Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 14, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 14, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 7258. MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION-MONDAY, JULY 14, 1858. PRICK TWO CENTS. THE LATEST NEWS. BY MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. From Washington. IMPORTANT DECISION IN A MAIL CONTRACT CASE? PROPOSED RECKBS OF CONGRESS. WABBuroioir, July 13, 1848. An Important decision will bo rendered to-morrow by the first Comptroller, in the ease of Glover and Mather against tbe Tost Office Department for violation or their ?eontract for carrying tbe mall from Louisville to New ?Orleans. About two hundred thousand dollars have been awarded as damages. This is ene of the contracts the ?Foetnaster General recinded, and bas been before the 'Comptroller lor decision upwards of a year. If tbe House fails to morrow to tuke up tbe Senate re solution fixing the day of adjournment, Mr. Clingman will, iprovided ho can get the floor, offer a resolution to take a recess from the last of July to the first of October. Quite ?a number of republicans have promised to go for it. Important from Mexico. DEPARTURE OF THE SPANISH FLEET ? CONFISCATION OF THE X.ANDED PROPERTY OF THE CHURCH, ETC. Nsw Orlf.a.nh, July 13, I860. By tbe steamer Texas we have Vera Crus dates to July 8. The 8panisli fleet had departed from that port. President Comonfort had decidod to sell all the lands belonging to the Church and other religious corporations. The new Constitution and Church Property Decree were generally applauded. A new State is to be formed, under Che Constitution, t* be called the Valley of Mexico. Hostilities had been commenced by tbe States of Loon and Chihuahua against Tamaulipas. News from Central America. > REVOLUTION IN COSTA RICA? PKOOKESS OF ' THE OUATEHALAN ARMY, ETC. Nkw Oruuis, July 12, I860. A strong revolution bad broken out in Costa Rica, bead, ?d by the party which was opposed to the lato invasion < of Nicaragua. Advices from Guatemala state that the advanced guard Of tbe army arrivod at Santa Anna on the 11th June and vrt re cordially received. It was reported that Col. Gomez, and other ex officora Of the Mexican army, bad gone to Guatemala. News from Texas. Nsw Ori.kanh, July 12, 1856. We are In receipt of Galveston dates to the 10th inst. Tbe Bio Grande had overflowed Its banks, the rise of ?water being greater than has been known for twenty -years past. 'Lajrlng of <Im New Fonndland Submarine Cable. Bvdmv, C. B., July 12, 18M. The submarine electric telegraph cable for tho New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Company 7ii successfully (aid on the 10th Inst., from tho steam - ?hip Propoutls, Captain Soedwin, under tho direction of 3!r. Samuel Canning, across tlic Oulf of St. Lawrence, between Cape Ray Core, Newfoundland, and Asliby Bay, ?Cape Breton, a distance of eighty five miles, in Afloen hours. Message* are now being freely and instantane ously tram netted from shore to shore. We underftaud that the comjany have about TOO men at work in Newfoundland and on Cape Breton. The New foundland line I row St. John's to Uie point where U Inter %oct a with the ltacs of tho American Tolograj Ji Company In Nova Soqtis, will bo about 6 IK) miles in length, and it is oonfldently expected that the whole will be completed and In st#cr-i>ful operation by the Hrst of September, and from ?arrangement* already completed, it is alio, we understand, coMMaatt} cxpcctcd by the New York, Newfoundland ^and Londou Telegraph Company that the cablo to oonnoot Newfoundland and Ireland will be tail down during the ensuing year. The best electricians and practical tele (rapbers entertain no doubt but that the extraordinary printing telegraph recently invented by Mr Hughes has ? removed every rerious obstacle in tho way of the tri umphant hoocc-h of tho transatlantic hue. We uuJer?tsr.d that Cyrus W. Kield, Eaq., one of the prominent members of the New York, Newfoundland and Loitiloa Telegraph Company, will leave for Europe this week, t* complete arrangement* for the immediate com oiencemeiit of the trans-atlanlic line. The Cose of Mr. Herbert. Wssnix.To*, July 13, IBM. Tlie Crlm 'ial Court held an extraordinary aesston this Borning, with a riew to receive the verdict of the Jury In the Herbert case, but an lmme liate adjournment took place till tomorrow. A question of fact has been raised - by one or more of U* jury, upon which it Is necessary that they should csnsult the Court. One of the jurymen was so til as to require the attendance of a physician. On Herbert's return to jail he was visited by several of bis ?Congressional fr'.ends. Mflanrholy Snlrlde. Philaokinu. July 13? <?; P. M A young man named Win. L. Pym. aged -24 years, com mitted suicide la-t evening, at o'clock, in Pellitlor'a tavern, hi Walnut street, between fourth and Kilth streets, by taking prima Ic ari l. Mr. P. was a native of Dublin, Jrelan I. an<l was connected with the moat respectable families, both in tbis rlty. Dublin and Liverpool, and In the latter c:ty the father of the deceased is looked upon a a the head of the mercantile community. The suicide Was latterly employed as head clerk in the Philadelphia and Iiver|*x I Mtam Packet oflke. where be gainsd many friends. His literary attainments were very distinct, having been thoroughly conversant with the Greek, l*tin, Hebrew, French and Qermau language*, and an able aromntsat. I knew the de-eased, and ad aired the mildness of hia disposition. reverem ed bl* rare and brilliant qnalttk-a boos, and m act rely deplore bis untimely end MArltff ?. Nkw OaUU?S, Joly 11, 1?8A. Cotton? Sales, to-day. W, and for the week J, TOO bales. MMdl ng q iJte.1 at 10'4c. a 10?,c. The stock on hand is SW.OOO bales, and the int resiled receipts at thi< port over ?the same date last year sre now 4'M 000 bales. Coffee ? falea of Uie week. 9,200 bags at Uttfc. for prime stock, Ut.000 bags. Whiskey at 3%. a Mr. Lard, la kegs, la >,c., July 11 1AM. C?ton ?rn at test week'< prices demand steady Wool ?The market is Arm -?Q<I rather quiet; sales. 5T.OOO lbs. #*r1ot!ng cloths tn active demand, but sai?a re?trtcted by <?* short ?upply. Hales of the week . ? 000 pieces. MTtooent Letter*. list ef letter* sdrertised In the Nkw Yon* IT** uo, fri 1sy. July ll, remaining tn the Post office, city of New f/ork. uacsNsd for, ao deubt misdirected for Boston, Phi ?udelpiita, Baltimore. Ac , be. eoem* aorsw. Beck A Co Kills O luring * Rrmiett. Wh.le A Co. John J. Prentiss A Oo. P Cburrh A On. l*ieree. Hows A Co Heo.M tiray A l?nforth Stone A l?nwner. ' Vm W.< oddird Tread well A Oo .tohn H. Gould. Wdklnsoa. stetson A Ci <7 K. lewis A Co. American Almanac, i "resident Young Men's Christian I'a.on, Bedford st. eiuijtniti.riiu ?? ?<. ? Adolpfa A Keen Ross Campbell 1 Blackwood A Ctt. Probably intended for Butcher A Brother Row. Camblos A Co. "Qreett A Co. Thompson D fhsw -?odfreyAC? Pmilh. Murphy A Co. Miller A Il'otber Smith A Mayes. 'Wans A Brother. 8c h loss I trot her. M"illoiighby H. Reed. stusrt A Itrothers. . I H Wright A Co P. A W. Welsh. ?-in the Widow or Heirs of George Peeper ? ?ublisher of the Msenmfl Mirror. ?Editor of vbe Banner of the Cioss. nsiTtsoM norsws. ?Clark A Brown Gerdes, Bnlling A Co. W. T. Walter A Co. o/ssirv. n. r. ntor.w r. Dexter A Nellegar. WALK. On' ley. BcAimrtri. Mtaaob? That grand phenomenon ?*ea*l< 'bally witnested on the lakea ? ralraga? wan wo fmai tb* steamer Hay Htate, on a recent trip frr>? Niagara to (taeeee, with more than ordinary -picador. The [xx-kp >rt Jmrnnl says It o?ourn>d Juat as the *nn ?u setting, at which time none twelve vessels were seen reflected on the horinon. in an inverted position, with a distinctness and rlvid ne?s trniy anrpri*in(r. The atmosphere was over east wltli a thick haze, snrh ss precedes a storm, and of a color favorable U> tepreeent npon the dwk en?4 l>n< keronnd, vividly, tfi* fnll outlines of the ? ffifin*. Mils, Ac., an perfect ?s if the ships them selves were actually tranaf erred to the aereal canvass. The unnstwl pl>enomenon laote 1 on til ?]grka?ts put an end to the sqene. Theatrical, XInatcal, die. Ninio'a G AKUKjr.? The enterprising manager of this fa vorite place of amusement maintains his enviable reputa tion for the combination of artistic talent or a high order and the production of noreltios in a superior style. Des pite tue warm weatber, fine audiences were attracted thither last week to witness the exquisite drawingroora entertainment of Miss Emm* Stanley, "The Seven Age-i of Woman," and the elegant pantomimic representations of the Ravels, the charming chorographio illustrations of M'lle Robert and the ballet corps, and tbe astonishing feats of If. Hengler on the tight rope. Miss Stanley and the Ravels performed on alternate nights, thus affording op portunities for the gratification of all totes. This evening we are to have young Hengler on the cord, M'lle Robert In "Lei Abeilles," and the Ravels in the "Magic Trumpet." Bowkky Thkatrk. ? Manager Brougham has deservedly won the approbation of all Tor the astonishing reforms that havf taken place in everything connocteif with this theatre. Dui ing his brief managerial career he has not merely redecorated and newly furnished the house throughout, but ho has presented good plays, with ta lented casts, thus securing the atten lance ol' large num bers of spectators, many of whom had not hitherto fre quented the place. The greatest reformation of all, how ever, Is in the conduct of the audiences; he has apparent ly subdued the wild enthusiasm of the boys, who now observo proper decorum, and conduct themselves ia a manner worthy of emulation even at some of the former ly more fashionable theatres. " Dombcy & Son," " A Day In Farts," and the "Forest Rose," are announced for to night. Mr. Brougham plays Capt. Cuttle, and his lady her famoug part of Susan Nipper. Biioadway Variktiks ? Tbe Wood and Marsh Juveniles continue to astonish aad delight tho numerous patrons of this pleasant little theatre, by tbe remarkably correct conceptions of tho various characters they personate, as well as by their tine readings and doclamation. How chil dren so young ? comparative Intents ? can so readily and admirably render parts that have caused years of labor to veteran actors before tbey could represent them in a respectable manner, Is a wonder and a mystery to all who visited the Varieties. No matter in what play they may be CMt, these children Invariably perform their parts In a crc ditable style, and many of them in a way that it would be no disgrace for vetoran stagers to imi tate. " Ingomar" having bad a fine run Ubt week, Is to be repeated this evening. Fkkm-h Thkatkh.? Chinese Hall, formerly Buckley's, 630 Broadway, has been secured for theatrical purposes by tbe French company, of which M. Gustavfl Dedos la the director and leading actor. Being more centrally lo cated than Burton's, where the members of this company mado their debut before a New York audience last Mon day, It is probable that large numbers of our French citi zens will hereafter honor the artists with their presence. Tbe first performance Is to take place this evening. Tbe selections consist of " La Czar de Rtusle Cbarpentier, on le Bourgroestre de Saardam '' " Ia Decoverte de L'Ame rlque," and "Sous un Bee de <;a M. Dedos persorat<s the character of Peter, tho imperial ship carpenter, ind Mine, tionthier that of Marie, in the first piece. Bnrarrr to Mk*. Mtscncu. ? The widow of ?fr. William Mitchell) formerly manager oC tbe Olympic theatre, takes a benefit this evening at Wullack's theatre. Several popu lar artists, have volunteered, and it is hoped that the ap peal in behalf of the relict of one who formerly so sue cent-fully catered for the amusement of our citizens will be warmly responded V- The cause and tbe bill are both worthy of attention. KmiKR's Kuril k Hah ? M. Keller ia still engaged in the production ol new and elegant tableau*, and is ro warded for his efforts by the plaudits ol' tbe learned and the ruflocd, who nightly attend bis letree* n large num bets. Tills evening he will present, tor tlio first time, a new picture, said to be of powtnul Interest, styled- "The Avalanche;'' alv, the acting accbes eatitled the 'Third and Fourth of July," and the spirited affair of the "Elec tion, '' in which tbe Presidential candidate*, Messrs. Bu chanan, Fremon'. and Fillmore, are Introduced, and eX'lte the liveliest emotions among the S|>ecUtors. Besides the tableaus there will be siuging. Ac., as usual. Woon's Miaami# ? It Is anneunced that the farces so comically performed by this baa 'I of Kihlopiaui are to be varied every night this week, thus affording the lovers or run an opportunity of seeing tlie actors ia various ol their most celebrated pieces, lacy also tender tbe usual choice selection ot songs, burlesques and dances, the exe cution of any one ol which is worth the price of admis sion. The farce for to Bight is tbe "Masquerade Ball," tn which anmerous of Shak- pore's heroes are lutroduoed. Novm* ? A musical and Terpsichorean entertain cent Is to be given at the c.ty Assembly Roem* to mor row evening, lor which occastea the aervioes of a number of distinguished instrumental perioruiers aad dancers have beta secured. C'oncxjtT ? A vocal and Instrumental concert is to be given to morrow evening, st Tryner's Assembly Rooms, Honaton street, near Bro-.dway. Among the performers announced are Masters Robert snd Arthur Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. N. Could. Mr. Wa-beus and be Wash:ngtoa Brass Band. _ TMMWtUU Iijswmntit,? Nothing worthy or special note has lately transpired mother cities Most of the theatre* are closed, and a number of the managers have hteii or are In the city making the ae ;essary arrange merits for tbe fall campaign. Ttr* Btm? lilWWll Mismki' Pirrsi.? This extraordi nary monical phenomenon who has everywhere been beard with wooder and admiral ?n. made his appe trance recently at the Theatre Rayal. We mar Inform snch of our readers as are not acqnmated with the ffcets connect ed with him. that be is singly a Pardiauta peasaat, hav ing the misfortune? '.or, iwtwHhst lading his extraordi nary musical gIV. ws mutt regard it as a misfortune? to l?e liorn blind. Ills age ts aboat flft Of M. Toe iu-tru me nt th At he perform* on Is a avail W'mdea whistle, upon which the cla-"- ical uarar or Ttbta has been be flowed, somewhere about two inch** and a half ling, pi' reed with three hole* at tbe side an I one at the fool, having thus four available aporturee lor modifl<-ationa of pitch Of the mar v" lieu* character of bis performanc e swne Idea may perha|s< be formed, wheu we 'tale that on this diminutive whistle, which, while he plays, bis hand completely covers, he has a range of two to three crtave*, generally el sweet quality, the e lire rr>e upper not?e stone having anything like bartfraesa about them. What tbe lowest or fundamental note of the ostrument if we cannot from tbe ear determne. B t calling In the aid ol aeoustical m ieni *e and ? ippnelng t to corre pno l to a stopped pipe ? rnr tbe spperture at the (hot of tbe Hi struK> nt enables him to nee t < tth?r as a stopped or aa opea pipe? it ?hould he somewhere aH< it t'1n ait; that is, two oi taves above the low- st aete of tbe ordinary con cert flute, and yet the lower i ? tea soem to indicate a pitch much below this. The whole thing appears tn us a p'ltslc That he does tt, both ae an open 'and as a stopped pipe. Is certain from Iim nt' de ot playing, which is to step the three side holes with the right hand, and the bottom one witn a Bng< r the fett. snd from tbe constant nae of this latier. it is evidently aa important adman. He appears in bis nat nsl > oat DIM, and lands with his liack reetirg on tho p anol' rte. It is ?tl(ttctiH to convey l?j* wards anjrtMng like an iiteqiiat* Mea of whet he does on his little whi-.|ie. The tone Is H'?t unlike t lie trench MageoM employ d in quadrille ' an !?, Is per tertly in time. aad. a* b' tufe lemsrked, soft and agree able. Within the range he urod ices -? tie pes- rgea lmth dtatonic and cbmaMtie. w th ??itreo-iltnai y rap drtv and ?t masse, arpeggios perte. tly di-iux t and true, and a ?l ake quii k and ?\ en. On listening to some ol his tlgbts, we could almost imagine bur-rivea to be listening to a ' brd miraculously endowed with a human soul. Hh ttrst pic< e * a? the " Ca-ta llva," with variations, which sras most eathssiaMH ally encored . his sm*d an air from " la Travlala ' likewise sneer I'd, and for whtr.h wa? sub stltuted the " < srnsval de Vsiuse,'' with some extraordi nary variation* of bis own. The eathusiaetlc manner la WMcti the audieo< e fand the theatre wae crowded) re ceived this brought from him tbe national anthem, which was listened to by I he aultene blinding In fa<t, ws never wltaie-sed much greater entlmsiaem tt any oo aalon. H(T?1 IMfllljnijf. Tha t*oKe-l HlalM ahip Tin o?*mh" par antjr four tajr* frotn Tahiti. arrived yaotardajr. MM ta atlac.hod to the avrtajrlag f< to Nehr'ng rttralta, North Paolltr, ami dun* ?*?. Tho following U a llat of bar oticar*:? Commodore John Rnfer*. commander of the e?pa?ll lion Lieutenant commanding H K. Hterrni. UratMMH J fan Oillum T. f?. tiltphprron. .1. ft. ft iaaot1. n Klo tioli FWt W. Orirr Pnr?af, W R P Roi??r<; Commodore'a *i?p?a^ nvi I* iftaman R. Knox , Aaala tant do., A WHtWwa; 7/?>ln*i-t. C. WrlAt; Aasl-laBt Artirt. R M Item Coir. modon-'-! Hark, K H Hlnrliowar; Pnraar'a i l?rk. I. XMlf; Awlatont Aitroaonaar, A. Hrhniilx^n ; Matter'* M?i?, J. Kant; Carpenter, J. H. (mfM, Sailmaker. R. IVrrjr. The Oeoo* oorrespondaot of tha Newark Atltvrfit utr, under date of June 12, h*iI?< that the Con gram and tha Constitution. of tha Hedltarraneao a?|iiodrno, ara m rrmk fbr (Jlbraltar. where thajr Will await tha Haoa or lha dl ploaaUr ill*t?rbam>? arlth England. Tha widow of Oeorir Rildwin, a r.>nnwnod rv??nmaon. Who l?tt no * ill. In*!** lo |>ra??nt all lha valuable jir., whlrh prenantad to him hjr rartoiin hodtaa, I , it,* Orand lodfcp of Ireland. Ha ?? hara died T?rr wraiihy but no acrminl ti to he found of it CI ty Intelligence. t Tux Weatheh.? For the last forty-eight hours we have been greatly oppressed with tbe atmosphere. The ther mometer did not at any time rise above 90 degs., but there was a moiafure in tho air, occasioned by tbe late heavy rains, which ?ei*dered the woalber very uncom fortable, especially If those who would Insist on wearing woollen garments. Yesterday wo were threatened with a thunder shower several times, but tbe clork of the weather postponed tbe* entertainment until some future period. Between the 1101.73- of 4 and 5 o'rleclc P.M. tbe sky was darkened by hca\7 cloods, betokening tbe pre sence of thunder and llghti/Ug in abundance.- All pcr sous out of doors, either on business or while seeking resreation, wcro very niucl.'tlurraod at the appearance of the heavens, mid all the city railroad cars were Imme diately tilled with passengers, w4io wore obliged to seek shelter therein as tho only wife moesis of preserving tho appearance 01 their light summ?r clothing. But, con trary to the expectation of every oce, the storra J over tbe city, and not a drop of rain fell during Ac entire day. ; A Sail Boat Accident nc the Ix>wm Bat. ? Yesterday afternoon a sail boat, containing seven men, all from this city, was capslzod In tbe lower bay, and all on board had a narrow escape of boing drowned. The steamboat Eagle, Irom tho Fishing B inks, was parsing at the time of the disastor, and succeeded in taking oil' two of tbe nu m ber, who were clinglug to tbe boat. The others bad a few moments previously been rose nod by two young men, (brothers,) named Murphy, who, seeing tho condi tion ol tho unfortunato men, put oil' in a row boat and rescued live of tbcm from ilie dismantled craft. Tno passengers on board tbe Kagle were greatly excite 1 on witnessing the scene, and wncn4he men were saved they pave three hearty cheers for tlio roscuors. Cha*. VaJlen, Nathaniel K\aiu, Win. Smith, John McNatnara, James Kiely, and two other per.-ons whose names could not be ascei tiined, were ou board ol the sail boat when tbe misfortune happened. Fatal Accidkmt iit Firearms ? John Zimmerman, a native ol Sweden, died at tbe New York Hospital yester day from the effects of a pistol shot wound recelvod in tbe thigh some days ago. Tho deceased was in the babit of carrying a loaded pistol about his person, whiah accidentally exploded a few days ago, and wounded him mortally. An iwiuost will be held upon tho body of deceased to day. Dkuuhiatx Svkidk. ? A most deliberate suicide was committed on Saturday at tbe foot of North Mooro street. An unknown man, apparently about twentytlvo or thirty years of age, cooly took off his clothing, as if with the intention of bathing, and when he had divested himself or his garments jumped into tho river, and was never seen afterwards. The clothes of tho deceased were takou to the Filth ward station house, where all partlos interested cau have au opportunity of examining the same. From the appearance of the clothes, deceased must have been a man in poor circumstances, l> Tow* Makkots Wanted. ? The city has increased so rapilly In the upper wards that it has outgrown its former conveniences. There la not one large market above those known as Jefferson and Tompkins, and the daily food of the Inhabitants Is necessarily purchased at fore stallers' prices, at second, third and fourth rate shops. This process Is rather depleting to the heaviest purses, much more those of light weight. At this momunt new potatoes, one of our most abundant crops tbis year, are reUlling at three dollars a bushel: beets of the smallest size, a cent each; peas, beans, tomatoes, all high, and double the price of what they woro at the same time last year. It is the forestalling and second hand system of marketing which make the dltlcrence The gardeners and termers do net got more than ordinary pricos; tho hucksters are the gentlemen wbo pocket their hundred per cent in tbe morning, and drive out fast horses in the afternoon. Duo remedy is loudly demanded, and tho at tention of Mayor Wood to tho subject would be well bo stowed, tie is at present very Intent upon having children trained up in tie- way they should go. Would it not be as well to see that they caa get something to eatr Tbe remedy is the ostablubmeut of one or mora large markets on the Fast and North rivers, as high up as Tweaty third street. If the. e were constructed with coif venient landings lor small stosmbuats, fishing smacks snd country sloops: If wagtm room was provided for farmers who come to tho city with their own products, the cost of food, except of meats, would In the upper wards be reduced one half. We nave uow^ood water, and plenty of ftiel, we waut fresh aud cheap vegetable 1 and animal food. New York can have all. If tbe proper facilities are given, and with larga markets up town, where purchasers may buy at Ur-t hands, and where farmers' and gardeners' wagons may be unmolested by the runner* and farestallers, the public would be Im mensely bmeiltted A friend from Ktsikland coun'y la forms us that vast amounts of green crop* arc rotting In tbe ground, because tney cannot be brought to the city and sold by the producers. There is no market they can go to, cxcept the over crowded ones in the lower part of the city, and the combinations of the fore^tallers are so effectual, that unless they submit to their prices they can sell nothing. Be this as It may, will not hlsilooirtlie Msyor step wntiou letters a little while, and give the upper wards of tbe city new markets on a grand scale? We may promise bim a few votes, if bo will attend to this promptly Coroners' Intjueata. TU SUICIDE MANIA. Srwinr or am Hi Amstaxt Aii>K*?/iv ?Yesterday morning William \V Fream, ex Assistant AhVerman of the Thirteenth ward, com mi It <1 suicide at bis residence, No. 38 Ix-wia street. by shooting himself Ui rough th? heart with a pistol. At about 10>j o'cks k A. M , the Inmate* <* iU? bouse were alarmed by the loud report of Ore arms, and on proceeding to the bedroom of Mr Knam they loend hn lying u|>oo th?i floor, gasping In Uie agonies of death. A pistol covered with bWl lay beside the unfor tunate man. showing plainly how the work of suicide had botn a? < ompllshed. The docease.1 liugered but a few minute* alter Uie explosion of the deadly weapon, and ere medical attendance could be |?rocured life had depart.-d and naught remained behind for the silhctod wife aud rlul dreu togas* upon but a < 1 1 I Igured . i^iih (lonnery proceeded to the residence of the decomod asd held an inquest u|h??i the body. Il apimarcd from the tostl mony furnished on the occasion, that the deceased had been out of < mploy ment Mnce the month of November taut, and since thai period was In destitute clrcumstanco*; re verse of fortune brought about a ownes* of spirits, and ol'en m these flts of de><|?irde?ry he threatened to kill himself; about thr?e w>'i ks previous to the rotniniasion of tbe rash act deceased proposed to bis wife a plan he had in view to relieve tbeir sufferings, which ? as no thing more nor lees than tbe murder of tbe mother and tbe suit hie of Uie lather. Mra. ? ream, as may be rrmUlf imagined, reAl.?t| to arc ede to the propi iiion, arguing Uiai there were litre*- Mile ? hi Mr en to he taken ? are of. and It was lx r In tuition to taster and nourish them to the be-t of her abi lity. At th<- t oi" "be tried to dissuade the .le i ea^ed fr< m think ng of - rh a horrid procedare as that of sell murder, and bade him hope for a happy change a their aOaira Rut the d. .eased was Aeterinlnsd !? aesnrmtt og utrtds, simI nccrdingiy carried oat hl? de signs yesterday morning, lbs lury in thia case render ed a verdict of death by tukldc. The deceased waa 44 years of age and was a native ol this my. The wulewed mother at J children of the deceased are ncon-ulaWe al the untimely end or a kind husband and aSectiooaic rattier. M swi ?t Tasi.wi Prnrt nxiva Coroner Hilla held aa inquest spoa iha body of a man, aa?c4 Hill, who was fonnd dead tn his bedroom, at the illobe Hotel. The de ceased. M appeared had hoarded at the above hoi el tor a few daya previous, and seemed to b? In nomewhat desk tute rircun.itaDcne On frtnrday morning one of the rMmtermatd* found him lying dead la bed. A bottle of stryihntne was tound bee ids him. I*r. Vergmmn made aa examination of the body, and. froa its appearance, rave it as hie opinion that death was caused by taking the above meats ned poison A verdict to that effect wax rendered by the jury. The deceased waa a<4 much known ? In ran, nothing could be learned tn regard to him, other than bta nam* waa Hill. He was about 3* years of age, and sj>) -cared to bare been a native of i.ermany ft iniiK *V H i jn;i.v? ? A frenchman, rnmed ? ? Ls Clair, committed suk ide, on Saturday nigliV, by banging himself to an ap|>le tree* growing in Second avenue, near Yorkville. Yesterday morning the suspended bo<ly was round, and was immediately cot down, but III* was found to bar* b?e? entirely eminct. The deceased, ll appeared, bad led a life of dissipation, and had touandered his means anting disreputable |>ers?os of both sexes. The Uw? of his money preyed upon his mmd to soeh an extent that he determine)) to pot an end to his existence. Oaermer Hills held an Inquest upon the body of deceased Ver diet? "I tenth by * sic ide. " (eosnsed was a boot 46 yean of age. Pnowswv? Coroner Hilla lield an Inquest opoa Uie body nf n man snppoaed to be Edward Colvln. who was faood drowned at tter 49 North liner. The decoassd wan a man about M year* of age . had on a monkey Jacket, cloth vest, and check pants. In lit* packet was found a letter dire, tcit to Kdward Onlmn, lalgtt street, sugar hoose It waa written by hta son who ll appears live* tn Baitimoea Md. The jury In thl.? oase rendered a verdict of "aoot dental drowning." A'tltiwrtAUT Dnoimm ?A young man named Jama* fJieen. engaged as > hand on board of mm of the river sloops, wan accl .at) telly drowned on *rtue<lay, wMla making the vessol fhat to Ua? pier at the toot of Twelfth ?treet. North River. The body was recorered. and on an inquest beln x held by Coroner Hilki a venllet nf accidew (a I desth waa aauJSTod. Deceased was W yanrs o t V,e and waa a naaee of trshuid. Has I tgw Market*. PtnuMWfico, .tste S ? Ahnndant snpfdle* from ff,r? ign Erts hav<! re*' M u? during the past wtek; n?*- erthe ih on mi tq the heavy rams whkn have fallen, bust nees v*i? heen hut iimite.1 ; the arrival* have tr-en thren ve^^ifc with Itenr. ntM from Hi> htrnrnd (whreh proceeded ? ??nth ward), one from New Orleans snd one from )>hiia delphta, one with floor and ?undnea froir, latter port; one with rndflsli ft om New foondisnd roar? We have te advise the anlval o' several cargoes, which, coupled with lower advices from the -Jonlhern port* Where be* vy supplies hsd made their hpp?t' atice UkTfl CkUICd prim here to become flat POSTSCRIPT. MONDA Y, JUL Y 14? 6J A. Af. ARRIVAL OF THE GEORGE IAW. TWO WEEKS WW FBI* SAN FKMCISCO. $1,705,301 IN TREA8U0E ARRIVED. Address and Constitution 9f the Vigi lance Committer* NEWS FROM COSTA HICA AND [WCAJIAGUA. later from the South 9aoiflv and Australia, Ac., Ac., - Jtj. The United Slates mail steamer George f,#v* W. L. Hcrudeu, I'. 8. N., commander, arrived at Quar# a ;?>?.- at an earlv hour this morning. She sailed from 'Asi-iawdl July 5, at 3 A. M., with mails, passengers and trcsTur* brought down by steamer Sonora. 0? the 10th inst., at 1 A. M., parsed steamer Ifl'ncle-,. bound south. On the 9th tost, at 2 P. M., passed t?r!e Afeagon, bound northward. The steamer Sonora sailed from San Francisco Jul? 20j ?13 P. M. with the mails, passengers and treasure; tbr latler consigned as follows ?$1,701,301 for New Ycrk/ $411,463 for Kngland, $'20, .">00 for I'anama ? in all $2, 13V 304 80. On the Kith ult., at 8 1'. M., spoke the company's steamer John L. Stephens; all well on board. On tLo'

?28Ui, at 2 A. M., arrived at Acapulco, and sailed from there at 8 A. H. same day, and arrived at I'anatua July 4, at 4 A. M. The mails and pas-engers from New York per George I-aw, 20th June, led! Panama July 1, On board steamer (iolden Age all well. the following Is the TKXABtntK LIST OF THE OEOKOK LAW. W.Applcton ft Co.. . $2,113'.* Mechanics Han* $1,200 I tank of America 70,500 Newhouse, Spats fcCo 32.000 Booth ft K?lgar 4,002 Order 54 044 Butcher ft Ero 2,200 .lamds Patrick 80,000 W.T. Coleman As Co. 46.202 J. Phelan. Jr 10,300 Wm, Ciiramlngs,.,. Si, 600 F. Probst & Co 4,058 Prexul Ai Co 4*25,1)00 1,. lvoun>tock 2,400 Ihuk an,Sliertu'iiftCo SO, 0f7 Heed ft Wade ti.OOO John Duraml ft Co.. 4,000 Strauss Bros. & Co.. 20,004 PreemanfcCo.. ... 11,500 lleury Strybiug . . . . 1,500 Wm. Hoge * Oo... ,1T3,0<>0 K? A. Stoon ft Co.... 10.700 Howland&Aipinwall 1.807 W, Sellgtnsn ft Co. . 22,600 J. Hiirht. Bros ,V Co 3.000 W. Shenkblirgh. 17,300 W m. Miller & Co. . . 14.000 S-ba'ler A: Bros 11,000 W. S. llnn.?ell A; Sons 2.8U0 J. El an wool 3,000 Hamburger Bror... 12.000 Tread well A: Co 10,000 W. H. Hall 10 000 Israel JC. Wolfe 4,030 Aaron Jacobs ft Co. 23.500 J. II. Weir 10,480 Kugene Kelly k Co.. 40 000 Wellington A- Abbott 4,000 .lames liOdge 9,482 Wolfe Hros A Unz... 15,360 Myer.lx-ry kCo.... 2,000 G. W. Wines a: Co.. 16,618 Metropolitan Rank.. 179,000 Wells, Fargo ft Oo.. 887,900 Morgan llathaway ft ? Co...' 2,003 Vm San Kraucisco$l. 701.301 From Aspinwatl? Williams ft Setter $3,500 Isaac L. Hunt.... 500 Total $l,7y4,30l The following Is the PAWKNflUt LIST OF THE OEO. LAW. Cajit W ?' Pease, C H It H and servant, C?|>t Kngliali. 1' ft A, ?nd lady aud wrvunt. IJent Black an.l servant, Cant tlenrge DawnS'.Capt Waters, Thus .lanes. W M Smith. AW Patten, Judge Thouipaon. J W Aunlln. C"1 Porinau. lady and two children, il rus, I. Lelntokh, Patrick Henry, H Jolinson and ludy, 8 Oppenhlnier, Mtas X A Corby, II u Tin ill, ladv snd two children. Mm Abel. Infant ami aervant, A D W Sauipwi. Thm Polka Henry Znitnau. I. Ktfgut II P Martin, Mart P '"U. A Peck. A W rut on. J (Jrahani. f O Shaw, H K Uaidnar. Mo *, O N Tuakir. M Ooo|>?r, W llryant. M twyrr, W II Thumbm. E 1. DrnStet. N M*naiWM W Oust, K II Mnmcrwn, Mm K W Withmgton. W Avery. A Kamund son l> M D.Wlti II P AXord and bov. P R"m?y, M Met nun .1 S Kotormm and lady. Mm Mavage, K <1 Thornhill, I. II Hul lard. B Kodjit-ra, MaiUm.- Boankrc J M Kl??s ami lady, O W t.ibbons, C H Krafts. J Murphv, Mail Pauline, C Laekman, LPoyl Mrs M 11 Walll*, I>r Parish. Mm latno, Mr Melville, mail agrnt; Mr Gould, baKgnge luasu-r. Jnhn C Haielion, J no II lltm-a, MrSannaait. Juan Vargus. CC Green, Mm Price and two children. Gen Harmn. Miss Uerrsrs, M.<? P lUrrara. Mn-'tr Pandm. R Pombn. lien Thompson, J Josvphl, A Joeepbi and :'\1 others lu cabin. Among the peesengers by the Geo. I aw !s Mr. Green, liearer of desiettrhes from our Mini iter to Chile. These despatches include a treaty of friendship, commerce, navigation sr.d cx'.raettion, between Chile and the United Mates. The health of the isthmus was good, and the railroad in One order, the passe igers outward and homeward cross* ing in a very -hort time. A \ew Gr?na<lo paper stales that the pecuniary damages resulting tromthc I'auania riot do not amount by ene tei tli what the Amer? sua i laim. Gen. Moequera warmly tiigee his government to make speedy reparation lor thj outrages. The Bt Utah mail steamer from Callao arrival at Panama oil the night or the 21st ult., with ftrty passengers, the mail" and Muo.t ts) In treasure. The dates are Val|w?raiso May 31 i aliae June 12. ret iiiud Bolivia are <|iilet, hut tho former was dally expsciing aa invar e<i from Krhlniine. Bnrlncsa at Vnlparaiso was very dull. It a as supposed Benor Mouatt wo i Id be cbo*?n Presi dent of IhUe without ef>i?Mitlon. Weba\e received Australia dates to the 4tb of April, ele\en days later than Ihiae r>c?ived by way ut K.ngland. The Iriiislatiirs wa-" busy with railroad scheme*. Agrl ? ult ore was flourishing, and tho mineral ree?urces ou tinned to present new wonders. IHMMarjr of Fortnight's ?wi. [Kron i the Alia ('.alifbrem, Jua- M I ^iBca ?b< 'r| arliirv ot the Ural J u??? ??<> Ih pro lm bi eB no d.-cri a*.' e< oxritam nl In the public f. ?lini( of Calilornla. < in '.tnelance* i.i Uih ?.nn- nnlwt that utr ton Dded IM III. B fiirrom l na n.'iv and lli.'r? will be B" prc-pc. t u their dUappearatMe until orgnni/oilertmliMll ty - mx I the fitter i la-. < i?- ra. control I' " ? h ? I T !-? 1 ha 14 box \ m mx ? I 'el. rm Iial on )?> Mni<h tll< retnrm now .1 ,?pieinM|y .ieveloptng I,;,- ?. r. ' "p?n bM who hare ri ?peci for politic <pnet it I ? (" ightne- ? and wb > l> ax o lhai right mil of pub lic prtt wb?h ever prompt tli- -or t- ? lie anxou. Ihr thr jin*|?rn of hn own cmmmni tin Mate ;<nd the eatfc.n (aliiomin Iw every r^o'irc pro il'iivml 'ail' 'hi i ? tho one r\ -I '.ian ?. mi ' . . ii , . . IK. " a hu b -honl.l Mtoati tlie pnb ?? man ? l- ?? .t ? n ill I, - .I i-.l'irt fr?nn tit i . ?( 111" I'll.. I.- II iwnnarv . I ? ? ttt.n- lo h>-< rvt.rsi y from i ll . . i t ? n: Into I" tlio in ? ,, hi >-??! ia?niM- -hiii i.i pm h hi thv*< mI? ii. n whii li ? Ii.' .i tcrl-a tha bad io.iii dii'iij lir? n .ml rc.xrl li ?< of general tetcri -t< Win it tli *-*.? .t avil- Iw In . o ri hum 'I. aln ii il i?l ' "'in .iitr.'h "ti Mi ofli* t nt hi* pr"P* r x i ? i* i it th pujnlar fi?i timi?, then ? no i. ? II b<> i?iBl hi il hi. irill 1 1 ti t'? ri'fiir. oi HI-i of tli* low and ili?|.ifli in \>ropoTtii?o tn-tlio >>-tin mplox mi nt- li> wtin h it limit liii- futti-i v?ii i.i.l urmin to bo* Iruibtfal miaaurr Throughout Uio State Ui" people teve oadoraod the ra rtou> artK** af Ui' Sin Irmumi VUilMx-n <ommlUe.\ and In im>*t paiu there lu?? l>p. i\ and m now, mora ex i Itriomt I baa In tlita city. atftcc the p'luottng of Mr Kintj and lb* > x oration ? ? lika murdoeor. < Ho port* i am tho aiming re?p?>n are remarkably larnrv hla ami iw prnapvot of immen-o yield* are ronnUMJy looking JMrer No extraordinary mttrrM bare bwon niMto. hat wherever tho gala u hoUig taken fraaa Ibc known ilirghig*. the ra. I * made u?ore evident that il la iticxhaaa*M>'e almost exorywhere in California. AgriraHr ml puramU aro la ? priMpormi* oondltkio Tho ' rapa of v boat aoil ntbor iD^k promUo well, and all othor f>rvHio<.|? are abuB-lanl m the larm<*r could da ?ire. labor la in goai.-iml, .tad Uio markota aro over f?? | ot all lh? Itmtirlas natira to thw prodnctlva ?oil. Tho' interior towng ar?J*dtlre, the varioua rontea of l rax a", are throMad. and uioro are fra>|nent acoeialona to thof,rtBiBg it^^^ta* O.iBira and H*naltiee hate heo? nitmoronji, but no 'hfr ig of a rer* aggravated natnre ba.x occurred Mar ria goa and birth* ir?na(?iro uninli-rriiptodly, and qua.) rr 1 1^ anrpaaa tha Inclancoa oi dangeroua diaeaae and Proiiably there aovor *w a period whon our pnopks, 1 even loa<img politician*, aald lem about |iolltirai matter* than now. So Internet U manifoaled la the l?re-<i?1onti*l elertloa; no 'p?clal orgaaiaation of partiea lor the can vaea hat taken place; Ibe pSrty praaaea are atmlhoiic, and all tho other wlrca iMI to ba ruaty and otherwUe out of rapalr In Wirram'Bto, sto> kton. and other prominent oltlea. large eeeling' bova l?aan bald to endorie the procaediag.* of, ib4 n\ni|*tlil\a with the )<eo}ila'g reform tv-gaol/jillon of Pan Ki am i?< o ; and In the minea and mountain villa goa the tame entbueiarm prevail*. On tha 4th of Jnne <Jov. .'ohn-on 1-mie.i a proclamation doi lrrlaji tho city of Han Franciaco in a alalo of laaurroi . Uo?. and calling upod all |? r na< nilijact to military duty In il a third, innrth and fifth military dialrlcls, to hold them, elrca to do war. ike tervlce. under urdera of Uia f ormrander in f'hiaf and bia general* ot loaaar rank lhi?, and Hie arcompanrlnR documonia, was received by Ihe whole ?lato with Inillgitition. To thoao who ha I rorrcctly eatimated the obie. t*. pa?t and future, iho CfiTimilicr, |tihersatoiui interference aoumo l unegthi !or, especially masmurfc a! Governor Johnson W?Uihel 1 it* proclamation until long afltr there apprare1* ;ul>' eeastty fur it* issuance. proceeded lOenrt lltusm Selves as directed, but usarly all such were frteUk'4 and aawtlates or the wrttlclx-a punched by Ihe l;u" miUM Uany sf the orgaulzed uul;ta?7 *?m pontes disbanded, surrender**! their armi, P"*> lively feftjsed t6 eua age in toy attaok on the .people. ' Mean#*He tbe Ci/wmiilec opened their book s lor re ' milts, ai.d thousand* hurried to 10:11 the orgaiu. '*uo1' Tiafge qnaSMIe.i of arms kept coram*, until six thu V?and numtctt. U> tty pieces ?' caunen, many snwil amis an<1 aloirdant ammunition juid infantry accoutrements v. vre gat/ered to the rooms or the Ooinmittee- A regular a) *# tfiit of military ilselplme f?oae stabiuhed, swung guaru ? were mounted, rrad the whole Ibrce divided nito len regi- . meaS^all compd&?"t Wf the M l men in the cltv. A strong breastwork or saa?l l uw wastbullt In the nigl# time in trout J'the (fcrnim^Toomf; a lari?e bell wtm suspended on the rooi of t tu-ir buildings, t<* gire in-tan! alarm ?>n the appn<in.''i of danger, and scTeful ptoc*** of caano.i were planted oti ihe-adjaceu? roots, so as to command each street leading t:t tho fortiQctftsu. While t'*nr ioun-.dt-.fciw pre pa rations were going' for ward, the Governor's c/ftcers and the public jstfrnaH inr 1 favor of annihilating the committee, labored e^-essivi^y to obtain w 'Tfur.s and succeeded in siouru.g * ra"Sg?i' lew hundrci utditionul to the tierce di spei adne- \vhe? " (locked around the con,-"-itiitiaii ntid the Pxr-eiitiv e'' imi mediately on the appearance of Ins proclamation. The tioverc -ft aV? now :n:iJo to believe, bv l.? un principled !ulT'-,"rs, tl.nt he could :it once suppress the "insurrection.*' Accordingly; he wetrt' tb Henirti to obtain arms ani '.He various pwiectiles of wur from the I mtid States A:"*enal; btit Gen. Wool positively refbsed t<> accommodate " his Kxcelleney," to his great anuoj ance nnd ciiagrir.' While at Benina, n committee of gentlemen from Sa? Fianci-co, but no. Hitmbern of the Vigilanco Committee, waited on the Governor to endeavor t6 indute him to withdraw bus pro< nhnatiuu. This he would not do, and in hU reception of .V committee forgot that gentlemanly deportment is as cr j*. table to the public otlieer as to the private citizen. He returned to Sacramento, much incensed r? General Wool, and cor-- Meed of the mysterious tact that a ' mob" had possesion of six ^iiousaud -tand of arms and thirty pieces or caunopv which liiey ht4 obtained' with out bloodshed, dUturb-wce, or objection on the i>an of the owners. On the ttth )D.? wis deemed best by the Vigilancc Committee to dispose or their stock' of < opturel infancy, confuting of six notorlo'. * ind-.nduaU. iiauishmcnt was the s-enu-nce, and the ctilprlts were iB&ri ied to the dock and shipped to other lands. On the 9tb Inst, the Vigilance Commute? Issued an ad irefs to the i>eople of the state-. Since the first shipment of rogues the Committee havo < iTitructetl Joliu Crowe, J. W Itagley, James Henne.sey, \Villiam Hamilton, William, u! as Jack Manure, Jamos Cjeick, Terrence Kelley and John Jjiwler, ?<> leayo the St^te of California, never to return, on or bjfcrc the 29th of June. They must go! Seveftl additional arrests ha -e been made, ami before the work ot the committee is completed, the exports of 'innverf will have far .-urpassed the imports A) noon on the 1Mb, au immense mass meeting was hHd of the Mends of the Vigilance Committee, at which 14U* ?l'ayton presided. Able uddresscs were delivered, and resolutions adopted. Tl?? VigilaDce Committee have publWbed Ui< ir constitu tion, and it will be (quuiI in another coitimn The (jorernm< nt for es have, as yet, luado no hostile movement, though they have (one Into cam near tbis city. Hnslnesn was dnll and t!ie city was never so quiet and orderly. Arid rr us or (he Vigilance Committor. TO THE PEOPLE OP CALIPOSWIA. Tlio ( ominiltce ol \ ifilance, placed in the position they row <*cup>- by tbe voice mid countenance of the vu t nn jOi it) of their fellow citizens, as executor* of t!? >?< r wi'l deaire to detlne the necc?>ity which lias forced this i>co plelnto their present organiznUm. ('r',*t emergencies demind prompt an I vigorous rented es. Tbe people? lomg suirtrin* under an o,g*ni??<l dcspotUm* which lias Invaded their liberties ? squandered their property ? usurped their oKtoe* of trust and emol.i ?nent? endangered their live- prevented the exp,-. -sion of their will through tin* ballot box, and corrupted the rl.iu.nfla fv| jastice? have now arisen in virt their inherent. ri|ht and power. All pd.Ucal, religions and Mctk nal dlflerencea and issues liave given way to thu paramount nocewity of a through and fuudam/nul ,e lorm and purification ol the social and pohttaal bodv The voice of a whole people has demanded union and or gatjixallon as thr only iiia-aii.i of ranking our laws elfe - aMuTSet'),,*U,e r"hUCfifr,'C ""wh Kor years they have pat. ntly . M: | .,n ?? ! ' ?" '??b 1 ?? '? " a. Ml. .11 e X 1T|, the ill : of .aw 1" re:, nn th., , , whieh ?,a.h ?.,r , ., b; word, trnnd md vjolene.. havf (. >i|.-.| . very .tfort a id the l..w - t.i w 1 1,. |, th ? , . u), ic-t |. r |'M : , u h j,. "l-t." led and i.-ie ... r e!iel- a pr |., -held vile, h. el. - mm .1. (? UJiOtt Uri tyranny nud misrule. A" rr|.?W.. an-, wr looked to t?e .'.iar.1 nil. I .lire r. ill. ,v t . ,,,!<; ,, , , w .- It< voire -.mother, ft the, de,*,. ??*..( ? ),v fe,., I", n - .. . Ill r. !> ontnun.i.. I ed I - , f i-i .n tlii , i, IrillHl lit lilldnlL'ht. 'T nullified II,,. I ,..,. , ,,,1111. ,,| tudce- and in?|>ccti'i - of el. . i r,. .on d.n . that ui.tuv doubted whether the iiiajoin . .i ;|K. , , i. w.., ? utterly corru)*. organ i /ed gangs of had men of all political parties or who assumed any particular creed from m. r, unary In 1 corrupt motives, have par. elled out our , .dices amoiiir themselves, or sold them to tb< hjle.-t bi lders llave ^irovidi-d themselves with convenient tools to obey their nod, as i Jerks, inn v.ors and judg. * ol dec t.ou , llave cmp oyed bullies and pr?fe ional fighters to da troy tally list-. by force, and |w eut im. . us Ir.-ro ascertaining. in a lawful m<?uier the trpe number of vote# 1 led at our ek< i ?m* And Have r-e.1 c nnmjly . oVri ?<l '-allot '.oves 'th fali-e -ides and bottom-, mo prepared that by mean> of K M i >?>g or nl|.le rporious ticket., c niceale.1 there pr. ,i to the election, could be mingled xvfch genuine vote. ?'l ail this we liavt the n>. t >relragan e pro,. (??lis frotn other lati.U and St-.t? <. m i. ,\ >t i,. nals <H|iiall\ as !iad. ha.- tlms,eo,r.,,le Ii b'i. la.Nanl l".,l?,'t> ?nd k?ve ott.-n anms. ed t. n r itun .? ?, ,n, out having doee aa hones da- - work with bead .r hand- Tim-, tin- I ur iiiheritsu ot , ; , :n |,,, ?nil < . /Hid an, V^.| o.m.lei ed _o ir ? i ?- w ill ruins, and *te mi?erubl? euk Um. nl ..f an enormo.m debt w ill Iic.pu-.ith sorrow and |oVerl> to me ilier ,-ne ration . 'I lie, fury box hnj been tsui| d xv i 1 1 1 and our Jury triris have be?n made toslmd l tie. hundred murderer v I '"I h mils have , . i?. ? .1 i., , , u . : , , d kj leoced with Ue llowie knite an I tie- pi t..i not only the voice of an truiignant press, bu i the .huddcriag rebuke of llie (Hitrngci ctti/< n To our ahsine be it mM4 that ?_!??? Inhabitants of d <Unt la"!* alrea.lp know tlialcmru ? men in otli. e, a- well a< gkinb . r>, -tr kcrs ar telle r vile t s.U .rf un- ru imloiis h eltrs b.nt, animate' ?h.,ot d?w n w itli impiituty ?a well |? aceai.).- i-i.l unolleii.l ?_? . Iiz. nx . ||?M, , ir' at t t. ??., . ,r I ol ?ml with a!t?(j I. i, r?s of heart. nvo -ought, in i h*r,il niiinner. to thwart ?i lien.?'< pubii. phiieler or in aw i ken in veil: pit ion. Iinb-Kl.e I ill .he pr ., pi.- . I. r, ,.?b .. ,-i ue the truth- Mat I.V -m-f -ho. 1,1 tu ,nd wtieri . orrnpt . "u ii?. w o luive frnidul.-ntly ?, ik-.I the r, mi, III aUthortM . d>? igtiedly (|i-?ar.-th- .ittori o( tb ? itw< and avert p s..?hm. nl li .m lue Mor. uslyguii' the t*iw ' er ll.. y umrp re?. rl- ba k t.. rtw (-op|e wi. wr. -t' d :t.-.l .'.uig tie f trmv. and ? n.. lent lint Kiev w ere carrying oni th. w.Uof tb. ,m mi4ior t> ..r th. it* reus ..I t lkt rotirily the Cominittee of ViK-fUnrc under i ,-e of IN, r.-|"?l-lbll||V th It re le I 'ip.,11 tflee.i haw. ,.1 u'y and di- 1 a??i.?iixte|y weighed the. iden bo' . r ???!,. -a Slid . I * i. st'i ?. an ! '.?r i-lMn-nt to other*, -viio by their < riuiex an I vi! n,uie? ha>l sta.u?.l ' ? * *-Mtl? tli.^e Ibat were l, tins . om I* rat. -Ny road, rap- pi ?.<hment was rto-n, ,.ot be ,i'?. ?, ioniir .il ? loath *.%? md ;, er>.(. t-i ? tbat I k ? " r ? r, . n > n.,jbl - ar . ?? i j., , r< v and t*e criminal Tie -. .? ? others les- ?ity af . o>t wh< ? I he same |w n -h ie- 4 ha- been do, I3?,| ' loit tli?y hax ? ? en allow. .1 rurtl* r time to ,inWe ,.r tl.sll Ileal ?!, . artwre u,.lw.thll.e ,e>pe that ,?.rmi .mni to de, ,.l \ oi irilarily muht r i ...? repentan. avl repentan. o araoi.'n ent, they be e seen sudered lo , i , w0 wj|h:? It ?iU their ox?n tln>e of going. Thu-. far, a >1 Oh io iuV>ut their ardiv?.? duties, ?iv* l> en a-td will be <ui.led by the n,,.i ?.?t , (14 lui.tx.o- .' 1 1 1 1 * ' ?- ? lint ? o ? tiiey earnestly I that in rndta'. oi ir^ lu mete out m. rt/nl insllc.. l? the Uy tlis* couks. I. nay be so gn. \ d bv that lower ' before v* Vise tribunal we -.hall all stand, that in ti^ vi | cisaitu.lii of alur i/e. ami.l tbe calm Ihn refoi ti<>r*. of old age. at.< in the clew view of dying cenac dence, tlxare may be fonad aotli ng we would regret ar wish lo chattfe. We lavs an t? reward, as eaxtai? s la ptuuah, no pr vata ends k' accompllsfc tlsrsilgle, heartfelt aim Is tba public good the pnrg lug fro? our roasmunity of thoae abandoned characters w hese acliaas have been evil . ositinually, and have linal If forced upoa oa th. effort* we are now -ivtklng. We haM- no iadnnti?m aa a body, nor ?hall Ihere h.> evinced in any of our acta, ellher i?ri:allty for, or piej-idK;? at hi rt any race, Br, t nr |>arty. While ihn? tor we have not ill covered on the f*rt nf our con-iitiient-. in > i.-k of con tl.l. m ?? and have no re.a -onto lonbl thai Hi. .rem .ntyol th- in ha InUntS of the ? < timy . n>b>r?e our acO and de. r0 ,4 m continuo the work I I w rdinn out the rreeiainahle tl?*ra< tore from tlx r.nimiiMty w< have with loop r^r-l -een that .-,e of II, Mate iuthor . , . i Ue (ell it ||i. ,r bitjr to or i-ane-e a lorce to resist us. It -.not ui| iwaibla for ui to realize that not only Uuae v. bo have .o ^ht place with a mow lo public pirn.' r. but al-o hoae goi.tlem. n *ha In a. < ept ng cir.ea to which they were hooe-uly ele.". .l, ha\ e snorn to support the laws of the ?ta'e of t'alinirnia, find II dllllcnlt lo tsconeile tfc*ir supi?.-<sl .InUes with ae-jai eicetwe in the s? ? of the C.uamittee ot \ igiiance. since they do tiol ref'e, t IImI pertUkps than three fourths of the j eo,.ie of the mure ?ta ?? ?> m|Mthiin> witli and endorse our effoits. aj.l as ttst all law emanates from the people, so that. wh'.ntUe law- thus enacted, are not executed, the power iclarns lo ?*e |>eopl.' and ia theirs whener.-r thet" mm tbooso l? nercise it Those gentlemen would not hav t ho>ilatf.l to acknewle?lge the self evident truth had t*\a people i J?o?an to make their (ir. 'ent moveioent ^ m\J?ke revixNWtat, refilled all the power they hadil'.|?. gali J, and re lariied it to new agent* under new fi.rr (<i \sw be<sM lb?. t*ople have not saeii (It to ream o? all llie js wer* have . ontlded in e^e. utive or le i?fotir.> eili e.-?, il ccrtsai'j" doe< not follow that they . amoi in Ihe esrrclse of their inherent sovereign power, wNtxIr-aw fro? torrepl sn.l uafmthlnl -erv mt- the a>,ihor>tv ihev ha . e aetd lo Ihwarl ihe ends of i<?iti. e. ' Tbi#e oWeers whose mistaken ?enee 1^4, th, toarrnf Ihemsclr?'- 9fitw lb': delc^ u^ KUwuot I'te people, whose servants ther harr become, mry be re spected, wink- Ui?mt errors may Iw; regretted, but noue can envy the futuis rtttvclia.B of that mmi who, whether in the heat of tuahgniM pension, rr with the vain hop-" of preserving by violence * ptwlti on (Atiiwd through fraud and bribery, seeks, u?d?r the color ot law, to enlist the nutcu.-ls of society na a bjrrhng soldtcrj in the service ot the Slate, or urges criminal*. Iiy ho]>e* of plunder, neon tlnue. al the co?t of civil war, the reign u< ballot bo* ?tuf ten, suborners Of witnesses, and tami>ercrs with the jury box. .The Committee of Vigilance 'fhevottiat th- people bar? entrusted jo lUeru the duty of gathering evidence, and, alter dne trial, expelUng from Ike community tlioce ruf Clans and a#n.i-slii>) who have so Iour outrugeJ the peace and good order of society, violated the ballot bos, over 1 rfJdeu law ard thwarted justice Beyond the duties Incident to this we do not desire to Interfere with the details of governraent. We have spared and shall apare no effort to avoid bloodshed or clvit War. bul undeterred by threats or op p. Vmg organizations, shall continue, peaceably if we can, foiv'bly If we must, tins work of re.'orm, to which we have pledged our lives, our fortuues and our sacred bontV thn- labors have beeu arduous, our deliberations have been cautious, our determination Arm, our counsel* pru dent, our uiotives pure, and while regretting the imperi 4 us necessity which called us into action, we are anxious i\ at tilts neeeesity fehould exist no longer: and when our I Jk *h?U have been accoesplisbed, when tho conimu ! v shall be freed from the evil-1 it lias so long endured? v? 1^ 11 wo have toured 10 our t it /. ?uh au hone-t and vigo I re>i( protection ol' ti^ir rijhts, tlieu the Committee of iMgUI nee will lind ?rrat pleasure tn re-igning their power iul'."4 'e hands of the people from whom it was received. Mbllshed by oNer of the committee. of the committee. ) StiCKEtABY. 6om?M it Ion of the Committee of Vigilance or Ban Francisco. ADOPLKD MAY 1/5, 1R56. iVlfcrP**, It bus hi come apparent to the <?: t : z- -luj of San Francitoo> % 'lt there is no security for life end property, cither amt'<T tin- regulation- of nor lety as it at prex?o| i eate's or u;ult r the laws as now admiuist red aud that, by tin- assofl a "OD together of bad character*, our baltat bases 'Jcvn det 'a stolen, and others substituted or stulied with vntoa rttrt were nerer |K?lle<l, and thereby our elec tions < >ur dearest rights violated ? and uo other method left by * hich the will of the people cuii be mani rerted? Therefore Uwv ilizetit who<<e names are hereunto at tached do 'unite v "" nuelves into au association frr the maiuleiiaiioo of M peace aud good order of society ? the prevention and pan. '"bment of crime? the preservation of our live* and ariwM* l>'. *nJ t? Insure that our ballot boxes shall borer*** espra ? tUe actual and unlbrged will ol th? majority of our aiim\ W(3 do bind ourselves each unto the other, l?y a solemn oath, to do and perform e* cry iu t aftd lawfeU ct for the maiotenasce of law and order, and to suatttta th u 'aws when faithful!; and prop erly wiministered. But wr aro determined tliat no thief, bursar, iuoend ary, anaa* MU> ballot bo* stuiier, or other disturbers of Hie peace, a cscape punishment, cither by the ((nibbles o! tiic law, "ie insecurity of prisons, the cureiegciuvs or corruption l'le. police, or a laxity of tlioee >?bo pretend' fe ad ml. *>i"ter justice . and to secure the objects of this atseclalkon Wl' do hereby aijree, 1st. That the name and sty\ ' of thin n.--ocMtion shall bo the Committee of V.g iaoce, 10 r the protection of the bal lot bo\, the lives, liberty and i ro|>erty of the citizens and resilient* trf the city et San Frai iclsce. -d. That there Khali t>e toon ? for the delibeiations of the eoimmtieo, ut which there I '>ail be some one or mora members of the committee, apj ?inted for that purpose, in ccnetant attendance- at all bou r>t ol' th> day and night, to receive the report of any men iber ol the association, or of any other pemea or person* whatsoever, of any act or violem* done to the person or property of any cttiam of San Kianrisoo; and it, .n the jit dgment of tlie member or member* ol the ootam tiee prot ent, it be such an act an luKttlie* or demanus the iaterlhn nee of this committee, either in uid'.ajT in &e execution of the laws, or the prompt and tu:nnary punishment the oileu ler, thi? commiUee shall be atonre nM'mbl ed for the purjiose of taking siie'.i Mtlon -v* a majority ot them, wh-u assem bled, sbad deli* mine upon. U. That it slml'. be the dutyot' any mcmW or mem ber or toembcrs of the Committee on duty ut the Com miltee roouwi, whenever a general .assemblage of the Committee 1* deemed, necessary, to c( oae a c?n to be mad ? in such a niauBer as sball b< louts '1 advtsible. 4th. That'whi reas m Kxwutive Com miUee h.n beea chos. n by tlioGctierai Committee, it aha 11 bo the duty of ha. 1 K.\eeut)' e Committee to deliberate a ud art U)>on all irsi] ortant que.-Uonn, und decide upon the measures nc ci?.-wj to carry out the objei If for which tilts a-wocia tion wds formed. Mb Tliat whereas this Cetnuil '.tee has been organised into ntb-div'.alon-, tht? Kxecutive ^Committee *hall havo lower to call, ? h?!t they sluiH no determine, t poo ? Hoard of l<eie;st"?, !e eenekl of three repre- ntatlve< front eaohdlvi.-lon, fa> cotU'-r with them U|)on matters of vital importance, t;th. That all laaitera ot deta.i shall he embraced in a code of by lawe 7tb That the action of tkw body shall be entirely and ? iKuiv~4?i j ItMrim a> ? ..I.r.h.n ol'. or imrtieinali?M in, the merits oh demerits, or optoum or acu. of any ana all sects, politic*! parties, or sectional divisions lu the community and eyery claaa of orderly cttlaensof what ever sect, |?arty, or uatln|f, may become members of this body. .Vod.s<?i?>on of political, sectional or sec tarinnsui'lcci* Jiall be allowed in the rooms of the atwo ciati n Ktli Tliit no |M<n?t* a. < used before U>m body ahall be pmn-lied. until aflor !hir .uul impartial trial aid coarta tlon. V. wh <r "M< ' (ieueral Committee bay aaaom Itled lor deliberation, iha decaioti of the majority upoa any quotum m.ty In' aubuuttod to them l>y the m v* iitlvr Ccnuma ahall be bunting m>o# be whol? i"ro \ ided, Mvertlwll :l t *h?u the deleguie are delibe rating u]<on tin' pun'thmetii n> be awarded to any crimi nal-. oo rate tn'lMing the di'aUi penalty dial I be binding. 'lol'-M* pa.--cd by t w lurda of those pfwent and entitled til VftO 10 That all jwxl ;lt.?n# ahall l>? eligible for ?t'miMioa to th'a Iwdy, under ?ucb recnlationa an may be prescrib ed by a oommittw an n-ialti* ation-i an<l if any unworthy |<er?oDK ?.?am adna <mob they i-bnll on due prool be ex pelled And l>el aria* o iraelvee to be execatora of tha will ot the majority of our cittaen*. w* do nlodg# oar na cre 1 Im nor to defend aa* sustain each other >n r& ryinc out (he dt term aed actional Una committee at llie tit/.ard of our ll\ en and our iorVuue*. Market*. ffA.-* fltltato. Iniie 19, 1154k Flour? Halo* r ?r expert to China of 100 blila. Uallegn at ?) 8 and 2'M) do duiadith at $10 tt jobbing an lea of ?0 bfcla. Haxall uid Ualego at >15 60 40 r n? BulMk mill it 115 : 200 Ijr. *nak- Fowler'* *elf naia| at tit .SO; li.0 do. Magi.oiU at IU; J0O do. AlvlOO at 012 M a ?UL and #70 do. domestic, rartnaa lin?l.<. At *12 AO per M) Iba. Corn meal? I alf bbU Kr tern Jobbing at *\r. a t'.c. Itior ? 40,000 ti'a. China No. 1 mild on pjlrile teraao. Halt ? 16 ea#en n ilK tai< >old by n notion at 11 We. B ll'jc. Cutter ? 50 Jrkiru Ka?tern c botes aold at 4*>?e. fltaip?4WW. cbomtaai-ellve. and 100 ?!??. Hlll'a No. 1, Fold en term- unt rmule poblio. Mnlla? 1,000 kega n??ort ed sold at M mi o>r 19 4aya credit, and (0 <lo. do ?oM by aiM t ' n rd #4 02 a.S* M. r %-b fyrup? 100 kegs anmrt ? d laat !fc -tmi nyrnp sold at K&r , 120 do. Sandwich Ulan ?'? on on privitr krrrn: and tfbbraeo. by nuctioo at .*? nMc per gallon, (brandy ? .100 octnrea American Mold on private ter in* ?a<! M do do at Ma per gallon. Wbia. Vey ? loo I arrcia ?aetman ?olil at 44c per gallon. Import mitafvuM taata Rka and Vlearafoa. ' y rota tlie Panama Herald ] By in arrirai Ir *tn Pimta Arena*, we li? o date* from fo?ta Mi. a to tka 1.*tU June. Vm cholera my raal d:?a|ipeannf from the routitry. A vary utmng revolution had broken out agatnat lb* government, and there appeared a prchahihty that li*?4 deut Mora um> ud be taken oat *nd nboi iiv tb- iwurgon^ T)i" rr\ a'lii mi kn<i been brounht a boat by a porty nt i ho Ci~ia Klaum who wera opixatr^t to tbe mva?ior of NV.tnifiin hv Mori army. Bu <nej? -vje eatin Ir at a 'land trttB in PunU Arennn, pro i iMoaa ?unrre and high, and the pro?p? ta very poor A llriHah mnn of war vu in port H? tVe ,,n?e nrnval we leai a thai the 3 000 troop* wh? li Aib'iumeinala to inra<le Walker luidV>een prerent ei l>?* jumiij the terntory of SnUador, the lattor Mate *>?ing tipyowod to iha invasion. TW iai) ri?aMwi of our in' tmant in that Walker par l?M?a ?akin? an early atinck mi Ooata Hlea. and that b<t wl* too* tod, ha\tng a very utrong (brae at present. Ilia boatl^nrterr now are at Virgin Hay. I wi port ant Pollttral Momarnt of Iha <#iiama. TBK Ti"PI?VKK*TM AMOCt ATtOW DKLMUM. rat rHUt? HT. A roorentton of de'tgntoa from tbe Gorman Turnrari? AMoriaUona of Now York, Now Jeraoy aid Conn anK col waa hold recently 4 Mllltajy Hall, in tnm atrwt, Wtt> liamhnrg, lor tbe pnrpono of amicably arranging aoaw matter* of differ wpo baiarten the Enotara and Wootam ?Moriatlon*. Kraai Dock waaidad. vul F. TlnnoaoMd aa Sarratfy. Twenty eight a?iotl?> mora roproaenind, and tho m^t? in question v#ro d ily arranged. Ulorwarda a polMMal diKcuaaion a -woe, a ad the deleeaUa reported that ad at the aonoeln'iono nova <a faror of Mm oleitioa nf t.oioaal Fremont. There vr WJ.OOO Tnr-.ora In tho V'nited Wtalaa, ot *hi< l kbout V t>G real ia in. ibe Soutbern Xwaeo. and are in I ,?ar of iha election of Bachanns. la Near Yorfe ami N ?w j?r oy U?#ro are nWnt 10. OUtt. Turner* and It la repo\MA thai with the exception of about 200 s they nra Kroaotot araa. Axntma Oom.v;r ? (^ommenceawnt occars on Thorn day, A?gu?a U, priao Je? Umatio-u on NjaMWiy evoainc pr? eejiag. Tno*day orening ai "v^ a ckiak, Mar. ProT H?t< Ifw k, of Cl lea Tbrologicnl henuan rjr. New York, will deliver tbe nanual mldraei b?fore tho Muciety at lo qoiry. Tb? meeting of tb? Alumni will be held on Wed nerdav morning, anil aa addreaa will be dolirored be<orw tii< m hy Her. Aawnrt Halilaaaa, of IMiimoro The ad d fa* before tbe l.ilerary ("oeliUea will be given on iha nfterroon of Wedoe?day, by Ror Dr. T?ffU, lately Pro?t il?rt of <;eneooe fnllege. N Y. Tbe atatad lime* (Or era miration of candidal"* Tor ? Imtniou are the Tne? Uf p -reedinr comm?*?a?wnt. *od UiC Oral day of lb# Wi >w? tng term.