Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1856 Page 7
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ammmm ikikwei mrr bay. 8AL10I At ACCTMM. Al'CTION NOTICE. ? CROCKRRY, GLASS AND CHINA. ?J. H. S. BAKTLBTT, auctioneer w ill sell ou Tuesday, August 19, at 10 o'clock, a' 2sl Pearl lUwt, all kind* W O Mue unci < non mm ware. Oblna tea sets. .tc. Also. 150 packages Klaus ware, Goods well packed for sb.pptng. rial# positive, lor cash. ___________________ Auction sale- broadwa* le\.<e? sami'ei. os HOOIl \ C<?., store M Nassau s'rcef, will aell, at the Mer chants' Kxcl ange, on Friday. August 22, at 12 o'clock, the lease of the property un the south wist eoruw of Broadway aud Howard street known ai ih? Plymouth llou?e, formerly the t '11 v Hotel, being tlfty feet froat on Broalway and ono hundred feet ou Howard turret, ont lining 112 rooius, ?*clu Hive nt the saloons, kitchen and washrooms. The lease h i* twenty one years to run from May 1, IH5d. Monday. 25th of .? ugust. and each succeeding day until the whole la sold, all ?he furniture contained ill the hotel part ol the buildings. 1 ho furniure Is all of the first c.uss, and has been In use but a short lime. By order of WM. F. FLAT r, Assignee. Administrator s sale op stoctt, lea<*r, ic. Tucgtlay, Augu-t 19, at It) o'clock, at *tor ! 26rl Bisector street. corner ol Morton, the entire stock, lixiures, horse, wagon mid harness, with lease of two years fro.a last May. Stock fresh ; location ilr.,1 cists. T eposits required front all purchasers. WKLL1MJTUN A. CARTER, Auctioneer. BY J0-/N RRDDINO, AUCTIONEER.? BY VIRTUE of a jhattel mortgage there w ill he exposed for saic at 1,100 II road v> ay, on Monday, lHth lest , at 10 A. M., a full and ?ompl< set otapparuius for a so 'a establishment, complete, warranted, together with a large quantity of bo boxes and bottles for thu same, run) bouMBol ' i'u.'uiture of every descrip tion ('all and examine. Sale positive. Also out) aagou. 31. M. Hi' A N 1 KiJi, At'orney for Morg.igee. CHINA, CROCKERY AND GLASS. -J. J. WALDRON, auctioneer ? HEN RY ll. KVaNS, No. ti Liberty street, on Tuesday. Augu-t 19. at 10 o'clock, will sell (roui the sbelres, In lots to suit the trade, a complete assortment of whiie granite, light blue and common ware; French decorated Shu u, cut and plain gin*.*, assorted, ,t ? Ac. tlools repacked n the best manner for slapping. Sues every 1 ueaday. CONSTABLE'S BALE.? W. C. ALBt'RTtlH, WILL SELL on Tuesday, August If, at 10,'i o'clock, at 19 t hurt street, opposite the CM> tiall, lliookljii, a general assortment ol lions, boll furniture, Brussels and ingrain carpets, china, glass r. n<l crockery ware; sllv -r i>ia ed, Britannia and wooden wave, bedsua Is, buds, and bc.ldmg A HORTO.V, Constable. (GILBERT S. SAVAGE. AUC TIONEER. -PEREMPTORY T saieof t. ne groceries.? By BA01.BY A SAY AGE, at their sak sroom, S2 Cedar street on Wednesday, Aug 20. at 10 1 2 o'clock, A. M , a splendid lot of sugars, white ll'-jhf. brown and brown: soap, candles, raisins, champagne and claret w ir e?, brandy, port wine, sbsynthe, segars, Ac. Liberal ad vances made on consignments. JW. 80MEIUNDYKE, AUCTIONEER? MOIITO AGS ? sale.? W ill sell ou Monday, the Inth day of August, at ItIK A. M., at No. 'j6 \Vcft I hirty urst street, near sixth ave nue, nil the l'ui niture ou sa d premises, consisting of Brussels ai.a ir. grain car] e,s. rosewood sofa, chairs, '>ur< au?, oilcioih, g?? fixtures, klteheu utt nslla, Ac., Ac. J. W HU.MEHJNDYK K, Attor ney tor mortgagee. Philip r. wilkins .will sell at auction on Tuesday next Aug. 19, at 1 19 Weal Thirty iourth street, an assortment oi elegant rosewood fiu'uiture, ni.ule to order fcy Weeks also, a spleudl l pianoforte, coat $?m). For particu ,1am see advertisement in another column. Philip u. wilkins. auctioneer.? auction sai-e ol>lcgantcarved rosewood lurnlture. made t rortlerby keeks losev. od pianoforte, made last spring, at a cost of |*mi\ ? no. of efcunber fwnuture, ill piunn engravings, Hbilip K Wilkin* w ill sell at auction, ou I'uesibiy, Aug ,19. If5t>. nt 10'j o does, at 119 West Thirty fourth street, the leii'tre fnriMws omitslissil tu said k ? u^"'. eoaMai in pn-. of at vert rohewood parlor -uits, covered with plush, arm chairs, ?Daewoo.! centre tallies, with marble tors, black walnut chiirs, I??ivereil With rich brocatel; e.egant.y carved rosewood piano ?forte, with pearl keys, ol briliiint toue, coat (Hoo. extension |a< i table. co*t$,'>; la?" a?d su tin brocatel curttins, Kng wli lapeatry oarpet. oilcloths, chamber suits, Ac. Catalogues hi Movday. TITM. DUMONT, AL't ' TION KKR.? CON DKMNKOSTORE YV at aiK'tiou. ou Tbursdwy, AU(. 21, at 12o'eioc:k, at the Kavy Yard, Brooklya, vi/.. ; ? flour, beef, pork, rice, sugar, ?xit:.e, tea, 1/e.i us, bread, cheese, cloth aud Ituen clothing, small stores. Ac. 1 ATM M. WEKKB, AUCTIONEER-BAKER A WKBK8 TT will sell at auctioo, at the Merchants' Exchange, on Wednnday. tie 20th August, at 12 o'clock, a aplendid country irAt at i rleu t ove, Ixrtig Island, ?xntAining about 3ft acres of And. 1 be place la an Island, communicating with the main land by a wide and subeuuiUAl stone Miue?t*. It la baautl [tolly woooed with foreal and fruit trees, aud the grounds are sstefuily l.. d out wl'h shrubbery, Ac. On the premises Is a ? ery In ge mnnsiou house, about DU feet front, and 46 feet leep: it has a kitchen ami cellar under the whole building, and mains above library, drawing rooms, bedrooms, Ac , in all rooms, bessie* K.Ui room, water cloeut, Ac. There are ge and substantial outbuildings on the premises, such aa m, coach house, wash house. Ac. There Is a great abund _ce ol fruit trees, eherry, apples, pear, peach, all in full [icariiig Tile place is about two hours distuit from the cltf of <i< w York, to wlaeh the e are means of scenes s--veral times a by the steamboat and railroad. If required, poasesaion he riven Unmcuiatel) . For persona food of boating, iish a>n'! ?hooting, It Is extremely desirable. Apply to BA . R A WEfclfa, No. ti I'me street. ?(I ' 8 MXLtOR, ACCTIONRBR.? AT 12 O'CLOCK PVV ? will be sold at salesroom, on fuesday, August 19, by rder of assignee, two camphor wood trunks, several tine old hull' ig esse watebes, diamond i "ngs ami pins, gold vest rdtob cLaina, sleeve buttons, iron sate. Ac. Also, lifty iron ??ft i ?ti nt screw piano stools. ll' S MEf.LOK. Al'i 'TION E KR.? ASSIGNEE'* IaLB HIV , i . h el on 1 teeday, \ug. 19, at |w 'eii- k. if > ? -i 13 ? i'ark row, opposite IIM Aaiar If ise t the entlt e bou 'diobl eifeets ot a family relinquishing oi.sekeejilng. Consisting ol se.eral super i lirusai'ls parlor i,' 1 - ' .i . r.irpi ' I. Ha' i'l a^s stair rods, |-.?.?w.i.?l pat lor su1!, I uh K, p < 'o\ . i s fosi Wi od second hand carve. 1 l-g pi inofortrt. i ug.r'- rosewiod inr- Uib'is, cud aud side table-, oik *>ani. . eil i . n ber su.!. ? m" sent cl..urs, ro< k"rs, clocks, bal Jice 1. ancle cutlery, gla-s ware, baskets, tin ware, Ac. go! 1 r or. er of assignee. ?iir S. HKI.I.OR, AIH'TIOXEKR - PEKKMl'TORY SAi,K , r tbo tio.unu worth of new wbtnl turulntre, ou ?I .i ? .all k at salenroom 13 and IS 1' irk row, to "?i\ advances conslsiiiig ? ten ?dld rosewMsi p iri n- sues irer cd in ' i " <le. plush and hatreloih; rosewo <1 booko wes War ill- lo S. IX'aulVls, etegcres, 111 11 ^ I e i'ic Kit.inv. walnut aud on* ? i.unber furn turo, ins il t to ina'eh Bin ei, aun lied ch -ti. ? r suits plain an I luarbl Ttps. w ,;h a variety of plain and ?n'.si.iinial fuml'it ?. also Vo ros. wiAal planolortv - French p'Ate mirrors, oil punting. S\IT I 1.1 ed ware, siilta'de for the city and eouii'ry U.ide. lie [ilp'.w ca'i log ties o.i morning of sale. Goods can be view - t ou Eottdi.y. namwcmn. lor n ?BOOK KKRI'I* O, WRITING, ARITHMETIC ? ??)|. UOLURaR'S ACMM) . llr'i^lway ? a few li?uir 'e?k* are vacant for student* wishing practical Id I'll. !, I, I. I I dot. it autre. I'he *tnd- m I* careftUI/ mairuot iii. .1 itualtOad 'o keep li.xiku In kind oi bu*ine**. ??tK>KKKr.l?lJfO, WKITIMO, aSH THE OTHER Rd > vt.aiu* to *?!? ? ? -*a .11 mercantile life areuugbl by POS ?:/? .1 DIX'?N 'n ?n ripe^ltlou* and superior m inner tc V at. Mm e?< luslon of th-1 modem an a- d twelve lesson C.W fUiry. Room* 3*6 Broadway, Appleion'* Uuil.ijng. V MM-S HI' * r : < > N l> IOHNSON i.K.i'TC J rer on connnei cl?l law, will reoeive a few pupil* for m K' i- ? r. la eottDtlnt hotu* duties Rat h pupil will reeaiva rtn tded attention during bi* allotted bourn of study. Apply 1 142 At 'antic street, Krooklyn. kU>OMFIRI.P ACADEMY? TAMIL* BOARIMNii AND > day school for hoth sexes. pleasant and healthily Kltu&lAd, .liter of Mloomnrld mid 1'lrst -(reel*, llohokea, N. J., will ,ti prntCf III fal! ?cwi'in August 21. Number of scholar* Jilft d. ? triMiliui at W i strrmau ?, SWt Bread way, Now York, I* of KtiW. ral,l)?KR, Principal. Ah. cornnRTs lyceum. oa st maiik h pla^k Nm York. Pretirlt, Mngllah. Spanish, commercial and F?ilc?l lionrdln^ and day acliool for ???>?? Tjo el?w( will . open on Monday, t-entember I. Circulars rnn b.t obtained at > I yceiim, and at Mr. Frederic R. I'uudert* olllrn, 1A7 tilway. V'MM. MAVHIl'R. mench inhtitvtp?por yorwo oentlkmkr I No 4# Raat Twenty 10'irlb street, near Madlso.-i p.irk |nn."ic 111 ?nd rla??te?i hoarding and day school, under the Section of Prof Kile f'h-iilicr. of Parla, will r* open ou the W id t-'epimu Mr uett LsTRPCTION? WAWTRn, A OOOI? SCHOOL POR K Tllitle girl, eight year* old. where Mir can board and re -elre ,lln- au nt Ions and care ..f a lioroe. .tIhjo) mu?t be smill, it Ion pleaaant and healthy. and mar New York. Addiosn, letter only, room No. 114 Florence lintel. JR. I . TIB (IRANI' VA.. S aAMICAL, IROLUB, I French and Spanish biMrding sehool lor young gentle vn and watalngtoii terraces, Hotmken, N. .1 , re j-i.s September I. Cueuiars, wi'h high reference*, at the [!oo|. nn.l at Ro. (i Bro?I Mreet, Kicuteior Plre Ioaarauce ??>"??}. ML MICA L. A<?U iMNCIfO. Tl'KRII PI LI. 7 IM TtVK, Ri>AKW*X>r> I'lAND lotteftr aale.? Klegantly ftnhilied, with round i-orn th, lv .tila'd. beau'lfiilly lined with attlnwiMil an 1 white holly, ill.: a blentlfh about It, beautiful aweet toned, dlaii.mat E with. maker * unt p re i rarraatee. haa w?r. p!y been ?flu all Tl. omtt.-i Ih boardi ? and haa no r ?>m for It will ?ell U tlW le?e than eoet prine, twi. mouiha ago. Call I W a?lnnston street, near Kron . lirmklin f'rtoe IBW. ?ly tram eight A. M till eight P. M , foi four day*. P HI LI.. PIANOKORTK M ANUPACTURKR. W VRK rooma So. M ' I real .lottea at reel, neur die Howery. Vee ?? e> i .i-iie ?'i.l n mi : p.i ?a*d tone an I eiHi'irn "ion I aaie irry k?w. Heomd hand j ocUre, nearly new, glial; ? lih iron plate and liar, 1/riTAR? N. W. OOt'LM, LATH OP CHRISTY'S | , f . Ii ?> I'lti'ilatn a lew lemm to arami ,y aouim. .uatln a limned n imber to perioral eirenlirely ?Boat .idmltrd coinpoaitlona, RaFULKON W. tlOCLll. rn *i tij Mreet. II Trveatore" WTM|ti IVaMD BALI. -MR PKR \CHIO ItRiM TO IXPORM liia ri nd 1 1 ? public that he will clie In* laet (rand of the wason. at ht* aeiufmy, Wl llroadear, on W.-dnea A ii'U't .*? Huaab'e lii)l band. Aa e?cl?:it police will feL < CMC Ale? P. RI-CIIIROPR. OH'! AN RfTIU>RR, POR t'i ? ????, I atrenn lm i. v.. I ? . t o.l.oi^ l'ii,e. near li?oaiV>e?y, (fourth lnoiae front the onrner.l Ii.kij" linn I. < poliUe t.. hU parlor church organ*, witae o( which can be Inspected at hla re oce ____________________________ ? AKOPORTK POR #.\LR? AT A DKCItlKD It A Rtl A IN. ? de*. riptmti H/ in mil la 7 W tave, tnade ol rlrb rose fd, rati i. ? ifllegga. with roaaa la relief. Ac . drltet ?* lull tone. It ? .?> to w; la In (we-f'ici ertlet . haa every Jwiupiinnat; ce luted city mah?. f tally warranted. Will be sold at a ii biiigntn forrjah. K< f<>reiic< * a til oe irlren to Ute make fk I ? 1 1 led. and a cail ? III aJHal>. Apply a' r?enl"nca laiemi - between Thirty -ninth aaa P"rileth atrecla, any after eight A. M , till Thursday. ' ANOPORTKR? (iRKAT BARD AIRS f-AN ItK MVIIR Itel tl 1 t ? ?l Mill ; ?? rn r, if , ? ? ' mpi I' red piano aa he haa ok band a fine i?ttiieiit of the above plnrioe, which he otter* to th? pulilie, ,,d i i I j ? ??- I hfan nwi iinn-nO need out to be aeen u< >iiniietl. 1'ianoa to let. OJtl piano* taken In eMliange for one* Ore 7 oct-ier plmn nearly new, Tor atle eneitp. rj IM atld llln Ka*t I went) flrat ?tree?, lietwmn He gali'l Third avenuea, R. Y. L fi.u HltTKIA f l.TJUS, MOTRL POOT CARAIi FTKKT, NKWVORK, It' dlraetlT oppiwMe Caillna line of ateamer* Thl* houae 1 1,, aa .nt y lie aied and nn.?t central U> ImatneM. fine luita ,oni? to let, lotranalent or permanent boirder* on reaaoa. r termt. III. A K K A RtHtlNrtON. I rorrteMifi. |l * ? piprrk. Hot'SR r:?i um?i MOitVAf tkk I proprietor h*a the j/lea?ure of anaonnrlng thai he ha* ae fd thd Taluable *eru?v"aof Mr J. Port-inoa, late of the New L H'del. ** general *ai>ertntend*nt The permanent and ifMllnr pablk' will 8nd U? < one of the pie i**nte*< flr*t e|a?i ; ,a in Sew York > legaat *ul*a of room* la he had, with tl. at from HUto wf P' ' week, transient r-?at?, #t per lireaUA*' from 7 I" 10, Itiach at I, dinner at A. B R. POOTI. 0AX.ES at auction. mm saijb. dill -FOR SALE, A WHOLESALE LIQUOR <J) I I.vUl/. establishment, connected with mil apparatus for distilling and rectifying, together wiih lease. furniture, bone*. w tgous, 4c. Tht- present proprietor in duiog a largo bui-iuess, but is required to go to Europe. Apply immediately to T DYKE, 164 Went Twentieth street, between Seventh and Kit btb avenue*. AO Kfifl WILL PURCHASE AN INTEREST IN ONE Jp^.uu" of the moat valuable inventions of ibe age. M per cent run be realized w ilhln three mouths, without the no-it dish nt nhk. Reference given to the Hint engineers of ihcclty. Appiy to S. M., 2DU Broadway, room Nr. tj, between 12 and 1 o'clock. dkQM\ OR $400 ?A BARGAIN ?A FIRST RATE *>OUU grocery and 1 quor More, stock and lUturea new, 4 wheel wagon, large new refrigerator, 4e.; lire story tene ment houn's. with rein- buildings alongside. A rwo chanc#. Apply at ftjft Twelfth street, near avenue B. (fclOZ WTr.r. buy, if applied kor, before v J^i) the 1st September, the furniture of four room*. Bod, bedding, cooking utensils, everything complete. Also, the rooms to let, situate on ibe ground Uoor, within Ave nil mites' walk of Fulton terry, Brooklyn. Address W. W. W., Herald olllce. ? C'ievtrai. park? ?*en thai, park.? for sale, one J of the finest located lots of ground, jus' oil' Fifth avenue, About 200 feet from the Park. Apply to C. K. CHKIHTO PI1KK, iicpruce street. DRUO STORE FOR SALB-ON TWO CHEAT TIIO rouglilarfci, doing a lair bullions, c in l>o greatly in creased by proper attention. 1 lie owner Has two stores. Ad dress Henry. Herald oflice For *ale.? a color factory will be hold very cheap; prl< e $rtlll. For psrtirulsrs call at 3W)? ii< w ry. Advice tor preparation will be given. FOR SALE? THE LEASE, stock and fixtures of ? grocery and Iii|iiorf store, horse, wagon, hariiew.nid all the house furniture, consisting of crockery, chairs, tables, Ai\, Ac. 'Ibe reason for selil.ig, the owuerls going to Ger many. Inquire at 126 Cherry street. IPIOR SALE? A STEAM ENGINE. 15 TO 3) HORSB ' power. Will be sold low. Inquireof HOWKLLi A BIRD FALL, boiler manufacturers, loot of Morgan street, Jersey City. I poll SALE? A NEAT TWO STORY AND BASEMENT 1 brick h nisi'. In fitly eigh'U street, near Second avenue. Inquire of JOHN W. MOWBRAY, 172 East Twen y seventh street. FOR SALE? ONK TEN HORSE POWER STEAM EN gine pi-.rtly liniahed; one sii horse power. wnU boiler, portable ??w mill and about 40 feet of shafting. For sale low. Inquire at 131 Mercer street, at 'he Iron works. IJIOR SALE? A GRO< KRY AMI FID Sl'ORE. IN A r cholcc^tip town locality, now <l>>iug a large and Increasing business, at 129 West street. IJIOR SALE? THE YaCHT FANNY, ia TONS, IN COM r plete order, two years old, reilttod uitlrely the pn sent sctso.i, ifour berths In cabin. staterooms and every c >n venlence. Inquire ot ibe cap alu, ou board, at liobok'jn or of 8. 11. WHITE, 76 Pearl street. FI>ORSlLE? A LARGE HOARDING HOUtJE, NEWLY furnished, ami now doing a good business; one of the best location* In the city. Must be sold, us Ihenwucr is going out West. Address H. C. Dor, I'nlou square Post oflice. ITHiR SALE? THE CENTREVILLE MANSION HOUSE, r formerly kept by Peter 11. Dodge, on Hergen Point 0 ankread, six miles Irom Jersey City. One of the best road bouses near New York. Terais easy. Inquire at No. 147 Dunne street. B^iiR SALE? THE FIXTURES, TOGETHER WITH A small balance of stuck of dry goods, if desired, iu the 'lore, recently occupied by Clussinan A l'?r Lee, in the tnwu 01 Bliighatnton. New York. Also the futures of a llrst clous millinery in rtoms over said store, together with a pari of ifcie siock. if desired, These are excellent business chances, as the stores and millinery rooms are littcd up regard less of ex pense, and bv far surpassing any of the kirnl In the place, and will Le sold at a great sacriiice on reasonable terms. Apply on the premises, or to SAMl KLfH. TEKRY A CO. 36 War ren street. New ^ ork. For sale?' ran interest, stock and fixtures of a thread, needle aird fancy store, s.tuated ill the best lis atioii in Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel, i'enua easy. Apply to FkaCOfT TRACEY, 61-5 Broadway. TjlOR SALE? THAT (CORNER) FOUR STORY BRICK r dwelling house, with iwo stores and basement, on the northwest corner of Fulton avenue and Oxford street, Brook 1> n. will make one of the best locations for a baker or grocer; lot 43 feet front, 16 feet rear, aril 71 feel deep; is rented for *>7(ll . Volt*) can icnialu. Inquire of A. BROWN, 212 Water sheet. J7*OR SALE? OR EX' HANUE FOR GOOD STOCKS t)R r railroad bouds, a lirst class three story brown stone bouse, w lib all the furoKejre complete. In one of the b?st localities In Kroi klyn fti isU can remain on bond and mortgage for live years. Address box 2>S)1 Post otllce, N. Y., statin;; name, Ac. For sale-a two story dwelling iiocse and lot, 147 High street, Ih-ooklyn, in the best order. The house eoliklais of nine rot, ms. atuc aud basement ; must plea -atoll) situated and w ithin a short distance of Fumm, Budge ar.d Catharine ferries. For further particulars apply ou the premises. IjlOR SALE OR TO LET? AT SOUTH BROOKLYN, A m w and neat ilireo story bonse, suitable for a s avail gen te -1 family. Conveuient to oars, water, Ac. Rent very uoslo rate Apply to A. 1'. MAN, t>4 Wail street JEWELRY STAND AT A BARGAIN? 24H FULTON, Clinton Mp-rt, Brooklyn: old stand, five oears' leas*: large sise sale, well selected stock, not large aunc list of cuslODM-rs. Uw nor ret, res on a count ol ill kes Ith. PORTABLE STEAM ENGINE, OF ABOUT TWELVE horse pow er, two cylinders six Inches diameter, sixteen inch stroke, provided w lib hoistmg drum and water tmk, mounted on a strong w agon w ith iron axles, for Sale, by UA BICH8 A PA Rlf-H, (SO lleaver at eel. Staten Island? at ci.ifton, ten minutes' walk from Vanderbili's landing, for *al?, a neat cottage, in exi^ llent ortler, in a goo?l neighborhood, with half an acre ofgivoiml, highly cult.vaied, with chwoe fruit and flowers. Price ft;,:**), e*?h. Address box 274. Postoklce, rpo carpenters and builders -for sale, ? A and 1 Inch pan 'I boards, first quality shelving, tin nim! strli s. Ac. Clear placet of lumber, ?t various width* sua thiatnea* generally on^iatnl Also, sawing and plan'ng <lona at sliort notice. Apply a' the New York Lumber Mill, nor b West ccrner of Eleventh avenue aud Twenty ninth street. T^H) MILLINERS AND DRESSMAKERS -THE STOUK Itntl tlxi'irea of the well known asilliaery snd .Ire? tn iking est iblisbuient lor aalc, 256 Elizabeth street, eorncr of Houston; 's doing a large business in dressmaking. Eaubliabed for the last three years. Tlr AKTKD? TO PELL THE STOCK AND FIXTURES, vv together with the lease, of a faacy segor an. 1 11 pior sUu do i.g a good business Good reasons given for b-av mg. ,\p ply at 'he store, No. 27 West Broadway. IIOlftK*, ROOMS, JtoC'.. WAITED. WANIF.P? A PIRNISItlCn HOI SK TO BR TAKKN paa*c*al<>n ot on the lat of <V?oh'-r lor aamall ami high iy rcapeclablc family, between fth ami 'Mh, *(? , and VI and AUi avenuea. Addrcsa, staling full particular!, box 4.347 font uUice M" * NTKD? BT A (W ALL FAMILY OF RKsrK>T VB1 - fl u J the lower part of a moderate sUe flrat dwelling, conveniently located ami In a select neighborhood. \nj jci on having such h house, and w tailing to let half of it to a ?Wrsblc i< mini, will plenM a>Mresa, sutllug terms, *?., lit more, Herald ?Bic*.| IITANTKD TO l'l lt< 'II ASK? II0USK AND LOT, WITH ff ?iib ' i llar, Ini'. i ted betwenti Fourth an I Kl?litii uvcnuea. Mill trim Thliteentb I'l Fori* third atreet. Prlew uot to ex'-ecd {"'ill, caxti. Address Cash, boi 61 Chatham square fuat jffi'C. Jl'AKTKIl to PI RCII AHB? (M)MK unibprovkb TT lot m til UrookUn or Williamsburg, or a small farm, for a i (kkI store at a fair price. Agent* uaed not apply Address box 44 Herald oiilce. t\" ANTF.D TO l.KARK. IB TMK CPPKR PART Or THK TV cttf- ,. rtsklenc* worth two ilv iiaawl dolla** per year IIOUVO not Iras than twr lit} live fe?t la w tilth, and not more than 'hr> e stories Mrb Please ad'Iresa, with particulars, A. J King, box 3362. Post ollioe nfACIBP? -TO R*1 NT. FROM TUB FIRVf OF BOVKM TT ber next, a modern U' ?lred, well Furnished houae, With all the mod era In proveai e n ts , an I situated Wmill Bond street and 1'nion tuiuare, rent no* to exceed fUOO pernontim Adi'r' W J. V. M., While I'laina, Winchester county. N Y. nr ANTKn? FOR CASH, A SM V IX Hoi HK. W1TII OR TT without a niable. Willi two or cght lota ot grO'tn 1. Ir?e from rock. ami In a re-pe< table neighbor!**! I, lint T n tber north than tJ&'li street. nor east of Filth avenue. within reach of Croton w?ter and gaa preferred. Addreaa M. B le'i at 171 Thompson utreet, basement door. Bo personal interview at thla bonne. EltTBgWIIB. EICURMOBR-THR LARUK WBLL KNOWN. ABB commodious steamer, AMANITA, < aptalo I. Ackl-'T, I* let fot excursions, with or wubont bargee. Apply t<> lite < Vipt on board, foot of llairltou street, or to II. Van Velaur, corner of Jay ami West streets OR MIU AXNt'AI. Pit' Bit' OF THK YOCBW MKN'i Aasoeintlon to t'eleatlal Orovr. on Thursday, August 21. Iiu6 Tbe boat w III Irtrc *bi'? atrei-t at " o'rl'X'k . Hr ?ime R , at f o'clock ; Jor.ib'inoii atreet. llr<H>klyn,H.,<, pier S. ft R l>, Spring itreei, PK. Tlckcta fl. to admit gen tleinan and ladjr ; rutra Jiidiea' urket* Son , to be had ill lb< cotnmi'tM. .tV.ltKMlAll qUIBLAN. I'realdrDt. It. J CtlKUT, Rer flee. Johh ?. S< t i.LT, Tieaaurer. SVBHAY TRIPfl TO OLXB COVB, I.ABPIBO AT CITT laland and N' w Bochtlle Jtiirh war. Pare each war IK e< Dt*. 1 he ateatner R L. STKVBM8, Tapt. i harlee Ander ?on, win make a trip to olen Cnrr, making the abore land Inaa every Sunday, commencing June iO, lw. leaving Amoe aireet at 7%. Hprli.u atreet, T.'a- I'l'r No. SL 7\, Peek allp, 8; llro?ime r'ri-et, Tenth atreet, f,'t) and Twenty eltth atreet at o'rloek. KetuniUig. leaving tile* Core atS; Bew Bo rhelle ,Vi, and City Island at 4 o "'lork The Se.^.nd avenne care nut within two Ir.<Kk* of the landing at Twenty alxth at. SUNDAY BOBNIBH BOAT roR HATKBSTRAW ABU hvark. landitix at %onkor?, Haalinga. Itobba' Ferry Tarryi' wn. audHIng Htng ?The fkv orlle steamer TIIoBas K. HVLRB will leave pier loot ?f Jay street, on Sunday morning, at * 30 A. M. ftod d V. M., for the al?o\e plaee<. touching at Amos street ,inek each way. For further particu lars ln<|Ulre of I. LKW IS. Jr., ?I2 WbsI slrerl. THK STKAMRR ROBP.BT L. CTRVKNS, CATT MX Cbarlea An lei son. m?k. a regtilar tripe to the riahtug lisnka e\ery day. rvccpt Sunday, leaving Amos atreet all o clock A. M.: Spring street, 7'4, Pick allp. R; llroome ?ireet. n'A : pier No. S North river. V o'clock. Pare (or the mcui sioo. !*> rent*. BKOARB. Havana * so abb? all til pavoritr bbabps loraale by the nw or 1,1100 M per eent below market price*. Hole taiB0iifP0f I'nien Clnh brand* R. P ROUKKH. 1#4 Bidden bine, second floor. CKtlAKH-OF V ARHII'H HBASIW ABO QV Al.ITIICR, O at bekrw market ratea, also Itn bovn superior tamtlr soap, at lf> p?r rent less than maniifaetiirera' prlees. fash atlvance- mnde on segara of Hiivanv domestic and Herman niiuiiilaclnre. O. OHKKKS, 17 Broadway. SPORTING. PLSAN ABU MANOR IB*KT)I ATR1.T SXTBRBINAT ed by Bl!Tl.K.R'S liniment, H Fulton atrert. Wttn ?aa thonaan'la who have proved H. M) cents per bottle. Itutler s Holography, % cunts. Bnnaler St, Hernanl a. 'Iwurf black and tana, price King < harlea pups. Ae. All the choice breeds far sale and Sloek Please eopy the a4 Iress. 8portin?!.-pob rai.s, a wniTK a if r> i ivkr ? eoU^re. I setter dog, thore ighl\ broke b> Oeear Ssndfo i. of New Jeisex. will ne sold low as the ow ner ha* no f'4l I er UK fvi b'ffl * pp't to ? 9i9 UrvKin *j. mAICUL. 12 000.000 VSBssnSEfe?BrBSa& nnfi nnn -money to loan, on watches, "Pl.UUU.UUU. diamonds, jawelry. segarn, dry geoda, ind all kinds of personal property; or bought ui<1 sold for cash Notes bond* mortgages, stocks, Ac., negotiated. No. 101 Nassau street, corner ?f Ann, second (Joy r, rooina No*. 2 TllllMPSON 4 CO., broker* and commlaalon merchants. <fc77? AMATO LOAN ? ON DLaMONOH, WATCH I I eJ.UUU es. jewelry and *11 kin J a >f personal pro fertr, or bosght for ctib. Bo tula and mortgagee u<-?oU?t?A Business prompt, at iM Broadway, o orner Of Browne, 9f 0 I Broome afreet, room Wo. 8. I #7 K K AHA TO LOAN? Olf DIAMOND8, WATCHES 9 I Od.UUU aud jewelry, or bought for cash, by J OH. K ISAAC. U Chamber* street, basement odlee. Business prompt and confidential, from 9 till ft. N. B.? No bualnee* transacted on Saturday a. (to fi/m AND 15,000. ? FIRST MOR'l'GAOEH IV A JjpO.UvJU rtn luce and valuable tract of land on Hud son river, elate to th<- railroad, all adapted for residence* and neat the city. Bondsman undoubted, a liberal discount al lowed lor tho money. Security will be foun I ample. Title perfect. Address box 706 Pott ollice, New York. q>Q Qfifl -A KIRrtT CLASS BON1J AND MOHT iPO.OUU. gage for >3,300 for sale by R. PRINCE, ex ecutor. Address So Beekman street. OQ^ BROADWAY MONKY ADVANCKD, TO ANV Out amount, on diamonds, watches, jewelry, pianos dry good*, segars, horses carnages, harness, and every de acrlpilon of property; or bought for cash. Stocks, mortgagee, Ac., negotiated. Watches and jewelry for sale. K. THA YKR, rooms Noe. 1 and 3, second story. Any amount or money ro loan on diamond*. plate, watches, jewelry and all valuable personal seen rtties and merchandise, or bought for cash. K. WOOD, 8f Pulton street, second Hour, front room, 8 A. M. to ft P. 11. Bottomry bond -sealed proposals will be received by the Consulsle (ieneral of France, 17 William street, room if7, up to I o'clock I*. M., on Monday next, tho Ifctli iust , for a bottomry bond of about two thousand dollars on the French schooner "Fortune, now lying in the port of New York, at the Atlantic Dock, Brooklyn, Bud bound for Bur deaui. Bank w\nted? a bank in operation and or gwized under the general h\v of New York. Pera ma cot Iro ling such ?n Institution will meet with a purchaser by addressing Commerce, He/uld ollice. MONEY-MOXEY.-SIO PKR DAY', AND MORE, CAN be made by at.y smart man, young or middle aged, lly enclosing $1 and two po*:a{t- stamps. the plan will be for warded. J \COto PEASE, Boston, M.ias. VTOTICE? THK .NOTES nF THE FOLLOWING HANK'S i\ I will l.uv at tlie usual d>seoun' of 1 per cant Rhode Island Central. Mount V.rnon. Kieter, South Royalton, Farm ers' Bank of Wlekford, and Warien County. All other boaK notes, apede, Ao.. A'., bought and soi l it liberal r io-h. JaMK.s M TA ^ LOR, Specie an I Kx change Broker, ltw t 'Imtli im, earner of James street. N. B ? ? I OOO in French gold for tuie. ?nift. CAl'.HIV(iE\ AC. F(.r sale? from thr country, a nRinnT bay lr.are, livo years old. IIJ, tUKli tilt), pony made, and very fr< e driver; and although untrained, can irot in about ihric minutes; will be .-.old cheap, for want of use. Appeal IH5 I .roadway. FOR BALE-A HAY horse, hambletonian, six year* old, 15J? hands high; can trot In 3:15; Round and kmd. Apply at IlkNKY WALTERS' stable, Meroer streot, between A only and Fourth streets. For sale? a handsome gray horsk, sixteen hands high, sovuid and kind; will trot In SJ , tninu'es. Hold for want of use. Apply at NORKLS' alublj;, 5ti5 Houston street, ?tear Broadway. rr'OR SALE-A RARE CHANCE. A SPLENDID TEAM F <>1 horses, carriage, and harness; also two line middle hones, trained lor ladies' riding. Inquire at (it Fortieth street, near Sixth avenue. For sai.e cheap- a cream colored mvre, six year* old, 16>? liandu high; sound mid kind in all h.?ries<, and under the saddle; also, a toil wugoa aud harness; o;ui b m en at 69 Souih Kourib stri el, Williamsburg. For panic lUr.-i jui|iine at 101 Pearl street, N.Y. GOOD PASTURE TO I.ET-FOR HORSES, AT Ilt'lU wick Crocs Roads, Long Island. For particulars apply at DEHKVOlsK'S store, at the above place. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS ANI> OTHERS.?. FOR I mill*, a sorrel inure, IS hand* h gh, " years ol 1, pony built, w lih loal eight months fey a eelebrsfced fast sire,) sound and kit d. stunds without tying. Apply to McCAFFRaY A WAL 1 Kit, l(H]atharuic str*'t, TRAV EIXERSr?HDE! Hudson river railroad -prom may it. mm U,e trains will leave t*hamb<-ra slruet statlou as follows ? K>press, 6 AM. and 6 P. M ; mall. 9 A. M. ; through wiy train t2M.; emigrant, TP M.-, for Poughkeepsto, 7 A. M. and I P. V . lor Sing Slsut, h) 3<J A. M and 9 IS P. M., this train le ?ve.? every Friday evening, at U P. M.; for Hudson, 3:30 P. M.; foi Prekskiil, 4 and 6 oil r. M The ,'oughkeeusin, Sing Slug and Peekskill trains stop at the way stations. Passengers taken at Chambers, ('anal, rbrtKtopher and Thirty (Irst streete Trains for New Y ork leave Troy at 4 36, ? 14 and 10 46 A. M. and 4Jt P. M., aud Mast Albany at ?, 8:60 and 11:15 A. M atW. 5 P. M ' A. r. SMITH, Sup't. NEW YORK AND TONEY ISLAND, LANDING AT Fort Alsanilton each way.? The steamer NORWALK, ? 'apt. C. T. Itooman, will leave as follows, Sundays included. ? Leaving foot of Amos street at 9'4 A. M.. 12 '4 aar^ SVf P. M.; >avu>? Spring street at 9}, A.M. 12', and 3). P. M. ; pinr 3 Ncr'h tivr at 10 A. M. 1 ami 4 P. M., Coney Itilar.d, last trip, at 6}, 1*. M. Fare to Coney Island, Fort Hamilton and bark to New York, tweuty-fivo cents, for w hich a return tlckdt will be given. No half price for children. C. J. DODGE, Agent. NEW YORK AND ERIE RAn,ROAD.-4?W AND AF tor Thursday. August 7. 1N66, and until further notice, iitw nger trains will leave pier fool of Huaa e street, as fol lows, viz.: ? Buffalo Express, at 6 A. M . for Buffalo. loinktrk Express, at 6 A. M , for Dunkirk,. Mail, at 8.16 A. M., for Dunkirk and Buiralo and Interne diatc stations l'asaeng-rs by this 'rain will ru^iain over eight at Owego. and proceed the next morning. Chicago hip tree at 1 P. M., for Dunkirk. Rook land Pa#?enger, at 3 30 P M , (fmm foot of Chamberi street) via 1'lc/monl. for Sull'ern' ? and Intermediate stations. Way Passenger, at 4 P. II., for Newburg and Middkiowa ai>d Intermediate stations Night Kipre^s. at 6 P. M., for Dunkirk and Buffalo. emigrant at 6 P. M . for Dunkirk and Uuilalo, aud interme dlate statturs The above trains run dally, Sundays excepted. These express trains eonneot at Klmlra with (fee Elmlra, Oa nandalgua and Niagara Falla railroad, for Nitgara Kal.a . at l'.ini;>iamu>n with the Syracuse aud Blnghamtoo railroad, 'or Syracuse . at Corning with HutUlo Corning and New Yirk railroa<l. for Rochester , at Ureal llend with Delaware^ Larka vanna and Western railroad, for Srraaton : at Uuitalo end I'utiklrk with the Lake Shore railroad, for ty'levtlAnd, Cineia nail. Toledo, Detroit. Cbleago. *r D. C. MeCAlXUM, Oeneral Snp't RKdULAR DAY LINK FOR ALBANY AND TROY - ? Fsrefl. landing at Weal Point, Newbur<. Puugbkeep ste, KIiumod P.>int. Cat?k [l snd IJu Ison l he new an 1 sjden did steamer O LFJf COVE will leave pier foot of < anal aud Spring streets every Monday. Wednesday and Friday morn ings. at 7 o'clock. Steam must 3 attached to this Soat. ror fur ther particulars ln<|inre ol I. LEWIS, Jr., 3112 West street. SARATOGA, MONTKEAU LER VNOJt SPRINGS AND THK WEsT. N*w Yoits *Ktv IISHtaa Raimoxd. Fare reduced- To Albany, $1 60, Saratoga, 93 #1 Two dally express Mutts. 6 40 A M.. arpress leaves corner of Vdiiie and Centra streets connecting at Albany at 11.13 A. M, with the Central Railroad for the West, and wlUa the Albany and Northern Railroad at II A.M. for Saratoga, where passengers arrive at 12.46 P. M and thence, to Montreal snd at Clia'.ham Pour Corners with 'Me Western Railroad for Le bares Springs, where pssaengerr arrlveal 1.30 P. M. Sin AM, mall train, stopping at all stations, and arriving In time for Ike Central Railroad. (.St P M . express for Albany, connecting wUh the Centra: Railroad expraae train for the VVest at II P. M., and wit* -he Sarat'-ga train at T A. M.. the next morning AH the above trains eonuecl at t 'roton Falls with stages (lot Lake MabopM. ?mtrai. 830 A.M., sip I us train frmn Albany far *?w York, wit* out change of ears. SB the aartvai ?f the 8.16 espresa train pel Central LaHmad 9 16 A H.VWI train, etoprtng at all st^Uona 4 3lt P. . flfress tr*n. leaving Albany on tha arrival ol the 4 So P. M. etprees train At the rJentral Railroad and the arrival of the Albany and Northern Railroad train frua Raraioga. Baegssra- checked ihrnngk. Aoswrl 1IM W. J. CAWRKT.L. fluoerlntendeai KUOVAM. REMOYAL.-WYMAN A CO., MERCHANT TAILORS, have removed to No. 630 Broadway, fertnerly Ootiam ire Oouee. nKBLLAN KOI'S. An RFETCACIOU* CT'RR FOR CORNS, BUNIOMR, ea'iosltli-e nails growing leto the tleeh, and every dienrdgi if the feat, by a new and peculiar method, without cultlaf . <* ?lth<o)t eausfnf the sllghlest naKi. Monster l.h" I, of No Ml Bis Rue de Rlvoll. Parte, and Ma t Oondntt elreet Regent street U.ndon, Nurgaon (Tklr^odMA patronlaed by the Rniperor of France, an 1 lh> royal family of England, may be eonmlted daily, Rondaya eicoptad. from f ii, n o'clock, at his oltaa, fl Weat K)ev?uth street, belwaaa vifth and Mxth avenuea cor IBS Of T?STI?on<lJ From bM Imperial Mai*?*r. napoleon III., Emperor ?f P ranee.) Je cerUfte M Levi eleve loe eors aeee ane >ih ?I ? hllete. Lotus Nxpolbok Bosaraara. (From Jamee Baker, Kaq.) I certify that Dr. Levi baa eared me some months agn at e? rersl troobleeenie buDhn.s without the least pain, and whlet have *ann ired me Inr many years I walk at present with greet comfoet. and ehearfttUy reensamscd Dr. Levi to mi hsehs and the pablle. Jieas Basaa, Nt* Toaa. March >4. 1WA V RaM ? street (Prom ?. J. Feltas, Req ) rns. netted by Mr. Levi, I beg leave to leetify to his saeeaM ful skill In bavtog perfbetly removed a large baalon M long standing, wtthoaT caastng anjr paist. R J. Pairrt, Pan *t>SLr?ia, July V, 1%1 Ms. 4 Boston row. Id addMSin to the abovs snthenttealed leotimoatela. man; thonsanda more hi hie possession (among are ssvertf from liwlies of the highest rank) can be seen fey fevering h? with a <??!) ?? ????. tl Weet Eleventh street, bstwssa F1M sad Sixth a venose. Mew York. M R ? Ro profeeotosial councetion with any person (tOI'NTRY DRt'OOISTS. hO.? MEKN FIN, T?IR J eeleferaled chlaeee -.kin powder Caution aboold be ei erclsed when |?urefes?ing this arttele, as a vile counterfeit I ss been offered In this market by a re<peetalile hoit?e. s>-e that mv name Is ?>n the msrgUi of each l?*, date issue. | in ftilui e will be signed In full on the back of each ?tamp. R M NORM 44 Maiden Ian*. 1 WILL TEACH ANY OMR HOW TO * \ K * fltl PER I day, by working for one Iwntroitlof the twenty tour, at a light, easy bnelnese, suitable sllke for the delle ,??? female and the hardworking man. snd which can be lt?rrea?e?l Indefl nllely. Ro capital required. Address, enclosing ?!, to James R Fsrmer. New York Post offles. The advertiser will not be responsible for any letters not rtgleterod. JOVVRN'B INODoROUB PH EP A R t TIOlt-Ct.K K NS kid glove* of any color instantly, without the Mlghteet smell; can be worn* Immediately afterwards I'rtee JOr. For ^Isb) a"drn?gM>a.TtWT NRART A WQ., ? Re? d way . Milk, milk -oaptains. owners ani> shippers are requested to rail and examine Ihe nearly discov ered American lactine or solMlfled milk The best artle|e ever pro dnced to lake the place of pnre milk It le put up in 1 jb. and Mb. cans. Is warranted to keep In any clbnate, and for sea purposee la Invaluable. Snpplied In ?iitauiitles to suit at fae rety rales. MILLS A THOMPSON, f? ?-.t street SHOWCARRR-RCHMIDT A BROTH URN, ? \ vt-fTc tory Si-t wareroosMi, No S North Wllllsm strc. near Frsnkfort, New York, and 77 West Third ?treci, cin -innatl t^lo A larg?aaaorfmen< eotisten'lv on hsn l t)ld show ne* ih^cB in cxchsnge. Orders prompt!} exccutf I, For livi-.upool.? united states mail steam 'hip BALTIC, Cent. J. J. Comi'o k, will dep a t With the Ur.ltea states mails for Europe, positively on Saturday, Aug. 30. at 12 o'clock VI.. from her berth at (h? fvX of 'villi" ' street. Nolle;.? 1 he steamers u f this Ihe have water tig'ut ''OtfipAi;. ments, and to Avoid imager fro tu ice, vri'.'. not ci'O-i the Bunts north of il 4e|recs until alter the lht of A ugOSL For freight or passage, having uneuUAlled nCCQSMhO latiou for elegan?e ami comfort, apply to KDW.vhu k. COLLINS, M Wall street. Passengers ire requested tu r>e , ,n board at 1 1 o'cljk A. M. Ail letters must past through the l*o?t Office; any others will be returned. The steamship Ericsson will sue :eetl the Baltic, awl Mil on Saturday, bent 13. Votive ?The rate of freight from Liverpool to Ne * York Is K'luc^d to foui pounds per ten measurement, uatll farther notice. THK BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL Steamships. MOW NEW YORK TO UVBRPOOl. Chief cabin passage fl.*> Second cabin passage ?5 rKOM BOSTON TO LIVEUFOOL. Chief cabin passage fllO Second catiln passage <W The ships from Boston call at Halifax. PERSIA. Capt. Judslns. CANADA, Capt. Lang. ARABIA, ?ant. J. Stone. AMERICA, C?pt. Wickman. ASIA, ("apt. E. O. Loit. NIAGARA. Capt Ryrl?.

AFRICA, Capt. Shannon. EUROPA, Capt. J. Letteh. Th-'ae vessels carry a clear v> bite light it masthoad; green on starboard bow, red on port bow. Asia, Lott, leave New York, Wednesday, Aug. 20. Canada, Lang, " Boston, WeduesiUy, Aug. 27. Africa, tshaunou, " New York, Weduesday. Sept. 9. Niagara, Leltch, " Boston. Wednesday, Sept. 10. Persia, J udklns, " New York, Wednesday, Sept. 17. Arabia. Stone, " Boston, Wednesday, Sep L It. Asia, Lott. " New York, ?? dnesday, Oct. 1. Canada, Lang, " Boston Wedm-aday, Oct. 8. Africu, Shannon, " New York, Wednesday, Oct 15. Niagara, Leltch, " Boston, Wednesday, Oct. ti. her' lis not secured until paid for. An experienced surgeon on board. Tin- owners of these ships will not be Meounteble for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or metals, un less lulls of lading are signed therel'or and the value thereof therein oppressed. For freight or passage apply to E. CCNARD, No 4 Bowling Greet-. FOR LIVERPOOL? SAILS ON THURSDAY, AUGUST 21. the eelebra'.od clipper shit AMERICAN' UNION. The packet ship CORNELIUS QRINNELL sai s for Lond'in Au gust -1. f or passage In either sliip apply to THUS. C. ROCHE, US South vreet. F UTEAM TO LIVERPOOL.? THIS sl'LENDID NEW TRON 0 screw steamship KANG AROO, Capt. Kwing* tons, will be despatched for Liverpool, on Thursday. -1st August. 1 an s ii. saloon 490 506 and $iA, according to s .?>' rt ins A It w steerage passenger* can have unequalled tc^oinmela lion at 130, with a liberal supply of provisions. Early appll atlon must bo made to SABEI. & CORTIS, ITT B.aslway. KOYAL MAIL STEAMSHIP ASIA, FOR LIVERPOOL.? i The ASIA. E G, Lott, Commander, will sail from the Company's dork at Jersey City, wHh the mails mid paaMRIM tor Europe, on Wednesday, the Jith inst , at 10 o -locst. or" Isflj . 1'assengeri are requested to be on bond by j a. M The AFRICA will sail on 'lie 3d of Sept'-mb- r. K. CUNARD, No. I He wlln< Green. OR LIVERPOOL DIRECT?THE STBAMSHI? ETNA. ? 3 OIK) tons burthen W. Miller, i omn.u.ler. l'nls ni'w ind pow if'il sieamer will sail from the liritish nail North American Royal Mail steam Packet romisny's do.?k, at ler sey City, on t'rlday, the Wk inst Passage money torn '?lam passengers only, for whom there 's excellent acjommo dalieiiB, $100, Ini-luding provision* and etewsrd's !ce? but without wines or liquors, which can be obtained ou board. Freight taken at reasonable rates. A iply to E. CUNARD No. 4 Cowling <>r%en. rKE LIVERPOOL AND PHILaPEI.PHI A STF.AM5.UIP Company s aniendld and powerful steamships. HIT OF BALTIMORE 2,fc< tons, Csot Robert I-??r? JTY OK WASHINGTON, 2^80 u>rj, t apt. Wm. Wvlie. ITY OF MA Mil ESTER, 2.109 Urns, Oa*iU P. C. Petri*, \ANO VR|>0, l.yre tone. Ca?t. R. *wir?, Are Intended '? s?U ntOM LT-IRrOOL. Ity of Manchester lVh AugT*. . it y at BalUiuore 27th AJgust. kangaroo 10th September r&OK FB'UIDBLUIA. fangaroo 21?t Angnst. Ity of Manehtster 4th September .Tlty of Baltimore lsih September kangaroo HOtiolMr batxj or naiixm MB 9M sad $NI. acccrdii g vo staterocma ? ' tutted number of third cUm paaaecgers wiil he taken >t>m PhUadelphla and ijyerpool. ard feund in prorukaw. from PUlladelphia $3U I rrotn Liverpool MO These eleamtrs are constructed with hnproved watertight ompartmeuU. ac4 each veeesJ ean rise aa experienced sur geon. Parties wishing to bring oat tkeir fheuds can obtain eerttfl sates of paaaage and drafla on Liverpool in sums of ?1 ster ling and upwards. Apply to JOHN O. DALE, ag'iit.17 Walnut sl, Philadelphia or BABEL k COBTIs]l*7 Broadway, New York. CH)R SOUTHAMPTO* AND HAVRE.? THE UNITED r fitatos mall steamer ARAOO, D. Lines, commander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton io land the mails and pitasi-ugers, on Saturday, August 23, at 12 o'ojoeA. pier V North river, foot of Beach street. rates or rassaum. fhrstsabta UK Second cabin 7b This ship has Ave water light compartments, enclosing the engines, so that In the event of collision or stranding, th? water could not reach ihem, and the pumps being free to work, the safety of the vessel and passengere would be secured Hag gage not wanted during the voyage should be sept on board uie lay before sailing, msrked 'me low." No freight wilt be taken after Thursday. 21st. For freight or passage, apply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Agent, 48 Broadway. N. B.? The steamer Fulton will succeed the Arago. and sail September 20. From new york to havre dire?.t.-britisii North American Royal Mail S'eam Packet ' 'on.p.tny. ETNA Captain Miller, EMEU Captain Small. JV U A Captnln Wlekman, LEHANtiN ...Captain 'oak. CAMIIRl.t (Paddle wheel,' Captain Hnadli-sa. I'assege mo/iey for llrst class passengers on I y, (for whom '.here Is exr< llcut ac .innnialatlon.) $10)1. Including provis uis and st ward's tee, but without wines or liquors, win -h '-an he otMaiied oa hoard. The MlsreMM sre nousually .'arge and eel! ventilated. Any one wishing to tak>> passsge Is invlte<l <o visit the ship. The Emeu made her last passage to Havre In eleven dsys au>t seventeen hours. Freight t*k?n at re* ?oi. able rairs. For that or passage apply to E. Cl'NAKP, No i Bowling Or? ii. FOR HAVRE DIRR' T-FRVNCO AMERICAN COM pany.? The French screw steav.shln ALM A. 2 AM tons burtbi n, ( Bocande, commander.) will lsa>e for thu abov port on Thursday, August 2P, st 2 o'clock precisely, from pier 37 North river. rRtct or ras^AGt. First ctbln, aft .$100 First eatin, forward.... no Second cabin .... M For treight or passage apply to the agents EM. A El?. POIRIEM A CO.. 32 Broad street. STEAM BETWEEN NEW TORE AND OLASOOW Kdmburg 2A0U L*is. William Cumming, eommaudrr. New Vork. 2. ISO tons, Robert Craig, eunmatider, Glasgow. 1 UC2 tons. John Duncan, eonunandi-r. The Glasgow an 1 New Yoik Meaitiship Company Intend runnlag their new aodroserful <V>iuris from Nsw *ork for i rlaag'.w direct, as .n.ler - Glasgow Saturday. Angast K. at 12 o clock noou, Kdmburg, Sat irday. August $0, at 12 >'cl?-k noon. Bars* or rassao*. First -a bin f7$ Thin) cabin, found with cooked pr wiahms 3$ An experienced surgeon at arS-t to each s earner For relght or pasaags Apply to JOHN Mi-SY'MON, 17 Rr>adway. New York city bills or gold only received lor passage. Cr 8Ka11/v ?KPv. Ki>rRirns.-Ar<jrsT jj-r.NfrKn T StatraMail l.lne.? Fifty poutxla of hacij*s" free , |ilca..ta rTx-r pound on eiceaa. Four hour* from ucc*,t to o-tfan, rv Panama lUllroiul. Thr.mgh fur I'aUlornia vlu Panama Raf .Old. I'h?* lolled Mt?tca Mall SU-an.nilp I'empaity Will leaimtoh for Aapinwall on Wednesday, Aug JO. \t 2 o'clock >' M, prerlaely. from tiler foot of Warren a'reet. Noith rlmr In- (ill ktoWB and UmI ate<?m?lilp OK OR K f.AIV, f'apl Win. I!. Hermlon, U. 8. N. Paaaeugttra and walls will b a for warded by Panama Railroad, and connect at I'a umt rMhtbe I'm Hi'- Mall Rteaniahlp Company ? magr.lllrent ateainahlp VinoRa. R Whiting, mmarfir, which will h* to reaJlot m and leave immediate ijr for fan Francisco Tbr public ar* In inrmed that 'hi* Paciiic Mail Menmshtn ' ? mpin? a have "nr or mora e*tra itaain lying at Panama r.-vly far ana, to avoid any poselhle detention if : aaesng'T \ or mula. For pa* ?age apply to I W. RAY BOND, at the oo)y oflki* of he oom pan*, Ro 177 fm street. cnni?r Warren street, N. Y Freight u> Aaplnwall, 70 cents per cubic font or 1 cent* pi*r p.. Mud prevai l, and i ?? rretgh' will b? rec*>ved aflar lloclack on tlx- dayuf Bailing. 1T NITFP RT ATRR MAII, STEAMSHIP UN* -FOR Havana nod New Orleans. On Monday, August I*. at TV. M . (him pier ftait of Warren streat. Nor h river, llie faat and favorite ?traranblp KMI'IRK C1TV, Cap tarn My. Wludle, will aaU aa stove. l'liaaatta ran b<! MVM M the office of the 1 In*. Freight to New Orleans, 40 ocnta per eubli foot, received on null Ann. ?Mfi will he snnptled with blank b'!l? <rf tailing of the l'?rm ?igned by tbe line, on application at tnctr offoa. No other forma *lgned, and no bUI of lading will be signed after the hour of n^llm*. For freight or paseage apply at the office No. 177 W?at street, ?.rncr of warren M. O. HOHKBTB, Agent. CK>B HAVANA AND BORU.R.-THB V. R. MAII. F ateamer Ul'AKKR CITY, H W. fltufaMt, I'nm in.lnr will leave for the above porta on Moadat. Hent a, irorn her pier, 44 North rivsr. toot of Pprlng street. at llawl nooa Mesmer's btllaof lading will be *lgn*,l on board, where they ran be procured-or at 'he office of the agent a. Nona other will be signed. Will roaitnence receiving Tn-tgh' on M >n la\ hept. I. For freight or paaaage apply to SMITH A PATRICK, A grata. <11 Wall atree* AVSTHAI.IA INPRI'KN DINT I.IXF..? PAfWAOF. TO Sydney dlrret? The clipper hurt fNAP HR*Ot>N mil aall on Hatitrday, Anguat O, without fail. A <%w paaaan gcra can be accommoditted. for which apply to UOODRVR, A RK KI.i, A lUJOT, as pearl atreou AI<TRA1,IA INPRPRRPRNT I.INR. -PA.HH AMB TO Mrlbnarna ? The ell|j>er abip Al.tiOXI ia now In the ?uram and will ?all "n Tuewlay, Auana* 19 MMVI will go or I oard from pier II, Raet river, on Tiwedajr mom ug. al 10 o cloek. A fcw bertha yet for aaJe, for which, apply to ___ OOODITB, ARRRI.l. A RM.IOT, ? Pearl a?re?i. tflOR 8AVARNA H ANP FI^tRI P A.? I'NITKP i?TATrj? 1 Mall l.lne -The ?teamer Fl.t)RllM ' V t hull, w(U leave on Wednesday, Angn?t W fnun pter No ?. Rartb river, at 4 o'clock P M. H Hi of lading ?igued un bmr<l. For freight m IiaeeagC apply to ? L. Ml TUN I Us IS Itroa I mi through tteMto from New Tort m Jndtanovtila, ?; ? i ,<ii* >:? Steamer* tor Florida connect ai Hai*nn?li ? l'h the Meamerf fi-om New Turk on Tn* wl.iv aand Sa- -r ' > . .. Pan R'tRFOI.K ANP PRTRKSKCRO-TlfR t'XITKP Htatea mall atcamahtp ROaROKF., Captain Thmnaa -tkln ner, will leave for thn aho?e place* on W.vlne?l?y, >,Ui ln?( , at 4 o'clock P.M., from pier IS North river. Hhe will ar rive Hi Rorfblk the nc?i nParnoon and l'eicr?biir? the Mlou Ing miirtiinr 1 ? f -ra for the fVnith ivlll proieed dire*" li on by the grrat Sontherti mall line to t 'harleaUm. Anguata, )4a vannah. Ac Tlioae for Richmond Will arrive at their de*tina lion early on Friday m?rmng. Travallera will lind tola the cheapcat, pleaaanleat and moat etpeUtll' ua mule. Pnwagc unil fare. ? l'h ?latcriM.ih n ? . ? i ai ilti. h mood, $10 Apply lo I.t'PI. \ M A PL?aSaNT< 3i llnxad way Amoutmr. CtAIRTOTANne -URR BRTMor*. NO ltn ?PRTN0 atree*. a few door* waat of nr?ad way, the moat celebrated medical and brainee* clairvoyant In Amcrlea. All dm.*a**? dtarovered and cured, if curable I he f*ic hag w hereabout* of ahaent frlenda m vie known, unerring advice oa baatneaa, Ao.; and no charge ante** aatlgfled AltAMR MORROW ri,AI*? TO BC TUB MOOT WONI derfrl aatrologlat In the w orld ar that haa eerr be>-o known, ae I am the aeventh laughter or the aeventh daugh'er who waa aiao a great aatrologi??. i have a natural gin to MB raet, pre*ent and future event* of Ufa. I have iat?il*hed QtmMand* dnrtng mi travels h? Rnrope. I will tell wh?h*i ynn are married or ?lngle, and how many time* yon ar? in he married and bow anon, ami will ahnw JO* the llkene** of yom fnturehn*Vand,aadwlrie*ijae you to be ap?e>niy married *nl you Will enioy Ue greateet hapr.lrea* of matrlmnnli b;i?? Mt<f good twit through y?? ir whole llfr T wdi) al*o ah**? tb? like ?e*e of ahaent frtend* and relatione and I will tell ?<> true ai the eoncerna of life, that yon cannot help being aetonhthed No charge If not a-vtiaflcd Call anon nr ?0 , will not rM the chance. Oeatii men are n<d admitted Fo 78 Broiim* ?'r?e* hatw etc 1 aon r and ( olwobMk Broughams bow^sy tanAtRa. PHltfcS or ADMI^-IO.V. Dress Circle And Orches ru Seats SO ceuu , Bn-s 20 cents | I'll aud Uallery 12)? cents I i'rua.e Bo?s five iiol.ain I Do", s op.M at a nuai icr 7, U? oiuiueucti ai three <iu*r- | ten pint 7. BKN FF1T OF THR DRAMATIC FUND. Mot day evening, August IH, tsfiH, tin' entertainment* wl'l commence wliba now 'ocal operatic pantomimic dratua, lllu* > oi tins present time, called 1 LIKE IN NEW YORK: Oil, Tom and Jkkuv o.v a Visit. CorlMhian Tom Mr. Ktah'ir I Jlob l.ojjis Mr. Cauull Torn Smith > v.- HrnuuhMm ' 'aptaln the lion FiUgainmon Bohm;reen J 0 Corinthian Kate Madame Fonisi Sue Hawthorn . Mi** Kale RelguoM* Dancing, bv Ernestine and Annie Heurartfe, and PO OA HON TAH. U'iUit'g'8 Til K A I KB. TV 8CMMER <JA*OC* MISH A N K M RIIUKRT80N and MR. DION HOLROD'ACLT, lor one night more, tor the ticnelit of the dramatic: fund. These unrlralled urtlsis having consented to return to town at ureal personal inconvenience, to perforin for the benefit of thiN noble American institution, the public are aitorded an op portunllv ol' enjoying at the saute time a rich dramatic trea'. and discharging a national duly, us the whole proceed* of th nigh', without any deduction, will be handed over to the Fund On Monday, At' hist lrt, the performance* will commence with UVIHER EXCITED. Mr. Doublenuill Bun Mr. T. B. Johnston To conclude with the glortou* ftrte of i(OH NETTLES. Bob Nettles Miss Agnes Robertaon 1'ourbiUea Mr. Dion Roureleault On Tuesday evening will be perfoimed, for the Ural time, Churl'.-* Dickens' beau: U'ul tale of David copperfield, newly <1 ram at ised. aud with an unrivalled cast ? with other up end Id enter)* mnien ?? for the BENEFIT OF TDK COMPANY. THK BROADWAY VARIETIES CLOSED FOR A FEW week*, for tie purpoae of renovating saloon Jto. The WO01> AND MaKnII JL VENILK COMEDIANS will ?i- oil this emablishment on or about 1st September. HENRY WOOD, Business Manager, te. Extr a advertisement.? broughams bowery Theatre.? BENEFIT OF THE DRAMATIC FUXD. First night of a new local olay, LIFE IN'NliW YORK : On. ten and .IicitHr o.\ a Visit. With the French Dancers, and fO-tJA-HON-TAS. Moudny evening, August 18, iseti, the entertainments will eomineiic?- with a new local operatic pantomimic drama, (litis ti ? live of the present time, called LIKE IN NEW YORK; Or, Tom and Jekry on a Visit. The new 1< K-al scenery by Messrs Hillyard, Maeder an'1 :i? MSiants. The machinery by Mr. W. Demi It. The dances and sta^e buaiue** by Mr. 11. Yates, Ballet Master. Properties by Mr Campbell. Corinthian 'lorn Mr. Fisher Jerry ilawihorn Mr. James Duuit Bob Logic Mr. Canoll lom s Until # ur [{roil 'hajn Captain the Hon Flizgaminou Bolingreen J < ouni Mario Sulpice Sebastian Nyhobbe... | filing James '1 roiiop I idler Dleken* Greene. . . Mr. James Seymour Sklnuedji tel'odflshc, hs<| Mr. Bellamy Marry Manly Mr Ur .ncnnr M'hinslunke . . Mr. llenb ml chuboe ' odli*he.Mi\HavU*nd | Lieut. Simpson. Mr. Carpenter lollie ltrjcke. .Mr. T. II itiK'sl tour Cent Man.. Mr. Lingard ShlPM fennnghal . . .Mr. linker i Cull'ee Mr. Bogart Lejeuue Rooster. Mr. R.'iuoall | Applea-oman VIr. Post Newsboys J. Moore and W. Bogart llackinea street celebrities, Ac Messrs Buubee, Oliver, Suilih, Jones, Ac. 'orinthian Kate Madame Ponisi *ne II iwihorn Miss Knle Rehiuolds I Icnien'iua Victorma Codiisiie Miss Kmma Taylor j'el.-stii.a Eugenia Codlishe Miss MclHinough Fanny Mis* F. Deuhain Mis Codlishe Mrs. Dunn Visiters, Dancers, *e by ihe Corps de Ballet Among Ihe scene* and incidents w ill be found ? Act First.? Lite at ihe landing. Scene 1? V iew of th1: Col lins Wliarl. Canal aireet? Arrival of Ihe Sieamshlp. Scene I ? I ue in New York Begins ? Life at a Hotel? Room at the Astir ?Life unions the Lofty. Scene S ? Magnificent Ballroom at '?Mr. CodQshe * Msnakiu ? Tom and Jerry Introduced among the lliKhllyers ? the Codfishes In all their tllorv? New Danso de SoeTeij, comnosed by Mr. 11 Yates, introducing iho polka, varsovlenne, srhoitiscbe mazourka aud redowra. Act Second.? Life aiming the Humble. Scene 1 C-oJSshs's l'la .'e of Business- A KeiuTymadi' Shirt Establishment? Specu lation versus Human Lite? Timely Interference of Harrv Mau ly ? Old Codlishe Recenes a Wholesome Lesson Scene 2 ? I i. mcMtki Breakers Si-ene ;l- View of Tryou row aud 1'ari oi t en ire street ? Saturday Night Carnival? Apple Stands, Weighing Machines, Hour Wagons, Quoit Players, Blowing Machines, Ac all In lull oueraiiou? the Codlishe J uvemies ou a Lender ? Uie Sewlrg tilrl Insulted aud Avenged? Kale and Sue in au t'ncmiortahle Tom and Jerry out for a Lark? Hanger of Interfering In a Street Fight? a Regular Pint: Muss ? the Cockney Traveller Astonished at American Manm rs? Lile among the Lucky Ones? the Distinguished Por*'lKiiers and the Two Heiresses? Delight of ih? Maternal Codtishe? < i lowing Firebodlugs of Coiltishc. Senior? llie Hum bug Exploded ? Siaitbng Revelation, and a Powerful l. ght thrown on 'lie Subject? ihe CiMlllste (ilrU Married and Set il'-d- r<mi and 'errj meet .inexpeetedly with their Better Halves ? c,,n-i?*rnaiHiu ol Die Rambling It usban Is, and tireai E\ln bltloii of Oenerosiiy on ihi; Pari ot die Deceived Wives Every IMBi-iilty fcewotbeo th'er. aud the Wbole Pany Adjourn to Life in tne 1'ark Pcene I jist ? View of the City Hall, oil the i nui th ot July, the nation's holiday, celebrtled by a brdiuuu display of fireworks. Danclrg, by Ernestine and Annie Heurardc, And PO ' A llON TaS. The twelfth c.raku Sunday concert of tie season, by llodwortlt's Band will be given on Sunday evening, August 17,'s'- the Atl>inilc Osrden. Noa. 9 and It Hr ailway. Ill order to under these concert* more select, an sdrni ?ion fee of cent* i* charged, for which refreshments wUl be furnished. PBOORAMMK. t. lniroductioii, from "I'otsaro ' Verdi Z Robert lot oui j'aime" Meyerbeer .'!. New >e0trh Medley U. B. Dodw irth 4. Aria? "Light of oilier dnys" Balle i ' Sarlapotalfile," from ' I.'Elislre il' Anmre ". . . I>oui/eul 0. Imroductlou and waits? "Dream on the Ocean".... Oungl IKTIKMISSIOIf. 7. Qnl< kstep. from ' Don Pas>|iial' " Donir.etil ?. Serenade? "O, Summer Night".. DonllWII MayiDuhi * Hymn Maringhi 1<>. Qu-.rksU'p, from "Der Freyn-huu" M'eber II Song? 'Heliefe me, if all tliose eudearing young charms'' 12. Finale? "Undine" II. B. tiod worth JAMES LAMBK RT. /iRABD DRAMATIC ENTKRTAI.NMEN T. AT HOPS IJI Chapel, by Mim MARY AO.NE8 I'AMKKO.N and Mr. B. K aTKi l.nC'IH, on Monday evening. Augnat IX, UM, an<i ? ariMtlw week. Door* opeu at 7S: 11 1 commence at 8 o'cIih k. Admittance ? enta, rea*r\ otl aeata, >> c:utt. UMPIRE 1IAU.-I.ATR K F.I. I.Kit f. Vj On Tnttihi, Thuraday ami Saturday Mr. LJOBltlj wOI.D^Mll) will have the honor 01 appe*rlug In Ma cele brated entertainment. kiioan throughout Kn/ nil aa AT 1IOMK A WD AKROAD, n whle'.i b? Win introduce all hla extraordinary Imiiaooua, fa ? tlnua dlualrailon* and bumoroua *ouga. Tlrkeia, SO .-aula, > be >?d al HI. Whfllaa Uot?l. and the principal hotel* and tiaato ?torea. Private boiea, 96. reserved aeat* M crnla; par Turtle, areute. BHKI.RTS KERF.NADER* WILL OPEN THEIR grand NEW H VI. I., m BROADWAY, 'the t'.ueat In the I'nlted state*." MoBDaY KVRJIIRO, AFOIDT 25, a ben ? 111 be preaenled an entirely new programme, ronaiat tea ?" B< w dam?H. Ac., am) the fran I n<iw burlcauoe .?! TROVATORK, in three art*. f Oil N NEk'M AN'N'H Oil KIT COPPER STATUE OK HI ?J neral Wa?hlng'ou I* imiw on ethlldtlou at the fhurch ol he Divine 1'iiHy. No IMK Broadway. I'atwnon Hprm.- and rfnee ?lreeia Open fram 9 A. 11. till 10 P. IL Admlwwi M riiia Heaeon Ucketa, SO ceuta. ADRAMlTIC CLUB HAVIBU ItEE.N EORMKD. CO* P nwd of rouni: mn> l>?-i?e?-D the a gnof 15 and Mr an y voutb Ol respectability . of Ibe deal red age, *ltun( to join, may addre-a I'. I ., Herald oflke. ?tatitwi age. realdenee, Ac A f<-w "ovine ladl' ? w i?hm? to adopt the .lag.- aaa pmfrnlon will he reerll eel. Addl??* an above Pr ATB1CAL KOTICR.? h;?e DAYEWPORT. Tn? .lialliir"ieh'-d iraredlenne. burin* r*?m t'ud to immra ? ii'lnraa KMt.ra nay ?? addreaaml et'har In Uar>*lf, at Uoeton ?laaa . Or to ber agent, And. M M tk.n Philadelphia. TO AM kTKI"R?-W 4BT1D, lit AS AMATCBR MUSI i*l nub. .eat?bll*ied ntrrb fur 'heir own an?i<fniriil,i a i loiliitet and violonrrUi*'; alao two rood *tnic-? For l<rma I oi' mixrahlp. Ar., addreta A. M. C , Herald offl. ?. I lOXCKRT ABD BAU. R<?OJC.-TO t.RT, A ROOM Iff) lj f<~4 kw|. lor ball* and i-?i?KWIa. with bar and other ?on mmodatiitt*. In >ae ligbt l? nd of a man. win. a ban lr*l or wodnilara. iki b.'t.?r chancc can be bad. lD.|Olre at Mil I'eail . rwt, near Breadway. tXOTlinw, AC. no nno wobtb er oektijcmi-.b? i.eft or? , ].,ihln* ?ant?d in lar?e I>r arua.l |..!a l.ib?ral rirrt paid in rurreM money and punetual atiaadanee on all .r lert, Uirongb n?t or o b?rw1*? JAMBH MoRo.NET, rtSw rearl atroal . lLOTBIBu 4tfB AJII) H?i HATTWO v ail) to dlaiitaa et ran rutlm the utm.Nit value by ad.lraaa ?i?H ? I J lainrena alreet. aaar Canal, or 5i W.a? tn?.l? a> . lAdlea aiianded In by Hit Cohan. KXPRRMMRH. KW CRLBAKH express -tiir ADAMH KXPR>S? I'mnpany.M Bro?.|?ny. will deapalcb their Ml fk re.? l>y .he pieam-hip EM Pi RR rtT\, on Mim.tay, Ao*. M. re|flii'r'*eiTe<l until' in A. M ,la> ol (ailing -loMif HOBY, might Sup t A. El. Co. B. V. _ ___ " DR WATEO!?E BEW WOBK-" TM? CAt'SR ABO Cure." ? eomplMe praeUeal traaiiae on apermalnrrbma n<l premature aihauMKin, wit* (oral daMIHr, In lum.1 by arl* Indlarretlon eire^aor other eauaaa. In which the natura ml rll^eta i* una Inaldlona malady Ingether wtth iha traal ><ent are tall; rtpialned. UlaMrated by nyaroaa aartaiaiial latea and drawing* a.ldreaaed aapeelally In Ihnae ahoutto ?UTT. Prl -e, ??. to be had of tha author, who may ba oon ulied rnnndonltally, at M Walker atraet, ft f?w door* weat of tmadway VTOTtCE -A REMEDV AO AlWHT THE TB1.LOW ER Jtr cholera and plague la offers! in any government there ?nch dttaawa an prevailing. Addreaa A. boa 1ft I era Id o?loe PRIVATE COBfrr.TATTOBB -OR WATSOB n AH for a long aerlea of yeari confined hla attention to dla ,.r. ? * . riam < law. In whlob he ha* Ir.'ated t.ot '?. '.m wanly thnuaaud eaaea wKhaut an inalanra of failure. The -modle* ar<" mdd. and there n no interruption !/? i..i*ineaa or l-at.k-e Ol diei |>r W alao,, . In r,,t,*(a..l *it.'., lan ? a the morning until 9 at niahl. at hla conamtlng ronma aixl e?lden< e, M walker utreet, a few doora wea? of Broad wai. Wllil.t AM WATMOB, M. Formerly aurgenn In the lock Hoa,?ft*T ( jtconm pRArricB-D* c o. bar bo bp, a ptpil I V of Rlc. rd, of Paria Dra. Camorhan and Moti, i.. ny nd the only ragular phraieian wboaa aredantlala, ai.ierlenat . nd anc< "*a are beyond uaeatlon In Iha praatlee of thlaapa lahtv. AH dlaraaea af the genlto urinary ?j at. m no malMi loW ro?ipli< aU?d euradataoea effeotuallT^and w ih im dan er to the r..natttuUoi>, at hla roona, 91(1 ,e Pt N'lcholaa. Treatment alao by letter t?oa nuaunna* ranaala. C. D. HAMMOND, M n. JtRE C\'R1.~0*. WARD'E PBPORrOI* %TE >7 Prlewl. the moat oerlalti car# in the world for oer?am dl? ?ea*. no w u*ed before all ither reined le* for t hot" dlaea ?? ?arran>'d wtaout mercury, and reauirea no dle'ing for the are It la well known aa the only remedy tha' > S *r? ll?r< !aa**e mun ihe blood and aenirea aealn?i aeconda^f a('*<-tt? 'a alfthe wnrat ' aaea ther.- la no oiher ?ura lhan thla Slight ve* rurwd In on# day. Dr. Ward hlmwdf haa hvi mnrP . t , arlenee and made m?we mr?-* ban any Hi.-r >n IfjwiYo k \ per'eei fur* warranted uaf'tlurMMa I T r lend, fl. oflicr g c itml tu ??nwt f mad way. KriBLO i gardkn. """ " ' I Door* upen at 7; u> commence at 8 e'elock. liCket" MB. BURTON OliCe PgaiP, and for the last time, h* Tom Rmsioue Momuv Evoimi, Aou. U. U>m Tilt EVIL OKMW. II 111 Cooler Mr B rao If v I Joe Wither* Mr Moora Mr Mainstay. ...Mr. Kauilord | Mr. Brandou. . . . Mr Holmau Tom R.pstone Hr. Burton l.adj Aurora Mrs. A. Parker Clara Fielding Hr*. C. Howard Tuesday? The Wonderful Rav.-la, Young Hengler, Rvolix tlons ou tie Tight Rope. Ac ? TH K SOl.lilKR rOB LOTS, with Francois a* loberd. ai d a.-I'IIiiUKL. Wedneaday? Mr. Burton a* TOtiDi.KH. The Kavan Niuhtb? Tuesdays rbursdava and htuHlR, Mit. Hukius ? Niuut*? Mondaya, Wednesdays and Friday*. C1KORGE CHRISTY AND WOOD'S MINSTRELS, 444 J Broadway. ? The manager* of thin highly favored pLace of amusement while they are ooasclotuor h.ivim< uaed every proper endeavor to gain the public regard, yet tool thecnaelvae constrained to make aume publi" acknowledgment of tlauikB for tbo unprecedented support which they have received! To prove ttat they are not unmindful oi what la due '-*wt'r patron*, they thiuk they may make inenuou of tomehw in provi uieniN which they have made, without laying thcmaelvee open to i hi' charge ot self conceit or egotism. In ike Drat plan-, thrn, ibey found it ueemmry, mune time since, la view ot their increasing patronage, to beautify aud enlarge the di mcDiiona of tin1 Temple of Negro Minstrelsy, located at No. 44 1 Broadway. by ii creasing ita capacity for seating visiters from a'xie< ii to eighteen hundred, aa well aa introducing a new plan of ventilation, whi h rendered it the cooleat place of amusement in this cily, if not in Ibe world. Previous to theae latter improvement*' they ba<l introiluoed a feature in their luiil which waa not lean novel than neceaaary to the safety of ihe audteueea frequenting iheir place. They allude to the placing of a hydrant In the centre of the ball, ao arnmged na to be perceptible to all, with hone attached, (o that a full head of water could at nn.v time be turned on by any oi.e in ita vicinity. The man altera have no Idea that it will ever be neceaaary to bring thle latter improvement tn o requisition, for It ia needless to say they have token every precuiio.i lo guard against fire, but they 'hink It be-' lo avoid the bare poaaibtlity of such a oeo liiit incy In tbia eiinneciiiiii we ma> also muntlon the pain* taken by us in aecurln'4 ' auiple room ami verge enough for lngreaa and egroaa from the hall, ro thai all danuer from a crush In caae of accident la obviated ? a matter to which too little attention la paid in the pluming of public building*. Add to theae ULpmvemeniatbe 'aa'y drawing roryu, which haa been luagiiltlceutly lilted up fur the accommodation of ladiea, and we think we mav fairly challenge the world to produce the equal lo our establishment. Fanner improvements which are going forward are nearly completed, aud we eh.tll be en abled to reopen ou the &nli Inat.. when we will atart anew a the race for public approval. J1KNRY WOOD, Business Manager. American dramatic fund association.? rn km pent: JAMES T. IIRaDY, ESQ. TK ISTEES : W. P. Chapman Esq J. R'agg. Esq.. J. i'reacott liali, Kan., J. Holbrook, Esq., John itrotK-h im. Ran. The Director* he* leave reapectluily to announce that their MMIl ANNUAL BENEFIT ? 111 take place at the academy or music, ON MONDAY E V E.N I NO, AUG. 18. 1HM. The entertainment* aelected will comprise all the available tfc?utrical laknt at present in he vicinity. The following ar tists have volunteered their services ? M -s Atiueita lute, Miss Mary Gannon, Madame l'ozzeui, Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. McLean, Mi as Julia Mile*, Miss Albertine, Vis H.Jordan, Mr?. l'rovost, Mrs. W. Burke. Mr* Henry MhsK tirahsm. Miss A. Graham. iFtutu the Walnut Street theau-e. Philadelphia. Flrat appear ance in New York.) Misa Ernestine Ueurarde, Mlaa Annie llcurarvle, Mrs Melioual, Mrs. W G. Jonoa, Mrs. E. Place, MUs Carman, Mr. F. S. Cliaufrau. Mr. James Wallae k, Jr., Mr W. Fleming, Mr. John t'kley, Mr. t'Uarlea King, Mr. C race, lierr Cliue, Mr E C. Wemyss, Mr. W R. Blake, Mr Vaedoual. Mr. Samuel lirown, Mr. W Hnrke, Mr. I*iveday, Mr. Kivhard Jones, Mr. t homa* Wemysa, Mr. 11. Jordan. Mr t'hranaliawe, Mr. Churlea Warwick, Mr lleury, Mr. I.ingham, Mr. W Kuller, Mr. E. Vaney, Mr. Tom Wemyse, Mr. P. O. Bvrne, Mr. W. Hleld, Mr. R. J< hnsion, Mr. C. Howard, Mr. raiemau, Mr. C. Bernard, Mr. A. P. Morun. Mr Chureh, Mr. J. T. Raymond, Mr. ?. C. Aiken, Mr. J. Byrne, Mr. C Taylor, Mr. John Ell?ler, Mr. l-elllugwell. Musical Conductor and Leader uf theDrclieatra. . W. La Manna Stage Director Mr. F. C. Wcmy* 9TKWAKDS rilN THE El E-IISli: Mr. C. Bernard, Mr. John Moore, Mr. O. Jordan. Mr. N It. Clarke, Mr. C W. Taylor, Mr llcister, Mr W. R. Blake, Mr J liyrne. Mr. I) Whiting. The eiitcrtainmen's will ? onunence wiih^hakapere'a comedy or CATHARINE AND l'ETRCOHlO. Petriichlo Mr. James Wallaek, Jr. Iiapiifcia Mr. Bowea I Hurteuaio Mr. Chranahawe llloiidello. . . Mr. P C. Bv rne I (Irumlo Mr. H. Jsrdan Music Master.. Mr McDouall I The Tailor Mr. Fuller The Cook Mr. Church Catharine Mrs. Abbott liianea Mis* Graham | Cur<?a Misa t'arman ' l.a OueatoHlmpllce"? Donize'ti By Mad. Po/ioni Mr II. I.. Bateman will read Schiller'a "Hymn to Jey," translated by Bulwer To be followed bv the petite comedy of THE WIDOW S VICTIM. Jeremiah CIIjp Mr Chanfl*a (With his imitations of celebrated ar ors ) Twi'ler Mr. C. Warwiek Byron Ti? malne I'elhaui Podge Mr. 8. Brown Mrs. Kattleton Mta E. Place I Mrs. Twitter.. Mra McDouall Jane Chatterly Misa Alhertiao With her ccfehrUed imiiatioua of Mrs. Julia l><-an llayne A Sinp by. Mr. Ouflleld Song?' "France . 1 adore thee,". .Mlaa Julia Miloe Alter winch the comedietta of KAINT IIKART NEVER WON FAIR LADY. The D> chess de lorrcnueva.. Mrs. M -I.eaa King i liar Irs II Mix* Gannon Riiy (iuDM.... Mr. R Jiihnaton ilia ilrat appearance since his return from Europe Maruuis Kama Crux Mr. John Kllaler Don iJtMLian Mr Leijfhion The Duenna Mrs. Ifenry A Paa de Deux., by - .Misses Ernestine and Annie llenrarde hy permission of John llrougluiin, Ks<|. Selection from Sheridan Knowing' play of IBE HUNCHBACK. Julia Misa tnnettelne* Her lirat appearance In New York. Msatrr Waller Mr. Fleming sir Tlwimas Cltfiinl Mr. Lovodaj The whole to conclude with KISS IB THE DARK. Selltn Pettibone Mr. Tom Wetnras Mr. 1 rank Falle n) Mr. Livoaay Mia 1'ettilioue. Misa Julia M lie* Mury.. Mlaa E. Grahau Unknown Female . Mi? Macdooftid Adml sion ? P- iej and Par>|Uetle, 30 cenis, Amphilheaire, 15 cent*. Private lioxe s. $A IWn Hook wi 1 be upen at the Auuleaav of Music on Mundfty, f ? n. lt> A. M. till ? P M. H OPR CHAPEL.-DRAMATIO ENTKRTA1NVEVT? MI*S MART AURIC* CAMKROR and ft. F A ! Kt l.OCUH hair a 'be honor to aaaanaee in the public that i hey win |ltr# ? rtyrmauUi'ivi from the flrat i>oele of iim afe, n* ?<ia duy, Wblnat . ai it n clock. Door* open at 7,*t. Umitlaaoa, Jt rents rcacrTed BOata, St) cent?. THK tvMPllK.llJH FOR SIX Nlti IITS MOIIK.-CIII.VKSB Building, S3!' Broadway (late lltirkley'?>.? KmnUj, An unit lit. aorond week triumphant mrerm of Hrraoi and Val or* ? C ampbrlt Rinairrla t or ??? wrek longer. prerioue (? ih' tr departure for the South. Donraopea at i o'eWk. oon cert i?i ??< mmrnc. at 8 o'clock. A toMWi Hi e>-nta On Sa tan lay, Annul 3S. an afternoon perftit MM, lor th?? arvoBk niodaiu, 11 ofnmlllra and ai-lmnla, ronimenrtiif at ft o'clock. Bi 1 1 . r, v r r a a r df.ns, r ? >ot or ejomtieth strut. I ?*i rt*er.? ftrery II un<i?)r a Urand Kacrod Concert will given i on.nn ileitis at 2 it' i luck, A l?o, every W nlMidar, a < vncrrt uml Itn 11. ton. art ti> eown me ml 2 anil hall at <L Admittance, on bo"b oeeaalnaa, one all lllnn ? part of w hich will be returned la raficahmenta 'Ihe < aniens ara oj en free ever) day, etcept Sunday and W>dne?Uy. Wli* should not Yoik have public |ileaaiira garden* ?a wall a* U ?n?j nihrr Ettrnp* an cuic? I he proprietor of U>a above i ?a determined thai New York .?hall liaie a pleasure garden iMbr to rnwiM Qarln. LtmdaMi Oemlemeu will iIm this a llM place W> taki h-ir wives Mid famlnee a* there are tea Mrt> ol land, laid out In good *i) la. wltli attady tr. aa I 'art mf Ilia hall and hnnaa la iwrr d eicltialval ' for atid fannlli a. N H ? IV nic p.irtte* nnd Urii-t companies will Irid goad accommodatona. Sec. nd and Third avenue car* i un tifrj litre tuiout, a H. VAKU, I'ropi <a'or. rrn r. wallktt, the clow*. iiih nrrrRVKD fT from California. All koala < ?a letters addressed Vim Ooliage. Prankford, Ha. Academy of vcmc? tuniK \r? vl.? thk i.aimkm gentlemen NMtRM In iha performances of Ike ermine on Mond.iy. al the Ac.idrm* >'i Viialc. ara lo attend reh> ar*a' at Mo'etseh A >1 The pieces will ba r? haaratd In Iha order nnnonnra?l in 'i.a b'lt. r. ?. WKV??S, ma?a Hamafer. FKAXKI m Ml SKI' V, W GRAND strkkt. o*r I'Of fW'm Rr?iadwa> ? ?i,an arary afternoon al 1, ai d araaln* a ly V?lanif Wait?o ? tronp.- ol V.?1r| Ar'!?taa, 17 III niihihai^ ?. anmpoaed of ???*? of the Baaai form ad wonea 'n thr world. RamaBihar liw place. IJT tJrand atrVH, nf? alalia. , CH RJIKY S P ALACK i?F ART. m 1> KtlADW KS. CO|? f l?.n* thr l*r*a.i rolla- 1" n of ;>b?Kifraphe and dafuar r. Otypaa on rthilntimt In the world, Md la alwaya open far At la?Hl?ea n*lha pnbbr. BKI.L A CO H PRF.R COXCF.RTR? RVRRV KT KM I MO, rommanclnc al !*?< o clonk Thin awrr alila plaoe at .iltmnanK niejian aTary a*< uinn. and prow da.l mgHUy, la r?* liiiad, bt ?iiir jaat-on. tn aeat all vleli? r? that *nk>j a aarfnl ??ntarti Ininant, fraa tif charga. Miaa Let ma. Mr. ?ttt. Me. Ilarkr and I'rofaaaor Orlm'oar, plitma . are atlll Is ru lie? m whiter with aay CkTorahle raquee* ihai may be aakad far by applying >o tba Manner R. ft.? YMMera will plea? raoew to ih. Va-.acrr any miaaoaduct on the part of Um waltera. Baltimore Mi sm M.-roR SAi.R or i.Rtiot. tmiv raluabla thaatrtrai prt-porty, ad^ntnlac iha prinntpal bo t?l in the etty. ami eMttaled la iha Tery wr? a n-.pelit*io? i f two itindrad and Itfly tbnnaand Inhaldtanu. wiik bwteao "tha* | lara of anvuaamant op?n. la kiw eM-ra-l for aalaer taal. on raaaotiahle lei ma. tn a Jood purahaaar or leaanl T"lw? htilWlti* wUI he laaaad or ?oM (Mi all Ita rahiahle atoak a# ?ranary. w*rdrol.a, p*inllo?? etMlnalMW Ae., which ret It itir |i i <at ilr.lralda ihaalr ^ al a?tahliahmani In Iha Pi K'Y pari w: lara aiPlf lot'll ?* Till*. PARSLttS. I Agent, Hurtoa'a 1 Maura, M V. _ HI J . IBER tTroT _ F~ AU., im TRADE.? riPiH riowrea, pari* rrtraaaa, and coLokcn ?r*?w sooaa. For aah. Jnal rtralred by HOMRR A ERTfTHrV, Ron, M and M John tret*. Corner of William, R T. Wl?EIIAlli)~U?tOIU. A CHOICE A^ORTVKRT OF CLARET WIVES, S0IT ahla foe hotel, saloon and dpil)| uaa rhampacnew port. Va^rlra and aharry w art, An. ; hraadlaa J.inaiat) ft*??l"ta?i ?:a. : Sc. .irk aiea. lAMMhm *"4. i? porter, for kale atC WOKRHIl.L A MATTKR WlN'H, MW_Hroome alrret, comer of lYmlo. nf MroaHvty |JOI)TH A REIKI WICK'S celebrated LOR DON CORDIAL OIR, T*yTOORAT Ml OORlll Ala Thle medicinal bera rage la warr?nt<il not imly pure from any ininrhoia property and IneratWenl, bnt of the fWf heal pcvaalbl; quality, lie (real ? epntatton la dorfaed Ira I * pw rRy and deliekme Oaror. dill m t antia v .r. 'ka SIMPSOR RRO*. Rnle Importar* far lh? lrnit. i.? <? d t n 'a. OLD PORT WIRE, FOR IN t AL1 l>S -Ol.n M?MIH?M Doafc hrandlea. pale nnd dark, from three in I Wat re years old. by the boflla, <*>?? n. or rall.w. Rieit Ita, tnadalraa, atid atlll and aparltlinr eaiawha wtpM R. R, HW1 RRilKR A Co., V?. Im fnmi eti-eet, eofa importer* of Mc???ng?r I Lvntlw wrtfal *'?.