Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1856, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1856 Page 6
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tmimium imm eiert m II K LI1 A Jf ' TE II? ' KM.iLK S. ~a TTDY WArrEn-T'' irrm a toy ami A iw? Mor* she must UMltMMMMi JMp refrreuc? is 1 boneely iBrtisp aai'le. Addreaa K. R u., Herald oflt"' siutln.: salary re.|uiif-l 1.1. ADIK? AJTO GENTLEMEN WHO W1M A EK ??..entitle busmess. in :!? r own rooaa, whlafc paye ? o*r day iu ctur or country ku *4>\ winter aodjunner, apply ft, Ptnfe>so. .if t ine Arisi y^Ore.iuwich w.. I. a. A STEADY GIB I. W AM '? It ? (INK WHO UNDER A alanda eook'ng, waah a? ? 'I wain*, and WW whl ii ?eneral housework City reference requlrai. Apply at 12U /IHAMIr KMAID AND WA.-TER, VSP NURSE AND aeain?tii m> ?Tilly, a IVH ami willing girls, having the be*! rt roinmei.liitions for boueaty . lohrlety, good nature and caplMify way apply iiuwediaely at 111 haai bill street, uc*r Seroud aveuue / '00K AND CHAMBERMAID W ANTED. ? ONE MUST \ underataad rooking w lahlng >od Ironing, the other chanibn ma d work au.l waiting. Apply at 84 West 1 .'it Li at. this ilaj between y A. M. and 1 1*. M (ll.OAKM AKFItS \V \N1 Kf). IMMEDIATELY? STEADY J woi k and good p?v given to coin .etrut ban da Inquire a ."^[ ? IK' > BUU'IN. W.i .:R>.?M O.t R.> WANTED.- li'1'i.Y AT Ski FRANK ' I istrret 'IfM WANTED in i'ARI.EM - A GIRL CAPABLE or T doing v 1 ahini; aid lroii:i g n t i"-r ..rtuing a <du'I por reu,-i, ho a trrk, . ; imliy may (lad a Hill t I' tuau > Sficnd a .between 117th and IlsUi ate. Mr'i IJN t W.VTED? O ALBANY. TO A ' tun. *:endy ?in| ? .yineut, the wageenoob ?r '?? daini ; nu 8 to M o'eltck, alMEan (j ..I M'l.I.IN -Its AND EIGHT FIRST i. nn ii wante! nm" iiately, at Mra. Hag irtjr's . o. e .v I \ i atliarin it Oiiim SFWERS Va.VI T.D- -KVBRAL GOOD BODT ^ km'.- , o ?!? a,-. . ?lu ? lueut girl, to atk-udia i . ,? i ' . m i he rtilr - ore. No. H Hudacnati, tne .- .? J b> - i 'in lllll II ill ill 'I il I ii 111)1 (4 rilll?llH 1 fTH) i 10AKM/VKERS. ? 40 I.OAKMAKER8 WANTED I uiui' ! ?' " whom i'i'.. mplnyment and good i ? ? a . n. Apply U'J Alien at., near Rivington II' AN TED? SRVBR VI. i;iii 0 CLOAK HANDS. APPLY II imm. Ita.eiy at 27 Wijjr. H. ii r anted? a rr.w hpfjikntices to the milli t? uei j Apply ?* 578 BroaUway \trANTVD -? OIRI.s ro.t VARIOCS SITUATIONS 11 in dt.n**ue a^rvice. I.'.ili n and country, at the Old Iniplovaeut Soriety'a office, 7 Cir'nm^, n-'ar Bleecker atreet. .; i > 1 1 N YOL'16, Manager. W'AMfD? A COLORED WIIM AN. AS COOK. ALSO yy a colored man, aa waii" n? - *? but tho?e fully compe tent ui'ni ipply Apply a l.1"! .Moutacne place. Brooklyn. W'ARTi :t)-A OOOD FEMALE t'OOK, WaSHER AND yy u i :i"< r;- oc relet er.c> -> * to character, Ac., will be re )uu*d Apply at West ltkh *? TirANTFD ? TWO SAXJtf WOMEN, TO ATTKND A MIL ?f line.- * furniabiog ator* None i:ut competent hand* ue?4 apply ih>' best ot reference tVom their laat employer re quired Apply a*. No. 1 Division street to Wm. HaUnlay. UL'AM f D? <;OOI) COAT HANDS. APPLY FROM 3 YY o c.ock A.M. till 1 P.M., o Beruhetmer Bros., 190 Broad MTAKTED-A WaITER T< > IK) THE CHAMBERWORK, yy iu a aina.i faiirlv Tho-e having the beat of recoiumen dations may apply at No. ?1 i k avenue. titet aras* wanted-a clean, healthy wo YY in at who tt.Mild live in a plain family anil nurne a child a x umntln o!J ? hli-b has loat its inoibcr. Apply at 118 Clla to place, be'wecnith and 6U> avcnu?i*. \I'AriER WANTED-A RKSVBt TABLE OIKL, WHO YY t::; ier?tand? 'he taaineaa and can give lirat rate refer *nc?. App y at !6 7.h an. W ANTED? AN AMERICAN OR S "OTCH GIRI.. AS YY rhiIJ ? to no Son b. To one who would wi*h to 'i'in>f ? f'-'eana, tb'a will be a good o|.].ort unity to get thtre ileal telen-nce (?Mired. Address Hamilton, Herald oil.ce. rt-AN vrn-K -m \ht oxkl, to attend a bakery. YY No-.e n.-. 1 apply wtlboui the beat of ret reuces. Apply a: 2&4 Spring at. TA'AN'I El i t LOAK M*KER8? FOUR UOOD HANDS Y? m i . ed to whom -lie h:. beat prices will be paid This 1s a t I opportunity tor tlioae wh< w ah to work in a private In. iu ) . >? at * 1 1'oaaMi st., corner of Barrow st. I|' VST. It-iiY A FAMILY RESIDING IN THE C?CN ?? try n't r Tarrytown, a c.ok, who uud r-'anda plain ri..j? ig j ml , -o a chanil-frnia.e, who ean wa?h andiron, '?e man* . er-' d. Inuulre, u Tuesday and Wednesday oi) a the i*h and lutk inst., trout lu tu 1 o clo k. at l is We?* -VH! near 7 th a v. tir >s;: >-a oiri.. to no tuk hocskwobe or II ? u 1 iron- r Lii i a: 27 Pi o? ?i. , Krook.yu. tiuud references 11" AN ? ED? A Nl'RSE, TO DO LIGHT CH AMBER II work >.k) plain kw!:{ Good refereuco required. .Ap ply T, l/api-iur.l st. U'AKTKD? % DOMK-TI. , KimKR FRENCH, OR A <>f. ii . i. g|,e ? ,i;g f leoei, as chambermaid aa? ?*- ?n>M: "M ?<<u?toui' d i" the cart' of children ? lor a amah private family Sirs'. b?Mri n. hT c'reae and ha'ma, a ,d v eif r im an<l apr -n?. M . -I r fi r 10 her lael place. An I . at \T tar-. 12th at, betwcmtlicti" . ???. .nut 11 o clock ui the uio> ii'iifc ?ntTANTKD? A OER M A .V GIKI, TO DO TUK HOt'SK ft work : ? ? m . Am illy. None hut a Herman need ap I a: No ?*.> Forejth street, rear. U'ANTKl'-EIGHT OR TEN OTRI.S THAT INKER stn.J !it:e -i-wlng aid embr'idcnr.f. None but good bauds n.eJ ?p| y lo M. M. Neweli, <J7 Grci-nwlcb are. v\ ANTED? SIE ? >R W MEN, TO STRIP TO baico. A|'pl/stMWtUf<i. \\* *> I ED- * GOOD QI3L. TO DO THE HOCHKWORK II i : a -aj >1 family oriel t>e .% eod washer an-1 troa<*r. Nmw but !':ot' -inula no d apply, ai J? Monroe si. w RANTED? A FIR.-T BATE WAlTRKSri WITH CITY te create. Apply at lt>S Weal tiiii ..rect. TE* A NTHD ? A PERSON E.VTIREI.Y COMPETENT TO II . *trt* and ??iper.uiena in a shirt manufacturing -oiirueuu Nune oUi?r n-?l apply. lu iturr tur Charles, Ih.m c ay y. J9i Hast Broadway. ElrANTVD? A COOK AND A l.Al'NDREM TO GO II ... - vp*dy. wnh r -com ?motions at 91 Front st. between ta.- h > its of lo aad I 11 ? ST NT* R E W4VTED-TO Nl R8E AN INFANT AT II the icaeleix-e ?t M pM ?. 'ml* not to be more than <? m i ui < person, a M ?rer i'i ? .4 :o u.ake her**-.l useital, uiay apply at IdJ Cham tic; s sine' Wages lln a mouth. w 'ANTED- A GERMAN ? OOK, AND A GIRT. TO DO ?l L.I', rework, lit iU Ueaii si.. Brooklyn. tl'AM KD? A GERMAN. SWKDIHH, OR NORWEGIAN I! ? wk it,d is a?4.?t in ?? uk and Iroulnf Gout r f trie, euccs re>4aU R<l. <.'aii at 'Ai Ha. raoti si., Urooklyn. tl'ANTKfi-tltN GIBIJI, TO WAHn AND IRON IN "I r Mis Ih.yfn'.Wi s, lauikliesa, k .??, 1 w ? aty tbir I a> Bear ti?# ferry. U'?M A OOI^IRED WOMAN. AS COOK. AI.'O, a ( tired man aa ?aC.>-r. Num* but tbnee fully r imiie te ? ne-'l a fily. Apply at l?i M Wipt piear. itrunklyn. *<? ? ul 4ir i ti?M? Cite ?>n it., m irtile. fruut Uuii ntiK El* ANTED - A OIRU TO BO i.ENERAI. HOUSEWORK II ? b.n? ao t iro*ta?l a*d 'n aaust in lakinf care <>f fti. 1 > e mu? ? un irrs'awl p'? a e<?>kini W ?>?. A ply ?t the corner of Po*er? sad Wjckot! *u . Brooklyn W'ET RCR-E W INIED-TOI'NG AND HKU/TUT, II ??: i an aoumtant aupi j of milk. Apply at IJ Nasaa i ? , Bie> k'j ii A K TED? AT OKVIE'A HAS4AR, MS HROADITAT. a : inc., brad drr?? and la4le? cap maker Goo>t ^a^es *n u a Oral rate prrwin. U'lMrD-A PROTECT *Nr WoNaN, TO f'OO*. Yl v ?s it and i. i.n (or tbrea r<er~-ns co^ired preferre I r? Irrrtr rrr-je-l Applt at i'i P-iarl st , ??ro?.l i,D>r. 11 'ANTED- TO DO TIIS GENERAI. HOC^EWORIC II iBr a aaiall p' Irate fsmiiy a MKMHti girl n>iat un d?T?tat * n eo sinf. waet>in? and lrosh| Appli '/ulay o ?? nv,r 'mm t to i n clvck, lo J.Au Kraii.erd.iraU li'fT I'M) Ur joklyti. EETANTKD-A GOOD DRKWMAKER, ONE THAT I N ? l A* 1 Is her 'us. eaa well, nm oilier need sppiy. A* ii t do ii?.u?e*ork Apply, lor oae wetk at All M ?f p A Raj ?' AM rn-HY A ^MAI.T. I'ftlTATr PA Nil. Y. A OIKL II B? ?<?*l ?'??* ^n.t iroii^r ilao. a .'irl to lo ?ene ral bouaework sn>1 wartai Uble N isi Itorournlt iiKlerstand thef h'isineaa Km i f te'*?ences rmpitred. App.y at SI ? ? .o-oii |?!ae<\ ?tb m. trom j i? it a. M. II' ANTED? V PI. A i N COOE VN'i FIRST RATE WAMt IT ei iod irewr. ni ? *ti-i is w ilmr t,> mtk- 'irrwit eeni raUr 'UK-f'il and well "-led. Apply at ?t Wairea lire .loots fros Henry, Brn..*!; ti. w 'ANTED-I* A BMIU, PRIVATE FAMII.Y 4 PRO. . J ea aw snl " 4m ?a?>: n^ ai ' i I ? . ? O' eh drew s capable person. ?itli ?t??l r- nmmen la'i..n, will I. erallT paH IlKi'ilr* at ?? N< re?r s r ..r UI ?> , ii st tl'AN1H?-A MIDDLE AGRD PERSON, AS HRVM 11 ?nd 'ii wlren s B'irae, one ths' m l stand* Ii ? makit ? eapahle of taklr? car-' of children, may nc tr* a ?... I ar .au m oi appli ln( at I Raal 13th St., fi'im It) to 1 P. II Kti< -h or PresK'h p i efbrred, "EEf AETEU? A TOT* NO PROfE-iTANT WOM AN. TO DO Is be gea?ral h<.ii?ework of a email family; moat l.e a ?.ml cook *s?herand Irnner. and <-?.IB* well ree-rnimeadcl. Apply a< y Lav mgs'or et Hrooklyu, l>et? mm < 'ourt and IVie mm its MTkNTID-A ooon Kiln PROTECTANT OIRI,. AM II ? ?e ? i months old. aha m net alan be a eo>-l pl.t,a seat* sireaa a?|par month. Apply thlk dsr from ?* tin i at IS., Th.r f a*, between 1Mb and Hth s*a. In the lE'ANTFI-A FIHH1 R \TK. SIT K MIU.INKR Tf? GO ll mi. Apiil) 'rom , i \ .' I ? to <1 o clo. * I' M. ?? "???>> No. #eemr'. llete ' ir l?d wreet. ?tir-ANTED-A OEEMAJI f>R ?t oT< || oiR|, Tn I?o II the hn'tsework of a ?i.a i prl ?-e <n.i >? i.o'.d re f^reoce re^tiired. Apply ?k 190 Del in y st. "11/ ANTED? A PROTESTANT OIRI, TO DO THE Tl houeework of a ?mali family. Scotch or German pre fet red. Apply at IN) ' barb s street. TENANTED? A NEAT AND linY OIRI, ONF W,I0 IT can be well jjcoromended. tj take ctiarfe ol a child year old. Waffe? tS per month. Apply at No. 66 Sd street. U^ANTED-A EMABT. TTDT OIRU A? f'll A wnr.RMAID II and seamatreaa. In a small Amert-^n Mmtlj One (bet nn<lerstaiide her bnslneae perfei tly, and ean come well recommended from her las* place, none cAbera need apply. < a.l at W Weel 4?d et near Broadway -IITANTED-A NEAT, TIDT PROTRSTANT OIRI,. TO 11 do general housework Bum he a *ood plain cook snd r?at wi?her and Ironer Good wagee. Apply at ItXi Mont itotnery et., Jereey I'liy "MET ANTED? A PEB?f>* TO DO THE PI.AIN COONryo, Tl wsebm* and ironing of a large family ? jne oth -i w HELP \% AWTK1X? KKM ALKS. iMKD-1 GOOD, STBOMO GKRMAN GIRL. Off:: willing to di ^ene-ai housework. Apply %i 3lo secoad M W'AMTEl*? A GOOD COOK WASHKR AND IRONKR, and our who will make bet-sell generally useful Ap ply at No. IT 2 East Thiitccata st., between first aid Secoud aves . trooi 10 to 12 o'c'ock. T1"AVTKD? A YOl'NU GIRL, TO DO GENERAL TT houw wink, in a small private family. Apply at 210 Budge ?t cornei Tll'ary, Brooklyn, over the drug store. TENANTED? 10 OK 15 PRESS AND CLOAK MAKERS; ! TT at. edv emp'oymeut to good hands. A lew apprentices taken and allowed Mimcthing w hile leurui"g Apply all the Muk, at 128 Greene ?t.. between Prince uu'i Houst ? i T1MNTED? A COOK CHAMBERMAID AND NU -K tt in u < family; al*ok a waller girl chambermaid laundress for another I'aml'y All wanted immediately. Ap ply ai No. 7 11th at severu! doors wrat of Broadway. TLr A X TED ? A GIRL WHO H A OOOD LAIN DRKSS, TT i to cook. wi.fh and ir <n for a small fsmlly Also, a young girl, for waiting and sew Ing. Apply at 502 Broadway. "ll,r ANTED ? A FIRST RATE TAILOBESS. TO WORK TT on the heal of custom coat*. one who ca \ work hoi, -a preferred, fa lor two dayaa'. Ill St Maik'> place, ?th ai en .1 Ma. he Wit. .-HO ?"im<r HANDS WAN1ED-TO MAKE CHECK t'v'v" eud (i her k alsof ali.rU drawer*, ,tc >2 depoai: required Apply at 121 Pulton at , up stairs. Pll ? PIPT1 OIBU WANTED, IN BROOKLYN TT ) ?'Vr. learn the embroidering bus mean, after they have learned v.e.i ly emp ovun ut will be l iven: also 100 good ti* ids wanted. Apply at 325 Fulton at., Brooklyn HELP WASTED- JIALRS. ~ Ak Atk en a\? K.-At.i.Ms wanted, to hkuj Brother Jonathan a patented furniture polish None genuine without the u ventot and papule* s uaue, Johu 1. Urabyu. on Ibe label Smart m>n ean make from %r> to $ld per day 1 hia i? the only patented furniture ^o.iah iu the world. CaU at the principal de|H>t I u Uro.ul N L. BKABYN A CO. Agents and travelling salesmen wanted to h< II ^?ld ai.d ailror pells and pen holders of all kinds an 1 descriptions None need apply but tV one o' good address arvd having a cash rapitul of not lesa than f 15 or tit). Apply at 33S Broadway, room 47. Broadway Gol 1 I'en Maaofictunng Co. i SALESMAN WANTED? IN A fllABPET STORE - ai One acquolnted with the r? tail tra It' of tbi- c.ty, htviug good recommend ttloM, may apply at 19 Boivery. AGENTS? TRAVELLING SOUTH OR WE?T. MAY b> ar of soin> thing to their advantage by calling a> the brush War< bouse of Luvid YcMurray Jr. 25 1 Pear! street. A HOT WANTED? 14 OR 16 YEARS OP AGE. TO TAKE A in i e of a horse and make l.imsell useful around the store, lu.uire iu ti e stoi e No. 8 av e. D. BOY WANTED, IN AN IMPORTING HOUSE, FROM 14 to It J ear* ol age one *Lo? r.ies a good hand an 1 can iv me well recommended. Address bo* 1 751, N Y Poet ofln e, stating age and all pellicular*. Salary small Oral year. Boy wanted-an noNEST, intelligent boy, accustomed to the retail trade, to tend a store. M is bring unexceptionable references. Salary 5130 Apply be twren 1 and 3 o'clock, corner of Nassau and Annate , No. 14u. Boy wanted-sixtkf.n to eighteen years of sue. none younger need apply, one well recommend-*!, used to actlvi- buslress and livlmr with hi* parent*, trill be the onlv one accepted. Ceil at 12 o clock this day, MEADE Hit OTHERS. 233 Broa '.way. Boy WANTED? in an importing and jobbing house from 12 to 14 ve:?rs of age. A polv, with refer eU' es. to Armstrong, Johnston It Co. Muiray St., up stabs (COACHMAN WANTED? WHO UNDERSTANDS His J business perfectly and ba? been emp loved in this city ia that capacity None other need apply. Apply to Fernando Wood, at the Mayor s ottlce. ClANYAKns.? A FEW GOOD AD VERT I > EM EST J l aoTasaei s wanted in every large citv. to whom liberal ei coursgement will be given Address William H. Lloyd, dl recuug agent. 229 Broeidwar. Dlrtctorles for sal?. Met ORMACK k SIMPSON WANT COMPETENT SALES men in ihelr haberda-herv, laces and rlbbo'.s at 136 nth a\ enue. between '.Hh and llHh sts. \TT ANTED- SALESMEN, IN TIIE DRESS OOOPS AND II other department*. Apply 8 to 10 A. M.. 6 to 8 P. M. l.OH P Jt TAYLOR, Grand and Chrystle *t> een. vv "ANTED? AT GENIN'S BAZAAR, 513 BROADWAY. aialesman. In the gentli-meQ'* furnl?Ulug deparUneat . one in tbe luces ami embroideries. ANTED? U? STOUT YOUNG MEN, AMERICANS to go to Fi-a on whaling rcynges. advance to the amoun' f"5 paid to each mai. for ou lit. Apidy at 61 South Sireet, .*7 we* street, up stair*, m the shlppiug office. 11* ANTED? A MAN CAPABLE Of TAKING * HARGE tt of the m >n.. faeiure of f.ove linings, i:as house tile and Ci'iolblee A dor iss : oi 2u?il, New York PUat office. TV" ANTED -A SMART AND INTELLIGENT LVD, OF tt fourteen yeai s of age w ho can be trusted end is wil ? s to make 1 im? If generally useful. Apply to Uaukb>ir*t Mod, f,'j Fulton st. \l" t NTT D? AS TOWN TRAVELLER, ON COM MISSION. T T t sa'.ermari. for the fancy gi.ods hii*me?* <ne well ae.pia.n ed with the city retai' trade. Address M. Y. B , Herald ottiie, ? th . eal name and reference*. Tl' ANTED? A IAD, AS ASSISTANT BAR TENDER TT ii< Wiggins Hotel, Coney Island plaukl road Long Island trom Fulton ferry. 15 or lt> years ot age Ccod retereuci s required as toliouesty and integrity. 'ANTED? A YOUNG MAN AS W v ITER f>R IIAR keeper, must be well recommended fiom his last em er. Call el Jfo 4 Hall place, rear of Tom; kins market. w w ANTED? IN AN IMPORTING SILK HOUSE, ON Beoadway a mart, acti?e and r> liable lad not OTer Is years of age of *,,*1 .. and who resides with bis pari nla. ii tt w k Addre- , with name and rtfci suce, C J. F. A < o bo? 144 Herald > ITIee 1I'A.STFD-AT THE PIIILADEl.PH'A HOI SE, 1S1 tt at l 1.'# ?ih*t W Uiiaiaebufg. a gfs>d and wel. expert cited barkeeper. None !>ut thoee w ho are well quallded, and csn m t ereii lecoiumended, need apply. ""ANTED? A SMART BOY, To ATTEND IN A GRo v a'*i one to deliTei giols an l take care of a horse; well rfconimf tided Call this day, at ?>.1 Third eve. VI -A Kir IV- A CRNTLF.MAN ACCCBTOMED TO ARLL 11 M aar better pooda to the tofeber* and tajportan o! tl?w market. Ad t.eie bos S.46U Poet < like New T k k. U'iSTJD-A MAN TO LAY STuSE WALL IN THK 11 manlfj. A|>p!]r to Dewey A IJt B:oal#.iv :omth ,'ror. tl'A NTED? MX RESPP.tXAHLE COLORED WAITER-. 11 None ?eed apply e?c?-p? ihote that thoroughly under aland tbr Miatceea. < all i>etwe< n the br>um of 9 tod 10 o c xk, at Wok! ? diuuu aaiooo, at Iti Wtn ?t. \I" ANTED ? TOCNO MEN WISHING TO 00 TO s^KA. 1 1 \ : ? ? : and outfit f urmabed. HhV* eatllng ery il?i Alto r ,r)'Miiri and blacksmith, and rank and *f*?r l ' Ap ply lo Kamlal! A Rofcaoa 111 South it . corner tit Petk slip. Tl~ A NT ED? THREE OR FOl R MAND8 AtVfsTOMED 11 :o ?< tk In powder mill*. Apply to A. IC. IVr^lau *!# Wail st. "11 'ANTED? AN At "TP K YOCNO M VST, I* YEARH OLD, 11 apeak ti* i&d writing *>?nrh ttaentfyjaod k<v?1 mI Addrtaa, ?tat ng nau.e and particulars, Ikix 1*7 Pus* "dice, "Il'ANI Fl>.-A COMPETENT MAN MtY HAVE A ff permanent situation and gr?*i ?a|;n a* deliverer or cwpiry Apply to Mai an Joi.naon A Co . 17 Keekasan street. WANTED-* ROY IN A BROKER ? MTICR. WHO WfnMMwl K_nd, i* ae>/ tainted with ??rountd and has a borough kaowttdf ear the bioiaeaa parta of tfee rtty. Atwily at 13 M 'lay. at IS Fetry ?t. ap ?ulr*. bi'njiln^ written t "cotameoda'toiMi. ?'A?fTVI>-A WRady man. ah waiter in a nrv 11 tel. wa*e? fllj>er tnot.-fc. Apply for 'hcw>e laya [pa SWfWWorh to i* Ward, loot ol M ?t . Raa t iWHk \l' \NTED-A YOC NO MAR, OF GEWEEL A" ff pearanee and ?o?hI uddieaa. who would <-oeaider bm ?aretawfor . nmit-d time aa an ?iaiv?i?nt for bWi>f tcubt acurrtei typirg ambroiirln*. Ai. may iflerw wda he taken Id *- a Iiarm-r Call a' *r llroalwir .None hot tlioae ?ju ???. ft in- :be ti> a? reaperable retereo'-ra iri-ate<l with WANTED- A YOI No MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UN ff dfn'?n n the dry r ^?la b uaneaa. to ?o .-tantb. ? rwt r ? ?a r?f?ret.<e rcju.ird Apply at 7# ?. t- Ur at. truat 3 t? * o clue* P. M. Y\'AXTEI>-TWO FIR>T RATE CARI'ET SAt,E*MF.N 11 noDe bur tia- who af ? ell aeouainU-d mif) tltr liiw nea> aixl apply Iti| ilr? f I'n'ana A Uro'lier. Hit Peai 1 at, W'AXTED-A EEW REHPRi TABI.E TO'.THS. WHO ff idlMe with u? ir parenta, ? learn the f ?uey dry (ouda 'rude, by Mr* araadk A Kimpa< o, lAi oib avaoi e, l?Hw:<n v h and V tb ata W'ANTED-AN ?XPKRIKN' ED "?AlK MA.V. TO AT ff t>*)<l a retail bat xtcre A<ldreaa t>?> r km d&o. ll'ANTED-A ^?NOLE MAN. AS SAIE-MAN I* A ff boot aad ate# aiofd ona ?lio undertraada bie'iu4?eii? ml |aa goad rrftrnat l?iaa w at WHH oaanrt at ? jm Tl* ANTED fMMEDIATEI.f? AN ACTITI M \N, AMERI ff r in or Ei-rliah eapah'e uf kaepinc aaeoitnia aWltat t l ? ibe kMdlnc aad unloa^im at < ??Ulor a maidbwm y. A ldTtaa A. H. ' . Hera d q<i "11 ' ANTED? IN IA f-E AM AN ^ MUTIf NO OTPICI A ff ?mart HH> l?A til re< . *B?e?dai1 i?r lioneaiy a d in'taatiy ah i ?? til Mouth at. ap atalra. Boot lyto 11 o i iork. \t' \STED- * WAITER 1* THE OYfTf HAND DINING ff aatuoa JNdBowaiy Mat.ha'ian llotiae |i| TO tW-vOFNTI WITH A SMALL AM Of NT 0E >. 1 < *pl'al c?n wk *6 'o tlo a <1 v h-. aellin* 'h? new c. ri pa ?i >.ioi r.^nedal* of ^ raiittil B'v h mail and EI;lm<W? ii < 'I? | mi fro? lif?, ) <)? r?i at Na. i B.irclay street, baae men' 1 -/) iaroreas v;i\'hi. r n < anu. work, h> rri ea from New York wafa -l per day patanir ir.o, ey ai d . m.e iff adra- c d rUrttud.. . T't<?daf. th ir,?' . arcon ) ante I by V Coined Apal o Morria t oitaer A <'o 128 ?? WILLI NKHY. m . Madame mamikrbi: iiavino onmn he* new lomna, MS Jlroadwn^. ? at -p < n iio?ip ihoee the f>t llou?e. ?Bh a atii-ed I ati'f *?rted aaairtment f lm p itted niilllni-r:. . *"i 'I t'TUe mlinurr. an I tner a>ata Ttatuag Ui> en to eiantine tbeaataa. MIIJ.INERY OOODf, Foe m?h At who i-aaie only At and >Ki J obn <tree? II'IMER a KF.TCHfl Of.-r Ri?h E-enrh flower*. Pari* fei'hera. < oh r <d atraw go<Kta, Ac., At red urwl pflWd MIM.INRRY ?TO (W.rTHFRN f.tnfE^ AND I.A ? a 'me ,?i< M ? CARTKR No 59"! Mraa>l? ?y, haa jitat rerelte?1 at me ei'iuielte dealxna In Fren- h pattern hon tn-K.alari * lar?- ??- ? taent if travdttnf bodneta. All new, an l mede etpr- y for tlio* Mtda 1 now eeilalt ?> eaU a?i eiarmne. N ?W FAI.I. RII??ON? MILf.INERT (?OOD% SATINS. ?etve'? h..-.n?' mat' rl ? ? i.? i ieh (e?tn* ? Fr?n?-k tlow era. lai ??* lad e? die?a t'outV* tn?^ >n,{ (loak Uininilta *? -> ? *e f.r*?.t al l :'iti jih. ? t)| N U. HKCUlENalKlN. W <M/r?ri 6PRCIA1. VttTIfM Emior. at mill : un -rr a? mr. intention < ? the ed;ii r of the kf>' York . i to it.:V- ,u Ul? mcnthh utiar o edttima < m. lete list of alt Ui? newsuape* In y Cnred linw and to k-epl etn ui er'ry *oi hnre forth issued andseud |ratl> 10 ev?ry editor who will send (monthly) liis paper addreiwM Scs'pal t>o? 8 ltj Post office. Tin- o< UfOKniu* mil *? be forwarded ?] t: .. .?;y for nolle,' a* heretofore; the lint will commence In the October No and furnish adimabe faelHty ioi all those who wi>h to advertise in any town in the I'nlon. Masonic notice -tub vkmhkhi or metropo iltan Lodge No. S73 &rt hereby n. titled that n special coram m. cation ? ill be held ot Thursday llihin-t at fi |? M for work. C. K NKWTON. M VTOTARY PUBLIC -ANYWOTARY PUBLIC WIflHINO Ii to re*igu hut communion wlU tuid u to his advaulage to address Notaiy. llem I utile .? for three data. VrOTH'K.-THK O! D Ito.iRD OF MARINE SURVEY Xi ora, appointed by the Chamber of Commerce In IH43 will, on ai.d after this dale riyluce their charge* for surveys on vesae.s. Iivihe*.tud cargo to |1 SO fhr eaeh survey JOSEPH TINKHAM. Oflic No 115 Wa l street. New York 'ept ember 8, |s.V>. SAMUEL CANDLER WILLIAM TlluMSON, REUBK.N URUMLEY. (V >MM Rr.iKIt'KR OK 1AXK.4. NO. S2 CUAMKKR.S " stntt. (new Court Uousei, New York, June 58, 1806.? Public t.ouce lo avoid the risk* thai must Inevitably occur t'? ro the crowd of tai pavers who put oil to the lvest day ae payment of their taxts I hare deteruiuied to adopt the follow tLg rule wliieh will be rigidly adhered to during u?y terra V office ?1 Kl.all i e ve no money alter 2 o'clock 1. M. Every officer In tin- I'e mtnent Is strictly prohibited from recel/iu* envelopes contA.ujig moiey or cheek* for tho payment of takes My order HRXRY 11. HOW ARD, Receiver OFFICE or THE AMERICAN fil'ANO COMPANY. New York >>ut <i 1 -.Vi.? Notice i* hereby given that a meeting the stockholder* of this company will be he'd at their i ' I ce. . 9 South aircct. on lhursday, lsth lust., ai li) O'clock AM. i!\ order ol the Trustees. JAS. S WVCKOFF. Secretary pro tem. T'llK M F.CH A NJi > Ml'Tt'AL ACCUMULATING FUND Association, Wlnlield ? The members of the above asso cj?! on are part, cui'irly requested to atteud a meeting, to be he'd nt the VY iuO*'!,| ,lej ot Lor,? Island, on Wednesday even ing i-ept. 10. in orde; to wind up. By order JAMKs DENNIM, Piesidout. R. nr. Kaiilt Secretary THE 8CALPKI,. A MONTHLY.? THE EDITORIAL io:|i throughout the Union are requested to forward a single cn>j ol their respective journal* to the Scalpel, box 3,121 Pot i ' !l ? e when the next .gsue, m October, will be for ?..rde>l 'n lorm ol a monthly 'itiarto. The editor intends hei ceforth to fur-.ish It to everv paper in the Union In monthly quarto form At the end of every th'rd monthly number ft will be alereotyped and printed lu octavo form, as heretofore, for b d . it I he ei. '.re series trom January. 1H49, to Januarv. 1,J.'>7. 'or e number to come trom the present date.) may be h id of the editor only, for 94. i ddres* Kdirara H Dixon, box ?. 121 Post office. N. U.-All persons who wish to subscribe must forward $1; they will receive both the monthly and the qtuutefiy isauea. THE HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL SOCIETY Or THE Si.ife of New Vo:k will meet at Hope Cbnpel, on W.-dnes day. the lutli . at 10 A M. The prelimin*ry meeting will be' held thi- e\enug at 3 o clock, at Dr. Joalin'i, 72 I niver sity place COPARTNERSHIP NUN1CES. 4/1 HA -PARTNER WANTED. IN A OROCERY O'T U\?. well eslabl shed. lo take full charge of the indoor buslmaa. with a perfectly e-pou bie partner. Ararechauce. Apply to IlOWf.S A CO . S4Nas?.i'i sir jet. dj.rnn -partner wanted, in an established VlM cash manufacturing business which pays a splen ilid percentage. By perseverance and activity large sales Ban be consummated Apply at No. 142 Chambers street, back room dkrj\n ?A GENTLEMAN, WITH THE ABOVE VtJ" " ' ? ?umiiu; to immediately invest, can have an honor utile paritiership 111 one ol the mo*! profitable and promising bii>m?!.p] on Ilioadw ?> The nost unqualified guarantee* given ana rciuired A.!dr<?ss, with real name and present business I.. II. Herald otlice. Aonn -A PARTNER WANTED. IN AN ESTABLISH <2C\J\K ed cash business. which will pav two paetiei $2.0U() to $2 A.0 each per y car. 1 he buaineas established for the pajt nine years, and ma ? be greatly exwujed Apply to A. BO BINaON, i35 Broadway, room 14. nnn -A BC&INEi* MAN WITH TIIIS AMOrNT, ?PI."*-"". wi'llng togoSoi'.li may hen" of an opportu i it) to e l Bilge in a liuh.; respectable. lucrative an.t sale bu iiness idartM Stfrt;. box 140 Ueral l office 2?i enn - -partner wanted, in a well ks vl.'M'U, .. Uhe.1 family p?|>er. This u a line opening tor ai y i er.-iu ? stiiug to engage in a permanent *nd plea sant biiau e?H for particular* .anuire of A KOBINS0N, 336 !*roa iwav 14 41 (\(\(\ T0 ?00? -WANTED, \ PARTNER WITH ?.. J his in nuiit , to join :ho a lur'iser in a inanu tactuiiag b'.inne*' well eetablMied. iud doing a good ca?h trade. A Idles- to\3 I'M l'oat office. 4'-t nnil TO ?? m -partner wanted, in an ?4 O.v'flr established butter and provision business with the a' ore union :<t one with a Western or JefMy actuaint apce prefer ri d. Apply to HOW KM A CO.. 84 Naaaau sreet. 4Q Rftn*A??D \ ND PARTNER? TO ENO A(H". ?_ OiUVV * !i the advertieer, *ho mill invest a like amount. in a . imi>er manufacturing bustaeee in this city, already estafciisUi-d, *ith requisite machinery. Ac. to earn ft ti per j ear addresa Lumber, Herald nitre OTICE.-THB FIRM OF KZVDRICK A CO. WAP disv reu ou the S.'th aslant. liCRTON KKNDRICK. N?w Vopk. Aug tut H, l-M PARTNER WANTED WITH S2JM CAPITAL, TO TR V vel with a 1r?t c'."?s exhibition. Inquire at ill Market etrect. Newark. N. J. , TIIF. FIRM OF F W A W. F. C.ILLKT 18 THIS DAV dUaolvrd Mr F W. Oillev frmn tlie tirm. Th biu ue?a will be coi.ducnd :u usual by W. F. Uille> F. W ttfLLEY. New Yosx. Sept 4. l-Jb. W. F. UILLF.Y TO PHYMcIANS.-A YOU NO PHYSICIAN HAVIXO llttlr graduated from .> New York medical college. is dr alion* of formii g an engagement wub vitne phys eian in good practu e, eli jer a* aM ?'ant or partner For further par. ica lars p.eaaa a Idresa t'octor, Herald office. THE COP A P.TNFRSHfP HERETOFORE KNISTIVO between JOSEPH ADKLFDORP A BROS, is thia day dlfM>:ved .lulim A de'*<Sor! retiring from 'hi Urm. The hu. smew wi.l be < (n-l'icted a- 'taual by JOSEPH AUKIjSDORF. Nlvi YOCI, i-rpt. 1, !<&j. Z I THE THAD1H. Al.O<il? ^TEADT * NOR aver ON STRE(. ItRA^W to:d or si:v-r. w , t? a plare ,n a eooJ shop, la the city or country. Address 4" K itemM otLrr C^(iMP<>aIToRS WANTED? AT ST 7 AND 3:9 BROAD J vay. errcer White M. 100PFRS rARPE.VTKR.a, BL AC K SMITHS \NDORKKN N C haoia WMted for aktps, now ? -img allrloUimgf iruishe t loi the tot me I lire at the r>flicc ol tie clmpaay. 9~ Wesi ?U, coi iiefef Cedar, op stair* Nr>rth rieer C1ARYKR WANTED? A MAN FOR A FEW HOC RS TN ! ttir da) fr? mil to S o clock. Apply at iheshndeallo tel.* ?tre.!t thia morning Also, a smart, acil\eboy, hi waiter. Apply SS abore. CIARDENER.-ARINOLK MA."? WA .VTH A SITI ATION. T Oood reference and uider/tt-inU hie btulneaa. Ad dree* Oardener. Herald p, thi* day oi.iy. ERN^MAKER WANTED -N(?NE BCT A Ot?OD workman r.eed apply to R. Hoe A Co , 11 Bherltf street. PA" T? fHLVFRSMTTIIS -WANTED, A FINISHER AND A riip.muker g?.,i workm n . at Cms A Dunn s, 144 an I M. < ii^isiiiiiiiri iiwi I Ml Jays' . Mro?.kiyn. TO BOX MAKERS -WANTED THREE OOOD HINDS and one sawyer, it the National Steam Packing Box Man utactory. 7i New street. A H. l'tnekney. TIO CtTTERx -WANTED, AN EXPERIENCED CtTT ter one ?'-o !aa been employed with a men-h int tailor [arTd ur.'teistai.ii* biabusiuea* in ail its t -aoebe* must t>e so l>er snd lud'istri' u> and rome well i?isin>'iiilt<l to sueb gr wl ?a?;e? snd steady employ incut wili be given Apply M S.3 llulaon street ?\1* ANTED lM*XDTATEl.Y-TWO ?IRST RATE LEFT "T hand tMit'er .ireff r?. also, two I r? rate chipper* and raalker* Int'iirt at the ottee U Pie. auiit sbop, 1'iermooL New Yorlr W't? ANTED-A W \ TCHM A K ER A"f D A JEWEU.KR > go S. ilh Apply, be'wecn tie kt/ ,n of V and II at Fellows A Co s. IT Maiden lane. M* ANTED? THREE OR FOCR DIAMOND AND PE VRf, TT moo mer a aad aetiers. Alan, one fine engraver of jtw elry None but firai eiaa* cenersl workmen need apply at ' Bro?l?ay. n/ stana. Andrews A Brot'iers. WANTED? AT THE ARCHITECTVRAt IRON WORK* ?? E.tat IHh a i?ear ?i e. C. a few <orxl le.m worker*, wii i are ae'iiism ed w*b tiiing and iitung <aal mm ?tETANT?. I -A FIRST ct.ASS CVTTER, AND A M 4N YT mo make to go to ? city la Oonueeti 'it. Csll at W >i kotl * H.tei, > Wairen atrtet, ot. Tuesday, Si pi. V. irom 4t ;p m. *ANT?j?? \ FIRST C1.AM C'rTTRB, AND A MAN to dim. pan'* to go u> a eity a Connecticut, t ali st ' tl ? H >te: Se Warrea street v " Tuesday, Sept l?. from P V w w "4NTgD-\> EXPERIEN4SD PACKBR. IN A ?. ry re. In uir# at r<? Ye?'-v at ?*<NTI!D-\ alTCATION. VS OARDENER BY A " aian ? !mi perfee'ly tinder*?a<la Id* baslMM in nil tua rai ?>?? d'partifien1 ? 'he laytoe ?nt ol gratiida in the mnat a| pro* ed ipproveil *tyle, and *>e brnyef eaie und msmtge meat i f store %ad greealmaa* pl?n'? To any eentleman * anting * practical gar l?ner the sdverti*. r wa iid lie a de *r?blei>er-' no otij'-c i.>a MgaSou'h 1h? mo?t *anafac tory refeienee gnen Addreaa Oardeaer M) Itth at . between Bread * ay aflsd 4*k Sf, 'D TIN AND SHEET IRON WORK ers Apply at *1 N sass u *t, M. J tillhooly. Ur ANTED A f tiD PRACTICAL WIRi WORKER <te who 'indamtan '* lieneh ? 'irk in sil lt? liranehea will hiarof a peimanent *itua Ion and fair wag> s lit :iddr?** lug K Foa'er cwner Liberty and Fayette sta . llahlm ire, Md Atari ? n Mi who inder*tands mak'iig hMrwsfrsrnei a ed wi r*l w ot k appet'air nig to .i wlgea-ork es|*hl!?hin?nt. N It -.Nine i> at loinpeiea'. atasdy men need apply. F. FOWLER fANTHt-THREE JOl'BNEYMEN RULE MAKERS m> n ( i - fen?1 Steaili work an>l rno l wage* oEORtiR W REK1*. ,Vt I ley ?>. wv: tRTANTKD I MAf-IFP onk > "MI'ETENT TO TAKE ?' # e ncs, can Apply at D Ion a lirewery, No McN,vvh at. Also laboring tn<? rei|iilred. W ANTID-TAII.oRs TO MAKEOVER AND BCSI Tf tie" enei< *l?>. ynutha' and boy*' < ? . * K*lri y " s paid fcr g iod hau ls Apply at I '.t Fuhon*t . to. fon*a EREIH'H AmKKTIBKMRNT*. H OIEflFRANr AIS ESPAONOL 77* ET ;flo RROA DWAT eftcn ga-ire de la grne r>ie Mme S It t HSRV KR 1 1 hon nrd Htformei *es smi? ei ie public en g. n. rai. |>rell? rlent d . nvrtr n hfdel Frsinais rap .goal, dout iasltiiniioneat aana ? tile 1 1 ? Grangers |tii rtwih* wee Jul Wre 1 lioiinetw ,te 'ei.r patraMge y liuumujB tmit le corifbr'able lesgrandes maiMin* enrvpi enae* et ?m. ricaine* ON HEM*EDE? UNE FRANC Al?E POCR FEMME de ( h*m'>re et P" <r co i lr?. S alrwgr No. r? Kaai l*tk rrvAsciAL. <fc/J -Esl'A Bl.l.iHFl) LOAN OFFI- K 41*2 BRO ADW \ T ?, UtlloafytttlMii cm bought for e*sh o?> i> unouds, * sn-h a. jewel" , silks il ! good* i ur> itui e Jtr Ac i>pend?y 11..1 i'i cuing Fn' value paid for pawnbroker*' tickets I'ri > ate n uina lor udies and gentlemen Bu-?iu \?.i prompt and c.i .i.JeutiiU Oil told an. I .-i!ver bought.. I K IIOU.-TO.V J MAODUFF, A*'. f . I -ANT AMOUNT Of MONEY TO LOAN', At * J. . eight, on 't wELBT, l>UHor>i>9. Ae, ; on V men imiiki, Sri.*ns Ao Tut Highest Pmra Pain ron PAWn?Bv)a?Ks' Ticklm

Biva'wa) Loan Office. 3'Hi Broadway corner si - oe< ?JO A BROADWAY -MONEY ADVANi KD. TO ANt 0?>Tr amoant ou diamonds, watches, Jewtilry, pianos, <lrf goods, and every description of valuable property, <M b.iugLt lor cash, stocks, bonds note*, mortgage*, *c., u<bf> listed Watches Mid Jewelry for sale E TU A YE rooms Nos. 1 and I, second story. AiAA TO $aro._ WANTED A I'l.RRK WHO CAM VT' ' * ' advance his employer llie above amount on woo l M-rurity, In a pleasut busineaa. looui' wt.o suits a liberal salary will be paid. Apply at 293 Broadway, room No. 1. (Win WYNTED? FOR A FEW YEARS, FOR C 1 ? " " ' " which seven percent interest wilt be paid, se eitrefl l>y ' oed ami mortgsgeou unincumbered reaf estate in 'he city of lirooklvn A l l: ess V.. East _river Pj?t office, No. la aveuue D, New Yoik. CL-1/WUWt TO LOAN? IN SEVERAL SUMS. ON t|>^fcv.U"U lir i claaseity property. Apply to EMMET A KENNI'I.LV, b:olt. r. 41 William street 4:^17 nnn*o loan on w \tches diamonds Vt/tJl iVv" jewel y te or bought foi cash, hy .1 AS. e [ S A A i 11 ? lumbers atreet, (basement otfice.) from d till 6 iu.ij.ena ; lom and ca.i' N. B. Nobuainess traa h Ct 1 Oil it J i?JN ?Si Aftfl Hi Mi ? MOWKT TO LOAM, ON WATOHH, ?* J 'vU.V'Ul/. d anumdj jewelry, ?.*?ar?, dry goods id ali t)crsonal property, or bought and sold f<* . *tL >oi boada, m irvw,# MMI, Ao . negotiated No ?d2 i.Md siree?, oornar of Ann, seoond Sf?r, rooum Noa 1 M)d 2 V* THOMPSON A CO., b-obers and comiaisAlan merohaata. /COMMERCIAL BANK OF NEW JERSEY, AT PERTH v ' Ambov.?l lie notes of thla bauk are redeemed at par by i i e Union Hank, of tbia city. Dividend? new york comolidatbd staor Company, New Yoik, Sepl2 1886. ? ThePrealdeat and Di rectois of Uim rnaipany have declared a dividend of b per cern, eayitWe to the alockholderaoa and after the 15lb inn . at the b'. Hi. Hank. Tlie 'rauafer bonks will be closed iroim the Ml to liie lilt tust. inciiuu 'e. By order of the Hoard. J. CAMPBELL, Tre.vsursr. OFFICE Of THE GROCERS' FIRE INSURANCE COM p?n?. 81 Wall street corner Pearl, New York, Septem ber 1, l?.'?i ?A aeini annual dividend of eight per cent has thla day been declared, payable to the suickh. iliiers at this office oa demand. J AMfeS O. PLATT, Secretary. SAN FRANCISCO CITY BONDS. -THE UNDERSIGNED, OnmMMM "f the Funded Debi oi the oity of Hut Frannseo, hereby give nntiee that they are prepared, and will liay the inierest due Noven.b?r 1, 1HS6. In San Iraticisro, upon Hut portion of the olty debt knowu aa the San Francisco City Stock, bearing interest, with hall yearly coupoua, at the raM ot 10 per cent per annum, and principal due May 1, ld71. D J. TALLANT, 1 WN HOOPER. I Commissioners of th0 JOHN MIDDLETON , } Funded Debt of CUT HENRY HEIGHT, of Sau Frwciaoo. WM. U. LENT, J Sai> FltANt'isco, Aug. 2. 1386 STEKUNO EXCHANGE-FROM ?1 UPWARDS. PAT abie on demand, on the Bauk of Manchester, for sale by W B 8COTT t CO., Bankers. 12 Wail street. T:*.: VALLEY BANK OF MARYLAND. -THE BILL holdrs of this I ank and all others interested in a sound ei:culatiDg medium, are requested to meet at the Broadway Tabernar e. on Thursday evening next, September 11, at 7>i o'clock, for the purpnue of Interchanging views as to the best meat s to be employed to effect n redemption of the issue of its notes. Public policy demanda that a thorough investigation of tl.e ntlalrs of this concern be gone into, and it is hoped that every one interented will attend. By order. wimwiw. 3 JilH ?THOMAS P. DOLBEAR. ?I9 BROADWAY, COR IPJU. ner of Uouxton street ? Dear sir? I should djinjm tlee to my feelings not lo acknowledge the grjtlflcitlon I f-el il the rapid improvemeLt my sons have made in penmanship under your Instruction. At the end of their twelfth lesion they gave a speelmen of their rapid off hand writing. I must conftsa I was astonished? never ha t 1 seen such Improve ment In so short a time. The mi re particulirly was I gratl ned aa I hud ulwuyn supposed them !o be hereditarily bad wiiu-rs. Respectfully, yours. Ae , JOHN YOC NO. Bookkeeping writing and the other es FcnUals to success in mercantile H e, are U'ighl by FOS l ER A DIMON iu an expeditious ana superior manner, to ?he entire eiclnston of the modern an an 1 twelve lesaon char ! inn y. Booms. 346 Broadway. Appletou'* Buildlug. Bookkeeping, arithmetic and writing. -w. J. RENVILLE, well known for the p ten years as an urriva led teacher, continues to receive .. v students for practical luatructioo. upon very f.ivorab'e tei :?? Ilia elegaut ootus. No. So2 Bi ' *il way, are open day ana > \ ejlug. Bookkeeping, writing, arithmetic? dol KF. a R'H Academy 6C. Broadvay. ? Country merchanta and etbera who are i.mite'i in lime < an receive aapeeWeourse a bookkeeping from a praeiical bookkeeper, and be quaUtied in a few day* to keep tuelr o? n booki by doub'.e entry. f^H COUDERT P LTCEUM, 95 ST. MARK S PLAfJB V . New Vor\., Eugluh. Spanish, commercial and classical boardin; un l day sch<x>l (or boys f he claws will re o;>en on MoBdsy, Pei 'en.ber 1. <"lrculars can beebtained at ie Lyeeum, aul al Mr. TrcJerlc K Condert's oflice, 1ST 3ruvl way FSANCIs B. MAW'RICE. KTK1 LERWG, PROFESSOR OF FRENt II AND GFR ? man, I Broadway, ?atabilrhed 1-52, also admits a few (lav pcS.o nr* for the above .ibd H ngllrh br incites Passed ei sniluatloi.s o:i the t 'onllnent Refers to Mtae. Oe U Grange ? nd other*. MIS- WHIPPLE HAS REMOVED HER SCHOOL FROM Broadway to No 27 East ?7!h atreei, three doors ir : m Madison avenue Will commence Wednesday. Sept. 11. Mrs. iitx s fhench and engi.i?h boarding and day <nhool for young ladies lul Ml. Mark's place Is ?mwopm for the recept iin of pupils. Circulars, reiereuces, tc si (lie loatltutkm. MRf. M HAMILTON 8 I RENCII AND ENGLISH DAY school. ' West Thirty sixth atreet, between Itn>a1way and Seventh avenue, re opens Monday, Sei teuioi-r 15. Refer mm s and c!i tlars at Meaars. Win. Hall A Sou's Muatc store; 236 Broartwsy, corner of Park place. MMK. COCTAN S FRENCH AND ENGLISH BOARD ing and day schr<>:. t ie ysung adi. a, 27'1 Fiflh avonue, h ill be onei on Monday, September 15. An ouanlbua is attached to the institution MASi itltnte, 110 West Twenty tiOh street, reopena September 15. Pr mipa! studies besides th.- Engiiah branches. Fretirh nd music Private clause* ft r German. Italian drawiui; and ?i/ ging, w ith separate teacher* Sjt each. Madame harbier, (Parisiennr.) will re-open on the l<<tb of Septemixr. her classes Gen praetteal e si verfati. n in the French lrnguage, on her method. Also, ):r?mn>ntical lessons with prirsM leMm on the subj-- t. if Kssf TwelfJi atreet, near B:oalway, opposite Blancaid's Hotel. Mrs. mkars- frrnch and B<<ARPIJ<U AND DAY HTHOOIi (??r vnoag ladlea. :w ami H Writ Fitleraih *treet, bolow Fifth arcane, reopen* on Thursday, September 4. Mm. M. baring Ju*t enlarged In r eatabllehmcnt by the ?c jiiieiUofi of n ponion of the a 'IJoiirfng house, No 31. I* rnt bled to ? ?commodate eight boarding pupila In hMjuuu to bag former limited n amber. Mr*. M. will be at home to rwlff n*reii?* and gii?rdl*a? a bo I u?y wiali to outer wkb her. on and after ricptember L VTA DAM! MARTINET'S FRENCH AND ENIMHTT Jvl boarding and day nchooi for young ladiea, 32 Weal I wenty lir*f atreet, between Fifth andHlith urcuuo*, will re open on T jeaday. Meptcmler 9. MR. I.. BE OR ANI> V AI.fl BOARDMO INRTTTTTR ? yovag gentlemen. II n taon and Waah iron Terrace*. N J. ia now open fWr the r .pupil*. Si.e rial atu ntirti to the French language. i'ir i.rimil refer ? ikc* attbe Ricmaior Fire Insurance I'omp.i y, No. C Broad ^rect VI VRRAT MTU. SKMINART. 40 EA?T THIRTY FIFTH Ml Mreet.-Mre. HOWI.AND A DAlOHTKHH, -will re i pen their Frenc h nnd Kngliah boarding and day acbool lor <g a baaon Monday. IMh H'-plemher For circular* and ?ib? r infer station. apply at the office of the Home Journal. Mr Orowen * l?ook *U?re, liW Broadway , or at tie reai.lenc* ot the frtw^al TIIR FOIiTTK.CHNK INSTITUTE. TORNRR OF FO'-R teent 1 atreet and Kichth uvea <?, m now oper.. Pupil* ad mitted at my age. WM. B. BTOl'oHToN, Principal. LOST A1VD FOI ND. ADOM IX)^T.? ON St' no at MORNINO. BV TIIK natte of Borer, he la |i, feet high, with * wbtta breaat, white leg* and black ear* A liberal reward will be pa: I on delivering Uia> at No 17# Chamber* street wm knock e. PMWD-IN TUB VICINITY OF I NION HQI'ARK, A inn of money, which the owner ran hare by proving pro I?er1y ead pacing for Ihta advertisement. Apply at w Itr <ad way, l it floor. LOST -ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON. IN FOURTEENTH :4reet. I>etwe?n Dr McKirof'a rhurrk, war Hinth ave nue. tod I'nlrt' ratty place, :i lady* watch. A "forget me not' In diamond*, waa *et In the back, which waa of hlne en amel 1 he face waa white The owner'# nan*, with the . late, nnd place of purohaee, tiencr*. li#>, waa en^rared on the inalae. A liberal reward will be gitea In any one wbu will ret .irn It I" the owner No. M Kaat Fmirte^iL atreet. | OPT? TWO IAW PAPERS. HETWRRN THF. nAU. OF MJ Record* Mid the northeaat corner of Itmadway and Fill ton atreet. Tie Order will be liberally rewarded on returning Item to B W Klrkham. 1 12 Broadway. thii 4 floor. 1 ojrr-IN THE EIOIITH AVENI'E C ARM, ON SATt'R I J Mar afternoon, a pair of gold apeetarija m a raae, Injured at Ihe end. Whoerer will return them to 3W West Fifteenth ?ti eet will recelre $1 reward and the thank* of tba o? ner, aa they were a gift. T OsT-FIRE DKI'ARTMF.NT IIAlMiF,, NO. 2 til. TIIR li l,*.l?r nil confer a faror liy le-ilng It at the t'bief* office. 21 I'llrabetbattect. or at 374 Nli.lh alreet. LO.-iT-A I.ARtiK I.EATIIFR POt'KRTBOOE, (ON i?lnte>g a rherk drawn by the Bank of Newhnry. So?itii t arolina. on ihe CmUlncntal ?.nk for two Imndr*! liollara, r'avnx nt ot whlrh baa been atoppsd. A oiiitalile reward will be pi Id for the other paper* by npplyln* to K. C. Eaia*. at Fine Mrfet. L opt? ON SATURDAY, A AttATJ. Rl ACK ANHTtN Kirg t harle* terrier, v . ,al reward will heptld for hi* iecor?a?*? W> Eaat Tw c hlrd *treet. I' < >ST ? I N OOINO FROM '.VARY CIH RCH TO OR j Tynf ? church on S..i ['emoon, between 4 and 4 iri l I rnmcn. ? r. . . , i, mi o'clock a hair bracelet, tot '?>, a aultahle raward will i>e naid. If lefl *t ihe office uf il? ' ' York llotal. r OPT - A FI \j Will I ea?e hief t nglneer i OPT ? A FIRKMA* " Wa! no m. THE FINDER \j will i leaM return It at No inm 4rr t, or to the OTOI.KN? FROM OTR STORE, o MONDAY RYENINO, ^ a black IcailiHT txtri"* bag . . ning a gentleman'* wearing apparel. Anv mfnrmatlo l ng to the arreat of thethi-r wl'l be *iiltahfy rewarde.1 .. ?_*. wi'l be nald for th? return of the bag and c- ntenta, ?i?d n ? nion* a?ked. return ?* toe |?krm a N IfcOTll, id Murray rtreet. >t o MER? HANTS ? I.KFT BY Ml \ K. ON SEPT 2, 1 in ?ome pUwe on the weat aide o , way, ten bo< * O . Ii*pe?der?, nt four d??en each, (No? tin and IH>2 I Win , frill glre nolle* *' Harrlay utreet gin- e they may e f. tit d will oblige a rarfan. INfltHAIVCa. HKNRV 4'Va V FIRE INSCRANt'E fOMI tNY-STOt-R wanted ? ??*? nh*i e? ol thi* atock I' o (flare I mme-liately, , ? uah *? v. ? W?? W. 6 118 753 BROADWAY.-OENTLEMEN AND THEIR F A ' v) l n. 1 ? ? or Mingle gentlemen can be aeeommolated with > cry desirable apartment*, with or without board. Prl vale table, if required. Undoubted references given udiI re quired. A PARTI ALLY FURNISHED ROOM AND HM ALL room attache I, on second lloor. also a bark parlor, to M. with board. In a small genu el private family; location No. I ?? West Sixteenth street Brit of references given and required. AVKRV FEW GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODAT ?d w 1th board, all the cumforu of home, at i'J Thirtieth street, bet w een Madison and Fourth avenues, references re >i aired. BOAHUUO ASTU LOIWUa fl ? AT Jllf' EXCHANGE. API'LK I 'r 1011' BUudlUg. hi o:?t| w ;tyt you Call lettm lull pariicu laraitor the al>o\e hiiuhidI; of the iiin,t desirable boa ding li uaet and (irt> ate families. All wishing liouteel boardeid sl.o'i.d apply to C. H. SMITH * BOYD. | 2 AND i LKBOT PLACE. ItI.EECKER HI RRET -H AND ' somely furnished front and baok parlor* and bedrooms to let wuh full I (mid. Alio, duy boarder*. Dinner at six i o'clock None bul persona of tin- tirst respectability need ' Ti'iy 3 ASHLAND PLACE, PERKY STREET.? ROOMS, IN mil or single may now be engaged for families <?? single gi'iitlem u House first class; formerly private. Location plMMUt Access by Sixth avenue curs; Amity street and other tires of stages. Reference exchanged. 4 BON D STREET.? FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET TO siiig'e trenlletucn, wltliout board. ST. MARK 8 PLACE -FURNISHED ROOMO. SUIT A ble for a gentleman anil la-! y, and a room for a single geu Ueman, to let, with lioaril, iu the first class^iouse No. 6 St. Mink's plase. Dinner at sii o'clock. 1 O MT MARK'S PLACE -ROOMS TO LET. ON SECOND 1 O Uoor. wuh 1 o." rd . to a gentleman and hW wife. Also, a room for a single get tlenuin. 4r GROVE STREET. NKAR BLEECCEB ? FURNISHED ? ) or unfurm-lied rooms In sitlte* op separately, to let with full or partial board, limine n?st class, with all modern iw>;ovements. Pinner at 0 o'clock. 47 BOND STREET? THE SECOND FLOOR. FUR I nished or unfurr ifhed; also, other rooma. with full or par lal board in this central location, with modern itnprov e merits, Ac. K A BLFECCEE STREET.? ROOMS SUITABLE FOR ?Jt gentlemen and their wires, or simile gentlemen, to let. with or w ithout lioard, as abore. Locution pleasant; gas and bulb iu the house ?A AND 62 VARICK STRtET, ST JOHN'S PARK - UU Ilaudsomely furnished rooms, in suites or separate'*, to 'et. with bund to families or single gcutlemeu. First class accommodations. lujiiire us above. r?Q WE.-T F0UR1 EENTH STREET ?PERSONS RE DO turning from the country will And a delightful location and p V. ant ho ne Fni's oi moms for Imitil tea with penn* nei.t rind transient board; also for single gentlemen. Dinner at n I' M. Reference required. n(\ FRANKLIN STREET? TWO SITTING ROOMS. I I" with lurgi bedrooms attached, also large dnubltt and sinit'e rooms for gentlemen, all ne ?Uy furnished. Inquire as ?i t< i', first house west of Broadway. Q 1 TWELFTH STBEET? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ' 1 rooms suitable for gentlemen and their wlvea or single f iulemon, with full or partial board, the house has all mo il' i n improvements; location most deairalile. Apply as above, v ? st of sixth avenue. References exchanged. 1fl7 PRINCE STREET -IIOARD.-A GRNTLfiMAN IU I snd his wife can be accommodated with boar I; also, a few single gentlemen, in neatly furnished rooms. None but lirst class need apply. 11A FOURTH AVENUE, NKAR UNION SQUARE 11U Suit* of nsims, handsomely furni?hed. suitable for families, wlthjirivate tables If desired, the house his all the modern conveniences, and the location is unsurpassed in llie city. Uni GRAND STREET. A FEW DOORS WEST OF ? J 2 Broadway.? A gentleman and his wife can be M 0 tnmoduted with a large furiU'-hed front room and board ; also one gentleman wiui a small room. Terms mo deratu. PRINCE tTREET -BOOMS MAY BE OBTAINED lor ii gi'iitlemau and his tvlfe and single gentleman. boute contains gas and bath. 1 /LI STREET. THIRD DOOR EAST OF BROAD ?LttI. way. ? Furnished rooms, in suns or separately, in cluding the back parlor and extension room on the urst iloor, to let, to gentlemen, with breakfast, if required Fust class houie with all the modern Improvements. 1 NI-VTH STREET -SUITS OF HANDSOMELY FUR I It/ uished rooms U> let. stutalile 'or ftmlllea, with private table tralngle gentlemen, with full or partial board. House first class, and pleasantly located iu Ninth street, near Broad way, 1QO EAST THIRTEENTH STREET.? AN ENGLISH J OO tamtly can nceoinmodate three or four gentleman with hacdsomidy furnished apartinents with or without par tial board: house first class, gas. hot, cold and shower Oaths free. References required. 0A7 WASHINGTON STREET.? HOARDING DOWN I town.? Board and loiisitig, from $4 50 to per week, lodging by the week, fromltl 25 to 25. Transient board and lodging. $1 per day. ltnWERY -IIOTE1. T.( )D<i I MM -.-I M I I.E i ; I ? **'!*) tlemen ean o'.italn single rooms and lodgings for $1 75 pm w e? k, or S7l? cents per ni? ht These rooms are new and new ly furnished. Manhattan House, near Houston street. 9AQ T,IIRn AVENUE.? BOOMS TO LET. WITH &\JtJ board, to young men. Terms from H to 91 |>er week; una, hot and cola baths in the house. Mechanics preferred, i ars puss the tluor. Also, a few day boarders lukeu. Af\A FOl'RTH ANENUE, CORNER OF TWENTY TUT ninth street ?Two front parlors to let, furnished m uiiturnlshed. 1 hree or four geutlrmen ean be accommodated with board, on rtasonable terms. The house is pleaaant, with all the modem improvements BROADWAY -F.I.fcG A NT LARGE APARTMENTS to let, with or witliout board. AOE.NTI.KMAN OF I'NRXrRPTION AIII.R CHIRAC ter and beat city n-fereneea, d??. i ?*? board ud -nin-rior ?ccnmtuoilationa. In it raapertable prlmte family. on credit, nil he recover* property In >ult would prefer to bp the benefici ary of a lady. Adu'rcaa C. U., room II. IK N.naati atreet. AtSENTLEMAN AND WFFF. C AN ISR ACCOMMO dated with u large front room, with board, In a sm ill, re ?pftliklr hull;, at IfU Ttmmpaoa atreet, corner of llomton mi ert . a oU [. ighburbooJ M?.,e* paai tlie door. A PLEASANT SCIT OF WELL FfRNISURD RoiV-t to Jet, with board ifdeatred. in a tirat claaa brown ? ..i? trout hoiiae pleaaantly located, convenient to rara and ? g*a Ai plyat 71 Weat FuurUeuth atreet, Or at bodae wealjo: ~.<th avenue, north aide. APl'ITF. OF tlASDOOMK ROOMS. ON THE IROOND floor. to let. furikkH <?r nntnriUahrd, very de*lr*ble for two or threealrgle gentlemen. Oaa, 4c. . bath on aamc floor. Apply at 26 White atreet. AFKW PINOLE OKNTI.EMRN OR liKNTI.RMRN and their wiveacanbe ac miuol.itl with board, at 137 IIk1?.ii at i et. 4 Fit IT AT K FAMILY CAN AH OMMODATR TWO SIX 1 v gle gen' ?? men or a gentleman an t wre. with n comfort nhly ntntla'n : room: full or partial board Rcfan ocaa < hangeiL A i> i> ' jr at I1M Madl on aireet, near Rutgcr*. APRIVME FAMILY HAVE a LABOR AND WELL fnrtil*! !?" room on the lecmid floor, with b ithroom adjoin tnir which will be placed at the dlapoaal of two fattlletnen " idling a quiet home titration good and convenient. Ap ply at 6JH BtOMM ?treet, Ifuaaou. 4 FI'RSIHHED ROOM TO LET-WITH I" HE OF BATH. JY Apply at a> Walker street. 4 FORNISHFD PARLOR ANDI'.KDROOM. PACINI A HMHM| park, to let. to a alnitle gentleman. In a privvte tmiljr, w itteut children, in a Aral claaa hone- at No. 7 tint imrcy park, Ka?i Twentieth atreet near Fourth avenue. ? trrW HESPF' I \BI.E MEN CAN BR AtVOMMODA iX ted with Kim id board, and comfortable roo?i. Alao, a x ? uung ladiea. I'le .ae call at I?h Fu?t Jivb atreet. BOARD.-A PRIVATE FAMILY r AN AfTOWIODATR a few reapectable peruana with board and pleaaant rooma, ,-crn.anenih , on moderat.- terraa. Apply at 3b' Weal Thtr rtji atreet, near Ninth avenue. Board-clinton ri.ACR.-ONR or two r ami Ilea an I a f- ?r aingle gentlemen can he hn-commolaled <?Hh furtiijhed apartmenta and board, la the very MaMMi ration, f 1 Clinton place, near Fifth avenu*. Belaren ex ?i hanged. BOARD ? A LADT AND ORNTTEMAN r AN FIND A ham uniely furtnahed room, with board for the Unly only, ti a vt ty nuie' (iou?e up town, harlns all modern im| mve to tit*, and rotiT. - lent to car* aad ategea. Addreaa W ) in-in. t n on a^uaie Poet ofllce. BOARP-IW A PRIVATE F\MILT;TWO OR THREE g*-atl>Dirn can be accommodated with rooaM, with nr ? MIhiuI |'?rtlal t oar?l. Apply at I7> Orand atreet. BOARD-IX BR' 'OK LYN, FRONT ROOM ON TIIR to?t Moor, a<~) at n Ifle nndtimiMe rnotnann - heo4her lonra, tn let, ? Ith full or partial i rKrd. to Ren'l''men and wlrea or ? stigie getitiemnn, at 49 t'oneord atreet, ltr.?ikly?. BOARt?-FrRNIRIIRr> ROOM ON THRTIIIRII BTORV Apply at 76 W.-*t Twentythinl all1 eat reference re.|itire I. Board at 9i? broadwat, .h'st abovr twen tfc tj atreet ? Pnlta of rooma, nan<laotnely fin nlahc.l, on the aec- nd and third floora Al?>. vi-ry p4eaaaul atnglc rooma. Pinner at 6 o el>? k. Ref rencea eiehaaged. Hoard and room? for stN'ii.E orxtlrm an \nd tetttlcmen and thi-lr wlrea ean be oblatricd In a <|nlet an I >ente<d private hoarding bonae. with all the m*b'i u con re iili iicea. tn<|Ulre at 3t< Rait Hrmdway. Hoard in Brooklyn -a room to let. hi ita hie lor a family or two alngle g< ntl--mi' >. Apply at <17 llenry atreet, Are uilnntea' walk from Fulton ar Wall atreet fetry. Board in Brooklyn.? pi.rax vnt rooms, or aitlta of rn. ma fnmiehed or iwfniM, "ttltali'e lor malltea or 'IhkI.' gentlemen term* mo<!et*te. Aptly at Waahlngton atreet near Fulton and Wall atreet ferrlea. Board in nRooKLTN.-TwoMNtM EoEvn.KMEN. or a married couple ran b? act itummlated w;ili apleaaaat troni anil board, tn n genteel fatnllj. tcrr agreeably loattel, a ahoit dlalanee from the Fitltoa or Wall atreet fen lea. Ap ply at .Miranda atreet. Board in Brooklyn.? a lar?.r CBrt-RBiNini room, for a gent etiian and wife, an l a f amtahed one, at l??ble for nne or ta-i ?lngle gatdiemen. can be nbtalned, with board aa dc-ln J: t^ferem-ea rennlr'd. near Fulton aaii Montegne fetrlea Apply at I 'J lleur;, xtreet Board in BRttOK onr or two sinolr gentl'-men, or a lady awl gentieman, can be ae 'manda ted with board, la a private ramily. a few mlnntea walh fn?m Fulton lerry, b.r applying at 112 Atada dree:. Ttwani " ate. Reference* exchanged. Hoard in Brooklyn -a wioow lady of hr apeetabWty, can iieconnaulaie a gentlemm ami hi* wife or one or two alngle lentli-tnen, convenient to Fijtoq ferry where the eomfort* nr a home may be enjoyed. Alffiir at <i| farida atre?t. Board in bbooki.TR - \ ??f.ntlkman and wife, and two or three *lng',e ttenlemen can h" aroomnmdatM wl'h large oramall rooma. In a llrat claaa hen*e. convenient n Ihe a. nth iind Wall ?treet ferrlea. Apply at 2*1 Henry atreet, etwe-n ? and Amity Board in BROftKLVN ? a orntlrman ano^vTfr, or two or 'hree young men eaa have a plaaaant fWint ? m and hrdroom on the aecond l?eor, with full nr partial ard, at S'J Handa atreet, cm\y % few aalnutea' walk frima Fttl n lerrr. BOARIl IN BHOOKLYN ?A ORNTLKMAN \ Nil WITR, al*o a few alngle rentl*men. ran he ??< mm > la ted with It rd at 71 R:i anatt atreet, third dOOT ftutn Pevl. lira lumtt'eV walk (tout FtUtfU ferry. | BOAUDHtG AM) LOUOISO. TJOARD IN BROOKLYN? IS W1NTKD FOR A OEN J I tleman wife child mid servant. in a private family, or wbP 'e hut lew bosider* uie taken Location ou or near th? lleigV "? Addrca.- Mr. F , Herald ullice. *l?tiug terms aud la CUtlliU. BOAKV WANTKD? in a gkntkkl PRIVATE FA mily. f?ru gentleman. hi* wile ami servant? a parlor, two beilroflKi*. plain but good table; liouie must be modern aud in s g"od I'CnUoti Address. with all particulars an J irr in*, hot 3,57l> Po?< office. Nu boarding ho una keeper ueeJ answer. BOABD WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, BY TWO t.ewii.g girls, suiters. Reference* exchanged. Addroiw 8. P. R., Herald ullice. stating teiui*. location, Ac. Board wanthd-for a gentleman and lady. convenient to llroadway, for fit) per week. Address Randolph, Herald office, Burning location. * Board wanted? for a gentleman, wife and ?inter, hi a private family; they will require three rooms, w nh full board tor Uie ladle* only. Addles* I. eon, Herald office, slating terms and locution. Board wanted? in a private family, for a gentleman, hi* daughter and maid servaut. within a fow Mucks nf Union square. A parlor und two hedrooaa, and ;i private table re [Hired. Address S Herald office. Board wanted, in Brooklyn -by two or three single gentlemen. In a private family English m French. Location between Montague, Court atld Atlautr Mreets, preferred. Please address, stating term*, location, Ilc , \ ., bog 798, Poet office. I* or particulars inquire ai Kn ' in South Briiokfra Court and Clinton ii-eeta a u Uarri**, Boarding.? to gkntiuvfn * ? an be accommodated with w.u' J ^ftW GENTLEMEM rood hoard, ut 1S5 Seventh avenue I , J la'le<l room* and and 'I wenty third slreeta T ?*'?ge?paiia thedoor every few winSut ' m Ule kou* BOARDINO.-TWO OR THREE HANDSOMELY FUR ofailied parlors, with bedrooms attached, yet rwant at the house no. 1U Waverley place; ulso. several rooms for sin it!e Thi* U the mult desirable locution in the city. i inner at 6 o'clock. Boarding -two or three single gentlemen can be accommodated with pleas .nt room* and lioard at 275 West Twenty second street, lirst house west of Ninth avenue. Dinner at t;>? o'olock. Reference* exchanged. BOARDiNG ?A SI' IT OF ROOMS, ELEGANTLY FUR n'abed. on flisl llror, also the entire *ccond tloor, will be tented lo single gentlemen or gentlemen und wives, by imme diate application at Si East Twenty eighth street near Madi son avenue. Cars and stages couvenleut to ull parte of the ilty Boarding.? a few single gentlemen, or gentlemeu and their wive*, can be accommodated with neatly furnished apanments with full or partial board, in the i'ikiuHj lin itcd house No. So llond street, tiua, bathe, Ac. liOARDING PLACE W ANTED. ? A LADY, INTENDING I J to remain in the city three month*, wishes a quiet board ing place. In a private family, or where there a** but few boarder*. Satisfactory reference* glvtn. Addresa G. W. C., Herald olllce. Boarding can be obtained for gentlemen, In a di sirable location, ut Raven* wood. Address J. R., Kavenswood, Furnished rooms to gentlemen re nulling pleasant ana airy rooma, In a convenient aud healthy location, will lind every accommodation, at modwato price*, by applying at 419 Broome street, near Broadway; also a front basement suitable for an office, to let. Furnish ed rooms to let? to gentlemen, with out hoard, at 61 Fourth avenue, ne?r Ninth street, con sisting of l ack parlor, front, back and hall bedroom*. In thd second story, neatly furnished, including gaiand bath. CUJRNISHED ROOMS TO LET-TO A LIDY AND IP gentleman, with board for the lady only, in a private family, up town, In a central location. The house has all the imperii improvement* and is convenient to car* and stages. Address E. A. W., Htoadwny Poet office, for three days Furnished roorw? a handsomely furnished parlor and bedroom, without board, at 42 University place. Also, u pleasant high basement office. 42 University place, comer of Eleventh street. Furnished rooms may be obtained by gen t>men, in suits or separately. in a very desirable loca tion, with breakfast if desired, at a moderate price; or the rooms would be let to a small respectable familv. Apply at 23;? West Fourteenth atreet. Furnished rooms for single oenti.emen to let? With or without breakfast, in a goo 1 locality, at 107 len'h street, between Broadway and University place. FURIIMIED ROOMS TO LET, FOR GENTLEMEN ? Two or three neatly furnislicd and pleaaant room*, with ?ns, Ac., may be obtained in a (mail private family, on very reasonable term*, at 2 "Jt Greene street, eecond door from Fourth sireet. Reference* required. IJ1RENCH BOARDING HOUSE, 74 FRANKLIN ST ? P Single genileiiii n and families w ill lind at the above nun her handsomely furnished reoms nnd good board, and all U?i> comforts of a home. Also, ruoma without board House kept oil the European plan. Linper .it 5 o'clock. Full hoard wanted? by a pi vole gentle. man in a large, pleasant hoarding house. In the neigh - liorhiMul of Hfth avenue. Union -juare. 'Seventeenth atreet. Address with particulars, box .'<#7 P> t office N. F.? The rot id mu*t be large, pleasant, aud not higher than the third floor. /GENTLEMAN OH FAMILIES RETURNING FROM THE vl eomitry. snd w iahir.g haadanme suites of rnonui tor the v> .liter, in a fa?lnona.>le lis aucu, can be accoutiu<>! >ted by ppljii g at tffii Broadway. /GENTLEMEN AND HIVES, OR RINOLR GENTLEMEN, VT i who ate now des.rou* of se< inn^ large anal well fiimish ?i looms, nith board, permincot for Hie winter, will Mod nils of ris ma or *logle n hich are v erv ple'taam. by applynig st M Itioadway, iM eoiid door from Twenty sixth s reet. l>iue ? t 6 o'cloek. Reference* txchanged. Handsomely fi rnished rooms, with break tsst. c.iu be had by two or three gentlemen ui a am ill prt isle family, by applyiug at .Mi Ninth street. Handsomely furnishkd room* with partial board can he had by two or three genilct-.ieu. tn a trl vaiefsmily, withlufiva luinu'i s' walk of South terry, where all the couifortaot a bome may be enjoyed. Address Gran ville, Herald oflice. Hotel lodging* -gentlemen tan oiitain good ftirtiiabed r ?>ms at the Olofce II >?el. corner Frank tort and William streei*. at 2S cents per night or f I !W| per week. A few of the bi-st rooms ut 37 'a cents j>er ut iht No oilier charges eseept at their uptoa. P1IVATE hoard ?a gentleman and wifr or two single gentlemen, can obtain a room, with paiilnas attached, In a house with the modem imcrov ra-nts Iocs > t at No. 3 Nln'h street, between Fif h and Sith avenuea Private board in Brooklyn? a gentleman and lady, very pVaaantlv situate.1, would like tn receiv.. a genu small and lady, or two gentlemen, to partial bo I. Tei ma moderate, lias. Ac. Please apply at ?>1 state stree'. or sidree* P., HrraM office. PARTIAL BOIRD WANTED-!' Y \ OENTI.EM AN. IN J a French ismlly Address C. O. It, Herald office, stating terms location. ,te PRIVATE HOARDING -(IENTLEMKN MAY OBTAIN plensant rootn<, With partial board, at 'Jul Fourth avenue; bath. IMS. Ac, AI?o, a Inrg" front risim on tie lirsl lloor, suit able for s gentleman and his w ife. rLKT-WITH OR WITHOUT BO A BO, TWO t'NPt/R nlahed rimM. mi iK-ronil aultable for a amal; faml y. I.r 1*11 grntteinfn and their wiv?a Thrr are pl.'.amt an I airy metre, anil erery arrommoda'lon will he f<> tmd, al 111 rale price*. l>j applying at X7* Hprlnu afreet TO I.RT-WITH BOA RD TIIK MRtOBO KTORV F RONT room >.f houae N<> 1IM Rim atreet. For birther particular* Inquire at the 1 tow. rpo~ [TtI TWO~OB TIIRFlT ROOMiv rt'BBIAM in OB X unfurnlehrd. to n gentleman an I hla ? Ife. <* to iwo alngln gentlemen Reterenrr. reqtrtred. For partii uUr? inquire 0:1 mi the pr? nileea, Its Abingdon pUc TTj|TrB?ni mmii.r orxti.rwbn SB br Ac commodated with l>oard at No. T Wooetcr ?tree: f?a?, l.atha, Ac TWO OB T1IBRB ORNTMTIIRN, 0F VTQH I RBaPRrfA blldy, n>?? obtain aa elegattly fun>i?hed parlor. ' hr*n bedenota* bathm.m and water e xaet all roan<TUii(. on par lor floor. In a private lirown atone residence , near (He Bre eoorl Houee; family tlrietly private Add rrae boi 1.131 P<xt nfflce. XETA NTRO-RT TWO TOCJTO ORXTt.RNKN Fn"~A f ? prl? ate family. 'French preferred i Itrleg in the r|cini:y of Broadway. hut ant h gh?r up town than Tenth atreet twrn aabnftrtM r?oma. nrntie large mom. with two r'naete, ant par tial board, tar breakfcal and mpp. r. Addreea, atatlng ertaa, H. and V , boi "I Poet mure. ? * ASTRO ? HT A TARTY Of OFRMAX flKNTI.VRF.N, board la NewYotk not abmet'nlori ?.,u?re I'lriw addreae. with tcim? and leewttoa. A., bat I I 'oat ofltoe. W ante r> ? n v \ focio" n"\n. a w^ITtFr !* ?? n?wi, wtlh or wi'bnir l>nard. in a quiet F r<*?eh tt MV* ru wi fiBi'lv, Who would he pi-i nwn.'nt. Addrraa J. II . Imt z s,7 l'i?t olfce. HRWAMM. AO RFWARP -l.OHT ON UtTNDAT RVRNIITO. TIIR Vm 7th mat., between Or. BiiiebaH'g rhnrrh Thlrt?->n'h ?treet. and th'- corner ef .laneand flrernwich ?'ieete. a rtmni breaetpln The tinder will re?? lTe the ahore reward, by leaving M whh J. B. Xeleon, MB Greenwich aireet. tR W A BO.-IXWT, ON RATC K IMY, SKPT. ft, IV V*' Wall ?tre?t, iw In the lower atreeta of |W rltjr, a pair of heaty solil apeetai-l- a la a ea?<- The nivl<-r will n-eelre tb? al'??e reward and ib<- Ibankaof tha W net , by leaving til# name with Joriaa tliunrr Ka<|., 13 Wall at|)-et, up Matra. ? rr~ BKWABO.-LOftT, ON RTNOAT RVKNTNO. ?RP 1 1 temlier 7. between l^vmclon and Hltth arennea m oral ahaped ?ll< ' r aiinlTt>oji, wi'h lniu<ila mirare<l therraa. The linder will rc??iv? the abora reward bfTeavln* H at 7t> Rnat Thirty ftrat atreet. ill 7l RRWTRn -l,fwT\ ?Tx MUMM V TUP 1l?, vl" between ('.roadway t*li inib- r? y re<'? ami the ?>????! aer J I' >Mth, MhrM tlie willt.or In a atore on th* ri?ht rnmlrf down, at on boanl the atramar, a roll of bank bil.a Any f eraon tm.llBB th.' aanip ahall revive the abort reward by leitvlar It al tlie FT f ' aid o?? i>. iw ?' RUlMM A X ?rla<"?. ?< ( hambera ah eet, w iUi lb-- K. atefiil affkn'iwMgmenla of Uxt ha lnaer>a htdy. I^lll Fl F. W \ R FT? -Tf >HT, ttN TIIR5TH INST.. A PfRK VlV taaa'l ba.i^e. No 7.?\\ The Wwdef wffl i>i<>??e ra turn IL ami irrelre 'he tharka of the owner a?l the Va>ra reward, M Boferi A Mnant i. No. t Macrer atreet. AlO RKWARD.-I.OUT, ON BATt BOAT RVRXfVU 5*1 " la?t nrar the earner "f lliflu and Fottna atrei-M rriv klvn. a pearl nor'' honnnie, y. ?>'al?ln? b< twaen 9t$ an.| iM in Mm and koM. The Under will re.-elre th? abov ro ward by leaving Itat the corner U Mt-ary a??l *1 . lagh #(i .?'?ta, or No 4 Poplar atrwt. Wru< klytt. Aor RRWARP - STOI.RN^ ON ? R1DAV Kvrv' Inf. from fllnton arannr, third \ ?so nrrth .f Fm ton ayenne |trnr.klyn, ana palant ?a*ar liurdliiB wateh, plain raw. and rnar'l ohala, tn?e"her with W allvar apooiia, wiarlte.1 R V. Tne abora reward wlllb?|aald far the ar.nal of the thief or retorery nt tin properly. MATRIMOTI A 1?. A ORNTI.RNr<N IN flOOO ?fM I AT. PTANMNO, ROt' f a'ed and re?ae<l and P<wae?alnf a fur ltir..r>io, wlabM bi inrrl with a le^dy af amiahl* 'Itapnaltlon, cool Innka and pie?. aln|t manner*, wRb or without money With aneh a one ha would be happy to eorreai ond, wbh a tl<-w to matrimony. Aridreaa. t? perfrat eonfldcnc*. ( baa. Wllaon, ValM artara Pf?t A VOVNO ARNTI RMAN Of T tRtRAt, rdttation J\. and food famllv la eonatralnetl, by mo?t peeallar eircim otaneea. lo aeek, In tbla way. the ae I'latntanfe of a to"iH l?dr of refinement and p'eaalnf eTterlor. The rharnoter a" ' mo Urea nf the adrertlaer mar be learned more fully VI 1 lri4<V n| F. ll(\nlln?t, Bftja Jw?X l'<* ijfflce,