Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1856 Page 2
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Court of tiwtnl leMloiu. (More Kecurdur Smith TBI CA8TLI ?ARU?N DlfTOT? I*KJSHK*T1?NT OF TH1 HK AMD JmY. 8mt. 9. The t.tAnd Jury rtma luto court this morning, ? nil UBOUDCVti that ibi'Jf bad Concluded All the UittlAOlU , belore them sad asked to be discharged. The following presentment w ? hande l to the Recorder by the loretnan, { after which Ui^ury sere discharged lor the term ? The ttraridlW?i"e*' of ,he ?ouiuy of Now York, in the discharge of Uitu iluty. Lave Deeu culled up-n to inves tigate cirtatn complaints had been preferred ?gamut ceiUun empi<>) v ol trie railroad i'?!ii|ui. oS doing bi.sunss wiiti 11 i ? iiagrai.ii> lauctug at (.'-title '.arden. In Ui? uucbarge ?l this uuty ihey uave lelt calle l upon to vint the landing uepot itae it, with a view if giviug a pur coral uispeotion 10 the mode of doing business within Its endosurt The landing aod despatjbing of a cargo of upwaius oi lour b'.ut r>-d pas.-et.giM takiug place at the tune ul tht ir Visit, atlorded a favorable opportunity to w .in h tne w?u!e prin ..g Ti t tiu-.-. ugei* were brought Iron, tlie ship ou a ba ge tow. d by a -loam >oat, persons ana property i-heltei ed tr m t ie iaiu by the up jm r deck ol the barge. Tbty 'andcd iu an orderly man l e . , havii'j; ev.oeuuy been instructed t>y the officers from rattle <-faroen a* to the nature of the Unding depot au 1 Us arraigns* ota Tr.ev passed over the dock, an-iwered I be a qui lex ol the examining ph> fician. whose duty i* to not. hi tt whose Age or coniliuou requires special twuib In ui the -hip for their support In ca?o of need, and to octet i a?es ol ickne?s whicu may bare escaped the notice of me Health Jflicer at ^uarai.t no. on euterlrig the large rotuu ? ol Cattle Uardeu thej wore registered by a ? lerk <l the tou.ruis.-,inncrs ol Immigration, who took lowii tne Lames of hea is uf taiunies and single per sot w het. i they came, tne State- of their destination, tne. r cash means auu the rolativts (ii any) they wero to join The at ncal statistics ol the current of em titration are made up Irom Mx-se notes. Tne pa-monger* the u pa e l on to ttv next desk where clerks ot tu<j tiansportaUou i . m; anion ae-c^rtaiued the piaces of d*-u nitiou they wsbe.i m go to, laid maw of thi to lies ol tiavoi before them explatued th<> -llB.-reucw iu time auu price el" travc. by th-> var ?>us routes, and a 3?*! t'.on ? t made by the passengers, provided tiicm wi'iii order on tue oa?bier, selling forth tne number of tick i ? required, U e route selected and the price of ;<as eago aid uf ovei freight per one nuad'ed pounds by ?uch route. The CKhler, un receiving this or <l*r. iund tho .'?>?? ul' tirtflts It C-iilod for anu r"Cttv?il tiie there! .r. The i>assen ger* were tneo shown, by ? <lt:3 rent w.iy Irom that by wb:. L they ette-e i the r< ! in 'a lus* to V- ? dock ana tb pre pro.iu.-ed to tlie w.-i/hmaster the cb<:cKS tbej i c!d for i i/g, ./? whicn they had received on lioard ol rfcevt-snlwL. 'i bio g-it thei.i ato |>ort, previous to in* t.ieir trunks nto the hands of the officers front iv>tl?" 'farden The proi^rty havns ?he co? respond -njf cbt k was I* en ; n !r"m the barge and weighed, encj pi r j bong labelled will a eonsi icauiM lahei. na.ia< a certain number and th. j '.ace ol 'o-tii...t.oa priuU-i there ou. tee |?M>eiig< i rtc*.vmf a ba^gayi ticket with the tor re-joi uing iuu her. aLd on wh.t i #n in- rted mo :: .w ber of s 1 1 biu'We dell .-ered the route it ba l to bo traafcport- o, the gro?? weight, and the atnOLut of freight i to be cof ectcd tborwi i., after deducting the aino.iat to | winch each (iat<ct oger i? entitled. This ir ? ght was rien I paid to the collector ha- .ug bis c 'ice at the se.a!es. wh j copied the whole ticket into a hook, aept lor reteroujo, aad then rec. , ten i^r tho money at the foot of the in. gsg" '. ck.- t. The l a? tge was lu. n taken on b?*rd o;' a steamboat employed Uj transport the siasa.tigers an 1 th?. i puperty iree of charge :rotu Ca?tle harden to tho places of the var.ous rai.n?ds auu sieamhOst linen, and the passengers, having now l u .. y prepared themselres to leave at the i sual cour of the day, had ample time to tnjoy then -el .hid the depot by tsklng tbeir meals, ck arising tnemscives n the spacious hat'tootas, or pre meiiauia^ on the galli or on tne dock, flw utmost ori-- preva.leu turou^: ut ever? req.i ae iniormation wa? g ? n pa.- -angers by ofln ias conven>m? iu .I'tlerent 'anyunget it. - m ir ends wer-- transrnitt d to lao I ing pa.< ng?-r . ' ? og l r iu in m o jj or i.rstfc zs to w to projcor., ?x. fb. ?"*nd . hav.njr thus personally wttoeaae 1 Ule ah. !? tti 'iU o? J .in,- bus.ucuw ai U ;*ndm< depot ..f ?I"' i *V1"? be ?mo pat.-tled that evarv *M.u,ke,n 0 th*- "'"tfMiii tut pMivun ropy coj:,"| ?n, r ; ^ jCr l" * *'"* ' tu?e wiiw by i ersove rnirJ m ''Uu'" ,urlb*r <>?V?:ri*< about iho .i> ^ maue '?r iptcuU ca?. ? which U iitjt not iticu Uve uimo or been w .ucssed by tln-n They h *rn.-d that ? ,, of ire.,,^.1 o^urrtL U."t Fa>s*nj.*rs !?m expacliaf to rtn-t the m ? ? {rV w,,Lo,Y r?UlC F au Utortorrf lETcU S./j ??*??}. but it a.?*ppoirtea. in such c.. aJvw, b are m*:, on tb* lufia*.' ?j ptusenirar* *t"bt;ujui ct^bl-?i u> osnsape Ui? uecrjaitv of wa t" igiyg"*"?- >-nj2 s. C n^uuLXL ^d*n?..t , forth ir datitiuUun, ?Ji a.ter * gLof . vt y t tto araoutt wiranc'l to Ujea..*.ihot,l.nw, ?i or charge t r .tcrLre ^ aave Ibmrtrur., ,eBt a-r it*. To, Z^n ? r ?. ? saved lo i b tyrant twnn.n ny tUf i. t..- * errane i i?ni Be o? '.0'. ?"-y r f "U"L 'v for* !?)? ?v, Heor* lb* cNtabUahtnt m of OaaUe iUr \ tu. ? ? toibnr (ywi.u? lur ?? uiokt-y ? not n^iiym* eeo .Lts ?or th- pWM>ff. which then vm swallowed uii ,? ,? vuuJtof bo* ?e lull! Uavtiu the c mm ran I mil w ihojt t\* rlSrwo^uV- '. tt . ,tl" * uW '-reou on u? k ;uritv ? tL ; j . fcow., of Uioen, (W o*l bteu . xh*.i,iod. h- wau I >? ? Ufun. lto the ?tr*el * jmi.jHjr, *ou ? *ituu ct ">? i . i* yii-? oi u , p j buc iMi.tut^ Thuiy;u*jt- ; ?tatjutioii of W*r?i 'S Ufund L*m <ri?ot R aire wh ? h at th.. ? t *f ? cit,. C JSTilSl : u ttittr. ni'tnhi r >u. to oar y?>?r oc?*q ?? 1 ic?a ? rTu.VfrV* ,,r k. cut (>a iik? mi | pljr ol |i4up*>r^, AOOUJ r kJB- r,' ;c H Wki h th? *ttrnt.?a oi ?RfiS? 1?IL",,*,T?ic^W' "?? wra^^ia. , i *"'? ? al- ?*! ' 1 K?"mxo. c*uot ot i\m 0 w?Hi?o, or Itu.-b M 0. , ?? bu#o cjulnfJ ?O rtyptiy hti--* th .-Al ot the fh.p u to r??i urc r ?Cbtlor? tr*ve..,Dc. Tuoy tuvs *U m0 Bix^aary c*re or a?..ic*. ?tt i taaro *t..i oar, g, *t tte exix-u^ of i*^^ ff HMja? t of In n'?*;ou, "M-J *TC t?n ujJcr *nr ne 'W ^ bo*rdinjt hows-* u? i xpeo?l:cK moacr ? hwh ?UI uk? tbrta lo tlMlr d-nriatiun u _ r " ?Ctrc-rB,ly 1 b *r the tkugLiSl '?u j*l?irtof tMo U.e e*u<?? of ^ruio pub. <b? ! *t u?j ou the ?lu>(raM land ng 1ei?M the Cr*ad JB , ?*t bewno M Ii*it?d that U.- y emaaait in the 3r<t toelecce from ;he T?ry Int. r?t-l part'- 1 ?fc.?o S( u?t!, (,*,??.! iflor.:. Kot l^L, V^, r*1*'*-1' wh0 ?r* rbwf.y rui.ocrt a ti l L'..T ***"'*' ?,'*rJ p* houM koep< r* *u j H*. ? UTt ,<>" ?' ^??'-4 tu by tft? ??Ub!u Jir at - iLo rklJro^, c<imp*nir* h? A ih- ? ?vw* hi!?in?? lone by in?r owe eieriui, *t.i ?? ci t t-u Y ^tvr xti-rvt tvon ?< ,W?ce br?k 1 * tb b? ,hrima f"*1 Um w*y of tbf r?Tt-fi <cf?|,)H.?rW o' ??< r. -n 0MU4 . ?r ten * b* &T?*.,L,rULi,?w4 *<"*"' wboM bo ?ki ir m "*? P<w*>o?J ki ?r Kn only w?s wrio h*r? to i?*Vy toll** 1 ?'<1rn to tr.n-wt In th? citt b*i t , , b of t|,? ,?d,Dg i yZT'."**" S' ?t"? ?r? oauun?liy i ' ^ ?irrwlii,* tb?? ..>p.:*Bd ,",carT' t r""? 'u *r fe tn ZutJS. 0*CC"' b,< IfoqWtoCfy 6 vii la ttotTITLjS T.1I! "w,n" " "retrod lb? ?1 ?? ro.n? ?>*y Md Mfc. the u' pM?-a?-r* >? ?t :et 4*pM. an-l Wh-n dr rr? oil ,iy Um- jr.. jr ? . Ml *'?b Offloot ., U, u!I!k .k " ?'*>; W1" ?* "MM K? *? Ifc/Stb th y j-aaMt,.., from ie?|?. u" ? Crw d iM??t W! im . rro? ; of ,M, c- k,. t?T.r,r# artro?d Jir rat- of Cwu* <iar-?rn n*! t ^ i?' ? *** "f r-tv.tod wpr^t.. ro' to >6' m o .pal a .ib'. ih? r.,iv* ?torf? m<>r iV tV.rl ^V 'Z'4. Uy a ' ? * "U ?H P> . m 1 n ?*?*?'# th? *L< inajrM of C? l>a > ,? ^'*** cbw-|r? or th? .U?, or lr*"1 **" b*iury uji> -? ? .,cb a? ? n B.,i rat< r ,,t <n ^"r'V^r a. MM, to to * tb tt>?* lo they ? j h, , eon tin I a rkaat* to nx-a^ir nJt ?Mwt">a to J??y on Ib* of i/.e pn,,< ?>. UMrf .'?n o? re, :i,ai > , ? , ^ .. crow, I Sum M M? ;>r?wtalM fr*m ~1 ?Blil_^ ' ? ft Utm4 :*.| m* ha 1 l?M-n, > wttb ? tua* th'* t^aU 4 ^ ^ "* * U" ***? M *2 ru? u ^! w m Y ""If a"?n who sap* ?Mtor n Z t? , I tuat Uk? ----- ^ k ~rr^?rr *f MH ai.fta r td b? !.. ^ ?, "aa?fl.M |bit tbwy ft1 5",^' rb ' ?'? ~ "? f"< % A. Z? V"fC 4", m or th'* >au> ^ ?? T1.* *lav.r R.iman, r>rnr? mri" mptmvt cocrt. Wurt Hun. Jadgi* Bet*. frr-t. t ?fn tk? -mm rf 'At /?rw Mr?at?? ? Th* 0r> , \ ?>^t* an onfrr, to th# r fleet that th* ctoniMti ?to he I?r?"tt*d ?? make th* notion for a ttay of prnr*r4tar win b* sold a th* Brooklyn Navy ^ ari 'V r,!1/ ;" " hf "" ?" *"* a Jnry ar.wr'r,^ ^ r,,nM~* ?'?>'" <* '.rand Pi" of t i?.T L r Two w*i* oailf loo a ro. ?,,i Um, i , ' i'" ?"??* ?"! ?h# J. Mr' a i,? for ?. Tf'r i. ,T?l l M MMrttMai pl(, ?f Batu' *r, 0,* ,?4, t !1 <Vt^^Tl'L ,r"f "*"* '* * Jtflffci rf ArnZn, ?'?> iTh1 K'Jn " rn"**r- 111 ?'her -t,ppi*na <wktn i'b and a n ,h'?? tw, re rlaintf.i *r< pari of th* mr,n fH ,h'( ' **"J ,hr IW*<t* raa- cam* np ?. , on> AftjMa T5? the ^rnr* ww al |v?t ,ll?t ran** of ff? xitora w ?h* braarh o it.', i- '!, j'11, *ui tralily iawa of IMJ. h w n,< ><ato* aeu Mr. O'DrmObui, u,r tb# Maint , -> ml; o./.o; t;" Mr Jrach^mwa. la r*|?iy, fc|*i^.| ?"? -ameal of Hayti t . .? ,;r, , T, ,, * J *** *"r ??* ' ? t*. ?nd h* w- .* | aV>cV'iyr; ?W?to al |>rr> ?vt tha cla rm iim. at woom ooi I^ rtatoa ra?*rr*< 1 F*iq* tnnw ro fn M matin r^ilT -py. u, r2-r^s*iiri ?ow''' w"ifr*r j f """ r->- 1'. p* V" """""tatr *rri(ri alioa to toe A# ?UU TallOT r-,a tf *ranf. wui fM<trrv?4M at "aiem w t?!.. i.t ?r mp^m < ' y;Mtl?',rn?" ^ f"'rn' ,ho b^al for ihT^tnt Court of Special Retort Recorder Smith. Put 9 ?William J l.yster and John Walters, the p?r ?001 who iome time since com milted an assault u;?oa Jae. I, Smith, editor ol the Sunday CVurt?r, were thu morn ing brought up lor sentence. Mr. Phillips, counsel tor the prisoners, state 1 to me Court that he had nothing further w add to what bad already been urged in be bail ol bm clients, except that thej both sincerely re gretted the occurrence, and that they had made arrange ments to leave the country ; one of thorn (Walters) in tending, il the judgment ol the Court should permit, to Uave towu ibis alteruocn, iierUapn never to return He woild therel'oro a- it that the Court exercise all the clemency that might appear consistent witti its duty. The Recorder tout the prisoner* that 11 tbey bad anything to say they would be beard. Mr Ijslet slated that be was very sorry for the occurrence, an-1 would pledge hn word never to be engaged in a lite traduction , that he was a good deal eiclted at the tune; bad b>.4n put to a good deal of expense already relative to the ail'air, an<l hoped that the clemency ol ibe Court might be exereu-ed in his behall. Mr Waiter* trade a rlmilar statement. The Recorder su.-l that it was a painful duty lor the Court lo pa<s -co t< in e n |t>u iwrsois iu tiieir position, surrounded as tbey were by intiuet tial friends, but justice and the public good riguireu thai Uial duty should be performud Ojt ri..< h '.ke tfc.s were more frequent every day. and if tlie court* did not intei fere to put a stop to it. uo power on tarth could. Re regard) d as one of extreme aggra ..Hon. The < mplamant was sitting in his >'* n < ffk'e engaged in the performance of legili maie business, wneu he was a-taullej, wt by one per m ii only, but by two. eithor of ?nom wa? superior to bim in physical strength. !t was such acts as tuia that led to breaches - f the peace and to homicides, for there wusr tajcy on >-arth that would have 1 eld the pArson assaulted responsible in tb.s ca^e if he had taken the life of his assailants up-.n lb"? spot. With regard to one of :l.e defendants (Waiter*) he had received a lector froui the complainant in which he -ays that be ha* investinat *? <: the alla.r, end be'ioving Wa'teis to be comparatively ucoceiit. ho a-ks that clemency in ly be exteu led to wards him. V, ih regard to the other prl-oner, be had received bO s::ch application. The imposition of aline nt-rely. in such a Ca e a- th:?. wou< 1 bo bull mockery of justice; nor cid bethink it ceceirary to degrade the pai y by sendirg him to the i? nitmtiary. H" shoo Id. Mo -I |'. the a-o ol W i ter", inas mu ll lis the lllair ' J been aninb'y settled betneu h.m and the com l umant, tcsprnd judgment : an tin the case of Lyster, rtence cf the 1 - tirt w i- .it he he imprisoned In the City Prison for the term of thirty days. v?muel logins, a natiro oi Ire anJ, twenty eight years | : ag was tried a*. J ocv; i t ol burgiarv In the llrst ! gne, in hav-i-g mi red the dwelling house of Rcbert I Fergu-i-n Vo. 8 W?!k"r stre?t ou the n gbt of the 3Ht cf i Acguat, and uolee ' Herefrom twenty live cenla iu silver ! C' in Sentenced to ten years in tbe Stat? prison. Jofcii Wbc! James Andrews, aged twenty three I yearn a r.a>;v<* ?>:' Scotland, pU ailed gui'ty :o burglary i i j the third degree, committed upon the premises of Croas | man ,v Brothers, No lt-4 Fulton street, on the night of ??lie 17th ci Augm. Sentenced to two yo*r? in the Slito pri'on Jame? McCarty. aged fifteen years, a native of New York, pleaded gui ty to an attempt to pick the pocket of Jonathan R Ntaii, ou the iotb of Augu-st. Sentence de ferred. W: mam Tv.cker, a*ed thirty three years, a native of Ma.-sachu-c-its pleaded guilty to an attempt at grand larc?ry, in tak.nga quant tv ni' hoisting blocks, |?nuani* iud looks, the property of Judith U.-iry, on the loth of August. Judgment suspended Middlften was trieil for fc.-sau't and battery, and ihc jury ?cre enable to agree. The Turf. CEXTEEVILLE COl*K?E, L. I.? TROTTING. Throe trotting matche* came off on Saturday after noon. Soft. P. The flrst *as t->r $1,000, m.:e heata, best three mfive between La)/ I.ogue an.l Fanny Kern, the former tn hirne** and the lai er to wagon, lady Logue wen In three atravbt beat'. The rare was closeiy con tested, the nags beicg l?pp" t throughout the aacond ami third beat*. Lady Logue was the favorite previous to tfce turt, anu u'ttT tb-.- first heat two to one went begging in b? r fi?ror f 'ir. t II. 1/ ?As scoc as th.- word waa given. Fa' ny i i-rn broke tip, and the bay mare took the lead, paj >iiu Use q i-irter i?le In itorty two ??*<? >n U, b*!i t doaen i ^rgtL" ar.ia ' -idcI the haif rnt!--* poie in 1 -2. Fanny a t.-.l very wildly throughout the belt, and wv? beatt-J luur or Eve '.eag hi Time, 2 .v. > nd Hat ? Taa La** west off f>g?ber, an 1 kept a; t? ti t< i he | .artcr j ?>. it f rty ore aacondt. 1 'n tlio backdtit trh tbey were ti te urd t .? to the hail mile poie, ti 1 33. octbo'ower torn ttey w>;ro still lapi^sd. al though I.u-.v t r?. wa? Hotting on t'-o am*, Having btei . roaded ti ? re by the Ctrl', er of lady I/>|W. Tbcy rwuac > u the iiomotretch tn tins *ar. *jd Hiter a -ies perao Mr ^ t reached the more yoknd. rue judge* dte dad iLat LiJj Logue won bs ab'. .. a band Tim -, t 4C. Thir^ lira' - T.s wt.< a countorpart of U?s prevlo .,? beat tif.y 1 ? cue *v abuu* half a lei, nth in atvame a'.l *t,i ro nd. Tin e to the <p:arU-r po! ?. forty two ?? ? ? n< ? t tr- i n i mi>? pole, 1 21: acu to the acor , ?. 4'. 1 be !? lov'uf )i a a tin unr/ .?mi i v ,-vpt c ? Trotting " .tch, fl,OC0, mi'o baaus "f!" ti r ? c 'c -an ? . i M< lat K'ilin nMn*d b- m. J*Jy L<-..-ue. m burro** Ill Jr.. ? Wliiij ? v ram-d tr. m. i'.innvFert to Waga* 2 2 2 Time, - <'<_?. 48? .c>vx I'.tv ? Hatch, SiOO. five aailea out, to wagona wag' i. as. I :r vr to w? gh 400 lb* ! ' er nam lb n. ? 1 11 Wi > Jrt'ti uaatc : bik ftalhoa Tim", IB jr. '? ? M ii' h. tr ie 1' hU, b<M throe In live i attr rau.?<1 1/ in- fn.'i MU>r, tc iiO ;i?. W?go|i 1 1 ] F.. Ti *bl named! * Rocdeer in harne?.s.... 2 2 2 Tune 2 M ? 8 01. Parllralnra of the Kit* In Tioy. Tb<- (>? '.ov.xf a<xi''.Jt, from the Iroy liw&gH, irlves the ? nation of tb* var o<; butidirs" do troy ? t by tiro tn Tm,. oc tb< Tib. t<i, utlter w tb tUe >uMe? auautUitd ana tlM' n?i. of tbr 1m?r*:? 091 XikTH fTOO*T. -TH i r Tb'- fo' are U>? i.amt* of the kuiierory who orcn ptc : ? row ? Nr. 1? i?. W..Sn klor sv??r.;eofBer of Grand Dtvslcn itmt and jamea Hn>.f-> over the rrurer) . Mr. 8. ?a?el about one bad b ? itck. B? i* tniar i for W0(t in the New Ara-ltr .ir t HMK and H0\> ' lb* R itger? toTcianr, New York ?h. b w:ll f :iy c iver Mi lot--. Mr. liix' ftnati rave< t-t If a portion of bis in*nMnre. No. 2? ?** -?ed ! y thfte fam !??#? Jlrt. Ro--ney. Mr?. Walnr and i ^icLaren No '!y ? Auntv " ' -ahoj- U- KoehVr >|r? JeMcp. No I? l!y Mr. ^Iatibew?, John Itrodcrick, Mr*. 1. m b< rger. - wry Jarne* M?.-kev , Mr Mil.. It Mr? Wnddell. No. f? l y Tkoii.MUulnor Mr t'le\"lai.d, Wr?. Isjbar, C^'>r?e llfbir, K<?. T-K> T. V? (iln rn. H Riley, V. J..W No. *?Vy c. I?oo?ii p. kotjabae. Mr Wiina, No. Mb K-iaard Curry M.tbntl ffol?/. No. 1 c? By Robert Tn :or, who <? copied the ai^on on (lie ( orner of f> lernl ttra -t Mr 1a> iori<?t m ?t ?l 1 ?t'vk and B (/timM lii mm at Irowi ?T00 to |i,0t0. -n wb.oh tlier i wti nil n do! ar of knanrnne ? Tbi t ,*r?y knoon a? "^' - r w to G. W. I Pmitfe, who \ . i.p.l t at ?!? Om1). He ?a? n?nro4 on tlie pan tor f- 0U). o* rtt nnat *rr.m. jt* i t ? ' -,f we t of Mr. T '* aiooa was a .arc* doubla uw itkn. MTimd by A. B tiii -ii. <? I-.0.1 by Mr. .-amln, > l.< ? Ri*k> ' ?e(ih ( . re?n Mr. 11oi*o, ao'i ao-*' >.r fan y )ir fonuall r>t .. ?tv|lii? loen, over iHurako, a' He baa only ond yalwy of an the pr? perty dentr red 1'ha t.e*? 'iniidi' t west mi F- deral atreoi *r?* tke l<r\k ?? by IMgte Knfftoo Cmaffjtea. Xon. H ao?i 8. and M'? a i ladder ' - m pu j N- t. R ?' sd v ' of the n<**\ work <taanaf.i The rem build log w?at on the *arn<- Mr t. On (be e?^c?r ed the a lay. wna totally d<"4troye <k u p "1 by i.e-rf Cran^r, wLo io?t a #. baa fi;rri'tnr?. rn Wb- b the: r M 09 inanrasi' a: '"V $W0Q valued at M.200: owood by AOO.aoa Lore, mf A h.rr nOurM f?* only SI, MO In Ut* roar of tb>a si M.ieg war a nvery atnble ai.d ^rr age b ??*?, own <1 '.y ??!?? -?rj.? t?-ra?*, and valu : at amt I- '/0. No nauraoce. Ibey w?re m ,p ?d .>y Alien Moaiag, ?lio ?iaba? h| io nm nl l.ia bor?- and a graat-r portlo'i Of bia trek. Ill* .co- K about 9200 ot? fii>< t>r? i#k ?? -"marr Tie hoildiag w?<i>i a-'fi'i'iac tlie ?!'?ri of Mr. Pi Itlea. (No. |?;, waa nnd oy tM fit?l? '4 *m. II. Woife. ! " ' Pifl Ii.?nr"l f' r >400 ia tt.<- .frjifW1 .d : ? n4 -n ? on : any. BntWHfftH ptod by Mr. Wataon and Mr*. Sleet h irgb. tfc ten bu.ldit *, No. IT. *? owi," ! '>y Itanla! I > k wood, ? f Jtaw^brd, ? o?ia . va'uad at 91.M4 ;n?-ired foe fiflo tn the > '* Atr t< r ' itn Com,?i.j and oec iiKe 1 r .tmoa A ,en, who ioat a p> rtiii of tin ru'n t ,r< on wfc !. b? > o i ? it * * ranee, .na p lley'f.* re ^ntlj etp.r 1. T r n< *t hutMing No 11, pa- none-viat ->rrh? I. iod tl.n r ', #r., in tl ?? rea - < ? ! ai'O tka abaiu in r>%refNo. Id owned b* MnoiitVee'' ^>?c 1^0 oo |r? ? urai re 7?^fla?aawir pr^venK at U s ; aca front ett?M - / f irtber on U?i? tlaaet. Ibe u.taf ioea la *> r if ? ?timated t frf m lil.MIt f-'O.OCO, m * hi- 1, tbe ? itic< i arily amonnta to one third. Th> atrlf il, Mi??t?nl. Ait. nit nr Has t ? Miaa A'a Phillip* la t?? aaatt" het r-: ? t ; ' r%f?o . r fi m M J? "O, in \>Hi ? irr?ni rrn r ? I If. ?r rr Mrn" l.a?lr??i(r? ? I ier^?ewi her /r??f [ *rt ? I-t't,- r , hi, | iv- ?<< er rh?i!ie-?r* liar* been allo't* I to f i <wt Uric> vii Am.. Ik. '>a-i aront, Ae. ? l!?pr?? ? T1i? ,'-no.rt?inm?.n?? will open tn n ab' web Mr Itor,. r ? t#in. a 'iaht mpe prrf..rai?nc*?. *rer ? ? 'h M . K. o t a?Ki .vij..ilar lan'^rii trr to appear a 'lantiib . guvr> ih?? Rm-pia in ib> r very ' ? r? oai r r ? n. m# rMml ibe, ? !H, 'fte rmn?|>et. ' r?2\- ?* i ? ?? v ? W?-.?a?." Rr> 'ttrbani a at ? Won <r V flear*? ' u 'i ' 'be f>fipiaoae !^alnwed ?ir"" ' ? tncirttr-a-w N r '? ' ?'? ' A ' nr M MpnlMiuifQf htopratN 1 . i v. m.-. p wci I . 'f. lowed to m h' b> hut fata ? l. :rto ""fa of 'Toca ln?a >aa." ftrrro*'* frrw T?tr???'re "ete?.4a elefart rmnedy ' Ml,* t?o..p? .? < .^i., ,, ^ ??'hrr wiili ih? faiortle mu?i. ! faree ot tin- . i/taae i * ihe enter .until, nt of h'? ti ,.nem >? patr na Hit* rrentra. * 0r< irace the chief Unit 01 d m , -,f , ..l( Pieacas ,Un.f Mr.?re? ? T,? | \y f,.. ??? i de tr ' Ti?*r*'i< >n? of approhatton ? th wbtob the <-w i ena f ' 'iarslda h?a hreri ree?1red. Indue* th Ul *n no *11 ee ihe pia.r for repetition tbia alMntaoa ? ?1 er* The ?wta? mratna" aj?> to biaht Ot?. r^arrr *an Wiw>r'? M'?'Wei?i tender tb? II. t; * Man ami a ?ai ety of ?onaa. Ae . for tbla rvaotna tea irretav'a arr ?tl!l deligb'ia# eroWded ?al: w>i ? ? b ihr r w iodtes and oprreiir hnrl'Wtae of "TratMara H?onnw?T Ati.naaira -?The ehtMr?*n Hter ?o?f? dawr* labieane and tbe "<leal?>ta MnaOand' for to mlf>' Tar Wtw.p ut. Maa?w Jtrvr.ait# t oarntt!>? hi^e ro'-trr"*! ''' *n ib?lr rat i pro*|.ernwa >rtp tbro'ifb the I'tnada*. lo'iklnc a* well anri *?b f | v >?* *rer. T1 "y are tore open the Kroal Way Varlr'tas neit Mon?t*y frieht Kovatrv. -Ihe a?1ttilrers of (ri^reoo* d 'plava snd hrllllsrtt it??'riiti <.n?al m>tr r ?| ..u:.t not force* 'be gr ind rwrer' O ionic vit at the i r -i?i P?, ce to Biorrow < <-(Qinr I Pfnonal Intelllg??er. Tbe AiejallCna S'nUnrt says ?The I'rrtldent o' (he United states, accompanied *y Baa. W. W. Beaton, of tbe National InUitiu'Hcrr cave down thin morii ij m the mm. simmer ?.?"?? Pag* anr' [ia>aod throng h the eilf, on hit way in the Wairenton White Salpimr Spring*. The Pre-idem bear^ uinu-'akibie evidences Of 111 hoa!!'1! Hen Samuel H Curti< newly elected membtr of CotJ ftvtn fi- in Iowa, is id Washington. I ient. Maury in at the White Sulphur Springs, Va T1 " ringnatwu or Kirat Lieut. ~ \nlrrw* Thir.l Artillery, has been a. by & PrMldect-tO take t fleet Dec ^uer 31 ^59 arrivals. At the Clarendon? Mr and Mrs Kinuear Montreal; CbarlM Klnnrar Montreal; llenrj |i l.eaener. Charleston. P P B Parker, t harleaton, S (', Kdwaid Beushaw. Philadelphia; Chilia n V M Randolph, United ?tates Navy. II Blvdenhurgh. New \ ik l'r II F Msli Waterbury; M H Fish Eock island; fir O Mnulshy, lolled Siat?-n Navy; R T Peckham, Provi denre: \ P ('arc. a >ew York; J Osgood and lady. New York; John V I Pruyn, Albany; Walter S Church Ali>an\: Alfred Parratt, Brooklyn; R ft Barratt Philadelphia; Mrs 8 rtlb'xM, WathiiigU 11 Mr and two HlMM Norvell, New York; A H Hall. Hartford B F Amy and lady, New Bedford, Man*; J M Mil an, New Yink. At he Everett House? Mr Miller, Montreal: Lieut Charlln England: Jolin 11 Anders. n, Louisville, Cut S Kuw, Wen I'. ? t. >lr Piatt, l'et ii River; Mr and Mrs vV s You a, three children and Wirse New York; Jas Walk?r, lr New York I r \ Met. 1 an, Kitoton. Pa 11 K Call, Beaton; John rSulliTin, M II h?lllvnn, Mi>-? Km ly Sullivan, Washington; Profcaor Barohorn Hartford; Jaaiei R Minturn New York; Mr Hoi) it'll, Kiigland; Win II Towuaend New York; Mr and Mrs ill ?1 W * <li hliston Philadelphia Mrs Lortllard, Mrs R'l'rtll >dw York: Mr O Wvati, Mrs WBWjatt, M f?s W i t' Bait mere; Area'd Young, New Y( rk. f run Suviuuiah In at< anirhlp Augusta ? t'ol W 'I Hamotn snd t 1 n 1 -'ty I> First It cement. First Brigade, First pin ?en; i' M Jac< i s .1 T Jonea, A H Canord, J T Cuthtng. > ^ Sperlng F I heldon II Home, T II ill iard . W H riark. 1) ' A rests S I'ratt f Kochert, A Bochcrt R Tompsins (1 l.mtt, i II Ciiiodman, Mra B R Young, Mr* J M Ki??ell, CPirk 1 nr.-' F. ( Maeli in ludv and child; Mrs EH Smith and elUd: 1 Ford J S Hcof, ?' A Lathroo. W I.eadworlh. * B Luc*, K S Craves. F W Bukir H Melnliard. Morris I-lkan. Ma\ Kirs. N P i "rowel), J P s'euddtr' lady, Mtsa M Seudder and t?o 1 hildrcn, snd eight in the steerage, Fnim I'hailefton, in steamship Foutherner? Mrs Waiter .n i rln d. A (iiiyni liter, ('apt Butman. Mr Kejser, Jno.Molc, . O Dor nahan. Wm MrattOu, T Whitney, D Barrow, Mo?es ?a muel, J B U'Donnell. SriT AUAIN>T THE EX-COLLECTOR OF CUSTOMS IN New ? We nnoert" and that toe United I'Utrk't A lorney of this ^tate ha received in*truction>! tri'm the frearury I'epartment at Wanhiogton to con o.i ucc nu;t uLaiii--t the estate of tbe late .Solomon W. I owns, deceased, latn Collector of Customs in tuis lity, and lug fectrities. lor twcDt/ five tho isati l dollars Th's cuit doeB tot ioxolve anv charge of defalcation, b':t is based 1 n the rejection of certain accoants against tho government, set t'p a? oflaets by tte lato Collector, ani 'i mil l.' in Hie st-gieeaui to tbe anDant above named. ? JVel/- (Jrlronr D'lta Srfil 2. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* MOSEY MARKET. TfK-DAY, Sept. 9 ? 8 P. VI There was an active boiiiaeiw in the Etock market to day, withoct acy material alteration in prices. At the first board llUnni* Central Binds advanced,^ per cent Illinois Central Stock. Cleveland and Toledo, 4; It Crocse and Milwaukie Railroad, '4'. Reading Railroad <Ie clior 4 J; per crct Panama Railrtad, >?. The most ac tive speculative stock on the lust is Cleveland an 1 Toledo. Within tbe past month or so th* transactions have brea unusual'y large. All tbe Weg:ern railroad stocks have lor sone days past been frecl/ offered. Alter tte acjourument oi tie board, tlie following sates of bojdg aid stocks were made at auction by Simeon I 'raper $7.tK0 t.reat Western (III.) RR- 1st mort., int. added. ?5 S.OCO Uckawautm Bit. toai Co.. do., do. "* II COu I ake Frie, Waba?li S. L. RR. 2d m'e, do. 51 6t r bares Treverton Cosl and Railroad 86 1(0 I 11 ned Mates Mail S'eamshlp Company. 2t> 120 I l irago, W. Paul am Fond da lac Railroad 40 13 Chics)? and MisslsDppi Railroad Company 20 $0 Pacific Mall Stramtbtp Compaay 04 ?CO lolly Hide Copper Compai y Pr.ce 5 wi n Tuolumne guuitz Mining CompaLy 1 3,8f0 Pbecix G< Id Maaing Company 1 At the second b<ard the mirk<?t was a .tile be.ter, Erie advanced >, |er ctnt; Cleveland and Toledo, ?, . P.eftriirg Railr ad, ^ ; Ml :higau Southern. ; Gilena and CfciCBgo, }i For La Crosse and M.lWiUkie Railroad 68 per ci nl. ca? U, w xt bid, and no sales. Tlie tleam&bip from Bastin lor Liverpool to-morrow (Wedue day), wi'i take out about ItOt.OOt in specie. By an error in th? Clearing H'hiso con*/. la', on of the liat.H r? [<-rt? of last w.-ek. the item of 4epoiitj wn re p: CtenteC a being S..00<J,0t)0 les* than th) actual amoi ut ILii dtcieate in Ce^KMit;; duriiig the week was i'}82,02), xn ado; |>,?f2,026. at r? ported. Ti e tart , < M ?he 1 a Crosse and Mi wauklc Railroad Oa paiiy lor the iirnt week In September amoi nted t.i t i3,fVC 7f. This Is at the ra'e ol -i*tj thousand do lar* f? r tlie liiocth. The aggregate will pri babiy bo larger tlac tli?t tlguie, u.i lii'.' urn trigs in the !a*t pari ot tn. m<n;h ?:'! le proporlk'uably greater than .n the urtt part. Ti e camicgs of the M r.higan Central roaj fbr the mt iiU of August, 1J66, w ere. ? l'cut*p< 1 1 Fr,i,/hl. ilucil'nnttmt. T (I 67 $1 l'i,< .1 4A $1,801 8r 8:1 ists.. m.e?s ; ? c?.?u 8i ;,h?m aoj oot 20 Ire. .. 921,113 a *- *11 ? (4 lHy .. ? ? *-47 10 Tte carnirga cf tbe Macon ard Western road In Aiif iat, 196d, were *113,431 95 If 56 3?,M? HQ locrire >2,024 6> Tee Aaftlatanl Trtuurw report* to-day at follow* ? Total $276,V1 61 " PaymetU iWl,S)4 M " BaUucr... 1J.751.4W t4 Tbe warranto entered at the Treaaury Department. tVaabic U)0, on the tth teat , were at tohowa lot redemption of atocka. $1,1*1 Forti.c Tr?*.-'U'y It-pai taunt 32,5:'? 85 For the Intcio-r I?r| artmsiit '2 7W 15 par Cmmii 5 ;n it War warrant* received ac<l entered 45o t.m 75 luteiior warrant* received and et.t< red ll:?,74l 2r For Ike Navy Urartaicnt 42, WO 0t> Covered Into tbe Treaairy Irom Hixcellaueoua vourcea 1,346 00 Tbe Iieirolt Inbut* fiirnlaboa tbe following notlse oi tt denial >D of tbe ltijtffi'ilon cute between the Micbjau C' otrai and the ihctlgau -outhern and Northern lod w.a railroad? "ITe ituj'ortant roctroreriy between these two &.? pa rte*, tn relation to eilec leg tb?- Ttiht ?? h bran-h to .'ackf.c bar I nail) been term tialed by tbe <Wl>ioo rf tLt hupretne 4'cort in favor or the ?'outr* r >*1. am dta ao'vtng the imutwOon (ranted l>y [<o>i(l%< Ibe dec* 'on wni annotated at an ?<'*virti??t te-m of tbe "-upremr ? ?jeirt. held at 4<le|an tl ? follnwtnr Judge* betrj rr*?iit ? *art;P, J<>n?- nijCopt ,ard and iU?l. Tte opinion wa* dellve?ed by Ma-t.n, J and wae < m r.ire? d in by all tbe Jutige* preaeot. %'e are informed ibv I', ww a \ery able nse, and Wil, uaouhtelly ?'** be piMbM. We nnder-taad that the drrl?!on cover* M few nf th-< gronbi t ao felly arjried by conned, and tnro? npot: IV cot UrticUon give? to the chart -re <>f lie '.?? (-om;>ani<!a and that tbe Court h? Id? I tmt Thai by the charter of Ue it? .them Railroad Company the rontfUttcn o( the Tcc-ian- b f ranch i<> J . -k ?ot: wa? required S'Ci.r.d. 1 hat t bit branch I* 4i.oi w.tb n the lahib ting of il.c f'eatrai fUiiroat Cwptey. flMltlarly Laown aa 'the live mile Uai.?o " *? ti r..-t|ber en nd* to Uto e a* tern or touUx m boundary of tn-- Mat*. The IWlowlBf advertisement appear* n toe Bex am of tbh?|<nnreinf ? Will He told at ptibiic arction, d TVc-'n" fay, .""j* 10. aillM ai <.reeni?iat. Htmoaeoa'a jard. ai' the ri?b' title and <at? real of tb?' Ao?e??ory lr"i?it ' <m;>atv rf N'eara. ? whtrh they ba<l ?a the hM ay ?f Jaly, ItM. orataav time arterward* *n'i)? ct to ?n.-tn>? warrant* of ?tt?? Mn<nt in my t>ao<f ?, re-etve l r'' -r to taid Arat day of .tuly, ISM, i>f, In and to tbe tt ?m r Northern lJfbt. ht r eniriuaa, bchen, mi h nerr <*? ?(!?. furniture, apparrl. Kc. J AS, C fUt.LCf, HMTtll. TT.t* look* Pke a new dodge |o latittah what wa* atuni ^.d a lew week* r nee ia anotlKf way. It will be recoVeeted thai Ibe board of dire* tor- of tte lata Ar ?ory Transit f)r>mpaiiy of Kieamrna pa- -?M a re?olotioo In Nay or June taat, autborlaing tbe aa'o of the at a an tripe h^rthern L. hi ar.d War of tbe W?*tteUr. VandarMft, fear the r^m n( ?liO.COO, To prer?>nt tuck a ureal * . ni flea of property an lalanetif n w* *er\ed npon the trat iff?, ali. h bl'* k<d the gatue for the lime It wmi, however, thet thoae wh'> were au >>oua 19 aall Uaaaehip* known W> he well worth b?tween three and four hundred ihou and do ara r,"T afcont oie--j larter the act'ial vaine, have r o( a^aB<fo1)ed the Mm bnt have taken a d "Vrea1 coorael" hrlnf it about Th" above adrert'^irientie'lath* who e at< y. We i.nderaland that the cla ia "poa whleo the r rht, title an'! nteree? of t>i? Tranelt Company ia thes- e iteett* i* to he r old amount* to abe il 110 00?. It ? full ttme ti>at a recetvee wa* appointed, for if a longer period - cenamied In lltliration there will he nothtnf left ft>r bit. 'o take elarfe of We know of no (rood reaaon aii> the *a!e of Una eteam?b p coeld not have been he'd n the Merthenl*' Mehanje, where all eoeb aalee are made at arictioe when there la tbe leaat deaire to tmi'i tbe fn'! markil price, The value of irerehandite imported Into Ibe port of B ??*? ?> ii 'iBt af tbe wr-ekendlug -^eptemher 6, 1*5* amo'.ii. M to *1,?16,?76 An-oi ntot i m i orta dunag corre*|K,nrimg week 11*5 M? Arnoolt nf-Tpporle from July 1 to .?ept. 6, ]*5?. 9.4.2 KM Ai 'If amount per w?ek 942, ?10 f >,et* of average f'?r wetk en-i ng f^pt. 5. aa c r iare-1 w'tt amounlof Impr" from July 1 274 715 tn -nttef imporle from Jan. i to Popt, ft, l*Afl 8?..t?l,</27 ^ *' ?afe aitfii'i.ut per week 9<\ait J.., et? pr atevage fbr werfc ead g )*.pt ft, arid WW import* from .(an 1 324,734 TTe k"t,w* '*'? <"?*r?e?w of |he Mh Imt eayg ? f<wi? f h nerumnlation of (rain *1 Chi. ago and tbig t ort lake lr?. 'iht* have advanr<><| in tbe pail two * ?fka rturly I"' fe.otif i-m ???.??< <.rn ff?vf,t< ? era ?>?!? r->.| at b >< ?? f cttlt for wh?*? to Buffalo. /?-,terday .#fxel | owners were taking 10 cent*, with a strong tendency upward No doubt 'alee lor wheat to Butlalo will be as bifb an 12 and 18 cents this day week. YVhikjIb did a losing busineas for the ilrst ol the season, and now they are recovering louses. Tue Boston Acturtiier of the bth m*t. gives the follow ing review of that market lor railroad itock?: There is a fair demand for Western at 88 "4> and the maiktt it) but moderately supplied with stock, l'rovl diuce u> also better, but the number or buyers appears to be limited. M.cbigan c'eutal has advanced a fraction in c< BK'iuence of a more ran>rable market in New York Old C?l< ny is uteady at 82Ji; at d very few transactions. The road is doing an excellent business, and the conpany can well ail'oid to pay more than the usual semi annual dividends of 3 per cent. * stt year the net incomo was ?276,866. while the dividend* paid (6 per cent) amounted only t? $L80,9t'6. Rotten * ml 1 owell is offered at 69, and 67 is llie best bid. Boatot and Worcester has defined to 81. and fcang* heavy. Uncord is very much depressed, and was c tiered at 36*,; on ttoturday and not taken. 30 being the best bid. Yt tern Is dull at 40, and If it nad not been fi r the ei1oi*n male to surtain it, the price must have declined wrlc'aly. If left to take care of Itself, an most ciLcr itocks are, It is doubt'ul If the price would have stood above SO, to day. 3ut so locg as there la a combination to ouv up all the shares that eomo into tb, marktt at 40, why, at' course, that must stand as the " bottom line " lor the stock, whether food or bad. Kitchburg hi s dropped to 07, but la in demand at that || ure. In other ol the railroads there is little doing an 1 but a moderate demand. Stock Kxclunge. Tcs^iut, Sfpt. 9, 1869. flfCO Virginia ?s .. P2\' 300 shs Read RR b30 86 200 do 84?i 300 do rCO 84% 100 do slO 84 - ,i 100 do bl6 85 11 MiS* A: N la RR. 90 >4 60 do 91 86 i'anama RR 95>j ICO III Con KR. . . 1)60 111 100 Clev * Pit's RR.. 58 40 Clcv A' Tol RR. . . 7(1 '4 21CCP Mo State 6's... 88 101 0 1 ai S?t 7 s. '75. 70sj too Ob o 4's.lhto.. 102 6(10 111 ten RR bB c 92?i 10(0 do f3 9i"4 5(0 do 923, 4?( 0 do 0 Vl)'% 10(0 Terllifc 4lt2dm 72>f 40CC BRivRRSd mtg 66 1000 liar RR.lsimtg 83 8 hbs Am Kx Rank. 123 36 Para Back 9H),' 46 Tank 01 N Y..b3 119 60 Tradesmen s Ilk. 121; 100 tan ion Co. 23' 1 11 0 Co b60 23,>i 1C0 do 21', 50 Pel& II Canal Co 12o 10 do l'JO'., 60 Cumb Coal i'o... MJj 100 Finn Coal Co.... 95 210 do 95 '4 10 N Y Central Kit. 86,'^ 1C0 do s4m 8t 1C0 do bhO 80

;oo do s30 WJi 100 do fe80 86)* 200 Kiieltf: boo 6t '4 roo 100 100 960 600 100 1(0 8C0 660 100 . b30 76i do. do . do blO 76>i do S4m 76 do b60 7rt?4 do s3 70 y, do b30 76, 76?? do beO 7^. 62 100 200 50 200 1C0 100 do 83 C0?4 do btw 61 *4 do baO 6u;i do boO 0! do 830 MK do s3 6d 14 do s2o MM do s3 do s30 70 26 Mil*:UCro'eRb90 6.? 85 do 67 8 do 67 >, 100 Mich CenRR.b30 92 100 do bOO 92 14 100 do c 81 \ 60 do 9l'? 6(10 do s30 91 '4 100 Ch&Rk la RR btiO 96 X 38 do 95 14 60 do !'5Ja 60 do b(}0 95* 100 do b30 96*, 25 Mil * Mis* RR... 77 8 N II ^ Hart BR.. 126 10 Harlem RR pre). 49>i 100 Harlem RR. ,b60 16 10 do 60 81CONB BOARD. 106(0 III C*n RR bs.. 92 s?' -iOO alii Read RR.sfiO 86',' 60 ebs Erie RR..S60 61 310 do S3 6 IV,' 1C0 do e00 61 ji 3C0 do tbO 61>i 250 do b3 61 if 900 do 61 '4 ICO do slO 61 r.CO do bio 61 1(0 do 80O 61 '4 60 GalfcChicRR. BtO 108)i 1100 200 Mfc&NlaRK..bl0 91 V4 100 do b:i 86 '4 50 do b60 85 100 do b7 86 '4 100 do S3 85 '4 1(0 N Y Cen RR..83 s6,* 75 do 86 ?? 2r0 do b60 86 J, 200 Clev&TolHR..bao 77 200 do MX do 77 CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Ti icsdaY, Sept. 9?6 P. M. A.?in? ? Tfce muket continued firm, with sales of 20 a 30 bbl?. pots at 7 l4'c., and of pearl* at 7\c. BaiAPMrFFH ? Hour? The market declined about 10c per bbi. lor medium gradee, at which the market as mmcd greater activity. The ^ules embraced about 8,000 a 8,000 bale, of ail kinds, at about the following quota t.ODfe ? uommoB to food tVte *8 00 a 90 3< Common W good Michigan 4 90 ? 0)1 Cztra Htetr ? 60 a 7 6' i. oniiuou to (oct Ob lo.. 6 16 a 6 6. .Mtra Ohio... 6 40 a I ?' Southern mixed to good brands 120 i 7 4t 'Hi 'ancy and extra 7 60 a A 'if ? anadi&i superfine and extra 0 40 a 7 7! Utoio extra Oeorgctowa, biehmond City M'lla acd 81 Louii 8 CO a 9'. Haxall and Uailegoa 10 60 a - Among the sties were seme lots of extra <;eneneo at t~ a IV? the latter for new fancy extra brand*. Canadian brstds wre unchanged, with moderate Irani a<;lk>a "?outfccm brands were in good supply, an I camm<>u. with trlxed brant's were ea?ier to piircbane at quotation The ?>(i embraced about I.6011 a 2.000 bbla. Kye ? was Urm at f3 7h a >6 for 1 nmou to Use auJ tap* rllua. i I nat al wa* quiet, at 13 70 a 6 ) ft* JwHf, 94 It f > Brandy w ne in bbU., and $17 .'?0 in puncheon* Wheat ?a* active, Willi ealaa Of about 40,100 to 50,000 buahulr in Icdu ii n. w Southern an J Western red, at li 60 a <1 i" , an<l wl.'to ditto ditto, at 11 02 * l; 8b Corn * ?? rieady, with ? ales of 80,000 to 40.000 bushels, tacludir . rhu fly toubd Wiatern m.xtd at 6?c a 67;, c , and S >utb urn yt-L'ow at Me a 70c. Rye ? Satan 01 I .600 bu.ii?i wen tr ade. In u'ore. at 84c. fata were In butter supply . with limned sale* at 46c. a 48c. Cor it*. ? The tales embraced 400 bag:* Rio, at 10o. ? Uj?c. ; 1(4 do. Java, at 14 4c; 1,000 b*g< Mararaibo, ?i 1 1 >?c , and 1.200 Iagyra p. t. The foilowiug \tt Wm S C4t'a we? kly coflee circular ? Mock of K 10 coflee on the Id of fleptember, ISM, bag*. IWf'h heceis ed since to date #..??> Ptork of Rio eofee on the 9th day of feptember, 1MM . . .66.933 do. Java coffee, mats |JH dn. do. go*, bags I'JUO? 9 Jn do. nallte Coylon CoflV ?? 4 ?.?. do. Mara< albo coflee 4 8X> do. Lac uayra coflee 3,484 do. St |i< com e li do. o'hrr description* 4 l?*l Total 83 a?4 QwMiiitw. end'. Rio coflee ? Prime, four months IP, a II', Ciood, " 1P? a ll'? Pair 101, a 10 <4 Ordinary " fit a 10'.j Fair to good cargoe*. four month* .... lo> .all Java ?Mais and biik* all months. ............ U'? a It , Nsilve t 'eylon ooOro, four moi.iha. . ? a 1 i ' , Maracai o, " II a lit4, 1.agtiayra, " " 11 V * Ht IK.niingo eofl. ?, r*?b ? * ln\ Th*r* has eontttno "I a irood demand 'or co!l>-i? the *?!> ? ill H10 airce in; U>i report, hare been 10 n??i bag*, (laelndior I .MjO ? n nfi ulaiion.i at lo a 1 1 , allowing an advaace of 1 ic a* umparrd *ih a*t ?e<-k ? quotallou*. Kal<* bare aUo boen tm'l? of two 'jargMes uatire Ceylon. 8,iJ0 bags, on prl ?s'e tt-rm*. d.rii'M? Tlie market wao more art ve, with snl^n o' 2,AOO a 3,0* 0 baler, do'im wtlti better prtcoa. W> q 10W nC lliog uplands, at 11 Mobile do., at 117<c , and New or'ean* at 12c. f h?K.nt? ?1 ha chief amount oTi-rlrg for Liverpool wa gram. Frr wbleh port about *0 000 bu*hela were en g**e 1 In balk and hag*, at M Floor wai at 2s , with lluie o> bono fc'i^lng C ottaa waa at ,d , and 3oo boie* iftenoi wert etgageil at 21m To I^'ndoii. 3 0,<K0 boahel* ? b.-a were rngaged in bnik at 8^d. To Ro'terdam 1(0 hale* of cotti n were ? ngagr.l at '4e, , and 7M bbl*. ro*tn. at r* 9d with 260 bb>*. Bplrit. turpentine, at 4c. per ( si Rate* to Hat re were nnrhange 1. IUt ? The market ?a* nWadv at nf?. a 1?c. H?ii?- wore quiet, at 13c a l.'?r for new, and 7c. a 8c for eld. Ttx-re wan an error in the table published tbi? noirt ng The ' Of?nmption for th* Coiled -Ha*-" wa< put down a? the "tocreaae " roo*umptlnti. In- toad of aa the ac tual or whole rootamptlon for the l"?l>?d States at 15,000 bale*, whereas the inrreaaed cm*amptloa ftm put right at only 11,000 baloa. aad the looting for ib< whole oorrumption, \c , should havo been 4 <.600 bales, in* fad of Ml. 000 laoK ? se<itcb pig was Arm. with moderate gales, a< I a fci'J .no, *ix m inth* I iwa ?Moderate ?alea ware ma !? of common, at 86c aiid of 1iitb% at 11 0 Na^iii ?1b aptiitathe flrmn<>aa of holder* ohofA rd *ak*. about 20ti bbls sold at 42 ',e a 410.; 1 100 hblo. r?*in seld at 91 per .110 lb* some holder' deman le ' 1197. Crude was firm lilHWa It *2 >4 The rec- ipt* at ihi* port for ike week ending the nth September wee as Mlows ? 8f Turp Crt*lt, Fi.iin, Tar, Pitch, 144$. Wt. Ms W 4l. I Hi. Mobile ? ? 100 .. ? South Caro ion.... 57 1 313 006 ? ? North Carolina.. .. 8. 472 l."<i5 l,b77 127 1M Total fbr wrek .. 1.M1 2.0S8 ] uj 13? 110 prev. r< ported.. 76 134 47 *11 341. CA7 40.260 6.I40 Tit rromJsa 1.71,814 1?,?79 .al,.'W? 44 311 I.SM BSMHBb To Ml poils . 1.4M HO 14.70.1 ? 10 Prtv. r? ported..., l?, 4f-4 M.M1 20s ?js 21,144 2,9.0 Tot. fr< m Jan 1,11,8^4 :?8.701 Jto 831 91,144 2.930 Fame turn , 1166. 2B.243 30,241 171.414 49,412 ? Inoreate in 18Kt . . ? ? _ _ y,,. Peercasf n 1M61. . ? g,t HO 20 376 7,001 ' ? PerelpM laat wmk. 1,171 i02 10 '.'24 _ ? Kt porta last wr. k 18 4 421 1.764 ? _ Rereads in Aug.. . 1 f.43 6.I7M 46.7S4 664 ? M(*e* p Aim ... l.lul 10 ;;M 17.4.H 4 394 ? "1 .? 1 ii <et<i ctetiaued quite Irm, while ato^ks w?ro liglu. and tale* on. 1. d P?> m?- ? 1 1 rk? Tbe market wa* hwavy at thu optalrg ibis morr isg, but a hett> r demand sprung up, and pr ces .mpri ved Toe sal*? emhra<*"'i .'too a 400 b^U.. ir'i'tllg mc**, al 119 60 a 119 82 B* el wan stea<!>'. ? it I) i*bs of 260 bbls country m>?* asd prima, at yos t( M?) s prin t ri i>a>-ked Western and prinio me*? were nrrlisnged Heti h?to* were scarce *tid w*ote-i, at >io. fecon ?t? lirm. am Mlllrgat IL . a il v for clear. Cut meat# wore ...m h*i ted. I*rd waa fl m, with sale* of 100 a Suo bbia., at I. v a 13',.-. Rp * _ Kales M 160 caek* were made, at 3\c a 4 h(ti. tii ? ? _ 303 baler pin rnlo sold, ?t prlv ?te term*, and 100 do , at 11 1,c and 20 cases nutmegs, at H?o. a ?0? Htc'ss? Tii. mm k<-t was firmer snd more active Tow or refining irrart?? improved ' c., aod gool ' fine grmles X* jier lb. Tlie sale* embrac-.J 2,100 khiW. Cuba mu?cova<!o, at J %>z. a 8, and some lot* |iriio<* were qoo ed at l',c A lot of jO hh f?. PjrtoRiosold at private tfrm*. Wmssav ? The tales yesterday reached above 2 00v, ' 1, I 0 day abo' t 5<"0 chl* , Including Jersey. Ohio an I Prison, 1 Ibewny from ?11.', e a 13, w .tb lot* prison qu i ted as !ugh as MM*- 8 34c. Torun o _ The m;tn itjr IB fi*tal#h lea/ la t N^rtid i*nnlinnts. feed leaf Is Arm. With steady *.i!e< K n twky qrehsnged. The ?alee tmb-aro 1 (to I, .it* K er> 1 j. ?y, at 8 )|f a 14s.; 8J6 htlea Ha tana, at 94c. a 46' 94 b*!'a Vara. p. I. . ttO t>aJ?4 liaraoca. 2i> 96to?-<? i(td lea'. Sc. s luo. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. 10 POUTICAL. TU WARD YOUNG M r N 'S FILLMORE AND DONEI. son rlnb ?The onng men of the TeutB wa*d, desirous ol forming a Fillmore nod Dunelson Club, are requested 10 meet this tWednesdsyi evenjig, at Vale's, eornerol Bowery jliul i'lvibiuii fc'iect, it'. 8 o'clock. VOMSiTTkl. Them*? Price, Henry Cauley, tleo. Woodward, William Ouail, J, Wn>. GoeUi William Kyan, Geo. t i?rk, John Wilsey, Geo. Quail, Charles Clara. CtAMPAlON l.ETTKIl PAPER AND ENVELOPES, WITH J engravings of the ditlereut Presidential candidates, for sale at EVANS * CO. '8 gift b0okstore,jtu9 Broadway. FRi MONT AND DAYTON OKM'KU. OLUH OP TUB (lily unil County of New York ?The meeting that w.isan tiouno d for the Tabernacle thi? eveDtng, HepT. 10, ia poat poned on account of ibe temporary indisposition of Hun A.n ?on lSurlingame, who baa positively promised lo address a niasg meeiins of this club and its auxiliaries i on Wednesday, l&iblpst. \S M. II. BROWNE, I resident. .1 II HobahtWabb, ) Smith 'inns, > Secretaries. J mi. II. BpniJMOW, > ("t RAND FILLMORE AND DONELSON DEMON3TRA I llop, at th" Washington statue, Union square. ? A grand mass meeting of the electors of the city of New York, in fa vor of the election of Fillmore and Donelson, will be held at Lhe Washington stutue, Union equare, on Friday evening. Meet. 12 at ' '2 P. M. 1 bree stand* will be erected. When the mi eiicg adjourns a torch light procession will bo formed to march flown Broadway, around the I'urk, up th* Bowery to (he statue again, there to dismiss. Clubs will be prepared with torches, banners, Ac. Eminent speakers have heen in viled to address the meeting and are expected to attend among whom sre Gen S>, in Houston, Oom Btookloo, Francis Granger, Gov Yell, Washington Hunt, J, J. Crittenden, Jan. O. Putnam, Wm. C. Rives, David Paul Brown, Edward Eve rett Kenneth Kaynor, Jos. L. White, l'homai C'orwin, Ac., Ac. W. F. T chapman, Chairman Executive Com mittee. L. A. Cohen, " Central (Committee. Zouhar Mills, " American Ueneral Committee. v CHArt. T. POL 11 KM US, Secretary Executive Committee of Arrangements. PUBLIC MEETING OF TIIE YOUNG MEN'S ROCKY Mountain Club, at Bleecker Building, Thursday. Sept. li. Speeches trcm .lohn Higelow, Esq., lion. T W. Water bury, W. II. Anthon, Esq., and others. Sinclng by the Rockv Mountain (ilee Club. Young men of the Ward, attend and join our club. Beau reserved for ladies, BBWAL A DODGK, President. Tammany uall. September 8, ism.? democratic Republican General Committee. ? At a meeting ol the 1 "emocraUc Republican tieneral Committee held at Tammany Hall, ou lhuisday, Sept. 4, laid, ihe following resolutions were adopted : Resolved, That the democratic republican electors of New York in favor ol the regular usages of the party, the prlnci pies of tlie Cincinnati Convention, and the election of Kucha i an and Breckinridge, Parker and Vanderbllt, are requested to met t in their several wants on Thursday, Sept 11, be tween the bonis of ;i snd 7 P M , at the places hereinafter named, for the purpose of electing live delegates from each ward to lorma Convention to nominate candidates lor tho offices ol Mayor. City Judge and Governor of the Alms House. i?aid committee to meet at Tammany Hall on Monday, Sept. 10. at 7}a o clock P M. Seven delegates from each ward to the respective Congres sional District Conventions lo meet on Wednesday, Sept. 17, atT)a o'clock, to nominate a candidate for the oilice of mem ber of Congress. Such Conventions to meet at the following places.? _ _ 1 mi. ii District? Tho?. G. Riley's, corner West Broadway and Franklin street. Fori m I. is'riiicT? Ivy Green. Elm street. IitiH District? Olmstead's, No. MU Grand street. Sixth District? Hermitage Hall, corner Houston and AUea streets. Se\ k.nth District? Dunn's, corner Thirty fourth street and Eighth avenue. Eighth District? Illbbard and McCoy's, corner Thirtyse cond street and Konrth avenue. Five delegates from each w ard to an Assembly Convention to meet Thursday, Sept. If, i*l 7 1* M., to nominate candi dstes for Assembly. Such Conventions to be held at the place ol holdiigthe primary election In the wards, except in ti\e districts ? they shall be held as follows:? First Dimkict ? No. 1 10 Ureenwlch street. Pioojid District ? Claremont House, corner Murray street and College place. 1?>tii Dim-rut? Bumam's, corner of Broadway and Be venty ninth street. FoiKut.Mii District? Moosey's, corner Thirty-fourth ttreet and Eighth H\enue. Bixteikth IM'trict? I'nlon Hotel, corner Twenty second street snd 1 hlrd avenue. A convention of llfleen persons, to meet on Monday, Sept. 22, P. M at ihe nine of holding the primary elections, for the purpose of nominating candidates tor the charier or ward otl eeg Resolved. That In those wards witch sre composed of more than one Council district, a committee of live be elected, at the ssn.e tune and place, to represent each Council distriot, to meet at the place of holding the primary eiect.ons, on lu-< day. Sept. ??, at o'clock, lor the purpose of nominating a vflndidate lor t (lUiicilmnn from each district. Resolved, That a majority of the members of the General Committee from each ward shall be author, zed to name three inapt curs, to conduit tl.e primary elections in said ward and to is mi the place ol holding ihe polls. The said Inspector* so nun.< d, or to be named as hereinafter provided, to have the I ower lo change be place ot holding the polls. If moleeed at the ttrne of tl.e election ? such ins.n c ort to he named on or be fore Monday Mb Inst. And If a majority ol the members of the Genera) Committee from each ward shall fill lo agree upon ihr*' inspectors, or the placis for ho ding the primary elec tions snd shall tall tohai. I su< Ii nanu s and places to th - com mittee heieiuaflt r named on or l? for* Monday, t*th inst., they ?bal! be telected b> an Executive Committee, consisnng of Feri sndo Wood Horace t Clark, Danh-l K Sirliles Lorenso li )-liepaiil, William iisird. John Cochrane and Michael s. Tuo mey. -aid ci miniUre to have lull powerto till vacanc es lu Its own l-o<lj . or to supply the place of any m< mber thereof wh > may fall or refuse to act. and whose duly it. shall be to publish be call lor the pi imar) meeting* referred u>, after th" Mimes ol the Inspt dors snd p 'sees of holding tbe elect sum sliaii ba? a I een designaieti? a ma.,oritj ol said Kxecutlve Committee be ing required to detei iniue every quesiiou ilia' m ty come up. In | iiistisncc of the ftregoit g resolutions the r?tcutlve Committee met at iamman.v ll. lion Moi.dav, Septemiier I.- in. lor the purpose ol receiving the names of the inspectors ol Kleetion In Uie several wards, the p'ac -a ol holding the primal > Clectlocs, and for ihe Irsnsactlou of such other h i nese si might ? tn< btferethem. The folloving lu-necior-> of I. lee- on an I the pltcesof boii it g ihe p< is were th' n and there duly appointe I ? Fii st Wasn? Mlchetl liuiT.s Wm. Kinney, Hui;h O'.Vt il st No. lit) (in enwicb street. Srct m? W nD-liet n n Mafcen Thos. J. Rogers, Charles Met cm o- -st N'u I? Hi ekman street Ti.tP Wai i>? hilwsrd II llesih, Alfred Bailejr, A. J. M ? t i r'y ? at No JMMi'reenwiek street. ? lot i th Wasp? Hen jamiB D Welsh. Win Bainl, Patri ?-.< Craw -at No. !."? tiak street. iuTiiWinn ? l. >bn sherwo>sl, Theodore Hart, Clirlstl n II. V i <?!rul!? at No. lo7 II udson street Hixth W akd? Wm It. hay. Patrics Mathews. Wm. Ceatwill ??t No. 41 Paysrd street >rvt.\Tii Wahd? Wm tlsvie Win. W. Ju l?on, Jacob W. McKeerer? at No. li:v Madron street. ktosis W <i i ? it, beri K I. James Armstrong. John I.y decker? at Kelly's corner of H udson and Charlton stre< ts Nimh tt si. is? James M 1 mson Ml'lai I t ortens, J -Uii Hanner? st the corner of Fourth aud Horatio streets. Tcsth W'iii>- Ji-hn Ysiidsm. Stewart Brown. E lwar 1 Welsh? st Tenth Wsrd Hotel, corner of Hroouie and Forsyth strei ts. KuvrsTit Wsan ? Tededlah Miller, Wm. Cummiug, John llooghk irk? st Ilay Scales, I'nton market 1 wsirru Wsmo ? Pstrlek foogan, John llart. Matth*w Mc tlraih? at One Hundred and Fourteenth street and Third avenue. Tm*Trg>Ttt W r> ? John Orr, John Hrlch, Bernard Goi n >t- at No. I Ridge street rotiTUKtl Was n- 1 hnmas Boese, Henry M IVinotigh Hays? at No. 2 2? tirand street. I ,nEa.NTii %\ sm? Daniel W. Norris, John B. Ryer, Isaac Phillips? at No Kl II. hi don street MltitKTii W si. n? Jared iliison, John t'afiyey, Jam- s tire gory? st No 124 Seventh avenue. hi.v I sti i xtii \N ari>? It I onagan, T, Donovan, Minus Kelly? at No 21?"' Houston street. Kii.mtikstm Wan ii? Oliver H. Hehberd, James Mciratn, Maoilce st t'nlon Hall, eortier Twenty second street aid 'I hlrd sverue NiatTKkSTH Wash? Mich iel M. Morenjr, Michael t ur 'la. William Coiii'hlin at Jgl'ii Fg an's, Fort i ? -mil s'r et. fwr?Ti?TH Whd- John D'yle. Th< -nss We' onke Dsnlel Coi olly? at No. lie Ihrty seven ii street, corner or Kigli h ?senee. 1**sTrrie?T Wsan? At.drew Froment. John F Itrs: ra k, Jsmrs Nahowey? at M b. ? i rd A Me' oj s, Nftef of Fourth avtnue and 1 hirty seeond sti eet. lsi stv stcosp W AMU? lHMilS /. R'?t Peter M isrsst. John Sesnian? corner of for v i ighth st ?'rt m d Fourth ave Hue. l.tlKt >,'l) fc Slir.l'AHD, t liairtuao. a i ruin i haschkir ] l'm? B. Mtnvr I cuimul.. Jams I. HWBMCV, [ JOM* Y. SAtSbt. Approved. DvN'tRI, E, ftf<'Et FJ. f hi rmaii ihcottllvi 1'IIF. tltl 't'ftUCAM or TIIK PKVeWTKRWTH WvRI? ? i t < ? " > 1 ? in f. .1. I I i ? ? i iii fimil ol U> < :?J IIiiiiim-, Mtwr of arc. . no A ail t Kir?t ??r -rt, "ti \S mint* i|?j kwhi ?> i o'claafc. A for ? h?oh a pmMiriim ?rtl. f< ' ?< <1 ihM Darbtoibc aqaar#. .ii firwnt <?( Toa^tfelMmtr ?at, tomr m Tkird mnnri tt> h rroot, wb?rr * ?aaa marttng will b? hold by tho f?o . >*n?a?" li and ? l|u run* w?< I* I.# I n?ry Iv.or of ihr rau*r ? o pro?rt.t C i rtl? Royoa Ka>|.. I WnicMW ilo\?io?r lion. A. i ir .! ?%ir>o. Win I Riar> P*i.. fi8tnW?l Hrioo. * i ail 111 njfc ? iii llnf T H i?TlLUlikil, CmttaaC Kf tNf uuiff?r l * t-.ti n. I'RtORql FR* BU>KU:VMITH WaUD 1-ATHFI VP ) <r? or I rckUn. b<ii<t l!.f r r'i?!w worfclj sUfUu( thi? Wod?'*4a? ) oto? n* at 0 ? clock, at iln.r b><?4<|t> ??t-t#-- -? M?nl? H?'l, M> rti o nnm? b.tworp II I ? n n -nn- I ? Mil M?M t. r?il. I . .1. .lurk aad ?Um'I? will ?.' Irw III* W-t nit Tk? public arc ?*. it?d >n t * proaon". Ja? * v AH /.A NOT, rr.?ll" L R. A. CWkuao, Rrcrrmr) prt, l< i HKRK AN1? I.l?iVOI(H. BIR<JVRT?Y I'ORTB - likM. r AIITKRCA K< Rf.'1' RPR 'l*M| 9<>r\ 111 mi, I, 1'ir aa.e !? w b) *!Mr-').N I'.RO IIiV RH, 19 honror ?tr?wt. Bori? x oi vkm \\ i >1T -jTii cahm. a v k * * thnww wine, m full ?i*rd b ?>??>? h %?> ?n i dark w !>? r< Id Inw ,lo *rri". ? r?p?-< o,| fejljt." A! t'lf *" HiMPsoJH RR?^THF.R9 I* lb arrr | lOHRA* -ROCHRI.I.R aMI Roll!) %C* uRaNHHv-. * / ikiw tending p*lo aa I l?rk, l< r .%lr Ii tn tV nhir' .?? rt> m i?.i rtf I * u?h< >i*?a. by nllNtl )1K'?TII:>-, iJ I ?t?w ?trpot /"'RRTaTjT TrRli for AU.~ DIARASKH OF T t?5 \ If ? ?. hv?r ?I kidi'T" l? ?.!>?? pure MI?opu ? lixl i l- i r fif. rliV-h run '??? bv! ni,? lull, r?ii". ' ih ? !?' ' MV i|< i ? ? n ??????*?. I m?i>h>i l:ri?;? i mad Crt?*>; n/ U? gte?i. Rtir imii, ri ?a or SofabMd. l?octor no*K?. fill ri" M \ HKTM AN AI.K IN TWO OR tTFrIik S I ? tnr'h. r v ?? Ih ? nni? ?*??< Wh V*m?? j i >?> rmdy for lwiin?<lim? u? t inlrv or '?>? n?n i.<> 1 ... ? ? <*rn. J JUlMIW I il Vntrr ??r. . I R I r H M Al 1 W |t|*KRT -M >ffifrn , v? or PO#RR A 1 f, .. , <11, . r or wb .1 -r. n-w if ndit c 1 >d f r ?*>, from h? I u'M *1.. ? ? i.<ii, '".| w?r. ,k> i?o b? thn ?,!? |I|V lac*. ??. II. A U CAsHWaK ktf.?.t??orkr?rt. W fXvAtrA Rrw.-rnrRfr rrirctriioRM TkrrTirit ?P bi?N Cur-rrt run in *ir*i: h,, ti<> ? .< in Um ? or?Hi. b> ^lyr^"N BliiTHKIUi, It ItUrrr Mr???. fc.-oTrtt wnwirT rrn'c an fiFo?f>?T? J O nrwt ??!?? Arltr.f f .vim ,' ?? r?mll><-? ? |IM 4'* nr^"'Jr, b? ; "??. fi-i.Uii.uu ? Kiuluaii (.in. >n?lljr attriibril i<, " * ' L' ' RI N ' 1 V I > T \ON, ft? Rf^VP *r, , - ^ITFT'OR Jlll.UXD i.fN? 1 " 00t III.K RW*V t J>r?n i in ptf>?? ,n I ttb. "fi '(imrwr pipM r?Mu r, ,,'? ?b# ?M|. ? r fr. ..i ' .1 w ?r? or,.. ? d.Hlfn t>*i.i.Tt 2 iTl d??f f v HIMl'KOIV MROtnKM 19 Hmvrr airoe H HOARS, ' Ha.v a*a- Tlr* FA.or.rTE hhash bjr lb ? himdr?d or tiwi > n<l : ? ?m?|| ,rt C?b*n?? ?????' rm and Parti).'** in r n?r * < ? ?n."iinnm oanaa. r ija * RfWiKRW. im Mali ft. ten*. a*vtnd aim-r. QBO A RR.?OARH PfR' IUSKR- ( A? PROOl RF ??R L J2LVSS2IS?!2S.!L . > '"r b ,,?<fc?i?aiiwi.(m g*r? of ilttMt, nr Hflrmnn mnnnftMtvr^. . ??HKP5KH, 17 llpo?f|ir?f, WJWMI A.NIl" VRR*A? mMIARR I ? row landln* will ?"? aoM ?)<?*>; aim l.iMI teirl au ..r.ior Umtlr ?o?p, ?i|j, rrr |h < ?dv .nr?? "??raof llaratia. tommk tr llrrmaa rniniif?ri?r,. 0 Clin**" I? H imaicul. <fcn -WT A BUSHED LOA N OprinjTTiTl^.T^TT^ Money to loan. or bought for east, ?? ??.Jewels, silks dr, good. f uriU^,' and evening Full value paid for pawubrokcrs^ekei8 Prf vste rohmaTor latlirs and gentlemen. Business uromot and conhucuUul, Old gold nod stiver bought. . Prompt and T. K. HOPhTOf, J. MACDUFF, Aft. ? TBE NEW YOBK LOAN OmCK-^CAMTZD Froui $IU to S75.(X)0. on dlstiii nds, jewelry. watches, piano* 4c., 4c. <in bonds ami mortgages, merchandise, 4o or bought for cash, at hi Nattsu street, room No. 1. Hours, from 9 A. M. till a P. M. J. H. BARBINliER d?1 -ANT AMOUNT Of MONBY TO LOAN, AT <P.L ? light, on JtWKI.HT, Diamonds, Ae. , oh Kmicrandisb, Mam, 4o. Tits PRtrc Paid for Pawnshops**' Ttcs*ri. Broadway Loan Office, 336 Broadway, corner Walter str? t -WANTED TO INVEST, tSttO IN A UOOI> pa) lug business. Addiesa boi 112 Herald office. $300. ?|Q>| BBO A DW A Y. ? MONEY ADVANCED, TO ANJP OOt amount on diamonds, watches, jewelry, plana*, dr) goods. ic Kara, and every description of valuabl* property, w bought for cash; stocks bonds, note#, mortgages, Ao., nego tiated. Watches and Jewelr> for sal*. K. Til aYEB, rooms Nos. 1 and I, second story <tl nnn WANTED? FOB a FEW YEARS, FOB ?Pl?UUU which seven per cent Interest will be paid, se cured by bond nnd mortgage on unincumbered real estate in the city of Brooklyn Address Y.. East .river Post office, No. If avenue D, New York (to nnn wantkd? ON bond and mobtoaue on property in the upper part of the oity. Ap p <}' to J. IOKT, 6u bowery. <fcO Ann WANTED? 1).\ A FIB8T BOND ANT V ^ ? C u v mortgage, for three years, at 7 per cent; tltl* uui|ue?tlonnble, property worth nearly tliree tiiuej the ?un wanted, and advancing in value. Adui ess or apply to d AMI W THOMPSON, real estate broker, cornur of Broadway ant Twenty sixth at re. t, Mm ev to loan on bond and mortgage. Inl qolrs of McC&AOKKN a IBvMWU, S2 WtUiam street, M i Beaver. dtionnn WANTED-ON TWO FIBST CLASj ?? 1 . \J\J\f brown ?'?(? ? houses, worth more than doublJ that amount, for a term of years, for which seven per cent wl be given, t-emi annually. Address P. C., Herald olllce. nnnTO I0AJI ON watches, diamonds I .Ill/U |ewelr> Ac . or bought for cash, by , I AM K ISAAC, 11 Chcinliei t street, (basement olll-o ) from 8 till ?[* piouipt and con;.det.u?l. N. B. -No business sacted on Ea' unlays. ' 500 ^,RT,iA(iK WANTED? WELL SECt'BEI)| *) 000 10 L9AN-(?N.PI.A*.OI,98> WATCtlE^ $775.uuu jewelt jr, and all kinds of personal pH perty or liougbt for cash. Honda and mortgages negotiate I Business prom it, at l*} Broadway, corner of Broome stree| or 439 Broome street, room No. 8. $1 000 (MM) TOL9AK>OHW^TCH!,?i _ diaui'.nd. tewe.iry, setfars, dry M*4 and all kiods of perMinal property ; or bought auid sold ft cash Notes bonds, mortgages. *i?*ks As negotiated. N> 103 Narsaa streM. corner of A un second tioor, rooms No*. MPfrOKt A ''O , brokers and mmmlsslon merchants D COMMEKCIAL BANK OF *'KW JERSEY, AT I'KRtI Anobur r.oicg of tills bank tea redeemed at part| " 'Jhion rank sf this city. IVIDEND.? NEW VOBK CO N SOLI D AT1ID STAOl Company, New York, Sent 2, IMS*. ?The ['resident and 11 rectors ol this company have declared a dividend of 5 per cei| pa) able to the stockholder* on and after the lfttk Inst., at til Pacilic Hank The trailer hooks will be cloted from tBft to Uie 16th inst. tnsluslve. By order of the Board. J. CAMPBELu, Treasnrar.l N OTIC R? THE ASSIGNEES OF JACOB A. WTOTSl VELT will pay d ili ?? ldend, on an.l after the l-th luat , f their ollire, No. 11 Sou'li William street. New YoitK, Sept. 9, 1^55. Officf of Tin: aioonr fibe ammmm co; psn>, SI Wall street, corner Pearl, New Turk, Septet her 1, Wi. ? A semi annual dividend of eight per cent has tt day been declM*eu. i aya'ilc 10 tli?- st. >-kk<-i<lers at this oiBce i demand. JAMES <; PLATT, Secretary. SAN rBANCISCO CITY BDNHH -THE UNDKRHIQNE Comuiissio ers of the Funded Dc',i of the city of 8: Francisco, hereby give noiloe thai ih'y are prepai ed, and \ pa;- the Interest d "e Nov i inner 1. !??>.<#, in Sail Francisco, ii(?l that portioi nf the s.ty d. lit known as the San Franc!scoV"| St<ic?, beanni! Interest with half yearly ?oup..iis, at the i ol lu per een' per annnm and principal due May 1, U7L D. J. T A LL* NT, 1 M M. HO jI'I K. 1 Cotnmlssloners of Ihffl JOHN MIDDLETON, VFuixlad l?eb'. of C B ITS*: BY HBI' IIT, ! of San Fraaclsoa W!L M LENT. J Ha* Flilicnoo, auk A '"f ? STERLING EXCH AN 0 E? F BOM 11 UPWARDS, PA| abJfc on de:ua- d, on the Bank of Manchester, for sale hjl W. K SCOT I A OOu Baokurs. 13 Wall streotr Tli E YAJUUR BANK OF M \RYLAND.? THB BlJ h ilars ol th'.a ank and all oth*ra Interested la a sotiM rurulMUng n 'iun ar- n fies ? ! <. me t at the liroai v| Tal ftwc e. on fni ?d.iy < v i mug r.evt, September 11. at o'clock, f< r tl.e i- nc" of mtcnhaiitrins views as to lite *>L ?Beat s to be ? mployed toetl.v t u mdentpHuo of the Inane ofl notes. Pohlie polio) dea.a<,ds ihat a Uuir. 'igh tnvstigatlo the al sirs tl. .- O'-ccril ? . Ill- ?! ? \n I il :? .jiod t| every one Intereatad w Ui a'tend. By order. COTAllTXEKSHIP SornE1!. ftUW|TOM-m MTMrMWW MAN wH vlUU ii ei 1 ? iti mi ?> abii-n MmtM(Uli| Btatkmrry biuine**, and Im* ilie above canl ? 1 I. <? 1 . ''<? . .1 ? - . until*! o-ly H V -lr??? '' il. HOWKHACt^ C;1 nnn -?AM h? a i-artvkr, to tv ij? J .UvUi cbnrr'e of a n eaaaul muk bualnem In Hi ? I vii f" nm u . i , ? , r r?.i ' I ? Ii . 1' ? r Mr. i II AM r r HI. AIM Broadway. 4l*> RAA PARTY liTim THIS AMOll ? if i ui.iv mak.- an Investment that Willi ?MB fT.JtV v.l'bn n? year, I>jr joining the advertiaer ll rta-.ctab;* liiisim-M. .>one ne?l apply wliliB I ? ' m KNKIHCT r.. mi No. ft. tint ?!?" Trli. ty BuiMlnfa, fi?iu H) 'o 12 o'clock A M. (WW) TO -PABTBRB WANTRD, IN ?U?' 'Uv eaubltehfd I alter and provision bnatneaa. tin* above ?n nil; ore i> th a WrCrrn or ler?ey aO|ii ?no* pivleiri d. Aptly IIOWRH A CO., 84 Naal tUifARTNERSlMP >T I ' K ? T II K BCBSCRIBI J have th a day formed a eop?r:?er?blp, under the, flnr Hail A l>v. i.|.< tor ilia n.aimfarturtj of gilt an I r' jewelry, b. Bin A At'eboro', Maw. O3io 17U Bi (Midway, N J. W. BAU.. fili'T 1, lk'd. E. W. IIAVKNPOB OOl'AfcTNKR HIP. ? THK t'NDKRSTONF.D It' lb ? day MMkil d With them Mr William Peadrtll ?? ii ? ? ? of m >i >fi?'-t'irini t.-M ad a I ?'iMTila Ac . M > i 5 l.iberty place, under tbe llrm of <5 ok ..I . ll' r< nor iJILHKRT M. CI.AItK, JAMKS M. CI. ARK, In T. 1, iv'o. WILLIAM PKXDRRI.I DISSOI.I TIliN' -Tilt' copartnership n RRR ? I <-i : i' ? I < 1 1 tli.h A I "< na. h <"?\ d ? o ??. THOMAS ORIPFtTI lit A< i.m i C. N'e.v T"ik, Sept. |, Wa$. DIWOI.I TIOR -TIIR COVARTNRRSIITP HKRNJ fore eilatln^ under the nun a id name oi Kna"l A 1 ' ?[ i' in. mnntil tctiirera of frmirea. rlmpa, Ao . Bo. ?<>! Ilr way, Id 'be city of New Turk, la tint day dbtanlved. (I. K.ViiKIi. Kiiriver 5. I OI. H. MKRRHTflj DISSOLUTION OF COt' A rTKRRSIIIP.? TIIR pai 'tii rabip b# reiotore citation between the ?nbecrilJ ? : lo r- ? I N I , . ? i i . . h 'tin d.4, Ii* ? L ?i ? M < i. i--i,i V ??n I II J Da. . niiort are i i'h o I toietileall treo'iot* and btiatar*? A tlte tirm, *? tbl.'r i hiotwfway. 0 M. NRWKI.U Nkw y. ??. Sep I. 1 M K w. HAVK NPOR^ Notici.-thr firm ?r kkrdrick a to. itlNuifrd oB the Ilk IiMtant. BLTTOX RRNDRICI New Tohi, Antaat 21, IW. rriTf Vopartkkrsiiip " hkkkiopcrr kiihi 1 .. . I ? Ml I I Id having etpi. * ?? ? r. ' " all h ?1li be ront n>.<- 1 m b??l fori by the mmMm i>ai I iera, for (be MMMM of floml kil l ' ii H <1 W UNWHl'.M I ?. . 1 B. U. W *ii> * I1H.HT, ( n Faiihotirg Mootmar-raJ fi on ?? H?*? ) PaKH, Franoe, AufiMl I TJ-ar COPARTMKRHniP ~HKRF TOrORR* RXtflT ? ? n ?(?-? I'll v l<KI>l<(iK? . Rut i-' la th ? <JlM"'?ed. Ju. a* MpMHl r? ir ng fi m the f rm. Tln| - i,< ? ? ' !?'? i o I 'unutl by JiMUPU AMKI>I*ol Xr* York, Ne|> I, IHMk. I\H l'Kl I TiOV. 4 'iKRM ' N L.ADT. WHO "PEAKS PRRNCH, WH j' i ?? a? .hi ? r o ">We it e -'larde ? I "> ? ? ' ! .1 ' >. ' e.. She i? . i. worthy ? oil. e*t.ern| in t>tll:im. a . t ran tire the o?at of re er frrnn a i l tee wbereabe litrd t?o wara. AJ ^wi Hotx> 1 1 N it T\ ' ? ~ i" T'.s- if. T,|.. li vV t r> n mi iit'aehinn ? .b in a lia hr??rhea, Freneh 'l?tlr?d tw lul an >1- aw ntf und rn'iaie, ta define tn^e'iiik Wttk a eiifarement n reat lenl foTerneaa. In r ? Mieiamin Keiereni .a |ura and iwlHi Artireia C. f. I . t moii ? (itai e p. - otn?.' orKII B 'W. 17. A-WKlX RltCCATKH Yt.T R t ?~ M AR, WHO SPB' ^ \ ? 1 Iiallan, wl iliea t ii ? n , . 1.. S.i oh \ I lie I i'fiftw1, IrtiiH iflte. B-m. VRttivo aki? tmr trrnKRj ? 1 1 ?|, e I - nr. ta-uht hr f| I f H ; ' 11 *ii ?", ? ? ?? ?np. r or inanm U<e t nllre anf uaiotl rt the nuajae* all an I twelve I" <eoa < 't-itrj. l"o< ni?, Ml I'.iiwlftti ?|i|.'e'(iu ?IiO'ldlnj. E'DtCAi i" ~ 1 > i'ii ; *\ciika wa >tkd." V. i 1 ?? I i rip ,.un I he ?errie?a of e # rd? frei ? 1 raff red 1 <trn?t?!ti in ; 'W? fBptlt 0 rltnt viaia. lor alii^h n?tr'. inoi in mnaie and F"*,!.') j 'el. r 1 .r.t . -!i i. ? < '????? wlBMllfM. A' 1"> k*?. Me. j, i 4 pbcf n. I. AOROIT "5 Ifalwav I' ti" r. m?" ',Rh inalmel I ?> lien 1. hPfwr ?:? " 1 , 0 ' ' : '' ', l-ral mr'hod ?t"dfiit? are <"?"> etiaMrd l? ?!?< >k 'I.' Iin I . r , Irtienl ?i ? ? "f "" ap|'On ? ipBFV- ?' IRHTIT1 ,'R fl?H t> Wtl <r S| i J4 v,i t* * at T*?*it-r fc'irtk atre?i naar M . I'm, k f ivr ,rt: i ?nd nvaMai boardldf au<1 da> ?Mol <iri'Mfi ,lfrl nielk ? 4ar ? -f?a rl ?<? ? . -f <? V f m j :,-m v.- ?r ?' jl . . H MK.VTI.FMRV <J I J , | I ' ? . | ?,,, , ?'? '1- I 1 " r ? t 1 ?' ?! |l dieaa A. I. , Herald o'Mee. ________ _ll Mmiw stt-fi-k h prrrcii wn 'Knoi.^n T> \r a! boanln,* ?i<o. for \ ?? lwliea .1 K lh 'fl Jdrert, betw' tri Flftli Mid Wa.ll ?> 1 avf'inea, will opf* Monday, He|it. i??b?rJ? J MHBIW WHip"" f l'\ ri? lif.B rnnoLrl Broad wa- ?> No. 27 F.a?t ^Tih ?'r?et, ibrt;< if trim Madlaon a\r> W ill cn'nmetre W.>dne?1ay, HtiI xTr* mrs fr k nT TT y;~FSTii,isn boarh jfl and day a< b<v! for yn?irt la li??. 101 rt? Mark * plar t an|MI ferMnMRlBlft CtaX'thtr* refe-en a. . at the m? t> i?.n Mtm R>> M. HAMII.ToW't-HRRMI ARI> I afbool 1(W Weat Tidrty attth ?tre?t, between Rreal nnd fetenih avrnne n o| ena M>mdar Sonlemner IS. R eniea and elr-nlara ai Meaara. Wm. Hall A In') M't?le ? Broadway, corner "f I'a'k plaea Tm>~ M I s." Kfl HOUR RRriPtCTPl'M.T HTfI tbf !i frtend* and '*ie public that their boarding an l ? rhoolw i; b? re opfned on M"n<lay. sep'einher 15. ?Mrc 1 1 an be rtiialned at 'hair realdei.'ce, IW We?t Ibir'y fo' ?'reet or at the book i nrn of Meaara. Appleton A i'n , t'J, I 9\*"0od !?o. 411, ?Bd Carter . Ry. W]