Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1856 Page 3
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THE PUBLIC HEALTH. The Yellow Fever. HATTKRS IT QPAHANTINE -THE EFFECT OF THE HTOKM ON THE BHII'PINO. The same number of casee of yellow fever were report ed yesterday at Quarantine a* on Monday and Tuesday. No new excitement of any kind ha* arisen between the Hospital management and villager# outside unco those previously reported. The rain i-torm of Tuesdiy night played connidor Able havoc among the vcaaels anchored oil' Quaran tine. It was expected that souie of the vessels would drag their anchors and get lost. Forts-, nately, the direction the wind blew added to the vigilance and labors of the occupants of the vessel*, pre vented any very serious dl antur occurring Tbo bri? Pride of the Sea dregged her anchor m d ran into the bark Dtlutield, doing'the latter roufMeiab.'oijp. tir.v, andraushig her to leak badly. The Ocean m ret wai u'*0 run int.i and tior jlbbooir t arried away. Tbo v? b;;oU at Southwwt Spit tuflereti considerably Irorr the b' >w. tu u;;hnot by any nr.eaoR as seriously n? it w,i.i aiitielputod thv would. The Kchooiier >ouug uaorica ir.iggcj both her anchors, and came near being wraokod. Tun captain, his wife and two children wem the ml pirtk-a on hoard of her. The other vi/seia gut aevureiy rated, bat ex perienced no oilier damage. The throe aliipa (till ri'iuainl'jg at flrave-end Bay rvlo through the wiud, us it proved, witioul Bu.Verlng any Bjury. Commission* c? of Health. The Board mo* at noon, President Barker in tli-s chair. A lengthy communication tne Mayor of Bojion, la answer to cue addressed to hlaj a few days stncj by Dr. Thompson, the Health Officer at tlii-i port, in r jlatiou to the bark Jane Gliddon, wis read. 1 jo occasion of the cor re-1 pondeuce was to inform the authorities o! Boston or the do part ore from thin port of said vessel, for the supposed pur pose or proceeding to soa, but it was subsequently under stood that ter derivation wan Boston ,?ho arrived hero about threo weeks Fince, with nearly all hands on board sick, and several deaths on tho pas-at e. After coining iato port, diltermt parties, composed of stevedore-i, \-o., hav ing occasion to board her, with few exception:!, all oou tracted fever lrom said ve?ei, most of whom have since OJed. The Officer a med hor the tao<t datigerojH vessel which lias arrived tills season? a veritable pen house ? ami bho was con?e<|Ucntiy quarantined tho longest period. He i-tat.d thoso facts to tho Mayor oi Boston, ?fid cautionel him against allowing her to enter that port. hich letter was laid bti'ore the Board of Health of that city. The answer enuve; s the thanks oi' tho Board and the aysurain e that she will bo prohibited iroin going to the wharf, and they will estimate it a great favor if bimi lar cores are rei>orted to them. The communication was favorably considered and or dered on Qlc. ro.M vcxicatioxs ami nrrmoxs. A number of realdenw in tho vicinity of Tenth avenuo UM Thirty -sixth street appeared beiore tho Board and stated that the slaughter houses la that neighborhood have become an intolerable nut-ance: tho stench is plain i?.PerftP^ al 1,16 01 balf a toUf . Bonos, hides, tat and htir arc snfTcred to remain there till they havo uccome putrid, and are a prolif- source or disease. City Inspector some moiitiid siuco ciusod somo of ihrsc places Io be cleansed and puii Jod, but they havo *h1^?.ueC0m0 M 11,thy as "v'cr- ln,*7 earnestly Mope alter will receive tie Immediate attention of iM the ?vil*removt'd. ordered tint tho City ir ^" requctted to have said places claused, and, if accessary, closed up. ' ' Communication from the owners or brif Dolafleld .uch received seriom damage last ni ;lit by a vessel ruiuui.g against her, and it is very important that re mirs should be made immediately; that the voswl h.n l?, w^?q U" ' a'. !Ue i wt n ly days? arrive 1 alt well-cargo, lo> w^t_p,rt is discharged. Arrived two days alter .it . \w,'icl' ^ COiDe t', the c'ly As both vessel!) ?re a milaily situated, wo are induced to patttijn your d?cW?/h\Upl P?rnoi?ii"n to bring her to tho city and uncharge her cargo. i*n at tho accretion of lbaKli tip? iVi^* 0r""D' Jatvlnf ^eon under quaran. tee thirty day* and having eiiehargud an t ligStvod DeileV*0 " sltiCC> hlld permit ion to proceol. toSS?1,* owner, of brig Hope, from Cardenas, re It n? ? UtT 10 11,0 Boaro, that the vo.-scl arr val board rfrn?nU*?,JUly *?' th*1 no occurred Oil 6?ard during .he passage; thil the cargo has b en du ? h Quarantine, and the voisei" J an l 2. f0r thes,: ruasoaa ?-k the vowel may be allowed to come up to the city. Deniol. t^SS?V' V "U,1> H**". Havana wbhex Io come to the city. Denied lh^^^wFr!ne,tCi,frTSt?JDomi^l;', up to the ctv. all wrtli on board Petition granted. ?f?Chooner Young Ainori a, arrived July 1<i frott Ha 'it, a, ami cow lying at tho Southwest ^p.t a,ks -irmi smn to come up to ihe cdy. !>e-;ii? l tG,l"KI":?!or Irtg Mail i, Irotn niiH.-h. r<6pf(tfuhy reprcKerii tLut sui t vemiwl nrriTol at OD Monday, 18th in-t , from Klo H,n \\hlch is an per i roadstead on the Spanish Main, n.,<l p-.-f.-, "y !^i .'^h T T* no ?l Pon of J vy k a , '?[ I1" ".,er.0 v,e?? *r-y Sickness e>f any kin I on board ! . , 1<fav'n< Hcjv YorU. He' cxre.j cn totioft,^ |oii8 Ol Btaail wood, 7 tons Htthe wool nstlc. 18 oi\ idivl, in bulk about h .Id, It being a dii-' ?"d put in on# account of bide.<, to p-.? erve tliem. to^-t er ?,th 1,111 dryh.ici. Trier wi,h "H"J f> coma to the city. Allowed a More I, Hiocs tuA to be landed in the cltr or Brooklrn Tie nim?i of the <K:ean Uird askid peraNsioa ti ' * hfr 10 city; *bey ht?tc shn b. >n 21 days at Cl!a"JJ"< ?a'1 1 'W'??ted, ail weii; tho teasel < ?ma>e< . hating been rn# ioto. Penied. Ii; ig \ i ncure, lrom Jacmel, arrived l.?th with'O' rooc cargo to be l.dhterid to the cltv m f v ? .'ays HMOS' hip .Bee Acger. from Cnariestou. So.ut,' Cjro tna arrived ISth Inst., with cott >n. wheat and rkv an 1 J T"1 1,1 * well; allowed to proceed JmL?SD#L ?*L f,ro?1 ,;?n?'vis. airl'-ed 18thln*t. d ? rg" ,IKh 'fed to the city mi live cays Hi .g I ert, from (iuabtanarmo Cuba, IStfi m<t w th sz&nrrz'v* b* ?n<i i?niu> (uer.ty alter Cvo days. BrlgSarcnl. from Conalves, 'arrived on 17th allowed p lighter ker log wool. ?"l,a Aihoi rned to the Slst In^t C ontiulsalonera of Enalgrrntlou. MATTBKK at QCAItAJtrtNE. '.Tie Board m.t at 4 V. M., Ou.ian C. Verpiauck in the lialr, snd a quor am present. J P. C ikijardua was appointed enflneer at the Mirine [oapltal, recently varated by death by yellow rever. 're trnich con?. petition for the place a state of I ing< that shows there Is >t much sla: :r. axong thoie I ho , mploj ment. I The cor Iroiu the Castlston Boi,-d of Health the CottmlsaloM r ;, ( published m the Bsaau. ) a llicii read by the Secretary, Mr I'm- , rctv.a'ke. ?hi. the Board' :?!it ft ait'la.i ? Health O" ..-r lnttho po.itiou he h?d taken. H-> p.r e was .--iislied with his action. *r. C K also eitpreesc hs satig',. Hon at thi nrse W Mr. Ihoropaon. Other members al o expressed e lar.i" -?t t nt. Vilowirg eotii .i-anication was th-n real fron the ?uc#r>- - Qr e?f.rr*r. ??Tirifv Ui Aug. 19 lavi i i mi ( <>??. ? .ii.. i. >? i ii.. ,ri" - I'1 " 1 ' -i ' t ' ? ? ?>?? Yt. t ii< ?? ti ?< i t r r, " ? ? ? ??' <: ?r in. |?,r . . , , , , . ; n ? w < - . ? ? , , . i enw m M> pr"<*M?No'.< <?! ,iy ?,W. UI eoqrse o . i uir rp vain of prrwnal nillm rkwi ns l'rH"<(nn nece KtoMlix. that rr.prc ...r h? u,f). ?? I h....t, ? w?i! M rd loi he truth, ri that 1 khwoM - O mit n reiilv. h'mmttrc rKitrnV ! >npo<? J mv , :|. rn to I,rr* rv iunrsn.ln.? Mwald rovVi-iit rinrgtn^ no wlih an .. iT"** '* '?? enf. wring ,n .i n I. ? i ffit'inon. |l t'l a e? i. intit, rm?ou !"*? *( iif I til ,t I ,? , 1 I'""' - l-i.n ? ' - :il..?f.-t I I' M! II* "t ii % }tfi oii#' iti ib?- fh ? ?,/..?.? f, v ; '' '? '*? ? pr inlnnii i,|r|?or of (|.. K,,ir I LV"Z !'"! be J'idged fr.m, I r>f Hr t ' " v ' tM'i.iuMPf ???nn'.o "h ' ' 1 ' ??'?. V. f I I' ? in.-.; mr ' ?*? ri<?l r rM co intrl of f) w ,,,?j A|, j , . lw.Mr-.ll mfrnm ur :.-l n. nt-:,m".. I h- iVoer ?? tha ? rfi-l'nd aedMvVeriif 'h' r.| i >? ,.f an -? i k-i- nn' 1 in th. re-ivy. a *?b ch el. ,r . la ,uf!^r" Al ? ? ? <h- port wl H . . Id I ? '?? . i ? ? '> a ' ||.? p? ..I ii. ? i. t..l and adtlt-r ?>.>e ? .|( ? . .-I. , ?? ?* ' ?>???' ' 1 "k ni'"n ?,.?? ?.? . in i.r i< r il m;> ? Ir. - are thfl n>'n ? n. ;'r- ?nl tn rnn >ler *c e een.fel'ad b.v iry |.it *dwi..i,onaH?n of the ? |. '? ???? - ?? !??.? ?hl- i yn . bi nc< I ill g .1 a: it <n p ?<? I lo ihe pit r?; , |,lw a ?f ??. >i<s r. ti . ? I a lift teprrarmlni; I'. ". vlo|*'!n-i? of l?w rk Ikuli ii.r' maun In my |iower I. pr.feiil, w. te th.? I I of a dfnl nl duty on my part Uk-v ? -??)( i? mntr ibeltr??irat 11 okeH whli Imllit'eii n- ?? ?:i *h,?' ih"y nr.. |mi.| rmOt-rn. Ikey ai.t.- 1I..1 k'i n li/.W o;i sir li? aiirnd a m 'i ling itf the I'airAi I mi I'- i|?r of I'awtag 'elMirk ?'W- langnagr In In h < (in V ?!ion ? irMlital It w j our ll-?ard iiimn r. ,if<*ld'', an 'hey s M'Mee* mr M. li.r..nvrn|.Mir.-, ? Til ah >\\ Ih ? u ier i.^r in Of a h?i I <lnt asr. I v. Ill ?fate lo k pla ?- al lh?? >a r"r?re.| ??. when nr. !.*? r* ;i-.| ni ? I a it I . ? 1 ir ?. number m r?|.'aln? ?>f I ?????!? awitnn^ e " r.s i?r ?'? Ir <d>errraf , -r wMh> 'i.idri- ?|ii?'l-t?> I ?a? eigog d lii ilmli-a whleli ahull to' pi-rmt' , .i .ti" <1 I in'.. tn?l i... | ,a'or, mil |n ?' 1 I a ? ?. I., ? , ? ... | ? I . , . ? . I bxi l?a|?.e On | ri<?"n. a? i*i.< ? u.'al.lPa-- ouir U i t rrg'r einn". mr ac k.l To ihi? ?vir?,| <ti.l *!.?/ eo"' l tin la;allf do anrhm? whir i <1 an I M l tna In Ineonrmlrn.-,. \.| l.-l in >bN p.M , ar In h*' e M-n^hi ? . milk* yea l?"l:.-v ? th " tli" a*w 'ni' * o li-vi-risrsH" ?l ihn >f< t vi i?e mil. v wgaM'Stli* of iba Baeni b <? l.nan us.' re.n t ?f their rn ,i|i|i d tilth lh? Cse't kim* ?h?' Hi- as ' i.*i ?- ? al'rlrillebls in an'i.-rly iHlt-ri'tl f up . ?ae nt akkiK ss ithnli tt, u *nC*n ?s hailnr i?- ? irr.' I I'f S'lnpf eai ii ihrlr ' ila.Tot-.a, hsd I's urtij'n Imrn .aclnfis . I tea?ri? aa .'b hn t bernr ? 'hi' iim^ar tlupoil. as w on n? prartlr, lh<ia" Te??? U were re ' ? ' ?? e 'I i' ' r, '.I'yond Ih. ? n-li n ? n >-n ? ;tf .' ?> Hi. n no faen'lally lnfe<'t??l Vi'?a"1t hie* arfivej In f. aixiin KlM'i l.ra oe'nir?i| amw 'h^ employ .'a nf re. tin I h.- a' ?e' < ? of ?l<- <>?.?? la not ihorrOire ih ? r<* "I Iim I If a-l'iut Ihe Ijnrratnla* e?i. Wwire. hut of mi ii1. ?f i tfr'ril rra> els. Among ihe ? harges rsila>' me In ?| mm.'rtilon It one, Ihnf I hir.l pnr<ii"l a g-nr ?rt-e ?.| hoallllly to ihe Board. So I'ar ,-ia Ha l,n< oii? i nelr.l me in III' diwha-ge ol m f 'UP I I ,1 , a tree, b i' -? id H. i' i' i? arh..|l, on wrd lledlne Hoard eonllned pa a<-i <m in alf wdt'ur ma ply 'he aln whleh was ne. r??arv io tin> mi-id.- oi v '" V"' in>?, and io .oieet the arr. al an I iinshk ,"7 ' ho have vintai-d tl " la . th. y w .oil h.iv. f ",e,r du'le, ?? pnbl - n", , . in I h.ire ihr ?w i i r.j.'n I ihi- pill,' ,? H nil Ii |.? > ir . ?>? r , >'mi a i ?.lf Him in 'h * 'ii i ' 1 ^'T"' 'f?,, ,s ? ? ' <" I1 i I *i I .." aiiT seatatsnre in arre?'Pi:T ?n I bring ,i t.. piinUliMiriil v?t l\,-r t ? . lh.t knew 'bat peraot.a were rsMawiy i*eg i- ? ' c- ? ? Inline 'an-- "i4 a. lansorlm n... |j,, ,. ran reronelle their pWa "f lsnoran.- w|<h tMa Jatalos io d?'iei mine The r?i,i|r t ritlrm who t?Hn. sacs thr e..minls Ion of ei ,,i,. aho iM Ihe nece^eiry s<n,? te hara ??> ou -n ler nun ahe I Th-a . atrial r'o'r "f a'l ma r"r|; Mlft of th'? dni> It a- , MlnkH at th*^ mi tna'fad e* cooperating wi h m*. at tfce . ? ,?,,,??>?<i me to cooperate with law r*'' T1' , . Uu Ilie QuauuiliM enclosure, hu4 th.-tti to ibui jvf :,uie 1 dio ant Uiil? aid tli-m llier ' ?* ^l,,pT ? ? .7 \he s? " The Board deay ill Tiolutliig tUe la (iiacii irgp or p'e eon. frniu CJutraofn^', U ^'h7?^X,^ilbe ei? the some mo le or egfeas h. gu.e -be. ' To these aeqniunted tvlihihe locality of !V're^.?U,!. *Xlm mcwu. ui Urn dmNMol Of On- lleuitli ofll rT ES e^pt that which is outside Uie wu . Ihe ^ U1 have ? s'eauuT plying between here nn information is aecommodatc those w^osm dubs'* ,,r for pur wholly cw to me. I know of uo imch s^iunei r ? pose for two or three du>. at<ei tue t. ' ?i'? ' ? fe,vtrlr.? entrance to Quarantine a .am* ill r,llreiy ? prlvu'e enter between hire m.d the city, hut it was pureiyap ? wUho(l, I <e. mi l ? ne which it? ' u'l. i,n,.n, of the rlghtiof the i-o? .?2e olt. they bnvc placed uo , , In the n >"l Ml^geM t? open Hie channel or comm . , .,(,lnVa upo? w hich mgttvsz rrrtPi&s& *' I- a notorious r*c' 'I'V.} }* ,?e, t^r, .one (? om ntte -V ?>* k^t - f( r.'ic.-' KiV,^l TfT. iVcm, ?atb:rri?w \o r ,VoM "n ?' To eAUbff'vo.T'to - them. 1 will nien'loii but ift .? r}, I;;.,, ^ t ,,,C(ir.i/.? Hn.lHf- =e I H^'h'officerhe'Ut i>ei- ???<??. snv pi evloun request, to niy depu - , n( _jBa. s^^WJ^tr^WitsaK I'.xitU v eil knew l^at of ('ommltwloneri of ?^^^^^^encebj m^an. nf#. am.1' !?? bo* In ' Alter Fom? debate the communlcati >n was referred lo " Y'r ? Ha r rig ! "rcs ideu t Physician of the Marine Ho;piUl, I sent inlbe following communication:? During the past week only sixteen ca.cs or 1 V el'i. iw f< \* T hn ve bee n udrmtted to the Marine llospi al Ugd fiutoneadditionVl case ha. occu-red r^u'^lUu '" |tL'1ih*' ^^kr*T^om^v*Vhave ille""'l ''rob'*'' Wn charged? leaving, witl^caaes rented Mat week. twolveeaae. unile? nv' m'renori to von thM none of the sieve lores who MM' tt^r-th. ?clte?e?t or Ouarautine ft ta proper that I ahoul I correct .certain Hatetocnt* which have been made to the d^c <? t of the ?'<mtiul miouers of Bmlgraiion and tbeoUloeia ot th > Mai me HI*ob"erve that It Is charged lhat the Commissioners of Kml eraiion do not supplv a auflleient police force to gui .It he flMlne UMpttal c?tahlialiiuei.i and proieet the PAmmnnitlM from the dangers which ?ro necc<H\vUv Uit 1?1* ut ^hi eiMeS of tho i.i.atui iou ; and, from the nna.rka ma le bv a meiiiher of vour h nornhle HojpI n< / >ur Im meeting II appears that' some newapan*-* h^d reiiorted that S?pb".'ioiauii the itariiu; Ho^iui h.?d ciprcsaci .ucU au "'i'1 'would re-.neetfully sta'e lhat I am not re?po!isll>le for any i ew^naprHieiii*? ana thai the atuietnent referred to 1. utterly untrue, as uny m-u\ber of the tloMlclou rtoarl of Hj-altb t in t. slii'x it' my remarks before the Uotrd are referied to. Since ihe tirsi d.iy of M?.i n> ih? iiresen; hour, not an tndl vidua! who bun b? n couiBiiUtid to Hip exclusive rare antl <u? t? <|\ r?' t M?' nc iio^uital u'?th?iulc;ii, his ?uccee?l?*d lu rva't.i Hh ou t a. nine ref uUUoiim, or lua l?-fc <Uc Ouaran- I t U? proun?i> Without iho reqntelta legal permMljw. Nn rich nJ?P ciu i havr c\erbo?n penuluatl to leave without i?o 0*11 KTiSKl llSJectfit Bai. d sanction, and. on the oth.-r li?:.d, I have never grai ted permlssoi' to any person under ihe (e.?lh ((llleer'scoutrol.or In hw euii>to>ment. xi le ive tli>\ gro'^ils. '1 Imiigh our |M?ver* nre In al! essential re*p cts rooidnnt ?%,JUr^he?aWlA-T?h *tMar*n>rUotnlUl, to enforce the regulatloi s which mnv he rc-piUtte to eiitor eob^ d'euce ilie quariiiilitie law* ou the pari ot nil ini.i lies of the !,; pi .,1, I iired mil, refer to the U c: thai even wlwn we h id a iH.putatl) not ii' ar > I (ik? persons inthe 'n-U utioi. and 1 ???>! |i Mi- were in health and uneasy of retire int. wh e i r be tlenc* w i ft ciifurci i din ing the pr"ir?cied p.-rlodn thai these eouina ni? I" re .V,n<md he, e. The-e companiea wen nl.C --lin ihe 1? ...Hulh authority, and no other person than tha phystelan (It I'ie Marine Hospital couW !>?? re^poni'hJe roe their a'tt kttp U g . II.U v. Hh -he steveilcres, who have been bo .ded aad em t.I.ied ht i he Iteahh OUicer, the cane is very dhferenl. The It.. i l#Ui?dc fur the iiiirpt of restrain in/r an > cin. ro.iiQ^ sue 1 n i?ii and li i*tc'!f' <it t>eli?H in anv penwc in ilie Marine liotpltal r r < lie llcalUi Uttc- r'. control. Atau e .rW ?h.v I tn c. me i the He..Hh ??0'.e.>r lhat 1 would rhecrluUy do .,11 (i. my power 10 ..Id hitn in guarding ?*aliiat ih ? elopemen ,i ? , ,, i,i' i ,!' > ibey ?tie placed in the Marine ?'iM'i'il sub'eet to M im order, 1 supposed It would ... , ii , t|,.i\ id il e t ninmi : .^ioner.- oi KnkraUon lo furnish . , i i, ? , ,., .. i, ,cr ? iiiuii* he te-iulaite in rea'r im lUem from , vr,, l,. unle>? ilie omls by ?t.l< ii he holds the men could In v . 1.4- I ade . II.. lit III atdiiin In auch rea'raW. Al it 'it your oflici'l < and .rnploye.a e-,uld do. tea I dore In 1 t'ev? ,1 eliM nis. hut isilie pul ' s aheady iinUareta i'la. hci . rmVs have n<a been atiemUd >? Id. enttr.; ?"cee.? Such are ih<- inci tiHons lo escape wiib many of ih. ?e Ul?>r ei? ,||,.I auch ihe pe. lUlar Inliuet ces under ?'^'b "bey ai . ih I u ihe f.ieiidiy co opeeajhm <-f the elite who ? r< 11 1 cog i,'/. ii. I ol their flopcm -in. It wi.l bcioo tcij lltU "ih ln WH itre entire ohedtamee In ihl ho.ida. whe h they h . . e Kivin lotl.e lieaiih Ollicer. milesa ihe Uonda lh. iua. liea are ^n^hor' c'r|l>Uup m'wlVliMiu'ellicera and et.i;dovce. of lh Ho (li al ha f UImitmI tweew^ly and to the ulmo? oi 1 ,1,, tl. .1,41,1 ,? u? urt'v Ctti any elopement ol thsaa eui.i'o> <'?* ?* o? j t.4J4|.?-r d* p?Miim nt, nud wAlt *n th?* mioaital and liim.- ill la \ or* Irri ???a pri****** of romp**n4ei fjj* (ju ,r....ilnc cmutids. nearly every m .n In your etny '';ffi"?t |?, p?fl. Ifd trom S.ckneae ?? a . ?en-r.pience of nv. r exertion \ o'i ti'?i v r? ?i jiMnrediiwa a.) iliat < ?h badooe all! ??? d??ue i?y ua In I liecct Ilie i Iil.llr li ? m diae im and from needless aUrm. Mi.e rommei icing tl.ia ro..imnnh-.tio.i mv atientton hM i ti n c .I led to a B'alSDielil Bi .de I'l Ihe inornll f Jitpe.s lo Uie , ll, et that people from ihe rttlaf* are allowe I fr. ? aecys to Ih. Mai.oe III aidtaL and lhat , l*ey h.? fc. e? permitted to in ninl nui si pleasure lo nurse hcrSuafcend, and a meAkrr vru'. caie^' Mr.'. Ola a-, upon which th^ strange rumor Is |.a e?l l is been given in a very tncorreet uynaei I wlM ve in . on the laeis. wld< h are honorable lahurttanlir. awl ii ir sVc'?nllicl. nlot ihe rwui.mUc toeovrr the ?iua irfthe utteud l\ ve', \7ntei esllrg snd worlhr young gen.lemiMi of ilie name OI Jam.' 111.:., Vh Pkceper <, ih' l-.dy rr inkliu aa n ~.e I \ r? el ?i? brouchl ti? m the whip to our ho?plUlSieSi* 1111 ei low frver. in tmmoii mah<:nani form. I took fcltntjwder mc owaVaii a? d w.t. h i mrrr Km wHk Intao* V t n^hcr an i Ih- wttc of ihe yonn? m*\, h.aid OI h.s lilne?? haul. n. d 'O the lio?pilal and begued tor n ai ihe .,n amine ga:e A* I h .d m.ig ago pr-h.b ? i, d any sueh admUfcWt. a ?| e. lal aiU'eal wa. mad^ a l l . .. ,..i ii,? .ii in ??c ' iel?tlvea maeeo'ii >an> me lo tne p i u n , t h.rta,llTurT?h) r,',? by hi..,. If Tli. y l?,o? d?iely iti? l it in ou* On \t?ftnfr th?* fUMlenl In ? ^ entir*e of tht h'l)< ? ?na fiM'lit, I fi'tii d IM nolih* wother aUJni had^'Jf IVi Xr" *hi hud rrach. d hy -otne o'her ^ Ihe inki rt ?-e iSmKi?!.?. It was not ifce .ime tor a,m tf.? rv i'.hm inline ; th?- nocilher wa-? at tht In rt-i h ? n? t ?on, " d l'. hpUdlha' she migl.l re., i .ln ..imI nurse Idm. I r mission was grant d, and she w?. in.iru. te I mit B to" Mh bil.lio. mill she slmuld be ''*? V'JT J* ThI to* hut Ihl- .Tier she Obey. .I having vultod terdwening .m 0 . c l.v in v oeriidssion. nn?! lha' l? obtain cloth'U*. A? 'lie h. d ordem <'f t' ai bo.??al i. rtek. I have not te d oer?.kw to ? !n ik ? i ikf? ? vt rv 4ii oer lor nue#e f<wce*t upon nJF \lm i.l ?* w ll nia be d - ha j?d lr-nn tk1" h -pl'al nn_ lie",; wkn i. !Kn reeoveriin. i. nt.le to leave, aal.Jf i , . , .Ve will be li dweed W remain wti n. as Irmg as we !.?> . i.iiif bellow ? tr< sli for. g nilemen. a I r ale nr. who hate h.d nit* Ii io b, wlih yelh.w feser leUify ite< qn> " ntinioc Is parMaMnt 'o all her ir-a-meni It ihl. M I* II I.' these details a. an illnsir .tlon of ihe na l? e Md velec . . . . ,?a ? s. d rmmM which sprmg ni. ,ij. ,., ihe t4.i .r inline v al*B. I h ivi the n.nior to be, Willi ' f ' KL1MI A II Mtltl". M I' I'h^.ieisn of the Mir. w* l.iTi'l. i'o i?i"i >??a Kan.aatio ?? Hua|l al. Il,? lnilowiBg it tter was al o re?.l ? 111IW fTirumXi An/u?< 19. UK? nr r 1>. . toa-l would slate (tel. at vour in ervn w wuh |. . I . .d .V llral'h . I r. -'t. on, I did c Uaiuly . ml -m I v ? ? ii .? v i it lo rrmtilf l)aCt>fUi"^atv of KmlrritUnn. '?croni r.'lnlr il!?'rae?- >?nd rrrfr.tu. learn tla?l jrou ?je 1 T i or. .elite I On th. . OnH sr . , . I. mark-l lte? the ' . , , ry h .1, .or.l *r?o ? ?? -h ???!?'? ??e;itr?rci' to |?rr ? ifVi .r.s ... lb. IM. law. '.vile cao-ele. ; : rs ?> ? ? xr - r.ta , t , , oi ? '1 v ?'?' l-t.aniof II' ?? ?uti;ou v I II I be Willing snd leudy til CO .-I orale wHh^hem to their Ilea ilh OOic. r of ihe town id CasMetMk I K UtPlt?, riiys'e;*.! Wi lli. - Hospital Ihe ri nsmni naltma were mdercd on lll?. Tbe follow irg .atho WKrKLY ft MU4lt. Nawibir of rmlgtaMa ?rrlte4 t<. Aug IS, lw^.. ...?*,??? ,1,1. do. Unce to Aug. SO.... W2 I e- r?n o o far Ibi.Jfar 7,Uh| Hit. t*U. >"#. ?d Inm.lcf In nsliinilen, Ward's l-land.l,.it< f.^nT I e. do. to Marine Hu'pUal. .... I'iJ 1 M Tital 1?9 ??T r d>a t < n harV J.m. 1st, ISW ?f.'V'Jl 9T I!m.i|I to a g V ... 1TMI* II l*? >liee Arg. for ts?nimn\? Ih ii ??i isn't l ijer -, *? , 1WI 21 W,r.81 10 Ti 1*1 ?llt?.:?W .13 Id Iviir msiiW s- |ier ptcri -nis wnunl, to ,\t g 1U, IS6f $14T.:?C5 55 ? Her draft IW.ow fl Th. ic Wire n>> iiajmini-. made no Aug. |:t, l^M. Msltm Ih mmH A Imsrt ftmokl> The liilc eted dhsiilrt, beyond Thlfiy *l.tih -t-oel, litr ing be. ? c! bivlag shnl nf Ihilr l.ontet-- aid gone on? a' d there hdnp. m:.w. q t tljr, bo Bwtcnal O work upo?, no ca?r< al y,>i|o* feti r wer# ie| oiled ) f flordsy. Tho.? who were horet t ore rc| ort.d >kk are repie>. utetl a* la a aiai" of coavj Icicei t e. 11. c resoluth n ol Ilie float d of Ik-alili lo erort a co. ? ario?s TMh: a\ i n-e,f at Th rty sl\ih street, hnl<nr: ACIMmI, In tetNfWSM of favorable x . oisti fton tbat it. If I b> ri fW. lie hilNk of lbr> vil'sy* of New Ctrerlii malilol hy |fr . 4. I . t'rsiie, f* tbat |rtace, to be grv.|_n.i? hi i ij he* B better lit live J est' . I i Speaking of Ml* . ic.k ne ?? . refeieicw le mad# to ll.e (own-ii p <K New I'trceHt, an I not |o ihw village. It. C etai.-a lb*? he dne< nm knew of, ?nr h*. ho bewrd ot one ca^e ol veilww ffceer ?Ht? aum mev i*c f^t rre? H? H If ~s rn -J" ft l| l? confined I* a iiaaitad uifctono* from a, and mt a tons W fciOWSBuS. THE BKOOVtnr BOARD OF HEALTH. Art . 20.? Present, the Mayor, pr eliding, undacveral mrmbera. lVrmiBs.on wu granted to lighter the cargo ' of the vessel JSaglet? the application being accompanied by a proper certificate trom the Hwilth Oflicer. The car ?o coasUts or molat es. Alio, the bark Gaz-lle, from ort au 8 pain, which, it ?w stated, hud been perfectly free from yellow fever for years. Cargo, sugar aud mo lasses. Permi.?s)>n asked for tbe brig Wildfire, from Vera Cruz, to be allowed to discharge cargo in Brooklyn, lieui' d. Application to discbarge cargo of aides and luir, from the brig Frederick liemiug, from KioUrande, Brazil, ai.-o denied. Aidetman Piuw moved a re consideration of the roso luttc n adopted y< etcr. oy, prohibiting the landing of h;ae= it Brooklyn, prior to the ltt of October. A 'iiiorum of members not being present, the matter was laid over. Dr. Wtxpy : i , tl;D lloelth Officer, reported that t!i ire were no tout'- of infectious or coutagiouc diseases during the precutiitg 24 hojiH. l'etmi.-Mon whs granted to lighter theca'-'n from bark Frettonia, (rem Cieufoegos, consisting of sugar and mo iaaafs. Ali.'frman O.tKrrr offhred lli? follow'ntr Whereas, from the best information th:? H. ?? i lini'fleu side to obtAln, ilie i-misf of Mann o ucer.ti'it of yellow fe IS tie lower part of the fcmUUi umJ nmi vicinity, hud nearly cens l, (here having boeu nn new rases for some day? and ili -e reported sick being m a Mate of convalescence, therefore Keoived, Hist so much of tin- action tukei by thU Hoar 1 y.atcrdayas rdcrii o tin- e section ot a board renco *erosi Tli'ril uvtiuc at Thirty sUlhfcireet, be, and the t.ame Is hereby, jc-c.! ded. Tt ? letolutioa tm a '.opted, and the Board ad; turned. C'tutleton and the Health Officer. In the ease of the two inea, l'cter \V Roil and Joseph Si. v.i, who were committe! to tUojull in Rlchmon i county, on the charge of violating the regulation* of the Board ot Hctlth of Ca-ticton, S 1 . In having i>a*?t*d from the Qua rut t'iie encioeure to TompkiuavlUe, Judge lilr Ueye, of Urooklyn, w.tbout delivering a-ty opiiion in es'ciiM, re l<a?cd the prisoners yesterday morning, and refined an applicat on of the counsel for tUc people to stay pro ceeoings, in order that th: cute migl.t be taken bifore thei.imral Turm. FINANCIAL AfSU CUMMEKClAu. MOTO* MARKET. Wednesday, Aug. 20-6 P. M. The arrival of the steamship Africa at this port from Liverpool, giveB us tlitec aaya later intelli gcuce from all part-> of Europe. Iu a financial aud commercial point of view the uewsis of au uuia vorable character. The money market fa reported a-* very Btringeut. wltli advancing rates of interest. Tbe quotations for consols thaw it decline of A to J percent. Breadstuff* were lower, wi'h a very dull matke-t, and cotton remains inactive, without change in prices. These advices are not at all satisfactory. There are causes at work on the other side, which may sooner or later produce a financial panic. Speculation has become rampaui an 1 is rapidly spreading all over the country. The wild est schemes are entertained, and are absorbing large amounts of capital. The bullion in the Bank of England does not show mnch ciaug* from the pre v-ous report. In American stocks there wax not much change. The business was limited and con fintd to State secuiities. All the accounts by this dourer point to a stringent money market. The efllct of this intelligence upon cur local financial affairs cannot be otherwise than injurious. Our stock market was more buoyant this moruiag, and an advance on most descriptions realized. At tie fltst board Erie improved h per cent; New York C'ential, 4; Reading, *; Mic higan Central, J: Michi gan Southern Railroad, 1: Illinois Central Railroad, 4; Galena and Chicago, J; Chicago aud Bock Island, J; I .u Crosse and Milwaukie, J: Cleveland an1 Toledo, J. Milwaukie and Mississippi Railroad declined 4 per cent. All the Western railroad stocks were quite Arm this morning, and weie n>t freely offccd. The prospect of an immense transportation bu->lnc? during the coming fall his streugtheued holders of Illinois and Wisconsin railroad stocks ; and If the receipts increase as the seat-on advances, in the ra tio expccted, the Ftocks of these companies will soc-u Le absorbed. At the second Board the market was s>ady, with transactions to some extent. Illi nois Central Kailroid sold at 110 per ceat, h i.ver 30 days. Eor the privileges 112*. |?er cent was bid, no sellers. Alter the Board pi ices were lower. Sew York Central Hailr ad closcil heavy at 80 per ceat ; Erf?, 6Pj: Reading, 80; Cleveland and Toledo, 73. The Assistant Tteasurer reports to-day at fol lows:? raid on Treasury *}:! V Rc.elvtd '? " 2 Balance " '? 10.U.J.341 5 Paid for Assay -f'i'Ji ? ! Paid on dUbursing checks 131, its n Tbe wa i rants entered at the Treasury Depart ment, Washington, on the 10th and lnth last., were as follows:? Kof the Treasury Department *!'!?? S! For the Interior Department '?* .1ST 31 For Customs W War warrants received and entered 37, OS* 3W War repny warrants rwxlved and entered.... f#t 43 From miscellaneous sources ?,22S '-J (m account cf the navy M.64'.' (W A. II. Nicolay'a regular remi weekly smctioo ??le of stocks and bonds will take place to rn >rrow, Thurtdty, at half past 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. Tbe steaicship Asia, from this port for Liverpool to-day, caret ed ont #.520,90". 81 in specie. The London Timn of the 8th Inst., says: ? This has been settling day In consols, and large dell vrrles of stick have created an Ibcrnasc'l prowirelor money and a further decline In | (rices. The quotation alter regular hoofs yestuiday was P&K to yi, aultbe tire t transactions this moiuiug were at H6.'< to >,? Imrlug the day they flujteated between th-jw point*, and ihe ilnal price was* V'j >4 to ,. 1 or the lyth oC ??.'ptem ber they lefi otf at Tte riofsiog i|uotat!< ns of the French Three per Cesta. on Ihe I'arm Bmirse tl?n evening, were 70i. C.0c. for money, ant "Of. SN- fji the en I 01 the month, shoring a incline of leaa than an eighth. Advice* from Constantinople to day state th*' f>OJ,fOO M?veretgns had Just been shipped ia a government Mratrx-r f^r l ngUnd. Ihete will pro luce a good e<l.?ct < n tlie money market, as they will be taken to the llank ol 1 1 gland. Tbe e??arcni"l<w wa? announced ?f two m^rcan. Ii'.c Brms, nmo-ly, Mcenrs I'ickford * Keen and Meaars. 1 1 ? ttensv, Klttg?lord Ac Co. The lisblliues la the tir:*it <e?e are 'taid to be unill, but in ih? latter they are be to be litte rhort of ?100, 0W. Both houses were shippers of various good-* to the I'aited >tJtas and t'msbetf. Tt e Ixwdon Xnc? of the 7th lost., contains the following extract fiom the circular of E. F. Sattetth wsite:? We have sgafn to note an Increa'lng deposition t" la teft in American iadroa4 lecaritlo*, In which traosac Pons to a considerable estent have lakeo place during tte 1 a?t week. Illinois flaires bavo been mu?-h wanted. *t?d it Ingb a* fl premium was paid: the Vrec Iau4 bonds ire firm, at #4 ?s to W1,; there Is a dcttiand for the fit Cent Pon *s at 8< to Si. but lew are oBering, Ihe >*eT<n p?r Cents are steady nt about sn New \ntt Cen it si ?n t VteblganOatral Bond) are m?re freviy supp led, ?i it i an be bad at a < ecllneof J per ce? t Erie Bonds we a o rati tr rsMet; within the l*?t day or two tbe demand I a- nlleu off, and tbe marktt U at present somewhat B W. AiLnf t'l iUd Mates, ISt'.S..... IM I ci.nsyivaata ftate. ? p?r cent stock |? con| on ^ tirrficU 6 per ccnt itorltng. st I n a per cent dmiar {>' rider* l?ela?are. ? |*-r cent tut mort age. convertible, 1S*T. guarant< oit by < amdrn sod Amboy and tat. ? 's t'li dnt>atl, llami ton rntil ilaytoB, 7 l*r ? < at. ?d tin rtsege, ls."?0. ....... and int ? IIiIikSs Ceafai, ; jeroent, deUnr, Hi* .. sj>< SSH f >?. 7 per t . 1. 1 dollar. ISdO, Willi option? >0 |? r? nt share* |'<i h |m-t rent, dollar, payable in uondon, at #. fd. pei dollar SU M | o r bares, |fo?!oll?ra. 'i5''oi a>* paid pm S Mk-bi^sn Central, S per cent, 1S6? ?? I it to, !S?o * W IMto -tinre* 1)0 dollara.. sa St |nl?o Kisitliern 7 |ier cent Sinam^' Fnnd... St ISit? dlllo * .?, t?>U dol'.ir*.. e* dlv. Sit SS N. w Y< ?k and File. 7 |<er cent, Sd ntort. . t>s? M I' tto Pinking Fnnd S'>H into ?t una, ICO dollar' W SI New Tork t i ntral 7 per cent ? onverUW*. ??4 IM IHtto, fipi r cent, noi. convertible SO I itto 'hs u-a, 110 Collars e* <ti v. sa SI M,|o -Hid l*i nn > Ivaioa, 7 cent ln? S. 74 7s n ns 1 l*aina f. )ier cent, l?t inort , new v.. 14 ai)? I il?o, 2d mwtgnge. ?terling ?n 97 iitto, aharct, M I'.ollars.... ............ . 44 49 Mock Btrhsnge. Wu.* '-> 11A v , Aug 30, IS.'Wt -ICC<0 V sol's. ..c 100 tbs Eria Kit . sfia :<">% SC<0 do h I HJj O.iO do bJO SO 500(0 do sSm S'? f! flar KR pref...b J f>0 00 Virginia ?*> sfiO l'.1 120'? Kending HR. S , CI <(1 Ten S's'00 stm 1 ?'?On d? 0 8d't (KfOCsf RE fd Mtg 74 HO do ?;H S<t , 2ioeiur??rR ea m 200 do....t?so *?>, 8t??tln *!? 1st Mt| INI 100 do ?.i Sr't 10 ?ha t'liim Itank. tN ?00 do ... b'O SS'. ? Continental !??.. V S 100 Midi C?a HK bml ?> 110 I'd k Had CCu. tld M d>.... hut ?o 500 fvm Coal Co. .s3 V M W. ' k V I 55', 100 b3 20 1X0 do C MS 4<0 do..,...b60 it! f,o do boO M? luO Ao... . ..1)30 1.01$ lvO' do bt?0 M'j 100 do 20 260 Ilo ?? yio J Urlfju W*. . vfc<w lft V bo do M ' I? bdO le^4- 50 do 810 88* ?41 iofidLm BR...C 81 ?? 14 11: Ceo UK 10.' 4*1 do (.ppr 861,; 100 do lOO1*' 2* do t.?0 H?'4 SOo Cler fc lilt RR . . b7* lO do opg 8nji c( Cl.ColfcCin UR b3 100>i VO do WW 8*<< lOOCiilacCh KR.btO lo7 *0 do kttO 8?'? 60 do 1 '7 $8 We BR f3 Sfc-'i 60 do b60 1C'?' %<j <io >10 6!' \ 61 Chi & Rk la KR.. 02 W do boo OU); 4o Mil & Hit's KK. .. \ $0 do ?80 13'^ 'A. do 7o 1)0 do blO 69!< 30 Mil * 1 a Cro? RK OS 6)0 do c 69?i 300 Cie & Tol RK.bbi) y.j do b3 fit# SECOND BOARD. MKK) Va f.'e ?8'< ldO Khra Harlem RR. 16>; 3l??hr?Cuin CI.. 1.60 at 100 to hoc M>", lot do bo 20' 100 Chi Jk Rk ls..btiO 9i'? kl*K T Ccu RR. .... 8?<: 100 00 s3 92 7 do 8o-'a ioo i'.ead KK sOO 1C< do ,oi>g 80 4 too do. ....Sim 80 1(< do v',0 86 8<?0 do ?30 ?(Krle RR * 6?>i ?30 do- 84', it.< do l?10 M"? 60"> Jli Ton RR.. .boO 11< 10< do b3 6Ch, 200 CI* It Tol RR.... '3',' 8m do b60 51"; 200 do rSO ' 3 \ lot do.. ... .. 5ft ^ loo Clef PittRR.... f* lt!<l do,,....bP0 6"\ 10 Nic Trane 7 CITY COmKRCIAL ItEPORT. Weunkjspay, Aug. 20 ? 'i I' M Aftf-. ? The marktt wis llrru whh small sties Of pots at it 'h, TLc receipts continued l;gbt B? aiwwks.? Flour ? ' The market ivjs rather inactive, Mul ?ics moderate, without change in p.-icet < 1 mom*. at The tecoipla and stocks, eepecUlly of ouu> an ! 'Veatern, The sales emlirac. d ubout 6,000 a'i 000 bbls., ol alk uds, ut about tlic Jollowlna <iuoititl<ms: ? O.mi'un to good atato *?> 73 a SO 00 flonsion to good kichlgan 6 10 a Rant State 6 CO a 6 2< C/onmoo tc good Ohio 6 7J a ? in Kxt* Oliio ? 20 a 7 3< Suuiicrn mixed to good brands 0 02 .VJ t 7 <K Jo. faucj aod cxtr.i 7 CO a H U Candian supcrttac and extra fi C3 u 7 (> Ctioce extra Gei.rgetown, Ricomoud Cay Wit and St. Loui3 8 00 a 9 0t Ba?U and Oailegoa 10 60 a 10 7(

ll borne ciist-3 inferior grades ot iStato ttour were sold b< l*v $6 7 j. Canadian bold to tins extent ot 20C a 300 bbk Ht unchanged priccs Eoutliern was in fuir deJiand at tk- recent cecluo, and reached about 1,200 a 1,600 Ibli Rye flour was steady, wttn sales of 200 a t?0 bbls., at S3 a S4 76 for lino and aupor Uui Corn metl was unchauged. Wheat.? There wai a (air amount of pale?, without ciun;e of momrnt|in prices; the transactions ombraced ?b< t 30,000 a 4O.O10 bnnhf !.? t'oiitliorn white, Ittinoi i aud Keiucky, do., lit M CO, and clwitce Ohio, at $1 62, and SotLern red, at S>1 46 a 51 6\; red Milv>aukie winter, at r e.", and St CO for COU-ago spring Cirn was tol<j. rat* artivo, a:.d prices were tlrm.*' ; tne sat^s emorace<l abut 60, IK)0 a 60.000 oushel", Including distilling lots at 68c. aud bound Western mixed, ai 61 '..c. a 63c . an 1 poo<to choice Southern whit", at 70".. ltyc was arm, at 8ie. a 8fc., with a pale 'of l.S"0 b'.ishelt new. at p. t ('atH w etc In good re'iuest, at lie. a -17c. for .State and Wetlin. C<nt*? The market was quiet: ft small lot ol *kili*ili>Ks brought 9>jc. a 10c. Tuo iiarkct v. A I quiet, kwatog the auction tale on FiMay. OeoN. ? The tales wero conrtned t<) 1 few hundred ba'fl at unchanged prices: the tale- y terday reached fi on*;. OOo a 3,000 bales, including lots for spinnorsand for o^jort. Fkii u is ?Rates were unchanged; engagon eats of 20.C0 a "0.000 bu*hels of grain for Liverp njj, iu bulk aud fhip^bags, at B.'a't. a 7 '4d.; about :.o0 bbls rosin at Ig Od. aifi. 10^d. : 1 600a2,0t0 bbls. Hour at Is. 6.1. , aui V.tCCIbalfs of cotton at ,d. To l.ondon some engage menu of grain were iciwted, probably in bulk, at 7d. To tlire gr:du ecgdged at 16c., and cotton at Jjc. Kati 3(0 Ca'tforcla wero doll at 2 ;>,c per loot mew.ire mcrdiud fo'r Melbourne 30c., a? l lor Si Iney 36c., asked. I KtnoioJM ? l'ork ? The sales eoibriced I'M a 6W bbls , lrc Mlw r.c?3, at $19 60 a %\Q 62!;. ar> 1 ?rimc, at S18 *:.d 6''oi)|i'.s. were sold, deliverable In ail September. boj/rV*,ption, at SI9 60. lief T was more largely dealt in, but rtic"? pi ill roled low S:i!o? were rep<irt 'd to tic exti nt 1 1 about 1.6C0 n 2,000 l>bls., a $?'. a 57 for ioun try and SH a $'i 25 for m. 3 do B"e!' Inms wore at V? a il7 and scarce. Bacon wt> at lllfc. Cut mi jits vcre ?tc?dy at SJi'c. for ant PJ^c. firliarua. A sale ol* ;<,( Oi A*n?i'. ind lames * St. l o ts cai.Wi-ed lama were sold at 13c. l^ird wa< i?toilr, and ISr re/\isrd(or 1,C00 bbl?., to arrive, and 13' ,c. nskod: while prlmeou the f pot was held at lis. ???!<?* of IOC a 200 bbls. weie reported, at l.t el ,c. for fair ti good quality. Hiiter was ttrm at l^c a c . for good Iresb oairltsol hute. Cheese was in bteady demand at Sc. a !!c. lor good iiia'itT. HEM' VOUK C ATTLE N4BKCT. Wn'iPinv, Aug 20, 18" 8. The supply of beef cattle at lllertou's fell ishoit of last wet !. '? offerings bj about HO bc*J? i -S- be'a,' the total number for the week? and ptlces have sJvaucel fjlly one cent per lb. Tlie bulk of tlie cattle cam'.' from ? >h!o Wines ami K< ntuiky, (a.= may be ?een l>y the 0 furor b km,) with one lot Of 140 heal from Tj.*3. which was a vvrf (Mr lot. ami Bold by Mr. Aymull, at from 9)<c. to lfc. SKI lb. liio general sverage of the tattle was no! ?o f oo?t as it ha* be** for ao:n? DMi Pui hrt Here weie adfec lew wl. ch wero very fine. Mr. Morritl aold olp large 1<d ol very line cattle at (root nto to sit per 100 lb*. au>' theic were bonus three or four other lot' sold for about the lams rate, while a very tew were sal.l to ha^e changed b:uxU at a tri 'o nhave 11c. Th ? do matid was food frm ea'ly In the mortiiiij until the ctttl wet# disposed oC. At Chamberlain's an t O'llrlen * th (Umand ?a? very good; price* run from (V to 10; Vut none were reperted above that At Browning's. the efli ting!' were mostly graa fed cattle, which wore so d at lower prt eg ? 7<,c. to9e. being tbo raega Veal * lives ire pretty plenty and much wanted. <>>>ol vaala Mil at btfli ?' I ',p a Tc . and ordinary aell from :,o. to flc. 1?< |Mm vera mostly very good, and the ft?$Mf$ piu ? may be said ta bavc reached 6? at , >. per lb. 1 he ?'< mand for Milch cows U aomewhat ab.ited, nnd tl* ; hate fallen oil $:i to $.' p?r bead. The bent Ion sd<i a fc'gh a- *<50 and $70, while the common brought in \ MbwU tu $40. ?h?rp and lambs were in bountiful auppiy. an' the mar k?t ??- ratber dull, at lower price J. The best lamb sed a* bigh as ?6 whilo the greater portiou were dU l??ed of at H and $." per head The average was sot over and al>ore good, and Ibe heavy Tall of rain last night ranged them to kx.k pretty auabtty, which sarved to materially diminish the aalca. t rme (60 bt-ad of cattle were siid ia A'bany to go to the t a?ti in mar kel*. bome of whwh were intended for tlii- market. About 400 head changed handa at B-rgen Kill dui Hig the week, but they were mostly In the hm<U of ?t?culatorii. and were eventually brought ovrr to Al lertoit a jarda (or ril'fwiaal. Hwlneaie veryt'-arce and hrii4,< fa'gh*. W'o liavo only to note Hales of one dto\e trt *t ek hog*. nt I rem Tc. to !?. p<-r lb Ibe lollowing ta'de ahnw the current prlcea of all stock, according to their quality ? Ixti.ibecl cattle *10 ".0 a 11 00 fond quality 9 40 a 10 ou Colli mm H 5') a 9 00 li, 'trier T 50 a * 60 Vli(li tint, ittra 10 00 a "i> Ofl t.oori quality 40 <K) a f>0 O'l Cimnwn..,. . 2ft Ot) a .15 00 Vci' rs'rrr & a 0 la, e*tra ?'?? * hbe? |? and lamb* 2 CO a 6 0 ) (? w li ? 7 a 0 li e Miowint table stows from what Htatee the supplio* at /''est n's came and likiwtsi by what conveyance* ? <lle.ii, kt ef Cattle 9:5 IMtrota 4'?*i Ki'Li Jfk. > ...41 ' T?*e? 14? tudniaa ..140 New TorC...... lit* Irie Hi Iroad Be I cattli* dl" i*heep an i im'n la.'i hw n'- Mi Hat ' 'B railroad Heet rattle *7 M.'.i h ( iws 3<> Tea! ?lve< St.' S"hre? sndlimba I. <>'>'? llud> n River Pa,: oad Bee ca-tle 7*7 ifu<i o? P. vet l><*al*,,, Bee' cattle 7u8 Ihf ralea f?r tb<- weak at A1l<?rt >n'? were:? 2, *82 beef rattle, $ ' a $11; ?1 milch cowk, $ i0 a $70; 'i*l9 veal c. a 7a.; 2,134 abeep and lamb*, $.' a 13, 97 ?wine. 7c a 9c. At Br 'Wi.irga the sale* of the wetk wc*<?< Mlowa:? it ?> t??sa * cattle. $7 60 ? $1: 77 nvtch c??a, J 40 a $70; walrtlvaa, 6c. a 6\c. ; 0,600 ah> ep and lamba, tz 60 a $?. The aw?? at Cliambrrlaln's were as anrexel ? 109 beef ratt'e, ?? a ajO; f 7 milch eosra, $ to a $:tfi a *5V, 03 veal ra'ves. 6e. a 7c.: 4,7ill rtxep and lamba, $<a $*?. at O itrlrn a the folloaing aalea wore mtd-* ?110 beef ? attlr ?. $a 60 a $1$; $4 milch cows, $15 a $A0. ai veal < alve*, ! V a 7e. the following table shows a decrease la erery q u' ly of rattle i n the market, yesterday, aa t ompar^l with the iama tine last J ear ? Auf. 21, 1*66. Attn. 20, IBM. Dtrf?. Href cattle 4,24<l *i,7TS 1,471 Mdeh cowa .1:1 *>'. 6S Ve?1 calvea f>HO 662 24 .*fieep a- d latnbs . . . 26.2S9 H. itit 11 .Ua Ibe report ?ame lime last year tpeatu of the markit as be'na e\ee?dt?gly dull, with a large number of c.?Ul ? left ia t be ysrda. tmiTBElflm IEMKWED EYEIT PAT. ' ?ATMiMoihAi. rz~ r l.KfTTI f MAW, AOHI? Ttfflttr TO to in an ai'inmntanre with a lady, l>et? -'-n n- i^> ttlrftM nve and ililrty, with 'be ilewr'tn mi'limony. ttl". iiinat be re toed > liar'neter and 4t?po4<f<tii, and In p is<es*m i nf .omr (br 'inn. a? ih" adveill* r ta ?!??? in an evtenaive w.iy to msae in ne. He l? i?bou' tra\ i ll B* to Hnrnpq o i linsini'??. at I ?on:d lik* bta ladr in *<? ornp inv him. r*|ea?e Ireaa M R ? 'ia ham square I'oat o0t< ??, ftv tliree >Wya T Qt K TRUTH -I WfU. cro* THE IRCKIPr Of JLi i.i cents, send to an>- per? n a full Mn t'lon ot iH Ir elnrt ler, l?> their bandwrlti.i ? SiKeeia sntti-leit Oir ?t, Wttli ii'ttirn' poatage, M Vill'vW Itrondway l'nat of #re, Xeer York. THF *r?\ri!lf?KR, A Yftcxo MAN JdTF. t|ta??r \i;K, III altlm nt rir< i"?i??tHi?e.'a, U aaiioiK to m<ke |n.i lit ?r>? ot a yennil 1i4y not o. er b s oarn *t<?. sb ? >?<|o inn Hsrnm'timi*. free from th??e estrm ?hi>..i e .,n il ? ?o peeitllar m a tarff? pot t.00 of American b> 'C<"(a of r> i?l 4tt| o4lli*, pr"oo?aea?ln? appeal an e a .1 Wisr"). of a ^ood w'V sihlelt hr ha? In vain snii?ht for la f nh.on I'd# ?? nets, al'tienub aware of the m *iral de!V* Vf ot' a *onni| la?l/ a'tiawi rt?i* a mairltr ornal ads.>rtiae>ni-ni. he as a el ? man. I'trdffi ? hta bo??ir to lite alnr rf'y of hta Intrn'tooa . afl trti?M 'e hi nti'sl ?lpcwin on tb" part t?f iV* ltd'' I'tasia ta, H slMaU?ik,. A ?AliKH AT AVOTWI. AT^FKT H HIOOLAY, AUCTION**:*. VIM 8KI.I,. this day, A ug. VI, at l.:l? o'clock, al the Meicusais fcs chance for occoULt o wtiom it may concern >.'> (*? i liiesKo and Mississippi Railroad 10 /wr cent Inc. bond*. 4 ixH* l>r?dlord t oalaud lion Co. 0 per cent bond* tfiypotli'd ) {,mf i 'Ire <t V estern Hall* old fill ) ID mort bond*. fta UU Iji Cro-ae and Milwaukir Railroad * per eeul bondi T.iUti I in kaw ana aud Western Railroad 7 per cent bonds. KeiW t-heUi) count} (III) 7 per cent bouds. i bonds of (he American Coal nod Transportation Oo. . . .W7A ' i es lOSKiMU UuMib) <.iik|>itu> IJJ 1A Market Fire Insurance Company llW ?Jifi w Atusleidaw Insurance Couipauy. ....... 2.1 'M Relief Fire Insurance Company Wl 101) 1: utters hue Insurance ? ouipany . 'Ut W> Anne Fire Insurance Company ftd ?A Fast Hive.' l ire Insurance Company IJ ?M l'.i|>iilable Fire Insurance Company So II I f stor Fire Insurance Company V> 6 Continental Fire lusuratice C'ouip&u/ 101 s Jelletson Fire Insurance Company .'HI 6" Grocers' Fire Insurance Company 6>> G2 Pt Nichols* Bank 1"U ;a t ' Hank 25 2n l.ast Hiver Hank Tei m^ of sale.? Ten per cent this day. aud the balauca be lore : o'clock to morrow; the accrued Interest on nil th ? bond* wiii be charged to the purchaser. Next regular aula oa Mon day, A g. 23. A I.ltRKT II. MC01.AY, Auctioneer nnd bunker, No. 4 liroad street. Ai.frki* iskack;. auctioneer.? v. brao<i a co. wil' -ell ??? auction on Friday, Augest 22 at 10?? A. it , hi their mlcnooin, V. C.llandt atreet, 300 case* of boots, shoes lircg iw, Ac. A - , a : of tneu's booi ? women's shoes At , dami ? ?? by wain which will be sold tuis day on a count t,i whom it uiriy coi.icru, A I" flOJi NoTlCF.-TllOS. BKl.I. AUCTIONEER ? HY hi' III. A HI-.- II. th'* liny, at o'el^k in th" sale* room*. 12 North WillUm street, will ne cootluaed ami cloael 'tie a ile i.: ife . rt.1 m utrv store comprising a1! k!u Is ?>f seasonable dry goo la, ?? nilctm u's lurutsliinn 'toods, tailoring uri'ch ?? c' ?!' 'n/ 1,0'. i j. I.iee*, i bbons, cutlery, boola and f-1 r.cs .Ieweiry. hnndUc.cuieli, nnd other varieties,' one Hue Rimaml four wutcne Fri.laj , enenjue k*ie of gool fui'ut ture 21' Iron bcdrt' iidsi, Ac. * VC1 Itt.V KOTICK ?TO AI't'TICN F.K its A \ n OTHRr.f i V - * j -r.-ir liral *a!esman, well know n and holding a com mission aud of some inll 'yice, wishes. i situation in so laeKool h? tiw', uii advaulacoita ? . >'K"iuent can be nuiu<9. Ftease ad druis Anettoneer, llern'd OJIice. Auction notice.? w. a. carter auctoskpr, will sell, this . illiuivday.l ai Ml o'clock, at Mil Uroen Woli Mre<'t, for net . . of concerned, nuauUtle* of atr.iw p i per, i-inoked hann, c^Meatoni. soip, teas, Ac., Ac Auction halts of hocri iiolo fi rviturk ? an IIIONl J. Ill.Kfc.CKKK A CO. will Mil at public sue lion, on 'I hill I v Ainil 21 a' III o'elock A M., the entire tun.ituret < cottage DM sc. No.JUM Dean street, llrooklyn, coaalstlng cf parlor, ? b imher and kitchen furniture, ceoekerv, ?la?sware, CArpfta, oil cloths. Ae., Ac : one Carhtri '* pate ?? :<ur oc'\v? me'.cdco ?. The cotti^e, ?ii|j lot 20nlU0, is fot snle very luv. AVCH ON BAT.K ? RRO VDWA , I.KASK ? SAML'EI, O.-i Ut?< > 1 A- CO, uuclio ? s, store 81 Nassau atreet will sell at the MerchaiPs' Exchange, by u-der of the assignee.!, on Fildny, a u husl 22, at 12 o'clock, IM lease of the property o.i the southwest corner of Broadway and Howard atreet, miowo aa the fly mou'h House, formerly the City liot>'l, being W front on Broadway and 1(1) lest on Howard street, containing 112 bct'rooBia room*, exclusive of tlie parlora, aatoona, kl cheas and washrooms. The lc^sc has twenty one years to run from May 1 lfW. Al'CTION SAl.F. OF .-l'LENDID FURNITT'BE, M.\I>E Jv of solid roaevtood a'a uary, gl?as and plate! ware, pianoforte .Vc If. T. IiKKOH auctiowk'r, will s.'ll on Friday, Atig 2.'. ?t lu'^ o'clock, All tfle ?;'K'Udld t'ttrgllure in tl e private residence No TO West Twenty slxfii sir- t>l MB ?lsli'? of otc sfkBdtd tv?vwood pluuoforUi, in perfect order, rlcub inlaid wiia pearl ilire* leilii rosewood parlor sui covered in alik. plnsk and French brocstel; large French pier mirrors, richly carved etegeres. with plate xU-ot doors and backs; do. conn r und suit' rosewood marble top e 'r.!r?\ side tiud funcy tabl-s; heavy laee curtains with cornices, Fret. ch shades, rich tnoestry carpets, do ingrain and hallcir pets vnod hal stand; several very line patatiu(?; fancy mari'le vases do. Dresden; also dinluK room turn ture, one 14 fot rosewi'o'l extension table, coat liji; eroekerr. glast win .- cutler) nud plated ware, i o?e vood bure iu-.. be isteil<. waaliataiHis. holies' secretary bureaus, one larne rosewood secretarv, liookcase, cost $lim. snl hair inattress?s, sprinj do., pslliaates, receptloo chairs, sofas, sofa beds, rocking ch ilrs S day e'ocks, with a variety of hatiilsont ' b leo na iur nil u re, I'crsous in want nt Drat elaaa turuituro kuoui I a' tend. Administrator s sat,r-a. m. crist, auc ti?K.ii?rr, will mil. tilts iter. Aug. 21, at 10,l? o'rloelc, s; l ' '6 Klvtogton meet. n lit:-,:- slock of wine*, brandies, and se: dials, befonglag to Hie 1 lie ..'o-ieph Nathan. Ks j.. wine mer clieui ? consisting Mold port, slirirt and .Ma urines, Otard brandy. Jamaica mm an i Molls mi pin .Vshan's oeleiiratel iov/iI punch. nail a f.eue;\ I .innoritn -e( of gyritps and cord a *, in bot'les, demljolm an 1 caik< lo^e'lier * ith : h." fixture rnif (y rimk? kettles, Bftwnrfi, funnels, and o'li-e fur.ii ure. Aixo? the hniisi bo! I and klidien furniture. llr ni.lrref it. li. Di HAHI, Administrator. Also? I receipts for making cordldskuil Mful punch. A VcTrON N'O'i "iCK.? J. BOGART ACCI'IIINBKR, HV iV S IJogarl, Ibis day, gist, at 10'; o'clock, at the mie'bn roonn eorrer Prankfint ?ud Wiilia* stress- Mortgage aalo ?t iiouk* botii furniture. eonslatiug of mahogany chalm, do mint rockcra, b dsteada, bods and Mdiiif. Iwlda^ tUim, sola liwtw, fatic seat f-liuir.-, mahogany tables. carpeU, oil c io'.na, t ldua tea !<? ? Ac l.til'IS II. YI'I.TER, Attorney fir A ' 1 ? morlfafe sale of t>an-oom fvuLiurf, oil-c.otii, couu toi nlrl(irt!or, Imktiig |ti?ui dec inters. Ac. I - A a 1 ' JOHKH, Aliorn -y lor mortgage* Alxi assignees sale, four bin-els superior eoacti Vitrnlah, nc v mahogany ( Uatrs and rockcm, Ac BV ril IIK(1KM \N? I- IMil AV, ALU 2:. AT 10 o cluck a II., at the C'liUal Salesrooms, i urn rot Wd U 'ighby aril tcarl -trceta Urookly*, the balance of the stock ot a rrtillctwk(rf d<ilM:-Wkks traiiHi1 loUet, tea and din net sets; china rases eo'oxue c'.oc'-ic cntlery, Urltsnnis a: id |i*-t d ware, plt?.? ware l'atian pttc'iiers, A' ., Ac.; al'ti, a Miwill <|ti?aOty oi uirii.tme ?tel one baker's cart. ]yr>WABn m;hknck. ~ a iti tioxekr ~etV\vard !s SCHKNtK .< CtV will s>ll a' a net ton, on t-'cidav Hi illet , :.t t|- II- 1 V . on;. Xo i.1 Nunai iktrt. at one o clock, aa elegant baj hoirr. i.V . lunula bl :h. sl\ ye?rs oil, warrant el p?i fee' !\ kind, sound and gentle;)* very fist A I*o an ?Want top wsuun. city made; ivlao fiue act oi soigle heroes*, 0 ut-'hntit relter, halter aid whip. The property of s inlvrre grnilein in, <,u aevoral new liglu road w m mis. 1 hn tri.o.e to be sola wit bouti! Hit I JIM'S TtKTtON KKR.-Bvll iTTV.-.m- ,% , o" - ? t'-\ Urn ? lay, Arg i?t 21, el |i? oV? ?'?. ?? tii mini i ? ita? i.'l Nswan irc^. a aplendt?l cnHec*l*M> of (tn.fe I Mr Is, in grout ? fii ple, und iu g' m casta, prepared by Uie e lie In ?ted i .vMei mis-. W m. oalbrallb Also two pirte, lilu k w s'nut top, comuer?, 30 feet 1?ii {.j Hr.NKV B. HIT. tSTJ STa I TTiosHRrwirrHwT. at attelloa. nn TbnrMtav, Augoat it, at lu' . ?'c!ih'<. a tbe m'c room .Vo. S1, 1'ii.e strcor, a general a isortmcm of cl t legroeeties. wlaea, li|iiors and llarana se^ars, to p iy a .' ancea. nWIIJttX. AlTTitlNKKR -AI TflOW SOTI H - ? I arce ante of fanMure, t.<|? ?'ry carpets pier glasses, I uferlts, silver ware, Ae. To inorro>e Krldar), a' in', o'ct. k |I| ccis? It. ut J Si XVcsi I t'h ?t. near av. . e >T?!>r sh?< rna? * ood piaaotafte, full 7 in-mve rV biy ??.?. coe sMAt; rolslro ewiKid hr<H'aiel fnrnMure en suite e>,i>ru.,i / c .. v.- 1, slid cn\ ered ? tth l.c i lch?l material, w Itlmtr r -7 tnl io co<' . large pier and o\ a I mirrors. Willi martde ilsls nu i mil b: a '? eta to matcii; marlde top ro-ewoml ? etiire, ski sofa ta l '? ?, i le?*i l r' ie*i o-l eiegere, martde in i, wtiU he y i.l ?i .? g'i * km s an I tuck, made io or<t' cm $!;? >b ml SU > arils up??irv cai!?eta in eieeUeat oid n roses ol r >mer i 'e?jeie? ;i nal eorwe - 4,n4< 1>ea?i?tir>tl anu . nnlj e n'tr I le ? ? d e lull* -M ? ? ii donr ? urtains. large gotHie rctftiMtkl easy thalrs, .n ?dk ?ni embroidered brtK-a4e; oil uatln^t sin ivi w U < b tnay be 1 i tad a clioiee Co lectio i . >y nrn I >rn ai t ?i? French pore ! ih iVeonUbMM and i ?se? tiie -I.e | i-? | I'aiii ed in a biti'a etalc ?4 pcciecttnu; heavy rose re jod aul mis ny In-dsti ad?, tioih ofibe tao'terw a: .1 e.uii-iu - - rlos. w,n verv ell jtsnt mm . le lop dressing bnreaiis aid wa?.'i?uu i? la m.? eh pnreenrlr't hair m i?r *e? tie l? bois eman 1 1 ill >?r?: IHalMBaay and msplo rlrn is gofM a-nl iou ige^ tair; MM feel extension I ible lili" k W .In n do . teu auT dlllt.'lg uMea, i ilna tea set*, vei * cMn tr vi |y ile >raiel elegant mtntal ckiekei (ciiimon en ker> and k-lssa? at a teba? m mi; i Urge iumi tnnutoi >i|\er?sie IpnonS, Dti U t, neai y nlsicil eaatars, wlib cut holliefi ellvrr t".i ser* lee, ? I ' iv abased ail en gmtml iarrfe salrei wllk solid r,l er cfte * best of Ivory nr''iv. ,<e i h" wh ile be.i i: of iruM lass wo imMahlp. ml refi'uU) ftirinsUed at an ' i.trnmiftter ft.9tl. t*aie |io?: live. HOTKI. KrUMfi'PK, *<? , Ac.? ft AW" PI. OMOOD A ft i? am; n svs w>ll aril by ortfer oif tbe a??ign#e, on Mooday, Aug t't snd sue *eiia ? ?, tUI Hie >?h ;? ia .,' i, eiarwiia eo Fftsssih llonsc, imMerly thei'ls Ho*e'. i ? lefnl lltoslr i? in I II' i s'r Tie r u .? I'.'l' I r oiik, wit i p? li ra, ' 'ihi,i Ae. til nf wli 'i are well i i ? ?.'??taut the t eintu, c in fait oeder. Also, two ft*/ i r rosewood pjitiofortes. ami inrer one hutflrel FntMl |W tin nortnr- lit |T't ' am ?? very tine nil p teKnga ? id angrsvut :s and a latg" 'iiui ttyof table a. id lie | linen Csiiligwi wfl 1 ? i tdy a! the nfli< c nf the MMlltlNlSera, 81 N'.i?a?u s'cee' oil f iti May iwoi n i s, tirerVwta to tbe mi,- tiotwlHtim* ot tV ule 4 a?h hj li.iukaule aioue i-d depieite will Im r- 1 -e l tiiMii all punlisaers. ToTTnTT \ A*H"W vlFR, A (.'I TIO.V1KR- W IU. UhLI. el liisi'ay. Iimkg, Aurustjl. at 1st* , n elock, at theaslea ne 'oO! RbmMii atreet, e'l ant temsi lini.i Inri . in , rer, i.eil lufi or of s*)e and to !? y h Irai ? ?? eon?'< Int; of roi ? MM parlor tups. Iu bi?r it< i plush atol nair cloth, sofas, tet ? a le'ei, arm e'lalc*, ees? io., ? i is.ioi end tMbogatiy b "d ??. a v di hi. eaua and Wa?iaUa la. marble t?|i* ?orint I hair mi tire wo a. ?t.sw p#l';.i?s- s, Ac., 4e. Th wliolelo be aotd nbbotit resorrr | Mnitt AMTY, Allf iNKRIL Wlt.l. Mt.U TtlM s| , i|ay ?? |i>'a e > Im V ' 171 ' ha" im ? mm iSeiueni n il of at i * (Oiisiatn g ,n part of one ants I ed?i' 1 1. tea h<t?nr sub4 hhM k wshint eh el.s. martde ion isMe* i ?lrn?ra. carpet* feathti t>e la, Kreoch snd other l?e?lsisaii ?. eroekery, e's> ?sre awl t vntHy nf ttlicr itomla. Sale rmitlve. 11 NK s iTlllRT OoI.I.ArS - SI t f IiiN-TU vTi rtl'.iVV j at 1'i'j < i .? >. U l?. y ,e ". corner of (In iwkca, I \i i!i aen Hi>-ii etillara. a' d ten OslMti * eb tf ??t wrl'lag de?ka, 1 1 *Hep* It es, tSia, 'Dkaardlnes fruit*, wine?, segi s kdia ?a, bnttstly. Ae. WRI.I.IRtiTtt.N A. t'AllTM, ^wmMT P~ A U S HROi K K'tt BAT.R.? A. M t IttiT t| l,\K \r ~ . .o ieer, 2S In erery. will ?ell, . n Krlds.v, .Vt in Ulai. at Io' o clock, a latge assort meet of wa ebi in4 laselrr. eoa slat M of dtamon l rings. |di.? eeri iuTS, hraeeleta, gntra md loli i ha.ns nl>n gold and ?llver hun'iog nnd detach -d le. 'ra, lep oiea A- Ae. Iiyo.derot r. OaaIKTi kim I i'swa l?ri '.rr ' 0 I'ayarl a'reet. L-m WTK* KTtt\KK. tl rriU.MIKB - ?T T. IIOOUIITOII ? Oi 1 ittr, it 'nirsdw t ?? II'1, s i loch, st tlie ffc'e twoui ill Renault air* ii, i I'euslre sale o, nw and iailil"fta,'le r "ainl, unbO'r'ny. oak htnKwr; pi ?m . ones, Praaeli plate nimo'S, " | uamtoi ;j, elegant cut g'asa eed chiwt waiw, flae t.' le ci,.le y, ,v by catatf >?oe, winch "HI ix? leady.and the anic1 s ran lieet?n Ineii. on the iai prt ^ ho.s to tbe sale, eon f. In part, nf iwt He ao'i. ? o' I ?ewoial psr'or furniture la ' ench hro ? tel ahi-li atid otl ei- rk : env rtn|s. 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M'-rttrnce snli- nf On- ttlws, brsodte i i tf>l'at?, cliolei bfaada of *'j?-s, Ar., Are, on Thursday, \it*d?' 21. 1S.VI, et HI A. v., nt IM Brotdwav, mnel'tlo ? o Ihfl oi l tttiid and t'ognae luutul ea, In 'j and ) , pipes por' n i l lit -r tf ? t, -s. Mi noiiRsbeia wS:?k' J tali > nthe, P n i,mi. >1 ir i* 'rtn, Atoull lillado. pslt ehan.r, Ac,, al a, ar'tic - aa or in ? n< oi lartoue litsi'lsia ?euars. Ac ; sl^o one spl?u I'd Mlllanl 1 !?' fl I 'It tnres alto. Iron 'Stiles, iltrans. hai gltesea sud ttiiurea, mtr ioi ?. oi'clidll- RitMl I ttur. *, Ae .Ac P. la. \ i l.TP. Atlorn** f r mortgtg ST MTTT.uii. Ai'TrriTtSRiin -rtn-t i> v v . (iMrs&v I at It o'oto k. In front of *il?s.i?i n Hail 1.11 arfc i?w. opposite the Aster llooao. Mortgago stale ot trie st i pi rwr Sorrel sad lie niaie. h'lia Is i yeais old. a'm i1 I.V? tint* a hU;h has lieeu nseil m+tertw to the pnte an I at t,|| ? !i.i< (rotted. With her nine, loetd. of .1 ?tO'i ft; Is pe-t-. ? 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U>au!c's, wardrobes, boukcaees, lined with unUn w.?Mt , aide boarda. work tab!**, hat ?lands, Gothic ard Kuiabwniau ?i.i le of rlutirn. adupted lor ball* and libraries M<o. uwt richly carved set nf oak clumber furniture, inirble u>,.? com t'fib oak dining room luriuture, 11^1 litea, covered in fU:ure<l wiU> hraaa button* ; oak nPt?i>:e, t^w ? tetea, eaay unv V oil a Ire chair*. roc iters, ten rn.hly 4ecorat<-d en .m wailed chaiLhcr r <?>?, complete, with marble lop* ; mahogany ?Jul roaewood ch.n.lier furniture en unite to mat"h i toij.-1 lier with a variety ot plain furniture, with wlilcli ibt> sale will commence. t'atalogiica bnnicd on morning of a*le. Uoola c m be packed I* ?he premise* for abipuiUK TIT 8. MEM, OR, MMTIONKKR? riAKurORTKH AT TV ? miction.? 'J ii>.s d; y, (Tlim iidit; ,) ;t u o'r nek, a'. tUe salesroom IS nnd 15 l'aik row, one superior oml io?cirood 7', c, clave pte'-oloite, made by I.I|cUt nn.1 Ne**on. and eo?t jsWO; line bern >n u.-n m on t one v. mi . Also. Hire.: nature rosewood plant/' r:c?, upright and | .lain. ?i|unrc fr.u. tint worthy ilte ut.em.on of the trade and tlu>?e In want of good toned inatranicuta. UL mr C. ALBl RTL's, Al l I'lONKKR, WILL .-KM. ON , Kri 'ay, An ;. et IV' J o'cl" ?d H' ?r; eu siren nr?r tiwltll Hutu Brimljn n fenwu a??i! totMsl af purler, clumber and kUctirn fnndttu '<? iJrusacls a:ti ingrain carpe r, tiiljialul:: f?, !>? I.' . .d be Idiilg. I.TTEUATrRK. __ BIGelowp f.r?T or frkmomt. avt> the newt York i!cr. d' < i itk i. ui ? "lliU fi Iit I t:. ii t eoi i.'. v and it 'f.irtwjr Mf* Of CoV>n?l fi , t! ir b ? |> '? -t, b, c? f>iit>lU! 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'In?t bul'lent l baaciy gl.ine 1 at. tlie writer'* rood taate rtycetlng the te:jj]>taUnS in preaei,' ua 0 rli a counter ep j? de to tbc Uiuh.oian love uic "?New V< rk llciald auk :n. Rii sale by till 1 1 li- 'il'ra, for 91. DEItHV A JA(".,-' \, I ebllsl.cri', IIP Ka - ?? - "I vll. KRKKSK'H COMIilNEU tXdTKU OF l'i; ? .if* J / for fbjRlci.i/i-' And f.>mll!ef ? This handsom- n nA work te'l)- ua ol the very b< ? means nf cure In c k ? ? .ra diafase, bt aides much rl.. ilia' is interesting i .1 ? i peoiauy lo wives *n?' hint, uds. It ia cariaf ily ' 'bi? moat useful books ever burned from tlie preas, ?., ? ? i Iw in die ha nil ? of e\ cry man and woman, and of ever, iyiw cian tbiougkout I lie L'ulon. Only $1, (the hoAl is w , i Air. ? Hie uUb'ifclietS will secure ? copy by return m ii1 t'rt? of pesm^e. SMITH, SMALL A Co., Pu\>H?' ??. Clnciaiuili, OIi'u. III1RART OK LO V E KXQI'IFITKLY AMOKOl',4 ANB J rcclu rche, 3 vols., pp Nil), illu?'ratcd, $1 5<l. ? 1 Haats: 1 he K :*>c- c' Seeundiu and llonefom; II. Orld's A"t of I . ire, Rin.edy of lajie, AMWurs, Ac,; HI. Drydvu'a Fables Irons I ociaccln ami rhtiiicer; Bi ccacclo's Dec .imeron: or, Ten Day* V.iitertalnnicnt; hamUome lteo., pp. #00, with 1H i;l m ra'iona, - '"U Irarnlatloo. the most valiant book #*er written, prle^ ft" Stw "j UJSl1' 5CT-.ce free.' " t'. Jtl. A ,i?C 'I ARD, "C Kassau (tree*. Iji nMsurn ov pati iiuay nf.xt-mrs. potjt? WOK'l lr.-jjruit b T.k? RII HIIU'TION; A T?IV. (IV I'A'sifis. IIV MRS l:l::i H. t. i. suVTHWORTII, Attilior of I he Ix>?t Ilelrcrs," "Hemrted Wile," "K: -i.u? Pride. ' "tVid'a Victory," "Cursa ot C'lltton," "l)iv de3 UBUgl.tcr," Ac. v i ii. i 'e!e in one large duo Icimo rolitm", ni>ttly nt clo'b, I. i *>1 3, or iii two volume', paper oorrrv. I n- #1 A cp!?'brr?te<l crilic, who h?*ro??l ihp work in m dims Hot, Bi\t ? "Hell ibutioti stutiipH Mr?<. Hotitli worth kimou# Uio 1ri>t? ii cot 'li? iiin? mat ht'tt f?*m tits wriWr in America im, to the cfl'fftt wbSi-iiH' o procures on i)iemi/><l nn?t trelinf*. hi ftie mas employ a ntorc (lowing *iylo, an?l Itiru oil |? nods n?< rn rmooth; but for bofdne**, vl^or ma gnphle t??rc*f? Wr>. ho uMi worth lma no equal. In 0 ?* une cf tvutln ('?lion riid fonder accents, when rt tjutrcd, kb'' L< not deucienu but >t ir. nheii bith-r iiiui with?*rinif iruiir ? Cita whit It plerefw th e ?oul? tg to be employ t <l, (>r the ju?*?onR 01 her c h*ruc*** ? vthtrh rh?kv tm with their intcngitr? are to bp biOtig** in play. ib?tt >-J?p to her fuJl nnd "m- r'j<%?*ic ?tl<* lowetfl liiT* above nil her fem.ile eotPmpor&ri?*> cV<i! ^ hav? eotD|?Iimen(ed Kir on b? r ''glowing *c*~ iv 17, 'and we.^iee %vithtlit m. but it in 3.-" ii,M.on of jtcene# I bat we think f!n Is more completely n' n?mp. In auch n? ei Mblt sitiYftktii, pa^fon or any mi<%o??*n)Uablp intend'/ w feel ing, Mrs. t' , in our opinion, /'n <'\r e la .my lei iaJ?* wrilar of the present day. Tbe plot n w ell iU<i. an t the cbar.n '*;r? ur* foil; iirtfl most ably devehiped. 'ilt?- render upon opt '?iiig tta v?ik iadiawn forv. ard a" bt a ebartn, becoming m-?re and more enveloped a& be pro ted*, umll, loM to everyUiU*u else, he 1'eel.H bhr - ' M one of tlio: creatures of faney, and tn +M foi .furd w holly absorbed to the end. Hut the work i ? not only a thrilling oi p? ?t i* a !??'??? ????!, u.uiAt tt<-Une^tlo^of the bwm?it el 'er, iiitil fcWuUin t?p i w?d l?y all. Ita ain>*?'*" to imixvve tl.< wtorai* rraintng i?4' ehtUli en. and lt? umdenetea tot *ac4uA bow to cutoy life at any ami every a?a^?* Kolir.'k li.a'fHr nine into our hand* thai will better pay ft calm ami piUeat 'fol'liahed asd for sale by T B. TRTRRSOIf. Nu. 102 ChsHlnnt, I'lnl >deif.kis. lootirllei*, i.ew* sgetds, and all other- will plc?se ?eu4 in tkeir otilfi ? at once, Morhans KxronrKK of fkkrmasokrt ?a kkW cop u a fni aale. A to. not ('In, lit lull I'm uu'* cvioo pro e: old book* fiijjrn . men no. I'M. uit.iiir iph* I. mi ;U' *a<t aoM l'i KKAtil.h A llICk\ Mil), liriutJn u)-, Mirer JourB abme l'lvnie ?tr -fL Ni;w kautk'aIj rnn.TCATios.v- thf m* Mt'Ri I cm liivi- j ii-f rerelrcd a frceli supply oi M rry:?t. ? th? imI boiAa. 1'rew ? I'racilcal Mce-itoU*;) , >*.?i|hiic IHici-Uinm fioiu Analralte to China, Waal iw-: of SouQi'Ar.i rien, Faal ri?*l of China I'lbmi ArnWlUt, *r AIm ?' fuB a*? iruiient o t!ie u ii 'lit accurate timta of ah |.?ri? i f the wo.M. II. 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