Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 6, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 6, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7312. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETKRY DAV. TO THE. PUULIO.^ . ? The goner*! adulteration ol distilled aud fermented iiquoi ?. and the excessive use of the impure an. I deleterious tlulds urns produced. Imve unquestionably generated a iff ter amount ol demoralization, misery and aisaase than any otner known c&ime. It would be well If the immediate and uec ?sary result of us'ttg. either us a beverage or a medicine. the pern: uoua compounds c ommonly sold as genuine brandiea glua, w- lines Vkc , we i e bet er understood. Two thirds ol' tin* druuk? -no '.'as which di*grac society U attributable t*> the nature ot ?,??? atiuitbuida put chased lrom unscrupulous dealer?. Ad .i Iterated liquor here's ho ins/. liable and depraved ihirst for ale >toh,*e iiiUtksin ? very human being wha imb.bes it. it ia in U' ti t <i to do ?o by r. ?-<? who Mil it. I hoy protii doubly ny the wi.-I. ed ocecpiiou? tir^t . by of ainlng a ioo v price for a czvesn au-l unwuol'-aoinc article, and secoo oy lirougu the lar^e de unuu for it, which in Uur*. creatiiw property in ?l?*ee* l#r re, wholes ame liquor, on the odior hand possesses ahj4ti<v .;,.? qualit; a v-h mod-ram ijuanUty euiUc-*. It aootl e -Y;, ? hvfciem. indeed of e 1 mgthat tierce aud liery ei\.v In* tordtftusl vent unu>ants, wb re n-wed applications t ?ho ' ottJe c'i ?} ipoeaae. And fc -re it may be quoted, as lb opinion or manv eminent cheui.^* ant p.iv*lc.a*i> . tint th rapid grow*;* of "inebriety in U?? ' ni'ed ? tates ha-. been main! earned ? ? v Uc general system of .'td'tUetaUo 11 pr.ieU?e?i of la e vc a l? ? ! ? 1 Kurope and In this oountry Id Uh? y l.i ?fan<. ii. orrn. lie , wines a<? . imported iu*o the t* ntted St ate- h . be 11 tampered *vi?h ?hr ? i?t ? Iti many c ?s ? t they are re dot ored In r 4 ? <nd tney reoeivc the linlsAing touch front I !??? totuat !? ' *?!? r '1 41 pi r ent UIki price of rHinlv and ( the* lint' >ra In F'! u - rop- in. en ? new and pow?ifuf inipe- is to th" business *dV? *et >? **n n. that it h now inon* diiflcult thin it evor ^va4 bt tois* to procure tltHhi* aitielcs genitlue. -A 1 ;?- * lei'ectti'g upon these ia? authenticated as they are by i 1 ? ? i ? i furr i?l thouHajj?J.> f wjji be obvious to all. tint .. b< ww ? {?? poneeittf In valuihlf! luedh inai properties, a^d eudnreeo a n<i >?u irantec<t a poF?r< i -? thc.*c as by the lieals of the me ?l r *l 1 r.i ciid'y, by distinguished cheinlsta. and by au in jeltigent presH, must ()?? an artiefe of prune necssity, ant onptti to in univerul demand. Kvory condition iiulin iv . the above d?*f rhnion of what the public reje.ue is ful^iled an eo?is ui. n&ated 111 Wolfc'a hclnndam scvnap))S. This "read and positive aa^rriion is h* .urii -.a:,, , for its ti irh is > ust Unea by a mass of evidence w hit . 1 d ? 1 1 ribtiD In the ? oriel won 1 k nounce ooneiusive in ?. ease of life and flea h. and upon which uo jury could tun to ve un atllguative verdict alter ?ive minutes' de M jrt.tKtui. * l.e 'r.'bunsl apo'Mlod to in this pamphlet is pub j la < piii.oti, ?!ie whole e-omm unity are the jurors, and it t.- only 1 tha' '**ey read the teatlinonv which will be lound op i ? ud* I o th.* addr. s hi, . rmder their verdict accordiu^ly. It .s true thai trie quotations Riven arc but a mere ep?fome oi* the volum*- > oi proof 111 the p?M i< .- .on of the subscriber, nut liieyex* 01 ?? chaiacter u? carry convhd on to every c uidi t nnr'd ;?mu .t a perusal of th< i.i uocs not annihilate every donnt, tliou.- uids of letters from medical ;>ractiUnners are open to the II -pi ? t 1 o; ? keptieii, at the eata.;iNhiueut of the. subsc rijer, 1TJK CBver ?;:*< el ti wtl t?e i on by numerous extracts from the medical c ?r rettpoij ruce referred to, that thfc want ot a pure rel : 1 baa a ion" .mil decpiy felt, by tin protesMion in this co in tiy. 1 n tno e than t ao thousand c.ommuidcatious from phy ha .a n * <a iv< h> the ftubrntriber, scarcely half a do/ m omd to set i la n emphatic 'erins. the i lportance of such an ar t c;e ana rnulant and luirei- m d incases of the kidneys : ? I the b addet and whhthlh testmuony in 1 i or of ? oure ?in" is couple 1 tin aduiis>.(??? that, previous to the intro luc'.loa of th ? ? sennapp* ii has not pren ohiatiiabie 111 ?n liulte i Mates. llen? p'ujkK.i .Ai?s have oevn cotnped d 10 tuostitute for it v.i rlouH piep?ta*i,ms of juniper In which they thoms.dv^ iav?* had be* little c?r fidene ? f hey sreni to rejoice mast u n nu ihit th< hiatus in the tiia'erla med*>a has been at i*?t siti.-". - factor u ttu andsiexe wiih eageruesM the opportunitv of re plseius ilietr uuccrtahi suceedareuais vvun the geu"1 .??? sj;c oDg 1 tlrei 1 lave foua appear* t<, have been the tncnta' ??janulation o. the faculty on Aseen 1 (lie tonfc ind dlu r opei iei oi the .?? bu iam h* rnapps In cases of gravel, dropsy, stricture, epilepsy, a-thm a .debility, Ac., it has been pre.itcribnu with wonderful Hucces - '1 he e?'inmtif>n in whi-di the article i? held as a me- ' cine by luen ot ? a nee and experience is 1'urtlrer evinced by me drinsn I 1 or it which ?x>as everywhere among jirofass.onal men. 'I here snoi u city in the I 'rdted States ?vhere it uot in 1; e by ?ii?* profch'ioii; ,?nd tfte wubsc ' her numbers am *njj his cistoiriers most ol the diMtiu^ni*- ? I physleiann and piiarmi ceullsi- va the ari ?us heeiions 01 tlie 1 uiou. When it is inea tinned m eomiectttm witn ibis si(;nr.caat lac', that the regular sale ot the -< h <*dsm schnappH h.?ve reach*'*!, iu the period oi live ye i.s ue t :Mirmous atuoun of 3,(ltiU dozen per weak, it wi.. "be e ;n? eoed that its fpnetul popularity n\ . b -vera ; - k? j h !-see vr.'U be esteem iu which it is h Id as a medical specine K've? y |. acta ?'! chemist knows that an acrid and poi?'*aous inureo'ei-i, known us tnsel oil. torins a constituent portion of oil mte1 a t huuors. JS'ow this oil, which produces such de plcr*< e etf.-cs upon the stofiirch and the nervous system of it e un'uUial drunkard, and is. 111 many ct^es, the proximate ?#?<- ? id ?;:uia a potu. para'yuls , t .i Jeath, is tut' a eoiapo ne* t ps? ot the m hied, nr. an. man- sctmapps The most rigid aiinJ>Ki!% hd* ;aiie? to de ect ibe mo a Ileal parrel" of it in tast byite an pr? p* ration. Tb'-se facu. vended and d<*monxtrsted as tin y are by the proofs that follow, and bv volumes of other UMin |j? '?' 'i.?b!e lei-umony, mus? imnresa the mind of every caod.d tnaiSi'.* with the assurance that ie safest of ail ajiiriu a heve-riL t ben and oniv reliable one as a rtymslial | agent 1*:. }.! to wnicn hiaat.ention u .nvm d in thcse^agiM. lr be s traveler, liable to the di-i u- mnjf iniluene?* of the van tiiis kiiuU o. v ater eoeouittced in the alter en' r.?<i ma o' ibe United Male * Il? re is a pure eo:*r? iv?> ttal will qua tf and Mud r litem innoxious, whether uui charged with lime, or iMf h or di e. >111 ; o*ed ve e able in alter, or any otner lagrei.ent li#'i<.' at s'VJf o it by the nnivers..] tiui i Is '? s<*Ml t*> tike bis na?.l- rate tlas.; at home" Here Isa lejnor (hat will not fire his brain or tar h.s tongue btu J vjhn ;i t? v I'e.iMUi 1 f lla v?*i>d, set?.st|nng ao-1 hesl*Uful proper 1m*s wi f preuerve him lrom tl*?t tierce lesire for stimtllan a, | beret ten anr perpetuated by the use ol adul'ertted s driij?. Is in asutU i ' from acun- or ? iu ontc disease of the kidney* or b.a ,1er from dtoosy . debt ft y dyspepsta hyponhon?lriases. <?i ai 1 tl'-e.j-v,. eapabie ot '?eo?w i.o'i'rotie t bv a sunn >r ue or 0 diereta iieie is bin best "?4 purest panaep't, ii'a i^rcd to bim n tue 1 -a me and waih the authority of the medical faculty, and |ni mm ?e<< by iif, una*', e^etio |? uienib is. is be iatHuaiti urder th - ?.? o ^ssan* eli'ecis 01 im^io e sti.nniants itej e 1 au srsie e iii? % di ri'prost iho ? trd, au t tesiore to the m<abid appet f- if* ?* t * ra I tone. ilk |ie 'uli.., properties of the >ehie?lam aromati * sebnapp* bare yen wuely oseiisni'd 111 ?1? ? ;onr?iatioi the day, 10. i \ Yep a pott i *1 it. the religious pi lmv? uoc be?n ?vers?* to enter. i?*. .ndl> aplrit tmo 'a ? cuitr*??ei> . . Thepa!?*sOi the N \ ? .1 k li. ? i.l c<ait?u*l sr. e ait: e bearing upon th** subject hii#I It :<? t circ'imst tn wort-iv ?*, reiewrk *b.d wnhthe exc p'lOi o'" h ^tn^le obi? lire ps,. *r o. th?* ;*ou*h i n rein: ous. w leuttnc, temperance o in li at .journa. Jia* opf?i/*ed the o>eof Pie on any :ffoun 1. !??. c?-u*' ? nailers It conspicuous. o-?ntroter#y hi* been chatauiye 1 in I s l?^h %lt by em-n**nt piofe.s.onal iu n an I yet it r* luauiki u. a*sa led. Is it not , ?? taot able, the 1 to believe thn* ;? lOMsasliable? Ibat II hoi Is a podtiou tenable ai; iin?t jiI? a*?a uWj* ft *j y man tbhik otbtrwhte, he is inviied 10 sut*' hisoHje*' ta>n? tn?c's*'< u Is one oi ti e of tru*li? and iieliffUif that <41 1 a;* #|u# s'lon be can at all times answer do ? t with d mo. *u tion, the ??ibaeriber is ever* ready to fall ha alt 'r^-ra I a>s ?rtieei to ar^ auieut, and tiom srguiuei?t to tae e\perimen turn e* the e? h?eda?n sehnsoi n is ms.uufsetur?*d at fcli'elam in ll? U rel by Hi*' *ub*ertb*r. tue n ?.e pro tn- t beinj; con* igaed eitiitst* e; ? in him Altltoufib the pr'ce 0/ every otber ?!.' aci?pu< ii?if i ain r has reeeutijr rlaeu from 30 to IWl per cent, 'h4* ? ?. r e a- >*".?? of HoRmd ?,m, nuperior in dicinatly ao i a* a i?ev#>irii?e to evei v other spirt*, is at the s*?e rates as whan 1 *?aa bitrodueed two y ? *rs ago ro that it c nob aes t ie tw * dea ters.a 01 ttne?|?iAUed eie? Hence .aid extraordinary % ben^nt-a* u g il " fa?e of all superior prepa.'atioos, it has? much 'o the rr* ret of 'he manufacturer and importer ?been ext ii<lvelv .mrv.-d nnd count jefetterl. Slnve or Jers have been fre qnently ptie? by wnprtfielpted retailers, for the mere f?u *vose 01 ihiw n ttig tlie Pennine botilea. The-*.* a(l?*r bemtt empue i I. th ..iu- eoulent^ have bceu ninl-t'. rr i- - oi that eai'it of alcoholic potsena, itsmmvu ^in. whl-'h has ben *ut ?e,; ty ao'd to ihe perd of s?*tir -iety and heal'h, at u.? h- x t lain aromatic schnapps tV? ular in. ruc.pms tuive imwteet . been sent in the agents of tha suhsertber In eve 1 y < t?y and town ol the Union, d'racttng them to ferret out null expose all aueh frauds iibon th" ^uhlie, and it ti hom d th?t die measure* adopted wl.i have 'he etlect of arreatln^ tue uvil 1 he main po ints sought to be established o thia address h -ve now betn touche<l unoii. It hs*< bccti elalii' d that tor <ho*? ?{?e u*e ?P|iior hm a beverage ?lv? *r i.n.ifips ia the b ??*: that f iieaateai analysis has demonstrated It* one jnaile I pu rl* v: t a? lor manv painful di^ew^es It Is a speeitle, tha' wh??n ?s %er and wher?%er It ?* r sou tail* to administer soiritiious I it* | u< ! ???r any porpo*e, this w ii?? lejuor teal should l?e ad* m niso , , ?| . |ii?i iii?' mo eiDinent Medical men lo ihe t'nlon Imve loagft It th* a .1.1 .?? ure gin. and that >nia \% ant. by own * 4 m a*H?n Is now supplied: iha? nine 'ent ha of the press ? iii'otae ? 1 hat l has friend. So I aparov era every where, ^nd thaf if* often opponents do not amount to a " eorfMtrat s iinard 1*0 niiieh for the f oalta#ns taken. Now to i?r*?ve tin m Ihe srguluetit helng concluded let the w messes teaii tf 0. order and ftrs' the pb>stcian-. It would he unp<M s l^le w 'am r*s onable Im In. to r- ? h *m all a.i opportunity lo a|>? ak foj* their selves, hut nassea of hundreds ??f patsi ciane k?v. .om the onhbe are re erre" far further inl rmi t hiii if ilrsrel. will bw found append**! to ihe following nee* lessHUiai onr respond enee CUOI^PHU WOtKit. fit I ba * Writes as tollows ? LsaoaaTi iu. Nrw York, May). I*j3 M. . Wotra:? l?txahiv? f rsntiot spe?k to?> highly of the purity of vour ?* litre am Mhrapps. It is decidedly superior b? anything of *!?*- ki'id in the tnarfc?t It ia pe?f*etly free from the a4bntrture of fnsel oil, or any of those amy lie romptmitda w mch produce such a mlaehievottS Stfld irreoa' i'de em*ct upon the eot.s" uli -p. and which very f i? ??mp'f ? of aleoh #il#e uietill ?d leiuoia ?re w ;ti?ou.? mosi of them he ng !a*-#i lr imprei;ns'fd well it. I hare pet*ot s'ly tnspe?*te<f she various prty^aaea of distills tloa praet a?d at eehleilam, and kr.ow that unuS'isl rare Is t* ?en to separate the noxious elements from tbe oure alcdio , wed tor r arb..apna la a striking proof of ita *t?eer?s As * mi d etnsi agent for < hrnnt * and ri n?t atfactiowa, I hive ae*e? ttfn'if prtWflluM it and rewaumei d It as an agreeable cordial snd hn eilcea sum'. Ian*, and Sail ro .tlae* to do so. as well a* to 1 ?e it as s sourre of pnr ? aJenhrd for ehemieal litres ti istiors atel perlteeos Your obedient. I - s ? a VI hKi K. t)onsatUM Ana'ytleal Cbemiai. From IV. ?' W Itilgbt. I.mii*v, >. Ky.. Audita- .HI. IW I 'ee' that ?<? hare nw an i i?ik!e of" gin amiable for aii<-b caaea a* 'ha remedy la adapted to From P* ?> I Inwiri. I<ouI?tUI?, Kt.. Hept. I l".* I we ' k'ww !be dIAriilty of ob' ? nmg geiruM twalulleral eil unr't'ioii* 01 m.v kind 10 r Radical p-i.-powwi, and Ihorrfare rej?>ife at U; attempt m t> tnii r certain the ountv ?>i ttvtr aitirle*. and a> We a.inv tim- In improre the m?<li"f ?t*l pi>>?r1i? Perkapa in no ai-?? Ik h ihm tnumvement tt nrr ?I ? r.ihlr lb** lit i< gin W<- !r?"|W?ly fail Vt ptiaetpie W where It might !?? n .. fnl. , tm; no filth In ob lamin. a g*iiuitie aitteie, and m ? nirea an'? ip*tin t no t ien ? fit fit,m the tit* "if tin Inferior ?*? I nhail t**r nre*> ;ile* ?'.re a rWivmf a beetle of yowr acha?pp?, mid hop# i' mar ptore all bat til ile?n died. Frvnt |?r (' Plr'ln, LoUi-tllle, Kv A'lf 2i, 1M2 I hare long teltibi- want ol a 'tin" Holland (In In aime fnataaeea ?>> iia'irn:* liita a lertn' f?f t .* ???!' "fit, aait ranoot tie undln th>* m.trkei. H.ouId vour a.'mappa prove what T dea re I altall bar# pic iaire in tittro-* uomir II to IP t patient*, ,uid to the ||Wm!>id frnerallf. Ftom r?i T <4. IUr| ardann l.oui?vlllr, Ki.. Not., IMJ. ft wl 1 five n.e ninrh pleaattre In rer-ire a boitle of yintr ?ehnapttt. and if It poaaeaat a the go<-..i <|uall*i.t* claiae<! for It, will endea" it M promote ra tnl?. firm I?r ^mnrl M. Dl'harlarm. U?irarl"?, Kv., Aug. SI, \m llav : y eipe inirrd the d'DrtilUra to wnhrh ymi allude l:i Ihe preat idption of fin. It wHI afOnl m?i pleaaure a< it wilt b? oiv mere* and tha: of tny patient*, to prMcrlb* It whenoc <taalon Hi mntida. I*i oro Tlr. N". P. A tiller* >tt. l.ouS** Kjr.. Aug .11. I?i. W !??>?? iti 'i h demand lor rtlwretlea, a* drop? i ?| and Itf iyell* i om iliintt- prevail hnre to nom" evteot; and pure Kill l? r ne Ot heat remedial agnn <-a gi??l dlnretlo, and an "?*ei4t. ut m< ' ?ti iinin for tin- .idn iiu tra'inn uf oiher artti lea o. tv liar >1 i<>a II rov ?< t?d .i hot tie of rottr frhoanna. I hall it?" all mr In tl iet.te tu p wtnote the toe oi tli? a uui: m mi-dni?J ptwMire, l*r <1 ar ea A. I.eaa, t'cmmi- a oner rf Health Balti-nore, Weyia a if': ^ In relativi i? i:. ? rniya o, " eltnippa" ma r !? ti rhrfn. eaurih^l comomio: ?. Ac IV l-Mer la ?1 ted .Inly X. IKvl - ' I ike tr- ?t f Iraaite- in trine high'T errdit-.ble teatl tr't o |w efli . rf r.% ? l eim-dM agea' In thn diae,mea fnr wHie i tun re. . Tr.trrnd i tfa*'t>? a n-.t?ira> lenfe^K to Ibe " ' naarrfinra !?? ^ Ui a -Italii de"-ea m atiiu ilafi ??, I regard it aa >? ; wi Utt Imp- iiai.i tu vhfMM c?totrUii wfth mue I ??? ur;nar' ttp,,"r"* "?? <;Wa?. a. LKAS, ?. It." !"? .?i 1 1 *1*1,"/' 'us, '"'of V _n ?? ho ik wel! known to be op ? Hi* K-i)!,a. .,t _ ' u.i-oUoIlc Htimulanta, ihu* cu ?Mr l'i, \ rr 2.1''',"la1c*,T,,u'^o1>'13 i?. k, i.?*ttver strut t iv V. #, ut V. ,v'7' li'e u,riu?r re?,u,,J. il?rou*li your '?If i.l ??iit'.'Ur "ronl*'ic ? -?nuV.oi-m t uih-an r?lt lit J , Pre"""* ?'?? ?'?<? m in :? r . . i ...... 1? i ' ,V . ' h!"" l? <?l debility liHii.-iii n iim .? it ?** ? been oi iiiuoii 1'm'ul*u' lH r?iui?k|, r ^ '?????. ' au. r.;^Xy;,uri'1", ''',l'JUkm"you A. li, t'lMLOKKR V r?, ISO South Klgblh at, t el. ii. ' -u i'j", :? I'ymp ' 00 one .''''""PP"," ?uper!nrartlrt,?. and ?1 Mr , ,1. ? ? <>r "lir hl*h. st ?isl l?-v loni; Vii'iif J i have m 2' 1 apparent Hiicr.-.g i ,r ??rd Ui |? anym. CWi iun\?jiuenUy ti*e.v? boiUe*. * * < *2 i>. < \lkins. "!!!' v " ' " 1 b'.' t ?? ,',i L'..TV " ' '" 'rn? "id in introducing the ar ' v"rv "truly' jit, i ?" - ,J'1"re P">?lic *-_RUSSKI, CHI LPS, M. I). ' v1 cbS of B,?"l"u< r..r his cure ofrplie,, ? wip! itwlSuir ii,,n( tv iuv> ? u,.i'?'i- .i ???., Oct. 5. i.-jji _ ?iui,appnas " I hn\e ciint; ended your article In four e*?ca-i.r., it. r- ? ?f'dWju ore l? Vermont and cm,. In kJ IM^ai^ A?, ? T <"'? ISO IHlN'fi. ' w.UWW?:B5Wa%TS;i! ? h&t n1CO!lslnuni'"?ii0o of I H nnn itv am) . onclude* bv'aa jln'.".!! U wf * ve,'.v %' 'V- -'???, - donbO e ,.n: i'? UMduiai ? in ilu? Vliy ' l>i- a?ure in eueudinj ?, ml A"c""' l1, ' "??*ntion, ii. !e conn .'eicd ' ,TJ 2 of. J",|i||er? an ar Hi.mjmv.-_ t" ,lro',,-T' uriuary dbmaM-a. 4C? and . U very mucU S; K ""utvllle, Cotm , dated ?* l?h%K??-w VoV, V1 Vn,H * paH-wtff:? f ^houM ; i,i?k vouuPb! iVivl 10 |,rn,'llr* *c>oi *i"'l;'d - >- ? n,e^^rlow7cr;;Vur^'i.-inJ ^s?&?^?.SS^ sa'*r'_ " Wjrren' "f "OJW dale Angitti, que Vt-V" |Tli'^oal!:.0!fm^u*"l'ir'r'e' a"J ,'0n,e Vfl,]-mnti WVf,i,er' of ' Xw. remarks (Sept. 8. 1^4ao5^M.'Wwh2tCS be a dealrable ibulj; ? "'? ,,ll, r l'?u l>e bad, it wUJ ? K.-uuri "c ni; .7eV,r^' ptx1, ?n:^i,i?nri*" & rH:: !??'?. bit .t.tent.,-ati.i -. "?li??i aad beat. I can now lv ''' M?aclie?t?r, N. II , (Hept. |.>, i^-; , n-rivr r.-r - ?. u? p, ;:.!';" ^ ?<*-'???? ? ? ,1" r." -r'1" \ zzyjr-' ,b' f ?* pj, W2 .-.'owJ'-d;;: ??.*?' *??? or L 'l .T !"dfcn "" " ? e ? :f, ,. . ?? ri> . 7? b,x? rr i ^ r :?"? 5^a?M, ','!?:?? "rri'd loMbe pn^te^ umii niiorirtii munllm ni-n Ii ' u,. M ,.M. v?i,eel? Uee.if 'he Hrt;.-|.,'| ?? c?n Hi. die tu " n ai" m 1/ *,n " V,'f-' ,r 'l,ir'"ly a r*l lalile ?? MB. ?P ,fce " '? 1???toa ttii cto a <1. (ideratiua ionj >? l-.v*. Ihu, pUmif* ? ^ ?cUietUm. m tiriiuir/ coui I - beany ap^^uLS "phi ^"lau" UU ? '* knw J'*" rI " f'k,n'" T. of the aaae rf'y, (Aii?mi?I a, l?TI? ?w.!'i.L*.?.vf "VSm .'*? fa J.Wrt 1 ?ho.iMlIke lo irv v..?r ?I Ml." .1 uli ,. ii. .ffJl. : . "rUC'* ?' "'IH kill. I II. W ell a? "Ili' h II....1 lnller^ln*illkncvr ""'y h*,V* Mi etientir?K?d In mi. , ' 1 J'"!'* you III iv lie taeiilly v, |i|, pi,,c (,11, '"''P'Xb'K Hie m' >:?' m whk anop^ utiiT/V 'T I,', ?"" h" iurai<b It. ir HC?b2y'n? dl! *"? w'"< <"' .nd^r.t ;l,: ' *"w Y'? phj?i"ian, * *? r,l|'"*"i'i" " in i:,e miii, ,(i ?^,e; loti'JiXmt ^im,d,e'^?':ir,|' T"" "'TT- k'*l ?. art of m.-dt. Uie miakt be a n.-.lW^lI ,b?''l*r??"iii in the WWII"' thtl.v. Th' Ti l.r, ,.f . "r Mri'Uy *m u r.m. .Imi ? -eii'? 3 r' "*'T uj?d h - Kow I I - ar. %7.PW ?. r-Ve'rm' r"'"^ -^rt'eT- ^ ^ " ?bk b 'Jo,! the cnrihai Kccnmtnr if, .hre.ilon.TT^TiJl '""""""?I tame in m> rti?tu , , m', JIB w 01 *? ,n " l? l iihlie and the wo'Ki kw ^ kn,"r" ,hr "IT ?ppr,,b?l?on and a Rna,,,re. "nr ?"?*? *1" H ' THOMAS I'aINK M. II." fir. Geo !l?Vot) Hop to". All ? n HR2. rwviven wlUi plen ?ore * Initio nt il>,. (ritr.p. lor tbP |>nn">ap of tmtln? it in bi< im-HCMl (itMivf, T'r. M ilroWii, of I hp >?1P rttjr, under <1 if Ai>?. 11 MH, writ" In atlra'lar ??rain. and complain* <H ????? frequent adul teration of every apt He? of ?plrit? Dr. J. F. <iirlnri, Xi'lia*. X. H , C-pt III, 1*12. aetvU ? r?mm'.n'catt?n. from which IhP fo.towm* l? an ptirw I ? "I will tery Vlaoly ar?-?pl a fcallie an-l If n pmrr. wkit It ct*im? to ho. nlii do wliii' i may to Introduce II ?? the puffer l?f.( * bo mar neeit atvte a rwnMt. ?? well a? to n>? profe* m. .ml brethren: for we ?? e rootp lm?h>d in *?? a f?\r article of Holland f;m than slnio. t any other rone ijr." Dr Wm Itawra, Wnn'on. Anf. 16. I'M!.', ?rWe??? tollowr ? ? "the |>ei 'ilur iwKltiitbm 'he jamii* ,i?) t?' i > aiiuuc in our Male h*a mud'' m? enrWM '0 know more o. your article, a* II may poaatbly, from more or l??a iiiamilly, hrcnen* an nwn liiil srtli r Vi lite fttoim of retailing drug|K<4 and apoiliPca flea." nr. n i- r r?d<i?ii. of im ?am? Hty, An* is, iw p? pr< *a> ? a wl?h to irr i)ip arbDnpp* mi ? paHeitf who h?? re reived ?n?iie benrtlt In in 111* hr?t *11' procurable tiom other ?oil rem, atid liopm the pur* ntlir l? will pure li'.n Dr. K. 0. t'rn#?, of Onllford i Vntre, Vermon'. An#. !?. 1*Si accept* a ppermipii and halla with t>len?tiie the opport unity of attaining a iood Holland gin, an iineliil In medical practice, and <> nit lo pro. > rc f>r 8. M. Whipple, tfpw l-ondoo, Coon, KoplPT'^r 14, 1-6? ?? y? ? "?lav ina eiperlenced thP rarinua difficulties which you mention. In proPnrlas a good art'clo ol Hoi inl gin, on ?< ronnt ol Hip mrlon* MnKeridian t will* npljr *ay that If von fnrnt?)i me with ? pure art'ela In yonr m!M?m Mlinappa, yon will jreally oblige me. Pr A A Mottllnn. Mprt lith. K. H.. Papl. !?. 1^2. des.i^sa api <tnu n, iiud ponrlndp* thu*;? "tf It profpM to hp antir- MrlUnd ?ln ! 'hall moat frrta.nlv r>i .ler morr. ?* It l? wnli in a g: pat aawdrralum ' Itr flttm B ?Jr t*? fpirwintvwk, I rati., Off. 5 1?.W, rp ma*k* aa toiJowa ? "I 1ii*p n"? ?f'Pi r p. pn'< for whom t wo i!?l prr'r p ?rur? ?i.;c.evl Uu u I ^ .4 i could plaoe lotMnct I will therefore thankfully wii' a trial bo. tie of jour <.chti?ops. uiu if as described, wid sund ?u oruer lor mni'." Or. J IV Nsndbortt. <>' VriWkH, N'. I!., Sept. <i IH.'U ?UU'? Hid u pure utile le ol nm u> no: to be liad Iktn, uud tend* an ordi r for the m tuiapi ?. l>r. W. A Wcakr. McTndae s Kalis, Veruioul, writes, Oct. 28, K-.M! to the stone t 'K i l Jjr V.' C. Wl'liauf, Sew M: Iford Conn., Oct. 2S. 1832. met tloi * th it lie has ? pnuent whose case requires Holland S'ii and desires u specimen bottle. Pr K K. J'srsons. bt. Alb ins, Msirie Oct 2.1, 1W3. dp scribes a ttiw of rinai disca..- in which ,ih other remedies iiavi faileu , but m whtob lie hopei to succeed widi i lie bclltitlpps Pr M : n w . Wa'.erbury, Conn , Sept., IS32. dpplomtli want of k wholesome gin Has been obliged to give up pre scribing 'li ,i tit If, becu.ii .1- he cauoot got it pure, Will glad Ij .nail himself of'tht b hn tpp? tn his prMttee. I >r. Well* h &rd. Kent, < onn., Kept. 4, l*o'!, writes th it h e in 7 1 years of age, sull-rs from a of the bladder and fcid*if yi* and will u.-e tae arucie in his own i asu. and rci'im Uicnd it. < Smith, Kin., Br iHleboro', Vt., Nov. C, 1352, writes to thi? effect: ? "In behalf of Oyrv.s Bitleftteld, M P., of tUia town, in reply to a line trom j ou would nay, lie ?ouit like ? bottle of your pure Ho'Inrd t;i'i or Sibleoam (In, to :e*t its virtues In the me ?tn.. i-iofesn.on Extract o( :i le"e, from Pr Allen Hobbs, ToH-do, Ohio, Ans. 8, 1S43 "It wtuldi^ive me pleasure to examine your pure gin, ui it lias been quite ditli',4u!t to procure a good luticle." Pr .1 J. R. Ribble, PrakevlUe, N. J., In Jan., 1V3, writ es !U. follow*: ? ' So giei?t baa been the difficulty with me to procure u pure article at gin, und so often have I been disappointed, that I have almost entlc y reused to prescribe gin lor any complaint, ami lisve nearly Cehpatre.l of I eiug able to do ii wiih be;t?r sucee ... tn wv your* is what you claim for it : if ho. you will lu\ e conferred u I "on on the praetMoners in this country that I tun sure they will no: be slow to acknowledge," 1 he annexed t? from l>r. J. H. 1'atterson, of llaltlmore, under da'elic! 19, IW2:? "Patient* ol mint* lia*c been jtxxuiderably Invigorated in ?health. In aevwai cuMa pretentjig theiuHelvee ot a character to iff' 'lie utility of > our bcliedatn lachnappa. Will avail uijHeil of the ( u'er cxtes?d<d by >ou to u*c it In my practice " Dr. IVivid Stewart, l!.?!!iiuore, Aug. 12, 1382, transmit* the following:? "VM1 a^ all myself of the ftri-t opportunity of rerommendinK yourncbnappa. provided you e.itaolinh an agon cy In ouf city, o? iuoica'e tome meant by which It uiay be olitaini d licre." l'r. Ohai. A. I.eas, of the above named city, under date A 113. lo. H62, rematKH us under ? "Holland Rtn ii ? ionq been a favorite remeily with me in cbrotia dlwiin of the geulto-lirlnary apparatus, and the prin cipal dtillcit Uy has l.een to procure ? good article, l am, tlieteforc. prepared to appreciate u nerfectly genuine article, and be ;ii- aaed to receive and tehi your ?pi-clmen." We copy the following from W. M. Cochrane, M. I)., Balti m< re, Anjjrst I'.i 1%.-.'.? "1 have read with pleasure anil great interest the circular von sent me relative to your ?upedor Holland gin, to which I ?ould be plraaed to fire a trial " Pr. S I.vater, of Philadelphia July 20. 1962, says ? ?I haTe at this t :?ne a case of derangement of the uruwrv secretion under my ru e. which will atlord me an opportunity of teat In# the v a'.ce of your 'Schiedam achrapps.' " p ve ? ,i ,ed e ;'.ract Irotn M. C. Greene, M. P., Boa \u> ' 14 JJ:? rect ><? 1 one of your circulars in relation to your pure d as such uriiclea, in their pure state, are so 1 10 be id.tuibed, I hlia.l be happy lo give yours a liial, ? know of Mich a remedial agent as lean recommend vt it. 1 confidence.' Or. R. I.. Fast Boston, Au?u*t 11, 1R82. writ's ? '1 Lue ;ii>' received joursot' the 7 th Inslant.and being ? ? ! iw convinced t! at pure Holland k'u is possessed of r.ianv medicinal ; ropertu-s whlcl when judiciously administered, produce very ..eneflcisl results, 1 shall be happy to introduce v< lit 'a-oti stli Schiedam schnapps' among my friends tu this victmty.'' A let i t from O. C H. Gilbert, M. P., Oclobcr 13, 1^82, con tan s tLC lolliiwlog: ? ?:! sccep*. a lib p.essnre, jour offer of a bottl^of your a:-o n:atic tchn-dtsm schnapps f ellnit that, if wbM von say of H is true, it w:U he a rsluabie ?e,'is!tion not only lutuecam-s ated, bill u>- a medium tor :iie olmims'ratiou of cod liver oil." A.ij. Coibirn, IT. J}., Newark, New Jersey, seulsmss v;:r.n : - "I kie by yi ut a<'\ert ment that you supply physician* a tha?anipi> bottle of your aromstk* Hehledsm schnaops tor . .. 1 I11 vi a subject In m> owu family oti wlium I would c 1 leaw.l to tr> its 1 Sects." Kit reef of a letter troa Mil jUnd Hospital for the Insane, da en \i i>u t 1: . U " - ? "This'rsi. twill reeelvi- with pleasure a bottle of the 1: 1 untie S b:e<i?m schnapps, free 01 1 liarge, for trial." 1 '. f. Bacon M P , f nl, oa, Uraiige county, KewYork,ta tol lllj? II, US follows ? 1 ie.|'nti ,v dealt ijg to preeeribe eoch an artiele. has influ < tee 1 me to ? e for and accept tf a bottle for trial." Wi Rive below an ettract from a lever from Pr. James J. Urai t.r, PbUadelpht*. ai nut l(, IrJJ ? 1 I. . e a* pteaent tl'rcc or four < a.s? a where it mlcbt po.?4 1 Im seitt . great adva-duge in scrofula, gravel, tc. ; 1 hope nay piovi iihar as I can Mt u large q'tantltj , I tin purpoac is a< coinpha' id.' k . 010 a teller from "r. A. K Pului, August 12, is.^2: ? "1 1 ilisns ;<>u vei^ much for an opportunity to trv our u n 1 Ua?e often 01 essaui 10 preecrCie it, and if I knew .1. '< I inn fc< : 11 ol reliable quality, would 1 icomui' ii t it tnt.'h mote frequent !y." Pr. .1 T, llai1 Worcester cimty, Muryland, May 24, ItfSi ? 1 Mrs liie iVlmw ii*fi : ? ' ' I notice an advet 'isetnent 111 the papers 111 regard to pure Hollaud -in ls'i'j.o e jou sre Uie manufacturer a? well ? Ij-i "i.prn ier. and si I v. oi.ld ?l?h o gel a pure article to nse In uiv ptofetei n Iw 1 willingly accept your kind ?? tier of a bc't'e lor trial. W'e hare the annexed (loin Dr. .? I'ailn, Toledo, Ohio, At guv 1. Mflt ? ? 1 v .-i n?| p* w 111 I e of mui-h rniue to tne In my ptartlce, and 1 will avail m>ae o a'lfea advaulagca " *i aubjoln inMbiir ostrail from h letter from Dr. K J. IN wen, trail klin. Vttwxt. J>cp'eniher s. 1 ? ? 'I t" illttictiliy o: iitijcuiiitaKDHiH' articleof uin la an ?.< at 'tn' ' eel li ui Umk ail uang it a all, and ulio.Id b nun-It jlt-aerd l U *?r p' ?aililr to get pure Holland ;:iu lam : itupy '.> I< a. ftm ' on are aonplyltig the market wttii an arti i ie '? ay iw depended on. 17. A. R:<nir?). M. It., T!>ou>paou. i oinmbia county. Get** gim rn-ks ? "Vi il' > ?.n (umiak n e a uvplc o! % our >r hie Hm achnappa? I l-a.e a patient to Win im I think |i would bo aervlrcable, and I it rutin ! v 'or medical tvi. .*>. Pit aoi X. 1? , Mowoo, August M, l5?2, trritcg a* fol iuwBe ? I ahott' 1 e rr< y happy to try h borle of your aromatic Hi.ti- mi : . j.?? - ami uit prom. to in- what your eard aa ?i r <. I abould wtah toamkc ttae of ti in ire practice I ma i nl> !'?<? it in Ike dtaeaeet you minium but prepare many tin llclue ? * itli |i tor nuuict l>U> other unp latins. 1 1 r. S I' Wli 'r, New York ?ay? ? ' I tin* 1# Hii' tiuk i of pfi'X illilng for my patlenta, oec* slonal> the arttrle of gin, I will acceptor ? hottlo whenever you i hoot* lo fot ward It. and will nitre It a fair trial." Pr Vandnprol Ki w York, wrltea:? I h * '!<?? II .a the liabitot rn miimetitfing Holland Kin for * r an. of dlaeife a in I not Knowing where the ri al article i ? kli' be b?l bay" dlrcitti! my patlenta to ?<>rne Herman r< ier, amtiMliil they would lie m<au l.kely to have the real thit * I shoe id like lo are yiMir article an l hare, of rourae, t o ..oji'i'lon i? rice. \ log a bottle,' nor lo i rrm nbing the con tenia, trim you. of It. t rom tr. M. Marr of Ua'timore, October 25. IHA1 we re retre ? ??Mnriiif oltei, to use ritt. medicinally. I would tbank yon i m U'i BM a bottle oi jour ?i hnappa f?ir trial.'1 Ftfrart of a lettei fraaa Caspar Hrhalcr, V D. Pkiladel I'h a July .11, I'M. ? ? II n tig a favorable opinion of the genuine Holland gin. aa a > ti e ulajjert in eenatK e*aea I ?rladly avail mymmtit roni kind otter loareepi a l ottle of the wme and If fnund on ??a i vi <? t in anawer nprctallon. H way laad to further cat a for ike .i.ticlf. ' Dr. r It . ' aum rbtladr'.plMa, Attgua! U, ldftS, write* to no aa toll' w? ? ? ! ?m weilawnreot IHfA irv afgrMMlgtn in aomo forma ot artaarjr Oaeaae. ai >1 aliot.ld lite to tnoet with a pure, ia ud nirial'ed article, mini aa 1 could recommend with r<>u 1. det.Ce ' \Un, from Pr J. W. Farrell. Kr<v York. July U, Ii6.' ? "I reNtved ioiir dreular, aoil, with your permtaston, will c.?e your hehteitaM gin a trial la acaac of dropay I have now > n4er treaiaieal." Frt m VVui B. t>e f'oreat. M. D , Sew York, Angtial 2. ll#J - A? * on offer to farnl?k. Rra'ulioiiaiy, a hottle <?f your reb'nl ui M'tiiwppa to anv memoer of the pfofeaatoo who will Intltuate III* roai'liM *a to aeeept it. I will tie elilided to yon to m-ih. meone. I w II give il a trial, and if tonsil aa a iperior in II i iiiiioiaitilk ahaiiko liappy to tDlnaluee it amoag my l>atlenia." 1? torn Joel fo'tcr phraii ian lor Beller>e Iloapital. July 39. I?? ' - "1 recelveil > our c.reular recommending vnur Pchledam ?chaa| pa I have a oalleiil at prcatnl, on wlmm I would be k?l>py togire your gin atrial. t'rnn Dr. J. K Taylor. Htltadelpkla. Angn?t 14. 1*M ? " M tkla Uaae I lieve unoer treatment three patient* who hare itnn *7- Ifeel iliapoaed to try yon- gin Kaeh of tk"?e . art a fw?iw ? a i emi dy which comliinea la Ita act am diuretic. Mate and aiiiniilatiog ptopertiea." Pr iVfftt Brtaton. Mo* S. 1AV!, wrlte? tloia ? "ll?v|ii|{ a In ti- ical ra-e that I akiiaM like to trr your rknuppa npon, t am induced to accetit your kind olfkr. ' Ita Wmicn. Uo* on Aug 10, 1*62, aenda ita a letter, from wh.ili we eatrai t the ? ? I aba I lie happ; to hr maite aci)iialnted with the quilltfea of aonr gin. an I -liould Ita vlitnea pro\e to be suck aa you ill aeiibe, I wonhl avail mv?elf of tta nee." >. R Vi nely, I'hCaileinlim, Aug I. IHM "I oftc!iu?e what la e illed ''Holland gin In my practice. but flail it vfry diOicult to procure a genulni' ariiVlc. I ae ? ei<t w ith pit a?iue yonr oiler " Or W l? fli nk'e, Philadelphia, July XI, MIS. wrlt"? a* fo'kiWn ? ' I ?t met i me? ha t e occasion to preacribe Holland gin. eape tially nritaretic ptirpnoea. and when I again meet with pa In rei|U*r ng n mrdie* of tkla description I will i eenmmcn I a li-al of your hnappa," Fn m Tr J. K Fhlnna. Philadelphia Jnlr .1, INS2 w have ? | have I ercived your circular and eotild be glad to try ' out ). i in n raee ol dr>i'?y I have, many oilier remcdieH laving failed tn give relief. Fum Or Inliei Tapen, Itoi-on, Aug II l<tAl ? "ht ck an:irlle!e aa >mt can tin null la nrw nvh neetieil.'' lUaat II Yardlev, M l?., I'hiln lelphia, Jnlr *7. 1*52 ? ' I wcakl freaai ntly prnelde f i t'i>r my patlenta if 1 kn w Where I con I get t'.al * hich lafil lor iti'-diclni r-om Dt Da ikt, KfV Yuri, Jnlv It W ' t >eca?.c'ia;ly tteatfeea M mearritHnf tn patlenta a pnre a:i'l gen nine article of Hoiiard gin I am hiinn v liavuii? tay atteniloii called :o yo.ii aront ii f Soted ?. ? u> I'.rtti n. Detent" M ^.| : ; m . ? ,jrnvc 1 kn?o ' ?'M> mother l.i law, a J Smith, of Uriatol, N H.. r <cotn mended to me jcmii pchiedam a Int^ups- ' I can use It to ad ? vantage iti mv practice, if It Is nood. Anv liquor I cau get here 1 da/e noi u?r. eveu where H inmost indicated." From Dr. Jams* Nmw York. July lit. l?52 ? "As i\ ? ar so ntti iiiauppoiiited in obtaining A ptufl : rt:e'o of K'U. I should like to receive a bott.e truin you, a.i you pro posed." FromDr W. H. Clunmin New York JulfHO. IHM: "1 chilli In- plc.scd to receive a sample ol your 'rtehiednm Bill' I elici Uig. lilt 1 do, that many OHM of a cert ain stamp are uicli bend.' ted i?y ueing *:i ex elleut hi th. lt- of gni." Fiom I)r. S. II. Pratt, Baltimore, Auk. Mi, 1S52: ? '?should v our 'aclmapps' prove an va '.tabic as I darr i'iy it will, It u iU jive inr pleasure to communicate u to the p olea slim nml the pul>itc '" uni'en-Unril desires to try von ? 'scbuappa" in 111* own cu.?e alid hope* to derive benefit (herefrom. "I.altixoi.i. Mann 19, 1 -M. K. !? . i Ol.UUKSK, M. I?. ' ' From W. Herron New# rk, t)ct. 1'. l.<">2 ? "1 received >( hi- circular m relation u> >our proeenof die Jli.iug it nure I. oil it Kin,' and 1 have uuw tu aay I shall b ) k.ppy to accept your po.ite oiler. " From Dr. N C fitcens. Boston. Sep'.. 27, 1851:? "I have ofu-'i fet' the need of the arucle youaivense is your 'aromatic ,-cliiedam schnapps ' and from t'ae want of a pure article hat t hat to retort to one of doubtful utility. From Dr 8. Grlfwhl New York. July 14, 1852;? ' 1 bend a pmxl joktt about your 'schnapps' * few weeks ago. in n small vlll is;e in I.oni; Isluid where the medlmne hal '(?i u i ri] iiie render Kppmd to be a 'son ot Tern pernio e ' \ nil tunny of hi* customers happened to l>e of that order. it would be superfluous to say that he met with toady galea. But acme paltry lellow found it out." Fri m Dr. Ariel Kendrlt k, North SpringftMJ, Aug. 20, 1S"42:? "I should be p'.eassi to receive a bottle of your Schiedam gin. 1 must mv, It. n soniev. lull extended practice of tv.euty I've J en a, tii re fa, hi. idly an article, that haa i aused me eo niucti di*app< luinirnt as' the so pretended Holland yiu. 1 think 't deteriorf 'e . every year.-' ' ?' it Tllton Klklns, M D , Welt Andover, N. II., the follow It ? "D hna been ne*t lo impossible for me to obtain any gin that was safe or tit for medical u .e ?ml If 1 tind vott a as go. id as I have every reason to expect, I shall apaie no pains to promote the aule." Frcni Dr Michael D'lTrmdorirer, Baltimore. Aug. 16, 1852:? " I am ? ell aware of the bent-tit* lo be derived from a pure preparation ol the juniper berry, and w ill gt\ e \ our Schiedam a fa r trial many case requiring it that may occur is my prac ire." From Dr. J. V Reetiari. Baltimore Aug 13, 1352 ? "If you w ill be so kind a* to ?end me ? houlc of your ?f< liiiai pa, 1 tliall uae it in two ca&en I iiave nuw undei treat ?ueui." l?r. Janiei A. Keeil. Baltimore ? "Slam'rt ii prove allicaeimi* u. the di-e ine for it ta re commended, 1 ahail have It in my power to promote tie sale.'1 Dr. I.. Wells Ilibbuil, liellow- Fall", Aug 13, 185.': ? "I i> m of the opinion that it might l e a ver > cmr. enieni aad efiiclent remedy tor many of the rental complaints." From Dr J. B from. Boston, Aug. 10, IH52: ? "That the pure Holland Kin is a very valuable medicine, all r. limit, t hat ii Is verv dilliettli lo o '.t in., is al-o eerunn I have very little hope ot obtaining it ,n liostou. and ahall be luippy to it ceil e a sample ot yours " From Dr. Roderick A. White, Finwburg, Conn., Aifj- 17, 1862:? "Being a member of the profession, and knowing the diH culty ol procuring a good article of K.iit'or purposes. I should be pleased to receive a apeeian n of jour uiantlfacturc whenever you see til to forward it.' r r. Ira F. Pronty. Paper Mill Village, N. U., Sept. 13, 1852, wrilea ? "Such an artie'e as you represent will be we'l received In this section as much relief tuay be bad Uilbeuaeof it, parti culuily by tho.-e lu advance 'd life.' From Dr. * O. Whipple. Danbj, Vt., Attc. I1*. 1852:? "I have long alnce eeaseil to use gin. eieept lu very limited quantities, on account of the ditlicnnv oi obtaining a^enume article; but as 1 am c 'Mrtant'y meeting ca?es where l should use such a^ yours purports to be. you would c mfera favor by sending u lew bottles as soon as convenient." From Dr. A. fi llutler. Hndbarr, Vt., August 10. 1-a52: ? "tour circular, recommending the 'nrnmatie Seh' nhnaups' as a tnediclne la various abnormal condition . o, the system, meets my eordual meeptiince. knowing tha' ; .i. i uts compounds are and have beinsold under the uainc of giu anil the w snt ot tu article that physicians irv>y rely upon induces me to answer the intimation referred to in your circular." From 1'r. T. it. Adsms. Bo .ion Aug. 7. 1852:? "A patient ot mine is n ?n nilft rn-.g under coinpUa'uts wblcli 1 haie thougnt might be r. lleveat b> sonicitltuv oi tills sort lint v- e " unuot the right article here, beua me a bottle in yon i '*? hnapps ' From J. U. Woodward, M. i?., Waterbttrv Vermont, May 2, 1 sfa",:? "1 am treating at the present time a chronic affcet.O'i of the kidneys, winch lias shown Itrelt verj obstinate to dtureilc*, and 1 bale been advised to use your VchU daut schnapps.' FrimDr J.I. Parriagtoa, Heabrisike, N. II.. <ictobei 22 1K'.2 ? ? I have found it almost tmposnih'e to ge> an article of giu that would completely answer my faurpoat ."

F om Dr. <!. M. llall, Swantou V. rmon' July If. IJ51 " I rnly glnd V as I to le?rn ? here a reliable, article arttc! ? of aromatic sp 'lit could be abtaioed I he profession gencal Iv have lung left Ibe uectssliy of I'stabi. slung an Impoit uion I f i he puie art' 'ie - t rain, l#r. John Jenkins, lioston. Aliens. 211, ? " I am giit bed to Icaj 'i ti.iaS there la oue place wiiere pur glti can he obtained I have been much troubled to obtain purelii|tior o, nuy ktud. and especially of llollaml glu The following is frtm 11 A, Proul, ?l D , Kt. Doiti.i, Juae 7 i-;:t ? "Having seen your advertisement ot a pile HolUnd gin worthy the confidence of physicians. I write to you with a ?> iew of procuring a sample "i it In dropsical atfectlons, and io some loruis Of l e'ial disease It* ellicsey has long been ac know ledvtd. and II baa only tallen intoitisuse because ot the impurity ol itie mmuotinds si ld uuib r the name of Holland gin. 1 want lo tis<> it at pres<-i t lu colic, na It ia an etcellcut remeat " In nianlile cohc, and I cautiot procure a compound to be relied or . ' Finn Dr 8. O Simpson, lierry \ II.. October IX IHSl ? "gnch uu article as yours piirpoits to be. haa ion , beeu seeded by the profession ' Frcra ?' II. Andrews. M. 1?., New York ? ''You are at liberty to send a bottle ot yom gin -a intimated by you. and if I deem It worthy ot reeomnae ; illation, I s'isll be most happy to represent it aa such to my patients and miter bh nd?. ? lr>mJitnesR Chilton M. I ? Keer ^nrk, July 27, 1V>2.? *>liould U,e '>cbnappa be found a< I have reason bt stip pose, siifierior to prcpaiatioDs ol ila si'Mi, it wall give me plea sure lo recommend It." Fn>m Dr. A IfW d Taylor, Toledo. Augnst 9. KV> ? "1 will 'haiikfuliy try a bottle o: your -h hiaainpa I have ire?|iiently had eases where a gcwl afcle of gin would have bet n of decMed utility, but I have ben a'rsid lo reeouMnaant 'o my pa' ie i its ,he articles sold uuder that name by dealers iieie " ? ? iom Dr W. II. Cominger. Kena.ngu?n Penn July 111, DM ? ? 1 have often frit the necea?ltv of procuring a pure Holland gin, b r medicinal purposes. Ibeeout-e you have P'trsiiod In t l eomnienduig your 'aiotnatlc Kchied ? tu scluiapns' t.i the I rclssslon meel a my hearty spprobation. I have noehjocUon lo glilng It a trial luuiy practice." From Dr. J Itheln. Phllade phis. July 27. IS02:? " It Is a matter of so>c Unportai ce to be able to procure a pure artli Ie of llollaiu! gin lor the treatmeut <t( rertaln drap el< al atteetliaia. It will give me pleasure to recommend your schnapps,' provided it comes up to the standaid yon repre M4*Tll. ' ' ' ' ' t rom F)r. H. I.. Krrr, Liberty. All^n Co , l.'s 1-M ? ' h?M'h j?n Mi urii* m much n*'nlr<l In Uil? rotmiry, . II d I I . . it n .' N i : I .. , 111 . U i ?' Won i 1m pro llH'l l%r of inurh I'kmV " Fr*?ii? 2'f WiNiHtn Vn- < ? f 1 sU jjifi fi.^ijii# m?M I rord N. H., H' plfinlu'r 1^2 ? " It wlU nh ?* pleaMtlr** to n l oti|?* n?' * m\r |?? re I'nllAiid eta. I will Dink*- .* fair tri?i ol tl??* artklo, mut . om iiitiiiicfti** to>ou ih? ifunlU" Firm Dr It. * Itoaiun. Amtm' II. 'MM ? " Many <?( ipv patent* laboring under nephrllir r?mi 'alula, have lelt iter wan. iif a pur- Holland cia tint have ?..? ?<? ri? I i1 'y l?een able in i.hiain it here I >a >11 le plei?<l :? re "eirr ? bottle ui ili<- an. man. Hcheidam ?choa,'i.?. " firm I>r. .!?ti>r? Rodger#, Knotvtlle. Jfotrmbrr 5 MAS:? ?? I will rleerinlly a<-rcpt a ho' tie .,1 your ' e>hnapva and give It atrial. We are tnurh In ne. d of a para allele, lor in.-dtral (.ut.oiri, In th?a |i.>rt ot tlio 1 1 xint ry ?. ' From l)r. Edward Field a, New York. Jut> H, 1?1 - " t M ?t K almoat lmpo>atble lo pmeure, lor m v |? lm?, purr (.Umtilaiiia. aitah aa hrandv. gw Ar whlrh I ran . elv <?, I ?IhmiM be moat happy to try ?a*ir 'arbnaor i,' and if trainable would i rmmmrii'l lia 'iae wu?o mdu .wr.l in mjr prartiee." __ From I r John ft *n?h, Padlmorc tan. I*. Wl ? Plrtlt lorwarti me an adddooal ?wpply of tiie febnappa ' wiilioiit de lit A number of onr t>fc|a?< inaa have > ali-d wnh nrdera r?it the artlrl*. and .e-eral kair alrrady urewrihel I'. I'r'fonalo uliniti I bavr -old II apeak i?T) highiy of iu >,'ut l|tna." from I., I, . M !>., Wllmltistm, ?f . C . June 27, l'tl ? ??I doubt not your l>< bnappa la j net tfce ihm( (??? our pro ftaa^.n.'' From !>r. I*. F Fortea. Taledo O. Aur IV I'M ? "Ihr lrr<|iicnt n< ' i< ea of I ho 'McbMam Pehoapp*, no'li hy ihe nmtraMoi and the preaa. had lnduee.1 the .le?!re oi tr4iin(t the ethrary ni Una nrepantlon of gin. before t itrnvnl tour rwilr. I Iruat that it will fulKI the ? ipertjUlonat* tt?e m. ?t *an guine. a oil prote both a hle-aitig ami a i mil i? an tlerin* hu tnaaily." ? - From It. Ilraham, M IV, Toh -lo, An| I, IHV1 ? ?'I nhall he happy to try your 'arhiodam arhoepp*. atid If It anawera the pnrixiao ft>rwh<h It la intend, d, I afea!l <ak<< plraaare in u?lng it. and leeouimendlntf it ton, Iter* ' From l)r. George P. He*. Itentllle. W. J . Oeu>b r 19 IMS ? "If It an?wera toy e\pe?aitoiia I wilt he h;>ppy ?o pre rihe It for my patient*, in dropabal and at pbrMta (MM. Front 1)r l.emnel A Wii;iama. t.ynebhurf, V? , De < tn'> r - I*.. ? ' I nerd no! ir II you 'hat a itxwl urtlrlf of ?ln mi much need < d by ihe prnte?ai<4i. roi ineOi al purpoa.-a, and wld a t a.iv wheie. I ?Imuld likr yon to an il ?<>me to onr oily for From sevmour farpeti'er. M. t> . Hew \ork. .Itilr to. "I ahoiild frennently preaeflbe gin aa a in ?vlicine ia varioua riu-ea. It I rnulo pro? ure aueh an artlele In my yennrer .laya I Wat wotit ?r?- hut the ilUguiaed whlakey trh'n i ta now Mthl nt'drr the name of if IB, hears but n fain: re?em t lanre to the frod old artlele.' Frt nt Pr A. I.. While, New York, Inly It IWJ ? ><>ur 'Art.malia atdiledam a. hnappa' w ill a'tpply i d' < itnralnm long enrneaily aoughl hy ttM prnfeaalon. Fri m I)r .1 tllllnn. N> w Ynrk, July It. INM ?' I lake tbi? early i.ppoitunlly toetpreaa mr ettren ,?l l e?IM n 'hat the innlh al |.rnlea?lnn ran now oliialn a i l l fo generally heneitelal In the vartona fm m* ofdmpir. For .<ini yiara I hare been In the habit nf prearrlblng " Int.iat ?f well *? m >ny nlher altei tlon? and ahall uke an c ir jnp poriiinlly lo leal tin ylrtuegot vottr !<< hnappt " Frem ?' Martin, New York. July 14. 1.H62 ?? In relation in your ' Sehetdam rirhuapp*,' I ha* ? n > doubt, that ?nrh an artu ie ia highly benellrtal in many ?< < , ra.o, aa yon mention from Hr. J. It. t'h?bert. New York, Jti'? |0, |D|] ?? t am aware of the medieinal prot>erue? of pur II >lland fTi'- I r F \ 'ok >..rVT,k i ... in. IV, J; *'? t! I nt ? u.'. I of disease and v* tn re dropsy lit so frequent a termination of our fevers, tor which th" gl:i i* so serviceable, I should be happy to receive a sample w it." Kiom l?r. Van l'elt, New York, Juue 16, 1862 : "Having touud your ' Sohnapu*' very beneficial in several piisfhf)t (i.."MH'(l kidneys, ut>d Living at present a case in winch 1 would like lo use it, 1 accept your kind offer to tur lilah flu whit a bottle," From Dr. K lwaid Chastening, Kew York, July 12, H52 ? ' I tin nk. your "Si.Lii.ipp* would prove very valua lile lor the disease* iiMMed iu >our circular. 1 ahall feel great plt-Sauie iu tuixuducini; it among patients requiring that treat niem." Kr? ni Dr. Rohbins Boston, Oct. IS, 18#;! ? "My attention has been hi rested within the last two or thru year* lo the most frequent (but i s I am inclined to believe over! JOked) allection* of the urinary aud geuital organs, have now h\eorsix patients uoder treatment for the u? tier o these allectious, and i. in disposed to muke the experiment o your 'Aromatic sehledaln schnapps.' You will oblige ute by forwarding aoute u.s soon ax possible." From Pr John S. Rush, druggist aud apothecary, Haiti more, lid . Sept . 18, ISM: ? "A number of ear physicians are ordering Uie article, an I geverui lnue aii ttady preserved it Peraous to whom I har ? fold it fpe:.U vii t h.ghly of Its qualities. A gentleman >?f tn o? u personal acq tc tutu nee having auflcred greatly wnban I nfleeflon of tl.e kfflncys and bladder, took two bottle*, and sabyequeu'ly passed a Htotie ol oorbtderable si'.e, and w^, gre'it i s rei eved. It will, no doubt, go into general uae." Ol rirr. or riOTiMa al <lo\ khsoii, t K a*sa? 'Icitumxiv, J uly 31, l*i>t. S Dear Fir:? Having heard mwh of tlx medicinal properties of your "tfch'cdHtn Aromatic schnapps." and they not being accessible ir ibis "far oft land," I teel desirous of having tliem Introduced Into till* country, on account ehietly oi a dm e. *e prevailing in tlie prairie mid mountainous portions of ttiij country ? somewhat resembling slra/unury or derange n? nt of the urinary organs. It U u complaint peculiar to tli.s country. As 1 do uot know whether you hive any agencies In any of the Wi stern cities or fown?. f have deemed it beat to a Mn 4 von this note, to Inquire whether (hi* article can be had (ge nuine) i earer than New York. Sly poet oiliee and embarking and debarking place is "Kan ca < t ilj , Jackton county, Mo." Your*, ro?i>?cilully, Aiouao Vou(, Hiw Yor. w'M. WALKER. The foregoing correspondence afi'ord* auch a body of medi ri>l testimony to the Inestimable remdltil properties of a pure Hollsnd gin, a* was probably never before arrayed in print inbehnit of any article In tlie piiHiinsuopo'ia. The Schiedam aromatic schnapps. as admit tea by (he piolcslon? a* proven by an timouni of scientific aud oilier evidence that would form a'library In Itself? t? pieclaely the pure simulant, tonic and diuretic that is required. To the numerous letters and ex'racts from letter* It has been deemed proper to a?d the name* of some live hundred physi c latin w no uae the schnapps, and kindly permit ilie proprietor to refer to them. Tin He names will be lottnd in their appro priate place. It ? ill l e seen that the above extracts, Ac., cover a space of nearly iwo years. Most of the lctte'S, however, were written in reply to a circular Issued in 1863; and in every mstauae where specimen* ha- e been forwarded, they hsve been approved; so that it may be stated, without exaggeration, that lull two thousand physicians are now sucoesaiiilly using tho Mchnappa in their practice In New Knsland, where the Maine liquor law prevail*, the advantage of having such a guaranteed article for remedial purposes, Instead of the impure aplrtta sold by the persons ap pointed under (he liquor law, must be apparnut; and every Irietid ol humanity must hope tha' the suggestion to that efl'eet, in a letter from a well knowu practitioner In Huston, whose remark.- ai e quoted autotig the prccediug extract#, will not be thrown away. It Is bad enough lo give drugged spirit* to the healthy; but to administer them to the sick, is little better than constructive murder. MEDICAL Najlian S. Pike M.J [>._? J alm s A. Auxlcii. M 1> H. R. filed"'. M P..... ...... ltcnjamtn M. Powlc. M. !>.. R. Maker M. !>???? pin Id K. Hull. M. D t'ta.rli * I.. Ki*h, M. P V. kidweil It. I< 11 K. * i.h, M 1).... Jnreph (Hunted, M. D J. C Itol!'* M. P I ll nice \V. Ki>aU'n, M. O ... K. f Meebe, M. U W. N Uiark, M. II I.. II. Smilh. M. I> 11. M. liooth, M- P P. W. M. I' Oliver II. Stoddard, M. p.... Oeorre A. M P W. W Ml; ? '\ M 1) A U. \V?riliii'k'ton> M. ? Fw>t, M l* II h llnrr. M l?. S. I ( : rinyt M P .1 P Smut) V I> Kcwli linker. >1 I' Ar< h bald V nl.b. M. P. . - iHi.rg** RobitiMii. M. P.. ,i r. 1 u M- m. I" V. KllaWoHk. M. P t linn' c? > i.rown M. (' e . Uurrlwn. V . 11 ? .1. H l.oeclie' Mil II. W .i'.li 11. .V I' .1. P Kd.liuil'.r, M. P ... ??? 11. Warner. v. I> Nlbenitak Park. kt. II.... ? \ A U ri^'. I, M P. W Woi cl>r ilc>- y ? 0 It y Maw'U M. .1. H. Ciirr ? M. ? I'. \Vlild..eii, M John Hopkm* M. U . . . ?? r. K. Keller. N l> Win W Proctor, M IK.,... I I . Mrei t. M. II T II. < '? l.rau, M. II ? 1h?. ."'..mmn 1!. P c. .s S. .'ki.ri , M I ? .1 Allen 1 llii en* M. n MP I'i.RC. M. II S W .1(11"'* V I vmuci ii??vii?. si. !? W. .1 < >1. 'I. P M. !luhb?r<l. M. P I nil I. an \lell, M. I' Pi.nlel Pliniiiri'. \IP. Win T Merrill M. P > II Mi* Idier. M. I* John M Berry. M P I ah in Topld!. M. II V WI!?on. M I> Urcelei A. Pbelp*. M. I* ... R T'.i niMin. M H |i |i Mar-li M I) W. A M i' k. V l> ,l?i?e(.|i l%li> n M I'......... S. |l. I nil. ni ne. M. !? kW. Martlet'. to l> AokukIuii K.??. M. I>. .'oli iMMHil, M P Win. A t'bupln. M. I? i.i *i Hiirton, M 1> S H I > <K* M II... U.N Bn*h-M. M P linnii I'll*. M I' .1. V. M>?ee M. I> II. Ilrimia. M. II 1m rtniUi M. 1?.. I Wel.U. M l> ? efil'ralni H?rk?r. M l?. Sumner Pnni?iu, M li \ ;i. W. Jin kn'i. V- I' ,1 II Knii HWnrlh M, l> I n Koiil oni, M. I'- . ? t\'. II. II. lUi'Iii'i "I M. I' K. |in Muter. M " ? 'I In u ?* J. Buretl M II tie... It. Hwle.e. M. H*iti llnnnim. >1 II 1> A ie -under, M I' 'I li> rim* l.err. M. U I mta J?< < -i n, V ?' ??? Win. t ourlnejr. M II K. f. Itlnlwe i. M I. .I n * K-tell. M U I.N. fn??*ilul*. M. II ? ml II It Will M. I .1. Hnekk jr, M ?J H fi?ie>iw> li, M. II \. S T ltd V H II. M. Tnekrr M. I). |\ W Tnt'i*. V H |i?vld llnur. M H I. A Taihi I. M It t'aWin M< v< I.*. M l>. ????? I men II. I'ink.fton M. II. f I'almer. M II. .... ? i orue W t 'In M. H \'r. J, |i. Mali, M. l> .... > H Moore. M P n. Ilateh. M P I . (<reen. M M ?. Rllla. M P ? ?eoifle perli>. M. P. !???? * <'og* M. II J, i..?h furtia. M. P. W. W. Tollman. M P W. Itliike M P .. . John A. Amite**, m P i A n. ?. \ M. P.. I. I'an her. M. P. - ? ? r W. Taipei ter. M P >1 TattaU. M. D... ? . W erfcp. M. P II ? I aiieiaon. M. P M. I' llnt.hli ?on. M. P. |i lletlbetr, MP J. Illll.'Y. M. |l i i .<r)e* U*?tii'. V |l i;,-? ff. ? haml>ei*. M J?inb lineman M P ? ml. J. rem. M P I, A Mnlik. V II tl. t?rant. M |l Mi, ..n Baldwin. H P W IVrniii. M. I Kiliiene Jojr, M. I' H??-ERK\rr.i. . lloiisusa 1'. O , . Ilristol .Will Winated, .Dunham. ? Peep River, .Went KlUinKly, Wcatbrook, ? Wan'h'.nae Point, .Una,.avtlle, . JiertlJ'i ille, ArilM, South t'oveutry, Sherman, ,Se\minir, .PUiarUle. New I^llldon, .Middle lladd'im, . I.eliano i, K llllngaworth, Kllllnsly, Kent ?liireit Cl'y, Bernard, l'?rmin.;1on, .? iur llan n. . KahI 1 1 * ldam, .t'eome-eU, ?'I. "litre, .I'titaao, Itriwiklta. . >t lllmoit Onlre, .Weal Boacawen, Warner, ..^amapel s.inlmrn'oa, . 1'itlefield, Newp, rt. New Ifnttleh Mmiliooboro.i^h, Mllfur I Mapeh. *Uir, X. Matn|i. , l.ym?B. I^.n dot:, terry, I/labon. ? Umpe'er, ..I aekwm. lUmpton, tiroton. .Ureal Falla, .Prewilnai, Kaat i^ninri, . I .tal Jx:)ra>, .I'm er, .Cory dun. .1 lilelie?ier, .Urei.tiai?Kl, . It.k'li. ,U|M, I. 'id low. Wtahall. W tiidhiint. Weal Topaliam, WalertUe, Wallhtiek}, I i ieriklll, Halt tbury, Rlrhiiiodd Monklon. l.uiienl.iirK. I xinil'.nilerrv, iireeii?l>oit>', i,r*i .1 I ale . I* nlrfat K lira nit e hi*! Montpellrr, .OaTtahiuy, < liealer i belaea .Meiiaon, I" lain, ? Uo?hen l*fa>ettr t'anal Uin aelll'' ? '..Mimtilan i, . Halt away T oloi>o. . Iiur.ii t'rove, . t oi.f Creek, .'!. tT I'll a-?nt alrr.'t, '.4 Salem ?treei, '4 i nfonl ?ire.^, 31 Ureen atreet. .li KliiL'.ton aireet, May Mreet, I 1 remont ?treet. s-hnl and Province *t. I .1 llanoter atreet 131 II inorer atree-, .Hi Hl?h . In-et, ? li w< ?t air eat. Tllinola. la liana. Ohio, Tenneaaee M. I'aroliiia, ?trginto. Hoa'..n, ,S Ikiyatmi afreet, h Ilarri*on utrott, t Court etr i t. P ? halkam, f) North Knib'h *i, !?i A r i ll atree'. * Wafer *iree', 1^ mbard A 4th W Mnrket ?Ueel M South 4th ?tre"', .?>*7 i^mihard atreai, KnpMML <iit Br.n l aireet. M.i??. PhUadelpMa. Penn We? ?r*. Vnrr a <>wtl, t| i iiiitneM, N. Jenety. F.rHOP?:A^ APVRHTIiiP.MMTS. ISVORM ATION rt>R AMKKKAN T * A V LI.I.KItHUOi N? to fc.irupa.? ___ TtiK itpwr normji Hotel Me wire ParM. Motel dea Pallena Prv Hotel dea Prlneea |v?. f'nu-lda ItniHi.'. kept by M. Vounf IWVt litra Motel tie I' *n*leterre Pranki irk Motel V.der Tar n. Hotel Keder. Hotel de | P'irof.e Plorenea. Motel da *i|le i to be opened la Auaaet) Florence Howl de I Ktolle d't'r Ilonn on the Kh re HoTl-:i,s nut >iii' uuoi) o> Km. All ike hotel* in l.ondna ara bad. Motel de hlvoM P?na lloiel de Hade Do. > Ho-e I dea Trola Ro a ... Raale ?tni?arlan4. Aid many nthera, whlek will be gleea herea/tee. tasw varkwfxu upkcio, wi>r. mfr. haittu ft her Majeaty gueea Victoria. Iat? proprietor id lh??i?on a I., ns a, ihe tir^fon and the lyonilm llot. I* and lb* *..rthana ^un A Tor : teen I'oflee Home. be|t* to lii.orm h.a Ain.rieaa pation* and frirnda tiamng Kn^'an l that J M ta now one of ih' latj.' *t wine m-rrhanu at the We?t Tod of leind. n hating cellar* '.n?V-r J M a rartoaa vrfU* kouaea la Alb- marla atreet and the neighborkood rabIM eWce f# renef al ajea cie* ai d ike wine and apirtt bnonnaa. No. 4|i, corner Maitord and All.einhrle atrerta Plecaditlr. I mnton Heference *n1 bank. ra. Sir I'luiute^eott, Bart., A Oim??aiii. No. 1 Caeca tub Square, l<ondnn. TAMKB MARWMKI.Ut. TK PR^m'-TOR OP IBROT m win'* la. n* a, the ilra/l-.n an.l U.a U.aooti Ilo'eta, and tna Notik aed South American I'ofte* llo-iae . bera i,? ififoini hi* Ano r.eai frlenil* UtaM loan.*! that J. M I* *1111 In ?? ea . it inTTi". k- ?? "?V..ib...i .'dkaaal:.o" -t 1 - ? - ? iv a a, u * A JVZtt J V?? P. ? a. Tbf Nleangu Trwuit Cvmpwij r. MB. eAWI80M'? 0TATBMKNT TO THK PUBLIC. Mmorouiui Bom, Nnr You, Kept, i, Uil. The morning papers publish a bill or complaint kr UM Accessory Transit Company against me, containing charges so grata that I feel impelled thus publicly to notice ih? i. The roundness of tbe sums claimed from me, and the boldness ot the charges would appal me did J Ml know they were untrue. Nearly all the transactions oa which the charges are founded took place anterior to Um lime? some eighteen months ago? when 1 visited New York with my clerk and books, settled all my account*? extending over a period of t?o years ? witn me company, to its enure satisfaction, ana was re-appo>.nted iu agent. 1 arrived last from dun Francisco on tue 1 ttu oi Ja y, since which time 1 have made repealed snorts to aeius my accounts wiih Uie company, but have never beoa able to get even an attempt at a be.tloment an J tae sua mens served a few day* since, and service of tag com plautliast evumug, wore lite tirst iubm&iioas 1 bad uttf the company pretended to havo any claims aguiui m*. It is impossible lor mo to refute, at ibe moment, in ta tail, charges concerning transactions occurring yetrs ago. My means of doing so? persons, bwlu and paper." ? a/ a all iu San Francisco, a circumsuuice wall Known to the authors of the complaint; but in due time 1 snail produce them and will prove to the pubilo that the company <s <a: gcly m my deot for cash advances. ,lhu ad ot uiy ootag its deotor, sud that ibe statements made in me compUuat are false. And an an evidence ot iay desire to armgt ami htltii any differences bet*eeu the ooni|?uy and a / sell, 1 called on the Fresideni thereof, soou uftoi rcseiviag tbe e umuio is, to icarn ihe nature oi the demand! againat me, u.u. receiving no satisiaatory reply 1 tn?u ulerwd m enter in;o bouds with the company, agreeing to submit the accounts to arb'tititmn i0r adjustment, to which 1 aha reci iveit no tatisiactory an- wcr. Tuus the matter reatoa until the complaint was served on nu. i tra act only luliy aoie, but always ready, to respond to any just claim th?i may be presented to me. Fegarding ibe afct>< rti'm that the compauy removjd aa from the position us lt? ageut at dai Kraocouo, 1 have only to remark that it, like other statements in the coa p'uiut, is Ituse My bum expired on the 31st of March. Ihso, anil iinct thai the l iinpauy has made rop^Uoi oilers and overtures to induce mo u> accept t:>e re appala* mi nt as &gcnt in ian Francisco, all oi which I have r# itiaeu, and 1 omy hold the oliuiP awaiting itio arrival of a fcuccensor, who, 1 suppose I, tbe company would appoint, and who 1 cxpect d would arrive at .San Francisco by every steamer up to my departure; and lor refosing te accept their overtures i am douotloss indebted for Ihe vribtnt action againn me. C. K. GAKtUaON. Thi Uroailvt iiy Thcutre. UK MAMSIIALL S ril'A'l EMt.NT TO THK PUBLIC The publicity given, through tbe city pre.m, to l . -? /arte a nd incorrect Jialeu.nt of Messrs. Bowea & m Nuuee, regard it g melr cruel unii reck leas attempt t tstroy the Bruttdw&y tbeatre. cooipols Mr. Marshall. . . >r der to put bimxoil right wiih tuosa of his fellow c?i >.< who may Lot know either or both parties, to tell tfc<- ?? u i ' tate of the case. Be will eudeavar to do this in a/ i?? cuu a maimer as pons: bio, simply glvlne the loading u. ?? of the case. Seme few days prior to the 27th day of May last, wb<* the workmen oi U >wcn & McNameo were making pr paraiiOLS for shoring up tbe south ws.!l of tho theatre. ?? interview was had with one of the contractors, when h?? explained the manner in which he proposed to do t *4 work. He was told tLat he could not be permuted L> <>? It in the suancor proposed, lor the inevitable coasarju. ioe would be to breakup thobu?.oeis tberuin coi dm-iad, and deprive Mr. Mart hall or tbe benefit of any luetatoe cut uucy of the building. On the S7th ol May Mr. Marshall received a not. froee Bowcn & McNaniee which, after referring to a pr-v. ? .? kftcr from their architect, o IT .rod to chore up the wv . .v thilr own exoeiuc T<> this letter Mr. Marshall retM.tnl, under datu of June 4, tinting tb > result oi the inu.. vow wuh the contractor, acd tbo ctlect of doing tho wo* it la th<- manner proponul, au.l at the same time expre??ed ha w ilungr.c-i to co 2^ ply wit t? any pr'\?o*t i<m that indicated r. rtaacnsbie re ard Tor his interests, as W"l! as tbo convenience of Meters. Howen & McXaukee After varinu* le'ter* cu boil. ?ldtt,an Interview too*, place hi twun Mi M< >aoie<' and toe sgeut of Mr. Marshall, at tbe theatre The pretuu s were examined, tue eiteal of U-J'iiy whicis M WkraLu.l would suH'i* wui cxpiaiaed. ? ii ' t tho mauner in which the *r%ll cou.d be pr.'toried witnout expound b.m M such injury was puiut<*d out, and ltc< use to do it In such manner waj Riven Mr. HcStinw tlieu exprcy.nsd ? tiotire to receive *? statement of the da mages whtcn w>. Jit r'-suii to Mr M during the i>e. iod it wis supposed would be required to do the work. Mr. Maifcbal'. iniinnuiately aftor furniKhed such state ttenf, in which lie *i!t>ply enumerate! tbe actual expea k?a, without sny < liaigc fur iuu>rrupt.<n of business or loss ol profits. Ti> ttua tat euient uc reply was ev<vr re ceived tiom It. k MeN., except a verba! answer to tho ?'fleet thiit itiry woulf! i'<>) {?'.> a ceut. Thu ?u followed up by tbn note of .he ttMh oi Juan, referred to as follows, in Mersrs. ltowen k McNarue*'* published statement ? < in the 2Mh of June Messrs. U. .1 MeN. fare Mr M-u-ili ill Potlre (list aa lie bad refused the mwn^rr lleenan fii j U<? id ev|u'( him i? uphold the walla ef ttietheatrs. and that ili. j alionld uot be r< k|ion?iblc tor the result i! lie did n H. 1o tl Is Mr. Marshall made the following reply ? St * Yots, June t Mi. Mesial liows> A Vi Xsmik UnsTtaam? Ihe lireuw pec eras ry lo saable ?ou toio h inr down into the eaMli i a >ou uvty i hmw ?li.u_'?i.|? o4 and i nder Ike aonih w.-tll of tbi Krtiai'ws) theatre nas l>ee<i al ? eailv rl>ei. you, an far as I lia.i the |>ow?-r to give u. It _ ucw in n.e thai ton e'aun In the rxer< 1st of thH ihe prlrtlafte ofootouly clnalng up my lni?inea? i which >??? luars airea-ly do?H'i, bat to order the txopiei iitof mjr |'r?ii.?e?, pi ep?nti<> I V In iiioihituK Ihe !>u .ldini; <1< hd by rmliiiinf it. which >ou ileliberate'y thresu n to do I' is uturue thai 1 liare re lur. d any proper licence lo )'m lo !.?? up aad luaia lain the wb|| *t? t! re, .ten tn overthrow Yen you *lo no' Sanaa lo bo re?pon*ole .or the retuR nt roar tin ? iu tamable threat, aa the reaji| of it may !'?? n?.i onlv to endanger luimo. but life, la lhu< rterei*> of ? pi etended ri*LI I wlah vou to kUnder?t.inii an i I lier-Uy (tire yon Bobea i hat If aay ? ueh rt-u'.t Kli^ii happen, I shall Howl .vci er m;nslly ii well eivlllT n ansaWi le l|uv>->.t lo b'uni whether rottr wealth i' lo furn.ah vou s pi.iteetaia w hu h the law bttaerto haa not thrown around ihe leaa proa | I have co.:. -ded lo you all thai tho law warrants, and point ed aut to you li'.a U.e wall < ?n he supported by im, WMhont danger to any one and furnished yon n'li a ; imM ibo re?r<m?il le bu'tder. w ho wil. do the work and ftiara'tee iu perfeei auceees wMwmt Ihe oulr.i eeoua enrroaclimeuli u)>na ni? nithts whteU you m 'o de?.r<'i and hee.i.i.e vou ill uk It a litlle ' |i i t?sl? a lo do It, to ?aw >our .lollara in'eti.t lo rlak liumaa Hie la ? mir iitih'l* i tlort fur Iter u> luiureaie. I mwi eoateattny aell wllh this notion, and hold you lo the dre adful pe.ia.iiee f our thtrata ?lll trn;><> e il hi. ? III' fhotlld bo ?*? rtfl. ed. wb>i h tusy lie iii. mii eortsb.l) avotdi .1 in t'i" msnner I liavc aiiK^eat e.l. iiy Ute na. of proper ni> ana. Itespccttully youts. K V. M Mif'IAI-r., Iiy H Mli Mill. Agent. lo th< ir pu'.n- fie! ?ui.-mcot, lleurg fit wen and Mo Nature n,.#ert tbat Mr. Trimble '? rwluiod t > ?'.i th ? lob" i f sup^or^ing the wall spoa the ptu sugg.Mt ?d by Mr. Mar ball ard * dee ted Inst ha hat offered Mr Ma ahaif tod" it." This part of ihs Materrxnt altnpiy ra ies a point i f vemi ity he'.weee ihe pe-tice, whir.u the fflJWia( note Inu Mr. Ii mhle may tliio# soain at-ui ,- : gbt t)|oe ? Ntrw Yo:i?. Jnpt S, KW Mr K. A. M?r>?riti -fVir Mr ? la teplv ISMr MM M ili, a day. I lie* to ?atr tl.a In lh?- early t arl id Jun ? l??i yoi.r linilbei called upon ine in reta i in la tha heat mode <>! ahorinc up and iihderpiuiiir ji the W'tiih wall of tlie kli..a*iwa* timin, and also dune.! to kp'>w If K w aa aere??nrj to tn-eii need e?, wh> n 1 Mati il in liln. Unl the aafait nnwte of dorny it waahr ?he use of bmlraoMe presaea, Intro 'wine srsmie mltitniw >a aeetiona of nl.iur eij;hl fe?t s.'art. and that Itiw wtll:n( to na dertake llw joh and iruaran-er ita ra.reaa. an. I give em. t aeeii ti'v f< r the pertnr i.ianee .?! my ei.nlraet f ?ubae?)iieMlr had ?everal Inicrvlewii with Howe* A Me. >Umee. and arree-1 to do it hut ??t'.?e.| ieut|y .ti^-nvei n/ >.? ident dlKpoallloa to trmhle !h? Mi.'lnf down. I re*... *ed. hy h> ?.i\lee?>f my me. via and eOMaaei M bate t.odiln- to 4a wilh H. si I wan unwilling le have avy hard came I raptitai.nw aacrlrleed to malta-e. (Mgaed) J, M. TRIM Hi K. A* an ev i !? noo of the corr- .-tr.*! tnd (a ro"- . (/ Mr. Marshall's proposition, the following statement of wstl ktown reepon-cble s'.d espei lenced architects, civ-1 ameers and bal'.ders, is anaeied ? > tw Toaa. .1 one SI. w?. K A M ? tearP.r At the i equest of <ouraseiu, Mr f S Marahaii, we lave avimined tl.e a?nth*rH wall of ihe Itrna t wa? the* 're al.,arent tn tbe p r ? tntae * * f Measra. Itowen A Mr^uar* M > ar??ti ft> n or that th<- ?a>d wall can wnh perfect safety, > . >111 p. rtej ?e t hi ??. ted w nh. ut the n?e of needle# or ntaa lea bote* through th< wall an.l vrtth"Ot ucerrui'tiag or Intee lent g with vour heatnese e*rrtrd on in the theatre TIIOMaH UaVKY. Arehneet and Builder. n. R Tvnt tiY.flvtl Rniila^v J M. TRIMltt.K, an.l Bin der. IWO Ii HttiXIK. Arehiteet ADIUHtlff >l.ii?.R, Htillder. for ohvkma rraim*? U.e pnacljal one of whlrd Ii brevity ? 1 shall ant refer to other Issue* ard evldeac^ lefevrtag fo thwi case, as they will all daly appear la the coerse of tlKie, preferring lo give this atoijde state, tnent la reply to trio nv??tatenient of Ihe lea ting <arta heretofore published. Witb tlila, aioae, Mr. Marsaall le willing ft<r tbe pr*eent to subant lbs <aie to the jwdg meat of public t>}4alon. A>Tot>* Rsrai a Rtivrt ?If ever Nlblo's beantlfal house iheuld be fitted lo overflowlnn 'I certain ly o igbt le b? this evening, when the renowned Antoiae Havel taaea his hcceflt. fir twenty five yeare Ravel has ront a >?d to amuse aad aetotilaB large audleneee. Bl* admirers na tbia coetiaeet a>ay be counted by miUlona, aad tbe sis*. pie mentioo of his name awakens memories of m*rrt meat aad fMa, ani hair breadth eeeapea aad arc ideate that would be <Mal to all other human hetnga, but are to biei e*re every day occsrrt tires. We hare seen him i row tied, bakt i In an ovee, swallowed br the sea nerpeat Gstleaed tmder a aiillstone, blown into the air? nay, area levered limb from limb and hia JUMntol m<>nn?i scat trt< d to the four quarter* of the earth, yet he stepe fttrtb e* pMiy s? ever lo play new tricks and enari fr-an ders. r.y way ol novelty Antaine Havel will appear ta> n?Rht In six eharai tera. a three of whieh h? ^|<ee%< a Kttglleh He will perform the wondro .a Wh-ie Ku sll *!.o. and be a-eisted by M'lle Robert, Y< un? lleij t ia hi other Jerome, tbe MaraeUi*. and every a' Hut a le troupe. raiKsntaa *v rr?a A AMBT^th* aeeot- ? n> . # Of llearf tT will lak? p^aee |^ r -ht >t ?' with Uii tame>t rs?' u -?i . . , oi pi hbi&ci t Htt'fi fi'fht tv k.. .ttsitet iu.? . ?