Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1856 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. lAIBI GORDON ? C fl RIVV| EDITOR AMD PROPRIKTUR. ?moB *? v. cown of wamac ajcd roXTOK m. T H8, m*\ in miooiuv. fill' O.ilL X RKRAL9 i it* p<+ ?op* , 1 7 p?r annum. Till. t'EEKZ > HSR i LD. -otry 8nnrtlay at 6V| p*r Wpl 01 $5 yrranmttnt. (A? Unr-^trut *luutn, $4 r>rr nnnum. *? ?)*??'< ' QriU Brit*ui, ur $b to my part q/ the Continent, U> mt'Jutir rOi.l \T.l* . CORKKSPOynKSCK, eonu,tnine tmpn-t mmli.r"*, toUfUn 4/rawi any quarter ?/'? r icorhl ? \f turn I urV ht mrru'ly -nr. $ jT ' ><TK F0? E1US ' OKK ESPOH I'K.N TS AH I funi'utHLV KmctsTiD to Heal aj.. Lbttejui i>v Pack Mime V* HO SOTICE III kern 0/ <tnonym?ut cnm,i-'ni>ati?H*- WV ito return W"*# * ' r*f1r-i. JOH VRISTISQ ?Mrufa4 wilA nmtnm ' Vumew dmI Jm AV l ER. TISEMESTS r?iwir?i ewj tiay. falunc XXX AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. ACADEMY OF MCS1C, Fourteenth st. -Italia* OrMU II Tbovaiuub. WIBLO'8 GARDKW. Bro?dwny? Tigbt Ropb Eiats-Di 4BLB A (^CATKB-MltflC llUMI'ET BOWERY THEATRE, Bowery- -Makbu Hiab**? Dawc W? ? ?U CA IK * IAS. BURTON'S NEW THEATRE, Broadway. oppo?U* Bond BtX?*el-SBE oti'llfs 10 ?'0NiJH?K? S*!?3 COTTAAIE. F4RNVM S AMEBIC# N Ml'SEt'M, Broadway? Afternoon ? t.ikAi.iiA? Kveumg? Uuulda? Swiss Swans. 8E0. CERTSTY t W00L> 3 MINSTRELS, 444 Broadway? E*a.oi'iA? 1 EnroB*A>cM -HArnr Man. BCCKT.ET S FF.RENADERS, 586 Broadway? EtuiopiA* ll'B3TB?i??? TBOVATOHB. BROAT>W.\Y ATHEN.EIM, 6.">4 Broadway? flBVEll Agbs or Ma9? OhaMD COKCIBT? JOVtSIL* FBSTIV1T11S. York, Wed newt ay, September 10, 1H36. To the Public. Advertisement." must l>e banded lalo the publication ?Moe before nine o'clock in Use evening. Annouuct* ?Mi of deaihA, or other ??qualij urgent nutices, are, 0 1 Wibi, exoepted. The Srwi. The additional returns which we have received of the Maine election give still larger gains for the republican nominees. The following is the rote for Governor in 264 towns, as reported by telegraph llamiin, (republican) 53,'ilS Wei:-, (feniocrat) ;i'i,978 Reai (whig 4, 6<?3? 87,071 Hamlln'i matority 15,647 1-at-t year the vote stood as follows Morn!!, (republican) 51, 4H Wi'lla, (democrat) 48,373 Jieid, (whig) lO.tflj? 59,01? Majority egamst the republicans in 18 "5 7,?>?0 Making tte republican gain orer last year 23,077. We have Liverpool advices to the 27th ultimo, brought by the steamer Canadian, which arrived at Quebec yesterday. The new1? is uncommonly dull and u^teresting. The report* relative to the ill ness or Louis Xfti>oleon are reiterated by French let ter wri'ers. From Spain there is uathing definite as to the designs of the new government. A de :ree Buppreesing the National Guard, was to be promul gated shortly. The bread riots had ceased and the eholeia had declined at Lisbon. The grape harvest in Portugal would prove a complete failure. Tue arrival of a French tieet in the Tagn* had creat ed some feusa'ion. From Italy there wre reports that the King of Napto, by advice of Aus tria, had de.. lined to submit to a European Congress the difl'erencet between himself and the Western Powers. There wete rumors of an outbreak at Pa lermo. There bad been but little change in mone tary and cozntucT'^il iflUn at Liverpool. Consoi* en the 26th were quoted at V5* & '. 6}. Hrva?lstuffi had improved in demand, but prices remained with out qnotable cbang". Cotton was firm. Tie ira kiift arrived safely at Liverpool on the 25th. The meaner that would take her place in the Cuna'd Mne is now due at Halifax, with news to the J'Jth ultimo. We have news from Galveston, Texas, to the 30tb nit. Tbe drongbt continued throughout the Su te. Prinking water was facing and cattle djrinjj. Gov. Pea*e on the 21d vetoed tie bill continuing > ?r lain land titles we>?t of the N'uece* -the "id SjitnU'j claim- rep rted l?y the investigating board. The itili continued titles to nine hundred th -uand a re?. Tbeie was no do iU but the Legi?lat;re wo ?! austain tbe veto. Literal appropriates lia/e been ma<;? by tbe Legialatoi* for the improvement o. river*, and ilO/HW for an aeylum for the blind. A* Jndianola new c- tt?n v? coming in freely, and tbe crop premised to he a fair one. the drought Large deposit# 35 c .-al ha 1 Lecn dao.rer ed on tbe Yrgna nv?r. Rejecting the icront c'.ec tion, the Houston TtUgrapk .?nys ChWsS Justice Hemphill hts been reelected wiihout opposition. Associate Justices Wueeier and Lipscomb hive *No be*n reelec'ed? both being far aueid of (len. Jen ? ing?. In nearly every county iatfce State demo em tic d if tri t a:> ! * oun*y ofliccra have l>cen elected Our oorre-pocdent at rhilaiclphia wriUs tba* the vestry of the Church of the fcpijduny, in that city, ??f which the Rev. DnJIcy Tyng la re tor. he! I a meeting on the evening "f the 2d ic?t , and req 'letted him to resign th< pastorship, which he incontinently refoed to do, a* .he same time exprevin,? a wish to take the vote of tie congregation on the question, belie\ nt? that be would be sustained by a majority. It ia m.H that not more than ftfty per* >na at'. -ruled the ' btmh on Stndar lart, ind 'bo?e !ew were prin rij.?ll> Isdiea. Tbe Doctor, it will be rec dleeted. has recently indulged himself in ftetly expre-winyr hi* political predilections in the pulpit. Roth branches of the Common Couneil were in ?e.*?k>n testcrrfsy sfte?n< <>n, but tbe de?tre of the democratic m? tubers to participate in tbe poiitisa! demons iation laat evening led to an early adjourn men'. Tbe request of the f haniber of C ommerce, that the oflfcr of tbe Imdley otser-utory. to furnieh correct lVrrnmical accepted, was referred to tbe Coamittee on Art* and Sciences >f tbe Board of A Idermen. In tbe Board of Counrilmeo. a com munication was received from tbe street Commis sioner aeking for I3,32? to make op deficiencies in tbe estimates of tbe ost of regulating and grading Pouity- fourth atieet, between First and Third ave ?w. Argwmaals for and acainst the proposed extemion of Iteade and Henry street* were made yesterday before tbe emmtttee* of the Common Council baring three subjects in charge. See onr reparte elsewhere. The firand Jury of the Court of <ieneral Sessions were jester Uy <11 charged from further service. Tbe Jury, in a ptesentmen' to the Court, fully sus tain tbe emigrant depot at < astfe Garden, aud re rommend it to the fosterng rare of the municipal authorities. They have dismissed the complaints preferred against certain emploves of the F.niigrant fom mi ?signers, satisfied that the charges preferred bave bad their origin in a desian to disturb rather than farther the work of !lw> establishment. Tbe Committee on Repairs and Supplies, of tbe Board oi Conneiimen, met in the Council chamlier yeateiday afternoon. The subject l>efore them was in relation to the new City HalL Ira Buckman. Jr., presented ?nd explained bis plan for the building. Tbe Committee, without any iwtlon on tbe plan, ad journed to mret again to-morrow, at 3 P. M , for its fnrthei consideration. Capt. Wm. J. I.jeter, r> tbe Jfi^rnflrna sen-ire, wb?> phsd guilty to the cbai? of assaying Mr. J. Smith, was jesterday <-ent?nc?d in the Court of Special Htst-tona to thirty days confinement in the City Prison. In the case of Mr. John Waiters, whj was implicsted in the tmiMcWn, j.dgneu' wae aus| ended by tbe Coutt. The cotton market was fl mer yesterday and ?ore active. The aaies erat>raced atiout 2^?m a 3/Wt l-ale*. bdfed upon m?ddli??ir nplands at about li fe . Mobile do. at llic.. aini New Or1o<na do. ai about 12c. Flour advanced about 10c. per Mil., e< peclaliy (>n medii.m grades. Wheat was active at steady prices? new led sold chiefly at #1 oft a II M, and new white at II ?2 a II WH. Corn was firm, ? i'-U saiea vt sound m?* 4 *t *K>. i #/^c, and Southern yellow at 69e. ft 70a. Pork cloned firmer, and meaa gold at $19 60 ft $19 63}. Sugars advanced Jc. on lower refining grades, and Jc. on good to fine grades. The sales reached about 1,300 hhds., at prices given in another column. Coffee was steady, with sales of all kinds of about 2,000 a 3,000 bags. Tfce stocks are referred to in Mr. Scott'a weekly circular, in another plaoe. Freights ? be yond grain, at 8d. to Liverpool, and 8$d. to London, there was not much ottering. The Malnt KIm-Ooii? ProprfU of the Great Revolution? Clear the Track I ?? They who bow the wind shall reap the whirl wind.'' The people are awake ? the people are at work, and we are in the midst of a great and glorious popular revolution. Our returns from the Maine election are decisive, maguiticent and overwhelming. In connection with Iowa and Vermont, they show that this great Fremont movement gathers strength as it goes, like a tor nado. and that it is destined to sweep the entire North in November, from Portland to San Fran cisco. This grand remit in Maine inspires the constantly increasing legions of the Fremont par ty with the prestige of victory ; it extinguishes the affected confidence ami cool complacency of the Buchanan politicians at a blow, and it prac tically leaves Mr. Fillmore in the exact position of Captain Tyler in 1844. 1'pon the democratic and Know Nothing wig wams and lodges of this city the news from Maine fell like the morning sun upon Jonah's gourd? it blighted and withered up their delusive hopes and calculations in n single hour. The great torchlight procession of the Empire Club, which it was hojK d would l;e enlivened by a little de mocratic music from the Kennebec, moved last night, in its line of march, like fte funeral pro cession of Tammany Hall and the defunct ruf fian and spoils democracy. It only needed the visible presence of Fierce. J e ft'. Davis, Atchison. Slringfellow. Buchanan and Forney to make the pageant complete. The following figures of this Maine election, and of the late elections in Iowa and Vermont, as compared with the results of those of 1852. (State elections.) and those of last year, taken altogether, will show something of the tremen dous pressure of this movement in the North to crush out this demoralized, nigger driving, trcu -herous. b!c< i'v and v bauch"d democratic dyna.-ty of Pierce. Jeff. Davis. Buchanan and Forney. Here are the figures: ? V IMS STATU Klh?T?!M rota -;5 v-4 wmg s?.s?: K. S fcc. 4,s? l?j,5 ?? ? 48.-M " 10,6:5 K .>??). 5?,4-? 1P5*> ! .P.cj.ubHn; or Fremont m?.u rity from UfJl&.Oe.' vsBVWT stitk n.ixs. :','j .. N-m vie li h A 23 :v6 F. P. kc. tM'>. 1855 ... " '? IV 8oO K.N. a,ti3l Kepao. 25,t>J? " " 9,109 " ? " 8S,643 * IOWA oTAtl mjCttloNS. <?5- Vvaa. vote 11H?4 Whig 15,027 i a.. ? ' " ? ) K. N. -4,74o 've;;;'.!'.'.!;;!!*... ?? " 32,^ h-p. Those figures ehovr the violent death of the old wh'g pariy. the sudden uprising of the Jack o' lantern Know Nothing party. the demora lisation and disintegration of the rottcu Pierce and Forney democracy, and the power ful concentration of the people of the North into the new republican party, S'nce the nomination of Fremont, upon the broad ani Comprehend* e platform of the constitution, Sut* right*. and free Stat? of free Territories, espe cially Kan us. and a new or.ler of tilings at Wash iegtoo, oat a ud cut. Before th'- practical Fremont movement we pcrceive. from the above election n cords. that Knew Nothlngfem disappears like a morning fog. Vt itb the collup>e of the ul<i big party aud the demoralization of the de mccrucy by this Pierce administration. a va.j. ftttooont of" political d"bris was thrown adrift, ar.d much ft it ought a temporary lodgment in tie novel ark of Know No'liing!-? : but It was a ciczv era!?, and tumbled to pi ce-? with the first ruffle upon the water. A in the North, so U> the South has this Know Nothing will-o'-the-wisp flickered out before the fir>t practh ftl tesu of this Presidential cauviw. Tli" late ?-'.ate elections In North Carolina. Ken tuekT. Aikansa* nr. J M. s<>utl i' dilate a Southern reaction In fa* or of Buchanan nnd the ntgg-r driving d mocracy. which, it not a* en,!iusia->;:c as the opposition Northern movement, promise* 04 decisively the solid vote of the Sooth upon one Presidential ticket. The very ."Ut in the South upon which Mr. Fw.niorc was taught to rely In atn contingency. haee been tho first Do demt him: and he if, for all practical purpose In ihi ? cont? *t. ns clearly out of the quoation as Captain Tyler. The paramount is-ue in this canvas* is. shall Kuu.-fts be a free State?? a= it will inevitably t>3, if the bayonet and Imrnine i ?>liry of Jeff. Davis. Pi. ice and the border rufflaos is suppressed; or -httil Kansas b? a riavfc State, even if to make it ?o it shall require the slaughter or expulsion of every free whitt settler in the Territory! Upon this i; -ue there if uo r?*?m for a man carrying water upon lioth shoulders. like Mr.Fillmorc no room. North or South: and if he is not with drawn be a ill be thrown off the track or crushed to atems under the locomotive. The Maine elec tion !? bnt the pr* monitory whistle of the ap proaehing train around the cunc of the White Mountains. Clear the track! Tbiuk of a d mocratic plurality of over six thousand in '.he Mdce State' Presidential t 't election of 1 ."2 revolutionized to an uppnsirton mn.i' rity of f'otn twelve to fift.-n thousand i:i ? ?., 1 - >1' nt'al < Wtioti of 1 I'. ? ; ? ? : ? . 1 . - imuv .iiately pr.'C .'d'uiK th" I , . - , ?l i . .. t < t*i . \ e i j , M 'ni f.iil to g.ii'le u? C?nrc:l; Th" p...;. u. "? .'.Hy - 1 ? "1:?? U,, ti-.n- in\ ariuMv not only en ,i0w the - UK.' -tatea in the Pr -id'-ntial ? ] . ? c f * i ? Isit can.e- fi-rn with largely in ,, a, ,i ? . ? ? ? and o'h-r Stu?.- ?? 1' ?j- .,v t. ? II.. S<at?>el"C-:o:.- op-rat.- up- ?:i each other, and the 1*11. from State to State, g-n s irresistibly rolling oo. with an Incma* d mo Hi' ! turri it every l?>U"d. jw-t ?" s ur< #t tion a in< a tain top. intr-a - - i -p d ,i ... . , ... y, . ?, ry K. .iii.l a- it goe-" rusliing ? ,1 : w ud to :h<- op'n plain. In liw \ ,v ? cm th' iiup'ilse of Iowa Vermont , M:, , V i .. I. !>,. len ? Is -Iirpri- 1 to s?-< p. inia t'li-'iiiig down npon the r.if" fianm l -; ? <!? ? ? r?y in <">? to's t like an av.i ] v , . 1,1 :r . l / t ot -ey, n'; -live t'.iousand I ' ? !.< n ? -r 1 ;. .. - * * . n i - 1 1 us nJ the < 1 re ill <1 \v ; ; ? . . of t v.- and p"pu } ? . T' ? ' ' ' '. ' I I'll Oil .-'(I? [ights. Territorial rigiit- international go.sllaith. , am! !..i th" return "ft'1 . ov. : nu .t to th ? Ian 1 i,., k o! tie ;^e.. C*. -n wh?-r-, in th( succf of this grand movement for the liberty of white men. North and South, and for floe white men "? constitutional righ'- in our free Territoriea? whett ihaU we find thew old line whig old line silver grays, and oltj lino party buekstf i - anil w.i'liil haek" who hate taken the took track? We slall 1"d them among the ?AIM k ..ho I u... ..-'.I along 1 1. - I . ! e . logli and dry I . o w. -liall ls> conl. tit to have thom: for wt i>a ut ibi taidct of a g'.onoue ud victorious popular revolution, and we are t or K and with it to fiie end. Read the news from Maine; and remember that Maine is an old democratic State, almost as tried aud trusty heretofore as New Hampshire. Now, like New Hampshire, she is completely revolu tionized. It is a perfect democratic rout? a re gular Waterloo operation. The democrats had mudc the concession of four out of six candidates to Congress to the old line whigs, as a gull-trap to catch noodles with; but the trick was a dead failure, and old line whig*, deluded KuowNothings and democrats* have all gone down together. There is not margiu enough in the interval to the October elections in Pennsylvania and Ohio to explain away this crushing democratic defeat. It will tell upon Pennsylvania and Ohio more than all the electioneering documents of the last si.\ months, liamlin, till lately, belonged to the t mocratic party. What of that ? So did Fre mont, aud so with thousands upon thousands of his supporters. It only makes the matter worn? :md worse for Buchanan. Read the news from Maine. Clear the track ! Mintcifal Politics. ? The republicans have very quietly held their primary elections, and without much trouble, elected the city delegation to the State Convention, which is to be held at Syracuse on the seventeenth of this month, there to nominate candidates for Governor and State officers. It seems that the majority of the dele gates are in favor of Simeon Draper for Gov ernor. E. D. Morgan has a few, and Philosopher Greeley the least of all. We suspect that there has been a good deal of outside effort, and som<? paid advertising, to make capital for Draper. We olserved that nearly every Sunday paper of thie week had a five or ten dollar puff, setting forth the eminent virtues of Sim. Pnvper. aud commending him heartily as the vary bjst man to receivc the republican nomination. Greeley's cold water propensities will hurt Aim in the city; and in the country, where party vegetation is rather rank, little villany prevails to a great extent. On the democratic side matters are quiet vinco the tremendous Waterloo defeat which Mayor Wood, like another Wellington, ga*e to the Cus tom House cohorts. Their primary meetings for the selection of delegates to the nominating conven ions to name candidates for the city and county offices, are appointed to be heid in the several wards to-morrow, between the hours of four and seven o'clock in the afternoon. A heated term may be expected; but it is possible that the police iorce may be so distributed as to prevent the constants from tearing each other to pieces. This is to be regretted; for it would be a species of even-handed justice vere the two factions of the democracy to demolish each other, thus anti cipating the courts of justice and the penitentia ry. There are a great many returned patriots from California now here ; they have come since the Vigilance Committee made New York a sort of Botany Bay. and will probably engage in the primaries. There will be great times to-morrow ; but. according to all appearances, the Corporation party, headed by Mayor Wood nnd the police, with the spoils of seven millions per anrum. will uttuly rout #thg Custom House party, which only has two or three millions of *poiLs. It is h&id that there will bo two seta of delegates and two sets of nominating conven tions chosen, and that the ane ent Sachems ot Tammany ? a species of hermaphrodite cross be tween old fogies and old women ? will bo called upon to decide which is which. The remain* of the Know Nothings are vcrj quiet: we hear little or nothing about them. Now iiiul ihen they manage to kick up a fuss about Fillmore; Vut we are inclined to think that the party will vanish iuto thin air long b.fore the day of election. II n. Bcchanas ox New York Democtuct. ? Wc understand that the calm repose which Mr. 1 nclanan usually enjoys at Wheatland baa been frtijutiitly disturbed daring tht* past few weeks by tue visits of diplomatic minioaarlcs from New York, who with to ascertain his opiniuns. or to influence hi? views, in regard to aiiairs here, and to procure for the faithful of cach section a bit of the real croi-s or a small patch of the holy breeches. We would advise our democratic frit cds not to trouble the slumbers of the Sagv of Wheatland. We will s-ave them the fatigue of the pilgrimage. We arc perfectly well in forwi d as to .Mr. Buchanan'* opinion' on this ful'ject. from conversations .we Lave had with iiim while he was pursuing bis diplomatic ca reer in Europe, and we will now give their re sult. for the benefit of the faithful of both sec tions. During a conversation with the Sage of Wb<fttland in London, one day. with reference to the bod management of Mr. Pierce in relation to the New York appointments Mr. Buchanan said. Mr. Pierce. I fear. has fallen into the -am-* er ror that Mr. Polk diJ. The N w York d< raocra cy are \ery troublesome patriot". The only way to treat tb?m is to ascertain which faction I the strong' *t. the most popular and the most ta !??:::< ?1. Thi- done, the nevt ?t< j. > to give the a bole of the office* to this faction arid noue to the oiber. The continence will Ik; that th< faction which bar all the offic swill be your true. Constant, devoted trends, whil- thai which ha ? cone, will b?- your most hitter and unrelenting enemies. But In lew than three months you will ftnd that the rank ami file, who alway? go when* the offices are gives, will tuin in to the sticc"* ful pnrty . an?l the b aders of th<- advene faction will ?*? Wt without any troop-. Without doubt Mr. Buchanan * "entiment# upon this Mibject arc the same at thi* day: and if elect ed. lie will undoubtedly pursue the line of policy which he recommend' d to IMkar 1 Tierce. They paid no attention to It, however, and by attempt ing to compromise between the factions only made mutti rs wor?e. Another point : Several politicians of IsHh factions nit? endeavor nir u> pet up a claim to Ir. Iiuehanan s exclusive confident". now and here after. For Instance, th?* fri'-id of Mr. Sick). ?* are putting hiin forward as the candidate for C?,n?rr*"s in tie 'I hitd di-ir *Vi i favored <?* eluslvely If Mr Buchanan. in o;ip<?sition to (*n. Walbridge, alio intend to run: and it i- said that (his movement hac th< eiv iiz.nn " of the Sage of WIm utland \V- at' vry "lire that th'ie i-<no tnith in this story. Mr. Iiuehanan has other fish to fry. which will prevent him from taking sld'S in any local cjttarrels just at the present time. Thf. Nkw Yob* P" t Oi hi v.. ?We understand that the Po*tmaetcr General. Mr. Campbell, is ex amining the several sit<? designated for the new Post Office in this <itv. ar.d hioking over the *<i tcral implication* and r < ?nn ?< ?; Utions put in l?y land ?-|iecnlatotn and title .in\!<nM to g' t a ? Vli at tii" putillc fund- I \\ or six "-it"? have . .1 ? " ? ? 'i ? l-o '? . ,) t1 | -i nt 1< eat 'on of ih" l'> i < i! e. tii?> |',i i< k Cbnreh I'.mton - old thenfi in ( in - tr<et. a lot in llncUon square. and anottier in Canal street. We barn that It number ol prominent democrat* are concerned in the Canal street location, and that tbere is some disposition on the part of the gov ernment to remove the Post Office to that neigh borhood. All these schemes are Ml of rotten ness and corrupt speculation; and it is a fact that members of Congress and public officers are ac tually interested in the profits. The Postmaster General will not determine the location of the office until after his return to Washington. Fi-anxei. Petticoats and the Old Line Wino Gathering at Baltimore. ? We see notices here and tbere in the papers of old line whig meet ings for the election of delegates to the forth coming old line whig old women's national con vention at Baltimore? old women, except that they wear breeches instead of petticoats. This old line whig gathering will be a worthy rival, in moral and political influence, of the women's rights petticoat assemblages at Worcester in Massachusetts. Wonder if old Mother Lucretia Mott will be present at Baltimore! She would be useful in soothing down the dreadful alarms of the sisterhood in breeches, concerning the safety of the ship in this rough weather. Oh! the aw ful state of things about us. if we are to believe ( the manifestoes of those old granny old line whigs! Choate. Winthrop, Rives, Granger, Bar nard, Pearce, Pratt, Jones and Benjamin, Puri tans, Gentiles and Israelites, each aspiring to a red flannel petticoat, have each and all of them warned ub that we are standing upon the verge of a deep abyss, upon the brink of a cataract, upon the brow of a precipice, and that a yawn ing chasm, with an awful smell of sulphur, is opening at our feet, ready to swallow us up. bo dy and breeches, big and little, one and all. Our impression is that these highly respectable old ladies in pantaloons have passed their final tran sition state, and will soon be petrified into poli tical fossils and laid upon the shelf among other

geological curiosities of this wonderful age. We hope, however, that the good people of Baltimore will take care of these highly re spectable old ladies in breeches of this old line Whig Convention ? wrap them up in flannel care fully, and bathe their feet at night in warm wa ter. with a little mustard in it. if they should get the slightest symptoms of a cold from any sud den change in the weather. We think there ought to be another general convention of the Kuow Nothings; lor it seems that their Philadelphia bantling is but an old line whig changeling ; and if the very respectable old line whig midwives should claim him at Baltimore, '? Ham ' will b> cheated out of his adopted heir. Have the flan nel. and the warm water, and the gruel, and the paregoric ready for these infirm old w?mcn old line whigs when they shall arrive in Baltimore, offer their hard jostling in the cars. Beware, too. of the night air of September, and have them well covered up if they go out after dark. Soctherx Fremont Movements.? The general niovcnx ni which we indicated gome time ago would t-oon be made for a Fremont electoral ticket in every Southern State, is going ahead. Already he has nn electoral ticket in Kentucky. electoral ticket in Virginia, and one in Mary land: and why not in every other Southern State excepting South Carolina, where the Legislature takes the place of the electoral ticket ? Why not. we pay? The life, the education, the associa tion*, the antecedents of Fremont, all be long to the South. lie has a sword of honor presented him by South Carolina but a few short years ago; and he is the name Fre mont now that he was then, except that he is op posed to the democratic Pierce-Buchanan policy of making Kansas a slave State by force of arms. murder, arson. confiscation and robbery. In every other respect the people of the South, with the people ol the North, may safely uoite upon Fremont ? it is only his opposition to the hoirible democratic ruflian policy of making Kansas a slave State that renders Colonel Fre mont less a Southern man than Buchanan. In everything else he is a better Southern man. as he is a l etter Northern man and a better Union man. than Buchanan. lie is sound and clear of barnacles, fresh from tlie people, and free from the clutches of spoilsmen, old hacks, old fogies, secessionists and aWitionists. It is the conservative Northern masses of Union men that are carrying him on; and why. then, should he not run as well among the Union men of the South? Give him a triul, and they will support him. Something Mi st he Doxk.? It is now reducod to a dead certainty that Buchanan and Fillmore slawl in each other's way. aud that the plat form they occupy las Is come too narrow and shackling to hold both of them. Mr. Bu chanan is an anflable and accommodating old mun; but he didn't want to run. lie want" d to re tire to Wh? at land and write a book on his ?? Life and Times," like Senator Benton. Why deny him the privilege ? Why spoil bis history by runuing him into a defeat that will put an end to his ?? Lift and Times ?" Give him a chanc to write, and try Fillmore as the democratic nomi nee. Mr. Fillmore must be ready to change horns by this time. Jtwm* Orau rut Mniro ? The art.sts engare 1 by Fignor lint rial for Mile. Vestvali, arrived by the Btrce Irw, from liar re. co Monday, and will leave almost ? mediately for Vera Crus. Mile. Vestvali Is the dlrectrcf* of the National theatre, la the city of Mextoo. an l will commence an operatic i?uo( about th ? middle of Octo ber. Tie lollowiig la a Itat of her arliats ? Prime nuolvtt ? Countess Ta*ra Tapani, KigB"?ira (.iiiscpp'n* Kiadi. Pignora (iiovtantra Cirar"kua. Stgnora Cos tan /a Man/tat, Signora Kur > betta /lltolt Prima Dmna Contralto a-'nlula ? ftgnoriaa Fellctta Vtitvali IVana Crm>) r\mari* ? P'gnorn Aanetta flarofall /"*??? Tifti tgnor I.uigi St?fani. figaor Ku gealo B'ancht. primi Paui attt'nH ? Signac Eugeaio I. it art Be'.llai, Sift or Polares. Pnmi Aart'nri Atnluti? Mgnor Alle*?an tro OtUviaao. W*oor retire Bsrtil. Imnrf C<m/ rtmmriM ? ?lgnor ?Jtovann' /an al. frr Sign or Ml nnel Morano. IHrMfr* ard nf fV "rcAesfra? Sifnor lattori. f?or 1/1 Mjrtn ? Jigaor Btlderas. if?re/sr? -igaor /anlnl. hunt fM ? Strnor Andrea Manz oi. Krir?tfnla(irt of tkf Imprtta? S.gnor l.urtco Vc?tva!i. M ite Vestvali bat also imported icwal operas never yet soot In America. and a coatly wardrobe Her jrimi I (irmna Tatia Taccsel. her tenor Btefani. and the baritone Ottavlano are art 'ts of Grit rata European reputation, while the dlrectrcts her tell ar.hlcvcd treat triumph ia Me\.?-o last ><ar. Ilor pretent enterpriae ba? involved the outlay of a large amount of capital, but the company ia *uf h as Mfiico ha* never had, ana the aaeir Will doubtless reault piolitably. Mfn* Akti ?i>o* Frnom ? 1 Hit Barcelone brought ?r*r f|i de a iinmi'er r f artists, from prime fann/, who ara Oi.ntes?c? down to democratic ropWan ers. Among others are Monsieur and Ma. lame (aim to Defolly. M Da foi'y Is a violinist ot some not# and ia w.fe is a < hanb-ust If^re He also hrlnp a company of gymna?t? M Dctiacb, of the HWvodrome, I*arif; M. Kcrsnti ef fUi, from the C<T7?? t* Vim } tra 'tirf They give gymnaalx perform ances and represent ohUaur i<> int*. M HetnM h mates a wonderful spiral aicnelon, which aafmitbed ail Pans M. l>e(uliy h?? ?ie\rial ontra Tor bis company, aud we to sec then very toon at one of our theatres. Tea fieri * ? ^ The most popular of modern operas, the "TroTatore, is announced at the Academy thi* evening Mss A. I'bllllps, the Hnaton 'oa/raUo, sin|?i ^iu^ana CUiarwiae ae cast Is unct>ang"d. THE LATEST NEWS. BY MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. Prom Washington. TBM MEW TORI MATOBALTY? TROUBLE I* THE Pl MOCKATIC CAMP? KLKCTIONEEIUNQ DOCUMENTS LI DEL SUIT, ETC. WiHHiNOTojr, Sept. 9, 18:>6. Jelterson Davis, the 8ocreUry of War, baa just been on to New York, lie was called there to lettle the dlil'er eiiceB Iu the democratlo party which had frown up, and were assuming a threatening aspect, between the belli gerent factions on the question of the Mayoralty. The leaders of the democratic party had become alarmed at the virulenco which was existing b< twoen the Cus torn House and the ( orp jration In relation to the candi dale ior Mayor, unii they wrote to the President, asking him to exerclre Ins influence to quell the factious spirit wbiih was rl.-ing. Jell'. Davis. In company witli tho Postmaster, was accordingly deputed to heal tho dltll culties, ai.d th >y have so far accomp ished their task as to be able to report that there will be no split m the 1 arty until alter the election. Since the commencement ot the Presidential campaign the republican props cl this city has issued four millions ot documents, including 2C0,0G0 copies of Sumaur'a speech, or forty millions of pages. About one-halt of tLis number have been distributed through tho Washing ten Republican Association, and the remainder by mem I ers of Congrets. The National Democratic Exesutlvc Committee is now i xtcifcively engaged in a timilar work? sending oil, it is taid, 10,0(0 document.- a day. The American party, too, is not idle in that line of business. Die pamphlet entitled "The Killing of Thomas Keat irg, " and lor publishing which Messrs. Bell k B! in chard have been sued lor libel, by Mr. Hoover, tho I nited Stat<s Marshal for this district, was written by Jlr. Cieo. W. Weston, of Maine. The Next Stcam?lilp at Halifax, &c. Halifax, Sept. 0 ? Noon. A Curare! steamer Is now ten days out from Liverpool for this port, and may be considered about due. Tho Arabia ought to be the vessel, according to progranme; but as she was doubtless taken into dock on ber arrival in Liverpool to repair the damage sustained in ber recent accident, the presumption is that the Cambria or some other unemployed vestel of the line has been substituted. The steamship Osprey, at this port froai St. Johns, Newfoundland, on Wednesday last, reports that the pio neer of the new lice between Liverpool and that port had not been heard of when the Osprey l?ft, although then presumed to be eleven days out. Movements of John C. Hrccltlnrlelge. ] 'IHLAItKU'lllA, Sept. 9, l#5d. The Hon. John C. Breckinridge did not arrive here this eveniDg, as was eipccted, having stopped at Princeton to call on Mr. Buchanan. Tho democrats are miking great preparations for bis reception. Bo'.h ho and t ie lion. Rulus Choa'.e will speak at tho democratic mcoting to be held here on the 17th inst. American Mass Meeting at Plttsbnrg. PiTPmcia, Pa , Sept. 9, 1853. Tbere was a large American m-it-1 meeting and proces sion here this evening. Speeches were delivered by Messrs. Frercb, Kvans, and others. Rhode Inland Fillmore Convention. Piovidhcs, R. I., Sopt. 9, 1958. At tho Fillmore Convention at Newport to day eighteen out of the thirty one towns we're represented, Will'ara Spregue, of Warwick; Orray Taft, or Providence; Henry Y. Cranston, of Newport, acd Daniel Rodman, of South King* ton, were nominated as electors ol President and Vice President. The New Steamship Adriatic. xerox, Sept, 9, 1858. Mr. E. K. Collins, in answer to an invitation from nu mcrous merchants ol this city, prom.-es that If time will allow be will make a visit to Boston with the now steim eblp Adriatic, btfoie she aaiU for Liverpool, in October text. Sentence of ? Mali Robber. Wn "isr.tos, Del., Sept. 9, 1866. (.eo. M. Towrstmi pleaded guilty, this moioicg, in the United State* Ilttrlct Court, to the charf ol? robbing the Poet cfllcc In lids city, In August, 186 J. He made a loug appeal to the mercy of the Court, declaring that Ho 1 been led swsy by evil companion!, and promised rotor mation If mercy was accordtd bim. Jolge Mall sen tcD. ed blm to two j cars' hard labor? the lowest term for the oCence. Serious Fire In Pennsylvania. Colcmbia, Pa., Sept. 0, 1866. A icrious Ore Is raging opposite the town of Wrights vllie, destroying the lumber yards alongside the river. The Columbia firemen ha\ c gone to tbdr neighbors to auk as instance. l*lrc In Philadelphia. Pwi-IDV; rau, Sept. 9, 1*66. Pick ion > cotton mill, in the Twenty third ward, wii burned this evenlrg. The fire < rmmenraj In the drying room. 1 ighty persons in the upper stories narrowly e* caped w.tb their lives, many of them having to leapfrsm ibt windows, loss $18,000. Arrival of the Naahvllle at Charleston. CiuRi.iMo.N, S. C., Sept. 9. 1869. The United Statesman steamship Nashville arrived here from New York at 1 o'clock tins (Tuesday) morning. Itoaton Weekly Hank Mtatement. b "TO*. Sept. 9, 1HJ6. The following are the fbotiBga of our weekly bank statement for the past week, compared with tboje ol the wetk previous ? Sent. 1. St'- *? Capital stork ?31 ?><?>0,01*1 ?31,1*0,099 l/Kins and dlscauuts 63, 63. '>17,' uo Spec a .".,737,000 a, 029,009 Amount ilue front otter tanks. .'>,661.000 4,718,700 Amount due to other banks . .. 4.676,000 ? rvp?H< u.tis.ow Ore nation 8,0*8,000 7,131.000 Markets. rniLADKLmiA stock *oahd. Pirn tiKnu, sept 0. HR6. Sttcks dull. Penriaylvsu a State 6's, 83; Heading Ra I r'ail, tSK: <otig Icland Railroad, 13<<t Morris Canal, 14>, ; I'etnsylvania Railroad. 48!?. New U?JUX?, Sep*. 8, H60. Cotton? Rales, to f%y, 660 bale*, at 11 ;<c. a UWc for middling. ?"gar. a i>)jc : Hour, M 86. Corn Western yellow 76* . and white V6c. Lard, la kegs. 14c. Sterling exchange P>; per cent prcm. B< tssio, Sept 9 ? 15 30 P. M. Flour unchanged. Saloa 1 ,?.'?> ba -re Is, at ?*; 60 a $6 62 for cbotre to eMia M1I0 "ar t Indiana Wheat lover Sales 11.010 bushels Chicago spring at 91 14. anl acme on private terms Corn unchanged. Salsa 26,000 bushels, at Me. Os ts s * hart a lower Sale* 14,040 bull, eta, at 88c. Rye advance.! Sales 4,000 buahela, at 73c. Canal freights? I6r for corn so l 19c. fbi wheat. Receipts yesterday? 7,644 barrels of (lour 37,838 bushels of wheat . 6.1*7 bushels of com ; 96.890 liuabeia of oats Canal at I" rti? 36.063 bushels of wheat. 81,683 li.ilieis ol c<<rn., S-^pt. P? 6 P. X Floor uarhangel; sale* 1,700 bbla., al ad 59 a 90 fi for choice to extra < hio, Ml- hijr?n, Iowa and Indltna. Wheat favor* buyer*: ?ales 37,000 bushels, at $1 14 a rl 16 for Ch 11 ago spring and $1 SO a ft 31 lor red Illinois. Oorn unchanged sale* :.).ooo bushels, at 63o. "Ms kiwer aaks 14,000 bush Is, at ? *c Rye firmer saie* 4.CC0bust f s at 78r. R?ce!pts fir the 24 hours ending at noon to day ? 6 . 1M bbl* flour, 96.473 buahels wh-at, 67,10.' <10 corn 48. ?<6 do. oats Cari.i! exports ? 59, 6JI bushels wheat, 11,643 do. corn, 82,840 do oats. (>aw?< o. Sept. 9?6 P. M Whf?t rtet-lv: sale*, 20. COO bn*hels, at tl 60 for whit# Canadian, 61 i* for Milwauku* spring, tl 26 for Chicago f pruig. and $1 f/6 for red Ohio. al. Ml. Corn held above inc t iews of bu> ert Rye? Sales, 4 000 basbels North em Pennsylvae a. at 7 JC. Freights unchanged. lake imiwrt* today? 67,316 bushels wheat, 32,176 hu'hels com, 679 hushela barlty, 4,000 busheU rye. Canal ex port ? 1.046 barrels flour, SI, 910 bnahcli wheat, 30,970 bushel* corn. All iui 1 ? on rtia Nrw Yosk C> strai Railroad.? The New York Central llallroad Is getting Its fame, for the fro quant occurrence of arc. lents. ap to a point which I* like ly to en ure (or it considerable notoriety, which la the ?nd may not prove very profitable. Knee the first of January last, a pertol of Itttlt more than e.ght months, nine regular " ^me'li ops " have occurred oa the road, each of which was attended with the loea of from one to forty thousand dollars, and whloh killed ten people, and wont ded twenty r ut other*. Mlsaent letters. f.itt of letter* s Ivertised In tlie Philadelphia /V?<? I/rfcer, Monday, September 8. 18*6, remaining in tue Philadelphia Tost frflirc uncalled Tor ? HAI TIM) 'I.K H'>r*af. SKW T"R-. ItorMj. firlcnell h Jerkins, John Jewett k Son, Hopkins Hull* Co, McCrcady Moll A: t,?? Wood Co. IJtlsWi At Co., aijia*v, s. t. II. Jf. I'eters fi Co. W C. I ittle A CO. list of letters advertised ia the Boston ller&r Wednes dsy. Septemiif r 3, 1866, remaining in the Po?t OfBce. Bo* Ion, uncalled for ? * Chas. A Barnlt*, fork. ra. nkw tork nociw. saiT<IN?*r HO'>t ? Psrls A Oo., CanfleM, Brotbee A Co . <?. F. Rverson A Oo Oss H Myer* rmMnrmtu UVi4*i Raj k Co. *<ie?fta?U99k Political Goaalp. IMMMJFI MKMOWT MKETINO OK TUB BATTLE OROCXD or TirrscAMOK. The republican* oi Indlsna have made arrangements tor the holding of an Immense Fremont mass meeting on the battle ground of Tippe< anoe. The cltlaena will aaaem ble on the In: of October, and the proceedings will be con tinued ou the Co and 3d or (bat month. All the State* or the Northwest will be tully represented, and we arc Wormed Uiat the Hon Senator Sumner has promised u> address the multitude ir his \ ealth permit. An invitation is extended to repub lean* from all parts of the Union U> be present cn this interesting occasion. Members to the Tnlrty-tlfth Congress have been elected In lowa, Arkansas, Missouri sud Maine, and the account elands as follows:- Buchanan. FiUmore ^ Missouri 1 * .Arkansas __ Maine r, _ ? Iowa * __ .... Total 0 0 t| .2 The Boston Pott , the nitrger driving democratic ad ministraiion organ in M ?s*achusetts, cannot stand the late speech delivered by lion. I'reston S. Brooks, In S>uU? Carolina. It says:? Wo think It an ebullition of excitement unworthy ot a patriotic citizen, and * xpressmg a sentiment which Simula be emphatically coudemned by every lover oi nia country. Thet'oncord, N.U., Stat**mon reports that ex-Governor r N. B. B?ker, of that State? long the bosotn political an<Z personal friend ot General Pierce? now a resident of Iowa, has pronounced for Fremont. What will Mrs. Grundy eay to this ? The Know Notbint State Council or Iowa met recently in Iowa city, and ronolved to support Fremont and Dayton. The votes cast at the late election In Iowa have boon officially canvassed, eloping on the 4th Inst. The totals on the Congretsional vote were declared as follows :? Pirtt VuLi id? Timothy Davis (Fremont)... 22.R85 Sbeppard Ulller (Buchanan) 15,898 Majority Tor Davis Second irtilmt-S. K. Curl's (Fremont).. 18,065 Aug. C. Hall (Buchanan) 17 .uo 065 Majority tor Curtt* JlrjiuLliean. Buchanan. M. L. Morris.... 40 681 G. 1'arel ?1,012 Rico .40.584 J. Biker 3a,07?> Republican majorities . 7,467; 7,679; 'jMj! 7,133. Convention For, 3*, 7 SO. Against, 14,fl20. The largest vol* ever before polled was about 45,000; so that tie increase is some sixty per cent. By the fot'owirg account, which we copy from the IUchsioid tlViifl, it wilt bo seen that another man baa been diiven out or Vi-ginia, and that Tree intercourse be tween the Slates Is thereby unconstitutionally obstructed: We learn that there was considerable cxcltcment on board tK steamer Virginia, while making the trip from Baltimore to Fredericksburg last Saturday aUcrn^in consequence of the meddlesome Interference of an aboll tionif-t In matters which did not concern him. At a land inn in Lanea*tcr,oouniy, Ya., theboat took on Uoird abJUt a hundred m crocs, purchasen by Southern planters and ? oth eTs t rom t he < ab?i i es.ave The individual alluded to hailing front Baltimore, but whose name we have been iiL&ble to icarn. goon brpaa to oxprefa his incendiary oiiitiments both to nt groin and whites, using the most violent iarsuage In regard to the institution of slavery. u e l oat reaclie i lappahannock, where the man nro<>a?ed to^Itop j?e was told that information of Liscon duct would be coinmueJcated to the people on i ?bore, when he would have to look jut tor himself. On faring This be became alar nc.-d, and rofnsed to?et?ffw here upon he was taken and put oat on the wharf by force, Iiarrowlv etcauiuk.' a duckm ? in his rap.d transit, lua excltcmeiiTtben oe< an 1 -use among the people on it'.., re who i etermln. . he should not slop there: and afw r considerable consultation, it wai agreod that be ^IdTeitl on board In charge or. friend, and sent bat k in the return bout to Baltimore. Tbt equanimity among the voters in many or the towns in Vermont, at the recent election. In ravor of the Fre mont party, was a*, once remarkable and worthy of all uaiee. Look at the voles In a rtw, selected at random:? Fremont. Jiuchanan _ j New Haven "? ? -borilam \zZ _ .. 0 l*l i " _ H. George ~ g Westford __ E more "7 13 Johnicn 10 Benson 1 Chittenden 7 Clarendon ? Ira 0 Mount Holly *?' 4 Tlcmouth *g0 2 ft Western ?_ 2,513 ?? The ? .rang. burg, S C , stales thst the Hon. L. M Kr lit Is a candidate for re election to Congress. Hon. John I .etcher , of Virglula, sutca that he does not inund lo decline a re election to Congresf. Returns o! the election in Tcxss from thirty countiee 1 how dcm< crstic mai'.rtties in all but three. The Warrenton (Virginia) flag notices that a petit on la in circulation for an extra sewion or the Virginia le gislature. It li not belte\ ed the object will be accom P hf*OWo lh? republican nom.natlons tor members of Congress are already compete. Every aent members has b?en renominated, except the three (Ba.\ Moore and Harris on) who "caved in- to South American blandishments. They have nil received |>er mi.?Uon to stay at home. t'nlfed Mntra Marshal'* Office. Ftrr. f. ? JtiNfi 0/ a Ci,r. set? lb* Marshal hu recetr el In'oruia'ion Charles Clark, alias Wanoo. sontonoed about two ymr* a(o, lo tlio Cnited Slate* Itstrlct Court, to nine yc?r* lr>i|ri*utim**t for counterfeiting, hail es caped Iroin the Mate prWon at Sing Mine on Monday morn before daybreak. Nothing liaa l?ocu since bear. I of thc fugitive. Oraml Cricket Match. CANADA AOAINHT rill CMTKD STATE?. The tcmbrrs of the Can t Cricket Club will arrive | In New York from Tomato this ( Wednesday ) afternoon, and on Tbnr> lay morning, at 11 o'clock, the great match btlwfcnlliMwocii.jM a.ll c nn? oil at Boboken. The sport will be continue t on Vrllay. The natch will be I iv*il in Thim . ay an>l Fnday, the lltb anil 12th of nt xt j.tcmbcr, on the New York crirkot ground, Kljr ? >ib I".' id*, Ilobok.n. N ? JffOf. The eleven of tho I i.i' '."tin'- .re. -11. r ii' I H*r'.>w, of r'i ladelphis "Bar k.r. Hut !i*m. Cuyp. s-'h-irp a rut Willey, of the N>w V.ik 1 it Va'ler (iibb*. Uinj.ham and, ofih.- st i.eorce's, of tliia city. Tata will be tho grant match of the isason The moat experienced and fln.?t p ayer* ol . ach of these *1 . have been **lcet*l, an t from what we know of our Canadian friend*, a clo?e rn teat m*y Ue expected. Tent* will be provided < *preaaiy* for the lad ten. Wicket* to be pitcbod at 11 A M . ( tcb| d*y' ________________ Harrogate'* Coart. Br (ore A. W Bradford, ?*q. tiii |dc trx estate? jon* p. perrie decide HOLE HE1K. l -Tbc Da Lax ease was re*umed to day, bej Iorethe,Mirrosale, and flnaiiy diapoaed of. The cwaaclf for the French clumani, Csusiollo, mov*4 for a furt allowance o^ual lo that of the other parties. Tho 8arro| g?t- . drred that vnco th. ..ther parties, at all earlj stage ol the case, had per inrmed services In which th< picpenti.;, irant bad not materially participated, thei^ ? 1 n. I'Mi at . n ought to be greater, but he wi< rilling I a low the claimant *2.10 .11 addition to tbat alroady gran'J ed Tf?.- eve lias l>ee? contested solely on the <p* of th k, 1 mary of I errle. to that point all the proof 1 dtirrtrd. trom the hearing of wlilch the Surrogate .lecidaiS tWat lie (Ferris) is the legitimate too of the intni^ tate. ai.d ?a H" h ent t.e to 'inters Th.' decision must r1 tun rp. rated In the decree, from which the proper leg coaae.iaeore* will flow tytiat (luwe'C'irisequeneee will I in rr?p?i t to Ibi' distribution of the aetata will lie deter nunr i wli< 11 the . ?tr. 'iti<>n takes pia-e. The Snrrogatl ij I BM cons ler that lie was railed apoa t> aatx pate ol prevent ; hem bh only duty was to incorporate his deer ? ..n rt Hie ,ir, ree. and ie*>c the r**ult where the lay ?hall p'sce It. Tbe lollowing Is the fnrrogat*'* decree ? /n 'h> m lUtrr "f thr Du /,?* KMalr ? I'poa bitting pro i'h ih< I lit Who base appeared in thl? mailer, ? I altrr liearing counsel on behalf of .fohn P. Ferrie, claimf inp to l>e the son of the intestate, an. I In opposition tberd to, counsel la bohaK ol tho public admlm trator, and (I iir-rl in beha'f"! B*noil .lulien Causjolle ll^'t (Ur||J lemy C'mtsjolle and Mnnsetta Flic, and their re*p*?tis wive*, claiming as next of kin of aaid Intestate It ia ordered, adjudged aad decreed tbat letter* of *4 n t trit (in pon the (State of soil Jeanne P 1 ! 11 1 hi grai'ted and ls<ued to tlie said Jean f. Ferrie, as tlJ iri? t mate ?on und sole rest of kin of the aaid inteetaM in to ?a d 1 errle, and s>.< h person a may be ion.?>? wu him under the statute, o? giving the proper necnrftT r< nulred l?y law. A. W. linADFoRD. C'EI.KBti RATION OP T m. UtTltOOTXE ScRRgNDBR^-H The t.treral in Obiof ol ih. \ etotan* of Ui? War ol U| |m. ?<nied the tbllowlpg order Vnss iv??' WtR or 181V. i \ rtir ShtTs. r Nsw Yo* ?The I^gisJatnre or this Mate baring ?d}<>aro"d at It* la , Matloa wlihotrt pasting the Mil ar listing your miniarH claims, nnan , ?nu, .too r ,ho naU. the nnderslgne f, your Hnneral In Cblef, deems It 1 ped.cnt rev ar d directs lhi\'T?na?seml.| n Ooaventton, n p rson or by delegate*, Mffetttiylerrllll ??? ?>?> ^rat. g , Nea- \ oik. on the 17th day , f>r1ob?r ne*t, |o adopt the neees?ary mea?rr?s to pri cure ll e pn) mi id of yniir . nms, and to oommemorati by * m, tarv p*ra.!> a g <r .-i* tr , .imph of our reyn|J t'orarj uth?r?? the <a|4ui-M, at ?lut place. rrV . ? , i,..| aim f of uyagloB; w m? i;ih ot October, 177T. |