Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 12, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 12, 1856 Page 2
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Our Wo lilii(|leii Ob? 'ejfondcaat:. W \-UWnv.iN, Aug. I, l-od. The Jdminittrfflwa mud its H atdLs ? TV Spud* tiaait Play J O. i TVt. Afexicu /? Mimum? ll'hat hat tk* St'uth (f ? i iwd , 4*e., It m uuv of the leading South ern me? yBMBiyquictly to their home*, imm* di^glj qjflBflpjPirnmtiit of Congress, wthaat the ahghte?^^^Wo to participate i a the perty issues r&i^d by the fricds of Mr. Bnchun m. The state South continue to my, "if the gagpljHJ^^iemont it had the po rer to elect aim, ???# h-tTlie people do it." j The s*]x>iU game is played out. Never wan a bet- ; ter Heme f'.ven than that bestowed on the ad' aims- j tration by the H?r\ld. It was a "xpuilis" aTair , f*o? flrd to laht. TV mi. alon to Mexico? the lat- j eat gift- is a reward. A certain person who in?de a Southern tour for tbe Pre (dent (setting hi* o*u j wires privately 'or Boohanan, in the meanwhile ) i Wa? promised the iai.*<Hii>n to Mexico. No doubt of it. Hat Fitspatrick and Many are j"-eat friends iu deed.and Just Mm trie C r< iinati Convention, the the n alter Was arranged, Nichol-oa aiding ->0 as to get a dangerous rival for the printing out of tha ; *uy. There are men here no*, w ho, tor party pur- j pores, sustain the admi:iu>trafcoa a;- ihe represg&tar thre of the democracy, but who eateruin f;>r the ! Pw.-ideiit, personally only feelings cf cou tempt. 1 Iht-re are me n high in po.-ition and in taver with < Pierre, Who despise hiru; and Kr '. oot.u it. For the j mere ptirpe-e of sustaining then patty, these gentie- | jr.en troji !'.e .North, E?st. South mKi NV'e^t, endure, tin aaaoiiiat on. ?ta Mr Maaon ao forcibly said intr.s rejJy to Mr. SurnrxT, ?' The.-e are w jo.-i Jions fonvd eu ub hire." which, on ihe irst oc v-ion, will be severed. l;?Tis, of M- n.- ippi with a gallantry | and devotion w >rthv t. bet-er ?i;.se, b ?.* tried to Hhiell 1 ia triend. Indeed, ho "oa a*3um *1 his j (?IViw'h; vet>pODi>ibili*.ea more 'Lan once. In the | ot I > ivirt rue torwa d u.d tonk ell The fchmo.^HhtikJui Pierce, trne tf .'an iu<tmci*,alh)Mr ii btan .t. The iwewtti i f olticial -ecogai- ! TK.n at-J *hi: .?? a"- r pood |>e an en rurround tLefi.-. ? *;'h? sl ow o?* e?t?' ' h ii?. oa th?! a<> iii.ii '. oi 1 u.'H ? tlr-t ('?>!? <i 1 thlurf | *?!1 give place *a , ? ? l of thouj-ht, fed- j ii>f ?: 1 ; v. . .?'>*). at?i in oav Xi;ontU hMtftw I th! jit! .i ? ? d ?>t the S ot a.-, iilai.',* , ao lvng j mailed, wul . uti* e i it'. *pe ? fat- the chl'.f ' UfittiaM. Ibt (*je 'ion, * ^ hat has the t'lccea *- ; win " o .. l ?. ?? -I'- 1- b ?>; ,.i*eu the ' ?s. i. h . ;; t'i . bill? !? .. Thtt ras force.' <?n r:i ? v i r. ' c, i a* Vic iragua j was. ;t s i"v ? i' H?'ith a n? -*i' * a long gtr-T."' ot vort ? .. tu". >n--i of ?U- ; in, tolcgriph.-* , k. :d tiro <??. Is, lailv p ny pi;?er-.,r.aindcp#n cent pr<-i.' nni ether la n-t-. Yn, z tnoa aje. The v t-t'i i -s i ? Ci.'u, m -1 hj.a ve', t ? win K<u 6a-. t.; e c-.r < . L'. a h -Init stiooragua, ana tiie de...y eveu oi' tue admluuttation w the m*t kf n. a> jet { "ove iatuJ. I ercepl'oed veto ot the t il for thr. improvement of the nnutr* of the Hi." >ippi, cir". 'ad the wxe passed *? :r hi* head by tleiti" crati<- v >te?. rrul^ it * "spoils c .bi Mt," asaetly open the name prinoipk-s adopted ? \ Von But ti , ai?c has mot afch a woree fate Van hiirt i at le*at?na rc-nopii-ja :jd by his party; Pierce ara* tot. Oia power and ioLuence an gf i.e. lie b. s to '.iore oiUtn to be-dow. If he lina among hia e v?iaiet? men wiwqi he has gratuitouijr ieceiv d and acgrateinlly disappolate i ;e b i?, that th?nu. wno Ht ill t^btre to hia<re to be Coand only a. -?r g h? oL e bolc't s. lie has mt th* Kafport or cooSJ-Bee of ot:c single citizen of the country he iukr: ruled for f? lr jean, n ilesa it ie dicecily or iadirsctly throagfe ?hu inllu ?irt of exec^rtu patronage. TUousandf, inleed, whom he has lad uve d ?K-ri?l him. and tuny har.' raf u-e<J bia h^infy and de-Jn-^d his favors. This want of pert* na.' 0'1 uence U ' - ing more t) defeat t be democratic party than allot^er causes cacabined. WASHTMCOJf, Aug. 0, I85C Jni*j Wing to the A my ? New ? II for Rt-Or,%anlz iu^?Brtvrt Ajtp avtmenls ELejuluttd . 4"C-, $-r. TV; Committee ?n Military AJTuirs, tbrou|h Mr. Fanika r, of Virgia? , reported, lis morning, a bill for a partial le-or Rr.jr.utKn of army, uukir.g a maur il change in kre et rank* an*! also increasing the pay cf all comuirtioned oflicetv. The toilo?lng is a copy cf the bill, which meets the -pproval of the BecicUry tf War:? AN ACT KK THK BWK.* ORG ASITATION OF T*T jti'.MY, 1XD r?JR 'THEK J'L UPt *UL Be It enacted, b* Uic -ei tr'.e ?o<1 H' u."> ?r K^Jreaenta of the l uUJ ?taM* b! Am.vica. L O ngrews u ?enjhKHl ? That brevet con miastona aLJl not take ef <~t either for eeinib;.:.'!, i.r rti.k, or u r eujrweera, cr ordnauce. or otaa 4< parUs rW bare wjiini out of t er dopart BtBV. etc*p?'ay KpxUit by ibe PmiiImi. Bee *i. ,\ud be it further ?..?. t-d. 'h it ba-eafier the monthly jay *f c?.rb rotnr-i-*- red "iBc r af th* ar.-ug ?ball be iDcrraat.,1 I Wel.ty tfoflaH ai >i that I'M c unsult tiro price or jifcV. t, ?ut -ji??ac <j?II be tt -jtf cecta -k*m raUOIi Itac. S. A n.1 he fwrUlT er.artei ttat tbe '?eerrtarr of Vir b?, tna . ii rti' aartartaad "j? ai4oy lafcfc m c ctr-nM wilh b.liw/ a l":ats ui the taw* ka<! refaiaoooa y the fcaw- * . i"hall recetco aa Mini, a l ?alary of w?m; Iii1 buftdr^f <l?'Ur?, arxt . h?U p?r*:>'m iiM.b dut. e IS UM"'i xi w.? th - "taouaa- >o cc.' aeUleaieat t. :i. .i .? ry a. ro';nw re "itrin* the aoi na ef Ke< retary War and wit'; ? jcjbi* of ap^ro jtim. n ac<t e*r*t Jntrc. for n. ury r ^ u iu ??til Secretary bsv from '.?.T?e to time ar* .*a *".a?. hec i Aij'l be f -t ir a-.fcle.!, ... increase ef pa) rt.j.ted by the i - tM3*Jee of the ?t "toinrrune tlx pay at ttn rat,? ?; 1 ?l? or tbf urtnr *l? t? fn 'Vir-^p ?nlUr t?," ??t? * 1 Aijrv t 4. l'lil, b? ?Tt' ^'Icd to Uw 'L . its! m*' n of u*e (j- ..a-tce corps of tUe la.t rd ftntr Ser 5 An1 be Hhrirrmi'.'l TV4 tV milit.-y elor?ki*per ?. wti ?- ? it.^ry i< r f 91, tM atie^k<'r?eller net ive it.ku: \+t anr mi each eltb tbe qnart rt and furl < ! a ? uia of tt.?> arniy , ih ^ ? e ra ary i-> $ 00 ?bail *ni: 1-e r, >arter? tad fue* ?f a br-iifi att jftho my a t L..K u i~U?rare. ?r> rr ?i Uh> natH' a.-.-norc r^. :!* $t 6<.0 per auium ??rb, the fru.etji clei? at fa- b ??t tt? -? ?rn..>rt' ? $1 300 fr? aaswa, and c-ch <4 the <nhc<- etarlu j<. r aa aum WA^HtNOTOff, Aug. 1>*56. Mfir i ity R' /ioi i "J L-ie HrUci Contmtftf en the /'<!? r?/' X: ?'/ (jaH ? Ar*<nMnt? a/;aiiit the Ft'ttibi Hfy (J th-' &? l-r*u ? hUmtting ist'itishca on tin fictiiUe TmJJU of <t Pcrtfie I An' ? Vandtrbtlt't M'til Lint C\ shtunid Jot iht x'< n?m, ^ fr> Mr Kidael!, fi?a the tBin ? 'y of tbe ael*<< eosa nitti c appointed t<> lat^nlie iuto he neeewity l'ut ?r>nftn (.linR lii ti of r.tlroad and teiegraphi; rom auni<.ation betwet n tut AtUntk ar <1 Pacific < oi<tta of thta coatifent, ha- made % report up >n the ?nh je-t, w.*a val-.aMe iaf irxat.oa and at> fact*. The Tea ih ;'.ty '.'a r*!lr.?d b?t irecn ?,he Pa'ifl and tl.e hu&brip; i Is tir-t cm?id"re !. aoJ b di*e. ted from, pa'tly en tie ground if the nit..* ?* tt? c9..n try anU tbe ?%eri?y of the weather in tbawhrtof. Ko explore ' ^na, he a<>^rt?. ahotr tbe m/anu:ti pat-eea wbt< b 'hir road ia V> r?J r> hw aa jne mile hi;:b al* >*c the lee* ! o' the Uk Atl art moie th?o ot.e mile Hjth. A large pi f on of tbe routes i* aiao dextitnte of timber ln? repair, and water ia eqnaily aearee. Tbe ir <ontain regions are d. -oi t'o, and * jth i.t a/rirnitnre. Tbe .-viuth i'aM mate, ee .?n bandred uhd Cv m tea. liea ia and amnf t ie ?NBUiaa-bdattl tb?- Bft ky and Scowy M.wii ta.n-? whi h ar? m^Te tban three 'Jiooaajd feet high in tte 1 weet flace. O'Vr root i mre conaiJrred eren ?*<>* oujaaiionabte. Tiic n> >at iavoraoie atate of the weai!i< r wr,. ' , ?. ?? tN- n?e of t ie read f r more Ui?n fox r ar <i\ \ nt >? in Tbe ye?f, wbi'h wottid o?t p.'r i ^e ira a A ;?a*1n? rial He further Mate* that no *ot--? La- y-t beaa dt?- > vered to e*i^t In tbe c untry ???' tne n --ttiern lice of Mexico ??! tiie ? humify ? ,,f the Brittsb pomnwona. where a railt *<i frtna tba ? Pacific to tbe MisateMppi t an tM b?ca'H, wt>h R;k grades and c.nw, and cun?trnc'.el at ?oeh a ecait, aa woold jnatify either tbe f o indiv doaia ia attemp'.ng ti bmld it, and tely npoa tt? eamtajjr" to keep it fn repair aod pay tor the u? *rf tlie RMioey eTpeo>?e*2, overon^ per cen. per ana" a on U?e (irat e?a? jt tf-e r <ad. It u itonbtful. tie e >i tinae? whether a r<>ai I <cated ouoa ?h? bed rmic could be MiVaiM4 Irom it* 'aeniogi during t^ie fi??t ten or bfxo yeara. erea aiirmld He Mlid ra be witiina to amk all their capital, an 1 4 iad?n tiie load to wboe oate; would g ve aeenrity t<? maiatnin and run it Att'.eiiMi of that tiiae m iner won bare to be otde'iied to eebuild t it wnote jihoa l, to replace the inrn iatU, (be tiea, and tbe f irwi ure a f th. road. Tl.e q f-Mnn t' Cfi a; r |.| t|.e debt lor thia nc- e?M/y e -natruc ioq be paid within tbe 1 next eca' iuK ten o* til wn )?ara, 'not tU aaer- e?rn>r.g-- ol the ro? l" ? railroad 2 M0 milea loud, from tbe ralley uf the Mia *?*ippl to S?:i f rau?-iiK-o. npf?j any rwue vii itev?r can b? IniK am) at->ok?d for fhn. x?u ,^r mile, r taking ? W (ifln.iwi for two thonaa- d miles. Tlie niajoiity IhII broviilea far tbe r n*tr?ci?en of rail ro.ida. an 'I tailneto r?iy. r?h?Te tie ar?osra lay from wi to eight rti n'lw in tie rear, and w en- only doga and aifda can i?e unrd, Urn *>low< ei-.a twelve feet deep esen under tlie mroixg r?>a of a July ann. A frw additional thoaghu u-r fet? Wliiy of t rnNiing a railroad ir>m tbe Pa< id. to the Af asM e'ppi are gtren. H?nno?e a raiimad < 4.1 ha bnih at ' ? coat r.ot to exceed oer oile. whieh a U-mma *0 1140^09 <m for twg thou sard talle?. Jnferm j on said ar.ouai jet "annum U 1 W ? road in *?pM nudged, wh.'b, at: l; MbW, nave* lort> Ave >>cr -eat of i's f i.t ib tl.iH caa?, uj'pct-i- ' lie h.ili oftbe e . rnt'igt are sa.\ed. and can be ''onnteii as clear profit: <o el*?r a prolit ol $x,.M?0 000 to pay thf interest, boxing mubt have to b" done to twice that amount, or # 17. Ui/U.0? <i per year Can a community of 500,000 , ;oJj in th?- Pacific ??o an overland business. the ! verv rort of tranfpi rting which would exceed 117,- J OOOl'UO? The toreign im|>ors of Cahfjniia, by j land an d s? a, in lr55, amounted to ouly $5,051 370; | tlit foreign exp< it# to #*,'2'.!4 OCti; total, $14,175, 445. | $1 ,M)?,6S1 ol tliitt ronnistt d of foreign produ e, which I was seit to otber countries. If, then, the entire va lue <f the foreign commerce of California ia only ill,' CG.OCO. what was the price paid fir carrying to atd fn m Culi'oruu thit $14,000,000 worth of goci'g ? If that commerce ha?l consisted wholly of iron, beef, pork, flour and naval ntoie*-. the coht of freighting it hith*r and thither would bare been one-tenth of the value o? the aitk-Us camel? say $l.fl00,iH>0. Had it con put.-t] ol biaudy, it would tmve cut ofl' $350,100; If f cloths cotton or silks, the freight would have n: Mined <o a small Fura. Rut the itMiguliican', ait of the commcrce t the United Suite i ii con ejed cp n railreada; the g;*at body of it Is done I tlie o:c;iu, tli- hikes, rivers, ceailri. plaak uid rt\?I rntdo. The $ 14.000 ,#t mi of California com Ht tce for 1 H65, did net exceed probably 11,500,060. uppontiK vliat fto ftvigtots in d<*me>-tic foods to and ! r m C->!iforu>*., by shippers from the Atlan'L ports fthi Vni'ed States. am<>a-.ikd to three mil'tons, i be tiggrepate freights earned woa\d be bat loir r four and a half million-* of dollars. Add i to thijj the farea for all pa??eugers to and freta Ca'iftrr.ia, by sea aurf land, during be left \'.ir, the a",{reir"e ineoirc f: - 'Hi r".*9eag?t-< aid freight, at tne high r*_tesa.^ojied. might amoaet ; to live or mx m.lii'.ni of dollar*. But a btaad *>or | tion of this trade co?ld Iks ukeu 'iwar icomthip j pers #r;l i-ven if it could it would bu? go part wuy l to Pir,?>ort one railro.vft, Instead of mair*aitunjrt.liree, I a.-- 1- rttoiijjiended by the majority el the c? mailt fee. Tfce majority of ?he comuiitt>e profess ta believe ! thsr u laree j :,rtiou ot the prodn d ins of It d.a anc ' ( ht ia -*cu:d rear ti the United -^.ttis by the ok j teo plultd railroad route. This i- fil tennis. It i wtl co?t as nuefc *o l ring* ton <w me? naudae fren j CYi ton or Cuicatta to San Fraa>..?co, m to b'iog i* 1 ??the ^ tliUBti- ; the expenfc of brlng'ng j; fr Jri ! Gtai'?.r.ia to ? *.v York bj raflrotul would ' ? a'. 1 * a't thtte Hiris an much' the pr fit, ex rtcl?d by ti?f nicrchai.T. i.p- n ibe whole I ? ua i>ow carried on When tue* I lacuite can b* conrevcd Iron C'Jua, or l'ro*a the i ? t It ?' ?s c Niw Y ik an . r? t.-Uii. f..r #1- 50 ! per ton, diie<i , is ii to be sup? ostd that -ait/ nit-r I chia>oi.-e will t,e r^ut from Cc na and !a<l':a t r. C.ili } ? in a, to be a.Bi cvtrland to New Y >rk a', a cost of I illn 16 pel tit! OM railroad built, as Srged by I tli.. x; ajonty, aoi In reqmrr t-> keep it in tunning ! order, t-.nd j*y only ?isn,iie inteit*t, upon flrut cost, ann ul taiiii .jrg to a>. amount of not le-s than : " .(,< i ? ( if two ~ucfc Btllroadu ;-h ^nld be buiit, tie earn wmiW hive vj r?-.~h i'i7,0iK>,000; ii' thie , c iOCJ?00,(jW)? a hum ot money gT-c'.er, pro Leoly, jtariy eainedbyaii the pping of ail the tceatri ot th^ w rid. /?ter hfeowing the irrnra-:ticibility of the proposed p in, Mr. Kit-'Vell inquires whether I'oi.gress fu>8 the coustit Mional authority cou lened upon it to provide for building lailroads or canals for the uses and convaalenees ot . the people ? TLis power, a? has sati-ti^i himself, tLe c. listitctlon doea not give to Congrest., by impli a'.ic n or otk-iwi^e- The a:>ove is but a v.rv iaper j 'tc? sketch of the admirable repoit of Mr, Kidwe'l, i'est jiw ented to Coogre?a, on the important TO^ject I 3' a lailioiid trom the >Uantic to th.1 Va-ilie. Strong ? ifl'.rts ha\e been made to get the subject* ;ted upoa , ihix m>ii ion : but thete is hardly a hope for it now. as CoDgie^- ha?onlv about tcven working day a ieft. Mr. Yut t a bill Tor carrjmg the mails'ia laid ' b " for the fe? :on. Tl>e Sei.ate <vm n?-i-ly uaani I k < w in reiufirg t > consider it. It is almost certain I twat an eCort r. ,11 le made to extend the Conifresa 14: another week. The amount of besiuew; before it low, *ith im importance, woila jastify this exUa I sun, ii member: would not asc the time for buncomb p jS-Vieal speech -making. Washihgtw, Angurt 1?, 1*56. Th< A*flo Ft ti ck AUianet ar.d it* Prmtnl Pro* pt ait? Spain, the Tuuchitonc >f it* Pit mcntncr ? Ci*. t Lit iu ill Playing liit Vuitid Statu at id CtUiu ax'-'in't Lm. ia Napoittm'i Spanish ProjtcU ? Th Busintti txfort Ctngrert, &r., fc. Theie being little or no doubt, from the character cf the nervo lately received, that England in trvlng to checkmate Napoiaau in his ifcugas upon Spain, 1 the qneetlon of tbe "alliance" cotmit up. ant] curi osity in :i roused to know what ha* bccone of it, and whether, no kr the pro* nt atr-te of thing", it atUl Kaj?-2eon and Clarendon Lath announced that the aliiaace waa entered into fur th* Kid harmony ? oUiv things ? uf Europe and Enroi**" r ^uicuie, and that the tco nut! ?m wudd consult asl act together for that cu?. Query: la the policy of I ranee in Spain Ju?t now in ualsoa with the wi*he* of England? aad haa France Eng land's approval for what ehe ia now doing in her attempt to ?vertbrov the (Jueei. a government and cttsblisfc in its *tia<* a NaroleoaSi- d yuaxty Tbe cfufiUiDce expressed by Lord Pulm-r t .ii. that Nape Won would uo nothing to mar the nurmony ex is'.'.nir tie*-*etn the two fcoreratatnti by araitd inttrfr rtnee in the affair* of St>aia is all very well, a far a* it c^ies; iait the pxmier omitted to ac<;ii?1tt Parliament that iti h inierferwo hod u*n rfhtii j.^'.od ov her Britann c Maj?vy'? r ?vern B cLt, ard that it had already advised oat of 1 1 re ? UinteresteJ frien*hip, io dispote rf the Island ot Cuba to he Uuited >UU-*, a* a moausto maiauia h' r ikOT?.rtr rr.t a&J throne. N?p<?!e.>u. on learning this tact * ill have *> Uuetit augacity to *e that hsa old *11 v ia lot only a rated ln>tu him. or about to doro.W th:?t .?he la placing him and hi* guae lothSpnln end the United State*, in advi?ing ?he ?ale of I'w tt to the latter Power. Sh( nld the Queen cnaent to open ne/otbtivna for th*' rale cf CuUa.With the Uuited State*, it .?? cert tin fl at Napckon will oppose the movement, amUhi* n L Lt prove to him a moie troubleeome aflair, nwe he g" t throogh with it, than hi* pre fer, t Aetifn npon Spain. The fact, however, ia i.ndouhNd that England has made mich pro p?iml? to H;?ain, and will mutiiu her, should >he wi.-h to open negotiation* wi'h the UniU-d H *tea upon the jutyect of u>c sa'e Thia alUir. to ?.be eid prunn-f ? dif.ii tilths to England and France wlixh might liave lieen avoided if i'raax? had not designedly rr ide the aiU to (ret tbe app?r 'i.tnd of her n< ifihl or and rival, in her atcaiUiy deaigua CpOtl Tho? ?nd* tl c ?jO?tu.d sllbnce whi h w is to co? ticl Et.rr jc at. ', cut iuUi pieceui?a< the 1 Ststaa. Tliere srt n an> ?mporuu* bill - hefore t'?e House tha' will ha e to he phhn d over for w.nt of time to act ni'oD tic m. lbc whole of tbe coming week will be takeui p in voting appropriations ? ?t least soft f ?rpr<#e?'. 1 be appnip nation" for thia l?!*tri<^ h*v? '.If en voted with readfbeaf . and tbe amount is nnu Jarge. C'ltium-*. jodging fn?a the pan, ha? ?r*!y to l>e appiitd t" hy certain -laa-k s in this aeigb lK)iW>d fo? money for improvements, ,-nd it is sur? to be forthcoming. Taese men are na n!y aperila ors. Mid thi t oi>ey speot is for the improv. ment of thHr pn>|?rt; ae mueb a* it ia for the be .tut of the Mstilrt. ADrflTWIEKTS BKMEWLB KIKII DA If . Etnttsiitm. /??R?XII mtrt'RiStM CP THK KORTH RIVKR-TO VI I tng F In*. Wysek. T?rrj 'wn In ri*v n. i- K?r-v. H?r ' :t? ?!??'' 1?M?? f W| iy. sant:'" ei"(pt?4l Inrng tfc* s?a>w??i lom"'.'!!# at Ami ? ? . -St. Tl ? aew mi't tyltii49 s?aam*r M KTlMl>r*?LITill. r?ptam K Kro*'. WMmvatha { ier fool u' J?r ' trf et. < yry nvnita ? : ? ? ?. ?J?ek. l it*V'?e P. im tJ* ? ? ii l?* e *.n/ - n -? I f M Sjr?'a. I .a Tur ri -' ii I. IrriBftnn fjl. PjJih* fert/, 2 '*'. I > I<M> i . >r.o*?r? li s.-Tt* n* til Hew Toik ?'i -jt ? n ? Pur* ?? MewwnrtBa, l? fallen srxi NMrnlnc la :??w fark. *<?ma; <? aU Ae laa ?i?*?^'. aad rsianiuf i \ a \ i? Sk <et.'? Per fortbet particulars lari-re of I t ry ; Jr . w >-*? atre? t. P'fiR kI KV RRAAUIt. nigRLARPf sad <w> n Port It ' f ironic ?(??> xr i*HHt4 ? onilllt. sill Nn .'if Hr? t ' r (Vw ,?? uw i-i > ?v ittti - ' *i a' - .in-* i- *? awiea fie f*h, ikil !?< ' 14 h H>?l m h i.?' . I' M l.'iornliV ewlr tbr n? <t tl ? i ' .up rri ; nftcK .fi krt t. UTRTtJif, captitr I tsrKs \ -r- * r- " >*t ulp* U> the ri?b''| ' ss ?? r' ' <J?jr luti if \* pml j T r 'k A M rl M. + . p ? f?Tfwr?? West. S ? ? ' "*?? * Bars* run, ?<> ?*???. f?. ? ?r !*? a*canu->a \I"EFI *kl' >,I. }? v PHU' PAVfl.rOJI AJtt> ?v Oweirtitrr.-THs fsrorit* H^n.rr MKU 't KT, ?*?: I ti Malts a V iitji J'-r1* j 'I <eHl, tr n- f?ot of Ravlai"i<) ?' r< ' ' ' WW' f *? <n? t<?? t apf ( Ann?. TW<M>I Sad fulr th.rn M ? l" R*?r e vrr ,?n r ? Bo liwna Smt 1 g, ,i , mi' !? n Rruri t. '9tuf ?.?tt#ti?K ru st I I, li' 4 .ii'i I . ? ? to?* Pars " 4 . ? tt'a. ?l??l f-O'J.iVn. H'rTKt^ POOT CK1AI, STKF.T KF.VvORR, I (flriwljf I|||Mh tViiUes * if - ill- ? !? -? Vn>i?.< ? | !himP''T k*i V* snd nv?t r*nir*i ' ) h?i?'" ? ? ? . .? f .. m ? m M, 'o Wan* ml nrp~ ? MI, A KK 4 RotlT MOR, Pr> MOfU MKV wnr, IKI WRtX I J I > mrfibcr 'b?t v ?! KI**1 tarilMl 1 r,,.,* ?i 1,< Bliitit l<iiMfpi erof ' *oli ael .uni W uiitni Hrsata, ?< . ' r ? r n.jrV. or #. i>sp work Mi Mli-.r i!w*?* ?i r .? 1*nn ntrtSenjiftAR IK>t?*lt op ?ahw tT.? I hi' n*? > ,<t : ts* ? oi#' as1* rtsmt*'^-! sn^ In ih h?i i i g m! |hp of fl # pv\ H fwi* ti it.f'ifi Afv 4 r fik II i A fotl f m pst. Or T" ?! s. . ,IT. ' !*?'? ?^ *rn AT \ 4 *>r ' rM) Btl s Ti "l, ?:tn<i?i rdat t'*rk>r? a??'l ""aroo"!*, fl frl *l p*f ?r iOMlvaOriM .'S. mo au wfNr. jLjm lAtamnp. tip- HOWRRY. N$aI% HOC Mitt tifgKKr- THE ^')tJ M*uh' II 'luu?v<#>i'?!le ^"jAuoMk <? i 1 i^U:u fct; inu* 'in?l uugtv rggpi alt? ??i uiuA-mlroo iim, oJ per ?uk. lben? rot'Mflffii u??? .itii'.v4(r(prii >4ie(l it i n WASHINGTON STJWSBT? BOARD \NI?l.ODrt a-'j I m?r J' * u town Boai'! with lo!*iiij{, 60 K>?id withu'ii iwii'.nis we*k liCjcmglrwa $1 ?? i?52 |iN Krvk. IUjmJ aujd i.?l?kiig per 'lay, f I. <Y1 4 KI.M STRf.ilT .'ORN'KR OK SI?RI >> ! - 1 f.KN I *. I t ' 1 ? ' 1 'ii ai"t t ? u to or ? it.* si i?J ? i;? , Winvt. <-nii | be hi nuiiso' .i'eil u ifh turi.mJud room. und i.owrU, >>r r.nmH | Kiitio'ii board; #i?? ..nd CnNOo water thru igh the ho .?#; r? "1 ?>?> EAbT TBIR'fKKKTII #TRBBT? THRBH OB Foi'B ICO <? >U? wfii ??? obtain l.nD<l?um? apartur it*. wltk or witl.oiit ftVrtiud U?nr<t Mutw In* t!M>; m b.ith t \ N'o otter lni.?i.;"r? iu tii'' U. uco Sfccuuii ui'l "hi'd jhuih c*i'? pi.r* .-tee b). It. f'- eiices rv ylrnj. lfl TKNH1 >TltKKT.? A SHORT BLOCK FROM J ?) 1 Uiu*dwaj A h .r.iUi me suit of roomn, on second !l x>r; ni l! liirnl*h>d ro< mi, suitable for single Ik isp tu?l Ciaw, A Jth oibUeru Uupromueula. Dinner <U 6 o'chifK 1 J 7 BTDPOJ* KTRKRT. FRON'TIMi ST. JOHNS -l"X ? p?r?.*--F ii rooaut* lei, with board. to idiifle net tlemen or genUem< 11 and ih- lr wl>?, also, a well fur i?U m1 pack t'ur vr; Uou.-euewly furnished. wl'.b all the m j<l<srn uiprovrnient*. ~i j s Twaurru street, one door i-rom seco* 0 liu ?vrnue. Kuutud oa M -ond tloor to lot, wUk board, l01l private family root* 1 may t.>; *ocii".d by railing ,wo ilitgip it'OB:a tor jjeuU.iuau, ?uli partial board, air m> j P? l^O KWtHTH STREET, BETVREtf BBOAOVaY AND 1 TU I'V rih av<nt?s.? ^evcinl vary pi?LR . J room*, A ir, I'll, IH?y btj luitl. 11S1 r.RAND STRBET, 1F.W DO*',t.s W HST VW 1 J*..i Broadway. ? \ ?eiiK- 'rivan an.t bir wife, ?,r ?pt. lr mciuou' be acoM>muii?i?U.d *ilh a Urge t oruiahe.1 fr*n aqd I aclcvoom; to be let* in suits or Hiuijle, w/.o board, If m . red. Alar, a smiill p>)in Tcrcr. moder.ite. PRINCE PTRSSKT ? A VAfROB AIRY ROOM wellYurulibnl, cultalila f ir % sentlem ?t? ar.4 v*-ii- . or two hiii/le nay bo ol>!wtor.d by app<Tis|r ?? at j\c. ?ou*e r n>?4lt?s biLh arvi L;ua. 07 KA"T "EVr.VTEBNTH STREET.? R003M TO tKT, t) | furnlaht .1, * fo or wiUkMt break fWtt aw: tea, in u pel ..." t.u*!ly. rjn tjS'RlNi! RT. F?,*t'R DOORS FROM BBOAD I V W.?TofaL MWHuiMMl; farrtah-d rooma, 10 aing* g< nilemewtfca Ioimuw in utwuttKIMolMkM ti. Inquire In tbe tciMln.; nt An?n lIo';.se. ?JA FR.?NRf IN >TPK!!V.? A Sl'If OK ROOMS, S I " ' Hit- thir?! tioor: ilai large double am I na'?- . ? ?,< .? t.i.-iwii, h neaU* t'otniabea. App'v na a ? ??ist of Uroaidwnjr, /?I BlFt-*K1? ST K i>T, NBA* BFOIDWAY- .'<"!> U 1 riCRwitly fttmlt'ieij parlors, on t4- .? uti , -? oil tb ? i-'eeotM licrf . . of a pr!v?? ? i.. ??', < it. ? the umlric ic| wctueivs, to let, wtifc t .- '??? . 4w .i.-i'.li 3TRKET, FIFE ibiORS W.iST Rmidnay ? v .uiet Mid p ? leol pit. -ate bon>e for a!n>-!e ijeu'Vu"'.! and (tntkmeD .aid tbr i.- v;? . * Tt.ii s r ".ioi.ab;e | Ut?L lud slower hatha f ????*. i I.AJDY AMI 1.. ML; M iNHaVIN ! V HO 'SB1'.'..? A puii'Ij fu.'i. sh' l wi-h to l"t ;. |iliM-.i:it room a n.- u ?r.d U.ij , i? >'Ujo\ the ooerforta of a lome w'"itb i.i li i-a*. Kefei pik ? ??\uharged 88 Lei'.ngV>u avet l*li 1 I" Hi I".- ' i > .ii.ll.' .1 *| ATI*. A FTRNI-'IIED ROOM \-VD It 81)1100 J OS .-E A ri-.'t i'por, will) to .i 'ingle get asm m, j. a ?mall : !i:tl) no j '? . ' o-i.lera. Apply at 43 Eatt Thirtee . h htiie- ??, I'nii iratty p'aitf. A SL.VM K t.KNIT KM \N CaN HE At VOSi MOP VTF.D JX ? hi i t!\ f umlaht d spaitmeita aiiting tat bedroom) ?i *'?'? ? r munyi tu a handraae* prtvae in mm . with partial I, li i ?"(tttrcd, ou ni.alrraAe ternia Apply tt Ilu !sua avi'iui , or., dour from Myrtle, Itrooltivn , 4 LADY AND ObTUHil, WITH MMUCOITll J\ lady, and- -Mini inii b" e.:comanndaleii*? "h net roomt tofpUk r, !n a mu 1 vnvatc ttardy; liouno ir?w. Those aaek iiC a ^'lli borne v. ill be i ''rd. Addreta t. r ilirt-; day*, c<nuu? UcraW hum, BOAMP? IK THE CPFEB PART OF (.UK ill'y, I'AN l> .id ii r a few i;i ntb u?-n or KenilemaaAnd their ? ii ?"< ?u a private liu tally where tae i t uitor'a at t. b >ma o.'ii be loiibd. Aili.rese S. IleiaM otlice. I)OaRO.? A liRN'Tf.BHAN AND RM WIFK WILL i ) -.J ii iiii,.< with iii in a In .-Imi* Iwum, Ki aaieii io one oi foe moat bealtti; ?ud de; gii lul ' e^-hboriiaod't up tenn. Apply at III W ?i ' j h at,, bmreeu Jib and #tb avenue*. Br AR O W\NTKI>? 1IV A TOPM1 I \I>T. I* i private family, tor wbicb "he would <l?vtt# part of her i tin in u? ebiDf aoaie of ita rxi nbera the purr, aa ooutpcoa i Una Tb u.' i.iiexi', pt.ouab e referenceaiW'.n :t rfciimred Adi.irra A 1<-Ialdc UenM<ttM. Board.? ci.TvroN pi.aob-onb uh two fvmi Ilea acid a few ?ln?le gaajfanaa can 1>? i -eomwxl.iu'd w lb fiimmi'i'l apar ii.enta a?d board in Ike ? ??.ry leair?t le kn iHoii. CI '.'Hilton plaaa, uaar Kiflh avenue. Ue'erence ??!? cbangec BOARD?A FRITATB TAX.n.1, BATIBO TWn NI. B fn nt roosti to spare, would 'Ike to |H their, wl^b Imaril, oi> nnJi rate i* rnr.a. Apply at ITi Weat Klfleei.iL aireet, cear b mn.'if. Board, ik a private family.? two^;knti.k nu n, or a ^entlenian and v.'fe. can be ac.*.xntuoiia*i d v. i-}; roonia, fun uwrtl for the laily - lily. A[ ply at 170 Urau i atrwt. T>0*RI?.? A (IK KH man WISHES jPABTIAI. BOARD D ?-|'h p- "| Je, ?bi-ri' ihi r.' ar-- but few bo*r<'r< a i(l tr.oie aUl Btl' ii paid ij run'M Ibau oarvmony. A am 0a room, and l.r> akl.ui about eigh'. i/n tbe ?????'. ante, an luo'iory :?r af kwt. AdJteaa auong iirni Ac., Coluiubua, llvrald oOlre. Bninn u tonm tBooat vi -a f*i ? lv, r?- M'r i' id a ap*i lotia and r lei; air ly furntahed bcua& a*' i?ii'd wVjMn three m.iiMtea' walk of the oouth f?rry. aaui ! e bappy to aoooaiBKHiala cne or two ie*f?-a for il>? wi'^tr Apply ai MCminn ain-ei, within three doara of III ka J>OnRP M ANTED? FOR A TOCNO I.ADY AND J hi r brother, near itro>r-e and Hroailriy. fine >et aa )ttr laother ali-ep? ? laeirhere. A wjle stat.r ij leva, wht' ii aiuat be tuoderale. directed to M K., Ilera ?! olbc >k- !1 1 e utti ndeit to. Ileierabee gtvi n "IV \RI> WAKTtD? FOR A OBVTLEMAN, Wirr. tXD J) cblkl and two Ud n In a p!eaa.jit location, and on or i,?ar arallcoadnr route fcrma to be moderni*. Addreaa K , baa t*2 Poat aK -Jt. BOARD WANTED? IN HROOKLFNOR BOBrBM, OB country i ear, by a tfiailtaiaa. in a private fai?!!y, where ?.her"- an- few or no ktardera. at (.t a week with laaejl dia n r. i eat of refer- ia:e. AJdretn ,1 R., H.ookiyn Poat lor this weHu Board wanted -two oenti.exen with their wi ea, audi to procure perm-v.. nt t*.?.r?l. In a genteel ?rtnMMbJnily, where iter roBuoda ot (at e?u he ??jore i. 1 <t>k* inuat 1? d* -irable, ttata rea Herd and TwaHwtl ?in < 'a. and rear Braadway, preto-rcd Addr-?i C. am! T. S , brt 'jT.O P at ofik-e. Tcrun must ? mi..! rmt?. Board wantko-fiir a boy aokd roc r?kkn. and a K'rl r.l?ven, w th a respectable woaaaa wfee won d ti.aki th' in a> mfartabiH, Add. "-? itoarii.i g, llerull otlre. TttMRDIKO DtiWN TOWN -TWO OENTI.BMKN CA?I |> |,. .iceouirt"tflatr<i with a plaanant paatu in .? ',r?te!a-a huo t?. No. liClluriiMia alreet, <loora from II d-on Apply at III WartenaUai t. nOARDINO ? A FKW MINOLE OENTI.KMKN ANI> \ g. ntieataa ai d wife can be aeeonuno-iated w h iloi or oar. nl bwt 1 at. l r*rmtorL.ble, airy roocnr, In a pla.u f*ai|!r A| ;>ly at 7' H Sixth aver ue. o *RlilK(.-TO OKNTLENFN - A FEW OBNTUXEM .u b? aeeoann odaie4 with well fwniaoail rootn<a'd r<^. ' i wild at 1H !-e\.:i'b a'anne, bttween r? o ??.eti.| slid 1 * ? i ,t v Hi.rd atrre'a. Ha'be |U, Ac , to Iba iieiae ?t-<*' p ??? be d "ir e-ary few miiritaa. BOaHDINo -WaNibh. in nv tv ? re ? | i . "able ToOftg men. a enirforu' l) 'uri .b"d rf?n. ? tthpar .U ' rd. ? a i|?iet genteel fauiilv *h? <- 1 r? ira te?> O. no Oilier boarder*, aad where tbev w.taM hat i on P r? id a h* u.e. I'im.i mtin be m niara e. itefe-. raa j.hanjrd. til I. eaa >' l!. 1 . 1 o\ A? ? Pu?t ?r.. ? N B H O.VhDINO? A VERY PLEASANT R'?<>v CAN IK I 'lain! d by a lad -. aw! fe'.Utnii w/ht-ar-l o' 'ae latv mi'v. ti. a rerr nail famPy, wb. re tbere are nj ,n, .iera, r, a>r? bon-e wi tun ate alia i?ea' Walk of Uta f. r* b ave i ne r r?. A d'l re?a W . box I.KJ Herald off. e. Board w?nt*d? in the rorNTRr. a hof.i frwto New York. Pr atwfllav, ?l 'WO rk<H iirrn, and two aarr?n'a Appty, by letter or la pc.-?>n iMJI twiy a'tael, iy ataira. Bo^n wanved.-a onmiM an and m< wifbI I wl?h a farri-l.ed room, wl'h Hard for foe Itly. andj brrahfaa; and lea for the ?et? wttfc a ?nui! P'I'B ramtlr tem s ai-nt I.e a?-?erale. Addreea. with I -ill pa lettlara, A- P- B . Herald ofla a. Bi i ! \ \ i i ii , v >i > > v r i > v ? s \ \t | ?MM (>ntle<aen. aan Ne aeriwnw>i?Ui.-1 wuh very ple% ? e ' ? i .1 -en'' ' ? ? ? 11" ho . I . . a I f I ? ? ? I "'I vafo u S A| .> M #1 Saada atraa*. Beferenen ??? hang' d. (Vii mv liOARD WANTFD "BOVRIi POR \ f?EN J tle?n in. wife indebtl l. in aom? country town >>r v I'a re. W thin oa<' b< nt ? ate of New ?orV ?|? Jan- *ry A li're a. bi ? og airaUon and pastw.ulare. ? onu ry Hoard, boa '5 'era d oQ:. e m.'il Ir. la>. / 'OI'NTUT Ro\Rp_*riR THE <-F> Sli'K IIAl.F A V i ? ron Bab Hi ?e Paml. -a sr.' ? n/le g ? ? : |e?nr.i r in be aeeiiwmoitalod wttb hoard for the ?mn ini*i , ine ri 'ft I, I'rable good batliiur bonttng a>at tiiht- s v ppiy if iti ??lwa> . ?"T\er of Nuiih aires. t, or at the pr-Mi? ?. n- -.r Cli.l^lRY BfJABti WAMin-inH tHBEB LA**! cb InrikCiS'H In a nlita farni kne ? here ibero ta b d[ ?,n?at.le. Ai adj i .?? . preferred. ami ?< -a.-adaaa I rson. AddjeWJ. U> fw rHished r'h m parti \l no un, tf i*1? Unt ed. in a t r ' ? ms bo'iae, Pa* Wi '-?1er all ea* , a ftdt 'If parior rwm* t#aa. l a bs. ae. tj'i r nhhrd par i.i ir aid i rdrou* m i^r, J (n one o* two ? ngle ?' iit|ei i n, ttttlo'i: beard ri a re y asant nelg bV i l?nd App > at No. 1 (iaidcu rvw, i-ofii"r I BB1M1FD \PaRTMKST? WANTFO? TWri SITTINfl in n i and twa b*dr<MM, * *h ? er.danee of eo-ik and ii 1 ? una l t ear "dadi??in avenue and fwen'j eiK?tha?raet ?in ... bos m PaatOfoaa tl 5 'ItKD ROtt*} T(> r.ET -T'' t I.ADY AVI>' Kt tiew an- t.'-ard M" *f?e !as. i rlv, T >e idt#i 'aer !i 1 iM t" -eat .nariHivst e?t tm ? ira and a'a^ea ?n'1 bsdull m '.e t? Wwpro am r ? Addreaa WaaaWa, Me jadwar ri f i f>V WANT P'isMD OR lt< VRDICRS WHY *OI to_i ?!.i ? a gofe.,: It la .'It ?? ? ? 'l1' Jf .'f ar.y pern-IB :aa|inyrp f t f ttwnrflea are la ?rwiN 711 Bi ??|t^TI.KN^V WlSl VI VKBV S I'l'Rl'iR J eri'h hrwMail >!? a "i a i r , ii cieavo ;aJ at U > .nth |t|?F Bo uumo mo loo am. N^O 1M WIWBKBY l,I,ACi:.-A'GENTLRMA*> AMD wifo or a fcw single gentlemen ta be a. 'viMBodited witb t ? >nJ, lleuae I1?* all ihe modern impreremsa YjluYAi UrRR^U HOAKO.-A KK* fll.tdM Or * I tn i ng a pie* .ant residence, can he hand !v ,vr miiu"lat? I ? n very libetul terns at38Wes' *?> te( nili ?': ? t, ue:ir KiMh avenue. .buven s T. JOHN'S PC, T7 ABB. -BOARD OA* BF for c<n(U-?en an t their wive* ?o l sir ? OHTAINBU ill K onm overlooking the square, at 161 H ner at six. s TATF.N ISt. AN 1) -'TWO OK T' ' HK^)'K, T\UI r k ? gentlemen, wi'ldii* t? haveap -?R ? I . ? m nfhs ran have dellgtatfuiar -or receive for a few ? y amndsttons in a private f.iuii mLi'b room U r1 or. RieftmondM, nr (Juirantlne Vox th!u,' !'? st office ' will h --quire.!. Application addressed .re prompt attention. TWw*vRtoTfl aVT BOOMS-. VT 10J EAST Jlia pi-tee of f.'.bif ^<Wnre tor sale; a bargain. HROAD Rcnt *11; ATISSH W1SHK8 TO HIBB A SITTING k itchen. i' ' *e uTe bedr.'um, and two smaller, Willi use of : , and waier. loset, lu a genteel house and ,l ' '' ?*'' jI>\ twi^bi orlm.>l. private penteel family, where ' _ ' ' " ImmMitii, not hi-rh'T up thin Twenty-third street; lit nm Wtjo?rd $??*??> per annum. Address A. H., box 460 xVistofltae. T1J?: ADVERTISER WISIIKS TO PROOURK PKRMA Mint board ior ultih Ifand wife, in a abated priva'e?faniUx, iv the -rtmfcris of h >me can be enjoyed. Two room* on V ?econd llwr will be required. Location mast be desirable; ?k4 b.iyf.nd VTi'nn square, and near Broadway, Address E. R . bo* A IK), feat <>illoe. Term* must be moderate. TO LADY IIOCSEKlOKI'KHrf.? A ORNTI.KMAN, WHO has ;. Ijoum furnished wl h .-an, baih, .v ., wauta a la ly to h ive mi ."rial phare iu inak'ng ft .i good class b sardine hrnse, or lie ?? riid yield Ihe entli* control nnd p'oftte, being himself , 1.. r. Ca?h or security required. Address Felix, Herald

TO i.KT-SRYKRAX. NICK FURNISHED ROOMJ, TO singh geutleiiicu. without boa/1, with privilege of (he ; > 'or. Tie from $- totl a wee!:. A pply at A3 Woorer t, botweu Amity an 1 Rlee-ker. 1'PTOWN ROAltDlNti? i KKW SINOI.K ORNTt.H \ i men, or gentlemen and (.heir wive* ean bo accommodated wi ii haii'Uuuir i u .iished or uuiurninhed rooms, with or with on: loat j. In Forty second ntreet, b* twe?n lii oa I way and S vU ena ). sc 'aid houf e frout Broadway, north aide. T\rANTF.n? BY A flKHTT.KJf AV, HH WIc'K AND V? miii, two bedi'oonia an t parlor, on sec ind (1 .or ? iilso kitchen or bateau nt, and -ieeolnv place for a serraat, all ua i. '..-In*! house to n.ite the uinaaro iui; roveuieni*, aiel to be !.? :\veon ilh and li.'i stg., and 3d aud tiib ivena .'S. Addres-t \. I.. I'., 1' < 1B< c, tux 3, Ivf. TJITANTED? A OOOli PC%NIr<tlRD ROOM, WITH M Vo.u'i! for two ji?h.i(B at 1 a cliM, i.i a pl? \ ?.atnr ,'fi tKirhot t, 0:1 tli?j wett nu\v nf the ''ity. nf ove ? i??*? I street will ui |^uu?n^iii. Private la mi iy |>i*eV?rr?iiie Term* motleraie. A?I tit C. Jt. i>., rnnmv A I r,Q v. .? \ km ky !?!. v(?k. ? i iik s;: .in u s!o..y ro LvO "? is.-! ..g of two) .. ?' ra and be !ro >rj, h i tiggn n. ! "'on ;:i le room more room n be firiiUhcl. it ??*. ideii ??, j fo'ii hou.iea from W.. h'.s^ton park. Apply on he fri int*< s. t La Kui: i;< OK TO LKT? 31 BooMri, AND i'l'HM iV turo tor aaie; will accommodate W hoarder*. '?> now in ? oi:#c yfj.iv ?'cr.t $oa); i u.'uitare, ev rj'thia^, itbi-, <rm> i.i.- i ( ? syon uunedliii '!y. H \V. R1'"H VHP.', v.n )tr ! ?, ay. i H'KMSIIBD HOt'HB TO LET? V KIN K NEW .V hou.-e, tUr. *tcrle* attic, hi?h itoo,?. #r ?? niitUIy fur nbdied far up town, but ?:>lighuitily aitu i'.' d, had' a bioek ! i ia Sixth avenue etrs ami liroadw.>y gtage*. Miw. of the rent taV: u i" board, wtahud. In i aire .it -% B.oadway, Mom 10 to lo ekiek. Puafwloa at riy time. HANDSOME FLOOR TO IKT? (ONW riN?! o* rtkmii, h 'tb wardrobe and pantrie*, wu'or aud sink; can l>e Lad lyr applx iiig at OA Eaat Thirty :r>'. strut. between 1 oimh in 1 L> mijjton aveaut *, in * beautiful kt^iiborhoM t. P< im *xion taune<r.iely. 4 OIK D THREE STORY HOUSE TO LIT, IN WESI J\. Thirteenth street; *?*, bath, range Ac. Tbi x i* lixtnrea wtil oe -old rcanoitafciy; yearly rem ma. Alan, Him tlir't story Imhuh> Sullivan sir ?t, iiMr Bleecker, r?kt$jtH>. Ap ply io i'. W. RICH \ Ki?S. ?r, Uroadway. D1MRABLS ROOMS IO LET.?' TWO ORTWilEK HEN th ru* ri r^n ol'iiin pleasant ind l.e!l furoNleC. looms, In a drat ? !???> brow a atone house, plea sandy ioca'ed, ?ooi emeu: io tie f.i? nri s a* Apjily at 71 West Kcurtetntli -:'.reet, r.rai hoo-o. west of ^tiib irenni^ T7?rSJS?HED KOOM, BEDROOM, AND PANTRY. WITH .F pi i? "?e iu parlor, tirr C3.A0 per week. at ril < bryabe at) vet. near (second K ti. n'. Ha'li r.nd gas iu il?e bouse. Hotel, barroom. restvurvnt and tenpih alley* for rest oi fur ialu.-rhe proprietor of i>ie wi ll mown em 'ilisniieut. No*. ys and Ml St. < hnriej itr eel, kirn* n a? Murphy's Hotel, eensiatJng of hotel apu-aeut* ea pali.c of aoftanniodatng UMvMtera, a well appointed realm ran: on tbe lilt Iloor, a Larg- and eleuandy I urn. abed larrnom *ud tetiprn ?:!<?> * ihc finest iu 'hi city, bring about k> retire .'.-o?n bj>ii.??s >? deairoua of rentiiiK or iv liing. Every dejiart n.en< of the alovc mentioned eatabllnhment la amoly auu ele (,'aiiilj furulAed, and read} for tlie ie?tee*r pnrehawr Ui take immediate i>oiaie?ion. The hotel adjoin* the ft. (Ifc.irlei 'heaire. and oue ?<|uare I rom the St. chat ies lloiei. Tbe iea>e bai t?o yews to t nn from July 1, IhM. with the privilege nf me year* more Poaeeeeloe gitta Oeu 1. Ihjf For pararn larf, 4pt>ly to RD'HARD Nl'Ri'UY, No*, 'js and llM Hu <%arlea utrtet, X'ew Orleanx. 0\r iui.K ok a rcRNibiiKD orricR to let? in the mow eligible poeMw to I 'wie street To a erntlem ia enjfife.i in tbe money or broker*** bustnrax. the rltuatioa e.iiu o: be ?urpa?(ftl. Addre** box S.S32 Pint oliioe, Y. I ALU _ couutof ill b'-aJtb. Cfi'KK To LET? ,-TOCK AND 1 JX1 1 RES KOR 1 ..i I'M I io<.?<<>n *l eet, near Maclui^ul. hold -n aecuu TO I ET? IN Horn* NO ?? WEST IZKVK.M'II Si RfcKT, on laije wb .<i,a t? lr>K>ui on ftr*' M<kt, ..nd one ! -rff i <?iiii i? " I Ixioiua on neeon l IUku .iwi |wo rooms iu tl.ealtii . iteut tuo-ierab!. l'l^aeaaion uwiiaiclj . Wui lie >t to <itiK or more tiiiutLee. K. L. i> IK.'.' HAM. Agent. 83 WcV. Eleventh xtrcet. r-rt I ET? THE TURK? STORY PRIOR E.OCb> NO. *IU^ W"l F J^eenth *tre?t, wl'h all tbemtHlera lmpi ovem"uia. , "i I. Ktf tuh avn*.ue ear* and ?t ^e. lujuire at No. 3 llainmrinit *tr? et Alao, to let, the *:?r? nortlieaat cor tr of II iii'sm. aud I 'tiarltoii ai.eeta.baa been freettpls I a* a *bo4 atcre. Inquire aa above, or at Cktittn *t TO I.ET? A f !NK CARRIAGE HOCFE, TWO STALI.* and a larr? bay left, at I? , Mallier.y cveet, ne.r Hioen |?q?baat?S Hrrome Itreet, Or at 16,* Kan Four ,e?n.b etreet. ?? TO III OR LEARl!. 'WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESION ? TLa prem eee^3 ^rtng (treet, near HrtMlway. wuh a '.niiit'iig m the r ear, eulUiil* firapa-.! or lun.uure tuab'i r.e rr ?. or j?v o^ergeuM<l cuvirtta. Anrlj torf. H. HI' roil \ - v. lohi s'r. e-. ?TVi I.ET? ON RROOKI.YN HEIOLTS A FINK THRKI 1 t'j.ry I i, k bona*, .-oo.raa-i i ng a fi-.e ewuffei S > i riu- house i* at eood order gav Ac. Rent low Ui a g nnl teii att. AKo sevt.-a: n'ce Ikiu '?? in Vew York. K. I> KINBUIMKR, Sill Fo u h i-v'tme. fO LKT? THE rri'FR pvRT OF THE TWO STORY A ho. in Ro. U F: snkim ?' , roeilethig cf three rao rs <>o . n nil i'ia.r i? ?' ? ' ? ? ?' s ? I v ..-k baaamen'. Pu*? ? ?. r tuim ,ii*ii y. Iihjuucou :i.? | reuilse*, or at S&7 Hro>dMiiy, ?egar itore. rl.O I.ET- A TIIKFE FTORY HRIrU It v -HMF'. r I hoii?e, wt'h i?. s and water, b?l " iy, Ac , r.e i all tb? rrtlee, No. 9B kouiii Th^-d -'re-', Wllllamabuig. Apoly on lie 1 1 emist's, or at ktrooinc a", New Cork. Dr. HEINE. fO l.ET-PAMT Or JtrCRE NO. ll"! W ilSREN HTBEET, 1 ?? nil or without e>Uair a ehft ? We itKin for a wlwi' ,t cer. Hour, }notialew er ftxll (U*l?r 'j.iir at iLu 'jtiiue ? f aab! store. ?ro LKT? A ViN>. ?l<#t>E. WE L rt'RNlSIIKD, TO A 1 lady, or lady ind ger* rti- ??c ipaat a lad*. ? irhee In take n poi ion of fie rent in !i??rd One or two . in 1 a>. ng 1 aider'.wi. :ld retn^'a, tf a:;i*e?ble. Ad lreaa C.i'np t.e'l, Itroadway Pout cite. ro f.ET OR LPA"I? AN OLD BAKERY K'AND ON I a'l A', i n ie t o. ? g tl e fii'er ?" lion ?? Mr*aidM.i\ ai d .1 V ri'0 :e. ai d Ihlrtj aeroiid el. to Win 11. ?*; ; ti ?* e-r<er Bread Way and Tfcir*y Cfth at. t . I., t-tiii. hook ^ xprino >vrk;:t, tmukti 1 ? - * 'I III '"III reel nr Ml |e- the atcrwl ?:? ry f V is n ir-te 1 ret a r. b?- ? g ? ?l l.eei p4) rrc l a:,d pahit" 1. >.. . e i ? til I . II .? 1 H IT, .'Hm Itruadwr < . p<? utt-thk thrk^ btobt drick tioi m i t J fin- < T ? ! ? ??'. > Ith ?,?, huib,, !i?l '??? ''*'1*. Apply mm Pnwt iw$r ??p*.*i-i. '|V. I.I.T? T" * fVAl*. tllWP*.T\?|,t FAMILY. THE I . r pert V "? %> ?t Ktgb!' ' ii i ?re mmkMIiI ? f fmt.t MMMt, tw? parlor* no I) it to?r. kbJ Utft ? iuouh <-B hlHli'O! r> m $3S0 11* I.KT-TO * UKK 1 1 KM AN AND T.AitY, AN W.K ?a*tljr fi.t t>b. t '-'I twiaror dumber. with I irl ?it, It- '1,' .,,'v * I p'y I' :fl WtOf.'f Mi .Hi, M if W??!l.ll;> tn? |ara<fe ftr \r t To KliNT? CARf Or ' njAHAXT HN<I IN TWKR t) 'bird fee'. ????( of Ml h #i rnaf. c i>l tail f- i r'T". 'o' i 'ilr i mi m<l I mm nt hi an fnrntalMa a ii .i!l kio'i'id i<*mtki?n4M. AMtn II, t? m 1.0* Poai .4* a. T< I OR V TKRK or vr*H"~\ FfYK ' TORY h'K It b>?ti4irrj *n k>wr pirt of Waat ? ?i mttrr, *ir ??< b "-piirat*. II ta .n ? Ur?l r..v ? t?a mm l->r nj b if '.?M im<. will i ? l?t at a fk r n-n'. I'or petiH.ui.urA, 1. 1 | ijr t. I . W. f \ 1,1 M, AS R' -'or ftre'. rT.ANlH.OFrw -ANY OKNTt.RMAN Willi INTKNnS If ling II !? Ict, an.l hti ? 1h . ?? in I' e upp.'r i ,. I lflk<" rt'T lh:<U"> lo IfKT* op'i> ?Ti I lift f of ? f?.|# *4 ?"it.? man. wfcn < r t<'i * >h? ben- < I refti ??-i?*?, will ? ?!?? M I I., hoi Ran Net < mi . VtllCAL AND BJItttm. a m? w r brutifu, \*i? wi.wunn flARvr.i 3 ??\fa rim wood pie ?6wte for aeie with * l-ic'il '***- *11 r??ail. bjml?'.ni? nciilhiui'l aork, ii<-hir..n M'r Mm i <-iif I'al ricli t?.i e, wbieh c. n ne full/ tried. It.. ? h* ii In i ? nri) I*" it: ? I", aii'l bM th* maker'a fu'.l war ??'"f f"i I?i)y"?r<, M 'I be ? 'M ft f*.J ri*!i. If applied fo? ?rilhnw Applf n> >'n. '?i W at Kl' fcivb etrenl, near I lh .\*i.u>- fraii a A. M. '? T P. M. * Firil ?*l? 7 Of'tAY* K'??KWrM>T> J\ | in ? 'irt? ???? bM I'IMIf CiiitliH w'th rmitfl "or (in. .< i aii.i. aii rt.uau, n< :i/>?m?a I ?<-rV, an-l cla ?h fcifir fml?h< ! In ?'?ij r??pect, iIUi. b.'iliw., )'n??. aliit-% . l?u ?*?(? I* ib<- aarnf a pan" * a (cm, ua^ ?i? 1 1 w i ? ? 1 . . I? t ' (V?i In ar?rr pnrf W Ml l>? Mid t <r f ' >ppiy No !>"? f '?!?? ar- iu? for tfilatrw-t. or li'ir d?}*, from t A. M til! * I* M. 1 1 1 ' roi. i'?hfwo<iii Pi?N'?ronTN f<r ??!??? >;<>?i fl?' rule'? liBl?lie<l In ?rnr y war. rk-b iciivml aofk, r i?ifl ail Amm, nlai>l pl?tf. ilia.;oiial bir niiu la'pal rtl?. Ma:!/ ii?y. ar .at beaut, ful u,i e; e.:i lie in Wij *?) ' i - ' ? ? ill be 'Oi 1 tut <J4V A|,t ,/ at TnlT ?MtnT'Wi ? ?et tarn <fnn-a fVom I'njrii, ilrC'jk yn At* mi'.' W wal* f ctr "utMn >s rj. \N OH' A M> T, V IO ri.W am. OM|?iN\RY A *"?!? * .-'V aiwl ? ? ?; Ctl a-' I n tal an, it* t. t a ?< nat.?t ?? f)'? ' ' w ?"?' ?w? nn , etawi n rp w"'ro.k ?n I W'lWMlH rmru*mgl*mt. AUraia ]| a. BetaW _____ t; AM'??r W.?N*?>?_HY A YOI N.I ! ??/ *l> a<taa?joui? ?hiaiali naperfte tr?ow1< I-;* of ik" Ii at" ?t" 1 ,,r f" None u-r I r t unit ' I>? ^,,,,>?? afj'Ijr. nffr I k f M A ;? r ? II. *?i'h. H#<lflrir<l *?rnne, e?irnof N -a ?*rri_t, 'r _ A.fc ???? notices* A. -TUB MBIPKKK OK WALDEM8B fcOlKJR. , 9. A. F . A , Will hold * public meciBg at V K ist Hr.ndw*y, ou W?dt?*<H/ evening, August iK ra?nlsof 1'rotesAsjitism are Uivlt.-d to attend Doom oocu at 7 o'clock. Speekli> M commence at half past 1, DEDICATION OK TBK NKW HK ADqiTART RRS OK the Sixth W ard Kriummt and Day ton Club, Hrooltiyu. ljtdies invited to bo present. 'I ho liall. Iliite the Tlutch Reformed churoh) ou thf corner of Couil and Hutler ?dreeta. Brooklyn, will be dedicated iu Kre men' nrid freedom this (Tuesday) evening. Reserved seat* for ladies. Ju dee Kimball Joseph llexle, Ks.j., and Col. K. L. Snow will address the meeting. i ? rod tinging may be expected. HOTAL1NO ASSOCIATION NO. 1.? AT A RKOULVR meeting of the llotallng Association No I. thu fid . owing pr< smile ami resolutions were uuanlinou dy adopted:? Wheieun, .the city of New York has, of late year*, been sadly misgoverned, It* ben Interests neglected and the in fluence acquired from the fact of holding the hliihest official porli Ion lii the city porverted to aeltinh anus; and whereas, a reform I* gronlly needed; I here fire Resolved, That we now club together for the purpose of electing none but lioneht, efficient and true Americana to o'Hev Resolved. '1 ha' from our knowledge of Samuel Hotallng's honesty and enercy sa n business man, and rromonr eertiiin'v of hi* attachment to the American causa, wo have determined ti| i. u th is assoc-attlng ourselvea together for the inn-pone of using all legitimate means to secure his nomination for the office of Major of ihc city ol New York. Resolved, That we openly a.ow our purpose, and cordially Invite the Co -opera' Ion of nil who deal re to secure the services of one well >|iialitied to administer the affairs of the city In such a manner us w ill subserve the best interests of the people. Resolved, That a copy of th. se resolution* tie sent to Samuel, and to the New York Express and The Age l?r pub lication. JAMRHllROWNfiON, Pmldeut. Richard H. Cipun, Secretary. VTRW YORR KIRK PEPAR TMKNT FUND.? SRALKl) A.\ proposals will be received until August 13, Inclusive, for turiiMilng shoes for the New York Fire Department fund for juu ) t ar, from 1st of October ue\t. For further Information tpply to J. N. PHILLIPS, X5 Pike street, J. Y. W ATKINS, ifi Catherine street, B. 11. THOMSON, M Bcekman street, School Committee. OFFICE RECRIVBR OF TAXES, NO. 33 CHaMHF.RS sire* ', <n?'V Court Hotlta.) New York, June as. IV>i.? Public notice. ? To avoid the risk* th iL must inevitably no" ir from the ciowd of lax payers who put oil' to Die 1 iteat iliy ih? payment of their taxes, I nave determined to adopt the follaw ing rule, w hich will be rigidly adhered to durl'i,; my term of i-Ble*;? 1 shall receive no monev after 2 o lock i' M. Ev>) officer in this department la strictly prohibited from receiving ??nvelopcs containing money or checks for the navmeut of ?axes. Ily order, tlKNl.Y 11. UOVVAItll. Receiver. rpo CO A I, DEALERS.? NKW YuKX MRB DEPaRT X meat Fund. Healed proposal* will be received u.iUI Au >i?t 13, for furnishing about .'ion ton* ol co il lor th Now Vo k I We Department Fuud, from October 1. For further liii riui tlon apply io .1. V. WATKINS, Ifl Catherine street. II A. HI'KK. corner of ' 11:1 and Frank '.lift streets. J. I'llV KM, m Front btreet. Wood and Coal Coinmittni! N H - The eomn.l'ten reserve* the right to . ic t . ty or .ill f the < s' una i es, if deemed for th? Interest of tue N civ York t ire i epr.riment Fund. CUPARTKRHSIfiP HOTlCKti. JJQ n/in -WANTED, A PARTNER, WIT!! TIIH %? O.UV/Ui amount, in a highly i i^p?" >i?Ie, pl<v int. m l prfjii'uhltt biuftini'w. now ''staMi.-hft'l, in v/hi< b a lor-une tem?d<; u fi-hoit inie. An* hone?t nu.n, wUHn ' ? jhi in ?M(Ucuhh. and own ihe hn'f of ti?e c'lictun, and lo tis?; financiering of if? n cw*h bu.sin< ** strictly? -may addrc a Iron, f I ? raM cilice, lot two day*. ?*1 Oil A ? TV'ANTK!), A PARTNER, WI * fl I'll IS vJ .OUV"? amount, iri % long c<s'.? pa. ?? <?> *:?wiriH on Hroadway, il 'iug the cream 01 fh * iim !?' i'.iy . h-i-'a untile easy. Apply to AM)EK.SON x IMKisiS, U'S i'roi J ?% my, room t. ?^1 (W\(l partner wanted in a maxitpa^ttr vl .Ul/U# in;: b:u*inc**, in full operation, piying a Ut\?e t^rceut%5?e. This ia an eicrllcnt opportunity tor an active tu*n. Reference ?lvcn and required. Apply 10 ilOW ?8 ?fc X)., M Nassau atrect. fir: Ail ?A PARTNER WANTED, IN A TEN YEARS' e.- 'abu-Ued buiue-s, and yields a yearly pro.i* ?f $4 (?0U to $.Y(XK); hu.*iuft-s cash, and no riyk. Full particu hch on uppiicauon. f\ B HOWES, 335 R roadway, room 14. to si.uuo. ? paktnkk wanted, in a sake i O'A/ < uhh : .min? hi, IV in winc h, l>v strirt aHruUwi. a lortui.o ran bo realized in a short time: tnU it a rare ehau:e or un activ c m. n. Apply ai Broad wav. A. CAMPBELL A CO. -PARTNER WANTED, IN ONE OK THE BEST ^JUU. down lown drinking h.i loons In th.' cliy, uear VN.i. street, i;i hIh -It ti <<h*1 bitsnn'ss limn can rr ilUo a for . ? ?. App.y lo lluWEri ,v CM4Xumu street. JM (t/k To fjiO.-A PARI Y WANTED, TO IIAVK AV r it. ill ijit' i'fvi nrW lake the iniium4in''ULifa hfitRl; or v.eutd m'11 out on e.isj terras. I he house can ic->miiiol lie boittareniy bouder*. Address A. It. ?:., box 1TI llw ?.J 1 Hi**-. iiJAA ?A QKNTI.EMAN WANTED TO FCRCHAMI ? 0.1" L.iii mmr? t of retinue partner lu n t |. a?>"it traveling bueiiHMM, wb.cli is paying i.W s mwstli cl.-i.r .-IrkO"-.'* Is tin- cii.i-p of selling. Call, w.ili the c.ish, Croat u to ?. <m Mr. DRAYTON, Tammany Hotel. APART.NKJt WANTED TV TDK PRINTINfl ItlTSI dps*. ? A praniicsl printer, or no ent*rprMui( bii< nt*^* man. H im out onumian 1 u cash rapitsl ol IVM, may ra ik- hii uriunf riutiil with u person hIiu Iuik s nrintli ? <-:i. ? uu'l s aociil slind tor work. Call nt No. .V* W.irren STect. Al?o, wsBtctl to purcliauw , a socouil li.uvc! stauJrn^ pros. A PARTNER WANTED ? IN' A S\U?N UOWN' TOWN, with in rrsily cash ; lorstiou one ol ihe best in tiiS iM. Hlo're h for<un?run be ieali?ed In a <r\\ jesr*. A'lJn?>s II. II II . tlir.iM hi.iIii,* \M .?|| .in I Hli.'ie nil infivii ?% 11. ti l>e Lad and glvliit; lull particulars. PARTNER WANTED^-IK AN EST A II MP H ED III TTER sml provi?io*i bu?li>csa with from let 11 KH? [?M). ?Vu* ?r<|itatrlcd with the huvUiess a<?l ImtIdk a Wi errn ar |ual:i snce. pri'trried. Aiklreas A. 11., llaiali otU u. wlUi tmiue id referent o. PARrN^R WANTKD-WITI1 IIOWJO CAl'irAI., IN A stilendid mriDiifttctui'lutf estalii'sUiin'nt uptown, cle:i-ius ?2'. ??i jr*i.rtjr. Also for sale, a splendid ''lothluir Ntablith nu nt. uclultyof New York, prfc n hilf Ra t3h-. Aha u ?110(1 or Urrinsn lioiel h.^rraukliu sir..#!. 91.301. Apply at -W l?o*?i?.iy, room No. 6. ,'.yg nOHNKS, CAKIUAUEII, SUU crn Lin i it plbamurr wagoxh por dalb-'OR of R m-V tft aj\ lop hii'I it ,'n;i bii?*; ?*a, ? i k t?<*. i?, Al*o, lior?-?; alM), a aarvMtd ban ! tiiirk r?f 1 ? ?? t ire. *7.v Apply at 10 Sm id* II. i.ikiyn, coni'-r of loNou areuue* A hay VabMs piptekm h v m?h mi. ii, iroirr, MVCB yeur* old, tfota \etf r?at; a^">, i *r?y bm ;otm aid, flu ?n ?nJ a ball' hatida-a aiinarlor Um'.lr I MV! lo U wtlw nt bb'tniah, . mi w.irrun'ed la enrv rt*u\.cL. Aj ply ?i Mt M?ib*rrv ?uwt. AT priuti HALK-A ORAT PORT, II nANn* high. nod wrigbin* 476 p-utila; a l>u?y barneaa. ? ?Mftfc, a .I'llu' aadrlla. kil l y?u ih a nad^fi 1 lie pony u nexrn >aara old, perfteUv i>oiu>d, kind iruuBnil ur\ ?</ llu?iir? P't rli-'th new. lad they, u ar?.ll aa OV barti'V-i ai?l mEfim, ? rr In etrriVnt order v a th? n?tfr conler-i) !?},-? s(?n,!iui hia MO t?arN?v|.a?<lron-??)'imt!y liaa no furtli r naa fir lh*;iL ' cy ? II ka nM oo ieaao..a>>l? lartaa A poly u> S ^ ,M\ Kits I "l?r<* Klii?a ro?nlj \ nub.'iia.' Piatbi.?h I. I.wbira | ? rn'ab'ial.nifiit .an l.n ?ifu, at any rea%uiaUio Uour. / 'AKKIAUK.! roK HAI.I'.-A IIKAUTIKC'I. UAIjP TOP \J I n tt entirely ? will ie?t m? p?r?< nt Aid" * -croud hand lonkia^ay, with four "aula and M(li door; ti dm r * tlii'UW ai.d a jfroter'a or m'lknutri'a wagon, with top tpply at CM Broad v .?y, oppoalte S t NM>hoia? ll<*al. PAF.K lAI.Kf-ron HA LB, A OOOt> hK' QMll HANI) \J rorknvny, for four pr-.ona l?i laatbertop ? three wMbontlopa a liiibt I'lilUdrlplila iroii n" *i"mi Mr., ..t., at . K.?'r?l(i': atrcal. brlawii ilrofliue and i r*:.d FpoR SAt.K? A BKAIJTIFCL Cll RUT Wl*T It A> HftH'S, l.rolr lor ainrlr ai?l di.ti'le haruwa, ihe own i-r wi<be? t? ptlM'-rrnk. am'" a! ?"ir^ na lrt> w .11 l?nvi* a<?in ftp Kjroo# ? ii I1 ' I.I.HI *Nk MIp. I.i ?|jw\ af>:r 2 a'rlock F. M , dally. L^tir. f \i.r-A nAY vfi5v, lsii \m?f> Hit 111,5 vi ars F ? ' ?? . 1 ..I I ? ;i . .:i t.? III' ' III. l.-r iU ii .)? r. AI?. a I ay m?r?, 14,' , h*o 'a l.i.'b ana* d and hstn.1 k flr?t ra'r add a hurra. Aha tba tuort be-vntlfill rorrrl t?* r in il#> rlty ?? tind and Inn 1 in harnra*. aft f> r rtrl>>atid aeri'-n 1 (omit t r ?ur aaacd: ka la aMlr ? jaara oi.l llila ilt uu h / ta-' a rtar botx* ^an'?hi#h eatilrot in if niltiu'r?, in n ?ra-?a; ?'?'(<? a itlmnl ttlng a fxil fanil I'M I . I'll at ! ' W ? ,? I . I. IV Ijnrili a>. tel. n?wM no I?rc? ..f IhB II) A. * tojr M. |70R PAf.K f IlKAf-ORK TWO HORf f" FR tin TOP r wa|oa, am ahlo t*>r mineral waifa or for eifin-a- iiiai ira taron oat of town, 'araa ?'???. and baa I r?n In n?a ibr^a ?uriitka. Ini|iric at IiiilN 1. IIILI.V >? Wr?r . X. V, Fpop. a orr\T kalk or carts, waouIT1, and ba/nraa fVir railroad, uUn'atlwi. nr t'n.i null. M'M rb^ap f,>r ra?h, at WH'IfAKt, V''I,|,"!(K> C"r..iT. al Warm im ?wr airaata, K< w JcftT f^Uft H.? I.K ? A LI'lKT ROCK A V?*AV. Wilt. ?IK SOLD r Ma Efiai*WWe, ae Uir owerr bat m n <? i r IL Man ? ' l..< 11 ? >l....c I ?'?' 'I "I it >? ? ' in r- ? ...? I ? .i:tmi.'' '1. ran bkre Uh m at abort aoiicr Appl> at 18; Mrr ?cr a'rrt-t. FH?R KAIJt? OKF IfAKi'HOMr: 1ROR GRAY flnHH?:, I6H h?nda bifh. iyrr*r? old; warranlr l aonn l arvl kl id n ?li ban <-a*| ? ? ? v i,m-? ?Itiiritu b. r?a. rr. iJt Cai t<* ? ii i it.r rnn.rr i ' I if'- uib H'"ta' I .?-u"i aveju , ritl to llir ''oloiril ch nch. ORf-lts TAR PR OS PAST TRB ?A PKW IIOR' K* raaba 'akrn l"r 'Ii - af IV" a^a^on. wHaro lit r will bava tka leat al mrl aM altaMIW. Apply a* R AMty -irryi. Ilrrry aiahlt. I II HOI UK*, IUIOMN, ?** ., WAWTKU. KjllRMWIIKB ltOt>R WA!*TF.t>? I.M a hT\. L lion, n?>rr Broaottay, tijr an mi> arptkim In (f>o?i poa^fta ?>?;. i u iui|Ti i et >v.i> -a nul hi" ?mie>htl fM Wjr I! U). Kadr- ha* Mich '.I f no i;?H! Ul :? c. I> (Mtki ill Itroniway MMlH r*i i t-el ou or f!iir? I. Hoi re w * KTKlW tlf or a irm n vs iktrd. iit . a an >.11 rnmra l< > eonalal m lw? pw'n-., rrottl or !>*rk taprimit. wiik i ? ? dr?H m in Mm a'ticif" ia.' nnialti* :i ft n???? MlfhtiWlNud, a?d rrn' nffli'i< tr-rad M. *, r rw. AwtitwRMal ninll;, Hmiil ilk" r-i tferw i?>i> 'rilRKK OR POI R AP?RT*K1T.l W \ NTHO? IW 4 1 lw? nil ullal t? to mrrr mi el. ik ani ?irr * mak nariinui ? to t* MitoWa tor ih* pi i lsr if Addtaaa, MMI tali' ami Mferr liapiriilarR. II ?' I . t SJ1S, Ni'r fork Pn?' oflrr. \?rARTKI?TO RFVT A HI*1MI*! ",Y Fr RH'llfFn \) hi arr kn~' r ar th* nv?1> rn lfr| i. prlne- audi went ii>ih ??i i' to. t ndo'ilHrJ rri?mie?a ?l*cn. A<WwmB- t| k?l lH Wwp*. TtfAWTflJ-TO rtRClTASK, FOR TAHir. A RWAU* f? m?drm ' ni,l? two or ihnw rtorr fcrMt MM**, In a r? .merioNe nrl*k?*wtin<> l. <-H 'k- of ih? rvt, attora Ni, h at Ail'irtaa ?'atto? prln. ktoa'lM. *?., H W. R Miik aiww IJM'A^TKP ? TO PlRrllARK FOR CASH, A MOU8R, Tt wi'h tardm and liable, to br d< l'? iH ia lirook > ? i, ? ? 'rr-'n I at on f-'i > Foaa-tt ?n rr<|Hlt*l of W?y Apj.It to *r HMtTH, Itf" Wa*hli>4 ii n ?tr??, HnwiklTH. VI ARTV.P. TO I'lRCHAHIC. InH OARK? A WRM, ?l ato< k?> di 'if a ort\ la a ao?.d nrtoMoHMnd tor ? pkjr n. /d'lrraa !>?> ?< r IWald MM, W two tms?. a antic >>' I !l?y, Viwaatnrtrr atmitrii of *?ct in *t>. ?? an l ar rag* <1al f npvto,' Wmrh Will r. re. <? I VI il 'rt? tt*>? hy tke aitwtiwr. r? -ffi n. ? ? ? > RKMTAIHATm. VP DAf Y. AT n B. RIKUl.ff Old m?r HotoJ i?t and k i i?p-.nard tJr *U A ARo.n a. |?RVT, ' atfrfr. >, 4tC. K HAA "WW C?I?JL FOB 1,KAD DRESSES O.UUU just rercivetSt H. M. PBYSBB H,;4(J7 Bro dway ooriiT of Brocme slreeV AN ELEO M NT FRESH BTOCIC OF FRENCH KMHROI deries, tii sets. jm>' received. A lso, cambric and Hwua llounclngx and trimming*, a l ull assortment. l'E'l KK ROBKIiTH A CO.. 375 Broad wij. Another I-OT of embroidered LI .N KM CAMBBIO U \NDKERCHIEF8 (Slightly damaged) Will >e opened on Monday, lug. 11. A. T. KTKWART 400.. Broiujwuy, Chambers and Keode streets. BRODIE'H TBAVBLLIn4T" CliOAKri? AV IMMBlife} aasortmenl In ?iar e lotto* and linen OEOROB MIMHK. 81 Cm nil and 68 LMpenard at N. B. ? Full uliuleaflkwock uow opea. CLOAKS, MAJWPTLLAS AND TALMAS. JACOB LANS1NCL 42 Cedar atreet, lUl'OUTKU AND MAMOrAl'TUtBH or CLOAK t), MANTILLAS, TALMAS, ETC., Ilu now In store A complete assoitment of goods In the above line, Intende expressly for TnE FALL TRADE, To which he invite* the special attention of Jobbers la thl and other cltn s. also ol large buyers from every auction of tL Union 'J hi* stock comprises an Influlte variety of elegant norekle In cloth, velvet, n.olre antlijse and all prevailing fabrics. We' ailiipted Ui tin* winds of the trade, and Including all qualltlm styles, Ac., which he oilers on the most liberal terms, and a prices tht'. cat not fail to meet the approbation of clone bnyeri 1;'. f1n<ar street: between Nas? -? and William. ClI.ArtX'B SFOOL CO-TON -THIS PRIZE COTTON 01 / the grc?.t F .na Ei position is now upon Us own merits r* eel red lit > geuera' ? ,?? It is extazulvelv 1 s?d on sewing m# ehlnea. Ml numbers received r<sgr;*rly. and tor saw b; UE(> A. Cl.ABIC, 111 Dey street. MHROIDERED CHAFE DREW?}? at S13 r ach. A new article lor evening ros'ume. A. T, STEW v It r t CO., 1 ' Broadway, Chambers and Reade streets. E FORKION AN1> IRISH DEPOT ? A. HLVBKBORNi I e*s lo inform Hi" la?l!e* visiting Kngl.'tiJ thnthe alay has a sioek Of tl.u tineh! a> '1 bet,t lata s that are manufacturer and invitee them to Inxp nt ih-: same, at 36 South Audit' street, tirosteuor squsfe, London. IMMENSE STOCK OF VALRBClENNES AMD BLACI thread laces, all widths, new patterns, iteal Valencieuut edc::t:. I; I lt aid ? new lot. l'K'l'EK RQHKRTS It CO , 378 Broadway. LADIES' DBEi-KliH, CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS, Ksh'-y drenes, robes and costumes, awo, Children's cl oiling, made to order, In fi hlonable style, Embroidering in gold, silver and stlk. By M. J. COMBS, 2-M Grand street, N. Y. Mantillas and olo.vks.-thk m hsob^reb i now rtSdf It eihibit hi.-< fall stotik of those |W^|R h .u inga iKi j'i assortux nt ol 10 veil ih* 111 v.u ioin mata ' which a' eparC'eulri; ly sdnpu'd tor lia mobing trade. , _ K. B 41 1 M f, 80 au l si CnaimMiH litres^ ap sUklrs. MAIbON ill iiNCEBEL, 14 Un>n SraxcT, Nbt Tohk. BF.'.LIN'J OKF I'NDIMt 1'liH'E, Till 'iit lit I. of An 't u:>t, Laces, pit it s, ribbons, Sowers. I onnrte, mimtlllas. dri.-iH .I'd otlte-i's bun pes, muslins, V'U uites, mlllraarj Ae., Ae... ft 0. viioli Dale and reiail in corso'iuenceof depu ri^o wiiOLtc.-Aij: luybbs. .1 GEO. BCLFTN, Ts n"W prepwoB with cm (?'] ?to. t of Cloaks, Ma.itUlaa, Talmai, <to . ? , Jt>l ilrojAiwa/. M^tiufaC'or?, 1 fit) Trsnklln street. TO WHOLES \ I.E BUYERS.? WE HAVB NOW o| hand .1 full assortment of all kinds of coraeta, to which v iiiv lie the aUlentlou of jolibers and wholesale buyers. N. B. Al.o a vsrii l> ol ^klrta. (iAYNOR, Importer and .M?uu "iwc'.urer, 46 Third av , near T'euih at. I TT7E?.-'KKi: BRO i HERS, T ? isrcnraRS, r.4 and 05 John street, np s'slrn, have.iwst received their new full gooaa, espe tally Mian' lacc, I'rench (lowers and f# ath< rs. Ribbons and silks, Ac. l-VSTIttCTIOIt. 1 P r.y-l-OOK KKEFINO WKITTtfO, and ARITHlffl l",p ?, ttc. Mr. DOI.bB.VR, CW Midway, will rei*| pupils this week for prurUriil instruction In Liookkaeuioc ? diii'Mf entry, *t luiji the ummi! terms, i.ud guarantees* vol bustna?* baufl to every stuJent. BOOKKEKPLKU, WRITINO, AND T1IK OTHRK m ? *VA,\V? ? is tn marcanlila life are [Might by Fd t t K A DIXON in an expeditious and superior man uarJ the entire exclusion at thr modern ?u and twi Ive 1. MO IkUnry. Khobis M6 Broadway, Appleton'x Uuiliiuf. 1JOCKK BETING. ARITHMETIC, WRITINO, Ac.-yfl lj KKNVII.I.F. for the pa* t rl-ht 2>9 Rr-ialw^ has iniiOV'l l>. tlie t,.?' inns ami eh ni'nt rrniim So y,Z Br? way. Mudents are received aii'l tliuroutiUly Uuod for counting room ujtoo very fa\ urable term . BCMKE88 RDL'CATION ?A. I). JOHNSON, I.K<n rer on cotumerc al Uwr, will receive a !-w pupils fur atni> tw>n In r'-untltiK house duties. E-eh pupil will reee nN.i >'? u ii". i .?! c. il ,.-!>>? I. 1. i ll;. . r> >>:' aludy. Ap 1 141' Atlantic tlreet, Brooklyn. DK F. BKKTHRT BTOPBrrrCLtT INFORMS 1 tririuU ii?l :1w? puM?< th u on tho Wli Sej?-rab?r be m ? n a I.f4?r(iiiig *tr?d Uny ?chool for y*utr; g?ntl<*m< fl. , Vio Iwinijr nr*t urn*, wlwHt all the ?>i ??,. of a thora 1**1 i*l cnu.uwn t; 1 t-ili ic.;i;on w ill iff .*U|(hC i r? cing th? language of ihr fatal)/, i? Urn' id the ?S *>1. (B and nAroiITKRrt WTU. a?ori .r } kit h and KuuIiPh boarding day Bch**?l I join* tall**. No. 40, Ka&t Thirty fifth i?mc L ? Mon<i? Heputm )??' C lr v ulara and further nt<?i m.4'.<<?n m<?\ ojti Med .It .? re- lane.- i.f tl.e pi l.u.pai, o&cm o I Hon.e Jour ii or nl Mr. CTowetl fouki' n 090 ISriMj *aj S' lo'Jir ANI\ IIOVK BD0CATION.-1IB. LOt' , H f 11 1 * 1 reaper ifnlly arn< i ? -? that he will on op the Mb of repirn.her nert hu tew Kronrh urt KnTli t ly* ai *' i.i . ,,;r' Al ari.i >1, ? >r th< pr. . u? in?irMHn<i ? rcwa< l? ? Uu\? rern.a, tor board and lull in B.\Vja m d?> ? (Kil .rv ? ' | rimarv par'rr.f it. ?: r?, f,,rj, particuUra. . all or addreai !.<ium Kruai. 47 Weal Twenty all atraet, bet* .m llroadway and Sixth avcane, New York TOTKA.IIKRS-WAmKD, A OR*t)l'AfB0PWxi l*( nt lo I .kr rhant* af Ike roa?hri,r(St?*l .l^^runent a| 01 111 tn tn h > ? my ?nuih Alao. a well flu s.L'lwl eruUaml lo tearii the . i ri ? !. Rpan'ah laiisuarea: * i.utiva of e.tJI eonnlr> * t." rt old rombUir the two, pruarre* Aitdral with ft... | :.r ? u' box IK. I'<w', oCac , i'?l imbia, g. 0. IWAMUU 12M0A On Rkni ik - d> a, tiriiAHi. *??. Tin. Phii* pAinri'R MMPHfei_ J AMI* H. St At IH< KF. m tir.?l?v *1 999 999 _w" ''OVf* tk* hi a him ?r I t?l?i? j 1 ?>.???; .i li*?, jaw I'liL dry Kou-.r. ?-' k . clothing ?ml nMrckawllsa of arery ilr.crB tloti or for caab. 1j.'II?* aiA gentlemen may Hepe i>ii ibe ?'nr'? at |.rt*.i<Tr in rUltlnf <,Ur .iflira. our bun' I . ?flHk-tillal. P i 411' 1 lo.-Uv. , ; ti' (' T .1. vm Ti'-f Aroiiil T. R. H" < 1 1 < v. " ? ni nnn nnn -*<>!<ivrf?i,<wif,nNfATniJ .UUU.'JUUe 'liaotnotU. M>e*n dry geofl ?ml all personal property, or bouyit m4 aQM fl ? %<?'? ? > '?? iii?H. u:-- ?? . I ?. i<*K?:iab-t MB 103 >m<au tirirt, corutr ul Ado. ?> 001..I iliwr, roots* ? TIIOV I'Mi:-' * CO. brak' r> and rnmni Minn ntT'binlafl 4*7 (intt T" '?"?an-"!* m vMoxmt, watobI r I *M.'V a i'>l jowalr jr. r.r boi <hl i-r caab. b? J?| ?> MAC, II Chambers -;r . 'Milne. 'lining prompt anl 1 I ? 1. ?U* , Crom > UU 1 II H -ho hoaiiifl iranMCMHl on Nx-u<da|*. 4577"* HfiH 10 ?or imv?*iM, wat vt I r\J e*. Jewelry an J nil kb*i> 4 personal 1 fcertjr, or Ihh. ?' c?mi Hi>n<j4 ai:il a<v u*?a n^iou Btialnew i ri.m- 1 at MHruu?a/,enrHr^ Bronx airert rooia Ko. B $\f? nnn T" f EvD ?* Bo?,n ^ *ort.?ao ?F * nJi\rW\J In 1'imalo antl appliran' on ir?r e; ,?? , "I*!1 I" rtl}- or Jii Lik!),!, M>p!y hi A IIKO \ r. i% XV a il Mrert. mil atory. f-.nt rnoma. $7 nnf *riRTi or riMci^M om yl .1MM paring a hi !???? d.rldeM; wji 0! In a '? nlanf M.u>i and ?pwarJ<; a flnl r*W p""un'ty Ihfr ,| (Ul, r?n re-elre Wiw lnt??eat than In ted hi r<al Mate. Appl) to IIOVTKS * CO., M alrrrl. ?*OAriW4T.-Mi)XlT aov*nckb, TO a *'?' J an it' nri rllimOTKta, wat'ti.? jewe'ry, [iai dry good*, w ra/a, borae* owrtafea, barMf*. ?nd every ecrl| 'K 11 ?i |.rr nr; or hongbt foreaab fv ??. no Ac., negotia rd W atcl.ea anil jeaeiry f?>r Mir. K. Ill At KH, ruouia Sm I ?nd t iat'i?d A LADY WIT*. A MAUi f AKIT.T, A>0 Wlinl I" n 1 * l>h<^ 10 iir tflil r<'fl ?i i>rt IT' ? ' 1 v ? fh p t*i i-,'.-rre* w"; r i-ei A iv rH w!iln>fr in 1. -i-rii "h< wIM miicbnt I ? : v 1 '/|r?-?tnz ftiH ? Ua bama-ii :... I'.MoOca. AN* *?l. . >rm MONIT TO l)!A?OHfl j .. * irwrbf an<tall Tnhi . ? ,? ror~>r?l Ilttra and Bwieeewe, W bnn*M for eaab. jl.W<' P"Won AHt, ?e ..'id H ?ir, rrntit rorwa. 8 A.JI in r X. c OCJitl III M)f W ?NTKI>. ? PAWincP HWT Ve'^rri 1 "uli" hnndn. an'l wlBbin* 'r> r ?????:> > for rtrairablr pio >erijr aail arniM* caab. "?n bar* u by ad<1ri?ai?,' < mm'y IWrnln. Herakl N'OIT'f wr PAViiFVT OF flH* V M.T ')Wf ?Iralin h ? lieen ainvpa?l< and all part ? arn >Mtiu? aiali." mjix.a. n* I'-em ? Anriiat t. Sim 1 iWt an-1 I, 'hitii |. i.I.I .< 1 . -? *il t?m lliva * <V? . 1 11 'ler ?fM, A. t I)- 1 eiri. im* Ii r fca >?, IM otl 'T l< - *iV. Orru ri F iiif, pr>Kf vr.r wta covt. >-tmPA rnr?ii <? hi !> ,i.l? iv an>1 Wall *tr i ' Vaw v k. An If ? A ai-n <nn- ai dlrli'i-od i.' On (.?i nn uihe.i I itinTrha IVm rl*?ina <??>*! I Vnpariy liaa Ulla day . drrlan il. pejal :? at iba olTro of lb-, in Ihe Bit New tub f: ai.'i alu-r lha 1,-ah da* of An ti?i, Inal. irai'Pli r l?> ka * lil b? ehmailfi 'i i lhi> H'/ idmiwhli, iKiih inclnai\a > A HOV i", Tr.'aanra: rHii.Arrt a;id nr?nt7fr? i mi. road c pant IXfr" if>?ai Pi> ir'h ?i|f. ?, I i.l. 'tilf ? ,| IH.I'.' In' !?' I Kirlra? A dlrbla.Hl of ? <? " nl o . ll,? i f. ire.l m.l Mi1 ?? ?'< ha? b"ii dr. ar?C -<aj ?i''a nil Mb of Aug'.iat knit, free fr m S'a'? <?, hr order of B^rd WW McII.H*. N 1*k' niXlAIUNk ? ' m BIT I MVI T "I KM, THIMVIKi, ?; op Iflfif ffjl ??d fcll appai alna i-naanllm to or m mm n?<l with -h"M tit Miliaria, lo 1)1 liail at tha ?Mlllll lull nfO t'Offlfi I uMAMiKK. M >nii?tieet- Four f ?J a?<vMi<l baad I floraalo. T,TT,l'T^*.l?ABr ?" Afo CtTHIItOTO 1 Irnlad Prbririrf W, Iffcr, warranted ma'henialJMJIy ?>l Por MU IIAKI. PI'FI.Ah. au/JfcMfcbwi airaai, np all E PAPONS WISHIJIO TO PI'ROH \?R RTI.f.T ARI> " lo 1,1 ',r ?*' '??*'? 'ill at W miAPI > n 1,.,|I. r ry 14H Fnlv.n trat*. wbw^inhai -1TiJri"irTl "P ,n t rier, ir WUI PVfrni fpf Bp*