Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 10, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 10, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7254. MORNING EDITION? THURSDAY, fZTLY 10, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. MXjmOXPAL ATPAHLS. BOARD OP 8UPEHVI80RS. Tbe B< tird held a special meeting at noon yestorday, pursuant to the statute, for the purpoee ot receiving the assessment rolls COMMCKKATiON FROM T1IK COMFTRO! IJtK. A communication was rocel red fr?m the Compti oiler submitting certiUed copies of the assessment roil# of the several war da, received by him from tho Tax CotutnU '?loners. The attention of the Board of Supervisors Is called to ?certain large expenditures to which the Cori>oratlon ha been subjected In certain suiu submitted to arbitrator tinder resolutions of the Common Council. The first !?? ihe case of Join McCrane, to whom a contract was given -on the 29th or June, 1862, lor regulating and grading the ?Seventh avenue from Fifty ninth to Se rooty -second 'stoat This work was mi* ponded by tho measures n>r establish ing the Central Park, and tho contrurtor was paid for the ?work done according to tho terms of his contract The claim submitted was for damages ou account of pro para ttons made to execute the contract, and io~sos iu coiuo ?quence of being prevented from finishing tho job. The ?arbitrators were B. F. Fairchild, on the part of the Cor poration. and Daniel Gallagher and James M. Smith, Jr. The including damages and costs, amounts to tho sum of $-.8 021 10. Judgment was entered again .t the cily in tne superior Ctftrt, execution wan indued, aud all toe personal pro[>erty of the city was levied om oy the ?oner 10. An award to James Flanagan, for regulating, fee., Six ty ninth, Seventieth and Seventy first streets, between weventh and Klghth avenue-", was made by Coo. H. Smith B. P. Fairchild and Jan. M. Smith. Jf., for $10,135 0?' ?which, with the judgment of McUrone, makes a total sum <to be levied of $38,156 28. Tbe Comptroller says it will also bo necessary to In elude in the tax levy the sum of $162,422 15, to pay the interest for one year on the stock issued and tho obligations It-sued agaiuht tho eity on account of lands taken lor itie Central i'ark. Referred to Committee on Annual Taxes together with the assessment rolls. THIS Trri KM To KKAL KSTATK*. The Committeo on County Offices reported In favor of appropriating an additional sum of $150,000 ti tho Com missioners ot Records. to enable them to complete the iu <exing the titles to real estate, of the city sad county of New* \ork. $50,000 has been already appropriate! for that purpose. Supervisor Ft i m?r asked the Chairmau what tho ap propriation was lor. The Chairman said tt was for Indexing the records in Order to save Uie lawyers time iu searching up titles. Supervisor Fcl.mkk did not exactly understand why the tax payers should pay lor tho benefit of the lawyers, '?who poeketu-d the lees. The matter was laid over until Friday, in order that iho member* might tnako themselves acuuaiDtoU with the necessity of the work. TUS (X)KOXKKs' Illl.tfl. The Committee on County Offices reported In favor of paying the bills of tho four Coroners lor tho quarter ending 80th June, amounting to $3,084 62 X, and $:i5"i for poet mortem examinations. The report wa* adopted. Several small bills were ordered to be paid, and others were referred. The Board adjoarncd, to meet on Friday next at three oclock. BOARD OF ALDERMEN. "The President, Isaac 0. Barker, Esq., in the chair. RAILWAY AND ST AUK ACCOMMODATION. A petition of several citizens to have accommodation cars run on the Eleventh avenue, south of Fifty third st' e< t, In p. ace of the locomotives and Urge cars, was re ferred. The petitions of inhabitants and pro|>ei ty owners ot the NiLth avenue, setting rorth that the Ninth Avenue Railroad Om|iany bad not completed their road, as re quired by the grant Irom the Common Council, an l that In consequence thereof stage proprietors ha l been de terred from applying for licenses to run stage* through that avenee: that the inhabitants are insufficiently pro vided with accommodation*, and the property greatly de teriorated in value. The petitioners, therefore a -k that the rail*, which have never/bem used, shall betaken up *ud steg<- allowed to run. Referred to the Committee uu Railroads Rsroirta AP'!inti>. In frsror of confirming contracts for repairing and regu lator sundry street*. To flag certain stree.s anJ fence va cant lots. Ro])ort of Committ" n on Finance ou the api>h cation of Peter P. Van Zandt. a?kmg for a grant of Und formerly under water on the westerly part of Burling lllp; the committeo do ti t (he claim an i nk t j V? db-cliar^e I from 'unlter . -inswei ,n,.? ? tn- sub To donat" $4% t the .'?* Hospital. To remove tiu ld I tugs on tbi lit ? or t l.i Bo?rery a. :, i,,n w.tiiio .,. u> ,u . , TM17 TOWN fypfT I irn k. The Pbk*iiik\t unimuncd the following members as a I fpeoial o?.n.n- tt.-e on th ? st. I ?? ? i I town post (iftlse: Aldente i \ I -,N ? I ?alaatine, Klgbtoenth ward, and Fox. Seventh Wird Tlie Man lo't the chair and called A ermm > |? thereto. Papers fr< in the Councilman m | Bised oi>on, and the Board adjo':rnod, to mca a^alu o_, ursdav e\ ening. DOARD OF COUNCILMEN. This Board convened laat evening, pursuant to adjourn latent? ?'??nt Pinekney In fie chsir. Bundry petitions, resolution i and remonstrance*, or ur> |general importance, were presented and referred HIIM. Three veto mes*ag s were received from thu Mayor? ?oe again*! the appropriation ? ? , u t , v, | |<fairill?ii rqtiare to mat- It suitable to.- mll.'tir; ; , kuotbei sntast * resolution to cr.nitrm l, m ,iu u f r re .slstlnc un 1 grading seventeenth street, from Tenth ave ?ue to llorfi-on riv.-r; nit I the third ss?u.-l iIim ???? . i ? Itvti'g to the jo-nt <.?! tnuto" ?>t Aoeount* o' b -iu H' i"!s Uie tontuon Council power to apjxnnt a c! -r* with a alar* ot ?-is> The groueds of the first vel?> are thst am .le t>vtsion> Tor military pvado* will sts n be nude tho Central park, which will obviate the nee ?ty of using Hamilton square for that purito** The ? - 1 fw|tba secoud veUt are that the cootraetor ? h |tho work ol grsiling S.ivenU>onth alroet, did not fulfil t)i, ijulronn nt- of the contract In the third veto, the I*) or doubts the (tower of the Common Council in create luth anoflloe as clerk to the joint ominiUe.- and ad Iltut.g Uie power to esnt, ho doniws tit* n>?:-s<it? I >r its rsercise. Ttio mesrages. whi^h together would ri'l? .. olomn <A the IUkald were laid on tho telle and ordcrel > be printe<l. Tbe Board then went Into Committee of the Whole, OQix-ilmaa/pplebjr in Uie chair, and took op the regular ?<tar, btrt the Committor rose with owl tfMMMttng any pgataoes of tmportence, and the lioard aiUourne.t to 6 i clock this afternoon. LLTERA.TION8 OF RF A DE AND DUANK ST3. The Committeo on Streets of the Hoard ol Conocilmen, Van Riper Chairman, met yesterday at three o'clock n tlie chamber of thr Board, U> hear p.?rti?s upou a p<>:, ""c a'? in f"r corta n alter i'ions of H-adc and 1' iane t"*et? Tbe pet, linn asks th?t Rea-le str... t ho wideoe-l wer.ty two feet en fie north ?ide, from llr war to ?ntre ?tr<W, that the str<-t !?? <*l-iin-i ill ? . ma traigbt lN,e to intersect with Duane slroot to City Hail Ire, and trr?m this |s>n.:, to hsro Duan- -u.-.t %?i,|.-..i-d wenty B ve leet, on tho south stale, as ter as Chatham trert. Hr A T Stfwart upprarcJ l>. r r ^ t\.? n ??,?!? ??,, I Ipoki^tn favor of the plan pro|s>sod. which M balteved j could be a gTeat Improvement to that part ot the e,ty, faimmcUrs point of new Immm strwt bolag ml' j |Mdy wulened west of Brtwdway. and the looncll having agreed to ettart Ghmkwi street to > antes Hip, l*^t river. Mr Stewart urg? J that a w. de I ad centniious thoroughfare bo opened frm river to iver, as projwrty In the vi. inlty would be ^r. ally bene tted tfcerr'ty, and the city would be the Ka u?r bi it ommcreiailjr. * Mr. I?. Pwrr*rr also spoke in fSvor or the protect, od said that none of the property own- rs In or ms?r the were opposed to It. I After some further stat?ments from other gentlemen i tbe fanie efleet, the committee adjourned tin* d??, and komised to mako out their re|?irt as oarljr as |?u.-ibis. NEW POLICE STATION. PWlce Committee of tlie Board of Alderme?>. Mr. rwlo Chairman, met yesterday, at 2 P. M , and docl Jed i report in favor ot concurrcm c with tho Board of Coun |laen in having a new station hou?c oreeted In the Flf enth ward Tito station house is to be built adJotnlnH |>e site of the present house, and upon the mod, of tho station houao recently put up in tho Ninth ward i petition for a new station in this ward has been some e before the Common Council The present hou?o has ? long period been unit for use. COMMISSIONERS OF EMIGRATION. |lk* Board act In the city yesterday at 3 o'clock, I' M . ?ban C. Verpiaack in Uie chair, and Messrs (strrigaa, |irtls, Ctimminrs. Ilitnt, Purdy and (iarrigne |treseht tb* juisa or ma r. tut w ire. | Home time since sn Item apj*ar. d in lb* Ml* V iw ?ui ateUng that a Frenchman, named Oalmiche t. that his baggage was stolen at Castle harden a matter attracted the attention of the Oommlsslm "rs, d It w?- referred to a committee, from who?e rej>->ri make a few extraeta. They state that as yet Ualmlcbo presented no claim fbr ba-gaso ?' den, a't'i" i.- , t , . Iperlntendent. Mr. Kennedy, had enclosed tbo item to French Consul, with a request to bare t'i0 matter in ?tigs ted ? 'Tour committee snhmlt that the afTi 'v | f( oft|. clie shews that he made application about ikjii baggage | Mr. Weber, thin a clerk of in Commlsslou, wno, ta of sdvblng him propnrly m to the manner o, pro ving in search of his pr< | '?> abused him r fMng him about |?, and tho., ,,r ?t hi m to the Maror's , 1 * '! "? mlng It 111 111 HI ng tho all , , I"* Huastri altere alltv rd ? . V n tt-e r. i tfnllr snbmtt t. sr am behavior >n tlie rt <tf any rt of the f>mimt?ion w iM ho ren irahV in the e< I -aet? wth pro,?.r advi..., given m ? frun i i in I '* ' *' ? a '' ' : ' r- ? ? v -in* ?Kty, f?r vv'H) r ? lers business belonging to this Commission to the Police Iiej-ai tti.eul of the Mayors oftlce, thereby proves ins own null toots for the position he holds." The rejiort then goes on to say that the drnmis^al of the Offcndlt g clerk bad previously been determined upou. Mr. tlAHituit e stated that Galmiclie had made applica tion to the liaggitga muster at Castle Garden, who de livered him his trunks, when the former asserted he missed Mjndr) goods, such as shirt#, gold ornament*, fowling pieces, and the like. The baggage master aefcod him to open the trunks, which he refused to do, and there was no proof that the goods had been stolen as alleged, beyond GalmicUo's own word. Mr. Caxkioax admitted that the charges of robbery were quite frequent, but did not think they amounted to much. The fact was, the railroad companies in the Gar den were responsible for the baggage, not the Commis siooera, as they apj* inted all the officers who had charge of it. The report of the committoe was accepted and the mat ter drop[ fd. Mr. trims oflerod the following, which win adopted: ? Resolved, Thiil Hie Superintendent of Ward's Island be di rected to send to Blackwell'a Island such lunatics as are noisy and are difficult to control, and tiie remainder, numbering about seventy, be transferred from the old barracks to other wards better suited to their accommodation; and thai tifree to lour classcs be wade, with special reference to the nature and character of their derangement. Carried. The Hoard sion after adjourned. ?WEKKLY SI'MMAltY. Number emigrants arrived to July 2, 1856 63,510 Do. uo. do. since to July 9, 185ti 3,406 Total 69,910 To 6ame date in 1865 75,323 Decrease so far this year 16,407 1866. 1855. Number inmates in institution at Ware'* Island 1,043 2,412 Number inmates at Marino Hospital. . 150 137 Total 1,493 2,649 Ovrdraft on bank, January 1, I860. 993,031 07 Receipts to July 2. lss? $125,692 17 Receipts since July 9, 1856, lor amount ol alien passengers 10,196 00 135,883 17 Total 972,857 10 Disbursement* as per previous ae< ount to July 2, 1856 9120,723 60 No payments miide July 2, 1856. 120,723 60 Overdraft ? u 917,866 60 The Inundation in Francs. JOIST KSSTIKG OF TUB KSLIEF COMHITTKKS ? AP PEAL TO THE PUBLIC. A meeting of the comblued committees appointed by the' Chamber ol Commerce, the Frcnch residents and American citizens, was held at the Mayor's oflico yester day afternoon. It was decidcd to merge the different comm 'tees into one geucral Relie' Committoe, and tlic fol lowing gentlemen were elected officers:? 1'rwidenl ? Fernando Wood. Pice trnidenu ? Eocene I.*ntUlioo, Moses 11. Grinnoll. S< irelariti? Arthur l.enry, II. iioguet. JYeasurer ? Lewis Curtis. The money already collected by the French Committee Is to be disposed of under their direction, and ail future collections under the direction of the General Committee. The Mu> or submitted the following letter, which he had received lrom the United States Consul at Paris:? Ukitii State* Coxsolati. > 1'aris, June 12, ISM. J Mv> Sir? I lake the liberty of addressing you as the Immediate representative of the great city of Neve York, on a mutter which appeals to the generous sympathies of ihe peo ple of our v, hole country. France is at this moment suil'erlng n heavy Misfortune. A vast, a ruinous and a destructive in undation has deluged her cities, her villager an t hfr plains. Property and life have been destroyed, aud sutlerlnf an t want on i wln'lm thousands of her citigen#. In fifteen departments thin rfflicung calannlty has spread itself, in susae of the rtsh e-t and most beautiful valleys ol tin ? aoufli ot F ranee the rivers hare ovtrfoved leagues of ! iritoiv, bringing do*n In their torreuls deposits Of sum* and sand soasaotonly to d? stroy the present erep. but to make tb>- soil only reclaim. ible after years o! toil and expense. Whole towns nave been un in r w ntcr. t 'Hidings carried Off, and the uhatiitant* (many of them; U it houselt .-a U'ld homeless. huch .i misfortune isa national woe? appealing to the svm pathv of sister nations fyi condolence and assistance. 1 am ?tire America, bound to France by ?o innny anrien' ties and connected hv so many strong and important interests, cannot fei) in tier sympathy anil aid in tins Irving hour, and tba' jour city, on a proper seggesWon, will bu the first to siret'-h cut the helping hand tolwr sister to dtstrre* 1 leaie ihe matter to tour Judgmenton the suggestion. I have uufeie.'aud t eAruest h Wipe tiie Mibjt ot may commend itself to your notice. 1 have the lienor to he verv reap ?etfnlly, !> K Mi'K.K, United Mutes Consul, Paris. Hon. Fubsamki Wood New York Hm following appeal u> tin' public was drawn up under the iiirccUon i.i tiie cuiutuiltue, uud its ia-ertiou tu the j.ub.x papers requested; ? APPEAL. The nnden-.gned. cons i.ut.M; the Joint rominittes of the fptniber of l'i>uiti< rct, the French risideu's and eitisea of New fork. I fen\e to appeal to their felu'W eiiuens. as wel: ns to tiie liberal minded in other cities ol our Union, on bell ill c.f the mftrm bj the severe snd extensive inundations tiiat have la ? ly snread niijery and distress over so large and fair a portion oi t-'rance Commerce creates frtendsMp among na tions b) enlisting filling* ot sympathy tti pr wper.tywn I ad reisify. v li'ch net ome strengthene I by ties of mutual lute rt hi New loi-k. therefore, ewes it to burself to appear ? th i p? ii haul* and el.i erful h'-ar' on an o caaion where private fei ling and public ?r.irit unite their Infl'tenr# in aid of the ?uf of a friendly people. The obligations we owe to Kraixe for her aesiHtunce in the infancy of our national exiat ?uc< . are not. and will not be. forgotten. Our efforts, there fore, in the preeent cauae, wiiibe promptly and cheerfully exerted to relleee the wide sprea i dlntresa which ha* artaen ?wc| tl.e people w I'h wfaim our commercial reiittonaare most intimate, and t? whom eur proffered axw?if? I" ten ?lered In the spirit in * btch w e feei assured it will be willingly rrcern d. K . : .nio Wo.?i, P. Astoto. V(.msII. Onnnell, John A. Stevens. Hft i r innsi 1 ft Johat'. lire -a. II. I i ad, ltenj H. Field, jrmes I'rown, O. I.aaaaile, Wm iiutler I'.jTcsn. J.U.King, K' ! er: B Mint urn, lleorge M. Itotiblns, I. Petsgnet, B. I. f<ehmit . Oe? ' ?e finowold, J. Df Peyser OiMen, A 1 Siewsrt Henry O. ft -bbins, J. tiotird, C. t' nechet. A. A. la-w. Thomas Tiie?U>n. Henry tVagglll. Siephen Johnson. J It. tlmiiiniu, J. II Hmwer, t liailes l.ania , 8. I'om.iock, Andrew V. Mtout, T. HuflTern, I.. I.eclerc, John J. Boyd, Robert 1'. tlrodhus. Win Whuloel, t harlis U. Marshall, Kdward T. Warren. ti. PipeL John WilniHrding. V. K. Morgan, P. Humbert. t harles if Ituseell, A. MtK'rtUa. Mona. Tageli. Isaac Hell, Jr., John D. .tones, Lewta Curtis, W?. B Astor U Helmoiiico. A'igusius Tlx riot, Samuel Fox. A. B Neil on. Joseph Fowler. laaac Townaelid. Leop'ild iliei with. P. Ouinaume. Robert I>. Ktuart, Ro>at Pheipa M. Van trhaick. /<ss. Htui ges. James Phalen Court efUencrsl Sessions. Jnr 9 ? In con quence of the illness of the Recorder, the bench was occupied to day by the City Judge. Krrderk . Webber, a German, aged twenty eight, plosded guilty to a felonious an^ault with a knife upon Catherine Hartnv yer. at 76 Market street, on I be 14th of Aort! last. TV viefim of Ihe a??ault, a Germin w.>man of sbont fwrnty 6ve. who, It sppears, wtt Un Marly the wi'Mreea of the ftisooer, wa< pre.ent In Court, and pre. eentcd a sorry nj -vwrance from the ruta about her fV? and neck Toe cause ol Ihe ae'Tiit, at stated by the p?h" uer. was j'SUou-y. Sentencod to seven years In the Htste l' son. Johti Mange and Jasper Urinpston, two dock thieves, were t'-^d ar.d ermvicted of stenhng a g<dd w it b, value! at 9'tt. fronti tho pilot boot Jacob A We-tervrit, on the night of the 22d of June. H>>ntenred to the Flap- frl >n , the first for three year, the last for two. ( has. Johnson at. I Wm. Newton were convicted of b.trglsrr in the third degree, and sentenced to the State prt?? 'or three i . nre. I/>uta Hoc' t^ra<i 1 guilty to grand larceny, and was sent to the .. .to prist > for two years. Pernensl Intrlllgrnce. Tne Washtngtot, Star, of Tim- day . says ? The Secretary of the Navy ha-> been c->n(!ned for the p v-t week to his re ?nterce tn this city, be ng too much Indisposed to v^ntore to the U |?ortmi t.i Bts bealtli. botrever, Is rnd P>o had to t?rmt him to attend to Ite discharge of his official duties Utere. To day he Is much better, wo learn. MP Aitnmil. Per tjrerpool. In the sienmsklp Asia? Mr a.?d Mrs Rilward Deedes child nd rurse. Wooilsto -k. ?' W. Mr \ A l?iwe He vamiah: Mr Tnffy, New Orleans; Mi and Mr ? It F Ford ismiIs Vtn*. Ry. Mr and Mrs J C Yalesao<l ehii i, Msltlnt"re Mr and Mrs Olusted and s?m, Hartford Miss F K Uro?es, New York. Mrs M A Jackson, Milwankle; Mr and Mrs Hwight, .(r, snd servant Hoe* on . Mr and Mr* Crowd' n.i son. New Torn; Mr ?uid Mrs John Male?dm. do Miss A n. t harteaion, Mr an, I Mrs R I* t'ullen and two danghU ra, i't 'adelpMai Messrs I' I.ltile, J H Metm, T M Wade Nev 1 k. Maitam? ix>ng chsmps. child and Infant, France; Mi d> 'iregor an l son, flew York Mr Aliston. Mr P Alhtton, Cbariesum. MC; Mr I?r.?e P Ma/snf snd friend, N wport, R I; Mrs II t'rowther and son lee Is: Messrs I'a 'Id H Ixdson. Thos Primrose, Hi I.onls. Master Hunee. Hartiord' Mr A Baliiohns? . New Wk. M.?trs HenketaMM and F I. ?ilbeff, Haltlmor ; Mlaa liasorl N e wportj Miss Mallet. Ne? ferai Mr Tenbroek. New Or lesns Ml"* A mile and Kinma Taylor. Mrs Ood4e, Mtss Ptiiltb, New York. Mr Longch^mp France. Hon Curies Reenelln, t'lneinnstl, Mr Marard Taylor and servant, Mr t h\? Taylor, Misers .las Magfee, fl Uanf, Ilnnean. Be# Orl"sn?. Mr and Mis Oe<i flmwti, three children an I two ser vnn ' it \ aim Mr .lamc? Robb, twoMlsnes Kohh, Mia? Matty Rr and Master H"bN. New Orleans. Mr Hteh'! .?^in't'i N Y M A ft oti filer. Maytf; MrSehmaver ItsPt. Mea.raT .f faot ? I i ft J Hndilant, Itupuy, IJiurenee. Ileywor h, M P F e bii,'" i apt Hey worth, Kngland; Mr Helfori' Rnglaod, Me? rs Jos Harber N Y: M Paine do. ti Wood, Jno tlenln, N V ,f .1 'Isylor, N Y. Itunean Slnrlair, bwlas; Mr Vorris, Pn a lenee, It I.J Rnttei worth. Knglanl, W llobbs, do. Mr Km i^'e, 1 enrer of despatcbeg. N Y. Mr II H Weir, New York. M- I Mrs Mnnana and aon. Havana, Ms>-?rs S Negnt, .V O, no Hrrnlie. N Y. Chabrin, Frsnee; Boniilat, bearer of deapaWhee to Frsnee. France: Chss Todd, W lonls; Kdgar Ac, -a, M I.ouis. Alex tlalt. Ri.ihmond, Va. Ib-okert. PMattlphia; W Smith. N Y ; Jamen 0 Tr?>ke, Maeon, Ha. W R surk.-. New Orleans. |t ? a. France. W Mure, il M t onial at NlJrleans; Mr James " irr'son. Montreal. Messrs Melt night, W H MeKen *le N Y; 1 (''rson. hnglstid; Rleh Vlnceut. N T: Jo,in Jot'ea. ,l awes .tones. I boa l/cwls, N Ti M" and Mrs Aylilfe Snd ehiid, N A k- 1 and Mrs ? nnllffS an.l Child, Rnjlan l Mrs Flits Reld, .' -ev C fv V se , lirkenmayt r. Mr J* nfc Itlrkei mater, N V Mc-- <io I st,lt/ and bi'f, N \ Robinson. Wi?. onRin, . im I . ; ? r. .ge. BIShoil, B Y. t: Its. N Tj Wtn Mein 11; vana i win, NY. Martina Fi iv?e; W H (Ifeee CoeCi ricb ?' Vt , S Witp*ivs.'t. N Y II 1 He* la. V Tj H n r- . | yt. iiea d>- tea, Mesloo; FaMl Jsevht Kn^'and Mrs-id Bra i.ety. I nton wlnsp eat at it senant, Meatra Vslent i ?, b un ir.d. li Kin, snd others? Total, IM. _ ^ The Police among the Counterfeit* rw. ?XTKNiMVK HAUL OF KPPKIOUd MONBT AND AKKBST OF TUB ALLEGED FOROHH8. Vesterday Sergeant Brown and officer Keefe, of the Chief's office, succeeded in making a vary important ar rent and i eiznre of about $36,000 or $40,000 in counterfeit billw on tlie Union Bank of Frovideoce, Rhode Island, and the Union Bank of SwitnUm Falls, Vermont. On Tuoeday morning the a bore named ohcerd received some infor mation regarding the rec idenre o( a forger named J. 9. Cowaden. Plant) were laid for bla arrest, and yesterday they were successfully carried into operation. The police repaired to the third Mory of No. 82 Duane street, where Cowsden bad an office for carrying on the buslnees. Without much ceremony they opened the door and se cured their man. On searching the premises counterfeit bills sufficient to till a bushel basket were discovered so creted in various parts of tho room. A printing press, a couple of rollers, a number of dies, stamps, and otha articles necessary for counterfeiting were also seized. The contraband property, togothcr with the prisonor were Immediately taken to the Chiefs otllce in the Turk Here Cowsden was committed to prison for examination by Justice Breunan. Tlie counterfeit upon tho Union Bauk of Providence, R. I., is a beuuutul s|>ecimen ol engraving . The bill is un like the genuine in vignette. but it was meant by the engraver to represent a uew issue, as the date of the till tug up is March, 1856. The signatures ot the President and Cashier are exceedingly well executed, and aro cal culated to deceive most persons. The following n a fxc timilr of this uew counterfeit: ? ^Tnr Puesicknt, TUB UNION HANK DiuccroKS A Co. of^ 5ca'??v.-.f ft 1 VlOKTTB. S '* Kuode Island Will pay gLUtenes* of s on deouial S'he late audi J A scroll encircled? 6 to ? present J the hearer 5 ? by water, on ? FlVB ?: Presidents $ Ihiu.ju.i j jwhlcb in inscribed? fcotthe bunk.# March 1st. 1*56. i;the word Hope" Provi- ^arranged inS ???*>>*???. < .while underneath? deuce Slhe form ofji Steamboat uu ; > i- sheet anchor! (the letter Y.j lder full h'd'wyti ? ' ' v j/ ?? .. ?.vr. ?/ />. v/ ?? -,n 3 //. vr> iT' /'? a. f' J J ami.) It. Hoski.s, Cufcliier. John 11. Oum.sbee. Pres. Only $360 of the above counterfeit was discovered, showing evidently that it had just been prepared for cir culation. and had not yet been pushed into the market to any extent. The counterfeit on the Union Bank of Swan ton falls, Vermont, is a close imitation of the above coun terfeit, but it was in an unfinished state. The *amo plnte was evidently used tor both counterfeits. About seven or eight thousand of those billd. nuking an aggregate of nearly $40,000, was seized by the police. Tlie " stuff" larked a good deal ot thnsh. and would have linu to have gone through a finisher's hands before any attempts to put it into circulation were made. But very few of the counterfeits on tba Union llauk ol Providence were put into circulation. The des sent of the police was, therefore, a lucky occurrence for any number of shop keepers and green grocery men. In a few days the city and the surrounding suburb! w ould be flooded with the trash, and many persons would be mado to sutler in con sequence, but fortunately for the public the arrest of the alleged lorger and the teizure of all his spurious bills arid counterfeiting apparatus has prevented such a heavy fraud being committed. Cowsden, it is supposed, lias accomplices in the busi ness, tor, in making a clean coufcsglou of his guilt, he kb; s tliut lie has been In the habit of manufacturing counterfeit bills for over a year past, and al ways had reudy sale for them at bo rate or ten and fifteen cents each. The officers are now endcavorlag to ferret out a person keep ing an office somewhere in Nassau street, who has been in the habit of finishing bills for Cowsden. The tat ter, it ap| ears, did the rough work, while the former put the finishing stroke to the article. A ail of plate, for altering counterfeits from one bar k to another was also discovered, aud seized upon. The officer - in tais esse are entitled to moeh credit lor the successful man ner m which they a.eompllshed no ordinary ta-k. Cowsden is a Western man, hailing trom Ohto. Be is about thirty live yearsot age, ana t-< not bait looking in appearance. According to his own conic- slos, he mast have been the means of putting an enormous quantity of counterfeit bills into circulation in this city and through out the enlire country. The name tf Messrs. Tappan, Carpenter A Co. Is forged to these bills, t-o as to ?'ivj iheni the appearance of genuine bills in every r -snott. Com|>etent judge* of money have prono-meed the linger/ t! poti the Providence Hank oue of the oest s;>ectmeii- ot bank note engraving they ever handled. Third District Police Court* MX IF] ON IN TDK CASK OF OAKTU VS. BASS A. Before Justice Wood. Jrtr P.? On the day of May Mr. James Oarvie pr ? ferred a complaint be lore me, charging that he had beta defrauded ot a large amount 3f property by William^ If anna. A warrant was issued fur Banna's arrest, r.nd uj-on bis being brought before me he offered by bis coun sel lo waive an examination. Behtving it, howevee, to be a magistrate's duty, whenever the ends of pub!!.- jus tier seem t ) require it, to ferret out Crime a*.d to pi ice ali the facts before the Grand Jury for their action and re garding the preeent as a case in which it was evidently projH r to endeavor to elicit all infonaatloa that could be obtained, 1 declined the offer of couiucl and proceeded to rxanmc such witnesses as I cou'd ascertain to be In p?*seas'.on of any knowledge in the premise*. The result ef the examination may be briefly stated ' ? It app- ar* that the accused is a mechanic In the humble sphere of life, ur,?i possessed of no pecuniary means, re ? 'iing, with his wile an l three child: . ri , mthe third story of a t> nriuciit too*** in l/eeis Street, in thii city, and de {? tiding on i>ls Mli tabor for the support of tits family; and pre v loos to ilie time he pr<? tired the trat ->r of the property he: liiatti r mentioned lb" Hmily were poorly clad, and tlmt tiarvie the eomptalnaut g*v( them n < ney to pvrthase < lotbiug to the amo "it of thirty three Coiia.-S. He (llar.ii?) knew Oarvle iuL'utttely liau often Wen the recipient of lavora ft urn Lim. anil treated as one of the family at Mr. Oarrie'a re> idenre. con. cig and going ? h.-n he pleased, and paying nothing tor hi board. About the 1st of March la-t (lark is i nn" to Hits ?ity, and, stopping In Oolii -treet a fow daya, h? thi n. meeting llnnnn, was Induced bj the latter to visit bis reddence with him Tliere he remained auon ridftable tlm'' ? a period of some week"? during which lime, with a little i xreption, he was contlcially iatoil ated. luring In -May liar vie wa- Induced by ilanua, wh/ie Muvifled Willi li<pior, to execute a lease of property at Glen Cove, worth $4<>,uoo. lor $1,000 per year, and a deed for the two houses an 1 lofci tn J 'J7tli street, worth $4 000 and a bill of -ale for one third of tho bark J. IV all. Jr., and a bill of sale for the sloop Freedom. For all of the aa'.d ptu|>erty rfanna paid nothing, a&d the <Tl uenre L mnr iiislve be bad uotbiug to pay. If we go one step further in the case we find It satisfactorily proveu that llanna procured Car vie to become intoxicate I, by giving bim mon?y, saying. "Jimmy, go and get a driBk. " I'poii the a hole ot tbe erMsaee, I th.nk ft very cu ar that llanna deetgneifly procured Oarvie to becomn itiU xtcaled, ard induced him to remain In that stato with the intent and for the purpose of obtaining his propqrty. ?* is proven in < \ idencc. By ht? own w irds, he pn\ed t.arvic up dsuak ; lie had him all right: he ha<l him ju?t wbet>' he want*<l bim. I c mnot doubt that such trans action l- an olteacr at common law, siithout reference to any it.uut . And were there no other eircum taaces in tba case, I ?hotild regard It s? my duty to hold ilie BUi? Sd for tbe action of tbe Crand Jar/. B'Jt in my opinion tbe facta tend to establish a eonspuacy to defraud t>arvte of his property. When he had been there eight or nine days, liar vie. tn a state ot mtoxl i stion, was taken lo the otltcc of Adams A Taylor, i?y llanna. ami op this occasion Mr. O'lHrnnell, who prert i uaiy worked for <iarvie, was in eompaay with litem. I'n reaching the ?>nice, t;arvie being ?tnp'ae<l with liquor, llanna to il Adams be wasted lo speak to him privately, lin y left tbe office, leaving Oarrie and t)'f*?nn? :| there, and were absent some ten mltnte*. and upon their re turn, Adams, without say word being spoken to or by Warvte, pr<? eeded at om * to draw a lease to llanna of the i-ropertv at taleo Co?e. i.arvie sitting with Ills head down, as it a*lcep. and dH Bot *pe*k; and when tbe tca'e was finished, llanna went and shook Gar via, and told bim Ibe lease was ready. Adams then read tba m Je and tiarvle signed it, and then sat down again. Adams thenproceeded to 'raw tbe deed for tbe Harlem property. This being #mie, Adam* suggested to Osrvle bat be bsd best mak" n will; and upon Oarvie saying ?t.o ahead,'' Adam- pn ? .-ed. d to draw a will, takUrr hui instructions entirety fK>m Hanna, and devlsiag tne bulk of Garvin's property to Banna's 'laughter, and making Rant a file Mile executor. I cannot regar tbesi as tolelv prwtessional acts, and do not beliern a jury Will o comder tbem. It rannot be conaWered as a mere discharge of a professional employment to draw l^apers ol such imisirtance to be executed by a man who was sleepy, stupitted, and crying from the effects o liquor. I cannot rkt myself of the belief that the private talk, the suggestion to Make a will, and drawing tbe pa pers without consultation with or Instruction* from Garvie, ibe permitting a man in bl* condition to execatesncb instruments, snd the reqnsets of Adaass to O'ltonnell, at f-b-n Cove, to aide with llanna. are all Inconsistent with the idee of mere professional act*. The accused has not ottered or produced any evidence to prove that the part that he acted tn the premises was done in good faith or hoaeet motive*, or that be baa given any value or constdcraUea for tbe transfer of the above mentioned property to htm, and which he *UII claims, and refuse* tn give back to i.arvie. I shall therefore bold the prhoner to bell to answer and send the panara to the District Attorncv to be laid Wore Ibe Grand Jury for their action I do not at i 'resent consider It necessary for me to lakf any furtber action In ibe matter. 1 hare only roaatdered the subject f ball as to the amount sines the prisoner was Srat in oght before me. The property alleged to have been

<' tilted by frand has been enjoined by the Supreme Court, and the subject is now in the bants of tho Court st, i cannot bo dispn*ed of. Hanna being a poor man, w th a lamily, I have concluded to Ox the ball at $8,000. Panoor, Ma rim, Miwrirr. ? We fire baton a statement of tbe amount sf lumber surveyed from January 1 to July I, 1W?, compared with the ? m< utit surveyed during the corresponding period of 11M and liiftg 1AM. 1*1$. IMA Green |Hne 21,111' 34.1 Sft.l t? **$ 3M3a.71$ pr v pipe 4 aoo.TOa 8.2...1 r >t 7.41T,ei2 ?- . I iA.."^,7io 9$ m*.vdi ? S. Ac.... ?.$T1,1M 4,M1f,tW7 Ilia! 4$, 312, CSV TO, MO III M, .slit The Turf, t'NION C0UK8K, L. I. ? TV0TT1W0. A most exciting trotting match for ?1,0.'X>, p. p., came off on Tuesday afternoon, between b. m. Rose of Wadh uifcton and b. m. Lady Moscow, mile beats, best ibree ia Ave, in harness . The desire to witness a contest between these two nags called out a large attendance. of Washington ha* trotted but sir raced previous to the present one ? twite with Mr. Nichols' stallion American Eagle, winning both races; once with Ethan Allot, which she lost; then with a pacer, winning easy; then half mile heats with Bo lie of Saratoga, which site won in good time; and lastly with Blue Morgan, in wUiuh race she was again victorious. Her owner has beeu very careful with her, and did not seem over anxious to f?rce her into engagements, rather waiting for what he considered "sure things." This summer, however, he broke loose and matched Rose in fite rates? two with Lady Moscow, and three with Chicago Jack, for $ 1,000 aside. Although a winner on Tuesday afternoon, we did not think ho? per farmances reached the high expectations formed of her by her backers, and that if she i3 A No. 1, she has yet to show it. Her second heat was a very ordinary one, and those who bad been laying tbo heavy odds on her were very muc'o inclined to " hedge," or buy off at a large per centage. lady Moscow is well known to "the sporting world. Her performances years ago with Lady Suffolk and Lady Sutton have bo?u chronicled ail over the land; her re peated milo heats in 2:30 and 2:31, aud her two miles ia 6.04, will never be forgotten. She was off the turf for a time ? having niet with an accident ? but last summer she again made her appearance, and in a very good race de fuutcd I.ady Franklin and Chicago Jack over the Union Course, in 2:37 ? 2:37 ? 2:3S. This summer, having fallen into n? w bands, she again makes her appearance like an old and favorite aetor, and hosts of admirers turn out to witness her performances. She was not hersolf, how ever, on Tuesday, and did not make the fin? points her Ir lends expected to witness. For weeks previous to the day of the race, in all her private trials she had ex hibited tpecd tar ahead of the fine displays of her youth ful days, which led her owner to believe her invincible, and he backed her largely for her contests W:th Rose of Washington. When brought on the track, however, Tor the r ue, it was evident that she wai restive and sore; would break up at a three minute gait, aud appeared to have r.o iuciiuation to itake an eilort to trot. Mr. Pea body, the ptrs-on having her in liand, tried all his arts to quiet her, without avail, and thou pulsed her over to S. McLaughlin, her former driver. She seemed more at rase In b..< bands, and the race went on. The betting in the early part of the day was about eft ii ; but as the scvriug progressed, aud the condition and disposition of Moscow were discovered, the odds on Rofc o! Washington ran up to one hundred to twenty ilve The track was heavy from the rain of the moru tog and very quick time was not looked for. Fiift Htai.-lA.dy Moscow won the pole. After one ho. r.- tr-^rt iu scoring, they got the word together, and weat ..bout we hundred yards side ani side, when Mos cow broke, ami Rose took the pole. Mclaughlin soon 1 the little mare, and she went up and passed iio-ie ut the quarter pole. Time, forty secoi. Is. The friends of Mom -aw were now iu extacles, And even betting was ?ffeieii ih/U she wouid win the race, the kept the ten <1 M the half mile pole in 1 .18: but theu began to Milter, and lift took the lead on tli? lower turn. Moscow now i ft !! all to pieces, ana would not trot ten Heps at a tun > aftei wards. Mclaughlin, however, managed to get her I in.-, lie the dirUlicc riiiEd. Buse mudo the heat in 51 :37 ) i i KeifiJ lUa' ? lady Moscow Laving sweat out well cai.-.r up seeming quiet and steady, and took t'.e word iat>|?*d ca ti.>- other. 8ho soon took the pole froui Kose. a: d ltd t ? the quarter pel'- a length or more, in (hi i\ ?l?l.t m'coimIs. They went leisurely down tl. ? Kt kstrttcb, Mo-tow still leading, and passag the half tulle poie in 1 |M3i-ing which Rose made a brush f r tin; 1 I got i:p to ?o>-cow ?u llu low-r uira. and t!f?y .? wung . the homestretch together. A very (pinto I ?trugfie liere endued, which lasted to the two mile dU tsiire stand, w hen Rose broke tij , and M v?cow a ;r borne 1 all agoaot lengths, in 7'Nrt/ //tat ? lj?dy Moscow wan oilere4 at even with >u> lakeis A great i'isI of vtaiuiing ton* place between the driver; in relation |o their rlyht i f position >u th lrs?l. wbhli w.?< in no wise atiiu?mg tP the .?;>ocUtor.\ The wo: d wa mialiy ghvn, and away they went? Mm cow lending to the quarter pole it. tli: tjr ?'?ootids, and to the Lai! in 1 :'.k. Hi ?? th'-u irs iu a ti u-li. an I yoked Moscow on the lower tarn; and a more -?vere w nteut v.-a nevi r w if n-wed to tiM stand. Both mares came on 'l> ? hooiestret h under the whip, and tbey w?-re Berk ai d neck to withie a few yards oi ths ??.or?. whoa h ?? go shf-ktl and won by half a length, in ? ?4 Ui hal ?lie having been trotted In 1 14 . /'?sfrrt /t'<u. ? Rose went oit with the *.f V .ai?''ri j trailing to the <| i?rtet pole iu forty ? w IpfiK M< drew oft for the lead i n the b e I -tr *. ti itJ tlie) w r. . side snd *l<ie t' tlie ball mile oofc>, a I jn A-u'eul the tower torn they were yoked tnfStlM r ra ?(> I ntannsr thi y came on the homestretch. Oht and sltsh was lb older oi lite day, until Mclaughlin last h i ?' p. and then Hose I- It Miawew and < ame hone- a w liner b| a'?- it thi-ee Iri.gtlv, in 2.39. As hdi'iwyi^ Is ase'..tiur< ? Ti i- !-av July 8 ? Mstrh i t> >>r pay, m ie lieau. best three in live, ta harness. H M oodrtut named b m K> seofAt'a<hin;ton. 12 11 S Mii auglilm name I b. m. lady Muteow... S 1 t 2 T'.tr.e. i:J, S? 2 .Wi - W>,? 2 3^. Tlio cer.t race !>? tween Rosa of Washington and Li ly Moscow ? .ii c/me on on Tuesday next, go to wsj.on*. AaiWtllUrtfltM Going to Eckop*. ? Amoug the I asrcngers of the atcamthip A.-ia. w hich sailed yesterday for Et?Ucd, We notlccd the name of R. Ten Brneck, the Natx'let nof the American turf ilnce the decease of Col. John-on, of \ irginla. Tho ohject of Mr. Ten Broeck'i visit to Europe Is to te?t the i>owcr> of the Knglish race horse on f t g i-h ground by actual exi?rimont with those bred .a Anierica. Fur tliat parpoee he takes out with him Lccomf \ l*ryor, and the Oily Prioress ? three of the fa-te.-t horses In this country. Hit horse Lexington, however, is left behind, for reasons best known to him self. For the la*t century, England has been celebrated for the superiority of her racing hnr*e?, and It Is to her principally that we owe oar One stoek. Most of oar heat stock stallkms have been Imported from that country. It Is contended by English tnrftnen that the horse In Eng land has attained the maximum of i>pead. and that no lorelgn bred horse* are eqml to them. In order to solvo tb < jTOtslem, Mr. Ten Broeck, conBdent of the powers of tie- Ani?ricau bred horse, goes to Faigland, and lime will tell the result. We should not be surprised were he to come off \ Ictorious? stranger th ngs have happoned. As we have beaten the Knglish in many things, why should we not beat them In racing alpo f It is well known thst the American trotting horse, whether owing to the sk ill of the driver (<r the inherent qualities of the animal, is far In advance of anything in Europe. Num bers art- annual. y exported to England and France and sold al hi.b price*, and will so continue until the breed ing, training snd driving of the trotting horso ? an art by ltreif_|g i"tter understood In those countries. We wlil, however, watch the movements of Mr. Ten Broeck in England, and keep our reader* tally posted. ? coHimcTTcrT. nastrosn, July 5 ?A trotting rae? came oft over the course at the Mate Fair gro?n>ls to day, for a purse of (60, mile heats, best three in live. The following is a nummary ? A. Roberts named (. Blueskin 1 1 1 H. Belden uan.ed h g N?mI lawrence 2 2 2 Mr. Buckley named w . h. I'atapKoo 3 8 3 Time, 2 II 2 Mk"?i:46. Bruins o? A Tonro Ladt ik Wwr Trot? 4 Cssn os Itouiroi*Tu? I/it r ? The Troy HmltMl says a young lady, Meted Terete R. Brown, rommilU.1 suicide n West Troy, on Saturday alternnon about 6 o'clock, by drowning herself in the canal in the rear of the I nite'l states Arsenal. Her body wan found to-day at 12o?cloek. Iv-ccased was about twenty eight years old. Hhe had lieea em i loved for the last seven years ia a bat and linen store as a t let k. Wie hail always sustained a good char acter, and was much esteemed by the Inbabiunia of W.- t Troy, lo w hom she wae very generally known. ?q>e ha? been the principal support of an aged mother, who was also a u-aMent 'if West Troy. It Is supp?>eri that de ceased was engaged to be married to a school teacher formerly of West Troy, named Case, who now resides in Albanv. Cass liad been paying attentions to the de ( eased On Fatur day altern-xm the deceased Informeid 1 her mother that lax a wsa about to break off what she siatsd to be an ereagnroert with her ? thereupon she took her bonnet and left the house of her mother, and was last seen walking on the bsnk of the canal, .^l.e was not heard from again until h-r body was recovered from tho canal on Monday Mori lirm an M?iffim Firn Pvmon* Kn.i.rn,? Inlormation has reached this city n-om s rellsble source, that a party of t?i?mi recently came in the night to I'latt lake, fifteen miles east or Pwan river, and killed Francis BtnneU and hts whole family, consisting of Ave persons, prunettwss a well known half-breed and had been a rhippewa trader for thirty years. ? St. Paul (MimwsrM) Dtm., July I. OWtnsry. f Mr d. at his late residence, In I/wdoua county, fa , on the ? Otn of June. 18IW, Jons*. In the t?7tn year of his n?e Mr. Matter served three tours of duty during the revolutionary wnr, snd wa?, perhaps, st the tiais of lv- tiecesse, lite only survivoi In bis neighborhood of the re'de bsn-l who ?er\ ed their country iu ' the llai llai trieil mea's souls," ? City Politics. HARD SHELL OENEKAL COMMITTER? UNION WITH THE SOFTS CONSPMKATED? PELBOATES TO THE 8YBACUBE CONVENTION SELECTED. A regular meelkig of the bard shell General Committee was hold last night In Acadcmy Hall, Horace F. Clark ia the chair, and John Y. Savage and Peter B. Sweeney act ing aa Secretaries. A3 this was the last and most impor tant meeting the hards have held, we give their names ? fr. it Ward. ? Nicholas Ihtnond, Thomas Ste* art, Joseph Blackburn. Second Ward John J. Tait, Michael Ryan and Walter Jeycc. THrd Ward ? Andrew J. McOarty, Jamew Hackett and Movgau L. Harris. Fourth Ward ? John Ridden, John Casey and Thomas Fitzw&ld. Fijtk Ward. ? Robert C. Mclntire, John O. Savage, Jr., U.d Jnhn T. Henry. Sixth Ward. ? WttUam A. Birr, William Sinclair and James McCowan. Seven'}. Ward ? Anthony T. Gallagher, John Brown, Ja:ncH MeMaliau. Ei<jht\ Ward ? Jno. B. Haskin, Jonas N. Phllli|M, Ri(hai\i A. Chamber*. Ninth Ward. ? U*w P. Clover, (absent,) Henry H. Moral ge, J. Sherman Browueli. tkr'.h Ward. ? Joseph M. Marsh, John Harrison, Jere miah Welsh. KUttnth Ward ? Edwin Rsiboa, B Kelly. H. Muaw. 2W/(/i Ward. ? Terence Met; aire, Nicholas Ray, Dauiol Slav in. Thiilemth Ward. ? Charles M. Smith, G. Newkirk, Wm. P. Cormick. Fiwieentk Ward. ? Nicholas Mooney, Michael Twomy, Patrick Ilarue?. FiJUfiith H'arrf.? George C. Genet, Benj. S. Hart, George J". Tfconi|'*on Sixirrnth Ward, ? tlyah Ward, Charles A. May, Samuel Radcllf!'. Seventeenth IPard. ? Nathaniel S. Sclab, Anthony I>ugro, Edward Carrlgan. Eighteenth Ward. ? Horace F. Clark. Wm. O. Donneli, Weare I>. Parsons. Nineteenth ll'arrf ? James C. Rutherford, Thomas Mc Speddon, Thomas O'Rlley. Twentieth Ward ? l'eter B. Sweeny, William Joyce, lipomas J. Mumiay. JWflfy fir.:t H'uril. ? .Tames M. Smith, Jr., (ab^CLt), Ales. P. Vache, Bernard MtCabe. TwerU'!-*ecorul Hard, ? Patrick Masterson, M. Tracey, J. 0. To?!e. In addition to these parties, there wa' a large lobby iu attendance, ami groat excitement prevailed, as it was un derstood the Committee wvuirt agree to alllkate with the suits, ami a'.so scud delegates to Syracuse. The press ' was not admitted, aud the conduct of the hards in this particular compares unlavorabiy with the republicans, v.ho are very willing to admit the press. Alter some prelimnary business, Chas. A. Mat, of the Sixteenth ward, moved that a committee of five bo ap pointed by t'.io Chair to report the namo of one delegate and one alternate from the Assembly diitricts of this c.ty to represent the hards in tnc State Convention to be hell ill Syracuse on the 20th iu.-t. John 15. Hawkins, from the Eighth ward, moved to amend so as to give tho representatives ol the dill"rcnt A* -em t !y district} in that body the power to choose their own del. "gate and alternate. He argued that this busi ness had alt been arranged in caucus to crush the les) liiaMd I ? ai lb brew deemed It undemocratic, "he Kansr.^ Nebraska bill he supported from tho start, became it gave the people authority over their loc*l m it ten; and referring the selection of these delegates to tive persons was, to his mind, outrageous. J. Siiknman Bkowxmx, of the Ninth ward, took the same view, and denounced the pr,|ioseJ action. Anthony Pro no was also opposed to this action. He thought it would ruin tho democratic [arty. Ji. Has kin's amend an ut was lost b> a vote of 82 nays and 29 ye.'u. After" ton i lerable discussion Mr. May'* motion was I can led, by a vote of 01 to '17. A motion wis made that no meinlier of tint committee fhould be appointed a delegate, and another motion ? is that n- nn i .her of that committee In- an oUke ho ('.it under BucIlimui, at which there was much laughter. Neither ino<i, ;. was acted u|>on. Tin Ciiai" then appointed the following committee to report a I t < f di iepi.ti-s sud aUern-U ?*, vil. ? t ins. A. Miiy, Nicholas ! 'amourt, John V Savage, Pejer B. Sweu ney at-d Th Mejspeton. A rw es.i i us taken, wheu the committee reported the foi'i wing : ?mc.. as delegates an 1 alternates ? . Vithu.:. l)cl'*tte*. AUernatm. 1 Jlii-lmc.' R> an, Samuel Auid '1 M T. Breuuan, M. 1. Harris. ;i John Crowe. Wiitium CUry. 4 .Rooort C. M. Int re, J. A. Jackson. 6 A 1' fallaghcr, P.. H. Connolly. 6 R A ('hau liers, R. H Kills. 7 Jacob Brush, Wm. If. Hnsenburf. A John Harrlat u, J M Clover. 9 H Mum, K. Iiouton. 1 0 Wm W. Sanger, P. Mauersoa. 1 1 W. llcOormiek, P. H. Hempstead. l'i Thomas Whei lan, B. H. Purdy, I, Win. N. Mclntire, G. C. Genet. 14 Peter B. Sweeney, Samu?l Radcliff. 14 AntUony Imgio, F. R. I<ee. lit U Shell, Wm. II l eonard. A Bioti ir. to lay the report on tho Ub.e was lost by a I vote of a) es r6, noes 3T. Tuok J. Mi m a\, of the Twentieth ward, thou/ht fitilteMO ?elected a< Uolegatea sho'ild not vote: they ?i ->ul<! ha\ soitiii modesty. i'i i if B. Swkkmt? You are a (rood representative of a Kioot-st man. (Cries of ?Order. ) The motion to take up the names separately w is lost, when tbe cotnm'.ttcc's report w .u tiuaiiy adopter by a I TOte ol 4J to SS, atmd cheers. The following la the vote:-* A irrtMATiT s? Mmst*. Dtaaoad ii:wk!>u.n, Stewart, T?lt. R.v.111. Jo>e*. Khlileii. Cnnejr. KiU MiTnure. Sa??n? Jr . Heanr, Itarr. hinrlatr. Mc'iowou. llsl'i :lirr,_ si. M ilna, i Hrowm, I bambera, Morango, ll?rri*i<ii. Welsh, Hon i ttm. Miinn. Smiili Mei'urmick, Newkuk. i ieurt, Thoinmon. Wnrd Itaitelufe. Clark, O'Dniinell. I'artoiu, Ru'Jierlord. Iwiptto. O'Miy, l? ?eney. Taeke? 41. N MiATi . e? Mi sin-si. Met any. lt.ickeu. ilArrto. Haskin. I'htlllps llroa r.ell. Kelly, Meliulre. Kar. Slavtn. Moooey, Tu m;, ll.irnes. Hart. SeUh. Pugro, Carrlgan Joyce, Muil day, M?stfr?on, Tracy, O'Toele? 22. Our B. iswKKsn, Twentieth Ward, read the follow! ag letteis from Wilton finall, Chairman of tl.e soft commit tee; aWjt.1, It. ShepariL who was ap|ioinin<t a committee to consMraate the union between the two comiuitteee. Tamhanv IIaij. New Yosa, JuiyS. 1NM. lion Hon tea F. Clank, Ciiaimm ?* Ac Tiie Ilennorralic Ueneiai ComaiiUee of trhlrfc f am Chsir man. bare lustriieted me k> nommunirate Ibrougb vou wltb the l?m<s rsiic General Comni'iee of wbicb yeu aro Chair man. 1 bey have iiniuiimr.usly reaolred to inrif I lie rommlUee of wliieb yo?i are Chairman to unite Willi tbem If your com mlttec rltali not equal theirs in point of mimbrrs. Uiev are deitrouK that yon abali Increase It. so that lis Kite shall exactly e,|ual tbrlr own. and that the body of one hiindrnl and thirty two meuiliera thus eon?iltnied aBall perform all tbedulte* of a liemoeraUc Ueneral ConuaiUee for the city and county of New York. Deeply regretting the division* which have unhappily east d?wn lite democratic p*rly of the Stale of Sew York rn.m its ai?-l?rt |>o?ltk?ti i?f power and protrelkm to the righu of every pnrtlim of the t nfcm under the constitution, mindful tUal upon che union of iliat party the great principle* ?hl-h tt pro le??e? depend for heir very exiatrm-e. enn*rW,u- that the eyts of our bretl ren throughout ths oouutry are turned upon us with palm'iil *<iMettiide, as yet uneer tain w net her we aie atom to give that tuilie<i aiipport to our d'*tingtil*heil standard heareta whleh thev havi fli. right 'o (tenuuid. we b*g you. by the ?aere'l tie* .,f it?moer?ue frater nlty, to meet u* on ertn* ex letly equal. In nriler that we utay luily pe rform ibe datlea reijuired of us a* itemorata There ean i>e no belter ocraaioo than the prr*ent l>elay promlee* no good, but only a continuance of the un fbrtuiiate accidents w hlrli hsve destroyed our power and m al lered earariee venerate.! p?r<v. I^i me. then, on beh?"nf tuoae whom I represent, ask that tou w ill meet tbem in the sr irtt which they manifr i. and let isionk in the fmiire. ratiier than the Met, I cannot r, train fn m eipr.-saui* the graUfleaUoa which 1 feel In making th!? communication, nor fr ni entertaining ibe sU< "ge?i hope* of It* unquallled acceptance. I'lea?e si-eept a**wranees of my nigheal esteem, end bo lie\e uie eoui obedient servant, wn.sojf SM A I.I., Chairman te (to 19 W aij sm lst ffiw Yoaa. Jmy a, l*d. Iloa. Hohacb K Clark Cmaibmas. Ac. I ha i e tbe honor u> enclose a eoniinnnleatton, whleh the Pemoeraile General Cienmtitee of which 1 am ;? msmtier, unanimously orileie<t lo be iran?tnlited throutb yen lo the Dwnoi taile tletieral fommlttee of n blch you are Chairman It I* mj dutj to npprlae you tiiat the llemrn rati, ilenersl QnraMUne of which I sm a member, iiaie sp"'in' I me on Itietr tiebalt to eon*utnms"e the union ol the I>emf)craiie ilene ral i ommiueee, and resiore the ancient concord of the demo cralle party In the city of Hew York. Perm* me to add. that no set of mine which ean Justly be required nhsll be wanting to tbe scemn, Ilcfement of this great pntpoae I tske the occasion lo IranomH ray peraonnl regard* lo yo?r *e,f and iboae over whom yon preside. Kopectfully, your obedient servant. L>H . SIIKI* ARI). IVrir B. Hwns>mr thought tbe proposition a fair one, honnreble Ibr one p-irty to propone, and equally so for tlie other lo accept. He moved that the pio|meition tharMn ce r.taii.ed be accepted, and that Htraae F. Clark b? ap piinted a committee to confer with Mr Kbepard to affree on the lime and place of me 'ting of the joint couimitlcoe Carried, with only a few negativee. The committee of Bve on delegates were e mpowereil to Clt vacanciee. Then * motion to adjourn prevailed. Messrs. H.tsms* and Hi na t prote?te<l agalntt the ac tion of the committee, and ealle<l upon all who disavowed gag law to remain behind to protest against tbe action mat taken. Accordingly a few did remain behind, but the gas was nut out and tfaev did nothing. There wai a large lobby Ailed with would be delegates, and much eg. ciVt ment was manifested. It wee near midnight When the committee adjourned. MF.ET1N0 OF THE REFT ELK* AN CENTRA I. COmftTTIE. Tlie Republican Central Committee of the city and rotin ty of New York, which waa organized on the 7th of May last, held ita Mcond regular meeting last evening ia its rooms, Academy Ha l, Broadway. There was a pretty full attendance of member*, and the proceeding* were listened to with much Interest. Tlie meeting was called to order by tbe Prrsldent, Mr. Fslgar Ketchum, Messrs. George Terwilliger and William Peel officiating aa Secre taries Tbe roll of the members composing the commit tee wan then called and It was fbnnd that a fair prnpor. tion an?wered to their names. The committee o? nslsta of ?ve members from each ward, making tt all one hna dred and ten. tlie rule* of tlie body have already been printed, ami it Is now thoroughly org?nlted. A report of th? utlve C ommtt'.eo in regard to tbe republtt an latiBcattom meeting held racentty at the Ilroailwav Ihl'erancle, was jea-j l y llie ( Iiaimtan of the Committee, Mr. l^aj ton. T\,t i ej?ort, a isich was a sy I ih, "si* of that already publlafccd, was unaniaoady ado. | Th,, following resolution was presented by Dr. Kennedy, and, oa Da0"0!1, referred to the Executive Committee ? Rnwhrt. Tlm' Republican Committee recommend t? the Herman 'lectors of the city ot N.-w York who are in f? vur of our lirt. "Wlples <" hold a public meeting for the purposa of e*pri*?djiff U. , lr ri'w? the fiofluca! condition of thr coun try k ml that i ,ie Central Cuiumiitee aid ta hold a..; mioh meeting. Jt was finally de<. 'idp'1 appoint the committee to-night, and the f< liowing ge ?itlemen were nominstetf b?" the l?re. ? ideal: ? Messrs. J. C. lluckney, y. J. ottersen, F. Fenae b erg, C. Schwartz Mid I'- Willi-. After the transaction ?. ? some minor buaiuo*, the meet ing adjourned. TOtTNO HEN 8 FRIMONT Ak'D DAYTON ?KKTttA? tTKlOM. There was a meeting held k't Ctltttou f5.ll, on Tuesday evening, for the purpose of fo "miug a "Young Maa'a Fremont and 1 'ay ton 'Central Cthou. " Atl"**<jen were delivered by Messrs B F Maim-rie. B K. ritfjw, B. O. McCormick, Jr., C Britiu.-ird arid William ft Uooney ; alter which the following olHcers wer?> elected: -*? President B. F. Munorre. Vice I 'resident Joseph Witit-J. Secretary I). H. Gildersleere. Treasurer George P. fit-'ga r. Executive Committee ? C. Bralnard, M. Hoyt, W. H. Mconey, R. C. McCormick, Jr., Cbos. A. Moore. Johat Bow no, B. K. Fheips, Dwiglit 11. OimsUnd and Wat L. Tillay. The Vnio i wiU hold meeting* on Tuesday evening sf each week, at the Hiuy ve ant Institute, 65'J Broadway. A free reading room will al.-o be opened alter the I Mi lost. Meeting of Delegate* to the Maryland OM Line ifhlK Owiventio.i. [From the Baltimore American, July 9.] In accordance with a public call In the pa|tem yes terday morning. the delegates and alternates from Bal timore city to the State Con yen lion, assembled at Bar u urn's Hot I, last night, and in the absence of William Schley, Hnj., the Clutirm:iu of the Delegation. I)r. Joha L. Yeutos, the alternate from the Cltv at forg", wae called to the chair, uud ChatltM C. Fulton appointed secretary. J>r. Yeates, on takin* the chair, presented the follow ing lett er from Mr. Schley :? NrwttMn, R. I., July 5, 18M. Dr. John L. Yeatss ? IVak Sin ? By a ifceit'nyjre paper of of tie' 1st inst., which I miw for the tirst time j esterd:iy , 1 learnt tint t li ? City Convention of Old line V 1 < lu?>t done me the honor to select itve in my aV sctioe as t'.ie of the delegates from Baltimore to the State C?a vention, to he held on the loth inst., and that you h*4 been i elected as alternate delegate. I wit- called to thi- plot e, from New Yo'k, on Tuesday last, by iutelitgeace of the uangcou illness of my grand child. She U yet living, but 1 fear hopelessly sick, la any event, w hatei er may be the result, 1 shall not be la Baltimore on the loth in-t., and I deem it proper to give to you the earliest nonce of the bet. A^ 1 cannot fulfll the commission conferred on mo by the- old line whig* ot Baltimore, 1 am really pleased that its eJeiMtioo, in the alternative, has b<eo entrusted ta one wiio, at all times, und under all circumstances, baa borne btmsei! as a staunch and true whig. You and 1 can vote properly and cout-tently for Mr. Fiiimore. not a* the uomineo ol the Araorican iserty, but a.-, i; good whig, bo.inu umi conservative in his notion*. I f'-cl ?i II a siiied that ho vrlll not proscribe any clt:sen oa n. couiit >f his religion or his birth, ami tne doctrines of the party *. ho have aclocted him as their standard bearer. a? expounded by him. are essentially eonter \ alive. Ana even 1. tle re he in the pl.ttlorm of tne Americaa party some political dogma which jon and I, as old line wings, cannot entirely approve, yet u compared with the otbier platlo, ni?. ii is comparatively unexceptionable and really conset vative. Under Uillerent circumslaticer I would tike the libertf of exp?e- -uiv my viewy upon ce. uln to(>.'"s which may come up. a^d jirobably a ill come up, for discussioo in the Conviniicn All iliat I < an now say is that I feel well assured thai the adieu 01 the Convention will be pred ictive of good. V uh my beat v, i.-Ucs and a v rcsiiccts, faiiblullv, kc. WM SClitiY. <m mi tion of Mr.*, i>r. John L. Yeites was elect*' d < ba.: n. ?n o! the delepatk>n. Tlie following gentleme'.i were then appointed a Com mitUe of Ai rangemenu an i Kecejd.ou, and W.'.liaai H. Young, Lsq., WD-choa n Chairman ofth.- committee ? Mm. 11 Yourg, D-. J. Monti omery, JcUa W. Randolph. ,'ohn R. KeU>, Tins U, H. Lceiry, C. W. Unit*. Col. T\ui <"!iej>m.t. Win. Robinsoa, Iiaiiiai Hiushury, Thes. S. .tmnwalt, Richari' F-'u-les . \V h:am Morfltt, Ri Urd 11. Urcbb, Jobs W. Ball, Wm. K. Klca* boa, J. Tt 'I nia:i Andrew K. W .irner, Charles Ret <? J. Sham Stocket. Mr llioma- Wi or, < > fVem tne- Ninth and Tenia wards, bettig ah*t-i?t from tlie eiiy. a net" w*., reoeivtd from hi at reqi'ostiij Marc.- ftonniaon, K ?] , l.j alter Late, to reprtsei t the wurds *ti the Con .eat ?u The meeting tluii luijournen nr\TK*'s IfkincAt SmtATjsT.? We hare a cony of it July number of thin valuable monthly. K u conducted by Dr. Robert Hunter, who has been so succeseml ta treating disease* ol tbe lunga by iuhalation. The .Vpersal itt for the current month couuins four elaborately w ttea articles or diseases of the longs, of the hesrt, of the ste rn at b and of the skin. They contain much valuable 1a foimaiion. uud the price of the magazine? one dollar pi# annum? bring* it' i the reach of all. City IntrlM.-fiire. Fttkt-.-.-h K*!i,iu*t . ? During the l:??t few days qo?m a large i*rty o! emigrants (over 'iOO) from Sweden, ar riv?d at this port, bound for Iowa and Minnesota, where ?here are large ketlli-uiente of Swedes. These people da not know a word of English, nor arc thiy acqjalntai with our decimal currency; yet, ni>l? iibstaudtog, they were liappy and talkative, and amused themselves (if It can be called amiuement) la Kinging, praying, preaching and other religious sxercissa. The t-wedes are a simple minded but Industrious peoptei nud seem to possess all the solid Virtues ot the (ie 'mania races, bet- hies being rather more vlva< Ion* ami deinoa stratlve . Formerlj there were*but few Swedes einigrat nig to tlii ? country, bui ?irice He*. (? ii. Hedstrom com menced Ins miuistratious. ihc- emikration hits stea ,iy la crcaaed, and during the last ten years over 20.004 el ibem have arrived. They are now ?rnt forward in large bodies to the West, where there axe many scttletnenta ta which the Swedi-h language is the only oae spoken. There U ever) reason for believing thai this desiraMs emigration will keep ou increiaing. A 1'kiis Km. lit st Rikkk's iMAmt.? ' Yesterday mornlag a prite light fiir 9100 aside came o(T at Hiker's Ulead, la the Fast river. In the presenco of a couple of t'lonsaad rowdies, blat klegs, tbieves and rufllans generally. At an early bour in tbe morning the steaming Neptune, with ^two sloops in tow. Ml the pier at the foot ot Delaaay stro I with the fighting crowd on board. They succeeded in getting efl without any opposition on the part of the police, and had a glorious time daring the forenoon. The combatants in this fight were narney Aaron, an Rngltsb msn, and a mulatto named Robinson. The light lasted a couple of hours and resulted, afte, 80 re -mils of hard briiislng. In favor of the KuglUhman The spectators, seconds, bottlebolders, and last, though not least, the priucipitls, all returned to this city about half je?t nine M The Thirteenth ward police" were sware of the Im t-mled tight some days ago, and shouhipiave Uxon soam tueans to prevent the departure of the sleamtug and tha A, isrespec tsble crew that were on board of her. Fisk o Lrouiw Smsia ? AJ?out liall past three o'cloeh on Wednesday morn'ng. a Ore was discovered In the kitchen of dwelling house Ke. 106 Ludlow street, owaad and occnpvd by Jeremiah Frost. The firemen were promptly oa the rrrmnd and soon extinguished the flee. juniHgcdone to building about $50. Insured for $2,404 *iB the City and Bowery Insurance Companies. Tbe da mage to furniture amounts to about $'i0, Insured ia the City Insurance Company. Wllllamabarn City News Prr<r>n Iiurn a* a Fsmrr Boat ? Yesterday mora log, between 7 and I o'clock, Mr. Samuel X. B. Scott residlag at No. ]3S North Hixtb street, expired suddenly oa boaH one ot tbe Terk slip ferry boats. Mr. Scott has for several years conveyed the mail from New York to Wil.iam*barg. Us 1-" eatered tbe gate on tbe New York side he com plained of feeling u iwell, and requested oae of Ihe bands lo carry the mall bag on the boat On arriving on tha other Slde| he start's! lo go oil of the boat, but fell aad I'tetl almost immediately, as is sup|>ose.l of heart disease. His remains were conveyed home Deceased was aboal flfly years of age, and loaves a wife RrantAii Asswnm? A man, who gave hi* name as John Stevens, arses ted by Officer Yidets, wm brought before Justice Clarey, yesterday forenoon, on ? charge of bnrglartously entering tbe bouse No, M North Fourth street, ard stealing theretrom several articles of lewelry Accused, and an accomplice who eacap* I. were ?e< s te lesve the hmtse by one of the neighbor? wha caused the arrest. Committed for trial. Bt seitAstm.? The resl'lciioe of Stephen BrnadwaU, 9nuth Ninth street, was burglariously entered early ys?> terday morning, and a i|uanltty of wearing apparel was taken. The grocery of Colyer * Debevolse, corner of South Ninth and Ninth streets, was entered and robbed of a qnantily of butter. About a o'clock yesterday morning, officer Cook, of tK Sixth District roliee, discovered the door of No. lit ura ham avenue open, and on entering found a t' tastily of unaMde garments tie?i up for remorai. Th b glar Ua4 been distnrbed and lert. Ftss. ? Yesterday morning, between 1 and f o'.Jook, % lire broke out in a small frame bull ? near tbs crnsv ofK.wenan'l W lbers stress#, wM. Ii I <?ther with tha coiilefls ' t< ''eslre?ed. rt was owned isd occutvo j by a tlerm" rs> ee Iwteloer for a van.isb iu ?! >ry. lit* i>w?| ?ii- ? t'e it -t '! , sr-ve-Ms t i-jvC, uu wuto* lu >ra ws- ? ? in-?rarre.