Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1856 Page 5
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escape at llie nume lime. No c'ue has yet been ob ed as to the wbereabmrta oi tbe oscaped prinouers. turnkey ua badly hurt. Hie \lcgura Outw *r<i Bound. Halbux, Aug. 1, 1810. \ be Rojal Mail steamship Niagara aorivi'd her* at noun ay from Ronton, and sailed again at half past 2 for srpool. She waa detained by a lug oH tbe barbor. Marhrta. FBILADKLI'BIA STOCK BOARD. Phu-adii*hla, August 1, ISM. locks firm ; Pennsylvania Slate Fives, 82% ; Reading iroad, 43 \ , Ixjng Island Railroad, 13X; Morris Ca Pennsylvania Railroul, 49. Bi'm-alo, Aug. 1?8 P.M. lour was in limited supply, but prices were unchanged, eat fir mer; sale* of 4,000 bushels at SI 22.^ a >1 25 Chicago spring, SI 28 u >1 .10 for Milwankie club and for i.ew white Illinois. Corn firmer; sales of 10 bushela warm at 44c. a 49c. and 115,000 bushels nd at 60c. Oat* were unchanged, Hales or 60,000 Ik-Is at 35)?c. a 30c., closing at the iuslde figure, kskey, 84>?c. Canal freight-, 14>$c. for corn, and ic. for * h< at to New York. Receipts for tne twenty - r bourn ending at noon: ? #77 bble. llour. 1,800 bushels sat, 14, "50 bushels of oorn, T.O'K) bushels rye. Ca exports, 11.S00 bushila wheat, W3,300 bushels ol' corn, 14,000 bushels oats. Oswego, Aug. 1 ? 0 P. M. lour? Holders firm, and market dull; i ales of good ly Oswego at S7. Wheat ? Stock light, and market live. Corn lc. bitter : tales at 56c. for sound. Canal [bts unchanged. Lake imports to day 1,08S barrels r; no grain. Canal exports, 900 barrels flour, 26,613 litis wheat, 13,753 bushels corn. Exports, to Mon 1, 750 barrels flour. There is now afloat, from Upper ec, for Oswego, t)0.(<00 bushels wheat, 231,000 bushels i, and 20,000 but he la outs. Chicago, Aug. 1 ? 6 P. M. heat dull. Reo pts to day, 15,000 bushels. Ship is to Buffialo, 48,000 bushels. Corn firm. Sales at Biceipts, 50 000 bushels. Shipments to Bulfalo 00 and to New York 27,000 bushels. Marine Co art. Before lion. Judge McCarthy. ACTION FOK BREACH ?F CONTRACT. tCKr l.?liuUl ut. Jii.Utr.? Tbo plaiuliU'ta a (iermao , corner or 1 bird street and avenue A. On the 20th the defendant offered him t"00 Tor the stock, tix horte and wagon, and a live years' lease of the km. The plaibitfT agreed to accept the oiler; tbo of ten dollars was paid down as earnest. A German er was brought in a. d directed to draw up the lesary |*pers or agr"otn"ut?, which were to be signed next morning at 'J o'clock; but before that time the pdmt hrd reason to believe be had no bargain, and liii not attend at ibe ?i pointed (or .uiy other) tim- to I the papers. At the lirat tutcrview, when the ton Lrs were paid, a friend of the parties, who had been | e bab t ol borrowing plaintiff's horse for Hun 'lay rtu ns, applied tcr the MB ol the liorro for the suc Pg Sui.unv ; the plalultil informed him that be had Id out to Mr. Muller, the defendant, and ho had all about it. Application wu then made to defendant, e consented to the loan. On the '.list of June the till informed the borrower that the defendant had no El and omitted to Mfll Ins IfMWal , and lie (plain ipt povgtrsion of tlie stock and fixtures, &c., to tne t time. The horse was taken, and dted when about n miles from this city, It being in evidence tliat only ititt, his % ;to, the driver and his wite, and a child, i in the vehicle at the time. On this state ol facts ap kng, the defendant's counsel moved lor a nonsuit, on |rounds that the agreement not being in writing, and of it being for a 1ve years' lease, was void, as con to the statute of frauds ? part being void all was 6 Cow en, 162.) .Second ? As a ipeslion of fact t:ie 1 having knowledge on Saturday cl il>Ti'ii<Uuit ? Idoning the agreement or purchase, and after that, Llaintilf) having charge and possession of the horse |>tiier property, that the loan, on -_M June, was m <tn and not by IMM, and therefore no liability |ed from defendant to plaintitf, but u any, it was from ma who borrowed Mi killed ttie IMML Court, alter hearing argument, rendered a judg ol nonsuit on the points raised by dofendam s Personal Intelllgf uce. . Curry, of Oregon, reaoho 1 this city on the night last. He oonies to explain and enforco the neces |or |Npw a.d in the Territory .igainst t!.e Indian. of Americans registered at the banking office of ?neiicau Kuropcan express and 1-Uchango Company, from July 10 till July IT, 1860: ? ?s W. Heekm in, Frederick Schmidt, Y. Dldorick. I). C. mile, Junes Kannes, I'harles Morgan, ll<-ury Nan una, Clark, Ueorge Hell and daughter, Kvender Barry aw tcr, Thomas I'.irtrau* iini daughter, J. S Spencer and ^ter. Colonel Hirvey Sparks, Mr*, Ilervey Spark*. Mrs. randejrree Mr* W. Van/ m it, J. WeidenfelJt, A. II. A. <i. Richard*, Mr* T. P. Richard* J. M. Doubledav, Deplenis, S. D. nrykcr, Jr.; Patrick ii. Fay, A. J. 01 I Jutiien M Wilson, P. A. H. Ren.iuld, II. Lawrenc1. K III and lady, A. Van Bergen. T K. llorUin. New York. Rudd, Ky P. II. Thomson. David M. Lead, A. A. ma ami family. Thomas F. (luion, John S. V' ilil* T. L. , l.a. , John II. Catighy. .Folin II. Slerlck, V. Dickson T, Henry Kellogg, S.T. Wallla, >ld. ; John K i swill, Fre Richard, H. A. t-eiiboock, W II. Meddlngs. S. C.;J. Og'l ii. Mt*a. ; W. F. Rielos?>n, 0. Holme*, <J. F. Wil n anil daughtera, George Silver and lainily, Ohio. John jr, V. (irasie and daiuh ? r, N Itleo. II Itarilett. <Ico le, W II. Serpent. Mass . K Manton and family, R. I. Jantleld and family, F. II North and lamllv. Conn . J Smith and famllf, O. Oyer, Ala.; J. C\ Barney an . D. C. ARRIVALS. E*e ett House? W R llibba-d. wife and two daught ?udpe Sad Mr* ilubbeil, K frauaer and la ly. Mllwaukie; III ? >-t - l ? . c R Al'on, WLconsIn; Judge Wreen 0 n, New Yin k ; Mr* II I'mos, Mia* Holm' *, Mr lloltn*s. an 1 Mr* Burden Troy, <len WsIIIs. Washington J M lard New York. .las It < n ii*n??, Richmond Mona P.iri?. Kstiban I'onte. Caracas; K I* TllenUm. Iloa If B1 hater. ,1m i, Whl e. New Y..rk W 1 liuraer aod , iti.iat". M. * M . I i- M .? i> 1 Imih V-nmm, IS; J J Pardo ladv ai.d servant. Caracas; J laflob*. 'ork. lames ll 'lson, Knglanl Mr Morton, New Ro J p i Tl. . ??,[.?.?!. ||?t. ilia. Tin in.*- He id. r- .n. A kdetton .'?fell \V llfi. !? ?>n and . I.? Mi*a ll< .1' n ha?e. Vr? 0 II MeDonnaM, Mia* MclVuinald, Miss ah nald and two servaiita, Na' hei, Ml**. ?e Metropolitan? Hon. Thadd- n Stevens. Pa.; Hm. ri. i (i. : if i . H F 1 irbtlal. Cuba I ! on W ? irotte^if.l, <ie?.rt{ia. Win F. Walker, Mi*a, Pedii) I Hernandez, Havana. (J W Hmall, l^)ui*vlll?. Jolai B. Wa-hmt'on. Capt A. W Hproule, Ht. Louis, Lyman J*n, 1 I, iadflphi* ? . ? -I Ml I . *\ .'in ? 111'. I ill a Hi Dun [do . Dr. t villus aud family, tlcurgia. Char'.ea Iloamer, la. Bsrhadoes in li?rk K .'?? W I" Tr.>? l.ridtfe l.idy. Bter and ?: *< r . ml*. I>r t'harlra Carlln. Mia* ana \ta*'er D P Cotioa, Noble Toanar, t' S t mis ii, K W Mills, Fuater, C Watt. Bn Port an Prime in brig Hovnton Robert Murray Miller ?TIM New Y*rfc Weekly Herald. Bcn ion dkmockatic htatk oonvcmbon? an ? K STRAMBOAT KISAHTKR NKWH PIIOWRCBOPR. PJFOKNIA, SOI TB AND CENTRAL AMEHltA, SOl'TH IFIC, ETC. Wssslt Hsan.n will be pnbllahed at ten o'clock this [. Among Its contents will be found the proceedings nl in Democratic Stale i onventmn parUeulars of the in on the Ktnpira Hi.ite. <'imgres? PrneeedlBgs; from Kuro|>e, California, South and Central America, Pacific. Handwieh Island*. Mexico, Cuba, Ac., Rdl oa various interesting snhjects. I. at sat News by Tele Flna nrlal Omanerelel. Political, Sporting and Maritime race, together with a variety of local and miscellaneous Slagle eepiea. in wrappers, ready for mailing, can be the counter. Price stspeoce. Ljmeto, In California. Is Pretty Ac* Idlng California of rogues; but KNOX devotes him fed _ HsupplanUng <U the Shorkli? ba.1 haU In tb* community ?plying tils highly superior and handsome one knoa. Kody knows, la at 21] llr -ad * ay. acd his slock la aot sur fer variety by any In the world. agi on One's Head are Ford dt Veil's Jting caasimeres and beavers every variety of straw Ka be fuiind at their fUblishaaeet, ea Ike lower coi ner ?iatlKay and Fulton i:r<->i [?U Dreaa Cnmhs-AII the Weweet Styles rh ?anufacinre. the latest impi>rallrm?. Shell combs id repaired, at A. A J SAl NDMWT* Breadway. ^traits for Famished Dally, and pay the elecu* o< Fremont. A good chance for Bnrbanan inre men to immi>rt*li?e thamselvea. at IKH.MKM' picture factory, VQ Broadway Chances are open, blat One thousand IS sad ft cent llkenesees struck mm and Melodeona ? The Horace Waters ,i improved pianos and Belsdenns are to be found *t XIS >av. Pianos u> rent, and rent allowed on imrehaae. for montMy pajmetiis. seoind hand plaaos (him |3U to e!o*l* ons from WO to |I3B. Ipt a re.? Only Prise Medal Awarded to Hfl A CO. by the IndustrtsI Rihlbiti< n of All NaUons at Trstal I'slaee. f?>r thetr new patent rad'eal care trusa [aees aa to its mi-erkuHy : -PnifMni i Valentine Mott Parker, ai.d M M < armsshan. Open from 7 A. M MaRSII A CO., No I'a Ma, lea laae. New York. Mini aad Visiting Carats In the Latest ie I. a Hu' * line we<)d tig -m e.,| -a *ilt erdoor plaie., hrary ail?er aeaia and |.re*se? RVKKHKId.. ,WJ ray, etirnerof Duane sweet, eauhlished |s?t. atn?a Knap* re Spring Waters?The meieH*e of popularity of the Kmpire water lurlnif the w yeats. i he rtBTtrrcsv** ar ravsKuns, |)i nves the Kmpire ws er spraatoa to connasas. ilnjr s i the virtues ort'ongresa wnhoni 'lw Irrigating lie. w hii h In that water orleo ? -es'e i rough m lie ig by invalids e 111.- F.tnptre "iter '? <?? ??lung 'n in effects ? >th a ?n in sllat uri'ali' m ?unl h n ng in I' s 'uie propoition i whl' h nmki * it 'i?? fnl In msn v [iha?ea of scaorrtocs Dt*K?*e*. Dv?t *r*i.?, arc , rsluable in li e awskeains to action or the torpid liver, sg ? Oct II. \ !? 3 ?. 1 1 .a , o**rwt no* II ih, I r. ? 1(.':?1 \ , Saratoga ante < have been hell in ha- '? prodm ed a Str ong impression in the public D ud ? ? mi ir. .. deogni d v? ry soon 'o lie ?a bost (KtiSSAmn or raa ?natToct wataas vaa asnsr w traa ? fontid at the principal drug store* hotet? ,ind ?) |>r< 'J' *r?t.^* iSprtn**. or at their Moutliern pto. 6S Barclay *treet. New York. elal >'otlre ? To Inglnetn an.l all Per lerestrd In the safety of Bve* and property. There ls I to the rteambofler st the )e welry mamiheUtrr 17 fP,i New Vork. a double *ciion *teamboi|er n?r ? 4 no ac< Ideal < an hsjipen. thro Kh eareiewne* r r ngemeat whatever; here slso i* an Improvement mi pstetil wster feeder, wb ch Igake. t( ?i,,,cr|r,r to anr ?vet dtscoyered. and aHogeiber a enrinsHy. do and Portable Dressing Case*? In all that the I i.ame Imports; compact ai.d complete, containing article* of | the ver y test quality, of elegant finish, at A. A J. H.vUN- | DER8', No 7 Astor Ilouae, and 387 Broadway. j ??Ooiigrtw Water" Surpassed?" Saratoga Water " excelled. " Empire Spring " superseded ? Pure Iodine Water triumphant. It Is a coueedod fact among physician* that the me value of Ibe most celebrated iuid popular spas or "waters" inUia United Stales arisen chlelly, if not eiitiScly, from THE 10U I.N E THEr CONTAIN, and that they are. only effective remedial agents .n proportion to the amount of iodine ihey hold iu solution. ANUER*' rtlUE watkk, therefore, which Dr. James R. Chilton cerlilles to be a " Solu tion of Pure Iodine it Water," and to embrace, "about half a grain of iodine to each fluid ounce of water," ia necessarily SUPERIOR TO ALL THE MEOICATKD Si KINO", which Invalids submit to such a waste of Limn, comfort and money, to visit. The "Congress Water." the "Saratoga Water," aa well ai the " Kuipire Wpring " Water, only contain a trillion proportion of Iodine of magnesium, but Dr. Anders' Iodine Water embodies the GREATEST AMOUNT Or ftTRE IODINE EVEK K.tOW.1 to be held in solution by pure water Itself; and hence, being free l oin ali extraneous or antagonistic tnauer, may bo con - sidei td a REAL SPECIFIC roK FEVEE AND ABUB, as well as ior all other disorders in which the use of Iodine is particularly indicated. Its effect In the RADICAL CUKE or DTJTEPSIA Is beyond all ordinary conception; while for the' PERFECT CI' RE or SCROFULA, IN A IX I r? rOKMS, AND the entire ranee of pulmonary complaints. It stands perfectly unrivalled in ih? whole catalogue or pharmaceutical prepara lions, Sold, wholesale and retail, by ANDERH A F08DICK, No. 3 Second avenue and HU2 Broadway, J. D. Young, Chicago, and druggists generally. I have analyzed the " Iodine Water" prepared by Dr. An tiers. nnd f.nd It :o be a solution of pure Iodine In water. 1 has long been a desideratum to prepare Iodine so that it cau be administered iu its uncombined state. This preparation by Dr. Anders enables us to etfect that object. Each tluld ounc ? of the Water contains about half a gra.n of Iodine. I consider It a valuable preparation, and one which will prove service able in all those cases where the use ot Iodine is indicated. James R. Chilton, M. D., Chemist. New Yore, May 22, 1866. CERTIFICATE FROM TROr. JAM ES C. BOOTH, UNITED STATED MINT, l*H II. A DEI. I'll I A, INI -T. I<<M. Dr. Ilenry Anders:? The simple of Iodine Water tested by me, I tind to be Iodine dissolved in pure water. Respectfully yours, James C. Bojtii. Special Notice to Southerners and Gen tlemen who wear fine clothing. ? F. DERBY A CO., tai lors and importers. Park place, respectfully give notice thiit they will make additions, during' the month of August, to their already magnificent assortmcn* of summer drillings, wi'h the express desire of offering to residents of the Southern States returning from the various watering places, and siraugera visiting New York, an opportunity to lake with them the latest novelties In gentlemen's garment*. Particular attention Is directed to our CtfhB evaporable drillings, comprising styles eiclush ely confined to ourselves. No. 11 Park Plice. Wholesale Clothing Warehouse. ? 9Ier_ chants vlalttog the city are particularly invited to inspect our stock of superior ready made clothing before purchasing. DAVID J. A liKOKciK J. LEVY, 79 William street, between Cedar and Libert;. Summer Cravats. Under Shirts, Drawers, half hose, gloves, Ac. ? We are now closing, at low prices, a full assortment of liyron and new style standing collars, now ready. IRA PERKOO A SON, 61 Nassau street. Bathing Dresses for Ladles anil Gentlemen, anil evi ry detail of the wardrobe of the gentleman and m.ui of fashion, of the latest style and the finest quality, will be found at ORKEN'S t'urnlsaliig and shirt establishment, No. 1 Astor House. Ladles tor the Watering Places miut not foi get lo take a good supply of gaiters, boots, shoes. India i libbers, Ac., for themselves and children. You will be sure to want them, and the best plaee in New York to get theinis at J. B. Mil. I, Kit A CO.'S, 1S4 Canal street. Fancy Cutlery.? The Subscribers' Assort ment embraces every style of pen, posket and sportio? knife, with a large variety of choice razors. A. A J. sAUNDERfc, No. 7 Astor llouse, and 3fc7 Broadway. Paperhanglngs at Wholesale? Country Mel chants are invito d to examine our Cock oi French an .1 Ame-i CSn paperhangings, embracing every variety kniwn to tie trade. THOMAS F A YE A CO., No. 287 Broad war, opposite the City Hall. Knapp's Concentrated Extract of Root*, for making hia celebrated root oeer.? The attention of drug gists, hotel keepers, private families, Ac., Is called in tbe above iiie| station. tine ot ihe pie nimtest and heilihiest hev? ra^es known is made from this extract, wlih bti' little trouble an ! at a trifling expense. Sold in ho'tles at 2/> and SO cents, with f ill directions, General depot, 3t>2 Hudson street. Paper Decorations.? Thomas Faye & Co., "o. 267Broadw.iv, near W.irreu sire.-', have on hand every variety of paperrsnglngs. displayed on screens ai tha' t h - r ? fleet can be fully anpreclated. Artistic workmen only em p'oyed, and all work warranted. Teas.? The Canton Tea Company hare on bat 4 cverr variety ef teas for gro ers, tea dealers, and pri vate taMilles ? S.Hichong, oolong and young hyson, from 5 n\ to -toe ; gunpowder and imperial, fr >m 2S<\ to Me. ; all Other qualities equally low. Also, 3 lbs. boles of good lannly lea lor one dollar. Call and examine No. 12& Chatham street, between Penrl and Roosevelt streets. A Card? All Persons who have Gray Hair, or hair of a bad color are invited to call and consult Dr. GRaNDJEAN, (consultation tree,) at 14 ? hur-h street, cor tier of Barclay His new Uuld gives to the hair ibe natural color desired, and may be considered a real prodigy of che mistry. Batchelor's Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupee's are soperioi to all others. Their new improvements so ore perfect rouifort to the wearer, natural el. -trance and durabili ty. Ilii um ivi.lled and only harmless hair dye la applied in twelve private r ions, at HAFCIIKLOR'S, Iff) Broadway. Crlstadorn's Wigs, Hair Dye and Toupees excite admiration among all connoisseurs of srt. A suit nf elegant private apartment* f r the only reliable article of tbe kind ext ini Wholesale and re tatl. st CRIKTADORO'8, No. 6 Astor House. Copy tbe sd (hesa. Whlshers and Moustaches Forced to Grow in six weeks, by my osgueut, which will not stain or Injure ibe skin. 91 a hoHlc, sent to any part of ihe country. R. U. GRAHAM, MU,'? Broadway. Brlgg* .17 titste street, Albany. Hill, the Inimitable Cutter of Hair and whiskers. In styles to suit the different shaped heads and faces, at No. 1 Ba< laj street. No Interest in any other establishment, llsir dye. i .-<hil..ngs a box, black and brown. Hie taM Hair? A. Ursmljean having for the period of forty years made the human his study, riav < onsulied 'hilly on all diseases of the hair, St bis offl e, M Church street, corner of Barclay, from So'cUxk A. M. to J o'clock r. M. Druggists, Perfumer* and Fancy Goods dealers vlai'ing the city, will Qni the H.iltn of a thousand flow ers for perfuming the breath and beautit) mg tbe complexion, the most sab ab|e article In tbe market, vs P. FETHIIHIK k CO.. Franklin square. New York. For aalc by aU drug gists and fancy good* dealers In New York. Druggist's fancy Goods Exelnslrely ? Smshes combs, s<aps, exwacts. pomades, losiruments, Paris yei futaary ami Wulei srt:. les. and everv article sold bv drus (Ms, eireni drugs. Imported and sold wholesale by RU TUS K . McIIARU A tip.. Sft Nassau -ireet. Lyon's Kathalron? rhla Inaqualled Pre paration for restoring, preserving nnd beautifying the hslr. I* sold br sll resp?*table druggist* and fanev gixsl* dealers, Tor only 2i> cents per hoitle. It remove* dandruff, and effect nallr prevent* Ihe hair from falling off. IIKATH, WYltKOOP A CO., proprietor*. CH l.lberty *treet. Tan, Pimples, Freckles, Sunburn, Erup tions prickly best, and ths like, It Is a well known, are cured by (ml H Al'D'H Italuin medlrat<sl soa[>. Pondre subtile up ? oofs ba r fi nn low for?h'-ads or auy part of the lo-lv la-rn l ii uge, hair djeand hair t U ?*?. at the old depot. 07 Walker ? reet, tirsl store trom lir'SKlwsy Callender, Phlla<l?l|iflB ; P'Stei No l;v Waahlngtos street, Bost-m Mrs. Hayes. Biook lya. A Vlflllance Committee.? We want * rtetlaace > ..intnl'tw, From bag *nd roach to free the cltr. With l.t ?>.N> tla.k? arm erery gent. Ami make K. I. yon pre??ient. I.ynn'a maft.etic powdrr and pill* fnr ln?e*? and vermin, price ?V per flaa* or bo?. Depot 431 Itroadway. Lapham'a Vr|?takle CnlTrraal Rdtanrrtlnii pill*, tar aii dlaordera nf the liver and kidney*. ? k bea-lacha, fri er and acne enetlrcneae, er}?ipelaa, rbejima* < <? m, or any other dlaeaee *? - , a mort-kt cotHlUkm of thea* or ruin A InI of fourth n jr?ar?, in tboiiaaivla >f caam, haa prored their aupcrfc.r etBcacv in reoMTtiig the?e eoropla'iit*. Sol. I at tlie prlnr pal office. 31 Second avenue, New Yuri, at 2i enu a An. aad by drtigglau generally. Pkiw A I.ohln'a Franunp?nnl? % Prrfame fri m the Holy my : eiceianr par .di?e. and the llllyof ib? ral lev Pole 4(*nt* for the Stale*. OK<? K INtjVCR. A 00 . I liarmai <? utlcal cl.i mat*. coiner of Hrowlway A Waiter aiinn. Iloilowty'i IMUa ? I.IO Boat * arc not mor* tintatary al tea than thle Hff m? licine rite ea.-mptkin from ?etirvv and other ?corbiittc atrectlcna of the late etjulortng ei prdhlona I* attributable to the antlepeptlc action of Hitlloway'a fllla. Hold at the mannfac-orle*. No <11 ttalden tan#. New ork. and No 144 Strand. le.ndon. and by a.l lr>i#ir ?ta, it 29c. , MV,c and tl per boi Tkr ratarri Doctor. C. Howard M*nhall, who certainly rure* catarrh and ? ngha, will b? a< una! the St Nicliola* Hotel. New York on A'tgnat IA. Or M trea'a by letter, aa In perano. Direct to St. Nichola* Hotel N V. ( onaultatiOD ft ee marrhva, Drat iiterf , *t>.Hfftmin, Clark k Ca.1 releliratc.l V elpean ? remedy fiir dlarrhrv or cholera preventive. The great aur-cM >if -hi* preparailoa d>ir inr the prevalence of the cholera Hi IM'i haa given it an uapreeedent ed eelebrltr. and ib many thotwand cawa where it wae nee I It rarely failed to check a dlarrlera with the rtrat doae It ia no aecret prepare* Kin aa the In* reditu of which It la com p. w. I are cm the label of each buttle, aad it ia recommended and pre ar rllied by the moet eminent phr*lr ana Full direction* .in each libel. Prepared and aold oaly by IIF.UKM AN. t'l,\RK A CO., Ilate Ruhu.a Clark A CVi ) chemlaU aad dfugglH*. IM. Zi\ SI I and ;? llroadaay. N. T. To RtaM* Keeper*, florae Owner*, <%c.? Dyer a healing gwfcimallmi haa proreil to be one if the very beat reaiedtea far lameneaa. eaaeed by n'ralna. briilaea. ?parla, or any other a<eldental cauae a i well aafor wound*, rail*, or other luinriea that are frequently occtirrinf to lyiraea and other anlm* la It I* alec the ohet peat preparation thai ean be need H?.ld la New York by V It RINil, general aeettt, 192 Broadway, aleo by itarne* k Par*. atidCllckerter M Co. A. H. FIII.D. proprietor, ProTldence, R. I. (Iiolerw, Dywntrry, Colic. Crnnp, Vomit* In*. *c., are Immediately cured by Dr. TOBIAS' rele' rated Venetian liniment Thl* rrmndj la now recommended by the moat eminent phyatdane In the f'nl'ed State* and la w irnnt ed harmleaa. Hold by all tke drnf|ii*t* *n<( pttent m * It-- ;t? dealer* in the I nltrd State* I*rtce ? and 90 cen'a. Dep.n, Ml fori land *treei. fill the. At Mylnfleld Route, near Dundee, Scotland. lh? w e of W11.1 ua Bai>n, K*q , of New York, of a daughter. ??*? sjjsicCSVi"^ *' a?,c? t, "XT*? *"** V'KO "'*? '"tor of On Wedneaday j0ir , _ "r Wriet" * Bummtr'bw, Died. Ob Thursuay, July 81, Mary, widow or the late 'olin J Stillwell, In the 82d year of her age. The relatives and friend* and those of her song in law, < Joseph Dean mid tohu SkWmau of Urook'yn, *ud I'el ! Reynolds and Abraham R. Welch, of this city, aro j|^j spectfully Invited to attend U.e funeral, from street, this morning, at ten o'clock, without ltyfflMnHIQ tution. On Thursday, July 31, John Moris, x, In Uie 80th year of his age. The relatives and friend* of the family a*o rospectr illy Invited to alien-! the funeral, to morrew afternoon, at half past three o'clock, from bib late residence, So. ?9 Jane street. On Friday afternoon, August 1, M>'*. Tuoui' fu'.v, wife ot' Silas i?a\i?, Jr. The relatives and f".ends of the fanily are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services, to morrow after noon at Ave o'clock, at her late residence, No. .70 Madi son street, w.tuout farther inviution. Uor remain* will he taken to Greenwich, Ct., for interment. On Friday morning, August I, Mrs. Mirv Ann Rows ov, widow ot Jienry HoUns in, late of Fermoy, Cork, lreiaal, aged 47 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited toattend the funeral, from her iato residence, No. 181 Fast Twenty third street, thia afternoon, At one o'clock. On Friday, August 1, Mary Elizabeth, infant daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Boyd. Tnr. iriends of toe family are requested to :<ttend the funeral, lrora No. 3b8 Second avenue, tnis afternoon, at two o'clock. On I'riday, August 1. William Millzr, In the 57th year of his age, a native of frgiand. The relatives and friends of the family tro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, to- morrow atlernion, at two o'clock, from his late residence, No. 29 Carmine stroet. Bis remains will be taken to Trinity Cemetery for inter inent. On Friday, August 1, after a vory short illnoss, ol apoplexy, Teomas S. Troitkkk. His friends are respectfully invited to attend the fune ral. tliis rooming, at tight o'clock. On Friday, August 1, Mrs. Mary Brr.vrr, in tho 50th year of her nge. The friend* , and the congregation of tho Norfolk street Itaptist thun h, are revested 10 attend tie f unerul, from the residence of h?r friend, Mrs. Mary Jailor, No. 695 Water st-eet, to morrow aflemoin it oue o'clock. On Filday, August 1, Dikiirku M ..lkk, son ol Christo pher Muller. aged 22 years and 1 month. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re spectfully Invited to altend the funeral, to morrow after noon, at two o'clock, from the residence of K. II. Kahr's, No. 309 Greenwich street, corner of Keado street. On Friday, August 1, o! si arlitina, At khjcbkuta, daugh ter or Samuel and Annie Brown, aged 4 yeirs, 9 months and 2U days. The irieuds an<l, relatives of tho family are invited to attend the Mineral, from the residence of her father, No. Ho Chrystie street, this aTternoon. at two o'clock. Edward, youngest son of Cornelius and Elizabeth .Shar key. aged 1 year and 3 muutha. The funeral will take place this afternoon, at ono o'clock, from the residence of his parenu, N 3. 118 Mott street. On Friday, August 1, Ckcslla, infant daughter of Isaac and Mar. a Ijiforge. aired 1 year, 8 month.'- and 15 days. The rdatives aod frieuds of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from tho re?ldence of her parents, No. 110 Christopher street, to morrow morning, at ten o'clock, without further invitation. On Friday morning, August 1, Howard, son of Isaac L. and Loutea N. Jerolimsn, aged 1 year, 10 months and 22 days. On Friday, August 1, Mrs. Mary F<iajc, aged 62 years. The funeral will take place to morrew afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of her daughter, in Rob street, near Kent avenue, Brooklyn. On Friday rooming, Auguat 1. Visual* Mary Ass, ln fart daughter of Charles and Eliza l'eters, aged 10 months and 22 days. On Tuesday, July 29, at the residence of her son in law, Robert Heckle, No. 374 Krand street, Brooklyn, E. D., Mrs. Mary Ellis, in the 91si year of her ago. In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, July 30, of congestion of the brain, Rasdoij B:i yikm, aged 2 yearn anil 19 days. The remains were taken to Albany for interment. Albany papers pkase copy. On Friday, August 1, Sakah, the beloved wifo of Georgo McMullen, aged 23 years, 7 months and 23 days. The friend and acquaintances of the family, ami those of her father, Adam Clendinen, are mo:, l respectfully in vited to attend tho funeral, from her late residence, Greenpolnt, between II and G streets. Union avenue, to morrow afternoon, at three o'clock. Her remains will bo taken to Greenwood for interment. On Friday, August 1, at his residence, Westchester, Thomas Timitkin, Sr., in the 92d year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral services, at St l'eter's church, West chester. p. morrow atti rnooo, at one o'clock. Carriages will be in attendance at Vnlon square, corner of Broad way and Seventeenth street, at ten o'clock precisely. At West MM, N. Y., on Friday, August 1, Emma J ask, daughter ot Joseph and Mary Aun Uor ridge, aged 12 years and 6 months. Bolton and Manchester, Eng., papers plea?e copy. At the Tarrytown Institute, on Thursdiy, July 31, Amdja H. Nkwhaji, youngest daughter of Allan and Cu tbarine K. Newman, aged 3 years and 6 months. At Bollstou spa, on Thursday, July 31, Mi.s I.ccy M. r?AY. of Brooklyn, aged 20 years. At Key West. Florida, on Sunday. July 13. after a short Illness, Mary E., only daughter of William I-ane, Eiq , of that city. At tea, on Sunday. April 8, 1856. on board the ship Cynthia, from New York, within two days sail ol Mel bourne of cons'. mj 'tien, Mr. Aikxaxdkk D. Cavsris, aged 29 years, -oil of ti e !ate Hon. Imncan Cameron, M. P. for Glet.gsry, l". C. aud only brother oi H. W. Cameron, 01' New York. Canada papers please copy. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. j?Mfc Fanny h.-?kxd yoir addp.kks, without fail, in X. Y. Z , Union M{uare Post office. One dumond aud two i ublet. PD. 8 -PRAY FORGIVE MY I. AST WORDS. I IM . plore 'iiiii "I intj aee you again," if hut to take a kind tare well I am to agony. You ahall do aa you think hem for your own happ'.neta. wtuc aoon. I pray you. A INFORMATION WANTED? RESPECTING! THOMAS OR lletaev Savin, of Wilacc mb, Stimeraeuhire, Kngland. who left ltris'oij In 1844 for New York. Any lnformvion reapecting tbem w ill bp thanktully recalvrd by ihelraon, William SO'iUiey. AddreaaWm H I.awrence, corner of State and Chapel ttreeta. New Haven, Conn. IF MIPS Ll'CY HERRTCE WII.I. SEND HF.R ADDRESS 10 A M . II road way Poat office, akc wtU hear totnethuig to l.< r adi antaga. IF D. MURPHY, KfKJ., OF SAN FRANCISCO, WILL leave htaaddrtaa with Mmn Dunnlgan A Brother. l.ia frit nd, l*. I.. D . will rail noon him tbla day at one o dock. IF MR ROtlKRS, TIIR GENTLKM AN WHO CALLED I lit 170 Spring atre?'t, in reference lo board, will cull at IM tlri one atreet, bu will hcitr of aomctbliig to HI* ulvautage tn lafrt lor Miaa Mar'ha. IIVKRPOOL. JUNK #, l?yl -N<>Tl' E.-WHKKK IS, J Jidin nnd Mary Dixon, who emigrated from Kandal, in ffcc (ouuljr of Wi n moialnnd, KngUnd, In lb" yar |Kf?. md willed In N itclicx, Mltalaalppl, fined StitU-H of A-iieriea, ire now bo'h dead. lagvlng a ton, William Edward Dtion. who. if now living tnd can prove huoteif the (oil of the Abort, Will Mar -onu thin* to h:a advant if by applying t ? Mr F Hruudy, aohcltor, 41 Pr.iiCei street, Manchester. Kugiaod. WIM. THE WIIM-W LADY WHO ADVKRTISKD IN Tt M.i* latt l >r a limiackeeper ? ait nation, over th>- lr..i.i.< ol V W. 1. . or G. W. I,., hiuI altoraardt ainwrrr I a ???Hinnu iiuatkiti over the initial* of W P O . please call at the M?!'?m square I'oat offi e immediately . where ahe will lind a letter for her. directed to P. C., from W P. O. WILL IDA THOMAS PLEASE WRITF. R. B. tT TT Broadway Poat offlra. MUOIOt N ROTH ICS. pKKSIIYTLRlAN CUl'RCIl ON UNI\ KKSlTV PLACE? X l'r I'lHia. paator.? T!ie Rev. Dr. Ferr.a, Chancellor of the I'nlveraity of the city of New York, will, I'rovidence permit tmir. preio h in ll.ia ihurrh ui nerrow. and mi 'tie fallow ng set.baih* in Auguat: aervtea to cum? ence at In', A M ?nd at 4 P. M. KOMAMSM AND CIIBIKTIA.N'irY.-TII.: RET. OR Mai M< namy'S tariltn a. .? mdu' ted < in the ApoatoiM-al p;*n ot dealing with error. an>l whndi huve alren ly attracted such large tongrv gallon* el i>oth Prwi-?' ?n a and Romania!*. are now held tn iIk comfortable new miaaim chirch. Twentieth ?iiret, lo'tw.en Ftrat and 8.-emtd awintea, adjatoiwg qtara arb?<.!, on Sabbaih evenliii:*, at 7?, o'clock All aiein Vlt*d to Bill t:d KKKTAl HA\T*. / ?" RKKN Tt RT1.K To II V Y? AT II K. RIRI.L>" OU \JT Star, ??! Liapenard ?tie?l. CONtiHF.HN W*TKH. AhT?ARD-T<) ?OCTHRRNKRS. DRINTIKRS HF CON ?retowal?r Weare rellablT Informed that tn.neiaPwver" fiitider the name of Saratoga' water an<l aalta. under the name of ? Saratoga '? aalta, are xtenairely impoaed u|>on t'ia put 1 ir in the Southern and Souihweatern Ktan a. wheie p?: > ona buy Ibk t he a* aruclea li-alre add tliuik Uiey are put ehaa n( '' i'ongre?? water, if . whereat at Saratoga litre are water* of all ktrda, from Congreta down lo dlteh water; and the arur ea in>| oae I Inthlt manner on the publit are motur ara fl? i*l e. n, I". omit, tntlrelv wortkleaa. and . ft 'ii Ian. peraon* dealrlug the efeet of t'ontreat water, rt?<- ? Joel M tbem being entirely lUftrenifrom that of the genalue CWngreat water, fte-iuently producing grtpmg palna. vertigo, Ac eiow ilmea rtinluag la aertoiia prrmanant dtmeulUea. by weakan ii g the dtgeatlTi prrwera aad leal roving the tone of the ttntuvsh and b' wel*. often rendering a mild eaae of d vtpepa'a Inea'aula - the elflri being Inno wlae duferent from that pmluead t>? ?allni ratharliet dlaaolaeil In ordinary water? whlbi t'ongreat wtler prodncet naithtr griptng or lajitrn.ut efTeei n an> < i?e however debilitated the patleait may be. It hetng 'onlr. at v* til M ruraUve The Congreaa Spring, aa la well known, it the aprtng which during tlity three year a paat hat bollt up the reputation of Saratoga, jet aome hava c. nfoiiaded the name of the aprHig with that of the place, ihua aPordmg the uppnrtunitT foe awindlera tn fotat Wortbleaa artlefea upon the public on the aTength of the reputatloo obtained bv the f odgrena Spring tn a long aertca of yea ra. Tht Inj'irt :hut inflicted up m the public aal ouraelvea to double. *>r on taking theae ?purioua artlelea, and finding either no efleoi or Injnrtout rlbrn from their ute, ihav In future refnar Ute genuine Congreaa water, auppoaing that they bava alrradv tried It, If la md a audlcient guarantee of its genulneneaa that it la in bottlea and hoiea, hearing our nafciea. at the old bottlea and I'Oiea are greedily bought up l>v oounterfaitera for the purpoae of filling them with their ral'te leaa article and aelllng It aa Congreaa or Saratoga water, bu? only ofthoae you can rely on? f ongreaa water an I i . n other ?and be certain that the cork It branded, as ia theeo. k of every bottle of genuine ' ongreat water, Tin: "Cong rem water? C. A W. '? If wPhnut Ineae word*, it it a v? tie leaa, dangerous conntarfelt. At to the compound* railed Saratoga eowilcra, .Saratoga aalta, Ac , they are not only valnelem Imt Injnrlont? notnoaeeming even the virtuea of the common Seld lltr powdera of the ahopa That It to ImpewetMgfo form ''on greaawater artlflctally. we have the authority of the celebramd i hemiat Sir Humphrey Davy, aa fMkiwa I ' . , rrcnmWi.e the Ingredient* ao a* to make an article of final Vialtty, tba effectt of which will be the aam* aa th? natnral water." On writing na. we will tend you lltt of prteea. al?et

md pa< kagea. and by ordering from ita direct, enc'oalng draft for fhe antonnl ardered, you can liave It aal cly forwarded to any part of the world w? reiterate our caution, to buytha genuine Corfrea* wa'er only, of reliable paraon*, and to et amine the lettering of the cork brand CI.ARRR A WHITE, Congreat Spring. Saratoga Opringt, and No. IS i n;tmea?t fit W ?'<? k i.'Hf LITERATURE. J ^ LEDGER IK GOOD I OK MERCHANTS. THK NEW YORK LEDGER IS GOOD FOR FAMILIES. hlVtll WAS HI) PCri'LAK A I\1PEH PltmrED. Everybody reads the New YjrkLelger, and every b id y likeilt T1IE NEW YORK LEDGER " Is weekly filled wnhieverytlnug to invite the reader. PICTURES,' 'STORIES, POETRY, SKETCHES, Fill THK New Yokk Ledger. FOUR CENTS IS ITS PRICE RO? 8 \ TOUSEY, io3 Nassau street, Are the Agents. BROADWAY. - TROW'S NEW YORK CITY DIRECTORY ? Complied by II. Wilson. For the year ending May 1, 1847. Price J2 6(1. WILSON'S BUSINESS DIRECTORY A classification of the varleus trades, professions, Ac. 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Appleton * Illustrated Guide contains an ladei '.o diverge line* "t railways from the principal cities in the Unite 1 States Appleton's Illustrated Oinde cor/alos an alphabetic* list ot the sailings of the prioc pal stc?nier* anil sleambo its to anil fi 'tn the principal cities ..ud ports ol the Culled S.ates aud Canadss. Appleton's Guide contans over two hundred pages. Appleton's Guide contain* over ?ixty xn >oe. Appleton s Guide lit vea a descrii lion of tM towns. Appleton's Guide mves a MMRNM of the Tillages. Appleton's Guide nlvn ,t iiescripuon of the clues through which the principal railways pass. A\ p!<'ton'? UtiMt gives i lour ofrigheen day*. Appleton's Guide (.tun tour ol t?-n .lays, Appleton's G side gives a tour of six days. Appleton's>- ki\ es i ie-sure routes throughout the United States. Appleton's Guide gives an account of railways and theti progress. Appleton's Ou. > gives an account of the principal watering places. Appleton's G'tlile elves an r "count of the Springe. 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Also a young man, as entry 'Jack.. wh? wntoe ? good and rapiil hand, and is correct at flfm-i s Cull at M Warren St., between and It) o'clock A. -VI. _ Both ladies and gentlemen wanted, to learn a beautiful art, just discovered; will certainly pay t3 to J.'> per day in any city, also a ni m on salary. Tauuht, lit a low price, by H. LOVE, Jk., A CO., 1)3 Chambers street, third lloor. Barkeeper wanted.-a steady, active young man, ? ho can give satisfactory reference as to character i i d ability, will hear of a favorable opening by addreasi g I ijiinr Dealer, licrald office, this morning, &1 Inst., before It 0 clock. C' ATMAKKR3 wanted? for fine cloth.i plusu i ai d glaze caps, at Seugstack A Rahmer's, 97 Maiden lane. /~100K WANTED? IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A \ J woman who is a good plain eook and superior washer and : f i ner. A middle aged woman desirous of a perinaneut situ ation preferred. One who ean prod m e the moat undoubted testimonials for honesty, sobriety, steadiness and good con urt, may apply at No. 9 St. l.ukc's place, Leroy st., between Hudson aid Bedford st*. ClOOK WANTED? FOR A WATER Cl'RE RSTABLI8H / ment; one w ho understands good plain cooking for suidi a place pi eii rred; liberal wages and permanent employment to a r i mpeti nt person. Apply to Joseph Davisou, at the store >?31 llreadway. ' pOLORED WOMAN W ANTED ? A SMALL FAMILY, IN V J lirookl} n, wants a colored woman, as cook, and to wash i d Iron. Apply at 34 Monroe plaoe, Brooklyn. C10ACHXAN WANTED? MUST THOROUGHLY UN ] demand his business, and bo 'wining to make himself yenernlly useful, on a place In the country. A single man, i, nci Scotchman, prelerred. Address J. P. Y , Herald office! with reference. / IGAt IIMAN AND GROOM WANTED.? TWO MEN, \ J either Scotch or English, wanted, to till ihose separate r tuatloni, w i:h a gentleman In tho country. Those who have just arrived, with good recommendations as to character, preferred. Address bos 41)3 New York Post office. i /CANVASSERS AND AGENTS WANTED? IN THE ! V' i rincipal cities and towna in the I'nited States, to sell a 1 opulai work of art. of general Interest to the public. Terms exceedingly liberal. Address Pubiiaher, box, 4,651 Post office. Drug clerk wanted- a young man, agkd about 20, possessing an obliging disposition, with good references, can bear of a favorable opening by addressing Drug Clerk, Koyd's Express, 45 William street. Drug clerk wanted? an active and compe tent pharmaoeuiist. as assistant in a drug store in Mrook yn. Address Druggist, Brooklyn Post office. Drug ci.erk wanted -one who ih well ao qualnted with the city retail and prescription business, and ran come well recommended, rn.iy apply at the corner of I'ulton avenue and Gold street, Brooklyn. An American pre lerred. Drug clerk wanted? at 91 eighth avenuK; one perfectly other need apply. one perfectly acquainted with the city business. None Drug clerk wanted -none need apply but i.t.e pertectly conversant wWFtbc necessary duties. Ap 1 ty to Geo. E. luger, A Co., phermaceutlcal chemists, ,WJ CLERK WANTED -NONE NEED APPLY BUT P i roadway. HOUSEKEEPER WANTED? A LADY, A PERKEt'T hous< keeper, may be partuer In a tlrst clats boar ling sc. situated on Lroadway; capital required 9b00. she will eh sr 91,000 or $1,600 a year. Apply at t'>48 Broadway. ARDWARE -WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG u>an, IB Milne bouse ill this or any other city. Has had 1 .even years experience In this city. Best of references as 10 capability Ac. Address Hardware, box 146 Herald otlic\ Laundress wanted? one who understands fiutlng. Apply, with recommendations, to day and Mon day. after 11 O'clock, at 18 Eaat Twenty tl tli street, just west < f Fourth avenue. H M M ILLINKKS WANTED? AT NO. 146 CH AMBKM SREKT, up stairs. Work given out. ALE AND FEMALE AGENTS WANTI'.D. AS CtN vaaser*. and to sell a profitable work. The eng igement iulie remunerative. Apply to John Cartledge * Oo., It o ad ? ay, up atnirs. MUSIC TEACHER WANTED-A GENTLEMAN FCI-LY ct mpi tent to finish two pupils on the piano, can have Ins board at a p easant lountry resid'>nce ]U miles from Ho buki n. Directions at the Otto Cottage, Ilol,oken. Men wanted? to learn a light, gknteei. and iisi till buMiiess Uiat can easily be n.ade to pay U to $& ? dsy With this knowledge men need never waat a proAta Me ? uiplo) nil lit 111 any city. Apply at No. ft Catherine s'reet, r<s,m V, up stelre. POSTER WANTED? ONE THAT UNDERSTANDS s. nip ling sugsr*. >alurv lirst year tti per week. Address, ? 1th references M Herald office. TO MILI.INKHS. TRIMMERS AND SALESWOMEN - Wanted, at Mrs Carter's, Broadway, trimmers of the greati s < -iprrience In the city traale. and first baud milliners and thie? saleswoMien; rone but th, thoroughly ncqirun.ed with their business u< ed apply; also, resp.-ctable young ladies as apprentices. r?: |.i i ienre,l in thai buaii'i sa. and willing to to to ttac.n iii. <ibut,m. t I" am the timber particulars by applying at G. A I ?i FNR1K1 II A CO S., ISI Fulton street, hetw en II and l? oci<ck, A.M. Relerences required. TO TEACHERS.? WANTED, AN UNMARRIED. EDU i aie, I ti reiiin gentleman, in au si adetnv ot fifty boyt, near 'be I'ntverenjr of Vlrnlnln, t? tea, li German. French, music and draw Ir.g Salary (>3lU. and all the fees for music and drawing, and also board Including washing, fuel and light A perwnal Interview with the principal of the school, would be prrterred to any recomnendatujn that could i>e offered. nMoSre WiodrdJe depot, All? m?rle county. Vlr Hints. P H. GtMim.OK. PrUielpal. TWO SMART W MTFRS WANTED. -NtiVB BUT THOSE w bo understand their business need apply, at 79 Bea, h ?? , near West. \lf ANTED? A RESPKCTA IH.E PROTESTANT GIRL. ? T todo general housework. In a small family. Iniulreat Mi West 12th st WANTED? A WEI*H, KNOUHII ?COTCI! OR OER man tuniu, to at t aa chambi-rtnaid utd waller to a pri vate iHDiily In ibe rwmntrjr. One who hi wall jimllArd and ran hrliif good t*?iin onlala aa to rbarart<-r an<l ?l>lllty.niiy ? htam a (TO'! anil perm.inrnt rituatlon. with fair Wagra, hT ip It ii.w at No. 22 t'ottUndt it., for two days, betwean in an l S o'clock. TVr A PTIfp? I N A OBNTKEL PEIT ATI FAMILY IN ft Brooklyn, a n?at. Italy and reapertahlr (irl, to act aa aetl'taat rhambrrmaid and waller. ?n>- m imt |M livl jpe perlence. ai.d n.uat he well recommended frnm har farmer r>l?rea. fail at <1 Park row, New York, or M Keinaeu atrreU Brooklyn. TV* ANTKD? A WOMAN. AS COOK; HHP. M1HT IIP A f f flrat rate waaher and Irnner, and undrratarid making I' read at.d bier nit Nunc tired apply who cannot hrun the heft eity reference aa to rapacftr and obliging diapoal'lnn. Af |?1y at 1M We i nil, at , pear 7th ar Wantfr-poir onon milliner*. and a pir*t elaaa trimmer, for tha eMy trade Apply at Mra Dodla, III rat al ?t. TV ANTEP? SEVERAL OIRL8 WHO tJNDKRT \ ND IT working at capaulea; alao warned . <nun IMelllg.-nt girl, shout I* or jn rear* of ag?, to learn a light eae* h iiiMH, 10 ahem roratant emploiment and goad p*r will begfr-n, *ir?rlcan? preferred. Addreaa 0. H . Herald nOce. TVANTED-A TOl'NO I. ADV. TO ATTEND IV A f T <lrrM. trimming a ad Akury atore. one who haa had ex perleitre in the Mtataeaa preft-rrad, Apply at A. Malrympla Jfc", Broadway XL" ANTED? A RITCATION BY A T???'N(1 LADY WHO f? ran r> me well rerotamerded. ?o itlend a h ik-ry or r<>n fn-tkinery alore. Inquire at JSK Ailautic at., Brooklyn, for iwi? TV'ANTED-A M*RT. TIDY OIRL, POR UENKRAI. "? hottaework, muat he a food plain < onk waahrr and Iroter. and bring food raferaarea Apply at VI Went I life at., between 5th and tih are*. TJLT ANTRD? A UERMAN <JIRL. TO DO THK lIOl'RIt it w>>rk ot a ?mall prirate f >m ly m net he a fond plain rook, and flrat ra'e wa?ner and Irroirr fall al 44 *wth ?' h at . rornrr 9d. Wllltaaial mrg. TV* ANTED? TWO RRKPWTAMJS TOfN?l WOMEN, f? with KO<-d rlty reh rence--"n' a? flrat rate lamiJreaa, the Mber aa wnlier 'fery nmat be ? tiling to go a ahort dlatanr* n the count i y Apply al tl Br>?oort place, imb at, h?twe?ii 10 and .1 o rliek. flf ANTED- AN A MERIT A N OR ENOUGH VOCNO f? wr man to lake rharse ef and do the honaework of ? mall family, t.o w.fhlng re<j?lred. To one that will anil a good home la offered. In<)iilr? *? 7! Barrow at. near Rleeck?r. Utanted-a middi-e aoed woman, to toon, ?T ?a?h and iron, and lo make herwlf gencrnll* itaeful. Apply al IHMUi t Tr-ANTtD-AN AMERICAN KNOMRT1, S<TOT<TI, OR f f colored aerrant, by a family oonalaUng of tbrea neraona, living a ahort iliatauee in tk? roantry. Hke a oat he a Srat rata ro< k and laundrraa, and willing to do general hotiaewark. None nerd apply but ?wh aa can fire the moat aailafaeiory eattmonlala aa to character aid eapahllHy. Wagea ttO par moatk Apply at No ?U Eaat 9th at . baaetnent, oa ?Mar, jiom tin lio clock. A It \I'ANTKD-POR THW OOrNTRT. AN RtCEUENT 11 rook, waaher and ironer. alao a waiter and ohanihrr maid (loo?l referenda required Uood wagea glren In u i at parlor No. IIS Metropolitan Hod. thla day. from 10 v v to TP . M. \? ANTRD-AT .*,1 BR 1ADWAY ?TX TOI'NO f,A it dlea Ilmroaghly ac itiainted with 'he trimming and fWn n : natneta None hut coirpetetit aaleawomen need apply. Alae, two raahboys Wanted. \V ANTRD-rA OIRt, WHO CAN DO AM. KINDS Of 11 houa. work, and la a good waaher %n-l Ironer Kfr m?nlh. Apply at ** Oreenwuh are., with good reeoa mrt I'attona. WANTED-A Nl'RRR, TO ATTEND A RffK LADT. AT II Hndana ?1lf, New Jeraey, one mile ftrm H<>boken. Ip'liilre at baarment 12 Wall atreet \k* ? > TRI>? A I.ADt OP REPI1FMENT tND AMIA If 1 lly r4 dlajjoaltton, to leare IV rlty ami take "e< ?ni?er t|? oa ft twocblldren. aleo a aea>n?tre?a for u frw ?e>ka Apr'* ' rreonalia al 110 Bleacker al , ro?m Na. ?, t>??wean II ?k<i i v Jwk ibiiUy HELP VJ?A\TEL>. \lr ANTED ? AN HONEST. INDUSTRIOUS OIRL AH TT plain took, washer nud Ironer, to go a short distauce lu I he country. Apply at No 73 Wit* Mreet, bal?u?||||a| 12 o'clock. None need ? I'pl y without the but of ref <? renew "I1TANTED ? AN AMERICAN. GERMAN OR PRENCH TV girl, lu a private lumi'y ol two persona. < m- that is a. i . u rook, wulifr and iruner healthy looking. neat and clean ? "> her work, will find a good and permanent home. mil libe ral pay l*r jtealantF only need aptilv, before 1(1 In the morn ing. or after 4 m the afternoon at No. 70 Summit ?t., between links and Henry, South Brooklyn. T1TANTED? TEN HAT TRIMMERS. NONE HUT FIRST tT rale bands need apply, to Miller A Day, 110 Centre it. WANTED- AN AMERICAN WOMAN, WHITE OB CO lored, fnr genert.l homework. To a good cook, waaher and ironer $K per mouth will be given. Apply, between 10 and 12 o'clock, at No. 3 E. 11th at. WANTED? EMBROIDERERS, IMMEDIATELY NONE but tint rale hands need apdlv. Inquire at No. 5 Va ri< k it. WANTED- A HOUSEKEEPER, TO LOOK AFTER lb<- domestic affair*, and to ?crv? in a bakery store oc casionally. Moat have flrit rate references or need not up ply. Should prefer one about forty years of age. Address A. Z , Herald ulflce. WANTED? A WET N'TRKE.? A RESPECTABLE. TIDY. TT heal'by person, wan good references, may lind a good situation in a small family living a half hour's ride from ihia rily Apply, bcfi re 3 o'clock today, at the store 1UU Cham bers st. WANTKD-A OIRL. TO DO THE C.ENERAL HOUSE work of a small lamily . she must lie a good waaher and iicner, and understand plain cooking. Scutch or Ger man preferred. Apply at 3:" Poplar afreet Kr.okiyn. WANTED? A (1IRL TO DO GENERAL HOl'HEWOBK In :? small family; must understand plain cooking, and !<? a good wanner and "irom r. Those having good city refer ence from la?t, can call a' 'iSis West lath St., between 8th ami yth aves. Wagis, #6. X\T A NTED? A OF.RMAN <11111, TO DO THE GENERAL TT housework ot a small t.imily. Apply to Mrs. Gray, S3 4th avenue, ?d door above 11th st TITANTED? TOUNG MEN WISHING TO GO TO SEA. TT All kinds of voyages lurntshed, according to e.ipaclty. Also, several cooper , carpi titers aud blacksmiths. Apply to RanaaU A Robaon, 151 South st., ooruer of Peck slip. T]|7 ANTED? A TO C NO MAN THAT UNDERSTANDS Tt engine turning jewelry. Apply at Salisbury A Arrow smith's, 121 Nassau sin et. Woml sorters Wanted immediately? at thb Bridgeport Woollen Mills, Bridgeport, Conn. WANTED? IN A OOCNTIMG ROOM, A YOUTH FOUR to n to sixteen years of age. Must reside wi'ii his pa rents. Salary. $!(*) per annum. Applicant will address box 2,111 Post t flu e. WANTED-AN ACTIVE LAD, FROM SIXTEEN TO eighteen years of age, to attend a retail counter. Apply lit '.'IS Washington street. WANTKD-A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS MOUNTING! and bnishing maps. Inquire at ft'.' Mercer st. TIT ANTED?* Y'?UNG AMERICAN, ACQUAINTED TT with tl.u Im ness, on clerk iu an up town hanlwar* stoi e. A| ply at 364 Bowery. WANTED? A MAN TO SELL AN EXCELLENT AR ticle of imitation brandy, besides oiber liquors. A tier man preferred. To one who nndcretxnds the business watte* and a lltx-rn 1 commission will be paid. Addruss A, B., box Id" Ht raid oflice. _ SITUATIONS A'ANTED. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL WANT rf a situation as chambermaid, or tt do fMS sewing, ha* no objection to take care of ehildrcu. Can be seen at 13 Vesey st. A WIDOW LADY OF RESPECTABILITY, FROM AL bany, desires a Sit nation, as housekeeper, either n a bachelor's or widower's department. Those wishing a neat and well bred lady Ui preside over their estab Ushmeuts, may address X. Y. Z., Herald ntlire. Any lady, in the city or country, (country pretered.l wishing ? little girl to take care of a badv. or to do light w ork, ran obtain or.e. by calling at No. 39 West Broadway, up stairs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Wo man, as good plain cook, washer and lroner. Refers 10 last employers. Call :>t 37 WMl 13th at. APROTI STANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION. TO go a short distance 111 the country, as professed cook; perfectly understands her business In all its branches, French pastry. Ac. Good refeience given. Apply at 133 E. 11th St., th .i d HMT, front room A SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTEST AST J\. American girl, as cook it. a small family iswlnlnito an* st in washing; no obleettona 10 go in tlie country. Bwt of n erence. Call at 137 Uti i?oii ar., Brooklyn. A GERMAN YOUNG LADY, 2 ft YEARS OF A I IE, WHO speaks English and French, desires a situation as com panion to a lady or to take care of children . lias 11 ? objection to travel ; best city refi rencee given. Apply at No. S1U Broad way, in the bookstore. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN, (AME rican I as light porter in a wholesale store; is of >teady habits, able and willing to make himself generally useful. The best of city reference. Inquire for or address R 11., JM West 3nh st. A GERMAN GENTLEMAN, WHO HAS BEEN BRED to s learned profession snd who, being well versed in modern languages, is capable of making himself very useful, wants a situation In a newspaper establishment, a lawyer ? 1 flee, or a counting house: references can be given. Ad dress Mr. W. K., No. 9it Frankiort at. A young marriicd man owvrv,- ? j n..U,/am J,u^'f,'.;l, XL"" ? ?? r? A REGULAR GRADUATE PHYSICIAN AND SUR geon desires to sttend the ofljee, online- o r outdoor prw tire, or nut up med r:ne? I. r another phy.cian slin may want su< h he p, in or ?.ut of the elty. Adi ress lancet. Herald o?ce. ACOIOERD COACHMAN WANT* A SITUATION? He is a careful driver. nndifMUds the < ai e and mauage mem < f ' 01 sen, r Van 111-: harto as. and every thing in hm line; une nrrpi Minable relereuce< ilieti wtocharacer and ablO'y. Apply at 9" Leonard st., Bell's intelligence oflice. A<i?u>D RETAIL SALESMAN IS OCT OF PLACE AND wants a situati m to go olbe West or South flo>sl reler ? u< e as to churned r honesty, Ar . furnished, i'letae ad ,iese Kobert, box 4TV Post oflit e, (or one week. (IOPYIST OR TRANSLATOR -A LADY, TEACHER J til the French language w.?he* to obtain mcra-Jre em ployment durii g the \ai atton. either as en|jMt or translator. Addrew Marie Lebrun. MauiK'ii s-jtiare PuetolDce. C^ORptiN BLEU ?A GOOD FRENCH FEMALE COOK J wishes a situatu n In a respectable family. Can give th? best reterenees. hating been employed In the tlret lamihes ol this c< untiy. Call st 41 Franklin at. Draughtsman.? a YorNO locomotive machi tust, wIhi nn?!i rs'ands and is well acquainted with dra* ? ing In marhu rry wtahes to obtain a attuation as draughtsman in any locomotive or machine ihop. Addrew 1'raugaUman, l'i?t oflice, he* Alhnny, Indiana^ ISMPl.OJ MENT ON SATURDAYS WANTED-BY A J 1 ookkeeper ? hose time Is tmoeetipled en that day. Can Li?e the 1 est of references as to character aud capability, Please address Bookkeeper, H> raid ofll -r. Iio NERCIIAETfl. 4e.? A FIRKT RATE AOCOtJETANT, who ?rl'i a a |m?i bund >nd In * anterior mental calcu lator, deairta Iiriili vnii'it In any in par it 7 *h'r? honeatr, ? and ludtiatrj Will arm with due rrwar'l. Oonri eltjr re ference. Atldirat, for thrre day. EtrtMR. Herald oflmv TO H.OTO MF.EC1IANTR.? R*A STEP. A BITrATION, by a voting man who ha* had ac?en yr ara' eipertenre hi 'b? rloth htieinraa. Hi at of rtty reference. A Jdreaa A. F. L,, Herald ott> e for thrre day* WAMTF.P-BY.A RI?rF.iTAHI.B PEnTERTANT OIBL, aatlimn. n aa 1 iMntw rmaM Mid waller. or 'o <to general bonaawork. tor a email family . % ?od refei ? nre Imm Mr laat place. Pleaae rail for two rtaja at *?< Jay at . Hrooktya. WANTED? BY \ TOCEO HEALTHY Wnj|AE, WHO 1 aa recently lne*. her owa child, a bahy to wet anna, al hci ownhi iiar id JV )> ? between Mh and Vh a**. YE'ANTF.P? BY A RFfrFECTABI.E YOl'Ntl WOMAN. A 11 attnatton, W> do ro..kin? waahinf and Ir-mio*. or fene ral I ontework of a amail private fhaiiy. no objertioMi to got ? h(.rt di?iaurr in the country. Apply for two Uaya at !?? Elualeih ?treetln thr rear TV-AETF.n-A StTt'ATION. HY A TT marrn d My. tr wrt nnree a baby at her own reatdeaee, whi' h*a loat her own baby CUT reference. fall (w two da j a at IVI 49rt at . between *'b and SMh arrnuea, front room, third floor. WAETRD-BT A SCOTCHMAN, A SITUATION. AM llrbt porter, la a atorr or i< nmi'iKx bo- we. baa a a am ber of ?eara riper teoce la Eaw Vorh te of aeher. oMMm huMta mid w t ilea a |too>l hand ('ndonhted refer, cew flrea* aude?| atlon Moderate AddreaaJohn bei l.Jft figP T|f AETMK-A STTfATION. BY A YOt'NO MAN 22 fl ) earn r f *f. ?ho ran ^>eak Herman and EulM a a roachman or potter, la a wh<>ka?le atere lt.-?t . , 7, rJemr encea ran be Riven Ad.lreaa M F . Herald oUtr" \LT A STEP? A SITUATION. BY A YOt'Eil MAE AN " porter In a a?ore, or aa barkerper llmai r>T*r?n em klrca. *Apply at K? Duaaa at., la the h element. r*wr*l>r? TETAJITFO-A SITUATION. AS COACHMAN BT AN " Ftigll?hman who thoroughly imlerataada honwe e*2 ?Ire aa'tafartiTj reference from hta laal place rkmLb! h. ea three yca?* Apply at 84 W, M amh at. "? FRKNCH ADVERTIIIEmtTni. TT E NOEMECE Kf< o??a vn? m.K wirs toi ? t r* 1 rapp .na parlant tn?laia. Krat v-a|. Halten. bian,!| . <1. atrr iron- er tin- place pour accompaan?r una fhatllN i n oinnaieiir aeitl ?e rei itant en F ?p^ 8 A etc. ou tin M l^ror. pbarmacten Uroadway, roin de la *a ma. ?^^rRAECAIR t'OEEAWANT I. A OROMETRIE ITT I. A c'oatmr <ea EmtoCM^Mjrwat n? ireot. ~~ THE TRAOKnT ia t)04)D VTOEE HAEORR WANTRTV-AT NEW 1 1 1 Hmnawtrk. New Jeraey w*?r? t2 i>er ateady work ali he aeaeon Apply at >?? l'i trr ? i-hnrch, *ew Hruna wtch. Vvatchnakbr wantfp-a ooon woeenan to 11 to t^arada Weat, Appl) to Fellow* A 1 1; Natdeq ??ne. TtTAETED? A FCREITfEK CAEVEE, TO t?0 TO Yf Ktnraton. Canada Weat. liberal ? .???? and ateady em rlnyment none but the beat workmen need apply, at No I.aren A l.awrte aahoe atora V!4 H'l Won atreet \k' ANTED- fJTl.OF.RS. TWO OR TOMB JorENET f* men. one aa foreman, mnat h? a rood workman and ? imp x* ell teroniBieiided (.)(??! a %??a ?? t 'onatant ? mi > men' lo't'ilri' at Eoa 1W SPt) and M Oreeewtch *, off Harare V Htjler I niEEt ART*. BMCOUBAE FJI.I.MOEE- FRFNOflT -THE OffTt correct llkenei*** of the Preatdenftal aaadtdaam ara Oxmm pnbHahed *1 W St HA I S. ?2? Uroadway Price f ?eh, ??, printed on the Bneet plate paper X'SP l?cbea. t l?ha a?d th4 iraie anpplled. t3n?ir abtb? -JvsT prpi.rsHr u" * 7? - T tralta of Fremont aad %tAfJ.,an a . r*l , ' k illaconnl tc the nth ?W"1'* "? ? 1 '?-Wii