Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1856 Page 2
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fee *<n *iat Mr >ffto*>a. * January UW. wrote to Waahingloo 10 Mb aertam hie wisbe- respecting the particular dress and attitude u> be adopted. It was act until the 1st of Auguat ?r the cam* y?*r U>nl the 6aner*? replied. The latter ta ?anarkahiy cbaractenatic of the man It is diBMeat. die atoim- suits, lent knowledge of the art of sculpture to ap n,. bw judgment to the taste of connott.seura; he would tee |M-rl?U) aaUeOad with whatever night be judged to* cut and proper ? three were the worda of peei liarity to hu awsniDg : he would scarcely venture to suggest the Inexpeoteocy of a servile iJheres? to the garb of aattqul U u nmiowt to none link deviation in favor of the modern lime, IT he had not teamed from Ool Humphreys that was hinted in conversation by Mr. West U> Mr. He uiderstood that thu taste, tutroduced in by Mr. West, was received with applause, and prevailed extensively. This, doutitlesa, mainly decided ??- rbarw w r ot l be cfstume, which haa been so badly crtOcfeed by a fal-v last* Houuoa had *?? Washing V 1?, " feettil and proper ' *m htsjdeaa of the teMe. V eat barf wnwl wHh Nuadoa. Two geaulme Amen nfpare, ptor*toclatoe>-Jee'on?oa and trankhn? were weeertt*lt<1niV .< the work Three ctrcn?ii.-<a?ces and tee *** that Hmxton was a true madter, determined we a? i. tf?, atnuide ami the emblems. The figure is i4u aerveet te> tbe^l ft olttee dress, an as to display the wotttoes of tfee body and of every hmb. The State re ?otws were Initoi to, and the tiervernor. ft is seea> was artered to proawe a statm- of lienor*! Washingta* and tatbc -order V) Mr l'eale. ho wws V> take a oopf of the rM-v of the lau- i <nniuumler 10 Ch*sf U> be trittMmiWa Br. Jefferson. The "General," the ' Corns** ade.--to Chief," wan to be represented the costume, then efore, <4* tetft of the military man. Re is in the re.'Jlw lebtols ???sf Oaoeral'Wn^hiDtfUwi. "Bill he was more than, miliar ? be was aeitm'n, too ? a citfien, soldier, C.en?r?.l and O . in taaader In Chief. -He Uieiwfbre has not thtl '*<*<[* lted i; but, 'though in military ami and Med and spurred and f* ived fbr -ervio V, bo has i clil I'scauein Ui* light hand, and the toibelted sword twigs In view, bat uot ?a his per***. I*!*ce was'he end m hie warfare*? Uie conquest of right bw aim ? tb* sword trksciiie to luni. and he laid it is<lo wtieu* ver and wherever b?> could re*t for a moata l ou the stage of ?tvM We. (l/iud iba?rs.) . , .w ... The eoitume is "d*"etit and proper " and thr erablem1! ?ww m swnUlcant asohey are ifmple They tel. tlieir ? wn "?>r>ri--ir I have i m beenahl-* to f nd an) rttord ol their iir'r- hy Houdon Wmself, or by fetfer-on, or any othor person, and I thereiore am left* pve my rwa mterpre toUou of them V uhbiDglfHi ? la* is on the mother earth. Nbe olou^hcWe jrfaced u u the lei? by lus i?*rt. These signify flM i' lea of "couatry." that*wt endearing and precious word of imtriottsm. They impJy, also, the favorite Cin ?tMMktU?> iike ocx'upatiuu of tb@ man. agricultural Uiuvixe. gu arts of husbandry and httmble industry and Ubor; ftte hmnil^.tM>ns ol' prosperity, of plenty an 1 providence, Mrt ?i,de|iendeocc for a i?-ofKc and th-y j>oim higher u? to feo?l reminding us of the ^urce whence we came, asd ?t?ur kit in h(v. and to whaf. we must return, man's on ?to hto duties, his dependence and his end. Lpr.ght en Se'ploogbsbare. r-t thehagfcage roll of a tent or tuar ??re iu a buntiK of fketes. houod around by hri?d csii e?Sf tua|*>. f'.<riiiiu / a piilar, deuotiiig union and strength lit- ; tea ol the "A' pii rU-us unum ihi that fakar touig-^ the sw*tu at re?*t. <'v**r it is thrown li a- hiuifiss s mantle ui.u over all he leans u i k >ti {? il^?* trnA bi- i el t arm. God. nil n m*?th?T earth, co'intry. de Cdenre upi't lU'i - try. Uix.r ar.d union these are the ts convex ed to m< t>? Uu-s. emb.i lis. The attitude of the ?.?efM'n is that of a miwl of Kgh ttbocgiil, c?!m. but elate, and roused to attention, tak 14; ? tor see. 1^. survey of a aua expuise before u ta. ta esprit >n ?s grave, but -erene composwl. but ear mmt and intense still hot prepared lor action . %wt ready at a tuum' K. He is iti ftlan lin,{ repose, at l , - brow with bare front, with n<> chapeac in ?to hi but with sword witliin reach. Wisdom aad pro yyL>fw *> IU *U?1 a OOUUtWUSDCiiS Clllit'Ctf 1 ?toesgt'- D hu whi?ie posture and preseu:e. >'ir?aness -ate a|?<ii h.s hp and chin forutude on his chaak; th?*j:tii mm hfc? bmw and yet a surpassing sweetness pervades the wao.t late, which make* us feel Hrw awfril *<s"lr>e?? i?. and ?ee Virtue ? brr khaoe bow lovely. to 1TM C?-ngrexs resolved upon a Washinrton *?t ?e, aanertriao in bronae. Tb.s W Houdoo ex|?w?d w l?e ?Mt>M>>.d to execute. In bis letter of July lil. 1TW-. to toe Virginia dei> gates in Coccres^. Mr Jeffereer pre aeute-t Mr Hondon. with the assurance that be wecld c<? tow audtrtaken tlx voyage lor the iw-Jestr^.n ?*tue, toMl tve not btin asmred'ol his recommendations for Uie grrmt-r work. The equestrian has never been begun. ?a?<akif which Googre- orde?<d to be erectr*! on tfcea|X< of U>e sorreader of Cornwailis. at YorkU'Wn. u be or mtKH+u d with the arms of y ranee ?n<. v* the Coiled fh.lrr in alliance, has never b?"eu more Uian resolved ?um. The stall*-" by Canova, lor North Carolina, was ftnrot ChantreJ a. at B<isV>u. is like that of CMnora, mil the ideal Wasfct&gtM of the arust. Tlie mearument to "Baltwnoro is b?K a magnlOcent pile of marble. The ?piu-xa'. by Greeoeugli, in Washington City, Is naked, tovn iK not ?rai tbly ? we itobk not Chrtabaa? frtJ not tove done for H.*i?- beur?a inscribed with dtoaabter ) and is i>x fit to: tlic Capitol of the I nited states. dTu,.- >t is not Aaaerx an. H is a m-nstrous imiUVom -?f aawethikC ?yth<i>afu?l . ?l'*t. no classics toll of. It is an MJ,H, -Ki- Stmvl ]4V<1 ? {lJMiglMcr ) ? Uie eomwence Mat of tlie latin ?scni u?u upon it- our stauary ^n tee Unit' d HaW* I* curious in its history. The Italian ?teo wrought ih- far basso reiievoe of the rotunda ?f the tepttol toid a sU?ry of our settlement, which we waited Mt of until rtwss aster pretcd by au Indian. Over ta? aaat door is the Old World eomingW ^the tono (?flermi: him an ear ol corn. Over Uie north <??r ta William l'enn tieatmg with Indians under the nak< *? tee vircin lorest. Over Uie west door is pocahwtas BVB, Cat'f. Smith. Over the south door is Onnlel to the aet ef slay 'ng ?*'e Indian warrior, with his f??t Mao anether slain. "True, true, true, ' eiclaimed the mZ* tfcere, ? ti the ea?t door, "you c*?e. mmd we save vou corn," "Uiere " poinang toPean, "y??u Mt us in treaty, and cheated us o' onr land?;" '' tb-vu. nawunK to Cnidain smith, "we sav-xl your lile; "and ^See' Delating to Booih'. " you take oar lives ?") well n^ ear tends The old tloqnent mil, Tristram Burgess, or ?hade Island speaking of luuiau relations in the House of lapresentauve* alluued U> B?s>oe in coolest atth the two wSln chiefs and in reference to Uie fact that the fallen stoef is very crowded in posture for want of room in the ? -i he -aid ? -"Mr Speaker, the very statuary of your setoniia shoes that you have not 1?IX the Indian < round rT--" on (Uujhter.) Perr?c the Mtlptoc to p?mce and War and of Off dlacovery by Col imhus, toW me that be once visited R chmond to see this statue of ?afhmaVMi ay Houdon. A toreiguer, and hi ought op toatie meretricious school of lUliau art. he was not pre tere< l fiT the costume and drapery which was thouglt '^decent and proier' for America. He etitere I the ves n Uie Mat* Capitol, where Uie statue -lands and KW.- l-tjag rt. turned to a frteftd, and said in a for aton a?.ceut " Ah that head la subume, it a wwmnd mauuiflu'"' ? but it does not belong to that ahail Juat that head ought to be cut oO toa u??t boity - One of the Virginia board. &t-nding mmr UiougU an Italian or Frenchman aas say .u^ a?b kwton s bead ought to have beea col ofl. and he i nmw I Mlv acid violently setae?l the supposed culprit, an?* was torrmti Iimb <Mii of the door, when an ctuianaU^n was ? UkJi evinced s bail taste, but ni balfr. tire Etrr 1 gt, let Ittersver lie wlthUe Vir.ii ? ?i i d reoilebsd ui the service or always ??*i. n ; . mi Mfcl M ih*! eaU P of tof h"U(>r and ruiiowti. i*H ii u^v?f prrm* an irravereot lUwwii to Oeorgs ffaiun?l* ^?tee Hriuduti coiled nature and ftdlawed truth, ao^wil' bear eaipanaiKi aith aajr aliigle flg,ire of the Ktotofi or iirmsk achool. M hile tt ?? sunple in it? ta-te uf cottume. toauery and emhW-ui?. u ta most cunningly wrought? it ij newi and real. n?* imaginary? it is Christian. teaabeowti /towltoar) * Is American, aot classi al; It is liasian cot nffliukf s'll. 0ach Is I loodoo 4 Washing n v<.;) lU(| ual one among the b"nt of m?n and awt eaiuieot of a/U-ls transmit the form of the greatest teaman bei? lector to pw teritf . And its pew US (ave It aur<t>m> ve virtue M has <j??aed art in uioth?r lot km te* transmitte d Washinitoo. and our own Vir,rtnU art tot? Jl ibar !? hn- trac- mas'l HeadoS. Th* Uronae copy wht ). we tins 1 lag put upon lis puoth is e*ait an 4 b it T-wer m thT dtonily -f art tiuin the great artotbal to marble Time and its mutilation hal as atoled the marble fderes Had alrealy been tiroaen ofl Ar,. Was to?irly Uireateotn* Ui ile^rof the work o tee master - hand and the only egacl and autUente- form to the mtchty orw*al. when toe is?<Hry as well as pivty am<i patr?4i-m of ??ir ' wn arts t sought U> ensure the per BaatKsi t.i |w?t> tty by a perdurable copy in bronie. a linn Jon's Httbard war a pa-sHiste pertorm^nre Be m both a (winter and a reseller in -Utuarv. and artM hke. is |s*ir. with a wife to and a fsrnily nf eteibiren to nurture and educate H- too. "pslnle 1 fbr at my " and saw the ? l>an< < U. *na?' h it in a cast from Emidon as Hoodoei hail taught 4 from Wnshiugtrn. The totor .Mies were aim. t in- urm -?it labia. Ma brooie atato* liad been oast whole in the C nlted ittates. He hail ao funws akr that lor the atatue of Isiuls the FifVieMh TV? were w> eiperieneeil men nf Munich In our co'intry to mi* and melt and mould the metal and to make th 1 ?srtfei moulds. s?eb as the I talis a* use, was tee 1 1 alm>st mm art. WlMi theae otisbructioaa. aad but ?mall means, aaUiir g daunted, geftri ously he ????ay>d Uie (sous under tohmg. He s i|?riatende<t the making of the moulds In aarwm. at eeewdeireble cost of taltor money and time wn> but the begtnnmg ha expense He had to teoMd a flu oa>e now unlit for any other operation than ?wt of the fliie arts This was not Uie ?<>4 nf the beir n ? ?-? nf the trial, risk and outlay. He had pi employ tarkmen who rame from abroad, and procure materul-e The advances look aearly all of bl? aval .able robins. Bnt at tost the famuee was heated . the to la, 1 were mi* yd MW1 aaillen. the moulds Were embedded; the glow tog flood was poured into them and ihe cast was a totlure The #r-t was broken up and again ttea aw was done wiUi a like result ? a MM?d failure Tbis would have stopp-wl the efforts ?fan ordinary man. Not no with Hubard. H" ha I ?pent fhotwands? had lost all; his fkmlly was made an mo a and he was much stohaiias"- 1 hut the wot 1 fall mm net wr tten in hie voaabutory A friend In Richmond _(1 *nb I had permieelrin to mention the name of thH t^mtfmrUT of the arts, fbr a!l honor *' long as the hronge ftee'i last)? a friend in Richmond advanced the means of a third toMl The day the aid February, A. !> HM?. arnved fhr it to be made The anxiety of the arllst wrvs totease a few friends were present to mingle their hopes and tears with his, and to w tne?s the opening of the iron hoarijriU* of the Airnaee. Two failures had taught the asrsr i ry precaution, the mould '4 Wa*hi"jse^ !-?y tlftn gf aait.OH embedded solid under the liy of tiie lava ?pool the vent holes were care' "r i?t c-i< l ^ tli firing waa aad heated air; the r ?>'* ' * ' ,n ? b-"ke aaray the runiare gate, and Ui? lery cu-, .. < ?m>, r? l aad rushing la. and th I'T iM bronte \ mn-t until the Moaid was fall and 'aid a boiling lak muttering and ViH teltog. whilto H fthrwly eoo|?d to a ??'.?! sea of brass, a ith Its i.wgefi waves Itted. The ca?t at raised, and lo I Mfcerc s .'is the perfnot r*ipy In brotise, of the Houdon. which we will soon aae be r n* (L- id Rleers.) Alj . hail ?li<s) triumph of t\ rg n ai t aid p?itr die devotion ? ell may* thou come out if the third trial a pwrfu- 1 mo of tha tor m of him Wto sn nafsi/e desHrwe'* ft* a ' ' * mould, And e ar toe eae< Liia lei not ;a. *uff grow eoid. Virginia aaoda thee greet ng to her rtstn* gsoeratloa of am" ? th a moUn r'a bss,< 10 see the s- k ui e of iliy as-eatsM <4 orlglcala giva t> our fountry and our PaT^i, .her, and yet another a. the t ?-s arl? he like unto her Orst hirn hero and gage. w? test sh" msv berenfler im '?"T egctoiti n >t " iky ?? tors %isao." hut. WO'e magnnled still In Uer firojeay, i.STv M"4 (U> nd rhmn ) As yet sh- hts , glxvu lb* wofU but one Waabu e^, -fc? had ba4 j ft boat of wn? second only to her greatest and bent. 1 am wataful that sbe ha* orderod another Matu? ? oe.o to him whn, to uee h a own language, to * ?och si' ^uiar tdeaeurein eoi*rmtcndmg the elocution of ih? *, y Hou don? the author ul tho fVclarallou <>l indepcu#eoce and of the act of religious freedom, aud the fou.,der of the University of Virginia. ((?'>d cheer*. ) Ai> ( i am proud that Virginia has yet another artl*t wr ,0 promises to civ* ua an ordinal af our own ? a Jcrt'ers ou in nuuble ? to be oo inferior counter statue of tha' of th ) great Hou don (Cbeirw.) Let him conceive the lather ot demo cracy aa a great reformer, h ? time that of a revolution, bta thentn that ot a new cou'. ry. with a primeval i forest to be cleared away be,0rethe improvements of civUwaUco and urts, stand b< ji >n the costume of a plain cfltin m every sense, bv Uio b ige "tern of a giant oak, the body <* which has JOst been cut uowa; strise a log wood axe.Vhe great emblem of Amer'can -ettlemmt and ahty teller of tlje forest, into the atnmp of the tree, plitce a surveyor's compare on a Jacob's staff by hia nlde m an embKJa of mental survey and of science ap plied V? the slfctesmin and philosopher. 3um? suoB slmrt* dwign as this will present to iKwfruy a American ideaol Monticelto's sage. and it will be we be gWtaiog of a Virginia school of art upon U?e new ?an?n tt?n laid for America by a great marter. I trust to tke rsietical genius of Halt to make something so}} mere a p rjropriale and beautiful tor the r*uud? oithe Cntvnrslly. P X^que-trian "Washington, by Crawford, ba? ?? *? arrival ard ttcmonum. iitatRt?hw?tid?s?oty<rt tlntsb??d. IJke all moo undent-' it. will be but allegorical. H Will not, like thb statue. nerpetaa*' the e??.t imape efthe mm. & human form cf Wnst**t? was allef bias wh*b could lade awav. There was. thersfare. aW of a statne wbkh should fWm M? mmjr hkenc^. But mono menu, there was no n~d of *?? Mm Vkry are erected tor mworlce v.l*cb wav he tor tlre<*me which tniiy be Ibrnolten. <*??' >* higkr r thau any pin niicle wh?ofc oan rt'.r >,.? b.*r < f grander marble (U*l cheers ) wiay \hle monvnieun lotuo cloud* aud they will (X< reach the hidtfbth <* hi" grati deur. (1-oud cheers. ) AM overv *tmic ifaall woe bk<r away or like the rtema s/srtw be brofcesi in the very word ("^rna before the th.< fmne of Wa?*lnujiU>tt ever ft. J" or b*gu* ** yj3 <i?n. (IaukI *nd-eoii?lnu?< obenra.) H 'iveih la the heart*, not ontv ef his fellow ettwstw. bat of al! imr.tMid. Mli-crs.) Tin' monunwnt rony t>e es? ideal of the colo r ial State hi a 1 -wi> ; ot Revolution in a Henry ; of ae?riV *>m constitution in a 1S11 of Tiijiht* ?i a Ma on ; 0t \ndc <.POdenee hi a JelVr^n : <>f the ?aj s and menu^acd ac tKHi ol the Revolution m a V.:l-.c>n ; <* the adjustmeut*>f the times by a juduiary m a "WyUie at id Marshall; nrd the ?whole may be-?urmount<sl by the ti<?d of all tlie crown ,IW glory of all. ma Wash ngtoi.. It may bcve^y ?rand v"rv and beautiful, but still no-m mument can nee to a *JhtahUm in suture. His grjadeur towers jr all : (clieers), it rises not frum '-nrth ? it bows dowt rather from the heavens. (1-oud cheer-.) When the Creative Spirit broiled on the deep tts first ?.n,ni was Ught; rhen heaven, tfceearth and the ***? and the i;rats and he'bs and fruit trees, then the ?u?. and the moon, and the ?feirs also; th?-t> *?e mormnfr. the moving creature that l?ath life. at.J th-B "man in our ?.a g?, al terour lik.-, This last sixth egbrt fla **ed the heavens and tfe earth aud all tiie ho?t W th?a; Intel lect, reason, will, the. nioial > e^e to ha.-e rtomui en over all finished all. The first impress of this image which Divinity stauii?M must iiave been "try beanttrul? we are to'd it was very good. A Ihape. ere"! urrf tall, (iodlik**. ertri; for in th? ?r ?l?vln<? Th? ibfir g^ortouH tinker nimne? Truth. wUdooi, r** ami pure. ? ? * ? # * For *?i<eniplaUon be and valor formed, III* :.Jr luru*' irout hikI >?}?? aa'duna dei la?-?l .tbiwdn:^ rule. ? ? ? ? hlnipMcity and spoiles* ioiwc-'nce. r Sorb wna Adam, tke (nodlleat of ?.-n ?uiee born, ili-s >*as. i he fairenlof her?WUi.'til r* Kve. circe creation's dawn but one other perfect, ms*rnate form to ? artb descenoed? Atiaeether kivefy mnoiiK taa theoaand. rQ mp*rc tile S*?o ??f <iod *?4S "-co cloctnus; tn him ail ho: father ahotie, (?ukatantimlly e?preeaed.nn< in hi* ja<-e I?rrarf?ewiipa?AK?n visibly >rpt,*r?'>l w about end, ai.d wkifcutm.-aaure grace. But t .nce tbe first disobedience and the f>uit, oh, caan? TVui reaettiMeatajae ihy sin. And vet of thia son of fallen man. whose image wc this da> place upon a pedestal, we m*y, wrthout impiety., e* claun.? ' Wall reeve Af^?-t he rtxw. and in bi? rime y i >4jar ,>f Mai'-: <!?'? p"? haaml engraven Prlt>rraiJ>>fi ?at and jiublie eaae; And nrtaeely rouMa^f In hi? jret shone, Maj'tMr. ih<?ich In 11 On ; ??#?*<? aUKxl, Weh Ali'Uleau ah?uld?r? 111 t?l*?r The>?.<^irtol' ?iigbti?i>t m.mae* tea. Puch bis presence seemed, and the ?eemin?r wa? like M:e mac But though ?o go?lllke, wa? oor 1 *?f unapproachable that hia example w^yond the reach ?. ImltnUonr W.J he so tmmstr.His -II virtue we may not follow in b.ttuototi.pai' Wa% or US ? be to iT; mere myth, alar, actual. P~cucaL living, moving an en may uot eniulaWf ^hat la Very of hia migiily greatuesa? 1* it a*y one character ijitirv tn- u? n Mtnc wondroua and un<t?*iaable comi?>un<l orTombm.tH.nTelemonf,r To aay W, no. ao. questions be re U yeu u> day 1 came, lajietocallyou, pupils (K a Virgt*-ai mikury institute, at study of his of his fame, uu.ll bis example has beal so eaf.l ed by almost impious eiwors of praf* as toau-ke imitation by our youth aln^. hopeless. He was but a good and great nian He was lo demigod. He wa* naught in virtue which you a it* w ^d all m.iy not he. tbe simple, secret truth of his gae n;u<wa was. that by uaining, by n oral diaclpline, he gia^ar.-l u?gether each nad every tiartM-ular virtue, and ae ao many forces, bletilcd them in himself, to form ??^s <jreat whole of tnanif strength and l>eauty, which nsade U..m wlmt he waa, -uejond mcnpariM* ' the Urrt ?f ?-<n. (Uud cheera.) But Mke not this idta of virtue jrsUch divides It inU) f^"te- J regret that our thoughts and language Ai. not uxually convey the true a?fi-e of virtue *? a viatic, fiitre pritiCif^On^Jie wbewwf it l*r\-adee and all Cardinal vtrtu?*s arc errors of l??ran morahrM. The Christian aaa*e of v\ctue i* moral goodn^s, aad Imparting eWeaj^v, imwar, force bravery, rakr, ^ it-elf to act anilta a, |ij?vs. it i< not prudeuce. or w?ir |s? ranee, or justice, er fori it u?ie alone, but It exerts itself id every act, and ap pliea theaajne alwajs and everynsUre; virtue is ia<fa vieible. Vi be virtuous ,n the true aense, one must al wavs do Unit which Is a cording to U?e dictates of right and rigbt season. We cannot be f udsnt and yet be lb temperate, unjust or cowardly, u?r iMsyernv;, and yet be impruderg or un!<i?? nor just and atrmg without being prud< nt and ?s*M* rale. The man wbn rekee on one or two or more parte ular qualities and elaiias to be good tor thr?e alone. Is not virtuom in fart. auJ '.uy not be relied on for tf?*e, if be is indifferent as U u?y virtuous qualities or important acts. All lualniee are important, and virtue does ?* dm not pervade every a <? It is the divine elemetit iu out naturt and ieavena the whole man, or it does not truly aad purely exi-t In Una mm* of vtr tue Wastingten > l?tad l? it t .s whole heart, and it went out in fiill nna'ure it?U. tw? every act He was prudent, temperate ust, brave, truthful, dutiful, fearful, pernevnr ln> because he was vlrttwus not virtuous becauM he was any one or all of th"se. Th:s key of his life k''Pi in hand. <ou may unlock all bia motives, and se? aU tbu Meri t springs of hb action. inA you find them m? simple, like all truth, that a littl* child may learn of him. A rapid glance at hi< careCT will U^.U u the |??wer oi no raf gxidnees in hm. _ , He wa< born in Westmoreland, of Virginia, far from an v town, city or in>titution of learning; of a respect able family ?t pe< pic Wl could boast of heredl tary self r??pec?, and good manners ant g.iod mo ral*. lbs lather was a gatli MM, his mother a lady. At ele\< a years of age he he?am? that prnrtous per s-,n in ibe <k?(el? a wm1?;w'b sou, and that widow f^sa remarkable woman, t^he waa stern in^ her do me* lie rule aa mother and mi-tr'es >4 a planter t h'lfne. s ? .men were ever known hewre erelBce 1 of rokxiial tlm<'? In t irgtnta sad the other planbng^tate* (The .adies gated at each mber in ewrnennaewnt as tbeie Word* were utti-r' ?! / So other women uke tlio*e of Old Bi Mrt Uk l t it- l inagH word, "ilomesticlty, " as they did. They ha I homes, *<*re provident, frugal, aelf defying, Npcnu, in dustrwua. "y?teniHiC mi<tre*??^i of bom*-* ? hom^w of a people reared to endurance and to d tr. (Tins was tread ing t*i the ladies' ioe?? they eyed tl?e Oorernar liard.) Tlieir lords were proud m' u. and they were proud iam<^ b a' Mary, the mother of Wa-hu gu?n. Itasl so- n court life but Uiey were not tvight in ten ler acliools of hahtonabie ifl. mm.vy. They were iadtaa. and yet they knew tlieir chiet end of wotnaiih<?>"l? th? y were ' ?tmng minded wotnen" in the true sense, and yet were delloMe, re lined and niodest? to know their feminine dutiiw and spheres? w> be helpmates to hosbati'ls ? to be mistresses to bou> ?-holds ? b be guardian instructors as well aa m -tliers to children. Pur. as t nan, th?y were ab-oluts in equal dignity with thetr W?rds and masters at horns, and h< .tios <-d as tliey were virtuotis abroad, were uprsms In the rracee of p?-r*onal attraction and comsnan 1 By ?uch a motliev WaehmgUm was u iitht the lews^is of virtaiw ?he uugbt him tr th W ben be had ommitb-d a fault he wet t dir' etly to her, and with nplilVd br .w told her all fully She said. '? I forgive you. b?rau?e pin have the r< urac< to V II the truth al ot,ee had you akulk-d away, I rhonld have de-ptsed you. '' There w i< no m'titn, y ia stitut. n<' iolver-iiy for him Hi* mother, h - fathers Israels Mr H M.J and Mr W *m? Uugbt him all he knew sn the ?? hi". I- and Adjutant M i-e. a mu lia man, taught him U.. mao iai evrci-e and I'wned him his ouly b'<.S o?i the arts rt war. and Mon?f"ir Van Br? -i in Jtr'fW'l b m in fet.nrg. jiett toth" trnih he sras tn icht to lov- lal? r, ?nd to ise rar. l .1 to do well everything ne underus* d" Tbc p irp. ? of a fi**t is to create, ta act to do. a of IMty i-"'laU d and inert in a unirer?e lr.>m everlasting the creaUvt; power ?u cr?w live. The "'d Teetaeient say?, ?jod saw , let th?re be i'fht. ' The Vow Testament >ay?. "In the beginning wa- the word, and the srord w?* wtth <iod, aud the word waa f?od The w rd wa*. ' let there be light I,abnr s divine, labor .? productive, and labor was w .rs?u'j a' rili I.e ,rge Wash iig< >n He loved the manly sports and ?verr.lse 1 the b?ly in all Jis feata of agn ty pru lnei at his day He waa very stronc and alliletie and de\eiot?~| hi* mus' lee by ard "U* toll and seasoned hi* bodily health to eever.- endurance. He ?as systei ? iu.-. and ex act. He waa pa<ticulasly attentive t> Ibe mrviue of . ? \ ... 1 inm He was not hn. tn t?rton< b it derived b:? ntetm from the <|evi*e ot hia brnsfier laaren. e. Hie rondiuon. hosr. ter did n>4 require of bun to ! ? : n life pre Uiaturrly Vet wb n he was h it sixteen tears ?f >*?", he was emidoy...| by lord rnirfaf a? ? eyor of his ho mdle * an I jw'hl-ee w-i.l land* :n V ma The gf ntieman'a on thou^ :.t it not nrhoconuni' in him U) pioneer th. wiiderreas. to prv, ti<s then ie- ? he had learned Ul become al .|u:. nt?.| a III th? Western leu-'-', at d th-" by I ty tfee ? ? ' ? of a fortune- and be went In the green trse of hi* youth Vi the wwi? of VirgiWa ? W~.?,.rn forests, w >h hi< sur vej. fs M r ipa--. ?nd Jjeob s stall in hand, and iierforti.ed bis work -o well tba* the land* he locate I w .ull this I'.ay br rg niillton" ?sf dollars; and afterwards be received arommi?eton ae public surveyor Hi remiine?f not at h<'me, near the anr?a ei'inge, itnl ea?e anrf luvery of the aur?er> nor 'ported away hia lime ami i?t borj?* nod fox hontid' labor, w th a purpose guVlei hy B -ense of duty mad* follow the ' vine fnstlacts of a ?ohie nature, >nd aprt'.i h i exr-r to U?* <W^1 >n the nnrer'e by lebnr and end inaif e. So oe^'ipation was trsi lowly for bin. d d w . < t: >> *t abo ii wn' *b > H I gmpley bfBr*. if. 1'" d enity wn* ? i,?air- 1 bv v. ,r aid bit work, wbnjevctit was, h<ilwtygde'.Ti. l r.wtfay of bin Wet care and attention. Thus he wan to Mb iwi casting embedded. an 't were, to the v>*^ wftrtar Of vir tue He ?>ecame tarlv tlxed M ton settled prindpli*1 "f IITiK w ?* which prepare* ht. for themi-uon to ft. PWrre, which ctft his soldier ? ?yo wm fort Hu rt u? tie, which brought him in wrtltt with the Iudiaua ?lid ttvelr localities in life. ft" n win which earned him through the w.l.iern.-w. ***?, (evenly ei*ht Oay^, which bound hie watch ct?R efcout him on a railover a fr?>7' n river at Sbanopui. Tb* it wm which made him tiemble i nly wl^u hi* nir**-ty wm compWiU*! by tlie Speaker of the Bourn; of Burgeeaeo in hU return. This rau-cd hi?i a mtmuH. for the dotcuco ol ihe fron tiers Thus it was wtocto conquered Juruonville and taucM bin bow to surrender Ko.tNe.s?*ity. lie ob uin.d a v? tc of thairiw for a 4eh*t ? any man could get a von- of (tanks for a victory. lh.? it was which .made him revtpn ? c<*nmt*non cou'rt not ^md fH>uur: This it wax wblob mn?l? bim a split prostrated man, and a shield in war at Wtaddock's defeat. Thin it ww which umue bun ihe siftject of inspired pr. phecy. Thw it *? wfclrti made him patient under coutumely neglect, m i. Mice and insult. under the order* of the colonial go vci iiirtcDi win k charged with Uif defrnci of Virginia, after HradiKx'k '* defeat. This it wa? which uugbt him to resign bis commission a second time aiyr be ha<l ei.tered F(>rt MlU in triumph. This which bmw? him ever tun- to o??!"1'? nr.. aiiu rnarn early r?uil?? among the ladle* ) Tnw, which fitted him tor the House 01 But ?>*<??-? that <chool for ti aii iih! to many m? n to be counclllora^f a nation ^ .'.I^cd huu or the Consul*, of 1774 and 1775; this Bade torn a man ot exi?rience at forty -three years ot age, in applied science. in practical duties, in a know li'i>e of the fi ouuer, in miliury u airs to adverah) un trial in the buatocsa of h ? maktug, and ol civil eouven Hons, ai.u maue him reudy Lu the KevoJuUom ( l>?ud and long continued cheers ) rhi nuule hiui de .y hun nlf when appoint* d comni nder iii chle , and dectore, ?* But. lest aomv unlucky event should happen, unfa vorabl* to m> reputation. I he< it to be remembered by very gentleman in the room, that I this day declare with the utmost sincerity I do not Uiii.k rayneil e^-ial to he command I am bono.ed nth. As to pay, Mr, 1 oeg cave to assure 'be Congress U.ut a* no |iecuuiary Cou Fideralon co?W tiavc ten.jvo me to accep thw arduous enip'o) ment at Hie ex|?-nr,e of dome stlc ease and haj) plness, 1 do wb-h to make any profit of tC I wU tin in rWi aocoMiit of aay eljasuaes; t>H;se, 1 doubt bTdtXfKed. auu that is all I desire.'' (Cheers ) Kxat "? account nk-e and particular m ex 'nditures. a,*W ui ev.ry Hem of and ^Mt he was v<? wi.^.tv -wt to h a bounty, and his ??rvtoc? w. re within mcoej and wWmit jirfec. ItbuawerehH seM-.ce" Ts't woriM Call UK. Calculus? can Arabic figure? ? an!?1.ra*c signs t? II tl?ir .riceV Yet he gavo aU to8 bis touirtiy ? let-s only to* foou -uid ?ium 4 his ?t*t ot loowotton The saaf- virtia! tauglrt tt at ?elf denial nn a v.- ays ntlord to >h- lrbsral and nn^t grartsus. lti- ?ore bim tbr..ugb tlie t, n i.i'tu that city ?'if e\a twteil. This cau ed biw to say to MwWhusetts. -1 only Mnulatetbe virtue 1'^ ,rii ??>? wrbole province ol Wu.-.-i?ciiu.soft-, w Isoh, with a firmness and patriot..-". w*Us.ut ?^P^ ^ tii ? i! uil U^e comfort- ??! HK.Uil ami political Hie >n tDe ^urport <4 tb<? c?f maikkhi?i auU iht* weKaN i?f our comn^ --ntr^ My liVh-l ?? u? ^ hai l v u.rjroiiifiit of vindirauog th*^ ? to.l ue ^S province again r,,.or,Hl f> ace ^ty and satetv " (iiiud cheer-, a I. b cuimiied for veveral nlp'-i ) Oh Ui.t now devo?e<l pr-?V!iic? lias en " ed pew-e, liberty and -fry t r h<"r i?-<'f)k' would only remeU' ier tli? " - ?* ' *? wa ter prX.or and d. l.v, . . ft Ue-r- > Tl i, ^ught him a ,?er?oa^ digmtt nn-i =?etl res.ui whHh ?<-u..l i.ot .per mil hitiself to be addre?sc'' iu. " ??"O/W-* ^ L^MSlj"i K>(i ' imr an " George W^htogt-'ii." J.C., ?c. THU made Ma.rely on Ins >u-e and on ??t, an 1 save an army ot 13 OOOaxainst 24.000 alter Ae iiWii'V'rs of Long Inland. This cheertd him in the m;d.-H or ceeded, and when General d eaclatmjjd. My?'Od General VorhingL n, how long shall we li> "by, ?r we wto retreti, it nectary, ov.r every uverof our country, aiid then over the mountains, where I will make ,i la*, stand against the ?n?miea ot my country. This toviK?rat?d liim to gather strength Irom w?aknwjs and 1o turv retreat back u,~a victory by^stog the ? oftl?e Iiciaware and thundering at TrenU>n and llgbt ning at l*r^reton. (Uud ch.-rs.) TWs UOfht bim the nolle y or r?*Uness, revived ho|?' against hope, and ra lied r^unU-yT cauae f>om the very depths of desP^ (Cht *-rt.) Coruwallto said, ami hw taittrde mahooa are?ow !? my P-wer tlioy caun-it -scape to night," Sir 'Wm. Enkinc repM"d. " *?> M?. "*?? tni?t< n will net be there at uay breiik 0o4?oi row. the tatterdrmalMoa that cay shouted ?? Uod save Geor^s W^hiDk'lcD/' aad boro down Uic tin# of ?l. p./ -bp /IkMid chocri.) IIm made him n&y ?7eifrs' to l^/ernor ltr.K.ks? " My titpe * to G*k1 only. ?o back u.^saclius^etu^and laws to there were th?-n no Slu?r?K? s rtfl< s for MattachusetU? r(cheera)? chcrehesta ?ai-e. but men and ! money were %-unting to light for real, true liberty, for American (reeden and Independence. 'Uaswl upon a con ^tut'onwid Vawon. (CheeVs.) Hrwore tliat there wa, then a Governor Hrooka ol Massai hu?>r>. and ? ^niner now her Settfftor. (U'lgbwr and oh> ors^ to whW-h U M, of MMiti. Carolina, who was on the P^t'"rm, heartily joined.) This taught him t? bear one d. l?at at Brandvwine. aud another deleat again at Uermantown tailed to r?MBe Uni And tins mail* blm too cautious to be duxzietl bv the success of Gat.*, an m i-o- 1 u ^ ri v ?1 Pi the North i?i-eauant?iity was 'kl"tu'Vl: h,' /Jtno ? as drivel! to no 4?|perM? .lanngs. He todjlhw Ume, an>i saved his >[?> Ibis tnaUo him a Uarn at Hon t-.outh and U> pcrft* 1 pro.ngies <jf |? r^nal valar whilst L" -tormed abOV? tlie roar "I battle that day <>f heat an ofO>lood. (Cheers.) made him iiatowtebW! alike by defeat, or bv the ?h ?.t of public ? red it. or toy lie WM inflexible, and bi-ng the .py,.l*d*e, and shot tl?> mutineers of New Jersey Thi- made lu? et er > igi la nt. to send UtaietteO ' Virginia; U. hllnd CUntom as to his own movements Awards the siege of V?rktown, by Fish easterly activity ?a to finish the triui)|di be fore relnforceaicnts naCd be sent lrom_New Tork. On th?* lVth "f October 17H1. the wh'de British arm) ,urrci*Vjrc4. and wblUt Ournwallta was man-liuig ma with eokf - ca-ed and drills beating defeat, Wa'tongtoii muxnanMU<sis)y said:-- Mt brave fellow-, let no s^??a tloft ot M? auction for tlie triumph you have gained, induce too to insult a talk* enemy ; let no sboiMing. no clamorous tuzzaing increase tlielr mortificatk*. it Is a mllii iciit s?n-'.->ctH>n to na tlMt we wish their huinliaaOon Posterity Wil' hurra for us." (<Jere thunder* of apptauss ?ent lortb frotn the assembly J U? then ordered divine service, thanks ana |*ai*e to (i.W. mnr^, Jncomiuble a'Jtferliig, eo<lurtt* on, keeping up appear ancee which rawed upKMIMHk* could not rulttl. bear ins defeat hi*1? deft at, enough (idwtroy ill cooflnencc .0 him never ce*c*irmg. fighting battles against the foe, Mid envious ll tn?riK? in his own cawp; without men, fc?Ktty or soccees; marching every way; retreating, turning hack to Ugfct and r.ueat again; unable to do any thajr decisive, and doing nothing brilltaK; what l?uie be ooukl do, eclipsed by rival fcuccwsea, he and hw cause F?.rvK?d aU. and by prudence and l-eruevcrance, and iwtouoe and lortltude. and rontinence. and conjun. y, and courage, and inflexibility, and the exercise ot every virMe, he finally crushed the invaders, i and aet an ? pie of magnanimity and i?ety tor which po-?urlty will huzza lorever. (loud cheers.) ibere, the ball of the r. votuuoa, to which 1-atrick Henry had given the find Imt'Ube at th" Old Raleigh, Just twelve milea dUUnt. stopped, Well may the eloquence <>f the \ Irginla ^atnr be rxpresseil by his sutue, on the monument of Wash ingtofi holding the blade of a sword in Urn rlgbt hand. Uie bill of which be presents to Ihe hands of an oppressed teot'Ie Strsnge that the war blast had raged from Mouth to North from the lowlands to the mountains had shot like tlie forked Bjbmlntf in erery direction of deva-ution. and at last mled near where it began, and boib the bei< inning and the end of its tra k In Mrginla, near her v4y i apMal. and not Tar fiom Warbington'a birthplace fAt tin- Ftage of the address some indlvld'ial anxious to get n |<cp at the sutue. proceeded to raise the whto veil which ? i.vcred 11. t ob?el Sii.iUi ..b.erving him rron. the platform, signalled I" him to desltt, wht' h he did. A German who sites! in the archway, or maiu tnlraii. e, un der.tandtng ? ?4< t.el fWh e nude.n* to indicate a desire to un\ ell the sutue, ruehed towards!! and with a *oa! ciri umstances would be commeuda ble proceede?l to remove the cover Tlie Colonel b< < k cned him ofT. but ear h ?itrnal se. med rather U. gi ve the ? i. rroan a rew in.pul-e. lie undsr-U?sl tho m"UoMS U> !m|") greeltt r ncies-ity of des.^h In the' the utue It waa not until lr.f'j?n?ed by lh sentin. I. that he realized the true rn.-s.nng of th? signals. Order b?rg, Gtivernor WW'S proceeded J 1, a .1. final, hut ev.n He n his e .rly tram and hl? v irttie Uugnt liium remit no exerteios. \ > 'ory made him nab m-*- rautm-is. lie iM, "Mt ?reaU*t fear is. thai >lewmg tl.i? stroke o a l*tnt <4 light which may too n.ucb magnify us ir-p- unoe. U?y may tl. ink wir work too wwrly closed, and ta 1 M>> ; ? --tale nf lar. *;w nrt,j " |U- went k U> llie Plul t - nr. rare tor any a?d ?very rev-rse. Ills duty and work iK vVri rded The sa?.e t <rt> ?? bad U wiUi-Un l the In sldi?'Os addreon s which w?re 'irculittnd wh?fi his army had to be disbanded M. n and off ers were ex ita-d ?liiql tliinr far. and lie was '"tr j^'d by the design-, of -nine few V> turn their ?ww<l again, t the country tl.ey had delended. But he was ioc?rr.i|dlble. The gre?t.-t dellv crsnoe of his country. perha|?. I* evw wrjwht was frowi the mutiny wlnel marched to Pbltadelpln* 1 1 laced re? tine Is at the do-* of Congress and ke|?t the members prisoners mm b""r-. He queii?i toe mutinv, dentmaeetl the soldier* "f a day. rindicated Ms veterans, who had borne the heat aud burthen of the war, from lb? disgrace of rebellion, pro claimed pewoe. dlsm.?s-d hM troops from servke, ad .trmed If. them Inters ot a-lvice, and It. the Governor* a i the ^tes valedietorlee. interior only ?o hi* "tareweli Ad dreee at the end c* hM civil service . ? ? r.-moTed, rnshsk?w, nnsedueed. m?errt6e?l, Hta In ahr be keut. I Is love, his *??al; Sor nimdssr.. mr ?? .ncde. wi'k bin wrwizht. To awei re troai iraU or cUsoge his e-iosum mind, Tbougb ningve. A man of Ihe deepest rm 4iens. he was aire, tionate lo wards bts tronsie as hn w. lojal to hia cj.uritry His isirting se?ne w tb bis ofie. rs was mo?t In.. h ng!y ten der <m the of iieoem^r, l:aa, at twslv? o cloek 1 r iwemhled bt? en<n panto -s n arms raised a glass of a n<- are. with a stifleo . ol :e .a' 1 ? 'V itta a b. art fhll of love and gratitude I now take leave * ymi | nv^t le vranly wi?b i hat ywir Intts r < rs ma be as pes. permit a* v'^ir form* r osie* hav- l^?-.i glorio-is and bonnrahrf."

He added? ' I cahmd crrtne to *a?!i of you to Uke mjr leave but ahalt be .d?r.g" If e?cb of you Weild --.nne ?rx1 take my hand " Me t--* th" hand of e?eb m al ienor and In te*s. left U s room, trtwwed by the w.ep ir-g b?nd of heroe?, imh. il whtrh bore him ?*?y He stet?Md iidolt, turned, wavwi his lut wlth"?t . peaking, re* etved a silent saint# m retorr. snd he a ?>t away Hberet Alone with a smalt b. r tie <4 psr* r? in hi* hand, be went to Pbilac lp? la. Thst rtttle bundle r-m tail's! the vow-hers of hi* ae '.ui.t-., win h he tiir'tel to sr-trle to the ?iM??nt Ibrtblng. Was t^ere ev. r - i h a li .man examfetd l-.Hh tl lenty. cflrtm.nee fait! .el! der Is I. h'imutty. rr^, mou bone^f, ?o simple 0 p.ire. so nnafteet*olF nsteral a? lb.?? The r?goHrity an I ?InnteneM. wrn which l.e kspi bis a?: er"if;ts, amidst tbe ror%r nf eeanon. the fatig iee ef the .amp. the cta-h of arm*, the .un of wxr, . t iall;* m raculou* He too* no pne? ?p?..l mn. h o own ?* ; nnd yH. wHh a s< rnpukiu'tie^ th?t * ? / ?i..u* ard nbe tn t cent-'tem, fcn"'- ned to the vvgvim_ri(_ofl^_ <upe v:rt' ?: hurried bin oa to Ax *? *" it'.' Xt? SiSSHS^S 25??5!i A JTttt ^SS ??. "'i/SSft? Milttio idd.wwW *?"?. 'nJ^.' *n5SmM?*? .H.c?? ?? SKffiTSti ??? ? 1 -.t. troa, HaMDRUow tintahed tte wor* ?? moctlonate the * theatre ?*?<*?; "^^^"rdai* I have lartwell ?"?"?* b| >? WJmml(.M?n. and lake my so ? ^ ^ < ( )W. ,,fe ,? what a leave ol all the T ,. L ri.t,i*n. -l I Other s words were ? >rotected but the *word Of Michael. from the armory Of ?on, . WafflveS hi"' '? mpered ? ,h"' ?"??' keeB Nor solid Blight resist lis edge. This entitled him f - go borne .triOta burrW d to Mount Vernon. H there were below iirovxlt nt .or hta Xe^^whore C weu above his ca gnilDeM, ^ .. T?ii"iitv difiercnt in ttils from ^SBTwsssWttHS kmr o.-Xn. ??d to ^riheall^nT imt the it in the l>rin.e of vigorous manhood, flfiy-OM joit tpen, ? i j urin*, ana seasoned. He fortnight ttrfit r iii,iiub*e to the Internal and federal. He v,'u' ' 11.. looked toiler harbors aud improvement* of Urglm*. legislature formed riven. a?d under 1..* iufluence uic uj*.* ,wo ?^\"X''"nv,rf K"ny t? I dollar, t ot<nrvpe nlKl. ?\Z art'. i uln. o, he devoted to worth o *w\ uirtl\ l believe, to the college called af cdmwlkm. end i*irtly, i oeiw , . w t ^ w^a0ra t?r bun at tlil? very LVe iwrft^ union of the ft SffS^ the llartHwil Convention. ami re' ntlliB^tKWorf^tK-o ? fir.-t |( Wlus bellion. l^IZo oC h ooasOrtutiou. He wmrnmm z-"Vi< *s-U" ? "??r s*?f ^is^SsS ?.?>< ? ?'"i ??ESJ JZ, ?r kJSfSwu s2^?^ft3?2~SS5 Tl at iv all < r" t?? it -ball not. it cannot be done. The rou tlituion acd Uio Union ahall be preserved. (l?a l,h\t'.Mion and virtue called him who had presided over L c n' la un to be derived from these the world ot iLe c?>nM'wii ? before be went to Sew \ork mother J great a?0 *arus me that l xhall not be long iuthisw orld l trust in ?.od th.t l may be tomewUa' ?'?PJ JwLibat Virginia woman! She never again *?w thf^.n >he thus *eut to bin dJt?e?, which ?h? bad ao well Uuglit lllIll^h , ?o roar honor '<l re* , Your iriuh and TaJor bearing ; Tbe hravmt are ibe imilereKi, The loving are the (Jar in*. Unanimously ele. U-? Prcsideut, hi* proerew to New Vmk ??' a trui nil'lial prouension. The ?*y waatbrouged l>v < ro*?da throbbing with veueiation. love and gratitude over tl e As? uintiklnk, tear Trenton, the matron* threw a Ui^e of evergrLu* and flowery, with thu u^riru.m I^ec. 20, i ? 4? *'The hefo who defended the mothers will protect the ^ V^n'a" ??ul^i?ot lail^to honor him who was tbe gallant la^S^ano t^eTon of i.lial piety. He met enough to inWM. ate human piide snd vanity, but when a (uard wan aioiounoed to him by a military escort, he ?aid : ??I fe.|Uiro no i! uard but Uic arte, tioo* ol the people. ( Uttd ch?*" ) All ?hi" gave him pain, for be dr. a.ied a reversal of tbi? *titw atti r all bi* en ieavor* to do Ik- iil?nknwtia?ion lasted from 1"M> to Ii97. Be M iira m. nMuroo that he put the new jovernnient into action, nave it its' fl i p-t direction. New, unexampled, its a, tjo" tar In-very mnse problematical. HI* Holve.Uh. |,iohk?n He wssa Judge of men and w iecb-d tlie best cabinet. His Indian i-ll? ) was |*clfle, humane and pa re. tal ?t of-ned tully the wholly Ik w operation of Oie "r^ton, c .1 the fniu-d Hates His foreign policy a'^el w it >a? supreme in suec-ss. No legcrde .i. fff iiipionmcv embarrassed his directness of n. lot tat Ion s4< resv veiled It. Hl? l?0cy ww peace anl STotrahty h>K -.let) valve gainst a U wars of oth. r ?,tl. ns aa4 he lornied entangling alliaocee with none Hif ?ttb ^|*ln and Knglaud, and |?ace with th? hmpernr of V^roceo ; his noti mK-rv.-wioti in the i rent h H, v' l.iticn srul c<iitet t arth <-.-'t hi- sopprwsl?? ofthe ?bi-k. v insurr? tioo, by a prompt ot ??? * meirnt to prevent blo.-M.ed ?* the rankling o? had h; his thud resignation an l retirem nt. his H but two U rm? H? tile PreaMaocy: I.m ahole te'? and urmitiatiou ot civil service, ?\cee.Ut all example*, an . i. nt nioatern. aero base.1 ..(wn no JPreco. lento .and have resulted In a | t< #reas and pr.ap nty i roved bis wL-dom by U.e te'ts of time and f Jetton Ai I i.e con. luled all by a Karewell Ad.lreaa, which U a ;V'illl ^elalK?i ol the elperlewc of the p~t, of tbe {, ('?h i4 tlie i*e-<-tjt. and is a p-oj^iee> for the fut ire ol tl.i, .Kititry. 1" advice lias been ticglected in hot two ii sianee# U <Hir hbtory, and we arc now reaping the crop 1' tr.TV, l.eth which wM .own by tta. two vioto t i - Contrary to it, a sectional line was flvel by tbe loilr of Oie M j sour i Comi'ToniUe; and since then an en . nil. ? uiiioor. was formed by what Is called tbe "Clay I n^Uaer"^.,- a^d ihe eVeta of th?e two are all me l ave to dread in ?w present domertj." and foreign re laia ni. This is more U*n well worthy U tbe noto of tatii.i tsm and states nianshlp. _ . Uniting I'art well to civil We. as well as he nam fondly turned, aa be ever aid, to hU borne at Mount Vernon. There waa hi* hav en. Tliera he wa< tlie . \ery day s?r I ft a man, unalleeted. simple, domestic, ftru t ati.l regular in habits, he '''*,^7 tail "I plantation operaUtm". ^ h^n Col. Meade a#ae<i Mr Curtis his ?teps' n, how be should know General Wa#iiir*toB hLch be met tilfn in U?o flelda, where be out. tl^ answer ^ ;You will meet Mr wtb an old gentleman riding alone, la plain drab *Mhes a broad brimnn d abito bat. a hlekory swMeh In bis liatid awl carrying an umbrella with a long slt?tf. at la. bed to hk. saddle how. tUtw t,eBer?l v ,.l r?ton ' Tliank you, thank you. young geotl -man? I tl.irk if 1 fall la with the Weneral I >hall b.- at* to know 1, ? Who would rot at ? known I ni in the mldsi of a mMUM NwmI W? f * KJ*1 Sm vtotaa " SC M hia pras-aa. though ,o very , , 1 n. r. aw, a?d revercac Uiaad . that ? I W> other ri.n -n.ere, at h. m. he wa-. aa ha had | ever br.n in the held or cabui.t always artinc un r ? r. i tr< l'mg purtwe, governed by a M?a ?a duty, iSSi fc jSTearSmanoe. e*act in Its exccoUoa an i . . . , , .., , r II. w. a l?tr?MM 1 t? < irnce and a I?ttern planter. Aliove all, from l>e l^lJll ie he was a Chrtstlaa frartieUly i-mv he ? r tied WIlMW. ? P***" aDdJ1" w*r' I or Cabinet, or oathe farm. t? of t^d-uj<w s . itai ee' In aid of second causes, wbicb he waa careful .. ,t m,iostrlo?s to exert, to apply and to im|*ore. IfcOtigL ht liad litik-Atd the ?1. a h ? i : r ard be was ready aad loyal to tlo >t Tl eei.. . . ,V. to '. 10 tie II I : 1 tin pro ? . artn? i".i.r"i ?????? iSSim .???. ai iTBTaftf? 5TS? , , V o' ? I h 1 I ? ? I ? ' ' ?" ^ drai the aWatto* piifat wa aad cade* ????*; ? ....,,ih. s..?,.le,t of seWtirg proper rhars.ters to off eer the twenty four regiments of infat tr fitter tt.-d to be area' "ally raised by 1 h i?<io He ^i?*ak!* e?^e? tally of elvat wie jw InmA .4 VVJ rs should be It portrays the rare with which be cansed the selections for the aravMMtai army to he made, and taenleatee the Inestimable truth that It la " a delMlya hope thai m< n Of b?\ h?h?t#. by bHnii Iran# planted lair the trmjr, Wid lieroinr good men and gm?l ofltoars." To you I de T^lleTlTtruT.nd the pabVaUoa of th?. letter woMhy iir^Jrreervwd a a a monument ?f historr. and a mor ^'^^MhlnVton - moral ph.k*o,,by ^is letter ? 17th day of the June before be died. K,il with all this lerferttoa and peWbrmanee aboot hm so worthy of the highest adiniratloo and ^ratltnde^ i . , m fail t<> r. memb. r that In his day and time of action and triil he had bitter enemies, who maligned and erivMiua'y critic l?' d b-th his rondel aai his m^lre. ?n, ere is a great leswn la Uils remembrance to all who _m>ki fireiwre thrm*etraa to serve mankind. They aiiwt esprit pwrsel-MtMi and ingratitude, and must n?d be de I?rred br nailer and tin. harttablenees, ho msn was IVer more uadueed at home and abroad than fieorge WashMKm The minions of de?pota derided him, as Z 1b tbe eatlre of Tom Moot e. Traitors ate! tories, rene TarfV. and ref-.r*' at h?m? a?pera.-d him wltli contempt fo? bis rrelensw n- losbtlit,. and with slanderou? Imptl- I Of a de-if ( ' o ? ' 1 * r ,nd a it.srat laano.-Mes beset I m on every hand, in the army and aft. rwatds in tbe . vll a.lnlnhtrat.on II" wa. too good -TiJ^iaot to t* tha oWaalof snrv. hn .< and p SCt^ ' ?-?*'?" ; > , ? th.rtj alwied at bis rrpntation snd senstWWtlea. He Z m lo t a mm I M ? m I? tons with o -r-elves. His a?. italolit% was immrnse, and hi? ai "r aef-il W'.n s roused l? pa* ?"? fc* ' ?? I ,r, i,i ,1?. Alps I'sr-.g -ir a? well a* d trartian has hf rtte false wite ?a HMl hl? ebaraefor. He la nsraM* SlPVi r" completely vi, ,er the re stri.nt of selfeotnr and ranpe a* v> be like a cold mow | car red maintain smorg Ins pesr'-i-oWd^ grand, alone. '?Ii.ilv in the uiper nii. ii" of m. . .n'to'im above the L, v herd -rfi-sr v ' - ,.h id? a i' true of him. , vorth. ? ieeb' g whk!. repelled by eoHltesa II,. ?? |I . rV - , - t. S'her. a Mount r'lnal of a man. V. -.1. w?t andwaar-aried hv the led flght-mrs rd the Pe-te if r< t liM i*one ai?ow#a to ?r i !,lW 'Mm <le ... -r ' O.I he W?- ?!K>We,||.,t <?? t ,e law | rr. m the very tan I' ar 1 I |? Wrath wa. aln o. divine 1-.^ refr.d m-etl-.- J**' B'l t r>^ j_WliKjL_1oJJl_L_x_ tcp'l'T. 11, tlorft. 1 ai>?'ueiua< k>u.ler U>an the iwu. it General Charles Lee, on tha Held of Monmouth. His lory admits mildly, that b? rode up and auid, "re tha name of Cod, Gtnsral Lm, what has caused ibid ill. timet prudence >" l? insulted him with the reply, " I know no ml blessed with a larger portion ot Unit rascally vir tue than your Kxcelleney." He ro?lo furiously that day over hw equanimity. and sad wan the fate of the miseriv blt man who war* the only officer under hi.s command untortmiale enough to offer him in-olenco. Ho withered I'm tn that time lorth an a limb blasted. Virtue hath that power silently to scathe with its moral might, without ? imn, and to strike down its enemy at once. When the news of M Clair's sad defeat reached him, whilst he was President, he raved for many minutes wltlioat restraint, and railed aloud upon Heaven 's wrath against the neglect ot a command which wan caught in an Indlin umbuet ade. Aflei lie was President, he had a mortifying scene with the then Mr. .lohn Marshall, at Mount Vernon, with wbrrn he was try Ing to prevail to run for a seat in Congress. He healed the wound so handsomely as to prevail in his requt ,-t. aud the speech on Jay's treaty and Uie eminence of the thief Justice afterwards were the fruits of obeying the counsels of one whose very anger and reproach were productive of good to the country, and were turn* d to proofs of private compliment and coa lidi tee. And later still, during the canvass for that very Congress, between Ocneral Itec and Colonel 1 'ay ton la the luii'ux district, Washington became so warm tluit for onie | ersoi.a' intuit he was actually stricken tn the face n tin market hou^e a' Alexandria Ho protected hisau lagt nu-t from the violence of popular resentment; saw tie man fan , and then went home to his closet, as was hu- wont, to regain his equanimity. Iu the same canvass General, 10 prove Uiat he was not so exclusive as to rebuke a trienu for taking a libetty with his person, fa mlliurly walked up to him in a crowd and tapped his (?houlner. He receive ! a look uever to be f.irgotton. ami sbtuuk swu) in confiislon, saying, "It is the lii'st time 1 ever look a liberty with his person, and it will be the last." No man ever in.-pired so much revorence ami w e. He c< mmunded himself, but himself was very ftr< ng and reqi ired constant watoh and ward, as all truly s.tiong and great natures do. It is fa.-liionuble tn udmit that he was not a man of genius. What genius is the world is hatdly agreed. I concur with Pascal, who, in his essay on the strange con trarieties uistovered hi human nature, distingui3bert be tw?en the reasoning power and what he calls " per ception and a blight and lively act of immediate intelli gttice." Perception and consciout ness act before reason quicker than and often pass and surpass her on the way. He says:?" Nor Is it less ridiculous for reason to demand ot those percep ive aud intellectual faculties than it would be lor the said faculties to demand of reason a clear in ception and intuition of all the problems it demonstrates. This defect, therefore, may serve to the huaiblnig of rca sou, which pretend, tobi the judge of all.thlngs, but not to invalidate .ur assurances, as if reason were alone able to tnfoim our judgment. On the contrary, It were to be wished that we had less occasion for rational deduction, and that we km w all llntgH by instinct aud Immediate vn w. Hut nature has denied us this favor, and allows us but few notices of so easy a k:ud, leuv-ng us to work out the rest by laborious consequer.oes, and a continuous series of argument." Willi tins choicest and best dedal ti< n ot gt mus borne in n.ind. 1 challenge all history to fLoa an instance ol an actor wno required ftuvl exerted more the p? r< eptive and intellectual faculties than dIJ ticorge Wa-liinglon In the American Revolution. The whi !<? action of the time, at every turn, put the actor to the sever* st tests ot every power of the human mind. He was found leliberute, yet often ditferiug from his council ot war ; cautious, yet surprisingly prac Using the vtry policy of rai-hnes*; slow, yet moving at a m< tneLt with the celerity of light; minute in detail, yot ci mprt hensive iu the lai get sense of survey and combi nation; a man ol all work and regularly tramel to none; with but few cletneuts of knowledge for any, doing all -ur racing I) well; in every variety of untried scene, and without even ordinary means an J instruments of execu tion, always doing the most with the least; never failing where means appioached equality to the end never lostug un advantage lor want of forecast, and so quick In per ee|tw>ntha he was never surprised; a soldier, yet no polytechnic; a civilian of the highest ogder, yet no r i holar. nor lawyer, nor metaphysician, nor historian ? nothing in preparation, yet everything in accomplish ment. And this unerring course of conduct, successful alike in military and civil life, kept on in its even tenor lor Of ty years, out ot little more than sixty-six of his human existence. Reasoning and Judgment will not ac count for it. It was genius and inspiration, ills worts themselves inherently show that they were constructed by no step by step ot mere ratiocination. Instinct and intuition made tbtm pregnant. He was Commander in Chief, Commissary General, correspondent of C^greus; reasoning constantly and patiently, and anon rushing with sudden celeilty to seize a moment as it llew. He was pre-eminently gifted in the "immediate view, and no less with power to work out the rest by laborious consequences and a coutinued series of argument." Let others boast, then, of a Cosar, or a Charlesagne, or a Cromwell, or a Bonaparte. After ail heroes and sages and their intellects and their act* are measured and summed up to their fullest magnitude ot greatness, we ?Ull may claim that Washinton'a ? ? ? Ureatnrsa will appear Thro tni?i conspicuous, when great ihlngt of small, I artul of hurtful, prosperous ol advrrne. We ran create: aud in what place no eter Thrive under evil, and work rue out of pain, Through labor and endurance. ?Ann chit It) the spirit of tlod did prefer before nil tem ples hut uptight heart and pure, and instructed him. That was his genius. He died as tie lived, and what a beautiful economy there was in his death! Not a faculty was impaired, not an trior hail marred the moral ot his life. At sixty-nlx, not <|Uite threescore years and ten. he was taken away, whilst his example was perfect. He took cold, slighted the symptoms, saying, "Jet it go as it come.'' In the morning ol the Nth Decetfher, '?#, he felt severe illness; t ailed in his overseer, Mr. Rawllngs, to bleed him. He was agitated, and Washington siml to him "don't be afraid." When about lo tie up his arm, he said with dlf tic u It y, " more." After all efforts failed, he designated the |*i*r he meant lor his will, then turned to Tobias I .ear and said. "1 find I am guing; try breath cannot continue long. I believed Irom the first It would be fatul. fto you arrange and record all my nulltary letters and papers; ariaige my accounts and settle my books, a* you know nn re about tin m than any one else, and let Mr. Kaw lings flntsh recording my other letters which he has beguu.'' ft twet n 6 sua t o'clock, be said tu bus physician. Dr. Craik, " I lie) myself going: you liad l? tt?e|st take any more trouble about me but let me go off quMly I cannot aj-t king!'* fhortly after, agatu lie said, " Z sir tor, I die hard, but I am not afraid to go; I believed from my first attatk 1 should not survive It; my breath cannot U t long " About 10 o'clock he made several atteni|>ts to speak to Mr. Iswr. and at last said, "I am Jost innng. Have me decently buried, and do net let my body be put into the vault inlets than two days after I am dead.'' Isar says, "1 bowed assent." He looked at me again and said "1 o yon understand met" I replied "Vie sir." " Tie well.'' sai< I he. And these were his last words, and 'tw well his last words were " TVi well." Just betore he txpued h? felt blx own pulse , his hand fell front his wrl?t, and George Washington was no more. Washington no more* Never 1 He yet liveth' His nsme is ? talisman ? bis home a country's haven of atfec U>?' ? his tomb 1* an a.lar ft>r |?lrtolism's sacrifices? his example of (rue glory Is immortal. Johu Marshal wrote the words, "The man first In war, first iu peace, and first In the brails ot hta fellow clliteiis." Herein our hiMonu be yet lit eili nnd rt igneUi. His lovo of country shall still ln> plre us, his wisdom sh ill Mill guide us. snd Ills I'lti msl spirit s liall still protect i>S? a free, Independent, equal ab'l unilt d jaople. fell n.o not that the virtuous man U not in mortui. of him there Is more; tn; is never no more: he wil ever be thought and truth. Ind If, I; u expire with his breath? Take up bis "Paradise Ln-t." Ills .-till i ii-1? not In U?e pa|M'r and printing? not in the Mgns of thought ? never, but his mind Is living snd ? ill hvi when types 'hall be no more And so the m, and virtue, and action*, and examples, and gti iu- .mil gtio'inrss ol Washington live, live on, and all! live ever whilst his example , Is diffused by divinity throughout the universe. He now presides over us. ai re pott nl than ever to prevail with Providence, the gi aidinn genius of the I niled Htatee of North Amers-a lie guards \irgima. snd Virginia guards the I'mon. We ma) yet look to him? we may follow his example? we may imitate his pure and simple life, snd his plain, manly virtuis ? bis pious patriotism and disinterested devotion to liberty are not berond our reach and If we do but heed him ss our father and best friend, we too may even say in life and at last, ss per?oos and as a people, " TV well I Tls well!" His Image l? placed here to leach yon, military youths, a lesson, and? ? V>n of fcearsn and earth. Attend that thou'rt happy owe to ??od. That thou ronltnuest swh. ow? lo thvtrlf? That la. tn thy obedience, therein ?talid Gentlemen ol the Board of Visiters, fturning to the mem bers tf the Board who were on the platform.) It remains | only to say to yen that the part asatgnetl me by the t.eneral Assembly, to ste this statue (dared upon Its |st destal here. Is {?ift?rmed. 1>i" bronte and the granite are placed erect, snd tlicy stand on the everlasting hills ot the grsttl and beautiful Mockbhdge. I now (< mmit it "to your ort.ers and your rare, to !?e preserved, )<er)?tual as bronss and granite and the ever ?a- tir.g hill-, as a monument of Virginia's gratitude to George Washington, of her munificence to the fine arts, and of lur mother like affection for this noble Institute of military scietce and practice Ma} you guard It, and heaven guard the rommonwralUi. Governor Wise took his seat amid thunders of ap plause. Ju> t as he had rinsed hit address the vet! wat removed (Yem the statue, amid cheers and the firing of csnuon. and it glittered la the srnllght. The immeote assemblage at otK-e rushed from the parade groun I, eager to view this great work. Thouiands who i?ad heard of. but never ?w?n. the great original, by Hondon, the only true like ne?s of the fnUierof his Conntry f^it, sought. With painful anxiety, a favorable opportunity to examine His orm snd ev in -ion of the great hero and patriot The ri<t-h was t nse In faci everything was for U>e lime fortntten in the nixiety to view the statue. After a lap-< of some tifVen "r twenty minutes, the bat talw n of cadrt'1 f iriu<nl within the square, snd t<snlncte.i lie i.-nywi or wiUi his al'ls and the Itnard of Visiters, to hi* q'dWn 1 at rolo?ii I s-mlth's residence The ali ti in of ins |i titule are entertaining the Gover nr r. aidK ai t. lv ?rd of Visiters to a dinner tn a spa? tons rt Mn st the I > * t gtot llotei and in rather ton close p ovl inity to where I sm now engaged writing. Repeated vol ie)s of t lampegne, Which are painfully audible at the point where I sm sealed, Indlctle a happy state of affair* helow It Is bid just to the alumni to ttate. however, that they extended to me a cordial Invitation, which, from th? pressure nl business on hand, and Uie nerossitr of makins i eee*-*ry pre(*ratlons to meet the morning mall. I * as < ompeiled to decline. To mcrirw , the Fourth, the battalion will escort the Ct.vernor snd I'oard of Visiters to church, after whiJh an addiffs will be delivered before the literary socit iios ot the institute by Un Hon I- M. Kritt, This will he followed by the resdi ig of the Declaration ut Ir i'i j et i>nce by one of ihe e alf ts. A r ati' ml oration will then be delivered by Cadet A. V >ai i Derry The.-e Will ha followed by a salutatory b. ri - ly ts'it I' B Milliard, an oiation b> <a>l t 0 1' f P r !.a' glt ar.d a v*lnli<U>ry addrt by Cadet C. M l'U*r. G? -vt- Wise will then deliver an address and roti fer titpree*. abichwtll b- follow '-d by a display of fi-e a 1 1- tin ( ov'i ror * III review th" Cairns of f'*tlt|j, >t six n'clok, P. M , which will close the exr rclsca </ llie t'sy. A cp t ' dhl bill Will romeoffat the (n^titute to m"r r< w I ? We hnv e ladles eno . m here to enliven i i" t re, 1. 1 1 It !-? Ihert 'or# res--onnb'o In in'er tlii' i -p'ny at the ball ?Ul be pr? euwivut y attrAvtlve. 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XJI.ACl BILK _D Airs noma AMTi?oa Khawl nhape MAN1 ILL AS, At very low price*, to close the season, at U in l'ikia Mantilla KMroatcK, Ml Broadway. ogo BmJ>IK Black thread lacks, ok every width-, maw tlllas, with and without flounce*, capes, collars, coiffeur*, burbes, Ac. ; point a (aiguille collars and sleeves, very rich, and Just received, Paris embroidered baaques, skirt*, collar*, handkerchiefs, Ac., very cheap; and a large variety of other beauUfuUooda. MILLKK A GRANT. 371 Broadway. Buee, kink, blue and green French Cambrics and brllUantea* Of superior quality And feat color*,. At UEEKMAN A COMPANY'S, 47S Broadway ?RLACK BARAGE ROBES, THAT HAVE BERN SELL D ins at f 7. ft* aud 99, we now offer at $4, S& and M. By order of C. O. HOOK, Assignees. *03 Broadway. BREAKKAST DRESSES, in .FRKNCH JACONETS, that liave been selliuK at 93 each, we now offer at 12a., fojrleeu yards to the dreaa. By order of C. G. HOOK, As signees, 70S Broadway. Beautiful krknch muslins, in rich colors, thai have been Helling at 2s.. 2a 6d. anil 3a., wo now offer lor la., is. (id. and Via. per yard. By order of C. G. UOOK, Assignees, Jul Broadway. Beautiful bar ages? by the yard, in good my leu and rich color*, arc now offered at In. 6<1., 2s. and i*. Cd., that have buen selling at 4s.. 5?. and 6*. By order of Aa sujuees. C. G. HOOK Si CO., 703 Broitdwajfr CLOSING OUT OK MANTILLAS. The subscriber's alock of Imported aud own manufacture Mantillas nave been mill further reduced In price. The alterations and enlargement* Intended to be mad* 0? the premises will have to be positively commenced by the middle of July, rendering It uocewiary to elear off the whole of like stock prior to that date. GKO. BL' LP IN, Paris Mantilla Emporium, .161 Broadway. Clark's uPool oorru*. Kor Ita strength. m..oothne? aud elaatitfty, obtained A prize medal at the great Paris exposition of 18M. AD aaxabera and assortment* receli ed regularly , and for sale br GKORGK A. CLARK, 33 uey atreal. CLARK'S SPOOL POTTO N. CHEAP LINEN GOODS.? ladies are reminded that the whole of our linen depart ment bus been reduced fully 2S per cent from original cost, la order to effect lt? entire clearance. 12-4 linen sheeting, 7s. 6d.. worth 10s. Gd. All linen napkma, ??., worih 13*. English lonxrlotha, Is., worth Is. Gd. 10-4 tablecloths, 9a., worth 12s. Marseilles, Brilliant*, Swlsa, Cambrics, Acj At the same rale of prices. By order sf C. O. HOOK, Assignee*, 703 Broadway. CI LOSING STORE. ? Sl'KKICE IT TO SAY, OCR STORE ) wa* closed yeaterday, to mark down our stock, to mate room for fall importations. A. JAKOBI A CO., 787 Broadway, below Ninth street. Dry goods dealers, and merchants gink rally, could no doubt greatly enhance their sales by ad verting in the AMERICAN WKKKLY PRESS. which Im read e very u here; also by having bills, Ae., printoa at the of-' flee? aueh as cannot fall to be seeu by everybody who w ?ur streHa. Terms upon the rash principle ? neat, cheap eipedltious. Offioc, northwest corner or Kolton and N? streets. D RK8S GOODS.? THIS DEPARTMENT HAS CNDKB gone a serious reduction In prices since our last an nouncement. In consequence of the very limited time we have left to dispose of it. It ia only necessary for India* to favor u* with a call to be convinced of the fact. C. G. HOOK, M0 Bowery. Embroideries selling ofk--* to clos* otrr t.i* aroos. Consisting of figured laces, embrotdereid mualln, dotted Swlaa, Ac., Ae.. for basque*. Alao embroidered seu, band*, inser tions, edging*, linen hau<lkerehlef? Ae., Ae. ByJBEEK MAN A CO.. 473 Broadway,., EXTRAORDINARY SALK OF DRY GOODS.? NOV. withstanding onr immense sale*, we hav* still a slock oK 9441.100 on hand, aud If out the limited time remaining to dia po?e of it, render* It Imperative to have It eloaed out at an* sacrifice. C. Q. HOOK. M BoweryT HOUKKKEEPINO GOODS.? WK PARTICULARLY IW vlte the attention ol house and hotel keeper*, owners ut steamboats, Ae., to our Immense alock of table linens, napkin*, tow eling*. Sheeting*. Ac., w hich has been again submitted to a. further reduction in prices, In order to clone out that portion of our sioek as quickly as p<?alhU. C. G. HOOK, 3W Itowery. Lack bhawl*-lack points. Lace manUMss, silk Rich and beautifnl style*, _ And very cheap*. By BEKKXAN * COMPANY, 473 Broadway Linen pans, links pans? city cradk ?ut j'lied ? Over two hundred dozen juslfceeived, Inciadtalfl every style of brown and black, plain and perforated. Kar sale low by Y KANCla P. rRKEMAN, Importer, No. HUtUm JJAKIIill DK VOYAGK; ntaVBLUJItf CLOAK. A fall amoriment GKORGK A. HKAKir, *M Broadway. PARIS.? I?A DIES COMING TO PARIS WILL FINI> ehei Mne NUTTING, ancieune m*M?o tliterin, Fan l.onrg m llonori l> Cliatnpa Kit sees, the neweet paUsrn? for dressee, on the most reasonable term*. Kipedlune m ret ranger. BICH GUIPURK ASD ClAmtT LACf MANTLES, TALMAS, At greatly reduced price* _ GKO. BULPIN, Pari* Mantilla Kmportiua. 3tl Broadway. Rkdcction in the pricks or men nut tons, All new gooila. Monilay. July 7. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chamber* and Ki ude street*. s JILK BODES VERY CHEAP. .2 _ . The balance of ear dock Of silk robes _ , Will be sold out very cheap. To make room for fall silk*. BEKKXAN A OHMPaNY, No 47J H read way. SHIRTS. STOCKS AND COIXARS? CITY AMD OOPM try mere han IS can asenrt th-mselVM tn this setahlMiment, from one of the !e"geai and dMileeet atoek* of good* In the country, on the brat'Tnis Ceil and see M Wll Jo.f, enrw of ( on is Ddt street ami Broadway, under the UUeey HiiIiIIm alao entrance in Broa.l?ay TRAVELLING CLOAKS. JAMM A. HKARN, 775 Hpnadway. Above Ninth street. B ?ILUNERT, *C\ LOOMKRS, in >N NETS, AND LADIES' STRAW GOODS, at BENNETT H. No. Broad way. oppnaiteM Ntehela^ upstair*. The ?uperh *?<? k of ladle*' l?*l>knwhie straw gno>ie here. uti*iirpu*a?d for be?uiy ami Antah. la now being aold at wi'hout re*erve. and *oeh as wish to obtain the traalrst bar gains in the market should avail themael*e? of Iht* opportnn'tjr wllhont delay. Cleaning and slierini: In the Italian method. ItOVftKN, RWIMS, 4aC., WAIfTEtt COUN a n w :ntry store wanted? any person having retail atorv In the country, within fifteen mile* of New York, (any kind of respectable buaineea will aaewerj with residence attached, aad doing a fair b mime*, ran sseet with a . rnstomer by addnuin* a line. siaUng terms. locatMl and bustne**, to George, Herald o?< * Drug storr-wantkd fo pi rciiask, a rktail store, for w inch part payment will be ma>ie in eaah. part In Avenue Radrxid sto< k, and the ha. a nee m mort ga*<- Any permn having sn< h a store. In or near New York, ran ntret with a customer by a^dr rating a line, stating term* and locai ion to Drugs -i Herald .dBee. None need answer this who do lea* limn v to f7 a day. rANTED TO HIRE? IN StlUTII BROOKLYN. OR THE ,J upper part of ih.- rity. a ?nisll dWelUng or cottage suitable for a ?m*ll fasalit. Address C. I. Johaeen. Ileraid ? ofire. ?tntliif terms. loc.>uon and name*. W* ANTED? A GOOI? DAOURRRKAN G ALLERY. TO-, fv rent nr pureh??e rnuet he Shoaled in a risxl ioeelity anil terns reeeonali". Addree* A. G . Brnndway Poet offlce. WANTED- WITH IN A QUARTER OF A MILK OK Sltth avetitte and Twenty seventh str- et. the w?*d t< ry of a nice bon>e. for a small American fsnulv of hmr Mr ? Ctis. Addre*., Staling rent, whtrh iuti?t be tnn taram, Tho mas. 444 Ntt'h avenue. TirANTKD? A STORE, IN SIXTH OR EIOIITH AVE vv titles, beiwieti Snih snd Twentieth sir. -ela sidteble for a jewelry business Addre ?s K . bo* Pent odhre, stating enns, Ae. "11 'A NT EI>? A 8MAI.I. II'H'SE. OR PA KT OK A LARGE vf one, sellable aiiitnlly of Hi", either hk BrooMjn or New Tor*; k?e*iH>n must be healthy and pleaeaet, and rent tnodernte Fordealrnhle sccom modatlrms a gtied lenssil may be obtained, l.r ?d'lre??ing, with full parUctdara, II. H. H., I ea I'ost, N t. Il'l NTKD IM MEDIA1EI.V-IN TIIK VI I il!'t'i(?:fti t|> YT of Yorhvllle, anil eontenlent to the cm *, a icuge, wRh *b' tit ei* hi r>ir ms. reni not to e*n e,| A ,-ply by letier, ? r f irsaaelly ai W* Broedwsv. in ih" segar More. ^ ? 1 4 ? I I I ,s . f^OLMNS' HOTEL? roor Of CAN \L STREET, NEW \ Y' rlt, directly uppnel'e Collftw' 1'tie i simmer*. Thin lit nse I* most pb unify located f< r i :me vle?v of New York hsr' orsnd the Hudson river, snd in ><t ren? al for b ielnea*. i i mtlir* run be nti neamadateo oith -uitr* of . .K.ina; Iran* >nt or peitnaneni I'tiarders on mo* rc??4ifii'iile 4> nu. The llud * n River Bd'lrmwl station i* - itec" otipoaite, ?>( the dafly A. bun} bent* laud their nssseiiuers withm one block; the Erie Rsttrned i* a bin Ave ma etea' walk, ntakinr 'he house in all ri*r*cts i he moat desirsM". hotel 1 r travellers' vtaWnC Ih* titv. BLAKE A HO.IINHttN, Proprietor*. DEWTWTRY. I f V TH F.KTB ACTED WITHOUT IMlN, BV MEANS of a If umblne stipHea^lon ln?he ctw*. by )?! WILSON, dit-v.f? Bond str.ri ihl* sppltewWi I* p>riee'|f htrm ;? * '*? 'fleets; It s.-nply at' * * Ae Cl, i|l%! ~y of blood ? tontid If ' ?? ' b te be n'raeted ferabotit ha f a.mhi't'e, < nr. ng which ? m^ tl ?en.*e of u? ihe pari* i* ??*? cu4 ?d. Bilijrenees furnished