Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1856 Page 3
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anmmtm unm? am air. SXfix isttoc.. _ _ _ ? fok sale, a pohtkr \sv diiukinu v'? house, witii stocic and fixture* complete. Inquire ; t :he cumfr of Columbia :in>l Stanton m reels. <!fcO?A -FXKD STORE FOR SAl.R, AT A BARGAIN; ^mOUi horae, wagon ao<i fixture*; at a low rent; a Due location for the bualncHs; iurroui> led by otabie*. taoou reason.* g.vcu foi bi lling. Inquire of the car uiau, 02 Murray 8' reel. Annn -FOR RAMS, THE GROCERY STORE COR iVUvU* oer of PotftftiB avi dm id4 Bedlbrd rod in Bjj* ford. Jiiooklyu, now doing a good btudueaa. Inquire Ixi the s-iuie A(?r/\ -FOR 8 A IiE, A 8F.OAB STORK. FIX1UBM JntJUVi nnd learnt, In one of ibe most business places la Jliclty. Apply lo A.hOBlNSuN 3.? Broadway. room 1 1. litWZ ?PERSONS LOOK I NO F1 >R WM*!* AKK ShO | ()( iniortned tint for tie small mm m JW5 theyoa* mfiin ? bidness ti nt yields (Itob B,W0 lo WMH Mt front I i>i' annum, without r i&k. I'leano call at 18W Broadway, uNh HAM' INTKICCST toom 14 &7Atl WILL PCItfll A.?K a Ol ... ? ? I VU Ina hu?lne*se*tubl:shed sereral your*, ol stand ing and rc^iii eltibllity |> ?vln? i? profit of f4,ourt to RH.IXW yearly. Appl" to A. imil|y*KTN. 3.15 Broadway, room 14 <2;1 nnn WILL IT-.I II >SK .? KNDID MANTFAO ?t>r,UUU luring i>u?ii?as " lib new machinery 'vIktp h loriia.i i hi !>.? iiii? in h ,-h i i iluit:. Apijy to A. KOllIN iiON, 1!J Broadway, room 14 1" " Ann ?WATCH .vM' IEWBL tv STORK. STOCK ?vUv? uillhtvw to> ul?, one thousand dolls .?? la "IflMk MiBMWMiiyUiiiii id Ii at with rsal name ffitcb maker, Urralil mike. No alien- in i given to agents. kil onn wiu. rnitCHA^R v*plKi\diu grocery pT liXuv store, with line ? . ii.- lea-e, i', ulially Incited, lb ? v. j-v die > neighborhood, n ? ol bdlopponunttlM in ihi city. Apply to IIUVVK- .v. ' u 84 Nassau street. IC9 n(W>_Kf,B 8UK- A t Ruy KlNK llOfKL. AT '? one of the principal rclioul depots fuunUed Jc'uiiplele. Si ild only on .<? ol h*v oih-r l.tisim'- . to IliitenU to. Apply to IlOWItlS a ( 'O .it Nassau aureoh ||Q (inn WILL PURCHASE THE STOCK AND FIX tiP-l.yjVtV tiiiPK ol' ii well established hosier? fancy knotty btore. to. k ire ill Bi.d v< II ii?.?>rie.i; lo i: .on Jlilfl |uli'. on one ol Hie principal business streets. Apply to HOW KB * CO ? i Km iii. street. |d>0 OAA -FOR 8AI.K, A HOC8F AND PLOT OF land, consisting of about elenn lots of ground, Iftt Hed'ord lb < p niliesliorr Ih^fcrrj and only Mren iii'i utn*' Ij a Ik from I lie t'ulton earn Broonly u. Apul/to A. RihIIN ON, 885 Broadway, room 14. enn WILL PURt'n AbK > Jf [NTK.llisT IN ONE of the moat valuabb lnTouiloai oL the a(( fiiHi r cent can he realiied within 'hrt ?? month*, wl'.hoat tii? matt itanl rlsa Reference ?!ven ui tliu ftr?i eURineera oi" theeity. pply to 9. M. '?10 llroulway, room Nr. 6. between U nod 1 ?o /Win ACRKS ok FARM LANO IN WISCONSIN, IDaIiU lor tjile, or will i-ri'linjinn for any kind ot dry poods, tiiti and ihow jewelry hard ware, grocerlo* aogars, m .iberal toxma. Parties wiahiuK to ntobaiiKe will learn A u are chance by addresaing ConlldcnUal, HeralJ oittc'?. |?Q Cnn-C?R 8AI|R, IN A FIRST R AT K LOC.V PPO.LlOO. tion, a hotel furnished complete, now doiux a ;ood busuiri-s, neat our of the principal markots. t'i tWJ cnh; alauce on time. Apply to lloWKS A CO., S4 Nassau sU-euL rnnn achbs of choici farmino i.ands, in ?UU vr the Slate of Iowa, will be Rold for dry good gro rles, boots and shoes, clothing or c ish, at low rate*. Apply the olllee ol JOHN 1.. DORKAMCK, 83 Liberty street, cor ierof Broadway. bg rnA ?FOR SALE? A VALDABLK PIECE OF Kp 0,i 1UU. properly in Chryu'Watreet ; good house!! on the |ot, well rente<l. Also a paper hanKinK and window shade luainMl, i-tock, fixtures, lease, Ac., of lh? bent stand iu the :lty. Addrem or apply to THOMPSON <k GKBENLBAF, 85 ' assau street. ifrl ^ nnn -A'FI.VE stock OF CHINA. CROCKERY BrlU.VUO, and gan Qxtureg tvlib lease of ailvea'ory 'Uilding for snle or e\rhange for itnluc umbered real esta'o. "estern lanog ]iret'erred of A. 11. OOL'lill, 257 my, MN iu in- alters. L FORTUNE? AN I^TAHMSHED FAMILY PAPER V for wile, iii ol a high toned literary charac lor. neutral, lood eireulaUon, fiir advertuo"^ patronage. Will sell for [s?h. or in part exchange for other propi rty. Inuuire of A. ^OIIINPO.V, :<V> Broadway, oilioe 14. ?A BF.aLTIKUI, COUNTRY SEAT AND FARM FOR side or i-xriiange for city property? Situated on lue west 111k ol llm Cay ilga i?ike, six nuien (roaa Illt.i'-.i, Totnpkm-I mnty. New YOTK, and command b g a view of the lake; 123 ?resoi the best lai d in the rno-t be ilthv section that can be und In the Hate. All kinds ot' fruit trees on the place. Will Ii part ol tin land, with building*. Tdeslred. The buildings |ie nil new and llolshod in k'hhI si., 1>' . Interior walls fre-w oe.l. ad from the tw n bay windows are dellgUtf il riewa of the ke. Farm * ell hiockod; water excellent. For farther parti ?alar? apply in the paiier stce, 391 Orand street, where |ihui n be seen, or ol TIIOMAS JONES ou the premises. fi MIMINKRY AND FANCY STuKF For 8AI.E L Ftcki e?? lelrg I he only rmios for ?-!Hng. Tie- ?t , k w. smi terms very essy. Ajipiy al Iks store, Jl-l Columbia reel, Houth Brooklyn. \ LIOHT. GFNTKEI. AND VERY PROFIT aBLK UV ?I \ ne ? fbr ealc; psys orer IUU per cent profit, and' in be iiur.hi on very r'-asoua^le tenon on ? ha'l rath, the remain pr in notes, as per agreement, if at. plied for immidiatc.y. In ttlre, for particular*, M3S6 liroailway, ron.u 14 A. ROBINSON. PROFI1 AI1IK VPIIOI<STERT \Nl> PAPERIIVKG log busim as for sole.? The advertiser U obliged. In eon .tiencr of hi- going to RHH to ?"ll Ml hi* upholstery and fcprrhni.King bu-ines* entirely with ?'o> k an t IWWHWI ' tea very good opportunity tor en Iniellluent young mm to _<? a fortune, the business h*' regul ir |oi)il coianif i *, -ides a. rtttl "lore trade lu pap*rUan?'ingK. wtadow shades, ;i tii in trimming*. furniture .nut In everything appertaining i&e npbotoery bu*liie*s. Addrens staiiuf where anlttter rw rati in had, I photaterjp, Herald itUce, BARGAIN.? FOR BALE, HOOBK ANI? I.OT NO. IM _ Km - ' >ii' '???nth s'rcet ridcle ?lth all th modern Im nrement*. and la complete offer; also some valuable pro r'y on 1/ xlnL'tou avenue and Fifty aecm.d street. Must be Id. iBqiitre at 1M Knit Nineteenth s red. VAt.l'ABl K AND EIOELY FITTED UP I>RrO ?tori-, doing an eirellen' business with physician'* olticn died, twenty year* established, for sale. a enaore like the pscnt seldom iifiuri. For particulars, apply to B. W. llAEDt.307 Itioadway. TAILORING ESTABLIBEMEHT FOR SALE, AT A great bargain. ? The stork and liiturea contained in the j l"V Orison street Tli? stock Is new, ami moat etoellenilr .(te<l. consisting of fine cloths c>t*?imcrc i and reelings wtui veil assorted sto? k of furnishing goods; the tLxturea of the a 'est aud richest description. ami have hi*ea very cosily, ?ere an- all sort* of trimmings of the very beat kind, and a [tall lot of ready made clothing. Ilna la a moat eitrell?nt op luolty r* a party destrou* of going Into ihe business The ?J-C la si ure-t-ut and can >?? rented rery low. All ihe fore ?ing wi'l be dtopneed of for aboutlialf the value. Apply Ira Kd-atoly to F. W. A W. rOlLLKY, l'Jri Bowery. EAKF ( llANrE.-l0.000 ACRE* OF IOWA LAND to evchn nge lor mcrchan liae or personal pmperij Ad sa WILLI aM II FAXON, Taylors I nteriiatlonaf Uotel, ' York. IRF.WF.RY FOR SALE OR TO LET? AT POl'GHKKKF 1 fie, with a large malt bouse, will adapted for lajfr liler. mis easy. Apply to W. R H K T B K or II. bean. 7'i Wall at. ( A K F It Y FOR BALK -FOE BALE, THE STOCK AMD ttgtures of a first class hakcry doing a g?td business; .e but II cash customer need apply Helling out on account he II nc- of the proprietor. Itwiulre of John Caringle, til ?I'd avenue. ROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR S tl.E OR FXC IIANOE Imvrr.vrd and desirable property, two blocks from lla lerrjr. valued at eighteen thousaad dollar*, would he S5(ed. In part or wh' lc, for a gorsl farm located within ty mile* of the city. Address, describing property, 8. W. it., 479 P(*t otjiee kllOHT OOi'NTRT HKATit AMD I* ARMING LANDS for wile, on fs vo' able terms. d .it Greenwich. Stain Itsrteii and Mratfnrd, t -ut . Morrisnanla, Hunts rv, %"oiiker? I-I '?n"'TTis N y I " ken?ick. Perth Am r. Klisal'eiliio\Mi and Freehold, N. J Aleo several Urge 1 vahtalde irucis of mliteral in. I farming la'ids In Virginia Georgia. Apply to OaR-<NKK IlKOfUERS. No 7 W LrUO PTORf FOR BALE? RVl.ttNClNT TO A rilY<t rtait. o? a leading avenue. Will he sold cheap tor cash, le I .ropri till I sniuii | sv it 'lie neceMM HaM \p at I'in K<?t Tweoty lourth street, between Hccond and d avenues I ARM FOR KALE ? CONTAINING 7* A< RF.s. SIT nated In Hcnef-s county, N V., one mile from Cayuga l, utvlci i t nc sta'e of cultivation well watered. r.r?t rst" , coBifortal le house and outhuiklinga. Tenus cjsy. For iritlars ad Irras P. E. D., Herald oflice. ?or BALE? 1<iJ YARDS OF ROY *f, WH,TOyi'*E ? nHIng Tery elegant pattern, wltk two ?pleuJ.d rags to Bteli- the Hon and ilgrese, i set of mall, rsny .-hu rs beautiful sr' of ohtiia, forty fnnr plecea. tie act ot marble nrnamcDla r set of stair r?ts, nineteen In nural er. ?o pel of coraii es and cirtaitis. , small rst. nrt of shell*. J yards of English ntlclcsh. i he almie arueles will be wld at a saciiSce cask. Ap f at AS Greene street, from I to 4 P. M. (OR RUT TIIK NKW Dl RIIAM IIOTKI,, SITl'ATpD on ike II ickeusack plank road, three miles from tloNrken y, N. 4., roii'Slnlug foue acres of land, whieh ctnnot be tiied as a piofl'able bualneaa locitlou. Apply on tlio pre* M. Terms easy. I OR B AI.F HIE RTO< K, VIXTI RVA. AND N!:*RT.Y three veers' lease of a tailor s store, on ftr ladway; also, a le storv ?nd att*' brick hoiiss, wttli m ?1ern IrapmVements, P lie. will, ii - I hoiiM : 'Id f'lrin'nre. end i M ol l?n I, Iai .i1 I.f Fourth nil 1 Figlily ; nu'tb ?U> ^1) to R HtiWAltD, la Nassau lUnk. tlR BALE. AT WILLI \WSTU RO? A TWO STORY and i>a? tnent brick bouae. For psru-ralars, inquire on premise*, r-.t F?cn street, Williatm-burg. Terntseaiy. I the m> - ev . an remain ?>ti ri-' f-.r ' year*. _)E FAI F- * VERT LtR'i* WAlWfOW ttOVm. Igr"euh 'I e , ou'ervator*. three stori i-arnage ho'ise, , l.ln ., ii,... in,; n i.n'f i.| 1 1 ar i m hi I !? 'I -n ? -n i ? I '?? I oi rut ies ..ii i .l ire ??? ?? k ?t'J r ' ' wle n c tn lei-l I tin III is tern h illl. hi. and < t'd na'er lieater?, Ac. _jt be lot . ;.nf I. I i.- iiiitiif es .???!< f,'oti> > |mad s'stlic A Cisl ch?sc|iy Ittiusc inken in pTt paymen*, sin e i i " ri ui? in " ' nmrtrsge ' ? \ ? - n' 't per ? ? t ' de-rr.pnv '? pmnplilet, n ova' ?* Mnrnsailta laM e, 3t I'tne miret, from 10 liU *i P. M. riR HA 1.1 TIIF : TOCE AND J'TXTI RF.'t 01 \ SI'. J gnr *i' ri rstsMNbed five years, ? Ith long lens* Reeolp:* Inge n\ '? *lisi pet week ti e v. ir round. \i? Ij a /I lt.,11 Si ? |.| I' I noli I. I! t ' ruin. I Ht |..| ? ?? ns tin* ?e|lintr r">R S \ I.F - \ DRINKING, tlYHTKR ANI> I.AtiEE I Imi ". ii. m it* - Hi y 'nc i'e I In n li'i'Uifss thorou' btar 1 Old ' ?'?> "-he. I pi ice. doing ? till lU'lit low. ply In HO WF.S 4 i ti -I \**?iu street. |or bal??a parm, t>F nwmmtJH two and three teiiMtrcl eerea, hsvimron it one "I .he .-?? ? :ii? rrles v i ? bill a ipmrter of a tn e of a raih.vvl ?' iti-m. P partlciii.iri Inqntre ol G It ARHTOW, ;? Wall s reeu ?or sai.k-thf. st?h k and r t XTr rub, with rtrF. yeais lease, ot a wh.,1. - ,I-- rr. HI do tig ;e bill mess. W ill be sold without the stock, if rurtlred. _ setoff re*son? for selling Apply on the premises. HI k ?tr*et. near < entre. r ^ r>R BA1.F ? A ItEAI'TIFl'l t'tilMnv SMT AND drug ?tore In tne town of F.nstrhesier, near the Jtfrw lla , Railroad ststlon, linelv eHnnted, r "nslmlng of over balf an ? of ths be*t garden land Willi s ni ' leru tiou??, and drug p In the tn si order, snd doliir i ralr business A tlrst rale are (Or a dx-tor Terms ?cc .mmoiliiing For further '?leiilars *?.!.'? 'r I'll \| I.F- -I l I' 1 N It \l i || | ,, I*.; lis O-Ofe ?AIA IflOR S'1.E-m BllTTBS STAND MO. U ATLANTIC 1 market, corner of Illck? and Atlantic street?, Brooklyn A lso, one lot of ground, 2S by l?x> feet on Hlnh avenue, be tween Degrsw and Sackett streets. Inquire al the stand. FOB SAW! ? A DINING AND DRI N KING SALOON, IN the town part of Waal strew, whluh is uu? doing a good bua'iicss The reason for selling In, the pr??ent owner la obliged to engage In another luislne-a. iuquiro on the pre mUea, of C. fi. Maliukcu, 73 West h reel TjlOR HALE? THE STOCK, FIXTURES, HOBsK. WAGON I' an I lease of a first class grocery store, iu a good loca Hon, and will lie soM chi-i?|> for cash m II. M. NF.AL, 87 Hamilton uvenne, South Brooklyn. For sale-one business and two grocery wagons; also, one curt Apply at the grocery, corner of John and (iold streets, Itrooclyu FOR f-ALK? THE I. EASE, HTOOK AND FIXTURES OF a livery stable, now doing a good busiuess. For further particulars inqu re at 31 Third street. IiHiR SALE? HOUSE AND LOT HO WI<NT THIRTY lotirih strei-t, between Seventh Mi l Klghth avenu??, three story, b .sen cut and tinder cellar, and complete wltli modern lmpmrcinen s Price It, 900. Apply to (1aS<NKR BROS., No. 780 Broadway. FOR SALE? V BOARDING SCHOOL FOR MO VS. WITH In twenty mile* of New Vork. enjoying a eood patronage, and lor situation unsurpassed. For terms apply at the Aine rii an School Institute Appleton's lluild in*'. .116 Broadway, New York or ad.lress E. H. Chapman A MuitU. pV)B SALE.? MOO CASH AN1? *4(10 IN NOTES WILL 1 buy a lir.-t class well established groc- ry store ? le?s thru It* valuation. Lot atlon and business good. For p irdeulars ihia day, between 9 and 12o'clocw, at 14 in si., room 4. riOR sale-stock op coal and wood, .n a P yard doing a lirsi rate busiuess, with a feed siorrt at> iched, and an unexpired lease of eight jears Keason for selling made known upon application Pos^esslin given immedi ate!), or retained unUi <hu lstol November Address, by let'e , W H. I. A S.. S'.D Hudson street Tost oflkf, or la juire on tlte prenws, So'.l Nluth avenue. IJIOR SALE? TWO HOUSES AND LOTS, OS THE norfli shore of Slsten Island. in Rood order, within Ave ii'inwi n' wslkof the stcuinboat landing Inqulreof SIMEON llltitilNS, lac oryville. FOR SALE CHEAP- a SF.GAK AND FRUIT STORE; a lao, coal and wood ageecy for three yards Appl) at No. t'ourt street, room 23. or 3!U?Fulton street; rent low ; ap uly until Saturday. IjlC.R SALE CIIEAP? A \ KRV DESIRABLE COTTAGE at i astleton, containing (even rooms and kltrh.u, dry ocltar. stableai.d wood house, a quantity of good fruit trees, Bplendij grapevine. flower garden ant grMS plots, Ac.; f round Km l'eet front by K2 deep, within live mlnut'W walk of ;i<-iory\ illu steamboat luuiliug. Inquire of K. R. DKLA riKLD, Baq . IM Wall street. PCR S V1,E OR EXCHANGE? THJ WELL BUILT FOUR stirry k t ick house on the w est aide of Third avenua. one door above Fifty third street; lot ZtolOO, house 23>M); price mortgage ?6.000; rents for f700. For a snnR r*rm wi ll located, slid unencumbered. SI, 000 additional wl.'l be given. A i j. ... at IjUIU^- S (Lug store, corner of Grand ?tract ami the Bowery. Ii^OR PALE OR EXCHANGE -A WATER POWER AND 1 farm of 110 acres iu Itockiand county; unincumbered city or 1 1 rook 1) n property taken In exchange. Inquire of Mr. R. Hewitt, No. BO Broadway. FOR SALE OR EXCII ANt i K ? A VERV HESIR AHI.E farm, ot about seventy acres, with good dwelling, good outbuildin.'s and plentv of fruit; distance about one hour and a half from the city The location Is healthy and the prooerty so heated that it >vtll prc\ e a profitable investment. Would exchange fi r good city or Brooklyn property, not too heavily encumbered. Posees?ion immediate. Apply at ll&andlli Nnspiin slreut, llrst floor, room No. 3, and rear hall, after It o'clock. IilOR SAI.E, OR TO LET? A NEAT TWO STORY AND 1 basement (Hi in l ift) elxbth street, near the ,'Vciind avenue. Possession immediately. Inquire at 172 East Twen ty seventh street. JOHN W. MOWHRAV, For hale to let, or exchange for real Es tate ? A neat hotel, everythlns furnished from bottom to lop, in complete order, large' billiard room iind live tables, of the best description, cost ten thousand dollars; located near tbis city, and doing an excellent business. Address Newtown Herald office. II For sai.f. furnished? a new and handsomely furnished lionn* Hit ujttetl In a most dealrable ana fashion tilde location, No. 14 West Thirty seventh street, a few doors from Fifth avenue. Inquire on the premises. Foundry for sale -a large and convenient iron fi.undrv, wILh a'l the fixtures, in good order, for sale a: a great bargain Maui furnace is located within hall a mile of Fulton ferry. a* Foundry, Herald offlce. Houses and lots near myrtle avenue. brook h n. for hale ? For sale, the cottage, 232 Adams street, 'oatafnmg sevtn room?, lot 25x1 1!>. and the two etoiy, base men! and mile houae, el Idiwrence street, containing eleven looms lot a.vliI7'j. Stable on the real- of cacli lot. Termi moderate. Apply on the premises. OrsE FOR SAI.K OK TO LET? T I HE THREE STORT high basenieu' white marble house ltil Wast Twenty third sireet; modern Improvement*, Cioton water gas fix ture*, A i- in complete order. Inquire of 8. F. BEI.L, !i2 John street. IE VSR AND FIXTURES OF A FIRST CLASS ORO. J c.-ry store, la llleccker s'reet. fbr aa ? low , an eicellent siaad, and two years' lease, a' u low rent. Apply to WEL LINGTON A. i'AK'i KK. corner of Greenwich and Day sta. MANUFACTURING BUSINESS FOR SAI.F. ? K CAPI .slot $2.800 or i.1 I U0 will purrhUMj an established buai ness. ,i v hirh there it. but lltt!c comuetltluti, and wbiub can be made ?o pay about KMNni yearly. AddrtM*, with real name, New York. Fostoilire COHI! IS ANIA LAND OFFICE, SI PINE STREET ? 1*1 Villa iilols, cot wer lots, sites for manufactures, building lota from fits) to M WO. For mops, and general laf< .matiou. Apply from li> to * fatly. ROIJERT H. ELTON. A few choice South Melroae Iota, cheap. V^W DISCOVERY -FINE. STRONG, WHITE STItll* i.1 tied marble, seven mile* tin liarlsoi Railroad. 400 n et east, 70 al o e, on a bill, preclude* pumping make* easy <itiarr\ inc. corlirmeil by many geologist*. See II SICKLES i?<i . Hi Niuoau atieet; A. BASSFUKl), uj Fulton street. Pale or lease. TO .JEWELLERS ? FOR SALE, THE STOCK AND FIX lures of a small *lnre, rent moderate, at 1:14 Grand street Williamsburg, now doing a good badness, and ha* a good run ol watch and jewelry jobbing, Application made at the atore. TO MANUFACTURERS AND OTHERS -FOR SALE OR to let, the building No. 117 East Twenl) ninth street; house (Hi by till, four atorlea, and all convenience* f,,r atcain power, would make a line litery stable. Terms eaay. Apply at ill Baal Twenty ninth street. TRAVELLER*' GllDB. F OK SHREWSBURY, LONG BRANCH, HIGHLANDS. _ and Ocean Port? The popular Mcamer JAMES CIIRIS TOPHER will leave Jay street pier, for tbo above place* on Tuesday, August 36. at 4 P. M . ZTlti. 28tb, and 29th. at 1 F. M , oo Sa u'rdsv.Sotli.atS), F. M. ; returning early ever) morning Fsie. 37)jceuta. ^ FOR SARATOGA. LEBANON SPRINGS, AND CATS ki.. Mounts .. House.? Passengers tor the above fashion able rnsorta c an take the elegant ale imer GLftN COVE, at the foot of Canal and Spring *tr*eta every Monday, Wednesday, and 1 ridav morning, at , o'duck, andhavoa line opportunity of viewing the baautlftll banks of the Highlands of the llnd sot). For further particulars Inquire of 1. LEWIS, "Jut West street. Steam mn?lc nlta>'he>t to till* lioni. Hudson river railroad.-from may 19. iw, the tralna will leave ? 'lumbers street station aa follows ? Kspr> ss. 6 A. M. slid S P. M.; ma I, 9 A. M.. through way train. 12 M.; emigrant, 7 P. M ; for Pougbkrepalfl, 7 AM and 1 P. M . for Hi ; Mng, M .Til A. M and V 45 P. M . this train leaves every Friday evening, at II P. Mj for Hudson. S:S0 P. M. : for Peekakill. 4 and 5 .HI P. M. The Puughkeepsle, nc and Peekakill trains stop at the way stations. Fas aengers taken at chambers. Canal. Christopher and Thlrtv Urst atreeia. Train* for New Vork leave Troy a'. 4 .13. 8 15 and M it A M and i U> P M . and East Albany ai 5, * Jo and 1 1 IS A M. and 5 P. M. A. F. SMITH. StipartoteiideiO. N'FW YORK AND CONEY ISLAND. -THE STEAMER NORW ALK, Cnpt. C. T Rodm ui will leave aa rolloiva, Mind-'\- included ?(.eating loot ot Amos street st . A. M , 12* ? ?nd .V , P. M , lea i Ing Spring street at 9> , A. M , 12' sad ,V,F M . pier S North rtver st It) A. M., I an?f 4 P M ; ? oney Island, last 'rip. at 6 P. M Fare i. t mcy 1*1 ul. Fort It i milton and back to N? w York, twenty Ave eent*. for which a return ticket wil. be g.v en. Ko half price for children C. J. DODGE, Agent. VTtW VORK AND ERIE RVILROAD ?ON AND AP i.1 ter Thur s lay. Auaitst UaVS. and tinUl further notice pas*?tiger trains will leave pier for.t of Duone stree', aa fol iows:? Iti ill a lo Etpresa, at 6 A M , for Ruffs lo. Dunkirk Xiprcas. st fl A. M , for Uankirk. Wall, at *14 A. M., for Dunkirk and liulTalo an.) In'erme diate atationa Pas-cngere by this train wtll remain over nig hi St Owego, and proceed the aett morning. Chicago Fvpre*sat 1 P. M,. for Dunkirk. RocV.and Pasarnger, at 3 .HI P M , (trnm Ibot of Cb ambers Si**' fla Pn'imont, 'or SuTem's an I Inter" -I' ata'....,? Way l'a*eeai;er, at 4 P. M., for Newburg and Mkld'etown. and Hiierme<tiaie stationi. n ' i- 1 1 f 'S, at S P, M., for Dunkirk and Buffi .1 rji, srr ?nt at t P. M , lot Dunkirk and Biillalo, and In'ertna ! *' tin n* 1 h' above tralna run dai'v, Sundays e teen ted Th< -e i xpres*traina conlicciat F.lmira with the Elm Ira. Oh nni 1 1. n,i and Niagara Falls rallroed, for Nlagaia Falla, at Bin ham'on with the Sjrarnse and Kin.tiamton railroad, f.rf Syiaruse: st Cort/ng w ith Buffalo, Corning and N< w l#k i ?, lor Roi lienter at Great Bend with Delaware Lacka ?' I and M ? ?? *? r-. ; ,n. , It'nUlo Mid ' * ? ' I, ftlt 1 levelaai. CtMHl nati, Toledo, trait, Chicago, A r D, C. MtCALLUM, General H.ip'U M'KW VORK AND II ARLEV R \ 11 ROAD? NOTICE. rate to Albany. $1 an; Ssrat iu i, Y2 ?2. 11 e e\pre?s tralrsb'tweeo New Toik aad Albany will re ,hetr i' ai'T^rc New Vork <? Friday ..'tr. \ MJ mall 'tatn.r'B^^^; ,^ yit) last < *, j , i? \t r\i?rr? ' f '* 11 , - lb- id 'la I AMPIlRI't'. Superln "nden'. J )I?.I 1 AR MOfNING LINE, FOR A! IUVT AND TROT I t ? I i dinr at W est Point, Newburg P-ugltk' ?f?le, Kin ?< i. ,ii Pi t all'. Ill, llydson, Co- .at kie. the new at imnr Gl EN COVE will |e?re | ler looi of f'tii al an I Spring streets, everv Monday, Wedne .lty, ,>nd Friday tnor ilni; at 7 o'claeh. For fnrtkrr parUcalRra, itnittlre of I. tEWls, ji^ w< at street, -team ninth' attach' I to this boat. COAL. SCRANTON OOAL.-Tn* DELAWARE, LACKA W \N na and Western Railroad < ompatiy, SI Wall s'ree', otfer tor sala. by the carga, Ittaip, sienntt.oa;, large s^g and the < tier aitet oi this superior roal. upon the nana) terms WM. E. WAR It KM, Treasurer. rro (HlTFf ownWS. -coal. ?THE cntKiQn im J pti vement Companv are now prepared to receive pe,, poahls for the purchase of coal, in any quantity, at their de lot la tha t hlrl'iut l.sgoon. The roal * 111 be kept constancy on hand, sod will be sold al several dollars per ton less than it csn be delivered for at Jamaica. Asrdnvrall or San Juan de Nicaragua. The quaint of the roal Is auuerbir for steam pur posct lo that of the be?t Liverpool, and the depot is |e<|>iUlt taut on Uw Caribbean Sea from San Juaa and AspintPUi The harbor of Boras del Torn la one of the line t in the a orld and ea?lly aeeeSWIde for ve?sels of the largest drought Mlnttteahaiiasfthla harbor, made by order or ihe Engliah Admlral'y, can f>e etamlnea at the company's offleo, wne"> also ran be seen specimen* of the eoal with the aaalysia if Prof Chlllon. By order of the Board of Directors. W* *uw?rfj, rosrm, msanm. OiTee nflha CWrlTtiwnpmvemedt Company. N ?. IV W?B MkiW W. rocflAjrrs' h?uwmii? | A A 'J ?aOADWA*.-TO U|, TliK (d'PKR TURKS ^TTrO lulta. together or separately. lor busim as Ptlrpo??a ooly, sin U b} 60 feet Apply tt> WM KltoWN, on (lie pr< mists ? | AI.AKfJE FoUL STORY BOWS, IN URKK'.E WW, to lease for 9 frnfi; 3D rooms. la nic* order, with sllihe iLOtern tniproveuieuia, the furniture mini b* pur chss.xi Terms easy. Apply U> U W. It 10 II vR DS, SUT Iiroad a ay. ABl l'EBIOR FOUR STORY AN1) B AHkMKh'T NIGK ly furnished home throughout, >o Id to a private family, in West 'i weiity third straw , neighborhood une&ceptioiiablu. Full p<*?e>sinu lat .-eptember. For particulars, apply to B. W. KH II A 1< I ?s, bu7 Uroauway. A STORK AND BASEMENT TO LET? ON BROAD way . swiUble for dry goods fancy good*, boot* utui shoes, or iwwl any other kind of business Inquire fin the premises. 1 ir 1 1 roadway, belweci ThU'tleth and TtiirLj -Urst streets, or bt Edward D. Jaiues 25 Nassau street A HOUSE TO I, FT, IN .JKRSEY CITY.? THB THRKE a'ory brick house in fCiia etreet, No. lf>0; situWed in an e\i clli ut neighborhood, having gas lixture-., and very conve nit-ni A Iim- of stsgee to the wry pass the door continually Possession given (mine lla'.ely. Kent, SkI Inqu ru of *. H COLKs oli rc corner of South Fourth atreet and Jersey avenue A HOUSE TO LET AT FRhMONT, CENTRAL MO I rtaanlu. Six room* Including stun* suitable for a boo maker, taller. or at ? esiwifeelwer KwMpw annua Trains slop oiij.i nite three tluiej a May. Addreg* Lea* box 170. Ilerald ollloe. A NICK TIIREF. ->TOK V AND BASEMKNT FURNHIr I# l.ousi to lit, west of Hroudwav, convenient to the oar-i an I sts;;r* Yearly r?nl S-sK), wi b gait, chandelier*, ba'hj, mote, Ac. Fos*<'a?icu 1st Sept It ff RICO A Rl)8 "tr Broadway BOXKDINO norSF TO LET and FURNITURE 'OK ?ale ? 1 ue el the j?le:maiitc-t locations 10 Hie city, 1'J l.uio square opposite ceiitio. of the psrk furiitum ail new ?ui house In complete order, wt'-h ali the modern imor'jveir.eijl* Apply 00 the premises FCRNIRIIRD HOURS. ? TO UFNT, IN ItBOOKbYN, A j.'i teel tme4i a'ory nnd b >??>?> Mw h MfcMMlf lur nlshrd. wtk tnry m TMtcMt, tar a gtoiaai tamoy, it m ? talna gas. water. nmJ will be rented to a go< il tenant at Ml) per inonih Inutilieof l>r '< HOOK -i. at lloldredgi 'a llotel. cor ner ??' l'roiidway and h.lglith street. HOI Fl. TO I.FT.--JIK LAFOF FIVE STORY HOU-?K on the curlier of lirnome ami Kim a'ceelg ana ue? 1 urnvk) In complete order mid reut low to ? good ten int Applv to R. L. HL'Y1>AM, 166 Wavitrley place, near aixth a\ rnue. HOl'SK TO I.F.T? NO 06 BRROKN 8TREKT, IIROOK lyn; a llrs class thie? atory house Has all the modern tmiiroveirierita. Will be let very low to a food lenant II ap piled tor Inimedlntely, as the owner la xolng to Kurope For rail partjeulara apply on the premtrea, or toCUArt. M CAR I'l- KK, No. y I'lte atreet. OFK1CK TO LSI ?THB LABOR AND COMMODI oiw odlce In building 47 Fear) atreet. on the Hecon l llooi newly painted 1'erma reasonable. Inquire of KKK<;U>0>' k IH'WK, on the premls'-a. OFFlt'KS TO LKT ? TWOI.AROF ROOMS. IN 8ROOND alorv well adapted for agents 01 manulaci ired gooda rj (IHlrtng apace. Alao. double and aingle oUle^a at reduced rent*, in the central locality 74 llrmtdway, near Wall street. Apply on the premises, to THOMAS AJiURKWS, 74 Urnad way. STKADY POWF.R? A FKW CHOtCr! ROD MS 8 r ltd. TO be had in the Depot Buildings corner of l.lm and Frank llii ?tr?ets, one ai|uure from llnxulwav. For the value nf the woinl neady. are the tenaats now there. Innulr? ol T.HuS I'.F.NNKTT. mi the pri-mise*. SKti AR STOItK TO I.KT? STOCK AND FIXTTRKS FOR aalc. Apply nt tTi Klghin avenue, between Twenly-firat and Tweiity second streets. TO LKT? IN THE HOUSE OF A flM.VI.L PRIVATE famUv, one or two haudaouely furnished rootr a with par tialbuaid in a most desirable locailon, In South Brooklyn. For particulars Inquire at No. U Harrison street, between t'ourt and Clinton streets. TO l.KT? THE THIRD FI.OOR OF HOUSE 2&i SIXTH avenue, conawtlng of two parlors and one bedroom with the privilege of the bath. None but a small, respectable fa mily need 1 pplv Kent, $1.Y TO I.KT? AN EI. EG ANT BUIT OF FURNISHED APART iiimita at 38 Clinton place; contains ft I the moden int prorcments, and Is in every respeci a llrst claas residence Apply before 12 o'clock M. TO LET? UPPER PABT OF HOUSE, 2(M THIRD alieet. beiwecu avenues C und 1>, consisting of three looms ou second and two t>u third lioors, from the 1st of Sep tiiuber. t'rotou water in the house. Kent #li> per niomh. TO LET-PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH FULL OR PAR Hal board. In a private family. PlMwapft] at Iff STmI 1 wenileih Ktreet, between Kighih und Ninth avenues TO I.KT? IK BROADWAY, BETWEEN CANAL AXD Grand streets, an oil" ?? o? '1"' lirat floor, el m i fet square Rum rrMunntup. Direct to S I. N Hroadxvav Post oilier, ? I'll name aiul i elereuce, fur three days, TO I.KT? UNFURNISHED AND WITHOUT ItOARD F.t ther Ui n party ol single genilemen or mii.iI Ifamlly of grown persons, the third lloor of ?jpli-iMiillr located bouse up town, eonalsling of lour room*. To persons nl-Huqt quiet retired aecotmnodatloos. tliis offers an excellent opportunity. as the tdvet tier's family in (.mall . possession aboul I Hi of October, relerrnces given ami required. Address No. 342 Fourth avenue. TO I.KT- AT I.OW RENTS, TO SMALL AMERICAN F V aiiMrs, f Icm m through, consisting of live rooms, with bath. Croton water, Ac. In West Nineteenth street. M?m eleventh ami Klirhtli avenues Apply at the .dice, on Die prcmlsns, 140 Wi st Nineteenth utreet, from 3 to 5 o'clock P. M. TO LET? TWO BE Al'TIFl'l. ROOMS. FRONT AND bark; bath room, Croton Hitter, kha. Ac., all on tlir same floor; sult.ibie for a gentleman and lux wife, or will lie let to single gentlemen, * Ithont board. Inquire a' J 13 Spring street. TO LKT? WITH IMMEDIATE POSSES-HON A NEAT three iiml a half atory hotiae, with all 'lie modern linprox e meats; r?at Mat). Apply to JOHN f MOFFAT. 103 Twenty fourlli wrei t, between Sixth and Seventh avenue*. TO I.K1 ?IN A MOST DKSIKAIII.K LOCATION, TUB SK eradlknrof * drat ' wsa huuae, .'tt'.i Fonrih street, thlnl door raat of Broadway, w 1th gas ami privilege of kitchen, If required. TO I.KT, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION? THE CP per part at No. HI Itroadu ay. fltMl ? premises h ire been entirely remodelled, uamled. Ac., have au eieellent light, and are admirably adapted for millinery or a'iv other Tauey business. being iiudoubtedly the beat location w tie city. Apply to tlKO. HI'I.T'IN. .Vii Broadway. TO I.KT IN BROOKLYN? A NKW COTTAOK, OKNA mented with six lots of ground, gr.ipevlncs, Iruit trees. Ac., eligibly situated on Pacini- streei, ner ' love road; gen ii i neighborhood; ronvenler.t toFul'on nrentie ears; suitable f.r aamall faiiiily. tlnri?t or |MM elie.ip rent. Inquire of Dr. Law reoce. 24* Delanei y street. TO I.KT OR FOR 8AI.K? THE FOUR 8TORT BUCK house, with all the modern improvement*, in East Thlr I . I In pi -tre-i nesr l.eungti.n avenue. Also lira* and se ei-ii.i story, with ba aemeiit, of a llrat clues bouse In East fhir- i ty fourth street. Apply at lot) Kaa' Thu 'v third street, near Lexington avenue. To good tenants rent will be low. TO 1 KT, FOR SALE, OR EXCHANOED-THE THREE ?torj and atone basement brick house No. L itayctw ax enue, near Fulton avenue. Brooklyn. It couUins the mo ili rn itiiptoveinenla, and would be a good tavwlBient for any one w ishing to piu chaac Price ft), MM. Would be rented low till May next Apply to ,1. t\ WRtIT, .143 Broadway, second floor. TO I.E1? FROM SKIT. I, I'ABT OP NO. 103 FOURTH aienne. The rent If deaired. will be taken In bo.ird. Inquire on ihe premiums. rilO LKT? THE HTORK S77 QKAND UTREET, AND i iiituri 'i for sale. Tina is u very desir?hle loei'iuti for a millinery or fancy goods. Inquire ni the store. r? I.KT? SHE I .OWE It FART OF A FURNISHED home and kitchen, at JO White street. Croton water, ba'lia, Ac locsilon plesaant, and to a family w ith children, fix ?- minutes' walk to ona of the beat schools in the city. r> I.KT- THE FOt'R RTORY DWELLING MOUSE NO. 1?S Best Bsveaieeatk StreeL near Stuyxeaan' pirk, three parlors deep, with all the modern Improvements . i'nmndltte Suae pi i. -n ran be given. Inquire at WIM.lAMC. AMKR x N, No. 1<3 Wooe*r Mteet, corner of llouaton, in the Mm r' LKT? UM EAST THIRTY SECOND RTRBET. PART of a four story Knttllsh lusemen' house with modern Im prox intents. lon' vtnlri six rooms, Including kitche.u private family, w r limit children. rro i.KT? A three story and basement hopae, A la a genteel neighborhood, with bath, gaa, Ac., Ae. Also, aevt rai 'lisir to een'eel families, Croton water on each floor, iu West Thirty ?t*7? street. Also aeversl floors cheap, one nei of Klexrtiili avenue and Fi>r'y fourth street. A pei ??n will be in the corner store. Forty fourth street and Eleventh sv< nne, from III to 12 o'clock. Also, stores to 1st. Apply to S W CHUNK, .or J. M ORKNEf.l,, Ml West Thirty sitth street, bctw> en Seventh and Klghth avamtes. T<? RENT? A VERY DKRIKABLK RWIDEKCK IN Kmth Hrooklyn. w Ith all the IIHnUH ImpinTemen a. If d< sired, the r irj ets nnd oilcloth, which hai e been In use less 'hnn twoyeais, will be ?oldebeap, Ad-lresa but 1.904 Pos. ofli e. TO RENT. 0 NFPRN'ISHED? THE MEt'Offf) ST?)RY OP l? use Spring street, line doors east of IlrtdnoQ ati ret, xx tih two nttlc In-ilMoms. Rent, tl# s month. Apply to .1 II. MKUIT, 3(i0 ?roa.lwsy. TO PHYHIclANR.-ToI.ET, A BPLKNIH? (H ITE OF otflers, with gas, msihle waskbaaln and w.xtercloaef, on the flrxt floor of the new bf?wa 'stone English bassment rs si lence No. 121 Ninth street, third door west of Broadway. BII.I.IAUIMI. AIUWCORnH, 1??Ft I.TON HTRKET ANI' NO S ANN , street ? e^isv rntitfni rubker nn'i sir ensktoned biMard Ml lis. wnh slate and 111 'rble bell . All s|s?s m.xde t-> order an<l on hand. French cue leavers, pocket trimmings, Ac. B If, T.I ARM TABLKM, TRIMM1NOR OF EVERY KIND, and all apnaratua rswntlal to or twsaected xvlth'h" ,'am.i of billltii -Is, to be had at the ?sniiMorr of O'CONNOR A Otl.LENIiER, 19 Ana street. Four goo-l' ?i ..ond hand lables for sale. BH,ll4ftl? T ABI.F.S ? THE UNDERSCORED IS PRF I i^e I to fiifnuh alt who want tables f,,r pul lle or private u?e. n< (iriri - In snit. Having ma<lr up a Inrge a-<*irinifn^ Mpressly lor private geuUeni n, he Is confident that beets p|ea?r all. L. pKPKKR, ?) am street. IMPROVED BfU TAKD TABt.EN AND CUSHION-'? PA I tented February It, |s??. w arrnn'e.l math?matl"aliy cor rec; and ro?ses?ing e<it?S? elasiieity in all se.i?ons, F r?x> osly by MICHAEL PiIELAN, Ml Chambers street, np stairs IMPROVED MILLIARD TAIII.PS, AND EVERY OTHER I artlcl< in 'he line, slso, one 'eeond hsnd rose woo I tali e, wlib marble beil, small aired: also, a billiard room, loeln-linf fixtures, lor sale. Apply ai W. J. SHARP S factory, lie Ful ton street. FIRJHTI'RK. IjISAMFM.KD COTTAOE FfRNITrRK, - FLEC. \NT MX well made suite, ai t'28; tlrst cla?s mat lite top sol's clev-rj nieces, for t*:>. nt the manufseior' , tiAt ?rnsdwsy. below ulceeker street. Uooils carefully packed to go ont of the city. ??????KJ^r^TNrPFnRON HAVINO \\ K 22JJt\rxaii?1-m.k ' ' I,. ...I'M ' :i 1 1 1 ' - HI "1 > "" ? ' piirelmser bylBtflsg P.. t,??Fostc?e^^^^^ tfCRNnVtll FOR RAtaS? THE Ft'KNtTtJRR of A r liousc of ten apartments: bouubt in the spring; verv hxn-l some; ix ill be sold at a great saerldee, and on e.isi te- ns 'n a tt T IfV* |? ?i N , byx S, Y, ryJH V!li?t ???rial t-|u4i> ros UjKsroou-4iiinii]i ht .tis? ?-.b. f|l|imi.Tl<>. <liirt .1 J. w||4?|Mt<iWi?>* li? lie i >iaie? in?li?.lur kuroi.e, po-nl,. :> jt. .-.uunl-i j , u* 8U at 12 o'r lix* M frt?n fcer herth at 'h j rm*! ,if ' itunl * 'reel Hoi x> 'i In- n.fa.nam oi ibu U?? t??* wni.ii tight C'UU, i'tH ni-i Ik, and In nwl danger ic- *fl'l r v or"** <M* ^vitca ttoi 'll of III *ri ?B Until ?! Hit Ul* 1st I f I URUSt fc'or IreljiM or pa^sape having unequallftd anco tnioodat. oa for rV^iiaW and ooiMurt, apply ta fD^ARH K cut UN* ? O Wall mre<H FaaaeiigWk a>'f rammed Ui be ou >>.iu d at II o'olaak k M ^1 letter* mutt n mi Ui"iii?li ihe <*.?( Oil* an> otiera Will be reitirii'KI 'I h.- ate?uiajii|< hricsfon ?.l. succeed the HalUc ami t>a oj. Saturday, Uept 13 Notice ? 1 fie rate of tl-elgn: from UtrrpiHii to Ne,* Turk u red need t<? fom |.ouud? per too mau rrara hl.J) further Douce . ; , THK BRITISH ANI? NORTH AMKU10AIN KOVAL Ma.ll. Htranmhlpr raoa mw roiik to urBurouk Chief cabin passage ?!*( Kecoi.d cabin 75 rkl)* BOSTBH TO LIYEKJ'IMIL Clilex i-aoui p&a?:tge 911* fccuiiio cui'iii louiMige <i0

Dm nhlpa from Unvoa call at Hallfaa PRKMA, ? 'apt. . I uu. Ina CAMAOA, Capt* Al(A.iilA. i.ui .1 .- Umik. AMKul ?'a, t;>|?l Wieitmau ASIA, f'apt K 0. (Aiit Nl All \ K.\ I'aiit llvr..i AFRICA ''am Nl?ai urn KIIUoHa ''a,! I. uailrb Tlx mi- carrv a clear white light at mvdUeul. <i <j(W 00 alai bowd bow i ed an poi bow Aali. l-iill, Itiavr Ne? York. Wadue?uaf, iu^ 40. Canada, Lang " '..nuc. W?dna<l*y, Auj V Africa Miaijioc. " New York, Wednnalay, >ept .S Niagara Leitafe " Boa on We in -s lay, s-pi. in 1 urxla, J udkliia ' fpw Vora, W ln> a I iv, S'Hit U Araliut Slou?, " liiwon W loea I ly, h?i>C 24 V*la, Lot' ' N?w Yofk, W inx'l iy . 'lot 1 Cai. ida. tj?n* " inatau ff. <liii?tny, 'Mt S. ? frlca, t-haunou. '? V w York \v' ? >uL IV Ni?i;ar*. I.Kiu-l., " iiik'.it vir*'- I .. ,iK> 'V' iJ Hi i ')u- not ai < iri .i until paul fm An ku-ih in ij,,ir.. 1 lie o>. nera 1 U.i'H* ?hip? will dm oe mn r uitabie I jr faM Hirer bullion, uper.e jewelry, nrantm* .Vmiif .. or i.i 't .v ..< un 'cm* bilia oi lading ai " aig -?d therefor aud lU'i w .iier J' therein ? tprem ? Fui' fral^ilit or paaaace vp'r t'. K. PUN iRii tin > Ho^uu? "ireea. nOB LI7KRP001. UlKKirr-lllt oTl. vdtiMlH r;t*A, r BOW Ion* burlhei. W. Miller '.'oiiiiiiiua.'i riiia new ^od pnw i-i fir h ^?nter wvi a.bll from Un '.rital* uid N<> tfc America' K ,i il klail -teni. Haekat iVimiiaay a do ? ?t 'nr >.i'j tMly ob Friday . the 29th Uiat Paaaag* luouay for drat elai'a naan.'iifjvti imiv fur wbum there ia ai-i?o:nmi> daibina $i0", nrluair.i' provialon* a'ri Hte uaril * f--? bui ?rltlir-ni wlnv or ltqa"ra which can l)i' DhtallW H lloaM Freight taken a: r?aaonal>|e raioa Anply to K <"TJNARI>, Nn i Cowuu* iJrean FOP. I,T YKRI'OOl.. ? N \I1.S THIS DAY THE CRI.B hrated alilp VMHKIUAN UNION. The park' t nhlp Ot'K N OHINNKLL aatli for Ixmdon to morrow Kara in tlibrr >blp, wold cabin, $li-. steer^ne tin an.l fouud. Kor |iai-nat;e ap|ily to TuOS. c'. ROt'UK, 83 hou'h alreci NOTICK? FOR L1VKRPOOL ? T1IR CLIPPKR SHU' Al.HION, Ca >t. Williams, will ?ail on Thuradny Augual Ski, at 11 o'clock For paaauea iu cabin, aaeoad cabin an I ?u-eri'se apply on board at pier 38 Ka^t rlrcr. or to f VP8 t u'J"i j CO., W >oiilli aireri OLD BLACK ST AR LINK.? TOR LIVERPOOL, 3ATUR diiv, Aumiai ;!0 ?The new packot ship KOllKKT K KLLT will ?aif us ubovc. IIa< excellent accommoiatlona ior paasi-n gem, bcr sir rood cabin being neatly titled up with at tie room* For rio'-a^e npnly on board, pier 8 Nortii river, foot of Rucior ktrret; or to WILLIAMS A lil'ION, 40 Fulton a'reci POSITIVKLT FIRST PA(;KBT FOB LIVERPOOL.? TO Kail initial 9. T he aplsndld clipper ship KO^CIUt) lias unequalled accoBtiuidatlonB for all olaatea of pHHsen-rerH Karly nppllcation should be made on !>o<?rd, pier 14 Ivist river, or tot' A TK.N EYt'K, 6T South street. N B.? Suiterooms for families F THK MVKKI OOl. AND PIIII.ADKI PHIA STEAMSHIP Company's *iilendid anil powerful stoara<hlps. (Til OK ISAl.TIMOlCK 2.464 ton*, Capt Robert l,eltc 5, CITY OK WASHINGTON, 2.3H0 Urn*. Capt Wm Wvlie, Oi l V OF MANCHKSTKK. 2.U?tona ('a? I. P (J. I'eirie; KANGAROO, 1.V74 tons, Capt. K K?tui? are Intended l.> srnl ?RO* LITgRPOOL. City of Mswnpwer Dili Vtgust Cily ol Baltimore...... 2,'th Anguat Kangaroo H'tli September ritOM I'lMLADkLt'tllA Kangaroo 21" An?ust. Cily nf Manchester 4th September. City of Baltimore Inth September Kangaroo 2u October. raib* or passage Kaloon. fl? And $.M, according to statproom A limited number of third clan passengers will be taken from Philadelphia atid Liverpool, and found In prorislons. From Philadelphia 930 I From I iverpool M Theaesteamors are constructed with Imnroeed water tight cnmparlmt uts. and each vaaaei carrie* au exporieuced aur geon. part le* w>?hing to tiring out their friends mn o'ltmn ceruli caies of passage and draft* ?.n Liverpool ii. sums ol ?1 ster i Uiik and upwards. Apply to .It IIN O. DAI.E, agent 17 Walnut at., rini vt*!, ui. SAliKI. A t;tiR11\ 177 Broadivsj, New OR SOUTHAMPTON AND n A VRP? 1 II K UNITED X' SlMe* nuiil steamship FU1.TON, J. A. Wolion. Cum mane er. w ill leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to lord the mail* and piiweuuera, on SetMUay, September At at Ij u'r!uck. Xtwu pier 3* NortL liver. loot id WMU ruu'K or PA??A<ir. First rsbln 9130 Second cabin .975 Till* ship has live Water light compartments enclosing llm engine*, no ihwt in tlie event of collistcu or stran. ling the water eou'd no' rcarh them, and the pump* bemg free to w ork the safet) of the Tesscl and passengere would be aeeured Hag gage not wanted during the image *hould be sent on l.o ird ihe day I ef, re sailing loaned 'below" No freight will bo taken after 'Ihurwluv l?'h Kor freight or passage apply to Mtih'l I.MER I.IVINGoTON, ugen! M Broadway. N II ? till' Hteniner Ait AGO will atK'ceeil me Kiutou. at. J sail Oc tober If. IjlRnM NEW YORK TO HAVRE OIRKiT.? IIRfTISH ' Nortb Amrriran Rovul Mall Steam Katie' i ompiuiy KTNA Captain Millet, KMKU < ?pla in Sina i. JURA... .Oeptaui Wirkinan, I.KIiANON ...t'apiain a?ik CAMIIitlA ? Paddle wheel/ Captain HroaJbaa fns -Kemone. t >r iir?t ela?* paatengera only, (lor whom there 1* eieellent acruminoilatlon,) 9lU*'. including provision* ami it' ward a fee, but without wine* or liquor*, which can tie obtained on board, lbs staterooms a: e u.-iu*iifcll> larv* und well ventilated Any ona wishing to take passage 1* turned to vt*!t the ship. 1 he Kineniuade her lani paxaage to Havre in eleven uaya and aeveutcen hours. Frelubt taken at rea soi able rates. Kor that or passage app.y W t. CtNAKl). No 4 Bowling Oreen. FOR HAVRE DIRECT-FRANCO WRRTOAN COM pan* ?III" Freurh screw steamship MM A, 2 2UU ton# btiiifcen, (? Bocaude. commander,) will leave for the above Ki on Thursday, Auguat ?. at 2 o olock preotael7. from pUr forth river. pitica or ruMGt. Find eabtn, aft $hX> Kir*' cabin, forward SO 6econd cabin 60 For freight or pa*aa^e ajiply to the agenta. A CO., '>2 Broad street. FOR BREMEN VTA BOI'TnAMITOV ?THK UNITED Mate* mail ateamahlp HKRM ANN, K lllggln*.< ommander, * ill anil for Bremen. VoU' liing at t-ouihami'iou to land th. mall* an.l pa?*rngi-e? fur Rngiand and Kr*nce, .in Si'unl*F. Se| teudier f., at 1 2 II <- lo-'k W . t r. Ill I | er N .. ?.7 N .rth ri . er. Knee of passage from New York to ttouthampton or Br? men ? In iir?t cabin, mnn saloon 91*0 In llrnt cabin, lower aalooa Ill lu second cabin (W An experienced sargeoa I* attached lo each steamer. Hpeeie delitared In Havre or l^ndon. No parcels recelve?l on the day of selling. All lettera must peas through the I'o 1 1 olDce Kor passage or freight apply to t'. II HANI), a^ent. 1 1 South Will lain street. Th* ataamer WAMIUMllTON will suoceod Uie lleriiienn, end sell October 4. <JTF.AM BETWEEN NKW TOBIt AND Ot.AHOOW. ft Kdltiburg, a.tnO'ons, William Cummlnr, commander; New V'lrk, 2.ICO tons, Robert ('raig. cotnmenoer; Oiaegow, 1.997 ton* John Hnncan, commander. The Oleagow and New York H'eainahlp Company Intend running their new en 1 powerful sieernrrs from New York for Glasgow direct, ai unler ? Kdlnborg, Tuestley. gepierober 2, at 12 o'clock noon; New Turk. Tuceday, September 30. at IS o'clock noou. saraa or raasAoa. First cabin ITS Third cabin, found with rooked provision* 30 An ejperlewced surgeon attached la ev h steamer. For freight or passage apply to JOHN McSY^ION, 17 Broadway. New York city bill* or gold only received for pinaage. FOR HAVANA AND MOBII.R.-TnE TNITED STATUS mall Meemalilp QUAKER CITY, R. W Slmfeldt corn m under, will eall tor al>ove porta on Mondag, hept. *. from pier 44. North rlrer. el 12 o'clock, noon, pre' l??l?. Will oom aience receiving freight on Monday. September 1. Sieemer * bill* of lading ran be procured on board, and at nfla e ol the agenta. No other (brm slgnml. All bill* of lading signed on t"'srd. For freight or peeaage, apply to SMITH A I'AlRI' K iil Well street. A F I'STR \f.IA INDEI'KMIKNT I.INE ? PASNAOE TO Sydney direct ? The e|ipn< r bark SN AI" DRAGON. Iisv tng been'det*ine?l. will sail on Tnnrsil**, \ngu*t > Csn eecooi tn??lsle thl'i e more paaeenger*. Apply to GOODKVK, AH K K.I.I. A Kl.l.IOT, S4 PenrUtreel. FOR SWANNAI? AND n.ORTDA. -UNITED STATES Mail Line ? The Meamer KNOXVH.I.K, Capt. f!. D. I. ad low, will leere on Wcdne*dey, Aiigo*l if. from pier So 4 Norih rlrer, et 4 o'clock, F. M. Illll* of latllrg *1 'ne.1 on board. For freigh' or peas ig?, applv to S. L. N ITCII I I.I, 13 llrosdwer Through tickets frotn New York to Jackaonyilla, 931 ; lo Pilatka. ?.? steamer* for Florida connect at Sa vai nah wbh the sleaaeii from New York on T u^edays *od Weturdays. /OR CIIARI.KSTON. S I'.? THE SITKRIOR HIDE Wlieel stesm.hlr ?T \TK ??F tiEnr ilA Capt .1 .1. ? Isrvln, will sail from I'lyladelphtn for Cbsrl s'on on Satur ?lav, Am?ii-i SO, et lOo'cloi k. Cabin pe*a.ige wl'h ?? ,-y <n;ie rlor *t?|eniom *eeomm<*lat!on* 9J'; *terrage. 9e The stale <if Georgia will *alt again aa above on SrtiordAy, September 1.1. The KhYSTtiNE t-TATK ?UI* for Sevannah Sat order. Sep t. mberfi IIKRoN A MARTIN, Agen s, rhlUlelpbie, .17', North wherves. For norfoi.k and prtmmri* kg.? the united Ststes mail *teaiiisliip lit ? \ NOK K. Cape Tboma* Skinner, will leave for the above pine, a on Wei -sd.iy. Kdl iu**ent, el 4 o'el, ,-k r. M . from pier IS North rhrer. en? will trrlva al Norfolk the ne?t alierno >n. ami IV ?b'irgihe Ibilowlnf mornltig. Passengers for the Semh wlU pr *eed dtne'.v on by the great Somhern mall I'ne M CherleMon, Adgnta. Htv*nrah, Ac. for Kl< lonotid will s^rlt ?! at heir desittisiloti earlv on FiUlay morning Traveller* e ill id'hia tiie elieapsat, pies? ami mos1 e? re I t nil* .? Kit" Pa*. and fare, with stateroom, to Norfolk f pe'ee*'.ir.{ and ni.liin. nd 910 Apply tuI.UDI.tM A 1N.K tS A N I 4, No 31 Br? a^rsy, Kxonuiona. I*OR r\MP MKKTING AT PORT CI* a I :R ? TflK ' large and *p|et|dlil *!? emer WASHI.Vi.TkN, Cipt, I . "O, W. Winer*, v ill i tre New York for the bove oliee onThue* dav. Aog Jkl*Sd and CotiiiiMie running until fnrth?r notkie. I^esviiig A mo* sirMt Not'hrivei\ itloekidl pier No. J at J|f; llude ?trect. Hroohlyn, J *4; Son III TrlN street, Wil lismshurg. S'*; snd llr'?.iiie aireet, Ka*' r.i r, et "So'click. Ke'iin i'iir wlfl leerc Port (liesicr eli 4 o tin a. Kere ij cent* each way I*OR K KYPORT AND CI. I K I WOO". -Til K T,\nt!E I erd c.'tnn odio i* n eamer W ASH I l'<) V, Cai'. Geo. W Sir . M, will eoirmence her ror'il ir 'rn* t ? Ike in 011 Mofid*y>ept. I, I?1W. lor ClilTwood snd Kejrport. nMbitv* ? i.e*AlngNe" York, IVom the fool of Rnhloion street, e\erjr morntng, *> 9 o'clock: returning will ieate Keyport ei ery af lem. on. ?t - o'clock, lending at I'llfrw. hl each way. Mr. B T.J Murpfiy. fcrmerljr qrlia K?yymt ?'ea?aboat. will take charge of till freight be the above boa I. MHItai v comp tnle* or pie me 11HI1 1 can tnnke airangeinent* for 1 wmi *l<?in u> OIK woo.1 f'rove or Keyportou re*nM*M rrii. The steamer rohkrt k stkvt.vs, captmn Charie* An.u-i -on, mnkca revnler trip* lo the Fl?tiln( Benkg every day, evceni Sunday, le?\ in ; Am..* a*r -et e.i 7 O'clock A. H.; Sj'ring *tr?et 7 1 , : Feck *llp, ? llr.?.mn *'ree?, S1,. pier No. I Norlli river, 9 o clocA. Fete foe ihe excureiun, 10 rent*. ?flTEFH AWKEN< R<">\ E AgBO UT1 FNPKH'! t'H \NGr Tf of hour*. ?The *te*mer MKRci R T, I'ep'ain II. Mallan leaTes rvery deT Ibl* week from Robln*nn street. North ij ver, totiehitig si Sprln Atreet,"Amoa otre^| Twentieth * reet sod Kortv tbtrd ?treel; leasing Robln*on ?tree| al 9, II. 2 and 4 o'clock; leaving Outteiberg at 10, 12, S and g o'clock Ka?e ?uU. ut'iv .:ai fHfcATita rule*# or 'M. I ?r >0 iVrit Hill Ore. ? ?'r\ ?i-*li JOmU Wa. i. .4 <A oeuw I t' >1 uwl ti alW) 12; ? c ml* ("it* liolun Door* nut i at a quarter pa?i T; to . o.-uueico a? Ui*ao-?lUAr. tf< (. t/KK ffiiiwvdj mliii Auguatz;. ??>.'. oe acted Pi?-?;a-hii n r am p .Tiag by KrpoaUuo and Annie Heanu-Je, met Mm IN f.KW I'lijtK . Us 111* AAD JkHHT on A V'MIT. Oortatttaa Toil Mr Plata Hob Lttie Mr. 0*uaii lom .ini.tli > ? (?ui<iaiD i he Hon K|i7-*mmr>a Bo'ngirtea { " r* OortnilllAO K*u- Madame Ponlal fcu.- U?wthorn Miw K?i? R-lguoldt W. I.I. 1HK V TjIH hi uMKK U aRDKN. Tin.' J nlgl t <>f the N Kff DRAMA, by 1)ichi Bourcicault of VUilo* AM) HOBTF.NSE. Mfntwd the iiwfcl enthuelaauc approbation. I'orl) imih lujjbt ol Uin uniiivci'Ucuiedlv brilliant tugare lut-lit 01 WISB AONE9 ROBERTSON M>l Ml.. DION I'.OI I Rl'IU A ULT, 'i o uigh! Wetli.p^'luy MigtiRt 27. VH Jim AMI ilORTKNeiH ll orlaune Mm* Agne* RnlierUoa ."T' i *r' Ouju UourcicauH 'lo Li* toiluu ea >>y the e\i Irlpta drama of ANUV ulakk. An?y Ml*i Ague* Robertsoa '?' i* "'" ""ffl mmuieuce Hi o'clock, ?uil terminate an ui-.iily ui t Ig^' iock aa |xM?ibl?-. BLCKLKY tKUK.VAllfcRS - liranu opening of their . M-W MaI.I. i115<>aI>WAY All ibis week wlU bap ori need the grand origiuki Opera of iHuV A TO UK, Id Dme acta? w!lb it i,m- p-aifr*nnne of h'l WOMAN MlNnfKKLgY. I>. <?r i- ut " o cl'x'k, Concert commence* at 8 O'clock. Admit-sion .'?> cent* | UrcheMra >e?ta SOnenta IJK.I.I.KVL'KG ARDBNH, POO'fOK KIUHTIKTII STRKKT, I) river ? .V1 e llon'a American brass and string bunda ai# engaged lor ibo acaaob. Ou We lueaday. neit, Itfih inm.. iod mery following Wednesday throughout the Hras.m, will In n > eti ? coiie.ri uml ball, lo commence at 2 I*. M. For lUe com enlinee ol thoac who wtkb to leare early id the evening, 'hi b?U and concert will be carried o:i alternately, ''Id c?l"? *n operatic plrce will l>e performed be twee a each 'lance. Ado les oi. one akilling. hau of which will be relurneil in re in Jnnent at in > of the bnra on Uie grouodx. I'ait of the lioti l. in "I nlwiut tif>y a<|uare > aula of the piazza, are eHperiail) rent r. imI tor Uil.i a and fuuillva Is it ? T&ir Seoootl or Thii'l iVeuui' eaea 8 M'AKl) rro|>rieU?r. / 1 HO cmtLSTT It uo WOOD'S Opeo ob Kth Anraal 0 fOliU f> FV Ma !\ N'b xHKKTOOHPKK STATUE. OT lift fj oeral Washington is nn?? on eildbiumi at the Church o is. bMrve 'Jult j No Mr Broadway, tuiWwii Soring u< Vi nice streets Open fr?Ui 9 A. K. bit 10 V. K * ^ "linl if" 9 enia H?aiion tickets 60 cents. The wonder of tub world at the franelin Mum urn. No I 27 Grand itreet, up Btalrs, one door from I road?a), Mons lirryolre. just lu-rlveJ from France the ?tri n>o ?l mau in tin* world, liri aks bur* of Iron wiih ease, shivers the hardest stoi es with liU tut, lifts 'J.5O0 nuur.ila weight, rarrlra 1<> men on hU bsck, Ac. FRANKLIN MI'SKl'M, NO. 12T GRAND STREET, UP ?usira, one door from Broadway. ? Open every afternoor. at 5 and evi"-y evening at u o'clock, l>v Madame WaRTON'S troupe of model artiales, <27 in number), eons'.aung of auiue of tbe tines' formed women in the world, together with a great u, i y original rman< -s Remember, 127 Graml alrect. DON'T BELIEVE I r ? OH ALI.ENGE TO ANY PERSON. ?Franklin Museum 127 Grand strew ? Mon*. Oregolre. who has received medal* from all the potentates of France aiul I '.urope. end declared U. be he strongest man In the world, dialler gee, fat lire hundred dollars, an/ person to excel liiu; in lilting or carrying weight of any detc i Iptlon. RIGINAL Dl'SSELDORF GALLERY, IfC Broadway, conlainiuL 200 of the fine*' paintings ever put on exhibition, OPEN DAY AND EVENING. ?Ml a lmlsiion 25 cents | Season tickets 50 cents QTR *NGER? SHOULD NKVER LEAVE THE CITY O wl.bout visiting the Franklin Museum. 127 Grand street, one door trom Utoadway. and arc the magnificent living pic Hires of the Model Artistes, toge'bcr with otluT performances, nlilcli can be seen at no other place of awuseineut iu New York. THEATRE, CHARLESTON, S. C? JOHN PI.OAN, MA nager.? Ladles ai d gentlemen wi>hlng engagements at the rU'o\c theatre, season tj commence on or about the l.'tihot ijctober, will pic. .so address John Moan, Highlands o( Neve sink. Mo; mouth county, Mew Jury N. B.? .Stars wialui 4 t.i v.tit ( 'hart;* ton will ;>lrase adlrcts as above, Seaaou tweu 4? " e. rtai:.. CIOOL AND PI.EASAN'l.? r xv / G-.ind street is wed ventilated, surrounded by windows on al aides Two performances daily, ooruincnctnic at 3 and r: tue Modsl Artistes (37 In n timber 1 aopenr; also Sons. Ore ?aire 1 lie strongest m:.u in the worul, wuU other eutertain uienU TV A 1. NTT STREET THEATRE. PHIL A DELPHI A.? 11 Notice. The an t gentlemen cnnageil for tlie en a uli.g season, for the above named theatre, will pteaae as aemble In the green room on Thursday Morning Ancnst 2A, a. 11 o ulock A. M . preparatory to th 0 opening oi the thoatre, 0:1 Fa.urcay evi uing, AiiKtKt Ml. JOHN s-EFTON, Stage Manager. IIO THEATRICAL MANAGERS.? A SCENIC ARTIST o the Kew York and Itoston theatres h*peu for an en gagcBieni aflrr the 1st of September. Please addresi Ari 1st, Ke v B. igliton, S'aton IilMd, N. T. ^IISICAJL A.V D DAVflSO. Af.EN7I.KMAX GOING W KST, WIsUBH TO SBU. his j'lano. on low term*. To be seen for a few da., a at >lr. lilt Kl'SINti b, 701 llroadway. ARI 'll AND HAK1>SUMK T OCTAVE ROSEWOOD pianoforte lor sale, beanifully Onished, with round cor ners double caning all round, rich scullopr 1 work, ari.l clt borately AnUhcd In every respeet; rich, brilliant tone, whh-h ran be tested, ami In tl-.e way of a piano Is a (em, ha* hen u-? I tw o months; la perfect In every part. Will be soi l lor f-'i.'i. Apply at #!7M Sixth avenue, four doors trim Fortieth street, for lour days, from SAM till S P. M. Y/KKMONT CAMPAIGN SONG AND CIIORCd? "TBKRK I" is the White llouse Yonder.'' with splendid llthncranh likeness of Fremont, just |iubllshe<l by S T. GORDON, ill? Broadw ay. Kent by mall for 35 cents, post paid. Marine pavii.ion. rock away. -the bail ad \ erttsed jestetday as to take place on Friday eveinug nest, la postiamcd until further notice. MCMCAL INSTRUCTION.? Wri.HELM DOEHLRR RE spectfully Infortni his pupils, and the public In general, that he will resume hl5 lessons on the piano, violin, anl slnii Ini, on the 1st of September. For particulars. Iii'iutre at his restdMae. Fourth street, r ??r WaahiugUMi xiuaru, or, at HRRl'STNG'8 music store. Tul llroadway. AITBOLOOY. A WONDER. -TIIR GIPSY GIRU, THR ONT.T TRUR | palmist In America, rsn be consulted on all eventa ef ill'-, for a short ttmn 1 nly, at Hi llowery; fee SO centa N H.? Tbe Gipsy haa also on hard a secret which will enable ladtoe and gentlemen to oblnln Mm adacUena of the oppoado aax; aharge aitra, AS M MIA ME MAR REMAINS BUT A HIIORT TIME, tlio?e wishing In < 'insult line will do well In rsll soon. Him ha* a study connected with phrenology, which enables her to tell your enaracier and age, whether you are married, deseribo your wtle or husband, tell your present cln umsLaocrs. and whether yon will be wealthy. If not married, she will tel yen w lien and whom you will marry, and asloulshes all wha visit her. It/7 West Broad* ay. CLAIRVOYANCE.? MRS. SEYMOUR, NO. 110 SPRING afreet, a lew doors west of Broadway, the moat celebrated medical and business clairvoyant In AiU' rtc.%. All diseases discovered and cured. If curnhle; the fate and whereabouts of ab-o-ht friend* made know 11 . unerring advico on business, Ac. , ami no charge unless aatlsiied. (II. MRYOYANfE ? LADIES. R '.MEMBER THAT MRS. H A V KS. ol 176 Grand streiet. New York,!* tke beat and m> <t eelebrnted niedi. al snd hu?m?ss clolrviiyant we have In the Untti d statea. F.\rrv person's illsrsse Is correctly told, snd cures made dally. No i-harge unless satlstie'l. Electricity admliiie'i re?l oy Mr?. Hayea. / '.Vni> ? MADAME PKEWsTER RETURNS THANKS " to licr ft lends and patrnna riml hogs to say thai, after the thousands, both In this clly ami Philadelphia, who have con so . ill):- with Iti'in- saiiiifai'Uon ?he reels rontl)lent lhat iu the .ID stioi.s of astrology I01 e and 1 1 ? moltere, and books or oracles ss relied or roiistanllv by Mapoleon. she haa no e<|ti?l. ?hc will tell Ibe name of the future husband and al?o the n*-ne m ber vlalters. .173 Bowery, lietwecu Four b and Fifth strw ts. MNDtME MORRfiW CLAIMS To BE THE MOST WON | ilerful astrnh>i(tai la the world or that has ever boon kn. >.n a ? I am the ?>'\entli laughter of the seventh daughter. wh<< was also a great aat^oliiglsf I have a na'nral jpft to tell the past present si' l future , vents of life. I hav e astonished tboti?ands during my travels In Europe. I wtll ti ll whether you arc marr ied or sir gls. and how many lime, you ar. to he n arrkd. and how soon, and wtll -how ynq the likeness of your futm e b'isli.ind, and u ill ca'ise yon to be speedily married, and > i n will otyoy the ere st cat happiness of matrimonial bliss and :ood lock through your whole life. I will a No ?how the ltki n.-ss of absent fi lends ami, and I will tell an true all the concerns ot life, that you eannot help being astonished. No charge if not sailsOed t all sunn, nr you will not get ihe clr nce. Genflemcn are not admitted. No 7'? Broome street. 11 . " 1 .ir noti ami 1 '"lum' la sire. s. lEDK Al. DR. LARMONTS PARIS AND LONDON MEDICAL Adviser snd Marriage Unldc; ajtli edlion. KW pages KM i ii'i troiv pcil lllustraitons. r'oUi, 91. Ii gives tbe advertised rcn.. ties, and shows the superiority of ib- antl or'a Paris and I. !,. >i tnaimenl of genno urinary U seascs, nervviu de bility. I) cal and general, from onccsses, indiscretion, Ac. lie cures all so> h disc as. a at *2 Mercer streei, corner of Spring, omiootto ht. Nk'bolas Hot* t, from Id t. M. till ^ i'i the e\ cuing. Tr? tmcat by letw r ami eipress. We recommend l?r. I.flr mull t to the afllleted.? Courier des Eta'* t'uls, S'aatr Z?ltung. nm. I OOPER, M KAMI STREET, MAY BE CON snlt)il [irlva'cly on rttsea'c*. Pi a tl- :ims of misplaced r..iii Vice in r.i I on liUu wi:h tin icriaiiiiv of lieimr ra li illy cured, t'berso* *o4ernte. N. B.--N0 fee till i-nrol. T\R. WAT?"N'S NFW WORK-" THR CAUSE AND J " On re. a complete practical ;re*ti?e on sperm^tnrrh'ea and premature rihenstion, with local dchllitj, Induced by early in<ii*< rattan, cices* or otb -r causes, in which the nation ante Hi. 1# of 1 hla taotdloite maindv, log iber with the ire.u merit, are fully explained iUuatra'ed by iiiimermia ana'o-nli al plates and drawing*. Wllh a tupplemenl on genito WMfJ <I1?en?es. Price tl. To be had of tbe author, who mar lit consulted confidentially, Ol Xi Walker street, a few dons n nal of jros 'way. Dn n M.rn f ofi'Ice noun?-f to 12 t >f . ?; to 0 !' M , Sunday eicep'cd. No, MS UottMon street, uea? Woceter. I) R HVNTF.R, NO s DIVISION STREFT, HEW VORK, m ? mi lims snd favorably knonnto the puldi*. may bo cur anlndst 1 is old, ? bore V has praouei il in -me hi amtli 1 to , tor the last iwaa'y four vesrs. an I mad.' more cori s 'ban iSlier in fne clti In manj iustan.-esof lie. ??m* i in sbtered Incurable, some of v? lioni he hss perinlsstnn ?<> | r> ter to. Charge* moderate, and in all eases a cure gna su ' ? ? ? I < .union ?M> rcmeli llu' f"r s reil drop, i Is?t i ur. s eciteln diseases wlthoui d i )' 1 1 K its p?iison In the blonil, can 01 . e had as ii ov, I'- ? fl H. ware uf ronnterfWt**. POWERS )-tV 117 i-f.V5Ff.TFD PAILT, WTTM J/ Dr. Ward, on certain diseases <>fl|.-?rmi -inalsir??i corner of Itroidway, His fre roient le never known to foil. In a moment dl-ea?e la arrested and tho m.ins*#r. with kto legion. Is made to disappear In a frw days. Important In la. dies ? Dr. Prwero enree ail female diseases by anproortate treatment I>r Powers' female nllla, (1 per bov; warrants to jj?l*rs tbe effect Intended. Ufoe N CMMl etreat Oornar G due WtjJUl, N'llSl.O'o GASMEN. _ * boom upeu at T . to umuuicucc at ft o'clock. Ticket* Fifty culo U.NJ.V ON< K MURK ' TO* ?D1 KS AND JOHN THOMAS MR. BURTtM A Drama and a F.iree. Wrum-Uil, AJK>. ??!, IhM, f or the la*: time tli a siu-on TOODI.ES. Mr. Timothy Twite* .Mr. BiitIm i as originally written by turn, and played Of er 50* time*.) Acorn Mr Moore I lieorge Mr Htlula-4 Mrs. loodle* Mr? Rohnan | Marv Mis* Millar Til \T BLICHtiJtD BABY Julm Thorn**, a husband ai d a father Mr. Burtaa 'Iburalay? The VoudnrfUl Havel*. Young Ilengler on the Tight Rope. OBUKVIKVE (by reqUMl) aud AHPUOfciOr Antolne i,lo? n. Kridav- Mr Hurton ns PAPI, PRY, 'Ilia Ilavel Nights? Tuesday*. Thuraday* and Saturday*. Mr. Burtoti's Nights ? Mondays, Wednesday* aud Friday#. EORGE CHRISTY AND WOOD'S MIMHTRICI4, Mi JT Broadwsy.? 1 he manager* of thu highly favurod plaas ot aniutemrat while ihcy are conscou* of having us?4 e? wf ptnv r ?;i de-avor to gain ll? public regard, yet tool thcminlsgh eouFiraliied to mike antue pub lis acuowlodgmeat of thaisMl for the unprecedented support which they have received. ffa prove u at Uicy are not unmindful ot what la due otheto patrons, tiiej Unnk they may make mentlou of i?m? foe l? proven-, cuts which they* have made, without laylmi themaoleea open to ihe charge of aelf ooncoit or ?#"Uam. In the drat place, then, ihuy found U ueceeaary, aome uine since, la of their inoi ctuing patrouage, to beautify and enlarge the ?? met, -lot. ? ul Uh- Temple of Nogro Minatrelsy, located at At 4?4 Broadway, by li ere* sine uncapacity for sealing; visiter* troir aiateeu to eighteen hundred, as well aa introduoioga new plan of ventilation, which rendered it the coolest place w aiiiu?-eiiiet.l lu thle nty, If not In toe world. Provious tothaaa Inti.-r iuipro.cnieiits thev tut-l Introduced a feature la 'h^g hall a lilcli wa? ui't Jl?? novei Ui.ui necessary to the salet* m 'lie audiences Uieir placn. Tbey aliadv ti the placing of ? hydrant in the centre of tlM bnU ao arranged aa to he perceptible to all, wife how attached ao that a ful. head a! water cyuld at any time be i timed on bT any one in It* vicinity. Thema a tirs l ave no Idea thai u will ever be necessary U> bt ing UMa latter Improvement Into requisition, f jr it ta need'ess te aa> thi > It.ive latum every precaution to KUfcrl aiialuat tire, Hal U.l ) ihu.k It beat to uvoid tlie bare posalliility of MUrh a rvm ibtpmcy In thin ?'( mei'tlon we may ala<> mi'iitlcm the puaa taken by ua m aecurlng ' Uinp'.e. room and vor^e enoo?U" fee tngrew ard ej-n-?a from the hull, ao that all danKi r froeea eritsbinoaae of Mcktent u obv'.itei'.? a matter to whtrh tea tl:;le altentloo ti paid lu the |.l;inniuK of pulilio building K id ti thes - In proven, entstbe tasty dianrin* room, which feaa been tnitgnlAcunllj surd H|> tor the aceoinuiodition of l.kdla% -lid we think we uiay faU ly rlu?lk>ngfi the world (opto twee the roiial to our ctUbU-bn.v'nt. We ?t?rt anew In he race kr public approval U1.HKT WOUl?. Bualaeaa k.Jia?>e AGADKMI OF Ml'SK FOl'RTKKN 5'H ?TKKET.-TH? /\ public are re-p,-clfii;lf li.f.rmed that the \c^leir y at Miillr will lie opened for a sho't (? rf .r. ou Monday, hKi'thMit&K i, 1356, under the dliection of MAX MARITZKK. M^e Anna de I ji ilraiiffn. Signori Hrte'mll tmo '<o aa4 Other favorlle artliU will appear. Particular* lu In: re *4 verUjemenU. (1 UK N FY'S PAl.AfK t>F AliT. M9 BROADWAY, i*>? T ti ns the largest collection ot photographa aud dageev r< otypt > on exhibition In the world, and op?t> I ?? tjjpi eiion of the public ATHKX.KI M, C5t HROADWAY, Y\ 111 open, For the aeasoo, OK MONDAY, 8F.PT. 1. mill (.rries of novel and attractive entertainment*. C CRYSTAL PALACE. ? THE CRYSTAL P ALACK IKRTDX. J open to the public and eontatus many works of g miua nnd art Nearly Idti piece* of statuary ar? still ou exbior im. t'arew '/? great work, "The Dc*ce?t from the Croe*," i> aijoe worth tlie r'lce of admlsrlon, which I* only -i cents. flrO>DF.RFLT,? SKEING IS BF.LIF.VINO.? IF WIDT \\ Mens Oreeoire reorexenla o do, I* not done to the ?a lire satisfaction of the audience. Lie money wJl be refitnde^t i.e is, without anv exception, the most powerful mvn In t La wot Id tJouii.' to 'he Fi unkltn Museuui 137 Urand afreet, mat *ee h'tn HITCHCOCK'S FREE CONCERTS AT TRACT THM most reHpeclatln audlencea, and are acknowledged b|r e\ f rybody to be the ne plus ultra of all other con erta. HeU at t!,o Fountatu Chop House, 172 ''anal street, between Mott and Eil/abou ftreet*, cv ery Wedne?da> aud 8aturd?y ev*M iupp. . PKOYIDKNCE, R. X., THF.ATRE? W. C. FORI1KX, IJW ter and mauger.? 1 The company will meat In the gm*? room Aug. 2f, at 11 A. M , to prepare lor the opening aa Sep.. 1. K. YARKKY, Stage manager. L^XTIRELYDIFKKRENT TO ANY OTHER AMI HEMKNT J!i open in New York Tlie Franklin Museum 137 tlrM*4 atti et. is an original establishment detle* competition, and haa been established over It) year* Ilnmbuss come and goal Intervals but the public know where to patronize :*'uui IF YOt" DESIRE COMFORT, IF YOC W1>-II TO BM you wish to be nsti.niOied. II yo.i wish to ba made liappy, if you have the blum, if you want Ui keep cod^ it j ou want tn see lots of beautiful w omen, come to the Frnak lin Mu-eum, 127 Grand strei t. IV "Vt."".TC i.T.5*,- X.ADI Kfl AND (SENT I.F.MMV X> angagedot thla eitsnllwnlft ?,.u? , ^ w_ [irc i arcd to leave the city on Thursday, Rep' l. lor tne iWaJrT place, and to communicate with the au'.scriber prior to that date. ROBERT .lONKS, f^tu^c Munsger, 57 Chamber* *t. H HtH SK*, HOO.HS, &(., WASTIT.D, "LlflNTSIIED OOITAOE WANTED? IN A QUIET r ticigliburliooal, (tillable ft* * email. itentael faLiil*. Th? bt hi of reference* gtren. Ail Ire** W. fi. 1'., Herald office, rrookh it or Bedford preferred. / 1 \S KITTINOS WANTED? FOR A I, A RUE HOUSE. I* If cvclianite fur n lot of ground near Harlem Apply aiSt 1'Uio stint. ru in So. 8, fiom 1U A. M. lo IF. H. hexeral i a: liable plot* to ebooae froai. OOP WANTED IN DROOK I.VN.-W AN TED IMMR dUtilr, a email two or three atory house between Allai pIMl fMM atreet* ; pm and all tbe Im neala dealt pd. A fair rent will If paid for a good bullae. Addraae T I.. .Mc.. box 1 iX! 1'oal oilier. TJOOM WANTXD? El'ITABUt FOR A PHYSICIAN'S JV ottrr: location preferred on or near Hixtli axenuc, be t?i en Tenth aud Twent etii |? re?-U. Adtlreaa K II. J., tU hivtli u.rntic. TirANTKD? I1Y TWO I.ADIBS, A HVAIJ. HOUSE OR TT roUi|?, in Brooklyn or New York I.octlo i muat laa grod. m.d i ?*nt moderate Addn ??* ?uunc partlcuUra, far one mrk, W , box i:st 1 1 <-r > 1! offlee. WANTED? TO HKNT OR I.EAHR. A COUNTRY pliicc id about lie acrca "I land, wttb a good bouar, MS able for winter a- well na iiimmrr e?aidenrr, auble. carriaga bonae, 4c.; wllhahade treoa. If on a railroad, not t >irtkiar than ten tn fitt'-cn mtlea; If not. muat be within ten milt* of lha riiv. niiat rH?y ol acevw at all tliiice. Aildreaa U, box Pt i?i oflice. 'ANTEP-PART OF A HOEUE FOR A 8MAUU farallT. Addreaa II. R , llrrald i llce. AY Wanted to perch aje-a dwkt.mno noutne, TT to coat from $12 (M) to $l?.t?li> and aitua'ed between IMl and anil ?t?. awl 2d and titli avenue*. Addreaa box M Port oflice, wltb particulars. WANTI D-BY A FV ATX F VMII.Y. A DWEI.LIlfa TT bonne, con'aimnc ail the modern Improeemeata. la a respectable neighborhood. Rent not to exon-d low |xr aa ?1MB. Addrrn R. tl. R.. box 777. PoBtoP "<? \\r.\NTED? TWO UNErRNIffHEP ROOM*, TT pantry, for a gentleman and Im * lie, rent not to ciceo4 flMI a rear; modern Inprovmenta, batb, fa*. Ac. ; location Ih-im t en Houidnn and Twenty Mill a'rrei*. Addria* II. B., Union a<|tia|i' I'oal oflice. YtTANTED-tO **NT, RY A I. APT, TWO UNFITS TT nlabed rooma, connected, in a private umily. up t^WL wl'hout board. Addreea, lor two daya, Quietude. Hi-raK aC floc. WANTKD? A COPPER WORM, A BOl'T EflER FEET in diamrter. and pl|ie in proporiloa. Apply to ReliMTS A HuiWerih?>ra?. 24 Haxtrr at. WANTKI>-A Homr, fCRNIHHED OR CNFI R.VI?I TT ed, l>rtiwa alone fnint preferreil. ahereih" mbolear part of tiie nut would be taken In ho ml. In a gool loratlna, and bet wen Ninth and 1 wemy a'<h ?'roela, Fourtbjuid Him avrnuaa. AAlreaa M . box 71# l'< at otllnv TlrANTKD ? BY A MfAU. FAMILY. THE SECOW0 t s's Tjr ot a Dou? ', aay four raama. ill on tbf aame floor, witoia the seventh or Tenth ward*. Aildrean J. Mt J.. boa 2.2HI Po- 1 oflice. flTANTEO TO Pt KCR AAK?A tM lUi IIOI SE. WIT* TT all the modern linjiiorementa. lietwea t'analaad Kick tei nth atri et* an.'{w< it'of Itroadway. Ilan. one ori*<>Ma? iroiner ptcfi-rred liliiiaie between Third and Klxth areiiooa and below Twenty alxth atreet Prinetpaia Mh Deed a-ipty. Addre^t for two daya, mating tera>?. Mr, U.J.. Rruadwajr Poat offlre. WINK* AND U^IOM. 0! n port tttve. for intalidr. ? ot.l> i.owt Po, k brandlaa. pale and dark, >m three t.i tw yeara old, by the bottle, dmea. or railoa. Alan, ahnrrtaah mailrlraa, and .till and aparklirc ratawba wlnea. R. uL ? KSsKNCKR A Co., No. ?a V .Xom at root, aala l<a,?wtaraai tMaaaw a l4ank? aordlal ijia^ ?^yANTED-^',nO liKNTI.EMEN, TO |)Rt S K I^RnQCr ?oaataa PleaM b<"<d< of ^llanpp'a Ka?' lnd>a pale ale, at ibe 1 '(Ore, on ?t reel, near Hroarfway. N. M ? fhopa, tteaka, ? rail at the (Vunt door i rat Pone, any tuna tnl" ?? rek. MKD1CAL. N^Ho t HARtiE vni.rn* i i hkd -iir. i 'oiiiiKrr. i? Dnatir atrert may be ennan ted privately on diaenaaa. I Ilia irewfeal i? aUntlar to tbat ot Rlaonl. of rati*, and aS a I d ? I'll ihe greateat candor. N. It la thlai'i.' .1 rmj iiWtam Dr. t' wonli ?**!! apeclal atteottoal* hladi >b ina from Ibe New Tork I'nUeratty. wllb the aigualurt* I of 1 >ra. Mot1, 1'alUaon, Ac , attached. rRtYATE CONSCl.TATIONM -PR WATftOR RAffi fur a Wwg aerlea of yeara c"n<1t"d hta atfoitoa to 4^ ea?e?of a certain rlaaa. In *Vch bo haa ?r?-a?.l n-? leaa th?B twert* thouaan ! caee* w;thuut an Inatanee of fatlura. Tla remoillr h arr mild, and there la no miemirt'"" to b'wtoeaa er ibant;e of diet. Dr Waiaon i* In eonaianl auen.laoca. frua ? In Oie en -ii'U 9 at night, at bW eonaolUac rooma aal Form' rlj aurg on w ihe I??k Uiwpltal. ITirnRp'!* PR MTKT.-PR r. D. 11 xMMOND. a PUP J[ J I ot uteonl of f'aria, I'ra. t'arno- haa and M iH, oi thla <" )? a- ' it"' on'* regular phyaieian wl .w ereileallala, eaaartl M and aueceaa are peynad ii'ieation in ihe praetlcn of thla at ** r'ailty. Atl diaeaaea of the genii i 'irlnary ayalem, no mat < ? h. a imt'l rated. cured at onee efl -rtnally and wlihoiit dan?. " 7 , 'n- 1 i* >n, at Ma room" I1H Rrtad way, opyi>?Wa 1 Aleholaa. Triatmaiii aJao by letter, i on?'iiiatinnt I franraia A D. HAMMOND, M. D. 8 ^?1 RE Ct RE - PR WARD'S CNF ORTVK A Tl FRTFWB i~ il.e moat r-rta'n rnre in the world for certain diaeama ; ? r^e.1 i efora a,l other rome-iiea . t thoae dlaeaeea, war r" ted wlthoat me.-cury. and requlrea nodiotlne for Ihe intra It la well known aa the enly remedy that eleara the dtoeaaa I i en 'be blond and ae<,'irea ataln?' ?e ondir* atlacka. In all tl e woiat ca?ra ihere a uo other cure than thla. Yon will fio4 thla out by dear eirerlenre If jriMi tr* other rr mailtm SllfM |iea?'a t cred In one day. Pr Ward hiroaelf haa h?l more ex ?cri'tii ? and made more c urea thin any other rhi-iean in New ? ork. A perfect enre wan ant -.l n I ? end, II. Office No. Ml Canal atrert, edrner of tlroadway. uritt'IAL NOTKR TO THE L4PIEH -Z. C. JOHNHON, O M l?. No 4Ml Mroadwar, New York, wlahca Ihe ladle* illa.inell) 'o underatard tlia' he i? a refttlari* edu'-atcd pbyrt ' n, a gra I 'in tlda . m a ith ? I eereeal .mpeeian ?, n male i t?i unta, an<l Haa B*a' ?'i' eaa m nirmi; a'l dlaea*ea of the nrtnnri orakna. The I Va-ior la wall known. Ilenerai diaeaaea. apeclal irregnlarltb a and all o*amje*o?o teftn icd by In ed leal or anrt'teil trea'wiem. P'iring the laat > ear more fban eight hiind^e.! per?rna have been nnoer hla e;ire. an la aa entirely eored Omeentrnx niw and exrellent nnrara pmnded, ?i,",m? illne^a, a' ti. .-a.- i nan'tationa. el'tiei in l"*raj> 0T wf mall, a'rteily ei n'idcnt'al. Office honra. # h. M ?o*r * u V. "I'UMtof