Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1856 Page 6
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HUN1T MARKET. Wednesday, July 16 ? ? P. M. The stock market opened very active thin morn ing. There were large nates of all the leading railroad | Htooks, generally at lower prices. New York Cen tral, Erie, Reading, Cleveland and Toledo sold freely at quotations, both for cash and on time, buyer's and seller's option. At the first board Indiana 5's fell off} per cent; Erie bouds, 1871,1; Canton Co., 4; Cumberland, i; New York Central Railroad, j; Erie, j; Reading, 4; Michigan Southern, i; Panama, J; Cleveland and Toledo, Erie bonds, 3d mortgage, advanced | per cent; Illinois Central Railroad, i Then was a sale of Illinois Central Railroad privi leges this morning at 111 per cent. This U three per cent above the market price of the sto^k. There was not much business to-day in railroad bonds or State stocks. Fust mortgage Goshen bonds sold at 10 per c?at; Hudson River Railroad, 1st mortgige, at 102, which is an advance. The bear* hare with i a the past day or two been operating extensively. They are now tree sellers of cash stock, and put out contracts with a great deal of confidence. The last bank statement helped sellers very much. A decrease of two million of dollars in the banks' specie reserve, in one week, was more than the market could stand, and it required no very great foresight to see that prices could not be sustained under such a serious drain. The tendency of prices for stocks generally is downward. Certain kinds of bonds and stocks which are wanted tor fo reign orders will not vary much in market value. b?t those which depeLd entirely upon local demand and local influences uiu.-l give way under the pressure of stock for sale. Rubers l.ave been for weeks accu mulating supplies, until they are now fairly gorged. Those who have duringthe past two orthree months sustained prices are no longer buyers, and the sup port their purchases rave the market is now with drawn. Many hoiim wotild be sellers if they could do so without depressing prices; but that is not possible. There is a very large amount of cash stock in the maiket under the control of tbe bears, and it may ccmt out any day. The abundance of money may, in the face of tlieee unfavorable influ ences, prevent any serious depreciation in prices. Some of the leading railroad stocks even pay large dividends, and where they are not held in large blocks we do not look for any change among hold ers. Capital finds profitable employment in such | securities at current rates, and s? long as confidence is not disturbed, nothing would be gained by moving the investment. After the adjournment of the Board, the fallow ing sales of bond-* and stocks were made at auction by Adrian H. Muller $-5,(X,0 Knox Co.Uhio 0'*. to< 'hio & Mi's.RR In added 43 10 ?haret> lwtiester Mao!. Cc , City of N'eir York. . . til 230 do lfutchers' ami Drovers Bsak 121 a 122 10 do Merchants' >.xcbaa(rs Buuk lm>;, 60 do Clinton Fire Insurance a 1C91, At the second board the market was a fraction or no better. Illinois bonds advanced 4 per cent: Nica ragua Transit, j; Reading. 4* Erie close without change. Canton Company fell off i per cent; Cleve land and Toledo, |. The gross earnings of the Erie Railroad Company for th" month of June 1664, amounWJ to. . . . $tt?0,763 OS Same tane last year 89*,*;: tw Increase $93,927 40 It wns expected that the gross earning' for June would figure up 1540 ,000 at least, but it appears that the reductions on the settlement were larger than usual Albert H. Nicolay's regular semi weekly auction sale of stocks and bonds will take place to-morrow (Thursday), at half past 12 o'clock, at the Mer chants' Exchange. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as fol lows Paid on Treasury account $72,178 97 Received on Treasury a. :nt .> 264,732 67 BaUnrc on Treasury account 6,972 ZM 89 I*aid for Assay OCice 90.068 26 Paid on disbursing checks 21,3?9 29 The payments to-day include 157,500 for Califor nia drafts. The warrants entered at tbe Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 14th instant, were as follow* Jor the 'Ademption of stock* $2?. 383 85 For the Treasury iteparln.t-nt 11,78* 40 V ?r warrants received an.l entered U.S79 64 Wai r*j..iy warrants rec*i red and entered. .. . 11 S7? Ml For th? intei tor I'-eparuneDt 'ill .">0 From u>^ceilaBcoa.i sources 1,687 63 From ci'smma ?,4;i"> !<J Frosa lands 625 56 tm account of the nary 8.722 43 The La Crosse and MUwaukie Railroad Company earned in the first five working days of July $?,2o3 -4. Ttis ia equal to $40,000 for the month. Ibe Toledo B'tadt states that the Cleveland and Toledo Railroad Company has leased that p rtica of the Cleveland and Columbus road lying east of G ratten which will enable then to avoid the awkward ferry arrangement of which the public have so loudly complained. Hereafter the trains will pais down to Grafton and cross the bridge ot the Colombus road at cievelaud, instead of crossing by the ferry. Tbe Corn Ex:hange Bank has declared a semi annual dividend of four per cent. The following is a statement of the condition of Massachusetts banks on the 7th Satan in nam. Lu2J%iUws M Ctf. l.A f'ntotUry THal Capital $si.Meu.<sio $?M70.000 N^i cin ulata* . 6,0tS/.258 1.. ldft isil Is. 168,321 Is r<HiU 16,091 404 6.')0i.l30 22.6*4 534 Profits on hand . 1.612,204 2,694,6*7 ?.107,091 Graad Total .. $46, 6;~j *U $4? *12,086 $106,436. sl? N- H ?, t?l!L? <f el Hrfrurirl (Usage Kc.. $02,451,058 $47.0*?.487 &<> 548,54* Fp? - * u. 648,698 1.0W.4S3 4 6.? (lfi9 Heal estate 819,207 831. U6 1,260. 84 1 Grand t -tai . .$68, art eel $4" *12 os6 $106,4^5,948 The above statement exhibits, upon comparison with the 1st day of January last, an increase in the item* of capital of 2M.OOO; of net circulation. HON ,Mf?: of i^eyosits fl s>2,317; of loan, 12,323, 679; and of specie. #141,32*. By the report of the biok* of Sooth Carolina for tbe m< - th ending June 30, 195*. it appears that the sirg<eg*U dre.i>lati? n was ?*,34*.73'?; net profits on baud 11 >76,037 : the deposits, gn 64tl .A33; specie, 1 .5M.872; notes discounted on personal security, I11,0n0.02 ", domestic ex. hsnge ?> ,347 ,415; foiflgn exchange, t'?7ti.4U; suspended debt, 11.61 1 .543. Comparing this with the statement tor the month previous, it will be seen that circulation baa de creased *679, 630; deposites $287,144; domestic ex <hange. 1274.000; foreign exchange. $340,052. On the otbc hand. however, there has been *n increase ia net profits of 197^*4; in specie, |2x.000; in notes discounted on persnral security, 1254 ^79; and ia the suspended debt account, $*7,000. Compared with tbe statement for the same month last year, tbe indications are stUl more decidedly in favor of tbe present season. At that time circulation was ?$,932,166; net profits, ?1.605.233; deports. 3,134, 4l*;|spe< ie, ?l,31fi.'?41 ; domestic exchange, ?M15, 13": foreign exchange. ??6<?,3N7; and suspended debt. ?2,003 /.?6. The schooner Star, arrived at New Orleans on the 10th from Rio Grande, brought ?105,524 in specie, and the schooner Ann Maria, from the same place, $57,644 ?both sums in Mexican dollars. Experiments of burning coal in the iocomot Ives of tbe Illinois Central Railroad Company have re centiy been made with great success The coal used fa* obtained on the line of the road, where It , xista in great abundance. A nnmber of experi ments were made last week with engine No. 51, which had teen altered for tbe purpose. Tbe pre tkm of the road used was between Arnboy and Wa ybill?one hundred and nine miles. The train n insisted ef sixteen loaded freight ^ars, and tbe roal a?>d was Ln Salle The comparative result wss as foliow*:? W< ?t. flse rm*tS, at M II, Ml 71 Oiul. Aft} to? ?,?,s|tem, at 16 ceats " ?0 V'th rr*ll II" 96 Tills IS S very g etitj hf result, u>4 tlK ifport. ucce of this fuel question can scarcely be orer-esti mated. If the ?*rvioe of Ibis road cnn be per formed with coal, the saving to the company will be imm*n?e. Wood on the north end is scarce and very high, while on the compauy's lands are inex haustible be<ls of the finest coal, which can be mined at a cost not exceeding six or eight cents per bushel. Several other locomotive* are to be at once changed to coal burners, and the <,nei-tion thoroughly tested. We gave, a few days since, a synopsis of the re port of the Railroad Commissioner* ot Connecticut. The following table, from that report, gives the length, coat, Ac., of each railroad in the State:? Hill KnUlH Of COSJfKCTK IT ? 1856. l*nykt Capi in Om tnl fvn-l Trial necii paid edand Nam*. Length. iiU. ?? unfa. N. York AtVHa Ten. 82^ 47 '4 $2.WJ,440 ?*.*??, ?10 k! Haven fc Hartford 7'J M WJ40.W0 140,000 Nor anil Worcester. 66 60 i,i? ,S00 1, ,>84. 689 K lUi'wS k iilr... ? K MM# 1.0TJ.072 N. Haven & N.London 60 60 J .>38 <01,402 Hou-atonic 74 74 2,000,000 414,240 Kf.:. . . . . ... 67 67 1,031 ,800 624.244 Pnnbury H Nerwalk 23 23* 279,06? N York. Prov. At Boat 50 0 1,508,000 4*0 700 N Havenis Northamp 56* 65 * 922,500 6ih),ih)0 Bust Si N. Y. Central 74 * 8 2,240,1100 1,618, t>71 total 772X 6W)'+ $18,702,248 $12,106,350 Gum \d Garnet C?st. Earn imp. EarniM. PividewU. V Y. tN Hav. $.'>.1170.079 $958. V76 338, H77 N llav. & Har. 3, MS, 932 730,012 332.799 235,000 Nor. Ac Wor . . . 2,697.153 304,230 88,458 62, >87 ^ Fii-hkill 4,060,888 258,085 119,611 "18,141 K.London, Wtl. and 1 aimer. 1,604, ?82 124.(43 6u.>,330 N Hav \N.Lon 1, 465, 669 88,007 80,318 Housatonlc . . . . 2.431,773 339, 198 7? Nauaatuck 1,580.723 220.450 9o,'.>55 I>nn \ Norw'k 373.4W) 50,241 21,900 13,670 and Boston. . 2,16S,000 250.627 74,834 37,692 ^NorThamp'n 1.400.000 145.135 74.064 36,900 Bos.iN Y.Ceu 3.463,818 59,917 8,139 Total $. ', 503,682 $3.534. 839 $1,448,412 $394,491 The dividends average about 1* per oent on the total cost. The Philadelphia Ledger of the 15th mat., says We learn fr( m Pottsvllle that at a meeting of tho coal deal rs on Patuulav, -it was resolved, in consequence of the low (.rice of coal, to suspend -lupments far four weeks from the 19th inst. This, it is hoped, will have the eilect of racing the prices to something like a remuneritive standard.'' Wf presume, as mauy dealers as cen.-lder thnr interest advanced by couformmg to this re?oluunn, will suspend their usual supply, but as the railroad will certainly keep its machinery in operate n those who tmnk their interest promoted by .-endu g lot' Ward their c^al. will no doubt do so. There will probably be a lessened supply coming forward tor tuj time intimated, but there I? not likely t > be a suspension. We have always ques tioned the policy of this mo le ot maintaining prices, and the gradually increasing number ot coal carrying com panies will sooi. preclude eveu the attempt thus to m >no i>oiiz?- the trade Competition will prove a* healthlul in thi.- business" as any other, and the sooner It comes, pro bably, the better The uonsnmcrs ot coal, however, will never couaeut that the supply of coal shall be stopped, merelv that a scarcity may enable the middle men in the business, who have large speculations in the article, to maintain contracts, and be raved trom loss. Mich per sona must shoulder their own risks and pocket the, as well as the proflt-,. as they come. It might as well be ulied that the farmer shall not seud his wiicat to market lest the speculators in Hour, who have be"n stor ms for a rise, fhould prove losers. Coal ts almost as much a necessary of life as Hour, ami being protected by a tarif!. may, with even less propriety, be withheld from the market. Operator* have the right to continue the pro duction of coal or not as may be found prolitable, but to combine to fori e a price by withholding th supple while foreign cc>m[H:t:tion t* shct ell by law. will not, aud ought not to be submitted to by cjuI consumers. The semiannual statement of the Ko?ton and Pro vidence Railroad is the most favorable of any which we have seen. The net profit* of the six months ending June 1, 1*56, are set down as showing a gain of 73 per cent over the corresponding period last year. The receipts aie given at $2^3 ,754, an in crease of I31.MM over the aame six months last year, and the expense# $174, '.'SI, a decrease of $14, C'.iO. Net profits for six months of 1"<5C, |10S,822; game time 1855, *61,834. Increase. $45,'.?S8. The value of merchandise warehoused in the dis trict of Boston for the week ending July 11, 1*56, was as follows:? fh r> rrnt ..??.?????????????? ? ? ? ? ? *3,401 All other merchandise 398,188 401,679 Warehoused for Canada: ? i!3 Total value "10,930 The Boston Pout of the 15th last., gives the fol lowing report of a meeting of stockholder! of the Eastern liailroad Company:? Tbe twenty flrft annual meeting of the stockholders of the Extern Railroad, for the choice 'of offliers and the transaction of other bunlwts, was held In Chapman Hall on Monday. John Howe, the President, occupied the cbai* The report ol the Directors was submitted Ut ' Mr. J B fwssey. of Newbury port, wanted information a^ to tiie astets of tl.e company", such as n ites receivable, stocks ba.aace due. the pnee of wood, *c H* was 4is appointed mat no was proi??ed to hol-l out a gleam of hope for a dlviden-i W.ihout It. the report is a m j-t bitter one to n.any widows and per.ons of limned means who own stock, lie thought the tluuncia! policy of the L.rTtors oiight to have been foreshadowed In the report. The pr<**id"ut in reply muu he did n<4 pos<e?* fore knc wleoge enough tr fay when divideud-> could be es P?-t?l If ncfotiatioos now t*nduii are successful, a dif (??rent asi*>ct may be given to the aflairs of the company. We haw a.N?et.. he ?aid. which we believe to be good. M the amount of $780,000. The debt of the comply had been reduced in ten month* $350, <W0, and the rest lias been earned alon? at a Iride ovor si* per ceut The as iiele were of a namre which cannot at once be realix'-d. The president also said that the earnings of the road for Jans were of a pleasant character. He gave the follow Ing Ugurea ? t?r, 1S.V, $47,321 30 $28,281 84 $18,743 33 June! 69,547 19 20,0*4 48 'll,^ 81 ? or this sain $10,800 applies to season ti< k?t* ror three months two-thirds of whiUi, tliersiure, should be appbed toJulj and Aub isI. Tbe r? port was accepted. Tb? me. unt prix.eo'ded to the choice of seven directors, srd th' following were elected with but a few ncatl'Ting x nv* ?J' l?n H'.we. Kam-iel H s.per <.eo M Browne, Jonn C *L?-e, Nathan D. Cbatc, Micyah Lunt, U?nry H Ladd. Itoik Kirlungs. * si>.\a-i?*V. Jul* 18, 1888. $1000 Indiana ?te 8's *3 aoo ?h? t>ie Kailr?vi 81'< ?0riQ do Witi 100 do **? 8*Sj Cal ft* 7 s '71 70 aoo eo sw 6:, loco do ?eo TO loo do s"o ?- ? inooo Va e ? Ige l<d? 92?i 1<i0 ?$? :? a-.O/O K R C b '71 000 90 100 do ... .bOO 10000 do 90 100 dn 62'i do b3 90* 6<J0 do t. i 1M0 f R 3d m as '83 ?*'. 100 d? -00 f'i* 3000 H K V. 1st m?g 1?2 400 da..., ? ICS' N I 1<t m ?> I- - 90 100 Hd Re RR . boo -'H MO? III Oen RR bds. 9:'< >0 Hta RH PrM.... 66 1COOO do $3 10Th?rd .W Kd. . .. M isoor * Tnl In bd>. 7*V{ 10 l^adlnf RH ..? 9ov< S7 she Bank of Com. 10a 100 do ?30 90S 10 Bank ol Jt Aa> 104>< 200 oa s.S? 90-* 16 Market Bank ... 108 H 600 do s?0 90* 6 Coatm< ntai Bk . 10* >'? *? ?? ?? 50 lark Bank 100 400 do blO 9<?,( 30 (s eaa Bank .. . 100 ??0 do S 40 M Y fcaa Oe 144 1160 do 90 , 860 CaBtoe Co 24 200 '*1 do . ... hOO 24* 500 MichS h S U.bOO 98 too do .... b.'tO 24 3ill) do. ...... .. ''*4 lor, do . .si J 300 da 1-30 97* 160 Brnns Cj I.d Co 8'4 17 Panama RR . . .. 101 160 do ... W/> 8i, 100 do ?.?0 101 , 60 Pen n Coal 1W\ 8 Illinois (>a KR.. loa ldt Cutnli Coal Co. . . 28* 86 da .-ii 10** 2<*l do e 22 ?? 1'JO do I>30 It"* 700 do ?30 52', 160 do s30 1"8 inn do ?>.to 22* t'S) do a3 108 6N Y Cent KR.. 92* 68 Here Col ACiaKK 102 1S00 ' do .... -bao 92* 100 (^Ukt'hl RR. b'iO 113 * 100 do ?00 WH ?*' 'lo ,,SH ?,q do <Si \ 700 C1r\ e k Tol P. b60 78 20 d" 91* loo do ... b30 78 200 do *00 92 1 , 650 do 77* 2fjo s80 9 1 * 200 do 77* '00 do,,.,..s80 ft', 660 do 77', IMI do 92* 641 da...... h|| 77 2oo Fr<e RR s3 m lltsi do b io 77 , ir? do ? . , b3 8$ 6 Oil fc R" i< Is RR 'm * Cr) 08 $0 III Csn RE Pi I v.. HI kii 4a b#0 63 60 Clave * lltt- RB. 81 da ... . b80 83 3" do 01* tqrnxD 80**n. finoo rirfiala 8's... as* loo ?ha Prje RR 82* 1*000 III f ''a RK bds W* 1<W do ">80 83 'jKcSSXos... I? 000 d 81 1<^ NIc Trsos Co.. 9* ?? M ? l(? do ... ,l>00 10 3'JO do. 02 , ftoBronrCylandCo ?* HsrlemKR It* *00 Cuml> ''I Co. .blO 22* 100 do . .b30 1 . * ?..? do 32* 40 Rssdiag RR,.... 81 , 60 NT On' RR ... 100 do ?? an a>0 #1* 100 M P *> N I RR sCO 97 * ^60 dc,;::;"s80 9-* ano Clave ftTolRr. 77 * 200 do a3 9V* 300 d?....b30 7.* 1<*1 do.... bCO '*8 200 _ <1.H 180 F.rleRR.... b30 83 100 Oile * R I RR . . OS'i crnr (onmcRnAL hicport. Wsi wwinsy, July i$?* P. M. ?"Hie salse were i < nflned to (tnau lots af pots at ?rrhaofed pric-s R*s?i?rT ? ?"lo?r_Th? market was again fnrther depreaaed by the rereipt of the Niagara's news at Hall fs^ and prke? reccdtd fully 10c per bbl. Jhe MUe$ lor 'he day footec up sboul T . 0<w? 4 11 000 bb.L at abojt oiiowing quoiatu i> : ? ' Colon*, i Ui fuod gUt* (5 00 a tl AC oiuiuod to good ft 30 a 6 7a xtra huoe ? lS.Vg a 0 .>0 ' oium?D to good Ul '0 0 'M a 6 M xtra Ohio 6 50 a 6 ?u xtra Ueuesee 7 00 a ? outhern nuxod to good brand* a wo * 7 ;ic Do. Eanc> and extra 736 a 8 U Canadian icperflne ? .4 extra * J 10 a 7 W Choice extra Georgetown, Richmond City Mills and St. IouH 0 76 a 0 75 Haxall and Galletjos 10 76 a - Olno round lioep u hs in fair demand, with less de pression than other descriptions of Western. Canadun Hold to the extent or 8<M) a 400 bbls. at quotations. Sotitn em w?* heavy, with sale* oi 5<>0 bbls. without change of importance in price*. Kye hour- dalu* of 200 bbls. were reported at $2 76 a $1 37. Corn meal waj scarcer and Orm, ut $3 Ibr New Jersey, and at $3 62 >4 for ltrand>wue Wheat ? The sale* ul wheat were limited. Tlie chief galea were confined to about 17,000 bushels white Canadian on private terms, supposed to bave been at about SI 76; and 4,000 a 6,000 bu.-hels Milwaukie club, at 91 40; with a lot of Chit ago common t-j ring, reported at 91 26; there were raise lots of new Southern <>i: the market, which, we believe, wore not sold Ryv ? Sales ot 6,000 bushel* Northern were nmde at 86c . ; ai ?: di-dilling lota were reported at 78c. a >0c. Com was in liifht supply ; the sales were conUued to about U'.Oto a J.'i.ouO bushel* : VMwn mixed, at 68c.. a 61c., anu round y< How at 62c. . no sales ot Southern yel low or w lute were reported. Oati continued ttrm at 42c 45c . lor State and Chicago. Ci'H-'LK.? Suks were confined to 600 bags Kio, at 10Xc a lie. CorrOK wits quite Arm. but dealers were disposed to wuii the ree-'ipt ol the Niagara's letiers beiore doing much, while ho Jth weit mm for middling uplands, at lljfc. The ssles were confined to about 500 bales. ) Macau exhibited rather more spirit, without change of moment in quota' ions. To Liveroool 40,000 bushels of tram were engaged at 6l4d. a ^ijd. for small lots in bulk. 1 he remainder consist* d ot wheat in ship'* bags at 7d. a 7>id., and 3.000 a 4. Out) bbls. flour at 2* a 2.-' 3d. Cot ton was at a & 2IM. The room to London was li mited aii'l ship ow tiers * ere deposed to demand better rate*, which snippers were uoi disposed to concede to To Ilavre hour w as going forward ut 76c., grain at 16c., as In ut 96 and rice at 99. J-liipiiers were inclined to await the receipt of private letters. Ray was quiet at 60c. a 60c. lno.v ? : mall sales ot Scotch were making at 932 50, six months I.i.vk ? More doing. Sales 1.5C0 a 2,000 bbls. Rockland common at 7?c., uud ot lump do. at 91 Ob)*. Mo as.-k- qoict and steady. Nival Ann ? Xo cnaugc to notice in prices, while talcs wer- mode rate. I'JiovIsions. ? l'oik ? The sa:es reached 600to700bbU. mess ut S'_0 62 'j, and S'-O 50 was ottered for 1,000 bbls. deliverable first, and declined ; prime was at 917 6'-><; in spected prme mess was at 91'\ and unin'pee ted at 917 50. Bet f was steady, with sale- of 400 to 500 bbla.. {Including com try prime, at 97 60 a '.'a, and mess do. at f S 50 a $10. repacki d Western was at 9'' a 911, and extra at 911 u #U 50. 20v bbls. lmiiaua beef uams were sold at 916. Bacon was scarce and tirm. Cut mealj were firm, with moderate sales <it 9>?c. for slum Hers and 10l,c for dry salted hums, lar I was linn, with sales of about 1,000 bble. and tierce? prime at 12, %c., and 200 kegs at 13c. Hi tter was plenty and dull Sales of Ohio were m ide at lie. a '5c , and of State at 12c. a 18c. Cheese was at 6c. a 8 ^c. liicr was quiet, nt Z\c. a 4>?c. fcOAi".? Sales i't 250 boxes Castile were made at p. t. Sk.ahs ? Tlie sales 'embraced about 800 hhus. Cuba muscovado, at sc. ?M,c, with small lots prime at 9c., and ???,' boxes Havana were sold at 19c. a 9>?c. ; and a cargo ot boxes, No. 19, were sold in Boston at lie. The stork of boxes in this market was said to be light. Ti i ..mi o continues in moderate demand, prices firm. Soles o 04 hbd*. Kentucky at 8c. a 13c; 170 bales Hava na at 22c. a 32c. ; 240 cases seed leaf at n\,'c a 16c. Wm.-khv. ? Tlie sales embraced 400 bols. Ohio and prison at 40c., with small sales rejiorted at 41c. NEW YORK CATTLE MARKET. WxDxwnar, July 16, 1866. At Allerton's there wss about the same number of cat tie on sale to day as there was on last market day, but the demand was not near as good, and price, have de chned about ,.,c. per lb. The cattle were all very fair Tull as good as the average, with to very extra good or' very |?or cattle in the yards. Tlie market was the dullest that we have seen this season; lots ol butchers were to be seen strolling around, but with apparently hole or no disputation to buy, exce|* at very low prices. The yards were all full, and purchasers seemed to know that they must be sold, even at a sacrifice. We beard several owners going the rounds of the yards, muttering about the hot weather and the perfect Indifference manifested t) purchasers generally, and expressing great dissatis faction with the sacrifices they were obliged to meet with tn order to dispose of their cattle. Notwithstanding the dissatisfaction manifested by the owners and speculators cattle selling for 10c. per lb. yield a handsome prolt and should never realise more. The averse was about 9c. and the range from 8c. to 10c. Cows and cah e? are dull nt all the yard?, and are from 85 to 910 per head lower, according toqutlity The ?!!*?!?* ? ereat improvement on last , J l'ai<^,rT*re rleu,-v- ,nd lhe market la not very an JwTKLT VKZ'Slr" P""J BmT cattle, extra quality, per ioc |ba>### %9 M $1Q ^ Ito- g-xKt ,uUuy % W a ? ^ I?. common " J TY If*. in 'erior ? fc f ? ^ ;;660?* Ilo 46 00 a 60 00 V. ata 20 00 a 30 00 do." ^ ; i*c Shw-iiand lambs .j ftf * 6a?? Swine, gTu * Ac x J. trJf',.,:'ill|, *Uf UblC '^ow* fr"tt wi>*Vpart of the i!i>ua. try, ai d by what conveyances the suppliea ? . ? . Betwt ?n,m f<?io * '!'???? ^ " New York ~ ?" Wisconsin fl " Indiana ?r '? Kentucky ,?? By Um North river bf*la? bee vei noa u Hudson Riser Rulroad? b??eves.,,# 1314 " Kri<- Raiirtad? beers*. ) 2"! (" Harlem Railroail? beeves .!!"",'!!! 36 i< i.' ?*ws and calvsa i? M 4' ?veal calves J2H . _ ' ? sheep and lambs. .. " 'jui rattV >TTrWhHThIb* m(*fkel WM v*r7 dn'li "tor beef ... . yard* wpre Protty well supplied? wTfk w'r.r ? I Whlch " 01,8 c,'", U,wrr "?M ?a?? we?k. Sh>et> and lambs are vers plenty and sell better tbsn any other stock There were 6,387 (which is ilia tb" dunng the week and u, L?> V?r'r* mo,t'7< fr<mi "tote. Ohio, and lu. BfiOif*. Tb?- tmlen were as folio ir? ? 227 beef . attle 98 00 a ?0 on 20 cows and calves 20 on a So of II tlrrf' 1*^,b, " ?? ? ? w "4 veal calves ^ ?V, Tliemaa r Urklr. sold 142 sheep'for 9407 4J, n do for 16 ,6 1,6 do (tor 9611* ?3. 4.3 jo. for 9;19 76 iy'do l"r, .d" fnr ?' 1 ? do for 96991. 2w do for ?14s Total, k 2 sh-ep |.,r 92,116 99. ?ales by Satriiiel McO'aw, at Browning's Tor the w eL endn,g July ie, _ ' ? ?. ?or toe week S"*1* *a*7$ 90 Unb* $m? ?? 42 00 4* do. '* do 61 00 8 do 113 Ml Ifttf sheep... *M la 26 do. IM*? 31 do no '10 37? go _ tai? # # #2 461 "ijij .' .Mi< arty sold 1,983 ^heep and lamb- at pr.ces corr- -jK.ij. i.g with other sheep brcJiers. 4i u ;n' '*'** ,,f ?l'oul l.JWj ?li<*P and lambs. AM r '.?-riair'- bri>< entile were scares, thnre b" n? "iark't to supply the demand, win b r f.1. au,. ItK ?? remain about (?.r it, (,.w?r ' i*rt '? "J"*1 mil briBx prices fuliy ?B WM,fc. thee.M i ;>tion of vealeaJtes, whu b ie I one i ? *?t |*r lb low, r. Sale* as foi.ows _ U 'IHI' 00.910 10 'Jn ti and ealves ao ' M " I- ">nd Umb. 2 6, ! ?2 2 ealv. ? 0ivew?tfht) * 6 ?? At ii Itrir-n's tti. re was a Mr sapptf of 'all stoe* with s rr .jC. ,/r lb tewTj^Cr 2l **** waa dull at little beiow last week ', prx-. Tin sales were as lullnw. _ ,l1' 112 iJ^evep... t. rw. _ 1 m trrmn and Caivrt '2& im) ! m S 70 Veal calves * * WOO _ * ' ' *. * '*? **???????? 4(5. a Or, aar ami Mfwn * Cme. rw I VhH * . Cah? Cain* 1,,L~ S.182 1'* T*, HrowaiTtf** 277 on r? . ?w tl a?i>? rlaia a 81 99 2 ?2a " 1?MS 112 Km 7, *0*"' a <08 2io Ia"rr: ?*ma av rww Bars R?n*o^n SVck reee.ved . xtr the trie Railroad, de.tln?.l f?r N> . i l'. L. " ""V"1'"' r'-?ler.l?) m.,rn?1(r 9 P?i bead cattle. l,4f 4 do. , h<?s, ?I7 a? M, ^ "ft"' I ants, f.6do *harse-, 13 do ' *"? !-sl? of -l?eep aird Ismbs by M. f. Fngle at rh.mi,?' In i s. Hull * Mead, for the week endlns .luly U |^-j( m.:."*. . Atz*?r A SS ? ?,ifi KTfio 2^ R I::;::::::::::::;;; %2 ?S . 1% 711 MB M Averste |f?ee j*r head 9 39 Fold b v .Inn es M Tarty, "t J. ii Browning's _ r.'h ?b?< t> at.. ...91.16'' no loosh?ipat ... 9(79 no 14ft 'la ^'8 02 03 do, 372 03 76 do 33.1 OO 00 do 2 0 M 493 do .1,470 13 1-7 do 4>c2ii 47 do. 236 00 63 do 312 09 116 do 996 60 66 do...,..., yr>6 00 f <1 do 225 60 ? i i ? r.| do. 946 60 1989 iheep at |7,2Vl 37 140 do 484 09 A UlftEilSl-IiilVft iltli DA! tfvi Uiif* A 1 Si i riwtk, \i ? K'.r n :< ?>i.\v Ai'i iiom;kk wr: i. srv. IW;- ?tr* . t. !?,)? r: J oYl. ck, ?f the Mori uaLl* *v change, 101 a* . ' vm.' in it iti?i> coin-era ? im ? Kiu uiiii, Kui -n. t ? per cent t<Oud* Si , <Ji *? ? * i eat Wc. <tii Kiulr ?u?l 10 |?er cent bon^s, $ti , ?'?'> w x ' ?? <1 Kew Haven Railroad 6 pet cent bonds $1< ? " *'!? ve Inn t i . t I* ' sMtrg Hailioait Incoii.j bond* t .?? *h! Wei- cr\ i. iilr.?ad 7 per cent bond* &. ; ? f etvnit and Mtlu luk.e Railroad 7 per cent boa is. t H? of Troy ?? per - on! t?oupon bonds. cit\ of Kurh<"?.T <? per c?*ut Cnupt r bonds fthnbai e? t 'c* e la n?l and Toledo Katlroiut. "tlfnilO 34 do ( . Jena ? ud Chimgo itniiroad, . . . . . . ItK) 2M do. Pacific Pit e Insurance Company . . 20 do. .V ark ft Fire Insurance Company ly ft do. i'ouiinonu cnlih liiMirance Company . . ll"J Ji t<? Br adwav Bank . 2^ 20 do Oriental Bank ..25 Ternii of hIp ? 10 pi ? cent this day, and the balaur ? befor.4 two Delink to morrow. The accrued intfreit on tli* bond* v ill be charged to the purchaser. Vext regular Mlt1 on Mon day, July 21 Al.BKRT IT NICOLW, Auiticneer and Hanker, No 4 Hrcai street AUCTION NOIICK. ? STCK" OF OAS CHAWPEtJFKS iuk! fixture*. latlie*. vices M ain ,1c ? -.K IIN* K \ AN AN'i WKRP wi ! fi ll on TiiumUy, duly 17, at iv) o'clock, n No. 49 (Jreene street, the entire stock of the above eelablish ment. cM^lrtlng of 1IW ehamli'llerii, ItiO bracket*. W> rendants, 12 tiirtdng lathes, chucks Ht 1 tools; 20 Urge and smwtl vices, I 1. hor^e power steam engine. 1 screw press, brass fo.mdry, lnr^f iot pi* t'irns, furnaces, tr< tgbs, flanks, screws, ho' ier*4, rncibles. rrlndstoncK. forge at f blower, shafting, belting, Hove* an ! ofllee furniture, Ac , Ac The article* arc now ready for ? xan i.ation Vt'TION NOTICK? TIlOK * KLL, AUCTION K KB? BY BKL1< A Ht'P'J.- -This day, at 10l, o'clock, at I'i Xorth V iliam K?re?*i, the tirnUure of " a IV i y removed for conve nience of sale, \iz sofas, couehet French and cr tch '>cd steads. bureaus, work and card tables, marhla top bur *aos, in rble top sa' an 4 il?le- cilery and plated ware, an Invoice o* brand} and choice tc * lor lauiily use. one ti uuk dry goods, Ac., Ac. AUTION NOTICE -J BOO ART. AUCTIONEER? BY S. I'OQA HT.?ThU ?la>, -?t 10la o'clock, at 220 South street. r ons'a' Vs sa t Byvhtueofan execuiloi. I will expose fm bal?- h lot of plumbers' mat* .ial- Also, at 1J o'clock, at the auction re< ma, corner of I* au^iort and William street, one gold iv. itch. WILLIAM THOMPSON, i jnsuble ArcnoN not. R-Er':N?:Vi, pai.r of gold aiu' sliver watches, and fin?* gold jc,velry. ? SAMl'KL CM'.ool) A CO., auctio- ??* wP? sell, i 81 Nassau street, to ii.i'i n-w (l'riday, ?hi\\ IS.,, at 10 o'eka A. M . over Ht) va lual !e ^old and oilier u atche . just received p -rsiea wr Hal t:? anu lo l??* sold cn accouiit of an Knglltdi lions*' The watches are all of the best KnglUh nakers, eompristng inde* i?end# n levi rs. double timer... patent and detached levers, ?te V illi and aeenrate d',s? r|f?tU :-s will be given in the catalogues. AV- over 200 lots of line gold je *lry, comprising ves; ?ini gucnl ? l;a.ns hrooches, pins, slilrt studs, s'^^e button** ear ring" finger ring.-, cro*s? *. Ac Kvery uriicle warranted as repn sei *e*l In tlv catalogue A Auction notice.? )"?r km 'tor\ sa:.k ophocsb

Md liirntiiir1 , .' e ? saVI'KI. JtiiJ'iOl) A i'O.. ?>,c t;<?ner?, v ill it'll uM Nk?mu. ri*?t tbU im.rniaK iThrtri?tny) ii Luu clock, a ' uge rollMtiou <?! .u-w . ! M-rnoil lw,n<l funii ture, <nrp*U, nliibKart, crtditr), An wlikh wilt tM* poailit'e ly ?dlf! to pn> u l anch, A.C. purclwuicil to MM IfeW cNy carefuUy packed nn the pi u.i?ef : art hliippcd at a rea ?ouablc cliurge. T.tiuh ca?l). Auction notice.?' w. a ca::tkb. ArcriONBRX. wiIIh?11 tlii? Thitio l it. at It) o i iork nt No. Nl OrtMM v i' h slrrt't, n ku-gc (lock ul grocerlc teua, wlut'k, ale. p.ipi-r, Ac. IVCTION SAI E OF HANDR(?MK IfOSKWOOD ANO miihonany ftfiuture.? H. T. l.KKDS will ..ell oa Krlday . July l'th. ?t 10 n'cock, all th<- furniturr in ttie private resl rteti're No 4lta Bwot ItrWfc IMUM Mm !? Mrtd two mui.-n ot collrt rowcM'eod pmlor liirnltii".\ two l?iKe jxirlor etcKer^s, with plate kLi?. iloor* and'.-.h, two curner do.. rtMewood Hide Hi >1 mi . f 'ahli ? with atatuary toji* secretary book i-iistv do. libr^rv, hand*, pine i?pe?trv car, >*t? * (Hid oak* eiten .Inn table*: Willi a large lot ot eroefcery anu cl.isn ware, clilna t.-u M'?. allver platea '<?? art, waller*. afXKMUt. Ac. ; roue wood bureaux, bi'dr.eud* wa h aiands; \> ith a lari;e lot of t?*ilro.>!n fttmHure hair ?utirheeee: pier lavi{e glaxn. Klahaaud brarkeis, o-al miriori-. Kuiall do., oil paluUuga tJule jioetUre. liousu to let. Auction sale ok barouche waoon.? svmi'el OM-ftOD A CO.. Am tiouerr*. will sell ii from of 81 N :i'MU erect, this mornitig. Thiirnday, at 11 o'clock, a two si at bai oiii'hi' wagon. Ir itlier cover, m good order. Sold by order ol' J AMK8 A V RES. Mortgagee. EnWARri 8CHENCK. AUCTIONEER.? YACHT OUL nai e ? K i ward S< hi in ? A Co. will ?ell at auction, on Krl day. 1Mb lB*tant, a: I-.' o'clock M.. at their lalesroora. No. 'M N . ??u?irr?t, -.lie *upcrb jacht Otiluare; la two year* old In July: Ik 1".' feet long. 1(1 feet wide, ha* centre board, three 1" rilm. three loekrrn. copper puinp. anchor, iwaent, cufliii'ii* anil yawl: in in tvery way thoroughly ntted for ua-i mediate u.e fan be nm any day previoua to the tale by apph lug tfl Uie auctioneer. Edward rchencc. auctioneer - horses, car" riage^. Ac ? KKWaRD SCHENCK A CO. will ?ell a auction, on Kriday, 1-th tiuit. at i o'nlo :k at tW-ir anleiroom X't Naaaau n'rect. a span of flue dark hay hone*. IK hand* high, h and y year* old warranteil perfectly kind, minud and gentle; very irtylinh diivciam ?irg!.' oi douile hiiriiea*. tiae t-addle horae*. and wni ranted to irot !os?ther in lew* ihta four minute*, and tc. trot twelve* in lei an hour with .ut the lead nri'lng The above *oan n> eonaidered very valuable, and w. II be pniiltUeiy kuld to Uie hlgheit bidder, to cloae a dereaaed * eat ate. The horse* may be *eea and t.ied by application to the iiuetioneer. AI?o at nam - t me. a larg" bay horae. Ifl hand* high, warranted In every nav, kind in single and double harness Atao. a large black horse, ltl1, hand* high. H year 4 old. warranted perfectly kin !. s. und and gentle In every way. AI*o. an elegant rvkaway carrtnae. nearly new, made by Lawrence. Alio, several light road wagon*. KtOKNE B. FRANKLIN, AUCTION EER. ? BY KKANKI.IN, NICIIOLH A CO.? To morrow (Krlilay) morning, at lo'j o'clock, in *vle*'room. ?5 Nttmtu atreet near Ktilton. ? S|>ectal *ale of ?econd l.aud fnrnlture, honaehold ar icles. Ac., belonging to a lamily lea\ tag the city iinmedMUe y, consisting of sofa*, lounges, centre and card table*, bed ?teaila, biireinif. washstiuid", mirror*, hair mattresse* and palliasse*, carpet*, china, erockcrv and glaaaware. Ix??kra*ea, etegere*. chair*, and a general o> - n-ttnen'. of houaefurnishing artleli s. the whole of wblch will positively be *old without re serve: al*o four *inte? riwwood and makogaay parlor furni ture; ten suite* Milld i-osewissl. inahog my and enamelled i liamber (ttriiitnre. parlor sofa*, loiinge*. i.ttornati*; C'Dtm, card, tcfaand tancy tables, aim, Ml king, reeliunig and ?nln chalni; librarv and secretary bookcase? wardrobe*, eieifere*, extension <1 utng table*, dining room chair*, corner and book *tand*: ros. MM, maho^ani and walnut l>e.|stesd*: plain snd dr-Hslnr bureatia and w ashstasds. with and w itkont marble tops new pare curled hair maltrxMia. palliaaaes. French plan mirrors and pier i:!a?ae*. clock*. Trench china vases, toilet sets. Kilter plated ware, table cutlery, oU palatines, fan ey article*, Ac Ac.; also one m-w and one ?ennnd hand rom w 's d pianoforte, and an Invoice of Imported l.r mdy. In twea ty ana forty gallon package*, a auperlor article. IJ'XTKNSIVB SAI.K OK SEOARS WILL T\KEPL\< K !i tins morning, at In',, clo k. at TV Nassau s'reef. TINTS MORKI.L Anetkywer, win sell, in <|ir?ntltles to suit dealer, or retalh r*. Illl.UuO good *egani, adapted fur retailing, and give aatl'tactinn. IJWBAT, AT M| O'CLOCK. AT THE AI'CTTON r ns'tn*. corner ot i'rank ort and William street*, large as S. 4 1 meal of bouaebokl furtuture, carpet*, and a var 'ty of iKher gooda. /~i QJtKXT S. SAVAGE AUCTIONEER -BAOLEY A VT >AV M1K will sell, on Thursday, the i;th In.-,: . .it I01^ o >|i i k. at "2 Cedar ulreet. a very la: ge a??>rtinent of gnwe rl> ? conaistlrg of sugara, li as, aoap* AO. t'aab asivanci'l Hi j de i.pon cns gumi nt*. pBORQK COOK, AUCTIOXEKR ? KI'R.VITURE SALE " I to morrow, at JO1, o cloek at 441 Itroadwav, embracing superior parlor suits, i hainber an i dining ro>>m do., book ea>i s. tables, chair*, rorkir*. matlresaes ,?e.. Ac , making a large slock . ale poailivc. liming ind shipping a* umal. O HORTi 'N. A l"OT ION EBB. WILL HELL. THIS U day, at S o'clock, at ISsUth avenue, fumilurr. Ac., Ac. HAMS at ACTION ? I.. *. HOEKMAN A CO WILL sell at auctim. on Krl<lav. , ?? h in*,., at II u ei.a-k n tmt.tol h> ir alore. for aecnnniof whom tt may concern, liM 'mm ? s i itir irinati suuar cured caaivaaaeu Lam*, in lot, aoilable lor jobber* and ictailera. T<'ll M !. VAND1 W \TK.R AlTTIOKEEB. WILL KBI.L. V Mtllv Tliiirslat. July 1 7 til. al lot, o'clock. *t the ssle. mm N< i,i Na-s. it ?tr.-*t.' elecan' rosewood mahoganv an-l watt ii* inrnitiire vte. pat lor *nMea. ehainber do. d" , dining n i and ?? cret*ry Iwdteii"'*. ?ld< b ? ird*. eiej?re*, l - i - s#?I s. mekem eaay ehatrs. centre tables. Jtc The ?i < ,> n, t i- ...|ti n i*4mu> re*, i-ve, to pay advance*, and la well wi.i'hj th< attentMin of buvere 1 MOBMBTT. AUtTlONKER, WILL HBU.. THIS ?I. d.iv. at Int., ? i lurk, a' US fhalmm square, a nlee aa ? r'tr.ei ' of liirtiiture fri m a lamllv leaving 'he cttv eon*l*t ii g In | art efmaftde 'op Utile* Imreau* rr? nch heilatea.1*. (I i*. Inekieed w*'li?'ar is fine feather lieds, mat'ressca. in rot*, earpeta, clock*, glasiware, cutlery, crockery. Ac fOsEPH HBOEMAB. AUCTIONRBB ? ON PKlDvT ej ,liil) Is at in oclnrk A M . at th" ceniral *al -srootn . 'tier of V dto'ighbi and I'earl st* iirt,,' |.-n, r?gular week u -all i i hon*< lioM torin'tire cin>* *tinr In peit or m ihnfliiy chain, *o'a?. btif-an*. ? ,?,#tami* feslher b?*l-?. hitranil n ? mainee???. eri-ekery. rl*?- Ac . Ae Alan, oil pain iocs and < t gratings, me ro-e ifsnl meMemi, in food >r ler. AI?o. at I o i .oel a good feed wn, on. Mil HITLER At'l'THiNKER.? *SS!<}\KK'S SALE? Mill be sold at anci n, on rrMay, July I*, at Ml 0 clock, a the pen t*e*. '*.< So'ith s'sth atreet corner of Kifih strei . Wi' ?nislmrg the eonteti'* and tln' ire* of a 'roeery s'orr, eongletng ? a geoet*! assortment of grix erb s. prorf ? nt# itr ; n|s,?. one bay hie-e. ttri gnie,*'s waginis. bartl**. com ter* ?belvirg Ae. Term* ctwh. By order oC rillLII* H I. K It K 1 AN. AnsL nce N'OTH E TO COAl DEALKRH \ NO OTHBBS ? JJoBT g*ce **!? ? J W >OMKRfXDYKE. aiKtameer.? Ity virtue ola battel mor gage. I will *? II on Krl lay. July 14, I-//. *tllO' ioekltitlH (Oreaooa. *tx, West Righti "nth *treet, SHI ton* of anthracite coal I e.i*l cart, I bay hm*". I patr ?i ale* t coal tuk*. Uigetber with tV tkairlng teoee* and tene m< nl* then on. J W SlttlER 1 N l?VK E. Attorney tor mortgagee. SYLTK.STHR BTOTBB, AI'CTIONEEK -BY T C. _ HOirtiHTCiN K?tci'?t*e sale o| i ?>?? ? oral and maiviginy f iriit'tre oiano forte* Krencli^l l teplWMd mantel gta*?es, oil painuags Ar. This day Thnr*day at lit1, o'elnrk. at ?ale n*>m. IIS Jlasnau street <tm*i.'ting of d superior i .*e wood l>)( and " oeta* ? piano tnr'es, b> *ome of the be.t city mslter*, all ot which w II be wild wWh the maker a warrantee, elegant mo* wand parlor suits ui French br<?'atelle riehly cai fed ettegereg m dlffnent *t,le*. marble lap centre wif*. and pier tal >* K re neb aecretafie*. t.isdteaae*. gilt frame mir ror*. nil pamttwif*. rosewood and mshot any bedstead*, a part of which are v? ry superior . marine top dre.*in? bwt eao* and ws.betsod*. commode*, w aidrobo, splendid enamelled eMag* intta. erten*ion dlnlne tables, edlr H.irds dmng roomchur*. ?daa. tete ? 'en*. Innnge*. Tttekisb e*?y eh ilr* arm < hair*, rocker* lie cmalir **e* oallanes. r i-h *e*t cotttye ehaira, Ae.; al*o rti h cut gl***and I hina waie flne table cn' l?rv etc., etc Catalogue* on the morning of gale THO*. Y HITCH. AUCTION f rn-.?rTi ire NO lttSPRrc'E street. ? rtiefllTs aale of books *>a'l im ry, finey ijorals, Ac., Ae ?On Thursday. Jntj- 17 i>*M. at 10 A. *. at OK tale* rr? m IR Spruee street eonaU'ing of sundird and historical b'a>k*. *t*ii<<o*ry fancy good*. penkMre* tatieg, enrp ' and ?ntebel*. engravings paintins- Ac .< r J \S 0 WILLKT, She, T. 1" iifOM \K VEITCH, AI'CTI'iNBER? STORB NO. 11 Spruce gireet ? Bherill **ale of s<'g*rs. to'iaeeo. Ac ? O i Thttt "lay. July IT. IWk at II A. M., a? I.TH Spring sireet an I III I aiir' n* *treei. oon*i*Ung of a large assortment ol segar,. tobrro. Ac Ac. THOft VEIT? H, At'CTIONEER? 8TORE NO IdHPRUCB sir?-et ? FberffC* ?ale of hor?e*. carta, barne**, Ae . Ac ? fm Friday. July 1* |s?l at lo A M , at No. ? East Thirty i* th *treet between Peeond and Third avanuea. ?aaotalkig of 1 orae*. carta, harneea, Ac , Ac. __ J A*. U. WTLLET r}, r". m'WTTTERS. AUCTIONKEB, " WILL rHl,l/()5l Friday July I*. *' WnVliWi, m the com e of ?"|g ? I tie and Abingdon idac*. Tro* *'r?*t the en'ire 'in log fc and flut'irv* of a Brat claaa dcig store, every, >i? <? rr r.tly filed up la tke boat possible manner lor fart ciilar* inquire al Iff! Canal sirert, or ef the aodionee C ALBUBTUB. ArcYIO*f EER WILL SELL n V? Tbnraday. Jnly 17, at BiH o'clock, at No |i> 'o in Sirei . Br?*"klyi?, a general aasortment of hciuaehold fig nl rarpeta. Hud btdtLng . aiao cluna *:.?<* and ervck$rj nut, w KJiCKiia^ r' n.A.'E. ri i(M'?::.ri \m? u?hx>iki,.'u ?J f ni . In villi v.-il li .nf hoard, It I iiuiUe^ or -iu?,l<. genUencn. Airws wrti iu rium*. U .1 virel. iA\vA*rRU hi ac; m, run mv vokk j w n< .1 ?) ? 1 r?n*ien. i '? .a. .fi * . be acccoimcijuu -J at tao I I educed pi trr i?f f per Ca . 4 )r? ItOND-ST *1- F.7 ?A I'KW <JR.VTIjr.SIAW OK GEN I ti in<-n Had 0 wives f?n ur aeon inod.itot aith board, with bir^e rf.; joins Ml in. s.etiii.l Hour; trau stent loarilets, und "? 'i if"-!:' South ru tp-ut'eineii aceom |U. dated. A l*o. M t'Metolit ?Q MM. t>l RUT.? TO LET, A KEAT Til tiKE .?TORY |l O tlw i-lllnn hon*e < tth all tue mod a Uuprov juieuta. la quire t u (be premise*. QQ GREAT JONE8 8T1USKT -THE ENTIBE SECOND | ? I O Hour, tileo 1*1) room* on third H(V>r of Hie ^).ovc liouae, i furnished or ttnlurnished, w Itii or without Ik t.d t un be ob tji iait*- * tin i vu.-onal>lf terms !i8 U rt.i! Jones Kti et. u*ar l.a favciu* plan KA W/LKER STREET* f TV E DOORS WE.~T OK tj ^ Itrnndwny. ? A i;t|let mi" private t>.>?nf tut; bouse for siiiftb' gen men sua gei.'.lomeu tliair wlvea. Term* remain 'tide- II t cold and ?bow?r bsthj tree. 70 sfriho street, rorr. DOi?Fs : rom hroad 4 *??)? . ? 'lo III nevernl hotidM?me'.)' furtii-o"d i uotna, to single gentlemen The location 1? n ar nil t lie class hotels I ii< | in ' lie buil>'i:ig ot ..UBOh I i use. irvo waykrley flach.? to let, the .-"coxd 1UO story lloor, cotulsiimr at two parlor! hal' ikh* room; lias Klin and croon water In "r> room; !? iightful location, mill four dooit from V*.t Uln'-fton parad? ground, and convenient ;o all the status. Apply it 'lie prnnU-s. "I JO EIGHTH STREET, BETWI'EN 1IROADWA . AN D ItO Fourth aveuue.? tsoveral pleasant root!- . w il> boar I, maj be bad "\AK HUDSON STREET, FRONTING ST. JOHN'S X\t?* ountire.? A front n-oin. replete with all modern im provement*, Ui li t wiih hoard. t< single t,i:iit!t inou or a la miljf ; refer enoes exchui'gi d. I^C NINTH STREET -8UIT8 OF HANDSOMELY Jtw furnished room* lo lei. suliabi" lor fauvliics. with pri vate lable or single gemleiutn, with t .r partiU 'lo.u-d, In the above tiril elans house, |?li:a?aull? local 'J, utar Uroai wa> . f) i n w7\shin<;t7in kti:eet~ fFr n isimn p.cToais ^ I I lo let. Willi or m ihi. it lionid; i in* w! h board, I. nm ft lo tt per wi-ek; without board, tioiu 91 Jt to i'J. Transient board and lodgu.g. ?1 jit i!a;'. GREENWICH ?\ I'KW OENTI.EMEN ran be ai-rommodaied ? lb boi . d it ?:> und $K M per k, ?t Mr*. Taj bir's 331 49*7 IIROOME 8TREKT. ONE l:r.C;'K FROM HROAO w 4 way.? Hoard for Inmlly and alngie rfi-ntletuen. AU the modern improvement* will be foun l 'n the 'io'i? ? Terms moderate. Transient boardera t.iken I'rt t h -pekfn. /?^|Q BROADWAY.? rrRNIHHED ROOMS TO i.KT, U lO withbimnt The ri?ina are plnaaaut.y ulluati-d, mry ?nd neatly l'itm!>ii?d; loeation inuntrpaixed In the cuireof the |>iinei|>al hotels, fan be let either Hincle or in auits. Dinner at aii o'clock, tioixi table am: charKe moderate OfJ.t BROADWAY.? BO ABDINO ? I a.MIUES CAW OUT b. aeiommodaled with de?'ralile s ? i i 1 s of rooiu*, with all the modern Improvement*, l'rlvale table if de*lred. Alho, room* for single gentlemen, with breakfast and tea. A I-ADY FROM FRAWl'E, HIGHLY KEi'OMMKNDEn. wl>hr* her bawd in aaekaol for yauui; ladle*. Inexnhange tor luitlou in Freueh. piano ami * a^lin: Apply at the French Consul General * oOlee, 17 Wiiliaui street ALAROE PARLOR. ON FIRST FI.OOR, TO LET, TO a gentleman und lady. Full o:- board for one or bo'h. Also, a small room, tip *.nh?K. Apply at 159 Wesi 8? venteenth street. Terma moderate. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOI'LD DISPOSE OF ONE OH two pleasant rooms, with l.onrd. The home contains H?k. bath Ac. Apply at 125 Weat Twi-nty aoeond *:r.-et, be iween Sixth and Seventh avci u< s. Refen-ncea required. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LIKE To I.F.T ROOMA, furnivhed. with board, to a lam>Ly ori>ingle gentleinnn, in a beautiful location near Siuyresaot park? 173 East Seven teenth street. A LADY, LIVING ALONE, WOULD LIKE TO I.ET A furnished ro* na to a gentle man und lady ? Hoard for the lai^v only, iras snd haih in the house. Addl es* Coantuss, Ma dison S"|ii;ire Post olHce. A PARLOR AND BKDKOOM, COMFORTABLY FITR nlshed, with or without partLiI board, are wanted by a single gentleman, up town, n.-ar Hreadaray. no! above w:h street; terms moderate. Addres* Charter, II raid ottoe. A FEW PINOLE OKNTLKHWN CAN ItR ACCOMMO J\ i luted with pleanaat l-lKimo anil t.n.ird. w ;thln a lew mliiute*' w alk of the Aalor and Mei eantlle libraries. Ad - ress box 1,624 Post odirr. Board.? a ijidy, liyino at the corner of Kroadw ay and Eighty third street, wlshe* lo take a lew children to board. Inquire of Mrs. liogun at lb.- above place. Board ? a gentleman and wife, with mass tor lady only, t an h?ve a neatly furntHln-d front room, in u small private family, at |A per week, or would let the same, wltii privilege of kin hen. Apply at 2 17 West Twenty -fourth street, near Eighth avenue. Board in Brooklyn.? a few boaders caw lind a pleasant home in the family of a wl low lady, llvt-u; in her own house, parlors elegantly furnished, line rooms in second or third story. Apply at 3So Illelia street, near War ren street. live minutes' walk from the .^ouihicrry. Terms reasonable. Board iw br^oklyn.-a choice ok rooms ow aerond floor, nandsomely furnished, h?u?a lir?t eiasa, de str.ible loeation, convenienl to ?vmth and Wall street f.-rrle*. Terms rean.tmble Ap| iy ui ZV? lleniy street, beiween Auil ty and Congress street*. Board, ci.iwton place.-a family and a few alngie gei.ilemen can l.e HMMMM w.ib I" irnishnd nsims, with modern roiiveuiem e, and bou-d, in t!ie very de slrable location 61 l 'Union pl.iee, near Firth aienue. Board on staten island? two centlkmen or a gentleman and wi.'e. ran be aeeointuodateil with In i or partial board. In a private t unity W iMMtM I* e? <-el!ent and within live minutes of the ferry. Address Delia, ilersld office. - Board wantei>? iiy a youno or\ti.em\N; a well furnished room, w iih full or par ial bu?-d, in the vielcl'v of Itroxilway. n. t above Teutb street. Address L. D. Newell, bus Post office Board wanted? by a qentlrman and lady and n sinirle genileman. In a pri> ale lamilr. German pre ferred; location below Fourteenth *trert, terms nusleraa. > ddreas, sia'ing full parucoiara, Louts J. Roth, box 3,216 !'< ??? i fliec. Keterences exchanged Board wanted, in brooklyw? for * gentli ma : . wife, aivl son IS years old tn a reap hie ta-r ily, where the eombida of a home may l e eu. ived Prit aae family would be { referred. A>l Ires* box HI brook!., .i Po?t ofliee. HtiARD WANTED IW THE COI WTBY? IW A Qt'lKT farm house, within an hour of New York, by railroad or steamboat. Addret s Weat Herald oltce Boarding ? a lady, living alone, in sout'I Itrofikltn, wah.n three bloeksof Die ferry, woiibt or o.n mods'e a gentleman and lady, w lib f u . . iioord lor ladv. Th we wishing in ll\e | lain and retired, at very mo ierato chaigt, may address C. A. P., Ilciald oflire. Boarding -to he disposed'of! th~r~?Twt~por Hon of sii feiKI bou*e. with furniinre well situaie l be low ( anal street and west of llroadway. Price tAm. Address I ash. box 119 Herald office. Bond htrkkt? a scit of cool booma, hand aomely ftiralshed. with buff isittage furniture, m-tttins, Ae.. Willi ga* and adjaeent balh, will be let. without Isiarl lo one er IW -ingl' gentlemen, on rensusutble terms, if applied fi r immediately. Apply at STi J.ood street. ROOK LY N.? A OEWTLRMAW CAN l!K ACCOM MO dated with a furnlaiie.I be irwt sa. rither a fiont or ?,v.? w |i bin three mtuuiee walk ot th" street. B room, iii apmate ismlly. * ferry Apply al Fulton i (VtfWTKY HOARD? A SI IT OF ROOMS, ELEGANTLY J furntalicd. and In a aM de ira' ie st'-uuton. suitable lot a gentleman awl lady, will tm let a ' h or without tmaea. Apply o R J. TAl'LIS, Uetty House. Voakera. New Y rtt (country imiard? a l\dy wishes to he ao J eomiixidsti .1 in a very small ami 1 V at Yor.kees or on "ie l ank* ot the lliMisoo. i? > ? ten New Tnrtt on I Tarr.i llou*e must be well *liad>sl and an oth. r heariler* taken. Retcretx e gl i n. Address F. w. II , Union square Post of tic New York /tOI NTRY ItOXRD? A FAMILY. TWO RrWOI.K Ot* tlen.< n or a genileman aisl wile ean be oeis?n'rvelne<l w h tM. ied In a bealihv and dealt able loeatimi, ot Raveuawood. V .'dress W T . Rsvf,i?w.asl (lot' NTH V HOARD M\Y BE HAD *T MRU H ACER B, J Sou h Orange. New .fei*ey, M mlttntee" walk from the depot, and one h< ur from the rtty. Two Urge airy ro->ms and two Miwiim. DESIRAP.I E RtKtMS TO LET ?TWO OR *VRB> PKR *<bi? eafi otitaln pb *?*nt and well furnMied T-T. ims. en -ul'e or etberw lae, In ? i-rnt ela-* house wtth all the nielej n mprovi m? nt*. mm enlent to the cars and stove*, at 71 West fourteenth nMct, flrst hot t*e weft of SH h aven ie. PtTBNWHED APARTMENTS. ON THE EUROPE \ N plan ? Psrtles In wont of splendid ami c<sil aeeotnmrsla tto ,*. lor the summer, will do well lo e;ill ai 776 Hr>s?i|?*y. 1 .- atteottea only of tl, ?e able and willing to pay for such ho e XMDfslatlon* Is snlletted. fTBRIPHED HtKiM TO I.ET? A HACK PtRLOR, ON the ilrst floor, handsomely furni-hed. with privilege of the fron parlor, will be let to one or two jrentletn. n. by a lady whose family et-n*l*t* of her dan .lifer an I se vant oiilr , sltila I^eonnt, Broad wsr Post office ted la the v lelnltr of II idson sod t 'snal streets Addreas for ?k Mr?. #. " fH*R WISHED AWD I'WFUHNISHED ROtiMS TO LET In o prlt so ismlly. near I'r.lon square The house lias he n-odern Improv. meiita. Ac Temui moderate. Apply at 1: 3 Fourth at enue Furnished rooms to lf.t. with board? fine Isrve alr> r* . m? Will be let low. for the ?uoimer month*. I* "t? at the m- si pleasan' hmMtoaa In the city. Cail at MS Fourth ?vetitie. Bear T welPb (treat. ? > FM NNISIIF.D ROOMS TO LET -A NEATLY FUR nhbed parlor, with iwo t?edro?ms ond paiitrv, all on one fiair with go* snd t roton water, which will l>e let verrJH^K able, w ilhoiit i.oaid, la a private family. Apply at Us Itowery. n the drug ? tore. French board.? the FRRWCft i.anouaoecan l.e learned proctleally *nd theoreileallv. by living with the family of a French teacher, ZB Tenth street, between First and r<ecoii>1 avenues. Hotel u?doin< is? gentlemen will do well to remember they ean get well furnlnhe?! single ?l< eplng at Ihe llidei, corner of Frankfort and William s, ft>r Jfi ci nts per night, or it SU per week. Woother chorge In the house, eieepl at their option IESTRIWTTOW? A LADY WANTS BOARD ANDLODG Inn In New York during the vacation, fur ln?troeton In nutate drowinr. French German and English. Satisfactory tefrrenees lo famllle* w Hh w bom the ladv ha* rnskuel Ad rese A. B. C., Herald otBee IF YOtT WISH GENTEEL BOARD, IN BO\RDl?TG ? hon*es er private families, eliy or co'intrv. apply at the boarder* exchange. Applteon a Bnlidint tta Sroadway. FnN l *rtl< n!*rs s* to terms given grstultonalt Ml wishing de si1 able warders sbouM spply to (I, H MWITH A BOYD. N B.? t barge for boarder* actually obtained. Moderate terms for furnishbd ro??ms Po. ;ns and I oardat M K,a?t Thirty seeond ?'ir t lie tu en t'.e Fi.' h snd Modteon avenue* The home c .ni iln* b* hs snd ors* Prteee from for irtngle (eutlemen, a. id from (l for geoticfr.en and their wtftWt NO | MONROE STREET -GENTLEMEN MAY OH tain pleasant rooms ond good board si vi" lei ,i.. ||m Apply a* to UiOWNCh I?IUV\T!. BOARD IX BROOKLYN'.? HROE AIHY itiiuw, with b( IroouitkAm! pantile* attached, suitable f<n? KKDtli DiiiJ AB4 tliHr wlvus, or eiagle geuilecn 'ii, may 1 ??? h i I 11. . tntih'i l.ou-i, by applying still Aunti sUeet, bctwioo ill m J fin <1 Clinon 1 PRIVATE l.OARIHNli SEVERAL ViRY PLEASANT looms with g**, liuths, closet* lc., furnished or unliii" niahed, hi hiii'H or separately, cin be hud, board. on umdei ate (cram, in a private litiiill) , ri ^idiny at No. ? -*J t uurtli ai tiiue. TWO ORNTLEMEN AND TIIT'IP. WIVW, OR THREH or tour dingle gentlemen, rin lie accommodated with board mill Rood rooms The li >u.?.- U lighted with gdi, batlu, Ac. Apply at Ml Houston (tract. TO QCMTUtMl N.-A PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRES TO lot, to <1110 or two eentiemeii, ?i itca ly furnished comfor table rta.m, on second lloor, i ith room II I loui'n Gentlemen dciirii g ? g' nteel quirt residence w >11 seldom meet witli such un opportunity. Apply at 721 Houston street. TO LET-TO TWO SIMILE GENTLEMEN, A LAKUK front parlor, elegantly furnished, on the second story, lu ?iuire any Lisponaru street. exchanged. TITANTKI)? A FURNISHED ROOM, WITHOUT IK > AltD, v? looai Ion between Prince and "mirth sirceu. and within one or Iwo block* of Broadway. Addruja K , box 4,o23 Poat oflice. TY^ANTED? IN A PRIVATE KAMII.Y, A NKaT PROMT ? T parlor or parlor and bedroom iittarhed, lira lady ami gentleman board lor the lady only. Location Hbovo l'riii.-rt street: went stile and nenr Broadway preferred. Add: can S. J., I ox -.0.0 Post ollire. Tir A HTED ? BY A OENTLEMAN AND TWO LADIES. TV a parlrr and tw n bedrooms; board for the ladli*oniy; location rant aidr. and urn IhiIow 1 1 rami street : term* mode rati'. Address. for two duva. A II.. Herald office ?MTANTKII? IN a SMALL FAMILY. WITH A Wlll'Jff f T lady (where there are no other boarder* preferred), a ? in in lor n lady and gentleman, w iili lio ? rd forthe lady only. Adrire.?ii s'li'.ing terma, wldeh must be moderate, M. v.. Herald oflice. BXOVHDIUNte. FISHINU BANKS AHOY!? THR STEAM1CR R. I,. rfTK VEM;, ('apt. Charles And< r?on, nnik ?* a trip to the Fiah Ing Hunks uve. y day 'Sunday* excepted), leaving Araoa street, 7; Bpt Ing street, 7*a; Pi ek *llp, n; Broome street, K. K., hXi Pier No. 3 N. It , 'J o'clock. All pcraotM are forbidden t# trust til Lr. boat w llhom a written order from the captain. ?\r?:w mtv to weehawken orovr. pollook'S 1\ l'avllloii. and (InttenberK.? The l''irr.rtte steamer MHR ? TRY ( apt II. Mallau will run during tlilx week, from foot (< l'.d>innon, atreet, toaeUnc at the f ? x ? I of Snrina, Amiatni Koity third atraeU), Norili river, learlng RiiIiiiimiii atreet at 9, 11. 1, .'i anil So clork. BetumlliR, Ibutiiik Uuttcnberj,' a: 10, 12. 2, 4 and 7 o'clock. Fare. C?4 cents. SPORT FOR FlfHF.I. !LN.? KXCl'KSIOKS TO THR t'bolera SankH.? '1 he new and beainu'nl aioamer KAHI.K will make an ei>enr?i<Hi to the Choltra it auk SOU Thuril'iay o? each w ei k, njitil the 1st of Ortoher, conilnuin^ her trip* on every oilier day, ?? usual, to the Flahim? Il'inks. Time of leaving forthe Cholera Hunks? Ahioh atreet, fi A. M. ; Sprinj street. Ci? A. M.; pier No. 3 North rivitr, 7 A.. M. Tare for the exenrfton, 91. TO TARGET COMPANIES AND PICNIC PARTIKS. hullevue Oardea will be loun>: th* pleawnteat pl.ica w I thin the vlHnily of New York; foot of E'sliUe'h atreet, Eaat river. Second and Third avenue earn every II. ? mintiloa. S WaRI), Proprietor. TO CHAItTKR FOR EXCURSIONS, AC.? THE NKW and apleadld ateaaaer UNION, ran b? - ngagi-d. with ur wnhoat bargea, by rxi union nanlen. nillitiry and Urgetcota imnira, Ae., on very reasonable terma. Apply to (,'apt. CIIM. H. TILLEx. on board, f?ait of Delaneey atreet, or to ol.NKY. 117 Wall sheet. N. B.? Thia boat for aale oo ia.mii able U ru.i WWEI AHD Ll^DOfU. AMERIOAN liRANMY, OIN, NEW ENOLAND, MO nnngaliela am! rei tMied whlikr.. , In bbla. and hhila.; api rns hi^hfiml low proof do., for sale at the lowest market price; .'4 bbla. Jersey eider brandy, pure, for aale by U. W A KI) A CO., Ill) Murray aU jet. CI HER BRANDY ? t EST QrALITY. FOR 8AL1 BY CHART.KS WI'KRAY, 7? K o?-"ve., street C1LARET WINK. *2 50, AND JH 00 PER D07.RN; > Philadelphia ale and porter, Loudon and Dublin brown stout. Seotcb and East India pale ale brandies, wUiea, Ac., for rash only, pure in ?lunHtjr, and twenty per cent oeiuw usual price.-, at PIERSON'S, 18 Itleecker atreet, one block went from Bowery, and rtifl Hudson street, comer of Jane atreet. N B.? Purr timKor wine and Idackberry brandy. BOLUJUM. TUPROVKD BILLIARD TABLES AND COMBIN\7lOB i cushions, patented February 19, lAMi for sale only at Si Chamber* atreet, up stain The combination cushions eiuea ?Id tablet. MICHAEL PHKLaN. F WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC, JKKNINOfl* JRWELRT STORK, NO. M FULTOW *tree< ? A ? lect aaaortment of Sue waichea. jewelry, aM rrr and plated ware conatantl / em bmd. at very low prion, TRAVKIJfJtKS' tiUIDR. D| AY BOATH FOB ALHANY- FR??M FOOT OF CAJIAL aod Spring atrreta. conneetinif v ilk tra ns to SvaMsa and tba Weal. StMUnen A lid a and Armaoia daily, at J A. m., maktiiK the principal landing* Fob reypobt, clu fwood, and fort h akou ton? The steamboat KKVPORT leaves Hurras atrea p!er daily. Sur dar* naoectod. at 4 o'elock. P. M.. and Kfpai at o' slock, A. k. For greenport and bao harbor ? str .kmb ISLAND BELLE, CatiL J. P. .at, Jr.. wili leave Mew York, foot uf Catherine Market slip, every hatuniay, a>< A. M. Returning, leave Ureenport, Mondays, at 5.1* A M FOR SHREWSBURY, LONO BRANCH, HIOIK.ANIM and Oeeiinpc L? The popular steamer JAMKS CHR1H 'I Ol'IIER w ill ieavr Jay street pier on Wednesday, July 10, and every day this week, at I M .ttjrih" abusre i' n'lful wati rlng plaaes. returumg to the cily early every inorinag. Kare ;*7 !, rents. Sea air, surf bathing and hotel aceominoda ?.nns i men r|iasae*l FOR fire island DIRECT ? PASSFNOKRH K?)R THR abut >? favortte place of renirt are Intoeuusl tnat until fur ther notice tiny ran pro< tire thro'i'h tick eta ai tieaeh. via 1^'iiC Island to l'!i. >vu | . un, and steamer IIKKOIrixn I?lip dally? leaving Itiaaiklvn a* .'I 4A P. M. andarrlriog at Fire I -land at alaiut 7H P. M .. sn l leavuiK Fire Island at S A M. and arriving ai i>r<?kjyii at about ? A M. I'awngera will preler to sail over the l?reat S'ouih Hay ( an t tk> tiie 'J A. H. train from Brooklyn, vlallwimpM n and Isiigs. tbeuee to Island III a runuieslinus aad ia?i sailing <|i*?p yacal, w bk h w ill alw a) s be In w ailing aud sail in.iue<liMiely fi>r the bcaeh uudt r the command f * rareful and sktllul Uai'iuao. EK A .?.M I S niXK LI Si. I 'aptaai of Maimer Hero. nUOSOh Kit ER RAILEOAD. -FROM MAY l?, MM. the train* w:U leave Chamber* strtet station aa fidlewa. - Kii less o A M and S P M. . nsati. V A. M . 'brougti way trats , 15 M . emigrant, 7 P M. , for PnnghkeepsM. 7 A. M. and t T M . h<r Sit.g mng, in.V A . M sad vol M. , this tram leaver every Friday at U P M , U>r 11 idaou, SJl) P M . *r I'M'kskill, 4 and t %i ? M l ? .i;iili?'|ae'. Hihi ,<la(aal Perkskdl traioa stoa a* the way MmIIimis. Pawaogers taki a at i bair' ers, Canal. Chriatotihrr and Thirty lint streeta 1 rsa^e tor hew \ork have Troy at 4 .'4. 8 li and 1 O A M and 4.M I*. M., and has; Albany at & NAv aed 11 14 A M ? nl 3 I' k. A. F SMITH. S*p?l KW \OllK AMD 00 NIT ISLAND, LANDING AT Fori Han each wa>. I lie smmnrr NoKWAl.K, I apt. C. T Kw lnssn, will leatess follnws, Sundays included! ?Leaving luot or Amos street ai yt4 A. M , I J>. and P. M.l leaving fiaH nf Spring street at y>, A. M , Uli and .il, P. M.; Ies? uig pli r .1 Nurih rjver at it) AM, 1 and 4 P. M , leu ring Conej Island, last nip. ai 6), P. M. Fare for the trip to laj?*y Island. Fort ilsunlt. u and back to New Turk lv> n'r Uve, ennta. for wtuUi a retvn ticket will he given. Nu naif pneo tor i hlhlren. C. J. DODOE, Agent. VKW YORK AND Ml* RAILROAD.-OM AND A# JIM ter Monday May 1*. isflg ?,<? ouUi further notice, pa*, ?engtr trails will leave pier loot of Ttuaue sire St aa fu>i?e>. VI* Dunalrg eapreaa, at< A. M. for Hank irk. Mntlale rtpreaa. ai ? A M for llwfaio Ma I at - ti t R Inn,, rk and ll'ii aJo a- I Intenti*.! ?u" ions Pa??e?w?rs l i i .* - a ,. r e,..sCt ? itb ai presa trains for ??yraense. cevuga. Canandalgua Niagara Vali* and Rochester, aiid with the lightning enev*> train, or laf shore Its.iroM ror ( InclnnatL Chicago ae Rnrkiai.ll passeiKi r, at Si9v P. M , (fnun r>i4 nf Hiamfear* street.) via Purvrnit fnr Hnfffiw, and tatermedlat" siatioofl Way paa*e-a,r. a< 4 P. M.. for Mewburg aud Mlddletoeru. an I Inta'i meulale Stau-asi. Night eipreaa. at ft P M , for Dunkirk and Ruflkm. Fnngrant. at 6 P M? fw Diit.kii k and Hiux*>, and lot diate atataina N The above trams mn dairy. Snr lays e*eepve<a The ciprr-? trains nianeet at Kl?<ra wttk Aa R.a^w Cnnandalcss and Niagara Falls Railroad, for ,N .agant FaUa.M Btnglmil'xi, with the S;.T?cti*e and Itincham . r, Ka Iroad, hw Syra< us. at Corning, with Huttak. Oirntiig and l?ew Tar* Railroad, for K-eheaier. at ti -?nt Herd wuh Delawa>% laseg swanra wnt Western Railroad, f^ir Scran' RuflWa and Duiikiirk, w'tk the l*ke .shore Roil mad. t.lovaiaind. tlnotiaalL Teiodn, OMrolt, < 'hicago, Ae D O MoCAIXITM. Owtnl " n 'liainni? | DCnClAl DAY LINK FOR \LWtNY FROM FOOT JV of Canal and at'eets. Comeeiing wl'h trains to Furati ga and the We? . Steamers Al.llit and ARMFNIA, datly, at 7 A. M.. making the;. ai hottip MIHRIXAIK mn. . A If KPPIVAC10UB CI HP FOB <?|RV? lU.'NIDWR, eallnetties nail* growing Into the flesh, and every disorder of U.e feet by a new and per uliar mtUxei, without cutting, or without eatismg the slightest pain. Mm s.aar I.RX I. ot No N) Ills Rue de Rir.ill, Parts, and No. S COidnit street. Rrrent street, London, Sargenn i 'kirnpodieC Mtrnnited ' v Hse Pinpemr of France, and the royal family of Vim -nd ns? be consulted daily. 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(among which are i^i viij from laiUm r.f the highest rank) can be seen by favoring him with a rail at his nOce. 91 West Rioventh street, between * ifu. and Slitli aeennea. New York. N II. - No prnfi aalonal connection with any person. StrONQ HA VD CHANDELIERS FOR S ALF -TnRRR heve f.nir bui ners each, ami t?o here two burners ear't. Apply toRHWARD OORMAN, 71 Heekman *tre. i TORNOLISH LADIKS AND ORNTLEMKN? WHAT H It thai Is'ilca and fentlemro fmrn the old country are s,? much in want of ?s *ooti as they arrive In this m at conn try? The question ts soon answered. A place to cenl off. on i hot sunimer'a dsy. Rememherthe parks and vsrlsna of old England Itellevne Harden, foot id Rtrhtteta street. East river, has jnst been opened by an Englishman, and one who knows the w ant* ft I is tuililMtitea Tina is the inoat delight fill garden In the vicinity of New York Second md Third MlWgH every I've minute* S WARD, Proprietor. fTO TlfR t'NMA RRIED? SflMETHINfl tVTIRVt.r i BgW-sfcowli g a" may gel married Irrespective of agi gp rtrriim?t*nres, by sending iW ccnta and stamp for reply Ad (iiesa W J. J' hnaon. Mcint Vision Post olMre. Oteeg.i county, N. w Vork \J Sip NEW FT FCTRO CIIFMIC \L BATHS DR. v PRIN' R, of HtwMM, proprietor and Prof VFRONKS, are In attendance at 710 Itroedway Th*y guarantee tonira rhenmatt?m. neuralgia, aad *11 Impurities arislrg from the Im prudent n*e of me cm) or oth*r metallic *u balance*. Spertal davartmitil for iad.a*.