Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7292. SUNDAY MORNING, AUGUST 17, lHto PRICE TWO CENTS. INTERESTING FROM WASHINGTON. Closing Up of the Session. THE DISASTROUS STORM AT THE SOUTH, Dreadful Logs of Life. DESTRUCTION OF WATERING PLACES. DAMAGE TO THE CROPS. Caving in of the Banks of the River. THREE HUNDRED RESIDENCES DESTROYED, 4c., 4c., &c. Prom Washington. THE DOING-? OF OONGKBSS ?TUB APPROPRIATION BILLS? A 8TOBMY TIMS KXPKCTKD ? CLAIMS OP RE VOLUTIONARY OFFICERS ? MR. MASON ? FRANCIS P. BLAIR ON MR. BUCHANAN, AMD rllE BARGAIN AND coRBrrnoN story, bto., etc. Washington, Aug. 10, 1866. Mr. CritteuJen presented a petition to the Senate, nu merously signed, a&Klug for a mollification of the natu ralisation laws. He stated tbat when the present laws were enacted tbe emigration wan trilling; now it was sufficient eacli year to control some of tbe States of the Union. Tbe subject will be cilled up at an early day in next seat ion. Tbe Compensation bill, wbich has been adopted by the two bouses of Congress, i^crevses their own pay this Congress seven hundred and flfly thoub^nd dollars. Mr Batler moved to reconsider it this morning, In order to strike out Its retrospective features, but tbe Senate re fcsed. A rumor was current in tbe ball to-day that tbe President would veto it as unconstitutional. This alarmed tbe democrats not a little, who bad voted for it. A veto of the bill, thoy admitted, would not only kill the bill, but them too. The House bill provldlig tor settliag the accounts of evolutionary ofllcors was called up in the Senate to-day, but was i-ovtponod until tbe third Monday In December next. Senators Toombs and Clay threatened to kill It by debate If not iioetponed. This they could havQ done, as the previous question does not prevail in tbe Senate. The Lighthouse Appropriation bill was parsed by the Senate, with t-ome few amendment*, and will go, with all the other appropriation bills, to a Committee of Con ference. The President's veto of the Patapsco Improvement bill was sustalne I by tbe Senate by one vote, but was recon sidered, and the bill passed over the President'! veto by a large coi>*titutional majority. Mr. Mason manifested caich feeling at this rough usage of tbe President's pre rogative. The question whether the Senate could recon - ?ider a \ ote given under tbe circumstances was ubly d sous -ed. This veto wis lnteded to operate on tho de (ni?rat'C rote of Maryland. Tbe Mil providing for running tbe southern boundary line of Kausa? Territory wa? passed by the Senate without a division This is the only Kansas measure which bas m.t found ".! rdau a bard road to travel," (br tbe Senate n?uL<i by a vote of three to one on striking out the Kansas provitos on the Army and Legislative, Etecutiro 'ltd Legislative Appropriation billi. fhe House refuses ,.o recede. Tbe second Committee of Conference has been ^pointed t? consider the?e anu-ndm >*.???. When the dial ,rtpvn W Biads, which will be w nignt, a stormy time it iQti. di aled iu the Ilxise; y- 1 the general Appropriation Vill provide* for paying theec "friend* of freeiom" thj |u. i<a t'l pa^ , and 1 doubt not that will soften down tbe . ? arc i gala har at;," and these obnoxious provisions Laill be withdrawn. j Tut Pur-t t. Hire Appropriation bill pasted ths Senile to ,lay, with aumeious amendment*, whu h will be agreed jo by the HH'Mi. i The joint resolution extending the time for flling claim* 1 1 tlit Tr a-i y Department, against tbe fexas fund, b%i ? i ii agree'1 to by botb bouses ol Congress, auJ appnreJ I (>)? the ITr-.nctit ' Tbe communicated to the House of Represeu {iven 10 ay the record la ibe ?a?e of Mr Fillmore 'i par i nurg I'i?>t?u ?nU fayraa, wlio had been conviotcd of jiegroatea 'i g This la to becouio a campaign piper in {be South. Alter tin* nt:iaage of several private bill-* the /louse cok up the MscnUniom A|ip-o?r ,at;ou bill with ?o\vnty !s aaieu' tii'QU from the Senate The amen Intent strik ,lj out the -tctioo discontinuing mi lirjr aupunntcndcntj *aa agteed to iy tha Hou. e tul C aj.t X (i will cot ,tnu? at his |Mtaenl post. Tbe S-nate aaendment pro tadtng fur the Washington aqueduct wa* ttiicken on by tbe Houae. The amendment or one jundred lta\>u.-and for the dome or the Capiti wal agreed 'o. ibewag tne comparative estimate la wbu-.h these two !mpror*tinii1? are l.ol t by wise I. gisiators. The Qouaa he u ill-agi eed to the other amen JmenU of the Souate fit juane. awl submitted the bill to a Committee of Confer ' 'lire. Ihc Indian vpt'roprl'itlou bill was returned from the 'irtiate, au>) amended, ageed to by the Houaa nod ap ir"v<d by Of President. , The I.iglit H.iu-c bill waialao pa* n<l and approved. ? The total ?| proprutlons by thU Congrea* Will exceed ji\ty three mil Ion* o4 dollar*. The Senate added an '.?ecumriit to the Poet utile.. hill, directing the Poatmaa or tiHi< ral to contract for mail lerrlra la fbur borae ?mil'" from tie Mix?i?atppt to <an Fran<i*co aetnl ?eeklv, at a cuinpeuaatton not to exceed lire hundred ho. mdiI ..'i irs. Should this bl 1 pv>? the Honce It will i). alt a ' <?? epoch In the hlatory or our country. Tha p*< ? ?c t" day, by the House, of tbe fleuata'a bill {j -tcme t. > -?niitie author* prM? tion against nnau ,'iorl?ed theatrical pe'fbrtner* of their eopyrightad V- iWs, i> a trilni table to the 'nergy of Hon. John Wheel |r, of New York. . Ibe t?ci.?tr bill, protecting the rtghti of persona dui forer rg g, #110, r*?* ">l the Mouse to night by ar jlamat oo. <?ood order ta maintained in both bo iae?, ad bn ?e?? is procesding rapMly. I The runx r tl at Ju tge M?-a h* ; requested to he re ailed Jnm aria la wholly without foundation. He will e nali there until melted home by tha taeeeaaor of Pre < d?tt T irri" Francis I . IMalr haa written a reply to tha aaaaults y on blm by Care Johnson. whic>i will make iU appear i-r, Ina'ewdays. oo the suS-et <if i .en "ral Jackson a j 'ctan Hi Mr. Buchanan. Ha g.iea fatly Into tbe subject St the alleged bargain, Intrigu. and eorrnptton of Adams Ind Clay, n which be show , .ir-l i* vely by do< hrnta. that Rorhanan waa tho aielurva author of the 'id. ft ?r q< Ite lengthy, aad tv aid u> be the ablest Wmnetit (''??{ ever emanated from hi* pen 'f F. 1'. nb'r Jt 1 1 tor, U -' ne ?,?? >? . ct -d member from ; ? i rv ai e,ve?l h^re to 'aj , aud was warmly greeted ?} Ilie ;ipi 0 . It*. ' T >'?:*?? ? v ir-idly T'n? 11 . i ? ? rtci' i a f :n tlin odtnn- Ka: ?a? and th. .(?"?p -? ?' r? r for lh<' pa-><ag" o the a;<propt , ttlnn bills, ?n.e not i !" ?? 'ertion ha= l"e.. -ti ken out It >tt?r j, dtr |.'i-rM thaa e?e- |?-f..r? kaown on a aimiUr V? en. All rober. From Hnlirit*. frrAitTTitv or th* a?ama. aTit.t. MtAinca mm r Kr.rr?Ai. or rAHfi:;?oiik.j to frocbhd is np?t, 1 KTC., tTC. HatlfAk, AOg. 19, 1 V.fl Tte \ra'?ia s?tlf,t f?r Urerptad at tao o'clock this ? r' on |i akiiv' bs. ly F.\lr . (? mji- and two spur ?( at? wrr pnt on board C?v>t ftone Is laatrueWd y ri n into M. Johns, Newfoon llsnd if he finds the ship "ak'ng too mneb water when off thnt poet The follow '? I pa-sen^ei4 lett tbe ahip here iih willing to goon k'?t of them will wail lor tb? Canala, unless the Atlar tie > nea herr ;. -XVm G Prreentt wl'e, nursa and two chil ^?er, Nathaniel Snow and two -ter., .tolin S Ifako and le. Mai tin lute* and W. s Humphrey, of Boston H. k Fsirrhtld and wife, Jar Oaeshaw, J A Rmnafon, of 'ew York F,d ward Prankn-r, m Ha igm. Mrn Menry ,rabtree. Mra. John Cra'itren, ol siaten Mand P. P. nmaa and wifls, of New Orleans J. It Mr Dona Id and fc. af Hamburg, Ma? _ y natin.Ter, of Montreal *r. JNrral, A Hlglnbottom llev Mr Rnitl.eM, of Can* and t^reral second eab.n prM-enj-r* Mr Cnnard is m paasenger* at bis residence tbif e? eaing. THIRTY-FOURTH CORORX8S, FIRST BK88ION. ???at*. Wa-suisoto*, Ang. 16, 1856. n- ias cRiniTiMid The Senate passed the Bouxa bill extauding the time for Tens creditor* to present their claim* to ihe Trea sury, and postponed till the third Monday in December the House bill Tor the settlement of tho claim* ot the oflicera or the Rovolutioa, and the widows and ? returns of those who died in service. It was then resolved that when the Senate adjourns to day it be till Monday morning, ai 0 o'clock, for the con Hidcration only of appropriation bills, House Mill, and these on which there may be ?Hsagretmeot between both branches. AMUOPKIATIO.N BILLS The Senate (tilled to pasB the I'atapnco Rivor Improve mont bill over the 1 "residents vt to. The House bill making appropriations for lighthouse es tublishmeitts, and for running the southern boundary oi Kansas, was pussed. The Senate then took a recess. BVKKINO SI8SIOH. The Tost Office Appropratiou bill wn> tak*n up. OYSItLANH MAll TO CAI.1VDKMA Mr. Wki t.rr, (den.) of Cal , xubmitled an amendment providing for tho establishment of a semi monthly overlano mall to Son Francisco from sotno poiut on the Misslssipp river, the cost lor the same not to exceed half a million per annum. Mr. 1>kk?o.v, (d<r. ) of Cm., said if California was going to c< M ihe U'c. >u so much, it woula be as well to lot Call fornia slide. Mr. Wkiijbi replied, unless she bad equal rights Willi ;b'- other State* she would be compelled to slide The amendment was then adopted, and the bill passed. nil Ai>pitonuAno> hills The House bill to regulate toe diplomatic and consular f } stems of the Cuitcd Stiles, aud the auuual formication lill were passed. The vote on the bill for the Improvement of the Des Lioines Rapids was reconsidered and the bill was theu passed over tho 1'iesideut's veto by HO against 14. The bill for tho improvement of the faupsco Kiver, was ulno rcr< DSlriered and passed over tho PresideuU ve,o. Mr Hi vreit, (dcra ) of Va., Irom th* Committee or Cm f. cn the Civil Appropriation bill, reported th jy were i nable to agree, and ho bojnid the Senate would recede 'mm all its amendments, c\eeptiug tho^e in reference to Kansas, and for books to membeis. Mr. Fish (nigger worshipper) of N. Y., wanted the .-etiate to distiactly understand, before voting on toe ? fiienion, that by insisting on tbe omi sion of the Kansas amendments the loss ot the bil was certain. Mr. SunEii fdem ) of <ia , wa- prepare! to meet that i'sue. and wished tho fate of all tho appropriation bins A as involved in the same question Mr. Jomcs (dem.) of Tenn , was willing to reqode from all the amendments in which the interest of Iih consti tuents alone were at stake on mere dollars aud oents. but where the question o( principle was concent*!" he-.would t? II Mr. F?h that Southern Senator! were standing upo.t the rights of tneir people, and meantjo suwd tUc(o. Mr. Sfwakd (nlggcr worshipper) *?f. N* -Y., 'thought It would be best to reduce the Irs lie tu.. the Mroplo ene ol ?lie Kansas question?and ltl that lie tho subjbcC of nego tiation and canr illation. . T , .? Mr Bwaihi (dem.) ot Del., was unwilling to recede fr< m the bock amendmeut auy more Umui irom the Kansas amendment. Both were question* of princlplo Tbe other amendments wore then receded fnm, bnt the Kansas aud hook amendments in^bbid upon. The Post Koute bill wa? then pasted-* ? The Senate reccded tfrom its amnmlnent striking out 'rooi the legislative. Judicial acd Kxequ ive bill tho a,> propria ion tor the Kansas Leglsla.ure, and the bill was Onus passed. House of Representatives. Wahhinoto*. Aug. 18, 1S66. O'T.AN MAIL STIAM SUVICS. The House pa. sed tbe bill making the usual appropria tions for mall steam service, wi h an amendment, con curred in by 119 majority, providing lor giving notice of the termination of the contract allowing additional com l>eii?atioQ for the transportation oi ths malls between Sew York and Liverpool In tbe i;oll>n* lino. The House passed thirty two Senate and private bills. DRAMATU' Al'TUOKX. The Senate bill extending to dramatic authors the privi lege ot copj right was parsed . Ihe House men took u reoe?s EVENIHO SESSION. The Hours refilled to consider ths Senate kill provid >ng lor the introduction ot a uniform national code o> ngnals. Tbe b;!I introduced by Mr. l>avis, of Mary la id, granting bouuty lands to the crews of theprlrate armed vessel w bo were engaged iu tho *ars with tireut Britain wa passed. Uroit contusion prevailed In the proceedings, and messages were frequently interchanged between b'XIi houses. Msuy inifficinal motions were male to suspend tho lules tor particular objects The bill to protect cltizcns of the I'nlted States In the discovery of guano islands was passed. Tie oki for the improvement of the r.tspsco river wa pis.'i'd over the Prcsi'ltnt's veto bj 1'Jfl *gnast 47. Mr. CiMi'iu.i.i (oi i?hio),rrom th > Committee ol Confer ence on the Army bill, reported that tbey were unanle to agree and a?k< d to be discharged, and auother similar comtn tUc appointed Mr Qrti3**.<? moved to a<ree to the Senate's amend mi nt. str.W r.g out th ? House proviso, restricting the em* plo) meiit ol ttie ariny In Ksngas. l')i lion disagreed to byseveo majority Mr Ork moved thni another committee of con'erence be appointed, with iuitroctions to agree to the Senate's anundmeut. Mot on wgattved. l'ieU"iisi tie n in ac. ?;???" with the request of the senate, ap)x>ii.Ud ? coinniiuee ol' conference on ths kanras amend' ins^Vnny i?ul. Mr Coi:m tlea j a report troin the Committee ot ;?nf*rence < u*M>*l lative. J.e lcii and Kxccutiv* Ap propriation b# Tie thought th- e -I n ild be :i tost vote on the diaagreeing amenoments, ui a*-- rtaln wlwthrthe lb use tneatit to maintain its ixisltior- or lose the bill. Tbe House receded from tbe am n-lm? ut for books to members, thus i arrowing down the I sue to Kansas matteta The House rectded, by lov r m.iiority, from the pro m>o that ' no money shall l>e dni ?n Irom the troasury ti I the |>ersons cbsrged with I reason, or other ollenees, I ir their connection with ths To,-eita Convention, or i tidcr the etii' lments or the body i Itlming to be toe I,c fiislnttire, at Shawn<? Mission, be released and tbe prose The H<m?e aleo r eroded, by fire majority. from the proviso that bo pari ol lit* tnonev appropriated nha!l be ??ppliri) for lli? proxecutmn, puatehrmnt or detention ol per?<'0* charged with tr<a*ou or (Hb?r political oileoo u The ina'ited, by ten majority, on the ume i.| 1 1 unit striking out the appropriation >4 W> 000 H defray Hie expeuat* of the aext Kan-aa legislature. The House paeerd li.e bUI for a sn-ara rovenue cutter at ?he port or New York. Arorxt IT? a A. M Bithtle Senate and IImi?c of R?pr?-cntailre* *re *t:l in /enli'n and there la no proa poet of their at iou ruing fur* to come. f.argr Fire at Brlttr, lloiiitaru. N*w OBUU>?, A eg 16, ISO Tt.r British schooner Manchen cr, from Bellsc, Hondo ras, a- bore at South Point*, roporu there wx a targe ttre at Belne, four day a before abe sailed from thara, and that the loaa van estimated it half a ml I Ion of dollars. Kfwupaprr Ckangr. At baity, A ag. 16, ISM. It la ntdcrtlood that the Albany Shatr KttiJtr ha* leaned Ha last number here, the type, material*, fco., betgg re ?toted to New York, and It la toppcaec th*v will be u<ed to Mart an anomooa paper la that city, In the interest of Urorge law for (Jororbor. NarkHi. PHIL I ril l.l lllA stock board* hUUIMLTHU Ail/. 14, 1 K9 W?rb* Heady. PeUBeylvMteMBte y*. S3 Reading Rail road, 4. , ; Wtu? island Kaiiroad. IS, Morrta Canal, lt'?; 1ihdii)Iv<Iiu lUiitoad, 4*',. t>*" <mirA?*, Aug 1?, 1MM. rotten? Sale* yerterda*. sw l, ale*, *t to^n a love, falea for 'he *eek, l.Jt? bale*; mock, 11,0m bale*; re <eipl* Of bew. .7 balm, 1'ne hoary Hurra ha* oaii?e(| ?. . (*?m?ae to t?e t.rvp lard, in b ?gw, la^e. a 14c in, i nice. 14s. Hagutng, i3c. *ug%r, v* Corn, 70o. < :?e ? "al * IhP the week. 1,8*0 nag*; prim* lB|<c. -tuck. CW '-eg* ?? ling exrhange, P per cent |?re HiiMu. Freight# ? "ottun in U?et pool >,d Hi rrtut, A tig I#, 1*60. Fir or ? I -ull and inlet ; sale*, 300 nbl* nt 96 60 for el mire old MtaM ??**, *n? I" Alitor extra new i?1ik>. Wb^attrmor mlw, It .0m bncbei*. at $1 60 for prime white Koe ti nky larked, II It fur nilted (Hiio and Indiana, and SI 47 * $14" for * hite I Union Oornilell; ?aM, 8,000 bnshtl*, at '. :c (bit* lirm Canal freight*, 12',c for cotp, and 18 ',C for t*beat to New York Herein* yea tcrtfay ? bl>l* (tour. 4? *10 bnrliel* wheat, at ;,no bnmels rem . Canal exporte? 0 ti8 buabei* wheat, 01, Ovs bu<htl? corn, 7,407 bu hel* oat* Ikmui Flour favor* buyer*. Rale* or *>00 bl>U. at tl 6<i for rhob t old Michigan. V' til tor new do., and id 02 a tl 71 for extra do and "hto. Wheat in good demand. 8?!oi 01 10,000 bti' tl 30 fbr mlxet f>hio and fadiin*. ? 1 47 ft $1 4* lor white lllinoU, aad tl M fbr wblte Ken tu?'l>y, i? bag? lorn lower, stale* of 10,000 bn?he>, at 61 r. a f?'Je. "al-i brm. Canal frelgbn Rriner at the dnae. 1,'ki. (tir eotn an<i 17r. fhr wheal to New York. Re.intp?* for the 24 hour* ending nt noon to day, 4,373 bbl*. II >ir, 46,060 bti*helt wheat, t'i,WI b'Hhel* ror?, 3.864 bj?hela rye. Canal export*? 10,1141 bushels wheat, 64, 094 l>u*h t'l* corn, 19,677 bualel* oau. Aeg. It ? 0 P. M. Flonr clo*e* dall. with a light ?toek of deairable brm h Salea of Vt-0 bbla , at M 71 1 <7 for rnmno* to extra (M wigo. Wheat unrhangrtl; ttm k light. Kale* ol 10 000 bn?hel<, at tl JO for now red ttfiio, and tl .17 for *im)I nerrell red ladian* Corn firm ? marbei better. Halu*? . 1600 httshela, at Me,, a 60c.. lake import* to (t?y?l?,. fcPO l>B?hehi wheal. I anal export*? >116 hbU. :l?>jr, 3"s 002 bn- belt whebt. MWI tnnbel* roin, 7,t>00 bil*Virl? <??!? rrei|.h'?* dull and mttbttged. ?Von- Arrival of Hie Baltic. Sajidt Book, Aug. 17?3 A. M. Tbe 6teamah> Baltic, now due from Liverpool, has not been slgnaile <1 oB' this point up to the present hour. Disastrous Stoma at the South ? DBEADFPI, LOSS O* llF*~DW?TBtrOTIOff Of IT ATE w INO PLACES? DA-MaOK TO TUX CROPS, KTC., ETC. Nkw Okuu.vh, Aug 14, 1868 A terrible storm occm*red in ibis vicinity on dunday. which lasted all day, and' until Tuesday evening Its c fleets, however, were most dUantroiH at Last Island, a great summer r eeort, and which our accounts represent to have been ontl rely Inundated. Every build ing on the Utlaad Is said to have bee* swept away and it bus been positively asi ertaiaed that ene hundred and eight persons have been lost. It is reared ttut Grand CailloL^ Island, mother watering place, has also been submerged, and many 1 res lost a' well as property destroyed. The corn, cotton and sugar crops have boon incal.-ula bly Injured. The steamers Nautilus and Perseverance lire neve-*1 <'ays overdue, and It is feared that something has hap pened to them. The steamship fexaj has gone in search of them. Tbe storm extended tar up tlio river. At the 9> rem moot Hospital, Biton Uonge, fourteen inches of water fell between Sunday evening and Tue day evening The survivors at lad Island reached this ?lty this morning. They estimate the loss of life at two hundred. (>n? hundred and eighty-two have already been counted as lost. Many of tbe survivors here from I^ast Island are badly wounded and brui .ed. The dead bodies at the bland were plundered by a set ot pirates who inhabit it. Tbe steamer Tei severanct has just arrived, but nothing as yet been heard from the Nautilus New Oai>. ann, Aug. 16, 18r>6 Nothing definite has yet been heard from Caillou It-land, but theie has undoubtedly been great loss or life there. It is reported that thirty bodies had beon found < n one end of the island. It is supposed that at least ten thousand dollars In mo key, In packets, (ell Into the hands of the pirates on I.u* Island, and about five tnousand dollars worth of baggage. Tbe loss on tMs island is estimated at over one hundred thousand dollars. The hanks of the river at Btyon Sara caved in, carry cg aw ly three hundred residences. No lives were lost. Several vessels were blown ashore at the mouth of tho ilississippi. The telegraph lines have suffered severely. The loss at Caillon Man J cannot fall short of sl'.ty bousam! dollar*. The IiOiilsiana arrived at Galveston on the 14tb, picking ip on tbe way tbe cabin door of the sieamer Nautilus, ' ihich . esse I it is now auppoitd was lost during tbe late Sturm. Ttxus State Election. New Orikaxs. Aug. 16, 1856. Tlie democrats have been completely triumphant In Texas, carr J ing the State. THE PUBLIC HEM-TH. Matters at Statni Island? .More of the Arrests of the Oemoltshera of the Barricade? Xo New Excitement. There are but one or two additional facts to be noted touching occurrences yesterday at ? aten Island. At t'astleton, sentinel* are 3till retaio?d to keep watch at tbe Quarau'.ine Hospital gate and along the walls. There are ten sentinels la all, who alternate in their dutlos keeping tip watch day and night. As partios arc per wilted by the sentinels to pass freely In and oi<t of the hospital gate, the utility of continuing them < u duty is quertioaed by some. Although they do not pretend to the exercise or any power In preventing any nuo parsing who has come through the gate fiom within tbe hospital enclosure they, however, are rigid in prohibiting any ooe from scaling the walls from within or without. Mean time, it Is proper to not<* In this connection that a sUt? mcni made in Saturday'! IIxkaik, that perfect freedom ol Ingres* and egress was permitted through the hMptUI gate, referred only to such permission being given on (he part of these outside sentinels. It was under stood, of course, that for any one to get through the gale be mud Ord receive a a pio| er permit from tbe hospital authorities. Sosao of (be Oastleton villagers snd others gathered the tmprcs s'on from the statement made ttiat on the part ?f the hospital authorities no restraint was oxercised In allow ing parties snd their bag (age to go outside. This h no so, but cn the contra/ v the utmost vtgiUace is MeretMd to gnsrd the safety of the public health and not allow sn* rne to leave the hoaptt*. who is not perfectly free from ?iiti Hon. and the ssme w ih articles o( clothing and bed uisg goltg fron (be hospital. Tbe tact Usa already been published that (ioorge W. Ikley, thr noted one-eyed emigrant rutin r. IVUr W. lU.ti, MBit Joeepb Si, ver ba.l Been arrenieu on a coarse or aiding to dniiolMb the barrcade erected around the </neraatlae Hi*>i ital gate The parties were t?keu tn charge b) conetnble J<tiu B Giles after their arre-a, and r(,aveyed br!ore .tnnlce I ream 01 the examination r n w?a fully nmiMr* In default of batl to aniwer at tie iH*t Curt A a* ion* The examination of Ron I a\lng been protracted till a late hour at night. one eyod Nt; U4 (lltrr *m tABmlll?d for their examination yetterrtny morning. Tln-ae two wero n> t placed In rntdnrtvi-nt but allowed to go nt 'argo liurlng Ymtcrday the partlee pr cure') a writ of Mb* u tern ? trotn Judge Me?< alf, returnable on negt Ttvadajr. Tim ibrce who have been thia arro-ted expect ti rtdter Ire m tbe Ourtleton authority for fai-e imprison ir.trit Oftberrber r irtt-? warrnnt* for who< * arroa * wore toned at tbe Mmc time with the warrant* for the ?ire>t of the above, none a? yet have tieon arre-toi It M laid tl at bo aiwcwl eflnrt will be uutde to effect any ad <:iti?oal arret ie Here were reported four new caaea of yollow fever I to?ght veaterday to the honpHil tbev an MM i have come from a ahlp arrived a ? ey or two emc* at (Jierntittr.e and *ent down to aochor in the w\ inlty of W< at Spit. Ttie r >mor cr.>*tnl no excitement atn> xjs thr Gnnleton villager* Th' npprehen .0 ?of dan tro-n the yellow fiver ha* apparently ilmoat entirely nh?ld?l. A meeting el the Hoard of of the town. 1 held in the afternoon? a report of which 1a glvoe below ? ?nu?ed no extra *nrtnl-e? and ft r that matter the fa< t ?>f tbe meeting eecmed to be known or cared fbr by bul (Vw Tn New rtrecbt and rleinlty the excitement at to yel hw fever, Inrt^ad ofrieellnlop, la on tbe ln<-rea*e The in < cted veaeeh anchored off the ?hoee, directed to be moved to the -Vnilbwoat Spit by the (iomini?->iouere of Health, ha\e not bean taken away yet. Before they an be got ofl nearly all of them, ttaeema, require adili ni'oel men to move them and properly protect them at their new anchorage. Theee vescla. though dlrecV-1 10 ? <ipp'\ tbem?elvee with aw.h men, hava not b?*>n ahU yet to make op their complement. It wl I thiie pro fably be two or three rtajra yet belore all are got away. Mayor Hall, of Brooklyn, baa placed a detailed Ion 1 of |iotteew?n to ciard the there of Brooklyn, frrnn Thirty -ixih ?urct to U10 road leading to New 1 trerbt, to i?rot ^:l (Brooklyn from .lanrrer ot inf^Uon ll*?j'lc?(er? are pcriaily iwhlblte"^ from going atnug thia ihorongh <?" . li nre'irit danger to the ctty from Inferllona rag* bc:r* picked up. which have hren thrown overhoard nrom tbe veaeelt at (Iras mend bay. ( ommlMlnneraef Health. The romntlaaionera of Hea th met yoa>erday at neon? tbe rre?l.lent, kbMr O. Baaai a, Raq., in the ohair, and Waller F. Coneklln, Secretary The following dtajioeinoo ?a? ordered of trooel 1 newly arrived at (quarantine ? Bark Clara Wlndaor, from l"ort an Prince, arrived IHh iaat.. with logwoo?l ? cargo permitted to he a?nt on tmme ?ildely to tbe city. Ilark B K Fa ton. from Havana, arrived 1 .">th mat., w th ingar and molaaeee? cargo to be lightered to the city at the option of the raptaia. Bark Architect, from Matanitaa. arrived IHthinat . with ?i gar? cargo ordered to be lightered to the city, after thirty dayf , and veaael to be aent to *i<ithwnet Spit. Bark Frederick Tinning, from Rio tirandn, arrived tftth iaat., with hldea and hair? cargo not to be lightered to tbe > ity? ftream permit gi\ en to the mail. ?nrh f'aroala, from Rabin, arrived IMh (net., witk cof fee? allowed to enme np to the city ai ter Ove Jajri1 ol? aervatioa. all remain well. Bilg Arabella, from Aapinwail, arrived on the 18lh oat , with bt'k and bldej aad two paaaengera? allowed to proceed, with n. earn permit, bides not to be landed in ?b# 1 Ity Brig YlrfirH, from tlrevtowa, arrived ot\ the 15th Iaat., with weed and hide?< end lonr paaeenger*? decls on !>?? aa precedlrg ^rr I Brtg WhiienP. fVowv t'ardenae, w'Ah ongar and mo laaao*. arrived on the ltth mst.? bo I'^htered t> tii? tlty ar?? r ten i!aya. M.( oaer Marii tta Smith, frrn? Port au Halt, arrived on the Uth Inat.. with bidr?, tot acco and mahogany? oargo, eieepttnt bwee, to be hgh'^ri d to the city. pihr r.r< r J. A. Sl-inlej fr <m t harleatin, arrived on the 1Mb ln*t , with wheat *nl easal tiore -detain^ two day* for eHeerv avion Bark Artel, from I'ort *u Pr'.nce, previously reported, *u permitted to c >me up to the city. The following petition was received, unanimously nl?rn od by residents i.n the vicinity of Tenth avenue aud Si* teeoth street, relaryi' to the cow stable ee tab lineman on this corner. To the llo.?OBABI E THF. COMMISSION BUS Of HSAITB 0* TUC t itv or N?w Ycjkk - The t.ndersiiined, residmt in the immediate vlelnitvof Tenth aveuueand Sixteenth stret'. or do bk bun lies* m M locality, respjctfully represent to ycitr ilooershle body ?ihal ou the block bounded by the Tenth Avenue, Fifteenth aud SKteenth Hti eels, are large shed* *nd sU *?lee corerinK almost the entire square, in which are kept, hh unr as caa be ascertained ab*?ut two hundred rows. Tmpc cova are ke?t in the statd*K eon tlnually, without being permittee to waul out in1 the yard for eierc ise, an d hardly ever see eve.l the light of da v l'h it they are fed upon the swill which is mamfa< tured on the preattses ot l&rpt?. quantities, ani oftentimes nftrsd to reirsdn lnlhl yard until it becomes sour, aud a receptacle for milfoas of J? sects That tie aforesaid slops, lu gr."?trr or leu quantities, is always there aud thit a ion! imei: and sickly eillirii i? emitted by It The i, t;.biea it kept perfectly clr an, cannt* but l><" a mi win re liift ho arfrtira being In that eondltiou th -rare in sufferably "lthy. and asteceb arises fi did ihe place nu'lineni o produce disease ?nd death ?o>oi g the sun minding inhibitanM. 1 bat the rows aretnilkedsnd the milk no .4 in this city *hich it .s almost needles* to Inform your Honorable Board, is pro bably productive of inure deaths thuu any other known cs use more particularly rmong children, as may *e aeen by refer ence to the report of the ? Ity Inspector That the flltli from the stAbles Is allowed to run over the sidew alk. and Into the streets ami (flitters. We respectfully request that some action mav ft*; tnkeu upon it, so tl a* the stabtr'i and cows mkjr he removid mid Ihe plire cleaned and pnritled. We ar the opluMn t h i t no more important natter could cone before your Ilono** al?li? Hoard. And your petitioner* will ever pray. The petition was referred to the City inspector to make tbo nccessary Inquiries and investigation The folluwiDg telegraphie despatch was reai, iti refer ence to a despatch sent on tbc tub inat., to the Mayor of Charleston, making inquiries as fcsthe prevalence of yel low fever in that city : ? _ CmaLEsTosr, Aug. lfc 185S. To TI'.K Mavon or Nit York: I received your desp* ch t.v? late tssi night to answer it. I beg to refer .1011 to the daily report! jf the Hoard of Health, publrlied in the papers, avid which 1 .uisorc you cn my honor are strictly ur.d entirely true without suppression or prevari cation. WILLIAM* PACKKIt MILKS, Mayor of Charles son. A cnmmuDtration was received frotn the United Sutra

Mall Steamship Comouny In regard to auchoring th"ir vmk is ontaMe Mora Castle, at Havana, and action on the ?ante deferred. Thr following resolution wan adopted:? Resolved, That flie masters and ovrr.e.-r of vessels now lyiufj at..i.r In the \ icltiltv of the Southwest -pit, and of sueh as in iy hereafter lie sent there by the order ef the Health OlHoer, are hereby di-ected to ballast and otherwise oare for said vessels so tha'. they shall not sutler trom being placed at said anchor age. A number ot captains of the vessels requiring to bo re moved trom Gravesend Bay^were in attendance before the Commissioners, and protested aga.ust the removal of their veast is to Spit, m called for by a pre vious resolution of the Hoard. They stated that the an i borage was not good at Southwest Spit, and that it was a danvurotiH locality In case of storm In % prolonged storm it wouid he impossible to send ueiiore for store?. They stated further that at this place lighters coul I not get alongside to receive the cargoes of the ships. Above all this iliey protested it was putting them to great and unuccoKt-ary expense. Alter the close of the regular business, President Bar kkk asked leave to call the attention of the Board, and especially of the Health Officer, to the statements of the pros* within thj past few days, tbat persons and baggage were allowed free ingress and egress to aad from the Quarantine enclosure wnhout rcstraiut and without re i aid In protecting 'be )> tblic health, lio sui t that he did rot refer to ttil.< m <it< i ihi. king tiiat the charge* were in tne l?a*t true, but ra'ber for the purp ee of giving the Health Officer ail o, ?-? it -u to cxitradict such mis stan men*. The <4xAim Orrtcrt. ?? i -l??- '? tlut the stoienonts which had be? u piitilished atol rater rea o Uv the Pre;iaeot, tbat i 'ipuii s. crews aud other inmates of Quara'itiiie were allowed to pavs in and out the Quaraotioe gate with b' ggage, bedding. Ac., without restraint, and with out irgard to the health ot Stateu Isla .d and till I < rt generally, was false. It was a statement made through false representations by interested partus, whi lost no opportunity to create alarm at the expense of truth. The truth was. that no person was allowed to pars trom the Quarantine enclosure unless, iu theoplnton of the Health Offlrer. he had bee n f. te't froitj inspection sod cont-gi?n, and no baggage U permitted, undo* any eirrumataui es, to go out or ijuarauune until It has gou t ihtough Ihe pvocegs of thorough washing and ventilatioa lor a ported of days, tiuch persons and b- ggnge as pass out of Qvarantinu are, in the opinion of the (Joarantioo authorities, iii a lit condition to p?ga Into the city of New York, and do pa?s into New York. In proof that auea (.ennisslous to pa?8 out of the Quarantine enclosure was n >t i angi rou to tho public health, he was pl< a-^jd to say ibat no i are-- ofsU'koeea had resulted therefrom. The Board here aJjourned to llouday. Thr 8o?p asd Fat Trying; Business. Among (be nuttances presented to the Board of lienHh by the City Inspector was tho factory of Mr. Curies Auckland, No 318 Wcet Seventeenth street. The mitter was r> ferret hack to tho City Inspector, with authority to abate the nuisance, i! any existed. The follow ng testimony was taken, on Wednesday, be fore the City Inspector, at his office ? Richard ?trpri>B, of No. 817 West Seventeenth streot, d?jK), ed that he lived nearly opposite Mr. Dockland s fat trying establishment for the last tlve years; during tbat t'nie he ha> experltnced a disagreeable smell, and he at irtbuted a sickness and nausea of the stomach he was troubled with to this cause, his family also were I'.l 'h< rrfrora he noticed the same smell all summer; he would cot say the smell was unhealthy, be cause he could not say ; he tbou^bt bis own illness caused thereby ; in the neighborhood there is a brewery, and a place where they take the wool off raw ? beep skius: he did not know any oUier soap factory in Seventeenth street: there is oue in Sixteenth street, A fancy soap factory, kept by a man named Jones; in the rear of the brewery la a sUugbter house; there alto ar<j (iiatiileiiis ai.d >ow houses in Fifteenth street he h*j ( gwd a petition with bis neighbor* annual this factory ; he hud not said bctore the Hoard of Health that hU (anii y mm not taken sick from Mr. Buckland'a Uctory, hnc?u>ebc ooulJ not mil. he cxiwrlenced no b?d stn-ll 1 1 tint any i.tltrr idnco to the u< Ighborhood, became tlioy were too far off; I wan enMlM before the Board of Hnaltb, bit I Uiluk .-ume of my tui?m were not taken do* ii corrtclbr. Joi.n W Psvli, ?worn? I reriile ?t No 311 WnM Heren iM.r.ib ?tr*H, nearly opuo, lit the factory complained of, I bave evpiriemel n very rilpagrecahle rmell. and have bail to If art my meal I when It < artor in the windows; my wife sUo comptaltx of 'lie tmell; It baa tot mile me sick that I ain awsre of. Ii ' 1 tbttok I', U (lu-iU'rom to Wo jtailb < f lb* or :^bbr>rtoed; tb?- fat i? brought in barrel*, mbl'-h I have iMl ?? <<?* lh' streat. it Is a llithy smell. Cr*?a-?xam a. "! ? ! krow the u< Ighborbool . there la : i bp kind at a facto, -y oppo. Ite my u'ni.ip. w icre I have itii -iii<|on), Uicri In a amp c-uMUhm-nt further >.p; there I < k f'i p h< act. dUtllliry and cowhouse in the netybbftrboM . ! I. it > 1 1 .??.??? ?r v sickness caused l>y tli?f> ^art^ry.'r tbau that It U sal I people have t'lnilrd i p wrtP rr.ea'a f>oiti ricknesa of < '?u*o<I by the iir.pll; the rbtnKipy ban bet? b ittt hg Mr, bat 1 ImVi oetic. d i.o itinge in the smMI. AH HrKcnr'r i!ei<vetj mat lie lived at No. 3]1 W?at seventeenth strr ?t, In the ??nc htiitc with Mr Davis 1 know the r tablishirert of M<\ llucklsnu, spok.-n ot by ibe prev.oi;:.- wi!rr.#er . the odor In dljafr. cable marl,? ? ttry day, an., my stomach ha* been nauaaatoi there tr?ni : I think It la oarperom t? the public health . T know I 'live n- 1 had try bra lib since I hare lived in Ilia neigh iiorbiMK : 1 tbbi? tbtre m no difference In the nmell incj ibe inldd'e d .In do In*, but Is not so ftapi.-at. Cn?*-e*sn.itied? J have be?n inside the %ctory; there been n't- ration-, btit do not know that the vapor has i < en roadetifed. I ?u?iiim?i ?m> 'I ?a?, but It <toe? not tOtcl ?><- an I am a recttber of ipiriu. 1'irect? Or<? or twice lately I have experienced a l>ad smell, trrto the trytrg of ilia lat. Jsir's letiyrew worn ? 1 realde at No. 318 West J< v< nt*? Mli -tr t; 1 rrride about opposite Mr. Buckland'a tallow tt)'ng <*l?bll?hitKn?; 1 hare efperienred a dla -Bfreable rtneii, and two of my (iitnlly have been fttc.keneil by it. in my i.p*nton; ? have felt a dlt*vitkm tn \ .tmlt frotn t: I think the 'Bieii Ihu been wor r lately than hereto fore. Cro?t mihrt-l win examlne-l be 'ore the 3>?rd '?f Health, abci i the .iinrna In my family; my chl>d bt stiil rck; I do tot kruw wiJi wha; di<eane; II wa? not dtarr i ira. nor r? vw, M a <l'i lor was c*ll?4; my wife *ax ?M?. s?^ '*^1 me.ll n. ; I bad no doctur fnr !ier. Tne e*?n- mefton for the defet oe w*? thm taljtn op. lew'* J Kirk unorr? I am Health War'loo ? rtho A>r?? i .-iitli ward li^am'ned the p'we last Friday, and rn p ried that lh<* plac? r<i>i d be *? pt >*leonet ; liie fn^pact'ir u H n-.e that he wi?bed lo knew would Mr BncklaaJ'a re(?nt IWpniTrnienix an?wer t'ie pnrito?e; I want next ? ?y and ?l""<l w itMn ftmf let l ?>f the ra? tfires qnartcr* of an hour, and expertcm-ed no d^gri-enb^e ?me'i. I umnd the \ai tovered. and an opening In the e n er to site air and lorro the ?tercl) down Into the firs and II le, t opened the vat, when a liad pmell raw out ami I shut it down sgaln. whet no o<lnr waa pero.ived, 1 Unnk It the beft improvement I have aeen in tne S4rrem?enth wend. Cross rinmtnei!? In my opinion. I'd? not think it detri mental to tbe public health In tha way In which It Is ev il* otk. . J. VrieUnd, M' alth Warda%, Fiftemlb vstrd? I know tbe pslablkhment complained of, and rnite< it. I?>t >l"nday after now. and found tbe loor and ewtmiM tho Moghly cleaned; tbar* wa.-> no tmrll nntlll fit to the holier; when tbe oomr oas raOMwwl ibe repp er wae one third tull Of fkt, with a (Ire uoter. It Wa? m?t?n fbt In ?, lllthr. stlnkinf rordttkifl; when tbe co rr sma ^hot down no smell ws? d-er.ovrajt; m tho str?et tbsre wa? a ?metl. bnt I do not Know what it ar??e fVooi. Com kiln Sliarp depnaed that ha tivrd a 271 Went El(ihtrentli ?tri *t. about ysrds dlstaut (roi,* Mr Buck Mini s. I have o?periwia?J a bad ewd, sn l, wts nausc sleil si tbe ttotoarb. My Jkmlly lived too f tr off for u to do mveh dam*ge w. thess 1 think tb?sm?U nnliealthy M?t*h?w Allen, of ail Seventeenth ?lrr*%, did not think h* was a competent witness ??< to bra!'h. \\ m. S Marttoi Heptwed thai h? and Ms wife had b?i?a rick, nod he thought the fiMtory datifwnua to tn - p iMio health. I nwMte so material dtferotw* since l.M>t .run-, th? *mell is 'i?it* as bad as before. I?vM "later, or No. I0S ifeet -teTenteenth ttroe da poecd that be was In the sane Una of bdrineas B > bt I been In 'be factory, asd he thought the '!Wagrea*bl< fmcll arose f>ow? ibe fat. aoap smt candle maVin fa*to ties n ske ao f?ell; my fhmily rompla n of this pltoo, snd lesve tbe Itouie in the evMing. when tbe swll ga nr tally praralli my fk toily have remained gw?j unti t( "u o'clock at night, to escape the smell: I think the place aa. igtrouc to the public health, and can prove It; I think thei e has been uo perceptible difference lately in the pro I ce*8 , melting fat. gaseous matters are given off, which in ?oat ' making io converted into ammonia, which in not Injuiioi. V *t the tine I visited the factory I found the fat had been k<Pt in barrels heaped for hours, and conse fequently was in a putrifled state; If while in the barrels an alkali is l"il on it will produce ammonia, which U not injurious; 1 believe that proper precaution would put a stop to the n Usance, it is saitf to be worse now than It was. Mr. Slater On**'y "tfeod to visit Mr. Buck land's factory, and tee if any improvement could bo effected. The neigh ->ors did rot wislj 10 drive him from the place, only to huve the nol^ani e abated. Other wituiMi-a w "ru examined, when tho case was ad journed until this mo, 'ning. The following protest ? was entered : ? N*w Yoke, August I* 1S6?. I respeetraUy beg leave protest nK.nam the constitutional* lly of the l?rw of the Statei'f New Yes*, under any proviilon of which my business at Sib' West H&veutennth street mio be biokcn up, a.i< against jviur right autl authority to proceed and invest igat* auy churg\ ts a gainst me. tthe Hoard of Bealth toemg now Tn seisiou. CHaJMMCH BUCKLAlfD. Uboiu.k W. fltikTosr, Oto.v liisswctor. Tho following handbill I i curious md i /.(creating ? TO 71 IK rrHLIC. luring the vellew fever *nd cbo'tra, noap uafclnij is one r.f the healthiest occupations, a urt ttai . ast auhjet to cholera cf ary trade in 'he country. ( *?<? tho raoort of the Krnnch Com mission on the Cttolcra In t ai"is In IJS translated from the origmal, and printed by i-ccaoamen: Atlon of tee Board of lleahh and the Academy of Medici*"- of the city of New York Bee pages HM to 169 ) As the r n>k from wt,trh these fact* are quoted heart Urn imprint ot r'<- llo iri of health on the title page, we pt?3Uiue that it is to :*? relied upou; al all events, it may be aasunu^l to l>e ao far reliable tha. we may u>e the experience of- lis authcc as ji psareution for panic* got tip by interested parties to the fnjury nt' trades which, however unpleasant to line ladies and gen hrmen. are wither Injurious to tli me employed in thesn. nor rmwholonome to the neighborhood in which t ley are loeated. nay the juxh cal autforlties, Is nn rust J In siniilsij i ni> i MS Ism andcleaitot ness is lauded as tho Bert thing to godlineat. -or the chrtlei* tret ds in dirt. a reason you cumtXMI, Mahomet knew that he .ihouhl nertor i:et gxjrt Mustuhren tflieat lie kept their bodiei in a iit eonditiou, ail Aere'ure fci# Karsn rtotimmenda Water oofteusly, and tcraljr declares to hl.? follow s. " tlod loveth the clean." It is iliU, rait to behevt* in a dirty Christian. To convert a II illiy sinner, i is nccessarv to k??in hy washing hint. D'iriiig the plan ue tn London in lfitifl, the yet'ow fever in N'ew York In IKS'. cholera h* Jtew York in I.S32 aaii ls^a. iu Paris In in tn 1.S.7J and IV, 1 no person -mgaved (u the trade of soap making vrta a racked by the a'wre eplde mica. Letodg, one ot the rreatet ehemisla in the wot tL savs:? The quantity oi soap consumed by a nation would b-emi fnac curate aieaaure whereby to tomato its wealth an?!- civiliza tion. Of two countries, with a a equal amount of peculation, the wealthiest and most etvlti/ed will consume the gi-eiieHt wi ipht .it soup " The inhabitants of New York have li/ng en joyed th? reputation of being in their persons Hmnng tl eciean enpeopln in iho world. I,, i not the ftty Fathers ad,<r>t any *iep io banish .-??sn *? d redin-o .is to the position ot' the Wthiest In Iheerrat-on. Health und clexjiliue-s are so closely oilied, tlmt if th?y hhouhl lie divorc-d by the Board of Health, we fear they w ill only jjivc evidence that they have mistaken their mansion. tbateasp boiling establbbments, tltongh offensive to the oltactory aerve>?, Kre not inlurloee to h> altii, was proved on a trial reported in the Ni:v, York IIriiaui, in October, lHli, by l'rofee*ors Smith and OI'iUOH. On the conirary, some of our inont scientific men are of opinion the tteam ariaiii!; from the lioiiisg of caip bus a s.ilubri-nu effect upon the atuiOM phtre line stronK fact has not been denied, namely: that none of the men employed In theao esiublinhuienta have ever fallen victim* to ekolera. Surely this speaks volumes. Hut, if Ihe 1'oard of HeelUi ihlnk that the trade (XT s.i ip boilers Is perr.lotoits to the public health, let there be uo distinction in the spirit of fair pier to Individuals and of justice lotlie public; let them All be laid low with oac iadlsertnUBating stroke. The celebrated Or. Mitchell, of this ci'y, said, in 1*22, he wouM be glad to see ? soap boiling establiahment lu every Street; then there would be no yeliOW lever. I?r. Mill hell and I>r. Hojeack, both eminent physicians, were In the habit of taking their patients aiflieted with con suiuptioa inui soap facUiriPN, to Inhale the steam a rising there from, aad with sticceu. There in men now living in this eily ? ha have l een entirely cured of tlmt complaint by work ing Id these establishments. The special committee of tho Bsard of ITealth, Coun cilman Phillips chairman, met ou Friday, t j hear evi dence upon tbe complaint against the ?oap aid fat bull ing CfUbllsliment of ffm. H. l'.tiner, in Scvcith street, between Eleventh and Twelfth avenues. Mr. James 3. Staey.i appeare<l an couu^tl for complain anta. The first witness cillo.l wr..t Cornelius C ark. Ho taid that fat was btilcd at this place; the fat was of all descriptions, and had a toiokly, Wp leas ant .smell; he had not bten sick himself and ,nono of his family from its (iiect; he had seen bone i duii.pcil on the walk and in the gutters in front of ihe plnoe; two sltughierhouies were near tho soap luctory; ili"ae places were thore be fore thi t>iwmng oi the ?oap factory ; iiom the slaugnter hotitc.- he had ue\er ptrct;t>eU any particularly unpiea fant sp" 11 jol-n ^Tillfm. ne l eallad, t thr.t lie liad eapa rtenced tickuecs IVom fue snap * id tat factory; it was d>sgrceuMe to his fan. lly. but sine except him-eifbad been niiple sick; he tliougut tbe di.- agreeable smell came It urn the chitnncv as well tuilroui open windows; he had nothing to t.onii>Uiti of aa to the siaugbtiirbouaes adja ccut. Mis. Kosn Timinotid wai nr zt called. Hiie said she had been mu 'e fiiqui i tly Hick from the fat factory; it would tnake a score ot lioraes she had but ju?triien Horn a tick bid, where be bad been coulioed three wieks, and slie attilbuted her sickness to tho c Hoots of the lactcry. heveral other witnesses appeared, confirming satisfac tot lly the above !>r Klrfh, Mrs. Frances f.'rcgo-y and Daniel Smith tes tlEed to the hcalthfulnefS of tbe odor ensuing from Mr. ricrvoa's factory. TUey s uited that no impure lat was used tn the place. The committee gave no decision, but announced that they would hp?e<Jtly prepare thetr report. Brooklyn Boonl of Htaltk. At the ncetlng of tho Urooylyn Board of Health Satur day morning, application won made for ptnMm to bring the brig Bm. R Klrfty , which arrival from Rio brands, Brazil, June 2*, oloog-ide the wharf to discharge her ? argo, which consists of hide*, horn, hair, kc On account of the excited state of the public mind, permis mod was refused. A committee of the c* ..-.ens of tbe Kvghth ward (Gowanus), spi<olnt?d at a meeting or citixent on Friday evcLing. wad -d upon the Boar I and stated that as tbe diaiaKe d.d not wtm to abate, they would auggttt that a natrol of poiico be stationed on Twenty sixth street, to prevent MO oommnalnnttoa between tho inOcted district Mint tbe rest ci' tbe ward by ragpickers and otbors of that clan. Tho Mayor Islortnsl tlx m that this precaution had al r- adj b?-n taken. They also i equated him to lake some iteja to atop tho con<municstion between the ships and the ihore. QMsldciable smuggling bod taken place, tbe parties on liosrd the ships bringing sega rs and exchaag ii g ibero tor r.m. \r. The Mayor xuted that tho Board of Health ot New Y<?rk bad ordered the removal ol the vneneln, wbirh wuidd uf courne pa' a ?fop to thla pr actios. Alderman \au Brent, however, iuid the smuggling was car r ml on even with ? ..o vessels at Platen lilamt. 1t>e Mayor repiisd be eon Id net Interfere with this; the cttlneaa mast H something to pr?i< e.t themselves . they I. ail better continue the lanes Committee and patrol i be bearb. I h<' Mayor elated that th4 Boirl of Bea'th of New I tr< < M h?> wade an sppointuient to m? t him this worn Ing in regard to a patrol ft r thai district. They did not -e? m Inclined or capable of doing anything to Ulo care of th? molves. I etmi"irn waa granted on the e< rllflnll or tbe lleilth ( fl r*r 10 the btig Kudoris, Irom C.enfurgns, to lighter her rargo fioir guarantiee an I Un.l It at Commercial wharf, Dock. CsMtlcton Boonl of llrnlth. The Board of Health ol (Vtlcton met yesterday after noon. a' 3 o'clock, at the cilice of Justice Wolf. There I were prrseat at tbe meet ng Supervisor Christopher, Jus ! >to> ?? l'reaa, Infoirrst and Wolf. He per vis or Christo pher prrs I>r. I ju, the Health <KBcer, parsnaat to a rerol ilion istssed at Ike last meeting, read a report as to tbe present bi-alth ?f lb? town nrCastletnti He Hated that the town was la a healthy state, and that no cate.-t of yellow fover . xisted within it* boundaries. A partially written report w? nevt presented by Mr. I, C, C'ark, aetli ( as ronn -el fhr the Board, glr!ns' a r? vk w of the report of Dr. Thorn] ?*, tbe Health ihileer at Quarant'.re, and tirdicating thi action of the Beapt of Health ?t taatteto* l? etVflfeag the recent barn ;ade arm nd ike ho*i ia' gala, and -dlier aottoa on the pat of the public authorise! far tiic pi ..serration of the gen si a I hsoltb. *rt> e(,m nt 1' the report of Mr. C! irk (whioh will be fTtvra a lull in to morrow's Hsmald), a brie! ousvsrsa i on o? md upon the i roptisty of reconstruct^ the bar rkttUs. nr. fuai. advised, that if the reguUti xia whiah had bes j c'opti d? f art ot wli,.hwv tbe erection- >t the l>arri . ml-? by llie citlssos i>f iiMlletor., wera,, there was no shadow of doubt OS U> the right to repl* > the b?rrl ew'e. The rule* should be citlisr carried Mit thoroughly or rirofped. Jcstice Fsfim Aid that the gnard ottnhlUbod to keep wail h < 0 the <;\iara"itine gate and alone tbe walks vere too lax at present Uj the |><?Sipu?..ii of uuur iinties Al it waa at.w, nnlean mote ?tir ent men cotiM be pnt In tb?lr plane, they might as wait dispense wiib a guard altogfttasr. He cave it as bin advice thAt eith* r nas of tbe twy tbinp j be done ? tha employ s^nt of dif ferent mm to watch st tho Quaraatine g its, or a r*con str*icls>a i f tJha bariieade. I t. Lxa staged that be did not tlunk it adviwble to re j lare tbe enolemra at present. II tt should bo replaced It ttlM re^Kra a rery large Ihrcs to proieei It. As It was, ha thought there was nj danger of yellow lever get lirg ijntag ll o villagers, isd until there was mnoli dan gei he should counscl to nt matters i ensaia aa they wwt now. Tbe <wl>jsst Wat disposed of by leaving it with ih < B< Mth < iflUer to taks stK h MIN ? sxlgeneioa aruog ia the cast misbt dr rjand. Jnni sa i rc?n -.. D"forresL and Mr Clark s^ appo o ?d a ci intnittee 10 oeai'er with the Co ?misamvars of K ni grstioa on M rd?r, to Indnrethsm to mors strtcUy ?a[o a ?tbe tnles esbib'tahed by their body, res'^octln ; pereont g dt ng (put <>f Ibe Quarnattas eaclosura and also to re ant their eo opr'stion ia awintainltijr the reg tlatuns far tta t.eallh ol Ctotlfton ? A t ootmltlea of c'tl*Mi*,?OBrt?ting oC Mes?r#. W?. B. Tojrnicn *1, R . O. Hmith, Wra. P. Nlsmith, John M. Mvra ton, Kay a.impliina and John C. Oreea, wat, on motion, added to tb? above committee. The Board ai*K urned to Tueaday next. Yellow Fever at Fort HaalltMi TO THE EDITOR OF THI BKKALD. The all abaorblng qu'estion* in this community are, "Have we yellow fever among ua*" and If no, "What is the cauae V" About two \"eelta ago it waa aunouooed that two or three cases of thi ? disease _had occurred la the garrison , but not having si*n any myeelf, and know ing that a form of remittent fevcv prevatlet to sotaeex terl, many symptoms of which, in bad case*, approxima ted yellow fever, 1 regarded the report as ill advised and probably wrong. Moreover, I cou A see n? medium through wlrtch the tafectior of yellow fever COM3 possi bly beconiraanicted. Tho itagor ol th? eommurtty wat po'ntod towards several ships anchored ir.^raresect bay, near here, as the causo of the reported fr. er but with the md of a powerful telescope I could tat bring thoee vessels aultlciciiily near to believe that t'tey woro the cauae * any disease in thla loni-nunity. Korsu day s after this my attention was called to a jvoral casoa aear Yellow Hook, ea the road to Brooklyn, over two lullevlrom -here, which I illll regarded as r? aiittant 'ever, yet o! h decided ly yellow hue. Not '.Oug alter this I heard of b'cek vomit at Yellow Hook, Whlcj seemed to o">r unnislal esbla evi dence of fie character of ihe On en miry re ports were folly conttrraei, anil the trat quettio^ settled ?yellow few Lad become engrafted up-*# our shore and ?,?as "airon^r ?t.'- Directly opposite Vol low Hook; on I'htten Island, stands the Quarantine hospital with its verted aepul.-^re like rrcH loll in viiw ; before it the ?hipping froi-v tue tropkM he at tnohor in cloaa prsximity ; their pestiferous he.lks arc ('isgorged of their contents, und iV pert np raidcro that has been gaining strength during out! voyages Is alio We i to e* ape, to be wafttd by the w.Wn to iind a rxlge on shore. Here, too, thf-sjchlps, when yronoucceil infectious, ;.rc stripped of the!:- ."Wrijitore an J bedding, w leb U cast ixto fhc sea, to bo ti *?n by the ti.> and winds ami finally '.hrown upon [ the I'-^ch Ncthirj K more jpc Mftwoua thar fife bedding of an irfected ship; sad y< t these :loating vel eies of ma I Itgi ar.r j,?l*ou have 'Jeea thrown nerboard, '? would ap | pear. Ahtbout auy h?r<Mion, and doag mo btoeh at Yet low Hrsi'.- they have A en left by he receding 'Mi' to tsa ; ter in t ic ? i.n in somt Balances. \ ?*!?* iu many othora, It 's a we*. I know r tact Hi ry havt t 9ea> gaihure.T by poor people 1 f isg on the teach, or by -jg piekors, aud bad their co it-?ata emptied Tut, white saolM were 6f .^d out to dry be'ore being , ut '.n u*e, or coiTeyod to tho city, to be sold fcpriier muUm^ Krom ai. 1 can learn, t 'iTKicmf te no question but that turou;;h such n\ aas tlic yellow f*Te* has been com municated :o our stiore; and whether tJaM poison is not row cnlraltstViK in the it $ holes of f yrr Turk, conveyed there through the tame ; Teacy, is a rritatr v.-hlch mast he Inf. for t.r*i to ilecite. Itis . signiC *ot fast, which I may here no'k-e, tlmt not a person, so fisr aa I can learn, l.a.? died in ;im vicinity Arith any nuttnl symjitoina of yellow %rer, lut wh? was ?-^>osed mora or less along shore, a", or near "Sallow Hook ; and unco couorncication hia be^n mortty cut off With tnat quartor, we nave ha.1 rv: uew cases o>' serious dia ea*e. I ha v?* Veen exceedingly unwilling- tn> admit this ULwek-ome guc.'t, hut when Ma yellow vis '-HO Is present ed before mc, there is no >se a denying la. ts. for such a ? coorse leads to iadillereueo an i ieactiou. There Is as important inf'-rcaoo ?o be dra to from wbat I have herestattd, and th".t that our i;i*rantiue, ae now situated, o'hi. i but very sl.ght protevticE' to the citi zens of New YftrW und Broo'jlyr.. IT a malinnant disease ran creep over t!.e boundaries within which tae attempt Is waiio to confine it to bucomc engrat ted upon a sparaely rettlc-d shore like this, how cuu rely with tay certain ty upon its being kept out of ifis adjacent and denaeiy j opulated vHyt Notiilrg short o.' tie late exceedingly fa vorable chaugs in ti;e wenthtr, iron great hoal to a oool utmospbere anil frequent shover:< has prevented this ta lection of yullow fever In in eulsiiriating and spreading along the beach from YeUow Hoc.? to lirooklya, and h-o? ?> thence to New York. There u fo:d tor it in Cibundanoe, and all tlist la required Is a steady U-mperaluro above 80 ? e'eg., and It wou'.d spread like ti.-? Ic prairie gTast. Ia I alnuiutb are not e.-in. ntuil to the piopHgation of the pol t ? ii. but merely its effeets. V'e have now to w?trh the manifietation of tbia disease, and provide a* far as possible agai-st tM progreen. Having (scan^ahe iioaads of (jaarantine, It fas ioiikm ,blc to tell u iK'iPl will stop. Our create t reliance ia in the state of the weather. If it hold i _cooi, with rejieatid showers from tho north." it may n>t extend any further; but should ^ e he rubj?< ted to auotler heated torm of long duration, it would meet likely be otherwise. Much could be done lor tho promo tion ol the public by r. properly organized Board of Il< altli, tomt al Vellow Ilooh, and la that vicinity. It te ' very destrabie. loo, that such a Boari alio-. id In inade np ot members who would net ruii way i>n the tlrst apiMar auce ol a new car? of l'U- a*e. and that one or more of i a tnemberx should at lean be competent to advise In re gard to the necessary measures to avoid the spread a ( infection. A polire lo'rce should be employed and sta tioned along the entire snore of the Narr iws, with ia itrtctions to seize and burn every thing that floats froaa a ship, and prevcut every such arti. le likely to be tnfectid Iroui belt^K taken away by ragplckm or oth?rs. Every stacnant pool of water should be plentifully saturaUvt wlln liuie. and every other source of infection or condi tion calculated to foster tho deve lope meat of yellow fever poison, ah ou Id as tsr as possible b?? removsd or remedied. If our eJiizeas would stay at home, and do tliuir duty te tbemselvta and their neighbor*, there would be uute ranee for apprehension. It ia vory rare that anv ooe saves lile or money by running away from yellow I ever; and there is a duty which every cutren owe* bla neighbor, whu h cannot bo performed *n leaving him a ii" Toht Hamiitox, Aug net 16, 10(1. tiction or means to protect himself. Our Wuhlngtou Cum<]M>odtliM. Wam<i*oton, Aug. 13. ISM. Oil I VeUer't Paiifie liatiroad Dili ? TV" Fremont Ticket la Virginia? I 'lAUicol MUj<e*d*n" at Undented in Oka (Ad Dominion ? Gor. Wiu't Thread again I the A?w JfoerwwfU and tit 8vpport,rt ? Frmant '< Fri.ndU to h Hung Drawn and Quartered. Col. Welter bag hrrn ibe last of hi* Pacific Railroad bill I or tbt* ickciob. It ilnp<*cd of by Senator Hunter's motion to 1*7 It on the table. 1 ho disappointment or tbis defeat to Ool. Wellcr Is very treat, a* h s had ? nun :ed with a certainty upon tbe nucca.* of bis menwrc, Some votes were doubt loaa Influenced by the * toady opposition of tkl California Senator, during she toaaloo. to improvement bills geM rally. It In fair rcasouing that Oongrsaa will refuse to ja^n any of the bill* upon tho ? abject before it, all of wMeh will (o over to tbo next se?k*. feoator Wellcr U not tbe only dlf.appoltitcd man; thsre are besides htm numerous ontaldera wearing lengthy lacea to day, who were deeply intore>iod in tha suooeea of tbe m. vnre. The representative* here at '.he prr*H generally, bet n bacdnutuciy fed. to rive tlietr Issuance l a support of tbe ichme ^'nator Wel ter, of oonrae Lad imihtng to do with outside ar range meiaa, wbich are generally managed by tbe partial ranwdlately lntar?-!it?d. There la meb talk and rmre feeling amonjr thn Ylrft ilan* on tbe rub in ot Ike thrnt to nm la th? r f Late a, frt moot electoral ticket. A great deal U promned in tbe way of tarring and l.wlhortur to all th<we Virgluians wbotnayabow Uic\r republicanism by giving tbe >.*? ul tl-i ir name* for elcr.M rn Thl would b* both . loliah nod tnjtirtoas to M~gii'j*. or any ot'ier uithcrn Mate (hat. would make an attempt to choke off public -en idirtit by deny leg to their people the privt lajie of thinking and nctirg I ? >r ibenjvelvea In tbo po iitteal le^ue* of the day. \ intnia liu made already somo i ri fl/oa* la tsai *ay, by the e>pti'-lou< i Mr I u l-'rwood, n r>-?pect?Ne ritiaen. who?o cut/ crime confuted in dar ug to e*i>r< *? himectl ii jh n Cie <i icMlen of slavery. I i atiarstand tbat Bwsrasr w *r thrssti us to arpwt, uuder charge of treaeon t< tbe btate. all aneh *i may h- lound ilx i tie taking an active part at tav? r of Ff<'av?Bt. True nr not. as ibn may bo, there are those in tbt* city from that Hate who advocate the aotsure, no tbe ground that in Mipimrt ? romont 1* only, a cover to ktsamattOB, the penUtiment lor whteh It gro-. ided ft* hv tbe Hw? nt Virginia by death to IV, ,*rjv *o stTauuing. Mbould VfnrMr Wise ro oorrtrre the law a* t> make it at>t'in able to all the TiMnniit mar *nw it) Vi glaia. he ?tiM bave on baud m re executiora than he wouiii be a >i? to x> t through wlt:t hefort' tM JY< ?id<'ntial i leetion rUM* M. It I* -mo to predict tlatt^e ' *J ar ??.-oi?d thought" will aiggna* w?tr to the t ?.ornor i?d h? r>ie*ia before adopting ?.urt nc BMasuraa towards die ftieoU^ o( ^ t l"ti?ont Tt>< rr la a very Ui t probability of aor Charge at, *w t<eri and. Vr Frj re?rivirg permiaaon tor't?rn?i? il?e I'nWed State*. Tht? gmtv mu in* aerrvd the aena try ai rnad, in ren^^ns ble aodL rather I 4 "alive -flcm Itir oter tweny ) earf ?nd t la ao* thou d1* that he iboulA I a?? rert, tor a \*i;'e at lea-,* It ii an mwa who la k* lit hia ?nrr.esror. Vtuohly > Clfy *e.W.a., ? Tan l*n*n taut K* *.>???* '?? c -X\<cou*. Panfnrd haa ?e-en.p?ni *?ed *i? U tb" old jury (loavtn* ? tun , -i '?? ? * ? * of the both r alploaloa n Wilder 1 anfo i*aot?ry will he re Lomed to- tav at tli# Kigh'.h ward atatlo* bone Tho ,11 ia aontprla a? thy , r htving viewed tM hod Lfdereaeed In th'ii former capaoity, a dKinteriaent oQ their r*"u?l?>? * '? ^ naneres?ar\ . *ev oral competenV eMB?er* nnd w *r?ra la >ron have nee? suaaoaed r 1 wltaaaeee. f-ev <)n Wednesday, at nttm. * (Vre broke out in the competition manufar.tery of ftorare Billing'*, on the r0T. Mr of Va-a Brunt and Irvtng atreeta. The worktv Pn, \\ appear* were abaent at dinner, and the kettles & cow portion boiling o-rer set the plsoo on Are. The c(m|rnts . oonrtod of 40 hoxee of gnw "he liar. 210 gal' nj * barrel* of ceaaet.k The I'alon IVrry beat f mu alorgatdo tbe dock with aM prartionblr aad the boee atretahed to the scene at theconflr ^ rattxin when the Worthinjrton 'team engine wax pot in1? reouMttina A rtendy aad powerful stream or w ?r WM brought to bear upon the nre and .t was ettttng JtJlb#d ln a lljnr, Ume Tbe ? waa workediinder ,|,r, Tbnm.a Bayard, the entlneer, and Thome M ,be pilot. The loaa *naUlne<t by tbe Ore aimr nt* to about It 000 T*se-renin? prevons a (ire b- out la the honsa af Kt tlrabam No. 38 Butler W lr*c\ oan*ed by tbe ut? aetttag of a fluid las?p by the r wvant ."he waa conaid erabl burned a boot the he*?d* and arma 1 'amage > furniture about WO,