Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1856 Page 7
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ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. HOARDING AND LODGING. ^ HOU8K Iri NOW OPKNKD n \ n B?OADWAr.-TW8 ( J b ,,Mlleri; i? newly f?r I *T I /lor wrai""'11',". ' uleuaaiilest curt 0( Broadway. ?iMii'ii tbrotiguoui tt'i'l "" ? hat(li Ki?um, Ac. Table Sar.jaRrt&sHi ? ss'i Of J L fieulleme" T.y ,0R'a T?rmi.ttll3 50. rl>a., rooiM. ?t Mr*- TA1_? ? ? ?? iio&Sffl'Sa fi7 ULEK. KBH stbbkt ovrua^oK^""* 157 A. large lroift P^loi-.wjh l ? lth m0llern r?.m* for single gentlemen. Houae ..r?t tiinrovtUuDla. . * 1 |K TWELFTH STREET, ,^V.?^"ntV.wn, ^enUemim ?5M? K.yW?^nd rentable, and only .ueh re ? quired. Pleaee call tnr Q'" ?"?*: ?ttc ? I^"T^7^yTllETWEBN IIROADW AY AND lJTS^SS^-- pleasant rooma, with board, tuny b? hw I ? ^ ? ? ' ' V,T~HENRV t^HKS-A^KNTL^AK AND H? Jifcunfum^eU; utao, a pleasant room for one or two ?Ingle gentieiuen. VwKui ^ *?&? ?? i ply'ut il.e Hoarde'iV Exchange. I ^-v *? isT imkTEFNTH STREET,? BOARD FOR KAMI a .Ln.tnriable_huuee. Reference required. ?1 BI-HF' KER Pl'KKET. NEAR modern Improvement*; also, single rooma. rT? STREET, '^fJ^aT^rdfng ?4 Broadway ? A 'julet and " . IMj their wiTea. 97 BOND STREET ? A ,^^nBbe Lc^minodated S?7 bocj; r 'Vt t'-lVwn!' 'MJrtSu to cull- Alio, an oUlce to let. Dinner ut six. - ? ? ? ? ? * 19 oT rw>m!i to^et^wtth boa^Pa'wl'two rromsTor single g< ntlemen. ? "nv^ri ni i N AND WIFE, OR SINGLE .IWtl* AflF.N TLEMAN AMI pleasant room*, with or men. can av 'nuc. opiate Calrary church; without board, at. C* i ??m?av?.n u an(J Cilr,llMH ibe the bouse coDlaiui gam bain, *c- oul* d??or. ,ii stikM\N CtN BE ACCOMMODATED E?J5$?r&&: sssssi 'A a street. Term* moderate. ? i.nivT-rr iviMlLY WOULD DISPOSE OF ONE OR PRIVATE rAMiui hoard The house contain* t'*ih S^APPW at 125 West Twenty second H'rect, be K^SUlh J Ve'veniU avenues. References retire I. ASSSSsa Apply .'tit Ridgf ?tre?t, aear Rltimlan a nrvTi r\i iv LADY. CHILD AND SKR SSgKtfeSWfflS Addre^A II., Herald olllee. "vunck.' Curt up aud do'w'n town at the door eTery 3 tll.UUK". ? T~ IJ^I&manaad hui Vulei w uh at M Alien itreet. _ TV?**?~f rZlW'X V'SZJSSZSZ Apply at IV2W.-rtTw.-nty nwHOTet , T?vr\ PF^rFCT \ MLE YOl'S'l LADIES CAN BOART' ? ^ TWO RE. I K l l (0m and ?mlii* room, art be a. uud with , * ijearajro ? enjoy the >mr.K. 'ltfc >I w? k*? .ut by the d.,y prefer ??, nil" '? ol a home, l&o* a ^ a week> ^a,-h. A^i'v^Mr ,WneSSd|'l" Weal l'jih HU-e.:t, between rteventh ai!d Eighth avenu. s __ CLINTON FLACK j^jAJT UgWr A*Df|frn!2S "IJOAK d d< ?wn T. ?w S.-S. *Jf ? U[Z^\ ???'?? K , nuen, ,r -an be AMy ?? 75 I^W^n iit-et.' a'U 77 Murray rtree,. On. ^oommo aatl?ii?. ? ? ? " no? "jjsstrisfas lornianoti, ani'.y at a? * ? X> ? K u (>r ,l4rtJ*| board. Two mi Can at ir -d.lre- WaaUm, ion ten ace. tjoard in ^na,? B M..ond r^ , M * ' - or r?md;e. w.m?f ^ Wlll, *rV7jfe^^"y Jl ?? ???"?> hetw.-en CongraM and Amity utreata. - ? -DOARD IN BR? ^JS-at * Uvmpton at/eat, *e the backer fnpittute. " A ., b?? MP Fotoao , ni. rt. Addr? Matilda, HaraK u?ee. "DOARD WANTED-B* A ; J> lower par' ' ? ' Jp"'.; Wnui w* ?? wcea.1 *1 W -T?. -A ai'IN';-AT H^HKEKrK J> Or.etie at?d W< _ . t |1||(!a ?,?( iLlle rooina .or "sth e^JI;,,, ^ uan.iei.1 a? well an permanent iMMr.lara ?OARDINO -A ,A<U? r,"T 'lUnner st O o'e^g. aU at i? West Four ieftith HOARDING.? OHE I.ABO* MjL'ARK ROOM. THIRO 1) 1' and two I e.| to ,et. or wi-hitt' hoar I In ? priv*ia lamlly, where all ii?" eomfori* nf a in.ui.- may ??, realized. iDinlie at 1UJ Woonter Mrect, between Sprm* atte rruiM. Boardimi in tiir cocntry? a fkw iumkhkrs can b# e? .omiunilaled In a farm hou?e a< r.uchog ie. Imi Ulan. I 'lie DviKhliotlxaHl la n?iirya? eit lor lh<?e ion I h* hnig. i.*linir. boating anipe Ac. Cur par tirular* i h i u i.- of Mr fHollPM)*, l<> J I'earl atrewt, ni ?t HIKaM nV.WI.Ni*, Pa^'nn'i.-. I. I BOARDIW) KX<IIAN<<K A N 0 BXFRR** Of FH?*, NO. 4 A-h.r place ?Hoard procured In all parta of the etly. nrmaUun rratla. N II. ? liealrahle tri iiMcmrih CM b< w.ade lor pro> boardera at the above office. A. J II A.HSKJ, A ?en(. fiOCNTRY HIURD MAY RK IIAII AT * FARM IIOCRK. \ on In' ?rt? Hailrtiad. near lh? Hoilln* rtprtng lepol. hetn< about len mile* from the rlijr. In a very ple.natit and healthy akborbood. 1 lie proprietor oan be aeen Utla .lay at the lag spring depot, lata leave Jaiaey t "It y aevaial Mine* durlriK the day. rorKTRT BOARD WaMTKH-I* A FARM llot'NK. where <h< rc are no mber boarder*, by a ladv wlmht* a baby at** per* *Df, h-altby plac*. inlk I r ml and ?.haif' ar. reimred. Adilreaa, with partv-ulara aud lanma, K. I'util, Herald office. rOt'KTRY BOARII NK\ll TIIK SK \ HIDK, HAI.F A mile front hath bouee ? tine or two famlliea can be ac n mmodx'cd wllh hoard for 'he ?nim?f. ?<!' nation bewlth* and dealt *1 le . food (Whittle and boating Apply a? ' "r way. corner of Nln h ?tre.-l. or on the preiniae*, near t'neip ? i a ? hart rtmll and Wpntell IpnlWfl. Fl'RNIIMIKD ROOM.-.? A FKW FURNWIIKD ROOM*, to lei rhcap. at Hie Mott'itni tit llonae. No .? I nion ?.|.iarn T^VRNISIIKD ROOM* TO I.KT-TO A 1. \DY A Nl? X" gentleman hoard for I he lady only Tin advent* w WWiw . the location la convenient lo car* and "'a#"*, an I ha* all Ike modem Improvement*. Addraaa Stella, Brawl way }'nw( office. l/l'RNIMIFB ROOMS TO LRT AT 77* RROADWAT J; one entire Hoot of elegant apartmenfa, amiable for a fa mily or parly of gentlemen. FH'RNIflIKO MOO MP. ? A RINOt.R ORNTt.RM AN CAN obtain a fnmiahed room, cwntainln* gram and gaa, at bU M per week, (or It would he let lo two atSMtti.) In a null prlva'e family, eonvi ni>-nt <o dhiti . ie . I Itioadw ay atafe*. 'fall at No. KB Weal Twenty aaventh nrt?t. ("* KNTI.FM AN AND WfFFW VNT FKIARO? IN A F \ T nilly nltcre lh< re are hut lew or no bo*rdef?. inu?t he al.rrve Fo'urih atreet and weal ol Second ?\ e To aave Iroiihle, inwrt in. - ? i genteel family nnd one ihni lire* cemfortably and wllHng hi fnrnMl the > <nnfort? ol a hoitu- for whit h a fair price will tie pahl itrilh or wllhont fnrnlttip't and kepi peim inently. Pleaae oMreaa .1 II. H[>eiicer, Herald ng partlcalnra. Will IwNniM nllkiHy. R* < ellent relerencea. HOTRI. I.OOOI?<?R.-ORNII.F,M|!:ir WIU. DO WKI.Ij u> r -oiemher tbi v can obtain g<??l furn Ibe (tin he I loir I. corner ?f Krankfort and Wdllam ?tr-?'?. at 3ft ret t? n*r ni*hi, ?r il M) per w?k. No other eWgi* ? i r*r< at tfce.r option ONF OR TWO HAMWlMKI.r FrR*f>HKO R'KIM^ ? to lei. w It h partial load in a m<i*l dc?lra?1e loea-mn In Mik I'rooklyn ?onvnilen' tw i-ar? and ferr ea. ramllrvmtlt ?fd prt"*ate for' .?-??' ira iimnlre at IA Harriaow atroel, lie tween Omrt MM llltiion, Kro dilj ti t>RIVATK RO*l:o IN MROOKI.YN.-A N'R\TI.T F 'R X Ht?h? I I t <?r ami l.edr?? wi, on ih>- ? ennd Ho#, %|*o dcc<iiiim<*l?<w>n? f' r Iw o alitgle gentlemen, In t|lelwwlil?, ri?*a I rowii al?>n? tm I?|' V.v llet.ri 'r?wl, iMMHtun iiflK i,. |M houll) ICTitM A) p!y as a?> ?. e. BOARDING AND LODGING. PBIVATK FKVJICH HOARD.? A fgW SINGLE OEN tlemeu <l>?irhig a pivaaiuit residence Ul au "elegant house can he accommodated wilh fall board, on reasonable terms, at SS Heal Seventeenth street, near Fifth avenue. TO LET? THREE MINUTES' WALK FROM BROAD way ? a suit of four runou, on the second floor, with nil modern improvement* to a gentleman and Uia wllu or single gentlemen. Apply at IU9 Wooster street. References ex changed. TO GENTLEMEN-PLEASANT AND NEWLY FUR nisbed rooms, having every modern convenience, may be obtained, without board, bv one or two gentlemen, with a gen teel mniily, residing In Eighth street, very near Broadway. References required. Address, with real name, box 59 Poit oilice. TWO YOUNG GENTI.EMEM ARE ANXIOUS TO MEET with au agreeable family who can provide them with board and pleasant society. The neighborhood cl' Hudaon and Morton streets preferred. Address Y. Y., Herald office. WANTED? BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A EUR nialied room, without board; locality not above Broome street or East ol Bowery. Address, with terms, box ?,218 Post office. WANTED-ROOM AND BOARD, FOR A FRENCH ladv, lust arrived. Terms moderate. Address, stating location and. all particulars, C. Leon, Broadway Post office. WANTED-AN UNFURNISHED ROOM IN A RE speetable family, with or without board, for two young ladies: references given and required. Address Eolien, He rald office. This is a good chuice for uuy family having mere room than they require. WANTED? BOARD, BY A LADY, GENTLEMEN AND two children. Will furnish, if desired, or lake a lloor, wiihout hoard, if near a restaurant. Address, with reference, Judicious, Herald office. Ti; ANTED? HY A GENTLEMAN AXD LADY, A W handsomely furnished p trior and bedroom, wilh hoard for the lady; must he in a strictly private family, having bath, gns and all the modern conveniences. Will pay liberally for ilie best accommodations. Address K. Mauden, Broadway Post office. HOKSK8, CAHH1AGEB, ?SiC. A SMALL BAY TEXAS PONY FOR SALE CHE\P? j\. She Is very gentle end makes a good saddle pony, t an be seen at Martin s stable, Thirty third street, between Seveuth and Eighth avenues. /CARRIAGE* FOR RALE-ONE SECOND HAND \J bret, in good order and light. Also, four top buggies, la good running order, and one rockaway and eoiue open bug gies. All will be sold low. Apply at 358 Broadway. J.C.HAM. Fast horse for sale? a pacer, i5>? hands high. very last, seven years old. kind, sound and well broke in every respect; irots seme loharuese, lirst rate under saddle; dark sorrel eolor; owner going to leave the city lirst of next week. To be seen at Ward's stable, Montgomery street, Jersey City, near the ferry; or inquire at '?! Cortlaudt street, N. Y. IPOR SAI.E-A SPLENDID BAY MARE, SIX YEARS 1 old. l.V. bancs high, perfectly snuud au 1 kind in dou ble or single harness, or saudle; will stand without tying, well broke and a tree and pleasant driver, an t promises to be fsst; as also a grey Canadian, \t}i hands high, is very handsome, at:d perfectly broke to all kinds of harness. Either of tlietn would suit a doctor or grocer, and cannot be excelled for busi nese use. Apply at 42 Frankfort street, oppposlte Gold. EilOR SALE? A BAY nORSE; KIND IN ALL IIAR 1 ness; a tn.e. stylish driver; a good family horse; can trot la three minutes. Also, atop Wacoll and harness. Sold to aether or separate. Also, a pair of carriage horses. Appiy at 1112 Varies street. For sale? a horse, boston ch vise and set of harness; will be sold cheap for cash. Inquire at TO NKlt'S ilvery stable, i'J Monroe street, rear of Catherine. For bale? a splendid black mare, nine y< in s old. fifteen hande three inches high; can trot in 2.50. is one of the best family horses in the country. Can be seen at 218 Itheeker street, New York. LI < ? HT WAGON WANTED.? A GOOD LIGHT WAGON thai has been but little u<ed, Is wauted, at a reasonable price; also, a very light harness. Address box 5*J1 Post oilice, with price. Leather top buggy wagon and two rock y ways tor sale, to pay advances. Tlicy are all warranted urst rate in make, materials ana style, and will bo sold very 'heap. Apply to HENRY 111LI.S, lo- Crosby street. CPLEN'MD BRIGHT BAY HORSE FOR SALE-IS O over slxtem hands high, |x?tiy built, long tail, six years "Id, and warranted sound and kind, and of faultless style and lorm. and suited for a gentleman, at HENRY HILLS', ltfc! < rosby street. TITANTED? A GOOD LIGHT BAROUCHE, WITH ?v three seats, nearly new, for which a fair price will be paid. Addrese A. U.. box 314 Post office. WINES AND UdUORii. American brand f, gin, new bnoland rum. Monvngahela and rectilled wliiskev, eider brandy, pure -pirits, high und low proof in barrels and hogsheads. for sale ..I lowest market price, by C. WARD A CO., lid Murray st. C1LARKT WINES.? WO CASES, HIGH AND LOW / grades, suitaide for family use; prices from %i 50 to to per dozen. For sale by U. K. MKNDLM, IS Wall street. Klderherry wine, in bottles and on draught, by G. E. MENDUM, Is Wall street. Families supplied with foreign wines and spirits, pure as imported, In demijohns and bottles, a wholesale prieee. A single bottle sent as sample. French brandy, pale and dark, Jamaica rum. Irish and Scotch wljla : ev, Schiedam gin, Monongah' la, port, sherry, claret, chain I agin-. Ac.; klso. English psteut malt vluegar. I-ondon porter, >cot< h and India pale slea, in pints and quarts, as Imported. Orders by post containing a remittance punctually attended to. Cl'MMlNGS a DIXON, 59 Beaver street. LONGWORTH'S SPARKLING AND STILL CATAWBA wines. F. S. COZZENS, Sole Agent, 73 Warren street. New York. MWESK A GO'S sparkling and still ca . tarn ba wine*. F. 8. CoZ/ENS, sole agent, 73 Warren street, N. Y. NI8iELLANEOt?. VN EFFICACIOUS CURE FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, callosities, nails growing into the ilesh, and . * ,.t . dtsiir I ? [ol the feet, by a new and peculiar methol, without cutting, or without causing the slightest pain. Monsier LEVI, ot No. An Bis Rue de Riroll, Paris, and No. 1 Conduit street. Regent street, London, Surgeon Chtropisiisi . natrm.ixed by the Emperor ol France, an! the royal family of ? .ng.snd, may be i o .suited daily. Mindavs e\ee|ned. from W 111 So'ehs-k. at his office, 91 fful Kleventb street, between 1 : 1 ... -lb *vi noes. corm or rr?Tiso>i?ts iFrom his Imperial Majesty, Napoleon III., Emperor ot France.) Je ci rtitle que M Levi eleve los cors avec nne extreme habUete. laiL'ls Nacolbom BuAArAHTS. hw Janes llakrr, Esq.) I certify that Dr. I.evl has cured me some months sgo of se ' ersl troublesome bunions, w itnoul the least pain, and which <tve annove.1 me li r many years I wiik at present with .k . < eon ii( rt , sod cheerfully recommend Dr. l.evl to m? :r ? m's and tbe paldic. .laaas ItiKXa. N?w Yoiik Mai eh .'4, l.sftS. Tl K.ssl SeT.nteeutii street. (From II. J. F> litis, Kw| I I t ?? letted by Mr l^vi, I beg leai a to I .i.fy to hie mm li having pcrlecily removed a large bunion ol I. "landing, witboiit rausing any pain. It. J. Fbi.tus, I'iiii AbKi l ilts, July lf<ftX No, 4 Boston row. Ill sdditlnn In the above aulhentlcated t est imon lets, many tliou .suds more In his possession isiaoug wh eh are several lioin Isilirs of the highest rani.) can be seen by favoring Inm wltb s i all at las office, VI West Kleventb street, between Flf>li and .-.nth avsr'ies. New Vnrk. >. B.? No prole sional connection with any person. IF tOU ARE I'.ALD, AND WISH V GOOD HEAD OF I lie r. eyebrows, uiouslache or wkiakarl grown quickly, ? i 'e i bsnge white or gray hair lo I's origlnar c dor or to s t. ht brow n <>.? blsck, tnebsie four stamps to I'. of. iltrds.ill' Xi w N ork Po?t i. Mice end reecu bis ml utile b..ik, eoaUia tug fall inairui Uuna to accomplish tbese otyec s, N'tlTIt K HI "iENTI.EMEN OMDRRINO KilGRATKD _ ranis. Wmbllle lernUhes the moo fasbiooable ear I, .Hid to adj>er"nn? leaving an order toe a plate and psefe, pre i toils to the Is) of January nest wlU be ureaente l aneil aid convenient card ess.* as a ladlday gift. GIMiiRBDK, ard engraver an 4 statiooee, .Vet Bruadway. PCRH'NKKY AT WHOI.IWAI.I! ? MKKt IHNTt AND .I.nlrr? * ill Ind tt l?> thair adraotaita to call at 41 Houranl ?irret. tahara tlierr la alwaya on hand a cnnalant aupply i tt t-trr) 'if i iplkm of perfiinipry, < initiating of Oologna arum ?ml aliapa*. ib>- ei yalalhia >o-l other pooitdea. tha rrlel. rated Krut. ahurlll* powler lh? hair raatorAtive, tenth powdrr, and ererwt'her arttala In tha perfntnary in*. PrtMpal det>ot for Paunlo Vera'a flavoring auraota, 41 How ??rd ?4i wt THR MOmjtlTOKR ARK.'ABni V-A*r?*OI! ' HOW All limine' Th* Jillli? i|?at?Ni nigflf ? r*'?t Hi broken, mi l * r rr4M, prtHlwnlwplrt* W? ib?* refill. IW u?>mI uno-l <ti|i frf cof irf chancel At ??t ?n*t ita rtm* ooarlet I* tint*** i d-Hod t*hy* Bwjiii*' one ofthoaa *oaqi ito ?it< ?f Dlftn' was oof porrhnaed. Then Iw not ? Bonfiil In fat Hub one. lkn, asahl. tatba ralebrab-d 1'lnU.I jlphW fLT fir ?H>, wi well ralrnlated to empty Um dlaln* root* ???'! klv han <>( ntea. Tli*y r?>?? hoi 2k Mk, ?n?l mar he aoan *< i?*< .. ureal unporiini lor the want* of ho<i?ekae >*ra. Joeatrd at Soa. 8(4 ami Mtl Broadway, ooflbaaal corner ol Rleei k?r Umi It will not do to full to notice Hm rimple ? otitriranc* ffr rli atlriu hotiaea ot roaches Ii I* iir nH mMiit hoai-m Msrrtwirra, far preferable to aajr other contrivance ret iliac tri-red for the put P?e ltit> nded (?o practical ami cheap, (only JB pt*nU, > no tandly afeoiild lie without thrm l or keeping water rool, ihti? mreit I'oot.ttaa ?rc the moat celebrated. The lc?:gn? anil <ItI? a rn t**tr, and ont of many hundred* that h i . e l.c.-n *>ld thia aaaaon. but one ha? been returned. I'rteea from $2 ft t to 91 1 The *rcai l-ornim tot aeilttnf tiarltil article* located at Him f.M and i.h. I roadway, ha* a ft-w more |?(t. While apeaking ol wati>r rnolera, In* wonderful iwjt at r tr* ptrrnmt?, In the*e piping hot tHne?, mnat ho nMlui it, *?. with a am?H ?Itn al w, nnr ha* r??il wntor thronaliotit Ui<- twontr four Iioiiii It I# parti' ulatljr lwtip||p|?l rtnrin* thf n.iiht, whan ? giiia* of mil watar la ao ralraahlnR. partl'Milarlf to Iba ?l< k. Hvw ?hit!l ft a alltiila to thai urainaat of ? ful Inran tlotta ' Ik vat? ntaaHmi of n hat It piuiatwa In tltaap <lall?ht Inl *o?,l ilara. with tha thaimotnalar Ml ? ?lld not ?imf one aav I hi?? OWaaa a cool aan*Ht4m lo parratla lha ayatatn Ami ? lial la il Irrniril' Whv. tlx liHur rtrnxf n**r**>a rnrr.rr.n. THtnM'iiM i* rtvn Tt la, In raalltjr, all that tha Itiraniiv rlalma flrtr It. Thay an' kept fountain ly on haml. anil ara lor aalo at Uia lowa?l tn trka ta'pa Tha aalaa of Ihoaa hlfhljr aataamaH iiFtiiimni r i ?aih? arr haaotnlnf vary aitanalva. Tliay ura pn.hahly lha aaalatf rha r? maila Ana praaeril from tha wlfa to Ula li nlxml, nnat nnliploiia. (or whlla alttlni In tham hh> MHa parahla an for jM'ati. and a ihaarfnl, happy aoiinfnanp" l? ilia ?~o" Tli< jr ran a Ian h? hail at n?Tla' gra-?t MklMMtitll, ??> ali*tl>. local ad nt Doa. t44 and (M f, Mrnadway. north?a?t eorni't ot Mlrapki r atraat. Alao. In addition 10 lha nbovp annmaratftil arllalpa, an ?? i ! |r?a vnrlaty of bon?a fnrnlahlnK gooda. at nrtrpa to atttt I , Iknaa. RoiKllt tlAVM, No?. (W4 and did Kroadway, northern* cornar of Mtarkai atrrct Flra larifp aalaarooma. \7 KKflNV nXTIIO tHR?1CAIi HATHA.? Dlt V rllRCl, of Brooklyn, proprietor, nod Prof TKIDRKx arr In ?liand*nra at 710 Hroadwar- ?aj *'?anntaa to rnr? rhantnatlam, nan-'?lfi?, and ,ill Impttrttiaa art?iin frofn lha tin prtalani oaa of mprattry or oIlMr niataBi- ?utwrtanoaa. Hpai iai dppurttnart (or la<llaa. MIKIMO ? IMHTRtTlTrO*.-* FOR MA 12V 1 all v iti'U of carnMioa, rnpal. aanrr. Wltl'p <<iat ? i.i tnra xtid aolrii rartti'hr a, leai|WifE .tr.. (thirty litfi'r n kltida.i wlil h>< *l? in lor lha ?ti\i?il of ?"> Vpplr <?> rradoraaa aSPHialng aaah, S. WAT*llfi<U?l, l?d Rr ? ri i ot ti ftmrtti a>i|i and. lha I" trt- ' ona will ha p >m|i:ii jtwrnardrd w an; partorflM UnHM Sfa'M. IHIPPIMG. _ __ FOB LIVERPOOL-UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM ship BKIOiSON Uwlier, commander. will depart with the United States malls for Europe, positively on Saturday August 2, at 12 o'clock, M , from her berth, at the foot of Canal street. Notice ? The steamers of this hue have water light compartments, and to avoid danger from ioe, will nut cross the (tanks north of 42 degrees, until after the 1st of August. Per freight or passage, having unequalled accommodation fur elegance and comfort, apply to BI>w. K. COLLINS. 5? W.i l street. Passengers are requested to be on board at 11 o'clock A. M. All letters must paaa through the Post olllce, any others will be returned. The steamship Atlantic, Oliver Eldridge, will succeed the Ericsson, and sail on Saturday. August 18. Notice? The rale of freight from Liverpool to New York la reduced to ?4 per ton measurement, until further notice. The new york and liverpool united states mall steamers.? The ships comprising this line are.? The ATLANTIC, ('apt. Oliver Eldridge. The BALTIC, ('apt. Joseph Comatock. Ihe ADRIATIC, Capt. James West. These ships having been built by contract expressly for the government service, every care has been taken In Hie con struction, aa also in their engines, to insure strength and speed, and their accommodations l'or passenger* aro une qual led for elegauce and comfort. I'rlce of passage from New York to Liverpool, In llrst cabin, $130; in second do., $75. Exclusive use of ei ra sUe statu rooms. $325. From Liverpool to New York, .'10 and 20 guineas. An experienced surgeon attached to each ship. No berths can be secured until paid for. The ships of this line have Im proved water-tight bullheads, and to avoid danger from Ice will not cross the Hanks north of 42 degrees, until alter the 1st of August. PROPOSED DATES OP SAILING. FROM NKW TOKK. riiOM MVKKI'OOL. Saturday Aug. 2, 1866. Wednesday Aug. 6, 1H5S. Saturday Aug. 10, 1856. Wednesday Aug. 20, I85d. Saturday Aug. 30,1858. Wednesday. .. .Sept. 3,1856. Saturday Sept. 13, 1H06. Wednesday Sept. 17, 1H6<I. Saturday Sept. 27, l?"5ti. Wednesday Oct. I, 1830. Saturday Oct. 11, 1856. Wednesday Oct. 1ft, 185$. Saturday Oct. 2S, 1856. Wednesday .Oct. 29,1856. Saturday Nov. H, IH56. Wednesday Nov. 12, 1856. Saturday Nov. 22,1856. Wednesday. .. .Nov. 2*1, 185ti. Saturday Dec. ti, 1856. Wednesday Dec. 10, 1850. Saturday Dee. 20, 1856. Wednesday Dec. 24, 185(1 Kor freight or past age apply to KDW.aKD K ctiLLINS. No 56 Wall street, N. Y. b R OW N, SHIPLEY A CO.. Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., 27 Austin Friars, London. B O. WAINWRIGUT A CO., Paris. The owners of these ships will uot be accountable for gold, sliver, but Ion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or ue jils, un less bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof expressed therein. FOB LIVERPOOL ? STEAMSHIP ALPS H. INOLIS commander. This new and powerful steamer will sail Irem the Itrltish and North American Koval Mail Steam Packet Conipajiy's dock, at Jersey City, on Thursday, the 7th of August. Passage money for first 'class passengers only, tor whom ihcreare excellent accommodations, $100, ineludtnf provisions and steward's fee, but without wines or llquora, which can he obtained on board, freight taken at reasonable rates. Apply to E. CUNAKD, No. 4 Bowling Oreen. FOR LIVERPOOL. -ST. GEORGE'S LINE OF CLIPPER ships. ? The celebrated clipper ship DREADNOUGHT, Captain Samuels, will sail on the 8th of August (ber last pas sage waa made in iourteen daya). For passage apply on board, pier No. 8 North river, or to DKMAKEST A JONES, 40 South street, ami 36 Old slip. First hup for Liverpool-Thursday, joly 31? The tavorltn new clipper ship IRONSIDES will posi tively sail on Thursday next, and has superior aocommoda ilons for second cabin and steerage passengers. Apply on board, at pier No. 9 East river, or to C. A. TEN EYCK. 67 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL.? BAILS on THURSDAY. JULY 31, the celebrated ship ALBERT OALLATIN. Tlio packfi' ship CHRISTIANA sails for London August 1. Fare? second cabin. $18, steerage, flti, and found. Kor passage apply to THOS. C. ROCHE, 83 South street FOR LIVERPOOL.?' TO SAIL TOMORROW, THE FRANKLIN KINO, nowdytng at pier 45, East river. I he Philadelphia sails on the liitli of August ; now at pier ti. North rhcr Kor passage apply on board, or to HABKL A COKT1S, 177 Broadway. Notice? livk.rpool packet of this day.? There will be s steamboat at Peckslip ferry, p;er 24, East river, at 12 o'clock, to convey the passenger* out to the ship WM. TAPSCOTT. Room fbrafew more second cabin and ??teerage passengers. Apply to TAPSCOTT A CO., No. Sti South street. FOR BREMEN VI A SOUTH \MPTON. ? THE UNITED States mail steamship WASHINGTON, E Cavendy, Com mander. will sail lor Bremen, touching at Southampton, to land the malls and passengers for England and France, on Sat uiday, August 9, at 12 o'clock M., from pier 37 North river. fhicb or rasaAUB P*o* Nbw Yokk to Southampton on Bbbmb*. In first cabin, main saloon $1*0 In first cabin, lower saloon 11". I n second cabin (Ml. An experienced surgeon Is attached to each steamer. Spe ele delivered in Ilavieor London. No parcels received on Ihe day of sailing. All letters must pasa through the Post of lioe. For freight or passage, appply to C. H. SAND, Agent, 11 South William street . The steamer Hermann will succeed the Washington, and sail September 6. POR SOl'TH AMPTON AND HAVRE.? THE UNITED Slates mall steamer ARAGO, I>. Lines, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land tha malls and passenger*, on Saturday, August it, at 12 o'clock, from pier 37 North river, foot of Beach street. riticit or rAHHAGB. I Irst cabin $130 Second cabin 75 This ship has live water tight compartments, enclosing the eng.nes, so that In tbe event of collision or stranding, the water could not reach them, and the pumps being free to work, the salety of the vessel and passengers would be. secured. Bag gage not wanted dnrlng the voyage should b? sent oil hoard the day before sailing, marked "below." No freight will lie taken alter Thursday, 21st. Kor freight ar passage, apply lo MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Agent, 53 Broadway. N. B ? The steamer Fulton will succeed the Arago, and sail September 20. FOR HAVRE DIRECT? FRANCO- AMERICAN COM panv ? The screw steamers composing this line will leave for Havre direct, as follows: ? V1UO Thuraday, August 14. AI.MA Thursday. August a*. 'BARCEI.ONE Thursday, Sept. IL Passage ? first csbln, afl $li?> Iio. do. do forward 80 For freight or passage apply to the agents, EM. A El?. l'OIRiEK A t P., No 83 Br.?ad *triet. THE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP < ompany's splendid and powerful steamship*, CITY OF BALTIMORE. 2.464 Inns, Cask Robert Leltch; ?JTY OF WASHINGTON, 2.380 lone, Capt. Wm. Wvlle< ' iTY OF MANCHESTER, 2.10W Urns, Capt. P. C. Petrle; KAVtltRbo, l,W4 lone, Capt. R. It wing, are intended to sail ? ran? Liverpool. kangaroo 10th July. City of Manchester l.'uh Auguat CHy of Baltimore ZTlh August. Kaagaroo loth September rMOM rHILAUBLBlA. i lty of Baltimore 7th AnguaL kangaroo list August. City of Manchester 4th September. city ol Baltimore 18th September. Kangaroo. .. ???? 3d October. s at as or riNAsa. Saloon $90. $M and $65. according to staterooms. A limited number at third rlass passengers will be taken r.-otn Philadelphia and Liverpool. and faand In provlituaa Krom Philadelphia Ho I Fn? Ltvarpool $40 These steamers are constructed with hnproved watertight compartments, and each vessel carries aa experienced Bur geon. Partiea wishing to bring out their friends can obtain ewrtlfl ?ites ot passage and drafts on Liverpool In sum* of ?1 ster ag and upwards. Apply lo JOHN 0. DAl.K, agent. IT Wslaiit at., Phtlaielphia, or ?SABKL A CORT18, 177 BroaJway, Nsw York. 8 YORK ANI> ill.AHOOW. V KdMilmrg, J.UX'iinc, William Mumming, commander, New kark, 11* MM, K"|>. ri > ralg, MMMr; 'llnegow, I.9B2 I. IIK. John lluncan, commander. Tk? Hlaagow and N? w York tramahlp t'ompany Intend running their n-wr Mid powerful -iMinm from New York for Ulaagow direct, aa under - 'Haag ,w. RMtinUf. A'igiat Id, at 12 o'clock uooa Kdlnbarg HMurday, Hcptemher IS. at IX or lack noon. bates or ruuuk f tret cabin 97? hrd cabin. fonnd with rooked proviatone ,%i An eipertenced au-geon atUrhe.1 to each i"?nrr for freight or paaaag" apply u> JOHN MiHYMoK U Hroiutoif New York eltjr bills or gold oaly received for tiaalAge. GRRAT1.Y RKPtVKT) PRIiTRH ? ftTH ArGl'KT? ONITRP State* Mail IJiw ? !W pennde hatfuage free, Uicen'a p r pound on eiceaa four b?ari from ocean to ocean, by P?iia roa Rail' owl lhrongh lor i 'ailfurma v. a I'ao una I. i ? I he I mied Stale* Mall Meamahlp Company wtll laapaW-h f >r V ?pine all on T aeaday. ^npult. at to'?l<ck I*. M. precisely, rom pier foot of Wsrren street, North river, the well known and faat itmmihip II.I.INOIs, t'apUm rharlea S. Hogua. I'. N N. Psseengers and mails will he forwnrded b t P i nam i Itallrnad and connect at Panama with the Pacific (fail Stevm hip forapeny's magnificent atoimahip Hnlden Age, J. r Waktns, commander. wkM will be In readtneiai an I en< < niniedialelv (or Sao franeuko. The puhlic ?'? inforine hat the Paellk Mail Nle amah ip l'o always bare ote or more ? itr? steamer* Ivlng at I'uwnt. ready for aea, to avoid am ,"?sible detention of passenger* or mails for passage apply '? I W. R AYMOND, at the only olllce of the companies, No 177 Weal atreet, corner of Warren. New York, freight to v iplnwall. 7" centa per cubic Spot, or one and a hUf centa per oonnd prepaid, MiJ no freighT received alter 12 o'clock on the i >\ ' i Mm FtlR CAI.lfOR.XI K VIA NHWR AOU \.-SllnRTK T routs by seven hundred mile* Prices greatly reduc ; he new an.f .plcn.lld eteam-hlp CAIlAH H t. I2.IMI tonal .1 I). Haltoch, t 'omnuux Irr, will -all from pier W. foo' of North Mimre atr< et, Norih river. for St Juan de Nicaragua ?m Saint lay, August 9. USB, *1 three o'clock P V . lo dinner' with th> ??earner Stori a Ncrada. from San .1 nan del m?r, onlhe Pactnc for han franrlwo hMWI w ill Rod thia the hcalthlc?< ami cheaple?t rente. for freight or p?*atge, apply to OHAe and cneapteirt route. f or ireignt or pa? we, app \ WHIT N KT, No 2 Howling Wieen, New Vork. rNITKIt HTATBS MATT. STEAMSHIP LINK ? FOR IIA Tana and Wkw Orleans. On Saturday, Aagiiat 1 at 2 P. M.. from pier foot of Warren rtreet, North rirer tlte fa*t and atonic ? e*mahlp rMILAPRLi' IMA, t'apt. John ? ctlowan ill eat I aa above. 1'nmage ran be seenr?d at the ortke >f th ?in* freight to New ortaiafta. Rleanii per eahic foot, raeeire ' on HtKh JtilT. ^hlpp^?r? will be *apphed with hlank Idlla ? lading of the form alined by the line, no application at theli fl *e. No Other forma sUned. atpl no hill of lading will l? iga' d after the hour of ?*fllnr for freight or paaaage appli I't he oflice.i Weal alreet, corner of Warren. ? M. O. ROHHRTH, Agent KOR HAN fRAXCWfO? IMMKDIAT1C IHSPATCH. Thehqc A I clipper bark I.IVKY sr\R inewi. Meow loading at HaRManre t >r the ahoye port Having m<'?t of her >aruo engaged, w llla.illmi the Oh day of \ugii" For balance ? >f It eifhi or paaaagc having fine w commodate >n?. apply In KDlPwiH HROR., II Uoaver afreet. ATHTR AMA UnWrPRNniMT- MNR.? THE- n* tr llful. A I. faat aaillng hark, SNAP lillAHf IN. *?? ?on bntihen, will have immediate deapan h for Sydney din-" She can accommodate a few p^wengerain apleodld <tyle. fo balance of cargo ?* paeaage, "apply do* (DRY*, aSkMX a RI.UOT, W Pearl atreet. At'HTRAl.lA IMIKPKNIIRNT LINK -T?lf SPI UNP' A I clipper ahlp Al,lll(?N. Harnahy, rommainler, wi have Immediate deepateh for Melbourne ' thl? favorite vc??e l? an citreme dipper, and will, no doubt, make a ?hort pa< ?ai llei r?< ? onmiodallona lot paaaengera. In drat ??>?! -? raelna, en? ot be ?urpn?acl, and a? only a limited nnabei taken, early appllcatlnn will he ner eaaarv. for freight ?> paeaage. at low ratea. anplv on lioerd. at pier 12 Raat river, or t?l*VK, A I; K Klalt A RI.UOTT, pearl alreet r^BBTr H ari".iwi?dn7~". c.-thr m t f. rTo r sum taheel aleamehlp ST ATR Of (IRORtllA. t'apl. J. ? Oarvm, will aail finm Philadelphia fbr t'harleaton, on Sam day, Auguat 2, at 10 o'clock, t 'abln pa<aage. wlfn very ?n perlor titafe room accommodatlona, til; iifcerage, 9s The tiate of (leorifla will aall again aa above, Saturday, AttfiMi HI. TheKKYSTfiNK STaTK ?*ila for Savannah. NatiinUv. Auguat 9 HKRON A MARTIN. Agenta, Philadelphia 3T'? N wharvea. rvfR "nCRPOI.K and Ru n VOVD? THf FnTtkii r Sfatea m:tll ?feam?hip J A M KS Til W N. Tapt Parrlah. will leave frir fhe above jilarea ?>? Salnrday, A ttgnet 2, ?t 4 o'clock P M , iHin pier IS North river. She will arrtve at Norfolk mi Sutid.iy aflcrnoon, Mfid at Richmond on Monday mortiln* Pa??engcra for the "outh will proceed wHboitf delay by the great mail 'ine to f'barleaton, Angiiata. Savannah, Ac fra vellcra will l.nd tin* the cheapeat, plcafctnteai and moat eype dttloiia reu'e Pa?aatre and fare, Including atafe r>?im. to Jior tolk. ff Pe?r abnrg and Richmond, fill: ateorage htlf pilce. | Apply to UPltX A Pl.BARANTW, hiwl ? ?jr. TENANTS' ESOIVT1B. APARTMENTS TO LET ? CON8ISTINO OF FIVE | j\. rooms, parlor, kitchen. cellar; {asaud waicr. .nauis" | class two story snd a'llc house; partly furnished, If desired; i rent about ,>er iwutuini also, other apiuiiueuls, at U ->a 1 reus. Inquire at No. 8 Tcuth street, between Filth uud Sixth ; avenues. COTTAGES TO LET, AT C ARM A NSVII.LH.? THRKB well I): lilt hi i?k cottages, a convenient distance from the Hudson River Railroad depot, at 152d street, to li t for ih? sunnier or *e?r. at a low rent. Apply to A. F. SMITH, at Fort Washington, or to H A KTIN A SMITH, 50 Wall street. Lorn TO LET? WITH STEAM POWER, corner or I Kaymond and Willoughby ?u-?eui, HrookJvii; 0? iW leet, thirty w imlows in each, inquire at the bat faoforv oppo ' ur<a H t>HK>f'rirK A CO . 166 Water street, N. Y. LONO ESTABLISHED FURNITURE STOKE TO LET? In the bowery, doing a good business. reason (or let ting, the owner la unable to attend to same, terms moderate.

Aodress J. M., Herald oflice. Maiden lane stoke.? to lht, the first floor and liaaement of No. 50 Maiden l*ne, 25x117. ruuuing through lo and having an entrance in Liberty st. A No, base ment of No. m Maiden lane. Possession may bo had In Au gust. Apply lo S. W. SMITH, 50 Maiden lane. OFFICE TO LET.? A FINE FRONT OFFICK IN building No. 74 Broadway, second floor. Possession given the iirst of Aug tut. Kor term* inquire of FEVE/?, FRKRES A CHAEVET, 36 Vrsey sreet. Also lor sale, cheap, iu the above otllee, two counters, tilteen feet long, with drawers, and a writing table. PART OF A HO VIE TO I.ET-TO A OENTEEL FA inily, containing live iiice rooms, newly painted and pa pered, convenient to curs and stages. Inquire at 144 East Thirty -second street. TO LET? A STORE, HACK ROOMS AND FRONT BASE nient of house No. 208 Third avenue; is a lirst rate place suitable for any business. Inquire of JOHN ATTRIDOK Jk SON, 591 Fourth street, from H A. M. lo 1 P. M. TO LET? A LIOHT, AIRY BASEMENT AND QELLAE, *7x80 feet, suitable for light manufacturing purposes or stornge. Apply at the Union Clothing Warehouse, No. 3) Fourth avenue. N. H.? Possession Immediately. TO LET- THREE NEW FIVE STORY STORES ON THE north side of Canal street, between Mott and Elizabeth, ltent moderate, and immediate possession given. Apply to ?I AMES H. THOKNK, 34 Elizabeth street. r> I.KT? TO A GENTLEMAN AND 1IIH WIFE, WITH out children, the second tioor In house No. AIM Hudson street, with privilege of Croton water. References required. TO LET? A THREE STORY DWELLING HOUSE, IN good order; deep lot, delightfully situated, in Clinton place, near liroadway; possession ou the llrst of August, till he 1st of May, or for a longer lline, to a tlrst rnte truant, and s< me furniture If wanted. Address box 500 Post olUce, or ap ply to Mr. PEARCE, corner of Fourth and Mercer street*. TO LET? WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, THE BASK ment, first and attic tloors of 07 Sullivan street ; the second tloors of 17 Watt* and 20 Renwlck streets i4 rooms on each floor). Apply to Thomas Edmonds, 0i>a Sullivan street. TO LET? PART OF A THREE STOKY HOUSE, NO. 4 Amity place. i<atii ens street, to a small respeetabw fami ly; has nil the modern Improvements. Kent per auirun. TO LET? A ROOM AND BEDROOM, WITH GAS. IX A pleasant neighborhood, to a small family. Rent, $10 per month, in advance. Reference required. Apply on the premises, 302 Bleeckcr street, near Perry. TO LET? THE WHOLE OR PART OF THE TIIRKE story brick dwelling house, 7W> Washington street, near lane, In good repair. Kent low to a good teuauU Apply lo l'Al'L ARMOUR, US Wall street. TO LET? IN MOTTHAVEN, TWO BLOCKS FROM THE Harlem bridge, on Boston road, a two story column home, wiih a tea room in ilie rear; containing in all nine rooms. Rent 9150 per year. Apply iu the grocery, next door. TO LET? THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE NO. 10 Spring street, live doors lrum the Bowery, with bath and ? n on w ater on tin: lloor. Possession immediately. TO LET? IN JERSEY CITY, A NEAT THREE STORY and basement brick house, No. 140 Washington street, between Montgomery and Merger streets, two block* from the lerry. The house is in complete repair and newly painted m side and out and coutain* leu rooms, ami has the modem iin proveinents of water and gas. Any one wishing a convenient residence near the ferry, suck a chance seldom offers. Kent low to n good tenant. Inquire at No. 1?? Washington street. Jersey City. 'PO LET? A LARGE ROOM..SUITABLE KOR BUSINESS 1 purposes: also, several other rooms, with private en hance, to good tenant*. Inquire ou the premises, OU Broad way. TO LET? HALF OF THREE 8TORY AND BASEMENT house. 50 Carroll street, Brooklyn, three minutes' walk irom Hamilton fcrrv. Parlor, basement and four rooms. Kent moderate. O as iu house. Apply on the premises. TO LET? 230 SULLIVAN STREET, ON STAGE ROUTR8, n three story brick and basement house, In good order, with Croton w ater. Rent (550 ner year to a good tenant Pos session Immediately; a desirable and cheap residence. Apply to Kit HARD WILLIAMSON, Bull s Head Bank, 33H Third avenue, from 8 to 12 o'clock M., oratlSS Fifth avenue, from I to 9 o'clock 1*. M., or ou the premises. TO LET? THE PARLOR FLOORS OF HOUSES 1S2 AND 1K4 Third avenue, consisting of front sn.l back parlors and tearoom, with chamber on third story, if riyiuired. finished w lib marble mantles and solid mahogany doors; also, the third story of one of them. TO LET? A STORK, CELLAR AND DWFU.ING, 611 Houston street. Inquire at 165 Wooster street. C. II. MOORE. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF HOUSE U Chrystie street, near Walker, consisting of front parlor nd bedroom adjoining mid bark b.iseuicui. good >srd, house n good order, l'osse.-siou immediately. Inquire on ".he pre uilscs. rO LET? TOE UPPER P\RT OF HOUSE VOA1S JAY street, three rooms on tie secoud lloor, and one bedroom .ii stlic Lower part occupied by .. very small family. Apply it 119 11 ud sol. street. rO LET? IX HOUSE 201 ELM STREET. BETWEEN Spring slid Brojlne, to a respec table family, till! st-eoad ,?>r, five rooms; Croton * ater on the ihwr. In inlrs on the premises, or of EDWARD lll'NK, butcher, No. 42 Washing n street. TO LET, ON MURRAY HILL? THE WHOLE OR PART oi a f r st class house, with all the modern Improvements, No 05 East Fortieth street, between Four'h and Lexington svenues. Inquire of THOMAS BUTI.KK, 130 West siren'. rO LET OR FOR SALE? AN ENTIRELY NEW AND handsomely furnished house, situated in a most desira le and I i-hioi , .i b 1<- oeatiou. No. II #'e>! flurt> seventh -tresl. a few doors from Fifth avenue. Inquire ou the pre iiilses. rO RENT-HOUSE NO. 207 THIRTY FIFTH STREET 1 he owner will make sny alterations. *c., to sultadrst iMStrinL Kent low Possession Immediately. Apply to W WODKLL, No, 444 Eighth avenue. IjOST AND FUIA'D. (BOUND? ON TUESDAY LAST, IN V THIRD WENUE ' c*r, an umkrella. which the owner can have h\ appl> t.t; at the ml oOice, On Barclay street, and paylug for tius ad , ertiseuent. % Hiked, <>n Tuesday, july m. and supposed to he stolen ? A ha) horse and naif ellipt ? *i<riug ? Hon, silver bunds awl hut worn, without ion and trimmed with >? sther. I torse shout 1&1 1 Iwilels lugh, long tail one white hind loot and siar in forehead, ten years old, bra** m muted arness, wuh heavy I Much eolhir. t liberal icwarl will l?" i aid lor nny itifi'i niation of the horse or w agon, by Carll A Huryi a, 24 Fulton street, Brooklyn, Lost? a Large jasper pebble brooch, in cli* ton stric t, Hr'siklyn, between llegrsw and Ken sen. The ttder w 111 be rew srded by i< avlng it a'. 240 t'llntou street. I (1ST.? LEFT ON BOtRD THE PF? i< SLIP FERRY J I ost Nebraska, two pieces nnuiti-eript music, on the re urn of whil h Ui Geo. T Kvans, No. 4 South Mxth street, WU .imaburg. tl.e i nder will be rew snled. L OPT-ON THE 1?TH ISST , AT TIIE OFflCR OF THE New York und Erie Railroad, In tbla rlty, a cari^t !>?* "id travelling fhawl. The bag wa? ti.arkrf "K. 0 Wimda. lereland. " FlfVen 'lollara raa ?nl will be paid to the ilnder n ]*a* nig UKm at tbr olber (M Hartlelt k F?rr> a, MB Broad ? r?t I (1ST? A CHICK OK THE CITIZENS' HtXIt, FATA J lil*i Ml M Hubbard or bearer, <*ated fult J!>. IWi !*??>" mfiii la (topped, aid *11 peraona urn forbid n-? >ila<ii ? Uia nm. S. M. H I H M \RO. 1 OUT- IK A ftREEHWIi'll A VKKUK OB FOt'Rril A avenue ?:????. tba i bari-r or warrant oi a Ma* nur l<"Jg". 1 1^' tinder m 111 be liberally rewanled by lo*\ mg it at No. IV Maiden Inn#. I OCT ?OK THE ?>TH INST., ABOI T 1 O'CLOCK, IX J th?v trinity krw^waj' tml wm <Utri. * pnekotkouk, I'litalnlnu $H in bill* and amne | apei ? The under r?"*lii he monrr, and '.inter * furnr by tearing the bunk and p.iper* t tbe Muprrlni' nd?nt* < idler, Trtultjr Building, for the nanar. CTR WKD-ON MONDAY. >T1I INST , A B\Y IIORSE, ? 7 blaek lfc?, nxtaral tall, ahmit IA han<la 9 ln> -he* high, ami nr year* old Wl*ie?rr will raturt htm to Klin iwik, on lmialwailalii naiil. or clre ml.rmailon where he May ba und, will re< el>e >10 reward. rERTII I /XT? A SET OF I ITKR TEETH. THE FIND er will ba auitahly rewaided, If he will addre** W. M. ?!., are of Wm. Th.miaa, K?|., architect, 2SU Broadway, Mating wh? re ?b?- teeth cub be hud. rAEEK? FROM A IQtAU BOY, OK Tt!E?DAY, ON Klflh mm, nrar Ele\ inth ?ireet, a b lark and lan Irr leraliitp up bad on a patent Ira'ht r and red, >tth? rlht?>n aita<-be<t. A reward of HA. and imi alia mwita ?kr.t, will bo paid for 'be dog, by applying at 31 Mnth 8 ?BOARS. 7 ROAR* REVERAl. INVOICE* FOR SAI.E, AT MI CH brl?w 'heir markrt rain#. Early appllratlon la r*<|ite*t?d aah ??! t >?ri'- ? ? mmlr on aegara of domeattc, O rmau or Ha ana manufacture kraai * from H.KI npwaid*. 0. CHREKft, K Rmadway. \R? -SETkRAI. I\\nl' E<t FOR H*LR,"aT MI i ll If low Ibrlr markrt valnr. ?oir?r?, 1880 upward*. <'?*h ndT?m i?made on aeganof Havana, duraaatlr and ilarman mantifartnir. O. t'llEF.KC, 17 llmailiray. Cl<OTHI1??. M . Af) nnn wnRT?' OF OFKTT-EMEK * I.EFT off rkuhtn* wantrd, In largr or ?m*llloi?*l i irr? paM In rnrrrnt Btonry, and pnaetaal .ii>ndaoca on aL rdrra, Ikrmigh poat or othrrwl?" JAMEH MOBOKIT. ?;??< Faarl atrr^t f' I,OTHIKO.-l,AniER AK iT OB K TI.R MBK " U A 1 1 KO \ any to ill?ri>?r of ran rerrtT.' th? nimoal ?aln? by allr'?? ix It. C'OHEK, 12 l-anrpn* ?iri,"t, nrar CaMl, nr 52 Wrat 'itoadway. I<adl?a alt^Adrd to by Mra. robm MR, L. DERBY" BEOS TO INFORM HIS FRIFXIlHTII \T h# It now aaairlaM with th# hou?? nt D. I'KVI.I.V A i . In tho rnatom drpartmam Ihr *r?a' farllltir'? nf !n h<mat fc>r proriirlnr all ilir latoat ?ty|ra of foreign i ., ,n-. \ i him a wfdrr fir id than h<-rriofore for Um pmditctlori ?f i I lonahlr and atyllah gaimrnia llr will glr? particular ntlon to snttlng up Mltn fl?'-<'? arnir and imcj uniform* will br nappT to are hi* old frleml* and eiiMninan at thr ?m torn MlrtHral of D. DEVI. IN k CO., corner of Broadway in* ? Warren at r ret. TO MOTHER'S AKI? WWTKRK MER' H ANTS WISH mi t?bnjr tlnr i lotblnr thr anbaerlhTa o't.T Ihelr ?klll ami iiiTDtitatr* Harlnir a larire rtprrlmu r In Hil* depiirtmi-nt ?t ' hetr bartneon. nowoffrr ?nperiorlo4noeni<<nt*todei)rr*ln nr?i cloi* elotblBg, I'?her tn>m * well arlwe.1 atork on ilir *H?lrr? rr will m ikr to order in aumoll nmm m M ifi?>.la a l-r'nl dlr- r' fVtm 'he Impiu ter* rMblng. b' tkonod awb?tantlal and f??M?t>ai>le *?nner, and at ratr. il,?( will Inaitre <|H k aatm. mi it. . .lar* wrll know tar <IWi?aliy af arlllng out a ?tork In oon*t i|iirnre of bad ?ljrb ? and alw*: v l?e frel 0" 1 1 fl lent ?hat by nnr ?^*lrttl all thV* i an be avollrd. Of 'h,? fi t ?<? tire ready wntitirltKe all wh<. may faior ii? w t" th> > oa Ifn'.de. ? U FLIRT k CO, HfMlir.)-. amvhbmcnts. VTIBLO'S GARDEN. is Door* open at 7 ; to commence at 8 o'clock . Ticket* r'lftj cent*. Tilt iimia v Evkmso. Jci.v 31, MM. Four KnicrimumeiiU. THE WONDERFUL RAVELS. IT I.I. E ROttERT. THE BALLET COMPANY. YOUNG lONGl.k'R MMK. AXEL. A. I.EHMANN. FRANCOIS a* s??ni'V Box, in tli<- laughable pauiomunt: at TIIK COOPER*. EVOLUTIONS ON THE TIGHT ROPE, by Young Hengler, Mine. Axel. A Lshmsnn and A. Chiarlnl. TWO (IK AND 1*AS, by M ile Robert, Liuu Weudel, P. aud A. Lehmann, aud Paul brlllaiit. THE ITALIAN BRIGANDS. Character* by the Wonderful Ravels. Friday and Saturday?' The Wouderlul Ravel* and (Company, Mr. BURTON having recovered frjin bin severe accident, will positively make hi* lirst appearance, with a talented com pany, on Monday, August 4, In a new comedy and laughable tune. THE BROADWAY VARIETIES CLOSED FOR A FEW week*, tor the purpose of reuvoutiug saloon, Ac.; during which the WOOD AND MARSH JUVENILE COMEDTANS will make a professional visit to Hutfalo, Quebec and Montreal returning to this cliy al>nut the lot of September. HENKX WOOD, Busmen* Manager, Ac. ORIGINAL Dl'SSELDORF GALLERY, 4117 Bkoahwat. The best collection of painting* on this continent. Open day aud livening. Single admission, 26 cents; season tickets, 00 days, SO cents. Franklin museum, ir grand street, four doors iroin Broudwav. t'.icn every afternoon, at 3. and evening, at h, by Madame Wartou'a troupe of Model Artiste*, wenty-seveu in number: comprising a company of the ttnest ornied women iu the world, fourteen tableaux to day, with outer performance*. The original troupe of model artistes soon leave New York. Established over ten year* by Madame Warlon, whose troupe of arlis es were never ex celled by any travelling company, fan be seen every after noon, at S, aud evening, at ti, at the Franklin Museum, 1.7 (.'rami street. Strangers, before leaving the city, call ill lbs afternoon, at 3, or evening, at H, aud sou the mag nillcent performance* of the Model Artistes, at the Franklin Museum. 127 Grand street. comprising twenty-seven young ladies of beauty and llgure, four door* from Broadway. c DRY GOODS, AC. I. OAKS, MANTILLAS AND TALMAS. JACOB LANSING, 4S Cedar street, ISI'oKTKK AMI MA. >ur ACT UK It It CLOAK8, MANTILLAS, TALMAS, ETC., Has now in store A complete uanortment of goods in the above line, Intended expressly for THK FALL TRADE, To which hi invites the special attention of jobbers In this and other cities, also of large buyers from every section of the Union. His siock comprises an Intinite variety of elegant novelties. In cloth, velvet, moire antique, and all prevailing fabrics, well adapted to the want* ot the trade, and Including all qualities, styles, Ac , ivhich he otters on the most liberal terms, and at prices thai cannot fall to meet the approbation of close buyers. 42 Cedar street, between Nassau and William. CLARK'S SPOOL COTTON.? THIS PRIZE COTTON OP the (treat Pari* Exposition is now upon Us own merits re ceived into general use. It Is extensively used on sewing ma chine*. All numbers received regularly, and for sale by GEO. A. CLARK, 32 De> street. He. A A. TRAPHAGEN WILL OPEN THIS DVY, AT . the juvenile emporium of fashions, 5SW Broadway, a rale of splendid l'arls k<hk1s, just received Has<|ucs fur la dies aud children, of the newest and most elegant design*, witli a great variety of other articles, luo numerous to men t.on. Mantillas and cloaks.? the subscriber is now ready to exhibit his tall stock of these goods, em bracing a lsrge assortment of novelties, in various materials, which are particularly adapted for the jobbing trade. K. h. MILLS, (*) and H2 Chambers street, np stairs. T O WHOLESALE BUYERS. GEO. ItULPIN, Is now prepared with hi* fall slock of Clouki, Mantillas, Manufactory, ti'J Franklin street. Talmas, <?c. 361 Broadway. rj (RAVELLING MANTLES, And other material*. 473 Broadway, In Argentine linen, mohair For sale by BEEKMAN A COMPANY, One block below the St. Nicholas. ABTKOLOGY. ASTROLOGY, I'llIROMANTY.-THE CELEBRATE Mrs. FLF.l'RY. from Pari*, whose relation propbesle Napoleon I., give* true information on all events of life. Hue CELEBR \TF.D 1 Napoleon I., gives true information on all events of life. Ques tions about business, love, marriage, Ac., are answered by magnetism, at .b.'( I'.roome street. CLAIRVOYANCE.? MRS. SEYMOUR NO. It* SPRING >treet, a few dmirs west of Broadway, the most celebrated medical and business clairvoyant in America. All diseases discovered and cured, if curable; tin- fate and wher slwiu'* of absent fiends made known, unerring advice on buslnes*, Ac.; and no charge unie,* satisfied. C1LAIRVOYANCK.? MRS. HAYES. IT? GRAND STREET, ) New York, Is the most celebrated and ladylike clairvoy ant In America All diseases dlseovered and soon cur?d. Cor rect account given of absent friend*, business, Ac., and no charge unless satisfied. Madame morrow claims to bf. the most wonderful aatrologlM In the world, or that hsa ever been known. As I sin the seventh daughter of the seventh daugh ter who was also a great astrologist. I have a natural gift to tell past, present and rut ure events of life. I have astonished thousands during my travels in Europe. I will led whether you are married or single, and bow many time* you are to be married and how soon. and will show you the likeness of your lutiire husband, snd will cau?e you to be speedily married, and yon will enjoy the greatest happiness of matrimonial bliss, and jt*?*l luck through t oar whole life. I will also show th? likeness ot nbstuil friends and relations, aud I will tell to true all the concerns of life, that you cannot help being a lonished. No charge It not satislbsl MSHbtrM will not get the chance, Gentlemen are not admitted. 76 Brooms street, be tw ei n Cannon ana Columbia. VgADAME BALDWIN CAN BE CONSULTED ABOUT AVI lot e. marriage, and absent friends. Sh? tells all events of life, Interprets dreams, and eonaults on love Matters, at 1*11 Uiureiis str<?t, third story, room II. 1-adlee IS cents, gentle men W cents. She causes speedy marriage*; charge extra. Madame mar. the phrenologist, is also a seventh daughter. She can lell yon when snd whom you will marry, Slid reads tho lives ol visiter* *o corr ?? t t . that she astonishes all who consult her. ottl.-e, u7 Wes. Broad way. mxiARDa. Four good second hand billiard tables for -ale singiT or together, with apparatus complete. Ap ply to O'CONNHR A COI.LKNDEK, Ann street. IMPROVED BILLIABD TABLES AND CUSHION* ? PA 1 t. nte.l t ehruary IW, IKTsi; warranted msihema .c ,llv eor lect. aial possessing eqoal elasticity in all -casuus. For sale oni) by .Mlt IIAKI. I'IIKI.aN. SUi b.itnb rs s-retit, upstair*. BKDKA L?. 1 MEDICAL INSTITUTE FOR CURING AI L IIISKASES JV of men. Women and children, is now open at >iln llius ton stiem, coi tier of Greene, i barges very reasonable. DR. LARMOET'S PARIS AMD LONDON MEDICAL Adviser and Marriage Guide. JJtli edi'ion 4IW pages, lot eleetrisj pe.l IlluatriiHoiis. elotJi. f| It gives the a Iv -rti*"d remedies. six! shows the supe-iority of the author's Pari* and I otidon treatment of genito urinary diseases, nervous de t ilny. lo-tal and general, from excesses, indiscretion \c ||n curei all such disease* at ?J tier j>'i Sli *et, corner of Spring, upp, sitr Ht. Nlrholas Hotel, frimi It) A. M. Ull H In th ? evening. Ii raiment l>y letter and express. we reenMMend i>r. I?ar mont to the affllc'ed.? Courier des Etata tut*, Statu iieituni| r\n. RALTH.-orrirKHMs norKTow strkrt.rra* 1.1 Wnnaier; boura from ? to II % M fl vo 9 P M . Stiulayt Mftepted Ml grnlto iirinvy, al?> female Mid all ch-?nM .m.plainu aueeeeafuliy Itcm4. Addreaa, ky tu?r, bo* M fi?* office. Dr. j. x. charfrt (Thk firr kixo).? ms ckr tain remedy Kir iimrrlm-n iAd rbolcra morbu*. 4c. Far >.il? at hia offir.-, 4SI,', <lr?nd atrecl. Dr. cooprr, i? dcarr (tTRRirr hat hr rt ir enlted pmately on due-aae*. The rirtima of mieplaoedcnn mi^nce ran rail en tilm with the certainly of neing radically vol U|V|H moderate. R. B.? No fee till oured. DR. Ht-KTER. RO. 1 DIVISION HTRRRT. NRWYORK, ?> long and fhvorably known lo the puMlr. miy ba eon <itked at hla old ofllce. where he lia? pmr In one luunh ol media ine for ili? laat twenty four and wi?de moo < un ? than any oibrr man In the city, in many lo?tan<->'? of i ??! -on* i ooetdered Incurable, KTOf nf whkh lie baa in'riitleilnii t.i I 'frrloaik'nMn. < hara?? moderate, and naliemaeaa ? an- guaranteed. (notion? Mv nmedv, Hunter a rwl drop, ili?' i mra certain dlw-aeee irlMgdrylM |t? imtann In the bb od, pan only be had aa ab??e Plica fl. Call and ?et ib<* "Monitor < f Health' (ra ta T\R POWRRH CAR RK CXIXWI.TRI) DAILY, WITH If l?r Ward, on certain dteeaxea. Otllce Vn'antl ?tro.M. ? orner of Itroedwav. Ila treiitn.ent la nr\*r known to I ill tyi a in. .mem dl?ea?e la arreated. awl the monatir. with bl? ? gion l? m.ide lo <t|aa|>pe ir in a few d iv? Important lai la ?lira ?Dr. I'owera etirea all female d'?eaaea by appropriate treatment Dr. Pnwera" female pllla, fl per l>oi . warranted to produce the ctfert Intended. Office !W t anal atraet. corner ol Hn.adway IMPORTANT T? FRM AI.RR -DWRAURR OR PMMALRR 1 e*rlna|vely tcated l>y Dr. MkOH. Kemellea f >r lemaie uerangcinenta. Ir fl tof5. MM guaranteed In all raaea. Ci naultatluna and Irtiera ?iririjy coniidenlial. PaltenM from a iltatMiee prorldrd ?l<h MN, nttr?lng awl cTcltialre attend anie CMRae Itn ?U laitly nlnet We?t rWeenUi afreet, N. Y. Hie I-adtee' Marriage i ak-ndar comprlalng l,XMi I'hrlaflan nemea, * it* pruate adrlre lo the married, mailed free on re rclpt of 1.1 cenia, or fire p-?l ?!amp? PRIYATR ('OKfTT.T AtlOKB? DR. WATH<1R HAR for a Ion* aertea of yara confined bta attention In dia . aaea nf a certain rlaaa. In which he h?? treated not lew than ? wenfy fenMMd caeea wlihoat an Inatance of' allure. The eniedle" are mild, and there la ma nterrupUon' o bualiieoa or hanRe of diet. Dr Walaon ia in onnatant attendance, fr.rta 7 n <h<- mornlnc iintlt V at night, at bta consulting n-oma and icahli nee, U Walker aireet, a few doom weat of Rroadwar. W 1 1.1. 1 AM WATKON, M. D?, Formerly aurgcon to the U?k lloap^ al. piroRU S PRACTICR.-DR. C. P IIA*MONI>, FOR JV merly apupll with Rlrord, of Pari", and with l>r? Car m>< Han and Mott. of thla cMy, may be eonaulted Ibr the care af an Imp'-rianl rla?? of dleeaa<-a. Including all ileranifemen'a coniK-ctKl with thia much abuaed line of practice, at hla n?| and aitrRical roomp. Alf Hroadway. oppnaMf tb? Kt. Rlehidaa. from D la I. and from It m o'clock. Treatment tkp by letter. C.ui?ultail<.na Kruncala. t?PRf|R1. MF.DU'AI. NfVTH'K -Dr. t. C. J?III*fl?iR, 10 ?m Rl "adway, New York ?To Ibe l,adlea -In cnrlng 11 rinan* iliatreaalV.s cnmplalnta lo which the ae? la aahjeM, lie iHWWir la w?U known, f.eneraldlaeaaea. apecial lrre?ala r lib a :i'm| all nbatrnctlona remoced bv medical or anrglcal ?r<.'m<nt During the teal mnnth orer flfiy canea cared*. Hmwalint itwn and excellent nur?ea provldeil daring 111 n<?? MMahimN. tvinanllatlene, either In peraon or by mnil, ?ilk tlv (MlMffMhL OBce houra. f A. M. lot f, M. CtRR CVRK? DR WARDJ I'RFORTt'R ATR'R frind. the m'Wt <ert?ln enre In the world Uw certain I la eaaea. new need l?eftwe all "tber remellea for thoae dlaaaai**; warraMed wuhmit merrnry. and fnalna no dieting tor the cur<- It la well known aa lh>- only remedy thai etear-a the dhenae fnan Ibe hVmd and aeaitrea agalnai ae?ond;iry attaeka In all tlie worat raaea there la no other enre than thia. night ca??a fared In one day. I?r. ? urd hlmeelf haa had wore ei hfriefiee and made more Hi rea than any other tn New York > rie. I ctee WUrntWtdd In a aoert lime rnroentnate a j >. ? flflV* /? fane' corner Of llron.. way. AMT'SEMEST*. BOWERY THK aTHK. ? LKSSKR AND MANAQEB, lfR, John Brougham ? Thursday evening July 51, IBM TUB P1KATKS UK TllK MlaRLSalPPI. PO CA HON TAB. Pow Ha Tan I Hr. Brougham WALLACE'S THEATRE f* SI MM KR GARDEN. Kc engagement of MISS AONKfl ROBERTSON. Fil'ib week a f ' In* triumphant career of MK. DION ROI'RCICAULT, In hi* beautiful portrait* m' character. To night, 'I b . i wlay. .1 ill \ 31? TIlE PHANTOM. Ada Rahy Mint Agnes Rober son The Spectre Mr. Dion Koureloamt THE CUAMKLKON, In which Mint Robertson pl.iya tour character*, with aong and dance. _ Boxes. 8l) cenia; stalls. VI : family circle 25 cento, Perform am e* mmminre at) o'clock, and terminate aa nearly at 10}? o'clock aa possible. GEO. CHRISTY Si wot ID'S MINSTRELS, Ni ff 444 Broadway. Iielow lirand *reet OPEN EVERY EVENING. Hum, ess iranaacted by HenryWood Stage Manager ? ? .Ueo. Chrialjf ETHIOPIAN MINsTRELSY. To conclude w ith, Thursday, Friday and SatttrilflT? THE OLD STYLE OK NKCRO MIN*TRELSY, Commence at 8 o'clock. Adinlnaion, %> cent*. KELLER'S EMPIRE HALL, MW BROADWAY.? PARK well benelit and positively lam appearance In New York of THE k Kl.l.KK FAMILY, tills iTlmmday) evening. July 31. Madame I.ovarnv and Mlai Duckworth in a variety of songs. New feature* by the Keller troupe, For particular* ace programme. Admission, SOc. ; prlv ate boxca, $6. Performance commence* at 8. a^MlLOR DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION ? MEMBERS JY A and friend* meet, a* n?ual, 'his evening, at the room*, 4S0 Broadway, when application* I ir membership will be re ceived liy order. W. A. HRKVOORT, Pre*i.leut. J. D. I' iitMK Secretary. SHEET COPPER WASHINGTON.? MR. JOHN NEC MANN'S ?heet copper statue of Washington will be put on exhibition at the church ot the Divine Unity, No. ft?8 Broad way. between Spring and Prinw *treet*. on Monday neit. Tin* work of art ha* been highly spoken of by the pre**, and the public *hould go and we It. Ticket*, 26 ceuta, to be ob tained at the door. COOLEST PLACE IN THE CITY? FRANKLIN Museum. ut Orand street. Orent display of beauty. Lit lug gallery of beautiful women. Performance* twice every day. at S In the afternoon and s In the evening Four teen new picture* to day. by the troupe of Model Ariiste*. ~ ~ MItMiVlfKY, UK. PARTS MODES? THE MISSES ATKINSON ANI> MoTIIKR, having piiiclia*ed the stock ati>l establishment ot Madame Mallicrbe. li'.' Broadway, beg tocall ihe atteution of the ladle* to their assortment of millinery, and to assure their paii ouoie* ihut *irlct atientiou to oi tier*. uunettialtty and uiste ?hall invariably be met with. Testimonial of Madame Malherbe.? I have great pie isuri in certifying that the Muse* Atkins in and Mnth? i have liei t: lot *e. eral year* in my estao llahment, and tiia: for th< ir ino?t faitht . alt u ion to my busl tie-s and Interiat. I iiave sclented them a* beinj the mo>t competent to succeed me. an* secure the uninterrunted aiid libci ttl patronage with winch 1 have hitherto I een savored. C. W. M kUlEKaa. TRAVEIiI.EIW' GUIDE. Day hoats for ai.uany? from foot of canal and Spring streets, . iiin.ei iii_- wiiu tram* :o Saratoga and the Went. Steamer* Alula ami Armenia dally, at 7 A. M., making the principal landing*. ALBANY AND TROY MOATS.? REGULAR LINE.? Fare (1. from foot of Canal and Spring street*, connecting w ith train* for Saratoga ai d the Went The new and splendid ?U Hlner (tl.F.N COVE will loave every Monday. W?dne?d*y ami Friday mornings at 7 o'clock A. M. making the i rinciril anding*. For further pariicuju* iiuiuire of 1. LEWIS, Jr., 2U2 Wot street. FOfR SHREWSBURY, LttNO BRANCH. HIGHLANDS, and Ocean Port ? The favorite *' earner JAM KS CUIUS TOPlIfcR will leive Jay street pier, on Wednesday, July 30, and every alternnon this week, at 3,'j P M ; returning i? the city early every inoruin (. Sea air, ?urf bathing and hoUil aceom modal .on unHurpiik*' d. Hudson river railroad -from may 19. i*w, the train* will leave chamber* ?tree'. *t.iU>iua* follows:? Knpre**, fi A. M. and j 1*. M. . mail. A. M . thraug.'i way train, 12M.; emigrant, 7 P M ; for Pougl.keersl#, 7 A. M. ami I P. M , lor Slog Sing. Ill 3d A M and VAb P. M , this traiu leave* every Friday Qvening. s; 11 P. M. . for Hudson, 3 J) P. M., for Peeksklll, 4 and 5vKl P. M 1 he Pougiikeeiime, Sing Sing and PecksklJl tram* stop at the w ay natioo*. Pas*en>;ers taken at Chamber*, Canal, t hnstoplier and Thirty lir?t slreem. Train* lor New York leai e fro.v at 4 Vi. H IA and 10 4.1 A. M and 4 3D 1". M., and East Albany al 5, f ill and II IS A. M. and b P. M. A. F. SMITH, Sup t. XTVW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD.? F ARB 1\ to Albany fl M. Expre** train* at reduced far*, without chance of ear or baggage, will be run o. er the New York and Harlem Rail road between New York and Albany, on and after the first of roniiectlng at Atban) wnh th - morning and evening tines on the Northern aud Central Railroads. The cheapest and m<wt pleaaant route ruuiving through lb* rich farming lauds of We*teheater, Putiiam. Hutches*, tolum bia and Rensselaer countie*. and avouliug th< danger* of th* river. WM. J. CAMPHKI.L SupertnteudaoL New Tori, July 18, 1*66 NEW Y<|RK AND CONEY ISLAND, LANDINO AT foil Hamilton each wav ? llie meamer NOKWAI.K, I apt. C. T. RiHlman. will leave as follow*, Su idays included: ? l.eavtng foot of Amos*tiee| atf, A M., I2'4 and.'i'^ P. M.; leaving toot ol Spring -treetai U', A M . 12'j and 3!, P M.; lea* ing pier 3 North River at Iti a M , I and 4" P. M . leaving Coney Islaud last trip, at fc,1, P M Fare for the trip to Coney Islnnd Fort Hamilton anil back '? New York, twenty tiva cents, foi which a return tlckct will he given. No half prio* for children. C.J. DODOE, Agent. VTF.W YORK AND KRIE RAILROAD. ? ON AND AF irr Monday. May I'.i. ISM, and until further notice, p.ia senger trn. us will leav e pier fool of Duan*: suee'. a* follow*, Vl*. :? Dunkirk express, at ti A. M. for Dunkirk. Itul'.ilo 1 \ ?>? <??*, aid A. M for lluilalo. Mail, at s 13 A. M lor Dunkirk a id flutfalo and intermo dial* station*. Pusseneera by thl* mail willconne -t with ei bresa trail * tor Syracuse, Cava* a, 1 anandalguv Niag tra Fall* ami Rim liesier. an t u ilh the lightning eiprcsa tratu, or laike >liore R?tlroad for Cincinnati, Chicago, Ac. Riaklaid patenter, at l .HI P.M., ifnen foot of Chamber* atreet,' via liei?l for Svlferna xud intermediate station*. Way pass- nger. at 4 P. M .lor Newburg and M.ddlat own, and intei meuiate station*. Night e\pres?. st A P. M for Duuk'rk and Buffalo. K11 Igi an', at ti 1*. M., for Dunkirk and Butlalo, and intenne diale stations. 1 he above trains run daily, Sundays excepted. The express trains coiiin c' at K'.mlr* wuh the Elmira, Canandalgita and Niagara i alls Kallr*md lor Niagara Falta. at Hlughsmtoti. w h the Syracuse and Hiuglianiton Raiirnad, for Syracuse at Corning, wnh bullaio Coming and New York Rallroud, lor Rochester, at tlreat llend, with Delaware, Issck awaiiuA and Western Railroad tor Scrsaton: at 11 Italo and Dunkirk, with the lata* sbora Raili .ad, ? leu . in I, Clii 'innaU, Toledo Detioll. Chics co Ac D. C. Mci'Al.LL'M. Gen"ral Superintendent. C()PAUT\EKSIIIP SOTItES. non ?AN ACTIVE PARTNER WANTED WITH this amount in a foreign CoaMBl? lii'l aud ?Bip |'iag bu*in?*a. < Uie with ki.oa leslge 01 toe French .ind <?er man languages prsfrrred State real name and reiei-ence, *ad address R. shipping, Heiaid otllce. nnn ? A PARTNER WANTED, IV \ WHOLE vOi'M/Ui sM.e jobbing and Mtnnt'namry of fancy goods 'bill | ays large profit* Fof parlioulai ? apply to C. d. HOWEs, AWi llroad?ay, room II Cil nnn ? nitxkb wantkd, in a dental in ?irl .U"U? Btriliiienl manufactory, well es'abl.soe-i, ai,i| doing ? piolitabl" bu?me<?, rei|iiiring the attention of an ac tive man. f or pamcuiars appiy to IIOWKS * Cl?., s? Na? *au MrceU 4i^nn ~A PARTNER WANTED, WITH THE ABOVR | v/v/? amount, in a > osineas long aatabl'shed, pat.riga irita I milt tine of the psrlneis bavin* retired, a lius a< sa nan m 1.1 I nd Un* a grand opporninlty. Apply to C. 11. HOWES. 335 Broadway, second iloor, room 14. A I Al\ -A rvRTNlR ^^^^..f^ uro.g bui't".1.. IJARTNFR W \NTKP-TO INVENT FROM ft) .??) to $1* iflO I In h mmiulit" luring Inikncul In 'lit* city. m.r profit* at ? an Iw made Mmm In ?n-i e??fn operation, ?c. Ad dr??* ? apttal, boi I3U llrrahl office. O ARK OtANrK? TO EWTKR IJITO BCTIffBHK WITH l\ out |ta at '-ater**. The well known eatali|l?hment. lluck mt'ilct rream talma. evrner of Oawrt ud Warren ?tre?"*, lor ?ale Hi" | ? i r" ? . l.-,?ink re I n<?>?thei l< ruiitfmrr.n, w the 01 It itmhh why he 'leaire* to wll. It ha* barn |*Ii yeara rhe owner la ?*Uailed 'hat any < nt< rprtatni; man rwn do wall, and will treat with am h on the e*??e?t term*. fur ?tnek. ftiture*. Ac. Apply no tba preml*ea, cmwrofCoirt and Warren atrnnta, Rrnokljn, The f! >p \rtnkrshii* HicKrroroRK kxirtino betw rn the wlni'ltini im.lar tlin tlrm of L A I Xtcta barvei . la till' nay diaeoived by mutual rono-nt. I.. Steinbar crr wl>l continue the btialiiean ?n>l aettle the nifalr* of the tat* I rm. I.KOI'Ol.ll 4TKINHKR<IKR, N*w Toaa, July 9, IWH. .ION AS STKtNHKRHKR. MCIRHIOMS. FI8II1NO BANKS -ON SINDAY. Al'OOTT S, TUB l>rf>an>i uplrndtd *teamer WASHINGTON, <' W. fttanem, will leate aa friUow*? \na* atm-t at a rpiarter >?flm T ' 1 1 r -I fprln* atreet, T. Broome rtr rt, Kaat ritar, 7' .. I'eek *ll|>. Ka?t rtter, 7\ r N?.rth rrr r. ? oVh^k. fare ? eante ea?b way. Rei nwhmenta, bait, Mnee, Aa . fur nlatieil oo b-iard. PO?TroNF.MKXT? T1IE YOt'NO MEN'S FRIENDSHIP llub ffloonllKlit n wita laielpetv*!, en account of Inclrmeary <>t the weather. until Tuesday aranta*. Aur tat S, whan It wilt take place ? Itho'it fall laa<lw>c at U<e root of Mar ket Mrret at M, F. M ; Spilnn ?tr?et ??.?*. W. <; ttMITIT. Secretary. To fit ARTKR FOR KXtTRStOJfS. ? T11R I.ARilF. ANM Milelidld aiaamar WAHHINU fON, Capt <>a? W Slmera, will be chartered with or wPhmti ^argaa Ptttlea wiahlnc to charter will do wall to call before making aerawjern'-nta elaa wbara Term* reaaonable. Apply to A. A W. HITCHCOCK, 79 I teach atreai. KJTEKHAWKKN OROVK. roM.OTK* VAVIMOM AND ft Oiittenl ar*.? The favorite *t?-am<-r MKRCIRY. ('apt. H Mallan will run during ihla week, from foot of Rnlnnaon atraat, tniirhlnfl at the I Mr r Vm . I wan 'lath and Karl* third ?trawt?. North rltar, laaalnR Ro|>|nann atraat at <?, IK I, A and fto'rlorfc. Raturntuk. leavinj UiiMetiherg at 1(1, 12, 2, 4 aud ti>, o'rlork Knre A'4 rant*. oiliT KF.ROfRNK OUA NOT RXri/>STVB. Hecured hr patan*. KFROPKNK lt.LV *INATtNO Oil,. th?. *ro?o?r or tnt? ott, i? d!?*(taii?p fi 10 of Ken??ene *l?aa aa much llkht aa *> of i apa?a.>i| . ft $1 of whale oil, SSK <7 of aperm oil. and 92 < if t> irnmit " ltd. ? t htirna in all the araatol imttna top lam;<? in. lifting ira phrne and *11 VIC ?dt lampa, wlthont the iota I an.l-n y to ^ROSKNF. I.CnMCATtXa ABO pTXNAC1.1l OtU The aflect of tblaoll on mnehlnary la Ibin.l 10 ha perfai'tly maclaal. It remove* th# aentn eauae<l hy the itae of liap'irw olla. wear* ?<, ual to 'be heat ai>erm oil. and l ?>i not roncaal ?t a low te?ipera are For Mnnarle n uimI and l>ow?i rtt lanterwa tbta ml i? unanrpaaaeil li will burn fae two nl?rli'a wlthont lultimmt or rm?tJn* 'be wtek? v freai ilaahiarai a? for ahlt>mae*er?? and five* a lt?ht eipial pi the heat apMrm ml. It al?o hunt* In all the aolar and hand lamp*. Iha attentbm of en*lnaer?, ahlp '-hanitler* ami ahlp aapta'ra l? parttrnlarl* reonr*f< to iba rartldealea to he vniM M oin<e of Al'k1 KN<. ?fnt of Kcnaane Oil Company, No li.'a* < r atreei.