Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1856 Page 3
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ft T w s FK09 (DBii Our Hat aim Corrrupond*ii*<>. Havana, Au^ 4, 18C6. Fhe Si-ML'\ DiUs o/ Mrricn ? Arproa. 'iin-j Settlen.e nt? Ano>h*r Do of Clerical KxV ? Oumto/t r'j t'oli ?Ajij >rrrv*d?A iiahrui Iinnk f^ryer ? Kit (a the I ritvi Stolet ? (ienerml Highnai Ru'utrris: ? H'rick o/un American liivi?Dealht of Shijinatien and iai t/i? Mari.uj. <Jn the Cist 11!' mo we bid the arrival or the atearasUt, S-ICiioo from Vera Cruz. bringing u= Intarest ng news, *vith some ev.dence that the country Is ; afe, nud our deMs are po.ui to bo paid, when the accounts have teea ?duly eiHed, bjJ tiie dro:-: which ha.? surrcpiit'.ousl; ?escapcd int-o wrong poci?ts has been separated from the ?ass. The Ppsni-h Minister, in preparation for investi gation hsd -ca'' 'it a meeting of the Spanish- Mexvan cred. lors lor tho CC-t of July, at the city ol Mexico. The ti'iurch att-jtii'.i ? a.t revolution hail been frustrated by the prompt actios of the President of the repu' lie one at '.i elf ,*, aij.t u leaser one st Guant^u Ho. A few more pnests? seventeen In number? have beon -tnteocs to banishment. myl are expected In the Ian t of Catholic t>ro: e? Cuba? by the next British We?t lad i mill ?t arnihip. d- ? the uth Inst. They are such udiQurent paymasters, av.ay from thtir a'tars, that the Motion de clined receiving them on board. The passenger' '>y this stenmer .sreak very bm} I'ac'.y in favor of Cotnonfort and bis now policy ? that it will ">e established, a id with it :i : lubll'iy and metallic basts to <he eiecati ? uciien of the country, that It tin lop.; needed A large sUnding army will not bek*.ptupt> tat into the troeaury, while an* effort will be made to cstablji'i militia corp-i through the republic, to cm 1j race the beet nun and the best patriotism ol' the coun try, with a pro*p;ct of reward, after a given period ot service, in foe m :>lc poMcs-lou of soil, to be '?"?!? tod ic stch dWtiicts of the fcfUitc ai most ne.'d invigorating po pulation. t^r.te ej ext robbery bas be-vt porpetrite'I here iiy t!.? con'idetitial clerk and ca?hior o! Pedro ' icost, one of otir wr? Iby and mwt enterprising marchauts; tiie man uc-r and deil'oei ato probation involving sonu difficulty ai to personal locality of the lo?. The c.nhier, f'on <>esaro lia tzxM, forged the nam'' of hi* employer to a vhecit lor SliC.OCO on one of our bank- ol do posit, with which I;.' paid i?i- !? U. of exchange on W.v Oiloans pre vifJOBly jir/otlate for wl*h thehou?e ol Cthuzic Brother!, and drawn by them on their own hoo><> in th*t city. The Wc-srs. Cah'i .( presented their che ?;< at tin? Cr-'Iilc .' i ivr' ia'. where it was promptly paid as g<'uu<ne. The ?ibsoonder is supposed to bave lelt for N'ew Orleac:; in the >ini ??! the VV?">t ou the 2<th lust. Mr. I.a;ost not 'iuding tin- 1 u-hier o.i Monday morning, nor the keys of liia cheit nnd di-s-k. seat to th<? bank to ascertain if any of U.- fenda bad been <!.-aw:i th'-ace, w hen tho discorery of the for gery anJ the sc'iuet was made. Mr. I.acost pronounce ?tho ciivtU a lor^e v. Tho Messra. Cahunc say that the <jaok where Mr. did hn buatnaaa should have es tablished the ver i ib'e char'j<-ter of the ctltck b'-fori, pay ?iog it: that by l?ttT.g SUurday uni rtr.aday pa<<, they had been drpriv.- 1 ol the recovery, thronjrh ihrir uegllgeuce, of the money Ironi tho man who had perp-.-tratcd the fraud The bank denies the conclusion n d tie money ?so the web work of tne Spanish law b");iu -. while tie hotic ol Cabumo Brothers I.m ehsiwed a Tease! to follow n i r . Bu^anei, who has probably negotiated }r.s b IN, and gone up tiie river, on his way to Sirnt')g?, the Fall-, Newport. 4c., where he will make i teoiition jjesf.b'y . he Uoei not commit som" one !.'> the fob;- t matrimony. Tim following < ltrk will have tx n'.co t;-ne, and the reft is money lost. Tins eoa<i1eai;,,i gentleman was bur u hi ^'aLUtvlt-r, and wc havo l->t4 i\.r- of th? tame <'cc>Dftdcnee" from the t-ame p..r" stock ? i-Ot exp?t c ?!, the onl; dilfcreuce. Meare jast about ai honestasocr neighbors. Vu r *i5 000 oilmen aui 'hn-t'r- !>r twenty live million of people. e?|iial to our 'j5.000.u0C tor one and a ball' ditto >>\ Ma ?* au-t white m xe i in Cuba. \Ve have a p'>. o ? in vigilance and intelligence gk4 c - traord'nary, and ot Incorruptible integrity. Scar a f-mull vill^o'e (wtt'iina day's ndoof n?'. ina). tw? and a balf mile i ta t. ,"o\: r highwaymen tiku p teuton of the road, fro.i '2 o'clork, 1'. M , until D ov;.:? k same rob and t.e ten persons, one after tee otb? r, withiaj'ight ol the tov. j. a id aro n<>t molested, until a buy who would cot Stop, es i ties by the fleet oa^s of li s uorhi- ? id noti!h? a military g\:ard > '"t'.efuci^. I'urt of tho ^'ing were cap tared, lhewa*. bmvi robbing our yo'.tnj at night only evidence < ? otir exceeding parity, for waicli mum crpo :".r 1 of tiie crime is forbid leu by the chief of our po'i*.-. i w .ader if anyboujr will pa.- this i-0,000. as tli cy d:d tho $600", after the volunteer defaulter bad letVfor f at?s unknow.i ? put h;s pa-si-orts nut also after Uie departure, and a eons alar rert.tlcate to ibe fart - for puid.iation and refutitiou ia tho i nltcd States that theie was uo mum y due, and that tin person Ittd his passports, w Honor, kept so clean, will be come very offensive after a se ison. and thom who dabble with it will have reason to remember an offensive anlusil. health i? oi.t ot aroa. We hare little t ? i ?>?. t . f Capt. Carney, of the American bark Pi?l, diil on the 1st Inst.; Capt. l e la-.d, cf the brig Judg'! l'tti.ira d:sd on ?tiie -6th ult . at .d many pcor ssilorH tave got.# to rest 6(ne?th tiit film. The Awe lean bi g Fiank Horton w.i* wwk'l west of Pal 3 Hcrda on tl;e v"d of July, boon 1 rrom Mobile to I'u Ttna. loade i w h lumber; part tltl.ecargo was saved, and Mtill be sell ou the beach as t lays, under tiie d're t on of the agcct cl v ?' "v. ritert and the Vice Coarultf the > nltedMate* Vr. Hu -ntro. The master nr.d crew wi'l l>e bore I'.i" wee'; 1 1 embark for the I oiled i-ut?>?. Exebai ''fluv ' e< n low and heavy for ihe >a?t t^n < ays. >Vw York. T to 7', di.-co> n?; mhci Noiihern, ? to 7'!. lO'.dcti 4 premr:m, sn.l will ?o ler< to-d?y. ;>e'gbtl? Not i prr.?.ng; ?1 ITS. ?d. to CI to tht ottier Mde; 1 1 ted !? stes. SI per hhd. sugars , I- 75 paid per tthd. mo'i ?( tor one vessel; boxee. 4 to f> rials. Hue* ol f i gars eu ban '. 2I-5.0C.0 boxes, and i|notat otis a lvfcacc 1 to J, rial over pr. viois ad \ ices . iU'-mna, am?, s, isra. Osp&rtur* r>J thf lii'ith Vic Ciinii'l aJ TVi'nv '<jl ? Hit taPing AVi 1 "or.1. ? A C< vntsu and V-r Trou'.Vj ? /It Myht it r*rit?Sitlscrii>tUm Jar lh> Suf frrert. Tbe ?tar of t'i? "Wt not leaving until this niorHng. I am uuk>cl lo u Id notes in my letfr, which tm p u ?d in the lac'.; ;e*terday evening. I had a sad mitii-nttrv Interview wi.b Wen Siduey Smith, ?*q., Rrlti h We el Ti.n.ilad, last evening He leaves for New Tor* by tii i Ut'jmer, for h!' health and to crape from f>aiafai r-iv; atlon' , which bavs to nglet with hU jora Cut could co: remove the bitter or.? 1 etion fr >m h t c p. although w.tli :he n> ni- try of kind bcarUit wxs attempted, tbrov-fr'a h.i l.'.c ..ot row ti al. Ilis farmer kin'ne<.? I", i.-.y countrymen fcave made htm friendships which will ther upon h. ? path, to cheer klra tor good deed* well done. ir a e<m<f <i?\ lady of as exalted alfts tu ele vited iu ?xia! ? should bre?k from hor rontia< ted orb I. and fly from tho tyranny of love, a*.;d oil vlolted obligation i, domottlc a'icc lions, Jov* ?..d tow t ? let none condemn tier but those who are U en^elvr" perfcct, or have constitution to erdorie ill treatment. A bird spoaks to me ? or 1 bare re< n the iotei.':zei>t sparkle of an eye that sptak*? *ud I believe a? yoti real tlie?e I nes, that the much and jtutfy admired Istiv o! the Consul tirneral of ? w'.'.l be pr.seing f tn hie ;kp to fcer bcltl in your citv, c rout* !*>?;? Par The Con* .! o? F.attce, Count Rattl Ment^n. Iia> teen quite -iter I in gathering cont: .beano- ,or his < ountry mm ill the .n'iBdatrd dieUicb. Pueh labor in lore or charily Will br ug its reward and consolation to Lm MM ?mr health rrma'ns &? tt was yesterday, at far a* we can perre -e. s?:tbo?itabi?.-m?nt c'tlw pr?-<*nt disorder? not cholera, I ut tntrito, tb<- wont kind ot jeliow fever, iu tbe city tbc-e are but few cares offeror comparatively t'scbangc a . I fre'gbti uo better. " ]l \v.\!ij?, Aug. 5, 11(4. ntdMlfa'At'il ty V-r Hfrl-atnl?A Siw in '.At S/rr-U ?Danp^-n ' r'.r f Met CUUrtu F.njfo ( ? Sfrrral rmo'i Ki'/dai Sa,tct<ti FjvrUut? A G art J Dry War on liar. J Having ag= n sacked my last note, 1 am adrtoel of other matter* reqtt'.r r.g yonr notice. Tbe bird has not 'owa, alth( igh Ill/lit waa attempted? tho hujband bar ing caught the ti uant, with the aid of eight or nme eer Tint*, and mide a very dlareputable expo?qre m our etrecta Had be right view of bia position and of pab t;c oent meut, be would put no obM ide in the way of tbe woman whose pf ace and happinc^a are destroyed; but, like all otlier*, wise or wlilul, ?ho will bavo her way, and bides ber time. The newsba.? mil reached as from Hanetu* K-<perittt.i, l> y o^T cia! report and, or course, undoubted authority, of a aerlous rommoiion between lb? cltiaens and sold:ory stationed tl.ere t" protect their integrity, fidelity and per mbs. The t-s-t of the ^^nora Ats, pa tron aa'.tit oi tie diatrlet, on the 2?th salt., a< ?fusl ?s* tbe ori'tM-ion of draariig tog?(h?r the people ot the country to the town, t> cele bnM tt With chur h aervices. pr<*-"*?ions, msas^s and balls In pw'og thro.ijtb the ftreMs, a drtj be| m^ieg lo -<>?e of the rs (as little dotja will do) left the protet <ion of bia mu*te> and blaquartn*, for the agr?ea')le paa ttae oTMrkteg at the oonntry p?iple, who were usurping the rights ot i ot e ? "n curs, and nlppleg their nether ?v trerrotles ?s they darted lr< m tho al lea ?f horx -s, male-- or bid<e rntliablow wth a club or Iong kntfe filve iV1*! aceor 'ing to law), ioet him to his ollio'al i>a-.ron wita a sense of belter maiinert. The ofllcr, ?>nra<, t nt thti enmuiary treattiv.-nt of hi? favorite pot betpe I to Keep tbe town in order or tn commotion, order. -d out hi? joldlere with Ihelr brlluant point bay-not*, which servo to garn.^h C' bin fidelity, to retallat'4 opon the offenders of hie poppy illtnlly. A tight eMae<J, and two or three jwraons were Vlll"d' In tho mflft- 1 lie Governor, who ?ieted with great prnleneo, ordered all the si->res and l dare* of pub! e resort to be r to Kit. after tin ling th it the eaelted rxmntry pcopt* were coming into town by tho i -nnde, hav nit t". it their -tremjh n tb? slight coitest with the troops, who bad boon compelled to retire to tfiolr bi? ra< k?. The 'east and the paraphernalia ther?wltn. was deferred for n more t ivomble season, and this ffcet being made krown to th?evettod crowrl*. they gradually diipors ed and rctomed to their borne* am .n<< the hills, although Sn sulky ten per However, a few remained, and two ?t ?sasslnat on? were t'ie consequence ditr.oir the night, rtila ead Incident, working np<>n the tomperof the people, will make tt nece??r,ry |o Mnd ro nforcofflents there, for wuinh t.overror Casartegj! in* a<ked of tbe ^ov?rnment here, I am iBfornied. Tbe < uitrment baa sproa<l through the conttrr bke wl'dflre, at d a'thongh the ra?M I-. trlvml aivl . smnv It mny Involve tn i bioixf of many food m?o and Irno? such is the apprehension. Tbe Ha?ua la Urande, rotted State* ronsii-alo t.eiernor, d?s?rve* mi ch more credit Ibr his cool conduct in thia attaie than for the un seemly % eolence exercised upon Mr Tttompson and his fndlgndv ollered lo the arms and fla* ol the I'mted sta?#a tbH t the dog war-lot political. *l f A loot. low, dA.-ic afcaamer baring baeo ateo ?oua4ing nua 1 Cape ixa A.:U>n.u, on our coast. wiiboutaay nation m fac <1 playpd. and without aak'ng "by your leave"? -tho ; [mnlsa wr (^pamcr Gtfaerol Leso wa< bent out to look alter her, uxlcr the impression that the vesiel "mi DO tetter than she tlioaid be ? or a filibuster. Ths steamer Geo. Lti o rettiraod oa tin evon_ag o! tht 24, and reported ? nothing cane 'a Morales Kada, sick or Coot* Rioa, hu excused himself aai jone to see liU rich, aot b ) poor, relaUwu OaVAtU, Aug. 6, 1866. Gwril Cncla't Cvn\iUs?nce?H<na tht New t u /lecetiwf l.i tits I'tovit?The Cj.? l/x'r ? Return of an Xt%U? WAo.'?a-< Miliary D ?ssriion?Bttrylaria, RMxrit* in O n Da., llif.vuy Amulti, aid Harden? Ihlal liver taw?A Push SHtiee I last hid the p'.exsure of addressing you I hare made u bug wished for trip to Cardenas. The chief aui> ject of conversation on my way to that plaoe was the recent heaka of (oners'. Concua. It waa my good for tune tu b: tie bearer to Cs.-deaaa of the grat-fymg mtei igenco of the conraiesccace of his lixcellenc/. Some pi'tle- appeared t < rojo'ce it the news; whilst others, my love of truth crmpelc me to add, seemed to entortaia a totai!;- oppos.ta fe< ling. Oae mau, who was quite aa La td.' per*"*, loareninj lath? railway car on this sub. act. said tM'j xcc". '? My hope wis ia the Span. -it doc tor?, tor I tho ight they would kll. him." It is difficult to as. erts.n the true state of public feeling anl opin.on hero. The pre:- s under a rao:-t r'g' 1 cn?orsh.p, cannot be er pectcd to bo aor .s :t. a eflc. of public aeatimesl. ? Men dare not r pres- tb -ir true op a on- lest some 3p? Bhou'.d be at ??:! < n-r;* to the '-..upremc a-ithority" a ; tatj turn! t^int wou' I lead to the'' Insiaat arrest aud bsuish at : :u the .an.l, sn was doco, you wil. re m-mber, a co:npi- r.. , el/ .short time Bluce, in the caso or l"ruu 'itt > Itelgado, K arcUto Palomino, Karaon Del sj4 Jose " Martinez. The last nameiT hf IhMe four wai ic??j>t ia prison tweaty flay^ although a -trlct snare h of t. s plare of biilrc .s. re- Kin'o, aad papers, did not disclose :'.hj e. idlonce to wairact Us arr^it or det'-u Hon Tu<! other ib-re. u'.trr tv r! ehcu-^ir -areeratlon, we'e .^ent to Spain a'.tUort c en tb .' ?emb:.anoe of a tr:a? Pelgado has rt ? reatiy ! tt"'OCi' to this island in ertremoly ha-1 beatth, and I'a'oTj.'iO and It! l'osuare Bhortlj expected to arrive TI.c cl . oflcace of which theie fcur men a, 2 coascioui of l.u i.:z ccaitn'ttcd, '>3 the hu in^ at "La Doffrtrica" iiran,. the to.i t, ? ^v.ecess lo your bu-iaes; ' arbich was. 1 believe, addressed to ilu tiue:.. This having been heard by a spy, v. as tortured nto haviaj reference to some sup po.-c.l tcuspiracy or Ultou-tcr e.-.;ed.iioc, a^d the resaJt thetr arr ?t auJ pu.i1Jkc. at. (?n Monday. ? ith r^., vuiuabaroa was throarn Into (luite a state of c iaei ly the iutaUigenca that the i?-rgtaa:'s g 'ai d. and the 3ergc>ant Btationad at the gate of the i :aitcl (,'os: ackj- tliore had des rted. Tto guard cons . -t.d o' fou." pr;. . utes a corpora', aud sergeaut. The corporal w.s t- , i by th? ^crj-a it, he m'ght gc to s'l-ep ; did to, and when fie an to! > great aurprist Ihcov erei ti'at hi. c ?i. - .dc--, v;h ? had taicen their w.tb them had deserted log.thtr. They have s^nce bee a ar retted. A darinz attempt at bu'gfary was mads oa tbi nifiht of ti e 27th ; it , at the re-ldeuce o' tienor .tnoso, in the cat'e (Tltlci; jr. Wrcnch'.n.: a bar ;rom tho Wailow, ttio burg Urs cltcr te 1 an eafu p. They also broke into ^a !au(?r room urt<)!r'.D/ itr- ove .n wh ch senor A-'OM slept Tne no:-e the ? mane nwai.'or. ng li'm.hc f:red off a p do!, wli'cr. a'arm!o?c the, they fled, not, however, without tfg'.rry j? .? n ? va'i.abio furaitjra w tb their ici vis. The ? cjrta.n of a b'okcasc war. cot in two with a and all otho- pr.--? blj danra^e comm-tt<-t but the burg'a. s we"0 <1 -up o!at?d n their hope of ob taiLlax moacy, for wh'cli thoy searched, but of wh'cb ..Vntr Ar !'.&*> p.-udettt'y .J tot itesf a ccaslderabie BJm la h.s house-'. I'n the t it the coi vtor of 2!?3"r5 Mora .V AUdtho w- ? ftoj'pcd :j tb* t By a r-.vro, acd , ba,, of -per!", .t!: . i. it ii^ to uea. ?' a th^u.-.iad dollar., which hi had >:oi'nt? :. was forc b',' u - .''a f:ox Urn b> the negro, who r?;? J.*.'.- un.' we*it . -to a b inhftbltfd by pro^titut^ it the tail;; d? ta I ampar" 'i The ne?ro was followed :ntf' the ho' -? aid the -pec:? wa afterward, fcuul ?e c.-otrd 'r. t: 9 pr'.'.y A 'ho;t fme ?lncu i cirtnaa e"T f uaoaja/ w'tt a f >w hi^es ia 1 ' cart, aod jetr.e tvT?!re or thlrteoa !?;?.??*, in triv.f ! tr> his care, wh'ch n oney, o.s i- c :non? ? : vi p.>r;t if 1.1 L put at> the ! i w , h .-r.-rc\:iie 1 tb? for?iead of on ' if hi? osi . <'!i the rial he ore* too- at'u.eller cu loot wlio 'ol , ? 1 nr. i ebu.r f, p-?na'.?. ,p:: to ride ia tl.e cart, w ber:, ir pag ? ' ? ?, 1 lie. hefe.i a*, -e f 'toe t'aey w re Ri.t by tw - 1 '. ;*i ytarjia c<ta", who, ? op n >' i. v, e < iita . .1 .. ' ? "?*' -dee ot t'. e mon" b<'.ug m I"! o car maa j p . a ?or t ie> Oc t rau-iy sl:ot filic a? 1 tli.-.; t bgtlic- .? ? prn-ee?ed to Cua'ua ant r?p 1 tiwy had d c tho cartinaa deal ; t;.e f a", the rose of "if jrr.a having awaVcn 1 th- loan w ho was riccp r.T af.-.tu tl; . hi-io la th cart, *..d b -, ? je oe tiie ta^'i-a away. ar. t tb ?> dep. tar id the tOi<"rej lire.. . b-.t I'. etly ar> ? , an.1 ioil wiag tiiera to ( eaca ,|?y ? chat . e v h.L-t "l wtr. at.l tell r.g their itory. >??- tL,ea prcfi .red a cUarce a-, est th''Ti ui' har tns cewtn'tt. ' th? ? .unter a ut the robbfy. Ta"y wrr<> n-nr,u< i nr ! the ,/tnii foot.d oa their pers as. T'u? n,auer Is not gcier.>'ly k*vo" a h re, t bnag hu-.hed up The notor o ?? Ast'v' a;;o, the ', ao long the ?error of iravd' ?.. aa I vti.c---. 1 1- beeu ar:est ?' at taoras, w here U.' hat 'Ote-rl t * no.-:, ta' t<< ?"t car it o the wound ? he rr. .ire n tn receat coufl it W li the po Dft/ tii -; c At t':e hrwpiU.1 at ?'atau/?- he ?v reei-rni "d. arre?t?.l, and w'J' i robibly pay the penalty win. b ii -i ong car f>r of crime '0 rally i >r.t?. In the Oil 'ida del Monte outside tu waifs of this c ty, on Fr' lay eTt; Ir?. 1st ' a maa named \ ectura Pi tlortra wn atf -p at the door of a f*:. oa. whei a ne^rn caaie i p w it i a loi: Unite, staabe l li m in tb? abdrrres, WUUng 1 'i. in the atot. Hie knlfo iaased cntireiy throt/gh Ji.e i>e. : ot iledrrtra, co.uhig out at h i s Je. Tbe n grn wu a-.-ectei. Kercr b e f known y?"ow 'ever so t?rr -ly 'atal biro as thi" prof-'t I--, m. Mot oniy do Creole ante ireo ifill T'ct s to .t but a ' -icte nrgrc, 60 yearr of age, na< died from it. that race was previously consider ; J er cmpt frt 'i !? fatal lc'iu'noe. /t a l ad at l'u. rti^ Gr%n<tcs, on Saturday ereoing ia-t Colonel K.tnc/, the I rotiier of our Chie' of iv Ice, took r.way tl e partner of a ceole I id, ta the lain. -'sr.c, In a .^pao'sh daLce. The brother of the creol* went up to Munor aft?r the dance and raid. ?' Voo are a d?d coward: Jim t . 1 to ' <y brother inrt now? be be ug but a t oy? what youwoulJ not have dared do to me, a irar.'- " Tte.^at your we-d-," sil l M ino* and t i' >ouDg Creole did rt>: w'aere"pon Mat o/ ra'sed h a caiie to utr.kc the creole. b. t g t knocked down instead Adjrles'uid. Tbry met nett morning, and Munor rcc'vr-J a severe wouad. Itel yo ol this alar as I h?\o lust tear i it Tt' 'trainer lea es in a .uarterof an 1 our, a - 1 1 ha-e uot t.raeto go out aad obuta the name ot the crtok. Hw Pmcnii I??uH. list of patents Issued from the l'nitcd Mite* IV ?cut office fo' the wecl* ending August 5 1936? caoh bearing that date: ? Samuel Arnold, of Wilson county, Tea \. tor flv trap. H. Bantu, of Picrmont, N. Y.. for impr ovetl weuthe* fctrlp lor door.". .Ino. A. Bwfey. of Jer*ev Citv. K. J, assignor to John Wurrin, of New York, N. Y.. for reel for flili ii g rods. Tbo-i. 15. P.j.!. -j. of Lxkport, N. Y., for improved ttortifiug macbi'o?. . McoiJj Ik lkn.ii>. of Bo-ton. ICmi.. for improre uit ut in t>) Ike machtaKa. Bherburn C. lllndcett, of Philadelphia. Pa., for .m proven eut n rewtng mac M ties. Jo-rpb KcJ, Jr, of Philadelphia, Pa , for im ptonimt in sr w'n t machine*. John PoT!itfa. of Fast llaitibrd. Ctna.. for im pr< s-t d btl? k f :c-*. Hcnrj frown and William Bp>wti. of Pbiiadel ihla. Pa . tor ia.piovmient in ice broking beats. Joi n II. Hr< *k?. of the United Mate? Navy, for farpfovtment in me"iiw fur attaching and detaching Ik at-< to ami from tlie tackle. Win. P. Cftrr. of New York, N. Y., for improve went in water cloaeta. Wn.. B. Coatt* of Philadelphia, Pa . for envelope. Cbaa. H. Dana, of Weat Lebanon, N. II., for im pre.vcd wish supporter. ?'m, II. I>ar lortb, of Salem, Masa.. for improved ?tint infix eta. s. B. C. Peni^n o( fioclipiter, N. Y., for improve lumt in carpet fattening*. Solomn B. E'litborp, of New York. N. Y., for im pre>v? d metal pavement. Jchn W. Fowble, of Cincinnati, O.. tor Improve riKiit in mechanism for compre-<*d air ralinad signals. Samuel H flilman.of New Orleans. T^a.. for im pior, ment in IJ.iga.?se fumacM. Loieczo O. Oilman, of Troy, N. Y., for lnprored wrench. l-aar II. Hiding, of New York, N. Y., for lm proveme nt for breaking ice. Angii-tun .1. GoPb ai.d Demnn Ooffoe, of Cahoes, N. Y . fur imniwement in knitting machines. J. H. Coocn, of Oxford, N. C., for improvement in Ktr^w rotters. Peter Hann^y. of Washington. D. C'., foe improved blank for bnuk note. bills, Ac. Wn A. Jordan, of Thlbedeanx. La . for improve ment in meats of gtiiding line ferry boat.4, or flying Mm. Jacob O. Joyce, o' Cincinnati, O . for improve ment in corn and cob mili#. Ante dated, Fc?>rnary 5, 1*56. JiFtph M. 1 ipninrott, of Pittabnig, Pa., for im proveaent in lock*. T. Krnton Lion, of Birhmond, Va-, for improved pen holder. Pa\ id Miin -on. of Indlanapolla, Ind., for improve ment in lightning rods. Kvlnev W. Patk and Kdgar S. Klla, of Troy, N Y., ft r improve merit in rotn*jr knitting machines. An on H. Piatt, of bellow Springs, 0.. for im preved d< or stay. Jno. 11. Sees, of New York, N. Y., for impr>ve ment in heatkg feed water apparatus for atsim beilierg. Jno. Shopland, of Ilonesdale, Pa., for iinpr )rcd combined >-irani and hot lir rooking stoves. Gilbert Smith, of Buttermilk Faila, N. Y. forim proTement In brecch-loadlng firearms. I>. B. Spooner and II. B. Rpooner. of Spring leld, Mas? . for mode of coloring photographic pic urn on glass. ri wether Thompson, of St. .To?eplis, Mo., for Improvement In hea p brakes. Francis A. White, of Boxbnrjr, Mass., for im provement in methods of stuffing leather. Linus Ynle, of Newpott, N. Y., for improved bolt for vault and sate doors. Hichani M. Hoe. of New York, for method of securing type* 90 rotary i^d?. N?ut from Mfilfo, ooa vims a CR'Ji coRiuisrowDSKOS. Viuu Cu0?, July 'Hi 185? 2T.<r tipari:*. ClatriSfWrvnt Convention ? Jetton and Pre frrn??C<mcttf art's Hunts' Put icy ? Tht Minuter' t Chart tori to Mexico City?Tuv Million* of Silt ? DotUn for Br:giand?ltul< in the Capital? The Vmito cm < <U Vic <iati ? TV CMtrJ. Property and Pri<iti? Efforts to Cuba. By this Meaner I propose a few tinea, by w ay of the Havar.s, under tlia impress on Uiat thef any b? weeded before d rcct transmission Is possible. The great ?' Convention " for remvest.sation ot SpaaiaiJ ciam.i U is process of action, under the of Comonfoit, iwd the euTj/ of the new broom?' hi* Excellency Miguel de los Santo* A'varei, Minister Plseipotentary, Extraordinary, 4rc By the Spanish M'nk tor, all persons LoIAu^ claim* against Mexico, (bcinj Spanish subjects), under previous conventional approval, wee Invited to meet at the capital on the 28d lust., for tlie consideration of nutter? associated with their uitere-<te, aa-l for the purpose of purgng ttoe schedule o' al. sf-rspt'tlous vouchers, wh!'h are alii prejjdicai to tUo hoae-.t credi.orj, the interest? of Mexic and the hoc or n' Spa.j, a the party protecting theb rights. Wh e w-.i are glad to have the nat,on?l pocket frC'ai th? pa; n ei'. of frauds ffc.tcaed upon the Slate by legally constituted o'l c'.aii ia the pub! ic confidence, we do rot hesitate to do j'ist oe to Spanish honor, which prompti;' r.puiaW tha (a^-s construction by its repro seutat e near th..> gr>7erancit. The whais discussion baa elevated cor President in tha estimation and confi dence of Ul3 count ymea, aal wli materially aid in the f;-u.' of mess re* o" more \ ita'. importance to the pull'c weal, Li do'.'an aa:l ceats, an 1 the initiation of pnre crinc.ples Cf orirsr and gov'-nmeut, recognizing the ccrmune bor.urrt, for so many years in oar i nnsppy re public overborne or forgotten ia thj antsjoobra of per t-O'ial ambit' on an 1 cupldlt? The French Minister n?u. this government was awfully ins iited s few nlgl'tn e>iice, at Uie city of Mexico, by a serenade adrnliioterod by hi" coimtrytueo with bcij, horns, truni(x,t?, tin [isns aad scroanu, cau<ea bj overhearing ac.'on and potnpoi'3 de'orailuatiou ia re lation to fund i 8ub?c.-ibed for ti e relief of those who tiava from Iniiidfit.on iii th.'ir homeland ha proa urn in'g to rtguiatc- t'u '? amounts made of trar.mision aud disposition w tbout com ,d"" ng the views auil wlshe* of those who lreciy pave tho> fut is tor th? charity, or at tonc'lb," tb?ir m'-ot'.ng-- The FrencU M'atster ha", ad drc.-?eti a note to o r i,< v-? nent, demanding the iur.taut in (a U Sarfj.-r} : the- portions, whoever th?y roipiit be ?rhr> I ad psrpetrntc-1 aided abetted or in vokid tli.' in lifnttr to li.i< pr:v;i->jed p-n>on. Ho will tiave them p-J".'?r -d, i do- ' '?at t Ha;- rf judgment. A r.t?. t, v.i'h tw< mill in nit o*' ai'ver," left the c ty of Mexico P3 t!i - 18t\ and w:lt h" he' ? jti t bo iiStb , if not sooner? In Rev* - at u" ra'. - I?- th? B'h West Ind'l* mall (Vamer Tl?e dl:-C'i#ti W Cf flj :a -j" &c , continues the cause ofnoroe c* tein"nt araon^ the pr'.?st?. sad tliey have been ! atf.bmg a30tbo coiixpi.acy tn fufbla, whica v?*?? e'ov -rod ' the b"d ,V orgatil/atior., and nipped; eeve-a'. pr'soie.-B w?ro ma.1? and sentenced to bai.Uh mcnt, who may p< s't'bly g by tl is steamer to oar Catio tic Botany Bay ? O'ba ? ?vher'" tbey will find :? plenty of their ciiurcbclmiind tyre tut b zrrs'and a cordial welcome. Our da??"' r~ ir th' c '7 of Mox co ar" to t!." moruittg of the t!H' Ri.d the govertitn" t win p"0tr?Hiinff favorably with measures o: liu. rovement and Uooal projccta, which will ??" lo'rV'c"- r.-'.i'"-> t'.io tia'-o*ia! t*ea stiry by furr ' til opr t -? 1 ??Jitating materta! to meet ouL-ttandinir ob,-gat'rn while a tro'e efficient mode of B"oo\intab'Mty i s l-r:ij in.HiiUted a consistent and dctf rn.i'.'.ed pov. ?,m<,'"t, with th" principle bc'.isf latv' by Comonrort w*" ma.s v? an independent and r. K -cable pe".i ? In a permiiary view, ia time that ma; Uocii' ted v ii e v- ? here tb't we may wor eh ptodrt: nay t" t :?* '-er-.r - ma-y m on* r**3 o\t us A Slight roAvemont a: Cuana uato, under tbo h-iiy Irateiu.^y >:f tV churci t, prte?ts weddi t tociime, vrae dow' by the b*eit!i of lh<* governtn nt. without the painful mc?mUt #f(.Iioc*.i3(t.-.i.b'>lj und th- r citoi the republ'c heard from eeern 'pi'ejy sulmitUcf to a better Mat* ot'thlr'?3 He-- i:i the heroic m-t-to'/. liie-e is m t -m ' -n. V.'c hA art ? 11" soldiery, and t if aa ob .lotion ti it tu "f s- T. : mea get h"ro cnlly tt f -?y , ar.d hr, to r rr--;"d tr r. t!" s'-c t-t to th>? guard liortc. V. 1. ? t'-'i. '' c-'t n :u;al vi - ter, v?~,i'a. I'lie Jrv;. ts v I.. e<i, n n {'.? u/icr Kiico hn ic-i t?e vcii f a 1 oi '? baa I In i >teanci- la tuli g a i, "-(-ii lu t ? f f'plt'i-d! - a; ii't'r ii 1 1 ct: t*t?r?, p i . Hsl ur. o Ma; they Us re a i Oj i* a ;t jig th j g diato.--, a d cwh oi.? ? I KnwsPAra ? AccotrxT?. f~-om I'" ru-'; 'c la Atij 1 : Adv '-.ea 'rem Vi r? Crui of July 20 r -pcrt that on the ? ?? 'f mT'.i tbi r a-f .??! at (?'.atzacoak'x a ataatr er c i-r y.g iiv. boar 1 f- ,ii irt'jr to s vasty ?/ ? rkn < t for tha op .ning c."tlie IsUm* jot Tchumtepec HaiL-ovi well provt '"<! vr.\t v1 : a.V, r*'? a id everyitiag rc 0 r?"t fn tli r In ' ' xj o' ho a*- ? nt! hav ,i~ a good r-1* ma ft pr-.r <* pM-?N It pretencc th.vt th*? acv guv t* do cot con. h;-* or I"!* ?' the le*V propr'etor* of b 1 p" v -?e i *a!c ' tl. m for i he i renins of aa niter ec so r r .<!, and it ?? a-M ? ! that ot .ir espodl'.'oe* aro p-c- rn-' f > n j. tl ? usb'.r o" th??e a' -ady arrived to air thousand B; th ? *U iu, >r Tc i ?? I red it Vera Cr t the cU: ?' :?v e' t-. ? v" ' ? which to bo id""taKcn cj it-.' h:?itrt , th' < a . ter c: Ci ????. **-?r ? d. f i-i*" : .v> ? as' ? '?'he employ. V tt nk t.' pi- '-rme.t ought to d.roct tt.? attention tot' U poii.t *ii', when it proved that Ur a Wi-r'c pciplo are u-.| *ont by t.'.f 1 ?><?*: p-oy-tet-rs, pre vent tbc-'i '.rom ta'k po of it* I.tfcrai terr. ory A lv \v; r- m r.-n r - of .-"T 23, *a.- ?? On the J.m? T' Pail.-) Sr.! 3, a .'armor of .vr.-.ta Rom, oa tao fron 1 er cr C'liahulla v n'.; into hU n"r-. ice ao Amercaa, raraed John. < the Mb. Henor Sair was ropnaing la fb^ aVid* Ct a fal tree ih" Afflfrw ol*ervli?ir tliMhebal fa!'(nft*^9p, keiaM tt* of lm ma* tor, and i-bn'? b m Uirough the to.ehoaJ After fttrlt ptngr liiir o! w. ate/e.- L? vo n tie threw hl? corpse Into a i ??. er Job? . rft^i't n? to tl'f rancho of S^aor s'tln, and ? nd.">; th,,rs liir wTi- lo**. her to a air. ill w xl t'-Z''.; h:ri r: '"i! blowi w:tt h .4 acK'e, loarla^ l.erfor deftd. 1*hc a wilt woat bt"k sotbi houac. and uk ap with h!n nbal.'vc-: t coutaiaud of ;c ?pln, tr n <?y and cloila**, ho pt?'f1 the R v> B-u'-o Into Horraa N>pras. Two da; * ar?--r tb' i txi- -.b e orrat tbs lor-?. oflloer w.u aporioed of :t, ' ra'.'.ng f.n ? to th? rar:-lio ' !?r K-.n. found h!. body float' off on the water, ftn-J h* wi> brc-chiot t -r last, oa the jico * at-re ?Lp lud b.- a struck Aft^r the i'.ret rirrtieg ha- bee a n.vis, the corpse of .vr Cato wh hroofbt to l^snta Ro?u. w'aerc hn wiTa d.jd a few lio-ir* la'f. 'n coaseiue rre (.? her w"tnd? Thi BeraUb cr ?s *> ba? the foil #!cg ? W"have btla ftssnr ' that the supreme gnveromer' a ir'vU -e i> T Car' .? Butterfleld, Tor citaUlshlc] ft 1IM Of -teani-rs, rcntMafr c?'two stramboati, with the national flag ? i 1 of two '.?er carry ug the Anarioan cotow, for the roots "out New < rle-iut to Oftlreeton, Kataforda, ?rul< do UA.ut.a(0 lamp i' Vtrj tru s, fioat/ ir??lc> , Tobarco la^utt, I'ampoacbe and HUal. On tl.- I ?t and l^tt at tlrf ni-irrh'; th- rant w tn'-o place froo N vr Or lean- ci the Itb and 24tb th-<y will surt fr?nn tha lost named p>*t. T'..^ g ?m:nent urant* a ?ubvi'ution ?b I r r :ntc a cor- 1< -ab'.r advantages tot th. carry In/ j' '?? corr?>p''ndracc, pk'si .cero, Ac <* Ti" half '.flhocrew of the fm- ft'arue-i wll'. t' (?-.?n;jo.,ed 0' Hex r?ai at ! t>.? ot'..?r i ?!f o. as. t. can*. J- thla cewa ? ! .? > - v e h . , ? rr jrioh to belle . e n .t an i'j.j ?? Ki ? c the- gOYt ru-' ent ta'- >s on t'uo rrai o' rrogr *js, aaJ T, v L ch !*. UtsofTCO our jstt fralrx (?;u! of Rrntral ?>t .<!??. I> B-fo'. !Ioa JudjeCtpron A ' ? Ji&n Sue* ci n cte ' on Tii r? at Of gfanti :ar.t* io fcn- if -tot-.r. a Jv,"' it1?;-' of ftx d.? wh;i?tctii3 *e pc** ' .n u liou-e of (loddard I Brother (?f Fafk pUoe w?. broug' t .f to.- s, .tear; Cn h;'-.r a-k I what Ue hod to c" ?r w'c ?"atecce ahouli n ; le pr^cc jtic?J ftgalast h m, the pr'aooer M'd t *t Ue wa n* fJ'ttf Of ue ciurfa ul u aop^i uU>e tranaae tioo. J : !^e ? r..?a tl. J:;"7 Sa ? touaJ yon m^fyot t ' s cV r; . an.', i mj jaijr-?i'th y COul ' not cc nsUtent Ij open tl e lecc h?--< f>-.;nl a i' fferiot rt~4 r*. Tit c i .me cf a'.rt-h yt . ? t>cn c nv ct?>d t oup cf a v>v ? orgrornte I ratrre. To i were an ampin; c? ir. a rf ?- i . t al e Mrctttill hotaoo. Vour oapioyers fioatht v 'i cfti :ro oi' th? fttt Wrfe cofrpel ed tocatruft proper pjii.f an."; t: *r: r 1 * ^1* Tho/ I a .' tfi'* ct is < i contldewo ia J our -.t.irr.ty, an ! oac mem. ?r orU-' (. m to-t fl? cn t !* r.' b ? u?o* r> -.r?*t ia?rr-'. .n \ o ? on afleotnt o 1st * t rh op u on of y?? r goc^d fnaUtlee. ?: ; '.t *i?t a lot ? t ? n -'ii ?< l.- co- it be prwuaded ti. i luv tt at t'mt * "iHenc bren bf tra. ef Now you ?ec ??hai; yt liav 1. '. If %?c ha" eobrnael b?nest, vot.r iwp.?>?rii would ha-. o bm wHUn,; to do acythtug ? <r . tbfj won' ! lia- ? X - e? yoc a pood oaw an-' ehaimcter at. ' orod't whlet w'ieo yov eame to set un ' 'itiBc s for . our"'' wo : bars be*:i as good ai oaj- tal. V . f . -r (I c!.t of the** thl'ipe, d ' Jo I'rlroerr? Wc;., 1 haren*t betrayed any r iCJ>:ko, nor anfUil s o iue k.uJ, ao thai there w uj < c *s!t i for ? foot re r>4 thin nat- re 'Ji dt?v? We", th- it;-y hare ,1 otiKrw'.?e. H' wee r, a? > p'.i do not i" -m d n *e I to 1 sten to word' polt r j. -idrje? I wlM go or f'l'U er. ' wn mert-'y slaltnf the- lUlr r? to c nvince y? u tint the O n-t w.? not actn l.y nt y fee!:rg? bo; tho- e o' k ndne?? in i? p< ?!n. ae I fcei bo.n l todo i.nder ti e clrromstince* o' II . m#, the e\tr? ire penally of ti.e iaw. I withed to rtow yo ? the twtl< o of the pu'.>l men: wliich you are ?' oi : t ao dergo, In the b' )? that yoo might rei'.fC. oi. tho? it aj< durlngyotirconfinemeni,aarf I yb log soearod that the law le w I Tlcdioilvo !>;,? reiO'tiafory In its de? ?o?, t. t ? ou might he loducod to iiisVr a ro*^'uti<-o to ? '"fit an i wb. n yo ? roiric ort of pi ;jon, t? toi l aosctolan'r ?l>foin).!e 111'' Bui 1 am ftfraM, from the itnan -r la Which }ou ric 'ive my r'-marks. or my le< turo a- yn i ar.' p'"a oii to torm it, that you are more hardened in crime tbsn 1 bad sr.ppoied and. therefore, I wl.l not ?ay a< y more. H e :-on'"0ee Of the Court Is thst you he iii.rii

ono I In tli Hate priwo for tbo term of fl\e f> .ar*. IYi.-onor? lapprec a'e yotir loci ure .very bV.ily, .tu.'sc-? Very well; 1 hope you will =tay in p, ion t g enough lo appreciate U more pract call> than you ?ecu to >"<W. > *rtm n**ermsn. a Oe'man, about 4.1 yev? or a?-. pl?a el guilty to nhduclio-!. anJ wis aeuuooed I' t? > tears In thoHtato prison, llile wai? th< pors w n-> rs 01 with a young g-rl under 14 yoars of age, bj the name of F!mi>*. a?'l w i* arrested in Chlcac". , Mtdatl McCarthy, convicted on ?ne<- Uj* last or t)-..' ularv , was rontenc . 1 to Ave yoarj in thr MMa pr >u Wm W I *vl? p'.eadcd gii lty In obta nlog tnon^y uc >r false r>rotT< e-, aud was scntcaved If one year m tin p*!vt<nt.?ry. James I'.iog plea t guilty to petit lar-rnr, aid r i? scnt.?ueed I" tVree month* In the penitent ary. Thh pi iaoocr, It appoire I, had b(er s'xtoen month* in 'be citr p' ?on n* siting the "law's delay." The court will ait one or two ilaya n$*l week, *nl ther ftdjoarn (vc Uo.' term Our Rvw Hump?hirt CairrtponilNiu. Vrii,p?LE, N. H., Aug. 6, 185ft. IHttutruu* Frtthrt at fVdptit~Ertcr.tivtDarr.3Hr to Property ? T^t Culver 13 of the l'ei~mont ValUy Rail'oad fnjurtd?f^tnd S*ip* on thf Chtthire ZsWU?GrganisctUsn of Friiru/rl C/ubf in Nrto Hampthirt. The recent h?*r^ tains, which commenced last Monday and continued for two days and tiro nights without intermission, have produced a disastrous fmhet in t^ia vittnity, which haa not only carried tvv numerous bridges, destroyed the culverts and embankments of tiie railroads, and submerged whole fields of groin an J grass in the foul and mud dy element, but has to n up the streets and made forlorn and desolate a par': of our beautiful village . A precipitous and turbulent stream at tbe east cl the village, being sw:.U>i to an unusual height, Lux at from its legitimate channel. and tearing its wa7 Into the midst cf the v'-llage, left desolation and ruin in its truck for nearly half a mile. This occurred during the nulit cf the 6th. Families were driven from their dwellings iu the greatest conBk-rtiatiou ? cellar*, stables and whops were inua dated? rojks und lofts were whirling and tumbling through our staeta with a sUuiaing noise, at once startling and tiwful. Fcrtuna'f-Iy no lives were lost ? busbarda and fathers sn ed thei'Wiv a ai d chil d;- u from injury and death, by struggling through the torrent, holding >n their arms these objects of sffcetion It wa i a di?*3trous night. Thousands o? lands of earth were torn out frum' our streets and carried into the river? trees uprooted houses aid barup U'. dcrminrd, ftul gBrdens destroyed. A heavy amount of tij> ej will be rtcjeired to make passable til? bighways ; the diijiage to private property cau n(>t at present be easily estimate''. The Vermont Valley R dlroad h.issvstained sf rioas injury, u any culvertfa Lu.iug been washed a?aj Tbere is no cooinnu.icatioa betf?KU Bellows Falls ar l Hrattieuoro'or this --oad. On tbe Cheshire B ul road, near the former a break of about fifty feet in the emhankujeijt ato :i j which the passen gers are obliged to wa'k ; difficulties will probably soon he remedied A. Fremont C'ub hns jnst leer> organized here ; 'he rush to its quarters is more Haltering than I tare to mention. Many of ?jofp who were rabid utter Pierce a^d bis cliqui arj uow . augly onscooc cd t'nf'er t?ie bun'ir r of freedom. New Hampshire is wide owake in the right dmvtion. We ran afFui d "ou ai. " *itoniJaer'' t orn the old Granite state in November. ? u* i"'' ?"""Km! nra bRiRiI exm?*, CarilCHT :, A VIvSSEL, A LIOmnOlME ANP DWKL 1.JNB6 fcTMDC'K I5V Li(. MVNING ? DAMAGE H'O'f KOTSHXTe? DODSE8 ANL> B1UDOKS CARKIKH A'TAT. I liic Po?toti Traveler, Aug. I Thpseytrc rein pto-c of vosterd .7 aftemcen and lifft evening did cotbiderab-criarr-age upon the roads ana low Jatidri in the country in tins vicinity, wbirh Fa' ei 8econ tiae tbi3 week *"fre flooded with 1 . mar v places whole acres aie submersed to ti e oeptu of from nx to twene and fift?en inches A i uV'jcd UiC'U * t'f Wa8 cu- upon tLe ground was p,1 .','dc "J'T ,d' nt'H rear Qnin-y, on the Old f??.} PpiiI<??d,tlic water ac-cun.ulated bo rtpidiy f ? wrrouuding eE.banku.9nt. that it became l'i ,'Pet Jeep, a-d ran in upon the floors of ,?7 '* e 0y tbronffh it. The tire under t L'lii-iic'.j ?LV was also cx 'ITie lightning during the day asd ereu>ag was quite eburp, aoc struck in aevcra! places. A i bout 11 o'clock in tLo fortm?on it s**urk a nsw ahm ? osi the stacks (,t t/uiney Point, setting it on nr? but the fire was put out without Tjuch damige i wo id. n 1a tb<- hbij> wore rendered insensible fa the shock ami it was \ lc?cr time before 'be- re covered. - LV In (be afternoon, between 5 and -t o'clock the I-aneeraweiv use.-blcd n frcnt of th<- Hancock Hon*. escort tbe(.overnor to ta<- lield whin the atorm brj-st upon the m. Thev took re'uxe in a barn had placed their sal ires in the haymow / 1 cth r, 1 landing in the barn Mates that the'liiriitninK f-e- mcd to entirely fill tb? air in that vic:n!t% . whiz z.nsr about in every direction The tebooner llel'.e. of ?oh??set was lving tx the GUdes and Minot's Ledge. with ? party of lat'ies and gentienif r engaged in finMri,, when her mainmast w?h *tr.ick bv the liKhniin* and atoivercd into splinters, a number cf person ? j"e in "he cobin two of whem a ladv and txhutm&n, ?erf consid rallv injured. A Mr CVz reu'.d fcoston.who waeaHti'ng at tbe foot of the the time, was prostrated by the stroke ami dM nok recover his senses for nearfv two honrs Th? house ef Mr (iosslpr. Sc. 13 Jov street, in tnisi itv was struck, the chief damage being 0 f !ht 1 The Th? hc.u.?e of Mr. Ezra Iccalfs. on Franklin street w oyjm, was ttrurk by lightning and rcrcived con ^j^raKe damage doling the ptorm iast erer.injr. MO'-rs wr re torn cp and windows broken by the fl 1 J, w'nrh entered by one of the chlmnceg. Vone 01 ' a n inmates were iDjured M i.yn:., as we'stai i, tbe lighMiing struck ?n s veal p fc 's. but no dai\age of consenoence was JOliC. At al?ont 12 o'clock Imt nirht. the steeple of the Orthodox meet ng boose in Maiden, as we learn iroiti t.'.e e^'itir of th< Mettmgrr, was wtrnek hj llprhtalng. Tbe lightning d??opnded on esch ai ie cf the to?er, making a complete breach iu the houte f-oir. below the belfry to the gn.uui'? in its oes< ent cutting off a couree of bricks (the Immc D?nt) as smoothly as cold hare been dooe by the nr st it ilrit mason. X rtick from the staple, about tco fet-t in enpth w gj projtcUrd through the poof cl/^totbe eaves, about hJfrarur the J>odr of trie bou*e, and still lianas there. Wrdo, bricks and plastering are strewed about in the wildest con fvtaon Theie was no lightning rod on the house. At abont miJc.igbt. tbe new fivrePicg boaM^ lateh eiectca ai)d low occaj.iod Yj Mr. M. H. (ilea MiU, near the (Sun Yard at City Point. South Ikjston. was atruck by lightning. A Urge patch or tbe slating was torn from the roof, tbe ihim Boy tsas partially thrown dovn and badly jarred and other -amage Jone. The perils in tfie house! of n homtner? wi re severe e?< sped any -<erioiis in .iury. The sho :k w?s :ilao severely fc'.t in tbe ailioin leg houses. ^ a i arn fielonging to V.r. E;?me-<. blacksmith, wis ^ODscBud Li Reading ye- U rosy afternoon ! , flip Hem llglitniiig. Tte.ewi?* s? me li\e stoik ana cons jersble o'. >e< proj>er*^ in tbe baru. T?obmii3f :n tne ca tern pr rtrf Me Ifo'J #ere st m Iu -! nigl.. Ir. idnbii '.n one of them sa * the Transci irt tht p!ttatcri?g was torn trom ?' T.d a !ia? asleep < n he' bedPisd hcifsce ' i, tiie eleetr> fluid. If, ii s ?? . not of u rery serit^i* nature. \ <?!:" wt itnck'iti ITaacbeu*.-". nu arotuei 'a w t H< r rly. A small bv: h'lag iiie] ?? c atnt:.,r. hou?e at Hob eit. ( rh-fii n i-. \\ i,,ti,urn, on the 1 lUhbt r< loaj. rr.str-uk .nJp.ight.. d aaged Thet- chof th< ' '?'< ' a i ' :s subijii-rged ? 1 ,-ts.* ?f ?> ,io<>b ao. 'places. Nca- Pert. ;'s ih' >;ite"r .va^e ."V ii( ffl.Milc a,\.i* 1 ?"?r Sf'- in?i Frf-b F<'rjt dp nf?< 1. The wate 1 whi cause a BOf d ileiii of injury t>? th* enterprising mf.rket gar.lftier- in that v ein t; * ie nrejus*. I ? ginning to Jig their ne* i.otjt^es an 1 1 rex t crops. Tiie !i?ii?iifng st.iick in|th U wn of C ou . rJ. vt tfJli'- three tmH. In t' first i -t .n-\ i? kiiie. a iiw, Ic long in# to Jones ffo_r*> . ft the struck n ..11 In * htc.i Were four Irishmen on of whom waa sMinnad frr a 'org tir e. About mldnigh. It ^t'vck t dwe!'irc ' ou? ? on Mcbco.-^ st mt, ^n a*h ing a '0* of cr' CKery. an.' doing other slight dam age. ' gc-it' in Mnir ree let ft fne pig. which it is sup)' n"J v:.s (ifghtc ej t<-> <?rnth by the tci-riuc t iird ?. a* no maiis of liglitning were "-vea if. me vieii 'ty 0' liis pea. i:;e eastern tower of t'ie Light If . use or Pint 1 Ulan*!, Ncwbi : port harbor, was dc?t oi\ ? Arc last eveping Mr. (.eorge, the keeper tes'doa in a bouse near I -jr. which wns not injured. It Is mipp. s?l to ba\e 1 ck by lijjhtniDg. t rofttaii ? p 'red gallons of ol! two bcl.t .. ?r^.. ?! 1 ' accident w ll nit at all interfere with naviga t.Mi the light Itself h iving been put oat about a je.,1 mce. and a small Img light substituted which st/'l "1 ^alrt. V'? i nd?rstnrid that at Newbnryport the lightnitg the hon^e of Mr. Wm. H, Hrewster, Hnrniner 'tieet in ib? roof, but tbe fluid wa< carried offln tiie iigiituiog rc?r without damage. The meeting Itowe of liev. Mr Pike, in Rowler. wss abn Htrricl, and Injnred. i We leuin fivr Forbes' Newburyrort express 'he hop of a Mr. Fairbanks. :n Ha* field was struck sfith but llftls damage. Tbe yacht Hjbil, chartered I vapirty of ladies an ' n< :it ? nit n of Newbnryport. wno left Ports noitjifor the Isle of fr-hoals yesferdav morning w ts stTtiik, and one of the masts shivered with otbi. in, ry. Every one of the pirty felt the ?hi~k an l or e young Udy liad fcer face and dn ?s ba Ih ?eo'ched. on<l now lies in a critical condition at the isle of MioMs. One men was completely p ,rnly ed In hi; foi an hour or more ; nnoUer w . doil-i ?.'-s fot 'corlt the ?ame length of time. W<> lcam iiy Huskies' Kipress tl tt ? jom r Pcsri. of Rcckport, was sttuck by ligbtniiu re t. r dn\ , oft TVm'a Flead.killine one man. Mr. I.iwmi e Oriffio.of Hoe k port, taking the mainmast out o" t'u v. -4-l and splintering tbe foremast all to i ie? - At ( tenceeter, tbe lightning stmrk fhe hon e of Mr. v\ i,, lama, on tbe lloekport avenne, tearing oat a oonsidt r?lj4 portion e.f the eastern end. It th n as erPdM, ripping off laths and plastering, hr*iklr,? c'0'V.rv, Ar. An Iron kettle was broken InV.a Inndrcd pi? H. The W*U MM by w^ alio 8' rack I upae log f>eku, if IVrtaoateiy taere wm an pec son iu thai part of the hoube. . L? Abngtcn, the lightning atruck in platf-a. A won g or her b*fng? injured t rtlodox (Kev. Mr W^d\) churcU ft. Cwt f Abinutou. A Urg, tue nea* the line of toe Old Colon} rsilrca in South Braiutree the roots near?} as smooth aa though _il wwa semea by an f.xo. A tf4egr?pu port, near Weymouth, waa In Swainpscot, the Luise of Mr. 'John Swaiey vim also stiuck, injuring the roof. The inmates not harmed. . . . - In btouxLton, three houses were struck, one ot which, occupied by a Mr. Ballou, wus badly uyured. No person hurt. . I At Mansfield a flagstaff waa destroyed I Foar'Iriahmen, tokirg refuge in a barn on the I. iL coin road, ?wn.'d by O. H. D*na, E*q;. da* P. were prostrated by a stroke of lightning, ljut rot fataily injured. One of them waa unable to regain th& use of his limbs for some .line after* j W^hont 1 r 't lock , a tow feeding on the hill Hide, near the old "Jx>rd Perry'" Head-Quarters," a^belong irg to Jon is Monroe. Esq , was atmck dead by iignt- 1 iv. ng. During the night, the hoiueof Mr. Joseph i t . | Sloiundti. on Hancock a'.reet , was atruck, but tae family uiJ escj>ed. Tbe fluid, saya the Journal, entered the root, parsed througu tue d< or of a closet, within a tew feet of Mr. Suaond*, broke and disarranged the crockery , then p&s^d through a second eh/stt, borrt ing the door, and departing without any other in jury to th? hous*. excepting some "light uamage to | the roof where it entered. A? 5* o'clock, tbe lightning struck a large elm 1 tree directly in front of the residence of AlvanJ. pi, her Dedbim Lower Plein.a* d pissing down tue trunk the fluid, says the Journal, divided on the roots of the tree in'.o five distinct streams, which, aft.- burning the grass a til ploughing toe gronudjfor nhoot fifteen f'-et, orlte*t a rain intot*os*re*ms ftn'' entered the cellar in two place* through a soli wall of augury, removing in one place a Urge block oi stone four f<*t in length. Here the lightning exploded, ?h?kin<r the v n foundation ot the houae. bunting open dwra and shattering fifty ?* P^ss. ^ m'id theii divid^ cditi elf oa tbe aqueduct pipe, and Pa-Vof the re us to the pupply spring, riling tee water. Toe re mainder followed the pipe that supplies the cattle vard, tbrcwing ail tfce water completely cut of a ,drpo Tnnateif no? p'o r-jon was injured, ?Uhough Mr. Fishery two children were sitting with their grandfather very near a windojr ?hnh was very much shatters .3. and .n a room directly over tbe e.iar v here the explosion took place. rheir es cape iv as almost ir.-aeulous. Capt Amasa Alden, a' veneraUe gentle. .?n 0' a", yeu*. was thrown ? ircui his chair wiihe sitting >u the doorway of tue j carriage Loupc. A'.1, were much aflected by tue r"Thc Worcester Tiatucripl of this raornine says: Dvin't the thuudcr 6torm i f yesterday, a houw on OraniU Mteet, street, owned by Ira Bry *?rf snd occupied by Mrs. tifsiitu u ? a boarding hou'ee w#s strncU b/lightning. The lathing anj ?iln^teriniz wet 2 torn d>.wn in wo of the chainuera, Tfclthiec trunks we-D torn to pieces, three persons in tlit oou'-e were stunned. ,, The hrtiFC of Capt E< ward Tiftmb, on Hanover st cet, was al-o fctrnck during the same wowtr-tue arount of injury done we did not ifiirn. We also Whrr that the heu>e occupied tnpart b? TJ- T."tl T? M iu Worcester, wus etruck. The houae ia a double one. uud irom appe?ra. ce? ^^ n", arr,t sTuck in tae part occupied by Mr. L. The tluid in ? ? v av h< .*evtr, f< its o-ir.^e Cuttaot be traceu. rsaciie ' and followed t?e bell wire in Mi. l-.'s part, until it enme to an urobre la standing in a ro^m, which w.t* 'c?t-oycd e id the hou0e set or. tire The lire, however, was put out Without niach damage. The Springfield Republican of thlf rooming 3ii'ween 1 : " 0 c tot k in the aften.oon the barn } 0: ongin." to 1' D. T -i?? of thi? city, ia the rear of his residence on t-iat- strc i,wa^ struck by lightning, and tie fiends i.'^r;-t out :?!mo.-t viwtan'aneou-.v nie ?id??ln the hrr. e -a: out and ?rew forth a pfe^nre CF^ge slmding in the ia n, and a neighbor to< -c( "t ?u -c Ihe.e w?re two cows and s me swK ?be lu-liing. u-id al! ?m-aW.v Kot o<*. ikt< re the er pine coul l reach the spct^ tlie huj.din? was U ero. ?hTv cn flti? in evcrv par., nu t ^ n? chain ? ti'nbefs only ar, kf- Ihe- wa^ ?boutfour toi.H of hu in i v, V;-.n. a ,d the i It struck in th^ er. 1 vv. - r- t. ? n- w l ay whs deposited. A. buJ and ,.0 1; /.? '.oh, p-.i! : S"cd last writ' r was hurut. Tht b- U'i'n ' wa* K-o '.and washawired tor WOO In the I S,, iSbeld K?tH?L There a.t.H Ik a of $400 cr At T*r t^ 'Lo^men low, Coring a previous the some afteraeoa. the house ol widow V.'uri Pecit near the Bspiis'. cuurcli, was struck at tw south eta ard ne^l; rll the clapboard, on that end were tern c T. The Ughtu'ng taen spparc utly en teu i the iront doot shi eriug tht fr,,nt chamber window to ato::is, and passing through ths froirt ??.. -i? . *? o I -tf cari> iak ^ph'tw^ with it. The flult then pa^^ed 'i.rougu tu" kitchen door into thr ce"ar. Mi*. 1 ?>? -?? in tlie front room on!v a few minute'- p evlrW.y, hut tTsn i edrout He- cs< ape from riurm waa signuii v provi dTnli^t" Nc on" else we. n the houae nt tfie time. Thf nelghbora it-intdia'ely r?.lMcd to repair .be damages. A correspordent at Wentwoitn, N. H.. underdaU of Augurt H.r ves the following account of seriou# damaue there mv a freshet . ! Dining a freibet can>ed hy .1 large amount of 1 rain which commenced falling on a dam at the cutlet of the Oxiord P?nr'.s, *0 eallfd. 8 * ' ^?a; I a'jd 'he ponds, once a', liberty , camv rushing upon us. j ovenaa -be dam ucaf our village, aud ^dermlning, | caxmd away me grist mill belonging jo Mr. Darid HaHc dwelling bouse and < ??rn of Mr. Harn! oweii ing bou? and liarn of Mr. Jonathan Juskin.. shop , and dwelling hom-e of ?'r. Enoch ' u-d f lrn'.ture we-e ?aved l-ortunatciv no Uvea were , lost. The mad torrent cat iown tr> the depth nt from 15 to 20 feet am wasLtd j?wat ov.t an aire of Und. A od'.l sUmm wLic' wa# taken from the mill acd p'-i ed in a bum which afterward* went, is to I* seen a\<out two mile* l>e!ow where it *? nt In. huch a cue the people of tl.ia eectlon n >ver 1*^ for?- v ttiRfsed, und i>r*v that they ma* nercr he railed to *i:tno'i tl e '<!*?? up tin. l'umage to road*, bridge* iwi-1 i>!l, r-'imnfed .it froti fl'.OQt to fluflOO. A correapondtBt at K sue, N. 11. u d?./ date of A"jr.ifct 8, wilte-a : ? Tut *uitt? ix L: i;*:uin< the t' p ' t cause d fi t >?* IL. fV/B. <?(!> . t ?.a!d to excct-d unv I r Tata* >(ar-. Of r* iTKf it k'wtorn the railroad* and bridged taril} . I left >\ li'?e yver junction yeu'irday oooti ' ? of ?i r. s, > -.e: lf*w T<<rk that night At i.*!) v.a I Lad so wu'k arouo<) n einolinhed Mdae: i<t lieliow* Fella I ?*i-v*\li?id for ttac night at the 1-Wad H< ute, tl?e train having been left be low licU'-w* I'aila. Tbe va". ley road !?> :? ;p*. able. ? i." etigh.e <i ? ft a lit trniu bavin# just broke thov.V. : t in V i?tn in-ter and tel'.'n forty ett? nobody wa- hurt Tue Fall* presented * mi.<t ItedlaBkitc aprraxun< e. muddy, und full of ficod wend ? h-i'f a V. egaa " la a great rliange fro** twe c!uj . :>';o, wuenjroc. Bight have hopped frcu r? ck to rork arro $ t be cbiiMiel. The Ietand Bone* i? full, ar.d w w *iej-t on !h?> floor. In the '.iitn ug wt ti'rd to p t to Rrattleh ro' V way of Ktenc At we found a bndtre car i d uw. y, rnd now se e a long train of pa*<en pi-i **' ng a floo. fi thirty roda. Indian (lie. on 1 mi! jui.ui. w.iVoag and 1 vgpage. We looked 'ikt the euildren ot Inrae; rit>?ioic the IV d {Va. with I'ht rrah ' cha'iot' he! ind. Bta h Ketne nn hour tc-o let* for the Sr'ingfleld train. and ruu*t tie up til! tbi? Ff'TTiOrn. Th' ruin f* fawning in trm-ntc We ax pec t? fe*c% Kprmafieid two boor* aft'-r tbe #Sj?eae tWun ?tr Kcw York '?? left. 5-"ch art the v?*hti< n* of t-avel in frt?hettiTP T'.at " T?lnu?i Hoa. c " If a nea fr opproTim^rion to Paradise thai Vcm - nt ai d New Hampn'me a? lea-t can ftiniinb. it could Lot keep of u< at a .um ita cnt?rprising ir>d ta*tefV,l i'ui'der? ^'iurtlcff. T' e Mar che?tf r Awrienn of h?t erenlnir <*ya:? - Tee late rnin* turnd have i?en very much tn< re -o %eie tothenortlu f ti*, t Iu4:i here, a* tue Murimac ran wiib nnprec?('ettte .1 rnaldftf. an 1 ti a ?rrrnt bcljrh'. The w ater pppo?ite t be Manefci etet OorporattoB.t ? we u?* inlotmcd. roee )?.?? eleven f?-t when at <t? hi/rre-t point, oni: It p!ni>ged r vei tlie dnm at the f 'lb, with alt tke p*et< < f ? *|?rln* torrer.t. Norcro??'? lo'-wha ii g f> ?en out. the logs utartrd over the drm and tl err win nn Immen* n>irl of log* and flood w. f . f?:wp*u the nier* oi the iniilge and at tbe t nlran.vof the taiiai. At I?ci>nta, ( iaren\.>nt, , nd in tt?' orth pnrt of the State it cmin>on"e<l t-i rain on Tnt 'oy, while at Poitsmoutb not nntil ^edceeday morning ll,e C;j" aiont Eu,;lr a?ys that r n St. gar ritrer. whi?h irtm thnmgh Newport a:id Clarem >nt. mnch dntcoge wfi- dr.:'e The water ro*e to a very unn auil aeisht. flooding me?dom, carrying ?w<y crop" wbie*i were cnt, dc>in?t gn at uamagr to those not yet ripened, sweeping bridge* rroni their fc cm^atiOTi*. n rrying on pereral small kuildinga, wor^i pile* and other property within tbe rearh of the flocd. Many of the elde?t inhabitant' *ay they cave nerer known the river *o Fiigh bef re, while other* .n*aert that it waa a* high ?eten ???* *gx ">>*0 M( nadrock Mills Company, at Claremont. are lorgc lowr*. A blaek*niith's inop, a throe story build. lie, occnpied a-< a cabinct manu&rtiry. aad a liridpe, were nil efttTied away. The imoement story of tbe S-M.nme Mill, owne-1 by the same companv, wi * eomplettlv flooded and the properfr con side 'a blv t)nnia<frd. but to what extent b?4 not i?een as^er tamed. The entire toes -o the M.tiadnoek Tomoa iy hfc* hern varii a*iv estimated at front to ?If Ot 0 hi t it I* hoped it will fall below tbe amall *t stifr trcntioned- ? . . . the f "l?*em' nt M ?nnfnrttirin? t ^mpany * p?p -r mill, binder] and printing office, on the south a le of the river, wa* completely fboded In it* lo ver *to?T and mnrh property ilameged thereby. The bridge between the pai-er ml'l and the Home mil*? widen wm ewned by the ClMtOW&t MAftufactutiQe I C ?tnpaay, QtJ by tin? prcpaetotn of toe Host? uillls jotall,.- , was swept away. A'n.vwt ever y road out ot i.'iaremoa'? is impassible We expect to hear of atill further damage on the BtreaniB in the North part of the Ktate, particularly such ua rue in the mountains. It u probable the ' the Amonoosuc has run wild, and thst the Saco, Uc tween the Lower ltartlet and the Notch, lu* rise* bo as to obstruct the passage of the stages for a dar The agent of FL-ke k Rice's express, writing from Claremont, N H., yesterday, says that he undertook, to go from that town to the Connecticut rirer, a tance of abont three miles. At fimec, while on th? main rond . his horse was obliged to swim, the water rea< liing to the seat of hi* wagon, and altogether he had a wet time. He reports that a three story buiU ing in Claremont nsed for the manufacture ot muk, doors and blinds, was swept off clean, together with four hundred cords of wood belonging to the Me nadnock Mill*. Bridget on all the brooks gone t# " Dary .for. es's locker." The Montreal and Concord Railroad was washed above Plymouth, bat the amount of damage U u*. ascertained. The Tran?eript says: ? In the town of Uebrpn, R?v- Mr. Conaai. in re turning to his residence during the storm, had occa sion to paB? over a bndge. but before he had garnet the opposite bank the fouudatkin of the stricture had given way, precipitating him with the frag ments into the water, bnt forfunateN some of his parishioners dt-eerio^ his condition and rescued htm. The Bristol Branch railroad was completely sub merged and rendered urlit for travel, t*> that pas si nners arc now convejed by stasre from Bristol tr Franklin. In Alexandria the dam gave way, anrf the streiin swept a< iws the centre of the town, un dermining hon es, fill: i g cellars an.: damaging Cla* foundations of th.- Tow a Houi.;e. Th? roads were also damaged in all direction?. Tht liop> C rm>. i, . r*iom Boston Daiiiy Adverts- " ini r^f^f Cqnea.ui0qairiM*1 fatten to" the gr.?w tug crop of hop thvouprbout the various hoi^ Jia irfcte in the New England 3tates. allow me th* vSepa^rT gthl?UgUlhe columM of Tbe number of hilia under cultivation in Mii'iai chusetts will compare vtry favorably with iaBt' m f ? ? '""""'f Hxtiora the vine bid* a fair yield m others, the vine i, of an inferior growth.a^ inSi batn' *m?,L?tth*! V?.17 Kfner??>iaplfcint liu w b< en wita greut difficult* tbal it (the vine) coi.Id be inclined to the poles- coa sequent iy we cannot, under the unfavorable ap'pear e crop at tLorc than three-fourth* t'f .liat o! f last year, and ot an inferior quality. Jn the btate ot Maiae a large portion of the atr daw promiHo a good yield, while other* will tiut par titlly ^remunerate the cultivator for harvesting ' r.,/t ?W ja\lsince a severe huii at Jrm Visi'ed the mot-t productive portion or the h'pdlstiat which ?Sted^ed entl* ^l-.Vnd tiVda^Sl ? -'stained by tin. alon? will exceed aoy mr that might are rut by reason of tLe excess ot udla under cultivation, ever that of la>t \>a- there T? w?8t?;"ate ?"8t fal: l?'?" *? average crop fi? .w , t ?i i; ,.re,' ttK> rrnP m,,Pt necow-ariljr fall hl ri ll?[ tlutor la? -VCdl In aotue sectb na in w a.cii the writer passed though be saw a few irood ? Vaej*-*er Portion were unhealthy, the if ''i inclii u t - the poles, uot havlog that rich colored verdure which the bgriculturlst a? ranch cherishes in the fruits of his labors Often na;, it r( marked to the writer. that the tow? h2 ex^ei dec cl< .hie the labor in their Lop gar?'< n? this mnnr" v ^ ?'?<! '<* many J J PJ and mony have abandoned the Wen of doing nythin* fhrm !i,?V| ta:l,Up fru'Vea" to more time upon C2a, am. quite j uumbtr of the garden* wii1 not bvfmea ot all The estimate, mdepeJe U ? the ircKa^e of new gaidous. can;?t k-owrW? yfar^* ti-c quantity produced a the State iJt In lb/* extn'cie southern pcrtfoa of the a,., tncts in Vermont, th. crop well, but a ail olhe i mtioas it is inferior to that of rrnny y,-ara and the garden tha* looked t.e aw..-; iijSrm S e.! x ,n ?tftscn the flv has mor? generally aeizeS than thote of n pnny growth, indieaMoir thlsr pieferenw tor the more robastanu viarorou^ staikn - an, notwithstanding the iarg ? incrc ^Tnew Sr* cen^ i he j eit". must necessarily :>e estimated at 1p*a? cte-fourth lc?s than that of the past reason sr 1 af .profe^irg to be lodges have van , n'^lec> ?-?e crop t ) rwiize utw?en htt\ ami Mxty per cent of that of la^t x,\T, the ob?? iUo^ tlewrt.rhHd. brn to beHeVe, that iT^iC S.rif T eSVn ?,*-uq!?8? a new atta- k ? ?he bv. or lilii. i;, ahou i anw1 or enf-et-le i fs growth, other thin * hat wa? no::ceaMe tea day's and ?*.7 " fomP'etc1>- st"Pi Of both blows and . eaves by the vennin. resembling mor, u vine we'ean' des riba ir tLu0 w'r ( thtr oo.e-it we tan ocs Tibe. la some sections of this Stav a v??a-i,afvh0Wn newgwdem. at ti , .'^c e*f:en.e noithwo?ttrlv pac o( New l.imjishire, and iia<? .n some InxtatVt * cauf*d sad ihnw^ tlu ent. f portion of the ilistrk' wLere it showid jtf-eli, rnvauinrr who!e gjirdea* by ricn" i '"v th\r?<? ?>- "talk of t.\e p.'ant. 0 PC ? i. ef-enr'alh nflect the yield: und in the ext-me w*m era district Co cr phint in n?(.d: of the insect in fee tin* the most pmmuing gardens, which, heretofore *wetr cr-mjarativcly fro andrlttir, ani gave promise of at, avr-ag yield, un ?hrtild th* R-. foLow t ? wo? it. regnlar succession .which is frequency the we .Hall have to record the lightest crop for y eats in this ?>ta1e? but iu n instance have the r nL vagts oi the fly been marked to snv ve v Kr* *t eT tent; and ?houU tbt weather continue favorable for the plant we ;oay anticipate harr-sting nearly, or quite, three-fourtus of the quantity tf Ust year in aotne sectioea here, the sa*n? diffi.njtv w** manifested of the vine not readiiv adh*-ing to the lr v bf ^ w? 'the cwi Tn New nampahiie, whicu evideal.v evinces the fact that the aftruiuS'vle?d m lUt hfa^,L-v 't3U ?"*rraat* The terTters :n New Hampshire are quite nnaci n.ous in their dtcluratiou? taat there will net be aioro than one-fourth of theqiuatit; of hops la? v< steTI that State this -ea?on lie re was last. Ilut the cry of fhort crop* is too often heraldeJ when there is bnt little founjation for it -and the nre m nt Mdyanc ^e In prices wrr? to s- lengthen the I* U*r tliut the Imagination is qu'.te a^ much diseased ?? ' Bi iny of the hop gurdtrs - and when the saeca allu- fire Is racing at home at wetlfas a'Toad/nts aroit r, however cto! atid collected on other subiertH can lork upon his growing ctepj otuer thin '.Urooga IPNiwj |y?" ? The sova^ eln pr,^ from 54 to 12' cents par ' ' , V/ , ' ",?P3 ' a -*?=? ? -<at r tt.'-r t? iMonary ? '.i ws, than ...lav them *; BUin aaoi a rucwr st> d feui cat.on 'ban 'he oj. n'ons of prejudiced and iiiten-U.i p(.i ti st J airiUn. the iubita'l.le state o< tne Wi.ii her, and the unprr m-sing conu.tion of the i a.; - the va- '?us f.,ir'? ? f ?uro*< tn3? tiwir i? It'll e t ? ar,'- 1 not ot ly the price but tb< e^t.rnaU cf the gf wing crops anu aboaU the fly aad | Wight damage the cr> ps in (;trtnat,> t>ud onthe t oiitUieti. to the exirut which is n<>^ ai>i>reb< :iie?l P'kaa tawi ncceisanly advance coosiduabi, lota* torn aid hir^. ? The pr-wrt estimate ifnty. by t}j? Jsf?? nflli gt nee. shows a ik ilett of {ii (h)(i or it* ikki below sn av.rage . n.n, wh'ch, accorJ!Dgto the 'pr*si-ut a iilcatiof,*, will dooMcMi rece feat least IKCWMie l?f more, making the e??timatr f?n ,hort of an arsr age crop from ?rn?,0(M? or ?70,t?ft0. notwiibfUndin* the ndvsnce duty. Ijstysrat Uas time, t e eati m-'e dut? w.*n something 'ike s^rlin** th:s showed an exce-s of *UO,HiO ? ver an iverare crop but mai>v gardens tutned out on Inferior am , " ' ' ?ibiudcired aa wo;tl?Iesa. ' ' ' ' i on to rrertn Dy fkll tr.u,hl?K>is the nt resse in the consnnpttoa w- nd more than equal that cf the crop, and from t .e ttr.or ol our advkenweare led to Ixlieve the "O' hM* m foreign market^ doe* not at the nre Die r,mI",tc tbe at.Kk this da a year The crop in thi? country inderer .lent of anv dU crepamy for false rumors, or en'orts to make\hem appear worse than they actually are. car not be coo ?Mrmly estimated at m> rr tnsri three f..u-*hsof 'hst of ;i *t season, which. w*tliont anv foreign demand or sprvulstive mt.\emeiit, wi'd cause the price of new hops to oren at high figure", shy fioru '-'0 to 2." cent p? i lb , which will secess irily advance the price of I WtTtens ) cat p growth from li> to l? eennperlb. i mil ir the levels of the writer throagb the wneral States in a?.i r vi , trued ol j'artie<- contracting to(il< lher the grming crop, m low as 1 Oe snd 12r peelh. whlleothers. ffore aa gsci. aa t ban their ndohliors. would not bargain tl eir> at less than Wc. to 3 Or. per lb ? tbe former ci med'eg to pricca whb h will not pav them for the f' " ' ?' " e !.,i"n |.r?fer t .kinir thilr crmnce of obtaining s full remunerathn for thtir labor*. Had the parties thus contractor galheKd their boj?w early, and forwardad them to market t theenrbest practicable moment.ninety nine chances to Ibe hundred (let prices rule however low th?j Blight {iHerwrnfilft) they would hare rtceir ed a handsome equivalent Tor the sweat of their of the ^ubtor ^ thf'r mite int0 ,he co^? Hlnre writir g the above, we are advised that the drought Is attesting the growing crop unfavorably in Olsego connty, and that the fli k*> attacked the Tine in several sections, effectually destroying the en t're crop which serves to alarm the operators more than any previous information, as this count* in considered the grand hop garden of tbe Natea. (D the 7th of .Inly, tbe Hisipodar of Wallwch^ addrsssad a proclamation ?o iht ArtrrlniMrat'vs 0?.;u<il of Wis Prll eiT*lity, la whleh he says ?A new sea asfias tor oar conntr j from thi* tiny. A nomm tuary Of an I th* rrmm ^asr<ss of lbs grest Powers will sasembla la Rwharewt, tn oriter to lssrs the wiafces aad asasasiUai ot ihe nation, ao4 1 > iccurf for it ft dufftM *M fcapQl (nturs.