Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1856 Page 6
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FINANCIAL ano commercial. MUSKY NAHKJET. Tincsnav, July 2'1?ti P. U. it to vei> -eidurn , even at this muob of the year, that we see such a dull, stupid stock market an the past week has presented. A grert majority of the broken are literally doing nothing. Although the transaction* to-day were very limited, a alight im provement in prices watt realized. At the first board Illinois Central bonds ad vaooed j per cent ; New York Central Railroad,); Erie, i; Michigan Southern, Heading,!; Cleveland and Toledo, 4. This advance, with snch small sales, is most extra ordinary. No one seems anxioas to sell, and there are very few new buyers. The shorts are not in want of stocks, preferring to let their contracts ran on to a later date. The movement in Reading was stronger to-day than we have seen for some dayB, and the stock closed firm at the advanoe. There is very little probability of a suspension of coal ship ments. The miners cannot agree long enough to act, and they have little confidence in each other The only way to bring them to terms is for the pub lic to put off purchasing their winter supply of coal as long as possible. When such a combination aa that contemplated by the miners is carried into ope ration the only way is for the public to combine against it. There is no danger of a short supply of coal. Up to this time there is very little deficiency compared with last year, and there is plenty of time, if the carrying capacity of the dif ferent works of transports don is put Into full and active operation, to give us all that is required for consumption. The Reading Railroad is capable of bringing down seventy thousands tons of coal per week. This rate of Bupply would soon make up aqy deficiency and give the usual increase. New York Central Railroad advanced a fraction today, with nail transactions. The new loan of (500,000 was negotiated in some way privately. It is ad vertised for sale by the financial agent of the com pany, in lots to suit purchasers. The whole matter Is a mystery and another of those financial dodges whioh the Central Company are so celebrated for. Michigan Southern has improved since the closing of the books $ per cent. It is selling now equal to 98 per cent, dividend on. There was a small sale of Catena and Chicago Railroad stock to-day at 113 per cent. The books of this company close for the dividend on the 25th inst., and open on the 1st of August. The dividend will be the usual five per cent. There appears to be a movement in Cleveland and Toledo. At present it has not mnch strength, but there are indications of a moderate inflation in price*. Brie Railroad was not in demnnd to-day. Prices were well sustained, and closed firm. After the adjournment of the board the following stocks were sold .at the Merchants' Exchange by Simeon Draper:? 96,000 St. Louis City 6's, 20 years Int. added. 81 10.000 do. do. do. 7$K 10.000 do. do do. S-..000 do. do. do. 77 -O.UOO do. do. do. 76^ 10,000 do do 76?* 10,000 do. do do. 76 40. 000 do. 27 year* do. 79 it ,000 St. Louis County 6's, 35 years .... do. 76 ?,000 Laekawana & Wes'n RK 7's, 1st mt do. MS 1 fc.OOO Flushing Railroad. UU mort do. 4o I 28 shares l'eorla u><1 Bureau Valley RR 78 The catalogue included $260,000 of the St. Louis City, and 1326,000 of the Su Louis bonds. 1150,000 of the latter were withdrawn before the sale, and ?129,000 of the former and $156,000 of the latter during the course of the sule. The leather Manufacturers' Bank ha? declared a semi annual dividend of five per cent; the Green wich Fire Insurance Company a semi annual divi dend of ten per cent. The A distant Treasurer reports to day as fol lows , Paid on Treasury arrount. $97,041 10 Rece'red do ___ do 136,304 24 Balance do. do 7,644.07li 79 Pa, a for Assay office 206,343 76 Paid oa disbursing checks 26,262 .'>7 The warrants entered at the Treasury Depart ment. Washington, on the l'.th inst.. were as foL Iowa for the redemption of Texas debt $7.3IS 17 >or the redemption of ?tocks 46.616 9a for the Treasury Department 12.962 68 For the Interior Iieparunent 30. 8*9 49 Far castoms 16,1 tl 62 War warrants received and entered 80.411 40 War repay warrant* received aad entered. ... 210 17 From saisreilajMOus sources 773 St From customs. 1,741.112 60 On account of the navy 30,447 64 The following is a statement of the business of the New Orleans branch mint for the mooth of June: ? Papow ? ?- Oola depos-t* .$30 720 * tct dt paste lfta.sei "2PU . Tot*. ?. 'V*1** .??.? " -e . ?46 000 G?1 "5WK 270 oao Wlrer crtoa*. ' Total coa**a ?al(100# The receiver* of w. V Cojnmeraal Bank of New Jeraey ai Perth Am*,, Ur* the following notice of a final dirld?lid:- * A Cna. dividend ot torn per c? TJ 2^,"^ 'aalter ioate'1 on all crrtifti ate* W*u?, ? .. _ bank. Wilt be pa.d at tbe Sute wick. W J on product).* arvl ?nrr<-odN. <" / " T""' fl *te<. from and after Una ?Uu?. Inter*. h# the Ou?(?Uor, kcd parable a? .'"Uow* ? Ok ?y lawna due after pa 7 moot of the let divi'.*??? fr*? ?eea'aer 24 1*2 the lai* of the order tb<-retor. ?fld the f.rne for confirming the iaau* of oorh ceriif)< at?* to May 24, ISM, the date of (be order for Dm second umtead? and 00 the baiaace of principal due aTier deduct. ng *a.d ?eeoa4 UiTideod (rom *aid May M. 1 ?4. to Mar aa. IM. A statement of the movement of the preciotu me tail ia France for the three yearn l&'>3-4-6 h*? bees made up, from which It appear* that the im ported in gold. 1236 .O*- <*00, of wbich $6 1 ,3?0,<K4) left the country aod I1H4 ,770,000 entered into dr culat.on or bank uae. Meanwhile the empire loat by export 1162,220,000 in silver. and imported 966,* 660,000, making the net loa* ltt.560,000. The ac mat net acceaaion at both metal* in the three jean, two of whlA were year* of war with Soma. was ? -<1.1 60 ,000, notwithstanding which the Bank of Fraace entered the atmggle with Raaria with a re serve a f about 1123,000.000, (we ??nme the higbeat point of WW,) and raae out ia J an nary. 1356. with lew than forty million*. The gain to her vaalta aince the peace baa been steady and rapid a* <t ? heginnint to be with the Bank of Knglaod. The London ?tr* of July 2 *aj-? : ? A new project a the Maryivvlta (California) Gaa *nd #ater tompaoy, with a propuaed capital of ?.400.000. a aouOO aha re* of tt lfla rat fa T>i? <iepr*nt bi to be 'J*, per eliare. It la mention* 1 tbat Ui? r<w?n >n? torfrtie fnppi' of #a? and water In Marseille ar* *r*m~d br ? pa rate charter* fbr term* ?*pir ng 10 ItTl, >mder an" thortty of the May or and Corporate. A report from the R>ifc*b Cowal in t*aa Frawieeo attoate that " tr?ry requirement of the law-' -rem* to bare been mp e ' WKh hv Uie promoter*, and refer* in I favorable term* te the peoepecte <4 the uadertakiec A* r trard* the probahr# profit- the prtupectn* Ikrtancef the aae of the mui Iraaciaeo <:*a Company. whirb yteldi a return of aha>.t 70 per coot per annum on the raptal ex pended. The gum 10 ha paid for tbe c. occasion*. ?r , t* lMt 10 raefa. an< 1 ?1<>,M0 In paid up ?har*a? the deliver? y half of wliirh i? not te take place until a dividend of 10 per cent per annum nhali have been attained The rom i?ov u* prova 'Daily regl*ter>'<J under lb* Limited Lie '> act hi the aeooad hoard very little bnaineaa wae trans acted, hot better prirea ruled. Keadinr advanced | per ce?t; Illinois Central Railroad, 4: Brie, i; Chi cago aod Rock Wand Rulroad aold at Wt) per cent, and la Crtiaae and Milwaukie at 71 percent, lioth ea*h. Tbe laat *ale of La Croeee waa at 70 per ceat, buyer 30 day*. The Nteamabip Africa from thia port for Liver poo tomorrow- Wednesday? will not take out more than 1700/100 in apecie. Tbe redaction in rale* tor encliaage ha* cauaed *wal order- for ?pecie to be rmuatermaaded. ^Tbe Ureal Weatern Railroad Company, of flllnoi*. cn',poaa for latere* dae 00 the lat of Angu* on the " sier 1 eat hoada. will be paid at tbe office of Worrte ? r'cbuai No. 44 Wall -treet. upoa preaenUUon. The ircular of De Coppet A Co.. preparrd for rvlaill abroad by the ateamahip AWca from 1. for Liverrool to-mom>w-Wedneaday f> * tSe foQowleg review of the hoad and rtark i ,'>i, 7 IMI?? ftnek taa-Vr faring the beglnn rig oT this week] has succeeded a dulness tot onusual at Ibis season of the rear Prices have ex per enced oocillatious upon mot ol the mi-reactive flocks, ? Inch have resulted generally id a decline, ac is shuwn i by annexed table of daily cloning price*. The a^Rregate transactions of the wceL were considerable, introducing at. well f-ome of the Mute stocks a.- the banks and shares of the best accredited ruilwav ? besides this, the bond* ol several of the Western riMids, which, for along time, hud remained entirely dormant, seem disposed to emerge from their protracted" inaction. Money, although iu rather bitter demand from the importing mere Kant!', remain.-, vt-rv easy to procure; the bunks appearing deposed to Uud freely the balances from the interior, which are again 00 the increase with them. . Staft Stock*.? There were large transactions m v irglaia and Missouri 6's, at a decline of *c u ; Iudiaus 5 s have been freelv done without alteration of price. City und Cinnly Price.- are well untamed, but we have merely ti> mention some retail transactions To da> an auction Jlsule or $184,000 St Lorn- 6]s. from 81 to 75,4 and interest, averaging 76 4 5, and ol $10,000 St Lotiis County 6 s, at 75 and interest, rather reduce our quotations. . . . . Railroad ? Large transactions have taken place In Erie 7'b, 1871, at steady price*, and Illinois Central Couatruction at a decline of . There has been a fair de mand for New York Central 6 s and 7's, at a trilling ad vance. The new 7's of this company, redeemable in 1876. and to th< redemption of w hich an annual sinking lund of 3 per cent is provided are now in the market. At private sale, transaction* have taken place in <>bio and 1'ecnsy Ivanla income; if Lake Erie, Wabash and St. louis 1st mortgage; in Cleveland and Pittsburg 1st mortgage branches. Tliey are quoted at an advance. Michfgan S'l, 1S60, have been done fresly, and are looking up. Jiatlraad Sham ?The activity which prevailed during the earlier part of the week turned mostly on Kris. Read ing, New York Central, Cleveland and Toledo, and Michi gun Southern. The last named are quoted ex. dividend. The decline on these has been general. Illinois Central with very little doing, dividend 8 per cent. Exchanges rather Hat. Principal business on I-oudon, to 10 per cent. Paris, 16 \ a 17,^. The American Railway Timet , of the 10th inst., contains the following article on the importance of rnahing fall and.freqaent report* of the comparative earnings and expenses of different railroads: ? Karon* of Railway Karhdios. We wish we could impress upon the minds of our New England railway shareholders the conviction, so strong in our own, of the vital importance of having frequent re ports of the comparative earnings and expenses of the different roads. What do the stockholders know of the cooditiou or their roads irom month to month Emphatl cally nothing. Once in a twelvemonth a jionderous docu ment is issued, called an annual report, and according to the view given, whether honest or not, of the condition 01 the road, up or down goes the price of the shares. Who suiters the most rrom this ? Why. the small sharehold ers. i ot the quiet gentlemen who have been entirely con versant with the state of aflairs during the whole year, but those who have bad no means of knowing anything ol the condition of the earnings. Those who by otticial position or favor, knew wh\t is goin,' on do not suffer by the cliange in real value of the property: they can either buy or sell just as their superior informa tion determine* them. The character or some of the an I nual reports is very vague and misty, so much so as to entirely mislead those who receive and read them. The late report of the IHrectors of the Eastern Railroad Com pany was ?o badly constructed, its facts so disjomtedly connected and misplaced, that quite a l'all of the stock took place in consequence, not warranted by the real facts, if we may judge from a semi official statement which has since been made in one of the daily newpa pers. Now is it at all probable that such a mistaken idea of the real state ol the case would have taken place had the directors published regular monthly statements of earn ings and expenses* The old excuse given, that it Is im Csible to give these reports, has been so disproved by ts, that directors cannot with any degree of decency still repeat it, and shareholders, if th?y arc wise, will, with one united voice, command their directors t" furnish them with regular statements, such as are given by of ticers of the roads out or New Eng and. Mr. MiC'allum. ol the Erie road, has demonstrated '.hat accounts can be so kept that even every pint ol' oil used on a locomotive j can be accounted for, and other details ot operation as minor in ap|>earance. But of great importance in fac t, are regularly kept with the m?n and machines on that admi rablv managed road. lis tin uicial and operating management are both open fair and above board , the snarebolders cun and do get frequtnt reports of the great anil vital fact* of manige roeut. Of w hat New England road can the same be said lias it < ver struck the ?hareholders of toe New England road, what effect the secresy preserved by their directors may have hal upot tb? price and value of the respective shares of the diflerent companies of New toglund' Why is .t that the market value of some of these old e?tabLih ed roads is so far below what it used to be, while there has been a constant increase ol tralic. an increase or laics and no 'ncreaae of capital The faculty whVh some ol the managers have for cook ng up the accounts from the long |*TM.d between which rt-[.orl? are made is too great at?mptation to be resi.-ted y all. I Id not Schuyler, the millionaire and honest man par exHlmcf. fall at last'' opportunity unrestrained opportunity, todowroig. was the cause of hi- fall and it would net onlj be an extreme ly sensible tbing, but a very kind thing to directors, If they were required by their shareholder- to make fre quent an< vouched tor returns under oath. A regular monthly comparative statement of earnings ant expenses, sworn to by president and superintendent? and perhaps tt would be as well U> Include a majority of the directors ? would be a very good thing to the officer*, on the plan of not leading them into temptation, but it would be decide 1 ly a more safe arrangement than the loose system, or ra ther want of system, which is now the rule upon the New England roads . ? Our whole New England system, with its want of accountability and personal responsibility, is wrong, and it will not be until there ts a very radical change in the management that .we shall witness any improvement. Tin re is a diflerent class of men wanted tor managers and directors. Practical and enetgettc men are wanted; meu who have been brought np to the business, and tuoee w hose ambition and interest it is to excel in tt. we elect men for director' and presi tents because they are r cL and have retired trom active b'istnees. II they have pot rich by inheritance, bv selling sugar or vending pills they are Just tbe clas- or nx-n that some shrewd and wi-e working man. who does not care to take the respon sibii tv will put upon a ticket and get < iected The mass of tiiem wb?n elected go to sleel upon the empty honor of being elected, and do not wake up again until the in dignant shareholders turn them out. and perhaps put in ust such another stupid set to be th? tools of the specu lators who manag* all this kind of thing. We say to shareholders that .hey should elect an active b <rd ot boaines- men for directors then choose a competent and ei.orget* superintendent, who is above bein^ made a :km ot wax. to oe polled th.s way and that, give him ibe power which is necee-ary for e*Vient serTue. and give t 'orer p' blc'tv to the* and expei litures of the ci mr*ny and then see if at the end of the next twelve month the a:l airs of your company and road have not very materially improved, tiet rid of the old 1<>K) m ot transgement, .ud a goo I share of the old (bgies wh<> now are s blind and a harm to New England railway manage merit, and install In their pla< es new men with vigor and I' experience, and our word fur tt. In a very short t me the -hareholder- w It tt .d a decided murovem' ul not only tn the operate- manag-m^nt but a the ret rns which Ibe works will make for the cost. The Secretary of the Treaanry. in a recent c mma nicatlon to Congress, five* tbe following Uble. -ho wing the population of tbe dilfcrent States and _ -Hones, and tbe value of real and penonal estate the. *i>' ^ P*1* fro* enumerations ?d valuation*, to P** fro" - tv, ,M IHtrtl. kTT TW! fg/Tv . | Sm-t. P*f? j/?m Alabama t ... HSA.lfc Ark?i*a*. 2*3.117 California .'^f.OOO Connecticut 401.3W frt-laware.. JV6 r, on da * lo. 73ft Georgia W6.W0 rittolB J.342.V17 lad'aoa 1.140 WW Iowa m.nH* Kentucky mi 1.0*1, *#7 IxraieUna WX?,.'W7 Maine ?... 823 -Wi Mart Ian ! 63 ' . .60 Ma> af li i-< it* _1 133.133 Michigan . wOa,874 m aif-w en ?? Mieaour Ml 31o New Hainp?lure 334,701 New Jer?er r?4?9.4vev* New Tor* 3.470.??'.? North ta*o; na 'il.HM Ohio 2.2U.7M) P' no-) Irania -.M-:**! Rhode I-'.au-l . IWH? ( an. na . , TO-'- Ml t'UMMW l.fc?f,47? Texae inn. TOO t '-rnvnt ^W.20? \ ir|iala liUM Wie<aSatu ft&8.10e DtntrM at Columbia 5*.<J0V Ti'rrtiwetca. Wnnee.^a. 66.000 N?w Mexico 63,600 30.000 W aetata ft oa .. . J>M 0 Ctah ffoooo Kan?a* ll.'iOO Kafcraaka.. 4.500 rmlw <* t'rwfo-rhi *379.2:'.; <27 64.240. 720 16*. 000,000 30a, ;j^.H3 1 ?0 /.t 4$>, 401.461 500,0*0.900 aW.3R7.474 r?i,a.<?,474 110,'W (00 411,001) 196 270,42.'. 'M> 131.12<? iM 961,34* ,m> *o-.M6,?06 lVt.Mfc.R60 2.' I.V28 000 2?< :,:<M 731 14*.6G4.3?7 l:9,7?n 000 1.3M. 3.V...O0R 373 ?*o.877..';*4 1,0*1. 731. :!04 TA *4 340 an 77?,<*io ?M" (*?,'I00 t?i.in6.?*o ft>'to, '"H ?v: *7.500,000 atv*M :o3 20 000.000 7. -10 000 7.774 OOO 1 #60 000 4.3fto.noo 3. 360,000 1,33ft 644 36.M4.312 ? S17.6U.M7-2 Thi* *urn t? be added for propertr not ra ined tor under valuation* tad fbr the n?e o I be vain* af property War* 1460 *1 MM 000 .000 Tota? 11,317,611,073 In the roe *tr oct ion of tbt* table, when the enumera tion# and valuation* are not alTaa from f.fll. ?i f^ate re torn*, it f>a? been a?<unvd that the population ar.d pro perty ?f the country hare laereaeed a the **roe ratio utarc tte general ren?un of 1?.V0 in nhich thee inrr?ae?d during U?e deeenaial period from 1640 to 1V-0. The in crea*- haa without doubt, been proportion* v greyer. In gome Mnta* the latent offl< il ralti.%t ion< have been riven Ttaeee are of rarimw datea, and are, it n bolww. ?d. much too low. Tbe valuation fbr M** *rh.i*.-tt? l? fhr the year 16M) for Maryland and Michigan. tor 166;'., for Cnaaectmt. New York and Mwaonrl, fat 1664 and foe other f'atea. for 1*66. With reepert to eome of the Hater the oWrtal ralnn mm la ao very low. that it bae been deem?d necewmrv to add t* tt rwnrtderably, in order to reprint fairly the trne rahw of tbe propafty in thoee ,-taw- TW to IVitn^yi vania |MW ooo.non hare been add?d to VirjtDi*. T*i?a< ?ee and Miaaonrt, tlOO.OOO.OOf each. leia* and Calltnrta are e*r,n??o?al raee? itnd tMr pof Hint ?*? and wealth hare been eatimated 'i[?>n ? uoh <i?ta *? wmld be nMained. T1i? Comptroller of Te*a? la thr antbority for ttiat State The fio*err>o? of Oe^r*'* ?*y*. n a letter to the fec-e. tarr of the Treaeiir; , Alod the ltth of April, H.",#. tlv.t In that state '? thr tctPnmount of tbe taxable j>r"pe-tvof all > "d* ie about ?rm "oo ooo TV ?CTfrro' v M *i""?'.'*?'?>r* <o a *tt*r U!?l *9, ISM, that the return he trans n,<U of the value of the property in that Territory " are but approximation, " the returns d<H Ixsug ct'mplrve The 0O11 iai valuation ol the property in the T -rr tory of Nebraska, for the year 1K55, was no smtll? only $617,822 ? that it was thought proper to double it in the* table, and it is still too low probably. The Auditor of State of the State of Indiana say*, in his annual report (November 24, 185ft) ; ? ?? a new valuation of the real estate would probably make Ute total taxable? ?880,000.000." Ihe Territori M of Kansas, Nebraska and Washington do not appear at all in the census of I860, except aj com ponent parts o( other States or Territories, and, with re syect to thorn, the estimated numbers and values may be very Inaccurate, as they may be, indeed, with respect to the other Territories, aud some of the new States. Tbe Nate valuations of property are for assessment purposes, aud are not only low, but the taxable property only has bet n valued . and ia all the 9' a ice there arc ma'uy kinds of property? same of It valuable ? that are not taxed. Supi?eiii* the wholo population of the United States to be 27,OoO,oOO, then, taking the State ol Maine as a crite rton with respect to the value of property, the amount for all the States anil Terr.tories, will be," in rountl num bers, about $5,760,000,000. Taking the State of New York as acriterion, the amount will be, m round numbers, about ?10,611.000,000. Taking the State of Kentucky, than it will be about ?10,000,000,000. Takirg the Hato of Illinois. It will be abiut ?7,200, 000,000 Tak'ng tbe Mate cf Arkansas, it wl'il be about $6,750 - 000.000 Taking the State of Georgia, It will bs about 914,430, 000, OVO. Takug the two extremes, the maximum and the mini mum, Georgia and Maine united, it Will be about ?10,000,000,000 Taking Ohio and Kentucky, which will make, perhaps, a very lair mean, the umounl w.U be 9 1'-'. 268. 000, 000. Taking these seven States as a criterion, the amount will be about 99,233,000,000 This is too low, however, for the official valuation is too low in them all, unless it be tieorgia. The ?1,560,000.000 added for under valuations for property not valued, and for the increase it value siuce ^50, is' not an excessive allowance. In tbe calculate ns. inconsiderable fraction o' numbers and values have not been regarded. Stock E ?600 Cal St 7*s, '70. ?1 5:500 NY Cen RR 7's 102* 1000 Hud R R 1st M 103 5600 111 Cen R R...s3 92* 600 do 92* 10000 do b3 92* 5000 do 92* 30 ths Mer Ex Bk... 107 7 Bk ol Com 10$ 7 ? 'bio Life & T Co 94 ^ 200 Canton Co 93 * 100 Hudson R RR. ... 32* 100 do b60 32^, 60 Mc Transit Co.... 10>i 30 1'enn Coal Co 1 >2* 600 Cumb Coal Co.sii 22^ 100 NY Cen RR. . s90 h2 * 100 do b60 if- * 100 do c US 100 do blO 93 5 do 92\' 470 Erie Railroad... c 6211 SECOND ?11000 m Cer RR B. 92* 1000 IU F B.w priv 92', 100 sis NY CeuK l>60 93* 210 do 93 17 Park Bank 100 * 300 Heading KR...f>0 02 100 dO 92* icnsngr. TrivDAT, Juiy 22. 1366 250 shs Erie Railroad 62* 20 do MM 100 do b80 63 100 do s 10 W* 10 Gal & Chicago R. 113 TiljtfcllTniiTT H 93 600 Harlem RR b60 17* 100 do 17* 200Reid 5 m 91 200 do . 4 m 91 100 d}...at6m 91 200 do s3 91* 600 do stSO 91* 100 do btw 91* 1000' do. . ..b30 92 400 do 92 b C'.ev, Col a Cm R 102 800 Clev&TolRR. blO 77* 100 do 77* 100 do btM 77 * li?0 do 77* 16 W'.s Lakv S RR.. (57* BOARD. 300 shs Read RR b30 ?23,' 50 111 On RR l'W 100 Erie Railroad.... 02* 100 Harlem Rai.road 17* 16 Mil k l.a Crosse R 71 SO Chic ft R Is RM a*' CITm COMMERCIAX. REPORT. TitaatAT, July '?1? fl P. M. Am-lkt sales were limited, at (j '4c. for j>oU: pearls w ere sen rce and nominal Hm ADenrra . ? Flow ? In the absence of later foreign news tlie market was I. vary, and sales were moderate. Price* cloeed ;?t about the quotations of yesterday. The traiisn t.ou? embraced about 7,000 a 8.000 bbls., at about the following figures ? Common to good stau> 85 00 a 81 16 Common to good Mxtogan ? 40 a 6 10 Extra State 6 25 a 0 46 Common to good Ohio 6 16 a 6 30 Extra Ohio 8 50 a 7 00 Extra Genesee 7 00 a ? Southern mixed to good brands 7 CO a 7 M Bo. tancy and extra 7 36 a 8 76 Camnljm superfine and extra 0 30 a 7 76 Ciioice extra Georgetown, Richmond City Mill* and St. Louis 0 76 a 0 76 Haxaii and Oallegoe 10 76 a ? Included in the pale* were about >00 a 600 bbls., at the price* given above. Southern was i-teaUy, with tales of ai'Out 700 a *00 bbL-. at quotations glreu m the above table. Amug the aa.ea were 300 bbls. new North Side. Petersburg, Va., flour, consigned to T. Robert A Co.. at $y tt>. Wheat was heavy, and price* were lower. The sales embraced aboui 2-' ,000 a 30.000 bushels, in eluding a cargo of prime ("Jnad'an. at $1 75. and common at 81 t>5. A ? mall lot of 600 bushels choice new white sold at $1 8 '. 8,000 bushels Michigan damaged white sold at 61 40. Western red ranged from 61 -5 a 61 50 for spring to prime winter, and 61 80 a 61 76 for interior to good white GtMM Corn ? The sales embraced about 80.000 a 40.000 bushels. including Western mixed, for dis tilling. st 56c a 67c., and sound do. at 5Vc. a 61c., with a rargo of Southern J allow, out of order, at 60c. Rye ? Distillers' lots were Md at 65c a tiHc.. beat prime North ern was at 86c. Oats were steady, at 44c. a 44)gc for Western and Slate. Co?? ?s? Tbe market war steady with sales of about 1. '-00 bags Rk> at 11c., 1.200 bagi Maracaibo at UHe. HI tn its Java at 14c a 14 >,c . anil . 00 mats lAguayra at 11 %c. A cargo of ? 000 bags Rio, per White Cloud, was sold on private terms Corto* ?The saie? were confined to a few hundred baler, the market closing quite firm, at 11?|C. a 11 \c for middling nplanSs ? IlAtes were steady. To Liverpool, about 25.000 a 30,000 bushels grain were engaged in bulk and ship'* bags at 6\?d. a (si., and -.000 a 3 000 bbls. Uour at 2s., w th some -mil! lots cotton at -,d. a 6 32d. To London, 1.000 bbls. Sour were engaged in a foreign res sel to fill up at 2s. 7,^d.. and 8,000 do., .n American vec -el-, at 2s '.?d (or grain 9J?d. a lOd. was asked. To } (ilas/ow 500 bbls flow were engaged at Sc. ?d. To Brnnen, 50 bale- cotton were engaged at -,c. Kate* to Havre were unchanged. Kacn rales of ftu bbls currants were made at 24 1 laos ? A ok h jng was sell ng is small lots it 632 60. 6 month;. 1 ran was stead; at 71 lor common, and st 61 12 a ?1 18 for lump. Mot.**-*.- wna jteady, w'.th l.m.ted -ale* Nar at. Stohb* ? s?i. ?> of loo bbls. aprtr were ma le at 87 Me.; rosin and crude turpeatina were nuiet. and price* unchanged. I'ko< ?iow ? Pork?' The market was dull and lower The sale* were restricted to about .'(00 bbl>. mess, which opened at 620 25 and th.nsold at 62i< 12', with a sale of 60 bbls. at 920. prime was at 617 37 ?, a 617 50. Be . f was tomparat vely qniet. with sales of about 10" a 125 i'blt , including country prime, at 87 Mj a $? 25, anl m*H do. at 68 60 a 91''. and repacked Western at 6>a 611. Pr:?e ?eM fchl bw; hanw uBi,baoged Cat meat were quiet, at '.'';c. for shoulders. and at Ipf harat Tare was Brm, wth small sal**, at lj^'c a 12'ic. Butter was in fair demand, at 16c a 20c for state. and 14c. a lie 'or Ohio. Ch<--e was tn moderate request. W?c a 8' c ?TV fcar'KH wu quiet, with sale* of 60 a 76 ceu?. at i\9. a 4'tr Si uaaa were 3rm and more art re. The sal?? footed up about 1.600 bhd? Cuba muscovado, chiefly at 8 4c a s ^ e, with a sma I lot at 6c ., and another lot at 8r. Thucto ? as in fair request, and piiees for all sorts rery tirrn. -sles were ma'te of M hhds Kentucky aid May-villeat lOVfC ? 16c 146 bis. Havana, at p. L; 360 ca*e? seedleaf. at & ,c. a 14c W was dull and lower, sales of 100 a 200 bble.. at Mc. Forrlgn Markets MaTaxzJM Jc'tf 16 ? I c-p?n H report any Improvement n the fr ght markrt, anl 1 quote nominally. 64 a 64 5<i per hogshead^ and 71* a 87?<c. per bog, for sugar, sad frotr. 6'i a 62 60 for moiasee*. Yon will also paroelee ie w dnl! our shipping market is, from the above list of ?sport* Tl>e bus n? as tn sugars along the past week has b* ' o much lees art re. and buyers ar? proceeding with v -e caution, la new of the great dlsproporti'ti of our ' i es * ith those of foreign markets, as also the high de n and of holders, who seem to have no tingle; Utc uaar krt. howev-r. is ?ery fl'm. and the general impression is tl at pric?s will still further improve towards the (hll of the year Kxchenge ? 1 onion. I1, a 0 per cent premium, derliaing New York, 6L,a 7 per cent discount, decltn.og IWEKTISKVF1VW REJIEWEI WU. irROPKAK AOVCRTI8KNKM8. ~ IHTORMATIOW FOR AMERICA* TKATM.LKR*>KHX? 1 10 K,,ro** " thk bwit hoteiji R m Parts H'eei Itahen* ... Do Hf*e! dee Prmess . Do. |J >te, <1? K'i**<e ke^c by M Toung R?ien R*4e% Hotel de 1 Angleterre Frsnkfort Ho'el 4e r?W Turin. H'**l de fader 'leaera <le ! Barope ....... Floren--*. d*M' de Till* (to be oj)ene<l la *ugmi Fioreaea. HOTKIk-HIW NOT OOOD OX ink jilt 'be botate m Luadoa are bad ?o??lde Bt*o?t. rarls ?sin de Hade f?o H' el <te* Trwl* Bot> Hs? - ^wttierland. And n??os wber* whli b ?ifl be glren ner? ifier ) her Maj'Sty (fiieea Virlort* late proorle' 3 P botwin's. l^iet's the (>raf'"n and 'be l/mdon l(i*<ls ?"1 'h- MslIM MM fViuta Amerieat 1 otfee House . begs to Inform hie A m<-rlean i.*'r^ri? and fr.eiwt* vtMtlng Hasinnd that .1 * Is now >me <4 th< Mtete** whie merebaata at me We? Mad of l ondon karing 1 mm ?v. Ke erlliin'oiider ^ M * eartoas l>rirate b .use* ,n MhemarS ?tr?*et and ih? nenbt?ort>"Od I uhlle riflire f..r w aers sgen r|. ? and the w n<- and *plri' l?i?ioe?a. !*o ?> corner sf Ktam>rd ,[i t ANwrnarle Streets. I'ircadlllj. MM Hef. reoee ?nd t*nWer* ?ir 1 'a-ideSBeott Bart , k Oimpany. Mo 1 Caeendlab S")'isre, Ixwtwfl T \MKjS MARK WVl .1* L ,TR PRHPHIKT'tR or IHROf Apt in s. i.oni ? tbe (IrafWit) and tbe Ijotirion llotela. aad the ar.'l American t'oflae ll*n?e, h?-K? 'o infnrm hie Ano-riean frien't* vlnHins l<on'lon that . I M i? ?tl! "1 in l>csei? is his aetgbt<?fioad awl bas alao *er<ral (<ri\r??e fur r?tslte<l h<m*?a aiwavs to let. m auartmari's ercn'irniy, m tb<a the ?er? t>?*t pari m London !?. H ? Ali applications t? made direct or h? le"er to .fame* Markwel .eral .ffloe tU araset "tod"* l an.t A'hamarle atresis. V r*dn:, HOTEL*! S rou r> AMD * iikmaowat Mora* mR aTooa fprtof Mew York, is now open lor be i . -??ptma at < H-"S Thi* bonse is atfnale.1 up 'he w, .1 . .> ,,f Rrnvtway. II , . 4,, ,r* r fit of waidriuglna Hal. In the r*i I- en-TT'ed ? e i-eouct" and genre ? a ad fonrenlent t, the p >p<il r ,, r, i f I* dim S,n?ji4re *nr n- f-nnee | Mmm f t1* ; ...I ,,y llnttse kn'iW Well how to apprecUie Ha !?? tfe I ?h a i nryn- rt. ind spi^iott* hi,,* > arrtaji-* net pnfter?

v i i a "tn' -oe' at the deo^ va *he nffir?| r.f the eaefc i. - ?* I S. ' <e A "'"tHtttT* THAVXi*uut? ar t Dir. A I MANY AND TROY UOATn --REGULAR LINK ? 1 ai e ?i , I ruin fupt .->( a-i-S ?u eu?, conn ?"tinir ? lib tra:i.? (or Saratoga anil th.* Wi -a. vThe new an 1 aplea i:d . t. amcr ULEI COVE will leave every Jfoad.ty. Weune*iiai und Frida} nioruliu."-. at7 o'clock A H , ohiking tlie principal ending*. For further particulars Inquire of 1. LEWIS, Jr., a W< ?t .street Da* boats for albany-fr<>m rowr or canal ani Spi uix >u nets, connecting with trains to barakiga aud the WmI Steamers Allda and Armenia daiiy, ai 7 A M.. malting the principal landing*. yioE keyport. CLryrwooij. and f<>rt hamhn r ton? 1 he stejunboat KEY PORT leave* Murray lirt) dally, Sundays excepted, at 4 o'clock, P. M-. sad keypa* at TH o'clock, A- a For gukknport and b^u h.vbboe ? steamhe ISLAM) i W J. l out. Jr., will leaf* New York, foot of Catherine Market slip, every Saturday, all A.M. Retaining, leave Oreenport, Mondays, at iJU A. M. FOR SHREWSBURY, LONO BRANCH, HIGHLANDS and Ocean fort. The popular steamer JAMES CHRIS 1 oPHEIt, w ill leave Jay street pier, for the above place*, oil Wednesday, July 23. at ll'a A. M.; Thursdiur. 24th, at 12 M., Friday, 25th. 1 P. M Saturday, 26th, at 2li f, M Returning early every morning. Sea air, serf bathing end Hotel aecom wodatkms unsurpassed. For kirk isla nd direct.-passenoers for the above favorite place of retort are informed that until fur ther notice they can procure through tickets at $2 each, via I.<uig Island Railroad to Thompson, and steamer 11KRO from Islip daily? It living Brooklyn at 314 P. M. aud arriving at Fire Lland at about IK I' M., aud leaving Fire Island at 5 A M. and arriving at Brooklyn at about 9 A. M. Passengers who prefer to sal! over the (,reat South Hay can take the 9 A. M. train from 1 Brooklyn, via Thompson aud Igllp, thence to Fire Island in a commodious and last sailing sloop yacht, which w ill always be In waiting and sail immediately for the beaeh under the roniinand > f a careful and skilful boatman. ER ASM I S CONKLIN', Captain of Steamer Hero. HUDSON RIVER RAII.ROAD.-FROM MAY Ut UK the trains will leave Chambers street station as follows*? Express, 6 A. M. aud 5 P. M , mail, 9 A. M. .thruufih way trala, 12 M ; emigrant, 7 P M.; for Poughkeepsie, 7 A. M. and 1 F. M , for Sing Slug, 10J0 A. M and 9:461*. M ; this train learw every Friday evening, at 11 P. M ; for lludso i, 3JU P. M , fee Peekskili 4 aud 6 St I' M. The Poughkeeusle, Sing Sing and PeeKskiU trains stop at the way stations. Passengers taken a I entail ers, Canal, Christopher and Thirty tirst streets. Tralai for New York leave Troy at 1.35 9:15 a:Jl 10 45 A. M. and 4 Jl P. M.. and Hast Albany at 6, S.#c and 11 15 A M. and 5 P. If. A F. SMITH, Si^L Look out for the new story THE OLD HOUSE; How it emigrated and Who lived in It afterwards. Bv Do* am McLsod Written expressly for the NEW YORK SUN. C ommenced in the Suti of Wednesday , July 23, 1S56. One cent per copy. THE SIX PRESIDENTIAL PORTRAITS. The best liken- sses yet engraved on wood. BIO^KAI-HICAL SKETCHES WITH EACH ONE. The New York Sun of Wednesday, July 23, contains the first o! tlie series? 1 ilimore and Donelson; Thursday's paper will have those of Fremont aud Dayton, urul Friday's those of Huehuimn and Breckinridge. Saturday's paper will tell how many extra copies of each day are sold. See to it that your 1; tends are supplied. Only one cent per copy. N'EW Fl'RRY TO WEKHAWKEN OROVE, POLLOCK'S Pavilion, atrl Onttenberg.? The favorite steamer MER CURY, Capt. H. Nallan, will run during thW week, from toot of Robinson street, touching at the fuot of Spring, Amos, i wtntieth and Forty -third street*. North river, leaving Robin sou street at 9. 11 "1. 3 and 5 o'clock. Returning, leaving Cuttenberg at lu. 12, 2, 4 and 7 o'cSocii. Faro, cents. Y~BW YORK AND CONKY ISLAND, LANDING AT Fort Hamilton each way, The steamer NOKWALK Lspt. t. will leave as follows, Sua.lays lneluded; ? Leaving loot of Auios street at 1H4 A. M., 12H? and SW P. M.; leaving foot of Spring street at 91-, A. M., 12^ and 8)2 P. M., leaving pier 3 North r|ver at In A. M , I an t 4 P. M ; leaving Cor ey Island, last trip, at 61, P. M. Fare for the trip to Coney Island. Fort Hamilton and bwrk to New York twenty ttve ennts for which a return ticket will be given N?i half price forchJdreu. 0. J. DODGE, Agent. N'EW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD.? FARE to Alban> J! SO. Express trains at reduced fare, without chauge of car or baHRHge. will l>e run over the New York and Harlem Kail road betw een New York and Albany, on and after the first of August; connecting at Albany with the morning and evening lines ?n the Northern and Central Railroads. lhe cheapest and most pleasant route, running through the rich isrmii.g lands of Westchester, Putnam. Dutchess, Colum Ma and Rensselaer counties, aud avoiding the dangers id the river. WM. J CAMPUKuL Superintendent. New Yore, July 18. l-s?5 VTSW YORK AND EKIE RAILROAD. ?ON AND AF i.1 ter Monday, May 19, ISM and until further noUce, pas senger trains wUl leave pier foot of Duane street as follows, wa : ? 1) in kirk e sprees at A A. M. for Dank.rk. B'ltfalo eiprees at 6 A. M for Buffalo. Mail, at s B A. M for Dunkirk and it iTHio and Interna dlate stations. Passengers by this mall w.u eonnnot with ex press trains for Hyraeo??. Oavuga, t'ana datgua, Niagara Falls and Rochester, and with the UgfatnUig press train, or Lake Miore Railroad for Cincinnati, Chic age, vc. Rockland passenger, at SJO P. M. , (from t >t of ChambeM street,) via Pisrinoiit for SutTerus, and totenntdlate stations. Way paasenger, at 4 P. M., far Newburg and Middiatown. and intermediate stauona. Night express, at 5 P. M., for Dunkirk and Buffalo. Emigrant, at 6 P. M , for Dunkirk and Buffalo, and InHiUM diate sutioris. The abovs tralna ran dally, Sundays exempted. The eipress trams connect at Elmlrs with Ika Dnkt. Jan:>ndaigaa and Niagara Falls Railroad, for Niagara Falls, as Binghamtoe with the Syracuse and Btngbamton Railroad, far Svracnse. at C-ornmg. with Buffalo, (>>niing and Nsw Tort Railroad, for Rochaalcr; at Oreat Bend, witk Delaware, Laek awanna and Western Railroad, for Scran too: at BtUIUa aa4 Dunkirk, witk the l*ke Shore Railroad, Cleveland, fflnnlnnaM, tM aUMHU EBMWTa. Bath hotel-a peijohtful summer residence on I lie ocean shore, Island. This splendid exub Iiahment bating bfn enlarged and much improved, la now open for the reception of transient ud perm.ineni hoarder* B RATHBPM. BEI.I.EVl'E oardf.ns. foot of eiohtieth street, Kaat rlrer? A fraud aacred concert erenr Sunday by ilie Washington Band Admittance. bj refreshment ticket*. 11% cent! The garden* are open freeoti?rek days Thlji place will be fouad the coolest and moat delightful summer report out of New York. There ar>- ten acres uf laud, beautl fully laid out with shade treea, and grarel walk* on the l>ank oftbe river Folks from the ? ?l?i Country would do well to pay a wslt to this reeort. they ertll here find a model of the public park* and garden* or KuroM N. B.? Picnic partle* and target companlea will find good accommodation. 8. WARD, Proprietor, from England. CUFF WOOD HO08K-A DEMOHTFTTI, Kl'MMKR Rl treat, aMualed at Mantaeen. opposite Keyport. New Jar aejr, am* ynrda from the bay. fine grorrs. bathing. Ixming, tiablrg. gnnata?. Ac making It far superior a* a summer re wirt to ai>d in the Stale The One iteaarr Kayport. Captain Arrcwamltfc. will leaye the foot of M array street dally at 4 I' M.. for the above place For particulars apply at 187 looker atreet, opposite Depau row or at tha tHUfwoid Houae. A. PORTER Proprietor. (^LTFFWOOD GROT*. AT OLTFFWOOD, OPPOSTT? J Keypon. la now ready for pie nlc partlee. On the sli ire of Raman bay, and aua-onnde a lake of about twalre a. era. Applirauona nhoul.l be made early to T. V. ARROWSMIT1I. Kaa , of steamer Kayport, foot of Murray street, between 10 aim a o'clock. IK.KOY HOCflK. NEW ROCHKM.K, WESTCHESTER J Co.? Thla pleaaant summer resort, with a One gmye and lawti.lire minute* walk from the depot, offers una.) nailed attrae tlons tolauillle* M ? cummer borne 1'eraons dealrtng board apply to OEO. P. OHUORNE, Proprietor. SEA BATHINO, - THE ALI.EOHANY HOC81, AT Long Uriah New Jersey, la new open for tha reception of vlaltera, at $* per week. Three daily hnee of steamers and stage* to tfce above plaee direct from Naw York. J08KPH D. WABDKUi A BOW, Proprietor*. I) KX< < n?ff>*N. EI.ICHTFt'L MOON Lit JH T AND COTILLON PARTY, on Thursday evening. >uly >4. 1*M Tl> largr and apien d aicamer WASHINGTON, Caul. Oeorc- W Simera. will leaTr aefttlkwa ? liroome *reet, K.R..M',. fe. k "Up. pier It s K .,9" ,, Spring afreet. i?s, Amoa street lit o'clock. 1V| rtstteeBta. A line band ol niw will irauiBM} t lie boa' 1 1 'a nice wishing a little recreation will tind tnts one of the ung a n.oat dtllghttuT ricursions of the n-mon I/XCT'RKION.? THE LARGE AN1? COM Mi >OIOlT* Vj ? i ?mer AMERICA, C'ept. L Akely, cau be chartered lor eicuralona. by apiilvihg on board the boat, font ot llarri s>? atreet, or at HENRY VAN YELHOBV, oorner of Jay and Hi'? atreet*. KXCfRfllONS TO the fishino BANKS -fare for ratoa N) cents The ateainer KOBE KT I. STB \ EN*. I *1*. Char lea Anderson. inakea regular Irlpito the FtahIng l anka everv day, eicept Sunday laaylng Amoaaireet at j >,"r1ng atreet, , Peck allp. A; Broome atreet, S'4. Plar l North river, ?o'clock. Flatting tackle. b*lt. refresh >nenu. Ac., on board. A cotillon band will accompany the at uner TO CHARTER FOR EXfU'RHIONH ?THE I.ABWE AND splendid steamer WamHINUTON. ('apt Oee W tloirra. ?'?; ' r I harterad with or Without barge* Part lea Wiahui,; to ' barter wtll do wall to call b"lore making arraagMBMlf elaa* wb?rr. Tcrtna reaaotiable. Apply tu A. A W. A. HITCH CtX'K. TP Beach street. ?VlfCAL AND DANCING. M For sai.k-a fine rokkwooh pianof??rte. in go<?t orMer It will l>e aold at $ITn below eoet. Addreaa, oim> dlalely. C. H.. boi lit! Bioa Iway Poai olllce. MWf?nEON-A ? OcTAVE pianoforte HTYI.R melodeon < aOlart A .Seed ham. eiakera. coating one \e*r ago eaab. will be aold at a very great reduction the oe ii< r bating no farther tiae for it. Plaaae call or addreaa A. KBER IPS Weal Myoadway. K PRRACHIO INFORMS IIIK FRIENDS AKI> THE i.. MMI 'bat hla ac clemy .Till remain open thnuuh th" aunmer. eyery Hlternomi and eyenlng. Orand ball nett Wed maday. July "lO. at hla aeii<l"tny AM Brnedwaj jpIANOS - WII.UAM MIU.KR-S MOPFR* IMPROTFK PIANrtFORTEM, wrrn oa wtynntrT Tit* Ate a. i a * . Manufactory and wwcrooma IMS and 13* Raat Twenty flrnt atreei, ' etween Second and Third arentie*. The mantifaclnrer now being enabled to anununce In hi* nym iwme the mo-lei n Improveil piano, wM< b. though of hia "Wn mnnufactiire lowing to 'erma of contract,) laa heretofore been known and become ibecauaeof tkeir naerltal joatly cele hroted under aoolber title, would inrlte Mm attention of bn/era io their e*a?ilnatlan at hla warerootaa aa above l|i |tlao would rAtrtton rut rrai.ic AgalBtC btiyleg planoa bearing the name of "a well known dealer." on the atr*ngth of le?t moniala otSwn< I aolely on Uie merit" of the William Miller piann*. aa Uttjf will hereafter bear nn otber than hi* own t <*Me, For p**wer. rlchneaa aii'i brilliancy of tone, elaetlatty of .meh, beauty and t ur*binty of make, atid every Ijnallty lender * the piano a deairable In atrnHienl. they are known to ,? k among the lirat and tO'Nt celebru'ed make* ot the day ' << h IngtriMbeot w arrantel to give entire : aaUafcetlnn. or tie I .aae money returned The trade anpplled Ml the moat hi. "nn. A large dlaeouut glren to arbeel*. teacher* and ? revmes. (Vivian and ? hednle of price forwarded to ?. ? Idreea, poet p?ld. PIAHOrORTRW, OfTIT AR> >f? MKUinMON!*.-. large aeaer'aaent ot the ab<ive . lakenta, all of our owe mannfaetnr* and warranted. Rc? nd aeoond hand planoe and melodeea* to rent. F IRTH, rVtIP kih Ml Bread way, N. T. gMHant Ot'ITAUt? HANI' i i fCRiWli HY tun ^ nndt-raigeed from Snanlah ei'?l"la ? .1 warranted to aiaiul tn'Unv rd?ate aent by e?i>re?a, cariln packed. atlbefM kiWtng ?t ea ? Ne I. ?ladeaf mahoit ? In eife||enl Wood ca*e, with citra atrlefa. $15. No. 8. MM1 "f rrwwtaid, with ceee and ecrt ?'t :ng?, MR Ne K roorw .1, with caae and atr'??? fcf ? roaewraal. wltbciaeai I < ring*. tJB. Ne , w.H I rery l.andoen. with ca?e atiH . -ga, $M No.#. ?(, ?t eleraet. well e^ae and etrlo* A* t.i.t I, ?,?,! a?M i Wr- ?> nf from H Traeadnr* i.nd all the I, o' b nl?. an ar gr^ for the guitar, aent I inall, ptaMage ne'-t "t rreeti ti !i<ec Itie I fte for *% h pli ???? rr. ?i i oxit nu m, Itiwidwa , Nf* ifgrt ?oamjouu on Lopaow. . tl A 1 WASHINGTON STUKKT -Ft'RNIHHKD ROOM* ?<\ | to irt, with or wltboat board, looms, with bo?r< from f4 to ?# per week; without hoard, from 91 US to 9t Transient board aodjodgmg, 91 per day. i in EIGHTH STXKBT, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND |4?) Fourth avenue. Several plcaauiii rooms with board, ink) be had -1 ri TENTH STREET A KIIORT BLOCK FROM 1?)1 Broadway.? A well furnished parlor and bedroom, with large ckset. Also. room# suitable for gentleman and wife, or amgle gentlemen. House first class. Dinner . 6 o'clock 11 ri GRAND HTRKKT. A FEW DOORS WEST Of 110a Uroadwsj -A gentleman and his wife, or geulle m *n run be ?r< on?l??Ute<1 With ft lftrRP furnished front lint! baekroo? ?Kn a bedroom; to be let in suit or .Ingle, with board. If required Term* moderate. KA WALKER STREET, FIVE DOORS WKHT OF ?Jt Broadway.? A quint and geuteel private boarding house for single gentlemen and gentlemen and their wives. Terms reasonable. ll(A, cold and shower baths free. MURRAY STREET.? BOARD FOR GENTLEMEN T *7 and their wives. and single gentiemeu. Also furniaht-d rooms to let without bourd. f> ST. MARK'S PI, ACE ? FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, U with board, in the lirst class house No. 0 St. Mark's place. A SUIT OF ROOMS. FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, for a gentleman and ha* wife, or for aingle gentlemen, at 97 Clinton place. Dinner nt 6 ?'clock. A SUIT OF ROOMS ON THE SECOND FLOOR, FOR A gentleman and hu> wife, or two single gentlemen. In the lirst class house, 78 West Twenty third street. References required. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN Twenty seventh street, near Hroadway, have some fur nished rooms, with the mod em improvements, which they would rent to respectable single gentlemen. with or without rariial board References exchanged. Address R. W., bex 10. Herald office. AN ENGLISH FAMILY ARE DESIROUS OF LETTING u large room, romfortAbly furnished, to single gentlemen, or a gentle MM and wife; references exchanged. Apply at 191 Madison St., near Rutgers at. Board.? a gentleman and his wife, or single gentleman, can Had pleasaot rooms, with board, in a private house, all the modern improvements. Gas and bath. Apply at 1M Waverley place. Board.-a lady, having more room than she requires, would accommodate two or three gentlemen w I h pleasant furnished rooms. In a central location. Apply :it -V Stanton street, near the liowery. Board -a gentleman and lady wlsh a fur mailed room in aiileaaaot location, to be used only in the day time. Address ffm. Allen, Hroadway Post office. Board? desirable and eligible for gentle men and their wives, or a few single gentlemen. Address Bond street, Madison square Post office. Board.? to i.kt, with board, a second floor back and third floor front room, situated in one of the most pleasant parts of East Broadway, gas and bath; re ferences exchanged. Call at 191 East Broadway. Board? for a single lady, or lady and gen tleman, with board for the lady only Inquire at 69 Sul livan street. Board, clinton place.-a family and a few single gentlemen can be accommodated with furnished rooms, with modern convenience, and board, In the vary de sirable location 61 Clinton place, near Fifth avenue. Board in Brooklyn.? one or two single gen llemen can obtain pleuvint rooms with partial ooard, In private family, three mlDiiUs' walk from Wall street or South ferry. Apply at 44 Jorslemon street. References exchanged. Board in jersey city? a gentleman and w ife and a few single gentlemen may obtain very pleu sanl rooms in a private family. No. 1N> Grove street. Board in Brooklyn, near the ferries? a gentleman and his wife, or two stngle gentlemen, can be accommodated with a spacimia front room, on the second floor, and board, in a genteel family , very pleasantly located. Ap ply at 30 Sands street. Board in a farm house wanted? new jersey preferred? for three children and governess; one large room and one small. Address J. T. B , box 3.121 Po-t office, stating terms. Ac. Board wanted? by a lady and gentleman, in a small family In the upper part of the city, where there are no other boarders. Hosrd wanted for the ladv only. A liberal price paid for lirst rate accommodations. Address B. R S.. Union square Post office. Board wanted-for a gentleman, wife, child and nurse, from lirst September to first May next. Address, with particulars, W. H., care of Thomas II. Parker, II Broadway. Board want> i>? by a gentleman and lady, w 11b board for the lady only, In a private family, where no other boarders are taken A liberal price will be p:ild for satisfactory accommodations. Address T. R., L'nicn square Post t filer. Board wanted -a furnished room, having gas sod t'roton. to accommodate two gentlemen, with or without board. Location between Spring and Ninth streets. In vicinity of Broadway. Address W. A. J,, box 1,537 Post office. Board wanted? in hoboken, by a single gentleman, in a private family, with breakfast and tea only A small room, well shaded and near the river, pre ?erred. A line addressM George, Herald office, with par ticulars, will receive attention. BOARDINO.-A NEATLY FI BNISHED, large room. and bedroom adjoining, on the second floor, n> let, with board, at hair price, for the advance of UJU, to s gentleman snd his wife, or one or two single gentlemen. A liberal inte rest will be given. Plesse address A.. Herald office. BOARDINQ.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR TWO single gentlemen, can be aceomni(slat<>d with board and furnished rooms. Gas. hot and cold wsler. bath Ac. Dinner *t o'clock. Reference exchanged. For further par tit ulars call at 27S Twenty second street, lirat house west of Ninth avenue. Boarding.? to let, a front and back parlor, furnished or unturnisbed. with board or without, In s prl vale fsmily, on very moderate terms. Apply at ISO De lancy street. M Boarding at no. 33 white street.-the ,sub I scriber. having just finished repairing ami furnishing this splendid house for the accommodation of gentlemen. '., sire full or partial board, or furnished rooms, which are ? lean and cool has nvw a few rooms yet unoccupied, which will he rented very low. B reek last and tea furnished Apply Imme diately. BOARD1NG-AT 110 BLEECKER STREET, BET WEEN Green and Wooeter. on the European plan. Handsome furnished spartments. suitable H>r families, and single roooae for gentlemen Meala served at all hours lloardlng aid Icdging will be charged together or leparate, at moderate prices. Ha oc. some accommodations for transient as veil as permanent board* re. Boarding ?a private family would let a nestly furnished back parlor to a lady and gentleman, w iih or without board for the gentleman, nr to two single gen ? '!? men. Stranger* visiting the city trsealently wtll llnd this a pleasant )??< -at ion, and convenient to the cars. Tersss mode rate. Apply at 119 Nineteenth street, between Second and Third avenue*. Brooklyn HKiaiiTH.-notrnic wo. <n cow mhia Krret near Pineapple, will be rented very law Ui a lirnt rate teniiui. from ilie l?t of Atuu*t. OK.i'BtiK II. MOOKr., 36 Weal Eighteenth street. BOARDKRH IJf SKF.K OF BOAROIMO ACCOMMODA tfcmo *re reqnrated 10 call at my nMce, No. 4 Ant<ir place, ? hert they ran crbuln wry Information relative 10 boarding h< 'i*? free a t e>m?. Boarding house* n*l private fatnilie* tvn leglater their room* ? n my hooka for the moderate mm of >1 per month. N H ? An evpreea la altai hed to my offlire, for the removal of haggnte, at 'he following low rale ?IV. tm the t r?t trunk and iJ'.c tar every unrcreitng Me. oillcc open from 7 o'clock A. M. to 7 I* M A.J B \HSKT, n?re, No. 4 Aator place rtOrXTKY BOARD.? THE HIBWRIBKR C AW At TOM \ ' modate three or four young men to hreakfaal and lea; Im I* living sbout one hour * ride from the rrty and nrar the wa tt r. Addrrw with real nan*. J. 0., Journal at (MB r-a ofiiee. Reference* wlil he repaired. rOLNTRY BOARD.-A FAMILY OF FOI RO* FIYR persona or *mgle gentlemen, ran br ae?MttK>dated with board at a private man-l><n. en healthy. elevated ground*. a half hotir'? rid' from the rlty. For particular*, apply per ?onall) at 17s Wooater street, near Blecckrr. T \KY BTRF.KT HOrHF. NOH 44. M AND ff DRY I t street. New York, on the Kttropean plan -Room* fifty '?cut* per day. Cfotoa water In rack We haveooeof Ike largeet and t>e?t conducted 'lining rooms In the eMf. Meal* are ?erved no at all hour*. The be?t the market attbrda ran at all Nm be found here, cooked and served up la llM that itotl ? f~t competition, an.l at prices *ultcd to every one MKKRITT A I.AWOI.KY, Proprietor* DRKIRARI.E ROOM* TO I.RT -TWO OR TIIRRR l*RR *oi>? ran obtain plee?ant and wr|| I urn 'hed rooma. In ?'ill or otlirrwlae. In a Aral claaa honae, with all the modem M i>r"Vement*. *nd convenient to rars and atagra Apply 01 71 Went Fourteenth at., Oral honae weal of Hlilh SWOP. T?t| RNIKHKD ROOM* TO I.RT-IN A FIRHT ft. UW l' house. with all Ihe modern Improvement*, to one <,r two <le gentlemen, wltho'il board Apply at IM Crosby street. ? .1*7 Itrnadwsy. In lb* Store ru RWimritn room* to floor. MM F tng of 1 hi re large rooma, well fnrntehed, with use of tltrW*. If deelred The house haaall the modem Hsmt lornts and Openly aitiiated Three mlnute? walk from ttroad wsy Apply slJS St Mark's plsre Eighth street. FMR*T CI. AMI ROOM*? TO I.RT. To OMR O* TWO gsatkmen nf high re?pr< tablhly, a parlor, two larie b-d r.? ma. with marble * a?h bast?*. bathr'iom and water>1o?et. ali connecting and on the ?er,.nd foor of new brown ?tone reaH^nre. located a few door a we?t of Broadway In Ninth -tr'-et A'ldreao*.. txit I.ISI IVart ofllee FM RNTSIIRD ROOMS TO I RT-AT WO IM WOOSTKR atreet. b*m- Blrecker atreet AMWOMKkY FI RS 1SHRD ROOM TO BR I.RT, TO alngle gentlemen, st Itat t J rand streM? H HOTRI. MlUOIMOH .-ORKTI.RMRM WIU, OO ITKI.f, H to r?tn?mb*r they con get well fVirnlahed alngle (le-plng rmn* st tbe t?lobe Hotel, ranter of Frsnkfort and William atreet*. for ? renta per nlghl. or tl St) per week. No it her charge In the honae. eieept st Ibelr option. OUR OR TWO liRNTI.F.MFN CA*N BK ACCOMMOOA ted wHh k hsll bedroom ami b<?rd, and slao <?t ! , . , , , [aant nernmmodatlntia, st 101 King Street, New York. ONF OR TWO DINOI.R OKNTI.KMKN CtN OBTAIN good and anbatsntlal board with ? handaomrly f irnlnhod [r?a?ni In o amall prlrste family, whrre all the of* plea?ont home ran he had. the honae I* delightfully altusled. cniriiandinir theeool aeofllr, with a fine view of the bay The hotme contain* gsa bathroom hot and cold water, with si I the n o >rn improvcsirnts. Apply si 174 "rand atreet, Jersey City. i>K OR TWO IIANDROMFXY Ft RNIMHKO ROOM-. to let. m Ilk partial board. In a moat drstt . Hf.ti'h Brooklyn. r?n?enkrnt 10 cars and l?rrie? Kamlly ama l land prlTatr Fsr parfleslBr* Inquire at 18 Harrison street, be |teem t onrt *ed t llnlos. Brooklyn o pRIVATR ROARPINO -BRVRRAI- VRRY FINK J rootne. on *e??nd finer, with gaa bath, eloaeta, At., la atillr* or teparately. ? en he had, with boar I, on moderate term*, in s private larally. residing at No Mi Fourth aventM, TWO I.ARI1F PtRI.OR* A Nil TWOHMtl.I. ROOMe flN one Hew with rtoae?i. gaa. hot and ro'd wnter and hath, l?> let, with l eerd, en reeaeatable letnta, With prltatc tible. If desired. Apply at W, Heeo*id avenne TO OKNTi.FMFN - V Vltn \ TK I Wi'V c*| S \c eon>too<tBte one ?r two gentlemen with pleasant, neiilr furnlwltrd room*, whh or wltneiit partial b^ard. Appij a' Trri llt a ?n tlrttt RtfrretitT! wlwi\,et rKIVATK BOARD. ? SEVERAL SINGLE GKNTLKMk'ft n>*y obtuiu the tboicc of furniahed room*. replete wiUj the modern conveniences, In h private family of the first re Kuctability, residing u,'*r Union park. Apply ?t 120 East lit re nth street. 'KT, FURNISHED? A HANDSOME PARLOR BED m. Also, two cheerful rooms on second floor, unfur rJahed' a private family, where ui? boarders are kepi , bath, i, m rv " house. References required. Apply at No. 4 ThsmpaeuV "nr <ioor from Canal. K ? TWO OR VMREK WNOL" OENTI.KMKN CAN BE oleiwintlv Ik ,0,'"?odaied with rooms and partial hoard, at <9 Columbia et- "^yu. The bouse if., claaa. well htrn.sied,^d "Knd?an "tensive view of the bay aai river. _______ WANTED? FOR *? GENTLEMAN AND HIS W1FK, three or four rmHv ?f ? r?"?Pecfa?>le house, within a mile ot ,.1?",',^' u?* ,to "reed >15 per monUI. Address M" """PWU. Ill ' aual street. WANTED? BY A I.AIVI Asvn OIVTLEMAN, WITH board far the Udv onlrf, a ,"*?"\ or parlor and bed room, handsomely furnished, lU' '? private family, where there are no other boarders; honW ikl'i*' here bath, gas, Ae. Ibis Is a rare opportunity for thos * bavJiNI Ine above accirm niodatlons to let them permanently, to parties of respectabi lity, who wish to live quiet and refil l AiMreaft Grace, He rald office. WANTKD? TWO ROOMS. l'NFURNISHBI>>?B ?*ARTI. Y furnished, with board, for a gentleman, llwly and chii-l, iu New York, uot above Fourth street. Address J. G. B , Herald office. WANTKD? A ROOM, WITH OR WITHOUT BOAR>'?. for a lady, where there are few or no boarders. Sltua tlon between Jh ranklin and Bleeeker street8. Would prefer A widow lady. Terms mast be moderate. Address Ada. Herald office. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN, WITHOUT BOARD A well furnished parlor and bedroom. The house of a young widow lady preferred. Address P. Weston. Herald office. WANTED? BY A COMPETENT PERSON. A CBfL? to board, where it will receive a mother's care Call si No. 4 Ashland place. PET COOP*. 4W>. ALL OUR BAREC.E ROBES THAT HAVE BEEN 8KLL lng at tO, we offer tbls week at 46, to close stock.. By or der of assignees, 718 Broadway. All the parib, nancy, swiss and scotch km broideries, for w hich the late bankrupt* were so justly celebrated, will be offered this week at an immense sacrifice, to close stock. By order of ihe assignee*. 70S Broadway. All our muslins, jaconets, lawns, break faat dresses, Ac., will be offered this week at an immeaae sacrifice, to close stock. By order of the assignee*. 703 it road way. A LARGE INVOICE Or LADIES' AND GENTS' FINS linen cambric handkerchiefs, ordered by the late ?bank runts, win be i^prcd this week at an immense sacrifice By order of the afflgnees. 70S Hrosdway. Beautiful muslins will be offered tihh week at la.. Is. 3d. a Is 6d. per yard. Also Frendi nrlnts at extreme'y low price*. By order at assignees, |u3 Broadway. Bathing dresses. All our plaui and plaid woollen goods, for bathing dresses, \\ til be offered extremely low. By order of the assignees. 70S Broadway. CI LOSING SALR8. ) Still further reduction in price*. 960,000 worth or par ?t>ons, To be sold off in i-ooseouence of removal. C. G. HOOK, 3H0 Bowery, Removing to bis *ew location, 7US Broadway. A* the time ia limited for disposing of this stock, it wlfl bo sold without regard to cost. C. G. H. particularly invites attention to the following arti cles. ? A very large assortment af damask table linens, sheet ings snd sbirilng; do. towelings. huckaback, do. cotton sheet ings and shirtings of every width snd quality, quilta, counter panes, Ac.? to a# of which he desires the particular attentiou of housekeepers. An immense variety of dress goods, cob sibling of challlea, bareges, barege de lames, lawns, India aad other silks, shawls, hosiery, Ac Also, a large aaaortmeat of Indies' cloths and e.aaalmer'-s. Also, a very large stock of English merinos and paramattas, w bich must be Sold at any sacrifice. Store to rent or leaae. C. Q. HOOK, 380 Bowery. Store will open at 9 and cloac at C o'clock. CLARK'S SPOOL COTTON. -THIS PRIZE COTTOM OT the great I'aria Exposition Is now upon ita own merila re ceived Into general iism. It is extensively uaed on sewing ma chines. All number* received regularly, and tor sale by GEO. A. CLARK, .12 Dey street. M ANTZAUX DE VOYAGE; TUAYKLU.m; rung, GEORGE A. HEABN, 4% Broadway. TRAVELLING CLOAKS. J JA WKS A. HEARN, 776 Broadway, Above Ninth street. UTBOLUOT. ASTROLOGY, SPIRITUALISM -THE CELEBRATED Mrs. FLEURY. from Paris, whose relation prophesied Nai'olron I , give- t; Inform., tlon on all events of life. Questions about business, lore, marriage, Ac., are answered by macnetlsm. at 3B3 Hi oome street. CARD? MADAME PRKWHTKB RETURNS THANKS to her friends and patrotia. and beg* to say that after the thouaaada, both In this city and Philadelphia, who have eo a suited her wHh entire satisfartiun. she feel* eoofi lent that la tlie questions of astrology, love and law mattar*. and books or oracle*, a* relied on constantly hy Napoleon. she haanoequaL She will - . - - name 111 tall tha nam* of the futura husband, and alao tha of her visiters. ?7J Bowery. /iLAIRVOt ANCE.-MRS HAVES, 17<t <JR A ND STREET, \ ' New York, Is the l>e?t medirsl clairvoyant the world e?er knew. Every lad) troubled with disease or Inward weakness bould consult Mrs. Hayes at occe. No charge, remember, unless satisfied. Madame Baldwin can be consulted about love, marriage and absent friends, ahe tells all the eventa of life. Interprets dreams, snd consults on Isw mailers at 1(1 I..iurena street, third flo.,r. ro'-m II Ladies 25c., genilemea, te. she causes speedy marrisges. charge extra Madame mar, the phrenolooist, is also a aeventh daughter. She can tell you whan and whom you will marry, and reads the lire* of visiter* so oorrectly, ahe astonishes all who consult bar. Office 107 West Broadway. [ADAMK METER HAM REMOVED TO 1H EKVENTH L avenue, between T wenty third and Twenty fburth atresia. She cuntinuM to tall past, presant and future events, likewise oiarriacea, journeys, lawaulta, bmtne? proa pacta, siokeaaa, ? ? ?enlmeBd*. property loet or etolen. Madam* Mayer oee v rare In Rngliah, French and German, and give* guaraalee tor her art Madame morrow t laims to be the most woaderful aatrologist In the world, or that has ever been known. A* 1 sm the seventh daaghu-r of the seventh daugh ter who wa* alao a great aatrologist. I have a natural gtft to lell past, present and future e\ ants of life I have a<lnni*hed thousands during my trs vela in Europe. I will tell whether ynu are married or single, and how many tlmea yea are to be married and how soon and will ahow you tha llkenes* of your future husband, snd will cause you to be speedily married, w anil you will enjoy the greatest happiness of matrimonial bllssj snd good lurk tni "Ugh vour whole ufe. I will also siiow thn llk. ncss of sbsent Irlcuds and relations, and I will telliolraa all Ihe concerns of life, thst you cannot help being astonished. No charge If not satisfied I all won, or yoq will not get the chsriee. Gentlemen are not admitted. 76 Bn>oine street, be tween t'snnon ana Columbia naCIUAVMPI. Aw vrraAaooTmi foe corn*, rt/iciobb, rallnaltiat. naUa (rowing Inlntha flash. ami airary <ll? 11 <? o' tha faat. br a naw and paculiar turUtoO, waboul m wtUiout eanauig tha alijliiaat pain. Monalaar Levi , of jf>> so Ilia Baa da Rtmll, Farta, aad Ra. 3 l ondutt atraaf. Ragrn' ?traat. I^.rnlnn, Vurgooa CMropodlgL Ia'rnourd bj tha Kmparar of F ranna, ami Iba royal fwallj or nglanri. may ba rnnauHod dally, HuixJari aicaptad train ? Hi! So'rkM-k. at lua ottra, M W?l Klataath BLraA, batwaan Fifth aad Milk ata'iuaa cortpi Of nrmnontAia. (From Wta Imperial Maj"') . Napolaoa III., Raparor ?f Krwt ) Ja a*rii6e qua M. Latl an In a loa corn arae ana attf ?? ? habitat*. I.oma Nahmo* BojtiPtam J aim ?? Bakar, R?|.) I aarttfr *at I?r I^tI mrad r?a noma mnntti agn <* aaa* r?i trnubiawima bnntona. wlibo'U iho laaal pain, and whHih ha?a annoyed inn for many yarn I walk at preaaal ?i 'al cmnrorv and ehaarftOly ramaunand Or I .art to tar ???odaand thapablle. Jian giin, Naw Yuaa. Man-h M. If**. H Raal feranteaaUi aira*. (From H. J. Faltua. Raq > i'naolW-lt#d bf Mr. I,a?t, I rag laara to taatlty to hta ft ?kill tn baring prrfartly ram'. tad a large bunion of tang Mending. wiihoal oanalng any pain. ft J. Fki.rua, Paii.?nau Hit. July V, 1X6 J No. 4 Hoaton row. In addition to (he afct>?a ? Kh<-ntif*:?.| teaiimonlaia, many tho'iaanita mora In hta pnaaaaawm (among whlah ara aeraral fn>?n Indlaa of tba highaat rank) aan ha aaeti by favoring Mm - h a . >i 1. 1. ..I! r. II w ... ?Lr.^a, batwaaa Fifth ?in! Sulh aremj?a, New York. N. B.? No profaaalonal nunnactioa wltk any parana. hRfiTIIKR JONATHAN S I'll \MPION FI'RNITL'BK ? K9pd> la Mli wboleaala and ratnU, al 212 Broadwav. m 23 It ia a gi?>d rhaiira lor ajenta fall from ? to 4. Iw ? ara of roiintarOI'a. Thn onlv otfira al the abova pla<-e ilt'BBARR. Manufacturer. /"HlNTKNT, NF.ARY A CO.-TOI'R IOV VKVK IRODO " J roita preparation. for Inatanlly cleaning kid glovra, wi.h.m the -iichieat amall I am happy In atata, luu pnirad. In arary parik iilar. a? r?-praa. nt*d. and will ha a (ri al aarln( In ray I. Ill of kid glor.-?, aa ima I I Jimr iKiitlaa rlaana llftjr p*|r. and i hi price nnlr firty ranta. I will raronunand n. BLANCH AftD. DR. a. DK Oa*** ?Al.I. mafTT; SKR YOC TO PAY AT ? I] M. . alflMaMd'a da pal af ? Imlara ? ngnar bluara 7<> N aa |mii alraat, oornar i.l John nil rl?hl. IIOMf'R F|INRtTTTOBAM O -W. II W1THON S AJfD NAf'R k Rannla'? Hi i" in '???II.- an I \ li ?ln. in I'n Ml and papar?, .f'? (roaa for -air, hi a par rani ilia^ount frogi II* prlraa. I'rdlara anpplmi, JOHN U KRKR. 7" Walar alj-.-at -RfM. N . AXIXITIIF.RR. ?'AN NOW FIRI? A IX THE if I malanala nii-'??ary tor pntirhomama, for tranaforming g!a?a Into th<- linaat pMBtad i-hlna. at Willing coal, al ?'UN |'t E.ST. RF.ARY A lll.'H. WH Broadway. tTRRCINWr RT.RrTRO mRMIOAL BaTHB f>tL V ?? HI NCR, of Brook I rn. proprlamr and Frof VRRDNNR, ara 'n altamlanrant Till Br .a.lwaT Th?y guri >?a tonnrw rh-nmatlam, nanralgla. and all ImpaiiUaa arian g fm? lha ,m pnidant nan of marrnry or othar aatallla aubolaooM. Hp'Otai iMriUMtfUBw RROATTAH. / < R \NP RKO ATTA AT HR1.I. UATK FURRY. roOT f?F I I *lh atrai t. Kail rlrar. on Thurailay, Jnlr 24. Instant, fttf llh and malii?nil boata, ami nmlar to 'all fmra Pmi< lap ? dorkarnund Thrugg'a point bttoy and bark >0 plana of aiar'lnu Fi t?? Winning boat tjwBj " ? 5 tfcgM " ? 91 Tha 4<h *' lo aara har anlranna. Fn'ranra tin All rnlrlaa la ha mada r?n or baftira | n i-bwk F M of lha day at aalllng. BoaUioMnrt prarlaairat 2o>lork r. M - i n iWNI.Ar. ThHi raaa i? pi ?iforfd -rati Thur?'l?y nr?!. ai 3 n >ii<>*. a| Ihaaatna pt >r- Thar- will alao ha a row hoal ra- on lh? ? day by ainalanrt. DRMAIia. *alna III all Ilia t?i lon? Ixamla and qnalllh ??, oprra? *' niinarda; IMBM. *1*1 do. f'aah ail?nnn? on ?agara o' lli\?"? 'lOW' idlt or liftman lianHfarnira O. HIF.KK'<