Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7267. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. UJTERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. UTKRATVRB. ^ A fit FOR TUB A LBlXJfcB OK KOMANC'E, If vou want to read the beat talcs published In any paper ?xtaa. Rea<<y this morning, at daylight, at all news depots. Price four cents HALL, TUB COMQUKRINQ I1KRO I BONNER'S FRONl'NCIAMINTO TO HIS DEARLY BELOVED ENEMIES BKWQ DESTITUTE OK MOTH CASH AND BRAINS, WOULD I, IKK TO STEAL HIS. V. B.? SYI.VANCS COBB, Jr., the great novelette writer, yril commence another brilliant and powerfully written TALE, In next Saturday's Issue of that dear, delightful, traahy, charming. tmyl, ridiculous, adorable, hundred-Run. una[> rronchable. fifteen Iiiuidred doUar-a-lick advertising weekly, TUK NEW YORK LEDUER. Look out tor it 1 N. H. No. 2 ? Bonner would notify In advance all hi* high minded, bankrupt, honorable, brainless, generous, dirty, whole souled imitator*, that he Is going to take "a turn "in the advertising line tlili week; and If any of them have either the brains or means, he would be pleased to aee them step out on the course. If they are so unfortunate as to be short of funds, and hare lost all their credit by flooding the market * "y renewable, but with easily manufactured, conveniently renewable, but never pavahle I. O. U.'a,*e will go so far as to lend them some, in order that thev may be able to show " light. '' On this loan lie will not ask e'ven the usual security. knowing that not only their all. but everybody else's all, (that they could get hold of,) is unavailable. N B. No. S. ? Come on, ye dlmlnstlve McDufl's ' There is plenty of room for all of you? the field is large, and you will all have an equal chance to gleau, after Bonner has reaped. N. B. Ns. 4.? This is not intended to hit anybody. i t j^JOBB'S GREAT NOVELl.ETTE ! W)OK OUT rou TUB NEW~YORK LEDOKB roa NEXT SATURDAY, WITH COBB'S NEW STORY, t;if mys nc bride WILL be readyTt srxnmE OK SATURDAY MORNIN ?. 1\KKA!?KUI. RAILROAD HI, A UOIITER N'RAR I'llII.A J t delahua ? Ur.k out lor FKANK I. ESI, I E'S II.Ll/M ?TltATEi) KEWSPaPBR, on Saturday next, contaliilug c.?r ri-ct views of the catastrophe. <10 IT, RONNKRt HT Th?- Into tors and MWWi of the above "XlfilMM <>( newspaper enterprise" are nardly less numerous aud a* nn scrupulous s? nr? some of our friends in the book trad*, who. not coutcnt with palming olf old book* as new. by conveniently changing the title, or by Insisting that a sketch of a man's life, wade up of his own wrtliags, Is the only complete one that it ?tr will be. hiive the complacency In use our own advertise Birnts. either In whole or part, without so much as "by vour leave We repeat our advice to the public to wait and get the best. We shall publish neit week COL JOHN CHAS. FREMONT'S LIFE. Inrludlnghis pi|>lnrln? lours, speeches and correspondence The su'horticd sod only complete life of TUB BOCKV W0TNTSIN HRRO. Hv John ftlscfciw. Esq., editor of the New York Evening Post. It makes ? Urge 12m<?. volume, and will be embellished with the only steel portrait that has been accepted by Col. Fremont wad his friends s?sccurate, besides several splrtied engraving*. Illustrating the EXCtTlNG WENRS IN Ut? WONPBSrtrt. CARKBR. Asi'ol Fremont's opponents arc con'tniially asking "What has he done Id merit IM Presidency"' It behooves till friends lo lie vt ell posted. The additional original matter alone In our edition Is more than the will,!' ! 1 1 ^ I IV liook yet published. I V f TIIB rpsuc J DIXIT SV CO*irSBISO!V. Remember, and ask for lllgelow's edition. IlKRHY A JAt'KHON, Publishers. New York. Awl for sale by booksellers and agents everywhere. tropics sent by mall, postpaid, on receipt of price, 91. INCIDENTS IN WHITE HOUMTAIN HISTORY, t Together with >ubiboc< sNccnotu iu-bitrstinu un m tub back woow By BEN J. O. WII.I.EY. To which la added An Accurate Guide From New York and Boston to lh? White Mountains Just published by * W. DODD. W ClMtbwi sti set. Jrrr THR H(KIK TO HKl.l. IN CARH AND RTKAM boaU-HMl'i KKR ? I.IK K OP KKF.MoRT. 1?M pnf> fehed by MII.I.KK, OKTOS M Mi l. I.MAN, 25 Park row. We* tork Look out for tiik nrw htort m ot.D Rovnt: How It Mnlfnlnl. ltd Who llred la it afterward*. Hr !>?>? 41 n M. I.r. t> Wiitten eipriweljr far llM NF.W YORK HI'N < umwml id U?e Hun of We.|ii?'?l*y, July 23. 1.166. Om rent per e.ipy, THK fTX I'KKSI DKNTIAI. PORTRAIT*. Hi* heal llkeneaaea yet eofrarad on wind. aiiH.**rnic4i. MMCHM with ?4<-h mi Th> K*'v fork Hun of Wadaratey, Julv 3, eon; una die l.rv ! oftbeaertea ? Fillmore *n I Dopelann. Tan relay ? paper will hare lh?w of Fremont Bad Dayton, and Frtdar'a thoae of Umhauan aud Hrarklnrldg.' Aalurday'a paper will tell bow ?any e*tra roplea of ear h da y are Mia. see In II that your ftienda are aiipplM. a Only on* cent per copy. T fORII tfW RXro^t'R K li ? RKKMAHOXRY A nf _ 1 cop#- for -* - Alao. al half the unblleatioa ?raw, >dd l?v.ka engrarliifa, norela auu^r^ph*. brnghliuid aoi.l bf RFAUI.R S HtrX8. flMli. Broadway, thrae door* ab. ve Itro- ine ?.re.t O" ~ PR HRTOHRORR Of THR NKW TORK RUN. WK aee. w.namerfe thla morning a new original atory of mtt-h kite reai by l>onald Mcleod. R*i the wall known inthor e? .1 ' r?i Hi.n flora* Wko I.ihou it Mr I- .a at ?? (lie T?r? morli liki' l ?trle of 1>I. kena. and will no I generally rea>l and Mk ?? f. Rreiybodj ha- be^n rriln"." ttntrtkwinlat atory p?b Halted In the Hun and we na l -rat . u.t einir lip top are in alore for the rea.lera af lb* paper I' la rb' ap enough, In all condolence One cent 'Ann . ? \ ? at* per a eek 11 R RIX PORTHAITR. Hw'.ianan, llrecklnrtdfre Fremont. Dayton. Fillmore IVinelaon, ?r<?e>her wtlb b o graphical aketclieaof each are to be pub "1"1 THK NRW TORK DATI.V Hl'M, ? ?> mmenelnii W ,? ta< aday, July O. INId mm oaa run m ?ft... . The balhit taken throughout the sun eatahllehment on Ron ?t??* to de. Id.- 'he order In wbleb theae port rait a ?hotihl he poVliahed reanjti d aa followa ? For Millard Mlmore M Fur Mm C Fn m..n' 52 F>ir .tamea Mnrlianan 19 Rlark * Tolal nnmtwr of balM*.. IM The mttnlh of Fillmore and Don>daon. therefore will ap pet.ron W e, I needay morning. thoae of Fr.-mon' and Dayton on Thtiraday. and llwaw of Buchanan and tfreokloridgn on Friday. An eiaet account will be kept of Ihe number of ertra copies ?aiu-d lor on earb of tbeae three day*, and announced In the *>m of Halnrdav morning Thla will be looked upon very Gnei allv i? an ? -vldenee of the enih'i?'a*tn and mU-n a i* n by Him . onniv ied with the .tltlerent parliea in "apread lat tbp itir.imi nt? The liken >^wea ir.-? all of them? pronounced the heal I hat ?are yet been i ncrared on wood THR K Si, K \ v | Ncn cost OVRR ?1fW? The pnblleallon of theae aplendld por'rai'a la not Iheonlr Ifcalure of Intereat In the eolnmna oi the Sun A new and ?rl?ltiel airir> . written eipreaaly lor the New York Hun by 1 Onnal I Mi l,^o.i enli<lr.| THR ft!,D lloi'RF I How It emigrated and who llred in It afierwarda. trill alao be ! |iiibli?hed In Ihe Hun on the aam. ilaya Oiat Ihe porttHNa ??pear. 1 -i ge* all the?e portrait* and lb' , rerr InteriK'ltig ator* bare the paper lef- al votit ... plan ... i, , foeta "?ij aupciice a week? ?lugie copiea cent e y^u. literature. Ready this morning, at daylight, THE LEDGER OK KOMANCK, Containing tt further portion of that THRILLING ROMAKCE. , , THE WALL STREET SCHEMER. 1 uia i? the cheapest and bent family paper published In the country. Only fourccnta. For sale al all news depots Be sure and imk for the LEDGER OF ROMANCE. WALL STREET GAZETTE. EUROPEAN EDITION, PICK STEAMER AFRICA. Ready this morning, containing all the commercial an t financial news of this country up to 9 A. M. this day. For sale in wrappers, at the counting room. No. 4 New street, one door from Wall. VVM. II. SMITH A SON, General European Agents, 136 Strand, London. lALil AT ACOTIOf. Auction sale of ff rnitcrk? by feed a cole. on Wednesday, at 10)4 o'clock, at 313 Fulton street. Brooklyn, to close consignments and pay advances, a general assortment of parlor and chamber furniture, oil naiutlugs, pier and oval glasses, carpets, Ac.; 22 cases of liquors, 6 chests tea, groceries, Ac. Auction notice? m. doughty, auctioneer will sell this day. at 10X o'clock, at the auotion room. 27 Centre street, a large assortment of parlor, dining room and chamber furniture; tapestry and Brussels carpets, beds and bedding, mattresses, china, plated ware, cutlery, canary birds, iron safe, Ac. Sale peremptory. ASSIGNEES' SALE. ? STOCK OF HARDWARE, TOOLS, plated ware, Ac., Ac. JOHN E. VAN ANTWERP will sell on Thursday, 24th, ut 10 o'clock. at 373 Bowery, by ori'ir of assignees, tlie entire stock of hardware, cutlery, tools, house furnishing articles, Ac., contained In the above store. Also, 60 patent six barrel revolvers, 12 cases "H. Collin's," axes. For particulars, see catalogues which are now ready. Terms ninety days. Auction notice-j. booart, auctioneer? by S. BOG ART. ? Tills day, at 10 o'clock, In front of (lie store, corner of Frankfort and William streets, mortgage sale, by virtue of a chattel mortage, one cie.un colored liorse. MH'IIAEL DOODY, Attorney for Mortgagee. Auction notice.? thos. bell, auctioneer, by BELL A BUSH, this day, at lii^ o'clock, in the sales n* m, 12 North William street, will be sold a valuable stock of dry goods, gentlemen's furnishing articles, hosiery, millinery and fancy articles rich jewelry, line watches, Ac., al-o a lot of children's clothing ; also 5 showcases 1 2 valuable counters, hardware, cutlery, til.ited ware, ic. Thursday, sale of good furniture, 20 marble top tables, 100 chests tea, groceries, li quors, Ac. Gilbert s. savage, auctioneer ?peremptory sale of a splendid stock of groceries, Wednesday, J uly 23. by BAGLEY k SAVAGE, til Cedar street, sugars, flour, teas, raisins, soap, maccartMil, spices, An. 76.000 prime segars, brandy and claret in cases. Cash advances ?u consignments. Edward schknck, auctioneer? bdward SCHENCK A CO. will sell, this clay, at 1 o'clock, at their nalesroom, No. .'VS Nassau street, one splendid rt?sewood bil liard table, made to order, and everything complete. Sold to cover advances. Eugene b. franklin, auctioneer-by frank lin, NICHOLS A CO.? Auction sale of second hund rosewood plane. tone, household furniture, light covered wagon, Ac. ? This (Wednesday) morning, at ill,1, o'clock, at sales room, 85 Nassau s reef, near Fulton, will be sold, without re aerve, one rosewood pianoforte, nearly rew; one light covered ?iigou, but little used, and a quantity of second hand turni ture, constating of sofas, chairs, rockers, mirrors, wardrobes, liedsteads. bureaus, waahstanda lialrmattressesaal palliasses. Also, to pay sd van-OS, five suits ot solid curved rosewood and mahogany parlor furniture, in French satin brocitel and silk plush; parlor reclining chairs, aofaa, Voltaire, rocking and side chairs; centre, card and pier tables, lounges, ottomans, ward robes, bookcases, bedstead!, bureaus, washstands, French plate mirrors, oil paintings, fvicv goods, table cutlery, silver [lated ware, china and glass ware, clocks, Ae. Also, about 100 gallons imported Cognac brandy, it superior article. Sale without reserve. IMPORTANT AUCTION HALE OF FURNITURE, MIR rors, palntinr's. figures, spring and hair mattresses, Ae. ? This morning. (Wednesday), at 10>? o'clock, a' 7* Nassau street, between Fulton and Jolin streets, by TUNIS MOR RKLL. auctioneer, rosewood parlor suits, covered satin bro catel, enamelled chamber suits, marble tops, with every other kind of furniture for entire dwellings, including choice oil paintings, mattresses, mirrors, ornaments, Ac.; boxing, mat ting, Ac., at small charge. Su rage free. TAMES COLE. AUCTIONEER ?BOOTS AND SHOE3 tl Sheriff's sale. ? JAMES COLE A SON will sell, this day, Wednesday, July 23. at 10 o'clock, at 3GW Fulton a?eet, oppo site the City Hail, Brooklyn, by order of ..eromtr Ryerson, Esq., a large and general aesortmcut of boots, shoes, gaiters, Ac . Ac. Terms cash. Mortgage sale of household furniture.? A. M. CR1STALAR. auctioneer, will sell, tals tlay. Shi ins: . at 61 Chrystie street, at 10' , o'clock, mahogany MM rosewood chairs, sofas, tete a tetes, bedsteads, card, centre snd dlultig tsbles, Brussels and Ingrain carpets, oil paintings, beds and bedding, and a variety of other articles. S1 ROARS ? ruill MOEMINU, AT 10)4 O'CLOCK, TUNIS MORRELI., auctioneer, 79 Nassau street, will sell virion* kinds found In stores for retail, in lota to cult dealers or pri vate use. in packages mils and boxes Only X) minutes will be occupied, so be on liand. SYLVESTER STOVER. ACUTIONEER, BY T. C. 0 HOUGHTON.? Extensive sale of rich cabinet furniture, pianofortes. French plan- pier and mantel glaa<?c*, oil paint ings Ac . on Ihursday, (to morrow,) at 10)4 o'clock, at the salesrooms, ll.t Nassau street, consisting, in part, of rosewood suits of parlor furniture. In French brocatel and satin, richly carved rosewood etrgeree; marble top centre. |>ier and sola tables: quartette and other fancy tables ; French seere taries. bookcases music canine's, lathes work tables, whatnots, hook and corner stands, rich pier and mantel glasses, oil psmtings custom made extension dining tables, 01 osk. walnut and mahogany ; carved sid> boards, oak and walnut dining rootr. chairs . solas, tete a tetes, lounges, easy ehairs, ris-kers, superior rosewo<si and mahogany bed steads, marble top bureaus and withstands ; commodes, wardrobes, elegant enamelled cottage sultes.a variety of styles and finish, part of which are very superior ; best Spanish nalr mattresses, palhusaes. rush seat taacy chairs, Ac. Alsota Ml did assortment of cut glass, chins ,<n t silver plated war-, tine table cutlery Ac. At to'cloek. 6 superior rosewood piino <'rW; alao 2 second hahd. do., sll of which can be examtnel any time previous to the sale. Catalogues on morning of sale. w Thomas vKiTrn, ac<tionerr? sheriffs sai,e ? >f force pump*, Mr., on Thursday, July 24, at 10 A M . at the siileeroom. No 16 Spruce street, cooaistlng of fou- force pump*, all la perfect order. JAB. BKXBKM.. Deputy Sh-riff qiHOMA* VKITOll, Al'tTIONKER.? STORK, No Id 1 Spruce mrfrl. ? Sheriff's sile of butter, Ac., th.s iUy, Wednesday. July US, lit 10 A.M.. at the aalexromn No. 16 Spruce ItrrtlMMMu of ? large fimlu of butter, Ac H. t ROM II I it, Deputy a.icrHI'. THOMAS WITCH, AHTIONKKH.? STORK NO. 16 Spruce uliwt.? Sheriff* **l?i of line Jewelry. Ac . mi Thursday. July 24, at 10 A.M . at Ihe salesroom No. 1 1 Hprtiee street. consisting i>l gold watches, rln ??, brcaslplns, c irrin**, bracelets, lockets, gold pencil*, Ac. J AH. 0. WIM.ET, Hberlft Thomas ii. kki-.ri* mi/hkkteers? thk mkmuehs ol the abore named company are reapectfully rei|ii>'*te>| lo inert at the Ktwi House, dreaaed In ilsrk clothe*, thm Wed twaday. lit 12 o'eiacfc M., for the purpose ol ii tying eh- last trl Ihub ol r?-?pe<*t io our lata aaacalala Mil rrlend. Ciiarlr* |*. Miller. My order. S\MI.. T. WEIISTKK, t iHmnandcr. l?A*r E Wmitb. Secretary. S MKI.I.OR, ACCTlOXKIR. W. S. M. beg* to announce In hla numerous friend*, and the public generally, that hi* opening aale of atag tatfarol ture rnaewood ptanofortea, Preach plate mirrors, Ac , will lake place on Thuradav, Jaly U, at 10V, o'rlurk. d*% riptlre ci';.%U>guerfof which will he re*. I y on the morning of tale. Having Icaaed Ihe beautiful and apacioua salesrooua II AN l> Ift PARK ROW. oiipoatta the Astnr Houae. be will be happy to eiecut ? the tin slnesa favoraof hie former patrons. and tbe public g 'ncrally. with prnaptneaa. Uratefnlly appreciating tbe liberal patronage attended to him for the paat ali years, it will be hie aarncat eo our to merit tla continuance. Amongst tbe mock will be found >i aolld rnaewoo<1 parlor anile*, covered In coaUy brocadea. ilrnuuk and Kn<liati hair cloth , ae?eral ?upcrblv carved rnoewood centre tabl-s ; coatly ctegere*. with plate glaaa door* ; rich innate cabinet, aeem tary bookcaaea . 10 richly decorated enamelled cbam '>er aultea, plain and marble top* . together with a raiicty of PLAIN ANI) WMSTANTIAI. FCRNITCRI. Ala* will benoM. to pay adcanoe*. |V) choice oil painting*; .10 French plate pier and mantel mirror*, with plain aad ora* mented rrame* Alan, at lio'clock. will be aold THRKK ROSK.WOOI) PI A NOFORTRH. of good tone and tiniab. Hood* ean be parked on the prrmiae*, for ehlpptag, at a reasonable < barge. W n. MEM. OR, Auctioneer, Salearnom IS and It Park row, oppotrtte the Aat >r lloni". WILLIAM IRVINO, AUCTIONEER? MORTWAOK ff aale of ataadanl and mlarellnueoua book*. stationery, Ac .to be aold In Ma to ault the trade and othera.? Wll.l.lAM [RTINU *ro. will aell at auction, on Friday, July ift. at 10), o'clock, at the *ale*Toora*. No. * Pine street, n >warda of thi ee thousand r.lnme* of booka. eomprlalng hlat ?-y, philn aophieal work*, memoirs, annaala. poem. Act! m, school booka. Ac. Also, a large and complete assort me it of ata lionet y.~ foolscap and letter paper, fancy, note and ?mi.oaoed paper. fsnrelopes. blank books, ear-la. pena, pencil* penhold ers. inkstanda. ink and faney article*, being the entl 1 ? stuck of a^book aad stationery store, to be sold In lot* toanlt the trade and others Bt order, FRKDRRIi'K ERNST, Mu gagee Alao at IS o'clock. S.000 shares American Mlnln : Will Ma ntifbcturing Company, Sold by order. KHKDKRIi'K ERNST. Hfor gage.-. WM WITTER* AI'i'TIONEER, WILL HEM., ON WKP neadav. at IP1, o cliwk, at 1*7 f inal at., a l*r<e ami te at rable a aaor* men t ot genieei household furniture, of a family bresklng up houaehc ping, conalatlng <4 parlcr ?ults. In broca lei still haircloth, centre, eitenalon. illnlng and lea table*; rocking sn<l ntlier rlintr*. pier and mantel mlrrora, .HI paint lng?. window shades: one beanlHul roaewood piano, of line lone and finish, mantel ornaments, clocka, elegant Rru*?e!a and nther carpets, hall nilcleths. atair rods and eariieta. hat rack, and chair* lo mat-V mahoi;aiiv and walnnt bed?taad?, h*lr mat tre**e*. heddtnii. table am! bed linen, marble top dreaalng bureau* and waahitands. toilet aets, wanlrobes, dining room and kitchen utenatl*. W r. A I .IH " RTI'H, AIlTIONKEIt, Wll.l, SEI,I? ON f? a Thursday morning, July M. at in1, o'clock, at No 19 f'onrt Street. opiHialte I ity llsfl, Itrooklyn, a general aaaort inent of new anil second hand furniture, relret tapealrv Hrua aels and ingrain esrnet". Krench plate pier nnd mantel glataea, ormolu clocks, vane*. Ac. , alao, china, glaaa And crock et > ware; also, a lot of ribbons, Ac ntiRCH AimiRvsunirn. ON OEMANDR? I'NE .1EI NR P1I.I.E FRANtMISE. pour lionne d'eafania; elle ilolt aaroir coudr?, et I'oa pr* fersit nne demoiselle qnl ne snche paa I'Aaslal*. AppHuuer 4 HI Wine rue ON DEM A JII?R? I?NE FT1XC FRANCAVSE <HJ M'ISsK, pour fatre I'onrrttae d'un petit manage t"e*t ^cal >fii elle parle anglal* on non. Tt'aiireeeer ebe? .toaev* Hague. No. 12 Hold at. ITR FRANf'Alf. AflE HE 2B A NR. PTWR fAMMJ.E J re*pei table et han'cmenl reei.mnanvV-. dC'Stre a- ptacar dsn* nne famtlle. en qualite de Bomrrnem et en*elguer *a langne an* enflanta. oa rnmme mailre i'hotel et faire |e a?r ?lee de fable Ancnne objection W aller A la catnpagne N'a dreaaer par rf-crlt sill Initial* M. E Sft'2 Onest ZVme rue, pri^s I, CK-me atltiiie. ou l'crtDUIi<llemettt, etUf % fl ( ht; LQS prnr quairt joutt. A Pilgrimage to '(? Ronan'a Well. A SPIRITUAL riCKlC AT FLVMIIHO? ATPEABANCE OF TIIK PABTT KK HOtTS ?PfKITUALI8M Y8. MA TERIALISM ? THE PICKNIv*mtAN FESTIVITIES ? BPKBCHE8 OF THE MEDIUMS, JMC. The organ ol? the persuing who have faith in what la called Modern Spiritualism, contained', lu>t week, the fol lowing notice:? The Spiritualists of N*w York and vlclnttypropoae hating a reunion on Tuesday, the22rt July, at Ht. K?n?n'? Well, war Flu thing, L. I. The iwuumlttrr have selected the shore place a* one commanding a beautiful view of the bay. ana pun Kenning -ill the rout cnivni-ea that make a retreat tor a large liarty desirable. Ticket* t5 eenta, children half price-, may be had ?n board the Inland Olty, which leaves Fultm market slip at 6!-J. Hand 10 A. M , and at 1 and 4 I* M. Return1 at 4, hall past 5, and 7 o'clock. Ten o'clock found a spiritual r* i>orter for ttw Bwuid, with two and sixpence worth of material sandwiches, at Fulton market, slip, from whence he waa, ic com pany with about a hundred and tifly other drtmnty individuals, steamed to Hunter's Point. Ho Uben took the cars on the gigantic achievement o I xing bland science and enterprise, the Flushing Railway, and In due time arrived at the terminus of tke road, about six mile*, and was landed in Flushing, dis tinguished for mosquitoes, marshes, gardens, creeks acd cottages. We had a rather good looking party. There were, to be sure, some queer looking chaps with lunatic asylum sug gesting eyes and beards, which sadly needed the shears of Delilah? some very thin maiden ladies with pover ty struck ringlets and red tipped noses ? some ladies who write for the papers and shave their toreheads under the mistaken idea that it makes them look intellectual ? some clumsy, ugly boys who bullied their mothers and bored everybody clic; bst to make up for that there were many l>rctty girls in bewitching summer dresses, .and eyes sparkling with delight when the bass v iol man camc on board. There was only one really disreputable person ( In the party, and that was a baby, who had evidently been brought against his consent? who violently express ed his disapprobation cf the whole a flair, and who was distinguished for a virulent cutaneous eruption aud ex ceedingly vigorous lungs. When we arrived at Flushing the laziest of us finished the pilgrimage by stage. So It may bo seen that it la about as much trouble to go to Flushing as to Niagara. The burghers of Flushing gtzed at us from under their vines and tig trees, with mingled admiration and fear. '?There's the spirit rappers," said one specimen of Young Flushing to a comrade; straightway both lied incontinently and buried their races in the aprons oi their respective mamas. We arc at the grove at last. It isn't a bad affair, but Is not at all brilliant. It will be remembered as the locale of the summer feasts of the Garrisonian abolitionists. The well gives us ^plenty of the coolest and most delicious water ? the view of Flushing bay is pretty ? and if that is not enough, why you may go to sleep under a tree. What more can a reasonable man desire 7 The spiritualists are somewhat material, after all, and with one accord they proceed to pitch into tho contents of tlio baskets, which have attracted so-much attention from the Juveniles during the voyago. Those delicate creatures, who as Othello says, we can call ours, ' but not their appetites," cat in a Ktyle which would disgust any Hyronic admirer. Alter euting there is dancing, in that plow, lugubrious and melancholy stylog which always distinguishes the Anglo-Saxon race when its seeks to amuse itsell. The uuinber ot dancing men is limited, ami somo youi g women distinguished for their saltatory achievements in Bowerv bail rooms, are i>ositlvely driven to the necessity of waltzing with each other, and that is terribly slow. ."*> far, we do just as other picnickers do. We hav# eaten? w e have ctanccil ? we have originated two or three email flirtations, of no consequence to nobody. Where are the spirits ? Tho burghers ot Flushing who have come expecting to see people stand on their heads and root up forest trees, are waiting for Kome phytic*! demonstrations. Can't they be accommodated with an earthquake ? a whirlpool, or some other tits or convulsions ot nature 1 Not a convulsion? not a fit. Ex nihil, nihil Jii ! There Is a little coterie under a clump of trees In the centre of the grove, to which a brother ? brief in stature, weak in voice, but strong in the Ifcith ? Is relating his ex perience. He has been a terrible fellow. He has eaten of meat; he has been carnJverons; be has indulged in the cop which cheers, hot not inebriates; he has jerked bis Mocha and be has "chawed" tobacco. The spirit! told blm, h? says, to purify himself by abstinence from flesh, tea, coffee ami tobacco. The spirits told him that that which detlled the body defiled the soul, and serrated from the spiritual woriil, dragging him down to what was material, therefore low, db-gustful. lustful and hurtful. It was hard work lor him to leave off these habits, but ho bad done it In every case except tobacco. He noped he mixht liave help to triumph over this, whether Caven dish or line cut, howsoever the tempter might assail him. He thought thtt spiritualists should not say to people who arc without light, " stand off, I am holier than thou," but rather should endeavor to assist men to reform and purify themselves. Here another brother, who Is what Is called a speaking medium, Interrupted the tonacco rorsuming sinner. We ask, " What's the diilleulty with that old joker?" He shuts his e>es and deuchos his hands, mi. I other wise behaves In an extraordinary manner. A lady medium tells ns that there is a spirit in him wlikh wants to apeak, and his botiiy wrttbings are caused by the clashing of the spiritual against the material "That's nwful ' wo should think, au<i the lady coincide*, saying when she has one of them spirits into her she don't get over It for a week, sometimes, which must be distressing. The medium speaks witn his eyes shut, and his bat on his head. Hh address is pretty, but not new or vigorous. He lacufcates Chri-ii in rbsrity, ami says, like tho iastspeakcr. that it is the duty of the enlightened to help up the outside barbarians. He argues that men's crimes arc eaused by the circumstances or condition- that surround them, or by some maltbrma. lion nt birth, which induces an abnormal condition ol tho l"Mty, unii thereby inflm lu es the pa<sloli* an. I mental fa cuhles. The man. th?n, should lie taught to purify him i ll, and overcome SWNMMA which li'a<l tor rime The world was all wrong, according to this brother. Tin' mMM who coldn't "top clii'wmg tobacco got the floor Tar (impersonal explanation in regard to that point. He didn't know what made him chew. His father didn't do it? none of his family! did Jt, except bis mother who took a little snuff for a catarrh. But he had an organte disease of the heart, caused by extreme tension of the mnsrics. He desired that some one would reel ot his muscles and ascertain thereby bow hard tbey were; but i.'ii'ody did It. He said be chewed tobacco becaose it cauMtd a relaxation of the muscles and thereby cured his heart disease. Whenever be stopped chewing the disease came back. He then announced that the brother who spoke with his eyes shut, wit lied to say a few words more, as the spirit that occupied turn had an engagement (probably to dine with Belmont) In the Netherlands at six o'clock. Ho that the spirit spoke again, but said nothing of any consequence He might as well have gone to the Netherlands before. That spirit, whoever he was. must have been an immense bore when be was in the flesh. This coterie soon dispersed, and a circle was formed of two or three hundred, which was addressed by several of the brethren, and one lady, evidently of a strong ner vous temperament. The lady put the very pertinent question, ? What did we oomc here for?" and prooeeded to answer it In a manner which made the matter some what more mystenoui than it was previously. The speeches were 'all rhapsodical, and with no particular point, Uiat we could see. After the speaking, the gentleman wbo chewed tobacco for an organic disease of the heart, requested permission to sing. He eiitertained the circle with something be tween a bowl at an Irish wake and the whine ol a con 'umptlve poodle, whtn some one suggested, loudly end abruptly, " there's enough ot that " at whteh everybody laughed, and the minUTel switched oil at once. Ills enemy a|?>logixed by saying that it was th? spirit that possessed him that maile him so impolite. He never would think of interrupting his trlend's song. Tim circle then tried a chorus, which, though rather doleful, was better than the solo cflort. Then the hat was passed around for ma tenal aid. Upon this the circle broke up, suddenly. The next exhibition was one of painful interest. For some time attempts bad been made to get a little Irish girl, six or seven years old, into an abnormal condition. At Isst tbey were successful, or appeared so. The clttld appeared to he in a mesmem or clairroyant trance, and repeated a U ng story, winch was hardly coherent, but very singular. A man told us t bat she coald no* s|*>ak English when she was not in this state of trane* Was It not, he asked, a remarkable phenomenon? We thsight it wogld have been remarkable If she or any of the other speakers hsd used good hngllsb. Several men amused themselves by endeavoring to get women Into similar trances. We couldn't sec wby, if the men desired to make lore to the women, tbey did not do It openly and on the square. Pome of the women were afflicted with twitching or the muscles and other signs of Strang ner vous excitement, The wbole aflair seemed, to an outsider, a sort of cross between a Methodist camp meeting in full blast, and * lunatic asylum out fbr a lark. ? >ne of the speakers Incidentally mentioned the name of Colonel Fremont, which was received with s?me ap plause; this was choked off, however. Ibr the retmon. ire suppose, that it was not kaown whether any of tlx- l*re siiien tial candidates were sound on U?e subject cf sprttutl ism. Ntwrst letters. list of letters advertised In the rbttadelphia /'uWi Lttlprr, Monday, Jnly 21, remaining la the Philadelphia Poet office uncalled Ibr ? FOS asiriMOKK.

Wm. ftavisott A Son. M* TOSS Cooper h Wood, Knight ft Co., Kahn * I.imhsrfer, N< smith A Hon, Hal ley . ?*ostfesrd A Co., Calmer ft Co. supposed Nsw York, BOKTO*. Godfrey, Oolburn ft On. Letters advertised In New York, Friday, July It, re maining in New York Post oflloe uncalled fbr ? a tJIASY wot Canity ft Ck.;m, %an i,.>rt ft v'au Sttsr. Annual of the Yacht Club. Tie mutual regatta oi J.he Vaclit Cub took plat-" yes terday, ay announced, Iron Harlem. In cou?e<iucuce, how evrr, of the unfavorable weiliier In the early part ot the day the fleet were longrr in wrahog the required dlatance thuu was allowed by the rule*. The distance was about t weary -one niil?i? that la, Irom ftwlett to Tbrogg'ii Neck aud back? and the ttaae ftvehoura. 'Jb<* prizes were a maj five aM^er cakebaaket, our dozen rilvrr desKtrt kaives, and tbe same number or heavy all far laas|>oM?. The value o.' all waa about one h tied red am;' fifty dollars. On the cake basket, which was a Tiry artiste piece of wwrtt manahip, was the following inac riplioa: ? I WUKl) ANNUAL KKATTA, i i July 22, 1866. I The club, which la composed cf aome or our nnwt respecte<l aad worthy citizens, iB rapidly besoming a popular mat.tution, aad will, wo have no doubt, even tually become the riva>ot the beat In Kngland. It la bu a Tew years aiaee it im organized, and it has already done much towards fbatering the taste of our pecple for yachting. The greatest Interest was manifested in the regatta of yesterday, and a large number of our cUtzena were spectators of it. Tbs elub chartered the steamboat Union for the use of their friends, about live hundred of whom gladly responded lo the Invitations which they liad received. A large number of the company consisted of ladlea, and among these, the beauty of Mew York was well represented. At tea o'clock, tire time appointed for the yachts to start, there was not' a breath of air, aud the smooth, tmrtHlled surface of the water looked like- a vast mir ror. The judges, Messrs. Stephen Yan Nostrand, Ctiaa. Boyce and Stephen Boyoe, all experienced yacht men, con sulted together and finally concluded to postpone the race for another hjur. Meantime the company amused themselves aa best they ooukl, some discussing the merits of the rival yachts, and others, the ladies especially, in pronouncing mild and moderate phillipics against the I>erversity of the weather. But it was all of 110 use, the water maintained an unrullled surface, the wind would not came when wanted, the sails bung heavily against the masts, and the little streamers swayed lazily to and fro on the peaks, reluslng to show their signals. Klevcn o'clock arrived, but no wind, and tbo company unanimously agreed that It should "be bio wed." They were deter mined, however, that the yachts should start at the appointed time, wind or no wind, and at the hour stated ail (bat could got into line and thoae that coukl not of themselves were towed Into position. "Now, gentlemen," said Mr. Yan Moatraad, aenlor Judge, "you will be ready to go aa soou as the gun Is tired." The crews of tea yacht# retpooded unanimously and after the most approved sailor fashion. A row mi nutes alter, the judge waved the signal, the gun was flrcd, and the greatest activity waa visible oo board the rival boats. But it was all of no use; the yachts would not sail; they only floated; aud It soon became evident that there woald be, ao tar aa the awarding of the jirtzoo was concerned, no regatta that day. Ten trim and well mo delled sailers entered tor the prize. They rejoice in the following names:? Kartt'f Big. Owner*. storm Bird Sloop H. I\ Mciiovn. Challenge " T (iraliain. Olivia " \Ym. Sea nun John S. Austin " J. S. Austin. loulsaJatie " F. H. Austin. Sophia " J. Yarian. Mary fcbllng " Ics. K. Kbllng. Red House Belle '? W Bell. Grapcshot " R. H. Raodnll. About an hour and a half was consumed In floating a mile, which might have been accomplished in I ma time, but the very currenta seemed to have conapired with the wind against it. At one time they were all lying together, and it appeared aa if they had become tangled with each other. After a tremendoua effort tbey succeeded in get ting alongside Randall's Island, where a whole regiment of little fellow were drawn up in military array, with drums beating, colors flying and shouting out their joy ous greetings till the dull, stupid echoes or the East river shores had lo re?i>ond in spite of themselves. Aa the ileet floated by the island a slight breeae sprung up, and aa the olouda gathered thick and fast, everything looked fkvorable for tbo race. But the breeaa died away, aad the yachts, as they oould do no bet ter, want to work at Hoating again, reaalved to ?lake the moat of It Two hours have paasod since they started, and aMboogh thr nhnrii are gathering rapidly, there la atlll no wind, fte oompany <m Hoard the ateamboat are tired of looking at the floating race, so her wheels are put In motion, and in a few minute* more she la alougaide of Rlker's 'stand, where It la de cided that she shall await the yachta. The five hundred gueata walk aahore and s|*nd the time rambling alx>ut the iatand, aome forming themaelvoa Into little pic nlc groupa under the shade trees. They spent about half aa hour in this way when the long wished for wind arrived; hot like tha assistance of doubtful friend*, it arrived too late. The whole fleet are now In motion, the masts bend and creak under tlie pres sure of |the swelling sails, the pfnnauts reveal there loug concealed signals, the sluggish water is glancing aud tparkling In the sun, aad a long wake of bubb.lng and whirling eddies marks the track of each little yacht aa she sweet* onward fn the race. And now the buoy which is a little more than half way between llarlemand Throgg's Neck, is passed, and they arc making lor the flag boat, which lies on a line with it, about a quarter of a mile oil. The Red House Belle Is first close |>ressod by the Orapeshot, the Olivia and the StormbirJ. the other tlx being so tar behind that thi^r have withdrawn from the contest, and are now spectators of the race. Just, however, as they near the flag boat, the peak halliards of the Red llou.e Belle have gi van way, the sail flaps againat the mast, ami it ts reared the the must also with draw. But her crew do not intend to give up so easy. One of them runs up the mast, and In a few inluutes has repaired the damage. Tliev struggle hard lo regain their lost position, and they deserve to succeed; but the delay Is iXtal, and iho Belle takes her place second or third ill the line, c in tending hard for it all the way home Hall |inst ft aad they have all arrl red at the starting |>olnl, having been Kotncthlng less than sit hours and a half out. Curing that time they have Honied and sailed twenty one miles, hut tbey have consumed more time In doing so than the law allows : and so, because tbo wind would not come when wanted, no prize* ware distributed, and the whole rare will have to be gone over again. According to the rulea of tlxvrluh it inuat take place the day after, which la to day. The yachts will start between 11 and 12 this morn ing, when wa trust tha weather will be mora aoapctoaa. R aiming of Tturre Lagrr Birr Breweries. Ptx FRAMK n WELI.I Ho." PXHTmOTXD ? ESTIMATED LOSS $?6,000. At near 3 o'clock on Monday afternoon a Ore broke oat in the lager blar brewery belonging to Adam Muller, situated 'in Forty fifth street, between Firat and Second avenuea. From this brewery tha t lames spread with Tearful rapidity to the id)otning premlaea, called the Turtle Bay brewery, occupied by Francta Ruppert, from this tha flames extended to the brewery of Char lea Cle menta, on Forty fourth street. All three buildings were very toon In rnlns. Kr'tn theae breweries the [lame* caught the two atory frame reeideac* of Armeaia Behrena, adjoining the two atory frame dwelling of William Havens, also the d welling o( Leonard Hover, alao the dwelling of George Itohrenwind, alao the dwelling of Valentine lien ner, and extended to the dwelling of William Waunema cher. All were burned to the ground The loxsee at present are estimated a? follow*:? Mr. Muller'a brewery, $10,000? oo insurance Mr. Ruppert'a brewery, about Mo, 060? Insured for $3,000. Mr. Clement's brewery ea Forty fourth street, foes es timated at $10,0QU? no insurance Mr. Bebren a dwelling, valued at $1,$M ? insured lor MOO. Mr. tlavcna' building, valued at $2,000 ? insured for WOO, at 60 Wall street. Mr. Ilover'a bnlldlng. valued at 92.000 ? insured for Woo, at 6tt Wall itreet. Mr. liohrenwlad'a building, valued at $2,006? not in sured. Mr. Banner's building, valued at $2.(00 ? insured for $1,200, in the Prwadway I nau ranee Company, Mr. Waunetaacher a three atory frame building, enti mated at $4,000. No further partkulira. Mr. W. la ^eant in the country. The origin at the lire la said to have !>een nroaa the burst ingofacask. in Mr. Muller s brewery, while tlie mm kmen were prapar?g It with rosin for the reception af ba?w. J*r my t'Ujr New*. A P*H Or Yorjrn Tnncvm ? The arreet of mi orphan boy, named William McDonald, yesterday, in Jtr*f city, on a < ba?gp of ateAUag, brought to light Ibt hit that tbero ; am orpan'7^4 gang ol yoiiiliTnl thtnm, who ha<l a | l m in ? lumber yard on North Point, wt??>?? they <l<-pt during Ui< early part of Mm ?)*y. towards night they 'tallied oat In ? earth of pinnder. 1U.'.?oa? Amrnt.-A German. poorly droMod, an<l apparently aboot forty ynn of age, wu killed yesterday afternoon, at about * o'ekwk, by bring run ovor by % ti hi* while walking upon the track ot the Nctr .lcr*?y Railroad. He wna walking np<M the tra.k, and hi* ton duct juetlOes the opinio* that he designed to comm i j?i cvle. A-^htki* or HxniJiran-t ? The engineer-' in the em ployment of the New Jereey Railroad Company hare formed them=clres Into ah n^-nclrtton, called the "Pro tectiTC A?nclation ot Hew .leraoy Railroad Sag i*oer^." (tne of the dr- 1 en* ol the a -ocmtlon is to wtord aid to iho-e of their number Wltn are nick or I^Juiod. The Natal (Cape of (food Hope) M-rtury find* treat Omit with th?> scheme ot military or Ion nation on the frontier proposed by Sir Ueorge drey, The condition, for crcry ?ratit of 1,000 acres, of mV.ataiiig a man, horie, *nd g"? rr?fiy for se?vl?-?. In a IJ'.ion tn building a brick t. it |, i>i ?? uplift the , w ,h>? pnri*"* of defrnne, _ ,,fl <??! a- ?..<>' ? tiinii ill ? T a# purchVto of Ml., ji ^ The Wt'U of Anaon Q. Phelp*. This will, which U 'me involving nearly two millions or dollar*, is to come belt 're the Supreme Court in 8eptem bcr next for Judicial construction of some points in dU pate amongst the heirs. The late Mr. Phelps wu an ex tensive iron merchant of this city, and dying, left his widow, Olivia Phelps, and h '? ?on Anaon G. Phelps, Jr., and h? ion- id law, Win K. ? lodge, also hi* partner* in bustneea, execntrtx and execu.tors. The two latter de clined to act, bcesane the; purpt Wl purchasing the eu tire or th? business establishment, a id they oould uot a< executorB * gaily nirehase fron themselves. Mrs. 1'helps, a l?4-y nearly 8<V years of ago, became the sole executrix, m r. l'lieVps Hit several daughters. ?" 01 whom hail cUJtlron, heirs of the tctator, who also be queathed largo ruus t?- refigious an J charit V'le institu tions. He devised tb h* widow the drcrelliug house cor aer of First avenic and Thirtieth street, all his h vusehold ge??l*, plate, heroes ami carriages, an aun'vuj or $fr.OOO; t? bis niece hois Howell, widow *f th>; Kev. Ms. i Howell, $1,000; to hlita l'lielpe, wife of his nephew, PeivY ' Pheljw, 91,000; toerchof hts-grandchildrca living at the I time of his death, (10,000, and a furthor i rrn of to, 00^ I to each of his grand?t>U<lroB as a sacred deposit com mitted to their trust for the spread of the noapel and to promote the Redeemer > kingdom on earth, to each of hu ohilitren who shall he living at the end cf ten years after t is death, the su ? of $130,000; to the American Btbls Soeiety, $100,000; to 'the American Board of Com missioners for Foreign MJstons, W00, 000; to the Ameri can Home Missionary Society, $100,000; to the linon The ological Society, $6,000; ? the Theological St -Binary, 3*3,000; to the New fork Inotftatlosfor the Blind, '<6,000; to the Half Orphan Society, 31, OO^ to the Colored Orphan Asylum, $1,000; to the Liberia Ctritege (If established), $60,000; to tbe Congregational church of his native place, Simsbury, Connecticut, $1,000; totho New York StatoCOlo nization Society, $5,000. The residuary clause directs 4mt whatever remains after tbe Eatlsfaall-ou of the foregoing bequests shall be divided in equal shares amongst his child ren and grandchildren. Ilesides tho large real andpers> nal estates owned by the testator lnthe State of New York, he was possessed of considerable real estate in Connecti cut, Pennsylvania, Indiana and M iacowi. The sale of the copartnership property to Anon G. Phelps, Jr., and Wm. E. Dodge realised $689,509 83 Mr. Chas. F. Pond, one ot> the sons ia law or the testator, instreoted his counsel to bring the will before tho courts for an adjustment, as there were certain points In dispute particularly as to the aama bequeathed the grandchildren? some of his daughters having more children than the others. That suit wm suspended, and Olivia Phelpa, the widow and cxecutrts, appears as plaintiff against all her children and grandehtfdrea, and the various societies, for the purpose of having the property settled. Since the death of tho testator various questions have arisen relativo to the con struction and validity and legal effoct or many or tho de vises, bequests, trusts and powers in trusts made or cre ated. Amongst other bequests, the validity of which is doubted, is that of tbe conditional $50,000 to the College in Liberia. The construction of the residuary bequost is alio deputed. Mr. Phelps also gave, alter the makiug or his will, a promissory note to his son, Anson 6. Phelps, Jr., Tor $100,000, payable in Ave years after tbe 1st of January, 1854, tbe interest or which he dlrocted to be de voted to the spreading or the gospel ? which note, it is insisted, la void. There are several promissory notes for $1,500, given to his daughters for religious purposes, the validity of which Is also disputed. WIU. OF THOMAS POWELL. 1, Thomas rowell, of Newburg, In the county of Orange, and Bute of New York, being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament, in tending to diapoae of all my rotate and property whereof I aaay die, seized or posse?-<od, or to which I may bo entitled:? First. I order and direct my executors, hereinafter named, to pay all my just debts and funeral expense*, as soon altar my decease aa conveniently may be. flawed. ] give, devise and bequeath to my wife, Mary Ludlow Powell, the homestead farm on whteb my man sion bouse is, and which 1 occupy; and also all the farm ing utensils of every kind thereon used, and all the furniture of every kind in my mansion house, including pictures, books, plate, silverware, and all other things kept and used In and about my house; to have and to hold the same to her, her executory, administrators and assigns. forever. Also, 1 five to my said wife, Mary I.., one equal third part of all the rest of my personal estate, alter payment <>t my Just debts. The above provision is in addition to her dower In my real estate. Third. I order and direct that my granddaughter, Henrietta Powell, shall be well educated aud decently supported, In such manner as my executors shall think fit, in the exercise of a full and free discretion, until she shall attain the age of twenty one years. Fourth. 1 give and bequeath to each of my two grand daughters. Mary 1... wife of Isaac S. Fowler, and ths said Henrietta Powell, {children o* iny deceased son. Robert,) the sum of six thousand dollars, to be paid to each of them, respectively, in manner following? Uiat la to sa/, the -urn of two thousand dollars to be paid to eaoh of them when the younger arri\ea at the age of twenty one years; the further sum ot two thousand dollars to bo pakl to ea< b of them when tho younger of them shall arrive at the age of twenty-live years, and the further sum of two thousand dollar* to be paid to each of ih. in wh> ii the younger of them shall attain the ape of thirty years. But if they or either of them ? hall die befcre the younger of my said granddaughter* (?luill have attained the said respective agos, then tho uni or sums afterwards payable it she or they had sur vived, shall go into the residue of my eetate hereinafter given to my daughter. Francis E. I... wife of Homer KaniHdell; and my executors are required to set apart such sum or portion of my estate as in their Jodgm?ut will be sufficient to sesure tneee provisions for mjr grand daughters, and the ?ame shall not form a charge on any other part of my estate I ilh. AH the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and perrons), I give, devise and bequeath to my daughter, Frances K. I.., wife of Homer Ramsdell, to have and to hold the same to her and her heirs, eiecu tors, administrators and assigns forever. ."nth, I hereby arpolet my son -In law, Homer Rams dell, and my friend, John W. Rrown, executors of thia my last will and testament, and 1 hereby revoke all other and former wills and ( >iMi by M made. . In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fourteenth day of January, In the year one thou sand eight hundred and flfly-one. THOMAS POWELL, flu s.J Hgned. sealed, published and declared by the said tes tator, as. and for his last will and testament, In ths pre sence of us, who, at his request an I in his presence, have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses. BITS Moons, of Newburg, S. Y.t Ei oicra A. Baswirvn, of Newburg, N. Y. Latk from Pijkkto Ruo.? Correeponderu* from Puerto K'l'O to the VVth kit., published in Ui? Havana l inrio dr In Vtrmn announce. the r" appearance of the cholera under very unexpected circumstances The people had lust congratulated themselves on its entire abatement, the inhabitants of Humaceo and Vieques es l>ecmlly were cmxratulallog tin in selves on the success with which they had combated the scourge with a rigid canton Mm/airr. and successfully esca|>ed from being visited liy a single case, and all wore pre|*ring to oole bralc the feast of ft. John? the principal ->ns ob-ervwd in the island? with the gi <-ntest hbarlty, when It broke out again, rboeeing Hums' .10 and Vtcquea fhr Its first vic tim*. but also appearing at Yabiifie. As the place* are all in the neighb srhood of the richest and most populous agricultural districts, and not tar from (iuayama. which siifl. red severely from a disastrous conflagration at the beg m ;tig of last month, or from Ponce, the second eity of the I and. It will rmdily be underetood that the great est consiematiou has been caused ay tho reappcarauce Of the epifVlVlC. to this lalamitv the Puerto Riqnetae had another ad dcd. A very fatal dieease was destroj ing their cattle la irreat numbers It was commonly called the "cattle ?holers ' (ctihr* <U Ion Inuyt ?.) Tie animals attacked bo came h/drophoblc, frothed or slavered at the mouth, lust their tMth and died? perha|ie more Trom the roaset|uent inaoit en. it waa thought, than from the actual disease. Tho loss by the Ore at i.eayama, above alluded to, la ostii'iated at t'.'M.noO, some for"^ stores and houses liav ing 'Jeen destroyed by It. The place haa become notori ous for periodical conflagratl ma, whether accidentally ca**ed or wilfitliy, as the one now under notice Is aaxl to hare beea ; aad the only wonder Is that when one doee bjtak ont, Ue whole place la not utterly ransomed . for while all the houses are or wood, roofed with shinglea, Aere is not a single Are enp;no in ii In the nldat of these miriortnnea, the aVnndaaee of the crops, and tbe high prices produce waa being Ing.. a/lorded some coasolatlon , and It ?aa hoped that the coolie immi gration, whlcn lias been saitatlcaed by the govern raeni, would lo much lo still fistbor Iaceeaae Me product! vencea of the island. Tht city of i^an .Tnai had n?t been llgbte<l with gas, freaky, of coarse to ths coavenieice and satisfaction of the dihabitnnt* the gas was betas manufactured from tht wood of a very MM tree of the iafcnd called Uba n;co, hitherto useJ tor a?> sther parpoee, notwithstanding as magnitude and abundance, than to furnish torehre ?g hlch it rved the poor to* teed of caa<lles The gas un dertake! Is, therefore, (nstly regarded as a <louMe bene fit to the country. It Is sa*l that the plaaa nf San .luan was to he huhted by an immense tet ot this gaa The Captain General f? Jnae I . saory. hail be*n decor ated with the c roas of Commander of the legion of Ho nor, by louis Napolrmi, on account of the services his lather had rendered to France, his native country, and to Napoleon Bonaparte. Tl e leasts of 81 John and ft Piter were passing with OU' much animation, although not without Rome, Mtwtth s tfi ? d'nr 'h ' ' f>? '".iter whlrh nsri <-f the country ? ?< It ? e n halls an I oth^r i aieenvit^ i sun net n t; t'ij urcn ni' ?.v. o. ri'jjram, Jnit i?, City V?lr!llx<-n< e. COMMIM.Hlo.VKHH OK BlUifD.? Thd Co DUBMStOttei H of Health met yesterduy ?t oooii in (bo CHr Mil!? tbe licsideut, hue O. Barker, Esq , in tf- - .1mir, srvS U'tlt.-r J. Conrklin, Clerk. The I'oUowirg .ti -i-uni ?? w% *r* mole as to tbe dlN|H?iit:uii of v otfr ''N ?*r ? ? ??: at (/tar&nt/Ae not before disposed of by the Commisaicvier*:? Brig Krown, arrived from Havana on the -JOrt. hft., baring been thoroughly fumigated ant clean*e4 to o? lowed to come to the city. Hark Little I Jizle, arr:\ ?xl from CariThuas on |he 8tt4 tost , haviug been cleansed u directed bj tbo Ccm>nb" sioucrs, to be allowed to proceed to the ' city wlloot lurther delay The cargoes of both the above vessels werrdischatast? ou lighters d-.retly upon arriving at yuan-it. u?, aui? having been venlUtod at the L'uited Sute^ whiff at Qua rantine, have since been brought to the city The bark William Henry, which arrived iu the mormaa from Cardenas, wnj directed t?> be detained at Q iranun ?or further.obM'rvatiou, the time when it was just Viable t? Hi'ow her to come to the city lo be decided by thy Health umcer. Ihe dU|xwit!oo of the brig IV>bin, which arrir*d oa ?r ?h!3rrr?,n ,UJ' deferred till the next . tmsnw ?/?*!, as it wm rleem-M iiecess;-,* lo ' laJVctftf 0 ,h' ,u which she waa I The fteaaier Quaker City remains rtlll at Q?arac*ue !',ul ,T? enme up to the city to day. wheirth* ileal, li Officer shall deem that ahe ban been aafllni. ntly ventiUted to prevent the po.a/MMy of her briagiur to *>e city yellow fever. Her tmirxage wan brought to JUti c ay yesterday. ft was II rat all ?j>e*>l Md subjected to norough airing. Tsoriu w liwi i tlofaincft, a pirol oriaggsgo van left By an emigres at Camle Garden pro vi to h:s departure to the country, witfi instructions ? to ??il it to blM when be wrote fs* it. On arriving ai his destination M wrote Br> the HuperiuCetidant, John A. Kcnmdy lor hio poodi-. Mr. Keuued> declined to forward them antil he returned tee brass check he had received lor U?* goods. Ou Monday a person railed on Mr. Ken nedy, who admitted lie w? not the owner, but exhibited the cli?*k, and demanded ths goods, which the stiperia tendent refused to driver, aitnough the [>er^?o 'a demand waa backed by a policeman *out the Mayor * office. Yes terday rorning tbe Mayor *11 1 a porno of pollcecaaa under charge of officer Semr*ter, to sei/.e rt?e luggage' ?which tli?7 did, notwl .h?laud!ni; the protest of Mr. Ken nedy. who denied the power of Mayor Weed to interfere with the cation of a department under tbo control of a Mate boari bite tbe Commissioaers ot KnM.-4rM-.0n. 8on. action on thin alleged outrage will no doubt be ??- ?? at tbe meeshig of tbe Brwrd this afternoon. Visit or Viwuwu Om> tow,-1 The- members ^ Monroe anil Appomattox I-odgcs, I. 0. O. P., of Pet - , burg, V?.f c#e now on a visit to Ais city? the guewu 4 the members of Eureka lodge. They arrived in to* fteamcr Hoojioke on Monday last. On Tuesday ti. ? were received by the M?yor in the Covernor'a ro?.? City Hall. They next vis ted the Tombs, and wer - .r. lerwarda. taken to High Bridge, Ilarlem. Ves*nlay u?^? visited the institutions on Ulackwvll's and Randal! 4 iliandB. They arc stopping at pree?nt at tho Cnion Ho t*l, Hudson street. Tin OcXMi Horns ? Kor some time past there baa lx?n frequent complaints on the part c? merchamu of the laak of accommodations in the New York Costotn Hou*? W* learn that the Collector or Custom has notified tt>? Secretary of the Treasury of tho fact, and no doubt b.* that the business facilities o;- that iti^portant department will soon be increased so aa lo accommodate all who u*r customs or receive goods from the care or Uncle item. ftwiors Aocipbmt on thb NiwJnm- R?iij?ai> ? am> thcr painful accident occurred on the New Jersey last Saturday evening. It appears that one of the wheels of the dirt car train fell off, when about a mils above Kab way, and the car tipped over One of the laborers ? ?* instantly killed, and another has both legs broken as 'scon as the news waa conveyed to the families of uie laborers, the utmost excitement prevailed, and when tbe bv>dy of the dead man was brouirht-to tbe depot It was se dreadfully mangled it could not be idauUttttl until all the laborers were asrenUtled. He proved to be a man with a wife and three children, who wcro almost franUe at their loas. Meaaures were taken for their pecuaiary Mtislinfs The two we have indicated were the oaly jtersoua injured. Pkixuhuc Tath. Aci uiSnt ? Yesterday mornitg, a ? - named Alexander, redding at No. 211 Hudson street, wm knocked down and run over by a runaway horse' aad cart, belonging to a carman natntd Joseph Dor le. Mr Alexander was severely, If not fatally, injured. He wm in the employment ol Mr. 8. a Bell, wood dealer, at tha foot of Vestry street. The injured man was attended br several (ifaysiciaas. Coroner Ooanery intend* holding aa aule mortem in the case as soon se Ooy le is sit salm! IVism. Aorinarr ? A kis meter exploded at the bom No. 88 Hulancy street, severely Injuring Mr. Ketm, the only |>erson In the room afthe time. His tee and a ra were dreadfally burned, bot it U hoped tho Injury U net A< <it>*>T o? ths Kant Rivkk ? Yesterday morning, about 9 o'clock, a small boat was run into and sunk by ths sloop flilcT, and a hoy naoed Morris Cornell was drowned. PirttTDW Ckoto* Wat** to tws Hall.? New t'roton water pipes have Just been laid, connecting the n rtlns In Hroadway and I*ark row with the City Halt Heretofore thesnpply of water at the City Uali has net been enough to meet the wants of the varioas offices la the building. The pipe laid is a s.x inoi |spe and baa Iteen put down In accordance with a r scent resolu tion of the Common Couucil. Fms is a CAriyKnuKaa's 9no]>.? Bet-veea I and | o'clock on Tuesday afternoon a Are occurred in s cabinet mater's shop at No. ft King street. It wm soon unguisbed by the On men . damage afco jt M*. At >haa> t'o clock the same evining a drs occurred at No M4 Ninth avenue, caused by a straw bed acoideatally fire: no damage to building. - St orMsrrL Haijsb Tsiumvr or HiirrsiTui ?Dr. John H. (irtscons, of thit cttjr, bas oonimnaicate<l U> the Unheal atui Surgical Journal fbr July, 1HM, tbe rssulM of the saline treatment of acuto rheumahum in the New York Hospital during bis services n? attending phisiciaa. which was altendeil with the happiest* lis gives a list of twenty six oases curod by the treatment referred U>. soino of which were complicated vsith derangemeata of the action of the heart. As rheumatism U a very common disease, it may be useful to maay Individuals la give tbe following condensed romarks from Dr (iriscom. regarding this simple yet suocsssTul nude of treatise scute rheumatism ? Almost immediately alter admission, the sup. tart, pot, et soda (Hoe belle salts) was administere<l in dosea of om drachm, re|?ated every hour, sad an alkaline anodyaa lotion of carh potas and tinsu spit (pearl ashes or -ale rates and laudanum) applied Inrally over the swelled J"int* This treatment was preceded by socb alierstivsa and evsciiant.i as each case appeared to re><utre As the uriae became less acid, corre^ixiBding improvemeni ta the symirtoms was notioed. with the improvement ths medicine was administered lass Ir. ijaently, say every I wo, Uiree, or four hours. The tiru?e after becomiaa II kaline. would sometimes eshibltaii acid reaction again with a return of the rheumatic pata* The persp rattsa was often acid on admission the saltva rarely so- the tears, as far ss tested In a few cases, alwsys aUahoe or neutral. It la remarkable ihat pnraathm rarely followed the use of the salt, though when it did. tie action was ra trained by the aildlHon ef a few dropa o( tinct opU. When the |*ins were very severe at night, Pul. Dr.varl, (Hovers |>owder). or some other form of opiate wm giveu It will he seen fr?>m the above Uble that th ^ave rage time thai the patients were under treatment, was sNwit thirteen days, and that the whole durstloa ef the attaok averaged about twenty ?r days Coder tLe mast npproved plans of treatment berrtofere, tbe dutaMon of a severe attack of acute rh<<ematism has rarely tesa Ism than aim weeks t>se ef I he mnsl happy clrcucMtaaosa attending the aikaliae treatmeat, is the freed aa from cardiac aad other cowsliuatonis, so frequent u der ordi nary circumataaces. In not nae instance recor mi abora was any romplloatlea noticed ss occurring alter the sa lient's admission to the ward All of the thrre cases of cardias eompllcaMea alluded to, commenced :>elhre ad mission. A similar happy experience has ob'a.aed with tha method of tvsalsseat, uader the dlreckea of lha other members of the atedleal staff. *0 T*1 RMTDR OP TH* Ifmt A K Knowing yon admire the workings of aar bea, ulnl municipal management, allow me to pr east you wtlb sn it? m Some two months or more ago the Chtsf i ngmeer reHseate.1 more badges in be taarte lor ths Fire Iwpartment the badges have not been wade, and conse quently dose on or new members are without I'm stra manual If tbey go to a fire tbe police posh them outsidm the liaes. saying they ere loafers r Mrdies. be. This la pit seaat ? very . but II Is perfectly Now Yorkisb f/STKM. Polk* Inltlllf jnw. Twa Km ?>TTCTII o? <Jomo ox ? Broom ?4>n MocmI*? night ? rather xinfular ocenrr* .*?? took p!?re at No. 1ft I hryat>?' ?trH. It appear*, aa '*r *? we cauld aprerlaia, ? that a wan, named John ttemr /4I, hu for nome time part been on a regular bender, ar A white laboring nrUer the eHwt* ot mint mlepa and t> ? -jmly imuhM he pad n vtaik to a rrtend or hi*, named 'V'aomiu G. Hwuth, rwuiliag M the above number in Chr 511 tie atreet. The u*uftl tnptca of ron*er*ation being exha ,vted, Smith propo?e4 thai the ??! 1 abcald ondenyor to, put *n oM dear upon It* liingen. rh'.le thn* engaged In \hi* delight'al or< n)?ti(<n. Smi:'? made wim ob|r? tl?nn.^o llammil'* mode of carpentering, whereupon the latter drew a pi*M>l l>o? h* pofKet. an t .n Hie rooleet mar ??r pe*?'l>le Hred II at Uir I <T Smith, wounding I ,im aeverely in the ner*. (Jit ? 1 I'oar fall, ? the Tenth ward poli<-r. hearing the d'ao'i.trj'* ?>/ the weapon, enl ?red the plare and arre*-le<l da mm ! <1 charge of att? r.ipt to k II i-'mith was ( nureyi'd 10 l. j ?Utiion hon*e _ where h* wound wu dreas<4 by fie <1 trwt anrgeen. .Timtice Brcnnan rnmm.u.*! Himiail ti> prison to a ?? t Ue re?nltofthe wounded aun'a imur i * C'aw '.if .Ton P. f?ro?t.? There ?m a ?emu* er? e In Mo-.iday'a Hm*u> relatire to the rate In w t the name oC thla gentleman appeared H"t > f be ,og diwharged from arre?t on mrapUint ?>' ttfry, lie wan Hie complainant in ?' ? 1 I the party *g*in*t whom n? *nad? "1 I r. 1 r?',ni vt* 1 ?t U. ? lil . , 1 | t>r ?? n ? m i'lk it.vt