Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 13, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 13, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW TOR ? WHOLE NO. 7288. MORNING EDITION? WEDNkoJUr, # K HF^ A TiX>. AUGUST 13, 1856. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAY. LITERATURE. XTEAOITKP'S rRrSi, (fEWS JM This week's coutain* ? . - _ MIT0HIAU. L1TIKAT0RK. Xrbfe Votes in Britain'! Parlia- T. F Me*Khei% Recollections mcut, on toe American ? The Oalway Elucttou, con Question eluded. O'Brien? The Exile'* Return. An Epidemic In th? Rocky ??arid is Tranquil. Mouutalus? The Medicine CawiaHies. Chit of the Crows. Co KRi^poNDBirri. Plagiary or no Plagiary? The " KUmawham" about Oral Poet of Putnam, tan'#, Lucas' and O'Con- Life of the BleMne d Virgin? Mil * Statues, " Kilken Tho- Hem. Review and Runny's mas' " Tomb, Lord Kd- Maps. Ward's CoBii. Sirr's Grave, poetrt. and Robert Emmet's Death A Breete through ihe forest, Scene, Ac. by (K. 1). Williams; "Hhaiu i.etter from Smith O'Brien. rock. ' ' | Autvrert to Correspondents. MlIK CLLAMFOUS. PfTtgraphs from Irish joui nala, with editorial notes? Joe Bren&n about Oen. Walker? John Mitchel and Devln Reiily? I and the Press? lrljh Marriages and Deaths, Ac., Ac. f?0LL OF FUN, AND LIFE AND HUMOR Is the comical story of NICHOLAS NOD. Now being published in THE NEW YOKE HUN. Have it left at your bouse. Only sixpence per week. K OTK'H.-NKWS BOYS OF THE NORTH AND SOUTH, , inform your patrons to look out for something rich. The Jliinolrs of General D. E. Twigzs has been written, not Completed. An addenda will be added, with numerous let ter? while travelling the wilds ol Texas. the Mexican territory ftnd on the tattle fields of Mexico. JAM. L. COLEMAN. The New Orleans Picayune. Louisville Journal Dollar Times. Ciucinnati; Richmond Ktuiuirer, Charleston Mercury, *:ul National Intelligeucer will pieace sopy once a month, weekly, and lortvsrd accounts, which wiil tie p^omjU^^paid. TJTLL C'K FUN, AND LIFK, AND HCMOR m. Is the comical story of NICHOLAS NOD. Now being published In TUB NEW YORK Kt'N. Have It left at your house, Oniy sixiwuce per week. ? - ? 'Hi: NICHOLAS NOD STORY, 1> I1IK NEW YORK SUN. ' Oet the paper ' read 'he st#ry I Story of young Nod. the sleeper. Nicholas Nod who couldn't help it, Couldn't help hts curiom antics Perpetrated all iineousolous Read bout Mr. Bouse. the parson. How himself and Jones his servant, Set up at night to catch the burglars. How, instead of cac hing burglars. Burglars choked Jones and the parsO%; (low the reverend individual Mixed the punch that bo.b partook of; Read what took place in the morning? Hc'iiHin(t. rolling and upsetting. Lyina 'round loose w::h crockery broken. Read It? in the St' N newspaper It v ill pay you for the time spent, On'y tmc cent ! only one ceut ! TBSABPfS' RBOIISTEft. A PVMJflSllMD HOUSE TO LET REASON ABI.E-FIF teen rooms, with al! the modern improvement*, in nioe o: Jer. iu I. am Twenty flrst; rent $75 per month; Opuve * ent to the car* and i'.Rge* It W. RICHARDS, 807 Hroadway. II THREE STORY AND 1.ASKMENT HOt'SE TO I.ET, A Immediately.? Kangc, laundry tub*, bell*, bus, bath, Ae . in one ol' the best lou tHou"! m the city. Item #,'00. Car B in. ftllolo'hn, gas *, &? , for sale at a aacriilco. Apply Mr. THOMAS. 117 We.t twenty nfth ?treet. _ "r\AGCEnBEOTYri: ROOM* TO I.ET? AND FIXTURES MJ for tale an old ataad. Inquire on the premise*, 407 ^roadway, between the hou: < of g A. M. aud 4 I*. M trOTKL, BAR ROOM. RESTAURANT AND TE.VPIN JLi alleys lor rent or for gale ? Tut- proprietor of the well kuown establishment. No*. ?? and In) St. (hnrles street, known a* Murphy a Hotel, conhietiug of hotel apartments ca pable of ace.. uiaiodatljiK 1UU visiter*, a well appointed restau rant on the Brat tioor. a large and elegantly furulahwl barroom aud teiipin alley* the Oneat in 'ue city, hem* about to retire from business is dealro us of renting or belling. Every depart peat of the above mentioned establishment w amply atufele. jta'rtly furnished. and teadt tor Um: lessee or purchaaer to lake immediate poasewoon. The hotel adjoin* the ht. Chtrle* theatre, and one nquare from ihe St. I tariff* Hotel. The loaae ?ma mo jea.# lo run fioui Jul/ I I8M, with the privilege of fve yeat* more PotafMion jjveu Oct. 1, 18M. For partieu ?ara, to RICH A Kl> MURPHT, Nua. aud 100 8L phar'.c* stree: New Or. em*. fcjOlvS TO I.ET -OWE Of THE HWALl'HtWT LOCA II Uoo* in the rltjr, and (or ooueanlence in e\ery respect lannot be irit'paace tonslsta tff I -irrooim two eloseta, Cro kin water. Ac . n.lm i "tie **ui.- tl>or. Apply to O. KNAPP, || East Thiiteeuth street. r OFTB TO I .FT? WITH STEAM POWER, CORNER OF I J Rajrmood and Wlllrughby street*, ilro-.klvn SS by 1<W eat. thirty ? tudews id t?i h. n. iuuv at ibe hat notary oppo ptte, or of J H. l'KKN TICK A CO . It'* Waer street, N. f. EJ" ARKT.E Qt*A RR VINO MADE E IkhT.? TO I.ET, A M marble ?) Harry, only eight mile* from F irty second *ii-ee(, )n the Harlem Ki.ilrnad, It n fure onlv 40t? feet, in rear, on an tacent so great loaded i*r* will i.ull empty fues up, height "utcludes pumping till 70 fee' ifoaru A lesi-e will be given lor yearn For particular* apply to AltW lAiWOSD) [49 rulton street Oualitv of mat hit-. easy i,uar.*ying, Ac., to B O. StcW'.e*. E*i , ill Naaaau ?treet. _____ ^"\NE HAI-F OF A FTRKISHKD OFFICE TO I.ET? IN LI U?e m??* eligible position .11 Pine street. To * uenilem m Higage I In the money 01 brokerage**. the situation Uutiot be *' ri a**ed. Addicts box ;t 63S PoU otlice. N. Y. r> LFT? IX HOUSE NO <> Wl'-T ELEVENTH STREET, one larpe room and bednvom on flrM t: ">r, and one large toui aud t?o bttlriKitua ?u k -eonl floor also, two rooioglu i r attic Rent mod< < ste. Po**et*sioa Uuincdlately, Will bs et W one or more ?arnllte* _ at K. L. ill It Ml AM., M We*t Kk-vnth rLET OR I.EaSF.. WITH IMMKDI vTE PO^BSRTO* ?The prem *e* i3 Bprlrg street, near Hroa Iway , with a ?utldlng 111 the rear, amiable f>r?pi*t>o or fnrutture tuae beton. or an> other genteui hu'iut-a* App.y toS. B. HUTCB [Ji<t8, * .Toho *tr? et. r>LFT-Tl'K I'PPKR PART OF THE TWO STORY hon*e No. 42 Franklin St., r.,u?ist<ng rf lliree r^onis on leoond B'<ir two aUic rooms aud ?ack liaacmejt. Poa?"i??>n mm' il'a.' y. lDr{uir>j on the premises, or al 337 Broadway, irgar store. I.KT? A THREE STORY ltRICK B \SKMICKT jL bo.ise, with gt> an 1 water. Ualootiy. Ac., uear ah the "rrrles ho ?0 froDth Third rre.'t. Willi uiisburg. Apply 00 Hie premise .? or at SSS Broome atrc**, New York nr llfcaiPrK. fo I,rr->TORE NO MITE^RT ST MEET. OPPOSITE Waidil'igton market V.Km^lon liunadiately Apply to A. .H'Nhx No l,tt W*rreu *treet TO I.RT-TIIREK mffCtRM WAI.K FROM BROAD way, * *nlt of tour ro'>u< on the sec ond lloor, wlt^ all Incdern unpriivementa. to a g'-titleni-ui an l his wtfeorsingH .Heme:.. Apply at li n Woo* ter *treet. Rotereoees re ouifud. ______ r) I.ET? TWO PARLORH TEA ROOM KITCHEN, three b." rooms, to * stna.i respeei?bl? family. Apply on |b>' prepi*** .'.'18 liro-itn* *?reet. larsl bi 'iae ea*( ut ilr ?*dway. Ba* oatb. kitchen range kr Cpo T ET- WITII IMMr.l'I ATE pi iSSESslOK. THE I tsppi . part ot houae R<>. M Christopher ilrett, tu a anall t*m 'y 1.' t-jO. Oa* At SiO I.ET? TUK THREE bTi-RY HRirK HOUSE 4-^ H>. 's' a sir 't* . with k*', b*'f> *r ? poeewdoe can be bad media' e v AppW at u Front street tip rairs r? 1.1 It. \ sMti.l PI ? 'f I \:i..K rtM'I.Y T IK low. r l ?t of !*??? I-'.' W. - Klghtrrnlli stre -t. consist, ng rf feorl "'Itief fro par r< :i (.1 ?t t|i?r an<t three looms M EM Boor, rent IB) TK^I.IT V ASTORIA I. ? N ? ISI.AKH. t'STIi. MAY X I. !**r ?Wb or Wttbo it 'he fiitnlture. a rua'enient two ?<? s . r.?' sr ! en- ?' e slntng elevaa r Has Pr'ee >'??< lo*ntsln 1 gl ?? '.?.'ur?u?lied. Iii-inlre of E Mil.l.v ft ??mss.rr, Astoria. rT 'X W > -r Till', r , ' I Pill .IHOT. NEAR ?nadway. a find e>aa* ta.e.- story F"?ii*h Maeaaeal bon?e. ron'aitdiig all t li? 1 nwt . ?n., . '? a ga? til |?.es, 1 e I, ?, . 1 Ttiirtj lrth street .* ue r' -he w- !?? ?reet# and c*-? ? 1 >r-? pi... *rery minute X f I in 11 . -h. > s t ? w ' h. bmtt <1e?erii>'H.a. can f. 1 tc ?? 1 '? : a ?? ?> imme I .? ? ,r rtirthei psr-.e-tlar* apt It to a1.I!K?I II M< til. kV. X o 4 li t oa 1 ' rr>' 1 lT -N V Vm-i It - 1 1> ? If.-- I.I). ATt'iV THE J f' .1 ? 1 r?' in. 4 ? No It ' t" if li I [ IV Slrddoi cast ol Bi-oad?a> * it -i g*s. Ac . Ac. rl I FT 4T<>|;K i?' >V I - T <TRKET I M?ER THE 1 1 ?Pine Hotel an excellent In^itloa for a ship chandler or , ..thine s'or - . rei.i bwsi Apply *' the CrlUaa li tel. toot ot sh<l M? fC Ml.AKK k KOBIMdON |rp< - l.n tN Rl.KO A NT st IT OF KI'RWIUHEB I J n| < 'i Hi - I is if a .-II "ap'eil 1. t < lernt!) wl-iiit's: t.. ki ep liotue Als? a parlor _*)berft<-.m to a ?lnxl>. gept.t man i'iea^c spr- > from 12 M. I fTTi > I F1 Mlt'lt SF'M . Mil P I TR*r. I' WIT OF THE |JL Ei . tei. bitaenv m< tog Fottrti avenue. Tba rent III be tt.ken In t't?ird H.|iiire on the pre mis, ?*. bo I.R1 WITH IMMEDIATE PtHMfS4IUN? THE I P ? pet part if Xr 0.1 I. rind* > I he above premise* h-iv.* ??*-eft i-i.i.i" % '??ti-odelMd p-ilt.'r I Ac hv c ?n i-v .i|e..t Ugh' ?mmi at e ? 'laVeblj a.'?pte<l <"i o tn-ry or ?? . - hei fan 1 n>m(tte?? ubtedlT Ibf bert kiratlaii in the r|ty Apply oOEO NULI'IN Jfil hitiadway. rM) I.F T OR IF tSU? A!* Ol.n WAKERV S'ANO OS SIXbAxenue fronting tli. itii't section of Rroadwav and *th A?<?ioe. anil Hunt *e,nn.| *t Apply to Win. U. ynor, turner Bioattvay aud lliirty tlftU *i. fpOI.E- OR TO T.K ICv-TIIK NO ? SE El eo. <| n e?i.i? ? etiHable fot ? pl't islo i d'^kr or fo 1 lai(~r I*' es'sh^.l.t.ieo- 1 <?(.-- 0 e no-ises Ac., lonloied tp at No. 14 serond ivnue. fro i v r OR l.FAPE TWO FnPR STrRY IIRICK ?A It* *us t 1 ... K >?.-? ?(?".. ti t < r rf n?ar Fourth cntte ? .111*1, Is for m l?oar.lii:i< teniae or onr or more fsmtlt 'S. Appiy to fifcLLRvK A B1 CK, Eighty sltth alreet. or ?i Bar lay mrte t. r0 PHYSICIANS ?TO tRt, OMR Ei.EO A VT RCfTE ofoiwe*. with anrbla washbas'n, fiirnaec. gaa. an I re?err.i ?< ' on the nr? Hq,,,. ii?. n^w l.rown ?lnrte Rnflisb |*.emci ; IWMpb Ji'rd ilovr wasi of hr.snlway. in Ninth r*?_ ri? 1- ""A**" Ml tlroadaay. ? p. Pits sici a N* r?i 1 vt fi'i.i or miir tn ri ? I psooonfaphvaleHn's nWtrr ses< tnraipv In ?b? Fi) ir ?inmai ril olber adianta*i s eMitnim-.l oa latcfi tew. Csi1, ' er t?c . .'?iotb, al Mi Hrwiut. ?>rt?i. 8PKCIAJL NOTICES. VfKW TURK FIRE DEPARTMENT FUND.? SEALED proposals will be received until August 13, inclusive, for furushuig shoes for the New York Fire Department Furnl for one year, from 1st of October next. For further information apply to : J. N. PHJ1.LIP8.H6 Pike street, J. Y. WATKIN8, 16 Catherine street, b. B. THOMSON, M Beekman street, School Committee. Notice.? notice is hereby given that ihave applied to the Commissioner of Pension* for a duplicate of a land warrant railing lor one buudred and sixty acres of laud, granted by the United States government to George W. Freeman, fcr his services in the war between the United State* mid Mexico, In 1M7 and 1848 The date or number Is not recol lected. Said warrant was lost or stolen from Calvin M. Free man, in ilie city of New York, in the rear IMS. April 8, 1866. GEORGE W. FREEMAN. OFFICE RECEIVER OF TAXES, NO. 32 CHAMBERS street, (new Court House,) New York, June iW, lrvVi.? ? Public notice.? to avoid Uie risks tbw must Inevitably occur from the crowd of tax payers who put otT to the latent dtv the payment of their taxes, I have dutermined to adopt the follow ing rule, which will be rigidly adhered to during my term of otlTce ? I shall receive do money after 2 o'clock P. M. Every oltleer in this Department Is strictly prohibited from receiving envelopes containing money or checka for the payment or taxes. By order, HENRY U. HOWARD, Receiver. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF POLICE, AUGUST 12, 18fl?. ? Owners are wanted at the First District Police Court, (Tombs, Centre street l for one Colt's revolver, six ten shooter pistols and one gun; also, ai this olllce, six carpenter's compasses, all ol which are supposed to have been stolen. GEO. W. M AT 8EU,, Chief of Police. TO CO All DEALERS? NEW YORK FIRE DEPA.RT ment Fund. Healed proposals will be received until Au fust 13. for furnishing about .100 tous of coal lor the New York ire Department Fund, from October 1. For further Informa tion apply to J. Y. W ATKINS, 16 Catherine street. II. A. Iil'RR, corner of ciitl and Frankfort streets. J. PRYER, 2M Front street. Wood and Coal Committee. N. B.? The committee reserve* the right to reject anv or all of the estimates, if deemed for the Interest ol Uie New York Fire Department Fund. COPAKTKfEKSHIP NOTICES. nnn TO tM.OOO.? PARTNER WANTED, TO iUv" join the advertiser (who Is a practical hotel keeper) to Ivy out a large, lirBt class city hotel, with the vl.-w of consolidates the business of two houses into one. when: ? he jirobts will net $20,000 to $30,000 per annum Apply to II. H. IIAKKIH, Howard Hotel, from 10 lo 12 o'clock A. M. <*>() nnn ?WANTED, A PARTNER, WITH THIS amount. In the butter and cheeie buainess. lo cation the beBt In the city and sales cash. Address ilutier. Herald oQice, with real nam , uud when an Interview can be had. -WANTED, A PARTNER IN A LONG EH. .Ol/U. taliilshed, cash paying business, situated in Broadway. Any one having the a!>ovc amount to Invest will find ti is a rare opportunity. Apply to ANDERSON A PHELPS, i'.U Broadway, room 4. ?nnn partner WAMif in a wakufactur iUVIU . ing bu'irif^s, in fiill operation, paying a lar^e percentage. Tilis Is an excellent opportunity for an active man. Ktrerence given and required. Apply to HOWES A CO., SI Nassau street. -PARTNER WANTED, IN ONE OF THE BEST V*J"vr. rio??i town drinking saloons in the city, near Wall street, in which a food business insn can realize 4 for tune Apply to HOWE8 A CO., SH Nassau street. 4^nn -A BUBIKISS man WANTKD, TO take an yty U w ? Interest in a steamboat, either to purchase or charter. $6,000 to $8,000 may lie realized per annum by the irrengemmt propose*. Apply to C. 11. 110WES, 336 Broad way, IWibi It. ATOUNG MEDICAL WK. WITH A VHRY SMALL capital. and anxious to make money, chn hear of an op port unity of stepping into one half oi a lucraclra buafaen*. none chiefly by mall An eclectic preferred. Address Hid well K. Atkma, Herald office. COPARTNERSHIP.? WANTI.D, A BUSINESS MAN, J with u few hundred dollars, to take the place of a retirinj* partner In an established business paying two persona a guoa income. Apply ?t 169 Broadway, room No b. PA RTNEK WANTED? IN AN ESTABLISHED BUTTER and provision business, with from *3 Outito *i,UUO. One aeq faulted with the busint;n and having a Western acquain tance. preferred. AdilitbS A. U., Ue.all office, with turn? and refei o?,ice. PARTNER WANTED, IN A FLOURISHING FACTORY. ?A psrty liATu-/ $.11*10. (food credit, acquainted with counting liouae routine, can obtain an Interest i-i a ftrat claaa pay Ins business, l>v addressing, lor an interview. Frige Medal, uo* liu Herald oilice THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING BE twten Rt4 art F. LtSMI and (iarret TUtoo, under the and firm of Lc Herts A Tllion Is this day dissolved by mutual Nunt, ROBERT FLEFFRkts, Aui;t,-sT(?rn. I -J6. OHRABT TfLTO.V. The copartner ship heretofore existino bk tweeu the subscribers. under the linn and name of It. Helmke A Co , Is this day. h> mutual consent, dissolved. B. Helmke will kettle tlie a'tlairs of the late i.rm H. HftLMKE. Ntw Yoiik. JuIySf ISM. PETER N. REHM. REWARDS *inr REWARD.? OK SATURDAY I.AST AUGUST 9, a man about 40 years of utte, respectably dri-tsed. Willi u of. tee OJ chip, and Hearing gold spectacles, hired a horre and w a: on of us for the purpose of gotns a* he prof# a ed. to .Ixnirficn , L.I.. s.nce which time we have not heard of ilie fellow, m>r of the horse au<l w agon. The horse la a yellow hay sixteen lianda buth. short tall, star on forehead. wf*i two hind feel v. hlt< , an 1 lefl fore foot ditto; cuts his knees, and had ene of them considerably swollen at the time of leaving : rather spare of rleah. and the (kin knocked oil his hips, hr Is about twelve years old. The wagon Is nearly new. with leather top, full elliptic springs, 'turtle perch, deep s jiiaie hod) , gipsy stiles. Willi no curtain* Made by Stivers kldridge strait, N ew York Whoever will secure the arrest and con Tiettou of the thief w ill receive a rew ard of Hun and a reward of WC will be paid for the recovery of the horse and wagon. HATIIORIf A LIVINGSTON, IJrtry klaKc keepers. SB and HS First aireei. Williamsburg. *CA REWARD.? LOST. A OOI.D HI NTING WATCH, yu" f with a ROld curb chain watch made by Cooper, lotidoti. The above reward will he paid by leavlug said wetch and ehaitk at Mr. George C. Allen'a watch establish uijnt, No. 11 Wall street, and no nuesiiona aaked. i>.-n REWARD.? LOST, A ROLL OF MOVE1*. OON ???/"/ talntng three hlties and ihreeleeut; ??. in the vicinity ? f N mi ra't streel. The above reward w.ll oe padou its rc k . ery, at the oUiae of French's Hotel. ?.?>/? REWARD -LOST. A GOLD PVfFNT LEVER tpulf watch, white face and fob chain. made > Johnston All. B.I'VY The above reward will he paid l>y leaving n II W< si Broadway, corner of Rcade atrrct and no otpatimia asked Pawnbrokers please notice and send to the above ad drrsa. AOC REWARD.? LOST, ON MONDAY. AUG. II. IN <F Ihe saloon In Libert* street, Brooklyn, formerly oc i tipled by Menj. Iloney. a gold patent lever watch with hunt lug caae. 1 he above rewraid will he paid and no questions asked. on lis being returned to 212 Broadway, corner of Ful ton slreet, room No. 6. V V. *1A REWARD- LOWT ON FRIDAY, AUGUST H. IN J1U Hleecker street, a l>lo.*ls?iie seal riag, to open oo th? inj, ?r.d engraved inside. ' t rne to \ug asms. ' 1he above reward will he psld, IH no lucvion* a-Wed try leaving it at Jtjhn E Curtla jewelry store. *3 Bleeeker street. Al/k REWARD-LOST BETWEEN ? AND 9 O'CLOCK ?a'!!' on Tuesday oiglit in a Icraey City Stage, a po-<fc?t took containing M4 and leivra of Importance to the owner. 1 lie st?j*e reward will be paid for the return of the pocket link and papers to Stephen A. Wood Wellington market ?Q REWARD -LOST. AT THE HUDSON RIVKK Jj^O Railroad denot. Chamber* street, on it'irdav even log. a small violet shaped hie* Opln Hy leaving It ali No. W beekmao street, the !ind?' will receive ihe above reward. TpIVl DOLLARS HEW^RP -LOOT. ON MONDVY. J? a ?m.CI black an terrier slat The abore reward will be ps' l for the d?t at No. C* Greene ?r?el loit and rot**?. 1/IRKMAN'S ItADGl LO?T -SATURDAY NIGHT. AU r $ isi tireinan * li. due. No 2MO The tinilar "III receive the tTiaoks of the owner by leaving It wltfc A. M Conkllit, ear ner Hioailway and Ihlrtv fourth street. T ' 'ST? A CI1KCK Ft >R TWO THOUSAND DOIX4R9. XJ drswn ti|?>n the Oriental Pank, and dated Aug 7 HM. In hvor of .loaeph T. Mill*. Soplt a IHir'on and Gertru le Cri'satnsn Pmment Of sstd check ha* lieen aloppatl. The tindi r will be auttaii'i* r> wai on return. ng the cheek to tieiirude Cro? man. iM Third street Said check was lost either In Tklrd or Fo'trth street* neir avenue C. IOHT-dN SI NDAV \FTFRX<miN ON THE ROAD J between riaremont (JoMeal sl??t High Irtdge a dirk lofed woollen sack 1 1: iglan . A suitable reward w ill by pa.d for reiurn of a..d cat a1 *'.? Bitaidw.iy^ 10fT-IN ONE I.r r?E BROADWAY StAAKk VHRRC J dre? pa'tem* A liberal reward will lie given *n rc uuaing tlie ?. me to '.he -ping.. , luatltute. Tost. Of THE corner Of iir\nd MKIT li awl Ho waif a /?ney leab r vtaiilnf earl IhiIIt. stli'eil e?ts?<r. conii nii g on- ciwnmuM'ioa t.egr* ?* he V?* Jcr-ey ' fti^a! Rallri a.l hetwaea New toi k and Soot, li Pla ns, two aMreaa cards ami fS In n one/ Aii} p*r?o'i ttflliB *'ieh w ill fhvor h l'?er h- r 'tTning It. a* the moa-y ia no bis hut hta ? inpioyer s. living In Mwmi.o'Paa It .nk I OST AUGUST 11-A HRrr.NTViKM FOOT RO.Vf RED J ontaida and w ji e ma #e .{ In I ? Fi rry. name Paul Pi > ? back hoard A llltrs' rev ?-.! will be paid bv lesvlag v oid i< I'au-e s Hotel corker ef spring au 1 West gin eta. where ahe can be found. ]' OVT-OR Mtrt. RYALVDY IN A BROADWAY AND J \?'i li ^'r'-el stage which lefl 'he Sntith isrry ?< hal pest nine o clock on Mor lav m >min(. Angnpt ll, a hi iek satin m .ntllln or cape, wl'h Mlac and no, re sntb|ite trifnmtnga The lady lefl the gtage SI the corner ot Nlnib s'reei and i*i*'h svinite The Under b* n-'urnieg h? f ine ?| No. .1 Cliarlea afreet, Warren plnef. e III ke liberally Itwiriti IOSTOR fTOLOl? YEsTERDAV EVENING. IN GOING J Irnm II road way tip Chatham atreet and from tbenee tbioogh 'he Bowery up Grand street, a plain detached lever gold watch and chain The watch haa a ? olte face, gold hands, snd Ihe name of the maker V. J. To>|aa. f,l<-er|ioor on tbe fhee. A suitable reward will be given on lea> in? Hie abore at Ike llerald ogles. C'MPFHIWO, AC. 4tc) t)nn WORTH OF GEVTLKMEN S I EFT OFF ?TZi .vr" f\f clothing wanted In large or amall lots l.theral prlceapa>d. In enrrsat atoney, and punc nal attends ice oo all orders. Ui.-ougk poator oiher w<*a JAMES MORONF.T, 4;?'i Paarl atreit (1I.? >THING. -LADIM AND OtNTLKMRN lAttN J any to diaprwr of can receive the nfaioat value hy a I Iresa Uik S. tiohen, 17 liaurenk at>eet near t anal. or'W Went Hi.* lway I.a,ll?? aHwiw to by M'S ( oheo. flF.HTLF.MRR HAV1NO LEFT OfF CLofM'N * AVU 1 I w b ng to di*po?e of |t * ,11 r?cet*e the 'ilfl st price p**l wHh'WH kaggllng or se v t tr "epo?c Plea*? ea!l nt (1,1- ( v- fi Of ? UvHAc y , v. Qfi l/t ' ? <jw?? THE YELL.OW FEVEB. State of Aftln on Statc.i Wand? The Ex citement and the Ferer JBoth on the De <rraM- Action of the Boa re' of Health of Sonthfleld, 8, X. Although the Quarantine ground* are Btill barricade*), the cxcitement has considerably abated, and the yellow fever ^ih on the decrease. There are |but twenty five i>ersons stele .of that disease >t present in the hos pital, and there have been no new cases sent there from incoming vefgels during the past two weeks. Of those which have arrived within the last mouth, there was one in which the disease was exceedingly virulent, but sh ' bad her cargo discharged, was thoroughly fumigate 1, and cleared ) esterday from this part. No less than twenty five persons, who were on board of her, died of yellow fever. These were stevedores, lightermen, and other persons employed about Quarantine. She was the mos . fatal vessel which came from any of the infected ports, and her departure will, no doubt, be a great relief to the Matcn Islanders. The latest accounts from Havana represent the yellow fever as being on the decline there, and it is cxpected that In less than a month it wiil have totally or so fir disappeared n s to remove all cause tor further alarm. It appears that It broke out this year about a month before its usual time, and that a Urge number of vessels which were almost ready or preparing to leave were un able to leavo port in time to escape the Infection. To this fact may doubtless be attributed the Urge fleet which is now In Quarantine. Since tie Custom House officers were notified by the Board ot Health of Castlcton that they would not be per mitted on their return from any vessels to land within their district, tliey have procured the use of Townsend'a wharf, which Is situated about a mile and a ha.f from the first ferry Unding, and which is outside the jurisdlc tlon of the corporate authorities of Castleton. But it aprCars that the people of Soutlitleld, within 'which Townsend's wharf is located, have become alarmed, and have determined upou the espulmon ot the officers from their vicinity tlso. A meeting of the Board of Health of Southfield waa held yesterday morning, In accordance with the detdre of Its inhabitants, and it is understood that they will not permit the use of the wharf for this purpose. The people argue that as the Custom House officers belong to New York, and as the Htaten Islanders have nothing with the collection of the revenues, they must board vessels from New York and return thereto; thafthey have no right to land upon the wUnd alter leaving tnfectMl vessel*, thereby endangering the public Leal in, and that they cannot legally do so with out the consult ol the proper authorities of South field, who are opimeed to the use ol the whart i for the purpose to which it is to be put. Tbere are three officers stationed on the island, one of I whom boards vessel* irom the Quarantine wharf, whils the other two litul engaged Townsend's wharf as their station. Should they be driven from this place, ax they were from Castleton, they will be obliged to suspend their official luaciions until the Collector ot the I'ort shall have made asomerrangements for them. The residents of New Utrecht, I.. I., opposite Craves end Hay, where the infected vessels have been anchored, at a distance Of a mile from th# shore, hfcve &!.-o become alarmed, and the bour<Iofs are !??viug the hotels. There ae, however, no grounds for fear, 'and not a case of yellvw fever has occurred in the place. The greatest vigilance has been exercised by the Board of Health of New I'trecht in regard to the landing if |?er-ous ; emplo'ed on those vessels, and none are permitted to come ashore. Still they are anxious to have the ves sels removed, as the residents and hotel keepers complain ibat the; are iojurioua to their business, and that a Urge mumbcr of persons are prevented Irom making t'ueir summer visits there, in consequencc of the detention of iliose vessels In Cravesend bay. The Commissioners of Health of this city, will heir their statement to day at 12 o'clock, at their meeting in the City Hall. Should they comply with the demand to remove these vessels the,* will be obliged to anchor at the Quarantine, whicii is already pretty well crowded. The tollowlng U a statement < we have received from the inhabitantx and boarders in the vicinity of Bath, which we Relieve U In the limits of Nt?- Utrecht . ? TO THE KD1TOK OF THE HKKALD. Having sim n several publications in your valuable pa per in retard to sicknciiH at Statea Island, 8uppo?e 1 to bare bccrrcomsnunlcated from diseased vee-iela at yua >ai.tme, (width has cawed some a) arm m tiut vic.u.tjr.) we, the undersigned, cit z. us act boarder* of the town o New I/trecht, Kiupx county. N. Y., would rcspectfull re|>r?t>cDi to you, aud through the column* <f. the Hk - al to our citi&oK get.crally, that no real cause exists fr alarm? Uiat the inhabitant* *id boarders In tUo v id Oily of Bath were never more healthy, and not tUo (lightest rtt> <>n to fear an epidemic In tliii vx.aity. N?w I tkk bt, Aug. 12. I'eter t.ileey, * S. M. reye*, John A. Krou.ons, I'eter L. H< un>?tt, kfbert Hennon, Alva A BedeU, Thomas liana. laaac K. Mott, Henry Rice, Henry W. Meade. J. Urani/ ou A Co , Calvm Mofttt Oooa, Auguste jUiiniDc'l. * Jobs H. W?Uh, Jacques Goldsmith, W. W. C. opjay, J. 1*. Burton, K. 1/itt Ban ;, S. Ptrafclheim, Jehu S Oann, Hamui I a. I*wl?, Oliver Vincent, M Hiliman. Jaeob Cozme, Kb. h Nemon, J. W. Walkina. (?to W Clark, * K 8 Whitner, T. H Walter, K. 1>. Grtawoid, N. Buebtnan, B. H. Wjatt. Jobri Rider, Wiliiam U, Ado'.ph I.ipptnan. J. Van Bruat. Andrew Cropeey, H. W Cro nbie, Wm M T.lcvton, George J. K.bber. W m K. Rider, ? Com n> la* I on era of Health. The forrvir i<-#ii'nem <>1 Health met yesterday at noon, at 'be ruj ILt'l? the President, Isaac 0. Barker, K<v, n tbe chair aid Go-rge f. Coeklla acting Secretary lit# |htu w ug opposition of vessels arrived at Quaran tine, *:nce the last rf|iort, wad ordered Ship Va la, frcra Rio, with coflec, detained fifteen days for oV crvation, and If crow arc well, then to b<' allowed to proei d to the city. Bark Jasper, fi%ni 'harlcatou, with cotton an I rlc, d< kilned lor Ave day* obaervatlon; crew, at pre oat, well. Bark Ptarligbt, from Sago a la Graade, with lugar and moinaaea; cargo to be lightered to the city at the option of the captain. Schooner Anna Hicks ft om Curaooa. with fust 0 and M<"es . cargo to be lightered to the my. excepting the hide*, wbn h must be sent out of tbe ? ty Tfce bark Ariel was allowed to retain !<igwood. An ap plication to allow her to go to the ab.pyar J waa laid on ihe taMv. 11m brig Active waa allowed to i.ghter her cargo at otx?\ The scliaoner rolki, ftow Velaria, with sngar, wa? or dered to be clean<ed and purtfl^, and lighter her cargo imn.e 1 ateiy to the ettr. Tbe application of the owv*ni f ihe ?"hooner Flat w ood to be al 1 wed V> coma i:p to the city at onceaad dieckargo her cargo, wai laid on '.be table A resolution was aloptf I ?<? allow the dlar* toon'*' *<**? seta from Km to bo leit *t the due ret. on of tbe Health officer. several captalo? of vesse' ? ar?aare l before tbe Com mon loner* and dealred a* to bo taken In relation to tbe removal ol the barrte it the gale of Ihe Marine Hospital They Matod tbat were very ?ueh incom moded by tbe bairtcad* and ?? k.-d thu it be removed at onee. t?e of the raptaiua said he *oul4 be tbo firU to lead the ran ft?r Ha forcible removal. The Comm. w oo ers said that the matter would be attended to ia da proper le^a! course at once. Abatement of Nalaanrea. The Ppecial C omaittee on Nn ?nce< of the Boar I ?.f Heeith? Councilman Barney, Cbairmaa, appointed to ex amine into the complaints against certain alleged aui sacre* referred to them by the Buurd of iitallb, wet yea H-rday at 3 P. M. The Brat rose examined into wm a complaint agalaat a tripe factor r al No 1S9 Fttl at ret, owned aad conducted by Jolm King Tho Health Warden of the ward tUted that More tbe entering of the complaint tbe aotaaaro bad been abated. Ihe committee therefore deeded tbat without having evidence they would direct tbe dtsmiaia ol the complaint, with tbe understanding tbat a re examl 1. at :>.n would be ordered, ualcaa the nuieaace wa kep abited. Tlie next ran taken nj> waa tbet of the p?ap but ng e?tabll-hnieni in Jcrty rerenth street, between t ierrnth and Twelfth avenues, ownei by Wm H. finndP Mr lynrr Mated tbat tbe wlmle grnnnd of this compla nt w? a conrpirac* of somo low, drtnklng Irishmen, and otbeM livlngr tear his pl?< e. who wero determined t?i ruin hr btoifci-f*. He inslsod that the bi-inwo wa? carried oa I tltiin' talv end property, end tnat tne orcaetoaal tiau >eat n* rm^ll c? ming trom the place was i>er' <t.y I raitby f^vcral wttneeeee who wore exam i net te til d t? the sickening elliwts uj>on tliemaelvns Of Uie eetabl ish men! In >iuc><tion. aud declared tbe same as dangerous to the h<alth of the neighborhood. Tne commlttpe, with a tiew to give Mr I "timer an opportunity to oiler rebutting cTtdff.ce, adjourned tbe meeting to Friday afternoon At the clone est the evidence the committee vis.ted the place, to give the same a formal examination \ Brooklyn Cltjr Nevre. BxooKn * Buno or I.^f Aiio* ? At a ?p.,cla'. meeting of the Board of Tducati >a, held ia Brooklyn la^i ?rening. Mr. Anthony offered re?olnt 'wie expre^e' ve of the re-pect oftheTk'ard fhr the memory of th<? late .fame' .1 M ir dock, a member of tbe Board who bae died since the last meeting, and of their condolence with hi* bereaved wife and family. Judge Copland made soma rnmarka. in which be feelingly nientlMieu the deatha ?: Judge Hockw-". a sil Al '-rmen Bergen, ae we!l a* tint of Mr Murdick, Wi>o has been a me -iiber of the Ttoarl f*>? *\%i *aa*i T'-ja rCs.'.vt.u-3 w<r? t :w'; Modification of the Ttrlff-JJit of Vm Ar ticles. WiUfioiiroir, August 12, ISM. I herewith send you a Ust ol the articles proposed I >y the Committee of Ways and Moaus to be admitted tree rt duty, under a modification of the tarifl. The list does not meet the unanimous approbation of the committee. A minority report is to be submitted.? 6C UKDPLB I. I Acids? Acetic, boracic, cit Unseed. I ric, muriatic, nitric and Liuonce root. I tulpiinric. Marine chronometers. Amber. Madder ground and madder Aabergrto root. Angvm or Tlwbet, and other Manganese. goat-hair or mottair. Manufactures ol mohair Aziuitto, re ncou, or Orleans, Animal carbon (bone black) Antimony, crnde or regu I us of. Argol, or crude tarter. Arsenic . AvphaituiB. Aloes. Alcornogue. Aniseed Arrowroot. At-aioetida. Animals, living. Marks. Barilla. Itells. old. and beU metal. Berries, nuts and vegeta bles. Berries, flowers and barks. Bismuth, Borax. Brans, lc barf and pigs.

Brass when old and tit only to be manulactsred. cloth, uilk twist and other manufactures of cloth suitable for the manufac ture of shoeB, boots, boo toon and buttons ex clusively. Marble in the rough, slab or block unmanufactured Marine coral unmanufac tured. Mmo and other vegetable substances used for mat tresses. Mtnufaclures of platlna. Music aud music paper with lines, bouuj or unbound. Medicinal roots, leav^ts, gums and reouu in a crude utite. Machinery, exclusively de signed And expressly im ported for the manutiac lure of flax and linen goods. Maps and charts. Brazil wood, braselletto, and ail other dye woods Munjeet (lndJa*madiier) in sticks. Katrou Breccia, in blocks or slabs. Nickel Brimstone, refined or in NutgalLa. roils. Bristles. Bronze liquor. Bronze powder. Burr stones, unmanufactur ed. Burr 1 tones, wrought or unwrought. Boltirg cloths. Bitter apples. Boucha leaves. B irgundy pitch. Cad tnlum. Calamine. Cameos, mosaics and pre dons stones (not set.) Cassia buds, Chalk.' Ciay. Cochineal. Coco? and cocoa shells. Codilla, or tow of hemp or flax. popper, when old and fit on ly be remanufactured Cop|*r for t-hetlhiDK VC;?elS SaMiower Nux vomica. Ochres and oclirey earuu, whether dry or in oil Oils? almond, cocoa nut, olive, poppy and Jeal. Orpiment (and realgar) ar senic. Orange and 'emon peol. Orice or willow, prepared or unprepared. Palmleaf, un man u Tact ured. 1'ewter, when old and tit only to be remand art ur ed. Plumbago or graphite. l'olisliing stoues. Pumice and pumice stones l'earl or hulled bai ley. Quicksilver. Rags of whatever material Rattans and reeds, unmanu factured Rotten stone. Rhubarb. Salt* of tin. Cork tree bark. Cream of tartar. Cudbear (vegetable.) Camphor, crude. Csutharides. Castoruin. Cubeba. i.utch. I>rsgcns blood. Emery, in lump or pulre ritfd. i'.xtiact of indigo. Extracts and decoctions of logwood and other dye woods. Kxtrai t of madder. Fire bricks. Flax, unmanufactured. Flaxseed. Ffuts. Fullers earth. Banrufi and x^flron ca'xo. bal ammonia, ammonia and carbonate of amnion.). Sulphate of ammonia. Saltpetre, or nitrate of soda or potash, reiined 'or crude. Pedlar. Sheilao Silk raw, not more a Iraoc ed in manufacture than singles, tram or org an tine. 8k ms an l hides raw, of at! kinds, whether dried, raited or p'ckled. Sma'.ti Sheathing t>aper. Seols Of aii kinds. Slates and slate pencil. Sponges. Furs, dressed and undress- Substances expressly used ed, when on thosk'n. for manures. Furs, hatter's, dressed or Sumac. uudrtnatd, not (A the Salt or ravr'ate of tod* of ?k:a. Oumboge. Oi n>* Artbic, Barbary, Ea-t birtm, JH'la Senegal, substitute trngacaiitii, and all (Niter (mm* and rcsiua in :i crude stale. Outta perch*, unmanulsc turcd. Green turtle. Gin, i-r. gre? n, ripe, dried, pre-i rved or pickled, fir indf tone ?? H >'.ro! all kinds, unclean ed an 'I unmanufactured. Hi u.p, unmanufactured, li nip, V-tBiia. Sua and all kin Is Spices of si' k'ad-i Sago Sarsaparllla. Spunk. Squills. Sulphate sod muriate of potash Tsiijw, marrow, and all other greass and soap stock* and -oap stutl*. Terne tin platos. Terrs laponica, or catechu Tin foil T.n in Plates or sheets. Tin plslU-r galvanized. 1m m pu* bars or blocks otb, r ol India, Jute, di>ai Tortoise aud oth -rshclis un gr uf, ?<lr, At . Hcrna, horn tips, bote, I,., oc tips and teeth, un mam: fat to red llydrodate ofpct.ish. manufactured. Turmeric Type nh'ta's an! oil type? tit osly to be remau il?c tured liitl h ruM>er, in boltlea, *iab* or sheet*. uuuimu faclirMl It lift ribber, m.ik of. Ibdi^a. I >?'i!lO. It-' turn. Ivor} , uamaotj'aetured. 'pexaecioha. Irta. or orn* root Iroty nuta or vegetable ivory. Julep. Kilp Kiom*. I*C lije Luc spirlte. I ?e ml] hur I.xnttugn lor *hnca, altppera, boot* au<i button*, tn iu alveiy. Lm4 Id plg?. Ia nu n juice and lemon Julci concentrated. Lime Juke. Tapioca. Vim!, i bo a a*. Verdigris. Ware, cti, earttiernor |?ttcrf Of a r *[>*.; It 7 el " i < i- 'ling tun gallons Wane or ahotity. w*td. Whit nff or Pa-n white. Wood or |u*tel. WooOa, natne'y ? celar, lign imv.t e, ei'^uy. box, granadtna mab'ytoy, rosewood, sat.n ? <xM an J alt cabinet ?oo<ls. W ool, or hair of the alparx, th? joat ant oth"r like a i:tnal*. ot the value, at the port of Impurtat. >.i of nfteen cenu per pound or Ipm, and or the value of tlfty oi'tiu per pound or over, fpelt- r or t?' iteoui|?.<\ In Hi pete or plgt. The ate am Boiler Riploalon In On wan no. INVESTIGATION BKrORK COROMfP. IIANFOKP AND A JC?T ? A8HCTT TKMM IX ATIOM OF THE PHOCISP una. The lartiUgation Into the cau*e ot the eiplot'oa of the . tram boiler la Wilder' j saJ< manufactory, on Saturday aat. waa continued at the E ghtb ward etatloa house tn N ne eenth street. Brooklyn, yesterday, be: ore Coroner Ilenford and n jury The following evidence waa elicited ? Frederick J Harris sworn ? 4 live la F.cveath etreet. near Third avenue. occupation machinist: am in the ?m ploy of Wilder ft Co.; I wax at work on the aecond toor of the factory at th? t neof th? explosion. waa la the boiler room at a quarter part fiar o'clock on Saturday afternoon; tl.ia ?w about a luarter cf aa hoar before the eirtociOB; iS r. Wcti, the etflnaer, aad my*elf, were talkirc abc-it repair* at tli? fiimac*. I arketb'w mueb water tie ha 1 te tried, and forcnd ther*' wire lull three cock* of wat?r a the boilers. he tri I ixitL ga-ige cwsie on b<ith boiler*. I looked at the brickwork; the Ire brick liii'ng la the furnace, between the two b>nl?r? wax girlpg way, and there wm a crack ia the wail, tho brick work bo'ged oat; several brick* wora looeeneJ, leavine a h.V.e, t*e cruka la tlie wa'l of the 1 irna. e would ail?ot Iba Ore brick liaiaf; don't think thta Meet w ???'?I haee bad ary elect a ? xplodiog tho boiler. To a Joror? The kffer eoc'i k about 10 or 12 -bet from the top of the boiler; the boiler* hal bo *tim drrm?. we pern rally <arr:ed fro ia &9 to 70 pouii li Jf Mi am hardly th<nk there ww p*er eiiougri la the en fine to ilrtre all the machinery at the *,.me titne without r-.naing faeter (ban it ahould consider tue butler safe at 100 p.'uo i* ot w th the lowar cock of w.-i. r. am ratiahtil that the explosion did not occur from Begitftnoe or want ot water (fuceof Ifoa from the bo.l'T* pro doced.) Tl.ere are b listen ua Um >roa, Iroa la more Ukeijr to blUter when it 1? bad. Mr. Peter O. Bakaaa, the forr maa of the jurjr, a-V-l w!tne?< whether bllateri. g wa* aa l ie of bad ni l en^ tatlmatnl, In coHradietloa to Ma atatemeat. that it wax boI, aa ho hlnaaclf knew aometlnag <if the nature of iroa. fer -ner R *vroe hope I the gentleman wou'.J not treat tiir ? tneaa with ditrcprct Mr HiKi.iv warmly deal* I the imputatioa an I ' nth gentb men becoming <ome? iiat excllod, the Coroaer d ? t ate<l the jury di?!<otr?4i the gentlemen comp >iin( i hat body thereupon toek their departure. C?o<table HrtMU then ,ir"r.e<?(ie.i to empxaac' a new itiry, who. la arrordanc* with low. will be (Vjalrad to rteir the bo i -? of der-ea.-' <|. \? all hare been 'at? rr?l by tbr r fneud*, it will b ? r?*' ?ary to *shnme them anil re examine all th? wttn? ?*?* ohom te*- mony waa pdb ll*b?d ye?terrt?y. tofett t w Ui that ot Mr llarria It t? not probable ihv. tb? aew mquett wiil be com meaoad ketore Thumay (tr oorrnw) or day after. Nliornt lrfttfr?. Ui>tof letter* adrsHKmt tn tne Krw Toax iUxttD, pri'ir, Angnet H. rtmatning In the *ow Voek Poit M4ce aaxtwad fur, do donht mtodlrected rnrutmeata ieor?M. ,t H A'lea ft Co., L f Lavertnf Bennett *;Co., louden * Oa . B f Bkrtoa k Broa., I-. Stiuater Smith. R ,f. Peeltver, Thiaaaa Webatcr. Bogan ft Thomp-m, HO T )* ?OC?f - gpear, ?irke *Oo , H Pponnrr, IFtrigham k (lore Cl ntot C irrmny. rbxrie? Or <TWb? k Co , l\ KtlbyMmt. J ihn Mart a At CO , mi r:a mi aor " Jaa P. Fisher ft Sana, M'&naaaM * 0k<t II ?jge-" B'exber*, Keea ft Hag|e-?* Wft tarnrth, WeV&ftOo , *L" K<T7 VraMMII * Jiff ;. Political The Chicago Democrat of the '?th instaat ?sy> ? We have taken great pains to see person* of all parties in thi? city who tia\o travelled through a II parta of Iowa since the election, and we can learn of hot two coruiiios, Lee and Dubuque, that have given Buchanan m.ijor'tir* and these are more thuo balanoed by the single eouut/ Of Benry. The majority lor the Kremonters will eiewt JvtJ thousaud. Samuel Galloway (Fremont) and S. 8. Cox (ut^er driving Forney democrat) are the candidates for Con gress in the Twelfth district of Ohio. Twenty Ave thousand Fremont men met in cOMCil la Frcmoat, Ohio, last week. Tl.ere were nix sun t from whi. h u,e people wers addressed? live in raglisb, and oae in the Geru*n language. Hon. Lewis D. Campbell hag been rononblnated for Congress by the Fiemc*t constitutional pu.ry in Hie Th.rd district of Ohio. C. L VaU&adlngham la iis deao cratic opponent. We have a letter from Towanda, Bradford county, Pern sylvaria., whi' h state* that there are eight itoousaud voters iu that csunty, and that out of this number B i elianan will hardly receive two thousand, There are not fifty Jillm&re men in the county. The Petersburg, Virginia, Democrat thinks I remont i elevation to the Prendency would be an actual f Ugma of disgrace upon the South, and tbe day that see-; his eleo t.on wi 1 seo tho cHssolution of the Onion. We have teen a private letter from a postmaster in WUcuns'.n which says: ? Tbe Fremont cause is moving cn rapidly in Wisconsin The Buclianan men are vo.7 scarce, and in some places a Buchanan man would be a curiosity. Hon. Thomas Davis, tfo" i<\ader of tb? d^tuoerai.e pari? in Rhode Island, b&? taken the stump f<?r, and fc doing good service. The Portland State of Maine says that at the decjon straton of the democracy In Deering Ha'.l, Portland, two llags were hung in the archway over the speakers' bland, and on each were only eighteen stars. "We were,'' says the .State 1 >J Maine, "at a loss to aciomit Tor this; but Mr. John S Wells' sublime idea of a Southern republic satis lied our minds and dissiiwted our doubts. Probably the new republic, symboVzed by the eighteen starred l't|s. will consist of the tlfteen slave StaUs, Pennsylvania, (whssc spokesman at the Cincinnati Convention promised to join the slavt States in case of a dUsolutioj,) Kansas, subyigsted to slavery, and Utah, with iu foul polygamy, that relic of barbarism, twm to slavery." Among the t-pcaicern ou occasion was Mr. J. D. Fuller, from th^ P.ith, wLo has heen iraaklng the lectures in fa vor of slavery delivered by Senator Toombs, the mar. who boasts that he will yet call the roll of his slaves f-oai the shadow of Boulter Hill monument The Philadelphia Ledger says, "The republicans seem to be taking tbe lead in this city." They all say so now and very many believe they will keep the lead. Mr. Fillmore culled Fremont a "sectional can- 1 didate." The Kentucky a'id >'6rth Carolina election* show that Mr. F. is not even that He will not get votes anywhere. The Watkins, Schuyler co inty, N V.. BepuUi-an has fallen into the ranks of the cousfltuti >nal party It aaya: In accordance with car fcgit.mate rights and nr(riw?. *3 an Independent joamalwt, we have to day tfirowif mir banne .? to the breeze. and ,, aced the hell oi oVr col rw,r tli Bpme"f! 0olon<-1 C. Fremont m Califor nia, for the Presidency, and William l, Dayton of s?w Jersey , lor U)o Vice l>ee Mency o! the United ?Ha't< & We have not taken tbu *u-p haatlly, but after cio^eiy -cru tiuitlng the position and candidate. of tue three prom' aent political partio* of the day " Salt or nwim i lor'hinT'th ?r lKrhh'J ht,ncer?rtl' arc with h. a und r?u>V. T M11" !:k ^ ">rou,b tUlu, through evil I t an we.. iik good iLd Khali keep the Kockv Uoun tain banner waving in the breeze till Fremont and Dayton ' . tr'"nil"'aiit!y elected, or till the people hare din ire 1 tht r opponents ?' the more worthy.'* It u, said that Co.uael Kremont. tne ootulitutlonal can di.fjte for the Presidency, recently ri marked, ?? S,r, 1 I have UreU upon m4iie m at and graaehopper pie<, but the principles of the n'gg-..- driving democracy slckeu mo more than either. " Abraham -Sanborn, .traigbf whig, has beca nom u?ed for Coogresa by the dem vrau in the Kifth district, l!?iae. I t'l'y Inlrlllgfnrr, J Ht MaarraXT Monww -According to announcement a mc t;njr *u com died on Monday evening, at <i oVlock / at the U un aidtary Ragged School room. .Sixth avenue' I "M-oeite tho t'r) .-tal l-alace. The oiject of tb,? meeting wa* to f tan ? mft.-em?.nt. ui^n a ,,fact ca. baalt. f.,r th, amtiMrat.on of the condition ot in# pirnr un, M.i ?? I man to deviae some syMem which ahall h*re ,n view I the requirements of their physical betnt-aomethiug that w r.Vse up within the breast or the downtrodden a I deurt to (isaiat thenu>elw?? and to provide bread and I ram en t at iucb reduction of price aa to place manv of III! r^TTlt,* 0f ' ??w rtco" ' 10 lhr Poor, within * reach of tb? poorest The me.- ting wa* organ ,1*1 ? J'?*1 ?W?MU propoaed lor r m-id rat .-n I ".'on .1 WvTa espial i,mg the noc-n ty of luck a? t.en aa will demonstrate to tha poor that there 1* I Jtiitig mote in store for themlbat: wordi which ra >e I their ti|? cUtiona without aatisfymg tbelr want* Much I ?nttuaiaun wai. manifested at the me, t:og aud the great I . prrjai'e,. e^h on. IrwhngUu. the, ,?e / * movement the a m of which la t> I * a little deeper at the root of the rx'at.r g evil * hich I *"C y' *0,i Pr0T1J?' ? Preventive Instead of Uu I rT* "*1 tiaJly applied. at a late Hour th. I mt etmg a.1 ourne l. to meet aga n on Monday ty,-n.aK I M1h*" !**' 7 o'clock, at the -aiue oia. .. rife I philanthropist, and all peraon* who fuel lb?t surer, na M.niaiiiiy need. mwiKtaoce, ahould attend at the next I S5fat^"r be.agg.vted for Rai A match race took place on Monday after I nor?n, between Thomas r>orr an 1 H igh 8urc?, familiarly I know/j by ihe ?oubrJ<juet of <? Rappahannoca, ' in ?icjP I Urn boau. ibe dutanre rowed w,ii about eight miltw b. i"? from a ,take bort at Red ,r0U3(1 reef light, off the en I of ?atro U'at f. and hart 1 1 the I *U rtlng point. The grounds adjacent to the utarting place I were litera'ly rorerrd with pc-pl* . not I?m man flva thonaand having congregated to w.tue^ the contest - I ' rr appealed to be the favorite, an 1 immediately alter I tli^ ttart. be proved that the confidence with which be I wac (<>cored wa> wet! placed He loon .hot ahead of tin sntig. rt?t and app.-are<i t? be Mm b,m at every .trok* I ' 1 ,'v, d?*B "" tide o( ,uc .... meared to be turning, and Burt., was taking the lead I I hi* change waa ao umnoked for that rt startled mow of II It .? nds of IV.rr an. 1 th^y teaolred npoa kSOVIM tfe* 1 ? H. t i >n r . i;t op 10 the conteatante in ar eight ,bW * " " ?<e l,.?, ha.1 it .ma m t<>w, w?, be waa very lei.areiy moviag his I Tt's Jl1^ r?' d ,j,s,D h,? e, I ' ?rl ?r ""fa t*e*? was loudly condemned by tb?-? who* tressed it, but n was Berrrtbel??. p, rs.|e,( |? I N, n:*r <->?? O' the rac It ha l not bowsver the ii?eiri d I s.lect. for ?? ?oo? as u.e line waa caat loos. i?,r I *?ait ?bot ahead nf hi. antagon vt. and r?a< hnd Ui^ .tart I tnf I '-lbt irme -eC >Dda >n a ivan. . and was declare I by I the ud|?a to have won the race We barn that ?o-n* or I he et ita ware lo'.led with .t-mea, wh.rh were f'eel. I hurled tur ng the progreat ?f I ha net, tMI tlkM m if I c*' w o ilif 'a- e b. ,t Virgtoia, wl. ch wu a act. nd ? ? 1 'p'.r. Is rr. w 1 ball) tt ,r>. \ A<ti - th' , h0 o' I tilC ? '^taflg) wtr< h her.m. ?ather r la^al f *? en I tl? !' ends of thf tw I oarsrn. n. was artrre t n which I re.'; led in a few bl?< k cyea. Innu merable .-rat h-n I l i "aly l "c?, mi ne arreau and H e demo, t on - i 11 irns I l ?*t A ! ?t:ch ti?? t.pd to a uk b *t racing, which I w->s > ? t. c c coiie . lief im. ah In.tiorable ? ! m*i y rmea itm I '?n Un' of > < a York. |?>*. r \uil i< w ?t Uir I t rt .-.-.ou of the ? Ib-tter lh?' : ( In s;^,,). at I I r ? that, tbey >1 ' ' be attec >d w ; t' ?, r:- pf rt I la rne? - ai-J the -ih;Mt .not i-rufa Cas/og Jon* Lsw an? Ir.m ?. ve'ai ( - .nMenow I ii .1 I ave reoett y, it woui I .. . m that f awler, I who r barged himeeit with having oaurdrrwd a young girl I in Irelani. la inaane at leant ruch 1. tha oplatoa o. aera I ral perfona who hare had Interviews ? th him If. n >? - l' at h.- was ti ? |s?rty who . on-tj. tv.,i th. to-tr ;.r ?a i -V? ; l-e "1 bal ,n b tt. t .t at t.m -s k wn.g wimt he ?aya Th- re 1.. a .-i-v m also th .: hit . ; it. a|?-l to gef O-U ot L'm > .rr? flrf ?t"ty waa r?; . Ir .-t e|e?- and m-.iute. and b.e . pcrttn. Dt thet waa oot that of an in*aoe maa. R#? ruororrrtt f>- r.-The Chamfer o' fowt mere# waa to have held a meeting y?at?r lay. to ukea.' fnagvr ? tie propped rimioval of tl.- I'aat Otfi. . ri, it a't.>?, but ow ng to tin At.nnesa of th. to -et ? rg ;r 1 ' ot -< being pi- *?t day an 1 ' <, n- 1 waa oi '"?k! until Thur.daj no.,n, wo?n t'.- t*-. .tn tier will c ovena at the uaual me?ting plar- A p>. t on * n 1 rcu it-. -. praying the g. n?ral governrn'-nt t>i pur ' '>?- lh' ' I I tch H fhrme.1 et 'irrh pr..t erty, n? '? ? ; " 1 by the ? .*t r.ftieo, ax the ?'tn fer the new huil mg ' he r ?t wm,M be ?fw,ooo. about half the e.-timatwt ra lue of Ht Jobn a part. Arn?mr> fru it.*, ? A Herman was arrented at tha wharf i'oot of Otrtlandt ttre, t. yesterday morning, while ir *ha art of pr.-par ng to blow hi* brains out with a pit tol. lie wu taken to Hie city prison H" refuse.! to K re b.. name o- aatign any reaa >n for h.s weartnoai of I ft? He ta .nppoaod to be Insane. A nora* Rrrs ? tt appears that hor**? w.11 Wte aa welt a. k ck, #0* a boy at Waahingt-.n ma'ket, jiniVcrday had H?e ft ? ' ' '>??< hand bitten otl t?tb.- ,,, nt', ttttoua borne, who *fc?pp. .* si h m while panaiac Tu? t?.j waa atlenibd by ibe (urgeo* at tbc TMfd ward ta i.'nbrm. I SLAVERY AND THE DISUNION (i^'ESTON ? IN THE SOITH, WHO ARE THE SECESSIONISTS f i^porUnt Confession* from the I rittif Sctcitltn Organ of South Carolina, Ac., Ac., Ac. [ Frnjn the Cbav ?ston Mcrcury, August S.J A LJBK1. UPOS THR *TATK. Sine* tbe Niw Yoisc Hkkald baa ma.*? it^ bargui j Kieniont and the bluck republicans, i; has a* a t in all w>rtn of fabrications and clap trap he acconip.infc ita tads. TLe paper v? . :ch,a tew week* ago, held the triumph of Hack rppubJiauiiuru incom patible w:tb the existence it the Uition ? which de nounced Seward and bin ga 3g as the wont enem'es or the caontry ? which Ktin>uatHed " trigger wor shipping withaioaneueHnef ?bw# p*wil>arto itself ?which, with & RaamelettB efVontery, ."laiiaa to be a meod of the Sor?i *nd a *>e "to abolition agita tore ?tli ? pai er now stand h forward as th? zealous cnaimnon of Fremont, and a-.-rrrta that his electtoo can be acsompligbvd without the leaat rink to the Union ! And what are the facia upon which, it basea this calcujuilou Y is it that b'aek reouWicauism w not the enemy *f the South? Is it that John Charles Fremont ia not the embodiment of auti slaverv. and that, u? tbe laader of bis party, he will not be forced to su.<tain its policy ot aggression ? . la it that the ret- Joint 'on of the Mis souri conpromire line, tbe rejection of Kansas as a slave Htarfe, atd She repeal of the Fugitive Slave law, are all mea-vures which tho South would have nomu.-e to reeantY No! the Hkiialii has other leaccna tor believing taut the election of Krcmont can be accomplished without danger to the Union. It says:? I ri-aiuK' la a Southern man, of tbe non slareholdiaf o'am. * ? ? * There is a natural antagonism ?>? tw i en tbe laboring whites aud ths slavekoUL re ol the Mftuth, (and a*k?)? Now, in it ra:e to ri+t aptrii tno |*re ?uai|>tiOD 'bai the | sentiment* the laboring whit' n oi lie 2011th are ut the service, t>u all occaa.oaa, 0! thilr sUveholdtiig neighbors'- Mr. Toom'ui and tha Buchnnau dent < racy wuald have U3 hwiove th.s, but from certain late conf?e?ious from the newspaifers of South Carolina, we ?>erco!ve that though "the poo* whites" ol that seutinn have neither organs nor orioars, they have got tuelr poills-al opin r>us, which cannot b? Huj.|irt'hrted Those n"iit. meats, liom this lmportaat Siutheru voting element, wore Mrtklugljr itlustra te<l .u foutii Carolina, t<eorgta, Alabama and MuMta tippi It lbbl, when, upon the drect queation of HecifKion, on ?c< cui t ot the arim'.Skion o( CaUTornia tui 11 l'ree rtaie, the fecei>?luuiaM in each of those Stataa weie routed and reduced to a surrender Mr. Toomha, Mr Ftl.morr anJ .ir llkrhanan will remember tiiat ta South Carolina, where their preparations for Hec??atoa wore the niifct loruuduhle and alariuiog, their defeat waa more (Jectuve tli ?c 1l an> other ISoutheru Slate. This is the calculation? the non-slave owners of the S< nth ate un?i und on the aub.iect of slaverj. would avail little to stay the mad f&nati cism of the North, to show how utterly without foundation, either iu iea^on or fact, this asacrtios is, " certaiD late confessions from the newsptpera of South Carolina" to the contrary not withstanding. The uon-slsve owners of the South would repudiate such an assertion, as a libel equally upon their com mon sense and patrioti-m Tnt ir fortunes and fate are indii-tolub!) bound up with the fortunes and fate of aiuvery. Slavery is he bu*Wof all values, aad the poorest non-slave owner in the land has a pro ]>oruonate stake in its preservation with the ri cheat owner. He see* and teeia, t>y the simple obser vation of facs around hiir , and by the terrible ex lierVnces or eniam Ipation everywhere, that wtth the dertruction of slavery, every other interest, the humblest euually with the greatett, must ]?-riah. Taught by the tearful lessons of Jamaica and St. liomingo. all classes in th** South contemplate abo lition wi'h the Hutne ahborren ??. But what of the c?j? died by the Herald? We are told that the course of South Carolina, and the defeat of the secession party in 1851, " atrikmgty illustrates" the a??trti<>n. Tbe Hkrald's ignoran<? in this matter is *p| arent to every man 1a Hw.itli Caiolina. It is a fart irhir/i no cmr hrrr can dm y, that the vralth of tht Stair trtis tirtaytri agatnM thr ttcruwn party. Turning btck to that period we can ca'l t ? mind the nstueaof a few individual* whose ?kkt e^ati wealth in slaves and other property might have Is en net against that of the whole se ? ession party. It*as not the non-slave owners who then overthrew ilu- State, and sacrlliced, at a blow, her principle! *nd her safety, t tut tt tra* tht %rvrk oj mtn having thr greatett potnbie stake in tlavrry, ami t rho, try rrery argument qf pride or rhould hate Oeen fore man in , renting ?nd refitting aggrettumt ujicn it. TLese are fait* which justice, a* ie? than ttutb, requires to be made knows. not the HkhaLIi deceive itsel f and the Notth by any calculations based upon the treachery 0, the poor and humble citizens of the South. Their pa'notism. if inder does no* daxile, is yet m true, as solid am', aa earnest as any which warm* the tf -oic of men They liave never yet set tbe txamirle of betrayal, tb 'Ugh un<?< mpolous man, even In our midst, hare insulted their judgment aad pi'tri. t. ni t y app< ?!.- t. the 1 1 supposed bontilly la the institution. They stand now in this State, aad we believe in tne whole S< uth, ready to do their fluty. Tbo?e who prevented the action of South Cut linu in 18A1 will be Homewhat eurprieed to find their triumph ot netn ed an an evidc nee of her rotten rctf on the subject oi t-iavery, anc' made the basia of the jiuv-ent idaiut of abolition. It doe* not mtrprue ui*. The nuhmiMii n of the State ? the abandon ment I.f H hij-li Hi)ii defiant .itlitmlo the etc rill e of 1uuepet>d<m<< m prim I pie and anion- naturally led her enemies to auapect ?<ei spirit, and calculate upon her lukewnrmnew It broke the spell of an honored name, and brought r? proaeli upon her caaee a ro jiioai h which. In these time* oi peril, givee en ourag* au nt and the hope of impunity to the ag ftreMK r. It taught a lewton which oar enenxMM will never permit as to forget. If black republicanism ttiun.pbs. let it be remembered that the argument mofct uned Mid m ?t ?n ce*?ful ??* the pant aubeai* ?ion of the South. Thua retribution overtaken the step# of fo If. [I rem U.e rba>lf -tim H.-rcury, A :g T.) ?H THKn* WltlNK'P. When Joahua K. t; id dings de 'tared. in the Howe of ib-pteiw ntitive*. that' the H?uth could not be kirke I not of the Union." he uttered a aentiuien! obitrtd t.v thousand* at the N rth who. judging by p?et ^abriiihhiotiH of the South, d<> u?t iteiiete that any urn mat ot *j(grei>?i> n, or, as UiddingaexprcMed it of "kicking, c uid drive her to resistance. This conviction more than an* other, haa invited ai d encourage ? uggresaiou. The am men' of the Union leeeiveil its lir-t blow when the South, is 1 >>34. submitted to abolition petition*, and by Uiat conr?e taught the {forth that ft might mrgreae with out danger Af'i'itionmiti and disunion ceased to te synonjuwa* term*. ?hiJe Northern atttfrvnaioQ and Southern snbmiseiou went band in hns<f But we Bii'??ke the character of the Southern people, if the?c thing* are alasya to continue. Then in a point at which aifgressli n must atop. If, in the tpji }irirnt of an anundant prosperity, they hare bren slow to renent Injustice by destroying the I'nion of their father", tha very fact will out *w*U le ffcrv of 'hat n xi<.tn?s torrent which at last hursts from the head* of a people burning, yet for Lenrieg, unde ;?c< nmnlatcd wrong*. All reuJu ?on? c>n e in lht? ai?e, and like Hemhn/itr at the feat, the oppre* r it stricken d<>wn in the midtt oC r*ce?e and confident impunity. Union lovers, North ami woo?h. wll tc>t leurn wwd >m till Vx 'ate. Tie pi event co?: rrc ot rundrv journal* in the South nmtril nt?s greatly to the etiowurwjement of the ?Pi mv. Th? opinion is confidently expressed by k'd'ng paper* at the North, that the election of Firs,' nt to th? Presidency. and the e.'cvation n? pi wer ot the Mack republican party, can be accom p'iahi d not or.'y without danger to the Union, hot that large ira* ea oi the Southern people are iwndy to co-opeiate in that result. The New \ork Timta myn:? *1 T'tai nrtee-t, t* the tnton te ths ,wtrt\?t'nn of ata t? thai were ti>e N'"-the-n www, <a jaM ia<i<?Datt<m to r<?e ui' ?ii i n*aea Wil'iMi I 'oyd ( ?rrt?on m Ut? Prnal .'eiitlnl litir th< ?M?li w >tiW B"t w>th lr%w The TV Aw*# "in-iking of the election of Fremont eiMi anger. ng the I oion, enya rh? |? " fte of th<' (7ette4 fHavw haTa no oftee hoae t Uita . ry o' Wotl " ratae<t, tb?l It baa eaoed U> ataria aad ?nlv ?erv?a In etlmalatn them Tell th?Bi mat to# farnn ?.m b dlwotve't, If tfctn or that man i? oilmen Praeiileat <i <t ihey will be *erv apt 10 try the et|Wrtm>-nt aa.l i rnve tb? propbrt a Talae oi e wc think tbej wttt do tt noe And even the Hkr*li>. after com|>aiing the an-n her of alave owner* it?d non-elave owner* in th? Hovth. and na?-ertlni( that the latter would never jt^n j in rceleiatance. anya A I lute r?ti<H*l..n ujoo thene ttf^iTea, fUcli an : fiatll ?im neffl ih-tt r to 'bo? tb?t onr Bo itiern Mawmoni*t?. ?re fdnytng * tatee ae<l ri<McuUnw thai there la % midline ^'tgbt n> ir<tal oppoae.l to ihem. er?a In tbenr >wn ?errtw ???'! theee ta nothm? to tier from thaetec uon ot f>eir?t ?t it Ibe w?f M fllenaien It mn^ ?? a mn'ter of wirpriae to the people of Hi, nth ' ??r Him. that a jooroel In their own mi dat wbtoM f<mi'h the ground^ for celea'attona no ta nWt, ?u<\l})iUh U t??i