Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1856 Page 5
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Jm 8 Gilliam, J Seligman, J A Cork, R R Blankenshlp, J A Krd, Mr Canon, Mrl.umaford, A Htevenson, J A Kleppy, R A Marl, en, J II Hunberry, M C Davta, Wm Mallory, J B Ege, U V Rambaut, K Winlree, L C Jordan, James kins, H (71)1111, J c Vaughan, W P Foster. J K Robertson, (1 V New son, K T Rot ert*. Win Wells, W C Reld J M Pope, Wm 0 Pe terson, J C Moure, K R Munroe, C H Hartley J U Cooke, Z Hamilton and lady, Mr N. K Riven, Mim II II Hamilton. Mr J ? Thompson, M A Robinson, 1) 8 Weeks, J Morrison, (leorge Peace, (< W Deems and son, P E Mark, H II I'otter and fa mily, Mrsti 11 Murks uod daughter, Miss Bossleux, Mr* Ro bertson and daughter. Miss H O Boiling, Minn Gilliam. Muia Dunlop, Boiling, M D VVaud, R A Bright, M Murphy, O 1> Hannah, (i Pulleu, C Tappey and family? and 14 iu the steerage. Prom Lsphorn, In ship Queen Victoria? Misses Marion, Su nan, Charlotte. Flora, and Harriet Winchester, Mr R Hog. -a, Mr Kron, Cartonl. Krom Nr. mr ii, NP In the Hr bark Medway? Major Coleman and ladv, Mr Smith and 3 daughters, Mr Johnson and lady, Mr Osweil. Prom Havana, in the bark Leo? Mine Seraphim Cousin. DKPAKTUKKH. Psr Charleston, In steamship Nashville? .Joise H Peasant, J T Wills, W J Noiris. Mrs Rennertv, Mrs Fitzpatrick. H D Johnson, A M Sampson. II M Magwood, Miss J Thompson. Midi Mary Herley. Thos P A Smith. L, Rosaay, A Ruu-iies and Neson. J P Wesson, Miss Wesson, J A Smith, Mr* J K Smith T P Woodward, Mr Jackson, Mrs Hicks? and IS in the steerage. For Norfolk, Ac, in steamship Jamestown? W II Woodley, Robert li ill, Joscnh Thompson. James Thompson, Williera '1 Dodges, (J corse W Ed wards. William Moin. Miss Plummer, Jf K Roberts, William .Tarvis and son, Miss Mary Jarvls, Geo H Riley. I) Wnlker, John Burns, Mr Mountfort, Mrs Mount fort and servant Miss Mountfort. Richard Being. U S N , Jo* U Owsi.s, USN; Mrs Miller, Edward S Bloge ? and 13 In the steerage. Another Prizb Fight in the Hakeok.? A. fight tor >3( 0 chute oO on an Mlai.^t in our harbor <>u Sutu rday The parties engaged were Jas Hart ai d John Monaghan "bruisers'" of tout lame, and residents of ibis city. The flgbt was trougLt to an abrupt termination alter the seventh round, Mouaghiin falling at its close, without re eeiving s blow, which action, according to the rules ot ?toe prize ring, loses the battle to the one so falling. The light was decided in favor of Hart, who received the stakes ($300.) Neither part? exhibits any signs of "pun khment." The same men met in Canada, some months s'Dce, and after lighting 4v! rounds, was pro claimed he victor. Hart's backers wore not satisfied at the result of ting battle, an 1 another challenge to Mo aafbtn wtw sent and accepted. Tuo result of the last contest we have given above. ? Bmum Herald, July 21. A Shocking Affair in Missouri ? Several Dbatum. ? A man name*! Huy. a resident of Morgan coun ly, had bad some previous ditlicuity with acme of hix neighbors, and, tailing to get revenge, he concluded to take It out by poisoning the lnolfeustve little children of those with whom he had a difficulty, and who w ere attending a school in that county. He consequently ob lalnined a quantity ol poison ? put it in a squirrel's bead, and laid it in a spring used by the school, rhe result was the of nearly the whole of the children of the school? two or three ?f whom ('led, and seven or eight others, our informant pays, cannot surv,vo. Theschojl master, whi?e tame we do not remember, and who was also p<?r tied, at :,vt account* had some |<art? of turn mortified. ant bis death was beyond question. Kay wax arretted by the citizens of his neighborhood, and made his escape in the tight, but was again apprehended near or ir Quiocy, llickorv county, and carried back on S?un day evtmrg last, it was supposed that he would be lynched ? Warsaw (Mo.) Dmncrat. Juij 10. The Popnlar Knox? Popularity Is not al ways to be acipnred by the simple application ot the facilities of the press Notoriety may be; but that species of notoriety which is accompanied bv a general esteem is a dillerent thing, and is the result only of such a course of conduct as first ex cites the general attention, and then exacts its respect. This !a tbe sccrct of KNOX'S fame as a manufacturer and dealer in hats, and explains why his dsshing establishment, atlfef BMW corner of Broadway and Kulton street, is so tilled with eager and satisfied customers. Knox's enterprise, his honorable deal ing. the eourtesy of his nUeii<tan(ji, as well as the taste and ipiallty of his goods, and the moderate pro!, is he is contented with, constitute theelemenis of his wonderful and well ile served success, and makes his location, the corner par excel lence, for all wno for goo<l hats, caps, Ac. The IVcuv York Citizen? The Citizen of this week contains, amon* 'other interesting matter, original arti rlMOD "Democrats and Despots." "Central America," "The Remedy fer Kansas," "Trial of Herbert ? Foul Play," ?Our Dublin Correspondent," "Massacre by Stead), ' "The Vulue of Education, "Slave Life in Europe. Africa and Amarlca." latereitlng letter from California against the Vigilance Com uiltlee Next week the Citizen will contain an important let ter from John Mitch-'!, nn the Pi - dei lal electloo Th s letter will appear exclusively in the Citizen. Oflice, It) Spruce street, Mew York. Fremont Victorious.? 1,164 Voted for the Rocky Mountain hero yesterday, composed of ( 'atholles and tifutherners ; Buchanan, 40, disapDotnted maidens and grannies. Fillmoie, 140, half inclined for F reni n. t ? will be right In November. Not l^ss than 1, ,VJ0 portraits were 'aken on the occasion at HOLMES' political picture depot, a 9 Broad way. Tke Greatest Improvement In Pianofortes li J. A ('? PIN? II RR S circular scale piano, wairante 1 of ?u Ltnor Uioe and strei.gth, WarT'iom, ,'i^J tro?dw*y, opposHo theatre, inanufac'-ory, corner of Twenty eighth M and Ninth avenue. Plauios and Melotleons.? The Horace Water* stodern improved pianos and melodcons are to be found a: 133 Hroadway I'lanos to rent, and rent allowed on purchase; ?r s?*le on monthly payments: second hand pianos frutu 930 to 9140, nielovleous I rum "$40 to 9136. The Franglpannl Polka, Dedicated to Sep thaus fiesse, Esq., I.y Koenlg; Pies** A l.ubini. Fr.tagi piuitii perfume, M<s<s Kose, Newmarket Jockey Club, Ac., Ac. 41KO. K INiiKK A CO., Pharmaceutical i .'hernials, JfM Broadway, depot of tasteless casnir oil. Reduced Prices? TMa suits 92 90 Plock alpaca sums S U0 Qtoork Marseilles suits 5 "U lAaon Raglans 1 80 ?arostUe* vests 75 Ftos white duck coals 2 Ml Hail al(>sca SIMMS 2 09 ?sakyr ''.iasimeie suits. h 00 Wane Marseib< s vests |1 i?> Aik\AN>' exveiikive cutting warshouae, >ua. w. and OH Pahon street. Sinner's Hewing Machines? In Every Pos sible way these machines have secured the favor Of the public. Tk' highest premiums and medals have been awardsd to them at home and abros l. Thousands are using th> m. on every va riety of work, entire salwfaetisn and success. I<ei all who have any interest In the supjeet call nud eiamme. The ma shiaea will be courteously exhibiu-d whether they d> or do sot wail to purchase. I. M tjlN(? KK t CO., 321 Broadway. All who Weed a Oeticrous Dirt Can Use 1 nothing t eller than 'he Kllrahe'han ale. c imposed siir.p,v of ana It and bops It Is just as useful as the imported. Ollice, 110 Water street. MdWMr'i Hair Dy?, Wlgt wd Toapcw ?*H?rr'(ir'<iiitlott<>r>. Tfceir oew .mprovernanta wcr* HMnr,' r' fo -ft" nearer 3*tu ral eicgaooe *c<i tuntrilttf ?Drfcrmir. and oily Urn.:?? bair (lye m vjn td **'?* RtaM (WW. bt BATCH BLOB'S. S3 Br ndm| Ortartadoro-* Wlp. Hair I?y? and TonyMi ?mdto admiration unimi! all r-itmoawir* i? *rt A *u I of ?Jajaot pnrat" ar?riinri.ta lor rui'i lytnj bin .u.tnitaol* dye, Ur only ret.aM" ?rtl< l? of lb* kind ailanl. WhuleaaMi at d r* MO. alt KlhrADORO tf, No. i Aatur Uoum. Cos* U-* dr***. Whlnkrra and NomIwHm Forced to Orow Id all weeka, by ?! OK|U^ttt, which will Ml *taln or Inj ure tha ?k it! ?l abotilc. wilt 10 any part of the eo miry. K (J. uKaIIAM. SUi;, Hroadway . BriQta, 37 Male Hre-sl, Albany. Hill's Hair Uyr, Blwk or Brown. Ko?r abilllnfi per bo?. **oi< i at ITS Broadway, and al th* let"*, No. IBnrclay *tic?t. N?w tork, Not. 178, 217 and M7 Cuhoa ?trcel in Allai.ii* afreet. ami 1*1 York atr?*t, Broifclya, and at the drug ?nd fancy go.ala?tore* neiiTai.y. Bath*. Baths. Bat ha? Clojrd'* Plftattag and wmrm ??ii ?wr batla, in tb? pur? w?l?r at Mohocct. v *r Ba hrry Ladla* bathing dr?-??e* for *a M aad to lev. M ?.** taklre. Waier free from *!; tmiiur*.c*. Trial and Conviction ? W? try men fur K order, and ofL do yo-i ???, Thc? e?r*|pc, bred iiM JU rriD'H foil to *(fr?'?. Hut on trial pot I.YON's ramwl powder and ptU*. And All man will cry, "e*eh on* i-artataly fcnia." They're be n tried nr America. Frame and Ureal Hnvkir, Add all lm*r agreed thai Uny am not be bratcn l,yo?i a magnetic power and pill*, for the destruction of la are?* and verB.Ui 424 Bradway. Inhalation In Dtaeaae* of the [,un|<^Votlre. ? IV Hl'NTKR would glee notice tfcat dtiring the hot MM. the of ? urrmr m (>aU?rt* will be reeeiee.1 aOer 4?? P M. datl? Perw n* req'iirtn? etamtnation of th* . mga cbo ikl, if pra?<fele. select the mnrntag . ?I HttoiDWit, N ?w Yoa?, July 14, !NM. Laphami' Vegetable I'nlTrrul Re*urrwc uoa pilla. I'rlo ipal offl ??, 31 Kec ?d avenue, New Y >rk. Hollow*?'* Pill*.? The Hallow and Cada eernoa completion, which indicate* a waak ?nna<<h attd In anite livr. t*a >n i^-phx-' l by ahaalthy t-n.e on.lar ih? (?? rahT of lbe?e grrat ourlfiara or tb?- iworvl.otia ami ih*hln<*l. fold ar th? n>*nufaHorlr?, No. HO Maiden lana, N"W Ynrk, Mttil 244 Mr*?d( Iiondotl, aiid by all draggMa, at Sc., ?ad $1 per bo*. Medicated Cod I.lver till ? The Attention ?it the mediral ptofeeek* i? raapeei/ully *nlicit?l to th? fol lowing ial of valuable tA?ra|'?'iu< a**i.t?l n rnmMnailon wh roil lh ar oil P?*rter| aolntlon t* atumnl. and the pto|>onion* in earb pr*l)*r*tkm *r? |itar*ntaed aa iind?rm<-ntinn?.l ? tMei.m ?.?.rrb .?? rum .ne oniir# cnnlalna two tralm , morphia, " " 'Ktafourtk ' ?? 14 " Iodine. " '? fbnr " laMwflfanM " ww ?wfc ?* " ?Inmhia a< ?t*t?, " *li " " Bydrararri hirh orlrli .*? 4i'h " Frepareil at 'be Ij?b.>fat<*r, .IW Broadway OBO K IN MKR A CO., pharmaceutical rheiniata, *a <''**or* to T. T. atreen Traveller* ??hottld Parrhaie a Bottle of the eelebraf l Balm of 7/aotlfc>raa. an Kant Indlaa remady Price two ?billing" U will cue* dmrrSraa, dyaentery. pain* la lha tto?ale, Ac ; thl* K I* ftaranleeil la do, or we ate authurlmrd In mat* tit ly return th? money F r. WKil^ k CO., lli Franklin ntreet The Catarrh, ? l>r. t', llowaid tfarahale, whaae enre?ara *o wonderful, n Itain at Uie Kl Nlcholaa Ho tel. New York, for a lew day* only, room 262. Hour* from 9 toaP M Conanltalion ft-ea. j Narrteat. It. Brooklyn, Jn'y 1?, by the Rer. Dr. lortl, Mrmut W. Harm to rp??Tt!?4 A., da ighter of Ackermac, all of IrtHjkiyii. Died. '*? "ht'irdav, July 19, Jtnm Contrnorr, M. D., ID tlte Mtli year of hi* age. The re' and friend* of Ike family ar# raepeetfnlly 'BTited touttrrd M* funeral, (hit* a(n<t n'-.n, altee o'rioclt, fr??n hi* tat* rffidrticc, ,\"<>. 24 Forsyth tlre? r tin Haturtlay mt>r?.;n|t, Joly 19, W'. Jon* Btntr**^, ?P. t*t. a native cf F-nglacd, in tbe Stuh year oi bt* age, in canaenuenoe of injurie* received by betnK thrown from the Second avea'ie car*. n> frlrnl*, a* I lhr>*e of hi* f?m"y, aii4 bl? brother artirUt, ar? r?f>pet*1tilly nyiled to attend h * funeral, from fc* tat. rer en co, No. 260 Tenth Mreet, Uiia alternoon, at two o'utack, 'Mi "umltiy narrs r,g. July 20, Mr. Edward Hi wtia, n the 4Mb yai of hi* s^e Hi* re:ativ??. the fr.cndti r>f the ly, the of *.i.? " hirtl ? tr4 ;to, <:?, Mid th* pe'.ra (fnerally, #??? in. Tfc i iiil b'? l iteral, ft ? aflernnon, a' Iw.i o'cln?i<. fi tr be ale reaideere. < rner of Ve*?-y and <?re?aw>ch *|re?t* w tborst .nv Ulion. tnt ' rtrhty eraeititr, Jt;!y 20, Mil. !.;*?;? FiUVAir, w fe Of l"|>n M Kurmnn hat, ?J Mm u UUH I o'clock, from Christ church, Bedford avenue. North Brooklyn. The relaUvee and friends of the lkmily are invited to attend. Carriage* wili be in attendance at tue l'e;k slip ferry, Williamsbug. On Monday, July 21, Svmr Bod mark, in the 40th year of hit age. Hi* funeral will take place this afternoon, at two o'clock, from hm late residence, No. 8 Ihiane street. The members of the Swedish Society, the members of the New York Lodge No. 10 L 0. 0. F., the members of Mount Hebron KncampmentjNo. 1 1. 0. 0. F., and also the friends and relatives of deceased are respectfully invited to at tend. On Monday morning, July 31, of congestion of the *>rain, Natilajusl Fink, son of J. Newton and Elisabeth C. Squire, aged 0 years. 7 months and 18 days. The relative* and friends of the family are reepectftiily invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, it two o'clock, from 3d Collage place. The remains will bo taken to Flatland. L. I., for interment. Katk Riokhan, daughter of John Riordan, mason, of the town of Macroom, county Cork, Ireland, aged 20 years. Her funeral will take place thin afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her Mater, No. 210 fciast Seventeenth street Cork papers please copy. On Sunday afternoon, July 20, Ei'zahkth, wile of Collin V. G. Forbes, of this city, aged 80 years, a months and 4 days. The friends and relatives of the family are Invited to attend her funeral, to morrow afternoon, at four o'clock, from the residence of her son In-law, John Bogert, No. 30 Commerce street. without further invitation. On Monday. July 21. of inflammation ol the bowels. Chahijcs P. Mm eh, aged 38 years, 7 months and 20 days The friends and relative* ol the family, the members of Hancock Chapter O. U. A., also of Mariners' l.ndg4 F. A. M.. and the members of the Ferris Musketeers, are respectively invited io attend his funeral, to-morrow af ternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, 1,089 Broadway, near Thirty first i-treet. On Sunday evening. July 20, after a short and Revere illness, Ci.aka Jank youngest daughter ol' William H. and Cornelia Stinemett. aged 18 years and 1 month. Tne friends of the family are invited to attend the fune ral, this morning, at ten o'clock, from 6t5 Varick btrcet. two doors below Laight. On Sunday. July 20, Cakiuk. infant daughter of Noyes and Nancy M Streeter, Jr., aged 7 months and 2*1 days. The friends and relatives of the family are invited to attend her ftineral. this morning, at 10 o'clock, from 182 Wot Twenty second street. At Rye Neck, Westchester county, on Sunday, July 20, of a lingering Illness, Wiiijam Honor*. His friends and relatives a*e invited to attend the fune ral, from bis late residence, this afternoon, at two o'clock. Carriages will be in attendance at the Mamaroneck sta tion to meet the 12:30 train frim Canal street. On Monday evening, July 21, Mrs. Cathkkins, widow of the late Philip tay aged 58 y< ars. Her funeral will take place from her late residence, SO Catherine street, this afternoon, at two o'clock. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. On Monday evening. July 21, after a slinrt but severa Illness, Mrs. Eikanor T., wife of James Turner, aged 23 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, to morrow aiternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, 09 Eighth avenue, without further invitation. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment. On Monday, July 21, alter a lingering illness, borne with Christian fortitude, Malachi Bkexjux, in the 26th year of bis age. Bis friends, the friends of the family, the members of the I'nited Guard and other associations to which he w is was attached, are respeclfully invited to attend Ins fune ral. to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence. 149 Flr*t avenue. On Monlay, July 21, Mrs. Euzahmh HrniWArrs, in tbo ?2d year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this allernoro, U three o'clock, from tne re?iiencc of her sou in law. Jamea R. Tomkins, No. 033 Sixth avenue. New burg papers please copy. On Saturday afternoon, July 19, Capt. John Wain, in the 91st year of his age. The friends of the Jimily, and the members of the Ma rine Sccietv, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at half past three o'clock, from his late residence. No. 379 Greenwich street. On Sunday afternoon, July 20, Paci Hkxrt. His funeral will take pla;e from the residence of his brother, Patrick Henry, No. 140 Second street, this af ternoon. at two o'clock. The relatives and friood* of the family are respectfully invited to attend, without further notice. On Sunday merning, July 20, Clarissa J., wife of Ph. p Kitsam. The friends and relatives are Invited to attend the fune ral, from his residence at North Orange, N. J., this after noon, at five o'clock. The cars leave Jersey City at 3J<, and return at 7 o'clock P. M At FJtzabethtown, N. J., on Monday, July 21, in the 4Sth year of her age, Emily , wife of Henry W. 01 cott, of this city. Further notice of the fur.oral will be gi .on. At Granada. Central America. March 10, of the prevail ing fever, Thomas L. Bailiy. of New York. IMEETIIEMENT8 &KHKWKI EVERY DAT. D PERSONAL. BOYS MISSINO.-THEY LKPT TUKTR HOMRH IN HAR lem Nm York, on Thursday, July 10, 1H46, and have not lim n heard from since. Our In 14 and Lbe uihrr 15 year* old. They had oa when they left brown jacket* and 'lark pant*. Tliflir name* are lleorge Mclntlre and Kugene Wuil. Auy Information in regard to ihem will hi- gratefully received by their parents, wbo reside on 124th street, Harlem. 8. McINTVRB. AVID ?? CRAM, WHO WAR OONSC1. TO PANAMA, about l#2>\ and afterwarda <ltmi In New York out, left *< me ptMHUt, which hla heir* can learn of by luldreaatioi J. Fard A t o . Jersey < it y N. J. DR. A. DE O ? ? ? *? MKRT ME AO A IN TOMORROW, at II A. V . at STKINKKI.D'H. "n Naaaau *treet, corner of John, depot of the celebrated cholera cognac bluer*; don't fall? a cure almost certain now. llOMElt INFORMATION WANTKD-OF ROSA CANTON. HY her muter. Ksther Canton. When laat wi waa working In t'hryMIe *lreet, about three week* *iuce. Any information will be thankfully received by her sister, Esther Canton, T,t Bwmwf. INFORMATION WANTKD ? OK OKoRtiR R. J AMI'S 1 J rid brother, who left In the Ocean tjueen, about a year ago, for l.lverpool. If thin adveruaement ahould meet the ere of auy ot the friend! of the aald peraon*. any information reU live to lbe above, will be thankfully received liy Margaret Wllaon. Addl-eas 1'hlladelphl* I'oat offio- Wiacontin t. aoer* will pleaae copy, at they have an uncle there, named Wihutin Jane*. I*rOR!*ATIO!l WAKTRD-OK HRlIViKT rilLI.RSPY, w ho en* aged with some farmer to the omtntry from an office in the Bowery. Anv one knowing of h>-r where. moots will confer a favor on her brother, Peter tlilleapy b* aditreaa ii g a Hue to widow tiaiena, IJ41, Ludlow street. N. Y. INFORMATION WANTKD? OF HOOH McOOYRR*. I It Hddrema. or any Information concerning him. will lie kindly re. elwd by hi? brothers, Iternard. I'wtri-'k and lH>ali. I'l.ass direst to pelican ? tub, or No. 3 Bagatelle street, New Orleara, I. a. IF MlNS A IMiRR W1I.I, I.KAVK II KB AI>r?RK>?t AT the Herald office, ahe will receive information for her benefit. F. IF BEN M1KPARD WHO A FF.W YE %RS AOO MVKD I at the corner of I hsmber* an.! Waalougton ?4reei*. w.ll a.'drcss a letter to I*. C., Herald office, mating where be cau be aeen. he will hear of something to hla adtanug> MR. C1.RMKNS HORTYWKTUER WILL PI.EISK ?end Ma dlrretton to Mr John Nicola* R?h 'vwtl.T at Held'* Hotel, No It Howery. corner Bayard -treat. N. V. "l^RVRBMORK? " L. N. M. THEC Tit A OK* A THoROCOH ROOKK RKPRR W4NT* A SITUATION. Address for two day* 0. V. L., Herald office 4 N AR'HITK' TI'RAI. DRArOHT^MAN WISHES \ J\ situation timid city reference given AJIre*t 11. klmtr, lf9 Foreyth at AWflOn Tl'RNKR WANTKD.-NON* HI T ONR WHO thoroughly imder?t? ode hla buaioeaa need apply at lit ?irst sv.. corner of Zitb at. PACKER WANTRD-IN A BOOT AND SIIOK HOI'S E, one who thoroughly understand* hla htiatnew. None o<ber* need apply. Addreaa boa 4, It* Poet office. T!> TAILOR# ? WANTKD, AT PIIILADRI.I'HIA, I foreman. In a wholesale clothing hooae. To one fully com petent tn take charge of the railing and manniaclurtag He partmenl a ??larr will be gt?en The meet aaiista<->o ry reference ae to capability and integrity re i mred. ? hl> h none need apply. Addreaa b?i In) Phil wielphia I'osl office. TO HoSS BINDER* -W ANTKD, A MTV ATION Alt plain forwarder, JSliall wage* will be iwepted the beat of refrr?*?r e given; la aeipiainted with good work. Addreaa W T? min offi.-e, or can be aeen at Noe. II and 13 I'roepeet atreet, hrnnkiyj) r) Dtrnu.KRH AND RKfTIFIF.KP -WANTKD, A alt nation, by a mm who perfectly iindennind* a .-otool and rum dlatllllng. al*n. the lonenuunn <?molaee>*. and engineer ing. haa no ob)MllMi to go either H.iuth or Wee4. the beat of reference gtveo. Apply for one we. k at 131 Flral avenue T?> CARrF.NTKRH.-A CARPFNTKR AND JOINKR want* aal'iM'lnn. lea flrat rate workman and la willing to go In the etnntry, If dealred. Addreaa, tbia day HHP Poet office. "* WANTED-A YINKOAR MANDFACTI RRR, ONR YT who hae eome knowledge of coopering Apply to ? Whelpley, Wl Monree at. ' TETANTED? A MKCHAlflCAl. DENTIST, AN KIPK YT lie need workman, mar apply al 3W? Waahlngton etreet, Hrmklyn None but good workmen need apply. "lETANTPD-A OOOD WATOIIM 4KFR TO OO TO A vt t1oorl?huig (own In Indiana. An eiceilent opportunity for a good g? i..'ral Wtvkman Apply to T. B Ilynner, 21s Broadway. TETANTFD- A SITI'ATTON. AS MA< IIINtST, BY A IT fif-^t c;?-? meet an*- . oomt.e'ent to run an enrine. Re ferato Fultoe Iron Work*. Apply at No. t state, fourth floor, IWr J. R. Tt* ANTED ? A (M?OD ICK t RE 4M MAKER. APPI.Y II toS W ard. Iteilevi?e Oardena, 1?K of flmh at , Ka*t river, for two day*. TOO LATRIORCL M*IKI( A TIO^ | T KITED OCARD.-AT A SPRCtAL MKKTINU OK THK I 1 above c mpatiy , held at ihelr h?ed<iu*rter* Kl; Flrat aTe nne, on Monday i \ ening. July 21. the lollowing preamble and reepittuone weieartt |>ted:? Whereaa. It h?* p!ca?ed an ?1' wiae Prnrldenee to remove from our midai In a IWf of ii?elu ne**. our moel reapert, i| and <1 early beloved caatain, Milachl KrennMi. and whereas, nub milting to the will of the Ru'er of the I'nlveme, we do moat heaniiT ?tmpathi>e w"i, Ms alPirted amttv. and we sincerely hope that they will b- r Mielr great km with Chfl?tian lortl liine. , fenitvstl. That k copy n{ the above roaolntiot-a be 'nn.nat led K the family of the deceased, and that I hey be pabhabed in the New Tort He>ald and Dally New* ' on mittee- John J, Dunn, Francis Brook, John MeDernot, Francis Creamer, John Moran. JOHN DEJ.KUAXT, abairmgn. U*4?r, bee*iw>. A ^ SITUATION* WAJPITBD. A RESPECTABLE woman wishes to take in washing, or to go out to do day'* work. Inquire for Mi*. Dowllng, 15 West 12th ?t , in the rear, between 9tb aad loth avenues. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, aa wet nurse; him a full breaat.of tuilk, hatu b aby a month old. Inquire at 3ft Pearl hi. A situation wanted-by a young woman, as chambermaid and (o do plain ae wing or miud children. Good reference given. Apply at uH Weat 13th at., for three days. Avkry respectable youno lady wishes to learn the vent making, and to board with the fatally while learning. Please call at 101 Mott street, In the rear, first floor. A situation wanted? by a youno woman, to cook, wHKh and iron lit a small family. Good referenoe Apply at 309 West 19th atreet. A situation wanted? by a youno woman, as rook, washer and Ironer; good reference; no objection to the country. Apply at No. 342 12th at., between tat and 2d avenues. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT nation, to do general housework. fan give the beat of city reference. Please call at IBS West 16th st., for two days A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS waiter, In a private boarding house. Oood city reference, t an be seen for two day*, if not engaged, at 2il liowery, in the rear A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS cook or laundress, or as Ironer. flood reference. Apply at 38 Wi n 13th sL, between &th and 6th avenues, for three days. A FRENCH GIRL, LATEI.Y KROM FRANCE, WHO speaks her lungiiage very well, wants a situation, an Hm tf (kuAtnuald, In an American family; can <lo fine embroidery and plain sewing. Good city reference. Apply at 667 Broadway, from 1 to 3 o'clock, for two days. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, WELL EDUCATED, AND pleasing in her manner, would like some lucrative situa lion, writes a rapid hand; would prefer Cinclmiiti or some Western location, but would not be particular. Address 11. Hamilton, Union square Post office, New York. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to do general housework, in a small respectable family; is a good washer and ironer and good plain cook. Best ol city references. Inquire at 1 10 W. 1" th st. , In the rear. A YOUNO LADY FROM ENGLAND, WISHES TO Oll tain a situation as chambermaid and general housework, would have no objection to go abroad with a family. < 'all at No. 6 liatavia street, up stairs, front room. Elizabeth llincks. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do general housework in a small family; good reference. Apply at 248 West 32d St., lor two days. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, TO do general housework, In a final I private family; is a good plain cook, good wanker and ironer. I an give three years' good reference. Call at 421 Greenwich st. I A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU afion as nurse or seamstress, or chambermaid and waller, she may be seen at her last place, 210 Union at., tirsldoor west of Clinton, Brooklyn. , RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, as nurse; understands the charge of an inlUnt from birth; Ii.iH t?o years reference. Can be seen at 470 tith avenue, be tween 2?tli and 29th sta. Inquire in the office. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, aa lirst claaa cook. Good city reference given; can be aeen for two or three .lays. I' I vane call or send Lo 1)37 Greenwich st., first floor, in the rear. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, IN A _il respectable private family; is a good cook, washer and ironer; fus the best of city reference. No objection to either Call at *S 22d at, between Lexington and 3d n for two days, If not engaged. AS11UATION WANTED? AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY a respectable widow woman, where she can have a ,home tor hei self and child; will go lor low wages. Can be seen for one day by applying at No. 167 West 16th street A GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS WAITER, OR AS J\ waller and to do up stairs work and plain sewing < 'an fire city reference. J'I'mi' call at 364, corner of 7th avenue and Mix. A FRENCH LADY, 8PEAEINO FLUENTLY THE English and German languages, wishes to obtain a place aa saleswoman In a store, or to take the supervision oi a bachelor's or widower'* bouse. Please call at ,4 frank lin street, for Madame M. A YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION? IN A NICE family, to do plain sewing, or is willlni; lo lake care of ore child; she has never been wilh strangers before; la a nice girl and wishes to get a good place, lniuire at 118 tith at., St. Mark * p. ace. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, AS chambermaid and to do plain sowing, or to assist in tak li.ft care of children, can embroider well has no objection to go a short distance in the country. Call at 101 Madison it., room No. 6. ASITI'ATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waiter. Would he willing to go a short uiMianee in the country. Good city reference. Please call at 194 16lh sL A SITUATION, BY A RESPEf TABLE YOUNG WO man as plain e<sik; la willing to assist in washing an l iii nlr.g. Refers to laat employer. Call at 90 Weat 17th it., secoud floor. Up town preferred. A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO man. aa chambermaid and waiter, or to take rare of chil ilren. Ileal of reference. Call at 90 St. Mark's place, between 2d and ,*t avenues. Can be seen for two days. A A RESPECTABLE YOUNO AMERICAN liIRL WISHES a situation, aa child's nurse, oj aa chambermaid and waiter; no objections to light housework. Wages not so mucli ? it, ? I ..??-! i- a t ??l home, i ' 1 1 y reference fallal 46 Henry ?t A YOUNO LADY (A PEOTESTANTl WISHES A SITU atlnn. a a chambermaid and waiter. Can be aeen for two day* at 603 Houston ?t. ARKSPEt TABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION? TO do general housework. In a small family, or aa conk, washer and Ironer. fan give first das* references Apply for two day* at her present employer's, 2J6 Alianik at. Brooklyn. A R ESPRIT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA linn, to do chamberwork. washing and irouinK, or to do [general bouse aork in a small family, fan givn tbe beat of city references. Call at 62 Allen st.. for two uay?. A YOU MO WIDOW LADY WISHES TO GO TO SARA toga Springs to spend the summer, and wishes a situation as housekeeper in an hjtel. A note addressed to Mrs M H. Ward, Madison sonare Poet office, will be attended to. A new era received lor three day*. AGKRMAN PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A SITUA tion. as cook, good wssher and Ironer. undcraiaods all kind* of pie baking. Giasl recommendations given. C ill at 142 First av., between Eighth and Ninth st*. A TRENCH NURSE WHO CAN BE HIGHLY RKfoM mended, otters her -? rv , ? to a t im lv g >ing to France; she will only isk a free passage tram her etnplojera. Apply lo J. Rieia, 2C South street. 4 MTCATTON WANTED? HY A PROTK^TAVT OKI* ^V. man itirl. aa rliAinbciuiUrt ;tn.i waiter, la willing i<> >? aiai In making unit Ironing. nr to do In in*!" work In h *m*U f <mlly; ln-at nl relir'nca. Cull at M Heater at., aceond floor, AltKHl'ECTABI-K 0MtL WANTM A RJTCATION, AM plain ri?.k. HuW iiml Iriiier: city rntollM can gi*in. timum '-all at 3B7 T, tta at., between ?th and lUtli atra. Can lie aeen Ul] fbg^ijrd. At OMPETKRT Nt'RHE. A PROTECTANT. wantr a ?ItimtMiii ran i tlkand m?Jii' ehlldren a cl-Mblng; la t aini Ii|? to take < hai f of aa Infant . la willing to go a abort dlatanra In the country tbr m n( RlerruM (tVru. Apply at Ha 7 I'mon Court near 12'hei Aphtation wantkd^-hy a colored woman. a?ni<>k ami chambermaid; ihi objn'lniia to anr wiwrlni phmirml rflemi c given. Apply at IKM'hrpatui at. , far two d?5 a ARE?.PECTAR1.E YOINO WOMAN WI-HK>? A flTr ?Hon aa ?Mm?irM?. and would be willing t ? aaefc* ?i n'irali * Beat of rlty tanrmea guen fr?m her leal place. * '?nvATiojr mavtkd? iiy a rnvtto woman .iY to take rare of an Infant and aew Oonl i Hy referencaa. Inquire at M *?h avenue. M*ffn 2Mb and ?l<h ?ta. ARPTTATIOX W ANTKD ? BY A RF.-iPEOTABt.l WO. nun. aa go?al plain enok. wa?h?r and ironer. 'inileratanda MMIl or tn do general homework In a ?mull prlral-famll* llaa no objection 'o go a ?horl IWMaii e In 'he count! y <><x?l Pity nftintt. Inquire a< Hi ixh a > en U?, roTDer of Slit at, 4 BITrATION WANTED- IIY A RKEPPEtTABT.E WO. Vv man, aa chambermaid and waiter, or to iK> ifncr tl ho??ework in a (mall private family, i I. ?ti city referenca. Inquire at 2tt 17th at., near 9th a>enue APITVATTnN W ANTED? BY A TOCN Wo* Aft TO take oare uf a baby and do plain ?ewtn g tlood refer eoce from ber laal plat e. Apply at Bl Mk ?., SMTlili ar, AmiUn.F. AOKD WOMAN. OF RX< KI.I.KNT AHIM Ilea, wlahea a altnailon, aa good naik, la a fgapi alalia lamlly. Ilaa thtee yeara' referenoe. Apply in the rw of *S Meat Hill at. two daya. AMTVATIOR WANTRD?BY A young woman. aa chambermaid and waiter Refera to but employera Call at M Marlon ?t. A N RNtll.IRM YOCNO WOMAW PK^IRKR A flTr A J\ ilon a a ?? am?tr??? iimlcraund* all klnda "f ftMHUy a#w iiv*. I an be aarn nnttl ?n(a?rd at H Van. lam at APtTVATfoR W \ RTRt> ? TO DO TIIK lfX?RIR<? I waahtna and Irrniln*. or ifnrral houarwnrk of a amali pii*at?i family. No ofejerttaa to ?o a abort dwiattc* in iba country, fan b? a?cn at I4W Rlltabatb at.. In tbr rear A^m IIRK.KSM A K PR W1RIIRH WORK RT THR D \T? TJf a few r*apwtabl* lamiilca. fleaaa rail at S llcat?r at. ARRPPRt TARI.R YOt RO WOMAN WWHRR A PIT nation, in a amall prtvat* fatnllv, to dn i?n?-ral b"u?? work , la a *r?vl cook waaber and Ironcr baa tnc bcM of ctty reference ran b? aeen for two day*, at No. 97 Court at., AYorNfl WOMAN WfPHRf! A HfTrATION, AR e.?.k wnaber and Ironrr. In a private family '"an brtn* Ki od city reference fmm ber praaent altuatton llna be acen tnr two daya at Kl Raai 1Mb at. A^m PKRRON WHO HAR RRRN POR NINE YEARS IN Whnieaale I nalneaa. on the frontier of Mexico < Matatiiop x and RrnWM<ine), and for the laat tbrei- yeara a oommi?i"n merchant In Brtiwtierllle, Tetaa, receitlnc fr?m New Orleana, wlabea to ronttnue the aame bnalnew receirinff from Rear V' rk Copy "f accrmnt* of aalea, for an MMOItaf nboni one hnnilre?l tbnuaand dollara of bla htat tmnaartlon*. will be aub mlttcd ft>r ejaminatlon in any merchant of New Vork, who aonld accept hl? aervleea either In Joint arrount or under any ot ber condition Pull Information will lie ?iren In regard to . ami lwneaty. A<ltirrm* R. f>ur?l, <N Orennwlrh atlVet. A HERMAN, W1IO HAR MPRRIRNCR IN ROOK REPP I Ing entry), wanta a altn itloti, in thla caparttv. la I wll'iiig to m ike hltnaelf ueefut In ftny other wav lle?i refer enrea git en from hi* preaent emplorera. A'Mreaa H . Herald aWo, BV A RERPRCTAR1,E HERMAN WOVAN-AS EIR.T | rate conk. ?be undcratanda baking tb..r,ii?h! g aa houaekt eper In the coimtrr Apply at IM FlWt at., bf aement, accornl door from Ptanton at.

/^'?f|R R PTTPATION W4RTRT?? BY A PR<?TK-ir*NT V* woman, ah" nn.leratan'la her l.ualneaa p?ri.--r|r In all ita branclica aonpa, mcata, pnuHry. ga-ne an l ile?aer:'a, ami ia a tfrat rate baker Can pro?1nce giol c?t r< f ?renc?. No ob I jPTUATWIW WAMTMMK pSTcilMAN'8 MTUATION WAKTF.D? B s > man, who perfectly understands the earo of horses. 'an give the beat of cit v references as to character aud capability. Address X. Y. at Mr Coxaheard. 70? Broadway, for two days. ?eimployment wanted? bythe wekk or month, XJ by a good seamstress; or to go In the country as child s nurse, or to travel. <iood reference* Call at 40 West I3lb at. TJ OUHKK EEPER.-A LADY OK RESPECT A BII.ITV IS XI desirous of procuring a situation as housekeeper in a widower's family. None but gentlemea of the highest re spectablllty need answer, as none others wlB be attended to. Address Mrs. Marshall, Metropolitan Host office, for one week. PORTER'S SITUATION WANTKD ? BY A MAN OF sober and Industrious habits. Clan bring goat reference Irom his last employer. Can drive a horse and cart or wagon. Wages not so much an object as steady employment. Please address Porter, box 131 Herald ollice, or call at US Monroe St., lor two days. SITUATION WANTED-AS LADY'S NURSE, BY AN American woman; is competent; reference of the lugbetft respectibility given. Call at 180 I6<b St. SITUATION WANTED? BY A SCOTCH GIRL, AS O plain seamstress, will assist In chambei work. The noun try preferred. Inquire lor HeUy, at No. 1 Weldron place, York St., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED? BY A WOMAN, AS NURSE, to lake charge of an mfunt and do light charnberwork; no objection to the country, flood reference. Pie. me call at 301 Houston st., second floor, back room. SITUATION WANTED-BY a first CLA*S COOK, 0 w l o usderstands rooking in all its branches; has the best 01 city references. Call at, or address lift) Bowery. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN WOMAN, TO cook, wash and iron; she thoroughly understands her business; highest c.ty reference from her fast place. Can bo seen In the basi ment, 346 Stli av., near 'JMh st. SITUATION WANTED? IN A WHOLESALE GROCE ry, hardware or commission bouse, by a young man wlr) is anxious to obtain employment; he is perfectly competent to perform any duly that may be required of him; the best of n given. Address 11. llower, S5 Troy st. TO BUSINESS, MEN, Ac ? WANTED, BY A YOUNG man. a situation as salesman, in a paper hanging or any other business; has an enure acquaintance with both Wesveru sn<l Eastern country trades, best of references cau b*i given. Address X. B., box lot) Herald oiilce. WA NTEIl? Y A RESPECTAULK YOI'NG WoMAN. ladles' dresses ui make at her own residence, or would go out to sew by the day or week. Please address or call on Miss P., 144 West 2Mh street. Wanted? by a respectable girl, a situation, as plain rook, washer and ironer. Apply lor two o iv? ai her present sn uatloti. w here she has been for two years and four months, No. 37 West 19th street, between Mb and 9th avenues. Wanted? by a respectable widow woman, a situation as seamstress, by the day or week, or at her own residence, understands plain and fancy work, also the mak.tig up of boys' und children a clothing. Auy lady want Ing such a person will lind one on very reHsenablo terms by calling st 174 12th st, second floor, front room , T1TANTED ? A HITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VT young girl; is a good plaiu cook, washer aud ironer, or * ould do the general housework of a small family No objec [ tloti to go a short distance in the countrv. Has good reference from her last place. Please call at 47' ? Pacilic street, Sotiili Brooklyn. WANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNii ENGLISH gins, situations; one as chambermaid, the oilier as writer; no objection to hotel or boarding house, will go a short distance in the country; understand their b usinesn Uio roughly. Apply at 246 Mulberry street, front basemeut. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT t!IRL, as chambermaid aud waitress, or chambermaid and nurse; good reference given; to be seen at her las', place. No. 1U Luinartine place, 29in street. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE, steady woman, as cook, understands her business well, and can give the best of city reference , she wants a home. Can be seen for tw o days at her last place, 22 Bond st. WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a situation, to do general housework; is a good washer and irouer. Apply at M avenue A, between 10t L and 1 1th sts. No objection to go in the country. sltuatl. Y?UN?i WOVAV . WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG LADY, TO attend a confectionery aad ice cream saloon or bakery, the former preferred. Has good references and Is an Aiue ricsn. ? an be seen at No. 6 Cornelia street, two doors from fourth st. "IIT ANTED ? A SITUAT1UN BY A RESPECTABLE ?T young woman, a Protestant, as seamstress, in a private tanuly; is a good grrvmakcr and embroiders well; c>in be m en tor three days. Apply at No. hS Forsyth at. X1TANTED-HY TWO RESPFCTABLK OIRLS, SITU A TT twins; one to do chsmberwork and plain sewing, or to muid childri n; cau do ah kinds of embroidenug, a ITfUnl? I the other for general hous. work, in a small private famuy; no objection to the country good city ret ere nee. Apply at 92 Wyckotr st.. between Smith and Hoyt sts. "tVr \NTED? TO ENOAC.E AS SEAMSTRESS, 11Y THE TT week or mouth; would take charge of a baby, is willing to go in the country, or travel with a buly . best of C.ty i ?.'nence. Can be seen or two days at No. 11 fitb st., first iii or, fruut room. TITANTKn-A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE young girl, u> take care of children, or do light chain berwork. I a. I at 131 Waverley place. yitanted-a situation, as wkt nurse, hy a TV healthy woman, WHh * frruli breaat cf milk. Can be for two day* at llenry at., in the rear, room 1). IITANTKD -A YOUNO LADY IS DKSIRuUK OF OK l" taming aeiiuatiou. in a r<-i>i>ectal>le lamtly. to take care of children and do plain newing, ?o obiection to inakn lieraelf generally met ul. buliaUrtur) recoinuieudaUau given. Apply ai K ?>?i .V>:i. iL, second tloor. YJLr ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE YOU Nil WOMAN, A TT situation, ?? *eani?tr???. rut and tit Ltdie*' dr-?*e? and do plain firing and embroidery. Ilaa good Narwe fr> m ler lent pUce. Call at 904 ? train! at-, corner of Slier in l?.r too iloya. ?tl'ANTF-D? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT A BLE TT \oung girl, to do ebaniherwork. waahing ,md ironing, or to do the bonne* erg of aaiuali family. City refer mce*. Call tor two day* nt 12 Ihompaon M., paprr Wore. TIT A NT KD? B Y A RESPECTABLE YOUNG VIDIAN, TT a ?itttatlon, h? eh?mbermakl in a r"?pei tabl- family; can do trarhinK und Ironing well. Can be *wn lortwotiay* at 117 Ml aL, between Unlverelty place and BroMway. WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A B1TUA I tlon, a* drat claea cook; nHMHM mill* In nil ? b?anrhe?. it agood weaker and Irooer, no objec-em n> n* Country, tlowl reference. I'leaee eall at 161 Hammond ?t, YEr ANTED ? UY A BESPECTABIJC YOUNO WOMVN, A TT situation, In a private family, aa drewmak'-r; l>aa po objection to take oare of a child, inquire at IWS Madiaon it., ? op Em r. \\T\ntrd-a SITUATION as SKA V STRESS my a TT Pr?tc?taiit young woman, ta an em-client hand at ma king gentlemen'* abirta, ?nd all kind* of ladle*' llnin, belt of i Hy riferrm-ea given I all ai INI Molt ?t., ilret floor. 117 ANTED? A SITUATION. ItY A RESECTABLE TT young woman to do - hainherwork and walling, and would aaaiai In washing and Ironing. good city refeieu;*. Can be teen for two da>? at No. 4* OUfl'dk ?t. "lAr ANT KI? ? A SITUATION, AH MEAT AND PASTRY TT took. by a capable soman, in a reaper:.*! ,e boarding honm;cttW rilerence. I .ill nt 1U3 M^dinun at , betwi i-n rlne nod Market (ta. YlrAMTtD-A fl A BV TO WET NCR"*, HV A TO UNO fv married woman. wtthn freah hrenat of milk, who lia* lately |o?t her own Lai y, at bcr residence Apply at ?0 ?V rw k ?t . for two dar?. ?\1TA NTBD?A SITUATION. BY A YOPNU WOMAN. TT in a prtiat* family. ?< rook, and to a*<nuei washing ovl ttonlnt. If rn| ulred, baa ll\e yeom reference I'm beeeen lor t?o d*>? at 149 Ear Met ?t.. third door Inn id av. \\r A NTSD? BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN, T t w nh the beg of reference*, a situation to do ebiunber work and i ne w aahioif nu objection to go * short distance in i n ry. I'leaae call nt ZU hast 2d M.. ui the ?i,lin?ry mutt. ' WANTED-BT A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION TT iuasma.l private family. to do general hMMWork; *lie la a govd plain ? "ok and n gixxl waaber mm! imner. la etr>eig. active ,.n>l w llHig, or would do rtiamlierwork ami a??i?i in w nahmg and Imntnc The heet of refweneee. CnNnt War. I'. earner of 4th a* . for two data. Wanted? by a ee^fectabuc scotch woman, aaltiiation. Inn prlra'e famllr. aa rook. andtoa*>i?t with the w aalitng and irnninc. romiiry reierenc- glvn for three y ear* ; employer gone to Kurope A| p j ai St-1, 1? nve.. between |,?ih mni l^ih ?a . for two day* WABTED-A SITUATION. AS HEAMSTERhM. IV A gentle man'a family, by nee who MMkmn4Mi eaMtag and fitting ladle* and chudrru'n dreane*. If any la>ly wani ng ?h r aervtcea, will leave her ad trcaa at the Union aouam I'oat o?i-e. for C. K . applicant will rail on wild ladv or Imlo-e on Saiurdat Xlh Inat . aa her preeent employer haa ??ngagad her the Mher daya of the w wk WANTED-BY A RKS1K? TABLE YOUNO FNOLTSH girl, a attuatlon aa eliamhnrmaid. or to do the general houeewnrk in a ainali family. 1 1. , 'lire at 1M Honeton et , Kaat rlrer, lor two da' ?. YirANTED-A SITUATION. AS SR4MTTRBSN AND " ' iH; la a good aewer and can do ImntMB work, would enrage by the day. week or month. Apply for three daya, at DU] llrand ai WANTEI*? A SJTUATtON. BY A YOUNO MAN, rerently arrived from ihe rite of Dublin, where he ban wrved hia Ume to the wholeaale and reinll grocery, wine, par ter. ale nnd apirlt traile, |? perferdy aetjualnted with the sot tlltig deparment. and la willing lomake hlmaelf rener.Uly nee fnl. Sniary not ao much an otijeet aa empkirment. reference* ae to character will be glvm. I'leaae add rem T. E., bai ItW, HeraW odlre. WANTED-A SITUATION, RY A Yol'NO MAN, AS porter In an hotel, or to drive a carriage irood m om mi nliNilona given. Apply at 40 K >?t Sad M-I fbnMenn 4ih and Madlaon avenue* YET ANTED? A MYUATION. BY A YOONO MAN, NINE TT leen year* of age Would prefer a grocery or llqn ir ?tore (mod nty relerenc*. Can be aeen atlm Molt at, ,n the rear, II mt floor W' ANTED^A RTTUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE BOV, vt 14 year* old, an errand hey, In n lawyer * office or ?lore, hert of rHy reference Call at ^IJ Rnat 1 4th ?. tl, ANTED-BT A YOUNO MAN AND His WIF E BOTH TT Englleb, about 29 year* of age,, who have been In the rout try about 1J Months. ?ltit?tloi;? *? nartei^iere. aa they buh l.nve h.<?n hrnught up tn the b'lalnem from their yuwih. Addre?aS W . bo* 1 to, Heiald ogle.'. \\ ANTED- \ STTUATKtN. AS SALESMAN, FOR TT an hnportgr or wholcanle liquor dealer. MNa Tor IWi dayn O. V. L., Herald o41Icm \\ ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN, OF TT good addreae. who hna laicly Ian le i from Rnglnnd, le ? got penman and artthmeiiclnn. and willing to m.ike hiniaelf get ? rnlly ueeftil. Salary not an winch an object aa a permit in i attiiallon Addreee C. K . bo* 1,K? Herald -dfloo \\ ANTRD-RY A YOUNO ENGLISHMAN, t SITU t T* lion, aacoarhmar. he I* well acquainted ertth 'h? eftr, an ha* good reference*. Apply at Chu*. l oitmad'a, aadd e>, '< Brondwny 11 ANTFP-A SITUATION. HY * COMPETENT J* V' door *ervant man. In email nr<v?te funi" ?? a. u.l g .11 1UWU, Call pruuutw aaUeiMOUM ) t^nrnwuMW. Fienag ad<iie?g. for two 0*/*, T. T., ? imm ?,mm BleeoUr. SITUATIONS WASTED. WANTED? A SITUATION, AH GARDENER, (CONVK nlent to the city J by a steady, rnpMlilil* young man; perfectly understand s its various branches, ami would Lake charge of a boree, if required. Can give irood testimonials from bin last place. Apply to W. M. C. , 414 Pearl at., for two day*. WANTED? A SITUATION, HY A YOUNU MAN, AS porter, in Mm*- wholesale *Uire; good recommenda tion* given. Apply at SM lileecker at., corner of Bank at. WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN, AN ENOMSHMAN, a situation with a wholesale wine merchant. bo under stands thoroughly the lining bottling and general manage - ment of which, Ac., having been long engaged in Home of the ti nt bouer* In London. Address W. W. L., Herald otlice. WANTED? BY A SOPRANO HWOKK, WHO UAH A full clear voice, and can read any music at night, a situ ation in a church. The only remuneration required will be what will enable ber to pay for the hire ot a pianoforte. 1'lcaao address M P., Herald otlice, for this week. WkNTED? A SITUATION, TO ATTEND AN IN valid, by a steady, experienced man, without any family; would go as waiter III a small family. Apply at 7# Hleeeker St, or 12 Sullivan at., for T. L. 11., for three day*. Uood re ference given. UfKClAL AOI'ICKM. Aboard of medical officers, for thr kx animation of candidate* for appointment in the medical staif oi the army, will convene at Newport ltarracks, near Newport, Ky., on the 1st of August next. To obtain permis sion to appear .before tht* lioard it i* necessary to apply to the Secretory of War. Applications must be accompanied by testimonial* vouching for tbc giswi moral character o the ap plicant and hi* physical ability U- perform the arduous and active duties of an oillcar of the tnedici' I autf. His age, which must be not less than 21, nor more than fr. should alio be slated, and hi* present reiidence and place or birth. Those who upon examination, shall receive a favorable report ironi the Hoard, will be appointed Assistant Surgeon* in the army as vacancies may occur. Svkukon (iitMHiL a Office- July 7, 1M6. Broadway industrial union and exchange. ?Important to inventor*, artists, merchants manufactu rers, macninifcts. and others.? The advertisers will open, about the mtddlis of August next, a large store and g,illery In the best busmen* purl of Broadwav for the exliililtUm of new inventions, samples of merchandise ami machinery. Aluo, connected with the above, will be a lloral exhibition and gal lery oi art. The advertisers will receive order* and tell on commission, or will let out any amount oi aoaoe, so exhl biters cuu dispose ot 'heir own good*. There is ampin l oom in the store to exhibit the largest machinery. Also, putent* secured and cash advance* made. < torresooiideaU making tirst application will be allowed the choice of space. Corres pondents will please state what they wish to exhibit, and what space will be required, t'pon the receipt of two postage stamps our Secretary will t'orwurd a synopsis of the manner In which die Industrial Union and Exchange is to be con ducted. Address 11/ oadway Industrial Union and Kxchuiigt*, New Tori I'ost otlice. IjlREK ACADEMY? -CLASS OK U93.-T81 V|KMilKR.S ' of the above class will meet at the Academy on Tuesday, ^.<1 lost , at 2 o'clock Hy order ?E<>. L. ('I. ARK, President ot he Class Asso'n. G1ENERAL MEETING OK TlIK GUTTKNBERO KERRY IT Company.? A general meeting oi the duttenberg Kerry i ompany will be held on Thursday evening, July 24, ats o clock, at the Sliakspere Hotel, corner of William and UuiiM stretts, to receive the report of the lioard of Directors, and to elect a new Board. 1). *TKIL. Secretary. IO. 0. F ?T1IB MEMBERS OF NEW YORK LODliE, ? No 10, 1. 0. O. F . n'ti requested to meet at the lodgo room. Odd Fellows' Hail, thlstTuesdiiy) afternoon at .o'clock, to j,ay the lest ribute of respect to our late i>roiher Hod mark, hi* reflulr* will be. taken from hi* late residence. No. 3 Duane street, at 3 o'clock ERNEST II. PRUNE, N.O. IO. O. F.? THE MEMBERS OK MOUNT HEBKON EN . cHBipment, N > 1, are respectfully requested to meet ill their room. Odd Fellow's Hall, on Tuesday, 22d Inst., at one o'clock, 1". M , to pay the last tribute of respect to our late brother. Patriarch 8. Bod mark. JOHN J. D.VYIES, c. P. Anthony Brorr, Scribe. Look out for the new story? THE OLD HOUSE: How it emigrated, and Who lived in It aft. rwanla. By Do .Auu Mcl ???!>. Written expressly for the .NEW YORK SUN Ccmnnsnced In the bun ot Wednesday, Jul\ J, 1-56. One cent per copy. THK SIX PRESIDENTIAL P0ETRAIT8. The best Hkenesw s yet engraved on wood. BIO(.:t?l'HICJt. SKETl'llFS Willi BACH ONE. The New York Sun of Wednesday . July H, contains the first Of the series? Fillmore ai d Donelsou; Ihnrsday's paper will have those ot Frtmout ind Dayton, and Friday's th^se of Buchanan and lircckinrldge, Sui irday's paper will tell how many extra copies of each day are soid. See to it that your friends are supplied. Only one cent per copy. VTOTtCE TO PILOTS.? PILOTS CONDUCTING VKS sels Mo Quarantine, oomlng from West India ports, oi* lrcU> any port at which epidemic dlseaao prevail*, are re queatrd to anchor said Messels tar out in the stream, in lino w ith the vessels now lying a: Quarant ne ft II THOMPSON, Heal homoer. NOTT' E? THE MEMBERS OF KEYSTONE UilME. No. 2, are requested to alien I a regular meeting of the lodge, this (Tuesday) evening. July ri, at 18i llowery, as bus.nes* of will come >>efore the ' >^k;o. F. MaRSIIaLI., W. M. pro b ra. J. 0. HormAN, Secretary. NOTICE? THE MEMBERS OF THE BENBVOLEET Society of United Son* of Erin are rc?p. tt illy Invited to attend a special Meeting a* .National Hall. Forty-fourth street, between Eighth aud .Ninih avenues, on Tuesday en tug, July ?2, at 8 o'clock prec ?e y, to iriinsict special bun i.e?s. Hy order of TK<jMAS DouUY, Frt sideut. Johm IcMaiua, Secretary. NEW YORK MUSICAL ACADEMY, 433 BROADWAY.? This seademy Is tortued tor the cawvattoa ol the hi g lies Older of claaalcal music, utia scale of term* within the reach o ail clause* Iustritc mi In so, i <mglni,' on the best Italian tan tiiod; ciarairal fianoforte music and c>supo*itloii. Evening classe* on very low terms are lorniing for the practice o operas glees, concerted run- r t ? , witn a vi. w ..I estab lishing uu American rival to tl e eelelii aMi Hei iluand ( 'eio^n" choirs Elocutloa taught. Apply at the itcadruiy. from 11 till I o clock. OFFICE BBUEJf Kh t>t TaXK\ HO. 83 CliAMHKKS Wreot, (new Court House. i Srw York, June A, MM. ? Fubllo notice.? To avoid the riiss bai ni ?t Inevitably occur from the crowd of tax pavers who put oil to the .!?* tha oaymeid of their tales, } Lave determined to adopt the follow big rule which will be rigidly adbeied to during my :ortn of itfce ? I she. I receive no tc 'ney alter i o'clo- s P M. Kvery <6i rr In this Depar mei.t is strict, v prohibited from r?<v >.ing scvelopee emtajnuig n.oi.ev or chis-k* for the paymentoi taxe*. Hy order, HLNKY 11. HO WARD, Receiver. rll AT BUYERS -THE BROOKLYN HAT STAND IE removed to the corner of Hudson avenue and Concord streets. Brooklyn. That unctjou*, fat, ?>LOEiouti ti iitle so kind As todle for the good of Mauhait.iii s mankind. In despite of his nnme or. the fresh, i.reety sea. Where he eourt. il the sun and rejoiced in the breexe, Will be served up to day? note the hour, II, At the It AT HOU"R. n State street? a . sil, quiet haven. VBNTKIUHJI ISM ? Jl>T rUBLUWED. ON I.ETTKR paper, complete, Instructions in the Art of Vrntrtli>iui*m, by the rskir of Ham. sent by insli fur ll per ropy. Address Fakir rf Sutm, care of Prvl. VaJlo, *> Barker street. Phlla delphla. THE Tt'flF. U~ X!0<( ClU'EHE. t I -TEOTTINO.-OM TIHtSDAT, .Inly Si. *i balftaat three n clock, a mm rorH,<>?i, mil* hmi Wtn Wlieiaa iiarii * r. K Ta-ony, u> aadille; .1 I). McMmin imnifi b in. Flora Temple, to har???a. t!are will leave the Month ferry, Brooklyn, for the I'durM at hall iaat iwo, awl return a* ?a tfm aport \* orer Feret< i go and return flfljr aento. Hll.tW A WHITE, Proprleuira. TTfiow ' oi rhk. f.. i-TSorriM?>fa?:in<?.? om L Tueaday, July 22. ai four o ? Inek I'. M . a nwich for U<*J. mil* and repeat, to hameixi. Mr. Kills hum b. g. Billy, parer, Mr. ?? nam^n bl* e Hi ark IIuitt trutter. hllAW * WHIT K, Proprietor*. currhino, ?c. Ac nnn woeth or nkw amo cunt orr currm Ci/.UvU ui* wanted? tJeailemen baring my t.i dlepoaa of will rereire U? h'ghewt prlr* ( a.d h j rainug at tk? nture, or ?Mraaata? THOMaJ D. . OEKOT, *?\ l>nrl rtmrt. r~tnTBTii<v-i;Al>!w"_Aiin oemtlemkm havuoi 1% oritenoee of ran reretea the alm"*t <%iue by kMrw dc n fOHEE. 11 Idtnrene iu?r near Canal, ar U WM Iracvty. UiM III? <1*4 to by Mr*, (ok no. hrlp wattkd. ?nrAMTKO? A Mtwniill TATI.OR TO MAKE TT Ulna' If MMl aawfnl Ui a atnte. To ?ia wko ran dei oalt two or three hundrwl dollar* a permanent aitiMUon an t good wngra fce ilit'n Ait lrr?e. with real nam*, mating whrre aa Interview raa M bad, >><t. Herald ?flee. Wanted -a farmke. or ooon rn v r act km ?T and UMiuetrlom. haMta, will Hod a* by ad<ir*?ainj( bui SMI Poeto?ee, * ttfc raf.rttoce. TlrA*TEI?-TWO <iR THRKK MKX Or EMEEU r. TO f T ? nkaf e In a tlf ht reape?-iwhir hualneae, totrarei wttli th<? ?<IHHW, i. a aalar j or ttbera! ro?nnil**K<ti tmerl an. English or f< ot< k preferred, ?nail rapiial aa aw urtty r-ei|itirrd. Apply at HI Ann utreet tbire floor WAMTED-TOPMO MK* WifOflMtJ To CIO TO fK *. AU kiada of ?oya?ea luralah-d. aneorduif lMat>arn\ A lao. aeTaral roopera, carpenter* and blarkamltne. Apply to RaaiiaU A Robeon, Ui Migth at., corner of f?t ailp. WAITEE WAMTKD-A PROTECT A MT MAE UKRV AKT, who baa bad ?i|>*rl?i>ra aa a waiter *ad ran b? wrli rwnvnM. Apply "n Monday or Tuaaday. at Ho. S W.mhlngtoci plara, between II aiMl I o r?. WAETEI>-IE A WAUL ETERET OrrifE, A MET aengrr hoy. Mnat rea t and writ- and brln* reaoaimen datioaa. Addreaa boi ?,'V? N' <r T r* fm otice. WAETEI?? A hM*RT, ACTIVE MAM, TO TAER .-barge of a btmard room, Bt- labia*, be mint ba rom patent and well at|-erieiir*ii In the biKloeaa. Apply at ihe Pbiladelpbla Hotel. Itt and IM t'b ?t.. Willtaatobnrg Waktri>-im am orrifE, a lad or about is yrara. w bo Ran write a good han 1 Inquire at M Ilea ?er tt., ground floor, b? two t and lilt K TlfAMTEO? AM AMEEICAM TOVMO M *M. It TO 17 T? reara of a**, in a ?tor* nmal b? ?rtl*a. h?naat ?nd will. Ing to drrota bia whole tune to baainaaa. Apply at MHOnuid aireet, corner r-herirt WAMTEI?- A HMA*T grOt'MO MAM, Tt> TRAvJ^ Ibroiigb ibe Raatarn eutaa with th? adrnrtlaar, In a wboleaala bnalnraa W if aa |?;a Wf?k and "ipanaea Apply at Tnweh '^Hotei t?'m i.m trnm in to 4 o rbi?4, thta daw J \lr A STEP ? A VOtlMtl M*M, AS KVTET Rt.ERK IM Tf a wbolHMl* hardware hoii?r ll>- mu?t writa a *?nr| band and he eorreet at ttgura*. AiMrnae Hardware, Herald otHee. WAE^ETl-A MAM, TO TAKE ' llAE'lE or A KM \ I.I, T? r?rt?i. n,it?t nrderatand gar>l"tiliii! In all He hran.-hea M?te need apply tMlraa ran gl*e atX|iieaiionabla re ferenre aa to < hara* t?r and capability Apply al Kn n W arren at \l-ANTr.n? A vol' NO MAM, AB '"t.KHK IM A WHOf-E T? atle and re*aN vmeepy oo? ? ?i hn ba.l a' l*aat year*' enperte*. ?. ana ran (tea the belt or referru- o. Aral* at No. ?*. Warren ?t ?tirvrrEn^A" coi.oKK.n m\m. to <j? ? a short H| ?T tonre In the rotmtry, m lot i< waiter, ??i w han re o Hired a?r k an.l?ew?rt, M h.?rd a; ?? ht. Apply at ?J Mimh at , t i day and tomorrow, tWHa t?n and two n'obefc. ___ n. , WinilM -VfART WAITKR. Wll I am ATTEMH " ? at earn tahie I .? ? he w?|| reeotnmen ted tor boeea'*, ?lea<ltt.e-a ?n \ X I r.t-lT. Apph a: er II o ct- 'k x M a? tbe Sr . < Mr lea. :u; Mr ? , \ -y, r*?rn.-r of l^onard ?. \\ KTWI*? A f*r EOY, moy ry r. , ? y V or V ? are. bent CM rmaretiee re<4uu?u. > n tt Maaaatl ft., up ?.aua. hklp wutiii. OOOV BARKCRPER WANTED -ADDRESS E. D. Herald once, with refereuce A man is wanted-at the kmimrk city kind Dug Wood Company * depot foot of 2W.h street, Kaat river, to drive a cart; and two nien, na outdoor salesmen, and one boy, to attend an utlice and ma or errand*. Apply before 12 o'clock. Aoenth wanted ? to sell brother Jonathan's tirst premium . hampion furniture polish, warranted ih? best now in uae lor cleaning new or old furniture. Call at 212 Broadway, room 22, fnnu lJ till 4. A. HUBBARD. AGENTS WANTED-TO SKI. I. A NEW ANI) USEFUL article, wanted In every family. Good agent* can make from 13 lo 16 per day. Call at 333 Broadway, rootn 12, from H to ft o'clock. Agents wanted? for all THE PRINCIPAL cliles in and out of tlie lulled Sialcs, to dispose ot a beau tiful art, entirely new Alan, will take a partner. Apply at 3u6 Greenwich street, second floor Boy WANTED? IN A I)R(T(1 STORE; ONE WW) hitH some knowledge of the l?u*incs* preferred, and ia willing to make himself generally uaelul. Apply at No. 3 Third avenue. (1LEI. K WANTED? IN A LAW OFFICE; ONE WHO J writes a good hand and can t;ive good reference may ad dress Attorney, Herald office. CIOLORED WOMAN WANTKD-IN A PRIVATE FAMI ) ly: moat be a good ooofc washer and irouer. Apply, wuh reference*, at 206 C ourt ?t., Brooklyn. COOK AND CffAKBERM 4 ID WaKTED (PROTEKTA NT preferred) ? For a small lamily. Good relerence required. Apply at yu Franklin ai. C100K WANTED? A t OMPKTEXT AND EXPEEI t meed woman ia wante.J a* ? ?><!?< and <i1m> to an* in in tha washing and Ironing, to no in ihe country about ten miles ironft the elty. Apply this day (Tu ?>.av) between iU and I20'ck>:k, at C2 fOt Ctli n., one door weal of ?th av. DRCU CI.F.RK W\NVED? ONK WHO THOROUGHLY understands the business. tpply between the hour* f 12 and o'clock. and al'ef o at to, 4th ave , corner of aftli -'. One who speaks German pref? red I \RU<; f'LKKK WANTED GERMAN YOCN i MAN. J / thai speaks the English language. who m not afraid ol work, and can be content w i h a reasonable oompeno&tion, may apply at 40* 6th t ve , near 2 > h it. nRl'G CLERK WANTED? N K THOROUGHLY IJV A llt.ed for the retail an I e^cripflou bunnies* may apply, with relerence*, attiO Avenue i . Rl'fJ CJ.ERK WAM APPLY AT NO. W7 THIRD avenue, for two days D T/WFIV BOYS WANTED o -^...1. APPLETON'S R \ IL r way and Steam Navigation < published monthly. A smart boy mav make irornS .>:u uay. Apply to J. 1. Ford, No. 'J Applelon's Building, ' I 34.* Broadway. TT OTKI. SKAMSTKEs- W AN I EI) -AN INTEI.LMENT Jl woman as seamstress in a ?>.?'?> ! she must writ ' a good haiui and b< able to k< eti K' C't i": - ui bedding, linen. Ac. Ad dress Hotel Seamstress, Herald office. IAD WANTRD? IN A FHIP BROKER'S OFFIi'R, OF J about fourteen year* of age; salary $00 per annum. Ad tires* bo* 1,124 Po?t office. J A UNDRESS WANTED ? IF \NN MANNING IS OUT J of I l*ce. she Will pie !>,,? e ?!( l'> Kiwi i')lh*t. A lirst rate laundress wanted. Apply bciweeu loaud 1, a* above. I AFN DRESS? WANTED \ RESPECTABLE WOMAN, Jl with good city releiuneo a* i.rnt rate laundresn. vpply 21 Brevoort place, 10. li st. N'VRSE WANTED? A YHVNO I'VRSON, OF EXPKR1 e? ce, n<>at in her ha><lts an<l cegpeotful in her deportment, iak<- < harge oi a youut: lirtanl -he must be a good seam ress, ami capable oi doing up line things. Apply this day tu d to morrow , before 12 o'eioek. at 122 West 2Sd st. First rate el'j r< i<'rcuce ru<|Uiied. O AI.VSWOM A N W \NTED.? \V >NTED. A HOOD AND O cjperiei ,ced sa1< '??? v nan, to superintend and take charge of a lsrc"' rmlKnery, la>*e and aibroi.lery store, in a pteasant eiiy, oui Intel couvenienl to ik> city ot New York, to a g< ,od tu I < X| ei .t i ????<! pei sou a l.n /e s.iUry an I perman"Ut s.tua tion i* allbrdetl. \ddiem box 111 Herald office, which will re ceive attention In ten dti\ *. OAI.KSWiMAN WANTED? IN A HOSIERY AND H Ir.ney ttcre. A good refeiei ee required. (J. 1 DEWI.AND, ZMit Ureenwieb s:roet. TO BOOKKEEPERS.? W \NTED. A THOROOUIl bo akeepei . by dole e- !?>. out- who lias l -ei, cm er sunt wuh tli" dry i'oods biM'ne?- preferrwl. Addre-s. wih name, reieien -e, salary cxp tied aud where an ii u-rview caii be tiiui during the u it ioi'unght, Industry, box 3, HI I'ost oflice. TO TAKE CARE OF CHTLDKFN.? A YOCNii WOMAN Wau'.ed, :.i ;ake oa '?? of < lilhlreu at a Watering plftee. Must < me well reconi o 'uJ<yl. Address J. T. C , 'jux iw H< raid office. TWO^MART ROY8 W\MED? FOR A DINSNU loon. Applythiadu' at Uu Outrssu W? ANTED? A PROTECTANT IIIRI. WHO HAS ICXVE Yf ileuee and good refer en *, as cold's nurs u.d seam stress, can And a place in the eoMntr^, sixteen nuies from the city, by addressing box S A4< t'osi odice. T ANTED? TEN Pl.AIN SI.WKKS, ACCUSTOMED TO ' making up good* , ?> cad; employment; also, three sales men. Apply at Richmond *, ,<iU 1. roadway. w w ANTED? COAT. VKST AND PANTALOON HANDS, atC\ B Tweedy * Co '*, 12 \?sey street. TITANTED? A TOI Ml OIRL, TO DO URNKRAL Tt bousework, tu wtma l am ly: wage* mod'-rabv Apply at .?* I>el*ncey si. vv ' ?\ATa> fKI?-A fix ART. I.'DKAN (1IRL, TO D'l <iH.NE TT ral housework. Apply at northeast coir- i* If . h st. ar.d 6th avenue. "llf ANTE D? A tMARl. INI: IXIUKVT HIRI., FOR THE TT , o ji,u*y, must undei s. <n t washing, ironing, anil plain ronklac. Apply at ?*? 'oliu *t, upstairs, bet we n b and 1 o'clock A. M. Tlr ANTED? A OOOn PLWN COOK. WA HKit tXI> vT b'oner. one wh<> i? r>e?i and till v, sn<l can on,.' iveil re oimmeuded, I'lesse rail ,<t Ift 1 ompkln* place, Btooklyn. -11TANTFD? At a PRIVATE FAMILT. LIV|N<? in Ml !|ol oken, a girl. t<i do ireneral boosewurk a nl wbo ?* a food washer and roner l( el'-nneea re.,uli ".i n.l a I'ro ustabt preferred. In<|Uo < at '_i tiarden street. ilot,,?tu. ?ll'ANTED? THREE OR FOUR OIRT.S. TO M\KR vv pap'r boles; tho?<" a : tus'ome I to ?(iMrc work, k<kkI wages and steady work v.ilt be ulvcn. at "4 ''b.u les St., U Foggo A Son's. x\r ANTED? A OOOI) COOK . washer and ironer, TV for a small family In the < rtiu'ry lor the summer Ap ply at 13 Broadway, ruotu No 1\ betwseu 10 and 2 o cUick. "ljLr ANTED? AN AilED LAHT TO Do (1KNKRAL TT housework. In a small family. Uoo<l refer ooe re<)Uhr> d Apply at V4 lirei-nwlch street. WANTED? A PEOTT-TANT, ENGLISH, N IT.'H. OR ? ?ermau girl, to d> general housework. Caii at 10 Se fond street. tjtantkd ? a mhaut tidy mitu fir i;,..h:rai. Tf hmiMWork mutt bo a ?o?>l waabar and i' u?d plain cook; nor wtih *'>.>4 city relerauca may oaii at IJ? Eaat Stlk ?i., alter lit o'clock. \JLT t NTFP? A 'I I HI., KKtiM 13 TO 15 YKARfl Of Ail1?, TV of (!<hhI dlapoalilon. to tafca earn of I'htMrr a, in I U > litilit fii.umtwork. A iru'it willing Klrl may apply, with re leimre, at \Z Kaat Wtli after 12 o'clock. TITAN T*D? A PKOTKkTANI WOMAN, AK i ' 1 1 A M ' I". H i> maid and nurar , t? go ui tha country. App.y m No. London terrace, Z'.d ?C TV ANTKD? A OIRI., TU A I 'j* or GOOD DIKPOflT ff li. n, to do general liou..'-.*..rJ: tn ? anall prlva'e 'ami'y bim<1 rrtcrrnee required \ppiy In M rat Mkh at., i.r?4 boj?-? Iri-M S'h are , from 10 till * o'< Iwk tit antkd? a Kin a don iiv \ vocno woman, iv Tf a UfrMil hlMlj . ?? >:> -k, v jut and inmer, ?>r >.? ct.eUiberaiaid lamnl. Il.'i .'Oud rrferan v. P.?a>e rail at 2*7 Moll ?t \V antf.d- \ < . i hi . ro > 'K and W.on for a TT ?n>ali fanuly. ale. a gti I I ? ??!*# or tourte- iweara old, lioalKud children and do ll.,M ti uwaork Inquire ai 7,4 litem* >rk *tt abuTc i barlra \y VSirl'-A T . V ! ? V WHO Ft'M.Y TODSS ff ?t?nd? her htntm ?- N i? ii"*'! uppl* who caoMJt fur n"h city rt ferearra a* in tlrdr ? avaciiy to Oil tbe aituaUon. Apply, fmni 2t?4 o'clur*, at 14 Kaat all ?t U-A.VTF.P-A MIDPI.K \?;KP I'ROTMTANT WOMAN, an nntatrii d ar?m?'"' a. 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