Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1856 Page 5
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n concluded a&idst 'nm">rr enthusiasm. A4 csrMl The democratic meeting called for on Wednesday baa Men poetponed, as the extra session of Congress wUl pre rent tbe attendance of the speaker* who were to deliver kddreaaes. T he ftui Railroad Loan Bill a Lew. Ai kikm, Texas, Aug. 19, IBM. 11k bill loaning tlx thousand dollars per mile to the Rail rmt lompany, pasted by the Legislature of Texae, all Zeroise a law without the signature of the Governor. The Dliaitruua Storm at the South. ILDITIONAL f AHTICULAKS? PLANTATION STOMKBOKD ON LUI l'OMC'HABTR AIN , BTO. CatHiK^iON, Aug. 18, 1850. The New Orleans paper* of Thursday, received here, ire fl.led with accounts of the late dreadful storm. Tte meets of that city were literally overllowed, and Bany cl U.em presented the appearance of rivers. lake I'c LU liat train roeo rapidly, and its waters sub ?erged the plantations aiong the Jackson Railroad for ?ilea. At last It land the wuter waa Ave feet deep. The per wna who were on It at the time of the overflow were Mostly planter), who were In the habit of going there 1 Bring the warm season. The t learner Star, it appears, was within four hundred pards of her destination , when she waa driven ashore tad wrecked. It the latest dates the clouds were still lowering, and a ore rain was expected. The mails bad been considerably disarranged by tbs Horm. Markets. PHILADELPHIA STOCK BOARD. Pmiladklpiua, Aug. 19, I860. Mocks dull. Pennsylvania State 6's, 83: Reading Rail sad, 43; Long Island Railroad, 13 ; Morris Canal, 18J<; tansy tvania Railroad, 48 V. Buffalo, Aug. 19, 1866. Tte rain storm here fo-day prevents operations. Flour tail and lower. 'Wheat ditto. Corn quiet; holders ask ag 60c per bushel. Oats firm at former prices. Canal heights dull; corn at 12>ic. and wheat 17o., to New York, taoeipts yesterday? 6,187 bbls. flour, 9,320 bus. wbeat, 1,260 bos. corn, 24,687 bus. oats. Canal exports? 27,701 his. wheat, 82,389 bus. corn. Oswsoo, Aug. 19?0 P 11. Flour In good demand. 8ales of 700 bbls. at 26 62 a M for super Oswego to extra Canadian, including 200 this new extra Oswego at 97 60. Wheat has a down vard tendency, with a lair milling demand for good (aalitles. Sales of 20,000 bushels, at $1 36 for red Ohio ad 91 46 lor new white do. Corn? Sales of 3,000 bush is at 68c., delivered to boats. Rye uncharged, dales tl 2,700 bushels. News from Nicaragua. [Prom tbe New Orleans Picayune, Aug. 13J The Ueited States mail steamship Daniel Webster, fcptain Churchill, from Aspinwall via San Juan, arrived arly this morning, bringing the following passengers:? Dr Hocan, Renor Alvarado, J Minor, C J Logan, W J Dela ?, Mr Webster, Major H H Lewis, 8 T Reynolds, Miss Loo nla, A Cfcapln, Col 8C Campbell, A J Daqulnsy, B Baldwin, ' Drew, H Hartman, s Deltmer, J Isadore, J Bremen, A tethmin, R O Hhaw, W Thome, II Raahead, W Bourne, J laugii, T Doyle. 8 V H?yne, W Cushmyn, C Bunearden, J furphy, J If Miridendorf, H D Valuer, J Stillfcatt, E C In tta, K A Inglm J Henry, J R tih ant lady, J I. Gibson, J D lenderson, W 8 Her.<fer?on, 6 Culien, J M Bradford, J 'oung, J R Hells, J T Addair, J Locket, W Young, R tduir.R. A B Wasaon, J Black. A Germon, B Butler, C A ?ott, W llallcn? and oherti in tbe stenrage. The Daniel Webster, on her outward trip, arrived at km Juan on tbe 31st of July, after a rough passage. A British squadron, consisting of the following war tsamhtipe, direct from England, were at anchor in and ntside the harbor: ? Ttcn 81 guns Capt. Erskine. nperieoae ?0 " " Watson. jrrogant 4? " " Lyston. artar 21 '? ?? Dunlop. ansae k 'JO " " Cockburn. rcher 14 " " Ileathoote. Vos>e?r 0 ?? ?? Wood. Hrepid 0 " " Winds. tctor 0 '? ? DeHousey. Tbe British frigate Kurydice, Captain Tarlton, which aa bees at anchor 'ir several months in San Juan bar or. and the war steamthip Tartar, Capt. Dunlop, sailed a the 6th inst. for Jamaica. The British mail steamship Clyde left for Aspinwall. ha Italian brig Annetu and Britith schooner Jesse were t anchor in tbe bay. The Daniel Webster, after lying a few hours at San ?an, lelt for Aspinwall, and arm i?g there at 3 P. M. on >e 1st inst., delivered her mails and pasreogers. The Aspinwall Courier, Id noticing the arrival of the aaiel Wtbster at tbat port, and giving a list of British ar steamships lying at Sin Juan, remarks: ? Eight Jiera are r aid to be expected soon. The object of their a it Is uiknown. Personal Intelligence. A serteos charge c<f assault with intent to kill ha* been referred against Oapt. Hopkins, the Chief of Police of iBMtl, by Mr. W. P. Stewart. The Newport AVm rays ? We learn that a letter hu ?cn received at the Oocan House for I'reeton 8. Brosks, ? presume by this that he intends to Ylstt Newport Col. Thomas B. Beaton left fct. Louia on the 14th mat. r Wskhington. ISovcrnor Chare, of Ohio, and F. P. Blair, Jr., 11. C. ect from W Louis, are in Washington. Governor Chase expected in New York on Thursday. IPpeaker Banks, of Washington, arrived in Uiis city yes rday morning. Eg Senator Johnson, of Iielaware cointy , is in town, on s way home from the last, where he has been tra iling. Bon. T. C Pay. M. C. Imm Ohio, was obliged to tears aahicFtoa on Friday last, In consequence or ill health, Ml has been spending a few days with some friends in rooklyn. lie Is (till quite feeble, and wan to have left r his home m Cincinnati yesterday. arrivals. At Cj? Everett II ?<? ? J. B. Hyde nnd lady (1 H. Sargei.t id ><iv. Mr anil Mm. W I. Yntile, Archibald Young. H. C. asp. J. Jacoba. Mr. and Mrs. Hmock. Mr. and Mrs. Foil Ion, W Tunis. New York; Mrs. Terrell. Miss Crawford. Mr. id Mri. Dawaoo. tie ; (l?i. 8. Cameron S. C.; James O. ?ealon. lady and child, ftaien Inland. A. Ktene, Cleveland ra. Ktevenaon. Washington. Htevnna, Ijuvaater. Pa.; ev J. W. Thompatm. Balem, Mao.; J. P. C. Thompson, Cu t \K Putnam, Wert Point. H Bancroft and lady, Quaker i!? t. Y , Joarpk L. White. Woodauie. James Uodtoa. Kug Pro 1 Charleston, In the steamship James Adger? Miss J ? 1to? Mlae A Taylor, Mrs Child, Miss Marc v. Mr* J T Vlaot ?d int pi, J A l.atnm> and lady, P .1 llalght. lady and two iidrfk flrnry Wlllla. lr, Mr? A E Hiliba. J E Coiuilt, R M ins?", J H Miller, W ltangan, J rt Jones, 1, Shield, W Bird, t A Duval, T B (Vrry, J Iscabcrg? aud ft In Ike terage From Savannah, In the steamship Alabama?.?** O Hwan, O w-mpaon, 1- fried. Col J |)N Johns, W 11 Gla.tdlng, A T ?nkina. W II Bulloch, J I. Kemp. J J Walk Inn. Haml Duffey. .hn II White, C Webber. II, Thomaa H Plttie, 8 0 Over, I?r O W Watfcina, Mrs II Ultima, ThosH Hereven. J u ith Mra R ? Morris. Mi?a K1U V Wright, Mrs W P Wright, Carringloa, lady. Infant and son, M D Orcanor, (1 M UriBen, M Carton? and 6 is the steerage. Fall Mtylc UsSMtlJng Entirely New, Just ,t.? KOHl) A HCOTT'8 fall atjle easalmere hat. a beautiful Isr, comblnta* neatneaa and elegance, and of very light sight. It will be the (aahton hat of the aeaeon. Call aad ?k at tt, at FORD A BOOTT'S hat establishment 210 Broad ay, lower oorner of Pulton atreel, aign uf the lug hat They ? successors to White, the hatter. Ambretype* and Dafserreolypra-Eitrn ge aire. In colors, for only 60 cents, Including a beautiful sc. equal In quality In thr?e charged $t> for else where, at ELLINO ft, eomer of Hleetker au i Carmtae atreeta. I Tike Plano^-The Greatest Improvement Is ? AO. FOCfni improved nrr ilar *ci> ftaaof'T'e lirerwro, Sit Broadway, opposite Urovlway theatre. Manu y, Tweuty ei*lith s'reet and N.nth avenue, New York. Wheleaala Clalhlag Wsnhewe. ? Men Iaata vlaitlng tba cltv are particularly Invited to Inspect our ?eh ef superior ready made clothing' hefor.' pnrvhaalhg. bAVIPJ AOlORtlK.1 l.KVY 7# WUUam street, between Cedar and Liberty. Jet asd OeU Jewelry.? J mat Received, (few Uerna of eamnga. pins. brac?l?ta, necklacee, Ac. Jet oroea ia and earrtags, plain jet ornamenta, the largeat aaaortment the my, MCMoKHI. BOAKOMaN A ToWNi-itNDS'. Broadway, coruer of Spring etreet. dinger's Sewing Machines ? In every Pee* ,le wav theee machine* have secured the farer of the pub . The ISgheet premtuma and medal' have been awarded to -? at home and abroad Thoiiaanda are ualng Iheni on every rtety of work with entire satisfaction aud aucoeea. Let all ?e have any Inlereet In the matter call and etaraine The aehire* will be courteously exhibited, whether they do or do I w ifth to p nchiiri n * I. M. RMHHIA Co, Ho. SS Broalwsy. I The Meat Faahlsssble Wedding, Visiting j complimentary cards are found at Dunneu s. 1)8 Broad i*. eorner of Dey etreet. Terms low. 7 WM N DCNNILL [ I n Farmers ? fV) Acres ofgoed Garden Land, i the Village of UempatsaA, L. I., Will he given on ahare J e'lierwtae Oood bMlldlnss. and a airenm of w^ter. olentr ? fruit. Ac Apply 5 7. *> WW ENKI,. N | AU iWre Deflsnee Halamander lalks?HsheH X. Fat. OK is the sols .manufadnrer In the United States of the see celebrated safca and patent powder proof tetance lock, d cross bars. Depot, No. 1W Tearl street, obs door bslow Udsn Urns. _________________ Memkens' Writing Fluids, and Copying is.? Theac nneq nailed and Justly celebrated article* are to had of all alatinuers throughout the United Rtaiea an I nadM. HENRT BTEPHBNH. 270 Pearl strMt, New fork, ?nd RtBhrjrd atftet. Loudou. Bate ha tor's Hair Pm, Wigs and To a pea's ? superior to al 1 others, tlolr n?w lmpr.>vemenui aeeur* rtbet eomfart to the wearer, natnral elegance and daraWll ?la unrivalled aad only harmless hit dye la applied In sire private rooms, al lATUHMLoRa, m Broadway. Wigs, Wigs. Wlgfs ? It, (too of thoee (n rial hie 0 wlga and toupcee. at MROIIVRMT k CO ? /. Maiden re, made of tbe beet materials, warranted not to ihrtok >r arse color. Beware of eitravasant Broadway prtoes. aids, band* curls. Ac. Whisker* and Mnrastarhes Frnred to Grow Ik weeks, by mv oagnest. which will not stain or Injure 1 akin fl aeoMle, sent to anv part of the country. R. O KAHAM. aonfi Broadway; Brtsgs, r ?utte ktreet, Albany fllrshagk'i Wigs and Tnpees, with his wly invented transparent akin dlvlriona. are the only wig* ? ecaifort, durability and Itghtneea. combined wlUt a perfect aiw beanly of workmanahip Factory, IM PiUton street. I lairs, WfW of headway. WMM'i Worm w* fiwurutcwi to afford sure rtlW. BnMhtf , PmIiihh m< iwwy otob iaalan wttai the city. will find the p,alm of a thousand flow R, lor perfuming the breath ana Keattufying the oomylexion. Emosf saleable arUele la the markel. W P. FKTRIDul {OO., Krankhn square. New fork. For tale bj ail drag (Ms Mid fancy gooda dealer* in Mew York. Belgium bed Prance, Qreat Britain and Russia, All saul in advance. And were followed by Prussia, That LYON'S famed pill, And powder magnetic, All vermin would kill, And the worda were prophetic. _ . Central Depot for Lyon's Powder and Pill, for insects, rata and mice, 424 Broadway, and No. tf South ilghth street, Philadelphia. Th?( thlngi are so. ? It has been Estab* liahed that the Hie or vitality of the blood conslfta in cer certaln cells or globules. Those who have bean strtcKen down with fever or dysentery have had this principle of vitality of the blood diminished by too much labor, mental or physic*!, breathing an impure atmosphere, anxiety of mind. Kxcesaes ol every Kind produce an impoverishment of the blood, which means that the life cells are diminished beyond a healthy stand ard. Let those wbo would secure their health tike an ooca elocal dose, at this season, of HRANDRETH'S pills, which cleanse the blood and add to it an element on which Us strength and vitality to resist disease depend. They are the best purgative and aatibilious medicine in the world. Sold at 43 Canal street, at 2S cents per box, with foil directions. White's Worm Loungci arc Taken with avidity by children. A Retired Physician, whose Sands of Lift have nearly run out, discovered, while living in the East In hea, a certain cure for consumption, bronchitis, coughs, eetda and general debility. Wishing to do aa much good as feasible, he will send to such of his afflicted fellow beings aa a nest It this recipe, with full directions for maaing up and successfully using it. He requires each applicant to io oiose him one shilling, three certs to be returned aa postage an the recipe, and the remainder to be applied to the payment of thia advertisement. Address Br. H. James, Jersey e*y, 11. J. White's Worm Loxenges are Superseding all other nauseoos remedies. Sold by ail druggists. Important to Consumptives? The Review of the treatment of consumption? allopathic, homeopathic, water cure and by inhalation? from the pen of Dr. Hunter, should be read by every person who values health. Price, 10 cents; sent by mail anywhere. BHKBMAM A CO.. Astor House. To Wholesale and Country Druggists? Barnes A Park, 304 Broadway, New York, Invite the at tention of large and close buyer* to their immense stock of European and American patent medicines, at and below man ajaemrers' prices, by the dozen package, or 1U0 gross. NARNKS A PARK, New York, Cincinnati and Han Francisco 10,000 Cures Have been Made this Month ?f diarrbaa, colic, croup, chronic rheuuiatlsni, Ac., by Dr. TOBIAS' celebrated Venetian liniment. Warranted to cure, sr the money returned. Price, 25c. and OOc. Depot, b6 Cort land! street. Sold by all the druggists throughout the United States. White's Worm Lozenges. Depot, 64 Nassau street. The greatest vermifuge ever introduced. Rupture.? Only prize medal Awarded to March A Co., by the Industrial Exhibition of all Nations at tho C'ry?tnl Palace, fjr their new patent radical cure truss. Ref erences as to its superiority:? Professors Va'entine Molt, Wil )ard Parker nnd John N. Carnochan. Open from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. MARSH X CO, No. 2>i Maiden laae, New York. Hollowuy's Pills? Perfect Digestion and pure bile produce healthy blood; and if the functions of either the stomach or the liver are disordered, Holloway's pills will assuredly repair the mischief and inable them to supply ihe channels of circulation with an unccnuunlniiuid ilnul. Sold at the manufactories. SO Maiden lane. New York, and 244 Strand, Loudon, and by all druggists, at 26c , 62>ac., and $1 per box. The Catarrh Doctor, C. Howard Marshall, Is again at the St. Nicholas Hotel, New York, for a few days. Hours, fi _m 9 A. M. to 2 P. M.; room 32t>. Consultation free. Direct all letters to St. Nicholas llotel. New York. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. A.L" PERSONAL. -D, FIND ONE. H. X. HENRIETTA.-RKCEIVKD TO DAY YOUR IJTTTBB OF J uJy 18. Please Mud me your address without full. PARKER. INFORMATION WANTED? OF WILLIAM DUANE, laie of Clash couuty, Tipper ary, Ireland, who lett llainll ton, C. W , about the year 1647 or 1M8. Any lufurraiiiou of lita nherraboula will be thankfully received by bin slater, Mary Hume, fit Dean slrect, Hrooklyu, N. V. INFORMATION WANTED-OF MARY MoQUAOB, A native of Ireland, couuty of Pxriuannufb, town of llush Held. Kbould thla tbe mym of tk? utmve ?h? will pl*u?* call Kt a-3 Peiancev atreet, on her aiater, Margaret Motjuade. INFORMATION WANTED? OF FETKR MCDONALD, who left Ireland, ooiutty of Moneghan, pariah of Ctirreo, about tile year 1PM. When last heard from be waa lu New ^ ink. By ca'ling at Ml Weat Twenty third street he will tee hi* uicoe, Ann Fay, who la very aiuloua to see him. INFORMATION WANTED-OF EDWARD McDOMNELL. by bis slater, Alice McDonnell. Any Information of htm will be thankfully received at 51 Second place, Brooklyn. Your brother James ha* been drowned. IPS MARY II ? ? ? KR.-A LETTER AWAITS YOU at 8. Your letters were delayed. Write aoou. M SARAH A. HALEY, OR CHAS. T. HALEY, WILL pleaae call, or send their address to J. It. Earle, 64 Dey atreet. __ WILL WILLIAM RIDDLE. WHO CAME FROM CALI fornia on tbe Sierra Nevada, in June, call at tbe office of O. H. Wines A Co., No. 2 Bowling Oreen. POLITICAL. 9T1I WARD REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION.? A PUB 11c meeting of this association will be held at Bleecker Bul.'dlng* on Wednesday evening, at go'clock, when addresses en:? Eli Fay, Warden? tbe um renounced Fillmorttsm uuiU tbe question of "liberty or alavery" Is llrat no aingRou neones lay evening, at oo tiuca, wnen *1 may b? expected from tbe following gentlemen ? K Henry S. hnuUi, Hoi ace Uree ley and Benjamin Ward latter a mechanic from the Eighteenth ward, who has ran Fillmore tarn until the queetion uf "liberty or slavery' derided. Several camnaitfu song* will be sung by the Oiee Club. Citizens fa voi able 10 the eauae arc invited to attend. JOHN KBY8BB. President. E. W. Pac?, > Vice Timdmeis H t att, I President*. N. D. Thaten, Secretary. 9?iD WARD.-THE FREMONT AND DAYTON CLUB ? D o M invite all free citizens to their general meeting on Wednesday, August 30, at bo clock In the e\ ening. at Mr. M. Iteuuert'a, next to the ccroer'of Forty second street and Seventh avenue. Be punctual In attendance. FR. FRKY, Secretary. Buch anan and rreckinridok. See be portraits ambrvtyped from life to the LEDGER OF ROMANCE Only t our cent*. Ready Oils morning. Fillmore clubs>.? h a vk you read - tiik reasons for the election of Fillmore, together Willi Ills III* and Kiecullve acta, (from Walker's Satesmsu's Manual), also, a sketch of the life of Andrew Jacknon Douelsou.-" Amerl runs who prefer union to anarchy should read tbia pamphlet. Price ? cents. or by the quantity, at caah. Fillmore Clube aupplied by the 800 or 1,000 at the shorteMt notice, and on eoo m nilc terms. Address E WALKEK. publisher, lit Fulton street. Mew York. Grand democratic jubilre-the demo era'* elector* of the etty and county of New York, and ot the neighboring clilea and counties, are invited to attend a ?4SS *AT!H<iTIO* HIVTIIU, AT TAMMANY HALL. Tnr*?o*T *vc?t?a, acurrr 2lsr. at * o'cujck The following distinguished gentlemen wlU puaiUvely ad dres a 1 he meeting : Hon A. H. Stephens. ofOa Hen. J. M. Buchanan, of Md. " Thoa. L. < lingmau, B.C. J no. M Bandidge, of La. " Horatio Heymour. " Dau'lS. Dickiaaou. " Aaiaia J. Parker. " Jao. V anderbllt The vnrioua Democratic Cluf*. Committees, and Aaeoda lions, of this citv, and of tbe surrounding rltiea ant towna are cordially invited to cooperate with the Democratic Republi can General Committee on this occasion By order of the Committee of arrangements JOHN U. CHAMBERS. Chairman. A. T. OaLLAama. Secretary. Nicholas inmond, A. J. Met any. Wm Miner, Joeeph Roee, R C Mclntire, W B Fay, D E. Delavan I,. P (Tover, C. Hwackbamer, Murk Thomas, E Bonton. A. F Vaclie, Andre Fromeni, B. P. Falretuld, (I. F. Thompson, J. C. Kullierford, N. S Selal:. Aaabel Reed, Wm Murray, t'ba*. M. Smith L B SHRPARD. I'balrman Dem ('01*. J. L. Benedict. A. Chancellor, J. Y Savage. Jr., P. B. Sweeney. Secretaiiee. Grand political meetino. at ??s broadwat. August St. when every voter will be evpected to .Irink to the succcseof his can ti late, paving for himnelf Private entrance to the saloon, just opened, through the haU. Headquarter*, mkrcfr housr, new yore - The 1st Regiment of New York YotwMere, including ihe Island ?i detachments, are particularly requested to meet on thla (Wedne?dav) evening, at 7 k o'clock, aa biislneaa in Which all are deeply Interested will be presented for their due consideration Bv order of Committee, F t'(M?E, MATTIIRW DfX'HRRTY, PANL UARDf.VKR. SEVENTH OONOBEMIONAL DISTRICT.? THR RRnr lar American Conpeasional Convention, called by lb" Countv Deputy, me( at Mlnnerly a HaU, Capt Heine In tbe chair, and nominated John Bullock lor 1 "tigress The an t nomination baa been ratlfled by a majority or the i 'ounofla iu the dletrtoc The fbemont and davton central club of the city and oonnty of New York will, on Wedneeday Angus! *1, at 8 P M.. dedicate to the oaiue, of Fremont an I Freedom the Broadway Home, their permanent headquar ters. Bon. t. Chandler, of Michigan, and other eminent Seekers, wllladdreea tbe meeting At 9 A. M. Wednesday e immense Sag will be Sung to iha br *e/e WM. II BROWNK, President. J. H BniilT Will, J Ketts Trrnj, > s ecrelaiiee. Jons H Bcai.wo^, J THE Tl'RF. Red iiorsK pleasurr oround. harlrm.-thr Atlantic ci ub of Brooklyn and Empire Club of New York will play a match game of base hall at tbe above plaoe, on Wednesday , wf tM mat. Play oomiMaoea at 2 o cleok ireciseiy. Sewud a venae care p.isa the door. F. A. MOROAN. RKD HOUSE. HARLKM -TROTTINO.-A PURSR OF MR will be given on Thnredav. the flat met , free for all boreea thai never won a puree, mile heata. beet S lu 8, nnder the saddle. Trolling to commence at S o'clock. Rmrl?s to UlMe oti Wedneeday. the XHh lost . at the Red Houee. | F. A. MORGAN. UNION COURSR.? RUNNINO,? ON THURRDAT. AUO. 21, a match for 11.000, single dash of live hundred vards, catch weight*, between Baldlna 'the famous Reading marei is a celebrated Jersey bora*. Mr Msrshall names Haldlna . Mr. Hoegland names Little Slme. Entrance lo all parte of the traok, SO cents.. SHAW A WTITTE, Proprlelors!^ UNION COURSE, L. I.-EUNNINO ON THrMDAY, Aug 31. at half past * ocloek.a match for MM, live bnndred yards, natch weights. Mr. Marshall name* Saldlna, formerly known aa the Reading Mare, Mr. Hoagland names I, Idle st'me. To come ofl o0 a good day. HH AW ? WHITE. Prtiiilem* LOTRATtM. All about a hyer, a gribbon, a bradlby and Uie llarrys. Sportsmen and others will find in Ukia week* NEW YORK CLIPPER All ihefacu of the recentlytaiked of match between ?ome of the above Diuced gents. The "'Upper also has lola of . ems about sporting metier of ell (orta: elan, store of the fiBRAT CHI^fi irfORY. The Clipper ia (old by all newsoi'u, at four Mttta. Agency, lUtt Kuatu street. ROHH A TOi'HEY, general agen ul Grand rally ok thk Oi.P xixth ward por Buck and Hrerk, and the wW, ?? steM ticket.?' The Sixth Ward Pioneer Buchanan and Breekiur >4fe Club will assemble at their hernia uariera, Monroe Ha. I, aoruer of Pearl and Centre streets, on Thursday erening. Aug eat 21, at 7 o'clock, to re ceive uulr new banner, join in procession, and march to the great ratification county meeting of the united democracy, at Tammany Hall. By order. HENRY H. HOWARD, Present. James McGowam, >r . ? Bc.vkt Hpoiies, } secretaries. 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Also a full assortment of the most accurate charts of all parte of the world. D. EGGERT A SON, 299 Pearl street. THE EVENING DAILY STATE REGISTER HASBEIEN removed fntu Albany, and will be issued In this cltv this aiternoon at 2 o'clock, price two cents, and will be sold by Dexter A Brother, 16 Ann street; Madden A Co., 36 Ann street; Ross k Toucev, loo Nassau street; Hamilton A John son, 22 Ann street; Yates A Seeley, 22 Heekman street, and other wholesale agents. JOSEPH A. SCOVILLE, Editor and Proprietor, 81 Franklin street. T~HE MOST DESIRABLE JUVENILE BOOKS ISSUED In the Nation.? Christian Advocate and JournaL HARPER'S NEW STORY BOOKS POR SEPTEMBER. THE GIBRALTAR GALLERY. Hiinii'.< Stonv Books, a Monthly Series of Narratlvee, Biog raphies and Tales, for the Instruction and Entertainment of the Young By Jacob Abbott. Embellished with numerous and beautiful Engravings. Terms ? Each number of "Harper's Story Books" will contain UK) pages, in small quarto form, very beautifully illua trated, and printed on superfine calendered paper. The series may be obtained of booksellers, perlodloal agents and Postmasters, or from the publishers, at three dollars a year, or twenty Ave cents a number in paper, or forty cents a number in muslin, gilt. '1 he postage upon " Harper's Story Books," in numbers, which must be paid quarterly In advance, is tiro cents. Subscriptions may commence with any num ber. The two periodicals, " Harper's New Monthly Maga zine " and "Harper's Story Books," will be supplied to sub scribers at five dollars a year. The publlther* will supply specimen numbers, gratuitously, to agents and Postmasters, and will make liberal arrange ments with thein for circulating the work. They will also supply clubs ot two persons at live dollars a year, or live per sons at ten dollars. Clergymen and teachers supplied at two dollars a year. Numbers from the commencement can be supplied; also, the bound volumes. Seven volumt :\ are now ready, elegantly bound in muslin, gilt, etch volume containing three numbers. Prioe $1 each. Twenty two numbers are now ready, viz.:? The Gibraltar Gallery, being an account of various things both curious and useful. The Three Gold Dollars; or, an Aocount of the Adven tures of Robin Green. Rambles A mono the The Kmui.neer; or, How to Travel in the Woods. The Mi'cei-m; or. furiosities Explained. Kiri,Ei>. or. the Blind Boy and his Pictures. Jobs Thus; or, the Christian Experience of an Honest Boy. The Stout or American History, from the Earliest Set tlement ol the Country to the Establishment o 1 the Federal Constitution. Tub Story or Kmoubh History, from the earliest periods to the American Revolution. Tiie Story or Akcie.nt History, from the earliest Periods to the Fall of the Roman Empire. Thb Sti dio; or, Illustrations of the Theory and Practice of Drawing, for Young Artists at Home. j Fbanblih, the Apprentice Boy. Tub llAurER Kstablisume.nt, or, How the Story Books are Made. Timboo and Fanxv, or; the Art of Self Instruction. Timboo amu Jouba; or, the Art of Being Useful. Viruima; or, a Little Light on a Very Dark Saying. Emma; or, the Three Misfortunes of a Belle. Fran e; or, tne Philosophy of Tricks and Mischief. Tub Liitle Lovvbb; or, the Boys and Girls Picture Gal lery. Tub Strait Gat*; or, the Rule of Exclusion from Heaven. Wiu ie asdthe MiiaiuAOE showing hsw much may be ac complished by a boy. Brcno; or. Lessons of Fidelity, Patience and Self-Denial, Taught by a Dog, HARPER A BROTHER8, Publishers. WILL 11F. READY AT 11 O'CLOCK BAKl'KK 8 NKW .MONTHLY MAGAZINE roR urTwau. COSTBNTV. ? On tlie application of Photography to Printing. IlluilrWC'l by twenty lour engraving*. The Dltmal Swamp. Illustrated bv fifteen engravings. Htury of J aim * P. lfeckwourth. IlluatrateJ by e.'evcn en graving* Pnaaagc* of Eastern Travel. By an American. Illustrated by seven engravings. ? Finny and Myself. Dhiurl Webster's Koeial Hour*. How Nellie was Pawned. How we Upend our Mon*v. Fossil Remains of Scottish t-oclrty. An ABbl. \ Hollering in Oregon. Little Dorrit. Ily Charles Dickon*. 1 llustratlons? Mr. Fllntwinch has ft mild Attack of Irritability; The Pension er Enter's Uiment- Chapter XXX? The Wordof a Gentleman. Chapter XXXI? Spli lL Chapter XXXII? Nore fortune Tell lug. In Memort*n\. A Wajr to Remember. Monthly Record of Current Kvents. Literary Notices? Books of the Month. Kdtior's Table. Kiillors Easy t hair. Editor's Drawer. Advertisements Illustrated.? Illustration* ? A Home Want ed.? Mualeal Tuition.? Young Ijiwyes.? A German Gentle man. ? I'.u.i l)og. ? Pleasant Hoard.? Two NerrnasBuflorers - A Kent* Wanted.? Fifteen Dollars for a Farm. ?Hep arse Table lor Children.? Pleasant Prospects.? A Lover a interview. Fashions for September.? Illustration*.? Kiueealan Habit a ti<) Walking t ostume.? Under Sleeves.? Fk-hu. tine hundred and sixty eight thousand copies are now print ed of Harper ? New Monthly Magazine. The cost of oontribu tions and illustration* for each number exceeds I2.6UU. More than Uilrty thousand dollars a ytar la thus paid by the maga zine to American authors said artists. The publisbeia beg to renew theT thanks to the public for the extraordinary favor with which the magazine has been re celvtd. No labor or eipeusc wUl be spared to render it sull more worthy ol tho unparalleled success It has achieved. "I.tttle Dorrit." the new and charming tale by Charles Dick eus. now being Issued in Knglsnd In monthly parts, at twen ty live cents each. I? republished lu this magazine, with the ll Itisirntlons, at a cost to subscribers of about two cauls each. It was commenced In the January number. It Is the loremost Msgazlne or the day. The fireside never bad a more delightful companion, nor the million a more en tertaining Irlend than Harper's Magazine.? Methodist Pro testant (Baltimore). The most popular monthly In the world. It has become one of the literary wonders of this country. Almost exclusively composed of the works of American authors and artists, It pays Its contributors some twenty Ova hundred dollars month ly. It Is a happy circumstance that 11 alms at tho highest standard of literature and the puree! of rnorala in all its pages. ? N. I. Observer. Terms ? Tbc Magazine niss t>e obtained of bookseler*. peri odical agents, or from i lie publishers. *t three dollars a yesr, or twenty Ave cent* a number. The semi annual volumea, aa completed, neatly bound in cloth, are sold at two dollars each, snd moslin rovers are furnished to those who wish to have their l*ck numbers uniformly bound, at twenty live cents emh. Twelve volumes are now ready, bound. The publishers will supply specimen number* (ratultonily to agrat* ami posimaaters, and will make liberal arrange menfa with them fur circulating the Magazine. They will idso supply clubs, of two persons, at Ave dollar* a year, or five person* at ten dollars. Clergymea and teaeher* (applied att?o doUsr* ft jr*r HABpwl k BROtheR8. Publisher*. KFROPEAJI ADVERTHKaXTTS. INFORMATION FOR AMERICAN TRAVKLLBBSQOINB to Europe. ? THE BEST HOTKIJ* notel Meurtce Park. otel des Itsliens Do Motel des Princes Do. Hotel de Ru**ie. kept by M. Young Baden Raden Hotel de I'-Angleterre Frankfort Hotel de Feder .Turin. Hole! de Fod*r ...Geneva. Hotel de 1' Europe Florence. Hetel de Till* < to be opened ta August) Florence Hotel de I'Klotie d < ?r Bonn ou the Rhine HOTRI.M ? BUS NOT GOOD ORE*. AH the hotels In Uxtdoa are bad. Hotel de RlvoM Parts. Hotel d* Rsde Do. Hotel de* TrdVs Rol* Raale, Switzerland. And nany ether*, which will be given hereafter. TAMED MARK WELL, SPECIAL WINE MERCHANT TO (J her Maleety Queea Y ictorla. late proprietor of Ihbotaon'a Long'*, tbg Grsftou and the I /union Hotel* and the North *pd South American Coffee House. beg* to inform hi* America* pawens snd friend* visiting England that J M i* now one of (he largest wine merchant* st the West Bad of I nnSos: having cellars under J. Ms various private houses in Albemarle street and the netgbtiorhnoi Public o?ce for general sgsn cies and the wtae and sptrN buslssa*, No. 40, oorner of Stafford snd Albemarle streets, Piccadilly, London. Reference and banker*. Mr (MaadsPeoti, Bart., ? Oompany. No. 1 OavendlaS Square. London. 2AMB8 MARK WKLI* WTR PROPRIETOR OF IBBOf saa's ling's, the Graftee and ih* London Batata, and the rth and South American Ctrthe Heeee. beg* to Inform hi* American friend* netting l.oad*n that f.lL MaMU Interested in hotels la U* aslghbovtood, and haa also several private far ntahed bou A* always te let, in apartments or entfrely, in tbta Urasgo ??? ft and Albemarle street*. PloadKly, London. COITORlig WAITER. ? CARP-JQ SOUTHBBWERS-pBINK IRS or COH. grcss Water ? An inferior M*l* of mineral water

I* advsrttsed snd sold under th* nun of ? SarfttflKt" water, th* ward "Saraioga" being used br cooetsr f* iters k oaee* where thev dare sot risk selling their ictWOQ* article aa Oongree*" The success of the chest Wtse* from Congreas water having been *o ofiea called Saratoga water, tbst many people suppose that it* tr'te and only name. Taking advantage or thla, the vurloa* ftrMcJe ts so *ui op. with name*, rasrk* and houiee, a* to reeemble. a* n*ar a* thm dare, Oengrose water **d mostly sold a* *a liaitat ioa or ito tho** uaaciualnted with th* dlitingutihlng marka and n rand. r<*r*)iftr flavor s^r?2H?!rE2 srsvsitS^i r misement. and y^t Uie ftruele ? ?iutilic be worthle** sr Injurious. II you want ?iwftter tiny It 01 reepeelasis i*sler*on!r,*n4 S^hat t h? tirsnii on the cork ts OONojtV.fl* It Wiuievi those wor4sane tetiera. it is a On wntmg to us, we will ^ r?u a .d ra. ks*e. and hT ordering from 4 ?ft for the amount ordered, ynu ean have rtoaoy pari of the w*d n^REBi WHTTR. ?mjATiojrt waiotd* A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE GER man elrl, u nuree, In a private family. Inquire M 479 Ort en wlca St., second floor, back room. A respectable YOUNG IRISH girl, wishes a situation, wi chambermaid and waiter, or to take ear* of children. No objection to light housework. Wa|M not so much an olueet aa a good home. City reference. Call at 211 Varlck st, above Hamersley. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN? WISHES A SIT ? uatlon, aa laundress or to do chamberwork or waiting, or would do the work of a small private family; la a good waaber and ironer; haa good reference. Call at <9 King at. A SCOTCH WOMAN, A PROTESTANT. WISHES A ?ttuatlon aa professed cook in a respectable private fami ly. Good city reference. Aluo, a respectable married wo man aa wet nurse, who has lately lost her baby. Good city reference. Pleaae call at 196 7th avenue, top floor, between 2Sd and 24th ate., for two days. An enolish lady, experienced in tuition, in deal roue of formlnf an engagement to go South, with a frlvate ifamlly ; her acquirements are Kugllah, In all ita ranches, with French, mualc and drawing; can give latlefac lory reference. Addreaa a. B. W., Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, TO do chamber woik, tod to amiit id washing mid iroulng. Good reference. Apply at 126 Eaat 22d it. Can be a.en for two days. A LADY, COMPETENT TO TEACH ALL THE HIGHER Ed# lush branches, together with music, and who haa had several year*' experience in teaching at an institution at the South, de?lre? a situation aa teacher. Address Y. V. K., 660 Siith avenue, New York. A YOUNG LADY WOULD LIKE A SITUATION, AS govemesa, either In this city or any other in the Union. Address Education, Broadway Poet office. American lady wishes a situation <with ber daughter, as music teacher.) to superintend a private or public ho se, would not object going South, not being an abolitionist. Can be addi'esied until September, box 490 Poet office, Bridgeport , Conn. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, aa wet nurse, In a private family, in the eity or country. Good city references. Inquire at No 267 7th ave nue, between 26th and 27th sts. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Scotch girl, to do general housework; Is a good waaber and Ironer. Hood city references. Inquire at No. 4 Mulberry st., fourth door, front. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, aa good cook, washer and Ironer. Good city refer ences. tan be seen for two days at 183 tlth avenue, between 12*h and 13th sts. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES EM ploymenl in a Protestant family, as child's nurse ami plain sewer, or would do light chain tier work, his for the last live years had the care of children. Very best ret'erenoe given. None but a genteel family need apply. Please address fclleu Brooklyn Post office, for two daya. A MIDDLE AGED GENTLEMAN WHO HAS A FUN damental knowledge in *very branch of agriculture, and who haa for several years assisted In the management of an un usually extensive estate In Europe, is desirous for a sltu-tHon In the capacity of administrator. Address J. D.'B., Union square I'ost office, 831 Broadway, N. Y. A YOUNG FRENCHMAN, WHO SPEAK* THE ENG llsh language, in desirous to obtain a situation, in a count Ing house. He is acquainted with tbe business, and particu larly the correspondence. Address O. Froutgoua, No. 8 Beach st. A WELL EDUCATED ITALIAN GENTLEMAN DE sires a situation, hs teacher of Italian in a boarding school, or would attend classea In seminaries or private tamilles. Spesks French tluently, and understands English. He is highly recommended. Please apply, in person or by note, at No. l>2 West 2Uih it., auy day this week. A GENTLEMAN, EDUCATED IN ITAI.Y, WANTS A situation, as interpreter of French, Spanish. English anu Italian In a commission or shipping house, would also make himself generally useful. Please apply, in person or by note. ?t West tfUih st., auy day this week. A GENTLEMAN OF OOOD EDUCATION, WHO UN ?lerstsuds and (peaks French, Italian. English and, and writes a plain business hand, la desirous of obtaining some copying to do st his residence. l'!?ase apply, in person or by note, at 62 West 20th st , any <Uy this week. IfMPI.OTMENT WANTED? AN EDUCATED YOUNG A man deaires employment In some profitable business w ould prefer travelling. Haa no capital, but can give go**! references, and bonds for tbe faithful discharge of oontract* Adilreas, for ten days, with fulJ particulars, G. P. l\, boi 133 Post office, Tonauda, Peun. HOUSEKKEI'ER.-AN AMERICAN LADY. FIFTY years of age wishes a situation as housekeeper lu a very small family. Would prefer doing thj work required for a family of one or two persons, to having the charge of a ser van!. Call at No. 188 West li-th st , near #th ave. I WANT A SITUATION? -TO IK) ANYTHING IN TJUC ahapeof work; I am an American. XI year* of age . a* neither pi oud nor particular a* to what it m. no long on It U work, and honest Apply to or addresa Samuel, corner ul High and Fulton ?(?., Brooklyn. PORTER.? WANTKD, A SITUATION, AS POSTER, BV a young man who understands hi* b'ta.iieaa; la a good pen mar. cad arltlanetlcian, an 1 can aula* at bookkeeping If re quired. Good city reterencea given. .'l?a?e addreae 8. X , Herald oOlee. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO IS perfectly acquainted with the French, Engllah and G?r man languagee; mil write a good hand and keep aocount*; la willing to make bunaeli generally uaelul. Addreaa W. H. , Herald eOca. mo MILLINERS AND DRESSMAKERS.? A GIRL, If. 1 yeara old, wlrhe* a altuation aa In door apprentice. Ctt) rtfeieme. Adore** Fanny . box 164 Herald office. TO FARMERS -A BOY. 16 YEARS OF" AGE, A GER man, of reapeciabje parrnu, wiahee to learu the farmm*. bualnete. Addreae J. S , box In Poet office. TU O SO A I* AND CANDLE M A NU FACTCRKRS AND other*.? Wanted, an agency for the talc of the above arti clea, or any other kind of mer< handiae. on aalary or roramla elon. by a man who would devote hi* whole Ume to the Inter eat* of hi* employer*, and can give the moat *atmf?cto?y refer t nre. Communication* addreaaed J. B., box 172, lleraldoffice r LAWYERS. ?A TALENTED YOUNG LAWYER 01 three yeara' city practice. wlaheg to do attorney*' an I aollettora' bualue**. He will engage to try cauaea, argut mo'lon* al Ch*mbere. and do auch other bualue** pertainW to hi* profeMfcm aa be may be called upon. For particular. addreae H 336 Broadway, room 40. TO DRUGGISTS.? THE ADVERTISER. WHO IS THO roughly acquainted with the bualneaa, la in want of a an nation Is a drug atore Referencea latlafaciory. Salary mo derate. Addrema B. U.. Herald office WANTED-BT A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION. T< do general bouaework In a (mall family, ia a very gooo cook, and a 6 rat rate waaher and ironer; haa good city relet t-ncea. 1'leaae call at 14? Eaat llib at. Aral Boor . back room WANNTED-BY A RK8PECTABLR PROTEST AN! girl, who haa good city refcreuce, a alt nation aa cham bertnaid or waiter, or to aaalat In waahing and ironing. Plea* call for three rtaya at DH Cannon at. WANTED-BY A YO UNO PERSON. A SITUATION, TO travel with a lady . haa never been tea atrk. and uuder atanda millinery and dreeatnaking. Addreaa, ataUng where an InterTiew can be had, E Edward*, PatTaon, New Jeriey WANTED-A SITUATION. AS WET NURSE, BY A healthy, reapectable young woman, with a Ireah brea-i ot milk. Inquire of Dr. Kent, Wo. 40 Howard at., at S A. .V or 1 P M. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER, A vv altuation, aa laily'a maid; underftanda hair dreaatng ami clear atarcblng, ami la arctlatomed to travel with one or two ladlee. haa no obiectlon to travel to Europe or any part of the Continent; aatiafacfory reference given. Pleaae call at 291 KllxabfUi at., corner of Bleci ker. Can he aeen for two daya WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT young woman, to take care of children, and do chamber work and plain aewtng. Haa uo objection to go tn ihe country The beat or reference will be given. Pleaae Imiuire at iBSttb avenue, between ?*b and 'J6Ut au . , in ihu atore. WANTED-A STTUATION, BY A SMART, TIDY GIRL to took, waah and iron In a mall family. The beet of city reference frum her laal Klaoe. Can be aeeu for two day*, f not tutted at 116 17th at., near 7th avenue. "DT ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ? T girl, aa good plain cook, waaher and Ironer, or to do general booaewnrk. Good city reference. Apply (or twi> any at W weet IHh at., front baaem*nt WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RKlPEt TABLE young woman to do rbamberwork and aewtnjL ?r the boaaawork of a amxl! private family. Haa go. id reference Pleaae apply at 12S Seveuth avenue, oorner of 21?t aireet third tloor, front room. \\T A NTRD? BY A COMPETENT PERSON. A SITU A YY tlon, a* **amaire?*. * a gc>.?i .ire?*m*ker, would take rare of one or two grown children The beat of reference given Apply at 367 Qreenwich at. neat Franklin. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS A GOOD 000 K; UN deratanda baking In all Ita t>rau<-hee. la a good waaher and irotier, No objection to the country. Oooa reference* Appl) at 224 6th *t.. between ?*h and 'Ah ava. WANTED-BY A HOOTCH PROTESTANT WOMAN, A altuation, aa tuiraemaid anil aeam*tre*a. or to travel with a family, with the care of children To he aeeu for two daya al !7? Weel 17th at., near 9th avenue. Good city refer f nee given. ANTED? BT A YOUNG PROTESTANT WOMAN, f v with a fre?h breaet of milk, a altuation aa wet nune. Good reference given. Apply for two daya at ?*) Jd avenue. between S?d and .VVI ata . Brat floor, back room. ?fir ANTED? A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE YY well educated young German lady, who I* able to In atrnct children la the French language and the rudiment* <<f mualc, or aa lady'a companion to travel to Europe. Inquire at 642 llotieton at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUA tlon. aa cook, and to aaalat in the waahing and ironing, or lo do the worfc of a am* 1 1 lamily. Reference from her IMt place. Can b? aeen for two day* at 61 Laight at , in the baaemct.' TJP ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TY girl, to do chamberwork and waiting, and would have no obiactteu to take rare of children. Pleaae oail at US went ?h m. Good city reference from her lae> place. WTANTED.? A YOUNG. HEALTHY MARRIED WOMAN, TY with a freah breaat of milk. wi*eee a altuation aa wet ntirae. Good reference* given Apply at II Eaat Warreu at, South Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION TO COOK, WASH AND Iron, end to do bouaework In a amall family, no objec tion* to the country. Call, for two daya, at Motl at., In the rear, between Houeton and Bleecker ita Oood refereuee. WANTED-BT A BOY, 17 YEARS OF AGE, TO AP prentice hlmaelf to the printing hnalneaa beat of refer ence given. Addreae T. H. B., box ul Herald office W~anted-a siTr ation. by a borer, steady and Indaatrloua man aa light per** la a atore. The advertiser will make hlmaelf generally nsetal to hlaemaloyer. Haa the beat of city reference from hi* hut employer. Any rommarda *ddre*eed W. F. Q., 361 Broadway, or to the Herald office, wlU meet with Immediate attention. tir ANTED? 8T AN ACTIYE TOUMO MAN A SI TV A YT tlon, a* mleemmi. who would make hlmaelf generally ueeiMl. Beet of raforencee. Addreaa box 4.5W Poet office, Ttr A N TEC? BY A YOUNG GERMAN, MPERnSoED YY In the hoatoeaa. a altuation in a wholeaale wine or honor eetahllahinent; with an Amerioan rtrm nrafrrred hurt ot re jst *Mnm' lMy,' v- ^ situations w acted. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A STRONG, ABLB B0 dkdyouxg man, 20 years o face, who is not afraid to wsrk, and do Mil he can for hie employer; 4 rare ohanoe to a storekeeper who baa plenty of heavy work to do; wages not ?o much an object u steady employment. Inquire at al Oak ttreel assistant book * lifter ZbQti (iuexr^nti & W*H Of eOArgy "leaae addrete M M , llw,lHm?*,UAbIe references?"^' WANTED? BY A SCOTCHMAN, A 8ITUATI0N, AS gardener or farmer; baring bad creat experience In both, can give tat laf action la either; baa been five years with bla late emplojer, and can be well recommended. Apply, Irom 10 to 4 o'clock. at A. Grieves bird store, 180 Chambers at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RMPBCTABLE young man, in the grocery buaineea, who has had four Tea rar eiperience In the Trade. Beat of referenoe given as to boneaty and capability. Apply at SI Monroe at. FRENCH ADVEWnSEMBVTS. UNE FILLS FRANCAISE DE BONNE EDUCATION, aacbant easelgner la musique, ainsl que la langue, di tire te placerdana une faml'le en quality d lnatltulrice. S'a dresser chex Bininger, 26 Bowery. UNE PETITE FAMTLLE FRANCAISE DEMEURANT dang une grande malson, dt aire louer pour cet biver i quelquea messieurs lea ssluns du permler ou'le trolaleine ftage meublet; on fouruiralt la table siou ledeslrait. Breevort Houae eat au coin de la rue. S'adrester pour lea details au No. 119 Clinton place Hme rue. UNE DEMOISELLE ALLEMAMDE, SACHANT BIEN enaeigner le fran^als, 1 allemand, le detain alnti que lea prlnclpeadu piano, et parlant 1 anglais pasaablemsnt, dtslre trouver une place connne Instltutrlee dans une famille ret pcctable ou dant un peutionnat de demoiselles; elle n'a au cune objection d'aller a la campagne. Kile a et 6 peudant plualeura anni es inatitutilce dant la Suisse francalse et eu AllrmagBe. S'adresser A Robt. J. Betge, 72 Broad it., New York, ou A. P., 8 OS Poet office, New Haven. DITBLUGEHCB OFFICES. Employers wishino good help wii.l kind respectable German and other servant* at MORRIS OOH NERT A CO. '8, 287 Broadway, corner of Reade street; also tsrmers, la bore rt, 4c., at thia or the branch office, 120 Green with itreet, near Cedar. WANTED? AT 768 BROADWAY, THREE QLBRK8, two talesmen, two bookkeepers, two conductors, two porters, two barkeepers, two firemen, two brakemen. four wallers, two drivers, two coachmen, men on steamers and railroads, and four boye for trades and for stores. Cn&rgea gioderme. LOUIS KALTMaN, Agent. WANTED-AT NO. 0 EAST BROADWAY, TWO clerks, two conductors, three men for steamers, two poiters, two barkeepers, two coachmen, three boys fur trades, two boys for stores, oneelerk In a ticket office, one clerk in a shipping office. Charges moderate. GILLEN 4 CO. THE TRADES. MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS, IN WANT OF first class cutters, are respectfully invited to call at the office of A. I). RKEVKS, 327 Broadway, up stairs. Mr. Reeves leaches measuring and cutting In all Its branches, ou the most approved system ? TO MERCHANT TAILORS.? THE ADVERTISER DE sires a situation as cutter, either South or West. Can S've the best of Broadway reference for competency in either e custom or manufacturing department*. Address Cutter, box 1,560 Herald office. TO MANUFACTURERS OF HOSIERY AND TO MA chtiilsts.? An experienced machinist in the construction of rotary knitting machines desires to obtain employment la a machinist shop in the above branch. He can undertake he construction ef the mar bines, if required. Address Kflfliung Machines, Herald office. TO BOSS TAILORS.? WANTED, A SITUATION, A8 foreman lu some respectable Southern house, by a mm who thoroughly understands his business, and is capable of cutting from XI or 34 to 10 size coats out of a yard aud 19 Inches, on an average, pantscutout 3K irom SO to 3G. Cau give the best reference. Call or address 221 avenue B, between l.'?h and 14th sis., in tbe store TO RAILROAD AND MANUFACTURING COMPANIES. A respectable married man, an experienced house paint er and c'.uzier, alto capable of milking repairs and altera! ons in Ra? tilting and plumbing, wishes a situation. Salary mode i?ie, pro-. Ided the situation is permanent. Good references given. Addiess for two days, box 1N4 Herald office. TO I'RINTHRS? WANTED, A YOUNG MAN, WELL acquainted with job cylinder press work aud card press. None but a competent person need apply. PUDNEY 4 RUSSELL, 79 John it. "ll/r A NTED ? A FIRST RATE BRASS FINISHER. AP ?? ply to W. S. CaHH, No. 1,102 Broadway. trTAT('HMAKKR WANTED? A MAN WHO THOROUGH f T ly undnri-tanda his business and can tiive satisfactory references may apply to Kami. L. Bowman 4 Co , No. 17 Johu tt. WATCHMAKER WAN! ED.? A GOOD WATCUMA ker logo West. Applyto H. SlmousA Co., No. 2b Maiden lane. "flTANTED? AT 1?0 MERCER STREET, IMMEDIATELY vv au engineer v. ho understands the care of an eugine, 4c. None but those highly recommended need apply. LOST AND FOl'ND. Found? ON the Hudson river railro\i> a sum of money. Hb'ch the owner can ha\ I l.v calling at OH Warren street, ou identify big the money and paying lor this advertisement. Lost-three notes: on? drawn aV<l i. i??, for thirty days, by John Ferris, for $200. Two by Dr. Hon tack; one at sixty dars. for $125 LU, one for ninety da??, 'or $21*1, dated Aug. 7, 1S8C, payable to tny order, and endorse, 1 by me, All persons are tautioned not to negotiate for the same, as the pavraeut has been stopped. CHARLES 8. PI. ATT, U7 Elizabeth street. LOST-A WHITE POODLE DOG, Wmi BLACK RYE*; answer* to the name of Bijou. Any per ton returning him to No. 151 Tenth street, will be liberally rewarded. LOST? OK THE IflTH INSTANT, A PAIR OF (lOLO spectacle* having my name engr.jved thereon Three dollars will be Rlveu ou Utcir return to me, at my offlre S3 Broadway. K_M. ORKKNWAY. T OHT-CVNO, MENZE * MEYER ft NOTE. DATED XJ New York. March I. I KM. nt eight month*. (t.r six hun dred and eighty -eeven dollar* and twenty Ave rente payable totlieir own order, ai d by Uem endorsed, at the nMjiii of Hrhnlewlnd k Co.. New York, ^aid uotc *i? enclosed In a letter ql the maker* dated and mailed at St. Louie, Mo.. March 2t. Ih60. aud directed to Hermann Mrynen, New York. All persons are hereby cautioned agaiusi negotiating laid not. He payments having been (topped. Lost? in ooino from i? broadway tn? town, either In a stage or o'berwtse, August 19. a bun li ot ?mall key*. Wh.>ever w 19 return th-tn will be sulutdj re warded. Apply at 198 Broadway, up euire LOST? ON <>R AWll'T THE 1*TII AUOIST. 1HW, I promissory note. No ? for EI7H JA, dated August '.Nil, 1HMI, a' ns month*, drawn by David Rowland, payable to the order of D. Ollluiur. at the Grocers Hank. N. Y. The public ?re cautioned Against buy tug aaid note, ae payment thereof hae been atepped D. QTLLMCR. No. ? Liberty place, N. Y. Lost-a bank book, or the Manhattan sav mil InoUtuikm. numbered tkt, hae been lout or etolen. The finder will pleaar return the tame to the bank. 1 WT-ON MONDAY KYENINU, I8TII INSTANT, IN A Jj Sevenih avenue Mage, or In getting out at the corner of Twenty slith street, a poeketbo.ik. onniauiing sixteen dollar* In bank slid a draft against Mos|iiei a A (To. for t& urn. Hie Under la reunretcd lo tend said draft to Rojaa A Co., ?f7 Broadway, retaining Ihe money, If he pleaees. L~ OST-ON THE AFTERNOON Of THE 19TII INrlT.. in Barclay or Greenwich street, a manuscript document relating lotbe affair* of the John street M. E rhiireh. If the finder will leave the same at the o flier ut K. L. fane her OH Rroadway, he will be suitably rewarded LOi-T-ON TPERDAY. IN BARCLAY ST REE f. BE tween Greenwich and Writ a small paper boi containing some Infant a clothing, and a lady's (old chain wrapped in a brown paper, marked for 'Sen >?*?. California " The tinder a nil be suitably reward by bringing the puree! to M: Green w.rh si reel. I?T ? DOWN TOWN A (ARTMAN H ACCOUNT BOOK Ike finder will much oblige the owner by handing the hoc to Lemon, llsehe k Co.. M Maiden lane. Lt.PT.-I.iTFT YESt?rDAY~AT ABOCT ONE O'CLOCK . In a Broadway ?ta*e. at the corner of Canal street a Carkage. wrapped la a newspaper, containing pocket hand errhief*. a chrrk. Ihe pa> merit of which hae been stopped, and paper* of no value eieept to the owner, whoa* name U so en*lf) ascertained from Ike contents, thai ll it hoped Ihe Under will immediately return It and rootlve a liberal reward by applying at 774 Broadway. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICEES. iinnon clear profit -partner WANTKD flV.vVvfc a ?afkttHatbnsta ?t* whlcli brings ev >ry ?eaeon tbe above sun. From Is.ikM to M.UOU la rtqolrM. Addresa A. B,. boa 17* Herald o?oe. drTfiOn -fartner wanted IN A genteel VA?Ol/' caah business on Broad wav Anv person hav ing this * mount to inveet will find a rare opportunity bv ap plying tn ANDKRhON k PHELPS, M Broadway, room No. 4. Payment* made caay *?ri\7r to imo ? wanted, a partner in the painting bnslneaa, well established, in two giv?l ?hop*. Inquire ai No. 13 Eooeevelt atreot. HAY I Nil THtS AMOUNT (AN tPu"U< bear of an opportunity of inventing the same In a coal operation, from which KM Nn be reallred In a ma ennable tine Will bear strict Inveetigatl >u. For particulars addresa bot I MW Post ofllre Aocato unu -a partner wanted in a light J manufacturing business The artirle made meete rea<ly sale, large profit, snd can turn out tint of work per day. Apply to A. ROBINSON. MB Broadway, room 14. COPARTNERSHIP. ?A YOt'NG MAN OF SOME MEANS, w lakes to enter ae partner in some well eembliaked wholesale groeerv or produce business Agente seed not ap ply. Adireee Wholeeale, Herald o?ce. nOTRL KKEPKRS ?SALARY OR INTEREST WANT ed. In a A ret claee rttr hotel, by a man who hae had the practical management of the beet hnuee* si (teen years, and oan Influence bnelnee* ?l?.i>?i to tt^OOO a year Addreee A. ?. Davie, (confldentlallyi New York Hotel, one week. JOHN R. HARRIS, I. ATI OF THE FIRM OF PETIT, Harrle England * ( i 1* admitted a partner In our houee THOS. N. DALE 4 (X>., 19 Warm street. New tor*; IS North Fourth etreet, Philadelphia. U Rue de Catwartin. raiia. EW YORK. AUOUST l?, imn.? NOTICE IS HEREBY given that OMAN E MOS1IER baa this .lay witlelrawn fi >? the firm of Oatlor, Moeher k Smith, and la eioaerttted from all liabUIUot that taar come agslnet the Urn. II. K. (JAILOR, /. SMITH The business is carried OS by OAlLOR ft SMITH Ball len. No. ( Uoaverneur etreet. NOTICE IS HKRRBY (UVRN THAT THE COPARTNER ?Up hcretofhre evtsting under the firm name of A. Car well ft la tkla dav dleeolved by mutual consent. A. CASWELL. N?w Yon*. Aug W. iaM. C. CUINNOCK. The buiinoea of he abort firm Will be rontlnuedbr the mbacribar. A. CASWELL. PARTNER WANTED-JN THE BROADWAY STEAM l.anndry. Call at 41H Broadway, ooruer Canal. IHE COPARTNRRSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING BE. i ween tke *nbecrlber*. under the Arm wl naw I B. Hrmke ft c?., le thla da*? y etwtual content, dleeolved. B. He mke Willi j*l?TA.g fklreofthe NtwYkM.JnlfM.mE W" ANTED-A PARTNER, IN 1WT pnm>nw tirwi rest, already srtablteked Any perw>?i w1th a cash mp\ tal of 91t*0, may hear jf a good rhaaee by arfdreotfkg "PHimb er ' toi n Herald o?ee. etatlog wk?r? w Hiterrtew ean be the principal depot, Ui Bros dwav. **u JtlHM L. BRABTM A 03. A DRESSMAKER W ANTED ? WHO CAM CUT AN? fit well. Inquire at 37 Crosby street, room No. X A 1*7 a gM to sew, and a food shirt maker. Inquire m above/^* A firm- rate milliner and trimmer want** ?To go to Ml adjoining city; a French woman preferred; [ood wages aud constant employment. Apply to (i. N. Cutter! good wag' 370 Broad At the pavilion de flora-wanted, a youno lad* to attend store; one Uiat resides with her parents preferred. Apply at 3*7 Broadway, near White at. A pressman wanted-to GO TO A vert heahby Southern city; be must be ateady and a good workman, pay SIS per week; ateady work Tor years. Apply at tie corner of Broadway aud Chambers atreet, over the Shoe and Leather Dank, room 17 Boy wanted.? must be active, intelligent, of good address, write a good hand, command accepta ble references, and reside with hifl parents or guardian. Situ ation permanent. Salary first year flM. Af~' ? * ? * W. Thompson, corner or Broadway and 2t>th at COOK AND Cn AMBERMAID WANTED.? TWO PER tons, well qualified, may fled permanent situations by applying, immediately, at the corner of Lafayette and Carlton avenues, Brooklyn, from 8 to 11 o'clock A. M. CLOAK MAKERS AND SEWING MACHINE OPERA tors wanted immediately. Apply to Molyneui Bell, 68 Canal ?t. DRESSMAKERS WANTED.? NONK BUT THOSE FUL )y competent need apply, at 5; Horatio st. Also two ap prentices. DRESSMAKER WANTED-TO GO TO ST. LOUIS; ONE full* competent to take charo of a first claas kmiuness. To such a one a high salary will be Riven. Good references fiven and required. Apply immediately at ronm 142 Howard lotel, Broadway, between the hours of 1 and 2 PM. DRESS PATTERN MAKERS WANTED-ALSO AP preutHes. Apply to Madame Parry, 137 Broadway, ut> stairs. DRUO CLERK WANTED? A YOUNO MAN. WHO HAS a thorough knowledge of the prescription and retad biud ness, and can produce satisfactory reference, may apply oor nerof Rutgers and Monroe sis. /^IRLS WANTED? TO WORK AT ARTIFICIAL. \JT Cower*. A few taken to loarn. Work given out. Ap ply to T Price, 45 Division su GARDENER- WANTED, A SITUATION, BY AN Ex perienced man. who knows Ids business in all it* branches. and has several rears experience in this coiutry; or ihe a<lvertlser would tale charge ol one or m ire green houses in the city, where a good collection of plants is kept. Best of reference given. Address J. M. C., Herald oUlce. MILLINER6' WANTED? TO OO SOUTH. NONE BUT the moet competent ueed apply; good references given and required. Apply at 36 State st , three duors above Ne?in? st-, Brooklyn. Milliners wantkd.-w anted, 10 or 15 first class milliners, to work on silk and straw bonnets to go to New Haven. Conn. Wagea trom 14 to $10 per'wnek. Apply te Edward Mallry, 64 and Chapel |st., New llavenv Conn. RS. RICHMOND CAN EMPLOY A FEW SUPERIOR ladies' dresa capmakers ami soft cap hands; to such the lushest prices paid ana 12 months' engagement. Apply m the evening at 369 Broadway. Will remove on September 1 to 6K7 Broadway. Nurse wanted.-a lady wishes board for iier child, I wo motiOai old. Address, stating terms, Mrs. M. Harris, Broadway Post oUlce. CF.WINO MACHINE OPERATORS WANTED IMMKDI O ately; also, cloak makers. Apply to Molyneux Bell, 60 Canal st. TO MILLINERS.? FIRST HaND MILLINER AND trimmer wsnted: also aeveral apprenticea. Apply to Mrs. Carter, 683 Broadway. TO MII.LINERS AND SALESWOMEN. -WANTED IM mediately, eight good milliners, one cap ami beuddr?sa mski'r and a Mileswomsn. None but tin most competent wll? answer. Apply at 63 Caual street. A lew more apprentices taken. TO MILLINERS. -WANTED IMMEDIATELY, THREE first rate mllUdera. To good hand* a first class salary ? ill be paid. Also a good saleswoman. Apply to Mrs. Telle* liiCih aietiue. TO MILLINERY SALESWOMEN. - THREE EXPE rirnced aaleswomen wanted. None but those throughly acquainted with the business ueed apply, at Mrs. Carter's, &Wt Broadway. VEST MAKERS? WANTED, SEVERAL RESPKCTA ble vourg persons to assist on sew ing machines, aud a i.rst rate button uole maker. Buswees conducted at a private residence Paid by piece or week Apply to J. McCormick, 24 Court st., near City Hall, Brooklyu. WANTED-A FIRST RATE COOK, WHO THOROCOH ly umlemtands making all kinds of bread and cake, to (.?o to tne country, and will be retained permanently tn the city if she uvea satislact on Those only who can bring th? best city references may call at 33 Lafayette place, between 9 aud 12 A. M . immediately. M WJ TANTED-A GIRL. TO TAKE CARE OF TWO CHTL dren and to do plain tewing. Inquire at Ne. 16 King St., In the rear. Wanted? a girl, to do general housework . mnst-fct)- a ftood plain cook, waaher and ironer, and have good reference.- -Apply at 128 Orchard st. WANTED IMMKDIATEI.Y-JKVERAL SMART, COM petent milliners; to such steady wort MMl Uf l??i wages a ill be given. Apply to Mrs. Watsoo, 83 BJeecker St., five doors w est of Broadwav. WANTED-A STEADY AND INDUSTRIOUS WOMAN, as laundress and chambermaid, in a private lamily, a ?hon distance in the country. Apply at Ml Greene st WANTED-THRKE GOOD MILLINERS NONK BUT competent hands need apply. Also, a lady to attend to i he show room , one who is a good saleswoman and milliner preferred. Also, a girl wanted To go errand a, about 13 or 15 years old. Apply at 661 Broadway, up stairs. XKT ANTED? A SCOTCH OR GERMAN WOMAN, AS TV competent cook. ? aster uid ironer, for a family o* eight persons also a Scotch or ? lei man woman, as chambermaid sod waiter. Apply, with recommendations, this day, mIwns V and 2 o'clock, at 147 Wooster street. A woman aec<i?*oiMd to milking a cow preferred TJLT ANTED- A GIRL, TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK ; V T must be a good waaher and irouer and bring ih* best of city references A Protestant preferred. Apply at lAl Prince ?t. Brooklyn. jj TIT" A NTED? A PROTECTANT WOMAN, AS SEAM ?T strees. one who thoroughly understands bar business, and w ho ran bring good city references Call at flA sth ave nue corner of I6tn st , side Joor, between 10 aud 13 o'clock, o? Ihursda." morning. w TITANTED-GOfJD MILLINEBS. DRESS CAPMAKER* TV ai il irimmi rs None but eiperleuced bauds nenu ap ply at Simmons', MM Broadway. 'ANTED- A WAITER (J I EL. INQUIRE AT SOUTH east corner of Lexington avenue and Stlth sL Ak TED-A SHIRT CUTTER INQUIRE OF Woolf, No. 70 William stieet. up stairs. WAKTKH? A RKRPEOTABLR PROTEHTA1IT OIHL. Khc mnM b<* a good wok, ?ruhrr and Irnnar. Rngiiab or Meotrh prai rrrad, with good riWfnM. Rusk a g rl will Itud a food place and a good home. Apply at IM Waat Sitb at. UTAgT*0? A ORRNAR OIRI. WHO VRDRMTARDfl TT Kngliab. H IGfeWih avaii'in, between n?t and Ud Ma. A |'"?i hand ai waahing, cooking aud general bowwdk. OftBtoday. njAKTRD-A UIBL, TO DO THK IIOORWoRR Of A TT email lamtii and uM In taking oare of cAiUlraa A linoi'i i rrliTred 'lood e. required from hei xl employer A|<ply M Tit Wrat "Mil ?. WANTED- A OORPRTKRT WOMAH. TO r?n THK TT general homework leaoept waiting) ?f ft Mali fund* In Brtioklyn muni be n?*l and underatand cooking welt H'tgn very liberal, if ?iuted. Apply at 117 Broad at . up ttalra. from 3 to > P M. 11'A?TRIV-A HERVAKT, TO DO OKNKRAL HOURR *1 *ork. in a am til family. Apply at 37i> Pacific MoutB Brook I vii. TI- A NT* IV- A mm 00M. WARHBR ARB TROVRR. IT To a girl who underatand" her bnaiuaaa liberal wage* ? ill he paM. Inquire al IS* Amn> it, Brooklyn. W^?A>TKn-4ii MA.NTMr.A MRBfW MUKKH. Apply attbe Rew Tork Momnlng Mora, ?7~* Broad way. M. MYRRH. XtT ARTKP-RRVRRTT fIVR RTOCT TOCRO MER, TO TT go OB wbal'ng roya?ee. Advanoe la tke amount of fr? paid to each man for an outfit Kitra pay to ooopera, fa/pw lent and blackamltba. Apply at Ihr (leneral (tipping o?\ee, I f7 Weal atrett. or >1 fouth nreet. up atalra. TITAKTRD- TOCRO RRN WIRHtRO TO OO TOKIA; TT a I klnda of r..ya*ee. according to eftparfiy. A trvnee and outfit fnrniahed Veeeela aaiilns erery day. Apply to Randall 1 Kobeon. 1H H?utb gt ainwr <?f Pock alip. WA HTRD-AR RX PERIKRt ED ROOREEKPRR CITY reference required Arfdrtft* ledger Herald office. ?ia; i'K Tnn Ac. TBTAKTRD-A RTBADT RAR, TO TAKR tTIABOE OR TT an eating ?>ar Rone nee.) apply who t? n? thoroughly competent itoo.1 wagea will be given. Apply to R. Ward. Belle^ne Uftrde? . fort of BH> at. Kal rlrac. W^HAJ<TF.I>-TW(l SHARI' V*AITKK* APPI.T TO M. Ward. Bellevae Harden*. foot of 1M at, Eaat rtrer. TfARTRn-AR RRHARP BOT. IR A PBIRTIRO Of TT flo. Apply at Ho ? Broad at up aulrg. fir ARTRO? A TOTRO MAR. A OOOP PRRMAR. ARD TT perfaciW ?<-qnamiC"l *ttto tb? r.iy, aa oollactor for ft man'/actorr. and io kiroaclf g-uarally naafal akout UM o?o Addrcaa bo? toll Po?? raforftacaa. IT-AKTRO-A CORPRTRRT, rArTHffl- RAR, WHO TT m?dcr?ui)d* ibc car* of boraaa and oowa, and win m$k9 hlmaelf generally 'tar fnl. fo aorfc good wagaa %ad aUwdfw p loymcnt will be glTeo. lugtilra ftt room 0, ||g Broad arfty. 0R1 00R fwith fnT particul?r? ag to *#a. Tiallfiofttlooa, ki., J. X. R i Herald o?rc. W| |aRT*D-A TRACniR. TO OO iOCTH, ORB reraaut with Trench and Hpaniab prafarrad. Addraaa. With fnli partlculftrg aa to aga. quallftaftUoaa. Ac., J. 'm Harld nmt*. 11'AITRR waktriv-a youro mar oaMMB prk TT ferrftd, who tgndaraUftda taking care of ft tfthta Ml ft hoarding bonae. carving. Ac., ofta ted ft good rlftoa by ad drcaatag lUward. Ilcrald office. WANTRn-ooon r.xrr. rirr< rp waiterr. cccm aa are acqtuuntad with cbccklna, to wait at dinnar. froaa 1 13 to S o clock, at the MerchaoU' Dining Rooan. oorngr of J<An I W lam ?tr>""a < "all before 10 o clork in ibe morning 7 F1R*T HARD SBESM WARTID-AT Ml I 0 raid at. rr itAI.KSMFR ANIl UN K <II(>PW U.KRR WtRlKD- I'V ?J a fan^y. drr g<-??l* and millinery bona* In Rew llai?n. t 'onn Addr?v>. atatmg referatteea and e?pei*ftUoee. Edward Ral1??, M and |> Chftpel at., Raw llaTen. Mji.AII AORNT WtNTKD ?R ?VK?T -T*TK ?mat dep??n WW, wbtrh W?l. H W?arftM an >250 ?*iua i\ '!!fid^l,r*Ai! dS;TSr?,ty WNwrw'