Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 28, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 28, 1856 Page 2
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have fiejieA Co* ^7 iuWuad 1 ?** ^ I1 Ar ti?* oflaaded, ml hua bo tri<f J ui <j\h u ^ourt be fore an toip^tirti tribunal, and by the ta^e whiak have been heretoioia ib. ootr itmo AeriUttfe #fu 11 Africans. . ! may mistake. but I believe tfcat I uo denied the b*i>p>oetw of cay husband, that _ u;y feelings aiay be ho agonised tliii 1 dual. willing to W* Qifli to resign th> off" ? U> which tbe voi. ?? ?f hid fellow Jitizen* CiUivtl him. i "Anno-. wit lit turn to diih'iflor. ? know husband ?o<> well to suppose ih*t any influence w<mlit u 4?? him to betray a trust . onttdfld to his t are. He may err in hi it /tal ia Reloading -,U. t/uot, out tic r^unot be coerced >n!o resign .ag It. At the same t.i. J know him well enough to bri eve that if a Majority of the people of OaJiforaia deeire to recall Ike trout with which they have honored him, he wui rwK) a prompt acquiescence to such a wish, pro tided *- exprwsted in a way sufluientiy clear to eetia/> reasonable men thit it is the w ill of a majo nty of the whole people. Pot while he ia held .n a dcran -<e In Saa Francis #?? molt ignominioQB to the goalere than to the Cner? every feeling of manly pride and just r will prevent him from yielding to the violen e ?f the majority of a town the honorable trust bc stswed by a whole State. To the people of t>ie State, and not of San Fnu> aijne. and to Heaven. 1 commend my oaose. If 1 40 Anything unwomanly in thus stating it, I beg that It may be remembered that an unheard if pro mrdlnr baa deprived me ol a :eess to my protector and Adviser. Cornelia Tarry. SaN FraWCISoo, 30, 18od. Dkarbst Nnar? I received youra just now, and next to seeing you, it in my greatest comfort to know that yon are well and still keep up your spi rits ?D the distressing circumstances in which we are piared- I have to-day been engaged in taking down the testimony of the witnesses against me; it n very conflicting , as most always be the ca-o where % number of persona differing in tenperametr. and excitAbility detail occurrences which they all witnessed- Before any impartial tribunal, eveu apon the evidence already adduced, I would be hel<i bkmelesH. t at it is not in human nature to judge <ut enemy fairly and impartially, and the reaalt musi he as God wills. 1 have tried with a great leal ol ?nxiety to read the haractirs of those who are at ?nee my judges and accusers. 1 am inclined vo think that a majority of them are men who d^ire to do right, but 'oasidering tae nfirmi:y of human na ture, they ire assuming an awful responsibility iu sitting in judgment ou a man agaiuvt whom so much ten been t&id to excite their prejudices. You desire to know if I uu well an4 in spirits. ' am well and keep up my spirits as well a* ?ouid be ?xpe:ted; do not f*'ar that I will despond; my uund km 1-een relieved irom -are for the future a my boy, and I am now equal to any fortune. If 1 felt guilty of any crime 41 would despond, but ?pon this point I am invulnerable. 1 kno ? that 1 acted not irom any feeling of maioe toverds any tmman being, but solely from regard to a sacred ens.ple, froai a desire to prevent the cons anon, n in uy presence of an act which, though it may lave been attempted from good rnotiv*e, and wouid ?ertainly have worked no injury to tbe community ? at) the man sought to be removed was a jud man ? was nevenbeiesH a violation of the constitution oi thia State, which I had sworn to support, as woll as the constitution of the United States, to secure the ; Meetings of which to their posterity, both of my ; ^fand^'tiie"" fought and biei, and toiled and sal- | I was educated to believe that it is the duty of rvery JJMiictB to support Ui: cunstituMon of his ?ountry. to regard it as a sa-jed instrument, not to he violated in the least provision, and if ne:cssary . to die *n its defence. The meinest criminal is. on- , der that instrument, guaranteed the same rights a.- . Ike aohiest citixea, and cannot, withoat a violation , mt its provisions, be deprived of hi* Liberty, ex:ept J tv legaJ prorrtw. ? It was at this holy principle, and the obligation of my oath 1 looked, and not at the demerits or the aMDt tvhom I knew to be a bad man, and f belie* e even those who are tnv self-cocstitnted judge* wil' do me the justice to think 1 would not defend him tor tun own sake. Tfce matter stands thu- with me ? A tuaved by tfee principles taught me ;n my childhood , I jave d?o? certain %'ts about tbe merits of which men, who are perti3pa equally honest and patrioti", dtfler. This most always be the case as long as men s mind' are different! v constttuted. I feel that lam right, and so feeling, wotud .ay Stwn my life ratheT than deny thoa<? principles. Tto same coiwd- usness of Jie justice of my cause which snetained oid Nat. Terry while wacnded ani a prisoner in Charleston, and which nerved '.he hear of David Smith ( Judge Terry ? ma'ernal grand falker) to refuse to release his father s brother, wh > bad supf-irted his tott<-iing steps in infancy, and whmane had made priwiar at King's Mountain, must support me in this trial. IT Med be. I - an go cut of the world fueling tKt ' Have don? noih n_- -n this life which would ause ike nrirtts of tho?e patriots and hero?s to biush f >s (kairdeace mydirlmg don't fear tkat I will fal'er I kattave, if I \m permittefl to 'ive out my three > ^?ri years sod ten, I have those elements in m* which would enable me to ke of service to my c.*u i ? v ui to leave a name of which my children wouli I*- piwad. I ejmrot doubt 'his woen 1 loak ha'< m?o tbe past and see what I have already accom plished with so little eflbrt. Py tbe death of my mother I wa- ief , it tbe ?t ttirtwn years, to my own guardianship, my ?nly counsellor who had intluen-e with me wa> * brother, tot two years older than myself. Cron that ^ 1 inn'?d myself a man and asso ;at*d with ?en. aye and played a man's part <n the Amgg * wkiah sae.ured th" independence r,f r?>*as and gav i to the T'njoo oae of tbe brightest stars in th* xteUaion. ^ - . Aoknoaieig nf n?i control cpon my KOOM. I eooid not sink from tbe ?oldkr nto the a boolboy, mo what ete atloo I have acquired above what a b y af twelve yeais gathers at -ommou ?ch<-U. I a qoirtd by reading all the Uwks I owned or -ouJd borrow, luring tbe time I was aot engajed on tae frontier. With there disadvantages . and without a very evtra <rdnarv am- sin' of ap|Ji< ati'>n. I have nutintained a rrsipectalile sUndlng at the bar, enio> an ?in?4eml?!i *4 rep itation for honor aud integrity, and at the ag'j ??f thirty-three have been J. by the vo ce of the i?eopl< jf this staU- apon tbe -vuprrate lienii. witn pioper ind'istrv. what msy not be a~"cu. (iiisbed n thirty yeiw more.' But it is tnproliui,.' now u ' .n.d* if this. I If we should not m?*t aga.n, m> love, rememis r | aad say to mv friends ttuit the re?(ue?t I m?de of i j**., ana of Caotain Lubb?>ck remains still my w sit; T know that enooer or later justice wffl bedon^ - , i my ti?n*wy and all (fo<vl m?n who know my ?attve* will re?p<'t th?>m and me. ... Keep up ytmr spirits, be koferel form Mnn, ? aa d rely iron the wmirzoce that I w . ^ive "Ofsna ao reasou to bimth for tbe memory of his fatter. Hemember me to all my fnenda. say t3 them that iMr dteatloB to the beet eadorsi meat of ay ao tnree. a* it is sot poasible tliat a ha<i mm ?MM have m> h friend". , . K, W|,?j eely love, may ?.od h.-ssyoc *nd ?ay soo "Yenr own lorever, Tebrt m coMWirr a To fudg? from ^sitward ind' atiins we are incl'.n *d tr> thiok that tbe^Btaf the Executive ( ommit t?? > now being devoted ti the re^'ption e' te?t wtmj affninsr ?i I prisoners onflno I. an I tbe 'igatioa 'it th" '-bargee ; refeiwl ag? n?? th^m. was understood that, a larire uumbor if person" w? ?< kere from wt s*V' n to give ?vid< n ? o tho , Terry, "f simr tk-re w<r? those who appeared ler ka'A sMM.aai eoae of them '?ame at hi* roq.?^-v TTlai ikr aalum nf \ ? was, we know not, t>ut pre ??W i* Mtd refer I. e t. h.- wr -naracter. b posMeae nav also been made in the "ase of the M aaaut <it?m Mr Hopk'.ns whr h will be duly c?awidrr ad when tbe resut of he .njoriea of tbe wounded ?an are known. Ho m ?<h .npr>rtant tiustnees is iiwsmag upon the K*e<-nti*? i ommttte?. tt?a?, they a*? eeafeuad to be in aim'jet ooatant session night ??> foj. Tke 'lenrai Comabttee are also vigoroq?iy proaersbaK their labor* hy niuating MMH, ef ganiamg eompanw* perfecting them m Irill. re asaring thtir ani <-p ngt'ien ng the Port, and jr larding tk^ head qtiarters ?f tbe ' ommrtee. thf rstsotine. fkt CkMfttee hav* now in >wslody a b her of prisoner-, which eohj^ ts tb? m to great ex i^ase and a vigilant guard. As neu as we ran warn tke? kave th? p* isoae of ah m' fifteen men a? fraiiaaif , ksmdea ?aae ae witae*?e. These embra< e SI wko ware reported to have been shipped on the sera *I*vada t sit did an* go- six detained from tkeae taken from the California Fir' hang* wheti the ferwi suir-iwiepwl there, and Terry. Hakmey and A+n h. It is said that terry is greatly tJk W?d hy ?be astrittntj he now a mnpie*. itod de^nly reg^ts th" rmmm that led to his inrar^erstion. Th? narrow asa^ass of hisdnnge<m srid the Ue?e proximity of a msdtitoda of armad solders are not -alealated to give sae of fcis proad aptrlted f^eiiag WJ igrsaakl* ?mmmshm. Bis -onflnenvnt wiU furnisk him an op wartaattjr ler matore rev ti m it>?? hie uojo?tiri orrv (or tae last month and dooht>ss will MR htm *? r? *ret the unwis* ?t. ps he ha- "ski-n. .matstrewts rls^ apoa the fartttathe mu have horn HMlM flrst by Mr. H?jik5cs b?'m be nn ik? deadly Mow to his vi<-ttm.an4 fo? this rea?ra hia friendle eUim that he is guiltless. !? ?ko?td he r?m< mt>*r "i thst his offea -? U *?- no' ^sst wiereiv in the attack opoa Mr. ffopkia* Sot h? si tueUy o??sored and wotarly hold reap i ? .le n ? fmly for tke t?Jo -i -? Hopkins, ha', his "ontlno?d aid ,.>m4iu<I far warfare on ?n the (\mm\H** 'he ?sm lTTrTtl^wor'ht?w hat m-s hief making well AS tb" WT t of b?>?eas '?oepoe, aji<s tkeeMwM* of arm* n. <;t ? ? <? o-e I ?g?lwttkeee who eei-oood h s win '? ^ I Mb tt Ml ll IW city, an amra#e and hriag ?*[ a ofliaon ,??' vrn >H tiar??ah?? to him sa l lor wh'cb he will be >a<d 'TT rr rt li># Ot V* Wt Wa Bwyj u . ' [kt. ii^D by ?titUu'yiGR-b" '-1 ??" ? 4tl * y U?f OOOOhlUDn would Wt M pv*<irw OS it W to-(L) without tie shedding of the Wool 01 Mr- ll,Pk 1 ' TKHHlf'? RBXIrfM^rlOK. It w mt rumored last ^V. D-U(r ^11(1 gcu .ally t* . ? v ed by h * frieuds, that JudgeTerry would w ail pro baluiitv tetniei his resignation as associate Justi ? i the Couri, tiurio^ DigQt. OH * lit I S P. Dl'AMKt HIS ATT, MPT fO WWHTOTCW <"ITY. By the arrival of the John L. f-?pheiw we 'earn that Charl-H l?. Duane, one of the s<\ persons lirsi seiit away by the Vigilance Committee, endeavored to return on the Stephen*, from Acapuloo. It will be remembered that he was sent away on the ?.olden Age, on the 5th of Juae, and it swms that he left the steamer voluntarily or otherwise at Acapulco, where he remained until the .Stephens c*m? op. when beotuilied for passage back to San rranciaco, which was, however, peremptorily refused him. He found some friends on board who interceded tor him and agreed to pay his fare, hut the Captain itfterly refused to take him at any rate. He was not to M deprived of doing as he pleased thua quietly, and. ha vine failed in his efforts to come up like a geutle man, he thought be would trv to secure a passage clandestinely, and accordingly stowed himself away in some secret p.ace on the boat, and in this way got out to -ea unobserved. When discovered be was teken in charge, and when they met the Sonora they hailed her and pat him on board, with instructions to land him in Panama. This very singular condu:t on his part is in perfect keeping with his indis cretion, and if bis plans had been successful, would have resulted quite disastrously to turn.? Sun Fran cisco Alia, July b. iBRKBT OY P\H A1 PB1CH. The notorious Dan Aldrich came down from <sa>*rmmento, where he has been recruiting un army to march against the Committee, and as aoop u his feet touched the wharf, the bands of the Valiant's Police wereupen bis shoulder, and Le was walked off to the rooms. " KOKT VIOII ANCE. [f rom ih? -aii 1 ranri-'co Alia. Ju'y 4.] The headquarters of the Vigilance Cojnnittee are ??onnnually be'ng strengthened by additional forti fications and deiensive weapons. In addition to the sand- bag breastwork thrown up to protect the ap proach from Sacramento street, we notice that one. equally formidable and extensive, has been erectei so as to guard the entrance to the rear of tie rooms in Hiiieck street, out of Davis- Th<*se breastworks will be of ureat servi?e in c ise of an .nsane attack by the Governor's straggling army. Behind these fort; fixations are stationed powerful cannon, which are so arranged as to rake every possible approach to the rooms. . .. x . . Fjr the benefit o! those at a distance, who know nothing of these fieadquirters except what they read in the papers, we leel inclined to give, in de tail a description of tfte locality. The rooms are embraced in the block bounded bv Front, Davis, California and Sacramento streets, having an en trance from. and fronting on, the latter. The square is two hundred and seventy-five feet each way, and is covered with two story bri -k bnildunr?. and is about one block from the water of the bay. The rooms, proper, are upon Sncramento street, and embrace about one hundred feet frontage in the centre of the block. This front i? protertoa by a sandbag breastwork, which is ttirvwn up about ten feet high, six feet thick, and twenty feet from the building. A narrow paasway through this fortifica tion admits members to the retreat, trom wnich in gress ifl made into the buildings. There are guards station* d it the pass through the breastwork, and also a double set at the entrance to the doors. a? well a* another at the stairway that leads to the se-ond floor, where the different departments acd cells are lo:ated. A small street, ailed Halieck Htntt puts into the centre of the block, from Davis ?treet. which admits of a rear entrance t J the rooms, and which is barricaded W sandbags as stated in the tint part of this paragraph. Upon Uw second floor the apartm. ntn cover more space 'ha., opun the first. as they have opened com munication witfc several adjoining buddings, by making doorways, so thai they must now occupy nearly or qui* one-half of the entire block upon tie be xmd floor. The ground flw is used for the field pie es and heavy ammunition, while the small arms *re nicely arranged in convenient racks above. The fcads of oepar*ments and different inferior offices, and the Executive Committee rooms, as well as the prisoners' cells, are on the second floor. r-Hin th" roof is placed, in a eaBBpicww position, un alarm t*U ol about 700 pounds weight, as well as re veral pu ces of cannon, which overlook the diftsrent stiwtb. Nearly all the stores in the block are occu pied as us< i*l . oy business bows, and their trausar iiont tfo on onini^rruptcd . Th^ corr^Dondiiirf block upon the opposite side of Sacramento street is va cant having been burnt over a few months since. The adjoining blocks on the otner sides, except on the last are composed of solid brick and was >nry work thus planting any p wttUtty of firing the buildings by the opponents of the Committee. A boot ? hundred guards are kept coustantl . on wav h. V prote-'t the rooms and property of the Committee. . . ??u-h is a faint outline of the V igiiaace Comnu tte<- j hcad<iu.irters in Son Fran isco 'he centre of more power and terror to evil doer* than oil the courts or '.overnors of California, because it has. to aid it phvwcal strength, th<- entire moral t ir e of th" j ?state. There is more .mnlideii'-e repose 1 >n i's ac- i ti<m than in all the legal uibnnals we have ever hsd | Among as. STILL A.VOTHEK BfcTO n*' A man by tbe aame of William F >rd. a sooema m^ker. a member of the Union Rifles, and on*- if the law and murder party, wh> had been arrosted by the Vigilance Comniittee. ji the Old rabforni* Ex chong' . on ~*turday eveniug was, on the 24th ult. I tound 1 vmg in Flint street . dangerously wounde 1 by ; a gun or piswl shot. He was uken charge of. ani *<in after conveyed to the hospital on vockvw street where be is now lying. It see?s trom rumor th?t the engtne?r ot the >'it tor Iron Works was attr* 1e?1 by the groans ot a J manneorthe corner of FoLsotr. aodBeate streets. He thouglit that the man was merely drunk . and did . Dot pay much attention to him He was sf*rwards. j at half pe" five o'clock this morning, found in fron*. of Mr. llurtbs s hoos>- on First street. betoe^nMar ket and Minion, two d.*>rs from the Isthnu Hotel, L ai>d fna theoce conveyed to the hospital. ?? lien It | was icii.ud that h" had been wtiunded by a bill strik ing him on th* left side, between the sevnth an I eigb'hnlis imssmg forwards and Inwards, and lodg ing about an in b from thi lower extremity of the ?Ifniuf . about +irht in hes from where It wen' In. [ The tioli waa extracted, and the man w^s properly ; ared for. and at 10 o'clock was asleep. Th? ball is j <upiHM?Hi to have pa??d throng# a portkm of the left lung, and will prot.ibJy prove faUl. The partkulors of 'his deed of Mo-si htve not ye# b*-n learned. A resi lent of Harrison ?treet is ?mri to have tsard th^ report of a pistol a?*>tit on o'cio k this morning, and It is supp<^ed that i ord was then wounded. When he arrived at the hospi tal this morning he was unsb'e to give rnncfc Infor mation in regard v> ttie matv-r. He said, how^vei, that lie hvl l??*n drinking Ia?t night at one Mc'iee s tavern ?u Kifst street, in! Uiat be hod afterwards gone nut and was ?ho in the <reet. H- said he w?? m . h intoxicated a: ?h* titne and >mld -ell no more alx-ot it. ft is rumored as w? go to pre? that the Vigilance < ommitlee nave leirne*1 the name of the man who shot Ford snd are on his track. Ford is a native of Ireland. writnm two c*ha?* Tf?e re^rh?K.rh -od of th. V ash' rwov.en - I.J gone w is .hrown .nut a -ute of ex it. urent and ror?temation at an eariy b?ur thi? morn ing by the dl*c^verv that *wo Chinamen had l?e?n oVibed and brutally m ir.l"red in their bo ises. tfcere ?Kuated. ?*>?? time durtsg MHt night The victims were wwheronn. and ?vnpie<1 two ?etMirol*' shanties. They lived m com panv with sevoraiotbers of th?o?' own otintnnneo . who had com? into the .d*v afW l?he-". their pra> ti.-e being to ome In at night and return by daybreak in th" morning. WVn their companion- r-turned this morning they found the hoos-* broh-n into, the ?rri left in charge lying dead upon th- floors, ind the ? lo?he? and dnnres scattered halter skelter, ev d*ot|y thrown about in the rear h for money. An aUrm was at oo'W given, and informaU.m conrere ] to th* offi e? of th** pilice and' oroner. O?oer Howord imrm-llstely pr??o<?dod to the logwvn and ?o??k possession of the bod>*s, whl? h were alKWt ?ea o'clock brought into the Coroner s -ffioe. The name of t bf m?n were Sum Kow and i <i Th" former was stah^*d to *be heart bv a 'arge knife, and his H?ad was aimovt serend rro.n his ^ody by >?>veral ghasi.v c?te !n the tliroot and neck \ u was found with his hands and legs tied, cb >oked with a heavy t in?Ug* aboo*. his n?"k snd also stab l>?d to the h?*is. \ nrore homble sight was hardly ?ver -e*n. It is said that a larg* quantity <?f money was*toi?o, tho?tgh this is not certain. ? Sow Fran /"tii o M w //W * a . 5. rim vons Of ?wi ? omrurvw. The Son Francisco Alt* ssys ? In or?ler to keep our Km'to friend" fcdt.-ed of all points by (he f 'otnmlttee.we agiin rive tlie hl^ list, wt*h all the improvements and additKms, up to the latest too The following will -how the resn't of fbe Ulsws of the < ommrtte* ?? dst- ?o far as ?x pulsion of notori ous person ? Is concerned:? James P. Casey, eg^uted. f iiorles Cont, " Yankee soUivan, c ?m-nltled aticide. C. t>. I hisne. shipped on 'he woiden Age. Wm. MolNgsn W'Killey Keoruy. . ' arr. sent to the 'tolsfD 's snds. Ha fir 'iallogher. Fisard B'ilf?r. Jim Bnrke alias A away. P?-'er Wlfh'inan S-4 lim WKte, Jf nn ' r'iws, .eft on the ^ryn. Bill Uewis. shipped ?n the w?e**a *e?i<io. J-.twd e kel'- } , John I owttr, J cu the Sierra Nevada. T. H. < uvningham " * urabgUi to Nc? ^ oik in lilinoi-H. An?!. Purple, Ja met* Heunewsey, Tom Mulloy, Fr?ok Murra> Jack Mtviuut, Will. iluUJlitOIi Philander Ufa1 e, ?' " J ih. l*uskk, oraeri'd to letvo, out rela?.<J to go J. w. Rigley, " j. r, Maiouey, ieit in John L. "stepbea-; Drought to New York. Aldnch.kft in John L. Stephens; lefi. at Panama. Al?x*nuer H Purple, left in John L. Stephen*; brought to New Yjrk. k. . Lewis Maboney, left a John L. Stephens; leit a. A vHm! MulVoy, left in John L. Stepbeus; jumped overboard at ae*. Eirrnlkin of tt*iun?l L. damtt and William S. Kelly, of Swriunento. Samuel L. 'larrett and William 8. Kelly were executed by the authorities at Sacramento? the former for the murder of Amiel Brickell, in August last. and the latter for the innrder of Daniel C. How, of El Dorado. We are indebted to the extra Union for the following particulars of the exe;ution We had a long conversation with ;he prisoners relative to the coinmiatkm of the crimes of which they had been convicted? principally with Kelly, however? the subjoined oonfession of Garrett, in his ?wn haxdwrittng, and over his own signature, hav ing been previously placed m our hands, with the insurance that no other statement of the circum stances connected with the m.irder bad been made i v him. I.nTBHVTEW BfTWCCN ?AKWtTT AW? H18 'Vim. Mrs. Carre tt was furnished with comfortable quar ters, and detained at the station hoone on Thursday night in coDsequen 'e of her attempt at self-destruc tion on that day. ^he was kept within view of the officers during the night, to prevent any fnr-Le. effort to that end. In c jnnequeuce of her frantic state, it wus not deemed adv isable to scoede to her reuuest to be permitted to visit her husband on the biig. On the intension, however, 01 a gewi out hearted lady of our city, who sympathised wr.b her in her affli'tion. -he was permitted to go on board, in company with the lidy &n<l one or two gentteinen. Sbe rt m aiued on the brig with her husband about an nenr and a half. _ .. The interview is said to have been taost affecting Their conversation was wholly in a whisper, r ew words were interchange!, in consequence ot the ex treme agitation of both. Mrs. (larret* particularly, whs greatly niov.-d. She sobbed and wept uuiing nearly the entire interview. . Coventor Johnson went aboard during tne inter view, exchanged a few words with the prisoners, shook hands with them on parting, and :ame ash ir, in company with Mm. <iarrett, aMsiat'ng ui her sup port. Ilie parting of Mrs Oarrett and her husband, although aftecting. waseffe ted quietly, and occurred about ten minutes before the prisoner-, were brought ont to be taken to the place of exe mtion^ When ine parties ascended the scaffold herin White asked Kelly if he wished to *ay anything to the crowd. He did not, at first, make any decided response, but, moving over to the northwest corner, hesitated and commenced picking his teeth. While he hesitated, the Sheriff turned to ? * arretf and asked him if he desired to say anything. He an h we red in a firm voice that he wished to siy a fe w words, and promptly stepped up to the railing on the north side. In a firm, distinct voice he said: Kelow citizens ? I am about to die for the crltr.c o! n-.oi.ier. lam undent. 1 never murdered uj ??? 1 omn tte.t the crime of man?.augh:er. I k.llea .tr. Br'. Jce l. J ? .lied b.m n serf-defence, and for tte pro tect :on of m, ?? i.te. Rumors have <een ^^ted that U??re a on-r'nury between *r- Brlckrll* wi? uid uaugbter an.l my-?j:i to W.ll fcim. Th.sia "J*?* reci. 1 k il-l him. ..n<l I only am r-s|<??:b?e. 1 ki.led bun without c a. ce. I n mf. ^ . _ r. far.- i :'iic ' hiinan 1 re?pe<-t?'d 1. m. !t .& uf >ea6. evw io - anytb ng now. What s i!?nc o?ldoI >e r?' ( ?,W1. Tiiis :s fctl I have n say. As -Km ?- (.arrett had con'Juded and steppeu back K*"lley toek his pUtre, and in a (,is;m:t ano " th'* criir^ ? ? ni -order, wt b i urn rot "l- J ^iAV ?*h ng vartK J?ar to -ay, except lb r un N-m of you.g 'a.lief a:.'l t?i?tiea*B 1 want w tell you to keep oil s it ?aa tb? thai na, D.-.fU me b^.re. That a ail 1 b?\ e V1 say . The prisoners immediately, at the requeet o: '.he sheriff, commenced drawmg i>ff the.r coat* and ad justing their shirt collars. They then stepped upon the i!p)P , ioimediately icder the re-^tne rop^, when, with their own assistance, the long, lowing, white shrouds were plaoed upon them and botui' round their waists with a white band. Their hands and legs were then tied, and dunnr the operation they gave d ire :t ions as t ) the maamr of the operation, whether too tight or too loo?e. Kelly wore uioTes. <5 arret had n me on. The sua was shining brightiy, and Kelly beckoned to oae ot the officers to put oL U?e tb-n drawn ove. bis face and tk V^ -'ith^ the hood M this time an officer approa -hed with the booo towards '".arrett. As soon as it was ready to be drawn on he turned his face towaids the crowd. Ann nodding, 'aid. " * * mJ L. From ben?ath ih- hold of KeUy. aiso, c^me .he ?oid 'Farewell. . . . _ The condemned Using prewwsly -hak- n binds with *b< -ineriffand severaj of the persons ju . s- jtiold, ln-lo?lin< the Re^. Mr. -ba k. the u sises w, r, ibout their neck-, and as they tbi -tood. M**. ^hnck wa? ob?ene?i tj whii?p^r in the r ""?fh,, aoieron eervi^e of the dead wa? then !*ad i an unpwsive manm r by that gentle-nan amW pro. found silent'. He < lo^i it wrb th?- l-ord * 1 rayer and as Amen tell from his lips, Hie sbarri nat^he' ?n the band tariff White de^-ndc' severing tbe rofd and a' precisely five manites past one O'i-k 1* n hinp the anfortunav men int- sternly rhe foil -wing was handed to the Her. M:. -hn< k bv Kelly, as his last words, just nrevb us tJ .i ins the p. .son brip for tbe s?-n.*)< Id onlv a t>w tnure wil! elap* ere I r?s from ar e U. eu nnty, in ac-ordan -e with th.- in. v rab.e ? ol human laws, one word of friendly -inn-eM off? r to the living. A '-onf^sion. as such. w.u d l>e t useless working. I am a young man , of parentage carefully religi<sis. and of the highest respe tsbility and while I never to-ik the !if<i of .i human being mv oun?ei is to yon, oh! yonng m-n and maiden - avr .d Vi-d :om|?ny Tb<? m.npllng :n vile tj.,ns, the listen ng to adviw of wirk-d men, and the kee ping t -?d C opfK^.ti m M i m* earl - religi"'i- tra'niug, the counsels of my lath m .'Jrr and th? voire of conscience, have ',ro<.< ,t i,i v earth'y career to its pr.*ent ignorn u n .s enc ?From my fir?t imprisonment in this city. 1 hav< m-i.av ted to 'he tnstn, tions of my -w it- ? gnde. 1 bav? bitterly repented of th- pa-t.h. ?h? div r.r forsiven^s. have -or.s* m ly rea?. Uii ie. and praved; ?n 1 now. with i 'ix -d ti'. th- : .1 ri t - aimv of th- ;nn cifnl, forK-vin* and .? . ended Son ot (Jod, I meet. with?mt fsw rnv IffMe fa"> And, iust?? eternity s awful i-?nk. I lilt my voi ? for the la?t time, and say aloud to young m-n ?void bad ? "mpanv. in J t-dl- w theadvi- - ,.nd ? u p|e of 'he sabbath keeper and the chnrch ;oer. I'liw. Hai?,.lune ls.v- s.Kittv. irtmrtiP wtihi ot 9Ahmmtt * wirn. Harriet I -a ' ? ?r-. " w?r. w.- ?? r ? ! *o - , m.. I <.arref, b-r fatbet- mnrd. ? siv- th *? ,.n?. -or., attempted M .mnrt ? .?! yc t?-r.i \v riio'tiing. Mving pre'u.?l ^i.-y k-a-.u* o' op; .n f <t be purp"-". r '?*' ? l*n ' f"1 " ten , on wt.etioSc-T !tik< r in' the D-| ... ? t-.Vrroon.w: ' n int-'i-r-.^linc ' ? ?be a**? rted her -.nUntiin *o *111 hers. ,f. art e ? tb< -minm and f",v '"'nj p'" " f? /' ' ?onar. ! ^ ? r.f ^ 1' ^M"n D f "T P,r ?*+ - .Jrvt 25 la.Vi. t { ., x -V, ... . . . _? ?r ?K 0 ?'>" ? 1 W'lJ.' . _ rin r <i'f. at4 w sh veutoar .-p' m> "n- -? ? ar.Kt r . - it r-" m.-ni |t-. me. M>d the -'l^r Y.m m'i?t ??>' . *e th s aese, i a .UiB, 1 d> u t **?i r?-.'ta t.'.Hl < r -H.tb doste. .. Cer<w r ia< m?i ov?r us. I?r?. de y u -r own h als l?ry .'t aa w? ..e. rt, f i - ,?r?t. af cl f t my mother, it y.. pi?s-a. . ?|.tat let ber take as a* we ii"t. ic.wtriiy | '. ??.? Ws-I?? I thn'Jibt ? woeldiave youths ire- ? . | ? -uk- my <?%? >.i" B'-'T ' i-n-ther * ? n.v ?ik?sre ibsn?? a.lnfy' . ^y"1' treatment. i u,?e i W? will B?e?t s another * orW. NAKR'KT ?.. GtRRm. Tbe officers took charge of her and while Mag me ).er ont of tbe bouse, ahe broke sway and tried to thr?.w h*r?-lf over the Imkonv into the van! be ln* some fortv feet. bn? was c?j*ht ?n?l prevented, she wia ttken to the station bouse, wh-re she will properly ?'?eed for. Mlwrllanroaa Itenx. Th? Fi?.? iw 0*UiK^-F0U Paarioriani Lokh iMinf Mt.MOr June 19, 1 <>A? three o cloek this afternoon a lire broke ont hi the block on t?.e we^ -ids of Hroad way, between Fourth and Fiflh streets and. owing to the hi|h wind tha" prevailed, in ks~ than he ? m hoar the wh<Me bio<k was in asbe?. Itl*ingtbe boaineas nnrt of th- cjty, ne.rhr every Mlldin* was o-rupind an * store, md the flames spread so rapidly that scarcely snjthmir was saved. {he f .liowmg ? a ist of the pr nc pat sufferers: ? Madame "*1, 'icrmnin sdaai" A dayne ... Dr. lie Tavcl VOOQ Wm. D. Ssntb . 4.000 M lMKilr 2.000 L. Hnnbnrger 2,000 P. Hot' ti :.o#o Herry Miller l.^oo fl. i .afrit's MtO Other losses, amorting te 10,?W0 fier* Mo ?- - Tru I i omt pi?'soven laiss |U,0<W.--Mr. ??, Wtiot*. of Mornt'n 'siaml yesterday afte-nocri, ,/nne ??, '*( led at oar oft r and as ttos part!e..'*r, -,f A fire at M>ai T^nr-.w^i; b *r : vt90 soop, the fir*

originated 10 db old bakery adjoining tbt. Natoipi Hotel, kept by Messrs Wgtfhwn k Pool. Hie 0 m?J iag ta which .t originated 1 eiug covered wirh * can *j?n rc(ii, wo* inuiedia'tly enveloped iu It.nM#. whicH coniinunicated to ?li*? hotel in it diort tioM Tlie hotel wan conn med.aiid tiie tire oinmnaiCAted to the adjoining pi Dflrtjl ou either .-i ie. The Iosh i? js follow h.? Denoison Clark, store and lw< lling t5,oOO WadliaamA I'oOl, Lot*'', . ... 6,000 Mr. Wooigon, Telegragb, I * .si and Express. offices, and btiil lioi; . . -,6fM) King's barbir shop, *1 re anil building* ? 1,j00 Bona of Temperance MO Otner loss 200 Tote), estimated $14,400 h roni the lac* (hat on Saturday iasl a smuil build ing wuh set cn tire and burnt down, at well as be cause the old bakery w<iw uno~ -upied, it is presumed the tire. was ttie woik of un incendiary. In tbis we are strengthened by the fact that, on Hatarday af ternoon a small building on the opposite side of the river, at Negro BiU, wuh also fired, anil it is a no torious fact fiat the neighborhood is iufented by a gang oi dangerous and suspicious jharaclem. ? Sa craminto Unton. This Gra<shoppeup Aoain? Mr. J. W. Perter, ?bo arrived m YreKa last -?^k m?in the Willamette, informed the editor of theWreba Union that full one third of the crops and vegetation of that valley wan destroyed by grasshopper* when he left, and that there was no prospect of an abatement of the up ra vages. Considerable districts of couniry were en tirely bare of vegetation, OP'KATIONS OK THE rVTTKD ATAThS BRANCH MINT AT SAN FRANC IS CO, KOR THa MOVT1I Oi' Jt NK. 1866. Gold Deposits: ? For com, ounces (103,540 62 bare, ounces 36,138 81 Total mnoes ... 1198,679 83 Valued about t3,500^MK> Cotnage: ? Double eagies t2,.'30,000 00 Half eagles 5b ?00 00 Quarter eagles 32,800 00 Half dollars. 18,000 00 Total . . *3 ,0a*, 300 00 Unparted ban-.. 624.011 02 Total ccinage ? 13,072,311 02 Mining Slcwi. The Shasta Courier spe?Hs in flattering terms ol gold prospects in that region, and says:? A:. no tome during the past tour years have we heard such truly encouraging accounts from the mines in every sec * ion of our county ? and we may siy of -rintty county the same? as at the preseut time. Tfae only way in which we can account for it is, that our mi ners are learning the science of extracting the go. a from the earth, bringing facilities to their aid whi h a year or two ago they had nof thought of. We see all about ub water ditches ; wliioh, one or two years ago, we had no conception of ; and, in maces where not an ounce of gold had been taken out. tnore are now pounds extracted. We consider mining .n this county but in its infancy. Prom the same paper we gather the following additional items:? Jold has recently been disoovc-red in a large gulch leading from Mr. Truax s Te\as Hou$e, on the Yr^ka trail, some sixty or sjtty five miles from this place. This is the first, discovery ol gold made in that vicinity, and it is thought by some that the gulph will turn out A berich. A gentleman from Frea':h Gulch informs us that, a few nights since, four persons were discovered rob bing the sluice boxes of some Germans, who were working on the bar opposite the mouth of French Guleh. One of the Germans commenced shooting at the thieves, when they broke and ran m several di rections At Coon Hollow, near Placerville, four men re cently obtained, in three days, with a hydrau.ic ap paratus, |'.?76. . . Mining in Sacramento county may be judged by the annexed, from the Granite Journal;? a. new branch ditch, from the Natoma ditch, has just been - ompleted to the brow of th? high bar upon which this town stands. The object of thi s work is to sup ply the tunnel companies now operating, with water to wash their dirt. There are now eight ;ompanie? operating, anJ, from the prospects they have obtain ed, they feel sanguine of ample returns for their laHor. The "laima are such as c?uxnot be *ork*a out in several vears; and if the miner? realize anything near their ex penationa we may hope that money will ?oon be pUnty here. This enterprise will give constant employment to about ssventy-flve laborers, a i/d, If successful, wiJl be the means of opening a 3tJil for ten tines that number* We are in earnest ?b n we give it as our ..pinion that the mineral re sources ?f this locality are eqna' to those o: any otter in the Htate. The Marvxrllle Mouirer, n puking of the Frencbtown Canal Mining Company, Th> < di'ch was commenced in is ,4, by A. Forgo 4 Co., at a cor of 112,000. and completed a distance of five mile*, in. l-i.ling the reservoirs and water appurte nances. In l???5.Mr. Fargo purrcasod the entire Ji ch and has thrown it into a joint sio.-k . omDany, wi'h a capital of ?a0,0o0. He is now on the work with a large number of men, pushing matters on to ct ruple ion . and as be is already along some twelve mile-, it will not be long tyf-re the wbo?c length (18 miles) is fini^e?]. Frencbtown is situated between t V We? Branch and the North Fork of Feather River, fix miles from Oroville, snd is the weal'hiest part of Butt? :ounty, both in placer diggings and quart* bid* This region has remained comparatively unproape^ted since I nM. until within th?- last year. >ome six mouths ago, a small party of Spaniards went th re and in a^iort time rt/uck gronn 1 which ha? pro\ -a coual to lw4'.' and '60 diigings, making from ten to ,,ne hundred dollars per day to the hand , and < ausiog great excitement with miners from a.1 Pyta of the surrounding oun'ry wbo have be^n rushing in^nd taking up claim*, and every claim ha* a-m ?t it?a ri<b)y proved good, paying from six to twenty dol 1ms per day. A short time rin-e, four ^-laniards va-hed oat sixteen ounoes with a pan and It Is said they lout about ou^half of their ^old for want ot **M?ning in Butte connty is active and profitable, l?t nothing very "rich" hi- been dls.-overed. correspondent at Clinton. Neva. la _ county, wr",t< * ? Tlm^s continue quite lively, and will, so as *e - an have water, whi'-b I tkink will last till late ,n tb?- stirnmer. Next year . the ditch com t, a Lies promise water ail the > ?sar. .If they tulA' th? Ir promise, ours will be as good > mining d. strict M theie is in ' alifortiia. . "Hie Santa Crui; Senti>\*( gives a !??? of twenty - it,i. . ? , nmr ? tnpames Ul tne county of >anta Ctua. Th. mines of tha? county are not so srel kn . vi n as those of other parts of the xtate, fortb reason that the working of them requires a oca*; d. rai l- outlay of rj*p Ui, and they have :**<?en ? if ti'-rshv to as ii they had requ't^u*'^" s re now Iwing worked very e> tetsivelv by the ' om panics enomer?ted. and pro mise larire r^muneration^ji^ome of t be jb have al ready yielded very richly. . . , H'-ti'i -av- - with pleaanre u??t W? notice some of our foremos*. cWlW ar turning th^'r attention to nuarV mining. I> V,. lore-mean M hav? gntdualiy he en i"A>durlng the past two veare. have clearly >moii 'truted th it mir tng in anar^ lor gold In this cornty, if !>ro!K>rl> c fdW'ted, is lik'-ly to prove ore of then;.-' r ?iv egplMUiMta. We hare many gool veins to this county wh1 h need onlv be worked pro ?wIt to a?d greatly to the wealth ol the county. IC,. nnd?-r?Uiiid th?- Me? rv Ifsslep \ Co. are alout 'os?truet,pg a nuartr riill ?n Wood's ?'reek, aliont one mile below lam'-town. for the r.i.r|ss?e of crush mir tb. quart/ frtim their mine in Quartz Mountain. ? hich has proved to V rerv rich. This enterprise i, | 0 t i ?rs*?r to others, having for their o < i? et the devi'iopement of our vast resources. Th* Nevada Ihmnrrnt says:? From conversation held with many intelligent miners of tills district. ?? fre; confident that this lias been a very su M??tal season for th- mining Interests. Nearly sll the "I aim-, which were opened List vimmer have n roved ri< h. and manv cWims supposed to have be* n ? or ked on- ?M%.- si.ew. ai.d enormou I, * .r W.ltbc ind i-tnon- mui'T. iin to hear complaints of the *arcl'y of water, a id Ul S< .ne localito- n.irant- 'M- '"-n J "1- I ? lie i*a-on I'ee -~now mountain, and other dttf be- still fnnilah a fair supply of wa'er: and it is #am< stly hop' d that, before the water gives jut en tirely. the South Yuba dttch will be so far completed to supply these di'ch". The digging* '?> bad of Peer creek appear to he inexhaustible. For the past four or five years, as the water failed in tha dit- hes. miner- have left iheir Mi claima and commenced operations tn the bed of th;i stream . where they have almost Invaria bly made fair wag?e. and big strikes have been of con. mon ofcurren ;e. Much of the gold taken out is washed in with the tailings from the hill diggings, hut the greater portion is found in } 0-:kets tliat bave never before been disturbed. The 1 >eer f'reek Fluning Co. have -ommenced laving d?vwa their (Inme and l*fore many day? will d, nl,tle?s begin to take out gold. Tbi? is a ;otot fltoi k - omnany having a capital of 125,000- their flume is intended to b* p?-nnanenl, and will lie con n'rueted in soch a manner that it cannot be Injured a* tha bi?b water in th? *rint< r. William^ k ^Co., whose <rUims are located I about half a ?ile al?ove this place. hav? already got down ?o t> be 1 rock, and tfw gravel in m?ny pla- ss mnM?ect* fr m two to three dollar* to the pan. Th oe?pa*y will nndo ibted!y d > a tine hustne* th ^ ' i, my, ?bo hav? cfc rn< 'mtiv At u(< Iv alvove tho?. of Williams* ' o., h.i > " oT?eraUon-. and in a short time wli: b? down ?n lbs 'bed o< the -ream. The pr V rd m,L that th's -ompany h?vc w .rkej in th" same plft-c ukIHi ?a)-o;ated thai th? r u.w furnish tn?m witL sumiu?t wort lor W'tJ jtu^ato coue. At itold Hill titi water ban almost ?? n'lre'y (r.ven out, and place now pre-cnts ^ duM and iic.n'-tad appearance One or nvo ro^'pinis-* are st'l) ^t w?"k, but 'h -se he Mmpelifd to t*:rid '>p'' ntions in A short Hire. The mines jt tb-. have prcviJ veiy rich, and the ? nly .Ira* )*avk the lack of <* permanent supply of water. Saute of tii?? rtmpauies inieud to wait until \vat?r cau be obtain ed In w the Yuba ditch be4fre eoirui?ncing opeia 1ioi!8 a>t*in. Many o>' the minora at 1 ?<in plu-e b ivc located laiius in the bed of ihe Yul>?, <vitn the io tmtlon of working tbem until water au aguin be obtained on the hill. We hear glowing accounts of th? ri.'huesa of the digKings at Cement Hill. Messrs. Fairfield A Co., out- day last wtek, took forty dnlar* from a single pan o! gravel taken from th<; bottom of their shaft. From \o?tU?-n? California. THB IKDIAN HATTLG *T TI.'K BI?* MKaDOWM. We have the Crescent City Htrald of June IS ajjd the Humboldt Timet of .Inne 21. The ouly news of importance in ooutained iu the Htrald , which conlirmB the news recently received here by way of Jacksonville, O. T , thai an engage ment had taken place at the Hig Meadows, between the United States forces, under Col. Buchanan and the Indians. The Crescent City Htrald says.? Mr. Thompson, the expreaiiuaii, arrived in t jwo yesterday, and informs ub that an expriss had 'cached Bailor Diggings, on Sunday u?t, trom Reeves', bringing the intelligence that a courier had arrived there with despatches from Major ??-, trom Col. Buchanan's command. Agreat battle had been | fought at the Big Meadows. The Indians, number ing some three hundred warrior*, under "Old John, and the Regulars and Volunteers, under Col. Bu chanan, met at the Big Meadows on Thursday last, and bad an engagement, in which the Indian* lost forty killed, (me wounded not known,) and one hun dred and twenty-five wore taken nr^oners. The whites killed were ten. "Old John" is supposed to be among the slam, and if the report should prove correct, we do not hesitate to say that the war will be terminated immediately, as he was the only chief who refused to su* render. "limpy,' "'Jeorge and the balance of the red devils hive starred for the Yamhill reservation. _ Marriage*. BlrtUs ami Deaths. MAkKlED. At Yreka, Mr. losr-pn Frew to M * Caroline flcrnart. !n "^an J-Yanclsco, Juno is, by P.ev. s. Xi. Wiiiey, Mr. James K Byrne to MiSt) ? atiiarine Pol o:k. In .-ian 1 rancMco. at W- 'son's Kgebcoge, .Vine 19. by Rov. Mr Thomas. W. It. ! \fjs. oi -,.r Fran.sco, to M as ?arab I inch, of Vary^vilte. At Si cr amen to, June itJ, b/ liev. Bol).Eg?r, Mr. Vlartiu ?r to HcLr.ttta liai,' k>, both of :'aora-? mento. . At Varysv.l.e, T in? \9. by f'ev E B WaisworJi, ?;?orre w Bloor, associate editor of the Ca ::orn:a Kxpt't-:, to Miss Victor a \ Ft'ickton in i^an ?aocUsco oy ibe '".s Father Gallagher, Mr. Wm |i. W .nne to Miss Kilon U'Ccnnor all of this city. At .Stc -kton, by Alien !.ee Bwn, Kaq , Mr. Franklin Hurst to Miss Klixabeth Tenter, ail of San Joaquin ? <iuoty. In ^an ttanewco, by K' v. F S. Ia.v. Mr. Kobert Sutherland to Miss je-sie Rots, all of this city. Iu sac Francisco, June '^?>, by Kev. i'r. S:oti ilr t. J. ^tevensoD, of .-ha-ta to M:?rs Miry Ann Chambers, niece of T ,1. A. i hambers F*n., of San Francisco. At "akland. a: th? re- dea< e of tb" bride 'atber, by ilev Sail .e! B. ft'll. Tlu iria Nelson Wand, f'si-. lormer 1;. ol' Kentucky, to Mies Marj Fi.a<>-'Ui Hatiinglj, 01 Oaklaod. _ ? _ At Sacramento. .1 :ce 14, cv Rev. Mr. fentoo. I>r. t?us tavas C. A. <*i?to .loaepi.ine Ge -<ier. At kacrameB:o, Mr Jan '.-s iones to Jii^s Mary Ann Far nay. M w<i''rai ecto, Mr Ruf'ie Keeler to V s M.-rgaret Arn Mc<.lunge. . . . . _ In >an Franoi-co, by th" Rpv wriey. *ir. 'Kan Ba ron oi >*d Fnhcxco to sarah Thaver, danghter of J l?. Bcrrell, t>q., oi Wist Hridgewater. Ma?s. In >an Fr*iK'i.-<<>, by Rev. H. Brierly, vir Iter ? .ck to Miss Annie Mar>a ? olbarn, all of v'an Kraocisoo. In Sui > rano!-co, by Rev IT Scott, at ih?- Hotel on the 1st of July. \ r. Joseph Haywoci, of Sa ra'i, to Niss '? liza A Hensl?7, of Cinclrinati. Ohio. In -an > ran i-on oy Re-. . B Brier v. Engene fV lidon, oi Fort Hallas, Oregon. !o *' ft l'uii ?* l*a ot'san i ran cisco. ..... ? In Sua KTfcDC.FCO, July 2^ by R?v. Julius Ia* pba-l Slioyer. to Miss Anna Hamilton. At V. dwell Mr ' Lar ? ? A. liurton to idiea rrypcema I F:irrar. BIt.THB. In Vrano.fcCe, l^n*.1 2b, Cathertnc 1 . * tec*', Janus ?' fiern ji, o( a daugr t?r. At Mar,*>'? Ca.erat; co ntv, the *.fe <1 JameiBa U.:ne, of j, -on At Murpoy's. > a avera# -o..r.ty. tre ,ady of m -t'auge, t'juj , oi a Ou igbn-r inrn. ,U la:ni>o Scco, Calaveraj c<'t.nty. Mr. .1. M. S:ott, lor merty of MursbiMu, N. a.. >- ajwj l<-\y, >n the -5th year of bus ai e. . U ?ac ose, ? t.'.aminfct or <?? '-fee . ac? fiarri"t ,-:iira, daughter of ? Urles W. af.U Pirra : a rcuioroy, 2 years and & -nontlm. At BtnLia, June 15, Helen, da > bier of T. E. roller, rtjted 1 year and 4 months. in Kan I ran .? ). of c<>o. .irpf r. Mr. 1r.4by Tlli hem, a nan oi Maryland, a^ei. '^h yar \t San i i ren/o, \l?Tiieita county, of roaiiimpton, Mr. Jrr-n K< iin> dy, *on ot Jame- and Mary Kt nnedv i?ed 19 yeara and 2 months. . _ ? .At wto aton, of ;00'",".ts'.0n of the bri.n. "\a.t r I., ton ol P. A ami i I za Coat- - , ag'-<J "> yarn and 2 muuths. At st?M-kton, Mr <; Y. Y 'tee, aged ab>?ut W years. In -^in Franctaeo. c?f cODitinption, Mr<. lx> i a Hurter, form.'rlv M.?s lou.?a fYapo w.f'- ot Wm. T. ilanter, a native of Sea Bedford. Mass aged 1i years In San Franc jWO, Mathew Cnrr.e, oi I.iverp<iO', IJJ g , late ot v*w York, aged 3d y?ars , ? vt Santa Clara. Sunday. Susan Anne, w fe of w ra. H. ;ent, Pjmj .v Near Stecator, Mr H'try Cain, in '.he 4Mb of lus ag*. Narketa AaS ?"'lam ;aco, July S IS .<i. r-.,i a.? Tl '- trari?a< i?.ns to day m -n up ?"<4 .at 'e? 4,( '<0 IJ.irt'r tack* d. ir.ft.i and l ei i* kag.s Hatall and ? ahego - our, n low ?J, 00" qut"?r ?acics "regor. nm ;ed, sold at $<> 4->0 do d .m? ?t 400 do. do., J"0 do. lo. and 5^ hs'1 cacVs dn. at $lo: 300 do. do. at ?!0 V> 10 ? o do ?t*"l J<" do Mr^oatlll so; J ?? do. low>r ? an 1 loo do d" at IK ?0 bbla. ? a.lepo J? do. <lo . 40 do. flftxall and 30 do. do sold in iobb n* louat $15. , M? so P' jx ? i.S bbls. twf't l Aetprr ? rn mea! soid at ?? ,n 40 ha'f bbls. d< do. at l? 6. 100 b?j.-s oran at ?.Vi i*r Un\. \Mi>aT ? Tht re ha\e b. ? i no aa< of roi sr., rr. o iwrt-'d t' day, ? ith?-i nom iin< to ks ot old gra r. on , r r'r"i., th ? n< w nrt>< '<? hand r<^'?-ii'!. . Tl.e < <i .r e tnat mxttorr sfi>ni to b- iak tig with rerpo- 1 lo tho < ? t ?? n ? 1 1 ; * ol tin nu V et S""m t vry < onsid'-ra^ly ,n op uitition to the id<-as arc expressed a day or two nince. Iln mark't .ndoubfdiy - vry i rtn a' th? pre- nt wr'.ng ?t 2 1 * "13 let i"r wn gram, an 'I we i.<-ar from rel ato - < r mat the rnpretan r. ha- g*.n<"l among tw fan. o r it. d .it n the reason th'To irket nun Bpi ' IS OOMMUfOt tbeJF HTf f * r er i| in am v*lio! of o iwlvai.ce to j 1 ??!?' art.: esoin'4 ther" ?'? whoi-Apecta n gner flgwe than IM. ^aeb ? r .w? ni'iat n ? ??ar.!y t*!l hi |ir es ?."f, and sho-ild th?*y persist in bo. ding o.1 the ? t " t must be i?-r-epl,>> e oit.?utt?lth th oi? oi the tralc nth 1 1 ty l"f grinding. _ . . . , lui ia ? Tl. kroan 1 has b<-?n :,ght u> 'lay. and sal'-s liav 1?-?t tnorely ?;T? i??gs. in lo'ir l-.U, aci. n*? m? re e? ipts ? JTi U. ga and 200 do. -old -t 100 do. jobb ng at c. ?0 do. ol-t ivr malting at 4 ? ,o ()jtT , ? An ort n*ry tobb u* isado only h?s been doing h?;o nom 'ir-t hsnds of it9 bags, at 3c a J?Kc. p> n? ? 41 aag Cal.f >rn a bayoa so d at *J. I , ; ,T ... _ sn .a of Ml ti. n .*'?nct r" of ,2* Sai, ' ? Vags, "? do. an M> Jo. oid at . , T.S do , ?4 do urd 60 do ?oM at 2 V , 300 do aol<t at II o.? Ifl tons old at ?C0 H ,?* ?M> tierces, in br n?, sold at 1 p. |7i x ?40 firkin- n-:? cbotce sol J at 4i't<\ ji,,. e of 2r>t bb!- -taut in?t'd, on '"in" I dm atnt- . O'l.TOO tliiiH Ve. 1 near so'd at auctior. | at ? ,e. , !?s.?n J tw*s.-<a:i of ?o hall barrel*, at 'j r t, _??!, .? at av. t ot Oi ' hx aao-, eauh .4 I !b ar. V . .11.- Hysfii it 27 ' JOnbox - e.n h 24 !1>. tan^ g i?i(io? 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The steamer Columbia h?s jnst. arrived fi-om Orj (Ton. and Wrings ns the (fratlfylng intelligence that he wnr In Oreifon nnd Pnget Sonml Is at an cod. We understand that Majtr General Wool has re ceived reports from IA. Col. f'aney as late it Jane 20, and from T.t. Col. ftaehnnan ss late the 24th. The former comaands in Paget Honnd, and sijm that the war to <-erUinly finished in that district. It may, however, be renewed by the c it i tens and the volunteers killing the friendly fnd!ans, which too frequently hapten* without cause or luatitication. l.ient. Colonel Hnchanan reports that the Indians in Rogue River Valley have surrendered, and are >>n their way to the c>ast reservation, where they will be protTted trom the whites by regular troops. It will he leeolhN ted that the war In Oregon existed nowhere hut in i^onthern Oregon or I.ogne River Vail"/. It etisU no longer. Colonel Wright, of the itha Tfantry h in the Va kima onnlry, with eleven companion, dragoon*, ar tillery an. I infantry, in all resets w?U prepared to on the war. The colonel writes that b? will ?in|?! the Indiaite to ?? f rw* or drive tbcia out of their couufy. m.y, hnrwrr, be delated by the schifueHOf Governor Stevens, Superintendent of luUun \tJaiia, w3j<? has no deai-c to h < Vhij *"ur brought to a clone by the lOgula tr sip*. lu lehH than 'lire'1 months *od <i halt after his troops corameitc*"t operations. General Wb all probability, will have term nuted tic #ar, which woul 1 tievtr have been foramen ???d, it tlie govern r. au?i the governed of Oregon ami Wtdi ugton Pei jitoriiH hud been h ?lf ao anxious lor r*-ace ab tbey were lor war. Captain Clary, Assistant Quarter ananier, just from For I ^ Orford, iuforum us that < ;ove uor Curry h troops, on taking their departure fr m that place, by is presntned, of the Governor, left their mark, by burning several houses and greatly aiiroi ing the citizens in the neighborhood. We take the following from the Tint* of the 21st:? Tbe news from the North ;s, that Colonel Wright is endeavoring to make treaties. Keport Nays that 300 women and children nave been sent in to tbe Dalles by ihe Indians. What this act por tends we do not undertake to s?y. It may be favor ble to peace, or it may he an Indian . use to have another opportunity to murder our white ? itizena. Governor Curry intend* to leave on tbe ne\t steamer, for Washington city. Colonel B. Stark informs us that be wi.l a cjin pauy the Governor on his contemplated trip to Washinaton. We learn from Mr. Powers, tha* the new light Louse has arrived at Cape Disappointment. Some two and a half years ai*o, a light houae wat erected, ut it war too small for the lantern intended to be sed in it. The large light has arrived, and the 1 repent structure is to be so changed as to receive the lantern furnished. The lautern is enc of the first class Fresnel. Tbe Oregonian contains the following letter from the Dalles. It will lie seen that it effe toally dis E roves the previous reports in relation to (Jol. Wright eing killed pack train came in yesterday, hav ing left Col. Wright's camp the Uth. The fort and bridge across the Natchesa river, were finished as they report, and Col Wright wa? to cross the 10th. Much talk, it fceems, has r?een had about peace, by Indians visiting camp. Kumiakin had promised from time to time to come over, but had no*, done so. Seventy or eighty Indians (including 01ou;hmen and children,) had escaped from Kamiakin and came to Col. Wright, who sent them in company with the pack train. They say Gen. Palmer sent them to KjTjiakiir, who claimed them as his pc >pie. The YMmm (mM tkM very badly. The chief would not allow them to leave, until tbey stole away from him. There arc others will leave the hootl'e amp as soon as they can get their f i-nilies away. Of the death of Captain Herubree, thes? Indian* say, tbe Indians that attacked Heabree's party were just about, to retreat, when they h?w iuts Boston* run, then they rushed on. Capt. H. killed one In dian and wounded another, after beinij Vft by his men. They say he was but slightly wounded, and when the Indians came up he pie td for his life. The Indians hesitated, and well nigh concluded to spare him, liecause he hud been so left by his men, but finally killed him. This is the story of these Indians, who were then in the hostile ..ocp, and doubtless know. Take it, as the Indian statement, for what it is worth. Hostile Indians fish, as I understand, alla'ong the Nachess and Yakima rivers, and bring In silmon and sell the soldiers daily. The Oregonian says ? Messrs. Leonard A Green, of this city, have opened a direct .rade between Oregon and China. The bark Metropolitan, l>elong ingtothe above firm, recently arrived direct from Hong Kong with a large cargo, consisting of sugars, syrups. Bait and China goods wares and merchandise, all of wljich find a ready sole in this market. From Crescent City. We have the Herald of Jnne 15. Pr >m Mr. Nolau, Orderly Sergeant in Captain Bletzo'a ximp&ny of volunteers serving against the Indians in Southern Oregon, we learn that a fight came off on the 11th of this month on Bogue river, about four miles below tbe moath of Illinois river, between two hundred snd fifty Indians of the Shasta Costas, Macinootoony*, Tututnees, Joshna and I 'qua tribes, ano the com pany of volunteers under Captain Bletzt, forty-one in nnmber, who had the day before killed six In dians on their 'march down tbe river, and company G of regular troops under Captain Auger, number ing about sixty. The regulars were on the north, nod the VDlunteers on the s uth aide of the river. Tbe regular* commenced the fight abont 12 o'clock, killed six Indians, ar,d drove the balance into and ucro?s tbe river, when the volunteers received tbem; and after a half hour's fighting, completed rooted tbem , killing twenty-four and taking mx prisoner1. 1 ecides the above there were fifty Indians crowned and misting? at least ?ocn is tbe report of the Indians themselves The In dians had previously fortified thoaselvee in a posi tion alsrut six miles below where tbe fight cane off, but had removed to the position where they were fonnd, thinking it a s ronger one. Tbe volun teers burnt, at liotli of the positions ?pok*-n of, some nxty hon-es, most of them strongiy of logs. Tbe .egniars lost no men. the volunteers had two men wounded and one killed, named Bray. On Thursday, tbe 1 2th inst., four of the jpric Ipal chiefs came into Msjor Reynold*' camp aith> mouth of Illinois river, and wished to make a treaty. He ordered them to report themselves to Captain Auger, and the day after some two hundred Indians, men . women and children, went to the camp of Captain Anger, and gave themselves up to be sent to the reservation. They were sent to the moulfcof Rogue river. We learn further from the sam? sou**, that in Tuesday, tbe 17th inst., a detachment of vol .nteera, under lieutenant Cox, of Captain Blakely's 00m pony, numbering twenty-five men, attacked a body of about thirty Indians, two mile* above While* hea J, on the coast, and defeated them, killing three and taking twentv-two prisoners. Alter the fight five of tbe Pistol river Indians came n and gave themselves up. Canttin Bletzo's company deserve great crelit for ueir conduct in the above aflkjs, and we re joice tbe more that most of them are Crescent City men. Battle at Hague River. KLSV1N MEN KI1.I.KD AND TWNMTV ONK WOl'NOltn - COI.ONKL Bt CIIANAN, MAJOR PAT HAW AKO CATT. SMITH S KOM'KN KNUAOftU. The Vreka Union, ut June 1 - , furnishes us with the following extra : ? Through tbe promptness of C. C. l>ekuoan'?Yrrka and Oregon Express, we are jplaced jo possession of tbe Jacksonville MM m lira, An m which we take the following startling lntclligenre from Bogue river On yesterdav, (.lore 13.) we had a convention with ( apt. J?M r. Miller, direct fromwrave Creek, who informed ns that he had seen and unversed with ?e?? rai of tbe volunteers who kid Jam returned fmm trie lower Bogue river country, and that he WartKd from them that, abont tbe 1st inman:, John, <>e<>rfce and IJmpy had come into CoL lu?:l,antn s camp, on ft?gue river, a short distance above tbe mouth, (or the purpose of talking over a treaty; that George and I.lmpv were willing to treat and leave the coun'ry, but John would no* consent to leave. The chiefs then left. After that Ume, about the Vh inst., Cant. South. in command of some eightv regulars, advanced about fifteen mile* aliove Col. Buchanan s command, and en amp*! near tbe Rig Bend of Bogue river. In the evening, old George informed tie Captain that the mov*n:? nts of the Indians looked snspk-ions. Cap'ain Smith, after dark, movei hi* camp farther up the mountain side, and pn-ted double guards. Inning the night the Indians ,|nnder oid John and linos, so rroii tided the camp, and about *<inriM m the morning, fired on tbe guard killing eleven men and wounding twenty-one. Tbe battle 00 'tatted un til next da v aliout noon? thirty .six huurs. During the battle two Bogue rivr Indiana wero with Captain Smith, and stated tbey under stood the conversation that was going on between ?lohn and Finos. Tbey heard John say. " Finos, you have always told me that you coald whip the sol diers; now. If you esn. why don't you charge 00 theni with too r knives and kill them, and fave your Bder and halls?' He accordingly msde the charge, did not effect anything. During the battle old John wbs seen swinging ropes, and was heard to ssy thst he intended to hnng Captain *mith. Tho IndHns ohtsiiH d the Wody of one ot the dead sol diers and hung it up, ana ti d a stick on tbe shoal . er to represent a gun. On the day of the liatMe a Mr. Sioan was de* I atched from Col. Buchanan to Captain Smith; be ore reaching his destinstion he csme opon a body f Indians, but made his escape by leaving his mule, nd returneo to Col. Buchanan, who immediately et < nt for the scene of action, arriv ng next day I out 10 o'clock. In a short time the Ind ins drew ft It is not known what nnmlier of Indians wero tiled In the encagement. It Is not known in what i recti on the Indians went. Major Latebaw, with about 120 volunteers, was moving down Rogue river and was fired upon by the Indians from the opposite side of the river, hut for tunately one company of sbont fifty men wet" on the fame side the Indians w?>re, and only a short di-tance above, when the firing eommen -ed. and they immediately charged upon the Indians, killing tive and wounding several, and took aboot twenty sansws snd yoang Indians prisoners. The Indisns were of ( ?eorge and f.impy's hands. They immediately fled to Col. Buchanan, and some sixty-five warriors plnred themselves under his pro tection?giving up about forty rifles and thirty-five revolvets. Msjer l-atshsw continued down the river with hia command, and arrived at the camp of the United States troops in the evening, after Col. Bnchanan had driven the Indians fr<i?n their attack on Capt. kmith. We hare not been able to learn whether Major I ntshaw lost any men or not. Wf |have not yet obtained any report only frnw