Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 1, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 1, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7307. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1. 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM 8T. DOMINGO. j Intriguer of the Spanish Charge d'affaires against the United States. ' Attempted Absorption of Dominica by Spain. i _ HIE TREATY WITH THE USITED STATES. AFFAIRS IN CUBA. Sue., 4c. , Ao. fipecl*l Coe-rcspoiidenrr mf the New York Herald. ?OUR ST. DOMINGO CORRESPONDENCE. City or Si!? Oomln'oo, ) I*)*IMCA!? Rmriuc? THAT WAD, Aug. 3, 1856. f Important Position of AJfairs ? Movements of Spain to Jbivrb &>t. Dcm in go ? Spanish Vessels of War on Hand ? ^ Pfforli (o Cinth out the Trttiiy wii.hthe United States ? Kt tttiAiV Speculations? Attack on the Press ? Street Piyht ainl D-ath ? Attempt U> Search an American Vemt ? Jf tttuHf of American Vessels of War ? Depart ure of th : smtrico* Consul for Washington. Being ewsre of your fearless exposure of all wroug doing, whether individual or national, and or the influ ence I roduced by the volumes of facts which you dally spread bet' ire the reading Intelligence ?>f the world, and especially of all those matters whlcu may interest the people and the government ot the United States, I take Advantage of British kindness, by way of navana, to give you a brief Hkelch of doings here. Although my tim<' U short, from the unexpected opporti nity to write, I hope to say enoi; 'i to attract the attention uf your pub' o. The commercial agent cf the Un'ted States, Jonathan HIM, K?i , who was also cocnmUsiouod to make a treaty with this government, has been very active, intelligent and faith! ul to the discharge of his important trust. The treaty m?'e, ratified and confirmed by the President an 1 Senate of the republic, wad some months since placed in the bands ot the Sfcretary ot the United States, and we presume has before iliu hod the legal approval and sanc tion of your government, tnis truty has been found ?ery oflen>ivo to the Spanish officials, who have under taken to dictate to our government, aud to rule over our people. Mr. Segovia. Consul Heneral and Charge d'Af fairs on tbe p*'t of Spate n'ar this government, has, nutl :r his r. .cotrnctiou of the sixth nod seventh articles oi the recent convention vim Spain, assumed an authority and col duct interfering wiih the executive officials an 1 With tho tribunals of tue land, both impudent and ty rannical. in which be hurf been vr-tained by two arm d Spanish vessels, stati >ned in a position to threaten tho eity and < \ era we tue authorities, ? boa he has promised to punish unless they comply with hi) demand*, In the compobit'on of the advisory and executive depart a9i.ts of the government, by placing therein the ml&or*t>lo tools he hi i created. The system adoptod by this agent of a friendly Power may be understood by a few faets. Under one sectiou of the treaty o s*cure prot ection to Bpeaish s objects he has matncuUted all the negroes and colored persons of this city and vicinity as subj? :t? of Bpa'o. Tiiey were born hero ai s'aves; tbeyareejw free ui.Jer the couatiiution of tae republic, and they nev jr owed ? they or their forbears ? allegiance to Spain. After the creation of these subjects be has forced this govern ment to constitute a police tribunal drawn (rota this class; and under the influence of fear and Uie threats adminis tered, they have dune so The Coo.<ul General, Jose Maria Antoiua Hegcvia, forced th? flnmisis. to resign, In cocscq'tence o( which regtamota the Vice Pre sident, ts provided by the rons'ltuUoii, becsme Prosldeut pro tern., ai.d is in his turn to be relieved, by order of the ?anae rupreme power, by tue mulatto. B?e?, now at St. Thomas, where he has been seat lor by the Dictator, Segovia, to assume the reius ot government of the I*omU.lcan republic. As soon as Dwi arrive* a policy inimical to the interests uf the United States, and destructive of the freedom of our people, will bs tmt tied under the iLltuecee of our Spanish derpnt? Saotan t wiU be shot ? the days of tho republic numbered, whoa it i. to f*U Into the pretertoral arms of Spain, already exten t ed to receive us to her bosom, under the matricula cuartus of Stgova. Segovia, rot being able to iitluaaee and control entire ly tbe berate, for the parpoaa of Ignortng the recent treaty wita thi "Lclt?d States, lias been able to coa|>?l the8erret.iT> of Stale, or Foreign Affairs, to et;?n a letter which was wi .'Un by blm,elf (Segovia) to *tr. Mercy, requesting and begging that the treaty shou Id be returned ret (ttU a orthographic and grammatical corrections, to. ?a sublet fuse a. opted to get the return of Ute documents, when, he allege*, ?' that there ihall be no treaty with the letted SUtja.'' Our gnvcrnmiut? the represents*. ,-?} braart? xs-1 tho white community . thtouglwtt tho re public, are la (avur of the treaty with the United Status, tod wt-h to hate the ratifl-atioos exchanged with as Mi tie delay as possible , but S^guvla ? euf almighty? will pre vent it wit*? his armed vcw.els ? the steem frigate ltla<oo de Ceny, aod tho brig of * ar Qraviaa, which have beon kept here for w> eks, to coorce this goverassent to m"et tbe determination of Bpaulsh poller. The goverstuent of the United Slates, after having made a Ueely with us In good faith and honor, will ilnd it rirtn ?ally annulled through Uie tricks of a foreign agent, aad ?our republic covered or absorb*-! by the retfoiUte web of the fpati-th diplomat or the matr i ila sponge of Fngovia, aniens they scud h.'re a man o: war ra^*s "Og?r ? to enforce Uie reapert due to th'tr own rlfbts wii at th" name tone have tbe oilect to f n'oroc the regard ?u< to us a? an Indt poadi i,? guvernm <ut. Tne er.'ng 111!* will Invelre ao flntetlW ? tho demonstra tion wi p'cv ?ut others f< am s-ivsntsge 01 oar ? w?- iluess. 'or the promoui'D uf their corrupt iealgns This Mr !-<v i n aajn? ayiun I repeat I - - ' tint there nh?li be < to treaty in twrra the INnnlm -?u republic ao'l the Coiled i Stat s: avl thnt, II tbe oi:~ alr^Ady concim' -<1 should be er nflrmed be the Senate of 'Ji" Un:t?-l ->t?tf.s, that he wdl ? prrin'; toe esrbsngeof ra^fl .atMrs." ft>f' Is tolersblr ? tail >a k, but H .s the IT' ry hemr laagnage of tho Spad.s'h Dsn a", i- rieral, ahd not?.rio': s ti r-.oj.'bout ty ,r t ? iimi inlty. r. e Dr. h and French Ooe? Is Mra although siieata nb??rve tlas eonst<?nt slot -nee of this R)?o ipoo tne 'acre I right* ai.d sovereignty ot tbe State and tiie freedom of tue peoi e, aod In all hi-- mov.-re> nt^ aid interviews t?i Mifcettttee, always attended with threats, they oear bin ? "tn^any, thereby gi* ?>r laett ssie h >n and^p.irorsl ? fpf bis condtiat Again, our Spuni h fJovern >r, who has pared himseif In laiprrial Hit. over us, says "that the ?wl.tM popettUoa, and near degree of white blood, sh?U lebiblH fro w all rler<-s of nflM, trust or power n ?She r.pubiit. That <? ? having a p pulati m of near SMP now. of ? inch fl<),00oare nv . i*tt v , t a0 | Sif (>i;o bier, a -i, 4< '*? wMtos? tint all oerer* shall be em'irai^od -by it.e in gro naet and its 'W' alTntty aaoeg th ? ma laito us. s. The nrgtiea sud eolo'e 1, now ?suiting ?fhroogh rratr eolation into Spsnnh s'ibiects. are o:i|f to he eligible to otto*" ta the ropoMtc. S'-goria bni managed totedueo erne rew st angers, Oermafls aod'. U, -So use Ikts profsMng tlt;es -\s f,wl?k eubjeets, which tliey have aerepSed Is order to stTMM cefw!n land and ?on;!n?rc;.l iatrr<<u th -y have ia new, under thi trt^ty of the teprii^ with ips n. The .rtii !.? lU* r sen'.s, their fa>b and their pockets, wh- '.i provH's tor the "rretHution of Ski' property tot eoefl tested to the Hate, whirh Ib-merly boionge.1 to Spanish s tbje-,t<, to tlautr ?c-irs or to .'?pmo. w: en tho-e osdWlSd oanoot bo f >uiid, std the (telivery 1c* paymept !<>r ait ^psal-di property ? piopeitv of Fj>antsh ntfMs, In money, ptatnor jewsU? whirh baa been or may be fonn I conoea'ed within the territory of the republic." t oder theoe provisions Ilea the germ of * peculator, and there is enough of lnter<?t to enver almost any eoneeii nee. In these dure, when ?bsm? wears no veil. Tbe clan e lor lerr toria! arq llsit'.on will sweep the beet laoits of the MpeMte, and onr friends are quite willing to sta?d sponsors si Spaei.b subiects. In the prepriaiorv lnter?*te <?( th? domsm. There never has U?ee any cot ''>calion of Isads ms^e bv th" State, or of other properly id any conseqoeoee, and the whole ot th? original Span ?h portion of the IsUnd has been nearly twice covered with Spanish grants, of whieb l^e titles a r* to he rsked tip by Segovia sod his trktc la. Us lor this srticle, the b>'st hinds ol tbe country are to be abrogated of their present titles, acquired la good faith, atid with the proceeds of the lei quttf S?"i,Tia will |?iy for the '"progress of absorption." it make* the pnrchaje money of our hiood, and the free Institutions of the country, after which contain m?ti on this Mian, whose mind an I beartare parked with knavery, ?".an put his msirleolated or natnrslised negr - -ebjecis ol ?SpHin up n the v land of Cubs, and realise their val ts la his porki ?, if he ts so di- posed; and it is believed to tbrm part ana parcel of hi* srih^mes. in that Island they cu go through a life crurse of spp'enfleeehlp nnd?r pro tectksg i fulai, always "i,.r v*lie received " MTs see every w?ek the war maritime representative* of France, Kr gland aad i-'fia.!n in oor w aters, bn< by no chanee are tin- lor git ? desire* of our heart* grai le ? the start aad etri;-"* i.o *',t sfV*! in th? nflng of Ozama Oar fns 1 "l*"* ? M birds of prey to the r treses wbieo t er WMt fToct *f%r, but orir fnendi, who iiare t ? fii iheitMy mpetliy an 1 romf.irt, Qtrnto sot fteer is, ? ? I' senre ot -* no Or tw-> Uvtted ^istie Ve*sol# ->f esr weti J t: t ire i -n l t'oce and pM nr ?? >.jili?, HitLoiit ujy j?uf go ernmer'. ;a d'.ffksltf ttlth ? t/ other Power, it tht acts of Segova are Illegal, oon trary to national law and national {acta, as well a* to good manners and moral*, and would not bear the light of Investigation. To shaw bow this monster dares, with hit Birength and the pro tcc.lng gv,ns of bin nation, to ccuktttute himseir our " Chief of rollce," and to usurp the power of the judiciary as well aa the executive functions ot the President, with insult ami calumny, I give the following case of current occurrence: ? A few days since, a Mr. (.a) van, the fearless and intel ligent editor of the Diario del G iHerrw, published an editorial exjiosirg to the people the frauds in course of penetration upeii their rights by thu Spanish Consul lie neraJ? the insults and threats that he bad presumed to UfO towards the government, comi oiling the {'resident and S-Vuat.j to adopt his demands a.-, tne basis of leqisla ticn and executive action? sabveruve of the organic functions of the republic, and the freedom of the people, and In violation of all law or precedent toward i a govern meiit recogn /.od by the civilized world In Its nation ality. The various working torms assumed by Segovia, ' loi tho consummation of his villany were clearly exposed. For Ibis article Mr. Galvan was, tbe fallowing day, way laid and a* suited by a party of negroes, the creatod ol'.cial subjects of Segovia and Spain, uml to save hU own hie was compelled to uso his pi-tol One of his assail ants fell, having received a shot through the body, and be new lies in a critical condition Itr. Calvan has disappeared, knowing that Segovia win for the moment superior to law, and that he rould be facrificed. Hie Spanish Don has taken command ot th* police forces in tho pursuit? that is he t ikes a gua. I from the marines of one of the Spinlsii v< :>sei3 of war to bunt him up, aided by his matrlvUat.d toils and myr muloms; and If found he Is t>bc tried by the loc;t negio court of his construction from the taiue niat< rial It is supposed that the fugitive from this packed tribunal of crime, may be on board of the American schooner Klllott, now lying outside and bound to lto->ton Segovia has forbid the vessel from going to si a until bo has searched ber, with bis Spanish marines and negro guai ds, to ascertain that Gal van is not on board. He ha." sent orders to tho Captain of the schooner that if he pre sumes to get up his anchor for the purpose of going t;> sea ho will be tired upon by th? Spanish vessels of war that command him with their guns. The United Mates Commercial Agent, Mr. Eli ott, .i?n instructed the Captain ot the schooner to pay no attention whatever to ! the orders or the threats of the Spanish Consul, and not, under any circumstance*, to permit t'i? search of his ves sel by this self-constituted police olE vr. and that when ready under the usval clearance trom the proper auth'j rlty cf the ctn-toms, to go to ?ea If he should be tlrc<l u to his vessel will be abandoned of course, and some body may promise to pay for it, in th < course of human event?? not Spain, of course, for th? y never have pud for anything. It would not bo possible for Mr. (ialvan'to obtain justice from thij tribunal, and RKSinst Segovia tVs governmeut has not tbe power to protect him frotn tlu-lr purpose of mx.rder; and his on1 y ssftty is in Ilnjai? not from justice, but those who de ft and her. Tho cure of these accumulated evi's, under the ODiuistraiion of a corrupt aud maligant foreign agent. Is simple and certain, and we shall be cabled to go on again in jieace and pronperlty if the l'nite<. St it 2s will send vessel* of war into these waters (I am compelled to reiterate il,- important fact, vital to' Uotn.uican free dom and saiety). to remain a>hort time, and to visit us occasionally, until the government can rensume its or ganic functions, and the terror of the brute Segovia has passed from our vision. The baH of tue enormities com mitted by tbK ti.uis cunnot be enumerated, oomposod of a thoHiand trivia!. ties, mingling our daily avocations and social obi gain >ds and reln'.ous. Hie Consul of spam declares publicly thai he acts under instructions ol his government which seems to Oe well un der stood by our C ban neiphoo-s, as their supe rior authority has Instructed tbe Governors of tho near eet district to our cot^t to order vessels and meant to bis asswtince, whenever he may require them. A mes senger was despatched yesterday to St. Jago de Cuba, for two more Simbish VC; >eis of war, to enforce hn de n'Stidg upon our I'residi-nt and Semite. Jonathan Kliot. Esq., the representative of the United litatcs, h is stood alone in opposition to tho action of Segovia, and has done n.urh to ward oil his attacks u]>?o th* integrity and legal ly constituted poner of the republic; but without tt.i hunting and national arguments of his nation la the vnta of cur, It is irnpo; tble to re !?t tbe treachory, or to preveut entirely thu turrrptitiou.- eu. roach cieuts of ths Spaniard. Various hte incidents of8?govia's pre ;umptnoas Inter vent, oh and plott'ng to prevent this gjvern neut from ex ercising the or l'r.ary jiowers ot all el vnized nations, in makitx trir.tles of peace. amay and commerce snta their neighbors, and the expovre of sundry high handed and overt att^ to the prejudice and itsmiije of Rational rights and national honor, corcred by the glorious flag of the I'tun, compel Mr. Elliott to uko th<> first rouu of tonrejance, en rmJs for Washington I ara in formed that a British war steamer no ? in the ofBug, on Ui* application, has consented t? lake him passenger to K ngstoa, Jac a<ca. where he will be lue'y to find owe vessels bound to th^ Rsvana. A fr*-irt aTvt*? that a B. it'sh steam frtga'e is bcund to the Havana and do?i the Gulf of Kextfo, for which he wl'l prob .blj b? in Ume The 8: m and consistent course o' Mr KUlott In meeting and overcoming the variola o>sticlee thrown in his official path by this huhk ag' nt, has met the beany approval of t:i? intelligence of thM people, \nd their <Jod f peeds (O wltll b'm to th* Unit d States Your humble corn poudent owes thanks to one B Itish h?art oot in fcWelal |>OsltIon, who will rtarl their lire* to the trjli ?d State*, for promised care of a Utter *hr the Haaato? <x> be safely and speedily f trwaroed from the Havana ? a Tron Maw n'? b->ad? p. mast go, and may tbe paople wake to the touch I give. Shall tte best part of this island, emhr v.ed by the 0 v mlntcan republic, with 20f,00o InhablUnta, be given over to Spain, and to the rule of lOo.f OO negroes, man? Spanish k'jWet# by Segovia? Do n-t think, with rour m llloo o' por ulation. that ov.r number, so small in the scale, makee us unworthr of yivir sympathy and p'Ot?ctive care I^>t the voice of the weak be ht ard? deliver u* from the op prefer and the blnol lapping wolf, rirgovla, aod, a-, over, we will be grateful. !"a* Domingo Crrr, Aug T, 1856 rV Way l\t Sp*nuh Charge d' i Manages San Do imrvo ? Th* Treaty u-uk the C'nt.'ed 3t*Ut iKt Uvne uf Con tnuien. Sluce my litter of this morning, which Is waitin ( for delivery to trnrt* bands, 1 llnd other matter of moment, which In the hurry of preparat.on had escaped any mind , anl to nndersta^ 1 m jre fully the brief narrative ol ?venta, I to place your readers the futljw ing facta S govia, alter compullmg the r <"gn?t.on of tbe rroaident, Saatana, uext brougut lile influence to hear against list Secretary of Hate, Don Manuel Dslmsnte, who wss removed by a new ministerial trgenlzattoa ua der a aecrte of the I'rtsiJcct, dated tho 9th of July, which ueciee was ci .i tatssl, nearly word fur word, by H??9ria, and by positive req . remeut ef tbe SpaoU'h Consul 'ier.9 ral, tl.e nan'; ot Dun k. guel Lava^tida was used for the I<epartment of State Tte object of Segovia la the distortion and rec. .n - atruct.on of this branch of t> g?vmnr..eni was to S scire the servlcos of one of bis own croators*. to compel the authdship cf a letter to the secrriarjr of State of tiie Ub uI Plates, for the return f t*ie traty, fjr represented errors which do nit e?i t. That letter will be la the hac is of Mr. Ma'cv soon after fie pub' ation ot this In the Bkiai.n; aai 1 Lave been premise I a copy of It, by a < krk u! tbe State i,*e partmcnt here, to forward to yoo, but it has been foiinJ Inijses ble vo arcompli h It In time , hut 1 hsv.- read too miserable, lying document, a ' in (ft In tie preat-uce at its ver .table author, Srgovta. who has t wioe passed t#< s igh tlie room ? \ st.bule of the Burtar. of S?at ? -while I havo l>een reading it. Tbe lott-jr is tigaed by i> ?n Miguol L? vaatida, fvom the office of the Sec-eU-y of state, ftepirt meat of Foreign ASairs, dated the IPtU o July, aud ad dressed to the Mm stcr ol Foreign AtTairs ol' the jit'-i mrnt of the fatted States As "poaertu! r> arses'' f?r the return ol the featy to the ofTlce of the '-'ecretary of State of tbe T>om uican republic, Segovia, by the agen cy of h's cfllclal, 8c retary T<avMtida, nrges "that owing to some basU by his ? rthy predecessor, ke , Tbo had the best interesti of the country at heart, aed his a< soc'atee at that time compoting the mml?teri?! '.ranch of the goscrtitrcnt, tome errors of fbrm and laur< age Lad ccrurrr d in tbe construction mid ;n the traoslatloo, which o' ghth to be corrected." Tlila treaty was drawn op carefully, maturely and cr tically examined by the boat Intelligence we have ani the errors int ated by Segovia might b? errors In Gallca, in u'J Spain, but they are eot errors where tbe light if freedivn has touched tbe hntnao iniad. As near as I can recollect, after more ve'bisge ani tautologica> express siocs of cat re for tbe unstatesmaillkc request, Segovia, alias lit vast da, goe? ob? " Kntreat'ng your Kx^lency that it may p'ease you to order that the ropy cf the treaty dated bth ol March, l?6fl, agreed to by the pit ntpotcnti sries, Tlioma* Bobad Mo, Jaclato dsCftoi aa i fouafiaa Kilt Ytt. Minister I'leoipotentlary of the Mullet "?'tates, be returned to tbe unders'tned, as of no value or etler.i. in consequence of the powerful reaorns above a-i !r?es?.t " This 1 mow decidedly prononnce treason against tbs go vemment snd tbe jieople of this republic, ant r?t ie rived from, or in harmony with, the sentlm?nts and wishesofth> community. This duplie,ate Secretar; oftmr republic an i fipaulah Charge states ?' there will be effi cient time to retnrn tbe treaty, be! ire the period atsigue.) for exchange of rat'flcatfmv' but fails tw make any ar ranjemeat lor revstoc corrtctlmi and disenssl is of the errors In form, orthography or largnage. or for signature by tbe plenipotentiaries. Tiiat is not iu the formula of Segovia. lAvasttds. t>rc? 1 Secretary o< State, by the pen of . egovta, speaks In tbe introduction of his letter dated July 10, of " to- proj'*t of a treaty with the Cn.ted HtaUs," when th? "troety" d* fait ?>, I and. aa far as this republic is concerned, </< jurt, ha<l be ng, abans, form, evsrythmg t iat humia u tn could g've it; not a thing pr<js?se<t, bi t a thing eon (tuded, nnlee* the government ?f the raNsd Sta! sito ild rejmdia>e It, for gcod and sulh iio"'. canse, ?lnc-> tl> * "tt day of March laet ? Ave months and sieve) days prcv. ijs to the date of ti e hydra letter. Th- re ? er ,'.t- nu .? who w ?>?'!?* de-'--y e'n ho > I good rm i<- p.i11 down wbal h*y ri'ver no-tl t rebniirt-..' r ! j ; .. T? n'r.g me do- r Tor f-re.* i ty?ou> io H^si'i to^ianlwi ?T ttM KMd 1 t1? ami Lav.tatida further u; to ?he MinWl-'r of Foreign All airs ot the Ccited Bute s, "tbat to prevent nay inooave nlence between tbe two governments, tn eocial and com mercial intercourse*, ou account et the return of tbe treaty, that they wl'I i-how tbeir value! app-oriatlrm and tn<*uu Bbip for the United Stales, U*tltg and iw< iwnple. by ttp?v ctal measure*, us the necessities tliorolor may Jorivo, and put the commercial aid ail other interests of toe United states on llie same footing a-i that of tho moat favored nation' Well, 11 you are to l>e no favor ed as to come in ttharo and Blare alike with Spain im tin! rolibcry o! our ettates through tlie country, wU'cn, atoordiig to Segovia, are to ooli ng to those tfiio, oa tipaumli subject*, hold ululer So uth' grants, then, n> we, j:vc us ycur enterprise out iutulllgenco tlicro with, and i; wrili neutralise the cur : of Spaouh iguoraaoe and indolence in our midst. But (hero u no part <>I th* sonhtroua gauie now heir# in'itiai?-d by Sptuish dep/avity a* d duplicity . You art to have no interest uere. Cuba, the crown jewi i, U too near. Messrs. Segovia and U.^ u la, twe in cue, wiud u,, tie prtciou* concoction to trap the in telllgence of M essrs. Marry and Pierce with mart lachrymal betcechlng tbat would draw tears from tpanisli wolii that had been dry a UioiiMad years, doting "wito ;ho h ape that yo-^r KiceileLoy ami the goodnesj of the I'raaidc-at of the United Slat oc would sa *. o the Dominican reoublic tr^tu Brtrn b> tbe return cf the treaty ??, #itti tno errors nad faults upon it* fate, it would not be likely to in.: t the confirmation of the Senate of th ? United states, to wrtlch, happily, from a report, yioi hive not jet proseui'd it tor coiitiUeratl DP , and it i > very neccssary to suve the Uig oHy of tbe Dominions republic from "such morCQoatiia," !iC. Mi Dioi: Such a-e the coatfiiiis ol this fr.iu 'aieut lat ter, perpetrated uj/Oi. the government of tho United states by il'egul official act'ou of officers of the Dominican ro public, under the control of a foreign official, with tho nary of hi.> nation to cnforce his fi-aul. I do no wrong to the meaning of the letter or iU lan guago. but in iU crd-.r of n< raugement my memory may be ut lault, bvt in that even not much This lotUr. aodreatcvt to Ylr. Marcy, or a copy of it. irst despatched a day or two afl r it- data by tho bteamer ?!? Caray to St Jago do Cuba, to bn forwarded from thenco tc tli<) Captain General of Cu '.???, at the Il.imna, witn a requett from Segovia that Oeieral Concna would pro vine lor its immediate transa^'siou to the Spanish silms ter at Washington, to bo delivered to the Secretary of ?State of tho VlIU cl States, which \re prelum.* had been done. In my tat; r I have I poker of tho colored people here, but cot to tbem | e.s anally or aj a class would I object. Ttej arc, lor tuo moment, dupeh ol' ?a intelligent:** not superior to th; ir?, and the cuiiiing ot a malignant that 1 trust they may never equal. When tue integrity or the republic haa bpon assailed by vi lence, th 'y nava been ever ready to take up arm.', iti iU 0 feuco. a:id have been Invincible agniubt ail opeu fCK-- o! the public p.-a.x' aul Baticnal dignity and houor. Tfcey will bo agtiu realy wheu the S-^ovia sealed faW from their eyes, and tuny t-eo, in iU enormity, tho whole purpoae of the traitor o\ po?:ed ? the design embracing property In their owa per FOtS. SA.N Pomtnoo, Aug. 8, 18)0. Important Movrmrnt of the Sfinirk t^HciaU ? IntrxyrM of Ike Spanuh Mtr.uter Against tht United SUxte ? ? L'ytr turf of Mr. EVkiA+t far Wazhingtnm, t Co., ?fr. T*e political allaira here are iu the worst con'lition, atoee Senor Segovia, the SpanLsh Chaige, through a. arm ing hiits and a menacing nara! force placed befbre th9 w alia of tliU capita'., Lac gucceedcl In obtainlog tue most tibaa.eful ana degrading Influ-.noo over the D immican Cabiret; and that inflceace, or rather control, U evi dently directed ?gain>t American interobts. Hj appa rtnily came to act against tbla republic, saying that the Executive bad violated the treaty concluded with her Ca Iholic Ma;e> t; ; bi.t it was but a trick, for soon al' er be commirced with stating tbat whiUt tivaor M. J. Pclmonte, an inte.ligen' gectleman, well known for hu tmericanirm, was the Secretary of t-tato, he could not enter into any arrangement, aoou alter Le orue.-ed ver bal y that Seoor Dclmnntc should be replsceJ by Senjr ILg'-el Lai astida; and, shame to say it! Delmjutc was requtaUrd to resign, in order to see if the euppoied utuma joui I be amicab'y settled. On the Stli of July laat, Lavattlda took posse talon of tbe Secretaryship of i' Atairn ; on t&o 1'iUi, ux. lee the feNeanit r'lght pretest that a Spanish subject (nit lot.g a^o, a Dominican by birth,) bad beeu Imprisoned two or tnre* hour* by the Docniulcaii avihertuoa, tfegovta fora pel|e<l tb?f j'ortrnment to saiLt* the Spanish flag twenty i.r.? times, aur, worst i". all. h. ha-1 a_? :d at the siu Um? tbat that Min ster ahouU | ay him a vUit, in or U i- to ?t?'^ tn her Catbrtllc VnJe t.-'j jorrrrmant, atd I? vhC'V* c.J it, wLUe tile ?u> ao Ot u( ^>?d?r w*d tUll i Clouds over hi* l.eaJ, if trying tlio rtlsbonor of Mr natii-ial paair>. all tliU, Segcvta w ui mstrcula M f-'j a. :ari!.- net . .'>? ....a: r.<J miwiis laclu ded in article 7th of l..n I>numico .-pacisb treaty, bu Dutch l#o"tb Aiaer if an>i, 'talins, Aj., tn order to aug mi ot t!t<- hat a o( ibe of hi* g /???rnm 'nt. a i.l * ihi fame t me be repsued very oit.-c ?i Hiiin'^r U7?itl do thet at! wre:i-l be orer.ana Hpa.n would protect tue ej pnli'tc arVo.t the Hsyiirns, and facilitate bee a lo?n (t-pa'X Ucii.'atior a I :ie > on eoodltion that tho 1V? mioictn Enectiti^e would agr*? to wlth'lraw the An,*rtco l"omlc'rau treaty. In a word, *? KO^-ia tepether will the Kjiglish consuls, w-nt oiitheisih. I??t to kre Iks I'rrMni a'id his mini <t?rs, ?tid there he repeated again the same propM.Uou, adding that .'- pain will c< mpel S?uloe<iue to maHe tbe pet^e -anl to re.-'ituie to tbe npubiu the (>?rt ol hor ter ritory tl>a' be Lolds at present. It oba?rve<l t i?t It wv impossible t* with ir?w th- featy, ai< It u al.ea'y ratit;i d by the I<ni: .mean Seo:it-', and n- i.t to Wnm^inii for t'? ratiticat. >n It it to this he rep'e-.l that li-> kbows bnw to witbe'raw it without pvnUSf a OOaflWI witii tbe U tilted Stat-x Ht'.'.n,' tbat at all even is Spain would np port th- IV>i., an republic a* tin -l liie \mori< -.?c Then he kv.d that t. ?? (<:. ? is n., im- ,) c-uld <. u?l a i>. te to Waj-h ti|ton :? ? ng (<?- the tn- ty to revue it, oa tbe gri i nd tbat tbe Spanish pirt is ungramma.ic ?l, an1 ater , Diit'iig It, to gel llie Senate to ruu?e iti r a ..cation. It banbt eo d' r.e ?o The Nwrtai \ of> address**! to vr ila'i y a on as lug said tr'aty for tual feolii^h ai I it 'prt i-edented ria.^on thit >lr. ti cunr'ig en"vgb n t to g.t the .l5:>aiu?h -usre, h? ? i I uti '.oi, '.. . l rlen vl<*t tn < g..<-< inir.ent n vi. 'er durf's, a;.a!: y wa-it :?l t'.i'.i mom- nt i/ ac Am n ISO csval ill ?' Strnbg < uougli to win lite tn. t the lt:!liu- i ?) ol Uu Span i?h tij s r n that S- go/ia i.>u seut for, an 1 to givo c xusge to tli ? I*. .? cutive tar .Snuaxu to mi the ratiGeat.on ol tue tuxtir, to g y further in g'aBting r* tun. re la ' u .vaata^i s to the Atueric.ul cttlxeux, and lb > toil of all, to j to 'he gonrument at Wa-.h.ugt'-ii a full in' "lint, p' i t ?!.? .-| aui.-ii . tor : 'trci " ?? in tho Am ri < .u n.goviuti'HH with tliU re; iblic. We all hope that I Iffr, anC hi Cai i et will p? -|ve th'- boBeOt of adopt lng in its c?. s tic European reason. ng toward tbe waa S ? .'l An rir i rvptib ? ,.j the tavsl arguuwuts. 1 nit, the I*.rn!nii an? at ? haaards, wtii yield io fioae w 1.0 h ; fore th". wa.l?ap,? i r to 1 ? t: aig, win pub ' if ? u-t i! "t ... V u i are ii i tier no v nor v* or to 1 >! ?' Spali oranyot'.t r l.aropean nat'on. Mr. Iv. 4, l* ?? V ti ?! MU. f I . -.-.uii-r, W( ot to Wa-hia?,t?T i n t- e lid i* t., s nd I hop'' he w.ll siueeed in p?r al nj tV a m r.l*tral r ?: the i ? leg nee ss.iy of pu-se eg t' ?t pclu y. Ot a A ?lfij ele t*,l Vic# fw! 1 "at of the repub lic I. !' r ,,i t. ' . .'le I . t a? ' i>t ti e Jitli of .t' ly t ji( th' i ?: t.t i.i>i . < /'i t ? ttu- L. Ui I fi.' ? i ,tn. ' i jood patri.-t; hut ?: th ? ? i>b'.n?t a'. Wa .>>:ngt m < ?? net > i.pji rt tow its I "on : in friend .Bie.-wiu be br. ..'it hy 1 ? lovla, a t Alfs . ?. an (.,? br- ther tb# r' -u vrr, ?? ' tt ? t.. ' -i./ .1. d | i - on. W'ii b mro*n !o#i , ..? * * t it .e. t :i.i.,t oi th r i.rnp sns ( i la- , wil'. a- "ft t-t. I re i ' , wliii ii c*-e tl ? re aill bnnooppir i - * ? i ? I .. .t i f t in* a.. a': i :i .*!.? b?i.. t'.'ul - eh ' ? i li tre lave been p i! iuM two number? i>fanew?pap"r rsllcl It' /' .1 del I "? ? ? -i . sp irted by tue t* >a .1. u ( ha ge, | J... ohji cl i which is to de!"nd the span si ? t?Ti ft- n th. ? r i i i.*. and to m.?i . pre-, nt the A., r as character and in i uUons. Ol i: H WAN \ COKilKSPONDKNCK. Hat ax Aug. 19, iui. /e- T *?"/ Sj o in ? F-iUj *4 (S? ^f (.V-t? f : ; ( ' .S'.a: . t ; i . i<t' Ow.?** rf'/.'/i'i'-ns to (\r, hi ? !<? i >i v' /!?', U? Wharf I proimenl* ? ?V?iel frc-n V utinira. ('?a "i.T.'My the 4tli lr,:'ant, we tiad a print' co* *.u* ' of Cuba- ; ?'^em? Ifl the pi'r.r ,t> tik? into Conslderatinn 'be f . ? tli it ' ul I bb ? ?**me<1 1 rein case of retain |o- ?. at ??enU tt n tber land tn-eat g ' ti" thi >?? uf fern* :iio." '.'^air.'i wh.cb, accer ln.g to th* philo < , i' . >. ? tt.e wa*.' . ' re-.o it >n will oieak f ? ? vi i w.lbt ut tli'T'.." Altho-.fH the pr?eedini? wei*? gt.a. ded \ :h the mort profound 3ecrrcy, yet from the t -aural 1. ulu of weak hec-.inily, wo derive the couclusire farts? to m rase that a republican lorm of gof?rn tmnt at ,|,t b* deeiared tn Ppstn, or any gorornment tretebit.f I'pra the royal prerogatives of Qua* n Isabel II., that Cuba w il ma.utaln Its tnu^rlty to the crown and tbe throne cf Sao K *rnando, and hold over until change shall permt reunion w it a tho mother land, uader tho nitg.stracy <f the Opta a tieuer it Oorernor of Cuba, as rtstad by a Coone'l ?' J,at.\ tbe "AyunUmiento," orsurh nib r a* ti ik'it I .< di U i m ,'<it ti meet ti e etig?tieie? that might evo ve Trom a new political position 1 do not think tbat the wi*e purpoee? of our fltthere will be br< ght to tbe tret hy anything likely to transplreln Spain but It is the first time that dicta Jon bari ever pro s' n.e<l to as?''.n&* s' np? or p'0[vnit:c)n of front agilnst tho leoplorif Spain In their organic repreeentat'on at Madrid, on tLe part tf Cuba the lofalty of Concha and bis ciun seihnmskes the exeme, and tf necessity should ooeur for the demonrtratlon, and It should be maintained by the l>oop e, they w il fbr the flrat lime have earned the titles "ever faithltil," ard will moot assuredly desorve ti - 'In. as they wear, orwly rlvettedand adjusted by the I am a of thi Ir chief, who would be at the bead of Inda p- rJrnttiiba Tbe propositions are every way absurd - m prat ea'ao or execctlMi ard well tt !? that the I ???.*.# I a ?. rot be of ?o*i . ,4k rf"' f tfQi .41 Jtt'tJWtctaivH "l U- *>}? ccasion of titles by Lieut Geo. Jeae da U Concta* through t be royal (avoeot hla Queen,* g /-adulatory note pauaeil from the Consulate ?f the United butoa. throvfh UMfatitioai srorttary, to th<s Captain General, tor raaaon o t thrg'/lof

ttrvlne Providence la leetoration ot hit moat Important liriltb, with ezprravicn or apnroclaMon of hie benottetai and kindly aer vices in view ot the tatereaU and citizen* of tbe United .States, and the divine grace o( tha Quean jr remembering his valuable nervioea to hit country, ra? dered in Cuba, with honor, titles or Camilla, fcc. 0$ thcr liith iiict a moot gracioaa reaponae wae accorded oa the part of the Captain Coneial, with dua eipraasiaa to the t cnauiar&ABda, and the declaration that no proper oppor 1 unity would be allowed to p ui without improvement for" htri nglhentog the commercial and social in'ereat* of tbe tw j coinniunUki-a, and protic'iou of citixeaj of tbe Ualtod States while i curt eat in Cuba, &c. If the peat may be evl tlocce for the future, Uia worda are true to a certain pre fer. bod extent? thai U, where auporiar law tioea not in tervene to prevent the eiercibo of power. In this connection I beg ta remark that tbe Political St crctarj , l'on Juan ouuje, baa in hla official poaiuon re lioved many ot our coiu.trymcu from trouble, iu varitua ci<uo(a ol busln^o, whore tho Initiative rtepe, through ig ncrance or rMreiefeeueKM, had involved confusion or ool with Ikw. He Counter Italll Men ton did not go to Europe, aa waa tUi'uCiiMiled, by the iMt British ttenmor Cuuway. Mr. ltotiaud, the bead ol a large t rench house here, and Ms. j. B. Hansel, formerly of the buuH* of ttllleaux, of New Orltani, und at present tho enterprising head of the com tnu'tiou and ship broktis' eatablUhmeot, lUrnol Ic Co., wero pafcsor.gera ? taking tlila routo in prefen noe 10 the New York or Hot ton lint a, wblr.b ia not u-u%l, aud is not oavlng in time, but, at they intimate, gain in comfort. The fcabt if the Aaconsios of tue Holy Virgin to dotven waa celebrated fit the villa of G?anabac"a, by a tr -men doua fathering ol all ca*toa and ahadea from the Havana,' on Cue 1Mb Te Oeum , maa-ios, high and low, pro oe? r i fireworks, and worka of llrj Ihroiga tha ni *i>!, by debgatee that scemtd Hwcn bora, so gnted in feats ol love as they blazed through the admiring crowns, in the volupluoua chain of tue Cuban danoo. Ur.e glance waa aa much as I oould endure of Love's labor ? not lo*t lu fruition with younger souli of our Chris t an community. 1 luluiutxl to tt ? quiet of the city aud lr.y i wn attic before Uie night began to wear, or too small hours to count. The Cautaiu General, with a FtalV suite, on the 13th Inet. visited thi new building erccted In the angle of the es planade of the old quarter La Vuersa, tilling tho ipuce thence to the water front, on the north side or the ex ion men of O'Kiiey street. Tue part Of the building contiguous to tbe parutlu ground haa bit n devot*l to the o Ulcers of the garrieou for quarters, aud the extreme part towards the wharf usfi.TueO ? the upper story to the ? -Captain of the l'ort" and hie tibi-ey? the second to .he Inspector of Customs and ti.a subordinates, a id tae ba .oineut to the tailors und licat.uen connected with various dopart, including health and police. ThU location will be ) enu tuberod by the inauy;.ina .t -r<, &.<; , of the United State*, who, iu'their buainoea here, have ofteu \ .ry imp rtuut relations with th > ctflciils alluded to. Ot tblb building, ah an ornament to the cily. there U nothing to be said In iU flavor ? it stands a naked tact for utility, With iut i*tylt or tasUi In archlt-ictaral seiuat like an ira racnse'?uf*i box, In proportions, with fifty -four openings ooservilne In front on O'RiUy, eighteen on the lace to warrta the *at?r, tune on tho WUtSTl faje that look upon you ft otn Uie barrack portion, with any quantity iu the ' it arte answer cotvenience or uecostity. The ancient buildups v nich tavo bt> u raaul to earth, and which I d>figurcu this part of tbe city, leave a space that U to be called ?'Vl'.lalba," between the wharf sbels where our f xebarge operations and markets aro deceased, and a hue of LuliiLngs nearly continuous with tlie extension of tbe eestorn face of tho "sugar Box." It will be called tin square of Viilalba. From thia part of tbo city, along its water front, the examination of tho CaptaLu General was eMended, unbracing aoveril tmportart Improve ment' for comfort aud the con von uico ol our cotumsroe, iu:tiate(t under the enterprise of Geueral Concha, and t nluable to tbe city, although contracting oue of our most tiaunaii pionunades, whiuh tho |>eoplo refu-iu to u*o U. rough mere inertneia. Tho HritMi tt. aw propeller Oigate Ampblon, Comnn ?ler Gknry Clta is, arrived trom Klngbton, Jumtn'a, on tht lcth ln^t i the mu.-ic of lier guu.4 waked the long -d< epiug tcbces ol our bitllemecU, au 1 wore answered !!:? n' our Thelaa wait, cheered, if not created, by this In ak upon our rummer stupidity . The frigate wl 1 leave to-day for Vera Ciuz. All well on board. Ji I'.l iott, K- q. , I'n.ted Elites <J>),n.utur.i*l Agent and Cvtauii?aloiu'r to ui? Dominican repabUc, came pat n tiger on the Amphi. n, through the courtesy of lis com u.i Lder, on bu way to Washington cl'.y, with moxt inte it ting Jocttlbenta for the cen*<:de> atloa of Mr. Marcy. '.bowing tie tii-anl.'b policy which u baUig brought to bear upon that government, preventing the free exerclae of its hgttiinate powers, aid pi eju^lcia. to the Interests ot ?te I'nltixl State f. Iu the tsiue of tbe Vi*ri ><U la ifartna, lAth tust , you will a*? Uclcad to a small editorlil leader - hw.) o. tbe batUe of Rlvas, a tetua^ taaparlialitf . U ii. rt m tbe pea o( tbe competent and accompli <bed Com iinssioner ol Uia government of Cuba to Costa Kiua. Hrigadlei' Morales Kada. Ha vax a, Aug. 26, I85ri. cl<i?iuA /?,1se?v-< ta San ? Allied ThrraU a jaimt tfutl RtfmbHc ? I'oliry nf (St U/tiUi St Uet ? r.\ Mi/ral < JtiuUnlo Central Amc-v a, <Ce. the Uelay ta the arrival of the Philadelphia has caused some confusion aroonf our comrnerclal people, while the non arrival ot the Spanish war au-amer Leon, from i narleatoo, whiih should briug us tne latest newa from Spam, serves to perplex our siprome authority, and all tbe swarm of little authority tbst cltags upou Us skirts. Wa undor.tand that tho letter ??hlch was force Mi em tha 9oor< tary of foreign Affairs of tbe Demintean re publls by tha management and threats of Don Jose Maria anuxlo Segovia, recalling tho treaty made with tbe felted f'lates, was sent forward by tha [.eon to the Hps n.. h Minister at Washington, to he delivered ti the Secre tary ol btata of the Vim tod State* Mr. Marcy. It seems, from all we can learn from Santa Horn Into City, (bat tbe Dominican republic Is to be destroyed and erased from its national axUtei.ce, becaiae that peaple, In friendly sympathy and harmony with tbe government ar.d people of tho United statsn, have presumed ta m&ke a treaty w4th them, as with other I'owers, and that tbe governmi nt ot tbe I'ulon will tot do as all other 'nationa do und?r a'lob clrcum stances? send down the Yankee " walk " and tha "start and stripes," to enforce the roepect duo to na tuns, In ttie procias of contract for tbe great parpoa'-s of fi iendly and t mtmercial Intercourse Tbe flpani h Cktusul (-enerul of tpain, Segovii, altrr the resignatl jo of Hantana caused by bis pes'tive denan<'?, under threat that be would use I be grns or tho Ppamb vr^sel* of war to enlo-ca bis iilctutn, subseqiieni'y, by like orders, compelled tbe ?i- mi-Mi I ol tbe aitu'stry and rei rganitatto.-i on the ?tb of . uly, In order to coerre the appotat.ocnl of Mlgael lavas tltla, who was ono of bis ml"erable matrtru'ativl toota Having sorcesded in tills prel binary meaaure, tbe pub wat- made ? My er the procurement of tbe balance or his wunfa? he had no mors to do h it to wrtto tbe letter sod inctt nt K for signature The British Consul did not tax.? ary active part against Mr. F.IM -t, or tn ravttr of the iniquttnui j-?|k j of Mr. r<ege\ia. tbatooelJ he per. eptiblo to tbe cuh'te, but a *''.apl> *>o.s fe?t"re it fbv.nd ta the fact that the r i 'pica of the Utter to Mr. Marcy are all found wnit- n oa the KJiglUh ?' rap " used In all BitUnh iMVic^a. 7he Kret-i h Oonaul has to en mora onen in s ltoe.*ry and e?f*mal of the Spuil-h cause, au i the oat iraliaati >o po'.;cy tf t^govia, be?rg fsm i'ur with tbe u-timate vi?ws nnd |mr|>o>e? for aeq'tl- iti< n ot tbe territory and itsj irts ii csitm I . ttera were received here two moatbs since from "Vgot .a, giving the line of po i y he hs] marked i n\ in oritur to piepare General Concha for tht asaistiuro he woi Id rtqolre, when tbe ttaw a'tlveJ tor striving toe Mow which would destroy the r> pub'ws, and give the pos ?asuion tn Mpalii? a returatng gem? the w est eti I a?e i in ^paD.^h po >er. anc i lay U Wiiti Id eorn lol'ow It has al tied) N>a pri.poeed to sake tha bay of S?m\t ? aa 1 its Vicinity tbe lo ahty Tor sir theioand con\lct?, from old , -in aid Cuba We h-ive reason to fee' t-iaee Mr. Rlllot has left r't. Dotiilngo, mat the overt step baa busn taken by the Spanish Conaal. and that the republic may be now struggling tor its existence agninst baniled toldtery, mtd i Span ish suhjecta the nate rail ration psper* of Segovta. *e do not conceive It posMb.e that Mr. Miroy could ha drrelw dbv tbe lllmay argument of the letter ot Pogovla, no iratter Dow delivered to lite bards, or thst he would gne tt any consideration without ad rice from toe Com ine'cial agent or l omtnls# loner of the United "States, who had asaltttd In making tbe tretiy. The British t'onsu! at it Poninso wae prompt and kind in aasotieg Mr. Klllot hi obtaining a p*?eage on board nt a ilriiish vearel, when be let ud that it wae bla duty to kave (Or tho United stetea. Brtcadler Iforalea Ra<la retnmed fVom hit muston to Central America on U>? lTtb, having l?nde<1 nt St. Jag > de Cuba, wtere lie was brought by a small vessel rrom some j ort to ns unknown at tbts writing, but the know ledgr cf wl.lch will be given to the world In tha volume of travela and diplomatic experience of tins dlstingn thel pertorage la the repnhlles of Ontral America. His voy ngeand ttil?. proliftc with important events, have sati tte-t tip mled that there la too mml danger for tha llMIe hener to be acquired In that teld, aatagoalatio to proareie. Tb? British Wret India mall ?teamer Tay, from ?t Thomas, arrived on the 23d? put In Quarantine on a< c junt of cholera at ft. Tliom.i ?? brings Spanish new* to ibeSlth ultimo Yon will remember that Aegnvia was formerly Hpaaiah Consul at N'ew Orleana far a short tint, nnd the editor of a paper thai endured some three or f<nir tssnea ? os?abl!' tied to abase the Institution* an J peo ple of the United States. The l^nn r*tnrned moraln< of 24th Oom Charleeton? news anticipated. Hat asa, irg. ?, MM. (J^rTni CbWrKe'J Prpularity ? <>jnnirmi of Us Pgn),U? The Ch\net' at &g*r Mal^n ? I farm rtf fAe OW //an ft? Pol e* RvUt?T\t Jrtuil Coll/ye, Sc. 1,'ee aaanrad that tba Captain General of Cuba l? not at popular aa he waa alt month* ago .-aid a mm In my ptetei ce est week, tbe revolution la Spain or lag tha auhjtct of conversation, "rtbould,^ aald he, ?tli' rav.wa tlon aurc#ed and Snala htenma a repnWe, tb?n it la p b h!e Cu^a W"tlti d?c!a * Im?cK ttl m. n W t> - al''? t ? rea, h i ,? i | ^ t ? ? ; r" ?; '? ?<?- " ' i".l It ? * ? A This kli ( it dsahrable to kM m what bad caused thin revo Vtttw ot tea* ii, (havuig bwrd Chat eame man f jrmsrly praise Ike Cspmiw (tanil to <be tkies,) I replied, "In deed ! why not ? I thought tbafConrba was snob a greet favorite of your*" "bo he mi, formerly," *u the rt joinder; "tlist wnjydhoogb, when ?rs though* he was doing everything for the Seat; bat lately we hwve-hnd new mi heavier taxes, a ad nothing foee w an it should. Our clerk a are robbed In open daylight A the sterol of the money they hare ooifssted from our rfttatomera, aad net a m h* i/umrdut la to be soea in the Wtghbortwod. " I ! bad ascertained all that V deat rad, aad >lddtng the gen tlemen assembled bum* Jims, I took my departure. {Notwithstanding thla losing prevails, u'J'l lelieve, very generally amoag tho Sparta rda resident bare, y?t on Mond?y tventng last (11th i-?t.) there wa Hi-Ttrj- large assemblage of the dealers la tatqjo, (jerks 1 1 bnef, > and othera at tbe Captain Ueaeral 1 f?Ma, (oow try- seei.) at Quimados. the band of tbe nrnlki/ (an dsTcScst Land it la) waa marched to that hacatet in order t> aerec?de "tbe Marquis do la Hsbans," whilst the company assota b ed to congratulate bta K\coDency upon tbe high aad wt.l merited honors that bad been bestowed ujen him* Some Of the Chinese who have recently been imported itto this island, having been purchased by o le of oer large aegar manufacturers, wtth that extracrdkarv apt;, tiiu.* fur Imitation ho welt known to be po-<3ee4ed by na tives of China, by looking fbr a short pe: od at tbe aegar uiakt rs when at work, acquired the art of makinj segarr equal to ttiose male by our vory beet workmen The manufacturer, taking Pdvtuitage of this extraordinary acquirtment of tha Chinese, sut them to woit ai ftgar makers. The old native workmen, foreseeiug aa the result of this unlooked for competition a reduction id the high rats of wages they had h!*.berto been ens'oled to command, meoori allied tbe polttical-C-ev ernor oi this city, slating in their memorial that the Chi nese were introduced Into this iiland to work on the su gar eatatea, and praying that they should not be emplan ed us segar makers, to tbe injury ot tbe memorialists, who had served an apprenticeehip to tbe business. The pol!U cal Go verse r, Co;owl Ecbevarna, who 1 know to be a abriwd, yet polite and conscientious gentleman, add runs - ing tbe spskesman of tbe negar-makor?, said, "flo, these Chinese have turned st-gar makers instead of goirj into ti e country to work upon the sugar estates, en t" "4. Sotior," responded tho t cgar maker. "Well, tl:at Is hard ut*>u you, do doubt," aaid Colonel Echovarria; "buH can tell you how to match them; you are all strorg aad hearty fellow*? do you all go Into tbe country and take the plaoes on the estates of the Chinese and thus a fair ezebangs will have been effected . Tho Chinese havo taken your situations, yc go and fill theirs." Tho -poor (egarmakeis, Uken "all aback," as a sailor would say, at this tvggcetioa, withdrew somewhat down In the mouth. On the 12th imtant two Chinese were garrotcd at Car denas. My informant was not aware what crime they had committe-l. I have heard that In ronsequence of the frequent robbe ries of merchants' clerks In the aireets of this city, seve ral of the respsattbl* mercantile houses are preparing to ask ot tbe government that a guard of soidiers shall ac company, to protect the collecting e'eriu when making their collections. Various complaints sre made by the guardians of pujiils at the Belew .Jesuit) College of tha treatment received there from the profwsors, and several students have, I understand, been removed. Jt.nalh&a Elliot, Esq , United hlates Commercial Agrnt at St iVimiugc, arrived here from Jamaica in tbe Primh war st<sm*r Ampbion Mr. Klliot proci-eda to tks United States by the pr?<nt steamer. Ho in form od me ttuit he accertained at I'ort Uoyai, Jamaica, that there was a Uoet of twelve British vessels of war at Cieytown. A patent, under (he uiual restrictions, has bean grafted to William Robertson, Es^., some a. ling Uu.tsd Hates Consul at this city, for an srtiiloial briek or stone tor building pir poses, whlob is composed, I boiiove. o( elsy and pow?'er*d shells There not being any clay ruiisble for brick making in the vicuity ol th:s cltw, orvl the imported article letcbuig high prices, Col. Robnruou will priUably realise a haudsotue competenc-y from hla i invention. It has too frequently bscn my unpleasant duty to an nounoe to you the deceaae of fellow ci jzsus. Uy prr?*at tai k- is ot u more agreeable character. Us Moa Jr.y , Aug 18, tbe wife ol Captain Charles Jobnion, cf Br.*t?l, Khode islssd, whose vessel (the bar> <>oean Fassrite) n st I'Tieent here. v. as i-af'ty delivers 1 of a :lo - n?ri; l> >:h n.<Kh(ir aad ohtld are doicg as wsU as can be ( t,? .Ved Mr. Jamea Clark, an amaricaa eagiueer, who wts en gaged in building or assisting to build ths pn Kent Matan uts railr. ml has i- eel ved ths appoint nent of oxectingeu giacer to tbe new railrood between lit ;ia and Matanzas. An army eugmter waa \1m> a candidate tor the appoint ment but the majority ot votoe of the appointing body so cured the ap;iuiutinrni to Mr. Clark, who Is still, I be licve, in tho I'u.ud States. Aa dboee la ths army tsforms mo It U tbe intention of the mJtttary shortly to give % ball in honor ci the CapUln (Jere ai, at a cost of fc$,000. I also understand that a sulifcrlp jon Is being entered upoo to rati , $100. 00J, to be in?e>ted m piopcrty In this isianr1, to be entailed upon bis Kxoelieney and his xuooessors in his aewly acquired title of "Marquii t e la Habasa," Ac. The Knrit.-ti mail stearnrr Tay, which arrived litre, on tbe TM inst. i rem Koglaod an 1 tM. Thorn a, was placod in quarsntins, the cboltr*, si is uudsrsMOd, prevailing at the last mentioned island. | Tha Issamon t sancll. The sage snd veiisrabla City fathers will hold the flr*t mooting of Uie jeptembsr session Ibis evening; but a? tbs members havo been rusticating for tbe last few w*tks, Uisre wero no comnutlee meotrngs, and consequently there will bs faw papers to pass spoo. except those which may come from the heads of departments. There will bv a message trom Umi Mayor to one ol the Boards this evening. The September ssseion of the Board ol Council neo ccBuionce.-i this evesmg. The ouly suhjoct of special interest at present before tbe Board is ths following preamble and resolution, offered by Councilman Swan, aiid laid oi er at the Urt meeting of the Board .? . Whvresa. siner ths lit of May, 1^66. the streets of the etty of New York have txru Osnrd without nntrset ihwrefor. In Hsgi aut viola U'S <>t ibr prorlt oa* iS section li of th" amended ch a-ler of l!M; thrrefure, l>e It Resolrrd, Thsl in lbs opinion of this Bi ard. the I'ommls ? .mer ol ? >i fi-in an. I I ... in i>* hai wilfully violated thi- |i. 'it Mobs of ike rkaner, nnd rendered hlumelf justly 1 1 ? h I ? - to Im pescluuvnt or remotal fi-om ulten by s concur ^reiil resolution ot both llosrda ol t'.ie I oiuuion CounclL This resolution will undoubtedly be called up for ac tion this evening, an 1 It is dlfllcult 19 eee bow tit* friends of t?e Comm!?*iotier will bs ablo ti get round It. We would ssggsst, for want of a better defence, that the state meal :s the preamble that 1 the rtreets of the city ut New 1 York bare b? i n cleaned," whether with or wtUuwit con tract, Is false ; and ii this I* proved, a a It easily can be, ths rcsoiu><<u of oourw falls to the ground. Thla defence Bight appear so&cahat technical, but the framsr of the resolution is a lawyor, anti ol cour e coall no*, object lo it on that grotni. Personal Intelligence. We learn that Oen Caxneao eanie as pass.Ager by ths Cahswba, and that he is the hearer cf. 1 ^po'taat dea patches from N caragua; also, tliat be mme I *tely for Washington. Hie IVbop of Alabama, 1'aite.t States, presc!iei to a large curgregation at St Bartholon i :ur h M >or lai.o, Crlppb tate, Knglasd, three or .'cur SuaJays ago. A letlrr addressed lo the f/tmrw! 1 C rreJ/^ ?ndrnot, Paris. ?.<>s ? l'r>?ce 1. I.uiiien Botiapr.-te bas rotne to spaa d %ne t me n tho Kreui h and S;?r<i t!i Hesqus prov|uot?, lor ths |>vrpc^e of coliectiag on lue spot Ibe documents nnd evurc* of isfo'iratioti whjch he requires lor ena i ii f h;in to complete two inijo.-tan'. works he nl^a.i* ftblirliltig ? true monuments raUed in honor of ths is-que peeple. whose history aad language tbe pi luce las long mats ths subject of hi- sti.d.e*. PiiP'O l.uclsn, on bli retasa to Paris, is about to cowmen e the publication of the gospel of .- I Mattbgw in all the Baeq is diale. ts then tb t ci a?pl<-nd:d map of ttwse df.-tr.wla where the Hi- ins 4i tii'.;. ? i. - till spoken Dv ry osj tli> p. .nee as?em ties m ndt. ? festive board st ssint .iesn de representa tives of the nnmersus Bs#<?us dlslerts ermtirg iu S|iain ird Fraaee. It has happened more than oace that the r ie?ti>. all of tin m rfieak sg ?a>-qu'?, did not "ndtrs'snd eae snothsr. but Uie I'riuj# frnm his profound know Mge ot <arb idiom, s ss lavaufc'dy *b s to interprst ths word rr thought of the ipe^ke' b> the eml srra?sed list -nee N'st rtiai n?m? if? to i > r.,1,1- 1 before <l?e Prince, j robshly, dnrrg i'iS e?? al ! : rr g ;e Tbs lta? pins mcsn lo jive htm a ?pei im-s of th ir mental sad bodily aktil. A paelorsio, Um ^>e< ue of whi. Ii is laid m tbe me. di ? vsl period, oemposed by s poet nf the country, Will he playtd by mountaineers A ?rsnd jrsme, the so csile 1 ' pekHe ' iawhlcbthe meat eelohraied play srs existing on et her slo^aol the Pyrenees srs to contend will be war tnly confsted lastly, tho national dances iwd the famous Be*,* ' I'irap " Will be exe. uted by th^ whom pr,|>.i a t on to the b?ii of tambourine aad the veh ?? of several bundted singers. ' Wllllasubarg Cltjr lews. Prims v Ob?th ? On Saturday eves lag a colored woman, nsmed Mary Jones, residing la South Fourth troet, near Tenth, (til down dead while worklnf arouad the house. Ti e cause of her death was heart disease Pwt*N* t ro* a PwoKnast \ lUs sn ? On Aatarday night, ahost It o'clock, Assistant Csrtain Hunt, of the FiMk dls trie', police, together with a tease of poiiaa, wade a de ?c st upon a house In North Fonrth (treat, aear Fifth, wlich hail been rompla jed ol aa a dlsordsrly house, lb- billowing named per-jsns wore arrested Maria Craig, Ue?i er of tbe bouse, C? x>lir.e Miuteneau, Harriet Craig, .inn** and 'William Rsatpg, Jamee Kelly, A. I'apeol and Ji ba Wsat. The or *or nrs wsre locke<l up It* examina tion. Pr mi liaise - -The bones of Mr. (>ane, M South Second stiiet, waa entered on Frldsy evening, white ths servant ase gone 'or a pall ef walsr.snd robbsd of slim spoon* valued t.i Hit eorse We. 11 Setilh Peeoad street w* ente-e j and g i* s reM wstrn and tewelry, vst??t st T ??T' t'ti t Hi' mori"-no f%e?r<*y, to " r ; ADDITIONAL FROM CENTRAL AMCSUM. Slate of Ai.airs in Nkirsgtfa* Karri Fe es, Fashionable Intelli gence, Sporting Aflair^ &*., Sic., &v Our ttrwMla Correspondence. Gbasada, Aug. 2C, 18M, Biti'irual JUtrotrrc!? Why Gtneral H'aJAer her. 'hit At* to yicarmgita ? Hi* Bnmtin ? Deposition of fkt Mviam ?tvmpecm hvtngwt ? Salirar'i Truxartt ? Crm -> dfaa mi* tf't Co*. ?ien. Walker and the State of Nicaragua are m;M*xg a rery reaaarhable chapter hi the hwtorjr-of America, U?V to trcJjr understand the aWo of a& It is nc. es ?ary ?* go temawhat Mo the part After this naagniflcent country threw off the y*s at Hpein it became me prey ot a Utt General a aad i rrttm tiou mak?ra by prolesaioo, who Or ore tho p aor, deott^ igcorrant m MM ot' Indinis into the aaoet horr lble Ma eat tlei of a oivil war. Thia m kept r.p lor more thaathirtf yeara, until the industry aad rejourn* of Ui e ocMatlfr were entirely ezhauated, and thus K occurre* I to one a 4 the parties to Invite the Asacricaaa to come tti aiU My settle tbe dUpute I'poD thia invitation, Col. Walter leaded from Oalifeeaie with tifty-bl* men, aad alter boiuo desperate il ghUaf h* unexpectedly mar r hod upan traced*, and eenrnad the oity by, October 18, io6*. CrenaJa oomneatrta the Waea, acd, indirect!) tho Isth mus transit, and this bold aal declare blew bn >ugM-betft a'.dea to teraM of compromise^ fr^aidaat Kir ts and Ml cabinet were takeu with oven hunUod impartiality bean both parties, an J by GonicaoneouBani General 1 Vaikcr wit named coovn.aaler m-obier of the army. The daring aud ability be di flayed la the aap* ture of this important city, nr.d in the prom) 4 organisa tion cf a government, iuapi.tsd a universal aeahaaen; that he waa born to rule, and frem that time ' he has bono con.'osaedly the real head of the LHate. The superstitious old tra.dif.ou, tbat a (air mac, ? ?? "ejes the color ofthe heavens," would coax i aeroee me Eva to restore to the Indians the peace aud a) > tin dan o- -f their ancieut days, waa auddeiily revived ta . the pop-.tar mind; and this, witb the suddeu appearance and iur; rw lug victories of Walker, hai mvrked hi a wit h the sac ins ss the "Man of Destiny They are the n? ore oonrtt c*s of this, as be never presses them into his (ranks, or rvi? them of their corn, or ol the simple produi .ta of ttKir u> duilry, as Iholr rulers have been in the tabu. ?t doing; and so lorg aa the?e quiet, do>.ile> are Is:, to work their fields and labor in peace, tlw.-y u arkaav, or ask, or care who rule* the m, or whether L.?m caiu-a prince or president. With the exception of two or three hundred mm i woo, as I aald before, are revolution makers by jv?l suuv, and who live by tho contusion and plunder c .Msa wars, the whole country has but one prayer?"# .tve aa. ptneo and a stable gov jrcaicn'.." When the electloc of a tew President cardan , half a dozen or these turbulent oppressors took the Aai4, aa cso didaUs, sad strange as it may appear at a ,ace * i that ia beet, soundest, most coasorvati ve, it -JA <?, lellixca*, and most patriotic in tbe country, rall.ed cx(,'m.. Watsaw as the man of tbe crisis ana the only one c H>alj le of par - mantntly malcUinuig the tew order cf tLn. ja. The? demanded him at the helm aa tbe onl; sin , guaranty sgaiiist a return of the oM anarchy. TL> w aaaa vote* tor him in a Riiiwrita.oua (alth tbat it w - a rdainad be tata, and tbus Wa ker became the legi 4 all xtad Praat dent of Nicangua. When K.vls raw tbe country would r.i M> jept him hw her next l're-,ideni, Le led oJ by ,'t* y { htj dotu Oandtdates, Meri^i>n )^ah?ar nod Ma\ ti vJaw jr., in getting up another revolution. Tlioy ma:i'.!ac-.ur*<t ?n imA~? KOveium>>nt ut Ixon, the tormar capit \oi ?the Utata, i came t nt wV.ha act of giar..tiUv\ueut ^?.-Ja maliocs, aw* at only Hranleb American r?volntlon:j^ en a pro ivunlhr the annihilation of Walker. Tbey i..vjM the pc^>ta ot Nicarsgaa? thev called on all tbe o^ee HI ataa of Centonl Amerir*. and ou the trleedly and i *? unous ; ?wava of Kurope to unite lor the '? toUu i?/ of the* Am rlcanoa " The people of Miraraetia. tbat L- to say. u >aaaaaan have r > riitpoeition to t. out, ie the' .eat abor' Vio mat tar; and the lew bondrvd natives ader the ccaankaad ? > Kivas sod Jere* are aeo*tly preste ? anen, and ' SM be oar ; lain to run hwb y at the tlrM rhar-?. The tiiighboring 6tatet, urni European ?4 . and an oanrafemebt. hare marchcd iroopa Into / iko, ar. j quartered thera ur?* th<? tBhr-OEant* Ota Walker /% lioiicy ot n aeterly Inactivity biakent them op 1ms I^-on for several monijaT aa.h othar t tue whole country a tbarouk4 nnd flnaj ,?rf?lt of folly ol inviting these bordct M dovourtnt solves jrf* the country. Meantime the gr -a', body o' i!.e country >la a f pro*r>und peace under Walkor s?tea?ty ru!r. Net a c ( la p??s*ed into bis army, an-4 -iav ar? pe taa^y aa:.>Jg 4 to leave all the aoldier work to the Am?r oaa. r.#w I l# is master ot th" likes, c. (he transit. U at; the .4k routes to the fsciilc. ard tbwe are no tr ?pmicnri .mt competent men. whether Jriend* or ar^^iiea, i'. hia ability to rrwh ti n revol uoiusts at I n.anU sw -be country <>f tnatr wluaevar it ka rka the final blow. (?enetal Mirv, oci of the nwio I. adf atom of thia invasion, w ?t down ti Sao ai rmtar to tmplore more '.?lp, but t oiaral % uker'a cruiaer caeght h'm in ;*n bsy of Fot>e< 4. t !?'?? ,j Wlta letter* from tha Brittoh jOaaanl and aiw.. * M ^ more troops ni??t be ??.>t or tho Anu.?M?u* 10J pn^ eater tninated. Salir.-.;, who had \ >*ad la to 0wn tha people of t.raca la in own Mood, i"4 li'irf ilj rn ma iler thr asbe* of the la?t liou-e, dkxi^ha dicl'-ae ,( a 1, allot on the Plt/a of tlie city, without 01 ? to lam ^ hl4 With the ?air>e ntei a prmnptltada Hi BtitUi^' ougu] his eaequal'.r taket fti-m hlni, f9r 'is W ,,iry cjrran Iiondeobe with the rnemles of the country There waa not a /ear'* parley ,? CJrau^t ^ oynr ^ Mannlpg'a t I0UI1 m of the aeutr.iJ:'.! laws. Tb, Tery ^ . that his InU rccpUid letle-a ftMtd hia #? iilt Prnailant Walker revoked bia svequatur A rtr?n,gF ^ u*h fleet wna concentrating avSan Juan tn rc.**rk?>','?S Hna ien'-s w<(h iht lovvra '?! lie?u by the 01 Jr fn)m ?'alvailor ?n?l (iaatemsi i. hut aU Nicar M' ,a to nay ta this demonrtrnt*on of Pritwh ?'*? ?? p, t?n Cooaul had violated her Wws. and ? ^nvsic-at.y had received, r-jihout fear. fa??* or de'?? , r in a.nsnt allotted to h.ij by tbe laws al BAlkmv As the In.urjeota at I ecvj ,tv?l mar A Bpot W?'.k er, tbey v>ated tb?*r bat ?d to .tmciica-.i by ai prtaoai'ig and tbreateetaf ta ?hnni 0 r. Ltviagston ' nmm I'nlted rSatra Consul ilia fate f , yti U1? . ruin, but nbethor be is *bot or ?r?f d, IV'fc net rrcbab.e that oar govern3( nt *111 d? pnrt ao (hi trar a ^ CUalon M ^ any particular notice Getifral Walker wil Irvh ' ?? ^ brlgind* devency '? due bue; and mean while be a ? aklna great pr-grMM in reductng t bans and anarchy r , ,ub|e. wail a?l :a??d 1 1an or government. Wo la ?? roaUcUt!, M ol ? ->lonl/st."n. wtlcb 1 rcabur (0 WM| occaeh>a * '*?a ?tir In the tfc ckly |x>p.J? ted North. Il? * ''veyoea ara eelect eg the Snoat aad ar .uhteat io^Uioaa. t<> be Mt tied la colon i?? of Wte IsmI e?t aa j tis vi -ni wt.l be aiitbortae l 10 o.e^?aug bc^ rt?t?*da to m many hsoaattn . r uatriooa men m* cbiaaa ta accept a guod :arm for nothiac tn the ??t lae.uag re*tr ? ?f tuntrai Amer ea, w m 1 tranaportatiea to it it tha . v^uae of tha Mat* of Nicam ' ??? Oat Vlrjlul lay (orreapantkate. Csstti uj Viano, Aug. 20, lMd. stgluh <* *4! >4 ? .V.'ic OrUaw ?ami?i-ATWn| *f I* Na lil>l Mtporf The futr nf Nlcar? M traaqull at praaaat. Tha Rsc l#h too n.1, Mr. II uaiag. seems dlaheart'tiad at ;Ua d la ma i a^iam .? Iror j t au co- ful rsvointloaary clirt ta leoa, fcjovla an*" , choetalca The eban?M are t-?a to aaa 1 that tbs forcaae* j|?rted atfb> 'nal'.jati^r, ia our aorC-ara (VoatU r are aire ady diahaadad, or aooa wiU be. | Tha tahawb a a pa><eager? arrlvad here ye?t- r1av, ta grtbtr wuh a ernall Icataimeat of tr >opa ft >? V?w Oe leaaa, la char ga of (kM Moncosss . all la toe >iea th and aplrtta Pat rral of tbe army olTW-eea were ainch grallfliad hy tha arr* ral of the'r better hair?aaoog whom wera Gaaaral Fr y, Captnla Wm Marra and Dr. Natffbt. 0< 1 bleaa thee ? ladles. I hey ooma like an?ele. tn d?rorata an t render ? till more lovely aad attrarl're ttin ?* -y land. Noting to aa American will enmpanaata their a?eac# Tberr a aa alcsne*< to apask ot la tha state, esoaptiag at that pest aeuae i.ranada, aad even there it Imm ^ita abate# Intompe- aace aad other 1 mprud?acea ara tha cause of alne tenths or tbe mortality . | have never hrea exempt froai any anil alt kind* rf eoepknal fcr ao long a perlo.1 aa aiaoe 1 have ten here The, fever la ai?riy Ihwrm.ttent fareiieMtivel, ae tbr bilHeua of northern latitudea. wanting the lataiaw to? y character ef tboae, aad pnttlng on the typhxd )aet lr, proportion to the tmprndanee, neglect or ettmanr* of the aubtert. Kee) n? tha bowels regolar. the liver Free, observing aahrtety and ergular bnMta. wal? eent lstwi aparUaet.ta, whoii nntaa anerct^e? tmt set earried to e? haa> 1 ior, m the hot as a? will preva a gaarantae a<a-nat all tbe fabled Ills ot lata beauUtal oVaaate Th'j river Han Jaan la high, aad ia Bua navlfabla order tor '.rtlghts and yae-engerv flic thermoaaeter standa at Tt defreaa le f*j at 11 M , r.hd tt ia del4ttltotty > aaV ?nnaachmeatt aftbr (Cwr?P'?n Pnwnt. THB aomtOR DOCThlDK AUD bit Ah.tOW AS tr? fOLICT. fTrom F: v.' ara^iea#'. 1 ? fit I Fpg'nnfl '? In vlrt'jal < ?< 1 1 ? * ?rt