Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 5, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 5, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. _ # . . WHOLE NO. 7280. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, AUGUST 5, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS.' ADVERTISEMENTS IEMEWBD EVERY DAY. POLITICAL. BROOKLYN. ? SIXTH WARD FBRMONT PU'll WILL meet it Uieir room comer .if Court and Hackel HlreeU. aa usual, this (Tuesday) evening, Vug. 5. A number 01 distin guished speaker* ami good aiiigcre will be present. National democbatic vouno mes s oenerai. Committee ?A special meeting of the above committed * ill be held at their rooms. No 0 .4 Broadway, this (Tuesday) *veultigt. the Sth iriet., at 7,'j o'clock. P tactual attendance of the members Is requested v. 1*. KlHUKli, Chairman. 8. P. Gol USOM, i THE VOl'KO DEMOCRACY OK DEW YORK In favor m the election of BUCHANAN A Nl' BltKCKINRIDOB, Are Invited to meet with the Yocsg Kin's D(*oc*atil' I'mou ''iub, Os Ttumr AuutwrS, st 8 o Clock, At TAMMANY HALL, To en ;ort the two Yotmu MitVe Onwisitai. Oo*Minr>'.s Ou the occasion of their Consolidation. The member* of the Umpire Club, Kaateru Kuchanun Club, National Club, Kxcelaior<luh and the diii'ereut ward org-iut za<iot s 0>e invited to meet wth us L. K. 11 A !<R).'ON, > J. 0. OOTTSUBRORR, J Committee .lOIlNM 11 \ KM KIT. > of t IMS KKl.LY, ( Arrangements OKO. PEARSON, ) Dot! worth b Hand will be in atte.. lance. The members ok tiih tenth ward fillmorb and Douelson Club are requested to meet this (Tuesday) evening, it' ? o'clock, at their headquarters, corner of liraii l aud Elites *t reels. and all persons in iavor of the above uoini nations ate Invited to atvud. W VAN DL'SER, President. Twos. II. Wainwhwht, Secretary, |>rotem. The youno mews democratic republican com millee will meet at Tammany Hull this evening, a' 7 1 j o'clock. Punctual attendance is requested, as thu reunion of the young democracy will then take place. SDL. B. NOBLE, Ch&lrmtn. ?. Tti^;,|8ecr*t*rle#' TTNION OF THE TOTJNO DEMOCRACY.? THE YOURi) nu u ol ih>' city and county of New York, friendly to BUCHANAN AND BBKCKINRIDOE, AlC cordially Invited to uteet at Tammany Ha!l. TUESDAY KVENINO, A CO 5. AT 8 O'CLOCK, On the occasion ol the union of the Yot'.VC MSN S I)?*Ot :IAI1 'JlNIRtL Cokiiiitiu Ot Tsiumniiy Hall an 1 muyrenant Institute. Hie Young Men a Democratic Union Club, upended by Do t voith's Band, will escort ihe commltt#e of Taminany H ill to fkurveaant luatltute. and return wl'h both commiiie.-s to tke Hall. ? hi re the union will be i erf ?c tod and the ottict rs elected. The following distinguished tcntlemen have been Invite 1 to address the young democ acy, on their return to Tammany Hall, at 9 o'clock :? Hon. I., B. Fbepard, Hon. James T. Brady, Hon. F. 1!. Cutting, Hon. 1). K. Sickles, Hon H F Clark, Win J. Rose. Esq., t'npt. I. Bynriera, Hon. 11. Walbndge. Hon. A. L. Plnney, don. D. B. Taylor, lion. John Cochrane, Stephen W. Dillayc, Ksj. DOUULA8 TaYLOR. Ch'u Com. Ar, Tammany Half. J. B. FOOARTY, CU'n Com. Ar. Htuyvesant Institute. L. F. HARRIHON, Ch'n Com. ol Ar. of Union Club. TTNION AND VICTORY -THK YOU NO MKN'rt NA tloual DcmocraUe Ci.iii will meet at the club rooms, 6:>3 Broadway, Academy Hall, 'hi* (Tuesday) evening, at 7}s o'clock, to unite with the Tou&f Men"] General Coman'toe m the.r joint procession to Tammany Hall. Every mem'ier ii requested to be punctual 111 attendance. ELIJAH WARD, Freildeat. JOIIH It FOOKRTY, ) cor... , ...,? Oaoixa 0. Bvi;o>.S ' * \rtil Nfi MEN'S DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUB.? A X special tucetlug of this club Witt bo held at Tammnnv Hall on Tuesday evening, the '.tii in*t., at 7 S o'clock. Every member o! the club Is requeued to tie punctual iu atlen lance. Jomx E. Whits, Secretary. s. W. CONK, President. \TOUNO MEN'S FREMONT AND DAYTON CENTRAL J Union.? The fotulh regular meeting of this organization mill lie lield this (Tuesday) evening. In the lecture room of Mtuyveaant Institnte, W.t Broadway, a' s o'clock. Hon. I.u ?tail Sherwood, Hon. A. It. Miller, of Indiana. Chas. A. Dam, E |., ani othei H, will address tb" tneetiag. it. F. MAN1KRRE, President. I) II. CiLDH.'SLeiTs, Sect c'.ary. UTEIiATIRE, N AHEAD The reaaers of th" NEW YORK hU.f. Head NICHOLAS NOD, The man who could nt help it. It's a tip lop story Po d by all newsdealers. ONE CENT A COPY. It 'KOAN S EXPOBtRi: OF FREEMASONRY.? A FEW i>l ipi M lor salf A>fi>, novels at half the ptihlirauaa p we, old books, eDgravlnas. noveU, autographs, bought and eoid br HE A OLE ? HICKk, WUS Broadway, three doore above li roouic street. tfUK AHEAD r roa Ti e readers of the NEW YOKE hl/N. Real NICHOLAS NOD. The niuu who coalJ'nt help iu It's a Up 'or sior*. ho iu by all newsdeMtr*. ONE CENT A COPY. Mercantile union dibectoby? ooffTAlNiwo the names and addi e>sea of 4U.ISV liuslneas men In the (tooth and Beat. Copies w 11 be furwar led hy mall, free of esprnsc on receipt of tl '? prue. $"? Address J. E. Putter, Pub linker No. 15 i<ansi'[i street, PhLladelpb.a. Alao. stereotype plates for wile. H A\ E YOU COMMFNi ED READ1.VO The great ?u>ry o t Mi H01.AS NOD. PuM ah. I III THE NEW YORE SfN? It you have not. conmeace at ouce. 'In ill p'-a?e v,.u. ONE t ENT PER COPT. IXTITX BE PUBI.IEHCD ox WKDNE-tDAY. ?f? BIOELOB S LIFE OF FREMONT. The authentic aud only eompletr edition of tin un Ann rcs. ic xiuvicsi oF JOHN C1I ABI.E8 FREMONT, Including an account ol Bie eiplru ition*. diacot rles and ad? on'.urte ou lire succcsalve expcdlOona acroaa the ^fr;!l Ann ricao c?>n? lent, Tol'imin mis se lections from Ina cnTste and public eorn-s p?n, including hi* detenee before the court uisrtial. and a full report of his principal spercbe? in the Senate of the United staiee. Br John 111. .now. Editor of the York Evening I'oei, Wi lt the only accurate portrait on steel, aud nuiiMroua uplrii' d lllnslrnlloiis. One large 12mo of near ?) jiages, containing i !M F A I J EH 01 m it:. . not to be found In any other biography of Frem in'. Pries one dollar. 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H t fflJUt \*7 ia'e of the Troy Heuee. Ttoy, N. r., Froprieuir I**- tl.l, HOUSE -RAriKBN DIsT liBOoKI.VN niR Iff mei.y Williamsburg.) twrner of Fourth and fottih Fftih hi!" lhit elegant and comtnodMuis liotcl Is now ope.i, the Km aad furnttnre are entirely new. Its situauon e,,mmainla Etrne tie* down the hay. and .? a eool and pleaaant summer beetd'or. It Is unaarpaesed by as) in the eouatry . it a within Mre a. miles wsth oi fo?r ferrlea. DIMer at It o rloek. llKMOVALK. <* ANCIS r.VRvr ATTORNEY AMI (YH-V-tyi.LOB ?t law. in the Statu and I'nl'ed statee Courts, has removed W: I 'lock s Bulblags, ao'itbeaat corns r of Naeeaa and >inan atreeta. OCoes 13 a?d 2t. IBMOTAL.? TUB UNDRBHHiNED II AS REMOVED his place ot Hismess lie n 1-7 < ... t , r... in I later Sireet. to new Stoic 412, tUand till Watet str et .Bee ill W Si er street WM D \NDRKWS REWARDS. (Ml UK WARD -ON BATUBDAY. JULY*, THKSUII ^?)U scrlher liir. I to a man ralllru 1 m?. t 1 i;. Hi. i ray mare hlld wagon. 10 be relurned same alVruoon. Mai 1 Bs'e ts shout clifb' y-ars eld. gfte. n hands high \?h grsr nlor. mane lies on i e rieai sid" b a i ?ui i ' acar ? ?* i the l"f ?O >ler. below ar| ?c;ew k'ad. .tinted ,n the Hgh _oiil.ler hy i. hr llarncas, Du-. h col'nr Hajmi inn'.'l JO? n. em tn. ' I vbertop, II!" filth' shnf' had been hro HlM Was wound round and psfnted over, on each able nf ~lMir lailiaiien hllnde are carvee: bead linings an I ensh I gieen. I. ni fal> >1 has a llare daeh. The man I > of .la k kuletlon aho it 'h i tt years of are tire ieet ten Inches high. I is sti Am. r lesn t* Will lie I.alil on the reenverf of i?i ? 'toti and l arnees. and 925 Cow the appr. bensiun of the LYMAN SREI.Y, Tinkers, We?:ehe?terCo , N. T. [OT IIRWaBD LOST. AUOVB1 4 t BROWN paper .^t) parrel r.m'amlni! serenteeri 914) ????It pier, snd |#99 piece. In going from the Custom House 'o City Hall Ve<. 1 rei.i' ns the *ame 'O TI'CK ) K i I .!?! HTBOI'ft * Jj swit siee. will reeeho tke shove reward. kO REWARD? LOUT, LAST THURSDAY AFTKftXOoN. ? 1 , ?<?..! -h t rr "r j> ip he ... , v a. |, , * rb> etcr w ill retarn him at 19 Went Itth street. Will receive |kc above reward, snd no qu ?snee? u?ke.i. GOOD RV WARD OtVEl TO ANVRODV WHO WILL deliver two Hi tie white i logs M 2ft See? nd avennc. lost kc yen rilnv morning IflERAT. REWARD.? l.ti.JT ON TIIR AfTRRROOR 12 ' ' '' ' " August .? . small tngust i. a small i.aekagw of panere eon ?ance poliev Ol the Howard Insurance Com id Nel?on. Ba.| one n,ne driMfn bv T. S, i.d, by THE LATEST NEWSi ?Y MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPH!, Prom Washington. THE RIVER AND HARBOR BILLS BKKOKZ COWOKESfi ? BOUNDARY BETWEEN THB BRITISH FKOTINCJB AND OHEOON? -THE COURT OF CLAIMS ? THE KANSAS TREASON CASKS, ETC., ETC. Wahiiimoton, August ?, 1858. The ease or R. X. Thompsou was again postponed ia tbe Senate to day, and the river aud harbor bills Ukeu up. Several were (tossed. It is doubtful if a ny of them get through the Honse, owing to the press of business. The House of Representative* passed the bill appro prating one hundred thousand dollars for the improve meut of the I'atapsco river, and to render Baltimore ac cessible to government war steamers; also a bill to carry into < fleet the treaty with England providing for running the boundary between Oregon and the British posses sions. Tbi. bill creates a score of offices with good sala ries. A bill wtut al.-o passe I giving force to the Court of Claim", and increasing their salaries. An ad ditional colicitor and several clerics are to be appointed. '1 lil* bill cauie from the Senate, and only awaits the Presi dent's signature to become law. The other two bills go to tho Senate for their action. Another attempt was made this moruiag to suspend tho rules in the iiouse and tuke up the l acitlc Railroad bill. The rides were not puspended, but a large majority voted in the affirmative. If reported from the Committee on Public lauds, tbe prospect is ccrtam of the passage of the bill this scsflon. A bill was reported by Mr. Savsg?, of Tcune3?ee, granting to all soldiers who served three months ia the war of 1812, or tu any Indian war since, full pay Tor life, or in the evtnt of their death, to their wllows. The bill was referred to the Committee of the Whole on the State ot the I nion. Mr. Kennctt reported in favor of granting half a million dollars to enlarge the canal around the Ohio Falls, at Louisville. ? It was similarly referred. There u a strong party in Congress favoring tbe constructioa of a caaal on Uie Indiana side, iuatead of enlarging the Keutucky canal. A resolution was ol'ered by Mr. I'urviance, inquiring into the cau?c of the arrest and imprisonment ofDeitzler, Smith, Brow u aud others, iu Kansas, and directing tho Judiciary Committee to bring in a bill orderiug a nolU 1 r^trqui to be entered. The resolution was not entertain ed. Mr. Wilson tried tho same thing in the Senate, but failed. The House next took up the General Appropria tion bill, in Committee of the Whole, and paved upon a large number of Items. Should the river and harbor bil's aH become laws, the official patronage of the Secretary of Wir will be equal to tbat of tbe President himself, without any of the responsi bility. The appropriations are all to be expended under his direction. Governor SteveDS, of Washington Territory, furnishes the Indian Bureau with a detailed history of the origin and progress of the Indian disturbance*, ahd clones by saying that "wc are upon the eve of a ireneral Indian war." The Indian ofl'.oo thinks differently, as Agent Palmer, of Orcgcn, writes, "The war U virtually over." The committee on Naval Allairs In the House have had the Naval bill up, but Tailed to come to any conclusion with rercrer.ce to it. 1 understand there will be nothing done with it this session. A resolution will be oflered, I understand, by a mem ber from New York, in a Tew days, to reduce tho tarlU teu per cent The nigger worehipper* are determined to stand by the Ka:i jas amendments to be oflered by Mr. Sherman to tho Approprfation bill nou under couuderation. The ldvelopementi made by the Investigating Committee i reate a good deal of talk to day about tho Treasury De partment. lArge numbers of Mexicans ire now hero, among whom I see Gen. Atocha, Santa Acnt's fugleman, who is t topping at Willard's. The bll!, u passed by tbe House on Saturlay, making appropriations for foi titrations and other works of de fence, contaimi the follow lug items For Fort Montgomery, outlet of I*kc Cbamplnii', $J5, {CO ; for Fort Knox. Maine, $CO,tOO ; lor Fort Winthrof, Massachusetts, 10,000 ; for Fort Richmond, New York, *75, COO ; for Fort Warren, Massachusetts. 920,000 ; for Fort Delaware, $160.000 ; for Fort Carroll, Maryland. >110,000 ; for Fort Calhoun, Virginia, $5Q,00J ; for Fort S mptcr, ?outh Carolina, $6", 000 ; for Fort Pulaski. Geor gia. $19,00f ; for Fort Clinch. Florida. $25.000 ; for Fort McKce, Florida, $25,000 ; for Fort Barrancat, $25,0)0 ; for Fort Raines, Alabama, $50,000 ; for tort Taylor. Flo r;4a, $150.000 ; for Fort Jefferson. Florida, $160,000 ; for forti!kat:ons at Ateatra/. Island, San Franeisco liny, Cali fornia. $200,000 ; for fortidcilioAS at I'ort Point entrance of San Francisco Bay, California, $351,000 ; for repairs of Castle 1'intkney, South Carolina, $10,000 ; for repairs of Fort Jackson, Ceorgia, $14,<<00 : for repair* of Fort Mor gan, Alabama, $26,000 ; for extension of battery at Fort JvK>on, Missiarippl river. $10,000; for repairs and ex tension o.' Fort >t. I'hllip, Mississippi river, $>t).000 ; for contingent expenses nf fort.iications not herein mentioned, tbe preservation of sites, the prole tion of tltlss, ami re l*irs of sudden damafes to fori*. $3o,300. Total. $1, 603,300. The Km pi re Mate? Verdict of the Coroner'* Jury. Fall Rm ?, Aug. 1? ? P. M Tbe Coroner '* Jury on thoje killed by the Utc oxpki don on tbe F.mplre Plate bar* Just resderei their verdict, which is accompanied by a lengthy document reviewing tbe trrtiDiony, miU explanatory of tbe jury# reeons for thetr decision. Alter reiviting the usual formalities and gUlngthe nam (mi of the dead, the verdict says:? That the deceased persons died la coaae<ineuce of injuries re reived on board the item boat Kmpire Mate on her pas ?ge from Flail Rtver to New York, on the night of the -*6th of July, when a ahort distance from 1'oint Judith, which tnjurieii were scalds or burns occtsioasd by the collapsing or hunting of tlie ?team chimney of the aUt hoard boiler of the aaid steamboat. at iliont ten o'clock 1*. M. ; that U?? defects, if any existed. In said (team * liimney, were not such ss a careful ( xainioation a>d the exercise of dtu dilfcnce r on id hare detected and guarded against that there ap pears to hare been no excess of steam at any time after tbe beat left fall River; that, on the contrary, hut a mo ment or two bsiorc tbe expljsion the pressure of *t*am Indicated waa about alt pounds leas than the max; mum of |>rsesarc allow d by Ihs Uovernmcnt Inspector, that there appear? to hat* been the usual amount of water In tbe holler at the time of the explosion, and no want of < are or attention on the part of the engineers and fire men, and that therefore this accident Is to he regarded as one of thoec unforeseen ca?ua)tie< incident to steamboat travel, and for whiAi no person or |? rtons can he held accountable. Fillmore and Dastelaon Ratification. Bodtok, Aug. 4, IIM. The Fillmore and Ponoleon ratification meeting tn Fa ?cull Hall this evening, aitracteil a large crowd^embraclsg d? legations from Kosbt ry and Cbarteatown, with bands of music. From four to Ave thousand people were as sembled. The principal speeches were made by Krastoa Brooks, of New York, and A. B Ely, of Newton. Home f remonters present Interrupted tbe general hir mrny of the meeting by cheers rot their candidates, and a banner borne into tbe hall by the Charlestown club, caricaturing Mr. Fremont as a ml' red bishop, with ths eroua In hit hand, was attacked ssd torn to fragments Otherwise the I remonters kept tlte peace. The Fillmore men were extremely enthusiastic and tho meeting highly retpcctable. News from Kansas. Cnt< Ai.i, Aug. 4, ISM. Advices from iMvenworth to ths >Otb alt. state that (?cnernl I.ano and company had not then entered the Territory of Kansas, and General Smith bad threatened that if they attempted to enter he should proclaim mar tial law. The Territorial authorities were commencing to levy taxes. Trouble was apprchcnde.l, as both parties refused to pay. The Valley Banh of Maryland. !!*<'?*-< row*, Aug. 4. 19M. The Valley Rank still holds food arsinst the ran upon It, pnying specie up to the present t'rae (one o'clock). |The above despsti li cam > In in over the ro*ir,etx line, < 'net "X/'hut we hm e oo 90rrQbJn#r% its ti J t 'i -An. J niXXtTY-fr WRTH CO.TOHESI, | flK 8T USS8I0N. IWMlli WaEisi.vito*, Aug. 4, 19M. TUX THUr' I.n CASKS IX *AJ>BA.1. M/. Wilm.v, (nigger worshipper) of Mass., offend a resolution instrtictiog the Committee oo the Judicial/ to report Jbrthwith * resolution authorizing the Protldent to direct tie I ilntrict Attorney of Kansas to enter a nolle prv te'/ui on each of the indictments against Messrs. Room sou, Smith, Jenkins, John lirown, Williams, C. W. Ilrown and DietsleP, Tor treason. IN MAX AtTAIST The debate in the ewe of Richard W. Thompson was resumed froM From Kriday, but tbr Senate dii not dis pose of it. THK IMVKR ASP HARnOR BU. On motion of Mr. Skwaro the River and Harbor bill wns taken up, and a debate ensued upco it involviog the general merits of the system. Tie Senate then passed bills continuing certain public works in Massachusetts; tor the improvement of tho Mis K.srippi river, and the harbors of New Castle, Delaware, Krie and Pennsylvania; alio the bills to continue the im provement of the Rock River Rapids, and the improve ment of the Tennessee river. Adjourned. House of Representative*. Wabwotor, Aug. 4, 1850. THE NORirtWR-TERS fiOCNDAKT. The House passed the bill providing (or the appoint ment of a commission to run a boundary line between Washington Territory and the Briti-h possessions, under the Oregon treaty ? there being conflicting claims, owing to the undetermination of the main channel southerly from the Cull of Georgia to the Straits of Fuca. RIVER IMPROVER KXTS. The Senate bill appropriating $100,000 for the Improve ment of the Patapeoo river, and rendering tho port of Baltimore accessible to war steamers, was then passed. T11K TkKASO.N una IX KANiAS. Mr. Ptrviaxcs, (nigger worshipper) of Pa., moved a suspension of the rules to enable him to iutroduce a resolution instructing the Committee on the Judici ary to inquire forthwith, and report by what autho rity the recent arrests in Kati?a3, of Messrs. Robert eon, Dletzler, Brown, Smith and others wcro made, to gether with the olfcncea with which they stand charged, and !?' they arc imprisoned on a char^c o! treason and a I articipatiou in the formation of the Topeka constitution to repott a bill directing a nollt prosequi? and the said Committee to have power to send for persons and papers. The motion was disagreed by ICti against 74 ? two thirds beite u?ce--ar j' ? as follows ? Ylil ? llmrl Albright, Allison. Hall, Harbour, Rarelay, Henuett of New York, llenaon. Hillinghurai, ytiss, Hrtithaw, Hrentoa, Hn>om, liufllngtnn, Campbell of Obio, I'h.itfee, Cp.nripbcll ol Pennsylvania, (Mark of Connecticut, Clawson, Colfax, Coniins, Corode, Cragin, Cullen, Cum back. I lam rr 11, Davis of MaxHacliuseUa, Day. iiean. Dirk, Dodd. Dunn. Dur fee. Kdie, Kd wards, Kmie, Flagler, Galloway, Gidding*. Gilbert, Granger, (trow,, Hall of Massachusetts, Harlan, Har rison, Hlrkinan, Holloway, Ilortou of New York, H or ion of Olito, Kelsey, King. Knapp, Knight, Knowlton. Knox Letter, Mac*. MadUoo, Mct'arty, Miller ol' New Vork. Moore, Mor Kan, Morrill, Mot!. Murray, Nichols, Norton, Oliver of New York, Parker. I'carce. Pelum, Pciinlin;ton, Perry, PetU, Pike, Prlngle. Purvlanoe. Ritchie, Itobb'ns, Robert*. Sabln, Sage, Sapp, Sherman, Simmons, Spencer, Stau'on Tappan, Tlio rllfton. Thurston, Told. T raft on, Tyson. Wade, Wakeinan, Wslhrtdge, Waldron, Waslmrne of Wincotisin, W?*hbnrne of Illinois. Wacbburne; ot Maine, Watson, Welch, Walls, Whitney, Wood, W<? druff, Wool worth. Naxs? Messrs. Aiken, Beil, liemiett of MUs., llooock, Bowie, lkiyce, Branch, Cadw-dlader, Campbell of Ky, Car lisle. Caruthers, Caskle.,Oobbof (ia.. Cobb of Al?. Ooa, Craw ford, I)a*ldson. Denver, Ifc>wdell, Kdninitann. KnTlNb, tins tls, rasltsfr. Flo runes, Foster. Foliar at Me , (ioode, (Ireen wood, ilsi ris ot 111., Herbert, llottman, Uiniston. Jones of Teno , Kelly, Kennrtt, Kidwell, i.ake. trfjiehnr, Humphrey Marshall. Maxwell, McMullen, Miller of la., MIII?on, Oltvrr of Mo., Peek, Phelps, Porter, Powell. Puryear, Quiunun, Rnade. Keaily, Rivera, Rolttn, Savane, Seward, Shurter, Hmnli oi' Trim., i-tnllh of Ala. Soeed, Steveus, Hwope, Talbot t, Taylor, Trippe, I'nderwooc Valk, Walker, Warner, Watkins, Wins low. . WngLt of Miss. Wright oi 'fenn., Zolllcoffer. 1 UK I'Adt IC RAILROAD. The House again refused to suspend tho rubs, 'by 109 against 74, to enable Mr. Iknver to report the 1 Villi - Railroad bill from the select committee. THK IJOMtt-TK 111 ItlLL. Mr. Gttow, oi Pa., made an iceffertua* uotlon to have the House consider the Homestead bill. THK COCRt or CUUIT. The House then passed the Semite bill authorising any two Jodgea of the Court of Claims to a .1 an a quorum lor the ransactlon of business, ami providing for the ap IK/tsiment of a solicitor and an additional clerk. A .NEW MILITARY ACAMMY. On motion oi Mr. ZomoitrEit, tho.Milltary Committee were Instructed to Inquire Into the propriety of purchas leg the Hermitage, la Tennessee, for a branch military arademy. Tint c.kxkra! arrxonti tnox nut. The House then vent into Committee or the Whole on the bill making a|>|>ropriations for the Judicial, Ktecutivo and legislative expenses heretofore authorized by law. Alter uctlngon many of .is items the lloose took a re cess till seven P. M KVENINO 8F.>8IO*. Mr. CrttEx, (K. N.) of Dei., read an extrict from the Savsnnah K>j itUi can, purporting to be a . sketch of some remirka of Mr. Cobb, of Georgia, delivered In that Stale recently, in which Mr. Cullen's name was Incidentally introduced. Mr Cullen wL<hed to know whether Mr. Cobb n?ed the language quoted. Mr. Corat, (dem ) of Ga.. ex|>iained thst the position be I had taken was. that It would be dangerous to throw the election int< the House, as It would rosult In the choice ? if Frenunt. The republicans have thlrt<*n states, and il a repabllenn stiall be eleoted In the plai ool Mr. Allen, and one in Mr. Trt mbull's distrlut Illinois would be added; i nd II Mr Hall, whose seat Is contested, be ousted ami a republican elected in his stead, low* would be secured r?r Fremoi.t. Flfteea States being thus certain, the eleo tlon Konld )>e de|>endent on Mr Cullon, the rspresents live I rum I* laware. lie was tuiwilling to trist It there, . ontMlerlng Mr. Cullen's course during tbs election for speaker. W*s it Mr. C illcn's fixed opinion be would not, under any eir urn." lances, vote lor Mr. Bucbanan Mr Cri is* replle-l that Mr Cobb bad no ground for ?aying wtial would be hi- coarse In such a e 'ntingeney. lie came here an a national Americsn, and against the totev of every iiem(?-rat In Delaware, cx '"pt half a doten pernenal frtctuls Was it espected that be should support the dt nwlit t?rty and vote for his enemies? lie fer veotly truste<i tbat the election woiiIJ a.H be brought In to the House, but if M should bo wo*iiii vete for F'dmore tlrst and last, and not for Ru< banan or I'reotont. He was ati?t.ed Fillmore would receive a majority ot the -ute Mr Cot'ii-sald, In his appeal lo hit conntltnents he did not mistake concerning Mr Cullen's position, which * as tne of danger to the F?utb and favorable to Kremoat. Mr Cri ? iu? repeated tbat It was his dnty to vote for I illmore to the last, anil if God should per tint the el?> Hon to i ome into the House, be should leer le* sly do his duty. Mr Baowx. (K N ) of Pa , contended that tbe a m of the Horn an Cattioltc clmrch wae supreme temyoral sn pn-mary. and that tbe question would have to be settled on this soil beiere many yean passed over iie argued n fhvt r of the natural . ttlon laws, and in tbe name of tbe American party called oo the people to rally roen I ts staic ?rd to preserve the republic. Mr Elik.ti, (dem 1 of Ky . spoke In condemnation of tbe Know Nothing aad republican, and In lauda don of the dcnsocraey Mr. 1 1 Rt iajm k Rtsmtalnnd that the Aaertoaaaed re pnbliraa parties ire the oSsprmgof tbe democracy, whnh he arra.gned tor all the dreadtal i ?*seqneaces ot plighted ?lib A' ourned. Klra at Alexandria. Ataummu, v? , Aug. 4, isss. The taw and planing mill of Meaara. Umbden ft Jen kina, rornrr of Fairfax and Queen itrerta.waa totally dea troyed by Are la?t Bight, with It* content*. The Ore la ?upt?wnl to hart been cauaad by an incradiary. Pklladtlphla Rtafk Market? Death of B. W. Clark. PaiLtnWrnu, Aug. 4, ISM. There *u no meeting of the Stork Board to day, on ac count of the death of Mr. K. W. Clark, of tb? Arm of M pears. Clark, Hodge ft Co. Municipal Kleetlan In law Londan. Naw I.ojrt>ojr, Conn., Aug. 4, 1S66. At our municipal flection to day, J. N. Ilarrla, repib liran, ?a? clectad Mayor by a large majority, over

Uppitt, d?mocrat Markets. Naw URUUOT, Aug. 2, ISM. Crtlna nnrbanged, and market dull tn roaae<i uence rf a severe atorm Ha I pa to day only 100 bait*. Halee for the week, 27.000. Work In port, 13,000 Receipt* ahea<l of laMycar'a 42S,M?. Saleaof coffee for Uie week, 1.500 oagx, at I0\c. a 11c. for prime Rio. Work tn port. 86.000 baga. Bagging quiet, at Hlc. Other articlea nnohaaged. Aiiusy. Aug. 4 ? 1 IV M Wheal ? ^lea of new Oenesee In lota, at ?1 SJ. white Kentucky. $1 SO; red do., ?1 60. Corn, #3c. for Western mixed and yellow roond. Sales. 10,000 buibela. Wha key, 3?><c. Br?? AW, Aug 4? S V M. f lour dull ; aal<*?. (KtO bbls MMainr lor commoo to flllBot* ffi 37 a ?? 65 Tor good to choice Oltfo. and ?f. 7ft for extra new Ohio, Indiana and Mwhl ,%n. Wheat "ift ?aie?, #,000 bnahela it ?1 34 lor fhto?go aprlng m.d ?1 r.6forii' W wh te Indiana. torn nnened Armor, rlo? tig dall; sale-. S#,0t0 buahela at Mte. a Me Whiskey, ;;V Hr a 34c Ca'iBl freights. I5r for cm and 1(?b. for wheat to New Vrk Here pta t?r the forty eight hour . ? d i at noon to day Mm it <r. fno.ii tv *?.<*'? ??- 'it. If: MS ?' rot (>' ? <t 17 -ij ti ? he! ?U'' HEALTH OF THE CITY. Meeting of the ComiuUl>'?ncr* ?r Health. Tbe Commissioners of Health infc 1 yesterday at noon a", the City Hall, the (resident, laaac (J. Barkor, Esq , in the cl:air. and Walter F. Coucklin, >S> creU."y The following brigs, just arrived at .Quarantine, were ordered to be permitted to land their car* oes on lighters la the city tiUocudaya after their arrival, Mm veiseLi to be detained ut Quarantine for thorough fumV'at'ou un'i' fur t Iter order* : Blag* t, from May ague/, arrived on the 3d ? earv W segiti uad moinsae*. Job* fcoymton, Iron fort aa 1'rince, arrived 03 Ab" 2d inat., jth logwood and coffee. Ac' }, fro ei ht J ago, with a cargo of sugar, arrtv'Od Aug t .* ! iwers, from Ponce, J'. R , arrived on the 3d Hist., I wtih #r and molasses. I Tb? ??<?? of the other vessels were all well, and the resja- e port3 from whioh tbey arrived reported bealt! y* A their departure, wKh tbe exception of l'ence r.r >i Tb* Jrk.i Frederico, and Dodge, from St. Domingo, arriv in the 2d instant, with cargoes or bides and ma hogat. ? * ere directed to send the hides on lighters out or the 8t the remainder or the cargo to bo lightered to the civ* ifter fifteen days. Tfce Tihwmer Kveigreen, arrived August 3, from Tam plco. ? h hide* and hemp, was ordered to make the same di?r<* 'on of tbe hides a* above. The lullowing vessels were ordered to send their ear gets to the eity on lighter?, al\er jive days from their ar rival?the passengers to be detained also at Quarantine the same length or time:? United States steamer Fashion, fiom Tampa Ray. with storm and thirty eight passengers, arrived Avgust 3. Br1^> Olio, from Hondiiru, arrived August 3, with ma hogany and sar* aparilla, and two passengers. Tbe crews and passenger* or the two but vessel.* were all well. Tbe following vessels were directed to be allowed to send their cargoes in lighters to the city, throe days from their ariival ? Schooncr New York, from Curacoa, arrived August 2, with fustic aud goat skins. Tho skins were ordered to be lightered out of the city. Hart Venus, with wood, 6ugar stid goat skin1*, from Curaroa, arrived 3. The skins to bo lightered out of the city. The following vessels were ordered to have permission to send tbeir cargoes ou light"rs to tin' city, at theducre tlou of their captains; tbe Teasels having been thorough ly ventilated uud cunflel, in accor lance with previous direction* of tbe Commissioners, and pronounced in a healthy condition: ? Brie Itio, from Sii.Aapore, arrived August 3, with mer chandise aud three iwssenifers. Brig KliDac. from Bahia, with codec, arrive I Augu3t 3. Brig T. M. Maheo, from Bermuda, with ballot and flf teen passengers. arrived August 2. Brig I.. Merrill arrived from Bermuda August 3, With lumber and four |?ssengers. Ship l'arona and Rebecc i arrived August 3, rroni Buenos Ayres, with bides, wool and hair, aud live passengers. Cargo to be landed out of the city. Brig CUri.-?a arrived 3d, from Turks N!and, with logwood and coflee. Tb? crews of tbe above were we!' and the port j they can* from prouoouced heslthy on their uc,...r:"rc. The cases of tho bi ig Eliza Jane and schooner Keiea'n., pre'' lously reported, were left at the discretion of the Health Officer as to tbe period of their further detention at Quarantine The bark Hacketion, arrived August 3, fr>m Mttuzsi, with bal!a.-t, wu reported with two cases of yellow fever ou board and one death on the passage. Tbe foU>wing resolutions were passed upon a eom'mi iiaation received from Mr. Williams, No. 153 Nor ti Ik street: ? Revolved, That the City Ins]?-ttor be, and he Is hereby, requested to nn'.iry the occuj>auts ot premi es No. 151 Norfolk street (Messrs. Browne Hunt, s.t usage makers.) to discontinue the throwing or relume entrails iuto the ?treet, an<i to thoroughly cleanse their premises mm<j dtately uuder Ins direction, and be it further Resolved. That in case of a failure on the part of such i cc upturn to comply with such notice of the City Inspect or within twenty lour hours after tho service thereof, iben tho City Inspector be dirt cUd to cause Maid lirra or occupants or tbe promises No. 161 Norfolk street to close auil vacate aaid premises. The ersuing resolution was oilered b / tbe City In ?pertor. Mr. Morton, anil adopted ? Resolved, That his Honor the Mayor be, and be la here by, requested to issue a special order to tbo Police IVpsrt men! ?? ,uiri?'f tbe strict enforcement by arrost of all nlli luting parties ol tbe police duties a^amst |wr,i>n- cart li g garbage acd tilth into tho street* and other public placcs l?r. Thompson Health Oth er at Quarantine, reported tbat pi venil vens'-V- arrive?1 ?t Quarantine during Sunday, havitg each caret of yellow fever on board. These ves i<els all came Irom the West Indie*, and upon arriva'. were ordered to be anchored two or three miles from the fbore. Proceedings of the Board of Health. The Board of Health met yesterday, at 3 I*. M , in the c batnlier ot tbe Councilmcn. In the absence of hi* Hot or the Mayor, O. Hakkkr, Esq., l're<ddent of the Al dermen, was called to the chair. After the rail was called and a quorum declared present, Alderman Ely moved that the seaslou be held with open doors. lTcnldent Pixmr, of the Councilmen, opposed the motijii Some matter* might come before the Buur t which it would not be proper for those uot members of the Board to hear. There might be matters referring to the present public health, which It would be highly injudiciooa should be made public through the newipa per*. He hoped that at all eveaU the Alderman making the motion of open session would withdraw the mmo for a short time, Ull one or two spoclal matters wero disposed of. Alderman Kiv said that the real objoct of his making the motion was to remove any unfavorable imprc.vions that might go abroad as to the health of the city. Hold it.' their meeting* secret, of itself engendered fa!*e opi Dions amor.g citi/.ens generally, as though there was some alarming epidem at the door whish it war deemed ?*> ni il to keep hid from tb ? |hi!?Iic In in v lew, Il WHS not lem ilarm tig to the pibli. io let Ibrm know esnctly li'W the city *tood a* to opinio int.- distsacs than to hold private no- mimis and give rt?e to itc coiii tui nines productive o th.> worm conic i n'li v \s it was In view oi tbe entlem in opposing hi- motion t ring one oi the Ontnmn- oners of Health. ha consented to * ithdraw the motion for a trw moments. T>.e Chairman notiBed *1 uot nieoiiN-rs of thsBa- l Including reporters, to withdraw, wbtcn was dono. Subsequently Alderman Kly renewed In* motion of making the session open, aud the same prevailed, with but rlVbt c<| position. Iliodiy buaineas transacted ia sec ret session was a statement from the Chairman, aouono ng a rorimum a l ' n rece ived l y the Mayor l'ro> tbe 4 .mm- 1 ouer of greets and lamp*, cutting that th? appropriation ol sC>t,.?4, for cleaning the .-arrets, wa* eaiia.-d d, with the e\ception of -o?c one hundred dollars. After rc me di cu?*ion a- to the best plan f> adopt to ensure proper eleaniinees of tbe streets, with prop-r rs g?rd to the public health, tbe following were chosen a < i remittee to agree iifion' tbe c on rue to reoom nend ? AWlcrmen Kir and lolmer, and C< nucilm< n \v irner. Col Iyer and rbtlllpa. The committee were instructed to report at the neit meeting . A communication was received from the City Inspector Erecting attention to No. 267 Bowery ?nd No. 1 Itt t.udlow feet. as being in their present' condition nuisances, and i re.iudlclal to the health of thosa living adjacent tc tbem tbe former place me>nlioned was stated as being a sort of lagar bter saloon, and tbe laUer a pliw e where bone* were l;Otled. On motion, the examinalioa into the condition of theae places ?ai referred to tbe Committee on Nmaan.cs, c ouocilman Itarney, chairman The roof factory at No. 138 West Seventeenth street, and the slaughter bouse In Si \ tenth -treet, were referred to tbe City Inspector, with power to direct the proper chanting and dosing of tie m. There beicft no rnrth r bnsiness, the Bonn! adionrned to Friday afternoon. The Condition of the (1ty> REPORT or TOR HKH ALT> fIHF.IT CO** I UHIOVE^ We have already given our readers the result of the lavaattgallnn of onr Street Commissioner in the Seven teenth ward, aad we now continue bit report of the eon ditton of tbe streets in the Flrtt, Second, Third and Fourth. Commencing at the inaction of Bir-l/iy and Washington st recta, be made a circuitous toar of the whole sonlbern portion of the city. Inspecting Cedar. Tine, Carlisle, R?C tor, Bridge, Water, Roosevelt, Gold, Cherry, I- rankfort and 1 ?over streets, which are generally and Jnstly considered among the tilt hies t localities in New York. All oft bene thoroughfares are In the vicinity of the North aud Kant rivers, and the greater portion of them abound in emi grant boarding and lodging honsea, and are principally inhabited by the poorest classes of onr population The houses are, fttr the most part, wretchedly constructed or in the most ralnoua condition, and a large tti mber arc not even supplied with Croton water, except what their occupanta obuin I rom the feydraat* ia the street. In soma of theae bouses there are ten o? fifteen ramilioa. and many of theae are conflned to one apartment each, which is ma la to answer the di lerent purposes ofa klteh ea and bedroom for all the memhera of the family, somo t mes numbering ? x per?o-v TV basement il generally the wor?t ftrt of t??e ?, v, I a * ->ieh ari>*s Trnm yet it would be uDjust to blime them a'together far tbis, as iu many instances tliey are the unwilling but Uelplesa Victims. They have do re.-eptacle for as hen and utrbage in the rear of their dwellings, and are obliged oither to keep it la their rooms or violate the Corporation ordi nance by throwing It in the street. Ia this diletutui Ihey naturally prefer to violate the ordinance. Now, there i# a very simple remedy for tUH. "A propo sition ?: made about a year ago, through the Hkhmd, to supply every block with a large usli and garbage bo* and, if necessary, to insure cleauliueas, each bl'?ck with two or throe. These boxes ml^bt be emptied a day, and in this way the poor would be enabled to keep their own tenements clean, avoid the violation of the ord.a an Cos, and tat- penult es attendant on such violations. I'uti ,-ome remedy like tbis is adopted, it is absur- Mo cxpec euch etreeta a.i tho^e we have named can be kept iu a clean and Ivealtby rendition. II the meatus which bave been already triel lave failed, and tf tlie ordinance! have proved 'nelrw, tlie City Inspector and the sti-ee CommL-sioner can surciy contrive something between them which wMlit accomplish the desire I olrioet. Vi'o reccmrai nd the boxes to their consideration ai the bos*, proposition that ??h yet been made. But the fact Is, Jtoat even this remrdy would be of no avail It the dirt i sttmen negfect their bos. no# and fait to remove the ashes and garbage- ufter they have oteu de poflted In these rcnptacle?. r>urtng his tour of ;n?|>ec tion the Commissioa-r saw maxy proofs of the dt -ire of the poor to remove tile tilth from their dwellings, and they failed simply bsoause the proper authorities Lad not performed their duty. They had in some instances been able to place small .tell boxss on the curb tones oppo site the doors, aud t ose who were unable to procure tbeso endeavored to .supply their placo by oil broken pots, superannuated t.n caus. and various articles of crockery, while some more tortucatc had riBCiiotho dignity of a coal scuttle or the more ample dimension* of a t!our barrel. In rone streets there appeared to be quite a rivalry ia regard to the character of tho utensils, aud it wai abusing to see tiie tre-necdous cflort-; which some of the moro ambitious of their deni zens put (otth iu the production of o'd wash boilers, slop buckets, pails aud tubs, which had long sincc seen their best washing days In some ot the large tenemen t houses various sorts or ash boxef are cxteuipoti/.ed by clubs cotu.s'.iug of three or more families, sanitary associations on a small scale, temporarily organize! for tlie expulsion of ashes, gar bage, and all kinds of tilth from tbeir cramped and mise rable lodgings. Kach lamily tikes its turn, an l every week a strange looking utensil oraaiueuts the curb These are generally of auch limited dimensions, that oue day 's cleaning of two o<- three teuemeuta fit is it to over Ilowing, wlien the content - are thrown into the middle of the street, to make way for the next day's produce. This accounts to a great extent tor the liltby conditton of many of the streets mentioned ? Wash ugtou street, from Barclay down to the Battery, though cot so filthy as it was some two or three weaks hinc e, is sadh in need of a visit from the sweepers and dirt cartnieu! In tho neighborhood of Cedar and I'tne streets the gutters are chokM up with cabbage lei es, etg shells, rotten potatoes, straw, old booU and sboM? 10 old that even tho rag pickers pass them by? broken pieces of crcckery. aul occasionally the mauzled remains of a rat In front of one house a quantity of rainwater | bad collected, and this, mingled with the most disgusting ! tilth, had turned green and black and yellow in the sua. A ragged jot-ng urchin of seven or eight amused himself by throw tug a living skeleton of n kitteu into this pool, w hile two or tnree mothers, ene with a child at her breast, looked on aud laughed. The filth was cer tainly tfce least revoiHo^ part of this spectacle. The ash bolts? that is, the old |?>?s, tubs, caus, (tails, slop buckets ? were How tug over. Some were barely visiiV.e in U"? midst ot tne surrounding tilth which rose on all sides like miniature roouutans. Now, all this, with the except on of the V'Uee the child and t!i ? th--?e mothers is attributable to the t,i) Inspector, thi Com m-.ssioner of Streets and lamps slid the , ->i"-c. The Sol low i. j s: e the rules and ordinances under wbi< a c?.u- of these tflicial* is authorised tJ art ? The City Inspector shall t ike alt necessary measure? to nseirtatn every nulsanc* which may exlat In the city of New York, si d to cause it to be forthwith removed. The t uDtntsstotier of Htrtcta and l.atnps -'to eu side the t rmn.on Council to mske such proviso in resjvcct to the cleaning of streets as tho public interest m ay require, is hereby directed to report to the Common Couucil oa or befoi* the 20tb of .lune next a plan tor the cleaulng of strci Ls, with a draft 01 an or lina uce adopted to carry the tame into edect." Has this been dotieT at.d if so, lias the plan been a failure '' "Tliey" (th*ypo'i-*o,) "tm-st arrest alt persons found throwing ashes, ollai, vo.j-Uble,, garbar ? dross, cinders, M.i-i ? straw, shavings, ''tit, tilth or rubbish 01 any kiud whatever, tn any street, lane, alley, or public plte- ? |u the city of New York." This certainly is comprehensive and explicit enough, but it lias become a dead li tter in cousequcnce of the neglect of the police to pertorm their di ijr. t *c:.r and Pine streets arc iu a filthy con lit on. partic-j larlv that part which ruts froni Ureenwn h to Weil. The 1 i-idents have ins-le several fruitless attempts 10 - w e,, the garhsiie and dirt trotn beiore the door in little heaps, but ttie heaps have lit <111 levelled and their ingredients scattered over the -tteets by horses and cart' This is clesrly the fault of the Comtuissionerjpf Mr-en and lamps, who has In his department a bureau for clean ? eg tb<- public kt re< 1-. and who -- duty u is to have the dirt In both these streets removed. V Sshirjitou strict, near Kector, almost intolerable ? *ce|.t to the iubabitaiits, 111 con*e-( i?t.ce of the tl:!*i and tl.i st?nch Taere w 1- oi-e ur . icc.ipiM cell .r, tn ? d.M>r of whk h was |?rtljt closed wit.i tho view of slmttlci in the (.ml nnsstna winch was engendered m t W|J( j, ccaped from every ehtiik and opening in tk- iilapidatcit door tv In -pei tor or ono of his War lens must look into Hist eeliar, sec that its contents are cleaned out, and t be whole ettabh.-lmient thoroughly p' r.Oed While looking into an alley way winch, from its con ditain api>cared to !>e a c -m-non re?eptv 1? for the d.rt of the hou:es on either side, we were acco'ted by tlie Health Warden of the First ward, when the following in tcrestmg dialogue occurred: ? lis M ill W-1 I S\. h-ok I ?; at tlie note 00k and parcel or the IU?AU?Coiumiaalotier ? '? You are from tlie iluuu> ollk c, | presume-" liiR.Mts Sii-n r Co-!M--io\sit? "Yes, sir."' II W ? '?! ooking into tho condition of the t rot- 1 s H. H. C ? "Yea, sir." II. \V ??'Well. Mr, I am the Health OI1U or, and I'm at tending to that." H ,m c _"| am i'c ry glad to ?< " It, tor this stroet and that alley certainly require attending." M W? "I have I. .-en -ei,,,. to that already, an 1 is ? ?sit. us I Unit toe owner I will have it cleaned and the whole concern shut tie. We .re getting alonj llnely with the streets, n-.w, and we 11 f-xm have thorn m good rendition 1 start on my work every morning at ten o . In-k. al l it - about three when I 1'. I through with my . ? plor itions I then take the results down in my note hook and report them to the City Inspector 11. P. C. ? 1 w sh you every suceo-s tio >1 |m irning, sir. H. w ? Ooori morning, sir. And so we parted, tacb satisfied that that portion of the Ktrsl Siard would be well reported. The localitlea nest inspected were Bri lge, Water, Cberrjr, Wold, Frankfort. Hover and R.>oscvelt. la Cherry street, near ita southern extremity, there are two alley ways, called |>j?t and West tiotham courts In eaeh of wbicb tbere arc from thirty to forty live story bouses, f aeh ooort runs bat k to a distance of two or three hun dred feet from tbe street, and is a little more than ten feet wide. Uotli courts are. to all appearances, very clean, but the smell wbicb assails the passer by Is exceedingly rauseating. Here we are certain the City Inspector will tind plenty of work lor the Health ?HBcer of the ward wbiili holds these courts. Tins brought our tour of In spection to a close, and we were heartily gl%d of It, for mere revolting, sickening, di-gnsting disbesrtening ?<fcbts we bave seldom seen, even in New *ork. Thr Drpnljr Health Ofllor *1 (Iwariuitlne. The report that l?r. M irtindalo. tbe I deputy lf?allh "fli err at yvar inline, was attacked with yellow fever oa la?l .?^atur'aj, ?n.t that he i* at protest iic'k with thla inf.* tious ?*?<, m Iik error' On Saturday Pr. Martir. lale visited over flfty re?ael? at Quarantine, and, by the fa tigue and protracted ?X|?M<ire to the hot *un rrom rldla^ (torn voasol to *e**e! Id bd open boat, wa* ?t length ^ver come. The attack wa* however, but a severe form of internment fever. an<l yesterday he had nearly re covered . City Pollllr*. laat evening. purtnant to an invitation from UteKmpiro Club, all the otlicers of the dtflerent Bushanan Clah* ot the rtty. with the exception of the Twenty flmt ward rich, met at tbe K?pire<lub headquarters, In Canal Uraot. Captain Rymlera prealded. After various proposition* wore made and decanted, It wa* anally voted to have a grand public procession of all the different Buchanan clnbn and a**o. taUona of the city on tlio second Tuesday nf next Novsmber. H waa further voted Miat In p?rr?< t the preliminary arrangement* for thin demonstration, a meeting of three delegate* from each clnb shauld bo held at the Fmptre Club room, a week from next Kriday evon ing. To Join In thi* movement the I'reaident wa* author ized to invite Buchanan Club* or Brooklyn and William* bnrt. A tiropoaition wa* discussed a* to the propriety of holding, tnrongbont tbe entire en?utng campa ga, a ter *t ot man meeting* in the diflerent wards ol lbs city, but no formal action was taken. New Jerwy ttaws I'm 17 it Ficiimvti.?Two prue light* are reported to have taken piace In New Jersey on Sunday. At daylight a party of bruisers from the lower part of New York Isiulcd near Communipaw, and two of them fought a ring tight of Ove or six rounds. At about noon aa? tner party crossed over In boats to the Oats between .Tee*ey City and Hoboken, and one of them, named Mickey Mack, fought one Austin sevealeeu rounds, when, fearing an arrast. and neither of them being vanquished, tbey poaipoued the concludes of tbe battle to next Sunday. Turn ah Corr*A<T.? The gas contract which the Jersey City Common Ooancil propose to enter into with the Jersey City Oas t.lght company, for lighting the streets with g?a hut which waa vetoed hy *syor Marrlnes, hr* (7 T is ||l??x>frd of it VI'# '1 ' TM1'. ti<| 'ifftlP Cttun^l : " ? ? u *?"* '? I INTERESTING from EUROPE. [ 9 ARRIVAL Or HHE EMEU AND ATLANTIC, THE CENTRAL AMERICAN Hl'ESTIO*. The Proportion of Wr. Pallas and Virtual Set ' dement of III ? Dim<uJ(y. IMPORTANT FR OM SPAIN. Triumph of (lie Queen at Madrifl. The Probable War of the Cor ^ Againgt Isabella. THE AHfEMCifl PlttSlDMTlU, ClVIKf. The American Bonaparte Reeo;nize?l as -One of the Dynasty. STATE OF THE MARKETS., Ac., Ac.. Ac. The Cunard screw steamship Ensue, Captain' Small, arrived at this port at 11 o'clock yesterday morning, after a veryfrapid pMM|e fron:'Harre.J8Le Bailed thence at a quarter before 3 o'clock on the uf ternoon of the '/'id ult. The Collins mail Hteamship Atlantic, Captain EI dridge, arrived at half-past 4 o'clock yeatecday af ternoon. She left Liverpool at half-past 1 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, the 23d alt. The stea ship Asia, hence, arrived at Liverpool on the 2. -'. nit. There are two important features in the new ? 1st, Mr. Dallas' proposition affecting the Ce . ?i American question; 2d, the progress of the rev tion in Spain. The Emperor of France had ordered a Freu ii force to assemble on the Spanish frontier, as a En - sure of precaution. Narvaez and other adherents <><' ex-Queen Chri.-tina were aUo hasteuiag to tee frontier. According to the Paris correspondent of Le NorJ, of Brussels, the special commission appointed -? the Euiperor Napoleon sometime ago, to eraa.o into another delicate family matter ? the diff't reu en Ijctwcen the Princess of Canlno and her h unban*: ? has now decided upon the still more important quea tion of the validity of Prince Jerome's flint mar riage with Miss Paternon, in America, a matter which was referred by the imperial nephew of ?he } creon most concerned to the same diacrcct coc lora. The result of the investigation is, that th va lidity of the marriage, which, to the great offence of A 'apoJton I., ua> Jwa maintained by the Pup*, and a divorce cuniittently refuted by the Holy He*, it no to coi\firmtd by the Imperial Committion, and the consequence is, that a young sous- Lieutenant in the French army, the grandson of Prince Jerome and Mir a Paterson, must be recognized m a iegiti mate member of the Napoleon dynasty, and that Piince Napoleon, the son of Jerome by his second marriage, would be excluded. It is stated by the friends of Mr. Smith O'Brien that it is his positive determination to resist all at tempts to induce him to take part in the political affair* of that country, as be has made np his min to attend henceforward solely to the dnties of a re sident country gentleman. lie in said to have been wonderfully struck with the social changes which have taken place in Ireland during the six or seve je irs of his absence, and he freely admits that the p-( gresH of improvement has been much more rtpli than could have been anticipated by the most san guine expectants of the Irish millenium. Advices from Italy say Naples has accorded reel ptocity, including the privilege of indirect trade on the same footing as the national flag to the shipping of Sweden and Norway, Sardinia, Prussia and the (?erman Zollverein. A new treaty is being negoti ated between Naples and Creat Britain. The Paris Mvnitevr publishes in it* official column, the irvatut contvltum concerning the regency of the empire. It bears the sanction of the Emperor, countersigned by the Minis tcis, and i a dated P!om bieres, July 17, P56. The British new* is entirely unimportant. Par. lismeut would ad)ourn about the 30th of July. The Ministerial? Whitebait? dinner, at (ireenwich, took place on the l!Hb, and this dinner is the usual fore runner of sn adjournment. In the House of tards the Earl of Malrneaburj called the attention of Parliament to the difficulty that had arisen between the governments of Braxll and Oreat Britain, from the discourteous conduct of the British Minister at Bio, on a matter arlaing out of the slave trade. Lord Walmesbury, In his speech, particularly insisted on the value of retaining the friendship of Brazil, in the ca*e of a war with the United States. He concluded bj moving for papers con nected with the a Shir. Lord Clarendon explained the circumstances of the cane. The Itritiah government had considered it right to support the Minister at Bio. but the Brazilian government was animated by no ill will towards Britain. After remarks by Lord Aberdeen, the papers were ordered to be printed. Lord Malmse bnry then asked Lord Clarendon whether it la true thst the Russian! are dismantling the fortre-oej of Innael and Beni , whether any other fortresses win be built on the Danube, and when a new Rua-<Uui Minister might l? expected to arrive in lxmdon. To thete questiona Lord < larendon replied that there le no doubt the Itassians are demolishing the for tiesses, as they consider they have a right to do, previous to delivering them ap to the Turks. As regarded the new Bnasian Minister, Count Crepto wich had received the ap|>ointment to I-ondon. In the House of Lords the Bishops' Resignation bill, waa, after a division, read a third time. The object of thla bill is to permit the Biahops of Lon* don and Durham to resign, on pensions of ?6,000 and 11.200 per annum. The House of Commons devoted a long while to discoaaion upon the East India Company's finances. Tames Sadlicr had lieen formally summoned to ap pear in his seat in Parliament on a given day, prw paratory to declaring his seat vacant Two hundred and fifty thou -and rounds of Mini* cartridges were shipped from Plymouth for tho Cape of (?ood Hope on the 21st of July. Accounts appear in some of the English paper* o a revolt among the Qnecn's troops at AlderahoU. The afffcir is now represented merely as a public house row, in which the B otoh and English fell upon and beat some of the German Jagera. William Dove, charged with having poisoned h's wife by means of strychnine, at been fonnd guilty, and sentenced to be hung. Edward Kenny la appointed senior memlwr of the j Legislative Council of Nova Hcotia. The large failures alluded to in the last steamer'* news were John Nunns. cotton broker, Liverpool; Joseph Wright A Co., spinners, Stockport; Lowe t lane, commission merchants, Manchester; B*xt?r .V Co., and four other houses. The liabilities am-* iH large, and the assets sntftll. Nunns' estate srlli v i? i lOe. It the pound. Joseph Wright A Oo.,s?> , of fltwkport. ivwrd N1 nn* t * Is ?????<? " ' ?' ' > ' - Ut, w ? ' "*? ?' -v .