Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1856 Page 5
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? ytera sr?,unU tie luce, igtt xmpleiuco, , , b* 1*" ?ow .Mwutil was drsasml in *1 "?dsr*h*t, black pilot cloUi monkey jacket, iuf ev''> khoefl. Prom Ujb person*! appe.uance l\ f'*** hc *?? i'. !?[*??. 1 to "? ? fire iima cr hand tu fcofcrj 01 - t*i? ihMl VerdiA, ?*ke>-n<l droit uod.'' a^utst wan hi ! 1 upon the body or a boy seven y^ri of ^ B?m?d W.illam < who was mivwbej ?^~X6 loot uf Delsn-J' ttreet. -'he deceased re r>4t1 a i \o. .id Delia, jy direst, wfiuette '.nqueei wu >k?rB% yKUM ]*.?> ice ? An n'.ueet ?i u!it by Ccro B i? jjjin the botty -fa w-tnun cited Jane IKirley. ft m jjjurii* ?e:e1v?d hy falling down HU: re at fcsr t^Ulen.e, No. '28 Stanton ttreev. Deceased was 05 or ..go and ?? m fc naUve of Ireland. Verc:ct ,4'Ao t '4?ntaJ death. ' Coroner H lie also teld <.n iaqneet at 45 Ci&rkscn street, ?%,?jn -Jio bod . of a l?oy 13 years of age, earned tturt.n fvwi-HB, who d ed fron a ftacture of the aw and otter injuries, received by the Tall Jif of a rile of limber upon }>*?. verdict e. denial dealt. Deceue 1 wae a ut urool :reiatu, Bcksnro ??> UB. TH ? Coroner Gamble held id inquMt fekwrUay & f'ornoor. upon ate body cfa Wotcan rifly year* cf age, caioed Vary Mary.'.n, who died at the New York Hospital from tte effect* or cerere burn* received on aat. rday 0!gu by her clothes oatchmj lire at her red denoe, No. 21 >4 Baiter street. He deceased was BBick.Bg a,.and a aparlc .-omraunlcaiing with her aloUucg ?he was "enveloped .n dames before the neigh bor* ware aware of the accident. Verdict.? "Accidental aeatfc.' De; eased was a native of Ireland. Portable Dressing Caiei, In all that the mxe imports, compaet and complete, each article contained iuf in tiring of (tie very bent quality. for 'ale at A. A J. ?ABNDKBS', No. 7 Astor, and 3e7 Broauw.iy. FIshm and Melod eons? The Horace Water* kaod m improved pianos aud melodeona are to be found at 333 Bsoadwuy. 1'iami to rent, and rant allowed on p urchn?a: for aale en monthly payments; aaeond bait J tunc* from J3U to ?Ml; latlodooua lront $4U to SU5. Fine Cutlery? The Subac libera' Asaortment ?anbmces e.very pomlble pattern of pen, pockef,, d' Sk r.J ?parting kulfe; alio ntn.rn, from tiic flnt sMutufactitmra. for ?ale by A. A J. KAl'WDEHH, No. 7 Aeku- Houee, aud 3*7 BMadway. Special Notice? To Southerner* and Gen tlemen who wear Ane cloihins. F. DERBY ,t CO.. I/ILOKS A!?D IMroKTKBM, TAKK reapwf'u/'.y give notice that they will nuke additions during tte sooctii tf AUOii'BT to thetr icready mignifloent a^wr'inent of summer drilling*, wkh the '>prpi?ii deaire of offering to rentdenu of the Southern tlaUs re'iirnlng from the various waieilr.g places, and atran ?ar* ?lHiittj(; b*w Vurk, .in opportunliy touke with thcro tb'S ?test novelnea in gentlemen's garments. Fsriicular aUention to tosee'ed to our _ t'lTLON RvAFORASr.K DrIIUJICS, esa>rrif')iif ?.tries sxclus.vely counued to ourael .ea. 1 * * L3 PARK. PLACE. Ihe Tliu.o. ? The Greatest improvement la J. A C. FIfVlIEll'8 impro\ed circ liar acale pianoforte; yararwm 336 ilroadway, opposiuj Broadway theatre. Jtfauu lialnry Twtktj eighth <reet and N.nth aveuue, New ifork. OtAsnee Salamandier Safes? Hobert M. IATA1CK is tike sola manufacturer, In the United Stau-a, of Aa above seletrated la'ea ai d pater.', powder proef toskn kmi cross barm. Depot, iV2 PeaT) street, one doer beiaw ?sides laoa It la a Singular and Significant Fact that the only really era.. 'Heal card engraver ou the weat *!de of Broad wsj. 'rum M. I'anl's church U> MadlSSB wjviare, m McLER'H. W, K'ne block above the r.? Farge Hoium-). The excellence of kiawoik.t.d hia moderate charges commands the patronage aad e*tf-:ia the solur.tary f aiac of the tasteful and dieoerniug. Suapoetod, . laapected, Dite.-ted, Re*;rte<i. Wtl( !>? how the Fm? of all Counterfeit* of luVONS famon* magnetic powder for tnaocta, and mag netic pill* for rMl .:nu B iyet ?, look 10 IM lae -xmita w.;,naiure aim the engraved nal! meda'e on the wrappor ?do lab--;. Certml depot, 424 Broadway. Mtkelor'i Heir !>>?*, Wig* anil Toupee'* mm raperior to ?!i othi-ra. Their nr? unproiwuU aecure ami1' : cuicH rt <o tins wearer, natural elegance ana dunbih. W. Kin unr. railed ut.d culj burmJ-h* iiiue d re u applied in Krthu prlvaM r./OOnt, at BAJ'CHKLOIi'B, XiJ Broadway. WklKken and Moiufathei forced to Grow to?tx week*, l>y mrongoent, which will not (lata or Injure fee akin. |1 .iV'sle, nt nt to any part of ike country. K. U. MAiiAK. SW'i. Broadway ; A. fun. Si blati; ->U'eet. Albany. ?rngiflu'*', Ptrtuinrn kimI Knncy Good* da all m vltl ing the city, * Ji lad die Balm of a tnoiiaand flow. an, ler perfuming ttn hrcat'i ?-id bUnlKjIu the completion^ fea moat titrable article In the wiarkrl. w. i\ IBTKIDO* A Wi., 1'nu.kiln Miitare, Kew York. Por l.tle by all drug #*? au4 fancy gooda dealt 1 a In New York. Cholrra. Dyifiilfrj', CoMc, Cronp, Voiatt tof, Ac., ate Immediately ??ur'-d l>y Dr. TOBI AS' c-lebrtUed Venetian Haimeot. TUi? remedy in now reoont? Bdod by the aiani en. >im i.. , b. ?i<laae iu th" t'uiuid 8tfcl*?, and la warrant *?1 harmi-??. s?.ij hr?l) the J>-uf vieti mvl patent medicine 4* aJf.rn in the I tllfilMatw, J'rxw *S aati OU oeuia Depot, K CtrUaad rUeet. Gonraad'ii Italian Ncdlratrd ?oap la poal liter he <ii>ly relLiWe :t fUr'.e &?' cut ,ug tail, tetter, p.mpie*,, tiinbnrn*, 4c.,?* uimy lii*c found out, who hare tried Uie varioiiN t:omptn;nd* adTrrtia^d t*stt|.<-r*.-delt. OOV It A I D M map not only rcalixea a delicate while, tranapareut akin, It Moreover oonlrtbWe* to h"jlth, by BromoUag tie* ?e cr*:.eri?, ftutuaud n poudre -uMUe ilpronta hair from low fbr> beat* or uay part of the body. I.xjuid rnuge, hair dye, hnti f ,o" nod liv white, at the old <t''i>ot, <17 Walker atreet, fc?t ?mre from Broadway; t'all?uder Philadelphia; Bate*. KOWi fclngton -'r^e'. Bo?aon; Mr*. lla;*c% Brooil)ii. DMnadorn'a H l(a, Hatr Dye and Tsupeei Wkt a<tmira>U.u aa?>nff all Ooaaalaaetlf* of art. A au.t of ahgaat pr!?ale apitltnen--. *.?>? ?|.i-i./u>* Ma liiMtokU gm aaiy reliable ur'iele of the kind ? tt mt. Wboleaaie aud re kM, at CMlt'TA DO HU M, No. t. Ar.tor Uoms. Copy the ad For the Complex km? .Of all the CompomnUe we bave yet aeen orepji-ed a- a roeou-iio for the ?kin. there i? none that ha* a bffher rep'ttitjoi, or one that ia ?o popular with the ladl?Hi a? th - far f mod ' Ka'.lUton. or Orient w ater " If la aeientlAcalty pri p?r< d ai.d i? a lierfumo l< well aa toilet wa?h I' impart* to tin- ?k.u ?> per nliar fi'tif 0. text' ire. ho ilearab.e il ti tny U?' i ox Ji'n -e <>i h'lrab drying wiuda or a but ana. It will, with a few appl^ailooa, remove un. freckle*, avabnrn, and *i l cntaaeam ? ruptkma. Ii 11 ettenairely u-ed fcr theae purpoaea. anJ ladle* w ho applv it can eierciae in (lie open air aa fr?rlT ae Uiey plena,-, and experience ao Incoo rentence Imm much or irrlU'cJ - kin Thi? ar'K-le can he bad ?f a; I druMiam and i>ei fnaiera of ny repniatioa. JOSItfU BVHSEtT ICO. urct je vrietnrt. Koi- eale by A. B. A l>. Pan<1?, C. H. H ti,' T. f. Urteu, and drugftal* generally. Dlaeanea of the Skin? 1.. V ? Newton, >1. D., eouUnoea :o devi.:e ajir -'a' attention to the tr-atmrnt of cttta oeo\iaaff' ( ii?'na, at al* n> * rc?ldeti-e. Si Klrtt place, near nmtoe atrewt, Ho:ith ItrvuklTP. Oili' e h-nirt? Mornliif , be fore 10; afternoon. hI" i o ? .i-ck. Hi UlRi. Wle?, Wljpi ? of thooe ?10 Vrivl-ible wi?* and taiipee*, ..t MKDHVMH 4CO. P, 77 Maelen lane, made of ike i>e?t maierla'e* ? arrantod not to tln'luk or ?iianae color. ware ?f curaiarfanl Broadway price* Hrafoa, band*. < urla, Ac Rnptniv.? Only Prl?r Nrdal Airmilrd lo M.?r*h A Co., by the ludnalrlal Kahllniioai oi nil Nation* at Hie ?>7?tal Palace, for their un w naient radleal ritrotrtiM R' f<'rrac?<nH ?0 IN aiipefMirlty? ???'i ? Vnl. riline Vi?", IT I Hard Park-r a>id .Nihn M CaiUncltan. Opoa liom" A. M U>9 P M MARPII A CO. Ko. 2>i M nd-n Urne, Wew York The Catarrh Doetor, C, llovrarU Marahall, who cure* et'arrh and 1'inr dl*-a?e*. will be again at the Si K "hola? Bolol, li#w York, oti A tutaat 1$ l>r M treat* by IrOer ** la puraoa Plreci 'o ft wicixila* Hotot, m. T. Ilolloia w> *a Olut mriit anil Pill*? Pro? tiled Wlta th#?e rmnedle*. ? per?nn <i tl.e m'wt ile'V aie phyaitne tear bra. e any clitnaie Yfce.T tompraliead wnb'n ibe'elicle ?f t*"lr "iruttve lafltieiW' ai in.- dt?e?*ev not <* (i.iaio, an- 1 all the varte'ie* n; mitw ird luf <rntaa' kia. Ld T>U> obw )if on -aturvlay, A uftial by the Re*. Dr. Hatlit, W'l! a? II a t.i*. o" < U?ca/o III . to Xlaa Ka.t a Tiuit, eld- l Jaujbtor or -Imoti P. tMfsjr, oflbis ?t?r. A'. Biookljn. <?? wed#e .lay, July a?, l>y the Rev. Jaa I.. Ilodie. n. D Biumr Oaj?y, of Brooklyn, lo Matilda Rj > IA, of Newark. N J (>e Vonday, July 2*, by the Ra* Mr. Lalont Mr. Gee u*jy }'*? vtx* rw, ory.e - e, c.?uvi t. to Mim M <*ia Ta*p?t, ?luNt daughter ol ll*? tetf Mr P "larftff, of coiaty 8a. way. Ireiaar Ca fbrala pepe'? peaae copy OM. On 8uad*v. A t.g u*t 10 Mrs. FuiARVm al the reai leccc or her mother Mr? Ana Itotnae, No 60 Mag at reet. Made* of her luaeral will b? | rca m lo morrow ? paper On Hat -rda* a lernoon, tngn-t o, after a ten g au I c -??*<? lilBtaa, C?ntn>t. ?* iTc of Mr Charlea Horn*. ?hip wfrtt, and daughter ol Mr 1-ej.i.ire, or Halifax Nova Srcfla in the 46tb year of her Tbo Mead* of her family a>e kin Uy invited to *tt>*n.l her fVneral, ibia allarooon, at two o tiwk. Trim her lave riaiaw Noj Ch'yrtic ftroct fit Sk\ and flott. i) pa,*rf pVtM fopr Oa .- indai Aug cat 10. ^ar .h 'Jauoolt, a ?a I ve of tb< county 1 < rmatAgn lr< uui I V le ftrnd* ot the fam.iy are rrii>ectlu'ly invited to at Wed brr funeral , tbia at two o cloi k. from the ret'ienco of ker brother H' gh 271 Teet Twenty eeveutb atreet On aday AafMt 10 o' b.lloti* aa I typhoid ferer, Brrta A. Km. aged 2 2 yara and 6 month*, onlv aoa of Ike late Abram Htaf. E n . and *tep aoa of l>ertd Unit Tbe Meade aad relative! ?-e r??pectfiij r iirt ited lo a) teed b.a!\innml. to mo-row at 13 o'clock M front tbe reelAoare of bta brother In taw. 120 Columbia atreet Oa Hnjday, Aufvet 10 Mr. m?i? Lroe, in tbe mi yea r of hie ate The Meads and relative* of tbe ramiiy are re<|ne?tei in ftttesrt bW ruaeral, from tbe reeidenee of hn *oa a law, Mr. I> Ueviaion, ITT Vmr* atreet thi* arteraoor at eae o'clock. Oa .-"wada*. A' gnat 1C l'?raaa^a Dosoact, <ged U yearn. Tbe Mend* nnd ?e?|"e'?t?ac?e are reepeotfully iacit?J to attend ber fi nera'. tht* *ri>roooa at ttareo o'cloc* from ber late res deoce, rOUoerck atreet. Oa rriday Auriat I. Mr? A** Mm The frteade aad relaliree are raepeetfuily laTited to at tend the tiiaeral, it j? mom nj. at ten o'clock, from ber late residence, No. 10* Deau atreet, Brooklyn. Ca! fori la and l.oat leland paper* pleae* copy On Snaday, Avifuei 10, Auca, wife of *?, B tier. a?ed 10 year* and S month* Rer Mend* aad arq'mlnlancea are re?peotfuliy iorited *o attend tbe fi aerat, Uit* anemooo, at two o'clock, from ber late residence, No. 219, comer of Twenty ttflh street and Ninth arenue On Sunday ?oraing Aojuat 10. B?njajcw arad M fear* I mont- eh<i 1ft Uayt ,fk'rtoc* ?ncTB00n' ?? three m0|,!eT ? r?'dence, 2f?4 Berenui atreet. ? -aiauncee are reaper tfulh iavitod to ?Avud bifl funeral, without further nr Ut on "? Sunday, Anfn-->t 10, MA??4a*r^tv*, dauehtT ofra trtrk and Mary M Ronogh, aired 14 montha an Ju dar, ar?i'ie,nt?cee are respectfully m? i?d tn jMtetd funeral. M.m tbe reaidonee of her n rent? Ko. l-ookiya. .h^err,^ ? bOcT # j: Id Brook 'yn, on Saturday ovsting , iLtigust 9, aflw I fcur days illness, or wbolera infantum, Guoi ku*jc?<, yc -og eat chid of Banjamiu F. and Luay B. Sea\er, nied 23 months. Tha and Jt t-cdn of the 'at- ly are ov.toJ to intend tbe futernJ, it* a'.tsrnoon ul two c jlocfc, ."rom Utr fathers re6.dence, .30 Garden e reti, Brooklyn. On Sunday morning, A Jgu?t 10, a* 11 o'clock, alter * .cog acd fevro ilinef-s, traces, youngest son of J'Wau und Sarah E. Killer. Tbe frlcrde andreiatvee are respectfw'y Erited to aitend the f <neral. without rlter .nv'.iu.oc, ."rem fc-H Ate res.dence, Dean r?r ?*?'.. between VanderLht Washington avenue*, 'Brooklyn. un Sunday, August 10, the ?. e of Andrew Barrett. Tbe fronds cf the fam ly ar ? < ? ? pe tTv-Dy invited w at tend the :\ineraJ, ih.B afternoon, t ha f pott three o'clock, *.thout ! -nvitalion, >om the crnor cf Eudtcn a\enueand Johnson street, Brooklyn. On Sunday, Auguttt 10, Jajo*. Uie be?oved w..e of Jamen Boyd, after a long and sertre Ulneer, ol bronchitis, a*cd 30 years and 17 daye. The fr.ends of 'be fkmlly are ref,pecCu.!y requested to attend tbe fanera'., "rom the re-aidense or her h'leband, 228 0 rand ttreet, Brooklyn, E. D., to-morrow morning, at 10 o'clock. At Weehawket, on Saturday, Acgust 9, JiMB Lcelow, aged 77 year*. Hit friends, tboee of tbe family, and those of hts tons, John J., Jamee and Anthony Ludiow, are respectfully in vited to attend tbe funeral, this afternoon, at two o clock, from tbe Grove onurcb, Dsii'.ey u>wn. At hiB residence, at Cranev.Ue, N. J., on Sa.tcrday morning. August 9, Thosub SUvag*, merchant, ol tt.a city, in tne 4 let year of his age. At Sharon Springe, N. Y., on Thursday, August 7. of disease of the liver, Isu-iC E. Acncv, ol the firm of Sickles & Co., New Orleans, La aged 39 years. His remains were interred in Cyprees Hills Cemetery. Weekly Report ot Deaths, In tbe city and county cf Kew York, from tbe 3d day of August to the 9th day of August, 1666. Men, 83; women, 69; boys, 360; girls, 386? total, 627. Adults, HI; Children, 488; males, 332; females, 295; co lored persons, 11. memuoM. Abeceea of parotid gland. 1 fever, typbus 6 Abtcess of pelvis 1 Fever, yellow 1 AJbtun.naria and Bright '? Fracture of tbe arm 2 disease of kidneys 1 Heart, disease of. 4 Apoplexy 4 Heart, disease of valvular 1 Aspnyxla 1 Heat, effects of 1 Bleeding 1 Hip, I'iceaseof. 1 Bronchitis 1 Hooping cough 3 Burned or scalded 1 Hydatids of brain 1 Cancer 1 Inflammation of bowels., 9 Cancer of tbe breast. .... 2 inflammation of brain. .. . 9 Casualty 1 Inflammation of heart.... 1 Cholera. 1 Isliamrnation of liver.... 2 Cholera infantum 163 Inanimation of lungs ... 8 Cholera morbus 6 Inflammation of stomach. 6 Colic 1 Inanimation of throat... 1 Congestion of brain 9 Insanity 1 Congestion of lungs .... . 4 Intemperance 1 Constipation of bowels. .. . 1 Jaundice 1 Consumption 67 Kidneys, t isease ol 1 Convulsions, infantile. . . . 60 Killed or murdered 1 Convulsions, puerperal... 1 lockjaw 2 Croup 6 Malformation 1 Debility, ad uJt 2 Malformation of pelvis. ..'1 Debility, infantile .16 Marasmus, infantile 47 Delirium tremens 4 Mealies 11 Dlarrhma 29 Old age 2 Dropsy in tbe bead 24 Palsy 8 Dropsy in tbe ovaries.... 1 PlcurUy 2 Drowned 6 Pofcon, by laudanum, ac Dysentery 22 cident 1 Enlargement of tbe heart. 1 Premature birth 7 Erysipelai 2 Scrofula 8 Fever 3 Scurvy 1 Fever, bilious 8 Smallpox 3 Fever, intermittent 2 Stillborn 33 Fever, nervous 1 Teething 8 Fever, puerperal 2 Ulceration of the bowels.. 1 Fever, remittent 1 Unknown 1 Fever, scarlet 9 Worms 1 Fever, typhoid 4 ? Total 627 ?"Reported from Second ward -tat, on Houre. UumtUTMW- DISS ACTS CUBUD. Bores joints, Ac 5 CM age 2 Brain and nerves 10'> Stomach, bowels and other Generative organs 6 digestive organs 296 Heart and blood vessels. . N Unceitu<n scat and gene Epm throat, &c 87 ralfbvers 60 Si.n, Ac., and eruptive Unknown 1 fevers 2 6 Urinary organs 2 Stillborn and premature ? bu tbs .40 Total 627 ?O: which 12 Were from violent causes. MB. Under 1 year 398 40 to 60 years 20 1 to 2 years 117 60 to 60 years 24 2 to 6 years 48 60 to 70 years ? 6 to 10 years 9 >0 to 80 years 7 10 to 16 years 6 60 to 60 years 3 16 to 20 years 9 90 to 100 yeara 1 20 to 26 years 19 Unknown 1 26 to 80 years 21 ? 80 to 40 years 36 Total 927 aarxvm. England ? United States ,..b08 France 1 Unknown 6 Germany 38 Wcfst Indies 2 Ireland 64 ? Scotland 4 Total 627 rrsuc oerrrrno**. Bellewe Hospital 7 Pont'y Hoip'l, Blkl's tel.. 1 City Hospital 9 I'.ii.df'x tel. Nors. Hosp'l. 2 City Prisons 1 Smallpox Honn, BlklM M. 1 Colored Home Hospital. . . 2 Ward s lsl'd kmif'tHosp.28 I.unatic Asy'm, Blkl's tel. 1 Workhouie, Bik'ls III.... 1 lunatic a?v m, Bi'ir>dale. f ? N. Y. Or[ih??ri Asylum.... i iota! .to wabss. 1 14 13 41 2 3 14 26 1 16 4 20 16 27 6 (Includes C.ty Cokp'l) .33 17 ?'?6 6 31 18 37 7 68 19 (lacta tes Blkl's Island 8 33 HoepUals) 23 9 22 SO 63 1 0 S3 21 (includes B'v ue Hos'l) 30 1 1 83 ti 23 12 (includes B. and W. ? Island Hospital) 40 Total 637 Report having been circulated wltb reference to the existence of yellow fever iu the city, being calculated to c-eate uuneo ??*ry alarm, 1 deem It b t proper to state that the only death from f .ch disease reported during this year ?? tbe one above ir.ent oaci. Tbe evidence be fore the C>i oner's l ory? an inquest having been hel 1? proved tbe itccea-ed to have been an iutemperate periou wbo wa< found In the street on Saturttay evening, tbe 2d instant, one woek ?lnce, in a condition as If re. over ng from a (It ? to u-e tbe wirds "f a witnes. ? ind that death SSMuetl as th' deeca*c.l was taken to the Second ward Station Hotitc. it is the duty of tlio City Inspector to puolvh the rctuni-* vt ma te to him but euteriulning se> toiiH doul'U of the eorre<'tness in tV above oa?e, my ll<iuliiet have re?ultod In the conv'ctlou that the came of death, as ctatcd, was not cnrrect. Th>> number of dc?tht w ciirrmg <lur ng the la t week, it w!l! be r.atloi, m one hundred and Diucteen (119/ le.4- th in 111? mortality of the i week previsns. OIXIIVE W. MORTON, City Iwpeetsr. C.ty Laepecior'.. I^i^artment. New \<>rk, Aug. 9, 1166 ADYERTlSEMEirrS 1EJEWED EVERT DAY. nUUNKIAli. Art nx*ncr ari.r MUt<M?r wt?uivo to adopt | a fai-- beohhjr ? it* fluM fi om birth. ma* bear o! oo" by | applying non?<"!w ?? y l>| tot'er, t~> X. T. irn| ctoro. cor I nor if Coiniova Ml? rollotroett Soon u, ooin-n /iomfmrtari.f. rn.i.v k si.atkry ? V i'u? ti< ly * e you toilaj .??st><l word buw. A1m> l?ve WihiM old miU Uf to. yo.i. IF MR. 01 ?"TATK UTAH' PAW, t.ATF. op TIU.ERET. 1 < an'on Hni'/erU'id, will -nnn m? tic with Rub b,o?, Mr 'h?r? * ?'o., (I M*id.>r) be ?rUl re< 0?to a tjm jf m.>n?T kf with ibeui tor hl? bt?' U. r \xr* wat*o*.-if J v*f> w vt*ox pox or tub ?J l?t?- Vk* Wfttoon, ??'plllh lira, 't.' .l'bjr, OMtWr, wUI wrtto to bis ri*?n .n K?s'.?n ! (firing *1 Ireta, ??:. be will hear of ?ime thing roDMi|.-rfc''t} lo hi> adrantafr. /' i? b?IWed Ui? ?old Jame- W .:?on >"* York ten or twrlvr yem * ago In '??* of hi? d<":?tli, ?ny p?rai.o ft? ng ml >nw.o^ :h?reo< ?i.'. > AnVt ? fbror. nfo lb' mm .'am*? watooo bOTIIMTWimi to.tu ? Ei'tlATid iivl hare !e,1 fettle an plication nw b* toata wittont ii-jaj *d-i ??? R a M We ?oo Willie. fc-alcby Cut' N'KW-Mrn mv o* ft mimv, or Al'tHUT ot 'bt I r? plot*. * n ? 'uu?. it pV>??*ui dh< 1 .ITri.K 0? I. mi Julr 1) M -RKTt RXFp-f XOT STAY WX'iSR (? Mou?l?v .n<! ?v*. v a..v ibei^'ier? " Tim? rlie? " MAI RICK, II'RtTR TO MMOX IMMKPI ATV1.T, AKD HE Wll.t, tt i Urn eroat for ? f<-w U4?r- Iff <1 p;?co, may wb*i e you at*. Poo ?o*?d b iudi<\ U'ni. IP coroft.ia a. r. rur\*t hexo hkr ?'!#(*?? In U. 0. BdfOO, Hio d?av roM o?co. ?OLURMHr. Mi MtLUVfRT-TO POUTtlERX LA DIM ARft LADOM ir?T*Ulif ?Mr*. C \RTKR. N. . Mo KrcaJw*v. h*? m?t rrrr rrd *.?>?* dr^'fii- iu Pi rn' h tm'iorh >>onn?t< ; ? loo n.ioi t? ???ot UB'iU trAvrilttf wi , ?U quite nro, ood ???!? (iprMOlr 111. .? !i?? IOol.tlt too*!! *nd OS* ? mior i? i MMWb (?t ftxn 0 J-AT UT OF ART, \?? HROaDWaV. COR f i.. n? lb- ?oH?Cl "n ft tibotogrnph* ?id d?j|iifr <"*' lb" ton in lb* w ? M nod W open for H?? ??;'rt of'h" p I' iif C?Pt.P.St)tr? pnpTRVtTft OP FIU.MORF. FRP-MOXT, k* Rurbsaon, ?MIMTMI Pf?Mrni?, the 3ne?i tire! iilotef publish' <1, torikil It. ?rrR il*l>R 5, Ro ?0 ftoido ?trfrt. Nt^dMlM Brood Wbr. oppo?it?.S;?wwl't. Piico o'Viiltf Boat frame. 90 ceo:* eocb. HIF.XH ADVKRTI*lENE>T?. CRRV\XTt?: PR ARfAI^R^.? OR A BK*0TX, PARS C* nM fbwill- boar?wc4?o, d ime ruie.niTf, iio* Vinn? t>n ui?? f-mmr 4o WBW?, ^n? coalurierr ei tne J'ui ? i|- ?'?. Ap tbi'jerimtnrJ'.a'emeii: on Xo l(P0,?nu?' DKXTISTHf. HA !!A |TA:-.T00T1IA<TTE CTRRO tr ax in. ?Utt*i. wfio WOUd tmmt tootbor W Send ? rto_l!?r to tn? ?'ldr' ?, ?nd I will vnJ m ? roeoipt tbot wlU icf tbr tort ?.? *' oner , *1?<\ i pr'v-rri'.ire t<x)tb pow<trr. Add, -CM w S r?ro^. R. Y, .ip ototro ^ w - v . , ri;?*ITl RK. ?m? F*pf fiRz?rr? CFKCUU. TOTICIS. Lf.CtVHX.~i. LE<"TIR1! W.I.L BE PELTYEKBD *?> Ui* m* iuDtj? >t Oliv* Bruiii, So. 7, A. P. A. Attd the Oril?r in (j.-nf. .. u Tueadai e> akg, \ .? '1, l&W, Ly ibe Rev. I)r *? uwnaiu* aiiil R?\ K.wijai Oih :r eir.tnei.t Mill ?J?.j ?il J the Uleetlejf. 1) ;or open A*. 7 o clock; exercises tu oo?ifconc? a'. 7 >. 0' rfufc. Tick* m 26c JOHN VcKaOUES, vfajUfWUk. Hw m McM.jn h, tMMIftry. NEW TORK V1KK DiriKTKKVT Fl'yn.-CEAjJtn -to p..*?l? will tm if clvtal .n'J a ? .i<t IS, .ii^tiwlve, for ' irutblug kLvh lor tlif; K'-n York J .1 a l)?pa: tuieiii Fund /or om yea.-, ?h>?t )*t cf 0- tobrr neit. ForfnrUier tafortunUoa fcjpljr 10 j. s VrilJ LIFK, Si f'lkextreet, .f. Y. W \TttIN?, 16 > lathertao -treet, t. ii. rBuiPO.N', M B??km?n street, t-' .'bool ? oiemii'.ee. OFFnTi REOIVKR OS* TAXES, SO. 32 -'lUYURRS Mr??t, 'now Oojrt House.) Saw York, 'u li* Jfi, .htxl.? Fublis uoti.e.? To avcic the risks 'Alt must luevCAbljr oactir rrjm tbo ero?<l c i t(u ptyT* ?bo put off to the !ate?.t ti; the payment of tht-Lr tao-s, 1 bs?? 'i'tertr nwl to ad>'[ t (hi rullow j;ig rule, whiflh >v ill be i.^Uly Abfrtii u> during my term of ofios:? 1 *ha.l rcceiw: 110 stoMT alter 2 o'o! >:k I'. M. Every *IL, -r iu tiiis DeparljBuDt in tukil; pruhlbUol from receiving envelopes oonuu-:.if money or -h*<-kH tor th-' patmanltf taj?s. By order, HKSKY K. HOWARD, Receiver. SOS'S Of1" MALTA? LOSE KrAR DIVISION.? 1 UK VH n<ial eommnnlcatioa of division will be held u.' ibeir kali, So 343 Fallon street, Brooklyn, on Monday, '.be llui iijs:,, at ? oVl.tck P. * . it whi h time iV; delegates rr ,n the Soi.'h ero und "JoriUern division* will report; also. tbe election for E nd oflleer* will t*K'i place, with a view to Uj-; oon.iiirf oriM.N. )k well to the Houtbweet, Sojourner* wUl pleai ati*it-i. Hy order oi tbo O.R 1. A O. ANiOI.VK fiOn.B, O.B.J.A.O.L'.V.A. rOCKCIL Chj MBKH, A.lg'.'tS, 1>?S0. TO OOAL DEALERS.? XEW YORK FIRE DEf* *RT ?wnt Fund. Sealed propowto w!U be w?v?i unWI Au ?is'. 13, f'ir foraiablnc .. bo . toi.i u.' eoal tor the Sew Yw k ire D?-partmenl Kan.., lroiu Otiober 1. l or further tk 11 .ipp:v h> J. Y. WAff KIKI, 16 Catherlna atr. fl'. H. A. HCRK, ?orner of '^!lit ' ..nd Kruukfort street*. J. PRYKR, 260 Vront street. Wood .uid '' >al I'omm uee. S. B.? Th-' comm!:te? reservo* tb ? n^lit to r. j?< t any or ail ?>i the en iinaies, if n??'n.?'U lor the >0 tercel of t-i Sew York Fir ? Ceparriuec'. F und. LITERATIRK. J_n? THOUSAND. T? Th" peopio'M favorite memoir, because the best. UPHAM'S rLLUHTBATED LIFE Or FREMONT, rmrt 75 CKsts. One hnndsomrt volume, 3tjt> pages? It illustrations. TlcKMoR A FIELDS, BOSTON, PUBLISHERS. For sale by bookseller* ami agents everywhere. Coy'.es sent by mail free of pomade on receipt of 76 cents. 1I<MP1RE CLUB.-A MKETISG OK TUB EMPIRE ULL'B J will bit held at tbnlr nwm* in Canal utrecl, on Tuesday ereniiig, A u;;uit 12, at liajfpant seven o'clock. The State Dumlnattonn will be raiilled. A splendid portrait of .James Buchanan, painted troni lite by the celebrated arlist, Win E. M' Masters, expressly for tho Club, will be placed in the ro >m fo.- the tirattlme. Speakers will ailiiro&a ihe inciting inside until nine o'clock, wheu the now and magmllceut banner will be r.i sod and a meeting organl/?d outalae. Buchanan Clubs are invited to be present at U>" raining of the burner. ISAIAII RYNDERS, President. T?a.?o G. Skuas, > KDWaKD MlKK.'.V, J secteUri "? VrOTK'B? SEWS BOYS OF THKNOBTH AND SOUTH, XI inform your patrons to look out for Homething rich. The Memoirs of General l>. K. Twigea has been written, not completed. An addenda will be added, with numerous let ter^ while travelling the wild* of Texas, tho Mexican territory and oit the battle fields of Mexico. J AH. L. COLEMAN. The New Orleans 1* icayune, Louisville Journal, Dollar Times, Cincinnati; Richmond Enquirer, Charleston Mercury, and National Intelligencer will pleace aopy once a month, weekly, and forward accounts, which will be promptly paid. J. L. COLEMAN. THE UNITED STATES DEMOCK ATIO REVIEW -PUB ilsbed monthly.? A ujust, I860. Vol. VII., No. II. New aeries. Now ready. Costxvw. Elegant steel engraving'* of James Buchanan and Jol.n C. Breckinridge. Th<! Present Condition of Progressive Influence of Parties In the United States. American Liberty. Bowens: in Historical Bal Benedictine Monastery of lad. Monte Casino. The Europe of To Day. Lite ot Buchanan. The Philosophy of Life. Th'' Rise of the Dutch Re sufl, ranee. public. The chronicles of P ersepo Webster's Orthography. ll?. Chronicle of the Month. I Deiii to Pay. Literary Chronicle of the Month. Spencer w Cone VMitor. farms ? H per annum, iu ad vjmee. Single iimube 'a, 2So. Liberal discount mad to thJ trade. LLOYD x CO., 3115 Broadway, New Tork. 1 ft"' * ^n" FREMONT CLUB.? A PUBLIC MEKTING lO of the Ei?fctcimth wai Irmont Club will be held at ita' Qrsmercy Hotel, corn* Twentieth al reef and Third aveatut, on MeiitLty even in.,, Aug. 11, at a ?< \l > k. Eminent speakers will address the ting. ? Bon>, Secretary. HOMER FRANKLIN. President. Brooklyn.? the ro<kv mountain fremont Chab will hold ft publi' meeting at the ltepiiblic.ui Kal lying Hall, Museum HuMIng, corinr of Fulton and Orange streets at m o'clock. Hon. Horace Greeley will address the meeting. J. R. SPALDING, Presi leut. 01. M. CO*?tm'it, hecr> tary . The fifth w ard iremont and Dayton club ? ill meet on Monday evening, ?t i o'clock, August il, ut No. 2i White ?liNt. J. A K K N n K I > Y President . T. C. Lki??n. t c Dr. A. C. Ili t AMkii, s ? ect ci^tk SOLD? MIT Til K BARGAIN NOT RATIFIBD.? THE members <?i the National American Club will mee' at (heir headquarters, Ai vlemy llaU, No. MS Broadway, on Monday evening, August II. at 8 o'elock, as buiiuess ol' nn|>orUuct3 h ill b> tr.'iisa> ted. By order. IIENRY SNYDER, President. " r. wVrTu?' ( "" ' LOST AND FOUND. f'orND- \ WATtfl. Tim OWNER CAN HAVE iHK > tue by c^Uiug at the Ut Bon's Stoic, UONa-tau Stroet. J. S. AN?>RKW.< FIRKMAR'g BADGE LOST-NO 1,831. THE KINDER w I! nsrcire tic tfe.mks of lie on iier, by l?a>iu? It at I'lta r A Co s . ? lli ? iutisu si reel. LOST-IN a FOURTH AVKNl'K STAGE, ON FBIDAY e^ suing, by a gentleman, mho got out at Wallack s theatre, nt'<>u'.|'.iiiie,i by '.wo ladies, a large Ivory Ofera gUs-., Iu a hiom u trick-kin ??u-f Tbe gentleman returning it to Mr J..\. 1 Ruanell, "I N?--a\i street, will be suitably rewarJtd. LO-t-A BOLL OF MONTY. POCASSETT B VNK bill* The 1 1 inlet will be raB| re*.ird"d relnm tnj He -ame in Wm. V t.ane, at Mv:-r*. Wui. A Wheeler M <*??. *, 12* William vlreet. IOST-A CHASED Gol.D B<iX WPPOHD To HK J lro,>i?vl in the Eighih avenue ears on Baiur&iv evening. The y.Joe oi the gold will be given the ftuder on npfiM'iUon to It ? aldwell 1 Co., 8u Bali street Cre-t? a geiflju's h"b<i between two wings, out r'f a duo*! ooronet. Pt*n > 'Hikers w ill p'.oaxt s'.up it. 10?T-IN *N OMNIBl'S, ON S VTl RDAY. IN BRA VD j wav he?weru.Pt ince anil Fourteenth atrseis, a m^atu rsiid i. oo"l, * ith several page* of sassaortodnttn, and POO tmuiiu a hill ot exchnnjr* drawn by Tlioa. ilames. of Meimihi< Tenn., in I'aTorof j,C. OiWng A Brother, no The. .bald Grit fiug * I'd., of New Orleans, tot *i.iM>, ai six months from :>"li .fune lost. All pi- rs<uis are warned against tra<iin( tor said bill, is payment lias been sioppi d The finder will h" siut?b!,\ tun Ifotel leil tipoti leaving tbe i*me at the efte* of the Vetrnpoll' .1 H. OBIFFINO. ? CtfT? ON BATURDAT EYV*I*?. A BBOW* I?OG. wili biatk spo'? and wlol" t<:e li Newrosndlaixl and il R oleh terrlor; answers to tie n.itui' ot Diana. Wie-ev. r .11 ii nr? ui-- si.aie io I4i William > wi, up ? sir-, wil; be ? is idy re warned. REWARDS. $2: d-.-n BKW VBD.? FRANKLIN MIHXCM, IZ^GB VND sti-et Aar pr'rsAii lk<t eta airemiee i iwne tut! tnl ? mpau; o! Isdi"?, whether in dsgue; reotypes or in * tru ip< wll! iree.v.- 'hi ibme reward. . REWARD -STOLEN, <>N TUESDAY MEANING, J 4ih in ,!."?i barge VI e?.my, elotUmg. paper* iwo dafoeireo' i t>es, linger rial anil ft*i in money. The .t>>m c r. ward will b.- pa n (or the ri uti oi ihe dagtierv. f.'?n-s, fingt r ring atnl paper-. *i?d no ItMMit asfied, bj t ap NrOowel1, barre Afn cany, tart of Clarkson street, Ot' M. .?oiia Conollt I ci Leroy sire i i . djin REWARD.? TAKEN FROM yl AR tNTINE ? I " " dM k. HVatea Viand, M Thursday ML Aug. 7. as lA loot U ??. palu'eil white with yellow stupe au.1 greeu ft'ownle red ihn.epin- duril #e.b eomr above ??????. while ?< a'? and lead ruler below . W uoever will return said boat W George W chamber, Jr. at Quarauttne landinj, wtil rcelts iue above rew*ri. J- ~ reward. -i/wrr or siratbd, i<> tiik -.mii ip') ni?i . a red eow. wi'h s brass top us h?r i r!i ? ;u. tm i ne rem . nlni. her to Lawrewee Woods R .-lie i; ? sue near Wall's rooewaik BriKiklya, l<ong Isiautl Will re reive III* S'xire re w ml Ks OILS. mown on* NOT f'XPL0"lt K. Secured hv patents. KKBtHENF. iLH^MlNATING OIL riix rto^owv or this oti is o^Rt**LttD fit le ef It eroeene gives fia much light a-' #?<ir rsp' ? fir.' ot w bale oil. 9J>> t7 of sperm oil. and of burning tl.iui. It burns In all the argsnd bwtton top lamps. Inrtndtn] earn pbene atxl allf Ic oil lamos, wi'hout the u? tal tcade icy to ""kVitOSI NE LI BRICATINu AND BqrXACLX OIL The eleet of ihisoil on ?sclinery is fmtnil to be nerlee'ty migical It remove* the scum ra i?ed by the ase 0* impure oils wears equal k ihe besl sperm oil. and does not co.igeal at a low temperature For binnacle lamps, signal and bow.

s? ri' lanterns, this oil is unsurpassed. It will bum for tw? nights without gumming or erustlnt tbe wlek? a great devd" raium for sh pmaaters? and g vrs a light eoMl to th^ b^ sn-rm oti. Ii slap burns in all the sn . and hand lamps. The stlentlon of engineers ship ? handlers and ship capialn" ?s psrticularlv reijue.ted to tbe eertifie des k> be s?ea fit 'be ofice of aI'^TKNS, ajent of Ketoscne Oil Company. No .V' Beaver Sirret. mciuiuraot;!. _ 1 OS CANAL STRKKT. SEAS YARIcV-W k R YAN lUsJ NOTES mantel giate. kitchen range, summer range aad stove wsreeooms. We have a large assortment of stores, mantel grsies, kitchen rsnges and summ-r t aages foe sal< on reasonable leims. Stoves, grttei and r*ng?t set lined ?nd repaired. -THE OOLDEN LETTERS. -EAfU GOLDEN LPT 'T-o. lerentliles the holder t? the abo^e sum Hit ttW-ri the alphabet srewr.lden iff' :s F.vamrile If V > a tsM?? !e' er, all who send for A will receive MB by return maO. K*elo?eil name ihe Islter, anil address Potv>i, boi iUI Post |oW?.ce, Albany, N. Y. DrNTIfiTRY-DR NAPOLEON PRKTKRRK. I V Broadway, (itaraatees tn^lnserl whule or par'lal sets ?< i. -etli, on gold, silver or platina plates, m Ith or Wlmottl eitraet tng the rt?ts tllty percent ibewper than ail}' O'.hei regular <te?iist. Teeth extracted wltbont pain. Iplobrr* GATHEBINO FOR F tl.L TRADE-TllS most beaviUfnl in cr?hllon, and Will be eoatinued mntith 1 I, , Uig h?sea? Til. coiB.'tires ?re lrr- > ? ? . r ?I tMES TUCKER. W. Broadway. Toi.OYERS, AMATEI R* MINSTR*T.<?, ic., AND PER son? who cannot write, I oRet my ecrve'cs as writer of bill, is deui, aosinet#. aeroaticil, armg? parodlea, b'tnesqili t a.Ml leiterf; also, as copyist ot flays . I?*al dnriimeti'a, or, .'n h . *1 tt t l.| el ,rr,pi ,l?nl|i Address Fri>re?e|. ( ^ ?<? e ilk It New \ -t r, ' ? nj s .' P' si' s. earn . ffmmk STTCATIOTI WISTBD, A * N L*DY ?.M KPDl?*I'D ^ fi i v J .ouiu'X'Xrt? tiiflZX '?hLV%*'"*bUr P """V * '"' I rl'ZZ ^iv^j I A SSui*; " ,:R';-i2 a * or .v" Wrv: s. m 1 Ap|)^v ?t tx W"fe; 'jjtti h:'~ 'c>' *4 $* * . A HI BBhFK< TAB..K YOl Ki? Vli?i 4 V V4 * x#?. a *s rr ' iitlOU (it |Ju )d ' In n?? . . A V.4 | ih?i beat of Clif r? . ?**' w 4?b"r dU ,rou"r. ? ?* ' JOOWeKUJMiv. * J' b* wi-Ior.wv u:^. s . H A *11 ? 1TIOK Wv\rKlWBV a RV? 7CZ- " KentfAl bwuiHmurjL r,.v r* t?. m ?p tu4 Ui ?io , *? " *? < iw 4 BEf l'i? lAlii.w. yopjiij WOV.aN ?? ,' j 4. - 1 i> -1 *Uui>. ?HKOjJ 1,).' ? ^ w " . *? ? I Ik, iM??..;lr. Oo.xi l:v 'r?feren^ ."^T"' "} "" * ' ??" ^ 'ffa^y y;yj; ^ b-; " ? '? ?'" A situation wanted? jiy * yoitko nnviv t.. d* cb?Wb?r*ork, or toa?"iJt in .? h. ' ON* *s r" to do K'litra) Ik, lv,w?;K ?'h "???n*. 0/ a: iV <-orr,. r 01 Sj. 1. .. v' bo ie?>i r. .. hO'i-.f:x:it >,m. ,p su>- tor??,k'vi H*" S'*" r'ini'' from her !ut (.lac. ur.^iKjc. He*. <;:ty r?'.<ven.e A "fcmf WI*HKH A SITC ; t'Aliforuia Will, a reiipo i .Kj,. Ihv /' J^obj* two lo Co w U?r ,?. *?*? rmir buiid'nK, room No. 9, u;V,'li^ y P"~ > fo' tWy ?***> *iw *1,1 re!,!",n A "AS, NEVER LIVED OCT Waif ou or travel \vh!i?u ^. "1 V y ??? hn#> ^wlnjf, m Post uflW, p,,.st pH??1 ** Adurei# L., Macron ? vuro A S' ^"Ks A WTrA ii??- car? o'.'you iK-h'lliiTn -n'tlT1 * iKXuswm?4 to *u:IilhwHii)o'wT?, , ,i if,1? ?n ?*'V?U?nt pUlnnewor; vatsza. ?"' ^Xtaggaiaara; ^-ag-.g ^ lwt> between a*th and >-ii <j, A Y^CSw* kTn1!1^} frajl10*-*0 "0 GENE log to do . liAtuWwork ^ plinth w'lyil?,r br Wl'' leronct" from h^r Ust r)lai-t> ?-k,,V!k f' H?* i">od atly r? ??Ivbl oion'hH. Ele??; :4tl 229 Ka*t 18th' i<r* ''' !i i'*1" *ind S?. r?*' 'W"aNJH- C"U ?' ? Eor*ytb mX^.r.l'hmi A-- ?;r. '^n'sswz v*W5?: A \?I N': W,( MAN WANTS A PLA(JR TO DO Wvr r \ YOl'NO liADT, AN AMERICAN. WHO IS npcr ui^r? nr H??y. N V., on or before August :io A A * ? Al" A situation wanted-bt a resit. T\ hi v ^KlSSSf rau<-b an oNj?c( as a ? ' i, . V L w llot ''O Cull at 372 id aveuue! ulau'"t ^orne. ???:ol city reiareaiCH. A situation Wanted? by two respki tuuv ?gggggg^#5a AfilTl'ATION WANTED? BY A REHPBCTAm r urn a "rtnnH8 ''?'"'"bermald and waiter, or to takn <>iir??ofchiI - ? n. Qood , lty rcitr^,. In,, ?|r<; ;lt lK w <'/ c"" SgSfi ;? ?r?aa*?S A'R'i'gyrasstK inSavtw?. rt-iei encta. lU.(,ur? ..l 1-16 ten ire at., tir,t tfoor, A WANTED-TO LE\RN THE WHOIP 1.1'Um addi-i ???.! >4 V w. ,rj h*"h-* 00)||P<I or trao?Ute-l. " -'?'!".l lo. G.x d rlty'r^^, *' ?'"Ct'' wi" *"? Proa*'? A TOCNO HAN WANTH A SITC \TIO\ u pr , rv i5i "r srcind. and uai.I' Di in tb- do" ?t rCTL?fi I' ?'.. ne'wacii l?t ou.l at Ten iiea. "*** u n Ir.VI'l.OTMENT WANTED.? AN EDCCVTFn vm wn J wan de.?ii'?a fniplorueut in aom* nrniMi.) k . would preft-r travclliiijr. Hu no iTiwrncM, im b| 'iiils fcr Ike fallhl"u 1 dlt-kii^rf ^ - r>od \ddip?, for ,Ujra. hKU f,ai paillcuUra'j P <? I'uit oflU-?, Tou.niilu. feun. P | U' f c-> 60 ' W3, SrSSg^B CmjATION WANTED-BY A YOl'NG M<N WIIO II iK ssys.^.*^ MJJirt.'K'S.'tS SrT.lviTlON WANT1D? BY A R RSPEi T \BI,E YOI NO 2v ciHN ea" ? of df*?r Iron room "onuc, ?ocond Slr^Z\?l .W,iV,JErIZ1JY A "W^ABt.E TOCNO ? Uth 74 \v, 2nh cvfoifrj* < an br. wo for TABI.E roCXfl WOJIK.V srn Jfe', Wi^gyj: n? TO I III R< H CHOIR*.-* Pl.ACE WASTED. IS A cbtin h t ho r, by a l*<ly, of high revpeciaSlflty, w'i? i? m ?t" oiH|>ll?li il ?f pi nrio ? niK**r. Addrraal'. M , llei.iM oRkl. rt 1, tWYKRK.? A TOtSXO MAM Of r.X> Kl.r.rST Kin eatum r f? wi in a w ll, an'l nml?r?Und* ol#hi 1 'ngiw^e^ ai?h?-* lo f n-i u rtauulM In a lawyer'* olm arfcrra h?- would 0|tj>'irt>iii>iy of preparing kinv Y br ike b?r 'nukl iitnh M.'y dAimiki' *uro< *palil-b 'itiauic-i. Add. ?:??? 8. V. I?.. Iff TO HOTEI. KKFTKR" -A OKNTI.EMAN, Bfijr y n%r? >.| ?r'. 4r?lro?? to li?* m U?? i?'in'rv offer* kt? ?r> wo* ?? . i-ri. m ? village hmel, or ?anafar of any otker >>u*inf?K < .in ?i" ak fiad laognag<? "iVmnly, an<l would ien.i a w? ?? mitred dolUi? oil MCui% A.MfH B. T., II. -raid ?flh ? ?TKXiROt KR- \ JfP'oR OKAt KR<S.. AOKXtr,KMA.V X of MiillnuH^l *? witb en* HI and l?mi.>r dealer* '?i thv Wi?i mix H- ?i. o? M Open for an riigikiteaMtit wllh a Bint start bonce. mm m iMn*. a abor' time .m l ra?h iradi A MoM^nt'a kr<> i Tlow will gtva entln ?.u?:ac*ion. A<lli?? Keiler, ? ii>i full uw. oMi'f. Tl'-AXTKIi-A <*1ltU> TO KVWF.. THE ADVERTISER, Y? baring te< -mly V?t b?r fluid, would take one 'o anrae. To. particntaia i?|iilre at 37 llotrea 9. T., lor Mia M?'H. tl'ANTKP-A FrTfATIOlT. A* Clf AMRERMAID. BY A f T w.n as who *p? ik? I'rru" U aod Kn?h<h fan *cw well, al?0??-i?t In Ike toilet of a My. Alan a aHuation. by a Ban, [??;?ban'i ot ib* ntxne n^tuan, a* iU>ni?ittc: wonkJ like to be la ?be at.rai bouae if in.-flbl* itood r> fer< occ? ghea. Addrea* U IwM U'AM I I ?? A <ITl" VlloH, H\ < n?>IT.' tahi.k "? gtrl.aa wattr . do fbfW "i-* ? r It Be* < , re drew.', hrw rail fur i?i< > - >? l*.i" 1Y?a l?tb a . b? i*wu 7th ,md *>k ? \l"A>rKn-Br \ ?E*rK< tARi.t married Wom^s, ff k baby to wel autae a' IK ! on i rr> Arn ' . Mbe kaa lo?i ntr on n ch'ld atftn i. nv?nth ?>' . ?'?!! on M'Udown?, II.' Henry *>., reur bnlldlng. TirANTrn-A nm*ATio?f by a re"pk< taiii.f. ff yunnf wo?kn, a? ??Aam>>eim.i i! and waiter, no o'wee ?mn to tlrtCtitatrr. t an bt af-n lor ihree dav' a It Mine'U la no. TI'ANTKn-A Miri'ATIOX, BT A R V->prrTABI.K ff wmari, *? r'K'k, lauu'li t?? ot Bureo. Cm be aeco lo iWuda<? a- 257 7< h ??'?n'te. TITAJITEH? BT A RHiFIICTABUE TOCHO WOMaX, A TT >ltnatk*. a- cbamb^rMAid and p'ain ?' am^tir?. in ? piifkt* fanOy. Refer^nop r: >m taat emiilorfr. Okil fx hn * ilaya kt ?3 Eaat >>ik ??. TjTASTKP-A HTCATIOI*. BT A URSPBCTABUI! WO f T ma?, a? cook, waah* . and ironer can corn* well rt jrn mrndeil from her lixl ptacc. Arr'y *t ? Raal I7tk ??. Tt'AHTtP-A BITCATIOX. BT A RERPKCTABLB f T vi unt jirl, ?o do fi>n?ral ho'uawork or ob?m?e wrv.-k f?r a -n all i*?ily. or kaalot tn aewlnf , wathrnt and Iroa ng, if i a.iiiaeo ? W? yo?rVl*f*renc? from her taal pta<-?. Can ha ii en lor w dap > 38>#ow?i7, la tho rear, up auir?. TI'AXTV.I'-^ ""ITfATIOX BT A TOCJIO WOMAX, TO " do I'bninbm vvnik atv general bo ??-t?ori, in a ?m?l la- : oi 'y. i? a ?? rd a ^?h' r anil imner Oood city rff?reiK". tan ?> >1 1*7 J4ii and !? y*t I ?ttTAJITEf*? IT \ RKsri i TaHI.E M \ R r IKfi I, *nv. \ : ?! leap^ctahle baby k wri aiine, at ko. iwn b-> i? ; j ?We baa nr> ? l? lili"n oflMfomi, ka?i8* I ** h'.t ba)>y i?t l>. I ( >11 liii' u?t . a Iti' Rli kbf li . in he ff ?i ( \^*ARTR|WA RltCAtK'V 11 > JTKAKV Pi --.K ??<?*, AH f? ?<..m?i| ?'?- ? .:??>' ?ti ? ill k'?i ? ill go by till ? . H I Or moatb In oily n roiiwry. '!"0<l rafe,<?ct? ?w? be <V1 ?> jmBi.dje a' . Hri.'W'n ft ??<' -laya. li, iqe > ?re. ' vrANTfP-* MTtAflOK, roH A OIRLVO DOOBXE 1 T* Ml bona- ?nik i? a T?iy |ood wariwi and Iroaer. ai>4 , can br liigkly ferotnmemirii by the family ?li? ln ea wKk To H'.i i r a n:i4, mh urenne. beiWf.-i. .17tb ?nu USth at* Tl'ANTK.D-A mCATtOX, BT A EK*PB0I *HI,r'. 11 r.itiiiB fir) i? a tir?l ral-' launili ? >>i a? .Imui1 i aiwt ti'aln ?< worjean do ?tj> tadie* nner>ea. rteaae aatl at So IS l.j-ouat'l *t ior ta <? day*. Ua> ?.??i r<rf< i>nee ir n bT |?t plaeg. ?tirASTKH-A NlTrATIoH, MiR A >M\Ri A ill arllre boy, h la bia ftiurMmath ?n hir'b; ha* no ohje."i?m to |e*m <ii?? r"?p-nAti.? ir.nle In be (jonn'rv or *t? fo a nh a good fanner a mdi *' |ft aut iv, b'.i a t'.D OK m.u Ma. SI Tl ATIOS S WiKTI.D, \XJ ANTED? A HITLAIIO.V VK Hill -Kl. ..,.i ). vi * most respsatable widow o? i . u.' noose, is j buMlar for a wliiow:j gmtlesoan Tl'* 'mm. * nfuMtN g.veo. 'an be ?s '?i fur U ?? '.?ys ?. ?> \?n : ifa'l si. TjriXTKP-A siTi Aiio*, by \ ?'?rv?; wov. .y, TT U do the tio.isework of ai iai: in-hale 'aou y. P: :?v? call tor two d?)?, mi Nc. m EcrsjtA , re us :.. TIT A VTEP ? HV * KEHi'K' ' 1 tllCE <.IH1? A Mll'v II ti as wi'inUr-H", or * ?uld 1?? w!?ii ( 10 go >u t ?: - b try. Inonire at jTU Varlok ?t.. Al'ANJKIt? HY A REM E? "I All! E V 01*510 W"V V. ? TT s '-ia: on, tO do MMl llO< wwork, T. a I! I family best of city referene?' ' 'ail b'l s?*n :ur i* o <.-?j ?., ? W'Wft Washin{tOn place, r?n r building, UratU'?<r. TV' ANTED? SI1 1' A TIONS, BY TWO REm'E : (?!>' vi young Engl sh women: uu<: t;s profi -Mid '-io:k u c bin .' ii"?, the other as chan.i>erni:i\d; uuder-i.:i ?? tft.'.; ii"*h: v- T.u gljy (ion to j;o auj dlstaic* in ' inn ry. A, I ly . t 250 \lot: street . N. Y. (. an b vou uutil tmgsgo'.. Ti'AsrFn-i Y a HEsi'K>:TAi!LK girl, A irrr \ uos It as I'Utit rtHi? . w aslier and ironer, or M e!k*mb erm . . kuiI plain sewer. inquire at 159 Greene a'., sec tad floor, .i: Ik*: rear. Al'AN rt'.n- l:Y an American WOMAN, \ SITU \ 1 1 ton. to do Vii-bt house work k> a private firmly. Appi 'of tw o days a. 12 I eouard St., room No. 4. XjT \NTKD-A SITUATION, AS COOK, IN A PRIVATE II tamlly. by a nmuaii w'io thoroughly understands llOr i'U>iBe?K, w lib i;oO'l city reference; is .t Pro'estan'. None tied it|'t>ly thai wants washing done. PleH-ie call at 131 Cedar si., in :h?- store. Tir ANTED? HY A YOU NO MARK1KD WOM vN, A Tf aituMion aa wet nurse; has a fre*h br?>a-.t of milk; rti ?i? ? (ood <.lty rcftiroDce. No objection to so in tbe co tnt. y csil a: K. 13th at. Yl'ARTKD? SITU ATION8, KY TWO RBSPB"TAHr,E ?T young Rtrln, who are In the habit of Uvint; together au t wish to eouiinuo t?>? <me Ik a lirat ratu cook, undcrsbuuls oaklnjr- "n't 1H A first rate washei' and Ironer; Lh" other will I) chamber* ork and waltlni;, or ch.iuiberwoi-k and -?w ng. boih hate good city referenoea from their last p!ve-<. No objection to i lly or country. Ploaae call at 131 W. i t Sis' St., for two days. llrANTKD ? BY A MAN OP 8TKADY, PKRSKYKRJ N(1 II hablta, a Scotchman, a situation an light porter In a ontmtsHion house or store; writes a good hamt. at. ) uabo w >-li recommended; salary secondary. Address I'orter, bo* lit P'jst oftke. IVANTRD? A SITUATION, AS BOOKKKBIM'.K BY A If Ocrman gentleman, just iirriwd hero from the South who U tuily competent to kotp hookM, ??ithor by double or -.u I'ntry, and is well versed fu the P.nglish urf Kren hlan < iM>-e? lias bad much experieitoe by employment iti first l?-s nons'is in Rurtipe, and can give satisfactory ref re'i ' M Sddreits box 2 Post otJlce. \lrANTP.l>? \ SITUATION, TO TAKK f'HAR'JE AND If run a steam engine. Can come well recommended. Ad dress or apply to W. t". 1? , 62 Vatidam st. VV'A.NTKn? ItY A BOOK KRKPKR, OF PIPTRfcN YEA US' II eiperieni-o, and references of the first cha act-r, a ilt nation m a house, doing a large business; h<* present etu ;)loyer ictendln:; to roske a change of a t atuie thai will not ocd his further services i'ieafi? address B. T, i: , box 144 Herald oBI-e. IVA.VTKI)- A SlTl'VTIOV, P.Y A flf'OTCHK VN W!IO II tindei ate ml a the care of horw s ; l? also ti vei,Mab '.- gar JSMr. Otod refer eno* Apply at 1*7 7th a\e. fJJTANTKD? BY AN ACTIVB YOUNO MARRIED VAN, II ? sltuotkm, ?s salesman, in an iniportiuc or Jobbing faney /o<sis bouse; speak* 1 remh, Gennait and CttKlUh; is wnllai: I'jainted with the Boston, Balllmore, Pluianeiphia and city ??ade, and has a tborii'igh knowledge of th'- busln^-s; would tie ' valuable ?ef(Ui?itltin to a jobbing house who would wi*h io enter U?e lmpoi iing buainess. Best references given. Atl >lre&< 8., box 1'ost office. TV"ANTED? A SITUATION. HY A YONU MAN. TO ? I work on ft farm or In a <!ai-y; can take c. ire of all W.n ls it stock ; 1* not afraid of acy kind of work; has kixs| reference frsm vrnere he has lived krM years. Please address T. B., Herald ofllee. this day. W fr"i*iS, or to Uke carl^iS AW ,c0ACHJ|aN OR ?tut of the ctf\ . fi'oitif i-f.i'or J 1 il gentleman's , i ' . . . . lhe boot and ?!?.<? -tot e. "" ' ru1',lrc w -,h av,. _ TfJ"ANTKD? TO MERCHANTS OR OTHERS.? THK All. T l vcrtlser, a young married nuu, of good business qiial! lieaiione, and a lt> ?<><! practical know ledge of bookkeeping, wishes a situation either ss clerk or assistant bookkeeper, hiu had three years' experience in Lhe hurdivare and house fur nishing business in this city, would lie willing to lnve<t some ?apltai in a busiuevs that would atlord senni tty an I a fair com pensation. Best of reference given. A'iUi ess A. H. Ch?uy, SW Hudson street, N. Y Ao rrn -wanted, a situation, by a youito t| man, *n American, In n jrrwry store, ?? soma similar business ; Is willing to devote all his time and atten tlon to the Interest of his employer; would lend the stove ?mount as security. Address reck. Herald ofllee. THE TRADES. Cl 1 11.11 WANTED? < ONE THAT THOROruHLY ON I iln ilMit* rut" nif In nil nit branch**. To aa??; trouble, :ion? ????mI apply en ept * It a be !??*: re far* aee ?s in qnalilica lull*. Salary uot ?o much an otect A'l Li'M, ?!, u;j imI KM, E. 1.. M. liar >M ??Mice. G'O! I> PENH? WANTED, IMMEDIATELY, V GOOD I grinder aud UnMbar. J<?HN FOLEY, tr unufHcturer, MB Bri..dway. JOB COMPOSITOR W ANTS A PITl" ATIoN? '' * N WORK a bandprea*. Add ret- L H . box 111. Heral-l oflic \ Milliner^ \nti:i?~ a vintr* milliner. To one wJWiudcrfai.d- th<> bn-inr-i in all Its branch- a, a permaneut aituatlnn. wl h goo I BnUry, will iw giTeu. Aji ply to Mii? Sell', at IS U arena*, t>?*w eu Jib una Mth < <. TO PRINTERS-TWO COMPOSITORS WANTED. VL<?0 a good hoy acuuaiute *1 wills eompoaltioii, anl ftealroiutof V hljaeeli in other bi jnrLc< of the trad*. Apply im fMdlitlely at ifte vti,< 1 ot tue Bfaueu I>lauder, SUiiiekM) Su?''.'u I-Uud. TO AMBROTYPIKTR-W ANTED, A GOOD OPERATOR lit ambrotypei ?irI photograph'. *i> * oi kin k partner ia .i well eal/tbilahM gallery, or lac gu]]rrj f"r Dale or to !e', to touil working order. Apply *i 363 Broadway. TO horse shoers. -wanted a soon hoksb ?hoar; one wSo m a flood turner preferred. Apply .? 101 We* t 27 th al.. near 8th :^e. VARNISH MAKER WANTED.? A COMPETENT MAN T wanted to make coral and Japan varui?he?. Noo* but tboee who can bring be Vc U-atlmntiialft for bounty a?J aid U?> aeed apply. A liberal aulai y w iU be paid. Add.-e?a, wl.h reference, bos ii.tNj l'oat oiti-o. T|TANTRD? A MIDDLE AQED MAS, WHO IS TUO TT roughly acquainted with the paluUagbuslneai ia general, and wbola competent in erery r?*ppc\ *!<h? to h,r? o>;: to ?ome g- nUetnan In the city or count y to do the painting of hotel* or country ?*ts. Vei.1 of reference given. Addrean J. W. White, Willwaiiburg Hoai oflic*. TVr AMTKD ? B V A CVTTER, OF 16 YEAR-. F.XPE M rieace, a a.muioa, tu a cu.? oin e?tab)i4u?*iit. i m tire ihe bot of rtfi i cnct . Adlre?? K. b , Herald office, for three day* TIT \NTE1> ? AN OPERATOR OX WHEELER A Wit. 11 aaa'a ?rHii.u a??ci iue?. ?ue ?'jo .uxi< i>'...i Uh ? work. Tot QWpi'l?t |W| ?!krh jli'.i *i?r- Will b? jiaM. IhM iihet aeed app'j Cull a' soti'li l h a: . W il'i uu^Iim j UrAJfTED? A RTLVRR PI, \TE KIVWIF.R, A OOOI) worktnan, ?bo mwlrralandi In- btimneae, to who a ohi ?taut employment will be jilven Apply u> Roicrn. Ilrun , Muuuiiai luring < No 17 Mnl4? it luiie, wwad to- 1 nrAXTEfWA CVTTKn, WH<"> rs THOBOIOHLT Af TT 'iiiainled ?rb **itiB.f i ff yuutbt' eintbiDg, In j.i P* bnincb?-? Oil'' wb<> under* cidii preparing lb'- nul'ara* r >600 lUired. Aj'plr al lb'- ofliC< ?/. ibe National H^i Co i'?nlt ?. ret. on 1 U' -<J*y, lite 12lh in' an , btl ? ceu Uk b >drf of S A. M , ?ml t P. M. COPAHTXE KSIITP SUTII E1. ?/\AA PARTNER W\RTKOTN * MAKVACTl R ?vuv, tug bu*'?e??, In fnBepera'loa, paj-tag a lari;. perrrtit *sr Tbi? ?? an rin llw oprnrian'-y at vtu ? nun. Reft rfPC glrea aad r>"iniri<. Apply ? ? UOVRh ft t?0., ?? .Va??au a>i eft tO ?*?>-AP*RTNKIlWvNTKD AVYKl 'l ne?? man Unrlug 'hiacapttal to lure#* In ? rn tabllalie 1 r i*h t>uflne?a, may liaee ul-ixM epaorti nMy by ea.l ng on ? B. linWE-t Oa Brt laay. rooai I# *,'/lA ?A tVRTNER WaXTCD, IN A flP.1T- LAM V? '\/v? boarilBf hotiee, the be- and moot ???!? lor. tkm la th<- dly ; Kt.<W0 b?f ik'CI. cl. ,ue i i<?t yai fa | Mr* ta Ihe olll.^. T?6 Broa-I^ay -A GIXTLKMAW WANTED TO PlTR 'BAMt j one half .atere't of a re-ring partn ir, n? a pl?a lint txaeellin* bnVta, wlurh la payby MOT a naoulb kn? ? i* tfte *au<e of tailing Call, with the ^a*h, fi oia It o 1 o'clock, on Mr DBATTuK, Taaroap) Hotel. i'.--fi t t ? ? s 1 1 in r< ? ? f.r at H?< It - < I ? i.ea Kem ?? ft ?'? , i- ij?.- day di~4";ve?! b> ?!?, al e<.| - at. $200 In H til am *. V" ui ? ? nttrtna lkera.r?aa. ilw a.T.iiri a ill pe ti^milated hi laaan Kerah ? * ami Rt ber. ftp- near, iho ?>iii '#e bn-iar? uodr tbf" tin Mr atut thia or feiAaW ft (V at No Ji IV , . m?i, \ ? }.v w. tH'e-1 Angiia II, ' V*' Partner w t nteo? in am e.<tabi.i?hep hitter aad provlaion Mmm Wil'i If ?> (o '??' lw,i*?t Ou>i K^t minted witb ib> bn?lar<? Mni harln^ ? W s'?rn ? .? *tn anrr pniri:ed Aftdrefll A H. Fie alt Hle'e w'lh n.'ne and reference. Partnership -a MANtTACTt <?r a <? rkvt rarity Of atapie and fttacy arrtel"' ketiag "Uh, h -1 i> hU city a faitorr aad d nr a |oo>l ?n !,>..M tl tia i", i?e na of limited mean*. ? a p H'ner alto naa aivnd n he ana a. ia! an1 "ttee b<ta.iie?a, are' i lb 1 MfMH Mtendlnt Ui?* b't?ine?? to ia *t Hp dein .n U of lhi? fall * trade #,?*'. ?!?,'??' --an be m !e w ay ltfti per ?? ??? A t tree*, app'.iniing aa m erriew. MattiTa t'trcr, b t 119 Herabl (??ire Partner wakted in \ fl-u rh?ihn.: i ^torv. A 1 arlT ? .ih ao )e*4th*ii w ?*?'. and Root wad It. ae^oa n; ed wlih eMatlaf hoaoe r*>afn?, ?a<i m acjjrr uat>a? wUI nlea?e addre>? ft an hi1e#ieW PrtK M it, hot ill, lleraid (>g,ce. THEroPARTNFMHIP ItKRETOFOR R RUVTllM BH tween Roti?rt E. I?eM^it? aad i.a.rei Tthoa, .ud"i ike an me and fit * 9t I??1ifet? ft Tiltni la 'hi* <l,tj d?? , .<d (?? aiatual e.-maea' ROBERT K. I.KK I RRTft, Apt. t it Wa, !*?? ?IRR VET rii.TOX TI'F. rnpAHTRER-IMP IfltWfOtK 1.1 UrTOIH Bit 1 'w??i? he atiHac tb?*? >uide - ih' 11, m ir. ' *.?a*e t>: I! Hi inhe ft I'n , K Ih ? da*, hy oititUal 00a*eat, ftlnolved, H ll? Mb' a ill ?Ule il? aoalr* M tlv la a j-m R. II Vt.MK'* v.? lr,?t t. |r>i, If*, PEiFR \ fir"* BOVM\ I. V % l>* . BOtjm LAND If'W.% ? tN? ORHATI'^N WkNIHD, Ot h* 'oil., win;: per?oo?, having ??>?#! v ?a?i,|? Joe* e I 11 low* -E. Ru ie.t?e. J. OilWMl, Andrew Atfcu, Ma -h-n H,.r ri*. n, B Bonnet. Ht addrtaalM the Mder?igir."d tii-y will a: '??"^St',f'^]n.,!^rHr,vIw,1r. ,^.-e No B y p- -In' .rmatK.n alao wanted W* ?? Al -n, Ati, Rur ?hir.. W'-'l am Butler, Tb-ia Ur iah, ?i:^an Br^? u, W a*. R. an l ,1'dia Bnni-e, H?nr* hantar, John I amron, Euw H. t)jjt?. u, !t.e.ert, Clark. Hem ' hea*er?. Henry ? i-her, Tt-ary E rr.a, ,I>4iii Fointaia. An?on Oale, John an1 fa,'* Oa ve.*on, 1 Gat nee, P W Harr??% Hala"*. B- 'ibla llu 'bln", Ranrr H Hunt. Ma Ha 1 la. Maty anj ?l?1r c E(e' l lib. Ann and .1 M. ling. Am?, /am'*, John. W, ilium ,,'l E A. tow;! WI',K JMBJ" ^ ?* M ,-rta. lewUiR, Marah * B Me*f'?oii. *a W ?gKmir* ^??alle^ tMlitftr .lamra Maefcreu, Jame-M 'Ardl". Cbartuu SiTree, Henn fbetpa I WfUtl, JT W Pair^k. J-rfu. P^er. K. J.J VLiw.murWj m BUT WAtriCP ? I vRi: H \ H< P. ? W v NTKD, AQKWTW HKIA. )'ualh"T l-iiihans -hampton furniture po?h. V.i t f*u WlUlOlil lb4 fn\?fttur'l UBM, John L Hii'tfL, ' '?i .he ..'?hi. ii'j ' j\ tk? i r? >111 fs to flu per daj . Cail >U ?J ? < .' i| *. Jeput, t<ii br>>adw.ty. _ ron* t.. beahvx x co. I T sYHT* vRT A CO. \RK IS W\NT O I ! RS I' i \ i iemien for Ji'-tr retail department Arp.) in Ui?) vent*. i ? Ml . King. Br tadway, Chaiubej* lte?<le ? j . ^ 1 1 v v UT a co w \ xt, in vheiu .>( s'tivn .?\ . room, . in 1 t, Intelligent young mo, who >v ,s j, it, J had'.' AP ply "at f U?j wholnaile rtou:nt ci > ? -i ber? ' A T HTKH \HT i CO. IRE IS WANT Of -EVKIUI. ^ i . reap- Cable, atout mutki, u> learn the bnaioaaa, u> .heo w boleaali department*, from Ulo 16 ye.ira of a?* S^l-irj, i r-' fitr, $&>. A V ply ?' (I o'clock in the eraiiTflj', it the wholesa entrant*, .ij Chambers wreet. A f IR-T K *TE CHANCE? WANTED. A YOU. S I KAN l" travel ind receive wholesale order*; u> a 1 ?l*bie I M'?Ot $#00 a year aud travelling expend* paid; rr *t ba v g o<i -^lemiiKU. aud '>? able to lend hi* employer* from tUlt t <9!,0i*j; good Koourlty given. Direct P. I'.l'., P. oadwray i'.?t office, Tor ibree d*y*. ntattng where an Interview can b? had. * OENTS wvnted-to sfll a new campaign A char . ihe b eat ?if 1 11 ui; "-or k out, '-ontiilni".* ii Ape o> Kalian North and Central tinnrica. portrait* of lh? .'andi u..ea for President anil Vice Preaidim, valuable artistic*, t . r.- .oe, ta i.-onls. J. HAVEN, J08 Broadway, up Hlatrs, room IS. Boy wanted? to work at goij> pk.v mawu la taiiiiK- None uffd apply uiUeiM 'In'j r. ??.!?] wlUi h?-ir p^rrnu. and ili ai <? a pi rtntwirnt phice. Apply b'-lwcen ? a/id y o'cJo<'k A. M , to A. Murton \ Co., '?> Mai'i^u ..?a?. BOV WANTRD.? A BOY OF OOOD CHAHACTSR, who liven w liiih/* par.-i.w can ? riu? xg >o<l b^ai, i? willing lu ruu of errand* ind eotlert aoeoanta; w.'apjr iifSt fcl? U'Onthii .it toe i ai? Di tAll per annum, but will b? >o taed it' lii- ta?* *a i^tion Addreta box J.7W Po*' odice. BO\ WANTRD? I.N A DRUG STORK. MCnT HAVR sonio. knowledge of the I. u*ine?*i u1* out 18 year* <rf a^e. Apply at l.-jQ Jay utrett, Brooklyn. CI 0A< HM A N W.VKTKn-TO OO A IT.W MlJ.s*-" OCT / of ibe city; muat be able to bikr ch'Li ge of a *? .t : w b**re ibere ia plenty of help uud bring tho moHtaatliu'iv ur . . >nimo main of ?*xper(?no< and huldtn. t'tiU wage* given. Addrcb* bo>. 'tffl'j l'aat ofllct. GARHRNKR WA.NTKii.-A VOL NO M*N, IV?0 CN Uermaml" plain vegetable gardei. inn. ard to H'h: ?? him ?e)f ger.erAlly iiaeful on a Btnnll place on ?Uten !(>.:. 1. Ad did* J. W , Jiorald oflice. CtOLORKO BOY WANTED? IN A DOCTOR " OV KICK. / !"!' (;>?? nwich gtreet. Wage*. $1 AO per ??k. Kuit V- miiar', cle?n and mannerly. Apply from 9 bj il)A. M., and IV'IUI 1 tO.H P. St. DHIC. CI. PRK.? WANTED, A YOONO MAN FCLL.Y conipetent to take charge til a retail drug Mora refei rof-. re<i?iirert. Also, a young tn<in to act us llgfcc port-r; nr. >it be a'.i k'ily honest and nobiT. Addrfw ?i?h n. ? ? and rafbrenre C. P., Bovd'n Kxpri'f office, M W illlaui -t ENOI.l'H coachman WA\TKD.-ONn WH?? ri!0 roughly underaiand') hi? btiaini-M. and i* ao'ye' n ? ?.ea't) Apply nl the bo* offlca ot the C!j?iuher? A. tbeutre. EN'iT.lsH II.ACNDRKSN WANTED? IN A KR1VATR tatnily. A good aitiMtioa lii offered. Apply t l . t (lad ten it. HET.P WANTED IMMEDIATELY.? HRVER At <?lRLf. for first cla*a tamille*. Otrl* with go?.d i j.^manda tion* can tie provided witb altuaikona withoiil de:a\ . \ pply at ifc? , Servant* Institute. M KuHanJitraet, orner ?' I'.ue^pple, Brooklyn. SRAMKTRENfl WANTED.? AN ACTIVE WOK VN. OK middle age, acenitomed to sewii g olotk in w,i> tc(t?* feamHtrean and matron In n hoys' school. Adl. eai M. P., box ?i Poat office, Hlng ?ln?, N. Y. TO TKACHEB8 ? WANTED, A GRADU A. fR OP WB0 Point, to take charge of <h> matbMMtlu! daparfa "iiaod d'ill in an academy South Aluo, a well quaHQad g?i etnan to teaeblha French and St.aalsli languages, a nativ? of either C(> intry. wbo could rombiue the ttro, preferred Iddreaa, with full particnUra, box 1U2, Post ofice, Columbia, 8. C. l\'ANTBD-40 MII.I.1NKRS AND A OOOD TRIMMER. f? A )w, a competent sulenw oman. Apply a: Ift) Bo wry. TirANTED.-A NI MBXR OK GOOD CLOAKMAKKR? ?T Aj?ply 27 Walker -"trecf. TITANTED? CIRI.S, TO WORK AT ARTIFICIAL TT*, at 45Divi?ion freet. Good wagon givea. T\-ANTKI>? * FIRST CL COOK. APPLY AT NO. K vT William it., coruci ol Ejuhange place. Tl.rANTKD.? Sn.K EMnROlDKBER*. APPLY AT 1? TT Wooiter st.. betweeu 'he brmia of ft and 10 A. M. TITANTRP? A COMPETENT NITRSK, FOR A* IN TT tant. Apply at the eorner of Fulton and Grand ava., Brooklyn. TITAKTED? A SMART. TITiY PROTEST ANT GIRL, TO TT do the general house work of a ^lnall private family , an in. liab girl prel' tTCil. Apply at !(*?> Johmoii r... Brooklyn. TT A NTF.D? 50 FIRST RATF. CI .OAK IIAKD3. APPLY TT s-. 2<0 We?t Jinh It., near 9ti avantte. \XJ ANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL OR WOMAN NOT TT under i?0 vear* ol age. to do the gen-ral house *orfe?t a "mall fanely of a gentleman and hi* wif--. w.iho h .iiren Apply, 'hi* inernlnji, to Mrs. WeUkm, 14 Pika it. Wanted- a few good shirt jun.>?. appi.v vT all the w.>ek at 21i* tirand >:ree*. A depos *. required. TL"ANTED? A GOOD I. U NDRPKK, MCST fIVVB CITT vT leteience. Apply at .i;i .lay ?trect. T|TA?TED? A NEAT, TIDY GIRL TO D'l T1IK GENB T? i al b.iu i'?oi k Of ? aui.i'. iuiody; tn ist >?*? % mm4 wssbar and irmritnl of a willing dNfynltfon Apply at 75 Vander hilt avenue, between M< rfl? sad 1'arb avenues. B >>>.;n. 1TANTBD -A OIRI- FBf?M l.'l TO 1ft YE\RS OF AGE. ft to aeklaf id general hous- w. lk In a fain.'y or' ;?o. On> not afraid ol work may apply, for one week, at 181 Wea< Artb ?f|ert TlrANTRF? ? A RRBPECTARLR WOMAN, TO COOK TT and do tlir general huin-?w ?rk of .. -n. ... p- !va'a fti ally. Apply Kfa Fourih avenue, oomer o. 9Ut at. Tt^AKTBD IMilKDlATFI.Y? ISO GOOD GIKLA TO ?T woik on cluaka .\nd dreaatt; the highest wage* will be pal't. Apply to Mi*. Mas, V Lispenard st. W'ANTRD? A GIRl., TO DO THE GWi KRaI. lloCHK TT work of a ?tn?U private faral'y, residing In Jle *ouatry . ihr< e mile* from ihe Hobokeo ferry Muat be a g.iol vaakei and ironer, an<l lie well recommended. Apn'v at No. J WtlllMi <re?t, tirst floor front ">oe. between 1 aud So oWik. \V ANTED -TWO Tor* LADtW", TO ATTEND BAB. TT alao on* to prealde Vibe pianoforte. Apply Ala day , after 9 A. M., at the Tesny Vni saloon, 107 Canaf street. TTAKTID-HX FIRST CLASS MILLINERS. AUK) A TT good trltDmcr, U> wkom ? very liberal salary will be I ii.!. for die traile. App'y a' Mn- Dodd *, 111 Canal at. T\'*??TFD-1N A PRIYVTE FAMILY. A GIRL. FOB TV general hi uiewotk. Cue that la WiUu^ aod olUglaf. i .ii1' iruhiT ?mi u oner, wttb *?>d reference*, may tpp'v a' 38> \ ealry at \T YulV J1K W.TtIV WKT XURftK. AP " >I> ?' T* "? 'Un.-t ti ? tr b tf'-u lo ?nJ U o'rloek lb ? nt\ W VNTF.r?--\ M-v*. TO W"Rh" T.V A RT A HI K AJVP TT ?lilt? An **tr# chit,!/" Alio, to M, ?l? ?.? )? toi h<ir**? A|?| } at ll?S Vin ii'K ?l. Tl'AMrHD? A Vol l*f? M>?f, WHO THOROl'UHLY TT tirpl>r*laii<l* ih ;;r ? ? r> ?in?bii>?i, *n?l in willing .o noftk* jfB<>rBi;y 'mef'il. Apply Ui W? jrte A HUl. W ?k ?t W'AKTKD-A ?0\?lfM\N AXP OROOM. OJfK WHO TT ttuiro'iiblf nwl bi* ?<v4Uf?*. Apply a No. M iiftni *t . r.irni'r of Htftotn* ii.-k-i* W Asr?:n immfpiatf.' ^ - . n >i kkrrpkr. nomk T T hu< 'kon* of tfc?- kl|(k?M r n**d * T J *? H ?-?t aiM ?' % I' M f.?ly TV' v> I V.p- \ HI ?' ?. r V H . W"M WITH Tl i'* r^ltr'iiT. ?? itr*' -mp '?<iu>:r.'i? to to * t'tw ?!!?? in ?'?* y Jiirnt tb ?titt1;.i?ri?n?*k*. ?ppTv nWwiky, It) t?l .1 in- iH-lt, at _n Hrn.wrt p!nw, io>b ??? H'AKTKD-A Tni'fTT, AfTIV* M VN A* POBTr.R TT in i ' t??< * i . L ft que ffcir ? .?fo* will b? pnl.t tod (truly rmplny m?i' f'rrn, Aup'J wiiffn ik?>h?ur?"f ? uml kit A M . to Cn-yet. *rkiu rul iritOB. II T>?r?> mr-y', up ?t?lr?. TP sxi in? Rjrotiri 'P. axd n k< uratn * maj* TT of fowly prrfrrrxl. to wiwii wtl b? pl*?D Nour n??"d apply but (bo*- *lu f\n com* woll r* >-o?ii>rn<l>U AiUrrt* ft. M Bur.lrtt. Qin-vft. rg * TirvXTKn-A MTTATTOH, f?T V TOrM'l MAH. TT wti? iho*-n'i|Uly uorlai'aUoH* tb* <lrn? S |?HI<>?* , or ? dliutlq* in any b ?iii?i? bom^ , ?? b> !? in pfnMt. (Od <tnlpk ?? .if '*f# A'Ml*??P 9'iln. T* llur :? ? u., Jf. T.. lor mofty \\'*>TKn-VOl *<? MF.S WlCIIINU TO UO TOARA. >> I ki.fl- III V . to A'llaMT tin' l>irn'?l?r'< Tfwci* ?mMn? ?>T?ry<Uj. Appl* tv II . I.. i A HoiX'., IM > .ii b n . r n*r ot Prt 4 i H'ANTi?n-i\i*iiei?tATKi.T, \ wrT urMr. nttn a ?. f?l br. .?t i.l n> htioin i\ i> lo ?***f n in .nth* Ap ni> ib ? il..y. ? ' "inpfl" ?? . ><ft?ffr Htekn i ll< i,rt I ?ii|? 4 ?.??on AMKROTVPF. OPKR VTORS WAXTED, IM j Bi?-aii?tf>ii . ?!?>, 3 Na*. to c>?n gl<u?, At Ix>-kw?o<r? B' W filter). lCi^k ?r. W R.? 4 Itmj kwlf wtptoj d> 1 CA pom THT? *VX \y Y\?X STtrATtOJI WILL b* ft*f n (only 3 kour*' mi^nt.on p?r 0*y i, Mid kftU ih<- dml) pifw??a> of ft ww Mil iMMrftOetoj r??k ?p<i .'il*ooa Por vmiU'-nUt* by niftll UMimT T Itinw *i"k miftinp if "in of 'St ci y nmxLioK^i ornciii! Ehmpi.otrm Wt^ri v noon hkit wrr.LPr.vpti kj" ' ?*r> int* * M-RHlv . oygRT A r o. ?, *f Broi'lwftf, M>n??r of R??df ?lr?*t Alan, f ftm?r? teborm. tr ftt Ibw or tbr tinoeli OffiW l? an*n Wlob KfWt, n/-ftT Ct d?r WWt UTAirrtn.-Jir m ??oaj>Watltwo book, k rip TT rr?, two wuduo:iT? tkre-" cl^rku, two ponera, two brftk?wi>t>. two BrM??n, two b?r k^p?r?, four waiter*, two cnftchm?a. two litlTtrt, m'l on ?t.-??er? u ' '? tbrw b"r? n?r tfftdc* an 1 tor ?Qf9?- !<wnl U'AXTrv-At ,*o. #?^T mo^pwat, i Boot TT k?? p?rv 1 el?rk?, ? - - i~ * tti " i Inm 1 b-v? If. ?, a porter*. J h?t^rrp#r?, lco*dMB4R, 1 kftOM ? rtfeft*. 2 cka?Sprni*M? Riil?? of li? ftf^rr i ... ? ? ?' W) *tr Rj| r-.r o\? "i v?.|. QTLIJty A CO. BXaRMO!(?. ?t*'1" ?>IlRFWPBr*T, I.OXO RRA^OH. HluHl AMDN A ftO'i Or^ftn Port, tin- fftvrn-ltr *i.'*i???r, f ?*|P.S i 'Hill* t"PIIKI!, will 1#?t* t?y Mr< 't pi?r, fbr th" *Ho** on V"i?i'*jr nth n vim ftmi .* Uh> fafc. Mk. i i ; ! ? ii 1 1 1 ? i v 1 g m-TnWif. MOO SLIGHT RXCVRflO* -THE *PI R*PIP T Rfnmbnftt IPI.AMO RKI.I.R, <'*pt. .1 Pwt 'r . Will n. kr * in W ino.Ur CTOnlmfl A.i*. II Ml ('Mhrrln# >n*rk?t *llp fti-mtud m*t?n Trtxrvl A k*?.l m bit** will m?.irip?ny lb. pj< ut^ ob. Tk? bo?l will !??<? ftt T o'tlftlk P M Tlrfntetl, ftdmiitlnf ? r*Bl'?m?n *nd My P?r ?!? H M Wtttk ?tr?l ?B<1 1'B bo*rO o' tkr 'KM ?' ik> ?!iB. Tin strahrr robkrt L rrnvKT*. captaih f'kftrlM Aml?r*m\ Biftkn refiilftf trip* ?? n*nk*<i?ry d?y. 'tt?iit Snndfty. te**to# a?^? ?"**. *? T w * j . ?tr? *, ?v P>4' ?>?^ > R?w? ri??r, ?u eb*k. P?r? 1U >k* i?'.inb? I ?W i