Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1856 Page 2
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WHIG STATE C0NVE3T10S. THE OLD LIVE WHIGS IN COUNCIL. CVNtOUS EXHIBITION OF AMERICAN FOSSILS. Ac?) Ac?j Ac? Tfee OW Line Whig ftate OooventKia assembled all Albany , a* oar readers bare b?cn informed *Jr?ady by Mm telegraphic report published la yesterday 'b Hhuu>, mm Tburfcd*/, the 14th >n?V Most of tho prominent mm ef the i*rlJ Now York were tipacM to be present, ud it waa Mid that Oorwln ted fives his personal pro ?t'c to bt> aaioag thoaa, boC with the exception ot Fred. Tal image. lion K. 8vsng?r, and a few of the iwr nose of tbesn auuia ibatr appoaruoce. There was, Mmcrer, quite a OMfManMa gathering ? about throe *a*ured altogether? a*l at the-e the auyorrty , and a Surf* srsajonty, bekmcsd to Ike Know NotHuga, and were delegates at tke diQeront Know Nothing conven MM beld to thai Stats. The greatest enthusiasm prevailed, Mod every a) lusts* to the past {lores and r* :? (arte* of in imrly was bailed with deafen. ng cheers, ta tact, fr-*n the ?xhlbiUea presented to- day yon w?uld tfctak that it tad risea 'rotn the grwves of UarsMold aid Ashiand, and was a breathing, animated, powerful ?flag realirv. But sfter all, it sa like a corpse con vaked by wanton icieaea into a escwib lance of life. Tbi Convention was oailed to order at 12 o'clock by Mr. Mchhoy, chairman ortte State Central Committer who, ;a ? lew reenarks, explained tte object for wfctch t bad been aanveoed. They bad by appointment of the old 11 ne whlfs ml tb? State of Sew "York aapewbied in convection in t6e Itefwe City oa Use 2*i of October Wi- t, been called to fethir. and ho be! wed no owe nt wsuld dispute toetr r ght to a ?rsble under such appointment, that ?aavmtion had pa-ted renolauon* ttxing thy time and ptetr ot meeting of Lh.o bodf , and this body had assem bled to iruMkn tbe bu?ute?f* before it; and .a the tran-ac SM ot that buao . j he ba I no doubt the pn atent htrmo ay aLd unity ot feeling woald prevail. Tic call cf tho ?aovtntioii exp'auaed dsfliwttly l he object* which they bad in view, an: it win uneeoeasary for fcim to My aay itiiufl more Bo coooludoi by bomloaAac Hoc W. C. Baabrouck;at Crsuge county, an temporary chain* un Me ii "jiif ttioi wan apt?"Ovod of by the CocvenUon' alWr wbrcb 4?r B returned tin thanks for tka bouor ? on to* red np?c a si, and then proceeded to say that the whig paur ?y a as t -o. dead, although traitors bad tr..ri to slab it wMb their earei < me<t w ich. The* were resoivs l to smod by the old hna wiui> ? to stand under tbe.i old baa ?w sod jTet-erve every iur on its foils ? to.djCeiA tin ngbt* ao<l liber t. v. of b.l tu? Statue, a nd to protect 'be Vntoii frcm external lot- ? <iod mtornai ditoMSi >ns. j. The c? 1 yf the Convrrti 'D was then rear! as-iallcwi ? Wmu St ats i >>!?vn> ?In accor-i it>ce ? ,it *. rv?olution *>tvy at a owm ? ?f ihe Whig State t'm.imci- v L ?! ; in U.< ?*j ot Alba ay, July it, lft6. tli? ot tine ;ui .<f New Vtrl are reeoesled to ut-x:' in M roavi nt.on u cuy ol A?ariT. on J?e i4Ci J*y of August, 1846, at IS u ciooi. I! lo" tset drVgat- ? t? repre.'eat tkem in a .vaiiooal Convsnilou to Vr b< ld hi Hahimor'- nn tke third Wednewlsvof rieptero w ?ext. kud to ooooult wttli r'-tTeiiie uj the aopcoaciu^t I'rc-: tfenbai eleeUxi. Wb?n the permanent organization wm eff<?te1, the J*i rstcei.t Mr. i;ra>0!;v, addressed the Ccnivc at-.u as fellow- ? Keliow wb.^i ? (Enthu3ia.?tic applaiv.e}? our ?iMurutp .a the eo jiid of that old batUe cry? (A ot im? "todeed, it us") ? evec when we call lor the raiJy ot the t?rok. n legion J re^er.t fellow wfclgg. (Reu??rod ap ftosss.) Krem my very heart I thaok J 'U for tta til Ito^uon jou have conferred njma roe. It />an raid I j s< m>' in t igh c.':at tiio whig por!y of i lie t'uto mf New York h?* cra?<>d tn exist ? ?r? ntan'd here ;o 0> sJare to this Star- aid rMkui toat tho whigH ->f Now 1 crk are not a.l d?ad, taxi that Wiu-e who a lhcre to tht.r Ky Cdettty will D'-rer abandon tht.r p- nctpl'Vj. piscse.) We have seen that ps'ty ri?e from tta *?t.(>-'tt di-spondewy to be the ulacip'.abt pur.j s C the country w? tave semi ;t ri.le-J. ru:?ed aaS at-sBt'cnded ty thcie wt?o owed thairnvh pe*iU"-as *o U.e m> taken ccaUJeuee of a too contlltng pmpla. 'We have s' '-n all this, and wht> our n^arcn w.ll be on w?rd, I ?ee sround me fwxnc of 1ho?e wtu in that ir.crio rwtoie day .it Syracuse, could not mistake the treacherous Sttlgn 't the detraction of our party, and joined w vta ?m m i'oidly > titting the cord that bound us together ^Appiaufe.) Mingling witb w bere to day. are .^mong 4Wb'-tc ti.o>-e *U. I' WHOM ofU-. :r u*u ,?n/ u*r?r,tyt ?rould ret iermitlh<-n'selveeto believe vhat secret treasta Jorkc<i within ccr ranks, a*d clung to termer political as ?ouatiobn UAiU, bAving hoped oil Ui:ujs, b'lUe ?i\l all Huagr, raf?red all chu.g.1, they wore at la>t fvrc.i to tlic pamful conviction tbatour fftrfbo^to^ b^t reaitxel. We all meet here this day as a bat.'! of bru'.hera. coo ?oltirg or the m'ltua1 la'^rcots and to learn I be mutual diitM ? of *'1 those who null prolog to Hie gorers>-'l by wtug .{T.ucipb-a. On an occasion like lh..-. tinr^bea rue ?MTkue rowd upon tb? aiud of every U.u<ful soldier ot the o?d whig party, and bit thought* are na'urally turned to ib?#e iiltttru'us standard b- arer? who ooce brought cueh gl< ry *.o its aalae. It ajeaeed the AlmigLty t- call then to their rewsrd wbeu their nundii ?ers <U.cJ with the _t?ursiiLC that Uwy haJ ei? harg<-d evory ? ut) but th< u the.r brarts w.-?? chierc-J witii the hopts that tb*y had frrevr allayed every i-hje-jtoi uriiiau ? MiM bad c'.i-tt-iNd the harmony of our peopls (Ap ptMie.; the (aw ehort years that hiv? Pa?va4 since siow you how daiutivs ass the* hope, and how grixat tbeir loss to a causa that now needs ir.'ich tb>* wA l im ?T %L*ir aovarel an t tb< pow-r of tbetr enspla. Th-y ?ragrns, b it thetr principles livetursver; and If then be a uj oce amorg us who tor a fbua.SJlt d r>u, let t.r taut coun el from the iua> b nfs Jt hirr. wbo reeti wiu*a .he t fi b of HwilMd, and mm wbo sleep- be aeatl the shades of Aafcland ?>,? k>lk>? ;ng on Roaolutioaa aa4 AKrw ?aa apt?-;i.U i ?Robert A. West, ot R.ebUKQd Co li ^urarl J.Ji ->c * CWWereegas; It A H It! hamuli Wotka. u N.*gara, *al ai. jfcotd Xmpp, uf N\w Ycrk. Tv 41 Y Jan*!(>2i, of Safioik, iwr#l itil liit dels* be re?t j. .it d to pr?*eat the a~oiea er i<ro ;vert<-> n< each ' obk'MSh nal dutrtrt a.* akctor' for t'a? Na NB*J Whig C >B '?BttOn Wtil h If to DC. | 01 tua tL.r 4 Wa*Bea<Uy .0 .-^puirbar, il Be '.aire. TU< ma.cB "a* adopt, UJ the Uk?%it I taaUudad ?CC0:-aj? 1/ ^ to* Jaui TV fooi-m-on then t-?k * rv ???#* till three o'clo-k fW tfcc -.v?. ol the C?>BVaBl">B. tba u. .aa.ujt a*dref? wi? r?ad f'y Mr Wett on b?kaU at tho Commit i?> co Ad.:r?*? ???? IicaolutMea ? r? ii?DN*r* or mr wit mm or tit* ?tatk or k*w TOR*, 4?fKHHr.KD JH MAM CONTENTION AT AL ?Airr ACQ Car 14, leSfl. Tb. ?Lifi< oi *-'?ate of New York find thecr.lrea tCM day io a iwi poa;tiua. >..r ttia first time Wore tb ,r ?ff J i.*' ob M * prrly. t uey tare Do caniiiate tar t?.< Mgbe>t off r? ib 'br gift of * :r<j? pwp>. Tb. y '.he paMK*1 part** of the I'mon maraha;il?g tbair ft* m for a Praeiitcual airpaign, t at are '.h? rrj*!vea w tboat a Mu<trl>ir?i. Hat. vofore u*y n **a o-tvr t>??B ab MMt? the ftoM, or watered in it, co?lwt. ItM til <.?(* aey have a<-hia7eJ have a . r Im?b Ml Rw t *>r caatrr'a goo?l. Tb* lefeau thsy hare a'.fler*4 h'.te t ?er roop'at with dirLooor. They bate done thalr dwty %i>h?to.!y aa*d the;r rtctortoa geo*ro j'y, a?d b .-a" wlr uMUri mar.f -illy. Tuey cao look .|?n Uia pMt a-tboct a rrftat for tbcatfelvaa a wl * v?u ib* uatuw .r : eraota M it - paat wNuy m-jblba awuro w'lb t^as no lit' for fha dUtrartioca th< r country I^ia a'iT H *b ratnin-n wltb lb?ma<lTM. 8?<;bt t?Uu? wbi^x. It fraatat It brxga ua to at^ama. We oave pfuud a?l pltaraat ?> ruor'fi m thm boar of trial, and cau took la tt< future trftb a <Jm rcllas.^ upon thr f*aaba. u it;, ?for' -:. - i?d i' n that food ?er?e of pwWIw e.ti/ew wb ? b w.'l hercaitor do mi juatk o We can t? Wt 1 We hf-rfajy ftrjive and forjet the r??t We b*?" '?<? w.ih ib? prevent. aaJ to p'OTKle Tor tba rotor*. IV* wb j , art) haa xlwaya br?n a practical party, cioa' ?g with facta rather ttan wnb tbeona.-, aaO at pre ?eat era la we are eapacialty bound by every eoMtdera ?! -n < ' ptjdenca and patrtotwm to look f?,rly at the '~!r-tjBt*t*n.'?* tf.rt avrrwind ua. We (hall n'4, l born tn addreai ri( OW brother whic? tu day, anwr w*? aay ' tj vtKiaa of wh ; pnacu.ta?. Tba ?e ??k>r >n.?r '* ''.e ;>r<-<?ntatfM of Otbc tjpioa. Tb* d.'t ".ct,* > ?ane? f>l \b? wli^r party are w-'I known Hi. y bum b??r. p""W li'ed. aa it *?< proper th"y rhouli bt, wb? t' r >' Vk hai t rrpwarnUaJ caoi.l. Ia>e bo !*w? , tuat all mitU knjw wtiat, a' wali m *r w! >tn. tbey w?ra a-**l to T' ta. Hut tba cw h ^iffeeeat tow. **a ba^o ao randi'lat aaJ noad aat ap so pla J< rn. 't a ,'J bj ta?y to ..i ,M <>n?. Tti<! ante are to le l? ? .a Uie wr.un?ra ai> i heea of aa o?? ?ta?l C'^y, a twarlea# Wabster, a g< i .ai llarr^on an I a ? a#a< ) Tbera are before the jounlry three ^an1' latea r.r tbn rrae'deiey. Wr re.?tp,i*' ro mode ofpoi -^i aartare t bat 'a* lead w to J? iwrac either ot tbeia, or of ?x of t.M uereona. merlta It la into Ibetr ciarnca t M?a for ^e ?ti?f eagMfMy of r sornvy | ?. ywoy ?? to!, /jw re .tn 1 tUa equiry H W our rcbi ant ?tr duly to praarci.te. . ? r- ?(?' r ? nr n1' t? p'at'orr" "'v.- '? ir> ... . ? ? ?? nw;rat.ot). MM ? bailahfn* m ./?r heart 01 u<*rt. 'tee rotltl^il ?ent\ir?f !.'* (npil-iatei by the aafe of A?h ami aad 'ha ctaie<aian of Marabaoi.l, we wm A ?! i r?t *iij n ih'ir rrueal. ?K. ? <? . U.rrt senuaCbte. The oaodMata uf rial l?nr ??? tp iiiy abut himself i?inm<mr a>?patbi**. t>> y -o.t y ,-ti* ..umLnc bia uurea?>rred aaopuon of %a I \.r ??; , \k >nt.ty a itt. J 1 1 un ttiti*?l ptatform, will ita ?%*ery |r {?rwi'lleBn. -u> fill ?od?r anient of li>e afflta ?twe caurar of the 7rr?.at almittotretvn, and Ita in AW k*r*ueti of the taachui^ c , u.e D torlo* and ?oMAtruoa C'?>nd twnifrato Tbe plat*>tm Vaelf. !H'y fiaaH and ?olti?d U>(reU?er, ?war ejblbtted u tl.a "p. h'i'' uti tba world i? the w ?, ratr ot^ and awaaafil a.lm;ni?trat;on <rf Milla/d Fill t i re ? he* F'reaifafit ot tha Lnttad tMai< * rbare W ao ta?Kl V) repr.>dje? it bcre More arfent htt'tnaea pra*x* v.p?>n ua. Wa have net to iniulra wheea we etand, wrbMher eremu are feLdlny. and Iww we, etandnj only on the margn of tbe battle UeM, can he.t ear re tba ' n?er??t- of our common country. Aa whifs, we daetra to know * bat onr doty in, at d we atand ready to per. "on? i ?*, without raa or reward, and to B^x-t our rw pnn Mbltltx a with ?.at a thought about tha conae^iiaooaa. Henry Oaf, of Kentucky, long alnce taaplrad ua with -Jim ??ntnneat let ua <?ly know that we are right, and ve a. ? onnimt. We aoek so tpotla #f oflca; wa aaad not ?hair 00 heal ?e power to bind ua together. Our ?omtry a weal la mir ?mgle <*re. Oor heart* mm ovae w th a warm and tr ie afltctton lo oar floeVma b?m?? o-ir .-bole ? o ntry ? to the t'nlted ^Utaa, that (rat of May hire Nr ,-owta na etmaoiiaatad r on fed era. y, one imparubable, |0 #Twbla, arer glonona f'aK*. ft a a moral npoeaibtllty that tbe a'?ctlon of * Pre?i 4aat a;<? enili a plat/or* raa raitore ao*? str, tranritl!i tj ?t ?e: ?-(% tbat tr 90<ty *nfi4?nc? and M>o-e peaceful ttfeiKM wttfe !{?C%^WJSno!rBe?>"<* ^^rteuf Which aioae ?** oor. be lUtoqunlely do ture. BannufbcWree ^ emmance to toyen .,-topad By 9*r**ZZ?X, country ? rap'dly *e tHin. tndnetry and "?t"' >rc# Upoo the ocean, and a quinug ?up?emaoy m j*? ttie WH)nii of the earth. A codu-jUwj tnflwnoe i un g du>ilD|ui6h?? our coun nant rmgrew m ar*a o? ^jJancBmenl u not fry aid W embroilment, interrupted by ,kt. ?n,i among nation*. we mot-v u, cr* itv no pereonU or ??*? yor un *W? <ur eupport toapnr Mt'? ,,-ellu?< . national borne or craatof 'Ita ly that by Jtunclnf rrontnees. the tru>t abroad w (jeveiopemwit of our do harinontoae ?t,rk,0? *? LV^biuitinent of peace a?<l fra io.>vicinbtn^K^H-ib? ? ? vlll toward all na ternily naK ng d u>? Moral and th*..-ttoe mere*- ? ? urt ?f tor> pol ittcal ^ both oitue W th au<iiu - higher mon.ent to ?w or Vif I'oquiattiou boutb. rt?an mero pa. .^nvtwnt and tn 11 .fluids o ssrs.ts.'s szs?s^z^ b< paruoMd fcr Indulging rtucn atwlin* ; * f 1 ^ 10 pla. e. tri..e h too urgent, the ^.ond.uon 01 p* v,; 1 a ; r? ^rayo. to MrBUt rtn iudllIjCM8. ^ re&n? wty the jrt ;.g> of Jww York and Iho Virion cannot ^et<J fo: Mr. ll? boo w a Cemocrat *nd ? h>e brte?t!?**nce 'n U* United futoBSknA?c Aowed,a 4tmo_ , r?t of 1* e s?nw -<*>ul as the preacut *',,r'j,|^1!'^"'?' ,.I>on rj! other p?m?eel de trinea there afca.1 be at q i?8 U Mr ttmZ ^U^Wf or arranK.-m?t, and, "elVdtf-^r^Ua '. ^t'it^rty AVV dtmo ^irexrits^-sa? # 5 c^ut.<Ktel b'V . c-m*. W r ai'.tKised to concede 1 w: . and J-.?h !? ???! ? * .VtlTtion, we rtcuil took t^turr *ii!i diwrurt, ae we 4c tas ' ^r'&^t^t^t^rkabU, action of t m curdy ae timaelf, baa ^ated a ne w , ? i:.M?,uoi.8 country, houw???e aa .hiw.1 k> ( ^ _ * . i r ?? c ?? Wo teilove the Bki b. to ? - ? ''^ ,fu .(1,m the PreeW-wsr U>o tigh ?y> " ~ . ".VtV . ".: i <*el cf . and yt, iu a'l ?obert ?? IV L!J < -.??>. awtcw ?? utft, <te questloi* ''"r mi ?'? Crr M b. l-.v,cn 1 r. Free*.: ??! a..y of.< W'.'4'. r^.fVaw. or political k.d?f .^.ut be pr^"? i> -..*?< ?? "??? ' ' '.ween luatfid otbtr ber^ee oi ';' tadtoalMMOB, wytvtm\up>, .,,. ran-.i-t ? iT'>rt Mr. Fremont. Thw fcjjnd a tfc. ?;? ; 'l( U.i party U.ut baa P t Ub ?K^a ^n tv. ,, ,,?riv is envneoUy fiecttonal in bp. r A. ??? o?J It f." "fwep. belt that Northerners ?*d soMh *n?r? c'i sest ?;r,cnr*iis unknown to tUaoonstt SS" w'lw> w tb? i orlty *R au.hortuuiva ^ ?>to-UnR from wbrtever rolnt of fcte compass it may oom? k-very under that of tilt uaj?tty be dtjrecatf cut *r.y the revoh-twnary tlea. Uat ne cauae Co popular wUl b dUt^f<ul. . nreavtvc tf> a re-Jfrapfcical minority. tua? It n r ?? may cMtofl M Obedience. HT.,1 Oe ^.H -'d ^r^ ja Ibeir remedy U to wait ut-.U a wlaar np.rit ;t"m,Maway, and can be oonrtitatlocal'y ex pre-' *???? ? ol<<?Ht to in ^^r'tWicnn ^ 'cSS * ?c bo un^c* B-'.t uBdrrfie a.1 political -mUmmi ?d ri na k" tien :k Iti'in. f-ca: -d. ?f .t keepi -/?? a "tc >ut.r m tr,o coBititution, ri>^whllfL?,,l4?tt<>rii rr-,e' tbefio-f I .m . 0 iperuUrtn * .lb the NoIts. ~ .' , . th, \> 'orn :w ? ya; ?'""??? ? ? " x, , V . ? wb'tld more bo par %?>-* - r -^^rrSrSS Stlt'oniw . - ? r. woult b- thn xs"?w . t >?' JVuarM e -?? '? ?'? "*? c?BBCt "? ^'rt'i '"My" ti.o*o''u a Uei 1 " ">re IM ? ' i-v u'v o-o.? tct the nom uen u ft wUm coav?o uc ^ oi-n to the tatrn objects ?>??? with re V.^t. .? - " hers, at wi arc. toajr"od ctcnt. re).j> -J if *r;iia U- at- rm F.)Wc. *' % ? wii.'dir < ;"<iar d;<- mt^ut % frr, .. ." . . .'re.; L? Jrt.v^ end to 't^dlev^i- A- f;4 ILSIS Le '0.1T (<?;>--/? of tbat .-. red tempte w- 3 ?ljr , ! ?? , ,i, "it d-? y.n? pntrfat 111. a null - w'.J '":. r t fci-.-.n rr-V-wi-, b tw >?*. 'nd w'Jb be '? ;^V' rJKer ?'? : " ;. ^ k ? i wl ? . Kr?vokru a*? * ?? ^ : ? ! y^ n.mrv alter P and X*:,t>,:y new a, *r, mu < t deri uon to d . r ?*?* u?J..wbioe? ?me .jrta n^tti I'trt.ef i t:f. ar. r\e,-ut'te energy a d trmne* that r.? ? ft- i. ev"."!H( 'in^nt to tb* lorer ?,. or l??r ?id of tbe t'nwc , that arro.. J a* t*tioa aa.t .jtei e?dw ....... ti, r? : * -ut. * w tb-.r prou'l.c-j eado U< , '? i*\ ? ???!' a:"' r ? "I t ">n t?e fr fu tbe .u)r ??-lllfcne?: ? lbT^.? t- 'it ?''..ii, i? the itroc* a f?a' J? ?r. F ' mcr - a' i-i-.^ iatare. wb eh rnuat ^ruat '.ta atWn'-. ? ati rec e?Ce a-'e' -'it- ?' ' ,k- ertat.V! an-J uatx>fcnl nr.Mr 1 .>n e?ttc traiLtj ?, umU*. Or- ?wttry no* apeoaijr and iirr'?t fv.l* iii< it la that wb'<-b w.d BWreaotfrom ?he cliTt r. M ' ?? er of the other w ' *r- ' . , , w -, r . ?>,.. ?. ?'? .-kilor. cf ;*jf it b'jB'.e n ore t < e t.t- > -r ?'?? rauo^< . ,. , n.r ,i.t ?? ? r.ea. abr. *d. ra lo.-j, c, ?* ?V r ' u?V bc -" to ' uj?r a aUag, wb?. ft? it ^o Wliitue;, ie V.r . . : aoan a *rni?bt ?W?,w ?r tren.ont- lue l i'.l b .tween us aa whlf* ao4 Mr B. er Mr ' -ro?rt. .? .mmeaiJ'- > ~ * >' t ?** to*. and Mr. i Umore Do t. ? ?h f, and IM th r? rr ere tt ? ??* *bmi ?rd noU..PC ?'*'?? '?J' *' V . -r t,. ,1 tbat .1 .? not die '?? fat reooM^nla Mr Ml'm ra to r- ?ho rtiu malntitin k. *1 So !?t . 1 to nsaialfttn, our a ? oop**. ?t i rharaeVT rti ' ?h4: er?auuti'?. but ?'??? that ol tie eardidato* H whom O-lT ctto, ?l kt ?"? f nn -f ?t.iy ? ? i.ii'i 't. be ? Car in .Ml^nc .n ib-nio at rr buteaol put .' character which *a d?. m ?a?. .tilna p??rlde?tial .aadiiataat tbU criiU. W? r ? rr,r,TC ?n?irr-^ by tht^ fi* cc? - ? . i - a* ,l?!e? tl - : a'.. ? ' ? -e r-''7 w ' - '?? v' " ?" ^ "of duty t? anpport. tiun we do tbc puU^ra ?> ?bo dinw Crnre?ri' i g?. '-hat n n rly ovtr^W^ M ,obu^:BW sstetga^fe ti^ttir. 'if 0 rr?/..'i.) ?-<- e p??afcue ,W V V v ,, i ' !,???. i" . ?* ?? ? " ' r ? ' ' ? ' ?h? ftannl lcr a tt ato b twe'tv '.o n- ~\<e JMMl fc?* a au?i..nt"' law, vA uetk*. at.l o?., .r ?' ... . .i ? . .. r ? - t f> ?> " ??"? ?'"? ' r-T ' ' ? t n<o t 1 atone on a? tratv e a* p ? *f it .nteat.noa t'? w?rd ofl.?r :?*)">' * * ' "?' *"?' n'' *'rh 1 *' ' ?' ' '"' ? ? ?? i ' ?? ..? : -f m i-'- r ?*?> '?? 1 ?? >' '"if"1' *J r dUMMWlH tt Wt lew m*> FlifBSWt ? IHCllOt tl Man*. ITe hart ba-. eaporl? ot<pwglln ntoMHiMyj ramr*.#B< tr ks ?" t!. be ery thai fie r.nnot bOMBtA ,r" a weak ItntMt of ttt MM 7 ? n? try mmM reccra tia raturi. to-tne Tr- .idanttat c b*ir Who ?w*** tiwl Cel. Frweeunt wLe tewt wwb W ww ralVMi M n ?Wl# ?>??*? ?? ?*nir* *? ?"??? ?ary ??">f.iy of f^ee Wa^ electoral lioa-tat And yet war repubieaB opoot^ota ?tll not MlMi ., .1 .flui'wr Tb'relea: -Mt a? open a door I ; Mr F. >"?e aa fbr Mr. Tr:nxmt_^]* mm ?J , rvi> Irt ?. . ? ? a ????? ? ' I a w.el <1?U> o, .? [?ML to retire Mr. FiilMW#^ trtn?pfca?t elee^on n*'?h d-.".n?'. ''ed a- 1 aeatter^, ?' tB ????? oar SB ?) mm M ih>.- ? Artied to tl.. ?S I ..?.. ' -J* U. . ;< e-rtsi pan/. ?'.? wb e -rtto ti ?> Ncnra UMt 4-lmkla reaalt. We ; r t tnerePir- . ^e I mt ileniiir m wMca, fcu% we ?baii ail ? F' * ? n'B-t i" a M -at r tin <e <t M.irh-nr ?? ' m\-,)o < i'-r r ii.c .-J r n?i.tni . .? t r?mpinr ett 1 , ir ?? ft -?te a..1 .?!*?? -J tr,.. k- i.f ' ? ? ?r'l?3tr tfce r ery p-a-i ?.*????.?? ?( Mtf Mienant, n?d ?*!**! m to the la.n? o. Afrrt- ?n-i i-t<I trorheaten, to wbe,e? tbe ruiii >? . (lor.o?? rej ub! o woi id je an oco^iob <4 oabuiy j-y an.. cmiui^Q' , . FW" M? W'.ntp f rin 1o tk*> ? * <y <?fi *? i *>r tii# h..wn* of <? *1 ft ' J*?t nrsan w* fUlwiro, of New Wit, ?td. * If "Ik may ?? ll I* ;,TC,,;(j ,.r li-f Mr Fii'moro'i ofacttBB to the rro?id?*ti'y ?Hr?iMf Ib-irrD, wwi roftir* tb??? orror* HUV.-w. Tb? p*ft?*tuati< n ard ifcroaao Of our tMl Miam't jt, tba ?Mm of bon.?n a-1 hdo?:*?otii m e?vll. pol<t. -a! *id to ? lal lit#. lb" b'WiOT of our roontrjr *u l t*io porpot?ity of IV tomrtWK'f!#, tb? ?Tmi'.thl#* and J>opt* of the npor^-wl of fTr?r/ Uuud. u<? ttcmortaR o| tbo tllu?trn> 1a <p?.I wbn ia o?r wntt#'j raMtiiit'N ?ti4 ?ir form <1 1 (>.>*?<?? trntil, tbo a?<*- ot tbo p??t at J tho bop?? <f Jte tt.t'irr?ftM^k tn. fraW-rmty. patriot; -m? all, *11 ta{*l vw to a 4 .ii tko ?' ?K1 vo th* o'lica of * ti?"f rr,H'n!'?l ' ?? o-ir country tv* nn who, wt.on to tbo "oath weit ro b?llion niu^M la *rryoit't? trraoosablo '.i,t? ut ma, d\ W*?.w !' i Bt?? ? ut a w.f-u f,y it ! >iucra-ioo of a aeritlir int worthy o lh" |>ri?? . -?t d*y? of K^it m ropntiilcan rW to# ? ?" 1 am ??<?? ki tin law* f nan do 6* tktn* "* ? haP h? Tw . _ AiiJ ti^w. follow w? .#?, havlugi|i mu of ' u r !? dop.od.Bt of our ??ity rtainr<U Hi. i?.rn> I at ft>r a mo m?-r.t to ao?Jr*?? jou or. m?u?m littrrat-ty onnao?t?J ? lf> Oiir party r7,?t? t.. ' ?> h??, not abat.d?M<l mr ow* ropara'* partr W? Uro e?r?r t)t?tido<t to abandon it. and '?0"t of ail h-i now any is loot m t< atxUK?a it, Po noon m the o\^t?m?ot of tbo Hr#?i >?? titial roritoft In o*or. wo pr im? to jyrf?r.i all our ar rany'di'iito lor p?rp.?tii?tiM our party t0 n* t cmr twuvror on ttoo ootor walla, and ra>!y ava.o ;B<1#r th? ?Undar i that haaoo on*n warod over tbo trtolnno-as hosu oi (b* wM(t partf of tho I'nion inir prorport in th!? rooport Is a tfcoutandfoM mryrn (liHT ri th*ii it tn a ?hort yoar **o. and with ?a -.h r? T0lTl?>f M' Dtb it Will brifbu-n yot mora and in re. Id lb* m ? ant mo w appoint dolofstM to th# Whi* National ( <nTi rtion at Baitimoro In XopV#?nh#r aod to ma?* on* *ot.t 'to oo ?"l?mnly roaolro that wo will march n ad? tho fa ( and koop (top to tbo m? of that fnioti whicu it mir pr<o>d asd trp^r abablo horiUfo. n. ATH'iW WW, W? f AM'I .K'UVJOM, J A MVP A. RAMtr/r* >S, MfF.rrifun kvapp, SAMrrt w 'nK? I Tic ???<?? <U?M f*)p?*rM A ocr lo.ofraptiic rtporl j The Cut ul Llmt. W. A. ft?fUe(t-A(liui> of tike Naval Bourti. Wawmtox Crr*, Aug. 12, Ja>.w OiiittKM BKMKim, &*j., Editor Srw York gnim i?i I bad confidently hoped that I EbouW have been able to avoid nay newspaper controversy or dWcuvion on Uie subject of my memorial to the Oungrcsa or ibn Unitod ota tea against the wbtch the lata Navy Board has inflicted upon tat aod others by the machinery of ltd secret and irresponsible councils, and the action of the Executive, based on their ftndtogs, and presentation to him of a bare bat of aamee for his acitaa thereon, with out one scMeuy reason, to any one case, to guldo his judgment m the terrible power be was called upon to exercise toward* two tartre* arJ one commissioned re of the Ualted 9ta?cs nary, wad in U?e steady pur pose, which no anathemas or moerepreMiitotion sbuuW tors me from, to pursue bat one coarse? feat of steadily retting justice at th? hand* of ?ie constituted autlioritica an 1 the laws of the oountry, a?d by Its fraal decision, in my .-ate, was, and aciatill wiiiug to abiite. But the eatraordimu-y character of yocr article in yoa ? rday 's Bhuld b?vtng only this monrent fallen under my obser* alion, whereby jnu endeavor to sustain the Naval Board in :to action upon ma, bf the most unsur. coromrnts, derived from an tz parte view of the esse, which bears *o other relation to the Ooal v. rdict of "gulty" or 41 not puil<9" <b*n an indict meet fcund in a grand |ury room fvhere the accused is tot titter hearl or represented,) bears to the final ver dict which an impartial jury, wtth all the facto ef the ea/c ftefore them, are Co render v"hen fully heard and "'l piay yoa, therefore, to susperd your opinion, and to ask your fcioueaudir of readers tt do the same, "#h!le 1 irorecd, aahrietiy as possible. to-TT?ent some little of the voliimiBDUs teattroouy. which, under the orders of the Serate. it still in the handa ef the public renter, in orler thaUat Serate of the Vnlt?< States may *j*> able to d?eide that w htrh r.ot even thefcr committee ?.as yet Je odert, aftrr fonr meuUis of invealigalon, thirqueeticn of " moral delinquency," which you have forth n s irh sweeping and well ronndeti sentencoa. It will impossible for moat expect but a moderate cte of your colnnc-ji, and 1 wt'l content myself to-day with a?k. lift you to print butatmall part of the testimony which goes to refute in the most positive manner each sod evsry cbarjr" you have ateled as the u lour charges sufctaio^d." ana % flHh, whWh wan nol ' braught.iorward by the committee " Before I point out this tesC'mooy, pmtit mo to say that yju liave fallen into a ar'.st unaccountable error iu t>ti<tiiig thsi ' tie delenci ? by Mr. Bertlell wcra deemed uoati.-tactory , anl he was rtixan-Jed. " 1 * js never cal'ed upon ac defend these charges at any tin". before *.e Naval Unasd or elsewbcr t; I was four lb meant njilet away, on Pveiicn service w^eu the secret inim^ition li??.d its tession* la Wai-htngtna. Not a solita ry i^arfre or slkgation tlvor. or now '-"iiaed againet me at the Navy Tie; artm? tit. but tuiy in the rlietorUd braia o! *. fierce ml t'B -ioy, who be^cmc a ratmhor of ihiU Board. How, then, cm you, or snr one elco, aty that "the ?o fecets niade hy Mr. were deemed ut3aU-:factory, unxl he wM'tiftfli* 'f>d?" 9*,Kvh w ^8 ne*?' the ca^e in any lrfw-'.ble r- ani wild yen must r.ave beec led Jito error by siit'CCuPg th *t the ^o' mad i heforo tho^Naval 0 uii :tti'<}, and now printing t>y or ier of the 5enat". bwl been b 'ore tne Naw;! Board. Nit so. TTie Na vy Btiuni ;? ept its dirges '<o itself, ami only vhewed its Utd whoti nt!lv?l before the Naval Ouoa mittee in try ca^e. But a \.nai adjo'tloallon of the case will ire / 14; show at whose dooor the charge of base anJ wilful perjury wi'l lie. ? , Tbvre hits b(>eii pf rjcry, for a mere .inspection by ifce Katai O mcnttee of the ctfkial doo'tfients in questiou, as r ?r?ifi??l hv the proper cdners of the luwsury Do part - r eiit, proved ;t ro c nc!tr.vcly, that the1 aval Cummiitee Jo c ?r. re er to the ?b?rge* ;a the report, beoa?-te t; wouHi at once tix perjury cpon fierttiti witnesses, .f i;.c 1 i,thadC4ii>aiUr?d by U?? Naval Comxitteo has any 1 ? i aric^ upor. the twt,i?r-ny cf a aod vo'.unUry ? S-.ery part ?n1 i-orti'.u of that ttTih . harpe w?s aLL't1' ,'ei -before ti'e Naval Ccnira Uee with all Its i< 1 t> ? i ed hp* riflcations, oy tac devumento to which the Wili'F s r^trrod. anil the foikMring letter end statemeut 0r tl>- " a Thos t. Sn-ith, S/st Auditor of tne Treasury, ?' H was in full by ilon. B.J Anderson, the Oii'tt ?? "D?r of ("uftoms and "Comptroller of tbeee TO-ii t- tVs Tre^*r>ry 1 -epartn^ent ? for :luo-n?, .ponan .i ter-. ,'W ? !-,!. the S' < r( *-.ry ot the .'nv-f jry, that he d.rKtfreeu the I.igtt Hou?e &^ar t a" to IS" prinoipio ' ../on wt. fit the account was eta UJ, I a idreaKed U? tun thif comff .Liratioc ? r rio?.iL Horn. Wis! Dec. 1, 1S5.V lliiTi. J?*r- r. r t inr. ?ecrftary oftlk' Tr?r.t;r., ? , ' V ? I hii-e it>- V?..r, ill "Ct.larmity w?tli your ? ?r.<4 t> ? r fi'f to f'-r : -'ir <impec1iui. au I I tr-iM, vun.- anprxvsl, the voiielier* which ?fcift.t'he Bm -uiit 01 n y pi jyMy** whi)** utui* lln* oitl? tm of ta-: a** uient ill .he o -u -'.r: lion of ihe I', iifornia and < >rr? -n l-u t? at I'-.ris; tojj.-Uier a-:h * i-'h eertltVeatea and remarks i r ' e*.n ss w ill !,-? iM-imr enab.s the derai lment lo eetmate I i:? . -uen-> ? v lueli . it 1-eniment atf?m ,.iu?t pay frim hi* I . ref'.nrees .nl-Mthe .lepartmeni rf.all svimh aiac n.m tor -"n't ' h?vV the h.nww now ago In to subm>t for the eoa*-4e ?? ili> o pai m-xi, dial ^lihoiiKt. 1 un-d ^very dtHgeii-*, lifUlmo; the J. "aitoaaof ?boa. tocoropiate all the wort n ? -iad 10 my njper'lnKfndeii -e. In the shorten, ixmihle tim*. | ? ? the ? u r- qua , ?! itrovad t > he more than dsiible th-it tu-?i ' , '. ".o'a'ed a* r.?e>' <eli?*u c.y criginai ij~| '.''""nj i D. ea ii v* si- re ss p*-r .'oehers. eorn ideralitv e* (<??,' iii.-* timtt wl.ieb was wowW be aatf. ient lo I-,, - , n.e au* n - ?> the dii'v w.ihout perv nai *>id. hut i ... ?>!.? ?4i-U-l? |-i l?:n-nt abo-ald not ;.. ? I j.eiii ft fi. '.- ? II . raj ' in.: able Kw-i otury. , v n to Im?m- ,n ir i. ? i?? .act. ?o unmiial in eon . , .< m.i, th* ir- ?. >r?>ni?,? ?? it stents, that on the ... . , i,? k 'j .- . ... V bat | i>.ule a? ear . ? w b. I ai'tu-'i.t* ?.p n . i ? rev: ? ?? for n -n'-y to iy ? ? ? ? . >1 ? >? v-. r-i ..; i>.y ?,. V nio ?!-.;? r. ,to . yet,- v .:kev ?? ,i, in..- - m .. ? :a : I sii|.er?;i?n-.ed li.?t ?? tel. -\d I !'B' -u ?-a-.? f<?r the !..??. !l? MC'.rd. 1 1- ? ii * I1 I til.- .t fcftf i... ft t. r .h>- A ...n - - . ?. -ni? . , \tr ,?? .sal ft a. ?.???? * b iu. ? v.- of j i - ,n:. i.d- ? ? i' i > " ' - r i. ' I . i ; ? "r .' (-itai.lj n. to'a med hy me. W .1 -!e I tl.e-t c.-ral te"*!i>.c o' resnect, 1 1, a e <h?- hoi, or l? h?. tour ohed't ?erv't, w i-hiv: |..N a m ?. " n.t r, . .. Ay , ?Ci f;o,wr . on') ot the t34,WU expended. !,.? ifui D*rai.tar-.T, itaii-rfs's OrT ? > !?- 'r .iry- i-V. { * - . r i,i| ti ..." "*?] y .. . .ri a .? i?r a In tfca nfl.oe K HIICER. lUjta er. ii. i t. r? i' ? i -in", r-l ? r - red . i. . r ,\ i.'-t r ?-y ' ? H n '? r u-j be lr- -.-ry.wiib -h i .'.lrwir* eTi.l'.rst ?rier?i upon them:? }.ef,-i -?<i to (if? a ? r wuh ? -i tor ,'y to a.'.-.w -hr-eper . . ? . . ,1, ?. ir ?r? ? 1 '* - i ' . - .rr. . ? - ii i .ill ??,t?faeti'.r <-f the s leotu Dac???*a ? JAVFS liCIHRrB " . . ? heir* then ??atad \ y the \ ? .r a' 1 r - V 1 j J. i end rfemer.t ! ai-am -i) a>t :re" I the il.n. e. rttarj that Ibis hfl ?? -'go balsi.c-- ^rprovi led f^r, wheiniTon be rcviewid bU or .er ot !?*:. t It-it It w..sch?rre-J *>:a.n>; r-.e before tbo Na\y IV ?'l a- l.i-' i IM.a?? W?r>on "ntoe as ? i > u. l-' au . < i.otir't art that I "lad withdrawn thsse <-ha~c- * atd a tuts h t had sftera.irl" reproduced the n ' 11 ?> all 1 ha.. W an-wer is, thai 'he s,-. r-ury of the Tn-a^.y .? i-tr ?v .ft fiits"? as w II train appear by b i order to lbs Con.Miaeiwn*r of Cw-mms as foiiowi Taaasrar f)arsn*r-.r 'ai 1 fis? J have read lb" eauU.sed c'wiiinunie?.."ii from Mr. Pnfj'tt. u)< .ii ' h. "ibjeet of lis claim f'.r eijcnsei to and tnwi y.trii. and whilst there. Wr Part.e't l.eiu* an ollicer of the aoveminerl st?.i p point ed '.j so to Paris, was p > mtwal, as tale n iter of appou inx n'. si.. * a. I.- ei|.eriaes n (01 ug and ret'ira1 i. aod whi ? th-re t ?</ e. -e. <1 the s in. ><f iluee per oeni ou the atno-mt d.s ss etpr???ed !n the letter of ai.poii."neni The ae ?."8t b*ift( tinted on the prln- lp1e of alWwin* throe per cent en ihe m, mi di-l.ur?ed, le n-H properl* rtai.-d, p sbau d he ?Uted I y sit- winpihe e'p.-nse in siriei eom.-liaiue with he leitrr ef spt oimmenl not <o ei-ee-l three ner .-e'.t Ibia wul re--uir- a re .au-men' of ifce aeemint. and when b>? ? "id rs are b"< aiifli.'.eni, yen will avprlae him and allow bim < tae to make Hem r>rW I am, vnr respe -tfuliy, JAlfRH livIllftlK, Secretary of tbe Treaaiey. II J. Asp**")*, F-eq , mm -^ner of Cuaioni*. Turio it IHmrsiTf > Rs.;i?r*fc - ')rri< r April 21, l*V. t The f. ,-er. ,nc ? a Irue ? opr of ihe O'tgina! on el" -u .bis nO,e?u r. MKItlKR, ?tgHtOr. Uttw. _ _ . Tx? ??rnv Dirasiaast, Fir?t Armtoii's rtrfrr. . > J-ii. *?, l?*. \ I here! J eertlfy thai I h 'T" eiambied and adjusted an ae r- viw be-ween i.^e '"n-ted *'at"a an ' W tshluCon \. Msril-tt. at . nal agei.u for hie tr 4V.-1 and personal eip. uses Iron. Wash it fl?ai < It jr to Hiri* Pranee sn I r"< In relvion to 1?I.|?* spT??ra-n? for Ihe -. *??? "f ? 'a Itforr. is and Orefnr, . and find h' le ehargeal. e? f.. amownt allowed hini >n a count of personal eipensea per rep. rt >o U 7K ? 2 I a No tod i hat he le entitled to credit, by ?m.mal ef ihia .psh-iraemenu fnr travel an 1 personal e?i.en?e?, per vouchers herewith.. ?- ll'W IS Piom ehlrb d"Juet ihe eie?ee shove ihrea p?re. Ill .Hi V-?i lit vsi, 'h" aino Olt of Me I Ip'mlP irri for llgh'inc spi?ratnson ihe .-.??is > f Oal.f.imisi a. d i?r??.in. p?r re inris Nos ?.'* sn.l 2 <rjJ to whe h ? .m 'tree j 'r een on his ejj en lit iresi h'a ii< r?. nsl r tp??se? are llinii?d hy ht? teller cf ant-oinunent, da:cJ l#*b Jnr??. IW; 1.HV *d *;i2 i; t.;i. ""?* Pr*,r* fr' "?* '*>" '""i'' *'? 1 T' "h"-' h?fw(Ui iri?n? mf'dfnr 'he d* *kt> of <b" < inii. - <r til C'tetmn* T t. Til. rirr Auditor T n b* Cunm ia*t?n#r of Cnmnwm nrtN!t t,f TMB COIIWmm "T f I I nr. 1 - ifT ?' ? "??'< ?? ? ? ' ~. tli< TOh d?r (>' 'a'i'1 li j !>W f! ' Afll?> H*>m. < <i?nnl?iiOn<i of Can ? To tr?? K?<.r???? "f mm T*aA?CnV. W Milisro*, Arril ft, it) f ir? I em In pi <w??"fon ?f r>'lr >*w?r tb? l?'h in*-, r? rn?- In '?rrt?k yt\i of all >k" r?p.?-t* m t !r br ?,?? n eeMkmen of fnur KfninU *? the?p?w:.v men of Ire*. .if I'- i. rliif r l??! ufi'(bth<jn?9 ap J f ? . Ar d"rln? h? yr ?r? 1-32 M. Mini & 1 ?w ? (? . ?? m?1? hf m? lu 'it ?' r<-ir *r.w n<? an oil ? In IT' ? " of th? of ih? In Mury irbi h n rl,< ?? fiin?" ia*e cC *? M nb'aln ?< pi"* ton >f I ? ?Vth<r fb?r? j? ? nfMnf in ib" ?nceunM r?t><l<T?t1 t.y ton. '-r In iK? <"'>?r??r>..rx'< Ky r?u*Mi? tl* r?io. eak'i' ?t?-d !<? :iu? 'itfi your f fw.n?l or ? Hiatal hm <r . t,.i| ?te?b* r jon' a ?*?iuiiVe were no* mvhrM ?n ? foU . u<1 b??#ri ?e lb* l?, ih.. ' <>f one ?h'r* ?? no' trfh'na ibm ii ?h<* ? i*h iWr?, ??i?.i?d ui tdip?Kn jour p?r?i.f> '1 <<r < n.< ??! Li<nr. V ur ?<_' ?. J1? ???okredln a fti i ??? ba?iu*M ik? nui.t-r. Rin??- 'fu.jf, /? ir iM?nt ??r' <utL A Ki 'Ttiv, v:?i, ? T. 1,. ?WITH Tbi? ?b<>w? thf i?r* ttml tr? d?p*Fti?Mit. tMtir* ?nd? tb? DU op 71b* S?-or<^*ry of tn? 1J*M? ilow Bon d fob ti>? W < of prr r Tt?f. ) r.?i> I uj>ob m* V? f Dd ?p bil lb? ??> * h< r?, (?1J tbe fl<?rr<,<?pn'j>l?uc? t? Iif rg prinlwt ) a??I tb? fc;',oWP<1 m?- ? <? t 1 ??? ' t H 'f ? p?r w-nt nti ih? ?mn'iSt of J^bnr??-wi?!tt<i My ianUisn tl>i# <11 1 nd pot a limit no <Jwb jr*?>m' r. -&y but ??f, yojf ?b?ll b# f?iJ. i^-oy l^d tb^y do of)t (Rw4 3 p*r c?ot'ib th? unouni ejponded u? taui bwlBH*." m tofiow* ? An ?n <4hc*r of Um a*rrorr.m?nt. jron, of ro?r?* tur tb*l 'b? d?u?rtii??nt In prohibi'M t> jr Uw. -naiun* ro'i ?n* f'lT Ui? ??rrVA f'.u n *y r in b' In- ?? i Mid ?n ?!f p?yf",;'""f,"<?f' l? *?'' ff.-'i Furfi " ?wl I II" Wcm?rr rrt>?t.?<-? to P*ri? urd rtnr p?r?:>?'

?tp?l???? ? biln ?b?r? wi'b 'b? 'ind?r?i?n line <ui a?r<M w:tb IW f<?l ?f* n"f ?? ???*M (b?M ?r r.nt?n 'bt HtMDdi lufM tkal fmi mnf m?k# for (h* f 'ireh?<? rj| th* 4 tWwt l?b' Uk ?pi aratii* I oBftioi tf<1 ih# mArhlBTf and ? 'p'r.dod n?ar ??TW, 000. every Jo?*r of *hi?b *m either pail by ma ?t ratie. of by Ut<* T?epartine?t o?. my 'er1 ar.d at) fn?t( l?u. j?i ot *tr? a.) * th.r ^9 ovbtmcts t.J S per center!**. xavrtc* h?* +?* MV"* lor at lb* department. (oca ''.ruction and ;?'STmK 5 ?u? h~, ... ?????? ^c?sss-?? ?ntuin the ierera> icnaa o! chart >, lucre ^ m or oner I y e bar red un vouched.. i* So lb at the whole amount (Unallowed or ed bT the departments j*?eo??eary expen %8 M .."howe^'ar ' X ?u Arched that my not exceed 3 per cent on tlJJ expenditure of <90,413 W, 1 have een > P*1 42 ? which has been referred 10 _r ? . STS&ny ^^B"rn5o"^UnTAow?e^: number of apperatua ii mentl , . gaperln. den.t-.od at the time that ? the l'actiic tend those only .^^.^LJ^^bo accompl-hed coast, and thm, It w" J SJftnV m view, therefore, the in about twelve month"- anoint 01 tho ex l^njeto be ocrupled, a*d the proba amount gwnditure. the amount of 3 per cent on #J( was regarded an a fclr ()f guper.nten-img alone pCDBWJ ?W OD? yWU1' * T wrua gubseouciiUy r0* the leneea for the illuim by the agreemeut, 1 ?? detained thereu^ard coated The sum ol $258 ?" wnwn wa? uu?- , Arderaon principally, *? * , .- DU>11 a u0tel, not deemed ne an item portion of extra bag ceeeary . Also the .i*m ? The charge of gage, medical atwodimcc tranaatlanUc traveller ? extra baggage *',;5ent e^en to a Steele 'American 5? s^ssw s stifle " go ? J<rh lor the nOK po ^ w a ^nt, and a .?dtfbuwamwit wco*nu Who shall dare iharpe sWw'f^j;^-rts?sA4as; !?^i3srR='r?s-s'ts wb Jtent Vth my duties and my poii ^5W^?ssifn r? rioted myeoirto one room. I anbiiit ffirss SS? s^r&xsr^ i-'.f' ""? sryrssrt. rwsfvrs ? proper, but f*?** eaUr'y'ovenyoked tho^ilwt that .-e ' ywetAtdaor and Ooamiwiocer of tho C^tonjj e tt :b SiSsfer^ ^agSrS^^-gjaSS '^^^!^S&SSSXi, wan waacthorizcd, nod decl*r? s s*r&t???? natter -?vi appear aim ue mnpis ,a* 1 , ? " , ,h SST?7^p ^ :i?l" ?rjl Bever anjr d",0wa* esp'i'Ally ^.arged wtth propria* all uaefal wd 5, ? i - J t? fn^ir-'^rlv lo ascertain and report on ^oe f Line d. 1 tfcorelcre ratns ncd in Ix>adou to T" "ri.ned?7?S"J e viry ?R.pcr Sf ? Vek,own L^ov lnm^t, name y- the atU o a Im.n. -.-a ikji *as dependent i;pon Fw?ch wcwtitanahlp .cr ftct. dirfn Uyapprarnior. ? ?. , rl ntpi.r?L <V 'ia?e<l Auj; 1. 1^- ttQ ? ^ * . i r^'fi? rr *io*' U.ft ' sr SS.S; . i "'?? ??"? "?? ?" ? '.'sr^-iS;.- ??.?! -s-ssva'^rii :"sa ^-r,^ r,/,- . relary. Mr. the I .o? r, e^i ;' ' '" ?-n-e -.?? It..- lubj'Vt. "ue !*(? ?? ?Ur a 14. ???' ? v? , ,r A ' . "? - ? ' ??? ??? ??" I < hi; }" ???? 1>-' " '?" :' " ' .' in. ?r ? .'?< ?- ?'??? w >' " ''"?U ' "*r ? " ?? ?>"?? - I ,"???. ???"?? ?'; ?? .,. ... . i .1 .:..! ?' am" WW .-!?? at v. v ?<? < .-? ? ? I .uuawu'n Vc tilt* ai. ??i ?/ d^y, -*t?"' ? ?? n?u.*l^i t ?* y ? S J ?leo pT?, in the #pp<?n<Us, ?l'r 'i cm me J *bt Ha- -e ? urd . < rr-yi t ? ? p'trptfe o' e4bi'j,tUig tL vniel) an'; ? SMit cl my < ? 1 ? ? ' lVmld ri.itltiply ?.??.mu?y t.p?j? x?.m *?.??? fU, a. r- -.t w 10.,-it 1*> ;? H?J ' resetted iv, r"'.on? nrd. ?. IU ?-jhwq-j< n: r? -?v" n ??jr the 1 .gt! K*m* T in3 ana tt Tr?.?'viy ! ?iai*r\"l t. of the wi>rk ^nd ir*'/.:ri?^ lf ! ftj fi.e additional Ifl.mUiatora, bave ?>??n 4?"l/ie roooftitlflB o*ir.jr wrtfccr y.fciWilaa V. irj. ' ADd'now Icr the ' Vw Bl ' ai d t.. o nia rf V*.< mtb- KarX:?icwa; ?= r-^ b?- .r? 'M* ?;? ?'? f ti.< Navy P"ard, b t reuyeu m .t? ?-xret X"-nci.? t< smU t 1 * 'n.Valhc' IWtowW; prompt an.. ? Mof -tle 'oil rtny ^;re ? i-nted to the saval CcmmiUet; from '*o inera^ars et VBai be M co?p?trni lo #peak cf U.':r rharA^er ait y th man wbo*ac-:etde<l me aa? caterer, .o t_m a. m. vp^cieia and d<*-am?^!ji were aubm ed, and a ni p- V.n bai. been ric!?d. they no *W* roonved Ibe mc-t thorough exai^c tfloe Uj '* fK' Z" *^r H. btv B Walron, late of the .m ? .nthc rr..r ?n:v in mhuh yoar *? o ?itn'n** p^Ced me, '! addrotfod mj??f to U.U 'J' ^, P t'J knowledge of '.tat tmMOcttoe. ihe i| u reply ?u>* r*m, ? t i A|>r . 2:, tat*; \ H K. Kaq ? tlr?n at*? Yo ir? rf lli? I lib limtual, t refci-.- to a*;, , , i r? a. h mi mill Hat night, In lunaMHeuea of my ,.>>??-. . in atlcinlan'"' n Uw D'HuHTUlC ^tal* ' ?i ?? n Ion, awl i I n- ? n to I't'lj, *? I' may l'?" ?>t?I daya hrfora f can l*a?- hi ?> U.r Yt tnli:t,gu>n, I 0<i +i the wlMI poWUtk u ?Mil. 1 am not only ?urprlaai!. bk. aauu,. bed. Jjtt b? i.n?i,at. *d aJJt*aikn>* (whk-f., In my upinkm, war* tau ,t uUiiM'il J rij,,..n,rd at 'I " "me/ (bit you war* cuipafala ofn?*i?.', . r a*rlou?ly tulJy of ?u n?l Mi impeartuo* your i h*rac'*r m ?it brncat and ?o?w?-n b?i* ciiU'aian, In to* dia- h ir?e of r>. on'y jo ir on, mi rtntle*, but tha n>or<- arduaua duty ?, pr"T*l 1?? for yo'ir me?a?na>* aa causrar, ? In la un board tba Prna u.< ulh, abould liar* I ??n called up at tbi* !*(? dar. f?.r 'L? p rpo?c of aUt-mauainf /our rbarar-er and tm .<?.<?? obi., , > 01 cb your w?!l i-arna.l fam?. It *?h',btt? a d-f re* r f ti i letcrof d'?i??t and mali'-lou* mi that I did no; b?ll?t? be M K*m o I aa boaarabi* ntao on d na< # co-cod u|i fur ao i?t k a t nif m?re ??j ?clalir *JVr lb* trrr r>ar and Mjii rvfu tat cm which ib? .nt?*t<Ka<? ti mad ? ? 'bt MM. |av* to h??? at?gaHnaa I ?o* Dro.??d loanaw-r your .n-vitr-a ami (oyoir <".r*. ,n ij'i'ry. " w?? lb**" anrthmf la uiy 'ondu-ta* ? or r. a? ttlta? i|> th? ir.oaa allaira. whi'-b could poaalhif tnatti; w. riant a?-h ?? "?p'i ? ?aaartiowa at rharca. or. ,Ml<w<d. a> y ebUM at all. from 'r'-aUi m?n i>?r? of ti>? Mtl ' I wntf, No' lb !??? nU(atk>r. whirb wa? nia<t? al Ih* Ximt, la COM* que no* ??f tk? raark^ il .aaatu Jart?. n ??f a n'mihrr of ih?t m>?? ai ?I wbt' h jou ??ttK*<l n'>t only a ?teair". but an an ,i- Umlf ?bo>iM b? rn?l? moat <-i?*rly <d<1 fuU? bvraW ?. u ail r?n?'ir?. anil I moai c*< ilaiy b?n?r?<i. ?i- c f?,?n, *bfBtli? matfr waa 'h? ? .hi?.-t if ni->? rtMHTMoi tlatrrra tt^ ?urtal?? '^a >hor? bail b??a ?rrnr in y< ur irar? atUoa Tl th* m-?? aPa.r", b?>l h*?a aoriaariy r*!Ma< an 0 pr*r,'i 4* thr |M??a ill'/ of i'? twr >-?t ug e*eo ? rrtrais, ixui'b tn an i ublw a m?r.n?r aa tt Ht. >* adTTW d V,??< a. To your a#^md inquiry, ' l>hl J ao? r??*?r a full an ! ? ?ir, p|rt? a' -O'Hit of ui i4l?hiirwn.??.ia. aa abawn by blila |mM r ni^m'.iittrMlt*)' bv tbo arc ward, m ?b? uaual n w birlt ih? raMratup duty la doM to b?? I ao?wer. 'h..? ?<itj did I ??oerriT* It Mi,n"-?"a?ry to aa> ir-ir-1 in anan- r ;.? thla n i?a?ion. aa 1 ilno"< think it |N??ibl* thai tbcia aamp-raoa with lb* laabl ?bo all <l< in H. to your iblrd w tulr* 'Din M a ay ra.-oU* uon (rf < I ? fbel th i' tba ' ?l?war<l ? >r ba>l bah.i<<?r, k <<na dr u A ? , waa pui tn iha lui* ' *? Var^ilaa j i?t aa w? w?ra on -nr n' of>alllnar" An?arr I do NMIM 'ha' b? waa< at U tlin.- and raroamad n n MMt l r?r?rf UBf.anllll ut.d?r? ' <?l tbe a?ar jura ??fll'or FUaiMasant J M. Miaarf ?? at tic iw>* tha' ha r?garfed h,m ih> f award' " lalir nwortby <( una, aal ao foroibi) ?>i ln>r''?a"d art 'b* fart, on tbo aaan ?a<-aof iba ev*"iti ? idbrar.of 'l a Utw?r<htnn? of tba ahrward. tb?: b' waa tj >% 'lurlna tha tiin- f W?a radarar. to ilia b??i of my r? .-?"!? a u, areplojKl bj ro* a? *?? wjrd. bat Aa <ftk*a i ar:"o,ir,i ?! by Vaal, Ui* ??r*ant f f tba aja-utlr? o#l 'r I?M I tl'-ain f ?n ??aary to ?ay Mar I I ?in4..l d? w< In' ?> ? fori ?"iri arw lb* la ta tn lh? ?a''er "tai i -d I r-*ri ? ? tl-rm- ly Ibat f ?anno'. b? W.lh you at tbia "? , far I ? iw> m , h faar that li'juat.. B>a>' l?a dona you la 'ii? aan rr'alufl ttt'kiMMM "( % WH. I traaC bowaiar. 'ha' m?ti fiar no' bi lb" ra?r. T'. ,r? wHb ?ai ?t? ra?pi?' ai<d a? IIKNKV R. WU .S ? ? 1a'* < at '.iii 1 an- d -Tta''? Marina t'orj ? r- ' t rf iat?ad tb? ? ?llnr'i'-b- ?! ?rfl * ao.1 I - >i.iry it ? *r m f, H,.,? ,_J| IIWl) t \*in?n Ittl' a- > , (I> ' A Ik'Hat ow , >. J . At>r ?. IHH Sua KriH-Ywwr lattar af ui? Mi MM awl a 'im.a ?? toa f>ar?ra mwtl'lf 'if?n ! !,???>* bafnra ??-.? hurw ? J ?r? If? % 'i I ? , g r*a J . . du'y at iba ini -1 waa ,i i..rt> a.|. tl,r<n?rfith* paprr< -bs t- . bad b" n dmt |'<d li'an tiia Nai ? .iat Whbwul ?!.? laa^i ,n ,o ? t Mill, or a ' baud- 1. V n jo t. ad Touraalf fio,o ? .? ? r!.ar*< a mh>> h mat '? ' bt n triMtir ? ! no br th odloiit a- I abontnabla l?',i"ai ?<.? or nneaeiW lMf.q?? I * *a go r>c u aayn !???. btrt l*at waa I< >a?iaa, I, ,t -t. a froa a?x! ' til rf '*n*': <??!?, rj tn anaw?, lo f r it!t?rr r ?t rf, wbin, ,r. tU iar li a ? n ?el of yonr ti a ? a^ mi: 'a aa alvan hj Wmmi i?h a al Wa* UiooW '?'a^on f r Tun ly n n,-r I itik-^ta'i'i?..v ar.^war. y? tb? ?a ?t.;, ,?rrr , ,,t . , %m n<N|. Rl t|,? I y mta? [f, b'.l b' > wwra ?o . ?amtl.*d by a rtaouiatioti of tlx! mr?* aa wall a? I r> maruhar. and pmaoutiwl correct. It .<?aw?rto Jfrtti ac nd quary, did yini if. ??b"lm blam aBhl in tbia natt?r *aa rjicr* atir a iaa fnr rana iraf Muorc-oald Mmf yti a:t?ry >>ir f.',nni? wer? caaacil In t'.a n ann* r ab. i . t,'|..n"d- whwh ?< M< l>? tha iBaaa? wltkh f?r? ?*" " ' ??'!?" f<>r a ?urt. that 1 cr iM aaa. Is ar. war to lb* third I.uc -Ion wha: ao")..n' of m*-?a Wli waa rai?< nahl* ?? (hat u?c? ' anawar thtta -rt'fcmtr waa I iph, and ? arctally at * a/at Ian. an-1 the tti??i bill la propwti. rk but I do n?t r. mi mbar tha '1J? 1 1, am- 'in*. 1 b* further MimlM < t you, to whi.-b I waa a w itneaa on Iwanl Ibe P'lrtmio'ith. .n tha m*ny <ar.*il w ?>. t wi. 'fa r *a?| tjran'a al<ow the r mallei, i'y. I iKtlaaH dM a.) morp. i 4i . %c fbecly of air, n?f tb<i?c of my maatm '? - #11 h ah n J waa oa MUiaaM larma, aa i ttt; and iflaXur m ih? ? i>r*m<i. | uadambtadlt rer amed or parDMto frk?nd!y fra> ?r*#t in 'or tha <*nlac aad I <? rtaln ? ?oalt a it !*<?* ikn" w ,t j.'t *1 prorad, aa j >n *ay, dt*1' ?r.* at, ' b *i wa ,4 ?? y haf* of n t fyi"?da a?r ' Pg tfttti, * t 15 ! bav" o ?'a'a 'la: ? ? 1 a c*r ro nor g many .ili? vivUB A ttijv-; !yr?m..v but1 ojar. table law, uacoaatitsuonai a .? ctu.-.iico, and under ?hie)i 1 wo ild not hold a couiuiwicn. That you, &od iImm injured, may triumph over the secret Ui.ilu e of tbur- wlio Htab id the dark, an well as those who uu * itiuigij uded in tbe perpetration '?/ a'tch monstrous injustice, at last. u the sincere w iah of our friend and servant, J. W. REVKBK.* W?: HIN'.TCN A. BlRJXSTT, WashiigtOu, D. C. ?I.aie Lieutenant PmCed Ftatc.s Nary, resigned, and Military Commandant at fconora daring tiki Mexican war. When und< r examination before the Naval Committee of I be Senate, Purwr Walmoogh Inflated in atating "bo bad r.otbirf to do with IM new accounts." But when tbe account* were tilo?l in bia presence, be teeUfled and proved to tbe committee that tbe origin*] west account ?m entirely in his own handwriting, and Identical with the account rendered by myself to the moee. Tbe amounts were tbe same; his contained the obnox ious words "sundries," while mine bad the cost of every article in detul, and tbe original bills paid to vouch it. Tbe ac ountH are printed in full by the committee, in the appendix to tbe testimony. f Lave then fore proved the exactness of those mess ac counts by three witnesses, independently of my own ac counts: and the fact is likewise clear as noonday, and will be shown before any legal tribunal, that the mens bills were leM, i tder my administration, than they had been before cr were ailerwarde, and much below the mess b.llr of otter sbipa in the squadron. Vet. o ne years after this trax.ta. iioo bad been settled in foil, MJsroon coukl revive it in the Navy Board as ? charge ol "moral delln;uency." Thus 1 leave the mess bills. And now for the library (IMS) so obnoxious to the learned U_>srorn. Hear wba. Capt. J. B. Montgomery, the commander ol the ship, says on th.s topics. I had p*id Harper ft Bros. $180 for books for the offi cers and jrew ? 278 volumes ? they becamc the property i f the otflcers and crew. Tbe offi en iubecribed only $90; be crew not one cent. 1 paid !ho other 190 out of my own ocl(?-t So m job for the speculation of that transaction t long sgo an 1W4-s5 It is a laUebooi and a lie tint ny charge was maue to acy one i'or or reading these books. Some ahipc ha-.e a private ibrary (In which a 1 pirtl cipatel i.octng MOt) to tl.OOC. But hear v'spt. Montgomery cn ibis topic? be shall tell I the ftory ac fcc baa told it to the Comm. (tee of the Se nate ? At the time you repcr ed 'o me at rortsu.outfc, N. IT., for duly on bocrri of Ihe I'uiled Stag's nlctp Pcrtsino ith, in No vmber ls<4, or thereabout, you inlorrncd tne that, at the ?uf )'e?iion of the Messrs. Harper. of New York, you had brought with yoa a well selected library for the use of the crew, which (bat brm had offered to dispose of at in unusual ly low rate of ?'ost. providing the men were willing to pay for them t,v voluntary subscription, and I would permit tbein to be re . erf ed In the shl|>? otherwise. that you were requested u> return tbem to New York, reeling n.> disposition whatever to o po-e an Arrangement calculated, a* ] conceived, to en large '.be *ph> re ol ratkiual .un'isciiient and improvement for the step's con.panyi I referred you to the executive ofllcer, with j,r""i>t>DH losav to himl had on objection to tlic reception of the boots ipon the proposed conditions. and ib"y were takeu on i oard, aiHt I bolie\<s gen. rally used by he reading poitlcji oi tbe i ew during the long cruise that followed. 1 mw nothing in the transaction on your part, at the timo, noc do I now, that could in any wise attach censure to your con duct, or a.isc me Hi ques'inn the integrity of your motive* In the premies, and I fcave no doubt the recreation derived from tbe perusal of *a;d books contrib uted in uo small degree to the contentment and satisfaction of ihe -re?', so remarkably prevalent in tbe Portsmouth throughout '.he wlioic cruise. 'b .t to t he'd a trime for an officer of the navy to contribute to the in'eilectual adv&nr:?nvr.l and innocmt recreation oi a o^nof wir's cr? w ? I know there aro r.fllcer i %bo th.nk they are only fit for tbe ? iasb" and iho ' b:t 1 am rot of that c -mbcr. Oor wbolo dhip't on.puoy bcccliued by >bat l:I?rury tho whole cr.tiie of ibr-t m ?! a t.i'J f they did not desert their i:*g iu peace pr ,i w;?r, ad s now t!ie Ate at Btlon, *here l?'y mea ha^o <l?serte?l in two woekg ;rom tne of the Navy Beard? if the Ik?ton japers ere ccrrct. N't w, t? ?o te: -np ?rt.clc? to mei-suiaVea. let one of them ?pes/ ? ac boncrabie acd ^.?.lant a tailor as ever trotl a deck ? WnsRitir.TOM, ArrilSi), lSSti. Pin ? lnr*i y to <i?ir note of tin* mtiridrg. I h iv to state that some time during cruise in the 1'ortsmoutli y.m did let me h .re a 4 innUiy of ?egai's, but bow many or at wbat priee Id) cot recolle i; b it am art that 1 considered It %u aeeomtnoilatioi) at the tune. I do not consider the transaction at all incompatible wilh 'he character of an t lb er or gentle tn;.r. I have bad simUar traww -twns with oth.-r ofll ers, aud dkl rnvncif le; an ofli-er bave a sword .md b?-lt. he being fined as 1 was. wben the aru le? ooukl not b<- had. I h id no kbow ledge j{ your selling ?eg..r* to any other person 'uan myself, I believe vou let me t. \ e all you bad V'-ry re*j>ectrully, jour ihei inn' ?er\iu t. R. WHRK'T. I.ka'! L'. S. Navy. To W. A B ? HTLiPit, W??birgton P. It .s ? >0 j >ie iha: on tbe apnl ivitlon, in lt>64, of Fleet furgeu 1 J'r Chase, new ?i.rg*o? in-Cbief or tbe Naval lioip u. at Brooklyn, ! M hiin iiafea yard* .if linen sbicfc T had provided 10 tr ma?le into shefj or pant', snt b" band'd tne the value of t, tbe satr.o 1 had paid in N"w \ < fk ac 1 where It- r .?> t ame of ,-onimoti oemo and prof.netv, .i the mcri?l obli^ lity of eucb a transaction ' A etrsnfcr u tie sh p, u -tlzen. who weut ?o the P? r.fic, ritciul agent ol the government, ' app'.iedtome ;n 1SI5 tc area i\sw (blrtc to etc out Lis stock till wo fbouid arrive a: " sjpr.ra so. My ervant supplied bim w'th new on"t\ acd at Va'jara^so he asa*l' to pay Tor ?.ben; rather ttiut returc them. 1 per mi lied b.m to do it, and now at* where t the moral de'.n./icocy ol t jcb a trapshctioc t ; ? ti. ?eaUy Vf. bare . ?.e?Wf btiore any court ul bonor, ft'!, m Mtary cr fc l't ul ? But I tt. ft l>?j bnei. 7n, >n' . _ ~uere .t net ft part.le of IcKft' prouf that t WB1 r -?,id kill U>?-0 b?"'k Jga:i' I ?U tot VOld, but w*? tr**- nted tc lae ndy, kL>o . r.u? n h<-r >rr?ve, a* w?U a? be.* i ttttn e.?r (Lj? wo>:JJ be aoa aumioa i ly 6 ? <*'t\ r' !t * ae kt "lon.erj, u 18-ttl, i.!?e > onri prer> to the ? Us*: of .'U > avy IVmlTiI, wbeu obe S. kfiieroon pre crated i: g? l . " ul ir. oral Uel onueij y? be hliuaelf. ?"otf.-rr : Ik-.:, tbo if M it no c.i^r u< pur -bxae a 'o i <irk t?t )? :t ?f ite ' ob> . : it.< l. fr.jrau, -4i'l a*!l K j ? M- ntgirrory. rf l)<e / t fUmoulC arb fcas it L? . O WBebiB?tOU !>" to r i!r i a ? ?ii*w:? *uu < tr ? . i'* <ooi ot I'lti <m? Um t ?too, a ao tad htr .ly*: if i ci "rrm CblBft At ' n ? *ui. 1 1>. vail. ??,<? vo ir.e. ftt tbe fine a.o a '. .. j-"r- ?U.i . wbi. li l.a n into :J.? l .rhi.r f : Va uI?n u tbc ' o&at.ti.Uoa, bn -tght U a lb bia i6io :b? *-ort?b.f oth, and ?o!d 't to ice It Ul new n ? y ho. ??. m rv co<! areii'je. '?>? fork. So you ??rtkty b? J L' ' xf'fa. tit.tb<4U'b:y, lo t .uHstc.-in^, " ttber. thy * >h :ob -y or 9?il at.y in le. but it a etiire i. we n U .<\r ij.b on) f ' pa/fd with ao *rU'- <? iw Urilwr't a .g?Bv'laUD er graLtwatioB. The fact it, rjr?ff XValacjgb wor.H eeaer bare tougbt to da ?:ovrr t.f-air.r ci that .'rue rhawl (!n rf*lhy otih a a<r< far cr maofc ia) f h..U n t ri : aaed lo h rn bi ? ? it. bt.*jre t.? j mil. i.???d it*. i.i!y oc my d.v . U.., ety waiJ'oi ? w:u? a p^necger ?ho a ?an*h'.ri ; uow c?n.e u> . U|t of p .rcbaaiug ?? gcoda ' ia Vil paia 'O at.d v -. 0( tbesn itocR.n r .r. .r? w.t^?>^.t pay "f d ,ty ^'bil? at Valj?ra ??>, 1 pu-.-bwd ft?*n tl.i I'ntttd Sitea Ka?al AgtB r.y I7M J6 worth of ?am j '? (itam-t a. and e?;?claJty ?v. :-d for tu-roj if if rt- eq i?' U> rnlT coo n.t j*r mat. Hy oh"? t ui iu uf ao ?a> m hate tL* iceana ? U. n ray r?ir>;r?| uf ? ipplyrf tie .-r*m ? ;b :loibmf ?u uh.e to iba.r wor?, at a low f.r e We bad 'ecru' >i tbat c'oU-iog tad, w '.b efMylh'tj. !?<? r??-beu fahaio ? (.r vr* a: > rar Tbc m?. e w?rr?bs: IVJto ?1? ,<*r, *hi!a the wagi * i : Uio t?ur; wen ?:it) !o I .< u Tb goo ?* aera ?hip/> d ( U io?T.; ibe J' hn ' Owtar, ao I nut on board it? "Tia fr?.ght bill anil t! :oiplar" it * .n my pf?re*? i n <%Lt' a < py ifccno! a'li b? fom4 o tha Api'ndii 'V Wbia tt? y arr.t*% at Kar Fran .<?? tbry w era reguhr 2jr paired tbiaogb tbe - nuu> Uuu.-?, ai wU appear ty !b? fo'icmiof ai' dar.'.a ? The .B.>r?i*ne<l W B '.itham, of il>? ?!?? n T r k, Mlur d?Jy ?w?,rn. nepciMth *rA ? r tlutt h? ?a^> r.i?TTib?r il firm oi b'?|kUL R'jn'iMa. W .nl?? A <'o.. ?.i a* n Fraac ?' o and rMfcal ibera fmaa Ji ig iat, J<*#, MtU (IciOMt, I'M Ibal *4tal Ml r?'-?'?*t from ehip .li*o <i. 1 i'?*ur ?n ib?'^e? of <-'0' ahipi'Wl (rotn < atraraim v bt it tw ?ol'l f ^r ar -O'lUi <>j W .* llar'laU, .n<l proo??.la pail ...m <t?|xireitl ha? ooi n .w i ?i.,r? hltn Hi- boob* of aai'l I rm wbli-h ar? in *an ?ran (?eo. ??? an b? produ-el or relTrrd w> aiitt n <lity day?, .f r*?i i'r?d I >r vertActttun ?^f 4c, oo?it< e?a'?m?r i th < ''rp<.n#et r< m?n>' *r< U?> fcrt ofr* -?l. If.f an I Bu<> II a ?*!?? ?' iorwU |w'of> p.* fi'ioit**?. (bat aael Mci* wrr regular. y and rl<*ar?0 ai>''iatnai 11on?- n <an Vnui cjco. *? ?kp?.n*?' f ruiljr b?l.e?<?? and wtr?- r^'mv^l fpMu aa?t "bip Jibe 'J. *'?i ?r ty Oaa*aai How ?"-nnM. ?? r-utur | *dby JtMM W. HI.Voh 0*. I'?niri*imi. April T. ilfrl Tbe .r<i?r# n??d' i 1'niu.i aiai?? < i>iWi.>r m cui I fhr ih? pf r- .ad Itetr t ol fan Fr?n1? Tcrrrtur* of t'al. for iw. aixl ?o ?. <ina In tb? f?rt I' l**? ?nd <n ih? n... ,?h of <) 1M?. ?k??> oy Oa' J. I'olHfr. k> u hn lagal iM ?(*. k?r??>j aUM*a. for Oi? l>*nrtil nf W A Ma Mi. F.??| . laic af 1h? aary and lor *?y m ih<* ?H ir a j d??ir? n> ir >k? > ' ihia paper tbat It ?a? tk- p<Nru. e of ih* . >ainm Hi a: *an Fran ''-vi ai 'h" p-'fl -t ri'triHrn. au. l<M9. i ? d?n\and of it.- m?l^r of rr?ry n?r'>>anl * a*l ?nl?Tlr>g ih?i port oi Ran Frat^ia-yi a f'j.l and ???npl?te ??rn o 1*f??' of il- -m r? eargo. wb "l.#r Uben on Sotvrtl ? Ui? I ceo m?B*?n??B- of fka '* at aai t??rt oa ibe r<>>i'?. Mid i ik?t li.m?1iai? ly tb? *?aee| ??i?rad ik? pof 'and ar-u *(?#<? | ?a m! manlfea' waa *t llw C Hone- ,< and 'jal.vo h^r ka>r|i*? ?nkl b? oo?a^ 1 and i?jr arii- Wi n???l b? lar. lrd a (?-?TB -?k?n?r- and ??tn?i*< ,or ? waap'ar*d<<n bwd. and'h* li?Mi?a ?er? to> k?d or f*ur?4 b? I' laiom floaae iwaia, and ikal ?b?r. i*.? halrkK wt? or?n"I ibay ??r? aeaf < i-d us d?r tk' r|>a'??- of ??M rwi.n la?p?c.?r. an<l tbat no uii- lo or p?rk?*? ike rf Oiwld ba landed t'r. m thr ahlp nnill a rer-ilar 'parirn waa hand. I to tlt? (naporinf, <-,gn?i! kv 'bo < oll?- -u r or one af ida d?-pu:lea. or the pensr. clerk. o>t<T r ? I ft.i rr? art ( iard? of 'b rf rf *:.d the in'^mitB-! f'irthir aaya. ?ba? *i h MrniP, wklch waa 'he "?'y legalBi onf ih? lnap?rw.r thai ke ha ! autborlijr Ut land p i kar<a, would on ) aree>-lpt af II ^nd ?? - ,u <r.i driw.-ry <>f tfo pa ?af*< onem?rai?d npon It, rer?rt to llie i'uKiii lloitae. aa lfc" 'oap?.-<or'? ?.<n fc^-r of d?ttr?ry an>l won'd th#r? reaiBla a ,'k aB'i aNara 'be faia ai 'be ar htaea ?f ?X. H?> .?e t n?l t? .nd?ra *ra.l f .nhor aaya. iha; wh<l? k" eanaa* f 'all. ' tr p?>r> ?!!?<? doti. ibe Hr<,-?m--tan,:?? o, th" m p"iia loo '?f -'rtlhlar wM-h Wr Bar'ie'i ado. ia kelmpurr I !*to Pan pr?n-i?.o, frun V?)|>aralw> In iM?. n ih- al ip 'J. '>>atar. tln? in.*rr?.ai?ed doe? n?.t do ilrt thai on th? re elpt of a* a.1**, attnu. wb"th>r >?rbal or in willing, to p-rinit ina art' ?? re>rr^d 'i lo ba .?od^d, i?ie<*'r'h?t ware to ho ?n'.rodf. r liny ?r fra? or w bather ihr q i<+>, n uf d? ? i ? r"l l-e |'. ? a!?d. that eHh?r th? ' jined h.a p'i;r. din rl*?. ettke- (otlr HartMtdraWTi<-.> borl/^t ..r hi*, all 1 1 frn ? i?. ont?-rth" rloihtt.f . .. ? .-? * .-h aa?n' ? taul art late f n po?" ??If.r at ihem, altar iom th? ma?i -Wtf tt?a ahtp or Jte in-p?>-t?r of e An-l the und- raixn' ! ba? ro re.ia- n ' ?tpp"?^ that Mr Ilartiatt, ih? m??irr.iTih? J. hi It. ' o*ta r, Vf th? lBeroe:.->r of e i?o??. oe?|tb?-r<.| thatr, *4 io er id' Wie law* of 'ka < uaionia, in * matter of ?n h tut irr in f. <r'?n ??. or in any o"h?rea?a .ml whl' k In th.a ?w. tr ial haa? Irvolved tk? ahtp and r irgo, lo wbleb It la not ?npp W that Mr Rar'lefi had ane Iniaroal. I bo uii?>r?tffn??d 1 -*a iwrt ??'? lo thla >ran?ar'lon alln.M In anythinc to inipllea .? Mr ItanVtt or u> ana h to him a "harto ? I >m .Mhnc. It t* ' eie?t that h^ ftppiifd to iha prop?r B'l If Ity .> h?' -k' .fi-lea :?n<1 d and plBi-cd iit>d<-rkl* n ?n.l *nd'l i?*'l'Hi f l-iil"* or no d'iiJ?? waa, nnd?r the ui??- n ?? nf IV r ia' n.a in Qklm rn a, a r, ia? tho un d?r?a '?d eo-.U fati/ d*-et4# f'-r hiin^eltiwd thap.ibllo p*r ? . M.d tl. i the a, <ler?laii?d W 1" t' tb matter it auck i i.rn-r i* th<- nr .atatari' et ca.ku for Ifc- re > ?B be r,o doiiti' , , . Aad ib'"i?''-raitin?d futih?r ?aja, tbat at u i period durln? *b? ti?e M? a'tn nl? ritl' i. .fti.e ?a ataan Fr.m t? o a. ?m ?i..t*e errr la. I, or ait. in, W. hoUid. ?.?fore lii-n, -ifiBy *'??? . i"ieiitlon or art 01 nr utg.lnii on J.e pari i l.ieitt, H*nl?t' th?n r itnmaad n* ilie t nlt^d 4lai*? arb".n?r twine, or aub?' i?tv y to hit tele* relieved o; tj,a ,.m Zt nd'he in<iar?i?n.'d d"-'??re? that T > it Rarti' it ?r,.oj "d a li'gh rr. ntiitioc niMnFrar. i*<-.i for honor, probi.y *f. ? .?I , D t.i h.a li 1 * n ? ma otleia' ai.d |,rl?at? r?-l* ion ., and a at inf I .a a*' fiain'aa and th?f wera - v naiaa inttia* i; 1.1 o Ikw *.li..?i ? -d bii-t i Ut' .-o- uwl r ? \ ill;. ,1 i.T.'iM .'d know. ?' OK wh >1 ah< dliarr-', l.\ ^ut -. ; ' ?'i Be a ri I'll- "Cli :*r BmI g*i. .'Ionian. B. II. HARRlSriK. c , f r,ft -vr rf r ? If r.g -? ? -o ? by |fc? - ? ?? " 'It " 1 ' ' . ' ' nrfd *r 1 arltod eitu ; ait Mo/rth r *? u *t r , ag ">rT a ci d iii"tt bo |>erii)rn)' i, j 'ore ??ato|, *o,f tha r wlap waa aho -t to pro^ead -o a a >.rat i rra'a, IH raJrn, l?np *? mf "? ?' ' ? '* ?' to te K.1. The two bruaalkM of this charge? Brat, thai ) used t JCwing for trading purposes; aud, second, that the | w to conveyed were smuggled, or improperly paie through t ho Custom House, are thus shown to have warrant la the evidence tn the caae, and no looa<UUon (hot. I was both the Commander and Tuner of the Kwln and there waa not a solitary article of United States h? men's clothing to bo had at Valparaiso; nor had I ai authority to purchase any article of clothing for accou ol the I'uited Mat as, and yet On special service I waa cot polled to provide lor my crew, and to make Wie pare ha on wj individual responsibility of payment or lorn, of taking the risk of compelling that crew to pay $60 I a pair of boot#? (thu was in 1840)? or 9100 for a pe coat on reaching California. Therefore 1 pure has < at Valparaiso, and obligated myself personally to t! Navy agent to pay for them, (one suit per man,) after should reach San Kraaclaco, where I could get the meai of payment, and having no room In so small a vessel f< these articles, shipped them in a merchant vuosel. C their arrival in San Francisco, I represented the cause . the importation to the United States Military Acting Colle tor, Mr. Harrison, and he at once passed them, witho assessing duty, as necessary to the expedition. Had 1 desired the duty, or a*se*aod it, it would have been pai oi course, and cheerfully. So mnch ot this clothing as was necessary (about on third) for the immediate use ot' the crew wan issued them; the balance put in .store at my risk and coet ?torage. But when it was found necessary for McArthi to proceed to the Sandwich Islands, (be had taken oon maud,) he advised me to sell them, lor fear of loss. In that tbort space of time, (so last did thin) change,) such was the excessive importation of cob won clothing, it barely paid the cost ai*l charges, tare thus presented you with a mere outline c brief synopsis of some of the testimony whi'-.h disprove these allegations, and which after four months of invest fation by the Naval Committee ol the 8? nate, has pr< t uced a report without a finding ? they having failed I I nd me guilty of a single charge. No verdict baa bee i iven against me anywhere except in the secret chamb? if the Naval Board; and I except yon will now agrt with me, that such cha'ges could not have availed any thing, any where except in such a tr'.b'inal, where justic was not only blind, but deaf, to every principle whio bos beretoiore guided those v.-ho have been entruste Willi power over ho;ioratd reputation. 1 shall now bring my whole cute boforo the peop'o, I A full and coxpleie edition, so that all who will may res and judge for themselves ; and h?.ve no fear of the ver diet which ti>e country, and ouch and all oi my fellow cit gem, shall nnder, who." tenant 1 have bee a, and am. WASHINGTON A BiRTI.ETT, lTOiieooad, New York. financial and commercial MONJ1.Y MUIKET. Fbiday, Aug. 13 ? 6 P. V. Tbe stock market continues active, bnt prices ar very feverish. A fractional advance brings ou large quant ties of *tot k*. At the fir?t board Eri fell off ^ per cent; Rending, i; Cleveland and Tole do. j. Illinois) Central bonds advanced 2 per cent New York Central Kail road, }; Panama, 4; Chicagi and Rock Island, g.? Tw sales of Eric sail up near 1 y six thousand shares. There were large sales 0 Reading, Cleveland an ! Toledo, and Ncsr York Cen tral, and they all closed at prices below those cur rent at the opening. The sellers take advantage 0 any little improvement to put ont new contracts and those who are obliged tj sell cash ?'ock fort if; themselves with a purchase on time, buyer's option The sixty day contracts nude now will mature a! an unfavorable period. Tbe middle of October u likely to be a very tight time in the money market and we expect to see about then great slaughtering going on at the Stock Exchange. At the second board to-day the markat was lower. Erie closed at 591; New York Central. fiC; Reading, 86; CkvUnc and Toledo, 73. Illinois Central bonds were lower The orders for this security by the laat steamei were limited. Illinois Central Rnilroad stock was in demand, and 110 per cent was offered. The privileges are held at 113 a 114 per cent. The money market in gradually getting stringent There was an active demand to-day, and the rates are steadily advancing. Within the past few daya a gicat deal of business paper has appealed in the street, und sold at higher rates A bank contraction in the face o'? these things, will make serious work among borrowers. That one will come, is a.? certain as tbe rising of the sun. if stocks are with difficulty sustained at present prices, with a niniiey market comparatively easy, with an mormon ' auk expansion, and a good specie basis, what can we expect when the reverse is tbe case ? when the banks -educe their discoacts and lose se eral millions of specie? Those who are making < ont; sets to take stocks thirty and sixty diyn tve, might to be able to answer this queiti'in. *Ve should judge from the extent of their transact ions ou tirat that tbey bsd'htrdly gives it a thought. The .Assistant Treasurer report* to-day as fal lows .? raid 00 Trts?ny scroor.t flifTmCJ fecelvtd " ?? 00 Bamce '? 9,?*3,.15<J Paid for A?ss j offl e ?S l aid in duiburning -hock* M, 1 07 The payment* to-day i 'eluded ??}<), CvO for CVItf ?r nia <1 raits. The warrants enterc?l at the Depart mer.t, Waahiagt' u, on the l'Jtfa auu Hcb inst. were as follows Kor tbe n Jm.Hion of stocks $1,920 40 For tbe t?trtu|*ion of the Texas dcbi lb,.iS') is For the Trra. -tiry Is-partmrnt 2S.7IO *4 >or lie It tetlor rtai< e? 1M o.S ST Kor fusion. 1, a ? > War warrants rur.ttii sad UMMIO h; War fpay warrant- received sud et:ter? t JOl 15 lat?rtor repsy warrant* reerived and ea'sred. 1,410 to Vrow sal? rcllaneoi> sources i&,3?4 ?l < >a account t f ttie navy l.;W .%i4 -.*(k 11. rut on ac-oiibt cf Ihr navy 1,614 ?<* The Rtuyvesant Iiisitrai<?o Company hire declar ed a semi-annual dividend of live per sent, and tbe Msgara Insurance Company a semi dividend of ten per cent The earnings of tbe La Crosee and Milwaukie Rnilioed Company for the flixt week in August, amounted to 10, AH t?3. The Indianapolis and Cincinnati Rai ro*d Com pany earned in July #40,424, against t24.12.lfor tbe tame month last year. The Boston Jtmmal of tbe 14th inst., says- ? There was a better demand for F,t<.V?v.rg Ra.lro.i l. ? liM-h advaoce-j In 04 bid, tad ao at fc was ofl*.ri"t ?t4rr M '4 Nwtkfrt mpro?ed ?, i .v-af at 41 bid, 4. k ssktd laai' tn 40 a toy. Boston aad Worcester dull at M a? kid. Orar.l Juort 'O Raitnad W bid, .7 a k?d Old , aM)f. Port land, flaro ao4 Porton, mtb Miliw V <Uu aa t'oatral ?as ^percent lower, closing at tf? bi-1 ^ eiern do rimed and wax dull at So. < filrc-.fckr* Railroad % bid, al which rate several h'.fcdred *b*i -s w <te sold yea torday af ur the aon tirnincnl <A Um boar 'I Tbe market for topper that w Is un??t''?vl. and prleee sre lower. Minnesota sold at 8T>, a deertns oi inarcoat tu rn rates jntf rJsj . Isle K.n was * sh*d? btgber. but no. very flrai at 'itxivstisns 1.' ottered sad 13 asked si tbe vlna*. Nation*, ib a 30. North Aowioaa bid I I 'i?riof, o, and Morkland. tl Md. I'aak s'otk* art In swart j" dcu.^n 1 at 'raprotsd I'l'-ts lloas. !l?ward advanced :lo i | *? ??' , bi 1; a ft* abates are !>?)d for sas at par. Black <?( Huston. 60 a ui. Rac'e, foo, K ioi, I9tu, Ksohaox*. II: North. 1M; North A.wl<s, I0?, sad Trsd?es , UmfMd. Cufiolk sold at 131, a fain of 1 ^r ->sBt o.-e.- lasiaabw. Wa\crW-k ta Bfinl at sn I aoSM >*%red ftir '?l?' .esstbsut;* Uark. t, SI a ?*>. M*.<d 90 M. Wish iDstrn snd WeVier, 164 bid. Hsi!ro?d bonds are Tsriabl U'l -ri, ir as :*proea. Kutlat J 1([ T's ha vi ilrciiusd U> 40 asked. 31 ?, t. I (kl report of trustwc ot tkia road will be jm1h n^ta lbs I ?t of We|>t<tnber. trws ? ratr t? of tho rosd tbo ysar eiHitag June 1. were Mol.oke. of vMok ?Mtf.000 had been absorbed in t uds ug sxpeuscs, r>'*d mwirs. rail re aewsls. car* and Inisa^iVMi. redu tnf tuo aotcsl os. farn-rr* to t .M iK<> I T'ra e*j reo fcsro booa nearly double that asaaast. Vstrkwi (Hr I ista^wt i age Vs s ree in dsirnnd st 24 \ , an 1 r.oas wtro f-ir ssls >rs lb as 2;. Tue 3d's were alio a r.s)<i<>st at v?, sn I t one for <?'? the -oooaMaHua comss'tio^ ' sr? stl'l <i work, snd It Is to be b<t 'd that by nud by tbe'.r la'j<m will rfS<>lt la s grand ooi.ta "f sll ron1!. '.ng .. Crests. The importance a railroad mri'e r'a'h'ng the great West that will glw to our merchant << an nnin trrrn|,tri! means r>f transit f<?r I < f e?rir fprtaf 1 1 .sitiess. renders the pr? joct of the AHen'^wn R,iil toao a topic of nu'h into res' with mir jibhere at tl.ts time. We have heretofore ?i. ,u n <h> of mad, al<nt 3* miles In leitrtb. mnning frjji ,M :fitow!i t.' Auinrr,. Pennsylvania, w'J", together with roads mw In operation, eonneet :b^ New Jer sey Central with tbe Pennsylvania Centra' mid, and thoiehy with load" running from Plttnburg to Cin. einnatl, thns forming almost sn airline r^iad fr?m New York to Cincinnati, and conoeqoentfy malting the distance between th? two citiea hy this ronte 171 miles shorter than by the ronte over the New York Central, and giving to this city a line o; nrnls that will not be obstruct by snow, as is often the ease with our Northern roites. Every one will readily admit thst thrae are important fea ture* in favor of this run?e. There is yet another, which, it would appear, hta es-aped the attention of the directors of the Allen'own e^. ter prise, as we see no rrfrrstires to i4 In tbefr ciren ar. Wc refer to th| vf this iae o( roads jj