Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1856 Page 7
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ABTElTTUIKim iF^ri) JffFRY flAT. CUlaXCS AT IfCTIftV. A LUERT ii. NICOI AY. AUCTIONEER, WIl.T. SI-XL, J\ I his lay, .1 ugu til ..< (- , " h'-k, >?w Mercians .u hi ? baufe, for ac-:.?uu' of uh m tt m*y concern. ?1A,u3o Lake Erit?, W. Juid Kt Louta lilt 2d mort bowU . ? Hi ( M) Uickav, ?i,nu ,ud Wt???i -I HB. 1st oiort bonds ... ? Inn Cleveland tod Pit 'burg BR. 7 per sent boivw.. ? ?I'lii ii ( hie -(to i j ! Bo- k I laid ,{I>- M mort- boiwls ? l.bOO Chicago aodM^MIpplBB. JO p*r cast boi J t ... ? Ml ?hs Now Y"rk sud Krle HB $100 fill II i^son River Hit. . I**1* JO Oh o Coal C". . 26 I Acajriuy of Hut ? I,1**' MiRutgcraPIre Ins. C? S> HI Arctic Eire I in. <-'o - ?' 4 t tuitinentai 1" '. t-o I'M 24 KciulUbl ' Ins r'o 36 Terms ui sale ? 10 per ceutthia Jay, iicd the balance betore JJ ? clock lo-Blorrow. The accrued in< ? t on all the boum ? UI tie Charg"<l to the purchaser. Next regular ?a e ou Thursday , A gust 14 Yl.BBRT U. NIOOI. tY, Auctiaaear or<l Banker, No. 4, Broad s'.:?ct. Auction noticb.?thomas bull auctioneer, by ltl<F.L A BU*H.? Thla-day at lu.'a o eiock, In 'hu *al*-room, l- Nonii William street, a general yarlatv of I furniture. Al-.o will he continued the tale oi a rich stock of tlry good*. toilery. Millinery, lacegooda, and geutlomou'a fur nishlng good*, it njio'cloflk. I uloe. 1"u,,ulu' !.r>il don*; 'in, 1 patent I' v - r wftlob and chain a bea Hlfulgold watch, Nktble lor a lady , and other Jev\ nlry. T iMadar. largo ?a?ie o toe furniture, imnu ; m illy removed iron |Willia'nsburg Ali?o the euliie jri angemetits oi a lirst class saloon, Ac. ALFHKD BRAGG, AUCTIONEER? A. BR AGO ,t CO. will sell at auction, ou Tuesday, August 12, ai 10,'j A M , at their sal' sroom, 33 < ortlandt street, 3U0 cases boots, shoes, brogana, Ac. comprising a general assortment of men's, wo men's and . hll iren'a wear, suitable for the season. N. B. ? Auction sales every Tuesday. Auction notice.? crookbrt. glass and china, by J. S. 11. BART LETT, au -tion ?r, on Tieaday, August 12 a'. 10 o'clock, at 281 I'.-arf street, in lols, Irom tb r shelves; SO < rates all kinds, W. <!., bliM and ? on.mon; 1M pa>-kaR<'8 (tlasi ware, china tea sets, Britannia ware. Sale y ?sltlvc, for cuak. Auction notice.? j. bog art, acctionbkk, bv S BuKurt, will sell, on Monday, A i/.ist 11. at ID1;! o'clock, at the ai. tion -ooms, No. 1 North Wil.iam -ireot, eor ner of Frankfort sT''Ct, by virtue of an execution, 10 000 tihart-aol the Union Iron favement aud Struct Hailing Com **"fylLLIAM B. JONES. Constable s om ??, Varlno Court. MCTION NOTICE? M. nOUOHTY, AUCTIONEER-* l H is da v , Monday, a'. Twenty ??vu < ? ntr-- stre#', a large sod general assortment of household furniture, of every do arrlptton. Brussels and ingrain i-arpels, cutlery and crock- ry, elegant gas ehaudt.-B*n au>T g-ts intures, beds, beauiug, mit s, iitii vors, A'-. On 'bur-^tay. large saleof -Mblnet fur u It ore. By order of J. W. MAbON, Assignee. Auction not ick ? i. bciakt, vuctioseer? bv s. Bogart, Tuesday 12th, at 10l, o'clock, at tke an'"lon rooms, earner i-'rankfoit and \\ illlam s'.i-e< ts, a- s gn?-!'H s.-iln ot" large stock of boots aud nhces, ladles' aud gentn-meu s gaiters, Ac. NICHOLAS J. NK A'ILB, Vxslgnen. Al>-o. at 10 1 ; o'clock, in !'i out of the auction i o>)tns. -;oii^'atjl'--'s ?ale, eipress and other v. ngooa, horses, harness, Ac. M. t'BMTAlAR,' AUCTIONEKR, 28 HtlWKRV.? Pereinploiy sale of faintly pallium, and furidtare, m-ld i n account of whom It may- oncern to pay .i lvancea, ? A. A A. Pcrempioiy sale of family palniintj-* and furniture, I 1 account of whom It may concern to pay advances.? A. M. will sell on Tue-day, 12th lust , at W'j o'clock, tour family portraits; chairs bureaus, bodsteads, solas, tflte a totes, loukli g irlass, carpets and various oilier items of furniture, to Krther wiih an eiegsnt and new rnahoKany desk, four otli -r iJiaii s and ou-shlous, patent letter press, cash box, Ac., Ac.; also one nercn octave rosewood plai ofotie, made by Lin-ler ii, an X Son. (CROCKERY, GLASS ANI) CHIN V.? J. I. 1YALDRON, J au< tlon< er. ? HENRY 'J. EVANS. No. i", Liberty St., will sell on Tuesday, August 12, at 10 o'clock, lu lots'froin the ?he|, to suit the trade, a full assortment of best, white gra ?itc, light blue, yelhiwand all kludn of comnioo war"; French dceoratcd -, plain sthI cut gla?s ware, A-:. Goods re packed -u the bc.->t manner fjr shipping. EPWARD BOllUNCK, AUCTIONEER. ? KDWARD RC1IKNCK AC O. will sell, at auction, on Tuesday, 12th loat.. at I o'clock, at their salesroom No. .'IS Nassau street, a while hor-e. 15 bund* high s years old; warranted sound and a I'aat traveller; can trot in ihre<- minutes, Is a first ra'e taldle horse, and kind In single or dou >le harness. Also, several l!];i'ton, road and top w agons, rockaway. C'lLBKBT S. SAVAGK, AUCTIONEKR. -LAHGE AND I peremptory mortgage sale o; groceries, on Wednesday, August 13, at loja o'clock A. M., sugars, teaa, raisins, honey n>*i>, -oll'ee, chamoagne and - i.u <-i wine, hntn-ly. port wine, ?M*esrs, Ac. Liberal cash advances made on consignments. BAiiLKV A SAVAGK. ?2 ? cdar street. Henry b. hebts, jr., auctioneer.? sheriff s sale of a iurge aud valuable stock or choice gr- -erics, wines, teas. Ac., toe entire stock of a large jobbing bouse, Henry B. Herts, Jr. w ill sell at miction, otigThur sday and Fri day, A ugutt 14th and I.Mh, at lo'3 o'cl-x-k. at Uie salesroom. No. Bine n, compri-ing, inpnrt, Iflu chests, h tli ami nuar tor chests choice Ooliing, young Hyson and gunpowder teas ; 300 ba?r- ,iiel p.< L.ct> ..hi go.vini i- nt, Java and Rio coffee ; ISO barrels while, hrowu, and crushed sugar, also, a large lot of riee. farina, vermicelli mao arnni, raisins, prunes, swe- t oil, snehov'es, sardine* Indigo, starch, soap candles, pickles, pri SCrv. d fruits, brandies In casks, cases : claret, bock, chain, pague, S otch ale, himkin porter, J?i ism Havana and German cigars, Ac. Terms, rash By order of J AS. C. W1LLET, Jr". L. VtLTtr, Deputy Kherid. Sberilf. Marmalade, claret, seg a rb- auction? tubs. day. ito morrow). III1, o'clock, at Dcy street, comer ureenwi'.-h, brandy, wine, gin, si-bnapim, tobacco, segars, MiuO, pi|>p''. soap, rice, currant*, sardines, ngs. marinalade, Java coM*. hardware, cutlery, statuary. Ac. WELLINGTON A. CaRTKR, Auctioneer. SVLTESTER STOVER, AUCTIONEER ? BY T. C. IKil'G II I ON ? T i- .-1 i . in. i-l 12. genteel household 1 urn itn re, rosewood pianoforte, Ac. At 1 0 1 , o'clock, at 4)*i Hudson street, near St. Luke's cliureh, the cinlre furniture of a family rrllni|iii?bing hoiiseke eping, cousUting in p irtof so perhir rosew'ssl pianoforte, line tapestry Brussels carpets. Uire^ply and Ingrain do , ball oilcloth, stair carpets, eiutom made parlor furniture, French sofas, lete a te'es, arm chairs aurlng seat parlor chairs, library bookcases, do. tables awl 4-hairs, lace cunalns, French wmihiw shades, mantel clock, china vase*, gilt frame mirrors paintings, engravings, dining room furniture, eitensmn table, side t iblcs, elialrs, crockery. Kiwis and china w are silver do., table cutlery, chamber furni ture. bedsteads, bureaus, wis), stands, t ihles. cane seat chairs, a very large aseoriment nf htsldlng maitn ssoa, MM sets, Ac . also a large variety ot kltcheu furniture. Catalogues ou tin ?aorniug of sale. THOfl. VEITCH. Al'CTIONKKR.? KTORB NO. ltl Bpruce street ? Kherld'f sale ?f force pumps, Ac , Oil Xond.iy. August 11, Ittftt, at 10 A. M , at the salesroom, No. M Spruce street, cousisilug of tour force pumps, all In per fect order. J. VS. B lIK.NSEI.n, Deputy Shei tJ. fTTEOMAR VEITCH. AUCTIONEER -STORE NO. lfi JL Spruce street.? Ijfwltl e*no?e to sale at public aucrion, on We lti' -i" '"t 13, iNVi, at II A. M.. at No. 1M west Thirty seventh atreet, presaes and larties snd other machinery for carrying on aste? l penmaniilactory. Ac. -fttULX. WEEKS, AUCTIONEER.? BAKER * WKRm f I at auction, at the Her banta' Etcbango. on Wednrana^^l^Mli Augual, 111 l*o??rt, * ?|ilendid country ?ul at dim CuTw, I aland, containing about .16 acre* of tend. The plaec I* an- and. comriunlea'ing Willi the matn land by a wMf ami suhAoiuil ?um' causcwar. It I* beauti fully wooded with foraVand fruit treca. *?l the grmriila are tMWfullv laid out wlW^hriibbrry. Ac. On the prenilaea i? ? T?j Ur(> Dti^llNN, about fO feet I rout and 45 (tot <tM>: it haa a kitchen and liar under tbe whole building. anil ?hi above library. Ura? In/ ruoma, bedrooms, Ae., in all AAtiom*, bcaldci bath room, water cloact, Ac. There am Mfa and anhatantlal outbtiil libgt ou the prBmlaea, ?n h ?< ??b, ceacb bullae, wa*b Wmo, Ac. There ? a great ulniiil ?arr of [mil troea, cherry, .\pplea, rear, pearh, all id full hf*i ir g. The plan l? t* o boar* its int I'rotn the city of Nrw W'k, U) ?ttrh there arr means ol ?t vn acTora) tlraaa a <la* by the utenmhnnt and ladroil. Ht-piired, pii??eaah>n will' <? Bivm Iromedltl h tmi*a foud ol ig. ?,u ?ng and (tooting, ll I* curonicly d'-airaUlo. Apply to II .1 V. KR A WKkKH, Xo, (il'.u.: M,,.,t. WR. MELI.OR. AUCTlOXKnS ? AMXIOXRK'H MAI.K of houacbold furniture, on Tticaday, Aug. 12, at 10'J fc'clock, at aalenroom Ul and 15 Park row, iipporlte lb* Valor Hwnae, of the entire household eliec:* at a family rrllwin *b Ins hoi;?eke*plng, cuualatlnii ol aeraral ?ti|>erh llruaael* par lor and ?Ulr carpcta, lUt hiraaa atalr rod*, roaewood parlor ? ml, ? lib Flip corera. tow wood ?< c-in-l hand carred leg plato fnt tr, drugget*, row-wood centre tabtca, e .rd and tide tallica, (ink mmuicIIi <1 ehainbri 1 i t. can# ar U chair*. rnckert, chicks tola tee InHkJ |r cutlery. gtaaa wai baateia, tin wars, Ac. K' d b) order ol ? Ig? e iwl n. MKIXOft. ArcTIOWEKR -PEREMPTORY s \i,r ... af about IM.I'U ?o i. ol lew r? iblnet furnitll ", on Toeadaj . at II o'cWM'k. at > .lr ,00m 11 ?nJ li Park row, '? pajmrnnrta, eoaaMwaof i?a mli' itaxvrood ptrlor aui'a, ?ovf-rid In brocade. pin*h nwi htlrckilb; mwwnod bnokcjwa, arardiobca, bcaiiltU, rtci;i rr?. mn?ie eablncla, rovowuod. tnv tknuanv, walnut and o^vk rbamlMT 'in nliur<*, In aulia to tnv !?; ten rl-Tily enamelled rba'mlirr aulia plain an<l w 'b m 1 ie top*, win a tanfty of plain ami tubalanllal (htrRu 'i .<u? two luanwoud piaaofort'a. I'rcn :b pui" nirrara, oil mmj, atlvrr nil, |r.| ware. HJ liable lor 'he citv n*d tonu'.y Irwl Dparrfwtlve ca'atocif ? on tuornlnf of Hit. Uoola e ?:i '?? viewed on Moo<la> . mf H UEM.OR, Al tTIOXP.KR.? AT 12 OT|/M'K ? T ? will be ?o |d, at Mle. nam, or Tnealny, Aug. IS. by wrderef Aaa lanee IWO < .ti.|.)ior woal ini'A< ?i pair pn ' iU leather lKiola, nnd abon' J?i y tr l? of ai'k j>ln?li ralret". plain end flfircd, amiable for laliora' n?o. taat f* prr yard ; ?e*era Hue fold hanlloc f??f Wa < he. diamond rlnj? and iiIik, fuhl y eat ami fob < halra ab*Tr but ona, iimt .-^le. Ac. . al?? 75 iro.i feet pa'ent aercw piano atoolt. WW. WtTTKRS, imiOXEfill - WIM, SKI I,. W' dnewlay al to1 o'clock, at IXA t anal atrect, byt ir Ine of a elia'iel morl|ra?e, ijie entire parlor, ebi'aticr u4 hHcben I urnlture of a Ibrci' a'nrj b>ei??. /pletvlid vel?.-' ear. pela. ro?ewocd plaao. Mi an-l, Ac By urd?r of warrgegee. ASTHm-WlV. ACI.AIRTOTAMT.-MRfi II VVK< VO 17? tiR t\n ?trrel, New York, la the leading ftocdleal elairTwyant it America; her oltic* I* dailj crowded *Hb?n k per? m? aeek n( tirradnee Every al< k ladv abnuld louu l .Mra. Ilarea. Itafaettcm (ti\ en. AwoNriER.? the oipsy ninr, iiir 0X1. T tri r pahatai in Amrrtea, nti l?? eouael'ed on allerenaof I i|e, for a abort lime miT. at "v?? rt iwery; in VI n in, B ? "I be Hlp*y li?? alao on lian l a a< cr,.t ? l(|. h n ill ctiabli ladl"* and genllcttieii to Oblaia tlie a.l 'cikma of Ibe o;vonte I'v; charge atlra. ClfcAIRTOTANP*.? **?. PKYNOCR NO. 110 JpRTNd Krcrt, % few door* ireat of itr .?il?rae, Ibe ??o<i ei>|eSrate4 uedlcal and bitalnca tlalrroraat In Am- ilea. All diae.w ?? ?ll.-m*ered and < tired, If enrahle: llic fate and wher-aUnu t of a been' irienda mndc knoA n 'ner: Iim a.?*i?i' ou buaii ?-??, Ae.j end no < barge anleta *ail?'l- d. ikiAntvK ntnma ? w hk ri?>?t i.tfo viiki t ifl l<n < atiil in >rl ge. - e ? *11 'e i >t I! il e rfi'i-. ol lit--. ? iffce. Ml Wi -i \|| ell . 1,'b ' . ???? I rKi'li .-ini. 1 1 ri ? 1 1 ?, Horn Ml A. M. to ii P. *1. 1 i* ' 'in-: (< at i ue-i, a} ? ???n'a. M 11 ? ' lie ran .impart a ?i cfH !li*t will c?u?e ?j?>e'|y inarringc rhargf ettra. *1 aoani: morrow < r. fiw<t to'"be i UK M<w' r won JtI Aerfiil ??'rokigl?t In ikn world or 'Imt h?? ercr baea knawn. ?a I am the arrcotk 4an;hter ol ib? airenlli ?) i'igh ?r. wlo waa alao a great aatrologUt. I hira a nVural (ilt lol.-ll paat, |. rear III and fntura rven'a o( lila. I hara ^?<onU'ie.| ihonaandadnring my travel* in Ktirape. I wil) te)| w V h- r ron are marrb"! or aingle, an 1 bow tnanv tiinei you are I ' bt inarri' d at. I bow m on. an I will ?'iow you the likcnnaa of ymr future bcaband. and willeaiiao yon lobe ap-nHlr married, ani eon will entoy Ine greale.i bappinean of taa'rimionial bliaa and irooilln< k ttiro'igh ?onr alia'e Id#. I win al?o ahaw ibe bkn ne?? of al aenl frl< nd? and r"lall" i?. an l I will tell aoirnaall the eon.-erna of liie. Ilwt ton cannot licln bei ig a?-oiila'ie I. Ao charge if not k' tailed fall "aw or t on ? III not get tli? CBatiee. Uen"*?,cn arc not ailinnted. No. 71 Mroouia atieet, l? tween Cannon and < olntu'e.v Ik | A n A V V MVM It II \0 rvvlilM 11 Til I'M S1-\ K\TII JM. an n ic. between Tnenti hir Mid Twenty ton rib a r. c KtiRcnatm ?eatotcii paat, pre<cn< and lu.nre ercnta. Ilkewi?? ?tafrtagoa, io.irncj-a, Uw?utta. hnaineaa prnait*< ta, ?icknc->a, I'baem ir|epd?. propeit) loai or tolen. Mil- in* tfeyer ron ?e??ia In Rnftlb*. PretKb and (Ifiiaan, and zltea gnaratilea for lier art. M'aIMVK WAR. TMK PlIRKNnV.OfJIFT. r.a A SEVENTH tiaafhter. Sbalelia |0nrc?an cl)*r.icieran.l afe.wbeihw on are married, rtemtbea totirpreaenl wlft> or KnalnM: V rot married, tell* ron when and whom yon will marry, ai>4 jeaita il?e paft eietiaof lltv? an correctly, th? itbs'lt'on* $ fcea ail t* la? 1 Itlt. 0J8f?, 107 Wul JJrygdw iy, ? OK f. j nnrt ?for r; x.0, \ iiaBdwari: stc yn.UU". tabll-lied pist let fetn. de|;i?? a I| | t ofltablft t *U'' Tbo *1010 la 10'.<MC4 O0 < li'l of U 'l t uques* iroruugl lures In tbs oil. . Ap{.ly to C. b. II. 200 HARDWARE STORE, L3 iarge mm! greatest 3 JO 11> c>&<iWMjr, uBi >; 14. i'-l .">nn ? *'0* RALE OR ^*<HA*<,B, A HOU*E ?0?sJ\J"s n. >1 hi.ii ?T? of f:.rd?u lu:id, iu tho village of loucni, five mlnuiea' walk from doput; will lo exchanged 'or ? ii y, Hn i k'ju or Qoboken p/' pertj . A| ply to C. B. HOWES, 3.'10 Bnmlwiyi roon. 14. jX TWO STORY house, sltuuUidlii ?ood repair uod his y between 9 and 12 M. to T. F. LESLIE, 63 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. (tn nnn- fur pale, the stock, fixtures ?f ?_ /lUUvi and lease of a drug store, located just west ot Broadway, near Krie ftnd Hudson River Railroad depot, tollable for wholesale and retail bualnene, Inquire of i). t. RIPLEY, 70 Water sire'-*, coru?r ol' Old blip. in nnn ?FOR bale, a house furnishing ipAtUvUi ttore, onsistlng cf the entire sU>?k, togeiher with a fluid route, worth *2,000 per year rroll' and emi ru:lnj{ about 1,400 cvutoiMri. AppJjrioC. B. HOWLS, 534 Broatf way room 14. 40 Ann WILL prm BASK A HOTEL, BII iHRp room bar room, with lurnitur*. ?v ?. 1 ijitt'tl by a railroad depot, and now dolt.g a gold L * tl''3S. Far fuiuicr pu: tl'-iJarg inquire at U O^itch ??o?t, Krnn ?for sale? a sloop rigged an d <zi. tre board vocht, eopper fastened, 4S o-t long, cam. drawing four fe?: aft, tl.ree feet iorwnrd; tlv; i'?rlhs in alter cabin, two In-forward, washroom, lank, wale, V4i pantries. The cabin high, light, and airy, ean veom.nima twenty persons. Must MMca o be appreciated. I. ys oil the Battery. Call on B. K. ARROsMITIf, ?1 Coentles slip. ?, THE LB ABE, STOCK, AC.. OF , an old e.atabliahod corner family grooenr, Joint; a good business; location unsurpassed; sickness u tho eause of .selling; such a cfcance seldom offer*. Call at 280 Broadway, room 42. SI. W RAY. jjOnn ?FOR SAlE. THE FIXTURES. HORSE \ND ?'JUu. wagon, with or without the stock of a largo ilrst elans family grocery arid provision store, located on a corner, Nlmhwnrd. Sold Id couaequence of the deiu hoi tho owner. Apply toC. 11. IIOWKS, 335 Broadway, room 14. d(Q-n ?FOR SALE. THE STOCK, FIXTURES, AC., ot a grocery *nd liquor store, located in the lower wart of the eity. Will be sold at a saitritice, in ' onae .; ueuce of ihe proprietor leav Ing the clt y .? Call a; 2t>9 Broadway, room 42. M. WRAY. d> 4 WILL PURCHASE THE STOCK AND FIX 'IPt'IU turea )f one ot the best groeery and liuuor stores up town, located in great business neighborhood. B.?r re ceipt* $s dally. Apply to O. B. HOWfiS, Xii Hroadw.ty, MM 14. 5> |,"A -I OR SALE, THE FXTURES AND LEASE OF if i vU, a well established wine, li|tior end lager bier sn>oou. as the owner Is about leaving the city. In-piire at the saloon >???. J*.i9 Broadway. |U ',A ?FOR SALE, A BOTANIC MEDICINE STORK, ?PO' '"/? located on one of the best bualaeaa avenu ??, estab ifsheu \ ,. ears, and only disposed of in oonaeuuene of the llUie- of the proprietor. Apply to C, B. HOW US. 'Mi l!ro*?l way, loom 14. (feOllA? FOB SALE, A VICE LITTLE DRIVKINO place; niu?' be told to-day or tomorrow. Rea son i i > iiiiiK, the proprietor w getng In the country. Apply ut.Ni' 7 Weat street. 41 7 ft WILL BUY, IF APPLIED FOR TO-DAY, A HP I t ?) lot of furniture, at not half its valu? Musi be sold as the proprietor Is leaving the thy. The purchaser fan rent i he rooms, if required, at $11 per monih, wnieh are ilie most pleasaii' in rat Broadway. Apply, between 10 andii , MM Easi Broadway. 2d lloor. 4nnrv acres of wksternlakd for salr? ,UU" Would be exchanged lor good tenement bouaea, lotsiu ItuH.klyn, or a stock of merchandise. Apply to HOWES A CO., t*4 Aassau atreet. A BAKERY FOR SALE.? FOR SALE. THR GOOD will and flxturea of an old established bakery, njw doing a large cash trade over the counter. Noue '.-'it a cash nus t-mcr need apply. Inqulreou the premises, 400 Grand s'roet. A PHOTOGRAPH A?) AMBROTYPE (1AI.LKRY FOR sale, In Broadway; one ol the very best lo -aHons in the city, having been several rears established. Far full particu l.i is. apply to B. W. lUcilAKDS, luff Broadway. ADBUO STORE, IN A OOOD THOROUGHFARB and biiainesit atreet, really ntted up with private oflice, now owned by a physician, doing well, will, under clrcumsun crs be disposed of at a sacrifice. B. W. RICHARDS, .107 Broadway. Brewery for sale or to let? a large brew ery, at Poughkeetiiie, w ell adapted for ale or lager trie r . Terms ei'sv. Fuqulro of M'HLOOMK R. BKKUK, 7?i Wall sti-eet, New York. AKERY FOR SALE? IN ONE OF THE BEST PARTS of the city of Brooklyn, now doing a good eash bus.ii' ?** \ er the counter. Will be sold cheap, It' applied for lmtuu irerataes, 173 York street, Biooklyn. B ?liately. Apply on the premises. B AKERY FOR SALE-ON ONE OF THE PRINCIPAL avenues, w irti every convenience ef connecting tbe eon loncry bualnett ; leak) of nine years; fixtures complete location dealrable. Apply to HOWKS A CO., *4 Nassau street ; CI HOICK WESTERN LANDS FOR RALE OB EX J change for bouses, lota or merchandise, in New York or Brooklyn. I..iik1 warrant* wanted lor eligible location* or bought and sokl for cavli It. CLAtitlETT, Western Land Oflice, 59 Broadway, aecood floor. DRVG STORK.? FOR SALE, A NE \TI.Y FITTED, liirnisheil, and stockeii drug Horn, located down town. 'North iiv<r side), and now doing a good wholesale and ret.iil busiue-s) whleh can i>? increased to any extent. Apply to A. C HARD, not', tlnenwiih atreet. For salk? a two story house, with nine yean' lease of lot. situated at No. liW Weat Thirtieth *tr.*f. Price frits), inquire of BIOKLOW A ULO-KKV, No. 142 Chatham street. TjV>R SALE? RE( "T1FYING FIXTURES, AI/COHOL F work*, and AID bushel m ain distillery, all in perfect order, now in operation; will be sold *eparately or together, to atiit purcbasera. Api>lytoWM. OAI I., 51 Harrison atrueu For sale-thb noTKi. known as the apoli/) Shades, No. 2B M) rl> arenue, near City Hall, Brooklyn, including b ase, listnres, Ac.; will be sold very eMail, Ban plied tor immediately, as the owner, on account ot sl< kne-s in bis family, cannot attend lo it properly. Apply at 344 AUoniic street, near Uoyt, Bns.klyn. For sale? a great baroain -foi r vacant lots on North First Street, ni-ar Ninth s'reet, Wlllinnn burg. L. I., are otored f?ir imn edlM" sale. Ibcy are ? aeli T> by ion feet, and eligibly IstaW; terms e??y. Apply to J. LI. II. I'l.VCKNEY, 7W Nassau w el, New York. f-H'R SAI.K, VERY CHEAP? NO MONEY WANTIO?A lot of ground On Thirty s- ,eutn Street, between Rrikiil wav and Seventh ftvmu". Purchaser to rmiimciioe building bpedltnatrty. \iblress t.'. K C.. Herald ot'ic ?. FOR S VLK. CHKAP-ST'ICK ABD FIXTURES OF ilneail, needle and tanety ~n>re, mid I be store lo lei; sold on account ot i< kneia. Also, a cheat of c..r:>enier'? tools ior * tie, together or aeipurate. Apply to P. II V AN I IOC T TEX corner Tenth a* en ie *i?l West Fifty sei-oud atreei, FOR SALE? AT BEDFORD. BROOKLYN. L. 1. A gtssl, aubs.'aatisl two *tory fraute bouse, tS hy SJ t'e . eont.dti'.n : ten n*>ma, togetber with eight lot* of grouml, the, n i? a tine Tractable gardes^ with plenty of all kinds, if sbrub herv Tbe abore prfpertjr la eNuaioa corner oi Putnam and Boat rami av? nues. Vpldy a? above, or to J W. BROWN, Id Cherry stierl. New York, In the *tnr<v -rstiR HALK?Af A GREAT BARGAlW? A BROWN I stone iKinae, eonUlning nil mo<lern improvements, In Th'rty sluli street, net r Broad way. loeatbm 4es(raMet a Jar , portion ot pwrehaae nMney ean n' loaln. ? ir p.irtu' itara ap ply at roeai 111 Trinity Buildings, lit Broadway. Ipt.R SALE? A WHOLESALE LIQUOR E-TAllU-^n 1 m' III, ruiiM' teil with lull apparatus for diatuiln^ and ri etifytng, log el bar w?b liisp, furolture, horsi-s, wajons, *c. Price SU? ? si. Tbe owner ot wbtch ben, ? cotapell" 1 to n't. "id to tiusuifss in F.niope An the fulttre, la deslrou* <a disp Lm| of he alsive e?<?bi ?hment at a great sacriilee of Its value, na< d< rmg It to thou who rOfl*H> Ul oo such business a MM rai cly to be met With, a* tbe putc liiserCnot only buys tbe goo I and well aswn'e.1 s o< k at a greil deal le.s Ulan eoet, bin re eelvi s tbe *etf evtenslve custom which h is been secure I t.y the latioi oi tue past eijit year*. For parHe?lars liKinire at lilWu1 Twcntb li 'trreC betweeu setfatli twl Fi,h<h ??i o>. ? ?>rtc. i ? 'i th" nf '? and 1] O'clock A. M. T OYKK. N I',? Bo ag"iis need apply. HAI.R-IN WTt.l.IAIIftBtRO, V rJlKTTY HOMC r Inc >?>?' down, ?II'1 $1,3110 on ami morif.ttfn, lur i rn t?ai * or more. Iii-n new brbk home aeven rooM> u> r !? mantel, ion bal'Otiv; no? mil" lioui ilran.l atreel fiii. pa?a iif door Iu<|uira ui 4AJ Grau4 I'.rc I, W :lll?l?lH>lir* FtfiR DJU.MX WIU IA1WIO, A TURKIC STmRV sum I baei'twut brwk lioit?e 'iiil ooa or ??vi> lata, knuw i aa Ho. St lrfirim<r near SkllluMii. CM Mtitrabrl iMjinrr mi |W pnalM or to X* I". U II.I.OON, ?? l'ike iirecit .\t ? Turk. I ei un r*-y. r-?oi r farm* tor hai.r. ix morim* (ocxty, r !*? n .l. r-r, ? On? ??< .11 trim, one of U) <mi> oi u*> ?rri-?, mm) nan i>f arrr?. all wvler a htvh ot ririotmn, ? iiitalily 4lrl4ad in'o f mi. tin alow, anil Umber laad, wr!l watend, well I- i<-?* I. nid lir-i i ?W hmMlao, wntiln three mi tea o ih? Moi i a ?icl !;??? x HArnM, ami four ami h?M MW fr i? Mm i?T*.n. Wfltwi farm will he ?.>!?! logrilaer or a ? ? ?up, o-j e??y tcrnm: or ex-bant"' '?r r,'T aiwarty. ('??? ??ufl.rr pittletlUr* Ifliil mCM. nvwiljk ? MM<i MtNT, Aran 1 to * o clock, ur oa J olio Bale*. M tk? prcmlaw. T,,,R ? vt f rnr.AP-ir vrruvn roR s??ov . tjiv F J? r '^l >.' . '? ?<<" 211 *'* 'ITT "71 Lr*?"kr; f#r-h. r , i*li v "1 BtUirrt: VX^ld ? ' 'i f , I in II mi th- IT'"""., !V.~. <iR MT.K. RlC'IIARl * OR Tf> I.KT? A Wl RXWTI _ ii??!. well Makftik 4, Mn( I M4 karim m, nMii; fur ???hi U frutti Initio*! rwiipl<"?( *o<l ? * , Bn* atwl kAkktti ?vi 'sit' llil'.int fabir* S'ni tw dlapoael w on ne- mi . the b?Htth m li?- prop- .e'ur A'ldreaa UrnuuMfn, He t. I uilk< wlik h * lit I"- a'!< n i'-'l 'o. CT W!Nfl v A< irv)-? -roR ?a,K, TIIRKK ^tYi.r.n | I Iifii 1 ol; l?o \\,i?im*. link' n-mL an<l fo.n ?? ,,, . Itan.'. nt: 'iiifi'*. ??< ??H '?? M<l warrant, d. In , re i f 1 HI RolN 'x |?t?M y. i otnit MoTON H I, No. 3.J II roadwaf. 'P" III UK MIM1KK- -I OR -Al l.. TlIK rKXTr ? I I on blwlerjr, l?2 Outre frrrl. CMMalnInf t.v.!?i7 ali l?tiiM:i?'a M Ik- Ii i?II" ?? .'ill In )>erl' urdnr; nj a 'it -i i a ?? rioi ? i i n?iio!iii i - iil fnr i*le clitap Appl; f lb* |ii?iat?' ??, HQ ? anite ?lr- ?l, X. V ? RK*T>K< T< XtTWbK Af.rr? < MRRf < <t <JKV ii' 1 1> i, ? iili'wri . wiihom Inmrnlrranw. with a am ill rnni in 'hi- 1. >? tihtxi; Imio'I of Mew Tlrl, tract to tec vine ? i <fe< iih iI ? h 'i re?;?egralil' ami kin4 BieWlc n<ft?l malilen of % ii. u laitj with no M?eunilirm?pe, tnn ?<Tnll? ihoannda < t lat" w Ho W i-br< a goo.1 anil a?r. r:ilile l u?t?aii'l ?n l houii" { (mia'i i Mf ?n?l m? n.i'fr of wme ( 'lirl?'i?ii ? h'ir< it prvfrt ? *tM> ????. with | ar<ti 1 1 > a S ft R.jtli' Wi*lli>M,K4t t i w ui t . \ .1 < mnmantciiKrM >? 111 M e?nBden?M!ir i [rwn|iily a'lt'Tilf il li or* TRSIH-t WII.U t*OI* THR RRCRtPT Ol J J iwenlj- (Ire eenla, apiid in any peraon ? full 4tHMMtoi 0 \brW char?fl?fr by thr'.r hanilwrlllnir, tartdrcaa aufllelpnt; rireeL with ii?nm poaiage, M'il? Knula TUlett*, HuHn 1 "at office, New York. WARTKft-A WTfUt A STR WOFB. WHO HAS ? ? r?in meiif .nj brMneaa In Xew Yoi It, fakea 'hi? molhr. I of Ine Hie ?rin,iibtat*i e of *e?> ral ronng UdMa. matrlmn n n 'y Ifl' Hnnl, an thai be r*n make a aple-ilon t?f a boa-im irrti'.enlnn inr |i(V. Ant yuitag lady wiahmf la all o?i? flnatyMrtlpnian in h?r IM of ae-i'ialwlaaaea will plra?- ? r! ' lur a'l.|r'*a?p 'be Mod?>!?t*tie4 An efhanire of rinda, a I r on le.|piK"r? r4 formal ln'ro-lw?frm. and I will do mvKir IkaHMT to rail on b?r at an? lime or plar* Mie m> v ileaipnaie errvtiKir* airleily coacdniiallj'. A?Wr??? r , J.rrs'tway IV! efi ?. R. nn ?TN MATlllMONlATi. TENANTS* REOKTEA. OO BOWEHY, NE \K CH vTHAVI SQUABF - TO LFT, a bandtoiu* suit of rooms 0:1 third f!,-or. *t*o w.:ii luf i.irhtj room' suitable for single g'LUatJ eu. ,Vo famlilee aeed upply. Reference req'ursd. 4 F ORNISH ED HOARDING HOUSE TO LET? WITH J\. all <he ii ?.d-?rn improveu? uta, by iho week or mondi. Addnct Hoarding, Broadway IX*: iflice, i?_r ot? .v.ek. A DE<=IRABI.E THEFE 1TORY HOUSE TO LRT-1N - V Worn Thirteenth street, wiin gas, b.uh", r Ac ; pos ?erslon tmmedla'elv on pujrhastnic the r;a? Hiiuree; yearly rent t4~b Also, tie tkreo ?lory aoufli iXi FuUiviui street, near Hleecker; yearty rent SSw. Apply :o B. W. Ill .'H Ah PS ? 7 Broadway. A Fl'RKISIlED HOUSE TO LET KEaSON VBLE? FIF A teen rooms, with all U?> modern improvements, lii ni?e orjrr, in Kant Twenty rimt street; rei,t t~,b per ikoi.b, ocjjv? nicnt to ike care and Stages. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Br adway. A LARGE HOUSE to LKT-30 ROOM--, AMD KR.VI lure for sale; will a ^commodate 40 bui<rii"r?; li) now In the boi.-s e: yearly rent fttfO: twultar*, i:\eti Ucg, $400: terms edit; possession .muieuTi v-:y. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. DRY GOODS STORK AVD DWKLLINO TO LET? NO. 88 Ninth av< Hue, with shelving and counters complete Is a rood business stand for an enterprising man. In mire of R. BUfriELL. to 'M hardware a lore, corner of Eijjhteenm gtreci auo Ninth avenie. FURNISHED nOVSE TO LET-IN TWENT V-E1GI1TH jffeet, near tth avenue, 3 story, 13 roomi, 3 rooms Jeep On lirsl tloor, recently painted .tad pirt in order, wilh every convenience suitable tor a genteel family. Kent moderate lo a jsatisfaciury tenant. Address box 19 foil otli'e. HOUSE TO LET, AND FURNITURE FOR 9ALE-AL1. In epleudld order; location f'rln e street, west side ot Broadway; rent very low, with two years' leas?, fhe h)Uii has gai, chandeliers, Croton water, Oath. Ac., and will n jt be Jet separate from the sale of the furniture. Apply at 31 < Washington street. ONE HALF OF A FURNISHED OFFICE TO LET-IN the mQxf eligible position in Pine s'roet. To a gentiema.* engaged in tho money or bi-okcrige business, the s.tuatlon cannot be surpassed. Address box 3,832 Poit oilice, N. V. TO LET? PART OF A HOUSE, AND IT RNITURK FOR sale, in a pleasant part of South lirooklvn. The Curt.: ture wns all ne w on the nrst of May, and w ll be sold low. Part of it will tie tak> n oul in board with i nice family. Ad dresi W. Heard, corner of Orange and Fulton at ?'???it, Brool lyn, \\ here an interview may be h.ul. TO LET? WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. ? TH J UP per part of 3til Broadway, l'he above p ? ?n h:?ve been entirely remollled, painted, Ac., and huvn e> 'Clien' ll^ibt, i>B'I art) admirably aiuaptod for millinery or any oilier fruey buslneaa, beltic undoubtedly the be?.i 1< ta'iou In th< aty. Apply to tiEO. BULJ'IN, Sol Hro^dw .< y. TO T.F. r? tN HOUSE NO. g9 WEST RLEVKStTlI HTPKRT, on*1 large room aud bedroom on ftrst tloor, and one L.rf room iiod two bedrooms on si < ono floor, also, ti.-o n omsTi Uie ?ttie. Rent moderate. Possession bumudiutely. Will b4 let lo ? no or mom families. l\ L. Ht'RNtfAM, ^gent. 83 We., KWcnth sLr-et. TO LIT? THE THREE STORY BRICK JfOl>'l NO. ifl'; West Fllieentli sir<"'t, v. nh *11 the wo l>'rn i.upioT',ij?siit.s, con*. enient to tli? Dighth avenue cars and st ig^s. Inqulrei.t No. 3 Hivnimond street. \l?o, to 'et. 'lie More northeast .-Oj ner of llndiiou and t'harlton streeia;bas been oeenpi* 1 ss a bo??t ami shoe store. Inquue as above, or At "-.V a Caoi lton H rpo LET? THE IX)WER PART OF THE FJNK THREK A Btory and basenient house iW East Seventeenth street, b> tween 'llilrd and Fourth avtnttes; hot and cold water, ga biitb, range, Ac. ; will bo lei cheap to rtsp'jctablepti ::ej. \p l?ly on tie- prtmiseg. TO LET? TO A GENTLEMAN AND Wll'E, WITHOUT children, the seeuud tloor in house No. JOB Hudson ?tract, wltb privilege. Croton wa'er in the houie. Refcreuee rc ijulred. riV) LET? STORK NO. 102 VBSET STREET. OPPOSITE X W.isbinfc.on market. Possession immediately. Apply to O. A. JONES, No. lJa Warren street. TO LET IN BROOKLYN? T11E UPPER PART OF A four storv briek house, w ith kitchen; has raii^e, bath, Ae. ; ten minutes from the ferry by the ears. R"nt low to a good tenant. Inquire of A. UROWN, 24 2 Water s'recu rpO LET? HALF OF A GENTEEL llOrsB, LOCATED J. near Haiuinond street and Seventh avenue. Now -arp- 1 and oilcloth, if desired. Rent moderate, ami possession imm ?? dlately. For uurtlcular* call on W. A., at Fowler A Well*', 30H 1> roadway. TO LET?' THE TWO HTORY AND ATTIC HOl'SE (EX cept the second tiory) 2U BlrtagUm Mreet. Item i'tt'l per annum. Apply to 8. 11. Ilt'TCHINOS, 30 John stioe', be tween 10 and 13 o'cleek. TO LET? A LARUE STORE, 00x10 FEET, WITH A splendid cellar attached. No. Ml I louston street, oorner ol Wo.mier. L.i?t occupioil a-i a provision store. Apply to ? 11. MOORE, l(i5 Wooater street, N. Y. TO I.ET? A FINE CARRIAGE HOUSE, TWO STALLS and a large bay loft, at 17W a Mulberry *tri!"t, n^ar In onti.e. ln>i<iire at 38S Kroome street, or at 107 East I'onr t? cnth street. TO LET-THREE MINUTES' WAI.K FROM BROAD Way, a suit of (our rooms, on ihe ?< c?ind Horn-, with all modern improve^uents. to a gentleman and his wife or single gentlemen. Apply ai 100 Wooster street. References n nulreil. TO LET, FU R MISHED? A SUITE OF ROOMS, < ON tl'tiug of a large bedroom, batli room, ball bedroom, parlor and kildien on one tloor, together or separate. Abo, two bedrooms for single gentlemen. Possession immediate. Apply at Vandam stree*, near Hudson. mo I.BT? WITH 1MMKDI ATK POHBBHrtlOK, THK J. ho ?<? So. H3, the lire' Moor and bn-fW"u>, of 6~, the liint floor ii|' dfl and the aooowd tloor of#l Sullivan *t.; ntxl the ?<?< onil tloor (4 momm of 17 Wall* ?l. ; the nr?t floor of M Snlll van m . and I hp upper part of hmldinjj 1 13 Weil Broadway Apply In THOMAS RDMONDH, MJi Hullitiin street. TOLKT? APPLKKDIDIIOrSK. IX BROOKLYN. WKl.h loeaied anil llnely f niL?h< <l . tor $?10 e??l), till Ua> next Tin? (x i-upai I lian patil the ml till May nett, aa will he * l.j ?lip ut.iDnrd'a receipt ju fill, to wHoi n a reference will |>c given. t he yearly tent la $<*10. Add re** X. C. M., Herald pake. ' r) IJCT-TO A HRXTRKI. FAMII-V. PART OP A bourn' iu K.iai Broadway, arpar.ita entrance In upper iutd lower Haiti; well loeaied, between I'ikc and Rutger* i i ceU Apply at Mi Cherry atreet, iu ihr drug afore. fO I.ET OR I.KA8K. WITH IMMKIHATR PORHrSKIO.X ? 1 ho p. etnlaea & Spring *ircet, near Broadway, wilh A building in the rear, auiuUde Iirapuuo or lurmiure nioiiu faetoiy. or any other v.uteul buaineaa. Apply to 3. B. lit TCU 1NUK, .16 John aucet. mo 1 .RACK? TIIK STtX'K AND TlXTl'RRft OK V X wIuiIi mIo provision attire, kiettnl ?a one o. tlie to .t piotmnrni hu-lne** *lrer** on Uie X.irth tiver aid* rood ami ?W'?i.i' tiirv rru on? for dii|Mwins ?t the -am. ? ? " uud term made known, by addre*?ing H. I) , Herald offiee. IIOIKKO, ROOMS, AT., WAXTEi*. Ayoimi winow lady WMHR8 in Hint" v ri * nUlied honee in live upper part of the eity ; no ol?|e ... n board ilw present OA ner in part payin'iii lor rem. or wo d rem part of a hou-e occupied by another widon 'adv. I'u ? aepUorabh rofareneog uruliHca. AUdroa* Br*. M? , Carlwrj tn'oo n|Uarc l'ort.ofliee FM'KXMtf.D nWKIJJRO WAXTKO-Cf rort.V, IV ilii ? I hiltj iV h | at 1 , hy a fjinilr ot four peraoi.*. Rem tint to (UMRW I" i' uioi.ih, .Vd'frtM Mei Iwut, llerall ogi- a. _____ \XTANTKD TO l,K FOR A TKRM OF TR.VR* VT hr I -.'Illy renpeetabl 1 ami r"?poii>ihle p h y. In lb ? upper p. 1. 1 of the eHjr, a good boufe, Willi liable. A I lre?<, With lorutlon Hid ter??. A. J. Kin", bov X3K l'i *t oltire. HMMKII, DOWN TOWX? TUB U)WKR P VIIT OT k T? prh. ? limi?e Mem ruui' brtooierae Vil.lrr? B Iirmhn; I'le-t i^ae. IITAXTKIW in \ J.UIY OF RESI K. TAMII.irV, A ff iii -t . ! i?? fcmiiM i Utr . i genteel baard nc h<?u?- wb^re the Ml net u. ?>'?? upant would hoard (Hit the ? nnre rem. Re*| of rru ri tin git en ami M| tired. Adte?i lor IHr? ? di)?t Mr*. I*. R.. C mm nitiari' l*ii?f nfltee W'ASTKDTO RKNT? A HA HfXlY rrRVI-!5";? t? Ikiiim havitirln l the modern N?)?*orem -I t'l.uei and f n ??n'.eth - rei Cttdoubted Klifnett t iu. A hlii ?* M K., I ol ;? i^ Pi* nfln e. IXMTKt CTIOX. |Q ?7-BQOKKPi riXO WRITIXO. AND \RITIIMK JP?) | lh Mr. HoI.HKAI!. i?? B iwaf. Will re-, i pitpifc lbl? wrrk f?r HwnVal U?*?r' 'MM tn boohliwpl'ii hir double entry . at half ih?tt< lerrn- and c iarau'eei a !?? i:?ii k*M hi every atwtcnu 1 Q "iH -WRITIVt. MOOKKKFIMVi. *RITHMKT|. - |0?)0. Vt r*iil (itltn* ry.W > an P'pon wreet, Mrotkirti giuir.i ?<???.? I ? bide a, e< all age*, a inl?b? I Kyle; ofemuetw n J liol't wrnmmn ml harnlwr tU. ?:el .i tiiOi 'Ugh kn"*lfi.eo boohMU'lm. nlwH iMWton |hw. 4 liKRMAX I.ABV. WHO IS rOMPKTKVf TO TKm II J\. t nrti, rim n. Kngl h ari l m i? wrh all tlie hn iv he? ot KtijH h e l h at on, ? ;?he* ,i nitwit..1*! a* g*-, ? rm e ?. In :i lamitv, ?. ?? *e.ieher til * private ?' nool App.), n 5(1, Pi . t ? w p tare. Hraoklju, on We.1 iiwiiay inorni tg. fr '? in lo | J n ejoefc, AtAOT. RRntJITl.T ARRIVRO FllpW PARK1 aNO . (^iliy ??olMprtewt to ' *? h I .e'ich. Fngli'lt m'i*ff and dm Vlnit, wi-Im* ? dui eng.' jeii<int iti a l? i t|? or .n It eofclyn. Awn * r n.ou nnn Poat aflu . t. *I>Y OF Mtca KXPVIIIF.XCF AS TFM HlU ? ? Fnglleh niel f'ri i nh, i|e?u e* a ?lM*1ttin, n a "Virliif lool, ?r wouel al e id tl*??< * n ?? tuiaai ii ? oi pru-i 'j i' lie*. prak* I re", h and F n'. ih Huewlly, ?*d eat n - ?eiirh hpae>h ain! Italian. \ l.lvo?a Mi?. M. . ller/ 'Joth '% HooKKrrrixo, whitiko, *sn thk othkr k.s ?et 'iala to loeeeaa in meri'au 'le lif.? are t?'nht hr FON i I R A !'IX"N in an etpedit.u la ami ait'?trio in luer ? emu e et iii-in* of the modei n ? I anj ? / > Ire i. ?? n' latamy Rooni? AK Bi ? idwajr, Appt<-cti?* Htlildi if. IJIRKXt n IXPTITt TR-FOR YOf.VO OFsr'.F.V(i? r Xo I* Ki?t TrWtltwr'l 'tree' ne*r M* I < m pi * it mmf iri*l *n?l r'*'?ie*l ho* -.ling ati4 d*? *eb(?l, uB ler tl?? direetioiioi Prof. File t 'hai Hrr, ui l*?ni. fii.i . c open on t?e 10' h oi Hepieioirr be it. IpRKXm I IKOI MIRtrOKI X II t ktlor I II*'", F hy the nr? tnr'jio-l of Moo -iir and VI idM* IM IH<- , pioieonr* of lb* t rencb iMlgui^e, ,\'o i rja'ao^.w ?. at t prlv?;e houai ftem Rr*l4W*y. (10VFRXFH?-\ OKHMAXl I OV, WHO WRITRs V n I> T apeak* Fag)i*h prrfe-tiy, ,, t|1 n ?;i neaa av Mi lur. ?o Bptrucl ka Pre. .eh ' riiilwi an I nniitlo. Amro** V H Herald o!t A A I* KXTRit.oijrtsM. -1'RiXTF.o ixm ki rrio.xi in ? Vi ti*lilOO?'*tn. logetlier Wllb nil "i? ? IVrr'i*e.| I'll' ?< i m*ke loon .. Iiiiim! ' meiy primed, in. I -en ipo-ip*i.l any Hihlre < on rt-el't ot *1 AtMrc?a .lohn If WadHam*, | Ifii ' onn TJTARTPP? TR \' HKRR To <o .n ut V I.AOT, ?T i|ualli;ed to t*a li Frmi h, palming and #r*t?tus; ?l?d anmher to te?eh die hiulier Kn^Mi > i m lie- M4reo. -tailor where *n in'ei tlew eaa Ur h? I) II II . Weraii o'tic* / OI.MXB HOTFI. F0<?T r A XAf. STKKT, SV.W YORK, \ dire t!> oppoailo ? "illn*1 line r,f ?|eanie'* rn;*hon?o > pleaaantly hn ated and nral Mntmi ?n t?na< n > ? i f I room* to let, 'o iran^ent or per* >neni Ih>?! dar* on re**oa *1 1c term*. HI. A KB k RORIRNOR, rrnpriftora. n'AM, HOruP ? FASTRRR l??BT . **OOK1,T*,(F*. vf merlv Wllltam?hurg,) eorner of Fourth and ^o tth Vffil ?ireota. Th1* elefant ?nd eorrmodioii* hotel ja now 'ipan, VhA hou?e nnd furaltnie gre erngioly oe*r; ft* ?tqAti.<n <" tnn'.xodg a flne view down the bar, iwl ** a eool aod pleaaant *iuumer reattlenee .? I* i:n?nrp***e?l hy any In the rn unfr- . i' ia Wlth4?l trt BMutn' walk ?< /V'V Pinacr a < u r'ne*. 1 nnmnk Bt* uvebfoc ?-vp:tbo ptatsb wat ?v"'r ' -'* illUNriO, JElJriilfc'e. Cdtt'&er. ilild'i>ut w.ihr.a Onfte! StaUa ujr.lle ftr Evropa, ;c?ltive!y on ?J.ttT'iay, A of ant at ' J o cJco*. M 'row )<r Its ft>'t ci ?'. ui Wi't jJctite ? The stt^mtra of u. s Iitu itm ?t*t ce ''<i it oomrartmeois. *3 1 to jvold dar.g?r irem oe, will cot ??. ( ?"* h^k,.eUir'^ wul*1 -UWr Ut <?f lognst. ror trtlji'.i erpa?ncre, iavi i>g aecomnu/ii-* u ft* CegaM* ASKt ?" ttlfcr*. tpnlv X) i. COLTJN8, Sfi W-n*."el. Fsseerigere are re<;>.: kvu to he on c< sr<t it 1! ?'clock A M. All letters mutt pui tAro'jgb (ha feet ether, mar outers <wvU t-: r..t .rati 1>1 etexmfhlp J. j ivn;.i/-k, win ?>?<-? ed 'h* AtlauUe. Mid sail on Saturday, A j* ist .*>. NUioe-Tn.- rate 01 lr^njiit fro in UveiyooJ w jt?,w Vut >s reduced lo ?? per ton mtaiiirMLeiit, u.'i] farther notice. TUB BRITISH AND MORIU AMERICAN ROYAL Ball steamshirs FRO* \ KW YORK TO I.IVBRFOOL. Chief cabin pumijt IISO Second cabin paaeuc 76 . v_ 'BuM BOSTON 10 LIVERPOOL. Chief eat tn p&aaage $110

Second cabin pasaat;* ?0 The ship a from Boston call at KaMax. 1'*^^ Jvuikiua, CAN AI> A, Capt L??r, A*A"T?' J Rlor''?. AMEKIOA, Wifkman. CapU ft. G Lott, NIAGARA, Capt. Ryrie, AFRICA, Capt. Shannon, KPKOPA. Cayt. J. Laitch. Tbet,e veasela &f*y a clear white iivhtat nJ^t head; grtem bow ; red en r>ort bow. AFRICA, Shannon, leave N. York, Wednesday, July 31, 1RH. IfT AO AKA, Leitch, " Boston. Wednesday, July 30, Judkina, ?? N. York, W'rfueviay, Auk- 4, " ARABIA, Stoa^ " Doaton. Wednesday, Aug. IS, " JSIA.Lott, " N. Yosk, Wednesday, Aug. 30, ' V ? Wedneaday, Aug. J7. ' AFKIC A, Eliaiinon, K. York, Wodcraday, Sept. 3, NIAGARA, Leitch, " Hoiton. Wedneed*y, 6ept. 10, " ? " V. York, 'Wcdueaiiay. Sept 17, " ARABIA, Stone, " Boston, Wtdneed*y, Sept. 34, Bertha not secured nnUl paid tor. An rxperleneed surgeon on bnar4. The owners of th?an ships wll! not be accountable for geld, silver, bullion, speclc, lewelrr, precious stones or metals, unless bills of lading are algned therefor and the value iheraoi therein expressed. For freight or passage apply to E. CUNARD, No. i Bowling Oreen. FOR LIVERPOOL ? STBaMSHIP ALPS, H. I.tOTJB. commander. 1'hia new and powerful steamer will nail from the British ard .forth A movicau Royal M?ll Hie.?m Packet Company'a dock, at Jersey Oily, on Tb irwtar, 'he ;th ?>f August. Passage niur.ey lor first cIjois passengers only, for whom there are excellent ncconimodatlor.^. $!00,lii'0udiiig provisions and steward's fee, but without w nea or liquors, which can be obtained on board. Weight l.iken at : eiujoa*cle rates. Apply to E. CL'MAKf), No. 4 Bowling Green. FOR LIVERPOOL. -ST. GEORGE'S LINK OF iT.IPP^R khips.? The celebrated clipper ship DREAONOCGUT, Captain tsmnols. will rsji to morrow, at 12. M., (her l.iKt nas sage was made In lOiirteen days). For passage apply on bo?rd, pier No. 8 North river, or to DEXARKSf A JONES, 40 South street, anJ 36 Old slip. IJ10R LIVERPOOL.? S MLS TOMORROW, AT TWK'.YF, ? o'clock . the celebrated 1*1 selling naekc ship Al.i'KRT GALLATIN. The clipper ship < IlKRl III.Vl siiis for 1. 011 don Tuesday, August 12; litre, ill se ood o:\blu, onj' $12. For pas?iiKe, in either snip, M 'I IIOS. U. ROCI1K, dJ South a'j'tet. FOR LIVERPOOL.? TO SAI1. TO-PAY. THE ^mpper I'UILADELPHIA, now at p er No. ti North river Ths AKTARTIC saila to morrow, now at pier It East riv,-.-. For parage a^ply on board, or to S ABEL A COKT IS, 177 Lr.iad way. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AN'n HAVRE.? THE CNITEI) States mail steamer ARAGO, D. Lines, conrjr.nder, will leave for Havre, tourlilng at Southampton 10 laud tha mails and prpsenpers, on Saturday, August 23, at 13 o clock, 1'rom pier 37 North river, foot of Beach street. rutcs or rassaea. First cabin 9130 Second cabin 75 This ship has live water tight compartments, enclosing the engines, so that in (he event of eolllaion or stranding, the water could not reach ihcin, and the pumpa being free to work, iha safely of the vessel and passengera would be secured. Bag gage not wanted during the voyage shonld be sent on board the day before sailing, marked "below." No freight will be ? taken after Thursday, 2lst. For freight or passage, apply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Agent, 63 Broadway. K. B.? The steamer Fulton will auoeeea the Arago, aud aail September 30. OR ITAVRE DIRECT-FRANCO AMERICAN COH _ pany. ? The screw steamers composing Uda line will leave for Havre direct, aa I'oilowa:? \1G0 Thnraday, Angust 14. AI.MA Thursday. Augiut 2H. BARt KI.ONE Thoraday, Kept. II. Paasage? Flrsi cabin, aft $100 I)o. do. do. forward 80 For freight or misasgn'apply 'o the agents. EM. k ED. PolBiER A i'O.TNo. 33 Broad street From new tobk to havrb direct. North American Royal Mall Hiram Packet company. ETNA Captain Miller, EMEU Captain Small, Jl'RA Captain Wk'kman, LEBANON. ...Canuin Cook, CAMBRIA (Paddle wheel) Captain Br?r>' rf The EMEU will aail on VTednesday, August 13. naas^pt money for first class passengera only (for whom tlMM Is ei eellent aceommodatkxi ) tlU), Including provisions and Htew ard's fee, but without wlnea or liquora, whl h can be ob'aiwd onboard. The staterooms are unusually large and well ven tilated. Any one wishing to take paasage ia invited to visit the ship. The Emeu mspe her last passage to Havre In 11 days ami 17 hours. Freight taken at reaaonable rates. For that or pasaage, apply to B. CUNARD, Na. 4 Bowling Green. First packet for liybrpool ? the splendid packet ship CALHOUN, hauls out this day, and positive ly anils on Tuewlav, at 12 o'clock. 1'or passage, npply on board, pier No. 5 North river, or to C. A. TEN KYCk. 07 South street STFAM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND GLASGOW Edlnburg, 2,900 Ions, William 1 'umming, commander, New York, 2.130 lona, Robert Craig, commander. Gl isgow, l.wu ? """I Glasgow and New York F tone, Jolin Duncan, command'T. The Glasgow 1 Meamahlp Company Inlead running their new aa* powerftU. auaaera from New York for tilsagow direct, aa under:? Ulaagow, Saturday, August 14, at 12 o'clock aoou, Kdlnburf, Saturday, Auguat 30, at I2o'cl*< k noon. maiks or raasaos. First cabin 974 Third cabin, found with eoeked provisions 30 An experienced surgeon siiaehed to each s earner. For freight or pasaage apply to JOHN McSYMON, 17 Broiulway. New Fork city bills or gold only received for pasaage. V ffmi? I.IVKRPOOL AWP PHmnKI.PHTA STtAMSIIIP J Company'a aplendld and powerful aieamalupa, CITT or gjU.TIMORK, loni, (apt. Robert I.-1'rh; CITY OF W AHIIINOTON, V.VO tona, I'apt. Win. Wylla; CITY Of MANlHJWTXK, 2, lost tona, lijif.a TMrf; KANGAROO, 1,(74 tou, CapL ft. Kwlm. arc trneudad vo aali? noi UVEarOOU Kangaroo M Jaly. (I'j CI r Mac-benter lSih AugraL ?Sljr ol Walllmore *7th Aii#n*t. Hangaioo September thu> t'ttyof Ra"l?ore flh Anme*. Ku|?rn>. Ol A n* 11*1. P?y nl Men'hoier 4th September. t ill of KalUmorc l??h i-mber. h'ai>garoo. . U Oatobar. r?r*? or n?is? Raloo?, $?0. tW and JM, orrrrdmf to atalfin Ml A llBilfil mimkr i>l ihir<l claaa paa?-j?g?ra will be taker from Philiulr'i hta aud Liverpool atul found In pnjiUi.Hkm. From Pbtlu.!> H hla M> I Froaa Liverpool-. W1 Thr?c Munwi are oooatriictcd with taoi ruvad ?kt?r Ugh. romp^rinc la, and each veaaal aartlaa m eipertcbctd ear ^^pTrttaa * ,?Mnf to brlai ont their fWenda eaa obtain r^'t eatra of pa-?:ge and draff oa Liverpool la l unauf ?1 alar Una and hi* j-?U Apply ta JOHN a. DAt.K. anni. TT Watnntai . Pht!a.l?'nht*, or BAHKL * PORT lit, 177 Broadway. New York. WKHT IKPtrH AND VRNRCKLA *TKAM*lfIP fOMt pany? For Ht. Tl.omaa and !' nwio Rlro.? Reguiu^ monthly runimnnt^nilon. The I'nltod rtteim mail ata,imrr, mUir.MKE, I, 'bar/re M. W- bber, iomniaitd< r, will lea* r for tlie above purl, on Friday, Hih Anguel, at 11 o'clock pre claeljr, from pier it Kaat rlrer. Thia "I'aniT la Intended arrt *i- In time at K*. rbnmae f?r pae.w-nger* la uk? the llrluih Knyal Mail S4r?mere to all the Weal India laiande, aud the packet lor LaUuayr* and Puerto t atw-llo. rim or riMmi mow New Vr>rk (oRt. Tkiiroa*. or Tuarto Rlro tTu Kiti a a tale roome, >10 advance on the a bar a. Rl'-rrnaa Pfaaeeegere. ????? ? All I' !"?? Brmt taeevaTiiah the Po?lo??-<*. Nnama"' lading other than tboee Tnraikbed by th? r??mpany will b" Pi/n.<l, and Ike aari i/i ? un raad t <W be?N s Uu.|. Fur fr< it lit oi patnace api Ir to Kl)K A->K KOA. JOtK k CO., <7 ^ BrFrnu.tA.-ivnri i ni>kv i i.inf -Titn -??! r\ . . did A I rllpiM r ?1ilp XI.HtlM. h?il*4 lha w > ?. Ir i ? >1 i<> rn^njed ai?l lapMIr ?? ?( on b<> ?!. ? . . >?? ?? !'.% *\j a?l lar Melbourne on Tnee^nr, Aur. l'? I' ?*e?t*ra Kotnf -mi la her will rrnnire to makr r.irty ,ipt>la- . "Ht im- the na,iln ' Her eecaeawila'We eaanal lie a?u '^aaae*. F? uaaHk mm vn boat l. at ?!? r 12 F*<t nrcr, ur t<> ))(><>f?KVK. ARKV.U, A 1 .1.1. 10 f , wj I'eai 1 atmi. IfOR JTORFOI.K VXD rFTfn-sni Rn-TlfR I'M rFi> M.ilp* nail ?t- a?M>u|> HO *\OfcP, l'..|>tain Th >W !?klo ner will k?\e to. ihe awrl |ilaer? <i?i WHnrvtay 1.1h it* ? i t o'r'?k. I* M , from pt?r IS. Kan% rirer mm win m <? .1 Norli lk th" n"it atirrwon. and I"' -r? m. ( the In? mm T,t?ir. Paaapncr* l? r the *MHh W III pn?-eei| di. i I1 <?? l>y the great HoiHIk rn ?.ill line <o i harl- at?r. A '*<**'?'. ">a otunak Ar. 1 lv??' lor R?>-haion<l will arrive a' >h?' i Je?!ina lt?w early on FrlUy inornlnr 1 raveUtr* will l>nd thi? Ih (h>- >|?e?i.'ph >??.' ?t and tu?M evt>e<i,iie .? ro e. -ad lart-. a ith at Herr"?n. XorfnIV P ipr?'itirf mi l R i ? iioml, flO. Apply to M'lH.AM A IM.i:A"AM?, XI Mr .?l I way. I FOR I.IVF.RPttOK- PI.ACK KT\R I.I Jf K. -TBI r n laiaeil > lijiper ilil|i 1 X<'K15IOR I'an-a n ll?.l' r. 0 ! ?ail |??lilref; cm Wf 1n^?'l iy. An?'i? I.V Tbo?e abo'ii f * I toKnrope clioiiM e?aml?i ihia *plen'!id rhip bel?ire atma i| I el?-wh<'re, F?>r paa?ve In cibi t, <-.ibin an-l a I a;>ph an boar.1 piei X I .. o . J?w? P.I Mi'UI'i. I 1. 1 IVi'i'l I^RKMI V RF.IH;? F.OPRII K*-ArOt,?T*-rXrTkh \I Watep Mail Una.? Fifty ponad? oi b?i.if?f?" free: lileent? ix r pound ?? ?ie?aa. Fonr hour? from ar??n to orem, 1'anama Railroad. ThiOHgh fallftnnia ria pAnaini l.< toad. The I ni'ed 8ms. ? Mail ftranf-hip t'amnany wf, ? l"?p.i' h mr Aapinwall on W>dne?drj * ?' I n>U k I* M prwl?e|y Irnm tiler fa>t of Wrren ->roet Norlli riie> 'hr a ' 11 Unwn and (a*i .'wmaMp tIKOR'lF 1. \ W #vi Win. r. Ileimlon. [ ( S. I'?? rnireia and mjn'a a ,1 b? <>r <? xr k'. b> I'^nama Ra.l and rrnine' ? r ? 1'anam.t whh Hi | Parltir ^'il fi|e^n?'1?ip ruin pany a magn ? at - <-?m4i | Kl>ORA, R WliiMi* ? ummaiid?r. ahicb a . Ibe in , and leave immrju'i Ij for ?rn Franrinro. The nublte ? e In formed thai the Pa?Mfle Hml xteam?hlp t'nmpany alwai ? t<? - onr iw moroevra ?i??m?-r< 'Tin* at I'unima ready for ?>*. t ? avi>id any poMlblo detenfion or paaaamr^r* or mail*. I .>r piv? ?ase apply to 1. W. R WMtXIt, ai ih?- only o!U?e of h*- im i?ny, to 177 Wo?! atr e<wner tVarr^n aiieei, y \ Freiglit to Appipwall, 7t? eenta par mhic (hoi, ?w 1 ? p'.oud pre|>ali|. and no 're.ghi will be i eeeltodafer 12 o \? ?i fke mfwf aaliiB||. tfOR WAVAKKAII AXU rt,0R!TM ~rMTFT> ?T T*. ' r m?* n?. The n?w and aulendid ate?n|j|i p If, A B A *A, Oeo. R fehenrk, cnmman-Vr ?ri!| leave Nfir l.iri foi savannah on fSaiurdaT, Aiifnat f, from pier Ne 4 Mnrtli ilver, a' 4 o rfrw* P M pr?' !aefy. Hill* of lal not a .ni. l o. board. For frellhl apply on hoird, or for p >aaa*o to RAJli'Rf< I, urn lin.L, IS Broadway t atiir pr??*ee to - , I N . > In Mrkamrtll'. PI'atAa. I ar*' ?n>l ??ommodio?i? ? ea ' taer* leate ?a\ annahf or Flo'ada three Hm?a a week, ronnec >? rt? n ith tha tleameri from Sew Vu k oa Taendai ?i ariu fUtm daja. __ _ L'OR SAVANVAIt A >'T> rt.OKI P i .-I'lCITEn KTaTF f nail line.? The ?t#en?er APOI'STA, t'api. Th<x. I, von wlit leavr on Saturday, Aitcnat lit, from p or No 4 N nib r ier, at 4 o'' Wk P. M. Hilte at Jading eisucd on lin r| For Oeitht or paaaage apply to* L. MITi'HCI.I.. I.l Hnu.ln.ii Tlitoiigh licketa from N< if Vo k in .la< k?i>iu ule. II, to Pila' ka. #3J. fteamer " for FlorMn eonn'" ?? b.rvem!*h %lth thr ?teemera from Xow York oof ? rtdayaand saturdara. "PonTi\rl. A HHOOTIXO MATl'H WItl. i OMR OFF *T A. t J\ Itraiif llnl'i.rd, on Momiay. ll'h n? ,, at I o'clock, for a ?Her rup. Therr will b" plevtiy of bird". \"a< f'T to' iuIf. dr t or ?ArF~^ron >ARTrir of J. pi. J I. re. I "b rj Ae . 1 ar!r<- a riirn <? ipahle ?( a -opi Wiijlr i in* 15 Or 20 rrr or a, fan be <wen hv applying '? (F<? r* >"*yty ?? ? ajii'is t> hart, fgy if V?t>H BROU HUMS BOW -HY rHKATRE. thjc ot i o?." mi/ ru wn ? evs TilR FRfiSKV GREAT ATTRACTIONS. Novelties must orcseuted. Mo..d.iy evening A.i^ ixt II. lsfltl. PIRATES OF TUB MISSISSIPPI, OToci*. . . - M". I Georgine Madame Poi.isi j JUMun... Mr. Fis ier : AdcUale .Mias Kate Ueignuids , J 1 e great French daftcer* ERNESTINE ana ANNIE II EN SARD 15, PO 01 HON-TAB. Pov h . an Mr Brougham I Pocahontas.. Musa F. Donham ! PRICES. I >?. -.rele and orchestra ?<: :t*, 60 cents; lloxeg, 26 C5utn i I Pit am. Gallery li'jocuts. Private boxes, *5. THE HROADWAY VARIETIES CLOSED FOE A FEW v ft- km. lor the purpose of r< ..ova'.uig saloon tr. The WOOl) \N1> MAfttsil JUVENILE COMEDIANS w ill >. pen tins establishment on or about 1st Sept?mber. HKNR* WOOD, Business Manager, to. SAN FORD A CO. '8 CELEBRATED ETHIOPIAN OPRRA Troupe, ei. route North, will perform nt Carmansville on Thursday evening , August 7; Newburg, I'r.iUy an J Saiur day, August h and 9; Poughkeepsie, Monday and Tuesday, Auguat 1 1 aud 12, Kingston, Wnduesday and fh iraday, August 13 and 14; Hudson, Friday and Saturday, Augifflt 16 aud lti; Willi ibal prince of bono pla\ "r?, J. Veil, HM Geo. Win ?ibip, Jr., U?e best Ethiopian coiiiedlan In the Union. 11YKON C1IRIr>TV, Agent TI1K LIBRARY? NO. 4W BROADWAY? T. 8. NIM3AOO., proprietor*. A muaical aud drama .ic entertainment this evening. Admission tree. XT ALB'S HALL, (LATE MECHANICS' INSTITUTE, 1 NO. ? 1 Bowery, corner ot' Division *L ? Citizens and traveller* entertained. A social taile, with amusement*, offices, rooms; and a large room io let lor parties, balls, drill*, Ac. The refined, the classic, the magnificent, the original, the intellectu al, the beautiful, ibe unrivalled awl ihe most original entertainment in New York ia the troupe of Model Artiste* at th'j FRANKLIN M18RI M, 117 Oram! St. Every afternoon at 3, and etery evening at ft, perfirmaii'-cstake ulace at ihe FRANK I. IN MCSKl'M, 127 titan i slrtet, where ihe MihIcI Artistes, (twenty seven lu number ) with other beautiful entertainments, wUl be given. N. 11. One door from 111 oadw ay. BELI.EVUB G ARDENS, FOOT OP EIGHTIETH STREET, East rlrer. Every Wednesday throughout ihe season, will be given a concert and hall ; concert to commence a* 2. P. M , aud ball at ti P. M. A 'so, on every Sunday throughout the season will be given a gr..nd sacred concert. Admission, on both occasions, one ihllUug, part of which will be returned in refreshments. sheltou's American brass mid string bands. ire engaged for the season. Second and Third avenu; our* run every live minutes. T'te gardens are open free every day except simdays and Wednesday*. N. K.? Pari of ihe hotel and pla/./a are reserved exclusively lor the u-.e of ladies and families. S. WARD, Proprietor. FKANKMN MUSEUM. 127 GRAND STREET-ONLY j lace open in the city. Crowded every afternoon an I evening wiih the retine I and Intelligent cia-ts of th^ com, io vltMu the maguili eui living pictures of tlie Model Artistes. The model artistes, atthefr vnklin museum, 127 Grand ftreet one door from Broadway; every after noon at X evening at 8. Twenty seven young ladies compose the ;roupe. Beautiful grouping*? beautiful women? beautl tul performance*. Monday, aug. 11.? franklin museum, 127 or and street.? Extra card.? This afternoon and evening .1 Brand new -election ol tableaux, including classic rnythoiogieal, an clent and modern embodiments of the line ar:?. / 1 keat attraction.? hell & < 0. s free mttw \X Ing room concerts, at Concert Hall, Mi Iiro*dway, i* nightly crowded. Mr. Fresher, Mr. Ilill and Miss Leteln will appear < very evening this week. Dou't forget the uumber, .'k? Broadway. CTR ANGERS. BEFORE LEAVING NEW YORK. SHOULD O viHit the FllVNWLIN Mt'SRUM, 127 Grand street, ami they will see the most beautiful and attractive exhibition in th? city? the Model Artistes, cou'lsting of twenty seven youni; ladle*, appearing afternoon at .1, e\ enlng at 8. WHERE ARE YOU GOING * ? VISIT THAT I'EETTY temple ol enchantment, the FRANKLIN Ml:KEUM, 127 Grand st-eet, in the afternoon at S, in the evening at f, and see ihe pretty young ladies, whose charms ar? bewitching to all beholders. Only one door from Broadway. THE LARGEST MAW IS THE WORLD.? A MEXICAN Indian giant, nearly eight feet hi*b, upwards of 4(H) pounds In weight, and only seventeen vears of age, w ill be on exhibition at 'XI Itotrcry, i nearly opposite the Ilowery theatre,) for a few days this week. The giant is accompanied by Ina chief. Admission 12)g cents. Wanted, a Rood life or cloriouet p layer, to trai el. Apply to the manager of the above. MR. COLLINS, THE CELEBRATED IRISH COMEDIAN and vocalist, is now playin g a brilliant enKa^erqeni at the St. lAiuia theatre, which was opened on the 5th, after ex tensive alterations, Mr. C. playing to a crowded house. He 1* engaged to open the National theatre. Cincinnati, on the 1st of September, when be Will play two weeks; thence he proceed* to Louisville, where he I* NMHd to open the theatre, for the fail season, on the 16th September, after which be returns to St. Louis ni fullil a second engagement with Do Bar on the 22d of September. In October he returns to New York, and will lilve one or two entertainments there and In Boston, previous to his going South, where be i* engaged at the St. Charh * theuire. New Orleans, in December, aud at the Mobile theatre esrly In January. In the spring lie goes to Europe. Man agerswi-hlng to negotiate with htm previous to his going South will please address C. T. Parsloe, agent, Burton's the aire, New York. CAUTION TO HTH *NUERS.? FRANKLIN WUSRUM, 127 llratid street, one door from Hroadway, up at.itr*. En ! trunee in the aide door. Don't mist-ike the place. Saloon up stairs. Ever} accommodation atlorded to visit" ra. FOURTEEN TABLEAUX, AT THE FRANKLIN Mu seum. 127 Grand street, this afteruoon at S, and evening at K, by the Model Artiste*, iatrudaelng the ' Three Oracss, " "Sappho," " Pundora," with others equally classic. ReatMB l?er the place ? 127 Orand street. The triumph of beauty tru mphantly dis played, at the Frankliu Museum. 127 Orand street, every afternisin at S o'clock, and etery evening at H o'clo-k. by the troupe of model artistes, (27 in i. umber, 1 in liviug emb<Hlimenu of living statuary. ?flTANTKD? FOR A Co.VPA.YY OF flCRERADER*), A TT good liass.i voice singer. All Instrumen'al player pre ferrud. Apply to J. C. Lee. No. fj I 'lark sou St., bet w ecu the hours of 11 A. M. aud 3 F. M. Theatrical notice.? in*" davknport, tub diaiim.'uiehc<| tragedienne, having returned to America, busitiesa letters may bo addressed either to herself, at lloslun. Mass .or to her a;;cnt, Aud. McMakin, Philadelphia. TliAVKIjliKltS* UllDK. AI.HANT AKD TROT BOATB.-RBUULAR UNR. Kr iu fool of Canal and Hprlnf *treata, eoanectlac * 111 train* for Snramra and the Weak Thn nrw and ?iil?Ddla ateamer UI.KN COV K will leuTa a\ cry Moral \y, We.ft.i -lar nd I'riday morning*, al7 o'clock A. M., th? ariarlt a imtlnga. V or rj.ihtr particular a Imiuira ofL LKWU. Jr. 3Ji W . at ?trrrt. ^ Hvnso S R1\KR RAILROAD.? FROM MAT 19, i 4, the train* *111 li arr Chamber* ?trf?t I'atlon a* folio* ?: - KM-rea*. 4A.M. an.l .1 1*. M.; mail. ? A. M.; through war 'rain, 1. M ; emigrant 7 1* M.; fbr Po'iglikci'pata. 7 A. M ainl 1 P. M. ; for Mil* fin*. 10 90 A. M and V 46 I*. M.; ihi* Iraio leareg every Friday rvi nlnjr, at H P. M , for lludann. 3 A) P. M.; for Peek?klll, 4 aud ? r. M. The PoughkMsala, Ming Sing and Peek-kill train* ?top at >h.' way gtatlon*. Pawrnjrr* taken at Chamber*. Canal, < lirUiophT and TUirty-flrat atrei-ta. Train* for New York eTrov at I .A. H:16 and III 45 *. M and 4-1U r. M . and Kaai Alias? at 6, HAu and II. 16 A. M ami 5 P. M. A. r. hMll'U. Sup k MOBNINW I. INK KOK PORT MONMol'TH, VIA I'nion. Tin- *tr nv r K\<.'l,lt C?|>l. II. K. BI*hop, leu ten foot at Murray ttre' t, MM) morning, evrept flatitrdaj :nitl Smiilm , tor ill" al'.no i'Uc. k, *i M oYlo. k, returning to ilir city at abonttf P. V. I'eaoiituer* for Kayporl mid MMiUa town rant, will klwaya find alarta Ob Iho dork at Union, fer their ?prrinl iircoiiiiiiudaiian. To tho*ade tirotta of ?prmttii7 n tew hour* in tin- country* and ot < njoytng a pliaaanl th n lnoiii' of the lie>i opportunities that ran be orfei ed. wood i?h In* and bathing iiiht be found, boiltal Union and Port Mori mou Ik, ami hotel* wbert ttur Inner inua CM be MttfM d. Pare to I n ion aud Port Muiituoulb, '& < Wtl. NKw"YnRK~T*n~nuB 1iaii.roao.-on and Af ter Thur-iln. Aucno 7. 1W and until further m?r?, Lurnnpr iraun will leave pier tool of Duaoe *troat. as fal low*, Vtg. ? li'itfhlo Evpre?? kt fi A M . for Buffalo. Dunkirk K\iirr?*, ?? fi A. M., for Dunkirk. Mmi, ai ? 16 A. M . tor Dunkirk *nd l?'iri*io ?tI l?t.-m? dlaie oiation*. P*??en? r* by Utl* 'rain will rtutilu over aiftu u' Owr(o, tml |>rr<ceed 'Wr neit nra nine CkK-*(o 1 xnrrM *1 1 P M., for Dunkirk. K.?-ki?n.i Pww ncr, at (SI P M , (from f?o? of '*hamb?n a?re< t) *ta Pfrmoot. for R>inern'i *n>l inirrtae 'twe oia'inu* W*y P???rnt"r, *t 4 P.M., lorNcnbttrg kn 1 Mi l-Uptown, and 1 1> termed statlona. Ni?ht F.*pre?a. at 6 P. M.. for Dunkirk and r.'iBklo Rmlgrant at 0 P. M lor Ounkiik and Huil^lu an<l in'.erme diate aualKHi*. Tli? abort train* ma Mr, "undant eif^pte 1. Theee etprem" <r*in* ronne- 1 *i t-Tlmlr* wiik ihe Wmira. c? nao<tat|ua and Marara Tall* raflro*l ' for Xlafara i tlk ; ai Min(han.<oo with the 5jr*ru?e and BJnt'vamion railroad, lor Hyta^^e at Corwiag with BuiUlo, < <>rninf an I N?-w Terk railroad, lor Roc!>epter . at Oraat Iten i ? >< i> D>'laware, f^nrka manna nn'l w. w. m rallrt>ad. for Meran'on ; at Baftain and Itutiklrk ?fh tha i^kr Mmic railroad, for Cioralaad, Ctteiu ii all. Toledo, Detmo fklearo. A r. D. C. McCAM.rM, 0 crural *up t A N-t$r tfiRK AND r05*T l-tl.AKD, tANnjNO AT Tort Hamilton eaeb way -The a^eatner NoltWAt.K, ("a|d. C, T. Bo.|m?n, will leava a* Wlawa, Bnn laya iiw-lwdeA: ?l.eavme foot of Anm *lrert at !?'? A. M-, l!'? aad.T, P. M.| te-tvlns MM nt Np> laf airaet at P1, A. M-, II' . aal J". P. M ; leat ,n? pirr .1 Norib R.rar a? 10 A M., I and 4 P. Vartnn Corer !? and. Ia*t trip, at P. M Kate for Ihe utp to Coner lalaaa. Pari llimllirm and bark to New Tork, twenty ti>a rent*, tor n uKk a ra.urn uckct itlU he jltrn. Nn half t?>ca for children. 4". J. DODllK. Agrau BATATCMiA. ijoXTRlAU LRBASOX TRIN3# AND TIIK WRST. Xrir Vr>?t? jnn lltnra Riturm. Pare redncM? To Albany, fl M; Haraloga. ?' i?l Twndailj eipre?? ira n?. t M etprr?< tenrearornerofWTiifvind <>ntre ?trf?la ei>nn? ini i?i *lb*n? at ll.l* A M. ? 'he tVn'ra.1 Rai'road fhr We*' and wiih 'ha AH>?r?y and Xarihera Railroad at II A M.fct- ?.it "Iie'e r? ?"!*'' "* *? l.'.4u P. M , nad thenrr t > *t ntreal. aad at cha'ham l'o?ir < Virn<r* wMH the Wt* ei n lt?Hr-ad for {.ebataa "priaga, where paiseagtr* *i >lve at I tU P. M. mo * v . ai?i! tra.n "-nrpiai al all datlona. and arrlTiag in iimr frr tlir >vatral R*>ltt>ad. 3.3) !? M <?*("?> -? fur Al^any^ ernr"!tln<f wi h lh? C -itral R*i:mad rtprea*traia nr 'he W<-* at lir M , an! with die !4a.?,'-~* t'Hii' at 7 \ M . 'ha ret' mnrntnc 4't the afcori : ia conatrt at Crtioa f?|ii with atagta Ibr Lah> Mahtf n, awra*!*#. ,? .? A M . "Tpre*? train from Ar>>?ny for w Tork. with n it < lifinf. of?ir*. oa ih? arrival tfthah ljeipicM u .*.a i>er I'?ntr*: Ka rna.1. !> 15 A v mad 'rain, ?topping at all Ma'tooa. I.JW r. M , ri 'teaa train, laarlng Albany on 'lit arrtrai f th' I SOP M. i upreas tram of the Cmi'ral Rail.oad and tht arrival ol the Albany ?ad Northera Hailroad uala .. ja -'ainoga. IKgitajf ehai ked thrMigh. Ar>. ?*r 4, IMA W. J. CAJfPMU* Stip^rfattadent. Mt'tarAI* AND DAH(t!IO. Vt.fN.r?K> fi VmaI HTKhW toTFarv thm guitar, a My tea*har prtnrrtd A'!<ti<>?i itain, ho< j r?m nit i. e ARrril AND l?\ND<*0Mr 7 OCTATR RC*RW"OI? nil mi'tiite tor ?i"le. ht*i|t|ftilljr rnl?h- ?' With r.?ind for , ?, di uhle . *fMng all ro'ind, rch *mt|oi?ed wark, aa-l eia Im nt? i* iin ?li?d In etery r< <pert. rirh. brilliant '"at. ahi ii win oatirMl. ami in 'he way of * piano i* ?jf?. ha* been ( ii?. d two uioirh?, l? pel eft in errrrpart. Will I ?? ?old for ?2;f. *p?ljr at No. ?7* Suth aftnne. tour ilatrt fit? lor V?f f?>iir H'WUI !* A. M. Mil * r M. j TV Kt,R?; tNT 7 f*TAT? ROCPWiNiD rf 4NOPORTR A ffci ah? Mo* Ma orataiy *al?hwl in ettry way r|rh 1 *.-< ' !??' d work carre4afll*?ad, inla'd Plata, diagonal ha r I .i.i law? ? *!<' a?a. ly nrw, taiji haatitifiU tone can bn ' mi 1 ii \ > ' ? Wf> V V he fo ttU App y i 7ll lri(#hin "in *i R' m f ti*.^* frtm rnw. Brooklyn i' Ik frrm F" on tftt r V I \\ DA.VCr Vt ?r. -ptK ?R wo* m NEWPORT. (\ f*j? -r,y i Atlaatid IranM Pidka Redowa. 1 Orean I ,1 119**+ TOltt 1 ri??~ nr# f ' fviS, ?N w hT wH, maI i, 4 mjh t ' hK .vk if ts. N TIULO II (. \H1>KN V Doors o?eo ?t 7 ; u> ooim&eace at i o'clock. Tickets is*-* ? ? 1 ."'ycca.j# ?MUM Irtnisiai iiu.lLUli Second W'' *'K oi the ue ? ' uliti' tiutl r.d /''..OWlsClJ comedian. Mil BUKluN TI.e < xtr i' ordinary ?ihww wh, u l,.n ?!ler.d?'l ??? ineut of ih? ibov.' celebrated acusr eonltaainii MirStBfte will appear to morrow evening in the cuiuelv ui ' SWKkTBK Wt TS AMI) W1VK& I.aura Mrs. Charlos Howar 1 Etl|,euia.,. Mm. W U. ? rUp | Mm. Hell .4^ r- .^,.a Admiral... Mr Bradley j Charles Mr. W. >1 '<*v ?n Billy latcludav,. Mr UartOM \\ bo will Mug the doleful diuy of "Mt?rt?ii Mku is 13.. n. uj s j? row." TUK I'osr OF HONOR. Cobu* Yerks. .Mr. <!. HolUm! I (jrmletien Mr*. Toisilav ? The Wotiderful Ravels; Mile. Robert, xoucg Hengler; Diable u Quu're I tgh'. Hope: Asphodel. WeilncMaj? Mr Hurtwn, in lie HRRIOUn FAMILY, .'or Ihe lirst lime this mini, and JOHN 1ONK8. Mr. IIi'Rtow N Nights ? Mondays, Wednesdays si A FrUajf. The Ravkl NiGiiTtj? Tuesdays, Th ursday ? *n<> Sifur-layt, 14/ALLACK'S TJIKa fKH. VV HtTMMKP OARDER M0SD.1v Kvim .i., August 11, 18M, THE HKNKKIT or tub r aiky st tit, MISS A G N K 8 BOIIBRTSOU, Being ihe closing uighl of her present briiliaiK siwl t -CCCiSial engagement. THE PHAMTOM. Ads Raby MUl Agnes Robertata The Pbautom Mr. Dion BourimiM Davy ilv. T. 3. j Being the hist night of Its performance. To be followed by, FOR Till flttST TIKE, the beautiful portrait Of IrUh character, ANDY ULAKE. Andy Blake MIm Agnes Robertson A presentation she ha* clothcd with Inedablo luirtb, purity, snd sweetness. Doors open at 7 o'clock; commencing st T'j. ("1EO. CHRISTY A WOOD'S MINSTRELS, 444 BROAD I way, will be closed for a few weeks, for the p urpotse of r? no? .if in 1: hall, Ac., rturuiK which tlie full company wilt parfbni at the follow inn cities viz Uutt'alo, 11th, I2ui and 13U?, at Rochester, 14ih; Syracuse, Ibtli; Troy, HUB; ami At ^ara^aa Oil the 1Mb. Due notice or iti-openiug ill this city will BO given in the daily papers RY WOOD, Business Manager-, Ac. SrKCXAL NIGHT. THR BKNEK1T 01' the beautiful and brilliant falrv suu\ MISS A G N k S ROBERTSON, Comes oil at the BUMMER GARDEN, On Monday ni^ht, when will be performed, for ;Le las', ifie, the great legendary drama .if THE PHANTOM. To b<- followed by, rox THE riKST Ttsir, at the On: den, the beaut:' ul | . e.-ent uion of ANDY BLAKE, Presenting MISS AGNES ROBERTSON In 1 wo, and MR. DION HOPRCrCACLT In one of their most )>opiil*r personation*. Tj'MPlRE 11 A I.i, ? LATE KKI.LER'S. VJ On Thursday evcniu<, August 14, Mr. LIOVFI, flOT.D SMID will liave the houor of appeHring iuh.s eelt-brateJ CO U-rtainmcui, known tliroughoui Kugbvnd us AT HOME \N0 ABROAD, in which he will introduce ?I1 bis extraordinary isKi'attons. Hs ' cilous illustrations, and humoroUM songs. Tu'kets, M QWta. to be lis. I at St. Nichulas Hotel, and the princii .>1 i.otcn :.a4 music stores. TOHN NEFM ANN'S SHEET OOPPER ?ATB B Of OK fl nrrai Wasbingion is now 011 exhibition at uc. '*t> ,rtfre( the Dlvlue Unity, No M? Broadway, between Spring awl Prince streets. Open from tf A. M. till 10 P. M. Aiuu.wroo Sift cents. Season tickets, SO cents. BRYANT A MALLORY'8 CAMPBELL MINSTRELS will open st the Chinese Buildings, (late Eq( mJ.;j svi 33 Broadway, for one week only, commencing Moiday evening A ugust 11. Tbe company is composed of Urn teen ^ equalled perl. .ruiers, pronounceu the best baud now ji ? iistence w ith Dan Krynnt. the well kiio\rn Ethiopian 'omeiuan aud original essence of old Yirgluny, Ben Msliory, thn g'eatsuui mi rsault .lancer, late of the original Christy's Mins'rels, T. B. 1'icndergast. tbe favorite ballad singer. Vor pariiet, tars tee bills and programmes of the day. Admission, ACCOls. Doors cipeu at 6.'i , to commence at 8 o'clock. Franklin museum, 127 grand street, onk door from Broadway. Open every afternoon and r.tfh-. by Madame Wanoo's troupe of Model Artistes, tweciy ?even in number, comiirismg a company |of the ? taeAi^uribed wo men in Ihe world. Curtalu rises si S sad& HEATLEY'S ARCH STREET TIIKATSK, PlIILADEL phla.? Notiee.? The ladies and goatlenien ergagert at - Meet in August, WM S". /REDE RICKS, S'Jtgc Macager. w thl-. establishment for the coming season wlU pl???e meet in tbe / reeu room, on Wednesdsy morning, U o cks.-k, 13, 1866, preparatorr to theoj?eniB?, (IOOLEOT PLACE IN THE CITY? W OR AND STREET. J one door from ilro.i lwsy. ? lUe PRANK LIN MCHKCM is surrounded by windows on every side. A :ro ipe of beau liful women, together wltb singing, dancing, Ac., every ,.f:? r noon at 3, and evening at H. BROADWAY ATHKN.EUM, 664 BRO ADW AY.? MlBrt FANNV DEASt'S Drawing Room Entcrlair meats wiU be rnutlnue.l, at the above ro. m. every evening tfkr ng thin weak, a ben she wiU appear in a viulety of oharaclera. Tick els 3( cents; reser\ e i seats, 00 cents. Prep, instrumental music for ths poor.? FrsnkUn Museum. 1 J7 (irsnd street. Mur.u s celebrated brass bsnd. of sixteen pieces, plnvs trom the h,. cor.y every evemug. for the tree benei.t of sll toud ol mus.c. WE !J?ARN THAT MR. JOSH. HART, THETALRNT ed young periormer. who made his lua; appearance at the Bowery theatre, pre\ Ions to his depsrture for E mpe, to July, Im&o. has r? turned to thla city, alter pert'o. at aoaje of the principal theatres In England w ith .mmens* roOOMk Mr. Ilsrt's retem is in conse<|ueucc of 111 health, we fcope bo w III speedily recover. R. FIHlI, THEATRICAL AKD OH \RACTERISTTO w wIk maker. Franklin street, opi><> .'? Tayior e Sa loon, ami three doors trom Bi oad?ay. W ? ien: for t'aney balls, whiskers an I musMthios. Country iheau*>eaJa sup plied. Nigger wigs. tOICAL. DR COBHKTT, 19'nCA.VE UTRKKT, MR.MBF.R OF TMB New lorki nlreraRy but bt eooaulted privately 1 ? * o??ea. 27 year* In tbla >poci*lifl enablee him to autre D wot curia. Dr. would up rriae atraogi-ra of U.- 'act Jut he l? I lii* only qualified uwdlcal mu tn the tr< a'iner : ef ertxo dt?cae< a iu IM city. N. ekx lua Oipioata oa we ~"~t t'hiirgcx moderate. DR. Ilt'NTKR, HO. ?. DIVIBIOS STRKET, N*W YORK, ao long and f.iyora' ?'? known to the rub Kay b>> ccn ?nl'ed at hi* otdeflke where he haa practi*c<t n eee branch ol medieiue fur tbe iaat t*<-nly t.^ur yc.ira. an! made laoro curea ih?n any otbi r man tn toe city, In nun 'ULmffi of rer ami* i-onatderrd inc'irablr. aome of which he baa prm to refer to aa bei cloture. < Uarge* m-dnile. and iklcwoi euro guaranteed. Caution? Mt remedy, Halter 'a red ilr**>, that ? uree cnrtain diacaai t without drying .la. t <>koa ta tie blood. caa only be tiai aa above. Pr.ce $1. bm *u ? ?A Cc. u. crtcila. DR COOPER, U DVAKE ftreict, MAT BR fC* aeited |>1vete!T on dta-aeet. The re-tima rf turMrnl n.n ttdcnce < uu call on ^itai wuh the Certainty of br ag .-atf ca.ijr Cured. ( hniget e. S. B.? Xo fee '.111 c?.-ed. ,r. watsos s nw work-" thr cat^u awi* lure." a r.'mjtle ' praeueal treatiae on ?p.- n?.4t- . rh?.:a ami prcmataro eibawMtou. with local debility, .??' i p. I t* early Indtacrrit >u, tieraaor other t*u*ee; tu whi h he t.aUre nnd efleeH of thu tn-i.liom malady. together w:'h ibe :re* ?neat, are lolly e-qilalued til unrated by nun'ro m mUalial |>lnte? ami di awing* 4 Idrexe.t e?|iawally to Usoao afcOUV? marry Price, fl Tn l>t hod of the author, w ho n .iy I e -on milie<l ? oHtuleni tally, el bl? n 'tdi uce, 44 W?A?r ? . 'j?t, a f? <v doori we?t ol Hmudway, DR. t.ARMOKTfl PARI* AHI) MlNDON MFPICAI. Adrlacr and Marr lugf (? tilde: 'Jt th wJlti"R, ?(K) 1 mim. .UO electrotyped lllm' .?:.'>iia rlotli, 91. H llvee tke m'.yrUmA reme<lte?, and ab'iw* tne ?ii;.eru.r,'y of llie au'.bei a f*. m and I.ondon treatment of tetto urinary dm-- ? ?, r.ei to n de bility, losal ami (eoerai. from rxee>aea, I ?xl u. n He. lie eure< all ?iirli <tt?ea?< aa' it3 Mi reer Mrert, ff of ?rri|, nupootte ?. l*trliola? Hotel, frrau 10 A. M. Uil 9 :n tke c renm*. f reatmi nt by le ler anJ e*|>rmii. W* reeoaun^tai: rtr L?r mout to tbe aMteieU.-Coui'ter dea K.lale ttia,/luli ^.ttung Dr. RAi.PH.-orrtnn w hovhtom r rrrt. joub Wi?e:er. Hour* from ? to 12 A M , ? to ? V. M . 4 lOdare eirepted. All fen tin ur.anry, 4la? female .vol ail ebreola eotnp'ainla aucoeaafuU; ucauwL Addrcaa, ?) letter. UiM Poet nfcee. Lathams tigBARI-K t^ivriwm, ie*i:rrbc lion |>tlle.? 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