that Mon-tKnor Bemtirl ha* CXL* Secretary ?r l^wam a m place o -on klJ!B?r ^.-bo *h:> uj:r? ^otU clerlco-fcadli.'rtte# ot Ireland. iiu. _i " , ^ than coiijcctm c Uj to l"4- bUCctn oh fretnA oi I roVauan-ta M<Wl(tt.or <?ra.->e Unl, th? rurht hard o> ^rdMl An tonelh. m then aeuotmry -.iilriKoe* at J*"?*'1" ' ^ bo cltvau-d to the cardtoati?U^to U? w ^ ^ ' h"'.'r/,'. t etli-t <? 'ei.,.1.1" ,11.1- t^ t? th- iH.t r?v.? 3ti.rUx.-~ ? *^?xtkJ*gJ2t u <,<*?, 1 TruO'iuillity thus disturbed was not restored, one disturbance succeeded mother, and the revolution befMl. Tho Brunei* J?y'-V? n"w T'.,v certainty tUat M ?. Oreptnwttrb hif Wn n%m?l eny.y trcm I'.-i-ii, to I in.!.... aud that the ^ft. < ojuwdl* Nkso lay mill he agitated the tlr,t Councillor of lvgation. A letter Iron: Vienna of the 12th of Jim-, TT* Archduke IKMn.illn.nw eM*. t.-l here in tin. c ur^O* ?,.,k |k ac the Nar?j?Uo of L buv. a. riv . .? 1' inn the Ci iinea. They are to r-nd/- f>* the tl>riti|s ot Marie. bad. Tie iteri lb crrcapondent of tbe l*nt- n Tn a? WTttmu on June 1ft, *ay*:? Kvery Hu sta" steamer mat arrives nt PlettlU brines l|..fuer.<u? fre-h lllij orUit oU-'-l K*IWjS wlK>m numb. x< of illu-tri-u n ?tne? are U> he rtl< t.ncui^heil. Yesterday, for m-Uief, th re arnv- . here r;?i era! IT.nce (iorVeh^tOtl. with hi# sou. a Uewtwwnl In tlie l>uard?: t.enerai llinliter, the >.<..?? I r.uejw M'?; corm.kt and Wja.-.-wH. ? '?"??? IWkwi ?,k'- {J* funster ot Star nud the future MiaUUsr m I arw, tt ex j ?cted by the IrfM imdtrl. ivmrx Sale leon an ?ult?> ?rrWe?? at T> ti?m?uth Ci S tl* Ijialamt. on the IMh It , lb a st-n.u y? ht. nnd lan<1 ed at iTX rV baviu Tl.<- ?t-r.-vede r^ '; North r-h.eld-, and *til j>r?*e?il tle-ie >? t?> l>licteor|. Tuo visit mas <|Uite ur,e*iHH.ud. A MOT ALA. Fii?n nUifCW. in Kd Hhtt-c - l? ?r. T!?^St-rrn kh>, ?mI wrvanl K '*a ISeatO. ?>??? ???'y. *r*m* lUlr.l aitti l?.nil? . lUrk... ?> >??'i ???.???> s-wi.- 'er ? at ami lann U tit nkte and fatiKly. 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