Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1856 Page 7
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aimrcrMr*?)??* ebsswxj itoi Ml ?\?Et SAiJB. J ( nAn-MUKI(lAHK FOR BALE ? A OOOD 8E ? wU.U \J U . coii't mortgage of toi.oOO, wurtd for thrw ttiues il?<: tmouul, having three years to riiu, will bo tola at ? disroiwt'Oi W l*)U. f or particulars apply to M L. SIlliLDON, ST. .Nassau Btr>'*l. (!?<! KfMl ?FOR HALE. A THREE STORY AMD ?4^?'.t)UU. buseinent brick house an<l lot, on the west Hide ol Mglnh avenue. between Twenty ?Uth and Twent? seven' Vi ?!rvrt-. I.u< feel i r??n?.; 'wo stores below: reals nr $1,100. t Hie Ui... tctwe.-u rhirty -tilth and Thirty-sixth sti<e??ii. Prio? #-.1100. v pp'y "> H- H. J At OUS, 21 Wall street, basement. rjbQ rnn -fok sale, a beautiful country res i?c ?*, ooiMaiumg I!4 acres ol' laA with ] gsiden. ?h'ubbeiy, lr tilt and siiade Uees. adjoining itapot at New Ru hr lie ; afc?<sto?-e and batoou. Apply to UtjWKS 4 CO., tvt Naatau <MreeU -BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE RESIDENCE ?Pu.WVui and eight lota ?i grousrl, with ?51 kinds of Irult, Ac , a*. >fo't Ilav?n; or will for Ssaten ItiUnd ??(ip> rty. Apply to HOW4iH A OO.. 84 Nassau ?reet. fcl -Mm SALE. A WELL ESTABLISHED HAT Cl.UUv. un4 cap a*er?, wltk stock ami tixturer,, most eligibly idttiutcd, arid iloinc a prottable business. L lane of fciar yearn. App'y to HOWES * CO., 84 Nassau street. A(WV|i -KOR SALE. A OOWN TOWN DININO, ipi/llVi drinking ?;id lodgiiu house, furnished complete; sanavommodute 40 l.>tgent. .apply to HOWKS A CO.. 84 Nan ?an street. #7 AA - A DOWN TOWN GROCERY STORE, WITH ^<W? stork arid tlx lures, /or sale, on era of the prin .tpaJ thoroughfares, doing a very profitable tMsiness. taBOWEfl I CO., 84 Nassau street. ' y 4?i~VA? HALF CASH ? WILL BUY a POPULAR I ^>V/U U panorama, wLich will net 91,000 per aanum. fciquire of RECTOR, 144 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Af AA ?FOR SALE, A SPLENDID DRINKING AND club house, treated ouonetftbe raw. c^ntrKl parts ??f Broadway; or would take a partner; doing an exceileut bu an. ess Apply to HOWKS k CO., (M Kasaau street. rf; 4 rfl ? OROrERY STORE FOR RALE. WITH FIX <J U ? turea aii<l stock, wager-, Ac., centrally located, lew rent, and now doing a good bitei'-'iss. Apply to HOWES 4t CO. , 84 Nassau street ^ AQCA WILL BUY A DRINtlVO SAI.OON IN ONE ?pOtAt of the be* t locations in the city, neatly fitted tip, do ing a good business; worth double the amount. A rare ''hance lor a smart man. Apply to lit) W1.S A CO., 84 Nassau street. -FOR SALE, THE STOCK AND FIXTURES of a ship I'urnlsMe.g store, slM.ated In South sti ret, together with tools, benches, Ac., all in complete order, and titled up ready for immed.ate use. Tho store, can be leased, and the services of a salesman who can command a Urge trade secured, il applied for Immediately. Address Ship lrornlshuig, Herald ollice, for three days. 4J17K WILL BUY THE STOCK, GOOD WILL. OAS I 'J and store lix'ures olthe Ninth Avenue House fur niKhiug enip< rhini, J3A Ninth avenue. Must be sold by Tuei <.'ay next. 1'he best chance ever oB'ered. AOAA ?FOR SALE.? A NICE LITTLE DRINKINO place, or the bar, stock awl fixtures will be sold separate. R. a?<m lor selHng, the proprietor is going in the ?eiuiiry. Inquire at No. 7 West street. -FOR SALE, SHOWCASE AND COUNTER; ALSO ? the little stock left of stationery and books, closing out by 1 hursday, at bargains. Government envelopes, size Ma. 11, as low as 3s. per hnndred. 74 Nassau street A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE OR A exchange, situated on Ktaten Island, opposite Woodbridge lxndtag, one mile from Rossville landing; a tine grove adjoin ing the beach ; bathing, Ash sad oysters in abundance; a fine read leading from main road to the beach; a house 32xM, ?oatammg seventeen rooms; barn 32x40; out houses in pro per .ien All ksids of fruit, together with eight acres of Land in picket lenciiig, two springs of water; alsoapump, covered ?ver with a wash bouse. For terms call at No. I St. Peter's place, between Barclay and Veaey streets, up stairs. F? DESIRABLE LOCATIO.V FOR A PHYKICIAN-AT Nr* <ii i ni?nu>wn, Hunterdon county, New Jersey. The Ml ll|>ll| a phyaioian, otlera for sal" bin house ami lot, situ ku l in the above place. The buildings, Including il wiling heuf-e, barn ami wagon heme, are In good repair, and conve ?tent. Hem# about to leave the place. It will be a food open ing for any physician who wUhe.a to establish himself In a good practice? worth about tweaty ttvn hundred a year. For fur ther particular* inquire of Dr. O. T. BLAKE, New ?awn, Hunterdon vonnty, New Jersey. For sale in oreenpoint? hovse and lot. Lot, 24x100 feet: houae, 2Sx:*) feet; two atory. atUe, basemrt t and cellar; built by day'a work; aultable for any grntltrnuin doing businesa In the ctty, within live minutes' walk of the OreenpoM ferry. Also, two bouse* in Meaerole Mraei. v,,r,i on eaay ternw. Inquire of CHARLES W. FRAME. Third (treat, near Meeerole. R HALE? LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES Of THE well known and popular saloon. known aa the National HiHurd. Howling and Drinking Saloon. M* Broadway, will b? Isold *u reasonable term* to responsible parties by applying at Ibe Baltic, corner of Second avenue and Second atreet. riR ULC-A FRENCH SERAPHINE, OK FIVE O* tavca, lit for a small cliur h or public, school. Apply to Mrs WATSON, 180 Prince s;rct-, m the rear, for .1 week. Price 940. |-EH)R BALE? SOME VERY FINE STATCARY MARBLE miu/cin. got u|> In the ueweet style, at ? great aacritice _ (account or change in the buitnfss. Apply at 1, 157 Broad | way, near Thirty flith itreet. FOR HALE CHEAP? A nut COTTAGE HOl'SK; IT contain* b roona, pantries, loft and cellar, it la furnished wllh s Inline doors, marble mantel*. gratee, centers. Ac. It w!.l b. sold cheap and "ii . aay terma. Inquire of 1 DOYLE, build ? r Fifth street, near North Sixth street, WJJimnsburg. 1MB SALE? A DELIGHTH L COI NTKY SEAT *NI)A 1 large store, beautifully situated I11 the village of Babylon, 1* I , hy the tou'h Bay. being an excellent situation fir an ho tel, store or private residence House I* feet h> 40, Urge barn, an acre ot good land, never falling springs of water, rins place may be bought at th" red ic. <1 price ..f (.1 ?*?. Inquire K A ill .NT K. JU Broad way, or No. 3 Atlantic street, \WYv~ ?,bro<>kl>n. ol CHAPMAN k VANWYCK. If^OK SALE ? TlIK LEASE, STOCK, AND FIXTURES ir of the grocery store, iV Hleeohcr street, corner of Mor linn an excellent staud. and sold only on account of the death ??1 the late proprietor. Apply on the premiaes, or to W. |*At AULAY k CO . ISS Water street. |L"K)R ?Al.E? THE OLD AND WELL EST ABLISHED 8E ?T^ gar atore No. 47'? South Seventh street Williamsburg, I . doing a good btislneee, averaging over 94,000 in galea per ^nnun. together with a lease, four years to run. at a very tuo ferate rent. For further particulara applv. on the premlsea, 1 the xubecriber. THEODORE LIEDERS I'll1"" SALE? THE PATENT RIGHT FOR THE MOST |<r approved* engine In the L'nited Mates Ad "jlreae box 4,061 t'oa'. offl -e, N. Y. KOR ?ALE? THE STOCK, FIXTCRES. AND LE \SE of stare an t toillding 114 Bowery, near Grand etreet. Stock onsteta of fruit* and liquor*. The proprietor desire* to leave t'Wn. Situatioa very desirable Apply this afternoon Saturday, at 5 o'clock, ou the premises. JjVIR sale? THE LEASE. STOCK AND FIXTt'RKS OF r the gnv ery store :? Washing! in street, owner of Morria. ?tpjily ?>t> the pr> mt*e?. ? ? V ! K Kit K I.11IH IN ? I FT V N I N'T 1 1 STREET, ? r oppo lie Centrsl park so ! e?at of Broadway. Apply to ??: 11 Ll liLOW a co . U I'me s'ree'. IMOR SALE HIBAP-A CENTRE BOARD SLOOP. CAR rying 100 Ions, 4', fee', wa'.er, six fears oid. or would change for real e.iote Inquire of U. SWEET, foot of " wei.ty se und *'r?el. North river; or at the grocery, corner I.! Nineteenthfstreet ami Tenth avenue NO* SALE-ON STATEN ISLAND. A PLEASANTLY j lfie.,ied urm. of twen'y three .icrea. with about two acre* If wotid land. 2*( mile* fiuui Port Richmond, on the Manor n tiv t. 11 or-e 1 s to Rtebtaond. Said farm for tie low. wuh nuildlngs. or- hard and good well of waler; 1 iniuaniiioc a fine view of the north sfle of the toland In 1 re ol -TEPHEN HRtHtkER. near the prem ?ea, or at Jt I ! 1111 on street. -New York hoR -tALE-THE LE AMB, BTOt'R, Ac, OF AN OLD ? s'al I sfc.-d lour ard :? 1 d u*" d 111 the eo're of ?t , ie 1 tie lease ha? rive year* 10 r in. and the store l? urst I' - tad mry ?t|r nMw for dotnir a ler^e business r.. ^Hsponslbie parties the terms will lie ma le easy Se isiactory Lisotis for selling otl'. Address A . Herald ofli. e ' ominu l attons will b? treated conlidenualiv. . 'OR SALE OR rXtll.ANtJE? F<?R A DWELT 'Nt! 1 heuee or railroad ooekt. ? OManfaeturtng b Hid 0, butlt in the best rnanner. with a strata > pgi;ie of .vi boc.e j iwer attached rentlait for fcvaki Inquire of A. H. GOLOli, [?J Bowery. I l/OR " ALE? A HOR-E POWER. WITH ONE OF THE most aopro ed aaw, tables, stws, boring narhlne upri*ht w, Ac., been in uae but a few tnon hs, ind will A sold .. ,?p for cash May be ?een at HKIItMURE k HOC Iritis, , t'aaal atreet. |' if)tiD CHANCE Ft)R BVSINESS? FOR HALE? ONE ? T pf Ike very be*l beef, pork ami tcfetable stand* in the y, betnc on aeorneri; reaaon for s?U ng. ihe owner l? to I * In 'he cono'ry. Apply t? HENRY I.INDHLKY. real ee . ie agent. TS Elthth avenne, . ornerof Fourteenth street IOBtiKKN -BAI'MKR'H HOtRL THE OLD. WELL known and popu'ar eeta b .iahment, corner of nu.leon d Third street*, 'or sale or leeae The subecrtfcer offer* hie . nrinaa and vnluablcbotel and stand for eale or 'eaoe; kla r sl'h rwqiitrlng him m dteeon'Jane bualneae and traeel. Th" 1 -ner lot belonging '<? the stand la vacant, and abundant rr- ra I en the premlaes for a brewery or other purpoaee. The I net '< fere 111 ree ctty htta, ??!<? each, with a % no t al'.ey In f ir with an unnbetruoed view of the river, bay and New I .rk ctty. ifOl'HR FOR SALE OR TO LET? THE THRKM fTGRT high bseement white marble house Ml Weal Twenty rd atreet, modern improvement* C'rotoa water gsa f.'x I e*. Ac , in eoiaplete order. Inquire of H. P. HKLL, 6 1 ' bn street. ' iKRIDENCB FOR HALE? A DELIGHTFUL REW 4 dence in Brooklyn, near Fulton avenue ear*, with 8 leie ground. Houee ;lPx4o, 21 rnoma. ga* In all the rooms, gas stable, plenty of fruit and vegetable*, eow And carriage lee A large jiort ion can remain on niortpage If wanted. lutre on the pretniaea, corner of Puiiwm and ? lassoii ave | ? EWINO MACHINE* FOR SAI.E-FOfR OF WHEELER A Wilson s latest Improved, me?lium sixe. Alan, sbttt'le I chtn? s of dld'erent patterne, new and second hand; price, Motl"t?. Itciiot 34# Itiviedway, Sew York I F H. CO A TEH. <1 RECTIFIERS.? IMPORTANT NOTICE -A VERT I) auperlor ar'tele of around cbanttal, whleb haa been I v and mo?- s uecesef uliyteated . arlee M MM* per dttabeU |I s lie at I.VR Weet street, corner < f K< bin*on, *ei-?id atnrv, w York 0 BaKKH* ? F'tR SALE. A BAKERT ANM CIINFKC UaMery, located in one of <h? most populmts and benlthy n?es in thia state, snd now dolag a business in the l.aki >g .artm. nt ol thlrn barrel* per w-efc; the confeeitonery 'ie ?n,eif,t being also equally 1? rathe. For particulars la iest JOE* Broadway, room J, ? LMBT SPRINO MAKERS AMD OTHER*.? TO BR ?ol^. a' private sale, cheap, the machinery, tools. #e.. for *1 tiu" spr nira, lately used bj Mr Oeorire I. tiuelet. At Neiv . New .lereev eonsletlng of roll* snd sbatling, sllttlnr ma s.n w pr.*s. iron sIMIne lathe ?nd tlt uree. atmeal'ng grinding i*th.' and other tool* necessary M carry on Oie nes? The sh.,\e are now in working order, and the pur J-ef an he if "I'ltiim dated w|?h power If reaulred To any ? vde-ltlvig hi enter 'he b"*in< ?athis present* a tine oppor , *< the t< rti sf'f ?ale will be mede very libera' Iminire 1 Jh I n ?*reet. New Tort. ? M ACHINIST.- ? RORINJ* MILL FftR HALE ?FOR eete, etl 'tprHri Ixi'inir mill, eapshle gf horln ? cvilmlers a tt '' ??? ' eteeen 'eet long, of superior . onetrue <iii ? |f bi i'T ' at be se. n atthet heiaea Te.,n i 1 > , t a'.-ect, n-:*t Ntrtt! ft\ er tip, . a. -? rauumr O '/ROADWAY. ? TO UtT, A OKNTRBL8U1T ?F I ? ? t*wr r wiiM, furnished v?r nuftirulshel, xi k? lirtt ' yoni, suitable for a siuail family or for tail >riog. Also ??"".?lothsT furnished rooms, large and >uiuil, opposite St. MIc'mIm Holer A GOOD CHANCE FOR A FAMILY ABOU TO COM wence hovattkecpuig.? The present oceiipaul la about to leave the city, and woaid let the house hUm.iUmS in South Ffth mreet, Jersey < *lty. Yearly rent tax). Possession iinmedintely; ?wurald als-> dispose <* the furniture, if ., it a low figure, to a goad tenant. Apply at 369 South Fifth street, Jersey City. A NEAT AND CONVENIENT HOUSE, AI.SO PART OK J1 one, to l-t In Went Thirtieth street, on the route of stages from the lerrteH. location genteel. Rent, t^Kt and $?M. Apply at 157 Sottth streut, up stalra, fro in 10 till 4. A FIRST CLASS THRKK STORY A WD BASEMENT house, in let immediately, and furniture for sale at a sa i rit?:c. Rent $700. A few prompt paying boarders would like to remain until May next Apply to H. R. THOMAS, 117 Went Twedty tilth street, for oard of admission. KOARDINO HOUSE TO LKT? AND FURNITURE FOR sale, all newly furnislMd; house In complete order, with all modemi improvement!*; out', of the pleaxanteat aud bent locations in the city. Apply on the premises, No. l'J Union square. COUNTRY HOTEL TO RKNT FOR THREK MONTHS ? Ally smart man possessed of a small capital, ami who <* give security for the. furniture, may hire one of the best IpMola on the Coney Island irfack road; stables, sheds, coach lio ue, grounds, .kc. , complete. Thenar is now doing a tir rite trade The owner is going to Europe, and will rent his h i t ? for three months, with immediate pos?ensum. For fur her particulars, an p ply to JOSEPH BROOKS, Esq., Old Mac Motel, I. ispenard street, N. Y. ClOTTAOB AT NEWPORT.? A BEAUTIFUL COTTAC B, > completely furnished, and replete with every come, i en-e for housekeeping, Is now to let, at a very moderate rent. It is situate in one oi the moat delightful part* of Newport, and will be let, with privilege of remaining as late as the oc cupant desires; possession immediately. Apply to K. C. H AL I.IDA Y, No. 4 Wall street. COTTAOK8 TO LKT, AT CARMAJTVILLE ? TURKS well bollt brick cottagea, a convenient distance from the Hudson River Ral'.road depot, at IS 3d street, to 1st, for the Kumiaer or year, at a low rent. Apply to A. F. SMITH, al Fort Washington, or to MARTIN A SMITH. 56 Wall street. Furnished house to LST-AT yonkkrs, 17 ml)es distant. House contains thirteen rooms, good water. g?s and fixtures, and well furnished; len or fifteen minutes' walk from depot; good view of the ri ver; neighborhood unci eeptionable. To a good u the house will be let till 1st May next, nod furniture i old low. Addresa L. II. P., Herald ofllce. House to let, and furniture for salk.-a nli e two story house 011 the west side of Broadway. Rent low. The furniture, carpets. oUolo'ha, Ac., are new and of Broadway make and style. The house is well calculated for a private boarding house, and will be disposed of very low to a oash customer. Apply to BOYD A HILL, 186 Spring street. HANPSOMB FURNISHED NEW HOUSE TO RKNT? The owner and family will board with the tenant, if agreeable; the house three stories, basement, with sub cellar, containing all tho Improvements, situated in a tirxt. class neigh borhoo I. Brooklyn. None but the most respectable and re - sponsible parties need addresa O. D. D.. Herald office. ONE itOOM, ON THE THIRD FLOOR. IN THE BUILD infc' H6 Fulton street, suitable tor an ofllce or light me. -ha nival put po?es. Inquire in the store. TO LET? THK UPPER PART OK HOUSE 13 JAY Kt.ecot, three rooms on seoond ..floor, and one bedroom in attie : the lower part occ upied by a very small family. Ap ply at ll'.l H mison street. , TO LET? IN EIGHTY FOURTH STREET, NEAR AVE nne A, a house of eight rooaas; Crotou; and with several lota. Yearly rent, $250. Apply KiUK. CORT, 60 Bowery. Possession this day. rpo LET OR FOR RALE? AN ENTIRELY NEW AND J. genteelly furnished house. aUvated in a moat desirable and fashionable location. No. 14 West Thirty seventh street, a few doors from Fifth avenue. Inquire on the premises. TO EXCHANGE AND STORE TO LET OR LEASE, RSI Broadway.? The stock of musk-, stationery and fixtures to exchange for Improved or unimproved property or a farm; difference, if any, paid in cask. Oall-or address S31 Broadway, between 9 and 11, or 2 and 4. JOSEPH PAYISON, 8,11 Broadway. TO LET-A THREE 8TOBY BRICK SHOP IN TWEN ty third street, one door east of Third avenue, now occu pied aa a carpenter's shop; also for sale, a horse power saw mill. In K?od order. Inquire oa the premises. Alao for sale, ajilatforin scale, in good order, -suitable for a coal yard, to be seen at No. 71 Third afreet. Inquire as above, or at do Third street. rjK> TO LET-TO A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY. IN A bouse wturf there In a fatally of but two persona, the front parlor, bu'mrat, and four loom on tho third Moor. Inquire on the premlaeH. 376 U rand street. LET ? A IJkROE COTTAOB HOUSE ; REST, $1S>) A year, on Mount Prospect, Brooklyn; haa 10 room*, court yurd and sb.ule treea* In front, large garden plot, Ac.; a healthy and plejaMyogfUon. Possession August 1. Apply at 10 Stiit'- stre"W^Wf*ortt, near the Itattery. TO LKT-THK SPACIOUS HOUSE lft! HKDKOR I) street, near St. Ltike'a tThurch, with gas, baths, range, Ac.; also, the splendid hotine 219 Thirty Bfth atreet, Bear Eighth inenue, lurnialu-d or -unfurnished. Apply at ZS Tlur ty tilth atreet, before 4TA. M. or allnr 7 P. M. rLET-THB OYSTER BOX AND EATING DEPART uient of the HI Nicholas Saloon. Apply on the prumiact, corner of Broadway and Spring alreot. TO LET-TWO BOOMS \ND A BEDROOM, TO A SMALL family. \pply at 37 H Qatar atreet, near Norfolk. TO I.ET-THE WHOLE OR PART OK HOUSE NO. Ill) Waverley place, with aB Ihe modern improvements. In quire on the premise! TO I.ET-THE SECOND AND THIRD STORIES OF the building 467 O rand atreet,. at thojunction of Division street, couaiatiiig of eighteen rooma, twelve of wluch ironl on the atreet. The locality is desirable The ruoma on the aeceud floor .tre large. and well auiled lor buaUicas purposes; or It will be r?-nt< d for a boarding ixinae. For purtlculara Inquire of THOMAS PaLMEB, No <9 Merchanla' Eiuhange, or on the premises. O LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, WITHOUT CHIL dren, part of houae No W mat ? atreet; has bath, gas, and r T hot and cold water; location hmalthy. fronting the lla tery. In quire of THOt>. STEWART, tW Wall atreet. ) LET-FOl'R UNFURNISHED ROOMS, NEWLY PA pere.l, til a small private tsnlly, with use oi kitchen and basement, all In liret rale order. Rent moderate to a small re-peetable tsmil) . t'osiie? ten immadtnU'ty. Apply at Wi tlreenwl-h atreet, neart'anal. TO LET? THE SBCOND FLOOR -OF HOl'SE NO. 143 Croahy street, near Hleeeker. g.?a, h*jfa nod large yard Th" house is In good order, aad ree-ntiy painted. TO LET? OFFICER, IN H ALLOC K BUILDING. flu Broadway. corner at Ren fie ..tree!; a few rooma in fourth aod tilth stones, ren' traaa *4M to SIS) per annum just put in complete order. Al-o, the tilth story In building No. Ml Read" street, with skylight, cai'u at ,| (or manufacturing bu*inc-.?. Apply, between 10 and llo'dMk, to S. B. HUTCIT INcs, M ,l..nn street. TO I.ET? IE TFE NEW AMERICAN FAMILY HOUdh, built for the eipress purtatsc ol small respectable fami lie-, u nil mt children; ass and ' 'reton water throughout; ils'i shower balli Inquire at (ill Weat Twenty fourth atreet, :or si* days. TO LET, UNFt'BNlSIIED? TIIE W1IOLK OR LOWER part ol houM No Spring atreet, three doors eaat of Hudson street, has Just been repainted .m l papefed, and will '.e rented low, to a good tenant Bfinatf- II. MERIT, .nit i Broadway. TO LET? THE STORK *0. 4>l HUDSON STREET, fitted (or a m*rrb int tailor, uoar doing a good hu^iHxs. I t mii res for sale very low. aa the proprietor ta ?J0Ug"d u> ieave 'he city. TO LET? HOUSE AND STORE NO. 52 CATMKRINK ?treat. WlU be let aepai.ite, If r?q?tred. Inquire on the prettugM. HOMES, ROOMS, AC., WAYTCD. F jH)i r or fi\k tors wanted? on fifth aye one. ihi|h?i:s t en'ral p irlt, ihe> imMt IM together. Ad s. Kith ImVk Ire. . * ith loce'lon aod e aah prtee. Fifth atmnue, bai IVi, Po- lire, IJ'KlM' W VNTKD? BY A OENTI.BM \ .V, FOR BACH I It lot ? ha'l. A parlor ind bidr-ioui adjoialag- wtib >il >11 < m attached 1 CratM water bath room and g as on ai.a* ? sr. Location, * est of, or near Kichth bemi inltkuir .'?th at. No furniture or b-ard required. For suitable accom iimliiiloca a fair pri< e will be paid, and the aparatenta taken till V.?? or longer If found convenient. Aildreea until (tat, lla helor'a Hall, Madtaon Square Poat Office STEAM ENGINE WANTED ? A OOOD SECOND U WD engine, of atgQr to seventy horse power. Apply ?? ?i t M i EL KNOLE. ? Burling slip. SJTBAM ENGINES-WANTED TWO OOOD IKOlNEt 0 one ab<oit M. sml one about W to Mi horse power. Ad dresa R L. C , b?t I9t I'oat oC e VI 'ANTE II TO PI -|<CHA?R? COTTAOE HOUSE AND fv lot. above Canal ttreet. aiih mi?l rn impr.nen?ale no In mat aver |>?V tor will *h i ash will bo paid Plcaae a I dre-?, * Hb Inwe-t prlee and description, J. J. Kalrbsnto, l>- i 1 Ifti Post oOce \l'4NTEI?-A HOUSE TO LEASE, IN THE FOURTH '? or Sate nit earl Inquire at '.>2 Henry street, ta the grocery alare. nhere a good t? nam will be found. ?|1' ANT El MEDIUM C1.A?? HOUSE. IN RRf i I T? lyn or Wiiuamaburg, price not |a eiCW'd y.OW, I liange in. gnoil cH? atneks. which paid last yesra divMend ,.t el'M ii per cent Apply to HoWKs a ct? , H4 Nass-m ?ira< i. II HOPE AM A DV KRTIIiicMR: NTM."~ INFORMATION FOR AMERICAN TRAVELLERS UOINO to Euretie.? THE REST HOTEIJI. Hotel NeuHee FarM. Hotel dee ItaHena Do. Ilo'el ilea Prlneea Do. Hotel de Rutsie, kept by M Voting Baden Bade* Hotel ile I vngleterre Frankrort. Hotel defeder Turin Hotel da* Oeaeva. Hotel lie I Etrope Florence. Hotel tie Ttlle ito be opened 'o Auguatl Flore?ee. HOTELS? JltV NOT OOOD ON Ml All 'he hntrla In Hindoo ire l ad. Hotel de EH oil . Farla. Iloiel rte Bad" . . Do ilotrl ilea Trots H. Is .... Basle, SwKierWi .. gij hary ethers, wblch Will lie gtven hereafter. AMES MARK W> LL. SPECIAL WINE MERCHANT TO J her MaJ stv Utteea Vletorla, late proprietor of Ibhotan" * Hotels. * " ~ 1 M a the tiri.ft. n snd the IsWilon Hoirlt. and 'be Noi tJiH S i. cb t me rlea n . . tt ?? bejs mtorm hie 4mert> i att'.os atid friends visiting Vnaland that J M la now on (lie srf-si wine m. r. hants at ll?c Weat Knd of l,nndnn hivi 4 eelbirs mider J M a raiiotia private houses In Albemarle street and ibe neighbor |,,<vi Pnblte eOee for general agen ri> s atsl the wine nod spirit btMinca*, No 40, c?irner of Stafford and \!bet'iarle str' te I'leeadllly. !<nndnn Referen " and banWera, Sir < laudc^tcott. Bart , A ' ' .rap any, No. i t'aretidb.' eqhare, twin. Y.tMFS MARKWEIU W.TE PROPRIETOR Of IB ROT ff son a. Ijong'a, thv OrafW? and the Lon.loa Hotels, and the Nortb and S?nith American Coffee llouae begi ta inform lua Aoi' rkwn frienda riattlag Loxloo that J. M ta atUI tnt?reat. 1 in hotrla in his aeigb' .rhood aa.| has also aeveral private lar mshe.i heuaea always ta lei la apartmenta er entirely, in tb? the best part of Isindnn N B ? All appMeaunoa to be made dlreet or bv letter to .lames Markwell. general oglee, 4U ? Staiinrd aod Albemarle streata. Pb adlllv Ixmloo. Rr.?TAtiuim. lit KEN Tt BTI.E vol f \fft> ST >' tK -?THIS HAY. i > , nw tb ... i % M rtpv -un -t'-e- h W* $?2 wiiicm* >2.000.000 O-V JlWBI'KV, DitMONM, <lc , On Minions pise. Sbuam, Ac. y AW y SHOk KHft' llOKKrS HOUIIHT JAMKH H. MAtHHJFF. ?>i Broadway. Ann TO I.O A N, FROM$l UPW VRDS? ?Tl.UUU.wUU On Jbwblhy, I)I?0.1M, Ao. ; Oh Meucu^muime, Hbcau.v I>hv Uuodh, Ac. Piwvbkokkn*' Tick its iidooht. 1'L.NIUIL I-OA.N Utnct, 412 HliOiUWir, SUHClSiL?Tk(tT. Si 000 000 ~ : "?NB* 70 1?? WATOHK8, diamonds. jo weir y, sugar*, dry good a, and all kinds of personal property; or bought and sold for ?uli. Notes, IkhkIh, mortgage*, Blocks, Ac., ucgoUiUed. No. lM2Niif an ?tn et, corner of Ann, necond Boor, room* No. 3 and 21, H th o.MPSON A CO., broken and eommlasion merchant*. $775 .000 TO LOAN? ON DIAMONDS, WATCH ? mi, jewelry and all kind* >f personal pro pei ty, or bought for cash. Honda and mortgages negotiated. Business prompt, at 4S8 Broadway, corner of Troouie, or 430 flioome street, room No 8. nnn TO LOAN-ON DrAMO-rDS,WArClfES. ?P 4 OU^UUU jewelry, segars, dry goo I*, and any kind of personal propery, or bought for cash; office hours from 9 till 6 o clock, at 35 John street corner of Nassau, room No. 3, second lloor, by J. F. NORBURY. Aonn nnn to loan-on personal proper iPaUU.UUU ty, In large and small sums, at legal In terest Bond* and mortgages bought and sold, at R. B. DE BARB'S, W^a Bowery. N. B. ? Business prompt and con fidential? separate rooms for the purpose. <&1 nnn ?,??. n,?o AND *1.000 wanted? on a ?PJL.V/VvF loan of three or more years, secured by a bond and mortgage, on real estate worth four tunes the amount de sired. A hand Home commission allowed If obtained soon. Address box 3,260 Post office, ?jOl BROADWAY-? MONEY ADVANCED, TO ANT Out amount, on [diamonds, watches, jewelry, pianos, dry goods, segan, homes, earrtages, harness, ana every de scr.uuon of property, or bought for cash. Stocks, mortgage*, Ac., negotiated. Watches and Jewelry for sale. K. THAYKK. rooms No*. 1 and 2, second story. AH WANTED? BY A LADY, FOR WHICH BOARD ?P1 v/U will be given, very low, in a first cUas house: also, security given. Any one having such to lu&n may address Marie, Herald office, lor two days. Any amount op money to loan on diamonds, plate, watches, jewelry, and all valuable pernoual secu rities and merchandise, or bought for cash. R. WOOD, 66 Ful ton street, s*o*od floor, front room, 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. (CHICAGO, ST. PAUL AND FOND DO LAO KAIL J it?d Company, No. 12 Wall street, New York, July 24, 18M.? The interest noon the bonds of this company, due Au gust 1, will he paid >n and after that date, upon presentation of coupoos at this office. J. W. CURUIKK, Secretary. Leather manufacturers' bank-nkw york, J ill v 22, 18M.? A dividend of live (8) per cent on the ca pital sto< k will be. paid to the stockholders on aud after Friday, the 1st day of August. The transfer hooks will be closed uu til that day. By order of the Board. T. R. ACLY, Cashier. TARK KT FIRE INSURANCE OOMP ANY-NEW YORK, 1 July 1, 1866. ? The Board of Direston have (hi* day de clared a semi-annual olvhlend of tan per want, payable on demand. ASHEB TAYLOR. Sec y . OFFICE OF THE NEW YORK FLOATING DRY DOCK Company, J uly 22, IMS.? The director* of this company have declared a quarterly dividend of four (4) per cent, pay able on and after the lirsi dav of August neu. Tho transfer books are closed until that day. H. V. MASON, Secretary. /\FF1CE OF THE SIXTH AYENUE RAILROAD COM. Vs pany, Sixth avenne and Forty fourth street, July 14, 18M. ?The directors of the company have deolar?l a dividend of five per cant, out of the earnings of the road for the current six months, payable at the office of the treasurer, Godfrey W. Leake, Esq., (cashier) at the People's Bank, on the 1st day ot August next, the end of the Aseal half year. The transfer books will be closed from the 2tnh Inst, to that day. T. BAILEY MYERS, Secretary. THE MANHATTAN OAS LIOIIT COMPANY HAVE DE clari d a dividend Of two and a h.tlt dollars per share on their lull stock, and ninety six and a quarter cent* per share on their scrip stork, payable on demand. S. H. HOWARD, Sec'y. w COPAKTHBRSH1P HOTICE8. dM n nnn ?partner wanted, in a first IPlU.UUU. i lw Broadway hotel; be muat linderataitd the bualucae, anil ID\ est ironi $5,(JOO to $10,000. atfuiimt $40,000 already inverted. Addreaa Hotel, box 3,836 Poet office. dhO nnn -WANTED, a YOUNG man, of oood tP^.VrVf". character, w ith the *bove capital. an partner id the manufacture of a (tuple article, affording large proiita. Addreaa Fortune, Herald office, wiUi real name, and mating where nn Interview may be hail. ?AAA -WANTED TO PURCHASE, A WELL E8 ?UUVJ . tabllahed. ea*y and profitable busineaa. capl Lai about 91,000; or would inveet the aauie, on geod aeeurtty, where the aervice* of a trustworthy pernon would he roqatred, at a fair remuneration. Addreaa M. M., Broadway I'est office. *41AA -WANTKll, A MAN. AH KQUAI. I* VRT.NKH, if^UU. to travel and receive the money ot a celebrated and well eotobliohed ( a,*h enterpriae Thla i* a certain ehan eo to make money and ae? the country. Inquire (cr Mr. DRAYTON, at the officeof he Tammany Hotel, fro* V to S o'clock. ACARD.-SAMIEL BROMBKRG AND HERMANN CIOHIN have aaoodated ihemaelve* an partner*, tinder the lirm of BROMBKRO k CROHKN, for the importation of German cloths and the tranaaction of a general commlaaluu buaineaH B A 0. Oiler for aule at No B IMne atreet, a large in voire of German cloth* of cupertor atyle and Bnlak, at from 91 ?o to W per yard. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.? WE HAVE THIS DAY admitted Me**ra. Joahua Crane and Geo. Starbwck, Jr. , of Boatoii, U. S. A partner* In our houae. and the rommla Moil bualnea* will be continued under the name atyle and name. GEO. F. TRAIN k CO. Mtiaocimk. Auatralla, Wot. 1. 1H66. PARTNER WANTED.? THB ADVERTISER, HAVING JT Invented an entirely new hot air furuace fur warming boildingi. which cannot be aurpaaaed In thin or any ether tuur ket, would like to fetaome one with auflcient ratrlial to en gage In the buaine**. Addre**, immediately, G. W. D , Brook lyn Peat officii. THE PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN BRYAN O. C08TI0AN and Kugene F. Mi'dinger haa been dlmmlMd. EUGENK F. #CI>fN<iKK CAMUAey, M. CARRIAGES FOR HALE- A SECOND HAND ROCK A way, for four persona; a light l'hlla>lelphia wagwo, neigbtng two hundred and twenty live pound*, three wagon*, without top*, a good leather top buggy, and a light grace r a ircaapbene wagon, at 8B Eldndge atreet, between Broome *nd Grand. Doctor s big for bale cheap? at cooper* livery atahle. In < "harle* atreet. between Hndaen and .ili eckcr. Inquire of R. Auattn, foreman. For bai.e-the finest pair or horses that run be found In the city, are now at Um Pbtanii atable, M6 Twenty fourth *tr. eL Said borae* were rawed in Ken ?oeky.atid an- thoroughbred. aire by Highlander, dam by Oray Kagle. aland aboai arv*nteen hand* nigh, and are flat trotter*. FOR flALK? THREE VAST horses, can TRGT IN three minutea or le*? warranted Hound and kind. Alao * very line amid It or lainlly borne. Apply at 18 Jay alreeL ? 1 1 tier of Greenwich ?(. For. BALK CHEAP? HOME, WAUON, HARNESS, blanket* an I rot*, all complete for 93?'> fin- horae i* a in" brifljt I ?tyli*b, kind ami gentle, and 'antrot in IS tn iiutt": i? a> out 14', hand* high. The wagon la tirat '|iiailty, with ?hifUng "op. open aide*, and quite new. lUrnea* and >ther trap* in fir*t rate order. Tbe e?t*h|i?bntetit I* only aold ? r want of uae, and e??t over (MB Can he *ren at Club <te>'lea, l!i |s?? lung ?tro t, near llloeeker. Apply to GEO. OA RPKNTF.R, II Clumber* rtreci. For sale. cheap- A small RAY Texan pony To lie aecn at M v ItTIN'S atahle. Thit y ih.i I atreet, be ?recti Seventh and Eighth avenue*. FHiK IIAUC-A LIGHT GIIFTING TOP W WH)N ANl ha' ne?- 'be wagon is In dn top order, and ran be aoen it DKARM AN S carriage maker, IJM Croahy atreet. FjMtK SALE ? A YKRM0NT IIMi K UAWk <'i?l.l ' ilaik brawn, all year* old, IVj bird* lugli. ot UMCnil'ieen' -tyle and artiMt tui'iral toll, perfectly kind, gentle md aou id ? titie a.ntdle borae To be ???en a' the Club Stable, Pael'W ?>feet, oorner ot tluiton *treet, Br?jfclyn. HoR>r FOR SAl.E-A FINI CHfMWtTT SOKREI llari letotii.'in Vermont mare, t yeera old laat April, band* lii?(h, and every * av perfectly antind feiwe>t ?lire, 9ZC> Can be ai-en on Clinton avrn uc, Brooklyn, fifth <m?e aouth of Myrtle a venae HOMOT WANTED ? ONE OR|TWG NARRAGANSET porittg mare*. )oung. long tall*, mv eolor butrnan tatiat be natural OOfWw, .boat toil en liando high. Willi jool dbipnoMton and bandaome Addre*. R. S . hot I, fie P??t ofle e noxni ?A SPUtNMD PAIR or nraTLAMD POMfKC I for a*le, * agon ntnl hamee*. together or separate The '?ery be*' ponle* in tbe city lor nliiUi eu Ui ride Warrantei! 'oihhI and Kind and ttve yearaold. tVin bo aeon at; It Heatci ?troet. KOCRaWAY. IHiRSE AND HARNESS FOR SAI.E-' ikvehle aeaied rorkaway, with a gnod and gentle hnfw, ooand In every particular, will be aold a nargaln, the imm bat in* no further u*e for themiprlre II.VO f >r the whole Apply ?? oTfiSTCHF.B, lunkof New York, corner ofWn lam atreet *Ad Richange place, op atair*. ADDI.F. HORSE FOR MAI.E ? A HANDSOME SORREt. I L . neorll _ kind, and g???l to harneo*. Apply at Mr. WALTER'S, C I c> . O horae, in ban<)?, nearly thor ugh bred aoun l an l 1, and i?i Mercer atreet tl'ANTFIt-A GNNTI.EM *N, RExtDTNG IN T1IK vf co?intry, near New York. wonM like the uae of % gentle, a ell broit lady a aadd le horae, f >r two ntontlia, for the ' <t Ittg, with the privilege of pnrcao*ing. Addre** l?i I'.i' I'.nt ofllee W" ANTED TO PPRCH ASH ? A HORSE WAGON AND harneaa. anltable for a phyatrlan Prtoe not ?n eneuo I 9990. Addreaa Itoeior Central Pt *t offie-. onuk Vimni 6in ? A. not ixpt/mrR. Seourwl by paienta. KEROSENE Il.M M I N ATINO OTU rn* ?>'i? or tu* ott m ownrvtunn ft 10 ?#R?rcoen*|W*o ao oiueh light a*9VofrH" *dol< 111 of whale oil. 9*1 47 of aj erm oil, mid 9S otium 1'tld It born* In all the argand buM?o top iMnpa.Vciii.n un phene and *Uvio oU amp*, without the haual tern: v." Wiokl . KEHOSNNE LUBRICATING AND BINNACLE The effect of thla i ^ offi machinery la found to bo pecfeetlt mag look rem<iv?* u um eaoaod by the Me at impn nil*. W>aroential. othe Mot *perm otl, and doe* not meg ?| , al ow temperature. For blnnnclel amp* *tgnal and h >???? ;an' 'rtia, thla olli anratirpaaae.1 It will ourn fo? I ck ? a (rent de. in! t-> the heg| *i erti t . lamp*. The attentutfi of erginoera ?hip ehvndier* and ait I, napf*' Siartic'itarly reqite-ied to th? certifl ?tea ? > he *e..n at i ec of ACSTKNS, agent of Karoaeuo Oil Comcany. No. ver atreet wttl out gttmmlng or oruirtlng the Wick - a frcat de?.i*ra' rm *hi|.niyyr? aod give* a Mel t Oouat k> ?he It al*o i"!M In ?u the ao'ar *"d hot 1 lam|>* Pii< nii?n(ifin rvf srffimwm ahirt #*K% M nxuim. All or mt modri. tablwand combination cnahlen* will have an engraved p'ate attached, with my n*me and date trf patent. Mage othee* are genuine. Ml' H I. I'HEI, A N. W '\amber? Wraot Billiard tables for ?ai.e-of a srPRHroR ?nialliy. with our newly Invented euahlon, rarloua and fancy work, with *l*te or ?.**| be?ia, alio, trimming* or 'very de-crlption. at the old *tand. griffiih A i??c*KR iq Abo ttrcct. nitpma, 1.H)* LIVERPOOL.? UNITED STATES MAIL HTBaK shto BRIl'SSON, I<owb?r, '?omniiuder, *i'l depart witb tho United HtttirH malls for Europe, positively 1 mi Satur luy, Aug I lit 2, at II o'clock M from h?r berth, at ihe f'*H ofuwial street. NoUoe? The Momuera of this Hue have water Ug'it compartments, and to avo l danaer from ice, will not erase the il&uks north of 42 degrees, until *fter the 1st of August, for freight or paesage, bavin* unoijualled -tticomm?i?lion lor elegance ami comfort, apply to E1>W If COLLINS. 56 Wail street. Passengers are requested lo be on hoard at II o'clock A. M A II letters must paas through the Poet oUloe, any others will be i-eturned. '1 lie steamship Atlantic, Oliver Eldndga, will suoeeed the Eriemtm, and sail on Saturday, August 16. Notice? The ra'.n of In igbt from Uverpool u> New York 's reduced to ?4 per ton measurement, until further uotlce. TMK BRITISH AND NOKTII AMERICAN ROYAL

mall steamships FROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL. Chief cabin passage |1M Second cabin passage 75 PROM BOSTON To LIVERPOOL. Chief cabin passage 9110 Second cabin pa*sage 00 The ships ftom Ronton call at Halifax. PERSIA, ('apt. Judkins, CAM ADA. Capt ARABIA, Capt. J. Stone, AMERICA, nipt, wickman ASIA, Capt. E. O Lott, NIaOara, "apt. Ryrie, AFRICA, CapL Shannon. EUROPA, Oapt. J. Lerteh. TIicmj vessels carry a clear white latitat inaat head, green on starboard how; red on |>ort bow. AFRICA, Shannon, leave N. York, Wednesday, Tuly 23, 1M66. NIAO ARA, I.eiU:h, " Boston, Wednesday, July 30, " PERSIA, Judkins, " N. York, Wednesday, Aug 8, " AH A 111 A, Stone, " ItoMon, Wednesday, Aug. 13, " ASI A., " N. York Wednesday, Aug. *>, " CANADA, Lang, " Motion. Wednesday, Aug. 27, AFRICA Shannon, " N. York, Wednesday, Sept. 3, ' NIAQAltA, I.eitch, " Boston, Wednesday, Kept, la " PERSI A, Judkins, " N. York, Wednesday, Sept. I?, " ARABIA, Stone, " Boston, Wednesday, Sej>t. 24, " Berths not secured until paid lor. An experienced surgeon on board. The owners of these a hips will not be accountable far gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry. precious stones or metals, bills of lading are signed therefor and the va je thereof therein expressed. For fre.ghtor passage apply to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Oreen. FOR LIVERPOOL ? STEAMSHIP ALPS, H. INUUH. commander. ? This new and powerful sKtaioer will sail from the British and North American Ri val Mall Steam Packet Company's dock, at Jersey City, on the ?th August. Past-age money, tor first class ponsengers only, for wltorn there are excellent accommodations, flOJ, including provisions and steward's fee, but without wlnesor liquors, which rati !>?! ob tained on board. 'Freight taken at reasonable ? tUea. Apply to K. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Oreen. FOR LIVERPOOL. ? THE CELEBRATED PACKET hhip ALBERT GALLATIN sails <>u Thursday, ;h? 3iat of July. The packet ship CHRISTIANA sails (or I^.idon August 1. Fare in either ship -Second r ibin, <IH; steerage, $16, and found For passage, apply to TH08. C. UOCIIE, 03 South street. IIOR LIVERPOOL.? HT. OEOBOE'ft LINI OF CLIPPER ships ?The celebrated clipper ship UKEADNoUWHT, Captain Samuels, will sail on the Mh of August (her last pa* sage was made in lourleen lays) For po?*.ige apply on board, pier No. 8 North river, or to DEM A REST A JONES, 40 South street, and 06 Old slip. For london.-clipper line. a6TH of jclt. The favorite new clipper ship PRESIDENT FILLMORE, will positively sail on Saturday next. She has unsurpassed stateroom accommodations for second cabin passengers. Ap ply toC. A. TBN BYCB , 67 Son'h street. Notice? first packet to liverpool.-the wen known and fast sailing packet ship WILLI VM TAPSCoTT, Captain Bell, sails 011 Tuesday, July 28. For pat-sage In cabin, second cabin and steerage, apply on board, pier M) East river, or to TAPSCOTI A CO., 86 South street Royal mail steamship aprica.-por liver pool. The AFRICA, Nell Shannon, Commander, will tall from the stream with the mails and passenger* for Europe, ?n Wednesday next, 23d Instant. A steamer will leave the company's dock at Jersey City, with passengers and luggage for the Africa, it and 10)? A. M precisely. E. CUNARD, No 4 Bowling Oreen. N. R.? The Persia will succeed the Africa, and sail on the <>th of August. T IIK LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP Company's splendid and powerful steamships, CITY OK BALTIMORE, 2,*M tons, Ca?t Robert Lelteh; SJ?TY OF WASHINGTON, 2,*? tout, Capt. Wm. Wylic; CITY OK MAN01IKSTKK, 1109 tona, Capt. P. U. Petrie; K A NO A BOO, 1.174 loo*, Capt. R. Bwlng. art; Intended to aall? FROM LIVSBPOOL. Kangaroo 30th July. < 'ity of Manchester ISth August ' Ity at Baltimore 37th August. Kangaroo 10th Soptenber raoM huladblhia. i Ity of Baltimore 7th August. Kangaroo 21at Aug mat ' 'U y of Mnnrtirater 4th September. I Ity of Bali More lSth Septcaabcr. Kangaroo 3d October. batm or rAMiAr.a. Saloon, WO, 166 and $AA, according to staterooms. A limited nuaaber of third class passenger* will he taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and kaad In prortaloaa. t'rmn Philadelphia 130 I rmm Ltrarpool $?0 These alramcrs are eoostrweted with taaprov ?d watertight eomparu&euis, and each veaaal cairtea aa experienced sur i!?on. I'artles wishing te bring oat their friends can obtain cerUfl .?ates of paiufr and drafts on Liverpool In sum* of ?1 stir ling and onwards Apply to JOHN O. DAIE. agent, IT Walnut St., Philadelphia, or BABEL k CORTI8, 177 Broadway, New York. STEAM BBTWEEN NEW YORK AND GLASGOW.? Kdinburg. 2.SWI tuns, William Camming, commander ; New York, 3,110 tons, Robert Craig, commander. Glasgow, I 961 tons, John Duncan, oommander. The Olaagow and New York steamship Company Intend runalng their new and powerful ?learners from Nrw York for Olaagow direct, as under ? Glasgow, Saturday, August 16, at 12 o clock noon; Edluburg, ?Saturday, September IS, at 13 eclock noon. ha*M or risstfi. First oabln |7i rhird cabin, fonnd with cooked provMons 30 An experienced surgeon attached to each steamer. For iVeightor passage apply to JOBN MAtVMUN, 17 Broadway. Hew York dty bllla or gold oaly received for paaaaga. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAT** ? THE UNITED States mall steamer PULTON. J. A. Wotton, oommander, will leave for Harre, touching at SoothamtHoo to land the nails aiul passengers. on Saturday July 16. ai 12 o'eloe^ 'rim pier No. 57 North rlTjrr, foot or Beach street. Price at >assage ? First eabin, 6130, aesoad do , 174, This ship has .Te water light compartments, one losing the eogtnee, aUwon o the event of eolflaton or stranding, the water could not each them, and the pomps being free to work, the safety of be vessel and passengers would be aeenred. Baggage not ?ranted Jurtng Ute voyage should be sent on board the day be huroday, July It For freight or passage apply toMOR IMKR LIYINUBTON, agent, 63 Broadway. N. B.-The 'earner Arago will aucoeed the Fulton, and sail Aaguat A A USTRALIA INDEPENDENT LINE.-TBE 8PLBNDID , . A I eltiiper ship A I.BON I, Bamaby commander, wtU are immediate despatch fir Melbourne. This favorite veeeel ? an extreme clipper and will, no doubt, make a abort pa* ?age kit r aceoaiaiodauons for passenger*. In tlret and eeeouu a am*, saunot be surpassed, and aa outy a limited number is iken, early application will be oeeesaary For freight or ?aeaage. at" low rau a, apply on board. ?l Pier 12 East n?er r to OOODEVK. AKKELL * Kl.LIuT & Pearl street. For e, mrbct.-the frencb scrkw steam ship HUM KM IN A. 2,011) tons burthen, will leave for the bovr port on Tuesday, July 26, all o'clock precisely. Prtoe if passage:? lift cabin mm e 'lid cabin M We beg to mil the attention of shippers to the dllfrrenoe of l titles in France on foreign produce per French veseela. For 'eight or paaeage apply to the agents, KM A KP POIkTeR* CO.. S2 Broad street. The Vigo will sucseed the Barcelona, and sail on Thursday, vugustM. |I/EST IXl'IKS IIP VENEZI'ELA STEAMSHIP COM fv p?n>? Kor St. Thomas and Puerto Rico ?Regular urn Milt loiuinuolratioii. The United State* lu.til stoiiner, t V NNKNSKK Cliarks .* Webber, < omm.inder, will leave for >*? above port, on Thuredajr, 7th \u*u*t, at 12 oviock ore, lii. in pier ? Kaat river. This steamer is lu'endml to ? rrlt e in time ?t St. Thouta* for paaai ugcr* to take the llrltlsh toysl Mull Steamer* to all the West India I ?hn Is, an I the >*. ket fur I m tlumr* und P parts Cab' llo rsn'i or rttstiiB ran* xeK York to Si. Thosnas, or Puerto Rico K0 Kxtra >tate r??iu?, flu advioiee on the atx ta. 4t< i mce pasvragera. (totii. I> 26 Ml leiter- mu?t uaaa through the Poetofllre. No bills of iodn.g nth- r than Uxtx- t irnisbed by the r<ia>|ian> will be ' 4 stxl th? Name must he reedj day t>eforr tailing. For < 'ghl or piwage apply to K PR AflREDA. JOVE A ''O.. ?7 .-?otith sL_ REATI.Y REDUCED PRICK*? 5TB AFQI'^T? UNITED I Hiate* Vail Utne ? 50 p"U!?'t? l.agtxse free, 10 een's per "<uad on emi ess. Poor hoar* froifl o< <??? to ocean, by Pana ma Railroad Through for California via Panama Railroad. The 1'nlted Slates Mail Steamship Company will despatch for > -,?sl ? Tuesday, Ango>t!t, at t o'elock P. M. ppe?-tse|v row pier toot of Warren street, fforth rWer. the well known i rut faet ?tesm<hip II.I.I.NOIH, Ca|>IMn Charles S Ho.irs, C. H N. Psse' iiger* and mails will lie forwarded Mr Panama ilatlmad. and eoanert a> Panama with the Pa<in^ Mall Hte im liip Company's magalOeent atesmahlp tlol<len Aga, #, T. Waiklne. e. atasander. ehti h will be iri r> adiness ati l leave ?mediately for San PraaceHn. The public are informed h^lMBPartfw Mail Steamahlp Co. always have ote or more MMNMera tying *' Panama readr for sea, to eroM any ??lhle detention or pn-aeiigers or mails. For paeaage apply of W RaVMi>NH. attheonly "?i e M the rompanW-a. No. i*7 We?1 street, corner of Warregt. New York. Freight to >s|itowall. 70 ceate per ru .lc foot, or one and a htlf cent* per ? und, prepaid, and no fretghtr<'Cetved after 12 o'clock on the lay of sailing KO? CAMTORNIA TIa NTCARAOU a? rbortest mole by 700 mi lee ? Prices greatly reduced ? The new knd splendid ataatnship ORIZABA, <1 JOO tone burthen i R. I., riaklepatigh. em>man<ler. will sail from pier S6, f<*it of North tfoore straot, North rlrer, for San Juao tie Nle tragiia, on aturday August 9, IMM at ^ o'clock P. * , to connect with he Steamer Herra Nevada, from San Juan del Bur on the farlflr. for San Francisco. Passengers will Hod this the ?ealthleat and cheap e?t route For freight or paasage applv nCIlAS, A. WHITNEY, No. 2 Bowling rtreen, N f, DNITFO STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP I.INE? FOR IIA vans and Now Orlean*. On Saturday. Autrust JL at i P. VI , from pier toot of Wsrrea street. North river, the fast sod ilvortte *<r miship PHII.A OKI.i'H I A. i apt John McOoe >tn. vs-tll sail as above Passage can be secored at the office of Ui e dne. FroWhtlct New Orlcins, tflcen's per cnblo toot, recelvr I n B*h Joiy. shipper* will b" "applied with blank hills of idltig of the (urtn ?tgned by the line, on application at their rt.Ce, No other forma idgned. au<l no hill r.f lading will tie i|gn'"l afler the hour or *alllng For freight or passage apply ait he oilce.l "" Wast street, cor per of Warren M O ROBERTS, Agent |T<lill*SJ|rANNAH A J*I> FLORIDA UNITED STATM r maim n^Taer. ?aoi. - ALABAMA, ('apt. OoorM it -rhemk. wWl ea?e ns Smnrday, July 26. from pier No 4 lotlb rlveg al4o claeh P M. BUla rOTling signed on N?ard iHflMght or rasaag. apply to 8. I.. MIT'IIII.I.IS Hi l /* Tlir igft; leketsfrom New Tork o JagfcsowUlr $ 1 PtialBa Steamers for Florida ^nnne? at Savannah ,iih the ai-amcf* rooi Maw Tork 00 Tm-sdays and Hatiir 'aya. I.'(iR NORFOLK AND RH RMOND? THE CNTTEO r Stale* mail ateamslilp ,1 AMKSTOWN, CJapt. Parr, ah. will si e fur the above place* on Saturday, July 20, at 4 a'el ? it ,? M , from pier IS, North river. Wie will arrive at N s ?n anorno<in. ami at Richmond on Monday m< Pssf enters tor the Smith will proceed wlthont delav I ?<? rreat mail line to Charleston, Aiiguala. Savannah, me. i,., > elleit ? 111 find thia the cheapest, plaaeanlesi Hndraosi' \nn limits route. Paesiipe and fare. Including stateroom to v.r oik t# Pe'ersburg and Richmond. $10, steerage half urir \pplj u< LVPLAM A PLEASANTS, 32 Broadiriy. HATUBOmAL. M'tTmMO>l\L -AN EDUCATED OENTLEMAN Or i st mit thirty eight, wishes some respectable lady with oMcfneaW. ?? partner la a genteol, sr'letie buainees; or. dotild she he already In huslnoae. they might carry on both. tdd' e*s t'mbltm. N.t 104, llernld office M^tTSIMOniAI..? I WILL, UPON THE RBCEIPT OP Iwentv Ave rent*, send to anv p<?r*nn 1 full deline 1 1 Inn >1 their ch?' i?e,er by iheir handwrl'lnir. (address stHBctavl) t,?, Ires* with return postage. M lie Emlltt Vi!|ene, liros- waT Fo?'nffiie. New York, +jmv*a>M*xvnu N'l-i LO'H jarden. Door* open it T to ?ommet.r,? at 8 e'elock Thkete Fifty cent*. sAl'CRDA Y, JULY M. i asx stuirr ?r th? iXiomsT is skw TOitit OF MISS EMMA STANLEY, on which oce.inlou we will repeat her Dl.SWI.<<U Knoll ExTeklSIAMBAT, entitled TUB BKVEN AGE8 OK WOMAN, 'A ? if n expressly for her by E. L. BuiNCBSKD, Enq-. Ami p< rtorme.d srltb extraordinary nu :cfM lu I?adon and All A*- ? cities in Kngland. Tne ntei telnateot 'h <ouipriHod lu tw o parts, and embodies * (Trent number of Individual Impi -t.oi,mioiia and Vocal Illua trailona, with an extraordinary variety of dialects and per r<>nal peculiarities displayed in tiiHUnuuieous chauges of voice, j| nearanco mauner, and costume, and terminating with A no vel and peculiar feature, entitled POLYMELOS, By way of an epilogue,) :t>l:ax, Tl KKTSH. SWISS. FRENCH, SCOTCH , And SPA NISI' t'he whole p' rli rined by MISS KMMA STANLEY. MrsiiAL Director MR. THOS. BAKER. Formerly leader of JDI.T.IBi)'H HAND Mr. BURTON.? In oonaequsiice of a severe accident having befallen this eminent art Int. Ins engagement In unavoidably postponed. Due notice will be given of his lirst appearance. Mosnav, And every evening during the week, TIIE WON DERFUL RAVKLS, Mil ? HUBERT and YOUNG I1ENGLKR Id a variety of enteiUiinineuls. ^JJEO. CHK1BTY * WOOD'S MINSTRELS, MKW HALL, 444 Broadway, below (irand street. OPEN EVKHY MVSNING. Busiaesa transacted by Henry Wood Stage Manager Geo. Christy ETHIOPIAN MlNS'l KtLM . To conclude with, Thursday. F ildav and Saturday? Tllfc OLD Sl VI. K OK NE'iRO MIVSTREI.SY, Commence at 8 o'clock. Admiaelon, Jb cent*. BBOADWAY VARIETIE8, NO. 471 BROADWAT. (tj.u; Mechanics' Hall, between Grand and Broome sta.) B. Wood Lessee and Buainenx Managei B G. Marsh Stag ~ ADMD8ION, TWENTY FIVE CENTS. THE WOOD A MAKBH JUVBNILKS will present the 40 THIEVES. Principal characters:? Master G. W . Mary and I /mine. ?' onioience* at 8 o'clock, and concludes at 10 o'clock. The uroadw ay varieties, 472 hroai>way, wili. close for a tew weeks, on Saturday, July 2rt, for the purpose of enlarging and renovating the saloon, during which time the Wnoa und Mursli Juvenile Comediaus visit Builslo, Quebec and Montreal. Due notice of the re opening will be given in the daily papers. HENRY WOOD, Business Manager, C100I.EPT PT \CE IN THE CITY? 127 GRAND STREET, Franklin Museum. surrounded by windows oil all Hides. A troupe of beautiful women, singing, dancimg, aud fourteen living tableaux by the Model Artistes. STRANGERS, DON'T LEAVE THE CITY WITHOUT visiting the Franklin Museum, 127 Grand street, where the Model Artistes perform twice everyday: decidedly the most aular place or iimusemcut in tbe city, Twenty-seven young es. this afternoon and night. FOURTEEN TABLEAUX, THIS AFTERNOON AND evening, at the Franklin Museum. 127 Wrand street, intro duclng the " Three Graces," " Sapphle," "Temptation," " Venus Rising from the Sea,'' " Innocence," 1 Pandora," Ac , with other ordinal attractions Franklin museum, 127 grand street, one door from Broadway? one door from Broadway is the Franklin Museum? 127 Grand street is the Franklin Muse tun. Tbe Model Artistes at the Franklin Museum, every afternoon at 3, every evening^at H. Buckleys serenaders, who ari: vow in bos ton? will open their new and splendid Tamp'-, at No. IM Broadway, New York, opposite Nlblo'i theatre, about the middle of August. NOTICE-ili AKSl'KKE IIRA.MATIC ASSOCIATION ? The members, honorary members and employes ot the above association nre requested to attend the regular meeting, this (Saturday) evening, at 8 o'clock, at the Club House, w Broadway. Pleasure, aa well as business of importance. Person* wishing to join this club can apply as above ? ladiee by letter. Notice.? to theatrical managers.? mr. j. W. WA1.LACK, JR., on his arrival In l.ondon, having (bund It expedient to sail for Australia via t'ali forma, has returned, and Is prepared to negotiate en gugements with the various theatrical muusgers en route tor New Orleane and San Francisco. All letters ad dressed to 42 (ireeuwich avenue. New York, will meet with piompt attention. FRANKLIN MUSEUM. NO. 127 GRAND STRRET. ONE door from Hrondway. ? This afternoon and evening, an extra entertainment w ill lie given. Madame Warton will ap pear in her original representation of " Sappho ;? ' also, four* teen other pictures by h>-r troupe of Model Artistes, twenty seven in number. Tub refined, the classic, the magnificent, the original, the intellectual, toe beautiful, the unrivalled, and the most popular exhibition in New York is Madame War ton's personations of statuary, by her troupe of Model Artistes, at the Franklin Museum. 12i Grand street SREAT ATTRACTION.? SUNDAY EVENING CON certs at the Atlantic Harden, Nos. 9 and 11 Itroadway.? ? nln<h grand Sunday concert of the season, by Dodworth's Band, will be given on Sunday evening, July 27. when a very attractive programme will be presented, containing gcuie from the flkvorlte operas, oratorloa, Ac. >PMMM HJKBOHTB. Bath hotei^-a delightkul summer rkhidknce on the ocean shore, Ixing Island. Thia splendid estsh liahment having kx-en enlarged and much improved, ta now open for the reception of transient and permanent hoarders. B. BATH BUN. Bkllevue (jarden-eoot of kightietTi street. Fast river. The steamboat Ajai will not run to Bel lev ue on Sunilsv ne?t, as adMttM in Friday s Herald The tlnead and t hird Avenue Railroad Companies have agreed to run exirn cars every Sunday from the city to Bellevue. J. WARD, Proprietor. HEI.LEVUEGARDENS, rOOTOE EIGHTIETH STRKET, Fast river ? \ grand saered concert every 8und?y by ihe Washington Baud. Admittance, by rMreehment ticket*, US cents. The gardens are open free on week daya. This place will be found the coolot and most delightful s immer resort nut of New York. There are ten acres of land, beauti fully laid eut, with shade tree*, and gravel walka on the bank of the river Folks from the Old Csjuntrv would do well to pay a vteK to this resort, thOT will here and a model of the public parks and gardens of Europe. N. B.? Picnic parties and target companies will Und good accommodation. Hci-ond and Third avenue cars every live minutes. S. WARD. Proprietor, rom England CLIFF WOOD UOVSB-A OEI.IGHTFCL SUMMER ><E treat, situated at Maataven. opposite Key port. New Jer sey. MO y?r<!s from the K>y In' grov.s, bathing. MlM, flaking, gunning. Ac making It far superior as a summer re sort to uid In the State The Sne steamer Keyport, Captain ^rrowsmith. will leave the foot of Murray street daily at 4 P. If., for the above place For parti ufars apply at 187 Hleeeksr street, opposite Depan row. or at the nutTwood House. A. PORTER, Proprietor. C tAMl'BEI.L'S STEAMBOAT LANDING.? THIS BEAU J tlful summer retreat, situated at the Woodiatm, 107 th street, on the lludeon river, la now ready for visiters, pie nice and target eompaiues Eicursiouiats will be aocoinmislatsd ?Mill target ground, dinners, Ac The steamer will leavs the foot of Spring streetaatly iSee adrerUs?nienU ) N H ? Green turtle soup every Hiuiday, from .1 to 7 " clock, anil a Knleker liocker salad. C. W. CAMPBKLL, Proprietor. 0LIFFWOOD GBOVB. AT CI.IFFWf>OD, OPPOflTll Key port. Is now ready for pic nlc parties. On the shore of RAiitao bay, andsoirrounda a lake of about twelve acrna. Applications should be made early to T. V. ABROW.HMITIf. ?Cs<i . of steamer Keyport, foot of Murray etrial, between Ul wMSo'sloek. N~KW y7i 1! K A N I' II VRLFM RAILROAD COMP VNV - Ijike Mahopae. I'as?engers VHllIng <hc lake will titwl i hie the most desirable route, only two hours Irmn Twenty, six'h street by the Oats, and 4U iniuutes by singe, distance, t', miles. Four stages in resdlness at Croton Falls to convey cassenfern. WM. J. CAM PIIBLL, Superintendent N'FWPi iRT At COMMODATION ? BOARD FOR SINGLE grniietuen ?Gentlemen vUltlng Newport, uiaiu'n le<l !iy ladles, will find excellent accommodations at "lie <tc t tllrt Ifouse, Turn street, nearly opposite Old Stone Mill Meals ? t ved to order, w henever required. Ills k?lglng roowu. for oomiort, are not surpassed by any In Newport OB<>. I. DOWNINO. of New York. Proprietor N'FAEKsINK HIGHLANDS.- ?flPILL WATER tNH surf bst lung, iishtng. sailing, Ac., and an abundant tA ble aed cellar provided, at Thompson's Atlantic Pavilion. Three bevsis lalh leaving N?w York this day? fX'FAN Wave, atld'-, JAM^ It,, foot of Jay street; and LITTLE lJkl'RA, 3)., foot M Robinson. J. I. THOMPSON, EA BATHING AT LONG BRANCH N. J ? THE PRO prietors of the Metropolian Hole' beg lesie to inform ibelr null rou, friende aud patmua that they heve amiable ac t'aimodntlons for those who favor them wPh a call J. II A (I. W tXK>PEB. Proprietor. UM Mr. sen N . I. .July* IHMt SEA" BATHING. - THE AIJJMH ANT ROUS*. AT l?rig llranch. New Jersey. Is now nr>ea for the receptwm of vlsttera. at |t< per Week. Three ?! ally lines of aieamnrs and to the above plaec direct from Eew York JOSEPH D. WARDKLL A SOB, Proprietora. S' wnu tip ij?wwi. ?)C MR* i'lDKR B?A?OT, PVU. FOR ?>AI.R r hrap Am"ir?n brand?. ?in Now Rn(Uu><l nun, M'ltionfabrl* an. I rectified whtakry purr ?i ir"? In bbl* and Kln1? , nil nf which ?i' ?tfer el lowr?t oiarket prior* Burem wiD do well to mil on C. W <RI' * CO., I to Marray Ireel toamimr* *rm.rwn with mnnioN wikiw awo r rplrtl* par* M lmpor'?i, id d*nMj>haa and bniUer, ? ?h?>|p??l<' prior*. A -onir mm a* Alee. k. b , ?t. 1. 1 aialt rlnr*?r lb* purr*t aad bmt adapted for ptrk :W1? lhai ran hr bad t*mdon porter Scotch and kvUa pat* air*. In pinla and qnarta. a* imported cmMISOif A DIXON, m Bmtw ?trr Jirt.lW MVMH A on '* OH VHP A Of *t -BT A* I raajrrmrot wttti the hotter of Mreara. J. U A J. I ?, P Haw Vork U>* undrrattnrd now Import* lhr*? ( <* ? lae*. rlf, Imperial. ?'?Wort and Tartrnay, dlrec . m Rheim* and la enabled to ..iTrr them m hi* patron* anl tlx* public upon ibr Mai favorable term*. A* thare are two brand* of champagne wine In Uir market of the wnr nam*, without Intrrlertnc with other Inter ?**?. It *?rm?*lo hr pmpar u> ?iale that the M'linm * wlitea ftmt introduced In Ihta market by the Maaar*. Roker, la the y Mr In*, that 'V <e wise* obtained rreai relebrlty here, and (hat upon the <l ? ? ?f 0i<- Brm at Rbrtoi* en the l?t of Janaart. MM M -h iwn hoime* ? ere f -wl aamrlt. .lulr* Miimm A <??? t ? ? H Mi ram A On , the flrat hoiiae nam* I retained the glnai ?>?taMiahmrnt. and to thl* time ha* maintained al?' the r putatlon of the Miimm'i win**, by eiportm* only lko?e of the nn>?' approved ?ciailty Hy a careful nompartaon with iha hi *t wlai'i la Ibr market, ai<leil by the *tprri?noa and frlrlc.e lof able judrra. the midrralgned ?elerUel from the difTermt brand* the rhampastir wlnr* of Jul** l immAPn, a* die rr..? wine <it all the re*t For purity, drllrary of 1*ror, -<? rhmipatnr* *rr now pi (eruleA, w'th a full awmrance of their bring the hr?t wlaMIn lb" mar krl FRKO R. COfBKffR. Importer, 7% Warren *trret, Rrw T?Hl. T ONOWORTHS SP \RKURtl A|TI> flVtU f'ATAWlt \ \j ?inr?. t. H. t O/./.KNM. Jtole A?eal, r> Warren ?treri, Rrw Tork. MWKHK a CO. S NIaRKU*'? AX1> RTII.I, vT lawhH wine* r * OOMWBW, *olr e?"nt. 73 Warren ?ir? ri, R. T. mjntAU ??fMiR mt w, rtim. rnKr ro**-? iHJLTftrAi. 1 S oiler -The rr-nl*r mei :lnp* of mmmtnee* *re hrld fcrwe am po*e ot li'.'iHtnf on '< inner*, at Mil Raaaan alrret" nrrt to the II. r i M oBce. rv rj day. ACKRRKAir.Pr^Ment fte.- i VrilW, r"''rrtaPf, YJOWERY TilKjtMl .? UMHER AMD MARA6ME, Ji AJ Broarhaoi- Saturday 'wenlng, July 26, MM. THR hi RAT US OK THfc MlrtSihtUPPi. Patrick OToola Hr. Broughaor 1HE IKISH TIGER. ROBERT MACAIRE. VHTALIACK'S THEATRE. YV Kl'MMKK GARDEN. The most cool and delightful retreat in the city. Mr DIG* IHifktClOAULT M Grtmoldl, an imper aonation unrivalled on the stage. Mint, a U.N KM ROBERTSON III her beautiful portrait of violet To night, Saturday. July 2d, will be repeated, In conaeqnenr 01' ihe coDtmued enthusiasm with which It tea btra received .Mr. liouii'icaui r new play, in five acta, oaltod TIIK LrPE Of AN AOTRES8. Prom the importance variety and lunglh of the play, Bt other drama will be given on the Fame night. Hoxea, Ml eents; alalia, $1; family circle, 36 oenta. Performances ovmmance at 7X o'clock, AM I ? I lii'nsln M nearly at M>$4 aa passible. ORIGINAL Dl'SSELDORP GALLERY, 4V7 Bkoauwat. The best collection of paintings on thla continent Open day and evening. 1 Single admission, 26 centa, aessop ticket*, <0 days, 60 cenig. w BITE'S OPKHA HOUSE, 49 BOWERY. To night, benefit and last appe&ranM cf JOUN DIAMOND, The greatest dancer in the world. WE NEVER GIVE TREE ADMISSIONS ON ACCOUNT of the falling off of the pal ronage of the public. EaUh lished over ten year*. Triumph of beauty ? downfall of hum bugs. Crowded every night. Franklin Muaeum, 127 ?raod street. The original Model Artiste*. FRANKLIN MUPEUM, 127 GRAND STREET-rRANK Un Museum, 127 Grand street? Frankim Muaeum, 1ST Grand street? Franklin Museum, 127 < J rand street? Franklin Museum, 127 Grind street- Franklin Muaeum, 137 Graod atreet? Franklin Muaeum, 127 Orand atreet. P LEAKE NOT MISTAKK THE PLACE? A NUMBER of ordera tor Empire Hall are preaeuted nightly at the Franklin Muaeum 127 <1 rind street. Madame Warton beg* to inform the nubile that abe la iu no way couuected with auy other establishment Her audiences alw aya pay, and no free .u:ini?slotn are given away. SATURDAY'S BILL. AT THE FRANKLIN MU8F.UM, O 127 Grand street, will he very rich. M.uUuue W arum a mil troupe of Model Artistes will appear, comprising a cam pany ol twenty -seven young ladles, m fourteen magnificent taring pictures. DA.V BRYANT'S MINST11EI.S ARB COMING.? THE company, composed of the old. original and genuine n umpbrlls. comprising twelve talented and experienced per foruirt *. w ill ?tart on their Western and Southern tour about tl.e first of August, and perform In all the principal cities of New York. Massachusetts and Connecticut, tinder the ma nagement of that essence of Old Vii'gUiny," lir. Ktiun. Agent. DAN BRYANT. R AMATIf.? A JUVENILE DRAMATIC CLUB HAS j - just been organized. Any person wishing to join will pleaae address II ?., Herald office, statin* time awl place wlu ra an iuicivicw can be had. Noue under 14 or ever It years of age need apply. 1)RO BONO PCBLICO.? HITCHCOCK'S CONCERTS are held every Saturday and Wednesday evenings At the Fountain Chop llouae. 167 Walker street. These free concerts Are the most select and popular In the city. Jaa. Kraier in the chair atH o'oock. TO AMI'SKMKNT PROPRIETORS.? AN Y ONE DE01R ous of a tirst rate manager, musical director er agent, can negotiate with a gentleman of well known ability and ej perience. Address Amusement, Herald oOice. THE SUMMER GARDEN.? WANTED, TWENTY YOUNG ladies for the ballet. Apply at the box otlice of Wallack'* Theatre, between 10 and 12 A. M. and 7 and 10 P. M., Ihia day and Monday. D dry soom, w. BRODIE'S TRAVELLING CLOAKS.? A FULL ASSORT ment now ready, in cloth and linen, at 61 Canal street, mi tilt Lispenard street. T> ASQUES, BLACK AND WHITE LACKS AND MUSLINS X) nf the newest and moat elegant styles made to order; aleo a handsome assortment ofdreas caps and head dresses, mourn lng Ac., at Mrs. A. T. JAM ICS , 26 Bleeeker street, eaetef Broadway. C1ARPETS, ) . Ol the most superior quality, the{greateat variety and L'.NHIVALUCl) BKACTT, Are now exhibiting at the vast salesrooms of HIRAM ANDERSON, M> BOWER V. English medallion velvets, tapestry, Brussels, three plye, In grains and oilcloths were never before offered at such ? * t.ow rKioKs.' (1 LARK'S SPOOL OOTTON.? THIS PRIZE COTTON OP J the great Pans Rxpoeluon la now upon Ita own me rite re ceived into general tie*. It ie axtenelvely need on ee wine ma chines All oambere received regularly, and for sale by GKO. A. CI.ARK, M Dey street. H Ol'Kl FURNISHING GOODS ? OMX HC9I1KED SOLD VCSTCUDAY. Hundred whatT WHY, HUNDRED MOWJUITO NETS. The cheapest and best net to be found In the city !* now o n sale at the great emporium for supplying the wanta of house keepers Families out of Uiw n can have them sent immedi ateiy hy forwarding a line to the undersigned. They can be put up or taken dow n in a \erv lew minutes, and .n making the bed they are so arranged as to swing on or off without (be slightest difficulty. 1'rlces. complete, from $4 to $16. ROBERT DAVIS. Nos 644 and 646 Broadway, Northeast corner of Bleeeker street. New York. M AX TEA IX DE VOYAGE, 8 CLOAK. DEO ROE a 496 Broadway. TRAVELLING CLOAK. GEORGE A. HEARN. NOTIi K.? IN CONSEtjDBNOB OP MAD AMR HARRIS having left for i'arw la proenre novokiee lor the fail, we b?-g lo csll atlentlon that Ihe remaining sock of French bon nets will be sold at half tbwir original east. Dark straws ft r travelling. Madame R. HARRIS A SON. i71 Broadway. St MMKR GOODS FROM CHINA OPENED. black and colored thin dress goods, of styles and materia! different i'rocn European fabrh s heiug mor- elagwrt and de sirable and the only article suitable for New por' and seaehorn wear. Also. Lutong silks, black and color<-d, in every atyle; ????W goods, handkerchiefs, Ac. , Madras bandker < hiefs, India tutisllus, nankeens, fans, ami a large assortment <d fsney articles from Japan. Caleutta and the East Indies, at FOUNTAIN'S India Store, A6S Broadway. Travelling mantles, In argentine linen mohair. And other materials. For sale bv BKKKMAN A COMPANY, No. <73 Broadway, One block below the St Nicholas. AlTROLOOf, Clairvoyance ? mrs. haves, clairvoyant and healing pbyoician. la dallv curing diseases that ether .?'airvoyann sn<f physirlans have leiled hi care Consult Mrs. Ilaves, ye miliums of sufferer*, and bo cured. Ofiioe 176 Grand street. New York CLARVOY ANCX? MRS. SSYMOCR, NO. IM SPRINtt atreet, a few doors wset at H roadway, the meal eeletiistsd medical and hustorss cJairvnvaat vn Amvrira Ail dieeaaaa Ctsi-overed and enred. If euraMs. the fcie and wbereahmsta ef absent friends made known, anamivg ad I na on b Iiiinies. Aa^ ssid no charge unless satisfied. CARD ? M A HAMR PREWHTER RRTURWS TBAIU lo her friaada and fatrauk and baga u? say that s/ler ik? Uiousaada, both li suited bar with _ 'he 'j nest to t s of astrology, love and law natMra, and banks er 'iraeles. as relied oa eooamnily by Napoleon, she baa no euaaL she will tall the name of the future ' aaBM as bar visiters. 171 Howsry. Madame BALDWTN can be consulted \bout love, marriage and absent friends she telle ail the ' Venle of life, interprets dretuna consults en law nalfrs, at 161 I Jiumis street, third slory. room II Ladles. 26^ ; gen lejnrn, .>H\ Nheeausee S|ierdy m arris ::ea, i-harge 'itra. MADtME MAR. THE PHRENOLOGIST, IS AI#0 A seventh daughter She ran tell ynu when and whoa vou will marry, anil reads 'be lives of ?'i*itnr* so eorreeUy, she astonlebea all who consult bar. OOce Ml) Weet Broadway tads and aatroaa. and bega u? ? Kim aAar tl In thla ckf and Philsdaitihia. who have eei h entire satiafaeUon , she Feela eonfi lent thai I ViPlRtTI ALMM -ELLA GLENVILI.E, THE IRISH 0 Nightingale, will atng her extraorilti ary illuatrauons ,,f -plrltnal harmony. lllustrs'Uig the raillcal passions of the ba nian soul, and the r^wineetifln between muaic and the harmo nial j htl< -opby. at Vale a llall. (late Mechanics' Institute > No. 1 Bowery, corner of Division street, or> Snn.Uv evening, July 27. Tick* is 16 eenM. Gentlemen w ill pleaae not en. -ore, tana pldre of muaic can be repea'ed. owing to their number. KBOiriL. A^m I.AHV ? p CVKM Lmn, Kl HXfTV, HI tnniSR I nod aerioua Owmh dlahetea. inrnaUMSM Of urtaa, < i night and day. permanently and quickly. 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Walker atreet, a fro door* weal af Broad* a WILLIAM WATSOW, M D? formerly aargaoa to the Look Boepr^ ljcrr rrww ? !>w wawd-r rwwnwTrw\r?:ii friend, the meet rertatn eare to the world Ibr certain dl* caeca now naed before all other remedtea for UtoW dktoaee* warranted without merrnry, and reqntrea no .llMinf for th> rnre It la wall known aa the only ramndy lhat clear* illeeaae fhna the Mood and aecure* agalnat aerondary aUark* In all the woret raaea there la no other enre than Una *ll(h' riaee etirad to one day. I>r Wart himaeK haa had mtirm , i perlenre and made more curpa ihan any other ia Wew Tor? A perfect rare warranted In abort time T'nfrrttinal* a F( ' j?.. 1 ' Wrr. an i 'anal atreet aomer of Wroadway. TO Tll!t T1CT1MR OF CATARRH -TOP HAVK TWIRD noatriim*. they Itora no? rured yon Toil hare apptKJ >? dor?or? they fan ? cere, and you ?e< Ihem down ae know nothltiaa." Ton may withhold Ute eplthat, for at M fart* H"tol. Part row, there la a phtaician who can r<ur? 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