Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 12, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 12, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. - ^ - - _ - - - - WHOLE NO. 7256 MORNING EDITION? SATURDAY, JULY 12, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. BOARD OF SUFEKVI80E8. KU'OKTS AOOITSU. Ube OMumittee on Annual Taxes reported in favor of <OOR>?iutt(ig ttie taxes at' the New York Balance Dry Dock <Jompaiij\ tlio New Vork Oil Manufacture g Company, Che Secoeid Avenue Railroad Com 'any, A:c. Adopted, and >atao^bo report in favor of granting th ' application of the floating Per icW Conipauy to commute tlielr auniul Kaxes I jy jwyiug live per cent on $1,000 on their annual 'income. * tfiK Bfr.r. or th* sHKKirr. The Kll?r<b< 8h?rtlf ($S,106 i0) for empannelling i'urore, convej tag persons, kc., for quarter ending 30th .June, W56, was referred to Committee on County O dices. *rn* cwrnt*:. i-ark ? two hi->drki> thou ha. vd dollaiu askkd AM) GIVK.V. The Cowvisstaners of the Central I 'ark (the Mayor and Ulrvot Commissioner) sent in a communication, Bimilar ??to that presented to the Courcilmen, notify tug that they '.jad upjiomted tt'llcnH, Sc., and asking the Board or Su jyervitors to raise, by taxation, the ?u:n or 9*200. 000. Supervisor Tivkkk hoped that no such swindle would ?be )>erpet?a1ed ou the tax payers. He would oppose the ?petition in toln. Su|>er visor "Gkikfitiw presented a resolution to the ef fect that thare siiall 1>e raised by ta xation on the real and personal estates of the freeholders, inhabitants and non resident.* as.-cs?cd aooordiug to law in trio city and county <of New York, the sum of $'2tK),(WO foi the improvement of the Central It ark, the same to be expended unOer tho di rections of the Commissi >ners or said park. The JtvwiiKK min ed the previous nutation, which was adopted by a vote of 14 to 7 : ? Ar**?' The Mayor, Reeor.ipr, Supervisors Tor win, Healy, BoOtiiM 1'laiir.r, KIMn, Jackson, Mujieghati, Valentine, Her rl<k. MetWkey, Varian. Drake ? 14. Nays? Hn|w?rvtoor? Brown, Fox, Tucker, Voorhis, Briggs, Fiilmer. Ely? 7. supervisor tiKirvmiM moved a reconsideration in orlcr to secure the measure. Supervisor Voohjiis seconded the reconsideration ? it would be a lessen totbo gag law abldlug members. There was no doobt of the illegality of the measure, and ho was ?oii\ Inced that it would be tested by the taxpayers, who would api>enl to the Co iris lor justice, Tim Board had oo right to place an additional 1-00,000 ou tho taxpayers without the eeusent of the legislature. He would oppoie the miasure, aud clarged the Kecorlcr with being tho greatest bpeudilirilt of tho public money in the whole Board. Supervijor Bmug* designated tlio Central Park ns tho greatest humbug in the city, aid would prove a strong ?ngiue to swaidle tho city. He w;ia convinced that CiOo.COO wa- too much, and a great portion of it would tie lavished for political purposes. Tlie motion to recousltler was put and negatived, by a vote of 13 to 8. an Avorrio.fAL $150,000 for coxmishiomcr.* or mtcoiuA. Tlie report of the Committee oa County Office* iu favor Of allowmu the Commissioners of Kecordi ?ir.o,W>0 ad ditional, to bo rdnd in the tax levy of 1558, for Index ing, Ac. records of titles to real c.-ute in the city and county was adopted. AFPOIXTXKNT. * A resolution was offered by Supervisor Stkbrs, appoint tug lhaddeus U. Clover clerk in the Tax Commissioners' office, in the room of Jas. McKiuley resigned. Adopted, toy a vote of 16 to 0. A communication was received from tho Clt.v Judge asking for a clerk to be appointed to his court, at 11,000 * year. The B*rv! i>KR opposed the application, and stated that the city judges had been offered the services of a police Burn as clerk. Supervisor t't'isut was glad to see the Recorder getting ?economical after voting this evening lor tho expenditure of $360,000 ot taxpayers' money. He thought, however, tliat tlie addition u\ $1 ,000 a year for a clerk for the city Woulo wot make much dillcreuco to the taxpayers. .fending the discussion the adjournment of the Board was moved and carried. Adjourned to Monday evening. BOARD OF -ALDERMEN. The President. Isaac O. Darker, K iq, in the chair. Hie rrjxiit <?( tlie Committee on. l'ollce concurring with Bnprti of Counoitracn to btlld a now homo for the lice of the Kttt-enth patrol district win concurred in. port ct Committee aa Repair! ami Supplier, (amending rc|Ku t Iroaa Coaa< ilnieii). and in favwr or confirming con traeU) for ktationery for tin* year NM, was adopted. Sevo ral [tapers were received and referred 10 thj different committee* the report of the Committee on l.?ni;w iu t <im, concurring to have Lexington avnue to fortieth -?treet, and Thirty tifth street, between Third and Sixtli avenue*, lighted with gas, wits concurred ta. Aujourtn-d to Monday at 5 o'clock. BOARD OF COUNCILMEN. The flfth *ee?lou of this Board for July wan hel 1 in th i -Council room ia.-t evening, President l'lucknoy in th chair. Councilman UiMorrr called up tbo following resolution, which was adopted j? Rrmdrcd TJ.?l the Hrooklya Ferry t'ompany be perml'te to ocriieyiiie *li|> between pier* Nos !tl and .12 K*?t rlvec. am! run tWlr ferry b?*i* to a*<-|i ?|ip, provided they slisll pro -ure al tlu lr own and expense, the po?****ion from the Ee?-nt |?-w.< e? and ereet, at ilteir own eip.-use, suck faery luree aa tbej tu*> re^aiiv for ferry purposes. The Hoard then took up the th>rd reading of bilU, and (l>e follow mr. among other-, were pa-.sed In la vor of constructing a aewer tn Sixteenth street, commencing ?eveuty live feet we-t of Seventh avenue, and running to and through Niuth avenue to *ew?r in Flft'-entli * treat: in Ctvor ?f eon trocung a aewer tn Bed ford atreet, from Carmtne to Hamer-dey -treet; in fivor ut aeewer in Harrow utreet, from We t WatMBgioa piaee to Hbecler utreet; tu fat or ot don.Oiug (SO? to the New York <J|4balu<ic Hospital. a special com anittee of II- it be appointed to iaveni*ate into th > condi tion of the l! nance Iteperlmetit; tn faviur of incr-asing sa lary of du|4>iintrtnlmt of Ijlu h and I'iac ?< to SI.&OO per ?aouni tn f i vor of recen tug Mw and culverts north ?aat and Miuthea-t comers of Chamber* and Washington ?trecta . tn fin or of constructing a aewer In K.?-t Broad - m*y, Irom Uouvernmir street to and through Grind atrc. t to the aewer ui 1-rwU street. In lavor or buildtmr ? sewer tn Puane .-treet, between Hit.lsott atreet and We t Broadway, In tax or of con ?trin tin,: a sewer In Clinton ?treet, between llrooiae and Umai -treeti; in favor of constructing a m wer in Ttilrty eighth atreet, between Hur l and I" Mirth avenue*. A length) iM*< u-sl?a arose upon tbe report of the Com gnittee on the law l?rpartui"nt, in favor of istying the ciain of Charles bevlkn tor 91,600 for lumber used In building a aewer. Mr. ?* opj?i*ed (he claim, and said ti at it was one $mmt liundre i- of -uniiar grouadie-t claims which were preaenti-4 tn this IV?rd and carried through by bargaining and corrupt too lie coatmenlM ?pon the pr'-ee?cc of the Mreet Commt?iooer In the ?**".]. who, he aaid, was there ? ith hi* clerk* to lobby this bill, in behalf of one of his contractors. tliro-igli tlie BueM The Conwnon Council were not pet mitted to legis late (br tbe i ity, but tllev nm I be aided by the head* of department* who rowie in here with their clerks to In *tru< t them to their ilnty. The whole city government, (ram the hvhe-t oflk-e to the Inwwt, was hut one gr in I ?ystem 1 1 lixrgain and sale, lie had no doubt this bill sronld | siim. as other* liad paused before it ?indeed be hi* I tie?n informed that M vote- were already secured in ila ?h vor. hut he wished ta eater his pmtes against it a* being at grocndle claim, and a fraud upon the rity treasury. Blr. 9. Mori'mi waa al*o opfioie-l to the claim, although be tho- ght Mr i>waa was mistaken in raying the street t>mmtssioner was here for the purp>>~ of lobby ing la beli.ill of this hill, lie op|ioae<| tie* claim, hecaoso he thought it wae too high. Me had been inform - ! th it the lumber lor w Inch it wa- propwe<l to pay tl MO was oi-i timber wbWib had lala nnd. r water lor *ixt?.-n year-, ?ad tltat the aame quantity of new lumber could he feontbt at a lee* *nm than' was claimed for tins. Mr. Tavlor aleo opfsv I the rlajta, aad nK>ve*l tltat It he re ferred liai W to the Cemaituee of the Whole, which was lost. The re|HM t wa* then ndopted, by a vote <if 38 to 12. TH* atvtim ?**K--|1UO.OOO AcrnoratATan The ordinance *|?|>repriattng 1100,000 for the use of the Chtnaris MMiefa of the t'entral Park wa* then taken up. ?nd a mot tor made to dlDcharif the Committee of tlie Whole from tlie further constderatinn of the ?uh)?ct, fur the purpose of pn-s-ng tlie same imme-liatelv 8e\ ral Viember- oppos-d the ax>t><<n. and < on-iderable dlacwsMia ?n*ue<t ? the opftoaHion api?-iring to be not *e much to lite appropriation a* to th. tia-ty manner in which it had fjes-n pre??e<l upon the Bnard. The motioa taaily pre vailed by a vote of M to 9 A motion to ad-ipt the ordinance wat th <? made, whea Omnriiiaan hwa* idlered a* a *ul?stMate a re-olati<m ?ailing up<Hi tb-< Onmmtssionars to report In writing to thi* Hoard th* name* of all the per*oa* empWfe-l by them a* lYnnmWfotKTs <4 the Central Park, with the ?sums paid or agreed to be paid to *a< h for hi* eervtoe*, %ofeth> r With aa eaUraste of th" sum of money needed for the oarreat ; ear and the spetHta ati)ect? to which *ai I money Was to be a|if>li*d. He *api?<rted this resolution In a speii li of twm deralile ieagUi In whl< h he state I that hi- liad not aaScteat eoaftdenee ta lite Commission ts #>1 the Ontt al Park to vote oae single ceat Into their liand* witUouta writi n -tatenient of |tie?iautier In Che monev era* to lie e*j?-nded. lie commented with Ijrest severity upon the prof?*-ion* of economy made lir the Mayor at the time he cntae inln ofllce compared with tils recent practice* He referred to the manner In wliieti th- Major * far ego waa art u*totne?l to snub the Tom moa Council? the acorn and contempt wdh which he treated thi* Hoard? hi- bold usurpations of power, only ?squ*lled by his assumptions Of superior vir .ae aad ho tnesty. and the indignation which w i? then '-vclted among the members of the Board against on* whom they were plea i -d In call a tyrant, and nontra*ted all thti with the cringing subeerTlency, aad the eagerness to do kis bid ding. whleli now characterized these anme member*, ^tnd bow had this wonderful change bnen brought ?bout f Ala*! the Itching palm had done the work ? the 41 you tickle me and I'll tickle you'' principle had been Inaugurated In our munietpnl :itbiir*. Ha.aaid that the 'whole city got ernment hud become demorali7.?il by the ?yetem of bargain and corruptioa which had been Intro <1aco<| during hi* administration, and ha wa* -ompelled <n aay that Mayor Woo?l. notwlthstsndmg all hi* message*. *it? vetoee, and ht* |>lau*ible e-s*y* u|ion all varlat.v- of t?bte> u, actually ted the van in thi* demoraliglng system. IThe resolution wa* repx ted Th* ordiaaace waa then ?dotded? ay*e, tl . nay*, a. After traasacting ?ome other unimportant husinea*, tbe ftnard adjourned to Monday aftennsm at S o'clock. flRADTKO OF THE BOWERY EXTENSION. Ike Onmmtttee on 8lree|? of tlw Botr J of Oounctlraen, Mr. Van Kiper, chairman, n*? yesterday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, to hear parties upon gt* dlug t 1h Bi/wery, o-i ex tended from Chatham street to Trunklla mu.ire. There was a numerous attendance of property owaers and oth ers on the line of the extension, Whose proj*?ty woutil be affected by the grade to be cstab'/nhed. The Chaihm as explained that two (Xfferont gnwfcw Ivad been petitioned for. One grade extemtal the strri down on a level with the start, at the corr^r ot l'e?rl and Frankfort streets; the other grade terminated in frtrat of the establishment of the Messrs. Harper. Kx Mayor HiKrs, who tlrst appeared before th? eom niitteo, strenuously opposed the grade terminating in front of his establishment. He suited that l>y Qx4on the grade, as thus proposed, the basement of his buikttiw would be made the ttrst story. This would destroy t'to architectural beauty and character of the front. H? win willing to take bis share of the inconveniences be might be called upon to sustain, as a private citizen and property owner, for the public good. In this case he cl.-tiinel ttiut laying the grade even with the level of Frankfort street would be the best grade, and afford better satisfaction to owners of property on the street generally. Kx Alderman Kklly advocated the friuie asked for by Mr Harper. He said thit a majority of those owning buildings and lots on tbe street, as newly exteudud, pre ferrrd this grade. Mr. W m. t'KrciKR said that the level of the grade was not so much of a |>oint with most of the property owuors. They were wultlng to have some grade established that they might go on and put up new buildings. Contracts for building involving over $1,000,000, ha added, wore waiting the establishment ot a grade beforo they could be entered upon. Several others spoke, coinciding with Mr. Crugor. The Ciiaikm an stated that as the sentiment appeared to be i early all on one side, they would hear no further argument*, but report at an early day. THE CHARGES OF CORRUPTION. The special committee of tho Councilmen ap|M>intcd to investigate into the charges of official corruption against Councilman Van Tine, were announced to meet yesterday alternoon. A largo number of Councilmen and others in terested in the proposed investigation, and curioui to learn the nature of the loots to be developed, irero pro sent. As only two meinbors of the committee were in attendance, the examination was po->tponed|till Monday next. City Intelligence. ?AcnnwiT to Tim Stkamkr Mktkoi-ous ' This steamer started as usual ou Thursday, at 6 P, M., for Fall River with a large number of passengers. When she had passed Sands' Point, the engineer discovered a crack in the ere.-* bead of the air pump, end on Capt. Brown bring notified, he promptly stopped the boat and anchor ed to await the coming up of the Plymouth Uock, bound fir StoningtM. Tlic passengers and luggage were soon trnnsfcrred to the latter boat, and the Metropolis, under a light head of steam, returned to the city and is now id dock being repaired. The injury is slight ami a woek will make all right. The State of .Maine will take ber place, and no interruption of travel will take place. The cool ness and promptness of the captain are deserving of sll praise. An incautious man in his place might have de stroyed the boat and killed all on board. Li>k Wiakt. ? Harriet Stewart attempted to commit ?tilcldo at No. 24 West Broadway on Thursday evening. She was taken to the City Hospital aid will doubtless recover. Joseph Brenuan attempted to commit suici le by taking laudnum on Thursday, but wits taken to the Seventeenth ward station house, where he recovered. He was formerly a waiter, and want of employment in duced turn to try and commit the rtsh act. Thk Ehmuuxt CoxmsKioiocKa. ? We have received a card from C. H. Weber, formerly a clerk In the employ of the Commissioners of Emigration, and recently discharged for alleged unkind conduct to emigrant-', in which he de nies, in general terms, the charges brought against liim, h ii ft urges that seven years' service in the department should hare entitled him to bettor treatnittuU He in dulges In some harsh invective, directed against the Com missioners, which may be of interest to htm and to them, but is not of the slightest importance to us or to the public. Caitaik Wauijhi, of the Eighteenth ward police, has been dismissed by the Police Commissioners, for alleged remissness of duty, in refusing to protect certain shau tics belonging to ex Councilman MoCnhill, from a parcel of boys who were throwing stone*. Jndge Capron pro tested against the action of the Mayor in the matter, as being unjust and lllegnl. There Is much teeling manifest ed m the Kigblcciitli ward in rctcreuce to this matter. Captain Waiting was formerly a whig, aud move recently connected with the Know Nothing organization. Tin Missim; Tn*a.?fK* or, tii? LniMrav ? It 1* said that the steamboat Lexington, which was burnod in the Sound in 1837. had 918,000 on board, which has uevor been recovered. Wo nnder.-tand that an effort U to be made shortly to raise the treasure, If possible The wreck lies in ninety ieet water, and the *t?cie is In an accessible place. John Green, the diver who went down to the Atlautie, Is to operate ou the wreck. Anhivai. or tiik Ckumratko Yacht Sit vise.?' The far famed aud beautiful yacht Silvie, Commander Com 'lock, arrived at this port yesterday, (11th) from Souths apton and Falmouth? leaving tho former port on the 4th of June, and the latter on the 0th, making the passage from Falntonth la 36 dayw? most of which time she was tailor ing under great disadvantages, having on the 10th June, when four days out, broke her ma in boom short off. which compelled her to make the remainder of the paisage with reeled mait>saU, and on the 2d last, in lat. a# t)?, and long. 50 M>, in a heavy gale from S. W., with a very h avy sen, she carried aw ay her bowsprit, which reduced her can v oss to a reeled mainsail and for>' staysail. Thus It will show that sh< has made an excellent run across the VI lentic. The S. is well known to be one of the superior class of American yachts, and h.-r strength and sailing qualities li*v e bem rati -factor ily toted, both on her pa* -ski> to and from F.urope. It will be remembered th.?t the Silvle, pro\ Ions to her departure for Euro|>e, was no torious in our waters, having won .1 large uumber of the races in our bays. 1 10 ix 1 j.itmhaht I'jiom. ? A f< ml annual meeting of the Irving Literary Union was held at their rooms In Clinton Hall, on Tbur -day evening, July 10, when tbe following gentlemen were elected officers for the eneuini; sis months 1 ? President, Jotn A. Foster; Vice President, J. O. Gales. Secretary, W Ralph Taylor, Treasurer, l<evil Crawferd; librarian John J. Sperry , Editor, Edward J. Owen; Recorder, Charles H. IFeMser. Fun t? Games wi?n Sramrr.? Between two and three o'clock yesterday (Friday) afternoon, a Ire was die covered in a front bedroom on the second floor of building Ne. 206 Greenwich ?treot^.cenpied by John A. Currier ae a bakery and dwelling. The Aro is supposed to have ' rik'Mtalvd from matches in tbe bands of a little boy. The flames were extinguished with a few pail* of water, be fore the arrival of tbe Bremen I <amn.*c to slock and furniture about AAO. I neural hi tbe \orth River and Me trnpeliuui?ln-urane? companies tor $4. 000. Kiaa a Thistt third Stsk*t ? ?l>ortly betore three o'clock an alarm of Ire wae given tor the First district. It was caused by a bos of straw accidentally calchiru Are in the india mhbrr car spring manufactory in Thirty third street, near Third avenne. Mo damage wwa tlon?\ Finn m Castor prswrr ? About half post 4 o'clock on Thnrsdny morning some clothing in a third story room la boose Mo. Si Cannon street, caught Are Irom some matches in the band nt a child who wae playing with Mb ft?a|e about 91S0, no lasurance. Tbe Are Wfts extinguished with a tow pails of water. Fms m Goto fmn*T.? Tbe alarm of Are tor tbe .Seventh district, on Friday mornmg, at 4 o'clock, was caused by the discovery of (Ire by policeman Bradley, of the Second ward. In the stairway of the building No. A4 Gold street. By toe quick arrival of firemen the lUmes w-re prevented from spreading beyond the part of the entry Hi which it appear^ to have originated?the landing en Die second floor. The upper port of the nrennses are oorw pied by Leonard, Scott k Co.. pnbll-ffv'rs, on the second tloor ; the floors above by C. C. KobHUrd, importer of wlnea, he. There was hit little damage dime le the ?tack ot either party. Tbe i4rst floor, Iron ting on No. 71* Fulton street, is occupied by Ely A Ross, paper dealers. W lllismsksri I lly Intr lUgeitrc. Finn ?Yesterday morning, about twn o'clock. a frame building on tbe rear of lot No. <11 Fwen street. Knstem district, was dmtroyed by Are. It was owned and oecn pied by H P 5harmann as a vermneelii and maenaroal Isetory, l/we Al.W). Insured for AMo. in the Fulton Fire Insurance I'ompsny, A son of Mr. Slmrmana and a hired mnn, who were sleeping in the building, narro#ly en-aped being burned. Fhmbmw'A Fxf 1 woo.*.? Tbe member* of Neptune En gine Company Nn. 7, Eastern district. and their friends will proceed on sn eicursion to Cliff wood Grove on Mon dsy morning, tbe 14th Inst. Th? y will toe p-ovidad with a s eamboat and two barges, and a commendable feature will be that no liquor will be nl lowed on i>oard. Vermes* Fats? Assai it. ? A man named Henry I>w nelly was arresle<l yeiterday morning by Cergeent Thinimm. of the Fifth district police, on a warrant charging him with having beat a man in North Third street so severely that his life Is despaired of. Aocnsed was locked up by Justice Clarrey. * Wiuunsnnmi insnwsAnT.? ' The number of patients treated at this Dispensary tor the month of June wiu 379. <M" these, there were males, 1A3; remains, 21(1. Nafevity? United States, 202; Ireland, IflS, Germany, 7; England, A. Whole number of prescriptions, 407. The Tnrf. rwiow com?, t. t ? trotting. TnmsmAV, July 10 ? Match, Ai"0, u? 0 heat*, best three In Ave. H Woodruff named g.'f. I'nele San, ; wagon and driver Wi weigh 800 lbs.. 1 W. pea body named bl. m. Craw Queen, in Uarne*<, , ilia, time, I<ou t?f tike Ship Ocean |wni. NAMES O* THfc l'AHKKNOKTW AMI CKBW. There is now rrr doubt but Unit th* clipper slnp Ocean Queen, Capt. W. H fmftb, of Iho Loodso'and Nrw Yi>rk lifa been loft, a*irf one In Bid red md1 twenty three persons have iwrish/4'. toenailed from Iwidonuntlie 8th of February last, vtMt1 a misce'taneous cargo, wiuety passengers, and a crev# of thirty three person*. On the lSUi of February she w ttvoken o! tlie I?le of Wight, and since that time notluJ^hw been fceard if her. 'The following U a list or the imium of the pa?seag?ra and crew : ? orricrjta j**> ohkw. W. B. Smith, master. G. B. J .'hum, mate. W. H. t-unley, second do. II. Cuinstock, third lo. John Johnson, carpcnter. A. Allen, steward. M. Moore, secoud do. Rebecca Thom;i?, stewardess. Samuel Jackson, cook. P. Schoemaker, second do. (U1AMBN. Chas. Fen. Watson Rogers, James Cunuiugham, George (iriltithrf, John Klginan, John Mae lew, Thomas Leader, John ]>iiunovan, John Johnson, James Moore, James Heath, Wiu. Brown, namks or FASfU?UE!<a. Agt. John Seaver... 23 Margaret Seaver 23 John Bearer, (infant) .... - John Cook 23 Mrs. John Cook 20 John Cook's child 1 Bridget Sullivan 52 Jeremiah Sullivan 21 Murk Atkins 22 l ewis Atkins 18 Mary Fitzgerald SO Abby Fitzgerald 11 Margaret Fitzgerald 8 Morris Fitzgerald 2 Wm. Fitzgerald, (Infant). - Mary Jet! ries 43 Wm. Jell'ries 45 I .lizabeth Jell'ries 9 Wm. Jeffries 11 Thomas tS icks 21 W i Ilia ui George 21 Kliza Swanton 16 Catherine Sbipson H2 Mary Ann Shipson :>9 Sarah Bhipson 3T Harriet Isabella Shipson. 22 Charles Kichards 44 Ann Kichards 40 Mary Richards 17 Jobn Richards 10 Sarah Kichards 11 Klizabeth Martin 30 1'billip lirowu 26 George Belts 21 OAltlX IUHSKSGKW9. Ilcnry Brown. Mr. Davis, Mr. Rob-on. GKK MA.V 1-ASNK.MKR4. Age. Coharine Mullor 24 John K'ic strauh 21 Eva Hold 24 lieinrech Nla 3tf Margaret Becker 32 Johan Korn 48 Maria G'rum 33 William (irum 11 Joseph Grum 0 Heturich Gram 8 K :*ard Power, W. Infna, Jo>-n Sullivan, Robert Champion. Henry Campbell, Car i IK. Hamsun, Johnllrown, John NeUou, Nuthan 1). Chase, Charles Stevens, Karl Reems. John Marsh 20 Harriet Marsh 10 Alfred \l>el 18 Kliza Wiskar 24 William Wiskar 4 C. H. Anson 26 F.Uen O'N'eal 21 Moses Gilbert 30 Catharine Gilbert, 20 Thomas KJltott 19 George Vlartin 2fi Kdmund Burt 50 Frederick (ioodo 30 Kmina Goods 29 Louisa Rowers. . . ,L 35 Frederick Rogers 15 Charles Rogers 13 Kliza Rogers.... 11 Benj. Rogers 6 Sarah Holers 8 William Cbcakley 18 James Bolton 24 Charlotte Bolton 22 Vincent ltlauiU 32 John Falvey 21 Gooff c Jaggs ..H'i Catherine Jaggs 40 William Jaggs . . . . 32 Jaun Jaggs .....35 Bridget Dttcejr 5 Maria Berrisson 33 William Hendley 22 Jobn Hendley 19 Apr. 6 Margaret Grum Maria Grum 4 Infant or Grum ? J > Wstesgarber 28 Kliza !>eckler 4fi Catharine Heckler 11 Elizabeth I>eckler 10 Sophia Heckler... 8 Catharine K.urich. 30 Catharine Kurich (mft). ? A Meeting of Lithographer*. liEFUS AL TO WORK FOR C0NTHACTOK8 OF UNITED STATES LITHOOHAI'HINO. A large otxi spirited nie<liiig of lithographers, cm bracing Dearly all Journeymen of the cr;t(l ia the city, wit.- hold last evening at Tammany Ilall. The meeting ?u announced for 6}t 1'. If., but did not orgaiuse till after 8 o'clock. Aa nwly one half of the attendant* at the meeting were Cernttu-, the meeting org.itrtxed br electing two Presidents. Me-srs Wnt. Ntcklia and Fer dinand Ilogge, the Utter to act ax interpreter t" th Germans. Oliver Durea and Wm. Miller were chiwe turret* ru p. Mr. Nhmi.v, niton taking llu- chair. explained the par l*?c for which they had met. This, he Mid, w.v to t>ro let t aga'n*t them lion wtCoecrnf In contracting the Umted states lithographing to outsiders who were not practica lithographers, or not carrying on legitimate lithograph l?u flee**. The ellool of thixgws* greatly to diminish tltel w?gw, as the- 11 outsiders would 'sublet the work t ? HaUoatrn, through whom the job would finally com W> htbogrsnbers. Ou this a< count, whore they ought to rcceive eighty neren and a half con la fur- twenty nine inch work they got 1m seventy cont<. They had borne this imposition l< .rrjf enough, and ho thought It time Uvey should manifest their dissent. All of the craft wore lint aflectod. but soiue were, and the Interest* of Uiaee few, he considered, should be the uiterenta of Die whole number. Mr. nam said that be coincided with tl)o sentiments of the Chairman. He wati not Individually affect"! hlius-if, aa he wax not engaged upon I m ted State* lithographing, hut he felt it a duty to act wltli an<- (br th<?s* wt?o wore. He suggested. aa an important preliminary step, that the co operation of their bos.-es be l) rot obtalted. Me had no dwaht bat that they would unite with them, aa tin* move meet waa not a strike, but one that benefitted the bosses ai> well ,i* themselves. He movnd that the boseea be Conferred with, which was carried. Mr. Kfco moved that all who were at present at work U|*n Called State* lithographing -top work forthwith. Mr. Kinot a opposed this as a step uncalled for tmme diately. It would throw so me out of cmplovaieiit. and he therthy a sermtM Inconv 'irtence He a-ke l what re lief tliwn thus being thrown out of work wo*ld have f The pakMiifsT (Mr. Nlckltn) thought It Ibetr duty to

stand up tor their rights, every other consideration a Ida. Mr Mri i kr moved that tliose Mo|>|*a? oil work have their losses mndu up to them \,j other' of the trade, The motion, <UTt<-r som" further remarks, waa put and carried, a also the motion of Mr. Kno above. Messrs. Thrust. Smith ami Stuart worn appointed a com BnStet* to aacertain how rmtay were at work uj?a United H-ites lithographing under stationer*. A ? mioltli s was further appointed to prepare a re men-trance to ?end on to t'oogro-*. to b'> -igned by the litb?*rapher- of the < ity, |>rtHes|iag ag tin t I Jture con traitaw of United States lithographing eace|4 to lithe gr alter*. The meeting then adjoaraedtnnoHTh'ir-dar evening, to I* ?r the ro|s>rt oi th.- < ?aiiuitt< e, and take further ac ties, If deemed expedient. Pol Ire IntsUlgsaos. Cmamk or" k*k*? ? Robert Stnthera, a clerk is the employ men! of A. T. fKewart * Co. of llroadway, was arrested yesterday morning on a charge of embeg ihiig some p?e< es of ia? e and silk ironi his employer*. The priaoner was committed for eaaailn-iMtm Atta in Bn. **t ? Bridget Ward w.?* arrested a few days ago on a charge of having two husbands, which, unfortunately (br her. under the laws of this State roa stitutr- the crime oi bigamy. Bridget was committed to prison for examinatloa. to tbb Bonwn or Tun n?Ai.n. Jttw To?a, July 11. (AM. tHua Sia? In your paper of 'Ivia day vim have ?n article headed "Allege<l eonsplrsoT to mtirdsv"? lnier' slln* conte* swrti of two negroes This |jting?ioti and me twa ni geeee hare taken their MMhnl ?*tha 'bwl I 'IS' Strut the*e negro. ? la kill the said IMkaSas, and as a matter ef en*r*e the Uw required a warrsnt a?sii??i n>e le betrsurd To mi aeqnsta tanees ? ?lentai. I |?re?ame. Is aemre- lj railed lor; Bill ?s the mailer is before the ptihlle, to them t say that the aeensatioa Is wholly without foundation. and thsi a very different slate of things will lie shown By pwbltsMs* the *h.i?e Jroa W? oldige your*, i espee'fitflj . M I'Bli'K Mo<?BB. Persnsi al Intelltgenre. Hon. Hanlei Indiana, has gone to th^ White Monntairs. in New Hampshire. WMh his family, where they will locate for the -ummer. Mr. J. fierce, lirotier of the President. Jndge 1'rost, of I ooislana: II Tsv lor Ke^., nephew of the late President Tajh*; Hon Wm. Huntington, of t'onoeeticut, and lioa. J. L. t'art w, ol Michigan, are in Washington AKRITAL*. From l.tvrrpool per steanxhip Ah isa Mr *nd Mr* Penree. tw<> anas Mere a?4 serrunt Mies Mnrpar, Mr* tllynn tuid eon. Mtsand Mira l ivnuistoa . Mr >nd Mrs g'jons and sea. Miss Hottbe and servant. Mr and Mrs llohhe *nd iw> shtldren, Mr and Mrs Mrer?. Mr Ro'wrls, P r?ale W < oehraio. Mr Rosen, A Cartwrtsht. J Isinsmine, Mr Faterson. R.I f4?lnn?lon. II UvlesiSoa. Mr Msf*. ?' WHitooner, Mr Hetea, F. Ktrk Bstrlek. Mrsnd Mr? lls.'itnne?|n, Mr Leylon. Vr Mpra. M, and Irs K.-thsray. Mr IMrrtll, A <1 Flndlay, J Smith, J \vre?. Hr Mttri. Mr Watson. Mis* M Ueor*e*. Mrs Rh?d-', Mn?idi*rs llattoa, J flrsni. Miss M Arten, Mr* ('amphell. Mrs smioo and i wo children, .1 Rlllotl. Mes?r* Harris. Oal'ie*. fMeve?n A'kins. Ba??. Ulrvie. ('allshnn ls?yton. ftnmsoni Ileehnte ? Iit.e?s?n, Ulhott, Alraahay, l.tKOtit. Stlrrett. Aes Beoyd sad two rhlMren. Mr llrotdve'nskl. nnFAKTrnrg. From Montevideo. In Mr '>nrk VslorWI^ie ? 4'om?oiK)re Sal ter. of trlgste Ssvm.nah at Montevideo Rmaklyn City InJalllgenN. Firr.? Yesterday afternoon a Ore breke nut between the carpenter shop of Willia-a Ptout a?i the stable of .lames T. Shannon, on the O'tl Bridge iwad near Third aveaee. Both building*, wjtlch weee of frame, wore eoasnmed with content*. Hbo agsrsflake kws is fMO ? no msnrance The fire orh;?ato<l ta M?m wt*o ? A hoy, about seven years of age named KUtta, kindM a hoa ?re alongside of the l aildlngs, wiihotM considering Mm consequences, Before it wa- discovered the flames hail already made such pt egress that M was fonnd im|Keilble to suppress them, and the wbliags were destro>f?l Nmtn's hasmh ? Miss Fmma Ptanley'a e*cee?a In America is nc>w a fixed fact On the second night of her entertainment (Tliorsday) the house waa even more erowde.t than on the Brst. She will repeat the ent f. talnr.ienl tjiis ?v0ning The la lies go to Nibl^'g en wiaut. Frtn 'O'it H??tlng at Yonlun. A mitii met ling *>( the republicans of Yonkers wis hold tail evening at the Vceuui of lhal village. ThU was the commencement of th,,* campaign umimg the villagers, and they came out In lart,*u farce, uud with an eutbtiaivim which ww hardly exoe ^y '^e great meeting held recently In the liroadway Tabernacle. Tlie Lyceum, in which the adherents of > Vernont n*?en?l>lod, lias oe -n engaged for thf campaign by' ihe parly, and iliey bave already nun# their '-banner on *1** outward wall," em blazoned with the following ?1|>tion TOAKB1U KIPUBL1CAN A i*e0UWOJ< . "" FH K.MONT AND DA \*TON: trON; | Among the audience, which tilled "tee Lycerwto it utnivht capacity, were a large number of l.tdies, wV> ap peared to take no icss interest in the proceeding Umn the sterner Hex. The meeting was culled to orde." by Capt. J. I.uce. of Yon leer*, who nominate.! Presld'tu Sir. 1 .emuel Well*. The following are the names of t\e other i)llicern -.?Vice President* ? Josiuh Kich, H. E; Cow lee, K. K. Shonnard, W. I). Gourwell, James C. Sid ney, Robert (.'rant. Secretaries ? M. F. Rowo and J. B. Cowdrey. Mr. 8 n??iu read the following resolution, which wen received with repeated applauso foiii! Riming th" plat declaration of the mjgtnal urine ubi JTt" >on rc"lWff'1 fcarcrnmeat. tk.t we ni?t y 1>o1"'' ol' our Jnhn C. Kieinon: and WilltoC. r i^lLT1 ?e thp of hand* ibe adwiniwraUa,, thlY'i J. ?u \ M "> wlu? original hat In og tur?kfumvliv restored to their to i he ? ''n?tiiniW?u,^^t?ui^iVio "^il? tfarUWr devotion should ba r.pHdft ? r~* 1 T.d ^".K*"?1 r'K'U^1 of Hons o! the boulh imld be *"u""11'"" '""I lastttu ferenoe tram the North ylt m?lJ "??r. derived from our eouati't iim?* T Jili, ,-'ther give the national ?SL Z? ff**1*! US territory, we will Inflexibly veryov'l>r fr,,? eltort* aiding or teaiiing to lta^Etm*h.i?i!I!? ' ?|,a*ure< und socriMcd to n ee leber. 00 amoeO hitherto con wo drawn* n;'?,nuT^n1;t^ who* ??? <W? we inauguration, Use recklesaly iilanJ^rto^ M 1,1 * pledge of lw abroad and danger at i.Jl Wimllia- r nuTVlmt |Ktirw0<1 "P ag*r*ndil. ment, aud thai we denre?t,'tt?>LLL |U ow" whether with Kiaukliu Pier, ? . . ?B.r ''0"l'Hlli,ire, Jan... it uehii ua^ h tuui lima^) lad Jed TXT ,,r wl,h policy ; that wefehooae rather in ?I.a1 Y-* ?a*aaul*aalrou? whose bold decision of oliwraeier *ti>andnM* ?r i*""' oae inteyrlty ef p?rpeee ?I>4 brilliant career <3 triumph ow ?l ? S 22iffhoUt hU thai t?r his election we Invite (V | vvho, coinciding with u* in ^? * ,7t!r^ cM*GN I the outgoing, may not he rcnrati!<l m J?" policy of coining nation*! a. lmlmstraih!? ?oarae ofthe in ??aiS=S3SSSSSrTT 'he righ.. ?f American Su^Tbsv^^'^, *h?reby tcmncti, freedom of ??>??, .?*h m..i ' Q*aimi an<l con burned hy jndlt'i?l 7>r.t r "T*1 ,lwi'lllTi>;a their eoiivlciions, murdered or drivra^m n to avow that OB, hearts beat wiiT^w2ri^^'.^lr ,""1 member lhai, to coUDlcte th* ?. n?-!J e.t When we r? free speed) has been stricken down in ^"'*1 crim'*' and lis lltnir stained m,h the l!w A".?y_K: chamber Circular an?! cntloruetl bv i <>?*tcrid I nmi r?^orircfM nuiv fkr m ?r?? nmdiiaM ? cner Mr Rich, after a few brief explanatory remark* Hi ro gard to Hie object ortht meeting. Introduced Mr Ci kw, who spoke subktantaliy M follows -The Iastiea Involved In thin contest, sai l be are atato.1 i? <i mta"wteih. ?fej b^'iE the Interest, of one set tK,,, of ll.e country r T era Lr^ inanj nu u in the South m well a< the vnni, ? i .v? Id this t-jiie tf jKjHMthWi, but ,t la abeoluU'lv*nip<)aa!hie to evade It while the slave latere* >eek. ?"? ? 1,r'"f hlirtory ?rf ilaverr a? Swill' Hb It ??need rapidly at u,e aequi'ltliin^ol ar; .w 5? [he or slavery 'there The ? ay In favor of the Mnvth and slavery extension and v "r *rmt aaas fifjt ^ ^rte: ifN.;.-1 V7Z-,-,, I'::!;:-;" ii, ri ' "-??pr a.-- .ml tb-v ? Ml u. d II to f eyard to the Kan?aa bill. Mr. DoiikIm ?ai3 to the ' rtli and th * S > ith, thu Territory of Kaii?a.< shall be M up 10 the free Wislal .H, ol i/eetnerb & * ? 8St we "eli MOtth C*" <"1 n !*? aJlS " *e '*? K?* In *l?ve men, why, well an I *00.1 we could to send lr.>e mm th. re and the Ninth oid >11 it rots Id i" -end (lav men Mu't Ihn Ninth tlodiov that it w?- to bv setUed in favor Of (Ma^B I r ?? '? t. m. n When a f taki 11 a Wit< h Tr o,n j o 1 |?? ?. 1. t will not lx> Ion- 1,. fore he tak.w the handkerel". t from \ our nevk When tb? Southern men broke their taUi n.oo Ih<- Ml-<ourl (etnpn ti, it ey sbouli break thnr faith with the free nj.-u of Kaoaas. and paat laws d. strife I tlx-e ol the rlghLt of Tree ruen. and everything that waa I tree i? h . Territory. Then we k g*,, io" ,, ,' ,!! [ then, t became |?lpable to th,< tree men of this , . urv fi'stor Vu7 ^n,, n l,r?*k v)rtfh hj th" ,i 553 oflfr. i ? " '""anhs aad borne* ere, w , B"1 rl,0? Mlaaonri ru flirt, I ter< I Kansas nnd east 111* ttrst vole, that vote k ,vi> thou Mtol. to f. J- retnont (A, clause ) All lTr^ bin a <tii.a,tion- havegotov and lUci-sue before u* turn i* [ s.tnply the extenshw ,* slavery We waje U,', lTvm, ii'd for three mllhona of.'Un-a, l?it for twenty three' '' '""" '? '??'I ?"? a *anl that tie' Hi, clMxian meeting held reoently in St-w York, wa<< a national mtttt |li.g ant that It might be Im'M ,n any >?Me tat h.Vu.o,! * hlle our* was entirely a ewttnnal alfnir. and that It waa ?. hl " 'J'fL"1 l*r<T- But Mm r. mm Of this L sai I th? speaker. thai the repuhlieans ?xild ru? bold their meet lug 11. si x ol the foi.theru for fear of iHMtig OMbkMk Ab4 Bow, ba aoMiaued. let ,n? ?i? ak partk ularlv or ?? ^r^ aafdhMa It ma, I X M, ^ ; . .. ? ?.?. I. fr*ir ? **.**" *?>??> ?a admit Texas, as I ?_****? *"!" **?* <? ? ? ? ainaf the alav.-ry e* ton IMMbB? tl .1 r lestfM MMH Um c*o .-, lt ol our "." try lurf Im well dl.s?:a-a?i 1S4 (II dee d no ae tig the Mts-awt ITtTt r aad frott, that motmnt Mr. Rn. hatiaii devtared ba 1 ? ed ?r*W.n "122 M>,W "'?> ~AS ?f tie Mt^ourt compeeiuwe. and then ba would let that q iie? tion stud l.n^er OpfteMa.) Mr. Fillmore, who te railed a lam* candidate. a*d wba rbLhr"*Mk,^*tr' teotrtoaat sv.^klrf0.?",0 wo".'!l turn V* w!%k **** ?? S wSfSm JL' eamiidata 1a aterted of mm Ik* fceBWII aot ar.|,iiesee m b,a atactim, harauaa that rand dale la a ?cct lonai aandaiata. Rut Mr. Killmore [ "iag it favor of slaver* aMMMk la a aaotlaa^ eae!? ^ ,m ,h'' ?*"-?- ground I l-y Iha North ( A,.pl, use ) tn hr r||>7>|t I sneedote illimtratlve of hta remarkable career ft r, ton white at dinner with a Irtaad, who waa speakjac of the | WM^I IUO ^ of h(< s i?X MA elr?ljt*iit lanjuage of hia acWrement*. ???fhy, aald "Ala MWa WmSSS than Alad a'? lam,)."| IV.JIn ^!i. Wh'- *ir'' replied far. S"S 2 P? iLul Mn lamp * 1 laugh 1 ^|rtB*a.) The speaker here e iraparod the SSUSSS ?^2522 JL,h ,h""f ?"">???. and said pLVA! ^ * r"tni?fk*Ws similarity I ewr.^n them 1 ^ w" ? : ? *>'???? w?< r. ,,.,1 ?h ,, lh? h ' tr Ir'. n'u K " m0nl' 1 *"35B , , ' "? n Hr, nia rom mho "rr Washing^ The ?|M*kAr ift cimc\ union r*fer.*d to lh? iriu>r 1 5flrs\:wh ?r' ?""" - ?-?' ? E r? i " ? 5? 1 r ' - mm I ?****^,y?a wtoreei by aay PraMMIal candidate "?* ?fW*h?? from Mr BryantJ ^g^ower itmJtmm, the ataatlni a. ^araad. n?r Miu?* yoc*? *rjc'd pKHfx kat 0 rwioit cLm. There ?:u> a, aateting of thin Clttk In lb* Mercer llo\ ?? laat nlgkV but n* hncllteeii of ir?porl?nre I ran up) red, k* yond tka pay .** of rub dry do.tera Into the treasury. A f ter the ?u orer an mfkrtnal oonrernatin* en toed if on ik* prosper in of JachanAn, Ike pom Won of the llr*W.n i? IhimnrM*, ??l th? possibility of the ?afU being lutieed out of rfllr*, whn?T(* *M elected. 7V) "piuk'iw i?f Ui< membeta an then* topic* wern eilljr sr.g, I m'-tnutrte and orlcicaJ, and ptsTod that thcxe youg (MttMMa had mu? K ?>orr? h?tw I* Buchanan'* election 'k** vtadoai in beltaTlng it. J* fry Clly Politic*. A meeting of the Kill more and Donel.wn Club of Jartey City, ww ?ir Id laat evening at CtHnmerdal Hall. P. P. Vronm, t'r evident of the rl?b presided. The Qommllte* <>a Rfteirfnttrvne. appointed at the prerlou* meeting. report ?d II ,-fmgh F B. Batt'. Keq. The reeolntl-** >l?noon<ed lli? present *dn?mi*tr*iiim fhr re opening the ulavery dl? tdMlm : declared that th? day of conipromleaa M not j*?fed ax Vm. H !*eward avare . and hilly ?ndor?e.i the t,f urination of Fillmore and ftmel?on. ,l?mw Brook! of of New York, uddreeeed tne meeting at length, and tw freqtH nt i y applauded. The number pmct>t was oit: mat e?i at 100 persona. ARRIVAL OF THE AFRICA. TBKEE DATS LATER FROM EUROPE. Mr* Crampton'g Dismissal ltd the Central Anerican Question. The Bcpllcs of litrl Clarendon to Br. lir^ THE LAST WORD FROM *R. HWMPTON. ANOTHER DIFFICULTY WITH ENGLAND. Eff al?i?A fff an Aamiran in a Velio* Vest from tit (Iwteii's Levw; \ OOHDWT OF THE QTttX* ON THE OfcOAfimi. MDIOflfJPIOIV or THE BRITISH PR EM. IMPflOVfWENT M CONSOLE AND CflTON, Ac., Ac., &c. The Cunard mail atenroshlp Africa, Capt. Shannon, from Liverpool on thcaflmiooa of .^rturday, the 28lh of Jne, arrtvel at one o'ciecfc yeetenlay afterueon. Tho ' frica brings .'eporta to tile close of Uie market* on her day of nailing. The sh:-p micorn, whlcfc avled rrom I.iverpool May J, for Ho.- too-, Mass., wiCia cargo ot salt, b.-icka and iron) became leaky, and wn abandoned in Iat>. 39 N., ion. 50 W., the calkin and crew braving been t\ksn off by tbe ship Jane E. Walsh, frj*r Havana, and leaded at Fal mouth. Tbe Washington arrived off' Cowes on Uio morning of Saturday, the a8th. American natters ? or, rather, manners ? liavo again been in everybody's moutlr. Tin- exciting oaaso was a contretrmpt tlia: bi- ppeued at tbe Queen's levee. Diverted of tlic exaggerations of the British press, the facta are simply these, that Mr. Dallas, acoomp^niod by a friend, went to the Queen', leroe; the friend's costume was not in accordance with the regulations, and both gen tl. men? Mr. tall!'* and friend? returned to the embassy in llarle y street. Out of this trifling incident the London Jim a concocted a story at variance with truth in every particular, and mai^a it the ooci- on of an onslaught on Amarica and Americans generally. Of course on iranu'iiso deal ol iwiriotic wrath was unutcessaj-. ly wasted on Mr. Dallas' head. I.ord Klgin presided at a meeting held iu Stirling, to collect funds lor the erection of a monument |o tbe old Scottish hero, Sir William Wallace. In tlie course of hta remarks I?rd Klgin spoke the following swntenoe: "Ifciw little a n-.tion gains whiot succeeds la Racing IU owu foreign institutions, foreign livm, and foreign religion on a reluctant and high spirited jieople ? Ob. gontletnea, I l<ar, I greatly fear, that we have not yet n>ad that luost valuable but most painful lesson to Jo close; for, rely on it, that it ever a collislou takes place between tbo?e two great braucbes of the Anglo SaKon race wbich dwoll on the opposite shores of the broad AUiuit?e, that calamity, tbe most grievous that can befall either country, will bo attributable to the humiliations which, w bygone times. England l>as sought to Impose on Irelacd." According to La /'oOv. or Paris, of June 14. tbe on Hutment question, as well as that relative to Central American affairs, will be sottlod by arbitration. Lord John Itushcll will represent Great Ilr tun la a (/ongrene, in wbu b the representatives or Kr rnco and Spain m tho Cuited States will be invited to take port. We quele from the s.ime Journal tbe following para graph, whit h will be news to the Aiucrican public ?' A new version is in circuUlon in the political circlos ot Copenhagen, lu relation te tbe provisional settlement of Uie Sound J Hies que?tx>n. The Cabinet of Washington, while consenting tliat the American vessels should pay dues lor a year longer, is said to bar* mauift?ted an in trntiua or raising the detien levied in American porta on 1 anisb vessels." Another battalion of riflemen Is ordered to Canada. Correspondence between Iienmsrk, Nrltain and the I nlted Nates, on the subject of lbs Sound dues, has been presetted to Parliament. Tlie London of Jnne 20, sayr ?The number of persons who left the poet of Cork fer England on their way to Uio I'dlu-d States and tlie col mi;.-., since the 1st of June up to the present is 8T2, and Uie uumber who leA during the corresponding period last yenr was W5, being a decrease of 73. Though email In *s*ir. tho decline, taken in conjunction with tbe continued and steady de crease that has taken pUce f >r some Usee past, not only from the south, but from the other Irish porn, is regard ed as a cheei mg indication or a bctu>r state of things and or a healthier tone of the homo labor market. Hie illegal apprehension of A nier lean seamen by tho river Tyne police, upon tlte author in>it.?a of tbe I'nited Stat.* Vice Consul at Newcastle, bas been brought under the attention or the Hlvor Tyne Commissioners, at a meet log specially called for the parpoer Last May many American men liant vessels arrived k> the Tyne and, as wages were higher tlmn In the Amer Isan aervioe, above loo nien de-. rte.l Th.> mast'ws d U.e vissoi, applied to the river police to Interfere and .ipprebettd the men The river police made ation to the ranstietr >W- at Ni III shields, who told the! ? as the l.'nitod State* was not m treaty with th < e <ti. try the.' could an interfere Tlie masters of the vessels then applet to Uie t'udod >ut-s Vice Consul, who weeia out an ?' authority " to tlie r v rr e to sppreiM .,1 all deserU rs from U?- \rr*-r? ,n V. ?sels found i tbe >tj, or tfliictJs, and re-t.we tie m to their vesssls. Indemnifying (he police fr m lh? c<?ise?jiiencee of such proeee.tiri?. With this a-ithor.ty the river police went to the taitora' lodging bothtea in Shield# and drsgg d the men to the .UUloo laxise, and, without ever ha tag taken Uiem before a mocvnle, they were reju&red to their vessel*, tbe police puling men in Irons on board of two vessel*, the Ajne: a atxl tbe lie' 'St. (1,1.1 For their part n theso pr>s eedmgn the poll, r received ?o or it, [ram the United SUN- rastster* \|1 Mather of Saiih Sl.wH-, u|Tcn .Txiiortainlni; Jen. had a spc si rteet.i.g ofth. %<ard calle-l, wI.-m alwv a warm det?ale, U i\ re|s>rtert bting excluded, the fWlowi* rrwo lotion WM agreeil te ? It .? resolved Unit Ui?pect<^r rre<li water anJ the officers under h,m beeaJle.) In an>t Imtormr l that Ui< y imve acted ta'.lv n <be appr- he-ia,i ? md I fention 4 seamen wJ-o lia-l de?^ed ft-om Mmv ?i^v> of the Vnite.l Slates of Ar.vriea, and Uiey be warnwl not to act In a anaiiar manner in future It Is also resolved that the clerk. do write to Uto American Ambassador nailing bis ?ttci:ien to the Inronvenienee ar slng from the want of an ?rrangrment w tb the I'oiM States of America for the re so very of ee- men, and do aend a copy of tbe letter of U-< Vice Consul St NeweasUe. Mr. sod Mrs. Barney Willlame had arv.vnd in I/tndon, and wore enounced luaoptwr at Uie Adelphl theatre on tbe 30th of Jane in Uio "Custom of tbe UMwtry" and "Tbe Irish I Jon." The Z>serte, of Ma4rld, says that tbe government con ferred Me tlUe ot Marqnta <*? Habaaa on Ueneral Joe* de la I'eneha, f aiesjn Oem-ral of the Inland of Cuba. Tbe Australian mail contract Is awtrded to Patrek Itetderson * Ge , of Glasgow, who undertake to run Mil steamers at an average speed of 10 ^ miles an hoiu, r?r tbe sum of illUV.ogo per an nam . Tbe London Pmt or May t7th, speaking of km new Australian mail contract, says No clrnimstance had so great an Influence r?j one pe rlod on the emigration or the Irish to the Called States, ss the remittance of ?mall sums from set Isea to their re lstlves at heme. Those reinitiate* ot late l?a " not only hcen mi.i h circnnv-cril.ed, but tor the last two years ivj n-m'grabon ha-> ?. t n ' r ? ni \meri. a to Ujp Sister lai 0 flic la.- 1 remittances from Australia comprise aboi* a rpisrter or a mi lion. In mnu varyiag from ?5 to *f>0, < oirlng from successful colonists to their fri?ti,ls v>r.\ w lie are ear n"t re, ominendcl to ioiii tb, m u\ Unnr >1,1, pteil homes The present lisse aeetua to b<> |iessi!lai ly fsvorshle for Ihe enrouraiiemeM of rmtgal on tr> .ur , ,r)o nlee The recent difl?< ulties with tbe Vnited States have resulted in a stronger manif'-stntio^ ol loyalty an the |,irt ot British snl>r cts of the migratory class, i\j..l a WIh,'? some competition in tbe conveyance nf passengers is above all things politic. Ihe EngH?h Board of Trade returns tor the mnntb end mg tbe 3J?t of May were la?ued to tbe public on tbo 9>Hh if June, sui they cootuiug to Owa conctmivg prxHtw nr 5*iisi:icuTf ma!' m lue commerce or tb" rov-itry From Sliese rtOrns we AM tint the total vstife of th* cJf|K>rf? during- ?hc ilwc pprlod ton umoi'rfcd t * fj8,~31t,?<D0 agaiu** JW, 04^,3** ru th* wwc rm rfh tent .Htar, an iiVOKhe of Jlfl>f4 <*W. TV inrrer'Vo 1dm p/inc pally been ii/ beer, Me, gl?>ves, hwiA-nlisiftyjry and d?tlliBC7, liar <f <sm*s awl cuttrrj", latMleVy tmd harrWM, mclVh, silk l*?1 Bilk tfhnufkcftut*, *t*fcor,ery, roliu tfl sugar,- ami wo'teh aud wofstMyafil. J*o ' liia five in-mtlm en.^K with #ay 31, J*56, t%s return* Ibr all artktes were 143,307. 3'- 3 a? conrjared with ?5-5;W3, 727 in and ?0,42f>,?M In 1S54 Id tLJe return of imports v*t> tilrd, contracting tfie moLths of ^hy, 18M, and May, 1850', as- regard* Jbe quar.ttt'es ouVrod for | home cons Wpti >n. rlarge Uec^nwc in c*oa, a ?1 <?tot de crease In C( *e; the* jonsumpt.** In B.ftlt aRoU the jurne, u lar; * inrrca." t m sutfar, * d^cro* Je in tea, aM a -?ery slight decrease-!? wine. '?h& port*w of tlie rt tu^ta relatin^VKJ the dipping c'(UJe Oo!*d Kingdom ahojrs In the vessels employed i J tUe fori ^B trade a fttlll.^ alT "''76, %0 Ions If those ou.**rtlS, a vl an auf ment.Ttflon of i toi ? for tlic-m enteict inwird* ror the aaonth, as tomparii with the ike perici of Ual year. Quee;4' Victoria's *tdest dVightor l.-?t made a narroir escape fi ?? an acci rfnt. II jt sleeve ct^nl fire >?A'a taper, ai.l* was burr. * to' tl * shoulde ?* but fortuoNMy she hud |> ?sence of i-VFml to xitinguUh .be tiatno oro M caught the "Jedy of he.'dreKS. lty a new'wt of Par. anient iroesed ct <^bes are pafk> ble only to sr through a baalid*. Tlie Lord Ibyor of I widen 'c^ve an ei tWattmeflt t* the Karl of Jerby and Uioc.wservativi, metuftfer* at Parliament. A Ixmdon <1 wivicb of Jnro' 2C"to says ?""?to hundred of the Anglo (.:m*an l,ogion, wT^k hare b: 1 prints of laud made to th ti by the joverumer embark ed at Liverpool ; j**rday lor CaaS^fc. Ills expected thai the greater nuniL * yt the legion \*il leave foi Jho Sam* destination. Twenty tlioutai. "Tounds have be<"#?oll?:?ed lr Englaad for the relief or the inflbrers by th- <ffttndattons ii Franoe. Tlie Russlau govt, -rtnaent has ?e ..'tv^ontributior. for ttM relief of the suflerer?- >7 the iuurn''.V?"*a in France. The Terthsbire Ci-ttitr of Juno Tff; nays ? C!*pf? Toy, master of the City or .'.wth, uow al ".*i(a, writes brown er that the vessel bei hj close to ti: Abridge whe.-e the Soar tiad to pass on his visit to that pnvt, two ge:i?rak* ;jaid him a visit, one of them being 1? Crimean li wo?> General Todtleben. Tb-y partook or :?Oraahmeuta in the ojbin. and smoked segar ?. and were Jry courteous and faaiiliar. They, along \ .th thetr frtoxfe), -remained am ? d?vk while the Kmperor ;?ssed. A s; tzry wai placed oa the vessel's gangway. The very bcrt?fcdiing prevail*' at port, and none would tl^'ok that the (Mr naticu* had ' s:? lately been in so bloody a eaaflict. The Kmperor of Russia I.m instituted a ?? mean medal ts be given to all who took ^art in the de. fcce of Sebaato p*l. It Is in gold for the oflV*TS and silver far the aufdlara. Oa one side are words, "In o<?tnmemoratio3*>r the immor t?> defcuce of SehaeUi|iol," i *1 on the other, "Given by tlwir majesties, Nicholas, of .Hcrnal memory, and A lew der n." One hundred and fifty thnusr.nd troop* are to be aaaaaa Wnl at Moscow to assist at t :? Char's coronation. Tie hulrpnulanrt Bel ye or J m?e 24 lays, that the Baa peror or Krance is going to Bt. Haeriaild, to Bee the ca*M* - of Arenenberg, at which placs be vraa brought up, aad will from there go to a frontier city, where he will ha** an interview with the Kmpercr Fntncts Joseph. A desfiatch from Vienna of June 127, r-ayi ? The Chrrm ymdenct Autrichirnnc coatra.'. cU ti.erurawr of a diMr ence of opinion between the F>ntob and Austrian AmlM* saJors at Rouie. Tlie rircuitr adumsed by Auatna t*. the Italian States has been favorably received. A letter from Genoa, dated tU:> b3d nit., says ? There Is sore dlamay at Rom*. Tht* presence of U*rt. baldi m the Italian witliri has ?' .aturb:-d Cie slumber of the Vatican. Uarbaldi has pur ham ?l asiradl isleted Ik* coa?t of Sardinia; It ts entirely la a sta.e of nature, ami k* Is reclaiming It. (hir Ililiuu Robm^oo Crusoe inakaa oc castonal voyages from Nice to i.h tiny dommiona, aod Antouelli and I'lo IX. are disina> ad at tha thought* of th* bold rover ploughing the Tyrrhenian 8ea. To this w?a owing that e*ce?aive wab'hfulncse of Ui? aulbortlM* ?l Porto d'Anxio which lias given to much trouble t? Uw crew of the Lady Franklin. Intelligence from ('onsiaotinop'ay of the 20th ult., say* that the Porte bas renounced tlie furt' cr promulgation ?f tha Haiti Houmayoun, from a fear. of. provoking u? disorders. Tltree regiments of ^g ?h dragoons WOT* on their way to Athens, to reinferoe the troepa in occupa tion. Russia demanila that Perra shall roar rang* tkafr jiart Of Its frontier which touches Turkey. Tin- international commission fertile 0|xn>ag of the a? nai acn?s the litlimua of 8uas again In i'aaia, am Wednesday, the 25th of June. The mmutes of it* pro ceedings have not yet been raa^o pubM*. but it ts aUI*A that the p-opoaltions of the commtsaioa whiob lately as paired to Kgypt have beeu appro> o4 by the general coat* mission. An arrival from the west court of Africa minlln? under date Fernando Po. May 3, th*l at Bonay tb? com. try wai in a more settled rendition At l*goa d iagra* menu existed between the King ami tlie traden. At Li beria the |>alm oil trade ?m very brisk. Continued account* reach u? of lingandsgo la Gr****? but the authority for moat of th* accouuU U "a pri?*i* letter." Our Parts C'orrupailxti. Pakui, June M, IMC Tlw Cmnu nf Pari $ ? The Wtmikrr ? Jiad. Quality of Aa AVwi/ ? Thr Summrr s-cwm ? MimemmU ?} M\nuU.rt Omit Xapol* in ami (Ac Speculator*? '? ht Jnunilnlim .W*rri|*'*u. Sc. The taking of the qukiqoennlal centua In Pari* Iim baaa terminated, and from lb la a wmncnt it appear* Dial lk? Imputation, including the (oiUirra tn barrack*, tl*e tick la hn?|xUil*. and the occupant* of pri*?ns, eToreda i. 200,00ft ?out* w ttii >0 the octrti walla, or 1, *00.000 a.ttuu lb* fjrH. Oration*. Till* return tt!IV pro- at tUe I'aru P"t'n1??? lorn by our lialf than tbal of lUppilj at but. ??i<- line wotthrr nwmi to hare fairly art in. Never, la tbe memory of nan. baa time bMk ?'k b a May and Jane before The country continues ta ?'?ml Into tbe raf 4al abnmtenc# of flrult, bui the >bnn? of aun tiaa ilrpr. red It of *11 llwor, and tbo i'r*?aJ?-noa at rain *wollen th? berry into a washy pulp of acidity. MB ths quantity la prodigious . aad now ttiat ratlroadt from all pntata of Uts empire a?? A in provwioaia* Part*. a?4 tbr early Irusja of the aou& aaa be tb? rery day I boy aro gnl'i rrrd, tb? avjfly with w'^cb tbe market? (roan l? la tar If not tbo la* at extraor'-jwy of the curta ?ttioa of th -auiay with ntirh this ctty,oC world w 4s rv nown abo-ada. M r anybody la rur making pr,-pa*?. lion* for valine hatb.% or U$ i fca^.Tymm The itoart being ? tkdrawn to la country -emdaeee at K. CloW, and on'# offering Its, ho*pltalltia* la Ita eapec U lntt malea J tbe capita* th# ilcn of a lhouaat;<i l>alla and *<s4m bogira to think. a f tha nali.tary aad renor >rtig *pot o m?tutinal ;? m#na<lra, aacompaaM by t!a early tor* of the 1-mX aa well M lUq frugal repast, the noon -Jaata, tha >u.^le ? Ian da of the rnuatry, the feHctona ttrOJ by the 11 j}* < f>he Mart, wd I be wark lin-j of the ni ^ttngalo. itiiaatadors, ilik to deatk of alatioa to the ^aaferaaewt, aok wtahfolly award* Helen, Hamburg, or Pl'iipe. txit tha ft>ra(tlftiea of dipt*, aatir life a. -a fearfully, exmant, and IV, la potttbta that ?ren the M.amter of 11a J^st-a ia?n<)t always ea jny hla efi ta aa well aa bta ii^ninu The daparUira of count d% Moray t'.. W. I a?er*burj la delayei, beoaoaa thr I'-ti*' jfov. rrai jit !ita not tim ,ly gyp, u >?r* nmbw wlor It 4W to bavo been riace In'goriaki who wa* 0% the point ol eapouaing a K' 4s .in lidy of falxtlaaa wral'h. ilw projuaa ejqfiendltnre jf whtck n the brooch cap would, 1 wa? bought % *e addiMoul ?< ol to tha nv j ion It'?>ev>n ;,i Rnwu. >wiw, the ronr?e ?f trn > lo re will no^iUwaya run amo< ih, in tyjuc of aulocrala or IV Northr Mi>nji ?r*ture . mJ at tUa elevaath hoar tha prn'ra'-jly Wainking r|* waa sbuut ta be aM>le tna nu i li an vpiion li^e of?rbiaiH Iter mni?L Prlnre Hot gf n?ki, (herefota, ki oblifti/like ard naw dm to look at the 4a ta or kiM bank * s book, -vml tea come to tka < oncHi?i ?n thai he N no du cW\?br a?.k aa oroaaloa. He ?ub*cr >#?, In lari, !o the aacrad aa??r?i <m. I hat 'tUni^h truny are ra'>J, few ye cWwea." and like a wiia t?an Ike l'rlnre pockets Ue la^J * ranuff and <tafk at home ft la rum'.rd that we arato have Count 'tra |on?a in hla room Rut till theeo tattle a*atter? are final ly Jet Med. Count Jo Motm, althoagk all bla mn IU* a ra dalj aackeil, rav?ot<iepvt for 8t. faterxburg To oconpy, thoraiore, the aterniedate Ua??tha rrealdent at Ike Or y* U, Motif it tklaking of Rttttof to Dreabaden for ? weak ot two. _ . . _ . M raleorcapa. HUWrter of Public Wwka In Piedmont, ha* arrived in I'arla. Tha object of hM ftait la aald to ha a meeting of the peraoaa Inleraated In Ute eanal acroaa tbe |*tkmua of "><>( H *?? ??*Meman who ?*e Cdted the etahaukmente of M*lawwiO, near Venice? a Ii r.Tk at one time contHered imjioaalbfe Hi* opln .<n ia la be taken respecting the meant of prmattng *imila? ,nunaat oat to I bote from *U\ch FrM0? bat recently aa