Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 12, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 12, 1856 Page 3
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uvmnnm kknrwkb etkki on. . n\Las at avoniir. 4 M. CRIST ALA It, AUCTION KKIt, X BOWKRY JX* Feicmp'.orv .-alo of ftunlly pain' outs sad furniture, ?aid on account of ? hum i! may conceit, to (my advanees. ? \ S. C. will uel!, this dav. U'h but., hi lo'J o'clock. four bnll) portraits; chairs. Inroiu, bodsteai s. sofas, tetc a totes, i oklng Sinai, i uwtii and t.iriou* otbur item* of furniture, ?.?? Father w!ib an elegant end new mahogany desk, four offlon 'lialra and cuslnuiis. patent letter pro*, cash Inn, Ac , Ac.; siao one seven oetnvc rosewood pianoforte, made by win ter ?loan A Son. A True D mh a ?o. aim tionbmb.? a. iiraih) a co. mllaellat miction, mi 1 ucaday, Aujstsl U, at III1, h M., ?tit their aabsro m, Si Cim Handt street, SOU eases boots, alines, biogaua, Ac.. comprising a general assortment of men s, wo men * and chlldi en'.- wear, suitable tor tlia season. N. it.? A action ssles every Tuesday. AUCTION NOTICE ?CROCKERY, 01, ASS AND china. I>y J. S. II BABTLETT, auctioneer, on Tuesday, .^?gust 12 at It) o'clock at ielf garl itrwt, m lota, from the ??'*; fit) crates aK kinds, W. ? }., bin# ami common; ISO . wkagea glasa w.u e, china tea acts, Britannia ware. Wale 1 ositu e, for cash. Auction noticb.-j. booart auctioneer.? by 8. BOOART. ? t his it. iv, at lo'a o'clock, a' the anutiou mom* corner Frankfort and William street*, aaslgncu's sale >f hnota and shoes, ladies' and gentlemen'* salters, ladles' .slippers, ium'i boom, child reu s hoou and clippers, Ac., Xv. KICUOLia J. N'KAOL'.O, Esq , Assignee. * tJCTION KOTICK.? 4. BOOART, AUCriONBJCR.-BY . * H. BOOAK't ? llils day, r.t 10)? o'clock. In front of th auction mom* corner of Kmnkfoi and William street*, one covtred expfess w ai{ou nearly new. Al?o. t oustable's Hale, one horse wagon and hai ness dm ch*rcn?l wagon: alio on morticing in.uUuo ou plunim; lnnrb.iie, lot of ? nuut, ,vc. S1H.IIA1L POPPY, Constable. AUCTION NOTICE ? J. BOOART, AUCTIONEER.? BY S. BOOART.? This day, lit tl)}? o'clock. at iM Houston -titcf, mortgage ? ale. the contents of a lager bier saloon, bar. chairs, tables, pictures, Ac., Ac. LOC'ls IL V I I/1KK, Attorney /or Mortgagee. Auction notice.? thob. bell. auctioneer, by HELL A MJ8II. W*i!nen lay, at Ul'? o'clock, In the sales rooms, 12 North William street, will be sold ai extensive and valuable variety of household furniture of all descriptions, removed for convenience of s?'e, comprising cvervthiuR use JTul In tbc housekeopiiig line; also a qnantily of hotel t'liruHuro. Kr'day, an entire atock of ti dry wools, faaoy and clothing ?hture; also, the balance of ayWatcbmaker and Jewellers' stock, Jte , Ac. A MIONKK'8 SALE OF THE FCRNITDRE AND LEASE A of the l'lerrcpont House. Brooklyn, by order of Ami* Bobblin, KS'I . AasLnee ? PtSKD A COLIC, auctioneers, will oe 1 1 at auction, on Thursday, August 11. at 12 o'clock n'?on, on the premisi h, In one parcel, all the elefcfint furniture, to gether with Iho lease of tlii* lirst class hotel. The house has Wn built and fttrniahed within two years Ui moilern style, ? arery thing neoeeaary for carrying on the business, the furniture routine upwnrds of J^i.t/w I he lease has eight wan and Ave months to raa. The location is unrivalled, lie tig on Brooklyn Heights, cotumaudinK a f in ? ? view of the bar lor and bay, and within t-n minutes of W til s*reet. and I* the Meat situation m New York or lta vlclalty for a t'araHy hotel for f>oiVm"U dn'ng buuineea in the city. The hotel is well es W >!l>hcd and is now doing a^ood business at d needs but au fteniiiaing man to malm It on? of the tirat In the country. The leaae re?)uires all repairs to be t'oM by the landlord, and l?e rent to be abated in case of cholers or epidemic siekueas. Tor further particulars Inquire of JA /KS1. BUBNB, Esq., (D the premises; A M09 BOBBINS, Esq? Assign"j, Fulton nsrket. H. Y., or V* K K l? A COLE, auctioneers, 343 Fulton itrcat, Brooklyn, N. Y. A WIOVEB'S SALE OK THE STOCK OK A FURNITURE A. denier tin i iD'iuufacturer. ? M. I)OU 1 1 ilT Y , auctioneer, wl'l sell, ou Thttrs<lay. lttii lu?t., at lo' j u'eluek. at the store 2T entre si rest, thi stock of Mr. 1'erego, of Centp.' street, re uoved for convenicrce ot sale, viz.; K) bureaus, wardrobes, tolas and aid* bedatenda lounges, mahnginy and cane seat ?hairs, Winds! r do , writing <le<ks and tables, extension and rat do.. washi>tan<ts, toilet tallies, 10(1 liou cottage and French icdateads fancy t ildes, snttes of rosewrod furtiTtnre, In plush, ic.. mahogany Snd care rockers. Iron safe, gm lixture.^, thandrllers *c.; iron cribs, M hair, hits k and straw mat resses, umbrella nd hall stands, piano stooN, one spring tart, vani -lies, ha r , tow, ,Yc., togetlier with a lot of second land furniture, cai pc a ?' a., worthy tin- attention of the tra le ind hotel keep rs. t'a'alo^ues morning of sa.c. t deposit of It) per ccnt required ftom all iiurchasi'rs. I!y order of J. W. M.vSON. Assignee. BY JOHECH I1KUEM A N Al'CTION'KER. ? SATCROAY, Anp. lt>, at 12 o'clock M., on the j 'rem. s i, i .-mall ?wo story frame l,.i 1 1 ? ? ? . on the southeast < "io>r of Tillary and Kaytuond atree'a. Brooklyn, now occupied as a grocery tuid dwelling, with tin- leasiMif the lot for t we've y, us. from May 1, 1#4>. tlroond rent, t?t per annum. Terms c ish. No furtlicr advct t.scmcnt. B BANDY, BAR COUNTER.? AUCTION TIllB PAY, AT lt)K o'clock, at57 l>ey atreet, corner of Creenwlch ? to bacco, rice, Java coffee, black nno grceu tea, brown an I pale soap, tobacco, brandy, one cask oo^nac eh imp.ijjne, se'j irs. ?gin schnspiia, hanlw are. cutlery s atu n ry. | WELLINGTON A. CaR [ER, Auctioneer. MRtM'KERY, GLASS AND tTHINA ? J. J. WALDRON, U aucttoni er.? llKNltY i>. KVaXS No. 0 Liberty sL, will jell on Tuesday. August 12, nt 10 o'ebwk In lo's from the ?iielvu< to auit the trade a full assortment of l?-st white gra nite, light bine, yellow and >. 11 kinds ot common war,' Trench lleeorated china, plain and cut i-'l '-s wi n, .to. U a>ds re pscked In the best manner foi alnpiJiug. UTIiKNE B. FPANKI.1N AUCTIONEER? HY FRANK I, IN, NK.liOI.H A t!U.? EiMMln uli1 or n?w cabmot iimle furniture. by orderrf a*?lct Franklin. NichoU A i'o. fill **11. to .? i". mint; ta l"1, ?>'? ? - l-iroom, 6 Nma-au ilrtft rn-ur Fulton, t>y order oi aui!(< e?<. torloic an ainte, ten mitea richly c irved rosewood, mahogany and black ralnul lurmlure, co^ crtu In sdk plinth. Krtnch aatln, br>c? el, hair clo'li and tiff-tn- 1 rep-, ?o!id r< * u lint in ihigany ? arlnr lounge*. i en're t*ib'i**. chair*, car. I *n>t plur In fill*, llirar> MhI M i i - iai y bookia-e*. ou.t ?oliil urveJ oak iiarlnr .-iiitc, in uiedalLou rep*; oar nolld curved oak chamber hftc, with marl -in lope; *olld oak bookeinr, en-cere, Ac ; lowwwi, main .-any and wauiut aldchoa, da. w?r.ln i""? U f lea' accre'arii ?? y I mean*. aoiul bed?te id. pliiu&nd proamnii bureau - * *?h?tand*. rrner aland*, bookstand*. hair i anncai* Ac., ire. : *evci al *upiTb Kren h plate in.rror*, iirlii.nal oil pn'.n'lri;*, engraving*, ?||<rer ware, labl t pnlerr, Fiatii It china vaeea am! mantel ornain nla, French iry*'el gla*it?.t and goblet*, clock*, I'.mcy good*. Ac , A-., th? ? fade to be bo d without i eBerve. and comprrnlng .in a?eort iunt wor'hy the attention of the trade and oilier* in want of >rn claaa turniuire. 'DWARP PUIENrK, AU?TIONEER ~I.AR<1E HAI.E ?_j of wtnea ;ii:il llounr*.? EDWAKIJ SI'IIB.Vi'K A Oil. will lell at auctli n <>. W nei.lay, Aug IS, a' 1111, o'clock, at thel lalewoora. No. S3 Nhvbu *treel, an Importer ? aaie of lino ol Irani lie*, wine* champagne*, elarct*. *.?r line-. Ilntm* an ISermau eeg?r?. A'- . ennaiating in part of S. o. I'.. Renault A I'o , btniM"<?y. Otanl. ch impagite cognac, cognac TietM and dher braidic*. Ileldtlck champune, In uniit* and iiln'*; riipae 1'liClp* anil other Madeira". Hritliaiu Amontillado jerry. Hi Jullen claret*. Hi hledam gin. Jamaica ant Hint* ru/ rum gin v. hutkey, Ac In canka, caae* and demijohn*. , a large ln\ olce 01 aegar*. tllWARH 8CI1RNCK, Al'CTIONKKR - EDWARD Li Ht'IlhNCK A CO will Bell, at auction. Oil* day. at o'clock, at their aalenrootn No SS Naaaan *tr>-e', a white ?, 16 band* l.t*b H year* old. warranted aound and iratetMri r ui'lj-ot in mree mltnrte* la a lirat rate aft Idle and kind n alnitle or double hiraeaa. Alao, a bay 1A band* high, perfectly kind, aound and gentle, aiao Irvaral ae!? of dnible and xlngle harnea*, a: le aaddl? ; iao aereral phatona. ytiaton rockawaya. road and lop ???"?. J 1 1I.llKRT R. 8AVAGR, Al CTIOSKER ? I.ARtlR A*D * ^emptor) morlpKce *ale of groc. rlea, 00 Wedne*dar, Ul, at I"1, o'clo. k A. M., suiiara, lea*, rainuia, huney lee, chiuno.isne and clarel ? ine, brandy, port wine, kc. Liberal caail ndvaiiceamade on oonalgumMlM, HAtil.KV A HAVAUK, hj feilar atreat <NRY II 1IKIITH, JR., AlfOTlOMKKR ? SIIKRlFr'M ?all iif a large and valuable "'laik m ehon e gtin-enea, ea. tea*. Ae , toe entire Block of a largo jobbin* honx*. laory H. Ilcrt*. Jr. will sell at uix iiiin, oigThnrailay anil Frl ay, Auguat Ulli and I jih. at 10U o ?lock at the aalesroom, a. A>, Fine ?t, comprising, Inpart, iiOehe-rta, half and qu.?r r ebi-at* choice Dofcng, young Ilyaooand gunpowder teaa ; I bttga and pockMa old gorerntn' n>. Java and K10 coffe* . 1 1, am <? uhi'i . brnwii. mul ernahrd sugar; alao. a large ?f riM. fanna. veffntoeill ina> rar' ni nimhi. pru.iea ItrM ? le i.nv 1 ? ? ? Jia n ill* .0, atirch aoap caa>ilea. pn *le?, . aervi d fm t* bmndtca in caaka, caac* , elnret. hoca, rlu n jne Hi o rh ale, I<"ndnn porter. 'IKt(U) llamni and <!er'n.ia jin. Ac Term*. ea?h Hy order of JA.H. C. WII.I.KT, T I. \ 1 i.Tra Peputy Mwnf. Mm riff. Havana MttiAitH at Ai'tT^iKN-Tiu.t aftrrnoon. al 3 o'clork, TIMS MOHRRU.. am mneer. will xtll. hy log je an enteneue *toek. from an toiporii-r of pore lia > and other aerar*. In nuaniMiea to *mti wholesale and re II bayera CWUMtm ready. Thla will lie the o?ly * ile far "itimi- iU ? ? HMH lalllM f ARIiW ARK ACt'TIOK NOTICE? FIRS f RR'K'I.AR fall trade a?le. JNt>. K VAN kUTWKKP, Ancttoneer, f eell ob Thurwlay, Annual 14. at 10 o'clock, a 116 I'M et. 291 1 ifkat i-? and lot* well **anrted hardware, eotleey and *? -e| Man ?? II o'tlaeR, B r ? ? I 'lv'Hh n ned I ateel, aaaort. d lor eikge i?ol*. *'ampe.l ? M?eb*n'' t!. H. , geaaka aborted tilea, Mi caida ot knivea and *cla?<ica. |-AVFX l'oI.'irMt S M'i Tt'tNRRR Wll.f. > *1.1. TIIH day. Align*' 12 at II n'clo-k. al l.lirj Hrial>vny. by rlr 1 of an eiecutem. via fmirfen marble lanle t ipa. two >le aaantel*. 'ogether wttk a lot of nartili *lab?; a gnod unity tor Uaoar in tU? bnatneM M J. T. l.tiOKWlKij). foiatalile. hOflR U VAITORWATRR, AUtTIONRRR. _ \fl | flgnee'p sale of watehe*. Jewelry, Ae , Ac,, at in^ o'clock. I the ?*le*roeafl No ?M Naaaan atreet. eomprtxni; the *toek of In ?.?*?> ? ?? ' 1 <-r ? ? ? k of |i e.rat gold hnnt j and ?.fig 1 ' 1 1 ?' - ati ? ? ' be ???'? . >* ?, ? [J. Tobiaa. Jn*. Joh?eon, Hrenng Frerea, < oop> r audottier*. >? line of I# c*rat gold veat, guard and foh cli tina, In Ike real atyle* and made In Ihe neit m mm r. nli*o a line of fine ?jeWeVy. euim.atlni In part of brooehea, earring*, tinier atnda aleeve button*, locket*, wateb e|i irin?, Ac , Ae. m article wari anted a* repi eaeideil on Ibe catalogue 1 peremptor \ Hy ord?r of m JiiSKI'll ?. 81MMONH. Aa*kpiee MDftlARTV, ArcTIORIIWR. WII.L MX. THIS , day, at Mi o rlork, at ITS i 'hatham ai|ita-e. the fnmttura .1 falsity leaving the <py; al*o a gener.i: aaanr iventlM new I aecood hard fHrnllure, feather beds, mat re?a. ? ? arpeta. Ae. f WTH'R ? TilR UNI?RR?itlNRI?, t'NDKR HIIKRTFF of (tulTnlk mioty. will offet (or *ale, al public auc'ino. > 16th of Au?<i*t. li<M. al 2 o'clock 1* M , at the Weat noig near 'he vlllape of Kahylon. In aald roufy. th" <h|. 1nf deaertbed pri.perty ? Hereral large aih k* of Oenrgla e limber, eontamtng aUmt 12 ?*i >???. lately fmind on the >th beach, near Fir* I*land. and now in mv cha-g*. which i been duly ndtertlaed ace .r ling to law ami will be Bold by Mr it Ihe t ouuty Ju.'fe I>*tiii B bvlmi. AagiiM 2, IMS. [ <;|K?R|5R r, CARMAN, sheiitr HTRFI1FN 1 WII^o.V, I At. RALR OF FAHT IIORwF.H. W %OON?, DHL kMk hartu aa, Ae.? W. C. AI-IITKI LA, auctioneer, will oa Wmlneaday, Atigoet IS, al II e'cloek. at No II Itergen ei, Hoiith Brooklm, one Freneh lllack Hawk bt rae, al>out en hand* high. ?e?en rear* old; a tine carriage home, kind II tarnea*. a Bupertar lady * (addle hor?e, Ac ; will *tan I lout tying. Alao. one Abdullah *iainhrlno hnr?e. *l? 1 old *1 out * ?iern h*n?la high. I? well broken to doubl ? ile b?riiea?. ha* never been trained '.r han lle.|. bin ha* 1 hla mile when four year* old In three minute*, and ha* |lieen mab ed aim e. I* perfedlv aoun I and kind. Alao, one I mare, aeten yeara old. about tifleen I* high, ta per ' kind In harne*#. and can tr??t In 180, la a tine lady'i e mare, will atand without tying, and la p?rteoUy aound. two f**l pacing i.onlca. 'Millard Fillmore and Laiy IK? -1 1 f. .. . ...... ,, 1 ,1 ,* 1 teen h 'n la b lY kr'd In t and can pane together in 1 10, or alone, can pace in (en mile* In thirty mlnutea. are *nperfor?ad rentle and piTfeeiiv aound. Alao, one p ny , ami can irn mlle? in thirty minute* are ?npen<ir ?ad " . l elMg penile and pi'Ncllr aonnd. linn, ine p .ny J. eaatly new, *ltn pole and ahada; al*>, one bug Than", *? d ?ne antliey? <th> *e n igoa* are maile by aT-TTl lr ' ?*ii*?*y ? ? - ri'-wf- nn|(nii^ "ire iiiwi^ 17 ' Terk Imibt.-, of double harnea* tw i Beta ?glahaine.^ Ac The property can be *.-n nil M::n F hy applying at the Dahfa*. tto II Bergen ??reet, <* John hnr'*,) ff-ron'l I ?<tuth oC Court Or?^nw<?#i Ipaaa Wltlnn i'v ard* ThiiimI *,e X C. A'btlr lawcttrmeer. will *ell on W^dn?* l*v. Anen<t I I. g| ||i; ik, after IJ?e iiiovc aala, al No. 1 1 Her gen alreet, n?w ' *TrTi ST'lUfV -tf.' Tr 7 f*J' h' n*h' 1 a f* VRTTPq, AOCTiowwR.? rri >rr no, m ?nee atreet -^wttl aipo?e t.. aaie at public on, .n, ieada). Angnrt 13. WW, at llA. M li,,. ixi^i f ?erewth *tr*et preaaea-anrt lathe* and other machinery trjln| on a?ttd pta manufactory, Ac. At ?tcnojr. UYLTBKTKR BTOVKR. it'tTIONKF.R? BY T. C. ?.J llll (itl'IOM.-Tlib d?j, Xiu>mi ix croteei household tiiruinue, reseviuod pianoforte, Ac. At lot, o'clock. M to* tltiiWon street, near Hi. Luki 'a church, the entire IMture of a fnuiily n iiD'iiii hmg hotiM-k oping, toiui.-hug ui put oi su {icrior rosewood pianoforte, fine tapestry BrusaelJ carpets, hree pi) and ingrain do., lull oilcloth, *uir carpels. cu?t<>m made parlor lurulttire, French softs. tote s lotes, arm chairs, s, ring sent ) arlor chairs library bookcases. do. tables and chairs, luce CUrtalM, French win, low shades, l n an lei clock, china vases, gilt frame u.lnors paintings, engravings, dining room furniture, extension table, aide table*, chairs, crockery, gl iw< and china ware, silver do., table cutlery, chamber furni lure, bedsteads, bureaus, w ishst.uids tallies, chairs, a very large assortment of bedding, mattresses, toilet lot ', Ao. ; aleo a large variety ol kttch-u furniture. Catalogues ou tliu morning ol sal.-, VALUABLE OOLP MINK AND MACHINERY FOR sale.? In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit Court of Huckinghnm count) , rendered ou the 19<h day of September, 1>-A6 in a suit in Chancery, in which Frederick Wiasinann i* plaintitt, and the Buckingham Cold Company aud Dthi r> are ilefendahla, I shall oiter for sale at Hurxlngham Cotut House, Vuginia, at public auction, on Monday, the 8th day of September, iMlfi. il lair, if not on the next lair day, a tract ot i ontalnlnu 2U? acres, ou whtoh Is the gold mine c um fuly known as the Buckingham inlue, together with the BSchlncry and fixtures. The terms of the naif will be una credit ofl 2, 18 and 24 months, except Mr the expeuses of the uale, which will be require* In cash. The purchaser to give bonds. with goo d personal security, and the title to be retained until the purchase money is paid. Signed W. ff. rORIihHi June 30, lHSrt. Khei ill of Iltickingham county, Virginia mil WITTERS. APCTIOMKR WILL PRIX ON ff Wednesday, at 10l* n'clo k. at 1HA Canal Street, by rir iue of ? chattle mortgage, the furniture of a three story house parlor auHs, in hair efctlr.'iniirblo top centre and aide utiles pier, iiiun'iiig, piano, curtains, elegant velvet and ill lisscla carpet.-, oilcloth, stall- carpets, marble top 'Iressing bureaus, w aslistands, taflet seta, mahogany and walnut betf steads, hair and other mattresses. bea ting w ardrobes, exteu slon tables, china, glass and plated ware, diulng room and kitchen furniture. Ao., by crdcr of mortgagee. \\r s MEI.I.OK, Art'TIOSKXR ? AJBPIQNRR'fl SALE TT a of household furniture, this day, August 12. at lolj o'elt'Ck, a' salesroom 1.1 and IA Hark row, twposMe the Valor House, of the entire household effects of a I'ajiilly reliit<{u sh lug housekeeping, consisting ot several supi-rn Brussels par lor and Mair earpcts, Hut brass Blair rods, rosewoud parlor suit, with slip covers: r owe wood Record hand carved lee plai o forte, druggets, rosewi>od mitre tables, card an'! side tablos, oak enamelled chamber suit, cane seit chairs, rockers, clocks, ba'atee inn tie citiery, glass ware, baskets, tinware, Ac. So'tl by order of assignee. TV r P MKLLOR. AUCTIONEER.? PEREMPTORY SALE TT . of about tflO.ixiU worth of new cabinet furniture, this day, at 11 o'clock, at salesroom 13 and 15 l'ark row. to pay advances, consisting of ten soli J rosewood parlor suits, covered in brocade, plush and hxircloth; rosewood book-isea, wardrobes, has aft ht, etegeres, umsic esiblnets, rosewood, m? hogauv. ? alaut and oak cbam'ier furniture, In aulU to match, ten richly enaaeiled chamber suit* plait and with intrhle lops; with a \ arlety of plain and substantial furniture; also two rosewood pianofortes, Fren -h plate mirrors, oil painting, ?ll\ t r plated ware, aaitable for the cltv end country trade Descriptive catalogue* on morulng of sale, (ioods can be viewed ou Monday. TI T P MRI.LOR, AUCTIONKKR? AT 12 O'CLOCK Tt . will be sold, at salesroom, this day, August 12. by order of Assignee, two camphor wood trunks. 5n nalr patent lea her hoo's, und about 2nt) \ arils of silk pludi velvets, plain ami t gnred. suitable for tailors' use. cost 1W per yard, severa fine go'd liutitlng ens" watches, diamond rin^s and pins, cold ict ?n I fob chitt'* sleeve button, iron s>ife, Ao.; a'-o 76 Iron feet pa'ent screw piano stools. FOR 1?-J j AAA ?WHO WANTS TO PURCHASE AC AMI PJTiUUu. manufacturing hualneea in thla city, Ions e#t*bl eliod. pavlug Urge profit* which oa examination can lie clearly fliottiit Any gentleman wUhing to make money h i., n< \\ a than i- of lurcLising under clrcum-teiuaa peculiar > advantagi on*. Term* h* If cash, balance real estate. Addres : nil i mar, W , box III) llcrald otllcc. iift nnn ?FOR bale, a ii 'VKDW AUE STORK, KS ?T>0 .U" M liil B?hed the pact 'en yean, and doing a larg' Ki.d jitoi i iblf li-idn. The store loeated on one of the greatest bus.nes* thoroughfare* m Ihe city. Apply to C. B. HOWE:!, :36 Broadway, OIBOO 14. i?.~ AAA-$3.0U>-*l,5l)l) ? FOR SALK, or ex JW.UUU change lor ci'y property, several fine farint, initiated on l^iiut Inland near Lake Ronkonkoma. and bin 2!j l.ourn rule fr<m tlili- city. Apply 10 C1IAKLK.S Wo01>, 2ns Broad w ay, corner of Fulton mreet. *') Ann ?for balk. a ihrdwark and ci r ?0?Uv/U? iery store, klluatod on one of the i>o?t busin* arcn lie* l:i tlb> city. 'the atora is well e*lal>ll?lied. and loca i ion k'iH*l lor Isi neral liniiso I urni.4iiiig ware. Apply to 0. B.TIOwKS, 2? Broad way, room It. ? 9 AHA ? f'RfO STORK FOR SALE. IN A PRO j.UUu. nnnenl poaltlou. established llfti-en year*, lining a |ir?' clnw bmluean, wi'h u 'ni ce amount of prescription* ; a rare opportunity lor a phvalclati. Apply to 110WKS A CO., S4 Xtiaaa iireet. <ft?) KAA HTOKT FOR BALK,, BOTANIC IN /" " I.', purl e*ta'dl?!ied about thirty years; arerage trade Hot) per werk; throe years' lease, Ac. Address K. A. Brook*. llir.iM office tn AAA VM,L IM Rt'TI VSK A HOTKI,, BILLIARD 6,Uuv r< otn and bar room, Willi fit, mtur-*. Ac , alt naifd by a railroad depot, and new doing a ko<h1 biiaine** For Itn 'her partk ulara inquire at i;t Dutch Mreet at enn -for salk? a kloot rioord and riM IJp J ?? ) * / 1 '? trr board yacht, copper fastened. 41 fee' lona, IS bean drawing four feet aft, threo feet forward: five berths la after eabfai, two In forward, washroom, tank, water closet, patitrlee. Tin- dMlllffi, lifiht, and ahy, aM ItaMrfM twenty peri on*. Muat be Keen ,o be appreciated. Lav* oil the Ku'ii ry. Call on B. K. A RROSMITH, 23 Uoctille* alip. ?90n -?'"R S \I-K. THK I,F ASK STOCK AND .?U' filtureaof an dd established lataih grocery, Cn'iiK a good l"i..:nea? : location unaitrpii-acd. Hk'knee* Is th, cotiae of selling. Such a chance seldom oiler* Forpa-ttoo Ura, call at H9 Broadway, room <2. M. ff I! A V. d?l AAA WILL r I' R Oil ASK A HAKKRY, C0.VF?' ?P !?" ' U U t!onerv. reitattrmnt and lee i ream a ilooo, 'n on of the beat location* In Brooklyn, Utted up In the iine? n'yle. With marble niantelii top counter" Ai*", d"ini: n lia! e'?< bu<l ne-?; live years le**e. Apply to UOrt'KS ,v 00., tM Nisati atrcet . ?i?QAA WIIL PTRfHABl TI!K I.K VHK FITT0RR1. fi'UU liorfe and wagon. With Or with Hit the alorfc. of a llrtt e!aai corner srocery ?'ore. Stuck at valtnt'ion, if aold: without etcck. Apply U C. U. HOWKS, iil ilruadway, room 14. djorn -FOR S*I,K. A FIF8T CLAM ORfXKTNO V?)?)", saloon, down town. Rood location and liandvime ly fitted up; dotng a cood boalneaa and worth twice ttil? iitnonnt; 'he proprietor has other bu?:nca? to attend Uv Ap ply at 2W Hroa<lway. A. t'AMI'UKI.1. A CO. ? t r,(l -FOR 8AI.R. TIIK FXTCRF.H AND LKASB OF V iUVi ik well eatabllahed wine, lltnor and ht(er bier aaioon, a? the owner 1* about leaving the city. Inquire at the aaloon No. 299 itroadway. AO/TA ?FOR S\LK, A BOTANIC MFPICTNH 8TORK iT ? ) > ) 1 1 , located mi one of the beat bueincha arenne*. eatab Uri.ed klx ycura and only d.apoaed at u conee-iMence of the lllneM of lie propridw. Apply to C. B. BOWKS. 336 Broad way. room II. tosn ?FOR SAI.K. A BOTANIC MKOICINE STORK. 'totaled on one of tly b>-st buainesa aveutics, r* tobnrtcri six year*, and only dfi|>oaod of tn con-ejui-nee^f the illiieaa of tba nropnctor. Apply 10 0, B. IIOWKS, jVi Broadway, mom 1 1. ftnnn will Pt'RCHAUK thr lkabr, fixtvrr*. Ar . of a aaloon, n few door a fi otn Broadway, In Ihe vicinity of Cmial xtreel lilted for eoui'crta; a food place for a Oct man lager bier aaloon. Apply to C. B HOWKS, 811 Broadway, office 14. A"| PA ? I)RI'0 STORK FOR gALt. AND W1M. BE tpl'M!. sold at aaarrince, h< the owner la obliged to leave tf.e ci'y imnicdlately. store aluia'cd In 'he Fourth ward, <n th- inoi>t t'opiiloni neighborhood. Apply to C. R. HOWKS. &A liroadway, ria.ui 14. A RARtlAIN FOR CASH ?A \F.W HKVKVOCTtVK J V piannloric, with melaUte irame and all other iitodern III.: rmrHru". Apply ut lilt Wi oel *r street, near llle, < kcr. ABVI.KRY For HAt,K? For IAI.X THR OOt)D wlil and n.Tltirea of an old catabllahed bak-rr. n*>w dolnj a large caah trade orer the counter. None tint a caali eua tmer need appiy. In julrcoo ihe premlaen, fw Urand atreet BRRWKRT for hai.r OR TO I.KT-A LAROK brewery, at l'oiiglihe> txle, well adapted t ?r nle or I ig.'r Mer Term* rear. In<(ttUc of WF.Lt'o^F R. BFKItK. J8 Wall alreet. New York. BAKHIY FOR HAf.F? TN ONE OF THK BE<T PARTS ot the cMy sf Brooklyn, now doing a g??*l eaah hua neiM o cr the eoeejrr. Will be Mid eheae, if applied f?r imm" dlately. Apply on the prcmlaea, 1*1 Yo. k ??re?t Brooklyn nAKFHT FOR PAI.K? ON ONR OF THE PRIJffTPAl avemica, w ith erery convenience of onnecttog the teti fi c lonery buameea . Icaae of nine yenra, Rxtnrca eom,ile?e Ineat.on ilc?ir?blc. Arply lo IlOWM A Ct?., *4 Na??>'t Mreet. nrnur beai tifuu.t locatkd, r- mii.m from Ihta eily, near di | ot?, .%4 arrea, gnn.1 building", rich M>||, Ac., JZ.I HI 1*1 acrra, everything dealrnble, f 4 ip?) ; a bi-rgaln. W. J. 1 1 R I M > R K I > * t O , 1A Naeaaii mm*. I 1ARWKX MOV IN') TO BROoKI.VN? Wll.l, FINP FOR " 7 ?a e, two new three alory and liaeemont Ii >u?e? oti P.-voe atreet. near *mlth atrcet. Faatern dlatrtet. Ixteatlon heilthy and eonrenlcnt ; or will he let M N<0 per aantim. la inlre ol W. C. Barker, 195 Pearl street. poAL YAnn rt)R s ai.e? sitp ateo in a crntial \ part <<t ihe city, now doing a cwi buetuea'*. SaUafac'ory rcrarui- given tor at lllng Addre?a Coal, Herald office, al.itin# w here an Interview may be had. DRFO stork -for mn A NEAT1.T FITTED furiii-lieil. and Mocked dnig atora. located 'town town, (N'irth river able), and now doln* a goo?l w hoieaale and reMM b'i*lnc?ai which can be Increased lo any eit?nl. Atiplr lo A t' II ARP, .KI6 ttreenw kJi atrcet. Drpo htore FOR B AI.R? sm* ateo on one of the leading avenues, and doing a good boalneaa. Hati* lactnry reason* given for aelllnf. Addr-a* Progglat, boi ISO Herald office, for three day*. DRt'O PTORE FOR BALK.? A PHYSICIAN. WHOSE prae'lee ?ceupte? all IU* time, la anvlnua lo dlspoae of hi* fore, on a leading avenue, doing a good ea?h buainraa. on r?a*i nahle term*. Apply to I>r STEWARD. 71 Ea*t Twenty eighth street, near l^u*gto? avrntte. FIR BAI.E-AT A ttAR<?AIN-an NF.W BENCHES: ?ultahle for a concert room or achrml; al*o, a aplcudid ffig octave piano prlc tno. eaah, and a h?avy, Iron honnd ei pi ee* wacim, on ry Wn. Call at the aecond hand furniture ??ore, No. ? R<?i**velt atreet. U?0? SALE? THE LEASE AND FCRRITURR OF THR A* Centrevillc Van?lon Hoiu". on Bergen Point plank road, ?tv mile* from .lereey City: lo ft man acquainted with the riding public this la a moat de?irahle location and lo audi a man will ha aold low. Apply at 147 Duane atreet. |j? iR SALE-CHEAP. A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL JJ confectionery and Ice cream aaloon in Rlgbth avenue; Vlafhctory reason* given for aetllng. none hutae*?h ena timer need apply. Addrcaa Confectioner, boi 1*7 Herald i flice. FOR BAI.B? AT BEDFORD, BROOKLTN, I., t, A goed, aubvtantlal two etory frame hoo*e, 22 by S3 feet, coi lainlng ten ruoma, together wilh eight lola of ground; there ie a line vegetable garden, with plenty of all kfnda nf aftru'i b?ry. The above property I* situated corner ol I'utoam and Mretrand avenues. Apply a* above, or lo J. W BROWN, 13 n.erry Mreet, New Tank, In the More. Fob sale-a noiBE and lot, in th* ruj.Af l of Mount Vernon i aiiv*, two Itorv and baaement. with a E?d well of water, lot imttliXk eituated on FlrM avenue, ke een Fourth and Filth atrcet* I'rlce H..1HI. 1M0 la eaah, ? balanee on bind and mofirare Applv on trie premise* er at MIIJ.KR * M RMH AM'li carpenter the* m WeM ievi nteenlh gtreet, New York. _____ _____ ipoa RALE? THE FIXTURKS OF A HAT AND CAP V i*n'e, comprletng euperlor glaa* eaae* and onntW. Id qnire at 139 Eighth avenue. A real bargaia. ?m fiA Lit. IK>B 8 AJJC? IN VTIMJAMSKI.KG, A THKKF HTOttf aia! bjiHi ment brick houae mid one or two lota, kuowi an hu. ?tl l.orun'-r Ilmt, near Skl'liiian For jHWlic ill 1 r( iii.uire on the premUe* or lo A P Oll.l.uON 70 i'ike street, Kt? York Term* easy. IjlOR SAI.K-A HAY IIOKKK, SIX YF.AltS OLD. SIX teen bands high, I, ob tit tl I? Bound, kind, fa*' and gi-rrfle; also, h top wutior and Uarnes*. the owner lutH no further uae lot tbetn: also for s,i)e a bay lAare, eilth' years old, loat would i' ale bim well mid make A fast team A|>pl) or ad diem Trustee atablrt. Qraenpolnt, near Tenth street 'erry XjM'R SAI.K.- A. PORK STORK A N 01 1> KSTAHI.IS1I KD I aluad. lillud up lulust tUiv ft.vle, with bxturea complete for carrwug on a rctAl! business; will be told low for caah. Addicts a > ok* to M.. box Mo. IUU Heiald office stating where an Interview liut ) be bnd. FOB SAI.K IK BROOKLYN? A SUBSTANTIA!, TWO Mtory and basement bou?'. 26 by X! feet, iille-1 in w lib biick; nine rooms, line garden, grape vines, choice fl'&wers, Ac,: eipht blocks east ol the < it y Mali lot 2ft by lo4 >eet. Price a imI; td.liWI call reuialn. As tile owner Wishes to Ito Went, In> will till cheap. Apply lo Mr. CII AMHK&ri, Mi Broadway. FOR SAI.K. IN UROOKl.YN ? A NKAT TWO STORY ?lid attic octlaflt, with two lota ot wound, iaaplsasaot >i i.d h<- ibhy location, and wl'hln two blocks ot' Fnltoii Avenue Itallri ml, Incline ot FOSTKlt A l.ol'l'.K, No. I Sauda street. Brooklyn. FOl R FARMS FOR SA1.R, IN MORRIS COUNTY, Mew .lersey ? One of 222 arrea, one of 165 acres, one of C6 acria, and one of 82 iter.'*: all under a high *'ate of cultivailnu, (suitably divided into plough, meadow, iind Umber land, well watered, well leuced, and liivl tale buildings; within three miles of tha Morris and K i x Railroad, aud four and hat: unlet frmt ?birristovrn. The abovu fiu-nia will be told together or aeua rate, os easy terms: or exohaoged for city property. for lorther partk:ular?. apply to Col HOWEI.I,, 57 Sixth avenue, from I to 6 o'clock, or ot Jobn Bates, on the premUea nORHK FOB SAI.K? A FINK STYI.ISH YOt'NO h< i m', 16K hands high. sound and kind; -old for u an', .it use Inquire at the lumber jard, 1"2 Monroe street. near Monlgomciy. Machinery, oi.d iron, s*? tor, sai.k, tux fol lowlnir reniHinn of the aaw mill at the corner of C?nal and K n mi eeta:? 1 a traui eumne, of If, inch bur? and i feel airolte, I tki., of 10 inch bore and flu inch stnike; 4 cylinder boiler* fi-el Iouk and 3D ineli diameter, lOoirc'.tlar aiwrx, froiuito.l feet, ilti.UN* Ibt. <aat Iron hbafta. wrheeit, pulley*. Ac : 20,0k' lbt. WKiULbt iron ? liafla, Ac.; I.IXIU caat ateel aliafta, Ac 'in bni-a l.oxea, a lari;e Iron hot water Unit Apply to (>KOR<iK bRUCK, i:i ('lambda iuroet. MANCFACTTRINO HFSINKSS FOR SAI.K, CHKAP.? A pi od chance for n blacktniilh or machinist to rntke ii ? iey flirt with amnall capital. Cull at "9 (ireene s'ree! New York, or at f.o. 14 High atrcet, Urooklyn. AgenU ueed not ?ll'iy. PORTA RI.K STFAM K NO INK. OF ABOUT TWKI.VK I horae power, two cylinder*, Mx inehet diameter, tixleeu irliftroke. proviilcdwith hoisting drum and water tank mtaiuted on HMroiig w rl'ou uith irou ailet. for tale, liy I1A Hit IIS A l'AKISll. SO l'eaver ttrect. KKTIR1KO FROM lM'SINrKSS.-A DUNSMORK, 2T.7 Fulton a'rtet, Pn.oklyn. oilers bit at ek of mlllineiy giails for aale, ami a lease ot the s'ore and house, for any I arm ot j eaia that may be agreed on. lo art enterprbing individual the preaei.l m a chance which seldom oilers, 'lhuteriuaof payment will bo made M?y. QOUTII PTREF.T I.IQrOR STORK FOR SAI.F.? T1IK O s'nrk and lixtures, with ive jrtars' lease; it large enough lor a dining saloon. Rent cheap. Apply at 369 South street i. ear (iouvci neur, N. Y. SHOW CASK ?A l.AK'iK STANDING SHOW CASK, sul'able fi.r e-liil "iiig goods at the Meehanlct' InstUtit? I- Win be rgain inquire of UNION ADAMS. M'l liro. dwty. ' H.DKIts ? TF.N l.fiTS Kt>K SaI.E, WITH nUILD l hi 1 1 set and lota finished will coat $.*>,(hiii and rent Apply v 54 William ttrect, rootn IS, from lu to ri I AltTMl' N, I.XI'KF.SSMKN AND OTIIKRS, WANT J ing stable room.? New two itory and basement house, 1 1 able, and carpenter shop to be aold very cheap, In South Bf<ok'y ti, convenient lo rtilton. Wall street and Hamilton ?venue ferriet. Fllce, Sl,7?(>, part e.ith. It is one M til very bent piaecp for a boa rding h niae. Alto, one double cot tape houae, >1,460; one two atory and baaement briek h iuae. 2U feet by 40. new ane. good Stole, $2, *50: $700 catb. A l it of oilier properly, farms and unimproved land, cheap, la every dirictfon. Apply at J. VANl'KRBILT'S, 5V Fu:ton street, Ogiee ('lien from 8 A. M. to H F. M. W^OOD AND TIM UK R FOR SAI.K ON 1000 At'RKS? V? on a large navigable river containing white oak ( heat nut., poplar aud pine. Will be told low, or part may Im exchanged lor merchandiae or ciiy property. Apply to 1*. K. : CliRKCK. Merchants' Hotel. TirAMTKD? TO KXCHAM1K FOB A SMAI.I, FARM f f i ear New York, a brick hom? in Brooklyn, worth $>i.ik*l mortgage on It will pay balance in catli. Addreaa M. H., box 2 6ri0, l'oai i It ice. MI8CK1A.AJVKU1 H. inSClNiL BTBKBT. NKAR varick.-w A n VAN ll)?y NOTRi' mantel grate, kitchen ranqe. ftimiuer ttuiic and sove ware room*. We Ultra a large (uwiiuirni oi aim. -a, Diautel gratca, ttu beu range* and attramer range* for u!i-. on reaeooabla term*. Move*, grate* uufi iaugei art lined and repaired, $2 [? ? 1 UK O OLDEN LETTERS. ? F ACH OOLDEX I.EJ Ui ter entitle* the holder to the *bove num. fix l?tii>ri of tfce f-lfhnbet are guldru letu ra. Eisraple: If Ala a golden l?iei all wlio irinl for A will receive $25 by return mill. Kncloae #1, inline the latter, and addreaa PoUwi, box 221 Poei otlce, Albany, N. V. FI.OWFftS GATHERING FOR FAI.T. TR ADE.? T1TE mot beautiful in creation, nnd will bo continued month ly during the MM, The couicurea are Irr^aMnbly pretty, lie il niuamcnu attractive and in profusion, at the Partition de flora. JAMKn Tt'CKKR, 3*7 Broadway. IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC AND TO TR AVKI.I.KR* in | :>rtlr-?i Imt. ? Patent enamelled collar*, price 93 jx-r hun ^ dred: the leal ami easlcat filing collar* ever worn. J HAV FN. Agent. IDS Hroadway, tip *talr*. room IS, Masonic and i. o. o. f. Begali*. $1 all, je we la, ttadiimea. emblem*, Ae. Maaonir nnd I. O. O I'. chart*, dlplomu Carpet*, Ac.; *l?o flat;* nnd banner*, Military and nam', embroidering. Gold and *llver atari nnd trlmmm*. Ac At OOMI1S' old eaUbli.-himnt, 344 Grand at, K. Y. VfOTICR ? OWNERS WANTED FOR PISTOLS. IN MA i.1 l.ogany eaae*. ?l?o for one patent etin. Inquire liuM itl.itelv to the Properly Cleik, at IH* Klrat Dl?'rict Police 1 Hire. Tomb*, Centre street, or to Serjeant Smith ur oUker Webb. PVBLIC NOTICE? ON TITTIM OF AlOCST A ROT OF bred a gold wa'ch for Bale a< my More; looking maple oua. I intended to have blm arreated. when he ran off. leaving the wan h. The owner can hair it by proving tt, a ad paying the coet of thla rdvertlacment. TIIBOIWIRK OA VI. 41 Delaney aire*. \ SIR CIIARI.KS LANTERN WILL FORWARD. FREE of Charge, to all young men, thebenellt of hit travel* and lorty year*' expeftnc ? In York, by day and night It i? prim ?1 in clear nnd beautiful type, ana will be of influt'e b to tfie vomig nnd heedle?*. Hend three or four pn*'?ge atampa and addr, *a S. Larrcu, Rcw York Post oflioe, >la:.ou A. QTRAM ENGINE WANTRD-ONK OF ADOPT FORTY O or fnrtv live bona power, with two flue boiler*, twenty tfftur f??tiong b> tiirce met diameter; they mint i>e in good order. Adilieaa, atating * here an Interview c in be had. Kn gme, llerald oOlce. OTEAM SCOURING AND DYEING. ? BEMEVTBER THAT |T> at 11* Weii Broadway, all kind* of clo'hlng are cleaned and dyed; drali clothing cleaned without ahi inking; block c'othiT g realm ed to their color*, however mttcn faded; cloth* replenished. mo LOVERS. AMATErRS, MINSTRELS. Ar.. AND I'ER X eon* who I an not write, loiter my service* a> wrturr of blllcta denx. Mninrta, acrootic*. aong*. parodie*. burle?quea and letter*; al?o. aa 1 op} l*t ol' play*, legal doc omenta, oc, In abort, anything, elm ru e moderate. Panic. Ii? Poncry, hew York, rncloslng a deposit, a* e uufii of (.Mid faith. TO WHOLWJALB AND COC NfBT PRffUOISTil. lUrne* A Park. 904 Broadway. Sit v T*rk. Inrlte the at trillion of large and claw* buyer* to their iinmenae atock 0 Eji;opran and American patent meli inea at and below in* UK" turer*' pi ce*. by the pnrkag* or IdO groaa BaRNK* A PARK New York, Cincinnati an I Sao Frutriico Type wanted -any one having vtiorT wo pound* of long prtnwr and about ;? pound* ol minion but lulle ii>cd. and for aale rhc.ip, eau Uttd a ruth > ii*u>iuei' by ad Iresatng Printer, Herald ofllre. ITTANTBD? f-EWING MACIIIKK ?ADDRESS A K9tR Tl to Queen V ictoria, ller?ld oflire. If you have UMd band arwlnir mai bine to *ell, at a low price a lady Waataooe *>? m. mediate u*e Huie pi ice. patent. Ac ABTHOMMir. AWONDTR.? THE OIPST OIRL, THE ONLY TBt'F l alml*1 in America cin be cmauiteil on all event* y. Ife. for a abort time rnlv. at 110 Ho* err fee sn em'* N. M ? The OI|M>y h*a al*o on hand a m ere' which wiii enable la-lie* and genileme 1 to obtain the affecttona ol tba oiipoaite aet eharge am v i HTROI/)GY.-DR WMJW1V. ITS DEL VNCFY STREET. Iv. give* the moat *clenliHc and reliable information to be found nti all eon< irns ol life, pa*t. pr- aent and future. Term> ? Imlie*, &u cent*, gentlemen. $1. Mirlb re<i'iired. no bumb ,g a ?ed. ASTROI.OtiV.-MRS n.EI RV. FBOM PABIS. OIVEit true Information on all event* ol Hie, *ivt anewer* atieatlnn* on bualnea*. marriage. Ac. by magnet lam In eon ae<|iience of the brilliant wwm of her ait *b* enjoy* the confidence of the in?*t re*pec table per*on* Can be conaulte I at aa Hioome *treet. CLAIRVOYANCE ?MRS. REYMOPB NO. 110 RPRINO ?treet, a frw door* weal of Beoivdwav, the mo?t ceiebrateij medle*l and bualneaa clairvoyant In America. All dt*caa?* discovered and cured, If curable ibe fate ami whereabout* ol ab*ent friend* made known; unerring advloe on buaiaeaa, A* and no clmrge mile' ? aatlalied. Clairvoyance and blbctbopathio institcte. ?AM ffineaae* dlaeovered and anon cured (without drngm by 'alrrovance. p*y holoej magnetlain nnd el.-eii leuy Mri HAYES, clairvoyant and healing phvaleian ofllre l^lOrand ?ireet, New York. Correct eiaminiitian* ,'lven or no pay. 1 EUfJENIA YOLI.AKTR. WII.L, ON RECEIPT Of J I rsrent*. aend to any peraon h full delineation of their cl?a r* e'er, by their h*ndwr1tlng; future de*tlny. ?uc e* In love, marriage. Journey* and lawault*. Ae. Addreaa, with return pottage, Eugenia VolwiiO, New York Poet otgee. Madame meyer hap removed to m sevemth avenue, between Twenty. third and Twe*% fourth Wreeta. ?he continue* to tell p**t, pr-aent and ftitnre event*, llkewlae main* sea, journey*, lawmilt*. bualnea* proapecla, *iekne?*. ?brent fr'end*. nrorierty loaf oratnlen. ???lame Meyer eon venealn Kngltah. French nnd German, and gir?* guarantee ior her arl Vf AP AMP. MAR, THE PHRENOLOOIHT, M ASEVENTH daughter She tella yotireiact charaeteran I age whe hue MATHlMOIflAla. A I RKrOHSKSPINO, ACCOMPLISHED TOP WO MAN, *Ked V. would like to fr>rm the acquaintance of a ladr, at aenie wealth, with a view to matrimony. Age or bennty of rrrror of no cnn?e<\iience. All the advert leer I* of a lovmg et?poaltk?n. be oeeka a lady of like qualHIe*. All oomm mica ?rrj muat be litrlctly conndential. A I Ire**, with real name. II l?. Kilnon, Prone wat Poet nfllee. Lntvp TMPTR-I wn.u PPON VHB rbcript op ? twenty Ave eenta, aend to any pemon a ful: de!ln?atlor ef their character by aetr banffwrtOne MdrMa e?*ei*?t? Dire, i^ub refir^i (v>*'age, M'ile BmUe VUleMa, Rrondw*} F?! ?one ? uvywpoat ? unitjcd jr*v ut *mii. ?tiu ah* ATLaI mc ? _. . . __, BdrWKu aril! dep?1 with '0# nHea Matea m?ila Iw Kurouo ,x*tlvei? v% tMMffaM 18. at 12 o'dloct. Id Jrmv orr Vet o M ttxt foot f>f Oaoal WMt Iftltoi The ?tu.fuer* of this tap ba?e W4UV d>(ti< ftClip&l (AlBltl Uld W> afoM froro 196, Will H'>1 C tt>e BtuUu aurth u/ 41 . ?mr,i after we of IW" F?r freight or pwMft, having un.v called *w<oTurio'WJ"0 for ?legauMft and ennCort. ipjily to fcl)VT k OOLLlNn, r4 fM. JPe*eae*S are r?j?eau-J to be oa board u. /I o ci clc A M AH letter* mum pan 'kpnuift t?u? I?,?t offlov any <*>??? <*?? The stoaoMbti H?)nr J j. o-ri mock, wi.l a i?w<4 cni Atlantic, and aall on HaturiU... A.ogual .U) JfatK* -Tlir t?u nf fruitful fmn Liverpool u> New Yort i* -aduedd W ?4 p?' too measurement. until furUier uAti -? rpBK SKW YORK AMI UVKRhOOf. UNITKD HIATUS

X null h' Bam "In ? The sliipM coQipriHirnt Uiu iiu" arc ? The ATLAMT O, tiapt Oliver K'iiritli/*j Tbe BALTIO, Caul. Joaiiph Uotnatoek The ADRlATIO/llant J*m?? W .at Ttiuar alupa having ocau biuU l>v n.nira<*t expressly fur U.e goveriiuieiii ?ervli-e, ev.-ry care hu bwD IkIcmi in tl?- eou ?I radon, aa also in their engines, to insure fir a-.tb a ad ep?<d, ami tlmir acootamoduuiiia for paase^fira arr >iu? quailed for clegancc and -fmirl Ilrtoe of passage from Nhw tor* to Liverpool, In flrxt c*'>in, 9130 tu second 9s., fit. Kneluaiva tuc of evra aun *i?t?> room*. 1Mb From Liverpool lo Sew V'irk .'HI and 3>? gut'ie is. An e*p?rtenre<1 surt." on aUauhed u> oacli ship N<> ber'h* can he sre tired until i.m.I fur The slil|Hi of 'hia Uno Im provad watpr tlx lit litilltbr^bt anal u> avoid <Uni(>-r from ice wul not craaa tlir ltaolu uorlb of i'/ unu! ?jVr Wc I hi of Auguat. FttOPOSKD DaTKS O? r*o? ticw rouK. ruov urBiiroou R>iturday Aug 2, )SM CViMneaJay Aug 4 1M Saturday Auk. Ifi, IH5? W tdaawlay. . . . AH? ??. IriM Saturday Au* D, UMI Wccu-s lay . >?'!>' .H, KVi Sttlurdny Brpt. 13. IK* Wrdu?a?UjF Snpt. IT. lt>3 Saturday. Sept. Zi, ln?<> Welneaduy... (ict I, Lhjo Katun'ay Oct. 11. 1854 W.-lur,l*y ...Oct l& lrt x? Paturdajr <'ct. 2a. litot; WaduiMlay Oc?. -V. is i.} Saturday saw ft, tM6 (TwtnexKy . Nov IA HVt Saturday Nov. IS!. INM. Wmlucwlay >o*. <>>, lbiti. .'?aiiinlay Hec ti, 1S66 WvKlnei lay . . .Dfc 1(> 2Hfi6 Saturday I'm: HI IHM. VVeUiiwlay l>nc 24. For frri?h< or pav^c apply to KDWaKD K CK/I.LINS No 56 WhII atrrrt, N. *. 1 Ht>WN, Kltll'LKV AGO., l.iv?,rpm,i 8TKPH KN KRNNARO * t!t?., 37 Auatia Knar*. L,o-vioa. h O. WA1MWRI0HTAC0., I'aito Tin; ownera of thtwe Hhtp* will pot bi- itantitiMf ft>r gohi ailver. bul ion, jxarelrv, prerioua slonua or ni'.n'.i, uu M liilla of lading are aUnml tberufor. and Ihe vilui ther. </ etpreaaud ihervln. rrUlK LIVERPOOL AKD PHII.a DKI.Plil a STEAXSlIir ',>im [> it ay 'a tip lend id and powerft:' ^tmunalllpa. < il l OK ItAl.TiMOKK. tfct toua, Capl ItoVjrt I.tneb, yl'l'Y OP WAriJIlHOToN, 2.W0, Capt Wni WvUa; CITY OK liANCUKSTKR, 2.1U9 toua, Cvjl P a. '?iVte K AXO AROO, 1,974 tona. Caul R ??rtn* are lutendi-J to aall? raoM Lrrturooi. < ty of M anebeater Uut Augxm titty of halUnuv-e iCtb Auk*"* kAngaroo. lutb Ser'tnttar ra ja i au./uiti-...A. Kangaroo 1i.?t Ai?u? > :ty of Mitnclifater 4tl? Septembar City of Ba'tanore IHth ^eo'imHiw KaU|ar>>o a' tM>ieer ?ITU or Ka.ooa. 9911, an J fM aco>V"Uiiji to ?u?>-r - A lluiited n'lmner of ihird c1?m? pMaesgpra ?rlll o" ntet< f.nn. fhlladalnhla and UvcrpooL an.1 tound tu p-i.viai na From Philadelpbia fsn | Fr im Uverjioo J-1 These ata?Bior? are coiw'ruotod wUb taupr.n'i?vi ti^Kt compar'jnerta. and e?ob f**ael e*rv^M *? enwr^n-v*1 a-ir ge.iu I'ar'iM ??la.!iu* v> oniif >,at t?t tr fr.erl* oa,. uotwn <? rttU Mti'Xl iiaaitagi' an l dff ?U on U/?rpooi u. auuui oi ?1 ?U>r luir and uiiw*rO? Apply to JOHN O 1>*">., an ml, 17 ??iuu> a' , rniin le ntu*. a? RAHKL, Ik tiORt'Iri, 177 Bi.ikd?ai. New V ni IV>R LIVERPOOL.? BAIIi) TODAY AUO. 12, T1IR 1 ccleli rated f Uip AL.UKRT tiAI I. tTI.N, t!i? luatiMt packet fhlp atlOHl. 'I lie clipper f.liip CMC hi' HIM aaUa^'or Loudon .ii li i.'i'lock to?orrow Por paa?a i;e iu eithi-r ..lilp apply tj '1 IIO?i. C. KCK HK, S3 South street L^IRSr PACK KT FOR LIVERPOOL. -TUE SPLENDID " tiHcket vltlp CALHOPN, hui!? out th!i dnv, and po?tt(ve 1) $i.ila on T UE-felay, at 1J o eloek. l or pav.iKe, apply on linard. pier No 5 North river, or to C. A. TfcN KYClt, tTT South street I7K>R LIVERPOOL. ? THE OEMHRATHD CUPPKB 1 iiliip DREaDNOI'GIIT, C ' <u'. Samuels (pMiilfelv thu oi. ly clipper up for the above purO will sail tbia diy at I i M Her 1??: I-Afsw^e wan m?de in lourte ?n das *. Ko jiaxtjc a,i p'y on bourd, jiioi S .Norih river, or to IMcHAKlj^l k JONtc.S, 4u street and 3C old slip. F10B sOUTHAAfPlOK and HAVitK ? THK PNITKP tlfate* mntl *te*nicr AK.VO'V 1> Imea commander, will ksve for Havre, touching at Soithiuui'tje t>> l&uu the iu?ila and paK-encer?, on Saturday, Atigu?t 23, at U o'oVjck. froai pier 57 North r itn, foot of lleach ?t' fi ruid or ramaiM f irat chM?> $\3C Second cabi.i T6 TliL* alnp has fire water tight cninpartme ata, eatdealr.g U,a etiglo*.', * > that lr the even' of COltUl i. or atrandi-.g, Ihe watei Could not reaeh th m, and the puiopa betn g fine W> work, the gaiety of the rraael and paaatngera .?uuld b - aeourad ftr.K rm- not wanted drrnu the voyage *h?u<? he ?ent ui. board t'ie dav before aalling, nmrked ?"below." ht freight will b# tdkeu after Thureilay, Slat For (-eight or paaaage, apply ti> MOHTlMF-t t.tvijsosTOJI A cent, 53 Broadway. t> . n.?ine aleamrr i'uitaii wit. auc c?.A r?. Ar .?<. and aaii fk*tem'.>ri >?. Foe havbe dibrct? frajh o amkrk an com pany ?The screw ataa.: j<rs r rapo?(n^ Uu Una will lrave i .r llkvre direct, a? follow*;? Vtoo Tunrada*, Align*' U A ES A ttiurada; . August US. BARCRLONK, Sept. II Paa.4?ge? t irst cabin, aft 8hw Uo do do forw ard W Far freight or p >a?age applv to t ie ag'nta ??r A Eii.Pi/IkFeB A CO.Twq *- Br ad rreet. FROM KKW YORK TO BaTBK PIBFCT.? IIRM ISH North American Itoval Mall Meam racket > ouipaa/. KTNa Oaptajn Miller, KM W ...... Captain "mall Ji ll* Captain Wl' kin.ui l.F.I. A >ON. .. .Captain Cook CA MBit I A * (Paldle wli?elj Captain Brc The KMKC will aall on W(.dne?.lMj Aug'nt 1.1 mtirjej' for lira*. cUa* l>as? ?uuerti ouly (fui whom tfcor* la t> cellen't accommodation) glim, Including provmiona and rttew ard'1 fee, but without wine* or ll'iuora, .? hi h cat. he obtain* d m board Thu atateroom* arc unusually Urge an t well ven tilatcd. Any one ? iahlcg to Uke paaaage la Invited to rial', the ship. The Fmen mape her last pawiige *<> I'arroinl' i and IT houra Freight tAketi at r.-.aaoaable rutea. For Uu: orpaMai;.'. apply to *. CU?<ARt?. S?. i Bf.wLin Ore^n. STFAM BKTWSRN NTW YORK %JJP OLAMOW KJlnhiirg 1.6M> ton*. William t'umnung, ci>inmatid?r, New York, 2.180'om, Rnhart CraU commitder. OlaniroW. 1.W2 tcna, Jons Duncan, commandrr. The lilaagow and Jfew York Hleaoiahip t'omf >ny Intend ruonlng their new and po?erfnl atcamera from Ntw York for til iagow direct, a* uu.ler - Ulaac'iw. Snturdi.v. Angiut 18, at 1J o'cl.<ek aooii, Cim' urg Saturday, Auguat JU, at 12 o'claok noon. BATES or raMAOB. FlnrtraMn ..IT J Third cabin, found with erwkad provlaiona An eiperieneed anrgeon atla.hed to ? earner. For freight or pawage apply to JfillN McSY.M?>N, i; Uroadway. New York city billa or goi.1 only rccelred for parage. AfSTBAUA.-INnFPKNPKST USK.-THK SPl.KV did A 1 Clipper alitu Al.llONI, hiring the whole of her cargo engaged and rnptdly going on board will poaWrely aal for Melbourne on Tueeday. Aug. 1*. l'.iaaeng -ra going nut In her will require to make early application .'or the remain nig bertha. Her aci ntninodaUona cannot be aurpaaW. For pa.??*se apply on board at pier 12 F.aat rirer. or to {joOPFX R, ARKKll. A Kl.l.ll>f, 3b I'tar! atre.^, For norfoi.k anh pktkrshi rh-tiik tkitrh htiitei mall aleninahlp ROAN'OK K, Captain Tllmnao Skin ner, will h ave for the above place* on WediiMtda* 13th Inat.. at 4 o'clock, I'. M , from in? r 13. North rirer. Mie will r?r rive nt Norfolk the neil afternoon and Peiembiirg the folloti ing morning. Fim?engi*r? for the S . nth w ill proceed directly c n by the great Mtmctl mill line U> Charleston, A'wuata Sa rat nub, Ac. Th'i'e lor Bichmond will arrlre at their de?iina lion early on Friday morning 1 rarellera will find thin the rh>'ipe?t pl.ananteat and moat axpe^uioua rou'e. and fare wMh ittlerrioai. to Rorfo.k, $4 reterahturg md Ricn mottd. Hit. Apply to l.l'UI.AM A 1M>. \SAST- Si II. ad wwy. GRKA1LY RKDITFn PRICK? -AC'ICKT Ju -l'KITKP hUtea Mall lain ? Fifty pnumii of btggage free 10 ce n? J' r pound on ecceae Four hour* from eee in to ocean, lit ?anatna Railroad. Throngh for California rl i Panama Ran road. Ihe l ulled Ktatia Malt Hte?m?hip Company wtti ilespatfli for Aapltiw all on Wednead.iy. At 3 3t, at 2 o cl?ek P M . precisely, from pier foot of Warren np'et, Sm 'A rirer, ihe*r!l known an>1 ru<t *tA?.m?hlj' OROH'IK I.tfF, Capt Win. < . Ilemdon. t' 8 N. I'liaienger* and nallJ w nl b? fur warrle<l b^ Panama Railioa I. and cotneet ai I'aiimi MlM I'arlhr M .il Hteamohtp Coapany'a mag iiilnnt r'eamrhlp ??>N')RA, R Waiting, Maniaiulei wHth willbe In rea>llnea* and leav e fmmediat. h for San Fram )??>, Ihe put' e are in fe'mc I that the Panlir Mail Hlenmahlp Cotnj my alwayi hive nti< or moteer'ni *<eani>'ra lying at Panama renlf for aea. to ar< id aay [x?dble detention of louKveog r1 or maila. Fm paa ?age apply U> I. W. HAlMllAI) a' the only office of be c an i>aiiv. No. 1J7 Weil atree' crncr Warren air ee?. N Y. riefen' In Aaplnwal', 70 centa per r'lhl* fo il or I e .r>'a per p i.c prepaid, and ul freight w ill be recelredafier 120 clock 9 thr dayof aalhng. For satankah *sn ri.0RTi>A.-UR*TRT> ht ajtfs fm* ne. The new and unleiidld ateaniahlp A I, A BAKA.fleo R Hchcnek. rdtnnuunfrr will lear# Jfew Vork for Karaauah on Saturday, Angnst 9. from pier N# 4 Noitb river, al 4 o'e'ock P M pree ae'y RUM of lailnt algnad or boat d For freight apply oo tinord or for p< ?age to ?AMVK1. 1. M IT' II f I I. IS Itrn , 1 war , Cahfn paaaafe to Havaonah Ri*. tor Florida, through ll"ket? to .tackaonrille, 931. HUtAa (.Vt l.arge and i-omnH^lni'ia <fea mere leare jtarannabf or Florada three amea a week, eonn-et. Ins ailh the aleamera from Naw York ou TueaiUya and M>ir da?a FOR SA V ANN A II AND FI.ORIDA ? I'NTTFO STATUS mall lu?e.? The aleamer AUtH'lTA, ? apt. Thou Lyon Will leare on Saturday. Anient It. from pier No t Vir-th rl fr, at 4 o'clock P M Hill* of liutlnj ni.nrd in bo ir I F.v freight or in?aage apply to S. t. MITi'MII.I,. 1.1 Broadway. Through tfeketa from New York jack*>inrlll?. SI. W Pllai ka. 933 Hteamer? for Florida eonnret at Ha ran n.ih with the ateamera from Hew York onf i cadaya and flaturday*. OILS. KFROPESE OILS NOT KXPl.OfttVlC. Secured by patent* KFROPKNK 1 1, 1. I'M IN AT I NO Oil. Twr ruoir or thu OIL i? cattir am bo |4 10 of Krit?eneglre> aa much light a? $t of rapeaeedoll, tl2of whale oil. t'Jf< 47 of aperni oil. iindft? of burning fluid. It bnrna Ml al) the argand button top lamp*. Including cam phene and ailrtc oil lampa, without the usual tendency to WQke. _ _ K FR08F.NE U BRICATIRO AKP BIKN AC1.E OtL. The effect of thl*o'l on marhmerv I* found to he perfeotly aiagical. It remorea ihe acum cau?ed br Ihe n?e or Impure Oil?, wear* eqnal to the heal anerm oil. and doee not congeal ?t * low temperature For binnacle lamp*. *lgnal and Itow gprS iaotenL VM Ml m nn*urp*?aed It will burn for two mghta without gumming of (mating the wick? a great deanle ralnm for ahipmaetera- and give* a liglit equal to the beat ?perm oil I: al*o burn* In all the aolar and band lamp*. Th" attention of engineer*. *hlp chandler* and ablp captain* lipartlcuhirly renueated to *0 oertlttcnte* to he *een at the arfee of AVSTRNfl, agent of Keroecna (Ml Company, No. ?) Rearer ?tee?" WXSffW?Af ;wt HRHAltWAY, TIlRKy CI.T?ifSfs, two bookkeepera. two conductor*, four waiter*, Iwi ba keeper*, two porter*, two brakemen, two liremen, tw > drla era. two coachmen, men on ateamer* and railroad*, ant Irrnt boy* for trade* and atnre*. I .Of Is KAl'FM AN, Agent. Tt'ANTF.D? AT RO. 8 FAST BROADWAY, I BOOK If keeper*, I clerk*. S conductor*. 3 men ft>r uteaiaora, 1 boy? for *iore*. 2 porter*, 2 barkeepera, 2 coachmen, 1 ho ta t k< ci er, I at wardoaa. 2 chamhermalda Rale* of the ag ?? y e*a I e ?cen, and ther art atftetly obierred. (ill. I, K.N A 0J BWmTT LAtM. Important to farttrk toe ATiNti~|ji!fi> wab ran'*.? The mwleraigned will locale, fhr a atNMM labia. ? im unrmnta Tip#* )mmm t ?rtM'id f# imrkH from rmllro H rt aem tiana tn aereral land tuirletaof Wlaoonaln. if imm dial* ai r ration M wade. S?M land*, from tbatr coniigutty > In* pro* MM W?*r A l~? - raBSC Waa'ept l4tud and Farm Agency ? Uroadway. AflTI'MfQfliMM'rS* |U lKLt'R GaRDE.?. IN I'm.'* 0?cn at 7, M? comne nee at* o'clock ukeU , Vtrtf eeoU. TotMay R*r??sn, A en It. InM, a.Tl KAUYIOJI. TI1E W o N I> K R rl' L RAVELS. In.Bienae ?<mc( *? of M'l I.K HUBERT AS MA /Of UK A A LEHMAN* YOU NO HKNOLER. i.vou ilOMi ON T11E T1UHT ROFE. by Mine. I'l larini M (titorlnU A. Lfchmann aud Young Hrngler l.K DlAilLh. A yCATRK. Vn/otirka MUc. Robert ?A.-ilUlyDliL, <-R Tllr. MAOIC l'EN. Antolne V. oduepdaj? Mr. burioti will, by particular requert. appear l I'K SKRIOI'K FAMILY, and JOIIN jOBfKS. Tn. ".'ij-iu Wonderful Ravels, M' lie Robert, Young 11 toiler 1 1* luu: NiuHTk?TiiendK}*, Thursday* and Saturday* M* Hi i t(.v* NuiiiTs? Monday" . Wednrgdaya ?r.J Cndajri C?Kn. CHRISTY A W?iOI>'8 MINSTREL*, Ml RROaD I Way, # ill l.<> rioted ior a i*w weeka, f.?r the purpose of ra i.h.i ug hall, Ac. during whicb the lull taNnnajiy will port^rm at tin frllowlng ntii-K vlr ? Itultalo 1 1th. Ulnand 13th; at Ko. beater, 14th. tiyraeuae, lath; Troy, lotb; and at Saratoga 011 'be t; ?;?. Din- notice of reopening in tfcla city will bo gucu in tin- daliy put tin liLNRY WOOD, Huslneae Manager , Ac. A MKRD'AN DRAMATIC FUND ASSOCIATION. Ji. The pul.l c s r. fi. ctluliy tni'o.nied that TttR Nlfc'fll ANNUAL BENEFIT ( ' tilt tin- itution ? ill take place al the Al'ADHMY OK MIMIC. tin tb?s evening ct Monday,/ ug-ut la 1NS?> A t AST Aitr. \Y OK TALENT Ha? already Tolnnto*r?d, with mu.-h that ia anticipated, in order to 1 under tli;n occuuon more tliau lineally BRILLIANT AM) ATTK AOTI \ E Mr hiunrt. the Lesaet- of \Yal!*.:k'a, J'r Hroughain the Lesaee of the Bo wery. Hare geucitiual) volunipere.l the receipt* of tbuir several e? U'>l:->r.uieil a on iLt- mtiue ntgbt aiding THE KUM> ?V A OK A Nil Jl'Ull.R* Full particular* will ba dulv announced. W. it. BLAKE, Chairman. F. C. Wkmvmj, Secretary, "1? S BROADtfAi VARIETIES CLJms.1i t Oil & FEW 1 we-k*. for fk? onrpftse of renovating na!-.<v? tr. 'I'l.e VWitlb A>\< VAi^H J I! I'lvMLt COMEDIAN'S wiUouuu tliit eaiabii-I'in .'nt on or a'>out l?t Si-pti'iniier HRNRf WOOD, huiL-.M Mauaaer, ?o. I/Ml'IRI TI ALj? ? I, *TR KKLI.ER'M. 'j (>u lliiiibd.ii etiuniit Aiit,UK' U. Mr. LION RL GOLD f-M|I) ? ill lmre the honor o! ?ji|>? iru>K In bis celi)br*l?;<l en to taiiiiuent. known throughout Kn^'lan I a3 A-r uo.m;-; and akroaD, it. ?liV"l; he will ln'ro<liii'>- all hi? extraordinary imlm'ion^. la retloii* Ulu(>iaUoi'.n, and huiuoroua^a Tirkeia, 50 cenu, tii b.' li?.l at st. Nicholan Uotf.l, and the principal hotels and nuitic store*. anfokd a (vi.'p cki.khratrd rthiopian opbra 'iioupu en r. ,i.- Ni.nli. will purform .>1 Caruiauai ilie on IliUii'li y i-veiiirg, A iik uaI ^.Newlmrg Friday ar d Satur day AucuatK and 9, Kouirlikccpat* M..nCav and Tunailay, ? uf n t II and li. Kiiigmo'i, Wi'dn?ada\ and 'Tiu.nlAy, nujust 1.1 ?od 14; llndson. iri.lay and Saturday, August IS a id li'i. wiihtliat j.ri. ce ni hone play 1 r?, J. Neil, and tioo Wm abip. Jr., <i" boat E'-hlopUn ci.nii dlan in the Union UV ICON (.'ilKlsl't, Agent ni l I.KVVR o ardfns, footokkiuhtiktii STREET, J J Kaat river. E. rry tVudnehday tbroiigiiout till- sa.ison, will he iiivon a concert and ball ; concert to commence a' !'? M and hall nl (> IV M. A 'mi, on every Su-dav tiirongb'iul tUr km ii ? iU be given a grand tticrea cnueert Aduus?ioa, on I i..b oecuaiL n>, one sh iTiiW, part of wb: :h will bp returned lu re'reMiinenla SbtlU.n'a Auieri.-au l.r??.-> and atrlug uand< ai " engni;ed for the >eHhi-n Srrnn 1 and Third avenue r e. run every live n niiitea liie ganl> na are open frwc every day t xeej.l tun iajs an.' Wedeeiulay*. N. B ?Far* of the hotel and |.!a// . ttJ e recurvid excluaiveiy fur the u e 01 lnd..*n and fuiai.o. S. WAiiD, l'i'opnetor. MH.0OI.LINS, TMK CELEBRATED IRISH COMEDIAN and fr.caliel, U ntw pltylof h brilliant euK?i?euient ?t dieSt.UmlalkWlK which waa opened on tlie Mb. nfior ex le naive nluialion*, Mr. C. pUy inii to a crowded houae. lie in engagt <1 lo open the KullMitl theatre. '"liiclmi itl. <>u the U of September. vlieu he \\ HI play two weuka; theuee ho pruceii'* Louis\ lile, \> here lie Is eii?>iggd lo open the theatre, for 'he f:'ll Fi'Rson on the Iftlli September; afu r which hu return* t'i hi. I ou is in tuliil aareoMil engagement with !><? Bar on tin- 2'il Of $ eptemher In October he returns lo Neiv York and will nlw oi.u or t wo rnt.i tuimuenu there and in Bon ton. prevljtu lo fc' ci ing S. itb. wlii'i" he fat engaged ai the St Charles thoit're, Nun Ogieaus In Dco-inber. unit at Iho Mobile theatre early In January. In the spring he goea lo Kuro,>i> M in x -e ? wishing lo i eato:late with hiin previous to bin tiuiaif (-?>ttili v 111 ple-iae ad lre*? C. T. Parsloe, ajjent. Huifou'a the atre. New YOr^. riM i.f.t ? Tim new tore academy ok jiv.hc. mn I < ne rear f'om ihe tir?t d.ijr of Oeu-ber next, with the pihu ??? of another j ear. for OPERAS, idM'KKI'S, I.KCTURE3 AND HALLS. Hie AcaUruij ia watt stocked with scenery, painted lij Al lea i; i, U<> the bail room lloor, and ||iImM oeeoratlnaa for balls, to which will In' added a new saloon one hundred and ten Sect lonK lor bull purpoa s To Mi enterpiwn c Kmpres?arV> this bntue otfera great tu dot enema. 1 nui l>? denotuitr u?d by the experience of ih? pre j ! rearon, that lie home enn be let for hall eoneerta mid lecture*. m ihe ii.uhix wheu there U no perlormauce of 0|i?..i for at lea*' one naif of ili? amount of the ye-my rent rMntred by the Director*. Kor tirtn*. aiMilY ty leUer to the ai w 11 Mrc< i JAM KB PHaLEN, President. IftOR SALE OR TO l.KT-A I. Alt' IK AND MAONt floent vertm of miaeellanc u* rlew*, ijulte n?w, comprising the mmi interesting subjects Of th?- day. portrait a of Ihe raeu ol the Jure. Ac Ae Term* \ery \ free exhibition of the a. ove will b<- (.Ken at the Cooper House, XM t ma J way, lortfi'r ofWorth atre?t, en Tuesday evening. tMgttst 1J, .?t M o'clock. Perec ii dtsiro'is of speculating will pieuse nu tlet. TRAVCIXERR' uniMR. Ai.HakY and TBOJ bOATH. ? ilt\. CLAh lJNB. Fru rn foot of Caoul ai.d Spring <treeta e unh ung ? tt' trauii fur Saraiogn ami Um> W?at The new ai. i kiiU-UOIC Kteamer 'UUKN I'oVB will leave "very Noid^y MT?<in"?da} and Krldaj oiornlngi). ul 7 a cook A M , making' the prio. ipa an tlnga. Eor f urtior par jc ala'? liyuire "ff UtWiM 't. ilVi'ft atree*. I DP' iN RIVEN RaHJIOAD ?FROM MAY 1". ItBC. the traibM n ill len-e < hamb< rn street alaU in aa t uu?i; H w KivreM. 6 A. M. and 1" M mall, 9 A. M. ; through w?y train, ii*.; eu.'.grant, 7 I' M ; for PooghkMpet*. "AM. aod I J'. M ; lor t>i'ii{ htug l!l.? A M and V 4A f. M.; lhi? Irani leivea every Kr lay evi uiug. at 11 P. M , far lludvm. :t Ju P. M . for Pe.-khkil! twMir M 1 he roughkeeutit. Sing AMMii 1'eekaklil train* atop at the wa; a.a'tona rannengfri taken at riiani! er*. Carjtl, Chriauipber ana Tlurty tint atreela. Trainr for New York leave Troy at 4 ? 15 and la IS A. M and 4 V P. N.. auU Kan. All abJ at ?. 0 ?i and 11.13 A. M and & P. M A. T. hNlfH. ? \yX Mcrnino link kok pout MOWMoirriL via I'nton The ?te?ni-r E.tOLE, ("apt. II K lllnh Ii-avea fooi of Mtirra* atreet, ererr tnominc. eicept 8.itnriUy nnd Sunday, for the nbore places', ai S oViloek, to Ibe eiiT at spcii* d I* M. I'annenger* for K'Tport and Mnitle tofrn Point. uBlalwaja find atages on the die k at Iu.hii. for their ?|n'eial aeennimodailon. To tkoM desirous of speriSng a lew houri In the rountn and ot 'enjoyinii ? pioasant *itl. Uits is one of the beat opportunltiee that can b-' otfe. ed. tiood mh ing noil liatlitng in iy be 1< und. both at L'nl in and Port Men ?no i'Ii, and botela win-re the inner man ean be sMUIied. Kare 10 Union and Tort Monuioutli. 23 cento. NKW YORK AND ERIE RAU.NoTd.-ON AND AE tar Thumdaj. August 7. IS.VI. and until furthur no'ioe, iiaaat mger irauis wii. leave pier i.xii of Duaue street, a? fo. hi?H, ii*.^? Itiillaiii Kxpress, St fl A M , for Rttd tin. lumklrk Express, at t) A M for Dunkirk Mall, a' ft III A. M . far Dunkirk snj UnOilo and Int'rme diato slg".on?. Piiaaengers by th>a tram will rutin ovs night at i im i go, tnd proce d the next morning. (hu .ii(o i.ipreasat 1 P. M . for Dunkii k KorktotMJ Piaasi nger, at 1 .hi I' M . ifro*h fool of Chambers atii et) via IV mm, for HtiMern't and intermndlaie sut'uius Way Pafsenger, *' 4 P. M., for Nowbu/g and Middi?.lown, snd Intermediate ?latli n* Nik'ht h>|<re-a at li f. M , for Dunkirk and Buffalo. Kii.ikrant it 6 1'. M . for Dunkirk and UttSalo, sn-i Interne ilto'e staUors. i B? kl<ore trsui* r-m lUl'y, fiui. day* e*i -plel. "jheae e?prr*? train* eonneet ?t Khnlra with the Klmlra, Ca na:iii.'iiii': i snd Niagars Kails rallrood, for Niagara Kalla , at Uingbwntoo Wi'h the Hrr^euae and Binstiam'on railroad, for syrseuae : at <'oriiing wi>h Hullalo Co and New K> rk ralimad. for Rochcaler . at lireat I lend with Delaware. I.i^ka 11 |i? and Western railroad, for Scrau'on ; at llutlalo and Durikli'a wtlk the Lake SluTi- ralL-oid. for Cleft land. ' 'nclc, Tt'ede. Detroit, llt^eauo, Ae D.C. MqcalLDM, Oenemliapt. ;>W_T'|RK AND C"SKV ir*l 1*|?, LANDIN't tT f "It Hun t HI I'll h a* lie FViiier Kll.if iI.K CKpt C, T Kodnun, ? Ul lea?a as fnil^wa. Humlays loetieled ? I.eavn r loot of Anio* atr? et a' A M , li;4anllJ,, P. M.; >avle? (ooi of Unrintf t reel a' ??, A M . IIS and SS P. M ; naming pier 3 North Kiter at It) a N.l aod 4 l'U,iei<iiif i'oi'ej I iand teat tHp. at P M Pare for Ihe t?ip to C?n?y I aland . Fort llamil'on and hork lo New York, twenty lite coeta, lor wU>:a a return ticket wUI be given No half |*4e? for children. C.J IMtPtiK, Age"! SARATOGA, MONTRlAL, LKgANOM gl:RIN?ifl AND TilK WKST Srt Toot aa* llaat-xa ktiiHoto. Fart reduceil? To Albany $1 !?. Saratoga, 81 T*roi"aily otpreaa train*. It 4 A M.. etiirees leareaeort erof Whif and Centre dtreeU ? gnii'TUng et Albany at 11.15 A. M. with the Cevtroi Railroad im th< W"Sl and *ith the Albany and Nnrtheri Railroad at II A M l> r Saratoga where paaeengers arrive at 12. tt P. M . ami thc:i-e to Montrrnl. and at Chatham Four iVirnera with ihe Western Ralir.iad for Leharon Spring*, where paa*ong? -* arrive at I N) P. M. I> IP A. M . mail train, stopping at aM (tatlona, and arrlrlnr In nui? for the t entral Rail"?ad. ;t at P. M . etpreea Ibr Allmny, eonneetlng with the Central Railroad et|ireaa train for the Wrai at II P. M., au l with Ihe sarateca train at 7 A. M the next morning All 'ne abore trains connoet at t .'rot. in Fall* with sttges for Lake Mahopac. ItlflllM. 8..*) A. M , exprew train from Albany ft?r New Tork, with on' change of cars, on the arrival of the *14 axprese train per Central Railroad. y 14 A M., mail train. *t< nplng at all <tatlona. ? !*t P. M . etpreaa train, l?arlng Albany on the arrleal o* thi 4 St? P. M express train of the Csniral Rallrnail and the arrlv*l ot the Albany aul Northern Railroad train from Saratoga ItRgsage checked Uimttgh. Apoirt4. MM W. J. CAMPBELL, Superintendent, WM'EI AMD Ut^UoRM. N A CHOICE APSOR1 MKNT OF CLARET WINEH. HCIT able for hotel, saloon and family n*e ; champagne, |ion. Madeira and sherry wMes. At.; brnndle*. ,1am tlci ? tini, llol'and and Schiedam gin, Ae : Scold ate?, (^orvlm i.nd IHitiiin porter. Forsaleat t'NDKRIIII.I. A MXTTKR SON'S. 4,'to Broome etreet, corner of Crosby, near llrotdway American urandt. hin, nkw eniW.and ritm. Monrngahe'a and reetlfled w linker elder brand*, pure iptrtta, high and liw proof, In blila ami lihd* , fur sale at low eat maiket price, by C. WARD A CO., 110 Murray at.-eet. agents for the ilMIHera. Families supplied with forrmn wink^ an ?plrlia pure as Importoil. In demijohns anil bottle*, a wholesale priee* A ?lngl? l>o'i|. sent aa ?amiil* tlrder* by i oat containing a rrmi'l*?ce punctually attended to. ? CUMMINOS A HI ION W Hearer atreet JJCLES ROBIN, OTAND, HUPUT A CO . AND PI . net, Caatillon k Co brandy, In hood, in ueoal aaei rtad packages, pale and dark; pin I \maica aod St Crott ruia, claret*, champagnea, porter*, alee ami segar* for sale, by t, WARD A CO.TllO Mtirray street. Importers and jobbers ?^"INW. ifnKifDQijyni A PoWKN, Ci mml*?lon merchant* '? I teatrer street. New York, agento .Or tbir i elebrate?l wines of O. rrt ller A t o Bonleanx: S. Dorlod"', Rbelin* rhampagne. Res to call the gMgaMoO of dealer*, hotel proprietors and . thereto the *nnerlnr nualltle* of I hegg wtnga, whlei ran bg 1 s i in hoiid or dnty paid. HFORTTl*?. Y'At MT TO FITRII f>R FOR SALK-FitR Panrr? ^ Itpss-srsbz. ?^^^?^peroigO^&^wliiarf, got of vagai *tfw^ AAVPIMfiTa. TJROl'OHAM- IK'WKKV TUKATRR ~ "" J> rises snw sajw f?T'<i!e Mr lirrxmbani | ficoriuir u-i... Pmahd Da . toe . ...... Mr. Fl-Sirr | Adelal le Miss Kate ReignoM* At (iwt Vrtndi diMM, KR.NKbJ INK and AN NIK UKMRARDI POP A HOW TAN. IV w hmun Mr. Brougham | Pocahautm. -Mua r. Deukai* Ur ALX*AC X 'BTH K ATRR. " ?? SIJMMF.R OAR DSN K" engngi ment oflhe brilliant Fairy mar, A II N K H HOBERT&OJF, ? nd ihi- em ncnt ilramatiat and artor MR DION BoVRClt/'AL'LT. 1 he 1 s^ee lis- th" MUlxfHct.ou to imuotmce that b6 ta4 aecured the sen ici ?, lor rOL'R M<)KK NIQHTS, of these dlatitigo'aheg h rtU'M, whove hkcci'M, during Ml ca* gtigi i?ient extending now over forty ulghta, haa bNo ua p.i'alleltd iu New Yolk. TO NIlillT, TrKfiDAY, AUG. 11 vi ill be repeated* pieces which, on the name evening iaat week, were received with mch unl.oiuuled appri ballon, of ibici) ii* Sir Charles Coldul renin Mr. Dion RourcicauH, a personation in which lie h?? no rival on the atage. To I e follow ed by the l.rilii.iut afterpiece of T 1 1 K Yol'NtJ ACTRE!*, in which the Fairy filar will sustain her #our celebrated per sonations of TliK YORKP1IIBE CURT. THE I.llTT.K (IRKMAK TRAVELLER, THE SCOTCH J.AHrtIK, ?mi; ikish boy. lH'orc <|ien at 7 o'clock; commencing at 7'i BROAIWAY ATIiKN.lHM, 654 BROADWAY ?MISS FANWY PEACE'S Urawirg Room Entertainment* will Le eoutinued, at the above room, every evening during this * ' ek When the Hill appear In a vanety oi characters. Tick ets |6 cent*: re erved heats, SO cenls. J OHK NKV'MANN'fi liliKKT OOPI'KR KTATITK OF OK r?l Washington la now on exhibition at th? ('hurdh mt tL ? liivino Cutty, No 548 Broadway, between Spring ?l Irtnce streets open from 9 A. M. tiU UIP, M. Ailialaanal ?*'. Is KfWiiu tkkau. &U c. ill*. I) RYaNT X M ALLOUY'8 CaMPBKLL MINSTRELS J will open at the I'lonea.- Building*, (hue Huc^ley1*,) US Broad w ay, for one w eek only, commencing Mooday evening August 11. '1 he company U ooiupnacd of Uilii,"-n uue<iu.iPe<| p'i formers. pronounced Hie be^tl band now in exinteaee. with I'?n Bryant, ti e w i ll known Kthlopian comedian ana or ginu! ersence of "Id Virglnnv; Hen MalUry, the grealamn iii' i>ault dancer, late of the original < 'hruitv '? MinarelH, T. H. l*i epdergaai, Uiff favorite ballad aingor. V'or partieiiiur*aea bills .m i nri grammes of the day. Admission, 26eents Door* open ai b'j to oouimeuce at f o clock L^R.vNhl.fN MI'SKl'M, 137 OR AND 8TKRET, ONR r i'i*>i from Broadway Open every jpi-rnoon and night, by Mud. i me W anon s troupe of Mod.-i Arualea. iwemy ?'ve? iu number, eemprUlng a company |of the Kneat foruted w? mcn n the world, t urUuu riaea ul 'A uudti. THEAlIiHY fi ARt II XTRKKT THKATRI?, PIlfLADEL phi Notice. ? ihe lailn a uid geutlemeu engaged at tl.l? ( sul hAhnieiit for tlie coming >.eiiso!i will jileaae meet ib Ihe 1 1 ecu rooui, on V> > dnoaday luoiumg, 12 o clock, A uguJt li. li.'ti, v r. pai atory t?> the ojienlng WM h. KKKDkRH'KS, fitage Manager. TO TRAVKL aereiMderi aiao, to play upoo ui w arANTH)? TWO OOOD VIOLIN UTS, with a nr%t cia.-i Kthiopkan compai.) of s good Imho li'iior; tlioae able Mti umen's | referred A pate to J. C., 4M t'larkeon atreet, fn m It" o'clock A. M. to all M TBK.M HICAL NOTI?r^MIfW DATENPORT, TI7B diatinguiahnd trHge>lienrie, having returned lo America, bualneaa lelti ramay lie n.l.liest. il either to iteraelf, al Uoatan, Mans . or to her agent. And MeMakin, i'UllailolphU.. SKDIOA.U At; RFFtCACTOtri "crH* FOR CORNS, RCNIO**. oallu.-iti.'*, nail.- growing into iho ileeli, mii every disorder of ib'- fret, by a new und peculiar method, with jui culling, or without ctmi the slightest ua tu Monster IJCv I, of t?o. 60 hi* Hue an RiroU, Parti, and If* 3 Conduit street, Regent street, London, Burgeon t'biropo.UaL pairnolzod by the Ktoperor ot France, ani the royal (amily ui Rngland, miy be consulted dai'y rundays etreoled, from t iU. 6 o'clock, *' bid otUoe. #1 Weai Eleventh alroet, betweea > tl'th auJ Sivuh areuuea. MflB <<T T?n*OWl?U. (Kioto hia Impcial Mnj'-'ty. Napoleon III., Ktnperar ?C France.) Je ceiufie (?ue II Lev. eleve lot oors areo one estrone hsMlrto Lorta N?roi.aoi Xom Ai-Anra. (From J am>? Maker, K?<| > 1 . eitlf) tlu?l Dr. Levi ban cured tuo some in >nUia ago ef ea. veral troublesome bonlona, without the I-a*t pain, and which ha. r 'annoy d mi for many year*. X walk at praeonl with aront ccoiforl, and cheerfully rwimnii! I>r. Leri to m/ frl-nds an 1 the public. * Jurj Hasan, Nbw You*. March -I, I'M. S f.xtt Ajycu UninlU atrial. (h'r am H. J. Frltus, Ks,; ) i naniintcd by Mr Leri, I beg leu ,-e to tuttfy to hi* ene l il Dk ill In having perfectly removed a large bunion of 1 ah, -iduig, wtib iiil c, vising any pain. I!.J ~ Piiiiahku'iiu, July iT 1(162 Ho. I lloatou row IniMlJition t? the above authenticated tes'linoiilrla, tnaay thf?ti?an '? more In bn potseninn (among ? b eh are mmd fro* I Indies of thr highe?t riu?> ) can be wen by favoring h!ai with a r i? 1 1 at hi*ooir?. *l W .ii lllcvenih eiree*. between FiRh a.d.'s'li Kvinue., New York. N it ?No i rofea atonal connection with any person. r^K. HtniTKH HO. S DIVISION' STRUCT. N BW YORK 1.1 no long and favorably known to the public, may be c<m tutted at hi* old office. * hero he lias praormg In one branch ot mcdlclne for the tact twenty-four ) uarai pd made more tun i- limn u:i> o ber masi lu Ihe city, It many M-uin < of per *iiiii eotuddered 111. urebia, some of which lie 1m permlaaloo to refer to aa heretofore Chaiges moderate. and in all oaee* * cure guarante d. t'atiMon- Mv remedy. Hunter '? rad drop, that cures certain Mm will,. hi. drying us potaea lu Uo? bioOd. can only be had aa above Prtco>i. lle? .ire o' Couu. erttila ? DR WATSON'S NKW WORK?" TUP CABSK AND Cure." a eoaiplete praetteal treatise oa apenuJUrrbiea and premature ribatuilon, with local dttbllttv. Induced ??? eatly Indiscretion. eici < or other cmw: In nirh th.- naiurw and eflecla of tbU InaltUou* malady. togeUter w tUt the treat nient, are lullv ejplalned; illustrated by nHmeroua nnatonnral plalct and ili.twinK?: .wldrca^ed aapecMllf to tho?e about U> rnarrv. 1'rire, f I . To be Jttul of lb ? author, who may be con sulted confidentially, at Ills resideuce, hi WaUtei atre<?t. a f ?v tlocrs west of l.'roadtray. DR. ?iA iljtt* M r> TaRTM A*I> LONDON HHKOtfi Adviser and Marriage Uukle. Jlith edition Oi |i??aa, lilt eloet otyped tUiMU-aii.uia. elotb. (1. It glvua the alv- ilaed r.'ine ll?'S, and ?huW* th? supe'lority of the author ? Carls aod l.ordon trea?nr"Dt of genlui urinary duo-i?i-?, nerroua de klJI' lo?al and general frt>m etcesses irdUH retion Ac. lie rures all surh Itseaaea at hj Merxer street corner of Sprvag, oppoaile 8'. Nklnilas Hotel, from IV II. U!| 9 lu tin- evening. lre.nme!it by letter and etprras We reontrnnand l>r. mont to the aUtWetl ? Courier daa Ktai? lime. Maatr Zenung Dr. Ralph. -orricw mj 'lorirroR ?trkkt xkab WoOBter. Hours f.-oin 9 Ui 12 A M . fi Hi 9 1* M s .nda; e tkcepted A1 get! It. I urinary, tin f-tuale and all cltronM comp.ainu aucceaafu^y treated Addreaa, by k-Uer. bo* SM i'ust otBcc DR. IIAKS. NO :? niTlSTOK BTRIKT? H AVIXO d? M.ted his tune to Ihe study of ease* of certeln diseaarw, end liavlng had a long etperleuee in tltai bran It of the b' .i.uig utt. Is now ready to relieve this suffering community la ? ve?> ahoit time. OSee hours until tf o'clock P. M DH CORRinT. 19 IHIaMI KTKEKT. SfKMHRR OF Til? New >o?k I'altenlly, uiav be t .itiaulted privately ondie esers 37 years In this ?pcrutllfT enables him to make perme ||<-D1 euree. Or. 1' would apprise strangers of the fact UoU be P ibe orb i.ttillrted niadieal miu Inthe irenunent of certaia disease* in the city. S 2.? (See hi* diploma In Itle oiQcs. i hsi gee moderate. Dr. c?>orrR, it hvank mtrv.rt, mat hk von ?ulted prli airly on duiea?e?. The \k.tliiu of miapUceJ c ?? (Idem e can call on lilm with the oertalnty of being radically cured Charges moderate. K. H.? No On tlU cured, 1\lt. RALPH. A ( I UI IH or THK "PBAt'TICAL PRI / ?sle Tre Itlse," Ac., offit'.ee No tW."'- Hous'on street, 0"?ter. boir a, frt.m !? to 12 A. M . and A toll P.M. iHundajr eTcepitili 'ibose -^Iki sooly in the early stages will b- sur prlaed at the rapidity and little Inconvenience attending tbeip I til e. In sincture. Irofn Its lir^t or Incipient to 'te tnoet ad vseccd an I dMtrasIng stages, also in s'minal weaknesa *e , he ran (tiainMee a perfect and raillcal cti?e, without pain, <iiten?..r mi denies or irairiruoo from bitsiuesa. C'uusuiUt tion- str ? tl> cotii lential. Private aeata for waiting DR IIVKTKR'14 WW MKKU AI. WORK THK TAT?R. Mil I M. !M) pages, full ot colored plates give* ail tlM siiverHaed tetnedlea akova libs tredmcnt. will cure certs at d'seas* s In rases where the o her doc'ors fail Pilce Sit rente; to had at hia old dlaprtia*ry, No. 3 lHvuion atreet New I ork. IAPIMM'8 TKUFTARLX I" NIVFRAA i. REHCRRKC J I ton ptl'a ? The?e fills a-c <lesigne<l for a general family medicine, awt are aaft and aalulary to use vn all ocruiona ? ben the nee mMj of iaedl"lne I" Indicated fr >m Infancy to old age Ibey ca. not be Liken atttlas, betng e imim'tii led witR tables 1 1 at act III ha-niotiy w Hh Hie lawa of life They ren. >e fi ..mihf system all thoa?- diseaae<l perttcleam mailer wkleb, u tulltred to remain, r.mtaniinalc the b*?d and otlier (lnt.t" ao.t produce dt?ea?i's of tvhm kinds? Inflammatory, acute and chronic Remove the cause and the ed>c r -aars In any derangement ot the organs of di^eatio". or anj p.>rt?? ol the m Imenlary canal, a few dos. s at theee pills will i the dtdiculty At ifce aummi ne? em o f an auack of fever at any ktn I tbe canee can l-e removed, and the fev?r broken up, t>y carrilng nfl the morbid aeceetloua. which are the ?? idling Cause m the ferer, or tile disturbed stale of the aminal heat. A teste) fourteen years, ui thousanda of caaea. baa proved ibtlr aoperior rffiraiv in en ring sick bea<lache. fever an4 sg' e, oativi nesa. rb "matlsm. saitrheum or any other ?:5? sac ari"ii a from a morbid condition of the liver and lu4 neys. Tin y do not lesvr Ihe bowels In a coatlve state Ilka meet cathartic med.cinee, hot In a frr* atxl natural emvlitioa. 1 be v are <ery mild In their operation, pmdar leg na griping or pa n Tbi re is no saler or more efficacious medlnlne In ea Isli nee tban the reatirrectton ptlla. They to niA raise the deml bu' they btve raised ttiottaan Is from a t ed ot i|cknre% peevrnted the doctor frnn. making many a longbill, aad tba patient from mitTering many racking pains The following well known gentlemen use theee pilhi aa a general lamilf me 1u ii. e. atid rc< i nime.nd there to other > In want of a (oai nwdldne ? II. Taleoayaa. ftj llleecker atreet Wllenti Mettler, *M tlreenwlrh street. K W in. lust. No ft Ann etreet. 19.1 MkaMl street. V ? 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