Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1856 Page 7
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HmtKMBifW IBfKWfl flYBHY ML VOB- (ilJE. EL'n n n /\ ^tw<Tgck tbkl Philadelphia brick 4rU UUU front houses, an the north ^hle uf F >rty eighth ^iieel i h < * lirst two houses w'l'pt uf Sixth avenue, will wi sold *w leas than they art ^'"[lhSHEInov w \UsMa street ?/? AAA -?? RNISIIBD COUNTRY HOUSE Vjm VU.UUU. sale? A new, genteel house, well fiwnlahed, ' ear we c iiy, I* oll'ered ?l a Urge sacrlfloo. Apply HOUSE FOR well I 'to ' ... _ tcri(lc< mediately 10 M. I.. SHELDON, HA Nassau street 4:1 1fii?-K0R iau. * rijua hocse, a hy by S2 feet, one lot; it 'lb by 140 feel home, ^rven looms and dim" attic, within 200 feet of Central Morrlaa ?lit depot, between Tenth and Eleventh s'reeia, on KaUrotd llv'iiw Iniinir.' on tb* premises, or of Mr. Q. SCABDE Jt I KI4> '*4 C'h itham street corner ot Mutt street lOI'NTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE ? AT SFUYTKN Huyvli, 12 Dill' s troui iho City lull, lu one of [he iikmi ? Ml(ilu>l tad ll> ? ll'hv locations I'll th'' HudnOIl, villi access by the Hudson River Rail rood, from sutlit to ten time < a day. The improvements consist o af HKsiern well built house, with f'irnaoa, Imth rooui, hot *n< I ?oM water. Ac. Hood carriage bouse ami nta"li! Hnd nil acre ?f land, w till more,.li desired. Apply to J. C. SIDNEY, at Fpuyten DuyvU depot, or on WMnesuav, ?9U? inst.) between 9 i.d 12, at COX, RICHARDSON * HOYNTON'S, 374 Broad ? ay. 1\RUO STORK FOR SALE? WHICH WILL UK SOLD, " If applied for Immediately, for WOO. cash. Kent ottly li par month. For particulars, Ac., null in the store, 23S Seventh avenue, between Tweuty llflh and Twenty siiUi ?libels Farm at kkoijsh neighborhood for sale ? It comprises 33 acres, sown in timothy and clover. It Is ?h miles from Hnhokcn, on the plunk road, beautifully and eligibly situated, and will be sold reasonably on accommoda ting terms. Apply to II. S. ilAKT, No. 4 Hanover street, ?Mraenl. I7H)B PALK? THE STOCK AVI) FIXTURES OF AN OLD r estsliliabed toy and f.iuey goods store. For particulars in quire at 34!) 1 1 udson street. T3VJR SALE? AT FORT HAMILTON, A COTTAGE AND 1 7 lot, **) feet by Ian deep. The above. piitce has plenty of #alt. Any person wishing io purchase the above property wiQ ph-iise call for furtJier parliculajs on the subscriber, If. ?KEEN, at the Hamilton House, Fort Hamilton, or on Mr. ?<tier, 7i) Suffolk street. N. Y. T7KJK SAI.K? A 8FLENWD VILLA ENGLISH COTTAGE J and ttliy *rres of rich farming land, together with barn, carriage house, Fhed?. horses, carrlagi s, ctoim, farming uU:n atls, ac.. for wile foe <Hi.<K/l, worth $J).(I00. rhw place is de Mghilulfy situated at Suybrook, Omn.. ?' the mouiiioftlie ?oime. ticiii river. Inquire of S. F. TOWUHKN 1), No. tti Naa wo ?treet. New York. For rale? a second hand steam engine, ei(;ht horse j?ower, lu g sjd running order. Apply ?o JOHN J. HARRISON, TU 1'lke street. MB SA LE ? A COTTAOE HOUSE AND LOT IN SOUTH Rrooklvn, in a pleasant location, convenient to railroad. J'riee. $l,:?io. Terms easy. Apply to FOSTER M LOFER, 4 Sands street, llrotiklyn. F J.- toner, Dlllll aurillK in< pant iTiiuel ujr mv.ry fast sailer, ami complete in every respect. W ebeitp. d applied lor immediately, as the owner loav to a lew days. Apply to ISAAC FISH or WM. IjHIK BALE ? THE SAILBOAT ALIDA, THIRTY FEET 1 long, built during the past waiter by Isaac Fish. A .... , ... will be sold eaves the city M. PETERS, iJ*- nny bridge. South Urooklj n. noR KALE ? ON DRY STREET. A FIRST CLASS BROWN J; stone store Ms stories, sub-cellar and basement; lot over ashet front ban toe purchase money can remain at< per oenl. ' r te E. H. KINSHIMER, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 lo 7 1 liM)H SALE? A TWENTY HORSK STEAM ENGINE, IN .P ??<sl order, with heater, Ac.; price $tM. Apply to JOHN A. k GHOKOE CPRM ACM No. 76 West ?lst street TjMIR SALE ? TOftHTHER OR REFARATKLY, TWO X; large Bne hrlek houses, no Twenty-sixth street, well In Hrrt. In Bice order; modern improremenu, gas ditures, Ac. L?ts nearlv 24 fret front. A Iso, two on Twenty eighth siroet, ?etween Madhuin and Fourth avenues. Apply to E. B. BIN SliniEK, 319 Fourth avenue, trom 3 to * F. M. XjXlR SAI.E-SKVERAL VERY DESIRABLE TIIRRE r alary |.rs k house*, adjoiigiig earli other in a block, on lsaalagtou avrnue, Including a corner; housea In floe erder, modern lmprorf ments. Will be sokl together or sepa aMeH. Frlce i, ,tssl. Apply to E. B. KIVS1UMBB, 319 Foarthwveiine, from 3 to 7 r. M. XK>R HA I.E ? THE HOTEL AMI) PKEMISK* ON TUB JP tli w York and Erie Railroad, at t treat Hetvl. ri tissue lhanna county. fa. The hoaae la nearly ww. baring been biak wilii in the taut two jr?m, la three glories tiUL. has a large dining saloon thai wUI acsimiiKxliiM on* hundred and Sfty pei-ons, and all the neeesaary grounds, harns, stables, Be. The kx-ailon I* very deslrablej being Immediately oppo alta Ike of the New York and Krle l(allr?ad, aad ? treat Bend in ane of (lie Important anil regular stopping places, being ilie junction of the Delaware, l<ackaviakeii and Western, Sd Mew Yor| und Erie Itallroad to rinia<ielphu4 and New irk. for term* and particular* apply l? HI' Y 1)AM KKKl) B CO , K( W tut ?trf?t. "EV)K RALE? THE OLD EftTAHLlSllKI) BOOK AND J nuitoorry ?to<*. W rails! aiml, ai-ar Itruailway, e-ub babed sliteen year* m 111 bo sold at a bargain If cmlled for Im mediately, aa i lie proprietor Is Kolng South. F)R HALE? A STAUNCH WILTSAIL HOAT; EVERY thing complete f?r immediate use she ks 24 feet long, 9 feet 4 toehea beam, eopper la-aenoj, I year aid. May be ?raa at the Wa?bingt..n Hotel, Williamsburg. for full par iwalam l?(uire at ltKHSKOl'IKS' up ring bed factory, 14 Her P:>R KALE? TIIE LEAKE, STOCK A>P FUTl'BE* OF an aid e*iabli-lie4 gr aeery aitd llouur store, in a <oot loeit ??*, 4o?n loan, dolng^a Rood bualncst. Will be sold at a hurgaln, aa tin- ots ner la eu gaged iii oiBer btmiueri. Apply * *4 Bayard street. IJVtR HAI.E.? AN Y PERSON DEHIEINU A HOUSE JP ready fiirni?hi 'I '-an olitaln the saane, by apply mg at i; 1jm|~ >-t r. 1 1. 1 he furniture ts nearly ucw and in a food ?Kate ol -.(??. to lie di?p<aied <d rkeap. aa the proprietor Is Mlxnil leu ring the elly. Leaan iu the premises tor oua year, wnh ilie privilege ol renewal. "KHkB SALE CHEAP? THE LKABK AND HXTCRF.H OF J a first class dry good* store. Will be sold at a bargain, If aapBed h?r this week, aa lAe psuytefcw M obliged to be In a ?iantpert.-t the In ion bi f?i*?e let el Annual. Apply at Mi AMhntv- street, Hrooklya. FIR HAI.E, OR TO EXniA.VOE FOR CITY PROPER ?y ? Huperb omuiry >eat and bulldlag sites on the west ??rilii of 'be Hudson, adjoining the etlla^e of SaagertMa, and but Ufteen nutiatea k?y ferry from th? utauoo at TmiU. Tbr bt>BM- m nea . large, ?ulwtaatial a?d u perfect < r i- r baDtaf ' ri. k MxlOO feet, two - * ? ? aaJ at'tc, ?ltbarary ?aadtra rnaTenienre Irwludtng pure water roaeeyed tbrottgb ??L but aad eold water. I>alh?. gaa, Ac. , tBe w1>?V coaatrucMd fc?0.. i ? ? MMM i Wi'.b ftae *1 1 treea aad gar dean and groiui<l< 1 1?.'. arr"?) uoder ficejleat eultlratioa. Tkt pta<'' le un?ur|>aMe<l for Ifaii^it uluc < j'?1 beauty af arenery ?I aamautMla rtew* ?f tu<' rirar to a K'real JWanw, and al-o of fee aurmundtng ronntry an . MCMinialna tlutidlag >ttea af thrvr to tweuty arre<. Okerlouklng the river, ? an be nrahaaed separately. My laktng the e.irti Irnin. vwiiera .-an retvn the unit day. Inquire ?H I k \ l\< . I* V H M Kl.HK A ?(>.. No. SI I'ine aireet, or af HLAHE LOBlLXAHU, K~f tt Waayritea. H OTKI. FOR SAI.E ? A FIVE YKtH>' I K %MC OF A a MutU hotel, near Brondway, >w.-?ii atdej * iU !>?! aokl ?neap, lu eoiieen?eitee ol Klrl. n''??. aud on ac. uaiiiin lating Irrata, ?n a n ?|?iii?tble part v. Appljr kt U. C. I'OSTKR, ? n Colar ftri-et, from 11 to 2. o ME t?F THE OLDERT KST A BLIRHKD I.AUMDRIEfl tn the eity for ?ali', ui Mil MMnkUM, with ill tbo i.t'urea ?pke?e, haa a good run of cu totnera, aad J.nng a aplmi'Ud fevaneaa. will l<? sold cheap lor ca?li. Addreaa 0. C. K , Mwakl ofllea PnorFRTY \T Bt'M.B KERRY FOR HALE? THE baauUful country seat rolled the "Inland." It la all nltes front thecliy. altna'ed on the bank* of the Hudson, eon Mtrna 4 % arrea. The:* I* a houae and batlioiiM on the pre awes; m under raltlratmn. aod abouoda with eberryr, poar, ?|>plc, p. a> h n ad other trees, baa a tine wcil of water, and lor beaut) . 1 >mii.ii|oii H urn ivaUed. rh>- a ater ti iBt la neai Ir Jflll t. It la a <1 uart? r ol a mile from (he terry, to whl'-h Ixtala ply f. cm i he foat of Fi ring street, four or ttaaes daily Apply to B f If A K r v.. t lUiiover sfi.-et ?ia?ein, nt afflce. Rare CHAWCR t?> enter imto ihthivkhh wrrn ant Its et rt;.araa ?The well knov n en'alilMhmeul, Hneh M*t lee cream atloot, corner of Oourt and Warren straeta, ffer aale It has l?i'n eaUldislied f.r > ? r.-art. The uwaer la aarfette.l that anr eater) rualng man can do w. II. ami will trwat wtti saeh. oil the ea?le?t Urn.s for ?toek, tisturea, iv Apply W >a pretnlaea toWM lll.'fllEO.v, Jr , -..rner ol tlourt and Warren *treeta, Urtvfelya. JDAVATRR AFFABATT**- OJTI.T FORTY HOLLARS, afl WK OKK f f niton streat, New York, third ffoor. S?J s KWIJKO M irillXEH FOR M,E- ALL KIMW; M of Sln?< r'?, new. 4 lo 1 never hare been In uae. one of ?MhlMMiMrii twaaf Omver A ll Its 25 Urge at/ed el utile tna< Iitnea. .ate of Wheeler A Wlla-in'a. Th?-y will he tu.kl a per c-nt ? Reaper than at any other pktce In the city, at >o 7 ' hryatle atin t. THKSTtK K AND OOOTI WIM. OF A RETAIL .TTORK. ?sv doing a bnslneaa of *? I "? > ? ? i p? r annur.i, * turh an a* be taen aaed u> (jn.nun. an utted lu apiea<ant. lie^Kht pad thrtrtag village eluliieen lailea from New York city, will Be anM m? rea?. nalila term*, tpply to I 'lIU) A t I.K VK 1.AND, lour dealers, titf < ortlandt su . ?< ?po OARFKMTERH. MAHII M\KKRM AN 0 OTHERS. - A Far sale, a hnrae power, w i<h one of Uie newt apunirnil aaw tables, saws, tea Inn ma< hlue. diuma. Iitjthig, Ae . m r*wiif>iete working order Haa been lit ua> latfcu few inonihs WUl ha sold . bean l.? h runh ettatomer. and pu? ua to tbe p?;r fr -t ?ati?U< iain of the pin . baser. < 'an be seen at Hkatmore A *. 96 t anal street. TtRRYTOWV I'ROI'ERTY? TtVKLVE ACRES Or M rery efcotee land, upon the rldre hot' above tb.- I'mton Aqneduet, and o|i|Hi*ite the marston of Mr. Mallory, orer M*>klng the entire village of Tarry town an I BeakmatMown, ?nd affording a very etten-lra an.1 ikllghtful liver pr-wpeel Tills propi T-ty l? Situated -o tlin' It enn easily be divided Into ?ft. rsl villa ?He? 111. I Is rnn-ddered to be oiie of the he*t lo rat> d -ii'i v.. i on M f t ."I. a reside nr. or ftir a aottn try ?? at Terms ea-y Apply to WARD CARPENTER, Tsrrytown. or In John Warrln, 4- Maiden lane, N. Y TO HOOK HI MPERS. PAPKR MAKERS. At- ?FOR BALK, or would be evehnng.-d lot l.ooka. paper or othar merehan dl?e a heavy press, ? orked by hand, at great power, and wall aimed lor use In tbe above trades. Addreaa RieJiange, boi 422 Herald ofllce. _ EKPHENIEI. (kPRAR RXPREIW COMPANY NO. ? KROtPWAY. f Nut York. No ? Adger atreet, Straml. London, and No. fx "O'lth < 'a?tle street, Ll' ei ? SanilL.' |>ai e.-is, dagtl.'i I ...i lypi Sand merehandlae Ihrwar4ed areekif ? . all pa t. . | K i r'op. Kvery description of ordet aexeeuted lu Europe. Cbarg. s law. AMTROIiOOT. u. WHO WlBtl TO COfWtn.f MAn VMR M<?RROW _ 1 ..ill wr I to a ! a Hli? tells im I. ? I i I ftitnre event" and all ihe ?oneerna of life, eren the Very A' {hough's. 'Otnte. that sli" astonishes .til who visit her Sh allow s 'l.e liken* ?? of tbe In', ndeil littsl .and and absent Me i li and relations, ai l . aus. ': ?pe?dy aiarriag. a, who trill all "it g<Kid lack iliiongh nle. Ntiehnrge if BCit satisfied. Oeil tlemi n no* adm'tied. Ti lo oome street, betaean Caunoa an I liilnmbla atreaU. A JJTROI.OOY -MAH\MK H ATFIELD THE MOST WON J\ dfti inl wtitiisn in Ihe world, t< lis p is', p-eaent an.1 future events. Ladles, call at opee. Ho ultaige If tto> aatla.lea. OiR liouis, from 9 A. M to a P. M. I'M l-.uiren* street, bi twceo Houston and Bleei-ki r. ( ^L A TRTOY A WrU -MRU. HET*?>t'R, KO 110 RPRmo J atreet. a frw dievra weatof Itroad^ay.the most eei*v "?4 ?edleal and baalneas clairv ifaiit la America. All d s ? set <Pseover.-d and enr'd. If eurable; the fa'e and wbtfreabo-iU nl absent fHends made known. 'tn*rring on bus i naa Be., and no charge unleaa aa'.isiied. ("lLAIR TOYAMt'E ? LA rHFiTl F Tor ARI ? I. * ". mi v : J tiader any s. i'.im Inwa d > tkn ?< ?n all ? ?esns ei nsul' Mra. II kYKS. c1alrvo> ml ai I heal .u imni Man Oil'-" IT* Wrand street Mew Ytrk .tls'. rr.mjurrtr aBurnm A HOUSE TO LBT-A QUARTER OK 4 MILK FROM th.' tea, and near Long Hrutch, rontauilng seven rooms, three closets ui-1 a good dry dollar, with garden, barn wl ?ut>le. Apply to JAB. OKEKN URAL, near Long Branch. Nice Ashing close by. Ice bouse mUched. Broadway, Houston, nrD*?0N, laioht. and SuHivau streets? To let, the desirable property, 61* Brku I way, building (our stories, '>100 Also the four story dwelling J67 Iloustun street, Ju?t east of Broadway. akw) dwt home iM Hudson street. (except the office, timt ftoor); also three story dwelling No. 3 [.utuhi street, also store 30 Sullivan street, near Canal sireet Apply to JAMKh PKIf E, JUO Hudson WM. CTOKK TO UCT-NO. M JIUDSON STREBT CORNER O of Rcade. Inquire on the premises, ol Mra. DAVIS. To let? the upper part of PRBMisESttuiROAA wao, containing extensive and well ligLtod left*, allege Iber unsurpassed as a location far millinery, straw good*, n, ?Cher fancy business Immediate possession given. Appl> to UEOUUE BULP1N, Ml Broadway. r LKT-A THREE STORY BASEMENT BRICK HOUSE situated on South .Milh street, Jersey City ^supplied wlU water and built with modevn taipfovwwiiUi. Korii $4**1 In quire of M. LIBNAU. No i Jones' lane, .Sew York, or -xxrnsi of Jersey avenue and bouth SUth street, Jeniey City. TO I.ET-A FULL FURNIRIIED FIRST CLASH HOUSE ?>n Itrwidway, near Tenth street, containing every com fcst and conveidenua for .? large family. Will be bit low lu a responsible party. Addresg A. T., box 6- Broadway Post ?Sire. TO LKT? THE RASKMBNT STORK, NO 2 STATE street, opposite the Uat'.ery , the bar and fixtures will be,, sold. rpo LET? A HANDSOME TURKS STORY IIRKTK A house, on Twenty-sixth stri ct, near Lejrtngiou avenue, velih all Improvements, i: as futures, Ac. CarpcU and oilcloths for sale clieep. Rent Mfiii. K. H. KINSI1IMER, 319 Fourth avenue. TO LET? IN 110! SB HO OH ARUM 8TKKET, NEAR Wui-hingi'iu street, to a small family, the entire socood story, conaistii.,; of front room, bark room and three bedrooms, with 'wo rooms in the attic, with large yard; Immediate pot session given Rent WOU per auuum. Apply 'in the premises TO LET? NO. 128 WOOSTER STREET, NINE ROOMS, In g>*Mt order; Croi"n water and waste pipe* on the second and third floors; will be let together or separate, with a privilege of drying room. Inquire at HI Amos street. rLET? A FURNISHED HOUSE, IN A PLEASANT location, on Brooklyn Heights, to a small family. Ad dress J., Herald office, TO HE LET, TO A PRIVATE FAMILY? A ROUSE ON Coney Island, for the sommer, furnished with ail accora nictations; su rooms, a parlor, dining room and kitchen, and 'be best, lathing establishment on the beach. Apply to L>. HOUflli Ocean House, Coney island. TO LET OR LEASE-TUB DESIRABLE PROPERTY 156 and 147 Crosby street, consisting of two four story houses. 111 perfect order, with all the modern Improvement* *ud admirably artaptcil, bv Its retired lo- alion, (beirii: only a minute*' walk from Broadway) for a first class private board t?i>? house. To a pood, earefnl and responsible tenant tins above properly will be leased for one or more years, upon reasonable terms. Apply to UEOKOB L. PRIDE, No. 7 llroad street. TO RENT? ELEUANTLY FURNISirBD APARTMENTS, in a private family. In IaUayclCe place. Address M. M . Broadway Post ofiice. Reference given and required. rl RENT (IMMEDIATE POSSESSION)? A FIRST CLASS private boarding house, near the principal hotels, tilled vKli good boarders. The furniture or part can be taken. A ?Mcrilice would be made, the party gouig to Europe. Address <J. Beelau, Herald olllce. TO PAINTERS? TO LKT, THE OLD ESTABLISHED paint store, Afl B<?werv; a g<?a] op|Hiriuuily lor a praml eal go atiead painter to make unuey; rent reaaonalde; Imme diate nossessKiii can be bad. Apply at 296 Bowery, opposite, the book store. COPARTNERSHIP JOTICK8, $5 000 T? $,0'?"0 Wa*ted-in A lucrative 'P^.UUU manufacturing buatness to surceasl'ul opera lion. Kone tiee-1 address but those having ihi: above awuuut. Address WhltlK iii. Herald office. Jkj nnn ? wanted, a PARTNER, with the P^t.UUV/. above amount. to Invent In a ?af* m inufacti* r.n t business lit llils rlty, now in *urre*aful operation, aud yielding a profit of 33 per cent. Aitdrcus K. N., Ilerald ultlcu, 'taking when aiul where au Interview may be had. Art (IAA ? PARTNER WANTED, IN AN RSTAR khbe-1 Mterarv patter; on? who haa tlx: means, if niallfied to take ilk.' editorial management, would bo preferred, i can hare a fun* opportunity by uddr>sting l'ub llsher, boi IMS, Herald office. nnn ?COAL DEALERS, PLEASE NOTICE.-THE C-l'* * U", advertiser, wl*> la of middle age, baa this an-ount In eash, an I woald like to Jain some good party now la the business. Address Coai, Madison square Post office. Agents and humbugs need uol answer. Reference* given and required. Afflft-WANTKn, AN 1NTELLIUKNT MAN. WITH ipiU U this amount of raultal, as par;n>-r in a very lucra tive bu?iueaa. Apply to X. V., No. 2 Kraal timet. A PARTNER WANTED? WHO IS WIL.MNO TO AP ply hlina. li' In a geuteel, light business, well established, in Broadway, and prospects aa good an any <xher, but the advertiser needs the aavlstanre, an<l w Kli additional capital of from $M* to SI .oOU, double the amount ean be made. Ad dress II. B. A., Broadway Post oltl re, for three days, slating a hen and where an Interview cau b? had AMEl II ANICAL ENOINEER, OF THIS CITY. WISHES A partner wlih capital, to carry on, la New York, the build ing of Bue machines. such aa ti-legraiiha, models for easting tvpes, Ac. Apply before noun, to J. Hcaaruls, ?# Walker*. fh>- advert leer would bring into Ike partnership a valuable patent. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. -THE 00 PARTNERSHIP of Wm. II. Carr A Oo. kaa werwuaaled by limitation, and the withdrawal of Joslah Uakea. Either partner la uuthust/ed Ut um the name of the Irm lu the aottlemeat af the bualaeaa. New Tom, July L MM WM. H. C ARV, JOHIAH OAK EE. P EMERSON HOWARD. HENRY SANUKK The enbaertbera hava InrmM a copartnership under the Arm of t'ary, Howard A Sanger, and will ooaluiue (he fancy gooda business at 243 and 246 Pearl street. Nbw Yum, Jul/ 1, UM. WM. II. CART, 8. EMERStt.f HOWARD, HENRT banuer. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.? WE HAVE OAT admitted into our Orm . I I. AS. I- Slmpsq^uf I'hUa detphla. The shipping and Importing business VBbe nun tlnned ax heretofore nnd? r the ante aud firm of MlPSON HBOTHERK. If Reaver atreet. New York, and 51 Walnut ?tree*, Philadelphia All claims against the old tirm of J. L. simpaon A Hro., of Thilad-'lphut, will be settled on preaent* nun at either ut the ?bov? place* L. n. PIMPHOM. Jr., Ftil.UMON U "IMINoN. J. L. SIMPSON, New Tow?. Joly 1. 1M6. N. L. SIMPSON. COPA RTVEREH IP NOTICE-WE HAfE THIS DAT admitted Ni "*r?. Jo-hua t'rane and ?leo. Starlmek. Jr., <d Itoaton, 1 s. A., partner* In nur house, and tho run.tnhMlM buslneaa '>lil be eimi.nunl under the ?ame -?? !?? anil turn '. tiKo. r. "Train a co. MBlAOraXB, Australia, Not. I, 1W TiiErypERsitiNEnn \ vino this n vy \ssot?iATEn wlih them Henri Malret, Etq , of New Yurlt. the bu.ine? MS !>? raafter be conducted umler the tirm of Mairet. Hart<?r Wo HAH1IER, PRITfHARD A BKAND. T??w Tok?, July 1, IwM. The ih sinkss ok harper a m< i.kan had iimkn ?IIHMilved, by mutual eon>enL this day. Th> lm?iiie<? of the firm will be willed up liy T K?nionde Harper, who alone la empowered to act In the preinlsoa. T. KftMO.VHK HARI'KR, PiilliNi rnu, July I. 1AM. IIANIKI. J. M I.K\N The tmiuneas will be enullnued at SI IK? k, corner of Walbut ?treet, PbiJiMlolphia, by T. Ksmonde Harper. The copartnership existino between mh*is N-hwanr. Jr.. and William Wal*< held, wa? thi? day dm -olte.|, by mutual rvnaew. UKtM SCIIW \RT2, Jr., WM. WAUKTHRID. All deM? due the roneern muat br paid Ui I/oui* Sehwartr Jr. The bu?tnew> will lie ? ontmiied at th>3 Ui'tal nitre, by th< tuder' ignttl. I .Of IS HCIIWARTZ, Jr., <87 Broadway. Nc? Yon* . July A I MM. NVRICAL AND DAWCIlie. 106 l PR AN RUN STREET.? CVT THIS OVT AND / aateM. If jnu * ieh a good banjo, Oo lo 1M frank Ma street. If ) im wish a genuine Mar 1'Snjo, Oo lo IM Franklin ?lre?t If you wl?h aaltigle bnrgn at wholesale prlee, Uo to 16*1 Eranklin It yi u *lfh a banjo m> le In any pnrtkrular ?tyle. Irrt ' street Oo to 1M franklin Direct. If you wMi a banjo fn m 91 to 16 75 renin rarh, Oo to I4ti Franklin street. If you wish to know If we manufacture hunjoa, Oo to IM Eraaklln street, and ?ee If you wish any banjo heads, hoops, handles, sklw serews. ?lit pleee* flrmi aod prase), strings. peg?. l>an<U. Ae , In stoa ? irsuvle pieee*. drums ol all sties, acoirdoons, TioUns, tam bottrined, gulteri, Ac., Oo to IM Franklin street. New York. lf)0 1,11 *SKUJ' 8TRKKT^ ^-CCT THW OUT AND ll > mi wiah to be taught the banja ?? H ?hnttH be taught. Oo to PPRRn, IM Krankliu street. If )0U wlA to learn lo play th>- lisnio in the guitar style, Ot to KPEED, IM PrankAn ?tree?. If \ on n i?h vottr trarher tube preaent while teaching, ami not unending l?o cuatomers, Oo to PPEED, IM Franklin street. If j rut wl'h to he taught the banjo In any and every style, llo to (tPEED, |M f'rankitn -itreet. If yon niah lo learn lo play the hanjo m twelve keys. tfo to IPKID, IM Franklin street II yi.u wii-h to be taught the banjo by an easy and Improve 1 method, Oo to SPEED, IM Franklin street. I r PIANOF??RTES. I HARM'iNU'M AND 1 MEtlO I tt derins f..r sale. |.rlri s, Wi, IM. un to Mff \ beautifully earved ivs? wo?.l 7 octave ptano lor or will let them at ?I MV $i. W. $4 and tA a month. Professor IH'N-tHAY. ?B Orand street. \1HOHI.Y ACCOM IM.1SHED LADY PIANIST I?E . aire* sn entseement In New York or In vtrlnliy She ran n inpoa* and trance musir for any public eshlliluon Addrcsa Opera. Broadway Post oflire Aoenti.eman wtnnw to take i.emone on the plsnoforie Young lndy tearher re?|?lred. who has a<i in?trnnn m Aildress. promptly, Harry Howard, Ma llao.i square Post office. AMAOViricENT CARVED ERVltf t K TT A V K. ROSE wood pkMoHr ??le, richly nahhed round corners b< su'lftilly lined with satin *'??l an'l Willie liollr, rleh nn t brill In nl tone, made by a 'olrbrated rlty m ikei . lias all th Modern Improvement", has not been In it??' ilir--'" monlHs; ?ili be sold for ff ii es?li: n >srr bargain Apply at 191 WeatSe > ent< i nth street, Iteaf Eighth avenue, for I mr dat < from S A. M to n P M ' M' fERACWIO II AS THE HONOR TO INEORM HIS ? fi end? snd the public thai, hj re ctest. ho will (rive a ENnd farewell ball, at hi-- ac?dfmv,aM Bmadaay, <?i W. d ne dir. evfaing, July 9, ISM. N. B.? An ellli ieat polire ft>ri a to preserve orner. PESTISTRV. nENTISTRY? PERSttVS WlSIIINO V IIEAITIMI, sn<l useful ?etof troth will aave <10 per cent by railing am Dr NAPOl.H'V I'RETERH E dentist; they nr. i.,? i I fr> m oi e lo > lull ? t. wtth or i?lih<oii i xtrai ting the n?>'<, Te?'h evtrarted viltlioiit pain by meatts ? f t ton, on inn appll Ciitlmi to the gum.. 1 annmelM em ed Hroelf T"I FXTH ICTF.n WlTlfol l PtP ei nllibior : pplli ttlon to l lie lio^, it ? d siri-el. fills i| p'lestl.i i Is F numno, OH LIVERPOOL.? TIIK UNITED STATES MA II. j. steamship 1IAI.TH', r<>ui*U?k, < .imiiiaii'lcr will dc|>art whh the United State ? mails ( or Huron*. poai lively, ou **lur d?> . .1 >ily 19, at 12 o'clock \i., from Iter Wr'h, at lh-: loot uf Canal Ifrnpt Nwthr.? The steanaere of this line have water tight eotn Krtm-nti. and, Ui avoid danger from the ice, will i?>t '-roiw ilio ilk* north of 42 degrees, until after the UI of Auguxl Pur freight or pa?*a*e. havuig unentailed accommodation for elegance and curniort, juplv to EDWARIt K COLLINS, M Wall sCreef. Are requested to l>e on board at 11 o'clock A. M. All letters must pass through the PostoOloe; any other* will be retimed. The ?i< .inuihlp Ericsson, Uwbtr, 5 will succeed the Baltic, anil nail ou Saturday, August 2. Mutii'E.? The rate of freight front Liverpool to New York hi redused to four pounds per ton measurement, until further uUcr. TIIE N*W YORK AlfD LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES mall steamers.? The ahlpa comprising Ibla lino are*? *Ue 4mANTI?, tlapt. Oliver KMrldge. The *xWl<;, Capl Joanph Ooustock. The *DltUTl?, CapC J ante* Went. These ahlpa hating beeit built by contrast expreeeW for Um government service, avarv car* has bean taken tn wtair son str notion, aa iIho ItWhtlr engines, to lusttre strength and ?peril, and their aceaHRMdatitms (ar passengers are unequal led fur elegance au4 romflort. Prk-e af paaaagc from Hoar YorJ to Liverpool, tn Brat eabtn 9130; In second do. 93A Kjrlunlve use of extra alae Mat* iwbi, taab. Prom Liverpool to New York, 30 endAigul aeaa An eiperiencnd iiitfom attached to aaeh ship It* berths sun be assured tmtlTpaid for. The skips of (has Itta hare Improved water tight bulkheads, and t? avoid danger front loe wtU nat cross Ike Bauka north af 42 degree*, ?dU> , aftar the lit at A (leant. PROPOSED DAT* OT RAILIW8. nton ,ir? thrb. rttoa uvaaroot. Saturday June 21, IBM. Wednesday July 9, 1M Saturday July 6, UtMV Wednesday July 23, WM Saturday July 19, 1KM. Wedneaday Air*. ?, UM. Saturday Aug. J, IHM Wedneaday Aug. 20, BM Hat ar day Aug. 18, ISM. Wadneatfay Sept. 3, IKK SatnrdMy Ah*. 38, IHM Wednesday .... HnpC IT, ISM Saturday Sept 13, IHM Wadneailay Oct. 1, IHM Saturday Kept. 27, IHM. Weduea<Uy Oct. U, MM. Saturday Oct. II, IHM. Wednesday '?ct. 29, I8M Saturday *ut. 2b. Ujtf. Wednes^lay Nov. 12, littti. Saturday Nov. t, 1W. Wednesday Nov. 26, IHM Saturday Nor. 22, IHM. Wadneailay Dee. id, 1HJ6 Satnrday I)e?. ?, IHM. Waiineaday Oeo. M, UM Saturday Dec. 2D, IHM Kor freight or pafmige, apply t? KIlWAUI) R. OOLUM No M Wall atreet, S. Y. BROWN. Kill I'l.EY A OO , Uverpotil. riKPHKN KBNNAKD k CO.. V Auatin Krlars, London. B. O. WAXNwltlOIlT A OO., Varln. The ownera of Uteae ahlpa will not be accountable for gold, allrer, bullion, specie. Jewelry, precloua atonuaor metala, un lena biUa of lading are signed therefur, and lite value thereof eipreteed therein. For livkrpooi^? ste ambii ip Lebanon, t. cook. I eommandi-r. Thia new and powerful steamer wtll sal) from the Briilah and North American Royal Mall Meant Park et Oempany'a dock, at Jersey Hty, on Thuraalay the 2Kh July. Pwaage mouny for Oral claaa paaarngera only, for whom there ta eirelleiit accommodations, 9100, Including nrorlalona and atewnrd'a fee, but without wlnei or liquor*, wrtich can be ob Uuned on board. Freight taken at reaaouable ratea. Apply to K. CVNAHD, No. 4 Bowling Oreen. First packet for livkrpooi, to sail sth ,iuly. ?The splendid new clipper ahlp PLUTARCH will pool tively nail on Saturday, at 12 o'clock, lias room for a few more cabin and second cabin passengers. Apply on board, at pier U East rl\er, or to C. A. TKN EYCK, #7 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL?" L" LINE PACKET, 7TII JULY.? I The splendid new clipper ship CONKKDhR VTIO.V, Cant, ('?ortiln*, will positively sail ou Mouday, at 12o'cWck. Tnts laverlti' packet has unequalled accommodations for all clasaoe of passengers. Second cabin, 910; steerage, 91. Apply on i>oard, at pier 14 East river, or to C. A. TEN EVCK, 67 south streeL . FOR LIVERPOOL, JULY *.? OLD BI.ACK STAR LINK. The splendid packet >hip I'DKN'KMA LAWKKNCK, i aptatn Knapp, will positively sail od Julys. Her acMBNMdMMM for passengers arc superior to any shitv In port. Apply on hoard, at pier B, North river, or to WILLIAMS A Ul'ION, No. 40 Fulton street. For livkbpooi,-rvm.h wkdnksd^y, i#th jui.y The favorite Ft lurk Kali Line packet ship J AM KH FOrt TLB, JR., ('apt. Porter. Ilu splendid stale rooms Id cabin, second cuhln and steerage. For passage apply on bo.ipL foot oi'Beekman street, Kasi river, or to JACOB WILSON, lUel South Mreet. NOTItTC.? TAPSOOTT'B LINK Or LIYKBPOOL PACK eta? Packet 7th July.? The unrivalled clipper ship HMK KAIL) ISI Capt I orniah, will posCTvely nation Monday, 7th July. For passage In cabin, eecond cabin and steerage. apply ?n board, pier 34 E. R., sr to TAPtJCOTT k CO., 86 tioutn it. OTICE.-FOB LfVEBPOOL? PACKET SHIP AMKRI _ . - CA * ill positively will on Mondny. July 7, at 12 o'clock. For iiaasage apply on boarit. pier No. (, North river, or to DKMARI&T k JONK?, 40 South atreet anil Si Old ?llp. CTKAM BETWEEN XSW TOBK AMD OLABOOW i> Edlnhuri, 1,400 tons. William CummJaf. Moauoler; B?w Vork, >,110 tone, Robert Crmlff, eoninitiiiiei ; Ckeego w, 1,993 tuns, John Donean, o mmaadcr The Olaagow aad Sew lack steamship Company inland MtttM their hi and powerful ?learners from New York for Glasgow direct, ats under ? Kdftiburg, Saturday, VAh July, at U o'eioek noou; Mew Tork, Saturday, , at )J o'eioek aaoa; Olaagow, Saturday, . N first eabta fft Third clasa, found with eooked provision*. . ... 90 An experienced surgeon attached to eafh < earner For freight er pasaage apply to JOHN McHYMOM, No. 17 Broad way. New Tort city bUU or gold only received for paataga. A1 Fob soctiiampton and havbe.? the united Wales mail steamer FULTON. J. A. Wotton, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton u> land the mails and passengers, on Saturday, July St, at U o'eioek, from pier No. X Korth rlv/r foot or Beach ttreet. Price of pasaage? Piret cabin, $130; at... 3d do.. 976- This ship has five water tight compartments, enclosing the engines, so thai In Ike event of collision or stranding, the water oouUl not reach them, and the pumps being free to work, the safety of the vessel and passengers would be secured. Baggage not wanted during tne voyage ehouM he sent on board tae day be fore ruling, marked below." No freight will betaken after Thursday. July 34. For freight or passage apply to MOB TIMKB LIVINOSTON, ageut, U Bread way S B? The steamer Arago will succeed the Fulton, and tall August 23. r IE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADKLPHIA 8TEAM9HIP Company'* auleodid and powerful steamships, TITT OF HAI.uMOBK, 2.4*4 tona, Cuut. Robert LeKeh; CITY OF WASHINOION, i.iw tons. Capt. Wm. Wylle; CITY OF M ANCIIKJf KR, X,ltJ9 tout, Capt. P. C. Peine; K ANGAROO, 1.974 tona, tapL B. Kwuig, are Intruded to tall rsOM umrooi. CUy i>r Rakimore Wedneedav, Mth July. " Wedneeday,X7lh August ntoa rmuMLTHU. City of Baltimore Thursday, 7th August. ? atc< or rtMioi. Saloon, 910. MS and $M. aecording to staieronina. A limited number of third clean will he taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found In provisions. From Philadelphia. 9TW | From IJverpool. 9*0 Tbeae ?t< ?mers are constructed with improved water tight compartments, sod each veaeel carries an experienced ?ur (ran. Parties wishing to bring O'H their friends can obtain eerti/l ?ate? of passage and drafls oo Liverpool, to sums a i ?1 sterling Hitd upwarde. Apply u> JOHN O. DAI.K. agent, 17 Walnut at.. PhlUdel]>hiu, or PABKI. k OORTlri, 177 Broadway, New York. VSTBALf A INDKPKNDENT LINK.? THE 8PI.F.NDID __ A 1 clipper ship ALMONI. Ilariuby. cdmmander, wlii <a\e imnM-diatf ilrxpatrb for Melho irne. This favorite reset ) t sn extreme rhpper, and will, uo doubt. mal.>- a shurl |??n vne lli i n nmimiidmliit tnr pssn? hits In Hint sml si nimd i abina, cannot l>e sur|?MM?l, and as only a limited number t? ukeji, early applieaiiou will be ne--f-?*ry. For frwuiht or |ia*s*i:e. nt low rate*, apply on ho ird, ?t pl.-r 12 river, or to UOOKKVK, ARKKl.L A KI.I.IOT M l'earl street. At>TRALIA-riONFKIl IjNF^-4'ARRYIV0 TIIRITNI ted Mates mall.? The beautiful A I illpper ship MON ,-M ION. tons hurtlien. for Melbourne, and will also re ?elve freight for ?4ydney ; hue two thirds of hereirgo nlready DKacetl. the lirst ?bl|>. and will positively sail about the liAb of luly, now loading at pier 10, Kjwt river. Has superior ae omiiHstatMnis lor I'aseengers to any ship now lua>llng. Freight U lowest rale*. For freight erbassaife apply on board, or to R. W. CAMKkON. No. 6 Bowllngjireeu. BUTTON A CO.'R DWPATCH LINK FOR it A N FRAN 0 cieco ? Hailing regularly and positively on or hef<ire the la* sdvrrlised. flipper of Tue?day, LMh July inal. The ?plrniM famnns A I clipper ship IIALD K.U1I.R, Treadweli. n>*?lrr, I* taking In her cargo at pier No.t Ka?t river, and will l>?*iiivelv sail as above. The well established reputation of ihlaellpfier for ?|UicA paaaage* and good <te|tvery of eargo, are ^uWrieni Inducement" to shijipers. (the Is otie of McKay's heat ahtps. M TTtlN A t'O., An South St.. corner of WalL Mts will i>l< a?e bear tn mind Utai no fr?4|h' la uken adrnrlkHil day. pret i-nting all delay to those wwhiug n?> land their cargoes in San Fruncieeo wHAeul delestloii. I^OR SAVANNAH AMI FLORIDA.? CNITKD ST VTKS r mail line ? The steuuier K >'< >X\ II.I.K Capt. i' l? l.iet '?iw. will leave on Saturday. July 12. tr ?mi in. r No i N..h)i leer, at 4 o rh? k P. M Mills of tailing signed on board For irelgld or nasaace applv io S. I.. MlT< ' II 1 1 .1 .. It Hr'tadwty fhroiigh ticket* from New York lo Jark?mi ilie. J3|. to Piiat ka. (SCt SU .imers for Florida connect at Savainnh with the ?tenmert from New Y>*k on TwisUys srxl Sh'ui lays For norfoi.k ano petfrsmcho ? tiik pnited I Slates mail steamship BOA NoKF., Capt Tlw>m?? Skin ??er. will leave for the shore placee on Wednewlay, July 9. at 1 o'clork P. M? fiom pier M North river. She will arrive at .Morfollt the next aOentoon. and Petersburg the following morning. Paesengers for the South will posted directly on l>y H e great Southern mall line to Charleston, \ugn?i.i. Ha vannsli. *?? Tin *e for Richmond will srriie at III. ir <le?t|n i 'Ion early Frblay morning. Travellers will And thle the cheap si, pleasant* st nnd nn?t eipollilou* route. Passage an>l tire, with eiaten*im. Ui NirlolV. ><; lo Pet. r?bnrg and Kleh, 91" Apply lo Ll'IM.AM A PI.KASkNTS, 32 Hruad Wtf. N'OTICE ? SHTPPF.RS PER STF.AMSHIP CRESCENT tHy, hem e to New Orleans hi Poenmher last, are re ,11. sicil ??. send Iheir Invoii es at once to the utvlersigned and .i.?d Sis'. ? e-here ami for what amount tnaured. "ITin vessel '?avlfig been Met n? the Bahamas, thev are required to Identify he merchandise ?sved. snd make a division of the proe?ie.*? The maiter % I ready been kepi open too long, aad if ship i .era pe relet In ucgleeiing this notice, thev will tne* their share Ufeevlnn JOHNSON A HIOiJlNS, Si) Wall street. Maw Yoeg, June JftJIMM F^OR ft A I. E? A SFCOND CABIN rASKAOK JtY THE Hermsnn for Soiithemplon or Bremen, 'he ad? erti?? i being peevent. d by bu?lnese frmn going \pplv or nddr. - 'owe nOWDBB, at Ce<tar street, fir two days Will lie -obi c heap HtlBMKH, CAKIU AfJKN, AC. AIMiRsR and CiiVKBKD W *OOJ* WAXTEO-SCIT I able for a bakery. Apply at No. W New sltee', In the hwwHllriM work. FH1R BALK? A RPI.KNDID RAY IIORSE. SIX YEAR* old. IS hands high, excellent in all harness, and perfectly I gentlu. Also, for ?ale, a hamlsnme lady's saddle burse, eix ve?/> oVi 15 bsiids high, color sorrel, perfectly sound sn.1g.-n Kv Hoih hoi ?es w . , e ' ie l in |iiitche?? c?"inM on the ftrni ?f the nw ner Apply to J F CI.KC, No <*) Msideu lune. L^OR SAI.F.-TITE tlRAND STftKFT I, INK OF ST\OK< r W illlam?bnrg, con-isitng of thirty two hot -. - ai. l elgl, Ktsges, and sll idher utensil* for the hii*|nea< Thl? Is the ol I ct e>tehlt*hed lli.e on that Kkle of the river. For parti. uUrt in Hitler of the proprietor, at the stage office ^ BTLLIAB09. A '''iE ASsORTMk NT of Mil. I ' \R1> T ? KI.K-J .. A the hesl onsllty and at low prices, will he found at "e 'nKimfsctory the most complete in the et?v. Onler;- by nuvl sttended to. Four goo>l seeon.lhand tables lor aaie . heap . (Tt'oNNoH k COLI.KN DKR. 6B Ann ?u^>ef FIRST RATF. CI POU XEW PATTSH five lull blower, nnd a large lot of foundry iMMIci ns fo sele, a harisln Apply to A. HASfFt >1! It. IW Fulton air Wt. or lo Wallace. SB Centre street, where they csn he seen EH'xTTtemknt kMoN.i thf- rtTi i \in> commi-nity mi ?1.1. A out for the ?u-ioml N of th ? RILMAR I) CI F IO. I 111 V pnl'llshe.l :hi- I..V l.? III II.N.Nilll .? I OI.I.KN I'FH st M Ann a>reet. rro I.F.T-THF >FW JFFFKBRON Rlt.l.lkLD ROOMR. I with ?U tnt.l.. B"d .11 other fumi'ure dee, on t'ie rnAMlAL. $755,000 V$2i&?? ? lb A AO, U (JUamfcera ?t rmk oik>? fiwdntm prompt and conMeutkl, from ? ttll 1 N. 8. ? No boMriMi traiiftacted on ^atnrrtayn.

A/7 c n mm cash ai-wajb on hand to maki SfOUsfJlHJ advances. DfcwndA, waUh<?, jewelry. ik?, puuMMt, carrlagea, Aa, bought And sold At ifc llowura loan mm) ??t%ie agency offlae. *g^w^j!^iiiin Mhmgw ^i>i.kA HA ft ? MOlfKT tO LOAN OJ? WaTOHBL ?t)VJlf.UUU. diamonds, Jewelry, segt.s, dry goods and aU kinds of personal properly; or bought sua Mkl fltr oarIl WoU'd bunds, DMrkuu, stocks, Ac. , negotiated. No 101 Kaa ?aa street, comer of Ann, Mcood ttaor, roosts No. 2 aud 2%. THOMrSOM A CO.. brokers ahd oouunhwion merchants. nnn ?cash advances oh ai.1, kinds ft) | O.UUU. ot merchandise. negotiable paper, (luck, bonds and mortgages, diaiuoitda, /dwelrir, segsrs. A*., or bought for cash. At fe Najwau (Croat, room No. 1. Ouce hours from 9 A. M. Ull 5 o slock P. M. J- U. BARBINUKlt. dbOAH nnn ? loan? on pkrhonal propkr ipiUv/tUUU ty, in lurge and ?uutU Hum*, at legal In terest, and the fall value le.nt, alB. B. 1>K B ARK'S, late pawn broker, liKO. II. SIDNEY, now 56>i Bowery. N. B.? Bond* anil mortgage* bought. and ?i,*w.-to loan for , I UU a term of yearn, on uiurtguge upon '-Ity pro pert? , 10 be worth at leant double the amount of loan, l'he abort) four luniH part of a truit estate. Apply to J AM KM I'ltlCK, 2tW Huilwu street. wanted ? on four notkh of km each. ,^Uu at 3, 4 aud 6 mouihn, for which ten per cent interest will be pawl, and a chattel mortgage will be given, on property worth double the amount, to secure the payment of the name. Adtlrese, with real uame, Daniel, Herald office. QOy< BROADWAY? MONEY .ADVANCED. TO ANY OO i amount, on (diamonds, watches, jewelry, pianos, dry goods, segsrs, horse*, carriages, harm;* end every il? acriptlon of property, or bought for ensh. Htocia, mortgages, ic., negotiated. Watchea and jewelry for atll?. S. THAYER. roonia Noa. 1 and Z second story. A NT AMOUNT OF MONEY TO l*OAN ON DIAMONDS, plate, watchea, Jewelry, and all valuable personal aecu -itleaand merchandize, or bought for oash. K. WOOD, 6t * ulton street, second lloor. Irout room, # A. M. to ft P. M. Any \moi*nt of money to loan, on di amonds, plate, watcher. Jewelry aud all valuable personal seen fined and merchandise, or bought for cash. Apply to K. WOOD, 69 Fulton Street, second tloor, front room, from a A. M. to 5 I'. M. Broadway .savings' institution, no. 237 broad way, entrance on I'ark plnee. Dividend notice. Depo -liom are hereby notified that the uaaal semiannual dividend os nil entitled thereto, at the rate of ti per cent per an num on mium niK exceeding and 3 per emit on riiiu* over f?<UO, will be paid ou and alter .Monilay, J tjly 21. Interest not auled for will lie credltwl SA itrutcipiu. DepoidM nutle on or o< lore July 7 will draw Interest from (he 1st. Hank open tally from 10 to 2 o'clock, and Monday, Weduesday aud Katur lay evenings, from S to 7 o'rloek. KRA.NII18 P. SUOA1X, President. Wade P. Wobrall, SecreUry. l'BTKit CrHMiMi, Accountant. Dividend NOTicB.-orpicn fa nam \ railroad Company, New Y'orfc, June ."to, I.S56. The Board of Di rector* of the I'tntnu Kailroad Company has thU day de ?lared a dividend of six per cent oil the capital stock of the onipuny, ont of the earning* of the road for the current ?ii moutha. yxysble on and after the 13th 'July imiL The trans 'er book* will b>:cloaed afUT three o'c lock thl* day, until the morning of the 19th July. The Interest on the bond* of the company falling <lue un the 1st of July, will be paid on pre senujtion of the coupon*, on and after that itaie, at the office irtha company, B8 Wall street, lly nrtUr of the Board uf Di rector*. KRANC18 SPIE.S, Secretary. DIVIDEND.? MLAND CITY BANK, UK) BROADWAY, New York, June 30, 18M.? 1 The President and director* have this day declared a *eml annual dividend of Ulree and one half per cent, payable oa and after the 10th July, proximo. The transfer books will be closed until that date. WM. BTKBBl.VS, Cashier. DIVIDKND? COLUMBIA KIRK INSURANCE COMPANY No. at Basclat Htrcet. Cokscu Colls: a Pi ic*. I Naw Yohs, July 2, 11W. J The President anl Directors of Una Company have this day declared a serol-annoal dividend of five per cent, payable un ?nd after the 8th tnal. The transfer book* will be skaicd until hatday. JOHN C. HHRGII, Secretary. B MIGRANT INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS BANK, NEW York, June 90, 1M6.? Notles? Depositors are Informed hat deiosiia made oner before Monday, July 7, will bear In ??rest irvia 1*1 July Bask epea dally, from It) A. M. , to 2 P M., and from 6 lo i P. M., at 41 Chambers street, eaat of Bruad " "J JOSEPH STUART, President Joan Ma>m wo, Comptroller. GROCERS' BANK -DIVIDEND -THE GROCERS' Bank, New York, ha* thla day declared a semi annual tvdend of Ave per rent, and an extra dividend of Ave per cent, ayable oo and after Wednesday .July 2. IMIi. Hy order of he Board. H. D. WILLI AMU, Oaahler. New Y'ork, June 2S, ISM. [RV1NO SAVINGS INSTITUTION, NO. M WARRKN street, near Greenwich ? Open dally, from 10 A. M. to 2 [P. M, and from 4 to 7 P. M., on Monday*, Thursdays and Sa urday*. Interest at six per rent ou all sains from $1 total). VII deposits made ou or before the 12th of July will take lu ??rest from the first. WALTER W. COJfCKLIN, PreskleuL Vaupmsilt L. Be iron. Secretary. IfBCUANHV AND TRADERS' SAVINGS INST ITU fll Uon, 482 Grand street, corner of WUIet.? All moneys de osued on or before the 7th July| will date from the 1st. B.uik 1>eo on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thuradau and Saturday* cm ? to 7 p. M. A I.PRBD T. CON KLIN, President. Jan. P. Hawar, Secretary. t/BCHAHlCfl' AND TRADERS' RAVINGS INSTITU iu Uon, corner of Urand and WlUet streets.? Dividend ? A end h usual dmdeni at the rale of sU per cent on sums of VMIand under, sn>l Ave per eent on sll nuns over fdUO which hull hare been dejwialtcd three month* prior to the 1st July, ? ili be |?a*sble on snd after July 21. Interest not callod tor vlll be carried to the credit of de|>oalU>re, and draw latere* is principal. Bank o|>eii on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thura aja sad Saturday*. trots J to 7 P M _ At.PKMD T . CON KLIN, President. STEPHEN CUTTER. 1st V lee President MOHBM SMITH, M VI re Preald.nt. STEP11KN HAPP, Jd Vice President Jiin P. Riicii, Secretary. ARKET PIRE INSURANCE OOMPANT-NEW YORK. HH July 1. 1*66 ?The Board of Dtreetors ha\e this day de lared a semi-annual dividend of ten per eent payable en etna ltd A6IHR TAYLOR. Sec y. ONBY LINT-ON PKRHONAL PROPKRTY, AT LI gal laterest, St R. B. DK BARK'S. Mt, Bowery. M M Money libkrally advanckd on furniture, watrbes. jewelry, firearms. surgloaL musical and nan .<*1 Instrumenu, horses, wagon*. harness* ll<|iiors, groceries, ry ??"??!*, hardware snd mer? batidlae, ana personal property ?I all klM*; or bought lor cash MoCAPKRAY a WALTERS, X Catharine atreet. \roncE is hereby oiven that an instalment lN of two and a half per root will bo paid on aneouat of Inte nt on the storks of the staw of Illinois, oa and SfVrr Monday, be 7th day of July neit, at the agency of the State la the city I New York- The Instalment w ill be stamped upon the oott ?in of Jul), 1HM, from I and M. canal txnida JOHN MOORE. Traaaursr of Illm-aa. . , \H1CK OP WEI LS, PARtlO .? CO ? NKW M>RK ' * ?nil t ailtiii utn Kspri ? und KjuI nnue Company, Nj llroad ..i?. New York, .luou l-.n. I eniii>ous <d ilie anurtio City J duo In ids ? i'j July I, ISM, wUlba sM or stul sftrrlboKlate. ?>n breseiitallon st ourofll e. We .re Infortned hy the Mnyor of tne city of Hurr iuienUi iliat the M>nds nioturiim <>n Uie 1st of Juhr, IMS, will not be paid, but but they will l>e required to be forwarded W> thn city of nrrann nto, where new bond* will be lasueil In li<"i Bm4 it |>ar. payslde twenty yeara from da'e, with Inte-est at ten ?er cent per iramm, pnyable semi annually, both Interest nd principal being payable In NrW York D. N. BAB.N'EY, PfesldenL OP PICE OP THE EIGHTH AYENI'E R AILRO \D ?iem|>anv, New York, Jul* 2. WM - I qiufrlerly dividend ?fthree per eent on lh<' ? sptul stoek of this company will l>e tid to the stockboldri* un demsnd. D. PALMER, Treaattrw. PPICE OP THK MILWACKIB ANI? MISSISSIPPI KsIImsoI Coin-any. >? tj Kiehsnge plare ? The eoin have deelar. <1 a dividend sf Bve per cent on their e iplul BH from the esrnlngs of the mad, |.<r the sit month* ending th June Isst. wbieh will be paid at this olb'-e on and after 1e I.Hh Instant, to sto> kholders hat ing their slnrk registered n I lie transfer bo<As in IhM eity tin stock not registered ?ere, the dlvldrad will b? paid at Milw aukie JOHN J. HILL, Register. 0 ? nr 1 u<k, TRAVKLI.HRS' Ul'IDR. D CH)R r us AY ItotTS POR ALBANY? PROM POOT OP CANAL atid S|>r1ni( s'reate, at 7AM The A I.IDA, T|ijsl?ft, httrs'lsts and Salnnlsys; ARMKN1A, ?ondsya, Weln?s at* ana Pridsya ? landing at Weet 1'otni. Newburg. Pumih eepsie, kingxtnii I'uuit, Brlatoi. tstsklll, Hudson and Oo? set la. . KEYPORT, a.IPPWOOD, AND FORT H \MILt u?? The ataamloat KKYPGRT lesvea Murray stroa iter dally Snndata aicepted, ai lo clock, P. M.. and Keypo* d 7K o'cN-ek, A. M. COR ORKK.NPORT AND SAO IIARIIOR? STK VMKR r ISLAND HELLE, fapt. J. I'onl. Jr . will b-sve w l ork. ft*d ?if OlIkrHae Msrket slh'. every Sslnrilsy, at 9 \. M. Returning, leave Oreenport, Moada; s, at 191 A. M. C9oR SHRP.WSBUM Y. LONG BRANCH. HlOHUNn* r and t?e<-?n Port.?' The favortie steamer .1 V UK- CUIUS iliPIIKKwIll leatr Jav street pier for the *l>ov>' pi sees, on rlday, July 4, at ? A. M , Saturday, |th. 4PM. Sun lay, th. ;f, A A Monday, 7th. II A M . Taesday Stb. Il>, \ 1. Twenty hotels now ofieai. Pare ITV t'lMWlN BITKR RAILROAD -PROM MAY l? ISM. the trains will leave Chamiiers atreet station aa follows ? rees. S A M and if M mall, f A. M ,thr?i#i way It un. H I ? t ees, (I A ? Slid 9 P M mall F % ? ,uir>ai?i ? ay ti un. ? 2 M. . r migrant, T P.M., ft* Pottghkeersle. 7 A. M and I P. * . fur Slug Siuj, 10 .*? A M and !? 4t I" M . this train leaees verv Pnday evening at 11 P M , for H'tdaon, S SB P. M ?eeh'sklll, 4 and ??? P M The P?m*hkeep?i.- Sing Shij 'eek 'kill trains ?top at the way statkms I'a-seugera lak h?ml?eni. canal, t^irlstoiiher and Thlrtv first K'reeje Trains .r New York leave Trm at 4 .? a 19 and Id tft t * and ?:i? t*. M.. aad Bast Albany "at* SA) and II 19 A V and 9 P M A P SMim.Sup t N'P.W YORK AND CONKY I-I.AND t.ANDINO AT _ Port Hamilton esrh way.? The atenmer .NoBWA I.K 1 i?pt. C T Hodmiin. will leave us follows. SninUvs Included ? btavtng ftwd nt tmos street al'i'i A M li"4 snd 9'4 P M ea\ Itig ftsit of Spring street M (?'? A. M 12', anil 9", P M caving pli r 9, North river, ?t Itt V M . I and 4 P M . learb ?? 'ntic y l?Tatid, laet trip, at II'* P M. Pare fhr th" trip lo t one v slitnd, Pol t Hamilton und bai k to New fork, twenty ve cut- i w li . h a i ottira tlckatwill l>e given. Noltalftn e 1 children. C. 3 |H>I?IK Agent N'P.W YORK AND FR1P R MLROAD ?ON AND AP ter M'l' dav May 19. Ktfi md ttn'r fm ther not' p is ? nger trains wul le?v* pier SMN of Duaiw street a* follows. ii'? ? Dnnklrk express, at 6 A. M. fbr Dtinklrk. HulMo eipi css. nt 6 I M for Buffalo BBB Mali, al s 19 A M for Hunk rk an I Rttflhln and lo? r wte -tstions Pas->mi?era liv tins m ill will connect with . ress trains fhr Syracnae, Caytiga. Canandalgna, Ni<?aia all* *' d Rochc?ter. and with the lightning einr,'?s tra n or ?like shore liallroail tor Cincinnati. Chiea|f? Ac. Moek'and paaaenger at 9JB P M .(from font of t*ha iher* ?rt et,i via iTermont for Snfferns. ami Intenneillate stat ihm Wsy w*seiig?r, si I P M , for Newburg aud Middl sown, nd iii'i tmedlate station*. Night etpress, at 9 P B., for Dnnklrll and I'ttfWo. Em If I mi. at 0 P M . ftor Dunkirk and Buffalo, and interme late statitM'S The at ove trains run dally, Sundaya eteepted. lh> evpreis trains connec at Klmlra with the M mlra Iiiandaigna and N agara Palls Railroad, for Niagara P ?,*! tinir! ati.toi' w th tin "rraense and lllnifhamton Rallr > t f>r vrani- .at Corn, nr. with Rnffalo, Corning and New York rtailmad, fot Roeheaterial tlreat Re ,d. wttn Bek* ware, t seii twst tia and Western Railr< ad, for Noranton;(d Buffalo and l?! 1 kirk With .he Lake Siinre Ra.lroad, Clovel, m I ' inrliinsil M . .lo D. . n't t '' 1 i .to. 1.* V '. v, A'l.lM . B jgJBTCIMCJIUB?r?. 0WKRY THEATRE. Lesscaud Manner John Brougham . rWta or imussium. Boxes ..... 16 cents | 1'it eenla OaMcrv ltfi rents | Orchestra ?uul* U oeut* Private Uu(i..t Fl?? Dollar* Doors open at 7 V>; commence at TU TBIL'Ml'HA NT Sl'OCfcSS OK THE STAB OOMPAVY. TIIK NKW NATIONAL llKAKA A GREAT HIT. Tomorrow, Monday, July 7, MASKS AND FACW. Triplet Mr C Fisher Peg WoOtngtou Madame I'oiunl Mr*. Vane Mia* Kate Reiguold* Kinging and dancing. And the BIRTH OK K KKKDOH. O'Donahoo. Mr. Brougham (l?n. Washington Mr. C Fisher Fnima Holland MoUonie Pouial Bluuihe Butlaud Mis* Kale Relgnolda G EO. < *Tl BI9T1 A WOOD'S MINSTRKLfl, NSW HAJLL, *44 H road way below Grand si rent open every EVENING. Business transacted by Henry Wood Stage Manager. ? Ow. Christy ETHIOPIAN MXN8TBHLST. To cmnclude with On Monday evening, THK DOUBLE BEDDED ROOM; Tuesday, BOhkRT MACAIRE. Wednesday, Hurlesoue on II. TROVATORB; Thursday, THK MISCHIEVOUS MONKEY; Friday, THE Mt'MM V : . And Saturday, THE HAPPY MAN. Notice.? The curtain will ri*a at 8 precisely. Admission SB Mntt ROADWAY VARIETIES, NO. ?71 BROADWAt.? (Late Mechanic*' Hall, between Grand and Broom* ita| B K. 6. Mtfuh ..Stage Manager ADMISSION. TWENTY-FIVB CENTS. The celebrated WOOD A MARSH JUVENILES. Mcnday evening an eutlre change ? INOOMAR. THK UARIIARIAN. Prodaced in the moot eUoetlve style. Principal characters by Master G. W., little Mary and Louise Doors open at OS, commences at 8 o'clock, and concludes at 10 o'clock. COOLEST PI. ACT: IN THK CITY? FRANKLIN Ml' ?euro, 127 Grand street.? If you wish to ml in the coole?t place in the city? if you desire comfort w ith amusement ? If Ion wish to he astonished, entertained, delighted and mode sppy? go to the KRANKLlN and see th>' troupe of pretty young ladies (twenty-seven in number) perform, ever after noon and evening. OWKRY THEATRE.? LESSEE AND MANAGER, MR. John Brougham. Monday. July 7. 18M. MASK* AND KATES. Mrsie.u. ani> S?ltatorv I>Tr.KMlZ7io. THK BIRTH OK FREEDOM. B FRANKLIN MUSEUM, 127 GRAND STREET, WITH iiri varied round of amusement* and attrtt' tlo?is, Is open every afternoon at .1 and every evening at 8. Ma>Ume war ton's troupe of Model Artistes, promenade band, ballet diver tiaetnents, magic and mystery, opera troupe ? the whol*: form ing a mammoth entertainment. The sixth brand sunday concert op tub seaeou, by Dodworth* Band, will be giv'-n on Sunday Kv'g, July 6, at the Atlantic Garden. No*. V and II Hrondwuv. All eriler to render these concert* more select, an admission fee of 12)a cent* is charged, for which refreshment* will b* furnished. PROGRAMME. 1. Operatic Introduction? " Luciadi Lammennoor''.DonlmU 2. SchoeiibruMi Waltz LablUky 3. " Fig Ha del Amour" ? Quartette from "Rigolette".... Verdi 4. Quickstep ? " l.uisa Muller" Verdi B. "Scenes that are Brightest" W. V. Wallace t>. Minnehaha Polka D. L. Downing PART II. 7. Quintette from "Kra Diavolo" Auber M. The Serenade -Schubert 9. Amelia Polka Thomas 10. Krnani Invoiami Verdi 11. I.'Adteu Schubert IX The Caledonia Quickstep II. It. Doiworth JAMES LAMBERT. ESTABLISHED OVER TEN YEARS.? NO ONE DARE compete with the magnificent style of Madame Warton * Iierformance*, whose reputation for all that is classic ami ?eautiful in the. arts la unparalleled. The entire troupe of Model Artistes, consisting of twenty-seven ladies. will appear every afternoon and evening, at the KRANKLlN MUSEUM. 127 Grand street, nesr Broadway. SANrORDU OPERA HOUSE, PHILADELPHIA.? THIS popular place of resort, capable at sooting one thousand four miiKlred persons, ean be engaged for drat class < 'outer t* during the yaeaiicy of Sanford's troupe, who appear In Boa ton on the 7th lnat. Addree* TUGS. KAN8TON, Opera House, Philadelphia. THK FRANKLIN Ml'SEI'M, 117 GRAND STREET, never close* The public patronize II alike in summer snd winter. CmW In all weather. Oroatesl variety of enter tainments in New York. The only place wh*re the original Model Artistes are exhibited. Performances every afternoon at 3, and every evening at 8. Kor particulars, see programme*. rr*iKATRiCAL.-wn.L henry jr. watson. alias X Governor Dorr, racnmunlralc with John Drew, comedian, 30 Buttonwood street. Philadelphia. Strangers, the most fashion able place op amusement at pre*etit open In the <-lty is the KRANKLlN MUHVl'M, 127 Grsnd street, ona door from Broadway, where Madame Warton'f troupe of Model Artiste* appear every after noon at :i, and every evening at H. N. II.? Surrounded by windows, and 1* Cool In the warmest weather. NII.KNARK ML'ESCM, 127 GRAND STREET, NEAR Broadway.? Open every afternoon and evenln*. Admission, twenty-live cents. Greatest variety of enter alnment* to be seen in New York. Commence* at 3 and at 1, Before leaving the city visit madame war ton's temple of enchantment, the FRANKLIN Ml'SEI'M. 127 O rand street, near Itruadway. and you will be contented w ithseeinc hrr troupe ol Model Artlsu-s, twenty seven In num ber, composed of suuie of the most beautiful women In ei steiiCe. nSTRVCTIOI. Afr ? WRITINO. MOOh'KKKPIVtl. ARITHMFTIi', - f*i). Mr. Itol.MKAR. t*'} Hruadwav. will receive pupllafor |.riinian>>blp on Monday, at only la. Kf?uUr urin?, fit). Mifliirm uuii li i inblin* *111 be removed from every Laud. A YOl'MU OKRMAM I.ADT. WHO HAS PAKSKI) 8E J\ vcral ffiri In lainlon ?>>? 1 1'aria, In the 'aii.vlty of irirkrr. would accept aittuation .o> principal or aaeiatant. In a find clam achool, or would aaaume the entire charge of ihn education of one or two children. To any family In need of a I'roii-tunt govrrncaa, familiar with the Hnifil-h, Krenli and (.erniaii lan*n*f?, aotlafftctory rcfereneea will be 4ubmtu?d upon application, by Dote, to J. B. W., hoi "M i'ri : LF.HSONH IX KLOt'CTTOM, HT AN BNOUM LADY, celebrated M a rnd'r and teacher for the . - i> and mac*. Apply to the Principal of ike New York Musical A< adeaiy, MS Broadway, frvm 11 till ft. RKOAJTAM. RF.tJATTA.-A KROATTA WILL TAKE Pl.Ai'K \T Point lireoa*. on Tburwlav July 1#, at I o'clock, threo and a Lull nuir* from Jrrncy t'lty fury, at York llay. for a purx of ftll, Are for all boota twenu fl|kt lout a?l on drr. Entrance (A. Heveu boat* or no race John h. midmkr Ir?ut U 0ARKD HOtT RM'KAl MKKTINw Wil l. UK hi hi el No. !? ratkartno alip n W>dne?day evening, t? iak> lam et?af tcratton a propoetiltm to rnw * fcur iwrnl t -it i nee ti r im hundred dollar* tmateura, oarsmen, bootbulkl era and boatmen are Invited lo attend. MK4JA RB. IMPOBTKD IIAVAMA AUK flKRM \ V, A Mm DOMR* I tie regara, m tin- pri<-r*. VAl.K IHtnTilERM, 1M t'earl atrcct, between Mjttd' n lane awl Odor alrreL MIMKUAIBOUL A M VPICACIOO* CURE FOR OCR.**. BCMI0MB. nalkolitra. natla (towhif Into a>* fteab, and oeery dlaor.lor of the fee' br a new and peculiar tuothiai, wtthrnu sotting, or w If boot mwim (ha ahfbteat t-ala. MonaWitr UlVl <4 No ftp hta Im <0 RtroB. Parta and Mo. t tVadsK street,, Um.fc.n Burreoa Chlropi IX. Wpetxf.a'ied by the Bu<p?rnr of Franc*, and iho Ibnye, hnily of land, may bo eunaul'ed daily Km ? la <? eioepted. from y o'clock, at hi* nOeo, II Vw BievcBih Wrt, IHim Fifth and Nsih avenneo. flQrias nt nwnMintt*. tjrrm hla ImperO MajifT Nopeleuo 111., Biaperar of Fraocm.) Je eortlflo <M M. Lot! ouax loo core arto one err etna W Lan Hiwmoi lontrim ?es Bak?r, Ke^,.) I eerttfy tkat Dr. Levi bit* eired m? x moathaacnef arro M T?"?W.|M bonVwin Wfh.*?l Ut? i?w>l patn ? whimh boT* annoyed me for many year*. I walk 01 pri e? nt witk freal eomfort. and ebaerfoUf reconunaud Dr I*?1 to ay Irtenda and Ike pobltn. iiaai Hma. M a v fou, Marrh It. IM, B Root HoraBtoautk atreoL tTr<?l ? J. Foltiia. Raq ,> rnonltaKod by Mr L?t1, I k?* !??*" wi t*"'lfy lo bio ooneoai fuJ ahlll in baelne perfoetly removed o krfl| boatoa of .. of ?fandtr.f. wKboat r?aafM aay pata. n J Peirrv Pan^DOLmu, July t T, UU Mo 4 Boeton n?. In a-MKlon to iba obove autlientlea(*4 teaitmonlala. mocy tkmt?ande mere hi hla poeeeeaton lanv^nt which are aeroral from ladlea of ibe Mch^et roob > ran be ?e?n by fovnna? him with a eoU at hla >dh c*. II Weet Rleveotk otroot, botweao FMkh ord Hiith avenue*. Mow York. N. H - 1* profeaatonol inoo>eMi? w*th aay peran*. Crnit of roRMs ry mapawf. mkrimrh. ir imv err, eaid aide Wwefn Hi?mean<l > ?iwi*? Madam-- B. rr?|>fctfh lly tnfoi m* Ihe public thai ?h?* La? r?* diicrd her Jirleo, la rr<lrr to enable trery one to be fre? (rnm poin. and reel* con Went In pramuOng that ?be will r?more corna, booloaa. nulla |m?n Into thr Ifoao, Ar . wIUkhii i-au^lK ihe least pain or mcoocenlence per??i? can he ail>>ode<t v> at ibeir hi.nie* or at Ma Uni.' U.'a reatdeeee, fhwe 1 uhtil 7 o'clock P. tl. (^t'KS, RIH.KJt, RKYMLrBR* Ac. WHol.KflAI.IC AMD T reUOL-rRAMt ut RRffMoCM. l*i?.n-r an I nwwo farttirer of f una. rlllea. plafola, Ac , Mo I f rench a 11'Mel. an I V ("haihuu etreci, N. w York, ??te a^mia for l'nt-<*l ?i*tea Stark' ) 'a Run capo. The trade and c antry doalera anppIM JSTRATTOM, AOFVT. IR MOW P\YtMO THK . hlsh?,?t prtep" in thla elty for hai{(ln(. ropea. la in? wa?i<- ?i?1 printed papom, Ac . at "ft < co re atreet, corncr of Worth street. rOt*\ BVR PRKP AMATIOM a.K \M>? KID OIX1YKII e| of any coli.t, w ttLoiit ihe all?hi" ?i ?m'll Ruh lHhily, and lw dirt HwdaWly dleopiUhra; aui he worn Immdlai-if. Otic hc*ll<> ia to r|?ari lll'r raira PrV--- *1 eenta Try H before hayin* Hold In all dru?i(iaM. and by Mra. It^y"? ltio>'kl\n I'o'icla.inanf'' mati'rtala, for tl aaafm mlilf ?ia"i lino ih Beet* pami< I cliuia Art raajr-. c.?m trtflinc Ifoxr*. ccniian.iiif two vaaoe. iMtriicthm? and every article re ? iitlr' d. M ft ?3e muiiiIM. OiXTvST. VFARY A CO MK Wromlwtr T AMRR OF RMRPHfTAMILlTf rt.*TK \Mt> RKFIMK I J mem ivlin??- rrmtna are inn 'e.put* to 'b?"tr i?>-til<>n ran be practical!)! taoflit a raadnatiu kihI cJiarwt.n* art bv ? 1 1. h iho car rciH/.' at th> ir own tcinna, dnnnc llnnr leisure hour* ahamlanme additem In their lnrom*a, without the ae ven l?t. or annoyance or rtpoaive IncMcnl to othT ki'i4i >f ml'*''* T?*n iV-IUtr* Mllr n^itM, llr whio#i inlmctfona ?nd tail valuo In utock will he glvnn. I'ail at 'Jie atorc, >1.' Ilronda ay. PHHF.MOI fHIV ? F.XAMI.VATIOMS. WITH i llSRTM ami wtiiU'ti <Im'i ipUtma of cheract.-r, Iflv'-n dally l?y Pro foaoor M WI KR at the Phrei'^lotflcai rahinci, No ,ti?M itro-i.i eny, i*o lil ^k? nbovc the I'ark Private roovmt for * <nile mi ii itel lailtea. fTKROMIW KI.KCTRO CHKMfOAh k.triN.-OH > PUIN'i F.. of Brooklya. proprietor, and Prof VKROVKfl. are In attendanee at 7M Broadway Fhev \*'??r vntee to euro iheumatloai, nouralglo. and a.i lm'"trlticaarlilnn frton Ih* im prudent u*e of m?r"iry or other me'alMo mh?Uaee?. ftpin-iol Vpattmoat for lodl>-a. V?iTT iVwTitvKir \m> < uor.FR A prf\ FNfF?7~nr I Prttrtoff"* Wtt??l?n diar !''Cl(nK tluhl Thla ia a prepa ratldn In i.lfli > l|?li for 'le?tnn itia all nfleitaii e an l pm .1,1 ef flm In, prevent* pn'refaction and correeta the trap .i -It tea ,if ihi air fn cb ?c aearttnonta ind In ?Itnati.inaetroaed m nothio* vapor*. F ? ?e'. bv all dr.t?? ?? awl t it \ Jg *Vnn ^'WVdfc. If i ...n r*v?* jl * r w ?r wuQirra. _ VJ-IULO* OARDRN. i y Doom open at 7 to eeoir -lire n( S Ticked. Kit'* ee-u* MONDAY F.\ eniug, July 7 l.iK THB W?NI>KRF(M. HA VH1X M LLE ROBERT. TliK KAIXJCT OGMTANY. TOtJJfO Rmiliunt w-m. KVOLPTIOKH ON TMK riGHT ROPE. by Young llengler, A. Lehniatui, M'ilii V. au<l ii a T ./ i 1. Ballet of FliiAKO, by M'll? Robert and lh? lialit i Troui>e. CmbIc paulnruime of ROBERT AND MKKTR AM Robert Amuine | Iterlrurn TIKXDAY Evening, July 8, l*6o First appearance In AmerWui of MlgH KM MA hTANLEY, la her celebrated Drawing K,?m Entertainment*, entitled TliK SKVKN AOBH OK WOMAN. which ha* provvil ?j euikiciiUy auraeulul u> Jk prjMipal elUeaof England. TCELLEB'tf F.MPIJIE I|iU. M* HRnADWA*. 0*?1D JxredJy (be <-?oleat and moat .jLra. Ur>- plaee la Ynt ? In honor of the rlorioua Fourth of July three ? " ' " " ? ?" vU . at 11 A. M.. ami allaMhl' M Four - tableau*, tU.^ HaUie of Hunker Hill," 'Wa In* the Dniawar*,'' "Waahlnxlou 1'laoUng , Liberty," and the new mimic scene, TKrt of July; ' magndlneut tableau*, "Tnnn^h of 0 acting tableau of ' Famine." winderf* t**M < Signer Adonle: patriotic wings, A - , by Imum lyntrayi Miu Duekwerth: P. Stoep?-l on hte nuv I awl pkaaatnsr Mod and straw lnleutnenl. ke. Ttok?aM>o?-nla. ihtefrea h?P prto?. "WISH EMMA STANLEY III WU1 make her Ami appearance at NIHLO* GAKDFN. On TVEHDAY Evening, Jaly f. 1AM, Id an entirely new Lyric KaMtaiMMti. nUlM Jit SEVEN AUEH OK WOMAN, Written eipreselyfbr her by E. L. Blaxchabd, Karj And performed with extraordinary succesg In London and blB the principal cities of kngland Toe entertainment In comprised In two part*, and cssbodie* a xreat uumber of Individual Impersonation*" and VooaJ I Una trattons. with an eiiraordlnary variety of dlalecta aad Mr sonsl peculiarities displayed In instantaneous changes of vote*, appearance, manner and costume, and terminating wftfc a H vel and peculiar feature, entitled PoLYMELOft, (By way of an epilogue.) IN ITALIAN. TVRK1SH, sSt iss. FRKJJCH. 8'OTCn, And SPANH U I The whole performed by Mlbrt KMMA STANLEY. Mchol Dmictou MR. TUOS. BAKF.R, Formerly leader of JTTLltIEN'8 B A N D . MISS EMMA STANLEY Will appear on each Tl'HSDAY, THl'RBDAY AND .SATURDAY. Ticket* Ftlty rents. Orchestra rhairi, Oue dollar; Private botes, Five dollar*. Doom open at 7 ; to commence at 4 o clock. SI MMER RETREAT. -TUB KRANKLIN ML'HEPM, W Grand street, la decidedly iho roolxst place 10 paaa an hour or two, and haten to the warbling* ol toe t'emala *per? troupe, and we the heauul ul pom * of Miulame WarMn a com pany of Model ArtlateB. Every afu-ruoou at 3, and every even ing at H. BELLEYVE GARDENS. FOOT OP EIG11TICTH ?treet, Eaat riTer ? A ORAND HATRED CONCERT Will be Riven eykhy Kikuat by the wcfl knows WASH INGTON HANI). comnM-ncing at 3 t'clock P. M. Admla ?iou, including retreahmrnt. W.'j oenU. The garden WU1 be open week day* ? admlMlon free Second and Third avenue ram naaa every Ave mlnutea. I'rocramme for Sunday, July C ISM. 1'aBT I. 1. Grand March. HUbrecbt 1. Serenade Schubert 3. Polka ? " Me< r Convent" LablUky 4. Air ? " Ine b??t Kyea" Mag MB 9. Hchotu?ch Hueoger 6. t'avatlna? " Sonnambal/x Be liml fan II. I. Pat p?uri? "Kuryanthe ' Waber J. Pralae of Tear* Schubert 3. Walt* ? "I/dcreiia Hnrila" D01MM 4. Ballad, " The Spirit of Love" ? . . ? Polka Joe. fluaM) ?. Galop, "UydePark" LafetUkf Paav III. 1. Introduction ? " Norma ' Bellini 2. " The FLreman'a Death'' 3. Air. "A* I view the *cetM? ? -"Sounainbula'' Baikal 4. l'olka, "Chr 'tmae ' I emby 5. Ferxette ? Krnam ' V?n? 6. yuickatep Medley HUbrecbt S. WARD, rroprletor. FBANKLIN MrSEl'M, XT GRAND STRBKT, ONK door from Broadway ? Open every afternoon and nigh*. by Madame Warteo'e troupe of Model Arttatea, twenty aaveo la lumber, compeerd of aotue oftbc fijint formed wotuea in the world, in fourteen living pictrtrea. Performance milbcdcm at S In tbe afternoon, aud at 8 In the evening. G MIHIHI II FALArC* W ART, M BBOAfWAY, OOH | laina Oie larga* aihiMUi u tf iu.ely ftniabad and dagoerraotwea world, aad t* fraa laav?tton ef ttMia KBI.LF.B A EMPIRE HALL, MS BROADWAY- TH? eaokat hall In New York.? Pint week of the UoAr P? milv the celebrated Tyrolean alflgera. Mr. Keller in (We new ubleaui. Performance at 8 o clock. For parueulan tee blllr Gaiety theatre, new obij;an8.-vantbd, a uumber af male and female ohorua alngere, aleo (? aaMat in the general bualneea of the theatre. Apply imai rtlalalT t# ( HAS T1IOH. PABSLOB, for W. U Crtap, offic, Acha* bera wreet FBANKLIN MVSF.CM, 127 GRAND STREET? W OFKM every afternoon and evening. With a company uf la. - c led artUu. One door from Broadway^ CARD.? ST. LOCIS THEATRE, ST IX)C0l, ?T CMKU lea Theatre, New Orleane; Mobile Tneatre. MebflK Ml atara wtahiug U> vialt the above theatre* dunug the tin It ? fall and winter, will nddrraa leU<-ralo U. PARSI^B, Agent, aa the undersigned la In the city tut the purpoae of a>-goUaiJnf eugag? uituta. B. DE RAM. ivwncm rxrobti. B*tii hotel? ska hidb-wim. rb or** ro* I transient ami permanent boarder* for t/M mmk. .'vly 10 llarm.uu. bawling aliejr*. billiard atablo an I aha fa will tw lot to rrapetialbla partita for lb? ae.taon. laaulreg* 'be rrtwiw '- B. BATHLIM. Bay him. cottaok. mocth \biioy, n. j.-twb H huuar In dow open fur tAe rercptlun of twrataneot or tranairnt board.-ra. It* locality r.,mbuie* all ih.' .IV antral* fur a pli 'Mia ?i.nqn. r reaort. OLl VKR 'Dl. Lakh vnuinvR nor*B? unr atbo rora mom ?I ? i ' ?>? ? ?mt- i I 1'oekakUl. ? '(tnlttljMW hoardrr* rwwjiueat kaa?? PoabekUl railroad iH>? V lb? tbtir hone o?i a/ftaai of oar* train HtW< 10 U. V. Jonea. IMT -Broadway A^ W. f AIJtlR, Froyflwir. LA FAVORttA, OI.BB OOVK, U I.. rOBWKRLY known aa the Triton llouae ? Keraona v< 1H> ill? I by the day. w . tfc or th? mms, at mnderaM rrwaa. Apuiy <o IM.l'i.1 A s TaVLOB. Kaq . at l*a X?w Turk r?al jSc?. or to r. J. DAT1H, La rartaHa _______ MASTIIOrK HOrRK. MASTnorr, riBB OOCBTY, Fa . foa the line of the Bew York ..ivl Krte Railroad). C. H. K in f proprietor ? Tbr Maatbope Itouee la alia mill ?? nated on ur baak* of Um Delaware rlrar, 117 Bw'i fi "I *?? York city, Ml a healthy locality alR<rdtnK eer ry ffcriiitj tv r ?c Joying tba aport vf Aahinjr. hnnttnf riding aaltuig, ie Tba h.,iiatf la newly bnllt and filled up with andam I ' I MM arr large, well ventilated, and In eear? reajieet au perlor lo moat of the country boielw Tin* areaery la tmpraaata* and beautiful, and to lurera or tha iiiniaiitb' no utor?! JeugWul pU'-a ro'ild ba found. KapaciaSy to peraona frotn the '?Hj, wbo aprad th' aumiaer In tin' oounlry. It. la will b- a pknaaact HlftM riia proprietor will 'para no paui* to ntak* l*e ?? lonru i ( t u* ?ta \j iraaatit and comfortable. Maamori. June 14. I**. CHARLF* B. Il.VB. SBA BATIIIVO ? I/INO Hit A S0I1 ?TUB KABNION Uoua? lauow av- u for jvrmau^m and Ir.uwMinl .,*?r?lar?. XAMt rL LAIRl' l-rwf .'^r Sba BATHiB<! Lova pb hvcw. b t -rr. bktio laa Hat* I ? ill be op.n far Ibe rarapUon r( baardrra a ad trana*m? vtaitrra Jul? I I hie butrl la aBtiraiy bow aat m ? n# of um fln?M laratwwia Iba prr.prtauir ?<>li< "la t >ka>? af juivlir patrona^f AddrfM lll"U MABNAIlAM, PrayrM Tar rgopBiFToB or rnr amtrtah n<nwn+ At RiltfMr.D. t' latar reality. B Y., o?ar. tba boat of mm moda'lofia U?r famt.? a and ?mala |tritl?n. an tfca otaat raa aooaMa Mr ma Tba b<iaaa la plraaantlt aBaalad a tew *Ul*a from the llifiaoa la tiia oatf bborboad ?f Ika ? fetalis W*aa lalaa ID tba aw -at plet'ir .a^ua part of Um coMtry Aidraaa ' tiarlaa Blcphaaa, AaarMM HaMt. B >???>??, lT?a* w?<y. ' Tub fAYtutiB BfTRl. roRT WATOiB<rrrj?. Kbr<-wab'iry, B. J . la now <j?rn for llo rarajmoa -I lran?iai t or paawanant boardara Tba Meanx-rf tlaaaa *li? and Laara 'aa?a !Aa pier at fcnt of Robtaaaa traat dally. WGIM A!tP tBtPOM. Bovntoy whivkky -w? babrki/i pprb oi.o Bo irlvfi and ry wblakry. for ?ai? by W. H. L1TTI.B, 03 Watrr Wt. at. (^LABBTK <1 ABrrw O.ABBTB? BT TUB fit J datan, aultabla f>tr family and b?" 1 aaa, ai tba Mw^at {rfaoa Wtnaa <>f all deaartpttonv bran.Uaa. Ac tao^h alaa, a.n>loa and lHil.Ua port./, at V"Hk.RIUU. A MATTER M)> t?. Ilrowue avert. KBOICAla A TARH TO ritBAl.RH-nvBSKS a TABB, COHM!* UX of Rr"a>lway atxl I'nane. f II Rln*. -orn r?if H-oi.t?my und 'ohn: A. B and I? Jtaoda, onrner orR'Hllam M l FnHatii llall. B'l kr| A Co., n? lit eana t-'h C V. t ' leaner A ?'? o orner nf <ireenwl?-h and Harflay Whitehead A Hrna., IU flreeawlrh. Bra Hayea 175 falUW aU-aal, HroaH' a ar? af rata for Dr. iH.'r'HIt'Oi roM. o ntUa. ihe >aly oaf" an 1 reliable rrtaily for all dla< aae pe< uiiar to fk-natM. Frtea tl prrboi. alan b> drngiMaaanerally D" B W AKD'R OrrORtVBATM FR1*NF> A.vrT oflTFR MMMIN f?medl. a, arn at the r*' */e? pf Jiaeaae. ao frtflKftil If albn<d ?< attend, and abort I J a ra.t I rata alt the pot aoTiou* Tl| ua Oreat attention to ea<-h raae aa>l ? W* "?ra Wurraated Offtre Jto Jft I 'taal ?u?et eornor IHoaiVay DB IIUBTItR B KKW BKnif Al.WiiRK TliBTAnF.yi* ft M Ml : ?*?>?* full of aolored plat, a; *lve? all -be ad Tarllaed rrmadi- a. ab..?? hta treatment Will Ml certain <Ua eaaoa a a where the (Xbr doetont fatl t'rtoe M ae nM, M b'' bad ?! Ma ?ld diapenaart, ?o .1 IMvwImi tlrurt, B. f. DR IT t IVt'M * FAB IS A V It I4TrImtS~ m t-KHAf. Ad<wr and B <nlat|n O tilde , juth ?dtt*?tt, W pac- a. im elee'roii f?l IHitatratkina It alvea the advartlaed ti, aad ?ho?a Ike auperkirlty of the author * I'aria and 'r. atm. Ill of frtaln ?IWu'iwa, Alan nrrroua detllltj, Inralaii l smerai. fWrni nr.'*. ?? an.l ln lla.-reUen, Ac H#'? all ?'Kh dtae*?"Bai ?2 tt. reea- ?tr?-."t, aotner <4 hfM i^ipnattr Mt V srholaa Hotel, fnmi 10 V M till V in ike at < nbwt; Hmidaya, 1 to .1 I* M. We r- roinioan l I?r I itrmun* uj tb? aflltrle.l ? ' <Hirter ilea Rtata V'nia. ^toata " ItlMH PRtt At* oamciiArHm-Dl~ t aivob ?m Atr a kma aart.a of raara aoofeied hut atWmUoa Va 111*, aaara of a errvain rtaaa. tn wtii'li br baa tr^alnd not ieaa *ha* twant* Ifeonaaed ?aae*. wRhoiu an twatttr of faiinr? Tbe remedloa are ?tlld, and tAere ? bo InMrr iplkm n bnakteaa ?r ahatifr of llrt I>r Wataon M In aoivuuit attendance front ? hi -tie nv r-.'.ng onUI I at nlfht, at hta onnawtunc iwtna ?M raaldatnre 14 Walker aMt * l?w do<ira ??atnf Br nwt ? ?r W I U.I A M W ATCOB. B. D.. f ormeriT war* -on la Ike UMk Hoap.taL IIICCiRP * rRtrTTfJB --DR. c" f? B ABVOBS, rr>%. Jl merly a pap' ??b Rlenrd i?f Parta. and wHb ftra. Bar nneban and Boo, of that eitf , mar be araumltad few tba aara an Important rlaa* nf rtiaeaa-a Inr adtnc tbewa of the *rn?| an I tunc* At ha medtral Mi l attrfW at moa*. IN Broa-lwar dallf. fWitn Pb I, and frow I lo St? o'c lip Be letKlwra M the ?iltrtrd r>a?til'? aaauriun e of r*nef wabnaw ateo if letter aitd medleAaea aeat tVtwam IwWoma an P-aneala n u ?A*ii-)Mn. a. at Ut'Rrrrnr tut f .tRnn biortcb \tb <t rBiFlcn I? and i^tliar tinriraltetf rawterffea Th- moat ttowerfui pa. fbet, and at "he ? in?e Unw nilbi *' "two, Mia ?ew the only re fttediea '|mt ? at er .1 f. ?t: .til WMMl i weel t)lr>