Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1856 Page 5
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Mm Cutlery ?The labmlbm o*n w?T DBKN, Mo. J Attor House, uJ 387 Broadway. Shell Dtmi Combi^ Attention la Invited to the iutwcribers' aiwrtment among which will bo round ibe . ?"? ,,?i" <**? iu'rT'V'v:?NDKRg''^r<^tw^: Portable Dressing Cuci, In all t^ |>e (MM Imports, compact and complete. containing arttolwt of ike very best uuallty aud elegant tiito. A. ? j. SAUN D*RH, No. 7 Astor House. aud 387 Broadway., White, the Hatter, hw ouue >iat of hla ?bell-No*. 210 and 212 Biwlwiy- and winged hla wigr to ltd Pulton atrect, between Numjh au-'. Broadway. White, the. Ilatter, with the Wlngi of Fashion dash. ? From the old -hanile* at each Broad var 'omer; Pbwnix Hke, ruing im? bin discarded a?hes, Megumm tk? title of the Head Adorner. Will IB llatter, l?M Fulton street, lictweeo Nassaa and Broadway. Steamboat Kiplonlon? n?e Old Fogy ?learner Daguerreotype, sailing up I igy tiarbor'on Broadway, exploded 1)<"r boiler the other day, but luckily no live* were tost, as the clipper Lamprotype c ime speedily to the reooue of Ike pqssen yei-w i?>k all on board lindtng thcra safely ? ever* likeness void of blemish ? restore# thrm to the catac imtis o posterity, at the simple cost ot 25 Mats. Depo: of C'aptais HOLKfcS, 2X9 llroadway. Pianos and .Melodcons/? Toe Horace Water* modern I rr proved plsnoaand nielod'ions sre to be found f\*. TtS Kroa-fwsy. Plunks to ten', atnl rent slloivel on uur:h?iii!; for aaie-un monthly payments; sccr.nd hand pianos 1'ruiu S'i) to 9640; inelodeon* from $40 10 5:135 The Piano.? The Crcalut Improvement It P. A C. KlHt'HKH'ri improved circular *<? lie pianoforte ware room 385 Broadway, opposite Broadway theatre Itanu factory, Iwentyulgbth street and Ninth aveuue, New York. Wholesale Clothing Warehouse. ? Met <? chanta visiting il e iiv are particularly Invited to iimneci ?ur stock of superior ready wv? lothinir before purrli isihij. DAVID J AUKOKOK I. I.BVY, 75 William street, between Cedar anl Liberty. Closing Prices.? Tbla summer sum tt <10 tylleek Marseille* suits 3 DO "His etc alpa< a suits 5 'X) Zephyr cansimeresuiis., J 00 Wn<te dock coats... t 0U White nan's 1 f) White Morsel! lea \?ata 1 50 Black alpaca pants 1 *1 linen pat>ts 1 00 l.lurn coals 1 Alpaca rests ' 3# Pinees*hsa?retle -oats 5 IN) Chock Marseilles pants 1 M At KVA*H* extensive c?' warehouse, Mas. 06 and txi fultoo street. How they Differed and \grcctl. ' I go for Kreihont and free soli," Proclaimed a manly voiee. " for my part." ? I a *on of toil, " Buchanan Is my choke:" " For PIlMnre I my vote will try"? Each held a different . ree l: But that Mmth Urothers were the belt Of clothiers all agreed. SMITH BROTH KRti' it.e price wholesale and r.'Udl clolhln ; wart rooms, >00. 122 au I 140 F-. ton street, N. Y. Sleep In Peace.? Protect Yourself agaliut mesqulfos, ami those who would sleep W>-11 shtuld provide themselves with one of llttsklns' patent Improved ouoples aad nets, which you will (tod a sure protecting against mo-t auttos. Tin y can be attached to any kind of be iste id, aad tfce net Is arranged by means of a rubber braid, so that It ti's securely at all times nud while It affbida the protection sought ft Is a beautiful am*. "haste ornament to the bed W f I K AT I ON, agent, 205 Broadway. Bathing Dresses, for Ladles and Gentlemen, at ??KKKN > and furnishing ustabllthment. Mo. 1 Astor Ilouw. A 1(4, just re oived inm I'arn and l.oudmi, ties, ?rar ai#, and zephrr. gauze, verirto and L ale tlread under -Ji rts and drawers, half k>se, Ac.. Ao. Paper Hangings at Wholesale.? Country aier chants ue invited to examine our sto.-k of French snd American paper hinging*, ern'ji'acing every variety known to Ute trade. THi'SIAs FAYfc A t'O , 257 Broadway, upp.Mlte the City 11, UL Paper Dccovatlons.? Thomas Pajrc A Co., 237 Broadway, near Warren street, have on hut. 1 every v.i rtety ol paper harglngs, .iispl.iye.i ou serpens, so that th *lr effect ? an h? fully arprecKted. \rtlxUo wyrkm-'n only en ployed and all work warranted. Por Faney Articles and 1 oys, go to Rogers extensive bazaar of 'ancv g ?xi?. 4'JU llnwiwar. Every r*. rlety Is there that the imagination -au oonoelve. Uretsiog eases, rei.cules and 'ave l>og ba??. porcelain, cbln-t, bfooaa oruuni.t ts comlis, brushes, perfumery; aad In the ehd.iren's deuartment, dolls, games and toys of every variety, at cheaper prices than vat, be obtained elsewhere. Deflanec Bajanxander <afrs ? liohevtM. Pat, B1CK lathe sole manufaetnrer In '.he fatted ?ta'e* of the above celebrated safes and pat??t po* !.;r p; i*>f datiaose locks aad iT3?s bars. Depo', No l'J2 !'.;arl s.reci one uoor below Boidcri lace. Singer's Sewing Mac hi ne*. ?In every Pj< ?Me way these machine 4 have aeenred the favor of the pub He The highest nremlums and medals have be 'n awarded to ih< m at h< mi' and abr. ad ThouKan.lsrre using 'he n on every variety of w.?rk with entire satisfaction and success. all who have anv interest m the matter 'all and examine. The ?aehlnea wilt be courteously exhibited, w hetlter they do or do not with to p'ircbnse I. M. ^.XOEB lid, No. 323 Hroadway. Thorn aa T. Green, Druggist, has Removed from llroaii way . corner of Walker street, to Hi ovl way. corner 01 Ko irtSWh street, I'nlon Flac! Iloie'. He re epeetlully solicits the patronage of hit former patrons an 1 the public generally. Baiihitnfn Hair Djrr, Wigi and Toupee'* ?? auperlcr to all otbe-a. Tkelr j." ?? Imp- nfiBfinU vcurs Biei comfort to the wwr, natural elegatee aud durahlll Hie untlrkKed and oulr harnilc*a h ilr i>e la applied la nruve private rooaia, at RaTCHELOK-i, sii Broadway. Opi|gtlti'. Pcitttmxri and fancy (looih ?tate-a *t? tlr.g -be c.'y. will Sail be Halm of ? Ifcn usee. flow ?? tor perf.imltig the breath u:>l beatti.ying the complexion Aiaoit u>'il)ic article In the markei. W. P. FKfRIDOE AOO., Franklin square. "? aw York. Kor Bale by ell drug 0gfc aa4 'iMj f ->1? dealer* 'n New York. NttpktnV Writing; rinld, and ('opyliig lakit ?The,,! uceqtialled anil jiiatjjr celebrate 1 snide* ore to foe had of all stationers throughout the Cul'cd State, and figMdaa. IIRNRT STEPHENS, 276 1'carl itreet, New York, and Stamford street, Loudon. A Retired Physician, who* Sonde of Lift here nearly run oat, discovered. ? bile living In the Kaat In ?n, a certain cure tor consumption, hroookitia. cough*, oak* anil general debility Wishing to do aa mu th good aa yMvllile. h" will aeod :o ?ucb of hi* aftiictart fe;iow hc.og* a* Sue*! i: this recipe, with full directions for waning up .tod succe??fully lining it. He require* each applicant lo in r?" him one ahilltag three c?uta to be returned aa postage sa the reMpe, and the remainder to be applied to the payment ?f thia auvertiacmcut. Address Dr. H. James, Jersey ??J, N.J. Iodine, Iodine? THK IWFAIUNU RKMtOV. DR. 11KNKY AVDSSS' IODINK WATKR, thv, cons run iw sorrt.i, ?a all l'a form*, snd a permanent cure for ferer and ague, R*tr c' mplslnt and all tnUou? dii<e,i*< s. Or Anders' peon Mar process of disaolrlng Iodine, mskes it the great atandird nxdkdne of the age Tested and endorsed b* I>T. .lame* R. Chil't n of thiafttr, I'rof. .James C. If *>tb, of the I'nited Mates Mlii!, Philadelphia; and recommended by ottr most dlatta ntahed phjmlaon. hetil wholesale ar.d retail, by anders a rosnirK, No. 3 Second avenu- and *1 Broadway. Also it* .1 f> Young, Chicago, HL and druggists generally. Retail *1 per hot fie. FW Clestilng, Preserving and Bealllf|rln( the teeth md gom? ?The aapoeiceoo, tooth posrder. pre pare<t !ron? the receipt of I>r. Howdltch, neutralise* all sold aerretii us hi 'he mouth, promote* a healthy aetlM tu the gufna, cieanie* mil brighten* the teeth inoet effectually, and Imparts to the breath ihe perfume of health, rtold In bo?es. Z'? and Met each, by tlRO K TNUKR A CO., (Ute T. T tlreea . ? bears'". No. Mt Broadway. Balm of Thovaand Flowers, Kalllston, Ban de t'oiogne. coametl?|uee French and Kngilsh tooth, nail and hair br i*b?? m I'rcni rsrlsky . Ism * and I'learer* honey ?aaos QUO. K. INOKR A CO., family chemists, SW Broad way, su -ceaaors to T T. Oreen. Laimratnry of Flowrrs, New Bond Mreet, laadre ? Pleese A l.ubin,? Frsaglpannl perfume, from the Hoi* <tty, the tiest and most luting perl'ime ever Mtroduxetl. Perrane H r*r?di?e, aprina violet, sod lUy of the t alley, can he haA at No. .'?*.? Hrofc.Iw.iy <IK?>. V. fNOKR A CO . Fa nily f*emlsta V illalny S villainy ( Heouielrela about lla* king a counterfeit Powder ahout. T.yon entreateth fhe public to aee That his name's on the label A t?c - mile tparlona stnlT? and Dangrron> lot>-|iur> porting to be I.YtJN 8 magnetic pow ler and pills. I< in the market- tf does not bear a nic siralle of his slgn.itsre, and of ttai medfcia i eecived from Kurotiean nations, ity thene dlllci-. linn thr fraud may he detected. Depot. 134 llrond* ay, Here 'a (o the Man who In Nlrlnirn or Ur alth. Makes thoneands speak of hta vrorth; Who scatter" around medicinal wealth, i:im?tng disease from the earth. RTivINPRIil', who, with hl? lamed panacea, tSves fevers and sguce and ItKck diarrho'S Ills bitters set ymi sit sight on your feet? At 70 you'll tina tbeni. In famed Hassan atrcet. V* flhinii n**-- ** ? ~* ? ~*~ ofPrnena who hara suffered from that tedious complaint, rheumatism, and Rare obtained permanent relief are aniknts to make known the meson "f "ire It wss fnund In the remedy knewn as Djer'a healine em woeattun. which la for sale in the principal drug stores In town and Conakry. C. H. Ring, l!d Uroadway, ?moral agent. Koid also b* Barnes A Park, Clickener A 04t A, H. riRliU, Proprietor, Pro*ldence, R. I. .!, ClaWNa Kelly, Analytical Physician, wK beta sttendsnee at his oflloe, No S Bible House, Fourth asarne, from Monday, August 18. until Saturday ?, for con enRatlon upon all disease*, hot parttciilacly of the lungs, ||*#r and kidneys lanltea and gentlemen are Inrited to call. Or. Bmllh'a Crystal Ualvanle Battery. sgwtr ta*??trp. roa wra rot. rrsrns?? Ma admntngca over lh" liltte \itriot battery arc the ginc never W.W* clean In k and runs ten 'Imes as long without tc plentehlttg The Instrnment has both a direct and alternat'ng current; warranted to run well. Prtec tU. Those who hare i the blue yitrvd hat'erv can haye tln nt replacnt with the cryg 1 lal battery thr ? "S ANin, B. SMITH, 77 t'anai Mreet. Ilallnway ? Ointment and Pllltt.? The Fa* ml% medicine chest that Is famished with these two MVtrfal i j-eaaarie? needs nothing more. Krtiptiona, sores, wo iinU. oleers, tumors stut stlit joints are infallibly cured b* Uie olnt atllil, Mn all a flection- of the bowels, sio'tnach, and liver by the pills. Hold at the niantifhctorles. No Hf) Wmden lane. New Tarh, and No. 144 Wrand. I.otvlon, anti by all diuttgh*' ?? ?Jbt., BH* ? a1"1 *' P1*' l'f" "f hot. Iiaportant to Cousnntptlvee? -The Review f of Ihe treatment of etHiv.tmpt Ion- allopathic homeopathic I water cur" and by inhalation? from the pen of Dr Hunter ?dxmjd he read by every pet ??n "ho value* health. Prle? id s ? JJP HAN A Q<) , 4a(or Impnr ^ or iMyovcrUhwtiit ?f Uu Blood i t. THB <>** VT CAOBB ?r msglSK rr . ? now an acknowledged tact 'hat the blood a piwai' W > diseased action depend* upon certain cell* 'Mr ijlobulca Acoutain*. Wbea these are la sullko.ent niantity no dlae^a ) / van alto I th? knmau body. thin pri'*?ripl? oousci<ut?Mi ita vitality, or IWe Whim a person la destroyed by litjhtn'ug, or kilted by falling i'niu * great height if a vein bo op?ued attar the body la cold, the blood win all ruu on', ff>r it never coagulate* -St these cases. The microdot)# reveilathe flact (bat the Ufa ceils are all gone. Now, impure air, all tnMgu laritie*. Or excesses, too mil h labor, nienlai or physic*!, anxiety or mltd, fatigue. beiag subject tothora>* of the sun for too lung a time, -ant of pure air, anil sedentary hablta; all the'e, to a greater or liw* extent, injure the blood's vi'ality, by causing tha Aeitruciinii of its lit? catta. The tlrU sytnp torn r vperienced Is ix rhaps an ac.'i stomach, then come* dy*t?- p*ia, 'In* follow* eosilveness, then eomes the pain iu the side, ' 'he hacking cough, and (he hectic tl ush How ?hat) w? reunr.i ourhea h? Hy purit's iug our bioo-l, which mean* imparting those principle* to it upnn vv hieh iu vita HI y or ps-ver to resist diseosc. depends, we cure ourselves ?t ill tta se symptoms, in a wanner ho simple, an to giv? every day ?.M and pleasur*. In IHSB, I dis<-orered in thu vegetable. ex trm-.iaof which Brand reths pilla are compo?ed cells or glo "TMiles, evid< ntly endowed with vitality, and the name in Koii'! : al appearance with the globules or life cells of the tinman Mood 1 could not help thinking, a* I glided thro.igh the Microscope, ihat after all there might be more ln''i*pi> railnu than a -"-inula/ ion through the digestive organs than hud lieeu dreamed of by phvtfiol gists. I ant of op'ni in, that it la the Incorporation of this vegetable li'e princi ple ioto the i initiation of throse who 11H lirandreth't nlllp, tvhleb ha* produced all the wonderful cures they nave affected. I have prepared t concentration ot thil vegetaclu life principle. both in the form of a Iluid and in pills. The pilla I have named naitnaPAitii.ui, OB ure a nntTiost rii.L.", and each pill contains the active principle or live Hran lroth'a v egetahle universal pUla. In rostivene^s, one pill relieve I the bow els of their contents, without ucenloin' < anjrexcKa mcnt of the system, or even stimulating the cxhalciit vessels of tho canal; the ertec' into empty the bowel*, and eiiry off ex traneous matter already out of the course ot* the circulation. Both thetn and Hrandreth'a pills act ouratively by iu;orpora lion v, itb the blood. Imparting to it TUB JUICE St'TRt MENTAL on w.'ilch fur Mfc and power to resis'. disease, w he. her mallgt.ant, coniagkiun. or ntherwlae, entirely depends. The sa i -ii fni'illa In the ! ife. Addition l*ills ii an alkaloid ol tbat valuable drug. They have been used unite extensively, pi i vati ly, for seventeen years. They arc nearly tBsteless? a child, II he W'Usotory for them, will not cry to tik * ouc When there la a langiildueM, hea'lnrhe, or any I'eellng contra ry to the vifor of health, one pill will gres'lv bene it and ut'teu prevent serions sickness l'rom forming. When serious sic* nesH la present, then ose 'he Brawlreth Vegetable Univcinl Dills, w I th or without these; because it is upon full nuriratlon we must rely when danger is present Hut 'he. weak an I aged, and thoce vvfiose ?eoretioos are scanty or dry. by tlie occu in il use of Life \ddKlon Pill. ? 111 I believe, add the life prui ciple lo their hlotxl without the trouble of groat purg uioa; the tint uf health will take the plu -e of sal low nest, illo and anima tion ol despair. CMITV Or DISBASK. There is no departure from the idea of the uotty of dlse&to in the pteparstion of this medicine. The grea' I. m ay h n lour dUrereiit purgaiives with which to en ores his curn iv? method, I e., the principle of purgaCoo. .Vow, tho'iaumi.-i of his disciples 'we Krandrcth's pills, which, in smaller or larger (loies. have all the eilec'x of his ' jur dlfi'erent purg-itlres. Hut '.hoy atiil resor , occas. inally, to these medicine*, and even i-astor oil aliio, in sevre Inflammatory alfec tion-t, :>?? cause ol its deple'ive properties. I wish to gee the principlo of purcat'on enforced as a remedy for slcknesa, because I know that the int<'r?sfs of humrtnitv demand it. It is a gra'.i Acatlou to me to know I have contributed to >ts investigation. lh?>Be who fully comprehend its value as a reuedlal a ten', will use for "s enforcement those purgatives which exper.cnce has proved to them beat lor their end. It is coti ceded that in a long co'irae of purgation the bowels re jolce in a change of mulii'ine. When a particular purgative has been used for some time. It Is au abaolutt beneiit to use another of the same nature, but prepared in a dlfferout tnau nir. of different ingredients, the cure Is uccelleratad. I am convinced of this from personal and general exoeri?vu e. And the l.ife Addition l*l!ls sn be alternated with Brandreth'a, or vice vtrsa. I shall ucver permit any change whatever in the composition of the Hrandreth vegetable universii piiia. fbe hundreds of thousands who use them may rest assured I will personally see I bey are prepared as "they have eve:1 bee i . The Jong experience I have hid, during a life o. more thnn the average length, has bit confirmed my early Impression of their great value as a general and universal medicine. I shall a'wajs prepare th"m as tbev have ever been bafore. Throughout the world, the principle of purgation is becoming extensively recognized as indlspensa bly reciuiaite to sound health I suppose I have discovered in what elements health ootisUls? what, in fm-t, Is the uuity o:' disease ? what, in Act, comprehends impu.-itv and purity of 'he blood. If certain substantive p:oper:;es contlttuto the blood's purity, and these can be looorporated into it from a medicine, In a more - ondensed form than here'ofore in the ?i p<Ut?h p ,41s, i? n t jt ai duty to Oiler them to the pnbUe r Relieving u te he m, I havedooeit; and hcrenter 1 hive no sort of doubt hut that the Life Add!' ion Pil'-i will b'i as mach "S'c mcd among the a?ed and all pe.-sous of a delica'e habit, as lltai.dreih's pills are .-vmorg th" robu -. aad bll!o;ts. The SarsaparlUi, or Life Addition Pill, will be sold a" M cents per box, ooatainlng ten pills. Kor the vresen' they wll l c fold only at the prtn:lpal otlic v ?tt'anal s'-eet, and at ih'i bran h ollicca, 290 lio very, and Jll IIu. a >n atrtet. H. IlKA.VnRCTII. Hrandrt th"a pills arc sold at 23 cents per box, at th" prinoi ral oRlce I'M a , si street, ttrauJreih Buildlag; at Bttreloa < hookslor' ?Jt> Bowery, and 211 Hudson sfeet; also, hy Mrs. Males, 173 Fulton alreet. Hiooalvn; K J. Ilorsmsn. I2f south .si v tli street, W l.iamsburg; by T . W. Dvott .t Hons, I'hi'.s lel ) hia, ami by all reap ectasia drut'gis's hbI medicine venders la the L'plon. Died. On Thursday, August 14, Awrsi Kcson, aged 43 y ears, 4 months and H <iay?. Tho friends and relatives or UM family, ihe New York German Unite <j::ardx, First rtegimenl jJ. Y. 8. M., and the Gtin-.un G'oc?rj Society, er? Inv.tedti attend his noeral, from bis late ri'di nre, c rnar aveiuo U and Sixth street, on Ib'.t afternoon, 17th tnst , at one >yi<x k. Bit rema in will be taken to tbe Lutheran C-mctery. On Friday, Augual J.">, B*:n<i*t Cnrv, aged *? years, a navive of the county Ruaotnmon, Ireland. The friends ana relatives of tno tamlly, and those of her suns, Patrick and John Curly, and her son in law, John Murray, are reepecuully mv.ted to attond her fu ncral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, front tbe residence or ber ton, Patrick Curly, No. 7# Bailor street. On Friday, August 16, Jamv? Sunn, of county Cavan. Ireland, aged 68 rears. Bis friends and acquaintances. and those of his sons, Hugh and James, are resptctiul'.y invited to attend bis funeral, ibis afternoon, at two o'clock, from his lato 'eaidcnce, No. 110 Pitt street, oorner of Stanto'i. Oti Friday, August 16, Mary Jans, daughter of William and Ellen Carolin, in tbe 1 lib year of ber age Tbe funeral will take place this afternoon, at two o'clock, from tbe residence of ber mothc, No. 04 Prince street. on Thursday, Angcst 14, Axxis JUislu, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Howiiogs, aged 6 mcnlhs and 14 days. Philadelphia ledger please copy On Saturday August 1?, of consumption. In th? 24th y< ar ol her age, Briwilt, tbe beloved wile of John Fitz gerald. Tbe friends and re'aiivet of the family are respectfully Invited t < attend ber fcnoral. ibis afternoon, at tfcrea o'clock, from the residence of ber brother m law, Thomas Uriflln, No. 214 Twenty first street, near First avenue. On Saturday, Argust 16, Jou.v F., tbe Infant son of and Sarah Anne Wallace, aged 8 months. Tbc friends and relatives o. tbe family art respectfully 'nvitcd to attend the funeral, this morning, al niue o'clock, from the resident e of his parents. No. 191 West 1 Dirty tlrst Street, between Fighth and Ninth avenues. On Salu day, August lfl, alter a brief and severe 111 rs*s, Mrs. t.vs Jones, of Wales, In the 69th year of bsr age tb* frl bi'.i and acqualnUnota of the family are re srectfUllr Invited to attend Uie runeral. this afternoon, at two o'clock, from tbe resldcnot of her daughter, No. 10 Monroe street On Saturday morning, August If, Jutn P. Roiikhts, In lh? 61st yesr of bis ace. Tbe relatives and friends of tbe family are respect fully Invited to attend tbe fanetaJ, this morning, al seven o'clock, from b s late residence, No. 117 West Twenty ninth street. Paterton papers please copy. On Saturday, August 16. Mrs. F.u ts Barkis Mi . (IU1H, wife of Michael MoGratb. in the 66ib year of her age. ()n Friday, August 16, Jn?us Aijkasok* Ki usoi, aged 80 years and I month, formerly of Bally mena, county Antrim, Ireland. ills funeral will take place this aflernooa, al oat o'clock, from bis lata residence. No 174 Bowery. Ills r. renins will be taken to Grtenwosd Cemetery for inter* met. I. On Saturday, August 16. after a long Illness, Mart .Mi*, daughter of Thomas and Honor* Keating. Tbe relatives and friends of the family are reapsclfully Invited to attmd ber funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, fi?m iba tesidenoeof ber la her, So. M Roose velt street. 'm Saturday evening, August It, at * o'clock, Miciiast Carsou, a native of Enniscorthy, county Wexford, Ire land. >n the 87 th year o. bis age His relatives and rri>nds, anil the numbers of the Irl fo 'Jrenadlers, C*pt. Putty, Ninth Regiment. are resprcually Invited to attend bis funerel, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from hie late reeideti. e, No. 161 Duane street. On Saturday, August 16, alter a sho t ilinese. Mum 8., younce?| daughter of Fdward A and Mary N. Wright. On Saturday, AngiMt 16, fiusiisB Maktiv, the only son of Bernard and Mary Martiu, seed 2 years. Tbe relstlves and friends of tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend tbc funeral, this alernoou at two o'clock, Trom the residence of bis parents, No. 1M Mul berry street. California papers please copy. <>n Saturday, August 16, }? mini** Acotwta Kii uah, aged 2 years snd ? days. The friends and arqualntsncea or the family are respect fully rerjiwted to atUnd Ihe runeral, at tbe residence of ber paints, No. 46 avenue P, to saorrow morning, at ten o'clock. ** In Brooklyn, on Friday, August 1?, of e Hits ton on the brain. Jonn Cornea*, M. I)., aged no yeers, second son of George Cochran, of Klllylane, county of Londonderry, Ireland. The friends of tbe fkmlly, the members of the Medical Society of tbe county of Kings, tbe I'resklent snd Trns tees of the Brooklyn City Hospital, ant the mem hers of the Itlboloflcal Society of Die city of New York, are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, without fortbsr invitation, on Monday afternoon, 1Mb Inst., al three o'clock, from his late residence, No 398 Fulvoo street, Brooklyn. londonderry pnpern will please copy. In Brooklyn, L. I., on Pstorday morning, August It, F.i'Wi> M., youngest child of Charles W. and Mary Blea son, aged 7 month t and 22 days. Tbe relatives and friends of tbe family art respect fully Invited to attend tiie lueerai, this afternoon, at twn o'clock, Trom tbe residence of Bit father, No. to .lorsl'innn street. Brooklyn. At /amnion, L. I , on Saturday morning, August 16, Jadp f. , W:f e of J. Augustus Herrlman, sod eldttt daugh ter of t4.e late Win. Peanu, Esq. The friends sod relatives srtht family are respectfully Invited to attend tbo funeral, to morrow morning, at eleven ? 'clock, from ber late retldence, anil at th? R P. churok at hall p?st eleven o'clock, wlthsct fnrther no tion. The cars o( the long Is'snd Railroad leave the Powh ferrr, Brookljn, at 0 and in o'clock, A M . nnd fe Iti'S at S P. M. A? Old Brilge. N. J., on Wednesday, August 13. or dysenlflry, Jot.v O. Wriiijit, son of Mrs. Rachel Wright in his Mh ) ear. Oweje papers please copy. At Mtoomingdaio, on Satnrday, August 16, Frjtwt Lss, infant son of Wm and Cornelia ft. Whltloek. Al Cornwall, Orauge county, N. Y.. on Saturday, Au. guat II, Pamba, widow of Join Critaey. la tht lid year or ber age Tbe relatlvat and meads of Ibe family art retpectfully Invited to attend the faneral, to morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, from tier lata residence At Onford, England, on Saturday. July 26, Axil Lsn ha m; *if? of J9U4 v, ot Muao;u> AMERTISEIKNTS EEMKWED ETERYJ?_ UTKRATVRE. NVftl YORK AUQOBT 5, 186* ? M fctf8K8. AP-PLKT'JBI A CO.? Gentlemen?? In a hoik published by you, uu tar the title of "Vankee Travels through in-) Inland of Cuba; >r, the Men aud Uovernmiut the Law* ami Custom* of Cuba M Seen by America" Kyee; by iiemotlcus Ptulalethes, ' I Uud whim imputations on uiy public life derogatory to my charac ter uud prejudicial to oiy good name. Convinced, as 1 a u, Iroiii your and well acquired reputation, that y iu could only by deceit or lurpriae become Instrumental in tin neon and cowardly detraction of souio one who, under a i.iseudonyniouainuak, and by the 'let on of travels written b/ a atiauger, has attempted to vilify hid country and to lavish to kxjuy ami vituperation on the most respectable names oa necied with tlie Cuban revolution. I have been luduoed to im ply to yon In request of a fair examination nf the document i y proofs that I forward herewith, and which detect the fase boods and calumny which he has maliciously heaped on in-*, In order that, appreciating the jusUcd of iu? claim, you tniy resolve ?n a declaration thereof or some other aitisfaeciy course which shall spare me the duly o: an appeal to o'her measures, In pages 121 and 122, letter 22d of said book, It U salai? Otii of these chief*, Don Manuel Lorenzo, undertook a movement In favor or liberal principles. In the year l;Mo, which won id have entirely changed the regime of Ouba, and allow ed b?r to participate of the freedom enjoyed In the Peninsula. Ills plan ex'euded even to arming he people, In order to del> at the troops sent against hlffl by fawn; out, , through the private advice of persons wli ? feared the coitsa 1 quence* be was induced to give up his enterprise The moot exfraotditiary (hint; lu the whole ui,air is, that one of those who InUuencad him lathis disgruc<.lul retrocession was the -ituo Porurlo Vullei.te who acted oa -ecretary to the Cuban Junta, and who in now living in Sew Vork. Tlie Spanish wi-iter, I'e /itela, pr klses h in for his ?er> ices to the metropolis >n oc Cation, ior which ho, ui fact, obtained a sultabl i re vard f.tiui the gov-rniU' nt. Ilo will now receive one yet more considera ble, which lie d?*erv. a fur having eenirlbued, together With otliers, to the fal'urc of the rccontly pro; acted expedition. Now, If from the annexed documents. the authenticity of which can be legally estsl?ll?h"d It should be proved, 'trstly that It was Bister i?'ly aim ut' rly impossible tor me to h n > influenced Oeneral I oretuo to the abandonment of his intended resistance mi the tr <ip , ol K icon; secondly, that, far from ren dering services 10 the me:rop j'is. or being run ai de I for tii ? u my whole connexion with Ueuaial Lorenzo wasqualule l as sul<vcr*ive and hostile by .It ? stipr. in . gnvr mu?mt of Madrid, ai.d by the local authorities of Cuba, and punished wi'h expa trlatlon froin he Island. find peril' -lull banlshmont from aty birthplace, Kantiaco de Cuba, thirdly, that In liis quo?i lou of the Spanish Iniioiltn. P ex us la, ihe an hor of the ' Yonke Travels ' has 'alallied h.s stu em^nt to su t his inlsehlftvo upui !>? ?e of imp( schltig my chat icter; mid lastly, If my whole ,?o luteal conduct on o- iji.ou should apiiear In a dltloreiit light from tb. 1 In which it ha. i eon traduced by the writer of the ' Travels iu t *nl n," there can' J remain o > .nun s iu y<>'i. ni. i. fls as to the Imposition you have suffered at the hands. d" a slttwdercr. the deoeptlon praevsed on the pit die, and also Uso ? justice of my claiming through you some corrective to the iHlrrhauda and calumnies of which you ha. # been made the publishers and abet'ors. Ail and cuoh of the above positions are thoroughly established by the w? itten documents which 1 now jiroceeil to anal} ze. Number 1 lsal.teraltrans'ationof the original olllclal com nn nicatinn whereby 'ii-ueral Lorenzo entrusted me wuh a deli cate niissmn at tfe Court of Madrid, which I proceeded to a<: OiUipllsli, sailing from KtmUA-i de Cuoa lor Spain on the same day, 7''' ot November, ihJi), as i was enforced to do by said coniiiiuiiicntiou. oR'i'd the 6>li. fe/iiela, iu his li storical essay on the Inland of Cuba, speaking ot these . l e.tM. s.?> - page 575. in perfect ncoorrau.'i- wlttt laets, that 'it was only ou tlie lin>t days of iJeeember (IISW) that the troops !?t,-ude-.l to i'ri!.-h ihe pron'inctnineuto of Sa.ii' I*k< i de Cuba were In re i li ties* '' Kvemhcn tha prospects ol tleneral Kaeou were not. known iu M/itiago de < uba. How could 1 tallnence Ueneral l.oi enzo In any manner, having sailed a month 'i"f ? , e lor hpain, without any knowledge of the preparation or.iestina tkin ot those troops, and not hsving b'ld auv possible commu nleutiau with Ihe chief ol the priuu ctaui 'tit.) until a long lime afterwards? The barefaced falsehoo l of Phlialethc* Is thus .!. monstrated l.v an argument of material impossibility, nrd would appear sdll more conspicuous and slandero'M if I could present here oiy tirst l"tter to Loreugo from Spain, urg li g bim to "carry Ihe constitution all over tiie islan 1 a' tlie point of the baionet'' ? said letter having been Intercepted by the Spanish authorities and adduced ata.ns' ma In the proceed ings instituted Otl the occasion, and in which I was qualliic 1 as "r ne ol '.lie iir.nclpal instigators of (toneral Lorenzo " These facts are well known to all persons conversant with the histo ry of those events, and could iroreover be attested. In a ^r.-at part, by u stlmony frt>m Cubans residing now In this city. I)ocuinen's Noj. 2, 3, t 5 i.ntl r> are emanations from the su pM-m'1 government at Madrid, from the Captain Ueiural of Oils, ftomlbi* ? i.'l'Ul'h M'-xU^'er a' Washington and others, showing In whnt light was vkWC 1 fiT tMM mithirllles my connection with Uoucrai Lorenzo, uoutainlng tha proor? of Ky expatriation from the island of Cuba for wor; tlian ihr.'C j e.irs. and iny perpetual banishment from 8anti<tgo d-f Cuba, where in r presence was umsldered as "contrary to the tra.i oulllliy nno public order of the country.'' 4n<larethesa wh* t Pbilalethes calls my services to the metropolis, and the rewards bestowed upon me by th< government / l.ut, perhaps, heajudea, as a reamipcns.i obtained by mo, to the honors of ' Auditor dc 1 1 oerra," which were granted to mo In a former period. Document Xo. 7. which Is the royal despatch of that concession shows that they were awarded wltltout at.y solicitation on my part, one year and seventeen days previous to the pronuuciaiueo'o ol Santiago de Cuba. I iletv mv caluniida'or to point to any recompense tha' 1 inay have received from ihe Spanish government before or after that event I come now to the only authority which hns been , noted by the author of the "Yankee Travels ' in h'.s imputations against n.e. Pezuela, In his historical es?ay on the Island of Cuoa, pa?e 819. has the fol'owin?:? "Santiago de Cuba was mran wh 1ft a tranquil and indifferent spectator of the agi tation and misrule of a few persons who ordered everything In the name of I .orenzo. Conspicuous among them as enjoying the et-Ure contkleiice of the latter were Don Prati clfco Mtino/. del Monte and lhm Fonirlo Valiente, great parti (?ans . f modern thecries? the former lotpi ietoaa and etaggera ted. the second more cautious aud circumspect, and both sus pected of aspiring in behalf of their country beyond the uiere political liberty ot Spatn." And iu note 31 of the appendix, he H.S: ? "Don ryrt.rlo Valiente, i judicious and in.>l"rale man, gave some good advice to General Lot ento, and loUowliig the example of Mcua and other provincial deputies, was al ways orpoMcd to violent and disorderly measures, /n later Utiles, 111 ihe proceedings InsUtu'eil attaiust him. it was fouud Impossible to justify the acousation of his being a partisan of independence. *? Can any candid reader of these quotations, the only .men that hear any reference to ihe subject in Pezuela, * history, arrive at tlic'eoni'luslon according to which Philalcthes repre sents me as " praised by the Hpaulsh writer, I'c/tucla, for my services to the metropolis on that occasion, for which I. In fact, obtained a suitable reward from the government?'1 What ar - those services rendered to the metropolis by me, who was " the adviser of < ieneral I-oren 'o, partisan ot nnsjeru theories, suspected by many of aspiring beyond the political liberty oi Spain, and tried on the charge of pushing to the independence of Cuba from the >panl?h ruie?" Hut perhaps. In the sublime conceptions of my slanderer tube " cautious aud circumspect," to be "opposed to violent atwl dlsnrilerly measures," were serv ices rendered to the Spanish governm-nt, and not to ihe holy cause I had embraced. Ills opinions arc a' variance With those of the Spanish government, who view ing those services under another aspect, sentenced me on the is:(taslon to banishment and etllo, and in later times to death on the gar rote, two kluds of reward which, perhaps, Philaleihes has never been able to deserve, In spite of his boiiyaucy aud an noiu one's "sans cnlottclsm." Wore be t >sct up for the prise of mendacity and base vituperat.jn, he would certain'} tueet with no Competitors. 1 will not a'.iwer lor the present the charge made in the last paragraph of PhltahKhrs' slattdarous aaperskms against ine. It runs thus He (P. Valiente) wig now receive one (? reward) yet more ronsiderr.ble, w hlch ho deserves, for hav ing contributed, together with others, to the failure of the neently projected rxpedltiin " Neither will I heel other allusions snd lrucndoea which he has sown broadcast lu the latter part of his b?sik, teeming with falseh tods and vitupera tive of men who, whatsoever m?y be the j id^ment which Impartial hl?.u<ry sliall pass ou their Intervention and cond ict ?n the la*: rtvolut omry uioyvm'a' Vlto- will n?vcrhe condemned on the ie< rt w c4J egutubn and aaleulsUve prii dence. by 11..' aid of wliirb pseu.touymons palrlota like Pliil.i letbes are enabled to shun dangers and aacrliieea I must forcibly ! e ?.!# al on these pcrildinus Imputations, for fear of eoniuiltt'ng person * .in'i Interests in the Island of CuX>, that would be injot i-d by disclosures connected wHh a vindi-atlon of our coitdiiri In those evi uts. 1 his powerful drawback was well calciilaiol upon by that patented writer of cal'nnutea ?nil Impost urea, who ha* thus furnished hi* readers with the best criterion for judging of tlie veracity end morality of the "Ysnlicc Travel* tbrongh .he Island of Cuba." Should you, gentlemen, defer to my dsmtnd. as I expert it from your honorable standing, and from my right of obtaining a hearing In defence of a slanderous attack in which you have been Instrumental as publishers of the pseudonymous book, I will put In your hands, for examlaAtioa, the original docu menls, of winch the annexed arc the translations. Aud should )oul:ndin them suOlrient proof* of the m representations and fa:sehisals of Pliiialeibes respecting my cleiracter and good name, you will oblige inn by so declaring at the foot of this Inter, or In ar.y other manner that may oe doomed satis factory. I am, gentlemen, with the greatest reepnrt. your obedient servant, P. VaJ.1 KtlTtt. >l*srn i. c.mni'itilcaiion to P. Valiente. from Ueneral I.oren/o, entruKtliic Idm w ith a commission lortlie supreme govern - mrnt al Madrid, and living the day of his departure from. Sua tiago <le Cuba ? An lni|>eiious necessity and the we'fere of the country re quire from you that without either e sense or pre'ex', you dls po?e yonrself to sail for the Peninsula on board the brig w hP-h leaves t" morrow in the course of ihe day, '?ootid to the port of Hsntsndrr. In order that, exerting xour patriotism your vlr tues end the talent with which yon Vive been lowed, you etiploy tlxsfc' eminent qualittrs and the resources which your love of Illustration may suggest to you, at the foot of the the throne, exposing to her Majesty the hazardous situation in which this province lias been placed by its loyalty. Its love of the rons itu'lon snd nl It* n.ost hu h Queen, Ik nna Isabel the 8ec?d. assuring the tjueen Regent or the nure sentiments of sll these inhabitants who sre animated oy no other iles'rs but that of well meriting of the Queen of the Spaniards, aa proved by their i'delitjr, by the peace and tranquility which thev maintain, and shall e d?ayor to maintain tint irnisa^d, I and by their Indiascluble union with the mother country, of whose g'ssl or bad fortutt" they lute al ways partaken, and ehsll continue to partakr. without the leas> Interruption, with a'l other e?pre*?.o;.e'>ou may conceive, and may be sufgea rd by the case. In order that h?r Maieaty may deign toeonserve In Iter rlevateil mind the n sal opinion lo which are entitled ail the people of thie province Cod pre*er> e voor life for many years. MA.xiKLL'iKKVMi. Ai otvon n? Urtrito Dfii P. Ponrtaio Vauasrc. Ct sa. tith November. lH3g. M vtirt II. Omeisl mmmnniciiilno tr.mi the t lover nor of Santiago de t 'liiiato Poena Ms rat it ? Mnsuy. (Mrs. P. Valient#*, In re ply to her request let the return of her husband ? Ills Rxcellei.ev, the Captain t leio ral. oi the Island, in a e< inmumeatloo of ih<" l*h Inst , wrttes to me aa follows ? 1'onna Margarita Pn?ny liaa addi esse.l to no) a request stn tirg that her legitimate husband. Hon I* Valiente, complicated ?n tne plat events of Santiago de Cubs. I* deslrou- of reiurn lug to il'sl province an<l ashinit In his t.ame mv permission to that eliect In the l? iposslhility of acceding to that demand. I have resolved to suite the eaae to her Maieaty the gueen Re rent, and that meanwhile yo?i aliall inform the party of my cents! and is solution (ot her own government and correponJ ing rl ei la. All wbM h I IrSnaeribe to >nu for your know ledge, in eon foi mity with what hi* Ra< ell?ncy has ordered me In the ?imve ron.miinlratlon Hod preserve your life roc many years. POMa* DK TaRTO. f aans ? Dons * M vs?.?itT? DvaPv. Cf*? tbe Ath August. i?W *raara m official rontnaiinloatfc?n *o Portirto ViHrMf, from her Mil Jealy'a h<i') K\tr?ord?*ry kixl DnlpiiMNlll Mlnl*"r nea' l.? g,,\?rnmrnl <>1 the I altcd ftatee. In reply U> Valient - a eolW-ltatton of returning to th* lelanil of Cob* 111* ellenc v th? naptaln Ueiteral of the I aland / Cub*, write* in rnf at the date < * 1*t I'llv nil , a-> follow* ? I h**'4 recelred vf>nr l?tvr ?f tno Uth of May nil with the adHned *ollettatk>n "f Hon P. v ?|i?nle. recommended to run hy the Re\ Hon Tell* V|f?K and aupported hr yotiraelf, In* tntlcli aa the inl*rr?t?-d party *">ep? a reasonable mud net, and imiroim ' r retnrnta# In ibe hoaom of hi* family. Althouth hi* intwdrilii. In connection with the evcnUi of f nha. are rot fB?ora'>lc lo Pan Portirlo Vallente, he Itarln* re

f ?'lv?d a mmmwton front the Illegal avilhorltlea of that pro n * hlm?c i before ilie g.norn inentof her Mn'ffty, ? her* he wa* not on> not adniltled ai enrli rr mmlMlonnr*, hut wa* moreover ndnioHahed not lo r? lorn to the cltr (Madrid), I will eipo*- to her Majeaty, hy the |ir?t mall ti*r\e?, that where** *uiT\rlcn> lime MMmMA, dm In* wairli an id V?Hcit. );?* snfP icd the w!mle?otne mortification due to hi* fanlta. In behalf of the pnbtte turn, (nil lity and order whlrh mn-t he maiat* rv-d in tbl* i?l*nd. hei mn\ .1ei*n 'o *u?pend hi* l>anl?hniciit. and permit hi* Haven*, whercriom, and a(Vr having RH"n to the au!hotil!e? reltfT.itrd proof* of hi* parirtc conduct, inewfor mlty with the prncplea of the govcrnm' ill. he may he allowed io prnee?d to me n!?i " where lie had hi* r< "deuce. Thl* I* all I ( in do rowpaik-!e with Justice, in ' 'half of your rtwa nundatioo. And f ti-ai arrihe the 1 ,ime *o you for your iov#rnmont pray In* Oo?t to pre?et ve your lite m i nv veura Mr P Viurirr t. CAI.nKROtf UK t.A BAROA. lf?w Volt*, Aug. I, K#. >C**ru it. Official ronimnnieaiii.n froiii the Captain (?rneralof Culia to P Valli nf, Iranwrlhli'itoMmn n'.ralorderfnin Madrid:? In a total or ler. I. I 'in !??pt< inlirr nil., hla K* ceilency the ser r?t?ry of ?into aod of th? t'llra marine forern nicnt, writ' a to me ia follow*;? l|o*t Ku-ni.nt Pta? Her Malcaty Ihe Queen Beganl. In i oriformity wilh your F<ee''ener * eiptiattkni, in letter of the .a.,4 w livi P ^ MTKiiAPClUB. Vallente, now living id New York, the tavor of re urumg toihat laittiid, undrr the condition ol tu a going directly to Havana, where he shall remain, until having given to the authoritle* new proofs of bin puc (io and r eg u lar conduct, be may obtain I lie favor of returning u> Santiago de Cub*, the pl*ce or hi* re sidence *nd fauiliy. I communicate this to your Excellency, by roy*i order, for your own intelligence, Knowledge ot the lntereateuii*rty *ud cou*ei,uent effect*. Alt which I communicate to y ju for your judgment, uod preserve your life many year*. Mr. P. Vaukxtk JOAQUIN DE E8PELETA. UiViSi, Feb. I, 1S40. >cm*(? y. Passport to P. Valii-nte from her Majesty'* Plenipotentiary Minister to the United Suites government:? I Pon Peiiro \l<antaro do Argai/. (here follow hi* tit!'**, cnndecora'iou uUtiuctlou* and office), a- cord free and sure passport In P. V alien te, a native of Santiago de Cub*, vho. in compliance with roval onler of aith of September ult., leave* lor Havana, wlieie he -hall present himself to 'he authorities, in conformity with ihe provision* of sail royal order, Here follow the customary disposition* of pas?por'?.) P. A. AR'J VIE. Refrended? F. dk Lturu * Rakdahi, rt' Ci elai y of L'rutiou. WAKblNUTOK, Dec. 26, 1KW. .Vt'MRCH VI. Passport to P. Valient* from 'h" Captain General of C .hi, for going on business 10 Sail' o de '.'u^a ami returning in stantly: ? DnDCicuo.MMnVAt.ixs Ac. Ac, Ac Ac.:? 1 accord free ami sure naaaport to P Vallenta, Auditor de Huerra, to the effect th;ii he may be allowed to go to the <*tty of Santiago de Cuba, for hi* owu prlva'e business, sAlliug by (ho Meamslilp of the South, and returnlrg bj the same lu hei- tirsl back trip. Havana, ihe lCib of Mufti. ISt'l. OERONIMO VAI.DE*!. ncmca 7. Roya' despau-h of Auditor de tluerra. ISAICI.THE MM'osn, ac. Ac . Ac : ? Whereas. taking in'o consideration the merit* ard rocotn ?aendalile i-ireiiniKiai ivs ol ymi Don Porlirlo Vallente, I haw bestowi d on you the honors of Auditor de (luerra; therefore, 1 ordain to all the 1 a|. tarns 'Jene-al Comnvuida'iU at arms and Governors, to hold >ou as such Auditor de Ouerra, and to keep to you, and make others keep all the honors, grac ?*, pre eminenclca, and ? xampUons wh ch are correspondent t > ih.s clan* (liven lu San Ildefj.iso, the l.'tli September. IS35. I, THE QUEEN REGENT. New Youk August 14, IfiSo. 7>kau Pih ? We have carefully examined the To. ?umeiits sub mitted to us, with your es eemed fivor of 5lh inst We h ive no hesitation in sa> ing that we are satisfied, on our own part, of the injust ce of Ihe charge* '?rough' against you on pages 121 and li2 of the book eti'itled " Yanke Travels through Cuba.'' W" assure > ,ii i li.i' u e ii' ?! i'ii'" ? v regre to h.n bad any connection with the publication We are very re specifully, your obedient servants, D. APPLETON A 00. Don Valik.nte JUST PUBLISHED -JPII. KINS' UNITED STATUS Illrectoy, for bauke imnd underwriter*; price $1: sent w any part ol the United SfSe*. S or sale by A. W II. K IVH, No. 1 Hauuver square, New York SCOTT'S ? APH IONS.? JU8T PUIILISIIRD. AND FOR sale at ISti Broadway, Scott'* Call and Winter K.iihloti*, for gentlemen's oress. Price $1 SU ^er copy, or $3 a year. New nautical publications. -tub subscri bers have just rcceli ed a fresh supply of Marrva'.t'a Sig nal books, l?rew'? Practical Meteorology, Sailing Directions Irom Australia to china, Welt coast oi South Am 'rioa, En-' coasi of China. Palawan Passage, Australia, Ao. Also a full ass^rtmeut of the most accurate charts of all part* of the world. D. KGOKRT A SON. ,39 Pearl street Napoleon as lover and husband. Now Ready HIE CONFIDENTIAL COKKKSP0WDKNCE of the em PEROR NAPOLEON VND EMPRESS JOSEPHINE, Including lettn* from th" time of their mn-r.age until the death of Josephine, and al*o several priv .ite letters from the Kmperor to hi* brother .loeeph, and other Important person age*. With numeroii" Illustruiite notes and anecdote* lly Inhn S. ( '. Abbott, nulhor of the History of Napoleon, Ac. > pp., 12n.o. l'rfce, $l Jus'. Puhli?h-'d, Tuk H t'aonoc* Poisrur or tub E?<iusit Uncpiiii, moii CuirrER To Sase. Narrative*, satire*, enigmas, biirlesiiu^s parodies, trav esdes. epigrams epitaphs, translation*. Wlrti lOle* explanatory and bio;rapliical. lly J. Parton 1 vol., l^mo., tift'J pp. Price, $1 an MASON nROTHKRS, PubHihera. IDS and lit) Duane s'ree:, Ne v York. TO FILLMORE Cl.Ult l? RK vD. THE LIFE -?ND ADMINISTRATION OF MI LV1ID FILLMORE (From Wulker's Flaicman's Munual ) with f"r hi? election to lie Presidency, selec tions from his spcu hss, ana a correct porirali on steel. A lso, u (ketch of -he LIFE OK ANDREW JACKSON DO NK I. SON. American citizen* should carefully pern c this Important nhlet. Single copies, 20 cent* Club* desiring to circuUt* I be supplied ui f.s per hundred. Order*, iiitn remittances, to be addrcssc l to EDWARD WALKER. Publisher, 111 Fulton streti, N. V. TnERE IS A PRINTED DOCUMENT INTENDED EX pieMly for the perusal of young men just Issued. It. l* Interesting, and will be of inlini'e bcnciit to them, boih at pre tent and In luture; also of pecuniary mental and physical tm ^orlance. Will be sent Iree of charge on re. elpt of three ,>r lour stamps to ihi* notice and return postage. Address S. Larrtu, New York Po*t office, station A., .'or one week. POIJTU'AL. UTH WARD FRF.MONT AND DAYTON <H B-WII.I. hold a meeting at Manhatan Hail, Fourth atreet, betw.wn avenue* c and D, ou Monday evening. Aa|u*t l*. at s o'clock. All who are In favor of fpfemeu h right* are Invited toatten I lion. Horace Greeley and Lumnn Sherwood will addr.'** t'u meeting. VH. HARMS, Fnttlitt. C. Jmjuldsox, Pecretarv. North amrrican fremont and dayion otb A meeting of the above club wlil be held .in Tneaaav even ID it, Auguft IV, at MB Spring ulr-H, Street IU1 i RJBT. W. KDMOND&, President. Joiin MtCoaaica, Rerording Secretary. Iaikhmh Uiwu, CorreaponOing Secretary, PIONEFR FIl.LXORE AND DO.VEl.SON ASSOC I V Hod, Klgh'h ward ?A public meting of thl* a?* >,i?ti.m will he bold at tbcir rooms, No 185 fprlng street, ou Mo May evening, Anguat 1M, ai8o'clock. Hon. Frank ''uanlrghuc.o. < iu-nango ; Col. W. W. Foedmk. of Kentooky ; l.r?i< A Cohen, r^K| , and other distinguished spetk'rt, wl!l addr<? the meeting. The Kmpire Glee Club will be In attendance J.m. Oabok*. See y. D. J. OAKLKV. freakiest. 0. 8u>am IIoldkm, Cor. Sec'y. The fourth w*rd khimont club wi u. mbkt at the Brooklyn Muaeum.on fueaday evenlun, Augnt' IV Addreaae* by O. Ogdeu Brown. K?|., Theodore Tl ton, Eao Hud Col. K. L. Know, King* by lite Ro. k-y Mountain Glee < lub of New York. BENJAMIN V. AllUOf l, l'reat. G?:okij? H. Dat, Secretary. WHERE THE FAITHFI I. I.K VD WF. LL FOI.LOW ? The mem >er* of the National Ae.ericaa Club are re 'lueetcu ro attend u meeUng of the clu'j ou M t >Uv evening Augnat 18, at tta' lr headquarter*. Acaittmy IU11, No tjtilt Broadway, at 8 o'clock precl?ely. By order HKMBV SNYUER, Pr-aldent. llgMBV RaIOOV, ) o ... Jacob W _ _ I FECIAL. NOTIONS. FI.ORKNCR RECEPTION COMMITY**. -IMMEDIATE ly upon 'be announcement of the arrival of iho Balii*, I ully due this day, will meet at ColUna II. >t-!. :'?i' of Canal a'reet. By order tTYRCiS MGR^K, chatrman. 'fin*. J. Kt >?ru.. Secretary. INDIGNATION MISS MEETINtJ.-TnF. RMHDffim ard property ow nora ol the Slvth, Seventh, renth and Fourteenth warda are reapecfffcUy requested to aaeemble ta Stand mane meeting. on Monday evening. Anguat 18, ai7', r clock. atthe *.|iinre, Junction of Canal. K>l?t MHVIf ?u J Dlvlalon aiteci*. lor iMpurpOM ol einreaslng their |tni o( the policy that haa MMI poratied liy the aireet ONlMHr, In reg. r?l to the regnlatuu '"id grading ChiuiI atreet, and to wke audi othernml Ittlure meaaure^ a ? will toad to a jpeedy u llmt mcnt o( the airalr? of mM itreet. Mmhew A, Wllaon, J. C. 8nyder, John H. lillea, Abitah 8. Feekx, William R. Fwter HraryrroH, Dark! llolf, Wm Clrwr, Smnin l i ! '*rrr. (im R??h, Alei. Vane, Dr .lumea McClaory, Wm. L. Conklin, t'harlee Srhufner. V. A. Cannon, and a boat of other*. By aider of the Committee of Arrangement*. MATIIKW A. WILSON, chairman. 10. 0. F.? THK R. W. GRAND I.ODOE OF SOCTll ? era New York will hold an adjourned m?eting of the annual aewlnn In the room > Mdfellowt Hall, on Tueaday even tig, the l*li iii?t*nt. at X .1 flock. By or<ler. JOHN J. DA VIES, (Iran I Secretary. M ADONIC NOTICE -THE HI'R ABHABEI. CIIAPTFR. No. 147, R A. M.? The member* of thla chapter are hereby notified to meet at their r<K>m. 118 arenua D, on Sua uay. 17th Inat., .it 1 o'clock F. M , for the purpoae ot' pnylng the laat tribute of renpeetto the menmrv (Moor lata wraihy ? i.mpanton. A i ? > ?- . I 1 1 iir?n? < MHMM0M '? f tka fralamlty ood atamling arc reapertiullv Itirlleil 1 1 attend. By trder " " Tllft-i. MOON, Secretary. In find a of the II. OFFIC* RRCKITRR OF TAXRR, NO. S3 CIAIIW ?trect. mew Court llouae > New fork, Jane P tblic notke -To avoid the rlake that muat Ineyiiably ooeoi from the crowd of las payera who p it off tn the 'at ant d?r the payment of their t^iea I have .Mernilned to udopt the ' 4kiw 'm rulo, which will he ilgtdly a.iher?d uj (luring my term af ifflca ?I ehall receive nomon*y after I o'clock r. M. Fverj fllcer In thla I>? imrunrnt 1a atrlctly prohibited from receiving ?nvelopea ' ontalnlng money or che. k? fur the natmeatM aiea By order, UKNKY H. HOWARD. Reoelvar. OrriCl HKCKIVER OF TAXR1*. NEWCOVRT nOCKR No. K1 t'hamliera atreet ? I hereby give not!-* that the ii fur the year I8M waa raaArned by the Hoard of flaaar viama on the xth day of Auguat. IW, at five minn:ea before ait o'clock P M. the rate. IV .W 1<?> The hooka will be ?laCMl under my charge on or about the let September net?. a* payer* are' relocated to refer to the publiahed rulee, vhlch I Kh.vll I e runatralned rlgldlv to adhere to HKNRY H. HOWARD, Receiver, PI I. O RIM I.ODOE 2(3, J. O OF 0. F.-TH* MBMBERX of PUgnm Uxlge are reoneated lo meet at the I'Mlge ruon, 7:4 tlrand etrert, thla day (rfnndar.) at llo'clock, I.Jo attend the fnnera: of our la'e brother. Albert t|. tlravee. The mem ber* oT the t trder are reepectfully Invited to attend. Haul. Jo ??ec'y. IIBNRY E BROWN, N. 0. ntMOHAL. AN EI.DRRI.Y <IBNTI,KIIAN. who M WPPOHED TO have arrtreil here from Virginia, on the 14th Instant, haa no* been beard from by hla ft lend* who were ctpeetlng Itlm, Ihe Irare lea lul ijiat he may have liren attacked on hla arrival with parelvaia, lo which he l? etthjeet. lie la aleo palate.] In hie lamia and may be tin thla to communicate with hia friend*. Any information will be gratefully received by hla frlemla, at Ho. 1*4 Henry atreet, New York. SHARMCfl F H.-DO (?M*CNICAT* WITH TOt'R Illatrcaee-l frlande. ebom you lefl on Tueaday, 29th Inly; ?nay he well atlll. Nothing aaid In any paper ye4. Have .ontdence, and write to R. B. C| B. JONE8. WHO REFI.IRD TO W II. LETT H IIOI SB ? keeper ad verttaement, Auguat 3, will imd a letter at the lir wdway Poet olWee. A. D.-C. HAH RETURNED NOT* IN THE BROAD way Peal oflire. IWFORMATION WANTED? OF MARY BROWN. WIFE I of Thomaa .lame*, fnwa County Oork, Ireland, who ealled in 'be ablp Contlnant, from Liverpool, October 18, IHfli Any tnff matlon will be thankfully reeelved hy her kuiban 1 at Mr. ?*lr grieve 'a 287 Front atreet, New York. It M. -BADLY, HADLY AND HADI.Y DISAPPOINTED. |\ ? ?Hereafter nlwava 11^, till JU. Of Ihe few lefl, how mar v ahall I he compelled to remember with pain and regret, i. I how many ahail I have canae t > re. uliecl with toy" | ORWON fro ifTFERY POWER* -YOl'R HlSTER, MARGARET, | a deMrou* of hearing from you. Any Information will 1. 1 gladly recteved, at 7S0llv?r atreet New York, by Marga ret Pi went. thr mr. E UNION CO! R8E. L. I.-TROTTINO-ON MONDAY, Angitet 18, at half paat 3 o'clock, a match for MDO, two mllea?ni! reveat. Wagorm and driver* lo weigh *0 pound*. Jam. * Whejptey n**ee b g Wleked Billy. lT7 Woodruff * ? # M' WAW 4 Proprifk>r|( DRY QOOOI, AC. Basques and caper, ok THK NEWEST and about elegant designs, also a large and choice assortment m hmsldresees, tree* cups. Ac. , at 16 Bleecker street, Hsstef Broadway Mr. A. T. JAMES. BARGAINS IN DRV HOODS AT iuk aowtuy saving# store, 1 Ji, Howry, New York. 15,000 yards beautiful patterns line white brilliantcs, at lit.; ibese govt* Bout over 23 cairn Ui import. IO.OHO do/eu linen cambric handkerchiefs, at lit. per dozen; these goods ore extra, >nlm.irrty line. A line lot of new delaine*, at 2a. per yard. An Invoice of English au<l French prints, very pretty. De bege mid line: a t'or ti i veiling aresees, at 1a. Hough'i) patent skirt*, a< An., 6*. nod 7a. Do wtih hoops, at $1 A pretty assortment of printed cashmere tlannul*. 3 <-..??? h excellent Whitney and Uath olankeH. t? pieces colored velvets Marseilles quill* 1'ioni $1 30 to 42 50. Union Valley shirtings. the rest ever made, at Is. Cloth Uilile covers, a very larije lot, $1 to ti. Linen napkins and cio'hs, diapers, Ac , very low. Domestic* relalleil at wholesale prices. Our arrange!!!'-!)!* for pi oeuriug thru# goo Is enable* ue to sell them very low, in no instance higher at retail than tho lowest wholesale price among -he agent* or jobbers. All our goods are fresh and new. One price, and that marked in plain figures. K. W A W. K. QILLEY, 136 Bowery. COMMENCEMENT OF THE PALL TRADE, AT HUT A It.. On Monday August 18, the subscribers will open a magnificent stock op pai.l dress goods. to acoommodute the numerous visiters about leaving tha city. A. T STEW ART A CO., Broadway, I hatnDe, s and lleade streets. INDIA riHIimi DKJS*S OOODS, BLACK AND colored opened and for sale, at FOUNTAIN'* INDIA STORE, 633 Broadway. Also thousand* of othrr Chinese and<e article*, very rare and desirable, only to be found at the above establish ment. TUST RECEIVED PER ARAQO-A SPLENDID ^S t) sortment of the richest French embroideries), collars and ae'?, to which I respectfully call the attention of th ? ladle*. HENRY RICE. Mantillas and cloaks.? t?k subpcrihkr u now ready to exhibit his f-Ui "lock of these goods, en bracing a large assorum n< of novetUe*. In various m -aerial* which are particularly adapted for the jobbing trade S. 9 MIL LH, 80 and *2 Chamber* street. ?P sU'r* M AKTIAVX DE VOYAGE, Travelling Cioafr. GEO. A. HBARN, i'ii Broadway. MAIEON CHANCER EL It Bond Sthih. Hiv Ton. 8ELLINO OKP UNDER PRICE, Till the 25th of August, Laces, glovea, ribbons, flowers, bonnets, msnilllsa, stfk ureases ard others: barege* muslins, brillantes, nvlllnery tc., Ac., Ac.. wholesale ami retail, in conse<iuence of deaaj tare. MOURNING GOODS FALL STYLE Just received per steamer Arago. I case black and white plnld and ?trij>ed silks 6J'4e I " " " " " <1 0) I " " " French poplins .b:;?e. All very desirable and unusually cheap. Call and see them at W JACKSON'd new mounting store, 351 Broadway, between Spring and Prim e struct*. Poplins.? A. T. STEWART A CO.. will open, on Monday, August 18, several cases of PLAIN, STKlPtt) AND MCtl P1..1ID POPLINS. Broadway, Chambers ami Reade stree'.s. PARIS CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS AT ?UOLB*ALC. THE L \TEST FASHIONS. A T. STEW \RT A CO , Broadway, Chambers and Keade street i. TO WHOLESALE B17YEKS. The eubecriber is low prepared to show a fall stoc* ef Cloaks, Mantillas, Talmas, Ae., In every new stv e, fur the Tail trade. To which he would especially invite lite early atteutloa ef jobbers and large buyers from ail parts of the Union. tJKOKHE Hl'LPIN, So, 3(11 flro.ulway. Manufactory No. 69 Franklin street rpO COUNTRY JOBBERS AND MERCHANTS.? BRO A DIE'S styles fall and winter cloaks, talma*. Ac., Ac , mm ready, in all the fsshtouable fa'iii 'a. 61 Canal street and 6H i Ispuna-d "trcet. N. B. ? The Fashlou Book for the season is now published. W'EISKLB BROTHERS iirmnu, M auo UI John street, np stairs, ia^e just received their sew rall goods, especially filrtw .ace French Bowers a no feathers. Ribbons ana tl'.ks, Ae. CUPAHT.1EKSHIP KDT1CES. AAA ?AN A< TIVE PARTNER, HERMAN OR i|>U.l/U\/. French preferre?l. In a commission aad ship ping business, of large prodK. Ad lrese box 13t Herald ottlo<'. JOHN R. HARRIS, LATK OP THE FIRM OF I'ETIT. llerrls, England A ' 'o., la admitted a partner in onr house. TUOS. N. DALE A C<? IS Warren street. New York; 15 N.,rth Fourth street, Philadelphia; UI Rue de t'auiuartlu, Paris. LOST A.VD FOIJXa A NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC.? TBI FOLLOW I iro notes having been stolen from my store, on Sun lay night, August*, lk5tl, I hereby caution ill- public from u "gotta ting or purchasing the uma: ? One da'rd March 1, ? months, drawn by II- C. Trapha gen. for 0272 Hi Our datrd April I, 6 month*, drawu by II. C. ao<l A. Tni| bares, ftr. ... JUO 00 One dated April 10. 6 months, drawn by H. O and A. Traphsgeti in favor of I. IVatioi for 170 Oil One itateil May I. 1 month" drawn by II. C. and A. Trsphagen. in favor of l>.t\ id I bumas, for lt'i 06 One dated June 1, (1 months, draun by H. C. and A. Traplagen In <avor of David Thomaa. for . .117 go One daied July t. 60 day*, drawu b\ Iaaao Cock fair. In favor of David Thmu..s 109 oi Oil' dated June .1 4 months drawn by K. A. Vrcde A Co.. In favor of David Thnsass for .112 61 Outdated July 26, 3 tnnniti* drawn by F . A. Vreoe A Co., In favor of Oavid Tb.imaa for IV 22 One dated July 21, 3 months, drawn by G. Boyd, In u \or of David Tliomss, for 1S2 !M One dated July H, 3 raoniha, drawu by O. W White, in favor "I H. r. Ilonn, for . .132 St) One datrd July So. 3 moniha. drawn by O. W. White, in lavor of H . r III. an, (or 1?0 One dated July it, S months, drawn by < '. E.ehtnou. in U vor oi P. Mosn, for ? I15W 1>. TIIOVAS. 141 Spi mn stroet. Also, three notes, of >22 5t? each, signal by mojos llerrog. and endorsed. rlVSD-OS TUESDAY MORNINO, A BMALI. IH'N die of jewelry, which the owner rau hive by applying at No. 61 Fulton street, on proving propctty an-l payta* bw this advertisement THOMAS l.KAll LilST-A ROTK, PRAWN Br JACOB lakusdorf, at nine month*, i'nr $116 41. ilatsd July lit, INV. payable to ths order at Rewhoiise A Bpats, nt.d endorsed hy litem. Ail oersous are MHU0M4 not to negotiate for lbs name. p O. W. (MWABWoff, 170 Umtdvray. U OsT? YEBTERDA*. ORE I.ABOB tlx K POCKET booh, containing one lraft on Uir Hank of < 'imTmnti fur and two checks, payable at sight, from the Mechanics' and Trailers Hank of Row Orleans, with other valuable pa pers. of no use to any one, aa pa. m. at has been s'-opped. A liberal reward will bejiald for the earns hy returning aai.1 hook and contents to WlUlam U. Stephens, First Marshal, at lie Miyor'sofJb'e. LOST-OB FRIDAY. Til I AT II IMNT . A UMAM. I pari el cent* it ? 1 ? ?Jk.-i an I iw small keys, in Kwlrldge street, bet ..era Walker ao.1 Hester, or Heater ar.d 1 1 rand streets, while turning up from down town. A liberal reward will be paid 00 the delivery of the aim to if. Hertf, 334 Ornnd street. The I Mger and keys are of n<> 'me to any one but the owner. LOST-MRCE THIS 2JTII OF Jt'LT. A WHfTK poodle dog. half shaved, to resemble a lion, anawsrs to lie nam* ' M ?/. r v !? ? |M will be pa I t > i .? pMi who returns him to J. Marmoui, t? liayard street M REWARDS. niWARn.-lJWT. BKTWEE* 7 ARD 8 0< UX'K. Vl" in going fmm XI Htate street. Brooklyn. along South street near Catherine ferry, a gr?en silk purse, containing $71. all In gold. The Under will re.-eive the above reward and the sincere thanks of a poor sick girl, who has lost her sit. tJallat M m streo*. Brooklyn. JH5S" 'he name i,f ? i t , ilf PWn'r* ? ** "Mw F^rth^^' "ward will THK MII.ITAHY. 4 TTRRT10R, HELVETIA RIFLB CMJB.-THB j\ fourth featiral of the Helvetia Rifle Cliib, t* New York, will be held at We?t lloboken. on Thunslav. list. Friday ??l. st,d Fstnrdsy, 23d nf August . I860, "lien sU rlSemea are invited to participate. PtDjnrr a rvsmi i, ocaro. attrntior -thkrk wll' he a meeting 01 thla rnmpsuy. at their lx*a<l<ittarters, the It'igle ei'g'jier of Urand and Elizabeth streets, on Tueadiy evening, the loth mat . st T o'rtot k As there la business of importsnre ?o be trsnsacted. members will please bepuoetoal In attendance. Hj nnlef. WM Hl'NTKR tap'am E t tTTtJt, Orderly. The vrtfranm of i?i2 hf.i.d a meetino or fri day ntght. to complete their arrangements for the eteur ?Ion. which Is to take plane far the benefit nf the ag^l an t In lirm members of the corps, oethe |jth Insunt. The steamboat Mi sshlngton and barge Heltlmnre have been engaged, an t with IXMeworth a Hand to Inmish the niuale. will le?re ??' teenth etreev Rast river, at 7 A. M . touching at the ntinetaml Hers on both sldee of the dty and leaving Tort v third s-rXt. R. R., at a quarter of nine The eirursion will lie to Tarry tnwn, AfKl lndnr#m#?ntii arc Thrr will mn't ??U Ancuat It, H \hm fMur M M Up|??iW3| ?trt?ct FstroniM the old soldiers their cause ts s gool one. TI10MA* OAVIR Ol' A RH ? T1IK MEMIIER? OF TIM* . ompany are notified that the e ,*tloi, for o?cers will t,*. place on Thursdav evening, list mat at Hermitage lis I, r r nerof Hott^on and AHen streeu The eompttny wl'l drill eyery Thursday, nntll iMh of September and 00 that lav will proceed on their target excursion. By order of the compsn v. KF1.IX OAM.AOHKK dee r WAT1HKB, JEWEI.BV *tf\ rALIFORNIA DIAMONOR.? ftEffTH PlJtS W TO ??), rings, tft to $20; earrings. tS lo Ml stud*, sleere tntRne, trtssea, bracelets. Ac. They arc eqnsl In brilliancy sn l si> prsrauce to tke real diamontl. Call sml see mem L. A J, JACOB" 40? Brosdemr. rOMP?>SlTIOR ARD OOU> CnAOfR, TBTT CHAtRR, chatelaine* fob aml^tuard chains, warranted not lo change color or taralsb, or the money refunded, prioe IS to tN. E A 4 JACOBS, ?T Broad w\y nmcixiHE^if E orncci. w ARTRD - AT it* BROAOW.aV, TWO ROOKKRRr keepers, two ciml idora. thi ?> clerk ?. two p .. ?? 4 fli-emrn. two brskemen, two drlvi*. twn ;.trkere wstrets, two coeehmen. men m steamers an I r*?tro* t .ul tnvr br ts lor 'rsdee snd fbr sto-r> tw UV.m>, a-. ?ITCATIOHS WIMTIID. A GERMAN LADT WIHHEH A SITUATION, A8 COM panlon Jo * lady; baa no objection to travel; oan (peak Herman and English, and can take .-areof cblldiea. Apply ? 610 Broadway, In the book store. Best reference. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO man as wet nurse. in a orivate family; the beat of reft rent e from her last place. Address N'urae, box 136 Herald An experienced seamstress wishes employ meut by the week or month. is an oicellent shlrtmaker, understands cutting and fitting children's dresses. Good re ference given. Call at 183 11th ft., Kaat of 1st ay. * YOUNG WOMAN WI3HE* a SITUATION, AS LAUN J\. dress. or to do chamber cork nr waiting, or wau rt do the work of. i small private family; la a good was)'".- and ironer. Han the beat of reference. Please call at 2SH as1 An american organist desires a bjttation in a Protestant church Ho ia a performer as", i rector of acknowledged ability. Salary not so much an oi *ci ?a ii connection with an Influential society. Address Or-'atiist, bo* 3 (Ml P oat office. A MIDDLE AGED GENTLEMAN WHO HA8 A FUN dsmeutal knowledge in every branch of agriculture, and who ban lor several yearn asaisied In the management of an un UH'ially extensive estate in Furope ia desirous fbr a situation in (he rapacity of administrator, Address J. I).'B , I n'-m *<l<iarc Cost ofllce, 831 Broadway, N. Y. A WELL EDUCATED YOUNO GERMAN, ABLE TO teach lattln, Creek. German mid Kronch, would aceept a situation, as teacher, for a small compensation. Apply vo MKVKR A STUCKiN, 70 Beaver street. BOORKEEPER.-A SITUATION W ANTED, AS ROOK keeper, or assistant, by a lady, who will study :h? Merest of her employer. Appiv personally, or by letter, at H o?;?s of Palmer Jt Vo , 3JS Broadway. (COPYING -WRITING OK ANY KI.*D WASTM). BY J a lady, a' her own reaiilc uce. .An accurate At! dress M W. K.. Broadway Post office. 1 EMPLOYMENT WANTED.? AN EDUCATED YOU NO J man desires employment in eonie profitable business; wo ild prefer traveiliiiK Has no capital, but can give g.joa rot'eri nces, and bonds re- Ui? faithful discharge - i' coalraeui. Artdrcsa, for ten days, with fttjl particulars, G. P. 0., box lb3. Post ofllce, Tonanda, Perm. HOUSEKEEPER? A LADY. QUALIFIED. DPMRfW V situation, as lineh. in a rem lemnns family; a w. low?*r preierred; reference given. Address Nelson. Herald i Bice, for two day*. SITUATION WAN I ED? BY A BUSINESS MAN. WHO has had >w onty years' experience In the grain trade: lie would undertake 'o in tn ige a feed store or take charge if a warehouse; has been accustomed to buying mid eel, mg ai' kii'ds of craii , agricultural seeds and farmiug produce ? jt a.'l kinds; Is ready to eater into aa etigaiftiieat in town or ;ottn try. Ad li ens W., box 134 Herald olUce. QITUATION WANTED? BY A TOUJTO MAN. T'A. !*TY O one years ot age, in a holesale hat and cjp aa salesman or .ifslstaut bookkeeper; bas been In lb* l< - ness lor the past six years, and is at present t ngaged. Can i lln eiu'ft a small amoaat of tia le Hal iry not so much ..n jeci i. s * good situation. Meat of Htv reicrejce given. Pie? i>: a I ? "e*a J. Wells, Broad m ay Post otlieu, N. Y. THE ADVERTISER. WHO WitHBrt.A OO0^. P' \IN, rapid hand, to a sjood ai' -r.ontan' and tjood phon t;e:inh ? writer, is desirous of tiud>ug oome respectable employment. Sailsfactory relerence. Ad iress 11. 0., box 161 Herald Qdk90. TO WVOI.E8AI.E DBUUUlsTSt? A STTUATION WANT ed. as order clerk >,r packer, by a person nli" l>?.s had 15 years' experience in the whol> sale dcp.irtii etit. :i;f be-' of ciiy references can be given. Addreso M., b? r l<J-4 llera d | olui:e. T1TET NURSE? A RE- PECTADLE, HEALTHY YOUNd rf woman, with a fresh breast of unlk, a week o! I, v? ?he? /rra bahy to nurse at he- owu home, her baby boiftgile?l; best references, medical and otherwise, can bo given. >ly to Mrs. Smi'h, 120 20tli at., between iih untl dthavenres TVr ANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN. WITH A KRBKH vT breast of milk, a liaby to nur-e at her own reaideilce. For particulars apply at 45 Mammal at. WANTED? A SITUATION, HY A RESPECT V8LB youm: man, a Protestant, In a grocery r hardware store; can write a good hand and keep aoeotuw; !? wMiicg to forward his employer. Apply to or address, for ill da; s, M. J. Moore, titj Cliff street. TITANTRD-A SITUATION. HY A SORER. STEADY VT md irdiisuliuis man as light porter In a store. The advertiser w U1 make himself generally unetm to his emp'oy.;.-. Hao the best of clly reference from bis last employer. \ry commands aldiesned W P. G., .161 Broadway, or :o ;ae Herald ofllce, will meet with immediate attention. UOP MAYTKU. ABAEK CHANCE ? W a N T h 1), AOXHTT ;0 MLL Brciber Jonathan's chmuplon furniture po'.ish. Nona genoliie without the inrentor s name, John L. >a tb'' Ii'iel. Hmul mm > an niske fr.uu Ml to fit) per day. Call B L. HRABYN * CO. this principal depot, 444 Brosdw ^ AYOL Ji.; GENTLEMAN WHO DRAIUNH REMAINING in the city about two mm'h*. wishes l < make an ccgtct mi nt with a young, handsome and In'eldgent Lady, wgo South to teach mu-uc In a private tamilr. Address J. A. t'arliaie, Broadway Post o0i'-?, giving adfln'sa *ud pUce of l:i'?r*!*w. Coachman wanted.? * middle aobd colored mau, wet) aciualiiied wlib th<> . ar" it honsa, cud a food dilver. Apply at "3 llioad iiroi-u SaUsCaotorj refara* required. ClANVAHfcEBW WANTED? TWO <>R TIlKKr*. GOOD / canvassers wanu-d. to solicit adv ertiwmcut* Sir * new and popular advertising ..o'irnul. An lient opport :nuv for competent urn. Apply to M. H. Wynkoop, 12 Ann street DBUO t'l.KRK WAXTED? IN A RETAH. STORE rx Jsrse* City, one who thorou?hiy understand* the b ?? dhi may obtain a permanent utuaUo i, by aldresauig Nixl. lu't Post ofllce, N. Y., stating salary ejpected, and (Wing nftis*o*, GOVERBESM WANTED-1N A PRIVATE FAMILY, A rery sh'irt distance from the elty, to Instruct two fNO| *1/ la. In the usual branches of an Knglish eJii"?tlon, including music. It will be essential also toliate a perfect knowledge of he French and Herman IU|oa|M (too- 1 refarri. ^e* re inlred aa to capability and moral character. App^y tt'&ot) ? '""'ay, up atalra. M quired aa Broad wa "OOl'SRKEEPER WANTRD-AV AtTIVB, INTEI.I.I II Kent young lady. wishing to realde South, will flod a do ?irsble utiiauon by aildre??ing M. I) , llermid iifllce. ILL1NERS' W t NTF.D- TO 00 SOUTH. NONB BIT __ the most competent ne*d apply food references gltee i mid required. Apply at 36 rttato st., three doors at ore Navies at , Brooklyn. "WBB. RICHMOND CAB EMPLOY A FEW ^UPBRIOR i?l ladle*' drew capmakers and soft cap hinds, to ii k the htghest price* paid, and 12 months' engagement. Apply n the evening at *9 Broadway. Will re more aa September 1 to tr, llrosdw ay. PROVISION MEN.? W \NTED. A TOL'NO MAN OR* msn preferred, ?bo Riigllah, a no raadM and writes), to take charge of a city curing uw. pu< * tig hou*a. Re be wall i commended, and clve security for honesty, Ac. Ti socfi a liberal salary will be paid. Address T. F. C, bo? t ;g I'oat oglce. TO MIIXlNERh -WANTED, POrR PTR4T 'LAW MIL liner*, 'o go to a pleasant location a Aort ilataaoe la me country, to whom the htxho' pri "s will b > paid; also, two g-wd ili rsamakeis. Imiutre at O. Tibbals k O# 's, 10 J ho TO Mn.LINRR? -FIRST H*NI> M1LI.TVER AN'O trtnmier w?nte<!. also, scti r*.' apr reciicet. A p y to Mra. ? urtl?, W3 Broadway. TO MIM.INRR8 -WANTRU I MM KPt ATE, ,V. HI* flrat rale b oinet maker*, two t. imimsa one <'np and head drc?? nwiker. Tlie hicltcat w*k>-? alvcn. *n-l notm but Ural rate h*nd* need apply, at 437" ay. Also six tpprta II' e? WKBted. WANTRD-A L4PY H MAin, HY A TiMtl Y wOTNa to Europe, for a year; m'ist speak Frwieb; n. hair dr?*a. erprefeired, noue aeail apply without uneicej .-afcie rt ciiiimendatlnn*. Add res* N., l?o* 1,723 I'oat oB. n. WANTRH? A OOVKRNRRH. IN A YOrN'1 LtPTE*' schod. she must he e^n*e-sant wl'h Frencti ?n4 pro rided with unevewtkm*' le c.iy refereaeee. A U?i? a^d/asaed W) l>o? 3,3*0 Poa? ofci-e will be atl? ndrd t J. ANTEP ? (liai.a. TO WORK AT VRTSPICUL. Bowrra. at IB NtMod strrrL Uood wagea gtren. WANTRP? k rROTKaTANT <1TRU AH '"If AKB^R maid sod w*iier in a prt*?'e r*irn:y r.ty -???r*r.? re<iiUred. Apply at No. 3 stron* place. a.mth Br^ok-ji>. WANTKP-a tHH.ORRD WOMAN, IIY A FAMILY rW loar peranas. Mi h nk* she eill .Hid * .:tor?i>ie home Xhe mn*l lie a (mi ' waaher a?l ?'??h.t W?ges^4a mrxith Call at 0 Gregory ?? neit d"*w to Tc-i,| ei ti:9e !lad, Jersey flty. TETANTEP? A OVRMAN Oil FRfiTEMTANT WOMAN. T? to do reneral haaaowai k .ma who I* a food * *?her aSM 1 rosier, ami emue* Well n i-am mended, wn hare a r* t*ai.?ot situation hy applying at 1*1 West |sth si., iVom Mtifl ls'llw> -|1TaNTRI>-A COMPETRNT lAIMAOY, FOR THE f Y lace and aaihroldeej deportment . ot>e 'hs' !? a.^, ,*icie<t wl'h the Broadway trice. Also* toy Igor IS y aid, to do arranda. loqoira*' Too Rros.iwsy. ?Y]Lr ANTEIl ? A STEADY AND INDl KTRIOl 9 OI*L. AM M Istindres* and chsjnbenn.u.1. in * prtraic r*m ly, a short dtsMace In <he cooatry Apply at Ml Oreaaa strtat, oa Mo* day moraine. ttT ANTED? IN Tll? TAPAtTTT OK XCWt, A WO ff man of amiable dlai>o<IUnn. strict sobriety ard .nqti"? tt. nable mpute t>ae who c?a brln? sAttefaet ory teohmonlals ss to 'ha poiwaaeion of the ahore unali'lea may oMain a MM "weea the hour* af < / "" Broadway, carter ?>;*? w ss to -ne piosesemn nt the atmre una . - ..... for'shle situation, lir applying between the hour* of 4 A. M. ?rd4 P. M . to L Van t'ouaai. I7S Bn ' landt st, up stairs. U tTAmiMKIUI TO WtlRK ON I't.OAKA , rlR?T Tl rste hands imly. to whom Ihe hlgh??? W ?ges aad vmslaat work will be Rive*. Apply at 111 Madaon St., * few dear* from the coraer. _____ 1VABTED-A COMPETENT BONNET TRIMEER, ONB " " who ih?mugbt\ understands the chy. Njna o her need apply, fall at Andrews A titles'. B John ?t. WANTED-TWO aALRMMEN WHO ARE WELf. AC onalnied with the eHy retail -I ry good* hus n^sa and wel rec ommended, at llalton and Borne a 4M I i?I.H ?wans Also two smart boy*, to leara the bueinea* **-. ?, ?1'?) ir? ?wr. _____ e n fXOAKMAERR* W A NTED.? TO HCCH AR I'NDER OU stand tha bostnees go><d wage* and steady empliTBsant will be glrea. Apply to McAnhtsr, Byrao, Olbbjcs 10*., 1M Broadway FRKWCH AITVlCRTIRKinMTII. ' O" N T>EM A N DE L A PBRRIOM " D ABS * UN* PAVILLR . Ftsnfaiae. poar n? monsieur Amertealn q*l Am re aa prendre la Isague 11 d*strer*U on* peasloodM* 'Viiellelt lint reeerolr de* lemons, Ecrlrr an btsreau duUeraM, boi 105. Tm TBANM. CBPOLD PENS -WANTED, TWO ORINDBRR, AIBO A t man forgetting up pens, tlnod psy and (toady work gtren toiood hand*. JOHN FOI.KY. gold pen manufacturer. Briadn*y TO MERCHANT TAILORS.? THB ADTERTI^ER DF ? stres ? sli usi Ion as cutter either Honth or West. Can ?Ire the beat of Broadway refrreace for cmpetescy in *4ther ? rn or manufacturing departmenta. AJdras* Cutter, box 1 .MO Herald office ______ rl TAILORS -WANT*?, IMMEDIATHl.Y. fX)AT maker* on *atlne' sn.1 other medium quality garments, [alU Veeey street, up stair*. rMACmNTRTR.? WAWTHD. RIOHT OR TIN OtJOD finlaher*. First rale hands may ap?ly t-i WtM-r A Bal eer* ft) Ann st WHHANTBD-A OOOD BOBBB SHOE TV*tR* OOOTk I wages m?? be hsd br *rrlrtia| to Piter B. Waodel *"? ?r VaaAagtwit * dB?*> a<a?a<i