Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 4, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 4, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7310. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAK. SPECUL NOTICES. _ ~r A ?THE MEMBERS OF NO SL'RRKNDKK . Lodge No. 19, A. P. A., are requested to be punctual In Attendance *' their Lodge room*, corner of Third avenue and twentieth street, on Friday morning, at bi-i o'clock. Also the ?tiembera of those l,ndges that are not going with their own banners, ar<* respectfully invited All t? appear lu lull re galia. to Roto Elizabeth City, N.J. Hy order 41. E. ho*AUtm, It. S. JOsEPll MATHEWS, W M. A|' A? THE LODOE8 OF THE AMERICAN PROTES . (ant association Intending I.) unite In the procession of ibe Older at Elizabeth Olty on Frldav, Sept. 6 are hereby notified to be punctual In atleudance on lliat morning, an the line l,e I, imed a< St. .'ohn's park Hudsou street, at A M. precisely, By order. ^ ' ? jAMB.sar.ttON, Grand Marsha!. A P. A -TIIE OFFICER* Aim MEMBERS OF NkW /V.. Voi 1: Lodge, No. 3, A. I'. A., together with the acooiupa 'iviDg tncmbeis of other lodges are requested to meet at their Lodge R'OUI. 17 'J Wooster street. at 7 o'clock precisely. on the morning of Sept- 6, to proceed l'mui thence to St. John's park, Where the remainder of the lodges will assemble. Hy order. JOHN O. WILIS Y, Recording Secretary. AN HONEST CONDUCTOR.? TRAVELLING ON ONE | of the Third avenue cars on laht .-Saturday, and after leav ing the car I dtsooveied, when In a store, that 1 had lost my po>'ket b> ml, which contained Sao Not knowing w lieu I had L.UI, I loo*. d out lor cur No. S2, In which 1 bad travelled, ar.d c?i . uiy stating my loss to the conductor and giving htm a desntptv of the pocket book, he ai once handed Tt to me, de clining. a- the snme time, to receive am present for doing so. The coi duc'ur, Mr. S. K.ikeles, has my beat tliaulu. J. D. H., Vorkville. ALL PKR60N8 IN FAVOR OF IIAVINO HOUSTON street wlcened .rom the Bowery to Union marset on the im ? ii re uested to meet at S. Barker's office, u Pine Blreet or Wednesday, Sept. 10, at 3 o'clock P. M. IjtANCY CUTLERY? KMBRACINO A LARGE VARIETY J* ot spin Ismen's, pen ami pocket knives, of the moat rare and beat lit" ? ' patterns, main or which have never been belore unpolled torsale a. A. & J. S 4.UNDERS', No. 7 Astor House, and "37 Broadway. TOjrfGRATION TO mOAHAOUA ? A FREE PASSAliK rj ai d Irge grant of land to settlers.? The favorite ali'.p l ALHOL'N, Cupt, Patterson, will sail for Shu .1 uai. del None Nicaragua on i uesday, Sept. 11, al3o'clock 1*. M., from |<ier No .15 North river, foot of Charlton itresi A free pas ange and oi e bun ire : and fifty seres of land will be given to persons going out to settle. Families an1' others desirous of Improving this opportunity ot obtaining a homestead in N'.ea curaena must apply early. For further information a:id tickets apply at the Nicar.iguan EuiigraUm ollice No. 347 Lixsoway, room No. 2, l:rst floor, up stairs. ALEXANDER i'. LAWRENCE, General Nicaragu a Emigration Agent for United states. (pi RE AT FAIR AT NEWARK. N.J. T t he New Jersey State Agricultural Society will hold Its atiiiuul t-<bibilion September to. 11, and 12. uVlR FOI K lHOl SAND DOLLARS V ill be din n nted in premiums. The adlrefs will be ieil vend cn 1'ilday, the itrth, at 1 1 o'clock a. M . by hon John p hai.k. Verv lii, e grounds have been secured, and ample accommo dations pi ovided lor EXHIBITORS. A PLEN1H1) TRACK link been graded for the accommodation of those hivin? fine HORSES. Single ticket*. 25 cents: members' tickets $1. ticket* ad mit' ug horse and carriage one gen leman and two ladies, SI. Tobe obtaineu at (J. M. SAXTOX ii CO.'.S, 14U F ultou street, up fttn.ra. Masonic notice.-thk members of metropo lltau I/od^e, No. iT.t, are requested to be punctual in their attendance on Tliuraday evening, the 1th Instant, to adopt by-lawa and transact oliier important business. U. r. NKW ION, M. OFFHE RECEIVER OF TAXES, NO. 32 CHAMBERS sti't-e". tnew Uour: House1, New York, June lS5d.? Public notI"e. ? To avoid the risks thru mu d Inevitably occur the i row rt of tax payers who put oil to the la'eat day ihe payment ot their taxes, i have determined to adopt the follow - lrg ru.e which u ill be rigidly a.lhereil to during my term of odtee:? I siiall receive ao money after 2 o'clock P. M. Every oli.cer I i tUi? Hepa, tin' nt Is strictly prohibited from receiving errelrpes con'aning money or checks for the pavment of texe. Hy Older. HEN'MY H. HOWARD. Receiver. P(,RT\BLE DBESMNO CASES ? THKSK ARTICLES, ?o conducive to couil irt and couvenience o. travel lers and clliera, cau be seen at the subscribers' stores In (tea: variety, and upon examlr.i'lon cannot fall of be.n^ safUfacN rv. a> Ihey are tntde with strict regard to their por t?b lit* etV 'v and' rhespness Each contains U. Saunders' ?metallic in' let tor keeping razors In perfect order. For sal ti \. A J. SAUNllKKa', No. 7 Astor House, and 3r7 ilr< *d way. TO FC UN DRIES.? WANTED, TO CONTRACT FOR A C ?'ipt'lj "t .???ove and rang*- castings from the pattern*, apply to OKISWOLD A ULANi HARD, storo ile?!ei - No 5 Clinton Hall, Astor place. WMMT"! RESORT*, gioi LIN.-i UIiUhF. tiRKAT BABKlNuToN, BE ii K - \J shire. o. |Maa> ?The iv-use isdeligLtfully utua'.ed, Juat out ot the ? ill*) ~ c, coi..niai,J,n ' a magnluoeat panoramic view of tui* p c uri s ine mid Ileal hv region. It in built with all th i Bi's ?" u iiBpro.' i mi'i.ta, ' fi spacious rocms. and partleular rt :sra to li-iil h a'd roinlori. It is stirroanded by amnla wroiiiMis a"d a rutinlng sp'lng pi betuul'ui liuiold: H,>ftw*'er fai uari >-d tiirotighoui the ton din,'. Hit col.1 and showe. ba'hs uiHata U' readme**: al*o a gymnasium freatotkegu -is of like boi.s Tiie houre is ieea.ed near tie* IKiusatone* Ka.' road. u.u the tara will su<p for pa.>ssngera to get n:f, w ltun the cot Juc r sipokeii t . in tun- T|.|s h "i*e will be k"p' nfen d"r; n on'hs er" September end October, which *r.* really i! e nn >t dellgli-fu, mow hs of tbe year among the Berk ?hire lillin. OKA BaTHIKO, AT i/jtm BRANCH, N. J. -Til'-, pi-opre" r? o t. Mctrtyoliian H.gj'' beg lo ln( ? iu tl.e ' numerous Irlenls snl puri? :W the r hotel wil. re tua'n ooef onrtug tbe month Ol J. B A T U coo ?kR. Proorietota msCKLLAJrKOI'H. A babb opportunity. which hki.iiom ooooita lo now oflbrodtor a few reape*-Wi|e uerwme to n-|tir lb e mm', failure Of a ..*u . aenuwi and Hilly irUr>, i . Ki ? at <1 uia .-I, ?bd n.-r wuU|C. Pee <J A, ply ?I < . reen *rl< U atreul. ne .r ? h?mtie -a Amactiink WABTBO-Of thr xrwkst cos alni<"ton to tear 'pilekly In nler.'ae!d ropet. :nr ri'il* ing pwrpoaaa. An* one Larmc Hiwli f r *ale m%y iulilre*? T. 'U.K Jiimi luckcr'a .V<7 llr>xi*a? m>>r U ClUABLKh mTaRR JR.. Mi HI fCI.TON STRKKT, ) an :i ' k u *rra oti I taakra In ??:? cotnp jene. b'ira tof VuM i hoa*ene and ?i ij-na of turpentine. C1LABK*R BHODB IKLAKlt KOBBPKRM' FACINO? IN / lo'? okuit warranted I'cmiM v<! In t">i cnnliUoo; VUlbf ?> i uu ;er 'hi* ra.i ket itdoa, lo <Tnar. Apply to GltfoVFOfel) A BLANCH ? UK, No 6 CUniOB 11*11, Aator rlaco _______ FANf V rt TL1RT? IX; RACINO A liARUK VARIKTY nl a pot-tauten1* pen mi l pocket knitca. of the moat r ire uml t? mutiui pattern*. m iny <>t wim-h ten ntrir booa bjHbre lm|>ottfd, iur mile ut .a. a J. iaUNI'KKH No. 7 Aauir Hoi wo ?iMiacT WiuAiiway. (iHKXIf \h GAftROUR TAPOR IIATK.-RY Al TIJORr J ly cf I be frladi aJ ?t a medkal I .atl'u'e. IhU bat)i la ?rlvMMreoneaaptJoo. scrofula, droeoy, dyap>-D?i?. rh<- i-n? i 'to jauudtre. m'arrli, tttaofull k>ol*an<< fern tie rotnpi riiU 1: ua.? Orrn proiioow "<1 auuertor to ilie alcrlro > In oath f.i rnw.i mu.eral aubatatieva tiw the ayatetn by a | byai rlaa wlio ha- glvi u :baa? bathe In tb? city TUot'Oly pL>op in Ikbiitr *bf>f lllfLMIM I* at M dlapen??rv of K M \ K.R. . M It.. No. IV.) Thirty lir?i etreet. h t?i ? u >e?et?lb and Kimiih aremiea, N.-w York. Prire $1 ainnle, ot a>* |. i N B ? A la.y ta louatantly In atteii'Iaacp u Walt en Udiea. D*. laOVPhOKtl T<M?TB BO.kf KU.I.-i A>"IMAI. mli.' IIMTC all m ..'?ar, mhI flra. ? bri'Mtn: wlil'i* lim n'li ('?,!. ah to lh<* tf?Ui, h?.>l? a;. I bttdrna landir unni'. ai il >avr? a p>a?*m aroma ttl Ui? nauiitb. Hull hi all ilrii:; aUnaa. i rp<it 334 fermdway. HAllM>B'K l-ATRNT lUi'RurBII BTDRAPLIC RAM ? 1 heac i am* liaTa bt>?-u ??-?<ail and ip|> 1 by many 4n ib'a ri'y and i.> all *e< ^<1 ?? of t.i? r.mntrr >ind obt?hir<l tint ? r?i mrmi in at !h? An.arkWI iBatlnite. Urmlwr. IVk'. I? ia <|tura< vi?rv Itttle Ntt?.n'Hiii to ka^p it In rompl'-ta or.lar. ar.J ?i.l ri am morr water in a (traa linuv * ith tba ai.ine fall ? 1 a il.?n ar.y o:L?r !??? niiaii n ? xiataaaa. Piic.ia? Nn 1. tlf. bn 2 ill *? S.?Ji. No 4 Ml Aa.. per? ii re-]iijr1ng i hytr* i!i<' n*m may recelra Infarm i W"n aa n thr dn Or thr raw. atrangtli aad calibra of pip" rr o'ltr. d by MmIIiIii 'ba a*>*?ltT of w.i'er thai aaaoow f raw tb? >pr : e per miuni.- n lii (all or heail nf water ? (be r!i-ira Uon i o .a to bo raiaed, and lb ' dutout from r un lo I.a drilret ? tor rirtlier Irfnrmaliftn addn<u Tbnmaa Banaon. No. IX Th;ri! avrutt e. New York lne'<rabi< one p.?'.i(e a* trap f II. i ? p I'pated to aeil li-ad pipe ?'i??t leij. piimp ? o. i:l de?e'iiiii< u? ui't all pliimbfr. ma aetata ftu wantad ?t 'lie ahor'??' tot toe. aon at n aanta<-iiir?'ra price* IVeon* re'rur.iij ulnml> nir ?o-k of aoy dearrtptkm. in ??y ?rr ira ry, w iBfecalrc aiu tition 11ie?i- run a wi'l !?* on ethli iiion at tbo American Inatlt i> r?lr. < i ratal P?!?eo. OWN KB ~ HaVINU PttorRKTV TOR RaIjR. Tt? HX _ ek<'iti" ?r let are inriyal to hand me In a ataiemeni im li.i^Uaii ly. No char^t-a nn>? ?,>? pronertr la dlapoaed of K. r. om Ml. I3S N*a?4ii it reel, R. Y. PORTA M.R HRKWINO CaNRB.? THMR ART1CT.W, ao ronilrcm lo the r mt'r' .ind roneenl iHie of tran'l!"ra a> d olbera ran be aien al the au bar libera' atorea In ?rr<t v? m->? Mid ti|MI ekoml notion owinot fa i of t"Hn? aailafai-v a- li? v a.e madr with a r.rt ret aid to their portability, ulttliy *i?l rlirapneaa. Rarh rtrntaian U. Kt imlei-a me.allir tablet for keeiilna rarora in perferr order. Pi.r aal?' nt A. A .1 BAt/NI'RR^'. No. ; Aatnr llon?r an<l W7 Broad wny. OINORB'R BBWINO BACHIBRR rOR QCII<TINi| I' |i> ing*. Ar? Th<' *rrai anpi-i .ortly of f>iner * rnarinn < l< r qii'luoa ia in eatabliain- 1 taut . iloth in iiiantit/ and <)!ialf'< oi work they are ncil.all. l Aa ?ork ol Una kin i u ??eer 'ainrd to be better wlieo the machine* work at it hlg'i re JiTily, we hare ilia) atbled to the apeed of our <|iilRl i* mi eh'tea They now cunplete flvoilitebea at eaek turn oCib i drlriiig w heel Bo other qulltin/ marhlne* oa i be ru i M ei pi at a rom| B-aiir?' loaa. whirii will rory toon amoiiat to Wore than tlie pliOO rf a murhir." I X PIXiiKR A t'O.. VIHroalway Cll.l ROAF? BANt)f Atrrt'BRO BTORO. ORUWDLRR, O for ora<1, fating all foul ataina ,?p . Ar Thl? article l? th? hea? e?er otered to the public for ebaninT all kin of alika, ??Una. woo.leua. velvet lailiea' liaia. rlbhoiia. rrape and MA nioraa ahawla. At , A' The artMlea upon which ihia aoap la Died will be restored lo their orirltml nloaa an I Itnlah. Trir It Ttonly itnn'aonr trial to eatabll.ih Ha iMllMUon. Principal ('e| oi ? Ahrena'. Mi <lran<l atrcet, Brooklrn. B. D ft ?lay stab* obtained at the follow!"* placea ? Weirman A Caaaeboer'a IWi Hroailway. I'WamlXU <lr*nd utreet, Hit l?ey otn ( t and SHI Rulton atract. New Vork. TTIWtUM BONTAONB ZINC POBPAJJ*. <L- or an ??.!. rvtlira. The enbaerlbera auenia of thla company, ar? prepared to O'ipply dealeri with thou- vartoua produ . . w liberal tcrraa, ?!? : ? liwr Wnint Paiitt, mora brilliant In oolor ?n<1 more dura M? that lead PuKA-ntMC 1 *p a*f> Naiia. for ahealhlnir raieaela. Hiitrr /.iac. or aatra Mae and ihlckiii aa. fur tnau factu; e a pnt| n?ea RoOriar. Tit of rarion* dearrlpthtn* IVintrae* m ?.ie fre- the rootlnff M ati.-ea and ttr.-" bllll I Bfa tinder the anper rvendetioe of eiper|at>re<' Par ? r?- U ri viU (tuarani' ej for fir, year* or longer _ ? JTBON1 ? p m ; T I * , W" *? Rmad a'??.t v ,<r Toeb ?(?rn -*?" ''nlP VJRflfNTA riBB~0R~liirK App'y (o BCDD 4 (JO,, 1)4 Pawl t treat. "W lilTEKATUREJ. Q7Q BROADWAY 0 I 0 TROWS NKW YORK CITY DIRECTORY.? Compiled by H. Wilson. For the year ending May 1, 1857. Price 92 HO. WILSON'S BUSINESS DIRECTORY A ol isKiliratlon of the various trades professions, Ac. Useful to buyera Ui this market Price 7& cents. WILSONS COPARTNERSHIP DIRBCTORY-Coutataing the names or Uic iucivtduals in each firm, special partnerships, Ac , Ac. Price $1 WILSON'S NKW YORK STATE BUSINESS DIRECTORY. (In preparation ) Orders by mail ? ill receive prompt attention. JOHN K. IRtiW. Publisher, S79 Broadway, corner of White sireet. A NKW MEDIUM PORTER'S SPIRIT, The great p orting chronicle of America, edited by William T Fouvbu, For over a quarter ol a century the editor of the old " Spirit of the limes ' In this new medium fur the snorting and lite rary ot tl.e da> , Porter wri'i be on band, or ho will tend 11 1 eportcr, with all the stirriug ubwh of the day. 1 tartan will be treated of, both in pedigree and performance, aaii (lie regular files of the " Turf Register" kept open for inspection. Mst'hes will be nude mid settled, but not matrimonial or Lu clfi r, which we sometime* synonymous. Caitle will have their place allot ed, and all information for improving the I. reed, and procuring valuable stock will be furm-hed from time to time. Sheep shall ujt be lost sight of because tlicy have the woo) pulled over their eju.-. but all varieties shall be no'ed, unless ou?e gentlemen down South objects to the South Down. Notice! ol pi.s shall be protnpUv lea led, and sketched with the fidelity of a Hogarth. Also, all their pena will be tre ,ted of. exoept Mr Peni. s treaty? that Is, with due respect to Philadelphia, which the author of "Parnassus lu Pillory" sli uders in this wise, " The Pen iu penury in l'rnu's great cltj." "There verse to inverse ratio brlugs reverses " The races will be regularly recor.ted except the Anglo-Sax on. the moat interesting passage in which is expected whan Mr. llall n.akt ? an entry, a regular metronome will be keat in the office to beat anytime. The dog, also, shall have his dsj , Although an African Dey preferred a oat in Dic'< Wirt ? n's time? tha! is, a Maltese cat, such an were use I by Sie knights of Malta, who were probaoly the original lager Ijjfcr drinkers. Porter will occasionally be "speaking of a gun," touching upon trap shooting, and without introducing the entire play of "MacbeUk," will state whether Duncan heals the King, or the Kiug beats Duncan. I he subject of rifles will be rilled by a mi,u e calibre, wld nogreit bore admit: ed in that depa-tment. An Investigation will I e made wheiherthe Minnie rllle came from Minim ot., or wheihei the state i? so called because it is the meanest sort o' oouub'y. Moderu reports 1 1'OUI Ancient Pistol are expected, to tie edited in many volumes, by John iruvis. Loaded st'eks and prairie shooting clubs will no*, be connliieied legitimate topics. Fish will be treated of on a large scale. The map of Hell Gate and Sea bass to pole, trom designs bp (ienio C. Scott, will be published as a specimen of hshing grounJs, al ho' the grounds are some considerable depth under water; bui it is expressly un derstood that no hsh siory will be admitted in the column* of this paper, unless Touchers on be found from the man ti nt saw it, or come man that had seen a ni iu w ho ? lid he ? iw 1 tuati i hat actually die see It? "not that uiao but another man,'1 and the uhoi e all'alr sworn to, wiili a cross t his mark, nd two ^ sea!. ^ ^ aeal. | on the affidavit. Esitjuiology will not It neglected, as the cricket will be regularly noticed, whether on the hearth or the heath. The bats in buch case will not lie clsmod under ihe ornithological head ? and ihe m.rlms pike will be nelth) r noted as Huh or fowl? but all the rest shall be admitted, bird and hi ast, from a buuulo hull, or i. grizzly, dow:, io a reed birdor a bobolink. Klk and deer taits (narratives) will be pulilslr .d. The horns of the musk ox, mt-ose and rilemma (Kihiooiau for the lama) will he taken eg subscription. Item? also cash and country produce. Xll stories of fi xt-i will becln- -ed with imhe*. as the former have In en spiritually ' run inm the ground ? r.ud as htr nglns usu ally have" spiritual origin, they shall have the same classiS cation, unless It be a quarrel between two steamhoits' cri ws aground on a sandbar In the Ohio or Missis cinpi: then it shall be classed with the turtles, under the titl^of loggerheads, llreat pains will be taken in the dra inatlc depart uii ut, but any patus t .kon in the attie room will he coasidt'ied ibeuniatn patos? ?li ph.ises of ta ? ar will re celve attention. Tragrdy.con.ee1> pastoral, wuich Polonlos mentions, except she "poem unl .V e t." this partieutar Spirit not having uol.inlted space. Karce. pantomime, ilancinf, ue crerrancers ami wizards shall h? treated "according M) their desert." Music shall receive Its review , whether shu comes iu tho solei ui ciiak of the oratorio, the s:.?t, ly rjhes of the o| en., or the Nora Crelna mse.Ue i f simple aoug Rut music will not he printed, unless vet y beaulllUl i n 1 popular, such as "Pop Co< s iho Weasel." It however, Irleni Brann in will play another tune ajion his hsrp of a thousand shall be introduced, with variations. Literature shall no be negieeied: their shall be ' a hricfalmtract and chronicle of the Itmc." Ihe works of the taney, however, will come under tho l.csd ot priZrt articles, ltire ai d racy stfiriee from all j arts of the land, w ill appear, from the moose wools of Maine, the turke> Oiled bi/'e thiekets of Kentuoy, tho grouse haurtetl prairies of Illinois ', tae eve, green c uiehratea '?t Loutst&na oil to the go >n sin'led lionae of tho giant grizzly bear In Cahfornla. All the old troops nl correapm dents will be renewed, snd many new ones addod, from tint Hebrides, the Andes, and the Antipodes. Finally, tie* mos1 careful attention will be devoted to the firmer? and agricul ture, ihe I ?!s of our national prosperity, shall receive tho ut most care that can be hi stowed upon it. In the piitilleauon of all that Is new and valuable in that, impor ant department. in shot".. Hi. these things will tie treated at great length, unl tho hplrtt will uot only furnish the same varied interest which t formerly ? oivrnatd, l utadd ue? varieties to the spices of Its life, ai d prove par eveallaaee the varitahle Spirit of the Times. ihe first number, which Is now just out, contains, among "t er 'hu g?. i' i' i reateat hunting h ory evsr vrr.tteu by ' t'or ile Chssie." and the Aral c'.jipter of a now Indian uovel, by lie. Mir WlLLlaX Ilr.l ???I'T Ks j . entitled OMKMKK : OH, 1IIK Willi l< l'lOKON OF TIIK OBJ 1H WAS. ? utidoubtcdly the greatest Indian novel sluce the days of tioper. Come forth! come forth I come forh and nuy ' Price sis c? uts a number, or f.'! a y? ar. < Ml ce i ornerof Broad v rt,id t iui mil street. Appleion's Balldttg. N B ? Pr ?otis ? tahltig the paper regularly had better leave heir iistne. <t our office, as we are prepai ed to hare U serve'l In every ward oi the cllj. Persons tt. me couutr.v can have the paper by forwar ling us 13 Ly pc .-t Advertisements will be clusrged at Sficeirj* a, psvabli in advai.c '. YofUS, IN THE SPIRIT. 7 jiv a'.bahie book Foa KT'snrvfl xnr? Tin i MEliCANTII.R UNION WlBFCToRV, oooUmln* the CUM s ?:?! m! of tortjr tbouatiad hmiiu-? mi'n tii-ouC out 'hr m.d West Cop lee. miimuu ..illy boun I la ?Jii op, forwi r<>4 by mi I free of eipeOM, Qt n^ipt o( Uia artci. Addiesa JOHN K. I'd IKK, pub'ialie.'. No 1C Sans >m i treat. I'h: Lutein Ui?, I't JCST pi/bushed? nm new England iic^ine*.* Directory, Sto., pp. W. containing an MtnrMlr Bouipited llxt i'l ill prr-'ii* 111 builsMl, llw, niuillfliirtni, Ac , lit Maine New Uanpshtri. V.iunmt, Maasaabiutua. Rh<?'.e f.u ! Conor ?ticut Pr <~e #3: or ,V< l>jr u, ?U, five oi powitge. W*. II. BOYD rww Bin C9 llradlnj'. WAIT A KKW DaYS ONLY-OVER MPAQK* MORI I* added T1IK REI'I liLICA.N PARTY AND ITS CANDID ATBB, I, ke the part ?'i/w Uatory. principle* and purpose, tt gives, him been da..y ir.cre??'ijg in slxc, iuiJ uu;>urt?ucc, utiui it bo* exi'i ? it, ?.?> rMH. c*n smi. sotn fob SI. It will be sen iv for f'eiivery wdhln a fee d m of the time Mtooimi. 'or it? publication, ?-ept. M. It will lis Tin Km *i.icak Trxt Bo?K For Oils atd i*l! future lontoulaof freedom wlili slavery. t nliT?? nj c i ly tufi ? ?re reitiectfull/ solicited. Agen'g wnii'i-d iii oi 1 . i subsi rlb<- 1 ? for It. It will lot unit, ponUk||<i I al<l. OB receipt of price. MILIAR. 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A VERT HANIWOMfe f? i> n sg.-t, King A Wiicomoti'* niako. little ns> I 'i*> '?? i n ..hi k i>< e it. 1 \ ldre<' II <?. Ni. lie, ??Id 1 Ci< r ?f*tlti - where II ran be seen, Ac. ; with or without sbllt m? ".p. \\ ANTED? A HETOND II ADD I.IOIfT RET OP DO! HT.W II without hreet^ilng Ad lrcs?.-J ll?rald ijX\e, lUU d?;- aUU?l ???* wb?r? l( ?'S THE PUBLIC HEALTH. Coramlaaiont-r* of HealtH. ThbBoaid ma as u*>ual yesterday ? a quorum present, nrram yciiow kkvkk i> tuh city. .Siveral cttBi* of nupposed yellow ferer were reported to tbe Hoard seine days since, and thay were referred to the Item lent Physician. Dr. Kockwell, lor investigation. Ho immediately set atu>ut the examination, but found only one ca*e of /?rw J\>U yellow fever, and that cae clearly traceable to ibiecuon Irom a vc.-sei in the harbor. Tbe paity is doing well, and all the rumors hare been set at rest Wild the weather as dry aa?l cool as it 19 now, there is no danger of an epidemic to be apprehended. K?J"OkT FROM THE HKAI.TH Or/ICXK. To TI1K MAT( It Oil COMMISSION MIS Of HEALTH OF TI1E ClTr 0* Mew Yokk ? The Health Offloer, to whom w? referred the petition of the owners and captain of the schooner Noting America, asking 1< r permission to proceed with the vessel to the wharves of the City ret oris ? 'I hat the Young; America came into Quarantine on the 28th of July Itit-s lr< in Havana, with nil hitnds on hoard well At tlie time, of her leaving tiie port ot departure very much of yel low fever prevailed at Havana, so much ho ihai it wan thought advisable to isolate her from the maas of shipping at Quaran tine by nnchorii g her in the lower hay From ihe time ot her an ival to the present but one cahe of disease occurred on board, and tfat was In the person of the cook, who is repre wi.tid by the ship ke -pets to have died suddenly of a convul sion, instead of any contagious or Infeetious disease. The character orthe sickness and death of the cook should be wall considered before allowing the America to proceed. '1 lie fart that the vessel cume front Havana during the height of the slcltly season there added to the fact that the cook was allowed to die on board, without any notice of his sickness or death being given to the Health Officer, ought to give rise to the suspicion that tho vessel la or has been inieetrd. liut the suit) keepers, owners and ciptain answer the charge ol concealment, bv baying that the schooner was without a small boat or other means to communicate with the Health Officer, and 'hey further certify that the death was the result of a convulsion. The conclusion to which the ship keepers arrived, as to the cause of the cook's death, was undoubtedly correct. Since the America lias been in Quarantine, several persons have bet n living on board of her, who have never been acclimated to the poison of yellow fever, aid inasmuch aa they have re mained well, It is lair to infer that the vessel, as she lies, does no impart infection, and hence that the cook did not die of yellow le\er t mitracted on board of the America. The ve tel. however, coming from Havana, and still having hi t caivo on h< ,ird. Is not in a condition tocomu to the wharves ol the city, llor cargo should be lightered and ventilated; and it be:''g a work of some difficulty to discharge cargo in the lower bay. the undersigned. In view ol all the facts in this case. re< online nils that the America be allowed to proceed to the Quarantine anchoi aye. Keep actively submitted. K. 11. 'f lit <MPfcON, Health Officer. Concurred in unanimously. To 1 HE JI/YCk C It CoMMlSSIOMEM Or IlEALTlI OF THE CtTV OF New Ykor: ? The Health Officer, to whom w as referred tho petition of ihc captain of the ship War hawk, asking for a permit to pro ceed to tho City ol New \ ark ? KcporU, 'i lint tlio War llawk came into Quarantine on the 31st of Jul; I ist, and that several cases of well ucirked yellow fever were sent from her Into the Marine Hospital. The V ar ilu? k arriving in ballast, it la evident that the crew must have been poisoned by it lection existing In. or being ge'ierated by, the vessel; and as the experience of ail quaran tlLoa Kites to show that It is mor>' difficult to rid a veisel of Iniection thai, any other place or tiling, the undersigned is of opinion that It weuld not at present be sale to allow the War Haw k to proceed to the whan s of New York. He therefore rei ommetids that the prayer of the petitioner be denied, ltespecil ully submitted. U. H. THOMPSON, Health Officer. Concurred n by the Mount Totiik Mayois on Commissiohers or Health or iue Cur or New Yen* ? The Health ildlci r, to whom was referred the petition of the ' mutter of the brig < ha rlrn Heath, asking fur a stream permit Heporu, 'llnittfce brig Heath, from ' 'anion as. arrived at Quarantine on (be 1. ;h of August. In r crew all well. < " riilEg from a port lit which yellow fever waa prevailing, she ?nt quarantined by statute lor the period of thirty day*, i'Dd"y the concurrent action of the Health Uflleer, and your honorable Hoard ordered to lighter her cargo for ventilation ten davs after arrival. This order waa made for the purpose o: avoiding the possibility ol spreading any lurking infection to the city which might be clinging to the cargo, or by the cargo being pent up In the hold of the vessel. The sanitary cousidei aliens connected with the vessel have not been ma teriully changed since ber arrival, except that her hatchet have been opened and her hold fumigated, which can but partially relieve a vessel or her cargo from Infection. The iiinlerwgned, therefore, recommends that the prayer of the petitioner be denied. B. ?| cctfully submitted, li. II. THOMPSON, Health Offleer. The Hoard concurred. iruui RsroBTs. Brig Florlnda, from Cardenas, arrived August 21, with all hand- f ck Petition eeslrcd to be allowed to come to the city. Hi altli OUiccr recommends that the prayer 01 the petition bo denied, and u stream permit be not granted. Concurred In. l!?rk Albertlna arrived in port from Cardenas on August 13. 'i be cargo ban been d. Debarred, end it ia asked to allow tho v < s?ol to come to thr it hirves of the city. The Health OlUcer, m vu w of the which is now prevailing at Governor'! Nlsnd, is opirlon that vessels from a nekly port should not bo allow ed to pt oreeU abort of thirty days. The Board concurred STACKANT WATER ASP HCRSBX LOTJ. Citizens residing In the vlcttity of Tenth avenue and Forty - ftrat and Furtj second streets complain that stagnant water la suffer** 1? ?n? in in siiukan lot* ou north side ol Forty Ural street, between Mini, and Te .th avenues, at least twelve feet below ;he street, and ia very injuiioaii to the health of the sur rounding neighborhood. Also, that dead achnals of the small er sort are de| oslted in the same place, where Ihey remain tin t1! decs) lakes place, greatly lo Ihe annovance and Injury of i lie tesidenta Application tins frequently been made to (he t on mon < nuncil, but w ithout avail, and tbey therefore petition to have them tilled up by ?be Commissioners. t'KTiTioaa I'llot Fish arrived from Clenluegos on the 7th of Ail gu>t with a cargo if sugar ant mobisses. In accordance w I h previous liisu uctlons she liaa discharged ber cargo into lighter*, been thoroughly clesnsed. whitewashed and amoved out, and now desires permission lo proceed lo the city for Uio pin pose of reload iiq; an outward cargo, li was referred to ih> HtsUh ( Hirer The captain ai d consignees of tl.e Brig I.lnda, from 8a va tella, >e* tlrnuvls, w It ti cargo consisting oi UH ions ftiitic, T,V bales tobatco. and i'ltt bides, state that the tobacco on hoard has a | untying eUect upon the bides, and that their in ti ipietai'iu ol the law is to ri main live da>a at Quarantine tor iibservattou, which they have ilone. and now desire io be .. low i d to p. oc? ed w itlilii Jnit yards of th' city, with s stream I enoit. and ' isrbaige ber cargo ou ligh'era, to l>e brought lo i he i tv ricept hlde?, a h ch they wl'l not laud m N.w York or Hft^iklvn. i. ranied? provided the hide* are not on b>jard when she comee io the wharf. I tiiliaoo a arm ed at Quarantine from Matanraa Aeaust 'J, wl'li a cat go of sugar, alter a passage of ? days. All li .n is are w ell. awl have been; ond visaed Thoroughly I u inigaled, nml cargo all dlscliarged on lighters. They now re quest permission to proceed to the ? My and reload. The petl ion w as denied, anl vessel ordeteililo remain until the expira tion of thirty days (i*ept. s), her original decision, in cousa i,uime of ceo ,n:: from atckly |ioct. Bark lon.c. In ni < leufuegos. desires permission to come up to the city, rhe has been twenty six days iufQiia. inline, and been din harg'd s i ce ihe 2!1h August " Dented. and vessel ordered lo remain for thirty days troni time or arrival. Owiersot kc1h> hit Peerless desire permission to proceeil to Atlantic i locks, iireoklyn, to load w iln a cargo of guano lor Baltimore assLc is engaged lo lake a cargo of lumber from ihe Isller Pott to Jamah a ller cargo lias been all discharged and VI ssel pill . lied blie is allow i d to prncved on the Ailt of m ptemher tluik Ihsld. the owners of which petition lo come to tho wbarl, wss referred lolhe Health Officer, wltli power to decide aci oroli g to Ids judgment. Mdp frigate bird, arrived August 3, from Havana, now ly ?n.-r at Hie nonthwest Hplt. '?audy lliaik, having performed the usual thirty days' quarantine, and been fumigate I and cleans ed, the ow oer* re<| ue?' permission to come up Ui the city anil uiioliarge cargo, which consists of sugar, tobacco and scgar-s.

feti'ton was denied Brig Mary c llaskcll arr.ved at Quarantine on the IWh of A i gu t, and was the not day ordered tothe Houihvtesl .Sp.t tor lif'een days observstloii, which time expired on Sept. J. No s rknesD hus appeared ou '">ard for 'he last tllty days, and he o? nera ilealre to be allnweil to bring tlm vessel up to Hut teui llk i hatmel and discharge the rarto into lighters, to go to Atlantic docks, Brooklyn. The matter M ss referred to the Iliad* I 'ltic-l Messrs. Watson * Co. with permission to ship on the New ^ i rk and Krie hallread barge about ,l i?<i dry hides, from the I ark !-*:ah from havarilla. now lying In the stream, ti ranted, pro' the bides betaken troui vessel in lighters and Imme dis '0 disi llarked into the harge, I '.it: Hell flower li cm Cienluegos. arrived August 4, with a. 1 well. M,e (Inlshed dlsehaiging on the 2?tb instant, and I aniii; fttlly Ci mplled with tl et,u.i rat, tine regulations, the owners desire permission toe me to the city. Hie was al lowed 'n prm "ed to the etly Meptember 8 l'rtg Ida Itayncs, having d ?charged In r esrgo and )>Ma 'I.e. ..lit b y r|eanse<l petitions to be ai'owe 1 to crnne up to tlie city, kelcrred to the Inspector of Yeseels to aai ertaiu w .iere he hides are and report io morrow. The master ol schimner Yorktown having compiled with all 'he requiremrt is of the health anthorltiea, aed lain unt Uie lllteen dai s at tte fouthwest fplt, wishes per mission to bring the vessel Into the Nur'h < r Has' river and discharge the cargo on lighters, to be brought to tbe city. Ihe peti Ion wii de i.leil The cnsli ncr s of Ihe cargo of brig Itelfast. from Oonalvee, reprisem that all hsmls have been nnd continue wep, md that the rargo wss tnktn on I oard from lighters whilst the \ essel wes in ancpen roailslead, and consists entirely of log wi od, supposed lo be be non Infectious They therefore wish I slir.itn pertHi* Willi pel mission to lighter the cargo and send il to the city. I'i nied. Owners iif seb'^iiier Metis which arrived at this port from Port sit 1'lslte on tbe list till jno, state that she will he dis charged this afternoon; and therefore request permission lo cotne up to the wbsrf to morrow. The case was laid apon the tal le until to morrow Ihe masier of the ship .laue H. Glhldon, which arrived Oom I lav ana w .ih several cases of vel'ow fever on Imard, an I hav li.r lost some of ihe new on the psssage. requests permission ?or ssld ship to e. me up to Quarantine from the JVinthweat pit and i 'mm liarte the ear.-o lnto the lighten. Referred to the Health ( nicer Use MPecial report ling Mori uce elites was referred to the Health Offleer, ?> - i-| on ll.e rn< -? In his report, denied perims su n to ci me tip lo tbeMiy and d.sehftrge, Hrlg * beti Adete-. trim Matanras. arrived on August ? with a rargo of sugar, which has all been discharged, and her I old well washed out snd fumigated, having been bsdlv da mageil by a coll*on with another t easel while at Quarantine, the owners request leave to come up to the city. Permission w as relusr ?' 1 he eaptatn of hr'g lj?dy Chapman, which arrived Fept. 1 frtm t ! its rs nil's, rert/i Rleo, with a cargo of sugar, b? us to ?e aliened to proceed to the city, tbe crew all being perfectly hesltbr, ai.d port of departure in the same condition, ftbe is remitted to rente to Ihe city alter Ave days, providing all hancs remain well. I'ark .1 M Chun hlli, from Cardenss arrived on 21st Aug , Wt'h aeargoof sugar nml roMIc Permission ts requested to pri r eed to the r:'v. Petition (Bnled. I'i tit ten to do hat te I ,'UT hides from bark Ids Rayne* wss ilrnlcil. he. ner Vi nlo- on the rcronimen lstion of the Health ft? rer, w?s pertni led to proceed to Ihe city Soli", it r doling Amer'ea stated by the owners to hare re tnained a ccn-ld. table time at Quarantine, petitions to come to tl e city In ferred to Health Officer. Hr ig Nathan Imm fluantenains, Cuba, wishes to come up to thecllv. Petltiim denied Al p iteat on Of the hilg Kxrsl, from Samnmih. to com* to the city on the report of the Health Officer, was denied AOjocrnrn until to a ?y C tint in lasloitrra of Emigration. The l?oa-<l i 'ict at 3 T. M , Qnilau C. Verploock In Ibe cbftir, and a quorum present. tmtow r*v?n. Among the bills pa-scd won ti,0:r0 lo dofray the per M??l expenxc of tbe eaployes ol the comiuisaion who died s? Ihe Marine Hospital ol yellow leTer. Arowmi n ration w?s rer elrtd from f?r Harris, noU lyinj the Bosrd of the course he had taken with regard to Ihe silk at Felt Hamilton. He announced Ibe trail Ijirg fart that yetlow fever had entirely roved ?? '?o Met ine Hi sp tal Accrtnpnnving was a letter from Pa a I v 0 ivr?, Pre #calwl luC tvtl UftlMlUMI U?U?1 MViVl^, .l. vi?tng u. Harris and the Board for their kindness in furnishing as sistance when in distreis. Ordered on tile; and the Board adjourned. Brooklyn Bourd of Health. Enr. G ? Present? Mayor Hall, and A.deriaea Back iiont'c, Shaw, Oakley, Walsh and Huntley. Minutes of last meeting road ani approved. Permission was granted to land all tlie cargo of the bark Antagonist, from Buenos Ayres, with the exception of the hides. HEALTH OmCEK'S UEP01IT. NttiTFMBSK 3, WW I have to repoit one ease of yellow fever in Jolux street, near Hudson avenue. Visited the patient yssterday, In com puny with I)r. Cochran; his condition critical. Name. Kenna any. M. WKNOKLU Health 0?cfx. r*T SOILING EST.Ull.UHMUNT. Tbeeaae of the 1st hoillng establishment. i.'. the foot of Ewen stieet. reported a* a uulrauee by Ofllcer Slearna, was. on mo tion of Oakley, taken from the table. Alderman Oakley said four of I ho members of the Board had visited 'Jii? establishment, and Mle smell, at the distance of nix bloeka, was abominable, and he would move that it be deolaretl u nui sance and the proprietor ordered to abate it for.Uwith Car ried. Mr. Cloogh who ht d been ordered to appear relative to the cart age of adendhorse on hla premises btatr i ihat tiie ani mal died on Friday afternoon and he had notltled the Klgbth ward police ot the fact on Saturday morning, between 'J an t 10 o'clock Alderman Van Krunt stated thai Mr. Cornell's man had called >t the station house ou that day. and had been told there was nothing for him. The fault, therelore. appears to lie with the doorkeeper, w ith whom the notice wua hilt. Mr. Clough's explanation was deemed satisfactory. DEAD UODSE. The Msyor presented a lease of a portion of the Citizens' Union Cemetery, as a location for a new dead house. Alderman thought the proponed site wan too far away It was as fur as the county building* at Fltttbuah, nud not so easy of access Alderman Hurtle Y was of opinion that the Bourd of Health could not legally bli.d the city by tins lea*. Mr Hhaixai.h, however, was of opinion that the lewe was lege1 nud the Mayor was authorised to carry " lutodftet. '1 he Board then adjourned. THE UK AI.T II OF DROOXLYN. One new cafe of yellow lever in Brooklyn and several at Fort Hamilton, were reported yesterday. That in the city was in .lohn street, near Hudson avenue, a man coined Kerneday, having been taken down and reported in a critical condition. There appears, however, to ba dot but whether it is yellow fever. Mayor Hall lound no new cases in Gowanus or New Utrecht. Several new coses were reported at Fort Hamilton, namely? The Band Master ot the garrison. Ranche: the hospital attendant, taken ill on Tuesday; Williams, l'ag lici and McI)owcll, privates, taken ill yesterday morning. Symptoms mild. The tort Hamilton Relief Committee acknowledge the receipt of it&O, id donations for the beuetU of the buller era, up to l-'eptember 2. Aca eoi yellow fever. In I'art tiou Etroet, near Van Brunt, waj reported toCorwier Redding yesterday. The toroncr proceeded to tho house. and found a woman named Mary 1'ilc* dead. She bad been taken ill tho pre vious evening, and died during the night. Siie had been ? m ployed on the boats lu the Atlantic dock, and from the uppearance at her peraon it wai deem ad iMlbli to hold a r<?t mortem examination, and several physicians weic summoned for that purpose. As (ar as ascertained, h?-e died of tailing ot the womb. There wero no sym toms of yellow fever, and jet it was with great difficulty that tho coroner could induce the jury lo view tho boly. The inquest will be concluded this morning. The Yellow Kevn at Fort Hamilton. HAMILTON BELIIK KOCIETVS HEFOKT OF SICK AT THAT PLACE. Hied, Julia Kennedy, on Tuesday, blast votni!. Mr? tennetle, Ttry low, and not expected to lire. Ali others previously reported doing well New cm?i? Kits Ix>uis? Rom, ?ick since .Saturday un ^rmtaed untll to day-, CM? or yellow rover 'drug g,rdeoer 01 Mr- *?*??? s?~^I&Pnl^V,:,u,X <"*?* well. Sjs l"*Tt ."'prUi'in* >10' M OoiTln *9\. fx XI "? *<0; Klphtotone, *j. W. B it Cn aiTt u- t /? ' ' "r lotal ?.??. t0 ' *10' W- J- Cr?pa?y, $ii5. 'SSSf ."y ot w.DO? m?i swrsw.asii ^ s uss skks,1""1- ? Fo? Ilu.ll??,a?Rf3^,, ***'"'? *""">? TO *113 EDITOR OF THE IIXRALD. fit-i firu that i ... *'* Yo??- fc.'t. a. im. more lamia Were required for the kick Su'r^t"?! '" 11?" a'*' no mlatake ocrm red In thi a manner i,, t rt 'llu"?iton. Tlio W May with an officer oi SSVXaf h V undrratond him to aar *' fort Hamilton. 1 "rib* wm now -ITit o meeXH "L f"a,U ?ob ?n<! i hat no turuier i tihli?. ?n.^.!T _ Priicnt eugencie*, called my attention to 1U, editorial ?n .T, .?* l4,?" o| Saturday !ut |? "ill??1" "* -"?* count ot hi* remark. reqiiratad or"?? i'^ ""f*"1' 1111 ^ 'n deetrablf that I ?|,cnil<i couti&ib'Ht '???? intlmatel. it would ? h?* anrh rontriullruon S , 1 n"w- Mwew. I 'art of that art trie lelattn* io^hl?t.. '.',lf u' "" latter fcort Hamilton. a^ thSf * LuET'SLJS at anrnuneitig ihat B ?? t^l>tt0? WhafrTer of attained. I cheerfully ?"- ?! had l*. n the sum' time lhal arymlMiod. iSZZE*00, , rn?r,,,,|n? ?t ' urrrd whirl) might tend in Ih^aHBhTH. have no I rogrra. of the g" n<l wo?k r 'lr.<r'':' to ?he from the report of the anclatr tna! r? totind, benevolent purtioaM for wMi h n.e LJ^i . "f ??bi?hh aod It i* hoped am] UpVdVi th.l u, , . ^ '""L fo' -n.-.l the Kor t Hk Di I In m Ht '?! ^?*IH y ni* v he r Hi f P b,* ,lf of ly re? ponded to by our citi/en*. cb" rfully and ?la<l At the time 1 called upon iho edllorn of the r?r,u.; ,? n , ". 'v' ?.-? ? Y?^v-'f ?:rr.j Ve^ara^.^SwS rfiaw tc,, : ?l'l int.. ihe*rel>ef fund? tha'fi ?ar^ST'' V" *,no"nt '" h" e ohjrcta for ? bkh It I _FlUBUg W. CHUKi H. The F?ver on Om rraor'i laUnil. ?nte heaitb report of Fort Coictabm. 4a?J 34 Inaunt y***" W#T*Ulr^ -w caeofl of yellow fere, < m death. All the other cum, *ome twdre In oum ber, were reported roaralfsreot. u?ZJJ*Ty, MC" t0'*ire ww one of y* ?l"c< *"*r- The dtaoaae im, t<) be cotmned to Uie routh aide o: the liiand ?SYSrjlLSl *"? r"-"^rr"? tte atoklr point to the Berth tide. J* Voliuln aUcQ>i( ,h# ^ "? " '??n to laare Tor Ttaaa, TO THK FBI DOR OF THE IIKK A t.f>. I wiTan Striwkh k.,u?,s > s,?? I wrote* vi*i"on' 'n " ' ? ii i'?lr? oti iM.nrd the rn?hirn 1 ? ? ;vnT Tn r 'torn Mr. Keiaet It. IZ 1 k|M?| ? i. eating me fi tot# rr.,ne?tle? the M??,r hlm " the ?t<>*iiier The* did Si ,i .1! r'alt "-re SfcT ,|2^ . "" nd i hey ? . ? i ,.iui ?rt ?J5* I" ttne health, fiom the boat ?' ??ii?i.d m wmmmmSnS I !i~t hut one man tioT'd'Tn' tlurrmi'11 nd'aa' *"* I are, bet f.l hM leP tliZ 'ZiSI dny I arrived, we would not hate hJ!i i K i n'e liner, the i?a? taken of il... ,h)ir? ?? ?'?>'"? at the laland. ?u let en the |iei> 'i!!^! h"anl>al "M been -.?? whteb time we L. - ran anbatantiatr l|,e Iriiih i|,?l V!^T**r * "' ' ' r?l a..m (fco ,..n ' ' ' - taken, and I ainrerely beili-ve mv m.n e? if i ,T1' '?land, (Hlm, water an"^ha? m J 0,1 J.'" a flie f?et??f Ihf heMllior th? Jl2L ,k'"* '" ' ante man, knowing nie antuo... * "' u I irwatn here at anr'or if I hadThe reT ,h ' ielieyelt; one place la the aame <i nnehor mv te*ae| any whore If J!. !" ', ' 1 ' N.ard. and all ?uil, TEu'f ** r"'t- on " not the caajtand ih? hpri, A? ?""h a folly aal laded ,l,ere ia n^he ."v, ? ,| llioo? tbl, nial it.. -. * ? a|.| re wilier,,, ?? .1 we al.-ll he feft ??' >n.? ?? . our aervant, , v - r To imm OORBOH Pr>,'r ?mT^l".R|!??S ^??le ?r Mow l orh We^hanfa a?d rill. R'ln,,*,,, *W ,h' Rr,""v?' of ^Ml, Tha committee .ppowt on Tueaday ,Mt at th.8u.en me't,n?- ?" Qwwtotlte, me, ,'r!^ altrrnoon, at 2 o'clock, .1 the onice fUr T ,m-,k n, (?j-q . S40 Proadway, New York ? ' Tbe PtAl^mrnt ban thrnt.i th?* ik. ment haa a poiithal rb,ert and mad. In the ia!aod that ewrtain cu^p'aiM* are . " c i> ! ?i ? ft a Wr? r?|it?| 4 " aiu Bit UtUU'i r g tt .i, V hood or what if not hitherto positively inimical to its fcriltb, ia nevertheless damagmg its commercial statu* and dei er lug strangers from entering it. The me< ling of Tuesday mght was specially Intended to correct the mil take; to initiate proceedings whereby the abatement of a growing nuisaE ;:e may be effected, and thirdly that tho citizens ot New York, Brooklyn, Jergty City, and fctuten Island, n *y be committed to tho mov.ineiX For this purpose t.v lillowlng executive committee was , appointed, and our roaders will please obbervo that the gentlemen composing it are of various political parties . ? M'in. B. Towtuend Fremont. John C. Crcen " John P. Keemtth " Klch Smith " Jos. B. Yaruum ?? John C. Thompson. : " Dr. Mirtorn Post '> Judge Kmerson '? Wm McLean " Dr. R. if. '1 bompson, Health Officer ct' the fort of New York ; <? John M. Marsten Buchauaa. Jtay Tompkius " Wni. B. Duncan, of the tirra of Duncan, Sherman ti Co ? I*r. John 8. Westervelt, late lleaUhOtlicer ot the l'ort " Nathaniel Marsh FUlmore. Ma'.how Morgan doubtful. A. H.Gllitland ? CInudlus Gignoux , ?? Messrs. TowoRcnd, Smith Marsten, Tomkms, Thomp son. Marsh, iicl/oan, Judge F.aiersou, and Dr. . Thomp son, Post and Westcrvelt, were present at yesterday's ci miDittee Wi B. Townsend, K -q., wm voted to tho chair unanimously, and Klch. 6. Smith, Ktq., appointed Secretary. Pr. Wt.jTixm.T Rubuitted that the object of the com mittee beli'g to bring this question ot removal before tnj public, it would be advisable to commuuioate forthwith with Mayor Ball, of Brooklyn. Discussion immediately commenced on tli* proposal, am" eventually .large Km r ron t"ndered a resolution that a committee or comm ttoen l.c appointee to confer with thr authorities of New York mid Brooklyn on th< subject. Lie had been informed that the Inhabitants of Gowanus had expressed thcuselves most desirous of communicating with this committee, and Coubtless many other localities were likewise incimod. Mr Richard G. Smith desire t that Jersey City be not forgotten. New Jersey was largely Interested in thA question what aflcctcd any part ot the Bay muit even tually atket bcr, and IT tho proposal to remove Quaran tine to Sat fiy Hook be carried out, she be cocnea an Important party to the movement. The Crumsuji then put the resolution to the meeting, tbat three committees be appointed, to consist of three members each, whose dunes It shall be t* confer with the au hortties of New York, Brooklyn and Jersey City . This waii unanimously carried, and tiie chair named lie followinp gentleman Naw York. ? Chairman, Dr. R n. Thompson; William McLcan, Dr. Miuturn 1'oat. Bkookiyn ? Chairman, JuJge Emerson; Jno. C. Thomp for. Dr J. S. Westcrvelt. Jkic-hv City ? Chairman, Nathaniel Marsh, John C. Green, J. M. Marttcn. Some convocation ensued In relation to t!io->e committees, during wblch It was anted that thu CommUbiotiers of K migration are generally coaaldere I to be uniavorabie to the removal of Quarantine to any other locality. A member stated tbat the Commissioners ha I formerly larger powers than at present; but they could not now withstand the aovement. The Health Othcer re plied that very much will depend on the Commissioners, and their favoring the action of this committee will do more to e fleet a removal than the action of almost any other body of cttlanu. It wm finally resolved to ap j? lot tbe follow .ng ? CuHMlTTKK TO I'OMSK WITH THR C0WF:*Ui\a*5 OF EXl c.hatiu.v ? Chairman, Nathaniel Msrsh; Dr. R. ii. Thomp son, Claudius G'gnoux. After some discussion, It wan determined that tho above committees shall arrange v, ith the locu.1 authoruUs for a mass meeting in some ci Ltral spot to bo bv them chosen. Mr. P.-ay Tokpkixs considered that nothing could ba dene without feeds. During the post /ear hs had him se'f spent cearly thirteen hundrel do 'tars in ag.uting tb'.e qiuft on, and if proper arrangements were not made thr- members of the committee ?.ould baveto par from tteir own pockets. Be propose i thaf a Finance Com am tee be immediate!) appo.cteJ, to'raise funds by subscrip tion or othetwue. This was carried. Ft NiMH OoKjuiTm; ?J C.Thompson. Chairman: Ray TcmpkU*. Wm. McLean. Jno. p., Treasurer. A general fee'.laf prevailed tbat the object sought? namciy, tho removal of Quarantine ? wo<;id now be at lalued. Public opinio* win aroi <ed, anu the cit.zer.s wore hcgini.lng to tee ttial such an inst tution demands UoUtlcn uh it? Srst nc;e<<?ity. The Health ( lili.ier states that two huufred coobtahl.M would be powerloss to en taros the due obser va?ce of present Quarantine regula t'P-s. The rrorlmiiy of Slain Island to tie citr holds oiti an lrrefi?ttb;e tnuo'.eiMnt to river th'evee, Juok uwu, suit other*, to break tbe law . Boat.-, prcwl about amongst ? he Infected Sbtpp ng, up article- thrown overboard, buy oel clothir.g. kc , f>o? the deck hands: and these thu gs find a ready market in the vicinity of the Battery and S'outh street. lu tbe epidemic of I84H the wind blew from the ship pug towsrf a tho ftaten island shore. Tills year It has oli vn towaids Long Island. At a future pcrio-' ? periiai* not i*r atilant ? it may take the direction of our *? it % ; :.nd wbst ba.'. IsASly taken plnce at I ort Ham'ltnn wili be repeatc 1 here with tec I .id more disastrous results. Father Yljir* Uctum to \kor?|pia. Gra*ai>a, July 31, 1H64. To tiik Hosr.tuniK Sk *rr*nv or Stats o? ri* RcTntifi ? Br? Although mice mr arrival In thl* town I presented mynelf to the supreme provisional government ol the republic, in order to acn .a nt hi 21 with the remit of the commission which waa cr trusted to me near Itao govern ment ol' the North a meriean confederacy, now toat the Presidential rtiair ia "ccup.ed bv tbe mott illuitrioi:* WllUam Walker, I hare deemed it proper to repeat the Fame sentiments which 1 then etpfltiil. Sore the 14ib of May of tbe preset* year, the au preme governnirut of the luiteil States tully reoog n zod an<l acknowledge i, without any restriction v. (j it ?oever, the government or thia republic; and in the act ol mv reception u Mini tor Plenipotentiary, the Prtal dent of that great republic mamleatud to me that he felt ih?> m<v?t fraternal ^eut.menti toward* Nicaragua ? that he desired to cultivate tin rami tncndly diplomatic relation s, it wai uetesrary for tbe surceas of tbe transit a< riwy tbeUthmuN, in tbe territory of Nioarafua. It Is not |>of 'bio, sir, to give you inlhi of the gomral < nib isissi.i that prtvaili In all those fUale* n fa vor ot the cause of Nicaragua; and it Is beyond all doubt e.-ttaln that our reptib. ? allleJ with that of North Ame ilea. will ma!." a*tnr;*liln/ progreaa. It is very gratifying to m-; to Eire fulfilled my commis sion, Md to Lave thu* rendered stxh aa important sor 1 :>? ? my countrv I beg yon toe mini nicate this to the most Ilia !r,otut Prouder*!. aseurug him of my reepeot, subminaion and obedimCi ; and thai, a* ? scu of thU country , *?> di>ar to me, I am re*.iy at any to obey whatever or Jers ho may on m ptt>per to s.nd mo At tbe name time I assure you of my respect an ' con sideration* and rt into four m<?t ol. H t-ut -errant ADilillN' VUIL. nttvuru. Aug. u, IK." To the Rev. At < '-arm Vim., Curate ana Vicary or tUi? Iie.partmeat ? Sut? 1 had tbe honor of receiving your estecmid nTlr'.al note of the 31st i!t . and < ac'tua.utlng bis K*cel'en> y tbe 1'retkletit if the l>i>i,bli< w ,th It i contents. and . ? %< - Wduce with tbe *no? of that bigb functionary, I five jf? the MMln answer ?Tbe govern moot ot Vicara?':a riai'i ly 'ii'orro? the aenerablc ??cno* Vint that blamuMioa to the I tried t-tat. ? baa been a very siUsiactory lad successiul one. since tbe r.T<inltion of this government *?* fully acknowledged by tbe governm- nt at Wa^hing t B. C' n?> T ettly the government thank* you. In tb? iwii. ^ of flu oaiion, for your very Important servlcee, wh eh will alwaya be considered and preserved in t!i? e rmory of ILoee Nlcars?<iai ? who hav - lbs progre; of their country at heart. I take this ornort-iaitv of re new r>* to you. in the name of my government. my moat otating'ilsh J consideration*. IKRMIN FERRMi, fe.retary of Hut*. Police Intelligence-. Amur grrmt MtrrncmttA* Horn ? Warren Inland, one of the proprietor* of tbe Metropolitan Hotel, a( peared before Alderman Clancy yisterday afternoon, to answer a charge of a*e*R*ed liittery preferred agatnat hm by ? ol Nimoel Thompeon. Ahlo >1o Camp to tkiv. Cark. Tbe r<'Bp?aliiaiit atite* that on Tueeday night be wnv knocked .'own and k > feed hv thed fendant. wb.le enraged wttli blm in a 'eri-ai mi i on Hie ailalra of the Vall"y flMib. Mr. I ria l ??< il lowed to depart on hlK parol* li ;iI 11 o'clock in - ora m, obi' an cxaamMiou will take place nt the l.ow?r fnhce Court. THAT i OJIFinUNt t MAN. to tut Sim* or ins HKtAi o. In yoor accoont of tb^arreet ofC W. Bullbrd (and a ("ovri'i a' asee) yon give tbe credit of tbe arrest to ?h? po I , ? _ u?t wh< rr |i iloee not belong The facts were aa loilcw ? ?>n tbe 1Mb of August BuTord swindled Froe man * Renneti out of wntebes sad jewelry to the amount ot *"0* On the same day Mr. f reeman called on Me??n. >-vmonr. lloyt ft Co, |ewrelier?. corner ol Fnlton an.l 1'i 'arl atreeto, aad described to them the swindler, with tbe reqtieai that Mr. I- reeman should be sent far, If ths vagabond ma<l*bl* appearance there. f?n Monday morn ntg l*?t BnlTord turned tip at Messrs. Seymour. Hoyt .% Co.'s store and selected two gold watches, chain*. *e.. to "till bis order," as nsnal Mr Hoyt sent immediately for Mr I- reeman. by whom he was 1 lentttled and arrest ed In the barroom of the United > tales Hotel, without the assistance of any policeaiar X City Politic*. Tnr WnvWUOm CnsntAt. Cnv M-rr*?,? A meet ng of thla committee, V.dgar Katcham, ia thocbilr, *? held la--t etenlng, at Academy Hall. Broadwar. No bu? ne?? of any important tr interesting nature ??** transai ted. The C"mmittee were engage'! the whole er?a!ng 01' ag vacancies and receiving the report* of Oeaimitleee on Credential City Intelligence. Ts*nti to N?w <m i aA?s ?The steamer Philadelphia, to I aa i for Havana and New t?rle*n? at ~i e'fllegk to morrow attrrnrxia. 6th ln*? . tri* lead paeaengf rs at the former port, but will Uke none trom th- re. The Hoard of Health, of New Orlesn*, have granted permi?sioti for steamer* tonrl taf at Havana to fo i turned late! v .ip t? I (tie r-'v. " ?!'? ? hr'Pt no ! ? ht or v*- -tears fr-^i S. ; rf?l U.. 'fc MMi? t/TiVMM A ARRIVAL OF THE PERSIA. ONE WEEK LITER FROM EUROPE. NEWS UNIMPORTANT. THE NAPOLEONIC DYNASTY. Settlement of tbc Sound Dues Question. The Effect of Barcy's Circular on Hart* time Lav* THE ARABIA OFF LIVERPOOL. THE CROPS OF EUROPE. in P & Of ESI EN T n BftEADSTf SLIGHT FALL IN COTTON. Consols, 95 3-8 a 99 1-2 Ac., Slc., Slc. Tbe steamship Persia, Capt. Juikins, from Liverpool 2 P. M. on Saturday, tbe ?*d alt., arrived about etgto o'clock yesterday morning. The Persia, on her outward paasago, arrived at LItst pool on Friday evening, the 16th ult. , the voyags l'rom New York In, net time, 9 days, 2 hours and 40 mi nute* ? from !>ort to port ? or 8 days, 23 hours and M Mi nutes from Sandy Hook to the Bell Buoy. TO TUB EDITOU OF TBK OAKALD. STKAM K I'KKSIA, OKh SAM>T HOOK, ) Tuesday night, Sept. 2, I860. / On the morning of the 23d August there was no Bears ?* interest in Liverpool. The sale* of cotton for the day w- ? estimated at 6,000 bales, without change in price orgcu - ral features. The weather hal improved, and the R|<?1 by telegraph from all quarters was tine. It was not sup posed the late rains ha-l done any Injury to the cr>k? Tbe French grain markets, at the last moment, were ? I vascing, owing to indifferent reports from various die tricts. The Bank of England returns were unfavorable, tb* decrease in tbe bullion for the week being ?39,000. Cua sol?, 951, a 95>?. The Persia left Ltverpool at 2 P. M. on Saturday, 23d of August, with a cargo of over 1,200 tons, and 239 paaeeti gers? ber draft of water being 23 feet 7 inches. On Sun day evening, August 23, off Cape Clear, passed the steam ship Arabia, bound la, and on Sunday last, off Gaps Kace, passed the steamship, bound East. With tbe exception of a portion of two days we have hstd bead winds; and though our parage has occupied near eleven days, we consider it a very quick one undsr the circumstances. W. P. WRIGHT The Frlcson arrived at Liverpool on Sunday mornit>?, tho 17th ult., and sailed at 10 A. M, Wednesday, 20U>, for New York, with 25 pas engern Tie Alps arrived ut Liverpool 4.33 A. M. of Thursday, tbe 31st . City or Bait more, fr^m Philadelphia, arrived at Uverpool 4.10 P. M of Wi lnesday, tbe 20th. On lite 10th, in lat. 4: 5S N., Ion 60 :>6 W., spoke the Ka igaros, from Liverpool for Phltalelphia. The Wsshlngtou arrival at Southampton on tbe nlghl of 22d of August, it 11 .56 o'c'.JCk. The steamer Kber.>onose would (all from Liverpool i oo UisalVrcoon of ?*UrJ?y t'ae 2T.d, tor St Johns, New | foundlai. 1, and tbeace to Portland, Me , via Halifaa. Tbe loss of tbe steamship Tsurus U reported. It la not the Taurus of tbe Cunard line. Tbe substance of the news braught by tbe Persia is, that tbe British Parliament U farther prorogued uatU November. Kapoloon Is at tbo halt* op Riarnts; be la reported to be urging th claims of Prlacc Pierre Bona parte to tbo throne of tb< Pan\b!an Kingdom; an I to be engaged in considering what title to bestow on the American defendants of Priuoe Jerotna. The harvest la France isconi'.dere J fblly an average. The government ef EoMsc l refuses asient to the pr'nepieof arbitration be fore a resort to arms. The cit zeni of Antwerp havs been Indulging in /tfei to celebrate the King's long and peaceful reign. There is no additional news from *paia, tl e apprehensions of scarcity c n taue. and the dlffloaUy w th Mexico Is said to bo by no means willed. It is re jorted(but doubtfully) that Franco an 1 Eag aad hava f at an alt.matum to Naples, demand og coaces sions, and threats* it g, If refused, to withdraw their representatives. Tbe King agrees to cos ede la part, but tbe uii>malcm demau Is more. The Prusawa rcrvette Part, g waa attacked on the rnwi of Morocco by P. (I pirates; e'gl 1 of the crew were killed and se\ TOtssa ? ?nded, inel among tho latter, Priace Adalbert e< Prussia. The dead were burled at Gibraltar, an ' Prussia invites France and England to |<>ia Iter In an expo i lloa aga:n?t tbo bucateeri. Tii'key Is preparing a new draft of a general commercial I'vaty, more favorable to the de velopement of ber own commerce. The c.^ht or len Has sloes bare be > n removed fro*n the lele of Serpents by aa I njilsh ship of war, and Isc 'od at O-feesa Tbe Rnsalaaa bave reo<cup!e<l Anapa and tbe forts of tbe C rnwaiaa i oast. The papers arc full of the maKmi3 uos Of tbe ap proecbiog coronation at Mos-ow An Austrian Colonel ba ' operfly lanlte 1 the Amer'.caa YiceCoosal in Aecona. Italy, and the latter bat d< maad e i redress from tbe I'nited States M a later la Rome I e?ter* fr"m Persia mention a curious fact, eaiaeiy, ti e agpearancg c f tbe I.nglish (lag oa th - walls ef R. rot As all accounts agrae la tbe tact, there can be no djubt ab' ut it, but tbe Psrniaiis have two ve-? mi to scceaat for it According to some. It is tbe work of tbe myste rious F.ngil-bmaa who was supposed to havs boea at Herat at ths time when Yojssouf Khan was sMQ master there. The Persiaas wars vary much pissled by tbia man. who was disguised as a caUie dealer, and aaked for b.s removal, to which, however, the people of Herat op. poeei themseives. Tbe hoisting of th* Brlt^h Hag Is bow attributed by some to his agency. Tbe other ver*oo ef tbe story to, that the people of Herat got a rrinfbirrmeet of several hundred hersemen from the sooth, who were seen to enter by the Persiaa army before Herat. The l -opie of Herat be ng appriae<l that thli arrival had beea ' sen by tbe Pars an ?. aad greatly magnified oa sr nnal of tba dust which they had raised, took ad vantage of this to spread the rumor that a large Kagltsh force had sa tared Herat, and in coaorauuioa of this they hoisted the English flag. Adrtcee freia Alexandr'a, dated August V, say ? Sa d Parhs. the Viceroy, has just reeotved upot rsnning st. Maera, carrying the tmua flag, at! round tbe Ked f-ea, Irom Sues to Ooeeeir, Mtaaawah, Aden. Mocha, Jed ?'a, Ysmbo. and to extend occasional]? to Bu?eoraa aad lag lau The Parba rt*|uestr I a nimber of Europeaae to act i* directu-s of tbe steamers, nor this scheme pur jorts to be a company formed by tbe Pacha, with a capi tal of, of which his Higbneee is to subeorfbe nee LaK at once the Pacha has promise.) to have dacha made at Suet, which, if carried out. wil prove of great nae to our communication with India The hull of the American ship Constitution, which was nst year bnmed asd stink in th? Mersey, baa beea raised aad taken into the London Graving Dock, Liver poei. Our I verponl correspondent had received the tolloe ng despatch relative to the Mel iteraaeaa aubaarme cable;? N? *a ii ?. Saturday, Aug. 1#, iitgd Arrived here safely; cable and commumoaUon perfect Have passed tbe ?;rsaiMt dP)^b, it.ism feet? aotbiag re mainiag benee toro?> beyond 150 fathoms strong our rent and ft* earned us so tar out of oar course oo lee side, that, ineleadv.r reaching Gahta y(*terday inoraias st ? e'eloclt. we arrived there only at sis In the eremnt tirders have aireadv heen gveu for a sa flic teat length e' cable to carry out the line to Bona within one taonta from Ibis day. Aceorata from the hep p'aatations contn je fsvova Ms. The Paris Mamifvr annminoee tbe arrival of the Kmpe ror, f mp-ees and Imperial Prince at Blarr t?. Pr'ars Je tome's departure for Havre and the dl?t .^be-l - eept<on given to tbe Oeaot de Morny at M t Pr nee Murat has gnae to Chsatberry, la -- -\t The French steam I' jatss laipeteu <ee, *> peiwer, and Inn ?eratrice 1 >r*e'e. of ooo ? ce> the iMh ' ? , th? er tt r ?-? ? ? tiuee seaey* esta.ustos4.iiij* ywyatfe. t >