Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1856 Page 7
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mERTBEIEHTS RENEWED EVERY MY. F?ll 1\UK. ikOAA WIIX P0RCHA6B A SaLOOV, NICELY FIT Tavu ted up, near Broadway, witi least- and listureu; rent low; doit g * good business. Apply Uj ilUWi'lKACO. Ill Nassau street. tQ&A -BAKERY FOR SALE, WORTH nOUBT.E nP?jc)U . this amount, but Bold in c?nse<tu'iiic<j if h.ving uooUier p>ace; it is ail compie, and in a good location. Apply to HOWks Jt CO., W N?s-,au street. ?FOR BALK ? A SPLENDID PONEY. WAR f, ranted the of her si/.e in tho city, with wagon .ail harness. a.*o, tlu' t'? celebrated b'cse power for the riute <.f New Yoia, the best horse power in the world. 3J!j Broadway, room No 5. ?tO t\fi ONLY. IK SOIJ) THIS DAY? THE FIXTURES and lease of a lager bier saloon, In Broadway, near ilio I'a /*. Brat location for a restaurant. The ahote price U .'??s tlu... ha.i its value. Apply to A. ROBINSON, -36 way, room 14. AA ~BAKK?V KOU <?ALK, WITH HOR^E, WA ^rrUU. got, Bood oven, and everything complete, now bakmg t waive to ilft? en barmls a weelt. und uniy b-t ln;r?A?d . (i twenty-live or thirty. Apply, this day, to A. UOBiNSON, , SS Broadway, room 14. A/1 AA -A RAKE CHAXC'K. ? FOR SALE, A FRUIT ^^IV/v' stor', In conueel.on with all old enUblnhed news depot, stationery und book store, located oil a corner ilea:- a market, and in the greatest thoroughfare in thu city. Apply t > A. ROBINSON , :,S5 Broadway, room 14. As r A -SPLENDID CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY Jp i m' I, without risk is novy ottered to a business man $40 to $00 per w ???k net prot.t sore; any m in can arry on the business, no cap.tal required. Apply at i) Broadway, icow 14. (fcQAA ? T"E OI,I) HOI'S*! AT HOME AND I.EASE '(iQ' 'l/i for sale r to let. ? The nlrl established and well known porter bouse, formerly kept by he late John Magrath, from Manchester, England. The place is ?"!1 fitted tp. his a large and unusually line collection of sporting and outer picture*, Ac., Ac. The rent is extremely low. This is an op portunity seldom met with. Injure at 50 Division street. d?1 rAA WIM, PURCHASE A TEWEI.RY STORE, wltUvV well stocked. doing a good business, situated 0:i tl.e line cf the Erie hai.'road m a nourishing ui?n. Also, a bf use for sule same piico. Apply toUOWES A UO.,94 imk-.i n itreet. d?0 QAA ?'OH KAI.E OR TO LET- A KM ALL THREE MP^.OVrV. story and basement brick hou?e. on CUssun .venue a ear fintes at, 1 Fulton avenm a, Brooklvn, nearly ne w r l.I in an excellent neighborhood, Payment, S50 monthly avu the mortgage. a LhERT WEI-LS, 51 William, up stairs. fO /IfWk -FOR PALE VERY CHEAP, NO MONEY D.UUU. wanted, a lot of ground on Thirty-seventh street, between Broadway and Keventli avenue. Is well nud detiiably lo'-u ed for building purposes. Address C. K. 0., Hera.d office. FAA ? iK)T!Ui FORSVLE, THE FURNITURE, fixture and lease of a hotel, on the west side cf the city, and bciag in a good location for transient b asinesn, ofle.'s great inducements. For further information apply to HOWES 4 CO., M Nassau street. <MO AAll -POR sAI.E, the sto< k, lease and J. fixtures of an excellently situated <irv goods ? tore, doiag a 1'rst rate business. Will be sold law. Particu Jurs wade know-i by addressing A. L. It., Herald office. $50,000." ?TO DRUGUIsrs ?FOR SALE, THE ? exclusive right to mannlacture a new and important medi? al preparation. Circulars will be sent to any one desiring, or a partner with capital would be t.iken. Ad dress Felix Brunow, 1'mst tllic, New York. Ajsure fortune. 7P(\ worth of real estate and ^ I Of | UU places of business sold for cash luiwoiiavs. ? Kow is the : me for ihoso bavin;; property ti dispose of to ?nmi e a f ale bv registeriog at our olllce; charge only 30 cent*. #i,0C(I.Kl0 worthof cheap real estate and places ofhaainess for fu-e. Ten partners wanted, in merchantile anil man :t'ac turmg eftablishments. Apply to the North Amerran Real and Personal Estate Exchange Company, SS'J Broadway, room 14. AQF AAA -DESIRABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE ,UUU ? and exchange. ? A splendid business pro perty oesr Nassau street; 2m j line lots, with 'en houses, situa ted on the canal and railroad in Brooklyn, 450 lots, : ronung on the East r.ver, and adjoining Jersey City. M. L. SHELDON, b5 Nassau street. A RARE CHANCE.? FOR SALE CHEAP, IP APPLIED lor soon, iterrns easy,) a beautiful country residence, of afc??t four acres, at Vnion Place, Long Island, near Union Osarse. within ??) yards of two linns of stages, either to Brook lyn er Williamsburg ferries, and 400 yards from railroad de fwt to So u tli ferry at all times of ihe day. This place has fuc buildings, stables, tc.. tine well of w ater. and Is stocked wtth all kir.os cf frutt and sliade trees. For lurtbur paxllcu Mrs Irruire on the prtm ses, of ISAAC WOODRfFF. Boot and shoe store for pale? a good clance: ran y one wisblup to go Into a pr citable tin smf se The stock and lixtures of store 21U B)ee ?er street, ?in- of the b?*t stands in the 'Ity. will be soid cheai. The s ock con<!> tsof fcc jts, sl?oes, Ac Apply to CHARLES 9IEKE, at tbe store. / 1ENTR Ai PARK.? FOR P\LE, A < OTTAOB HOCTO \J end lot Jtiltin. <j. Ninety iMOitd stieer with a wollof j'txl ?ifii r g ws'-er . n the premis s. W 11 be ?o!d cheap lor oaub. apply to H'.'RI KV A O'R'U'RK E. 10 1 entre t, i-?"t. Dwelling at a orrat niRo ain ? the ?ubst..n'iai ttr " s ry b< i.?e > Wis*. Ihirty fourth st e.-, ?ssnpleUi with modern '.mprovemeiitii, ?n?l m a I rst rl?>s ne.ihr .! ?!. wil be?sold low. if applied for imme iBute'y O A"SNH? BR<jTHERP, 7^" Broadway. Dnr.? for sale-h anpsoxely fiited ap, w. .1 ? i.' ked, aid :n a 'c-dlnp thorju^hCare; will be sold li-aP, In eonse'ii.' nee of ill heal b ln<i>.'re cf Drs. <.kl' )RT aid LOWNRSBURY eSBle- kerst.-u PARsI FOR hale? A rum PARK. CONSISTING OF s??iva,r s near P ah way . n . J . bcautifnllr .'ooatoaLaud ander a Btgli s?i.> of ci.itivatau.. < 'has i.b jndai ~e of rr .d. apply it Tlegraw s 'ic'.si, Rahway, t.r W. S. WOOD, IV M?i<l>n lane, vw fcrk. Ft a "all.- : 4 fAKl i- F ?OTaL *n,H S fill p?t<eg ?ery B*et ' ?>t??r., ? i sf rt-ibCM! .' of x M ?tlr a- ti e iio', tli I Mgri'm 4 net or ?nat'ogHBf rt.air* A kaauiff uUat or rbloa florty-fow r'ecssi bae s? t of marlile oruamenta im * ?*-t t>f ?t .ir rods, nineteei ,n* ?r. f wo Of ror' ires r?nd c A small cab'n to' ?? yards of Hnc'.lsk otlcU th th- .b?. e ar'.ci's * .If sole s' a sa-.-,Ve *b: r?*. Ap mTf at ure?i.e sject fri m l a> ? P. K. FCB ? AfF-!ROVM RTOMK H<R>E IN TilTRTY ? | || ?TM', 3 aw *r.;a?.'?aj, eOtiWicJ ?il IT." err, irn j>jp- rax-nta W .1 baa- l?l iow; muM Pi to PoM-m '<ji ra kaii r<ftn l?Trtnily ha'lirg 1!1 B -wiwtr, riR KaLF? OR THE M0RVI1 MIJKOr TRTRTT FIRST ? aU rat. !?lw?n Mm at a and Fourth avea twa naw. aksitkii' wall omit Uifaa a'.orj and luatr.rat, aiMlar rallar, riMc, brow i. tUinn iVotMIM. *kfc a!] tla modara Mb pro* mini" ? h tVt S in Uaa >>y .V) b?! ail ifca way up, ud lot lat fort V .nrhra n cat >b. *r?bN .!.< . <1 ? rtMDl Oar t Jf txw'l ai.-i rwrn?|f. *d>. ore .m -ta t ?tu.-a.a, or u Mfca >0. WaJ atr??.t. ri < m . j. rOR fAI.r-Al.T. THK ?A<:? IN rRT \ND TOOIS "ME I ???na.r.* ' ? i i iuiM ai ' urolnii ir 1, iliClui.ilH h.-n?. ilniUJH b? n hr? *?w?, ana % i .h? out L urry nr.?l feoia KtTMnri-. hu-in?r<a ji goC'l rrt-.r. Fir itrnMi.u itqmra ?it li * H I F..s ?\ I.'EHkaN K, in tlia r?in: (tor?, U AUactte ?!????" it. i F'OR KA1,F-TMR SAID' N ,U7 BROaDWaY, orPO aim ttroadway tiiaatri' ml! iri.aliod If not a. ..t fc<fura tt>< li ti it wlilihon bo mid at auoti r, or .La t>ri-mla#a. v<b?i half oi \ ? r?ilin>< inotiay r* <l mi d*y nl a?l?, baJui .? ?#ot.rK<J. * or rarlicnlai* laqtklra at Sil>? V' oadwiy. fclOR MAI.K? T1IK f TO K AMn FIXTI'RKM <>F A r l).;r?'' ?h' >?in( ?liop. In i'. ss'xjI Ir ality up town, doing <i rood . a?h liiiatnr-r, room ftr b<>r*- al. * Ir g an?l jobbing, w Ih lira ) <-ara I' aaa: proper raawma glraa forai'Uing, ay apulyirg dllw " I'd. 4 *<!?<? utb avenue, fawaen KkvrnUi itod l^Wrlfih ati ect?. ? OR HA' B? I KA1K AMD FIXflTRER OF A ^ARllR _ four ?li<r> rnamnnUiviMs w"h ? .-n-liil ?t< ra ttn'H, ??tun on t i# '?#at In lb" (Sty, In iha mUlal of ?W; ;a t and ?t?-m b<*t? i pp!y >n ilia p> -n ara M ?tr?- V'ra* Ward. riH?<T i*i apm rnriT ttoh 2 A' n win* r m ? w doinf a *p|rn<! d h latti"*", ?ii<int*ton Wroadway 1 hla ? \ 0* -< 'ippflftwrtly fnr?:. r?r?m *i<l !>? n ri.lrr In iL ? bo?in<-??. .? II- ti'a I ;a nc.l ' itaM ali 'd. Far parti' Vara, appi> to \ PaROKPT, A waHatract. rOR HAMC-THK *A?n A?I> 'TXTI RE* TI F t'?t.iral iratanranv ailnaM!' aliba -irt ??r nf (Iran " and ?"?iMrr a'r>'?i?. n'.? wrusilrd ^y fr??ri k fvl,i;4 It >a a ?o??t d??lrah'? ota n<t und dolii* % Ural ratr bi.aitiraa. f t rar (?aa> .r? li")iiu<- rn i ?? f r-imaea. li't.R fai-f.-tiir uniiri: stock. amd r;x r ??rr> ?l a <l?a ? fnnndrt a ao t?u f .ttylionaa yoari ?i< am i rr f I! A ! d PR- ]i V'ul a?>? ? N- ? -r i . i . ir. Fhir hai r? a iioukhtorr ard snw-i >KP0T,?iTtf atrd m ikr II -??ri ai?l <-l*?rt!ia a\ ar ilfty d tra par w >k MIH4 ? 1.1 h# ? III -I. "an ?-'? i rw' , .if ' roka A (l'? li M It . '>rai.l ?, l .lng no ia?cr\ l?? r~n b- bad. I.M.R. MODf RM kh.i: KTORT ARO ATTK' P b?^* bona* ?it ia-"l *' '? l!fj an a let of ? aUnatM rrrnrr nf t'<nir.b am <it> and ? ril> l? R BOW ARI?, .S knawu (tank. FOR **t.K-A VERY Ht'i'RSIOR HOffll ntOOBF.D Itaipr >- >iad'n atarH'. hf> la tM l>"at *%di"a h*a? in t!n? at ? naMrr, warrants! aotind at' 1 mn't. wd r \n te>d'wi 'hriM ?nni.'ra To ha ?<^>n r* a (w d> ?a av Uk? bvary ?tal.k dirrKir .f ?*' n l and !"i ;b aii ?--i. 'mr mai.k-in brooki vn rwo tr< av <;<> i r a- j < - . ??,. at. i ' t ,.hi ' <?> ? i ? tfcrawMnrv. N>i .? Ho?t ? ??*, ftrat aU??. \ll h-- a'xjr? art br* k dual ?*a. l-w*tad and r.?*r ? 'iU<w artNiti*. a-, ^ RAlMnfAUX, irvni.MjWAJ Kl 7?TT*1 t^f-lR HTtM K AMD mTl'RR", TOUKTll I* rr wiiMbe ibi?a T'aM laa^a )f bwia-* and a'lira N 4I J vtMh naw 0M?v bat aa * h>i??ir aMM MH <' >lnf ? fair |sn*?n<p? ti?nT l?a> li'K 'h- ' 'ty iba raaaonfir aalltr*. Ap ply ar 'ha pr?Bi??' fort? ? 'ail ?L'OP OAI.K? THK 1FVHK ?T.h'K *MD FtXITTRRV J* Ofafirat 'aa? ar-vnrjr -or# any ?T#ri rialnir mar. naii do ?r avarafth'tainraaofil* i?#r da/. In- 1 Ira ir Uia atora, Ml Klr?' *a. nt?# ? _____ I ti,"R "AIF T'v "TO" K A VP FUTt'RKS 1 X f n< ally I ll< .1 ' t> mr rr hnti?? mm dobti' Viainaaa. |a,M?'.'jf.., fV" ? T -#' "f Vrplf ?ntr-rntcijr, OO 'fce I rr?w#a, .'9 WW?M "trart. ___________ fV)R fA'.K-TWO TWO HORfiF. P^tBHT TtlBri. IR ???! rr* in nr#t ra' .r?l r Apply it th-? aw ani (it IiUiii* and ftlnmMnrf almp. 437 n I't 'n aU"#! _____ li?OR FAtK- A r.A* iR DOtJHI.R fJRAHRD I ATI'R, T aavtnga 9 b j ? foit To ba anl.l Wi^ip Appl? a* the Fharta f imvlry, i?or?i?r of V* fair/ fun I Wnai alrreta, If. T. POR MAI.R-A RAIN fH XMi.R? T'lRRR RAl,0>"??ffl P and gnrdrn, I ?" arram. oj-airr and billiard all "*nn?rti?d, ffcr i'<1<--i r aialillahrd p: -ra and dotrm a ??rt l*Ha bi:?inr?. ib> abnlp iTi-iklna ib?i im*! . nmplr'r ami monay nuakinit plikCo taR- ? >. ?fih a Itaaa nf 'h'-#? y-^ra, at araalnf l??a n half i'a raln^ Tlia ? ,p |f%?or wfrMng to ratfr# mwn ^.n #?a ihla winter ra<i?aa ih? nl ?' # to h? a.rl.1 tn A peraon ? Hh aa?'#na Nora oih?r? p<!?-i| opi ly. A<l<lr#?a .1. O . Harakl I mtt*. For balk < hf*p. if appjirp fou immkoiatf ly-A n?nt roUoia h ' ia?, with raia or fro I ita of aro iud. | aKnat' fl a I- ifih ?irr#', wlthm t"n walk of thra# f"r lr"* . li T A" ??J'L1."*' ?' **'T ' * Inqulr# nl 0, BfiVLK, builder, Flftl. #tra?t n#ar cn-th '-i < i h atrrat Wi'Hama i burg. 'OR *?I.Rj oh ?H.MaMOR-THR WR1.I. BCll.T FOUR _ a?t ?rTh b p>?#a on ?hr *#al a?ia of Third aranna, ona aarr aba* a Fifty '^rrt ?r^?i I, A IRjifM S, ,.?a A-s,*n, r,,ra ?k n m...irac<a * "*?. ram. r | li ?-rP 4 ftrrn wan bwair.l - >.d if. -nruir ? rikah *r.4'tlnn?l will ba F? ?n. A i ply at llllIM ? #a| ak ra, a ruar at tlraad i Wii an4 ik BaiNry. FOR SALE. For sale low? 100.000 Havana sbguw, of va riotis mark*, 54.000 of plantation; al.-o, 12 bale* of wr.ip per, of nuperlur quality, all of winch will be sold low, to cioee KtCvk on iiu.'id, at 14 htrcnu FRANSCISOO ARVNGO. For sale or exchange? 10,000 acres first tjUulity yellow pine Georgia :imk? lan>l, on a navigable stream; four three story brick nouses and lota on 12Mh street, Harlem. between 1- iiji aa.d Sliih avenues, ten loin, with cut tage, on 129th street and Eighth avenue, also. oo'.ton ma 'lil iiory, ten circular curds, onu tapper, on'" drawing Iruwe rail w?y head and trough, two ten brail speeders, one plekor, two spinnm,; iramts, one twister, one spooler, one reel, ISO feet i.f Iwo uii'H liutf'ing, ban:;> i h KU'I pulleys, 2,000 apool* and o:her fixtures, complete lot' making twine or tureail. For Liculars in itiiiu of JAS. T. ROGER.-'. li! City Hall place. FOR RALE OR TO LET, FURNISHED? A NEW AND liandvmiely furnished house, situated in a most detira hie and fashionable locution, No. 14 West Thirty-seven ih street, a few doors from Fifth avenue. Inquire on uie premises. For rale or to i.kt? first class drown stone h juse, splendidly furnished, with or without while or P?rt of furniture. Terms easy. Possession immediate. Lo cation, 139 East Eighteenth street Elegant, complete, stylish and comfortable residence. Apply to in house, Ac., ot T. B. VOORHKHS, 1M7 Broadway. CIOOD PRODUCTIVE CITY PROPERTY, UNINCCM T ter?d, for sale or exchange for lands on the line of the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad. Apply to P. C. BULK LEY, 40 Wall street, basement of the 1 nsuranco 1'. uild ings. /^RAN'D OPPORTUNITY FOR A PERSON OR A II companv with a small capital.? For saj?, a laundry, cen trally located in New York city. with a large and increasing patronage, and opera' ives or the tlrst class, steam and steam power and fixture*, horse and wagon, and everything pertain tt'g to a laundry, for the completing of work. Address A. It., care of V. 11, Palmer, advertising agency, Tribune .Buildings, New York. Handsome furnished house for sale.? a verv superior brit class four story and bas-'inent brick house < n East Sixteenth strfet, near Stuyveaant square, and finifhei' oil inside in the mrst eleg mt manner, with s.illd ma hogany blinds, speaking tuies, bells, hot, cold atul shower baths, beater, dumb waiter, wator-eloatts. range, bronze chan deliers in the parlor, with cut glass globes, brorne figures, Willi side lights lower hall tiled. Ao , Ac , and is In perfect or di r. The house i* furnished In a superior manner, and in cludes furniture of the most costlv description, and In excellent condition. > early ull the pnrehaie money may remum en bond and mortgage, and the title is unquestionable. First class rnilroid bonus will bo tcken In exchange. Possession can be at once For 'ards of admission to view the pro miscs and full particulars, apply to ALBERT H. N ICOLAY, No. 4 I 'road street. HOUSE NO. Ill NINTH STREET, BETWEEN BROAD wsy and Triversity place, in perfect repair, newly pa t.ted, for sale by 11ABIOI1T t PARISH, ?0 Beaver street IRON PLANING MACHINES, MADE BY NAY8MTTH. Manchest< r. England. w.ll be soM ve?y cheap It will plane 7 'eet 8 inches lour, 3 feet 3 inches wide, 3 feet 4 Indies h.?t. and haa oC'set piece." to plane 5 feet wide. Price 8380. R. HOE A 0t 'JO and 31 Ooi I street, N. Y. Rare chanci.? for sale, or fx hange for nerrhajKliae or property, a very profitable and well established business, stock and fixtures, with four years' lease, in the b< st part of Broadw ay. This is an opportunity seldom met w ith as the owner is about to leave the city. Address Business. Broadway Postotlice. SAI.F OF LAND.- 1 OFFER FOR SALE THE ESTATE of the !ale John Gooding, called Mulberry island. In Rich mond county, Virginia. It lies on the Kappahannock rtver. In the upper end of said county, near the wharves called Smith's and Carter s, and adjoins the land olfered by A. H. II. Ueroaru, by same t.atue. Il -ontains I US') a-rcs of land of ex cellent quality, and is capub e of division into several cou.e niert and good farms. There la on It a great abundance of cord wood and timber, of almost etrery varTe.y? almost enough to p.-.v the price asked for the land. The improvements eon alst of a small dwelling, au ly built a large ar.d convenient l arn, nearly completed. and severs! tenant's houses. Persons desirous to purchase are referred to Mr. Win. Carter, of Car ter's Wharf, where the steamers between Baltimore and Fredericksburg regularly stop. Mr. Carter \%iU show the land, and can furnish the means of visiting It to those who wish to view it. The price asked Is $10 per acre. The land is worih more, but I put it at flo to ensure a sale. Three thou sand dollars will be required In cash, or if desired by the pur chafer, a negotiable note, with approved endorsers, at four months, interest added. The credit payments will be m ule very accommodating. It not sold privately before that day, 1 shall otler the land tor sale at public auction, al the premises, on Tuesday, the "tb day of October next. Address me at Hague. Westmoreland, Va. RO. MAYO, Jr., Attorney In fact for Mrs. 8. W. Gooding. TO CLOTHIERS? A GOOD OPPORTUNITY.? A CLOTH ?ng and fixtures, with three years' lease, can be bought at a bargain; an old siax-d, in an adjoining city. Address Clothltr. Herald office. TO EXCHANGE? WESTERN LAND -J AND R AII.RO t D bonds, together wiih some cash, for a modern built house, above Eighth street and west of Second avenue. Address F. M.. Herald tiflloe. TO EXCHANGE ? HOUSES AND LOTS, IN THE MOST desirable location in Brooklyn. Will exchange, for a mo dern built bou?e in the ipper part of the city, west of Third avenue. A pply to K. H AN FORD. No. 6 Beekman streat. TO DRESSMAKERS ?A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKING es-ah'.lshrr.en: with a good run of custom, situated on Bi adw a v. for sale in consequence of the ow ner being about to leave the city Price $480, cash. Rent $3i'j per annum. Arply to 871 Broadway, seeond floor. TO PRINTERS.? F*R SAI.E, ONE OF HOE'S SUPER royal hand presses, with self inking apparatus, all com plete. wa ranted in perfect order. Alio, a Gordon s card ui I -*, piaaei. fxllt'i nil of which will be sold cheap lor cask. 10 be seen at POl. Ill-VL'S A CO S, Ci Cortlandt s'reet, up stairs. TO J< iB PRINTERS.? FOR SALtf CHEAP, THE PRINT .rig ofiice, ?2 Spruce street, well stocked, established an I favorably l j -ated. A better opportunity rarely otters for a prm'er of mhib little tr.?ai.s to euter into business. Apply on thu prtinis"* rpw<) HOI'SES AND I.OT FOR KAI.R ? FR'?NT HOU4E. A ttsu story and basement; rear lioitse, tw > siory. F'ir furll.< . particuiare inquire on the prendses, 121 East Bailie s'leei, Brooklyn. Tr-ArrR in Brooklyn, and no yellow fever. WW For sale with despatch, a three story ba?emei,i frame bouse No IKl Sehertnernoi n street, near Itond atreet, Brook yn. loose -Jj3i front and ba< k pU/va, lot 15x100.9. A well of tirsl i ale eprtng water, and cistern in the yard, with fruit irees, M?es, thrul'S, Ac. i 'anb? sold at agreu' bargain, as 'he owner .a !eanni: the ^ity. App!y to C. E. FROST, 41 Ful <vl Meet, L'rxklj n near the ferry. HOl ?KN. KOO.MS. MC., WANTED. T*HD WANTEP.-ANY rERSO* HAVING ONE . ;n -n or lenae. in .1 good locauon. will pleat-! addruM Rod v?i. Herald oil. e, fating term* unu partic liar*. Farm want^d-for whi-h wetl improved property .11 klyn and ffi:, ?nub .r< will be traded. Apply II. pera I!, ..Lu 1.01 by letter, to JACOB PKCARK, 163 Uniti ?tr <?<'_. />??< B*T MTO&B WAMTEO ? AKY P*MO? nATIXO \T aim' M gro. ? ry *>re fbr *? ?. willing to *e I *t * vii mi, 111. can be.ii nf *p .robaeerby ?d>lr??<iiiit H. B , Herald ? rti ?. B.? No notice lakeu ucleaa the locaiioo and price ** nOL'f E W x.NTF.I*-:* THE VI. 2KITT OP NKW YuRR city, and oot more than fhre rr..l?* dialant r.-arer would 1 e pre -T'-d). fin." iai:d la >?oUd w:th the bou?<- aullable tor culUTaiton and improvement The Mbncr l>er wl.I leiaae the p are fjr a :<m) of ycara, With the privueue of pur. Ii-ialng, or will ) rchaae Ike iam? on ea*y terma. Any me having a con vet lent Ikmm with ?*hl?, Ac., .u^ming. to dl*ronn of aa .1 >ve, mil ple**e i! 10 pwttolarl ai.d tuidroa tlctu) Marv b. Broadway r?*t ?Hi -e. HOvhk Waktud? ih a o?.on NEWimoRttoon, be!'-* thirtieth *ir?et aod we?t of Broadway. a note ?ild retard 10 .1. W i? , Nn iia Wishing' in atrtet, autlng price anl location I receive attention. nOl>K W AKTM)? 601TABLR FOR A JUMPBC TABLE l^ni'ly. by .m jaeic-ptlobabl* IdMttt, Vxa'-lon be: ' **r. i- !"???' ??r and Iwunty ai?th aires'*. and not in ire than hree block* hrondway, w?a* aide tr?ferre<:. modern Impro.e m. ut* hdi*MMtkl?. xu<:, ? ?? rent hod part-cuiara, r?? liMwwp. or *NTE0? TO HIRE A -M \\I. ?lOCHi: AND jriOKf. W ? ? if all 'e for u f?t * ^ttore, or wo. id bnj out a am ill ? ?? k of k -ode, it moat be unit ,,f Hmiw ay MdMMreon t'a ?al and Twemjr-elllh sired*. P ' aae addrcaa 0. M. t\, I u Ii* Derail >tt,e. st.v'rg !"???"'?. rent *1*. fir an TKD? AN K A TLY PllRNIfnElV- HOl'IIB. co* Tf iniiilm- ?n the moil'-n hapraTiTnt*. l< catton hekar-en Ml?e. k, r m 'I Twenty third ?tree*a; weal a;..e ( referred Ad d e??, w, h full t*rt:> i -ra, iar me weak, Ro,luey, Jr., He ra' l otll e WANTRD-A (IOOD MEED ItOfRB, CORTAIRIRO all the inixli-rn not r iteroen'a, for a fentee. bijar-'ins bou?e v?i h'alii r ill .11 ,'ourt?*--nlh atr*et, nor lower th*fi Hlee. k' r. A?l>e.? A. M. H . Herald ,'tl -e. 11' *?tlKll III ti ll tUHh-A 1IAN;>!?>MK IM.A' F. i?F ff 1it? 'o fn arre* no' inor". lh?n b?e to ten tu.|.-a r.iin ?he 11 v. M^hofa t,u .on ~'o?a. paylin ovar ?7 per cnl. in P?rt >*yin?.3t. Ad<lr?? K. K L., Herald Y\T A NTF 0 1MMFIM \TE1 Y? IN IIROOK !.TJ*~R" "Wi f. *T hum-burn. ? lao or Ur?e ??m y furronhad hoiiee mtt> fV a?d f n xiarn taprovemei u. reo! moiler i'e. for n *>jr| ?11, all lemily. A?Mre*t E. K. V , hot 171 HafmM offl.-e. VXTANTBil? IM M KDIATRLT. A PART OP a 5oF*R TT h?li' ? Ihirn fihnree'. inrar a ?tora prefVrreit 1 nr a ? mall cnilaf*. Vldrem, with full parucinara, V. I'. V). II ? rain ? IBee. Vt'AllTRn? TWO tuW PR1C?H i'ORRER I.OTd WlTH ?f in lire mni'iie* m.ilk I'lom fhe wi .-r ol Rrmlani and Heade >ire?t. Artdreae KEl.tY A FEH?il'f< ifl. 101 llrwliv.iy Ts I Rl> ? A KM A I I. ilMlVi;, ! N T 1 1 B 1) I1 1 'Fk"|'ThT of ihe i?tty, rent not MM ? ye.'.r. A ldr> M -'. Ii 1 , llerald n?, ??. WARCHRM, JEWELRY. ?C. 1'inaRT ai"? rnhuaKvm yert lqw -th* nr* ?I ?? ribei for he Art ei?hieeti yeara in la Wai r ??*?. la aellln? all rteacrlpOoaia of Una (old. ,tUn.nnd. and at J her kindael jewelry, at wbolanaJn and re'juL at '*? hen 'ha nunal pricen. adiea' bcamluil (old, eaaaeo ?' ?*?"? enrbnnria and roar1 a* e?rrtn?? plna aud braaeieta in hvxaa $3U M to ?|i*j gy e?,^ :*?llre' plna. *nld. oMaao, aanania rear: Mid rarbanrla ti M j> f3fl 000 eaek i-adice earrinn*. roM. cameo, soaair pearl, earhnn. le ke 12 M to 128 10 a pair ?t iM f uard 1 h*lna chaieiaica et^ina, fob -baina and reat rhaina M 00 to M on en* f .re (old wedding rin?a |i SO 'o (9 Oil e*?* I, allien fold bracelet# f,.. f! R 10 W0 M eaej Plaiii and -ha?ed *otd ring* 74 a< to i$ m fjentli-men * *eal ring*. B 00 to M) ft) eaefc ipal, pearl and other atoM rtng* >2 All 10 fJS i)0 e??'h Fine gold ihimhle* J2 SO 'o #1 JO <1 dd * 1: ard key*. ?ab key! and aeala ... .(1 Ml to H 00 eaafe Hold vena and panrUa %3 W o fl 5 (*l Aacl . J ild penrMa ?$ 1 (kl i ' (7 TO eack l^dlee' portmnnnate* . ...fl M o ft;, ? eanfc OaM *""?* and naeklaew .......... SI 'M <0 (!? anek 'l.i'd and <<one ?lee?e beitnra and atnda.:f3 00 *o fl* 1 A am lold apectaeiea ami eye glawww . ... tl^T.t to 910 ? i>iamond earring*, pin* "nger ring* .? ero**e? ft .*) to MOO iM If, d MWi^ta. aearf pina and silver fhimhle*. V la to f 14 S UF.OROR <V At. I KH, 'mporter Of wil-hea and jewelrr whnleaala and retail, No 11 Wat er?n eeeend floor, near Broadway, up *talr* To watch importer* t7 i.rYrrT. op th? (Irm of J. A ff. T. I.erHt, chronometer and watch man 11 faciurerato the I^ird* < Vimml*?lonerii of the Admlra'tT, l<on onn. nfTara hi* *er*tre* to th ?e gentlemen In the trad*, whe may wlA 10 enter Into arrangement* with hlw. for a niipnl* of their walehe* anal motementa. A* the period of hta *fay la limited, prompt *HMtUon to thla notice I* reepectfully *nllcite< Apply to If. T I^eTlti, Al B. A P. I.awrence'*, 7* lohn *t. J?A M. 7. I.erlU are nephew* and *oecc*eor* of Morrii T ibiae. SI Tendon, and *ole maoufaclurera of aT watefce* and chronometer* bearing mat nun*. COAL. SWRAirrW fN>An-THR ORI.AWARR, LAOTAWtN ? na ad Waatern Railroad ' ompany, M Wall *?reet. r... vr ?a??. ky tha *arr?. mmp, *teamk?HM. large e?g and .h. F SHIPFIHO, OR LI V I-.RP04JL. ? t VI TED STATES Mill SI SAW _ tijuip liUVBMtM, UwbK commander, will depart with the United .cuies ma. is for Burope, positively on Saturday, Sept. 13, at 12 o'clock M., from he. berth, at tlu> foot of ''anal turret For freight or pas* age, Uavliu' utieeaalled accommo dation for eh rai ce ami romfort, apply to EDWARD K. COL LINS, M W:i)l street 1' xnr ngers are requested U> h " on bourd a' 11 o'clock A. M. Ail letters must pass through the Poet oilice; any others* II be returned. The steamship At lai.tic. Capt. Kldridge, wiliiiccsed the Ericsson, and sail on Saturday, Kept ai. Notice.? I lie rate of frei -l,'. from Liverpool to New York I* redi.ced to lour pounds per tuu measurement, uuul further notke. riMIK NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATiJS 1 mail steamers. ? The slaps comprising tln4 llii? are.? The ATI, AN I K', Capt. Oliver Eldridge. The BALTIC, ('apt. Joseph Comstock. The AliRlATIC, Capt. James West. Tlitse ships having been built by contract expressly for the government service, every care has been taken in the con struction, aa alao in their engines. '.o insure streng'h and speed, and their accommodations for pasaengers are une qualled for elegance and comfort Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, Ir first cabin, 9130; in second do.. 975. Exclusive uae of extra size state roonia, 9,' '25. From Liverpool to New York, HO and 2U guinea* An experienced surgeon attached to each ship. No berths can be secured until pai 1 for. 1 ho ships of this line have im proved water tight bulkheads, and to avoid danger from ice will not cross the Banks north of 42 degrees, until alter the lat of August. PROPOSED DATES OP SAILING. riiOM MEW YOKK. FROM LtVCUFOOI.. Saturday Sept 13, ISM. Wednesday ? Sept. 17, 1'56. Saturday Sept. 37,1856. Wednesday Oct. 1, 1X5G. Saturday Oct. 1 1 , l*5t>. Wednesday Oc'. 15, ItVio. Saturday Oct. 26,1836. Wednesday. .. .Oct. 29,1836. Saturday Nov. ft, lt\',8. Wednesday Nov. 12, lc5?>. Saturday Nov. 22,1836. Wedteeday ? Nov. 2<>, iH.v>. Saturday Dec. 6, lK'xi. Wednesday Dec. 10, 1856 Saturday Dec. 20,1836. Wednesday . . . Dec. 24, 1850 Por i'r< ight or tass-ige apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, No. 5?> Wall street, N. Y. BROWN, SHIPLEY It CO., Liverpool. STKI'HRN REWARD Jfc CO.. 27 Austin Friars, London. B. O. WAINWRIGIIT * CO , Paris. The owners of these ships will not be acaounte.V.e for gold, siher. bullion, sjecie. Jewelry precious stones or metals, un less bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereoi expressed therein. ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIP PURSt A.? CONSin SEES are informed that the Persia will commence discharging on Saturday m iming, th<' tith last. All goods for which per mils arc sot received will be sent to the bonded warehouse. J erst y City, and be sub 'eet to storage. E. Cl'NARD, No. i Bowling Green. FOR LIVERPOOL? SAILS ON Saturday, SEPTEM ber 0, the celebrated pack) t ship CONSTANTINE, Capt. Macoduck. i he packet si. p PLYMOUTH ROCK, for London, sails to morrow. Fare in either ship second cabin, $18; steer age $lt> and found. Apply to THOMAS C. ROCHE, a3 South street. THE LIVERPOOL /ND philadelpjia steamship Coinpanv s spienrtid ai d powerful steam*hipe. riTV OF BALTIMORE ? 4IU tons, Capt Robert I eKek; CITY OF WASHINGTON, 2.3NI tone, Capt. Wm. Wvlis; CITY OF MANCHEBTLR, 2,100 tons. Cap:. P. C. Par.e; KANGAROO, 1/74 tri.s, Capt U. Swing, are intended ki sail rROH Ltrirroou City of Manchester lSih August. City of KalUmore 27th Aa^nst X tii.garco lWh September. rKOM PHILADELPHIA* Kangaroo Est Anrust City of Manchester 4th September Cfty of Baltimore lMh September. Kangaroo 2d October. sates or r ass Ar.?. Falcon. W0, 965 and 955, according to stateroom. A limited cumber of third class passengers will be taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool, and found In provisions. Prom Philadelphia 930 | From Liverpool 940 These steamers are constructed with improved water tight compartments, and ?ach vessel carries an experienced sur geon. Parties wishing to bring out the' r friends can obtatn eertlfl rates of passage ar.d drafts on Liverpool In sums of ?1 ster ling and up wards. Apply to JOHN O. I>ALF, agent, 17 Walnut St., Philadelphia, or SARKL A CORT 18, K7 Broadway, New York. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVBB-THE united States mail steamship PULTON, J. A. Wotton, Com manCer, will leave tor Davre, touching at Southampton to iasd the mails and ptaaencers. on Saturday. September 20, at lj o'clock, liom pier 37 North river, loot of Beach street. rales or passage. Flreteahln 9130 8econdrabtn fT5 This ship has *ve water tight compartments enclosing the engines, so that in the event of eollislon or stranding the water could not reach them; and the pumps betng free to work, the safety of the versel and passengers would be secured. Bag gage not wanted during the voyage ahould be sent on board toe day before sailing, marked below." No freight w ill be taken after Thursday 18tb. Forfrefghtor passage apiily to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, agent. 53 Broadway. N. IV? The steamer AR AGO will succeed the Fulton, and sail Oe lober 18. From new tore to havrb direct.? British North American Royal Mall Steam Packet fVjmpany. ETNA Captain Miller, KMKU Captain ffmafl, JURA Captain Wlckman, LEBANON Captain Cook. CAMRRIA (Paddle wheel) Captain Broadlese Passsge meney for first class passengers onlr, (for whom there Is excellent acrrmmodauon.) 9100, including provisions anl st ward's fee, but w ithout or liquors, which ean be oBlaiued on board- The ?u?tcrooms are unusually large and well ven'llated. Any "ne wishing intake passage Is Invited to visit the ship. The Imea made her last passage to Havre in eleven days and seventeen boors. Freight taken at rear eouabie rates. For that or passage apply to K. CUNARD, No. 4 Bow'ilng Green. FOR HAVRE, DIRECT ? FRANCO AMERICAN COM pany.? The French screw aieamship BARCKLONE 2 900 tons burthen. Lemarie, commander, will leave for the above port on Saturday, September *, at 2 o clock pre ciaely, from p mtr 3] North river. unt or ritiici. First eabln tlOO Second eabin 60 Per freight or passage apt>ly to the agenta, CM. A ED. POIRIKR A CO., 32 Broad street FOR BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON. ? THE UNITED Stitee trail steamship HERMA N V, E. F'lg^tns,, ommander, Win tall for Hremen, feu* hn.g at So uiiampton to land 'he metis and passengers for England and France, on Saturday, September 6, at 12 o c.oek M. ,lrom tier V?. 37 North river. Pnce of paseage from Mew Tcrk to 8outhampi? or Bre Bim ? In tiret rahte. main saloon 91M Tn first cabin, lower saloon 110 In second rtu An eiperionced surgeon is vtached to each steamer. Pp<-ele delivered In llav.-e or Uui.nm. No parcels received on the day of sailing. All leiters must rawi thrnitch the l'ott oltlce. Feriuassgeor fre'ght spply to l|. SA!fD, s?ent, 11 South Wo mm street The steaon-r WAgHINUlOM will succeed the Hermann, and sail October 4. STB All BtTWIW Ktw YORK AND OLASOOW. Eilmbarg, IMOtooa, W i . tlam t ' cmatnc, commaivi*r, Mew York, 2,MM)Uina. Robert Craig. tommuidrr; UImcov, 1.9H7 lona, Jfbn Ituaran, r"imnan<'.:r. Tba Olup * and New York Kieaniahip ? '< mpat.y !ntat<d running their n?w ani powerful ?tfuiiPta from Maw York for Glaagow dtr'-ct, u oudar ? KdtnYirc, Taaaday. R?i''eint,*r i, at 12 o'clock dgvb, Maw Tnk Tocaoar, sj?vteniber W, at It o'clock aooa. unsa oV riasAOB. Firat raMn 7*6 Tt-lrd cabin, found with cooked prnrMoaa M Ao ripen*BCed Mffaaa attached U> each aiearacr. Ft* or pa#?..c? appiy to TOIIM McSYMON, 17 Headway. ?Srw Yortt city blUa or gold only received for panaage FOR CAMBORNIA-NRW Y'ORK AMD 'AN FBAN ctaco Mearoahtp Lit.e, t1* Nicaragua. ShortMt route *y ;t? n> -a. Great reduction of rricp?. The aplendul ateamahip TKXAS. 1 nhi taoa burthen, will tail from pier So. ffnrtfc rim, ' ot of K irth Mow* alr-et, for San Juan ,?la .N irara<ua, on Wadacada) tj ti-mti-r M at 5 o'clock 1*. M , to connect wlihtha ataah'er Sierra Nevada, fiom fan Juan lei Sur, n the Plclfle, for San Fr*to|?-i. For freight or paiaai; to ?'H \III HS A. WHITNK.Y. No. J ll..wUn? Or??n. C'KKATI.Y RBOT'CKO ? HKfTKMIIKR 5 ? 1 I'nited Hialeeuiall line.? Hfty pound* if hatfgaga fr. ?, 10 rei.ta pt-r pouui ou ei< aaa to ur hour* brum Moan m ocejn. by Faaama Rmlroa A. Through for California rla I'a a Railroad. I be t'nlfd StaW-a Mall Steaiuahip I'omi mr wi J i!?-?pat4-lj '??r Aeplnwall on Friday, Sept. 6, at Jn'rloc* r. V prcrlaejT. fr< in pSr foot of Warren atrcet, North river. ib< ?nl known toid f.ial afamahip II. 1.1 NOIH, C. X. Ilocga, I ^ H "aaarngrra ami maila * ' 1 1 ^a forwarded hy Pa-.aiua Kallrord. and councct at I'an.una with the Parte.- Mai! St? >m -. i < otnpaay '? B.agini,r nt >''?n ?i (? .foil %' I, STRPIHCMH, h " i'ieraon. commander, which wi J he in reaomeaa aad leave ImmedbiiulT for fan Pranr ".co. the public are in'orrned that 'he fart ?? Mail Steamablp (Vittipaajr alw?>a har? on-- ?r tuure extra ateaniera lying it Ca-iama read j 'or aea, and avojJ ai f yoaiibla detrntloo ot paa-encara or ma'la. I or pa?aa<e apt ly *0 T. HT RAVMOMH. at th4 'H'T 'tf.'lof the onipanlea, 1., Uinl itreet. ecri er M Warr?n, New Turk. Freight to Aaptnwall <(> nuk par aubi? foot, ir 1 cer. ta per<l. rrroaul. \< d no freight WtU V? reaairad after 12 0 r !<?>?> on tfca nay of aniilyg. fTimRI) RTATRM MAIL RTKAMSWJF tT*K TOR nA C *atia and Maw ilrieai.a? On ?,r Crulir, Septembers, al2P M._ rot? plarf o,il uf Warren atre^t, Nnr:h rleer, the aai a. id' *< orita ateamawe I'HII.AllRI.PIItA, v apiam -'uhn Mc'lowan. will aail aa aome i'aaaage can be aer irad at ih" offir?? of ihe Una. rretgbl'. a K'W Ot Vana. SO eenta per anblc foo'. reeenKl Wedr,ee<'ay. Sept S. Shlppera wtll be anpplied ?i*h blank bllla c.f a<li-ig' r-n aijrnnl ' t ih? ilnt o?i ap pHaaUoa at iMr oMrt. > ? other fanna aigned and no bill ?( la l<n? wtll be r.R0e<1 afle.ratli? hour of aai ling, for freight or paipwcrapplj at th? o0<-e. So. 17" We?itatr?ei. Mrner nfw?r ren ?lrc^t. M. O. ROBKHTfl, Agent. t'OR MH'ARAOPA.-tHR ATK \MStttr 0*l.irOri?, r < ai)ialt> I'at'eiaon, wtll aall fc." San He Ni-ara^tia I < -a. rn<-?i!ay, A?n. 6, at J u clock P. M., froat t>ler X >. 40 N.jtth ilrar. aaTca or raaaar.B to a?5 .iiu* mi. ^iontc. t'irat rahin in I 1 1 1 rrtti cabin ft e'.rcrage ? r t freight or pn??4i!e at rly t?<'ltA8. A WHIT MKT, Ko. i Howling <lr**n. New York. FM'R 'IATARA ANTl Mnu:i,R -T^TR nWlTRD STATUS 1 a ' atean ftrp i^t'AKKH i'!1V R W Nhafe'dL eom wander mill aall for ah<ne ,-?orta r.n Monday Sept. *. fr*i p M If itb rlrnr, at II o'eloab, aor.e. prartaaly W i; aura n.?- p receiving freight r.n Monday, Sapiembarl Sir air er a bllla f Ming (an ba procured on biaH. and at oCe? i f the agetita. Mo oiber 'orm algned All hiilaof lac'ng nigned on h-*rd. for freight or raaaage arply'^MMlTU k PATR1I K 0) Wat atraet fH iR JTRW OR! KAMA, 8TOPPINO OFF H AYAJf A TO land the "nalle and t>aar?ng> ra ? tty (.fllrini adelee ? 1 Km will not mike the aliln .able to iiiiaraiiUne at Mew Or leana. steamaliip f'AH AWtlA. J. It. Bulloeh. eomman'ler, will rereltlng freight on Mori ln) , <Jent x and aall l r iba abof p?rt? on Friday. ??pt 12, at Uln'fWh A. M. LIVIMWTON, rTtOCHBHON k < 0., 12 Park place, Agenta. UCTTOR A rn. ? DTSTATfTt LINK FOR SAM FRAJ* O rlaeo -Sailing r?gu'arly and poatthrely m oe b*f >re the day adtertlaed. i "Ipprrnf Tneaday nett, 9lh ft-'ptem ier. The clipper ahip rlll'At'MTRtl. Frerman. rn.iatar, iaeorn plating her loadlcg at pier No. ? Faat rl?er, and will MUMy aail aa above A m Klorate .uantitv of light fr-ighi "an ba taken on immMla'a application to St'TT<IM A CO.. .Vt South airjet, roraer of Wall. It B ? Phlrperg will bear In mind 'hat 'he rewrtoof *hU fne take no freight after th?tr adverttaed day rOR BAVAMMAII.-Tlir. BCPRRIOR BUBWIIFFt. ateam?hlp KKY8TOMK PTATK I'anbtln H llardi#. carrying tba C nlted stalea mall, will aail frotn Phil?<lelt>M* for ^avannnh ' n -n' M rlav. a-pi 6, at III nVlnrk A. M i ?hin paaaage, whh rerj auju?rlor atatoroom ao-oinmodatkma. W>; ateerage, $S The K S. will aall again aa ahore on Vurday, Sept W The Stale of Ilrorgt* aaita for ' harP-aion Sa urd iy, Sept. 1J. HKRON A MARTIN Agent*, Philadelphia. North Wharvea^ Kor savannah, oro-thr spi.iMmn stkam ahlp AI.ABAMA, Oeorta R Schonok, commander, will freretTe fr' lght ihla day and aall to morrow, Raturday, 6Wi Inat., at 4 r'ewck P. M. For freight or paaaage apply to ?**?!< i- Brroinx, iflgSxiway . For norfoi.r txn RicHMONn tuT'i-n'm-kp statea Mall at?amahip .TAMFSTOWN, Omt. t'arrlah. will leare fhr the ahore plaeea on Saturday, mh inat., at 4 aVIock P M.. from pier II. North rtrer. Sla will arrive at Norfolk or Snnday afternoon, and at Rlehmaad on Mondar morning Paaaengera for the Month will proo^?d w ibent ile'.if by tbi '!r?ai Mall l.lne U? t harloatrn. A q ? ?0nth, i ? i j

Teller* will fmd Uila (he cheaneat. pl?n?ant ?t and n. dttlona rauta Paaaage and rare. IneluA a / ?'a?er^om to Nor folk |S: Petrraburg or Richmond, |lOj ?'ee,age half prlct. Apply to LUUIaA* k TLKASANT-, 32 p. o*X > *j. UHlPtTHC. MUSICAL AVD DANCING; E(\ NEW PIA KOFi iRTiiri, AT WHOLEftA LE rR;<'S3. u'1 Must be sold this wryk. N. B.? iverv iLi-rumec *?r run'ed. No. 100 Centre street. A GERMAN LADY, TEACHING FEBfCIJ GERM A*, and the piano, la desirous of forming an eDgageeaent to instruct Hie children of a family in tin' city or country. Address H. li. Teacher, raru of L sthinid!, 10 und ' .'dont gumr-TV street, Jeri-ey City. A LADY, A PROFESSOR OK ITALIAN, VOCAL AND J\. piano music. wishes an engagement in a private fatnuy or school in New York also to tc.ich the Italian and all kinds of French embroidery und needlework. Please address Music, for one *< ek, Broadway Pout ofllc e. AW. LADD A i'O.'H PIANOS ? A FINK ASSORTMENT ? now on baud. Partii g wlio have in rn heretofore disap pointed can now be supplied Pianos of our own tvl various other inak< -rs. fcole agent* for Carhart A Neeubam'sm lo deens, stools, cover#. A'-., Ac. Pianos and meiod.ons to real, J I'D HON ft MUNtlER, i'.tf Broadway. A COSTLY CARVED ROSEWOOD REVKN Ol TAVE pianoforte, beautifully linUhi-d in the lateatstyle, ha elegant round corners, with rich carv ins all round. rich aoel loped work and moulding; seven weeks in me, ami is in per fect order ; has a magnificent ftill tone, made by celebrated maker; unexpired warranty for two years; Ins all the modern itn| rovi incuts. Will be sold for S2A0 cash. If applied for .n three daya Apply at No. 90 West Eleventh street, near Fifth avenue, from 8 A. M. to 7 P. M. A LADY, PUPIL OK TllK MOST CE1.EHRATED VO cal and instrumental performers thai have visited the United States and possessing great natural abilities for in structlng others, will give lessons to laities iu English und Italian singinc, and the pianoforte, at her residence, -1H Wen Thirty tifth street. Pupils taken by the quarter or single lesson, with privilege of practice. Terms according to the times. A GERMAN LADY IS WILLING TO PLAY THE PIANO forte in tlie evening in a respectable fam.:y; also wishes to procure some pupils for 'Instruction in playing the pianoforte. Inquire from 3 to t5 o'clock P. M. a' 170 Houston street, baeemcnt, A SUPERIOR TONED PIANO CAN HR H V)? \T A bargain. Apply to JAMES VAN RIPER, 178 Wo>,ter street, near Bleecker. /"VBEMONA VIOLINS. ? A RARE OPPORTUNITY 15 AF \J forded to musical amateurs and proft ssois of solejting a violin fiom Mr. F. l'errin's collection of valuable o d italiin Instruments, by the most celebrated makers, viz.: t.uurn"r: w, Anm't, Bergon/.l, Guadagninl and o'liers. Ob viiw for sale, for a lew days only, at Mr. P. I'ERlil.VS, 19 East Twelfth street, from 1 to 9 P. M. For sale-a first rate piano, used but one year, as the owner is leaving for Europe. Apply at 32 Libeity street, up s'alis.or after business bo rs, at No. 0 Gar den street, Brooklyn. Madam augusta has the honor to inform hi r pupils in New York and Brooklyn, that alio will re open her dancing classes in September ucit !>u<j not>" will be given of the opening of her elegant and spacious academy. For particulars apply at 712 Broadway. New music.?' we have received tme laugh a ble serio-ootnlc son;:, "Po-ir Old Bob, published bv HORACE WATERS, ;i!3 Broadway, price 25 cents. The worthy old steed at last linds his virtues re orde i in song of a more plraslng measure than the "Bobtail N.ig.'' and of as popular, though similar character, as that enjoyed by his Il lustrious predecessor, "Old Dog Tray.'' Resident governess.? a lady, who has had nock OMriMM In teaching, w.ll be disengaged kbotit the middle ot this month. The advertiser has ueen highly fuceessful In advancing her ptipl's In music. < an give refer ence to some of the best families in New York. Address Teacher, New Brunswick, H. J., or S>7 Tenth st., N. Y , for a week. T GILBERT ft CO.'S RECENTLY IMPROVED PIANOS, ? Willi diagonal scale. ? A large ? nr I Blent, at the wire i rtibma 419 and 421 Broadway, corner of t'nnal street. New and second hand planoe to rent, and upon trial. If purchased, i the amount pakl as hire will be deducted from price of piano. TO ARTISTES AND AMATEURS.? FOR SALE, A C.E nmne Myers flute, of Hanover, probably the ouly one tor Mia In America; an instrument of rem.irk.ible power, p mty and sweetne?s. Ten keys, silver mounted; perfect order. Apply to J. B. COPPING ER, No. S Wall street. INSTRUCTION. Acabd.-the subscriber reopened his academy for instruction in penmanship and bookkeeping on Monday, September 1. OLIVER K. GOLDSMITH, No. 362 liroadway, corner of Franklin street. BOOKKEEFINO.? THOMAS JONES, AUDITOR AND referee accountant, glvts Instruction, ?s heretofore, la the duties of the desk, at 247 Broadway, corner of Murray street. Jones' Bookkeeping and Accountantship, Svo.. Jiti pages, tent free by mail. Price 93. It smbtxues twenty years' expei fence In teaching. BOOKKEEFINO, WRITING AND THE OTHER EB ? entials to success In mercantile li e, are taught by FOS TER A DlXON In an expeditious and superior manner, to the entire exclusion of the tin stem -ij and twelve !? ssou - lantry. Koon.s, S4G Broadway, Appleton s Building. (10LLKOE OF ST. FRANCIS XAVIFR, 39 WEST FIF J teenth street, Ix-iween Fifth snd Sixth avenues. The elapses wll be resumed in this instHnttonen Monday the 'st of September. MICHAEL HKiSCOL, President. CAH. COUDKRT'S LYCEUM, 9A ST. MIKE'S PL AO* ) New York. Kreju b, Kngliall Spanish, commercial and classical boarding and day school lor boys TSe ? iiisses will re oren on Monday, September I. Circulars an be etitained at the Lyceum, and at Mr. Frederic R. Coudert's oAee, 1J7 Broadway. FRANCIS B. MA WRICK. French hoarding awd day school, dibected by the i?ie professors of Mr. Pengnet, Messrs. LESPI NAESE ft f MITH, IS1 Maedongsl street, nnd InO Clinton plare. Classical, coiumeroial and mathematical studl- ?,ain :eruentary departnu lit, a gymnasium. Modern languages taught wiift Out extra chargea. Reopens on the 1st of September. INSTRUCTION.? A FRKNCII GENTLEMAN, ORADU ate of the Paris University, wishes a sltUiUlon as Professor of Latin and the French languages. In a private family, he would also give private lessons. First class references. Ad dress A. L., Herald office. MR. AND MADAME CRUCY'S FR;:.V< II AND ENG lish boarding and day school for )<aing ladies, Nox. snd 2n9 Henry street, BrooHjn, wtll reopen, a* ui'tal, oc he 4th ol September. MISS STEELE'S FRENCH AND ENGLISH DAY WD boarding schiHil for young ladles. No. i East Thirtieth street, between Kiftb and Madlaou avenues, will re opes on Monday, September ft. MISS F1T7.C.KRAMVS FREXfll AND BBQI.tBM school for young ladii ?*. No 172 Weal Twen y th.rd atrcet, between fleveuth and Klgb.U aveuaea, will reopen 01. Wedewiejr, h?|.i 3. ?j ir\y~ coctajtb frbnch and knousii hoard JU. inn: and lay irbool, for jeutig latllee, 27# Fifth avenue will be open on Wednvaday, heptciutar 10. Au It attached to the Institution. PRIVATE FRF.NC11 hoard and scoooi<.? oknAI mm wiahlng to learn to apeak French practically <wn?I theoretically. can apply to tho trench teacher, whjee family u well u himaalf art* from rarla, a! 3# Tenth -treet, be', ween Flrat and Second MNHA OFANIsM LAXaCAOl-rROFIMMII OORRWWIIL 0 open a class n?it week for who wmh to :?i*ru'Jie above language. Apply al 134 Migblh strict, adj0jkln? the Mercanilla Library. Troy FEMAT.R SEMINARY-YHB FA LI. BRBS10H 0? thle Inatitlltton w 1 1 1 ? 1 1 '' n on WeJacaday, Haptember IP, li rma, tii:> per >tnn <im for hoard anil tuition lb Ktigli<th hraacna*; moilern language*. ?*??. exlra; or (3A<> par aatuirn. VI7A payable In advance, and no charge* eiuras. In cm penurnce of fear* dieting that an epldmnle wh.nh prevailed in Troy In Junel aet may not have entirely paaw I away. It I* proper to ujr that no new ease of lie dlWM has appeared i? the city rnee abort the tlrat of July, and 'hat the months o" July ?iid A'l-uat have been more healthy tlan 'hictrmp <uj tngmontba f >r many vrais ,/ojU Tin r. A.nuaiS", lh!i?. TO FORHOMRR* -ROOKKEBFINO.-MR IMIt.BRAR ?t? Broadway. being eaebtted by an a ??,om|> .*hed rracii ral l.ookkcprr, who apeak* French and He: >i wllltanr-i fnrorner*, praeli.-ally, tn beep* >n tin ihle --iilr' . on IV m-?t approved American plan. A fea ?? ila nsty be tnaaget' ibladay at tml.v Sit>. WRlimKK. ~ 1 'N amki.i Ki'? roTTAtig fWRtom-KM t XT Bt ?aU made mint, at tM, flrat claaa in?r"!e top saMa, at J ft. at the mar.itfar'ory. IW4 Broadway Mow Bieeckar *treet floods mMj packed to to ont of (be city F ? now an toe secrets ev your |i?i ana l'rurw me. uw iwledee of which may save yon y<<er* of *orrow and ear* l'l failto eonanl' tba above named palm lit. Charge W la. The Olpesy baa alao on band a secret whiih w>li an I'BNITI RR.? PARTIES RRKAKIMI VP HOCSB keeping, and wiablnr to dtapoan of ihe Inrnitnrn, ear pt ta. mirror*, Ac. al a reaaor.abie pt let- for ("*?h, will km of a raah cnatoniar by add rai<in( J. I.. D., Rerald oCce, (or one w eek. TO FVRNITURF. DEAI.F.RS? A ORXTUCV All, RR 'luci d In bla < Irrumatancc* io lurx or piir*h*aa. and pay by tnaMmenta, aufllc't m m plain fnraitMN AM beMtng to fnrniah a pari nf a Imi. > lAgr a tuuilj of all par tcae Addreit. h. li. K., Herald < .... a. ^ iz? Vs MADAMS MAR REM ATMS RT'T X S15HET TXM1 J\ tlioaa wiahlna to cnaanlt h?r will do well toaall at>m. At Iwa atiidy mmmM wtih phren..iofy, wb rb enablea bar tt tell your cnaraeler and age. wtetker you are mnrriwd, Ifan^t your wlfa or hmbard, tell your present dpruinataneea and whether ron will ha wealthy If not marrlad. aha wiH ta you when and whom yon will marry, and aaiomabaa ail wkf vlalt her. Igi Weat Hroadway. 4 WORDER? TIIR OTPSKY GIRL. -IP TOl* WISH Tf know al! tba accreta of your paat and fnMira IWi, th? %MW|l * don'i ceata. . __ able any lady or gentleman lo win or obtain the allecn<?a 0 the opr"?lt? *e*. Charge e?tra. Ml llowrry, up (ta ra (tARD MADAME PREWBTER RETrBRS THAKKF J to her fHenda and patrona. and her* to nay that, after the thnoaanda. both In thla city and Philadelphia, who have coo ?nlt'd her with entire aatlafhctlon. ?he lea In <-.>nft?lent that In the 'ineattnita of adrotn?y, love and law maiiera. and tmoka or orarlea a* relied on conaiantlv by Vapol. on. aha liaa no e.)?al She will tell the name of the future huMiand. and alao the name of her vlaltara, S7S Bowery, between Fourth and Flflh atreeta. CI AIRVOYAMCTI.? MRS. SETMOITR, 1*0. 1M SPRIKO utret, a few donra weat of Hritadway, the moat ceiehrat* medical ind hnatneaa clairvoyant In Am-rlra. Alldlaaaaa* dla-overed an<l enred. If cirable, the fate and whereaitotrta v ab*cnt O-'enda made known . unerring advice on bualneaa. Aa and no charge unlraa aatladed. /M.AIRTOYAffrR.? MRS. H AT KM, 174 OR AND STRKET. \J Rrw ToHl, la the ronai celebrated medical and bmtnen clairvoyant In Amarlcn. All diaca<e? dla,'overert. and enre? made dallr. The fate and w hereabou'a of abaen friend* made known. Advice on bnalueaa, Ac. No charge <talo t tatlafartory r rumination* are gh en. Madame morrow claims to be tub most won darfnl aatrolorlat In the world or thtt hiut evrr been known, a* I am the aaventh daughter of the wenth daughter, who war alao a great aatrolo|1at. 1 have a natural gift Intel] the pate, preaent and future a rente of Ufa. I hat a aetonlalied (honaaBda during my travel* in Knrope. I will tell whether roil arc man ted or atngle. and how many time* you are to be married, and how anon; and will ahow yon the llkcnnaaof voiir future huaband, and will catiac yon ki ba *pci><fcly married and you will enjoy the greatest happtaes? of matrimonial Mlta and good leek through your whola life I will alao ahow the Hk<ne?* of ahaent filenda and relatione, and I will tell *o true all the rcneertia of Itfla, that rm? cannot help being MtoAlabed. Re charge If not aatMM. Call aoon, of you will not fat the chance (len'lemen are not admitted. B>> 76 Rroouie atreet. between 1 annon and Columbia atreeta. Madame liitrfflf ^am re corsci.trd ABort !ov?, marriage and abee?t frie.,d* *he telle all the eventa nf iftt. InterpreAa dre*n?a. eonaulta on law matter*, at lfll Ijiurena etreet, third atory. ro'>m II lailloa, 2ft <???>, t? gen tlcir. n, 90 etntfc Mtf eauae- *pe?ly marriage charge eura amuheuksts. IBLC'fl GARDEN. lHwra open at 7 ; M e?tc m?&' e v. f o ciock. 'I aeo F'-Rjttrti MIL BURTON i fc is the pleatare ?f announcing hit DkMtKII AND I VfT APTtAHANCI AT rftt* THEATtt, r?? NIGHT, FRIDAY SEPT. 8, 1K>.. Last appearance at thin theatre, when, bv general ilc. re, w il bu pri ?eut. <1 tin' pop i. 1 .r musical eomedy of sweethearts and wives. Pllty Lackaday Vr. Burton Ai'.Uiir.i) Franklin Mr. Marcus Suiith (Hon of (1m well known Hoi Smith of New <ir!' iu:?? hie nrst appearance here.) rles Franklin Mr. C. Fisher Kufcnia Mrs. A. Parker Laura .Vfi? Ho*?r4 And, for this particular oecaakm, TDK MUMMY Will be revived. ?ld MaudragW) Mr. Moore I Larry . Mr. Setchen < 'uii'Hin t 'ai tor. . Mr. Kalnford | I heophu Mr. Hata&aa l'ooy liump ? Mr. Burton Susan.. Mra. Holman | Fani y ? Mjsi Miller 'I 0' morrow, Stuurdav evening ? BENEFIT OK A.NTOINE RaVKL, when 1m will produce FuO R GREAT NOVELTIES, aid himself appear in six thuractere, C1EO. CfaHISTY * WOOD S T MIN4T.REL8, 444 Broadway, k<!lo* Or and afreet Kenry Wood Bus.r.en Manager Geo. Chriaiy b\,ge Maimer OriN E Y | H T ITtlilt. NEGRO MfT'STKELSY. Concludlrg tsecot.d weckl ?Hh the i: imic opera of BONEfcyUASH OIaVOLO. Bone Stjuash Geo. Cnrlaty Tickets, 2S ce:,tat to commence at 8 o'clock. ^JUINESE ROOMS, 539 BROADWAY, (LATE BUCK ' KM URN OF K. MORN FROM CALIFORNIA. (Tha unrivailtil Brudder Bones ) MOND Y. Sept. I. aiaaver) evening this week. E. lluR.N v, ill appear in -o?e^>thi* wonderl'ul Mia, -.v.ih WHITE'S SfcBKNAKtaRS, Ci roprlslt g a hop t of talented performer*. Door* open at 7 o clock Concert .* at ? o'c\->ck. Admi-.u B, centa A grand Mieriuxn concert on Saturday, M| t C, commencing at 3 o'clcck. GURNET S PALAOB or ART, M9 BH<'aI)WAY tCK taina the largest collection of photogrni La <".nd aagr.e* reotypek on exhibition lu the world, and Uiuwa)? open lor IM inspecton of the puble. Nltl.O'S GARI?EN. -SPECIAL NOTICE. BENEFIT OF ANTOINK RaV?L. Os Sattkkat Evbhinu, SkIT. t', when will lie produced the very popular- piece, cutii.ed THE TURKS FACED FRENCHMAN. ANTOINK RAVEL tu a apoakuig character, and during tho c\ <nicg in six haracters. The beautiful bain i of I. A FORTUNE, in which M ile Robert will appear for the first . me ..'.so, Mae. Muizetti. M'lie l.ina Wei. del and Paul UrClant, TIGHT ROPE EXERCISES BY YOL'NO I'ENuLER. Four cl' the best scones from THE GREEN MONSTER. Antolne Ravel ...a* the White Kb.ght Tickets 50 cents ar^ILACK'S THEATRR.-TO MANAGERS of tiiea Vt TRE8 ANI) 0H1EKS. >u act of Congress having been rrcently passed (or 'he pre lection of drutnalie author*, the folio* Ijig brarnaa, written oy Dion liourclcault. hut nut hitherto published, have been Uuljr copyrighteil. and publielied under ita provunoL*.? THE PlIANIOM, THE LIFE OK AN ACTRF,?8, T!< TOR AND HiiRTEN.SK, THE CHAMEIJCON. THE YOU NO ACTRESS, ANDY BLAKK, T1IE CAT CHANOED INTO A W<^MAN, FAl'KT AND MARGARET. The theatrical profession la respectful' 7 Informed that the pertorniaui e of anv of t!? se drainaa subjects ihe partiee con cemcd Ui a penalty of not ieaa than one hundred dollar! .or each performance. MISS ALBERTINE WILL ALWAYS CHEERFULLY l'AY for the original works of dramatic authors, but she thts publicly notifleaher Intention to perform throughout her Ea^t <rn, Weateni ami Southern tour her own version of 'The Young Actreaa," altured from Miss Davenport s Manager's Daughter;" "The Youu? Scamp,'' without changing the title into that of "Aiidy Blake;" "The lJfe of an Aotresa," a comhiration of "First Nldht'' and "Adrienne, the Actress, ' ?nh" Faiiat and Margaret, ' printed ycira?Ko, and "TbeVam Dire," winch she purposes acting under the tide of Th" MiaJoW, or "I he Pliant, m." and if unjustly persecuted in her poor endeavor to sustain a widowed u. otter and laii,'e (atrily, slut will confidently leave the result with a jury of her countrymen. BARNl'M S AMERICAN MUSEUM ? SUCCESS, SUC ceaa, i uccess ? The great and inere*suig thrones of delighted people who lailv and nightly t'stj.v m cheers of approbation to the surpaaalrg and brilliant talent ol' the new company, inspire the management with a grateful deter mination to omit no exertion to merit auch public favor. Friday, September 5, 1-?V\ in the Lecture Ro'im, wi,l be perfni med, afternoon, at 3 o'clock, the !aut(liable tarcc entitled A KISS IN THE DaRK. After which, a dance; f illo*e<t by the comical piece of THAT I'.I.KSShD BABY. Evening, at 7>a o'clock, the toueliir-if, thrilling and bea-ittfol c imedv of AIL THAI GLITTKRb IS MOT ?i<)LD-P!umb, Mr. C. W. Clarke; Marti. a Glbbs, Mlae Emily Mestayer; Toby. Mr. lladaway. Two living Anaconihts. a living Skeleton, two ..vtng sea Tlger?, ?c.. Ae., are all to he seen here yet without extra charge. Admittance to evcijtiing, 26 ccuta ? ch'Mren tinder ten, )2H c^nta. MR. BURTON will .ip ivl w l; .ippcar in two of l.ts beat aad moat comle cb t itctorr, toi l's IT, TO NIGUT. S1IAK8PKRE DRAMATIC tSSOt'IATION.? THR MBM bar* c.f ib'- above aaao utlnn ?i e berth) notified to attend rtlc.u-al, at lb'- Brooklyn Moicua, ttUa (Friday) eveniua. a fetlock prec'eely 'Jh? trlend* of the ii**><'lation .mil ihe pub he generally are in tiled to wltnoaa n roprcacn:?u.iu of* l>< re * great irately of IJTIItiXO. on Monday evenmtf r* *i Mb lii-it., at the Brooklyn Mnaeum. Uentiemen .-i^om pnulo* by ladle* admitted free, Per*on* wiahiiu: to join tbu imive aMO clatioii an apply, any Saturday eveuiaf, at the Library, ?( 80 Bioh'luay;, by letter. to A. K. MITCHILL, Manager. THF>PI*N DRAMATIC ASBOtlATION* -NOTICE. - Itvurj member in u?t lie prearat tbi* (Friday) ctenint,'. a' * o' clock, a: &*> Prince ?tre?i. ,tb" CMtum* warehonaa.) A lew fea'leavii will be reoalvad; outran c* fee, It; audonehuly, Tice. I.odita can apply personally, aa above, at 7 o'clock. TORANKMN MlflKlM. 127 ORAND NTRF.ET, TP P atair*. use door from Broadway. open tftrjr afternoon at S, anil evening alB, by Madame W*itou'a iroope <.f model arUam, 07 Ib number,) (ouipoaed of ?> inc of the uiieat formed women in 'be world. witli o'ber eutertaiuuirnta. Remeu.ber. u| alaira, I." tirand street. TIIR OENTLKM \N WHO WAS \NXTOI*H TO -KK 1!TS lr.enii will have an opiortutiitv ol m -eliug lun. to fiicl t, at MK. BURTON S BENEI iT. N'lBl.O'8 o> ltDKN-OKRMAN opkra. IV public iwf re*p*ctfully Informed that -te riRar hi.i kkmimation or Tin NEW GERMAN OI'KRA TROT ?R W U take place September W, ? >-!i6 V'iv -sI Pireclt.r t'AKk HFROMANN TVYMAN. TTiR VENTRILOQUIST \ND WIZARD It with hi* ineiiin ,*itble bottle at the Oceoi:, W iiuiusb r?, to uigl t. C1RYKTAL PALACE ? / GRAM) NATIONAL CONCERT and MONSTER MI MICAL >U RILES. Three Rtaditil Inautimrntal Performer*. Tiuwiur Kvutao, Sin, 11, ..%o. Particular* In futiirn adi ortiaemont ?MTTMaM, THE WIZARD AND I'RNi'RILOQtrTHT, tt wulmako a man <liani>i <-nr at tbo Odtou, Williati.* butg, to night. 4 I BANT THEATRE ?WANTED, A <?0 D DA* *TN(J j\ % r!; one wlio tila>? il?.> preferred. Apply 'o I.OEKK A lit .NilKKS'iJH, llwa|IH. BP KLKY'fl fERKNAPER K OLD ilAl.L, KW P. ROAD *nv. to In. A(|>.y 'o J AS. lil'kLKY A t'ONS. IS. Lauieiu a'rafh IfoR RNOMND, IIO- ANY PERSON PK- IROCS Of r intilm Kuwyi wf, If po??. <wd of modorate cmiIUI, m'-et with n nnil rn ? HireMmeni, for both Erano? aaalng land, by addnwalnif Kentucky, Herald dBre TirrATflirAi. noti<*e. Naiional ciR'n** asd TbeaU-e. I bllM'! 'pr a. l?illea aad gent:, men. ol aa knowlrdged ability, can ol> ain MtuaUona, foi tb? r?il at.d ? l< r ie ?..n. oemmeneing on or about tl?o lat November n??t. by apply Im to J. B. AuDlB, fltaga HiMgv. at Pm f'f '? iw.1 ?icr?. B roadway, a Mamp ? c< rui aujinc. ut .i.? a ret <y. REWARD!, O- RT WAR P.? tO?T, ON MONDAY, SEPT. 1, A ?A<5fi t 'l'k. with ill" name* on wr, L Walter* w,'h n. i'.Iim*" o? r, Park i Lao*. Tbe Under will ploaeo CAL' ai.d >a>e It HUllW fli eet. bkw *nn.-i.osr, rv i dminu from ntf. \m CO ki*l I i i.i Tueeday it lichi hrlnd>- bull terr erdog. wHh ea?? rr>^)pe,I. wH(M ??><? it .. .to an ?! ir?meri 'o >b>' name <,f IIimiiic Wiio?*.>r will return *Md dog lo William I'arlawd, No. .Iii Bayard ?:r?' t, will ree> Ito the aliore reward and tbo thank ? 'f lb- owner. ?tm RFWARD -LOST. ABOt'T THE 1ST AtOI'HT i laat. a drafl for tl ???>, dated April 2A. ls.\6, nrawn I y ?farger. Sarx* id 4 t'o., of Ut. I^mla. upon and a^ooptad l>t llob<T??'br>??io, Jr . of Now Tork. with a protoat anneied he aboto reward WIN he pnid >n return of th? tlraf! lo SAND K)B'> A STRIKER, 41 Liberty droot. New York. (frQ- REWARD.? LOOT, HETWREN THE A*TOR f^t) and Mnaabm Houn* 9T Chamber* <trwat, a diair. ??<: t nr The abo*e rt waid will be paid for Its refiru at No. W t hamhera wreot. A -A R*W*RD HILL HE PAID FOR THE FOlIOW ' tn? moooy and paper, cat f ept 2. 1~*>. n going frt m the lilrard lloaa." In lh? Eight b arftiue eara. Tit. hro?'$l'?) btl!? and tbreo fiiea of th? Metr'flttan Bank of tfcia cttf, oo? Bote of ban I of and two of ftrti aa h, da"d an ! dr i?n in fUlnota, and ma.le payable in aame Wate r?e?ipta and pa pera of ralne. The t-ewar-t will bo paid to nny p? t - ,n leaving MM at JameaT. Stonea'l a, 133 > till on atraet, i tit d' <T to ITera '4 o#ee. (?>inn RRWARD -OKi>R?:K T. RICHARDS, W"0 J*1UU ha* he.-n engag'tl In mining at Lovea Bar, near Jamralown. Tuolomno county. Cat fornla foraboutf ?e yoara P?w dlaappearod from that vicinity ?nddenly on or about .la nnarj I ?*<"?. Rinse whi< h ilmo no trace of him hat been fotuM. Foara aro ontortainod that he waa mi-rdoml. f?no huntlrod dollar* will bo pal I for aueh information aa .vlll lead lo th? 'liacorery of Ida ttreaonl whor'-abo.iu. If alive; or for aa ll.factoi ytToot of hla death, by furnl?hing the ?ame to Me ?r*. Willinm T. (Vloman A to, of Son Fan-'lttt o, or Rteharda A I leory, of 21 Plan *tr<-ol, New York. I'altforri* paper* will ploo ?e c< py ? (Win ?n*4Rn.-*rm,K?, on whdnksday !??)." nK'ld, Ilia VI lltalaot, at tho Acad' tn? o. MtiatC. a rcipper htwttltig l aromeior wate'o !?o 00 J Pfoijo^y, maker. Iiokokon. 1 he above reward will bo ttatd for the leteotinvi of the an; poaed Uilef. or olao, by applymg at ib? Aoa emy of Muaic, to flam Som-Heny. YRWD MALT WHISKKT -? rCNCHEONS OF POWW * 1 Son-* aapotior Dnblln wblakey, now landing and fbr ?ale, from tho Vr.Itod State* bonde^ Iwartmwa hy the tola 'Mpor tar*. M. H. A D. CAJIMMaN. No. I Beaver MM HOTEL*. BfrKLAND * NEW DA YEN HOCBE, 414 BROADWAY, (,vor lb' railroad depot, having been or lelgwd and th? r tig' |y refit m hdiod. under the feraonal ?uporvtalon of the an b rr'l , I* new open for the reooptkai uf gtieota. Suit* at ti ir'n ect* 'or pervaaeni hoarder*. "RORUI SVCKla4ND, B AMVHRMEilTf. HO I'd HAM'S BUWhhV THEATRE. rmcu or tDmaeio*. Circle and Grcle ?ti .1 Seat* MMaUb Him a -> cent* I Pit and Gallery. . . .IWtlMi r. ivate Bo?e* Five doliarf. Alteration of time Door* open *17 . to oiniu-n :e H 7X 1 riuay Sept. S. Sheridan's g. eat play of , I'lZARKO. Rt'.I*, leader of the Peruvtai.* ? ..Mr. J. E M^cdMAUfll (lli? s- appear i me la Now Y*rk ) PirsrrO ibis second no pee rai ??? hi* re) Mr. Conrad ' Arks El* Ira . Mm. Hleld | O'jra. Mias K . Reigtwidi To be followed by __ . A GRAND r.n ERlI&REMENT. Arranged bj Mr 8. Yutea, _ ir Which Miles. Em :hto aim Annie Henrarde, Mr T?t??, M'sa Saiii>- rartii.glou, Miss t-a! 'Uir and a complete CO rp* lit ballet wilt appear. To conclude w ith the ever popu'ar Farce of I 1! I'. J Ol.i. Y COBBLER. XTTALhACK U TI1KA1 RK Vf hi MM FK HARDER. 1 Al KWKIX. Last night of ibe en agem*ol of MLhd AU.NtS KOUERTSON aid MR DION UOl'RiiieAULT, MIM) THE FIFTY SKOOND NIGHT cf their tumnlicM triumph Friday, .Sept. &, ISM, the celebrated Triah drama, AVlll lli.AK E. Ar.dy Mi** AgcM Rob?r'.30? l'o conclude vvltli the brilJaiit afterpiece of THE YOUNG ACTRESS, In which Mias Robe i Uou four characters, with d&ac# ?.l<1 gnrg. I'ertoruiancn begiui1 at 7 i* ? tud lei mlnat^M at 10)^ o'clock, Broadway TARIRTIKr, broadway, abotb Grand atnet. The original Wood A Marsh JuvenllM Comedians will return from tnelr moat aaocesaful WotttOT tour and re i pen the* popular little place of ?niMnmeBt rtl out "?ept. If, when they v. ul | .-rial ire a succession m M?V> ue* winch tjuwot Uil to i ej, .? '-heir paiiona. lii.NKV wool), Hu*ice*e Manager. ACADKMV OF Ml'- 10, 1 ourtceutp aire t. On Kuidav f'. iT* vnm 5, Beiiisl's favorite Opera It three acta, of I A MINN iMIllLA. M me ANNA t>K l.i im.Mii Madame Mf DEN U' KG. svuor bltlUNOI.T, Hlgcor COLETTI, in tit principal role*. PLreetor and Conductor, ADMISSION ONE DOLLAR. Secured seat*, extra ftfty cents 8tcor.ii tier Fifty eente Air t l i'.he.itre Twenty five eenla Poor" open at 7,'i o'clock; cominer.cing at 8. Box I'ttiees at tint A rail, in* of Music and at Messrs H&D Hon s, 239 Broadway; open aail , from it A. M., ;oi P. M. \ TIJENjECM, 654 BROAPW.VY. BELOW U?ND RTRRFT. j\ Tbia evening, atnl every evening during the week, Mil Wednesday and Saturday af ernoona vxnxkwi Kii iiijc'CIik or run LITTLE Jl'VKNIl.K I'KKFORMERa in the magniliceiit representalooa of the VVKK.s 111 OF HOSES, ar.d .he .m mortal Shakrpere'a SEN K.N AtiES OF MAX, Accompanied by the Kecltation. F ist Vision The Infant _ on.i Vision The Schoolboy Third ViMon The Lover fourth Vision The Soldier Kittn V'.sicn TbeJoatic? Sixth Vision The Old Mux Seventh Vision The Last Scene of Lift The Homage to Fhaksperc bv -4 eharaciera liK A NI) I'ONt KK I b.. I>'S I IMiUISllEI) ARTleTS. T>.\N< I.NQ. by feUte Tsgllorl %nd the Infant Sister*. Tickets a cent*. For part'culars *ee tmall bills. "VITAI-LACK'S THEATRE. II SI' MM Kit GARDEN. Mr. STUART havtr.,, most generousiv tendered to MK. T. It. .lUHNSTON ft V.'.RF.WKl.I, ltEN FF IT. I e begs mo*t respecJ i'ly lo an no that it will come olt on HAVI'RIiaY, SEPT 6. belnp his last spiiearitnce in this city previous to fc.s depar ture for the South, on which oeeasiou MISS aGNI S ROBERTSON, and M It. DION BOURC1CAULT Have tendered their br '.llaut service*. Three brilliant pieces, In which Mr, JOHNSTON will aJM appt ar. Academy or Mrsro. STAR COMPANY, under the direction of Mr. llAi KKTT 1>ST HKiHT or KINO HPNKY IY.. conipi i*iiic the Battle of Fhrewsbur and Death of Hotspur. SAII'RDaY', SEPT 6. Falsteff. Mr. Hackett Ho'spur Mr. J. W. Wallack, Jr. I'rince of Wales Mr. Oeo. Jordan King Henry Mr. 11. Farren Frarieir Mr. Geo. Holland lady I'ercy Misa Kate Saxon Itcsies* Mm S'j*an Pyna ApmssioM ? lines and Par<mctte 80 oenta Seem ed seat* 25 cento extra Private boxe*, iprowetilum). . M Private nnxe*, balcouy according to capacity. Amphitheatre 2S cents Seat* may be secured at the Academy, or at Hall A Son ?. 1 lie out! c arc eautlon< d aga.nat swai ious tickets, an t r# quested not to purchase of speculator* fcefore the doer*. Doors open at 7: performance* comacueo at 7 >s. BK'El.EY'S SFRV.NADRRH? *KW HALL, Sb5 naOAD way. onpot'te Mlblo ? Uardnn. 'I he largest Ethiopian -emplf in 'he weeW. G I eat Slice, ss Twenty thousand people unable to gal* Xil tr.irsi' 0 las: week to wttue** the pert' tuiaacee *f U? mimlt at le sons ot Mourns *vaK- tticHivnissm. GEORtiK AND B^Hor BUfKLKT in new (ones, and the c*le'<r?tcd bur es ic opera of Titov A *iKE. Corrert commences at H o'clock Admtss on ij ceuu 1 1 inbevtrs seals 10 cent* AC U'KMY OF Ml Sli -TDK MEMBERS OF THE DR \ rni.tie company will auctd rcheaesal at 1.', P. M , .lis day (Friday). MPTRAKOSCJI'i GRAND CONCERT COMPANY ? ? *1 he niPdie arr respectliilly lutoimed that MAD LLE TERESA PA ROD I, r.s?!stcd by PAI L JPUEN. tl.e eminent Ylo'hilM, and great artist*. I'nd i the -llrec ion of M STRAKO^'- II, give her t:.-,-t GRAND CONOKRT in N<-w York about the ivh of Smtetoher. M,,d'lie Teresn Pnrntll win give a grand Coreert, tn PhilAe il"'pl a. on Monday c/emeg -?pt at the MuaicaJ F io4 IlalL "? or t articular* *ee ttttsrr ud> ertl? emeiite. ATHKK.RCX. 6Jt P.ROADWAY, BCIOW BON? ?r*et.? TMa i-nsnli g ami gxrry evening dnr ng .b< ??<?*, .ir'l Wednesday mi l Mttotdaf alWnonna, I!E At' TIFl'L Jl V'^II.K r> RH1RMARCE8, (?rami Con ri, Dancing Ac. Ticket*, JSccnls. For particulate *ei small blUa. TITYMAH. TIIK WIZARD A M> VKXTRH.OQCIST. WITT! ? T t.* spirit mnplBg drum, at the Oieoo, WUlinmalurg, Mfbt. Mr. mark smi"H-thk urkat fatoritr, amd fOpuiuMwJlH or tue Souili makes h>a irw ??p?ar a> e o Eight, for MR. RCRTOKo hKfKtJT; DO>ALDORF oai.lihy <<?: mroahway. Tfcr be?t iHillae ion ??! ramnn** oo thia cue i tii Op*? i rom ? o uhw k *. M i II loo clock P. N. Ai!oii* ift i cnla, ifn on Uckcla 60 crnta. ( CHINESE ROOMS, (1>%TR lirt'KT.RY'ri 1 ? 8 ITCRH \Y (?selling. Hepti iiilx i il, I" n<*tlt of K HORN, mul i>o?,:i*e !y fcla lAft appearance in w|ii< li orcaeiou ho will appear a ill*' firm in it. In i vo nc i* anil al?o appear ?* lbs I'AufUK M A < lllNk K WAi'll MAN an* lag at.'hlaai^aotg. Mr:. L M. UOTTWIULk Witt RRfll'MS UIR c in *<? of Instrtctio' . on ib plan of iho toil *??a?n, cetn Bieoeing on I he 1Kb of Hupu nib>-r .mil fln!?liin? on ike lib of October. Ti rma f?r it.*- cc.nrnr i-t twelvs lassoes, cm hour en i V or liaif an b< ?r ? iu h ?KJ. Apply at DE'tCOMBk S, >'??. Tt4? l'roail* *)'. \TATIOXAl. T1IKATHR PIIILADK PHIA-' ROWDKO ll lortcrn In *itn<?? !e/ |.*r i-'.re'* tprni'wwwm* llf kin ?o m K IturtM frnat t>i ?1 parfbrtnaaoaof va a I t.m. Boar MOHlRBld a lopa; u IVltr Vioia a Kra. in W?r I ? ?? Hi i l.*i Mowa'*?r!?b ?'< >i *? il rriM ?? Bed work of 1. 1KB A MONO TMF. I.oWi.V. II ? . > . of thl- cranl rrodu- oa i* v. HhO'.i | ie<-??!ent In Ih ..i * ? Ol piblx am ra'ni o I'! .n!e | h ;i. Iltntinln .ire tu Md away nlgn'ty, ar J ib# bu ;ie m 1 1 ed wUh tl.e b? a ' ) alio I aium ol the city. SIRDICUi. C KRT MR rtJRK.? DR. II. i . .1 r I:A* DlrtOOYEHt.D 1 * *egriabl? roirp ?> ind. ahleli eurea < "Ida, oaufba B?"? ma, hmnchMfc anil eonaui-i, lam (let* is no lue^c M a equal I; in it? aaioujha. iur^ " -tlkr 3U3 Bowery. S. Y. DR WATSORI >?f,W w. kk-"TRK CAl'AR AND t'ure ? complete pr ^.t?i leeaUae on uperraaMrrhn-a and ir-oiatiiie eshaimnoo. wi.h <?al dC>IIK*, lo'li.ced b y raily imWrttlon, e?r^^? or mi,, i raiiaea. lo which the raiur? and flletia at thu MiJIou* m-'?iv IQfMMr ?rrh it.r MgA ?t en. arrfnilr r>p1al'..<.l. Hn.a.r?>-<l by i.'imeron* an**?me*l r' lira an>t ilrawlnca, with a ? .pn.oment oa g-nit/i iirlury A uraar*. Prlrr fl To le ha.) i>( I he a ithnr. 'hi Bay h| oemuitrit rooiidenuallj, m ftft ? ? kr? avr*?'. * few 4<*ra wmt vl Kr?a<lw?y. Dr. raltd h o?fu-k aocf^-4 to u a. m , ? t? ? P. M., Riioday ?<crpv?4 fa U] Ronatoo atraav, atoc Wooater. nR. ( OOPFR 14 Dl ART, t?TRRtT MAT ?F CO* anl'ed pHTalely on JN ?? a I be vicilina of mi.r .arrd ?HMtin ran call on hire wl'h <lir eertAimy of heina radically i urod. l hargea modi rate. N. H. ? Mo for tUI cnirM. DR. l.ARMORT^ PAR IU AKI? I.ORDOW MKDI?'AI. Ailvtarr ami ^KTaR.- Uiltd* Mh odlllon. tOOpafes, wo ?!rcuv>npr<1 illae'r*li..n?, ek.'h f! It glrra lh? rfnMld remrdlea. and ehnwa thi ?nperi-.rliy of the amhor'n hdi and I.ondcn trrairtent o. grnl' rrinary dlaraara, oemta* do tilluy. loeal a?>l grnrral miB?ti?H". I'idlarreUon. Ae. Ho enrra all ?\n b dtaraona at 5J Mereer airoel. n roer of "prion, rj'pratte W. RleboUa tliarl flroiB I ') A. M vlll ? M lb# (raaiag. rreatmeTit b? lol "t !\nd etprra? Wr rer'immrnd Dr. l,or ^ll?n, to thr nfllltt-d ? (WW <l?? Rtala l ate, Maatr *?.i ,ng. N'O FKR TIM. riTRRP -DR rCRBKTT, I* DC AMR ?trrrt ir?T e '?onanlird ? ith rotilHenrr. na Brtrate itls ra?e? The rirtline rf <]m .kery eon call on Dr. C. wtth I bo crrtalrtr of betnv tmliraii* rnrrd N. H ? Pob his diploaia fr. *>, (W> ?w York l i..rt rally, i nedicai coitaco) MRM la hta ofllce. PRIT ATI CONTI-TATION -DR. WATROM |A? for a lot * aorlra of .? ait .oniiBed hi* aMaation to dto aaata of a etru'r eaa in * ???'?ii he haa treatad oo? i?aa ?kaa mentT Mil "Hhntu ?' I.ataorr ,.f fai >ir#. rr.i .1 if r m'i aif! "i.-r ? no inMrmptlon to k nalllMBiaM cl <ui(t' ifillri. I'r \V "a.?i ta m t 'na'aat aitwiiWaaa, fkaw iB In the Diomlnr m I 9 a' iiurh'. ?? hi* rnaanRing ronm* aad , ? . if, Wi n ?! Il aololHr^H^ V .w It tWfM t. the t?>k yrm iai, ffoTic-R to ink iiAD iwZirorJ^^^^H > n : I n - ?n !?r..vt?"T New York wtaboal ?o ni*f*r**ad that ha i* a r*?nlarlr a ?rai!?a?e of ilita ell;, ant'.or of Hi a ar- "t. frmalo c nplA.nla art! haa . \?*r>.r? of nr a* illoeaara, ti.erm i IrrrgnlaflUaaHI^^^^^^^^^H n mi tr.l by BiMltBaf or aartlc^l MM than eiaht hundred peranna hara Hi tarr an<1 ran he rafkrred to ai anUralf enrod. OlaiaMall room* and aieollant nurse* prortdod, aturtna IRmm. M |al i ( . n?, rlUier In prraoo or by aMRl. Mriatlr' runfldetiual. OfBee lynr*. 9 A. jT^te ? P| M. ' ^ | |^ OtRR tTRR.-DR WARD'* C MTOftTC R ATM FRIKMD O the viovt certain cnr? la 'ho world for sodala -l'? an-*_ row med heforo all other rstaodiea far thoaa dloeaawiirar! rante.1 wltknat men-tiry, and raqnlraa no dtaUnc for tha eara. It I* well known aa tfc* naly i *saady thai ek-ars *? ilhwaae frrtnihr hlood and aerare* aaalaat Meondarf attacka la all 'he ?or*teas*athar* laaafllaar ?ur? thaa thla. Toa wi3 (ltd ftito ont hy dear erpaiWiBOBjf yon Irr other f-mmMtWL *li#ht raaea curo.1 h? one day. Dr. fvi him*elf haa ha3 more etrertciM* Bad mads mfw* enraa ttta aay othar phy*t rian in New York A perfect cure warm* tad. I nfortunam a rr**,n, wCMRinmv ?????< Bm4w?f*