Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1856 Page 5
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MM other side, ?,to were so wOuug to owitiN "ills col Icefue, (UcMum,^ did not iatrci'.uce ? reeoir.tfou afkinjt M?. Granger* (laughter.) Mr Eik^qfUd^ moat u uiiuccmcvI ntkmpt to nave tb* H(,oae proceed a> ouce u> the (jonsideraWon of the luiCt.c tieit business?. of last suriior. *?? li'.use, by 4-3 majority r?fu<n<A to adjourn, and by X Majority refused to ct?i the Hoium %* moved lor by Mr. On. *?. "Wakbims, ul V. Y., offered ? resolution proooftnc Ui cuake a pn per deduction from the pay 01 members by retuiou of (airing oil, si/.iail decline toast or vote to the Houk<\ Penurog the subject the Hov go adjourned. Tike Texas Western Hailroiul Company. Al'HTIn, Aug. 17, 1866 Tte aBieniimcnt of th? charter of the Texas Western Railroad Company has p used both bouses of tbc Legisla ture orer the lioveronr g veto. ^ .ital ViTlilenl. PALI.1NQ OV i 9^'an OF TdK LK 1110 II VALLKY HA1 L KOAD BKIDOE. KAdTOM, Pa., Aug. 20 1850. Oao cpai ol the I ehigh Valley Railroad bridge across tbe Peluaars - river at tbh. place, Rave way this tuornjig, wtu o iwo ?? gines where puss. eg over it. Ono or the enx'jyB war. - precipitated iuto tbo Morris Caual, a uisunoe ?t niity feet ( and the other caught on an abutment. There mtf> Cre '.tenons on the engines at tbe timo if ho disas ter Twe of tbera e^capod injury, two were serously to, / . one was killed. The Scientific Convention. Alhamy, Aug. 26, 1868. #u. Dana delivered a lecture at the Geological rooma MA night to tbc Association, on "The Advance of fpirit." *icme diversity was given to tho proceedings of the As eooUUon this morning. 1'rof. liaio attempted to deliver ? lecture on spir/tnalisra, when Prof. Winslow declared he ought to be sent to tho nearest lunatic asylum. (toe only paper of iutercst read was 1'rof. Agasaiz'i third lectoro on unimal development. State Vnlversullxt Convention. Alba.yy, At'g. 26, 1858. the S ato rn!versa!ibt Convention met here this morn lag. Between threo and four hundred delegates were -Jt. It is the annual meeting to deliberate on mat of interest connected with the church. Sailing of tile Sloop-of-Wnr C'yane. BotTost, Aug. 26, 1856. Ike United States Mocp.of war Cjane sailed from this port *o-day on a cr^.se. Boston Weekly Bank Statement. Boicw, Aug. 28, 1858. the io) lowing arc the loot.ngs of our weekly bank statement for tbc [ast week, compared with tboee of the week previous:? Aug. 18. Aug. 2ft. ?apita! stock *Jl,9GO,OeO *31,9 -30,000 Ijtnoa and uicccuiits 53.131,800 62,173,000 Specie 8,82*,(HK) 8,943.8?0 Asaount due lrotn o:her bunks. . 5 80ti,ufl0 *,669.600 Amount due to otb?r backs. .. . 4,6i7.?00 4,773.000 Deposits 16, 022, f 00 16, 782.010 Circulation 6,790, COO 6,751,800 Market*. PHILADELPHIA STOCK BOAKD. PuiLAMnMU. Aug. 26, 1866. Stocks sloaJy. T'liiDiylvau^i iTtste tlvea. S3; Reading Railroad, 4 3.*, ; Ltng Ialund Railroad, Morris Canal, UK; Ptnneylvstia Railroad. 4*)','. Nkw Ormuxs, Aug. 26, 1868. OlUou ? ca!i.-.i to <lay 2-5 bales, at 10><c. a U?\o. tor Id itkidlit.g, and l-\c. lor new. Sugar, 00. Uuuniea, )e. JVelgnts stiller. Cnifj*r.o, Aug. 26 ? 6 P M. Wbeat? Prirrt are a trifle bibber, with a large demand _jrejport. Rcc-ipts to-day, 67,000 bnsbeli. Shipments la Fvff&lo, " 5,(00 br, shelf. Corn unchanged Receipts to-dsy. 112 . f.00 buebeis. Shipment* to Buffalo, 3(,000 fcesbels ; to Oiwego, 24,000 ; and to Ogdensburg, 14,000. 1 Fancy I'Mlery. rmbracliiK a Large Variety ?I epor'aincii'a, pen ami pocket knlvea, of the inott rare and braatUul patterns, many ol which have never been t>ef ire im perWd. lpr rale at A. St J. FAl'.VDK is', No. 7 Aator House " 5l<7 Broadway. J. tturney would Respectfully Announce to h<m friAds and iintroui that he eOBtinass but photographic and a*gai!Pr otype busincu ai hut old gallery. .M? liroad w?y. cor Mr of Leoua^-d atreel, ami ibat he Ua* not removed any kranrh of h.? citablirhiiient to any part otihe city, inr d >ei In iiiImj ! m doing. lie ha*, however, made important altera ?site aad Improvements In th- pho'ojrrai hte department. and la lvo eusbi'-d. with the advantage of >U|>erior artlate, to pro totr l.uiT pli-titrt-a than bur '?>en taken In this eto.ij/y. J. til'RNEY :WV iiro.nlway, cor. Leonard at. To (hose who Study Kcnuoiny, ronihliifd ?with elegance, c<,n> ? niem -' and utility, the subscribers offer |4halr portable dressing cat.-a ua the most corn] lete of the kin 1 er sat miPed to the public. They postn** ail the merits o; a m ported article, with these advantages, being cheaper compact. an i the contained in them warranted pcrlorm ilieir ouilea, and last, though not least, i-ach being inlal ed ?iih?? Ksitudtra metallic tablet Inr keeping razors perfect order. Korsaleat A. A.I. SaL'N DKK8', No. 7 Aatur I? and 3C7 Broadway. Blarlt Frock Coats ?S __ _ blue dre?? cn?t? H Ifcaain ere business ooa-* M ,yi 1 j f .tch m?n:e ?ie M.k vest* .t aaaimcre ?f?;i fl w to .1 all Raglan-.* 7 Hack caa?iutcre pant*. .VP to a ancy du. k ... $ I so to 5 apletn genteel black cloth suits 12 t EVANS' extenalve clothing warehouse, 06 aud tit Fulton reet. Skirts? Of the best (Quality, all Wises, Nana* stored ejpre??ly for < mtom trade ami warranted in every kf.leokir t-4 per dozen. A liberal discount to 'he trade, t M< I.AUUHLIN'R. aliirt sud f irn shing store, Ml Uree.ii tab street, corner of Murray. Pianos and Melodeons.? ' Tne Horace Waters ftara deprived planoa and meludeons are to be found at ffl ad way Pianos t ? rent, an I rso) ailowsi on p irckaae. fur ? on nonthiy payments. ?<-coi.d baud planus froca $3U to I, meivdcotis from g4'>toSm Nse PI a no?' roe Urratrrt Istprsremcnt Is 4C. IllCltg'l Improved circular ac tie ptutofor e ; ?oss, 83k Broad* ay, opmAitr Broadway theatre. Maau r. Twenty ?Igktk ?tre> t and Nmib avenue. New York. and taold Jewelry.? Just Keeels eil, New Ssrna t-f earring*, plua, brnc- ieia. neoslacee, Ae. Jet cr<na ? and ramnga. pl>ln j-t omamanta. th<- laraesi M?.nm iil tts city. St T)8BoR.VK. HOa HUMAN A TUWNHKNUS', Uri'sdw ay, corner of i>|>rili|{ atreet. Notlce<? A (>ood Article Is always Cheaper ? lendtlianan Interior one Thl* I* ea)iectnlly the o*ao ?t(h I ounila pateui pen and pencil, ina<le by WKI.M A R Til, IIKK.SM A N <1 ('<)., 2 1 Maiden lane htr dnrahllny and ran |renl< ncc: tin ?> are auperloi to all oil. era. I all ami Iln-ni II una! Iliizsnt M nr. is!? They have dlseo ? red it at last. They have found out ihe ?ttrtlln;; ancret. 1 SI MS rsjskr Let every |.hl..kntjir>>io> II ? m a HMSinstssksti'1'.' ??'. an m. ?? and as ?wwerful ir ygxod i ? U ai soot ar drink la lor sell. |t<hni<l It in ihr.l c< ilrt ? .h;r!i looks like lbs ayrup of rnini ??nn In ii ? my?ieri..o? be inly, la an absfduli ly auia/ utt In ita eUec'a. The an' len'a a poetic ol re-luslng aln o't CTerftliing to ?ha. Tkr had Slwr.ra .I miuai ,ic nm nn iliat tney were leeUned io<ilss?frr In some preparai nnofUie kind a godllse , calculate. I to moke men iHnnortal, to keep them Irtno I , In stt'iiglhen and Invirora'e, yet never Inloiicale KurbkS' II haa a' lenfth been a. rompllabed. It etanda _ nt Taate It One glaa^ of lliwl atnblcal liquid will through the human frame itk" an much electricity mvle able i?a< ldn? tlie moeldclii at.. nerve, ihe moM mir.ute losd vsseel, lilllna all with a new Itie, and an irking mid ei ?el ling cv.ri ?>. i| lom ol |||?>- a?e, ?<;.(ii.|-e.| or In!.. tU- 1. Bbouassda are ruah.ns eagerly ni get It. and in every buitie y boaat that they purrhaae a new tease < ( evlatease. Wo iotia dlsordera where that drink la Xo mors fever aad se. No tnoreeoniump ? re acrofula. No kslls. ulcer ? No liver complainl No long standing aorea It roaghly er*illrale? all from Ihe ayatcja. It make* the lieart tad. the limga atrons, the liralo ariive. the la>ly vts>>n>ua 1 the entire man a model of health awl aitlvlty. What la ^ t tnyaterloiui Il.| ii ! Iir llcnry An.lera' fatnoua l>lme fater Kr?:<l I t a NIIKU- a ro-DH K, No S riecood ave ' and Rt2 Bioad* a y. and by drugflata generally. Don't Throw Away Your Money.? If yon [tefe a good artk!e for your hair, go to CI It ANOJKAN d, 34 rck street, neit d<?.r te Hie corner ef liar, lay street. Ad given la all dlaeaaea of the acalp. ?althrlar's Hair Dye. Wigs and Towpeea SsperV>r lo sll olb?ta Tkelr new ttnprnvemen'a aerurs ?pel cotnfrrt to tbe wear r, natural elegance and diirabl!l lllft nnrlia led and onlr kai mleas bair dve la applied la slvs private rooma, at H*TrllM/HK Ut Hroadway. Whlakera and Moustache* For vet I to Orsw sti weeka. hy my ongnent. which will not s'-ala or lignrs pakln |1 a bottle, aer'. to snv part of the country. R <1. Ham, MH_B<n?<*ftt. Hrlags. K ItaU street, Albany | Hair, red or white, Aa black as night. h faroa. IB Ika twinkling r>f an era, Hy iiaing t RIHI AlMlRti M dva. farlnred, Aold and Applied, at t'rlata L 6 As'.or Hp'tss IDelanee kalamandrr lafts.-Rshed M. Pat. ICR la the aole .tnan'ifSetnrer In the I'nl-ed Hutu of the ne celebrated aafea and patent powder prt?>f 4e->ane? loeka I emaa bars. Depot, No. 1 M I'earl strset. one dour Ueiow bden tans. rhe moat HraMlifitl Pood for Nmnmer and kl ia HRCKfRH' far ns. Agrec?h|c ami ntMrbioui it la a i)St sdmlrnlde pr- vet . t mlanta md [ulta of the aiiuimcr cimplslnl atnl dnirh ea. prevailing at i teason. Hollow ny s Ointment and Pills? The Rlr< nth h<< nr. I*t no vlelim of arrtfuli, aalt rlnoim. or any til mtia or rntpllve malady fancy a cars Impossible. It la ver too late to uae Holleway s ointment for et ernal corn rr his pilis li r .ntcntsl dlaorders. Tor Bore and Tender Feet.? That Dellfhtful (nsdy, I>r. nuah'a magtc cream liniment, perftwss* a eec I n rnre In one night, rrinctpal depot, RUSH A HAI.R, 146 I eenwlch street: also by union, corner of Ho IV try and and street. Price a centa. Inptnre.? fhtly prtae medal Awarded to ah A Co , hy the Induatrisl Rthililtion of all Nations at th ? ratal Palace, f>r their nsw psietil radical curs truaa. Ret ^ncea aa to ita niijcrlorliy -Professors Vslentlne M tt, Wil 1 Parker ami John R f'arnochan. ,'?pen from 7 A M, to M MARSH A fO No. I', Maiden lane. New Turk Catarrh Doetor, C. llota ard Marshall, la I st the Rt. Nlcholsa Hotel, for four day* mire, inrs from 9A.M. lot P M : room SW, Pimaultslloo free reel sll letter* to st Nicholas Hotel, Nee \ ? k. here's the Pollee 1 Be eautloua, pedittera are Shout Relllng potson, without doabt; I.TOa '* powder can t be had ftf the loimbng, peddling s>|nad to ihe depot 424 Mroe.l ? . . or to a reapc( . . ?l yen will be sure to get the real aelicl#, LV'.?,n r ??uo ?wdcr sad pills Wr *b<i rcrmla. Tok?i, Tok.*i |_W hat la Tohal J A Japan" e*e pr<-i*<r?i>",a, discovered li> l)r. Virgil. It puriii?ii ih? l'rn:b ileslr ?yg the smelt ol' tobacco, liquor, or uiffoillldtt. Muie'.t* WMmUoo hundreds Lava wc iuel hcmselvea from tSe '?*? of. tnbscro and I's injurious effect* Retailed at hotels, at . ''f k jd drug storea. Depot 412 Urowlway. 'I'm, Frrrkkit aud Sunburn Thiw Fori of b* auly tuid couitort m.iy ton removed by the m ol' Kalliston. lie te-auinyiug mllucuoe euoii Ike complexion, and ita health yivhig action mou the shin muu it a very valuable requi site Kir Ibe toiret; aud utUie frola thia, it la a luxury a* a dad/ ?M?h for tlie lace and kands. For sale by All it D. SANDs, II. Rmg, T. T. Green anddruggista generally. iPyiitmKMElfTS RENEWED EVERT DAY. PEUSONAL. ' r\r TO BE ? NEVERMORE" "FOREVERMORE*" ELLIS. IF C. P R., OF LA., WILL CALL ON HIS BROTHER. b.. all will yet be well: but, if not, be must abide the con sequences of hi* folly. IF n. G. WILL RETURN EVERYTHING WILL BE made right and Ibe frieDda happy. INFORMATION WANTED? OF ELLEN SHAW, WHO left Nashville, Tennessee, about nix months ago. If she will call at P. A II. a, 11)1 If road tvay, the tvlil bear of aoine thiug t j her advantage. JAMES WATSON. WHO ARRIVED IN THIS COUNTRY about the 6th of July, and landed In Boston, and who inleads r oing to California, la most anxiously requested to write or call, before doing so, to Evelina, Earle's Hotel, 1'ark Row. ATE L , THE PROPERTY 18 SAFE. A. K N~ Y. B. -PLEASE MEAT M. AT T. SALOON, WEDNES > day moi uing, at ten o'clock. PE. T , 6TH Jl'LY. -CALLED TWICE TO-DAY? IMS . appointed Will you call at 9 or 3 to-day or to morrow ? Answer without delay. Very important. Same place. C. U. STAMFORD-AT WHAT TIME SHALL I COME? HIPPODROME The gentleman who was i.ooking for Charles Sage, tulor, can reeetvn Information of him by calling at t>7 North Sixth street, Williamsburg. 7 ill w. h. p., supposed to he in this vicini ty, communicate immediately with A. A. P. TV THE TUKF. RED IIOUsE TROTTING < OURSE, 1IARLEM.? THIS day, (V* ednesdsy), August 27, a pur*e of $25, to come otf a: 3 o'ew-rk, closed with tie lollowfng eutrles ? P. Helms en tera b g. ; J. Hull eiders b. m. Kate; .1. .'ones enters C. g. Buckvkin; C. H. Walton enters b. g Diamond. T. MUKll.YH, Proprietor. ITNION aOl'RS'E, L. I.? TROTTING -PURSE OF WOO, J with Inside state of $M*i, half forfeit, free for all hoi sea. excepting Eddy, Flora Temple and Lancet; mile heats, beat 3 In ft to harness; to come oil September 1ft. also a purse of $10(1, with inside stake ot *.*<<?. hail' forfeit, mile lira's, best 3 in ft, to harness; fttc for all horses that never trotted better than 2 4ft. io come oil' Sept in. The above horses, threa or more, to mnke a race, and two to s'art; to c^ojje Saturday, August 30, at Faulk land A l)uree'?, corner of (1Therin? Ktrcet and E-iat Broadway, at 'J P. M. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. TTN10N rOl'RSE, L. I ?TROTTING.? THURSDAY, L/ Aug 2S, at a,'2 o'clock P. M . match for $25J. Play or pay, mile le.iis beat S io 6, to gu as ihev please. John Van (writ r names s. g. Buffalo Bill; Dan Ptifer name* b in. S.uicy Kate. SHAW A WHIl'E, Proprietors. pourricAi*. 8TH WARD YOUNtJ MEN'S FRKMON r \ND DAYTON Club, will hold tlieir motilhiy meeting, northwest corner of Broome and Hercer atreeu, 'his (Wednesday) even in g. IVrsoua lavoraMe to the ?lx>ve candidate* ure invite 1 uturd. WM. BOtiRRT, President. William II. Armstrong, 0. Lyons, VlOfl Preei'leuts. Wm.C. Motitype.oy, -ec. Jaa. OlipUaut, Treaiurer. A MATING OF THE KIGHTBNTH WaRD BUCHANAN ami Breckinridge .banner Club will be lield at tbe house ol Michael I.oonun. corner of Eighteenth Street and Fiial ave nue, on Fridaj evening, August 29. InJki, nt 8 o'clock. All pi rsoDH desirous of enrolling tbelr name* a* member* of the < iub are r< specii'ully invited to attend. FBUX Dl'FFY, FratldwL Maurice Daly, Secretary. Fremont ano dattox central clcb or thb clljr and <d' Nt w York ?A public meeting will be held nt kead ?, Broadway House ihi* Wedueaiiay, at 8 1'. M. W. 'i . B MiiiikCB, Joseph J. Couch, and <1. L. Khle, l.'sqa. will apeak. WM. II. BROWNE, President. J. 11. Hoiikt Wai.d 1 Kami Ti'itlk, 5 Secretariea. MUM 11. Ui KLBSon, J SOUTH BROOKLYN DEUTSCHE DEMOCRATEN HER aus.? The under sinned citizen* respectfully invite IkelrM 'aw democrats of item. an birth to meet on Frldty evening. Au gust 29, at Bu'cloek. in the upper room* of Joe<, riU'oui-t meet, for the purpose of forming a Buchanan and Breckinridge < lub. In regard to the next election we do not consider It necee a*ry todlfj Iin froo. our Amenean national democratic brethren, but in tbe face.of the recent *o ca'led Ucrman deaooalration at the Tabernacle, we hold It our duty to form everywhere tier, man democratic club* to prove thai Ihe ina|ority Of Oarman voteis aie true to tha union aed constitution of this country; and thai they have become possessed of that republican tirm net* w hith ihe tunc reumrts Home all who culm an Inter est In the rancid interpretation of ihe German name. J. Wiechel, F struller. M. SeldaL 11. Kbert, Or. K lis bert, O. U. Hchuepel, J. W. Salem, Dr, W. Aruinf, J. B teener. ?FKC1AJL MOTiCKB* A1\ A ? FUN KIR HIM. LODGE NO. 21 -MEMBERS ? will please be punctual In attendance at the.r room, on 'ibursday awning, August 2b. N. II Binuiiruuf .mpor". toon will be U ail sac ted. ily order. T, l.I.NDSKY, Mailer. Wa. HewEKs, Reporting Secretary. E^MKiBATWN TO NICARAGUA.? A FREE * P4S i snge and IM to atl n-re* of land win be given to settler*, Person* desirou* of emigrating caa obtain full Inforinaiiou relative to climate, soil, Ac , at the Nicaragua Emigration eltioa, 1(>6 West street, f<a>t of Liberty, where Mr J W. FaNens, for some time past Director ol Colonization in Nlca ragua, may be found lor the present. Heirs ati.awto tiik following EUROPEAN estates are respectful!) InfonnOd that by enclosing H to the undersigned, they will receive a copy of an advertisement f ubl.shed iiursuant to an oi'ler of the H'^'i t'ourt of Chancery n England, calling for the heirs of said ostites i, viz : Harrison, Lawrence. Rowe Skyme. I'no, Pound* Diamond, ttray. Frond. Rogers, Patterson Jeffreys, Roeves-OokUborougti, Towers, Sawyer aed Taylor. J, A KNMiHT A CO , Euro pean ugen's. S.M Broadway. New York. N. li. a lis' ot KnglKh un ' . mel divide* Is. anil advertise Bent* for heir* at lav. , can be inspected at the above office. Fee for search, $l. MAMiNIC ? JERUSALEM CltU'TER, NtlH OF R A. M* , bold a regular meeting tha evenine, at o'clock. Member* are re<iU< ?tcd to be punctual in their attendance. i. F ROBINSON, Secretary. N'OTIcr-a mfkting or the stock holders, director* sitd a I others interested in ttie * 'instruction of the rsilroail tn ni New HmMM to Mew fork, are revested to meet at the Mewopo i sn Hotel on Wedansday. Sept. 10. a l: o'clKk. to deride on measures relating 10 the aame. and al* holders of srrt* receipts lor |>ayii.?nla on stock, ami all per1 ?oi s Itaviugcl* n.? ata.iisl the .npanv are reom sled to pre" a nt the sale on thai d?y. WaKRBS I.EI.aNO, Secrc *ry" OFFICB REi'KIYKR OR TAXRR, NO. SJ (THAMHRRg s.reet, mew t ourt Home) New fork, June isftri. Kuhlio uotice.? To avout the rkks thai must Inevltahiy oeonf c m the cM?d M ia? payers wf,o put ot to the latest flay the eiyioeot ol their ta?es, I have determined to adopt the follow g rule, which will be rl ;idl/ adhered to during my term of ??See I hall receive no lri< n^v sfler lo clock r. M. Every MBeer in ibis Department is strletly prohibited Irom reeoi?ins envelopes 'on's.uiug in'?>"y 'ir check* for tbe paymentai ka-?. l;y order. Ur.Nity H. UOWAHD. Receiver. 0FFiq?RE( PITER (?FTAXBB. NBW nOCRT HOl'SR, Na^Bl'ti^ftibern etrwM ?I hereby glee notice that ihe tax for the year IMti was o iitfuo d by tbe Hoard of Surer eworinn i lie ?th day of August, lajft. at Bve minutes before ttHNk P M. Tbe rato. I .V 30 100. Tbe booke w 111 be Vl*eed under my charge on ..r about the lat Seiitetniior neit ai payers are requested to refer to the published ruie* WUch I saail b? f Htavained ligblly In adhere to IIR.VRY H. HOWARD. Receive*. RI|M1WAYF\RM *ND I. AND COMrAN Y? Nf ?TICR. , ? MtM-kboelera will b>- psrtieHlar to pay no more moners to t'yrns M. Ilsriw^ck. as In* areacv has bean discontinued. Th< y will tr --lanii' H.clr dies direct to SAMI'KL W. CAT TB1X, Ciitrttarv, 131 W m. streei Philadelphia t 'IIARI.BM K I. A N HIS, Pres.denU tf s ItRHiS ALIIANY AND PORPOWB? HF.IR* J ? of scanten of the A ibuny mid Porpoise CM now obtain th? BOD*) due bv act of t'oi gre?s. TIIO.V A< L HBAYXARD. "1 Walltreet. WAXKrXEU>.-THX MKMItEBK OF THB INDUSTRIAL f ? liome A*- K-isuon No .1, are hereby nottned that regn lar meeting* of the aawiciatioii Inr receiving money will nol be held at ldit lk?w ery aftef the I.*'. of Hei tember. Those who to nay after thai d ite ran d<i so by ? tiling on the Purchasing 1ru?tee, t'otneli is A. t'uoper. st W. S. S, No M Oraml strwet, be<ween three and four o clock, on any alter noon enept Saturday or Sunday. Member* will receive their deed* immediate ) ?i paying up. CORNKI.I I if A. i OOPBft, Purchasing Trustee. Ml ?. M-I'AI. REOATTA? t'HAI.t.KNOF TO THE MRTROPOU > tan t'lub ? After giving tin nt ? challenge to row our lour oared bns In last Snndsy ? Hers Id lor a small sum in Otder to lew the speed of l.nals for the B>siton i ace, thev having declined to accept the challenge on the pre eit nf the statu being henea'h their notice, we do now challenge them to row oar isiai for tha ?um of aetentv live dollars, havinv ad i * need twenty live loiiars alter seeing their l?o>i race Ui lake place at a?y linie (mm Setuember 10 ?o Heptemlier 1^ WII.I.IAM II. A JAMKS M DARI.INO. No 3W Mouth ? reet COWIIIEM WATER. ACABD-Tn MiI THKRNKRP - DKIVKBRS OF CO*, gres* Water? An tnfcrs.r article of mineral water le edverdsed and MM under the name of ' Kwraioaa '? tester, the word 'WHMa'1 being u*ed bv couetar ft" tat ? hi caaes where thev dare not ri?k selling Ukit ftctmwi* article as ' rvmgreaa" The aueeesa nf the cl.ertt arkte* from tvsigres* water having been an ofien celled Saratoga water, that many partite *.ipp?ethat Ma true and only came. Taking ad^ai.iage of ihia, the apurious atiiele is no nut up. with names, mark* and hottles, a* to renemble aa near a* th?r dare, ( i.ngrrss wa-er, ?ttd m1 "til wild as an lmltale>n or U to those unacquainted wlili ths nisiuiiriiKibing mark* and lirand. peculiar flavor and qualities of the geeuitie fongreaa water. There are a attiP' tide of wirings a* Sarttoga. tbe wnter from *ay of whteii might fw> thus sold aa ' Saratoga ' water, hv pers-ms whose Mruples of coninfriwe etMiel only to cases Whop* 'hey ire ItaVlr to pecuniary pofllMktfent, an I vet the article *o impoaed oaMfe rntdic b? wmw er InlnrtotM Ifyou want getiuina fon?ve*s water'hny It ovewspeetahie oealerson'v and in sll rases 0'?s?ree that the brand on the cork I* CnNiiflFi* WATF.K-O *Yt lor It Wlthent those words and letters. It I* a (windllng eoititgfMt. On writing to m, ws will send you * list of prtcea, slag* and packages, and bv ordering from n du-ecu enc'i-sbtgdraft for Ihe amount or lered, yuu can bhv? It safely forwarded to any part of the w M. CLARKE I WlirTB. Bonnes* Spring. Saratoga Spring*. iMm B Thames atreet. Naw York. BATKOBmiAL. IBUtlENIA TOLL ANTE WILL. ON RBCRIPT OF t ? cents, send to ant person a full delineation of their ch*. rawer, by their handwriting: fntnre daatlny snoceea in lore, marriage Journavs. and lawsuits Ac Address, with return postage. New York I'ont office, Kugenia Yollante KOTKUB. COLLINS HOTEL, FOOT CANAL STREET, NEW YORK, dlrrollT oppoette Collins' line of steamers This bouse la pieaaentlT located and most eentrtl to buotneaa. line suits or r< ? ms to let, to trtuiglent orpertnarent boarders, on reason* Mf trffif. fr'prt9Wq, 1 C ON SUMPTION. Voice of the rawm. 'From the New York Independent.] "CAN TKIE ITIJOMIl* tOSSUMIflON HE CtfREDP' [We have made it a rule to exclude l'rom our columns all ft 1? vm 'Jaetuciits of medicines ?d<1 medical practice where the practice ai.proacbi s the character of a specialty. Hut regard ing tbo subject of the following article as one of immeaaura- . thi l ui 'lie interest and coming, a a the announcements of Or. Ku< n do, sui ported l y such unquestionable testimony, we do Bot I hi lilx-ny to Wiibhold the article from our reader*. > 'I In letters which accompany the ably written essay on the subjectof diaeaaeaof the lungs must be considered coaolualve , upon the pol t of the curability of consumption , and if In tho tri aunei.t ol Dr. Kltch there in re lief from thia terrible scourge, our r<?i.l> , ? w ill thmik us lor placing the announcement of the t?c*. N ftire i ? in | i'jh Tiii'E Hii.Ko.viRv Consumption be Cured? If so, bow l'n coiici and ita treatment. The true uaea and benefice ol medicaied Inhalation. to Till: EtllTOIt or THE NEW TORE INDEPENDENT. Fiti? Pulmonary consumption w a dlaoase so frlghfully pre vail nt und futnl ttiat all well authenticated facta showing Its curabilUy, aa well aa any Information in regard to the treat ment which has proved ctleotual in ita cure, must be a matter of universal interest. No apology can, therefore, be neces sary n re^iti sting the use of your columns to give a wide pub licity to the correspondence which will be found below. '1 he imminent fact brought out in this correspondence la, that positive seated consumption, of long standing and ad vanced to a late slage, has, in repealed instances, been cured the paoen's restored to health, and are now living wltnesse cl the fact. The high respectability of the authors of these letters should be a sufficient guaranty 01 the entire trut.hful ies.iof their state mecit; ami yet ro deeply rooted Is the popular conviction tha consumption ia incurable, and fortified so strongly U this coa viiiltn by the prevailing theory among phvsiciana that the um?t positive and unimpeachable testimony? testimony which woulJ establish beyond couiroversy any fact ever placed ia issue before a court of justice, or even prove the reality of miracle? la rcry likely to be overborne and disbelieved by on obstinate incredulity. With many minds all the ordlnary)modes of arriving at truth seem on this subject to be reversed. With such, the fact that consumption bus been cured, does not esta blish the possibility of such cure, but they demit. id that the possibility shall he shown before the l'act be admitted. Tlil-t demand is irrational, us every reasonable person must admit, and yet so desirable is It that a more hopeful, correct aud ra tional view of consumption she uld be universally adopted, this demand should as far aa possible be met. it may no. be inappropriate, therefore, to present here some suggestions and explanations, which may throw light upon the causes and nalweof consumption, the character of tne mis ? h ef It acc< mpiishes, the system of remedial agents which is succe.-Hul in meeting and arresting the disease and the most etlici. nt mode oi employing and admlnlstoring these agents. In these sugg- stions the reader will discover the leading Ifeatarea ot the pluu ot treatment which has been atteudei with the happy remits dlicli scd in the correspondence wtucb follows. 11 this course shall encounter the dlt approbation of those who hold the fa&cied c auos of professional etiuuette para mount toconslileratient of humani'y. It will nevertheless most certainly meet the approval of all who regard medical science and ?kill as having a i online value only to far as they are made subservient to tic: alleviation and cure of the ills to which llesh Is'riPir. It should be specially remarked that it is not here proposed to deal III more thuoretical speculations. As an intellectual pastime such speculations are well enough, but noon a subject Involving humiiD life they are out of place. The views pre sented are legitimate deductions from facts gathered during a I ractlce and study of more than twenty-live years, exclusive Ij devoti d to this peculiar branch, and the examination and treatment ol more than thirty thousand eases of consumption. Such an opportunity ot studying disease In all its possible pbates and modifications, and of tes:ing under the eye of the practitioner the value of remedies and the best means of ap plying them, has seldom been given to any one man. Such facts, and the rational conclusion! drawn from them, it may be properly c'aimcd, should both arrest attention and com mand contidence. 1st. The Thub Causes and Nature or Consumption. ? Upon this potn' there have been a great, variety of theories among medical men. Some of these theories have been entirely glouLdless. and even absurd. Otlnrs have approached more or less nearly to the truth, btu ?>ne of them planted directly upon It. '1 he priict ce lounded upon theories h iving no sub stantial bns.s, cither rational or experimental, has, of course, fal'ed to cin e. The vtry simplicity of the truth has caused it to be overlooked. It rea'ly seems tha: In proportion to the profoundness ot the minds engaged in the Investigation of these causes hus been the disposition to grope among the more dark and lccv| licabie phenomena of lite for ihein: overlooking en ti:e!y, aa quite unworthy of police, certain very obvious dis t< uipe'S and cotu'.i'ions of the sy^etn In w inch alone they are to Ic found. The ittiii.c.liate cause of consumption is invariably to be found ? the I, lord it is there as a nob on: an impurity ofhit c cr, or a-, an .nipeiiection, by when is meant au absence of tome one or more ot its healthy constituents. This poisoa aid Imperfection may result trom any one of a variety of causes, aid possess various characteristics It maybe a hereditary taint ti ai.Mnitted fiom parent to child as eczem i. salt rheum, ?tiofola, Ac ; or it may result from imperfect digestion and, or deranged action of the heart, the hver, the kld iii >s, the bowels, the sexual organs, 4c., or from some infec tn i.s contagious, or malaria! disease, or from a simple cold, checking perspiration, and throwing the effete or wa-te mat t< r bai k upon the blood and upon the lungs, or from breathing Impure mil liisudicent air, Ac. Krom any of these causes poisons or humor In the b!co<t may result, which may deter luiiie upon he lungs nnd produce consumption. It eats into them In the form of ulcei ations, or disturbs and throws Into i cnfustoii tl e healthy circulations and secretions, and thus oc C' lions the deposition of poisons or foreign matter In the form ot tubercles; or inflant'-s and disorganizes the llntag mem branes of the a r ps-sages or cells, as tu br jnchi'.ia, or works n.bchlet In si me oilier vvuy. Consumption ia not, then, lu Its origin a locil disease. In I'S orir.n it is constitutional, in its devclopement, it la of course l.i al. I rt ir.f refer to some obvious ami fumlliar facts in coirobo ratton of thm vtew Coi sumption otlen resulta from a cold. Hut what la a cold? Why, ilmpljr the sudden closing of 'he pores of the skin, ttirouih which, in hialtli, a I'oritou ol' the excrcmenu lioui mai'er 01 the *ysu-m in being comtantly expelled in the li rm of perspiration. Ami ? hat is the etiect of closing these (??'.ca'- KvldeuUy lo prevent the expulsion ol tiiia waste mat n r. It Is thtia thrown bsck Uu the body, absorbed .ind taken Into the circulation. Ilttt ihli waste matter n to the healthy MMiaiwmMM jsjWW ? It la lelt asmosl iniUu limeousty, and often thi' alarm is at one* ;itrn, lu the convul sion called auceatiiig. What ranaes .Uik sneering? It in no' the cold aii passing through the Lostrll* tliU of Itself will nut produce sneezing. It is the poison, Uj wn back from the Sktn. taken into the blod, and :i .'.a course through the ?yatem Irrittittug ilw delicate membrane of the nostrils. Now this po sou, iml>- as excelled, in liable to determine Ujion some one pi'.nt. and frequently upon the lungs. It may MM a vioien tiif.iiixiriia'uou or congestion there, or It may Irritate the lining II. 1 1.. ol the air passages, lull uuleas arrested, may pass W? ulceration and fatal consumption. Ajrmn, a person has the poison In the blood known as salt rheum. It is out on the hands; while thei r it is comparatire'y l.-iriulem; but It disappears from the hands, and the luugs are at once disturbed. It baa seujed there, and nnlsss removed consumption inevitably follows, or there are ulcers, or lumc rs, or some form of skin dl-wri^e, which lor a w hile a) pears on the surface, and then retires and reappears on the limya. Again. Consumption is said lobe hereditary. But what does lids mean ? what Is It thai I* inherited ; Is It ulcerated lurga? Certainly not. liut It Is a visclous, poivoned con li'.iou ol the blood. Years may e lapse before the luugs are affected bv it. Tin: Tnt or Costcarrtos ?The true course of treat ment for the cure of consumption Is partly suggested in staling Its csiisea snd nature. It the poison which originates the dis ease can be neutralized and expelled, and the disorganization ?cms oncd heah d. It is plain consumption may be cured. As this poison Is In the constitution, constitutional remedies must be employed or it cannot be met. \ o neutralize this poison remedies truly antidotal must be used. Ily sending into the clitulaiion a true antidote. while at the same tune the the lowela snd ihe kiilneysare geutly stimulated to the work of puritylng Ihe system, the poison la eradicated. Appliances should, of course, be used to heal the ml? biel already done. In neat ly all pi*sthW- oases 1 uae constitutional an t anil.;** I r< medk-t u> punt) the blood, to Improve its quality and infuse s tine life Into It, and to build up the who e system, to remove disease or trouble of any other part than the lungs; lo 1m prove the digestion, cure dyspepsia, alleviate costiv enes*. ar r> si dlarih<es. slop uighl sweats, place the kidneys, sklu and liver in a healthy, active state, and correct the circulation, re subtle tie heat so that the 1 !<<?l may flow evenly and equally Unnogliall the ?y?tem. and rhu? preventliig. and stopping bleeding livm the lung* or their congestion. This free and healthy circulation Incomes, as ~oon a* nIiIMM, a perfect no ?Mum fo r ennx eying remedies lo every tiart, and thus rilecl tag a cure. 1 UMftii B mechanical remedies as the case may rei|idM io prtrMtalnhlng or IWlltu of Um bowels, hy whleh Bitich debility Is fell at the pit ol III" siotnaeh, mid distress to SuiighlBg snd weak back. fur. hi.ft lt,? Theories and practice lu medicine are good for nothing unless 'liey result iu beuelit to the patient. It la relief that the sick waul, not speculation, and for the reaults ol my treatment I appeal with coutidenee to the testimony of tlxise w ho have received it" benefits. Koine ol u will be found below. I have selected s len only of the many letters I have received, and tlx*' relating locates where the patleo's have i i covered from a4l am rd stages ?( i onsuiuptloB. Ilsueli cases ??an b- i uie<l. iIkbh- of a mikl<'r type cei uiuiy cau be Indeed. I can say with truth, lhal I Uj not recoileel in hate ever Iget a l> ticut 1 1 consumption where I wsatlie nrst physician applied M. ?'os?t t vinos ? Asa vast many persons, feeling some symp tenia ol Illness, are, nex i rtkelesa. in iloutit nhetiiei Ihe; n*ally need MiMi aasistum e or being far advaueed In disease, are doohtlnl whether rebel is |>o<*ib!e, 1 hate for many year* glxen all my conciliations free, msktng no charge lor ettamin ing th- chest or investigating nth? r dlsea-es and for | 'rear-rib Ing such remedies ss I tstnk l>est. whether sppHca'ion ia made . t?> letter or personally. I am at home even day in Ihe week I IMitidax* e*eepterlt. uoni ? * M. till H f, M., and at *11 times i cany to wait upon the stek or their irtends r<n ?o. I. i ftOruHRBWtm, !f T., Xov. 24. l*i Pr B. ? FttTH -tut! Kis-As NHW|HM le ?o waiver sal'v lield to be innitable. or its curability so nun It doubted as iooeeasHin lofig delay snd great hesitation In to the pi"p?r source lor help and a cure, I feel ttaonty and pleasure to ?tate to the public th" eipertMrw of your reme dies snd you are at liberty lo give Itmirh publicity aa ioti think proper. In .lanuary. liBI, by etposure to wet. I con trai e<l a very bad cold, which iu-on a< tiled on my lungs pro ducing a aeated cough. e\pea loratloo pain in tnv sue Ac. i ohtinne.l sonic months. I hsd physic- at a. uee<l end liver nt: long and raltblullr, hut nothing helped or checked my lough and I lost neJV-ly all my l!"sh and strength After -< n,e lln,e spent In the unavailing use of theae remeilt>-s. I wss *ri< iee<t to make a voysge to Kunipe. but came i>aek twae de* hilitsted than ever. (Mi Ihe IWh l?ecenil?er. 1*1, I applied lo ton. in a trulv deplorable state? both lungs badly ulcerated, inv t heat shrunk in almtit half its natural aire, great de bllo . severe tvght sweat>. searrely able to walk, and no hope of recoiery Yom remedies wrought on me a most happy I henf r In a few ir.on'hs I wsa perfectly cured, and nerm:> i mtlyso I hare rH timed to my usual busineaa, well in sll rf?p?da- no rough, no expectoration no pain, no debility, snd n>v chest enlstgi d to more thsn its u?ual s re 1 was then ii merchant In Hew York city, and continued there instil I nlly recovered. I now live In this place, in the active dls ihatge of mv duties Yon can refer anv one In me at this I lace, or to my brother, ft New llrtmawtcs. X J , or to my fbil er, at hts place ol residence. No. ?? Resell street. New \ork c'tv We all recommend most earnestly the elck and ?oiler mg to applv to yon si once, cmfideti' they will find re Bel Kes;-n?tfulir yinirg. l'M*? Tow i t. No 290 Vain Mreet, Ponghkeepaid. cast so it. sr. t. utuvrs t?q ? a 1 1 > ?s rA?* or ronsi'*rrtoa n itti Nt* Tone. Nov H, l-tf.i ' I'r. S f.,riTrn ? PrAn Dig ? u lien a matt leela that boo wee hie III e to snother, onie only increases his admiration an 1 stiengthetw Ills tra'itnde Till If the f." ling I have toward* von. Ill Atull. I>M. I w as attacked with vl Vent an I repeat cd hemntrbagrs from the l ings accomftiuied withmueh loi L-h. eoreneas of ihe throat. ,lc I al?> experience 1 a great lig'ttne?s ami ahrinklng of civ rh-st. *bur breaihlnf. and nearly all the most alarming ?vmptom? of cot snwptlnn. Kynenrf"' friends xtew-cd ntv caae a? eycee I >ngij rrltical ami ilangerotis I applied at once to yon. with out endn tigering Biisr lf I y any oilier advice The r*?nli wax I perfect and p< nuanent cure Your medlclnea. Wee ban; cal remedies snd inhalation, without reducing km or dl< turbiiig 'n iiny manner my appetite, omen Interrupting mr prrfr?elf?tial employment* snd without any shi>"k or violence gently led me back to health. I Inn wune>se | many other cases of consumption ? ? red by you. In vour InmU medicine ?eems one of the exact sciences. In tlni whole i nurse of my | l.fe I ha' e nevet met any phvslelan whone rreat r.ptioTis an'l

medHinia ?eem so unerringly certain to cure. I meat cheer ItAllj give yon leave to twe my name and reler any person to me who may wtah further Information. Hilieve me. ever >"tr>. _ _ _ MT. A. Htt.ivrs. Attorney at law No % William irtrcgt, New York h'liise No. i-o Nassau street, Brooklyn. FASI no. til. Rt?AttKAat< r*?* or srArrn ronmmmo*, trnggg thrv*. rot etna or tub ucstJs WtKg tRroLrgp ia r.trt>$ivc out I Alio*. CVRBD. AtaAar, N r.. No*. .1, ltM Pr S. S. Fitch ? P* xn *t*? I dealre to express !o you my gratdttde for the Immense benefit I have received from your irea'ment. I applied to you in April last, when I waaconrt 'lei eri in a hopeless staaeot eonanmption Mr (htherand mother both died of this ter-ihle aeourge I mherlwd. Uierclore, A strong predispostinn to It For aerenil years I had bfen tub Jeet to a rongh anppoeed to nroce?d from Irritation and disease of the throat. Hut In Msrrh last the cough became greatly aggravated and hoarse, with Aarp. cutting pains Hi my right side and cheat, short, wheeelng breathing lorn of appetite, emir stomsrh, dv?pejisis. burning In the stomach, neuralgia, great soreness In the bowehi, dlstrneeing sinking sensation at the pit pf the Itcauicb, (real |?P| Ptv?trauy?j $ ?trength, Mveie catarrh, eta. My friends had entirely &**P ?lr ed ot my recovery by auy inewi, when, on the lOui ol Ap I called on you. You examined mv lungs. Mid tound all. w i the exception of the front lobe of tne left lung. extensively u ccrated, filled with tubercles In a softened state, etc. You con sidered my cue oue of great doubt, but not beyond hope. You prescribed for me and gave me your remedies ? rd inhalation, Including supporter. shoulder braces. Inhaling tube and medicines I made a faithful use of them, according to your direction*, and your kind und careful advice frequent ly given during the two mnnths' treatment; the result hat been truly wonderful. Since the flrst of J une until one week ago I hare been free from cough and all my dyspepsia and other difficulties; my strength and flesh havo been in a great mea sure restored, and my lungs have evidently healed. One week ago I took a cold. which hus occasioned a slight cough. For this your remedies give prompt relief. And now. dear sir. aceept my sincere ihanks. I cannot sufficiently recommend yonr treatment and remedies to all afflicted as I was. They must be used lor a full appreciation of their life-giving uiflu Kiicex. ] would refer any one to my brother, Mr. Win. A. ? rocker, of the tu rn of Crocker Jk stow. M John street, New York. Mjhy iJkbkn, 31 Uraud street, Albany. cm a a it, THE TF.RY REMARKABLI CASE Of Mr O. D. Revere, of Tarrytown, who has been entirely re siored to health after losing one lobe of the lungs by ulcera tion, and who had, at the tune he uouiuieaoed Dr. KUcb's treat ment, a large abscess opening through bis side into the sub stance of the lungs, aud through which be could blow out a candle. This esse demonstrates the curability of consump tion by Dr. Hull's treatment t>y medicated Inhalation. Tauhytown, N. Y , March 10, 1846.0 Dr. H. 8. Fitch? Dear sir? i feel It to be aduty which I owe to yourself und ihe community to inuko a public acknowledg uient of the tact ihat, uuder your treatment, by the blessing of Hod, 1 have been restored to comfortable health, after going down to the very borders of the grave with true pulmonary consumption. As 1 am informed uy physlciaus, it is nearly or quite impottible to determite, with absolute certainty, tha any Individ ual now in health ever had true consumption; that, although consumption may be curable, still the fact of such cu.-c can only be established by a post mortem exauiication of the lungs. This may In some cases b<i true, but it is not my case,?s ihe circunns'sncea w hlch I relate conclusively show. Consumption Is hereditary In my family. I have lual severa relatlvi s? one ^ atlter ? by this disesse. It tirst began to de velope itselt ta my own loiifs In 1M2, by a cough, and the usually attending symptoms of u decline In strength and llesli, pain about the region of the che?t, tbrou jh the shoulder aud under Ihe shoulder blade. The disease continued slowly, but steadily and oosilnaieiy, to progress. lh-? best medical advice and assistance I could get appeared to oppoae no clicck to It. By the year IMS I I ecsme very feeble, coughed much cxpectoruV d largely, all tin1 or 'inary Indications ol diseased aud wasting During tlin last named year a new feature presented itselt , a large abscess gathered in ihe left side and broke, discharging a large inutility of the k matter, resembling ve. y much that which I coughed up. TlPsdisoharge continued until I called on you in IM", . It proved to proceed from a cavity In the lungs. Ulcerous and tuberculous cheesy mailer was discharged; but what proved conclusively that the opening was into ihe substance of the lungs was that the air passed out from the lungs through the abscess 1 cjuld and did frequently blow out a lighted candle by placing it imme d lately before the opening, auu making a sadden ellortat respiration. Here was positive proof that extensive ulceraiion, involving the substance of the iungs, waa going on. All my symptoms Indicated consumption? cough, expectoration, great delihility and emaciation, distress for breath, hectic lever, night suets, Ac. My friends and my phvsician regardeii me a* certainly doomed to ihe grave, by the disease which was on me. us though I ii.wl been alrua><y in uiy coilin This was my apparent hopcleMi condition, when in January, 1*17. 1 most loi Minutely applied to you. I did so wiih very little hope ol reliel. Von, yourself, did not express very confident hope I that y ou could rescue me from ihe grasp of a disease so tirmly fastened. but still encouraged me uy mylng that you thought It possible 1 might be cured if I adopted and faithfully pursued your treatment. I did so, and v. I'h gratitude to Uoil for his blessing upon the meaus you employed, and with gratitude to 1 you lor your skill and and kindness in treating me, I can say that I have been ill the enjoyment of good health for the last lour or live years I pursue my ordinary business, have no cough, no pn'n, hate my usual tlesh, aud nearly my usual slrt ngtli. I do not suppose that I am as strung as I would be with lungs that never Leen diseased. The front lobe of the left lung is nearly gone. My esse may appear almost in, credible to those who regard seated coiisumplion as in 'u ruble. Itut if Ihe sceptical will write or call on me, at Tarrylowu, New York, 1 can. 1 thtuk, convince them that at leas' one such esse has been cured by your admirable treatment. With the sincere wish thst others similarly alllicted may apply to you anil liiid reliel, 1 am most grate! u'.ly yours, OoHNELIl'S D. Rcvkitc. TESTW03T or THE r<~TMA?TEH IT T4KKVTOWN. Taukytows, May 28, 1813. Mr. Cornelius D. Revreisa rtsre table resident of tiiil place. I sm . ell acquainted u.ih him, and know hitn to be a mini of candor and pioMtv. the statement he makes In regard to hit health may be relied on as true. M. >1 . Wilson, Postmaster. Mr. Revere called at my office to day, November 2i, lftM. He U in pern ct health *nd weighs 1-0 lbs. S. S. F. CASE NO. V. DIM'ASED Ll'XUS iMlll'IduT, WITH C.VTIBE L04.S OF VOICE, FOR VWEKTV HVE T E AHS, ri'KBD. Jltrr*j;i<ti*vii i.e, Ind.. Oct. 22, 1H5I. Iln. Fntu -DtAl fi*-P*nnll m>- ut tin* time to ud'irtm a few line* to you, although it Inn ne ?er been ray privilege to net you. la It atiange that 1 feel great reai < ct ur wlie baa bein tin* meant. In Ihe liauila ut Hoi.oi relieving me ol aurb bodily luilnnltlcar In Ihe year IfCil iny health ami alreiigth begun to tail. My complaint was general debility nail a ae raii(.t uieiii of the nervous ayatem. I waa doctored by several Dhyaiclaui, but I hoy made my rate woi>e instead of better. In US.11 I began to liave my v j Ice, but, with great exertion, continued to upeak a utile for tlie spacc of tlx months, when I became entirely *pee. hle-s. Such a cane (the doctors *?kl) was never knowi.. iud irlU tu do tbey knew not. They ftnaDy report) d to calomel and a. cripple of me for the ?pace of tour yeara. My auttcrlnfs, while in that condition, I will nol attempt 10 describe. f obtained temporary re lief, but found no cure tor all my maladies until I applied to you. by letter, for advice la it spring. 1 wna then ?[ef ch b-aa, and enuKhinK abiu>;t w-eseanUy, dny und night, with ?hurl brtaiblng. and p.un in the Ml shoulder. I commenced using your remedies, and following atrictly your advice, and w aa root! relieved ol my cough. Yotur medicines, with the ccld salt witter bath nppenred t>i regulate and air- n;then the a v stem, ami the result U. my voice I* perfectly restored. and I am entirely Heed [run bad feeling v which had never left me lor an hour in the !iut twenty six yenn. Yon have done for me what u number of ykyilrllM, In different Mates, had tried to do, i>ut fullt d ol sncersa? tbelr skill w;ia lialited. 1 have In ed a m ite for more Uian twenty t;ve year*, but for thi l.iat two ii ontha have been uble to talk and sing, like ] waa wont to do in the day* of my youth. M \ healih T* food. I have no thing to complain ol but a broken constitution. Accept my thanks, and ever believe me, \ cry truly, yotira. Ml*. LlTElTA I<ons. ? ? ? CASE XO. VI. Viacrai.\E?, Kent I'O . Mich.. Oct 16, 1RW. Ur. Fitch -Hint Him? It ia with feeltnga of gratitude that I now attempt to perfm m a duty w hich I have for some time owed you that ol writing Mi expressing my indebirMiieas E von lor the ? healih 1 bow enjoy. A lew months since i m> v? ry sick, w lih every symptom of the consumption. I'hv ale tana cxaBilaed my luuga, and said they were aliened. Mint! c,if? ?e< mod to do me no g-aal. My tle?l? and strength faile I rapidly In thla condition I applied lo yon. You mid uM you Could i ure me. 1 received menieiiies you aenl me. I nsed your mevbauical remedies* and medlciiiea, and in two week ? fell U<at I w aa belief My improvement waa very Kradual, tor I waa very muih roducod. 1 have billowed your dirwotton tenhl Uly, and now have mjr uoinI healih. aod can walk three o fiui uiikeaa dav with scarcely any tatigue; I have more lleah and mote health) countenance than I have had for yeara. Your ' i ? Mm ut seem* to have wrought an entire cliauge :n uiv ivi tem. I feel txAhlng of my former difllculiy. excepiing some timet a alight iiiiconuortable leeiinij in my cheat. Thla I have n- I fell fni several week* past, and hope it la entirely removed. P i uple that niiu me when I w aa alek aay thi y ?build not know I wim tlx' same |ier?on. Now I have no heaitancy In saying I feel that, under 1 rovtdence, I owe my l.fe to Dr. Fktrh; aud woida cam.ot ex,ue?a the giatltnile I feel. Please accept my ? u: ui thank a, with the aaaiiram e that yon will ever be re nietnl.ered bv Ha a ah I akoum K i . .Noti -Hit* young lady belongs lo a consumptive family. When she applied tu me. her lungs were, no doubt, exten -Ivijy dl?< in d. Hie had a aevere hackliic cough, pain In the ?text 'lirough the nhoulder and aidea, liecth' fever, nivl night w* rata, and hull three tin.ea hied Irom the lunga Her caae waa oomplicated with palpitation ot the heart, hemorrh iida. and rxtruaive derangement ot fcc lemaie conadtution. She la cired. H. 8 r. Thoee who wl?h to aee thh whole mibject further dlacieuM'd, m .? referred to my " lecture* on the I m aud |ttaea?ea of the Lunga. and the Uv? of Lite. " a volume ot :ki-> paxen, ill ue tra'e.l by 2T enaravlnga hamlmmely hnund In niuailn? price if' eente. To or for invalidi It will be aoM for ihe nonitual in tee of 26 rent*. Apply, personally or by letter, at my oiliee, No TI4 Itroadway, New York In this volume Will lie found a gii de w hu h w ill, If follow ed, lead to health and long life. B 8. FITCH, A M, M. I) . No. 7I? llioinlway, N Y. CIONHI'MPTIOW AND ITS BAVAUKS IfTCCRIMFI'IXT I treated In three wooke ?If I cannot check tiie fatal pro grrf* of It In thai apecitied time, I give up Ihe patient an 1. -i, and lead H.e aulferer to no furtlier expenaea Ir enaaumption la w>t checked In Ha Infancy, before the third atage la fully d< v?:op?d, it ta only madneta to attempt II afterwurda J. D. Dl'HKlM, Chronic and ConatimpUon f'.octor. ITS Bowery. HZ LITKRATTRIC. TTIT Ol'T*>TtlK PltfT Nl'MHKR OF "IIOIRIW OT ?f Ihe Kuropran < ourta. Ac . Ac ," cmiainliiwlanrta Naiadei n t ranrei. Alemitdrr II iMi -ala). Francia ( \ iiatrli.i Fur sale in all new ? depots mid b<aikaellera Central agency, KOf'rt, TOlfKY A CO.. ItU Naaaau Mreet Mm. HENT7/S WonKJ. me aoav rorFLAL t* vme world rorira or asv or tma sou< srraa Atm. V. MKS CARtil.IRR UCK IIKNTS1* Wt>KK!t T I.' TKTKMOX b?a Jtiat publiahe,| a new re vise- 1, ttniiorm, and lieauiltDd edition of all of Mr?. iieniAa works, printed on much f tier and better paper, and in far au nertoi atyle to what Ihey have ever befure been lastted In. narh liook ron'aloa a beautiful eniti avliig Illua'taUve o( one of thalieat arrn en tn each work The following are loeir nameeS Tttr PtAST*r,? RNimi n?lPt. With IliuatraUnna. Oanoiete in two volum* S, paper cover, of ml pa^ea, price ta.e dollar or hound Ml one VMume, cloth gilt. >i *. I.tsin Tlie\nuntr I'liot of iheiUlla Creole Two toi?., paper eovtra priee turetiUi, or one volume, elo?h Kilt, 1M hoai RT tiaaiiaw. 1 he ae<|iiel lo and ronllnuaiMm nif " Un la " Twovoia. paper cov er. price Ticeuta. or one volume, cloth glit. #1 K* v A; ?>r, the Snow Bird. A laie of real life Two vole., paper cover, prtea ia ? enta: or one volume, ehah gih. $1 . M IMH W ?ai ?ai>. <??. the UHig M?m spilng. T ?o vol*., p?p?r cover, price Jit eenta or one vol . cloth gilt, 91. i oi KTSuir Aan M iruiai-k. 1 wo vole., paper cover, priee ?l . or one vol , rioth f ijt f I IS. K<ni>*:or. Masnolia \ ale Twovoia.. paper cover, price Tlcetila or one vol.. t loth gill. $1. Ii>i.?n /an AavHra. Two vola., paper cover, priee 75 rent* or one vol.. clo'h gilt. SI. t opie* of either edition of any of the above worka will he ?< nt to any pera<m. Pi any part ot the I'nlted Wales, free ot poeiage, on their remitting the priee of the ones ihev m?j wtsh io the publisher. i n d and for aa?* by T B. I'KTKRSON, No. WW Cheat nul mreet, Philadelphia. CJTII I. ANOTIIKR TA1.E. O Til K WOtRfir or SOCIITT, now puMiaainf In the LKHOKR OF ROM \N< F R?a If th? mortii'ig, at all newt depoia. Prk^ 4 centt. MOfMAR'S RXPOf I RR OF I'RRRMAftONRY.? \f< lyn a Rr.tial of Kreemaaonr;-. Ala?, nove'a, at ball tlie ret licatmn price. oM brx.ka. enaravma. novels auloarnplia, bought and aold by NRAUI.K A IIICKS, Sum, Hroadwav, H i eo ilnora above Broome *treet. UTIIX ANOTHFR TAL*. 0 THR kociok or ftOCIKTY now puhUaluug _ __ __ In the 1 FDOKR f?r ROM A NCR, Ready ihtt nult-ninir. at all new* depot*. Price 4 1 ents. THR PIRINRff. RRtlt'I.AR he held on tbia MOBH. Se.'v. l. XKMPT RKUINR COMPAKY -THV, Fa monthly meeting of Ihia ertmpanv will h V tdneaila? if venmg, nl ? o'clock. JAi*. tMI^ K'OTTCR-THK MKMBKRB AND HOXORARY MKM1 bers. also the friends of Franklin Fturlne Company Ha 9L ? t I'rooklyn. nr? reunested to attend a meeting at t heir engine In me, on Wedfieaday evening Auguet 27. lo make dnal ar ia niementa lo proceed to New Haven on the tth of Septem lit Every peraon intending to a? company them will ha I ur cmat in attendance. .loiPI. APPLKYaRD. Foreman. ,f. C. Towattv. Hecretary. NFW YORR AND BROORLTW pirr dfpartmf.nts Notlce -The friends ot Paeifle Fnglne Company No. g, ri Ut i llamaburg. Intending to participate with them fa their e* eni aton to N<^ Haven, are Invited to attend a meeting of that cut i anv on Wednesday evenini, Aniruat 7 T, at a o'cio *, R M DVRon, Stvretarv y( aRVATIORI WAJfTBD. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY DE3IRB8 A SITUATION, a s housekeeper, or to take care of children. Will teach, If required, music and the Eugliah branches. Address 0. 8. K., Ilvrald office, which will Be promptly attended to. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA tlon, m chambermaid and fine washer and ironer; the beat of city reference j given, if re-) Hired. Apply at 177 East lAth it , near 2d avenue, for two day*, If not engaged. A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL, WHO UNDERSTANDS dressmaking and every kind ot needlework, desires a situation as seamstress in a respectable family, either in ulty or country. Please call at 66 lludsou st., iirst floor. AS COOK? BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, WHO UN dersUnds her business well ; can give good city refer ences , can lie been tor two days at No. 3 Sixth street, book More. ? i AN AMERICAN LADY, EXPERIENCED IN TEACHINO French, Latin and all the English branches, is desirous ot forming an engagement to instruct the children of a family i "sluing in New York or Brooklyn, at their own houses, Best reference given and required. Address Teacher, box 10B, Herald office. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN LADY WISHES A 8ITUA lion, ns governess in a small family. Best references given. Address V. C. V., Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as seamstress; good city references can be given. Can be seen for two days. Inquire at Ul West 2Stli st., between ith and 8th at enues. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO 2\ man, us good plain cook, washer and ironer, or genera' bouseworker. Good city references. Inquire at 30U West 19th st, between Oth ana lotli avenue*. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT AMERICAN young woman wants a situation, as chambermaid ami waiter, or as child's maid. She has the best of city relerence Pkase call for two days at :i51 2d avenue. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN wants a situation as laundress or chambermaid, she is a hr?t rule w asher and Ironer, and is fully competent to lier l 'U? lues* ai.d has the best of references, and wants good wages. Pleuse call for two days ut 351 2d avenue. * situation waxted-by a respectable wo J\ man. to cook, wash and Iron in a private family. No ob jection to the country. Best of refcreuce. Call at CI Laight st, in the basement. i SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ii young gil l, to do chain berwork and waning, or to assist, in washing and Ironing; the best ol city reference can be given I rem her last employer. Plc.ise cab at the corner of iindge and PI} mouth sts., liiooklyii. A SITUATION WANTED? ?BY A RESPECTABLE your.g woman, as chambermaid and seamstress, or waitress; I est of city reference Call at 131 31si st, between ith and flh avenues. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES V SITU ation, to do general housework m a small family; is a good washer and ironer. Please call at 30 PaciUc St., Brook lyn, Iirst Hour, back room A YOUNG LADY WOULD LIKE A SITUATION AS governess or companion to teach chu dren primary les son* ill some family at the South. Address Governess, Broadway Post utllee. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young.wom.ui to|do housework, in a suiall private famliv; is a good p:?in cook, w asher and ironer; has live.l three ytars in ln'j last place; can give good city reference. Cin be seen for two days. Please call a; 164 16th st., betweeu 7th aiid btlt avt nues, In the rear of the bakery. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE y< ung w oman, as cook, in some private family. No ob jei ion to cu a shot t distal ce in the. country. Hem of city refer ence. CaB at 27o Pacilic st , oue door from Smith. Brooklyn. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, AS A seamstress, in a respectable family; understands cutting and titling ladies' and children's dresses in the latest style. Can be seen lcr two day* at 126 Clinton place, 8th st. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE To EN gage, by I he day or week, in a private family. The best ot reference given. Addicts l'res-uiaker, I niou square Post cffice. A SITUATION WANTEI1? BY A RES PR ?..TABLE IPO man, as good rook, washer and Ironer. Good city refer ence. Inquire at 113 17th sL, between 6thaud7th avenues. Can t e seen for two days. ARKfcl'ECTAllLE PROTESTANT UIRL WANT.-I A ntuattou, to do cb imhcrwork uml waiting, or chamber work und plain sewing. H.ih one years retrivuce. Cull at Hit Plymouth at., Brooklyn, second Door, trout roi mi. A WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, AS COOK AND To n?K it) iii Ihi w sailing n.ic Irotuug. lleatol c.ty reference. ( all at IT Kutl J 1 uL m., I>elu em 3(1 arid 4Ui avenues, for two days. A PROTECTANT (URL WISHES A SITUATION. A8 , J. V cook, and will assist in washing. Can be seen lor uiree days at No. 16 Eai-t Ittli at. 4 nTRAW Mil I. IN KH. WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER A V stand* ilroMi.aklijg would like a aituailun, to ho Wsatur South. Good city relet < uce. Apply at 181 CUuumi ft. near Grand. ARESPEt TABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION, AS chambermaid ami seaiuetreas or a? chambermaid and to lio lite fine wuahing, li. >? tlio beat of city retereu' v. Call for two ilaya at Mo. 15 East llib at. ARESPECIABLR OIBL WI.-IIES A SITUATION AS ctok, wi>: her huiI ltueer; or to do geaeral housework. No objection o go in the country luquiie at Hit) Atlantic ?t., between Powers and Ne\ liu, Suutli Brooklyn. 4 RESPECTABLE YOUX0 WOMAN WANTS A J\. i.tuaiiou as chambermaid and seuutalressa. Can InNn or two days at b' residence ol' ber present employer. No. 1. :l < 'bat Hon street, near Weau 4 RESPEt TABLE, TIDY GERMAN OR COLORED HER 1 V vant wanted, 'o do ilie housework ol a small I rmly, *lat>, u young perron an Judy a maul, idte muat aew neaiiy and be sMc to read well. Apply at 111 Went :ii:b ?i.t between till] and itb tfiNMb A VOl N<1 GIRL WISIIWS A 'ITU ATION AS CIIAM bci maid, and <u H-mxi In washing und Irnulng. or cooking n a una II ornate lomiiy. Haa Ihe best of city le'crenci. Cau be seen for two da) a ai .'4 Jamn ?L, rear building, 1st Hour. A MTV ATION W ANTED ? II V A RESPECTABLE WO man, an chambermaid; willing to aarni In the waaliing mU tronii it Uoid ri'ierencea. Inquire at No. II Kiushiuu avenue. East Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED- AH WAITER ORt'MAMilKR maid. In a hotel or tinardlug house, by a yo ting woui m, w itli ibe beat of city reference*. Can be aeen a' XI 1 Bowery, rear. AYOCNO WOMAN WISHER A SIT! ATION. AS chambermaid, and la H illing toaaaiat with nursing, under a'luula hi rbua!ue?a perfec ? 1 1 y Gooilciiy rrfmtWI giM-nlrum her lam place. Pie sac call for two day* at !&t il avenue. 4 YOUNO I. \DY W (.NTS A SlTl" ITION. AS FAMILY arimitme and t?i take ebar :e of children ; ia willing to go in ihe country or travel. Call al 231 Bowery, lu ibe roar, foi tun daya. ACTUATION WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE WO man. as grod plain eoek, waaaer ami Ironer. an I good baker, (tend city rclcrcnce. Inquire at Si! fob in., ooruer 31 ?t w. A SITUATION WANTED-HY A RESI'ECTAHl.E WO innn, a* Ittne und chaminTin ltd. tlnoil city trlen ncea VS i-hi'ito goto liuklnu. In |Ulri' at 2ltl Imi ave. AnKSI'Et'TABI.E WOMAN WlMtlN A ffTC ATION A^ plain rnt<k or rhatnlx riiMld. Ill a t> hrfttn laruli v. lioat oT rity irferwe imn In r lant place wrier* ahn baa ilvM many year*. I'lcan- cnll for two daya, at 3nu 11. tm at., Brnokli n. A LADY, ACCUSTOMED TO YEACHINll, WHO CAN lnrm?!i untji i ptionable tenlovHuala aa to cupubilliy, Ac., w ;-lira lojortn nil erigagi ment wnb a lainlly gorernMa. H?r cournr <>i inairuii.on cnmpi uM-a the mil bram lie" ?f Kngllub, Krrtitb and mu*K!. Houtli <>r Weal preferred. Ad dr**aP. S.. Broadway 1'nal oilire. A YOU NO FRENCH LADY. JUST ARBIVKD EROM I'ana. perlect in ln-r art a? di-msinaker. Trlabn dally i m pbi> mrni in an A mcrioan family, Iroui h in the morning tni> in ihe evening. Adnreaa M ile Rave*, care of Madame Oray, 0/ I iiiou plan-, near llauiltou a.enue l> rry, Brook ly a. KCTABLB YOUNO WOM?N WISHR4 A SITU , atkXI, in n privat* tninllr, in do genoial hnwwark. t.iHxl rity reli rencr l'lea?e fall for two Ua>a. a'. IM All .ntlc at., Brooklyn ?eronil tloor, back room. AB1TUA1 ION WANTED? I1Y A BBUPBCTARLR VOl NO ?' man. Mn ok. waalirr and Iroiier. ta a gWOd baker, has lived ibiee yeara in her i?at plan- Can be ?een at 72 Ply ?eutli aireat. one d< or irom Adiuna atree . Briaiklyu. A PROTECTANT AMERICAN tllRL, WANTS A PLACE In a hotel, a* rbanibermnld. or oook In a '?oirdlng kitxtm. * an be teen for ibrrr daya at 36 Mh avenue A RESPECTABLE OIBL WISHES A SITUATION To cniik, nt'k and iron t tty reter>Mire c'.viui I'le e*ll or addre-a Ann. 47C 6'h avenue, between 2Nti .it?d X'l li aia . la the pRIcr. for iwn daya A LADY WISHES TO (RECOMMEND A lilOHLY RK tpreul'le woman aa M'ainatraaa in a prtrate lamiiy hhe ta a Pi"ie?tant, kind and obliging, and .a u?-rul In all klmla . 4 rewlng No objection to Ihe rnnutry. CM ba ae.'n at bi>r preaent em,i)oyer ?. W1 Houston at., second llnor, forihiev ?iaya. AREsl'Et TABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A ?ITl-A tlnn to do rhanlierwork and waiting, or to do ihe work oi a una. I family. Is a first rale uashi-r and Ironar. <n*>l city referem e. Can l>e a?'. n for Iw o ilaya at M M'*t St. A MIDDLE AGED OENTLEM \ N, WHO HAS A PUN damantal knowledge m eeery brim h nl agrn ulture and whnliaa lor aeeeral yeaia aasl'ted in 'bo maaag?rn>nt of a* tmnaitallv liblu satala In K'irop?>. w de?in? la tor a situa ISWi In tbc lajparity of aomlniatralnr Addrnas J. D. M., Union ?|iiare Post office, fll Broad war. N. s. An At complhhedoruanist, of veby favor* Me reputation il'rofiaanri. and a rooI aopra in and al'o aiD(ri , * nh go* hi vo ce* and musical ednca Ion. w 111 aeeeftl a'v ei sstienieiit at a Protesisnl i hurrh Applr a> Win Hall M N n a music sta?. e. 2SV Hrosdway. corner ot Park piace. A BOY. EIFTEKN YEARS OLD. WISHES TO I.EARN the 1 1 nde of a skip carpenter, a tr, maker or nlnuiber. ln<|Oire at No. &l oi:!andi -treet Nation tl lloiel. A -MART ACTIVE YOUNO MAN OF SIX YE \R< e*| Wte nee In the n tall traile wmts a a'tuation, ?Itliear l;i ihe wlmieaale wr retail grocery l>ualiia?. eetl?:artory re' renera given. Address F. E. M'., Im\ 3)2 Herald oMm AYOI Nti MAN WISHES To EMPLOY HTS UNorcu pietl sime In copying, he wrttea a fond ie?tMe hand We ran supply merehams WiU? trustworthy an I ?.tirien- e'eika. Vniirgm?nan li i employment are Invited to register Ap l>|y in IIaTIoN a (:??., mercantile cleeka regiatir, j|i) Vmadway. i ppoaite the St. Nicbolav AM OtniD HOY, lft YF.ABR OLD. OF RE-PBCTARLE parenla. w an ? a situation. In a store ?>' would Mnd maclf to a good trade . be write* a ('>Kl hau l in I i? I ret V tood st figures Iti^tiir* of Mr Ulbbous. Id stats giiti, near the Battery. A YOUNO MAN. CAPABLE < iF SPEAKIN'I ANDCOR resp<iniMi g in i leri.ian llngllah an l Frewch languages, an.l a kncwleilne of boi kkeiini g w?bea a sltuaNow in a gen eral merrbandise oommlaslnn oralilpp n j 'ma'aes* Best city refertM* ftoi > Isctlon togodouib or West. Address Cos tnoa. Kerald office. 4 YOUNO STUDENT, WHO ARRIVED IN THIS CI7 J\. a ,r? d.ns smre, In m one of the New England Sia:es, the pm poae of pursuing his studies still further, being obll by l ecnltarcli ' nmsfsnees to foresphia intention, for the sent takes this occasion to say thai he la at liberty to acne respectable position aa lencher o! the lailln and Frenef guages isr. t also the tireek IsngtMe prortlen (he pup not loo far sdvsneed > In some of the higher schools of th or hi ? private family He esn feeca hia nupila also write a goo?l hsml, ?egeih'r wl'h the srt<M oookkeeptn URIWH, II re.) Hired ?ITTJATIOBfS WAJVTKD. B* A PROTESTANT YOUNU WOMAN-TO DO OENB tal hauaework. or chamberwork and lake cu'a of chil dren; would make herself generally useful Uood city refe rence. Mt) be seen at 237 Jolmalou street, Brooklyn, fur two daye. By A R EXPECTABLE AMERICAN (1IRL, A SITU A ? lion wanted, to do chauiberwork and Hue sewing, or to uke care of a child, or to do the general homework of a ? amiiy. Apply at 27 Barrow at., uear Uleecker. H0U8EKEEPER.-A SITUATION 18 WANTED By A* American lady, to superintend the household ultursof * part; ol gentlemen, or for a w Mower's faintly. Ample reler enee given. Address Maruuand, Herald office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teatant flrl, as first claim cook, none but a private family need apply. Can be seen for two <lavs at 159 First avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh sts., top Boor, front room. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIHL, a* chambermaid or would do general housework; hail three years' referenoe from her last place. Call or addrese 138 Smith st., Brooklyn. No objection to New York. s _ rlenced chambermaid and laundress, in a private fami ly. IJas no objection to the country. Undoubted relerence ad to character aud ability. Apply at -71 dowery. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE WO men, an nurses, (either Is capable of taking charge of ? baby), or plain sewing and chamber* ork; good ei'y reference. Inquire at No. U2 Amity st., corner of Sullivan st., over thts fancy siorc. SITUATION WANTED? TO TRAVEL WrTH A LADY or ? mull family. Can rake c >re of children, an I is an ex cellent nurfe. Best of relerence given. Address for threa diys box 367, Jersey ' ity l'ost otlice. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls, in a private family; one a* nrst . lass cook, ud (ho oilier as chambermaid, is fully competent, liest city refer ence. Can be seen fir two days, if not engaged, at AK> Jtitll St., between bth and 9th avs. SITUATION WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, as ehambermaal and seauiHtresa. of to assist in '.lie wash ing and Ixoulng, if requlr I. in a private family. lias good relerence. Please call at 73 Charlton st., In the rear SITUATION WANTED? >8 CTIaMBEMIAID AND TO atslst In wailiing and Ironing, by a resoectable girl. Can furnish ilie beet recoinmciia1 tons from ber last employers, w here she van be seen lor a few days, 279 West utet st SITUATION WANTED- BY A HEALTHY YOUNG Wo man, as wet ntirie; lost h?r own baby; is kind. williug snd respectful; highly recommended. Can be seen In the basement of 34fl ftli avenue SITUATION WANTED- BY A MOST RESPECTABLB Seo:ch woman, to Cook, wash and iron, or do ho .sew ork, in a small family; highest reference, t an be seen in the basi ment of.34fl Sth avenue, near i-lli street. TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. -WANTED. BY A YOUNG man, a situation in a retail dry gooils house, in soma Western city or town. Is thoroughly afl'iualated with the busi ness. Can give unexceptionable references sa regards ability, diameter. Ac., both in tnis city aud Boston. Adores* W. a.. Herald iffic*. TEACHER ? AN ABLE, EXPERIENCED TEACHER OP" mathematics, bookkeeping, eloeutlon, natural phlloeophy, I.atln. Creek, French and Spanish is open to an engagement; could bring a large numberof pupils from Cuba to anv institu tion in w hicb he w oilld be employ ml Parent* anil other* who are willing to pay a far price tor good instruction would fail this a rare opportunity Reference In this city, Havana, kc. Address Junius, Herald otllce. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WoMaN. A situation as seamstress or chambermaid, or lo assist In the care ot children, can do all kinds of plain sewing; best of city reference. Can be seen at lUU A' est 17th s:., sec >ud tloor, lor two dsys. TITAN'TITD? BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED v V Englishman, a situation to superintend a gentleman * place, or would like to take a ?oou farm near New York oa shares. None need apply hut thjae who want to pay go-xl wages Address K. W , 132 Clinton place; or tfbx ltxi Herald office, for one week. TIT ANTED? BY A SCOTCH tJIRL. WHO SPEAKS TUB Tv French language fluently, a situation, as nurse. Addreaa II. E. L , Herald office, for two days. ?tlTANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE UIRL. A SITU ATION TT to dn general housework in a small private family; n * food cook, washer and ironer. lias the best of ciiv reference, su be seen lor two day* at No. 121) Weet 1Mb St., between (kh aLd 7'huvei. TTrANTED? A SITUATION, BY A EXPECTABLE WO vl as cook, w ho understands her btiainess perfectly well. Beat ol eMy relerence Cull at ib 3d avenue, two doors I rem '.>th st., in the mUliner's store for two days. TITAI'TEP? A SITUATION. BY A VERY BESPECTABLR TV girl, who is a firs', rate eook, washer and lrouer. anti objection to be laundros. t un give the very best of reference. Please call at 32 Vestry st. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLB young woman, as nurse and to do plain sewing tioo<t elty reference given. Please call for two daya, at 336 6th ave., cue door from 21st st. TTT" ANTED ? A SITUATION, AH WAITER AND CHAM vT bermaid. In a private lam ly, by a respectable yo ing flrl; can produce elty ret, rence . can be seeu tor two days, ?'lease '-all at 214 East 21st st., over the store. w 7ANTKD? HY A IKSPICTaBI.K OTRI-, A SITUA Hou. as chambermaid and se,iin stress, or m imstreao ami to uiiii w ub ilu- washln# mill ironing. Br?' oi city r (mm. Please cail at 311 l'*h *t , betw -*:ii nvr. A ami H. W TirANTKI>-BY A MIPIH.K AUED HCOT?'H WOM AN, A TT situation at took, or to do iirneral bongework ia * Hinull private family : good references given. Apply ?i K Wnat 13th at., between <ib hu I ?th avea , In ibe rear. Lati be soen for two (layn. TirANTKI)? A SITUATION. BY A RKSPi!' TABI.K TT yi iing Woman. to do Ibe g???wl housework of a sin, ill {?rii air family ; la a good plain cook anil a tirst rate w tsber and roner. baa the beat of I Ity reference from her lad t lace. Call at ;*i9 lifth it third floor. WAJvTED? A im'ATIOJf, BY A RB-U'Kt TAHI.B young worn m. as ooik, ?mi!?r?n.l ii.inir is a *?>! baker. Hood oil > rcferem a. Plenae call lor iwo days ai N* ? H'ceiler ?i., near lie Bowery. 11TANTKD-A HTl'ATIOJC, BY A RRRFRiT Alll.N TT jouug woman, to go general fcgtisewock .s a ?? 4 ji'aln i"ook a>><) an evcelleni w ,?her Irouer. n>> >bj? e llors m the muntrv (li**! ret. rem <?* can be e'*?ii. Plesa* apply at !T Witt I (lb it. A.MKIWHY A YOU NO WON AM A HITl' ATIOW a* rbamtx mi?i<l ami ?eainsire?s, or 10 do he w- -k <? a unall Utility; la a very neat workar. tlo?id c.ty reereirw given. 1'lease call at K.Mt lib at.. Id ibe rear. WAKTKH? . BY A KRSPV. Ta Itl.K YOURO WOM Kit, a situation as kfcgmbuwld. an1 io >lo plain seving In i|Ulie at IM lat nr. Heat ctty WlwtMl ghre? !mi. *<l|'tc' WANTRI?-BY A YOINICIRI., A SITUATION Aft TT aeamatrea*. ran eot mih! tit U.lies' awl ? lul'.r*ns dres. ?*, do plain sewing ami aaabroiilery ; would go 8euth. oe li ,ivrl wrb a faintly. hofm t.iea exeu.inged. Addrw* M 8. 8., He Mb ar , for one week. YirANTF.n? SITUATION*. BY TWO ami* WTTll EX TT i rllcnt city icfer, nee. one a< eo >k and a m"St ex l>nt I nker, makra panirjr, soh;>b and .lelliea, will isaisi in th? * ashing and ironing. n ages. to *'.i Ibe otber as ?ftmnrrai and child's aurse; ran eut and m ahtru naaily; wn:e*, $7. ( nil a: 216 Ka?t -Nil at., for two day*. TIT A NT KP? A SITU \TION, IIY A RK8PI1 lAIHU TT young * omaii, to ilo gn eral hgusewcrk. i'au he seen ki it Heater at. TlTANTKn-A SITUATION, IIY A RK I Ki TUH M TT young woman. aa i'h itnberm iid mi l *v t?*r ir a# rhiimbermalil anil plain pi v it 'teat of rlty refwea^e 1 1 >m her tail plare. t an b<* ?een r.i V ? -t I. I'i aC \t7ABYK9? A IHTTATIOK, WKT KURSK. IIY A TT yocagM 1 hi l b- ? .. I wtnuar; giixl ?'/ re'e reneea elTen Cal! ni So. iu Spi 'ig ?t., (jet?.i;ii I un auJ W'AXTVfi A SITU V flOR, BY AN AMKni?'AN WT TT i'.ow I , - iiiouil.l ? n <> or bo ia?kerp< r. ?! -ab? eliarf ? 1 1 an u lanl or In aty i'l?i rapacity whero . *i<- *<?? attention are rc-iulttil. I'U a? all. cr adU/cai L. T , Nu. 13 6ih tireei. UrAXTRIf? A SITUATION BY A RI>"K. r AIII.H younit woman, aa (taal plain ?<?ik ami c<n " i b..ker. >h'? l ..s lue yeaia- relerrnee from li i laat plai-e No ohj?.'uoo !? Ibe conntry. I'lraai rail, *or two ila>a. at 27.1 Moitat. ?WTANTRD-BY A nRtPKUTARI.K OIRI. A -ITUA TT lion, to ilo ratieral Ikiiiaeworb, in a iniii'l fa ,y. ? l pcH-il waalier and (roner Haa the beat ol city reference t'au I" miii at .No. '? Molheny ?t , or two data. UrANTRD? BY A TROT kST A NT KKVAI K A HITI'A Hon. lo mind ehlhlien nuu aa aeama're<a. la foml o| (bildren, ran makr lier*< it uaelnL t'au be aeen at S7 iMtB at l.ftwer0 mil :iMl i'h aveinM*. \I-ANTKD? A ftrrUATin!*. HY A YOUN J WHS A N, TT io do general bnnaework. In a ainal! prrate tauilly. < an (tire 11.8 Feat of city r<*frreocc. Inquire at ."ur .lay at, litooalyn. \\TANT?n-A FITUA1ION BY \ RKHFRi YAB1.R FRO TT taalant ftrl. aa rhamlirrmaM, or < Uatnh<Tma .l and wait er. wltb tit. l>?wt of city retrrrnre* fan he ??*n until i'ngm?e4 at Bl >?al KMh at., near I.e>|n(tton arentm. \ I* AKTRD ? A MYl'ATIOK, BY A I.AI?Y. A? HOfSR TT keeper lo n widower with rbildren preferred. Refer ences of ibe highest respectability given and ro i'iir?d. Ad dress 8 M., Herald oflirr. ?tlTANTItP-BY A PRSPRrTAHI.B YOCRO WOMAN, A TT sitim'l<in io do the rooklac, washing auil ironinf of ? small Umily . la n good p! un c<a>k and a lirat rate waalier ami Ironer; la ai?o a good bread baker. Beat of elty referanaB kiven, fan be seen for two dav*. Pieaae call at SI Tib at., ?ear lat amine, si n nd lloi.r. fioni room Al'AKTKP ? SITUATION Alt TOOK, BV A RR TT Speeta - woman, wh.' laa lira! rate wasber ami lloner Bel ?? ran be given. I'anjbe seen for two day i ?> at., betwten rir?? aod 8se<md are V f