Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1856 Page 3
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VEBTllMEIfTS BENEWED EFEET DAT, ?AliKS At' AUtrritM. FRED BRAGG, AUCTIONEER -A BRAGG A <'0. fill sell at auction, on Tuesdav, Hept. V. at iOS A M a salesroom ,13 Cortlandt street, a luriie lot of hoots, almost ui' A< To be sold on account of whom it may conccrn BIAN H. MCLLER. AUCTIONEER-MANH ATT A W ville ? Positive mortgage sale ?ADR' \N I! Ml'liLKR icli at auction 011 Thursdsy, Sept. U. at 1.! o'clock, at th? liants' Kxchsnge, by order of Horatio Ungert, referee, lory frauie bouse mid store on the nor'herlv side on Man a suee.t, between lenth avenue and Broadway, suitable butcher or grocer. Lot SSxllJO. CTION NOlirK ? CROCKERY, GLASS A NO CHINA, by J. S. 11 HAUTLETT, Auctioneer. ? Tuesday. Sept 9. o'clock, ?' SHI Pearl street, from the shelves, 5ii crates of id* w. g blue a-nl common warn, 2i?i pkgs. class ware, sli and French chlua, Britarui* ware, Ac.; ssle positive, CI ION NOTICE.? 'PER EM 1'TOR f BALE OF HOU8K bold luroliure large French plat" mirrors. pianofortes. t? Ac ? saMI'EI. OSGOOD A CO. auctioneer*, will t ?1 Mass in street, this morning (Tuendayi, at 10 A M , 3ie ^collection of cabinet furniture (custom mam-), slug several richlv finished rrsewood parlor Mllltl, pun, wanliobcs, solid oak anil rich decorated tunalN her i> ints marble top dreaalng bureau* and Waslut&nda ; le top centre tables, extent on laflei, sufss sola bed 4; parlor chairs, riK'kinij chairs, card lables. several ?h plate! pitr, mantel and oval mirror*, oil paintings, Also u quantity of second band household furniture, ery.'kiu li 'ti utensils, carpel*, matting, Ac. CTION NOTICK? GOODS CAME TO ISE BOLD.? 1 1 N 18 MOP R( I.I,, auctioneer, will sell this morning, a', clock, i>! 79 Nassau street, by catalogue a l ug - variety isetiold nud otlier property, that ram be turned into cash lorning For description examine catalogue (outline) iture for entire bousea, desks Ac., fur counting houses; ewetry, china, bantings. Havana, Ac. segars; bedding, romlscttous goods Ac., Ac. N. IS. ? Shippers will receive ailention in packing. Ac. ITIOK NOTICE ? M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, Will sell this iluy. at 10K o'olock. at 21 Centre street, by ol tin' mortgagee, elegant household furniture, post from ye?terunj on account of ihe storm, viz. rosewood u brocatel bookcai-e*, with a general assortment of good ?. dining room and library furniture; several tapestry Ingrain carpels, china, cutlery, crockery, Ac Sole raiii tie. K. .'ENN1NUS, per Attorney "lor Mortgagee. rrriotj notice? thos. bell, auctioneer? by ISKM. A Bl'SII ? This day. at 10X o'clock, In the sale , 12 North William street, will be sold a lot of go id fur , paintings engravings, Ac.; china, glass and crockery splendid patent cradle, a superior cabinet workbench Irews, clamps Ac : groceries, prunes, aegars, Ac. At pck will be sold the mortgage stork of a watchmaker and er, part of which was sold on Monday. The balance not. in crnaequcuce of sickness, be arranged in time. |ulstn were in Monday's Herald. Sale positive. Ition notice? groceries AND liquors ?a. i. CRlbTALAR, auctioneer, 2.3 Bowery, will sen on Hsdav 1Mb Inst . at It o'clock. a large lot of brandies, |Janiatrs and Santa Cruz rum. gin and segars, claret, syrup, brandy cherries, sardtnea, pickles, Has' India y'runi, Hour marraronl, herrings, soap. Ac., Ac.; to with u large lot of liquors, in bond, Ac., Ac. Also, one JTICN KAI.E AT NEW YORK? TATTERS ALL'fl, Irner of t-ixth svenue and 1 hirty ninth street.? This day, clock, oue cream colored mare, one brown horse, one horse, can trot a inne in 3 minutes, anil oue long tailed lue, wagons, harness, blankets, ha ters. Ac. I (1KOKUK CLK.MONS, Proprietor. |bt Pai.ii??, Salesman Ition S.M.K? SPLENDID KtlSEWOOn KCRNI p'ano fortes, pier glass, oarlan statuary, Dresden line oil painting*. Au.? llKNKV T. LEEDS, auctioneer, 11 this day, Sept. 9. at In'j o'clock, ut No. 70 West sixth street, all the l'oautilul furniture In the house, hich is of the richest description, and made to or ler ate u-e. and is positively to oe sold, viz : one splendid lictave piano, tosewood frame, and a pej-fect Instrument; tea of rosewood parlor furniture in plush, do. one in ! marble fop etegeres, plate glass door* and h ick do. ; etegeres black and guid marble top ceutre, side and |j|e?, in rosewood and mahogany, lace window cur lib cornices; large French plate pier glass, cost painted window shades, tapestry, Brussels carpets, and ormo'u 2s day clock ; pari an marble statuary ? iuardnm Angel," "Italian <<irl," " Cupid," '? Mary," aviour.'' Ac , splendid Dresden china vases and orua several nr.srnlticent oil palntingl. Dining nmin fitrui osewood extension table, cost T'.i) ; i i laid table cut jrench chlua tea and dessert seta, richly decorated all * and cut glass, crockery, Ac ISsdroom furniture? |xslai.d in. tin '[*.? uy bedatead*. do. bureaus ami rlth marble tops; hair mattresses, straw |ia!liaises. attt es-cs sofa bed* and sofas, in ihngany aariug seat bane seat do., It srain carpets, oilcloihs, siflr carpets lis Ar Ac Catalogues at sale. Bale rain or thine, fenue < i sand stages pass the door. I OK NALK of SPLENDID JEWELRY, AT NEW N. J ? SAMl'KI. OSI i ()( )1) ,fc I'D., auctioneers, store ustieet. will *ell, on Thursday and Friday, Sept. 11 ach day ut 10,', o'clock, by order if the a'slgnee, the of stcre No. '??1 Binad street (opposite the square), ? , New .Jersey? upwards of twe:ve thousand dolWrs |f -pie did jewelry (the lines! everolfered at auction in I comprising gold and sliver watches, eighteen carat elry of the iinest kind. Also, one jeweller's safe, mude ing cost Jaoj; one silver mounted* case, is feet e (me egulutor, t?? allver li umpeis for llremeu. hOW NOTICE.? H. WIIJ40N, AUCTIONEER. - < ry sale ? To morrow (Wednesday) morning, at lo' ; |the entire contents of the grocery store corner of Bank sr'h streets consisting of teas, sugar, coflee. flour. so .p candles. hr.MMns, brushes, otaid brandy in |d bellies. stoTe*. tc? box. scales, wei .'h s, MMM jtMH Ac.; ulso an excellent grocer's wagon, near Itogeiiier w r.ii horse and harness. Sale positive. |lON .-tie ?PEED Jk C-.I.K WILL SELL IT Al'l' on Ti,e?lay. Sei>t 1) a' lito clix k A. M., at Fulton p. .v ? ? 'U the - sm .1 . pse , of Island rear- old in kiss] order, about aeven lous: sills, n go*! condition. She is a good sea boat, a fast I d ?M'i d make a goo pleasure or market boat. Can kt I i ' n mirket slip, New fork, at any lime, upo i i n lo ihe w lu.r'ui .er, at the < lllce on the lock. bWA:tD SCIIKNCK A < o.. 33 NASSAC KTREKT? |li-i sls> . I ? i II. nt . 1 j o'clo a Op. III! -ale ill S . wi " ? *111 1 . '..MS. ? !?_ rs. ,". I' I the tr.1 le A la* ce and weii mm cted -k of variou* brands |u ,cs , in cases, casks and demijohns, suitable for fa Dtel.- ..nd'1.' drug tr?de. 'I i v, n igeau. a-id "tiiers, J tirs ci..i ? wines, Ac , will I ml tills i g ->d opportu arcliase. Full pait culars tomorrow. I'nder $JU0, ? .a sati-lactory endorsed notes. (M:> CHINA AND CLAPS -J. .?. WALDROX, ?m-ei -H. O. EVAN# wi 1 r-ell on Tuesday, Sept. i?, n/, a. N.i. C Libert v st.eei fro:.! l!ie ?hel> es. u. ,ots (ill , wutineiit id Mb. ? gra'.lte, light b ue and coin e I" I iw ii ml list china tea sets. va.-c- m"tto oof ? War*, plated ware, tea trays, Ac.. Ac. Goods re u ;<?? ' -, b>r slitpplug. HOT Oil, Al CTIOXKKR.-llOCSEIIOU) FlTRNt e of tliH mo?t magnificent JcarripUou, roaewooi e. row wood bookcoaea. rnaewood mute*. oil palnt ? Scv re* porcelain and I>re?len chloaware, Tiuaon 'a Irpet renleular attention dlrectrl 10 tbU ^ale of ??tig ?!'. i early new. in eicollettf order and wiihel ?lanird which wl'.l take pUu-a tin* Ttieaday morning, tr at Hi*. o'clock p eclaely, at the prlraie reat i. ;'|h W'e*t Twent) third atrcet. Mar Kkhlli avenue, laloc ?e "ill be found two negaUlcent mcKiwI p?r i <w7 and 14 piece*, with ea*> . spring and lwli>a fancy i chair* Para Imported bookcaae*. with *eorct draw wool round cornered 7 octave piaooAMe, elegantly d ml*. 1 with "pearl, whieh lor volume, power and ? of torn- la unatirpa^aed a very gi cut i arl*ty of ele w>od papier nuicbe and pear! I il.ild tahlea, deaka, crk MU'Ik .1 c Ac Al*<>. ?| leiulld marble top eon >. large lic?\lly framed pier ami oval mirror*, hea roared lace curtain*; arvrrhl very beautiful m*e irrca wltli *iatuiir> niarl>l? bipa; almut **1 yard* of i royal velvet and IiuhnM Bruaaele carpeting, the on n'f B. N. 1 Inaon, of llroadw ay: a very taateful va triri jiorcelaln va*e* bt?|U? representation* daaalc :v . imported by Mr. Pcttlnaud; aplendld bronzoaod loci. ? tnn**ive rn?ewond wliwaw table; ?oIld ina Inoi ; a ad tea do.; French china white and gold com ECt net. four tea let*; two *plendld allver ?ervl<-ea. b A 8ro* Cta nip: line rrjuUI nod colored cut* '(jiut ca?U'r?. pMCbcra, fork* and *poona, Irorjr cut I -nrvr. od and maliiiK*ny heavily r*TTe?l be.|*.eada, ?*?? wf.?b?'and?, commode*. Ac , In both ro*e wood flllT, t r bve aria of rooiaa, French colli t lotl?t aet?. re*#*? blanket*, coualerpanee, pillow*. mahogany ira. ?< fa and (Mln-r tables, mirrnra. Ac Alan, one Of ? patent oecretary be<'?teiid?. Alan, nne of Uie lection of painting* In till* citv. For a diwcrtpllon. ar ti?ta Ac . aee ?atal"gue. Kale poatllve. liooda Ckcd OB ibr premise*. K B FFAXKLIN, Ari'TlONRRR.? 8AI.B f?F ?t-K-kot areooil hud an I new cabinet male fur i~r furnUhlng article* .arret*. rn rrara. ac.? To Wedrve*(lav morning, at l'i>, o clock, at the *nle? ranlilo. Wlcliol* A Co . 'ft Maaaan ?trerl, new Kill mploiy aale of ?ecof.d haad fut?llW, amiable fur ie<lr' -eni library and dining r><otna al?o carpet#, aili'tngn. cblna and glaae ware lahl" cil'lerr. ailver ic, A< alan. to clow con?linrr.en'? upon wldcb ad i?e be?o made, several sulta of *il:d carved roa? 4m ,:any, oak and walnut parlor furniture, covered n?tMi hr* *i?l, rich all* plurh. hairciotb and me p?; pa'lor MM, iNtM mttimana, aria, rocking r!ialr? centre, eard. pier, and fancy work tablea; d aecretart tookawM, lndle?' e?crito*rr?, aecretary rti-.i'iiit room, uphnlatared ?olld oak and caae t'etwlnn tabic* akMotNi, hook aianda. corner IM a?oo>, chamber aul'e* of rn?awo>l. ma'tocaiiy, I ci ant' l>d; bedateaca, plain an I dra**'n( bureau*, I*, towel rack*, tolle- ware, mlrpora, oil paint im*. * clock*. French China va*c< an.1 rltaa ware, table ho Kie whole compi'*i?g * collection of furniture, leVim oll'red at auction, and laworthvtbe alien *er? ,N It ?flood* accuralr packed forahlpmcnt ?able charge. ? rHK UKRCK. Ai rTIOKKRR _ R. aCttlNCKA ?i l aell al auction, tbU dir. at I o'clock, a' their ? i,t \*?M'i atreet. a very line jet bl wk Shetland Mi.d* hUa. a beao'ifnl animal, an l entlrcl; aalc tar ?hi '.i; been iiaed the pa <t Namtr by a little gin 4 Be nnd by her ridden 8 to 1^! mile* at a 'Im*, entirely BccWnt *nil now aold for n > fault but for want of K*etalc*rii ge*. Ituht lop and road wagon* T P PiVAtlR. ACCTIONKKR ? 1'KR EMPTOR Y f < pi >tne lot of -uaara, white rcllued, lighl brown t> a* st cen awl Ml tk. In cfceota and half che*t?; if' tailoii* brand*, br.mdv, In plpca. hail |dpc*. nd et?h ha. C**ea aid demiiobni. wine* in eaik*, and ' a.e* .Vfl.tHt Witara. lo ir *ewlna m ichlne* In -I,. 'nc anmcii ii i i'i , I * on Wednee-lay, 1 BA<il>FT A HAN \IJK, *2 I -dar Mreet H HURT*, .IB . ACCTIOKRRB-WII.I. OFFRB ? ? ti I >ii *dav. ^epi !?. at 1H' , o'clock, a' the **lea I'lne tfreet, lopa' BdrOMea, M paeheiatfd i .t?": coffee ;n rhf't black %tI ereen tea*, III i* ;o eli 'i'ii caeka Vandr, I 3 ca*e* cli.'-m ill an i i, Ac . together wii'i .i *? neral a"aortm?nt of ? ?a a . i ,i , ioi , \ ' i I.' i th i j hi I 'ne Hav m i an! 'able for tlie *'? ithetn and %'??*? 'tn tr i Ic. c|!~ Al'< TTf?jrRT'n.-itV II II 1 RRIW A CO. ? ??( -C,it <1 ivt 12 o ? c?t Rt Hie alor# No Jt .'?*.: n I :d c 1 - '? II ' I pi W.f 1 ? I ti n by Firth, I'ond A t'o ; h?* three pedal*, ? c ?'#!?!. w rntntec of pi ?ilty can '>e o') lr? t iri ra ihe mahet \rr MfTlOM \t iTl K t.VO R VAX \X R ' s < iirtli ? niar i-iil lr?d* *al ot hv lira e n v ana Herman ro?'? ,ilao I5.C?I I'm caa' nt^tl, * ?? I Ire* ?c . will lake olace o<( i nrfd iy. k, at lift Pearl s'r. ci Invoice* vr ill be In ^Ecatalogwe, If *cnt by 13 on Wailneailav. pt. Apt "TIOBCTB? it n. IIOOABT.? 1 lllf * aa an' i on ri>om. rorn??r of f i\ W ill am n -m nil lot nf botmphol'l fnmt I 'ateada. gfpow, .<tc ; *i?o a lot of crocherv and niao t ??atabl*'a aale aniall lot of i loth* and caa*i JAMK.4 ul, ash. t'o notable. tin, AI'4^ -TIONFKB -Born A HTI.I, WM.I, lay. at lo'j o'clock, at the J wr liiar botiae In Fifth <or from W"fMl "H'n *treei. willlama^arg. eleeaat pet loaewoed piano, rich rrllt mirror, rl'-'i' w i|nu c . Ac. Fate wlthont reaerre. Terma caah T. ArCTl'lBFFB -STOi'K OF STOVRi TfX wood nnd willow ware fftrnl*l,ln? ronlaand ? tht* da*. Fetvemher t, rl ten ?Vlock it ?t'eet near avenue l> aWi tlie leiae and Hxturea *">1* tfnulrtd al (he timcol iale. bAJLKM AT AVOTIOS. CIROTEEY ANO LIQUOR STORK AUCTION -TO j Borrow. 10 o'clock, u? premises stock and fixtures of store, 192 avenue II near Twelfth street, comprising teas, coffee, soap, candles, spices, liquors, segars, tobacco. Ue posits i euuiied ' ' WELLINGTON A. CARTER. Auationeer, MORTGAGE and EXECUTION RALE.? J. W SOMER IMiVKK, auctioneer, by virtue of a chattel mortgage and eiccut;uu. will sell this day, Kepi. 9, at IDS, o'clock, iu the forenoon, at 75 Mass in stieet, thestock and fixtures of a sta tionery store. JOHN K. FaRKINUTON. CousUble. Mil. BUlLHt AUCTIONEER.? PUBLIC A DM IN IS . trator'H saie, on Wednesday, September It), at It) o'clock at 6S8 Pearl street, (second lloor,) the effects of Joseph l.yon, Elizabeth Mslier. 8 N Binge, John Saline, and other Intestates, consisting of ladies' splendid wearing apparel, men's clothing, books, tools, revolvers, opera glass, segars, trunks, watches, jewolrv. Ac. Also, a complete set of daguer reotype sppara'ns. frames, Ac. PET hit it. SWEENY, Public Administrator. POSITIVE AND ABSOLUTE HALE-BY ORDER OF Amos bobbins. Esq .assignee, and C. A. Sparks, Esq,, attorney for the mortgagees, of the furniture of the 1'ierrepont, Brooklyn.? PEED A COLE, auc Uonecrs, will sell at auction on Wednesday, September 10, lu5ti at 12 o'clock at noon, on the premises, corner or Hick,* street nnd Montague place, ail the elegant furniture of this tirst class hotel. In one parcel. 1 he house has been built and Ivrnlshed within two year* in modern style with everything necessary for carrylt g on the business, the furniture costing upward* of $it), mil). The locaUan is unrivalled, being ou hrt oklyn Heights, souimaudi*g _atee view of tiie harbor a.i 1 tiay. Hiid within ten iiiiiuites oi Warn street, and is the best situation in New York or its vicinity f>r a ftmily hotel for gen tlcttien doing busii,L\-sin the city. The hotel is well established, ,iud is now doing n good business, und needs but an en l*>rp ru ing mun to makt it one ol tho tirst in the country . 'i'< n rer cent of the purchase money to be paid at time an d plac ? ol ssle balance iu let days. Possession given on payment oi par chase money. For further particular Inquire of J "no-, t Burns I- i . , o u the premises; Amns Rooblns, Esq , at ?? ignee. Fullon market, N. Y.. or Peed A <:?le. auctioneers, 14S Fulton street, Brooklyn, oi whom a full catalogue of the fUl nituie. Ac., fou tx obtained. PAWNBROKER'S BALE.? W X. LEWIS. WILL SELL, this day at 188 Bowery, ttp aHln, by order of W. A it Hlmpton, a "quantity of unredeemed pledges, consisting of ? omen's wearing uppsrel a'so blankets, quilts, boots, shoes, Ac. Sale to commence atj't o'clock, a. if. RUFSELI. W. WKSTCOTT, AUCTIONEER ? SPLENDID tirst class household furniture, elegant chandeliers, gas fixtures. Ac, at auctioo. at the residence 152 West Twenty first street, near Seventh avenue.- It W. WESTCOTT will fell on Wednesday, JSeptember 10, r.t 10'., o'clock, the entire magnificent parlor, dining room library and clumber furniture of the above house, all of which was made to order i>y our best makers, and furnished throughout live mouths ago. The saie will be porltive and without reserve. Des eriptive catalogues can be obtained at liiM Broadway. Lear Maiden lane, or at the house. The furniture consists in part of rich velvet and tapestry carpets, three elegant suit* of solid rosewood parlor furniture, richly carved, covered in satin, brocade and moqiu t, with slip covers, all made by Boshea; two ruperb rosewood marble top etegeres with French plate ronU, elegant rosewood secretary and library bookcases, oval mirror fronts : one valuable pearl inlaid rosewood pianoforte, seven octave, used but Ave mouths, with satin strol nnd embroidered rover; marble top music cabinet, with mirror fronts, mosaic and statuary top ; rosewood centre and pltr tables; tliree large and elegant pltr mirrors, size > x UN), with slabs and brackets; mantel do ; rosewood Turkish auil reception chaalrs. in satin and tapestry; mantel clocks, in ormttlo; costly marble and china vases, statuary, Ac., with a large vurlety of unique parlor or nsments. a collection of valuable paintings, foreign and home scenery, rural and architectural pieces, Ac . including a mag nificent Madonna; four splendid chandeliers, with all the gas fixtures in the house; superior rosewood bedsteads, mar b e top bureaus was'nstands and commodes, all made to match; eighteen elegant hair mattresses, beds. Ao,; rosewood wsrdmbes. tele t t?i?i. sofas, arm and invalid chairs, oval mirrors, superb mahogany extension table, sixteen feet, with a large variety of rich ruby and chrvstal cut glass ware, all to match; china dinner set. 186 pieces; River and ivorv cut lery, French aim ami cottage chairs, English oilcloth, eh gant marble ball stand, Ac , with three rooms in mahogans of the Lest description: also ihe basement furniture and cnli nary department, witli which the sale will commence. Kverv article in the house will be sold without reserve, and a cash deposit required of all purcha-ers, the goods to be removed immediately after Uie sale. (SHERIFF'S SALE.? THIS DAY, SEPT. 9, AT 11 A M. 1.7 Third avenue, between Forty seventh and Forty eighth streets, a quantity of lumber and boards, suittb'e for a car Hate maker. Also, second hand wagons, sulk.e* and carts; tools for wool iron workeas. ami a lot of paints and var nish, Ac , Ac. JOHN WILSON, Deputy SherltT. rp C. HOUOnTON. AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL. ON I . Wednesday aa<; Thursday of tins week, a' lul, o'clock each day, on the two floors of sales rooms. 113 Nassau street, a large and splendid assortment of rosewood, mahogany, walnut and oak furniture, pianofortes. French pia'e mirrors, oil paintings, rut glass, china and silver ware, table cutlery, .'c , being consignments tiom some of the principal mauufac turcrs mi this cliy, on w hich 1 have male cash advances aud will l>e sold without n sci \ e, by catalogue, which is now rea dy. Every facility will tie oil'ered to purchasers for boxing and shipping. Iu this sale will l e found one of the largest and best collections ever offered st auction in this city, on sibling in )' in ot six superior toned aud 7 octave' oiano fort< s made by l.indem inn A Son. Hsynes Bros . Van Winkle en I others, w hich w;ll be sold with the manufacturers' war rantees; elrgsnt I'rench piste pier, mantel and oval mirrors; fine od paintings, in rich gold gilt frames, anions wbieh a-e some beautiful landscapes by < oates Itoese and other artists; splendidly carved solid io?e ?ood parlor suits iu French s.itln brecatel, plusl and haircloth: ricnly carved etogeros, French secretaries, ewrliotres. bookcases, music cabinets, what: ot* finely curved centre side and sol's tables, with Italian marble tops very superior rosewood bedstead*, carved on tiia solid wood, made by Msrks-a splendid in ticle; do do mahogany bimI w alrut solid o.>k chamber sets enamelled an. of every variety of vie and finish; msrbfr top bureaus, washstantH Mid inn.rno fes war.lrobes. custom made; extension dlnimr tables oak nn l waltitt* side' oar I - il nlugreoni chairs sol'a) t s teles louugrs armchairs, hair mattrimcs, palllassoe, ,vc ic. 1 ".NOMAS VEITCII. AUCTIONEER. STOHE NO lfl Spruce street.? Will be ?oid at public auction, on Wed negi'fcy. Si pi. 10, I '.Vi. at 12 M.. at Urnengo nt.*Hlm?ttson's yanl. all the tight, title and Interest oi the accessor- Transit t''rupa' v ol .N caragtta, which they had on the tirst day of July. or at any i!me alter wauls, subject to existing war ?ani? of attachment :i n?> bunds received pr or to said tirst ? ay of 'u!v ]-!i\ ol in at. I to the st< Nor'hern l.lvtht. her englB' s, untie ?, machinery, tsckie furniture sp I arel. A' J as. C. WILI.ET, Shcrid Thomas ykh h auctioneer, stoke *0 is Sfirute s'n ^t ? M eritl < ?ile of lt lli|Uors se tars. Ac., this d I.V ,'l tics lari, Sept. 9, IKM at II) A M . at 01 r ulton stn-et, eo -l?uig of teas i >igar< rotfee* slices. Hour . a i>. i un 1' s. Ua.c h, ac ; a'<o a geueial ass^rtaent of linuors, segaig, Ac a! o t'xmres of stoi e ,H'lU T STKVV \RT. Deputy Sh.'rtlT. Thomas veitch auctioneer, store no. ib Spruce sire t -Mortgage sale of the contents ofablll'ard aaVor. Ac .this day iTuesdsyi. rein. I'. !???( at l?)lj A M at ."?? Hnsiisay, m-lstlaa of four billiard tabies and appiu , !..nces: .il?o laliles, ilialrs. refrigerators, oil paiu i'^s. < ouiitcts, Ac. C'llARi.KS F. WATT*. Attorney for Mor WS MFI.l.OR Al'n !ONKFR ? CIII\E.aK RFD ? *t<%d. elalairately fair* I. walnut uUqai 1 i>rary table ?*t $28". 15 i.iHcwool p trior lull chaira. In rieli r i"erli>c?. ,VK) l>oti!e? of Cordial braudy Utter* aecoiid baud houeehotd furnl ? arpeta. miinir> kl!rheu furniture, <itl clolln Ac at ?act Mm. ;h.? day tlueada) . at the *ale*rouui, Id aud 1ft I'.irk row. Tli- trnoe particular y invited. Tir R MF.LI.OR. Al'CTIOXKfil -MORTtlAUK 8AI.E wf .of IfepM cabinet iurnlture, thi* d?v Tneedav. Sep! nt I"*, o'ci.iek, at ( 1.1 and 14 Park row, oppoalle the A*tor nous, hems the atock of a fir *t data c? >tnet manttfac turcr, removed to the Mlwvon. anl to t>e *ol I peremptorily, by order at n.' rtyasee eonatatlug In part of aolld r*?ewood par* h r avttea, covered with rich brooaiel and ninth; lille'e a ten-*, rockcra, Voltaire and awnep bark parlor ehalrg: 6 Turklah chair*, covered In rich fhaey oovarmca; I onWattly earved niuaicabtnet iiikI writing *eeret?ry wardrobe riuewood niKtiiV". wltli ntlnwiHKl; IS enamelled chamber anltet, I1 ''A? nn'' "I''1 m:,*''le topa: bookcaaw, aoeretirlM ward r >fcw oak mahogany. mee wood and walnut chamber furnl lure. In variety AI?o a gnat variety of plain furniture, new ana ieron.1 hand, with wbloh the rale will commence altogether foiralrif; the riehe-t collection offered at aMtlim tttla Mjix'.n Hood* cim he pinked on the praMlaea for ahipping. Catalogue* on laorotng "1 ?ale. l-tidiea and gentlemen are portiruiarQr iuwled to view the atock previotui to p irchaalng elie* here. -|ir f. MKU.OR, AlTtTlONKKR.-FRKVCH Pi.A'i E ?' ? pier and mantel mirror*. thi? day. Tneedar atllo'eloek, it he nNkiiII. 5oe It and IS Park r>>w, < on noting .t twenty li-?t <| iia ' it v Frepi h plat# pier and mania) mlrrora. of the lateat rd moat fashionable a'.ile* and rtrhly ornamented iramea. md flrnt <|OaSy plate: klao. tbosf forty oil ;.alnMiic* In i ich nl t frame* alao. three rolla of ingrain carpet m?nmg table rajch* rotate rpanea. ctorka, Ac . ; ilao. an entire Invoice of rich French cliino Ira wa>e cnl gl.i**. do vmea. motto cup*. i.hU-i ?ei? Ac Ihe whole for poalUve aale. i auijgue* on tr ? tnlng of aale. XX T H. MKU.OR APttlOJfFFR -riAXOFORTKS AT TT ? au< tii n. thlad.iv. 1 needay, at Uu'cloek. a* aaiea-oom U end IA I'nrk row, via one elaborately rarved le*?, pearl In laid plate, i o??avf madr by W. Mndeman A Hon. of New >ork and ro-t alao. three aeeon I pl.Toa. of ?.<od li nr anil fia<ah: alao, twenty piano atoola, eorered wfth pluah and hair clf't. \\ M. IRVI.VO. AL'tTIOKF.ItR ? OEXTKFI, llfU'ftlt l\ Ik.M farnttura,? WIM.IAM IRVIKH A OO willaellut auction on iMeday, ."<ept. 0, at ill1, o'clock, at llieir aalea r<? m?. !fo. | Ptnc utreet. a (eneral aaaortment, removed for e "t.venlerci of aale coiiaiailmi in part of llrnaaela and Hgraln <ar| ?ta, palmed ami enamelled roSta*e inlte* with mar1'! ? ti | ?: roaewood anlte*. jiarhnr furniture rovced in pluah and til o, otel; inahc'Kany aoraa and chair* WWfli In h't r eloth and hroealel; m?liinianjr and black walnut marble top centre ami plertablfa; French plate mantel and pier dlaaaea, bureau*. l>onkca?<? aii'l batatai da. roaewoo I amour a (la ca. twoconnt Itia hini*e leak* trahoi(any French bedMrad*. hair ma'tre*aea, ciimaon window curtain* and i ornlree mahofany piano fort*. 5 Mttave; allelcrtk, Uiittlnn. Ac,: waab*tanda. broi.'c candela bra*. toilet reti, crockery and glaaaware. oak and nlack wal nut citm?lon dlnluc table*, together with a large and geucral eneor'meut of hitmen fumllura. WrM WltlKR.a, At'fTIOKKKR WI1.I. PRf.I., Off Wednesday, at KM, o'clock, at 4M. torinerlv 1*7. r.mal utreet, all the parlor, chamber and kitchen inrnHore remol I d fn'tn Amity plai'e for convenience of aale, inclndint i ne Inahof any caaed piano 3 ply and other carpe'a cooklna ?lore, bei'a alia bedding, Nil Men a atari time in uie,(o<id r*i? niton table, China and ftlaa* ware. al*o, one marble top rounier. U'KI.I IKOTOW A. CABTK*. APt'TfOV RFR ? THIH ?? ita> . 5* l?er rtreet, corner tlreenwN Ii, Itt1, o'clock, rice, flonr. 1en?. ,l>iva eolf.-c. pepper, maslara, aoap, choee Ih'c, Indigo tig blue bran ly. gin. wine, tobacco, ?, harJ> ware, a a'ioneiy, bc*e-. wriiin* deak*. collaia \I* ILI. ItF S(?I,T> AT FITRLin AUCTK.N OX TUBS ilnj fthliKt., at I*) o clock A. M and Kulion atreet. ihe entire afocfeiw grorcrie* tea? llquora, Ac together Wkh UM tikturea and 1 a?e of the a'ore and (^?emen' and the good will <4 the old e?' l i'llale dg'Ot ety liualneaa cai rx d on th< ri?tii WINRK AKD I. mi out, nrRonrnr forth -i<wgt'A rtkr rA*ns Rim nyR I) Vnndr poit tn Sm:'l, ?>r aale low by flMPWtX HR'? 1I1FKS. iff Heart r *'ree?, TlORrHAVX CI VRVT Wl?f* 1m?ir\<JKH, A VKRT I> c!mi|< ? w ine m lull aired biliiea h.-arjr and dark. wrIU be fi.1 1 l<e?, to arrive *i t| ecied dally.'' Apply to HIMPAOM MltoiliF.R's, I1> llfavei atrrct. rTIAMF' \fl?CF -Tft lOfniirR?* ARM wfstkrx uro. i era ? The npderalraed la prepared to f iriilab Ihe Itiile cart h-almon chami igne Up the trades;. on 'the moa: r'a*oo%tile icrma, and hivi'ea Uieir aiicnuon to It. excellent niiaUtie*. ,f. MKTKR, Jr., 14 Broadway. /VKi.fAl'.- RttniFT i K AM) BORDKWX RR AXPTKM, ^ . now laitdtng pale and dark, for ?ale from the wharf or from hot ded w arehoueca, by STM CSO.X IIROTIIK.4, 19 Hearer eiieet. tin MAI T WH I8RJIT.-S0 FVRQHRORA t)F Pt?v?? A I Hon * auperior imtillo wkiakey, now lauding and for *a?e, from ihe V'ntted eg l ondcd war honae br the aale Iffluar Ura M il k 1) l/? ? tl * * R Ko. ft Itearer atreet. 1 am tlt'A ri m -riiiRTT prjrt innjia vfrv rioi el hl"h fltroieti .1 itna'ca mm, in ?mall pnncbeona. In i?>nd for aale hy FlMP?r>!? RfcttfllFRft, 19 Heavar aireet. CJI'I'FRHIR I" 'M A NO C!X " nn|Ttu7R SfftX" V'li I In pipe* an I C'ltree (iiarter pipe*, foe *?'? frm the *bu or from tmrjl' ' w ar?bon*ea. d'Hiea n?id, 'W |.>a? t ie i'ii) I, SIHIVOM llKt>TllK.>s, l.t He irer ? i ee LtTERATPKC. A CAMPAIGN TRACT. CATHOLICS. ATTENTION. Hear what Pope Gregory says about ihe (lave trada and ihusa who deal in slaves. Hear his anathemas denounced an all those who iu any way countenance SLAVERY, including of course. those who. by votlug for Buchanan or Fillmore niihuM the Infamous traffic. KKA1) POPE GBEUOBYH BULL. THE i'ATHUUC CLERGY la America, entirely ignoring or losing sight of the above docu u. nit. Issued, only a few yens ago. It remains fur Protestants to the same lor the bvueui of Al l. TKt'E I'ATIIO i.icj, none of w hom would cure U> vote for bUt 'II A N AN Oil K 1 1 LMOHK alter reading this proclamation of hi* Holiness. They would ra:her vote lor JOHN C. FREMONT, wlio is pledged to piostrate ?HIE M.AVE OLIGARCHY, " and to extend the urea ot ti eedom IHtMONT AND I>AYTON Ct.tJB.-i ran be supplied with the above bull, illustrated by a hand some cut of the Pope, surrounded bv his cardinals, engaged in llie work of freeing a slave from Uu chains? ui uddilTou to oilier suitable matter, such as DA MEL O'CONNELL'8 views on blavery; also these of other CILEBRaTED IRISHMEN. together with a map showing up, In suitable colors, the free and slave Hates of the Union; all published together in ail eight psge tract, which should be scattered broadcast among \metican Catholics; It is a knock down argument, and must l ave a telling etlcc1 on that clsss of voters. Will be ready on Wednesday, the 10th of September 1 liousands o' cou esliave been alreidy ordered. Sen I early. **i ire per l,0t0, #!??; per lot), $1 2.V or 2 cents single. Each o lei uiust be sec ni; by the cash. Address the pub littler, It. 1 ADD. No. 22 Beekmaa st., New York. Ar:oh Nuynra? ' the in iter states dkmo c. ' Hc . ieW, for September, now ready, embellklie 1 v . L i vt t ? ?fl enitavings of Hon. Am.isa J. Parker an t lk>it J. 0:. Vaaleibllt. Terms $3, In advance; single num beis, 25 cents. Address Ll.OYD A CO., i'38 Broadway, N. Y /COLUMBUS DISCOVERING THE FIRST I.AND OF \ J America.? A few artlsl s proofs of this new and splendid picture, oi ver before o I. red lu '.he United States for sale by ibe in ili rsiirned. Hie American agents for Hv. OrtW i Oo., I ondon. publishers ol this picture. "Age and Infancy," by John Abmlom proof on India paper, with n large collection of fine English, historical, scriptural and sporting prints, in cluding "Trial cf I.ord Win. Russell." Herring' < picture of ot the 'Straw Yard," new plate. The Pilgrim Fathers " isew nlate. Ackei man's complete se's of gporttrg plates. Prices from ?> to 50 percent lower than any mher house. Call and see the assortment before buying else where. Carvers and gilder-., booksellers and publishers ge nerally supplied. L. II. PHILLIPS, Publishers' agent, 01 John street, New York. r DIRECTORIES-NEW ENGLAND BUSINESS DIREC TOBY S\o IHJO pp. Price $3 oi H 00 bjT mail tree of postage. Directories of cities and States lor sale by WM. II. I'tiYll, Broadway. Canvassers wauled ill every city. Fremont, the pioneer. ? just published, a spirited and nearly full leng'h portrait of Col. Fremont, [iii his California costume. Size, 19 by 21 Inches. Price, 75 cents. A liberal discount to the trade. &0CI.E A ROGERS, 4jo Washington street, Boston. Great rush at evans a co.'s.? the fact is established that 409 Broadway is the best place In New iork to buy books. EVANS A CO. sell books as low as they can be bought elsewhere, and give with each book a present varjltig hi value from cents to SI00. The value of the present depeuds upon the number of the books. Gifts de livered at the time of sale. OfMl lndm ctneuts to agents. Catnlogiics containing full explanations sent on application u> any at dress free. History of the slavery question ? A HISTORY OF THE STRUGGLE FDR SLAV KB Y EXTENSION OR RESTRICTION IN THE UNITED STATES. ?'ROM Till DW'I.AI!ATIO!f OF INDEl'INDSNTE TO Tlt? I'ltEsC.NT PAT. By Horace G hkeijet. Mainly fompiled mid condensed from Ibe Journals of Con gress and other official records, and showing the vote by yeas and nays on the most impor ant decisions in either House. 1 hit work will afford a thorough and impartial view of the whole sulucct, especially In its bearings upon Kansas, every important document being given complete in its ollirial form; Mid will constitute sn invaluable storehouse of facts lor the use of the people aud of politicians of every party. CONTENTS. Slavery in Ibe Colonies. Slavery under the Constitution, Un der the Federal Government, Cessions of Southern Territory, Early attempt to Overrule the Ordli.aiK e of 'S7, The First Mis i "tin Sii imgle The Second Missoui I Struggle, The Third Mis souri Struggle Extension of Missoui I. The Annexation of Texas, The Wilmot I'rovi-o. Oregon CBIll to Organize as a Territory), The Compromise Of l!450, I he Kansas Nebraska St-uggle. sv?> sewed SO rents: c'oth. 75 cents For sale by all book seller? Clubs suppliei i.n liberal terms on application to the publishers. DIX, EDWARDS A CO., S21 Broadway, N. Y. Ju.-i rrm iskkd? A new ? ii i? oi I HE f RRMONT SCNflSTFR, set to mil sic, enlarged by the mldiiljti of tw cuty four uew song*, and comprising ii. e choicest e tmpalgn lorlodin written The i i|>i I Mi? nl thin b?- k bss induced the publisher to Improve Still extend i to meet tbr went* of all. i*i Ice 123.* ulna 7." cents .i doxeo, tr> ft lumJred. ran 11* i oozass. 107 Nassau street. rpilE SOA1.PEL 1 A I.MIMKI I oRll.l v ?L QnABTEII.T KXrrt'tTOR OF THE LaVH OP II KALI II aM> ABl>Es OK DOMESTIC LIKE. Edited by Edwaht II. Dixon. M. IJ., ( or suiting and ti|ifrmni| Surgeon. 4'.! Fifth avenue . New York. 'Mature sever busy by the silent operation of her own fntcr*. etiOf .n ortng to cure din-ase* Her medicine* are eir. ?;i! intli, fi.od, waier, exercise and sleep, th"ir nee m dlrect-M by itutli.i l, and that Is mint worthy the mune.of pbyslclau who ni< ?t revere* it* unerring law*." 1 !n- editor ha* c.'tntnn ly mi hand e< mplcte sets of the Seal pe . fr? an >"o. I? January, 1849, to January. 1*57, lor M 'ilia wiik contains the serlee of humoroug liescripiion* of the per sonal and minsl pei nliailtlee of Ike more eminent phytic tana of >!?? York? the nli;..r, by himself. In ns'raln ft tturlvalled humor; *arc?nie Irtlclca on tucdirsl ethics an 1 practice in New Vr-k.r?*syspn various subjecle of domttatle fife, dreia, diet, furniture Ac. , plain expositions of all the disease, ofin laner andkdttlt life ? saays on domestic arehl'ec ure: scenes In Nor ! ern. Koutbern and city praetk e disease* of women; an nltnlte i.tmi' erol amnioc, Ac . Ac., nil being entirely ori ginal. In short, the Sclspc hs? f tlrly earned the title iif the greateet heaMiJoxunal o the day, and la pronounce! by the entire press lu mote than if. i*'it no-ice, In he an Inevhausti b!e mine of amusem* nf Inairuc tlon tin geula! wit. Tl.e work la Uaued lu ?' anuary, Aptll, .luiy and October. Sixty low pages at II a y ear, lu advance; typography and IKiper unr1\ ailed. Subset iirt!< tin received be the editor, box 3,121 Pint oflice. THE K'ALI'KI KOK ,11'LY NO. XXXI ortMMxa or Tits rugae. In ?y!e It la Mgli toned, eloquent and poetic: the heart of the t liorTa big with giod will t<> liis fellow a .In-dire and mercy Cow from hi* peu In a atea ly s'r -am; we alwaya read the xalpcl through ? New York Teacher Iieo Id- nds to^ethtr fact and philoeopby. wit and wisdom, and entire that it fsaeinatcs eu readers; aome of its t> arrailve* of "Scene* l.i Practice.' are the moat tuuchuig we I are ever re* I ? Taun on Democrat. We a. way a read tlie Scalpel with pleasure and profit. and cfrdlally recommend II to our reader* is worthy of all sup port ? fioe) el Herald. Indianapoll* It la fnl! of deep, strong powerful thought , we have great faith in the man and e\er> thing In- aa\s ?Huston Dallv Pee 1 he July number contains several articles of great interest. ?Ntw \ ork Herald. Ita brilliant wit. blttgr sa:ca-in and areat erudition reuder It a genet al favorite ? W.irren Journal. Ugllhlim , N. J. Ihe art ?!.' or. eoummptlon iseoe of the miwi impirtant and purely truthlul papers ever written iu any language.? Uall s ?lonrnal i f Health Th.' .Inly emulier Will remove Hie wale* nnd dual of eentu rle* ho? the evei of old logic* St.. I allow litem the progress oi the ninete* nth century ?Medical Indepeoent, Itetrolt Ii is an able and indepet.4ent journal.? < 'our! er and En <1 > . erer. rniiM pa\ priii. j-iim?. A llOt-IOK roMMOM: A T nr. or of ii ow.( Ttar.". IZmo., cloth. 536 po. Prlc- tt 25. Ihiawi'tkia universally regarded aa eotnl.inlng beauty. ^'?eng'h and pr?e'lcal value iu ? degree rarely, if ever, cptal ed by an iBerlna aiflior. "I?flh< trietit" ol her wotk we leave our readers to Jn Ige, lecijis a- sun d that ibey will ariae Horn it< perus-tl with a temler ana regretful thought fa the young anthoreaa who was taken hw ?yj ust ?a the ctoaawa* being litte.1 from her wears ehonSders "?Portland Transcript and Rcieetle. ' 1 1 a* It i* the l eat written, Ihe nit*i natural, unati<",ted and In'ensel) lalereetlngaf snv It has been our good loitunc to peruee. New Bedford lAprens JAMES l HtNrn A TO.. Puhlinhera, No 'H Wsshuigton street, Ibxioii Tite ttsilr supplied by Litcrniote A Rudd. No 310 llrjud i st, New Yort TJ? 1 F VI'IIKRH. MTKRAIIY INHTITUTIONB. ETt'. I \ IfON .? PHINNKV No *21 llrondwav. New York. ? ?b b Hhlhe AMERICAN MUTATION aLsKKI KH, the result ot years' ?ucri?*tul experience ol lUelhas and nubliahere ?i. ptenarli g ? chord tent brx . ks. believed to cirti in their pr. .gree ?lve grsdattuB; attrnetireneae and adaptuinn to ih? young; put .? and "Irvaleil moral eha*ac'er; conformity to the verv tiikl f at literary authwltbs In each departmeut , their combt aation of afl o odrrn m< tile with the excellences ?f the past. th? tr practical nd.iptatlon to the sarcrtatned wantanf ?rlwlar S' d teacher, tlieir ?ttperior tneeluitilcal exeeuiKm. se n vat da . iatiixt type, white jiapcr. and approprUtn et gta>lrca, and taaietul sn-i durable binding: and la?tir, as a teniHofatl the comparative ' ?se and |.lea?ure with which tl.ev are taught ard learned , be setlea n rludi a eaodera' New Renders. Spelling Ac.; I I ompaon'e unproved A ri'iimetlca Wtll?>n . aerlea of lllato ries; vsrloea text t ook? n Use Sciences. Kas iueila's Fienrh -et ea Woodbury a lientian Sertts. Bradbury 'a, llaKiinga' ai d Ta> tor's Mu-le Hooks Ac. t l*on A Ph nney aend their descriptive ratslogues, pri pe'd. containing 'opinions ol eminent te.o h"r* who have teurd three t '*'ka alao irilical leviews fVom able literary out' a s Liberal larms to tea. bets desiring t? examine or s-'opt the Imoks Ac. lti?< n A PMnney 'e t <?k* are sold byR C, Briggs A C> , Chiesgo; V. ore, Wilatar'i A Rey* Clnclniwti; Phititie> A Co . Hcillo. l-simond A Kelleck, I letmit; Seymour A Al Wind, A llbnrn nt.d by biakaellera cen-mllv 1VISOV A PHI. INKY, No. ,lkl llromlway. New York. WANt UKH, JEWEl-HTt /lAMfRfl* l" ^ Vdl '? ^!?f yB ihsn'"1 enep ( .0 the tea'. ^ Broad war riOM POSITION AN 1? OtH.O VRXT CHAINS, III' ABD VJ cl.ama. Cbale' Ac I'rlres #2 .Hi to fn. Warean'e il i <it to tauitsh or change color, or the money returned Civility to ten purchasers g> all?. I,. A J. JACOB'S ?t? Broadway. IIWRLIT AN? DIAMOND# TRRT LOW.-THR flT<? ei seriher, for the keel sSgMeen yeare In kualnees la Wsi *? eet, la selling all desert |Ki?os of due gold, diamond, and a g >h?T kinda of Jewelry, eg wheteaale aad ralaU, at anna lea U art the naual prkea. Mtiea besniiio. ?,'d. eesnao m raale eart??ie|s and pearl ??<? Mrringe pins ami brao?-lnia in boisa FJU ju ui (tug ?) TT,h tAdte*' plus, gold, cameo, moaaK ?earl and earbimcle tt M to IHO 000 eaeb Ladles' enrrlags. (Old, eameo, meealo. pearl . earbnnsle. An . ? . *1 Wlot? 00 a pale Ottltl guard chains ohawlaJno chelae, fob

?Itaina and veet iluwue ? 90 to M gn eaofe Purs gold wedding rings ft 60 to M 0) mu* I*liee gold braeelele A....P OV to Situ t?? ear* Plain and rhaaed gi*l rings 7....T>e. to M uy ea?b tiesiileman's seal rtnge. OA to HO tin eaeb Clsrnet. opsl, pear! and othsr stone rings $2 JtH to Ml 00 eaoh Fine goW tlibiiblee. i-- ? - |? ?? <? |? 00 each Iloi.1 guard keys, fab keys and seals |l &t to on cold petis and pem:0e ? M hi 9ui i?l each li;oid penclis v Jfl (W to ft7 tg) ea.-h l.s.ins pottemonnalae ,f1 .10 <o fl5 e Aanh Cold enswes and ncckhcee, m t?l to ftIS J* rvk fiold and stone eleeve bettors and e*nWl 00 to it* * a sat Hold epeeteelea and eye glamea {ITStoVlOtl Diamond earrings, ptna, Anew rtoes A emaaaa fl ,n to Kt <) ie Hold assnleta, ecarf ?Su? and slP er thimbles . T cut to |i? a UKORON C. A I.I rN, Importer Of waichea aad Jewelry, wholaeale and ratal). No. 11 Wat street, seroad floor, near Broadway, up stairs HOARS. POAW -MO.00I1 CfBA AND HERMAN MMA1M ngw lending, will be sold elieap; a'ao I i*?i bo-.^? an petior family soap, at per lb Ceab advanr va ma te ea ?egara l?l Hat ?u*, ("otnesttc ot Oerman mannfacere O. CIIEKK.s, i; Btr^g-iway. TENANTS' KROICTfCR. A LARGE. t fRST CI \SS HOUSE TO LET T If '1'fIE immediate vicinity ot Kroid-vay. completely felled with 111 *1 cUt-i boardei s , receipts, ^ f (CMh> ur nntitb; very band so inly fiuniabed, and t urni' ure lor sale Ti mis easy. 0. VV IR'DtRD.S 307 Broadway A MOULT FURNISHED TIIRKP. STORY AND lla.SK jl\ jren' bou^e to lei we?i of Itro&dwfey. oonvfnittll to tha Mis and aUfes; j early real tKVi witn gas cbuu leliers. baih, ruik^e, Ac. ruMfMinu imtni iiat-lv b W. RICHA1M, 3"7 Broadway. APART Of A HOUSE T(l I.KT IK ALLEN STP.KKT, lu u good neighbor hood below Broome stree'. first U?K>r. tw o psrlois. two bdrfiuaou two pioms on third lloor. Ural tW | er mouth B W. RICHaRO.S, 30? boUwif A LARGE FURNISHED FIItt-T CLASS HOI-SB TO let? In Waveriey place, convenient to Rroadwuy. A Hortisn of Hie rent taken In board For particulars ii|i,>ly ai ill Waveriey place, or to B W. RICUakDS. 307 Broadway A FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT? TIIBKE STOKT, rnoctin built, within a block and a ball oi Pees ailp aud Division avenue feriies Wllliainslui'g tor six month*. or loiiger if required. I ii<i utr e at 247 itioadttay, cornsr of Mur ray afreet, oi' W. E. Stout. Boarding houj? to i kt. and furniture for mle, on favorable terms; in ^ood loca'iou, down town. Addri as Sox 3 203 I'oat office. (10AL YARD TO I.KT OK LEASE? ELIGIBLY BITUA J led in the Sixlli ward II >rse and e:rt for gale. also a wn?U stock of co?:. For particulars apply to R. C. SCOfl, 77 Mott street. IiU'RNIBHED HOUSE TO LET? MODE It AT E MZ" 1 v ith modern Improvement* anj hundKoinety f ir lishei on the west side of Kroadwav. Address box 1,994. Post ollloe T/'URNISHED HOUSE TO RENT.? A BROWN STONE I" hi nine, iii line order, parlors frescoed. handsomely fur nished, und pleysantly situated, below Thirtieth alree. ami near Fourth avenue; rent $2,000. Apply at 340 Fourth avo nue la the store. FURMSHRD HOUSE TO LET? A FLO?R OF SIX rooms, I ok other or separate; use of kitchen If desire 1; house has all modern improvement*. Apply at 33 Si. Mark's place Eighth atreet . near Brosdw ay. I BURNISHED HOUSE TO LKT? IN FRANKLIN ST., ' between Ilroad wav and Chureh street: is well furnlshr.!, w ith s is, bath, Ac. The whole rent would be taken out in board bv three persons. If suitable to parties. Address Fur nished /louse, Broadway post otlice. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-THREE STORY, Mo dern built, with guead bath , handsomely liirntstie 1 . or ? pari will be let to a gocd terant, silualed In East Twenty lirat suect. Address It. 4 P., Herald office. House to let or lease ?the two-story, at lie and basement house IMS Orchard atreet. lias gas pipes throughout, l'ossessiou immediately. Apply at Si Walker street. House to let and furniture for sale llouse contains all the modern Improvements, gts, Cro on water, bath, water c!o?ots, Ae , with a large yard, eon talning sbruberry, Ac. Inquire at 00 We?t Eleventh street, west of F'ifth avenue. The house will not be let without the furnlluie Terms cash, rent Call between the hours ?I | and IF, M. House to let, in hoboken? no. ? Clifford place. Bloomlield street. Three story brirk hlfel basement. Possession immediately. Iu<|uueon the premises. Houses to rent in front street, Brooklyn. ?Three new three story brick houaee, with good rtnish ed basements. Nos. VJ. 31 aud 3S Front atreet, Brooklyn, situ ated within about 200 y.irds of the Fultou and Maiu street fer r J. Thi se houses have hot and cold water b^ths, g ia, h it air furtiacHi by which three stories are heated with hoi air. Tbmr are supplied with both well und rain water at all seasons of the year iBside the bouse, and It is believed they are not sur pasted In accommodations, except as to sue, bv auy respecta ble dwelling houses cither in the cltv ef New York or Brook 1> n. Tfcef are very conveniently silualed for persons doing business ia New York. There are also on the same premises to reut, two good three story brick bouses and one frame hiitue. all in good condition, and abundantly supplied with boih well ami rain water which It is believed la a good secu rity against cholera or yellow lever. Hotel to let. -this house is furnished throughout, and will be let for a term of years Ills o rated tn a good part of ihe city for transient business. For further inior nia'.lon, apply lo HOWES X CO., No. 84 Nassau street. More houses to let.? over one hundred houses, furnished and unfurnished; also parts of houses. Over two hundred tor sale. For full particulars aoply to R. P. GOODWIN, 712 Broadway. Property owners, your atten tion Is also called to the above office. P:w IN GRACE CHURCH TO LET? ONE OF THE largest and best situated in the north In pure lb.ou{th box l.KK Post office. STF.ADT POWER? 4 FEW PHOICE ROOMS STILL TO be had to the Depot Biddings corner ?f F.iin and Frank UallriiM.OMiqoirf ftOD Browwar, For the value of the i-'ewdy. *ee c>e tenants now there. Duiture oi I'll OH HfcM NBTT, nu the promises. STOKE TO LET.? IN A CAPITAL LOCATION FOK an) kin 1 of business. Apply at 312 Second street, near nvcuue D. TO LET? TIIK OLl? ESTABLISHED DRY OOOD8 store. fir" Ninth avenue, titled up with shelving and conn U rs competent for a good business aland for an enterprising pert m. Possession immediate'*. Inquire of K. Kl'.Srtr'.LL, coi Mfr of BigbteenUi atr ? ? ai.J Ninth avenue. TO LOT? AN EI.ECANT FIRST CLASS FURNISHED louse. lor.iieil on the pleasantest part of Broadway. In tilt* ? o'gh"'orhood of Tenth street; or the Mum wiH be leased a lid ;'urulture cold If rei|ui ed. ll Is In ciuaElele ordt r and read]' 'r.r Immediate ocCMj aucy. Address L, bos SI Broadway Post cilice. TO LET? WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, A NEAT three ind a half story house, with all the modern Inprofe merits. Mem frtlt). Ill* West 24th street Sew Yoik. The k> j <il the premise-. can be hail at 109' . same street. Apply to M WII SOB, rnrner l'ort:audl street aud Uroadway, uicler Oilacy bullditit; TO LF.T-IN A OEM EEL HOUSE AND LOCATION, SI W< at Thirl* first ?treet, to-ur Sixth s*cmi '. third alory, tire rooms In all, containing Croton water, wa?te pipe, gat. and close!*, WJ convenient. Kent tl75 per an mw. Apply a- abo> v mo I.KT-T ) A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. AMI THE I reni i ikrn In board, by the owner, a modern lmllt tlir e for* an4 b. semeni brown stoue from house. newly pointed and In per't c* repair throughout It Is In a nulet anil re.pec' able nelghlH rb' od. Apply at 170 East Eighteenth street. TO LET? THE HOt'KK NO. 17 EAST SIXTEENTH strv t be ween Imda ty and Fifth irentM. It Is In tine order, snd may be seen bMwcen the hours of 1U and 2 TO LET? THR THREE STnRY BASEMENT BRICK building, IH1 West Twenty fifth a'reet. third honss from Eighth sveaiie. to one or two' private families Rent fcwi. 1 lie l ow*' ta In the beat of order. Apply to O. KAUt'llFl'rts, 13 Chamber* atreet. TO LOT? PART OF THE THREE STORY ABD ATTIC boon'. No >1 Spring street comprising two parlors, three bedroomr. kitchen and < ? liar. Applv to Mm MILLKIt, ?<t Spring street, or to T. A /.. ROSS, l?J Pearl street. TOIET-ON r.ROOKLYN HEIQHTS, COMMANDING a tine view of the bey, the handsome ihre ? dory home, M Columbia street, only live mlnutea' walk from eaeh ferry. Will be put ta tta" order snd tented low In inlreofK C. H It'll AH Ds. in WATMN4QN A MILLER N.k-sii a'rueu TO LET-A STORE IN IILEECKER STREET, ItKrRNr |v used ns a uroeerv ; an co ellsnt stand, nn I tillable for nil* business, Situate, I on a corner, and will be let I IW. Ap pi* In i he atore I WO Hleeckcr street or to W. MAC lUii V Y A CO., 133 Water street. TO LET? THE MODERN TIIRKE STORV HOUSE, WO fit .lane street, with modern Improvement*; everything In complete order, would let It for two or three year*. Pag session given immediately. Apply to J. B. KING, MW and 41d West idreet TO LET-A VERY DESTR \ BLK COITAOK HOOP*. II lllih a?ree?. roMalulM eight nmma, with tine yard nt tached ; there la e*ery fvillt y for getting down town. Rent il< ti per annum. Apply at AM Greenwich street, corner ot Vesey. in the basement. Tm O LET? WITHOUT HOARD, TWO PLAIN FI R niahed room*, to ?ingle gentlemen, or to a gentleman and [wltc with privilege In the kilrhen for c oking lor a ?m*U H A t ply at lift West T we .ty :lrat street, far two days rro LET -FURNISHED OR UNFI RNHHEO, A NE\T I two story. hatvil-omely furnlalied home In the lower patt ?t Ihe cily. Well nutted for a perann eonKmi tielug hou?. keep ?, h?? small ysrd. without gn l ot .t'lei ? ?e complete lie tig ntaC of s nest row. Apply at 9C Wa'ta street. TO LET-TIIE ELEGANT ItRoWM STtl.VE rRONT ' ..l< n~\ IM Weat Twenty seeond street w ith all the mo <"< i n hnprwenients. In outer. po?essloo Immedlalelr. tn mlreef I" I1VHH, !?*! Hedrord street, or of Mr Depetrts Ai ?) llroaiiw ay. TO LET? TIIK UPPER PART OF A DOUIM.R HOUSE mnalatli g of right, en rooma, attnated on the corner of Orand snd Allen ?tr*e'S poaaroslon I nme liolv. reo' SI.VI Apply loll N. PARKER, 64 Allen Street, or No S City Hall. TO LET? A HANDSOME TIIRRR STORY HOUSE. WITH all the mo<li rn Improvements; poa?e.?ion l?t Urtoli?r *pplvnnthe pri m_ye?, l?t roshy ntreel. between Prince and Houston, ">r at M*lma?lway. TO LET-TIIE UPPER P\RT OF THE THREE STORY htiiiae. No V> Fifth street near Seeond avenue, eonsia lng <1 second atory and Urge room on third a'ory Rent. I per annum Has In the honae. Will be rented only to a am til tamlly. Apply after 10 A. M. rO LET-THE UPPER PART OF THE WELL LO cat. d and commorient" ho i'e, ttn. Ifl Walker street near lltoadwa*. A ?mall family preierred. Re^t, |3>i ln )tiire si No. XT, Btoad way. r, (I LET? IN A MO?T DEMRAMIE LOCATION THE ( second lloor of a lirat elaaa iMioae, ."149 Fourth ?iee\ third ,'onr east >f Itioadway. w th gaa and privilege of the klb hen. if re?i ntred. t O LET-A FURNISHED ROOM. Sl tTAIlUB Ft>RA ! g, ntleman anil his wife, or two alncle genilem n wi'hntt i.nrd. Terms moilerste. Apply at No. lii tlr?et?e street between Prince and Beusteu streets. ,lT-A FURNISHED HOUSE. Til*1 THIRD rBOM 1 rithn square A widower, wllhmK children, ?Wtdng a it, e ftimiaked bo??e. or seventeen rooms, woulil let it to a J,.ihle ramtlr and, K perfectly agreeable, would board I them Appfy to .1 St I II M Easi Fifteenth street. I In I use has the modern fmpr ami lain ncrfeet or |er rro I ET? THE THIRD FLOOR OF THE OENTRRL I hott'e. l?i| West Twentieth atreet, with modern tm >p. e minla Kent tow lo a amall genteel family. None others null apyly Apply as above. I'O LET, IN HROOELYN? A FINE THREE HToRY brick house 4.1H \tlantle street, with lot and stable in itM resr or without M For particulars in iitlre at ftt John ?tr 'et. up stairs, Niw York. rro LET, WII II IMMEDIATE POSSEREION-THE UP 1 per part of No, !?.l Itpoadwa*. The abo*e premises h**? he* n entirely remodelled, painted. Ac., have an ejeeli >nt ti^kt, nnd me s<lntlrabl* adapted mr mdllnerv or an* oth -r Ihuc* bnalncsa being undoubtedly the beet location In the clt*. Ad ply to URo. Ll'l I'lN. ?I Broadway. mo LET OR I E VSE-THF.L AROE FOUR STORY Itdl.'K I I tiiltllng. Iron shutters, Ro nu John street po*s si i . o the store and < ne of the Wta uiven Immedtateh . For p i u lara apply to JOHN PAINE, on the promisee. TO LRT OR LEASE-THE UPPER PART OF Pit >i aes ?7 Wslknt street, erlth gaa, CrtSon water sn I el ? t. Apply on the premlaes, (17 Wslker at , to Dr. OOCR x i i TO RENT-A LAROE FOUR STORY PUR,! , bonee. snMahle (or a gentlemen's clnb: <n erer* w <y ,f,V sit able for the perpoae. being not far up town, In a ve v nlea aunt location, a few doors from Rtoadwar. eoaeen >? > t i e,r? sml sugea. Addraeg CluHlmne, Vukvi ?i?w I'm, ones tar oih wrek. TENANT'S RBOISTKK. rro REKT? A STORK SO FEVT LONG, 9io COURT X sb ee'., fixtures complete lor a drug MM ? would answer for > Bwtiifal business ; rent >300 1 yen Apply at 12 M., 2 aud 4 P M., tlU? P. M . ai2lrtroii. tr H -YKVgNSON. mo LP A SK? A FINK FAVORABLY SITUATED STORE, J lii West stiee'. i.ear Lector. Apply to F W. SALLKM, tJiUdti stru t TWO HOUSES IN BROOKLYN TO I.ET-SIUATED IN state street between Hicks and Willow, three stories aui basement. built of Philadelphia brick, new. aud very conve nient forja small family ; rent $.'11)0; within three minutes' walk of South ierry. Apply at 2U> Hicks street. TO PHT8ICIANS.-TO f.KT, A SUIT OF FIRST CLASS ollices with put, marble wash basin and watercloset. on the first floor of a new brown stone English basement reai denoe. la Nlslh street, third door west of Broadway THE LOWER PART OF A HOUSE, IN THE UPPER part of the eily, to let, f'irnlshed or unfurnished. Apply at No. 2 l'ark place, Broadway Bui k buililug. TO MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTH IKllK.? TO lot, the old established store. No. 24 Bowery; st ick mid fixtures for nali ; the stock is light, consisting of cloths, cassi ir.eres, vestings Sc. No made clothing. Immediate posses sion. UPPER PART OF HOUSE 108 WAVKRLET PLACE TO let, coiieist'iii,' cf two tine rooms and bedroom on second floor, and larne room on third; has gas and Crotou water throughout 1'lensaut location: only four doors from Washing- I ton park. For rent, apply on the premises. rTPI'ER PART OF A HOl'SK TO LET? 13 TENTH J stteet, consisting of six rooms. Rent $-<0 a vetr 1'oa tr.' siou immediately. DRV ?OOD*, AG, G1 I>K AT CANAL STRF.KT Ricli embroidered velvet talmas, A new and splen lid guruieut. Call and see tiiem Mo.tday, Sept. 8. BROADWAY? DEPOT OF THE MANUFACTURES i/i'U of Chantilly and Bi uasels laces. ? The undersigned Kh the honor n inform the ladies llist he has just arrive.! trous Europe w ith a lar Re assortment ol the above rich laces, and solic'ts their patronage JULEt DELCROIX. O'.Hi Broadway. near the Metropolitan Hotel, N. If. nn DAA DOLLARS' WORTH OF DRY GOODS UU.UUU COMMENCEMENT OF FALL T11AD1 Coi.umhiak Ha LI., 281 Oh (Ml Stkkkt. Will open on Monday, September *Ui, 80,000 dollars' worth of new goods, suitable lor fall and winter Imported ex i n wily for this establlibm ut; also a large quantity of desiri hie goods. bough: at the recent auction sales. The stock is tow replete with every desirable article iu the dry goods line, ?s ibe following : Splendid Silks, for I r esses. French Merinos, a'i qualities. l'arsmetias. do do Alspscas, do do M uslin Delaines. Callcoe all makes. Shawls, Stellas and Broche. Cloths and CassliMrvs. Domestic floods iu great variety, Kmhroideiies, Ac , Ac The ladies are solicited to call aud see this sp!oudid collec tion of rich goo's. 2*1 Qrand street. N. It ? One price only. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF LACKS-JUST rtcelved for fall, point d'alcncou, point a I'alguille, appli ration point, Valem lenses, and Cbaniillv lace sets, veils, coif fures, barbes. mantillas, flounces, \c.. and a great variety of beautiful Paris embroideries, to which we Invite the atteu'ion o? ladies. MILLERS GRANT, 371 Broadway. ATTFNTION.-LADIKS WHO ARK STRANGERS IN the city arc respect: nil y rei|ue*te,l to call and examine our stock of Paris embroideries point d'Aqullle, Honitou, Va lenciennes, point d' Applique sets, capes, collars. colilurei and laces, Black thread lace mantillas, shawls, capes, collars, coitlures and lares. Figured uets for mantillas. Figured muslins, bands, Ac., ic. PETER ROBERTS A CO., 87!* Broalway. A CARD -THE SUBSCRIBER BEOS LEAVE TO IN form la. lies requiring any kind of nlain work, shirt mak ii g or baby linen, iu all ill br anches, that th-y can hav-: tin mine executed in a superior manner aud on the most liberal terms, by appl.v lug at '1-2. I ISmM street 4 i.ote addressed to T. O will he Immediately attended to. N. B.? Will, if re quired, attend at the residence of any lady by the day or week. LARGE AND CHOICE Stock OF TRIMMINGS. IN j-lc, jaconet, mull and Swiss musllus, Just received at PET KB ROBERTS A CO. 'S. 375 Broadway. Black ocipurk,, Brussels and Saxonv new st) le laces, all widths, real Chantilly veils, front 16 upward; .Ifiu silk do., at $2 25. worth $4: mantillas, shawls and figured nets fir hasunes. Very choice goods ai I Kim ROBERTS A CP 'S, 37 ft Broadway. /CLOAKS, MANTILLAS AND TALMAS JACOB LANSING. 4? Cedar .'rset, laroKiBti ?> D MiNuraCTuatk or CLOAKS, MARTTLLlS. TAiJ(A8, ETC , Has nuw In store A complete assortment ut' r.kmIs Ih the above Lue, Intended exireaslv for Tl'E FALL TRADE, Te whtoh he Invtu-s tlie spei >?1 atienii<>u of Jobbers In thia and other oiUes, also of large buyers trow erery sertiou of tii Unloo. This stork comprises an Inflntve v*rls?y or ?'..?g?nt novelties In rloth. velvet, moire antique aui ali prevailing tabrica well adapted to the wants of the Urade an I inci>ldlru( al' qualities styles. Ac , which he oilers on the taoat 1.' eral teima aud at prices that cauuot lail to m-et the approha^iup of close buyers 42 Cedar sueet, between Nassau Rnd W ll aai A C I VI LIT Y CO-TS irOTIIINO Our uiot'o. BKNSON .t Wtl??iOy. 61 Canal stre'4. C1IKAP SILKS - / A. T. M'KWAKT .t CO. will opr i ut Moil lay, Sept. 8, Sun pieces of ti h plsld aud striped silks, ?? fl per ysr.l New fOOds, first rate |ualily Broadway, t'liatn icrs and Re i le streets. (CLOAKS AND MANiILLAH J (osovtukks sen WMtJkx GIORGil at!, PIN, Importer and f?iain-f*>*i irer, Mil Broad ear. New Viuk, Begs to call the altemu>D ol buyers to hi* large and varied stock of CLOAKS, I A'., MAS Ac .ti For the fa'l ' ado. title mileetlou oovn.n .%><* garmeutit of all gradee. from the lowest to the richest that can be rrud'ieed, while '.he ' .cu:t,,w lie eigots in iapo-tin^ a ad matiufartaruig euablee kloa to gva rautoe the very beat of goods at tba low*' i roSa.aiK rrttt tf. nm BiLPiN, SSI Broadway, Rew lurk , mauulartory, 9? Franklin etreea. r^LOTU TALMAS AND TRAVELLING MVNTI.Ks \J BKtKM AN A COMPANY, 473 ilroalway, Aie teci ivlng fn h lota evert dav Ol ine al)'>ve moot desirable articles, Is ladles' cloth, beat era and pla J tweed*. CORSET'. CORSETS. COI! ?ETS ? Til K LARGEST A* son lent iu the I mted Mates, also, skins of all k s. at M s uAVilJR'S. 4A1hiid amine nc.?r Tenth sirjct, and 2> 2 Sixth avenue, near M-vrsieenth street. Dry coods from auction.? Wide |uiisntatlai si I Kn?li -h merinos, ?*. per yard. Casl men a, Is . blink ilsp?< as Is ; lirllliantlne, is Water' <1 poplins tail eo' , 1 1 fid per yard, worth <s. IS cases handsome pin* l? .Is. I'd an i 4s per yard. Rlvh plaid silks, only I ? I wortklNk Kli lis shawls from *:t up *< thmere shawls, 12s. each. Hi avy twilled Wunnel on'y Is tal. per yard OLIV* R MOWBRAY, 2/H Grand, c ?rner Forsyth St., snd 447 Eighth aveti'ie Is is ecu XWI and .Vtth stre ita. N B.? Five hales remosn's l.roa n i-h'etlng. yarl wide, 4d.; pli ers uncut velvet at hall raiut, As. 3d. per yard. L^MBBoiraniE*. Ai reeclved b? taat steamer. A large asm-nment ' ' eml n lered HuUee. Jaconet, II on I ten. no 1 guipure seta. hrrtikfasl aed Irave'Urg ?e'? tn eMtnrl sennet and lhien, Valem iernes *i>d tl?re*fl e.<gtt<?. fn-m la. pci yard upwards. Also a Isrue loi nf emhmidered c.iml'rie lawn and grmas linea hsadkrt chiels. csiai'i e an i Su sie l> i? l? f om Ja to t!3 e rh. By BKKKM \> A CO. 473 Broadway. Ei? \ B I ^ FALL CI OAK-i i Of line ,rn. I .? i, i*e<l . i h ack Cloths, 1 he s< < lee eatlrel/ nrV, Now nu sale at GEO HI LPIS'A Ml Broadway. I/RRNCII MFRI.VftS - I Will or otteie.1 for h>> tlin w ?e k. Ave ca-ei of Preach nerlroa (ton M. n> IJ? per yard at <>. B. WILLI (Vr. M7 Broadway r.>rner of l.eoii*nt atreet. nr.MORKsTs branch stork, I .ir>ait ilrfrt, op|.o.tte Itiwnf; m *t numi' ? a< >rt airnt f patt? r?a. autlnl to the f?H *e*?on including 'he lw?.ly W .?litnglun I awi'ic. t n he harf only at tfcla ablUhment . mi t i ? ? ? 1 by Mi i. ? ?' .;?? /iiiiDorniM oihplat VT Ma'gon oe Par1*, 41 t ana! Mr**. B K > Si ? \ 1 WTF.NON, On Moo ivy. Meptetnber & GRRAT BARUAIN* IN Prlwrt moiiaaelinr df Ulnea, 1 u> Uteat Park -i > if*. at 90 rest i per yard. Will b? ready on Monday. Sept. ft At retail. A. TTiTRWABT k CO., Broadway, Chamber* and Reade ?tre?'?. IP A I.VDT IMIKS tn TUB PAtOR TO CROSS OCR 1 door Ktrp, ?hi' -hull be met llifi. and every a'tentloa paki her, whether b n i ? or not, Mai our mono IKMOJI 2 WIIROR, fil Canal Mr"'"!. IMPORTANT TO TTt* L A PTK* -JOHN f APPKN, 1 ag?n\ BUT Rroadwar, *t-h? ?to Inf irm the l?di?aof Jfew fork ar d ll? rb\iilty. th*: he l? now wIMiik oil ht? ei?re ?i?<-h ol WihliMW I' ' ?'?<! I?<* rood*, Irlak Horn gcnta' Hum "%m l<rtr handler' hlefe. ?' ?wi<" half th? orlf t?i ?1 um. aa the ainre uiual be chMil by the ilDib freptember. MARTTI.I.AS A NTl f-T OAKS - VKW PAIL ART) WIN trrp'yie* ?! (klof gooda now ready. m eurr >atletT of n.nteriale Hi mMittlea Iboible fa cd bo.ver Wrapper* ami ( loaU in n>w patterna, all at the lowed manufactory pi !<????. K 8. MIMA, *J and M Chamber* *t . -in atmra. Vf AMOK IlK PABW, lfl *o. r.l r?* ?i Op|Kia??' Mrri'i'r afreet. wart ?r or P*1.l. KASIIIONS IN CI, OAKS. Meaar*. ltRNfl"* ,? WII.SON wi;i openth<-lr eeubi'.bmert for the public exhibition ft *n nM| tirw ?ti?it of nn^i e?imprl?ln(t die latmi uml moet nnrel lmi>orM'?nanf tbf am* *on. i-*rltniire atjle wlrrteil for ib?m In PwW, *1*1 nwleo, ?n*niifaet>ire<l by them at iheir prrml?< ? l? Can%l *rwi Mt^ara. II. A W. hare luwt a vrrr lar*e Mpertene* in lb* eoetioniT of tbe fenaineaB, anil brin* Into ii antirlnK en<Tijf and a Hmi determination to gita their rnntom"r? everr atten thm. thetr MMIo eMll ho, "rirltUT <-oa!" nothlne and by *>l liering to It lb their itally Interwiirae with tbclr pvrori*. hope to prote, alao that It will (rain Ihem r*te?m, tkey will be able by the farlllt|r? which thiy Bare for procuring ihi> moat recant fliahiona to fire ibnr rnatomera ibe lataat PmMaii atylea at prtrea aeiiiw aa poeaibl* Thi- li?nlSi of Row York and anrronndlng rlMe? are Invited to tnapcr i nnr atoek. ami bear In mln.t our motto Reerr artlf ,r warranted made In the beat m timer. N PW HTTl.RH Of TAI.MAS? tn Tf Iret, bearer elotha. MKNSOM A WH SON 1 II Canal ?treot X'OTtCP TO TIIK I AOIRS - ^n0Mnr, ,0 theMlea that u n WIIXIA*" ^ gpvrrtl raae* #C*agnltleent ?,? will W- (Mn l rea-na> . fk m'vea P t ttrjMway corner ol l?*?? ????' DRV (HOODS, AC. ON MONK A* SEPTEMBER 1 HKN.m.N 4 W1 I. SON in ik ? their hut display befoi t Uue ladies o I U?is uil o r tutor c The* imported cloaks are heart. 'nl. TUeir stock all eutuely new. 61 ('anal street OP*,KIN<i DAY at UKNIN S BAZAAR.r-JOHN N l, EN IN will open on Thursday, 11th instant, his (alt sty'.es ot children's and mines' boiiueta. OraiffIKO DAY AT UININ'H LAD IBS' AND COIL dren's Outfitting l<?/uar. 613 Itruadway, St Nichols* Hotel ?On Thursday, 11th lust wit! be opened the fall sty lee of children's outside gaiments, dresses, buys' sacks aud cM> dren's articles of sll kji^^ OPkNJNO DAY AT (iKNIN'S LADIES' AND OHIL dren's OiittimiiR Bnzaai 613 Umadway. St Nichols* llolel.? The fall stvUs <? fancy hats for boys, luiaseH aud hi lar t? just received from farm, w ill beopeuedou Tb irsdsy. 11th inst 0" Mt NINO DA Y \T OK.nTn '> I.A 1)1 KS' AND CHIL ilreiis' Uuiiiti.ttiig Bazaar, 613 Bioadway, M. Nicholas Hotel. Or KM I NO I)AY AT (IKNIN'S LADIES' AND CHIL dien s Outfitting Ha/aar MS Broadway St Nicholas Hotel ?The fall styles ol boys' clothing have been received a' tie Bazaar, and will be opened on Thursday, lltii mat OPEN I NO DAY AT (iENIN H LADIES' AND CHIL dim s Outfitting Ba/, SKI Broadway, St. Nicholas Hotel ? Thursday, 11th inst., will be opened a large in voice of laces a"d embroideries pKMOVAL Or RICHMOND'S I-ACK STORK TO NO MT J i Broadway, opposite Niblo's - We return thanks for the libera! patronage we have enjoyed tor the last ttvelre yean; luviug iiicre&Ki o ac. omui'dalion*, we are euaMed to keep a very large assortment of laees und embi oide.rles, and stock at point laces. I!ai H-mle nHars handkerchief* Ac , will be round wr.l worth attention New styles of ladies' caps sod besd drew * received monthly, Oocupv im< the whole hullA ii. k for manufacturing sud wholesale frieti u eiui now be bet ter supplied with all our Chutee i> itterus at mourning collars, e?pes, basq-.e* ud seU, fur which we have so *0114 Uk-tu the lead. EMEVBEE MONDAY . (September 8. 61 Canal street. Removal of Richmond's i ack stork to no ww Broadway , opposite Ntblo's ?We return thanks for the liberal patronage we hare enjoyed foi the list iwelveyearsi having mere as ew accommodations we are enabled to k??'|> a very largs assortment ot laceg and smbroiderlea. and stook of point laces flat \ alcucelnne collars, liandkercbleSt 4c , will re found wed worth attention. New styles ot ladles' caps :uid head dresses received monthly. Occupying the whole build Ing for manufacturing and wholesale friends can now be be* ter supplied with ail cur choice patter i s of mo'iraliix collars, cat ea batQHes and sets, for which we have so long uken the lead. otrangkrs ap.k rkspectfclh invited to iir spert our lar^e and Magniliceut s'ockof Dress goods, Shawls, F.inbroildries, Ac , U, At retail. A. T stfwart A CO. Broadway, Chambers aud Iteado streets QILKS? SILKS-SILKS.? O Just received. Id ca.-ei of rich drew (ilka, (new a if la# from Is. to 'J*a. psi vaid, aud will be for sale this weok a. B. WILLIAMS. 347 Broadway, eot uer of Leou'arl street. SILK ROBIS, WITH VELVET FLOUNCES. -JOSt opt nei'. t>v MERMAN A COM 1' A NY. 475 Broadway. Severe 1 cases rh hsilk robes, fiotn $ft> to 81 W Oil WIS, f IIAWI.S, O SO csrtons Stella stiaw!.- , new deslgus. Just tecrived by 1IKEKX vN X COM? A NT 4,3 U oadwsy. I1K ROHI-:-i AT $M- A FINK A830RTV KNT JUST opened, at retail, by ft SOLD. CONST ABLK A ' O u- C.?ua. nisi BroaJwaf. K S TO WHOLESALE 1I0YERS.? WE HAVn NOVT RKADT for the fall trade a full assortment of all kin ts of corset^ to which we un ue the aueutiou of jobbers and wholesale buyers OaYNOR. Importer sad mautitacUrer 4.'. 3 1 s ve.. aj IJ>M sc THE ROBE OF THE SEASON. Aa entire new article, of silk robe, r Ilk plush Houucee. will be opcued th:s in >rniui( 11/ B K E K M A N i CO., 471 Urgflwtf. rllOsE vyio HAVE NOT VET Ms! rED The Imp 1 a'.ore, Are Invited to do?? Situatedat 74S Mroi I'.vay, al?ove Astor iilac 1U1 SOlTitFRN LADIES VI-lTINt, TI1K CITT - Mis OaYNOR has Just received h'T t'unt t all impart*' lion of her cele'iaied French Wove cor?r's ller prices are only hilt Mial'v rh'ugej. App!' at 45 Thu 1 avmiue, near Te' th stiee' au 1 iW Mttii av .. ? near 8.' .eutc 'iith et. A T"ALENC1 AS and Wool FLUDS, Oi 'jea Oiful %nsluies A:u eu ".re. y n^w pat er is Will be opene I this mnr 3y iiEF.KM .1 S A < uMHANY 4"o llu)alw*f. CAHPETISCUI AND I I'llOLs I KK Y. riAimiM.-JCH Auurn pwMH vki.ykt^ " nr* pactu l.u i . 12? . itnglish Hr?Mrb 7 to *.H , KiM|ll*k dniirjH* one to four yard* wide Kii?lt<'i ?(!? ,?th* ON to <v?ht ...'t#d' able .'H to 111* prr ?:>> ltM piecaa lotraio can r' 9i ft t'i" "> l pldea, intu ** 'ate < a.l and im, ui J. UVAl 1 .in Bowery, e Klvtaftua HTML CtAarrn. ) viuimk l?Ol<j|ll V A BRO., 241 ISiiudirw op,!^*-- U?e Ptrfc We are eanataiRIy rrottflac ft >m htir.. ? ani tha Atnttoa *-i>?? 1 the lalc?'. ?'yle* o: t arpcUuf, winch we alTer ? U>? loweat market Mir*. A 'mo *l"ck of cbrup b|rn i eaa ?taolly on hand. ? ? ? JU?KLL.\*K?l*. ' ARnim;. i < r w. ornanhii-* is i-i. txr. rc. fok the Interior tmtali of hathttM*? A .' ilARVRY, ft.' riiiH avenue above Tenth atrrei ? ' -ntr*- piece* iu Ui t luteal *?)>?. eorni >? and panel anrlehtii"i>'.a trowe*, rot b?'? I o.-i ? Ac i tnt i) nrl t< carefully |ia> It"J ani fac warded Workmen -en! to any part of the fountr; 4 H'-COtTAR F XTKRMISATOR thk ori t ARTl JX. c!r that ellee'ttalh cleam (wfhont danger or atoa t tnton buga urtoiaah** am*. Ac. t'oatar a rirclrlc powd<* Iftee ft nn po!i?D . lor the deJtrnetJou cf moth* llraa mna^m tot a. be !l ug? atel a:i mareta, and t'otlar a Sedb it( (\yrmlut t. r. t < ? I ,\R a wl*jir-ale and re'a.. depot. AM Br-^adway, New York BORItlTAl X OLITK Of T. ? IX II \ SK KT-J OF" OSfd doaM aa h. the rr'.rbeved "anbllTOe b-and. f.K't* ItvavTi boiw ml ??n-a ?u*e? oy (SlMI'dON liR'jniKR- 14 Heaver an eat rHARI.R? PlfARR 'R.. .* < 0 . HT K CI. TON STRKM maaufartartra and dealer* in alcohol, ctiaplWua. ban Itig ttm I. I'hn-jrti" nti'l *iiirlt* of turpe'ili'i* (K)OPRM' TWIUH ? JI'hT I.ASDKD FROM HH|P ] plm iota. flow Hordeatti a lot of fine quality cooper*' iv'ga, will be aaM low. If applied for Immediately. HIVI'StiR HHIITIIKRS. p. Ib-iver alfeei. CIRUOIBUtF -fARP ? RCCIBLRX jK.iR .1 FWKI.LKM. ) rn?einal.. r*. d- I'l-'*. A of a ??iperlcr quallte f >r taie in'a-seor tmall nuagt:'in ij WILLIaM ll. CKai*9K, H Cliathat'i ?.reit. New York. DR TIIOMCM N S ANTI*PT!f A*D AROMATIO im th an^hifa o'?. r>m'iv>? *1! f. mittei and (tvra a brtlUnnl ?Mte *tn< mh llaj t < th? teeth lie?:? ?n4 harden temler funia ai.-t l?.i?e? a plei."<n; ar -in .u 'he mto'k >oM ..??*! me Jr'^g ? Te< | ?. -p.. i ,'i Bi >?l??y FIoWfRR OATtlFRFI) TfHT TARXOT FAfT. t? urate a wti? he \- ry plrliire# of na*'i-? a?l t* taatea raRnrd i pettenl Raat of btaacenee The heal or.ia Wlla are lteymi<l allpraw VeiMler Parta ilower* in baa kei*. for table adoram ui. ui he fa\u. -n <le K'.jta MT II'uaA w?y, n> White ?'tiet Ft Mi*. Ti l i : < ft \<i? -r rilM'MAS. MANtlPAO . ? i of 1a<a end banner. 1 a.l Pui'on *'-e?. >ew V >rk. a ? ^nherry a''rel. l>r kl?u >.ll.-l i|o>n luuftt ?ale or Una. *S PTOVKP. H\S<.KZ *r , Ae_? F l*A \T tenl.e.c th afnel aitlnfi labor free fr>>m o.lon?, it HBake >.o e>?; e.* w?n nble to a'T , Iher? I'poirtaaa Situ row in operation lot aale al tlln It. CASSohR, M I!r< idway HIASm-R'S I* ATltfT IMPRorKD RAH. ? Theae 'aim lia?e'.een te??ej ?i.,f a^iprnrisl br muf In th'.* niT aai4 In al: jteriii.a* of Ihe coaatry. an I obtaiufd h? Aral preanuai at the Ameriraa Ii.attni'e tte'ober, 1-vV^ ft re quire* verv Mule atum on to k?<ep It la r<?mi>le?e .rj?r, ?4 wl.l r?M mere wa'er in a c >-? <!m? w.'.h the aama f?.l %n4 . r . . . ? I. a. eooe r> ? ? he I. ?I > Rn a pl.v Jf s. to *0 4 1*1 Amy p?m>ii re.|\rrin< a h?tr?nlte ram mar rwelve laf*r?a Unri a? to ill* aire of tiie ram. a'renflh an-l calibre cw' pipe re S.irrd by drwrlHng the niiannir of Water that earapea frnn* e i-prinn pe? mlaute ???! the fall ^r hea?l of water la* rim Uon It haa h be raiae<l, an.l the from ram ta tta dellerry. _ For further Inftrmatlon a>lare*a T'lom** Ilannm, ffo 157 Thlri avenue Sew York. Inelnalnx oae poataf* vamp Y II. I* prrpare-t o aell lea 1 pipe. *'ieel lra.t pump* af al ,1e. e*ij !|oi a, aiel all plnmhera maiertala torwar laJal th* ahor'i *t i o'*e ami at van i fa-tu r> ra pti. ea Fei ,<r,* re.[!tlrtti* i lutahtni work of *ny deaer'pt.on. In eltf or eenn'rv will r- reive pe mp' at'entwrn 1he*e rama will be <mi ethlbtiioB at 'Ji? AaeHcati luatRaM r* ? i a! ra ire N otk w. Tt> ntim mm or ofiitiw FsiTRTriee Obnbn ? ? n ?h> * he ?? ?' ? tu .ev>.e e?H. I .1 n || per-<H\? 'eai tn# na itr-ler for a plate and park |irnl*l> I to :he l?t of Jannary nei' e UI he pre?en'e.| wfh a neat an I roiiven'ent aar't e*?e a* a bo.t gif. UltiltRKHK 4'aril eu*ruver arid ??atlot??r MW H roadway. NBViiirrAtn if riTKirri a?i.*?Ts rxiTTmI riT.. | h* *?. Met k*h r4?n l t hed.lar 'di?e?e . as beha-l at the t?f I ni'e ^ *Ai H> n ?t'< ei be'n-een t 'roabv atreet and Rr>?uway. KRSJAMIR MtlNRY i, tor. N It ?Alloopp"* F.a<t India pale ale awl llarclay A Per k'n? I < P'l.'n | tirtrr on ?Irani:'.! We live THll '7~ I. A MKV P.tumK -Pt>TI 1IOMARIR la TlfF I new ami leauiboi. :i ' meii the aim pleat gia?> vra?el in'e the Hrtieat |nlnted ebtna at a trUltna r ><t Ar ria?\ lt< i k of inairiietloi and all material* eppblinf a par ?uti'to ortia*it*'0t ' Mr* table 'niia wtk b..\e?, r?r>l traya. Or fan be obtained only at CORTKRT. NF. VRY A CU'.R, Rroadwav. TMn all I VMtHTKHS \ > l> t )W SRRR.-4IHIPR IKtlTOMR above the <*i>pef imi ?h?p or other ttm'^r eijioard to tha pet feetiv elcMbr he <.ar m' *r?enlr?l gt een and i laek paint*. Thevhave been thoroughly tested braoweof the moat elpeneneed ara raptalna of tha pixt of |lrw Yotk. eho crttif* mwillvely that thaae palnta ara a perfert oa eannM atalnat the ntUek of woriwa. barnaelea f. tiilti(r, ?r Man.ifaatured an I *o|,| at the Itruoklyn White li?*?l *t?d flnr Work* Mnre UI Ma'den lane, where may ba found a lull MKortment ofpalale otia, *laa*. Ar JOUR W. MAM^RY lair Mxanry A Week*. N R -Paiiicular attentloa |pal?l ta pnttlnf ap ahlpa' palnta. at wholaaale price*. T1IF. URF.AT PRRMRRVRR -TIIR VRtTRIa RltOOK ? Prepervad the beauty nf Ninlon d I ftirlna an. I M*danM A **trta, I wo world ranonned beantlr*. In an advanre i *??. Why ntd. lailiea, prraertre your brant ft You raa. by n*m* 'ala ?raat eoaaietlr. Fold only by Mr* /. RPR.XCR, Wo ?*l llonaton *taeet WHAT I.AItY OR OKRTItRMAR " ff Won Id be *ern wearinf a t Irty pair of kid gtorra, . Wbrn by piircha*ta* a bulla ?r nven * Inodomna |V?re r leaner. _ _ . . korflK raaia, they aaa cleaa 5 pair of plorea. and the ?ame ran be worn lmme.llately anarirartw r? .... c,