Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WBOLE NO. 7319. SECOND EDITION? SATl'HD A V. SEPTEMBER 13. 185H? IIALF-PAST ONE O'CLOCK P. M, PUICK TWO CENTS ARRIVAL OF THE CAMBRIA AT HALIFAX. THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. THE DIFFICULTY BETWEEN SPAIN AND MEXICO. Visit of the Queen to Scotland. EARTHQUAKES IN ALGERIA. COTTON QtlET BBEADSTIFFS MPROTED. Consols, 95 a 95 1-8, Ac., &c.t Sx. BY AMERICAN TELEGRAPH CO.'S LINES, 21 WALL 3T. Haukax, dept. 12, 1856. The royal mail steamship Cambria, from Liverpool, on tbe morning ot Saturday, Aug. 80, arrived here thia afternoon, bringing seventy-six passengers Tor Boston. The C. sailed at 4 P. II., with clear weather, and a light ?onthwest wind, for Boston, where ahe*will be due at an ?arly hour on Sunday morning. The Arabia had been taken into dock for examination, and It wai found that she had only sustained slight in jury to her keel. She was to be despatched as an extra ?hip on tbe 4th Inat. for Halifax and Boston. The Collins steamahlp Atlantic arrived out at Liverpool ?I 7 A. M., on Thursday, the 28th of August. The IVmet' Paris correspondent state* from Alx lea Bains, In Savoy, that a Congress was to be held there of partisans of Prince i.uclen llurat to deliberate on the best ?leans of Insuring his pretensions to the throve of Naples. It wm, however, considered doubtful. Tho Prince ar rived at Alx some days ago, accompanied by some of the most Influential of the Mur&tists, but It is not supposed that Prance will support his pretensions. The Paris i'ayi says it Is positively stated that the ports Of Renl, Ismail and Killa, on the Danube? restored to Moldavia by tbe treaty of Paris? are to bo declared tree ports. Latest accounts from Stockholm mention several cases Of cholera, but the disease appeared in Its mildest form. Tbe U. S. steamer Arctic, Capt. O. H. Berryman, which was sent out by the United States government, in July last, to make aoundings for the New York an<l Newfound land and London Telegraph Company, betwecu St. Johns, Newfoundland, and Valontla Bay, Ireland, arrived at Queenitowu on Tuesday, Aug. 23, having successfully ?coomplisbcd the object of her voyage. GREAT BRITAIN. The tory organs state that tbe conservative party was likely to arrange Its Internal difierencas, with a view to a (rand attempt to overthrow the Palmers ton administra tion. The Queen and Princes of Onde remained at Southamp ton, unrecognized by the Queen of England. The British royal family bad gone to Scotland for thQ Mason. prince. "The political news from France la u full as ever. Thi5 petals liyi that wherever political activity may exist la j?nrope at present, certainly none exists In Franoe. The Eciperor would make rather along stay at Blar rttx. Auditors from the Council or State were to go perl Mlcally to Biarritz, as they lately did to Plomblerres, to ?rtng the portrolio of enrrent aHairs, and sab mi t papers Iter the F.mperor's signature. Another prosecution of the members of a secret society is going on at Dijon An anonymous but circumstantial contradiction has published of I/Ouls Blano's statements as to the Cruelties Indicted on French political prisoners at Cay HA. The Berlin Krevtt fritting was authorized to contradict kl the receut statements as to the proposed Orleans Manifesto. 4c. Shocks ol an earthquake were felt throughout Algerl * the 21st. They were slight at Algiers, strong at Con tantlaa and Bona, and violent at Phillipcville, where wenty two sccceesive shocks occurred, aud several vil iges were destroyed, but there was little loss of lie. SPAIN. lite papers now say that the difficulty between Spain t Mexico has been definitely arranged, and that tbe Isb Fjivoy to Mexico had taken leave of that repub , after having settled the ba- is for an amicable terml |at m of every difficulty. Another account, dated Ma CI, the 2fth, atnounsos that the Minister to Mexico had n removed. Madrid Journals of the 23d say that the Ccuette Is about publish df t rees Tor tbe dissolution of the Cortos, the irvlation of tbe press, the establishment of a Council of |tate. and tN- promulgation .?< the < on. >e of 181ft. The Ctamcr PuMioo and the I'arliammto Btato that the ditlon to which the press Is reduced has prevented |iclr making any con, merit oo tlie decree for the illx^olu. on of ttie National (Inard. The IXaria had exprossod approbation of tbe measure. The Gazette contains decrees dismissing sixteen civil vernors of provinces, and appointing successors, half iected from the progressists and half from the modcrado rtiea. Bravo Murllto, Gonxalna Romero and Be I tran de Lis, Ministers, are about to rrtnrn to Hpain. At Barceloca one hundred and cchly seven persons, ^ndcmmd by court saartlal, had b-cn embarked Tor ba and other colonies. Tbe Hapten < etieral of Catilonia had decreed a dlssola of all a ^ociatlsns of workmen and masters la the orlnce. A Madrid letter, from a Ministerial source says:?" The Isters continue to be per recti v united amongst then Ives, and tbe Queen places every confidence In them." The marriage contract between the Infanta Amelia (d MM Adalbert, of Bavaria, baa been signe<> at the BBLGIUIf. Free Trade Congress C ?mmittee, at Brussels, con. to re> c ve the adhesion ol influential polit)< ? ?n < in (gland an. I oile r Nearly every Ciiamborof lerce had appointed one or more of Ita members to The provisional commission for organising the _ consisted of Ave or the most eminent political lists, and they were a< \e m arranit ng for every Jl. It wss design, d to k?cp the meeting as Tree as ilble fro 7i all exterior influences, in the stupe of ris or parttea. and the appeal way'ehlefly ma le to _.lcal men to come forward and enable the Congress [reach a practical result. The committee had agreed a plan of organ. gallon Sy whlsh the sittings and dl( ? i? were to be regulated, an I the deliberations ^putd be condu Tted more in tbe shape of a committee of ulry than platform eflort. I tbe same city, on the 17th of September, will meet International rbllantbropic Congress, to discus* prae il paWlM relating to the social and enconomic life of Industrial claaaea. PRUSSU. irand mano nvres or tho Prus-iaa troops were going at St t.oor, en the Rhine. rhe reported erection of a iin" of fortresses aroitad Bor la eoelirase.1. The plan Is not a connected cnsln of s, like I'mms. but ili taobod redoi.i-ta, to cover each tr's lira fe base nothing ledtlte as to the reported evp'nNtl tn Inst th? Riff pirate*, but the KnglMi government ers hsve brooms suddenly an otts tbst the matter nld be left for settlement by tbe F.mperor of Morocco. ITtl.V. nstrlsn ofheial Journals repeat their denial of any In lae to the Austrian forces a Italy , b it admit that the m i'armf therein la already complete to var lagtb i letter sddressed to the Milsn OossUe affirms post ely that Ctcemachlo was Iro ened In endeavoring to ? tbe Peano; It defies (..inoaldi to prove that he was I by Au'H"?n-? reported disaffection fn the pt^t of the Keapot'twi sty was iirnie.i, but m ir'? fr , 'erance, ectam r-v u' ' i- ' 1 ? ? n or.l.'r"! to work tbe railway . k latter In tbe Frankfort professos to give tho analysis or tb* Kmc o I Nafta*' r*ply to lb* ?<Mn Powers, which U up ha* Iwrt sue* niifi n1?< The king considers the interference of U>* Wliri I'ow en as 10 enrroai-bmeat o* hi* kingdom s *4t|*?4*Mi, and not justilied by the mmltiKu*iiini?i iimihimI ? he refuse* to recogais* such lafcfareaoa tt* (m not refut-e the a ugg<*ted ref-rwn, but o*?*>i*ra the Neapolitan government U>? b**l J u tg? *f Ik* *pf>*r (unity. I'* doe* nut say, a* la reported, ibat bt ?ru repel force by torce, but biat* that if aajr raai cau <?' lirievance exists on tb? part of Uie WaaUra PavMi, be m open to a European Ooagrw. TURKEY. We have Constantinople date* to Aaffuat 10 Kan; waa compku ly evacuated oa tb* 4th ef iur*>*? The fortifications are untouched. Tba ?vacuai-a of iU ?>? ?od Umail bad begun. The pa|x>r* say that the Ruaslaas blew ap the tort* cotions at Tonltcba. Two British nt earner* have vtstUd lb* UI**( Serpent* The Russians bad not yet left it. The Sultan has republished Uie af tfe* Euphrates from Bagdad to Bawora. The Port* Is now about to mo|* tneaanrea for tb* abea tlsement of the Mouteuc grins, for reboot lanslmal out rage*. The Porte haa also giren new assurance* I* tb* Ail ed Powers that the conceasiooa la favor of tb* Utriat^a* will be restored. There is talk of a fai on tobacco, est mat*! to r**l-s* two hundred million* of piaaUrea. RUSSU. The Russians have withdrawn moat of tb* troop* from the Cilmea. The garrison at Sabaatopol la vary small, and elsewhere there are but a law Osaastka. Russia baa extended the four day* (uarantu* to all the frontier of Bessarabia on the Moldavia. St. Petersburg letters continue to revet la daacrlptioaa of the glorlea ol tba special embassy to tb* approeebtag coronation. The diplomatic corpa are lo be ooaveyed free to Moscow, on September 3d. A special trata con veyed the crown Jewela, sceptre*, orbs aad different crowns of all the Russlas. These treasures were exp?ee4, In an open carriage, and Immense crowd* looked oa tn admiration. Letters from Treblzond state that no credit la attached in Georgia to the accounts given by the journals of Ku rope, with respert to the expedition or Uie Russians against the Abaslans. It is certain that negotiation* have been opened with the Abaslans and Onboaicks, ana up to the time the letter was written not a single Russian soldier ha 1 croesod lo Ingowe. INDIA. Telegraphic anticipations of the mail from Calcutta the 17th. aril liombay July 20, are received. Hie rainy seaton had commenced in India. The heir to tho throne of Burmah had been assassi nated. The indigo crop throughout Bengal had suffered Injury. Exchange at Bengal was 2s. l>,d. The money market was Q"',9?. Freights ?2 to London *nd Liverpool. F.xchang * at Calcutta waa 2*. l'^d., aad the tnaney market had Improved. cerNA. We b?ve Hong Kong datoa to July 10, ud 8hangh?? to June 28. The ratetof exchange show no alteration, the quota tion. being .till 48. lid. at Cwton and 7?. 3d. at Hbang haa-the shipments of ailver to China may. therefore be expected to continue large. The export* of tea to date were forty-nine milliena of pounda. and of silk forty nine thousand Mrea hundred bales. The crop of new allk waa large: but the el Ik districts were threatened with trouble from the insurrection. At Canton ihe tea market had opened at 29 taels. The new teas were aaid to be inferior to those of last year. The insurgents were reported to be making progress. Dr. Tarter, tho United ."Hales Commissioner, had gone northward on a diplomatic mission. l*erho waa aaid to be his doetinat on. Mr. Tow: need Harris, American Consul for 81 mo 1a leftnong Kong July 10 for Japan, tu tliesteamer Sin Jacinto. The American ship Monsoon waa at Hhangliac Jane 23, short of provlsione. CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. The Colonial Parliament ts prorogued till October the 224 Nothing Is heard respecting any Cadre outbreak. The project of military colonization of the frontier Onda favor in the colony. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. LONDON MONET MAKER. No change bad token place in the demand for money, or in the rate of Interest. Consols were steady, closing at M a PS1,. Mexican dollars were quoted at 6s. ljfd. a Us. l?,d ; bar ailver, 6a. 1 >4d.; eagles. 70s. 4i. a 7?a. 4*d. The bullion in tho Bauk of Kngland Uad a^vj-oaaod during the week ?19,(00. ?y 1*1 wiuni rNOM io>mojr to umriMt. Loxdox, August iW? P. M. The Engllxh Fundi remain Hat. In the discount mar ket tie demand for accommodation has Increased, and tbe rates are roairtolned at four and a q aarter to four and a half per cent for good bills. fireat drprcasion continues on the Pari* Ron roe. The Three per Cents ahow a further dcciine of a >? p?r cent. The announcement la trad* of the opening of a new Ine cf steamers betw?r? ,/mdi... and tbe West Coast of Africa. TUo tlrst vessel of the line Is to leave on the 1Mb of (September. anxmrajt sv ermines. Messrs. Bell k Co. rejiort American securities Arm, and a larjje business doing for Investment. Railroad securi ties tnchangod and buatcesa limited. Tbe quotations are as follows --- United States >?ixee, (bond? and etock)....l(M w a lost* 1*. nn-j Ivama Fivee, bonds 7* a so I?o. Hierliag bonds 74 a 75 Maryland Fires 90 a 92 M.'ienaciii'tetu Fives a 1<3 Virginia frond* a fVwth (arolina, {Baring's) 94 a ? M <i ai?er'?) m\ n a Krnturky Sfiet m Alabuma bosd* gj , lk>. H'crling ...V.7.V.*. H4 a sa Tenmrsee Hoods .'. a ss Illinois Central Railroad Sevens *. gg B H4l^ I* ? M;1 I?o. > ror land . ka Michigan Ontral ol .. a. Z ? I?. of 106" 01 ! a! Wtvr'"' ?2* a M* Krie First Mortgage. " V. W * 100 J o. Third Mortgage * ? ' *? Do. Convert ibles Jo. Fend ?? ? ?* Pennsylvania Central l-.rsta . 71 J, I'anama Railroad Bonde ' LI VKR POOL COTTON MARKET. Tie Brokera' C ircular says that the market opeaed with in Improved demand, but towards the middle of the week became dull; owing, how?rer, to a return of tloe weather It again partially revived. The Import continued light and the trad <? bought apuringly Hol lers below sixpence per lb offered freely, but quotations were un changed except for lair Orleans an.l Mobiles, which being waulnd lor Russia wero i,a. d.-arer. The salea or the week amounted to 48.2/iv hales, of whl.-h speculators Mtt ?n> exporters fbe busln-se of Friday was variously estimated at from 8, ?00 to 12.000 bales ineludlrg r >t?ie 3,<on or 4.COO on speculation and for ex' port. The market was quiet at the close, but With a lions'? Th<J following are the authorized quota New Orleans. ^ Mobile It ? ? 2 Uplands .".".ftsj 00 "?r'1 ?' Ti2,200 bales, of which ?1S, 000 were American. LIVBHPOOL PROVISION MARKET. r,.^'!lnDCLh"n*'", 1SS b""lne"J hmlted. Perk In limited r qi est. Mne qualities scarce and pnoos flrm, bnt mfe rlor had a drooping tendency, l ard continued scarce and prices tlrm. Htnail Bales at 73a. Baion Arm, with a moderate en.miry, at rather etilfrr prloea. Tallow ftrra North American warned at tf>n. a Ma. fld. i.m.nrooi, rreaprtt ppa markkt. Rreadstmni of good quality were generally a shade h gher, but Inferior descriptiona were dull and Irregular In pr^ Tbe advance on g.w>d Uour over the quotation* ad vised hv the "ersia la called Is. per bbl; oa whe?. 3d Kr bnshel, and on com. Is a Is. ftd. per bushel. The w.siherbad be*n slormy.bat towards the e.d of the week airaln became fair and very favorable Iryr aartuu) tural pur, 'Oses. Co. veijneftUy, the market on Friday < li*ed qn.rt Mea?ra. ^Richardson. Rpenee * Oo. q.HHe as inllows ? Red weeat, 7a a 9s #d ; white 9s 6d a lis Western caual dour, 20i. a 2Ai , Fhlla iolpttMl and BaIU ?.or* a. a Ua Ua.*, Ma ? !*i Wbrta corn, Ml a Ma , atiae* awd tratrw Ma. urnroeL raotrci num. Tka Imtm (Vaatar r?|?rt? - ' mraon, Irm a*.< a tart* k" ? ?*wa doit * al 4* M a 4a. ?d , italet of ?!>?> bwrr-la <>t tua at 6a alia Hark toMw-kog haul. I wri aWf t? -l at 4*? a ?7a I'M*, Ma. ftl a 40a. I imh ? a 1 1 v-d b iatr **a al f"r?? r rate* l*ala rape ?al ? n4Hi riiiat, al Hi Nothing <l>:og la whale at afpra Mia. Wftnm al larpaaUaa active al ihraer ?rtnaa.iilc M a Mi ??4?, aa aalaa. Americati ur, laa M ftaal mt tmd ail* tiarhauged. Dyawaada la nw darw ie "iwri, ? p*?? > ua ' te? h|iri vaak, and ira?i?wr ? .? ??.?" al ? > ra *?. a <!*c>iaa af *?d. O* Mr* M a, aa Tev aaiea of Coogau ?i > P- , n?a?< i an J daman 1 auiluiAte Qu. .. a, .? t>: a ?? t<l toapvM MANirrt. t*??r? lia-Bfh ii . ,1 reiwrt ? Troa flrn at ?4 a f * ?a t>. ?<a a aa r?. ? *? ( jag, ?*? ?d , imerl <at wh*e akeat Tla a ? ? ; rM Tim a TSa (tonr. dla a a. M.aar M laeer ?|? ta ?f tur|?-uuae ttrm at MM tar* al k<ta? raw* . Iiaca ? ull aa tba spat. Mm. M M , WW dalt witk a Mton, loudest/, mk' lll^n* MARK KT. TW ad? teea If ?i imoi * ar* ut a tavorabla nature, k?.t pricaa kad a?4*fga*i* ?? akaag* PIMRKll HS BY THE CAMBRIA. 1 ? lir. > Ml M Kai mil lad*. Mr. r.eear Mr ?i..t >.d?. *a? fniM* .r.| fcaali aaeraa' M Ma l.?r?, Mr N><aB> M> ?I..I tad*. Mr Mmm and Ml, Mi V i> tr-nui ??l av ? .ml V ? f ? ..?r Kir M II ? ?ad MfMaMa fi ?<?? T Wrblwr. lir lurmwi. MaaMtar Miaa MTarU. Miaa A l ii Bra Ada... ?i .| 4?m, .? ? .|it I K.-> J l'?a In.,. Kam <>M, ?r? tltaetaUMi* jkrwtm richer, Kuwlit. Parker. Am >14, li.iww*, Thar*) t'laag kambargar, I,*?y Iwtm A>i?a-.i> i ?m ? Ja?.?. a * i. iti.-rmtu, K |.? fc. Wrtami, k ra'.ha HaahkHru I --l.h^n, Ur??tnt. ? tail ? > ? II ..flat liamaiw. kirknivt Koffr ? Caaitama ? .^I^al. >lra?i?.m4j ;.'u?r?.n Mtiak'u I, W'lld. I'aaaa .?fc I' - Mn.hx.i. ? .it. ftai?r, k . -mr auu.'J Ruurrt MaOraui an4 ? aHati. P>*>* ?Naaaltr tat Uaa HarWr. MAT or TU "TBAM rXHIAT* fAIAN CirnilD ? TWO MAKIMEa MMVMBH. In o 'alack yaatarlf aaaraia? Km CaMal lalaa aiaan fytfata W afaaak, vkila |>a? iaf ap t*a laal nrar ta tka liraattya Nir; VMM, to* aafrr at Mar b?aia rap ?mad, Ikrww uf tha ertw af taa Mra .atu the water, two at wkeaa war* Arawaa*. Tk? i?at, w ik tk* mi?m la h*r, ka4 k**a M tt*wa for Ik* pnrpoa* af aarartag a tea kawaar ar a??M auak tkiai; ua react. o< Ik* wain Ik* taikl* ta tka fora pari af Ut* boat waa imimu ? mu-<j aakwakad, tk* tarkl* la lb* rbara a? b*u.g aa q rkly uaHtaixaad. tka id ?*>b of tka aklp tlfhtaaad tka rt-paa in aa ia*>aat aa aa la <lra? Ika koat tkrwagk tka water by k*r at. ra k*r kaad ka> ag Mdlliing to rupport t wa? whtrtart arouwd, tb.- i ia ainkini k.-r fntlafMlk* a Ar wVit, W'ti t(?? lortw af tka akti> a kra'lwa*. m*i*riAtri|r ia|K.r>'1hrr Tb? ("ack a lip farr) b?wl Kiagara. wklrh waa pavlag at ib* I m* iw -a.ataiv w.-at t> lb? aaa ii^m at Ua u.' D ta tb? w it*r ami a tk tk* aaawcaaie* a.' <4b*r boau at ?k rr?aird ta tt.?- ar n.<% aval ta aa. ng right ait Ut* tan Three t aU wr-? \ri 1< Wli 'r<HM Uia k a'taak. but uct la lima m> rea.J.r aaf aarilc* <?a af tk* two m*a drtiwaad a aa a /?>?> i iw?i a?r *mw >?; tuual lavi' b**n b rl. waa *b? ra aa of kw irowmag mlMra, Uial be weal to the a ? t of tk* maa t> at oaul.l a?t avtia, ABd th. j rack Mgetber. Th< r uari'.w were I%l.*I T. Arklea and ti.Ww.l > urf-ert-r b-ab of Fliila laipiita? ihe (urn< r aged Iwent/ Sir. I. 4 tauer tweal/ taa. Tka bo. it* af ai ife?r hate yat k*e* iao? rcred Hie W il.a-h la iu? MMMHW4 at tbe Nay Yard Her Cag waa ti) mg )e?l?rda) a; hair a a. I 0k? diackarg*4 uer gra? during tb* day, tor tk* purp-wa af k. lagtag tka t.odtea to tbe mrlar* tfs* wl'l ret tea mm lrou> ika North (, lacetrtag iktp, lo coaka ap bar coia^la air at The above la Ibr mm autfc .'nttc arwut our reporter could tti'ect of tka arctdrat Tha oAktera aa kaar i tka ?litp d?l not aeotn dtapoai .1 to g.*a Ike (>r*aa auy talir nalioo oaoarn.Bg ike aonirrew.* CM? lrt?UI?nw?. ?? V Arrit>?x? rv.a tn Ciri.wt.* m t* *rwt?. ?A trweUer named Drinker, residing at No It White itrrat, w?a m rtoaalf bnrncd on Thuraday night by the eaal? low of a campbehe lamp, which be waa filling while lighted Km Oram n a Tare*.? A bojr, eleven year* ?? a0, named Martin Clbaoa, waa run over yeaterday mora tag and dangerour ly injured by a Mom track, ia TVrWeih KlrMt. Ha ?*a roeve w> l to tba reeiJrao* of bn yarinta. No. 133 Eaat Twenty nlith rtrtH Panaavamm; African at Annua ? A mm named Chaa Itogera, while auflering from aa attack a t delirium tr? nana, yeeterday aaade two d (Operate attempta at a* If deatructioo He Brat awallowed a large doae at laada Dtim and then *hoi him. elf through the <b?.? with a t*a Mi He wan taken to tba M \ th aa i |<ia>ed tn car* of IT. keator. Iijjnt>* o? Mayo* Wnm> ? l-aac n. Barker officiated aa Mayor yeaterday, la tba abx rne of Mr. Wood, who baa been aertoualjr III of lutarmtteal lever for the la*t three daya. He vu reported *umewbat better laat evetuag. Cikbk or Pol '1 ? Tl.omaa J M u lay haa been appointed Clerk to the Pain* Co ?mi*ei"wer?, vice Wil*on thnaJ, who baa reacted to the oUt.-? ot Commtailoner ot Taxea, where be gala a tooiewbat i??u?r aalary. Mr. Mumlay wax f? rrwrrly aa Aaaerab'tman. and i vt year raa again* Brook* lor >enaln-, bat Uckad a anfficWucy of totfi tor an election. l*e?AlY? -Mabmui Ovxm?, 7 m Ra- i?n.-' Thte (Hie regiment will make a i, g lit parade cxt Mooday evening. Ktgiincatal will lorai >a lata) elU piaoe at 8 o'clock. The Pwlra IMfiee, Second Regiment. a fine military company, made ao cgruriion tn .Stryker * Bay yaa Irr-lay, accompanied by the Wa huift .n Braaa I'-aod. They apent tba day la practi-ing wu'i the i Ma aad g'?ag through the light iclaatry mm.u*i of arm', and la all ac quitted tbetr-elvee craditably Oa|4a.a H. Hubert aad lieutenant Billon command thia Company Ntw Yobk BoamAt.? Weekly report to Vptomh^r 11, 1S64 ? Rtmamitig on riepltmbvr 6, 171; admitted to -Vp ti mber IV. SB; ulecbarged o ired or relieved, ttS died, 10; rcmaluing at data, 11" 8. Maioa, Mi; lemalaa, M. Pvraonnl Intrllinniee. Colonel Coll, Mr. Jarvla and M iiar Miree wre pre Rented to the Emperor of i'.uaaU, at Peter bof, oa tba 14Ui or Aogn*t. F. C Adam*, the author of "Oar World," and aareral otber popular wnrka, will *oon bring out a novel entitle! "Jaatiea In the Bye Way* " l et tba chivalry of couth Carolina l<<>k out for a diluting fhr: Army Mi mical I'-oard, which recently rnareaed at Newport l'arra> ka, approved aad reooaimended tor ap point meat In tbe medical ntafl of the army I be follow lug ?andidat't:? t bar oa T Aleitadar, of VDti?? vaaia. An tlinay llmr, do. ; Ara Wall, \ irvm.a. ('baa. I'.rower, Ma ry iaad. Wm. T Hal>coi k. New York, .iamaa Hi moo*. Ma ryland. B. A. Clemnib". New York, Jjiaard M. 0>vay, Maryland; K. O. t'raig, New %ork. K. 1). Lyada, Mary land. The Preafcieat haa officially rn-' fn jh\ Jo'iu* Krevetiha gee aa Coneul of Paxony ai .Han Mnnciano. aa t Iteaietrina Itotaaata aa \ toe Cow ?.l of tba kingdom of (traace at New York. >on?e three week# fi ace, n Mr. William Ree.1, afProrl denca, R. I., married a Mir- Abby lirajr, <>f B??iioa, alar a bn.l conrtabip of <nly three lay a A Ibw da) ? alb-r the supt'al knot waa tied, the wtfo waa led need to m-oJ to to l*rOTldence, where aba hadaome invert M. aad get the money, to rnabie her hn baad to mart ia tra?la, na be mg In want of fanrf*. After aha bad aeat W tbe m ? ao v, abe discovered that ber aew lord bad already oaa wile, and thin dtarovery led h?r to revoke tba order The rcconrt order, however, did tot arrivaln aaaae*. foe the ro< nf y wa< rent, and foil into tbe haada of Read, who, with bia tint wii't, have made themaalvea a?aroa. Tbe '/anc^vtlle, O.. Omrur record* the narrt?ga af a Mr I'lirrell and M aa Bowell, Ot Rich (I'll lownabip They are botli deaf mute*, and wcra married aotely by tbe language of ?lgn<, ta which rctern e Kev. Mr. Hoge w aa ?oept Thoae present expre<aed thaauaivea aa daaply trnfrcaacd wl-Jh the ceremony. akrivai a. >kt the Everett llenae? Mr aad Mra Oapla. Pi dad-'i bta. ? a Hojd, Kaichea. tti?? . Mr? itoyd. uva eb i'ir< n and Mm mm tnnta, do. , .1 M. AI'raaM aad l?di Kaa Frmnrteeo: Oeo Paraaaa, Cavaonah. Mm. and Dw M?ny, t'anada; Mra C. I'oril rind ?-rv?nt, Pari*, t'haa Heady ant I . f'. R>-ndT, Tenn?i?ee I'npt .1 ndkin?. ?'"?ai?'?hlp Perai*. Mr an nth. Ml?? foBI'h Iind PraneM W HmHh Norfolk. At the !.?farge llmtae ? tleneral Qn tm*n and fkniilr. Natrhex. Ml** l.lentenant t'ol. Irvtng, I M. A *? I ?r t ninminc*. W??hta?ton. Hon J. U>h.iell ?n l t?rr< H v . H-o-ia honge. I.e. . lion. K. K. Pmiiey. Maryland. > ? l. t?a t^ajar, Savani.ah. (Ia. Maior Rllta, Niearaaimn Arnir, W ?' *.?ire lx>ul*vllle. Ky . t?i Moragna and t tali) . t t<* ,1a. narAKTi a*a. For Liverpool. In ?*eam?hlp Niagara, from lUn ?iiem P.dward I'.ang*. Oeo I' Hang*. l*aae A lam* ^tb Adam* >n?l Mni?n ll*rker, of lto?toi). Mlehnel (> Uiiiim-t, Win llallay. of Canton; ?' M Treittek.i^ Pnrt?inoiiih. ' im II ?'l i HlMgetnn, Me Mra J M Randall, ?on *nd ?ervanl. M n? Itei r r Millie Pellet ler: Me?*r* Rdntnriit*. wife and aen *m, W Ktebard* Kt'?'t>*dln. P Row land, t'api fmnh, Paaiel ll?? ley, and Mr* M A ?trr*on and Infaai. N< w Vork. Mr r *i 1 cer. wile und child, of Wllk"?l?ai Pa. I>r l.iwtie "l fee ?*ee ; Mr* lonl* Krng, and ChliMOpher .-"??hlller and Wlf" nf Pt 1Mb * R NWI. and .lehn Arrnw.mMIr <if *few Oil-*n< .'>??? I h Hhepbei d. of Fort Madleoa, Iowa. 11 I?*tM?vi <4 Raa Praiateen. Maleolm Coafenae, of IR John. Nil *am<iel In i 't'ananl'* pa*aenfer). R Tri>iter and wifo. Mum Ti iiiw. lwa W?!ker. Ml** Itlteaeii. Mr Vemon. wlfo and ehtkl, of l,?n.t.>n MM* QoMM. of Uverpool. Mr M < harmei. W K Biowa an I wife, Mr* Ad*ir?; Mr Robert Merrill, wife aad ehlld af Rag lann. ,l*mea < *r?ia, and John t VxUgan and wifo, Irelan-t. ]' M B*iimherger and wife, and MtaLanrie <" Ray. >rfFraoe -. jnhn Wi'liam*. "f An^tralla? ?>. For llsllf**? Mr* Them?* H?ye, of RoMan. Mr J Pitman, nf Pnniror; Mra Cochrane und ilaiifhter, Ml? l>trk?on Nrl'oeh rune, and F ChaJmer. of Hallfat; Nleln>ia? Miihha,of Ht.l.*n?; Thome* Frnier, of Pleton. R Mongh, of Canada, R Hcliaiidt, of Mnntreal?11. Total 71. Fatal Arcldrnt at Port Rkhmond. TO TRR KPTTOR OP TUB RRK tt.p. Poat Ri' wwnwTt. 11 t*M. la?t Tnaaday morning, a colored man by the name Of ) eter lieed, formerly of Peopack, New Jeraay, waa k lied t.y beiif mmmed again*! a building He bad charge of a t< urn ol tr.iilea belong ng to.loba i^ilmby . the snlea her aire unmanageable, and be * i? killed In the elfort la contiol them. It ia *wppo*?d that lie hae a *nt* In Oa'l. forma, and a daughter living *otn?wher e on Ixmg Ulaad. Ilia head waa completely maahed Your*, rcspecUully, AMOS PEARCS. I FILLMORE MEETING IN UNION SQUARE. Grand Rally of (he American Party? Plenty of Banner*, Nunlr, Artillery, Fire Crackers, Tar Barrel*, Torches and Patriotism, &c< A (rand demonstration ol tbe friunds of Mr. Fillmore took place last evening tn Union square. Four stands for *|>eakers were erected ou the south eide of tlie square, betwten Broadway and Fourth avenue Tho stands were decorate 1 wi Ji mottoes, as follows:? i Indignantly Irownmg upon the tiret dawning of'} \ every attempt to alienate any portion of our country} } trim in. ri^t ? II amxniiVm'i fzrrw.U Addrrtt. i . - ^ } Htatesmiin, yet friend to truth, of soul sincere; I ? In aeUon faithful, anu in honor clear. $ i AM Kr.W JACKSON Ii()XEI50X, i He knows the nttht. and dares tiio r shl pursuo. ?3> i have no I'.iMitat'.ou In saying that 1 was dcoiiedly^ ?Pfni*ed to the disturbance of the Miioouri coiu pro i J w.-f M. Fii.lmokk. i Tbe American flag was also lavishly displayed, and the mil iary hands discoursed the national airs. 1'revieua to the regular organization a gentleman ?' gbtly excited favored a large orowd of email boys with uis views 00 the Presidential question, lie desired the l?-ople id rone together as individuals, and use all their nugatory influence ta aid of tbe American cause. He was sure thai Fillmore and Donolsoa would " carry these I ailed mate* Into the White Bouse." More he would have said had be not been lgnomlnlously expelled from lb* etaud by tone of the ? lag* managers of the demon- 1 atrattna. Although tbe meeting was called for leven o'clock, it was act enderway till eight, when this aristocratic lo ca tty resounded with cannon, blazed with rockets, blue iiirbi*, beBflree, was resplendent with banners, musical with cheer*, and overrunning with the demonstrations that usual y attend a noitjr political meeting, where more

money has been *pent than enthusiasm evinced. Tbe arrival of the several Fillmore and Donelson Clubs was greeted with loud sheers for tbe candidates, music by the band* aad grand dischargee of cannon, rockets, blue <"??, Ae.fc r The Fifteenth Ward Club bad a wagon ?Mb a Bag, "Tne dag of our 1'nioo, 31 stars," "The coun try as it is ? '.t. million white ? 3 milliMi* of niggers. TW 1 e? try as they want it ? -0 million niggers ? 3 mil Hoc white men " At tl.i* litre ibi're were probably some Ave thousand I ? .pie ? tbe ?q.aj e, many ol whom will not bo legil inter* tills year At ?l?e h land opfiwite Broadway, at eight o'clock, t*<e baiid *U't?k up " Hail, Columbia," and soon *'ter A B ).!y, of Massachusetts, was introduced. He marie a pa* mg allunou to in* alleged selling m.t of tbe Nat 1'Bai Club by Van Hiper. and passed tc an elaborate eultgiam upon Fillmore and ivmlaon >i!iinore'e el ministration was nearer t" that of Wa?i. ri|fioo than thai 01" any other President. B bacaa he ?aid, cuuld never get lbs Northern vote. Fit meat, b? raid waa a l*apist. and born, be would ven ture 10 say. oil of the limit* of the I'nited t-' Utes. Hu ?aid FreaxMii bad been guilty of insubordination all bis iile?l*l* afe married him tn a atale of Insubordination ?gam*! her part i.ta, and in inauborlinat'oa tors up the ?e?iwti be* neat to ber bun baa 4, and anally that be waj a In adventurer. Also he ran away from tbe moan Uat* BLd led hit men to *taive; also tbat be dwindled tbe I u ted stair, in bis California accounts. Mr fcly also assailed Mr Fremont * roars* iu tbe Senate, and pitched ? 1.' .nwt.MrplA*" WW. inaudible from tbe bom and coafusiot Mr Hassata, ntCaanecUcut, made tbe *?nad speech, aad opeaed with a ler rib y dtftquWiUon on the subject of Cttgreeeoaal action oa the ata very {tuwiloa, which was not very well attended to. tbe people preferring to cheer tbe dub* which at about Bine ? ? do k'begau le arrive !n (real aumtieis Mr Sherman then |<aid hi* reapecullo the I: >*ani*U. and raid tbat iflh:* I'nion wailWttaMI, It would be Ibrtiugb tbe political element of Komanmm Commencing with lbs aisleeotb century, be de* or I bed tbe temporal power* at lb* Pop** of Home, lie Ui?n gave aa tatereet ng biographical abrlcb of Martin I.ulber aad tbe etibtb Harry of Keglaad, aad gave tbe Pilgrim falberi a ftrtt rat* pull aad Ibey bad tbree cbeer*. Tbe politi cal el-n.enu ut Prutetlaalum aad Komaatttu, were ptaoed ta ac'*i'< stem ib this Presidential cnaUot Fremoat, be bettered. *p ?* tbe time of bi* notr.u.auoa waa a It >man Calliaiie. and would deay hi* Ibllh lo rite to power. TW *|*aaer aacted 01. ? <4 tbe moUoa* ?< no rule*, ' aad 1 an oreed be tbe roaa wbo say* Bbarpe * (Mai are belt r Ibae tbe Bible." (Ot*e uf " Bee. bar ") He then pro ee*<tod 1 1 a*k tbe audience b?w tbey would IWel tf Fr* meat tbovld lurn mil ta be a K maani. aud *eiid lhtbop Herbea a* Mmater lo F.uglend 1 Tbey dida I ?ay bow 1 bay wo' 1 Id feel. Ha tbea ?a.d that the 1 r-raonl pa'ty wb? a di?uB'.oa party ? aae U.e lauia be dMumlred fkir three at'lbi?e uf tilerk*! 'No uo ) II- r|<M*d by oe , tbe evU* which would fellow dianuioa. 8F.COND STAND. Tb# th by of Mr. r?wj ?.rma*U aa Chairmaa. aad the mhI aambor of V <* RwiltH umI H?cfrUrw Tb* reaolal.jui vera tLea read 1*4 Bdi-pBed IUv:i> r*i i of Philadelphia, wa* then Intro Huced, t?4 mu4 b* abauld aarupy the BU<-nU<>a of tha ai.diear* lor o?ly a briar I alt of lima, inaamuoh u there ? u nor* MtrtcUr* tuotai ? reeorvo Aw tbcm. Ho b*gg*4 bare la aa?, at lk? oittrt of hn re marka, t ? > At bothing ?m aa aneaatlal to I be tnccoaa of a ?l?* cli M aa atlentira audiaa<'*. II# learned rem the joarnala Of ihe onpnoMa party, published la tb* nio'ctac, that ai ? rw nt laaetiag at Newark, iha on ion of lb* Mir *r>? wuit de< lar*J ibeiaaeire* to bo at tarlf aibaoaiad ami out of breath (I acghtar.) Thajr woald not winder it lb* eitukoattoa of lit* o;>poeiie par lice, wt>en they r*B>eml><Tf<l what ? erookad furrow ibey tad to travel. Tbe two a-lreraa part;-* might bo rem parr <1 to two well known bird*? ana the naa r<rk , r> markahta for l? beaatf'al pi .m*c? bui iu> -leg vary tl?k ar d etoofca<! lege, ropranaHaf lb* I roovnt pari) ; tbe t>lbar bird wia taa MNnJl owl. Wlii. a r*p reibtad I be Burhai aa party, all and iraiher*, ahbaM aay i >?* h or blaud. (L* f' ter ) Ila>t?r *at(l tbae atirb tor ibelr fn->ada, tk aui.two b<> doobt would export biai to dalae L? iwatbui He epprared l e4ore tl? m a* aa a men -an citiaea M a'draM tbe ? .enabled Mwlt tad* af 4?f m eitifu* lie ap p?*r*d ? behalf e< MHlard Pliiaaarr IUe f*t,r- ? oWUiv. *?4 a a lien of a* I ? ie.1 riutee laad luou uiall.tbatbe wia a ?tai?-?*r and tried patrt*. aad what waa bettor MM* all Im war an boa 4 ?.au. lb- ao'>t*?t work ?t ?* *1 < Ap piau>* ) * Iwa tb< r ?*a?Kt*rod ba pr< ue ralaii a* ?n l bw p? b'.r ear ear. a her* wa* Um a> >a wb<> woeM bnatai* Vranagla mow>eat la eialt ug bi* pMM I? tha I m 7 abate iboae uf th* two alitor naadMaif How dfcl Ike . aad.tlaiae ? Uad Iwfnre Um people t Mora Mi Maw. the eaderaor of IVroe, w !, . baa t m la U at boa I b* la pwbtM (bate (Mi wb< b Bo trae*il?r erer reiari"d. f laothler bbd app'aaw.) Au I yxtbeeaoi* ftraard IM p'ib ?lf d?rtar<e<: tbat ?( be toad bewa n tb* ? ral* "f lb' I'B led !*a*?a at th* IM* lb* repeal of lb* If t?o?r ?owi( now war ? rafaa?< lao aro'.'d a?r.- ? ?..d ?f* i*t it, but a?e that tbe rejwal bai baea iwrrw), a* w??d*;?aod !?? rtaaj by w, (m?a>' ><4byB if fu.i ") Row ww it witb tb* atber ? at < -lat* Jl - VBUd >?}!? x-ibtag a* ** II** p*?a?aal a^maai lb* aa i Bbtn Taop m <bt befwadMen bwltbre wtrobal Mb> <>or*p) lb' I ?? ewmtial eba-r Wb?e or b*bH or I r*wum\ bmnri tb? Iw HI ai?atb>* I re tneai map N a Iwnaai Bui ? wail i bat be dM r>d belt*.* a oaa??r??( lb* Vi a I'. -mm nu? a latr* Waa N atd BMWt t ?trabr J aary. ? *? y b? aueo a niaa bad rbiaaa ?ae b?>adr*?l a ? i mi ii-at I * rhwald be ?r*e*?tmi b>- >*? tbe people >< a iaa iale Drib* ' Tb*y all r.^ai . rod dw?N*we, thai th*? wa* a Rawaa ? Mpeear wwaall bw bora* a It fbt W froaaoat had arcaipliebod *a-b a mm ir t r?. r?, wby ? * : aat eorb b -wi aai'l ? I ?? t.arae be iba Ite-iiieary, ??t oamaiy a?e b.?M*.i li r.4 a. ?ep*rwK?|.*!i??ietn* i * iae ii ?ai*oaey taaa r-ba* ao had awfw?*>w ?taai>nrai'*>* bw Ibai (Im inot A Vaww- ? Moean rd* ><tbw t aad 'War bridle ' aacb l?r)'rtMlf iMM ? pa-.i-a aelbre to- p-.blw !>r ? m ? miyar l d? I bo'ale'y **i ? I i (<eib*?B a?ai* ia?ar rnaime la r< rard la iw ? ??* ^o * b* a ?* B?t r<x*f to :<ih|io ah?.? t bob ? r* - roi-f a. i? ? a .* ? ?aa l?wfo*eod io h* a raw aa* Tar tb* f t ?m<aa <y. an i waa aeked by ira Hmm < i ???+ t<> taint* ib??b a* b r* $ ??>?* pn^ mtm * ? it n?t r???o*able ua ha rika* -i tr?? ? e ...? ?? ? a ? i ? a ibw ri?pm? M a ? i i ? l.ow*??r iba* a- tat ret'fea eamfb la I*arrai a>-a*t Ha w*aM teM i-i-m al , he ? ? ? ' *? aaew-r ia? jaaatMm pwape ia lad Ba kiwi a regard la ? < rr f a ?* w. w >?i i ? aa*w ?e be cana* ib* meai at l>* <ar*B.rod hnweod a CMb > . b* aw ad <** tbe 1 1 1 leataol t?ae aad the aMaaaai be d? ? me i batag altbrhed M> fapary b* a*ald bww lb* ???? al iba (aiboive Tbatao ?%* -daia* aa oppw?i ta pi <a<ww wera prear aled a* eorteaal ea> ? taba ?-#*? baaaa racrteeal'nf iba i*B?db ard Inaat iba Wwrlfc H* B*b?<l it>e? (a biek we!' >a Iber |;<ar4 l*? IVa ra mtaber lb* adfaawwa a* iba r*taee a* ba o?air- ?..n ? fteae a* bweifareti wfarl la aigbt M h-wara?aali f< r*ifn ajl'**' ? aad >a??daaaB al boaaa ar abr<?.| tb* ronatttBtf* I faM darlaraa thai aa bwaigaar ahail ba i>a Btdaat of Iba I attad Maae If Ibep w. re aut > aeat with lb*^ Madera adM<a?oae lot ib*ai .?ai.a. bw tor/ of U>* raat Atboaa bad caaad a upnalu ti i mwp vl Marortaa bad irirwdaaad t*re(a ?lwa? ab. tl>* Aaipbycinnaw Owned, aad ih*a lb* mm* M He aeked them lb*r**we la xtaad la Ibe r paala bad aa Iba lib of Not rwbar aait iba r, haor* f??? ^ ?? , 4 ,m flnliariBf tmM ?ha turret, af iba ?ap-t H re Iba ?i eakar ret r-d. aad a Ban a af i bo oh*** *?r a ad I>a*t. aab baa-eea aad tor ?< . ia ? Mr H?*aie. Of Harflaad II C , aa* n. r. iriwl< M Pa raid be bailed taught i ?n> My <a U < mw wb'ra (bey had w?aem?r*i? 1 ta aMrt ? tbe m*m ry abb h New York faaiai i ia>d ta bra*. laNwtf ag i ? Iba etatue o( Waab ?fi?a (b Caiaa aqeara ? ti wae a I m- rf f i eat ftal.iw>aleirttMb??Bl. and 1b* eb |. of I a <* wm n?w lr*f? d In Ihe Wilde* r.iafiMne* Ma al- Una bw tbe I'ra ?Idtar) Ubd tier Ukra pMa? bart abicb ta aat ttaaal lied by the deveiopement of grout tntereats; bat u evsr before ha* a Presidential contest been tie Id under dream stances so prolific with mighty ooa?*quences as Uiie elec tion of 186P He deetreit to speak About them frankly, freily, and directly to the point He stood here t<> night an a Southern representati ve In the t'ougrea* ot the United Statin, talking to a multitude ot Northern fellow citizens, and theretore he desired to speak plainly. They all recog nized the (art that tho continuauce of the republic was to be decided by the result of IiIih election. Why wa a it that, for the tirwt time in their hlstorv, a speaker couid bontotly make such a statement 1 Why wu It that he, a Southern man, travelling through the North, had, for thf first time in bis life, had forced on bis oonvicttou the belief that there existed in the country a spirit of bit Hr bectionul and political hostility l He would answer. The subject of the institution of slavery In the United Mates had always been a delicate, serious and mom^n touts question. It won so recognized in 1820, when tb ? great men in the Congresi ol the United State* ben' their Hercu ean ai.ud- to a measure of compro nue. Tbe act ol lbvio (topped the breach then, and lor tbirt years U ? country restid. Again, when the ques.ion came up in 1*60 the grc ?t men ol the country net t'mlr uuiiiis to heal the r ore. And they succeeded. Bota u^ls ol 18v0 anil I860 had been recognised by the great na titmal pat lie* ? whig and democratic ? and tuey tntde vb - declaration that the compromise act of 1860 was to be a finality on the subject of slavery. He would not charge on the matt, of the democratic party unfaithlulne<s to the compromise ; but be did not hesitate to say that, so long a< the whig paiiy remained in power, they beld to the doela ration ol that platform with unshaken loyalty and fidelity. But tin ) lout power, and then, on the tioe or a groat popular opinion, Mr. Franklin Pierce went into the I'reai dency < f the United States. The charge of infidelity whmh he made was Mil against Frunklin fierce an d the dema g"guen of Ike democratic party in and out oi his Cabiuct. Ne\er bad there been so dehl>erate, gross and wrongful a violation of sworn pledges than had been made by this administration and party on the subject of slavery. The very first prommeut act of that (tarty and udminis tiation was to get up the Kabaaa-Nebraska bill, which re pealed m terms tlie provision of the act ol 1820, and broke cown tbe provisions of the compromise of I860. There they had the Mil and cardinal point of their pre. sent trouble. But it remained to be shown how hollow were the promisee they made and bow little they Intended U regard them. Alutouch squatter sovereignty eonsti tuted the main point ot the Cincinnati platform, yet in the bills lately introduced uito Congress by Mr. Iioiiida* and Mr. Toombs tbe democrats altogether Ignored that doc trine. The speaker was here Interrupted by the transit of another section ot tbe club After be resumed, he ap Ked to his hearers whether It was not impossible for , in this vast concourse and under surrounding cir cumstances, to pursue his discourse In a connected tuau nor/ He had intended to trace the effect of the violation of the compromises ot 1820 and 1860, and how tbe dema gogcee el tbe North took advantage of it to enlist under their banner the great mar s ol the people of the North. He regarded tbe success ot the Fremont party with deep MMMMMi in view of the terrible evils which that sue, MM would cause. He believed that as one by one these Ncrtaern and Northwestern Mites give in their aubi sion to Mr. Fremont, tbe Southern mind would awake from the delusion into which it was lulled bjr the democratic party. He wished the South could seo th.' grand outi?iurlng of the city of New YorK. TUoy would ree that while James Buchanan has no ground to stand on iu the North, Millard Fillmore has good ground to Maud on, and Hue! snan would not carry a single fclatP. [A Voice? What about Maryland, Harris?] Oh sir, I believe that Millard Ftllmo/e stands as secure an I uns-hai cable in Maryland as that statue stand* ou iU g lauite hate. (Cheers ) Come what may, he believed it at in the State of New Jersey and of thM ? the Empire State of New York? the merit of Mihard Fl'lraore wo ild be vindicated. As lie stood here to night, he be lieved that on tbe people of tho Suto of New York rested the weight aud burden, and mtyf rest tbe laureli of tb's tight. He had no doubt but that th s contest would come into the House of Representatives, and tbe result of the struggle thero would ho tbe election of Millard Fillmore. (Cheers.) Ho had not time to give the grounds on which lie based this belief; but he' had rather the people themselves wo J I mak<* Mr Filimara their ('resident. Ho believed with Mr. .Brown, that the strecfih ol Mr. Fillmore was a subterranean fire, and would burst out with Irresistible force. It these Internal fires be wording m tbe liearti of Die peo pie, than thero will be such an narthquiko In November as will scatter (action to the winds But if it b? written In the Uw of heaven that a Northern sectional party was destined to succeed, then he aonestly believed a crisis was upon them, such as they had never divine* . and they would be called upon to lace the most momentous issues. In conclusion, be commended to the people of New York the fortunes lndissoiubly linked to gether of the country and Millard Fillmore. Mr. Giokui Cotway, the Indian, next beld forth, and argued that the election of Millard Fillmore would be an act of Justice to the North American In diana. He esteemed Fillmore as the second Washington of our glorious republic. Tbe Indians this side of the Rocky Mountains numbered 468,000 men. and when Mr. Fillmore waa elected they would be clvlllscd and Christianised. The democrat* might have their Irishmen, the black republicans might have their (?ermana, but the North Amerioans would have their Indiana. (Cheers.) He figured to himself Fillmore going to the White House, holding by tbe one hand the born of Old Buck and with the other the tail of the woolly horse. Mr. Fix*mi,of Kentucky, next took the stand, and premised that Kentuck) would he as true to Fillmore as liilmore was to the Union; and if every mail who believ ed Fillmore a true man wo ild cast his vote for blm, he would ba triumphantly elected. (Cheers.) He (Mr. K.) was horn In the same town as Henry Clay, and had at ways been a whig; but there was now a question which overrode all qeestions oi party policy, and that was that Americans rbould rule America. Another great queatioa wee the pretervaiion of the Uulon, and, therefore, they were for MUlard Fillmore, lie trusted that tbe idea of No vember would enable New York to telegraph to the Wnet, from mountain top to mountain top, that she bad cast ber vote for Millard Fillmore. ? W. Cnamnrr, of New Yrrk, next took the stand and congratulated tbe city of New York on thia great demon stration. THIRD BTANT>. Platform No. 3, which * as etectud near the Junction or ) mirtceaih *treet ami fourth avenue, wa? full of banner* ?ml tranaparenciee, and iraa crowded to overflowing w tli men anil boy*, tbe latter predominating. It wan past eight o'clock when thaapenking commenced on tbta plat form? Mr. Krjroaint*, of Co on., leading olT. He commenced by rayng that be taw It atatc ! In one ol tbn New York pa l?ra tbat Millard Kill more was a dead cock In tbe pit; and be wanted to know If tbat waa 10. (Criei of " No, ?ever.") It bail also been Mated that he mood no chance alter tbe electtoa In MalD? and Vermont, and be alio wanted to know If tbat wm/o. (More noea and nevera.) We have, laid the t peak cr, arrived at a critical period in tbo btitory of tbo com try, ?hea American blood liaa l>e? a abed i>y Amtr.can cttiz<-ti*. li ia a perto I, hs con tool. ? ben the patr.otiam ivf tbe piople ahoold be tbo r"i'Fb?y ar(u?ed, end when all who lore their ?Br t'.ixtld ttanl liy the I'aion. Jamaa PiebeMn he regarded aa a true man, a good utAi -imaa a I a worthy gentleiaaa. Col. Fremont wna maa of taiet t a*d fealoa, bom at an early per od of bii lifa? be rn>' I aut I' ll where, hit it waa romewbere. (Laughter.) 1'inti t ? leader MM h ? olographer aaya bo wai mm* Miot ia hi* era He by tbe man wbo was afterwards b.i >i r la law Th?-n when lio n?d irrown up and waa a a in .-*>? <h taroi na. he Ml In love wlih a beau tiful W'?t Indian gM, and, to use tbe word* ol bla t egrattier. waa " bathed ' la that paaaion. After those I nofuoa iHUe all.- n to tbe "srly lifbof Cdl. Kre a < at tbe rpeaker turned I: * attention to more aerloua aakfMM, atp<'B( which wax tb? slavery question. Ha da ? re., n to be under toort that he did not fhvor the system, ??? <-p|waed no na ettenston into free territory; M M tbe aane time he waa aUo op --et to any nt< rfVrew* with it where It at preeent ?awta Mr Vli'm #re be retarded aa the only candidate .a tbe be id who waa folly capable of tilling the I'reei teas y a th i r??tit to tbe conatry and honor to hlnielf. He li?i ?>*-< n tr ??! already in ibat po*itlnn and had not *? <? fr,(ja4 ??' t 'if. An for .k>hr. C. Fretr-int. be believed v. r ?a* n? i baaed P-r h -t electro. (Appiauae.) The l?<| . ? ere a. raid of h ?. la eonx'-quoae* of tbe jiolltleal i arty with wkirti he wan a ?*tate<t If Klllaore o Maine I it u- <4 New t ork. hi* election wa* certala. and the ? - .er waa r<?n teat he would set Marylaad, Delaware, Jer*ey North tarelma, IVnnayivania and Ken tway |i hew*, and anew of "Hi- will.") The oppo site '?! I t ib ore had attempted to fatten upon the aewketf, aad the patty to en li ha l>eloaga, tbe odiua of tie late nrreetetwea r Kaa?a*. I'.rr Mr K f* t red tr m the land and a rentleman Baa-e-d t ot i ?a? iatr?'<'nr?M to tbe aud'eeee Ha hecan by B'>ewi'Bf bt? hearers that t we* in* belief Amer; ana ? t?i?e Aiawtca ( v ?|'>a?>" and erea w 'That'a you, n?d b>f ) Tbeoeytr e Aaaerk aa lathe Held for the .ret Wa eeti e??*a??d them, wae Millard Fillmore. 41 i t wa? l?eaa I t" be e ?ete<l nr there w?a ao virtue in ? r. rtrjr ^M' pa B| ? laaM ) 11* woaut Itka m know ? t.ef- II wfc I an I deir ? rat a t^rtiee were and then aeeweeed il e a?i a Mir>?e|| by *aytn( that tbeir were a? .? .rr~ib?l tb*y ho< rieeolred Into tbin air. (langb t ra? ?ri a?-?* ) ?!Vr tt.i be MMM to "ti'iain tl? p? ?m c?e i* tie nr-neaa party; that fbr^iirnera e i> t * *>f a. lae pr rtlif w of cttiBOwa, but that oi rul og <?>#??*! wbieb W ? ?ai. ?ee | thould oaty be doae hy >i<?e wbe w*e? t?*wa on tbe em I The ipeaker waa inter > jaed at tt.* Mage at b * remark* hy a proeeaaloa ? tbe IH' t* v atb. ai.4 f itaeath wan!*, wlnofe marrh N r II *a< tbe iua4 ?nb ai<i*to playiag, hannera wai aa. r?- ???e 0n*(, i< r< nee naaimg. and m-n cheer tag The epare ? ir*< ? <4 tbe eland waa t nmpMaly oo r d aad tl ?re ? n d an hare Heea ie?* thaa three li.< and f?e?ea* The t'dteweg are ?trne of tbe In at* i ?m ae >.pna MM beaaeea aad traaapareocie* ? ? ' ? , ? ?.???? *ai -MB ? a with 1 IB Ibe ibiM * tba rbeer'ng wbrh greeted tbe arfiral ?4 tbe ah." ? weatieaed elaba. Ibe *Maker wit bear.l 1 1 ?a? tbat I lawwil-aaf v?w Ti rtaad a man ot m iiwua'f H<*aataba a/rived, aai be wa< ? , , t e*>Med ?? d?t "f t| ?f? ??* fWj "? e ?*f oa r lalfoeta No. 4, aa 1 ?1.1 a . dee- ?? too ?.Bt. inert who laid that the* eat*" !? ed and had beea uae^|??cted1y I ^ kaaaiei, Ti ? I .I'ma waa aot in-able far ita liapiay ea aad hj?a, bad iaicinay of ontna. No? Willi II - 1rt?Wt <t had ?crowd of thrd? or tour UiMWM |?rwm aruaad *. Tl>* aaarmblag* t Ml tiiu i<rac?Mina, ud marched do* a Broadway. llir gh ? bambart >u>?l and up tba Bowery Ttie pwniiiw wa? tivl ':?( afW <?ptaia K}n<!> r(', but did w 01 n>> teir i|i in |Im atrk Tbe ttr.-.u and b'W? along ttoa liur wvfa cr<>? tad wttk ?jwriaMt and trtrjrtbii| weal oa glotwuili, *.. t wtU> luntB'r *dut. Flu Manhal'i OBrr. okmiw or ring*. Wr make tne ti- Hewing ritrMa from lite Fire Marshal' records of the or i ? of ftr.*? U^c-y are worthy ?( a?te. Tb I publication may be t rui < ?*.' to the eoiaiauu iy, aad tb nam <>' prevaotmg *.n. lar oocurnaeea of dre. Frai Rdajtiiki. ? Ob tb> anmoog of Uit 1Mb of July last, a cariicr.ter' shop aa the IWcclh ar -n le, feet w MM lltlto aod l'JOlb streets, awned by Jam*-* V. K<i*ch, was bars to tbe term ed. Mr Kr rb'a little boy, age 1 Uelwrco tr< and six bultt a fire Is oo? ? ! of the ah<v in roaa <? g p? having previously ?eae n ft brother <ln ao la tlie rtreet Tin- tire o 'tuu:iicai**d M a m? aba flora, aad In a If h inn i.wi tin l< Ud g ?u drammed. Tbe child ltd Hi i' miitcheii lr>>ai tb? miau Ipttve, where the) bad b?en led by hi* mother Cfell iron ot this ago imitate Iks example of < ibara and w lung aa matches arc left altlHai their reach they will u-e lb. in Wax lUitna >*i. Mix ?The ?mt ?.nery More of Jm. D. Morgan, Na. 221 i*?arl street, ?** burbt out ou tba evening of tfce vBth o( July la?t The Or ? artgtaaftod la a drawer under tbe counter. lato * neb mice had foaad their way. attracted by the wax matchee All kiada ?d raatcbcs ahould be Itet* iu meial 0 ixaa lo be aafe GAf Kitwm tit Work ? Between V ami 10 o'clock M tbe morning of tbe '.loth af July, a fire *n diacovered aa the second tloor of tbe uuttninhed brown at me front Itooaa No. Wu Boooad art sua, aad shortly after it commaal rated to two other building* adjoining. All tbrea wara destrojed. A young man HMMa 0M*ip( s.ophcna waa al work mm ir.g tbe (aa (IM anil in some way tbe aloebat lamp be used communicated Urn to the lath tba tasb mory shews ttat the uaual care waa taken. Tba ttra MMM evidently the reaalt of aocldeot. I oomxr. rot Ktw.'- with Mah rm ? A Bra broke aut m Sunday anerm cm. ,'u ly 'J'th. in a *b<M mar of Na. 1M Went Thirty ktqoJ rtreet , owoect and occu|Hed fey Jaaaph Miliar. Mr. M. 'a little bey, aged three yeara, ?i> loafe inr for rggt in tbe thed it being dark lu*ide, be rufeba4 it inat< fe > Uotl tbe ne?t, and on MM |M> th" natfM down > oagal aome atraw. Shortly aliar the ibad waa oa da. Tin *aa ?* Va*m-h IVxaiimi.n.? Between 0 aad T o'clock, ta Ti eaday aioru rg. July vM?, a lire waa diacorar ed in U> cluck caae aad looking glaiM frame fartory ?C Craig M* veaaoa. No. a ftMmW MMM Oa m?eaM lialion it waa abown to ha\e originated from oombUHUaa, aamtaaai fev a mixture ol varnwh ai-rairngn aad cotuai ra| a thrown together In a keg. Cabinet makera and olhar peraona HtM fanMl hava, ao doubt, at timi") aeon tba rrraplDjis bubble, but combustion was not auppoaed paa> dibie until thin Inquiry baa rliown it to be tbe caHn. Var niRh acrapioga ahould never be left over night in tbe ihaf. Sxrvast (iiKL ? \hout half past eight o'alock on Tbuiailay, August -!H. 1856, a Ore broke out on tba aecotid door of the dwelling No. 102 Wai-erley plaoa, o?nod and occupied by Mm. Q. T. Uavla. The serraat girl, Aon McCarthy, wxg sent to get a cloak trom tba wardrobe; slie took a lighted lamp m her haad and pro cured the cloak, but in ui ing bo the clothing tnalde caigbl lire from her light. A short time aftcrwarda the roaaa was found ou Ore Cases of tbia kind are quite ntuaa roiiH. l ights should never bo taken into a cioao. or laa near a wardrobe, as doming banging upon the door wtl oltrn swing against tbe light and take lire, without tba kcow ledge o! those told tug the light. Poller Intelligence. J> famous Thkkt Swixplk? An UNixmcriD Womaji VtntrBD OF AIL Hkr llua..p, C. Martin, keeping aa of flee at 141 Liberty street, was taken into custoty yeatar day by Sergeant Martin, of the I-ower Police Govt, charged with defrauding Mrs. Letttta Guest, a poor bat ref pectable English woman, oat of $40. It appear* (na the affidavit of Mrfl. Guest, that her hnsband, who la aa engineer tn England, recently sent her money to pay h m pat sage to Liverpool ; that when she received the reaM tance she *u at lultoo, New York, and Imtitodlataly started tn the cars lor this city, Whioh (he reached last Tuesday; that on arriving at Jorsey City she wan aoooat ed by a runner for Martin, who promised her a pasaaga to Uverpool in the second cabin of a steamship wbteh would sail that aVfacon, and all her provisions fband, tor Ujo sum of >40. That this runner conducted her la Martin's office, who endorsed all he said, and the wmmb paid him $4u, every shilling eh* hau. for the | ? ry That Martin then gave her a steerage ticket and asslMI runner to the Lucy Thompson, a ship, with her, aad there be left her. lhat she soon ascertained that Iks vessel was not to sail for several days, aad thai as Ma had purchased a steerage ticket she must flad bar own provisions. Completely disheartened by the contemp tible treatment she received, she went, or rather WM turned a* lure penniless, ami waa obliged to beg a dollar to procure for herself and infant a night's lodgtag aad home food. She then placed herself in charge of the Commissi) ners of Emigration, in whose care she stiff re mains. Martin waa taken before Justice Us bora, ami held to bail to await examination. Tin Ijcrs Snoon.xo Amsat is Tn* Fir-t W tse - Sergeant Smith, of the l ower Police Court, succeeded yesterday la arresting Wm. Hairly and Mike Garret, charged with being a part of the gang whf.h committed a murderous assault, la -t Tu.riay tngbt, upoe Jonopti Petty aed others, during which Petty waa shot ia the arm aad hand. Tbe prist* er* were Uken before Justice Osborne, and held ta ball la f 1,000 each. Arkkst or a Frurma Fosuatt ? Sergeant De Voe, of Ik# Chiefs office, yesterday arrested a young mu named Geo. Beekman, charged with deirau lmg, by meana of a forged rhtck, the Arm of J. L. Thompson & Son, doing business at Troy, N Y., oat ot goods tn the vainest $300. Arier getting possesion of ibe property, the ao cused shipped them to this city, and followed In the nam. (la arriving here, he sent a carman for them, but a tele graphic despatch had preceded him, and the fretgM agent refilled to deliver thorn up Keckman waa not, however, to bn thwarted, and he hovered about the depot until the freight agent was relieved by another. He then procured another carman, whohy presenting Ilka bill ot lading, obtained the goods, and conveyed litem ts ? feed store. In Jay street. The police had been untitled. aad wereon the alert tor the rogue, who, together with Ma plunder, waa Dually secured and tak?n back to Trey, fieekman states that be bad an accomplkoe la the maMsr, bat be ret uses to divulge his name. Ciusos or Riciamt Mai wr? a Yocaa rnriin "srnllaa Ferdon, a girl about sev< nteen years of age. was arraat r t yesterday, by officer Roes, of the Third Platrlal Police Court, on complaint of Charles Win son, residtag at No. 76 Montgomery street, who charges her wild biga my. Winson makes affidavit that on the 4th of laal month he married the accused, aad after they had lived together about a week she informed him that on Ida 2M of last June sic had married James Ferdoa, of No 1M < annon street, that a ter making this rrt+ir, she Ike sume day iett blm and went to live with Ferdon. Ob this affidavit Justice Wood held the accused to await ana mination. Oo a bearing it Is said that some singular ea porurc* will be made, such as that the second husband, on tindlng be bad lost bis wife, went to husband No I aadjNMMd gtvlag MB 9IW n he would r?intoadl*> reputable bouse and be caught there, so that be (No I) could bring an action for divorce, and thus succeed la obtaining the lady. It Is further said tbat this money waa paid, but husband No. 1 tailed tofulfll his agreement, aad still lives with the lady. I * ?i An !m j a Piitica omrn. ? in operation to rata the wind? perhaps not uncommon ? o?me to light ysa terdsy, aad resulted In the arrest of a young maa ranted Tboe. Simpson. It appears that Col. G. W. C.reer, a Sonthera gentleman, stopping at the St. Nlcholaa, waa pasang up Broadway on Thursday evening, when be wm Accosted by ?oBe girls about 18 years of age, who brand I m to give them rome money to buy shoes. He healed one of the gir'a a quarter eagle, and gassed on Hie generosity bad, however, been observed bySimp?oaand two other scamps, and they immediately started in par salt. and on coining up with tbe Colonel, one of them aa ( used him ot attempting to laduoethe girl to visit his roaaa lor a foul purpose He said, further, that he was a poltee officer , that the girl was hla sister, and that unless MM Col. gave him $Ao,be should arrest him. The Oelooel deat td the trnth of the assertion aad told him to ask the girl ? such wae the case. The dealal was. however, of no avail, and the three raeoais Ibllowed the Colonel determined to ob tain their object. Officer Webb, of the Chiefs office, hen pened to observe the three fellows, and knowing the* rharacter, stepped up to the Col and sooa learned what was going on. The fellows recognised blm aad ram off. but Be succeeded In arrostlag Simpson. Whea labaa before the msgistrate. be Md such a pitiful story aboet his having been induced hy his companions to attempt the swiodie.and begged so lustily of the Colonel act to maha a complaint against him, that be consented, and the fel low was allowed to depart, having been punished only by a lock ap in the statii a house Itor the night. Amur Brrwut* Pastvsss ? Ois WrAseao.? A q nerval originating in a political dispute took p are oa Thursday evealng, between Conrad Flitter aad Hubert Theobald, partners In the lithographic printing busineai, at Na. 21? William, street, during which Fitser became sa enraged that he subbed his partner In the eheek with a esse knife. The wound bled very Ireely, and It waa (tar ed would ranee death from hemorrhage Theobald wm taken to the hoe pita), aad Fttzer arrested aad held Ma examination. 1 imwTios avp Assist or Brnoi.A*a ?About $ o'clock yesterday morning, a yoong man named Henry rieely waa caught by the Fourth ward police attempting to enter the premises No $1* Pearl street, by meaas of Maa k< ya. He was Uken before Justice Osboros aad held Mr examination Between 11 and 13 o clock on Thursday ngbt. some burglars broke lato the premises of Mr A. T Rtchsr la, No. (13 Tenth street, bat had operated hot a few ainnt<e whea they were surprised by a poiiciaisa, who was unable, however, to secure them, and they ran away, OMtsarVi Or. Isaac Hi > ^s, Ssrgeon in the raited States Nary, who by <i?ie of his commission sad service? thirty three v st s ? racked with a commander, died at the Warrlngtta Navy Yard, in Florida, oa the ttU> ult., where ha wm attached * the Naval HospUal.