Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW ? WHOLE NO. 7263. _ MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION? S a JURDAT, JULY 19, 1856. PRICE TWOI GfcJTTS. IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. Another oft* from the United States for Mexican Territory? The Departure of the Spanish Fleet?Whs Confiscation of the Church Property. W# hare received by tho way of New Orleans, our cor Tespondence and tllqgj^fcfwspapers from Vera Cruzeand the city of Mexico toftefth aud 5th uut., respectively. The news is important. V'e learn that Socrctary Marry bad gust a proposition to President Comonf ? t to i.nrcLaao another slice of Mex ico. Harry's off it i* U stated, toot $9,vXK).000 for the thirty first parallel if latitude for the boundary line to the GvJf of Calif vrnim. According to our advicus President Comonfort refused to entertain tho proposition. The war on tho ekrgy wa still continued by President (Comonfort and the liberal party. 'Congress had reported a new Constitution, which declares toleration of religkm and prohibits pgoeta from holding any civil offices. The President has Issued a decree requiring the church to sell its vast real estate within throe months, and take mortgages for the purchase money. What then is to be doae with these mortgages V That is the next question which will impoverish the clergy. This docree Is only a half measure, asd, like til half measures, it will soon be found not to answer. President Comonfort has by a series of popular mea lores restored harmony in tbe ranks of the liberal party, ?nd lias thereby mado himself extremely popilar. A treaty of amity and commerce has been concluded with Sardinia, and another has aUo been mule with the Banseatic cities. Mr Bchleidcn, the Minister at Washing ton, was sc ut to Mexico to effect this important negotii ?lion, and was successful. His short residence in the Aztec capital enabled him to jecome universally reui ;t ed for his polished manners and generous hospitality. The Spanish question has been postpoLed. The Spat s'i 'Minister hai backed out fr n Lis demands, and his licet has backed ont from Verr t. It Is evident that Spa!a la afraid to push matter* tremities with Mexico, as there is a disposition ou' neighbor to fight her old mother country. What m:<v es of the formidable pre .parations at Havan:i f i th vasion of Mexico f Por >baps th<y will be expended on Walker in N'icarag"s Terhaps they will wait tor the reinforcements now on the way Irotn Spain, sent out after the unanimous vote of the Cortes to sustain tho Queen in punishing tho Mexi cans Tor their Insults to Spanish subjects; and perhaps ?they will li&sten to do something after reading the last file of Me: . can papers, ridiculing those warlike demon strations. Spain has becomo v?jy low, with even Mex ico laughing at her. Our City of Mexico Correspondence. Mexico, July 4, 1856. The End rf the Spanvh War-D^xiriure of the Sj>aniih Slfi? Triumph of Mexican Diplomacy? Draft of the Jfmo CvmtUution ? Church Property Sale Decree? Rati fiotavti vf Cuitycst?Ru'. ivernment Stocks. The Spanish question is settled for the present? that Is, the Spanish Miuister has c cased to be belligerent, and quietly withdraw* the fleet boi'oro Vera Cruz, lie wil be officially recognized as Minister to this country, and will hoTPafler conduct his negotiations diplomatically , in stead Jf menacingly. This result is a complete triumph for the Mexicans. They said they would not rocoguixe the Minister unt Tthe fleet was scut oD, and he sail tho fleet would not be sent oU' until the Spanish convention treaty was settled. Well, the fleet ha* lea, and the taxa tions business remains unadjusted. Furthermore, Mexi co will not pay the amount demanded, nor will this re public arrange some ether disputes which must arise on v?me other subjects. This matter is therefore postponed for the prt.'ent ; But it will soon turn op again, to aUord plenty of speculation for another excitement. Congress ha.n at last received from one of its committees ' a dralt of a new constitution, which has been duly print ed and published. To-day the discussion opens on the various sections and articles, and on the Innumerable amendments that will be proposed. This document is too I lonf tor translation, and uot sufflcie tly interesting for your columns : bull may briefly let you know what It ? tontalas. A lederal government is proposed, with a Pre sident elected for lour years; and one Legislative Cham ?er, whose members will be c. wen for two years. There g 00 Senate? no Vivo lTcsldont. The Chief Justice is to ict as President in case of vacancy. In almost all other mpcctn the constitution Is borr jwed from the constitution ?f the l ulled Mates. It Is truo. then; are some modtttca (taMfcnd addition)', which the peculiar ? ondition of Mexi ec requires, but In all Its outlines and general features It tl Identical with ours. Congress has the revision of and the power to ratify treaties, as well as to conOrm nominations made In the army and navy, but no control over appointments in the civil service. The first section is devoted, in thirty-four articles, to the "rights of man," which is for the most fait a itcral translation of the American "Bill of Rights." \*o this, however, there are some adiiuons, such as arti cle 10. which says, "In the republic aU are born free; daves that touch on the nation*! teri itory will by that act rective their liberty, and etjoy the protection of the laws." Agsin, in article 11, "Treaties shall never be -made for the extradition of political criminals. vihat Is, guilty of political cumes) nor lor other olleuce* perpetrated Hit slaves, in nations where the crime was done by a ?wre or Mares." Tim largest liberlv Is given to free apeecli t>ee writing and printing, and*re? elites or the people. In rai l, all the prlvileg-s which can be conceded to an individual are grantol herein. The sc< end, third and iourth ^octions define the rights 1 of Mexican rltlxena and torelgnera. Tnen lollow clauses respecting the form of government, the names ol the I flftfticit ft till Tprrilorlw, tUo lffteiitifo powur, tb? enecu tivc tli' ? I. linary, tliecs. n. il of government, im; '. h '?lent* of tli' JtUtcs, of general provision-, ?in>-n Itnents tolh ec l. tut ion and It* inviolability. r* ju 1 ? iry is 4,vl4*l ii to a tvipp'mo Court, t and c-uit roc r is. wilh tl ? .m.r lun .!i.ti"U .?!??? ,? ? Kiv.'n to the , Mirts of the United States. The ridgiM er? to be appointed for is I n.'i ' :..-t > the loth article on . v. v ? !.?>!: *??????> ID tl.. it' ' ,s I. I I ?!.. I >'? ? ?? ?' ' ? >:b worship l>?t tl ? ?* I:-., i:. -V . having l een the ev lusive reh.-lMI of the country. the Cotirr tl e I i.. 'ii v. II t-.k. ? sr- ? ? meana ?! "-?t 1 prudent :sw to protc t it, as fir as it may l?e -Ion ? w tl. out I r. . ?' .- t " till' interest - "t t!i- |? opn\ ?( tli ? rights ?of the r ational sovereignty." In another place It Is declared tliat no Individual Of corporation Niiail lie invot-lel with .-xcl nive privilege *, <.r wMh cue urn. nts that are a bun!' n t" socx-ty. n r - .all .there be nx.t.opohe*. n< -r (or. -i-il'lm; -.f aoy ?-nd. nor prohibit!. ns un ier th- ame oi protection I" nunulac 'urex : ??-'?' rt- "I ?l. ? ' i " ' ' ' As the r ? sr cau-titut.or .< Mi i - a! it c 'Ufer toll-ra tion of re ? ? i. -n the Urge t n? t- ' e 'J'-' and d. i t of the eon < ? m of i'h- rl.-rgy, Hi- ? n *!*? n the mesne inle, are ti . ng to r- h -va tiie church ?? < wraith win. i t m'.*htbe n>con\ en<ent to posse - i.i tl.e greal ? h .i.o ttotv.cpi Tlo-ee fOTP ?. ,it t -nionlort. tli * i. ? III*- the 'iyi.i? - w-m 1 not iil?h II' 'm or tn f'-ngn ^.trl- in e whit h-. ill do tor the?. . ! ' v II' I. .t Hi Wh'ch ? n- and I: Congr-- has bit th-ta one " I..-' k. C. tnoi.jori t as si. p. d tli m ?n t! ? th - - toleration "f r< l'*ion on one side, deprivation of t.i?;ir .riches : ii tli- other side This d< r ' -e is contaii .-'l in tiorty >"ir arti. ?> m l 1 J length- ' !??! tr " 1 " ' " utmoft importance, I will e.. isav.-i t? ?' l"?'" ,u llnf iport. Bi d H to follow Tl- i. 111 ? 0 the ch-.r. ?" '1 iI'Ih I me w'ii. Ii ?? ii !' ' ' ? ???" - fourth- of the valuable lan.U and c.ty l"?s in the rc i ? nt-. I ? t i * I" ?tiputoted .-iim lor ? ??> h I- a-e VMiti a rirotH-rt once rent 1 ! :n t i ch i ? I ' '? is never resumed, tin re is a : v.l t- to |?y th- r r nt A i.l " ' ' : ma>i" at ' a-t 11 ? 1 ainee. Tne value of all i ?nd> an ' >ts h:.i - c cou'Unt K I IK r. es|S" II IV -I ? "|? ? ' year Is'Jl Therefore the rent- m n I". < th 'bur. h sie lar he low the , , ? 1? ... v.-'i-- ot Ih land- . 1 know u.iintii. ral'.e I." n H "ty I'Sf'"-' a rent of i I. ? hui.dr. I ? ' '? ?" ' ; 1 ease I'oth 'a 1 1 ? " < tn s ,i,d,o?try Thr de. f ? ? .1 I. -isre. th i- tl ?? '? -?? ? ; . ' : " r; after the Ian. and |o|,- . the t nU slial. ",1<J a rent < l arge, and a mortgage glvi n upon ea- h |MW? forth, pr.r. laloftoc ? in win. h the rent, - would amount to. llnis. it . . I ?y M,|V ? I.l, h. ?' - a ' ' r ll.o',-sn. an I ho I the '">1 estate in fee nmpi? this ? ban a M bo universally pi-p-lar, as >??? can easily ' But it n.aseanv! i ? ? II not i.velhi'tn rtf ?e? wilh ?? thre. I. onth?. then tho |.i-ot? .ty is to he put up it a no. Mo., an.i Mild to the I. gti-st h.-.-h r. who h t-> .-n ut* the mm- on the ^,.lne t r-,r. Alt- r ? nvint'is, sIIImmi- .,iconve,tedinthi m inner are o|?' I" ' nun elation snt a third person, who makes the discovery ol >he??M Vtr h lands, can a. i-tp th -m in f - - ?sm - man Iner a? le <?<??> A great nri:. ' I ilie aril- l-? "? tin - ? r, i f>r !>'l V in?l3. nn ' r ons eont ngenciea which m i*' -rise, where twonr more .-ent the rm property, or ? there ar-1 lien* af?m?t Ui?le??re Sr. 1 Tbe general ?er.jw of tho .p i? to tern fl.e ii ea I Hate et i? I- ' 1? - to ? -hi I n-s ? 'h ? /oearnrrenl In discover the ettent and v - all he r prop- rtj' . A tax of five per cent Is to m paid into tho public treasury upon the value of every mortage as it Is given. And this, it is supposed, will amount to many millions of dollars in % few months. Ike interest on each mortgage is still is still to be paid to the chui ch in the same manner as heretofore the rent was paid. But the mortgagee cannot be cancelled, nor can the church exerctse auy right of ownership over this lien except to enforce the payment of the interoft annually. The church is further prohibited hereafter from pur chasing or holding roa> estate, and ail loans of money or other business done by any of that body mint be authen ticated before a notary, who is required within one week to inform 'he prop?i authorities of the same. Such id the general >. ituri of this new stringent mea sure adopted by tho government against the church. Within i 'T months mt- tgages will be executed to the amount of two hundrod millions of dollar s, and then the government will Ismio anothe- decree, seizingthese mod gages for the use of the public treasury. Th>re is orn drawba( K, however, to all this. Many suppose that a revolution will ensuo, when those decrees and all pro eroding 'toder thtwi #ill be ?tnnulled. It Is said ttiat in this event the Mext e: n purchasers would lose all they iu vested in the speculations; while it Is supposed that foreigners who acquire^ property by force of the law would bo able to bold, as their governments would inter fere to protect them in their legal rights. But, in order to ipeet tius difligulty, tee government will place those mortgages bejotr! the reach of any revolutionary move ment. With this fund, which cannot bo turned into cash for a long time, but where the interest will always be promptly paid, the government will form a basis as a pledge upi n which to procure a foreign loan, and these mortgages will be put up as a collateral security to securo the prompt payment of interest on tho public bonds as it falls due. There Is no doubt a loan of fifty millions of dollars can be th is obtained; and if Mexico stipulate* in the debt that in the event of a failure to pay interest, diplomatic intervention will be concede led where foreigners a.-e interested, no future government will U ire to molest this socurity. You will perceivo tl at by this method all foreign nations will be Interested in protecting these mortgages, where their people are in ne tilted from their investments in this new Mexican loan. 1 need only add that this decree of Comonfort's was published last Friday, and on the next day Congress at ied the act with great unanimity. The credit of the kO' ernment immediately U ok a rite, and govemnient i>aper advanced ten, fifteen und tweniy per cent. Our Vera Crux Correspondence. Ytju Cues, July 7, 1858. Ji'Vtnw from (Ke Church Land t ? How thi Mexican Qo>xrn r 'l Caichtt Xpain ? Gen. Gadtden, Mr. Marcy and AU the ContcnlicM*? Hoary Haint ? The Fbrbt > ami Barrow Com. 1 enclose a decree signed by th) now Presiecnt, by which all holders of property belonging to civil or eccle siastical corporations become proprietors of the same, continuing to pay, however, tho rent or1 interest at six per cent, payable to tho former parties. The next step of course will be to make the six per oent payable to.thefnational treasury; and even nowthe gov" crnment will derive a considerable Income, as the transfer will cost live per cent, which mil amount to about fifteen milllois. Tho mint of the capital has just been rented at half a million of dollars. Government lias raised the embargo aid on tho Span ish bonds, and a Coi.imissioner will pro- ee I to Madrid, t? lay before the Spani. u government the tacts of iho case, proving that lots of illegal debts had entered the conven tion. and the expulsion of which is said to have been de msnded by the other creditors themselves. The Spat iarils will receive in paymeut 8 per cent of all impctt duties, which is a new proof that the prtsent go vernment lias the good wit to pay, and it will also hare the meanp, as bcfc.des the above mentioned iccome, our liberal urilt is working well, and heavy importations art made. It now remains to be seen how long our great states man Marcy will keep up his theory that Mexico must not be pressed, that she is |>oor, and tiod knows what other nonsense; which has alufaye been put forth to k?ip OUT citizens Qui ol their owiut IheuiDF depredations committed under former governments. ? Gin. Gad^len could tell a tale if be cbose, showing that J no endeavors ol his have b?en s]<ared to tee Justice done, I! but to no avil, because Marcy has tet his mind U|>on ii{ tliat our citisens may be ruined, and be neither stir hand nor foot to save them Ail bis reasons fall to th? ground, as may be easily conceived, as this republic can and will pay, which is proved by the following per centage on import duties al lowed, as" follow* ? ?-'0 per cent for the English bondholders, extending also to tonnage, exports, Ac. lfl per cent for the KngUxh Convention. 20 per cent for the French Convention. 8 per cent lor the Spanish Convention. ? and by which means it is easv for the creditors to liquidate their claims with their own irn|>ort duties. I'art of the capital is In undated by the heavy rains, and the roa?l are In a very bad state. The Barrow and Forbes case >s Mill going on. How ever, the house has behaved at Tepic in such an intole rant manner that the sympathies of foreigners are on the other tide. TV Maiiltary Rrgmlatlona of ((unntlne. visit or ?n boakd or health and commis HI0N1H8 or KMIdltATlON. The Board of Bealtb, the Coniwiamonors of Emigration, and aeveral of the public authorities of this city and Brooklyn, paid a visit yesterday to Dr. Thouipioa, tbo JJeatlb UlUcer of tbe port In compliance with an iavita Uoo from that gentleman. It wa? for the purpose of af fording thtf Board of Health and ObMmisatamar* of Etni (ration an opportunity of reali/inc tbe actual condition of iliiuit* at Quarantine, that Or. ruimpjon invited them to vialt him yi#terday. Among ' .1 visiters were Mr. -"imeon Draper, Mayor Ball of Brooklyn, la; tain PtiUbui) , and several of our city authorities. The whole com|>any, after partaking of a ditner that would have done credit to oar beat hotel*, indulged In tbe un' il nmoau. of to**' seutimeuts and apeecfc making. Altogether Ihey bad a pleasant day of it. When the speech 111ak.1v ever, tbo visiters proceed ed on board a -teambo* . which had been engage 1 for the occasion by !>r. Thorn peon, and which took them aj far a-" (Jra ?eod Day, where they aa?r the obuoxioua v mania lying at tba distance of three quarter* of a mile f.iim tbe ahora. Tliey also saw tbo ituat of Infected vasaul*. which extend In a long Hue In front of the Quarantine Hoapttal, and which have been wisely place*! at u safe <11 -i.iuc o from either ihore. Tin Doe' or says Mia tues'ly annoyed hy a cIm* of boatmen who are constantly ying about these vessels waiting for a chance to convey the paaaaagara on sbore. fie ha* matfelroqoent comi alnts to the lower civil oourt* In regard to this matter, but the pen* iy, which U a di.e ufa few dollara, Is mi seldom Indicted, that tt Is entirely Ineffectual uami an* Of prevention. Ho regard* thu a* a iralh r of vital importance to tin health of New York, a* the i'- rape of a sialic intectr< ??tioo in thla way wo'ild endanger the healrii of tii- a nolo city. A(Ur a r - id g'ao' e at tb? long array of vessel* at i|uaraaUtie t ie steamboat landed the company at Cattle (.anUii. IM strut 1 1 vi Con fl aeration at Xiwark, Jf.J. KUTKEN Hl'lLDIKOa I>K?T?OTKI>? ACCIbkMT* TO FlltKMKN. | from the Ktwark Advoitiaer. July lg.) The moat destructive lira watch haa Mnrnd la thin * .iy tor a long titne. broke out about noi a to day la riontb Br wire street, nnd a nautrie ?uW*n nldu gx ? moxtly ? mall ten iat hoaaaa. I me Hreman waa ?ei 10 *ly injuriM bv tba fall. i t of a chimney, and the noat ot the Are and sui waa #0 ir tense that two more were prostrated from tlnu ?M The los* ia est' mated at irom ?'.?On to flu, 00)) ? mostly Insured. The tire broke -mi in a Mils at No. 22 Asatli I' ridge street, owned by John A. Miller, haviog MMf 'irigtnated from Urea which the chlklraa la Stephen s court were n the habit of making i< ar the Nial i io. From tbe stable the Ore crnnmumeaMil with t-trplien'a court, <ompri-in? e'evea two -tory framo bunding*. * Inch were destroy ed. From ' ihiko, two two story trame buildings, No*. am :i0 s^nth Bridge streal, took fire, and were totally deti )*ad. Two two -tory rrame building* on the opposite of Front street m?t? also ? on-uined. The butldi Igs -Hcphns court were oocnpb'd mostly by Irish an I Her i MaMr, wlio barely escaped with their Uvea and pro i> . Th > lomces in J*OMth Bridge stnet were oocupteu by James Maii-tleld aao Uwriaw Meiiuire, and owne | i y John (I. ftepheas. Nna 4b ?nd 4a Front sir. rt were aooaptod by MeH?r ? Frederick /ollicoder and iMri Sshatder. til owo ed by l be Lime and Cement Comi>an> . l/>** about tl.i* ); fully insured. The three story Iranm butMHag A ?. ) Boutb Br'Jga strert, occnpi, d u'jr Mr. l efr 0. Johi -too. nf Kew Y ark, and ?*?el by John A. Miller, wat also slightly baraed. 'Boll were fniiy insnriii, The bat Id trig No 33 M 'lth Bridge rt'Wl waa nightly damaged It the Hal. Tbo total kwa i? abmit tTjiOO, of whieh a larg? portion wa in^nre<t Thirttwa of the b illdings aero owned hy John H. Htephens Mm., *ho Is insured fhr #"i,5;Vi, as M lows ?New Jersey ftl.lMi, and Newa'k Katual, U.-ltM The llreniea were s-non on the <poi, a ad notwith landing tba eweastva heat of the day . wi rtfcl maafnllir lor the safety af the pm|? rly. Several ?f Uie flremeo, however were serl< ufly in.iured hy Uie lalllng of the building aou the tuat ei' the sun. A member ol No. 6, named Kobert Rivera, was str ieh In tbe back oy the falila*.- of achim-ey from No. 46 Front street, and injured ?o aerloi. ,ly he was Carried home. A inenilier ol No. 1 named Johnson, and o( Ho-o No. 1, n.imed f'harlea W. ?'rana, werasan 'track, and eon v eyed to neighboring houses, A woman waa also ?nn -trm k in tba vteinlty Tlie lira raged with almo-t unabated fury for about three ho tr and made an almost Insufferable heat Tbe flremen, nevertheless, were steadfast, though they were some what delay*) In ob airiiBg wtler, which was brought la a bro from the rt\ ?r. In relation to the origin of th? flre we bava two state ments? one that It was cau-ed by smoking a pipe in the i- table, and the other? that the little < hildron of the neigh boring tenant* were in the habit m building bonfires in the court, agiinst which they had ropeatedly beoo war sad. .frraejr Cltjr 5lrwa. DK4T* rwtnt 9n ? At noon, yesterday, a man, named Thomas llayea, In the employ of Breeia k Knee land, of Jersey City, fell in Railroad avenue, near Warren (treat, upon tba railroad track, from tbe effect* of tha heat, sad died aorm aflera *d*. He was unwell the day pre\*o it, and indiscreet'y ? xjwseU hliatelf to the hrat >f the tun. Krt ct rr^?^ Mmrder In Broadway. TKE A8aAa8iN? cobonkk'.s inqcmt. THO particulars oft most Toul and cold blooded murder have Just come to light. Bartholemew Burke, the porter in the tailoilng establishment of Mr. Bamuel Joyce No 878 Broadway , corner or White street, was found brutally murdered yesterday morning in the store or his employer The deceased was in the habit of sleeping lu the store, aad is supposed while he was lying in bed he was attacked and murdered. About half past 11 o'clock on the night previous deceased was seen sitting at oae of the side Wln. dows in White street, and seemtd to bo convening with LTD,7 .m ?rpo6He 10 him- 71,0 app'? keeps the stand at the corner of Wblto street and Broad q'!'UJlP0i"ive sbe 8aw deceased talkiug to this "ttbe bour ,bo*0 meutio-ed. The doceosad was never seen alive after this. Who. the wo.kmen and clerks in the employment of Mr. Joyce went to the store yesterday morning they were astOLuhed to t'nd the door ocked. They knocked loudly, i>ut no signs of lire within could be discovered. The door was then forced ojien, when, to the surprise or all, a large pool of blood was discovered on the floor quite close to the bed or deceased. Drops of blood leading to a closet or ai te room off me main store were then followed; on opening the door they were horror stricken. On the floor, in .corner near the wash basin, was the ?, ';ed body of the port mangled and cut in the most shocking manner. The en tire room and walls were covered with bloud, in drops and large clots. The deceased's throat was cut almost from ear to ear by some sharp instrument, while on right 8lJe of forehead was a fracturo ct about six inches in length, evidently produced by a largo pressing iron which was lying within a few feet of the eor|*.., u ! covered with blood. The gold watch and chain usually worn by decoai >d oould not be round neither could the keys or the store be round, showing cvl' dently that the murderer had locked the door after making Lis escape, and had* taken the keys along with him. The bank book or the deceased was also and it is supposed to have been stole by the murderer. Ti e large table in the warerooms used lor tailoring purposes was stained with blood, and marks or bloody fingers upon its surface could be easily discernible. On the cot or bed or deceased was fouad the scabbard or a sword, while upon a case or goodj some twenty reot dis taut was discovered the sword iUeir. The wespon was covered with a bloody cloth, but it did not bear any stain of gore at all. Tlie i.'cneral appearanco or the room in which the mur dereii man was found was truly sickening, and was enoufch to make the stouten heart quail. The deceased ? ithout any clothing except a linen shirt, lay in a cranni ed up position in a corner iormed by a set or bureau drawers aud the side Wall or the building. The lees Th?h?aU! 1U 'I10 entiru bodjr was co,rered with blood' fhe hands were closod. as If death had not taken ,, lace without some violoat struggle. The throat was cut in a been ? ra*?ler.' /he gash iuliittad must liava i^fr ? , Ju Fa m anJ abo,it an inch and a hJL .'UU' The 'lcshover 11,6 left ^lar bone and m close prox lty to the neck was cut i seveial placc.; with seme sharp instrument. The wounus appeared to have been intiicted with a razor. Further down aad imn.n iliatcly over the ?houlderblado were severo bruises .ls it made with a dull but heavy weapon. Across the'en tire forehead, about three or four inches above the eves was a fracture of tfce skull, produced by the !harp ed^5 or some instrument. The laree aud square end or the ' ?r. *<osc,' called hjr tailors, would have u J KUcb a ; ?clur?> M it wii3 covered with '! pr.f l',m',tion u ^ fho blow upon the skull WK given witti this iron. The fojo of ^ecewod was somewhat contorted, but, strange to Sky, mere was * itr'le as it were u|*?n the ghostly countenanc e of tlie murdered man The rijrlit eye was blackened and hall closed, while tho left one was uninjured aud wide open. At the feet of the corpse waa a wa*h basin, in whicu was found a broken tumbler A large pool of blood encircled tho body, while above it upon the wall, for aett-ral yards arouud, were Urici stains of gore interspesed here and tt with small spots or blood, as if produced by the wouu ? i the neck. It la quite evident .iiK the death struggle t 4. place here for u crytluug Jfvlvtvviif presence of The left hanu of U'O u?vO.. M was ctll la tliilereut places with a knife, showing conclusively that lie mailo D (Issoorata eHort to preserve his lire, but unhappily wlthoul effect. I lh.w^l*re*U ,r"^0r,i ln ^ rooln WOTe foand open, and the content oi the same, including cloth ..ij, wer < a 1 turned upside down. No d?Mj?v western could b? sm oodi int ^ " rOOIn 0r aboul tbe rremi.-.M, VXr,lH tt? , referred to above. Neither to "he rront door fo* ^ ?' ^vtred loading knock at the store door aliout 10)i o'clock on tho mulii in question, and tbe party was adu.itted by the deceased as ir he was a fn,nd his. Alw that tho JS soon afterwards went down stairs and piocir.-d a pitcher No clue has yet Wn obtained to the perrvtrator of tho l.orrid deed, although Uie .?txtb ward |k>Uco uvi beeu UMi,g every e>.-rtion to ferret out tht murderer and clear up the mystery surronndtng the < iwe. for in d ^ lhfl l'ml''oyment of Mr. Joyce for more th in 10 years, aud was highly ctoemed lor his honesty and mild disposition. * 'oventory of the goods was taken by ths clerk i of the store, but strange to -ay, not a dollar's worth of property could be found missir g. Mr. Joyce, on finding that one ot the hank Ixwks was jnt-fing, sent one of his clerks down to tho N-amm's itank with instructions to*have any per n arretted who might ????, tbe boojrfor U,e pur??c * ? w?vtn^ l' 1*?. .'4 ?fcount "> *he Chamber 1 street Saxings Ha?ik, but the l>?nk I took, we under^mnd ?f iha? institution. The .1^ ea-e<l bad a-w *MC aved up It supno^ th Zi been stolen from his trunk^Te w? m the habit of keeping sums varying from *20 to *,0 1U L m i ""rc',ll"< ,m* "othiug more thau a rew smiill silver coins could be discox ereii e.JLln,r,,|*k?.h^lD?t "?7' rl"*'1 of ?" {h* valuable, it contain- d. Wune clean lm?n cloth ng belonging to one Of Mr oyce s ..stumers, *ni| wbleh bad b?eu Jeutto bis care by tbe washerwoman, w<w? g and to hire bwn meddled with 1 he bundle had lint untied and Mr tlU,, "hl ^ ^ bSiTuken froi ' ? -h V? fo0,,,, ,U th' P?ro?l yesterday .^T,"'Jr.., Tb<'. *" "rdarer proliably put on ono or two of Mils i sent leman a shirts, so as to l,i<le tho stains of Mood whtrh woukt nece sarily bt u|?n bu linen when eng.iged ?ii h ' prm ? ? . . 1 1 . ? ^ (-0fyi r "*fer> wan noutled of the occerrenee, and toramrDnil to Invivtigiu tie cm# 2 ?;,,n?-il a.-tsted by l>rs. W^)o aad re ..on, pro < ?Ml.'d to make a post mortem exaakMtoa of 'tutbodv The labor was MMhnl' ' -.'ten ? ? result, as c?tr atrd to "ir r,.p,,rt,.r . TLV?" b- Ihoirtt an., flesedon I M" - ? t the rikii. i.'k was MM M irds were fou?d on the bs.A of ,hs left lund r,e wound Ike throat was st* inches long, cutting across th " left rsrMMi artery and luguUtr rem. Fiftt^n Inrisxl w. amis ? , ,k H"' acu'p- in k'n*th from one Ibres ii h-s, alio' whs h extended to the bone. I" >? t of t ,.e skull was rmctured, extending ,h" i ' .(? ? k md eye The-e ?,'-n ?u ???" sboul. -r. also two deep f*..1' oae long woaad. three iachealn lersth, o\ pt tbe lolt orbit. The wound la the thr<mt wss dJn' ih hi M U,r,,,,t ?f * knlff' ?oi by m rrlv 'h0, W* ?h? neck. Ike iy?rie. on tho ne. slioalder wi>r? produced by ? k. fe. v ihJ lTT . O '' """ h TMlhMmor T ri ,,p"n ",r "?! werr. '? lf,e opinion ih'tdV:,":; I Wl" ?,v* th*1r '??stimony in the ewe to TUB CORONRH'R tltqrKST. AN Mt 'J o'clock P. M , Coroner Conaery procecle l to take ti?, ti'-iiuioay of several persons in regard to tbe horrible or, urreoce. The In,, nest took idac^ In Mi. Joyce's salrsroi m, In the presence of abo.:t i do? n i?r sens. Tbe lollowing evidence was adduced yesh- Jay ? TR?TI*OXT. ItaC? heing duly sworn, says ?I reside at Sn. lis l-J?st .NUM-Iith t.ert. lis. tho|om< w Hurl,, de <l. wate?p^ed by me as porter m my smakM ' ' " " ? ' Bro* ?? he waa amptoy' f bj m t > Un years, la was a temperate man, except on certain rivr %N I rrnt ? "P***' he slept oa a cot m aw .VT' V "!W,> J Sl' 1 1 " ' M; r I ?-k,d aw him In the store last evening about H u o'clock iie was tb. n perteetly ,ob-r this morning, , ,, ? , ?H k | while at my MMM 1 heard that SnMi was dead ' . V to the store and found -he b^y tvlng" on tl ?? rut, ? d- n Hi- mner ro<.ni. co\ e<l with bi.sNl aw that the ibriml was cut. an>i thai tl ,r? were sere al un-l?# as .1 rroin s k dfe or sharp lustrum n* on 'ne - . ri,.c n i1"8 h,>r' wHh I ?Lih?S7 V ro,,? whlch roun<' covered ' j ihrro w ii, a ^ ? ?- j 1 ?* '> '? ?''???'? > ii",' . ,| i wh,|, ? . rijSr?s"?5S t ,1,11 II, Vl.t*. '"J, l'"' hor.ible spectacle I don . know Xt ! enemy In the wrld, deceased hat . ' . f *n his irni.k wss found unlocked, I ,|n?rt know wl T w"|k money or trinkets sway, his trunk w m ^ rived . I . ,d an order to ihr . CT, *b ' ' " to theft, anion's n,|Dk \ 1 ;>s tije ' tin era Ml la ftva ? I air.rev v . ' , ' leg them o. the aad occurrence 7 ' DC' 'U"1 mfor,n William Wat wm, being duly sworn depo erf it,.. k? I vrd St s;; Ml, ,-, Wer -.reel ! , nip);, h" as his for, uti I knew I . .| t? Lm?m , ^ ,? .t ' ^ plr j men, - Mr. Jje. (kf 3SSL y^A" he'^^r mnn. and was employed as ^rt^r as I left the smTm evening, about 7', o'clock, I ,?w "tuVTl kLe27J2? ? ? : ? ? tJJ: : ?'*f IHi-haw, m kttovkS I

tfce door bir/-??ir; T #ae the ' ?nter the store this morning; whin I Jamo to t ..<? >.* ! knocked, but re ceived bo toawcr; ' 'hen t ' i . i smith to have the door opened; Wfcen le cam .? 1 the door; the in eide door wu \. nl(xkuiid'jil open; it i* '<-> .illy locked; when I entered the rov^m the first thiug I ?: vered was blood upon the tloor aaJ on the cutting lx\. 1 , I then looked at the cot where 4etv<?#ed slept and < a the sheath of it sword lying upon it, U ww jtai < , covered witli a quilt; there wan blood i*j the bod> < ; I iheu passed the edge "I i be cot, througL i'jb left I id 'oor leading to the dressing room, aud beheld u fright' pectacle; deceased ww lying on lus right atide .'n tliu i.gat Land corncr of the room , there was u frightful g.V in tho neck, while the tloor ail around the bo.iy was .^verted witu blood: I left th<. store in charge ofI>r. IIu< n tud Mr Kach, aud i:et ling i prd'ceinan gave hiin ctik rga of l ii? premises; I heard the an>le woman on the cormr of Whir! street and Hroadwa) cay that she saw some one sitting at tin* win dow along with deceived, at 1I o'clock last night; I don'l know who opened deceased's trunk and carried oU bis vatch and trinkets: the keys that opened the store door * .'re missing, and hav not been fo.iud since; there were three keys or the ring t *ro of them are gone; 1 heard Mr. Oabellas' girl say that oho heard some one knocking tor d< ceased at the store door, about ten o'clock la t r.:?'ht sl.e said that this man wuru a drab coat; 1 know nothing more about the occurreucj. Honora Leahy, being duly sworn, fays ? I Hve v.-iih Mr. Cabellas, up 'stairs, oi: tho third iloorof house No. 378 Broadway; I liav ? lived in the houso about twelve month.- I kuew deceased; he was a temperate man; on cp or t? ce I saw tlie > cug of llqnor upon him; I saw huu last evening: i hrlicve it was about 10 o'clock; he '.en standing out-ide the store door; I was going to Taylor's, to have some ice cream, and asked him to*come along, he said he would lake some when I came back; when 1 returned the a >re room was looked; at o'clock, as I was going to tho grocery store, 1 saw a man giving three raps at the door of the store; he was a ' )w sized man, with a straw hat and drab cout; the mau I saw last evening was, 1 think, the same person who was with defeased ou Uh of July lost; I think I heard hiui call John. William Mars, being duly Rwf> i, deposed 'that ho lived in White street. op|)osite Mi yce's store; at 10)? ' o'clock, on the night in question he saw deceased sitting at the window: there was nobody with him; the room was dark: ho w:e then tinning himself. J.ouis Siebeohiemer sworn, deposed that ho was the barkeeper in Kionder's Saloon, underneath Mr. Joyce's store; I knew deceased for about seven months, last night about eleven o'clock, a mar came into th" bar room, he w?? about live feet live Inches in height, .ther at, red face, red whiskers, which did not come up to his is; he wore a light colored coat, and .straw < Komi ith hut; ho asked me if I trusted; I told him I di tot, but gave h'm a drink, and bo came bock and r . ' me; ho then said, won't you treat me now? I told I 1 ne ver trtated behind the bar, only when 1 was of tho house; lie then said, give me some ham; < t I liim to take some, which Ik did, and he then to knj'o with liitn: if I saw the I would be ab iontify him. (The witne-s here gave a description ? uife stolen by this stranger, auu mac u a drawing oi atno upon the inquest palters.) Kllen l'ollnian b- ug duly sworn, deposed that ' j lived in the house No. 3 A Anthony street; 1 knew do. -ased; I saw him last night at eleven o'clock: I was sitting at my apple stand op|ioelto the sto-e window of Mr. Joyce's store, in White street; I saw two men sitting at Mr. Joyce's window; docea-ed was one of tho men; he sat on the left hand side; be had a glass of beer in his haud; I c< uld not recognise the person who was sitting along with deceased; deceased some days previously told me that he had aouie angry words with one ol the boarder's in Ids home, but that he had settled the difficulty since. The case wuj bore adjourned until 10>? o'clock this morn lag. Know Nothing Coagrtuloakl Conventions. By an order from the State Know Nothing Council, the subordlxate Council* in thi> city were instructed to ap point Are delegates each, to attend a convention in their respective districts, for the purpose of selecting a candi date for Conj/'ess to be voted for next November. This early action was taken in order lo get the start of tiie republican*, who, it was feared, would be in the Held be fore them, and perhaps select men who would 'aw oil a good maDy Know Nothing votes. This at lint li the reason given for their early action. THIRD CONdRMPlONAL DISTRICT CONVENTION. This Convention, composed of delegate* from tho Fir-t, Second, Third, Fifth and Eighth wards, assembled at th?. corner of Greenwich and Puane street*, tioorgj Barney, ' oftho Filth ward, was called to the chair, and C. I>. Wyn coop appointed as Secretary. After the submission aud acceptance of credentials, the Convention unanimously oencladed to keep the reporters out, as it d' J not it action 10 lie known just vet. After a long ilisvi^jvu, jt , wm decided to pd louru the m.'iuiuatiou until Utf Ml in Pe'ploftilief. Tho following tlcmeu were mentioned iu connection with tho nomi >n : A.J II. Duganne, of the Eighth ward ; < S T .ppan, of tho Fifth ward ; Willi* Blacks tone, of tho ?>' ?? ward. Guy B. l'eltou has rome mend.", but his vote >r Uank< and Ms alWiation with the republicans are agaiuat liim. Dauiol L'llmau is ulto taled ot Ft'UKTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. The 'egates of the Fourth Congressional distr.ct, com prising the Fourth, Sixth, Tenth and Fourteenth wards, met last evening on the corner of Broadway and LU penard street There W J n full attendance of delegate* present. Wi?!iam i'ernn, or the Sixth ward was chunen ChhTDan. An understanding was arrived at to keep the prt ceding.* ,*rci'*f bi t we learn that no auminattos was iiiade, ncd iVy ad.'ourned over to the tirst week of September. Catrrimatet. were not in nomination, bnt it would be naelcas to mention nuiuos, as they embrace all the Know .Nothing politicians In the dl- ' 'let. FIFTH CONORHFMONAL Bi ritlCT. IVlegatA rrom the Seventh ward of this city were to have met with delegates from the wards thai r >mp<>-ed the former city of Williamsburg, las. ii'ght. at 4M(>raud street; but owing to some misunderstanding, no formal meeting tcok place. SIXTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. I e meeting of the delegates of the Sixth Congress!. .nil ? i. ukt, comprfe in# tbe Eleventh, Fi.teeuth and Seven teenth wards, era-) held last evening, at M'litary flail, 1*7 'towt-ry. All tbe delegate*, excepting one from the Kk venth Ward, were present. There was some contro \er?y as to tli ? ehi Ion 01 u chairman, biit It nnally ter lull up il in the choice of Cyrus T Onm way, ot the levet'teeMh ward. The names of the various candidate which the delegates from the different warli 'lesire l to put iu tj "initiation were canvassed, and it was found that there were soase half do/.ea a |>lriiig to tho dignity of re presenting this district at the nat">nal c-ipiUl It l?eing i t. lerstood that in tbe remaining dtstrists no nominal. >n i w-"ild prolwbly be nn le on tni. < Mtat an adionrn without any deiiu ie action took pu?e, to the tirst v ? ? ? in Sepu nu>?r. SKVENTII 00MUMMHA1. DISTRICT. i the Seventh Congre-sional district, comprising the N ? Sixteenth and Tw cntieth wards, the Cou.eut.uii j ?Her . protract* d session, extending to near midnight, re edlnr In making a nomi ration The Convent.^a c -!?? i ot iifti -n delegates, tcing fl\ e from each of the w%ri!? tbe district. The principal candidate- were Hon. < rge ilrigg' Councilman S. Hopper, am. a ?rwn by lh< isme of Join Bullock. <>n tbe sixth balk I Mr. Hnliork liad eight votes twing a msjoi ity of one an l was Setkroi tht nominee of the Convention. Coasnle. able llsmtisfc. n? wis maiiife- by the <row<l in the street on the announcement ot tbe result, several Know Nothing declaring that tbe> would blow their can<ti..'.i " In, he than a kite." tnir re|iorter wae nnaiile toasn .*? tain *ho Mr John Bullock was. orwliat was hi- business, except ha; ho wa* a young man. and lived la the Twen Meth ward. A pauy of stripling.-' gave three chcrs for "Young America"? -the middle ,.ged men damned ? > e Con vention ? the oiu men shook toetr heads, and wit.i Umss various RVrUiltestatlons tht crowd dispersed. RIWRTH COX?WCRSK>??AL DISTRICT. The Kno N. things of the K'jh?h C 'agrees' <nal its trict, com' islMg the Twelfth. Eighteenth, N ?toentb. Twent' flr ' and Twenty second ward', met to Coaven lion a he corner of Broadway and Tireu . second ?treet, -?t evening, for tbe purpose of nominal n % can delate i r Coagrrsi. There was a full delegation wnt, and an animated ilneussinn lock place, \>lnch r a te<. In a u -cl-ion not to make any nomi wHoi at present, Out to wt . awhile and watch tbe signs of the i nies. tRf'W KOTHINO ST* TR COCWt'IL. Gov. Is: J i ? iver was elected delegate to th Ameri can Stale (kMi.uil mm the Seventeenth ward Inst evsnaf. TO THI 15 n (TOR OF THE HFRAI.D. N*w York, Jnly Ik, ISM. T)*.*r Pir ? Will ) i u lie so kind to announce in your to morrow's Isewe the alterr tf ftir the Fourth Assembly district (Fifth ? id > to the ',1'fWI Convention at Ar not S)>enee, and obi g* your', vc.. ARNOT flPENCE. Police Intelllnenre. DlSRIf At. OS ' UAf.lR or FpRC'ST aoai: T Jorv n. Lsvr mrR ? Tbe charge made bv Alfred Carson against Jolio B. lev erlch was investigated before Jnstic ? Flandreaii yesterday, md the ease dismissed. C<tRS**Ttos.? Nr. Patrick Mattiews, whe was eagazed in a pistol fight with Stephen Wilson a few erenlt gs ago, request* ns to say that when convicted of the Tatumany Hall riot be was not sent up to tbe Penitentiary. Coroner*' Inqnesls. ArnT>*.TrAt Prowxih:.? An Inquest wrs held by Coro ner Hills ujon i le body of a hoy, nine years old. ramed Mi< liael Callah a, who was drowned while plsylngon the pier at the foot of Clinton street. The de? ased lell over board. and was drowned before assistan e c uld be ren dered him. Verdict, "Accidental death." Deceased was ? ative of New York. Tb 1 1 ? rneos Bivgn T. it soAfv Acrrngsr? Coroner C>a nery -oncladed the In ?st upon the body of Anna Barry, ] the woman who was tocked down and killed by one of the llndson River Railroad cars on Wednesday evening last. The jiflvjanlered a verdict eienlpat ng the dri, sr ft. at all blai^Pwthe mutter, but censuring the compaay tor ?tt haying bettor brakes on thg car iu i<te?ttcft City Intelligence. C OKTIKCATIO N Of HKAT^D TKKJI- -TBh' UOTTB ST DAY or THE SSASi X, KTC. ir It is true that figure* ilon't lie, yoeter*. 'a7 WM the hottest dsy wo have experienced in Njw Vwk ."'mo July *, 18" 9. The mcr.ury at tue IIkiuld vtBc?. during Uie warmest portion of the day, marked a* follow* i 10 A. M 94 degs, 2 P. M .90 de^ 12 M ?? ? 3 " m " 11*.* W " 6 " i)8 ?* Tli 8 was m the codeet place ifl the <Hit?rii?i roouv, ?>r wheaever the sua entnre> the- wlndo ' the mercury r.i up to 100 (t- <j. ; aud in t l:e street to ae&n Neat nxiM have been from 100 to 1 > The x are bO^li tttfurse ; but though Ihermoxietric, hie other number*, do 1? most ??grrgioujly, *c are conv.nced rh?r f ey hI.ows abojR the truth. Oj a wars day evr y ono ls? us ut t emo fiiMirite thermometer, but the figure* are fot*d to vary from .wo to four degrees. This la due io aul stances adjacent! to the thermometer, some ot vklcbut more liable to ab sorb and reilect bent than others. T'iub i? black "r gl?*ed surface will be wanner thai porosis or l:g' t c lorcd one. Therefore, do aot role ou every ther mometer lor a true .nlicatlon of the temperature. B<u' that it was Intolerably and outrageous;y warm, no one will deny wi ?> exjierlenced the fervid hea* of the day. Country i" pie can have no idea of the beat that oppresses iho* . mo are >'eat 'ni d clo;; ?rs dim tn 3 proat cit ? 1'he llei/ rays are recocted b<4ck from the hot ,-tom pavements and from the windowa, an 1 the little <*>nd that la watted up from the Bay hasn't a chance to perform its gratetnl office, on account of the houses. The Vat was exceedingly severe on bUs psor laborers who were ex)>c cd to its effects, us will b* i?u by the inquests gi en h ow. The- hf. es also Mftred, and many of them were prostrated b io heat, aud fell deml in the street. This heated tei uommeDced on Friday, the 11th inst., and It has b. gradually getting warmer, reaching the climax, ltistol?i hoped, yesteiday. Coroner Counevy held an inquest yesterday, at t)>e Sew York Hospital, u/m the body of a numed William For?., who died from the eHeets of the heat. Verdict, " Iieath from covj tewiml." IN-coasod wad thirty Ave yea t of age. and was a uativ* of Ireland. Tux Im mdathxn tx Fltorca.-? The commit*. ?o of French residents organised for tho relief of the Juill'erers from the Inundation in France, held a meeting at Delinonlco'.?, corner of Beaver and Wi'.iiam streets, thi3 morning, and decided to remit the sum already olleated, about S3, 000, to the General Committee of Pmj, t? be ttatribrted un der their direction. The committee was then disbanded, and will hereafter act with the Seneral Committee, com posed of the Chamber of Commerce, French residents aud American citizens. The Treasurer of tho Joint Committee for the relief of the sufferers by the late Inundations in France, acknow ledges the receipt of the following subscriptions:? Amoui.t before reported $2,816 00 Wm. B. Astor 260 00 G. II. k C. W. Foster 250 00 Brown Brothers ? Co 100 00 S. Von IlolVman & Co 100 00 "lhotna- Hunt loO 00 Wm. \V. r<e Forrest i Co CO 00 WllmerdlBK, Hogt t Humbert. 60 00 Fau?haw, Millikea A; Towuheud 26 00 Freeuian & Bright 26 00 J. II. Brown k Co 60 00 ilenry W. F. Mali 60 00 George S. Stephenson 26 00 Cash, 6 00 Daniel l,ow 26 00 Samuel Tack wood 20 00 >. illiam Brand & Co 26 00 Mitchell & Pott 26 00 J. B, orjuau. Johnston >v Co 25 00 John (iihon & Co.. . 26 00 Jacob I.. Kay 26 00 Lord & To}' lor 16 00 Kl'.ery k Oibbous 25 00 Babcock Brothers X Co 60 00 Iftrd & GiUitan.., 100 00 MoUer fc. Rierd 26 00 Rii h*rd Bell k F. U. Grain 53 oO Zipey Brothers 25 00 A. A. Lew & Brothers 200 00 W. B. Criuby 6 J 00 Hobert 23 00 Joe*{>fc Maiker 2."> 00 (^?h 6 00 Cat. h 5 Of Kngan K iUzii1 25 00 W. Mackay 26 00 i/oboi?. JvUV,?. fc\.knowle?.gcdbefcre 1^0, 2d ub. 70 00 J. C. EiaL'n; utsch 10 00 With ar F.i's comi>Um.?U 10 00 l ittle. Alden A Oo 26 P0 ( harles Congrelve k Son 10 00 Fetlows fc Co 10 00 Coo|>er ii>. Fellows 10 00 C. DoriJtCo 10 <?Q J O . Baser A C'0 10 ^0 Cash .* 6 00 James Xiemarest 60 00 Morton A Uriunell 60 00 Total 96.06C LEWB CI RTIS, Treasurer, ITS Broadway. Tirs Ar? AtR at tbk Jl kt?oix>lit.' .< Horn.. ? We are re quested to publish the follow .01 account of the assault of H'li-hrod W. Vick, of Baltimore, formerly of North ( Jiro htn. on Jacob Star. wood, of Ma? achusetts, at the Metro poliUa Hotel:? Mr. Vick was an .ill mate personal frieod n< Hon. PresUra S. Brooks, -and was engaged in a pohti rai conv er.-atloti with a casual acquaintance, wbos? nam. Mr. V. does no. know, when tile gentleman with whom he was converting spoke of the Hon. Mr. Brooks m a Coward and a scoundrel. Mr. V. requestel him to with draw the i Large, at kast in bit presence, P r Mr. Brooks ? a- Uls per-onal 1 1 icnd , he V e w him not to be a coward, slid l.e Lad proved himself tr be a man of c ourage on ok re MMM than one. The gentler.tan objected to withdraw. ng his churge, when Mr. V. remarked, cursing him. that lie held him | erMiiiali> respMuibta, and ban led hni Irs i ard. The gentleman repil > I tHat lie ?r? - not ac rt;-tcmi d t the mo.te of settling their ditllrilty sug tinted by N Tick, and that .ie was not a lighting man. '. inn it ui' that Mr. st.inaood, his friend, latufft red, and the ri lit i" known. The naiue ol Kd. U. Haywood, Fsq., ?on ol the li Senator Haywood, ol North Carolina, lias been coupleo With tlii' alljir. ills only connestion with it w;.s n-< the counsel and legal as well as frindlf a4vls?r of Mr. \ ;< Ptanwood I. as Instituted proceedings against Mr. v . foi i tuages, and Mr. V. h.u given the uectsu>ary bail. Joh% Mrrmmm Cnram ? I/hs have been pur chase! >t the corner of Fifth avenue and Twenty -sixth ?reel tl.e majority of the Trustees of this church. 1 1 e lots will cost *48.000. There is a surplus of $16,000 In the funds of Ihe old church, and the property Is eeti ir ited t<> be worth Itt.'XW. A mlnorHy of the Tm'tei'S o4.po-e tlii* s< Hon and the majority are unable to s-ll the pro|s-rtT in con?cijtieBc * of a stay o* pr^ceeitn^s being crilen- ' tiy the Co nt. There is much feeling amongst members in relation to this matter. Das . i or Bitiv IUs ow ? ?t?u.xok Miirtatitt ? A man snown as Btiiy Harlow died at the house 91 Issonard street yesterday, after ?n lllne * of but fifteen minutes. TUr iow wan one of the mo.- 1 notorious cr minals known to tlie PoU< ?' IiepsrtBeut. He was about forty years of sge, and bad serve-i ml rt| "ate. , terms of imprisonment at P-t g Sing. He had a number of aliases, and so notori ous wa? he tliat he had often been arrests 1 on suspicion by the < '1 leers, though no charge ws< asain t him. as he was always certain 1 3 lie found m ome mischief He turned hiack immediately alter bis i. sib, and it may be that i holers ws he c? sc. Ti ers were ?#ve>rai other d> itbs of the pa t kind 4 enterday. A gentleman cams |o the ChieCi ofl ? Iste la?t night, and ulated t.iat a ser rait girl, hrlag "Itli him at Ift Nassau street, bad died m the ' oust, sftei . few nmutes illness, and turned hiitck im i %n r. It :.i..f have Ix-en the extreme beet, but it ks ?t like some vti uleut disease. Arrowstiox sjio M"*?os Lorwias, I. O. of O. f., of Pe tersburg Vs., will arrive in thl? c ty on Monday morn ing .ext. and while here will be the guest of Kureka lod e r tr will put up at tbii I'aion Hotel, Hudson ftre-t. an on Monday will vl>i? our city ln?t'tutlons, I- at aid l"imb. and Bi.i I Asylums. High Brid(?, A.i. i the ev u.og they will be received at the In Ige r'-itn of ureka l/' ge. A.-t"T place, and on Tuesday they will v'i?:t thelslsndc and public ni*t'tnii?in?. by the steamer irom the root id 8p ng street, at 10 A M. Brooklyn Cltjr Intelligence. ihk Niveral ca?e* of coup U tnliA ocrtnred In tl.ticity yc?terd\y, but n >nc dirertl fatal, cue m*n. a UIm r?r apparently, **-> pb Wed up by officer Ryrte, on the < orner of llaltic. anil Columbia ?treet?. He in ?uppo?ed to belong to the Eastern district. Ho ?u taken to tbr hotptbi'. and at last wtnnrH there wtrn ao pr?>5*ct? of his recovery. Ho I* ab >ut forty year* of apt . fire feet ten lrwbo? hi height and had on % blue un dershlrt and blue overalli. Another man was priitratM on the corner of Nassau ?troet and Hit i.?on avenue, but *or-n recovered aufliciently to be pronounced out of danger, Kihw.? lAst evening about 10 o'clock, a Are occurred at No 69 Ptoepect ?trtet, occasioned by the explosion of a Itatd l?mp. A woman named Robinson, who rerlden in the houte, * m severely burned. The dam.tfe to the prpjH-rty sbfbt. About the turn* time the pi" light in the shnw window of .Min r.. ftunntng* ?tor\ No in Filton munimted with some light good- atid destroyed about tSOO worth before the Amies coul be eitinfW'hed. Hume boum previous the stable ot John I' Mnhoney, rear of Rerg?n street, n> ar I'o'irt. was found to boon A bundle if ro*k-he? wa? 0>uPd where the llamea were >li?< itereil frcn f lveh it la pri-umed that it Wai the w ?rk of an incendiary. A*?ariT with a B' iK-M?tb*w Putin. wt?o ma\e* tils living by pe Idling lemonade abo?| Poutt) Brooklyn, *a? struck with a brickbat at the Atlanta T>*k ye?t<?r. dny. by wbHi he? tam-M a frvture >f the acuh. He w-? (icnycyeJ to Uu U.-,'WU by Uh Xluri duu .yt poU^f, ADDITIONAL FROM NICARAGUA. The Transit Company and Capt Tart ton, wt the Frigate Kury dice? The Transit Coa pany and the Htcarugaa t*ov?Tiiment. It ba? been lUtted Lor a that the interfer?mca of Captain Tarlcton, of her Bi.uarfc Majesty'^ frigate fEuryJioe, with the piu scugora who Treat to M.caragua, was not la ?cotsequf oco of any instructions from Mr. Cramptoa, bat f ?Olciy by roquet ot the Transit Company. It it cla.mad i now uy the frlenda of Walker, ti?t tb wta H cams were put up to make war against Nica the Vmr. I -rb'St party in the Transit Company, i >/m ,?/ had revoked | their ckiarter. These facts secutoba borne out by the telle win/ ']oci!rr.eiit ? [COPY.** Omit or ti'x / ->? ;oKT Tta* ?t Co. , > N*w Ye> Apr: -, ISfii. f Ms Bona BtRVAlX ? ;**? In addition to the instructions g ran to you with reference to thr- contpnuy praverty, . kavo father to add, tbat if the Walker 111'tiusvr* att. apt to employ force to rexue i?u I oat frutii yyir ; isacasiou, you are authored to ask I T the vtffl taucr of the commander e any tmn o(' v?ar of tier Sritncuic Majaaty'i n*ry in the >ort of. San Juan, to vrevejt each .?esoue. Vhc object of the TianntCoripauy .* to prevent accessions it fllij-viare to >\alk?rV force peul'.ng bis host' lines with Co-ita Rica, and to e.ftct this par poet no pa.m; must Lj spared or eff'irt leilruntriet. should au American man iX ? ar hafe reachcd the part with instructions an a^licat oa to ?./ of tier Majesty 'a oft leer* wil be u^tiecesiury. Unless ir.r boats -we soiled by the flliiuters on the Orizaba and CJw rle? Morgan, they cannot get into the intor'or and wilhoi.t large a xesaiuoa Valker must fall, and CVat* Ki a be .-a*ed. To this result her Vtyaty's ofti?:?r.? n Aiu J tan can materially contribute by protecting A aerican property ta tile manner iuuicated. 15'ouis, truly, (Signed) TBOS. I.ORC; Vice Presltaat. I hereby certify that the forego in ,s tli? g?n>i:n* sig nature of* Thomas Lord, J*q.. the V ce 1'pea.lent of Itae A'ccegfcory Transit Company ol Nicaragua. (Signod) t-jiacC L*k, Secretary. Walker and the Tranmlt Campany. KKrOKT OK THE COMMI.*nOMK*S TO APPKAISM TH? COMPANY'S PKOt'KBT* AN1> ASCK*TAIN III* W UEBTKDNKSa TO NTCABAfllTA ? INT' i>-""INO STttTlf* XlCf' T1IX COMMIcStO.HF.BS' HT AT . ? TUB COM* TANY IS br.BT TO * ALKtil TO ?VtK AMOUNT 0? ? 250 ,000, ETC., PTC. The Cotum if- oners appointed hy ? re c . the govern ment of Nicaragua. dated February 19. 18So. 'to ex .mine, ^liquidate and ascertain the Amount due by the A meet ^ Atlantic and Pacific Shi? Canal Coapany to theStata,"' beg leave to 3?Vnut to the govern meat the following REPORT. In pursuance of the authority itnpoeeJ by the dearea, the Commissioners pri-" dad at one.* to the discharge at the ? duties, causing to be seized forthwitu thr property b uging to the above named comyonies, and eutruMlag it to f esponitible i>ersons, to be held by them \> the pro^rers of the examination, and subject to the subae qu> i t order or this Board of Comta^sioners. In conformity also with the requirement of the seventh section of '.be decree, three competent person* were ay po'uU-d by the Commiasi mer? to naake a fan Mid juiit ap praisement of the property Reiaed by them vi tcunty ft* the imyment of the amount that may be ascertained to be tiue by the compaaies to the ^tate. The appointees ol the Board wore Capt. Jnaeph N. (tea, late agent of the Transit Company Senor Dolores Senna da', a^d Lieutenant Colonel Byioa Cole. Th-?e gat tlemen proceeded Immediately to fullll their r?> sjiousible tritHt. obtaining from the various agen cies on the Isthmus a schedule or inventory of the t eal a tid personal property on and connected with the line and business of the Transit belonging to t'oe com panies in Nicaragua. A thorough and diligent proaacn Uun of their labors enabled them to arrive at a fair and eqi iUvMe estimate of the value of tho whole property. The sum total of the valuation agreed up<? by the ap praisers, and reporteu to the Commissioners, atuounU 10 one Lund.-ed and s.xty one thousanJ one hundred and twenty nine dollars and tlveieuu. In this estimate la oot iuinc!uded the vac or the romls, piera, wharfs and other kindred loc&i improvements. T'ue Appratoen Ui their report to the Comtntis^ewe say . ?' We have patiently ciamlaed the entire pnparty the ' Amerivjn, Atlantic and Paciflc Ship Canal aad Acccssorj Iranrt' Companies, from Juan del to San Juan del Norte. Whenever wc have bven in doaM as to the preaent value or any portion of the property we hava oelkd In ablea-ivlce and asslsUnce." ImmediaUly mcceediug the publioaticn of the daeree ami killing the charter or the tro o-mpanie*. and the pre ' miniry action taken under It. the Ouaualssloaan ad v*ad iln, president or the A ce-sory Transit ConiNaay. in 4ew York, ortlie proceeding they had instituted, and forward ed at the same t m- a copy or the instrument of a i Ulri ca t loo. The same course was puiwd towards all the a<?ent? <* the comjany in Kicarsf* *ud a sultlcient time ?iieoa?d by the Com miss tonen , betkre the prosecution of the an amination, to admit of the reception of any statement or h dance from the company by which tU intaraate noKht be defanded, aud the Justness aud integrity ot its aclioJ vmdtcated. M the privilege or representing and decoding the interc-ts c his principals wa< given bv the decree to the agents in XUaragua, tho C-tumie s toners wet ?? anxious to afford any ravilitv in iwwer tl-at would enable thetn to t -averse the claim o. the go vetnnicnt, andjustlfJ", If possible, the alleged default ?t Mtmuse w is made within the ample time t 'orded -nor has since u made-to the communicailou ad dressed by the CoinnilsMOMr* to the Presideni of uie conitsiny In New York, and they ?"re . mntrained by considerations or duty to comply at once with ?>' no nt ol the g'lvernni' nt, and lacilitat? as promptly ae practicable the discharge of their respons.ble and impor ^'rii^'iierr'"' or the government suecinctly acts forth the reinoti- upon the basis or wt.W h the charter or the Iwe ci mnani. - was nnnullerl ; to which might be add*d Hhers otciualc geiry. revealed in tti- pr-gress of theeMmi natton beli re the Cotnmlfaioners. A? their duty, no* ever. Is roii On d rimply to the evaminaUon, liquidate^ snd a? ertsinnietit o' ih<> am"unt due by the compensate ihr PUtt, the luvtM fmltoti of ibo groun<U welesw# !*nfeiture pt^5k tied i&4 doclar^U in etrludrd fr??ni ?? pi <> vine e or their legitimate considerations The ( onak sicners, th-rerore, in th< prosecution of their labor*, have limited their iuve?tlgatiot.s to the requirement* imponed by tho decree, without regard to the importance or vn rtuua dvvel Jrenier.ts, affecting In other ways the good faith and irt grit* of the comiinies to the government. Art cle llf\h t f the amendeii and final charter zranten by tb* -IaU* to the two rotnpatiiwi, oMi'ilnj of the NfM Md now known ami d#*i?iut#<1 onlv A.ceesory Transit Comprny," d^ lsres the ag-eemeije and obitgnlion of the Ci.mpauy to p*y to the Htote ior their graut '? the following sums of money, via 1st. Taa thousand dollars, by dralt ou the said ...mpanv, in tM city of New York, as soon as this contract shs.f be r li lted by the legislature of the ^tate ad Ten thoua jd dollars at the expiration of one year from this same "i and ten thousand (h ilars earh year thereafter, until the t nistnlrtion of the CMil. . Af an aiilHotMtl reruepewt to the HUte, vcw it? ncm sion of privileges to the (Viqanv, or rather us the *~en^ tml ecu- id erst ion ol the grsnt, Arttcla \1. provides that " The State shall al?i r? eiva ten per cent of '.he n#e profits. Without any deduction of interest. oT any ronte wlorh the company may establish between tha twe oceans, whether it be by railroad or earrnag.' road, or by an\ other means or communication during the i welvn herein grsnte.1 fbr the construction or the canal." ' In the proseeutimt of their examination, based upon these p.oviatons and requirements of the charter, the C< mmissVuers m"t with numerous di!!)cuKle?, an I ao?e nt -tanllPg prommenee. . . .. .. . Article VII. ?f the grant imperatively declare* tnat ?? the said coin pan* shall he bout I to make and prov?nt an annual repmt snd see mint to the government of Nicara gua , aett ne lorth Ita receliita and expenditures, which rejsvrt Shall he cert.fted by the ,>r.jpernffl,ers nfthe resa - tiaiiv " In this essential duty and obligation lc the Slate. !he V0m,?.y has inexcusably hIM ; and tbe such necessary data, as provideit lor in UHs arti^ charter upon which the Commissioners coitl l pre-llcat their invctlgation. has be-n the irmtful tource of afUo* ,ng pcrpWxttv and embarrassment. Tt?e ??m?* erttcle irrnti^ ?'?o to the Htnte the nflH, through anv commissioners It may appoint for that pnr to ms'peci and at any tim ^^tha books of the contrary, ?<> sat .sly myseii of tha corrcctnaaa of said re C. IMS an<? ?gpen?mnrea " The remissness and fkult of the company have deprtrad the Cc mmlss>oe< rs of the oprs.rtunlty of availing them ?ives of tiii? inestimable privilege No annual state ment or account of the receipt", expenditures and condi lion of the company appear* among the archive* of the Mate- nor do the bt^ka ot tha comtaar. wlthia the limit* of the state furnish any appropriate or d -flnlte Idea w Ita rccritfe r* per tilt nrw and rwittton. ^o nbeolnte ha* iu negiect to C' uply with the provisions of arttcla seventh of the ch rter that but for vagrant and adveiti tioun so-.rces of formation, tha fommtsstoners woal! have been compelled to abandon the Investigation in af ter hop? 'essneas. The peraons who, In the earb?r years ol the existence of the company, were employed as arenta on the Isthmu- route had ceased to be reta ned m tfeir rc-peetive agene^.-had abandoned the r so?oum In the country? ard let. no trace or rawd latl^^?*wa ol the transactions toev anpervisetl and the Intcre-t* tney rroresen'ed Tl to ks. if they bad powessed any, and a, 'he record* a id memoranda relating |e ?he busliieen ,no ' wv Pon of the Isthmus Transit, leslcad of ??ag rrtnined in the offce* for the nsa and oaremeace rf h^ir, , to the agencies, and ' - nspertk* m anr time hv the fUi?l-sloners of the g< -ment V*e . H um - hr a .thnrdyt' to the company in New York, fro* tb: tuvnth u. A?| W. v?c '*? w "v