Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1856 Page 6
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOSTKY n??K.KT. Bombay, 10 ? 6 P. M. T' e stack market during the past week has been very macs (tepreaaad. Thf-e h*s been uiun dispo Hiuoato Hell, and the number of bakers hw been gradaady growing less- Eirty iu the week there vm very little business doing, j >d hoiden appeared to be unwilling to submit to tie current prices. More mature reflection seemed to convince many that lower rates \v mid rale, *ud realization com ma iced. This insreuaed toe ?puutity of stock in t he market, and in the abaeuce of buyers the mar ket gradually settled down Those who have (ailed t o comprehend the danger of tdeir position have now an ooportunity of taking a wider nurrey of the field of operations, and if tliey *re not too late in their conclusions, may realize in uine to save serious lodges. It Is folly in the*? ti ues to talk about the acton. value of any st -ck much ased in the market for apeoo'atiou It is folly to talK about foreign in vestaieu*? in our securities so loog as the proceeds re consumed in silks ami alins. It is absurd to argue t jit such sale* of at ck? add anything to the amount of capital employ* i within our limits. We *:iJ oi t our State st?eks, our railroad bonds atiul <*.. i-allroad stck.-, ?ad we take dry goods, va payment. We give w'iat represents, for all t.ate. o< : works of intern j l improvement, upon * t Lie semi annual inter rM, or dividend, is regu arly pa d, and get in exchange a lot of trash which is used up or thrown aside an useless in less than six moataj. In the fir-t seven mouths of the present caleajjr year, we imported |.VJ,h21,116 worth of for eign d:.. Hoods, against CM, on2, 073 for the corres ponding period la-: year, showing an increase in the fitvoo months, or in one season's business, of $23, 729,04;:. Tbis is at the rate of neatly one million increase per week. The jcrchases of American stocks in this market f >r foreign account have been pa.d for out of thi? im> ortation of foreign dry goods, but probably only to u.e extent of a small portion of the increased imp rtstlsn. Fbe stocks paid lor ia tliis way draw sev?-u, ei?ht, and ten per cent iatereat i er annum, whi h must be remitted semi aaavtiv .n gold, if neceniry , while the silks, satins, lace? .and va.-h trash, recev i in payment for these se coiit-en liave,proba 4y,loi*g ueo etbia disappeared, and the demand must be satisfied by new importa tions, to t>e paid for in the ?ame way. It is not at ad -surprising to see specie g ang at the rate of a million dollars per week, or to see large weekly re mittances of our sto :ks, wiieu markets can be found here fot -? sty luilliou dollars worth of foreign dry rXK"s in a period of seven months. In the fase of aoth th'.ngs, no sane man c?n anticipate a continu ance af the present finauc .tl e ise aud abundance. The banks have aidea the present expansion in oar Foreign trifle all in their pow -r. They have in so doix>g ran up a Account line of one hundred and twelve million of dollars, upon the basis of county bank deposits, which every bank manager in the city knows will ultimately tie d.awn for as soon the a< w crops oonHuencs moving. The banks have seized this opportunity to aeon re good dividends, and are ready to contract at any rate circumstances tuay require. The hanks ha e secured their harvest, and will now look out for 'beir safety. The stock market m t be seriously affected by these financial convubioM. The banks have loined la tgeiy to the btoker? Th-v have aneuQMged spe ulation in every way, aad afforded every tacility for the hypotheca tion of stocks. Their cab loans are probably at this moment as large as ihey have e?er before i-eea, ana wucn the c< ntracttm commences in ear ner* wo saill see such a panic among hollers of ccrtaLi fcts ks as few hav? jet realized. We have no fault to find with the Im'.Ils for reducing their di ctaat Dae: Tbey are compel. ed to do so. A con trary course Is nttetly imp itMSle; but we do blame tlem 'o e*l>andlng so en m >tt?ly, when they knew it coaid uoi bs otherwise rhin temporary; when Ua?y k^ ?w that just as cert >tn as the ??ason came ro atd? i rt as certain as tn? crop^ mstuied? thtt just a < aoc-a as the harvest, were over, the basis of tje.. ?pi.iikn would raf.dir danppear. The ban^s have a doty to themselves to perform, a 1 ta ey are therefore regardle^t of the inte rcst* of -tock speculatirs. So Car as in their powr taey protect the regviar merchant, and wnce BK-es^ary saorifice the opernt??r in stocks. The hr*t tnc veBkeat tiwarda ci n tract on is a restric tioa of ca i loans, and the eflfoct is sometimes over wbelnLas. i- is the principal canss o* all onr panics, sad its operation fia^ueBtly proves fatal to many a aaagvine vpocniator. We are, without doubt, upon the eve ? a local financial retulsJoa. Thedemanl U>r money is daily increamtig, and' 'be rates of inte rest have already advanced. The banks, unable to io?t the- demand upon them for discount, hare fore el large Ms of paper into the street. The business ses -on U just opening, and last season's liabilities mat-.:: in? t pon an expansion of bank loans uupre colf atcd i the history of bauking la this city. Be. fore thi tall trade closes there will be stringent time s tnat will try the strength of many houses lioth iaa; d out of Wall stnet. The **]><? rtution oi apecie from thij port laat week irii w>4i 7 c ju?l to the bi^'L?t poin* thU year. The Lota, lor tu? week vh nearly thLie- a hundred thou eai<? do a it and for the yeir more than twenty-one of jouars, in about isoten moatha. If this is aot er? ?!i to a??eca!ators In stock* fori r.-e Mat Uh It cue la utterly hopeleaa we glee them op and U-ate tiem to their tV-e. Tie WiUl exports t.oa c f - *< ie from thl* port thu yar will be one third 'ur^er than er.?r before, wbite the importation* e* fi -t.ja ajaanlixtoira whl exited ia ralne those or an j prerloui year. Mr. ^ . H. N*ic day's regular weekly aal? of etork*. road*- * " . wtQ be held n Monday, the 11th In# , ti e tfctc. aula" Exchange, i U ue usual hoar. The ar hradte cod trade, the pa* week, haa l.i-ea tolerx' !jr act Ire, thoagh not quite *o Urge w laat wet k. The deoiand i? nt.ll dnU ? not eqnal to tie tap?!/ . coawqaeatly ibero te an inrrcaaed stork at the dr;>- U. For the w*.ek ending on Thoradav *aat. the PfaJing Railr<?d brought down 48,00;. fen- ? I:o f!ierear to tutt date, l^MM ton*, ag. r 1 .41 - : to IDM to tie ??i? time l??t year. The h . iy Navigation brought down, for the wr?k ft ":nn on tbe name day, 2o,*'i6 toua, and for the sea on 5S1 17- tone, against ?1 toon to the name '.me las* ???r. T&e sbipmenta by the Lehigh Kargat on for the *? k ondiug Saturday laat. were 4t JG5 toil', a .id (or the season . 5'.- ] ,J?D ; tons, again* Ik. t, 751 torn to the corr s.iondia* <U'- laat yxar. Ft tV*f operationa, we flad that the enpply from the rvuuj'Jdll, aa compared with laat year, ia 14'. ,? tfl U j.?. The Mauch Chunk seta down the detrtaae, by the fel'wait and Hudson canal, at 4P.W* ton*: by the Fennaj 'Tenia Coal C?m;**y, ^ 5t55f and by the Wyoming, about 2.'?,000 ton* mak. tg tLe t'.tal decreieo .'24,140 ton*. Fr,m the teh?B ? ?r oa there U an iDcrenn-: the drrr?*<* by thf taal of 42^18 tons, la m .de ap by the Lehigh V.viey P?f road. and mjm* 30,000 tone Ov*r, which, wO'j If .***? ton* from "VTanvon, g'eea an aggregi te fa ta-e Of 16 ,116 tern. The GattlU aaya.? Tlie tnfrra^e d*.r n? the neTulnder of tfte boating *i<on W-a not probnbly mah exceed the preeeot dodctt. The Increased MMM to bo ami b> railrooda the ?n? winter amy be e^ttmntod at 140.000 ton?. The ixff eo?ed d?mta>>l for w?me yean paat waa tbfot #00,000 tona per annum; an that the leflciency for the yeor? nay from Jannory, H66, to Aoril, l<?T ? from present appearances, will be orer .100,000 toua. The ahipmenta from the Lehigh regions will he red;icei this week by the high w*??r. The foUowIng ia n 4t*temeni of the snlct of the t.'hncia Central Rail oad Company's lands Tot term cooatr< "Hon 'ar-!*, tl3 15 per arm,,, It ? ??( <a advaocie. rao*i?"d Mi rwh 1 1, a*.', If' ni et C pr< rent, flw X, a, 4. i ae<i ? > oars ? Mloi Hi solas 11,403 TfH ? tiiajii iil.toi a w faci i aw,r.v>-#in,tia C.759 acre* free '.and.' $lt7?pe?acr? 66,61$ IoterrM in id mw received lu cash 3,381 Icte/iv! at ; per teal , ftr 0, 4 uO tr jeers ad dtd la uotsa 0,501 Totai *>2. ISO CiiMh received 5 .31 hotel receive*! bS,S4tt? $62,180 1.802 acres Interert land*. >16 tf* per acre *l,t>04 luteiwt in advance. rec :.vea io cash 844 Interest at 6 per ceut, for 2d am! 0J *e*r added in note* 844 Total ?23 292 Net caab in advance 97,529 Inlereet received 84-1 Note* received 14.919 ? $23,292 imle or town lots applicable to interest fund. . . . 3,311 Interest received in cast) Ijo Interest added In notes 58 $?,479 Net casli .n advance $1.470> Interest received 106 Notes receded 1. 900? K, 4*9 JgyrtgaU ? Juiy . Anrtt. Primipat." Inlt-e*t ZWu!. 14 ^94 const. tut.on land* bold for $18'.', 08* *.2,720 $212,110 3,75;' fVee lands sold for,... 65, SH 6,txiu 02 1 80 1 :58 interest lands sold for 21,604 1,?>88 80.2M 19,009 sold for $264, 601 $01,077 $2ST,686 Add town lou sold for ?,J10 164 ?,479 Total of all $269,824 $01,242 >001.006 A errs. Hi's. I'rinoifi Inttrest JWa!. Agg of la?t m\Uly rep.. SO. 791 77 ?1,1??.0D7 1C1.6T4 l.:*>,712 Agg of this report . .19.501* 97 269,8-4 ?124- ?01.080 Total of all to djte 100,301 74 1.4--.S.SG1 162.918 1,821,778 Add tales otlb?5 528,860 acres. C.5&8.077 Total Pale- to ilatc *0S,l&4 acres for $7,22u,3? 5 Leaving 1 ,&5C,80t'. acres unfold . The value of general merchandise imported into this port during the week ending Friday, August 8, 1S5B. was fl.M6.8M Foreign dry goods 2.719,88? Total Importation $4,246,731 The exports in the same time were a* fallows:? Cenoral merchandize ..52.374,078 Specie 1,870,376 4,241,054 Excess of imports over exports $727 We have in this statement the fact that the im ports aud exports for the week differ in the aggre gates only $727. The cause of this similarity in amounts is not, however, so satisfactory. The large shipments of specie ruisea the exports to a vary large amoant. In the movements of merchandise there is an excess of imports of nearly two millions of dollars. The following is a comparative statement of the value of exports from the commencement of the jear to August 7:? 1805. 136C. lnc't+H P-creaSt. Cotton $7. 770,577 7,703,8n ? 37,986 Hour t, 444.812 ?, 870,389 7,42.\?7? ? Cora meal.. 201'. 669 1T0.082 ? ?02,287 Wheat 118 219 6.549,24' 6,401,323 ? Corn 2. '12.417 1.905 ?*>" ? 606.748 Bee' 926.132 853.020 ? 73,160 J'ork 1,906,261 1,796,263 ? 1 OS 980 Total 9i6.8?C,428 2T.SW.Sd6 12 8f 6 602 860,164 Net Ircreaseto August 7, 1S:6 $11.696,4S; The quantity and valne of cei tain articles export poited from tliU port last week sere as follows:? Ooummmcx o: rn Toot or Hew Toxk? Wnxir Export utuntok Qiurn. Taint. Quern Cotton. b*>s.l.s30 $100 60? Rosin, bV* 2.S00 Fwr, feblt. 32,909 W heat, bu3:>S,013 I. R. roo<:s. cs ST Bee-s* ax. .b> 6,040 Ti 'jicco, fends IS Do . lbs r 9 *0 ...rd !'o ? . .>3 CUeese. lbs SS,ST0 Bii-Ml ibs 20i.7l7 Pork. bbdj. . . {< BoC_3 CMC*. 2 ;5,860 Staves 16,100 602,701 Naptlu cks. 57 2 076 lur.... 1,952 1,640 bpiritc turp .. 4;) $,260 Fustic, t< ?.... 41 ?>'.0 Oil pi nt's. Ci. 1 18 "17, cs . . CI I. rubber, c?. 1 Fur* caaaa..i S 2,T4S &L8CO 64$ Valut $8,548 1,:>?4 1, .9 C '*64 6,300 621 S 8C7 8.00" 400 1,102 Total 9. '98,711 JO.'OOJt. F'-h:t. VjIj. 4 030 9779,414 Beeswax. Ibst.X' %Yb at Uu...6.S17 12 522 Tiirp'e, bb'.i 5.011 Doc r, u - 100 3.C00 Rosin 6,j48 v0.T70 6.5uC Roots, tc#.-. . 6 Rue. t<*s.. ..l,Ct>0 S,_?0 VTba!t li'e,lb2T,21T OUcaka 40 K.C.5. F.acd .-p. o:l,jal*101.449 164. 10T Suve* r.b good" iiv 8.C04 R.iles, cad CkK 14', 1,7*1 lcalb Cloth .. 13 ' 1.302 AMI i W. 40 $'4' 7.41 * 4*,b 16. SCO v 0. 3 IPS 14.00C Total 9:40,063 Hour, M?:j 8."7 Rr?, be h. 5.1C3 Wheat 11 f<* Tr>Ua00<?, hh,! s ' c J'ot a. iu.-. bbi^itU I'.i's.n 80J Tota. a snrnr. $?',4^6 Pepp?r, bag*. . 25 4 i tO i'licento -".'.j l.V'J'.'O Ooflte. . . W1' t.HQ Jluuvjf, tc.'... -1 0.496 sure* 3,000 1,-76 Ifijwool, to'i 1C0 P'd apple* bb 50 Qc!rc bark, ca 32 l"men.o. tsj* 60o barsapa-vlia. . ICO Rtx.n Mi Tot* ? >jr*TTO. 92.7T5 Sp. turpen'e. 7S0 479 1. r. froo4a... ?oo 9?4 I-ea. cloth, cm 75 4.64 9 Hm pegs.bbl 2'<0 li S10 wha'.eb ?,lb>.a$9 900 15 I. R. .. 6 Reef.bbK... CO To>?cco, ba 20 lobaco.Ul.ds 16 Stems 1$ 080 Nans. ket*.. 4T5 Ueoa* ?x ib*.4.t9$ su?.-KiT'*a. t "CO Llqnor, *>b'i. ill 10$ ?p tv.rpcn'a. 100 061 Awahol 190 l "ar* 730 2, tic flomast.c*. ba 72 74', Timber, fl..$.900 2,182 1,100 Total 92,5^1 m CO. tco ? tta.Kl 912.412 14 9Stl 6.412 $00 6, 0T1 ,988,99c 9*752 i,rs 8.*M) 850 1.38? 668 .$22,986 Cotton, bales . 5." Hour, bbl*-.5 6C0 When baa. 96. 324 Cheese, lba. .4,000 UrU U2.C04 Total ciaHow. $1 8V5 Tobacco hbdi. 84 Wbak-fooU . . 24 Roam . 400 a* 2,000 C7.$68 3T 819 z:i 6.199 26 25 6?U ?ir, 4 Floor, bbli. . ls?e I:y? l ;<mr... H* j, t:cree? Hro?s, cafe* . Clocks :: i 1 R rO"4? . 6 lfaeh.n?.-r cs 14 lit:. I R' 1.S60 Tota. ... $.ou ll<m?7,tlerc?s 11 3*0 Fta.e.' 2.000 1.915 0<!,?r, . . 4 li 1 <rf>o Mako$anf.... 190 ? 1:80 J'eari a4tc< . . It I'otaabwi 100 Ko?t <r. ton* . . 7 ) Fit. logv J.. 22. 1* xeni'j. bi?j 60 1'64 115 2 .W 4f * t.897 *21,1/1 Wat b : .'j. .IS. $99 9,.9,2T? Whtst, bttshato t.C?l 911 6-/J floi r, bbia. R>s a Total L*10 . 201 >,7C0 c;a 28 500 6i" C-^too. ba>s Vi ws?t brfh 3 n:i Corn 2S3 K'.ce, . 14J ftrl'. bb> .. tOO Spars 81 Total %Kl Vtka'?bOBe..t,9s$ trr ?/.jm-Mxt. U 20 . ? Tea. cbc?ii- . . SO S,m$ Coir rop* f J ?r) 211 Ro-.n. bi ll.. ?fi 84S 11,928 2? 1.930 t:i *1 939,94 tiUi *i. SUrn 81509 91,921 WUUK-M. Staves C; 000 94,081 Fl?or. ' bla,.W73 l>im. bub 1 5J8 I .rk. U'xs . 2S1 Whea: bu?b.2 001 Hair*, ba IWf bills ... 28 Hardware, c* 16 Wioes Pefars 1 I "m?ttoa . . . . 179 Irtift 1 Vari. lib 3 R*t Oovr.bbis 93 Me, bbls... 6*4 B' iter, lbs : ."S ' C **<? S W9 Tote. BS THS srn 919.119 1 02T 6. *14 3 041 W, 480 194 747 1M 1.1.-2 2U 275 316 5 cr?. 766 ??' 1 !ST>fr. B'-sd i b ? T.'iaci'i.btla. Oitaaal V Iff, ra-kt CW(l?h bbl* P-ckie<t fish Caalics, bu. !*r1 lb? 1, ~1?? r be* Is . . , CoiTt-e bags Breedy, wti9. f- gar, b'>'*.. Cot, pnas.... soap, hi* I nabar. rt. f , v, .1 60 5 27 109 ,?T "III 6 6 10 2 ?Jk W0 9124 S82 OtS IT'S 458 969 ri 190 C00 142 17 ? 2j<) OAS 187 610 w r Flow. bbi? ,.! torn i o?t s. "00 Bee' bl 119 Pwk 6a7 Mant, .bs. i. tou Put**r *1.409 Car.ent. bb!*. Mul 2:o R)t, builMi* lt?. t' s-k. l?b!s. 110 it wsre. cs,. , Padt rara.. .. 38 oakrrn, balsa. 8# Iiriga, case*.. 62 isb'ioks k H. .f'.t jO Rice tterres. . .A Total ? *1:1 .watt' tx rr,ix>ra. 9SX% 1 l riffw. bafl. . 60 T?a, ' be?t? . . 1W ; arr'.i, bl.ts 1$0 j.'-stbar. tides. ^00 B"*n?, Itac*. . HO Br- a>l, l.bla.. 50 Mola rs, i >. 9 IK 11.6-' V<7 C.if.l S'? W 3 469 Total.. 1. ITU. 82.71 !?nap, bnssa.. 100 Bult". lbs ' 00 I.nmher. i~t '/.ooi indlos, l.vs 1 <i0 IV7 food., cs. 30 'l'*>P" ....... 7:8 nrw'ra.bu. 24 .9?1.661 r4$ 2.-. '>4 1.114 2,-s 2-' 4 1$ 108 $63, -00 N?I M 120 71T It, 913 lfX H20 Fliwr. bbls.-r.I'M, ba. 309 Roala 4,'iO I' trti IfiO lard. Ih?. 14 82$ Hams... . 21. *(9 7*a, cheats .. 182 tlsrdsrsee ea. $ TnVaae*s bbds 4 l**llB nil , .,9,906 Hata.r*. i it fn rt< tor# l?0 total wuaa. 9^0,500 ?p caiidiw . . lo 14,817 flraw paper I 900 . $29,918 Lataber fk$0,6u0 99$, <11 riwr bi-* B"?t r.r.n Total . BMatm tit isn 890 92,S2t Uruf ' $o\ $.115 6 9169 .. $10,0* r prcw tar orstH. Iloc*. btli.. 125 9960 Bread, bbla to ra. U-xj .4,000 fe<a!, bbls ... !<0 Bee 40 Ke"d sugar, be ? ?ot*i . 60 *206 v,000 ?oap, bis,... 200 2Ji 1S6 I*r<J, lb* .3.000 408 486 Cheese ICO" X3T SI? Shingles, M . ?_) ISO . . .~M2T Fiov, bbu. .1 Com, buiiu . . Rice, coeata... fcbeeS C3 To?a-., hlido. Wiae. c* I'm it, bbU... Buttar, lbs. ..8 e, cheats , Cbws-e, l>s...l la-vl 4 OT. lard. ga ,106 CM 41 16 14 6*6 ;o 6 > ,61 o 69 IT .,*M 9a j 1j9 Cracker* bu Tea, ebefcts.. . I -i-r . v' Him'*, (ma?. Hariwa-e Vinegar Tobioco. lbj 6 Brandy, bb!i. liouic.-tics..,. Varnish, bx? Bt3031? lo: 100 112 34 47 11./ 70 1.832 l<<7 vjjBnu. M.647 Hwire bit 4 i SI ?ug4r 16 1,-71 Hants, iba,. . mi 811 L*aUier roll, 60 80 660 Paiat 3 1,018 Colons. 4^ 1.58.' ltooU&sli bxs 6 ?r.0?4 V. goods, cs. . % <>58 Paper, reams 30 136 PruM &. es4 . 159 Total.,,.., AXt.sifr.Na wtmnuc. *145 Woodware . 872 1.540 Twiue, bales 190 1,000 Wagons 2 659 Agrlcult. imps 26' 1.'j7<> Wheels, io. . . 9 405 Ca?ks 102 880 OeracU, bbU. 350 460 Machinery.,.. 41 1 -12 Lumber ft 14.616 1^9 472 Total Floor, l>blj... 7*5 Pork, bbL"... 560 la-d, .. 3,134 Brer hbb ... 2(. Cbp?f?e, lb*. .1.443 Pick. fl.'b.bbto I'M Haai?, lbs.. . 2 JIB fh^o;;> in P>c!\?V2*r i js.,036 HAT 8o,*8i Tobacco, bo . 40 li.183 Tobac.-o, hhdn 3 438 Soap b*i . . .1,200 135 Tin bxi 20 258 Cardi<-?, bxg, 213 4j? Broad, bbls.. 100 259 Oil meal, pons. 10 ? 1 8f Staves 300 277 Timber, ft.. 1 9 542 lotal. caputs s BK CBUC. Vtour.bbfe.. 1,0C0 *:,S60 Wick, baiea.. 371 Rice, bbls 000 8.909 Woodware .. 210 Hum, bbls... 501 0.57'. Twine, bales. . 19? Surca. bfCi. 4<10 71a L^ai>er,ft.l01.400 MIT 668 111 183 149 680 181 108 til 192 110 962 *26.911 *515 400 600 t,589 US 329 360 1,14. 2,8.14 .*23,732 *540 61-2 1 42c 216 685 012 1ST 180 230 *24.335 *1 292 744 816 1,724 Flo-.r. W Meal 22 Corn bus 150 Bee bb'.s... 60 Tobacco.hhds 46 fi?h .... 100 rpx>CH w*sr Tvoraa 8rs *6 '.67 Mams, lbs.. .1,340 104 SeRarf,, c g.... 1 113 Onloof., bbbi. . 50 1.04f Spooks 260 t *>00 Carriages.... 4 ?00 Lumber, P. 40,000 *300 430 loo 250 t'fC ? eoo I0U. *16.11. Com. bv?.. .8,176 T'.bacco.liti- 8 1'aper, bdls. . 1j Ind rubber . 4 Lentiifer. ti.. l Total. Flcar. bbU, Ci ru, bbls . Rice. b:igs. Oak j a. ba Hajis. lbs. 104.9V: Butter *,117 Ajij :?s. bbls 46) Wrodware .2.100 Oars 500 KST ( 2.a- a1\ *6.r:3* Fvrntire ... 2.') 1,4 VJ Malting, bales. 10 Oir'iet^.bal^ - 4 33- F.or waters.. 2? L 1.1 x mats. 500 *44: 1IX 00,^ 1 93, $1,133 1.''04 $13,882 HiTjw re,pk? 90 617 1.064 Domestics, ba 50 2" B .n,bblfc... 70C ?.4"9 ( anny ba^r.b C41 362 ?obatv.o, Ibs28,2 '" 1 i Hops ba ... 61 1 OKJ Oatf. b'.iii 5.413 4 "J. 4.013 Total $*1094 ?42 11.' toO 100 *; as i 2,700 1,100 f,949 5,627 1,1*3 ?- 152 Tobicro, '.bj.4.044 Shot. kcg,: ... t T a, bo'.cs ... 13 Har.-wiro 214 Oaas, cs 0 44" '.-i ?i0 Flo\r, bt:? . Beef CoefctaMi. c? Brand v, bbls 161 f>caies>. ba - brt id, brth . ' 10 Machinery, c- 3 Har 'ware. .. lib Cotki 4 Butter, .bs. 4.C^3 Lead. p:3?.. .*,71* '"rsc 01.CC 4 t iss^are cb i* Whi ?'<e?. cVs 38 Dry eood-. c. 1 irc.-erves.... 40 $:1C Book.? bizes 1 17T Tar, bbls . . 133 234 Doxe6tics . 4 2.073 21*8 ToU % . t I :>a. M. '21 : -atbe* rc'l* c *232 2,737 Matioaerycs. 1' 3.24 4 "6'j Copi>er,ib> 44.07 ' 12.6*; 2 V3 j Ppilter. . . 1IS.G** e T45 I'rTres , ba 4 M 237 884 Cif. nai.-.ks^ 100 2.200 ' ' " 230 Races ?r' 172 59*"! 1H*9 576 3.58-.- .vb^cco. Ibi.l 21."' 255 216* c-..'.. 1 125 l.C/4 Ofit; 23 30-) 4-r.S? tcap 201' 2 >'. ?7 209 C'oa tons. 11' 600 2.700 Type t t . .. 7 I. i'y> B tSto'u(H3.?.S 5 2*2 213 4GC T^ta $373, M" TLe q?iaatitr and value of c|ttain articles im mtted ntoth:-" notl ln?t week were si ? OlMnscxo: isrPumo- Niw Yoai? > it *: /'Vji P?rvlC! Briavlea 13 Brosre* 1 85 Basket* 5* 4* Button* 85 Brett ? G fee K * Ci n? ? ti *' aiiyw 4 ????. Ccsi ?i Cay ?? Ccrks 1-v Ogmil ? 1'ri.jt ? B 47 water.... *> B?r?x ? Btlnuttoae.... VaiMTr to'.u.. 100 C;tn.Url..r. t B1 rmr'j aodftl.SM Cb'.cory .... "S Coj a.i a 11 diaiar C? Cnta^sn 100 Cum c ">p?! . . . S<0 twi at.*', f U . ? ? Kx tract; - Hjd louati.. 8 Ijccr .c* pMic 176 Co. too* . . ICO e :i i #js .4 8 199 ( a c at. J yair^f ...... fi.-jchti.Lc. .. S-xfaa b .-ulpt i;ac . Tail*: m i Pcrur. bar'.. . J>v? WOCdi? Argi U Italic l?*W (/ J ? Milder 477 Co 0r? 12 f ? . '*?.? in..,. 24. ? i ? dc . . t,;oc i'arh Net*' . .. Fn u. i. ? Ifttw. . ? Nu? ? ' .wapj' ?... ?? >auc?- ....... am lx> 7 215 >1 ti-5 i?.6?3 8 IS 14 91) 2 C'5S C0.42" yb 4, 4 92 ? o-? '.4.1 1,291 740 l.l* ?J ?- :? 21 702 5 W> 614 :si SIC 1.180 4 XO r*o it? 1.S87 2.:' 4 ft, 424 C4L 631 4U 807 lr.tai 1,07 J 8.0 13 4?.l 4S& 6 44S 4?>T i :-oo 4,l>7 n* Eurtfcii d3... v I-, or j ? .1 ewe 17 22 O. pai?t.a;? ?? SO I..quors. o.c? A'.o*... Brandy. . Hum C27 84 110 ion :"0 t Porter.. Cia. . . . I'alli. r *4 Drtsa'd .a - . US l3dre? l do ? i'et*-.t batter 1? Bert* a. itoc. c Wiui g' ode? fct'-r J 14C IUr '.wart . , . . 191 <>un? 10J Ve*41et 2 Xa.l 2)0 Hoop trot . . .2 ioo Iroc. tons .. ?(9 Po. ra iMkdSt.SOC fheat .ror . ft.)

f tec, CM To plate* 1.487 Dock tin .... 750 < ' la a.- ?0 C? ie- 17 Spelter { 60" N.ckel 2 40 1. Mb .... Jen -a t C4fk 2.? ir a; I Roods.. 9 i?ad i4tgi.14.SN MoU. food*. , In Mtc' J... I in l'.at d w?r Marble ? UAMcmu . . /V-^Uill .31 K's'jum a.... ... I'a:-r ?44 Iti. haoj jji 40,20. I'ttl :ae; ?4C? iUi ?a Pd*. iit.u e.tu I" ote?.i.,?^; ??'tat.jacrr I i-' frni-l .. 6 110 j**X 2. U< SUu i'.oic 1. ?S6 ?18 ll/.V i tr? ris : - r ? ?.?: i*s ...... . 01' ' (??? ittvn ? 0> .ut>j bt|? ' 'WIN . . 1" tie |'ii Mum r ate Fancy ?o-va . lu f C ' th.. . I'Utt.v'loo. ? !:k' % r ?n v ?ira' iiwlr. '? .'i . t!r> * * dn Ojitlee'. do . . T >u 6. .44 I V 7.*0 2-Vj 6 . -<? lit . . 18 i !*? . . U .-1 lft 1 SSI 1M 120 l'J) 2 <4 a 71 1 2*.'' 2 r. f>.8? 1.2 12 :t l?c 'i 4 Teur'.e* f ) 8. '??. 11, lo> t 48 ' 4. .14 41 ;&<, r.n? t ??? PS 4 1. Ut T ' .c. .. fli. 7c ?? 2 4 *? 4 7mi?trM i 47 T *- 2 Watctf ... 4" V ar 2.H07 c;.a- ,a...? l.s'.M *i?'? 4 Fl? ka U >fH.o(fao y . . ? Crrk *( i ! . . _ ( <lar wood . m '' i!loW mm Luic'f?r ? Ik;-.. 'T J'oft* 8S01 1,119 11, 9P Si, 7 " a C,4!2 Dl 4 18'. 6 07r> Oil t.Mff I . r,4^2 - H9i 42.6 62 21 81. 7.^2) 1^731 7? 071 10.64* 15,7'Jt' 10,783 1,'J87 4.S0C 22,657 330, C 22 ?.769 11.-44# t' 7T2 14 417 11.77* 1 V 15.3:4 M 7.3W 1.84 110 : 27 4.76-1 4 Si t r, ifK 4.0b:. 4,5' 2 M ?.'? 4 1 - 7 I9v ?Wv. 4 "45 1 X. 8 >4 1 286 4.!4<J .%M4' 1 >4,426 ?,'?4'. 1.13* 1.2"7 9 ml '? C4"i 3 K ? r.8I;7 ?.;oo fcnt 871 64 < 9:.a: 4 4* ls.s.'s 1 287 8 04 24 2 T7' i.?~ 1 4. ; ?M ?60C4 r.-jr'n.a Ki ,. I Utf V ; po -j -ff?tate4'? 4160 ClTT 6 i. 70 .. 1( ") >' TOilSt'i 6 ' ) 71! Ce nJIBia.alO lac do 1'OC* ?o V4 U0M do b60 11 JO. d.i ?i 2400 I.'. I r*f Ada 64 *" Ten k.?hu now Ei;?Cd *H- 'i 78 ?h? T'.rk B,ak.. l'"0C .aib ' Mil Cc e . in 100 iO'i do... ICO do..' .., WW r<0 tio 1MMMMMN i.Kii! ?3 JfO lit t IMVTtM RR.tM lo do (4rc 1 X do J< - do let Fr ? I* 200 :-oo 350 too 100 6C0 100 100 2? "PI ? ..43 blO bflO ?It W do bto do bix? do r do ?eo do s?0 do do. do, dO. do. do. ck Kl> bai.ft*. parrmo*T Ki/wiX P. 14?4. tC*i 1 "00 ab If ? RR. , b" 93'/ 88 100 do M0 CO , 06 9"0 do 1 00 60H 89 100 do Sow CO a f- 190 do DO 92 ?? ip raaamaRR ?a 97 W t9 do . . , . b<30 !?7 :f #2|| 100 do 071/ 100 do , r f?,v 1??," 100 do blO 37 1 IS ^ f u RR ,11V pi 100 1200 R?* l t)| RR ?.?'4 M"{ 400 d-. b 00 a*? 1*''? 1 '5 d> <-40 Sf.S 20 100 do.... 98 *< 19^ 100 do tf , 1?*| 200 do US MS* 19v, 10C0 do ttii 91 - , 2fxl do MO H". i00Cl?re,?. f"tt- i'?*e 8? 8'>t Itt do ... . boo e'' { 84 100 Cal k Cbic MbOO.Mt , 88^ 7f. do ...1(14 t? 100 Cleve lo! RR. . 74^ fo.? r?o do Ti , 80 , 4M do !>40 T8 00', 200 do ?.10 T< 8' X 30# do 74 , fto ? 200 do tia OOi, 2f) do bio 74 ^ 60 i SO") do ?ro W' , 870 do , . 74 s o? , fiocii k n 1 M....?t i$v l")% 100 Mil * M>?t RR..., 74'i GOj, If 0 do b''fl 7J a M ?, 12 Cere.Oo; ,v C.nKP. W1X ( IT1 (ORDIKR< IAl. HKPORT. Tm Rjn>*T. A i|a?t p ? Awry w^re at to 60 or ; 01, while iworte were ?omiMlttf? 76. Th? (bllowiag ta the stock r. rraioinf in tbe loaptctlott o(l>co lb. a Ki.tra .af ? . _ h". t trU. *VrI F>a| ??rt 471 1W 80' TO|?4dO 22 jjd 80 Th rd do f> 1 8 Crude man) 14 _ 14 To'?! *14 IT# 0*4 P-,a':^t it- ? Flour?' The? mnr*?t waa ii-m wiikort a ??> J? of moment l? prtee. w tt> ? fa r lcnaai for the eaaiward ud far export Tho sales embraced about 7 000 a 8,000 barroUor all kin 1b. at about the tollowijf quotation* ? common to good State 96 ho a ?? 00 Common to good Michigan h 60 a 6 WO Extra 8kalo 0 It a 0 36 Common to good Ohio ( li a ( 3i Extra Ohio. ...... 0 60 a 7 76 Extra Oensflee 7 00 a ? Southern mlxeC to good brand* 7 91 a 0 00 Do Omcy and extra 07 60,8 76 a 0 00 Canadian ruperflne and extra 0 00 a T 76 Choice extra Georgetown, Richmond City Mills and St. Low* 0 00 a 0 60 Haxalland Gal legos 10 60 a 10 7fc .Sjm? lota of extra State, a lilt." fancy, were sold at 0* 40; and ve y good could not be bad under 09 60. Among ihe taiei we't 200 a 000 barrets Canada* which clohod dull at quotations, Southern brands were heavy, with tales of about 1,000 a 1.200 barrels at quotations. Heal waa *c<?'ce aad Arm at IZ 76 a i>i askotl fur Jersey, aaJ tales of too barrels Brandywine were reporlei at J4 12 tj a 04 !i Wheat was in better supply for new riouthe~o whltr, and both new and old were heavy and lowe- ; while good red was in moderate stock, and pricjj were without change of importance, though all grades closed b eavy The sales embraced 1.00, 0< 0 a 40, C0C bushels, includtd ia whlU;?were 4,000 bushels Canada good to prime wh.'.e, at 01 C8l, , S TOO'dr. at 01 08 a 01 i?0 , and 8,400 do co mm in white at 01 6&M. 3,f00 bushels ucw >tbe a whits raid at 01 0*\, and new red do. at 01 80 u 01 1 > ; white <.h.o at $1 85 and Western red was quiet a:, J'. for M.lwaiikie at 01 a $1 40. Corn? .-ales o: about 40,300 a 10,000 bushels, including distilling carg:r-, at D8c. and sound do. in shipping order at 6->*c. a 03c. Rye.? Salei- ol 2,000 bushels were madeatt^C. Oai > were at 40c a 41m:. fur btate and Western. Co it; ? Sa'Ci of 800 bag- R.o were made at 10\c a 11: Cotton? Tlio n!?s reachod a')0 .t 6'3 ba'.e3. 133 of wbicb were for the Continent. and 400 for home use Cic-aa good grade? wc-e eca-ce Ml idling upland* at about ll5 ".. and New Orleans at 11 a 117(0. y "ii- ,n> ? There was rathe- mote oSenng, and to Liverpool about O.COO& 70, <>0 b ostitis gra.u were cn yaee'1 in bu'k an-1 bags, at t-\c. a i\c., and 800 a 1,000 bbis. tljar at Is. 3d. To Loudon, COO bbls. rosin, at Cs. M I -r '.33 lb' mid about 10,000 I u:- he Is wheat, in ebi; 'j bags, supposed to be a', about Id. To Glasgow, 400 bb rosin were engage*' at '.In. 10.M. To B r< men, 1,000 bbls. rcs.p ware engaged at is A Bremen brig was chartered to load with flour fcr Loudon, at 2t. Rates to H?vre were unchanged. To Cal.fornia the, -were at 27 He per tnot measurement. Ha ?Mode-ate sales were male, for sh.pmeat. at 60c a 65c. I iki ?The market ccr' auod dc'.', and pricaa un ObSSgCd B r> 1 ?the aarket'eon tinned firm with, sa'.es of l,0ff8 Buenos Ayrei a. 87c. ; 1,419 St iiomingo. usual weight at IS He. n tnoaibf and 1,000 lloxican at 21c. six month*, r' > water damaged Man." cas-aroet of hides are d^ ta at ) ut Q laraat'ne, it iiareater'ai whether coming fr' :n a bealth? c.- biekiy port, which ca~es much com I'.alntand much iacouTenivacs to trade. T ie ttock on 1 ant of c an J cow LiJes is 8 .400. (came time last year 75 000 1 a < fuliow3 ? 23,200 dry Biiecee Aye? 20, ?00 dr. RioG-p.nd? 8. COO do Oreoeo, 4 000 do Poru> Cabel'.o and Cvraeok, lLSjOdo Warct^'us CaO du Mara- a'.bo, 800 dc Mexicea. (Tampteo \id Mat am Tar) 1,600 do West India. 2,000 do CaliIorn.a, 10,800 saiii-d Bu.jnos Aj.-es, 800 do RloG ande. 800 Joltio vraule bore. The rece:pk ib.H week live bee- ^6,204 hides trom fcreiga prrts. and 100 coast wit^. as !el?-rs : 1D.44C dry and l.Obj malted Buenos Aj.-r-, bj Rebecca atd Perana ? 6,72" Sinpore per Ino ; 2,008 West Indies per AnteloiK Fri-irico and Ub.vliec ? !,9t3 Tamp', co, pe- Evergreen making a total of 20,274 tides Uunr conCc ? ?, fi. ,r., and n jood demand for th; sea' 'U. I!r H :U. in t j weekly circular, has the fol. w log statement ; ? 1 "at i has hica i;, demand during the week, ?tf-'d the ule;- Lave been about tqui to the rece.pts :es-.':as i very li^?>t ?ux'?. o hanj. Ta* roceni severe dro-^ht lias prevent) <1 -i-anulKturersftwrn finishing thoir stocks aad to- wardiEij ih< m to ii.arVet a.i soor> a, usual, but tLe late L,*, .? rams will no doubt g ve a materia; in c-?v to our rectlpts. B< * y ta^ and h?mloc* sole ar> very scarte. sad -?11 r<? a.i y cn arriva; talfsk aj ar .a (i. ad lev-iest lpp?r in ;? in meagre r. pply aud act , e Uemaa.t a', m. qcotatloni Hernia!. Co* RCdtfpit 44, "CO 4 100 Males 44.e;i> 7,100 Stock 5.70C i! >'x ? Jales of ICC bads. C ' a muscovad were made* mc' Jlag u a: 48l . aj. the rcmauidcr at 48c. a 4k KfVki Sr?.v ? Sa.cs Of c 000 !>b' ro'la we-c ma's at 91 1 -> C 1 3 Il?s, aal SC-. a 6C0 Ibis. fptUs at4'c a 4?3-j'c. Cr. Je t^.rr?utire *?- 'irm, and 8,000 Ubl- i old, part to arrive tt 0L 5u pe: 1'jj. Tar ** a :'.-m'.;- bel: . O ? r.pj: 3h ln-Jc -> was in g oi ?lea-..- I. with an t ward tendenc 7 lo prices tele S.wi'gal or. tec? band*, at %:c from store, withMlei o' ^,C o gallons fig li-b and .\me-.caa, at H5c 1a bbdi., aal Sac. in bbl Crude whale was Arm at 77c n 80c ihe .atte Ujuk t'er st'ee?t.' la d o.l wac firm, with moderate aais?^ calve o 1 vrai crcl ai'ged. l':'v : 0* mk?Tbl nws,\ w^l rather Lja-^ Its jalet eml.tMd abCut *30 a .<< Ubl mc? at |?W fi a . .3. 100 i.b'n yrtaie sold at 013 and 600 bbis. do , tit #1" Be.' wk oil; e cIl.Lg ,u a re'.r- way, tnotlng ' r el>' 1 1S> bW- iac'.' A ng country prime at i? ? 07 a'., a.. J m<',? 'o , at 0' 2 a 6> aa.: rupai ve- Winter; at 0-* Traill. Bee. t?j and prirrie raeri were 'iU'.et t meau were urm A '.ale of to.OC' ^ lb' dry ,-alieC htm wu ma ' ?, ae'i "erable 'a l'ii ad elf b a at * <c. Bacon wa. a 12-- >.? J w?j fi- at l^'fc a 1. V" w !t node-aie -alee Uutter ml eicese were -ael.acjed. rite w<- t, at ::c a t: i HTf. irprc ;?pt . , wti iat flrt- i.iw). c. d ag 1 0 Part o Rico, at 6*4 a ' tae mulnder C .ba .? lo, at $:,r ? * ?<*a - ?Akica of ?u0 ' pr it C9c aal 100 -e. CM. o. a: 17- .c mWNMUMn ITOfP IfBtlHy HOUSES, C\KRI M.FA AO. At ?rivatk salk-a gr\y ro>r, 1: haxos Ii.eli *r.d * 175 t?->unda. & t,ufgya:.l hvo'*? a ill'M saddle and yo-:tb * MMd> iM pOC^UafTM vear* old i>er'<-. ;ljr aoanrf kind tm< , nod Tery gar. Bumj frit ? Vigil r ew and ibey. ? well r? L ? and *aiH>? ure- U; e*ee .-a or-ler. A? tbe (> art nntem|..?t?'? Utaeon 'o> .loo; aaltnu ( leaWy b*a no furturr >'?? for fh. in < ?y Bill b<- mid o* .nnoiubli- ternn Atrlrtaf>. K II' KR> re; erof Klafa i o-inty Aimab Klat j*.*a I. i wfc< re - ? abl Mimrv c?a te teen. a? anr reasonable U >ur A ? Ili~ BAZaAB SO 31 ( BOftBT HTRKET ? n A i-e w>. I t-' ery Hoofer Ml Bi'dneMta^. .,t *? r m'>?r of ;ior?< ?. ? torai: -.i| j?e!>. a>?, wajon eit U t tad l b!r '.lAiat's- Ac J'WX n t? STT'IFLP I?rorri?-'o: A iAV MOBCiAB HOH>S FBIMt FROM VERMONT A cb? ..!>?!? ?< ye .I ? ,.d !??. L.jvei'.er. ?9ui? l ..jd in,.. ' .? -? > tiali an 1 c*a lit* in 4 mlnnttt May be aeen ! r wudajra, at Mvoewtrclel whar, BreUHre. Trice IBM /lYKUiAtiV- l>R t-Al.E.-A WKAOTirui.IlAt.rYof V' Wit entire! / i ?>? : v i ???? m pewia Al? . aeoad land r?rk***y. wub tout (VkUabJ Ingb d'or. a eoc ???! ? j ..a-u.n and * grrcei ? o ntllkrinuTa w tgnn w/uiot. A*'I ' . a' tit i'lli.1" v ? r> ??? ?t (Mtiiolat Hut'* Fb f R JALE-A PARK BPOWS 'AVM.TOXIaX HORSF. ifeirif'!! , ? apriac 1# hand" Iivb J and k.; 1 k ? rooul) .(?. ? ?? < m be ni?dr to trot faet A; jdj i 112 K.lri Ue etreet, 'jeweeu Bjrtaf on anl Delaucey. v ?' .M'-'* Af NIC <r ti r.w.F?. ooi.v. R.i. ' it . ..v.| %. ? , I i i V -.J :? ai ? ?l 1 u I n*?a at* ; eai ? oidi 'or et nl an i <-41 M. if a at l( Rti r ?>? pi urt 1 K ?I ,i?.?ei L. a afilr-'di l -..Idle h 'i A' pi) fi f|n M lie r- .a - > ME i- PI VL i llEel .>? W IIORO r * ' k? f . ?.? a' ? '1.1 . .1. ? har.i"?ii. lb* *ner * lahea Ic ? tbe ? <3i>- i-t orf e ?? be irlll ie?' e * ? 11 !?? Kurr^?e 1 . HAI.I I''A* H ?t ibl*. lllf.ti'jt ? I'lAC* *.ip? afv,- 3 <^:ock ?. y, f -r ha:k-? i.;g:!T :*a\ mar> i??. ii *kw? ^Wh. .F ? ? f : ?i> <1 ? ! !>?( f j ' 1: ? ... * ? ?. brisUI 1 Ik. 1* ?;e -?f.a fOi.r : at.< lu. f, 1 1 (?I (r?i |r 3 mi'. V rod ?<?f ? 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' ikh Alataf-:.'. l?r?e !!*', 1 .??'? bijrli ean Irot lil* trll? In 'hrrerarnn tn b%r i< ? tan )? * iMiOtil Ij hit 1* g.'id f .ml ; borae Tn inli at *'i* 1 ?' Twenty fourth at -eet nearfiiib i>- ettnc ^(inin A M ? S P. M Ii"' 'R ?; 0 r r:iK he- r road .\vr> f amh \ f MIMa .o".ec.'t. M 1 and* htfb eound a . J k'n' In ftf e an i, anil ItMM. Jo* ftoni lie wootr;' A | pl J ?t 14* ft JiOg Mrte' For sAtjc-A wrre". ikih-'f kkiht ie\r!? ou> ? an u.te 1 ?om?d tr.<l ki> d I* r>erfe? tly irent> atr.'.d* fwMU'nt tt hig. Wct.Id uih.e u ?t>lep ltd e a<U or g t Uor?? tan bit ?e?;. at tta at^bi*. N> lUK>iB?lk ?trt?t." n r*RRTA(.F ANf? aAKXJI* FOR HALF - A :r<< ??> i"?t -taf? pat"nt a?W In met ? ler aim tlMcf turk'in well tii?i'bet UmI aodfood trae. Met, ( i-aetln ? or ?t'.*la ; h'M r. food ??t o* bar will be foil at the to# nrlc ? rf trft, ?? the owser b*<> bo Int t, e u?e tar Uierc J i iu re at Tli uia) a rt?t>; L?\ajm? nek. pl' irtpon' a' fl-m kl) (jrrrfii.K it < rsv ? white ktbeet oxf nn>R O ftwti I'-rta U. - \n? v? # ct <' awing room roace i ttlll ?k* |-'if ?? ?iwr (Ma ' vninf. rbilrt.k'nat ?orluk ti?nti. men faTr*iti(tb? proprietor w*li iwcanwiil Ptifttb' rocnt a to -at ekcrlliti'. o 1 11,1 tn.l In I>a*rme>,l tr hnrm tn ** HAMMQvn fr, ^rle' r ? l>E? AM (,l%rOR%. A riionr AMOBTBr.xi ;.\rrt wink- ft it _ a'-de f'" tw>'"i ?al" t n?e ri ?nv ? m n M?d' M Ml ' ?hrr-y #la ? ; br-.ndlo* iuni Holland an I ftelitedam u Pfotek a w> !.nil r, and I'lihlin t"Met ForMWat t - RHtl.t. i BATfZn !U.V ? 4Si} Brr-emt Urrr' corm bt.Mnr Biwade 11 v\ Tl' HITT IlRASnV-tf Qt'AT 1?Kh >n K? T ? ?' e^pieaalj f. p.. -ig f- -n ia-15 11.. Ib'-t frftn Rof.ielle F?r ' ?>i.t X Jt i? ?tt.?t llar.tve- ? )tmre. ' HOTJWUR OlM RRII AX n j,, M h jT. W inflr?? rhrtnteVJ 4r A' eli >i, fT'en a^t ye!:o? M re?ue?* t **#n IM* *- .? e* 1 tf> a. /ani?iia*?.' Si 1 rot* - nfi llmia .ail * .>. _i.. ? h'ntey elter, learh. clie-ry ar4 m?ph< ij,,, ' ' i>-ani e flower eetra- ta Frem 1 ro'rflm f. r - Iranl V. * nine ostle* OMiFk* wine: ni!a J4a!p>r, n ?--?? len'na Or 1> 1 e, abatnthi". p:tr*n?c IB' wtltdMet . < jem ? .i < ir il'tnerreotypea ant amt-'.iiT -a, m?t*~ r< noe By p*p'f ln*"et ri'Wrter ??lie*> r Vi? n lin.e (tea*/?ktD(.L rXUCBtWA>UX? HJIUIuaii, ?OAROBTO AJTD LODOISO, 74.7 EB0Ar'WAy -THIS ROUSE IS NOW ?PEN tOB I l l peijaaneut or transient boarders, It Is newly fur niabed thr^Mtiout and la cn? of the few place* where stranger* cud enjoy alitor ponforta of * home ktlereuoc required 710 BR0\DWAY-? PPOSITE NEW TORI HOTEL I 1 v fclcgiaUy fwnliliwlpirlori and bedroom# to M cheAp tc 8rod U n^xiu^ Inquire of Dr. C Prince, on the premises 94.7 WASHINGTON STREET ? HO 4 it D AND LODO .64 I Ing down town Board with Iodide* kl so to IK board without lodging tit per week. Lodgl am from SI ?> toS'i per w eek. Board and lodging per day, $1. 91 A ELM STREET, CORKER OF RPRIVG STREET - & lTt A gentl?man and hi* wife, or a few single gentlemeu, can be aceomuKH' ited with fttrnUhed rotmt and board or roumg without board, two block? from Broadway >u and t'roton water through the house. Reference exchanged. Oft A KAKT BROADWAY? TO IJ?T. SEVERAL HAND ^l/U (u>n.rl . furulihf d aparUurnU. hiugle or double. with full or partial board. Thla i legaut KuglUb basement house la fitted up with ail the moderu ImproTemenu. Five doors abore J eflkrton street 1 Q'-t K.Vfir Tf.IRfKKffVri STREET.? Tit REN OR FOUR lOO gentlemen cau obtain baudai me apartments. with or without partial board Uousc first clan*; gut, bath, Ac. No other l>o? rdcrs In the house Second and Third aTtsnue can paa* close by References required. I pr 1 TKNTa STREET ? A SHORT BLOCK FROM 1 ?Jx Broadway -A handsome httlt of rooms, ou second floor bUo well furnished irc.uu, si-iiable for tingle gentlemen house first class, with mod rt. uuprovemeutu. 1' at S o'clock mF.iST TWENTY FIRST STRl'.F.T, ? SUPERIOR AC commodatlons for slrg'e jjentlemeu or families , Itousc <u> ciar-- an 1 where the coiutori - of n home may be mjojed ; locatnc unsurpassci, one door from Gruuiercv i irk. harh application must be made ta^ecurc rooms Wti Aug ~l(\7 'RI^Cl STREET.? A LARGE AIRY ROOM 1 1' I .veil fttrulshed suitable for a genUeinan and wife, ?<s two stogie gentlemen, may be obtained by applying as above Houtt cob! ins bath and g ts. I7(\ SPRIJIG STREET FODK I>0??R> I ROM BROAD I t' way ?To M several taodaomel; furnished rooms, to a: ile gentlemen; the location is near al! the brat class hotels, ftijujri in (bo btildlfljr, of Auac a House BA 73A.NXLCT STREET? A FTTTT Or ROOMS, 0!f I U t!i? tiird Poor hisc, larj? (touMe am single rooms for genii -men. all neatly (UrnlaheX A >o./ u *!>.>'?. sir* t hjua? w Mt of Broadway. DO SIXTH STREET, CORNER OF FIR.-T AVEMK. UO Gentlemen cau c? accommodated with full or partial b I or with baudsoui elf furnlxhed rodau without board, o asonable term*. Gooi neighborhood. Cars and stage i c .t eolent. r<! BLEECKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? TWO V'-L elegantly fumisheil pari rs on the first floor, and apart tnenis ou the aecood floor, of a p rf rate hot- si rontainlug all modem Improvements, to lei will or wit' out board fa(\ AND 02 VARirS 8TREET, ST. JOH.VS PARK.? vj" A few bandsoMelf f irr.ihbed rooms, suitable for now vacant, to let, with board t. aiisient or pnm? ne.'ll; al*o rorm ? for aujgle genttemen; &rat claiw aceotuuio d i'.iOD' Iaq'jLre as abc.e. rA WALKER STREET FI'E DOORS WF ST OF Brcadway.? A quiet an' ge lee. private boarlirj; bou^e for plngl* gentlemen an l gentlemen ->JJ' theii- wlvo*. S'fwius rcaaonab'.e. iiot. col l aad uuj .er batlj tr e. 1Q FIFTH A VEM'E.? GKN'TLEVEN IS WANT OF bdig e aparlmenU, cr ele^a suito of rcoms can 1 <? aoconuni da'.el In ?. fL-?t classs! ouse wltfc all the convenience of ac imfortrtble botne r.ud best cl nttend iiice. A.h% a bj-iemciit aultuMe for a phj ?Irian. 6 ST. MARK - Pl.ACE.-A PU.a-AM TvOOM AND boa J lor ?a? cr two persons c*u I c ?t lalacd at Kc 0 Ht Mruit ? place. Apartments wanied-witit ftxl hoard for the v inter b. n fami y, c msUtinp ol a gentleman wife, two cbiMron aui i urse Any pervn with ? cvmforubly fur Jii -bed bouse whe/e BO Otbei bo?rdM;? aro taken, wishing to let u part ou reasonab.e terms. wlU please address boi 352 Poit ofl;ce Si'uatlon abs ? e Ei^'uth street, aud belw-oeu Secoud a^J Ststh v/eauej. ALT. (PRIVATE FAMILIES AND iif'iHDlNO IiOl SE>. v ,':i .x 'irM < '.iss lma7der? thouM make imme 'inic ap flic, lit 'i a. tie Boarders' Exchange. Apple'on's Buildtag. 34 ?> Hrondway. We charge for boardeis actually obtained. (? H. ;->in '1 BC-YD. I'?";c"'ar? gratuitous to board -.eekers. Ai.apy on *.apy and gentt.eman c\n i-f p)es*?nt'; nrrommoiTite ' n neat)} ftirfcfehed rooCD an<1 board {cm a lady, In a Mtall family of u widow . the l<<a ?ij.j is de-iiable bavins two 1 ties of ti.".g< s | ue<ir the d-,. Hie bouse ronit.Us g. ? vatj, At. Address Baker,' P roadway |.o.?t < aice. AHAMDSOMPI.Y FrRNIgHKD FRONT PARLOR. . wi'.b one or two bed'oons attached, to let !c single gen tiemen, I a bouse with all the ?Kx'.erc .u.prf veuieut- ?tao . * at. A4.ply a'. M 1'i.aet ?'.v* , a few dt?w ive?i of ltroi:wj? Board? cltntok*? one op. two fayi lie:- a m'. afi-w .'-Ingle gt 'trmen cau be ace oramr late; with ! 'rr. '- ied apr> nyt n'? and board t&tbe rery deatraMe location Cl i .AtiJ piaoe, ujar Fifth aven.... Kel .enctcx tlatigci Board wanted? ur a ^.*>r sr, lad* tn a pri.ate fam^.v, tcr which she o. -i <Jcvote ci her t me bi ur?.> tig aoase of its BiMBbera tin- plaao, as coicpenss tit'B iaenj ? iijeveepur ns'ile relcrenc ;? et if required .xdd A tic ..'de. Herald o>ce. Boar i -one or two oZrmax ov.ntlfmf..v can be ceeomaodit'ed with handsoBMrfr Rimtahi d room* a*id ! ar;.j' ! o i ' In ? nrlvste family. Ybe bona* is : r-t rlaas it near Wi. ?'?hob parade gro-in-i Aj>; h ai So. tu ?Skui(.< ? u ?t:et! between itle^cker and Amlt strae's BO*l?r? -OKJJTT *??KS ASP TIIKIR ITfflR OR MV f' e rent'-mfn eta obtain pleaean* an* t ard at Sr. * Poplar *(!*?*. BrMklya Hi alita, ti?o mlnulfS' walk n uj r ?i ?n t v '!ou? ? ronianw ga? aad l.a'i, Md Jt ' t:i ' ? ? it. Ul UHnlt r al? . BO \BI> --THE VTIfO'? OF A WVONP FLOC. T.iR |M floor to let with board a benvtlfullorattrn rppoilte fcc Wu?hi. -ton paik FcurU arwt ror<?i?!nc <f ?wt large pt: UX*.'r'vini and tiathrooin : b^ari* and re"' rra Mnable n re?; r ns.blr and gen'eel par>r. Inqvlre rf V I". B. C "U?s 44* ?' t a iTr.y in tlie plaro irivreroom Immediately BoaBO in mooKt.rr. o* ttif nr:<:.vr? -r.FXTi f men diK1 '.heir wirei and a few muffle pc^'lcrtu n ran I vimbttm 1.. ? fl * ilU board a'. IS f"opT?r nut et. loc-vtl >n pleauat, t? o m a ite? walk frou Fui'oa terry. Tc"n? oio cera'* BOART> IS ?<ROOKI.Y!f-W-Tir Ft RSISHFn FPoNT r <>m? o: 'be ~<cou I floor aiao IM rwn on th'r 1 ? Tb? bona* .? .ir?i elaee pl?"n?ii3tly lo-'fi -d, about five m.n. *r-l* f.-oraro ilh fvrt;\ Apply a 4.1 CoairtM autet, ? lUx ||? el. w H*:ry HOABDIKO AT > HLKF.CKKR STKF.ST-Ti.Rt K rotwoi < :i ? t aecoiid floor * e'l adapts 1 fur i. CmbU; or a ??art;. of atea'" *' a'>men ?Uo. rooiria oa tUc third floor the hi.^a* tjuiari- 'be mo itru lh] *o\einenU R B OA Bi> IN BBOOKLY N ?A t.KNTI<KMA V CAN IIK acc< nif' ?ted Htih a pieaa&nt room and l*.ar<l. tc a prl vat* !jn !' '-te minute* ?aik f/oiu W.?U?lrett M South lerrte* Xppl- ii 41 JoraKmi n street .>AUU IN UROOK LVN? WITHIN FIVE MIM'TJV walk of W*!' a 1 1 Fubon ferries. A gentleman and bt? i ' wamo ?u: a l r ult n Terries A gmtiraan an t nn *w r.tabe !>? > .>i Mwdtlti via ;t large p!ra?r>nt room wtiii bodiomn attached. A!ao one or two g^nMemrn rm l>n aocnnwnoil i i \pi'} at 130 llc.iry ?*> i . t, i>?iwe?u Pttrrc pom find 1'lai k <? VHI? > ?Ol ti : BROOKLYN -A I'RIVATt f AMI B 15 I '7 r. H'ik i. ??Meio i, sad *Ug*aUr fart kwcdbou <? <iaU 1 wriiUin Uirre MaulM waJk <4 tbe Krj?tb ferr> v ould lie I. >p; I B"i -naioda'- ti-j? or tw . Inrnite* f th? w jiter * ,'l 'y '* ' ''ng f ?:rret, wt Vatbree d- .-r* of Hk-.j IJOAltD WaNTKO? JOB A GBfTLfcMA.S WCTK AN I? J) > il '?<?? 'adl ? ! i i i ? .?j?* ; eallon * or, w r ii raUrovl (?? ataft roolt. Tcita? iv ce m. lei >'e Addsc-4 * U>,' 1'A i\i tu^iet. Br.SP" S ? x IK.V <.K5TI.CXpS A.V|? A. irt.'Vain aodwlfr r?: be ' . innovated \ * i I 1 1 r im?:i ?' bt# I ? mi e -mfc .i . ie Urf totaa, It a pfe >? uaMly Atud; M ~k % Six*, i avc< \T -?*( i.r thbke Yor: i M-:r cab bF VI mil Mi V ,'b V., I Ar ,t t>- irts- nin.e^b 44 tc'. Ve " .<? iliilh i') i Tr^'.b a' *m ?? ?. BV-.MR. --.O ?:;? ?T ^MRK - V Ft V (.* S H KMKN r . b- e t ' - ' ?rttb ?rrt' faroloed r.^nx* a??4 tri '* hoi j at 1-f bpr' nlh ae<ane U*<w*eb TweiM* ae?M>4 ind I treaty U id atreetv. I?mIm rai At , la IL# .9 a ?ai, ?? pa ??>ibe fcor te/ lew aat'.iuea. U\hp; vi: _? - BifijiKO Krx'M.4 10 ucr. v-,-aOR x 11. 1 b ji t a!aa ?le? frtUamc i tan t>e at .inuao uat?i1 v. tili U ? .1 ? flftl per week r ? 4<il F< l a'riMW. rfi atr f t TweW; Jn'h ?* ?r* nu aad coll '<^v ^ . aJ g ? brc Bh' ? t tb' !:" i?e BOA JOIN'. ?A FB'v HNU1.K f.rNTr.KMBB CAN on lata 1 l-?v?ut '? mmrrlgoO'J .oa 1 at Bo 3fpr;:i# ?t-ett. n<*?r the ' owerr HOA?I?IN(. 'tc *?! H< ANP I.AMiIOBIl ?- ? T?n? ? A;;i ,'jr Mvittlonai .'cor flM pj le V 1 ok Ij <? Hoarder* mii>| eo on UMxlerile f* m- Kntlfll Ihrr'ef T( III ! Vo'-'ii I a?i room* to !e'. !.?Mlor4tt ?nny i' r" / rBTP.'i HOARi T>,t -OVF (|R T1TC? f A*ti,|cs i utaif t o?rd at Bet'e'.ie "'ardw loo* tf Rl?btietb Bw riot'BfBY :? i t *k.\ wr?F rr ? i.r v ' 1 n?e ?*< m .iii'i '\< -I- K**i 1 ** r*!-' f ns ? k nlli'iaen mn ' ?' ' 1 wH , board I c tl?e iiibdii. loeatMM Ji able go' ?' Latbiiy Vail 1 ? and ft'- lihg. A: pi- 1' itioad hvi ii. of ftr'U eel, <<c at U?e pre*; e*. near 1 ronay'a iaav er ? b <rf |?T t>M*H? ri AT rii' RKDROOK FOR h OKNTLFBAB r iu a ? pi l\ ai? famllv . rt .m lept in oi ler rent || |? V( k I inufr# at KM rn ? ye^i atrfe' Hro' k'vn wltUa .mi intuitu aaik?ri 'il"yn amf r.ihartai- fmlo* Hor^, LODOfKon -?nrrt.BMinr wtLf, nn wrt.f, 1o ? ireT'ii ? thai the) 1 \n 1 tin food farntakad t f " ( ' <it llote' rr. ? 1. f FenaVfi.i t an t Wlllleai ?*ree4? .1 S een' ? ? ? -ui^i.tor II 3d per a?.ek No oihe- <hi.rge*?\ e pt at tbetr option O K OR 1 1fn si ,10'.K OHf rf,F.MFN CAN RRAIf'OV ?wdr.toi' itli oar?l In a pma t<- fcmllf Maid1' 4 1 ?4 town die b' ui ? ridel 1 ;ii the r!tv .minodat' >? ?' n^- ilei i'e Addreai A 1*.. Uera d 1 til c .? TMB AIU F.RTTS-K.R WIKTIKS TO TBOl l RK rKRMA i.ent ti ard fo hlta dfaad * Ifr In ?g'-nt<~-: private/ iml jt, wbare the ?awfor' ^ M honie r?nbe ijred. Two ri MMaa iHi?i-o<in?i four wtii be required. Loea'.lno mint b?de?i.atd* n?Atw- 0111I t'afoti ?'iu*ra, and near Hrnadaa* Adurr<M K R , !Kl Poit ofDei' Termn n. ia' Trro or rn.trp mnolR r.rNTi.FnKN ob \ onv tlemsn ?' l.i? wlf* car. hire Tery p'ean- riomv wltb heat I III a ? wlieee hul few hoarder* tan betaken. I b< ?? rte . ri' c ?? cooaftii table Vme, on very moderi '? term* enn arply at No 9 < at mine -'re' ' fiair d< or? at<o\ # lUeerker T I' Tf YTN BOaRDIMO -* FKVr ftfBfll.R ORNTLK I iii' 1 or i"n''i m. 11 and tlieir wi, i ran be a< r inmod.'t' d e I'll h ti 'feme fi'rnWied or ?uilnniii.Vil ro??m?, vWi or with ott! 1 oar I. I Forty eeeond alreel, betwren Ilroadwav ?ik1 Mriharrn c 1 hnw r mn I' owl vae, iv ili ?Me ' A-.rrii HY A OF'Tf.RMK >?" ami IlfM W ? H * 1 cf f,t,l he I ro\iHi, ? .!?! fnlltKiurd Jar tbe ln'ly ill '.Ml tio -d toi ntatlemaa. Add-e.? a k B< aWo'hce tv.ig iaic V \Y ANTNt?*?A FFW TOTiMlII ?0AR|i R< pij at 4w< stkib avtnue 1 1 rm* mr* ie ?|i ftfCOAR*. Kttat.rOB Or 1 i t \RtOt <t JI'?AR?.-OVB? A WU.I.I0B Or 1 IB K n ip. at mt'e) )"a* lhar tbeli mi'rkei i *!ne i.riTi ? ?: 1 rt"r f^wUlv *oap *t IS 6' o"nt Ii ?a thn:i the 'nacn fartu era | rlee? t ??tiW-iiv> on ?"*a'? of Mavira do ni" 1 c t). t<ert? ?ti ?"*?' 'at' O CBKKKR, No 17 Umd?ar, DRV GOODS, ate. An elegant frebh stock or fbsnch kkbroi dcrtes. m hot#, just received. Also, cambric and Bwta Oocuclugt a ud trimming*. ft full assortment. 1'gTEK ROBERTS A CO., 378 Broadway. Anoihkr lot or embroibered LI-VKN CAMi'.RlC HANDKERCHIEFS (Slightly c'amaie'd) Wai be opened on Monday, Aug. U. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway, Chambers and Reade street*. CLOAKS, MANTILLAS AND TALMAS. JACOB LA.VSINQ, 41 Cedar streot, Impohtih A*D M tROrACItyUtK CLOAKS, MANTILLAS, TALMAS, ETC., Uu now Id (tore A complete assortment of goods in tlia above line, inleui* expressly for THE FALL TRADE, To wtlrh hf> Inr1t"8 the epeolal attention of Jobber! fee tM an ' other cities, also of large buyer* from every sottum of th Union. This stock comprises an lo9nlta variety of elegant novekta in cloth, ve'vet, moire antique and all prevailing fabrics, wai adapted to the wants of the trade, an 1 Including all quaUtiei styles, Ao., which be oilers on th<) most liberiU terms, aud s prices that canm t fa ".to meet the approbation of close buywi 42 Cedar Oreet, between Nai?" h and William. GLARE'S S?OOL COTTON. -THIS PRIZE COTTON Oi the gre?t Parts Ei^oai'.ion ts n>w upon ltn own mnrtura ceiveu uto genera! It U extensively uaed on aewicc du Ail n<>mVera received reg-AtAiiy, and for Mb f. QUO. A. CLARK, 88 Day street U'MIiROIDKRKD CRAPE PRESSES? at $18 EAC H A new article for evening costume. A. T, STKWART & CO.. Broadway, Chambers anil Etude streeta. XBROIDEKIEf, Ac.? ? 1 Just received, a large lot I I uuib:*lc and mot;rnmg co' .arg from auction. ? . , , . Slightly damaged, and which will b Scid very chenp. Alsc. 800 dozen , , Of ladles' and Rents' llncu, cambr; Ard lawn fcindkerciiieft from is CJ. to a*. eacA. Bj BEEKMAN A COMPANY, ' 473 Brt adway. 1MMKN6E STOCK OF VALRMCIKNKES AND BLAC1 thread laces all widths, new pa teras. Real Vaiencleoae edging Is. perya^d.ji new lot frETER HuBERTS A CO., rs Broadway. MANTILLAS ANI) TLOaKS.- THE ST'BSCBIBEB I ne w ready to exhibit bis fau stock ol these goods, ? bracing a large r.raorimeot of Dwelties, in various matenali wiiki are parti ruiarly adapte 1 for the jobbing trade. ?. o MLAb. aO u;'.J tL. 1" . t^ib'ira atrwt, ?4- a<Ain. MALSON CHaNCEREL, 14 Bono Strch. Niw Yorjc. BELLI. VI ? OFF UNDER PRICE, Till the l5t!l cd A Ufr u ? , Lsce#, |1ctm, ribbons, flu wen bonnets, man'lllu, ?tf drtaM* u4 Others, bareges, mui'ina, brUlaotea, m.l.aan Ac., Ac, Ac, wholesale ani rt'ai.. In consequence of dcpai tu-e. QOUTHFRN AND 80HTH WESTERN MERCHANT O can find an excellent rtiut-nt of aw an and ermine trtir mlnj, wrirtletp, ruffr besides a l-.rge lot of fancy fur vict. rim's ctitft and muB? manufactured undei the supervision < the well know n ?EO K. MaWDON, Age- . 44 Maiden lane TO WHOLESALE BC^"ERU OKO HVTTIX. I* new pre pari?u w.ui tail stock *t Cloaks, Miki.'? u, Talxbs, Ac. S?l Snvlwif. Manufactory, 6.' Fr&ak'.ln street. E TO WH'-LKSALE BUYERS -TK HA^E NOW 01 hat d a fuU assortraen? of all kinds of corsets to which w invite tii" M'en'.Ln of jobbers aui wholesale bitjerrf N U. AliO a vsriet." of fck'ru GAYJiOR Imj orter and Min_\cturer, 4J Third a^-., ncn- Teut;i a'.. Travelling mani i is, travelling mantles. In linen, tweed, cnoba. And ot'ao. tta'.jrl ?y 3*esxan a c ovf an r, 4~rt P.roidwsy. YEfHITE SWie? WriLIN BASQUES, Tf Just reie'.red l?i BEEBMA5 A company. 473 n ?alwsy. A & esh tarji 01 dotted Jial c ubr. i lered Suisse ba^qtt1" Yer, s^arior *1iaji ^ irVcli w.'il be soM loir. EliKEf. BBG7HER3 m.oniiv ?1 % id 6G ?'i !ji ?'r.i t rp s.a! -s. p -* recti red their fuL gocda, esptc-^Uy b ulCt" , t: ."-aeh Sewers ti'i fkataers. 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