Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 7317. ORE HERALD. THURSDAY SIPTKMBER 11. 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE PUBLIC HEALTH. Commissioner* of Health. The Commissioners met yeatorday, it the City Hull, pursuant to adjournment. Present? Isaac 0. Barker, lisq., President, in the chair; Walter F. Concilia, Secre tary, and a quorum of members. The rollowiug eases were reported to the Board by the Health Ofllcer for their action, with annexed results ? Brig Milton, fioni Port au Prince, Udeu with log wood, arrived on the S>th inst. Reports all hands well. She is allowed to proceed to the city after an observation of eight days and a thorough publication. Bark Alcxina, from Curacoa, la Sun with fustic, hide* and skins, arrived on the Bth lust. Ordered to laad hii-Jl and skins out of the city, and may then proceei to th# wharf aft >r be!n,j cleansed and famigatel. Br'g II Msrjt, from Maracaibo, laden with fustic. coffee and hides, together With two pa-mcn^ors, arrived on th Oth in<-t She ii allowed to proceed to the city alter a Vtotiiiation; the bide- not to bo l.inded in this city. Schr. D Trowbridgo arrived at ijuarantme. from (Jo naive*, en the '.'th Ina., with a cargo of logwood and mi bogan* . There having beou much sickness at (>onuivos tbs ps^t Reason, the Health Olllcar recommended that she be detained five days for observation, and ttcn lighter Str ca-go to tho city, if all remain well Can t irred la. Owners of bark Louisa petition to bo al'owed a stream permit to c"*we within UOO yards ol tho city, and dis charge' ho. on lighten*. Referred to Uio considera tion ol Ul: leaiih Officer. The c?i>ta.;) consignees of schooner Win. S. Brown, from Port au Prince, arrived at Quarantine ou the itii lnst., slate that she is .laden with lull cargo of logwood, and has hi J no sickness on the passage Port au Prince Is pe'rfe'Ctly healthy, as certiflcd lo by the I uited States Commercial Agent at that place. They therefore request a permit to r une up and dtscharg? tho cargo at Brooklyn, or into the ftream within a 00 yards of the city 33th re quests were- denied. Brig Caroline, from Asplr.wa'l, with ww-il cue -of Cbngre* fever during the passage. Owners state that t'm batches bave been oil' some time- pant, and vessel tho roughly a. red, and as she has very little cargo the/ would iikc a ?tream permit. The petition was denied, and lormer Jecis.on adhered to. Bark N. P. Talmadge, from Olenfusgos via Havana, with a ca.'go ot sogsr, doairos permission to come up from the >ou:iwtct Spit to ijuar.ti liue for the purpose of ?UacbargUg tier cargo into lighters. Referred to the Health ofllcer to make a more full inquiry Into tbu facts. In the < ase of the brig R C. Dyer, the toUoAug report was submitted: ? Tornr foimi'ssioyEHS or Health.? The brig R Dyer, referred io me io report. came Into port on the '."nth of August laat. Imin llotinlves, with a .largo of toga o, id and all banns on board * i il fit arrival. fitting the passage the Oyer lost one niu'i nil i from tiie attaenieuts made of the symptoms of bis esse. It to from yellow fever. Inasmuch as the cargo of the li ver is entirely of logwood, and iuasmuch as she bas had no s; kness since? she h is been lying a Qu % in litis in; an ? 'mei vntliti of fourteen d.ivs-the under i?ie- 1 i. of opinion lint the prayer of the petitioners to be allowed a ?n . am peruii: ol six hundred yarns should be granted, ttus jje. UiiMv fi ' tnti -''. It H. THOMPSON Health Oilleer. yCAIlu : M .'ept. 10, 1H3B. Tbe Po?ro o'd not concur, and the vessel was ordered U> lighter he, cargo l'rom whero she now lies Petit on of frigate Bird was denied, aud the Board re nted tu n uii^rr sny moro applications from ssil vessel. Srhoorer Ssmuel, which his been unloaded oil the Bat tery l< . several 'ays past, how asks the privilege of proceedtcg I ) the Atlanti : Dock, Brooklyn to take in gua no for IU" more' th* report of the Ins|>ector of Ves sols t> at .he h*t- been discharged and properly cleaned, the p"t:,:en was granted. Ship itr.-wter, w ie-h arrive*! at this port on the 19th ol A'* f:om Cardenas, has been discharged sine; Thursday '? -t. aud now desirna permission lo com ' to tho wftrf. ' R?.errt l to the consideration of the Health Xlmr Baik 'K rales now lying at Quarantine, with a stream permit to c ru.- up to within three hundred yards of the ;Hy. as the p. e.ent anchorago ground is very uusat aud the vee'..?l Lias uo cai gj or ballast on board. The pct.tioc was denied. Ur.g {-???wiree, from Ponce, Porto Klco, arrived at <Jas rantice nr. th* tiSd oi August, wishes to t>e allowed to proceed to tl:c city imaierti itely. Relerrel to tlu con ildrnt. u oi tli ? Sleelib Ofllcer. (be M-^oit of the Ikalth Oilicer on the schooner York own -t i: ^ tu^t or.9 man died on the pasaage of what was lb- glu to be yellow U ver: but having la d at Qua -oni.' "mo ard undergone a thorough process of "leiii.sii g be deem, it iafe to allow her lo proceed to the ;ity. siu' -o ret omn enos. The Board concnrmd. Brv I>:rf Amu, lroin Barcelona via l.aguayra, wlshsi i sti eaiu permit to ot-eharire cargo on lighters withli three hi nOf l yards "t the nty Tbe rapta.u has been u.i well for tt:e ast m mth. and a sailing master had to b.i ^la<eJ in c'largt, of ncr on Iravlng Lsg ia: ra. The pell iion v. a >!e* i "1 A ui' t on t ) a"> w 'he fhtp .lane H Gllddon to c<>m - u ? otheem ?. as 1 , t .several members e- pressed their beUH t tt tlo. tessi'l ought to lay at (.marautiue until fro-t llr .. W?,t. i (loelsid, arrived from Cleiifuegos 7 ? itliais i.o of 'ugar m.d molssses, having been ilia barg> ii f ir " sine i< i n>, wicbes to h- a';"wed to come a > lOtberOf Tlx- ease was referral to t'.ie consitlersilO A tli* ll*? lb ''lirrr. ' } *'cn to trar.Mp 3 <160 hide- from th* >r.l o, I . r \ or... *n. u< * Mi . .a Q uirastu ", to lighters, 10 l>e pet mmr . sfeiy ? n o -id ti e Krie ilailroaJ barge, [b<- hides i ot l be w?'.j,hi d or lamtjd on tbe look Tout' Ma v oi* o ? <Vi" i mm s it II*.. tii or T ir <* ?? J s, ? V ? ' : ' It'll ii O n to I v , I'eleet-,. 1 be . ,e in Ot S nil - ' a ' " '.I "1 the .?'k I. ' ??., ? . .uk I.-, fa. ,11 i i "f ".-ee :i-ig to ? *b.e ? ? .?i * e l I ,,,u ' . ?? v ' .11 I beie t'l d - I. a. g III g" ? Si" I'll i k I ??:?-.? 'imi It m Q i iratitln* \". #. leden ? I'll ? ? i I ii ? . wilh ii. hi? d? w*llon V>?r4 'into i '? T' ? ? It ? ? >? ' ' is Hliraii' I I -r ihn |>ei i . t t!i ? ' i - i 'Mered ta dlaeharge bar cargo In leu ila*?sflerS?tr arrival The *? ' ii'e i ? i ? ? i , i 1 ?? d - ill ui- !- s t'i i!i .. hi-ge. %ni| v.: ' ? -il ih-i ? she has ??.?-n Ivine to itm Huie..n [tne ,i 'ill . ll'" ?n e| ill,: . i.i s '-lie | 1' li r H 11 'W . ? ire. m i-rim' - ; ?' u i ' '"oe w t i:n ' ire.' n i i Irel ? . . i'l l-? I v. uTut there dtoharKe !?? r carxo ou l.gU'i ? "?n !,i re " i !' iti'. .Me Hoard that some ten srlwi \e !? ii- ii ui i -liv .r e,- tays Ii -i ? *' l r I e -S. 4 OIH SI1S| (' ? .i" I". lll'l ill* d,<l'i"ii <11 ?m "|| v.e e 111 ?? I til 1' -eel no the tre.m ? Inn three ?ni. died *?ii!soi i in- i ti nd there to diseaarg" tlielr ear i ,' , I i.-e i we I ree Its vd that the pursu it, '..I ? w , - one I "<??! l.v si !? *?i two sirotig r.- 1 Mii, i ; ! in in 1 1 en nf the \ ? -se la III us sliow e,l lo . ! i 1 ii : u f i i ui' .u ketied during 'lie pioc si of lis l ba>si'g Ihe c 11 40 111 1 I , 'en l to I hi 'M it i h '? t lii 1 1 1 1 tii ' e. 1 ? Ii elJ'il.' r. I I ??', ,|,l," ?.i llel'i'forH deemed no ill v -all'e ineie .?'? th-' Il liiher f .'H|iie|oi|i or lnfee,i!d VIM He s i :i ' Ii ? i e 1' Ij , 1. lir, it 1 if I i o.'er 1 s I "I lll'l ??' '* 111'" ? 1 ' ,1*.. e|i It.d ?'!?? ye : ,?? fever wn preva.lieg IlitWireg 'I 'gtiien1 in your llonnra'dr hi 1y 'o'i U>e 1 out In an nee 1 1 i e | rsi' ' >1 . .111^ - -mo iermi's "1 iIm r . _ . %l...t " 11- Tned I' eiiiiimt ben'- or 11 ei.i'lo'i evi f. I' m e .11 Ihe Iires-Iil time for to should lie h. I lie .1 o , . 11. ,11 r . '? '? . Ikat the ' Mhen Hie ,.'H .' *0. \ 1 as s -I Mostly fr-'tn the 00 iiir H 1' ^e I - I" n ' - 'be month nf "inb'r. ni,.| :? ? ' fnpi "h i 1'" 0 ?> ?? shoul I ?. o* .'i m e 1 mil's' ii''' - 1 ti.. ' es- ' 1 en s-h ??' "US'. /e ? I ports Hi 1' 'lei t? M ?' a ' ? to1, ' ?r'rl'irgt lie o\?, lis 01 .1 i' ? eirgo'i or's f bei e .ue n ?? i> nir ?11'nnfin 1 i"ininr?e.< i? ? it mi' 1 I ??!' ii 1 ne : ,ik I ?? T." . oi wli .'ti i? t ?ken w.'n ri leren ftoniie ni ..... 1. >'i ? | "s n' "J "I 1" in. II lea it.g *1 h tint w I. I" ll *< g' am lUe 1 , ive of the ? ?? ?- - , ul ... i :<? ?l!> " ..lei v : 0 rr .rli. ? io in ii* , to wi ih a C'li . iK ? i?isteully turn a deaf ear. , , f,, , ,,,- i',e ve-.. '4 1 lilies'. II 'S ill! Il 1 ? ? 1 1) tig '1 rj. ., . ..1.0 'lie s'i ? .on ia I oe ? , 1 1 .-1 ilieii < a 1 . ' ? sin ; 1.. ' "t i ho. ' . 'Is 1 f ? ' r 1 eh., i 1 'In 1^ 1 .?? ? h i to li" VI'' 1 11 il ? I.. < ? 'I'" ' Ibe 1 t. ' . 1' ' ? ?.?'? hn\\ 1 ?? ? ich ii mm' e i iress ,1.,. . . ,. -? I e ,1 e - I.I'" e I . re?s.niiiie?"l h?t Ihe firnjerof Hie petitioner an t all similar 1 ' Ii le', e.| I! ' ? ? " tt 1 1 v I'mii 1 I RirifAi n II rtlO*r.-<(>>l. Ifes't'i mierr I ' H IS. ? ("I I'1 I- s ITi.oMjn n >ar?l of Health. i ic? t or Halt mi J Aldermen Shaw, |t 'afcl. ?? * id Wil'l The irln-Hf* of !aat meet of wero road iml approved ? 'fin er ,l?e >l( reported a (laughter houae on Vortb Batfi B I '*'? h tw?eu Fifth and SMfc ?t?eou. K. n., m a miranto. fro* itie acruniniatlon of blood aid tilth. I)e ? ued * an -jnre, and ordered to be abated f?r Wendell reported that there were on caaea o? coot* tuna or Infection diaea?e< during the taut twenty four Hraith Va-den Bolee reported th? p*emla?? of Taylor Molemai Ni . 0 Romren atreet, K P., a - a iQiaaic. trom the waahmc if he?r barroli on the (Id* ra ? at lb* n>cumu of f 'ii I5j rr and in tb; g it er The Mayor *?M lh>a wa? a mailt r which belongs 1 an Italy to tb' vder?cii of the ward and the police, wh'< 1*1* sbamatut.;* n#g ur?i>t ot t*. duty. In order to iiatk. howi-to-. the t r.f the Bourd In rrg.ard to this Walter, he ai'sld mibmtt the foltowirg renolutt 'n? ? Heto've l That tile ?a?bln|{ of h*?r bar-el? on Ike 4levi!lt, ?>d !le eiea'I'H ot iiith In 'hi- gutter In Rem?in *tre?f, l? Hi'aaiH" , i.ine I ; r tl.e r** r.l -'ie n . ? ol 1 at ?? ,r I H? -??Ited 1 uaf !'??? matter hi- referri d >o th,* eaptntn of I ha lairlcl ai I 'iat In- 1* re';ue*t<d to perform hla dnlv. Tae re?nluttof>* were tinaoimoti?ly adopiori Meaara. (I W Rope* Co. app led for p?rmlaalon to Mid and alore *<m?e hi'i#*, part ot t ie car*o of the brl< WUxi'.jiat '? tit ' ai> l.i'd"'' II' ? tan!" Tb?| Hun reij ie?|i t that tl \ in, gilt lie permitted to pa' 4 in v iktMIMe*. to ha ptv d on hoard !ight?r? mmiiJai.' al'i-rward# ,\a part of tbo hldoa wer< jr-en, ih ? at' on ntol i.n <?!' A I run an Wa.-di. tai l ?ver tor the . : Pet ?? i ?1. '<ra <t|d toi-- "apt i" o( Hi" tin* l.-n la. Item aaVi- ? I *>i|?t turtle, to lln> Atlanta I ??? Mft'lh W- Ve* ? reported m at be had gone <o I n ?' ?? i -in! no f"'t' n hi lea ii' bid ?? ? e-i ;>! ' ? ii mi i '! ol yes er.'aT. the h'niij i'jio aoint;t tied, to meet the Hoard* of H?altb ?l Sew I in r. H ?i i, Taiatid and Sew York, relain# to the i?' v?t j arauline l-'ott llamllimi tlrllif <orle?|'l ftrpail, to' '?? 'l' re? liied, Willlaaia. m the band, r9? Ifn'ajr A lolU*'.5 rv fa loufljr rep. i ??>a doio* writ. , . ?' " MU-.'-t, V Ii , U C Array. |tr. not!', o. Helitd hoaptial. ri porta all ,>revn?Ml7 r t ott" ' ca ?' ' ' " i'f*-. w i . i . . I JH 1 1 ' "?< ii on ih fi rlin- li" . th< w :i 1 naa ? i " itm'f ?.i . ?! '< iii'w'i l "ttiwraUrly br<e?^ rRANt'W F. RKRHiKR, Seereur* rout ff'*nt05, ? Jt l?, "?6?, half J.%,t ? A * Commissioner* of Rmtgralloii 1KLL0W F17IB HBP0KT8. This Board med yesterday, bat tailed to do anything but discuss the effect or the Maine election, or the result In November. Trie following are the names of those ad mitted into the Marine Hospital, of yellow raver, since August 28th:? Aug. 28? Michael Kennedy, from the city. 29? J. C. Steiger, vessel. 2P? N. Morris, vessel. Sept. 4? Mr I'eretez, Pier 10, Bant river. 4 ? A. Kaye. city. 4? Francis Kaye, city. 4? Angelina Kaye, city. 4 ? Catherine Mclaughlin, city. ?? J. Warkweistor, ljturens street, city. 8 ? S. t iuall vessel. 9? S. Pope, vessel. 9?1'. H. Munaon, vessel. 9? H. Turge, Sailers' Retreat, city. KMl'OVW At MAKI.VI HOSPITAL. Aug. 01? Margaret Meagher, kitchen. SI? Michael Kane, night patrol. Sept. 6? Michael McO'abe, night patrol. 6? Irani/ Klty, orderly. Three of the above uainod persons have died, and the rest are i (-covering. Si i. co the commencement af the disease there havo been 1( 8 cases at the Marine Hospital, ot which 22 wore employe! ol the institution. WKKKLY 8 1 'MM A It V , Number of emigrant* arrived to Sept. :i, 1850.. .. 8^,872 Do. do. do Sept 10,1866... 2,478 Total 0*. OW To anic du'e in 1350 96,985 Decrease this year 4,935 1858. 1855 Ii: males it institution, Ward's Island l,o23 1,841 Do. do. Marine Hospital... 99 129 Totals 1,42*2 1,970 Overdraft Jan. 1, 1856 $63,031 07 Kccelpta to Sept 3 $19C,t>77 67 IK). since to Sept. 10 for com limitation of passengers 8,668 00 200,245 67 $187,314 00 DlsbuisemenU as per previous ac count to Sept. a, 1856 ....$155,415 65 Sundry expenses paid Sept. 3 9,739 96 _ 166,155 CI Ovordralt $37,841 01 Mectliifr for the Removal of Huarantlnc. The meeting held last week at the office of Ray Tump kins, Esq , Broadway, met yesterday afternoon in the tame place, pursuant to adjournment W. B. TownsenJ, I q , in the chair. The following g"iut!emen were pre sent from litihnumd Count:/ ? Win. Emerson. .lohnS. Mars ten, J. s Wester* el*, W. S. I'endleton, J. C. Thompson, ? liray, Vintvrn I'ott, (5. P. l)i3?o?way "" County,? Mayor Hall, A'derman Bickhouro, All. Oakley, Aldtrm-in Welsh, Aidenina Shaw, and Dr. CburcU. The Chairman of the coumiltce, appointed to j-onfer with tlu author. tics ol Brooklyn, reported having had an interview with Mayrr Hall, who received the deputation wither at kmoness, and promised to confer with the Board of Health of his city in reference to the removal. He was highly gratitiod at teeing the Interest Mayor Hall took in their proceedings as evince I by his attending their meeting himself. The Chairman of the New York committee reported a f:. t arable reception frost Mayor Wood, who eo nftidel en tirely with the ideas of removing the Qua antioe further front the City. He should confer with the Common Conn ell on the subjiH',1. The committee then waited on the Board of Heaitb, and the Boaid expressed themselves in favor ot retrieval. The Committee for Jersey City bad waited upon the Mayor, who not only < odi urred with tceir object, but also assured them iba'.lbe looiin/s ?l the Inhabitants of th^t city and neighborhood were entirely alto New York In reler ence to the (juarat. tine being removed birth w nominee they wete equally endangered by it* present proximity. Tin com an U i e were ai>o informed tha the Governor of New Jersey wan favorable to tne e-ataohshmeut being located at t'andy Hook. G. P. Dh*iiswat. S>q., stated that ho was appointed wlih Dr. Watson, by the ciiizeos of Cmlleton, l<> corres pond with ether committees ou ttiH subject. At thr last visita'ion ot' yelioa fever, we Ind eted the 'Juerautin" tn tabil.btncnt a* u nn.-aoco, mod peutooed thu>-latur* for its removal All other tusoes but this one were burled amongst the cltlxees. 1 cjusenled to sta'id for Richmond county *ud was elect it. We drew up a b'.l in th? legislature for the removal. Every bank and in surance comply in Wall street, the majority of the oi d'Cal 'arultv ano tunny others, petitioned la lavoi- cf this bill. Ibe oa'.v re. p<eUble opi?i?ui>n the bid received a a* fur a n unity. of the Cnamhtr cf Uomm.-rce hocie tve've members ol that bort\ tu?t anlpatseia mea?o-tai op|Haing the bill; but a full ineetiu^ of the Chamber set th"? eventually r>gbt. Wt-iarriel tUb-blli throt'gb ibe l.rgiiiaturo t?y a n ri >ri'y of oue Tas Com mittee OB I.i"' ol this State (com Mlted r| MM treat .Mate cit. vr- ' were instructed to obtsln the consent of New Jevey a ith reference t> removing the i} laran'lne l- Ssi.ds Hock. Noijo.'y know to wnom Sialy Hook b'-|e.i ;e I. i stent to Waalon 4 ;<> t to get a holut on of tbe r'?:ht sto! title, siid loon l that It belonged to the Colted Siates, snd that the lederal government had purchased It not from tie State of New .leraev, but trom a iami'y ol tljename.of Hartshorns who still reside on the Height* ol N? versing. I bad an niter view witt General Taj Tor, ?ti<t be promised that oxr city sttouli be protect ed I ? host i d lilm bow that one third of the duties pai 1 nlo the Treasury umi through tbe ^utt>?n House la Wall trect and that tbe whole country would sillier If tbe l .alih of New Yot* city were en iai.gerel coiitmual > by ilie proximity of th* 'arautlne. But an impor tant qii'stion i ben aiose. Who hai the right to sell Skodv liook ? In is, to oue at Wiiahingion eould answer. Taikirg one eav with Millard Flllaore, the* Vice Presi dent of the I'l ite<l Slates he took down a book of iho I nileo Stntm law*, an I id turmug over the laigie, alitiht) d u|s.n a [Htrairuph which ntsted that tha l'r<sl<!rrt | iwse?sed tbe right In sell Iho^e identical land*. Setidy Hook U now an uiand, and tuui ? Imlrably Isolated for the purpose required i.eueral Taylor sent Malor I'elaf.eld Immediately to survey, and the whole land, comprising 1 itut acres, was eventnady mule user t j the Male of New York, with but a few reservations with re. gard to light houses. An act was pasted lor the removal of Orarentine, acd th" Isty! was marked where the dlf feront hoepualr,, kt should ba locate 1. Not a single provision ??( t?u? att was ever <a> rici out, with the eseeptiou ol one, r n ctiog that oo mora bur ale should take place lU'lde tbe I nza. cllo grounds I est any ot?je> Uon sltculd be raiac I with respect to iuris dictlr a, Ibe Allctlty 'Icacitl, then bring, of the t'ail?d Mates, said, 'we could tike Imniediate pos<e?kion, bit thai we Ml, however, do anytbiat; the con scut o( New .lerrev. If oe? s<ary. Ob actions have bien rai*?<l Ii . <i *t/ Hook on tbe aeore Of w?at ol water, au ibor*g< .ve fhese question* have ail been met aad fully answer*! before the legislature ol this State. Hood water taio be r<r.ind there la plen'iful qeavtltiet, and aa retards tbe am borage 1 would give the opinion of tbo late Jeiia lirt-wobt, l?<| ?'I bavabcen a shipowner lily tears at tblt port my retaels ha>e sailed to (Curo^e, Africa aad Snath Amera a but nowhere bave they hai a safer anchorage than at tbe Horseshoe. Saudy Hook.'' Mr. i Hat' - a sy here too* hit seat, obeerting that be should b? k lad to an wir any questions that gentlemen ?light wlrli to put to him. fn reply to the query as to tbe depth ol water, Mr Die tosway <itat<d that tbe legislature bad thoroughly exam lee. i the local! y before passing tti" bill, and they liad do cided that no place was eo III f>r the ohj^cU required as fan iy lltok. Ihe speaker eUtMl lurther that, a'thorg] we had pei lecl right and po? t??ion .a our side, we must M iit.nlly with regard to S' w Jersey. OmMW Hunt sent me to <i?v< rnor Hnj ne. of New .lersey, and that gentleman teld me. "What nurta New York burta Nee Jersey If tne trail* arnl commnce of your city be sttaeked, down go N"as?k and fri i.lon thus we aro aa n,urh latereatad a? Nea Yorkers.' 1 met a committie of the New York .-Vtaie, ens my petition was put intj fbrtn ot a bill, which rtrew a tie vote. Thie is the only Itm" we have ai>|>roa< bed New .lerfey legislatively. The speaker then n ad t U _ iJeiaing exit act fiom a letter ad dre sed to tim by tbe 1l< n I. S. ( hatlield. th?n Attorney Ceneialof tbe Mate of New York, dated the 1 Itb of Dc comber. 1*M ? The Bfrrml jntwnmnii hue to Xew York all h?t il l' I" the ftoun"a *nn ? I !'"? ii h'"|>li?l, with ?n<-h jitri*. iltrlon a? l?n? fr> m 1 n<< to tliro I'.in iraMnl t>> u iir Sr* ' <n-? ? mul tbe em.vrjaoo' a liw\e liirn fct'jr I ileltvi r< <1 In .ril'f II the Pi?<Hfnl of !!??? I'mii .1 Mtaia. V ? V. rk ennld, w 'Hen' 'It t-iene't of any ?it rt'y l*(*| <>;> lpnili.ii. iak>- putiMttm m itie preH'n arnoted at "un? Km#, nn, I orrnpy It, bat the rmnW) winch shi tW ?' h'1 time* ei t t i r?e?ri t'i? ?l'i>?" r> I* inn* ire aolo'ltna'e aa thoai* nf?w V"'\ rni'l >'?" t.-rwr lirMd< lh<' uti* we em ilo ?o with ill" H lis il>e ?|>|iM' atin> of tnj'Mleo Mr l't?M>?wa* '? remark* were reetirfcd with the at frtilloi they 'l?g<rv<M<, and evi'lently lntorentoJ all pre fei I I'r Cm Km, of Klnif* ronrly, >tati d that he had an intimate Mqua nlatur with the varum* part* of I.'ng liland, *n<: ih" i.nlmeal np'tiu n wan in Oppn*lti?o t > ? j i >. i (.it" i i;.. Inland or any part of tb" l.Mijt (aland afwre Me? r?. I.a>eiju-n codtiard firry, flacko ami T"wn rettd wr r" nawrt by tl^ Chair to too* Into tho title ol fanny Htit lr. anu e'o notion of .Indue Km?Mon, th, fol low i n ft* it'ii im n were namtd i<? dtaw up a memorial to tfce I* gialat'irp for the icmival of tj'inrantioe, ami re commendler !<andv llook *? the proper place 'or it ? Mo?er* hmercor, Wrvorrell. i.oddarl and Aldertoeo fhaw ard Uaklfff, Of Preo.'rn Alter ? few ren ark? from Mayor lli'l, advtalng immo d i.te action w 1. l-t the ?_li,. < r m? befor.' thi public, the coramitli i' n ! ??uitted itn'i! neit week. Tl<r Miaia?iia Trmialt f'nm|?niiy. Mri'Km*: im ht. pr-l'ire rli.n. Judge I'lrrke. Hf it 9 ? * tot Hotter if th' We* IWlMfi /V?rr*-*w l.ioht, I '1#rQi'.g ti Ikr At "ir'tri t' M'it ? * '?nfafijr ? An Inliineil m wan !?-ti?4, rettminlna' ike Pb?r:: com ;>f'W Mull w':? I ate ?e'e of the aleamalup N'orttt-ru I.l/ht a .1 the rnVtor v ae post] on*d oiitll Mte Snb lti?t . I" or'i?r thai the ?r*u n-"' I tor the mjut.? ttr?, rw?|i r>nr the ?cp' .atiit' m ul a r??ee'?rr Tor ?be uroeral ai'aira of th? mm .ny. * h ml t i?e L ?r,! Tli if urgmncnt was ?et Jvwn tor the Mtt 'nat. MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. BOARD OP ALDRRMEN. Iu the abseuce of the President ol tlio Boa/1, Alder xm Kly was called to tho ?bair. Several papers from the Councilmra, respecting the making of new sewers, grading, &c., wore received and referred. A vast number of other papers, from the same board, were received and reference* ordered. IHK 1JL.TY. ALMKBMK MOSIR'H n'SUUI. KXITHHIM. The resolution o! tho Board of Coun Jilmen, appropri ating the B'-m of $500 to defray tho necessary expjusei of the fund a! of the late Aldcrmaa Moser, was concur red In. The report of the Committee on Ksads, concurring to regulate F.lty sccond street, betweon Tenth aud Eleventh uv< iiuen, and betweeu Fifth ami Sixth avenues, wai adepted . The report of tbe Ceaim ittee on Streets, concurring with Board of Councilman, inlavorof paving the Bowery, irom Chatham square to Franklin Bquare, with block or lk'l^ian pavement Concurred ia. Adjourned to this (Thursday) evening, at 5 o'clock. BO ARI> OF COUNCILMEN". The Jast regular session of the Board for September was beld at the Council room last evening? President Ptnckney in the chair. Ou motion of Councilman Pwan, the Bur l, before t?-aui"act!ng other business, resolred itself Into Committee of the Wl.olo to depose of tbe regular calendar. OoKrotuiioK cintralts .vni> lwsi'CoroR'* rww The report of the Committee on Assessments in ravor of cotittrm::ig assessment lift for llagging three lots iu Fighteenth street coining up, Coutcihran Swan took occasion to show up the modut fir^ratidi of doing buMncer; in the Street Commissioner's cilice. It appears that tho contract for doing this work ttspu'-it"'! tLat it should be done in eiue c a.vs. and for the *umof'$)s7. This part of the business, Mr. Swan sai?l ? e had no fault to lied with; but on looking l'urtter he found that the inspector's c barfed for overseeing the vork amounte! to J*; 50, or more- than one-tl.iro of tbe sum pltd for doing the work. Thus it took forty-five < avs an i <o?t S''.7 50 to insjgrct a job of work that was to te d< ne in nine days and for the *.jm of Si ST. This be i hari cter zed as but one of tho ways in which property > wucn were fleeced out of their money. Tbe Cha'.rinsn of the Committee on Aipesements having been called cu to explain tho bluidtr, said that it was an oversight of tho Committee. anfi asked that the report be leferreU back. The request was granted, and seveml other a.- esurient lists of a similar kind were ditposed of iu tLe same way. lilt. CKffTl K GAR'lK.f t>K!'OT. The report in favor of removing tbe wood fenee around CaMle 'iari'en < ?r:io up, and Councilman J. L. t-' hith argued In favor of its adoption, ou tho ground that It ob Mruc'.ed ti e view of the bay to the residents of that vi cinity it b ivlvg been niggestod to Mr. Smith that tho (?I ami J< ry I. ad that business in charge, he entered upon a ciincliu. o! tbe presentment which that body latlly sent *u to the Court of Sessions. lie wanted t? know why lb" managers ot that institution, at the time the f wore sbowi:ig tho (Jrand Jury all the beauties of the depot, the Ij icg .[i bospllal and other nice fixings, and spreading out to tb< emigrants their maps of the dilleront railroad ioLttK. why tbey didn't just sbriw theui the cheapest route. *r I not confine all their advice and instruction to a couple of monopo'y companies. Ue cb tracterized tho pretended patlantb jpy of that Institution as being ouly a i ? .: c to promote the interests of a fow ralhoad capitalists. Mr. Tavior sstd tnere were no doubt. various roads ? bich <nr*rants contd travo' and many of them were bard road* ? tor instance, the road over Jor dan. Biit the ba'dest road that he knew of, wis oue that be taw aa emigrant travelling j he other day, when he *trajed outside of Cuttle Wart. op, and fell Into tho bands of tboso land fbaiks, railed emigrant runners. For one he wa* in ?v<t of tbe CaMle I arden depot, board loece, and all. The vote called for, the resolution was defeatod by a iargt tuaiorl y. -S*\ i r?l other bills of little importance having been re commended to a third reading, the committee rose. A resolution requesting ihe Comrrittee on Svreets to re port tbe expediency ot Itkii" up the Riihs pav? rnent in Hroa Jway. and ait. r.uj; the mine .^o as to make it similar ti the (.ermao pantu>l', was presented by Mr. Boole, trd adopted. Ad. m iued to th s evening at & o'clock. BOARD OF SUPERVISOR*. AITW'fWATIOSf OK JUO.OdO FOR TU* XSW YORK JCVMILK ASYLUM. The f?'l!ew;ng resolution was adopted : ? PesolveU. Tbat toe OomjHroUer of the < ity and county cl New Voik be. and h<* ? : hereby directed to draw hut wuirant lor the sum of 920,000, in favor or the president or trebS' i?r of the .New Voik Tuvenile Asylum. Adopted. No other bnMcesi was transacted, and the Hoard ad jourucd to Ftidsy next, at 4 o'clock. Fire In Ilailem ttWMTTION OF A CANDLE M AMTFACTORY? tO?9 AI.OPT HfcliTYHVL THOUSAND DOLI.IR*. eight ;imt olno ?*< lock on Tueaday night, a Are bioko out in tbe adamantine c indie factory, oa 1224 Ktrt?t, corcer of avenue A, orrned by Melvin, Knapp .v Co. In couseoneace of the intlaai. liable quality <U the material tbe w! nie place was enveloped In flames in a very ?b >rt ti:ue, and although the firemen were quickly at work the ami* were uot subdue I until the whole property wu leitroycd. Tbe Ore w*a Unit xceu around tbe still, aut it la sup poaed to have originated in aome way from the coutout* Mowing ( ver. The Urge br!< k hullditg In which the Are ?lart?d is owned ly Kelvin, Knapp v t o ; the loia on H will be about 61.6CU; mimd for 61C0. iu ihr fl tmil:ton In/ iran -e (Vmiaoy. All cf the Iraine buildups were o.vned by Hi'lum anl Philip llarnen brook, w'10 ealiauta their lo*a ct ahom 0 <11 which ih-y have a.i toajraaco ol $ TOO in the New YcrV K<iU lab'e l.nuruioe Company. Ursfra. Mehl?, I-' cap., & Co. eatlMata ihelr ma ? hitcry nt bell t worth abont #30,000, and a total lo.i*. lbajr bavailS,7t< iu tba following insurance ?ompaulcs:-~ Parti. ony. r MO; I .cflsior, K'.JCO, ;<t Mn, * V. *1,0(0. St. NiriitilM. ill it": Brooklyn. ) 60", HjiodI*, of Brooklyn, S6cu: Hantttmi, ?*6<>: M arc ban It', }l 000; P- 'krnan, 6l,5iO, an I Nit total, of Jerrey City, t'.ilOO. V ? out ol stock u. i tiniatod at about $60,000. There i* 614,760 ii f>cranoe,a* folio**; ? Williamsburg City. M0: (? x. i i?!or, 62, ?t 0; Ft MarUs, 6I.6G0. fH. Nicholas, 61 Ouo. HrmUlyii. 61. 1'b'i'Oii or UrooKlyn, 9600; Ilanilton, $;5o Waalimgtoa, 61 >'>00; lletucman, 61,600, and tho Nat. onal, of Jersey City, 61 *00. Tf o building-- n?cd i<y the company covered conM 'e rable grc.nd, but nothing row remains but the *moul< i. rlDf rvlBf to tnaiktba *put. It i? fomo time t ln? o ao n any cardial * < onaumtd In tbi* < iiy in one n gtit. City IiktdllKenre. I MNNUftcn to ITkakmipa ?A few day ? ? nee the ateam ship Calho m waa put up for Nicaragua. f<w the purpose >.f carrj leg out to that beautiful couutry all who desired to emigrate and become pai manent settlor -i in tho fertile rrg . n of flhoHeie* The Calhoun waa to hare nailed ytittiilf, but the applications for paaragt were am great Mi art- Morgan A i.aunsoh concluded to withdraw iter, and bav# advert' -ad m ner plaoe the tine atetmahip Ti Moure, a large claes ve*arl, u?d calculated to accoa TC'Uti doubla the number ol pa*M t.gera. Many faraiii<v ha\ e already en rred aa emigrant*, and wo Bfta imi t oat 'be Tcnnenee will io O'.t on Kriday, tbe l'ith m.'I . (the day the is advertiaed to t*il). rrowdni with a uardy ,,ml < nt' rprif 't.g elars m people. M ?rra. Wlnea * C> , N<> 2 Howllrg t.'rnn, wl'l froigbt, litter*, tel.. torub'p mebt by tba Tn.ncr?ee to all pirt* of Nti-aragua. N?w Yoma Htath BOMwratwe MWirai Horn -t.? Jhe remi acnual mrctts,: of thia anociatioB waa hald yenter tfay, at Hope cbapei, Broadway. There were only twea ty person* present, ard tone of tbeae were not membtra of the 'oriety. I>oring the ahaenre of the l'reaident, Pr. B. K Joalin pre-idad, Pr. M. Krellgh oiliciating aa Secre tary. The greater part of tho tiina waa occupied in tba fclacn?? on of bii?ineFS mxtteie. In acc rdanc a with the rKUbltahta rulea or order, every member considered Inmtali aoormittceof one to in ikr n repnt < n some pan cnlar aub ect or department in the science of nnm' ? pethy. Cne gcnt>rmau prei?eiit?il a paper on inha itiou. Aftor thia, tbe PreaMetit vati' his otpl-ri tice in tae treat moat or ?n tmni' n^r carbuncle, about |pur inc.lioa in dw Biftir. He bad, be raid, trea > J i'. ' n the how ? pathn ?j?u m Tilts ? "tri'ide'l ihr proceedings of the mrenicn, when the meeting adjourned to 3 o't .ock. In the alter noon there were frurtren m>miier* pr?*ont, and the Kiraierpait of the time waa taken up in dHi usalng the <|neettoii of rhonging the time of the annual ?n?*tiaf, ?h ch. it war ilnally dfC i'ed, ahocld he held In 1 ?bruar;.' nc.rt. and at Albany, ,-oon ?n,>r setting thia point t h._* meei ng a?i ourned, in tbe arnateg a lei'tniV was dellT ored by I?r Ony, of Brooklyn, on tbe m?rils of bomo; ratby. Can K' t.? The CinaM an eleven who play at Roboken lo-tlsy, against the l'n led ;Jiatca eleven, arc Mcsar ?? Pick erinp, I'araoar. Pblii otts, Pe*t?r and Howard, ol the To rciitoCluh: Mr^if*. I.on-uda I?raper, of the lvng?t<>n Club; M' title, cf Bellavillc; Hardiags, of Trescott, .Ii ops, of Brock vlllc, and Knkbtt, of New Marlrel. Tba cli ttR d Ho Vnilcii Hatte, whoat nimca we give in ten n?, ate i?k< n from llic J?t. George. Now York, i'blla IrfeM an 4 tlarhti Clw?. Totho?ewho read our gra ohi<- report if *hr df inn ?? at Torn to on the Oceanian of the n-t (."?< nialch betaeia Cenai'a ai 1 thel uited tJtavea. n Hit t would he mipeil'uoi.a to. all to mind tho great noar'i y f SlfBilfd I# ilO Bn'ted Hutea eleven by the t a

nafwsa nn tlal '??< aekn. acd wl, < b our clubs her? wonW do well 10 > mr )aie on ihta occaaion. Himai not a l?< ? A ?'ut carman, whiie driving rap Iiy di aa fe'end avor.< <*, on Tuca tay eventtg, nawc In C"'V?tcn with me of the .second avrnne ear*, aear Til- ! * P^rMIt "reel and *o gnat ?ai the ? oniiiaaifla th6t \! r r ut waa 1 i < ' n nM. lo v over, mil iu?teail of ll r t,r ver ' <',pr tlrown out aa weht nnve been etncci ?M, I't itr i ' cr.' fit i irt a" I necsme "ii hy the bi.i lie waa ape ' i> eTtrlrau d l>om ^er',! oua jitvauuc, with vvi> a >cw tii?< t bruits. Pel Mica I Gwrtp Mr. Burltogetnewlil positive)? be prrsent at tho mam meeting] at Newwlr to day. 1> was unable tJ bo at Salem, N. J., yeswday, on account of physical exhaus tion, from exceeeiviwork on th? atump. On Friday night be will addreea hiacastitueutt at Lfcaton, where tbey are getting up a great roeptlou for bim. His public appear ance in tht? city la petted till tbo :>ttb inst., by agree ment with tbo frcmjrtwa of tho h i:\feeuth ward, wbo were to have belli n vis meeting ror him to morrow evening. On the V!4h, tinsn, he will bs heard In Wauh Ingtou Parade Srounl for tt?i* firat, and probably the last time ia tfcia city, an he U unpaged in tba doubtful States of Pennsylvania ancNew .orsey for the rset of the cam paign. W m. Cnrtla Nryo, Esq., tMII address th j republicans of the 17th warf, a Tompkli* Market, corncrot the Thirl avenue and Sixth ireet, thll creuing. J. r>eseott Hall formerly a member or tk~ New Yortc liar, RBd cow roaillng at Nevr-jurl K. I., U cxooctod to preside at a grand Fremont mtsa meeting to be held in that I-'tute t? day. Sluce the acmjution? ol the PttsMential candidates by the various paries, State elections have been teldin Missouri. Arkau<?!>, North Oaroliea. Iowa, Verrrent and Maine; sad tile result of the popular vote as between Fremont and JMimo-e atands as fo:*e>wa:? r>t>n<ml. iVJiwrt Miiwourl ? 39 797 ArKuneus ? 15,438 Iowa <?,5?4 ? North Carolina 41*176 Value (Inoomp.ete) E1.21H ? Vermont " 23,643 ? Tctjl 122 98,408 Trusten Polk, tho dcmoffatlc Governor elcct of Mis souri, had intern! td to go teforo tho Legislature noxt winter tor aecet ia the I'mtd States Hmate; but a* the Kuow Nothinj cwilidate for Lieutenant Governor, Wil Newlaad, hi'i bucceedod iu his election, it will not do to aeud Mr. I>>)k to Washington and L ave the admi nistration of alters In the hauls of tbo Know Nothing lieutenant Tbm L- a dilemma. At the Fremont selebratiou U Baloit, Wisconsin, last week, there were thirty thousanl people. Tlieprones tien was e ven niWs long, and in it were tw? thousand wagon* tilled wilt farmers. The tpirlt of the campaign cf 1840 animates lio West. The Albany jtrju: sajs ? " We dU uot cxpcct any suo eei-s in Maice. Hfc -.xre told long ago that our friends would rot succeed there." And the Aryvt ban been told over and over ??g.'lu that they need not expect to ouocetd iu or.y of tbe Norhern States. The B<*ton Journal tays the beit an-'wer to Mt. Clioata's letter aroth^ returns Irom Maiuo. ScClcitnt returm have beeu received to clcsvr the e'.ti tion of Tilliam NewUnd, the Know Nothing candidate for Lieut Governor of Missouri. Ilia majority ?ill be msall. Thtl hlludelpbla Cu*Vin, (Independent.) thlbics several 1 1 ef I. r< a. ens fur ibt resignation of President Picr<;e have lately been given. Tiie Cincinnati Convention wan not sofEcient to move htn, nor were the votes In Congress on tho harbor aud rlveirHoea. Hut Iowa gave a very ur gent reason some wt-k.- ago; Vermont another laat woeU; and now Maine, in avoite not to he misunderstoed, de clares that she thick f Mr. Pierce has irado a vory bad President; tiiat lua wio'.e policy is bad, hla party is bail, its platform bad, nominee bad. It is perhap t t jo much to demand, at tin time, the abandonment of the piatiortn and the nonuMCt, but it would really bo a retiet to the country, and a *ery great advantage to the i ratir party if tbo raaj who 0-st mppol Its fouadat'.oni l>y hHT.iig the Mi -iouricompromi io line repeated, woult rttue Irom the i'reside?t'.al chair. If he wero out tX tue way, the democracy eo:ld Ubor with a little more :c*! fir their nominees. Ji?t now ibey are ;n dreairul'y low spirits. Wtl) L.erce rra^uf Tlie Washington />*? i h;is beard tbanr.vs fro? Mtine, but it does not believe it. it .4ayn; ? Wo received a deapaUli at a late hour l*t orwalng. |?r# [?red for the Maociated prer^s. a'.oounciog that the biat k r< publieaws had made >;aiu* over lait year 'a V4? in forl^ laud, Bitli, Bangor anu Augusta? tho doepitch nindinx up witii tb? intimation or prediction that llau.tin's nvii? rity in the Mate wou it t?a twelve thr.Uijaad. tTo aiur^b very little tredit to this lutiuiation or preiUctoti? parlic.i larll in th? (aco of tho tact thai the ilvnoi -ratic strong holds bad ntt lieen beard from. Our frauds sltoutd bear iu micd tlkit , by some nivsteriotis dutpensrjion or ur ? angement n tbe va'koua sute < le ni >a? ttiat have hith erto been keld. tho telegraphic a ;tr.t* generally managu to make tht Drat return* uut'avorahle to tln> (lotno<rali . William Vaters, who was d?tiigDat?d at tho demorratie elector lor the Nineteenth Congressloual dj'.rict ol tue State of New York, U the Po- lmaMar at Frrkaklln, Peli ware county, and ia In consequence ludlf ible a., auch elector. Thr Slav* Trade. 1 I'MTID 8TATEH M9TUICT C./tJHT. Before Hon. Judge Betta. a coror.Kn mjim niAKCKn wrm naatnu is *1 c v flepl. 10 ? T\r I riilfd sta! s rt. r.r ,cnt . ? fll ? ac c oil Id lhi? cane U a colored mm, and i< rhargod with voiictnrlly nerving on board the American rchooner A HI va, which war engaged In the aiavo tra 'o. Andrew Wilnon, a native of Kngiaod, ex.iminod (it the Dtorut Attotoey, de(x>a?d that he shipped a* flrtd mate 00 boa- tl the Iliiry K, >'uitlh, for MontevUeo and '?? nil krt,"' < n tho 'iilli of Auguat, 1H64, and nailed from Boa ti d. We made the coait. latitude C i "illi and longltule 12 tart. There wu an English man of war there; *b? w %ncd ua oil, and the Mary K. h'mitb then went toi,'* We rccdwd three btiodrcd an I Bfly alave* on board. Wt r<-s and lecond mete rclou I to do -my, and tli -y pat re aabore. The men wen- Ba<le drunk. We arrive ! on tie ? oa*t of Africa Oth PeceB ' W The barrar.wa ("he place where the alaves art' ke.'t) wan iu tb? rare of Mr. latter agn t ot Mr. lowis. The V ?rj ! Hwltb took (bur i.undrrd at it twenty on board, ai l remained at loo bar IKMfc till '.'<1 of March. I vat told that I might ko 1 n to ( i ba, mil that I f&"'.ild receive $500 *t New York !'i m Mr Ci r.ha K.i\ and that I wa? to har?> my pm ? agefntu ( iba to New 5 orU I raw the prisoner en i?id tlie Alt'va; he waa rook. I cannot be mulaken in the mi.n. 1 have ?e><n this man feed the .??'ave* with ><re and prat, and have seen him beat them a will ?. he (trirooer) bed two negroes (boya) u, !il? iwn be ea-mii them *???! paid particular ear? to them ??nd f anjlliitig ?a* lett hegaxi' It t.itbeip, we arrived Mt<'' l>a <Kd A|-rtt, 1IM, a< a plan* Miicd tku ta Mtna. i.liont ir,.;?? from Trt&Ma I ,t ij part of the V| .a>* at lucked ic tula, on tbe *ei;th aid*; three liacdred n?gr?e? weie pit ?? kcie there, am. so'l for 9 WW each; w'jer ?e anlvsd the i egro>a were tmtaaborr 'a lighter boat*, we Wr ? ? J o' er threw hundred the i-r^w's tbnre, tw miy live ? . rr ?, wi?e put a|*it; tb a prisoner claimed hn tw -j? he fajr.? i?rye that lie war to on board;1' 1 ??w lite prisMM afitrwarts have bte n&t f>. ii uf doub'>n?o- I Be Vd n-ppette be bad ? 1 >00 or t'2 0CU: oefore the tie irr-s wete rent on ?i.or the crew win pahl oO tbe men .new their secret a by the bran*. the marie i on th"in tht j a> rr.eitt ??( the roes was made in tt.e taihin ti.iMiO a>sre |ald Whlth was brosgM l> th' ag nti from the *n re ihe prisoner received 9M.(' th' Brgrofa Were pPC*<ve4 n lM.ard enht or ten mlWa '-i>? nb< ;<? where tlicy oou'c net be ie?a Hrowne (tke prUoacr > went op with hi# two rfgroea ffM tr six nt m, wlietw tney were aoid; he w.?i avin; about a day and a hai' I Or' not go with the party after ibe tlavea were dtapatcbed the raptaia w nt on ?bi re. tc a I oat. f"r pat-err , alter iba wgr ^es ware U'i !e>t uhit ) old the veawl w?a burned the caftlli male ar rai gemerm i'? carry ua t?. Vew Yorll, on fa herm?;hro .do brig Wil am K. I' -ata. tlie or.ler wa? ra?n on Ytaaga IM valla Jk Co., of New York. f?>r 940C. we re n.aitied at Far.ta Maria revi n da) the captain, eeoond i kit, ?yr? If nod 'uper'-ai yv - ar,t tuc ir^w. eon i ( o' u re w re taken to New Yrk on kKHw! a ve?-?el ei iagcd a\ ilia Uapiata, and wa arrived here Man 34, 114V I re Ktefther Ilit th> priaoatr t"o* the two n irro i? >i aahore aT' r the arf" waa Glided and ?aw I .0 | ?ld t" him a? waget. on arriving hi re. I wint with tbet'i"?ain 1 1 tl.fl Albva to be j?ld th-' f .i<0 wkiufe na< p.i m *e I m? to " koep itlll," w -wrnt to the oil), e of Ciiaha Re r. n ilrtvrr alrett . tb? Captai* and l!tl? held a rimver ?tn u v a ton igb larg'infe. and a ? berk was ? lle?l up f'W ft loC i *mt * Ui a cMk to ibe hai k and received f r?o out of it c iro'ii. Mr UNmI erf'fct rx*Min?i ibe witn "ie at grea' length. itrttKover hli?whol' cooree of life, ao'i tract ug Iria with ii r?i:tri.? - to a nuirher oi p-ru Id kniitand, Atwci and Areer'i B, North and Aiuth. for?or.o D9 Angelo* <>ne of the cm cer* ali?ch" l i < th ? I ntted Stntr- Marrbai liepart'i ent, dcpo-e-l tbit lie arired the ?la\e brig Hramaa near Ktnten lnlaDd; Hrown, the iiit, wax en hoard the Braman as o'?n . i.e told m (ne-a tl at the ve??el w?a going to dan PlWMeoo, whero hia * ile and lamlly resided, he told witntaa tlmi he ha<t no ilea the Rranmn wnn going to Africa, and eu i?i i to r.ake wltacia believe that the t aptaio had dectivo i bm j?|r M Vtrhailo menhant, teptifledlo hitvit g i in n i ? oner called the Uoward, to Yxnogo, I*el Vailc k ' or about W.M0. l, e far e wm adionrned In cooaeqnowe of the a'\^ Of tbe rnitugnere CoubuI, whom the g> vernme . ? im to ? tbo ne a* a wltne**. Kaval Intelligence* Th* loitfd ftatea at >ain frlgata Haa Jadnlo *t at in th, r it retkek, Piam, cn tbe lMh of Apr ), awaiilBg th? i ,, in of the bn-lne--a of Mr. IH'r\ -.<? i j.?aii; ' t n loalnaer to Warn Th? ?a-? 'ac'n ? i- era *, ,.rew ant In excellent health. Pli ? ar c' Ihc-e I 0"'i lT> ?}? bctore, Uora S?lngap)re. Nrrnvfutr't IMItt. DECISION or T11K SinmOGATB It THE M4TTEK OF 7SE EHTATE OF MZH? WALD1VJN, DECEASED. Skit. 19. ? Mm. Wald.-rm made Mer will oa the of December, 184f>, deviFin ? to her *01 Dav.d and lm vr.le, lor lile, with remainder i.J fee to thc'riamie, a lot iu ifco Bowery, in this city. Pho also eonvcjfi, by deed, to each of her daughters, Mara and CorncVe., a lot in tb? Bowery, adjoining the prem Jss devnol t-j Pavid, receiv ing from them leases ot tbo !o<?, for her l.Ye, at a nomi nal rent. The deed*. leases aiKt the will t04,?*iheT amount substantially to a gilt to each or her chiidrec of a lot, In reality to take effect on the decease of thf testatrix, though, by virtue ol the conveyrncea, the dac^taon re ceived the title to the IntR conve/od at the execution of the deedi. In subeMnoo, tbo l"ansaction wm a gift to each of the three cbildron, to be e? joyed on the iecease or tb? donor, though tbo mo e of taking titM by the donees was in one cane by dnod, and in tho other by devise. Mr*. Wuldrou, by will, devised tho residue of her estate equally among her tiiree c'.'.vidrtu, alter l.nving directed h?r executrixes to pay all ber debts, wbvther then existing on bonds, p.ud mortgagi-s or thereafter con tracted by her. Nothing wa.< said in tl? devise to David, or in tl)e deeds to Maria and Cornelia, of the iucuaibrau i eg i.pob the prenmes. although at the date of tlie will there v an a mortgage o'. #2,000 oa IHvid's lot ono ot $l,6o0 on Maria's lot, and mother ol $?,300 on Cornrlia i lot. All these incumbrance* w< ro paid an I disch'rged by the executives out ol the residue of the estate, under the i>ower and direction tu tuo will above recited. Daniel Waldroa olije? ted to the inouuibraucua upon tbu lot* of bis two niters b'ting paid cut of tho realdue of tbe c?tute. Uieir let* were deeded to t!ti*ni i&caiubered, and b>?k the quektion before tbe Hurrogalo, who dooiiiod that tlie p?j meets had been correctly made. Tbe terms of the will required tie discharge of all dobts, inclusive of bonds aud mortgaged, and tbo several bonds men tinned were in a lateral siu^c the debit of tho tcstrati ix. The will is Iramed on the principle of an equal distribu tion ol the property among ihe three children, but groat inequality would prevail if ibe mcumbrant e on the let Jo vii-cd to the m u stou'd be the one de-chargci. S icli a cotftriictlon wou d i.ol be admitted uul tho intent was c' early expressed. Hut the language was bo general B.s to apply to all d''bis. and again ?o special a to icclu ie bonds and montages. Tin true i ilect of th<? d?ed< to the <tM?g titer* i-nd the leases back to the mother was no more than a disposition to take elttct alter the doceu.e of the lat'nr, nnl tbereroro tantamount t. .? devise Tr.o S'irr j gate wa- certain that it w- th* Intention of tho tat'ix to liave the mortgages ou the lands convey - 1 paid out *1 her < state, in common with the mortgagee oa tie laid; <!e\ ised. The account must be adjistei in ci>uiormily with this law. Brooklyn City \ rm. CorNTT Board ok 8iintvi*oi?.? CfeU floirdnit jeeterday utlcruoou, for the purpore or determining the amount of taxes to be raised for co nty purpoeea, tor the year 1S6T. Afier considerable debate in regard t Unj expenditures of the Superintendent of th? Poor, the fol lowing ttu,oiintjs reporu t by tbu Committee ou Ucuerul Tax.'s adopted ? Co J. d'j Eii fur lati j'i r. cur't y'r. s'ular en of Judges (4,600 $4,oi>o JeMieea' fees 0,^63 7,00') Juror* aiirt otbeers of courti 14,atj lo/vji) 1'oilce services ?1,277 6,000 I'oor Willi! dnea j67 /DO Ootouer'a fee* and expenses 3 7 1? l 4.oJ0 I 'let ' :ct Attorney 'fcr.i ai v aud exper 4.U83 4,600 Surrogate (cxcl'e of ciurrogate'* salary) 1. Hr?t? 4 0<>0 Iteol of ollicea, court rooms. Ac 1,2*0 6.260 Jail cxptD^en, lacludtug shi-.riil a lao?.. 24,(:S6 28,0u0 Suiarire of Keeper* of 1'enltoauary 6.71 .>.71 >'altriea ofHupeiiatendent* of u?e l uer. 4.200 4, -00 Coatiogeul < xjn L.-es, exclusive of a^ovo i'l ?C6 65,000 ror deUclency ol the past year ? 26,2tfl Supplies I r.r J'e niteniary duriug right months, Id < hoi-go of Superintendent* ol I'oor 617,741 67 Ik>. during tour inoatha, iu charge of a i6uinnUe< of toe Board 2,967 01 20.691 II 000 County bonJa dne In 1 eb and May, 1S67 ? 90,000 lul?rt'?l ou do ? 24,000 Salary oft .itnmikeiouer to tane te?.'y. . ? I, < 00 Kjuuniee of ComtriiaaloDori ol Record*. ? l&.OOO Deduct estimated rcc'te frost Surrogate t,000 " " " tee* .... 6,000 Deduct bal. in Tr'y Aug. 1.. $21. 118 67 liednct lea* bi la aud drain Upaid 4.885 10, Jib 23,893 32 803 6.iH,?2l Kftimaled amount ternary for > ,j> l>orl ol tli* poor .212,624 Add drliciooiy ol last year 26.0d>> tS7,4S( ToUl 6466,216 AiTi'in- At Bt'iO'l? *y> terday ercniug a wouim nanu-d KitxabeUl Klehy, hcmelf lot > tli ?> <1 k ? ut the !i<it of A'lam* -tre t, bat was rescui I by . Ill er ( if iitbK, ol the t-oeond <ii?ti i I poiira, whu convey a 1 her to the Malum kowr No cai ? e SSsignad for th ? tUempt. Ou Tuesday aiternoon a young won in a tout SI OT 26 leair of *?e, nam-' I Khmer liea-sely, wile ol tieor^c rv iiaWy, corner ol Carll an J John-ou strati*. wa taUtu to the courty jail on a eharte ot lutoxleat.nn It ap peered, however tliat xiia wn lab >rin^ under the elle 'la of a n<Mvy dofi* ol lai ', an I 1 ?r. Char it ? A. Vaa '/ar.dt beitiK i ailed o, through litH euweettH eirrUiu ? he waa at laat eztrlcele<l IVom deBuar. ^ba tiaica that be liaa lived eo uiibupplly with her husbaul and her rrlattvri, ihnt tbey have driven bcr to tl? oomm nslon ol ibe l?*ilul art t l suicide, en.! that this tl tho third tlmo ?he has attempted tn lnVr her own !!!?'. We a-e happy to aay ?hr !? now out ol d;inj(<?r, anil tb ? aJthoriti :i ire Intcrenting thrinKelvei in hi'r ci ?. Ai ni.tvt ? ' Two Uki Kii ijd HT IB CatlMi III Qt Ait K)taA>KMit>r ?On Tuesday aiternoon. about 6 o'cloca, a* some mm wtre Inn.'lc^ a wi;?r on l'il\h arenue, near .-'Uteenth sliest, U><? nroankni-nt aud leoly eared in. l ur; tot three men ami two horaes Two ot Hi? a?rn and tl.p bor^n were m?tarlly killed, wh;li-t tba tb'.rd man. wfr#e rtc a.l bm not bern oorered t?y th< e?rtn, wan >?a eue<l by otticer I ott, nt the Klghtb nard i>olice, entnni* or two ot li r |h rtoM. who bat>i>i>ni'd to b? i ear tlia api>t at the ti?e of the accident Tho taM ol tbo killed are Mil I ni l O Mara and MtclUM I ? onrt'uay Neither ka??i a tnoij. The name ot lh?> ?ur?iv"r we roeld n >t ascor ii in, Vul ihi ugb aercrei}' mured, he wiM frvheblv r? rotff. The bo. ilea were taken to the Eighth nard hi ilton 1 ouae where an mqiied w?< fceid yeti rlav eft-moom, and a Tt-rdict of ??Aec: lenUl ueath' ' retarued. Police Inltlllgener, D"*m m ? A V i* Hwijt a I'oii'ietv yei'MMf Wi i >f?n- Bttwrtn 1 aai' "o'clock ycs'.erl*/ nw .i tv a pnily el thri*? n n. on hoi ?eb ? k. Who I. d bi* ii ia th ? torchii|M proc?p?ii?n, ro?l? up to ;">he?>m*0 M > re, u. i!ia I ?nth war !, w ' e he was on < < tr at t; ore'-r oj (lriad?af anil Rte:1t r street, unit njoir >f nni bow n'aty bioi .? Uiey w. re Irow He?eker stre'i. Th'> mil ? or rcpilod that Uiey wire to* n .n l!ie.;*( itriet 1ti? n>en tr>li i h n' tbnt be im!. ani after tarther ab i e by word* knotted him 'lorn bj b'.iw? upon tbeli^it with their lorchev, aad thin r??!e on The o:t., ?r wa< picked up -jr ?itue < diacr.e, l.adl ,e tired. M<l t*k n MH6m t.. i. ho?ee, where be wa* wtenirj tiy a i 1; ? rcian. after whiih h(> ?*< ton^oyed to his reeidetice A boat ?e hour alter th"* abo?w ? i carrot, an# :ook plac an. wig a nnmHer ot men wht l ed f ?er in tfe pfiiueaettw, who bad eoac rgMed In Or?' rw 'ch ?l reel near llbauy ?lrr?l. J?h<w? w re llred. hn ' 1 nlver were hm.cht in'o uae. ."^vorft w -re wo :n<! > <1. <i6d ann n< lb?-e wiu .Imoph I'ett -. wh-t * V< ?bo? in the a-tn by one ^ilk? >!.irr?\ Am-'Vr man tired aero IMlb'ii Irlo t?ie er^wd. b??l. lorturaU- r. no ore wa? Injured, fig poi re, of r'uirre, war* nowh<r? until at W inr feb' m? t>\ tr and lien they ronineied the wonn-ted man 10 the vtetton be ?e. So arreita were mmi . Ill: Vba*-< B i t>iT Ca.-k ? Akotitm Wir* Dt-it" ? eitn ? 1 he i are t'l i apt \. W . Adam*, charge I with liny, waa resnrred yeitcrdey at the Jcffer?<>n Market l*oiice coi rt. J!i? Mlnr Krir r wegegAla m' ^i to the ? ?nd. are' trft'tle<1 thi t in v r'l lurl ?he wi-t l>ai>ella Mirali. inei'ili al'egeit wiri ?? cf Ibe atvi?ed, at the ? ireer of t.ii.eJ ai Wn*l r jrton t" t?, wbo ?a< -I'-u her way lo >lr? Port's t"f e he* not *<-< n h r 1* ? IctfrlllM' po 'i ' Hirer. ?l ' t?t> re !*a . wai nett e?am rr>i ? a. TH'ottri With fa pi. tdi.n? in llttabnrf. In the apt eg it 1*6.': ! ? will" wr< then Itrlng. I cr ira.'i n i.ji wa* I Jn r d- Ptit knew i the I a Mi . ai i! ,-i ii"i aware It it fat * er-r etarriel e ?? r ?n by 'hat new ??nn?i r.r ? m< e here naked it O, i ? 'e, w I ?? * wa en Mm> wa? falmre, wee a.i.t In 1 1 the 'i .. ?' on wa? r ?' d " f an I e?c*rtloii? were tektn io ibe ruflaf. ,\t this- 1 ? Mlbe < imc WMaedJtmnaei io Thursday. ^ rnfMim' icqvrirta. K t i C.v- 1 vitirw.? Tie tn n Hj'.aiid, ? lii'orer, eco dentally tell i r? m Ihe eew fee 'dint So 461 Broa Iwsv, on Wrdren'ay aflernoon. ane wen ln?Uniiy killed. Iu ii'iert te riey. t man trreleye<l In e hr wery tn Vorty tl'th it -eel. riar !? r?t a- > i i w?r nn . ? tai v killed on W ? !ne*c ay atHri.i . n, Wh c she otlo ; a, tai jit. The '."t TOMft nefr Mi M. l? | ^b I'eowmtr ?The o >J; c. ae wr>k i-iwa m in, far edt atned iD riecompoe'thn, Wat ,>un4 )e?ierday IS the resTlt%rr, near the too( of 1 orne tr rire^t Coroner rt>nicry held en Inqiieet i t*?n tb bu ? *nn a rerdtct ot "Snpioecd drowning" wa rti ie i d hy the jury. Set ioi" At< n i *t ?V in iltnue, a boy 14 yrar? or age, where parenta reside at the corner of Hoimon ?trcet aad the Bowory, toll fro? the front platform of one of the fourth etenue ears vofrdav alernoon, and was run oter by one Of the wheel*. Ill* th gh ? a? broken Oe wis otherwise bedly In^t.rod. Tl.e police convey o.l uim to the City lloepiui F.tTti AmiriT ? Coroner CoBn?ry held an inqueet yesterday, at the City HoaplUl. upoe the ho ly of John O. Winttre, e ?hi|i carpenter, who on the lib I ml. w Mmk i? the a'jdomen by a heary ttlck of i.mber wh ? he wa* cndeerorlag to raine oe board a boat tying m rte (hot of 1'oeeerelt atreet, end recelrel internal ln|u a tbertby, which proved faUl on Tneedey night The j ir\ rendered a verdl? t of aorldental death. rw?a?e<i riii native of IMg Talend, 43 yean of age. aad Ii rod |b Br >k ly 11, wtoff feo Ml fe Win ?a4 ftvc Wl4m. CI** POLITICS. flrpMbllrmii Oidral l ommiltf*. THE rONTKiTISD KlKOTIO': HUOItTNCb <ST!i<S Till HJIINI KL3mO!f. ll.i'??imn>!ttoc mej hut utgia, Edgar T.etchum ill tfcd chair. *id William l'o?:, J?eerPtar;?. Aft?.' the or^trlaa* tiou, cx .ti'Jermitu K*U 1 wrought 1 t the eaa.'sf the FourUn ward prilfsry fleet. on or. if on day r.ljht, wu :"n he all-|<rtl was UlcfA.wttjat j<w am TMed who fcal no rigb'. to dote :* prooi of '?k allegation, h? read affidavits the per torn who wc r*s elsctcd a* a Jernates n that dijtrUt, on tfcey atlirm UM- t!Je whole reweetlmg wvi mfor-ttt. an pr ?y the Outi-i! Committee ?? iuvo?tiga> T>i* Bubjoct wi? di?cu??ed ? great k-3 nh, in which the" Foursh ward roi"die* were i>ev r?el> hand. Hi. JulferRd m?>n .If, Welsh. and .Vaera I'l^tou, Beaodlot and .'telly p?rticij"Hed In tue de.ate. Ttij following resolution was I Leu patted: ? Rctelral 'I but tlu 'i iti ;?????! of th" -r ecjnlarl! ?n oondunt itig tlir .MkHUhi for tit .<?? to U?? , K? ?tihUoan ISia ventlon. to l>? held ou V> iTtli mat., u >?e.| in >i ?' f t'Jc>*n pUen In the Fourth ward, be referred to . < ouiuiituit i.ftiv* to tat* vestlgi..* the k,mn- ?ii, | t; ?t m, u <? n. m i:t e entm mn.e i e li> result u{ their Inveatlga'tnoa to the > ? mm ?< 'oarint: :i tbe follow icg are tie committee appointed by tt Chair luoa. I'ayton, 16th ward. Jrd;;. ' Canada. 2t*t ward, than. ('. l*iph, Pth ?' Judge i/arc^y, 18& " Judge W'cliih, Vd " Mr Ni "iut, ftom the i'iru ward, (lReted a'UJavtla Uiowlrg i.legallt? in the primar) t w:t.ju tn tlie F'.rat ward. Thm n.atter wbf referred to the gam ? ?"?.?nrn't*. ;u Tlie I .X'-KHITl1 CwlumitlM ropo.- 1*>4 tl". t*l lomrim* H < soivi il, Ihut Ibe n-K'tll >? Q ?? went ei r in? 1.1 t' ? J.t-.'e? of li.Wa, Vermont anil .Value e*i ? lining tlir- 1 mm ? < 11 1 v^iir of the genuiue democratic due' ol itae .? party iimoug the firemen of thl* rial then, am Iia'.?t nnjort tie* given for 'he republican < ..Hdatpa l.i ^'alen d imoti ? Mrate to the country tin- llxeij .let. rtii i' ??..>.> th 04" Hie people to muntain the treif 001 "i iti>' MiiH.inal Terrliorlen for the nc Uleiueut anil etro^ me'it or the iVe-n jn ef the wh ile country a* actiidlitid pr ncliil* o!' tlie .1 lm r'sir . mi of the K< neral governmi nt tnn' tn- , >r i-elr inahlfi'.^t the earnesi ami home I aire 'Inn of th.' pr ;?le for tue ri.pul>lle?n ruii<l|ihileH John < Krennnit . "I'll - f 'tilanil Williuiu I. Itavton lo' V !:??? Print i-u' i t the L'oile tSUtea. 1< w ived. That the liei^rt ot A.-w iin-K liri. '< .11 umIho i with Ihe lient nt Iowh. lit* Vermon' and of Slmne. In ti..? ?: eat Vrug n 'he c hum! . f freedom f..i o". >1 !vi ai l for pu?tertty; :!ia. we ti-iiiler to the republic u ^ if those -tates our ei>ngr? t .1 uvoa the enifihatle ni.'wi l.i tot'en.! .t to?p etlinrta: that we rail our si* er S'aii'* t. ritMKie their pliiriuiis example, and ibnt we vri ui ? n.i N'-*v V. i k taai nhe . liiill atund amci g ihi- fnrentoat Hint the Htrongvi t 1 1 hr ?lnd? ration of republican |u tnciplen nia the Hupp irt of the repub lican raadldatea .n tais even'tul conte?t. The resolution.5 were adopted Mr. SttKRwn in give a r'sitmi of the account* heard Irom the .-ever*l states. Tho raoi. a' deitio?.racy. Ii?m a-surcj. would ! o,C00 votes to the Vreni >nt ticket is this Htjte. From PMiniylTaa.a, New Tor?cv and O.lifor i ia tbe niorit churlrg atroiuta were ln-a'd. fad 1:# had rodei lit but that e l the free 8t*l?s would support Fra niotit ui.d Ircidom. Thcae atatemecU wore rtceirod wiih grewt cheerir g. The cane ol the ontented ehvition In the Twentieth ward iheu came t pfoi action, whe . the deijgaJ or. bead* ed Jamie D. Iiennett admitted over teat be-.iad Iaii.ei P. t'onovir Alter the trau?a"tloa of some purely rout.U:' b i.?t^?ea> tbe cu'.nnnttce adjOurmd at a late- hoar. Mretlny f,f the Old I. lite Wilt fa. I El. fOATLS Afi'OlKTI D TO THE BALTIMORE COW VKNTION. Tiiere wag ? meeting last nifciit, at 650 3roalwajr, aa aembM ia reaponfe tu tUo folio wiuj call:? < ' i 1? IilM Willi. 1 11! I N'i>W l.M> Koirt'tl.-nt rVninti lie wliig i-l' if (it thi'cily anil ? Miiity of N -w York, Hlid all ofliei ft In fat or of the elei ,*??! n| Mll<*r I t- 11! i?oi r -n^ i 1 1 v i " ? i in nilrr nl a pubU ? meeting, Co:i?Ulutloti Hill H6* I imilivay mi We li. -day ? wii !> ?. fe ;i i ni''.-r 10 ii ei*b? o'cli fk. for tin' purport ?>1 electing il< legate* ? the I: ittiri.oro Convention on tin- 17l!i ImUut, and t: .ia-.i iin^ aueh Iitbw I t;si!MM immii.T be doemcl i\ "ti'vnrj for 'he uIiiiht r ini;mi?n. Several iimr.iil speiiker* will hi* prt'teok anil a?i1r*?a iln meet;: K- 1'* on!1 n i 11.' i-oinmlllee HORATIO KKKD, Chairman. At 8 o'clock, about one hundred perion? being present, tlie meeting was called to order, an t Sherird Knapp clMMn Chairman. Twenty two Vice Pree I >nu aad am equal number of Secreiar eo. oue of each from each ? ard , were chosen to aasifit bUn. Hie Chairmam then told tlie aud'.ance he diJ ifbt koow why tee was caiUd to preetde over them. ?nte*a It vat btcauee ho could not tuake a ipevch; therefore It* would not attempt U Coventor Moreheal, of Kentnekf , be mid, was in town, and wat expoclet to aJJreu tno neetlag. Alter iiivttlr j some one present to al^re 8 the a*ette( tin ? it down. A lonit -nonce en*u.?d At It-n^'-h a vMa* ? ailed nut : >r "l.roow*,' (jiinio llr .miti . Scviin1 vo juiced in tiiei'iil. The CH.'uij lol.l tiiom y,r Bro >k* ha I i>een | f hutwaato uaweit lie could not rematu. Attar _ olhi r interval <4 >IU nee, Mr Tii. ?\ tf.i tipmiS tugfetleJ that Uie7 proceed to lb'- fcuataeaa oi tiw .?v?-ninr. lite I u> i RJCAjf ordered the call of ttao nieou-g to bw ra?i. Alter which there waa another a'leoee. Aamn It ?w ruggeMed. that while waiting lor npeake*a iuey .turalif 1 u< ti <1 to tlie burinem of the evening ll.r I rl V I.> I'M It th It be p i .etVOj hy the ca.J, that ''e i i rt of tlie meeting wa* to ni^rt ile>gat?? to tba Coi v. ut'oft la Haitiraore. on the lTth i?'t. S ma lauerlaion via* kbowa 1 1 to lite maruvr cf elaot It k tlieai- ^elu^U-a. No ono rue apiieartng to t. aow bow t -Lou Id >"? I'nne A gentleman afked how man.'* shoaM ' e api .' ni'sl from ta^b \.ar?i^ Tb? Chalrmaa &* 1 M did not know, Uieti turnen anil a rep-irtev. Soaaa re la the audlenc*, which had n -iw i >mii!erabl? 9cr?B ud moved thai two trem each wai ' he appolntail. Kr. Ttomption tlieu giit pan I maJe a (peach i .a.lema tng tlie irertia of the party an 1 urnlac them t? a?a: aad aotl'Mtjr. He hoped R?e ge'itlepien trom if?'? r'ty taaa I ait a* Ameri. ana, ai whift in the mppiri of flHtmor* ?? ili? ltaltlmore C'onreni.ot). it wouhl five h n ?'tcb aa t in I dtn a? to carry blm t > the Pre itent'a cba.c. l.i< Cba.ruiu tben, arcordiOK lu anjf.-.iu?n allad ovtrtkewarda to *?-e II there waa tuj p >-? ib ia each war. I wfco was gn rg, or whr (.ue# of an'b^lj- ?>Ne ta i - wani gt-iiitj to H?ii; n"ra. ind If i?o. to <-oa IT a -h i*r ?<>ii or per^oat won Id hi w ling t.i *'Utvi a* *b.j tela gate ,>rni tlilacitjr to tbe ' onvcntloa. No inpMK' wa- ma 'o h ' lanmrlej, :md b" *toi?pa4 In . impair a geatlMnaa th< a wired that all tue whig* <IN<h Vork go in ? bn l/ a> it delegation. After aotna ' ir'fcer i'tia; and ladwlataa, a committaa ? live war* i p} <ii tiled to ntire aud fepart auliabls Durii.-? 1 1 itteaA laid l'? nver ticn. ?" .- M tben oiaJe a apeecb, during ? Mcb tha ? A Llatiiira" ettU'it- t th ? .oo-n acu ware nT-aled w'Ah f hieri". Mr ". f IV. mi. of Albany, ala a ap?eeh. at tha rtid ??! ?hicb the i iiuiwili". rct.irtie l, 'e|~>rtlag the fol '>?1. n?t of driv)inte< trom th ijr It it) BiMmh (tiivri t'on. Which were IhimIbkh air ad.?|i? ? . ? H ' tt'axl? .1 C BartleU, IJae: ?/u>gg I'eter Vanbaa i<?. IKnry tilth. i H ot . ? A .1 WiWam'oo, Henry P-broBMkal, A^?*rt Wi;iia*i>on. Jaba thicker. Thttil Won,'? <"nrtt? leoo, T B W,w oner, A. 1. ? avl '. It (< r,o?a J. A Mecdrvill# /??rlt B'ai<'? l'ha? l>er^rhaa. Hu'>t S mp. "i, J, A. I'owirr. Jihn Van '"laar. 0. Clay Rote. #'i/!A H i.rd? A M. P.?m.iger J A Dennett, li. A. Bar re>, i w l'arha, .lohn Hawett, J r. hi <k H'.i ? I'eur UoiideEiingh, Joaej b Cai-hata, J. O. Heath J II Will amr, Wilt. *m !*<?. .'i.a'lk I. nrd ?l r. Beaj. i ra?>- Cb*j Pech, DavM I CL.aa. fir >t rtgi t. H Hoil /i '?* Hard ? ?. I- Iiran. V I: Millar, Wtllu BlMk i torn Thoriae Rtdder, W I t Chapman. \,r h H ard ? JefTtrenn Iterr.tJ. Jamea An.Iaraoa, tl. H fh iae mi in if] C'laelagham, .larnb Chblwell. nr."! Harrt? N.t. H'adford Thua. ln.n^, T. H. H. liar- ?. HctatU" Heed. K > HnrUr. K'mii-h 'i o>d ?I I ht?on. I*. C". l em . i, L. O. M. (-.<?< a l!aytm?nrt. ivter V lliutr I, T< rlj A II iiro ? ,'oha W Onnwrll. ii< o II Avar, War re. I rady m tbiklrf, Ttioe .lae.knon. i*rt.rvh li ard ? I'enry Hr??t, Allaa Cooper, H. It P < ' ari'toa. Fdaard P> '.nr, A W. .-oitth. I tifarniA ITtMI.? Iktolkt t?wie, Jr., Win 1* WaML <>? ii I to; hertoa, tiaac Fejar. fitu.mtk ii nul ? Clie?ter iVggr, I?ater li ring, J. D. M*a"n, K Urown. 0 It. HbaMon Xtarnrk H ani ? M. Clark, 1. ti. Watrra, Waldo Hat rh:e*, K. tlarrie. K Pean ,+ e.ji r,nlh H ard ? H C M !??. IV H Ren lall. Iter, ?lati Ma?r W Kardoa Jr.. A I>. Bald. *i i/h'itnrh Hard ? Jnba Itldlev, 1. M Thcmpaoa, J, M. Cro?t, Tbi wai* Afton, W H. Th} lor Am 'tf%th Ward ? T. Hyatt. L. R Kerr, l?v! Hart, T. 1% Knlgbt. Jacob Acker, 7 * - rr i-rfc II on' ? I 'iat"T JoLneon, Ahaerjbotra, A. T Cowinbovrn, nr Tc> ,or, Al vrt Cianger (V?aij fr ,i li a - ' ? I I Co.?k, n Pu-kney, W?. f, .Isc ktfti. S Ward, U W \ an Hta . eaea. fWnfy mieJ H arid ? <?. Mriker, I- Clark, U, Totaar II Y Joltey, W M l^ffett. Know Gaining Mate Conv?nttov?t O.arlit Ceragol: ha? been elected by the KuartA Know Nothlagt to reprint tnat district la tbo Hate ventl' n. lo he br Id in the i ny ?l Kucbeater oa the 104 H Cln rrnce Page reprreiatt council 8?G on the net at KM. Moi f Mail Itoir.gim* ? W^copv the fhllowin* trim ibn Newbury port (Xaaa.) i/irnOi.? We copied an Kem rrom the Hoeton Tfwitn raeently to tha eiriwt that tererai valuable lettrra pirt^n '4tr Poet (iftice ibr tbe mail* had t>*en l< st, one of them r<?Mi ning t20C >? bark notaa Th > ?ot'ca ef the-" 1oe?o? com luded by a?? ng "Where m Mr Flo!brwn> " Now wearo happy toln'ormonr readers that Mr. Holbrrwik |<aa Wan "aronnd, ' though nobody, i *' rtit |.erhap? our l'Ott.jt?|iter, knew t at the tim- an | wc enn further MMe, en good ttithoritjr, that that e*pa rltPeed agent of the* lw?t Ofllce De-art ae-it ha? r.a. ' eede t tn irarlpg the Mid t':C0 letter, M i manv other lot! mooay et'ere, mailed at virion* p" tie to i;'.? l.m.iaaf a dle heneet rierh lb the 1 rovkteuca (R. I ) i'oti O itor and that lb- money tr*t from hert ban l een -<? covered. We know litUe or botblng as tt? how there mutant dMeovo ilea were made, hnt we fee! ii ?o mora than timp'e I'trt- * to i lie dark* ot o ir p?.,t oihce. who w learn, wareawo lecte l to the ?*ver??t emm ' ttWfl hr tbe g iirrtimeiit agent, to state Uv ivi II ?i ninr f"*1 reputatioa baa be?ti thonwghly Tin I rated by tee re?nrt? "f tef ?r" r^artrieriatlr laveahgtt on o! t.,e e^mi < art r -terr~<l t% and t" which ee le ?ei?a^ W H? ?'t'17' ***f ptihl cdy.