Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. -7 ? ** .*** ?* 4 ' 1 ? " * * * ' * 4 r ? M ,ww-- f >4 s ; , s, ;^4 WHOLE NO. 7270. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, JULY 26, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. LITERATURE. ABtP t BONNER, OK THE NEW YORK I.EDOKR, MTU STAKES ExrHSSB Wlienerer there U to bo ANYTHINO ACCOMPLISH; > IS BIS li t. THE NUMBER ~OF TITE LIIDUKB that is BEADY THIS (SATURDAY) HORNING, is A miiAcue of ? ? ? CHEAPNESS ~AND MKRIf. Look, IK THE FIRST rLAOF, at fT< LARGE AVD COSTLY E.1GRAVI5CS ~ of thi> I^BEAT DISASTER NEAR PHILADELPHIA, the sacrifice or Tns ?SUNDAY SCHOOL" ClTtt.DREN. on the PENNSYLVANIA* railroad, and the rcrwijw or TBI NORTHERN "iNdTaITA on i LAKE" ERIK. TUB* W C HATE THE COMlMUIcixSNT A NEW STORT ktlvakc-Tcobb, jr., 'THK 3fVSTIc"ilKinit," AtM, "MORK or "TII?7kT0RM SECRET.'' FANXV FERN'S fliifHmi rorrna mittbm , MH*. M00CRNKV8 POEMS, tuct (till uirriir ?>n im?k?, ~NAUY ATANI.KY i.IIWONh" "lit*, MRN, VACOH AX't HTORIM, Ar , *?.. Ac. tlTIL K0TOI*O MORE i AN BE DKMREP raw* iwu.y rsf> r?.st?. DOM N HI ??f TIIF. WK.W \OKtl kiinitB. .-?r.?r.n. D e*pi-n?<- whenever therr la anythluff to be uri-ora iMabeM In h i iiiw. The iiiini"' of tlw I,?-d<rr thai la I??u<?d ha (*ri urdm mormni N > mlrarVe ot rhrnpiM atxl merlV ooh, In tbe lirat place. at lie lar*r anil Knffr?vti.i(? of be Great ln???fcr near nOMtKli fUie *acrtftce of the iWh ?ath Rrhoo' t hildf^n on the Pmuay Irani* Railroad >,and the turtio* 'if the v,,rtbern indun* on l.a*e Brie. Then we Hare Uw rfonmeticxTneiii of ? new .lorjr? The BrMf. ,.y Oolih. alto, more of Th. Siorrn Sreiwl Fannj Fern* ? Prao '? opu'ar ffk "-hen v . Hi rn?-r'a Pnem* A lire he? an! I'oem- Xkm Hanle) <llb?<.n* T?le? Lad dhafbr* Mr?. Yaiivhan ? A< . uotl! nothing nore aahede- l'rl< r oolj rot. ('? ? t A BY KT. FAt ? THK WORK r.nrp br a\ Ki.V OK I r?? AROl >r?. 1 Tba Hi?h fir* the JTEW YORK 1.E0UKR. alncr rljrlit o'cWx* |e*erk? l.aa l.een perfect!? unprecgjl-iilrd. mil uill til* (irfttnttd krium up without abatement Th* number Krmdy aoid i? well til tt>' Wrr<llbl\ and befor* nljht M will be ht*n beyonl the Incredible f The btlXI KR ofthta mnmlne hi a triumphant and athwlotia 1 uaber Die HIKNINU of the fcORTIIKHN INDIANA pa AKE EHIF. ami the HI.At'oin KR of the I" A II HATH jrilOfit. f lllt.DRKN M i he NORTH iKNKflTLy AK( A Att.ROA I?, arr auperblr llluxlrati il by larf and coat lr NORA V I SOS; there la more of the *TORM HEi'RKT. wltfc At ml in eoaraTlui: the commencement of a new tale by f'oaa, tiled i tie kVHTir RRIltK, with an RNORAVINOt ?KNTf HKH and FORM* hj K?na. Mm Stoonajur. *??? NlUlIT lliMM, Mut. ViVMIR, IW of 'Mil. and lie tt*tial t?iih> of witty, pnnifeni, 1 ,? The nrk-c of 111" I.EIMiER i? only Ft ?t R ^.TOi.KTIIKr V MHTAKK I TifISJ ' ? m"t' ' of f11'* ,h' rWol that BONNER. ?f l,eRlfW Tollk UfHjRlt, kantnc into ooJUai. Tim oH^r of nUnet Mai b in, lori-tirn nm-^, the New Tort ? nt'oni VftfH ail Other " fatoWrea.' hate fallfd tolaflnenr- htm. h* faci ??. the ' I'KOI'I.R ha.e ileete<l Hfl.NNKR to inrntah M with J-I?t the ri (bt aort of H ? *Mfl,l PtltR a .1 tber P?t permt' lorn to (Mn thr .,?ee ?M.-h th-r har- rolnn r nnd by arelaioatif.o hr?t,?rd htm RoNNRH In for b' f Kll I V an t tor PKOI'I K *o In f r |to\ t and bfiwvia av.n th> LKPOtiR a'..iri?h? trtu?p!i ^ LITKR4T17RB. 150 LIVES SACRIFICED I T1IK BURNING Os Lake Eim: AND THE SLAUGHTER On the North Pennsylvania Kailkiad, IN THE NEW YORK LEDGER, THIS (SATURDAY) MORNING. For S.uji Everywhere. PRICE ONLY FOUR CENTS. JjlOR THE BEST STORIES, For the beat pictures, For the beat poems, For the wisest articles. For the wittiest articles, Sor the dearest articles, For the cheapest paper. For the neateist paper. For everybody's paper, See THE NEW YORK LEDGER. See THE NEW YORK LEDGER. Sre THE NEW YORK LEDGER. 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The two ore at disasters or last week-tub Hnilr>?d Slaughter of children l.i P' nimTlmnla, and <he It'iiDIng of thr Steamer Northern Indian* on l<ake Krte, will l<e fiuthltiUj tUuotrntrd by large and coal I y rngravinga in THE NEW YOKK LEDGER. daied Auguat 1, readr Una (Saturday) morning, at all the newa depota. Price on I v Four Centa. The name number of The Ledger alao contain* the ri.Buneocemeat of a new atory, The Myatir Bride, by Hylvanu* Cobb. Jr. Jalao, more ol The Morm Secret A WrCI. CALAMITY I THE NEW YORK LEDGER PAITHPtL PHTt'RES Oil AT DtHA?TKR-< LAKE ERIE. ON THE NORTH PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. UKI'IRK THE & NEW YORE LEDOER, n*trn ?cut:?T 2, Containing the NEW STORY ?>? ? YLTASVa coal, JR., entitled THE MYSTIC BRIDE' A TAt.r. or s?w tiki in* rise ! 1 HE NEW YORK I.RDOEIt, Containing the beginning of the above ?plendld novelletle, by loan, la now lor ?tle hy all the new* denier*. The " MYSTIC IIRIIIR" |? one of Cobh'a very eholeeat atorlea. Remember the date of It* commencement, and aennre the NEW YORK LEDGER rrg'ilarly from Auguat 2, llVW The or eat disaster ON THE NORTH PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD, and the BCRNINO or THE BfiRTIIERN INDIANA, oft i tar. km i a, are bf#h Illustrated by large and coatly engraving* In the NEW YORK l.rDORR, which la out thH- S?i nrday) morning, and ror*ale everywhere, at only r.nir eenta a mtij Ther? l? al?n the eommenremeat of a new Mory, "The My?tle Itrlde bv Syliann* n H, Jr., which I* ?l?o Ifhwtmted, and other anrnc Cftwt 'on mimeron* fhr MtNiffrailon. in the <*<n" number vf 'he l^dgei, beaMtw more of ? tlM -i ^ w - vv* LITER ATIKE. A BOOK CROWDED ITU CELEBRITIES ? Jusi published by D. Al'l'LETO.N A CO., No? M6 and 348 Broadway. MEMORIALS OK HIS TIMES, By Henry Coo??rn?r, Ii?te one of (Ue Senators of the College of Justice, and author of the "Life of Lord Ji Hrcy." In 1 vol.. lftno. well printed. Price $1 25; cloUi. ATSB>'JtCM. Edinburg lia- snut out ft w books so full of entrrtaiMnent, or ?o high la value, as these "Mt mortals '' UC IMIMEIt. Of almost every man or woman oi' intellectual note belong ing to Kdinburg society durim; the period eov<re8 by ihese i-ecolleettmm, there i? a sketch given , and. as a work of n ?< and genuine value, we strongly recommend to ihe attention of tin public these "Memorials." sracijtTOi. We can heartily recommend this volume, whieh ha? the at traction of gosslji uud anecdote with the value of Biography and history. DAILY MW1. Alluding to thlsj publication a few daystasro, we called it a delicious book: time and reflection have miggeated uo .ore apposite descriptive epithet. LEATHER. Besides being treasure (rote for table talker*, it is valuable as a private account of the distinguished men' and impoitarit evenu that marknd the progress of Sco'iand at the close ol the last and In the first quarter ot the pri'sent century. NOTES AND QUEItlES. We are indebted to Messrs. Black, ol Edinbtirg. for one of tlic oleasanteat books which have been issued diuing the pr< sent season. The book is a model for books of such a nature. Eull of gossiping and most graphic notices of "Auld Reekie'' at the commencement ot the present number. ILLUSTRATED LONDON 5t?'. The book is exceedingly readable and entertaining; rich in pleasant anecdote and lively gossip. A VALUABLE HOOK OF REFERENCE. Published this day, J ul>- a>. Incne volume. Mro , cloth, j ? t !ce 91 80. HISTORY OK IMMIGRATION TO TI'K I'NITKD CTATES. Exhibiting the number, sex. age. occupation and country of birth of PASSEN'llERS ARKIVIM; IN THE t'MTM STATES By sea from ioreign countries, from September 9u, 1819, to Dot ember SI. 1S06. Compiled entirely front olUeial data, with an introductory re view of the progress and extent of immigration to the I'nited States prior to 181!*. aud an appendix containing the NATURALIZATION AM) PASSENGER LAWS Of the I'nited States, and extracts from the laws of the several States relative to immigrants, tin- importation of paupers, convicts, lunatics, Ac. nr William j. buomw i.i.l. Of the Department of State. J. 8. REDKIKLD, No. .11 Bookman street. . , HARPER X KKOTHKBS 3., to 335 Pearl ?., (* rwklu. s.,Uare , publkh this moruing: "^y:frt";* }?!** a},d ai.vkntv.ies 1 lie am! Advent tirek nf 1aul-< i? i ? _ Hfier more tliim twenty vwira ? i "Q'l. down and relHicg hi* Hd'venii^M 'ii, ''"I'*'' ?noe, he sit* fell Irom hi* own l7?a. ami ^C?',iJ1,cv wer, ,wr'?*n ?a they the ConaclouMit'ag on the part of the r??w ti from ful andrelar whit ?!? rralh- h.a . " ?1,lre ,rlll!> Jnd^.Htom.n2r ' ',.U??JSKJ[ 10 *"ve tiif'mannera Th? Toxcfb or Fmr? SSS^Hsfii and Vigorous eloquence ofei.i reaaion. "rKeaer 0 appeal,! srem> a* e"hlbl?ad ' 'lu fh^imp-STrt' tabi* *-?*' m','**" pr? n??nliy. when Inspired wlthllJMJSi tn'.i'f i'nd'lo^"^'? h'! A*II1TA5 HlBl.t goncrr. d^ &??Bn: fift? and r.J Wl"'?n l?rXr?Rt>%i; K.EV i,%"* ClBi innall. Portrait. ?vo.. miuili f; ' " Tiir MiiiTiMaorrKo' Vann*.' IIbi irs Liscot.s. A Title U) t ARui? Carno.*. 12mo . Diualin 73 renin JOHK IliUFAX, OtSJtMMAS ,',r "J!'1"" " Head of Hie E.v illr- ??Ollre" Ax:i?<*?iAuu{'u' 1 " Cl.?RA ; T' Urir. r f [L l^ , *r ' ln Africa, and now W of the Se?r? !^lyss5r{^.-JWi!"~ w!? The Threk (iOU) DciiImU!!* Or ir nMviunt ?/ ?l. *j Tar; ^p-s? Uu- x,v ? P?|Uli.Ulo ? V .. . ."J",, K,"t author of f-ro.. paper. 90 r? ?tT ' We 01 % lcl*tt 1m'" A' J FIlFfRU'S ^Kfii!kD .IoriiM *?? I T aJ>>a i * fcfiT**p,mr;r; 'Tr" K?-*?vri & ft tei '5^Wisrffaf2c| sarsaaWKr *u? '??? COOK Kg Ni;w WORK ?l 1'KRBY * J At'ksoN ha "L HI* l.AHT <>K T UK KlIUK.s'l KRS . . iit wui' or tmk aoki rw Our ,??t I2n> I rire (I ? r or aale by lie principal took ellera. PIB1.1SIIKD FRIDAY NORKIKli. _ R*.<. Hrr-rnr. ?? II.Ll STRaTKP J?hH' .MOKTIIf.T ? ?>r A usual t oniainina tin ? outtiiiiAiiim of l.o.-T JEWKlj* _ . i*T *' ? tfi<i x ^ r > i' i< r \ ? ""'?'r?^1 AH. V n new chapirra of the new Eero lui i? try maiauci . ? '? " IX '76. u-.-Ji, A" ? ' Rhine lw r?e*rwnod." A ' * y?; ?T*5* ""l '"???'?" ?'?uatraiwna. The i.iii.luK i < ' KUperwir it adlna matter i?.HT ol Rra. en phMta' New Mo iih.y t?ki i nr e T^edUr1:1^, ? '"-v a w -2ir -f*. *""* f**or *?* enlhtahmm far beyotwl il? e\ gSSSS%K.Mltrj; ?vswfeftf.* ahi* th!"Vi^e'r?..!?T|b|r' " '"J-r^teal lMr,??re is i""1, 7 ,r. zt *5%;%? ?rodwW! The t.e.? art...,, ,h^ h?t "uir. L~ n?. '" ?. 1 he ,,u'dl.h*r hi rew.'vrt to wTke m22,?7 u|'2n worW. e. her in ei. elienee ?r ri^ !l?i?r^ 10 ""* r_. I.,..,. ?o>t? *1? or Al'fldtT RIVMIR. byHi>r,c:. f n" ?? ?? J huptfr III. The Hudtirn Storm. t? # p1? 'I; J't 'hi P?Wng?r. K1, ,,'r, *?s Ti? <?" '^hlinrhe ^ ",0 <be >?W of Mr I lair j . ThVr^\'l>,A1X;:rr ,w,,h "n A Drj hl?.erla? < n rn a Wr' |i r The RealnnJtif an4 the EihI, 'fhf ''"wr"1 ?w,r'',,ni Th'v:; H^eAML"-*;, ;;:!Lilr^,l*:,o/n,oin"" eltHlon h} < Mlll-Hnrliana,. ii? U~^5, hr Parley? t'rti Thorn* ? (.He I'lrtiire.?rhll ?[ d " ' ,r "rm-fkirrr^ in .lohn Hronghtt m? Martli ThTvptiir^ 5C ""'n{n,'r ???r<ie? JtitlrmHir?,.t|r,_, ,,||,t,i- L Jk a'P" " i'lr" Kramatl" ? Mrbenie* to Keltora M j ' o ? R ion*? of <he ctiae*? A ( 'ho"' ? l 'alu"L ? ^ H>"0?di?'Ry ? Modern A n-oly I.tfe in KiXe^ ?' r-iSM-'tort* or Hie An' '"iL".!'!, i mi ?!""* ** "*? ' n*rl<><K*1 CuliRerlhera may r.^mener ZZh fnl ' da#r?ia. tlon* taken for an\ lenitih ot iimo ?, ' t""1 ""'?*crlp tnitonalv to RRcnta or pnaima.^T. ' ' r<>,'K'* *, n' *' '? teng%j'2eS.MelT,W ""h*r"f>,lon'' towhomltteral ?nCXJ^hS paid """ P*m,mbcr to York. rpnr presiofntiai, Portratt tmt ??. ?. ' lift PtflHtlNO. Thi Raat-ia parilriilar"ia?emeni of ' enntalna a tiir Party trim. T h rl^?Rt Rami* T"^" rh.. romp*! e a? Rrii> tnr Kr?rit or it ,n 'h* M.^T ^ "R K J" I !* f)| Tfi r> t V " Vm fia> rtl sv!t> Tl \tr Finale of U?r Kudora IaMgrnr Tragedy. EXECUTION OP TBS NKOKO OKOKOK VILHOM FOR THE Ml'KllKK OF CAPTAIN PALMKK ? flC'INKH VlfC IHCI UBKTS AT THE SCAFFOLD ? THK CULPRIT OGKIF.H UIB Ol'lLT TO THB LAST HOH*NT? CURIOUS IS BTANCK OF UKTBIBUTIVU JCSTIOK. The last act iu tbe Kudora tragedy has been enacted (ieorje Wilson, tbe murderer or Captain Palmer, of tbe r.ebooner Kudora Imogene, at City Islaoi, in the month ol November last, expiated liig crime yesterday atWuoou by K ing executed at tbe town ol White l'laius, We'tchos terrounty, in this State The culprit died terror stricken; rnd, unprepared to meet bis Maker, he was fawn ibel into ft?riiit> with a lie upon hi* lips. The hilarity nod hard hi arte .nees which characterized every action of the cul prit up to the very day of the execution, entirely de serted him when the fital moment arrived He lived a biavado but died a ciwa"d. It is scarcely necesiary for ua to enter into th<- part. ctilars of the horrid murder of which Wilson wis con victed I iiltlcient tor us to bay, tnat on the morning of the i!6tb day of November last lapta.u Wiiiiara l'almer and Gilbert I'ratt, of the schooner Kudora Imogene, were most brutally murdered in their heda, and their bodies thrown overboard by the assasxin. The vessel was scuttled so as to eilace all traces of blood; but the act was a fruitless one on behalf of the murderer, for it only served to the more closely connect the extraordi nary chuin of evidence which was arrayod against the perpetrator of the dottle murder. Wilson was captured wh.le matin# his escape from the sinking vessel, and detained in the prison at White 1'Uins on suspicion of murder. Week* aad month* roiled past, and although almost superhuman exertions were made to recover the bodies of the murt&re 1 men, st'.l! no traces of the corpteB could be discovered. The prijoner was then brought to New York on charge of revolt and mu tiny; but tbe Court was obliged to dUmUu the complaints for want of jurisdiction in the matter. Applicat.on was made for the discbarge of the prisoner, and tfcere being no legal charge against him, it was granted by the Court, and Wilson waa freed. But he did not Ion? remain bo, for in a day or two afterwards be bad the fool hardiness to come to the United States Marshal's o'lice with a view of obtaining pome old clothes of hi?. He walked into the lion's mouth indeed, for the authorities in this city imme diately arrested him on charge of revolt, and while lie remained in the Tombs the body of Captain l'almer, strange to say, turned up, aud onto more the prisoner wis caged. He was then taken to White Plains, where he wa- la dieted ahd tried for the murder of Captain l'almer. Tl.e trial ended in a convictloif, and ihereupon Wilsou wu. entenced to death. The conduct of the prisoner during the trial, and even while the jury were de.iberatlng r.pon a verdict of life or death, wa.* not marked by either pen: tence or shame, but on the contrary he exhibited nothing but recklessness and hilarity dur*Qf the entire proceed lugs. The feeling in the vicinity of City Island, the place where tbe murder wa.- committed, w?> vor) -troug H^aiu-t the accused, and many threat- of lyncbing hint were made by person* who seriously meant what they said. The atrocity attending the murder treated -uch n n intens-e excltcmcnt lr. the surrounding townships, that tor months "tbe Kudora tragedy" w?j the ?irlnct|>ai ibem<- of cotiver-ntton. For the last tbrie or four <ta\ ? be excitement attending th? murder revived two fold. The execution of tbo per?oti who . eou.d commit icb an atrocious crime wa> an event looked forward to by thcusan''s as a tort of jcollee. I THE KVKKINA BEIORE THE FXECLTION. About six o'clock on the evening previous to the day of execution, our reporter, in company with about halt a dozen persons, vlsltod the culprit in h'u> ceil. The pr. eoner wan manacled, hand* and feet but nevertheless he wore a cheerful air and bade the visiter* good eveulug with the moat perfect ewe and familiarity. W'.lson wa ?und sittlsg on hit bed in an almost nude state, and ir ?lis position he ta'lted ?hd i bitted to cU around htm witt as much nonchalance as though he wot holding ltvce at the dt. Nicholas. In the courec of the geu-ral conversation Wilson mede ine of tome express .ons which were really quite araiisiug. The clergyman, th" Hot. Mr. I-ockwisxl, of Newark, N. J., wax prmea duritig the interview, anl upon lis neking the prts otior 1 le eve; caw htm before the culprit said he thought h had, and then turning to one of the reporters, with ? ' toad laugh upon lit" face, he exclaimed. "Ain't he lik i.rcer the contidi-nce lint:,' tlreer it appear* wa? con lit * d in the cell op|iohitc Wlson when he v>aa locked uj i ib< Tombs. si t bore a t glit rcseti >>lante to the cler vn.?n'? tact-, 'the remain ot course caurod co liUl u'liimcht among the > gority ot' those pre* "lit. On asking Wilton u he felt well, he replied. ,4Firn i.U? I was aick a lew day ago, but now 1 air quit-' m?'t. All I wsot Is plenty to e:<t ai.d plenty tn 'fink. Yea, air ? Kat, drink and be merry, for to "mor oW I die." On a?klug Mm ifi e liked stroog drink, l>e Raid, ' Oh ? ee, 1 wish 1 hail a cup full ni wine uow. and yo>-'d nee how I would drink;" and tli-n turning to on?- the at <rndant? win *a? Mending at the prison our, he ex claimed. ?* Here, George, old boas, fetch ?< a drink of water: if) on lau't give mi any thing stronger, why ?.i ter will do." Pome one asked him If he wa= a Cttndic or a Pr tes lam tn religion* belief llii* seen ed to amu- ? th* pri HWIM high J, Iter, with a great <nI4mM| he r< plied, "Well, I juc*s 1 am a Know Nothing.'1 llany other laughab'e remarks were made by the pri ? tier, all going to show that be dm not fear the dvoi i to which lie had been sentenced. Hw bold demeanor had im extraordinary and. we mifbt say. mysterloi.* air about it. He wiu- quite willing to it.e, yet refused all re t;.*iou? tpstriictioi., lor, as he said, ho wanted to be u-.erry wh le he lived, a Ins tin win short. The clergy man. despite ; he dec la rati mi or the pr,-on er, remained in his celt ail night, v, Ilka a view, it MMtb e, ol lottetuig the hardened tan * te art, but when the gray ? awn ol Itio fatal morning ep,>*Bre. through tli ? pr.soo bare, the culprit wai -till i nn.oved, and denied lilt guilt to the worthy minuter. Kcr one moment, and one mo meet ouiy , the culprit became conn loin of his situation, and then. In the lone'y hour ot muln gut, he threw him >-ir (.own njon Iii? rori li a, id exclaimed, "Oh, my t;od myt.od!" The name of the Creator, In a -acred u*e, never pas?-ej bis lips since his imprisonment unci the iiertod above alluded to. Hut the call lor aid f: on the Altni|h?y was only ?he emotw>a of the moment, lor aga.n be related into h iillen and hardeucd state. PKEP AMATHJNfl FOR THE EXECUTION. The preparat ory 1 e the execution wre made with gnat carc by th. ?b' rtU, I?anl I U. Little, Esq. A ; *rd, ? ?.ut twenty te t wide an. forty-flvs feet long. w?< fi "~? ct tn, and every tiling was pat tn reai'.inesa for tliecar ry tng ^ut orthe drath pet *ty. An execution*- trom this city was It, MtendM.ce > theAe?in end wi. "employed to doail the nece?.?ary work. A *? tfldld similar to those used n th'.i city, wag erected in the substantial manner. 8tx heavy wei ta. of an aggregate of 'Mt lbs., were nttaclied to the low i epd Of the ialt ". Two military companiot. the National Guard*, (.'apt. ?a tan. and the ?t?f ft- ? Giia.d. ('apt I'.u- .?ell. alfnlOe^ tfcctr willingness to he a : ttr n tanci at the execution, to in serve order. A number of deputy Sheriff* were aU<"> ?ppnint<4. ?o that ev 'ryfhlnf, it was presumed, woe.WI l?s=> off in perfect oriiiT. The morning of the day announced Pv the execution r I the pi isoncr was looked for wail to with a great deal of ?nxtety by the ritiaena o- tVi-stche.-ter county. All the uien and brys In the coujty fo-,k<d to the ro> rt house, rv, n In '( i "breakfast hour* an' ?ommencet I. ok lug mil f^ir tt'int place to perch th. nw re* upon, to wltneu the ?i?ctarle that waa soon appear. Tent' and oyster ? amis were erected out dd .f the tail so that strangers Vcling incllntd te aa< f) .heir appetite* might do ao without being put to th' ncon\ eniencc of walking eercral huBuret) yards in the br ding itn. The tiarrcoms in tlie > llta^e m-.?t hav<! vo'.d ao cnor mous quantity of bad > randy and L?t cidei , for ttiei ?

? eene d to he a continual ruth for tb<: n,iL.onj v. here the alio*' liquors wcri retailed. The prisoner wa.< ckNe'y clfr- vl wit1! 4he c' -rg; man ? II the mor, Uiff. and rcqui d >e <ind:.4turbe<< by i-rs. Ills eptrd ret me. i to I ? i i broken, and thi l>r?va oof he evening p*evioi v? ihou an arian- coward. Ibe n-nr apprtsK h of de? ,iau a tuoot terrible ed^ t up on the c.lprit in a ? w short hour* Tlie entire forenoo was spent ly iug with his face upon the bed A '??rrib!> l< ar hao tak i n complete [>oc?es?U of the prlsot ? r. aad lu was then n mild as an .nfant. lie ren< ?i:.' I iu a semrwluit letiiargic state for 'nny hourt When the executioner entered the ceil i tae condern he Was still lyirij upon the bed with hi u >< hid fTor- #. Tlie executioner ron?ed the prlsone tr im hi* dormant state, snd a?ked him tf he ha i any coi.le-*slon to trake, for If he lu.d, the time and place were most titling. The fisoter said he ha I no ??net* to divulge, a* ho wa< perfectly innocent n tue crime charged lie begi: <>y degrees to 0. come . ht.le n ore rommnnlcatl< e nnd v'ked the evecuttouor'* ( tit ien about the probability of * reprieve boing granted h,m by the (M>vemor On being assured In the most po-dtlve terms that no reprieve might be exported, that a'l hope ot earaptng the death punUhmeut was in rain, and that he bad better prepare lumaelf fbr a fulur? vtaie, deepondency, complete despair took pocso??ion of the culprit. In the cour?e of the interview between the prisoner and the executioner, the latter questioned the torm'-r mi st closely with a view of obtaining a confeas'an of guilt, but the attempt* were fruitless. Inwever, he id milted that be had feigned Insanity a abort time after the tr'al, but that '? the scheme," to uae hi* own worda, " would not work," and so he gave It up On being s-.k< d if he hail any other plan iu hi* head, he repiifu. in a very meiam holy strain, that he tho ;hl he had w< rked out his la t scheme, and felt that hi* riid wa* now really approaching. The etcte mi nt around the court house Increased a* l lie hcur* flew past, and at twelve O'clock the I oi'-eti p* and all suc.h tree* aa could c, mm .m4 a \kw of the execution yard were crowded w th ao siger .,od somewhat nolay aaeemb'age who, notw t Mtand ug ;he i xlreme Uf?t ol U?e wtalUei , br?T?d ?fir, Oat^w R>r tbr purpose of getting * glimpse of tiio cuiprit as be vu led to (he scaffold. THE KXMTTION. At 12 l; o'clock the pressure of the crowd who wore not favored with permit*) to wituess the exoci*io* be came *o great that it required all tb ? force of the <Mzea sodiery In attendance to keep order and maintain (wtce 12* i o'CtocK. ? The representative* of the press v?re admitted to the execution yard, and took up their lionn beside the scallold. 1 o'Clock ? Tho jury who convicted the culprit, a ad also tbe public officers, entered the prison for the pur pose < f forming m the procesaioi) lu Ove minute.- alter wards the solemn processio i started from the cul.irt'g cell, and entered the execution yard in the foilowmg order:? The Slier ill, dressed in the regalia of office. The Culprit, led by the Executioner. The Jury. The Medical itaT. Ik-put y Sheriffs, Military and Officers. Ararat almost breathless susjiense the prisoner w.ts dragged to the sca'lold He was torror stricken. and would not walk, so the executioner and hi? atterxlant were obliged to oirry him to the platform. litre he lay for a few moments, writhing in all the agony of despair, sud apparently as weak as an inlaot. The arras were se curely pinioned, the black cap wa. drawu oit tlve head of the culprit, and he was placed upon u chair directly un derneath the rtca!fnW. lit- was dressed in a white "shirt, trimmed with black, and s jwir of caaraais pantaloon*. He wore neither shoes nor stockings. His head dre-a couslued of a bla' k crape C3p, which was partl> drawn over hi* eyes. Wlleon appeared quite weak for several minutes after being placed in the chair, and had to be sup|>orted on each Side The executioner then tixcl the fatal noo^e around hi? neck, and binding down his head, asked him earnestly if he liad any conies- ion to make. After a few seconds of breathless uspense, the executioner exclaimed in a loud voice, ,lHe confesses: ho lays be did it." The culprit then drew up h in head ins tan t!r, and said " No, no; 1 am innocent." Tl>e Sberiit and one or two officers then w<*t up to hiat and asked him whether be com mitted the crime or not. The pr.soner, in a low but dis tinct voice, said " I am iunocent: I was inisunderstoo<l." Several ineffectual attempts wero (hen made to make him confess, hut he llrmly maintained his innocence. During this time there was a great commotion among the crowd gathered on the adjoining roof.- to witne--. the execution. Order being restored. Mr. Lockwood came forward and addres-ed the a-semhlage as follow#: ? I was with the prisoner last evening, and the greater part of thi.- morning. I couversed with him upon reli grt>u- matters, but be said be did not want any religious in-truction. All he want- is to die quietly. At twenty minute- pant one o'ciock the rope w*c fixed around the neck of the culprit, the- black cap wa drawn over h!- head, and all the necessary preparations tor the execution were declared to be In readine-s. Al twenty taree mm.U- past ona o'clock the fatal signal was i<iven, the axe descended, the rope was cut, and le-Lantantou-ly the body of the murderer swung high in the air. f or three minutes after the rope was cut. the culprit struggled violently. At the fourth uiui'Ue the last convulsive throb <">f departing life was visible. Then lilt seemed to oe extinct. Not a movement of the mui?< lea sould be decerned, although the pulse continued to beat until the fllt'i mlmiie. Drs. l>eau. Varian. Weed nnd Fisher then examined the body and declared tbat there was no puise In either the auricle, or ventricle. In ten mil i.tes afterwards ti e medical gentlemen in at tendance i-muounced life to be entirely extinct The hod> was then taken down and placed in a rou^h pine coffin The HherifT then read aloud a prerlnmation railing upon the jury nnd all persons present to wituess the mttiner in which th<? law bad been executed The body was then removed, and was. we understand, given to the medical faculty tor scientific purposes. ' INCIDENT?. Tfc? ixe used by the Sheriff In the exacutitai wa- the tame one with which it was supposed W'.lson murdered the Captain and mate of the Eudora. ? The rope with which Wilson was hanged was tho same < ne used in the execution of Saul, at the Tombs, some years ago. Wilson was about 27 years of age, and says be was born in Pennsylvania. A New York policeman who was present at the execu* ti? n, mi)* he often saw Wilson in this city, and tbat he r? memb<Ts unite distinctly his being sent to Blackwell'v Island for some misdeed. Wti-un told the clergyman be was a Rnman Catholic out. strange to say. be rettiaed to have a minister of that laith in attendance upon htm. (dm ot the citm-ns. while ende tvorlng to force an en trance to the execution yaid. was stahbe<l b\ one of the soldiery who ran his bayonet through the (leshy part ot the intruder's arm A number af officials from this city and the neighbor ing counties were present at th< execution. City Intelligence. Co*n momn or Hkaith.? The Commissioners of Bealth met yesterday at noon it the City Hall. Isaac (I, Unr.->er. the 1 "resident, la tbe chair, end Walter F. Crick lin, Secretary. The following disposition of vessels at quarantine w? agreed upon. ? Bark Ernestine (iiddinga. from Cardenas, to dltcharge ber cargo on lighters, and remain at quaran tine for fumigation, and to be allowed to come to the city at the discretion of the Health oflVrr. Schooner K. B. Miller, from Carthafena. to come to the ?Hi alter thorough fumigation? her tar^o of h idea to be Int ded oat of the city, fhe crew of thu schooner were all well and tho port from which she sailed healthy at her departure. A portion of the csvgo of the bark Iieo, from Havana, which arrived on the l(tli in*t., was directed to be al lowed to be brought to the city without further delay, the Cotntnirtioners deeming that the aame.tiad been sutlieient 1} \entilsUd. The brig Restaurador, from Burner oa. was allowed to i ome up to the city after being fumigated. She reported the port from which she came healthy at the time of ber departure. fhe brig Mary Means, from Tobateo, was di ret to- 1 to b<' subjected to ten days' quarantine. The hark Coorner, from New Orleans, was ordered to be permitted to rome to the city after landiug her bide-t out of the city. The bark Maria, from ft. TbotnM P. I!., was ordered t<? lif detained at quarantine till Aug'Ht 8. The < a*e of the ateamsbip* Tennessee ami Philadelphia, arrived ou Thursday, wad laid on the table till the next ?sstllg. Sin 'TP Jcnmorr to W;ujam E. B' rrur. ? We learn that Mr. Burton met with a most serious accident ou Tuesday a!terno)n. near bis country residence at ?lea < ore. It appear* be was riding along the plank road, in hie gig. when the horse took fright and upeet the convey ance, when he wax thrown violently on the planks. A. M.-Unce wa.- immediately rendered, an J he was taken to b.? residence and D r. Carnochau sent tor. The doctor luund that bin spine was Injured, and that he otherwise wm much hurt. On Tbnr?day evening he was delirieuit. tot yesterday be wn? reported much eaeker. It will, however, be impossible lor him to fulill his enga^emei t at Nlblo'* next week. Coxxittk* os Prntjr Hutm. ? Tlie Committee on Pub Ik Health, of the Board of t'ouncilmen, Mr. Cram, clia.r tnun. met yeeterda) . at 3 P. M. They decided to report In favor of filling up tbe following sunken lots; ? Corner of Thirty eighth street and Filth a\ enue, corner of For t:etli . treet and Eleventh a\ corner of Forty s.?cond street and Twelfth avenue, corner of First annuo aud Thirteenth street: on Fortieth street, between Se< ood and Thud avenues; on Forty seventh street, between Tenth a. d Elevenib avenues*: on Forty second street Jbetween Tlii'd and 14-xlngton avenue, on Ninth and Tenth sve. une--, between Forty first ard Forty second street*. The above lots were represented bv petitioner* a? eoetain'ng stagnant wst' t that w -ukl endanger the public hesitli. ua es? speedilv filled up Tbe committee decided. also, to tljwirl hi iavor of fencing a large number of vacant lot" Tbese lots, it was sUte.l, were at pre?eot being meile the receptee ieeiof tilth and garbage, and thus ( j4o| srdislog tbe public health. Ru'WKCtiS). tbb Cm ? The Specie! Committee of tbe Board of Co inclimen. Mr. .Clifton. Chairman, appointed to apportion the elty Into new Council districts met yes Urilay. and entered upoa their laDors It was decided to tti:>ke the First ward Into one district Instead of two, as at present. Tbe Second and Third wards it was agreed to untie into one district. The fourth ward, constituting m w three districts. it W decided to mak e Into two dis tricts. The apportionment Is 11.M0 t>optilat-on to a dts trict. Th make a new division ol a'l tbe warda will take Mime time The Common Council by statute are re quired to complete the work within thlrtv days of the next election. Tax Bno<>ks asp Btruvgakf Arratn is Nrw York.? It Is stated that on Wedneaday evening last when Mr. Burlingame and bis friend and second. General James of Wist oas.n. came to tbe city, they stopped st the Everett Bonne. While here they visited a well kaown shooting gallery In Broadway, and Mr. Burlingame tried his skill si ride practice and It Is reported succeeded in "ringing the bell" Ave times inline shots tbe four that missed tlie exact n^kre. coming very Bear It. IsnanrvT Cosnrn Towasi- a Iupt is as Owners? On Monday last a lady complained to Justice I*vidson against John B Holmes, engineer, 117 Broadway and No. S4 Seventh avenue: that while riding on tbe prece ding Friday afternoon In a Seventh avenue stage she waa ii de< ently a?aulted and groesly abuse<l by saiil Holmes. Hie Justice Issued a warrant ftw his arrest, which waa pUccd in the hands of offl< er Baker, who apprehended the accused. Hie Justice held him te ball. Vitisra CISVTXWAS Mi*sw ? A French gentleman, named Benaei, left bis house. No. *? Greene street, at five o'clock on M< aday morn ng, s nce when he has not >eeo beard rf. He was dresaed a* %r%} pla 1 panta. gray oven oat and Unwe ambrti.dere-1 allien tor son'.e time past lie has been si ghtly deranged, and h;t trail} (tii tewt ?Utfiin tas wj jctei M luu I A Mum* Among !h?- Mrthodl*l??Tlir i?hH Slrwl Chuitli l)lfflcullf< Then* quite ar excitement nod .-ympWais of m vg'y figlU?jn yesterday afternoon and around lire Jofm t traet Matttodist cburca. l er - une tic* p.u? tb*/r li?h I cw -iii unkindly feel tig amtLj the u:e**l>era of tl*e cburr t>, (row- rig out of tbe Josi o >.? thi part of one patty to nore to ti>e jppr r j.i r:.< a of f' a city, "Jlii n COB(ir>es the .4. tier part of tbe congrejat! * an! ib|7 baw iilut-ut eu ? a n.*;ot tj ot >he Board of zruatyat ? accatdetf to their ?r.sLe?. T:.- r who desire t keep tocr church tow: u'd all they Ct>i:M I ' ibM action, tut were overruled aal t!.i n. .in- _ ? uf 3aa refcultwt Vor terreral w?cL- pw.; cc'V . have Safcen place ivt tbe ra*f'T,y of tLt uemb?r?, ju la* t oigtu a.?triout rot' ensued it appej'.- th?V <>u t ?? ?"<b ?' lifut next At ?leclita for toatees pl?re, and the dov. it tow Deris aie coli Iiik the; ?.?%.. eiect a aw .jorily of the hoards hut to bold th? ei '< lio-i tboy ir.iwt retain posffliaioii ?!' vhe church, a? A up towu<" ?. would close ; up lnnm-Tat'lj i<" thry oould, and permit' no e<?o lion to b? lit id. Yesterday Uterscon ? oobatabt* will!* gang ?men, wat> tent 10 take poaa??S?ii ol thu churn*, on behalt o' th? 1 jttcr pnrty, hut (m 3d that the dowtr townera bad j. num *er or lad tea insde. ax ttv-y oouldi iioigei in tbe door. >y moan* of :i ladder the;, aut^rud by >b? window. To pari* away th t.m# . f?ii rtAhiy, U>?? had victuals and icveral brand; bo't e-' vftUthetu Tub down towner?, however, atill fiatu poqaeaaion of Uia door. In tb? evening the con.>tab'e caiue again, Willi- ? large gang ol men armtrd with ulu">?, lo tr. aud force an entrance. By thi* t ni* Captain Leonarl bad b?-en . bed, and w?- on band. wttn a poate of p?Uoe, to keep tb? peace. Ah the gang ruabed in, one f tfiera titrucK a imm Htat.oned at tbe door, whereupon the police inU*rfarwL wlirntlu rowitie? struck at thi^ ? officer*, iui'1 a ^eoerai light etiaued. Tbe officers ao? >n clu >b<*l tbo rowd^ei Id their hearto' content. aD> then scattered, mo uotbot of the whole atlair w:ia that t *s down towcrt have poaaea ?inn, nnd will no doubt keep it mt'.I the : Tib if A.iguat, w ben the election fjr trusteea will beheld. Tbe poMea were around tbe church all last nig t. an out: it Accottr oe the apfa ta. The difficulty in tbis church, wbicb baa been in exta tence about eighteen montba, hag created quite an excMa nient. It api?ars tbe up town part;.- ( wito are is ttta minority), are determined tocloee tbe cburcb contrary ta the wistiea of the numbers and cor.^regution. Tbe down town party took possession 1* tbe cbu-eb on last ^uuday, and has kept It up ta Friday afternoon wbeit-tnaup towners hired a person, it ;s aa'tl, tor $.,00. and lie ?n ployed a gang of men to take |x/i. e?-:on 01 the uhurch, w ho broke some ol the w ndows, and t.icilly etlwctwl a? entrance, and took posgesp'.on lor a brief period. Tbe down town i*rty. hearing ol aoch a proaaedioic, repaired to the church, whilo about iOO b; mpatlrser s gathered round the cdtQce, an'! declared tbe dour j town party had tbe beat rixbt to the churcfc. About Ibix time (laptaia Leonard, with a poaso of b:? men, cleared away tbe crowd who thronged tbe shurch In 1*cnt. The dowu town party made a demonstration, and rorc?d tbe doors of the church, pucci-eded in gr.icuit; an entrance, when the up town part;- r ?n out, aLd In their tISght and harry, the police gave them auch a lesson aa will prevent tnemfraai coming again. Gteat pratse is due to bis Honor tbe Mu> or, who or Jercd a force of-poilce to take poaseaatoa of the church 'n order te prevent a distu-bam-e. and Cap tain Leonard, who wua 1 resent, acted in a pra'.sewortiap manner. Relief for the Saftrtn by tike InamkUtoM In Franc*. The Treasurer of the Joint < ommittce for tne relief at the auflerera by the lata inundation* in France, ackaow ledges the receipt of tLe following subscription*:? Am't before reported. $i,0W> Lerlac, Andrews ft Oo $32 Corse ft Pratt Wm. B Ic ham Thomas Sn all Geo. l'slen & Co Wm. Kumbel Cash Cash Bourry, dlverioraeft Co J P. P. Roa?et John Cas-A ell & Oo . . John B. Colt." Cash Johnson ft LeUerts . . . H. J. l<rooks Hoyt Brothers Henry Range Cash J. J'lat A Yankee 2 Moogouys ?c Co 10U J. F. Alfonto ftlo. ... 60 IXegoSotll 2'> Palanca 10 .Its. S. Polliemus IP Hoonen, Craves ft Co. 8." i;r*? nou'.'h, Uurdett A Parker ?0 P W r'.ngs k Nine . . . SO Howes ft Co 2ft F. lauseuire -5 John A. Stevens 2fc Sam I Cochran ft Co.. - Coll \ Add son Wm l*alen I tainted, t*les & Co.. A. S Marvin Eastman. Blgelaw & Kay ton 2u 3ft 60 10 l'i & & C. V ft?... l? G. R Ely ft Co ?i-. Corning Hrnt? <* Co. . 60 Jacob Little ft Co *23 U a S'atds A Willi JenUins ft Uutltr I?a I.annay, Isclln ft Clark 60 Charles 11. Marshal; ft Co 160 Bom, fVhlieper ft Haarhaus. 60 Tola LEWIS CI RJfc?, Trea-Mirer Hoyd ft i!tm'ken 64 J. l. ft o G. Front. . . . 26 Brghatr. ft Car hart .. 26 John L. Hucicley 24 Cash 6 Al'-n, McLean ft ltucl-ley 1* Benry i:ob,n*on . , . . . 60 E A V I Richard I?everry S ,i Ooativla ft Cc 60 H. Hutchinson 10 E. W. ( lark, iKMge ft ? 40 W \ h. bbins ft Co . . 6# F. I) Hianton ft < O ?? L. A. iio,t 9ft Worth A White. . 2ft K C M.mrf.c A- Co . . . 26 Wesley f? Kavrala*y . , 16 Carroll I. iv n^stoo . .. 9ft Wm. B. Clerke 26 J >hn AUtyne 3ft Kellv, rownsend ft Co. 26 W H. ft J. Hays 26 W R Tmt*? * Ste om n Worrs 26 Alexander M. Craig.. 2ft Jotin Wurren A. -on . 3ft M. i.'j ft Greenland... 6ft WeHis A <V> N J. M. Mclm-wy 60 Wm ft John l> Br.en. 60 Cam ii. ami ft Co 6# Prake fc Carter . . 60 J. G Weston ACo.... 2ft T-e* or A ? olgate 2ft Ward. Campbell ft (.o. 69 (?riaabeck l.rotl.ers . 26 F H. Mi ler 36 Ludlow Tbornaa 10 l'ater J. NevlnaftCo. M G. B. Powell 10 Joseph FouIW's ???? . 2ft Snaliwood, Anderson ft*o 2ft Babe* clt ft Mi'ner.. .. 10 H. F. Ifli-btee ft Co. . 2ft Repablkan Matr Cmivrnllon. At a (netting ot the Kepublu an Mate Committee beM nt Saratoga fprings ou the 21th day of July, 18f?, tia 17th of f-ei'tomber was 'greed upon a? the time for bold log the next Wat- Conireotlor.. a- will be neon by the M lowing notice : ? TO THI PEOPLE OF W*W YORK. The peepl. of the Stite of New York, v nhout *egard IB past political dlfTareceea <r divisions. who are opposed to the repeal of the Missouri Con promise, to the policy of the pruacnt national admt. -tr .tor. ti> the extension ?f ? lsr?ry into the T?rrlt'>r;?s, .c fa .or ( f the alm s^ oe at K iOsx' na a tree State, an ', ot re? the action of tb* redenl gorernment to the prlncipb-s if Wasli ngtoa and Jeffi-rson, are reqeeste<l to fhoxso two deli gate* fro? each Afisemb.y dMrict. to m^e' In Htate Convent <>a la the cty ?f 8yracu-e, or Wedn<<s<lay, the Ktb ftay tt September n?-\t. at 11 o . 'i>rk A M . lor t! e purpose at forming a P evident. al Fiectorai T< nt aiid for preas*i la? aand <lat s to be supported (or t M offlc ' of i.ornrnur anil LienU-nant t'orernor. t Mil ? MMMMM er, one HtiU Prison ln.?;>ec:or. anil a Cerk ft>r the Coi.rt of Apyrais EPWTX !? M"R< a.>, MM - ' ?N" l>R M TP JAM * Tt TA^ '/>?. t>. PI pt. T I IKi l>, }? New York. JOMt-yA Hit NT. .? AM. S W. >"VF. JO HX L e^HfX'IC?. vH, 1 i'I 'HATD^ WKK Hf. I J' ?FPfl I'AVff. ArbMS J. J Mi't PATIItWK. ( I*. WILLI VMS < RRAHAM ?. OLIX ) . AM > F' HSVTH > I. SI'Al I.OiNG, PiUL'P W'KSl VtKER. t LKVI C Tl'HNrlt Cooper-town. STANPI?i' BVBRY. i<erk.iner :>ff MMMR-K, iliiighamtot,. ft' I-I'FS t JOHNW'K, Pe'.hi. r?\N!fX T J*?NH?. ) APLI N Ml \ R< >F, t A. G. It'xf Ell cott ,'mt. i> M Rl RRorUfW Medina MMl'KL P ALLEN. iu>che,ur C.:,V4?, li fllKfARO. Area te \ roaiing Oa. H-r*Uh*an Mate CmmMlm. troy. R ttW'h Ofcttaary. tif Rianr nov. aroHOK iamfk. m. r. [From the I ondon Chroa'.cle. July 0 ] We regret to annonnee the death or the Right How. Gaunt.) Ban' xs. M P. tor I?r?etfhlir. who ei pi red aft his residence in Old Palace yard at one o'ciork oo Rua day afternoon The diesaoid fsatlenaa wm sacnaft aaa of Ute late Mr Henr* Bankes.Tw man.- years metabar of Parliament ftr tbe corntv of norset Mr liankea Brat entered oa oflieta! lli> under the Poke of Wall'njtm'a ad ni Irni n ir'ien he wv Tit?- t Chief !Vcretaiy of the Board of Control, and la 1*"0 waa appointed a hiatoe lord ot tbe Treasury, and one of the Coinmiaainaara fbe tbe afia r* o' India. <>a the lormatlon of tbe larl al Par*) ? government. ;n March 19' : l>a waa appoiatad Judge Advocate General, ? h rh fc? held up to the resig nation of lord Perby. In Per eraser, the s.>tne year. TV) deceased entered Parllameat an repreaentat ve for OnrH# Castl< hi 18P*. ard continued to represent that rtinaW^ eocy np to 'ts being united with Warel^n. In l<u;2 \l tbe general election ia IMt he was reir.rned to the House of Commote for whieb he baa tiaoa <at 'or In the House of ONMMM Mr BaoVr# waa a strenuous supporter of ci>nservative pr nclptea and <>j> posed all the commercial n<ea<ure? ot the lava fir Robert Peel. Monslgnor Mixrrm, Arrhhaitop of Florence, died la that capital on tbe 2d or J'ily, aged T8. He ha 1 tlllad tN^ See of Florence slaee 1S2S An Austr'an general. Baro;. r >. ?. haa Itnt eiril ratf at l.yoaa at tha a?e or ? nly 6- Tbe deceased thi, ins President of the Centra' ArtlUer; Conn * on of Vleaaa, do orated With several orders and mew bar of toe lasti tute ot Vlenaa wsa the aattM t ?evsr*' sb> nsthemati ca works. He bad arrived al I roas oa a s^'^i acientl 6c miasli.n acconiaa ed br Co'oaal de Wn-mi, of ih? Austcan eng.ueers. and Oii>ta:n de Ww? ck. ?' the Am trlan nary He bad ealer h ? .'inner Venri y on tbe lay of hs death, and had leant if'.etlf '>ar^i u U ? ^Jiair, wh?n% be ittddtBl) tKp?r<U.