Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 2, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 2, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HER ".Yl f| ? ? ? ? iS* "3* TT XLVUJQ JL1 V/. t ZiOU. THE PUBLIC HEALTH. The Yellow Fever. MATTERS AT QUARANTINE ? K 90 API OF TWO 'BOM THE HOSPITAL ENCLOSURE? TH? VESSELS AT QUARANTINE? ATTENDANTS UPON YELLOW FIVER PATIENTS LIVING OUTBID! QUARANTINE. There wu no Increase yesterday in Um number of ymmtm ol yellow fever under treatment At the hoepital il Quarantine. Some excitement wu caused yesterday by r statement that two of the cases of yellow fever, lately brought to the hospital from on board the Architect, had the black vomit nbtn they were landed at Quarantine, and that notwithstanding this the persons were landed at the steamboat wharf, and brought up through the village to the hospital entrance. Some of those present at the wharf at the time of the landing of these parties begin to be fearfully apprehensive of attack ol the fever from the danger ol Infection to which they were exposed. Ihe first mate of the same vessel from which the above persona were brought, it has been slaco stated, com plained the other day of feeling a little unwell while at the hospital, and he was positively assured by Dr. Harris that he showed tho premonitory symptoms of yellow fever, be Insisted that be bad not, and was permitted to leave and come to New York. On that very night ho was taken sick in the city, and next morning sent to the bos 'pital, where be now liee. A disposition to get out of the hospital enclosure seems to possess a number of the tu mates just at present. Yes terday two men managed to eilect their escape, not withstanding the double vigilance of the olUclala on the inside, and me watch ol the Castielou sentinels on the outside. It soems the escaping parties crowded around the edge of tho wall where it reaches tho water, and not hiving been obBervod by the outside sentinels, made their way to the ferr) boat wnarf, and thus succ<ed <ad In getting away. An attempt of a similar character on the part or these in -lvldimls, made on Monday, was ?not to successful. They were all caught by the guard outside and reconducted within. Warrants for the arrest of the two who cscaped have been issued by Justice fream, oi Castleton. Added to the two caws of black vomit to who3e Infec tious influences a number of the villagers of Csaileton were exposed, a new cause of agitation b\s got afloat in learning the fact that the hospital authorities permit parties living In the village to atteud upon casos or yellow fever Inside the hospital during the day time, while they sleep At their bouses In the village. It Is said that a man name d <jlass, ha', ing the yellow lever in the hospital, U attended ?toy his wite aud mother alternately, one of whom sleeps In the village at night. It is said there are other cases? ouch is the outside rumor. Many of the vessels at present anchored olT Quarantine are said to be wholly unprotected In case ol" a ?torm. More than hair are represented aa having lull cargoes on txjard, but by their authors beiug foul imperilling both ohipa and cargoes, should anything like a severe storm arise. Yesterday a brig just arriving at Quarantine, ran into a schooner and carried away tho schooner 'a jibboom. For tunately uo other Injury was sustained. s of th? Castleton Board of Hoalth wis ad jour nod to be held vostorday, but a quorum was not m Attendance, and nothing was done. Meeting of the Commissioner* of Health. The Board met yesterday, tho President, Isaac O. tBarker, in Iho (hair. Thcro WW a full attcndanco 9( mAki Slip B-ewster, from Cardenas, 18th, with sugar and molasses. Cargo to be lightered after ten days. Brig Mary C. Haske'A, CtenfUegos, 18th, with sugar and molasses; two deaths In port an 1 one on the passage. Cargo to be lightered after fifteen days. Brig Chas. Heath, Cardenas, 18th, with sugar and gnolaase*. Cargo to be lightered after ten days. Brig Maria, Rio Hache, with wood and hides. Cargo, exoept htdea, to be lightered to the cRy. Brig Granada, Ponce, P. R , 18th, with sugar aad mo I pi ? Csrgo to be lightered after ten days. Brig laurel, Cuantanamo, Cuba, 18th, with sugar and tobacco. Cargo to be lightered to the city. Bria Truxillo, Jeremio, llajti, 18th, with logwood and cofle* Ca'go to be llgbtereo to the city. Bark J. I> Bmouse, Mexico, 18th, with mahogany. Al lowed to proceed after ventilation. Bark Almcda, Havana, 18th, with ballast Thirty days ft I Bark Will Ftrn, Vera Or ax, 18th, with logwood aa t fcidfa. Cargo, except hides, to be lightered to the city. Bcbooner Mary AUce, Ponce, P. R., 18th, with sugar aud cnolasse*. Cargo to be lighvered after ten days. tichooaer Yorklown, Porto Oibillo, ISlh, with cone? ?lid hldee Cargo, execpt hidee, to be lightered to the city after fifteen daya. . i-hocuer John and Mary. Cape Hayti, 18th, with log. wood and mahogany. Cargo to be lightered to the city. Schooner Mary Began I'onoe, P. ft.. 18tb. with suga. ?ad motassea. Cargo to be lightered la tea days. Hchcoucr Baltic, Barcelona, 18th, with hiios and fustio. Cargo, except btdea, to be lightered to the city. flcboooer Wave, Jacksonville, Ha., 18th, with lumie . Allowed to proceed after vontiiauon. Petition to allow bark tieo LeaUo to come to the ctt ? was lalJ en the table. , . , The following c? rtiflcate was received, and ordered oo flle Omci or Boaan or Hsairn, J HavasaH, Aug 15, KM. f f ferUfy that there Is not, at th? Um', any malignant or MO> t*aO>n* iftctiie prevailing In the city of Mavaunah, and thai art If wot the health of taeeHr I* iin<i?>i?ily gool. i ' ' j; UA\ KMPORi'. Chairman. Mavon's orrits, Savassaa. > Aug. 14. l-vVi. I Iconcuilnthcsbovs.^ c ANI)RSJ0N. M%yor. The nats*ne<-e at pier M and SI, Cast river, were refer cad to tbr City Inspector Petition of owiere of brig Delafleld from Port au Prince, July 40, to be a. towed to come to the olty, was lait upon Ite Uble. tVhooetr New York, from Curaooa, August 3, with fus tic oargo being discharged sad veiael fumigated. The fieelih officer recommends that she be allowed to come VP Cuocurred In. . . Hcfoonrr Fleetwood, from Hsvannah la Mtr, before re ported, on the recommendation of the Health Ottl;er, was Allowed u come to the city ? . ... _ ,k A communication was received, read and laid on tb gable, lr?m the captain, owners and consignees of the fcark l.e jrgs Ieelie, which arrived on the Wtb of July, from Cien uegoe, Cuba, Several death* haying ogourred OO the passaae, she wea quarantined thirty days. As bar giau- has now expired, and tne veeeel has been properly Cleansed and fumigated, the owner* request sbo insy be Allowed to i'torrcd to the city aad du< fiirge her largo. A con.niuuicat.on was aieo racelvod from the con Mgneea ol the ship Lady franklin, baM John tirtmn, bark K. biddings, aad brig N 8towere, moet of them being horn sickly porta, and eome of which were la a very in t us coatlition on arrival hern Tney lisv. been ren. ted within a lew days to the aew ao. iiorage ?ear the Souihweat Spit. 1a the vicinity of Baudy II >ok. The rona.fctires rcjueetthat they may be ai wed to come P)> lo the city. lAid upon the Uble. A'*" a enmni .n'catmn from t; it. Del<"<r<Mt A Co , of |M South street, setting forth that a large quantity of rnttru gra.n has been placed on pters Soe. oO and 81 KaM river, f ro tting a m?*t disagreeable smell that *aid grain was ieu>< ltd rrom Jain< - slip, by the auiboritics, lo the present piece The petitioners aak now for it* immediate removal, llefcrred to City Inspector. A dw'imeni recived tr im th<) owners or t!io bark Necoeclie, rrom Havana, oracred froy Graven, nd Bay 'o Pan 'y Ho^ k. hy e resoiuMm ot the Hmrd on Fridey eat whet cm they protest againat the actios of the Com ? iaaloiier* oa the lollowiag grohnda ? TlMl bn- aa going r?.a'. "?n r I" .. , ? v. I An?aM be Uhrn diarh?r?^ th^ . MM ^?1 ?I?V elan, thai t!w dx i?i?n la P*. nllarly an I int. ?111 lir'ni'iii and ?nl"K? th' H-irl re<-o.|.? fr< .m im f..rmar th.v shall leave the vripri at Uic dt?-rettnn of ihr t .,m ZmimXZ U. a'nglo th? city an l Slate of N-w V nk ad .1, , it ronrrni-n- ?? mev e-^r'i? i.. <at.| re< el or ea- ?o, or aay porUon thereof The ai.ove reaeel arrived at this port n s very sickly tale ll'-r ease was rae?n?i ier^<1, b'lt tb* It-*r : law no ee?>e to reeriud their tormrr a- lion Proteat laid upon be table. Severn <-eaea could r>4 be ?-wr?.l upon in eoneeTienee 4 the ab-eaae of the lleelth Otll. er. who was detained as . wltni tn the case of the trial of teose who are charged ,I|R the Qi.e'ai.l-i.p M-rni. In- iae ?.t ' ten ft* this day. before Judge H.rd*eye. of h ookij n. Mattera In Br??ohlyn and Sflgbhorhnoil. The clt sens of Platbash bare fermed a Board of Health, (onaistiLg of Sapervieor J. V. fcboonmaker an l Josli?? ?won I Mertenee aad Dillen. Hr Timothy J logra I em lis' b en appolntwl physician of the Hoard. He re lotted the existence of yellow fever in Oreeatleid, near latbi h village aad adjoining the city line. A family litre had been taken down w th tt. A building ban been Ireoled for the acoommoeatioa of the >dok, and all per 1 ma are loibul bringing yellow fever lalo Klstbusb Tho snthorttiee have selected French "? ban, la the iatb ward, near the flatbush llae, (Or a dead bouse, It |avlag baea declared a auisan-* tn (Antoa street, whore has be.n located for years piat. The people of tha Irtgbborbood object lo Its location there, aad besilee It ill he virtually out of the rearh of the Coroner, and if oo raetieat benefit tor the deposit, of drowned persons tor entt teat ton. The Mayer has directed the Poor House wagon to go > f'lattiuah. with nick per*' by way ol the Clove road lathnab avenue, l>e!iigii p i .1 direct rout<\ is ?ti used, inwevfr Cott.tirr Redd ng was r t " 1 on M"n 'ay to ca'l at 011 ?r's ilock, In Oowanu*. i.tviow the body of a drowned iaa. Me went with his constable, but they eo.ild netthei id the body of the drowsed man, or any living pereon aay ol the houeee of that neighborhood, all bartag be at- frightened and left, bag and baggage The lever waa yeeterday reported aa slightly ae the la rase la Oowaaue. The l)Mrd of Health have or.lwed e erection of a fence a?M?s Third av?nn? Thirty |rth street, and all pcr-i?na Will be prehi'.ited irom ' or rr,"t??leg flVa n-w ceees In the rtt j- proper were raperteJ irAny TH1 BROOKLYN BQkBiD OF EXALT H. The Board tield a meeting yesterday morning, th< Mayor la the ctialr. Praent ? Alderman 8haw, Bunt l ey, Oakley and Walsh. Application to lighter the cargo of the aoboour Eaglet from Ssgua la Grande, which was stated to be entire!] free from disease at the data of her departure, waa re ftrred. Ia connection therewith, Alderman Oaklxt laid that h< had been informed by one of the Health Warden a that th< John Bird, from Sagua la Orande, arrived a tow days ago, nd baring a clean bill of health, was permitted to die harge her cargo. Immediately alter breaking the bnlk, be captain and most or the crew sickened, and the cap aln, he heard, had since died. Application to land the cargo of the brig Blowers, from Ponce, waa denied; and the Lady Franklin, which had been sent down to the southwest Spit, was refused per mission to come to Atlantic dock to take la the remalndei of her cargo. The following communication was submitted by Dr. If. Wendell, the Brooklyn Health Officer >? Gbhtlsmsn? No report or any contagious or infectious dls cage haa been made to thla offlee durlvg the last twenty four hour*. In compliance with the resolution or the Board, the premises '.'1 'Hilary street were visited; found a lad there who had been nkk of congestion of the lungs for lifteen days? now oonva lesoent. A death had taken place there on Saturday, 16th, of a girl, paused by Inflammation of the lungs, combined with typhoid fever. The lady reported as very IU, about whoec case there waa an excitement, I found In perfect health. OK. WENDELL, Health Officer. The application or the consignees or the schooner llarl etta Smith, from Port au Platte, to land a cirgo of tobacco, was refused. Alderman Oakj kt moved that It be unlawTul to land hides in Brooklyn until arter the 1st of October. Carried. Mr. p. Q. Bekcsn appeared with a delegation or the in habitants or the Eighth ward, (Gowaous,) and asked the Board of Health to take measures for pre venting the run ning or railroad cars beyond Thirty sixth street, and to stop tbose mechanics who reside in the infeoted district, and who work la the city, from passing and repassing to and irom that district whilst the Infection continued; al?o to prohibit all bathing in the waters ot the bay until the disappearance of the disease. He stated that the measures proposed were recommended by the physicians in that vicinity. He also said that the Health Otftoer re ported that there were no new casss. He supposed those In the Eighth ward were not taken into account for it waa well known that there were persons dying there every day. Alderman Oaklkv moved that a board fence bo erected arroes Third avenue and Thirty -sixth street, and that the police be directed to carry the rest of the provisions ol the request of the Eighth ward into etlcct. Alderman Hrtim x\ moved that the subject bt referred to the Mayor, with power. The Mayor would rathor not have it referred to him, and observed that boarding up Third avenue would shul out a large section of the county as healthy as any pari ot the city ot Brooklyn. Mr. Bkrckn said that the disease was raging al Fort Hamilton, tind all along shore, and people were dy log eycty <'ay. Le (Tarts Bergen and three of his childrei <Ter*> sick with the yellow fever. Mr. Hasbrocck, Clerk to the Board, itated that there bad been no new cases since Friday lut. Mr. Bruges said he heard of one case ai he was comlnj a'ong this morning. The resolution of Alderman Oakley was ultimately Mr. Bkkrkv said thst be did not believe' that the Infec lion Lad come (Tom the vessels lying In Oravesend Bay but rrom those which are unloading at Quarantine, pro rerly so called, and the Infected atmosphere bad been blown to our shores by the prevailing winds. The Ma yob tali he would consult with Or. Thompson on the subject. The Corporation Attorney was directed to prosecute owners of pork packing establiahmtnt corner of Soutb First and Fifth streets, heretofore declared a nuisance, which liad not been abated. The investigation Into the reported nuisance at the fool or South Tenth street waa then resumed, and pending th< discussion the Board adjourned. Police Iatslllgcaw. HEARKXWr or MADAMS RI8TKLL ? ATTEMPT ID ABOB TIOM AND ABDUCTION. Madame Res tell was yesterday again taken into ens tody on a charge ol abduction preferred against her bj Fred erica W. Medioger, a German woman, residing at No 20 Stanton street, Brookljn. The complainant, in hei affidavit stales that, on the 27th of July, 1864, aht wai induced to become a bearder in the hooae of the accused No. 182 Chambers street, on ler the belief that It waa , respectable pi Irate boarding house, her obJ>et beia| merely to stay until a child, wft'j which she was then Mp| atiot: l?t bo born. That after being in the hiust about two weeks, she became aware that she was an ia mate of the establishment ol' a professional abortionist, but wa? too near ler perltd of conilnement to allow ol her leaving ; that while there, Mrs. ReeteiL alias Mary I.obman persuaded her, to tako s;x pt;;s, which she Mid would be of rreet henetlt to her, that soon eflor taking the pills, sbe wss coo flood and delivered ol a living child ; that the child remained lor several hours against her remonstrance, prisoner al the foot of the bed. unwashed and uncarea for. Thai finally Madame Res tell took tt away, under pretence ol attending t? it, and though she sske I for it repeatedly, ?lie never saw It sgsln That Madame Rottoll told hei ?he had, by direction ot the gentleman who had placed her there, sent the child to Philadelphia. That wbes r omnia. nant got well, she went to Philadelphia to ICok U* the child, but coo id not find It. and she has nevei since seen It That subsequently, Ma lame Restsll told l.< r that the child wa? dead, and advised ber to mekt ' no more fuss about It." She therefore, charge) Madame R-etell with the abduction of her child, and atki that she may be dealt with according to lair. Madam* Westell was tmkea into custody by officers Sweeney and Marsh, of the Lower Police Court, and held to bail li $1, COt to answer the charge A Mr l evy, dot ag busi neat la Broadway, became ber bondsman, aad on hit signing the bond, Madame Reetell was set at liberty. A Mas Shot bt his Wtr* ? Jkalocst tus Qaf*b.? ' Thi dt uble report of a pistol was heard at a late hour ot Monday night, proceeding from the corner of Baiter an> Krsnklln streets, and the Mxth ward police on reaching the 'pot learned that an attempt had been made by Elisa beth Warden, a Gorman woman living In Second avenue, to kill her husband. It appears that, some time ago, h>: abandoned ber, and more recently took another woman to live With h;ni, at No. 1H Mulberry stre< i This [>ro cceding reached the ears of his wile, and last night aht procured a double barrelled pi?tol, and loading It heavily with powder and shot, proceeded to bis residence. Tb< busl and saw her approaching and made bis escapt through a rear door, etoeely followed, however, by bu wilt. On reaching Hester street, bo suddenly turned Into ene of tte Cena, and a nv>m< m alter, the woman ap i cared and discharged both barrels of the ptetol al Llm. The charge took effect la hie heal, neck snd shoulders, hut the wounds inflicted ars not dangerous The woman was immediately srresled by policeman Kenny, and yesterday mwn ng Justice Connolly locked her up to an-wer a charge of at tempt to kill, rhe acknowledged the corn, and intimated by her meaner that the tolly intended to Utah him. Hssi ismj a Thssatsjuvo I.snsn Annum irmrr ai Extoktios.? John Teslck, doing baslnces at Ne. 71 Kid ridge street; Anthony Honek, of Ne. St City Hall place aad Anthony I.ittltr, merchant, of No. 11 I ranklm street all i.ermars, were yeeter day arretted by officer* ftwetaej and Men h, of the l?wer P?i.ce Court charged with con tptrieg together to defraad fa. Setbach, of No. lft liowety, out of foe It is alleged thai the accused sent U> Mr Seibach a letter la which they threatened to m*kt public bts having been connected in Prussia aad also In (?ermany with robbery, It Be failed to > end them B80U Mr Hrtbach ? I alee that he eever committed a robbery either In Germany or elsewhere, and that the threat was madi i oiely for the pnrpoae of extortloe. He was formerly i titled oftw-er la the King of Prussia's Qaard, aad sub ?eunently came to country and enlisted in the arm] and served la Mexico. The accaeed were taken hefort Justice Connolly aad held to ball to (1,000 each to aa swer the charge. Tus CtAnmM Amtsv is G mttswin 9ntsnr? The ante mortem ixamlaett?n of Jiba Edwla Height, who wai stabbed at No. 1.11 Greenwich street, on last Halardaj morning, was taken yesterday by Coroner (.anible. N< new lacts of Importance were ellctted, and the jury whirl had bees etnpnnelfed, readered a verdict " That Heigh was dangerously wounded by a knife In the bands o John l?. Tlmntons, aad (bat Terrenes n'Fljnn waa aocee sory to raid etabblBff." the accused parties were< up by the toroner, to await tie result of the Injuriei lailicted. Height is t? caty eight years of age, and we horn la HalUmore, Md. Ft c.rrn w ran* Jt'stu s ?Two Germane, named Jacol Miller aad Fridolta I*tscber. were arrrsted la thecit] yesterday, by Captain Klesner, and officer Herltck, e the Fourteenth ward police, charged with being fugitive from Justice, from I'litledelptla. It is alleged that the a t .used boarded in thet city, wllh John Berugreher, Wis one night found Uist be had been robbed of neirlj $1,000 IB gohi, the saving of tlx years' labor. Th prl?ooer* having left suddenly, were suspected and fol lowed to thla city by tolcgrapli. On their err eel, $2to ii gold, supposed to be i>art of the stolen money, wae fottn in their poesee* oa. and It is said more will be recovered Ihey were detained, aad will be sent back to i*hiiakl pbia. Chastis or Gsssn Las'Hiv ? Thos H Chamber*, i youth seventeen years of age, residing at No. 10 lto<?* velt street, waa yeeterday arrested, charged with steel ing a gold watch aad chain, valsed at B6B, f rem Willie t Abbott, of No. 181 Chatham street. The prisoner waj caught with the property le hit poooeaotoc, and Justlc Connolly locked him up for trial. Rsrsiviso Imis G<kitm ?Edward MKTerty, a pnbh house keeper, was yesterday arrested by polle<?m?i Adsma and Farley, of the F >nrteenth ward, charged wltl feloniously receiving B800 worth of goods which had beei stolen. The complainart Is Mr. C. Broee The ao us# was committed by Jaatice Davidson, to await sxamlns MSB. Crusoe ne Faiss Pasrs*i as ? J. Fslward IV if, a broke at "?? Mar au s.rwi, wss yeetrrday arreated, charged wit' having by fain- and (V inaulent pretence*, obtained severs r. ts rf sealee from Mr. tsnae Aynsa, mer. hint o< No. B I nlt'-.a j-tr? 1 1 The ece-rc 1 gat t ball i ?),.i>i>,'m aad i..i* r |o Um eLergo. XUVlVil JUL1 U City s Bam rot a Nnr Potr Omn um Co.^" flora.? Th< ? folio win j synopsis, made op from Ike report & Uw Sec re tary of the Interior? published exclusively In th* mbai yesterday, gives the sites that hAve bam mention "d ? the location of the new United States buildings to 5 ereoted in this city, together with the prices asked fa some of them:? Burton's theatre, Chambers street 9400.00 Brick church, Beekman street 600,00 Dutch church, present location.... 350,00 St. John's park 900,00 Property fronting on Franklin, White andt Elm ? streets and Cortland alley 840,00 Property fronting on West Broadway, Chambers, Hudson and Duane streets Property of Weeks At Baker, adjoining Stewart's. New York Hospital grounds - Lower end of the Park Burton's theatre Is 136 feet front on Chambers Street and the same on Reade; the Franklin street site is 221 front on Franklin, 331 on Whito, and 300 on Rim; the Wee Broadway site has 00 feet front on the east side, 364 on ttai south in Hudson street, and 66 on Duane street; the pro perty of Messrs Weeks k Baker has a front of 126 feet 01 Chambers street, aud the same on Reado. WirKKB nn Emigrants Oo To.? The following tabli gtrea the destination of the emigrants who have arrive) ?t this port from the 1st of September, 1865, to the SOU of July, 1866. It was prepared tor the Committee ? Public lands of the House of Representatives, by thi person in charge of the Castle Garden depot. The flgurei are interesting as showing the States emigrants gene rally prefer DettinaHon. Emigrant*. Cath. Fifteen Blare States and D. C 3,256 ?1M,8M 0 SI* New England States 8,134 1 21,6:23 7i New York 39,943 1,304,638 Ot New Jersey 2,273 214,856 71 Pennsylvania 9,421 646,033 71 Ohio 6 117 479,633 IM Indiana 1,309 10i,Ml * Illinois 7,713 693, \S?\ 31 Michigan 2,889 179,300 81 Wisconsin 10, 467 1,046,661 31 Iowa 1,855 248,335 4< Calllornia 806 166,125 K Kansas S 138 01 Minnesota 306 36,168 Ot UUb ... 1,829 66,670 9! Oregon 1 10 0( Totals 106,707 >5,398,369 & To slave States 3,26ti 194,888 01 to Free States 102,461 $6,203,481 6! This table shows what a large excess of the emigrant remain In the tree Statos; but the few who Una their wa] to the South appear to have more money than the fre< State settlers. The large emigration to this State must b< taken with some grains of allowance. Many emigrant! bave not determined where they will finally settle whei they land, and remain in this city until they get posted m to favorable localities. Another point 1s, that hereafter when estimates are made of the amount of money b rough to this city, it must be bo*ne In mind that an emlgratioi of 100,000 will bring nine to ten millions of dollars int the country, for It Is notorious that emigrants conces their real wealth, for fear of robbery or extortion. Commons or Amraocs*.? 1 The Board met at the Rr tunda yesterday.. Present, Messrs. Draper, Tiemann, Bel! 9winf to the storm but few of the members were preset and alter hearing the requisition read an adjournmen took place until next Tuesday. The following is th onisus for the past week ? Bellevue Hospital 683 Randall's Isl'd Hospital 21 Lunatic Asylum 606 Prisons 3 Almshouse 1,190 Colored Home 381 I'tnllectlary 444 Colored Home Asylum II Hospitals <18 Children at nurse 19 Workhouse 630 ? Randall's Island 861 Total 6,84 Increase during the past week, 69. Tits WiuTim ? Yesterday ws had another cf the Ion rain storms with which we have best lately larored. ?hort time ago we had a ?' heated term," in which w could get no rain, now we have a " wet term," which I all rain. It happens, however, to come at a remarkabl opportune moment the yellow fever can make no pn tress with the thermometer at 71, and the industrioi rain Is doing the work of thousands of men In the street: nod ridding the city ef all kinds of pollutlin It is, t doubt, owing to the liw temperature and this proration < moisture, that the city has been spared the ravages ot th most terrible disease, and therefore, tn spite of ot local li conveniences, and the long faces or dry goods clerks, t "wINs dasfc'' and patent leathers, we say all hail to tb rahTthe beeTthfu! rain. The rata storm wss vary vt: lent In the city, and so doubt extsnlsovsr a huge surtac of country. There Is some danger that the late crops mi suffer from the continuous moisture; but let us hepe fo the best. A Gist. Man? A Craiors Cass ?One or the most singu la r Instances of disguise, as regards sex, ctme to th knowledge or the police yesterday. A young, well dressed and seemingly modest girl, came to the Firth ward statio house yesterday, and asked to be seat back to her fkmil, In Buffalo, as she had as means ot support. Cint. C?r penter questioned the seeming girl as to her history when, after some hesitation, be was Informed that a mal tn dtsgutxe waa talking to him. He did not believe th ctory, but aent the conressed young gentleman to th Chief a cHlce, but there the officers wers equally Injredu Ions. The seeming girl waa of tall and slender ehape, will mild blue eyss, an l roft feminine cheeks and ch n, with out a sign of beard being visible. The hair was long, ani ?tone up behind like a woman's, and evsn the ehjulden ?nd bust were llinee of a young female The party wa token from one offlr* to another, but waa pronnmoed l ? male by all who saw her. There waa but one way o ? tiling the matter deflaitely, and owe of the o'Bcers, win * a- understood to be a conn>tseeur in such rasUjrs mad< the necessary Inveetyraiioes, and certiflel that the partj ?ss a male wllhott aev qurst'rn. The young gentlemsi ass interrogated as to his hlalory. and he itatej that hi ? aa a native of Albany, and about 19 years of age. Hi l.uMuess was that of a eegar maker, but he very oftei travelled abroad as a woman, ss hs liked the dress sn< i> It more at home in It than Is the male costume lis fount himself In the city yesterday without tnoaey and wt rorcrd to tnskp bis story known In order to get means li take him on to Buffalo, where a portion of his ramlly re sided. He gave bla name as Char'es Curtis Too youaj getllemsn was taken up to Mayor Wood, and introduce' to blm, and to other noteworthy persons la the City Hall sod Curtis was pronounced oa all bands a most won derftol counterfeit woman. Officer Msstsrton was la i trueted to take him to the Erie Railroad depot, and pro rure for him a free pass aver the road to Bu;ialo, if pos slble, but the railroad people were losredulous aa to tfc of Curtis, and would not grsnt a free psss until the] also made a personal examined in, to assure tbcmaelvsi of lbs truth et wbat the analog girl said Is the even log Curtis took his departure in the Erie tram, withou changing bis costume Tlie oflVevs pronounce this lh< nest extraordinary case of th* kind they ever had to d< with. Puuawrs I r tiso Burnt Msn? Omrrss' rtaqrwr* ? A vary > rgular rase transpired at Csstle Garden a fet days since, wbtcb goes to show how some clever polkx men turn"" an honest peony without charging the put Im tres-'iry therefor. It appears that a Oerman, aaae Hei ry F.bling. wlio arrived at this port from H?mbsr| on Friday last. In tha steamship Boruesia. was robbed o v 1. - t MA*ea? atnra arh \m lu lnt . rale?1 of ? pocket book, containing iWO The keeper the store pursued the thief, Mil with lb* nasi- t*n<-e of l? rflicer*, succeeded la arresting bit* Eh ling had hi* m ney restored lo htm, wtU? the exception of WO, which wi ? v?n to the grocer KMtaf states that no hi? way loll Tomba. lo make his rdmp usl againat the tblef, tbe of errs advised bin not to prosecute, u It would take li much time Mid coat loo much They, howsr?r. i|m>i to pa) Ihe court charge* fbr bia and let bim ofl Tbi Charged bIR M follow* For arreting robber f . I or being drunk 1 lor having a black eye Personal charge for trouble Tr.tal f I Mil | paid the charge to the policemen, but on retar I nf to < a?tle tiarden male nffldavlt of the foregoing utr , l.r (bee Cotnmlsmoner Garrlgre, when tbe comp'aiat w m nt to a magistrate, sad warrants Issued fhr tbe a tr* ? Oi tbe aer imed part lei And ao the case rtanda at preaei We omtt names until tiie Mae ban prognSaed faithcr. TR. rt *ti<ro tri Otunr o? Cavai "?r**rr ?The ro?.llti of ranel afreet, where it has hem exleade I into W 1 !k ?*reet, ha* been tbe cause of cnnalderable anaovance I'.ioae who lire In that part of Ui? rite, Store the strf I a* he< n opened? now over a year ? it baa been allowed n main in a shsmeM state, owing to the neglect of tj ('< trmon Council to regulate the grada. About Are weel ?go an ordinance wv? paaaad for regulating. graling at f laving that nortl'n of tbe atreet, and tbefltrert Comm *? < ner waa ordered lo lasaetba rnntrvu la accordance wi ? law. Hut tbe people complain that no attention ha? be paid to the street by tbe contractor, and an indlgiati > meeting waa held on Monday night, and tba Kith' rltl severely denona* ed. Yesterday Mr. Ta y or omploy ? i.rer any carta? all he could get? and bad the dtrt e<i veyed to the fbot of Troy street, and will hare a bun ir > >erh? ir possible lo day He alao notified tbe coutracti that tbe price of cartage would he taken out of the mor due bim on the contract Ho we may rery aoon e?|x to see a flae *tre? t, la place of a aerlea of pitfalta and ti locks. Pair oe a ?an*Y I *.?*? ?The lease of a aew fVrry fW tbla city ll Jersey City waa sold yesterday at noon, i Judge Price, fbr the sum of 960 per year, fbr ten yeai Tbe graat U for tbe rlgbt to aatahttab and maintain a Or from tbe foot of Forty aecond street. North rlrar, u point nearly opposite thereto In Jeraey, including t right to erect slips, bridges, Terry bouses, and all otl

J sppurtenancee required lor fcrry purposes, with all I profits, prlrllegee advantage* and emolument* art?i " from aaid ferry, for tbe term of ten year* Tbla fbr " will he a great adrantag* to ? hitherto much neglect 1 portion of 'era ay Prinr* or a Morn** Aim Cmtrv? niee MoOuIra, ft ytM * married w<.maa restdlng with her husband, at So. i il T '' ' ' t, left the apartments of her mother. wli 3 ?? * Siting, at No. 10 Plate street, at 3 o'cloci y "ifiing, and pronwding to the Hattary. plun< ? uiaai, throe weeks old, m bar ftrtns, into t iijc/oj/ai, auvjuoi ^av, i river. Some vtg v?nU who were sleeping on f&s Bstte , beard a splash in th ^ water, and endeavored to resue he but failed. The body 'of the mother waa satawqaeat recovered, and an inaui** m held upon it. The bu band of deceased was pr^nt, and ataUd that h)s wt had been deranged for gam'* weeks. The Jury render* a verdict of "suicide while temporarily insane." I> ceased was a native or Ireland. 23 yearn of age. Tt body of her child has not been recovered. Stabbing Asfaib Between 11 *nd 13 o'cteok on Mot day .light, a party of disorderlies entered the grogger of Alexander Racnock, No. 52 WorW street, for the pui poee of "kicking up a row. " They were forcibly expeli ed by the keeper and his wife, but Jhnaock IbUowe them isto the street. He was then set iv?n by tbe gang and stabbed one of them, by the name of Patrick Gwaoa in the abdomen, uitttctinc a very dangero a wound. Thi Sixth ward were J?>on on the spot an t ar rented San nock who, was, yesterday, locked up to avwtt the rceul of Gibson's InJuj its. Tbe wounded man \**s convey* to the Kew York Hospital. Chakitabt * Bbqi-wts ?Col. Mteajah ReynoHr, or New ark, N. J., who died on the 11th Inst., has left Mm follow lag charitable bequests:? Foreign Baptist Missionary Society *3,00( American Baptist Home MMeaary Society - 2,0W Bible Uaton...' S,OW Baptist Church, Lyons Farms 1,00C " " Orange .. 1,M( Mariners' Church, New York l.OOC Total ra.coc Fatal Fill wwls Ixtoiicutsd ? Peter Connell, a la lorer, who had been employed at the Peter Cooper lusti tute, appeared at 1 o'clock yesterday morning at the building drunk, and was rerused work. He however went upon a scanold and commcncod throwing brick upon the men below, when he loet his balance and fell to tbe ground. He was picked up lifeless and taken to the .Seventeenth ward police station, where Coroner Perry held an inquest upon the body. Verdict. "Accidental death." Deceased was 40 yeaift of age, and a native ol Ireland. Foucs A rpo.NTMSNT ? The Police Commissioners have appolntel Harris Wlnei to the captaincy of the Eighteenth ward, vice Capt. Walling, removed. Mr. Wines has beet attached to the Mayor's oftice since Mayor Wood has beot in power. Our Washington Correspondence. Washisgtox, Aug. 18, 1356. TV Clotitig Work of the Ssuion ? Campbell 'i Elections/rini fhrtif ScAeme? The Quano Bill? The Neapolitan Exraii tion BUI? The Revolutionary Claim Bill? The Arm j Appropriation Bill, 4c., rfc. The first session of the Thirty fourth Congress U num bered with the things or the pest, It ceased to exist to daj at 12 o'clock. The extent of its labors, for good or rot bad, is, from this moment, a part or tbe history or the country. Both houses remained In session from 3 star day until nearly daylight on Sunday, disposing, in thai time, of a vast amount of business. The Ksnsaa riders to the Appropriation bills have bee: withdrawn, save in the case of tUe Army bill, by thi Hoose; and everything has gone on as harmonio^ly as could be desired. The "wheels" of th? government wil still continue to move. TW. Jl.J_.Jl. .-J ..--..I-- Will uiUtlia I. !.?!?? and Jndicisry appropriation.? bills, passed free of all ob jectionable amendments. The electioneering tariff schema or Mr. Campbell fc^ over to the next session ; tt Is not, however, necesiar j to wait till that time for public optnion upon iu msriti tt has already been pronounced against. The Pacific rail road, together with the Minnesota plunder propotilloc baa also gone to the tomb of the Capo lets. The Guano bill, as passed by the Senate, U now a la' of Coogrssa. Its passage has put some thousands ct do lara Into the pockets of outsiders, aad If rumv b true, some members of Congress hare made a goo l thin, in voting tor tt. The Senate haa pat a veto on the Ntapi iitan extradition treaty, by refusing to ratify a rsnewi of it. Hence the citizens of that oppressed govermeat, i tins couutry. will bo tree for th? future, from thd dc?i> . tisai sway of their once kingly tyrant. Itu justice Intended to have been done to the desceo' ants of tbe revolutionary officers of the army, has agal been denied tbem, from the discovery that Kio greste amount of the ten miil.ooa wh.cb would have been give by the bill would fail into the hands of speculators, wh bad in a majority of instances, bought up the claims frot the legitimate persons and heirs. The next Congree will pr-ren a b'.il on this subject, by walcfa these abuse will ho provided for. Such a bill was tn coniemp'.auo this session, but it was then too late to bring It forwar with hope or HurcM*. I have not mentioned the confusion and desperation o tLteret-ted parties, which had gathered at an early hem in and about the capitol this morning. Members foun It MmM to make an entrance to their ?eats, wUic they coull not keep for more tban a minute at a, s ,rrret was tbe pressure for a "last wort" by o 1U1 lers Huch see nee are becoming common, an I have tbertfor but Utt'e interest in them to the beholder or reader. The defeat of tne Army bill will not seriously embarraa the government, although the failure of tt la to be regret ted. The appropriations and private bills whioh wen reported in favor cf by the Commit! os ot the Whole, have aa a genera! thing been passed. The telegraph, befori this can rcech you, will instance more definitely the par ?tculars of this day 's work. It ts thought that had ai extension of two hours In the tims of adjournment beei agreed upon, tbe Army bill could have been eared. Thi is altogether a mistake, as there were three member ready to vote against it, bad it sjran come up, who ha< favored tie ptasage oti the laat boilot. Two vecerabli {rentlemea loun-t .1 uecevsary to show off tiieir pugt!tsti< ?kill in an omnibus th * morning, while on .their way V it .e U>ua#. [Corrcspocuanoe of the Philadelphia Ledger] WaMtiautuM, Aug. Is, ltM. TS* rrrj? sn? TtiryT tnalU U< Lend to any PrjuMcml l* ju Imtian twr\n.j hu or A'wr i Sraiim ? u rvq) the A Wat k" vtt Acrrm th * hthmui of Airvw Tlie proposed tariil is not likely to lead to any ext"nalv moi ideation of our rtTtaas lawn Mr Campbell's re l? ri, and tbe oounter report from tbe minority or tb committee, are more la the nature of whicl are not likely either to affect public opinion or to have tb' liighteet Influence on tbo House during the easting abor session. A protective tariff per se, such as is is effec proposed in Mr. Campbell's bUi, Is at this moment aa ob eoi<te idea. The Miscellaneous Appropriation Mil eooUina an appro prtauon for a survey, h> tbe tailed Kiatsa gorernmeat of the Atrato route across the Inthmua of Dartsa. Wbei this and the report ol the survav of the PaciOc route abal i?e linlshed, the government will have to spend a mail* ?or# to print them they have money for this purpose but none to reward or efet adequately to compensas ?urn eoterpr'M* aa th# Arctic expedition of It. Kane Ibts ts rather hard. The Texas Creditors' Mil, which passed the rinse tb other day, In about being amende 1 in the Senate To time (?r absent creditors to present tbeir claim, etiber ti 1< r?on or by attorney, is to be extended tin tbe Bret c . ai..:ary next and whs t la thea unclaimed ehall be di ? idrd a*< rig the creditor* f '?>'?, M I not flow back Is to the tr#s? iry of Texas. Tbo Istter wnld he a clea violation of the Texas Creditors' blU aa it passed the las flMpSfc Another important Mil p? sat the House yeeUrdsv after it tad already paved the Heaate It provides to tbe regniattor. of fees, costs, and general expanses c tbe Judiciary. Th* was a a Important bill, which wa peed. eg aeverai years, and la calculated to do away witl nary abueea have made the admlntstrahon of jm tie# a luxury. The Par lie Ra'troad lias been laid out cold Some t its fneoda bsMare in ita resuscitation at the next ? 'alu but 1 bave my doubts about it. the Mianeaota toil I (one forever and iu meads wtil not even endeavor I reviv# it aext a##si<m. Wssmsow)*, Aug. IT, ltM n* r*ei/c Umil rmd <m& the t'a>< 1 of u j folsiy ? TV K> 'rtdiihrm TVrfl'y ??!* A 'tflet Krfired from ilt own Mm tmtvm ? Th* tWMptcr Imprmvmmt Hill Pmtmrt to Sj* rf the PrMUentu 5 V?U> ?Th* IHtmslyr Mau Contra. } ? Cletmj in I* fra'uJ n ?aiej' M'Jtico. The Pacitc Railroad bill I consider dead, not only fr tbi* teaaloo. but for the next. There will be ao th c *t easioo to dtscurs such s meaeure Which nece*a?r Ijr a fleets different interests in a vary ungual de^ra There was a very large matortty for s Paciuo rallrnai but the mooiHit a particular ecbeme wae submtte< mi mbers boitr t even on preliminary questions All a*r? tbst we n.ust hsre a road. t>isi secthiMl jsslonsles are n< coat) 1 1 with a bill authorising three roads to b# built, b< cause they kaow that the whole energy or the couutry ??arc? ly 'iiflic lei.t f' r one aucb undertskmir. and that i case this be ttiuehe<l, the other two mlgat reqatrs centi r;?-e tc* tbelr coBiptsttoa, The Extraditioi) treaty with Naplee has been ilef?at? rerimmeatartiv In executive ensiioa Tbe ratiftratiim. h tbe terms of the treaty had exp r#rl, and a mot'on w? ii ade to extend it, which was oUjscted to, aad th" > tl treaty exited h> its own limitation. There is aore< ipr i ity in an extrwd tloa treaty betwrer, a free republic as a despotic power. There are patriot* la the prlsoa# < Viples eiace 1MI, aad as for back as 1*30, who hars n< jet had a trial, and when Naples sbsii try offenders b jury, aad aiic w them countel, lattoa>l of Irving them h inquisition. It will b* time eaoogh to ooncluds w th hsr treaty of extradition. The Patopaco Imrrovemeat bin, which the Presldei has reload, was again passed over hie hen 1. It was lots lime before the dethroned Bourhoas cwild raalit that they were no lnnrr> 4 nga, and the COuat de Chan boril dosa not kaow it i> . i. is day. The prospect to ohu .b a mail contract for the Tehnai tepee, plant road route haa completely foiled partly fro tbo crnebiag expose mads ta regard to it by Mr. lla .one, of Nsw York, who showed that the rasd ps<>e< out of the mttttonere' hands Into ths hsads of a baake and frem aim lato the hande of Mr Hargom himse Tbe ehumo of Mr. Hargous bars never been abandon* aad are about to be strongly pressed against Mexico t ths Plate Department letters have reached here showing that Mr. Hodge, lows, our Minister to ftpsin, ta very popnlar with tl (Jseea's sew govsmmee*. and 't Is also etatod that h. the Profreee'?tn party aueesodod, one of ita first ac would have been the etnam ipstioa ol tb* blacks in H islatd of Oiha In the preeeat crtete o( R iropena afftii I dot M much whether sng ami would aotbsgia ltis ths t? snd pass by ptirrha^e Wo the hssd> of the i'lct. tntes ?sace, nn Mgland, is >tr of .-on'-ft \u th WUWt Cluuye *f K!nnl(T on the High luWTIu? ia? m Itljr OwriwwUA Mjraterjr. united statjM oomosnoMKB'a oocbt. Before Getf, W. Morton, Esq. The case of the Halted 8?*tee against Charles steptae second mate or the American ship Mary ? Balch, charf with the murder of a boy belonging to the sbip on I high ieu, came up far examLiatlon beftnre the Coma ?taner. Charles Alexander being (worn aad exaotfmd by b t. Smith, for the proaecutlsa, said Mat he shipped ? board of the Mary E. Batch at ?mr O.leani, and on ? Ith or Aprtl last on a voyage tma theaee to lirerpot Stephens, the prisoner, was the sneoad SMteof the reasi the boy Baas came en board at Mew Organs; he wt ab?wtl7 or 18 years old; the left o? the 10th Apr! ; the lsat time I saw Ross was M the afternoon of U fourth day oat from New Orleans; bo waa thm stand b on the forecastle deck, with a broom< In his Hands; U soner was also standing on the forecastle dosk; I wi coming from the galley with my tea, ana going into tt forecastle to take my supper; 1 got as tar aa the forecast door when I heard the prisoner say to She boy, "Yc O? d ? d son or a b? b, I will knock yow down J the aaw him strike the boy with an Iron marlines pike oa tl: bead and knock hiss dosra, after he re if the prl??n< kicked him, but I could not see in what par') of the tad he wai kicked; this occurred en the port side or the s Jif the vessel was then on bar starboard tack ; I went beloi as soon as I saw the boy knocked down; I cover saw tt bey after that: in at out Imlf an hour after this the prisons came to the foreastle with a light and aslgsd if the bo was there; all hand* then went and searched the ship to the boy, but he could not be ftmad. The witness, on his croesexaou nation by Ifc. Donohue stated that he waa in the male's watch; ft man name Watts was at the wheel at the time oi the occurrence be tween the prisoner aad the boy; there were Ofgbt men i: each watch , there were also a aook and steward on boarc at the time or the occurrence; there was n?work gomj oil on dock; all bauds were at supper; witness remalnec in the forecastle until the prisoner came to look forth? boy ; when I first saw the boy he was standing nea the forccastle, near the canstan, a Uttie fee ward of it between the bow and the eapatan; the prisoner stoo< near the capstan; when ttta boy was struck he w-a faring the prisoner; 1 think the blow wa3 on the left sid of the heal; the boy had a cap on his head; I did no see the boy rise frosn the deck after the blow. John M. Watte testified that he was a seaman on boari the ship; I knew the boy Ross; I last saw him on ta< evening of the fourth or fifth day out trotn New Orleans 1 was at the wheel steering; I went to the wheel Uu evening at four o'clock; Isaw the prisoner lift the boy froc the deck of the topgallant forecastle, lay him o the rail aad tip him overboard; the prisoner the walked alt, along the port side of the ship, looking ove the side of the vessel into tho wa'er; he c/ntinuod con ing aft until be got to the ship's quaiter, and be ihei looked over the stern of the ship; the prisoner looked i me; hit face was pale; I locked over the stern and sa< tbe form of the boy; 1 mean by the form the body or ih boy ; the body was under water closs under tbe stern ; th weather wan fine; all sail under the royals except stud diog fails were set. I should tUink tho vassal was goto at about lour or five knots an bour; the boy was throw over the rort bow, as far forward as the capstan. On his cross-examination tbe witness said I can't sa w better the boy bad a cap on him when I saw him pat inder the stern ; he had a red flannel shirt on at th time; I did not notice what lend or pantaloon.-) he had ou the reason I supposed the body to be Roes'i was, because It had a red flannel ihirt on Hots wore a red Manuel shirt that day; there was no thing peculiar about the shirt: the boy Ross was the ouij person who bad a shirt of red flannel on that da;. On further cross examination witnes3 says ? When I s.iu the socond mate (prisoner) take ho! 1 of the boy tbey were forward of tne cathead in a tine with the port cap staa; he laid the boy across the rail forward of tbe cat head on the port side or the vessel, and took him by tt legs and tipped him overboard; I had spit over the sid ot tbe vessel and was just slewing rouud to the whet btlore 1 saw this; 1 had returned to the wheel about on minute whin I saw the captain; I was then standing ? the port side of tbe wheel: I can't say how long 1 stoo at that side of the wheel, but at six o clock, wheu I wi relieved, I wu at the starboard side, which was the pr< r*r place for me to be at : I first left the gt trboard siJ ot the wheel about half an hour after I went I tbe wheel ; I had no reason for going I the port aide ; at the time the prUuut was comic*' up tbe companonway the captain was i his cabin; 1 did not see the Urst Bate then; the prtsoni wss on tbe poep wheu the mate came on the quart* deck; this wu just after I saw the body of the boy; a ft? the captain came ?;> bs letted on the rail and spoke to th first mate ; when I taw the body it was not fifty fset awa from the ship; I would not say that It was less than thirt f et; I dm net bear (be cauULu or mate speafcto the prl soner; tt was after 5 P. M wheu t *aw the boy throwi over; the sun bad not set J et; the day a u fine aud clear I wrnt to tea after I was relieved: a'ter I got tbruugi with my tea It was about dusk; I said nothing to any p> r n o of what 1 saw the prisoner do; the mate asked al ban''* about the boy ; some of them said they did no know where the hoy wss; I said noth ng; wheu I lo?Ke< i rrr the stern I hel l the wheel with my left hand; th distance from the wheat to the stern is about five or al; Hie rase on the part or tbe government was closod, an th- Commlw.nucr adjourned the farther hearing unt Krlday next, at 10 A. M Marine Court. Before Bon. Judge Msynard, without a Jury. alleged malpractice op am oculist. Aro. 19 ? ffcssaai Courtney m. Unui B H'.nUrm TtiU was an action to recover dam*|"! for injures sui tained by the plaintiff by an unskilful treatment In th adannistratloa of reme liee for a euro or a disease of th eyea. The plaintiff had been ? "flirted with some disords in the eyea, and was admitted to the Naw York Ey e Is flrtnary. and after treatmeat from that Institution be Witt draw from it and placed himself under tbe care of d< lendant, who promised to cure him for 110. He was al te&ded for two or tbree mouths, until finding that ha wa growing worse, and finally became eo blind that he ooul ret attend tbe defendant's place of business. he return* ? occ more to tbe Kje infirmary, but waa not at the tin able to distinguish night from dsy. William Courtney, a lad or fifleea yeara, g"?ve testimo ny to tbe effect that he used to acc unpen y his uncle, th< plaintiff, to Or llendrraoo'e. who prescribe! for him tn croaa rxam.sation ha Nid that htS uncle's eyea were ver; tad when be went to the d< lendant: ho bal bean to othoi d?< tora before, and also to the Rye Infirmary. Margaret Tallent depeeed to haviag seen th? defendas cperste on the eye of pMMItf; the do. tor had rase of tnotrunxnta. aad be took one I ke a lance wit a little book on the end of it; be cut tbe ball c the rye with it, and then opened the eve to Insert tb l.><4t. cannot stale bow far he put tl>e aook la. be ops rated ?n both the eyea, cutting them under the lids h ibrn took a powder of acme description and put It int the eyes of the plaintiff 1 did not take notice of the coWi o) the powder; plaintiff '? eyes bled profusely alter tb osteraik.a; when the bleeding subsided tbs syaa war waahed out, at first plsinttf! said be tell very ba l an 0 mp'siaed of psln. but in about an hour or ao he aald h lelt better and was quite comforUnie: saw plainUff" s wtl rwy the doctor a doiiar, I b?ard tbo dortor say that n 1 ad great hopes that one of the eye# would recover, bu that be had not much opinion of the other. Itetrr.dsnt's counsel said be sroult prove that this w? the flrst time the doctor was ?*ver at the plaintiff's Unas* A witosee, as me Putler, la the course at hit testimoaj tl si the defendant cure<l hts boy of sore eyes, an ?lUfQce ot that he recommended him to tue plan tut. ( , R AjP'w, ?urgeon of the New York Eye In Omar deposed tbat bo attended the ptalnt.IT for c*r!y a ye ?t tbat inatitntion; be cam* there tn Keptem'er or Ue bw int. he hnd been ilu re helore be bat ii pie lt>.'l?mmat:< o nt (b? external ?n<*tnt<r*ne c ur coveripf w tba tym. t preacr ? <? l lie that it ?a?e. Mii during irn ittrnduice on him hw conditio* w ore o' gradual tmprovemeat. be could *ea when he eon b* bad tome rlalon, and *h beUer when be left wb be cimr tbe dlMM M not reached the Iraaeparem p< t'on ot Uc eye, bat bad (imply ?fleeted tbe eiWrnal met brarr tbe membrane ?arronodln* tbe tramparent pi w?f red and (trollen. ftnag rtae tm a (low of water r in tcr: when be left us iht> external redn?a* had ?uh?>d In ? measure. but be had aa much dread of I vbt a? I he had continued at IM laMMaMon ba would pi I aMy bare recorared bta atght. the uraad of lt|bt r 1 ?irtd the elaton. ha would probably bam recoren ? ih" .ha man ot ht? *ga (67 yearn) nerar aturaly c? *er*; be came back to tbe tnatltutioo tone line ilV i. wa* then to nil Interna and pur pnac i blind, when pmnieil MmcU at the tnmtutioo in Jnly I elated raae 'o T>r Buck, and we were dec.ledly of opinion tl it was tba reault of irritating application* ma le to i ?J?. . _ , H itnraee* were produc?d for the tefeace to prore t tba plalntM bad, contrary to tbe direction* and adrtoe the riefr r iant, worked aa a ttaradore In the hold r vee?el, and that auc.b labor wa* tnlur'ou* to hi* *1 ?r It. tided to impair tbe banetlta of the medical tr? m?nt Ik-ciMoo reaerred. HllMrnt Utten. M*t of letter* edrertlaed to tba N*w Ton* nM* Friday. Augurt 16, ISM, remaining in tbe New York P Office uncalled tor, no doubt mtadlracted ? rraAMaraiA nortw Feather, 0111am * Co , r?r. .lame* BcCTntock C Miller A Co.. r*fT'D * "?-_ R. Charlton Mitchell, Ricbarda A Brother. Jatnea Wright A Co , mrmoii BorMB. Rtnnchard ft Oroaa, fjl. Ide A IMtton, Ttedale * Hay ward. Under k Hay*, aMuirr nww* Andereon k Ooeirdo*, Wheal er, Metick A On Grant, AraMtrong A Co., iuiT)iioft? wor?m Beck A Lewck, l>*?c Walker A Ca. K. J. Rickardemi A ?W, Nni nl Inlelllfrnrr The Palled ?*!?> tloOp ot war t'l yme ith. no* n?e ? achf" ?tit|?, arrtted at rottian I uu >r i . Iiuii. IkiaWit AtmlVrr, Aut U riUUJS TYYU vjLNTS. I Political Ooiilp, T be 8Ut? ol Georgia tu not represented In the Phil ?? delpbia Know Nothing Convention which nominated Mr. ^Flllajore, bat on the 8tb of July a state Coaraotloa ww he.'d Mawt, which formally nominated Mr. Fillmore roe the i^widencf. At this Convention the Philadelphia platforn.' waa repot listed, and a new Southern piatlona and reaok'tions m'Vf* adopted, wh eh, together with tfea nomination, were ? ??? to Mr. Fillmore for acceptance an<* endorsement At U ncconnto no answer had bean re ceived, and the Know ' "othlnga or Georgia were becom ing uneasy. Mora trou W? ? brewing. The Richmond Mmquir * ^ee the reeult of the recent State elections as a basis c * *rgw K> P we that there are but two political orgai. laal0M tn Uie Oeld? the Fre mont constitutional party ?. id Uie nigger driving demo cracy. t>ne or our Mississippi excha. V". 10 noticing the pro ceatlngnora democratic meeii. '? that State, notice* the fact that a distinguished m ember of the Amerieaa partj* gave in his experience and took his seat with the mwmri. Ee said he bad got ol * platform or tha American party, bat be didn't Jump oS> nor be didn't fall off. Ho was standing erects with h> *d lifted, and sud denly he dropped through. Ss mebody lulled out the 13th section plank on whieb be vras sun dlag, and he fall through the hole ta il Ihif'i Ftllmor v? Philadelphia platform. A Fremont meeting waa bekfft'n Pasaaic, Mew Jersey, on last Friday night, p."9ilmtnar7'i to the orgs tttsetlon of ? Fremant Constitutional Aaeociatkwl, at which were neariy two thousand persons. The est enthusiasts pre vailed, and even the old ?wraers, > *ho seldom lewt their voices sf approval to any political' cause, mingljd their loudest cheers with the universal ^expression in fuvor of the Pathfinder. There is a political tract in oiroi'U* on in the Uastera Slates, ia which the author cays .? 1 live la New York, next door to Goi'.J "rernont. I know him well. He invariaoly rUuimIs otaa ch Sundays? at Hi*bo]> Hugh's' church tn tie aud a Pusey'.M church tn tbe afternoon. TwoSuadays m#. ho and Bi-.he? Htiijl.cs were coming house from chtrah, a, m in arm. sat they were so drunk that they reeled 114 aiust my door yard fence aud ku 00 Iced ctowu three length In PtttsBelJ, Vt., a thriving agriouliural k 'wn, there era about 125 legal voters. Of these fear are ; for Buchanan and Breckinridge; all the rest are for Frena 'Ut ani Day ton. Timothy Rives has tendered his resign*!:? 1 as demo cratic Presidential elector In the Ueconi Cm grMMoaal district of Virginia. The Fillmore electoral ticket of Pennsylvania contain* the names or at least two men wbe are suppe >rters of Fremont. Tbeso are 0. W. Voungm -n, of tbe Fifteenth, and Caleb N Taylor, of the Seventh district. You igman, according to a Lycoming correspondent of the Pen uylaw man, has been actively engaged tn distributing Fi emoaf papers, aud is woli known in that region ta be lor tha ra jubl.can candidate. Tbe Doylcstown InteUiynor alaa says that Taylor was a member of the Philadelphia Re publican National Convention which nominated Fremont, of whom he is an ar Jent supporter. There are also other names on the ticket which seem, rrom the antecedents of the persons named, extremely unreliable for Fillmore. Tbe democrats of the Second district oi Michigan have nominated ex Governor John S. Barry for Obngress. Tbe movement of the democrats In faaror of Fremont Is becoming an infection aud w spreatUng all over It* country. In Mr.Kcan county, Pa., a voluntary move ment Las been moUe by the members of the democratic party, resulting In a thorough 1 remont organization at ? ho flrrnrt Uniivfl wnl in grarv iown^hin ftf Out ^nuntv Tbe democrats of Clerelaud, Ohio, tuwe also made a aimllar moremeut. TUey hare g <H up aod published ? call for tbe org&aiiation of a Pcmocrat.c Fremont CHtb, glvlcg lo drUi) tfco reasona why tbey caanot support tha Buchanan ticket. The Clerelaud Herald say? that tbe fi?r ature* were coaftneJ to Ibaee who, up to Uie preaaad campaign, have been I leaUUod with the dem>cral?a party, and every man wbo signed cast fa i* vote for Won. Medill. the democratic candidate for Governor of Ohio. Had Uir call been far tb>*e who rated Ibr PreeiJeot Piorce, the list might Uave embraced ftve hundred. TM moct:ng to organize a exoa ? w mm ru.. ?? tk. i?n Inat., at (be Court House, and will be addreaaed by tM Ron. W. Col'.ms, lately a democratic member ot Ooa grees. la Warren county. Pa., all the disailected demo crats hare alo gone over to Fremont, beaded by Iba Ron C B. Curtis, a democratic member of the last Oua greea. TL.i Fill a ore men of Massachusetts will assemble ta ? cnvent.on 10 Boston to-day. There will doubtleaa ba ? large attendance from the eastern aad southern seettoaa of tbe State. The western counties, bower er, wtii pro bably send but Tew delegates. Tbe chief question ot la b-reft to come before this convention ii whether they will nominate an independent State ticket. It is bet.ered that a portion of the Fillmore men are ia favor of Mr. Gardner, but tbe majority will vote far separate aomiaa> ti?&? Am^ng others the name of Rubea A Chapsaaa, f 8) ringfltld, It men', "ned in eonnectioa wtth the n <ml nation tor Governor. The name of ex IMetmaster Oor doc, of Beaton, Is also mentioned. Brooklyn Court of ?pacta I Maaalona. Before Justice D. K. Smth. THB 0IRL tCCSUCS AO A IK. Aro. 10 ?It will be recollected that a few days ago tha report of a care tried before Judge Wbiung appeared ta the Hmtai.n In which Frodertck Munahauaea and wifa were comflainanU, and Mr. Rudolph Garrigue, one of tha CommUaioaera of Emigration, wu defendant. The oota plainants, who kept a boarding bo use ia New York, sought to recover poeeessioa of a |trl nam - 1 Caroliaa Ruckurk, wlom they had prevmnaly passed off at their Dc.ce, but whom they now claim a< their daughter It app?<ar* that the poor girl ba i tv.-ea we lured by one of tba uoarders and being in the way was sent by bar unnatural loreats (If parenta tbey are) to Ward s Ulead, where, afUr * he was conflaed, Mr. Uarrlgue saw b?r, and comrasMonatlag her youth and, an 1 ba lievittg she bad been mora Pinned against tiiau, t> <>* L? r tome. <>n tbe trial, Judge Wb.tiag dee. .led sgairM tbe torif lalnaats. th? rateraity not being euf S<:ent!y estai>:;?l.. I, and slate! at tbe ??? tira? that ba wo* glad uot to be obliged to return the girl into their Lands Determined, however, not to be foiled in their p-.rpnaa, Muncbau-eu aad hi* wife went to Mr. Oarrtgua's reel <ienr->. in Brcxklyn, on Tuesday last, tbe lgtb inst , aad llirciv.y drsgged tbe girl along with them, she restating and cry r.g (>u Monday, Mr (iarrtguc appeir . befbto Justice Pan lei K. Pmitb, of Brooklyn. an 1 on hiaaitlJartt a warrant was granted fbr tbe arrest at Vuncb* isea, no a c I !.arce of kidnapping Yesterday afternoon, he ani tba gii I w era broagnt into Court and an examination ooaa teeaatd. Tbe evidence, so lar as it has b??a takeu, is aa follows ? Kodoiph carr'.gue ? worn? Urea on tbe earner of Oar rot I aad Hick* streets, in this city, am a Commissioner of h mtgrat k a ; know the defeadaata. Henry ?aaahaaaea aad < arol.i.e Kuekwk ; the haa been in my employ as aerraal fr< tri the bejttrn n* ol June laM until the 3d last , at mf re*ii)enee; I am tnlonaed and beiiere that she was forci bly taken away from my place by the deten lant 1 had that informal on na aflldavit of my wife; the g'rl Caroliaa is now present, she was with me by her owa volition aad will. I paid her wages for her eervtra*; 1 thiak sb? will ba lit yean of age on the 3tth ot this mouth, she mieraad me that she had no parent* Charlotte Garrigue ewora? tm the wifli of preeetlag wttaeaa; 1 saw tbe defendant Muaohausan on laat Tuesday, ilie Itth tnst. ; I was called by a servaat sn I informed that Caroline wsa spoken ?o by ?ome geoilemtn. she wsa then in froat of my bouse with my child la her araM, wheTev.pen I went oat and saw <!<?!> ad ant an J his wife aa either nda of Caroline, and )>oth hail hoki of bar, sp<*akiag ?arneatly with her , she holu ag my child m ber arm* . I I*<1 not oader'tan ! what they *aid to her; I oalle<l her tw?a to bring me the child . she msdo me n? sn*wer, and had no opportunity, from the manner aad poaitloa la which defeiidant aad bis wife bad her; I called tbe third tioM, wben defendant took tbe child from bar arms an i put It ia my arms, and ibea tbey took bold or Caroline and dragged bor along, she resisted, she erled out first, but iui tier I could not see. 1 am near ? shied: t aaw them Tar as tbe corner, where they turned, and I aaw th?m a*, n of? I ft lliwad at a Mm and saw them go to tba ib 'erry. foot of Atlantic street; 1 Ibid Carotin* t?efora Hist, 'be routd *tag w,tb me or not. aa ?be pleased; 1 did not adMse ber to eey that she preferred to stay wtth mm. 1 had ad vised ber sot to return to tbe house where eh* had Inat ber charactar, hare beard my haahaad tall her the aaaie thing. Tbe furtter examination of the case waa horeupoa pnetpoaad until 10 o'clock this (Wedaea.lsy) morntng Munchausen waa committed to the custody of aa xBaa to await the reauit of the in van ligation. 11m Tarf. rsrox cocrar, l. t ? tboi una A trott ng matau lor gS4u, two mile beat*, wagon aad drlrtr to weigh Sot. lbs , eame of aa Mnoday afteraooa, between s. g fngmnar. drirea by Hiram Waadruff, aad b g Wicked Billy, drirea by Jamee Wbelpley The for mer horee woa easy In iwo straight heats. The liettmg before startingwae anythlag to notns* The elteed*:>oe very small. Tbe lollawing H a s uasssry >? Mosnsr, Aeguet IS ? Match. liOO, tw> at; '.eg and *o p?at. to wsgou*. If v. MVrun ramed S. r fngona? 1 | ? --,es er asmo.1 !. k w 1 t g 1 us, b lij?-?:i> ,