Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7290. MORNING EDITION- FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 1856. rHE LATEST NEWS. BY MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. THE OLD LINE WHIGS IN COUNCIL. Their Determinatiou to Support Fillmore. ADDRESS AND RESOLUTIONS. IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON HEWS FROM NICARAGUA, 4c., Ac., & o. Interesting From Washington. THE CENTRAL AMf.KICAN QUESTION ? PK0GRE8S OF ' NEGOTIATION'S ? PALMElif TON KKVltACTOKV ? SCHEME TO CHEAT H0NDPRA8? MR. DOBBIN NOT TO LEAVE THE CABINET? DISPOSITION OP PN FINISHED BU8INE88? WEIGHTS AND MKA8PKE8 ? COMMERCIAL RTATItTIC8 FOB CIRCULATION ? THE APPROPBIATION BILLS? SUPERINTENDENTS OF PUBLIC BUILDINGS? THE CAPITOL EXTENSION ??LETTER FROM SENATOR FISH IN FAVOR OF FREMONT, ETC., ETC. WAgHWOTOH, Aug. 14, 1859. 1 I etP'itrlics received from l/oodoo announce that the negotiations iu regard to (Vntral America are progressing | favorably, although nothing as yet decided exce;>t the assent or both Franco and Kuglaad to a treaty of amity and commerce with Honrtu-ns This treaty has no novel feature, escort (hat it embodies the Honduras proposals v.'hich appeared in the Herald some vrueics sioco. Tie arrangement in respect to the Bay Islanlg trill be Id the form of a convention, and it will start from this Inexorable condition? the rendition of tho inlands to Bondura;. That is the r*>>?*t of departure, and unless it be conceded nothing will bo done. The EiiKh'h Cabinet, as a whole, are ready to procoed OB this basis; but Pulmerston, with his usual penchant for showing light, makes ail tlie fuss he can against the arrangement in tho Armomitt and Otobe. Tho Ti.iwj, Fern, and Adverliwr, however, all go In strong for the arrangement, Pairaorston naturally does not like to see i:s pet fo!icj|in Central America fall without an eilort, f .not to prevent it, at least to make for It the best ??rms possible. For tli is reason bis agents are making efforts to bay .'.uatan, In part as a sot oil' against alleged debts ol Hon 'urai. This dodgo won't succeed; but we will do well ! o be on our guard. Paimcr.t <n's tools in this business 1 are the &>u(ti Ameruan Bondholders' Committee, in Lon ) don, who are uow engaged in manufacturing claims 1 Against Honduras, to be urged as requiring an eitm'alcnt ' n the Islands. ' It is geuerally known that one of Mr. Webster's latest acts wai to Indorse a geographical blunder in rolation to 1 "inn guano islands cialmod by Peru, where a company of New York speculators intended to mike their fortunes. ; iir. W pare the opnton that these islanlg were free to "?I nav'gators, and so Mr. Alfred 6. Benson, who hid i igured lu s.>ine government speculations in the time of Tyler, an t was at the bottom of this, contracted with cer , tain partios to send out a licet of hhips to bri Jg back the , ;ruauo r.nd make his " eternal fortune." Numbers of the vessels sailed; Uut Peru interfere t. ' CV'r Minuter theie examined into the case, and clearly ? demonstrated the right of that government tovbe* Hlands )tn question. ll.e expedition tlzsled out? Mr. Benson was ? ro where. Mr. Webster's friends apologized for him aa , writ u tt ry could, anil Mr Fi 1 more confessed be did not 1.bow what he was about when he indorsed Mr. Web ster's opinion. ; Mr. Benson Is now mraorUlizing Congre.i for Indem ? cd*y to the extent of over a million of dollars, fur lo:*e.< j ustain?d by him in consequence of the erroneous opinion ? D. his friend, Mr. Webster, while Secretary of State (What causes led to this erroneous opinion it is not necej j. .ry to etate, but there Is a document signed by James i 'ewett and Alfred O. ,'i*)>-oa, dated 22th May, 1954. on In the Circuit Court < lerk's oCico, Baltimore, which Uj In some llgfct, and here you have it ? Is.morandvm of an agroemnnt made this 21th day of , 'ay. e.'gt.tceu hutrfred .i< d fifty -thr >e, between June* . J< *cU wid Alfred <!. Ben-on. for the purjiose of de ? niur their rrctcai ai. : i > inactive interests ia the guano ! <*p< "t oo. and their rslabvo rig 'it* a* copartners in all I ie charters of TMHlt; Mm arrangement between the ' government oftlio I'tited ihates an I Para; the moneys lecclvcd or to bs received oa account thereof, and th? abilities therein. TV at: ! partial <io declarc an t a^ree as fallows? that ia 'tiy ? i*id p, i.s <n and J.wetf are cojiartners in llio said bu , t.ii at d BJattm, snd the nitcrest ot each of the parties , , ereln U cq-al, an I tfwtr liabilities therein are also uat, ai d cM-h jarly is entitled to one halt of all the pro J eds thereol, ail is botud to pay ooo hail ofa!l the 1 ?<t* tlier? .f ?ia I r.ei '.h< r paru- i<> authorized to sign any rttici sgrei -reut, ln< > r ,iny ! i-tUer liabilities or cou i ude aii>- farther ucgotiat^os without the consent of the i her. All moneys hcrc'.ofere recW\ed, or hereafter to be ro e'.ted, lr. m the JYruv in gov* rtiraent, or their agents, or : my other party or, on b< batl of the e*i?edltion, or . barter vessels, or any matter counecte l ! hall bo |<ald to, and collected by A, <?. R'-nson, who shall mmediatoly on tho rcreipt thereof, pay over the one I talf <>r ail un l every sum > f m ney ro recei ed by him, row time to time, aa each ?inn la received, to the order :il James C. Jewett, without any deduction by way of , ommltt nc or otherwise, < scept *'ieh romm;sslins as ire refi.alt"r and in tbo annexed fchedule provided for. r The w dual liabilities of the parties are declared to bo ? iual and even, and the liabilities In iheaunescJ schedule ' tated are to be pa d aa tic rein provided; but oo payment i I arj s.m of money whatever at, all be made by either ??rty w l?o t the cc'dmuI o! tbe,?Uii?r. ? a a. bkn-"iv. r**u i J AS. C. JCWKTr. (?vlJ * gred in presence e>' C Pstvs. CHAM I* CI LU1UMIM Kk : KKTl 10 W Till ISJltra *f!*Ki?aiT, a A f mm'?*too of live par cent on the charters due to n. Benson for chartering the ahip? f'?r gnaoo, an I pay >'e oa the arrival of each vossel at the port of des ! i t ion , t. A rommis ton of oqehslfof or.e p?r pent for Insn | snce rflerted by him, and two and one half per cent and utcre-t n all advance* made by A 0. Benson, payah'.o Is provl-'i 1 a article <t ' e. Amoiiat payable to n K , m per agre?Tient, and ' syiiMo whetiev er H nxon (c Jewett shfll pay tUe?am% h ailsanting his half d Am-* )?yab'e to n. C Rslrer. j?m<* Brnokt, O. I ABdfjw.H, i;?bcrt (i Campbell and Jame? J l ike to be jnirted l etreen Ifcn,ua A Jewett. and payable after ch adjuaitaenl. each ^*rtv adraoeing bis ooe half. ? ' HAG. Heiison is legally bound to pay Btrrela A th< r<- scomnns- u ai per an aril le "f aereement wren them and A. 0. Uoti?on. of the date of . i ? , thrn that H tobS a HnlM ity of both psrtie" mnfial , and the tame if su?si> Itaidlit/ he extended to Jewett'i trr"t me liability, If any, to pay Hamr.el r Tracy fommij ? ?servlc?s, to be paid only when legally compelled, ? n a, ?eed to by bcth parties. In raso Tracy co a ? an act on to recover any mm claimed due him, r*. it agree |o rive to f>n?on a f>atl ?i#r orjr guarantee > nneet h,* half of any Judgment to be obtained ; p. 1 iati: ? c to arlMi fr m the s/ency at the Sandwich lands, aiid other a?en ies ,-mr' yed n the Paclflc or ?( wl ere sre to he by the parties on vljustmetit, ,.irh party advancing h s one htlf. ? Tfcc c barters of ves'?dsar^> of course conilJ"re<l s ? ureal liability, and any liabilities \r > rg out of them k Tbo outfit of vessels and expenses connected with ' ??,*!< I ng Ihrm and in nthly ' vrter of Mrah Huse not proteclsd by B?rreds k Brothers, are to be paid b/ - <th parties and are to be paid inmediately on a<\just neat w<h James C. Jewett. the moneys h.<>-otoforc re i fed. h ad Orst hereafter to be recsivcd, t?bcapp!iel *>erelo TV at ive schedule conclndcd ar.d agreed upon Kay A. {??! ' it is. it will bo seen, a copartnersh p agresmeo ii r?la' en to carrying out the g-.iano huSineis an I nong rdbor things it provides in Ihs 'ehedule for rtain liabilities, vi? to "fl K. ' cne loarth of the "?.is ol tbe enterprn. , and amo'iat psyabla to P. Ii vkee, (i, merly Naval Oit'cer) as rnm->r has It Jl-VOOO; to James Brooks, (supposed to be editor of Kt ; *-'0,000, <i. H Andrews, f?'0,000. James ?. riko, 1 to be of the omca) 130,000. Mr Campbell, was to have been llr Fillmore s son la law, Is Jea l his, niram Ketchum, of your city, bai brought a stilt tst Mr Bensstn in a Maryland ootirt. and so it Is pretty dent who H K " lr. What part tbes geMiemenUke i iirg i g Congress to Insert Mr. Bensoi 's a m in tbo ppropr at <>n bill, \ have not learned. The report of a ebange la the Cabinet Is whol'yerro >eoi:s. Mr t>obbin will, in a few dajs afler tbe adjourn ?rtof Congress, retire to h s res isnce, near Fayette t?, N C , to repa r his health. He wonld visit the Vlr 4 ?? f r g* , but tbe fallene of receiving f .tnpvny wn'l i t .n ha could bear, fie does net r.?'rr b:* no v h.s ' ' th ' Vs ? pTH-tT- t I ? er i' ,? ? ? ? , , , V , II . ' > , . t A. ' ' ' ? ' ' ?' ?' '? ? ' < r 'I resolution adopted to-day, be resumed at tho next gfc.,(iion Mr. l'caroc aubmitted an important resolution call..'1* Tor the action of the government in regulating woigliU and measure. The Finance Committee reported to day the Poet ofllco appropriation bill as it camo from the House, without a single amendmeut. A resolution was submitted calling for the printing or Ave thousand copies c f the commercial statistics and do cuments, for circulation. These statistics are exceedingly valuable. The House bill for the extension of Adams' patent w%< passed by the Senate to day, thug recognising the pria siple of pvtent exteuslotf by Congress. iSenatcr Italian's contested election was called up to day, and referred to the Judiciary Committee. The \ues tlon involved is, whether the Legislature, when In joint i-e^slon. could adjourn over from the day llxed by law l'or the election of Senator. It will bo decided affir matively. The civil approprlat.on bills are now running the gauntlet between the two houses. The Senate his made sundry amendments to the one providing for publio im provements. Tho House determined to discontinue military superintendents over pub'.lc work?. The Senate dissents by a large majority. In the discust ion on this point ?Senators Seward, Hunter, Case and Houston paid deserved compliments to the gentlemen lu charge of the Capitol ox tension, the latter gentleman contending for tho princi ple of civil superintendents, but proposing to make G'apt. Meigs and others exceptions to the rule. The two houses dliu-r widely on this point, and it will prove a trouble some one to settle bet u tbem. Another ameudmeut was an appropriation of nine thousand live hundred dollars for the purchase of sixty copies of Audubon's 'Birds of America, "to ho pNMOted to such foreign governments as have presented valuablo [ boo*;- to ours. Due hundred thousand dollars was added, fbr the purchase of threo stores at the Atlantic wharf, in New York. These stores are now leased; the amonnt,tobo | ]?aid for the unejpired lease is two hundred and ten thou .jaiid dollars. The Ice can be purchased for one hundred I thousand. * The naval appropriation bill was submitted to a Com ; mittee of Conference, arranged and passed, and now or ly awaiti the signature ol the President to become a law. The bill prov. tea for publishing the cbart3 of tho .'-a Matte and Behrtng'a Striita expeditious, and appro priates upwards Of eleven millions of dollars tor the naval service. Ti e President to day asked for an appropriation of s?ven hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the Capitol extension until the 4tb of March next. The Postmaster General re; ort> that the strictest in I luiry has been set on loot to ascertain, If possible, who are gutity of purloining books and public documents | from the malls, and that the severest punishment will bo .ntiicted. The civil appropriation bill, with a second edition of ! black ri tors, was sent to the Senate to-day, and by that oody referred to the F nanc^ Committee. This is the im portant appropriation bill, and over it will ba the great contest, The new post routo bill was reported In the House by Mr. Mace, and passed, providing for one thousanl new rentes. 14 goes to the Senate, where it will revive large additions. t The bill providing for the payment of the California war Vonds war voted down In the House to-day, clearly under a misapprehension. It appropriates ni money, but only directed how cine hundred thousand dol'^rs already ap- ? I'ropriited is to be paid out California Is paying seven I dolj&rs interest ptr month on this debt, and tho money is tocke I rp In the t'cascry here. The ciu nwuit.' >>*fbre Cjcgress are get ting furious, and some of them even despair of receiving iiujtl ;cg this session. I never witnessed before such an outside pressure as I have seen to-day? the friends of tome part cular scheme, threatetucg la kill ofl some other one unless they yteid to them. This was manifest in a number of the lea oner ? the Pac tic Railroad, M.nue sot* Railroad, and the jut' nt extensions. Senator r'uh will be out In a day or two with a letter In favor of I'remont for Pre?'!eat. A large accession of lobby member* arrived this eve ning. hdwin Crovwell arrived thu miralrj, an I is "top .n* at Willard's. The democrats anticipate that a sufficient number tf the republicans will secede for practical purpose*, from the Kansas restrictive amendments to the appropriation lulls; while on the contrary the republicans declare they will cont.nue in solid phalanx without wavertig. Tb? last veto of the President is of ths bill to Improve the Patapco river, Maryland. Vetoes have qeromeso common as tocxcite no surprise. The mileage an I per diem due to Gov. Boeder amount to a little over ?l 000. THMTl'-FOCRTII COSGRCSS. riiurr session. Bcaate. Wawxgtos. A s|j>t 11, 1SJ5. portiujt or jony iukpti*. Mr. nuRnc, (nati. n*i) of M.I , Introduce* a |o!nt ret o luliCB, which wm pasted, Mori'l>itf a portrait of Jobs ?ampden, pre?ento 1 by John Mcdregor Hrr.rrUry of the 0< aril or Trails, Knglawl, aad directing tho umo to b* pr< perly frtmtii m l placed io tbe F.xe^utlr* ManMoa. II wm i'U tiled e tier I <j Vau (>>ve or rl.r Peter l.ely moTM. The protaet of tbe Senate of low*, relative to tbe elec tion oi Mr. Uarlau, ? u uui* tbe fpeaai order far to morrow. tm c?>Moisr< itAPnw vwro. Hi* Senate reconm.'nred .be till o?nt neinif the im l>rovem*nt of the De?mo ars rap'.lr, with the Proetlenfi ob ettion* thereto, but failed li pari it r? the reto two tlird* uot Tut<Df la afflrmat.nn. Tbe rot* atool S2 IfllDl 17. V*A?? Me??r? IUr*r-'. B??IT of X. H f?wt! of Ten., min, mclrr. <'aw ? nylon CatUmer, Crit n len, Dodse. ivm? in*, Ptirke*. Fr?n>i.d'*n, F ?h Pool, Filter, Ueyer, Hale, Harlan. I?me?, .lo-jaa of Iowa lo-"-? of Te-ri I'ratt, fiab, .-fward H'uari, Tbonuon oi p. J.. Trumbull. Wade, We'Jer, Wfeoa. Wi .(.it *<>e?r? Rrl#>>t. Bro^hoid. Brown, Batter, Ckv. Iran* ntmwi, ?oueio*, Huaier. treraon. Maliiry, M *?< n R<-(' Toomb*. Yule*. ant arrtnpitiATiK* ttu.. Tbe Senate tbeB | x*e ied to the eons' deratloi of th* bill iraklng approprln' >n? for var onj civ I item*. A loaf debate ecatir I on tbe Hoofe provii), pn>hlbUlog military ?up?-rtnrndenry to the rrxtl a of pibllc bulla* ings, eui pt for defeat Ire purpose*, when ,t ? u itrick.n Off. rr*ciu?* or STobw ?t Att A*nf r?6^n r*. An imeodnxm wu adopted authoring the Secretary of the Tr?**?/ry in p rchwe three Atore* at the AUautiC dork. Brooklyn, N. Y , an J app.-oprlat uf $100,<KJ for that purpoa*. Aqnmi llouae of Rrprt aen t Mire*. Wamiijioto*, Aog. 14, 1W6. CTiirynriCATiO!* mo* tub romutm orraaui. A rrmmnoirat < n w a* received from tb* Poctmaeter General !? reply to a resolution sajing that special In *tmctton? bad l>een laraed to tbe proper *<ents. and bo efort will b* spared to diecorcr and punnb persons wbo unlawfully abstract or (lets' a from tb* mail* books or document* rent hence by member* or Congress *rrB iratATto* ntt.ti. Tb* Hon*e tben proceeded to art on the amendment to th* legislative, Judicial and Executive Appropnat on bill m reported from tbe Committee of tbe Wb >1* on tb* StAt* or the 1'aion. The Boum roted to retain the appropriation of nearly I1S3.000 for bonk*, wblrh theS?r*te had atrlcke* ont and added a p*ovlio that any member who wm nnwll lit g to recelre bl* ehare may *o inform tbe Clerk wbo eball ri port the tame to tbe Houm nest ?es?lon. The Houm concurred, by 91 againnt 90 ib th* amend ment iui>?t'lutlTiK Mr. renslugton t amendment oB^re<l ye*Urd?y, that bo money b* drawn unl I th* treuo* ca?e? he dftmH'ed, for a (similar on* tb* Senate had itrx-ken oat. Tbe tlou** disagreed ,by Ire majority, lo the Senate *? ?nipndmrnt restoring the appropriation of 930.900 for the e*pen*r< of tbe future I^flelature of Rnn?a* Th?' Houee then concurred by serea majority In an amrndtrent. elmllar to ob* elri? ken out by the Senate, preventing r*p*ndit*r* for orreetlng, proeecuting, or il? taining per*ons rbargeit with troaeon and other political oft?t.c*? growing o?it of tbe action of the J^fielatur* of Kati^A* or the Topeka Convention The Home tben paxaed tbe bill estah' shing a largo number of post rontep, and tabled, by 32 majority tbo Senate bill appropriating nearly a mllWrn of doll\r^ to pay rcrtaiB bondholder* the amount r*p- ndel by C*liforata for tb* *uppr*Mion of lad, as hoetiiitie*. A Ijouravd. The Yellow fewer at f'bnrlMton. Cn*?TWrrOf, S C , A^g II, 1V,? It.r B ard of Ronlfb of th f e!tr r?ro>? i?- 1 a.f f t' i ? i tit i.i. s, bat nv iwrtMi >a ttj uu n >m el c*> * I Whig State Convention. Ai.hamv, Aug. 14, 1964. A State Convention of ol<l lino whigs met la Van Yecb u*b Ha" tbfs morning. Some cigUl hundred delegates were in attendance. The Convention was called lo order by Taosua MiEl&oy, or Albany, who stated the authority under which thi. Convention met. Ho nominated Hon. W. C riasbrouck, or Greene, temjiorary chairman. Mr. Hxhbrocck took the chair amidst great applause. He brielly addressed the Convention, thaukmg them Tor the honor conferred upon bim, declaring that tho wbi? party could not bo considered a* dead, and reminding them thit they had, as the conservative party of the Union, a duty to perform to the whole country. 1. H. Hon* at Haws moved that J. L. Berrien and P. C. Male be api>ointcd secretaries Carric l unanimously. Mr. Haws then moved the appointment of a committee ofeigftt to report permanent officers. The Chair appointed the following aa such committee ? J. H. Hobart Haws, I>. B. St. Johu, James Edwards, W. Noyes, J. R. l,aurin?e, G H. P. Hall, F. Baikus, and A. H. Iawiu. After a brief absence the committeo returned, and ro ported the following as the permanent organization:? President? Hon. Francis Granger, ot Canaulaigua. Vice Presidents ? W. H. Todd, of New York; J. T. Harri son, of Richmond; James Patten, or Orange; T. H. Bind, of Oswego; VT. H. Roes, or Eitiex; T. H. P. Hall, of Broome, J. J. McElwaiue, ol Wyoming; W. H. Domiug, or IJu'.chess; K. Cone, or Livingston; .lames Cowan, of Cortland; A. H. Howell, of Ontario, and J, A. Boutell, of Kings Secretaries? Johu T Bush, Jim C. Crocker, Peter C. Male, J. L. Berrien, and W. B. Pellett. The report ol' the committee was unaniaioiiF'y alopted, A committee ol two, consisting of 1'. W. T?lmalg'*, of New York, and Mr. Crosby, of I>utcbess, was appointed to conduct the President to the chair. Mr. Granger was greeted with tte most enthusiastic and prolonged cheerieg on taking the chair. Bo addressed the Convention as fallows ? \\ n.cs? ( interrupted by three tremendou checrs)? He 'aid the old battle cry ol -'wbgs" was, in - deed, cheering. A Von*? (Indeed it is.) It was so, even though they only rally a broken legion. He thanked the Convention for the honor conferred upon him and declared his satisfaction at rec<'gnizinj so many whig faces aru.iud him, for per .'Ons in high places Lad declared thai the whig party bad ceased to exist. Those who remained true to tho conn tiy would never destrt the r principle*. He alluded to the time ahtu he and others bad cut loose at Syra cuse fn.m those who, after receiving honors from the pa ly, and winniug its confidence, had intrigued t> betray and destroj it. Tfcu mectiug, and t!ie po-duon of ibt<e against whose treasonable conduct thay ha I then ris?r, were sufficient justittcation now of their action at that time. Hs concluded by exhorting wli ?<? in the nre tent crisis to emulate the noble exawplo of Clay and Web ster. Mr Granger's remarks, which were eloqueitiy clothed and well delivered, were frequently interrupted with loud applause. Wvi s. Jou.n.on, of Cattaraugus inovel that ac->irimit tee of four be appointed to report mi address and draw up resolutions. Carried. The appointed the following as such ox unttee ? Robert A West, cf Richmond; W S Johnson, or tiatta' raugus ; James A Hsuni ton, o! WwVctejter, aud Shepherd Knapp, or New York. On motion or Mr. Taijuikis, the delegates In Connrea slot al districts were requested f> meet during rotess, to select the names or delegates to the Baltimore Coaven I tion. R. cess till 3 P M H e Convention re assembled at three o'clock this af terr.oon. K. A. W?t, K?q , of the New fork OmtmercinI AAvcr tutr Irom the committee, real the address aud resolu tions. T>.e ai*dicf? refer* to the novel ration of the wbigj of New York, who tiuJ themselves, for the flnit time. with out a candidate tor the b'(fhi?; office in the gift of a free leovle. It dic aros that the L?ne*-' .. *:ets for the ta-t as ihev have ai**>s done th?ir duty . it rev.ewatne wree candidates Itlore the couLtry, set ting tortb stioiig:y that wbigt c it cut support Mr. Ru cbacsc, because o( bn princ pits, uor Mr. Fremont. be i atn- he ha ' always been a democrat of the Pierce school, and is the candidate of a party Mxtiooal in spirit It then declares that in Mr. Fillmore's late adm uistratlon ail ? I. i's have just cause to uke pride and express#* tb? fullest confidence m htm ax a national and conservative stat*Miiiui It continues as l?Uow*? Domestic traaquilit. is whet ih? country now apec ally ant alum', cole ly cctdl, and it i* tbat wbicb will not re? alt from the election of < ither of t'.ie other canJ lstei. Mr. Fillmore's election v>ill secure the restoration of peacc at home and be fcrpetuation of p<ace abrrad. We are toM, however, 'bat he U no longer ? straight whig. Ue it aQ. W hat then? Ts Mr Buchanan a whig or Mr l-remout? TUs gulf be tween us a.- whig* an I Mr. Biebanaa or Mr. Fre n mt is tnmeasurabiy wider than tt la Nt?Hi ns and Mr. Fill tnore He is a ?b /, and aomethiag more. We are wblfa, and n< thing el <e, a*] it is to be d'atnctly under ttood tbat it ts net the 'OKoth ng tuore that recommends Mr. Fi'lkore to us (who stuT ma'ntaiu. anl int^al to ma'utain. our wing p-x< pies, whtg'character aal whig orgaa ration). but the eertanty that of the candidates to whom our choice is necwartlr corniced be i? far in advauce 111 those attributes of pi bite character which we deem in a Pre*'deotial candidate at this crisis. We lo more CBdOfU l?y this selection frcm the candi dates tte p'.atl- rm of tne party we bel.eve it to be our duty to support tl an *? do the p'at'orm of the demo iratic or repvb':raa parly. The addre?? declares tic cenvittoa that Mr. lei more does staal a ch nice of ce>tcn, ?l..'e VI. flea r>ut's ihatcea are hop +s, and e? nciofles by declaring the intent oe to raa ts a the organ ration. with every cot, (Hence 10 the result. Ihe resol :tkne are as lolbws ? lie old Pre eh gsof (he S'aieof New V. k hsre In mass ev nrei.t'en. duly oonstdered their posi.oa as whis-. is o.iu (v a n wt'h their duty (he e. in'ry m fie presea' ert sis, and have aMdld'y rtamm. d also Uie merits ef 'he three p.' <??. 'en.taj raodi l*'e* ' e-.Te pe. , > el the pro'm hie r?)ii?evirnces n? 1'is slaction of er.tier; therefore. Resolvsd, That ? e cannot support Mr linehtnan, heeause ? e believe ; hat an sdmliilstrate.ii s?i*ld:?he,l neon th? fiusln n?ti platform would perpe'us e Ititor'ni a^Ha'lon and oudaii g< r our ami' able rela'.'otwt with foreign Pow e s Resolved, Tbat we will om'ps'^ to ih? u most fitent of our aldlity, the e'eetion of Mr. Kremoef 'hi', he Is n >' ?iuali(led frr the I're*,<1ene.T of th s I'nl' ti, I ec > i?e w? lirmlx hsllere h's election wc.'iM P.r:ea*e 'he Inte-nal *'rif?. and that the P-ity he represents is in spu sec ; ;i al. and' 'f leu Is tcr dlsun* n. Rix.ived Tbst In the elert.nn of M.Ilsrl Fillmore we (I'd a sure guaranty tha' dom' Siie Ui'at.on would be quelled, har> a lie Staiet re? r^.i. p urt with j-e ;ii nation* be seeursd sn l the in'ernts of aerieelture, eommaice and th. mantifaetcrer he pro?u >d. an t. ihnref -re, tha' ?re wUl la'ior nnit*dlr and p?n.<*?ttjr for h ? elec'l^o ? Ri solri I. that whl'e th'.s lending o'i r aid to promsie the ?In ' I n (.! t|e Amc <n . and a n. ?>.| i K.llnmre and Dt nelson, ss the rourl< ? >n sneli iso-ir s.- duty we nevertheless rets u 'n? ,.?l?>e eur eheristie<I ?hla prinetplea snd our wh.f organ. /a ion. and as ?oon sfler the p reseat t?a, lest as mav be convenient we will resume our separaie party ik I Resolved. Tbat the Whif State Oetiirv! TommP'sehe. a"n ! 'bef h?r? v, required 'o %k> me ? 're? m *i ear'jr day to ?e ui e it.- eg1)'1 . ,'ment a t'ounty ( ??mm. tee In es?-h fO iMy ? f 'he R'a'e. wi'h p< ? er to appoint t..w:i ? .limit's s?'l h i sue!. ? n ml':> he esn ? , re i ? < i to e??p. gaie durtrg the | resent rampaign wi'li all ch-r o ;\uua Tons Irien<T:; !o tie election of r'u.more aud tv>n?lsfn The aildrcag acd rotolutl^ps were adopte<l with lia l and $DtUu?,ytif app'awte, %ol lh? meot.ju cl Mr. Piil raore's t recriv^t t !uc henriy chcers. < tie liuodre l tboassmi copies ol the aMrei were order ed lo be printed for < -rculafon W, Ci. Ha-uikot ' from the Committee oa DelsgV.os to Baltimore, reported tbe follow ng ? a' Lory ? Vrant .s Granger. Wasb.ngtoa Baat, FPram Kvtchum and Retry Oripneil /1i'rttf~l I tt C. C1 ark and F lwin A Jobnsoa: 1 Alirabsm B. iWyles an l 0 Van Wagjmen I, J Phil p? pt.i n * sr.d (ieorge A Hood. 4. Wm fptrhs and ?s ratinUg. 5. Jos M Price at i tawrence Hsrney ? tb. fhepberd Knapp aLd t?orard fluyrc^aat 7, M ward 8 less on and D. A. Ci'haiaa ; <, Fredorit it 'Salliradge anl 0enry W Oennett ; 9, .lames A. Hamiltot) and Marlboro Churchill ; 10, W. C. Hssbroork and P. B SI John 11. Jac b Ifardeoburf and Wn Tiilsi.y. 12 M \ as?ar, Jr., acd A K Hs Her 13. ,I.C. Beartt and diaries H Kellogg, 14, John W Wil ier si..! I'shert Fg'>' rW 1)1. J br Kce nerbo ker ar. I t. ilia A Mstt'ti: 1?. Henry H Ross and A:, trcw Thomson IT, J"hr M Malkratit and F. N FaircWM.ll, PtUr Han ker ar.d .'nines Mrfciyrr IP, Truman II Wheeler an.i : V0. Theodore f Faxtun and F^lwarJ Huntington, 2?, f? Mstlw>?s ai I Walter M Coake, ; Tluvuas H 1! nd and Ihilo Stevens. -iJ, John C.a k ud Sam : el Buckley: 24, James R. lawreuc* srd Mar- Mearing 2ft, : 26, An.lrew P Ta inan si d A?<m A Prwt 27. tVm H. Ph ilips an l Clin. Fr. i W Johnson: 2*. ( barlee H < nrrol and Henry F.. R^che-'.er itB, KHJab F. Fmlth and flelah Matthews; .10, < ha mccr C Burton and Aar^n I/wig, 31. fbas. Keep and B Bur rows: 32. Carlos Fmmons and F. C. Spi.i<u8, 33, Wm Sam I Johnson and Fred'k .? Mart n After the adoption of the report Th mas H Bin J and France Granger addre-ie?l the meeting Mr i;* vm va's remarks were mainly coaflnel lo a re view of the cireum'tancei that had ltd to the disruption of tie old whig party, and to a justification ot th? co :rs ? adopted by the national whig*. In the courae of Rti re marks he warmly eulogized Mr lillmo'e's A'bany speech. He (>' ranger) had resolved not to take any part la the present campaign, but when be found an attack made upon Mr Fillmore for principles that he (tiranger) rberlshed In his heart of hearts, he had resolved to < set as de disinclination and enter the content. Somel ik' *arm papers had stated that Mr Fillmore muat have been m!?nndc raicod It was not ao He always kaew what be spoke H< bad been misrepreaented He had state 1 it was the (I ret time that Northern candidates had been rua ap pealing only to Northern votes and on purely sectional i rounds: an l this waa true. His (Granger s) own name had been mentioned la connect on with tips matter, and the I me when he ran for tbe Vioe Presidency ba l been alluded to. He had then receieed a vote in Kanticky II at would be a gratification to him ail his lays" Mary lard was Iten heard, and so also was little Delaware. Con Id he be called a sectional candidate' It was a fait wotihy of note that nntil Ibis bomb shel? was ih'own Into 11 uruldtcan < s?p there bad been no lain as the'" nor < it Moral tii keta for Frt tnor.l ia K"nt iefcy and recti W ' * if S 1 \ ' t' lUa Cv.i tiaioi ft i ui 4 I'n Ion of (he Dcu Wfacy of MUwoarf for the Pre?ld?.""nI Content. St. Lorra, Aug. 14, 1850. This morning's ^lmwa(utl.11111CC, 01 " withdrawn by tbc Benton democracy or their e!0\. loral ticket in 'a70r of tbo ami Benton part/. Tbo Democrat payp? Wc lay down nO i.,, lDCiPl0 whleh baa governed ui in the past, and giro up u? i heretofore contended lor aa right and democrat. c- Wo fight this battlo for the l'u!oa as a whole, anl hare overy contldcnce that tboes Tor whose e'evatiou wc worn *^1 I be true to its preservation tgaiuM a: I r Ml | American Mn?? Met ting In Albany. Aiiu.vt, Aug. 14, I S56. The Amcricaa mass meeting at the Capitol thU evening, is very large and enthusiastic; delegations rrom Troy, T-ac slngburg, Coboes, and other places aro arriving in larga number?. The streets of the city are lively wltU tlia mu sic or tbe ntinaoroua bands. Congressional Nominations.

Sprixgftbld, O.iio, Aug. 14, 1858. The repnhl'cans of the Eighth Congressional district of Ohio, to day re noni nated tbo Hon. B Stanton, as their candidate, by acclamation. Saco, Mb., Aug. 14, 1558. Tie republicans of the First district havo nominated Hon. Jclia M. Wood for re election to Congress, flie Convention was largely attended, and was addressed for three Louis by Hon l^ott II. Morrill. NfWi from Nicaragua. ARRIVAL OK THK DANIEL WMSTER AT NEW OR I.ESH8 -GEN. BIVAS FOKTIKYINO LKON ? ANOTHER INVASION PBOM COSTA RICA? BRITISH WAR VES SELS IN SAN Jl AN, ETC. Ntsw Ot<tfAM?>, Aug. 12, 1858. Tlie steamer Dan. el Webster arrived to day trom San Juan, with California dates to the 21st ult. The news from Central America is scant. The correspondent of the Tm F> !ta, of this city, states that the party of Gen Rivas, with Guatemalans to tho nunber of 3,000, we*e foitifyiug Ceon, an l that it vrxi expected that Gen Waiter would soon march to attack them, with an effective force of 1,000 Americans, who were in excellent spirits. An intelligent American, from Cost* Riaa, stites thit tfiit country will agan invade N:caia :ua. General MorA had put down the revolutfon against him, but was to re sign. There was a fleet of seven British ships, mountiug 180 guns, in the harbor of San Juan, under the cimmaud of Admiral Ersklne The British teen steamer Par. ami wa3 wrecked near Capo T"?aiar. Tho crew were saved, but the vessel Is * total less. Later from Havana. C'HARlK.-TOJ?, August 14, 1315. The stoamer Governor Dudley, has arrivoJ here, with Havana dates to the 10th, and Key West, to the 11th in stant. Yellow fevsr was still rag re at Havana. Sugars wcie unchanged. Holders very firm At Key West there had been no deaths from yellow fever since the 27tli u.t. T1 e ship MaiJ of Orleans wtnt ashore on the Gtb. but wna got otl t>y wreckers, and would aa.l fur New Vorii nilir settling salvage The brirk Tom Corwin arrived on the 1st for mc Ileal aid, having lout her first wat> by yellow few. Suo sa ed ngain cn the 4th for Boston. The bark N. P. Ialai?Be, from Ctengusgos, for New York, put Into Havana on tbe fctb, alt Land's except the maaUr we.e do? n w.tb the fcv?r. Two seamea had died it <s?a. No. 5.3(1 drew tbe <100,000 price in the Havana lottery of the Vtb inst. Large Flic at Chicago. Chcaoo, Aug 14, 1858. A large fire broke out here last night, at uiue o'clock In tL' Waiker Bouse, a small hotel on Clark street, near tbe Michigan Southern and Rock Istaod Ra'lroad freight depots, and extended thccce to Goss k Phillips' sa?b fac trrr-, (o tbe Rot'? Mand House, to Robinson's warehonio to thr Rock If ,^nd Railroad freight depot and td the M cbl fan sod ikHJtbern Railroad freight ?!epot, in wUii li wer liun.PTOiii loaded car* which had arrived the sane even Irg. The?e were totally cor.?'. m" l, iacludiug freight v? lued at (ICO, 000. The Rock Island Ra.lmad machine >?ho ard grain warsiioise, the latter with C04.00# buabeiaof grain stored in it, took Or*, hut before It bad done much da mage it was extirgmsbod. Flint & Wheeler's warehouse. coutaiLing 150,000 bushels of grain, als<? took are, an I was savei with great diWj'ty. The t^tal lots is estl n Witt a* eae I ittfre l and C;ty to two hin Ire 1 t'.jOj,aul dollar*, luscrance not ascertained. Hn nt LvnUilll(< Lotto villi, Ky., Ai'g IS, 1868. Tbe buildiug known as Apollo Hall, and an a ljo n nr buildici, were destroyed by Ore this morning. The first*waa occupied by W. C. Moore, fara.Ure dealer, and the other by C Proal as a sadd'ery store. Moore1* loss t* >12.000; insured H.OOO. Proal was Insured $5,000, w h cU fully cover his !<**. Dtantlroui Storm In the Moutli. WAMm^fiTox, Aug. 14, I'ftfl. We lorn 1 1. at tbere baa beou a triineudou* nlorm bo twien Mobile am* New Orkana, an J la that rlct/iity $* rnrally, ra'u h^virg fallen for 110 con*e:utire bo irj To? roads ware ovei towed, sod it wiii feared that great iatrag e bad been Ooae to tbe eropg. Tho telegraph ?m prortratcJ for tr ilea. and workmen are a 4 yet unable to jTocced with tbe repairi; we are therefore without any narticular*. B.MTtK ?an, Anguit 14, 1851. Tbe ?tnrm of la*t night did coaatd arable other dam ago than that already telegraphed. Deford'a tobacco w ire l.ou?c, Monte 11 Bro? and Mart'n'* warehouae, on F.i cberfe place, were unroofed, and a row of large four ? toiy dwelling* errd ng on Calcert and Madiion atreete were blown down. Tbe wind h id tbi full force of a tor raJo. s?Mli | of (he I'i'.llH State* Steam Frigate JHwiliar. BamoH, Aurnat 14. Tbe foilc-l sutci Meant frigate Mammae aa:led from itcre at tea o'clock tint mom, eg for New York. Arrival of the Alabama at Sarannak. K*TAJr*Mlt, A uifii <t li, t8S<t. The cUamehip Alabama baa arrived her* from Now York. Markets* riit.AMti.rni* tTG(K iuhrp. rmupmru a, A-igmt 14, l'*4 ?r?kr Heady Peni.tylvania Slat* b'a, ?>; Reading F'a itra I, 4f V . l/>rg Han I Ra'.roat, 12V ; Mwtlt Canal. 18,% I'cniuyiraiiiA Ra iroad, 4? Ai.ju*t, Aug. 14?1 P M Wnttt Ml n,P0A bnrh. at |l 18 for chore wb.'e w. etern, and tl *i for ?;<? refer Com flic. ? <!',?. for Wtetera mtied *a'>a MLtM bn?h <iata~3a'ea 1, 0<to bwt. at 44 Malt? ?a lea i IK 0 both, w r ter, at 11 M. H*rley? ?ale? 600 buah four rowed, at 41 1" MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. BOARD OF f?l TERV1SOR9. Natbat C., Fat , In the r.hatr. A bill tor IKO, for rrtt tf F'ral Judical Melrtet Court, from I Meter, ISM. tc May, ISM ?u recommended for pavmrnt b/ tbe Committee on County < IStcet. fwipen i?oc Pnaae tipr"?o 1 the pay meat. fcuperriaor Rumik exp'.aned that Judge Oreen had vacated big court in the City Ha!l. after the Are in tbe old btnldtai;, for tte acnomnodaUoa of other public fane t t.Barief, ar.d room-- weie provided for the transaction of ti e buelncaa of tbe court in Warren Street, for wlilcb he bad paid tbe rent, ana tlwt be wh now entitled to be rrtmoerterf. ? On motion of Surer*l?nr Ti e-aicti tbe matter w*? laid ever Mil tbe Brat Monday in September, to Which time the Board ai-jouriKd. BOARD OF ALDERMEN. IfHC 0 Barker. K rt eeldect, In the chair. TUB lil'-KMI Amrft VTDUTBI. Tbe report of tbe Comptroller on tbe falee eetimatce made for tbe grading of F.lerenth arenue waj> called from tbe table and referred to a a, tvia) committee, composed of Aldermen Pultner, Voorbis and Van an. arrow* anormt). To regvlat' Fifty eerentb atreet, from Firat areaue to tbe Feat rlrer, alao to to Bag weal aide of Fourth avenue, between 147th and lS<*th atreeta . Forty ?l*th afeet, be iween K.igbtb and Tentli arennea . K'fty ttfib atreet, from Broadway to Rtgbih avenue ; l?7tb itreel, between Fourth and Fifth arenuee u* n? ae*ncn or t*rr>*B.\Trojr aou* A'detroan Bnn.e,? offered Ibe following preamble an I te?o',ul!o? -? ttle.ffts, r r? ?".-'?ti ? r ? /J |,r Hie the ( > mpti <Wr t 111 tei i?ei in |.?y carta n bills for carnapu' l,ire incurred In the discharge of official du tie* hy members '?? ''""JiplfcCoirutll; an I whe. Aaa 011 the ooutrary the bill* . or carrJP' hire ot tSp Mayor and > hlef 01 Police are promptly i_ h1lL presentation; anil rrh?r?.is, it is currently reported and generally in. der?l< -od tha' tbeaall bills of the Mayor and ('liter Nve been paid ijrom tho tppro pnaLou for the surgical de|.ai'tn>0"' >v>!iep; flimform, Resolved, That the Comptroller directed to reuorttothU Hoard at its next im etii.jr, w hethur sai<t bill* have" bee i paid, as s ated in the above preamble, and if aU, under Wi'at autho rity, and wby tbla distinction hah been ma'ie In the payment or bills for carriage hire; and aim in whoso favor the w. vriut* have been drawn for the payment of said bills of the wyor and Chief of Police, during tue past year; whcthrr in fav v or I 'he pet son or peraom, iuruishintj the carriage* or of other | ur rtfs, and :?ll inform'" ' U or knowlodze in Tils po^a?<ji;oti th 1 gtvb this Board a full understauaiug of the au'yect. AMfrmai1 Eiv n.v<"d to amend, hy giving amount* for * tte Ct ' ftUu' Mayor, since Jai?uarv 1, iS31?. Adoptee!. ficverM paper* from tte Board o' Councllmen were r?v fencd to :te rfffftetive committees. A!derm;r? Tren.V moved that wUem tuo Board aJ ? jouro it adjturu to ttect on tUo tire 1 Monday iu depiont bcr. The report pave Canal atrttt with Relg \n pavemoct wa* jawed, v. lb an (WeudBect to pave frota OtSre street to Kaft 2?su lway. thk sxw nrr am. The plan of Bi:Tk man &. Co. for building till uow CHy Hall, c!i?cufB?;d 02 the prtnoua evening, ww. on raotisu of Alderman Vai mtim, nga-'a brought up, and after a'i arrrndmcnt the lop story, intended for a gsi'ery, was etrftken out. The report was then adopted by a roto if 14 to 8. Adjoin ted to flrst Moutlay In September. YELLOW FEVER. Matter* at Stolen blRiiil^ukt after tli? Destruction of (b? Barricade. The demolition of tlio barricade at tbo gate of the Quarantioe Hospital, at Statcn Island, on Wednesday night, tt was expected would produce soma little stir among the Castleton villagers yesterday morning. Oa the contrary, everyth np passed oil quiet and orderly. A Io< k of surprise was manifest on the of arc* parting the gate in the morning, oa tb< r way to ILe ferry, at the ? ght of the removal of tho barricade that had for go maty successive day* stood so proudly and triumphantly erect. To those tlio story of tlj violent breaking dow n of the barrier was qu.ckly tol I, when, witti a taiile, as if col dissatisfied wi'.ii the result, the y burned on It *'cm.* so with tlie villager* genu rally A lew spoke di=i a-;.,7iiigly ef the resistance ti the Caftletou Board of Heaitii, and suggested that they wete iiot pleased wrth a victory tl.iu.s easily achieved over themselves. No oae ventured to assert that fro'.a any Jaeger to the health of the residents outside the Quaran tine walla there *19 uer<?Klty for a re ereeUoii of tha barricade. The alarm frum rear of yellow fover seems, In tact, ail blowu over, to that a revival of the barricade will piobably not be attempted. Should any eilort be made to tluft eticl, it will lie doue lro.u other reasons thin any general apprehension of danger of yeilcw fever. Tlie only hostile move.ncnt made to the down of ih? burrtcaJe was tho issue by Justice Fream ol' warrants of arrest of several of tho turtles engaged in tue work of demolition. None of these p in es, a-, lar M we coul 1 learn, had been arrested rp to I aft evening. There was a rumor am ad that a men tog of the CVtletou beard ot Health luJ been ca'tei f >r last evening, when measures would be a lopted to ro place the barricade. H was not generally credited, ho./ ever, that such a thic* would be ventured on M'?aa t me. during the day parlies pass sd in the . ttuost freedom in and from the Hospital enclosure The butcher who had been quaiant'tied, and escaped, male his app"oa li with hi.s customary appliances of trt.'Hc, ?rl was a!! >wed M pejs where he pleased unobstructed. The removal of baggage ? which, by the Supictou Board of Health hai been particularly interdicts i? was permuted to go oo w;th?i.t utiy oppo-:'ion from ciiU-it''ers, and the saiuu was conveyed, without resoUoce, on board the fsrryb ) its The number < f casta of yellow fever under treatment jcaterday, within the hospiul, wai twelve? Uio sAiae as reported the day previous. lb i onctct'.oL with the death of Wm. A Bearing who dlfn at Qraraottne, it was staled that bis anther was et i I leyed as nurse at tl e fcotpttal. This is not so, us ilrs. Seating was the mu.oa ol the inatilutiou. Comntlaelonere of Health. The Commissioners of Heaitia met yesterday, at noon, the President, Isaac O. liaik. r, El} , lu the cta.r, 1 Ovicrri. F Cancklit aeuji? Secretary. Ttc ioliowicg deposition of reeaeta, newly arrived at Quarautioe, aas< rdered ? Biig Kaloolah from T^tUs Island, sslt; a'.lowol to come up to the city. Biig Ida Royi.e?, from Marae?!l>o,w:tU coflce anihiies, cargw allowed to le lightered to Ui<L,rity, with tue exce no* of tt ? hiite^, which we.-?? oi Jerel lo he Svtit oat the city. ^chooser fi If. Robertsoa, from Nsffwbo, v> th sugar, cargo to lie lightered to the city. Hark Alturtua, from Cardenas, wi.h r ; >tr at. it %#| hal turn ui.oiiilw n^hiSK'J to the city . Bug ?!i d cam. la. irotn 81. .Ioh^.?, l\>n J Rico, wtb S 'svr and moiass-s; ctrgoiobe l-gbtcred tu the c.ty UiU'tu I'ayi aft?-r arrival. ?-< l.ooner .1. W Webster, from Cte'lettoo, w:th w lu-.t, cettce ac<t t ee, ileta^nei' fbr llee iisys' observatii>a. ? peUtKn ftoea thr captaiu i tl,c br.g Vn i fro r. Cietit i >goe, ariivrd .July 1H, lo be perniitt .1 to come u; to tt i ly, ?m? laid ou the (able. Ibe brig William KiM>y, K o Grand*, arrlred July ?0. ^ ii tH-rmitted to couie up the stream, the quest n ol ]>ern; to lsn<i at Brooklyn ti le determio^l by t >t prorcr ri Kiklyu author. t.< < ll?e time oi 'coming to tt < city of the sf-msh'p Star of tl ?- V. ist wab leit to ?? decided by tn? fkaith A isolation was p*.? (i altiiwjig the \e?suji iTom gwa la (irai'd ai d Oar leca, new lyicg ai vj .arsu'. ne. to be i emitted to ligl kr their cargoes at tl'j discrsiioa jf the 11< altb ? fl'.i 0 r Subsequent Mil? regular routine bus i.essa discussion < u-ued i( i.l the aubject of lis removal iron ti rave tend t av o' lhe lafecttd veste's at preset, i aochnred there. Mr. C. W i m km, of k:ag- cot^ij, appeared agsia tx-tore the cetrr. ??lon rs, anT urgel ihat at lor? ai tbe vessels rttra uc 1 at tht< anchorage, the peojtle tern leat atocg thi shore opi-ojit" where tt e vessels ia y would be Ciled ? Kb a1arm as to the spread of yellow fever am>ng thrmtelvcs. lie m- i.sitd mat .1 woull continue so lout; urged luithrr that th-ei fret ol the fear tliu? 1 1 gcudere I was of Itsell inUtive to tho bn aking out of the <!l?r*?e He repeated bin appl. cation, on behalf of tho pulp's, that the VSfVeLl be re moved. l?r. T Si iTfo* the Ors'Hi ( (fl rr, ref.lie.l that no otber rs>r le." alien than ti e one in quest on could be A? to tne alarm sfoken of, tl at **< i Dfolio.ole. but thr-ri i?as tog; Ki nd whatever for such f<-ars. Tlie idea of yrflow 'ev-rr be;nr cotnti ,it <u> I by th< a'mofptere to tb-; i-bore frem the d Ur :e M which ti e vessels lay had nc futrndatios in me<!leai scieoee an I 'act lie was a servant o< the j?opi? aud regar led as n uch the ralety oi the trs:th i f the uLahitaata of Long 'pIsLd u> ot the e liieas '4 New York. Be wss i >t war rsitcd in rucaing tbe ri>k or ori'rrmg those vesso.s do? n ti r%'dan Bay or 'liewhere, as he ui.glt make the State liable tor dsrrages v ease la in.?lit snsuin from 'tasafe ati< borage Be would not. however, regard t'.i que?tton <>f dsmss'e lo the VisieU, If the rafety of the health of those itwng on Loeg Island shore rtqalred their r?rr.o\ n it it ws?. he hsd beet. Informed that tLe paepla lirre, ludt-al of g larding theraae'vos n? a infect. on from the dwease they dreaded, I ad pern: (ted e >n*tant c<mmiiaicatloa to bs I'Sd lr< m storr w th the waae ?, <n scllitg the senmen nm, 4r. The hinge couaty uutboriti'-' sb ???nld make it their Pr t duty to spi>oiM as adequate , otice i >rr? to pre Went rush c n muiif.'stion. This comm-in est'nn and sell tt r run, be hsd been told by one of the ab.p keopers, tf'k pin c priecipaliy at right. So vtir I had boeu .t ' bored there during .he past ten lays, and a'.l tbe ves ? ?is th-ro hsd hitn th iroughly cleat eed an l pur.llsd The Janr Oliddoa, h< added, was tne o;,|y ri a ly in'<>ei -,| vi seel that I ad beea in Ow etesd bay, a ad ?he had |oae te Bosti.n, Tbe tiw/irws* stated, tbe profwr sut'iorlties of Fto<ton are to be BoliQed ol the depeiture of th? Jane Uleldoa for 'bat p- i t thet tin f m gM take such acti' n is tbe preaaises as th'} i'i<med rsrHdunt Iteaaoutof ti.e t> <w- r of th-- < ( mtuis- ooers of New Yors to jirtreM the departufe of the vresei ftom tbl* j^ort I'r 1i v,r?M? in a f w feriher ren ark?, ss I that lie t ail cn>|'1ojtd a pbysietaa io ga to Kings county to la quire I' cases of vllow fever w. re there, aad only one or twwcaeea w<*re repoiiod. aad tbr e were eanscl by di reet tt'Biwi? leatW from shore with the vr<s',l-'. As long a* ro cacao for alarm eti^tet ho *a< not ptsti&ed in SA trtn | ting to remove the vessels ircm their present an i hoi ago. Mr Mi KutaTI, iecoanrrtlon w'th the ibor e. present ert a pet it lea qmtr nuwieroiifly ?;|ned, Bebtaz that tlu> vinsla be n-move'l to later thai ro', ae ' srttlsj forth I I it a git d an rborage would be vded at tbi< pl?.?e. Ibe CVoi?niei<;otier? dlreeted the so< retary to sen l a notice to the Ma\ or to he present at the next merttng, when the subject under coi? leration ceeld be eta l?eed of. _____________ Poller Intelligence. ("TFAMrOAT RACINO ? IOM1 t.AtNT AGAINST THK OFIICFPB Of THE RID JllfctT AND 8TATKH 18 LAMtl> Yeeterday afternoon Robert J. P loo, e* Corporation Attorney, ?ml J B. fUpli*, of thta city. appeared it the I/>anr Police Conrt, before Juatire Connolly, an I enter (?Inert complaint* ngainet Ibe officer* oi the steamboata Platen le ander And Red Jacket, for m*lu ou?ly and re<k l??aly racirg their reapeotre boata, t? the fr?at dang-r and peril of oter 600 peraona' lire*. The c ??t? lorth that on Wed???artay afternoon, about Ore o'clock, a* I he t*? boat* l?fl their' allpe aad aUrted down the t?iy tlit y rommnted rac eg. The Red Jacket being a little behind the Staten blander. ahe put on Meat" and bore drwn uptnlbe latter boat, that both boat* continued to preaa afninat and op? n one aether for wm'1 eight or ion m nutee, to the great alarm and danger ?f tbe pa**.;n. gcrt. In conclualon, lb*1 eomplainant* alley* that tbe < tlicera in charge of both bo*ia were engaged tn rnr'nj; tbat tbe Red Jacket m?llc?onaly bore down upon the Stat< n blander, la tbe great haiard of Are hundred llrei, and that tbe peracna In charge. r the Ptaten lalan dee. although knowlatf tfce mallcfon* purpoea of thuae n charge of the Red .'ark* did rot gira way. but oo? tl> i <-d or their courae, to the like lm>tard a? aboe^ nieu (ir i , 4 J'por the at-rrtfth ol t):v above Bomp a'nte i h tier (< nt.oi y leaned m trrart* for tbp at>fr"b?n? >n of th? r i 'a i a, ci : rerra ar t p 'ri* cTtbe iear-(>r? <\> .\-e m ?? Iti t.e<* ero f e t tfce aapi ' tl.. 1 l? v i *n ih, \Stbb and H?Man ?* tor cn ?i >a C'lianita.*!- of Comnterv'0* OPPOSITION TO TIIE*KBM07AI, OP THB", p03T OPPICB PROM ITrf V BK8ENT 3ITE. A spccial meeting of the Chamber of Comm Held yetterrfay, to take into con iJorition tho pi 'oprielf of the propoaed removal of the PoatOfflje fromil4l*#' sent locatlou. P. I'erit occupied the chair, and K.lmund Cofl'n acted' as Secretary pro (em. Sir. I'll; it stated the object that had brought (he Chamber together. During the mouth* of February and March la i, it wag rcmorcd that the Poet Office was to by, removtil !o ft. Ji hn'? i'artf, whereufon, a petition ('row K comber of our moet noted mere hawia >\us seat to tli ? Pt'*tf&a?ter General, protoatinj against Iho rriaoril. an* aak'rtg that Hie present location bo retained, ifr Faair then jroad the following ? Pout Orrir? Dtr "QTUttrr, 11 '*5* am iu reet-i it of i| ? eauimnc^i ->n ea rliw? your ?lt;^*luit'?, thow ot a lurg?* ?nalortty ft Hie bUHnea* men in ihj rti>' ot St w Vork, "of v;u ,< ?* octfup'tttoae, atrl lo oii'.oi! in > mont bumneti- iiurt (.. the clt.*." atrongly urctug t! It!iportt-?rf> <<T retaining tl'.fl Pert Offi"* in ?<#?r cit y i iu prejint alto. In anrvor, have t? mffnuy/.' i )/?( thr> d?ip ii-tiumit 1k<!<1h :i 1 *?? "I iho yrcmija* fct i>ir?eui ' ii by Ste N t \ui-k l'o ? OIL v>i nli le?? di i? rot f>,.ln fttlMiie l*t of May, i??f i' '? t.r.t ny In iruUun t" mrki ? jr nf frvittm I im, I 'iwever very .mxiriic tS:?. :hr i ertunt.w ihf aid yun hat ? i *>' latlon wutr* tlii' )'i ?; 'in , > ai he >pru. icutly lot'.t- l, I >< sili f 'orgro* 1 .'iiruprtati in for il? (.urc'viw ><f >? *'?'* *'? >r?|'? r attention 1'! ?<? pal.' W.hB bu*!ne?a >,! rf? # if y >ir city iu r? i.g u|" u ija looatli a. I am, very iV'V'e'fuUj . * JamSS a'AMPBKZJ'. *>???. Owriit ?. 1-1 o'lu'ra, .few Voik. i Ml. Cauji R/.r-t w then read en article ?Va? on* o/ tbe Burning j i;*r ?? tm Mh L tho leu or of wbcb wa? xlvcree to tl o i ?nsrval of tL? Post Ofllco l^any attrer part of tho city. * I... ft article Mr. BkriitO'v i i'y eadora* Id. He then aubri ltted th>j following for a t >;?i tan:? Wlweaa lea- h-i,?; t! ?i n?- !ot w Id t ' i wrmmeut li jlloo >1 Dip foil ('flit 5 of ttc c ip?f 'few V. ik I* T w ' d??i < M.ufc 'ut.i :i nt the Genor .1 Pom: i' 3ca at W a.- . vc u, it m hereby K? i id, xatbefenaa- ' th'.g Chun her, Thit tho PfW ?!;<? ot i!n We? fork Pott irTVe*-, bounded by Cedar, I.lberty at<) Najir amu-eta, wouM ?e preferred to atijr.'other l osatioii l>y a Ur,;-- tuft?onty of the coranaeretil aui general b laiuesj onmmiiultv Keaolved Th; t a fomrai!'J? i f five be appointed t y 'lm Chamber, v, i i-h r > ?. -to W?-5.*s m.ort-joi orre ? J with the aniiorlUoe there, an-' is p. upoa tberu t&e Irapot tanco ol nccurloj tbe pnweut lock Jo* bj a (.'??. 1 ? t'.e ' i;|.i n which tfe ol'ce i si ii i, '* id which i 11 '< npiti stood ran now be ui > r cu ccmparaut *ly ie ?ie. ra'tt ttlUl.H. 1'Jiilo L. Mtn* wanted to know If it wm ,rua that t fca goveramet t hai it in contcrr v tv.on to remove v'o Pi *t Office to Pt Jobr'a paik. 11 vj, tfcj WIIW absurd one, ami it became tfe* Chamber to aotatouoov my, it might as v i It be at Govpobu* ai at the place pro pored, foral {-radical purpose*. Action tboul 1 be l>rr rr. y t. If "sere m: t bo a cbtvago, why would net It* itiv o.f en 1 ol lb: l'ark be li e pi: ce ? It otfere 1 ~re*t ad va'jtnpc. tor, built ou that tit* In a p'op^r manner, one thoitfacd pe-:os? could be f coram->i'iteJ with ail oood ful AMUnin. ll.o Cori>r>rat.,>3 would no doaM be very wilHnp to s^l! til bi place, far tho FUk cannot be retained in iU preterit position lor? Tb?re was a poverftl morcmrut on foot fir the ia*t yiur lo attend BmLbii utiect ncrosa liie 1'arlt, aid sooner or Imter ;t would be luccecsful. i-Hthc lioauiaH tctercit* oftUa' of ibe r ty :aipcrat:ve:y demanded it. Tbp Corpi ri-vnn would, no doaat, pi re tb? p-ound 'or roth'cg aril the commarciaJ ci r.tre o! the New Wo*ld could well r.- o; po small a gift for so btneticial ? purtnwe Mr. Mil!* ci : c ?''i '1 by offeripg an amen ?t:t ' t ro the re fC'iit ol of Sir 3 . ?tow, to the effect that thb C<??mitt06 be ? trjvwcri'd tonegotluU for the lower onJ of tbc 1'afk a* a ?!le. Mr. Par?ti w admitted tLat. aft t the pre?eat l->eatloo, be woui-t prt'er tb(? a;te met'tlcac bat it. 11 the Commltr t<e wotlJ do weil to try and rvtt'u tUo IH tcU church at all crecta. The ft.Atv thovgb' that the ' ce of tho nnmbera' ro con-.incni'M 04 w?nk be !? -t if Mr M-Hi' amendment ?U arti | te' Mr. Bv.nj M. W t-kh wa^ of opinion t'.MV M ? VJ'.lla wai icarer rigtt U -m Mr. Bamtnw. MercVonts down t'-*n *onld, no doubt, i ke the Pot f'rtlce t remala where it v u.but the Chamber Rho.ili ttmeinhar tbo builucaa wia :> mOTinj up U,wn, v. 1 tine atoreo v ere e'cadi'y iu{ Ranting pr vote boiuaa, ?Within a yrar or two, atorc* hail bttn run up from Dey aliaoit M 1 : inktlo atmt ai d tralEa *a- deft tc '. it go op c\ on f : tear. The present ? 't?? inconvouier.t fnrmaay irv hauta ever r>i w all'* he 1 'i>?1 the Cbtnbu wculi tntc TnmM ?o ?)>" f?re?rrl * ??>. Mircbaat ahnJl ! do it Ij-.-.bc.-* as they tfo with r< ?-l to 1 v.t ?* It waa ODCO (I ' gt t ten*. 1 ? tiuiw i bn ? ?v. O.'JJ t?0Ul4 live belo* C ffker ?tre< t; i it that ilea w,j now e* pk*flr i, ami the ?'rna of tt" t me* fhow that bu aw? and commerce, a* are , a .? rtM.deacn, are soring op town. Then why keep tbc i o?t oftlro where tl will bj out of the way in r. I. v j fan) The I rk oroM Br1' V.cUunh wcild do. be ?!i ont ci'p which, I or clttwrwaa acceriilble to both Mdw ot tbe ?';ty. Mr. Buwiiw *??'( ba !ia l It frem jrfcal he doomed good aiitborlty tbat the ?aajorlt.r of lha hM* rt fa tLlj <uty woro delivirei' be r.w Ont'ift street, ard K could be prorotf ibe Dttrk ch- reh wa^ at ut tbo Centra of tha boat ne?? i -art rt the o ty. Mr U a i i ct t,i ed tbe fo lowU r ? Rtnii . id, Tb?', in ih? opinion of fh ? ? "nu'tfr thi? loeatloii "f tbi* l'i,Ht i it!o? in Hi ,!ob>! * pai k w ild ba aotrtloeiiM to ilif in i r> ??* i>l (*>u,>neioa and ni the cl!jr. and tho (luiakar are t .i -hi i of 'bo oplii.oii iU?: tha rr? ?? t,t I .?'at.on i* no nuil . ' lo he t rostnii'.y of Ua P*ik. <m- It* lower end, oVriag Ite^ er adran'i ? Mr Kitiun l ad ft from good ant'..o-!ty that batt the ? f xe* owt.od by mercbarU were for tbaae who resi'lec" al ova Liberty t-ect. It l? well known that liberty ?t'eet : i <:wn ?-o cr <r,'?d that the mu i wtg'm* are d lala td. am! are i^co late 'or tbo it.*1'!. Intb? newgt'iperar ttclee quoted by Mr. Bartiow taa* atated that the t anka * 1 1 be laer mnoded by a retaovnl further un town Now con uotd Mr * , w! t an tbo fact* * Wby^al tifly revet: bank* in the c'ty tbbtv Ove are above Pta? ?trw ?. atu i. ttelr rMT0i.a">-l?il0a ia lo be 1oo'?j1 to, tho l'wt ' ff*a ahould l>? remore-i. J. I'BiU! Ptr.>i* favored the freoent ioeat:tm Re wmid ' ke f com} are tbe cai. tal and kuaiBoo* of tae biaka both ab? \e nr. I below Pi: e rtroet. btr^re h* wm' 1 M ni t tbe fctca of Mr \?1. t'cok'* autcmeut. The Cuatoa llouie. Clearing Office and tusuraare otr^ea w era all very far down town, and the 1'oat Cilice, la his op'atoa, t?a* ui w in a t cry de> rable Mr. M:tL- aocf 1 te i Mr. Wt-.itlock'a i'jbst :ute, with ? *nf ht amendment. Mr. fnur tti' mi-co l tha fact that the p^'ifon ?o tbo table, ? b ch bad kit n ? (tnad in tK't.ilK-r, 1*54, had iho ratter ol i-.'. of onr moat pr< o'..:iet t warckanu attao'.od lo it, am: 11 that pet tioa the i rMnt ?,te wan eiidoraed. Mr. Wii.iujui waaof cpi?ii< u that ho ronl.l gdt oraa a ;rr* 1 1.-. '?hh ttifo to eo'!< r?e bia [>ropoait on Mr. B> (.-"t w ?tau t in 1*M, When tb<* p.-tltloa wao * iiBtil, it b id beta pr. pf)?e.i \0 rt.? it?? IV.t t '.tlca to Cliambera alreet. W. Joha'* park bad a>t then baem nent."',. . I.r Kt: u* a (at. urged that other port r4t* of th? cit? al mid be rr|*rded and that tbe m"' hant? <M not cum r ?a ?"! ?at letter raeolvin* citti'>ti?. Femab-" and tn vtiida ?l.ould aava nsora act mmodatoa thaa tlaay tow received. After feme further debate, Mr Wbitlock'a mot.oa w*A ;< ?t an'! Mr. Haritow'* carrted almoet onan m ) mly. Mr M t ta WI*Md to kaow If Mr Baratow'* raeolutloa ifcoludeti h'i uniet I mo at Ch*;-? Carta, u'v a?t. air. Mr. V -it.-?' Wet', ?'r, I off, r a mot <m to tha effect that tl o cun a . tee al<> be empowered to tr?kt lor tbe k>wor end ot tbe F i-'n at a aite. Thia tno b waa f-t aud lo?t, o. y tw > ctaa be ng l? ta ta^or Tl.e Cmam Uoa appointed the lb' low rg eamr t gentle m<n aa a c mn it.#, m ar o-danca Mr Bar<tow1 tcto'ut.r.a, v.i ?.tame* f#e, Tbo naj Ttloatot), Oal~b Bar Iti w, A. A l?w, E. E Morgan Ibe (.batBber"Uiaa adjournal Nr. Flam Ike Central ftailrond. TO THI EPITOR Of THE BKRALD. The Hn>#tn, of a recent late, f*y? ? 'I he ell , "f " " 4 ?'-> a. ?? ?? % ?hinmc m? mi>*rha?elwajabe*n famv<? for crying out ?< ? at tipjuai oo ?ihi npriweafva ?on?n*i.]r. It Waath* ehlMotoai by wb.rh it galeeri and retard power for man, yeara, b it ll t? ?rnrt?i.?f < t tl at * believer the ??>* vortferoua of ih*aw l i. rli>t? obtain* .1 a fair ehance for a am- 1 ba il, >h*f poap"<i*4 ,hc;r |irt?cip!*e tot their porketa Tn* Central Ra.ltowl opa rt' ot?*rc ? fair sample of tbetr peraererat ee. tba.r rlrtua ?n l dt?'.aletfl>toi>^. H> fiilfnl roahlaMimi ?<! s prrtinMv tn lag.* . m if. a A'bauy nurngera m ?<1* handaome fi?rtnn*a. part (mlarly mil "( lie ponarlKlatlou of Central Rallra.1 llaea. If we ara i ..t ir.'irh rne'.?k*u Mr, F'agg rarae in lor ?? tan l?M ahara profit * f*?i he wd hla i\aarcia-ea Rma'g*m*ted what ?a.a Caiied lie f?irh aide or M ha*k Valley Rai'.rotl with iba other Uiie#. 1U* propel, never int*?1*dtabe e?rr;*i: thr icTi. whirh waa very haeiily aiirreve ). n*rer laM W ?n4 ? n which a final! per cental* only waa ever cai:e.?, only enough lo aecure the charter,) area fltiaiiiiMlV taken Into tfw general val -atlon. an I waa vane-l ?i ? r*?4 roiu d anm, In (he (treat <?< ntfort of ?<nv? nf lit' hrt ?kftntmm 'he manifrft advantage of their eo|ta|>?*d p'lraea j*e th*a Ire of en'eruri?* leiag f. ?i ?? i n?? aH ul ''''ioj laeeetOJW were l"-?y >n fS:. ling other locaililea for the diapiay of ibelr la lenta. 1 he *lraeao a .. heme waa. It I* ?r???. un'ortenueif kt ocked 111 it? head by 'be dlaeer*ry of a ?:n?l?in'*r;>., aUoa, mad* ?yaHeteoaty In 'a bill before < on gr? aa Ooe II'. le *jji. if It conld hu e ?'??ar*! obaarrallon. ? mi l hare rewanjjd theae Reg. > , * i. -tt-t. ?'? " ? ' n ' ?'* ?? T^a fault St Mare ran*! of. re I a b. ?i*rrHinc?, and there a rlrti reward aod large graa'a i f pnblK lull har? (ol.owadtka hirky tchimi rr ? In Jan nary. I*M. I ?nb?crih?il for Un utaaraa of atoek n tsv " Mi b?"k Valley Ka:ir?.vV ?u I pa 1 tberena tea itrreil l" w b>?n,'''e(l JoUars. in 19H. ?b*a tl ? Itfrr'^ra mat'e an arra?z>>ic-at by which the I Mrtady r'>a ' obla.u l . Tiro V ifcc Moba* k valley road. 1 retijae-l at PreaMoa*. ind tn the rama <'\y poi^ my *to?k ?u? >xaoi aut'i patJ m, <aelitin'lreil(l'>'.larti. I never tn< tti "??ate?l to tb' an.oi.tit of a alngl* ?bare, dlrf lly or ln?iir?ctiy, ia the Ceilriil Rallrma rtock'. and. with th? except r>n of iba fc udrad t'rllar^ b? f?r* referred lo, J nerer ?%* mt re?te.l, i|ifr< lly t r imllrectly, to the emi r! of a ainfle share ?? any om of ibe ten or twelve romptntea which warn ooa ?let) b !h<- t entral Itatlroad." And more tl an Ibia, 1 never aubarrlbed fo*. or wa? m lertrUil iti a ? r,f.e rhare of raiimad or bank ?!<>? < rron tbet'wel ?m rbo^er Secretary of ?Haie, in H"*l. totbeclfla# m 184T, when I rt aie l to Ik (?mptroller of tha Mat*. II waa wtth rue a fixed principle, not toaubarrlbe for a ehart of atock in any r, mpany Incorporalad by Ifce Legtolaturv lnr(t(t my connexion with the Htate fovemmect. In re(t?r I ?o the M f m^ola and fault ?t Marie profeM. I n?ver ha t the e?mblacce of lotereet or e^nnexxMi wuto either, and km w nothtng about their a:' a c rr.Aoo. ( iilteil fttalea Wanhal'4 om?i,. Affit-wr J* ? fii^aor or Mr r?r ? .a*?-ra! ? *am?a ? , I ?r r? >.i i1 i ii n rl ^'|* of ??> ? m n? ' a-l<"? ? 4 # ? p [ r'!' ? 'r , L ?, w ? ? Ij ;'4 . iL, I. ? , li , ,L. aw* .