Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1856 Page 4
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JVEW YORK HERALD. jilll SOKDOl 1BMN BTT) EDITOS AND PBOFKISTOm. Imci n. w. courn or xamid and tttltom sto. TEA VS, <??* ?* odeanc*. rHi. OUil K HXRALD, 2 mil per copy. 91 per annum. rM? irUUl' HMM.aU) ect , StUurduu, at t eiOj /?* r ur tl |T unun. '*? Murtyaut eUitUm, M per axnuiu, & m ?** jwl ddnat brtuQ or It <? (uiy J?r( oy (A? CotUun u, ***NV SOTt(fs^k'? 0/ aiOHytnoui rommunieatioiu. W t do mcjSMp?SrrSJa ex?cutul utiA miuvx, cKeapnen at J de*- ' PaADTXM TKESONTS rtntictd <M ry day. Vdam XXI ? <o. 434 i ? ,1 AMUSEMENTS THIH EVENING, NIBLOTI GARDEN, Broadway? A PcuiM, tor Lots? Bars Aaraopn BOHntY THEATRE, bowcrj-I.ira is N?w Tor* ? A *???*?? B? CA I?? TU. CH1NBKE BUILDING. 53? Broadway? ? mom* P*S ? ?ma^ncu ? ra Cisruu. Viiwtr&ls. Brsr Y?%, Thnndajr, Aa?? t 41, 1850. Xaili lor tbc PmMc. m W TO** HMRALD ? CALWeKNIA OTT?W. Tt>? Bolted SMtea ??!.' iteamsfcip George Law, Captaia ?Rem (tea. will leare Uwpori to mcrr w aTlernooa, altwo Ottek,"! or Aapirwai!.; Ifee Mailt for Qa-iforria and o?fc?r part* of ibe Paotfta, wilj oare at one Ike Nrw Tom Hunt BwLue? Oallforate edtttaa? com* ic{ tfce Mm*. inteUigeoce Tram all parta of tt* world, w.J be paMttbedal eleveo-c. 'clock In ibemorcag. Ba?ie oepiea, M-wrapp era, r?a*7 for mailing, aixpeeee. A|4Mi wU pleaae-tcnd la u?e.r ordcra u carry as pea> ?m*. . The New*. We have ?*?lved three <kys later news froia Europe, by tbe *'.?amsb ip Africa, which arrived yes terday evening. It present* but few features of in terest. In the London Chronicle it is stated that the visit of the Hen. Robert Lowi to the United States is semi-official, having for -object tbe settlement of liie Central A*2iican questkn- It wi!l be recollect- 1 ed that in tbe arrangement cf tbe tens of the re* ' ciprocity trenfv a similar ecuree was pursued by . England, Lord Elgin having been directed to dis-\ .-xm tbe conuii- :ns with cur.covernncnt on his way back to London- The probability of th's statement is confirmed y a letter of our l.on inn correspon dent, who says that the negotiations which were in progress between Lc-id Claecndan and Mr. Dallas had been suspended for the y recent. Mat'ers con inue quiet in -Gpaia, although tbere are evidences iat the Car lists are actively at work t) profit by tbe ktent discontent which pervades the country. Louis Napoleon was ^ployed in dieta'ing O'Donnell's po litical man.fe**?x:? at Pk?m'aiere?,aEd,it was said, op posed tbe idea ef hia ruling wither, a Parliament, or at least tbe effigy of one like hiac-vn Corpt Ltgitiutif. it w? rumored tfcat an intervi?.7 was about to take place between b's Majesty and Lord Palmerst3n it fet. Cloud, on the robject of Spanish afBi're. It :n "^?ed hj our London correspocdent tflat the Eng lish government was about to enter into a close al-' lance wiiw Axairic in order to exercise a che:k over tbe am bin w projects of its French allf. A tbert time since or* *s were de- tbe Eng iish squidrjn ;a the East to concentrate itself a the Jilick S<a, Lj order .0 watcn orer tbe fulfilment of Article XX cf rLe 'jzz'j .fParis which still remains "2 executed in > on'-eqrence of the not restitution of H**?*xd the occ.ij ci.:^n of the Isle of Serpents by xhe ii stians. The of St. r*s.-MVirg has, rt .s Bt?te<}, caved in oc tho?e ? ,n*s, w 1 tbe difti* culty ic in process of amusement, coarter orders hate ac-crrdingly been %:?. at:hed ta the fleet. K ag Bcmta Naples h..-, a. j.""ms, '.*st gaca way tj the remcrs'rin. es of the] . idmg Eoropeia coarts and has signified Lie intention of mitigi J?ng tbe << verity of his bore policy. As u % pie-iminJ..y, we presume, to similar contea-iocs to pcbiic opiai ? in his Italian territories, t'te E w percr of Aur.rla, accompanied Vy the Emp-eti, wa? about to visa! tbe Limbardo-Venetian p;ovi,n:es. Tbe Vienna Cabinet, we believe is now sensible that ? nle?> it cukes a very great ctange n . 1 ey tern cf peveramot in Italy, it w~l L>e impossible t'or Austria to maintain its h.ld of to possession* In tkat country. Denmark has Is caCwenpIaUjD, w? are told, a grand 'i-oke of policy by which it h?pes { lo get rid of its difficult rs witi> tax ccttntry. She t prepared to miie -every con:esr.op rega-ding the - Doth**, provided the Ersd wi.'i ?u pport fcer In her r ewi oc the subject o? the Borxd d.<e?. A fair bar gain. if ale can only get the members of Confe Cerat.aa .0 tb nk n. The London ironcy csirket cob Mated ught. Coc^ls at nx>n, on the 9tk iust.. were f.u??J at WI a 95 tor mon?y, and a W tor atcoust. There wr.s no change in Americas ?e cur ? .es. Bmdatuftwere depressed, and a general dec.xe .? i?p ;Ud. Cotton ctctiaued firm, and the ten lien cy of priovs was upward. A rtport of the proceedings of the Csmmiss : oners tj aa/ be found e ?where, together with (]..t unient? sent to that Bc ird by Dr Trrmr ssn. j the Eea.*h oSccr, ctd Dr. Harris, tha resident I by?.?i*n of tbe .Varies Hj?pitil. The latter an ar- ec?s that there t;e coly tselre citc? of yeilow 'ever ujw <n the hospk a'. I'p lo the 20th Inst., *?2 J/60 f*re ns hare .?.r.iti at th s port from beyotd #fa- Zt? l ?> ttt d Lese 0. the Boardbasb'.en redttced io 117,' Dr. Wti'Styr. formerly Keahb 05'er o! tbe put it New Y.rk s'ated yeaterdaf before the H?a.;h C iB tt Mre, that be via ted all be casea of ye! low fever -t preset*. exist las a n* Loaf Island c^ait ;j- porte where :be inf?rt*<J vooaala My to hir ed la i-rarewnc Baj *rotn New Ul e ht *.3 Thirty sixth iveet, Brooklyn, and tba* tbere ?m do: a fticf e cmb of fever la an eptfews form. He sail fa?tb?r tiat bo Bew :i?? of fever hi i broken c Jt duricg the . aat two day* and everytb!?f she wed a ataxics: Cc elite of fba dlaease .a that vicinity. The CcK2..iekcm o d iittk l\t tmaaact roatict buf mm. There *;.a cotb.Lf tew or escltinf jwtwday at Qu-aadre. Feversi cf the vessels Iiyinf tbere wire nwre ci !eea injured yy the file of T -.esday ?ifbt. A 1 t' t~7i'j of hetf cattle en market ye*terd*y. * th an actbe ctautd, cansed aa advaace in prices t>i fu! y tte -ett rtr i oani, tte current rate* beinf fn n? 7| to 11 wn's jei pciBd a^ vrtlnj to quality. Tter? *?.s an avi -^nt etc k of tfceep and TamSd, and | ri:cs <Jeelia? 1 a t>?fie. tie l.,kof the latter *eD!?f f t 12 a U oa?>b, while some of mperfor *jT.aii'y ?W ft* *3. Sw r.e were ?.;fcie, iod <\les were tide as tif1) ?* 7 | ft tent* per ponaL The AtcttxiM Association for the Advancement of H ieaco commenced its tenth ant nl se*?ioa ia the Hiat ? capital at Albaay yesterday. We five a fail report of the proceedings ia oar columas thl? ?ortitf. Tbe Lefiaiative Tea act House Cob* let viaMai Rrorkiya yssterd*y. The ase tf the ftr) Kochrrh which ha# excited ? owe iaterts* lately. wan rettkd yesterday by the Jndfo ot tbe Biooklya Ctmrt of Beaaiooa. who aont bor aVcr.t In business, K appearing that she volun tarily left the service of Mr. Oarrifoe, aa J waa not abdnrteJ. aa alleged. The pale* of cotton yesterday were conflnod to a few hundred bale*. wfbont change 1a pricen. The aaleo the day before yesterday reached aliont 2,000 a 3.000 bales, including parte a to spinners an] for export Ha lea of flour were moderate, wltboat 'bange of moaaent in price*. Tbe receipt* con tinr.ed ilfbt. Wheat waa aasbang?J. Cwa was firmer, with sales of sound Western mixed at 61 Je. a 63c. Pork was rather firmer, and sales of m??? were ma le at #10 50 a #19 02), and of p/.me r.t II 600 1 bla. of m?ss were sold . d? iverable ia a'l Sep tember, bojer's option, at lit 50. Lird cmtinueJ Arm, and 13c. waa refused for 1,000 bbls., to atrlte, and Hi*, ashed. Pnffars were qalet, being :oBflaed to abent 40# a m hbd?. Cnba at *e. a flje. Coflhe wa? 1 . et. Frelfbta were anrhanfed. To I.iver p?ol . f raia was erfsfed at ?|c. a 74<! , in b k vH Tafrn-BtBtflr-T- ? ? u4 **?" i?n fcgaft?at n I ami HI* Dtltat "?4 Y?t tMMa. ?Ve transfer to the celomoc of the Herald to ?day tiro remarkable article* on the probable re mit# of the Presidential election ? the first from the Journal cf (Xmrntrct, the only Buchanan organ of this city with any pretensions to respectability, either in standing or circulation: and the ee? corkl from the " lo?e star'' of Mr. Fillmore, which ?eluntarily occupies the position of scavenger ie the f^aouB ami border ruffian democracy. The fiwt of these articles claims as positively certain Tor Mr. Buchanan all the Southern States, excepting Maryland and Delaware, 'which it leaves among the doubtful. This give* Mr. Bo chamn 109 electoral votes to start upon, 1?9 only being required for an election. To make lip this number, our Buchanan cotemporary ap propriates the three free States of Pennsylvania, Illinois- And California, which gives the democratic noninec altogether 151 electoral votes, being two more than the exact number required. The Journal of Comment would have us understand that there is no disputing these figures; and yet it says 'there is danger," and appeals to the fright ened democracy to " buckle on their armor, and woik like heroes for a glorious triumph.'' Our exclusive Fillmore organ or Kikjw Nothing scavenger to the Forney de mocracy. gives us a ?cmewhat different pic ture? a different grouping of the principal cha racters. and under diffenant lights and shades. It aimits that the fution in the North of the Fill itoie outside faction with the Fremont aovc Bunt. would instantly decide the election against Buchanan: but the Fillmore Know Nothings are working for principles. Mark that. Fremont if a Northern actional candidate, and they won't support him, while Buchanan is a Southern sec tional candidate, and they can't support him. Therefore, they pplit the difference upon Fill more. in oider to be revenged upon Fremont, who Las had the audacity to run for the Presi t< n:y against the democracy, notwithstanding Mr. Fillmore was already in the field, and as anxious and as hopeful of another term in the White Hou^e as was Captain Tyler in 1844. or VanBuren in 1848. The particular drift, however, of the Fillmore organ cf Buclunan i? to run the election into Congress, by a few scattering votes upon Fill more: and by way of encouragement to the de** priring Know Nothings of 'the f?outb. a glimmer of i.opc is held out tlmt New York may probably go .""or Mr. Fillmore after all; for, says fci? ex clusive Buchanan Know Nothing organ, "here in tie Empire State is the battle ground, and we know it; and if we go fcr Fillmore ve be lievet-o goes the prize in the end.'' Taking up these two Buchanan customer in their aider, the regular and more respectable one is entitled to the precedence. We must tay. then, that there is something of plausibility ia the estimates of the Juurruti of Comment. The late elections in Kentucky and North Carolina show thfc. there is -cot the gho?t of a chance"' for Fillmore in those States; and the late deser tions of certain leading old line whifs in Mary land stow that, even in that staunch old whig ccmircnwculth. hiu case is hopeless. But to se cure Buchanan, tl>e Journal finds it nece??ary to appropriate tLe Northern States ofPenrsylvania. IL'noie and California, and to sec ore Pcnrwy Iva tia it concedee that it will be necessary to keep tbe ? " j f silica farces divided there bet we an Fre rr nt scd Fillmore. W? must admit that there i* danger of ? of Pessyh-aaJa io Fr nsont ?>??n the Fillmore fa: n jus? as Caw lost New York aai his tit t: n n It 13 :ont the Van Bcren movement Th< re izp.j be ome danger, also, of the loss of Illinois, but we do sot con Hd r that State as doubtful as New Jersey. We must a!?o ccnccdc that tbe Fr .mont ! pcuty Lave been depending too ma.h upon the ?pontanecis B?.;icn of the people and too little upui a systematic crganixau'on. aciivi'v energy, tact and discretion. The Fremont prs as has p* :?!" d itctlf to be ?Jrawn front tbe gi'at questions of tbe contest to tbe little c'riy Know Nothing side i-*ues that hare been ttarted up concerning rrcr. >nt's religion. Fremont's parentage, Fre ? birthplace, and ^hcr personal matters, about which the public are entirely satisfied. It is vry ev' lent that in :h 'e sc&adalous attack- .ipoa FreB' ni and his religion, and npon Fremont's father And mother our Fillmore organ Is doing nothing more than the scavenger work of Col. Tcrn y to;- the democratic nominee, and the Fre mont journal! should not be led off by such scar rilcuf devices frcm the more important work of the overthrow ?' tbe wretched Pierce dynasty Bnchar. ;n bcrd'r rufl'.ans filibuster*, and ..,1 coa cerr.' <1. It is kigbly encouraging to Fremont that ia tbls great city, the centre of comiae;ce and p lUic rpic'on, tb ere should be found only one respecta ble Fucf.aran journal, and that one limited to a daily circulation of four or five the .mad; an J that the solitary Fillmore tender or thimble-rig ger of the Picrce adminiitratioa here should bo limited to tbree or four, or half a dczcn *traggling daily edition*, numbering altogether a circula tion of feme three or four thousand: while, on the other hat J. the New York city Fremont jour nal* hare an aggregate daily circulation of at leas*. nee hundred and fifty thousand. This i* H,tLC icdex of the prepare cf public opinion, and of the folly cf that aUurd presumption ?J (it tftfr? jff j ;hanc? for fillaaor? in tie T.>y f-ire ftat#. I/ ttetj other Northern W'.ie ?i certain fcr FiemcD*. 94 N?:v York, be w .,M be folly I 'Lniied to proceed 6*. on:? to the selection cf b's Cabinet. I* no: Mr. Fillmore awtre cf the fact that from the Kiow Nithics; vote of this State last year there mart now be deducted some fifty or airty thousand democratic hard fbelln. *Lu will probably go over in a body to EucLittan. while as macy aoft# and Know NotLirp* together will be a'l<l<d to the republi can Tot*? Will our Kr.ow Nothings never open their ryes? This extra session of Congrew. in connection with the startling preparations of the border miliar.* in Kansa- for the extirpation of the free State settlers, will give a powerful impulse to the Fremont movement, the whole weight of which should be thrown npon the Fenrsylvania October election. Admit that, in a constitutional view, the South are entitled to Kansa*. their balance of p^wer in the Senate may s-till be secured by the 1 teldition of two slave State# fre>m Texas a* an offset to California and Kansa?. Thi? arrange ment rr gy really be the best, because :bo posi tion. roil, product! and affinities of Kansas render it more available for a free State. At all even s ?he i??ue is Kacas and the border ruffians nod free soil or slavery, as be'ween Fremont and TJ 1 chanan and the whole pressure of the criminal administration of Kirsa* afTal rr 1 y Mr. Tier:*, which } as W*ii adoptsd >y Mr. Brisbanan and njprpVfd at ettfliM be /p,M!e upon the Pinnfylvania October tfeQtion M tbe M alakoff of the siege. . - Pennsylvania is th? battle grOUtf, ttJr eftl New York, and very much will be done is Fens* eylvania in October to determine the strength of the frightened democracy there in November. Some of the Fillmore electors are, we perceive, going over to Fremont, and with proper activity and energy, the whole of them may be carried over with the results of the October election. The estimates of the enemy show that Fremont j may yet be elected. The Rfa&on ktr the Ex tea Session of I Co*tiRES8.? The Howe amendment to the Army bi!l. on Kansas affaire, which the democratic Sc rr.t" could not agree to, was the cause of the failure of that bill, and its failure is the reason urged by the President for calling Congress to gether again. The following is the House pro viso. which has thus resulted in the extra seseioa cf Congress, to wit:? Provided, however, ami it is hereby declare 1, that nt rart of the military loroe of tb? United States, for the support cf which appropriations are made by this act shall be t- mpoyeil in aid of the enforcement of any menl?f tl-e body claimiagto be the Territorial Legislature ( f Kaof as. cntil such enactments shall have been afflrmei tdapprovtd by Congress; but thi? sball not h o ci LKtrMd ta to prevent the President iroru employ ing to adeqnatt saihtiry force; but it Khali be b.s duty tt employ lucfc force to i -re vent the invasion of said Terrt lory by arme.l bands of non residents, or any other bodj of bod remlents, acting or claiiung to act as a pom*, comt iaiai of any 1 Ulcer in said Territory, In tbe enforcement of any soon enactment, aad to protect the persons and proj-erfy therein, and upon the national highways leading to said Territory, from all un'awtul searches and seizure* aad it shall be his farther duty to take ellVaeof measures to compel the return or and withhold all arms of the United States, distributed in or to said Territory in frrsr.aoce of any law of tbe United states authorizing the distribution of arms to tbe States and Territories. The enly difficulty about this amendment, witl Mr. Toombs and Mr. Douglas, is that it does not allow tbe money of tbe federal treasury nor the United f lates troops to be used for tbe benefit of tbe border ruffians ? that's all. The following are the items cf appropriation of tbe bill which thu? hangs M."-pended upon this proviso: ? For the support of the army? Army proper $10,589, 21' Armories, arcenals and mjiiftiuns cf war ... 935,0 i M.iitary Academy 173,89 Fort.fica; r. c* an* ctber works of defcnce .... 1,746 30 Purveys, Ac i 16,0fc Mace.ian ecus objects 1,400,00 Arrearage* 2,0$ As the case stands, upon the simple priccipfc of fair play and squatters' rights, we considr that there are some points in that proviso if greater importance than these appropriation, ai.d we think that the House should stand out, f nece^ary, till the day after the PresidentLl election, rather than allow the Pierce democrat to dodge the responsibility of the.->e Kansas ato citles, and the duty of putting a stop to then. Tbe *wo houses are to meet to-day, and we skill soon see where the backbone is wanting. At?b sclute back down from that proviso will be tjoi valert to a surrender of the Territories to the law of ruffianism, instead of the doctrine of >opu lar sovereignty. Let us have an understmding with the Buchanan people as to the exact mraning of theCincicnati p!atform in reference to thr affairs of Kansas. We believe that it means r;ifiani-m in Kansas as it means ruffianism in Cuba; but let us know what it means. Bring them to the point. Vonuf ArFATRS.? The news from Mexico, though not ^ry important, is not without in terest. The tliscuision of the new constitution las not impaired the progress of literal princi pies. which appear to gain stability every day. The President having overcome P?iit: ?.] (jif fculties. ie lofckicg toward* tbo improvement of ?h? iY cjuni resources of the country, and Mi government has issued a dccree for the con traction of r.n inter-oceanic railway fram the Gulf cf Mexico to the Pacific, on what is called tic route of Mr. Ram-ey. AU this is well; lut we 1< ok chiefly at hie vigorous policy in relatioa to the church, in which he seems to be grea-Iy pejuiar. tnd thus Car eminently succ -^uL Pri< <-ts in sambera have been seut into exile. i and fales e?f cLnrch property continue to be 1 Every acre thus disposed of enarea to the benefit cf the treasury, and enkrgea the sjhere cf profitable labor. In a debate on an artitk of the constitution, aimed at religious vews. or promts' ? involving the sacrifice of life or liberty, and at contracts nude for life for children and minors, (here has been a warm con test between the jurw. or liberals, and the friend* of the hierarchy : but the latter were bat 23 to 5f. and were defeat' d. Thi? is an encounu'mc result. and wo trust the spirit which produced It wi'.i i ' main firm and unbroken until abaolafee freedom. religion as well as political, prevails in Mexico. Nothing but the sinister and danger ous influence of the clergy can prevent our sister republic ft' m taking her just position among tie ntt'.or.c of the earth, and General Cotooofort ai d his cabinet it is to b; hoped, will continae to f< i'ow the path of duty so obvious, ckar and wti] defined, till the liberty and the great n^-a of Mexico are secured upon an i x-rishaMe basil The blow has been struck in the right ejiarter: let it be f nnly clenched. The New Post Ornn: Location. ?One of o ?r contemporary journals of which Mr. McD rath. the President of the Nassau Bank, is a part proprietor, cemes out in favor of purchasing tbe c!d Brick Church as the site for the new Post Office. Well, there ia no harm in this ; Mr. MiElratb. we believe, was concerned in the pnr clase of the old Brick Church property as a land speculation. liis partners in the affair were Mr. W(sley, tie principal proprietor of the Z)wfy T.rrtr. an<J other parties Th?y bought the pre 7*rty. it is stated, for * 2*0 000. or thcreabouta They new offer !t for **00.000, and we every r?a.?cn to believe ilai the government at Washington meats to drive a political bargain with these' worthies in selecting a location for the new Post Office. New. the difference between the mm paid for this property and that wh'ch is demanded for it is *:;20 000. This divided amonpt the silent and moneymaking partners of the Trimm and Tim* wc.ald be a very carious set oflT to their pes litical fidelity in the support of Fiemon* aff-rnst Buchanan. Greeley we believe to be honest in his rapport of Fremont, and so in all protability Is Bana. bat wc woald not give five cents for the political honesty of any of the confederates e?f the Brick Church speculation. Only think of the means of political action which are thrown into the lands of govern inert ?y this Pott Office appropriation. Tfte postmaster General ha?. in th* location of tbe n'w building. the opportunity of managing mat ters in such a way us almost to render the elec tion cf Mr. Buchanan certain, afainft that of Fremont or any otter candidate. Th? President rf lie Na??au Bank and the Chairman of 'be Central Committee in Pennsylvania are known to be old cronies. and in all probability an af? raageSent hts by th's tim* N<en completed to secure at otce this profit of *320 000 to the P.Vg C bnreh T'Cclators, and the ilfttfrn r'j.r t^Uasao tit JV* We v ionuuUftil 0) N*W Yob*.? Rumore have retently been circulated annouacing the collec tion of a fund of 9100,000 for tbe establishment )f a daily journal in favor of Buchanan and tbe algger driving democracy. Now, Mr. Buchanan, although a very respectable politician and a very imiable man, has been miserably represented in he press of this city, and tbe idea of collecting i hundred thousand dollars was a very natural )ne in the condition in which his cause stands iere. As yet, however, we have seen nothing to indicate that the first step h&B been taken in this project. Forney, who is the Oliver Le Dain of the nigger drivers, has been able to accomplish nothing. Neither have Sickles, Sanders or Ro bert J. Walker, whose names have been connected with similar rumors, done anything positive. Whilst these evidences of weakness in the Bu I cbanan party are forcing themselves on our ob servation, the cause of Fremont seems to be pro gressing immensely, not only amongst the peo ple, but tbe journals of this State. We perceive that an evening paper in the interest of Fremont bas been started in this city under the supervision and direction of tbe Rev. Joseph A. ScoviUe, who was formerly connected with several weekly journals here. The Rtgiattr can hardly be called a new paper ? it is rather a transplantation from Albany to a richer soil and more congenial atmosphere, in which it will have increased chanccs of success. Tbe Fremont party wanted a lively, pungent, original and vi gorous evening organ, and tbey have got it. The llrst New York issue of the Rujisftr is out, and it is certainly a novelty in its way. Tbe editor bangs out his banner in favor of Col. Fremont for President, Horace Greeley for Governor, and Fernando Wood for Mayor, whilst at tbe same time he walks into Thurlow Weed and the little villains of all parties comprehending tbe trash writers of the Sunday press, without any restric tions, drawbacks or hesitation whatever. Of tbe six New York evening journals there are now three in the interest of Fremont, two in that of Fillmore, and one in that of Buchanan. Of tbcte three Fremont papers tbe last establish ed is the most vigorous of all. Tbe journalism 0) ibis great metropolis is singularly divided in tbe present contest. There arc 200.000 daily sheets issued in favor of Fremont, morning and evening, whilst tbe number in favor of Bachanan

is not more than 10.000 or 12.000, and of Fill more hardly so much. Such a disparity in the intellectual batteries of a great city like thin must soon tell amongst an intelligent people. It would only require a few months campaign, with tbe aid of such poweiful moral auxiliaries, to en able Fremont to distance all his competitors out of sight. FiSHWSilu Sx^MPtDB.? One of tbe princi pal causes of the dulnew in inisioees just now, is the great number of people out of town. Every watering place ? every fashionable resort in the country is crowded with New Yorkers. Th? number of absentees at this moment is thought to be greater than ever before known. In the immediate vicinity of the city every hotel and boarding hou?o is filled with families. The demand for residences at distances cufiici^pt ly convenient to enable gentlemen to do buuocMs in the city up to a late hour, and roach home be fore dark, is annually increasing. Another clans seek residences more remote, where the season can be ypent in peace and quiet, away from the turmoil and cvHtement of fashionable life. All ?rte of people can be mi ted within p.n area of a hundred miles: ar.d the mania for getting into the country during the hot season has been this year almost universal. This month is comforta ble enough everywhere in the city, and it may induce many to return at an earlier day. Wall Mrejt will not wear its wonted appearance until Newport and Saratoga are deserted. Stock* camot move up much until the brokers get hold of the well filled pockets of the large clat- of outside 'peculators who congregate at these Ctthionable resorts. They will come bsck sharp ret for an operation in some fancy, and they will lot be in the street long without a chance. Ano ther heated term would have an unfavorable ef fect upon the bulls of the Brokers' Board. Th" paitking season would be for a time postponed. Griuux Frkmont M jilting ToNioht.? Our German t'ellow-citiicns, in favor of " Fremont, free press, free speech, and freedom for Kftnw." as tbty express it. hold a mass meeting in the Tabernacle to-night. Thf*c Germans are a peo ple *ho think for themselves? they arc d<mo crat* in principle; but they repudiate the demo cracy of the Cincinnati platform, Mr. Pierce and the lorder ruffians. a? something more than they lurgiincd for when they left their petty despots on tic other side of tho Atlantic. We have no doutt that tb<y will show to-night that the Ger man vote of the country is lost to the spoils and niggfr driving democracy, and goes for Fremont ai.fl ifce old democracy of the constitution. Folic* Intelligence. ITS WfTtlL CASE ? EXAMINATION OF THE DKFEM ?akt ? ncn statement. The cmc (I FreJ?r :* W l.nfr vs. Anna A. Lohmto. alias rMttl). causa ap for txanusaton yesterday, before JaCM Ccbco y, at tic I ower relict Court, at ! being in '<7Bie? that t te waa at liberty to atiwer, er not, a I or ar y '[0< t.< os put to ber, iLe titled as followa, Tit ? C1 eatioB.? Wtat >t rc :.r tint? AL*ver ? Anna >. IfJucaB ? C< w r d are rent ? F<rty two jtarr (..?Where wrrc you t;ra ? / ?la Ftf'std. Q ( 6J6U ,r*' A ? /t No. If* (tares *:.-*? I i. ? <t"tit t ytvr CcccjalitE t g ? Eitt fft*' atj X i i ? ?ay it i if wb??, relative to the rt ?rf? tere pnlktrtd fcfk r?t you A I iir ?t tm.ij of tie chare e the mother 01 tbc rt, ; J r? < a at ?r v BOW* .S the early part cf July, 1MV and asked*' f i co?id arroKnodAte ber * id board dor tag t*r ccBtaement. whicbshe exewted to tako pla. e it a :ew wrtba ?t the >ini time afhrmiar me that abe ? >bed tc t?- ? her mfkat adojted fn m ita blrtb. ar. I Mild t( .r 1 ) ?<! erpmat'tea for tut p'irpoee which i be rot-.i; ata .1 herself of . 1 told her that !atiee froi'ient 1* v tlVr* ier the purpose of pro uriag ob.ldren for adop tfoa. atd that ?te should bam tbe t pry flret opportjai. ly rbe acccrtl'tgly came a few daye afWr this iciTTtew, lick bead aad |room, *?d remaned m ih me nntll after be l irtb ot ber iBfknt which took place ia Augcst. Dir og the lime she trt* rti< d w lb nr.e abe often conversed with trie iB relation to the adoptica of her child, and she appeared to hare *ome anxiety about it. as she ?tite-l that rbr bad act stan? to (spport it, that she htd ts fo out at ecrTlee, ?nd did act want the trouble of it la : tj way. A lady afl'-rwarda. and previous to bor r'Hl,ii?n < rt, raned tn reiattoo to udopttng an lafkrt, an I 1 iaf'-m.ed in an isfant would ohortly be born at n y be ?e. and tnat I wotild ber to the mother, ul ,r It was ?at,*f*rtrry to bah paritee she might adopt taacMM. 1 tlien !?' r?ed tbe mother that ?n oppf.rtn n ty t*1 oCSTtd, atl after the rh'Kl waa born 1 introduced tbe lady to tie BrnOi"?, and tfcey had an Interrtew of arvera) bourt ib rr.y ; Near"; aad arter I came ialo the tern aaa;n. the r<Uer dei'-.ered tbe child ov?r to the la-ty wto tad. ar tbey b< th informed me, adopted if Th * * ail tfce (fi trol or ccDLectioa I ever had wttn tbe cfci.d Tbe tr?.it'cr MMt?i In my hraae a? a domeettc, ltd received ware ae rrcii lor tve m Bth after tnt* oc c?.rr?ate. w tfcout ma* rg the s ighteM complaint or Ob yrt ' a to tea eratse wh'cn had beer pursue I. vo further act xb u* been taken in th!a rate. ( r.*M' r i - '? -IP ? Mr. Iraae Ayers, an?o.nre! yea terdi y as U* '| )tt e arrested - n a cfcArje of (aire f ro tenceit w? 1 oacrab'y d ?char|ed from cwst >dy, the <iiffi ? i 'y 1st i f ( r f rt*e 1 from a mi> .Bderstan< i g a? ?o the t.K? witr tr.e rAyneBtff a bill waa due. ? UHDtK?i|!or>'P Haii vOap. ? The Un4wfrtmi4 Hariway arpe*re v te dcrji a laree bi - inn ihr? sb toe (trine (f?*at ?'a-<n "n t rt?f*y I iM, a m*? and hi* ?vlti|*rcl 'rea were dsepat oe l from tt. < ty to jr.fcr?*. Tt'J wire tr< I tt" fei( looking frg ' yei, *10 p r*ft ? ^'y t 1?. THE LATEST NEWS. BY MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. From Um National Capital. TBIPARATIONt FOR TBI tXTIA UMION ? THS FORTH - C01UK0 muai or thi president? this new COMPENSATION BILL? HANSBW'u LINK OP STEAM IB B, ITC. ?*, Aug. 20, 1868. Our city is remaikably quiet to-night. The opening or an extra sessioD to morrow creates do excitement, as it teems to be admitted tbat do general legislation will be done. A Senatorial caucus was held to-day, at 12 o'clock, in tbo ante room of the Senate, to take into consideration the course to he pursued by them in reference to the Army bill. They decided to act upon notliiog uotil that bill was disposed of, and not to adjourn until something was ef fected. A joint resolution will be oflered in the Senate to mor row, authorizing tbo Bouse to take up the Army bill, and it is the judgment of many that the House will re cede Vrom their amendment and pass the bill in short metre. There are upwards of one hundred and fifty members in the city, and numbers are expected this evening and to morrow morning. I have just been informed tbat in case the House ro cedes from the amendment another rider will be put on, declariig the whole code of Kansas laws null and void? a dr nct? organization. The Trendent tan prepared a short message, which will be transmitted to Conrress to-morrow, s'.atiog the reaione why he has called them Whether. It U said to be BXiort, and 'leveled entirely to the importance of the Army bill, and tbo retire necessity for its passage. It refers to the Tactions action of tl?o House which led to its defeat on Monday. Southern men:efrs have been trading ofl their Kansas report lor Otflco reports with tho republicans. The republican ijtend to use tho report for elczlioneer Idk purposes in the North. Largo quantities of Mr. Sage's speech, showing up Pierce's administration. have been subscribed for by people of New Hampshire, aad also in many other sec tions of the No tb. The members of Confrere received their pay under the new bill providing for their compensation, namely, $3,000, commencing from the 1th of .M uch, 1866, and ending '.be 1th of March, i860, and at tbat rate for every (*ay (rem the last name! period up t>to day. The mem bers who have been voluntarily absent during the late seteicn certified upon honor as to the amount of timo thus lost, for which a pro rata deduction was made from their salary. The bill for a Mne cl steamers to run between New York, Plymouth and Gluc'Kstadt, near Hamburg? Hun sen's proposed enterprise ? pawed unanimously the Post Offico Committee of the House, and will be acted upon early next session. There is a general good feeling to wards the project. Mr. liaison's statistical memorial bad great weight with the members. Although the Senate ioserted In the Poet OfTije Appro priation bill $500,000 for an overland semi- weekly mail to San Francisco from some point on the Mississippi river, it was Orally stricken out by the action of the Committee of Conference. The GencraVhip still bangs lire. Gen. Har ney is here, and it is generally conceded that he will re ceive the appointment, notwithstanding Jell. Davis, who favors Gen Smith. A sp?cial beard is now 'O session here for the examina tion of engineers in the navy, with a view to their pro motion. ? Mr. Herbert leaves in tbo steamer of Friday for Call forma, in si itc cl the threats or tho Vigilance Committee No reliance i placed here on tho last despatches from Kauai. HuuihuKlli American State Convention. Bono*, Aug. 30, 1850. The Fillmore Hate Convention met in tbia city today, nndc.ersix honored delegates were piesent. Homer loot was cboten President. Amos A. Lawrence, of Brccklinr. was ccri .naied for Governor, and Homer Foot for Lier.tmait Governor, lion. Wm. D. App'.eton, of Eot<>n, and Charles D. Stockbrtdge, ol Wliately, were chosen Pres-dential Elector j at large. The Convention voted to Hold a ratilication meeting m F'sneuil Hall, on the e\ ecirg cf S^jtcir.i cr 3. The whigs hold a State Con vent. on there cn the raae day. Republican O'ongreaaloital Nomination* B?>oor, Jle., Aug. 19, 1658. At the Republican Convention, at Fleeter to day, (Ion. irael Washburn, Jr . wr unanimonaly re nominated for re- election to Congress. The Convention waa very large and tctbut.a?li?. The Storm at the Kontk. Ntw Omun, Aug. 19, 1858. The itcaat^lp Mexico, from Galveston on tho Kth, arrived here to day. She reports rceing yesterday, ell Turbalier ltlacd. many pieaea of the cabin furniture and other signs ot the steamer Nautilus. She waa un doubtedly lost daring the storm. A 1 hope* of bcr safety have teen given cp. Obtain Rogers, tea teamen and three passengers of the stip rtacbed this city today. Six paaaeagera were left on Small la'snd. 1 je passengers and five of the crew ware loat. It is thought that two thirds of the cargo will be laved. Wetter c Texaa ia sua?ring from drought; still tbe crops are icing tolerably well Pterin at the Eastward. Bo- uvs, Aug. 20, 1818. 71 err Laa teen a heavy rain atorm and a atrong north ea*t gale blowing here for the last twenty four hours. Boston Weekly Bank Statement. Bono*, Aug. 19, 1858. Tte fellow, r g are the footinga of oar weekly bank etate neent for the {at*, week, compare 1 with those of the week previous Avo. 11. Auj. 18. Capital stock 1 11,980, 030 >11, 900, 009 I < are and discounts 63,407,000 63.131, *00 Spec.e 3,8fl,(X?0 3,8i?,o00 Amount due frum o her banks.. fl,201,wi0 5,806,000 Arrxnnt dee to other baaks.... 4,418.700 4,817,000 fepca'ta 18.84i,600 18,022,010 CircclatiOB 7,020.000 e, 790, 000 Laying of a Submarine Cable. Bowo*, A'ig. 20, 1858. The sitnraMae telegraphic cable from tbe great po'at of Nnutccket to Mcnomoy l'otnt, Cape Cod? a dUtance of fci rteen mi!ee? was successfully laid yesterday by tbe steamer Telegraph, nnt'.er the superintendence of 8. C. P tfcop, K/ q., f I New York. It will be in working order is two or three days. Mall for England from Halifax. H urr u, Aug. 20, 1866. A rr.a.l for Fr gland, to go by tbe rt^amibip Taurna, will eicee here cn Iburaday, Klst , at 10 o'clock A. M Mm rages received ap to that bonr will be forwarded. Arrival of the fontheroer at Char lea ton. Quaimo.*, C. C., Aug. 10, 1854. Tbe United (tatea mall ' teams hip southerner, Ca|4aia Ttr? D. F'wer. arrived here this (Tueaday) morning, frtm Ktw Ytrk Market*. rriLAPrt. thia eroci boars. I'niiADsi mia, Aug. 20, 1854. Mocks needy Pennsylvania state 6'a, 83; Itnadiag Railroad, 4iir. long Island Railroad, 13, llorria Canal, ltjf; Penns) vaaia Hailroa I, 48* Nnw Aug 19, 18M Cotton ?Sale* to day only 80 bales, at 10',c. a lOt^e. for ir. (Id lie g Fsr aogar, 8',e a f?l<r per Is. Lard, la kegs, 14c. FYeighte. ? Cotton, to Urerpool, },d. Piwanal Intelligence. ARRIVAL*. Frfim L'terpool, in ibe steamship Afriea? Mr Cohen ant family, Mtssss Ailams, Cnnklln, Hterlmg, Mr Msngsm and lady, Mr ?t*f nahm and Isdy, Mr RartMt and lady, Mr Turner snd Isdy. Mrs and Mis* Hoyd, M?*srs Prrivener, llMnlNua. AHott, Ackilson. R?i?y. lounge, Pr mgolsk*". PitllckoMjr. A ITT V?ll,??? R<.'.r'?, Msrkay. Campliansen, AM frigid, W^sI^-ml l>erhjskire, Ariama WalUee, Hubert. Kn|.nst?mr, Btath, Penjamln. Palr?'nrlgor, Wlrilit* rtholn. Orataf, Alri-an<l?r, Pudky, Rcsentiaum, l-aiare, Harklirr, m?n. Itl.v k Mnrdllajrsr. at?rsh':ry Harvrv Orsrger, I'etts, lilsne, Narkiaan. Ms- S. Ptovsr, ll<?n, Du bsrlnc. held, atfrsns. Brown. Mrs () r Rl|ig?, Mrs R Hier llnr. Mr n?piarre. lady snd aon. Miss Btela, Mrs <) Carswstt am. two (hlfrtren. Mrs R Kdwsr Is, Miss M Williams, Mr R W fill r *r,'! 1s<ljr. Mrs MuagrMgc, Mra Nsrlirran, Mrs R Ff>*. Tr- W Harre, in lbs strsms^ip Alms? Mr ,?nB'HV?r?1 an. I f? rn lv Mr v?rr>l snd nsphew. Mr Osmatis, Mr Msrtlal Trauma, >!r Inu'sl, Mr rsnl deRnslt. Mr Oerapp, Mr jVa-.iitlemiri Mr''sArrsf!a Mr Mirhnel, Mrs Mk-ha?l, Miss Michael. Mi and utt weier . aad SB la tkie steerage. rrPAttTritiw. Tor I.iverBOo). In 'h* srsamsaip A?ia? Mr Dickson snd s^r vant, RfW Tork; Mr snd Mrs RrbroedT, child snd n'ira? IVrto; Mrs Rry?r snd two children. Mow York, M<<? StT, V ?? n% ?< Kngtand: Miss W<Mr. H?i' ?i-* , M m < unl ? er from Mo!!#nd. R I. Hrtts. r*n?<1a; Mewra .'?? I'owi tia, Jr.o I anlt?st?>r Miwarts. Valparsiso; Psmnvait I ol nd n. Sew York; Mcf.eoil llod??s, Itsmllton, CW; Rev 1 h Rtlro'dS, Mr Wyp. Mr Fresdmsn, Ar<b<t Hmlth Wm Kwt'hil. Mr I'awxn, R"w Tork, f, i?!,, Havsnn, Mr "i'ir:r, fto rmrrtseo. j: 8ol#r, Wm It rnrtis, Ifsw Tort, \T P JleTr owe Tor n'o: Morrta ArnoM, .fns F!oi?rt. Mr and Mm ! Str 1 ? r. r per, New York; R W Stanley, Canada; J (i W I ir?? CsmV' rg Mr Mslllv, (' Psltmsn. Atif Petri, Now ,? Vr. 'a n ..s? .It ' r4i,M ITtii .n n 1 Miss M Pm'vsrt. H< w v .i .u+ n tjnrr. Mr WeMi O n WMater, Iowa; >t't H?w >' rk. Mr J?i#, litlBo'e-fwal, M J TIM Late Gale? Accident* by Und and 8m. Tbe rain atorm of Tucsdiy waa m ich more severe than at first suppoaed. It extended over a larga suriace ol country, and as immense quantity of rain rail. Along tbe coaat it did no little damage, for although tho weather ?aa foggy there w m uo intimation tbat tbe wlad would blow 10 violently from tbe eastward. 1 ae ettect baa been most disastrous on tbe shipping, aid we give below a few of tbe repiru. It will be leveral daya be fore <e hear of alltbe damage tbat bat been done. In tbe city, cellars were overilowed, and gooda stored in basemenls along tbe do:k* were muck injured. A tine tree in Madison street, near I'ike, was blown down: also another in the same street, near Market. Chimneys, also, were toppled over, and great mischief done to (ign>, awniDga and other loose gear throughout tbe city. Along the 1 ne of 'tho Hudson River Railroad the storm wax fc!t leverely and fctho track was injured in many placet. During the t.Ubt the embankment near Riverdale, about forty mile- from tho city, win swept away ami the track rendered uselest. The trains yester day. from erch tnd of toe ':no, were detained and did not {it through till laM night, to the uo small inconvenience of the passengers. ]n the city we learn tbat rihout forty feetoi Second ave nue at Ninetieth ttreet was underlined by tbe water, md the f;:ee or tho avenue :?il In t > the depth ol from fight to ten J'eot, leaving tho rniU ol the r.ilrosd stretch iBg across tho gulf like tho string pi"' es of a bridge. Tho i am will not be ablo ?o pn-a until ib' avenue w repaired. The wind during Tuesday night I isw violently trorn tbe eoutfcrast, accompanied with a very high tiJo, but we do cot learn of any damage to the sh'ppu;; n conse quence. (Mi pier No. e, Hast river, a q uantity ol Iljuir left exposed to the'run vas considerably dan: > od. At Quarattlne, toe barit I'rtde of tbe .Sea d.v.gged her anchor and went afoul uf the brig Delatleld, carrying away her ma n rigging, Ktjve her rail and chafed her con Siderably. The Pride of the Sea lo.>t I:er jibbcona, and if barfly chafed. Several other vessels dragged their an chors, but received no damage. MARINE MB1BTER8. Scbr J. r. McKeen, Dav.d Lee, master, from Delaware City for Ecston, with coal, ashore opposite Spjonk, L. I., sprung a leak at 11 P. M ; vexsei hove to it 4 A. M. ; struck en the outer bar; mainsail Mown awny; put close reefed foresail on, which blew out of the rope*. She lia* broadside on the shore. Leading east, sea making a brtach over her continually, and tbe mnta will fall tbe next h gb water. The above .s an extract of a letter to Ri;hard * Wing, consignees of cargo, dated Speonk, August 20. Tbe J. P. McK. lies high on tbe beach, und is fall of water. Two vessels were driven a-.horo off Quogue, L. I.? one a half brg rxd haif schooner, laden Willi coal. Rivfkhead, Aug. 20.? I hasten to inform yon that the schooner Sea N' mpb. Cap:. IiorKon, from Biltimore for Frovidence, laden with Hour and corn, i< on shore near Quegce, L. J., btdly bilged, aud hogged very bad. City Intelligence. Tuk M^voe's Co*i'L4y?t Book. ? Thu book is sgain be ginning to grow In publ.c importance, in coom i.ience of the apprehension people feel at the accumulation of nui sances in their neighborhood. The ioiiowicg complaint was entered yesterday ? Hon. F. Wcoi>? I again rail your attention to (be in inner In whlih Weils A Provost's ei*tabliKbraent is conducted. Old garbage lying around it creates a feverish, sickening odor In (be air, whicn is enough to crea'o yellow fever. Homing you will send some one to havn (tie thing remedied, I remain yours, A MKKOHANT, of Front street. The establishment referred to is at No. >15 Front street. F.kk jk GlEUWtin Street ? .Shortly before 3 o'clock on Wednesday morning, trie Hall bell t truck an alarm for the Eighth district, caused by a fire breaking out in a grocery Etore kept by Henry Knack, at No. 34 (ireenwieb street. The firemen were promptly at work, but before it cculd be aab.luel the Cames extended up tbe stair case to the roof. Tbe msjor part of the Etock m tbe gro cery v. as destroyed ; loss estimated at about *600. In sured for <1,300 on stork and tlxturri in the Continental Insurance Company. A room partitioned cJ from the * store was occupied by Mr. Knack's bartender and two other meD. for sleeping; they say they were asleep when the smoke from the store awoke tiiem, and with much diff:ulty they escaped, by hurrylrT through tbe back windows. The upper part ol tb :>ouse is occupied by six poor families, whose articles furniture, ki., were considerably damaged by wate ? ud brcakagt. The basement is occupied by William man as a I gcr bl?r ta.'oon. II j ? :iect? were damaged by water. Hobokcn City \ew?. Eiajujutiosi :.n tes Aroicrio* Cats? The circum stances of in abiuction of a young girl, eixteeo years ol age. from New York to Bobokco, on Monday morning oi laat week, aad an r.ttempted outrage upon her, were pub lished eon.e itnyg since. The e lamination of Michael G. Gogerty, who resides at. No. 200 Orasd s'roel, New York, tee of the partes (Lsrged with the oiltnee, to^k place before Jt.*t.ce Fotor, ot HobokD. yesierilay, ant* rc-ulttd In being toei.l tor trial in the OctoMr term of tha court, ;f led . tel. ILe etrlueaco snbstaci.aily corro borated ihe statement then published. Tha girl la deli cate, tall, tine loos. rig acd ot moa ^t appearand*. Hbe gave her evidence under evident conusor and embar rtfm.oat, acd w thsomo discrepancies. but the corrobo ratirg tctCKCoy waa strong. Orogeny is IS years ot age, a tegar maker by trade, and of rc.-y good appsar acce. Art In Advertising? The Advertisement ot M. B ItRADY, whl< h w iT be fntiul In another i ilnma, Is a nirioi s maunee of the union ot Uie o U acd the practical No <necan faille read it. Ksill Ntylr?SoinriMiig Entirely Mew, Just S?it.? FORD A ?<'OTT 8 fall ?ijTe cat?imere h\t. a b- ? . i 1 reier, ccmb.nlns neatri?aa and el-nance, and ol very ligb< weight. Ji will ihe faelilon hat of the season. ' *11 and loek at it, at FORD k SCOTT'8 hat estafc'.iihseer.t. 210 llroad way, lower corner of Fulton street, sign of the big Thej are tuccettcrs *.o "Wb:".e, the halter. The Piano? The Urea teat Improvement Hr J. k C. KI-'CHER'H improved circular seals ptaaofurts ; wareroom, 33ft Broadway, opposite Bro,ulway ib?a:re. Manu factsiy, Twetty-eigbth iireet and Ninth kvenue, New York. Pianos ar.d Melodrons? Tne Horace Wstsn SMdrrn iit.i roted pia&oaaiid melotleoca are o be fonnd at 39 Hren twav. Plar.ia to rent, aod rent allowed on purchase; for ta>- on monihly paymen-a. second band pianos from $30 to KM, melodeons lrom $40 u. f 136. Jet Bracelets and Ornaments just Received from Europe, of tha bom beautiful patterns. Alto, pearl and lirrn tan*, car.t rases, ports moonaica, retkmles tra Tal linn bags ami I aakeia. jewel casss, medallions, pearL tNMk China, sites and porcelain \aaes and atat'mry. toKCtner with e\ery vsrleiy of (ova, for children, manufactured sod known, tie cold at ROdRRN'M eitensive basaar, No. 400 Broadway, In, porters of Rngllih, French, and Herman r?ucy goods. Wholesale Clothing Warehouse. ? Met* ;hai;s visiung lbs eitv are particularly Invited !o inspect our nosa si superior ready maoe clothta# before pi.r DAYID J. AOBOR<JH\I. LEVY, 7 J William itreet, between Cedar an 1 Liberty. Curtain Materials and Window Shade*, mt wboleasir.? KELTY * FERO|7*ON, No 291 Broadwtv aad No. C4 Rradc street, hare a fall and choice Mock ol 6roe% tels. aalin de lsines, worstet damaaka, luce and rnieiin cur taint. cornl'-ea, glmpt. Ac., which ire oliered at the lowest ? rkea. Window shades.? Our stock of window nhadea is the largest in New Y"rk. and our auper.or manufacturing fselU ties > nable ut to offer tbeae goods less than other ho nes. We iaTite the siiestlna of olsse beys**. Winner's Sewing Machines.? In every Pss llble wty tbeae mtf bines hsvs secured the favor of the pub Us. The highest premium* and medals hare be<-n awarded to them at heme and abroad. Thousands are uting th*n oo every varxy of work with entire eatiafacuon ard tace**a. Let all abohave any interett in the matter c*:i tod eiair.u ?. The ?aci. rd will be coutteoualy exhibited, whether 'bey do or do net with to purchaae I. M. SINGER A Co , No. 333 Broadway. To Farmers? OO Acre* ofgood Garden Land, at the \lllage of Hempttead, L. I., will be si?en oo ahare x S'Wwtae. Oood bn:!dingt. and a a'.rram or wver, cleaiy ?f frnit, Sc. Apply to J. A F. 8T01" VENEL, No. A3 teatre strset. Stephens' Writing Fluids, and Copying laka.? 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