Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1856 Page 7
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IDVERTISMffiHTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. KOAHD1N6 AJTP LOP6IIW. Al?*t BROOMK STREET, ONE BLOCK WEST OP 4t)l Broadway, Dear St. Nicholas Hotel. Furnished ro<nus to iet with or without board. House lirst class, with modern Improvements. Transient boarder* a Tommodated. H? themers will tind 'hi* a pleasant, airy location. fW?~EAST FIFTRENTII STREET,? BOARD FOR F AMI oO lias and single gentlemen; house has all the modern fenrovements. bath, Ac. Strangers visiting the eity will tiud a comfortable house. Reference required. K1XTU STREET, CORNER OK FIRST AVENUE.? J'" t'Cntlf men ran be accommodated with full or partial board, or with handsomely furnished rooms without board, ?n reasonable terms. Good neighborhood. Cars auil stages convenient. 6 r A WALKER STREKT, FIVE DOORS WEST OF Broadway.? X <iulet and genteel private boarding house for tingle gentlemen and genilemen and their wives. Terms reasonable. Hot. cold and abower baths lice. Af\ MURRAY STREET.? BOARD FOR GKNTLKMKN and their wife*: also, furnished rooms to let, lor slugle gentlemen, with board if required. A NUMBER OF FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, IN ihat nice, cool, pleasantly situated house No. 3 Bond ?tree I, second aoor from Broadway, A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM AND two bedroom* attached, to let, to single genilemen, 111 a private bouse, with all the modern Improvements. Apply at ?B frince street, a few doors west of Broadway. Apartments for gentlemen in a priva^r bouse.? Parlors on the lirst and second Hours, also lodg kig rooms on the upper story, to rent cheap. Apply at No. 89 Prince street, near the hotels. A SUIT OF ROOMS, ON THE FIRST FLOOR, MAY HE obtained, with private table, by a family, or by single gentlemen, at 107 Tenth street, between Broadway and Uni versity place. Board? with a privatk family, and with choice of live rooms, newly furnished ; ba'bs ami gas. Terms moderate. Reference. Apply at 70 St. John's park, corner Varick. Cars up and down town at the door every 3 minute*. Board.? a furnibiikd room to let to a gen tleman and his wife, with board, or two single gentlemen, at U Allen street. Board? the greatest facilities in the world are ottered to boarders (free of charge.) Strangers and citizens wishing to lind board, room or a bouses tojlve in, have ?nly to apply at712 Broadway, where they will liud every par ticulars ol the best people In city or country taking boarders, and houses to let and lor sale, to a large amount. This est* bltahnient being the great depot for re. opting all such, you will nave time, trouble and expense, by railing. N. B.? Persons wishing country boarders should call immediately, as they .ti e in very great demand. R. 1>. OOOPwIW. Board.-a young lady wishes a gkntkely luruwhed apartment, with or without board; reference if required. Correspondents are requested to.state particulars, and pri^e to insure attention. Address L. S. >1. II., Herald oflice. Board.? one or two nice rooms to let, to gentlemen, or to a gentleman and wife. Modem improve ment* in the house, ana delightfully located. Apply at No. 117 West Twenty tlfth street. BOARD.-AN ELDERLY WIDOW LADY WISHES TO let a neatly furnished front room, with board, being a good nurse, would accommodate an invalid lady, with best of care. Apply at 74 Ridge street, near Rlvlngton street. Board down town.? a number of single gentkxucu ran be accommodated with furnished rooms and good board; also boarders without rooms. Apply at 75 Beeknian street, also at 77 Murray street, tine accommo dations. Board in Brooklyn.? fine large rooms, o.v second tloor, suitable for families or single gentlemen, in a first class bouse, within five minutes walk of South and Wall street ferries. Apply at 240 Henry street, between Congress and Amity streets. Board in Brooklyn.? a oe.itleman and wife, without children, or two single gentlemen, may ob tain good board, with line rooms, and where th?y ran have the comforts of a home, by applying at 141 Montague place; three minutes' walk fitim the ferry. References exchmged. Board at herhkn point, n. j? a gentleman and his wife, or two stugl" gentlemen, can now I)'; ie rommodatcd at the boarding house of M. Uuv.1r.l1, at the above plAi-c. he having one tine room vhchuL Apply im mediately to JOHN M. ENYARD, Bergen Point. BOAKD WANTED ? FOR A SINGLE GENTLEMAN. OP ??? (Irnmercy park; or a room, without hoard. Please atate terms. Address Allable, Madieou square I'ust < Board wanted? by a yocno man, in a pri v?te family (Oaihotffl pram red) or boarding mmh ?m only a few botratd urn taken. Terms must be moderate. Ad dreaa W , Chatham wj iare Post office. Board wanted? in a plain bnglmii or amk rirau lamdy, by a young man tu>d wife; will chlelly tur Utah their own room. AMraa, atalwi lowest terms, which will be promptly paid, Comfortable Home, Broadway Po-t Cifilce, for three days. B???J^^Vo5i2e?MKtLK5? STR?'T. BETWEEN ?Iry apartment*, sutUble for ramiliaT^uTf handsome gentlemen, with the u#eof b>th f, Snn?-- ,l! f?"m* !"r a, mm u accoiulno^ '?"" -or BOARDINO.? A FEW sINOLE GENTLEMEN CAN BK pleasantly accommodated with neatly furnished rooms and board on very reasonable terms, Location pie isant an 1 louveim nt to cars. hat and cold water baths thmu^b'nit th ? < ntire house. Apply at i(M Fourth avenue, corner ol Twenty ninth street. BOARDINO AND LODGING.-TO LET, TO rttNOLK gentlemen, a haudsciuc back parlor, on second floor, with ?r without hoard. W 11I1 board, 13 and It .70. without hoard SI i6p. r ? ei-k ?ach. Apply at ill <lraud street, ?irtwr Molt Country board ? at greenwood lake hotel, Wawaganda House, near Chester, Orange eounty, New York, rnmbTonig beautiful mountain and lake scenery, line fMbintr, boating and drives, with the beat country fare, food airy rooms, reasonable terms, and the nuwt salubrious a'mos pbere. For further particulars refer to Mr. S. Caldwoll, Nos. laud 7 Dey street, New York. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED-FOR THREE I.A DIE* four children and two servant^ farm house preferred Address, with particular* of location, price, Ac., bo* 4,1%) Post CIOUNTRY BOARD.? A QUIET HOME M \Y BEOBT UN ) ed in a private family, not fai iroin Loaf Bran h f< 1 uis $9 to ti per week. Inquire of O. H. SMITH A CO , No. 2 Appleton s Building, New York. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED? NEAR THIS i'ITY, IN a bouse having plenty ol shade W-es about It, with past ? lain fare, for a lady, two children (age! two and sit veaim and servant. Good milk essential. tddreaa bog JJUSFiiM otlice, with partii nlars, whl< li will receive immediate attention. COUNTRY IiO\RD ? GOOD AND 81 BSTANTt \l. tM .nl may be obtained at a farm house, in a health > to cn'.toa, near the village of llackenaack, New Jereey. Apply at 2U Twenty eighth street, eurn'r of Broadway. or at Corn Kxebange lnsur tnce < oni| auy, corner of Willbun aod Beaver alreeta. bn'RNUBKO ROOM< T?? LET AT 77S BROADWAY ? (me entire Unor of elegant spar'ments. suitable tor a fa ?uly or/party of gentlemen. _______ 1 1 OBf?K K.N ?FURNISHED ROOHS TO LET, EITIIKR JlJL with or wltliout board, on moderate terma. A lnr? ? i ?uii room ami bednsimj also several bedrooms. Apply at I.V Washington street, llobok' ti. Hotel lodging-*.? -gentlemen will do w li. 10 remember that ihey ean obtain good turnishe.d rooms at ihc Globe Hotel, eorner of Fiankt'ort ami WilMun stre< <. ?jf. per night, 01 ?l SO per wek. No other charge, eicepi at their option. ONE OR TWO IIANDWiMF.LT FUBNIMED RtioMH to let. With partial hoard, m a nnsit dean able locv.on u Feuth Hrunklyn. eonvenlent to ears and tarriea Family am til and private. For parUrulara toqutre at lg Marriaoo street, tie tween Court aod CUotoo, Brooklyn^ PARTIAL BOARD AND BEDROOM WvNTED-HY a sing e gentleman, located aeni' Broadway and not lurther tin than Eighth afreet, feruts to be moderate. Ad dsesaC., Hn?lwt) I'oat e. PARTIAL BOARD W tNTED? BY A YOI NO MAN I ? a r-spe-'abe prl?*ie lamily, wh-re pleasant a y tn?> tie el. nj' d. % -mall bedroom would snswer I' ? - J mMreaa. with partieul ira, Franek, Br*t>lway Poet oU j Term* must he moderate. ' PRIVATE FRENCH BOARD.? A FKW HINUIJl flkl tlewen deeding a pleaaaat residence In aaVte^ant house ran be aei'omm>eiau d ?lth fnll board, >n reaannable terms, at n Warn street, near Fifth avenuo. PRIVATE HOARD -A ORNTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR two single gaath nv n, ean ob'aln * i-oom, wiih pantriea nUaebed in ^ house wl<h the m<aiern improv. m-ma, located at No 3 Ninth street, be'ween Fltlh and Suth avenuea. OTATKN HH AND ? TQ LET, WITH OR WIT'IOI T board, mo r Hire-" lt#e airy ixiina. In a geu eel au i re iired nrishln rhoisl, on moderate terms, at No.eCllnten street, central hetw?en the two lust Itrrtea. oTeT-THRKE MINI TEX' W t LK FRtiM IIOtD way ? asnitof lour ro>ms, on the *>rnnd floor, with ail n <?lern iruproiements. to s oentlt-man and hla wife or ohigle g atiemeo. Apply at 100 Woostsr street. Rei'ereaeea ea srnnn?e<L r LET-TO A OENfLEM VN AND WIFE, OR MIMilLE gMitlsn- ill. a sm.?'l I'trnirbed room with full or p >rtl al Issirii No oiher bosidoia. Cara p*?? tb? iloor. Addreaa Mia II . Herald i?m e. Ft HVITI KE, ?ENAMELLED I OTTAOR furniture -new, EUR n g. nt stt lea, at the loweat ra^ prteea, from W4 'he ant upward, 01 the mane factory. ?W ?t ?Klwayvbolow Bleonkor tlisMia anrefally paeked to go oat of the city. KKMOV AJU A. DOOU1TU! WILL RKMAVE BIN OFFICE ON the tiest Of August > j M Eighth a??..;ue, near .laoe atroo ir REWAHM. REWARD. -I.ORT. O* THE KYI* NINO OFIULY .*). a -^nail dbn?M pin. wi?h a gu. >1 chain. In going fr<cn 'lie corner it Hri'ailway *ud llcade ?'t' i to 'he eoraoc <11 tnri'A and t'lmal. or IB ?Bt*th avenus car. The a'mve re n anl ** itl be Mid to the pet soo nbo will rrltH 4 It at tli" oli ?*} of Lowe joy ? Hotel. ti>?m REWaEIV- FoR THKRI:- OVKRYfJT Till M >DY " fit W li'.ain M ig'-e, nt., t * Muppoafwi It hi . , vn owrh'sii I ,n the exahwioo >? I n ,1 .g place kc . . 1 |, . ,.,m pirc mate <? Sainnlay uigbt. J| iy .Vli instant r.n,i .hog Point .'udith < oaiipi''' \|on l?ir. Ion % bi.e.i ha'r, blueeyrs: lis I on wli< n toet a blue under .ha 1 ami link -lilrt er. ,t irk ppn'B'aloora, Idue ?s ,tli In aiifaot kmfe We one <4 >h* i-oot" in ru ? in the font '1 he .1 <n ,'\ o' '*lwv ? he naa h?si. :l:c fo !?? lot a, (?e I .1 1 yat d lie I- mpil e ue , an* ot I!- F ill IIi\ ?'? In . ?(r. H nckwaf, ehleieng'tieei-, wilfjn.J. ? 1 >,? Iin ngl ft I'.. per pl?v?<. ?s py. hTKLMBRRfS OFKB F-. rtri iwFD>~AT go. ? RAtr b;><)idwav, nov <? v V >%fY< trades. 1 ne m 'bin ten "es?g>e. on mt wMrr ai?dyq ft>r i-arpisg- mak'ng, two cl> r*?, no men wo b..ikkcrp< rs, two hegfa"eni 1, twi hrak'ui t, Kr.' r* far wt# Ond mi 1 vai% on* hu,- ? -nd w? >n. '? I t.f.K N t CO ,TF,D AftrfBROA i*W > Y, f 'VO mi it i a k p?,t" ' ,1 ,oe%e. t? n asiramen ro 'w k . ra <*1 1, icea, i?0 ?VO bw tl two I > ak tn o I? > r ft) 'n, three .,,e m>n op "'ameia Vfe n?n? 1, r tral'-s .mi Mn! * ? M WA ?ALBS AT AUCTION* Alfred braoo, auction kkr -a. braogVco. will B?'fl at auction. on Tum lav, Augml 9, at 10* A. M , at their salesroom, 33 'orliandt street, 300 cases of boots, Bhoes, brogans, Ac , comprising m part the stock of a retailer. N. H.? Auction sales every Tnesd iy, uuU) further notice, AUCTION NOTICE ? J. BO ART, AUCTIONEER, BY 8. bogart.? This day, at 10 <> clock, at the auction rooms corner of r raukfort and William streets, Constable's sale of one rosewood pianoforte. LOU is II. .VuLTEK, CouaUible. Auction notick.-j. booart, auctioneer, by 8. llogart.? Thai day, at 10 o'clock. In front of the auction rooms, corner of Fraukfort and William streets, Constable's ttaleof one dark bay borae, 16 hands high, 6 years old; light wagon and harness, nearly new. JAMEH NK8BKT, Constable. Auction notice.-j. booart, auctioneer? by 8. BOOART.? This day, at 11 o'clock, at 45 Beekmin sj-eet, household furniture, tin', contents of a genteel boarding bouse, mahogany sofas, chain, carpets, waahatand* crockery, feather bods, hair inattreases, bedding, lounge-", mahogany ex tension dioiiic tabic, bureaus, hltchcu furniture, Ac. Sole pe remptory; the^gooda must be removed Ihe name day. Auction notice? j. booart, auctioneer? by 8. BOO A RT.? This day. at 10 o'clock, in froul of store So. 1 North William street, corner of Fraukfort strict, con stable's sale of one butcher's spring cart, one set ol ? n't har ness; also, one bay horse. AUOUSTUa JOHNSON, Con ' ible. Auction notice.? j. booart, auctioneer? by 8. BOOART.? This day, at 10 o'clock. In froot .? siore No. 1 North William street, corner of Erank'ort stn-e on stable's sale of one light wagon, with top. nearly new. ISAAC JONES, Con.-. i Une. Auction notice? thomas m. connaugii ton, Auctioneer, will sell on This day. Aug. 2, at lOJa o :??? -k, at lift Spring street, a general assortment of household i i.-m ture, consisting of solas, chairs, bureaus, bedsteads, .. ish standa, mattresses, clocks, carpeting, oilcloth, together ? nit a line of oil paintings, richly gilt chandeliers, Ac. ; also one nue rosewood pianoforte. Auction notice.? w. a. carter, auctioneer. will sell this day (Saturday), at 10 o'clock, at N) ilreou wlch street, for account of concerned, HO kegs Sptnisb pickled tish, 2 casks archire paste, for dyeing, 500 reams straw paper; a ship's boat, suited for a vessel of 700 tons; can be examined in Jersey City; also an assortment of groceries, teas, Ac. Auction notice.? tuos. bell, auctioneer, by 1IKLL A BUSH. ? 'fliis day, at 10)g o'c'ock, in our salesrooms, No. 12 North William street, will bo sold, without reserve, nine bureaus, eight tables, sofa and couch bedsteads, chairs, refrigerators, barroom tables and settees, dentist's table, Ac.; also, one trunk of dry goods and c'othlng, seventy boxes segars, three casks liquors, Spanish olives; and at 11 o'clock a superior lot of line watches and rich jewelry, fancy ar ticle!, Ac. Wednesday, at 11 o'clock, on the premises, No*. ,'i9 and 41 Ore< ne, near (irand street, the entire stock of a m i chinist mid blacksmlthlng establishment, lath^t, tools, vices, pinning machine, Ac. 1'articulars on Monday. GO. IIORTON, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS . d iy, at two o'clock, at 113 Sixth avenue, a lot of liquors, peach brandy, Jamaica rum, in casks, the stock of aeon tectioner: Jars, caddies, counters, one business wagon andlur iiiturc. JOHN RKDDINO, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL, ON Saturday, August 2, at 10 o'clock, at 1.1U0 Broadway, a lsrgc ,,nd valuable quantity of household furniture, consisting of a l.ndsonie wararode, with mirror; toilet tables, bureaus, snfav. oak and other sideboards, with a very chaste aud e|e cat i . ssortment of giasn, earthenware, Ac. Sale positive, af fording a rare opportunity, such goods being seldom ottered at . .on. JOHN K. OAKLEY, AUCTIONEER.? OAKLKY ,t \\ RIGHT will sell at auction, on Monday, August 4, at 10).. o'clock, A. M., on the premises 271 and 273 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, tlie stock of a light carriage manufactory: two top wagnns. two light trotting do., one gro<:ery wagon, one nvo sea: lockaway, and one coach; also, two frame buildings, each 26x76 feet, with 'he lease a tirst rate stand, and a line op port unity for continuing the bus iMM. JMORIARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS ? day, at 10 o'clock, at 173 ?'ha'ham square, a large *,*<? mentof new and scoond hand furniture, together with various oilier goods. N. B, ? J. MORI Alt I' V will sell at his store, 173 ("hatha* squsxe, by order cf the xhilnltftitor of the late do ceaai d Thomas Marsh, ail the turniiure aud o'.Ucr etf. cn of said Marsh, on Tu<ttday, Sth instant, at 10 o'clock. Sale po ait ire. Thomas yeitch, auctioneer, store no. it; Spruce street.? Sheriff's sale ot dry goods, hosicrv, A"., Ac., on Monday, August 4, IMSti, at 10 A. M., at the salesroom No. It; Spruce street, consisting of calicoes, delaines, stlks. muslins, poulii.s janonetsa, shirting, linens, sheeting, tlaunels, shawls, stripes, denims, hosiery, Ac., Ac. JOHN T. STEWART, Deputy Sheriff T BOYLE, AUCTIONEER, STORE NO. 228 HUDSON . street, will sell at his store, on Saturday, August 2, a', ten o'clock, the atook of a retail fancy store, comprising calicoes, -bawls, silk handkerchief's, stocks, collars, uudanieevea, rib Iku.s, laces, gloves, and various articles in that line too nu merous to mentkou. Also, counter and showcase. Terence boyle, auctioneer-store 2? nun son street ? will sell this day, at 47 Centre street a' lit o'clock, to the acoount of a former purchaser, ihe good will ot the lease of the well established s'ore 47 Centre street, bel.ini: ing to the late Paul Henry, docaaaed, the nicxpired terra of the lease, together with the stock of liquors, wines, decanters, glasses, shelving, counters, and everything in the store. Sale P??rive. Terms cash. Tl'M WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL BELL ON SV TT turdav, at lo'n o'clock, at 1?7 ? anal street, tlie furniture ol ? family breaking up housekeeping, consisting of parlor, chrtTT* or, and kitchen furniture, also 25 feather Dedsirm a lietoi in Broad way, worthy of the attention of secondhand dealers. Also a q'lantlty ol hardware. Sale peremptory for cash. fini.LIAM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL HELL T? this morning, at 10), o'clock, at l?7 Canal slraet, by or dei of assignees, 135 looking glasses. together with other goods. >ale peremptory for .'ash Also 17 ladies' beaaets and IK caps. At private sale, two billiard tables aud one baga t? lie table. lMMtttKS, CARRIA6E8, AC. Any person to relieve themselves of the burden of a good horse during the next two months can secure caret ul attendance in the country and re < sonable use A moderate charge will be paid. Address Kurd, Her ali I ofllce. FjlA^T HORSE FOR SALE? A PACER, IS,1. II A N I ? high, very lust, seven years old, kind, sound and wo'l broke in "very respect, trots seme in barnesa, urst rate under saddle, dark sorrel color; owner going lo leave the city llrsi of next week. To be seen at Wartrs s able, Montgomery street. Jersey City, near the ferry, er inquire a: 27 Cortlaudt Street, N. Y. IjlOR SALE? A SPLENDID BLACK MARK, NINE 1 years old, tifWn hamls three iocbes high; can trot lu 2 .'si is one of the best family in ike country. Can be seen st 23* llleecker street, Sew Vork. TTHlR s M.E ? A BEAUTIFUL BAY M IRK, SIX YEAR r old, IAJ, bands high, a arranled sound an l kind; a good and siylish drt\?r. Juct ir.?in the. country: sold lor want 01 use Appl) at ItsS Washing'on atri et^ F^OR 8AI.E- A BOSTON CHAISE NEARLY NEW * two ?ea' iHW iieai wagon, wi'houi lop. two U? buggies and one buggy without t >p. Will l>e sold cheap. Apply at ir W. st Twenty thkrd street, in tlie smi*h shop. T^OR SALE? A DARK IRON <5 RAY MARE. FIFTEEN J" hands higti, perfecily sound, and kind In single or douV list ness and under ihe saddle, >n years aid atelawrf* suimal. A iso, a three quarter, two huml. -d pound wagon. . qmsl onlcr. The above will be sold cheap, ss the owiun ? tshes lo leave low n. Apply Itr t hfee ilays at THOMPSON ." ?tables, in Tliliteeii'U street, te ar Third .li ' nue. F^oit -m i: v 0>AT RORBR, Id HANDfl IIIOH, MX years old, sound and kind. Can be seen at N > It ft I - I ?ic ble. llous'oti street, near lliooilway. TjHlRFALE? A BKIUTIFI L BAY M \ RE. H %NI? F l.lgli. gent H" and kind In In ness and mder -..elul", . ?tyle and actum, not to be equalled ii ihe city. A gi?a| fani'l> l,or?e. IiM|iilre at K. M. IMCtlN'S feed, 29 Second y<>n "ale rn rap? ^ two i.ioiirnunaiKM. one uhki* I1 but little; al? >. one set of stiver mo Uif"d hariieas. v irv light. sl?i, s< "ond hand rockaway ear. Isg? , salt iMe tor ci 1. 1 iwo le?r-? s. will be snbl . hesp If called for aoua Can li rr> ii st W llani lion atenu". xi'i'h llnsiklja. Beat lli? > rpu IIORsI MEN ? WANTED, A MATCH FOR > 1 bitgh' bay mere. M-.n.i la ho d? i.e. b |.<> n '? n! trot in three minutes, ooaty ano'her ok>,-. t "all at* ? lett l le lita r? , at private Stable 2lt> Ninth sl.evt, ii'sr >e o'.l ftll" WAOON--TR0NO t IT V MVDK, NKWLMVBVM I n er.rosttaw, Wtllh Id *IJ5 \ls.i,as.l. tnouai.-l I - ite ne .t Iy tie* , ef,s- am Will b# sold toi f' t. To I. . i?. it nt F. KIDDER'S, carriage maker. First ?tr. ? i a P? ek slip fen |, Wollamsb-irf. Ml'MMKR RKSMRTM. ("lAHPBKM. rt HTHARBOAT I.AJIIMIU.? THIS HK -.1 tilul ?<i?iiji>. r relre?l, Ml'ialed al Um Wwdlawn. 107 U iiwt, on the Hurt?nn rirer, la now remly for vMWt, pie nl? ? and tareet c<*m>ai.i" ? KlC'irafemM* will h? ? mmiw?l?i.'i with uqwt uimil, iliwrt. Af. " B ? Urwen tnrt4* ? very Muiitif, from 1 la 1 oVb n, Ui'l * Kincktrbo ?*.? naiad. C. W. OAVPIKU>i Proprietor. I iKR '.I OR I WR \hK PI RVI I I D 1 Jj Ihe fnllowtn* ? > >i n " ? r .m > l?tMr w?plen hi a tow Utayiwiirkitinrail in 'hia elty ?Them ark two !??>??. hire lor" Willi 'in llfi ry I* a new' catabltahnvtit Ol mn' alt rable nwl, oondu-ird. .ia nearly aa the thin* i ?n b'- *??? hare nu lb" plea ol the|ti"*t honaea *1 the laahionahle t?j| ? inr| li?i ?. mid I ?? no dooht la a ?ery well kept bo i ?? in-* i|ici>la?e tor Ihow who wiah to i-arry th?i-ity with '.'i? . : itn ike < omitry. It* ?H'U?IIob itii.a It a nood trwsw of tke lake * In n they hare inn# to |>l?n< tfw?, and lh" tree* hi ?? i ??? ?n e row it will impror- in lio'h mmftm and 1 If ??tbri caiel>lbdtn< hi I* -tllKKItll.l. X I ak? II mv I'hi" N *eaMd<in the w?? aide of the lake. and ha? 'he bev 'r?n tugi m i t heii^g i\uii??otnffl in "he treea, ?h?lt"red jnm ? ur?l by M? MliMMtim, ? au-hlng the ltrfii??? whl h m?'? Hi thi? r? tftom. it hea all the appManrca whleh wlllpl. a?e In yo** K Mk?, and !>? ?a|.a, the unlet and eomiort wh h w *1. <?ek whew w< leave home for tht country It m kft Ihe ?*?'? laulttuk.- found with It la he proi i?io. a ,.| \ar* > Willi wbaJi She>Till load* hl? tahloa. II it I imm no" mi eJM' further ol thta honae. lla reputation haa been e? tahll?he<l ft>r nearly a quarter of ? rentnry. Of eoiirae, I am Um? (W<l ol lohn >h?-rrill You know I am a pretty alien* trmrller, and I a -aure yo i that I wa? m>yi>r ao comfort Mv ?. ennmodaaed In any other pol'llo hon?r aa ihla. AIM ?< iaow to my ?o)ourti prrfrtM la to havr yon h?r?. I ? .,i, rwvual by thr way *1 Whlltlutll olhi? pla< ?? Irom Monti ?al. I wan annoytid by ??T< ral Mn on hoard t|e lake boat trying i ? iM-ranadr ma to ffo to |fort William H?nf. I nefrVoto laifc-l that la fnrni^?l ? lib JfitHaman r'tnrTa. I alw >)a p< rt anB^tlilnR wnmj ? Albany Kvnlng .loornal Sr.A BATUIKO.? T1IR A1.I.KOH A !*T IIOt'KR. AT l..?W Rrannb Vnm .loraar ia now oiian fc>r the wapttna ol vMMm. at p* |?-r w.-ek, Ibrata dklly llneatl'ttaain'o < mi , aiav?* Mi tltr alxne pl*oa d I ran from New York. JOSKrfl I>. WAHKRM, A HON, frotirlatora. nHimxi. AmnijkUA iNMrtipMT unt -Tfi mr > A I clipper ahlp Al.MION Harraby rnmmu ha*a m?i 'illate dracatek ft?r Melbo>irne, Thla fkrorde l* an eiunaate >'ll(i(>ar. and m ill, no detth", makeaak.1 t Mlfie, Mar ai? oni?>i."l*iiont fo,- tiawnaena, in firat and V >n.t i nhioa, ' aiaaot l? mtpmn ?. ami a? only a . mtted nontver i tak' n. early applW* ton will b? nkcaaaary. for t.r'f 't or paa-apo nt kfw rana, unnly on boanl, al piar !I lUnt rivt^. n to OfMUlKTR, AHKKl.l. A KI.MOTT. IVarl ?>reet A fooTRAMA ijbPKrKvriiTNT r.fNK -niK h r,~" J\ Ofnl A I. !?a* iMIUtc iark.sstp ItRAOO.V. Wt :?,? burthen, will ha*< mm. tla'C >laapai h lor Syitj-ey il . , she rm? ?'i*timmod*'a a few ptannfmia aplatiiTd aiyla a ba an r of .-arpo or puaaaga appl) oi ?OOI)KtX, a NVkm. A Kl.r.TOT. <WPaarI itr ' KpOR Aim Wirlt*MQRP-TH< fjfirn r Kt,itr? mail atrctr.aklp .1 A Ml:KT" iWR t"a|c, ParrKh, i? || leaf* for 'ha ab<?f nlaeaa on saiorday, A'tgiiat I, al 4 i F M . ;?>.m pier IS Jfor'h rl?er. Siha will arrlra nt *orfttl? o. SuBday atternt on ami at !!.< hmmid oo Monday mi, , P? i urn for 'ha '" ith will 1'nt'fwi with nit ileity 'V -i |iMt mU tM o tliai la?'i n, AttguMfc, ^tm r,i||, \ eMera will rtnd hi? he rhOkB'at, pI'Mtr'e"' and n?? dlt|m? rsnttt, reaeega ind nira InfllBdlkg *'al* roo* t \n Ih k rlawhitu uMl Rkhnmnl fit' ? h :f Jkpr f 'otrni.AM A ??! r ; a ?* \*T-, -i nro.: ?... IjtOK LIYMPOOL ? UNITED HT ATM MAIL BT1AM sinp IRIiHiOII, Low her, eotniuander, will depart wtth U? Uufled Htetoa nalla for Boropa, positively oo Saturday, August 1, at 12 o'clock, M., from bar berth, at the foot of Canal atre?4. Notice ? The steamers of thin Dm have water tight eompnrliDenle. and to avoid danger from iM, wUl not erisie the Banks north of CI degrees, until after the lat of A ugusl. For freight or passage, having unequalled accommodation for elegance and couifort, apply to fcliW. K. COLLINS, 56 Wall street Passengers are requested to be oo board at 11 o'olock A. M. AU letters muat paaa through the Poet office, any other* will be returned. Thi- -(cainshlp Atlantic, Oliver Elilridge, will succeed the Bricseon. and sail on Saturday, August 10. NoOee? The rale of frrighi from Iaverpool to New York la reduced lo ?4 per Von m'-iixurement, on til further notice. THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES mail steamer*.? The ahipa comprising Una Mue are;? The ATLANTIC, Capt. Oliver Kldridge. The BALTIC, Capt. Joseph CooiHteuk. the ADRIATIC, t'apt. James West. These ships having been built by contract expressly for the gaverniueut service, every care hin been taken in the eon aiructlon, aa also., in their engine*. to Insure strength arid apex), and their accommodationa lor passengers are une qualled for elegance and comfort. Price of passage from New York lo Liverpool, in first cabin, $130; In second do., #75. Exclusive use of ex.ra sue atate rooitia. #329. Proin Liverpool to New York. (0 aud 20 guineas. An experienced aurgeon attached to each ship. No berths ? an be secured until paid for. The ahipa uf thi* line have im proved water tight iiulkheada, and to avoid danger from ice will not cross the B&nlu north of 42 degrees, until alter the lat ?f August. PROPOSED DATES OP BAILING. FROM 5CW YOKa. PKOM LIVKUPOOL. Saturday Aug. 2,1AM. Wednesday ? Aug. 0, 1856. Saturday Aug. IK, 1856. Wednesday ? Aug. 2U, 1856. Saturday Aug. 30,1856. Wedneadny . . . Sept. 3, 1856. Saturday Sept. 13, 1KV,. Wedoeaday .. .Sept. 17, 1856. Saturday Sept. 27, 1856. Wednesday ? Oct. I, 1M6. Saturday OeL 11, 1856. Wednesday ... .Oct. 15, 1(456. Saturday Oct. 25, 1856. Wednesday ... .Oct. 29, IKKi, Saturday Not. 8, 1856. Wednesday. .. .Nov. 12, ISfiti. Saturday Nov. 22. I8M. Wednesday. ... Nov. 2tf, lSVi. Saturday Dec. ?i, 1856. Wedneaday Dec. 10, 1856. Saturday Dec. 20,1856. Wednesday .... Dec. 24, Ibfio For freight or past age apply to EDWARD K COIXINH. No 86 Wall alreet, N. Y. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARI) A CO., 27 Austin Friar*, London. B. O. WAINWRIOHT A I'O., Paris. The owners of these shlpa will not be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or reals, un lese bills of lading are sigued therefor, and the value thereof expressed therein. FOYAI, MAIL STEAMSHIP PERSIA -THE PKRSIA, C. II. K. Jndkins commander, will mil from the at ream, with the mails and passenger*. for Europe, on Wednesday next, the lith inst. A steamer Will leave The oompany'* dock, at J-Tsey City, with the paaaengers and baggage, at 7,'i A. M. and 8>. A. M. precisely. K. CONARD, No. 4 Bowlinf Green. Ibe ASIA will succeed the Persia, and sail on the 20th lint, FHOU LIVERPOOL-SAILS THIS DAY AT 12 O'CLOCK The Black Ball I. ine packet ship '1REAT WE1TRRS, rT'apt. Farber, can yet take a lew more aecoud 'abin and steerage passenger*. For passage apply to J ACtll! WIIJW.N, IU8 B"Ut|x atreet. FOR LIVERPOOL ? STEAMSHIP ALPS h. inoli*, commander. This new and powerful steamer will sail frem the llritifh anil North American Royal Mall Steam Tacket t'nniBany'adock, at Jersey ? "ity. on Thursday, the7t'i of A ng oat. Passage money for first class passengers only, for whom there are excellent accommodations, #100, Including provlslnna and steward's fee, but without WllkM Of HqW whiehcan be obtained on board. Freight taken at reasonable ratea. Apply to K. ('UN ARB, No. 4 Bowling (Jreen. OR LIVERPOOL. -ST. OEOROR'S LINE OF CLIPPER ? ships.? The celebrated clipper ship DREADNOUOHT, Captain Samuels, will sail on the Mh of August ihcr last pas sage waa made in fourteen daya). For passage apply on hoard, iiier No. 8 North river, or to DEMAKEST A JONES, 40 Soutli street, and 36 Old slip. FOR LIVERPOOL, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST ?.? THE favorite packet ship JOHN BRIGHT, t 'apt. Cutting oel I hrated lor making < | ttick passages, will positively sail as above. Her arcommoJaiTons lor cabin, se -mid . abin anil s'eerage pa< ? an not he excelled. Apply on board, pier 30 Eaa A GUION, 40 Fulton street. FOR LIVERPOOL? MA ILti MONDAY. AUGUST 4-TH': celebrated ship ALBERT OALLaTIN. The ship i'HHH TIANA sails for London to ilay. Farean either ahip #UL and found. For pusaage apply to THOMAS C. ROCHE, ?; South street. TIIOS. C. ROt'HE'S Passage and draft ofllce, 83 South street. Sole pa*sem;c agent lor iirlnncll's celebrated Swallow Tail Line of Liverpool and London Packet Shlpa. Thoae sending ior their friends n the old couutryl can m.ik" arrangements at thla otllce to faring them from any part of Ireland or England at the loweat rates The ships sail Irom Liverpool lour lim"S a month, and from Loudon twice a month. Drafta for sale for ?1 and uoward-i. payable in any part of England, Ireland, Scotlan I, or Walc Pnssage tickets and drafts sold in this oflice are guaranteed bv Ctrawtaa liiinnell, I w| 87 South atreet. New York. No connection whatever with any other person or hou i.'-ing ibe name of Roche. For further Information apply to THOM \S KOi 'IIK, Old stand, 83 South atrwet. New York. FOR BREMEN VIA SOUTH AMPTON. -THE UNITED States mail steamship WASHINOTOK, E t'avendy, Con mander. will sail for Bremen, touching at Southamp on, land 'he malla and paaa?-ngera for England and France, on Ss urday, Augusts, at 12 o'clock M., from pier 37 North river, r it ice or rassaoa Pboii Niw Yoag to SocTHannon or I'.Hisri In flrat cabin, main saloon ?l In first cabin, lower saloon II" In second cabin pi An experienced surgeon is attached lo each *?"i,iner Sp cie d'dlTered in Havre or London. No imr els received ?? the day of sailing. All letters muat pass through the Post o lice. For freight or passage, appply (o C. II. SANl), Agent, II *ou b William street The steamer Hermann will aueceed the Washington, a. tail September 6. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE? THE UNITE Slates mall steamer ARAOO, l>. Lines, commander. ? leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land the m snd paaaengera. on Saturday, August 23, at 12 o'clock, f m pier 37 North river, foot of Bea<*h alreet. ran g or rAsaiua. first cabin #i Second cabin ? i This ship has Ave water tight oimpartmeata, enclosing tl, engines, ao that in the event of eolllalen or alrandlng, the wat could nel reach them, and the pumpa being free to work, tlx aafety of the v?'sael and paaaengera would he secured. Ila . gag*- uot wanted during Ihe voyage should be sent on hon the day before sailing, marked "below." Mo freight ? I . I taken after Thursday. 21at For freight or passage, apply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Agent, 53 Broa.1 way N. B ? The ateamer Fullon will aueceed the Arago, and ?a September lo. F FOR HAVRE DIJtaCT-r BANCO AMERICA* OON. pany ? T bp aercw ateani' r* e< >ui; oaing Una line wi ImTr for lim direct, aa follow*:? VIOO TkMMr, Aagnm 1 AI.MA Thtiradav. A'liri-t* ISA K< KI OSK Tbumlay, Copt. I puu|e ? Flrat rablg, aft f ' Do. tin. do. forward > for freight or p***age"apply :o the . KM. A KI>. HOIKIKK A CO.,7lo. SS Broad *lree? From new toek to iiavrk imrkit.-britisi North AniTlran Royal Mail steaaa Packet I oaapaBT. KTNA 1'aptaln Mill-r, KMKU C.ipam JIR* t'n plain Wirktuan, l.KR AXON.... r*ptiUn Cook I'AMRRI \ (Paddle wh?<>l) Captain lir 4 r-? > The KMKV will aail on W<-da-eday, Atignat l\ money lor tir?i rlaM puaRencror* only (for whom flEI 1 e> rellriit n < otnmi?l..ttnii) % lt*l, Including prnvtakma and H> ?? ard a Or, Imt without wine* or lk|?or?, which can he obtain on hoard. The atatownm* am nntiaaally large and well v . Ilia led. Al.Y one Wiablng lo take p.i?*air" in invltod to v the "lilp. I In- Kmeu Iter la~t pmuun ID llayreln ?In)* mid 17 hoili* Freight takpn at re*anrakl* rate*. Korth ur pii-iNMS' . opl'lv to K ' 1' N A III), So 4 Bowling Ureett ST RAM I'.EIWkKN NKW YORE AMP IJI.AHOOV Kilinliii-t! ? MM Inn*, William ? 'uni unrig, commander; N> York, 2.i:n "if, Robert t'raig, coioni itid'T, (!U-gow. 1.# ton*. .M:n ll'iix aa. mmmarwlT. Tkeiitaagnw amlvw Yo >te?m*hlp ? '??nipanjr Intend rtmnloK their mv and p ?1?nro?r* from Xew York for ? i I-. direct *? und? UImkow ^.ittjrdaV. I'un-t Irt at t2o <'toefc noon, Kdiub 1 Saturday, Au| uMll, al I J oVIo k noon. rate* or rnnaauB rir?1 cabin f. Third nUt, found with roaked pro?!a.oo? An experienced *irMi a'a.h-d to each ? wmir ? 'rrlgli* or p? -Bag* apply to JOHN MrHYMoM, IT Broadwa *? w York city b'!l*or gold only ree'lred lor paaaage. rm 1 1 * F.Kritoi vmi ritn.ANn.PHi a nrtAim t < ?ni ?H) ? ?|.l?*ltd and powerful ateaaatipe, I i'ITY or BAI.rlNORK 2.4m 1. ne, < apt. Rot* it I,e|trh > J I Y or W A8II INtiTtlN, 2..1HI 'one, lapt Wm Wylle ? 1TY OK M \.V IIERTk R, !Ui"W vr>e, rapt T. C. Petr.e KAMI 1 ?r? tcoo, ''apt- R Ewtrg. are lot* '*!??! m mid? ???'? 1 irtrrnot. Kaniraioo Mk J017. I'lty of Man- h?'*ier I.Vh A tiX'iat. tlty of Maliiinc-ie T. .b Anirnat. k ?acari?> Mi iil?ki ran* riiurat eta. Ofy ft Ha'tiww>re 7'h AnftMl Kancarnn. 2l?t Aiafnd f 'lty of Maiirli* atrr 4th Vplfmh* 1'ity of l*a.'im>re liek ?epfml k ?rt OWokar ? ?Tr? r*ae??o Woe im. |Mag<l Ml oecordirm to ai*ten. ^na. A limited n'unber of tkir?l elawe v>aa?eii(er? wtll be ??? 1?m fkilodelpbta and Umjwii and '?end In aiooa TroM I'klliule phla HP 1 rnei l.lrerv""1 > Tli?ee kwin ?re en?>?*rwe?eil witk koprotwl water Ut "??TOpar 'joerle, and eaeh ?eeeei eorr tea aa aiperleneed ??> II eon l'*r''.ee w lehli ? ?e hrtn* <mt Ikelr Meede ran obtain <?*? 1 <ib> <l 1 iH>(r and drafla on Uierpoot id *>iBe of tl *i< line and apwaeda. Apply to JttllN U. IIAI.K, a?enl. 17 Walnnt at rhlla.'e | hla, ... HAHItl. k roHTIH. 177 Broodwoy, Hew Vurfc. /1REATI.Y BEmM KD fRK'*8-?TII ATOr^T? CEII I ? iT Mtalee Ma I. me ?0 (m?n<la ' ajjtaee 'ree II' -enw potHKl on ?tr~m fmir k< ar* fnei oeooo worean bj ma Railr'iod Through Inr < a.lfomla via rana ma kailroail The I'nitod Mate* BoU Meajkahip rnaipooy wll deapai- ? * Aaplnwall on Tnewtay, A neast V at 1 o'rlneh P ?. prer '? (Wen pier font rt Warren Mr?M, Norih rleer. the w?-ll ki> and faet ?tonmablp tl.l.IROtN. t'aptMn rhorW* K B?> : li. W . Paeaengera and mail* will be fnrwar^rdbr Kanotr Satlmod and exonoet at Panama with the Paetftr Kail ? ahip '"<enpanjr a ma^nflrent eteamebip Onklen Ai Wuklna ? 1< r ablrh will be in readio"?? ImmfHtiatelr for Han Kraneleeo The puhln- a-r ? that the f'aotAr Mali PiaomeMp To. alwara hate me --r ui eatra ateamei* If ina at Panama, ready for ma. to arotrl ? I oaatbte detention of paaaenfrr* or mall* For paaaa^e tt I'll W B A TMORD, altheonly oflli'e of ike emnpatilaa > 177 w?ei etroat. eorner of Warren. Hew Tork. Fret* 1 Aaplnwall. 7? eenti per rnble fbni nr one and ah?lfean!? , ? Pouod. pre* aid. and no freight received artor 12 o'elork on !!? day nfaalUnir. IJHiR CALIFORNIA VIA NIC * R Atlt'A .-siloRTi I* ronie h? *e?en hiindre?l mllea. Prl?e* froatly ? ???luoi 1 lie new and ?t>len<lld ateamablp CAIIAWHa 2" j> BuiWwh, t '<*nmaixler, will *?l| from pier M. f ? < fX. Monre atriel. Ronh rleer, ftir ft. Inan de Ki.-ara* s*tn dat, Atigrat t. I^M, at three o'clork P M . to ronti< .Ilk lb (tcaaner Sierra Nevada, from Han Jtian drl Aur, on 1 *W for "an Fmrkro. rnwengrr* will find thu in* 1 an<l <-lir-apte?t r*"ite Fnr frn*hl or paaaace. apply'" 1 '? A. Will r M F V No a RowllriR Ilieen, New York I fTRITFO RTATFH MAII, RTEAMSHII* t.INB FOR I. rana and P>w f??laon?. On Raiarday, A n*a?t ? * M., from Plor font of Warren aftool, North rieet. tb :? fator I" ateaaiahip PHIl.AOK.l.rni A f 'apl lokt Mn. will *atl aa abnre Taaa^ie ran be aw-tirod al the nfll. e line. Fre4?ht to New Orleana. <0 eerla per roblr f >ot, rt" ? on W?h Inly Nnppera will be *applted with bhwtk M''? ? ladinc ol the foroi Mgned by the line, no application at ? ? Iflfle No oOter fi rm* rtgned. and no bill of lading will ? alnrd affcr the konr nt aallior For freight or paaaaxe ap ati ae "ffiee.l 7" Wea' alreot. corner of Warren. M O. ROHBRT*. Ageot SI TTON A tin** niHFafOH l,INK roR i^*N FR4> I I'leco. aalllltR revnlarly and pnablfiT on ar <? Tar adTTtiae*!.? ?1lp|? r ol Wiilnrad-iy Ab!i Vng?*t In t Tlie aplr-ndkl A 1 ? tipper *blp H I \R 1. It) II T i? o-.w ' log al yTr f Kmlftwr, ? d will poaittv-ly ??.! aa atvn*. mtprrlerallpprr ehlp aa* m*da the vov.i*e to Ran Fe?*i<* '? n III, . .Iva. 'It amall u n-tty aixl wnh her early ?? ? r< \e da>' n'l 'tn< e.| . ? me-. < -o*..<RMCB. ?i' 1 fro* A to. t*> Hf I'b - ? rner if W,. I. V R -Ti e V.^-OI* ' ih a I# 'i'k? ?0 'reitbt i0er > ? d 1'ay. TESAMW RB?MTE?. I Or.(| BROADWAY. UNION swi.'ARK -iiandhomkly

OOu furnished house to let, or lease, or suites of room* lo 1 select families or gentlemen. Private Utile if preferred, or ou I Kuropean plan, llaih, gun, Ac. | i) BROADWAY, OPPOCITK ST. NICHOLAS HOTEL. ?J 1 <? ?To let, a .tier restaurant, with liitures, aim), neve j ral furnished rooms, all very cheap. A FLOOR TO LKT? CONSISTS OK TWO PARLORS, with fokUgi doors, marble mantels and bedroom, at 170 Kaat T wenty sixth street. \ FAMILY LIVING IN TIIK I'PPKR PAtT OF THK J\ city wl!l rent a furnished house 10 a lady fully coupnteut to take a few first class boarders. The highest testimonial* will be required. Address, for one week, I'M ward T., Herald otllce. AIIOl'HK TO LKT? UP TOWN, WBST OK 8IXTH AVK nue, and above Twenty first street, replete with modern improvements, Kan fixtures; carpets ami oilcloths for sale at a bargain. A card of admission and full particulars given by applying to Mr. TlloM AS, 117 Wes Twenty tilth street. Reut ClOTTAOKS TO LKT, AT CARMAN8VILLK.? THRKK J well built brick cottages, a convenient distance trom the Hudsoii River Railroad depot, at 152d street, to let fur the summer or year, at a low rent. Apply to A. K. SMITH, at Pert Washington, or lo MARTIN A SMrTH, Sti Wall street. IONG KST AIILISII KD KURNITURK STORK TO LKT? J In the bowery, doing a good ouslness; reason for let tin If, ihe owner is unable 10 attend to same, terms moderate. Audress J. M., Herald ofliee. NO. 122 WK8T THIRTY-THIRD 8TRKKT. ? A SMALL three story and basement cottage to let or for sale, with lurnllure of parlor, Ac., to a small respectable family. Tills is a rare chance. Kverythtug I11 perfaet onler; walls painted, ceilings fresco*!, Ac. Inquire on the premises, or at 3tiH Sixth a\ enue, in the paint store. OKFIt'K TO LKT.? A FINK FRONT OKFICK IN building No. 74 1 'road way, second lloor. Possession given the first of August. For terms inquire of KKVKZ, KRKRKS il C'HARVKT, 35 Vesey street. Also for sale, cheap, In the above ottlce, two counters, fifteen leet long, with drawers, and a writing table. P"'treetT^ ^r'^nfKBKHT part OK BEBKM V.V front; a good han hway and holSl 7' ai1""" windows to the Haslam. in ll?ekmanYtre,',. Kem t2M Address K. Y STORK TO LKT? STOCK AND FIXTURKS KOR S.VLK. The subscriber oilers lor sale the entire stock of ^rooerlea and provisions contained in the store No. 91 Warren street, now doing a good business. Keut moderate and a good stand lor business, 94 Warren street, next door to the Irving Bank. TO LBT-THRF.K NKW FIVE STORY STORKS ON THK north side of < 'anal street, between Molt and Kn/abet!i. Kent moderate, and immediate possession given. Apply to JAMBS 11. THOHNE, 34 Elizabeth street. TO LKT? UNTIL THK 1ST OF MAY, A LARGK PAR lor and two bedrooms, at 29 Oliver street, between Chat ham square ami Mudtson street, to a small quiet family. Ap ply to .IAMKS M. S1IKK1IAN, 13 Chambers s'reet. TO LKT? AT LOW RKNTS, TO SMALL AMKRICAN tan lilies, floors through, consisting of tlve rooms, with luitbs. ( rot on water, Ac., ill West Nineteenth street, between Seventh and Klghth avenues, Apply at the office, on the pre mist's, No. 140 West. Nineteenth street, from 3 to 5 o'clock P.M. TO LKT? THK TllIKD STORY BA8KMKNT AND centre cellar brick IhMMM, No. 92 West Thirty second street, contains, gas, range, hot and eold water; to a small fa mily and x <?1 tenant will lie let low. Impure ou the premises, of K. K. ADAMS, 67 Dey street. TO LKT? THK STORK NO. 152 WKST sTRKKT. IN quire on the premises. TO LKT, OR HOl'SK I OR SALK.? FIRST AND SECOND stories and basement has all the now improvements ot a lour story brick. To a respectable family rent will be low. Apply at 11# Kast Thirty third street, near Lenngtou avnue. TO IS OR FOR SALK? AN KNT1RKLY NKW AND handsomely furnished house, situated in a most desira ble and fashionable location, No. 11 West Thirty seventh street, a lew doors from Fifth avenue. Inquire ou 'ho pre mises. TWO FLOORS, 37 BY 75, WITH STKAM POWKR, TO let, suitable for all kinds of carpenter work. In cure at 213 anil -13 West Thirty-sixth street. LOST ^AWD rWKD. LOST? YKSTKR DAY, IN BROADWAY, A CHILD'S armlet, of charted gold, with topaz atone. A suiuU.e ru ward lor winch will be given al it Broadway. LOST-ON* FRIDAY MORNING, IN DKY HTRKBT, A gold leal locket rtng, blood stone, ffhwur will return the iu< me at IpI Washington aU'eet, corner el Dey, will be well rewarded. Lost? in going to fbarl strkkt from < qr tier of Broome street, by the of Fulton *tr"ct *tage, a pcjilamonneie, containing aeven dollar* in bill* and *ome pa peri. The under can keep the aevea dollarii, if he briuga the paper* to All) Broadway, baaextent. Lost-a rkd stonk shirt stcd, hcfposkd r<> hav been lout m ar Old slip and Front atreot, lor which It rtward will be paid by leaving it at OS Veaey el reel IOsT? A ClIKfK CI'ON TUB BANK 0? THE COM J uiouwalth. lor $1,060 :*). A unliable reward will lie paid on leaving the uui: at the office of J. F. Allonso A Co. , 40 Stone alreet. It 1ST? ON THURSDAY, JULY 31, IN A SIXTH AVE J line ptage. a large key, with a Mtiail padlock key at larbcd The tinder will much oblige by leaving the? with an) of t|.i> driven <<f the above line, to be left at the Stage t'ouipaiiy'a office, lor the owner. T ?iST? ON FRIDAY KVKNINO, A LARGE BLACK L Newfoundland dog, with a black h a neck. Any p? raou returning hlra to the ownei, at .No. 67 Sullolk xtreet, will be suitably rewarded. LOSTORTAKKN BY MI8TAEB? ONE BUtRKLOF laiil oil marked B, from pier No. 11 North river, on the _?.ih inn:. A (tillable reward will be given tor the recovery of tkeaame. IIKNRY A. K KLI.KY, M Front alreet. NOTE LOST.? ALL PKRrtONS ark CAUTIONED aualDM negotiating a note drawn by A. H. l'lnckn*y in lavcr ol Stephen Potter, an<l "Od ir*ed by him for four bun di cit and eighty aix 41 IliU dollar*, at three uioii'h* from I uly '?*, It?*. sai<I note waa loet yeeterday. The tinder will receive a mutable reward on returning it to th - owner, al No. 91 Ha tueraiey atreet, or foot of Beat Sixteenth mreet. Taken from the steam eb elk city, on friday morning, Aug. I, one amall (bleak tr Jik marked on a card, Mr* C. Hooker l>eck*rtown, Swi county, N J. * ill eral r< ward will lie naid lor the recovery ol the tr ink b) ? apt. I.i wla, steamer Kim City. THE MIUT4HY. VJBW YORK VOMJBTKKBS, ATTENTION ?A MF.KT Al uig of the m<-mbera of <hia regiment will be b-ld at the Xtn ei House, on Wedsewdaf evealne, Aug tat t> at * o'etn k, precisely, to m. ke arr.'c;e:i,"?te for the celebration of the eu ?uirg anniveraary o. I,- ?u renderoftbe elty <A H^uoi. <i v UK ' IT l> Y K KM V N, Preeidewl M roN KAIK' UIl.D, Vice I'r'.ident William Pr.rt . Secretary. CLOTHMU, AC. VIR. 1. DHIHY BKOS TO INFORM HIS FRIENDS THAT lv I be is now associated with the home ut D. DK V I.I N A CO., In the ruatom department. The gre? faclliUea of 'be bon?e for pr?x-iirinit all the lateet atylea of tor* in fabric, give liltnawidei Held i ban heretofore for the production hi fashionable and stylish K?tni<n'? lie will give parUttuiar ?Mention to getting up lulled State* army and navy unlfi>rm? He will be happy to ?ee bin <>M friend* and customer* at tl ? custi in department of D. 1 >K V !,IN A CO., corner if Broadway ai d W acres sir<et. r> SOl'THKBB AND WI>TBBB MKB' IIAMTM WISH i?f to buy BBf i lothlng ih' aulmcrth' ra oil. r their *kdl and .idvantKgea llaviat a large exp- rieoce n tin* r'ne nt of 'heir kiwiMH, now offer "'iperinr induceeH-titatoile.ileraii flr* ? l??? cloMi nj'. either from a well aeie?-ie | *?o. k >?n 'he ?lieiv - t,r w ,11 mi ke 'o order on ? -mall eoMMetaatofl. g'??i* a lect. I dtred Irrni the 'mptirtera) aithmg. In ihe io?>t ?ubwanital ai?t ii(ehlo?<abie maimer, and al ratea that Will ineere quick *aJe* All d' aiera w?ll know the diffioiKy ol aelling o it a *<ock ??? enaeequeaee of bad atylea and *l/ea; and we ;???! emilt<leot by on ayalem all 'Ida .ail be avoided. (H hw fa. ? e are ri ady lo convince all who may lav or ua w :ih 'be.r pa < nege O. H FI.INT A IX)., 116 llroa.lway. |TNBKI>KFBF.D PI.BDOEM AT HH WF.-f IHDIHWU C 1 ?Fine hbiek frock. St So. caaeNnere panta, . aatie 1 ant*. 91. I 'mila, ahirta, to., at hargalna DOM ELLAJIKOtlS. AN F.FFICAriOCH <l'RF. FOR (NfBVM, BUNION ? J\ eallo*iti< a, nail* f rowing nlo 'be f'e.i,. and ev ry dlanrvlei of th'' feet, h* a new and peeoliar metbo t, wltixnr -ultlng, Of without raumi c the ?llgbtei.t train. ' M< nater I.F.VI of No M lb* Rue d? Rivoi. Far* and No 3 l onduil atreet. Regent ?treet, Lnadon. S'laaeon < h.ropotli*! pH' by the Cmpernr of France, an I 'be royal famllv ? Knglaitd, may ke couanMed dally. Andaya excepted, fro i. till a o'clock at hi* office, 91 W ?t Flevi th alreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenue* ? ?on** or rnmaoiuLa. Frtm hie latperial Bajea'v, v*|K>leon III., ICmpernr ol France.) Je c, rlif.e ?)<?! B Levi eleve lo* eon avee iMe ev'rema babtlne. iMtm N iroijrn Btnirtiri. (From .Tame* (taker. Haq.) I certify thai Dr. l?v I hat ( iml me nun* mon ha *go of *?' vera) tronbleaome bunHnia. without the ieaat patn. and whick have'annoved me for man v yeara I walk at preaent wnh great r<?ntort and Iteerfully recommend l>r. Levi to rn? frlr nda and the pttbllr. .!??** Htaaa. Nrw Yoaa March 24, 1WA. 22 R?*l Ser< nleentli alreeL (From H. 9. Feltna, Baq > I'titollclted bv Mr. I^vi, I beg leave to teatify to hla eaereaa fhl aklll In having perMcly removed a large bunion of long ?landing, without canaltig arv pain II J. Fgi.n.*, Fnti apei rnta, July fj, liii. So 4 Hoaion row In addition to the above authenticated teatimonlcbt. m*ny thniiaamla more In hia p< a*ra*wn among wb rh are aeveral from I ad lea of the hiftieal rank) an be aeen by favoring him with a call at Ma offkw #1 W> *i Flevenih ?treet. between Fifib and Sixth avenitea. New York. N. B ?No prnfe*?k>iial connection with anj pereon Brandon metallic imi\t*~are thk cbbapf^t and mrad dureble oalnta now In uae, fbr Iron. 'm. wn??i clothe, Ae. 1 hey have a body e.|tial io white lead, and are finer. Rrsndon yellow do. red. Brandon raw umber da burnt do. For ?ale by II. G. sMlTII. ml Cortlandt ?ire -t ;^a??we, tpi.OWBRff <1 ATIIFR I XG, Ff?R FALL TBADB? THE r mt>?lh- aiitlfuli n ereai.on? and will be cnntlnnerl o oo'hly d'iring 'be aeaaon. The co flein e* are IrtlMill pre tv head ff air' m? attractive and In protueton at the I'avilion of?. MVS Tl i K KK TS7 Bron.lwav, near White atred. N'OTH It TO BEBTIJIMBB OKDKRING EBOBaVI ? card* ? Glmbteile furnlalie* the rno*' faahlonable -aril, and 'o all^er*ow? leatlng an order for a plate and pa -k, | te. vioua to the let of January neit will be preaen'e.l a neat and convenient card eaae aa a holiday gin. Ol NBKKDK. card enffMlver and atationer, M llroadwav. PRRFl'MKRY AT WHOLESALE? MBRCH A*! , N II JL ilea lera win find it to their advanlaee to call at 41 Ho>\ art) ?treet. where there la alwaya on hand a constant aupnly of every Meecrlptlon ofpeKumery, eonMlng of I'ol.rffrie WUUM% rnrioua id/ea and *hape?; the cryataHne and other poeka-'e*, the celebrated Reaan "having powder, the hair rwa'or, tenth powder, and everv other article In the perfumery line. Principal <lep<M fi r Faul de Vere'e flavoring er recta, 41 How ard air Aft. T*> BKW.'FA PKR CARRIEBS.-A BOI TKISWtBrRD on a dally mocnlrig paper, for which a liberal price w II be (tree. Ad>lre*a Paper, Herald odce. ?i* ing terma, and wl.ere ah Interview ean be had. VEEGBES' Fl.ECTRO fHBMICAL RATHS-DR. Y VK I S ' R. of Brooklyn, proprietnr a?id Fr?f YFB'JNRS. are n kt'en.lence al ;M Rr *?dway ?bev guarantee 'ocure ? b. matien nemalgia, and n'1 impurlllea arwing from the im . r'.drnt ,e? i?f mercury <j? tl>t r it rtCIc tntftai oee Specie) ap^r'trent "tr ANrtmieitnBNTB. NIBLO'S OABDEM. Doors op* n at 7, to eommsnee at 9 o'clock. Tickets Fifty e?n(?. Saiutnav Kvbmno. Aniii'firi, ISM. PONGO TO NIGHT. THE TOHD1RKUL RAVELS. M'l.l.E ROBKRT AND TUB BALLET COMPART. Tbe inimitably MARZETTT AS THE APK. Francois in Two Comic Characters LA FETE CHAMPRTRE, ANI) TIIK DOC HI. K TIUHT ROPE. Francois Orand Divertissement from tl??* t?alletof FIGARO, by M'ile Robert and th?* Htllut Company. PONGO, THR INTELLIGENT APE Marz<';>i ax... , Tho Ape Francois. a*.. Alblnl On .M onday evening next, Mr. Burton having suUlcten'ly re coversdtiom kia recent severe accident, will appetuvfor the first time tin* season, in the favorite comedy, SHE HTOOIM TO CONUUEB, assisted l>y several of 'he mom popular actors. To conclude with THK CLOCK MA KERN II ti. Havel nights ? Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday. Mr. Burton's nights- Monday, Wednesday and Friday. THE BROADWAY VARIETIES CLOSED FOR A FEW weeks, for >be purpose of renvoating saloon. Ac.; during which the MOOD AND MARSH JUVENILE COMEDIANS will niiikc a professional visit to Buffalo, (Quebec aud Montreal returning to this citv about the 1st of September. IIKNKV WOOD, Business Manager, 4c. TIIK TENTH (iKANI) SUNDAY CONCERT OR T^E season, by llodwnith's Hand, will be given on Sunday eriing, A 1 1 k < ? ?t 3, at the Atlantic (iarden. Sim. 9 and 11 Broadway In order to render these concerts more select, an admission fee of 12)i cents Is charged, lor which refreshiuentt will be furnished. PROGRAMME. 1. "Brighiem Eyes'' Kuhner 2. Terzetto front "Atllla" Verdi .1. Polka, "Teuton la" Frysuig 4. "Robert toi que Jaime" Meyerbee 5. "Lovely Itheink lungs'' Straua ti. Quartette, "Lucia" Donizett mtiKNissioa. 7 Pol Pourri, "Pllle du Regiment" Donl/ett H. 1'oika. ".Amelia" Thomas 9. "Star of Love" Wallace 10. I aval i uti. "Macbeth" Verdi 11. Pot Pourrl. Selected Weber 12. tiraml Quickstep Ceroid Broadway athen.kum, aw Broadway- Misa FANNY DEANE'H drawing room entertainments will commence on Monday evening, August 4, and bo continued every evening during the week, when she will appear in a va riety ol characters, w ith appropriate >mngs, Ac. Each night's performance will conclude with THE ACTRESS <>K ALL WORK; Oi, MY COUNTRY COUSIN. This beautiful room bus been neatly iitteil up at>d decorated expressly for this oc casion. Tickets, 26 ecu's; reserved seats, 60 cents. B ROUGH AM'* ROWERY THRATRR. THE SPLENDID FRENCH DANCERS, To-night. Franklin museum, iz? grand street, four doors irnrn Broadway. Open every Mga at .'i and evening, at X. by Madame Warton's troupe of Model Artistes, iwi-nty- seven in number: comprising a company of the lines* tormad women In < tie world. Fourteen tableaux to day, with other performances. Notice? phakspebe dramatic association.? The members ol the above association are hereby noli i.ed to attend a regular meeting this (Saturday) evening, at 8 o'clock, to hear the cast for performance on August 13. HITCHCOCK'S FREE CONCERTS CONTINUE TO AT tract the mom select ?udien 'en, and are acknowledged by everybody t? be the beat conducted in the city, at the Foun tain Chop House, lt>7 Walker street, every Wednesday and Sa turday evenings. James Fraser in the chair, at H o'clock. Strangers, don't sweat iand burn away in your hotels, but call and sea Madame Warton's troupe of pretty girls, at the Franklin Museum. 127 Grand street, iu the af ernoon, at ,'i, or in the evening, at 8, where It Is delight fully cool and comfortable. II PitiT ooophT &c. A LARGE STOCR OF BLACK LACE COLLARS AND sets, just opened. Also, veils, Cott'eures, Ac., very cheap. PETER ROBERTS A CO.. S76 Broadway. B R1TISH PRINTS. 1,1100 cases for sale By the package. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, < lumbers and Reads streets. C1LOAKS, MANTILLAS ANDTALMA& ) JACOB LANSING. 42 < 'edar street, IsroKi'xK a>o Ma.Ni'racTDKBK or CLOAKS, MANTILL VS. TALM VS, ETC , Has now In store A complete assoitment of goods in the above lino, inteudad exprcsslv for THE FALL TRADE, To which be Invites the special attention of jobbers in this and other cities, also of large buyers from every section of the Union. This stock comprises an Inflnite variety of elegant novelties in cloth, velvet, mokre antique aud all prevailing fabrics, wed adapted to the wants of the trade, aud including all <{iiaittMS, styles, Ac., which he offers on the most liberal terms, and at prices that cannot fall to meet the approbation of close buyers. 42 C'-dar street, between Na*"-*nand William. (1AM URIC FLOVNt'lNUH, HANDS, Ac., JUST RR J oalved, at very low prioea. PKTKK ROBK.RT8 A CO., 376 Broadway. CI.ARK H BPOOL COTTOR.-THIH PRIZE COTTON Of the great Parte KipoatUoa In now upon Ma own merlla r? ct Ireil xilii general ua?. It ?a attenalvaly uaod on aawln* ma ehlnea. All numbera received regularly, anil for HH by q?Q. A. CLARK, S3 Day treet. MANTILLAS AND CLOAK*.? THK KITHSCR1HRR 18 now rr*(ly to eililbit bin (all Mo-k ol theae *?<>? ?lw, era hr?i iii(* a la rgr aaaor'nniit of noveltle*. In varioua mtu-rtala. which are tmrUrulnrlr adaptnri for tba jobbing trade. / m kill I ^ u. hi I I. ...... .1...... ... K. 8. MII.UI, H) and W Chambera arm, ap ataira. M AMKAI I DC VOVA'I K. TRAVELLING CLOAK. UKORWK A. HKARN, Broadway. gJOl'TIIKRN AND WkSTKRN MKKOI A NTS ARK I* 7 vi ted to Inaput Uie beat Micetad aiock >?! French, Kngltab, And 8wi?a I>rt (loooa. To b? foand In the city. A. T STEWART A ?*?., Broadway, < liamber* and Heinle atresia. T O WIIOLKSALE HIYKRS. ORO. UI LPIV, Ia now prepared with hla fall alock af Mantlllaa , Talma*. Ac. Ml Broadway Manufactory, ifl Frahklln ? reet. TI1K BKKT THIMO OCT? FRKN.'II STTLROFFLOINC ??d wba'cUw aklrta, at |W3 Mro ulway, corr er of Amity atreet Thea^ are aot ot the fiuthion of am. lei cent-rally called whal< bone nkirta, Mi*> K KRNK V haTinf the l?'?t Frewh pat ten?. unit baiiic fully nilt Uat<-d In the ait >f .<r, anglng thi-m a? to h?n* permanently lull, making the dre*a Bow gracefully im oi the I'a.'k part of the ngure. MATRIMONIAL. AMIDDI.K AIIKD (IKNTI.KMAN of FAIR API'KVR anee aad pixution, daalrea marriage with an a<'r?mplt*li ?-d lady of twenty lite. Addrepa. II aim-era. M irylan l. lie raid oOl' e, giving particular*, Ac., wh < b Khali be cuuli deiftal TO VI TR8T8-I WILL. VPON THK REiV.IPT Of J twenty tl?e renta. ?end to any |>erai>i. a f il, dellnmUai nl tbetr rharacter by their handwriting. i*d<lre?* aultl'ienii Dtreei, with rf'irn |>oataga, M'lla Katie VUirUe, Brjadwa< P<at"4k-e, New Voik. fUDH&U. ? ?/W\ RICHARD? mow *AKl? OPW1P1C MIX ? lUV/ mMtngrrl <1 #o*rr?.|, this la th. 111. ?l I t r'fcin It ronkea ? ?p<''-4v and |wnn inent cure, with nut ifcr Irwt r> atrtrlian In a Mi. lirtnk or e*jioeiiri\ or ch-tagr In >ni etk>a la ki- oeea Muj Mt pufisi la two <Uft Rnel m ilriic - r# r,.l liiiMitwujr. eoiner nf ihmbera ?trw*--* . ? Imi at Hi <>tor llmw. ai Ifil Mru l?^>. and at I0U Pultun a'reet, i-orn-T ut William. AMKMCAL IMSTITt TK ritRiTROO AM. IHHKA-K ?f nrn, ?< nun *nd children, la mitt nynat bio lloiw ton atreet, coiner of llferne ? Iiargra trry miaoaatile. Dm. I ARMONT* PARW AMD U>*DOS MKDI< Al. AdTtaer ai.-i Marriage Uutde. Jtth adltto* 4l*> |>a?"?. It> elertioty |"-d iUtw?trat?>i(B. ciMk, ?t It glrea the adv<rti*r remcillea, and ahowe 'be ?ii|iartortiy of th? author ? Pirta md l^u.di r?Mtmeoi of genito urinary >1 wm, n-rron* .??? hlllty. ki -al ami gi-ncral lYnie rs. eieaa. >ndnrr? -tam .?e IK enr?-? all ?urh d??eaee? ai KJ M< r?e> Hp pi corner of Spring oppoelte Bt. Nlrbolaa lintel, from III * M tit| ? tn lt?e ?i . nlnt liea'ineot by leiter and Mipreaa. W-- re. ??mtn"n.l l>r. noiit to 'be aRII?"e?l.? Conrtrr <irn Ktaia I nta. tHantr lrit mi DR J. X fHARRRT (tllK PtRK KtSU).-MR CKR tain r? ?kh1 j for diarrhea ami ? holer* moibua, Ac fit aale al hM o#c, 4.11), Hi ami anil nR BALrtUWrMIV Ml ROOTORltTRKItT. NK \ R 1/ Wnoeter. Ilotira Imm * to 1 1 A M.fitofPM "fondata enrpted All fiiHn urinary. ala<> female an I all rhrmiH omplainta mmmN^ Addieaa, by !< Uar. bin Mi Pnat (Arc. DR. IM'XTCR !??> S MTTRION RTRRKT, XKW TOUK. an km* ami farwraMy kiawa to tba pttti W. may be roo -nl'Klat hw oMatra. wtere ha tn* praeMM In nie bran, h of nv 1i ma fit Il>*> laal tnen'r r.-ur jr.ira anal laadr uora . uri ? 'han any rHb. i man In the rlty. in man) vtelanre* ot per . ?otia . onodei I'd Itv arable aoinc of w hn h ha haa permia>KMi u> i -fn to at h<" rtotor* < b?i ?a? mialaraia, and In all > .i?aa ? . lira gtiarant?'<l raiition? *lr wmaili lluairi a riM Irop, that i iiraai-i rta n dlaaaai-a a I'fcint drylnt lla pnlaon In ttia hkaal, ran only ha l.inl aaaboi*. I'rlra *1 CaU an l fat ; ha Hoin'nr of llraltli gfla. DR >TORM*<? l ,?RP -AR MAXT PKRlW)JI? wil VRK it? if tut >f aiifrtMlM t)r. Sinrm ? *ntl lint ?B' nt am not NmM lo bml nur o(B< a. w??r? IihI'iit' <hla mat In "I of liitnrming thrm that w? now oflar It fur ?a ?ala or ratall at Ml dmadway, third door Mbaral il -.i tn Iha trjtita K. RRIw. Pr?., or. _ i'doPFR 14 WASH HTRF.KT, M AY BK ?"S ijRitAtr. cosRri<T atiom* - dm. wats rtA> X Tor a bin* aarlaa of f aar? ronanail KM atXatlM ? 'l* aaaaa of a rartala In whi< h ha h*? traauid But l?"aa tlian IWantjr 'h?ii?and aaaaa nHhout an HnIMM nf fatln-". Tba rrmadta* ara mll<l and thi-ra la no Intarrnplmn lo b??bia?? or < bar>(4> nf dla'. Iir Wataotil* in an? l?f all?dan? . OttW 7 In tfca morninit until ? at tititW, at hla MKMltlM 'iitma ami ?aidaa<*. M Walkrr ana- 1. a frw do<>r? waat of Broad ??y. Wtl, 1,1AM WATROX, M l? , Put marly aurffaon lotha lx?k lloapltal. StMr I'PHt.? DR WARPS ClfPORTPNATK s frlnd. tba moat rartain mra in tba irarld (br certain ilia aa^ra. now uaml hafora ali oihar ramaliaa ft* I boar dta*i?<?, aariantad wRMout MttttR, and r<*qntrra nt dlatint for iha rnrr It la wall known aa tba onfy r*w\ t Bat da*r? Oia Illarr aa frooi tba bloo.1 and ?tt?rn a?alnat aacondarr iMUrka. In all tba worat raaaa there tt no otbwr ntra than thla. Hlinht raaaa rure# In n?e d*y. Or Ward hlmaelf haa had mora a* pi rirnce ?n<l made tnore rtiraa then any other In Hew lort A prrfart ritra warraatdd In ? aoort ti?e. I'nfort'ina'a'a f iend. ?1, u?er MM aaal kirae!, enraar of Broadway QTICTAL HMDU AI. *i>TD t-Dr X c .rof,HW? i~ jfn It road way. New Turk To ihe I Art,,, _|? 8(lr,?? ihi n any ilMtnaama eomptalnW to whieh tba aet i* anbiert i It I . ri.>r I* well Itn.'Wn tleneral diaeaaea. apeeial Irrea-tliT flilra and all obetrnrH' ma remorad by m^dir%| or ?urei il ifratit ??fit |t?rin| ill# l*at month oiar fifty r**a"? i ura I i onn nlrnt rmwaa and aieallent nuraa* provide.) darme ill in- a. at hM botiae. t onan tatlnaia either la perron or hv m ill ,i,y cobMenttAl 0?r? bottrm, t A M. t?? P Mj T JUftrsBJoaraw. -rowkry theatre-lessee and manager, hj*. _ X-# John Brougham. ? Saturday eT?Dlnf, Auf. 3 L UM" THE PIRATES OK THB MISSISSIPPI PO OA HON-TAS. Pow HaTan I )jr. Rrouftl "A WALLACE'S THHATKk" m HUMMER GARDEN. KlfUi week of (be unabaied diic'sh of the1 KAIRY STAR and MR. DION BOURCICA1LT, To night, Saturday, Augusta. FOR THB LAST TIKI, the great legendary drama nt THE PHANTOM, written by Dion Bourrlcault. To be followed by the charming afterpiece of, lor tli at time, THE I N VISIBLE PRINCE. Don I<eander , Ml* Agnee Rober x Kurlbond Mr. T. B. Jul.- a AbricoUna MIm Jessie M l .a Boxes, Ml renta; alalia. 91; family circle, 25 ceota. Per u? ancca commence at?K o'clock, ana terminate aa nearly . ?'?? ??'clock aa possible. BO. CHRISTY A WOOD'S MINSTRXLS, NEW 11 1' I., 444 Broadway, below Orand street. OPEN KVKRY KVKNINO. Rualtiera tranaacted by Henry W ,j.a| Stage Manager ? ? ? ? ? ? Geo. 1 br 'if WTIIIOPIAN MINSTRELSY. To conclude with, 1 '' " "t'i'i1 ? ' K*OK ^N^< i RO MINSTRELSY. Commence at S o'clock. Admission. 2ft cents. G B ROUOHAM'S BOWKRY THEATRR. TI1K PIRATES OK TIIK MISSISSIPPI, Tonight. IK YOU WANT TO PAPS AN HOUR OR TWO PLBA> ?antly. visit Ihe Franklin Museum, 1J7 Grand street, la tin* alti*rr.oon or evening, and *ee the living ga)l?ry of beauty*, consisting of twenty seven youtig Indies, who wiJI appear at each p?'iiormaoc?', commencing at 3 and 8. _ B ROUOHAM'S BOWKRY THBATRE. l'O-OA HON TAS, To night. OHKET COPPER WAHHINOTON.-MR. JOHN MED IO M \NN'S sheet ropper statue of Waahtngum will be p<* on exhibition at the church of the Divine Unity, No. ftsti Broad way, between Spring and Prion; street*. on Monday next, 'fins work of art lias been highly spokm of by the press, an? the public should go and see it- Ticketa, J6 ceota, U> be ob tained at the door. BROUGHAM'S BOWBRY THBATRE. 1 11 K TUSCARORA LIGHT GUARD, Tonight. MqAPPHO," "INNOCENCE," "PANDORA," VENUS (3 Rising from the Sea,'' "l'lie Three Uraees," with n.o? other representations ot living statuary, wtll be exhibited >hm afternoon. at 3, and evening, at 8, by the troupe of Model Ar tiste*, with oiher entertainment*, at Ihe Kranklin Museum, 121 I. rami a'reer. B ROUOHAM'S BOW KRY THBATRE. ERNESTINE AND ANNIE ilKN'R A RDE, To night. THEATRICAL.? MR. MCCARTHY, FORMERLY LIVlNfil at Troy, and more reeettlljr connected with aeooipan? w hlch suspended business lately somewhere In the State of New York, ran have a good and permanent engagement b* lulilrewini immediately a letter, statieg terms, to S. H. Madly, ?M Vine alreet, Philadclpntu. B ROUOHAM'S BOWKRY THSATRE. DELIGHTBD AUDIENCES, To night. Decidedly the coolest place in thb i-ity ? Kranklin Mu-euin, 127 Grand street. *txty window* ea the nides, rendering it a delightful summer retreat. Th- troup* of Model Artistca, composed of twenty s. *en yo nig ladtea, will appear in Mime new tableaux to-diiy. B ROUGH AM S BOWERY THEATRE. TIIK GREAT STAR COMPANY, Tonight THAVEMiERS' G( IDE. Albany and tkov boats. -ebo ular limb.? Kare $1, from foot of Canal and Spring streets, cucoacUn* v. itli trains for Saratoga and the Weal The new and splendid steamer GLEN OOVI will laave every Monday. Wednesday and Krulay mornings, at 7 o'cloak A. M . mating the ermcit al amlinga. For further particular* inquire of L LEWIS, Jr., 3)2 W' st street. L"OR SHREWSBURY, LONG BRANCH. HIGHLANDS. P und Ocean I'ort ? The fhrorite steamer J A WK.S CHKIN TOPHKB will let re Jay street pl?r, on Wedneaday, July :w, and every afternoon this weak, at 3', P. M , returning to the riiy > arly every tuomliK. Sea air, surf ba'hmg and hotel accommodation unsurpaased. Hudson river railroad -from bay o, i>^6, the trains will leave I bambers street station as follows ? Express, 6 A M. and 5 P. M. , mall, 9 A. M . through way train, 12 M. ; ''migrant, 7 P M. ; tor 1'ougl.keepsin, 7 AM. and 1 P. M . fur Stag Sing, 10.311 A. M. and ft 46 1'. M.; this train leaven every Krulay egcniut:. at 11 P M . for lludaon, A) P M ., for Peekakill, 4 aui 5.A0 1' M. t he Pougtiknepaie, Sing ^ ng and Peekaklll trains atop at the way atauons. Paasenitera taken at Chambers, Canal, t in istopher snd Thirty first streeia. Tran.n lor New York leave Troy at 4 .V>. H 10 and 111 ?& A M and 4 D P. M., and hast Albany at &, ? H) and 11 1ft A. M. and ft I' M. A. F. SMITH, Sup L VfBW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD.? FA KB i!N )l All.any tl M. Express trains at radnead fare, without ehacge it ear or baggage, will be run over the N m York and Harlem Rail road between New York and Albany, on ami after the tirsi .if Aug nst. connecting at Albany with the morning and evening lines on the Northern and Central Kallroada. The ebeapeat and moat pleaaant route, running through hm rich farnnug lands ot Weatahestar, PuUtam, Dotcliesa, t olum bia and Renaaeiaer counties, and avoiding the dangers )f bn river. WM J. CAMPBELL, Superintendent. New York, July 18, 1MM. -AND, LAND1NO Af _ he s'eamer NORWA1.K, i apt. c. T Kn<lriian, will le^Aa Hillo*. *4>indays Inelmled: ? Leaving loot of Amos stre?*t at A M , ' ? a; 1 i , r M.; XTBW YORK AND C(?^ ~J>1^ i.1 Kort Ham I'on each CapL C, T Ro?lniaii. will laaitnna Aillo ? Leaving foot of Amis street at A leaving toot ot Sprisg street ai A. M I.'1, ami 3>, P. M ; leai tng pier 3 Nortii River at 10 A M , 1 and 4 P.M., leattntf Coney Island last irtp, at ?>, I' M Far*' lo. the trip to Ooney Island. Fort Hamilton and l>ai k to N.-w York, twenty five cents, for which a return ticket will be giv -n No half priea for cbildi en. C. J. DO DOB, Agent. NEW YORK AND BBIB BAILROAD.? ON WD AF ter Monday. May P,<. 1m<W. and until farther noti-a. paa senger 'rauta will leave pier foot of Duane atreet aa followe, vl r ? Dunkirk expreaa, at < A. M. for Dunkirk. Ituflalo etpreaa, at H A. M for Buflaio. Mall, at H 1ft A M for Dunkirk and Hiidhlo and Invnr.c dlate station*. Passennere by this mall will conne t with ex press trains lor Hyraeuae, Caiyuga. tVnaiulainua. Ntagarn Kails and R< Chester, and with tlte licliintng eg^r?*sn train, or latke Mmre Railroad for Cinrinnatl, Chicago. A<* Rockland paasejiger. at :t SO P. M., from loot '<f i lumli'rt ?treat.) Via Piermoni tar Sufli rna. and tnteme<liaie s'a iona. Wsy |iaasenger, at 4 P. M., for Newburg and M-ddletowa, and intermediate statloita. Night express, st ft P. M for Dunkirk and Rulfalo Kiuigi snt, at ft 1*. M , far Dnnktrk and BuBalo, and nu me diate staiioi'S The ala ve trains run dally, Sunday* excepted. The ' X pi e-a trains ennueet at Klmlra with the Klmira, Canr edaigna and Ni.tgara Kails Kalir ad 'or NiararaKalls at Kingli n, "in. wi'h the M rac'i^e and ItlngliamUm R.u!ruad. tor Mnh; sM inninr. with hutlaln. Corning and New Y>rk Rallii ad lor Han heeler, ai Cr.'ai liend, wtth Delaware, lat-k awsm.a and Wi stern Railroad lor Serannm , at It dial i anil Duiitirk with ihe l.ake SI aire Railroad, Clavcl.uid, Cuicioitatl, Toledo, Detiott, I hies to, ,te D c Met AI.I.I'M General Superintendent. N KW YORK VND IIARI.KM R AILKOVD OOMPA1 Reduced fare. 1 M between tlbanyand New York 2 i.if between New York ami ? ara'nga. Ill t M , express train leaw s Albeny lor New York. .Hi t M . mall train ? f.E, e*preaa train " Kit r.s *?? toh*. 411 A M . expieas train for Albany. In A. M . mall train J# P M.. expieas train " " Cotnmen. ,ng Angusi t I'M WM J f tMPHKI.L,*'ip<-i eMndi SPORTING. EIG1.R AI.IVK FOR KAI.E ?'AR HK HKRR AT HO. 10 Man?? iirwl R. T. BK>R HAI.K-A I.AKUK BULL ARD TV.RR1KR r*X?, lm ??< ti montl.. <.!<l lina pr?> htn?*lf a cwo>l ?ng <log, <11.1 In aiao a goal nr?t m? dog will b? aoM ch<-ap. ln<|Uii ?? at 36 Remla -tree! EXClKRIOftS. CWmM BANKS ?OR M'UDA V, AtupsT X TW? 1; Imir ml airamrr W ASHI N1TOR, <apt <1. W Hlni-r*. ?Mll Irare ?? lolbiwa ? A mo* atrial. at * | jar'rr I, elntr nVlnrk. f|'rin| ?rr?-i, *, Nroomr Kaat mar, 7 V l**ck ailp. rwtr l??r, 7 V pteri, Worth rtr+r. ?? "lw*R. I a. >? M rentt M>1 way. K>- r i-ahiuenia, ban, Unaa, A* , fat nhM no board. SATVRPtT RVKRINfl RX0W1ORR ? THR HTKAW ) fwl PI .OR *, t'api liM llawe* will leare f?>> o t 4pnn( iiml 'rye atunla* rralu, si*? rinrk. hrO?Hi r*, Mflfftrr. tlbMlMi aiel Tort !.??, an?l rat irn pw. d.atelj .(lopping at the abure place* Far* I2't ertlt* m.iy . Tl.l* ? til ?t1- nl * 't'llghtt nl trip for tboae doairmg a ?J rar'lv In thr evening, a* tba lwat nrrlvea la Raw Vqrt M "?'? ?'rlnrft. Sl'NUAT KX< I'RMOXtt TO I.ONU MR V *r||, ?i| R , bury. Htahimi'l*. Oraan ||? i?e, filrer Po'iit ml o an Port.? 1 he popular aleaiurr JAM KM CHRIftTOI'IIKR will Irate for the al??e on HuikIm, Auirnat S. from the 'no? of Jay *trr*t, Rorth rlrer, at A nVUwk A M . and Pe^k aim, Raal rtrer, at a*, oVtawfc H-intjung. will I'ave <> ???o Port at 4 n'rbirk I" M . girlni pa*a- ntm iwarl* the ailire <la> 'n* bathing aatlint, nabiag ami ottor "i?lf r<*cmatlnna. F?r% Ij e Hfk way. SPl.RMtllD APTKRROOR RXtTR*10R TO LONif Itram h, Hhrewabtiry, Highland" aad 0?M Port - I h? favorite a'eamrr J ARKR i ll RlRTtl I* RRI wtfl leava, ft*'h? above d<'f.r watering plaet *. from the *n? of Jay wwl, lh|a t???Mir3ay' afternoon at ,1?? n etnl, *t an ear' p hour Ihix rvmlnf. s. a air and ?urt bmJiinc iiMu'dH. Par*, T, ^ renl? each way. Tur. STRARKR ROHRRT U STRTRRa, CAPT M <? ( harln Aartaroon makM regular trtpa ?o h? piatiin? Rank* avarr dap, MMWt i?Oy, I' at lag (mm m w ,i J oVIork A. I* , Hj.rtaa wraat. 7*?. Pat* ?U|?, *, Rmwi.a *? , plrr No 4 R"| Ul lirar. t a rloolu far* <cw <br ?i , Int Ml fpla. rrilARTRR POR RXt l'RRJORS.-THR LAR r? ?|.t*n.lnl ? W AslltN'IT'lN. ''apt. 0#~i tA ?. will b? rhanrrad with or without harvaa Partiaa ? k 3 rhartrr will <?o wall lo rail hafnra maklnc arran?-?i>i ?hrr?. Trrwia raaannabla A|>plf to A/* W. HIT? h. 71 Hraefc air<at. TUP. !>TRAMF.R UOIIRRT U STRtRRS, ? * ( harlra AndrrMm. will nuikr a trip *o ON Co. f PiiTiriaT la* *lti? Am<w ?tr<-et al 7 \ o'rNx li . ^rltig * Iikr Xn, 1 Rorih rtrar. 1\ I'art allp. ?. Rroow ?r Truth atrart, l<Vt, Twenty alitb alraai, landl?? I al* ixl antl N?-w Rcx'halla rath way. RMnratH, l^.i * > I'nyrdS; Raw Rorhella.aH. City Ulaml, m i war ? eenta. rSTRTKKR H BAT AMD ntfTTRRRRRO, O . " ?lay. Aiifimi S.? Tha aloamboat t" ARfl/l.R, <Vip 1^? kwtnxl, W ill le?\e SprlHH ?lrr? I iloi k lor Kli Jher'a Bar, at |o'< 'o. h A M I "PR S % I^Kten Rtryker't Ray York, at M o'.-kvk A ? i p 4 " BESS I a mil he I Amoa awl f?rt? tfclnl alreeta ??.'h war I Blryfcer'? Bar. iaat trip ?t tl1. o'rMj "t 'ent.?r? ? 7 I air? lo <i>it enbar(. ?>', <enl? to Sir?*-'. ? b */, > . WPPR \RTRKR onovR, POTf,fx Ka PxVll ? ?? I ar" |.' , t -a Thr fai rxe ataxmer ? ? Hi I'M ( kin H Mallan, a ill laara aw SniHtay. I i?'i?t 1, ft m lln oiiaoii ?irrrt. Rorth rK<*r, toif'htns *1 tba fva m j aiiet l. Inioa air??t, Twrttti'th att"ei ?n'l P'irtT 'hir I ?r North r^T# r I aar Iff foot of Rot inaon ??re -i at <| 11 | - I o i V.V I earifta W-ebawk-ii al 10, 1 i, i, ? iIH|