Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1856, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1856 Page 7
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kitrismim jjgro rtert pat. FoiTiux -/\ -FOR PAL!! AN 0Y8TER AND DIWINO Hk ICKMi . nil < ! ?' 'I III* >jr<- ll'?l lIiOrOil,|hfar''H 111 ttllH |b lor Hal" because the owner hai (mill for h.m?elf. and ^gUeDdtoit. Tb? niock, IfiaM tod ttx'ove* will b? BOkl i Mint. Apply at it ft Canal street, tod uuuibcr,,) r ul Greenwich meet, m 'bo basement. lor ? for sale, a light. cash and respec |??)i table business |i;i>in? 1 ir? it pron's and nearly ly . .f the kin I in the Un't.d Mates. (mi uI rauunt n>r (selling. Admen* Cash, Melropoitl#u FM oilice, As luce. v/? ?KOR sale, AN OLD established ORO |il/. cerv mid liquor s'ore. in a lirat rate Im'tliun; a good business, large "lore, bark room ami cellar, rent Ht.H per aiinuiii; satisf.i,'ory reasons for selling. lu of GRIFFIN A H ATFlKl.l), .'i'Jtf Broadway. tin -FOR SAI.K. AN AMHROTYPE AND I'HOTO |LfU. piaphic Kill If ry. with or without fixtures. In at ihe gallery, 4II& Broadway. W II . I . PURCHASE THIRTY FIVE ACRES OF .. li timber la ml u,i l.oug Island. I1* miles east of park station; :be ra I road imrs. k the land four miles from ,??11. Apply (i lioWKS .vio, M stieet. hn -?'OR PALE. IN WASHINGTON STREET, yUi Hobi.keti, one dry giods store, wlih an entirely [lock ot goods. Said store is situated on the ben' part of Ingtnn street, and bits a good run of MMMIi Weekly in m $80 to $100. Apply soon, to tb* proprietor, No. 5i "ogton sueel, Hoboken, N. J. WILL PURCHASE A JEWELRY STORE, ? MTV ? ell ftoeked. (lolnf a ,'ood business, situated on e of the Erie Railroad, in a tlourmhin? Unrn. Also, a lor sale at same plat*. Apply lotiOWKH ? CO., 84 u itreet. IHft WTLL PURCHASE A FINE COTTAGE AND J.UJ7 lot, n ' Fiictoryvllle. Stolen Island, only live ml 1 walk from the landing. with a Rood variety of all klndi t good lei , ? .11 new ; also, a bouse an I lot, ai ill blai e. beautifully located, surrouuded with shrubbery Hut; yriwKIHi Appiy to HOwBS 4 COM 84 Nassau 10 m(\ ?DRlrO STORE FOR SALE.? ONE OK TIIK Jt'V/Vr. oldest established drug stores m tin city lo n a corner. In a lending business thoroughfare. The lor about r. tlrli ? from the trade, will sell at a bargain, to A. ROttlNsON, .'136 Broadway, room 14. LU1A ?ONE OF the FINEST OPPORTC IUUI". nitles ever offered to secure a homestead, |-e and lot fur jale. in a -healthy location 111 the city . tin; is building near by only ball ibe money wanted. Ap J. CORT, 50 Bowery. Call and examine. AAA ?FOR SALE, A MODEL FARM, FRl'ITS I.UUU. and buildings; saw and flouring mill, abun id' water and work: 1H miles from New York. 6 from n Hack, 1 from Patterson. For Hale or trade. 360 acres le above. well Improved, $19,000. O'lier farms cheap. MKLlI K , C4 Sevontll avenue, from Hto 3 o'clock. t AAA MADE? A PURCHASER WANTED FOR P.VM/"* a French patent. The profits on the Ameri ? M. to owner an 1 agents, have been over &? <HH) In one . d ten months. 'Hie machine is small, easily made, tit *5 i e' Is and has a large and ready Hale. Outlay fo* t c-'tsary io manufacture, about jKJtk) The business can iltirii .1 Tiy any capable man. who desire* to spend a few in France to complete his education or make his fortune lee asked is less 'ban eight months' net prolits of the an 1 ,11 1 et.t . Satisfactory pmofsof prolits and all other laty documents exhibited to bona line applicant*. Ad with real i a me. box 190 Lowell, Mass. It f|fM? -Cincinnati property for sale? fiUUUi One hiadred acres of land adjoining Cin at tUfton. nnd fronting Carthase avenue, will be sold b. nr cash securities, at a decided bargain The entire ?ty Is beautifully situated for improvement, and with % tie outlay would produce an Immense fortune. M. L. SHELDON, (si Nassau street. It nnn -TO DRt aoisTs. - for sale, the ' ,U' J" exclusive right of manufacturing a new tne reparation, from which a fbrtune can be realized. It nonotioly end very lucrative, or a partner would be .\4dresa Felix Urunon. Metropolitan Post ofllce. N. Y. Bargain.? for sale, house and lot no. i$4 mi Aineteenth street, replete wi h all the modern lm ien's and in complete order; aleo some valuable pro B-n Lexington avenue anil F lit v second n tel. Must be "inquire at lti-1 Rast Nineteenui street. INE FARM FOR SALE OR EXCH ANOE-FOR CITY Brooklyn property. I)? miles from the depot at Sing Jr.d i-' miles from New York, with iwo houses, two nd other outbuiWlluvs; well watered, and fruit in abua Te-mseasy. Apply to J. W. OUDEN, No. 3 Nassau | New York. b.slMRSS THAT TWO LADIES COl'LP OOMDCCT [for tale. nn very advantageous l?rmi. The location is lilie beat 10 Bruadway. A dilreas Z. U., Heral<l olUee. BIO STORE FOK SALE-OM THE CORNER OF ho principal streets dotVB town doing a fair hinitie?s; grently increaeed by pri|ier iMUioo. The owner has ires, and cannot attend lo both. Will sell one or bo'Ji. S H., box 12U Herald ollice. RST RATE CHANl K FOR A KAKKR? TO ?CY A laker* , with tiitinea all complete together with ens , horse ao<l wiimi Kitna'?d at W? First avenue, be Kiglneemh and Ntaeteenth aireeta. A* tha owner i* o another i.usiursa, immediate application wilt meet heap bargain. |oi!T, tiFN'tm AND rROFITAIU.K BrRINKsS i.r aa'.e.? Pay ? over SOU per cent prolit, ud c?n be Ued on very reatenali e ifrnm; one half cash, balance Apply to A KOMlMaQM, 886 Broadway, mm 14. Ju'SE AMD LOT, IN' NEWARK. FORSAIE, SITt* in % very desirable location for a genteel family; ihe wo story, with basemen t and kitchen in rear; teas, mlautes walk from Market, or two from Cbeamut not*. Appir. either .>n the premises. 19 Cottage st reel, IHM r?>R?tKR to l ultou street, N. Y. Ir.[l V IOK SAl.E? HAKISU AUDIT KUFTY ItAR la per week, with three hor-ea cirta, Ijakiuj, utensils, luree. Ac. Incline at WM It roadway. KKKY STORE FOR RALE? F1TR YFAB8 M fcilitlieii, in a K""d neighborhood, Willi but Utile eompe T The sale of burning !>? ,d a'one pays eipeoaea. r o ilniH lU'iuin- mi the yreealMS, Nn li>4 < oi:ri street, cor [bnlllc, Bronklyu. A?;eu h ne, .1 not rail. I KToRE FOR SaLB-IM A THICKLY INHABIT .ieigbhorb?<Mt doing a fco<al cash Iiuhistm. This aiore Kotd on i '.?< terms, by ipplylng at U6 Kasi fourth street. 1>P. MF.IUCINF* AMU FIXTl'RES? A DOCTOR I . i'i( II I,.- >.?.?" OS- lei! a small. fre>h aa i T i ll selected nd baniin i o mm lor them, will sell them at a (real Jin to appra ?ai and on rnaaooable ternn Ir;ulr<yit llie .????? Mo Kuiioii avenue, third door weal of Oxford TpwOy. R A III -K KF.HlDKMt E IM BROOKLYN FOR8ALB very desirable residence. hiring all the taodern iro elite, auch aa t<aih r<<xn, wl'h Hot or e a A * ner. water ft>' rinaiieut wsaliPtanda. washroom, pertiv.netit wa?h |th hm and cold water. large eMern la aiiK gat In all f the h> u?e, furnv-e. Ar I aA Jti by Uflfeet, house id enhstaa lallv built, walls htdeeeedeatef other build <-a Km iw nl ln< moat desirable in Br<>skiyn, being in atrcet, between H'ate and l.tringsten areet. Apply lo BELL A CO., baiAer*. Si William street. New York. i STORE FOR SAI.K ? BITC ATED IV THE MOST ^tral and hnsiness part nt ihe rlty and ftstag a bnainsss ?per in,. nth I here w a leioe of the, ? hi. h I* ra fcAJareea, with real name, MedHas, Bioa lway r.iat | rn AVKfTE PRt il'KKTY.? FOR SAT.R AT A lain, between Thirty serond and Thirty tlilrd streets. | J, W. OCDKM, N >. 3 Naea.ui street, ^. V. lenns IcAI.E ? THE STOCK FIXTCRKS. WITH I.EAeE. >? rent, of < ne of ih<* oirt"?t eatabllshed tvl an I e?p ('.midway: Is disposed of on s -eon wt i.' ircprietor. Apply u? LOWEMKB A t-CUHrt.HKW, 7# itr'-eU n the ( r rr of brooki-fx-focr laes one lilted e? St a en I of f?k'. at a gem?l Shades, I d a Ursi ra e > utlnes? utie *??*!, and wltkt-ut n.'mn -a r i' iik1 to a person with ?\r II means Theabova eoid f?i ra?h. ' h' ap a., the owner is shout k trlng for ' nth Be? 4 street, between CISTeof nd ( niou areitue. % ll.Uni'hnrf S.VI.E-TMR YACHT QriCRMTKF * FEKT | p-l;. - kx c, ? feet 6 Inehes heun, laMrn hrJ laet June M . , ii - !,<? an o'iU?ll an? nat of tee length Akply to mrtlAWAY 1?R< ?? . U CoentlessUp. ItLE-OM TBK ' - ?/oFTUIRTTFIMT est. bet?e?ti Had ?>ii and ?" . irih aaeaess, is* aew, wall three st'trt and !? aern. ot, inder eaiwr. w. '.roe n at^ne fr.-?t Vi ie-a, with all tV me'-eri: ira rets. ?a*h H fe-t I mchae oy M f ail 'he way ?p, ? ? ?' lh ? "'-de r ? r nil ad iti' trie age. lif|?We on the premises. If at ^>. U Wall Street r.aim id. ? A I F- THE ?T < K AMD 1 SM RKS OF A i;P.t> rv *t?re .loiiui s go" I ''iiaineea For further parttcu btre -I MF.F.KM \N ? Hilt ? I HBR*. Ml Tlnr I aveaue. I I t ? n-_. ? . |" l \|.k_ 1 1| R HOCHK. >TO? K tun FIXTl'REA or \sl?r ani H^uoT saloon 61 ?? Onad a'r.-et. Apply en A I E ?A MOHT.KN 1HRSR "TORT V VII ATM' I S imuMi, ?itualril at Mo. 1.1 W a r p e ? plaee, alao. a lot rttnated nw?he corner rt Fmirih arrntM umI KlgVj ie> t. and a lot of !>nitael<old futuiuue. Apply lo A. 111. 1.1 Maaaau Meek A I E-TIIF. .s T ? l? K AMII rlXTVREi O? AM OLD I . . telh a J griK-cy, In eie of the wixi pleaaant fllliaiiK' urg I -nl par' tlar? wi'l be (treo map at the earner e> Kntn h and tfx'iih FourJi srecta, t: ? i a-. \ i Jl? A FIRST CtA"' BRICK Ifti' nr., THREE ba> mi at and etib e. 'iar, e-inttinirg the mo teen .Aents l'rlf? M i<>' terms, fft i") e??h, and fl.t'KI . imt avirtgagr. ' at. and >ee th-- pre ni?e?. II Hoea k ,Vw Ymk. |ai.e> if\p \ imp o*'rir'FnrpiiRiiK Mfi knn*n as the Rx.'"Iroi If n ?e IT V.rk free', Ii ?e.;,.li*i<t 'ne * !io' ho<la> 'o le' With ih ? asms, at nt owner Is alaiat to clunge his buainesa. Apply tan '? KAf r- IN WleT I'OrtTT FIFTH STREET. (I fn I' a>.-i i;e an., I'.roadwsi. a dist ela? boti?> hot and . 'd water an I a'l 'lie modern tmiirore, ? tHiimetsss pn Inttneor.ler ihin snring. for my ? ?> i i..',ii i, ? r . - ,i i Hi-,- t,,.ii?e ,. ?< trii.uilil", |>'f 'b? "t tl< r ?u." t. < of > w i t I'm "ixvr ii'iTEf/ A vp DIMIMO n * tna on lb' Softh rlref ?He of the eRy. in a isHloti ' m n '!;,??*. : fire ei ??,tna*"i'i / a l.irje fcftraeel poaee^ainf a rher Iron' a'll loe?i -d be Le ti- . : ? i ?? w? to ,fei*aej i , end H ?' .en The |iii i , in- ,>.',i i i, n,i, nr t'.e prln-iptl Til lending, r',i>" in" a la> ??? amount of patroa ige, Ferlied ? ? in table an l hsr bt.ntaees hy any e mcera of |i . It me. Tlie lertna of ssle wi.'l be inade M<>. aid irned nptm application to M. S. W? CKOKF A OO., hiy street. ______ tAt,r? tM MWKR ?MP IHMIMfJ e AI/H1M. OM tint of V .iees V. t lie >.i|d cheep if a,i(il eil lor lei) . at Mo 14t tliStpagg atr?:et. Pea' l-i-atl'in in Mew ,fb Apply at KOIt MtH. FOR SALE-102 YARDS OK ROYAL WILTON OAR pethig. ????? elegant pattern, with two splendtd rugs to match? the lion and tigress. A set of mahogany rnalrs. A beautiful set of china, forty four piece*. One let of marble ornaments One net of st*lr rod*, nineteen in namber. Two *ets of cornice* and i.ui tami. A ?maD cabinet of ?hclli. ao yarui oi tifi wuudiotl, . The abeve article* will be n< >1<1 at a sacrifice for oath. Apply attts Greene street, from I to 4 P. M. For HALE-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ALL FUR nit bed complete, and containing am sleeping room*, par lor, dining room, kitchen and pantry, with brick floor; a well e>f excellent water at the door; a large new barn and carriage house, anil other out building*; with all the farming utea^Us and horses. co*r*, and abundance of poultry, with thirty acres of land in a high state of cultivation; the cropa all in; one orchard hearing, one young and oue peach orchard, with shade trees, Unit ana shrubbery. The above property in situated one mile front Railway. on the Wood bridge road, and will bo ?old lor H, 000 and $2,000 can remain on mortgage; or the farm and building* lor $6,000, and $2,000 on mortgage; or will exchange for city pioperty. Inquire of Mr. LAMB, Howard Hotel, N. Y ; or of Mr. Degruw, Mamiiou House, Railway depot, .V. Y. IilOR SALE? A 8M A LL, BEAUTIFUIAY SITUATED 1 country seat, containing four acre* of ground and a good dwelling house, distant three mile* from the City Hall. Ap p y at K awt u street, corner of Maiden laue, basement. For sai.e-the stock and fixtures, tc of a feed store, in a good locality, with a gooil trade. Apply at Itil West Twenty eighth street, or 191 Deiaucey, in thj blttcK h until shop. For sat.e-a well built three story and basement house and lot, with the modern improvements Lot luox'JA: basement and parlor floors 60 feet all in wood con dition. Price $10,000. Inquire of the owner <m the promises, lt!7 Weat Twenty fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth aveuue*. For sale? tn a thriving village in new Jersey, easily accessible l'rom New York, a hotel property, consisting of a largo 2Ji story house, and ample sheds and sia bit s, recently put In perfect order, well located for summer boarders and for *xourflon parties. I'rice $fl 000. For fur ther particulars apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 3 Metropo litan Hank B ulidlag, 1'ine street. FOR SALE? THE ENTIRE stock, tools and fix turei of a steam engine foundry; also two forty house power steam engines. Inquire of WM> CHALMERS, 35 Wad street, olllce No. 27, rear building. For sale-a grocery stork, with stock and fixtures situated on one of the best streets in the city; will be sold on reasonable terms, as the owner is about leaviog for the country. Inquire at 201 Chambers street. H. M. MOSHER. BH)R SALE-THE GOOD WILL OF AN AUCTION AND commission business, with lease of store, in the lower part of the city: business well established. Address with real cam^, Judd, Herald office. Fur sale-in grove street, ,ier.-ky city, three lots and a house, valuable lor investment or lo- a Hon, tor a piivate residence. Inquire aoou of LOttlN BROOKS, Its Fulton street. FiOR SALE-A I'ORTKR HOUSE.? INQUIRE AT NO. 23 Coentie* slip, between Front and South streets. TTIOR SALS? THE LEASE AND FURNITURE OF A r boarding house, located one oloc'i from Broadway. In i|uire of BOY I), lfc&bpriug street. FOR SALE? A JEWELLER'S DROP, ROLLERS, POUT alile forge and vice, all new. Also, a Grower A (taker's sewing machine. Inquire at Mr. WILLINuTON'S, 30 Walker street. For Sale? sso acres of as good land as the sun shine* on, (or $13 per acre, it 1* located in Perrys l>urg township, Wood county, Ohio, near lh* town ot' Pcrrys burg. being a pnrtof section 36 In the United States reserve, at the rap'dsof the Miami of Lake Erie, not far froiqfthe eltl f roledo The timber on it I* worth double the amouut asked for the land. Notions and fancy goods, German segars or leaf tobacco Uken In part payment tor the some, or i go<sl arid !' t n the ei'y of Brooklyn Address M., room M. Howard Hotel, corner of Maiden laiie and Broadway. FOR SALE. OR EXCHANGE FOR WESTERN LAND Svute rights for one of the be?t patents ever Issued to n>akc mooev with. Call and examine, at 2!W Hro id way, room No. 14. Geatieinen irem tlie South or Weal would consult their interest to look after the above. fTHHl SALE OR EXCHANGE? THE LEASE OF THREE t brick homes, with stores, In the freouented part of the ctty, tor a city business, or a farm, with stock and crttps. near a railroad depot. Apply to KEN.SON A HAS8KY, 1 13 First street. and ?od fMhlonabjD locution No. U W?it Th?S * m?*1 . | w uoors from Filth ar^' For fair or to ley? a first ci, ass brown (toM Louee splendidly farulgliod, with or without whole or purl of the furniture. IVrmr ?hsv. Posseselon ImnWiate It. Locution l .'J Kind Eightei?.ih street; elegant, complete and atvllah residence. Apply to tee the liouae to T. ll. VOOR 11KE-, 347 Broadway. Fixtures and tart of a milliner s stock to be dupooed <>f. AppliccUong to be made oa the premise*, Iff Hleecker street^ HOrSE NO. Ill NINTH RTRRRT, BETWEEN BROAD way and CalvewetVr place, tn perfect repair, newly pauAeil, for aale by HAtfiCHT 4 PAKlfcll, 80 Beaver s treat HOCSRS FOR SALE? FIRST CLAM BROW N STONR. rn Thirty ??mil Mr*t, fl^.OOU. oil Thirty lirst street, near Mmllaon avenue, Jll.isio and tlK,00ii; on Sixteenth gurnet, be twren Fifth and SUUi avenue*. Jai.ikk); alao a number low priced houae*. E. B. KIXHillMKR. 318 Fourth avenue. PATENT RIOIIT FOR SALE? DESIGNED TO HE AT tached to ar.\ steamer, tibip or locomotive. The Invention In simple, powerful and pllticure. A fortune ran be made by irxi;v|.lual? furn.sMiig them. Apply to IiOWKS k CO., No. Nassau street. TO CAPITALISTS:? 10,000 ACRES OF CHOICE WEST eru pine lands, well located, will be aold low, for r**h. If aj l lle<l Tor noon, nudwr the National Hotel, No. 9 Cortland i direct. 1 hcfirflci will be cut up, if daalred. E. II. BABCOCE. TO GROCERE.? FOR SALE, AN OLD ESTABLISHED corner grocery. with ?Vv-k tlitures, horse and w aeon. Ac., now doltig a rood caih buduess. In an eire.lent loogflon, with three year*' lease. For further particular* in iulra at 71 Houston atreet TO TRADE FOR DRY GOODS AND CLOTHING Wooo * or ill 4 real egtatc and $<iO.UiJI) of No 1 mmi inercial paper. For part:.ilars apply to A. ROBINSON, 33ft liionilway, room 14. r) BAKERS AND OTHERS -FOR SALE. A THREE a'ory irlcs h<?i? ? and store. on Third avenue, near Four leenth atreet: a capital stand lor a baker. Alan, a substantial house, and thtee I. 11 lota/eOnlalatMg ten ro<im*, beautifully situated n Harlem, between Third and Fourth avenue* will l.e ? >1.1 a bargain Ibmaea of all description* In all parnof the city. Apply to LVSI1 A MooN, M roui ih avenue. TO IIRKKMAk'KRS. ENGINEERS AND OTHERS.? \ alnabie and important pauat rights and licence* for aale. The Mibacrlber* have tnalrurtlona to olPar for aale rlfhta to manufacture. Ac . in Uie 1'nlted Stale* Clayton a patent com bl' rd clay preparing and brtefcmaktne maehln". Tl.eae mar hi ne? fcive. on account of the'r superior eill-see, ol.? tr i-d such a ref>vtation that eulogy on their Btcaiary. It may, however, be well to state the follow... i facts ? I'rtre n.rd..l* have been awarded the inventor at the follow lug e?bibltHm?:? Great i xlnbi ion of all nation*. Euglaml HM Ureal nkhlbllton nt As'iaisnlaui 1 v, E?p<?ltloii at I'ail* luM Ami the Itayal 4grMi Itural S?a:iety, England IMVI Ihe mnefilne* *'?' In '?itmialve uae in *lll>oet every part of tlio world, and eopVs of tealnnoiilal* from those using 'liem may be seen at life ? SV.e <>f I lie subscribers win ale prepared to sell machine* *nrt grant licenses too*' 'hem, for mate*, ring) j or ? ollcelively, < r for counties ur die>rlrta. J_A WNJ'i,IT * ??' H roadway, N. Y. TO RENT PaYERS? TWO PERSONS, EACH PAYING fl7ft and $11 rnoi tfely payments, can rich buy a house o?ni riali g s;i r.sim*. including store, two mile* from Harlan ai d liSi feet ir in a d?i?t. i all at M 2 H roadway, thir l atorv 111 ihe leleprsph priu'u<?f ?!ic?. TH.i VKLLEKH' UCIDe! I^X PRESS AND MAII 1 RAINS. LEAVING NEW YORK 'j citv .? \. Se? I ir an4 Krt" RaUmad, at ? A. M . 1 I' Vi an.' & P. M. csiiin.iiug with Weal em roads. Ilnlaon River Railroad t. a M and 5 P. N . l>.nneciing with. New to a' entiai. Nrw Yatl and New II*. en Railroad ?< K. M nt,'' 4 P. M . i'?nect;nn ? itb F**'erti roa>la. For further ih fi.m .oonpr x ure APPLETOW S RaII.ROAD ANDSIEAM HA v iG \ I ION Gl IDE. \onle li liic over sltty mnps. delln-s tBfioiatof the principal railways In the i*n t?il States a i l I an* ??? iliclr coanei iions. dwtances. fore*. Ac. Ftwaalobr nil the h?>kre;iers. pertodlral t'-ajeas. news agen a, and ,U all ">e i MlwaY deyciia and lackat uS?.a throughout the Cult* I . ,at*? aim < anadaa. HC DHOW RIVER RA TLROAD ?FROM MAY I* 1W. u? ?>i wtl' save ? As oibera r??-t waUou *a rrvliowa: ICtprvtf* ft A M and ft f-jT; otall. 9 A. M.; thraagh waf trill.. It k* . emigrant. 7PM; for Pi.iu.hkeepsta 7AM att> 1 P. M. . for Wi g Stu* 10 SO A. M and V IS r M . this traf Iratea fr rr Fri-tai ar-utat. at II P. M , tnr Hadao*. I'M P. M , for P??k*t>". 4 an.1 ft*' P. M. Tb* t'onghkaep** Nr.g Mkn Ml I I'rtlAIll uwln* Mop M the way atationa Paa ?es.ksra akao *' ' Vimbem, *'aoal. iliMulikir and Thtrtv tVr? ?b "is Trait ? lor K*w T>wk Irare Tr> y at 4.U. M It and 10:4 A M an) 4-.SV F. M . aarf ?'*?t Albany at 6, .Vtdand 11 it A. ? and i P. M. A. F. ?WITH. Bupartntaitdeat N?W TURK aUD RH ? RAILROAD -OK AUG Ai ?er Taivtay Aarsu '. t.W. ard anil farther r**Jar , ? "-rw tranji wtl. laava pier toot ?( Uaana aar*a?. as b lows ? itwi'aio Kipreaa, ak4 a M ft* RaflMn. Pi^ktr* Erpres*, at S A. M , ftv r>uiacwt. Matl. *' A ift A M . f'.r . Htnklrk and HnffhW and Itlterm Hate staunj*. I'aamgsr* by thia tratn wkl remain over al# at uwego, and peoeeed Ihe aei' morning. CMerad' *tpre?e at I P. M . ft* Pankir*. toahhaid Paas?-<gtr iil*r M . (Trrm kMt of rfeunNen ,t,v< J T a eslWirt. a la : ?n'e'ma.liai. rai.sia IT ay l'a?enscr. at 4 P. M., {or ??wbarg and MKdJetows and . i ?ie Tiediat# atatSofm. Nlrlit r?tr?a*. at ftp, M,f>r Iie'.klrtr and P'Taln. Eniigrant at 4 P. M . for Daohirfc and B*tl? t, and dlate staii'ina. lb- atx -e'ra Ira ran <*ily, ?ondaya a?s ?t?aC. _ Th*sr ??i -eeairsi .ar- ..n?*'at E'.mh-a w Ui the ? uandalrita aisl Dlaeara Fa.1* railroad, for Niagara Falla; ? IHni'haii.uat with 'h* ayraeaac and Bio, ha i oa railroad. IN ? <a, at "kemng ? Di iloffalo, i < n ,'ng ai l New Vorl rallrnaa Vr R/yh a>ar. M Graat Rend with T?*lawara, Idtrk* wsna arid We*t?rri rat'roa.1, for aerantoo: at H>WThlo asj4 rnnlt'rk ??* 'he lAkgWinr- ra'lmad, tar Ulevaland, Otaoh aat; Toi?i i, Detroit, Chicjro. Ae D, 0. McOALLtTM, General Rap't N1 FW YORK *ND FARLKM R A TI.RO AD? NOTItTM. Karetn Albany H do. -?*ea ? wa. M ftj. Theespr~?au-*)n*fc-f?e?ii New forhand Albany wHi ra anme their regalar trl(>a a? fnllowav 4)1 A v eiprggg 'raui will inarg N?* York oo Friday the Vk leal ? 10 A M- o *0 trrtii, m.nirj rwanlar. ^ 21 P M eipre?s 'raia ?U1 mat* Most Yart tor Albunf a* Y'i'i' -'ley. the JStli Inct. Kei"ni n|f. Ieav% Albany? s *b A M et,<re*F train, on F-May. the 19th ? A MJ. matl trale menlijj reri.lsr 4 %' r M et| ress train, on rhnraday, he Mk loot. The road ig gat aired and tn rood order. WM. J. CAMPBELL, Rnpertntenl. na YJKOrLAR MORNING LINE FOR ALBANY AND TROY, JfV lending *t We?t point. New burg. Poughkeepsie. Klnr?ton po td. t'aieki.l. Hudson *n l Goinackln.? Tho new a rannfOI EN ' till wIM |e*re pier foot ?f I'ansl and 'prion ftraetf eve rr Monday, We>lnes.|*y and Friday moralng, a) 7 oV . ek I or ."nOher particiilar" lnriire of I. LEWIS, aq W e- slita*. Steam mnale altacl ed to thlg boat. t!vnrn4it(B, HTRRY (1 At FTRK IN?^R^*C1^ COMPANY OTOt K wsr.Md ? Wshat'J 9< rttia *?oet. If offered hM'ltediMgly, o WILLIAM M PARES, h Wall ?re< baaeio?nl. TT*>? LTVBBP09L.? POTTED STATES MAIL STBAM J ship tRHMhOM, Uwbur. wimiunwlor, *111 depart with ftie L'uited Ktau-.a malls Iter Kurope, positively on Saturday. Sept. 18, at IX o'clock M., from h?r ber'h at the foot of Caaa.' ?treat. For freight er paasagu, having uueoualled aeoomnio dation hr elegance and emurort, apply '9 Kl> W ABO K COL LINS, wi Wall stieet. Passengers am requested to be aa board at U o'clock A. M All letters must pass through the Poet olli ?; snv others will be returned. The steamship At lauiic. Cap). Kldridge, wlil succeed She Krioseoe. and sail oa Hatu i day, Kept 2(1 Notice. ? 1 ne rata ef frelrht from Liverpool to New Tor* ta reduced M tour pounds per too measurement, oitUl further oetice. TUE NEW YORK AND UTUFOOIj VNITKD STATES mail aieaoiof*,? The encvurlaiug UtU i4*e TWt f. ".ANTIC, Capl. Oliver Kldridge. The BALTIC, ('dpt. Joseph Comsiock. The AIiKIaTIC t apt. James West. , Three ships liaviug been built by contract expressly for the government service, every care has been taken In the con atruetioo, as alao in their englnee. to insure strength and ?peed, and their accommodations for passengers are una ii nailed Cur elegance and comfort. Price of pannage from New York to Liverpool, in first cabin, $1.10; in second do., $78. Exclusive use of extra slie suite rooms. $.'<25 From Liverpool to New York, 30 and 91) guineas. An experienced surgeon attached to each ship. Nn berihs can be secured until paid for '? he ships of this lino have im proved water tight bulkheads, and to avoid danger from ioe will cot cross the Banks north of 4C degrees, until altar the 1st of August. PROPOSED DATES OP BAILING. FROM KEW VOKK. MOM UVEUPOOl. Saturday Sept. IS, ISM. Wednesday Sept. 17, 1*66 Saturday Kept. 27, 1856. Wednesday Oct. 1, 1S.V1. Saturday Oct. li, 1856. Wednesday. . . .Oct. is, 1KVS. Saturday Oct. 25, lKVi. Wednesday. .. .Oct. 29, 1896, Saturday Nov. 8, 1886. Wednesday Nov. 12, IKK Saturday Nov. 2V, 1886. Wednesday Nov. 26, 1H.V5. Saturday Dee. 6, ISftti. Wednesday... .Dee. Ill, 1856 Saturday I)ec. 20, 1866. Wednesday. .. .l)eo. 24, 1866 For freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. OtlLLlNH, No. 36 Wall street, N. Y. BROWN, SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KKNNARDACO. 27 Austin Friars, London li. O. WA1NWRXOHT A CO., I'aris. The owners of these ships will not be accmntnblo for gold, silver, bullion, aieele. jewelry precious stones or metals, tin less bills of lading aie signed therefor, and the value thereof expressed iherein. Royal MAn. steamship perria? the persta. C. H. E. Judkins commander, will sail from the stream with the mails and passengers '.'or Europe on Wednesday the 17th inst A steamboat will leave the company's dock at J ersey City, with the passengeia, at 8 and 8.'2 o clock A. M. K. t'L'NAKl), No. 4 Howling Qreen. STEAM TO LIVERPOOL FOB $.10. -Til 8 8PLENDID new steamship CITY OF BALTIMORE, Capt. Leltch, nil) sail for Liverpool on Thursday, the !8th Sept, This noble vi gsrl has made turee suracssful passagf a, in 1 1 days 'J hours. 11 d?)s 17 hours, and I2?Uj*. and has given great satisfaction to all elans cs of paasttngers. Rate of passage? In, caUin HM, ?C8, and $55, according to aceomiiuidailou; steerage, $.'!0. For passage, a| ply to SABKL k CORTlfl, 177 Broadway, New York. For LIVERPOOL.? PACKET OF SEPTEMBER II.? The splendid new clipper ship SAMUKI, M. FOX, Cant Ainsworth, will sail us above. This magulfioeni packet haa nne<|Ua)led aceoinmodailons for all classes of passengers Apply on beard, pier 38 Eaet river, or to 0. A. TEN ExCK, 87 Soiiib itri tt. r.X>K LIVERPOOL? THE BLACK BALL LINE PACKET P siil[i MANHATTAN, Capt. I>iX?n, sails on Tuesday, Sept Iti. For passsge in cabin, second cabin and steerage, appl v on board, foot ol tieekmaii street, East river, or to JACOB WILSON. 108 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL.? Wil l, POSITIVELY SAIL THIS day, st noun, the splendid clipper NEW YORK. Is now in the stream and will positively sail as above. TheCENTl' RION will sail en Tuesday, Sept. 16. For passage apply on board, at pier 14 Kast river, ortoSABKL A CORTIS, 177 Broadway. NOTICE.-TAPPCOTT'S LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACK ets ? Packet Kept. 11.? The new clipper ship J. J. BOYD Captain J. 11. Thomas, will positively sail as above. For pas sage. In cabin, second cabin or steerage, apply on board, pier No. 6, N. K., or to TAPSCOTT A CO., b6 South atreot NOTICK-FOR NIC AB AQUA .?THE STEAMSHIP TEN NESKKK' will nail on Friday. September 12, at 3 o'clock P. M., from pier foot of North Moore street. North river. In place of the steamship Calhoun, advertised to sail on the 9tb il st. CHS. A. WHITNEY, Agent, No. 2 Bowling Green. THE LIVERPOOL AND PHILADELPHIA STEAMSHIP Company's splendid and powerful steamships, CITY OF BALTIMORE, J.4A4 tons, Capt. Robert Lettck; CITY OF WASHINGTON, 2,880 tons, Oept. Wm. Wylie; CITY OF MANCHESTER, tloStona, Capt. P. 0. Peirtw KANGAROO, 1,1174 tons, Capt. B. Ewlnf, are intended lo mH? >moM urxarooL. City of Manehe?t?r ISth AngTMk City of HalUmore..? 27th August. K angaroo 10th September from rHiunEuruia. Kangaroo Sat AnjrueL City of Manchester 4tii September City of Baltimore.... September. Kangaroo Id October. rates or ptsssnn. ?a loon. $90. $66 and ISA. according to atateroom. A limited number of third class passengers win be lakei. from Philadelphia and Liveri.ool. and found In provlaions. From PhiladeVhl* $* I From Mverpool $40 Tb< se steamers are constructed with Improved watertight eomparuusiils. aud each vassal sarrise aa experienced aur '"parlies wishing lo bring oat their friends ean obtain eertlfl nates of passsge six! draits on Liverpool In sums of ?l star ling and upwards. Apply to JOHN O. DALE, agent, 17 Walnnt St., Philadelphia, or 8 A BEL A COKT1S, K7 Broadway, New York. For ?ol'thamvtow ani> havrr-the united Plate* maii attamahlp PULTON, J. A. Wotton, Com nudrr, will leave fer Havre, touching at HoullHMp'eo tc land the mailt and paaacnjrvra, on flaturday. September M at It o'clock, from ptcr 37 North river, toot of Baa eh ?rMt. nuca or rimei. Flrelcahtn $190 Second cabin f7( Thla ablp he* (Ire water tight compartment? ?neloaln* th? engine*. ao that In Ihe event o t eolluion or elr*n<llng tha watM could Dot rvaeh tham; and the pumpa being frae to work Mw aafely of the veeeel.aad paaeengera wa\ild be secured. Ha* ?a(e not wanted flaring die voyage Mould be aent on boarc Bm day b?.4i>re sailing, marked ?' b*|f'W." No freight will be taken after Thuradar lHth. For frmght or paaaage apply t>. ROKTfMKR LI V I NORTON, agent. M Broadway. N B The a learner ARAUO will imiiiJ lk? Fattuu, wad Mil 0* tuber 18. Y71ROM NKW YORK TO HATER DIRRCT.? BRITIBB r North American Royal Mall Rteam Packet Oom|>any. ETNA Captain Millar, RMKt' Captain rfraak JURA Captain Wlckinan, LKBANON... Captain Conk CAMBRIA (Peddle wheal) Captain Broadleaa Faaeage money tor Brat ela?a pa*aeng*r* only, (for whoa there U excellent accommodation,) I KM. Including proelalon* and aii ward a fee, bat without win** or llquora, whlebeaa be obtained on board. Tha etaWrooma are anumaMy large and wall venulaied. Any on* wlahtng to take paaaage la lnvtie* to vtelt the ahlp. The Emeu made her laat paaaaga to Havre la eleven day* and seventeen hoars. Freight taken at raa ?unable Mttea. For thai or paaaaga apply to k. kUNAJU} Ne. 4 Bowling Green. Fo* havrr, pirf.<t.?franco amekican com |.any ?The French aerew etaamaliip H ARf'KI.ONF txn una burthen, Leraane, effmmander. will leave lor the above port on Saturday. heptembar 1U, at I o aleak pra clac 1>\ from pier X North rtv.-r. nwi or rAMAOM. Firm cabin RHM ?crowd cabin K For freight or paaaage apply to the agents. F.ll. A HI'. rOIMKR A CO.. ? Broad CJTKaM PRTWhKN NKW YORK AND OLASOOW-1 i* h.'>|NBl Ki.ll 2 M?> ton*. Willtair. ( ummtng, rominft'ider. NkW lORX, 2.14(1 'one, Robert I'ralg commander, OI.AH-, U0JV. 1 W 3 ton*. Joha Piincan commander The Olaago* New Xirk Stiamah.p ' .inipmn intend aalllng their new mil tiowarltil ateemer* from New York flw (ilaagow direct, an follow.! ?Raw York, Tuealay Sutli Keptem'ier, iti l2o'ciork noon; (MssfOW, Hatttrdar, I I'll Octal er, at 12 o'clock, noon, Kdlnb'.rgh, Malurday, Iflth November 12o nl- >ck. noon. kits* or rAHiui. Flnit riaaa. f75; Third Oaa* found wltli cooked prartalwia BAR ripericnced (nrgi-en aiiArlNi I to rai h atramer For <(lr: or pa??age apply to JOHN MflRYMON, 17 Broadway New fork (My bill* or gold only reeived for paaaage. BTOTirr" TO KICARAOrA I MIUR A XTS^TN CONSE I ence of the large n>imber of pcraoti* di airoti* of eunl grating to Nicaragua. Ii haa been found m < ea?ar> to charter a | I'eaiMiip having more eitna<m aaemalaiaM hr pasaen ger* (ha i the ooe prev|ou*|v annonaee*' Th ? new aivl aolen d I a ? II 1 I I* \ N'^l V w ' i - .V . I l .? <? liiai de VVntvgna on KiHay. I.''h lnut at 3 IV M . fnrai pier loot I of North Mioie ?! n vt t'annliea and etarra going out inual applv wCVnit delay for their ticket* a> tic Sh-arai<iia Nmlirr.* IN it i<twv *47 Ik-keta i?*ned .or the ( alhoun wUl be tare?K I ou board of the Tcnneiwe ALKk. C. I.AP RKXCR. Agent. finv.KTi\ KKi'fi vi > rni' i u > \ f I nlt**t Sum Mall liiie. fifty imuixtanf baggage free ii-n retiia i> *r pound on eiceaa four Ik i re from ocean !>? ocmmi, by I*. nam* railroad Through |br ObtkHirnU via I'ana nurailnwl. 1 be Cnlied Male* Mall Hteaaii>l.lp Co>npany vrill ?1I?| *'cb l.r Arptnwa.l on Haturday, 8e^te nher 3?. a* two n'akirk P. U., !<rer:*ely, from pier foot af Warren trtreet Noftli ri>er. lie aell kn wn and laat *t?mal.i(i GKORiiK I. K W I ||" W I lli ri, II I - s will be f.irwa*ded '>y I'aaaixa tallrued. an1 connect at Pana ma with the l .'i ?r >? eanirli p minaay'a ItllfiiMPMI I ?teamahip (KNaliRN AUK. J T. Wa'klu* eaaMMVta*. ?nt?-h * 'Ii b? in reed ia?a? and leeve Iminol ateh for >au Fmih- acn. The public are informed that the ragMc Mall Mteamahl(i ? o? panj alwara bate one or more extra eteanfra lylag a' I'ana tra readj mr ena, to avoid any p?watb|e di-tentioti it! re*' rera <it malla For p ?i?age apph to I. W RaYMoKI' a the only office of the <>mpenie*. I77 We?t "treet, earnar W<r ren. New Turk Freight to Aniilnwnll. 71' cen'e per c >U.c font, or I VmlB per po??nd. Drrpaid And no freight* *11. he received alter 12 o'clonk an %c la> of tailing. rjViR CAMFORMIA-Krw YORK AND DAN FRAN r alaen "teamihtp l>.?, via Nlearagua Shorte?? route hy ftilmilra. Ureal red oeMtNi cf prteaa. The aplendtd ataataab'rt TRXAH. l.lW0toM buntoeti, will wall from pier No W. R i river, of North M??? etrret, lor Kan Juan {de Nicerag \ on Wednesday, ?ept< aiber 2* at J o aloek P. M , to am with 'h<' fte-wr.ea Hiarra Nevada fiom ^an Juan del Ser. ?.! the FaciO, far San Friuiejae. . For freight or paear^ra at-i'Lt J ('11 ARLKM A. WHITNfY. N > 2 Bowling (Jreeit AHVNTR * ? l > r i 1 f 1 v' * " A 1 rllpper ?hlp (M'RAK NTEFD will hare Irnme H deapairh for Melbourne on ker third royage Thla b*a< A 1 clipper ?hip (M'RAK NTECO will have imtnr^v a;cb for Melbourne on her third royae* Thla bee* va?arl ha* f ne nnvrnimodatloa for ftnr anil aeeond claea |taa aengera, of which onlr a limtoe.1 note tier can he taken, lie freight or peerage, a< rale* ai p'y o t board, at pw i in Roat river, iw to uooltfc v K. A RK fcM. A RLLIOTt, M Ptarl atreet. I AbwrNTRAI.I * PTflNKHR I.TNK ? tRRVTN ' < M Btolra m*ll. The nne^nalled clipper ?hU> M1NNK II *11 A. 1.700 ton* reiWep, tbiilll t>t liiaiaid McKar, K?| , four month* altice and ptonottneed ilie miwt perfect clipper ?hip afloat.) HrA?iek??i>a, m*?trr, will be deaoairhcd fir Me' bom ne and gydnev al an aerly dale, wbteli will be named <>n her pro< urtn( a earth. Oreaw r portion .4 r ,rgo i>o?|iivelv engaged. She oiler* an opportunity to ?hlpper* aul pa"*en get* atieli ne ha* never been pre*er""l to tliem In llje A 11 <tra Man trade Apply In R. W CAMKRON. .Vo H lt< > w li > g Orneti. Conelgneea In Attf Ir.illa, WILKINSON llROYHKUrt A ( O. T~NITKI? STATW M^ll. RTRAMNHIP LINR -FOR IIA vana imd New Orle*na.-On Wedne?dav, Sept, 17. a' 1 P. M.. from Fler fof>* of barren atreet. North river, the f iat end favorite ?tenm?hlp FWI'IRK rlTY, I'eptaln Henry W n die. will ?all a? above. I'fceage can be aecured at the o?W-e of the line. Fretgh' to New (trleana. in 1 eat* per cubic 1 > lecelved Monday Pept 15 sh.pnera will be anpnltoil wuh Mank 'ill* >f lailing of the firm ?!gtn d by the fine on applica tion at their office. N<i othsr form algned and no hill ofl* bit* will be a ^ned *fter of aa'lli.g. For fre -ht or pit, ?age apply the eBl<?, in W?*t *ireet, corner of W?iTfn. M. O ROHRRTR, Age it. KOll NF.W OR1.RANR, FTttPrrNO OFF HAYARaT" 1. ml the matle and paaaengera ? By official adrlc# ? [ThH will not mafre the ahlii liable to aiiarknUne at New Or bwna. Waamahlp CAHAWBA, J. p. Bnlloeh, commander, will ? twnenoe receiving freight on Monday, Hept a and Ml ?. ?tr^iasit.'aioiiiv.'siw ?? II P>rk p'ace. Ag n?L I OR savannah ani> n.tinrn \-rNiTFP utTtrr mall line ? Tv- ^ 1 will leave on Rat 4, North rlrtr. at board Forfretabi r paeange apniyTi ?< I, MITtllin.l. Rol 13 ltroa>l" av Tbroaih iMTeti Mi New Tork b. .lv-k?on vine. CXI; t* PUatka, W, Steamer* for Florida r nneet at Ra vannali with the .'camera f 1 o? New Tork on t'lemlan and iRRHRt ' SIITPPTlMfJ. FOK NORFOLK AXD RICHMOND.? THB UNITED states Mail steamship J AMKnTdWfl, Captain Farrlah, I will leave for the abeve place* on Saturday, the Whlnrt., | at 4 o'clock I' M , from pu r 1^, North river. She will am . e at Norfolk <>n Sunday alu moon. an. I at Rlchnipndon Monday i morning Passenger* for the honfh will proceed without ce- j lay bv the Oreat Mail*' 'o Charleston, August*. ^avafiuib, Ac. Traveller* will tind Hktx the cheapest pleaaante*' 'til I moat expeditious route. I'awaee an I far a, including *' ite- i room, to Norfolk, $>"; Petci shurg or Richmond ?ld: steerage hall price. Apply to LI'HLaM Jk FLfcASAN l'S, J- Broal I way.

HOUSE*, UtKlMlj, AC., WAXTIfiO. A SMALL FUKNISHEW HOUSE WaNTRD-IN BEOOK , lyn. convenient u> fnlton ur Wall strew' femes. P<>s- I session immediately. Wanted until the 11/ It of May. Terms moderate. Please ulilmt M. II. U., box 1'iat oWoe, | New York. j HOUSE WANTED? F#OM FIRsT NOVKMBKK tfKXT. A convenient two story anil baneini-ut. Oas and Crotoa. Below Twenty aeveufc street. Kent not to exceed ?olid. A.d dress Tfiiant, box l,yn Foatofllce. HOUSK WANTEI)~BY THK FIRST OK OCTOBER next; a suw? 1 house id a pleasant locatiou, wuh tne mo del n improvement*; rent If iixi to moo; must be up towa. Ad dress Livingston, box 1,30$ Pott olllce. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED.? A OENTLRM AN A>(0 his wife, without children, desires a portion ot a house conveniently located, In a respectable ueinliborh""''. in New York or Brooklyn, with the modern improvements. Unex ceptionable references will be given a* to character and res ponsibility, and a desirable anil permanent tenant may be obtained by addressing V. M II., Herald olllce, stating loca tion, accommodations and terms. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A NEAT AND OONVE nient house, with all the modern Improvement*. In com B> order, and In a good locality ; suitable for a small gen family. Rent not to exceed IBUO, If in New York, or wlOO 11 In Brooklyn. Address, with name and locality, box 3,647 Post ollice, X . Y. \\T ANTED? FROM THE 1ST OF OCTOBER NEXT, TV part of a house, furnished or unfurnished, with kitchen and apartment lor irrvanta, far a small family, w ithout chil dren; location between Fourteenth an t Thirtieth streo s. and Fourth and Sixth avenue*. Address, with terms and full p u ticulars, box l,fcS8 Post ollice. ANTED? A CORNER STORE OR HOUSE, IN A good location, for wholesale and retail lt'iuor* Persons s li ng out stores need not answer this. Address Henry, lie r.ilrt i dice. WANTED TO HIRE? A WEI.L FURNISHED HOUSE, plcasao'Jy located and modern built It mini contain e\ cry convene nee and rent not exceed $1 < (4). Ad Iresa L. D. G , box 662 N. Y. PostoUlce. TTTANTED? PART OF A HOUSE, OK OR NEAR BROVD Yt way Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, J. F. T., Herald ollice. TITAN TED TO RENT? BY A (1HNTLKM AN AND HIS VV wife, a small, w ell furnished house in Brooklyn, in a good loc ation. Kent not to exceed $0u0. Address A. P., box 670 New York Poet offlce. WANTED? A FIRST CLA88 FURNISHED HOUSE, with privilege of taking a few boarders, loc ation be tween Bleeckcr and Seventeenth streets, west of Broadway preferred, and must he near Broadway if on the east side. | Address, with full particulars, J. W. K., Herald ollice. WASTED? FOR THE WINTER, K SMALL FURNISHED house, not above Twenty third street, ami In a respecta ble neighborhood, for a gentlcirau and his wife; reut not to be over SftXjO per annum. .?<Mrc?ts b"\ , , M ollice. WANTED-PART OF A HOUSE (NOT LESS TIIAV four rooms), in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Jersey t'ity, or any place near New York, f??r a small tainlly of adults. Rent must not exceed JltKJ tier year. Addresa W.ll.Wood, corner of hlghth avenue anil Fourteenth street. WANTED-A PART OF A SMALL HOUSE, IN A respectable portion of the Ninth ward, hy a family con slal in? of a lady anil two sons. Address, with particulars, O. It. W., Hinkley's Express, No. 11 Pine street. B POUTING. AHAIL1NO AND 8CULLIRO MATCH WILL TAKE place from the foot of Thirty-ninth Ktreet, North river, for h Hilver cup ; rowing rare to Hlart at half past 2, nailing at 3, i'. M. iioats cau enter up to lime of atartliig. Entrance $?'! JOSEPH PKNliLETON, Proprietor. SPORTIWO. ? THE LARGEST AND CHOICK8T AJWORT men! of doga in the world at '?) Pulton atreet; price* rwa aonablc, and all dog* warranted. ltutler'i liniment i* instant death to flea*, Ac., an infallible and *peidy cure for nuuute, ?ores and diaeaaa* of the nkUi in doga. Price 60 cenU per hot Ue;J<utler h Dogography, 2?oenW. Pleaae copy the addreaa. Dog* taken to educate. THK GAME OK CRICKET? AH PLAYdCD BY THE OA nailiana against the L' lilted tiuiro. u> day and to morrow, at Ilobokt d, ran be had. Illnatrated with cut* and explana tlona at HIIEKMAN & OO.'fl bookatore, No. 1 Vaney atreet, (Aator llonae). Price 25 cecta. HUNCHED, JEW ELKY, &C. AI.IPORNIA DIAMONDS, EQUAL IN BRILLIANCY ^ to the real; one * mil to our a'ore w ill natmfy the mo-it *cen Ural, 1'lna, rlnK*,rar rtrg*. *tod*, *leeve buttoua, braceleta, croarea, Ac., at price* within the run h < .1 .i 1. L. A J. JACOBS, 407 Broadway. COMPOSITION AND OOLD VEST CHAINS. Ol'ARD cbalna, chatelaine*. Ac. Pricea, ti 5<1 to Bs. Warranted not to taraiah or rhaugc color, or the money returned. Civility to con purchaacr* gratia 1.. A J. JACOUS, 407 Uro?dw-.iy. TmLIT AN* DIAMONDS TEST LOW.? THK HOB cJ an lber. far Ih* teat eighteen year* In kuiinea* In Wtf atreet. la **l)mg all daaerlpUnna af Que (old, diamond, and *? other k.nda of jewelry, at wbolwlg aad retail, at muob leal than the aaual prieea. Ladle* beaailful fold, MW, **o*at*, aarhunel* and pearl mi ?aj-rlnga, pin* ad braeelaia In box**. SXl UU to I UN UU *a*B Ladle* pin*, void, Nmao, lioaale. pearl and carbuncle tl 80 to W> OM MA Ladle*' oerrlnga, nld. eameo. giaaaln. pearl, garbunele, *7. . .... . ...... .... 13 K to MB 00 a pate Oold guard chain*. ib*lilato* ehataa, tob_ atiain* and veat ehalna to 00 to M M Par* gold w eAllng ring* KC WtoM ?U Ladle*' (old braeeleto. j|. . 9] iW ta Me W c ?f/ w ?? ms i ;i to ?iu a t 00 to tfldO Of eta. to Md S Plain and chued g<dd ring! E.... :?*. to 10 IX) 6e>itiem*n'***ai rtof* .. ? I 8 00 to M) 00 Garnet, opa? peart aad ottoar atong ring* } J M to US U0 < fine goht thtabiaa I a HO to to 00 eaok (,'oB (ward keya, f*b key* and aaata I 1 ?> to wm (in *Mh Cold pen* and paaalta I 3 00 to |1S 00 f~ OoM pencil* tl 0# to 17 00 i Ladie*' pnrteaiiawalaa U V> to r" Oold ernaet * and neeMarea J2 lw 10 ' OoM and *iui>* (iaev* battnna and mwmMl UU to I Oold acectaole* and ey* giaaaaa fl 7i to ?iu I Diamond earring*, plua. Ttnaar ring* A em*e*? to 00 t Oold a gg a tog and ? liver thimble* M et*. ? qborub c Aua,igMM Of w atohg* god Jewelrv, w)w>l**al* aad retail. Bo. U Wai alreet, h*o*4 door, naar Broadway, up atair*. MUJAlu)fc illiard tables, trimmTnos or evert kind and all apparatus eaaruaal to or connected ? ith the rami of bllliarda, i" be had at lh? manufacu>ry of O'CONNOR i COLLENDBB, M Ana gtreei. Pour good *eoond haud laoiw fcr **ie. 1BPBOYBD BILLIARD TABLES AND CDHHIONS ? PA tented February 19. DM, warranted Ri*ih<>matioaSly cur red aad poeeeMing equal elasticity la *a a. aaona. For ?? < ouly by H1CH AKL PIlkLAN. 3? Obamber* aireet, op auura QT. DF.NI8 RILLIARO SALOON ?THK WB?H'RIBER O h*? the honor to annoanee to hi* friend* and the public llal tie ha? put Il ree line nev l.llllar.1 mbli* mirliln bag. In the liHiemciil ot the houan coanci'trd with ihe SI. I>enii> Motel, oppoalie Urate church. DKNIH.HH.IRN, Pro|>rl i"tor. MKUKAL /'tKRTAIN (TRE.-DR HAIOHT II AK IIIMOVMKI " I a vrgeial'l* rompotNHl. wht< b cnrm en d*. e.. igh?, aeth in*, hri.iehitt* and e<Miauniptboo 1b<-re 1* no m.-heme k *.;*? it lu Ita aaUmMnng curt a. ? >Cire, AI3 Ikiwery. N. Y. DR. WATSON'S NEW WORE? "THK CACSE AND Core' ? a eiimplete prae'tc."! trea'l?e on ?perm*tiHThiea and premature ethainglon. wuh Im-al debility, Indneed by earl> iiidlwrv-tmn. rxee.n nr ntber ean?ea, in wtin li th? nanne ar.d'ei'iete i'f thl* ln*i<lii>u? aialady, log?'b? r wi?h Ihetreat i- ei ? ;?rc full* enplalneil: illiilraii"! by aomerou* anat.natca1 plaleg anc drawing*. wDh a tapplemen' on geotin grtnar; dlwvwea I'rtce, f To be b*d 'if the author, who may b< e???<iiiiil eeoi. leiiilally, at H> Walker xtreet, a few door* we*t of Bnwdw*y. |R I.ARMONT'S PARIS AND LONDON MEDIC _ f^tAdvmer and Marriage (|i Smh egltlon. g."> pa ??. lifleW" in t> ped illu?tr*ili>fi?. ekito $1 It give* ihe a.l\ei ut u remedtc* ajtd ?l?ow? the ?uperturH - of the author * Part* amt !?rtd/m ire?tm< nt of genlto urloan claeaee*. nar.oo* deMRiyi lor n I an- 1 grT?? ral, trim rieemee. A< He eure* all ?iirh d ? Di rnM< at 4 Nereer ?t/e.-t. Our tier ?r. Spring. nppoaHe St Nl rfcnlgg Hgfl fffli to A.M. till ? P. II. We ri"eotnn?en?l l>r lament to the afliicteg.? Cimrtor d*a tCtaU t'W- Mtaai* Set IVR * AL?'ti ? Omc* lOCRB? ? TO II A M . < TO I t p M.. guadaj gicepled. Ne. <42 Hmukm Mreet, ae? t*mrer. DR. mom. 14 DI ANE STREET BAT B* OON ?tilted pr va'ely gn dl**aae* T'n- rietlma >* mlaptoe. fM*ftd?n-e >?ncall on him with the e< r?anri of fc*iag raaimli curad. charge* ntmlerata. N. B ? Bo leeil I *?rmi DR WARD S CNFfiRTMNATKH PRIFED ? THK Nl' pin* nltr* ii iMiercgl nn du ln?-a aadbm require* to h km w ti to m.< i * it< HMpal appmbanoa. aad i?*lamp Dr W?rd a* 'lie grrav?* lienef*c:or of ibe day. Dr Ward hgr*i y Mler* a reward af BMH to any plivaiciau mho after a pi i e demi>ni<tra<iiiu. <?n eure private liae*?. ? with eqiialiy na 'prm I elerily raae, ?afety aad i hr>>priea? a* hecan. In runeriib.e c?*e? pHKreaa. to dgftglilli gf *11 'h'' iloeVimeen 4,; i in M hi? wotider?? l ?peeltle an I hi* perfen kaowlgdgi ofeier rugc <if the diaeieae. he gRher alleviite? or i la ea ia ? sc. Tln-ae who d-mht 'hla ae?ertk<r> aliou.d ealt, an * 1 will tgr* tbegi wltboqt R<m.-n-ber, all ye wlto i>?> beer. Unci rteg ft* week.' and nwilli' drt iklnf BglMgnil' rvunfxoin'!. W liieli deatroy tee atnmarh nnd ?wallowing pot *or a* in 1* that undermine ik- llnngMMHlng that tj eaillnr ml r W*rd too tn.-y In a few hour* enjov the plexuraa nl Irtb. end feef 'hat Rte'iard I* hlm??li again.'' Prtoe $1 i (bee an Canal utregt, corner of Broadway. Medical imrmrTf, no. tio hocston struct f-irner <if ttreene. ? Siranger*. eitlre"? and all In valid* rnn d ?t tbi? in*iifote. half the aaual ciiargea. aod by ih? ter; t>e*l medical reatment, FFR THjIj CI RKD.-DR OOB'tKTT, If DI rtree-, mer ?e onuiilieg with eogli lenen on private , . ea*g* Tboritt' m*?i ( naeitery can call on Dr C. aflth tie nertamtyi oetag radlralli mrel. N. B.-,4ee hi* dipl<en<i an in gyi 1 1* i e New Tork t'nlrenky MHieal Colleen, go* i n'lHB* ' oflioe. DRIVATR CONHtTLTATION -DR. WATSON |! t J or al ong *erie*of jeara rooflne.1 hi* ationtMrti to raae* of ? eer- On rlaaa.l n whleb he h;ia tr>'*ie<l no' lean Ui (went) IhonaWKl r**ea without an tii??twe of fa Inre T'i remedlea are mild and there i? no interruption 'n bu?ine** ? rbange "f diet Dr. Wat*>.n I* in ion?tao? gtMi<*anre from: n tie motnifiK until V at night, at hi? conn nltlng mom* an ) re i idroce ? W*i*er itreet. a few do..r* wev p4 Ttmilway. WILLIAM watson, M D., ^Formerly Suntcoa to thg le<-k ili.,i tjRKsFRV AIIOE OF LtFE-DR. m'Kmfl PHJ. X dron ?Every phyne an nf ordinary Intelligence, and m.e , r? n of boMOty, trfll leil you !? la ^e only 'emedy no whl ? ? rin reliance ran be placed lo really eure venerea) diwv? dl1 i thcr i emeillce drive 'be dmeaae in Uin Mont, l*ri"-' $; e r it! The llunterian !>??* eaaarT SlMlMlu ?irret, N iv Y ? c.ty, tf Ui* enly plaee It ewit?# had genmn*. IVietor IT-iate ? I 'Urat e*tofcll*fce>l it to l(#4 can he aonkiilted tn pr)TW a I lonra. He ?avee more Uvea every year ?v lewntoix a ?B anY other doctor la thl* or any otber c?r. Bewar - egt nterwHg. RICHRDt PBACTir* IN A CERTAIN IMPORT AN1 i rlggk of <Baea?e*. Ae -DR n. D Hammmvl, r?pt! of S'rord, of Pari* I'r* < arnoehaa and Mn*t, nf thiagttv, m ... .atlL*,l rMtAilotttl&IIV lit ihit iMMtiftlito || |||4 ffl 13 A .ntHK HE Vr**. fvltOlliBAM ?? SCWRST THKA rHE. I J ran r.a or ? oaission. wr> r ? trsir too ?>rc, ft r? Seals 9B eeri's. Wcents I Pit and Oaliery. cents. Privati itii.Mk rivedoiiara. * ' * ? i 'lint liimriMWII itl; l|IMBMMII7K> T1J I K 1' A Y t v ?- 11 1 1 ?-' , S. tit II l?66 ? Hi vitlil.h HEARTS. Rapbn.l i/ut-i-atift Mr. J. B. Mfdonoogh 1 Fern nam) a journalist tod proprietor of the Maglo I .ii. 'c Mr. (troughim , V : couij t tairai n mgcaux Mr. Whiting Mon- cur VtMiiiinrf Mr James D>inn . M*"enotseilc Muicb.. Hl? Fiur Uorui I ? lettienune J n., ?' > Miss F Hen him Marle'U- ( uearto ^ Uri. J. It Scott Marie mii <>r|.h?n . Miss Kaui Reignolds li e [.??en liar and beaut ful Ml'A aKRAOOVESE, ! bj M ile ErseaUne Itenrarde, M ile Aume Uenrarde, Mr. B. v. tes hi d Miss Partington. To conclude with, by particular deatre, Hl-Cn-llnll-TAS. CRTOj* M NEW THEATRE. iiROADWAY, OPPOSITE ilund street Now OI'EN roK THE SEASON. 1HF. MUST SPLENDID THEATKK IN THE WORLD. 'I Hl'KHUAY, Sll-T. 11, (be favorite comedy ii Ihre* acta, of eWt.E'l HEARTH AND WIVE^. Billy l.aekadny with the popular comic lamentation and dmi Mr. bur on; t hai )M. Mr. I' Fisher: Idmirai, Mr. Mar* Smlih; Laura willi sonx*. Mrs. C. Howard; Eugenia, Mr*, barker; * *. lit II, Mia a l'aa i? Deux... by M'lle Ducy Barre and Mr. Smith "1 be farce, In two a. la. ?f a Kill, AND FOR AN OLIVER. in wh'rb Mr M. Sin tb Mr. 0. Fisher, Mr. T. Placide aad Mrs. V Howard will in pear. Friday? THE bCl'OOL OF REFORM? Bob Tyke, Mr. Bar ton. Dress circle and parqaette. 80 ten's; Third tier, 25 cents; Balcony seats. i5 c? uts. Orchestra chair* in private boxes, fl each. Pnvati boxes, Sti and $10 each. frilE OLD FSTAB1 IrtHED 1 CHAMBERS S I REST THEATRE, (Late tturton's) The un4erslg"ftd (through the kindness of W. E. Burton, K?.| > h: s obtained a limited le??e ul the above establishment, a Lut will oi i n 'he ??uii' UN MONDAY. KEPT, IS, with a powerful dramatic company, comprising many old fa voriies, together with new candidates for public favor. No vell v win i>e the order of the day, and a series of new dramas, by il;e belt diamuiio authors ol the time, will be speedily pro duced E. HDDY. BlcKl./.V'S SERENADES. NEW II A I.I,. 686 13roa4wa? opposite NH Io'a harden. THE rl.tBKT IX Tilt WU11UI. From the great success of 1'HOVATORR, it will be repeated one week more, with a flue programme of El HloPl v.N MINS i KELSY. Doors open it " o'clock; Concert commencea at 8 o'clock, aduiiss '!?> cent* | Orchestra aema Oil c?ats BaRM M S AMERICAN v. I SKI M. ? THE NEW COMIC drama ? Thursday, Sept 11 ? Afternoon, at 3. two pretty pieces livening, at 7 o'clock, the charming piece, full of diverting scenes, unique inciiieiits, and absorbingly profound Interest, entitled OIKALDA ; Or, the Invisible Husband? linn Manuel, C. W. t'larke. Rlgliillo Mr iladawav . (iiratda. Miss HiiiIv Mesiayer Afier ? hich. THE TIMID I.OVER. Two ii v ii i |r Anacondaa. a Ltvinii Skeleton two living Sea Tigers, dwaif Lady, the Lady who enters the den of lions, Ac. all to be seen. Admittance, 2ft cenia; children under ten years of age, L&c. TllK MAGNIFICENT OVRRTCBB8 To W II. 1,1 AM I ELI. AND MASANIELLO will be given, with thrilling eilect, by MAX MaKKT/.KK'S MONSTER ORCHESTRA, at the Crystal Palace, thia afternoon and night. "WOOD i. MARSII ff JL'VENILE COMEDIANS have returned to this city. 'ILey re open the BROADWAY VARIETIES, 472 BROADWAT, On Mommy EvEDIltG, SKIT. 15, and perform the 8RBIOCB FAMILY and T OODLES. Doors open at G}*; commence at TH o'clock. Tickets 28 cento 11' AI.LACK'8 THEATRE. ? TO M aNaUEKS OF TWA W TRKS AND 01UER8. An an of Congress having been recently passed for the pr? taction of dramatic authors. Uie Allowing dramas, written by Dion liourcieauiL but not bltheHo pulTllshed, have bean daljr oopyiuihted. and pnbllahed under ito prortsionsi THE PHANTOM, THE LIFE or A* ACTRHSg, VICTOR AND HllRTKNSK, THE CBAMKI.KON, THE YOl'NU ACTRESS, ANDY BLAKE, TUE CAT CHANGED llfTO A WOMAN, FACHT AND MAItUARET. The theatrical profession is respectfully Informed that lb* periormance of any of these dt amaa subjecu tbe partiea eon cerned to a penalty of not leas than one hundred dollars tor eai'h performs nee. The beautiful crystal fountain 1 Will be to full play, ai the Pa1a?e, this afternoon. from 3 till 5, and In the evening, from 8 till 1U. iJj'MCI.OR DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION WILL MKET uTj thla (Thnraday) evening, at 8 o'clock, at iet) Broadway, A lull attendance i* particularly requeated By order, J. I). l'KKcr, Sectclary W. A. BKBfcVORT, I'rraidcnl. The first gun ON TUB PRESIDENTIAL. QUESTION Will be llretl from the CRYSTAL Palace, On Thursday next, September 11. a 'HE LADIES' VOTE at th? ORTMPAt riLAra To morrow afternoon ami night. Till* ballot will be counted aep;u-ate from the mnlt Tote, HQil aanonneed at the aanie time. The result of the vote, to-nioht, At ihe Palace, will be telegraphed In eveiv direction of the country, a* THE CHOICE OF THE PEOPLE OF NEW TORE: thcrefoie, Irleud* of the Union, be ou hand to your atrength. THiiR original fakir of aya this world renowned magician ha* arrived In the city, and will per form In a fi-w day*, due noilce of which will be (Itch. All bu?tn?a? letter* muat be addreatwxl to I1ARRT M. HOMER V 1 U K. agent, St. Nlcholaa Hotel. Crtstal palace ? notice. In order to extend Ihe RIOIIT OF SUFFRAGE TO THE LADIES, A i well a* tlie male portion of the community, the manager* rrepectlully announce AN AM KRNOOff PROMEN AOF. CONCRET, commencing at I o cUx k P. M . on Thuraday, Sent. 11, IMS. Each neraon puirhaaing a ticket of admiwoo in the after - noon Mill tie admitted, without further charge at night, with the rU:hl u> vole It the afternoon only. Vlaiter* to the day en tertainment will have an excellent opportunity of eeeing many beauiltul ohjeeta of rare merit and world wtde fame Mill on etliibliion. end eiyov a deliirhilul promenade, 'aa well a* at tending the ORaND OALA IN THE KVEN1NO. Admlaaion 25 rent*. Tin Lauiaa B a ixot will be kept aeparate fro? the male rote. J I ST PUBLISHED ? MEYER HEERS L'ETOILE DC Noril Only complete edition, with rouaie. Libretto keek* of the at me are tor aale. IB eenta each, at the innate atrre* ot IIhII ,t Ion'*. Rl Hioadwar. t'harlea llrrualng 701 Broadway. SrharMnberg A Luia. Tstf Broadway. Bookeellera. muetc poblieheie. and other* eau be aupplled with the above J eta i i* k. on liberal Urma, by applying to W. II. T1NSON, 24 ltnrkman ?tiecl.J KNItlUTH OF MALTA. In pood condition, lit on hand at the Cry*? Pal to night. Full regalia, fly order. O. R. J. A., Uraud Commander. 11 |J K MAR. -'El. LAD E AND HAIL. COLUMBIA, Will I* ?la?ed by MAX MARKTZEK'S MoNHTKft ORiUKffTRA, Of two hundred performer*, at the Cryatal Palace, tlili aftemoou and nuthl I>CCE LEY'S fKRF.NADER'R OLD II ALL.-V9 BROAD J) way, hi let. Apply to JAM. MLCELET * HONK. Uu Caere n* wreet. MAX MARETIEE and h'a battalion of INKTSl MENTAL PERFORMERS, AND ORAND ? IIORCS. At the Crvatel I'alaee, thla afternoon and night Adml"ton S eenta Will leave <l.e rear of the Amor llouae an I the corner ot Canal atrial and Broadway, (or the grand >1 lai al FeeUval, AT 1 HE CRYSTAL I* A LA < ' K, I Me fi^rrrnnnn and nuihL D|1 WW I pour OAI.I.KRT, ?T BROADWAT. The heal r<.i:ace??n of palnilnga on ibia coutlBML Open from to clonk A. M nil M o'clock P. & Adcniaaton B rent*, eeaeon Ucketa. W rente. The TirTOP polka and ncKPOcKrr quad rtle will be perform <-.| by MAX MAltKTZEK S MONSTER ORCHESTRA, Of two hundred meirtimeetai perfonuora. a' the (MM Muaic Jubilee, at the I'alaee, Oua afternoon and night. TWOWCNDRED AND SEVENTY STAiJUN Will leave South ferry, thia evenlne, between * an- 1 8 o'clock pMw.ttg up Broadway, every minatn, dlr?rt to the gate? of ilie < ryaul Palace, to aceooititodale Hioee wl? deaire to attend the iu mater Miuural Jubilee. U'MANELIM MTSEt M, Iff URAND STREET, ONE JT door lrom 1 tread war ? Open ev?ry afternoon at |,^ren ng *< H, b* Madawie Waruwi ? tronpe of M<idel A rtlatea, Iwen ti ?e- ui In it 'tabor, oomprlalnr a company of the Otwat form ed wotaen In the world, with mjier eniertalnmenie. rHB ANVIL i Hour* [ w ;.e moot r ipeiMv perfbnnad, if MAX MARRTEICK S oR,*V|i o?nilt?.TRA, Together with a full CIloRl'R, the Palace, thi*aften ?'n anU night TIIC AFTERNOON PRCMFHADE CONCERf, At t'i* Ckrvrai. I'lurt, c.flimencea at one o'eloell I* * Tilt ladiea will hare an o|>portBnlty of n tlef. and rt*e ve aleo a ticket ot admlaaion * rat la to the ORAND ?"ala atniout. Admlaaion & rente. ATIONAL THEATRE, PHIL A PELPhTa^ raow nen to *?("Bm WESLEY HANI RE'S . prof .?el?maUy known aa U f. Ilanle ai ret original J"T forma nee of " I S CLE TOM. Roae Merrtfleld * Tor?f pit.-e fit li?'?. Bv* In II <it tet Ucerher Stowe * celebrated and *eoown?d work '<? LIFE AMftNo T1IR LOWLT, l>rlnr to lh*lr deiitrture for Kttrnpe The -evil a! <?? thia grniMt pr<*lue<t'ei"<a wUhotil precedent tn tfce .innal* of fObllc amoaement In Philadelphia. Hutidre.1* are tnmed a ur mi htlp, and Ike houanja Oiled with the beetity ar.d faehl. n of%e city. \Xf ANTED- A COMPETENT LE ADINOfnE A VTtMAN TT Apply to IIENRY WaI.LACK, Mage Manager.; WU !ai d'( National Theatre, Boa'on. FOR ^r*%^HE""sr F.FERY. DROP AXP 'IRFEIf ptirtalnaTcrliram. .*>**?, gae artnwa, Ajr naeee and *i'nurtenanoea or the t na> *r?f ??*????. w diwHtl W Mot I El. LAN, Baltimore. KATHnjoWAL. ATOUNO OfNTLEMAN. WEARIWI Of NINOT.E M -aeedneea. wounl like the aoq uafctnnee of an agreeable y ng lady, not ever ?>. attraeUre M nppenrance. and havty >a> e ?nd taUnt for mn*lc, with a View lo matrimony. Ad dn aa I sana. Brrawlway Pnettif'*. R. T. AlH,M(lNltl F WILL. ffON THE EHCRTPT (0 twmtv five eente eeodin any peraon a fall deMneatton Of ilrit > haiac cr bv chrlrh.uid writing (ad** anffl lent.) Adfreee, with retnrn ro*?age, M lie Eatlle VtUeUe Brondway Poet p?ice, New Trek. AWISK.HK\TS, \> PtlC'P OABDRN - * ' Honrs open at 7 , uj c luiineuoe at 8 Ticket*.. rtrty ( THVBIMV KvtMMi, NKrTKtthKH U. IHM. TIIBi WONHEKt t'L KAVK1.H aNO TUK DOUBLE ? 11MPANY THK TIOHT RnPK BV YOCNG HBNGLEB. TlIK Kl.OPKMKNT, Hy the Ravel Family arid ihe Hallet Troupe. TUB SlAiiir TRUMPET. Cham- trs by The Ratal Family NIHLO'8 GARKKN ?FRIDAY. SKPTFMBKB 12. hKNEriT t.F JEROME KAVKI,. Artln'e, and author 01 ihe following successful pieces:? ""The ksgtc Pllfc," '"Ihe uieeu Mourner," Raoul," "Mazulm, ' "Asphodel," "Jocko," JmiiiciiK and Jeaunot," ' Buaka," "Hnene," "Ihe hchoo master," rhe klopemeui,'' . nJ 'Pungo ' Fr m the above l'sthefcas selected a variety of the zuotit popular and sinuslng pleees which will be presented A I M Hi <> S o Ait 1>EN OM FRIDAY EVENING, SEPT. 12,. by the Ka?el Kuuiilv M'lle Robert. Young lieugWr, the cele brated M and km*. Marsettt, the Lehmaun Family, aud lbs entire xtrei.gib of 'be 1 ouble Company ? l>Kt UaLI'MKaI, THE TIGHT KOPK, a (JRaNI) DIVKRTIMEMENT, and tti>- wot drrful teats of PONG0. 1 iekcin SOeeuta WALLACE'S THEaTBK HI -MKH GaBDEW. Last night but three of tk? FAlKY STAB and ?K DION BOVBGWAULT. A GI.OH10U8 BILL. THURSDAY, Sept. 11, t.-.Vi I'SKH UP. fir Charles Coldstream Mr. Bourclcautt lo be followed by M1LLY. Miily Miss Agnes Roberleoa With ll e brllllaot afterpiece of TUB < IUMELEON, in which Mi-n Roberuon pei touates funr < haracters, with SUNG AMI J'ANCK. Pei forn nn-e bsgtns at )?, aud terminates at 10>, o'clock. GKO. CHRISTY A WOOD'S Ml Nnf.RRLB, *44 Broadway, he'ow Urand street. nerry Woml Bii-iness Manager Geo. Chr.siy huge Manager ore* t v a u v ttiant, NP.dRO ?!i;.'STHK!.8Y. Coiiclud ug with Mil entirely n*'W piece, W KFFO, Till MKMHIULB MONKEY. Wefto. the monkey ? Gee. Chrlatj T < Item, -1 ceus; to enwmt pee at 73a o'clock. ACADF.MV OK MUSIC. "?IIAKSPk HE AN STAB COMPANY, under the direction of Mr. 1 1 At 'BKTT. 1 III KUMM. SEPT. 11, 1M<5, Pbakspeee semaedt. In five acl* entitled TUB MRBRY WIVK- i>" WINDSOR; OB, FAL8TAFF OUTWITTED BV WoMKN, Principal characters by Mewir* Hacltett, Placlde, Wallack, Jr.. II l anei. lira, Holland, Hland. WemyHS, Lolling well; ami IU ur>.tn Pyne, Mrs.Maeder. Miss Kate Saxon, aud Mrs. Mi Lean. A cant unequalled ou any stage In either hcmUphe.e. 4PMISMOM:? Bexe* and Parquetie 80 cents Secured seals. cents extra Proscenium boxen 98 Pr'vaie boxes according lo capacity. Amphitheatre 25 cent# Seats msy be aecured at th? Academy, or at llall A Son's. Doors open at 7 ; performances coiun. ence at 1 >?. M8TRAKOSCH 8 GRAND CONCBBT COMPANY. ? , a ),,, public are rexpneitully Informed that MAD'LLK l'KHESA PaKOHI, ar aimed by PACLJtfMBM, The celebraied Viol inlet; SlK. ? lHKrtlN I, The eminent Tenor; and SiK ?<S^aL1> KKKNARHI, 'the distinguished tai iume; Under the dtresuon of M. STKAKOSCU, will give her first GRAND CONflBRT In New York about the 1Mb uf Sentember. Mad lie Teresu Parodi will give a grand Concert, In Phil* delplila, on Monday evening, sept 8, at Uie Musical Fund llall. For partieulars see future advertitemeuts. CRYSTAL PALACE -PROMK.VADB CONCEBT. A I. HAND afternoon concert will be glrea, at the PaUce, ON TliUBSDAY NEXT, preparatory to the MONSTER MUSICAL FESTIVAL to be held there ai night. Ylsiu r* to the aftermxm entertainment will receive a ehecfc whkb wkl entitle them to admission to the GRAND GALA JlT NIGHT. CRYbTAL PALACE.? UK AND NATIONAL CONCERT MAMMOTH MUSICAL JtJBILBE, by a boat of INSTRUMENTAL PEBFORMER8, rDHVIKi A MOS'TBH OKruBITKA, excelling In numbera ami tuleut any a miUr Dorforma&M RVER OIVKN IN AMEKICA. The mar**?m-ut la happy to Inform the publte that, on thla occaaien, they ha\e secured the aervicee of the emlMnl mae?tro, . _ _ MAX MARF.T7.KK an CONDUCTOR Ihia aplendid entertainment. for eome lime in preparation, will be produced In a Mile f-illy equal to the |ran<i concert* at Vauxliall Uardena, l.oudo*, and, like them, aflbrding the greateat amount of mimical enjoyment at a comparatively ama.l eipenae. K will take place on TbU ArtBUROOK ASl) NlUHT SBfTBMBBB 11, 1806. at um> CRYSTAL PALACE, ? hlch. or account of lta immeuae capacity and aritilrabl# adaptatk) ti for the pnrpoae, ha* been eelected a* the tecattoo. On the eveelng of the concert thla inagniucent atructare will be BRILLIANTLY ll.i.l MINaTED by over seven thou sand live hundred jets of can. PROGRAMME. I'iKT I. 1. Overture to the opera of ? Ma/mtilello" Anber 2. "The Troubadours," a irrand wait* L. Aj&er 1. (irard Coronation March, from the opera of the ' ' Prophet" Meyerbeer 4. 'The Tip Tup l'olka" MareUck A. The celebrated Anvil Chorue, from the opera o( "11 1i?>ral<>re" Verdi 6. Pelccuona from Uie oueraof "I Puritaul," with eoloe and r ariatiutif Bellini r AHT It. _ Overture to the grand opera M "William Tell'' Reealni 2. "The pickpocket yuadriUu" Eiaaaa 3. Selections from the onera of ' Lucreala Bornia" DooaetM 4. The Wedding March, from "Mklaununer Nlsht'a Dream'. v. . . . .Mendeli 8. Invltauon a la Polka ** ? 6. (I rand Gallop 7. 1 he (real t reach hrmn. "l-a M*raelllalae' Roger de Llale Tocom lude with ' Hail Columbia. " and other nalional alra. Intennlaaion of twenty ntlauiea l>e' ween parte Oral and aeoond (or promenade and refreahmenta FlnV.e? Announcement of the reaalt of the ballot. Admtiwion Twenty -tv* Mailt I*ur? oven at 7; Cuaoert commencee at 8 o'clock. NOTICE. Owing to the Immediate occupancy of the Palace by the It rtcau Institute, for their annual fair, there can be MO REPETITION OF THE COH'KRT. Academy or homcl Fourteenth atraet. AdmieaWm 91 | Heeond tier SO cent* 8e< or. .1 aeata. extra SO rente I Amphitheatre 2B crate Doors open at 71* o'clock, commencing at 8. , Boi od"-e? at the Academy of Muatc, and at Me? I a Hall A Bona, H roadway . open daily . from # A. M . to ? P. M. Mas Maretxek wtrectnr and Coadeetor. To accommodate the large number that failed to procure ? rata at the laat repreenaiAMae.Vardl'a graalaat opera, II. MUTATORS, will be again repeated On t RIDAY, ?ept IJ INM. Willi MadaOieABBA DB LA URANtfft, Mite ADA PHILLIP*. Hlgnorl SfttUNOLL AMODIO, OaHPARONI, ta the prinrpal role*. HCRTOKH NEW THEATRB, BROADWAY, OPPOStTB J J liond street now open e err evening 1 he- bandansneat tad largeet edifice devoted to the iruaa, with the beateeM ranj. A H UOKM TUE CRYBTAL palace, Wi goee NEW VORK. ft QOKS NEW TORE, Have too seen bcbton'* new theatre*? it m beyuod doubt the meat beautiful place of ani ieemeDt ,a ihe city. ILL!/ MI RATIO* ofilM crybt *l palace, ar.d I'gMing i4 the ORKtT <'H < MtKI.IER, fee ?h? i. rat Hmc In three year*\ will take pleat T*? m?irri>w nioiit, on the niliiefBl MoNsIkk roNCERT mi4 TF.ST VOTE aa ta Uie PRK?1I'E>CT. fpKMT TOTE FOR TWE PRFSIDBNCY THE CKTBTAL PALACE. Ala mal'er of general tmereat ki the rommnnlty at IkM time, ami a> ?ngge? ?<n oi the peeaa. the manager* hava made arr?o#^"ent? cm the eeaMtaa of taa BuMETW m'BiCAL rRnTIVAL, lit Tbi aaaav *b?t. f?arv |1, TO TAK.K a T*HT vote A a to THE VISITER*' CHOICE FOE THE PREXIDEMCT awn ***or?rt th? aaatn.T f'"Wi the ??AB?. at the eonelation of the Coneert To prwvent cnnfiieton. a?t farlHtata the entry of the lam auMfear ef d? aot a w ho will attend on thla novel maaatiia. FOt B TI< KKT <?FKlt KM #11.1. HE OPENED, three of which will bear itie namea of th- r<?e<*t|va AhlKH'iK. RSrVBLIUAN A?H DKMiK'RATfC ranHi.laie. ate! one for the aale <f Hank tickete Aw noa ?otere; ?aeh Mi ket will have on N the name of the eaadMaie of the par* Ik tilar ofltce freai whence it wa> Stained, and a eorpeef cl< rka will be etitaimd In count the ba^Mt, in ume to aoaauno* he reauh ai lot, n clock P. M Mb. l w oottbchale will rbfvmr hie, e?>aree rOnatraetlen. the | lan of the laet aeanon, wrl' tueiicii g on the nak m i*et>t?anbei and flulehlng en the llth C Orteber. Term* Ibr the .?>ume of i waive leaenea. one ho 9 each, **1; or haifaa hoar eat*. MU Apply at DKBCOHRE'F. Be. ,** Broxlway. RANEI.IN MIPNI W. W UBtED STREET. -EVERT afternnoa and ntght. Mona. Uragatre ehalleagea lha world to police hia e<i?al la atrength He will Itft Lgon lha. With raee. will narry anteee peraoi a oa hia hack, artll break bwraof plglmn. will allew anyMram ta break the harteet ??one1 aith'P kainr-erj on hla che.t, with other dona feat* Bemeaiher. i % Urand atreet, np atalra. (TrRNEYE T lain* r*r<V] ??0,. mm I? ? . M|>eM*oa if the pithMa. J'BABKI.IE MTBETM, 1*T OBANt* *TREBT, f ? rt,*c from Broadway,? Two perlbnaanrea are g lai'y, commenelBB at S in the afheraotm, and at 8 la the ev * in ft Madame Wartnn'a tronpe of Model ArtMaa twetv aWHMMP lr0U4" ta ? rMANAUERH OF TURATRRa. CONCERT BOOM**, he ?Wanted, ar engagement to alng and give recita tioiw In a theatre, onooert room, he , by a young man. who haa a knowledge of jnaato, and can atn? baaa er iteM ? Hotdiiectton ta travel. ??? ?? INEY-B PALACE Of ART. Mi BROADWAT (Ri ' aiD. *? mm* aoBaetto, of photographa iJ ie? m ea on **hBdttn? ta the waaM. ?>* Matwari eyaa tw 4 i h.ruaea. tleea. Ac Ho e#?jectton to travel. Pleaae adit^H \ ? , .1 Vlr r eid'a, tailor. M AUanttc atreet, Bn?.k I rn. JP tttd AiMi pEr* for rale.-that nSRaiip U tectba. tf rare aite.rtmene of (Willi ^lleii. aeknewiadyed by enmj cent itvdjfea owe ef the he* In tha I "*ted ?t?>ea kavtr^ recti, .ted tM?e raotna, 48 by ?feeA la ^w otl^red^oe aale a MMi 1 hiy ortgtnetly enat 8lo,fl80 Thte la a bargata rarely met rrwb. Terma of p ay tn' 1 1 ? T rtvlng aaOafact^ ry ii <nny Apply to N. MOfBi PB8h< ?? *