Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1856 Page 6
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iUfWTBMZ m Jlllflll. ETEKY DAT, ~ TutIation wanted. a LAmTlXPEBIENCED IN TEACHING, 18 DKSI J\ rwi* of forming no engagement a* goTsrnnea, to SO mm m or West. Mif is fully competent to impart a sound Kng nh.i tliuo, together with Ere u< h ?nd uu>io Can (jive aa i? sctory reference Address!' PC, Herald office. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISH KM A SITUA tlou. *4 cook washer :ind lroner Can give good city re intact Apply at S& ! at., between Hoyt and smith ?m., Brook lyu. S55???? er's fa m ,? ,on ???a.V?? uoim, oru h ""?"???* fluently, da * FIRST RATE DRESSMAKER WANTS A SITUATION A ?? acxne first olaaw family; tin 1-ratands cutting rhlldreo's cwSlng. and ia a very neat seamstress on family sewing. Ap ply at l2S Went 12th at., between 6th and uth avenue*. AOKXJiJtN LAD* WISHES A SITUATION, AS COM pam >o to a ladv has no objection u> travel; can ap,-ak ? lerman and Kuglish, and cau lake ear-- of childieu. Apply at itO B-oadway tn t!w book slure. Bent cHy reference. AN AMERICAN ORGANIST DESIRES A SITUATION ? in h Protectant church He ta a performer and director ui acanow lodged nullity Salary not *o much an object -is connect <>n wita an luOueutial society. Addrciw Organist, jo* 3 Ml Post office AM'DDLE AiiF.D GENTLEMAN WHO H VS A EUN damenial k wlcdge ,u ererjr branrUof a,fr. culture, and v> tto hai lor several year- u^aisu'd ui the man?g"m<'nt of an un usually extensive aslsls in Kurope. u> desirous for a situation mtite (opacity of administrator. Address J . D.'B. Union square I'os' ollite. <tl Broadway, N Y. ?-? * i/ mi'lo 1 m kn t wanted, -an educated YoyiW A m*a d?s!-es , mp'..,Tmeui ill iMit proWaoTe business; would prefer 'ravelling Man no cap. tal, but can give good raiecences. and hoods for the faithful discharge of oontrarts. Address. tor tea days, with full particulars, U. 1*. C., box 13d, Po?: office. Totiaada. Venn. OTTUATTON WANTED? BT A BUSINESS M\N, WHO kj tu? had twenty yeara' experience in the grain trade; lie woi..d <ut lartake to manage a feed store, or take charge of a wareiiotse. ha* been accustomed to buying md selling all kiuda of grair , agricultural seeds ami farming produce of all kinds, ia ready to '-titer into an engagement in town or coun trr. Addiess W box 134 Herald office. TO DRUGGISTS. ?THE ADVERTI8ER IS IN WANT OF ? a .at on, as retail or dispensing assistant. salary mode i'Sie, test mctuab satisfactory. Address B. R., Herald office. r( \P MEN AND EXPRESSMEN.-THE ADVEBTI ser. wtui Is shout thirty yean of age, having bad some tive year* expei tcuca in driving, in the b jsuiess part of the cdy. viMiie* fedt '^ion to drive a cart or express wagon. I'an give aai sfiCtoWr re'Vreuco. Please addre.-M Driver, Herald <. See THE ADVERTISER, WHO WRITES A GOOD, PLAIN, rip 1 hand, is a good acconntanl and too-i phonographic writer i.) desirous oi hndtng some employment. Sat, a: ictocy telerence Addresa B. C., box 161 Herald office. Ur ANTED ? B\ A MIDDLE AtiKD AME.RIC.VN WO Tf iiiso a sti'iation, a? bou*ek?ep?r; wi*hes to go to the coun'ry i! possible Inquire for Mrs. GUling, at 90 Norfolk at . a.?. ro< m No. S. WANTED? A SITUATION. TO DO GENERAL HOUSE Wprk; advertiser has good OMj anrt U willing ic go in t u> country, fan be seen at 145 4th a*. WET CURSE A KKM-KOTABLE, HEALTHY TQUNO ? otnac. with a tresh breast of milk, a week old, <*ishi-? a t>a?>y to nurse at her own home, her baby being deau beat ret erf aces m> dies) ,u>d otherwise, can be given Apply toM. n 1J6 26th a., between 7th aud nth avenues. "CTTAMTRD? A sni'ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vT Auiecrsn woman, to cook, wash and iron, or do gene i a* hot, work ia a small private family. A;>ply at 222 Tin :tv., secoik 9'or. fron. room. IjL'Aft TED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VT young mini a Protestant, in a grocery or hart ware store; tan wr.te ? good hand and keep accounts; is willing to tor ward hi.i smuloyer. Apply to orsddre-s. for ail days, M. J . Moore. 66 Cltfl street IIT ANTED ? A SITUATION, AS PORTER, IN A WHOLE VT aaie store or as salesman in a lumber yard; bus thorough kaow'edge of the b'uur.ess. can giYe ::rst class re fcieuces Address Porter, Herald office. ? WANTED- \ SITUATION, BY A SOBER, STEADY and industrious man. as light porter in a store. The advertise.- will make himself generally useitA to his employer. Has the beat of city reference from bis last employer Any > ?mni kti'ia ali-cssed W. K G? 361 Broadway, or to the Herald othce, will meet nub immediate auentiou IIT ANTED ? BY A YOUNO MAN. WHOSE HOME AND V? iKia-ness ate In New York, and w ho will sail for lemdon, Rrgland o? or ahor.t Haptember I, returning the end of No ..?m'jer i>?iog we. 1 acquainted in London, he would transact aii. b<i.%neas. or introduce ai.y article oi m>-rtl for sale, repre <erit?l 111 mode or. sample likewise, being, prnriically conver sant wfto tne furu.ture and upholstery 'rade. both bora and in i ?ado'i. he wot ldext-cute any orders with ta-itec.A-1 judgmeut lot f'u-ther particulars addn^ss A. B., Broadway Poatwice. Wanted? ?t a tofno man, a furnished ? ooaa, with board In a pi Ivate family, where there are but few ?f any. iKvarders. Address I. I?. S, box 2.172 Post o?ce dowd'og hcusa keepers oeed not apply. WANTE1?? A SITUATION, BY A YOVNO MAN, AS coach ma. i or gr xrm. ? ui do a little a: gar tuning Ke terencr g vest P'.eaae call at 327 Sta avenue in the boot .uid alloc S'O-e THE TRADES. Af. KSKBIEBCEI) CCTTER W V.NTKD ? THOBOUOB iy roeapfktnl to'jiWi- rh.irifi' efkttatom ?:td ready mtde wt ri a. to ojc %e luainteU wiui g-tlttig up ji.ith*', boy? and ca^dr.o't rMXb;?i{. To gentlemen of a?>ltty dViriM utila i,mu uT eRt-red Apply immediately to Raraum A Tonrnaend, 91A Broadway * BOY, ABOl'T 16 YEARS OF AUK OK STEADY A. habita, it deairoua 01 learuina turn- ttawUW m trade rvwc rail or a lJraee a note :o Heurjr, So 11 'iA At. near mmtty ?-1 o(.? pkbr -wanted. two obinder*. a IT man tor tt'ur.g up paaa. 'iood p*y anl steady work B _M logo tui liauJa. "OH v rOl.KT, (Old pen manufacturer, Broadway. C"?ARI>t- N?K.-A MIDDI.K AOKD MBOLK VAN WANT* T aa.-.a.^> .,aJ. r.ianda l.ia bu?lueea Ml ail Ha braaefcea. haa fire yea.* experience to this country. Wood reference Addreaa ? C.. t>0? ZM Berald "fllce. rnr*RS-A 8TRADY MAN. WHO THOBoOOHLT roderWanla job dyeing. >-iii tad ateady ?enp. >?taan\ by ?ppiy>ag to J. K-iua * rreanh dyeing eaMbitahraes'., 1W Ka ' Tweatr aiT.b atree. Sew Tort. rHKRCUABT TAIL0RB ? THB APTERTIjUCB DB a ei'uai.oo a* . uller. either Mouth or Wool r?n K re Ike beet ?* Broadway rlftf'*" for c>?pefeii.-T in ettber .be e?alom or ?t%ou:aeiumg dcpertinenia. Addr. <a t' utter, bet l .Mt Hrrald oOLre. fflO TAELOHfc ?WANTED IBBEDI ATBI.T. COAT. J. nu.M no aa'tw ,nd ruber milium quality gartaeu a, W i eae? *<eet. up anura. rXiXVT a:>o XEBtTI ABM ? W ANTED. HY AB ex pariaaredruttcr a utuaiioa la a wk?le?a> oliiiWg So>i? Tfce aaoa' aaWarforr ruy reference grr?n ai to "tiiabOtj and ?jiefri., A41'<? B W. R., HTiUolcr. rpo M AM I' Ai TIBER* OK OOVRBUBTI BY MAOHTN K H I ? An ??!>? Ti' nc. d mnrhii.lal I* tke ? .>nair>i< Una r > l.?ry kniti.ig mar hinee de?ir>a ut obbila emplorin.m, la a meeBioo. tlkop li lite above branch. If# can nuder'ake <k> cgmtruciiOn ?f toe machlnee, 1/ reuul/?Nl. Addreaa Ktil'tlnii Rarhuiee. Herald ( Set rRTFRAOTrrKBI. -WANTED, IN NAHHVII.hR ?Tna . a Aral rlaaa aferaolyp* tnlahar. capable at laanig eaUie charge <?' the atereotype da perianal, alao a II rat rale niei. ? %?' !< .'- .man, wagea Senate per hour, with prln 'ege <d * ork4>g 13 'jo ur *la>i a Uiorotigiily rompe"-nt mould er. ?*?'? >1 1 per week rw,?un' and pcriiuiaent cmplornxrai gtaran ??< goi?l iiaa<t? hi?I not e <i*h>-ra nee^ upplr, Addre* ^na?.i ?'e y, A V MHi bot iW Poat -Jlie#, N*<hTille. Tena. r^HTTNMKx WOmrnilifD RT A I RBRBAL Work ? ?M. a;e?d> a i l etpi rKliced. Ad-liaea U?l lit llerall ? ?.-e Com. ?) ptefcrred r*ACH?M-ri.- WABTXD. KIOIIT OR TKS OtMlH tin ?'le-a. f rU (ate kuda m?.r apply i . WiMey A Bui gera Ht Ann ? W ABTrr>-\ of?on hob?k ?'iiok tcbbbr on??r? w*?e? ma/ be h?1 hr applrtng'n R?. i ??. Wa.idel. n a I aalrri.' > ? la idiaj : te'ea la'aitd. INTKUKRilCK OFKK KB. ? JMIS^T M| hBOADWAT. i ROOKKBrrKRx S 3cirrh?, 1 t>arke?pera. .1 waiicra. I porver? t IW*a>a, i '?? eacnx-B 1 4lir*r*. J raw in n nid? na miai - aad ra. . oktla. aaB ? bora lor trade and for atom* LOIM KALKWaN, Ageat. UH>T AID rOl BD. HkOrsr?-ON TfE-DAY BORRIJIW, A ftMtU. BCX 1 tf' ? of iV ftrj whir> the owner caR hare by applying t ^e ?? ?t-l,4w ?'iee?. oj prortiig pripti'.f and pkytotf lor .hw eleec.i'Mfit TUti* I* l.KAB i!?r.uin?- is r;i* i \r? or the \kw iRRerrBAlt r?. A, ia th* ire V M, train, flroni Pli '?d?iphi*. on the ** nar a a?Kk<a waliv' coniatntng a amall ? im of motiey in l^jr ibecn Wiak i>i!la Tbe oarner '-an ha-? It oa deacrHiing It and paj" ? lot '.n? *d-.*rt - ; mt. '>n appljingat tbe oth< e c4 the few Jerae? Ranroag t'rrnipany In 'er--T 1 lty. rrffo-ow n r.-PAY rvfrixo. AMMV u. at the earner .< Pa - aa I I'lmton ??? ? Jtr >? k ?n a potaie. dog, atoo'ii U awMMha otd ^rd lei - yeilew trte owner e,n have bltn l i- ng h? day by pror tig preper> end pai ne eipenaea. ?? Mr v Vent?r>?a> h i* mea-'fart* "itj ab'v or la th? e -n ng at II Ratrta ? 41 Keen mrrr>. RiimMya LoaT-A ROT' r B A WH r>Y I \? 'jm f, % RtMftonp, at ittae wrm<pa fm 9IIA 41 dated J-i y IS, ias-i payable te fee f?da? al ^ewb<?1l?e A "pair ?nd eti'l ra-d hy ben. All nfriioiia art ci'i''***! tw' 'o nee. .,a>e for tl.e aeme. O W yll M' A RfH' 1 1 IT*> Ur wdway. LMf-RBoy A WAOOW. AUOCRT u. tB I mm Wt Woo Bter atreet tbrnngb ronr-h atre? 'o Thir te?a<h a reel a M'uaeela carpet Anr per?wi rum n> the aame or g ring any iTtorwiatiOti tH the aabl rerpet, te Jar .b Day. ?*> Woeater airee', will bo ??rt?ebly rewarded LofcT-tKTvrnAT, ?tf K tABOfc ?r*R ro< RRT hook enetami-ig nn? draft 00 'he B?it Of t'nrnnw-e for ?MA, an! twr. ch.ry, i. arable ,it aight. front tbe W -ohaal' ?' and Trarterr Hank o' Raw '*r!eena. w h other ?a''iable pk p*rt. of no uae to any oae payment hae b?ep atopned. \ ifeeral reward wiu i>^pa-.i r<?i ike ?kme br raturmn* eattl book and content, b Win tm ?, etenhen? Fir# Bariial a' the Bkyor a oflire Lorr ob THE ir.TH tn-t, rrtwvkB tiir HOVWi Of & aild k ia a K nlea^rboek.'r autte a pnt , e* hn*% C"TI alnuif a*aalJ a> ra (aoner and a note of hand for o?e hin dreg and m dol jirk. Th' im.ler will the bank, of tbe owtM t by leatmg it ai Btoaaher ateeet Llwrrlow frtr rhiiat RVFNti?rr_Tiir*uT77~r-.?i~ IVo? an e?j.reaa eagoo, In goli L iroro the It ,.|aoD It cr Retimed depot tn the At !flrhi l ?? If! te!, i . mar bla k rav-i i i.g bag wttA ' ie nee ? ef l.ttaea W I' ,r. n -* y>.rk ? ngraied on the p.a-e of the lock. \ libei i"wat * wtii be e.rew to any one retttrtilnq the aate o t' Ii RoMtoa t.) < uaibe. a a' reel f '?oT OR Atl.-I.A III- ON TUB UTII INKT \ \ >TI Ij'nWM drawn by Harl'i* ' Beweli ln? rot W i#,<leo lel>t the *<h Of AogoaCI-M. WVv\ei will ? t.ini ?t,.- aame to ,t W Oi l n. No A nkaaaa ttrret X?? V.m a I i?e at.t' ib'i rewarded. pat?ent of He aame being ?? ppe I HBMOVAM. raf wv <e letatird It ft *r* ,TAf. WTBAB A to, BRBrHABT Ttn/>Ag, ? ,.er ro.edw *0 ?3t Br?a-I ? ay lot ie>> 1r IV , ?? . MELT WmBB A RARE ClI ANCE.? WANTED, AGE NTT to sell Brixher Jonathan's champ too furnliur* poliah* None geituuir without ih* inf?uU>r'a tiara a, John L brabyn, oa tfce label Smart meo can make from 96 to fit) par dey. tail % the principal depot 4*4 Bro^lw^ L braBYE 4 CO. A FIBST RATE MILLINER AND TRIMMER WANTED A. ?To go to an ad loiuuif rity. a French woman preferred; t,*,d wa^e* .mil cotuixa: employment. Apply u> O. N. Cutter, 370 Broadway A VACANCY FOB A YOUNG MAN TO STUDY TBK profession of a dentist with use of valuable library, rare specimen*. in*truineula,|Ac Apply tv l>r. KEED, 2UU Third avenue near Nineteenth A FEW MEN WANTKO? TO LEARN ? NSW AND splendid li^bi busluea*. will pay $3 to Ma day in any city or country town, on very little capital. Specimens and particulars to day, at No. 5 CaUiariae St., room No. 9. up stairs. A CHANCE TO SEE THE WuRU) AND MAKE money.? Waaie laiidaiueh, ar.imeu, cook*, stewards, carpenter* and blacksmith*. for .'hurt voyages, at the elllre of tin- 1 ompany, No. IT West street, corncr of Cedar, North river. $75 i* advanced BONNKT TRIMMER? WANTED, IMMEDIATELY, A flrat claaa trimmer To one who uuder.tUnds tie bum ui'om perfectly tiu< hiKhi-st wages will be pfeid. Apply to Ma dame Rosenbsum, 25 1 . DtvUion st Both ladies and gentlemen wan ted-to learn a beautiful art, only a few weeks discovered for ornamenting parlors ait4 saloon* iu pure burnished it old Jt to?7 per day is easily made Call .md satisfy yourself at US Chambers st., room No. 6, third floor. fsSffiSaj ?*? Boy wanted? in k wholesale paper ware house. An intelligent, aciive lad uoi under 14 years of age-, cne whose parents reside in town would be preferred Address Pape> House Heruld office, in own Uandw riling, Saturday and Monday. (CALIFORNIA .?WANTED, aoirl, for general J housework, to go to a 1'niied Suites mili ary station In California. Ball her paasage will be paid, and ? a month for two years. L'nt.l departure will be required to do plain sewing and lake care of atl infant. Apply al '.MS loth St. Drug clerk wanted, inquire at 141 eighth avenue. Drcg clerk wanted ? apply at 02ii spring St., junction of Marion wuli Klin *1 , N. Y Drug clerk wanted? in a retail store, in Jersey C ity one who thoroughly understands the buai uess may obtains permanent Mtuauoi. by addressing boxl . lit! Post oBice, N Y. stating salary expected, andgit ing reference Entry < lerk wanted? one who writes a good hand ana is quick aud correct at figures, may address with reference, box vO Pos: office, staling Salary requted, Ac Governess wanted-in a private family, a very short distance from the city, to inslruet two youug girls, in the usual braai lies ot au English edueauon, including muni' It will be es-eouai also to have a perfect kuowlcdge of .he French an<l German languages. Good references re quired as to capability and moral character. Apply at 'JOS Broadway, up sta irs. Miit.iKKBd waiti t.o- to an sahtH NONE BIT the most competent need svply good rri, and required. Apply at 3$ Stale st , three doors above Net ink ' st . Brooklyn PATENT MEDICINE TRAVELLER WANTED.-ONE from the country preferred. Address, staling name and place of r? sideuce wnb recommendation* ana amount of salary required, box 1 544 New York Post office. None need apply unless they <un cornt well recouitnundei. ?pORTEB.? A JOVRNEaY, .Is., A CO., 41 AND 43 X Warreu n' ,-eei want an asai.-'ant pot ter for aboui two month*, must be thoroughly ar (uainted w ith the carpet busi nesa. None others need apply. Call between the hours of IU and 11 A M SOf T A ND DRESS C VP MA K ERS WANTED- AI.S< ) TWO bead dress iuakei'4 None but tirsi rate hands ueed apply tu S. T. K<.ber's.)n A Co., 44>6 B. ondway, near Broome at. TO MILLINERS? WANTED FOl'R FIRST CLASS MIL liners, to go to a pleasant location a short distance in the conn. ry, to wiiaui the highest prices will be paid: also, two good dressmakers. Inquire at O. Tlbbal* A Co s, 16 Johu st. T? MILLINERS.? FIRST HAND M1LI.INEK AND bininier wauled also several apprentice*. Apply to Mrs. Curtis. 5H3 Broadway. TO Mil LINERS.? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, SIX first raie b mnot makt'is, two trimmers, one cap anil b"*! dr.'s* maCer. The ... . te ? ??!* hivi n, and none but lirst rate need apply, at 537 Broadway Also slxappieo tl((l Wasted. Tea'tibr wanted? in october next, a pro testanila iy. 1 lerman or Freie h preferred, to Instruct in Kreu'h U< rinaa danctng. drawing and embroidery, in a family schM'.. not to e?( e -d auteen scholar* must speak Frt n b fluently. Comforts of a home provided. Apply, staling h- ma an i reiereDc*. to Jutnile! L. F ullcr, Rose ItiU, Seneea county New York. fa goi.vo er preOire.t , none ne^i aDDW^!C!l5 rrtw*' ? ^'r dress ^mmendai?os Addre-j ?} box 1 fa p'^roffioe'0"*1''? r* TTTANT+'.D? A GOVERNESS, IN A YOCNG LADIES' Yr scliOf'l she m ist be roavenant with French and pro vided with unest eptionatiie ray referenc es. A line addressed to box !t,.'<*U Post offite will be atttnded to. XXrANTBD? GIRI4I. TO WORK AT ARTIFICIAL \l ilowers, at 46 Division street. Oood wage* given. \MT ANTED? A FRENCH LADY. AS RESIDENT GOVER VI Des? at a ladle* school, at Toronto, C. W. Apply to Miss M t artncy Oirard Hon-* New York. UTAMTBD? A. PROTESTANT (JIRL AS f'H AMBER Vf maid aud waiter 111 a private family City reference required. Apply at No 3 >'rong place South Brooklyn. TTTANTED? IN THE COfNTP.T. A PROTESTANT TV gir! Fngiioh xoii ii or German to do light chamber work a<id assist wl h clilidren she inu<t be a good plain nee die woman Wa^esnot so mucb an oiyect to a person fond o? children. Address for full pan hilars, with refereue.-s, A C., Roekawsy Pont offic* Morrl* t o N J. Tl'ANTFD? A BESFBTTABI.r GIRL TO DO Og VT ners. housework for a srnaU family she mint b' a good washor. ironer and baker: good references from 'he Ml lady rhe !l-. ed with required Apply at Lafayette avenue, corner ot S? Felix st . Brr>ok!}n TXT ANTED- AS Wl-T NIRSE A YOCNO WOMAN, TV with a fr'-sh breast ol wliooe r'uld is not over two nron lis old. No others nee l apply The nest of r?leren< e* re <taiied Apply immeita ely u ,? Mo itsgue place, Bi uk "TXT ANTED? FOB AN EAT ABLIhHMKN I AT THE WW N?u'ti fr> m t'ae ir?t <? I O obet a dressmaker and mil liner uona but a competent person ueed apply. References ??xchsnged. Apply / J1 .'ohn at U'ASm>-A OOU)RF.D VTOMVX BV V r VKILY Ol lour prraou* with cikib ?ii? will tiad a vomiurtalile V. ire >be m . ? toolw^i ml t-on-r. Wi|n $i a ?tnwth. C* I a: JS Orfgorr M tez*. door to Tetnperanc* Ha l. 'rr.-?T t .17 TITARTKO-A KivmiJir ASf? EXPERIENCED TT m.tnan *? ?? far u> taWr th* r aiit * i-barga <4 two i.ttl* ho>? it maw in that ahr (hoiiM tie a ifo<*t iit.II* ? an, Apply. with ? ric i ??: >'?, ut T'J Vartcfe a'.. W, .lohu'a Park. AN"IM? -A YOCftO AMtRK AN ORPHAN OtBf. VT wom,<1 ir<>' hi W' ? ?"t ??atloii 'o take rare of an Intent. <>f 4u 1 <gb' cJj.inu??r vr it 't. A 4dm* Im/j \M H"rald ofllf. TITANTKO? BOOKrOI.OfUW, AND A FEEDER TPO.V FT Adam* ,'i <? V',':.. a" !>? pi-utin' ofllrr, Zll i ?otre atrert. iiriMKn-.-u -an ?Aii?rr*r>i*t?, to BAftTK TT Ml <lii)rtiiM pitrri (ill a ? ? m laarMNt flood hbiiJa \nJ I f paid w hi'..- r > A1 t a MM r.?l* fip-ralor ? >n "ingrr ? - ?i'i; ma a a? ?? Baring a ma'hiix- i4 h?r own prf'f'irad rniMMMrnvio ibW in I ft'*"! ?af"? will bfl naM ooMfntl< ermMtut (all fw ow ? ? k a* Wdrimi' ? untt ol rw ?J'ii anted-to (io \ miobt purAvci is tht mmtry ?wn?..<?#o imr ?? . ba-nl.?rm?'t aa<t waiter, ?awl <*i* a> ro?t. ?n<t to Waateaf and ron.n* tall Ihia dir. a *2 1'ltrrtm iir u ir hv?. k-i , ... wet* fo a i l I o'ote^K ?'ANT*D-A ',i-R*AN OR PROTECTANT wom* WW >dog? i. iu. liouarwivt. oa* who la a food warher ami lioarr aixl >- i.?? wfil r -"?omw;i'1?-4 ran hat * a p> i matr nt ?itua'Mi iiyapflyt ig j I ?? Wr?- i?h ? tr>m i ? :: to . lock fjtrAlTED? vmmo xnvinno to oo to-ka. TT ail k'.n 1* of Tfi/asfa. ?rford.n to r% j?af?T. MM ?id o<tWlt fnm!?hrd Va^a'a ?a iia< Apply I ItaMfl 4 K?' 1SI ilk r ., corner of IVrk ?.lp. \ir \MED -at rur DBv nnoiv irn|iir.<i<i tw > ff ukmiiii, Apj-lf ?i MVOrMrt wUttanabm % w vv AITFUj- WAXTn?.-APn.\ TO w^i. tati.or. ??. Br -art* a* ?nrANTKn -sFTMrrr ?-ivr. -toi t t?m jru mf;*, T'? WW to nm Wtisltaf - oytm. A-1 <ik* to 'h? aminni n- f,r, pari '?> < ?r!> iiaii :<>r ?n otntH, Kitia i ?f to< .*?f>?ra. . af .? n '<r? and !?'>* k'i?i!ha Apply a 'h* t;" ,?r.,i sfc|j,|>in? >So? a; WT< * *r?. i m *1 J n'li wrwet. >,j. aiau ? 1VANTVD- < i AXV^SgKR IfOMPFTKNT MA* TO Ff lake '" l'-ra ('* nanHra1 iMMr imrtea oa InaNI it r? ? la Appl) oro?l'<:'a * tsv'T *??'oirh?' \ir a bti i>~ ik a ntani.? *nippt?K? <iKrt'K. \ TT >*iart 'nii-Ji-fOI bot, to ????? i<l?. Unol n.'p'laih- ti. t ?r hu*i?*?, ir . n** ? Apply at HI Bo"'k r">t. i.(i t'ow l?t ?? IJo'cl'Kk. W^ANTRII iwn ?|R Tl'RPK RAL^MRR, A1 ' P ?? -. war.. ? dr. ? <?1a a'nr# Xon- n-?d appiv b?? tiim a< | i?Uj ?"t ? lib ri' ?. .eV li.i U> aTre'. W.fltamab i W'VHKRS WAXTKH ?TWO r?W THREE WaITFR-S WW who r .n <~.m? -?fU i >to? ?a<1i-l. ?wM< It Tat tor* ? ?a<omi. ?vr. Uroa.twy ?>-<? iio,< ma k ?n wr\t t> i>? r wirxni atelt a??"J t. pi ri'. a"l F U B?KT? nywHF <. i Franklin a /SO w *VTKI> ~m?vrn \H I'JfTirR f / hh git j v ,0,j n^. tefnpMymrBt 4'"' ? " ^ .r.Uh,n.-4.o. nF,?TAiR*m rtn-RTi.E 'OVP **r? mttae- 4 pike uiur I tnrtu- >? frrao p ???*? i..j , to M itegrrnflrfa Ii<m? <*J ?, a? IT ll?' kniai? ?t?. i ? Spnoii ?mtw 'o Miua noii || ,4 M J : ? v - *Ufcl SPORTtMO. i M'AMHM IA< K -FOR RALE (iR F X< II am< f yV I an b? aroil ?' alaMf 100 ''a?t f??o v fi rthvri-"t Apply to l> M A? At I KT _____ t,M,E\!< AED *AE'?E fMWvniATFT.t R*TRP.?!?AT F *<1 fcf BrTLMl fl lloUn m Fiili'm Arte* w i-a* ?hrm?*inia who h?vi? prorpd K. W) r?nt? per t.o'11# 1>-.. ? (,a| iiy, f> rrwia. Monatel Ft. I?*rna'l'a. .lw?ri hlwk i.nd ' in*. prl*<* Klt?* I 'harlra pupa, hr Ail the chot -? br la h?r ate a I atetfc i'ia? ? ? op> U?? ad lrraa. t.T?P <? *1 E Vf R ^ rilEAP? POfR HAEIKIOMR Fll, \' K F a??t 'at."?li ti-rriera ? ij ??>' iad pnr* a' ? i h'?-k Ecu rn.-vllai I lf*f, fw? )?n ?.M, r<?r' te'clllfal (oi tvli'irti- r ? . N? IWfWl. *o 'Wl?ra "I aiM'l*. To ha a. fr ? I S""ftH?ti*u -for R?i.p. \ ?imr ^En uvkh rt. **4 aa'ta 1r?f til . fl| r ur't/ f?w.i, 1(1,1',, I nt *?-w .!? ?av 1'"I?I, | '..t m f? '| i i?7"( lb* t ^ Pivfi <(. imnraATOB. Quarterly statement of (to affairs of the MlITl'AL LiT* INHV RANCH COUP A. NT or miw rune For the ri usrter ending Jul ? St. IBM Net uwll on Land May I. 1S66, per last state ment 18, 395, W 32 KK'IIITI DVBIMU ma IJCARTCB. t or premium* nud policies >214, ASS " 101.901 l " annuities 2.860 C. I ue agent* and others 146 & 319 161 04 Total .N 604.K& 34 DISSUK-IBMBM*. raid claims by death. 169.000 00 " additions lo ?? 4,51; to Paidetprnaes. including rent. salaries, medical attendance, commissions, postage, exchange, tanea and adver Uamg 36.76* 94 l'ald surrendered policies 'J, 944 "JB ?' reduction of premium TOO IT " annuities 791 79 " on personal account W0 7 1 101, 4 JT 24 Assets August 1. 1856 ft.M3.0iB 1! IKK, ChUi on hand in Rank and in Trust Compa.iy 144, '<25 9m ttoiidH and uiorigaKe* 3,S7S.6'.|6 S Fire InauMBce 48 7 74 Bills reciivabte 2, 720 09 KrpOHii' J for lanes 4.276 38 I Jut* from agent* 62.610 91 TcUl. *3,503,038 12 i?u?s unpaid. *26,756. Amnurt at ri?k May 1, 1856 fC6.850.S60 0O Issued since 1,731.630 00 Total *27,M6,190;0U iK-duci forfeited, cancelled, suit eudered, eipiied *pd dead 725 00 Amount at risk August 1, 1A56 ?J6,?i9.23& 00 Numlier of | olicloe running May 1, 1806 ?,136 Hsutd since 641 Total a.. . 9,777 Dt-duct forfeited, cancelled, surrendered, ripired sul dead 270 Running policies AuruU 1, 1356 9.J07 Of ? Uu-li 8 5.t!t are lot lite. 746 " 7 year*. :m " 1 year, l'.W *' irregular periods. 9,507 Increase lor the quarter i:i amount at rUk $1,008,575 00 Do. do. in polioie* 371 Do. in life policies 403 Do. in irregular period T 130 Decrease in 7 year policies 66 Do. 1 year do 3 5> 3T1 Average amount of iii?urance for each policy of in crease $2,718 80 Number of new policies issued U. the luat r> montj* .l,2a> I. Abbait, icaretary. F. 8. WINSTON, President. 1 have examined the abave account and brieve It to be cor rect. 8HEPPARD HOMANb, Actuary. BOARD Ot TBC5TXU. Frederick 8. Winston, John I' Yetvertou, Milliard Killmore, Wm. J. Hunker, David Uoadley, Samuet M. C'ornei!.| . William V. Brady, .SamtiW E. Hproul'.s, ' ~ John M. rttuart. ? H1I.UIU1 1.DIRU/, I "V Henry A. Smythe, Sob<Tt H. M'l'urdy, John V. L. Pruyu, Uamlia Blake, Alfred Reward*. William Betta, ' * Lucius BnMnsou. Isaac Green Pearson. Samuei D Babeoc*. W liliam Moore, Charles J . Btedmai. ii. o~ tn c?ru*%a a. noiujq, Richard Patriot, John P 7r*adwell. Joseph Blunt, Kira Whealer, NatluMiiri Hayden, WllU.?fl II. Poptntn, Jonathan Miller, Ij-curgtis Edgertoj, Abraham Binlnger, W. Smith Brown. John Wadawr rth. George R. Clark. William E Dodge. George 8. Ooe. FREDERICK S. WINSTON, Pres leal. Isaac Abratt. Secretary. HhettABD IIomam) Actuary. Minick.v Post. M. D., Medical Examiner. OTCMAJCPa' RKOI9TBR. A COMPLETE, RICHLY FURMLHED FIRST ?L A*? boarding house to rent 01 lea?e, nearly 10 toomi. always ocoupicd by Urn rlass boardeaa. for the temi of 4 vesrs. 1 tonus S6CU Parties understanding housekeeping wui tiu.J Uils an opportunity to make uiouey. laquir# in the odice, 7'<0 Broad* ay COAL YARD TO LET OK LEASE? THE OLD ES mMi.-lied coal yard No. 144 Wortti street in complete order, will be let or leased lor a term of years on fayorable terms. Apply to ROGERS, SENNKt KSON A t O, ?* Broixlway . or to A. Crown. 66 Park street, or at 40 Spring ai DWKU.INO house to let.? three story a.vtv ba-tincDt hotuie. ICO Twenty fourth street, neat Eighth avenue, having gas Croton water, bath tub. A<- Carpets anu chandeliers wtil be sold il wan;ed Keat <000 wiil be UWeu in board, w ith more boarder* if desired. Furnished hocse-a four story enolisii l.atcuient bouae in Thirtieth sui-el. wttli enire furni ture. bo'h nearly new, will be rented to a good tenant for H.MOper annum po-?es?ion gtrca imtuelialely. Address b M.. box 276 Post otCre. HOTEL. NEAR ISROADWAY. TO l.KT, AT A LOW rent ?Tin- large (lye story l?u ding on the aouthwes' corner of Broume and l.lm ?tree>a. The iir.-mis.-s ha\ ? -e< Ml ly been painted and put in first rate order throughout !'o ae^mi uuinvtliatoly. Apply to R L SlYDAM, 154 Wafer ley place. OFF1UB6 TO LIT.? A PltQK E LOT OF OEFICES ARE now ready to real, at 34 ?k? s#nM. oner the Me' hattics and Traders' Exchange , thcycan be had at a low rale by good teuania. also, a hue large haseaasa; tm the building (.'niton water, wiih waahstanda. ilnWMl the building. Any person wishing the same can be acoonaandau-u by applying on the ptemiae^ l?e4Ween 12 aM 1 o *<-> P. M , or at an> other how throuahout the day, a> nj We*! urcct. J~. HOMII.ANP. -tec'y. SPLENDID STORE IN IWVOOK3.YN TO LET? A FIRST rate atand for any btumasK IDC A Ramie.* reel. uext the rortier of CliMon. The !ca<e uj Tn?iur?i wi* be so. d a bar gain. Apply to W. TUI.LOUOH 1? Atlantic etroe:. SJHOP TO LET? WITH -TEAM ENOINE ANT) Vl.i. 5 Hinds of ma.hioeiy This is a rare opportunity fo workers in vrood. Apply oo the premise*. Ko. J6a We" Thiny fotu'h street. r LET-STORE 291 WEST STREET, UNDER THE t oJllna Hotel, an eirelleni location lor a ship chand;er oi clothing store, rent >j00. Apply at the Colltna Hotel, loot o' Canal alrec. BLAKE A ROBINSON. TO LET-IN A HOUSE WITH A OENTEEt, PRIVATE family, one floor, consisting of seeeu r wnu, with gas and t rotoa water, 67 11 Eighth arenue, cma of Forty irs' street; rent $J) per month. rro let? r eom fir.-t or .November, a two . 1 story I. rick hour#, with all modern improvements. a ad the furniture lor sale Inqnke at M l.i-roy street. 1 TO LET-THE THREE STORY BRICK HOl'SK ON the corner of E.>:?hing avenue and Walworth street Brooklyn known as the Knickerbocker House Iti'i'iiee ot LYMAN MASON 77 Fulton areatte, PoeMsft .a gt.-c-n "nine diately. TO l.KT? I UK THREE SToRY BRICK HOlaE NO 4* Hudaoa sir et with gas bath Ac Possession can b* had Immtuiately. Apply at 43 Front stre -t, up . tain. TO LET? P V RT or STORE NO U2 W VRREX - I P.I hi witb or without cellar; a choice location lot a wholesale grocer, flout, provt. ua oi fi t.u d -?le. . Iniuire ai jflu - of said store. TO LET? THE FOLLOWlSru DIslRABLE THKER C.orv dwelling 'louse*, all In complete order, vtt No 1*. Waverltjr plare. Beat Sl?tti at enue, ?l.tWO per aanum. .No II I sight street op|M>slte ' sual, 9iW, No. 126 ll^itamo i I ? . et near tireentsl'h Posaeoioa uamedlstely. Apply to R L St YD AM, 1W Wa. erley pla^e. TO LET-IN WEST THIRTY FOURTH STREET NE\P. Broadway, a first claw tlir?e story English ba etneu I hiuae, ro' all the raoceni mpnn, also .' is lii ' r ? - 'io>et iinmtrpa?ae4 Thirty lo. i'h sii on. ot the ? .de streets, and cars aud "lages n m every minute The furniture. whi<h is sll new and of the beat desertpuoo can be pur. hsscd.if desired, aixl l>o**e?M>a had lmtae.]ia e.y . Apply to AI HI KT II Nit OLAY No. 4 Bi o?-l etreet rlET-Al* BUMAMT SUIT OF rURNISIIED ?apw-tments iu the Urs' i laa. hou.e 77*. Broads tf w adaptod for a family wishlnif to keep hou<e. \lso, a pirn and hw.rootn, to a amgle geal'-tuaa. Ploise .pp ) Ljnt 12 V to 2 P. M. " epo I ET? HALT or A HANDSOME. REWT.Y I'Al.N'TED 1 r ?ld' a^e. very ple??sntl? -ttuai -4, lu 1. InltyofHam mud ?tr*?^ and tJreenwlch aveaue M -:it $rvu F nhe particular* may tie obtained ol W A? 7? Tjtulh ?tr ? -oni i" -ill in A. M , and .Per 4PM rIET WITH IMMEDIATE P.W^E .HION? THE UP per psr' of No :e?l IJr'.sdwiy Tlte a bo re pffr? i?? f h>fi b?ea entirely remodeJl. 4 patti'ed Ac har?an etce'lent ? chi sr. I are admirably ad ,^tel for mi'liTty of au ith. r uuc t.n'1nc?? tieiog i.tid.iitbiedly thebaet locat.aa u 'ie city . Apii:' oUEO. BULPIN..10I Bros Iway. TO LET OR 1 EA "E ? A IOCI -TORY KKt.LISfl BASE ir.rnl booee, la TVfly artta stre#'. ti*tw?ea S?yea?h ami Eighih a- eniies, ,iu?t pot in thorough rtpbt ?uNa:>le ... a l.iee ?iii?r'tin* house Tn a ^tnd tenant, ren' iw Apply to ' .FIBBOS A <t> . .^I Washington lre<V TO IJ-.T OR FOR SALE? BEWfclT ANDMAt Viri . ently furn shed, or turnn'ire t >1 < .!e, hrown 0 ne ho'.?e I i9 K.a?" Euhie.-ntb stre ?< ,n a., respe.-ts .rst risw mid peiteet, immediate ?- '.nation jrir.-n, term" ?at>T Apply, to soe the house mt. ii VuORHKt- a ;nj Hi usd way r? I.ET OR HOUSE Ff>R "Al E-KH R STORY RRIt'K with sll the mode- 11 improremenu 11 Es^i Thirty 'hied ?'r?et a ??? par of a house a'?-i a ?n ?t r s?? ho-i.e irt Thirty f-wlistnei sttusted t-etw.-e^ ^avin??t..n ??. ..-vl Thirl s?, To goodt?nsr'i> will be M low. Appl* at No I1? Ea?- Thirty tiiud etteet. tiesi l^-vlagton ase me. TO IJtAM FOB IX "R It YEARS niR PREMIsKtt No St Tr?i'y pl >ee near tba-n.-? ?tr?- xuUble t.jr Biaa ulae'ltrint purie*. ? wsre.nom Ac \pp h to II P I.IAKK 1 V> lann ^ti" stree. irotn -l 'o lit A tl TO LB VSR? TO A FR1 v *TE PA VII.V A LARO r. FIB- T cl??s el^i.antl* fi!TM?hed house In Twenty 'iHid .|r*-ei tefeiiMy put lu per 'e?t older * 1 tmtlr tin- would '.e sril'in* to lxmrd the adytrti?er, (a lady, t and her ana pr-ferted Ad ilieas J. B imi 1 72-1 p.?> ofli e. .N V. TO PIlYSH'IANS ? TOJ I.ET V.N El. HUNT SUIT OP nffi. e* with turna'e g..? marMt waah ha-in tad *1 er I f !o-e' on 'he l.rst fio<ir of the new hi twn alone EngNab tn. -fit resblear a, third .lo*ii w?st of Rro .dvrt. r, in Jfin I. <1 . - -' v I'ply t'' ~ J SEAMAN 141 Broid-t ay. Bf t.l.I AKIHt. A BASSPOBD'S.? EUROPE A NS. ?> rB v NQEBA AB J\ ?* h>i<\ a ill find ilate ma. .e . , ,d metal .lile?, wSh r I her and air eu?hloti*. mo- eiaatw ,r I IV t niton a reel. S? a Ann xreet and tin". Hr mdaiiv for pli. in* or ??,?? A'i sizes tande n onter Frenf h cje poin'. TJILI.IARD T A Bt.WI TRU'MIEU OP KVKRT EIW0, D and ail apnatai ise en?-ai Mt.o-*. nn -e- .J ?i-., t||. eaaa? nt Mlltards 'n be ba-1 at lite mantMae-.rfr of O'f'OVNOR A < <">1.1 PS DEB, u Aa 1 Pre?l Ptrir go<ei as - md han 1 tablM for aaM. BIIXMRD TAPIR and FIXTI BFP ron BALK, W.nani u.ak? t -in bee. used li-i ,e and can be ?onah- at a b?i gs-n V n y Ren' lem 1 n wtaliiag o p-irehm? a griod table chr ap, for eaeh, can 4a ao, as the i.-vn.-i obliged torell Apply at the en tore, |gj Bnwerv /1I1IM-E I'llLh.'P HOOf t i- orbl.l-aH p'a>e? ta t<- "urn haiila, betat-en AtiJ|uai li - R<.<m? a. I I ptendldly engra* ed sther p. 1 h"r tjj.. ?i*ive reon.^ IMPROVED BTT.I.IARn T * 11 ra \ ND f**'4|ffONS PA I 1, , 1 I > i.r aiy ' *?, I A?. wsrrs . -I ma i .nn^a'lf ?? reet and) ?seas ? e al e'sa ? f is ? *?%? , L? f'?raa;s ,m., Us .uJ?1- TmltLxt, a /**?-.?? .?i' ^ raur* E X T R A \ h Y A VI * ^ -1 i i:n *t bi ? ('"micr ft ? V Ik ?r wlito a ' " H t*!l .i^H |tf |Pff) nSAITUL. *o ooo io?. i^ss/^^sr t? 000.000 ^SESSn^S^sm^e^

nOOQ QQQ -WF LOAN THE HIGHEST PRIOR .OOO.OOt). 011 lewelry, d jiniondH. watch**, dry yood.i, cleihing piano*, cloth, ?llks, velvets, fur allure, Ac Ac.; pawnbroker*' ticket* bought. Ladies aud gentleme a favoring UK with theu p?ironaKi' will ted oar terms liber*!, and bull nea* prompt private and confidential. T R. nKt'STON, 112 ttroadway, near Can*: sLrcet. fcl AAA AAA ?MONEY TO LOAN, ON WATCHES, fl.UVU.UUU. dlamoQda, jewelry, so gars, dry eooda, and ail kin la of personal properly^ or bought and sold for cash Note*, bonds, mortgages, slocks, to , negotiated. No. 10! Nassau sired, corner A Ann, secoud door, too ma No*. 2 ?ad2^ THOMPSON A CO , brokers and commission merchant*. 4fc77? AAA *0 i*oan ? on diamonds, waTch V 4 I O.Ul/U ea. Jewelry and all kind* if personal pr? Swtv, or bo jght for mJl Mood* and norWsgas uogotlsied. u ataea* prompt, at 48t H roadway. ooraar of Broom*. or tit Br ume street, room Mi>. 4. 47 AAA WORTH of first class orrr stocks *5 I .VM/ V lor sale, paring a handsome divideud; wtll be diapo<M'd of to amounta of 91,000 and upward*, a llrst rate op pot 'iintty lor capital, can receive better Intereat than money forested in real eatat*. Apply to HOWES k CO., M Nassau street <tQ QAA ?A FIRST CI. ASS BOND AND MORT iTpiOvV' lor |a,300 for sale by R. PRINCE, ci era or Adifcew 30 ?eekrru>n street Ai* AAA ?WANTED TO PURCHASE, A FIRST ?O.UUU. mortage, of about thit amount, on ctty or Brook;; n p.-orerty. AJJicsv with particulars, bo* 1,253 1'oat office _ ?)fH BROADWAY.- MONEY ADVANCED, TO ANT OUT smouct, on diamonds, watches, jewelry, piano*, dry woods, segars, horaei, carriage*, harness, and every dfc sctlpiion of propertr, or bought for cash. Stock*, mortgages, Ac , negotiated. Watches and jewelry for sale. E THAYER, rooms No*. 1 and 1 second story. A LADY, IN DEEP DISTRESS, WISHES TO BORROW $100 lor a short time, for which good interest will be paid , security wul be given, if repaired. Address, for two days, Muriaii Broadway Pout office. ANT AMOUNT OF MONEY TO LOAN ON DIAMONDS, plate, watches, jewelry and all valuable personal seen r.'.le* and merchandise, or bought for cash. It. WOOD, St F IUIOU streak, aecoud Boor, front room, 8 A. M- to 6 P. M. BOTTOMRY BOND ?SEATED PROPOSALS WILL BE ? ereived by the Consulate General of France, 17 Wtliiam street, room 2T, up to I o'clock P. M., an Holiday next, the l?"h mat., for a botiomry bond of about two thousand dollar* on the French schooner Fortune, now lying in the port of New York, at Uie Atlantic Dock, Brooklyn, and bound (or Bor deaux Bank wanted ? a bank in operation and or ganged under tlie general law of New York. Persons coo'rolling such wi institution will meet with a purchaser by addressing Commerce, Herald office. FOP. EXCHANOB? FIRST CLASS RAILROAD STOCKS and some money for first class city property. A small mortgage no objection. Address, with rea. name and re *i 't nce, boi 2 i+M New York Post office. LOAN' OR VTOE ? PERSONS WISHING LOANS OF large or small amounts on personal property may be accommo-laied alto, Michigan lands for sale or cachange Apply to A. Robinson 335 Broadway, room 14. MONFY? MONEY.? ?I0 PER DAY, ANI) MORE, CAN be m.i le by any smart uian, young or middle aijed. By enclosing $1 and two postage sumps, the plan will bs for warded. JACOB PKASK. Boston, Mass. OFFICE NIAGARA KIBE INSURANCE COMPANY, 67 Wall street? A dividend of ten per cent has This day been declared by the Board of Diiectors, payable 'he I8U1 inst. Acgcst 13 1S06. L. G. IRVING, Secretary. THE ALI.KNTOWN P. AII.RO AD COMPANY. HAVING complete'.! their ore*: nation by Uie election ol the folio* lug Hoar Jo; Director*, viz ? J r. A. Sanfnrd, Ne w York J. F. Butte rworth, New York. 1 hog. K Du\ is. '? K. C. Oebbard. John O . (-'argent, " William S Wcmore, " Samuei J JU'aN. " ('. Dnnforth, Patersoa. C II. liooth, '? Jacob Dillenjer, Pa. 0. Deforest Grart, " C. Pretr, llave opened their liook* foi subscription to sin k, at the ofh. e of Samuel Ileal* Kaq., 1'.' William *Uvet, New York. 1 he company respectfully rfjucit your evaunina tloti ol the Circular atatemi ill whirh follow:), and whi? h haa been (TMni with the aggMMM ol Mr. Kllwood Morris, chief rogineer to the company. This statement, with the arcompa nyir.g map. wiU at a glance, ahow the vaai importance of the proposed work to the merchant* of New York as a m< au- of securing apeedy and certain tt a namiasion ol merrhandi*,; be tween ineir city awl the great interior of the country. St* Iukk, July 1. 1806. Th? Allcnlow n P.i.ilrsad form* the only unlinislied link in the direct e <at and west railroad rouie acroia New Jersey, Pennsj Ivauia. Ac., to which the people ol New York aiui ot the West have Ion* been looking with auxlely; It extendairom the town of Alleutowti upon the I.ehigh V alley Railroad, (now is operation* to Auburn. the c ittern teruiinu* of the Dauphin and PuMiut'liani a Railroad, ial*oin operation . and comiuuni ca'ea there wtiU the sou ihern anthracite coal held of Schuyl kill county Pa and at Dauphin with the Pennsylvania Kail road. The distance m m>>, Tlie grades, coming toward* New York, will noi exceed 12 feet to the mile Thi* route complete , the connection between the r*ilro?>l* now ui operation Irom the city of New York and the P-mn-yl vama Central Railroad, which it joins near the touru of Dau phln eight ?lilies noi'hof Harrisbiirg, and avails of all the raat connection* ol thai prosperoii* enterprise The lectsla tion 1* all complete, the line ha* been carefully surveyed ;md acura'ely located. and nothing now lemains to prevent the immediate commencement of the work. To construct tliia railroad with a single track and sidiugs will Met Si . 49aoao, exclusive of the riglii.oi way (a large |K>niou ot which will be taken in stock) and ol the equipment. It form* ? .ih in connection*, the must dire, t railnwd route hat can ever be obtained bet we. -n tlie city of New York and the principal < ommcrrial emporiu of the Western Ma tea; much shorter th.ii! any oiher, and a cheaper line ot transport aerons a roimtry but little obstric ted by the winter snows that em barrasa so much our Northern liiics. Thia rm.te commences at New \oik with the Central Rail road ol Nuw Jersey crow* ihe Delaware river, by a sub-tan tlal bridge near r.&ston. Pennsylvania, and h nan uuitorm gauga (4 feet (<*?; inches I from New York harbor to the cuy ol' rMlaburg, at the head of navigation on the Ohio river. At Pliubtirg 'he 1'ernmy uania Railroad t which form* an important part of this i oute) connect* with the Pittsburg and Chicago Railroad and its great network <>f branches and also join* the fMeubeaettla iiae, which forms part ?f the shortest route to C inclnrati. At Blairavtlte, liPy miles east of Pittsburg, we unite with the North Westet n Railroad, which carries the common gauge of 4 feet |k inches by a very direct llnetot lereland, and thanee by the foiedo line, the Southern Michigan, the Rock Islsnd Kailroad, Ac This usual gauge of the Kastern State* will be airied out. unbroken, to the Mlaalaalppi river at Rock Island. St T.oiti* Alton, IKbU'ine Galena. Ac , and by railroad* now uii-ler c n.truc'lou to a point high up the Mi.*ouri, near the boiiler of the Kansas Ti rntoiy. The constriction of 'he Allcntown Railroad will open to Ihe trade of New York city the means of sending alo-kcdcar. leaded w lib KOud*. direct lrom Jersey City to any railroad point in the States of N PW Jersey, Penn??l\ aula, t ih to, Indi ann. Illinois, Wisconsin. Iowa and Minnesota. The advantage of sewing good* at once front the city of New York, in a locked car. without transhipment or delav, to a raoat any pom! in the We.tern country, needs only to be st at. si to be appi eclated by all business men and the initiation ot thl* new system of goods trafllcfe.| Hires oolv the oomll'UC tion of our unliuished link ol Jsi, inilcs ol railroad to bring it uito action in two year.*' t tue Out railroad a.-o run* through the riehest portion of the celebrated iron ore deposit* of I.ehi^h county. Pennsylvania from which at the present moment twelve aath.acitc nirnai . ? ol the large* class are >itp|il.ed. It pet.eira'es almost ccntrally the rich and populous eounilcs of Ijclngh and Beik*, lathe State ol Ponimvlvanla: passes through or near five Hon rising towns or rllLges .nd con necte a! onte the t' wn ol Potts v ille the cen'reol trie authra cue roel trude, with the city ot New York, by a Une of onlv 1)0 miles lonp and secures f-om th-'.' region, w 'hln a &ve l?urs' trip, a large and v.i'.nsble Uarcl, which by the existing route reomi-es It hou:*' tin>e In f?<t, the Alientown Rsiiroad not only prorauea to aid greatly in Hie ti :.n*ini?sion of gtxxls from and to New York and lo fa<i'i'aie the Western travel of that mv but it alio pot se*- -s ? ttbln li -eU unexampled resource* i'or a heavy local b' ? of" It t urn. ?1m. too. the onljr route by which th? city ot ffew York can be supplied at all seasons ot the yaw with the red a?h afi'hrae'.'e (O-il so highly approved fot "d-itaesoc use. sn-l ??bah Is only to l>e found lu ouautity la the Pott ?i ille c.?al rrgton. Fir.-illy, n may he sta'.i I 'hot ->,r combine- 1 Un~ openH lo tiiecitv of New York by the AUen'ow ti Kailro?4 will be shjrt er Uiau the piesent trav lied routes as follows ? 7o t'inri .ua*' IMmib'< shoi'f-r than nj New York Central Railroad. ToW Lou * l .< To Cleveland. Tb " To Chicago tii " , To Cu-f 'i.jit.. I2Sm ?? -liortti' >'ian vli. Xe-? YoikaudEri' Ra. Old To M Lo'iis, I.s3 " " ?? Ctcve^od. 7S ' " ToCh eag". Tt OwMle. Ii fact, -'rms h- shortest practicable railway I ne to all Hie lead'og | otti'? of >he Western eoun'rv, os will lie D .re clear1*' s. en >y reference to a man of the Chlte l Stat ? Wc now ann?\ an e.itmste of 'he probable annual bu*tneaa r tt?AT? or rtrtxrr F - ' '?<< ' * 'A the p ' -bable nntiusl revr-nite to he d 'rired fr.?oi the Aub' r ti for' Clinton snd Alientown Rsilrosd. when fully t ?mpletcd and prope-l; equipped, to wl' ? FAWMIX*. Thro'u'h W.OTIat ' -s > cents a mile, sar 'Scents Wajr, lWt.'s^) st three cents a mile, say S) cents . . flfl.not) rarniHT. Tfcrotiit'i Mi^WO 'on. at, sav II gn I.W.000 Wsv, 10 t??l MM at ?ay 70 tents 7,090 rcntif. * ( oal, W) ??*? 'on*, at flu rents W.000 1.umlier, I me sis e Ae . fill OHO tons, at .V) pent* . . KMt Iron ore. HMDBtoan, a' M cen's Itn.nai Mail *nd express in, wo 'olal fT.^.i"? pHsrt Wf expenet aay 9CM>i rent M M) Leave ? pisibaii > rrrcnue JO p?'i cent on antnve-iment of $ "??) !??' Ihe probable t ost when folly equipped, mn 'ding omi pro rs'a share at the heary rolling st<?k not easarj lor the eooi trade $>06 ?,?) ?This iiits'neui Is already exi?tlng, and It may be 'rnlv aid ??! that it i* In f iet i waiting the completion of our line With luitablc roal rega.n c-innei ion*, a well bull' railnud an a n pie nanlpm nt, * libci al managemvit, ?nd a good coal port on 'he .|e*v w atera of Hew ?oc* ht.rbdr. we e inno' l>v prei nted frenrt comniauding a tanl trade of l.uwi'iuo ton* p->r itinnm Hbcnevei ?e a t e iesdy to acn-lonr locomotive* it. RKWARM, ?AO RK^*R,r> 'ATPRDAf, AtHRtcg CUv neriher Im c 1 toatnin rsllir g i,.m?-tf .r-dm Day a gray mate ant wagon, to her turned same alVrnooa. fl-'d mare l? About eight i oae* Old an "en hand* high. IK*I color, mate lie* on the ne?r ha* a small near on tho leu S'axii% : the <?liar non- switeh 'hsfrdon tkartX abou. Wby ? sh*ft llsrness Dun >i collar. Wagon nalauHl brown enamelled leather top. the rmht *h?(t hTtb - . tbrT ken. and waa wound roitnd and painted over on ea< h skle nt the body Imitation 1.1 tide are carvee bevl l.nings and emfc |.m? green, btit fa-led. hss a Hare daeh. The man is ofdZ* com pie ii"" ?'W* thit try --ar* of as'e, firr fee. ton |,i*h and t* ao American. ?'i'> will |>e ps.d on the reeovcrr of .h? borne, wagon and harness and for the wi>r. h. n??on ?V ih. BE k I.TK4M KIWiIt, BOiROiau AID LODMBO. n AH BROADWAY -THU, HOUSH U MOW ?PBM fO* 111 |x?rmaue?t or transient board an; it U uewly fur nlabed throughout, and si one of the few plaoaa srheraslraagera c*n aojoy alll*e coat forta of a hoaa. Baforaaee required. ()dl\ ?OWBBT. NBAS HOUSTON STRUCT- 1 MB jL\j< ) MiuhaMii House. ? 8li|la ftuttaaM caa obtain lodgings and single room* at tt, gas and fr.ut room*. M pur week. These rooais are aew and newly furaishad ft AFT WAPHINGTOM 8TRRRT. ? BOARD AND LODO ?rX ( lug down town. Board with lodging, $4 60 to S6i board without lodging, K> per week. I-odptag from |l SW M lug down Iowa. Board wftk ithout lodging. S8 par week. 1/ per week. Board and lodging per day, 1 QQ EAST THIRTEENTH STREET. ? AN KNOLISH lOO family can accommodate a few gentlemen with hand some apartments, with or without partial board. IIoum first ciaaa. Oni, bath, Ac. Basement suitable for a physician. 1 KfiWAVERLEY PLACB. -SUITS OF ROOMS ON HE XOO cond and third lloore for gentlemen and their wire*, or ttincle gentlemen, with board Houso private, with all the inoderu ImprovemenU. Gaa aud bath. 1 r4l FRANKLIN STREET.? GENTLEMEN AND THF.IR l?)i wives, and auigle gentlemen, wUl find good airy rooms, with full or partial board. 1 Of? MACDOUGAL STREET -HA ND80MK FURNISH lOD ed ro? iiu? to let. In it pleasant location, near Washington purk, with beard, in h Freuch family. FRANKLIN 6TREKT.? PLEASANT FURNISHED rotms to let, wilh or without board. 130 126 FORSYTH 8TREFT. ? ROOM TO LET WITHOUT board, suitable for two genUemen, fur 12 per week, or to a gentleman for >1 50 per week. Family private, flood references required. The room is very nicely furnished. 1A7 PRINCB STREET. ? A LARGE AIRY ROOM, .1 U | well furnished, suitable for ft geutlem\n aud his wile, or two single gentlemen, may be obtained br applying as above House contains g M aud bath. None but first (.'AS# need apply. ? Q1 PRINCE ST8EET? FOUR DOORS WEST OF tJJ Broadit'dy and one block from Metropolitan and St. Nicholas Hotel^ a /?eutlemaa and wife, or single gentlemen, may now obi sin pleasant rooms with board, permanent)' or transient. House first class. ? rt(\ FRANKMN STREET.? A SUIT OF ROOMS, ON I U the third floor: also, targe double and single rooms for gentlemen, all neatly furmsWL Apply as above, tirat bouae weal of Broadway. AND 62 VARIC'K STREET, ST. JOHN S PARK. OU Handsomely furnished rooms, in nulla or separately, to let, with board, lo families or single gentlemen, permanent or transient; first rljs.i accommodsUoM. Inquire aa above. fZA WALKER BTRKKT, FIVE DOORS WEST OF U\r Broadway. ? A quiet and genteel private boarding house for single gentlemen and genUemen Ind their wives. Terms reasonable. Hot, cold and shower baths free. fyo NINTH STRKET.? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ?t\j rooms, with breakfast for three or four ^cuUetucn, in a small family. 1 i) UNIVERSITY PLACE. SECOND DOOR FROM Clinton place.? A family of three or four persons, or a party of single gentlemen, can be accommodated wiih plea saot rooms and boaid. House first class, with ail the modern imiiroviminig. AFURNI8HED ROOM AND BEDROOM ON Se cond door, with gas, Ac , to a single gentleman, in a small family ; no other boarders. Apply at 43 Kiel Thirteenth strce1, near University place. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET ONE OR TWO rooms on the second Hoor, to genUemen wishing a t^ulei home, with partiai board. Location good and convenient. Inquire at No. 57*< Broome street, near Hudson. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND HED rooms attached, to let, lo single ganllemen. In a hoitle with all the modern improvements Also, a single room. Ap ply at 96 I'riuce street, a few d>or* west of Broadway. A suit-consisting or four handsome rooms. with batb. gas, Ac., may be had by a family or a party ol gentlemen, Ln the finely looted private house, No. 62 East Sixteenth street, near I moo purlt. References exchanged. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH furnished rooms, and partial or full board, aa desired, in a very respectable German family, where they will find all the comforts of a home. The house has modem Improvcnvn'i References mutually eichanged. Please call at the premise. No. 115i; I.nwreu<c street, Brooklyn, near Fulton avenue, or at 137 William street. New York, second fioor, front office. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN WANTS A PLEASANT AND convruient room, with lull board, within ten minutes walk of Abingdon square. Address Henry, Hersld office. Reierences eichanged. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFK, OR ONE OK TWO SIN gie gentlemen, can be accommodated wnb rooms. Mr m-hed or unfurnished. in a house one block above the Acade my of .Mush , gin. bath. Ar in the house. Apply on Dm prrmlrtt 21 Irvtug place. APARUyjjttg TO I.KT? AT NO. 37 KINO STREET, to respecUtde family. Bent moderate Pos session can be had jmmi liately. Board -a privatf. family won.Di.ET a suite of rooms, together or separate Apply at li Warreu place, Charles street, on stage and car route. Board -a gentleman and nia wife, ob two single gemlrmen, can tmd pleasant rooms, In a ,'ood loea tion, convenient to ears and stages; house contains all the modern improvements. No. 14 Abingdon square, on liai son street. Board -a private family, occupti.vo a iia .vd some furnished house, containing all the mod?rn(iinprove ro< nta In Sixteenth street, n -ar Stuyvesant square, can ac commodate tliree or four Single gentlemen with partial board, having more room than they require for family use. To those that can appienate the comforts of a home, this offer* a rare opportunity. Reierences given and required. Addreai C. 1>., Herald office BOARD.-ONE OB TWO UNFUBNI8HED BOOMS wanted, lor a lady and gentleman, In a small family board for the lady only. A widow lady preferred. Address J ami <W., Union square Post office. Board -a gentleman and his wife, or two single gentlemen, can find pleasant rooms, in a good lo ration, convenient to cars and stages, house contains all the modern mproi counts. No. 14 Abingdon square, corner ol Hudson s'ree?. Board.-wanted. by a youno oentleman. in a private family, one or two unfnrniahed rooms, with or without board, near Broadway. Board paid In advance. A young widow lady preferred. Address Henry J., Uuion square Post office. BOARD.-A DELIGHTFUL SUIT OF BOOMS OX so ond Door, front, to let, to a gentleman and his wire, wi'h board; or. If preferred, a large room, back, beautifully furnished house and location pleasant. Apply at 171 East 17th streei. References eichanged. HOARD.? ONE OB TWO GERMAN GENTLEMEN. OR a gentleman and his wile, csn be aseommodated wiih handsome |) nirnished rooms und partial board, la a private family, where there are no olh?r boardei s The house is tirsi claw, ii n I in a beautiful location. Apply at No. Z21 Thompson street, between Bleeckcr aud A ally streets Board down town-two or three gentle men csu be a commodated with full or partial board, at 40 Robtnsoo street, near College place, a'.so. two turnish'-d attic rooms lo let, In the house tB Murray street. Appl) as above. BOVRD AND BOARDERS CAN BE n.\D? AND YOU ilf?erve to want. If you don't apply at 712 Broadwav Boordrra are polite!) directed, free of charge. Persons wish boij-ders ciU and suit yourselves, without trouble or ing be d?'T?>-. Board, in Brooklyn.? families or single gentlemen can be accommodated with choice of rooms. 1 n s< eoi.d floor; a!?o, n small back parlor, on first floor, In a lirst 1 Liss house, convenient to Wall street and South ferries. Apply at No. 240 Henry itreet, between Congress and Amity. UOtRD IN BROOKLYN. -A LADY, HAVING A PAR lor and iiedroom connecting, on secood floor, wonld like to dispose ol 'hem furnished or unfurnished, to a family or genii' man. with board. Reference* eichinged Dinnei ?1 bo clock. Apply at t>2 Will ughl'jr street. Board in bkooklyn.? oevtlemrn oan bk ac 1 omiuodntpd ? ith hand?ome1v furnished rooms m s Fr?nob private bouse Reference' exchanged. Apply at G6 Wil lough 'V street. Board wanted.~a single gkntt.fman desirks a cimt"its'iie 100m, with lire grate, and partlil board, with uph aannt. respectable lamUv. Terms modersie Ad die?? A. G. O., Hei aid office. Ki feiences' d Board wanted? in a refined private fami ly. in which no other boardws will be taken. hy a gemle mao soi four nAtightcrS, (two of mature sg? and two nearly 6 sod r'ye .rs oidi, and servant. A sufficient number of well ftirtii*ne<< rooms for their comfortable acconUBO<latiou| will be required. A house somewhere to the vicinity of Fifth avenu ? ai d Broadway, tin town, will be preferred. Address N. P boi 1 .073. Poet office, slating terms. Ac . The peraoea to be accommodated will, in every particular, be unexceptionable lunia'ea. Board wawtko-jo* an aukdjoknti.kmax, who iainium lu a plain, reapectabl* fa mil-. ? h.T.- ho < an have I he comfort" of a home. a place in tbo aouatry pre ferred. Addrc? Angimttu. Hi raid ottce. Board wantkd- ?t a okntlrman and ma in annul prl*?'e l.imitjr. where there are no other board r* luM-atkNi betwcea Fourth atd Mr Tenth a*r?ne?, .md CmrtfWk and Twenty third atrcta. Ad.lre?* A It,, boi 4, US Peat otter. no MID WANTKD-FOR \ ORRTI.KMAH AND LADY, full hoard lor the lady only, where th're are ao uthrr hniiH?r?. I .oration down town aide of ( ana) alrcct. Ad dre?a neor*eJtHttin, Broadway Port office. 1JOARD WANTED IN BROOKLYN.? A YOINO LADT D la tfatiroul <iC obtaining board In a atrlnjy private family in Biuokha. Refcra?Ke? rvchanged AddmN boi 19U. Ua tald "fll'f B~OARDlXa-TO (IFXTr.KXKN. -A FEW flKNTI.KKEN ran Ik aaamnniodattd villi well fnrrn?hed rooma and good board at Ifi Seventh avenue, betvrrea Twenty aaaond and Twenty -third atraeta. Hatha, caa. Ac., la lha bonaa. >la?c.< paaa <ha door atarv few mluutna. B0ARDIRO- lift EIGHTH STREET, OPPOMITR MKR Canttlr Library. A ?ttltc of rnoota oa ae.ond floor, cm ?(otitic of two par'ora, with bedr wnu nttaahed . (Mb bath. Mc. Alio, >n 'Uiid floor, and ?loglr roouia for leinl'tn n, with or wlttoal board. nOAHDINO?ON THE EIROPKAN PI,AR, AT 1 tu ltl< M krr n'rft'. bcltrrl Qreene and WooMer Ma. Hand some .i|<ar'tu< ma. amiable for tamillea, and mnxle room* lor frtitli mt n Meala a< rved at neparate family table*. ilood accommodation* for transient a* well aa perm want boarder*. BOARDINO-A OF.NTt.KKAN AKD WIFE, OR TWO aln'lr aeuti< IBCB, ma/ lie accommodated with a bind aome fnmlM"! parlor, With bedroom If raotilrad, In a home with modern lmj<rotetneni*. Broadway Ata^i-a pa<< the door. Apply at 7T W. i'la< e, Blrhlh ttreet. HOARDINO WANTBD-BY A LADY, ttf \ QCtKT family, * here ilierc are no clilldrco. OooJ tefr react r? (|ii,r> d. \ih1rr?a B C,, Herald ofli- e. / IOC NTRY BOARD. AT PHIKR'H MARfllON, HUM. |??tc - 1 ar,e air* tOnms can b? had, With board, at tlila coaveaiapl and delightfully located reaMteaca oa the Ki<t i iver, only ft!, mllca thmi the (w Itail, and aceaaaible at all botij iiy the Sn >ad, Third and Fourth avrntir car*. H.t? an ciienalve, WW < ha dad lawn. retatable garden, bath bourn*. 4< oa ttse plate Apply at the aaaalna. eatranc aorrwr of First aveoue and Rigntv ninth ^reo'. r?mof at Kiifhty. ?i?th alrcet. - fpCRRIBIIFD ROOKS TO I KT TO A T,.\t>T AVDlIFf t>nan. board for the lady e*!y Tbead*ei'ii* > it > .< h o* ; the ! ? at.on i* con> niient to > ?r? >ad a ? | hv ill 'h>- m la'B imiito.em. nla. Add'oaa F.ite;:.?, |tro.idWay Tut oflil e I/l' I! XIHIIKD ROOM - V Qt'IKT YOI NO I.AD\ r?X r nhta.n a n.retj fuiais'ied pail >i n a nominal ran ? o , Irt, ?t n$ m'"f ? < r>H|i-? ' i piv An riidian m aidin 1 miOj AjUtaa C. ?? V > !'?*??? BOAADUO AXW UlOUlia, PIRriT CLAW ROOMS ? TWO Oft TI I KKE QINTLI. men, of high re.oeetabllity, m?y obtain elegant accom modation*, conMsUug of a parlor, three bleeping rooms, balk room ai.d watercloset, ail < ounectiug, and on ib? parlor floor ol the new brown stone residence third door weatof Rroad w ay , In N mth all-fee K;initly private. No boarders Uksa. Addr* sb box 1,131 Post ofllw. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LKT-WITH or without board, at 160 East Fourteenth street, neac Scoond avenue HOTEL LODGINGS ? OENTLF.MKN WILL DO Will, to remember that they cau obtalu good furuiahed rooma at the Globe Hotel, corner of Fraukfort and William streets, at 26 cent* per night, or $1 SO per week. Me other charge* ex cept at their opUon. NO. 8 MONROK STREET.? GENTLEMEN MAT OBTAUf good board aud pleasant rooms at No. 3 Muuroe ilwa^ near Catharine street. Terma moderalo. PRIVATK FRENCH BOARD.? A ?EW SINGLE OBIC tlemen, desiring a pleasant residence, can be handsoeaa y accommodated, on very liberal lei tui, at 33 West Uevua eeuth street, near Fifth atrauue. TWO YIRY PLEASANT ROOMS, AT 192 BAST iiltOA? way, to let, aud the lurniture for sale; a bargain. Ruut of rooms $11 per month, and price of furniture (175. TO ECONOMICAL YOUNO MRN. ? A SMALL PRIVATH family, eccupylug a pleasantly located house, la Slata street. Brooklyn, * ish to let a few roouu, w 1th partial board; would lake a Keutlenian and wife, House has Dai, Ac. Ad dress 11. 0., bo 1 312 Post office. Terms, #3 50 to H 50. TO I.ET? IN THE HOUSE OF A RMAI.L PRIYATR family, oue or two hand.son.ely furnished rooms, with par tial board, In a most desirable location, in South Brooklyn. For particulars inquire at No. 18 llarrisun street, betweea Court and Clinton streets. r LET? AT 47 WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET, WITH full or partial board, a neatly furnished room, au'tabi# for a gentleman and his wife or one or two single genUeme*. Only I wo other boarders In the house. WANTED-ROARD FOR A YOUNO LADY, IN A EE speclable, quint family, where there are but few or na other boarders. Address E. Pierce, Broadway Post office. WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN, A LARGE 817, B, neatly furuiahed room, wl:b full board, on second or third floor, in a private family, or when- few boarders aia taken. Location In East Broadway, between Canal aad Grand streets. Address, for two days, James, 94 Clinton street, ia the rear, staling terms. WANTED? TWO OR THREE ROOMS, ELEGANTLY furnished, with breakfast, between 8th and 14th streets, for two single gentlemen. Address box 7ti'.< Post office. WANTED-BY A PINOLE GENTLEMAN, A COM fortable room, with board; situation must be between Eighteenth aud Thirty foerth streets, and Seveath find Ten h avenues. Unexceptionable references given and required. Address W , 322 West Twenty eighth street. WANTED? PARTIAL BOARD, FOR A SINGLE GEN tleman, in a private family, where few or no other boarders are taken. I.ocatlon preferred west of Broadway, an>l between Fourth and Twenty thud streets. Address, foe three days, prepaid, stating terms, location and actominoda tfr-ns, box 2,209 City Post office. WANTED-BY THREE GENTLEMEN, ROOMS AN? partial board, neur Broadway, above Houston street, where there are few or no other bou-ders Address, stating circumstance^ in full, box No. 574 Post office. DRY GOODS, ?SC. ?RASQrRH AND CAPES, OF THE NEWEST AW D most elegant designs; also, a large and choice assortment of headdresses, dress caps, Ac., at 25 Rleeeker street, east tf Broadway. Mrs. A. T. JAMES. BRODIE'S TRAVELLING CLOAKS? AN IVMEN8K assortment iu gray cloths and linen. GEORGE B&ftDIE, 51 Canal and 63 Llspen&rd at. N. R.? Fall wholemJlatock nuw open. TO COUNTRY JOBBERS AND MERCH ANTS.? BBO DIE'S styles fall and winter cloaks, taJm'M. Ac , Ac , uoir re, in all the fashionable fabrics. 51 Canil street, and 6,1 Lb-penard street. N. B.? The Fashion Book for (he season itf now publwhud. (1L.OAK8, MANTILLAS AND TALMA*. J JACOB LANSING, 42 Cedar street, iMTOBTEB AND M ifttif tCTltftlC* or <XOAES, MANTILLAB, TALMAS, ET(J., Hsa now in store A complete msoi tment of goods lu the above line, lateodad expressly for THE FALL TRADE, To which ha Invites the special attention of Jobbers la Mil and other cities, also of large buyers from every section aftka Union. T his atock comprises an Infinite variety of elegant noveMaf In cloth, velvet, moire autique and all prevailing fabrics, tnl adapted to the wants of the trade, and including all qual?Ue% styles, Ae., which he offers on the most liberal terms, aad dl prices that cannot fall to meet the approbation of olose lityin. 42 Cedar street, between Na*~ * and WllilaaL -rWBBOIDEftlES. Ac.? weired, a Urge tat ft fiinhric ?d mourning which will b. gold rery cheap. Aiaa. ?nd gent*' linen, ciuArfS ?d u?. asta t Sj'KiTi.,. UOBKISK AND r be |t" to Inform the ladtej * mau nurtured. hi reet, nr?a*ei.orsqnare, London. ? _ Tr AifrPXAg~I^P^^,7^ EES?}**.**' M now ready to"* ^U,^' ? w bracing a targe a-o^ent of norejuj^^ _ whk* ^ejfajltculjrlj ^ ^ ?, (;haniar? alraev. 4 *?*?? M ANTEAUX DE YOYAOE, TrArelllng Cloak GEO. A. HEAR.V, 4 a il road way. MAISON CHANCKREL, u Bono ktrbit. Naw York. BULLING OFF UNDER PRN'R, Till the 2Mb of August, 1?M, glorea, rlbbona. flower*, bonneta man'Ulaa, SMk dresses and others; bareges, tnusllna, brtllantes, ml III nary, Ac , Ac., Ac , wholesale and retail. In aonsequeaee of dapfcr tore. r WHOLESALE BUYERS. The subscriber la Miwj^repared to ahow a full Cook a* Mantlltah, Talmas, Ae, In ererr new stria, fur tha fall trade. To which he would especially lurite the earlr at'eutial of jobbers aod targe buycra from all pan* of the Unlou. GEORGE BULPIN, No, J?l Broadway. Manufactory No 09 Fr mkllu ati-eet. TRAVELLING MANTLES, TRAVELLING MANTLES, In linen, tweed, wain And olhar materials. By REEKMAN A COMPANY, 473 Broadway. WELtsKER BROTHERS, IMI U? I? , 64 and M John stree?, np stairs. kare just received thalr new Ull gooda, especially Straw lace. French flowers and feathers. Rlbbona and silka, A*. WHITE HWIhSMCHLIN BASQUES, J iut reoelead tar UKKKMAN k COMPANY, 473 Broadway. A freth lovsiM Of do'. tad and embroidered Suisse basques, Yery superior I Which will be aold low. MILLnrERT, AC. VflLLINEBY.? TO SOUTHERN LADIRR AND LADIM lYl travelling? Mrs. CARTER, No MH Broadway, baa j?* recelvad some eiqulaite design* In French pattern '?onnefa ; atao a.larga assortment travelling bonnet* ; all quite ngw. and made ei press I j for those ladies 1 solicit to eali au4 er HOMEI, CARRIAOES, dtC. A RARE CHANCE.? I WILL EXlHANOE Til RUB lota, in a last Improving location, only fo'ir rall.-s Irons thr city, for a well made top wsgon imd sulky. Address boi 3 ??Pot office. Carriage for half. -a light ioai-h rocka way ; a first rate article for the lountry. Is in first rn# order and newly dona 'ip. Will be sold rery cheap for cash. Apply at 'C Wooster street. CARRIAtiFS FOR SALE.? ONE SHIFTING TOP BUG gv; weighs but 280 lbs with ton, and In good order, ab*?. Mwn lop buggies, two four seated roekaways, one sti trued bretl, and aereral open boggles. Applv at W) Broadway. J. C. II AM. For sale? ray iiorsk, sir henry brfkd, einw and sound In all harne**, about fifteen hands high, trot ted in .1 4, and the best llsht wa^on horse all re. To be aeeis trnm 9 A. M. till 4l, P M , by spplylng at 14 Ea?t Kighlceo'll street, one door seS of Broadway. b^OR HA1.R? % B\Y HORSE. SIX YEARH OI.D, SIX '< ( n lismls tilg^s. bob tail. Is sound, kind, fast and gentle; also a top wagon and harm ??, the owner h*? no further ium for tni m, also, for ssta, a bur mare, right years old. mat would rrate him well stid make a last tesm. Apply or ad dress Trustee ulable*, Grecti|>oiot, naar Teutb street ferry. FCR RALE-FROM THE COCNTRT, A BRIGHT BAT irare, lire yean old, lftl. hand* high, pan? tnaila. aa4 ??try free driver ? 'id i<lthougfi untraiiied, ean trot iaaIMp thr< e minutes. wUl t e ?"ld che.ip for want ol use Apply ai ? Broadway. poR HALE? A BAY l!OR*E. HAMBI.KTQNIAN. SI* r years old, I'1, ban<is high; tsn trot in :t 15. sound an4 kind. Apply at 1IKNRY WlLTKIM' stable, Mercer gtreet, between Amity and Fourtli streets. Foe pai.f? a handsome i.ray iior-^r, hixtff.m bands high, wrnnd and kiml ; will trot in SH minn'es Hold lor wantnf use Apply at NORMS' s abl", fiod Huuaton SUWl* nrsr Broadway , ?fciOR SALE? A RARE CHANCE, < SPLFNDJII TEAM J; ofhorsis. rsnlfli;e. and ha mens, also two line aid II* honea, trained for Isdtcs' riding. Inquire ?t(J? I orlic'.b s'ree', uesr smb aventie. E'OR HALE CHFAP-BAY HOR?E, WAOON ANI? r harness Morse *? ry stylish, right years old this spring, kind III Single nil. I. Ill and perf'etly sm nd trott fn t han piajtl to Sontag. Wit on fieht, ne?i|y ne? an4 city made. Harness In t m-d order and silver monnted. r?m be'seen for three days. If nol sold, between the hours of I .nd ft P M , every afiemoon Price fviO fnr ths whole. In quire at 142 Eld ridge street, 'ust s?,o ? l>el incey. / tOOI) PASTURE TO LET? FOE HORHKM, AT II UAH "l wick I'i "S? Roads, I oa? la'and. l or paitirultrs apply at PF.BE Vtll^K'S store, st tl'e sb< -. e plve. HORSRH FOR SAM!- -A I'AIR OF BAY PONftR, I about I !'< to Ift hands hlch. warranted sound and kind, [t^ingle or double Imrne's, rati ro' U xetiier y-ry fast, rfce^ i re to be fold, as tbe prc?? nt owner has i uic for tin :u A|> uly at 119 Es?t Twenty fitirth stir ?. nOBSR FOR SM.E-A BAY IR HENRY IIOR-Ht II years old. hss ti ot'fd In .< I, and Is I'm hen light w igiws Imrseslhe kind and sound In all h.n i ".s Will be soil .??*? urtlar. Angus! I*. ai No IS'-'xth avenne, a i o 'o?-k, at pub lie sn'etkiii U~NTK!>- K MwTo BI.INlt, OR HALF BLIN? y? bnr^e, lo (to In a null. Call or address A f i hlllin^. IM East I ifieenlh -ureet, N, Y. Il-WITt t Itt it K \ tv A \ i ARRIAI ( t\ > I RHP Y? rate Older, "nd l._in . s Ad * | isys ksasy, Urlald ySlvt,,