Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1856 Page 3
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ifEETIKEDSim RJ5IKWE* Ififft! IA1 ~ "vim wajlk. ; ( WIA -FOR HALE, TUK MOST ilF.AUTIFULl. \r\J\J . tiu. 1 ?|) ire erMM rMbtnil * id ooo/i ?r? saioou in tin , , iloiug a splendid business, establis *at years Af ply to HOwErt A CO., 84 Nassau street. Ann ?an interest in one ok the most 'iUuU. valuable. Inventions of the day to be sol I at no pnse sacrifice; 2V) per cent ran be made iu nix weeks, rr e given to engineers of the highest Mau ling. It only !) to b% seen to be appreciated. Address 8. M., box V91 otiice. ||/U\ -TOB SALE, A SPLENDID RESTAURANT :.UUU. and dining house, in I'roadway, down Uiuro, owledged to be the hqedt business and bent location In the :lty or (lie I'ulW States; tlO.000 lift yearly call ha cleared. Ill only cause of sale. Apply at No. ?10 liroadway, room AOn ? KOK sale, a new. splendid, stout lU'Jv/i built, heavy barge, of I AO tons burthen. Willi lit engaged for tlM' seagaii Half cash, balance on Uioe. ly to HOW ES A CO., 84 Nassau street. ?A|| ?FOR 8AI.K, A FAST BAILING YACHT, iUvUi forty live feel long; thirteen feet beam; live w In the alter cabin, watercloset, washroom, pantries, ?v?ry thing complete for a eluli of fifteen or twenty, She ree yearn old. For particular*, call on P. A. DUFFY, ehall Klip. RAA ?A GOOD CHANCE FOR A MAN WITH ,uUU. small means Ui jump Into a ready made busi A wholesale anil retail hat en abllshuieiit, now doing a biisiui'H.-; been located a number of years In a good less street, ihe retail department alone making a hiud incoinc. Coil Itl be greatly Improved by strict attention, ?ess Hatter, care of Henry Will slier, 137 William street, Q/\A ? CROCERY STORE FOR SALE, ONE OF the brat In Jersey* City, Including stock, tlx horse, wagon, harness, Ac.; an excellent chance for a lan. Apply to HOWES & CO., 84 Naisati street. AAA ?FOR SALE, A KINDLING WOOD FAC ,\JUU. Uiry, with engine, boiler, belting, machinery, ill fixtures complete, now iu sucoessfnl operation; three >' lease. Apply to HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau street. I AA ACRES OF HEAVY FINED TIMBER LANDS, '/U upon navigable s'j-eams, III the State of Omar tor sale very low. Addrets J. M. box 991 Post office. AA ?DRUG STORE FOR SALE, A PATENT UU, mi-dlcinc-buslncss; located down town on one of rmrlpal business streets, North rlcer side; of one article the sales amount to over 92,000. Address Dr. Howard, Id offlee. AA WII.I. BUY A NEW TWO STORY HOUSE UU and lot, pleasantly situated in Brooklyn. To a re able American, and good neighbor, terms \ ery easy? ISO cash, Mid $50 semi annually till paid. Inquire of Mr. , at Palmer's stereotype office, 199 William afreet, from 2. WILL PURCHASE THE INTEREST OF A RE ttring partner in a respectable and lucrative busl whlrh will pay from $2,000 to 44,000 per year. Apply to VANL1EW A CO., 61 Chambers street. TO *10,000.? FOR SALE, A NEW AND VALU able patent right, in shares to suit purchasers. 00 )0 s n great chance tor speculators in patents and others. y to GEO. WHEELER A CO., 334 Broadway. iARE CHANCE.? FOR SALE THE LEASE, STOCK and fixtures of a first class candy, ice cream and dinln? II, located on two street*, #ung for the last tlfieeii yeal S t rate business. Inquire at 337 Houston street, In the sa IARE CHANCE? DRUO STORE FOR SALE.? ONE 4 the principal (German) drugstores, with an excellent f custom and long lease, for sale. Inquire at No. 6A6 iway. HNING AND LODGING HOUSE? WITH LEASE OF three years, opposite one of the principal inarko.s, and a baetr.rss ol over <M0 per day; established twelve Apply to HOWES A CO., 84 street. LEB8 FOR SALE.? UPRIGHT, TUBULAR AND ugh pressure boilers, froin ?wo horse to twelve horse r, for sale at the Brooklyn steam 1 .oiler works, 167 Water between Bridge aud Jay streets. WM. TINNEY A CO. Ll YARD FOR SALK.-I.EASK EIGHT YEARS, lent low, doing a mod business. Apply at the yard, 6 Sixth avenue, or at the billiard saloon, s9l Broadway. CEO. A. SPARES. ?IQHTFCL COUNTRY RESIDENCE AT PRIVATE ile. st llsy Ridge, in .he town of Utrecht, having a front hundred feet on the bay, and containing one acre of uality of land The shore road pusses through tin* Is. Oil the pr. inlses are a new two storyaud basement house, lis by .10 feet, finished complete, also, a neat oot ?arn, and w . II. The whole will be sold together; or, if ile. the two slorv house wiib a small portion of the Is will be reserved. For particulars Inquire of TUNIS KOKN Hay Ridge, or of OAKLEY A WRIGHT, Auc s. No. 9 Court street, Brooklyn. SALE? TWO STANDS IN Til K ATLANTIC srket, now doing th<> best business in the city. Will low, as the ow oer must leave by the 19th. Inquire of WATSON, Nos. 8 and 10 Atlantic market. South yn SALE? THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF AN d established hat anil eap store, situated In a _'ood busi rt of. the city. on the Hue of the Kighthavenue rallnmd. ? sold reasonable lor i ash, in M present owner baa | (Mines* which require* hi* attention. Address I'urtiaa, office, swung name and address. SALE ? A DESIRABLE LOT OF GROUND, 60 BY ) fret, situated in the village of lrvlngton (late Dear | ol fronting Hudson River Rallro&d, auu a line \ ;? of Bay. suitable lor store or residence. Will be sold f ea*!ied for soon. Inquire of J. M. POST, 113 Ninth | , New ^ork. SALE? THE FURNITURE AND LEASE OF A t class hotel, in the city of Troy. The house and furnl e nearly new, and in go<?l ord r. |lt Is situated I h*ee minutes' walk of every railroad in the city, and I f the principal thoroughfares. A small portion of the e money only mil lie required down, the balvic* can uiy reason able urn. upon satisla'-mry paper. Address [ions.-. Troy. V V. -AI.E ?AN OLD E-iTAIII.I*IED EATING AND I nklng sslisin. situated 111 the lower part of West street, i chalice that seldom offers. Ad lresn ft II. H , lleraid HAIJi-SEVERAI, TURNING FOOT LA.TBE3, I qualltv, new atyle. Goi at the Exhibition, tliarle-. th tarolnm, 1*66, h silver medal To be aeen at office r battery Hotel. JOHN HOKBKR. iAl.E-THK 8TorK, FIXT1RK8, WITH LEASE ] aw rent, of oae o< the ohleot eeuliluhnd hat and . ap ltrnailttat. la dtapoaed of "ti ammnl of the 111 be.?lth tiprlelor. Apply to LOWKHKK * LUKR88KN, 76 trect. iALK? TIIK I.EAKK, GOOD WILL, 8TO?'K AND ireent ft choice wlioleaale ami retail grocery More, In one of the heat ligation* tor bu*lnia* in therm, <e lirhaagrd lor city property. Apply to JOIIN AftliNK 16 Naexftti atreet, Commonwealth Untitling. Al.K ? THK HOCKS AND STAIU.K, NO. 25 l'IKR et Home two atory and attic fr> ml, anJ three *toriea hatwoalory and MMM extension. I'ndi r r.-llar inC <?' 1 1 1 1 1 plaatei ???!. Hot mid mlil water and gaa ?omcr.t lo Mile. IjX 25x112 foe' deep; atnhle, 1?*JJ el?ht I eel alley way to Hoary atroot. All m urn rate ipplj at .16 Feck allp. ALE? A GROCERY HToRK, IN A FIRST RATK tbm, wllh '? good bora* ami wagon; MUtrlnry rea ?ii for aelllng. Kir further particular* ?Mily b> lift ell At K ELTON, No. 7 Ueekmim aUeet, un ler m Bank. ILK ? A KIIIKT MANI FACTORY. WITH THRfflC .'heeler A Wal-on'a MWtni m i -hlnen. The marhln-a Id aeparati ly, if deaired. Addrria for three day*. P. | raid oWre. KALE? TIIK LEAKE ANI? Kl'RNITrRR OK lie Xo ?K A Broome atreet, near Woogter at Apply * ?*i?e?. from a A . M, to II M. ALK-THR HTOOK AMD FIXTURES OF THK ?atHlii '-1,1 I ' it ami rap "tor" :*M iR-iuiwtch atreat, I Mel, corner Warren. A rare e bat tee, not often met 1 nil Hire III the atore, from I A M ? 1 1 1 f? I ' H. ?"""** - R. ATWATKR. [.I.E-A WHOLESALE ANI? RETAIL CORNER J r ?mre ?ti)i .r wl?iiottt?ti?-k. ononeoi the l"a-lln ' ap town For perth-ular* addreaa II , Herald i.r Pr K BACRiFir*! of ti ano? A si-hsta* rick dwelling hnu.?e. In a llr?t ifluhliorliood, , ? ith ilw mo l< i -i Intproi . ? n> . n . . i ! i i il Ac very ile? , ! . | . . >, . i W. ?t uvl ~ ? rib Mreet between Si v.- i h att t Kuhtli ?*; title perfni l"i ire unli Jm ??i % 1 1 . > I > mint" IAmMKR HKOTIIHRS, Tmi liroadway n-ar Tenth 1'tLK OR KXCHAHOK? \N ELEGANT fOt'N ?t ar.d farm U rrrtle* frem New York, houae !*r?e, arnntuly beautiful, viewa tint aprtni?i an I fruit Vua4m< aeen to be appreciatm Apply I u W.I". k row d.K OR KK'H A NlIK? F.IOIIT t.OTS IN HKOOK karner ?f R< ernrewi aventte awl Klin alreft, W II >r a honae near TIW wwwa, hetwen Kurty BPh aeroiid air-eta. Xiao f,.r ?.. e, one of S. C. H?r a. Apply atliW Broadway. .R. (in TO LKT? A NF.AT TWO HTORY ANI> kieit* lwnt?e. In linr or<lrr rnnn<a in- illy jiape.-ed thlb f <trd In Fifty ? Igbtli atnf l, t rai honae w.-^t of Senoad U,. ?mi \ i 1 1 ? . t For particular* n.|titre of ( Ml iWltUAV, i;a K?a> Twi niy a?v. n h aireet 1.1. OR TO LET? A HANHSOMK HOfH* AND L i, roBtalnlnf one acre ? ell ?t.>ck'-d with friitt it-eea, f*r ){oodb?rn?ixl well of e? eel lent wa'ec, In ihe f*likcf p?te. near lite landing and reilrtn I depot <>pef par' ofllM three atoejr brtrk home ,?? tba.h t,MW .lane mreet. In.| lire ol I' Al'L AKMOUK, N. Y .ot J. P II. r IU.MA.V, Market atreiH, I.E OR TO I,KA?K-?roR* \?tn STt>ff{, erelltn* attach'"!. One acre of land, Ifte.-n mile* fork, near railroad and Inndlitit, hay and ooal piv to W. R. IliKO A CO., 21a Froul atreet. HArMRK'A HOIEIh TIIK OLD. WKl.I. ? and pepttlir "?'aii'lah't nt, corner of Hn I op rtet? ft.,- ?al<>hr leaae The atthaciiber oTera hie d rait- il.'e biitid ati l a' i ' I lor??ln ,ii i-a?- h ? | Hn* lilin to iltecon'ln ie mi ieaa mi l ir tvel. The 'binning to the ?Und la ? aeeni. and i n I MM ro n . rndaea for a htewi ryor other pnrpo*e* The i ibree rlty lot*. Mr lint each, with a |l reel alletr In n nnobaii ie ? i| rle * ot the river, bay and New Apply on the prrml*ea FRAWt'1.1 It, IUI MF.R. V For. BAI.F ? OOING A RPI.KNDIO BITE1 Ith a nood run of nitiiomera, w.ih everything be he IniKlneaa, roo.1 ? II and lea?e af the building, [ I elieap. for eaah only. Addreaa R. L, Herald HKOARtKR-RARK CIlANt K FOR RIWI Of aale. If applied lor Imrn-illiitely, an apoih'-eary 1 In a thriving Northern city, with a population of an I. nnpplytag a baek eottntrv of vaat eisent ha* been btng Wtabll*hed, doea a lar :? retail and itlv Inn aanlng whuleaale trade. The proprietor*, in Irom bu?hieaa. will leave to Ihe pnrchaeer a *tnre In a brick tuilldStig. which tln-y will rent on lerm*. For partlcnlara MM of LA7AI.I.. lVRN, No. It Gobi H'lOt. ,NH A*I> Wl Il.nKRX -A I.ARGR I.OT OF none* may be ban Very low, If applied for Imme (Mil' K I dye tag e?tabllabmi nt, M Kaat Twenty tiear Ftr*? avenue MS FOR CAI.R -FIVE HOtJRr RIPE FROM i* ill pnlllvaticxtinlf. e?ii itv i?ven aeron faeh; VTMl ami 9l?' '*?*>? balaneo n per week. Apply RIIILT'I*. Si Fulton ftroet. gglAJIf BBtiWm BAKERY TOUCTO* LKASR? 617 SIXTH AYKMTOi lour story brick, id good order; bn old sUni! Apply l* W 11. RAYNOii, corner ut Uroadwa? and Thlrljr ufti atreei. (10TTAHE8 TO LET, AT C A KM AN VILLI ? THBM J well butlt brick cottages, a convenient dtsUuici; from tUe Hudson Kivt-r Railroad depot, at l&id street, lo lei, for Una summer or year, at a low rent. Apply U> A. K. SMITH, at Fort Washington, or to MART US' A SMITH, 66 * *11 atroei. ("1IIKAP RENT. ? LOWER PKRT OF HOUSE AND J 1-aecment, 20 by 40, good style, Ul Fourth avenue, by Fit' teenth street, South Brooklyn. 17 per moulh. It is a plea num. healthy place. Apply at 67 Fulton street, New York. HOUSES TO RENT IN FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN.? Thrtv new three story brick houses, with good tim*h< 4 Ln.?t-n.enl?? Ni..i. 2U. 31 and ?1 Front street, Brooklyn? situ ated within about 300 yards of the Fulton and Main street fei rlei. These houses have hot and cold batha, gas, hot air furnaces, by which three stories are healed with hot alt They arc aupplled with both well aim rain water, al all seasons at the year, inside the house, and It 1* in II?vih1 they are not *ui passed In accommodations by any respectable dwelling houses of the name size either In the eity of New York or Brooklyn. They are very conveniently situated for persona doing busi new In New Vork. There are al?>o in the rear of the above named pr. mlsea three good three story brick houses and one trume house, all in good condition, and ponsensIM ?<<o't ac commodation* ah lo water, At ., Ac. Apply to JOHN UAH It I rt. on Ihe premlsea. HOCIK TO LKT, A NT' FURNITURE FOR SALE, AT A bargain, near Eighth avenue, with modern improve men (a. Rent. t7im. Immediate possession given. Rent commences 1st August. A lew urxt class boarders In thi house would he glad to reuialn. For card of admission, and full particulars, apply lo R. U. T80MA8, 117 Weal Tweuty 111 1 h street. CJTOKK TO LET-ONE OF THE II EST STORKS IN O Eighth avenue, No 1)11, between Twentieth and Twenty lirst streets; Inane of the best business locations, suitable al most lor any li usinoss. Apply on the premises. U' MMER RESIDENCE TO I.KT? AT SKA SIDi, L. I.. O one half mile below Hath House and six miles from Brook lyn terries, on Coney Island plank road; line lieacb. nice lai ge house and two and a hull acres of laud Rent low. Ap ply al 3l)-l West street. TO LKT? IN BROOKLYN, WITHIN A FKW MINUTES' w alk from l'eek slip aud <J raad street ferries, the neat three story and hasemeut home. 163 North Second street, be tween Sixth aud Seventh streets, containing two tl'lished basements, two parlors and six bedrooms. Rent cheap. Ap ply to J. W. VANDKKHORST, No 6 Beaver street. TO LET? FOUR ROOMS ON THE THIRD FLOOR. Also, two large sho, s. Inquire of T. SHAW A SON, i'olil leaf manufacturer!, 47 Chrystle atreet, near Canal. TO LKT? A HOUSE IN UNION STREET. BROOKLYN, convenient to the lower part of the city of New York; will be let low to a good tenant. Inquire of Mr. COLE, 125 Union arret, Hrooklyu, or of J. L. TIFFANY', 34 Liberty jtreet, New York. TO LKT? AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN stone house, In Hast Thirteenth street, between Second and Third avenues. The furniture, which is new and handsome, can be had, if wanted Inquire of E. HANDFORD, Park Building, Beekman street. TO LET? THE WHOLE OR PART OF A HOUSE, CON tnlnlng eight ruems and kitchen, situate In the village of New Utrecht, on the read leading from Flatbusb to Batli, near the church, For particulars inquire of CHARLES UARO NKll. _ __ TO LKT? THE BASEMENT OF HOUSE KNOWN AS the Island Hotel, corner of avenne O and Tenth street. 1 1 fluted up in superior-style ior a restaurant. location un irpn-sed In that part of die city. Terms accomasodallng to a suitable tenant Apply to C. A R. POILLON, ?4 south str- et, or on the premises TO LKT? A TWO STORY BASEMENT AND ATTIC brick house 168 West Seventeenth street, in jiood or ler; rent from now lothe 1st of May t ?"i0; also the four story brown stone front house No. ;t9 Seventh avenue, w ith all the mo dern Improvement*; alio the four-story dwelling 3&! Siitti avenue, with modern improvements Apply to J. A W. DENHAM, Eighth avenne, corner of Sixteenth street, TO LKT ? A BEAUTIFUL LAROE FRONT ROOM, FUR nished neatly, with the convenience of gn? and bath room ( same lloor. In a fasliloiml'le part of the city. No. 62 West Eighteenth street, near Fifth avenue. TO LET. IN THIRTY FIRST STRKKT? THE MODKRN English t'lisement house No. 246 West Thirty -lirst street, betweeu Eighth ai.d Ninth avenues Apply to J. DENHAM, corner of Eighth avenue and Sixteenth street. TO LKT IN BROOKLYN?' Til*: HANDSOME NEW FOFP. Btorjr Kiutllah basement bouse No 17 High street, Brook lyn, within three minutes' waU of Fulton ferry. Apply to OA KI.EY A WRIGHT, No. y Court slreet, Bruok'yn, opposite the City Hall. rpo LET, IN BROOKLYN? THE STOKE OF THE X marble front building J3 Court street, near Uie City Hall. A llrst rale aland Apply to OAKI.KY A WRIGHT, No. 4> Court street, opposite City Halt Brooklyn. TO LET AND FURNITURE FOP. SALE? THE TWO story basement snd sub cellar house, 23K Atlan'.ic street, III' lily n. gas. marble msntels, aud every convenience; rent f'tlft will be rented on'y to the purchaser of the furniture, which is almi Ht new. and In lirst rate order, embracing every requisite lor h family. Apply on the premises, or lo S. D. HKaIN, 66 Iiev street, N. Y rr<? LKT OR FOR SALE? A SM VLL STORE ON THE X corner of Thirteenth street and Hrondivay, suitable fur s harness maker, biudiling tailor, shoemnker. ?-u*r or frull store, or newsi aper oOlce. Inquire on the premises t rum 12 to 1 and 6 lo " P. M. TO LET, OR LEASE- \ SMALL TWO STORY AND basement Oolite. No. Mi E.tst Twentv-i ighth street . rent low to a small family. Inquire of TaS'NEK A IIaL. EY, house! agents, 34? Fourth avenne. TO RENT? FURNISHED. AN ENTIRELY NEW AND genteel furnished house, situated In a most desirable and iMsblonable location. No. 14 West Thirty seventh street, a few doors from Fifth avenue. Inquire on the ptemis.-i. TO RENT UNTIL THE FIRST OF MAY NEXT? THK collate house, .V Eaat Thirty eighth street, between Madl son and Fourth avenues. It la pleasantly altualedand In good order, containing nine rooms. Apply next door but oue. AI'ANTFO TO EXCHANGE? 16,000 acres of Iowa laada TT for men liandltc, the title* clear from all Incumbrance. Address W. H. Faxon, Metropolitan Hotel, New York. araurKB kewrti. Bki.i.kvfk gardens. foot of kiohtieth street. t .ml river. will be found the m<mt delluhiful Hummer re ?..ri ill ihr Stute of New York. Thcae gardens will br found ' ? i place ? . ?>! tiie ? i'> . and im lovely bank.* ami ?hady *n i ? cannot be aiirpaa?? d. Families from the Old Country, ? I ?> have been uaed to * lading gardens of tht* *nrt, will find nil ili?i they <*ii desire *l the above (tardea. 1*. H. ? IVknick parties and target companies will find good accommodations, second and Third avenue cars every Are minute* H. W AHI), Proprietor. Cliffwoo d orovr. at cliffwood, opporitr Keyport, la now read) for pie ale parties. On the shore of Raman bay, ai.d surrounds a lake of about twelve acre*. Application* should be made early to T. T. ARROWriMlTH. , of stesmer Keyport. Coot of Murray street, between Ifl and 3 o'clock. CH.IVFWOOD HOrf?F? A DEI.IOHTFCt SUMMER RK treat, situated at Mantaren. oppoeite Kevport. New Jer s.-\ Am varos from the bsy. nnr g'ovra baihui,'. batting, tlskliig. gunning, Ac., making It far superior as a summer re sort to and In Ilia State. The tine steamer Keyport, Captain VrrawMnltli will leave the fo..t of Murray street daily at 4 I' M , for the above place. For parti' tilar* apply at 1ST I tie. i k-r street, oppoalte Depau row. or at the Cliff wood House. ' A. POKTKlt, Proprietor. C1 AMPHKI.I/H HTEAMHOAT liAKDINO.? TIIIR IIHAP I tlfnl summer retreat, *nuated al the Wi?*llawa, Iu7th street, on the llu l?on river, I* now ready for visiters, pic nles am! target companies Kiourstontsts will he act ommodated with target ground. dlatere, Ac. The steamer will leave the foot of sprtn,: street daily (See advertisements ) C. W. CaMI'HKI.L Proprietoe. N It ?A IVwn East chowder every Sunday, from 3 to 7 o'clock, and a Knickerbocker salad TKROY IIOVSE. NKW ROT1IKI.I.K. WE-'TCHEKTER J <5o ?Tht* pleasant summer res. it. with a Itne grove snd llawn.flve mitinlc* wslk from lhrdcpot,?l!rrs 'toe |ti*llnd attrac 'h im to families as a summer home. Persona desiring board ? I ply to OKO. P. osboRNK. I'roprtttor. MOVNT VERNON HOTBL, CAP* Mat, n. J.-TIU? magnificent hotel, the largest and most comfortable one [in the wot id. Is now open for the racepUoa of guest* and those ? letting tli e I ape*. To one win ha? never seen this hotel it is * li a Tiatv, It t>e|ng Ui* largest lioial In the world, l>eing eni.ible of accommodating 2, III) people comfortably and <k i g S.tWO. The leng'h of the dining ro m tn the clear I* IS MlN| w tdtlTOli, wta< length of wing .Hid f?' t wh h ifth from Ceear park* to the t.arber shop oiwfo.-thuf smile wi'l. C.' ro. tn? Also. Mabllng. carriage hoiites. Ae.. attached together wttli ten pin alleys. pistol **1 rte* archer) tenia and quoit pitching ground* ftir the ladle with < Are hippodrome r'ng under the supervision of Meiaiue Minnie and Oener*' Welch. Boerd tJ per day CAIN A FOSTER, Proprietor* y*E A RATHTWO. - THE ALl.EOHANT HOCSE, AT I<oug Branch . New .terser, t* now otien far the reception tf v! alter*. *t per week Three caily lines of steamer* and st ,ge* to the above place direct from New York. JOHKPM It. W \RHKI I. A KON Proprtetora. OCPJUlTmCIUHIF WOTICMI. . A.inn -WANTEO. A FARTNKR TO ATTEVD TIIE dis.t and store equally, t' a new and InleresCng |.rt "i amli exhibition. A rare rhanee to see the country and make money Apply to OKU WHKKI.ER A CO., XU tin mlway. / 'OFAHTNKItSHIP Nt iTICE ?WE H WE THIS DAT \ ailmitte'l Measr*. .toshnat rane and Hen KlarkMk, >lr., tl Hrwtnti. 0 H. A . partners in our house, and <lie e unm's i ..n business Will be conttn*. I under thr ? .me style and name. .IM? F. I RAIN k CO. Mrtaootii*. Australia. Nov. I, lew DlsHOI,t'TI0N.-TIIE COF A RTNK R?'ll IP HRRFTO lore exiting between the uiid. r?> ne.|, tinder theilriu himJ name nt F. tahre A Co., m New York and New Orl. ans ba* been Hits day dtasolved, by wiutual consent. F FAKRE .tun* 1. WW ^ ?? IIAMI Hie undersigned wllleontlnne the btis|neaa, on hie own ae count. In New Orleans under the name and hrm of F Kabre AUO. F. KtBRK. Office In New York. No. 1 Park place DIsfoMTION.-TIIK PARTNERSHIP HKRKToFORE etl'llng tinder the firm of .SKY I.N .? HKII.NRR waa ? nuMilt. d on tbe 1st tlay i.l .luly hy mutual roimenl Either ?I t l.o iinderataned will settle up Uie bttsin> a ItAVIH.r NEVIN Jttlf, I'M. FKRCIYAL HKII.NKR. pA rt NCR Wanted.- a FiRfrr r*te opportini I ty la now mi* red to s g?nt|itnan po*?es?ing a few thou sand dollara to enter Into pnrtnerahir wltli a in antral, tlm roti( li bus. ness man, to esfalillah a watch and Jewelr) storn. AdJreas A. R., Herald nlllre The copartneriiiip heretofore exicttro pn der ilic firm of Ititiiruet l.eprirce. Mareotte A Co., I* this day dissolved, Mr. Augnste Kudtn retiring from the firm. Nt w York, July 10, MM> FMH.E RINOl'ET I.KI'RIM E. LRtiN MARCOTTR. Al'acfrl PRKDIN. Fnnle Ringttet I,eprlnce A Irf-on Msrcotie will continue the bnstMsa, sa (i. n ti.foi e, under the ttrm of Rlnguet 1 1 Id It I A U Msrcotie. New York. Jitlv III. I -ws?i K.SllI.K H1NODET IJCPRINCE. I.KtiN M \RCOTTE. RIl.I.IARm, BII.I.I A It II Pl.AYKRH ARE RKSPECTFII.I.V INYITKH kicnllir ion and lt)8 Atlant'e gteeet, Bftntkli 11, wht'T ? they will nnd everything nee*a?nry both for ihelr aMMbrt >?n I aniu*eni<?it. I MPHOYED RII.I.TARD TARI.ES AND OOMRINATT 'h 1 cushtona. patented February 1?, IHM. (br sale on v si d Chamber* stre .jt, up stair* fh. eombinalloa etiaolon- put oa eld tab lea. KICHAKli PlIKLty, I atentee. Fob liv?.k*-ch>u- ih* initkd er*.r%A ma nr. steamship LALTIC, ('ijimcIl. commander. will (Vfar wivh tLe Utul?u S'aUs uuhU fur Kuroiib. positively , oe Smut day , J uly ID, el 11 o u ujuk M, Grout uer north, it lb* fuut ? Canal ?tre?L Kotice ? Til#* of this line Air? a *ju-i -Ugtil cm pk.rtmeuta, and, t<> avoid danger fit 111 the toe, wtli not crow the Bs:.k* north o I 42 decree* until after the lal of August. Fo? freight 01 passage, having unequalled acv,mmo<la'.lva lor elegance ai>d comfort, apply to KU W A iff) K 00LLIN8, M Wall stie* hMienfi-n irr requested to be c>n board at 11 o'clock A. M. All IctfTreinuatpaas through the foat office. any others wU be returned. The steamship Ericsson, I.owbtr, fwlU Bucceed the Baltic, and Hall ob Saturday, Augiutl 2 Noti?b.? The rale of freight irom I.lverpoo1 to New fork ti redueed to four pound* per ton measurement. until further THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN SOYAL HAIL steamships raoa p>w tokb to uviHroot.. Chief cabin passaged SIM Second cabin passage ,6 mum aoyroa ?? livbupoui.. Chief eaMa passage $110 Second cabin paasage tio The ships from Boston call at Halifax PKRSIA, ('apt. Judkms. UANADA, Capt. Lane. AH A 111 A, Capt. J stone. AMERICA, Capt WirlnuUL A?IA, Capt ft. G. Lott, NIAGARA. Capt Ryrle. AFRICA, Capt Shannon. El'ROPA, Capt. J. Leltch. These vnMcta carry a clear white light at mast head ; green on starboard bow ; rid on port bow. A SIA, I,ou, Ware N. York, Wednesday, July 9, la<54. CANADA, Lang, " Huston. Wtdnesdsy, July 16, " AKKK'a, Sluuinon, " N. York, Wednesday, J uly 38, " NIAOARA, Leitch, " Boston, Wednesday, July 30, " l'KRSIA, Juokms, " N. Yore, Wednewlay, Aug 6, " ARABIA, Stone. " Boston, Wednesday, Aug. 13, " Berlin not secured until paid for. An experienced turgeon on board. Tlie owners of these ships will not be accountable for goM. silver, bullion, speeie, Jewelrv. preelous stones or metal*, un less bills of tailing arc signed therefor, and the value thereof therein expre*ise<f For freight or pawage applv to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Greea. FOR LIVERPOOL-STEAMSHIP LEBANON, T. OOOK. commander. This new aul powerful steamer will sail torn the British and North American Royal Mail Steam Pack et Company's dock, at Jersey City, on Thursday tl.e Z4lh July. Passage money for first class passengers only, for whom there is excellent accommodations $100, Including proviatoai and steward's fee, bat without wines or liquors which can be ob tained on board. Freight taken at reasonable ratea. Apply to K. GI'NARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. FOR LIVERPOOL? STEAMSHIP ALPS. H. INOLIS, ruiiirnaiider. ? Tlitsnew and powerful steamer will sail from Hie British and North American Royal Mall Steam Packet Company's dock, at Jersey City, on tnetth August Passage money, for tirst class passengers only, for whom there are excellent accommodations, $100, including provisions and steward's fee, but without wlnesor liquors, w hich can be ob tained on board. 'Freight taken at reasonable latuj. Apply jo K. c r n a R U, No. 4 Bowling Green. FOR LIVERPOOL.? ST. OEOROE'1 LINE OF CLIP per ships. ? The celebrated ship ANDREW FOSTEIt will ?ail on to morrow noon. For passage, apply on board, pier No. 8, North river, or to DEMAREST Jt JO.N ES, No. 40 South street und No. 30 Old slip. VT0TICE.? ' TAPSCOIT'S LINE OF LIVERPOOL PAC kets.? Parke' 'i4tii July.? The well -know n and f-?at nail mg packet ship. WM. TAl'SCOTT, Ca|>taiU Hell, will possl tively sail on Thursday. IMth Instant For passage In aabln, second cabin and steerage, apply < u hoard, nler 40, East rl ver, loot of Pike street; or to XAPtfcOTT k CO, -6 South street. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE -THE UNITED States mail steamer PULTON, J. A. Wotton, pmimanolec, will leave for Havre, touching at SouthamuUiu tc iar.d the mails aud piutieiigers. on Saturday, July al at 12 o'clock, from pier No. ST North rtvj r, foot of Beach street. Price of 8'iassge? First cabin, $1% second do., $;.'. This soip Ijm ve water tight compartm'-ntf. enclosing the engines sothM m the event of collision or stranding, the water could not reach them and the pumps being f-ee to work, the safetj of Jie vessel and paasengers would be secured Baggagu no*, wanted during lie voyage should be sent on b ^rd the day be fore sailing, marked ' bei.iw " No freight will he UJim: after Thnn-'laj, Jul* "t For freight or p?s^age applv v> MOR TIMER LIVlNtiSTON, agent, M BrroPway. N. B ? The s earner Arago frtL succeed the Fulton, ai.1 sail August 23. Fv,k HAVRE DIRECt ? THE FRENCH 8CRF.WBTEAM shlp BARCELONA, 'J. 000 too* 'mrtlien, will leave for the above port on Tuesday, July H, ? 12 o'clock iiieotiMl/ fried of pas-age ? First cibin S1T0 Sec<in l cabin r? SO V e beg to c:\ll the aKetiUon of shippers t?> Uie difference of duties in France on foreign produce per French vessels For freight or piu-sage apply to the agi-nta, EM. A ED PC) I IWKR A CO. , 32 Broad street The Vigo ? 111 succeed the Barcei.>na, and sail on Thursday, August 14. BETWEEN NEW YuRK AND GLASGOW.? urg. 2.500 tons Willi.nnCuiiiming. commander; New York, 2,1 W tun*, Robert Craig, commander, Glasgow, 1,962 tons, .loliii Duncan, eomraander. The Olaagowand New York Steamship < ompany inU-nd running their new aud powerful steamers from New York for Glasgow direct as uiider. ? Glasgow, Saturuay, August IB. at 12 o'clock noon. b itks or rastUGB. First cabin ST# Tbint cabin, font d with cooked provisions 30 An experienced surgeon attirhe4 to enrh steamer. For freight or pasaAge apply to JOHN MiSYMON, 17 liroadway. New York city bills or gold oaly received for i>asa.ige. C*TBAM Kdlnhi R EDUCRD PRICES? JUNE SI? r KITED STA.TFS Mall IJne. Fifty pounds of liapgage free Ten rent* per peund on e*ce*s. Four hour* ftura oeenn to ocean. by Pa nanus I. illr<>ail. Tlir ugh for California, vi? Panama Rail road. The United Stali n Mail SteamaUlp Line will diapatch for A spin wall on Monday. July 21. at 2 o'clock P. M , prr cleely, from pier foot of Warren Ktrc et. North rlTer, the well known and fait stcaai*bi]> AR1KL. ('apt Thos. T. Hunter. P*>*ei>ecr? and malls will !>?? forwarded by Panama Railroad, and connect at l'anama with the Padtir Mall Steamship Coin tmny 's magnificent ?tcam?hip JOHN I. STKP1IKNS. K II. I'eiirwiii. commander, which will be In readiness. and leave Immediately for San Francuwo. The public arc Informed Ifcal the I'. M. 8. r< I always have on* nr more e?tra -learners lying at Panama ready for 'era. to avoid any possible detention of pawengers or mails. For piteaage apply to I. W. RA YMOND. at the only office of the companiea. 177 Went street, corner of Warren street. Freight to Aspinwall, 70 cent* per cubic foot, or l1, cent" per t? und, m paid And no freight will be re celvt-d alter II o clock ou the day of sailing. TTNITED STATES MAIL STKAM8HTP LINK, FOR HA L ?ana and New Orleans ? On Saturday. July 111, at 2 P. M. from pier loot of Warren street. North river. Ute faat and favorite ateamahip STAR OF THK WK8T, ('apt. J. W. Patter ?oil. will aail aa nbove. Paaaage ran be aecured at the office ot the line. Freight to New Orleans, 30 cents per cubic find, NM| ]???:?>? will be aupplied with blank bill* of ladlnir <>f ibe form signed by the line, on application ai tlielr ofllre Nouther form* ? gned, ami no bill* of lading will be aigned after the hour ot ?ailing. For freight or passage apply at the office. 177 Weat street, corner of Warren. M. O. HOIIKRTH, Agent. SUTTON A CO.'S DRSPATCH I. INK FOR 84N FRAN cleco. aalling regularly and positively on or before tlic day advertised Clipper of Thursday, July 31 The splendid A 1 Urn! claas clipper ship OCEAN TKLKORAPH. Willis. tnaaWr. Is now rsceltrliig her sargo at pier No. H. Ka?l river, and will positively sail aa alxjve. This famous clipper has nevor boon beau- a. and has become celebrated for tlx* tine cottllUoo of de U\ertn* hsr cargo Shippers dealroue of securing freight no this faaortw- clipper will be prompt In making their ahlpmeats. as ii is expected she will All up before her day. BUTTON * CO., V< South street, corner of Wall street The ?hipn of this line take no freight after their advertised day. presenting all delay to tho?e deslro'is of landing their cargo In ban Fraoeiaco at the earliest possible day without de tention. FOR CALIFORNIA VIA NICARAGUA ? SHORTEST route by 7U0 miles? Prices greatly reduced ? The new nd ' plendld steamship OR 17. A II A, (1,300 ton* burthen ) It. L. I Inklepangh, commander, will nail from pier M, foot ol North Moore street, North river, for Shu Juan de Nicaragua, on Saturday, August! ItM, at 3 o'clock P. M., lo couneot with the steamer Sierra, from San Juan del Sur on the Pact! e, fcr San Francisco. Passengers will find this the healthiest aid cheapest route. For freight or puaaage apply to CHA*. A mil INKY. Ko. 2 Bowlln't llrcen. K. I. A I SThAI.IA PIONEKK LINK. CARKTINO THE UNI led Si a ten mail. Shipper* will pleas* "end In their hllla ? I lading. a'"l clear iheir goods at the Custom House. anil pae ,enci ts a III l>e on board at Monday noon, aa the MOKMOJI * ill yo to sea on Ttnad ly K W i'A.MKRON, No 6 Howling Oreen. For savannah and elorih k u mitrd stater mall Use ? The sieamer FLORIDA ' . M 8 Wood bull, a 111 leave on Saturday, July IV. from pier No. 4 North river at 4 o'clock P. X. IH1 1? of ladm j a : ad oa board. For nr | taaave auply to S. L Mi'lVHll.L, II Hrrmdway. 1 hrijug'i ticket* from New York to Jacksonville, |SI , tn t'llat k? Kt. Iteamera for 'lorlda eonnect at ?av I'.nah <> ui the ?tea'itrrs from New York OO Tuesdays aud Satm lava. T.tOrt NORFOLK AND RICHMOND?' THE UNITED P Mates mail ?teatnahip JAMKSIUWN. Capt. Parrlsh, will leave for 'In abo>e places on Saturday July 1? at t o eix-k 1' M.. from pter 1.1 North river Mae will arrives' Norloik < n Sunday ?(Wnooa, and at Richmond on Monday I, oriilne Passenger* for the ^nuih will proceed without delay bv tne gi ' iin.ali IBie in Charleston. Augusta. Savannah, .te. ' < will tind th.s .he cheap eat, pleasanteat and mnat i-vpe.Mf ? ua route. Paaaage and fare, including statero om. Norfolk Is Petersburg and Rlchrnoml, $Ul. aiecrage. hall price Apply tu LUDLAM k PlJt VSaNTS, 32 Broad Wa jr. ynTICE ? NniPPK^ PRR STFtMSIlIF CRKSCENT City, heccf to N? w t'r'eana in December last ars re qu<' r?l to send their Invoices at onee lo thn undcraigned and aiM. a late rnhere and tor what amount Insured This vessel having I een loet oa the Itahaaisa. the? are repaired to Idenilfy then.' Iiaadlae aared, and make a dlvialon of the proceeda. The matwr ha? already been V "pi open tne |0I(; and i< ship per. . , ra'.st in neg.ecting tbi* tx>ttce, ti e , will lose Uwir aba e af S'lnita JOHNS) iN A UIOt.INt, ?U New Yoax. .Tune X fltWi NIM'RIXANKOI'l. A" "n EFFICACIOUS ct kR EOK CORNS. BtmiOKt calb'Sltles, nsils growing ml" the tVah, ai I every dlsordei of tl.c feet by a new and peculiar method. Without <* si licuicaiisini the allghteat pain. Mo' alear I.K* I. of Ko Ml Ilis Rva de Rlvotl, Parts and No I Conduit street Kegsnt ?treet, London Surg*>n OMropodM i an onirrd by the Fmpetor of France. a'>d the royal family of England, mav be Coneulted dally, Sundays excepted, from i till S o'clock, a' hianfflee. yi Weat Rleventh street, betwee* Flft' and Siitii avenues corns or raanvoiviuil. fFrrwn b.s Imperial Majesty, Napoleon III., Emperor & France i Je sen Ac que M. Lev' euleve loa tors avee nne utraor hablMe. Lovn Buitirtun frrom James I la her Rs<{ I I eertlfy that Dr l*vl has cured roe ?on*e month ago of sera ral trmib'o'uime bunions, wlilmut the least pain, and whioh have amoved me (br many year*. I * alk at present with in sl r< mi -rt. ai.d cheerfully recoinmead lie |,?vt to mj friends and the toiblle. Jiars lUsar Raw Ifltlt, Marcli II. 1M6. >2 East Seventeeuth street. (Frran M. 1 Fsltna, I sq > Unsolicited by Mr. I^n, I beg leave io testify tn his snrc?aa till skill In liavlng perfeetlv rsm.ivel a large bunion of loaf gbindlnr. wttfcoui MMtstaa any pain. H J. IDbltds, Pntt.?n?ti,et*. Jnly 27, IHo2. No. 4 IlialoR row. Iti addition to the ibove authenticated testimonials, manj Oiotisanda more In hl? poeseaskm (among which are severa' from ladlee of ?ie hi,. -heat rank) can be Seen by favoring him wi'b a iji at his of ' e, ill West Eleventh street, between Fifth and avenue. New Y .rk N it.? No profr*ai?nal cot nectlou with any person. 1 I (.! SjytEF.PERS. ATTENTION-UNADULTERATED 1 I VocWa and Jsva coffee, fine black and green teaa, Htu art s suiiara, london dock port, sherry, Madeira and claret wlnea; Martrll and Otard brandies; Holland and Lindon sin: peach brandy for prea?rv1ng , Mononcahela and Hour b"ti whlskev . Dublin porter. Scotch ale, Ac , sold ?<, lamllie* at wholesale prices order* amounting to twenty do'lars and npw arda delivered free at any time required, from the old ee tabll-.hed tea and wine store, McLAUOHLIN A McSH tNE 61 Eulton street. The h eight oe happinkss is wiikn a man, Kcllei ed fr>rn pain, or wor?e the tear of de it). Feels inet as if a rfeab lite he'd be^an And lah'en a new liaee of vital breath.

Just n? the I holers patient ft els eintod. Mf Stelnb ld'a l>Hter? rr In* Irnrale I These hlttcn are sold by 8. ,8TF,I NFKLD. 70 Nassau street. naAAim. $L000.00<W>00 S ILr,( C>M M <K<IMSP .' A' P > s sjitn^fce' l uki r- KotJGHT Ja^BS )'. MAl'DCFf, ?"6 Broadway $750. $375 000 Cii nnn non v ToioAs.nmfonm vl"vW.vvV umu.on. jewelry ac gars. nrv gocta, oti>) ?i; k1n<lH of pernor*. property <r I tight and ?ok1 io cash. Notes, bti <l?, mortgage* stocks, * ? i.egoti >u<J No 102 Nasaau street. corner c: An sec ? .! flior, room* No TOOMPflOX & CO ' r.kMiul conimWH* mcchani* <fc7r?n nnftwu>AN-o? diamond*. * vi. n?.*. tj!1 I UUiUUU Jewelry, 8rK*r., ?l r \ gonle.and Mr klM or personal property or bought far cs?h Office li ir* iroui y till 0 o'clock lit .% John Mreet comer or' IfkwMtl room No. 3, second tloor, by J. F. N'ORHIKY dfj KFL nflH T0 WaS-on QIaMONI*. VfATOHfe ?P 4 tJtJ," "" v snd jewelry, or boeght f.roajh, by JOS K. IHAAC, II Chambers Ht.i bMi-a^u o:?ce Biniues* prompt and confidential, frotr t a" c K H ?No bisunss* transacted at, Saturdays. CASH ALWAYS ON HAND TO H lSl ________ - adsaneea Diamvtda, watahea, jewelry. silks, piauoa, ear riages, Ac., boogh' aud aold a> toe riowuivt loan an^ asuUe agaaoy office 4'. Howard stree; UKO KA. lAKi* Kara** n nno -fASH AD\ ANC i> ON ALL KINDS -*-? > * )iOOWi of merchandise, negotiable paper, ?took, b<ind? and mortga ? ??, diamond*, jew. fry segara, Ac , or bougfet for oash. at Nassau street, ro ? i No 1 Office hours from 9 A. M. Mil ftp clack P M J 11. BARRINGKR. 49nn nrn T? loan-on personal proper ' ty, In largi- and siimII sura*, at legal In Wri st Botd/ and mortgage! bought and Hold, at R it. OK BARK'S, W>)? Howrtrr N. Jt ? Unstress prompt aud con tkti utiul? separate rooms for tlie purpose fi>"1 K nnn ? t*A?tHOLD MORTGAGE* WANTED. J.A/.WV/ . at a discount. Tl y mint be Iir3t Hast, not 1kssUUNiS2.SU) or more thin SlS.OiXI, arid full particular* of the property must be given. Also S1S.000, 97.000 and SS.WJ U> loan on (lrst class 1 ft' simple properly. Addresa M box 2,7 94 Pott office, N. S. d?r; nnn -any person, with the a ho ye amount in cash can i e.illse 250 per cent In six weeks, without the most distant risk. 1 act* .-hiwu upou vl dressing S M , box SW 1 Post otlice. djO rnn -WASTED, IS I'NITKD STATES BOND ed warehouse, has been established seven years, store nearh full; pays well, and food security tor mo iicy invested, with good salary satisfactory reasons given. Address B. Stuart, box 201, Herald otlice, with name and address <&7nn 21 tNfc? WAinnu), tu i.oan op wm to t]P 4 U" SMJO tor a short Ume. for the security of w hich a mortgage is offered on handsome household furniture worth live times the amount, anil a premium allow ed. Address L It., box 51 Kroa-lwav l'ost office OOJ BROADWAY? MONK Y ADVANtTED, '10 AST OUT amount, Of tllaotontis, watches, jewelry, pianos, dry goods, dega.-s horse- earrtagea, ha.-neas, sod every da scription of propertv, or bought foreaxn Stocks, wortg^gea. 4c., negotiated Vi atrhes and jewelry for sale E. THA YEK. room* So*. " and 3. second stoo ANY AMOUNT Or MOSEY TO LOAN ON DlAMONDa plate, watches jewelrj. and all valuable personal seen rltles and merchandize, or bought for caah. R WOOD, f# Kul Ujii street, second toor, front ns-m. | A M. to 5 f, M CVt'TION ? Sl'NDKY COUPONS OK AMERICAN STATE and railroad bonds, amoui iing to &> OSS, each hcini; siarnped In red mk "Korwarded to I'll. Hpeytr t Co., in New York;" and two first mortgage bond* of the Ohio ami Penn sylvania Railroad Company. No*. 67 and 481, of $1,1 WO each, dated 1st January. 1N51. with coupons from 1st July lsiWi, to 1st January, lsjrfi baring been stolen, an l the paymnnt there of slapped the public Is cautioned against negotiating the same. l'llll.IP Sl'EVKH A CU., 72 Broadway. iNuvr Yon*, July 7, KV>6 DrVIDESD-COI.CMillAriRK INSURANCE COMPANY No. Ml SaH-'i^y SifUB. i'oksih COUHGI Pijci f Nkw Voke July t lei6 i The President snrt O'-vto- . of Uo ? Companj hare th t .lay declaj"-l s ser.i-at"iviB ? idood of live per cent, nay m;ie on and after tiie o'J> in* lh-' U**Jcr?'"o'<< m1! be closed uatii tijui.ay. JOHN tl. UKKOH, Seert ivy. DIVHWPTP.--TB1 PKTMt COOPKI F I RE INS! K ance Company, The Board of have ileeiarnd a senn annual dlviih nd of ei?l>< per cent, pavalde u th:- office of tlie company, corner < f Third avenue an. I .N intH street, on and afier tae lirst day of August Thr transfer books wilt be closed from thi 20tli July to the Is' Au?nst W.M II RlitbET, Seen'.ary. Sew York, July IS. 1806 IVIDEND ? RUTCKRW FTRK IVSURaNiK CO* D p.uiy , t>Sico No Kti Chatham siiuare, cornel Moll sLreei Ni w York. Jul* H 1H66.? The Bo.ird o ) DlreC'or? have lhn day declared a semi annual dividend of six per c> iit, payable to the stockholders m Uie 1st of Aug-ist twit The transfer bts ka wUi be closed kom Ute 24th lost until August 1. Ity order E B. KKI.I.oWs, itci rotary. DFC' iPPET A CO., K' WII.L1 a.M STREET, SKW YORK Oder for sale to persons seeking <afe tnveatments. ihe following securities -t Inclnuati etty o per cent coupon bonds M iv si city 7 per r ri.' Ionian bond* MM el'.y7p V eent Water work pvan. Ikmds, h per rent of various eotriloa In towa ; bonds. R per rent ot various couuih'S In ivi ntueky and Tennessee; Mllwaukle snd Misataaipp Kadroad, ^P'-r e> at convertible, tirst mortgage on 1st and !d secihius . Mllwaukle and Mississippi RalLoad h pereettt. (NMirertlbie sinking fund tirst mortgage on Sd section Milwsukie and Mississippi larm mortgages. 3 per cent bond* O.-een l^sy, Mllwaukle awl Chi cago 8 percent 1st mortgage sinking fund ; Poor lu and Og tin w ka S per cent, first mortgage convertible. Market fire tnuesianck o ini ant ? new tore. July 1, 1S66.? The Board of Directors have Utladay de elared a semi annual dividend of ten per cent, payable oi demand. AS1IKK TAYLOR, Bec y OFFICE OF THE SIXTH AVENUE RAILROAD COM pany. Sixth avenue snd Forty fourth street, July 14 l-WH. ?The direetor* of the company have declared a dividend i f five per cent out of the uarnlngs of the road for the current six month*, payable at the ofllre of the treasurer, Godfrey W Leake, Esq . (cashier) at the People's Hank, on the 1st day ot Angint next, the end of the ilscai half year The transfer bocks will be closed from the jut l, in*t to that day T. BAll.KV MYKHS, Secretary. 01 DICE OK THE ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD i oiiipanv. New York. Jul} I*. MIA. ? This eon p any has Issued snd is now prepared to sell nine hundred thousand dollar* of eertlllrates or scrip, In sums of Sl.1**1 and SAW each, w hich besr Interest at seven |>er cent per annum, from the Ifith Inst., pavable -emi annually, and are due on the l.'Ah of January. lsJlH. at the office of the rompsny In New York These certificates are Issued In anticipation of the amount to b? received for thirty thousand shares of snick which are now represented by optional rights, which will expire oil the 1st day of January. IW ana the Insi.ilmenta on which are pledged for thr redemption of the same J. S. PERKINS. Treasurer. The trustees of the seamens- bank for Savings, have ordered that interest be paid to depositors entitled thereto, for the alt mouths ending J une 30, as fol low* ? On aunts of five hundred dollars and under, at the rate of six per cent per annum. On sums exceeding live hundred dollars at the rale of five per cent per annum, payable on and after Monday, 21st In stsnt AU Interest will be credited to depositor* a* principal. Wnojaa Niisos. Secretary. P. PUuT, PinML Nr* Yoke. July IS. 1HM. DRTOOOPS, *t. ALAROE LOT OF NEEDLEWORK Mi SUNS JIJHT received. It contain* all the pattern* which we sold In May and June, and a few new ones, the prices are loe., Ma. 14*', 1M*. and J Is Jier yard Our a?*ortment of rich lace* and embroideries will be found very complete fur the season, and at reasonable prices. MILLER A GRANT, S71 Broadway. CLARK'S SPOOl, COTTON -THIS PRI/.E COTTON OF the great Pari* Et position 1* now upon Its own merit* re reived wito general m*m. It I* extensively used on sewing ma ehlnea. All number* received regularly <MUid for sale by GEO A CLARK, 33 Dey street ^ CLOSING OVf OK STOCK At SS snd r Liberty street. The balance of the sirs k of Lais*, wuur noon* snn KuapoiptRtcs of the late firm of STEEflMANN. BRITTAN AND COMPANY Is to be cli?. d out st ouce, and graat In iuoemeou will be offered te large buyera. nllY OOOI'S ?IMPORTANT WWTIt E.-C. O HOOK, Ml Sovtry, Nfs I? state that his store will ia. closed Hs da} , Saturday, for UM puriaiae of marking down stock It Will l>* re opened oo M'#4ai morning, at C o'el<ick. when 'he ?t.le of tin I alaiicr of the *t,s k w ill nan -nee. and be con Hi. ierl until the greater portion Is disposed oi C t>. IIOOK . Jso Bowery . /"'KRAT BARGAIN ?TM! STOCK Or HOUSE FI R i.lshlng pf?^'s in t' e siore 1Z7 Grand n-ee East Rr'Sik n i . Irg' ilie- w uh tlie il<t'ires and a fluid muse wlnovertwe tiionsan'" d" liars s vesr will he sold very low by the snheesl l<er, and If dealred.'the purrhnser Sopplie-I with hou-e l utnish inggoods on tlte most adventage?HM tertns App'y te RO ? iF.KT l< AVIS. H44 and S4S hroadw ay. New York. M ANTEAl'E DE VOYAGE: TLivt* GloROK .1. REAEN. Broadway, I'hAVK UXll CI.OA1H JiMKM A. flTKARf, "7ft Hemd Above Ninth stroK. fit HIV t;OOI? MKKCH \?n-i-?l7.U?i-lim OOOIW J w ini?l III rvefcangp f??r Unit rim-. h?tMM In Twenty ?l\'h ??n'l lhtr*j ond Krrtu, in thto <Uj-. h) * nn-rrlii?iii going V. IK' \?i ft !mnt?t (?(?!? nfronlWII'H eniil.1 In- III . I# \vl<h .< in- :f I|?n,ii Iiuiihf lor it t oiilintiftiK't of I Mr. Addrraa in ISH>, I'cmii ofllrr. IfOIPKM, HOOMI, AT., WAVTKD. Apart or a porsr wantkd? bktwi r* riF lerirtk Will Twntr fifth *tree'? In ? pi?*?int I x-mlnn, by ?dy without iiirumkranri- Rrrit M It Hoi-f I $?tt) p?r ? r.' Add rem Mr* O. MundeTtUr, Mndlaon Pool ulnf. ? MANPHOMIfl.T ri RNINflKD PAK1.0R RF.HROOM, J\ nlno two rherrfnl Holm iinfurnMinri. on ?*cnnd floor to ,<?!. In i? prlTnlf family, when- no ho*rd?r? nrf knl h*th. *<?., Ml i hi bonne Reference* required Applv m 5o. 4 Thomp son ??rri't. one floor irnra t'unul utreet HOC nr. WANTRP? TO niRF BV A noon TK.V VVT. fot i term of ye?r? ? a goo I moderate utrel Mm, In per i?m t order. with all modern wiitMilHi^M and In t(i>ol lop?ilon ? in the WNl Mdeofthi? rlljr. Rent no* ll> nreed (-HO Ad dr?m PQ'Uherty, ? Barel?y Wroot. !*ew Tor It IJICRPONH WWHIWO TO I'tPPOfK or A MTICv* KV glne of three or four Iww pow *r run hem* of* cnufcimer i v niiphln* atthe lion ruling nbop No. "t1 W> at Thirty ililrd ftireei: WM PIMPED CFWIffO MACHINIW -WANTKO TO PI KfH TW(I ^ or thru" ?rwlng tnaohlnrit, Hlnger'aor Wheeler * Wll%m'* pt eferred Addre?a, with lo*?t rmh prl'1" ?'?tln? the ir nker'n numr. K HwlH bm mi Herald "Hire, TO PRINTER* ? ANT ONK I1AVI5M A UOOD aeeoml bund cylinder pre**, for h?nd lubor, tr * medium i rid pr<H(* lo dl?poft>- i/ And it rmh pVirrhmer by Im ii idiau-ly ftddwwln.' H. Pninkin. Herald office. TfANTKn ATKI.Y? PAKT Or A MODERN ?< Iinlll botn-e "'table neighborhood for n <.-?*? | Miinll family Re ' Addre** J. M.. llor?ld oiDce \JLrANTP.P TO I IIM-TKR ? \ XTK\WHO\T TO Rl'Jf TT prort Hindu in n th- city lo Rellffrn.- Oftr term, font ..f i Igbtletfi atreet, ??** Hw. Apply i# rt. W \ K l?. pmprl rtrmirrrrftR. 1. KAMl*> COTTA^r rrR!*m'RR_Rirni,T li dfroralH. mftdf ?ittt? n? low n> fz\ m th?? minu i <t(.ry (vm Broadway, brlow hi.-. <n?r Mmil PlirttoMir m I unt ion to ib<* )>?ckiti| "f good* to go oat of the cttj . AAlWIUlBm. HRTTIiKATRt ? LXbSKK AMD MANaOER, /OHX i... t ..Ahaa. ? fiatur Uy rH'tu.1, July IV, Litt, liuMiiKV A SON. DA . ID 0OPl"KliMKU> ft Wj Wleawbe* Mr Brougham titali \ck> theatre ?? HUMMER HARDEN Tl. most co- and delinlufu: retreat from the oppressive Mir* aUNK.8 KOHKRToON every night in her luimliat to characters, belledi and dtt&cf* Mr DION BOCRO|CAOI<T a-- '.rii!?.i I . ? 11 impersonation unrivalled on the modern Mhg*. Continued enthusiasm excited by the new play, In lira art*. Toulffct, Saturday, July 19, Nr. Bourctcawll s new play, lufne id j c.Uted the LIKE OK AN ACTRESS, Ortmaldl Mr. BeoreloMiR Violet Miss Ague* Robeilson In cot. si <iufiirc of the importance, length ana variety of this play. "O Other drama will lie given the same nlgtiL Boies, CO cents, stalls, 91; family cirri.', 2ft cents Performances conim?nce at 7J? o'clock, and terminate as nearly at lo.^ as possible. Broadway variktihs, no. 471 proadwat. (UM Mechanics' Hall, between Oraud and Brooms eta.) H Wood Leasee and Business Mauagee R U. Marsh Stage MknaiiW ADMH8ION, TWENTY FIVE OENTil Tl I K vrouu * m a turn JtVKMXJM Second week of INOt.'MAR. TliK BARBARIAN. ?r!n'tpai euara<:ti<ra ? Master O W. , Mary and Louie*. Commtncee at f o'clock, and concludes at 10 o'clock. ("tKO. CHRISTY A WOOD S MINSTRKIA MKW HALL, T *44 Broadway, below Oraud street OrKN EVERY EVENING, Buslneis transacted b) Henry Wood ' Huge Manager Geo. Christy ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELSY. To conclude with this evening BLACK ltLUVDERS. Commence at a o'clock. Admission, a cents. TT ELLKR'S EMPIRE HALL ? BROADW I admired Cllhera /oat'? "ttlTn and Abel ? -'The ^"SShXSH'^'BJSBP ? I OFFICE OF THE AMEBIC AN DRAMATIC Fl'ND AS eoclation, lli Crosby street. ASSOCIATES, rou are called upon THIS DAY, SATURDAY, JULY 13, finally to rote upon the pasaage of the AMENDED BY I.AWS, at 3 o'clock P. M. By order, ERAS. C. WKMYSS, Secretary. Baltimore murfcm for sale.? this valuable place, with the lease, curiosities. paintings, wardrohe, and everything contained in the building, will be sold, as the {resent owner is going to Europe. If not sold, will I* rented. 'i?i full particulars apply to I II ARLKS K. P ARSLOE, Bur ton's,! heatre, or bo* J. 411 Poit office, New York. E1PHEN8E8. Freeman a eo.-s express for California, Oregon, Sandwich Islands, t'bma an t West Coast of South America I la l'mnma route, will be diapatclmd hence per Uni ted Ma'rs mail simmer Ariel; on Monday, July 21, at o'clock P. M All freight lor this express must be In waterproof con dition and be dell vi red to us by 10 o'clock at latest on Mon dnj Small parcels, letters. Ac , received till t o'clock. FRKKMAN A CO., 89 Broadway. IMPORTANT TO SHIPPERS I New York. July 18, 1H5C. Mr Jm.n H Moi;e Agent N V. C. K. R Line:? Si u? Our partners in st I <o ills advise us of the arrival, on the PAh inst.. of thirty -four cans shipped by your line on the Tilt ? live days lime. ''Ibis is quicker !l"*n we hive ever bad goods expressed through, and ? ithiu 24 hours of the m ill. We are very truly yours. HANKORD A BROTHER. S9 Park row. The office r.f the New York Central Railroad C-ornpany's express freiph line Is a' ST !' road way corner Fulton street, >e? V< rk where arrangements can b* made for forwarding pf-oils to all points West and Southwest with despatch. / kCK. \ N EXPRESS COMPANY, 29 BROADWAY, NEW \ " York? J orw ard tiarce.s at the lowest charge to Kl gland. In land. MoUsnd and Wab - 01 111 Knitlaud? No 4A:<r si eet. Strand. London, and (in South Castle street, Llrerpoai. Orders executed In Kngland PACTFK EXPRESS COMPANY, 121 IIROADW AT.? EX I prtsi t'alltoriiia, (Ji egon and South Pacttic coast wtll M> fo> u ard by the I tilled States mail *tc uner Ariel, oo Mon day. July SI, in clutrge of special aaossengor. Small parcels received till 1, letters I o'clock VTKW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD COMPANY'S Ix Kxpress? Oeneral ofltce. 176 Kroadw i>. N. Y.? The New Yo k and Erie Railroad Company arr no* prepared to do a reiftil ir express business II I ?. RICK, Sup't Express. I> C. Mi (' ii. rn tieneral Superintendent \\*E1.I>, FaROO ACO 'S express tocalifornia, m Ac. will rii forward on Monday nest, Jul) 21, per steamship Ariel, via Panama, tearing at 2 I' M., In eharce at messenger. Krembt must be strongly packed and water P>oof and (to insure shipment) delivered to us by 10 A. M. >ma! parccla received until noon Letters must bo pri-pall. WK1.LS, karoo A CO . Hi Broadway. uvftTRrcnoK. 1UK7 ? BOOKKKKl'INC, WRITING, ARITHMETIC. 1< ??) i . -Mr init.l'.K I K, r.rondvva\r, bein* anaiatel by nil arron.pllehed jriictlcal bookkeeper, |hHM M (imlilv itii.lcrN* for general or *pt-cial bnatnaaa, and lo re mi re ?MHT)tiea ami trt mbling from the hati.l of every pi'raon. Mornino and kvkninh school fob roi'NO men, No o* tlrerwlrh .Urrct. ? In the morning, from 6 lo 10 n'eloik, In the evening Atof o'clock. (on rui- of li-i-otia, wiii'ng. bookkeeping. arithmetic . plala geometry, trtcoao MR mill "urveylng,, French or Spaninh. Theao kwnni arc arranged in auch a manner aa lo afford Um phi il thr memia of getting a mifflclnnt knowledge, In pack branch, in thr course of thrco montba, $6 per mouth. Tfce cianaaa lo heclu on thr irat of Aiiyuat. 1)LRHOK8 NOT KNOWINO ROW TO WRITE AT AIX, ran learn bow Wi writr a | lain Ml n'mk iMkM month or I wo. I>) devoting an hour or two every dav. MVr Ki lling Iheee IrMnna 'hey ? 111 ho able to rn >y out of a hook and to ?i t moi ?' knowledge by thrtnaelvea. $5 per month. SUCK LRHHONH IN TtIK FRENCH LA NOP AOK M AT be given at domicile. A good MMMNMlM IRMMMH ii-LhIimk In reading, firm. Fmwli Mo Rngliah, and m-xt kngliah into Frearh The murae to be^coinplntcd by writing unil.T diciauon with application of tin* grammatical rillea, 91 for two luiura; three or niur pcraoua ran Uku leaaon tog"lhir tutl.out diradv RMMt in MHIL LmH to be giving from 11 A M to 6 P. M. Pcraooa wialdtu: to lake ieaaona will please leave their < ard at 8? Greenwich, at, Spanish i.anoi aoi: -PRorntwoR gorrin row tinura to teach lite above language Apply at 154 Kighth Mreet. adjoining lae Mrrrnnti'e Library. OPANIKH AND FRKNt'H LANGCAOR-PROF A. ? ^ I'IKKKA ran receive anna* pvpll* for InatrucOon in the alwve language* either at hia M rcaideoce or at ihe pupil ?. Mi iliod entirely I ractlcal and eaay. Tenua modcrab'. Apply at 439 llroadway, near lirand a -eei. rUK AHTd. ITALIAN PRRSOO PAINTING ? (HONOR P. HKRUON ZOLl i KPI * ha\ Ing had twenty ve.ira' exoerlanoe In pointing iu Rome, olTrra hia aerocea for painting In friwo or in oil. ami for gliding pailora. halN. churrhra, Ac. Thi' litilil.e la Invited to rail at hia realdenre and in->|<--.-t hladeaigna. or lie will call with hia portfolio on thoae who nr? fer it lie i i'li r?frr to work enerut. d b? Mm In Varloua rhnrchea, ator?* and dwelling* In Rent Vork ami lla vicinity. At home Iroin d a h. to I I'. M , at X* Howard ttn et, New York. ciionrao, *ev. pt.OTim . \NO MERCHANT TAILORING KSTA V7 hll?htri ? il- WKh a amall and wi'll iinaorted "lock of doiraiiie '.il l- i. i I :lllnrr? in the atorr. ha? an eirrlicnl ronnrrlMl of aeveru . eara. and la a tine rhance for ? roinpe tent peraon ilrairinc a good bualueaa. In pure at 157 Pulum atreet, N Y * WCD1CAL. RKWAKD -fROe-MAN H HPP.CIPIC MIX ?? ture ? 4)| all ren 'Ilea y?4 #nM?*d thia la the tin '?*! r'ertaln It Makea a ?pi djr mul permanent rurr. with out the lead r. iirii 'ion In dirt, drink or I ?|VI- lire, or 1-haiig* ? i| I'lKilt. n i< l'ii-lnra? Man) are riired t i two d >ya. Hold aline dm* atorr lliralwaj, rw?f of ChMw el; ah# at lit AataV H|i*tae, a 1M Itinadway, and at Hat Kitlmn Rired, rtfker ill mitlam nu RAiJ-ii ? orrirr.i?iM5 noirirroN ftr^kt, nr. \t W ihiHit. Ik>ui? Ironi ? to 12 A. M . ? to it I" M rinadaya r?ee|ii??l. Ail genuo arln.irv, ale- female and all rhmnic ? in, lauta auceaafully irnaiaJ Addroaa, by leuar, box 8W foat i (lira. DR ni'RTRR s JfKW HK!>!OALWr>RlC,TH?TAP??R 01 N. | a?ea, fttll o4 colored plai< a, give* all tfie ao rertM ri-mi III. ?; elvma hia Irratmenl will cire eerlam ilia ? in raara where Ihe other dortora fall. I'rV" flo c ita, u> bi bad at iiia otd 'ilap' ?ary. No. 3 PivUion Mn-ct, N. Y. DIt t OIUlKTT. 19 D1ANR fiTUKKT. MV-RI1KR OP THK New York l'iii^ja!l4 maj be eooaultrd privately nu rl a. a>< a Twi-nl) yaara eiiriualval) in hi? ajieenllty ana>> lea him to makr i^Wnianrnt ritrea. Hee IH". i'.'a diploma Iti h < ullice DR It Al! Hi iW. IS7 VRIXCK STRKKT A rRW BLOCK* w?at of llroadway, New Yark, twe tally avfdniM by ih? I an ntei ot i hi- relrbrat?"l Kuroi can aiaeorery 1 r; ??mm-, for irn in.rallng iii?- debllMtad aiwl ? impletcly erailu atlng ill the di?ireaanig ronaeqiteni e* arlatnji Imm wiirlloali'd dtaaaaaa Ml ihHf VMiotia aapcrta. 4'onauRaiiooa ftout 11 M Ull 2 P. M.( and from 4 lo H, Sundaya etreplrd. 1\R OOOPBR, 14 Dl'ANK STRKKT, MVY IIK ION " viil'cd i i iv airly ?? diaeaaea. The vieiima ol miaplaeeileon leleti'-e ran rail on him wl:li tl"' cerlalnif ol being radically rm I'd ('liargea mmlaratr. N. II.? No fee Ull curvd. }JRTTaTP. Ot?RRlLTArii)jr?.-DR. WvTx4)J? nAj lor a king aerlea of yeara condtu-d hia attniilon to ilia ?ati ? of a oeiiatn * laaa In whlcli he ha< treated not leaa than taenti tlioaaand caaea wllbont an Itiaiam-a of failnro. Th? renmftor are mild, and there la no Inteernpilon to hualneM m eKanga of die! I>r Watarn ta in oona^nt aneunanea. from ) ,n th<- morrnig nntl' tai night a? hia rnaa<ilnng rixm? am reatdane*. '4 Walxe' at-aai, a ??w 'loiiri went of It road * ay wr.lixm watson m t>, formerly aurgaon lo tho l?ork Mixpliai. RIOORDfl fRACTICR.? OR 0. D HaNMiiRIi, PdR merlj a pupil wi'h Rleoril of I'arla, ami wRh l?ra. 4'ar l II hall ami Mitt, of Una city, may ba eon-i"'-! (tor *t?e cure o ati in portant r'aaa of baeaaea tnc'.ttdlt r iioae of tlie throat and Intiga. at bta roeilieal and anramal ei m<, Sl? Itmadway* <lali? fri"i (I lo I, and frma ? lo ojj ' * ? it lie ien b?ni 'o ih' iBW-n d pi altlve aaanram a of r?h a ' .tmert a'ai by ii-uei . ?'id nii iliriaea tieet. Oanault-uioi i *nr< , C. I? llA-IKi 111. *?. OPKCIAL MKRICAL POTIOR -I tR. Z. C. JORNHOR removed, office 4.10 Rroadway, *aw York -In apwardt of eight haiwlred aaaaa. rtnrnig tha paat yaar. many of lite ranal rib?tli,a*e and icrilMa nai ire he haa 'ia.1 .'.a aaitafartj .n .f wttnraatnc full and part** t onraa nwaaaai a aaa baraferrad to many of them, IT Rnaoaragad bv hia aitraordloary anvciaa. ha attll irrffl* TTttr InTRn mr ririli riattnaaaa ra hi- Invaluable method tor traattaf aU dlaeaaaa aaqalrad hy ka ptndence. eipnaare ?r aaclaoL there ia ao hnmhii* Thla ha* been tkorouxhiy watted If B ? To tha ladlaa -la earing Uw many dlau-aaalng aomplalnta to which tha tat la aafcjaat, be w well known Oanaral diaeaaea. apmal Irrafnlai lllta, Md al) ohatraotiona ramoaad by madlcal ar ?argtaallraalaeent Oon vealent roomantrnlahad^'irtea lllnaaa al M honae Ownalta llona, al h"r li^aeana nAf mill. awtrUy aiallda^il. 1 'IW honri I A. R to t P M Jfc. _ n _ _ &. CjjOHNBON. Operating Pkra Ha SI RP ri RR DR WARP'S CWPORTrN \TK ? friend, the moat rertain enre in the world Ibr certain dla ra?e? now need before all other remadlca for thoae llaaaa'a. warrarted without men nry, and reqairea no dieting fbr Ihe cure It la well known ati the ?wily remedy that rleara iho dlaeaae from the blood aad aeenrea aaainat aecondary aita-k?. In all 'he worat raaea there la no other cure than 'hia Mllght caaea curad In one day t?r W^nt himaeK hia hut ? perlenee nnd made more curea than any other In N?w York. A perfect cure warranted In abort time (Tnft'rtnnato'a Frleod 91, U?? e 90 Canal mreet, cornar of Broadway. IkHBLO'B OARDEN 1> Doors open at 7 ; to eoauMBM Ml B. Eckels Ptftr osatt. Mmvi iihstandlag the unurei edentni triumph at MISt- MIMA STANLEY'S DRaWMG ROOM KXTKB MENT, " rnUUed THK SEVEN AOEs OP WOMAN, Inc Management announces Utot her engagement caanot p? Bibly extend beyond TllRKK NIGHTS MORR, In consequence of arrangements previously entered tatafkr the appearance ot Mr. ItLKTON Thin (SATV KB A V i Evening, July 1?, 13S6, MISS KMMA STANLNY, In her celebrated Drawing Room, P K V E N AUKS OF WO KAN, Written expressly for her by K. L. liLAMCHAKB, ??a . . . And performed with extraordinary succeaa In London III aB the principal cities of hi.gUtul. The entertaiumuot is < omprlaed In two part*, and umbedtaa a great number of indu idual Iinpersonatious and Vocal Ulaa tratlons, with an extraordinary variety of dialocta aad Mr uonnl peculiarities displayed in Instantaneous changes of vcloa, appearance, manner and costume, aad lrrin'"ri"ng wtlk vel and peculiar feature, entitled POLY 1KLORI (By way of an epilogue,) la ITALIAN. TUXKISn. SWISS, FRKNCH, SCOTCH, AndSPANISKI The whole performed by MISS EMMA 8TANLEY. Mimcai Dimectok MR. THOS. BAVB, Formerly leader of J r I.UKli'H B A N D. MISS F.MMA 6TANI.KY Will appear on each TUESDAY, THURSDAY AN1) 8ATUBDAT. The Wonderful ItAVELS will appear on each Moodsf, Wednesday unit Friday. ' PRO BONO PUBLICO.? HITCHCOCK'S FREE COtf certs are held at the Fountain t'hop House, 1UJ Walker street, every Saturday and Wednesday evening! Jamra Eraser in the chair, ai H o'clock. The moat popular and select free Concert tu the city. <&7fin ?A chancr t<) MAKE MONEY.? *NY PKB <J> I UU. sou willing to invest tin* amount of money In a safe exhibition ma\ hear of an opportunity worth baring. Ad drcMf. White, 49 Bowery. TO LET? THK NKW YORK ACADEMY OP MUSIO, FOR one year, lrom the ttrat day of October next, wltk the prh liege ol another year, lor Ol ER AH, CONCERTS, LECTURES AND DALIES. The ACHdemy in well at?cked with scenery, painu-d by Al lege!; rlao. the'billl room lloor; and splendid decorations tor bulls, to which will be added a new aaloon, one hundred aad ten leel long, f ir ball purpose*. To an euterp rising Kmpreasario this houae offers great in ducement* It can lie demonstrated. by the experience of Urn present season, that the houae can be let for Balls. Oonoerte and I eclurea, on the nights when there is no performanoe <rf opera, for at one half of the amount of the yearly rent re quired bv the Directum. For terms, ipply by letter to the sub scriber, 47 Wall street. JAMFS PHALKN, President HOKSKH, CAHHIASIUt, AO. BI.ACK 1IAWK. THK VERY IMAOF. OK HIS FA ther. ltlai k Hawk, tlie greatest irotting liorae ot 1-oog Island, will be for sale at llursou * livery stable. 3 Kut Twelfth aireet, on th< '/Atli ot July; broke? expressly fur ? riding horse; goes well in harness; in beauty and gait unsur passed Can be seen from 4 till 6 o'clock P. M. C^AKllIAOK^ KOR SAI.F..? A (iOOl) LKATIIKR TOP J buggy, in lirat rate order, three li?;ht wagima without tops, a K?<al liab' groner'a or < ampnene wi|on, one do. nearly ur*, Ac.. ?i Kldridge street, between Hroome and Orand IIOR SALK? A KAST C.RAY MARK, 15?* HAN08 1 hipli sivli-h wiutid and kind. Will show tnatiieof thre* niinutt s to a road wngon. Inuulre of U. I'ARKKR, comer ol h niton aven'ie and t'uinberland street, Brooklyn. FtOR SAIJt? A OK xY HORKK, IlKTWKEN SKVKV AN? eight years old. ti1, tmnds high, warranted aouuJ an4 kind, and can trot a mile in three minutes to a road wagoaj also, a light wagon and harness, lobe sold together or aep* rate. Apply at 'Sib Houston aireet, in the tan shop IjlOR SALK? A I1ANDKOMK HTKBL GRAY MARE, SIX . yi ars < Id fast, gentle and w u ranted perfectly Apply nt CI Kxcbatige place Fok SALE? A VRBMONT hill IH,A<'K H AWK COLT, tlx xea,'?old, 15S haul* high, dark bro vn. long tall, ? mignlllcent atx le and action, peefet Uy kind, gentle and aound; la a superb anddlc hnrae. Iii |tnrc at club stable, Paclttn street, corner of t linlon, Brooklyn. F;iok halv^-onk span op mmm. oabiaob and hartmss. ooMplete PiietftUi Horse* are aonud, kind and true In all harness and ULder tlie Raddle I'erleetly aafa lor family use hat mg been nsedaa such by the present owner. Inquire of C. PARKER. 2n Dey ?treet. TTtOP. SALE? ONE Or THK FINEST HAY MARKS Iff F New York, lt> hands high, 7 year* old, lull mane and tail, a very stylish anil free tlrlx'er and a smart traveller; perfectly ?ale for lamlly use. warranted sound and kind. To be aaaa nt the lumber yard, 172 Monroe aireet, near Moulgomery. FOR HALE? TWO VERY FINK RAY MARES, F1VK T? six yeixrs old. Ill hand* high, very ttylUh and free driver*; perfectly sate lor family use and taM traveller*. warran<ed aound and kind In single and double barneaa and under tl>? saddle. Will be sold separale or together. <'*n be ieen at the lumber yard 1J-' Monroe atreel near Montgomery. HORSK FOR HALE? A DARK BAY HORSK. mi hand* high; sold for want of n*e. I'rice $13. Apply at A. C. Ilarry * stable, Hamilton atrect, near liatea avenuo, llrook lyn. HORSK WANTED-OR WOULD TAKE A PAIR ANtt exchange otu ; they muat be good, aound hordes. Ill for a stage coaeh. For further particiilara lu pnre at Freni h'a Hotel. VTKW YORK TATTERS ALL'S. CORNER HIXTII AYB Xl one and Thirty ninth street ?At prtvale sale abeautl tul ll;:ht dapple gray bor>e, li hand* high, ^ year* old. kind in all harm **, good under the saddle, a tlral rate family horse, warranted perlectly sound and kind, and sold aa the owner baa no further use for him Apply soon. TA'-ANTRD TO PURC1IAHK-A TKAM OF OOO* Tf horse*. They must be of good ?lze. atrong, sound, ynaag, well maiehed and good traveller*, sueb a* would be suitsbla lor a cracker wagon. Apply to K. O. HrlnckerholT, 31 Madi son street. RKWARDH. ACftA RKWARD WIIX BK PAID FOR TUB % l )UU VTorrry of rood* ?iol.:n from the etore of iheeoh arrilim <m Monday nignt. July 7. eouauUng of ??ml.roi.lerad ctUar*. iet>r> luce rullkra, larc?. cambric edgtnin, ret la. Ac. Gordon * bowdoin, an* nn>?.iway. RKWARD. AND NO QI'KSTIONd ASKKD-FO* fl|u rfwftrj of articl.-* of j>-welry taken irora third Boer of liouee 781 Rrnadway, of little value comparatively lo inhere Ihnn the owiifni ? ron-fctmn of hair ami fold watrh rheina, gold IML elecve mill nturt button*, Ar. WM. h. i'li AMBKRI.AlN, li<3 Front street. up tfalra. An RKWARD-I-OBT, ON WKDNIWDAT KTKNINQ laM, * Urge black d"?, with white breast, an. I part at hl? nn k while: p?? > and lc?? with black ?pot?; black LaJl. wrh whit* cad; a braa* rollnr. altli the name of F. FWwiroy wratrhrd on the outaide, luid written with lak inelde; anawnra to tin- n.iine of Carlo. Any nn<> returning him U> No 21i Bleerkei *ir?it, wilt receive the above reward. 4>n RKWARD.-I.OKT, ON TIIK UTH INHT.. A TWKI.YH ) fart boat. painted ? hlt? nut?Me, and J. M Silt a branded Inside. The above reward ?iN lis paid on the return of the Ixiat to John II. Plhra, Vanderbllt landing, HUleii Inland. RKWARD -UOm, VBITItKDAt, IN BROOKLYN JSJ or \p* York, or In ernjitng troru Brooklyn to New York, a lnrg< ? ??lift <>r |?irkrUiook. ? -ontiMnliig rallro?<I and f-rmm pa?n>, hu?itiM? and visiting oarda at T. M. Humphrey, an<l Home paper*, all of whfc'h are of DO use or value to an jr una but the owner. The above reward will be pu,ih> -ending th>' look etui conti-nta to T. M. Humphrey, 197 Broad* ay, New tori. d??J KRWARD ? DOO LOUT, ON TIIK H.\ KNINtJ Of ?T*? the I7lh. Mrayed from *1 Wrand alreet. a *erj nnal Wbneaad reddish brown elat, ear* long, tarth axtaewlui de caved had on her neck I? narrow pink ribbon anxwern to tha name of Jenn) . Tlie above rewur l wlM pe paidfoi lier retin a at the aixn e address. ur No. 10 t/orilandt street up atalr*. A Ilk iIMltD ?ATRIRON1 AL. 4 OFXTI.KMAN St? YFAR? OF AtlK. IJRKRALXY J V. educated not bad lo?kitic enganed In a lucrative liual lo f?. and p? >??<??? ed of an el?gant residence. la dralmua aC openlntf a correepon lenee with a lad) Ji to Rt year* of ?>, w till a view 10 ma'riraonv . who <* Inielllgent. r. fined aM^K ami am devoid 1 4 beaoiV . tf |xiaar**ed of property or a rmtt dent o' tlie roun ry. not objeri lunahle. Addreaa Ventaa, boa 2 Hi) New York l'o#i olltre trnnwyiAL-t wii.u tpon thk rrtritt or twrntwire 1 lata. *end 10 any perann a fall 'leUimatlaW of i| elr 1 hariWer by their hnndw riiin? ia<ldaaaa ? otirlaa4.) Ad<)r<*? with ri'Mini po-aage H'lle K mlle Villi?e, Hroadway Poet nflke, Naw Tmi M tvraouwT. A IX WHO WWII TO COSmrLT m adamr morrow will do a>all to call anoa Kbe tail* naai, prwaant aafl tin nre *r?nta. and all 'he aimeeraa of Itr*. even U>a vary th.xirM* ro true, that ana aM<mtah*a all who naU b? Mi ifcim II the llkcneaa I>r the Intended buabao<t and xiieent friaa<i and relaUoi,*. and e.ana ?? apaeily marrtacaa, who will all mm joyg xxl tart ihn-ugh life No eharge if ao< aaU^fted <toa tleni'n not a<! mined. 7t Knmni ? treat, betweaa auaoa aail Oolitmb'a a>rrat? P I, A ? Yf lYAJf fR. - WRA. HRYRorR, NO 110 tPRlR# V street, a few l<> >ra ? e?i of Broa<lwav, the moat eelohrakai mnltral and buatneaa plalf 'Taot In Am-'rina All HaeMM dlarovt-red and <vir"<l. If curabV I)m faie and wher?aboata a( ah* nt ft-iend* made known, unerring ?drtee >n buaianea, *a, anil ii< ? barge iinlea* aatlanod. / 1I.ATRY0YANCR -MRU II %YIM,ri. MRVOYtNT tVD V' beallng fkyaMaa, aaa Ml p>>r? >n? dtv a*?? an 1 what will rur>' ibrm tx-iter than any .ither rialrvoy*n' in ihi< roaa iry. that iboimuid* know Ofllre 1,(1 Urand atreei. New York. No eharre unle** ?ail?n<-.| CARD.? MAD AMR PRFWKTRR RBTTRIfH Til A NCR 10 her frienda and patroaa, ami bega to aay that after the thousand*, both In thla eft? and ?-hilad.-,rh'a wbn hare aan aulied her with eatfr- aaMafaetlee ah- Vela nmfl lent thai la the queaiwwi* of aetrology, love *n l law rn?tter*. an. I l>ook? or or olea a a ri-Uad r? mnetantly by Napoleon, ahe haa no o.,naI. Mh>- will 'ell the oam* of the future hnabaad, and aiao the name <d her t latter* *7S Bowery. MiDAll BAI.DWIN ("AN BF. (XXllNCl.TRD ABoir* lo\e marriage and atxetit irlen la Uba tell* all )*? even* of life Intel pr't* dreMa, and cooaulta on law maoera, at let! l.?io..n? atreei. third ' ?? N II l.adle* ? gemienien. Hhe eaoae* a( martiac?a . rh extra. OI 1 41. " KRROSRNR OILM NOT RXPt.OBITR Sernred bj patent* KFROfSF.NF. ll,l.r%hN\TINO Oil,. Tnr *< oaoar or rata on. ta raaivtijjm M 10 ef Kero*ene gtvea aa mneh light ae fV of rapeeeed oR, fl J of whale oil, >?r of aierm <1*1, and tWn<bnnfing fluid. It bum* In all the argand linttnn top laatpa. laeloding eaaa pliene and allvle oil lam pa. wlthatil the oaual teadeary u> ?Mke. K IRON! NR LV'BRIOATINtl AND BINN A'1.R OU. The ??tTeet of thla nK an maehiaery la found ta be nerfwaly lagioel It remove* the (.im < a<?eed by the nee of Impttra rdla, we*rae?ia*l iathe heat ai.erm oil. and doaa n? ronreai at a low temperature. For blnoarle Imm, atenat and bowaprH 'an'ern*. ?nia oil laiinawpiawl It will burn fw two n * ..? without Kiirnatlag or ' Pfeellna the *Mek a grea' dwdder ?! 1 1 fV*t ahiptiuulura- a ail glvea a light e.tual to the beal aper n " I. It aiao btWi* fT> an the aolar inn henu laiapa The attention of engineer*. ?hip ehendb r* and *hip eaptalna la parMntliirly ri'Moeated to the eeellllrrt'e^ |n He *e*n hi ttw rdllee ot AVfTRNB, ageai af Kerneeaa Oil roatpany, No. W Driver atr< et.